I Hate Jill Zarin Top Chef Just Desserts / Dina Manzo Project Ladybug

I Hate Jill Zarin Top Chef Just Desserts / Housewives News September 30, 2010

Well, Dina Manzo’s temper got the better of her once again this week as people have been questioning her Project Ladybug charity. A document that I posted a few days ago, that I received from a Twitter friend (@Geoaubsmom) has sparked the interest of many people questioning how their donations to Project Ladybug are being used.

@Geoabsmom a/k/a Laura has a background working with very ill children and is passionate about this subject and so she took it a step further and over the past few days has tried to get more information about Project Ladybug and its allocation of funds. Laura was kind enough to share with me details of what’s gone on over the past few days. Portions below are in Laura’s own words…

Laura contacted New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs, here is her explanation of that call:

I also called the NJ Dept of Consumer Affairs to inquire why there was no 2009 financial data available, and I was told Project Ladybug asked for a filing extension and the charity had until 12/31/10 to complete. I also inquired about their Fed Tax ID # (part of reason for fine in .pdf file). The person helping me said he could not give that info out. I then probed further and said I knew they had been fined and I was wondering if they complied re the tax id and he said Project Ladybug did.

Many people question charities particularly after so many news reports of how charities and their executives mismanage funds, if Dina’s on the up and up, she should have nothing to hide, right? Instead Dina started a new Twitter account and tweeted to Laura:

I guess between the parody accounts and the Project Ladybug.pdf getting tweeted often by me to followers, different people including Dina she got fed up. She started on a tirade about haters & tweetholes… Then mysteriously some messages appeared to me from an acct called @janislanton Obviously the account is an alias account for Dina Manzo because why would I be the one person out of the whole twitter verse that this account tweeted? At the time I first went to the page@janislanton had 0 followers and 0 following, now maybe there are 10 followers as the name got tweeted many times.

Laura goes on to explain:

So now we are onto Tuesday (9/28) and many tweeters are talking about the financial info I posted. Around this time a conversation started about someone should call the number on the SS I posted. I said I would & subsequently called the number listed on the financial statement. It rang several times and then rolled to VM (Dina’s voice) but it said the mailbox was full… I remember thinking I must not be the only one trying that number.

Dina is getting more agitated as people are commenting on @PutUpYourHair’s blog, my document and the parody accounts. More about the haters & tweetholes and enlisting minions to do her dirty work… I had called her out on the @janislanton thing.

And then an odd thing happened, Laura explains:

Somewhere about this time Teresa Giudice unblocked me and PutYourHairUp. She commented on PYHU blog, how funny it was and answered a tweet I sent asking if she knew why Dina had a real & a fake account. Her response was cutesy… who has time for two twitter accts Xx.

@Teresa_Giudice @geoaubsmom no, never heard of it. who has time for real Twitter and fake Twitter??? xx
@Teresa_Giudice @geoaubsmom not a dream. I’m the same girl. Just had a hard year. xx

Interesting that Teresa would get involved to the point where she unblocked Dina’s enemies.

Laura goes on with her story:

Dina viewed my tweets and saw the tweets about phone calls from the night before and Dina tweeted a comment “don’t worry they r basically being charged with slander & harassment when they make phone calls to me”.
At exactly 2:25 pm I received a call on my iPhone which read BLOCKED, I knew it was Dina and I declined the call. That 2:25 pm phone call is the ONE & ONLY BLOCKED call I have ever gotten. Approximately 3 minutes later Dina posted the Laura M tweet that I was being turned over to the proper authorities. Gotta say LOL!

That started this flurry of whose Laura M, which a number of people thought was tweeterlaura!

I tweeted the shaken in my shoes tweet and that I would be happy for an attorney to subpoena the Project Ladybug financials. Then it was a tweetfest and I couldn’t believe the volume of tweets!

I called a number published as the charity number and all of my tweets were fair questions. I was pretty civil for someone who was getting the run around for five days while being harassed by fake accounts and Dina worshippers.

The tweets all night long are history and they are funny as hell. One sequence I want to mention is the tweets from Cookie Laurita on, my comment back to her is at the bottom of the page. Dina also has a Thank You comment to Cookie on her page.

All of the tweets that Laura talks about along with the financials and legal documents discussed are posted above in “Dina Manzo’s Project Ladybug Legal Woes”


I know that many people will question this whole thing but here’s my perspective. If Project Ladybug is completely legitimate, Dina Manzo should have nothing to hide, her anger and using sick children to gain sympathy for her cause really has to make you question what she’s doing here.

Dina claims she only got involved with the Real Housewives to give her charity a national focus and many fans of the show have donated their money to Project Ladybug. For those who have donated and those who consider donating, shouldn’t it be Dina’s obligation to ensure people know that these funds are going directly to help these children? There are so many charities out there and so many reports of funds being mismanaged by charities that it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Dina’s charity is being questioned.

Why did Dina start this charity in the first place? I certainly understand wanting to help sick children, but why not find a good legitimate charity that has the same goals as you do and get involved with them, raise money for them, volunteer with them? Why would a woman, the wife of a banquet hall owner, start her very own charity? We watched as she held charity functions during Season One of The Real Housewives of New Jersey so clearly she started this charity well before any promise of “stardom”. I understand and give credit for wanting to help ill children, I just question this very angry woman and her very strange behavior.

If funds are being donated to Project Ladybug that would may have otherwise been donated to another charity where more of the dollars directly aid children that would be a tragedy. Dina has highly publicized one child that she has assisted in Chicago, I don’t question that this child has gotten assistance from Project Ladybug, but where are the rest? Why is this the only thing that Dina can point to? Was this just a photo op? What about the recent event for a children’s hospital sponsored by Project Ladybug, the hospital insisted on collecting the funds directly rather than funneling them through Project Ladybug?

Does Dina have any experience running a charity? There is quite a bit involved particularly with the financials, does she have a financial background to handle these funds? Does Project Ladybug retain a Financial Advisor? A CPA? How much of the funds go to outside vendors to help Dina manage the funds? What percentage of donated funds actually goes to ill children? So many questions, can Dina answer these questions?

Personally, I’ll continue to donate to the charities I’ve already researched and am comfortable with.

p.s. Caroline tweeted yesterday during some of this discussion just two words, “Please Stop!” my response? “Utoh, Here comes the big sister “It wasn’t Dina, it was ME, talk to me!”

Top Chef Just Desserts

On a much more fun note, Bravo aired its latest episode of Top Chef Just Desserts last night, I am really enjoying this show.
The Quick-fire challenge tonight was a wedding cake in 90 minutes. Wow, tough one! The contestants were provided with the sheet cakes to use but were instructed to make them tasty, using interesting fillings and creative decorating skills.
Some handled this much better than others. Rebel Seth decided to completely ignore the instructions and didn’t make a cake at all but a dessert in a small bowl, I can’t imagine why he didn’t win.

There were some beautiful offerings with creative flavorings by these chef’s even given limited time proving that it was certainly possible to create a great wedding cake in 90 minutes.

Getting to know these contestants a bit better we’re finding that Morgan is a jackass being rude and condescending to Malika, Heather H is a bitch who criticizes every chance she gets, they’re meant for each other!

At the bottom of the quick fire is Seth for his non-cake entry, Malika who continues to have time management problems and Eric. I really wish Malika would get it together because I think she has great potential. Eric being a baker and not a pastry chef is inconsistent but has the ability to prepare great desserts.

Three beautiful cakes were prepared by the top three and judge Sylvia Weinstock announces she enjoyed Morgan, Heather H and Erica’s cakes pronouncing Erica who really loves her mixer, the winner and recipient of immunity for the Elimination Challenge.
For the elimination challenge the chefs were split into two groups randomly and each group was assigned either Pep (for the Cheerleading Squad) or Glee (for the Glee Club) of a local high school. The task is to hold a bake sale to raise money for these two clubs each having a goal for these funds. (see Dina, it’s not all that complicated)

The Glee Club has aspirations of visiting New York City to sing and the Cheerleaders need more pom-poms I would imagine. (just kidding)

The chefs are given three hours to prepare their bakery goods for sale to the kids. The kids are given a ticket worth one dollar and are told to use their one ticket to purchase their favorite dessert at the bake sale. Gail informs us that $490 in one dollar tickets are dispensed and whichever team sells more will be the winning team.

This Seth guy just doesn’t seem to know where he is or what he’s there to accomplish. He just does whatever he wants as if he’s working in his own kitchen and preparing dessert for his guests. Do you suppose he even realizes that he’s being filmed for television? Needless to say, he’s not a favorite of his teammates with the exception of his biggest fan, Zach.

Seth doesn’t create a dessert appropriate for a bake sale or even something that his audience (high school kids) could relate to in any way. Similarly Yigit prepares a ginger pudding that is for a more refined palate, Danielle’s cake is dry and Zach’s strawberry shortcake has a hard crusty biscuit. Worse than the rest of the team, Heather C makes a dry ordinary peanut butter cookie and is sent home.

In Heather’s defense, her hair was in her eyes the entire time so she can’t be held responsible for a dish that she prepared while not being able to see properly. Bye Heather, get a haircut!

As the losers stand in front of the judges they all being to try to save themselves before the judges even being to question who made what and what they enjoyed as opposed to what they did not like. Seth begs the team to be honorable and just stand there and be judged.

I can certainly see why the judges sent home the chef who made a boring peanut butter cookie over say the guy who made a biscuit with the consistency of a hockey puck that would have been inappropriate for a bake sale even if prepared properly. Really, I can!

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431 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Top Chef Just Desserts / Dina Manzo Project Ladybug

  1. MickeyMouth says:

    Thanks for the breakdown on the Dina vs Laura twitter stuff. I was trying to follow but all I understodd was there was one angry ladybug. My reality tv viewing has fallen by the wayside, my reality keeps getting in the way. Thanks for blogging and keep us up to date!

    • SavingGrace says:

      Thanks for the clarifiication. I saw so much stuff on twitter the last few days but it was a bit unclear.

      Dina, Dina, Dina….I don’t know what to say….

      • Sha2000 says:

        Honestly it was hard to follow what Laura was saying…I’m not defending DM *IF* something fishy is going on but If she helped one child I say that’s **great**, its a lot more than many of us are doing. And YES wealthy wives do often start charities, whats wrong with that? When you have someone cleaning your house every day, you have time for other things. Maybe I’m missing the point but I don’t see any reason for being so critical about some one (maybe the fake twitter is for privacy & friends?) & digging to look for things; besides Dina seems to be okay & have some good things about herself. Don’t mean to be a party pooper but I think (once again I’ve said this before re: Teresa) to comment on these women is one thing & okay to a certain extent (I don’t like hurtful gorilla comments for example & never make them) and that’s it, not to get involved in their business; karma should take care of it NOT us. Sorry, please correct me if I’m wrong & I may be, its just how I see it.

        • klmh says:

          Some good comments and observations…

        • Jane says:

          Questioning how a charity spends their money and the percentage of donations that get to their final destination is not mean or cruel – it’s responsible. If Dina has nothing to hide then why hold out on submitting her 2009 financials? Any REAL charity has this information readily available – and charitable organizations that are above board are more than happy to share. All that is being asked of Dina is that she follow the same rules of conduct. That’s not offensive – just prudent in the eyes of a potential donor.

          • klmh says:

            The report will be out in December of this year. Might be best to wait until the numbers are out before you judge her.

            • Sha2000 says:

              Good point klmh! For the record Jane, I don’t think anyone is being mean or cruel but I do think assuming the is foul play is a stretch.

              • NormaJean says:

                I agree with you Sha. These women are on a reality TV show. It’s perfectly within bounds to discuss their behavior on the show. I’m also ok with disclosing proven unethical behavior outside the show. However, calling them names, gossiping about infidelity, mafia connections, love children, sexual orientation, illegal activities without proof, etc is crossing the line.

            • BessiB says:

              Well, the Red Flags are noteworthy. If the State got involved, she is clearly not taking care of business. An extension to December could only be for 2009, so for 9 months, the financial information has not been put together.

              Since this org. is promoted nationally (and internationally) there is potential for big bucks – and that is nothing to play around with.

        • nathania says:

          I am a taxpayer and charities are tax exempt. And eleven million dollars worth of bankruptcy is going to land on the backs of the taxpayers as well. I think frauds and grifters should be exposed before they hurt/bilk more people. And it’s motivation for them to get their ducks in a row. Anything financial that is public information is fair game, in my book, especially when you are a con to the tune of eleven million dollars or you live off money skimmed from the Gambino crime family like Dina does. I think the women NJ foisted on us are all pretty much bottom feeders with the exception of perhaps Jacqueline, if indeed Chris’s money does come from an honest source and given his affiliation with the Manzo family there is really no telling about that.

          • klmh says:

            Im confused. The reason we know about the 11 million dollar Giudice family financial crisis is because there is proof of their felonious actions and dealings. We can judge these thieves.
            I haven’t seen anything to implicate Dina having illegal ties. Is there a connection with her Project Ladybug fundraiser? Could you provide us with that information?

            • KLM,

              Every charity has a legal obligation to post financials on thier websites so donaters can ensure the charity is legit as well as has the opportunity to review what portions of the donations are being used to adminstrate the charity. Project LadySlug does comply with this legal requirement which is what started the inquiry to the legitimacy of this charity.

              • OOPS Meant to say Project Lady Slug done NOT comply with the legal requirement which is what started the inquiry to the legitimacy of this charity.

              • klmh says:

                I believe as has been stated up thread, the financials should be out in December. Until then, just go to Charity Navigator and choose your favorite charity.

            • nathania says:

              She married into a family that is one generation out of the mob (we hope). There is no proof that the money is mixing in the Project Ladybug charity but it certainly looks like that money is being mismanaged at the very least. The lowdown on Tommy and Albert’s father is here:
              on page 2.

              I’m really having a hard time understanding why anyone would be surprised that someone who publicized a fledgling charity in the forum of national television might fall under scrutiny. It’s almost as puzzling as the fact that Dina herself can’t seem to get a grip on the fact that when you use such a powerful medium that reaches so many people, you might want to do your homework first. Duh.

              • klmh says:

                This information is provided by a blog. Do you have information from a reliable source? Even at that, I don’t judge people by a family member’s past. Try not to anyway.
                Have you looked at the Project Ladybug website? It benefits St Josephs in N.J. Pretty specific, isn’t it? Might want to take a look at it. She isn’t trying to cure cancer, just trying to make a bit to help the kids in her area affected by cancer.
                I’ll wait and see what the financial statement says at the end of the year.

        • BKAamia009 says:

          b/c u want to make sure when u are donating to a charity that YOUR MONEY is going to go for the cause and when u look at Dina’s charity financials ITS un clear where they money is going. Anytime I donate to a charity I do a back ground check. Ever watch American Greed? Alot of high profile charities turn out to be scams, that is WHY I DO BACK GROUND CHECKS. I want to make sure Im helping a charity & not funding ones lifestyle. Im not saying that it was Dina does but does have me wonder when i look at her financial sheets. She as a charity founders should be able to answer stuff like that w/ out going on the defense it just makes her look guilty of something. She should be used to people asking for paper work when u have big donors. Sadly, these days u cant go on a reputation look what Bernie Madoff did I know that was an investment group BUT same thing though. U dont want to finance someones life.

      • Savannah111 says:

        Hi everyone,
        I have yet more questions and please try and help me understand, so I’m asking to please educate me on a few things regarding charities and not just this one but in general.

        For example I’ve given to the American Cancer Assoc as well as Violence against women, as far as the amount that I give I don;t lie it’s not as much as I would like it to be in terms of the amount of money but I give what I can. I’m middle class and not as wealthy as a lot may be here but I can assure you my heart is and always will be in the correct place. I know for example that if I buy something that will benefit these associations I know what the % is that goes to the charities I support.

        In regards to PLB I’m viewing the amount of money thats coming in and I’m not seeing what goes out to this charity for example theres money that goes to Program expenses $20,300.00 management expenses $11,444.00 fund raising $15,707.00
        ** my confusion comes in with the program expenses and management expenses.

        My question is this, what is program expenses and management expenses all about.. I thought that the people that are part of the fund raising are donating their time and efforts and by being able to advertise their busineses? Am I wrong?

        • Sha2000 says:

          I really don’t think that she would jeopardize her character for a measly $11k…who would? Mismanaged books perhaps, but out & out stealing I don’t think so. I’m not surprised that she & her charity would fall under scrutiny I just draw a link at making assumptions & calling the NJ Dept of Consumer Affairs & asking why this & why that & about their tax info…sorry its called meddling in my book. As for the bankruptcy; yes it falls on the back of tax payers & yes I hate the hypocrisy of the whole situation but, I see no point in making call or writing to the powers that be in the proceedings as some here have suggested…as humans our energy would be better served to build people up not assist in tearing them down deservedly or not. Yes I can make a snarkey comment here about the HW, but there is a line NOT to cross & some are not seeing it.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Yes I can make a snarkey comment here about the HW, but there is a line NOT to cross & some are not seeing it.

            One person doesn’t get to draw the line in the sand for the entire pack, they are boundaries that are set by the individual.

            Dina says bringing awareness to the charity was her reason for doing the show; IMO that makes discussion of the charity fair game.

            According to the only financial documents she provided, Project Lady Bug is running in the red.

            Do I think she ‘stole’ $11K? Probably not, operating costs are very common in charity organizations. What surprises me is how some of the bigger charities like the Red Cross are structured like a business with a CEO who made over a MILLION dollars in 2008.

            Is Laura meddling? I don’t think so, especially when Dina went to great extents to make it personal.

    • DWandM says:

      OMGosh MickeyMouth, I was just posting something to that effect on the “twitter breakdown blog” but you said it better.

    • Bea from NJ (@sweeetbea on Twitter) says:

      LOL! ‘one angry ladybug’

  2. colibrimoon says:

    thank you Lynn for clarifying the events. Dina is a mystery thats for sure.

    • Olivia says:

      Not so much a “mystery”. When you go out of your way to become “relevant” you will grasp at any and all reasons to appear kind, giving, charitable. Who can argue with that concept?

      She would have been better off directing people to already established charities working on behalf of sick children and that would have been more than proper. All charities are open to scrutiny and the donors have every right to question the distribution of funds. How many have been exposed as having only distributed a small percentage of funds to the needy while setting aside a hefty percentage for administrative costs? Dina should know this.

      By the way, Cookie Laurita is her sister.

  3. SavingGrace says:

    Ok — I read the blog again and the part that I still don’t understand and I don’t think ANY of us will, but if you do PLEASE tell me, is where does Teresa fit in???

    Why would Teresa chime in? Am I too think that she is now upset with all the Manzos? She certainly does not have her daughter’s godmother’s back on this one.

    Too weird. This is that type of stuff that Hollywood writers could never think of because it’s just too frinkin’ strange.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Maybe she’s trying to gain brownie points with RCH and Laura so they will give her a break! RCH has done a number on Tre countless times, by showing she’s got a sense of humor, she hopes they’ll move on.

    • nathania says:

      there have been rumors that they are on the outs now.

      My feeling was that Teresa got conscripted by the Manzos because she would do and say things the ‘Klassy’ Manzo ladies would never say and do.It’s like a middle-aged female version of the movie “My Bodyguard”. And Teresa has HUGE problems going on with her finances, and I may be alone in this but I suspect if you started digging in the Manzo trash heap you would find the same kind of discrepancies there as well. So the Manzos can’t afford a whiff of anything like that around them, plus with Danielle gone Teresa Giudice has outlived her usefulness to them. She’s that thick, to not have realized she was being used the whole time. Maybe she finally ‘gets’ it.

  4. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thank you Lynn for blogging about this and bringing it out into the light! Scamming isn’t just the Guidice’s forte. Like everything else in Dina’s sad little life – this time she is cheating/hurting children, not to mention the “fans” who trusted her. Oh I believe there is a special ring in hell for people that pretend to care about or want to protect the innocent…..maybe this is your stardom Dina! Thank you to all who are trying to unmask this vile creature!

  5. OneMoreinBoston says:

    wow-just gobsmacked.

    Dina really thinks she’s smarter than everyone else, and she can bamboozle anyone by fluttering her eyes.

    My take is she started the LadyBug charity because she liked to plan parties and events, not because she really wanted to help sick kids.

    She is shown as clearly needing to control the planning and in fact ,the whole event. I think this is her idea of a fancy night out, except everyone congratulates her on what a great job she did and what a saint she is.

    Well, OK a a lot of people involved in charity do it for self aggrandizing reasons, and so what? If it helps others out- their motivations don’t have to be pure.

    but, girl- Cover Your Ass! She’s not even pretending to be legit! For the hospital to demand charity donations be made directly to them means they ARE covering their ass and don’t want any questions about shady biz practices.

    just wow

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      p.s. Thanks Lynn for another great blog!

      I think the National Enquirer will start lurking here soon to get the late breaking news!

    • nathania says:

      yeah those people are smart enough to to just write a check.

      I think you are right, it is the event planning thing.

      I don’t know anything about that stuff…the interior design and decoration aspect…but I just can’t get the picture of her bridal bouquet out of my mind. About the only wedding scenario I can think of that that bouquet would have looked good in is maybe miss piggy marrying kermit the frog, it’s green on top of green on top of green. When I watched the video the first time I didn’t notice because I couldn’t get over her choosing that dress. She made sure it was ‘Badgley Mischka’ which I probably spelled wrong, but I couldn’t help thinking ‘dina got married in a t-shirt’. All you see her in throughout the whole video are t-shirts and then she picks one out for her wedding dressing, if it hadn’t been that designer there is no way she’d have worn that, I think that dress was designed for a much older woman but she thought it was ‘klassy’ and she likes tight t-shirts to show off the implants.

      I don’t see her as having any real sense of style or taste. Everything is too much all the time. There is such a strange vibe about the NJ show, ‘buy what I’m selling’. I don’t mean goods I mean their schtick. I don’t get that on any of the other housewives shows, that the women are asking you to buy a pack of lies built on a foundation of bullsh*t. I have never watched Atlanta but as far as OC or NY I see women pretty much going ‘here I am, take me or leave me’, and ‘you be the judge’. Possibly excepting Jill Zarin, who really doesn’t seem to ‘get’ that everyone is not just like her. But I don’t even see her strong-arming the public with lies, or doing the kind of public relations that the NJ con artists are constantly doing, Jill has her chops busted on a regular basis and she appears to acknowledge it. The women on the other shows appear to understand they are going to be judged whereas the NJ four live by the credo “deny, deny, deny” and expect the audience to be in as much denial as they are. It’s a very strange dynamic (for the record I’m not referring to Danielle in any of the above, just Teresa/Caroline/Dina/Jacqueline).

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        I completely agree with everything you said. This especially rings true:
        “There is such a strange vibe about the NJ show, ‘buy what I’m selling’. I don’t mean goods I mean their schtick. I don’t get that on any of the other housewives shows, that the women are asking you to buy a pack of lies built on a foundation of bullsh*t.”

        Totally. There are a LOT of secrets going on behind the scenes with these broads. Nobody is who they pretend to be, and it’s especially evident in the Manzos. Caroline and Dina try very very hard to appear flawless and cannot seem to deal when the others let their imperfections show. It’s like when someone kicks you under the table at dinner for accidentally letting an embarrassing truth about them slip. I mean, look at how shit went down at the table flipping dinner. How bizarre was that entire exchange? The reason people love the NYC cast is because for the most part, they are pretty open about who they are despite what flaws they might have.

        Nobody is willing to be held accountable for anything on this show and it reeks. There isn’t a shred of authenticity about any of them. I think Jacqueline started out with some but quickly fell victim to the Manzos threatening and ultimatums.

        The big question is: wtf are these chicks trying to hide? We already know about their father in laws mob related death. What other skeletons are in their closets?

    • DWandM says:

      I remember thinking that about Dina since Season One when on the internet there was ramblings about her charity being investigated. Since then I realized she was probably doing this just to throw parties or to have something to do other than stroking her cats and waiting around for her husband to come home. I didn’t take her charity serious then nor now.

  6. HD says:

    I am so lost when it comes to tweeting. Half the time I don’t know who is responding to who and all the “@fill in the name” confuses me.

    From what I gather some woman wanted the financials of Dina’s Project Ladybug Foundation to make sure it was legit or am I lost?

    To be honest, I never got into these housewife charities. They always seemed to just be having a party with a cause attached to it. Maybe this is how rich people justify dressing up and drinking but to me, I never bought it.

    • SavingGrace says:

      I gotta agree here.

      Still I am a bit lost. Please BEAR WITH ME…

      Is Dina’s charity a Fraud? What has PLB done wrong? I’ve seen the balance sheet where more is going out than coming in.

      Please someone take pity on me and explain….with sugar on top.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Saving Grace,

        I’m not saying that Dina’s charity is a fraud, that is not for me to decide, I’m only presenting the facts of what happened over the past few days.

        The question that people want to know is pretty simple actually, how much was donated and where did those funds go to?

        Based on the financials posted, if they are accurate, it appears as though only a very small amount of the funds that were donated actually went to help children.

        • quincyil says:

          I would like to know how much money was donated after Christine Staub’s birthday bash. The charity should have some public records too, right?

          • HD says:

            I know I am probably late on this since I was hardly understanding Tweeter but where are the financials? I want to see how much she was giving away.

            See it sounds cute to say I have a charity. Look at Nene’s pathetic running in high heels for some cause. You don’t just up and start a charity. Not saying Dina did that but show me the money!

            • LynnNChicago says:

              At the top of the screen, in the black bar you’ll see “Dina Manzo’s Project Ladybug Woes” click on that and you’ll see the documents (financials and court docs) as well as all of the screen shots of the twitter conversations.

              Don’t forget to look at the “Family Photos” in the same place as well! 🙂

          • Sha2000 says:

            Good point Quincy? And what charity did it go to? They never did say.

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            well, one of the differences is for her birthday it was a charitable donation right? Which ever parent claims her on their taxes takes the tax write off.

            I believe that the businesses that contribute also get a tax deduction, that is one way they are encouraged by the government to donate.

            It is my understanding that this is completely legal with no wrongdoing.

            I have donated services from my business to charity for a raffle or whatever and been able to submit that to the CPA for a tax writeoff.

            Dina is the founder of a nonprofit charity, and it takes in quite a bit of money. It does not pay taxes because of of it’s tax exemption status. But there are rules to the game and on of them is that certain % of the revenue has to go to the charity or they lose their tax excemption.

            Also in reply to some other posters disagreeing with pointing out these financial discrepencies, I agree to some extent.

            To comment on these women’s personal sex lives ala Danielle or Theresa is troubling. Rumors of affairs and love children is also somewhat distasteful because as I try to put myself in their shoes, I would be hurt to the core by these comments.

            But the Mafia is organized crime. And I believe it is each individual’s civic responsibility to insure that our society’s laws are being obeyed.
            There HAS been Mafia connections in the Manzo family, and HAS been Mafia connections to Danny as well. I don’t think it is irresponsible to mention behavior that may or may not be linked to the Mafia as the precedent has alrady been set.

            • quincyil says:

              The businesses donated the clothes, food, drink, venue, sound system, lights, the guy that carried Christine out…

              They got their names on the step and repeat and probably got some tax credit for their donations through the charity.

              Why didn’t anyone mention the amount the event raised? I know Jill’s creeky joints raised over one hundred thousand dollars. The liquor alone was over $20.000 and remember they had to see 200 tickets to just break even? Jill and Ramona donated $5,000 dollars each. The male friend of Romana donate $10,000. People gave trips and other items to the auction. There were gift bags from Zarins.

              I’d just like to know how much Danielle’s event cost and the amount donated to the charity. 5th Amendment time…. I think it was a way to have a very expensive party and not pay.

              Excuse me, I have to go to the step and repeat now for photos. What charity in your small town has that?

        • SavingGrace says:

          Thank you for explaining this to me.

          I guess until Dina releases the financials people will continue to debate both sides.

          Dina could easily end this so is just getting to look uglier and uglier.

          I see a major relevation coming down the pipe from Dina…she is just acting too odd over something she could easily clear up.

          • nathania says:

            Same thing with Teresa screaming in Danielle’s face at the reunion in response to a rather mundane question. When you have such an over-the-top reaction, people tend to assume you are hiding something. The blogs went crazy with all kinds of stories for the next few weeks about the root of Teresa’s psychotic break. She denied all the rumors, but she could have avoided the whole scenario by acting like a normal human being. Some folks never learn.

    • Diana says:

      I am SO relieved to know I’m not the only one who gets lost with twitter. I don’t know from a tweet or a retweet from my twat. Thank god there are others who can decipher and translate it to non tweet speak for my twitter challenged noggin.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Hi HD xoxox

      When copying a tweet into my blog I always add at the beginning the name of the person who posted the tweet, so in the above blog, that is Teresa posting a comment to @geoaubsmom (Laura)

      You’ll see some tweets cut and pasted (which these are as well) but if you don’t add the originators name at the beginning it can be confusing.

      I make sure to always add the originators name at the beginning of any tweet that I include in my blog so you always know who posted that tweet- hopefully that helps.

      • HD says:

        Thank you, Lynn. I had no idea that was how you were doing that. Every time I saw the @ symbol I thought people were saying that “at” that person. LMAO!! I am cracking up!!!!

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    I was about to say this morning that I was tired of blogging about Dina because she is nothing more than a sparkling piece of garbage (yeah Caroline I called your little sister garbage!!) but I would like to see some real answers, some real justice, some real reason why Dina is allowed to scam people who really just want to help sick kids!

    • Sha2000 says:

      I’m missing something. How did she scam people? If she is late with her filing that doesn’t necessarily point to wrong doing, just bad book keeping or maybe there’s not someone/an accountant who is designated to do it properly.

      A child was helped, she fostered a dog & tweets constantly about adoptable shelter dogs…seems shes doing some good…what am I missing?????

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        I don’t think we should claim she is “scamming” people just yet. All that was being questioned is where the money is going. She claims to be working hard with this foundation and it is apparently raking in a fair amount of money, (her words) but like all privately controlled charitable organization, she should be more than willing to produce documents listing all revenue and expenses. When she is asked about it on Twitter, she got angry, called people names, blocked them and generally acted very suspicious IMO, if it’s all on the up and up why get so angry?

      • nathania says:

        the intake of money vs. the actual money spent on the cause is not on a par with respectable charities is what people are saying.

        • nathania says:

          and also the point being the defensive reaction she is showing when people question this makes people suspicious, because if she’s filed for tax exempt status then she should understand the need for transparency. The three of them are just not used to scrutiny because needless to say people taking things at face-value and being gullible is what made Caroline, Dina, and Teresa famous in the first place.

          • Sha2000 says:

            Agree Nathania it should be transparent but maybe there is a legitimate reason behind the delay?

            • NormaJean says:

              Exactly Sha. People and organizations get filing extensions all the time. That doesn’t mean they’re scamming people. Maybe Dina gets defensive because the tone of the questions in accusatory. Also I would expect the start up costs of a new charity to exceed donations.

              • OneMoreinBoston says:

                EXCEPT the hospital refused the donations unless the money straight to them instead of through the charity.

                I find that HIGHLY irregular. What do they know that we don’t?

              • Scorpiosue1102 says:

                This is exactly why I would not give my money to a new charity. I do not want my money to go to getting a charity off the ground. I want it to be put to use immediately. That is why I give to charities like the Red Cross, Doctor’s Without Borders and Th American Cancer Society.

                Also, if the money is going towards start up costs then it should state that on her site, if that is the case.

            • nathania says:

              my question would then be, why is Dina not on twitter, since that is her public relations medium of choice apparently, saying “there is a legitimate reason for the delay”, instead of name-calling like a twelve year old. That family has millions of dollars and god knows how many accountants at their disposal. One could draw the conclusion that her response to the scrutiny is probably an unspoken “I don’t have to and u can’t make me”. Not good enough.

      • debbie says:

        “A child was helped, she fostered a dog & tweets constantly about adoptable shelter dogs…seems shes doing some good…what am I missing?????”
        She claims her charity helps many children, not only the one she had a photo op with and talks about.
        She fostered a dog? That has nothing to do with her charity. Costs nothing. All her tweets about shelter dogs? It may encourage some to adopt from a shelter, but again it has nothing to do with her charity.
        So, all in all, I don’t see any remarkable (or unremarkable) acts of kindness. And as someone mentioned above, her charity took in far more than it distributed to cancer patients, yet they are operating at a loss.. so..where did the money go?
        maybe when after a year they answer the State of New Jersey, we will know. By the way. If she don’t respond by the December date, she will need to pay the $3000.00 fine that was ordered for failing to keep her financials current.
        Bottom line is Dina Manzo Broke The Rules. Just my opinion.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          sorry to all that I offended using the word scam – but to me $40,000 in donations and $47,000 in expenses means little to NO money went to any charity! Just saying maybe Dina is not cut out to run a charity unless that charity is herself.

          • tuzentswurth says:

            Spot on WCW. Something smells really fishy…. Also, just adopt the dang dog and take on the expense. Why “foster” the dog?

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Isn’t “Program Expenses” the funds that were directed for the specific cause? In Dina’s case, I imagine that 20K went to help either one child/ perhaps many?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I agree- a tweet here and there about adopting an animal from a shelter doesn’t fit into what I would call charitable contributions or work.

          As a matter of fact I think it only feeds into the sick delusion of people like Smelly Kelly who think a photo of them taken by a poster is ‘charity work’.

  8. Ellabean says:

    These Dina tweeting wars:

    Why doesn’t she just have a Dina / Lady Bug web site and post “her truth” there ? She can use that to set “her record” straight. This tweeting nonsense is – well nonsense. It’s so undignified and juvenile and unprofessional. So, even if she has indeed done nothing wrong there are right ways to tell your side of things and wrong ways that water down any credibility.

    Don’t any of these women have good pr advisors for cyring out loud ?

    • nathania says:

      I agree, when you are trying to publicize a charity for children with cancer should you really be on twitter calling people ‘tweetholes’, using the letter ‘u’ as a word, and tossing around phrases like ‘block yo ass’? That is not very confidence-inspiring.

    • HD says:

      Let the church say AMEN! What does a so-called CEO of a charity look like getting into on Twitter?! AMEN, honey!

      Can you see the head of Red Cross going off on Twitter? Give me a flipping break. Also as momma always says…a guilty pig will squeal. When you know you have done no wrong you don’t have to chse down allegations! Let your charity stand on its own!

  9. Grace Charles says:

    IMO Dina believes she is helping children, but I think in reality, the Ladybug foundation helps Dina. It provides Dina with social status and the opportunity to be the “star” at her fundraisers. That’s why so much of the money donated goes to funding the fundraisers. It’s win/win for Dina. She gets to be the star, she gets to play a saint and it gives her a social outlet. And being as generous as she (thinks) she is, she will toss 22 cents of every dollar to the charity! IT’S ALL ABOUT DINA.
    I am so glad that Twitter has provided the opportunity to expose these types of charities. People tend to donate their money based on the trust they have for the celebrity. If people know how little of their money actually goes to the charity, they would be appalled. Then hopefully people wii donate their money to a more reputable foundation or donate DIRECTLY to the people in need.

    • Ellabean says:

      You know what other housewife your description about ego & charity so epitomizes ?

      DeShawn Snow of Atlanta. That over the top ridiculous Night of a Thousand Stars she “threw” together last minute in her silly McCastle – with she and her now divorced husband descending that down the spiral staircase like royalty (notice, a running housewife theme – houses and wanna be royalty in decor, etc).

      And she hardly raised any money. To me that event screamed DeShawn’s EGO and whispered good deed for children. I truly think she thought she was the Atlanta Oprah.

      So for these housewives and their charities – where does their ego and personal business opportunities end…..and real selfless charity begin?

      Dina may have good intention, but do the Ladybug events get mixed up with showcasing her wanna be decorator biz: as in, look how pretty my centerpieces look on the tables at the Ladybug luncheon – I can make them for you too.

      • HD says:

        Cracking up at the “Atlanta Oprah”. LOL! Having all that high priced stuff at that charity that NONE of her guests could afford. LOL!

      • PaganChick says:

        I agree to a certain extent with this. I do believe that DeShawn’s charity was about her ego. I believe that she founded it because she wanted to feel good about herself. But, I also think that there were true altruistic reasons for it.

        This charity was founded out of the money that the Snow’s had (unless I missed something). Any losses were taken from their bank account. And she did get people to donate and when no one bought anything at the auction, I thought that she was upset both because it had been a failure and because she and Eric were going to have to deal with the monetary losses.

        I honestly believe that DeShawn was simply stupid but also harmless.

        Which is why I feel bad for her now. I think that she honestly believed her husband loved her and their children and that since she had been with him since before he had money that once the money did start coming in, there was no harm in spending it.

        I actually feel really bad for her, because who wants to find out that their husband of that many years and father of their children has not only been cheating but also has a child with his mistress?

        For some reason the fact that she appeared to spend a lot of money on the show is being thrown at her as proof that she did something wrong. When the fact that her husband has been cheating on her is being overlooked. That bothers me a great deal.

        DeShawn was what my mother would call really “dim”. But she was also the only truly decent person on the first season of Atlanta and I can’t help but feel for her having to go through watching her marriage fall apart.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I heartily agree. She definitely started the charity to help children but her inexperience with fundraising, coupled with her ostentatious party planning, made poor use of donations. Maybe she thought her parties would bring in lots of money, not aware that many prefer to donate to established charities or directly to a person.

  10. Adgirl says:

    I also have trouble following accounts of twitter conversations. From what I gather Dina got huffy about people inquiring if her charity is legit. She (and all of the RH) needs to toughen up or get off the tv and internet/twitter. They invited all of this scrutiny albeit they probably had no idea how intrusive it would become.

    I’ve always had a pet peeve about individuals creating charities that essentially duplicate and fragment the efforts of larger and more professionally run organizations, such has Make a Wish Foundation.

    It’s a Vanity Project with Benefits to Yourself!
    When you run your own charity you can award yourself a salary and expenses. You can hire your buddies and hold events at your preferred venue (such as the Brownstone). It makes you feel important. You don’t have to answer to a professional nonprofit executive. You choose the Board of Directors. You schedule the board meetings around your personal life. You are the center of attention rather than the object of your charity. You, you, you!!!
    The down sides are the legalities that can become a nuisance – such as government oversite with required filings and permits.

    And, yes, especially in this day and age people interested in your charity will want to verify how the money has been spent so they can decide if they should donate to your charity or another one.
    Sorry Dina!!

    • Adgirl says:

      @Grace Charles – that’s right – she gets to be Saint Dina presiding over the awarding of the gift to the stricken recepient. Including a ceremony and photo opp with press coverage.

    • Sha2000 says:

      She does get huffy & defensive but maybe that’s just her personality?

      • Colibrimoon says:

        You are taking this devil advocate stance very seriously. Because she solicits monetary funds and in-kind donations from the public, Dina Manzo will eventually have to publish the funding information for her charitable organization. If Dina can’t take being questioned about her administrative astuteness maybe she shouldn’t go around asking the public to support her charity.

        Regarding the tweet war, Dina could’ve easily ignored the tweets knowing that when ProjLadBug’s financial statement was published it would clarify the legitimacy of her charity. Instead, Dina chose to name call, threaten and encourage her followers to defend her.

        I was appalled at the way Dina handled her detractors. Most CEO’s would never stoop to Dina’s level.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          good points-well written post

        • debbie says:

          Thanks, Colibri..
          Points well made and well taken.
          Now if Dina would heed this advice she would be better off.

        • Sha2000 says:

          “You are taking this devil advocate stance very seriously. ”

          No, I just don’t see the point in tearing a person down unless we have all the fact which we don’t.

    • Ellabean says:

      Also well said, Adgirl. This whole charity thing and any of these wives pushes my buttons. Pet peeve.

  11. jezzibel says:

    Speaking of Charites..I’m going to be walking in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night walk next month..I haven’t got around to setting up my fundraising page(tomorrow I promise) so if anyone would like to donate to my team it would be much appreciated.
    Thank you
    Jezzibel (I’ll even send Lynn the pictures from the walk)

      • viki55 says:

        Thanks! I am in San Antonio also:)

        • jezzibel says:

          Cool, its nice to know I’m not the only IHJZ fan here in the city.

          • viki55 says:

            I know! Pretty kewl. No one I know watches the housewives. But I have to say, I got bored with NJ, didn’t want to watch DC with the politics, and will most likely avoid Atlanta due to the Jerry Springer aspect. I may just be over the housewives but I will watch Bethanny!

            • jezzibel says:

              haha..me too, very few people I know watch it..I staggered away from every episode of NJ felling like I ought to be hosed off by the CDC, and I quit DC after 2 episodes, Atlanta..I don’t know, could start out interesting then just fizzle out. I am curious to see what the Beverly Hills bunch bring to the table though.

              • Adgirl says:

                Hi Jezebel, I’m unemployed at the moment but I should tell you that my previous employer the LA Times had a matching donation program, so when I pledged to a walkathon they matched it. I think the large organizations (like Walk for a Cure) have access to a database of companies that match. Just an FYI as a method to reach your pledge goal.

              • zoekayla says:

                Jezebel and vicki 55, I lived for over 25 years in SA)! I’m up the road in Austin now…
                Great to find other Central Texans here 🙂
                I have watched all the franchises, but NY is my favorite. I love Bethanny and still hate Jill (along wih Kiki).
                Go Spurs, Go!!!! Manu is my favorite…love his pics of the twins.

    • anniieee says:

      We are doing that as well… We had a teacher at our school diagnosed on a Monday…hadn’t been feeling well and the penicillin wasn’t working. He passed away on that Thursday. He was diagnosed with Stage 4. Our entire faculty is walking in his name. Good luck Jezzibel..we will be walking together in spirit!

      • anniieee says:

        Please visit the “Light the Night” page and help me raise money for leukemia and lymphoma research. I am doing this in honor of my friend and co-worker Paul Truitt who recently passed away from leukemia
        My Fundraising Page
        Light The Night Walk is The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s evening walk and fundraising event. It is the nation’s night to pay tribute and bring hope to thousands of people battling blood cancers and to commemorate loved ones lost.

        This is from my facebook page.

      • jezzibel says:

        The lady who the team is formed for had heart bypass surgery on monday…so it seems kind of even more important to do the Light the Night walk this year for her

  12. AZ Girl says:

    Several months ago a website was posted where charities are listed and their stats regarding percentage of donations going to overhead and/or to the charity itself. Does anyone have a link???

      • geoaubsmom says:

        I went to that site the other day and typed in Project Ladybug and there were no matches. The org that tracks charities is based in NJ & to me it was strange for a NJ charity to be not found, but it could be because no real financial history exists. Here’s the problem with waiting till ’11 to get ’09 finances (due 12/31/10 so not published till ’11)… IF there is a problem two years have passed with people donating and their money being mismanaged.

    • SavingGrace says:

      Error – you and yellow peril are awesome!!!

      Love the youtube summary.

      Heather Morris — OMG — what a fierce bitch. I think she is the most allaround talented gleek on the show.

    • cusi77 says:

      Error_ Great recap! BTW I am “Marhemar” as well.

  13. Sha2000 says:

    I guess my point is, yes these ladies are subject to scrutiny but we must draw a line. Why stir up something to have their charity looked by New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs (is Laura from twitter even a NJ resident, did she donate & is worried where her money went?) or inquire to have their bankruptcy proceedings investigated further because we think we found info online that may “help”? I enjoy dishing the “dirt” but how dirty do we want to get? Sorry, I’d rather give her the chance to provide the info at the extension date than to assume there is foul play; to us this is gossip & fun to them it’s serious & their lives in question, no wonder she’s pissed on Twitter.

    • viki55 says:

      You bring up some very good points. Thanks for bringing some perspective:)

    • error404 says:

      The extension was for only 1 year’s filing. Not every filing.

      Long established respected institutions like the Girlscouts who have proven themselves over decades, are subjected to this very same scrutiny, often with very damaging article written about them and their spending habits. It’s a huge issue for major charities so I fail to see why some housewife starting her own dog and pony show out of her kitchen should be exempt from the same public scrutiny.

      And its a legit question. If candy bars have their ingredients and calorie count printed right on the label, what’s so wrong with know how much of your donation goes to the actual charity? It’s a honest question, and any “normal” person would simply answer it.

      Sorry, but I think it’s bizzare that you empathize with her anger. If your husband asked you how much time you spent on this site, would you suddenly start screaming “I don’t have to f&*(ing answer to you @#$!” ?

      • viki55 says:

        LOL I wouldn’t know how to answer that question! Who keeps track of their time here? It’s a little bit apples & oranges. If they have until December to provide the info I think the charity deserves the benefit of the doubt, for now at least.

        • error404 says:

          LOL I know! I probably laugh and answer “too much!”

          Any real celebrity would have had their PR person issue a statement that they are looking into the answer but make every effort to slimline spending so the most go to the kids. Starting a twitter war over it is just typical of the low class shadiness of the RHNJ crew IMO.

      • error404 says:

        I just wanted to add that I think this is typical of when “celebrities” get in over their heads by lending their names to businesses they don’t or can’t control or understand.

        Think Kathy Lee and child labor sweat shops!

        If Dina can’t answer politely a basic question like “What percentage of donations goes directly to the sponsee?”, then IMHO she had no business starting her own charity and should leave it to people who can handle basic 101 stuff.

      • Sha2000 says:

        404, if your character was in question & people instantly assumed the worst about you wouldn’t you be defensive too? There is nothing bizarre about empathy & especially not in this case when there is too many open ended questions. Should she respond like an adult & say we are working on it & have an extension, but she hasn’t so that shouldn’t warrant verbal attacks & assumptions. I may be wrong but all I’m saying is wait & see.

    • SavingGrace says:

      I posted a question at 10:17 am asking(begging) for someone to tell me what Dina Manzo or PLB has done wrong.

      Lynn, thankfully responded to me, at 10: 33 am:

      Lynn states:

      “Saving Grace,

      I’m not saying that Dina’s charity is a fraud, that is not for me to decide, I’m only presenting the facts of what happened over the past few days.

      The question that people want to know is pretty simple actually, how much was donated and where did those funds go to?

      Based on the financials posted, if they are accurate, it appears as though only a very small amount of the funds that were donated actually went to help children.”

      I think a clarification needs to be made.

      Lynn is not saying that Dina OR PLB are guilty of anything.

      People want to know how much was donated to the children. Her disclosure does not list that. So people don’t know.

      People of course want to know. It IS a reasonable question.

      Yet, Dina continues to act what at best can be called ODD. Making up fake twitter accounts and calling at home Laura is odd. Especially when you then twitter to everyone that Laura was turned over to the proper authorities? For what? she called you and you called her back. I call that a wash.

      Dina is taking a page out of the Jill Zarin playbook by deflecting what is really going on.

      Of course, Dina is upset and rightfully so if her charity is legit but the other behavior is questionable and has been going on for months.

      • NormaJean says:

        I would also ask, why didn’t Laura accept Dina’s phone call if she really wanted to ask legitimate questions?

        • geoaubsmom says:

          You can laugh but I did not accept the call because of my perception of the power of the Manzos. I called a published number on the PL finacial statement because I wanted to see if the number was associated with an actual office with possibly an administrator who handled the charities daily activities. Dina called my unpublished private cell phone number. How did she get it? The only way I can think of is that she somehow got it off of my FB page. That was clearly an invasion of my privacy but it is on par with her calling me “LauraM” and not my twitter name. If she really wanted to talk to me she would have tweeted to call her at the PUBLISHED Project Ladybug phone number so that we could discuss.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Hi Laura,

            I would just like to say I find it completely outrageous that Dina accused you of calling HER. You called the number listed for the charity….if I called the Red Cross hotline, it doesn’t mean I contacted the CEO of the Red Cross.

            Dina also doesn’t know what meets the legal definition of slander and harassment. It’s almost as laughable as JZ saying that the law was coming after ‘families from TX and Chicago’.

            I can understand why you might not have answered the phone. In everyday life there are lots of reasons people ignore calls- even when it’s from people they like/love. Sometimes after dealing with two young kids all day, I am too mentally exhausted to get into it with someone.

          • Sha2000 says:

            Respectfully Geo, it seems to me you BOTH are invading each others privacy. Which came first is the question?

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        I would not give my money to any charity that has the CEO calling people “tweetholes”. Dina could very well have done absolutely nothing wrong with her charity, but her behavior online is not how someone that has a charity to help sick children should act. Not dignified or classy in any way. Sometimes, no matter how bad or ugly it gets you have to rise above and take the high road….not dig lower than the low road.

    • HD says:

      I know I seem really slow today and I am so sorry…but did someone from online suggest that they open the investigation?

    • nathania says:

      To me it’s how dirty do they want to get. They can put their lives on public display all they want, but when they start asking for money and their charity is not even being documented appropriately that is beyond the pale. This stuff should be in order, by request of Bravo, before they are ever allowed to mention the charity’s name on that tv show. If it isn’t, then they deserve whatever scrutiny comes their way.

      Plus, I don’t see any evidence of a ‘we’ and ‘us’ at play here. I speak only for myself, the people looking up the documents acted of on their own accord, and those things are public for a reason, to encourage transparency. They were posted here and individual people, probably none of whom have ever met each other, posted their individual thoughts on the topic.

      The most alarming thing about this is Dina’s tweets about harassment and what have you, which are completely insane. She says they are being ‘charged’ with slander and harassment. That in itself is ridiculous and possibly defamatory if it is not true. It sounds like she’s getting a stupid SLAPP suit together rather than just issuing a statement explaining whatever is amiss.

    • nathania says:

      If there is any activity on this or other housewives blogs that can actually be considered justifiable by some moral code it’s demanding transparency from an organization that solicits public donations. There are very many people out there who are good-hearted but live on fixed incomes or on a budget, like senior citizens. If something is amiss she can correct it so as not to victimize innocent people. If it’s not, all the better, everybody’s happy.

  14. klmh says:

    Interesting website:


    I think Dina is trying to help children afflicted by cancer with this project, but she might be in over her head. Im not sure and none of us are until the financial disclosure is made at the end of the year. I have been involved in several projects to raise money for charity organizations. Its easy to get caught up with spending too much money on the event, leaving a small amount for your organization, but with some planning and revamping, she could make this a financial success.
    Project Ladybug might benefit her personally, I don’t know. I do know that she is trying to make a difference for the children, donating her time and name to help with her organization’s success. The first few years for any new fundraiser are difficult, and I don’t think her project is diluting other more prestigious charity organizations because this money seems to be staying in her local community. It is simply bringing a focus to those within a particular community, not nationwide, as are so many of these groups.
    It will be interesting to watch what happens. I enjoyed the blog and will enjoy keeping up with the story.
    Also enjoyed your recap on Just Desserts. Tx

  15. error404 says:

    I find Seth intolerable. Just grossly immature.

    I love this show and I think “You could taste the resentment in her cookie!” is a classic quip!

    It was nice to see Malika pull it together and impress the judges with her toffee brownie. Contestants who whine about quitting annoy me, so kaddoze on the rebound.

    The cheerleaders were raising money for summer camp.

    • HD says:

      Thank you! Last night I could see myself slapping Seth across his big fat mouth! Sorry. I could.

      I also hated how he tried to get on some self-righteous high-horse during the judging talking about let’s stop fighting or whatever! Give me a break. You are the main one being a butthole!

      I wish he would go home but I promise I think Bravo keeps some of these chefs just for the drama on the show and not their food.

      • JKW says:

        I have to agree, Seth is crazy. I don’t know if I have ever heard a grown man cry and actually use the term my mommy. And last wk when he cried on the judges shoulder was just to over the top for me. I noticed Gail got out of there real fast. I can’t see Gail giving him a hug and sympathy. lol BUT she must have gotten a stylist or help with her dressing. She looks much better than on TC where it looked whatever she wore was ill fitting. I wish Seth would been off the show this wk.

    • SavingGrace says:

      I don’t know why but even though Seth is the BIGGEST BABY ever to be on any Bravo show — I just can’t quit him.

      As an armchair psychologist (lol!), I think that Seth has Major Depression Disorder (MDD). The constant crying, the over-the-top irritability, the playing the victim role, are all major tell tale signs.

      He has what it takes to when if he would only get out of his own way.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I can’t stand Seth- there is no way I would have tried his cake. His failure to make a wedding cake doesn’t show that he is being true to himself- but his weakness as a pastry chief and his inability to cope with the spirit of the competition.

      He either can’t complete the challenges and bawls like a baby- or he just doesn’t do them.

      If I was Heather, I wouldn’t have allowed myself to be bullied into making a cookie if that’s not what I wanted to create. When you take one for the team- and your team loses the challenge, you are the one who is going home.

  16. Prettyplusmore says:

    Thank so much for clearing this up. GEE WHIZ!
    I am so sick of these charities giving (sometimes) less than 1% to the intended “helpee.”

    Has anyone been hearing about Bono’s charity? It’s in question too! Bono??? What is the world coming to.

    Lynn, knew you could fill us all in. This is so interesting.


    • Ellabean says:

      Hearing ” Bono” and anything U-2 sends HORROR chills up my spine.

      My scroundrel ex- boss used to be the merchandise guy for U-2. He is best friends with Larry, the guitarist. Knows the band and Bono well – he toured with them. My hub loves the enormously successful U-2 music. I have to leave the room when he puts them on the stereo.

  17. That was fun yesterday!
    @janislanton is Dina for sure. You can’t deny it when you see the page.
    Teresa stopped following me. I sent her a DM: Why are you following me? Masochist?

    I don’t know if she tried to respond or not because I’m not following her so she can’t sent me private messages. I’m sure she wanted to ask what “masochist” means.
    I think she was trying Jac’s brand of PR, but it didn’t really work for her and she gave up pretty quickly. I find it amusing that she told me my blog was funny the day after I wrote an entire post ripping Dina. Of all times to post that my blog is funny, THAT is the moment you choose? Just sayin….

    There is another crazy Dina fan out there who took is upon herself to attack all of us “tweetholes” who don’t worship at the alter of Saint Dina: @Cupcake322
    She tweeted me this:

    @PutYourHairUp good one douchebag. You’re prbly some fatass woman eating dingdongs all day w/ nothing better to do. Go jump off a bridge.

    I tweeted back:

    @Cupcake322 You aren’t even original. NeNe said that line last week.

    This is the DinaFan who called me a “fatass” on twitter. Is that a sausage in her hand? Just sayin… http://twitpic.com/2t71yj

    She has since stopped tweeting to me, but she is still tweeting insults to our twitter friends today.

    If any of you aren’t on twitter I highly suggest you join us. It’s soooo much fun!

  18. Hello? Testing. Why aren’t my comments working?

  19. I have a long comment I’m trying to post and it won’t let me!

  20. That was fun yesterday!

    @janislanton is Dina for sure. You can’t deny it when you see the page.

    Teresa stopped following me. I sent her a DM: Why are you following me? Masochist?

    I don’t know if she tried to respond or not because I’m not following her so she can’t sent me private messages. I’m sure she wanted to ask what “masochist” means.
    I think she was trying Jac’s brand of PR, but it didn’t really work for her and she gave up pretty quickly. I find it amusing that she told me my blog was funny the day after I wrote an entire post ripping Dina. Of all times to post that my blog is funny, THAT is the moment you choose? Just sayin….

    There is another crazy Dina fan out there who took is upon herself to attack all of us “tweetholes” who don’t worship at the alter of Saint Dina: @Cupcake322
    She tweeted me this:

    @PutYourHairUp good one douchebag. You’re prbly some fatass woman eating dingdongs all day w/ nothing better to do. Go jump off a bridge.

    I tweeted back:

    @Cupcake322 You aren’t even original. NeNe said that line last week.

    This is the DinaFan who called me a “fatass” on twitter. Is that a sausage in her hand? Just sayin… http://twitpic.com/2t71yj

    She has since stopped tweeting to me, but she is still tweeting insults to our twitter friends today.

    If any of you aren’t on twitter I highly suggest you join us. It’s soooo much fun!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      LOL- I didn’t have to see the picture before the irony hit me of someone who calls them self cupcake talks about you eating dingdongs all day. Sounds to me like someone is projecting.

  21. quincyil says:

    Remember when Dina was hiring an assistant to help her with project ladybug? She was going to pay that person, correct? Well, she had a list of jobs that included cleaning up and washing her bald cat. At the time, I thought that was co-mingling accounts (like Teresa did with her personal checking and the on line shop for divas.)
    I also see Lynda of DC have her assistant/future daughter in law/future mother of her grandchildren helping her pick out a purse to go to a dinner with friends. If these assistants are for work or the charity, they can’t be on the clock and washing cats. Kim Z’s personal assistant babysits her kids and takes care of her gifted designer dresses. Is she paying that girl from a business account or from the grocery money.

    Thanks to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights (Dina, look at the 5th Amendment and read it carefully or have your daughter read it to you if you can’t read,) I believe that many of the women on Bravo run their businesses, charities, and personal lives in one co-mingled mess with no documentation and in some cases no taxes documents submitted to the state and local governments.

    There is not a PTA mom in America that doesn’t know that you need the tax number when you buy the treats or supplies at Walmart for the school kids. Dina didn’t get that memo and she found out you need one the hard way.

    • SavingGrace says:

      So true Quincy, how true.

      I worked at a bank and can tell you how easily even these tiny accounts get mismanaged.

      Moms were always shocked when they would come in and find out they needed a tax id number in order for their account to get openned. No tax id number — then no account. Our bank forbade us to open accounts with a tax id number — period. No matter how much the mom would cry.

      I don’t know what number Dina used. This story is getting even stranger…

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      If Dina hired a personal assistant – then whatever she needs that person to do that person would do. If Dina hired an assistant for PLB then all that personal stuff should not be done by that person. Guessing unless you know if the person is paid from the charity or a personal account it would like funds are being co mingled.

  22. @twilighttwitti says:

    Thanks @geoaubsmom for exposing the real @dinamanzo. @GraceCharles said it best. Dina started ProjectLadyBug to expose herself to the media. She is not concerned about the sick children. She is using them to come off looking like a good hearted person but we all know that Dina manzo is just a tweethole! She is a pathetic loser with two bloody cats AND A NEW CLOSET. I guess she’ll use the money she collects from ProjectLadyBug to fund her house remodeling and that’s what I’m going to believe until I see the 2009 Financials. She’s a bitch of the lowest form of life. She be the #QueenSlug.

    And as for Teresa Giudice she is coming off just as two faced as @KimGranatell! We still don’t like you Teresa so go back to blocking us all you low class money grubbing ho! Your no better than Danielle Staub so stop with the friendly act!

    • jezzibel says:

      So tell us how you really feel 🙂

    • geoaubsmom says:

      Just for the heck of it I sent this tweet to Mary Amons this evening who has a charity called Labels of Love… @geoaubsmom: If asked 2C the finances of your charity Labels For Love @maryamons would you be able to provide this info? Thank You, I’m doing research.
      I viewed her Labels of Love website to see if there were financials available (most charities do have a link) and there wasn’t any but it did reference tax exempt status. I’m curious how she will react so I can compare because I think Dina’s reaction raised questions of deception. Mary’s charity was started about a year earlier than PL.

  23. Amber...Real Wife says:


    I try to donate as much as I can, giving more to the established charities and also disaster victims. I even give to folks on highway exits. (Yep, I’m a soft touch). It is always a there but for the grace of God go I, so I give when I can.

    I know charities spend an awful lot on fundraising, sending personalized labels, paying for postage, and telemarketers etc. However, when I see the minimum donations that could price out many I think they do themselves a disservice. Yes some have the ______ other spot, but some don’t. Will you toss the letter or hang up? I set my own price.
    BTW a Police/Sheriffs charities here in FL, called started with a minimum $5o donation, at that time I thought why not $1000. I offered $20 he said “and when can we get the other $30?” For REAL??? Only I can get unsolicited call asking for money and offering a lay away plan for a charity? lol

    • Ellabean says:

      Amber, the police phoncall soliciting for the Police Benevolent league . Gotta weigh in on this one. No I am not casting any judge ment on the merit of this charity.

      But, each year I get a phonecall form them. No caller ID from them. So I pick up and always the same routine: a man with a deep authoritative voice, says to me “Hello, uh, ____ (my first name)” – hey how are you ? I say, hello, do I know you – who is this? This is John (whatever). John who? John from Police Ben League.

      What I fiercely object to – is there is a purposeful ruse to the way they do their calls. The “men” always act as if they know you – thus using your first name and act waaaaaay too familiar. Plus no caller ID. Late in the conversation to identify who and what they are. Pisses me off. I don’t give becuase of that. I can well imagine a fragile older person receiving these calls and caving into this ruse.
      Using authority to intimidate – even over the phone.

      • Adgirl says:

        I swear they hire the same people who work at collection agencies. The emergency service charities outsource their fund raising calls. The soliciters do act thuggish.

        …. Hey, I think I’ve just found a new career for Juicy.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          @Ellabean & Adgirl

          YES! They do act very familiar and authoratative making me think I was talking to a cop! I know they’re telemarketers who must work on commission the way they try to get a higher donation. While I also respect the charity, they probably ask for minimum donations to cover these high fundraising costs. BTW I refused the layaway offer. LOL

        • nathania says:

          I went to a job interview once years ago and walked in a room full of folks that looked like tweakers and all of them were on the phone going, “I’m so and so from the Fraternal Order of Police” blah, blah, blah…it was too ironic for words.

          What gripes me the worst are people who take from seniors. That pushes me over the edge.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        yes my friend.

        Now imagine being called by a police detective who has been hired by the public defender’s office lawyer who is representing your ex boyfriend who is sitting in jail awaiting trial for attempted murder. On you.

        Who then proceeds to tell you it’s OK not to go to court, as a matter of fact, it might be for the best to let bygones be bygones.

        Who only identifies who they are on cross examination type questioning. Yes I went to court.

        He then committed suicide. Oh- and what the lawyer and the detective did? COMPLETELY legal in the fine Commonwealth of Ma. And they wonder why domestic violence rates never drop.

        Sorry a little rant- but I know first hand how smooth some can be.

  24. klmh says:

    Another article found about Project Ladybug:


    Within the article:
    Since last year, Project Ladybug has donated $20,000 to pediatric cancer patients.

    • Yeah-but they raised over 200 thousand.

      • Here’s a clip from my research that I did on PL:
        It’s still a mystery to me whether PROJECT LADYBUG ultimately gave, Two-hundred, OR twenty, thousand dollars, to the hospital, because BOTH numbers are reported to be the amount donated in the same article about the event on the hospital’s website. (SO-which was it? 200, or 20 grand?).
        I’d have to say that at least a hundred grand was collected, (by the hospital this time, not DINA), because tickets cost $100., and 1100 people reportedly attended the event. There were also items auctioned.

        • klmh says:

          Im sure you have been to events that cost 100/person and with the dinner, cocktails, table decorations, entertainment, valet, room tablecloth etc. rental, your donation would end up being as little as 30/ticket. You could be in the hole quickly if you’re not careful.
          I’ll wait until the numbers come out on her organization and won’t harass Dina, which is what many have done on twitter, imo. If someone went after me as this lady did, I would also be rude and fight back as well.

          • PaganChick says:

            But that’s just it. I mean, I don’t watch the Twitter timeline constantly, but from what I can see, she DIDN’T harass Dina. She asked her some very straightforward questions whose answers SHOULD have been out there on the website without anyone having to ask.
            Dina made this into harassment when she started calling names and getting angry. Dina was the person who made this about something other than the charity.

  25. I didn’t have a problem with the paperwork being late. I do have a problem with the way that Dina/Claudine is acting. When a reputable charity’s financial are questioned, it is a normal & expected event.
    It’s even an opportunity for more publicity! (if there is nothing to hide).
    I wanted to give Project Ladybug the benefit of the doubt since they grew when Dina got the national exposure and may have needed time to catch-up, plus St. Joseph’s hospital collected the funds directly for ticket sales & some donations so I assumed that they were on the up & up.
    After I saw the crazy Twitter messages, not just from Dina-Dina supporters, I am really wondering.
    What ADgirl said—-funny that she should mention Make-a-wish, because I was offended that Project Ladybug info. on the www uses the Make-a-wish name to promote themselves, I’m surprized that Make-a-wish hasn’t sent out a C&D on that-its very unprofessional.
    If Project Ladybug has to use the name of an other organization to explain their mission I was thinking what Adgirl said, and why not just raise the money for them?

  26. Wall St Lady says:

    Any one know the hit sung by
    Gene Pitney & then Cindy Lauper. Hint ,u can sing VERY loudly to it.

    There are 2 types of 5O1C3 chair table foundations.
    1) Doesn’t not collect outside$$
    2)Raises $$$
    Both must redistribute at least 8% of the $$ annually to maintain its tax status
    Both r allowed a tax deduction on income taxes for the amount put in. (There may b an annual cap)
    Both allow earnings on investments to accumulate tax free.
    Pk here is the big catch. When u distribute the minimum 8% u must give to another 501c3 charity or foundation or u will loose ur tax free status. For example
    when we won our settlement from Hutton for the Boom Boom room thing we started the kind where u don’t solicit others $$ .it is cool. Even if we went bankrupt we would still have $$$ to give every year.

    Also Olivia I agree she has NO business w/ a charity. Find a legit mature organization w/ experience credit ability % economies of scale.
    The picture of me is 7 yrs ago. Some friends & I wanted to help Easter Seals. We had a Ky Derby party. We charged for tickets,drank mint julips,had lots of TVs ,bet etc. We got a friend to donate his mansion ,a liquor co donated the liquor etc. We got sponsors : hotels,Net jets,Schab,other WS firms to buy $25000 ads for our race book. We had a hat contest. Any way we made LOTs of $$$ but the local Easter Seals office over saw EVERY thing we did & approved each letter as it was on their stationery.

    U don’t have to b so fancy. Another time for Red Cross we had a picnic on the beach. Everyone made a picnic basket for 6 people. Then we auctioned off the baskets & sold beer from a keg. Again Red Cross staff was there to oversee & protect their reputation.
    I met WSM at a charity for the homeless. He thought I was flirting w/him. After I saw his business card & title I was nice cuz I wanted a BIG donation

    • Ellabean says:

      Town Without Pity? No I am not googling. Trying to recall Gene Pitney’s greatest hits.

    • TEB says:

      there were several lawsuits against Hutton. what was the specific one you were involved in (boom boom room doesn’t come up in google 😉 I’m still trying to solve the mystery of WSL!! I saw your picture and you are a beautiful lady!!

    • klmh says:

      Interesting stats on Red Cross. Some of the smaller organizations ratings have a higher rating than Red Cross.
      Often times, wealthy donors are comped so many items, food, free rentals etc from other wealthy friends/supporters so they can keep their costs down. The Project Ladybug foundation supports their local community, and keeps the money there. They would I assume also hire locally , simply a good way to keep the money there, in their community.


      • Buffywood says:

        The Red Cross had some serious CEO issues including severance packages and PR firm fees trying to improve their reputation. Between the 9/11 fund and Katrina there is some interesting reading out there.

        • Buffywood says:

          Just to clarify, I think The Red Cross is a fantastic organization. I was more or less stating why their rating wasn’t so great recently and I believe their problems are behind them.

          • anniieee says:

            By an act of Congress, Red Cross MUST provide communication between soldiers and their families. The posts/bases, etc..provide building space, etc. but the Red Cross must supply the people to reach out to the soldier. Their Comcenter–receives the message traffic from a duty officer–its then given to the Red Cross and the Red Cross then contacts the soldier and a pastor if needed–and works on getting the soldier home. I love the Red Cross. I volunteered for them for 5 years while with my ex husband in Germany. I was the “Volunteer Station Director” ..we were even showcased on PBS as the busiest all volunteer office in the world. (Friedburg/Bad Nauheim Germany) It was the show …”Travels thru Europe.”

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Cindy Lauper and singing loudly took me in a totally different direction. My neighbors on both sides let their shrubs grow over into my yard, so I bought a large pair of loppers. I named them Cindy, and sing Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (a bit too loud) when I use them. No one yet has been amused but me. And I am even more amused that they’re not laughing. Sorry to go off on a tangent. (She exits, humming.)

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      WSL to the rescue again!

      thank you for letting us know the ground rules.

    • quincyil says:

      I love that. Flirting for dollars. It could be the title of a chapter in your book.

  27. Buffywood says:

    As the Treasurer for a charitable organization with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status, I have a few comments.
    First, I not only believe it is our right to question the financials of these organizations, it is our obligation to do so. If people are donating their hard earned money they should have comfort in the knowledge the majority of the funds are going to actually helping people.
    The tax filing requirements for a charitable organization are very simple, and in all honesty the returns themselves would provide the general public with very little information as to the operations of the charity itself. It is just basic summary information of gross receipts, general expenses per category, and a summary of donations made. This would really only provide you with the % of proceeds being donated. There are no details as to where these donations are going and the breakdown of administrative expenses is pretty vague (office supplies, travel, salaries, etc). While I do not know the volume of activity within her organization, the fact alone that they were un-able or un-willing to file the returns in a timely manner would cause me to question the accounting practices.
    Many charitable organizations (the one I volunteer for included), in fact hold fundraisers to make donations to larger charities. For example we hold various fundraisers throughout the year for the Humane Society, The Alzheimer’s Association,The MS Society, etc. While under no obligation to do so, we provide all participants in the fundraiser a complete financial breakdown of the event and a copy of the donation check itself within the thank you letter for their donation. ONLY direct expenses related to the fundraiser are deducted (cost of food, venue, entertainment, etc).
    In Dina’s charity when reviewing the % of proceeds donated, we should expect to see a higher than average percentage as she has “contacts” where she holds her benefits. For example, by holding an event at The Brownstone (which she has done), I would expect the facility costs to be significantly lower than the norm as The Brownstone can “donate” part or all of the services and take a charitable donation for doing so, thus the organization overhead should be lower. When I get goods and services donated this information is giving to all participants as part of the “thank you letter”.
    A charitable organization MUST provide you with their 990 (IRS return), if you request it (the can charge reasonable printing and mailing costs). There are many resources on the web that can help you in evaluating charitable organizations, including the Better Business Bureau. In addition, if you are going to an event though one charity to raise money for another; you should be able to request to write out the check to the “receiving charity” directly.

  28. What exactly does Project Ladybug even supposedly do?
    Do they buy toys for kids in the hospital, grant wishes to dying kids, pay medical bills? What?

  29. boston02127 says:

    I’ve been following Dina for a long time. I will bet money that this does not pan out in her favor. When this tweetfest was going on and Dina was asked about funds she immediately went in defense mode. Dina is constantly and I do mean CONSTANTLY tweeting about where people can help & give money. If she was so busy with her charity, keeping the books, volunteering, organizing events or anything charity related she would not be on twitter most of the day and night. It’s easy to sit back all day and tweet about something you believe in.
    As far as Dina calling people tweetholes, that’s exactly is how Dina is! She’s not a sweet innocent and naive person. I’ve followed her tweets in to third party tweets and have read where she’s tweeted “shut the f.. up”, eat sh..”. Her sisters Cookie & Candice are no better. They are just as ignorant.
    I think all the Laurita sisters–Caroline, Cookie, Candice & Claud (the 4 C’s) think they are self entitled.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      4 C’s

      bwah hahaha!

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I think if she spent less time on twitter and making youtube videos, she could press her accountant to get her financials in order.


      I’ve never donated but if others did, they are entitled to know how their money was spent and not a description or visual of GrandmaWrinkles ass on twitter and youtube, laying next to a bedazzled pumpkin! 😉

    • Ellabean says:

      4 C’s – really hilarious Boston. And they are not high quality C’s either (cut , clarity, carat, …..uh, what’s the last C when buying diamonds?)

  30. Adgirl says:

    Charities & their overhead. I stopped “donating” to that Charity Organization That Will Be Nameless But Your Employer Will Ask You to Donate To when I realized that my designated local charities did not receive my money (there is a tracking & thank you method). It was probably a local problem but it bothered me because I was very partial to those organizations and knew they were effective.
    I also disliked being pressured by my employer to contribute (watching the films, the scoreboard etc.) so I started sending money directly. I use to wonder how much money was kept by “That Charity Organization” to implement their sales arm instead of being distributed to my charity. This was before we found out the pres or CEO guy had a pretty lavish compensation package.

    BTW- I still remember those Unicef cans in grade school. Ugh.

    So I’m glad to know how much goes to overhead.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Adgirl–When I was in grammar school (8th grade) my school was involved with Locks of Love. I donated my pony tail (9 inches). I also remember the orange UNICEF box they would give out at Halloween time. When I was little I thought if you had a UNICEF box you couldn’t get candy too. It wasn’t until about a week after Halloween the I learned that you could do both. I remember being so pissed off because I got no candy that year.

      • anniieee says:

        After the scandal in DC with UWay….I give directly to the American Red Cross. I have a bad taste in my tummy about UW.

      • lillybee says:

        Doctors without Borders is my favorite charity. Most of what they raise (over 80% I believe) goes into the field. They go to where they are most needed.

        • quincyil says:

          My daughter and her females med school friends participate in this charity one week per year. We grandmothers go to take care of the babies and our daughters went to Haiti this year. There was an eye surgeon, anesthesiologist, radiologist and pediatrician. We grandmothers met one day for a play date with the babies. We have known each other for years as parents our girls went to Brown and now they are all practicing physcians. We are going to do this once a year forever. It’s a win, win, win, win, win. situation.

  31. Trisha says:

    Seth reminds me of Zoolander so much I can’t take him seriously.

    As for Dina- open your books, girl.

  32. klmh says:

    Just one more thought and then I’ll get off my box.
    When I attend a local function, a local benefit for a hospital, school or organization, there is a large turn out of people who wouldn’t necessarily support a large organization, because they want to support their community and address its needs.
    To condemn Dina for trying to help, and maybe not do the best financially for it, but bring attention to these children’s needs should be applauded, in my mind. I hope she can make a great deal of money for them.
    I just hope there are no surprises in the financial report at the end of the year. 🙂

    • nathania says:

      People should be certain that the money is actually going to help the children it is claim to exist for before they condemn anyone else for looking at public documents to see if the charity is following the letter of the law, and if the percentage of donations is reasonable vs. the claimed expenses.
      You do this *before* you donate, rather than write the check and wish on a star. Dina publicized her charity on a tv show, and the people who watch that show are the ones questioning her financials. SHE brought awareness of the charity to THEM, and she should have gotten her ducks in a row before “Project Ladybug” ever came out of her mouth. The fact that she did not do so is a testament to her insulation from the real world. Worst case scenario, this scrutiny will force her to run a tighter ship, get her ratio in better shape, and thus help MORE children with cancer.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        EXCELLENT summary- and yes she is very insulated-great word-I think it’s why these mensa geniuses or shocked that not everybody buys into their agenda.

      • klmh says:

        Thats a no brainer. As mentioned above, check Charity Navigator and they will give you some important information, including pay scales for their executives, percentages, etc.

  33. I updated my blog. Now with screenshots of Project Ladybug discrepancies!

  34. boston02127 says:

    Birds of a feather….marry. Dina married Tommy (the brother of Caroline’s husband) in 2006 in a lavish wedding that reportedly cost $1.5 million. Tommy was sued by American Express after the wedding in 07 for $12,599. He was also sued by the Bank of America for an undisclosed amount.

  35. tweeterlaura says:

    As a cancer survivor perhaps I am hyper-sensitive to charities raising money in the name of cancer.
    I am thrilled to see the growing public interest in pediatric cancer, for years it has taken back seat in cancer research, heartbreaking stuff – kids with cancer.
    Beyond the lack of financial transparency- the lack of results, charity beneficiaries on http://www.projectladybug.org bothers me. The blanket mission statement is boiler-plate and leaves one asking why not just donate to the hospital directly.
    It is my understanding Project Ladybug has been in existence for three years, hardly qualifies as a start-up at this point.
    Certainly not difficult to find another pediatric cancer charity that gives me confidence in knowing my donation will be well utilized.
    And then we experience Dina’s Twitter Behavior – I find it odd that she did not do anything to fan the flames, like offer explanations. Instead Dina chose to insult and threaten people, hardly what I would expect from the Director of a Charity.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Agreed! Plus, I’m sure the hospital has it’s own fundraisers, fundraiser board and such. I know Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago has some including one where a radio station does a radio-a-thon every year all for Children’s besides having a board called K.I.D.S.S. for Kids, Inc. which is “an all-volunteer, non-profit fundraising auxiliary of Children’s Memorial Hospital”. So my question is why didn’t Dina just work with fundraiser board of this hospital? All that money could go right to the hospital yet she can get her fundraiser on.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      To Laura and all cancer survivors – last year at my son’s high school they lost a young teacher to cancer on a Thursday afternoon. At the football game the next day they sold pink balloons for .50 each and released them at half time in her honor. This Friday is “the pink out game” – this week they sold (and sold out of ) pink tee shirts for the cure ($15.00 for a shirt with $10.00 going to Am Cancer Society). Local tee shirt vendor is scrambling to have more shirts for tomorrow for those who come to watch the game! Not all charitable acts need to be organized, foundationed or projected!

    • klmh says:

      It brings attention to the need. Many people who are individually asked to these events would not necessarily have them on their radar for a charity they would support. This event, along with others made possible by Project Ladybug, allows people to not only see the need in their community, but contribute and maybe become a patron or occasional donor on their own, to similar causes.
      We live in a town of about 40,000 where everyone knows everyone. You support our cause, we will support yours well. You have a night on the town, you support your friends and neighbors charities and hopefully your own now, you get a tax deduction, and you remember this the next time you write a check to a charity. Many people not only contribute by buying tickets, they contribute to silent and live auction items, which could bring in a good amount of money.
      If you don’t want to contribute, don’t. If you want to contribute to another organization, great, that’s your choice.
      I am concerned about the financials on this as well, but I am wondering why anyone is questioning her desire to help her community and its children by doing so. Maybe things need to be refined to better spend money to make more money to go to these little cancer victims, but she’s working, feeling good about herself, and feeling she’s filling a niche to help. It might not be your calling but it fits her need. She has stated that after the event, the planning for the next Project Ladybug starts the next week. Its a daunting task to put one of these events on, trust me, and maybe that’s why she’s not receiving the criticism she’s receiving from twitter folk with open arms. Would you? Are the people who are criticizing her involved in the event? Yes, question where and how the money was spent, but lets not throw stones yet.
      And I respectfully disagree with you about 3 years being long enough to get things right for these events. With the economy in its sad shape, concessions have to be made to reduce costs even more, because fewer people will attend and less money is spent on hight dollar auction items, if that is the case.
      God, I could go on and on. This is a passion for me.

      • PaganChick says:

        I get what you are saying, but if this is the case, why not use Project Lady Bug to raise awareness for an established charity? At the very least they could just do that until the economy picked up.
        Why waste extra money that could go directly to the children who need it? I mean think about high schools and middle schools who raise money for established charities all the time. If PLB were simply trying to get people to notice that this is a chance to raise awareness, why not just do that?

        Since she has an entire banquet hall at her disposal, plus television cameras, plus her own time and money, why isn’t she trying to raise awareness for the cause BEFORE she starts her own charity in the name of the cause?

        PLB could have been just a straight up way for Dina to raise money and awareness in the name of the Children’s Hospital of New Jersey, or even the Ronald McDonald House, or any number of charitable organizations in New Jersey who are doing everything they can to fund the fight against pediatric cancer.

        Why did this have to be about Dina’s organization – oh wait. It’s because Dina is the type of person who would go on not one but TWO reality shows. It’s all about Dina. I get it.

        The only problem is that being a famewhore means that you have to be willing to put up with the scrutiny – ESPECIALLY if you are going to say that you are promoting a charity. If you are putting out a charity name, it HAS to be reputable.

        People are going to look into it, people are going to ask questions. I’m not saying that Dina is a bad person or a fraud. I’m just saying that she needs to understand that you can’t just put the words “charity” “childhood cancer” or “helping the children” out there and not expect the people who are giving or want to give to ask questions. You certainly can’t do that and expect them to be OK with your being defensive and angry when they do ask questions.

        • klmh says:

          I suppose it gives her a reason to exist, I don’t know. But if it gives her a sense of accomplishment to do something for some kids with C, the better for them both.
          It benefits the hospital so they can possibly upgrade equipment, there are any number of reasons. I just don’t understand why, if she is doing some good, and she is, why you and others call her a famewhore? Does it make a difference? Is she helping kids and bringing employment and recognition to her community? Yep.
          Has the economy hit her husbands business and does he need to recoup some costs? Probably.
          Does she have a temper? Yep. Does she appreciate some twitterer question her on the way she handles and finances her business? Yep. Will her financial statement come out in the next 2 months? Yep. If we want to donate to a charity other than this one, can we? Yep. Due diligence-its your money, know where it goes.

          • PaganChick says:

            I call anyone who goes on a reality television show a fame whore. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

      • It's Hot In Texas says:

        I am also confused… Dina & Project Ladybug are in Jersey. The child & hospital she most recently helped were in Chicago. How is that local?

      • nathania says:

        You seem unusually protective of Dina’s mental health.

        I helped take care of my grandmother for the last three years of her life; she had alzheimers and parkinsons. Shortly before I began helping she was grifted out of some money, and thereafter she received many phone calls asking for donations and what have you. She accepted an appointment from some insurance scam artists once and I met them at her front steps and wouldn’t allow them in her house. I do NOT care about the state of Dina Manzo’s self-esteem, or her mental health, but I DO care about innocent people like my grandmother, other senior citizens, and naive people in general giving their money to an apparent millionairess who can spend 150k on flowers for a wedding but can’t be bothered to get her paperwork in order for a charity that she is allowed to publicize on national tv. I vehemently reject the notion that Dina Manzo needs any kind of protection from anonymous internet bloggers, she needs to uphold the letter of the law.

        • klmh says:

          I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. I knew there had to be a reason you felt so strongly about this issue. I, on the other hand, come from the opposite side of the coin. I have been involved in small projects like this and get where she is coming from.
          By the way, she is a legitimate charity and has the paperwork to prove it. She has simply not filed her financial statement yet for 2009 yet.
          I do not feel either way about Dina. I understand her need or want to help others and to me this cause is as good or better than most. She is doing something for her community, herself and the kids, as well as the hospital. It might be a few thousand dollars which in the scheme of things might not be enough for some, but I live in a small town, and that’s the way some folks do things. You bring the need to the people by having an event like this. You get to involve the community, not just a few friends and wealthy patrons. Its a money raiser, but more importantly, it addresses the need, so that the next time you feel the need to support a cause, you might just write that check to P.L. or the hospital that’s benefitting from her and others, efforts.

    • Sha2000 says:

      tweeterlaura , yes a director of a charity should behave more professionally, but most haven’t had their lives under a microscope or have thousands of people following them on Twitter & tweeting accusations & insults daily. The scrutiny of Dina I’m sure is a hundred fold that of a relatively unknown director of a similar size charity. You have to look at it in it’s proper context.

  36. Paige says:

    If Dina can’t tolerate people asking legitimate questions about her charity financials, then something is definitely amiss. All that information should be open to the public and she should be happy to share it. Is Project Ladybug registered/rated with Charity Navigator? It ought to be. I do not donate to any charity that is not highly rated by them and totally transparent.

    • nathania says:

      That is another good reason to talk about this, just what makes a charity good, and what does it take for one to be considered legitimate. This is the 2nd “charity” associated with a Bravo show that has come under scrutiny. Dina used the forum of Bravo to hawk her charity over and over, which gives her access to a much wider audience and much more potential $ in donations than the average charity. The Salahi charity appears not to be legit at all. Since Bravo has a history of attracting grifters for its shows it should be de rigueur that they be checked out, actually by Bravo themselves, before folks are even allowed to mention their name on that television show like Dina did over and over and over, the information found was certainly available to the producers at the time they were filming, since it was found so long after the fact. Someone with a reputation for dishonesty and in fact for participating in a smear campaign vs another person shouldn’t be surprised to have their honesty questioned. I have never heard Dina Manzo come out and explicitly deny that she forged her ex-husbands signature on her Bravo contract. This alone should put her under suspicion and frame it as reasonable that anyone donating to a charity she is associated with be certain to find out it’s a good charity to donate to before they write their check.

    • quincyil says:

      I think she can’t tolerate us.

  37. TT in OC says:

    “Children with cancer” is a cause close to my heart. I feel sick that someone would use it for any other reason than actually helping the kids. I don’t have the fame nor the money to do much. However, if anyone who feel charitable and can afford to donate financially, I would recommend St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. If you like me can’t afford to write a check this year, you can donate your hair to Locks of Love.

    Boston shared her lottery wish last night. Mine is to write a big check anoymously to St. Jude.

    • I can vouch for Saint Judes & they are the first children’s charity that I donate to when I can. I have a sister who was treated there ages ago, and she was a baby who was crippled. She actually made it on a US team that sent people to the Olympics, and is still active in athletics because they fixed her leg when she was a baby. Now they focus on children with cancer, and they don’t even charge the families the last time that I checked.
      Saint Judes is another organization who’s name Dina has used to associate herself and Project Ladybug. Maybe PL should worry about getting their paperwork in instead of using other charities names to make them look good?

    • Buffywood says:

      St. Jude’s is absolutely amazing! The get a Christmas gift from me every year.

  38. vilzvet says:

    CBS is showing tons of promos for The Talk during its daytime schedule. There are SIX, count ’em, six women who will be co-hosting. Was Bethenny really going to fit into that? Did someone replace her? Would love to know…it looks interesting, and I wonder where on the schedule it is going to fit in. I know it won’t be replacing Price is Right, maybe it is going against Regis and Kelly?

    • Adgirl says:

      I think it’s replacing As the World Turns.

      I’m wondering if will be similar to The View with one conservative-ish type and the rest more liberal and they all scream at each other.

  39. Vistor2 says:

    Project Lady Bug does have an ein number making it a true 501c3. That being said it doesn’t mean that all is good. It appears that it started in 2007 for helping children in hospitals – but so far only St Joseph’s only working in NJ unless they have filed other paper work. Per the tax return listed 3 others as the board members Caroline, Delores, and an Ashley they gave St Joes 20k in 08. Of course they spent over 15k for fund raising when you spent almost 75% of what you donate there is an issue. They ended 08 with under 10 in the bank. All 990 forms are public documents Project Lady Bugs was an ez form since they have little funds and was done by a cpa

    That being said this looks to me to be a cover for someone who likes to throw parties and have their picture taken. Finally in their scope statement they give no clues that they are funding research or finding a cure with lab rats costing over 1 million and the most they have had in 08 was 40k hmmmmm do the math.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Vistor2– I agree about someone “liking to throw parties”. If the Ladybug events are anything like Dina’s over the top wedding I’m guessing there is a hugh waste of money that could be going to people who really need it. Check out the Ladybug site and see what is being offered at the next event. Dina could easily organize a Walk-A-Thon to raise money instead of the elaborate types of events.

  40. Grace Charles says:

    Anyone interested in donating to kids with cancer, try Childrens Hospital, Oakland, CA. All money goes directly to the hospital, not through any foundation or hokey organization (ie Dina).

  41. momsthoughts says:

    Lynn – I think the financials are not being read correctly. The $20k expense IS the money that went directly to a hospital(children) another $10k was held as reserve for the next event and $10k was given in individual donations. Also important to remember – these are from 2008.

    Why do ppl start charities when they could just write a check to an existing charity? Many reasons. Maybe she saw a need – on a personal level. I know I have. I know I have friends who have started charities for this reason. Look at American Cancer Soc financials…see how much they PAY their leader. Then see how much goes to research. not much. So perhaps -although I do not know – perhaps she saw something she could do locally to help some kids and their families. Another poster criticized her saying it was just an excuse to use her party planning skills – well if that is what she is good at – why wouldn’t she use those skills? If she didn’t she would be criticized for that – I can just hear it now (oh she is such a good event planner why doesn’t she do that for PLB?) I mean, seriuosly. She is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

    Why is she so defensive on Twitter? I can only imagine its because people on Twitter are so mean to her. She has read a lot of cruel things by a lot of the same ppl questioning her charity the past few days. When someone is burned- when you go to touch them, they jump. She has been burned repeatedly by these ppl. She knew their “innocent question” was not just an innocent question about financials. She knew this wasn’t because anyone cared about the kids – they cared about stirring up trouble and getting a rise out of her. I have read a lot of tweets directed at her including one person on twitter who damn her to hell for not having the sound on her tv while watching the emmy’s. DAMN HER TO HELL! (I remember the night, she had just gotten in and saw a dress and commented. Perhaps she didn’t turn the sound on because she was on the phone or talking to her daughter – but the tweeter would have none of that – damned her to hell because now the truth was out – all she cares about is fashion) Come on, how is she supposed to react when the same tormentors go after her charity – for all the world to see.

    I have to say, I agree with 100% with what Sha2000 says…. ” I enjoy dishing the “dirt” but how dirty do we want to get?” I do not think ANY of this twitter investigation has anything to do with helping children, and has everything to do with getting a reaction out of Dina. I 100% agree that when these women signed up to be paid to be “reality stars” and earn a living putting their lives on tv -they are fair game for comment and commentary. However, attacking a charity on very limited information is unkind and unfair. I think the past few days crossed many lines. I think a “mob mentality” took over. In the spirit of fairness, we all need to wait to see financials until then trust the state of NJ that there has been no fraud. A few violations. (for instance, Dina did not put the consumers affairs number on invites – she didn’t know – rookie mistake – doesn’t mean there is fraud or anything – just perhaps in over her head initially) And while you most likely won’t donate (and I doubt you would have even if the financials were perfect ) perhaps you don’t have to launch a full court press attack on her and the charity – that hurts the kids and families who benefit from the charity.

    And no, I am not a friend a Dina’s. I am just really upset by what I have witnessed.

    • I have a problem with what you said at the end. perhaps you don’t have to launch a full court press attack on her and the charity – that hurts the kids and families who benefit from the charity.

      How? How does asking that a charity prove that they are on the up & up hurt anyone? You supporters are the ones making PL look bad by reacting in this way. I’m going to do you a favor. I’m going to tell you how to react correctly.
      A-appreciate the interest and free publicity for your cause! THANK people for asking.
      B-have a statement ready. “Project Ladybug has been so successful, that we have not been able to get caught-up on the financial requirements.” We are grateful that we have such a problem!
      C. Whatever you do, DO NOT threaten, and/ or attack people like you have been doing.
      You may be offended that someone would question your integrity, or even imply, or be suspicious, but if PL had done the financial correctly, they would not have to worry when they are questioned.
      The attacks etc. have just made them look sleazy and amateurish at best.

      • TT in OC says:

        housewifehater, are you going to open a PR company soon. JZ could definitely need your help.

        Okay, no jokes. I think you are absolutely right about about DM should have handle this situation. As many have already pointed out upthread (and error 404 said it the best), any charities are subject to public scrutiny and there is no reason why she is exempt.

        • Ha ha-thanks for the compliment, but PL is probably trying to save money by not having good PR? That’s why I donated the “clues”.
          I actually had a thank-you from Kim G’s PR about a week ago, thanking me for mentioning him, even though it was not the most complimentary thing that I said.
          That’s how I got the idea.

        • klmh says:

          This is not in question. Everyone agrees.
          Let’s see what the report is before we tear her a new one!

          • nathania says:

            I have held back in saying this, but howsabout everyone express themselves and their opinions and their knowledge on the topic as they feel they need to and let Lynn delete the posts that she feels are inappropriate since it is her blog.

            • klmh says:

              What? Sorry, was this meant for me? What has been written on this subject that you feel is inappropriate? Its a healthy discussion, at least in my mind…

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I see where you are coming from and agree in with a lot of what you have said.

      I also believe that any written communication, whether it’s email, twitter or even this blog can be misinterpreted because the “tone” is not heard.

      I guess, I’m thinking that all of this controversy could have been avoided if Dina and Company weren’t just so…”green”? at all of this interacting with fans.

      In no business or professional organization I have ever been affiliated with would any of this language or bad attitude be tolerated for one second. And isn’t this their business?

      The time to behave like a professional is not when things are hunky dory and everyone loves you, that’s easy. The time to behave like a professional or even a lady, is when you ARE being attacked and there are unpleasant accusations leveled at you.

      That in my mind is the mark of a class act-someone who can answer questions graciously, and handle pressure. If Dina cannot manage that (for a myriad of reasons, I don’t know if I could) then why is she attempting to communicate at all?

      AT BEST- even if there is no wrongdoing proved, or “scam” uncovered, it is a PR NIGHTMARE- because it hints that there may be some truth to these allegations. And even if there is a WHIFF of corruption, donors will less likely to open their wallets.

      So it could be argued that she is in fact-HURTING the children that she is asking us to believe that she is helping, by her rotten behavior.

    • geoaubsmom says:

      I thought you presented yourself on twitter as the nice tweeter? Your comments aren’t very nice about me!
      How do you know I am not someone that cares about kids? Do you know that I worked at CHILDRENS Hospital in Pgh as a CT & MRI tech, and that when I was on call every other night I would get called in at least 3X a week in the middle of the night? Some nights I would barely get home from one emergency only to be called right back to the hospital… does a person who doesn’t care about kids dedicate themselves to that schedule?
      Clearly you are biased because I saw your twitter conversations with Dina about the situation. It was no ‘rookie mistake’, go to the State of NJ website it clearly spells out the steps to start a charity with step one being a fed tax id number. Every tax-exempt org should be an open book if they have nothing to hide, and should at least have MTD & YTD financials.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Well said Momsthoughts!

  42. So, it turns-out that September, is/was Childhood Cancer Awareness month. (who knew?) .
    I found a little more info. about Project Ladybug’s “national” expansion. Apparently, $10,000. was donated during a Twit-athon. How this is going to help children with cancer in Chi-town, I don’t know? BUT–here’s the link, to a Chicago blogger & mom of a baby who is in remission from, and fighting childhood cancer. (Dina & PL is mentioned).http://www.chicagonow.com/blogs/ay-mama/2010/09/project-ladybug-in-atias-name-and-oprah.html
    Just for the record, I personally HATE cancer more than I hate Jill! I mean it, I hate cancer.
    Anyways, (ha ha–normally I would say anyhow, or who, but a certain grammarian (LynnfromChicago herself), corrected me & I haven’t been able to say, “anyhow” since)…..this Chicago NoW! blogger, also beat cancer herself, and I think that she is the reason that Zen-Jen, Jennifer Sales, (who also writes for Chicago Now!), is so quick to defend Project Ladybug.
    When I posted Jennifer’s Tweets on my blog the other day, I was having a lot of trouble with my computer & Blogger. Jennifer accused me of making her to be “the villain”, and I tried to explain that I had had problems.
    I was unable to post how much I respect Zen Jen, and how I consider her column on Chicago Now! to be a great source, since she is a writer who will post corrections when she is wrong. And she has good inside info. on Bravo.
    I don’t think that Jennifer is actively investigating PL, but if anything does come out about it, I would bet that she would be the first to admit it. (right now she is supporting PL).

  43. Wall St Lady says:

    Dear TEB. That search won’t work be cause as a class action participant ur name was not released. My last name is spelled like a state ,with the first letter changed. U r such a good sport !

  44. boston02127 says:

    Nice to see Ashley is doing well and on the right track. (sarcasm)
    Tweets from a guy name _williamjames.

    The people at McDonalds should really tell you when you’re ordering too much drunk food at 4am..

    Woke up in bed at the Waldorf Astoria w/ @_ashleyholmes. What happened last night?!

  45. momsthoughts says:

    A question ppl keep asking is “why not just give the money to the hospital” – Again, I do not know anything – but my opinion is that this money is used for things the hospital doesn’t provide. The hospital provides the patient a meal, but maybe not the mom who is there or for parking or for a special book or toy….or special cap….or any number of “extras” that are really necessary. Also often one parent has to leave work to care for a sick child. There is tremendous financial burden on families with cancer – so if (and I don’t know) if this fund helps covers some of the “extras” – that is tremendous. I know at the hospital where my friends daughter was treated – the local college sorority has a foundation for the kids in the oncology unit -they provide arts and crafts, games, cards, etc…this is huge to the kids – the hospital doesn’t provide that. So giving to a hospital is great. Giving to research is great. bringing awareness is great. Giving a smile to a child who suffers every day – is worth every penny. That maybe why you don’t donate directly to the hospital. just my thought.

  46. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    My nephew was diagnosed with Infant Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age 7 mos. He is now 5 and in remission. Mikey, and his family have been the recipients of money from two charities one being Ride Janie Ride http://www.ridejanieride.org/ and the other through their church. He has also been given a trip to Disney by Make A Wish foundation (an absolutely FABULOUS foundation to give to). The church fundraiser had a fundraiser at someone’s house. People brought dishes, items were donated and auctioned off (everything from dinner’s to sporting event tickets). Notice no big overhead. It can be done. You don’t need to go to big venues where overhead eats up donations.

    This is why I question Dina’s charity. I do believe that Dina wants to help children with her charity. I also think that Dina’s social butterfly is equally important.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Scorpiosue1102– ♥ & prayers to Mikey.

    • Buffywood says:

      My heart goes out to you and your family. I just can’t even imagine.

      A great way to make a donation to Make a Wish Foundation is with Airline Miles… No true $ out of your pocket and they sure could use them.

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        Make A Wish treats these families like gold. My nephew wanted to meet Buzz Lightyear and he got a private viewing with Buzz. Make A Wish paid for everything including food. They even gave every kid in the family spending money. It was a once in lifetime trip for the whole family. A completely worthy charity.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I am so sorry about your nephew- I hope he remains in remission.

      I just LOVE the Make A Wish Foundation. There is nothing more endearing that seeing pure joy on the face of a child, especially those who have endured so much sadness and pain.

  47. momsthoughts says:

    HousewiveHATER – how does it hurt the charity? because ppl won’t donate. that is how it hurts the charity. how about giving them the benefit of the doubt? they have been investigated already by the state of nj! isn’t that enough reason to give them the benefit of the doubt?

    YES, she could do some things better – but I am sure she feels no obligation to take any requests made by haters on twitter seriously!

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      @momsthoughts- I posted this upthread-so this is a double post:

      I see where you are coming from and agree in with a lot of what you have said.

      I also believe that any written communication, whether it’s email, twitter or even this blog can be misinterpreted because the “tone” is not heard.

      I guess, I’m thinking that all of this controversy could have been avoided if Dina and Company weren’t just so…”green”? at all of this interacting with fans.

      In no business or professional organization I have ever been affiliated with would any of this language or bad attitude be tolerated for one second. And isn’t this their business?

      The time to behave like a professional is not when things are hunky dory and everyone loves you, that’s easy. The time to behave like a professional or even a lady, is when you ARE being attacked and there are unpleasant accusations leveled at you.

      That in my mind is the mark of a class act-someone who can answer questions graciously, and handle pressure. If Dina cannot manage that (for a myriad of reasons, I don’t know if I could) then why is she attempting to communicate at all?

      AT BEST- even if there is no wrongdoing proved, or “scam” uncovered, it is a PR NIGHTMARE- because it hints that there may be some truth to these allegations. And even if there is a WHIFF of corruption, donors will less likely to open their wallets.

      So it could be argued that she is in fact-HURTING the children that she is asking us to believe that she is helping, by her rotten behavior.

      • Exactly! And I posted up-thread also how it is hurting. Lynn has some of the threats posted in her growing Project Ladybug page up-top. Just really bad form, like, “How DARE you question us?”—most charities expect it, and welcome any chance to talk about their cause.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I would just like to add, it’s not like Dina is a 7 year old who put up a lemon-aid stand to raise money for sick kids.

          When more is being spent on operating costs than the actual cause that would give me great pause in contributing to that charity. Would anyone buy shares in a company that spends more in production than earns from the product they sell?

          While some of you feel it’s premature and unfair to question Dina’s character when it comes to Project Lady Bug, based on what limited financial records that are provided, I feel it’s very reasonable to at least question her ability to run one.

  48. Wall St Lady says:

    Kansas Girl on September 30, 2010 at 2:19 pm
    Girls just wanna have FUN ! Is my non work theme song. And yes I sing it loudly !

    • Kansas Girl says:

      LOL! I’m STILL humming it and it’s been hours now. And I’m at work. I tried to get other people infected with it, just to spread the agony, but no one caught it. At least I’m humming and not singing. (I don’t sing too well.)

  49. quincyil says:

    Remember Jill Zarin and that beatiful dress for her Creeky Bones event? I bet Jill’s hair, dress, shoes, makeup and jewelry cost more than she donated to the charity.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Not necessarily, if it was comped by the companies. If the hair and makeup were done for free and the dress and shoes were sold at a discount or given in exchange for mentioning the designer or store purchased, then it probably didn’t cost that much.

    • tuzentswurth says:

      OMG! Maybe KKB was right when she said she didn’t like to connect her name to things just b/c she is asked! Could KKB actually have made sense once in her life by accident?

  50. momsthoughts says:

    to: “one more in Boston” – I agree with you completely. I think she is using twitter as a personal account and project lady bug twitter is professional account. Not that it is a big difference – I just have that feeling that is where her head is at…if that makes sense. I also concede she has made some blunders. doesn’t mean her intentions aren’t good and that the charity doesn’t do good work.

    I do not believe that the ppl asking her questions were sincere. They were baiting her. They wanted a rise out of her. She has interacted with these ppl b4 – that accounts for the reaction. I think if anyone else had asked the answer would have been different. I asked and I got a very reasonable and professional answer. So, I think the history here explains her tone. Would it have been wiser to answer differently – perhaps. there is no telling. when someone wants to give you a hard time – they will find a way.

    Again, not the way I would go….but ppl shouldn’t blast the charity for that. there has to be a line….

    • OK-so why don’t you ask her nicely and then tell us what she says?

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Yes- but that’s the nature of the beast. She claimed to use her HW fame to help her charity. Now the two are intertwined. It may not be fair- but there it is. Just like when Martha Stewart went to jail and the stock in her company plummeted. There was no investor trust in her ability to run her company.

      In my personal life, every other day I have someone who has unrealistic expectations about their appearance absolutely flip out on me. I have been called every name in the book, as well as my appearance and even my sexuality has been attacked. Abusive to the max-but I shrug my shoulders, chalk it up to the cost of doing business and laugh my way to the bank.

      Dina HAS GOT to toughen up and rise above it. If Danielle can- someone with a hell of lot more to answer for and someone who is a lot more unhinged than Dina- than Dina can.

      If people are attacking her it’s because they know they can get a rise out of her, so she is feeding into it.

      honestly, don’t you feel like opening up a Bravo PR school? just for Bravolebrities? Like Etiquette 101?

      Tweeting, FaceBook, and Amazon reviews will be class #1, #2, and #3. Jill will have to repeat class #3 several times, and Kelly? poor thing will flunk out altogether!

    • MAMAZ says:

      momsthoughts – I think you made a very valid argument for starting a charity on a local level. Many large charities do pay out an enormous part of their money on staff. I can also understand why you and Sha2000 don’t want to see anyone unfairly maligned for trying to do good. You are good women trying to see the good in others. That’s admirable.
      I am going to give Dina the benefit of the doubt and say her heart was originally in the right place when she started PL. But as Lynn and others have said running a charity can be extremely complicated. Financial accountabilty is necessary to insure that everyone involved is operating within the boundries of the law. It is too easy for even those people with the best of intentions to make mistakes.
      As for Dina’s attitude on Twitter I am much less sympathetic than you. While I would personally NEVER damn anyoneto hell for anything Dina is not an innocent victim. She has frequently attacked people who weren’t even talking to her. Lynn and Putyourhairup have both been on the receiving end of Dina’s out of the blue rants.
      And just as we can’t know what Dina’s intentions are we can’t know what Laura’s motives were for questioning Dina. Lynn stated that Laura is passionate about care for sick children. If it is the Laura that posts on here regularly then I believe her questions were honest and not just baiting Dina.

      • TT in OC says:

        MAMAZ, well said. I can’t agree more.

        • NormaJean says:

          Yea well, I scrolled down Laura M’s twitter page for days trying to figure out what the story was here. What I saw was her spewing her hatred for Dina. She was also tweeting TweetMaxine and Nancy Grace trying to get on her show. I just don’t believe that her intentions were honorable.

          That being said, I think Dina could have handled the situation better. However, I think it is wrong to just assume that she’s scamming people or trying to hide something. We don’t know what the reason is for needing a filing extension. For all we know she got an accountant or tax lawyer to donate their time but it had to be after tax season (which is still ongoing for personal extentions).

  51. Wall St Lady says:

    housewifehater on September 30, 2010 at 4:13 pm.
    I think u r a lush (kidding just code). What is ur favorite alcohol. Mine is rum diddlie dum. 🙂

  52. boston02127 says:

    Kelsey Grammer Will Appear on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”

  53. Wall St Lady says:

    In my charity experience many women do spend more on their outfits than they donate. (I don’t I shop for top designers at resale shops cuz many women only wear once). Any way for the emmmys the dresses r loaned not owned cuz of the tv exposure. I imagine the howives borrow. Problem w/M Gorilla is she is not potty trained & she stinks.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      You know, your remark is so well thought out and so well reasoned , that I was a little disappointed by the non snarkiness UNTIL the last sentence. You never fail to disappoint!
      You are definately worth the price of admission to our little goat rodeo.

  54. For some peeps who may not understand why this issue came up to begin with, let me splain to you Lucies 😉

    It was Dina who has been promoting her LadySlug Foundation and providing links to the foundations website to donate. All websites should provide financial information for proof of legitimacy and a show of explanation to how much of the donations are used to administrate the charity.

    Charities have an obligation to provide detailed information to interested donors. Never give to a charity you know nothing about. Request written literature and a copy of the charity’s latest annual report. This should include a list of the board of directors, a mission statement and the most recent available audited financial statements with accompanying notes.

    If a charity does not provide you with the information you request, you may want to think twice about giving to it. Honest charities typically encourage your interest and respond to your questions.

    Ask how much of your donation goes for general administration and fundraising expenses and how much is left for the program services you want to support. In most cases 60% or more of your charitable donation should go to program services.

    Requesting information is nothing new when reviewing a charity worthyness of a donation or not.

    For Dina to get her panties in a twist does render the adminstration of this foundation suspect. People have been asking her since she first made mention to the foundation for this information and this is not new and she still does not provide the legally obligated information. Its no wonder the hospital she worked with wanted donations made directly to them and not funded through her charity.

    Now I am not implicating that her intention is to defraud donors, but she may think she does not have to answer to anyone and making up her own rules is just plain stupid. Charities have strict guidelines to follow and she is not complying.

    I’m Just Saying 😉

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      m’kay rickeeee

      • I made a funny? 😉

        Ricky Ricardo: Lucy’s actin’ crazy.
        Fred Mertz: Crazy for Lucy, or crazy for ordinary people?

        • OneMoreinBoston says:


          • Its so tasty too!!~~

            [after many takes – and many spoonfuls of Vitameatavegamin (containing alcohol)]
            Lucy Ricardo: Well, I’m your Vitavigavegivat Girl. Are you tired, run down, listless? Do you pop out at parties? Are you unpoopular?
            Lucy Ricardo: Well, are you? The answer to all your problems is in this little ol’ bottle, Vitameatavegamin.
            [Checks the bottle label]
            Lucy Ricardo: That’s it. Vitameatavegamin contains vitamins, meat, megetables and vinerals. So why don’t you join the thousands of happy peppy people and get a great big bottle of Vitaveatyvemeanyminimoe. I’ll tell you what you have to do. You have to take a whole tablespoonful after every meal. It’s so tasty too. It’s just like candy.
            [Takes a bit of time, if not too much, trying to sample the liquid. Finally… ]
            Lucy Ricardo: So everybody get a bottle of…
            [pointing at the bottle]
            Lucy Ricardo: this stuff.

  55. Wall St Lady says:

    One Mo Bo r u really as stacked as u said. I am a no implant D.

    • quincyil says:

      Apparently, my breast had a lot of fat because after working out for 10 months, there is a lot less of me there.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      My mother was Miss California 1959. She didn’t win on the competition, she played Chopin.
      She won on the swimsuit.
      Because if they were fake I probably could go without a bra. But at 47…you get the picture. But I was never able to have kids so not too, too, bad.

      There’s a new laser treatment that is applied to the underside of the breast that provides a natural lift. It’s called the natural Bra or something like that. No FDA clearance yet- but very successful in the UK.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        you just made me think of a funny story.

        When I was 40- I had to go in for my first mammogram. So I trundled up to the machine…and OH MY GAWD. The pain was so excrutiating that I was seeing stars, and I said to the mammogram lady-I’m feeling light headed -this is just too painful.

        So she stopped the machine and told me that there was another mammogram machine that was meant for “larger breasts” and if I just walked through the waiting room (in my johnny-thank you very much) I would have to wait but it would be more comfortable.

        So I trudged across the waiting room, waited in the “larger breast” line and when I got to that mammogram lady, she looked me up and down and said:

        “oh I remember you. You were always the one that got to cut ahead in line before me and my friends in the nightclubs. I remember you- all the guys that wouldn’t even look at me were too busy buying you drinks and asking you for your number. I remember you and well today, you pay the price!” LOL

        p.s. never saw her before in my life-but I guess she had seen me

        • Onemore-anytime you wanna dish on Miss A-I’m ready!
          I sat in the same section as The Donald and his family one year at the live event–I love Miss America, but it will never be the same ’till they bring her home to AC.

  56. quincyil says:


    This blogger looked into Christine’s birthday event.

    Episode 12: Youth Will Be Served!
    Finally an episode without drama! Too bad Danielle is still part of the cast.However she did manage to lie and she tried to create drama, but her ex wasn’t indulging her. How awesome was that? Tom Staub stayed calm, cool and collected. More on that in a minute…

    Let’s start at the beginning.

    The Giudice’s play Monopoly with their kids and talk about their 10th Wedding Anniversary. Teresa wants something BIG or no hanky panky for a MONTH! Granted, I normally would tend to agree. I hate to say this but, she did know their financial situation at that point last year, so maybe asking and receiving such an extravagant ring was probably not in the best judgment.

    If you read my blog you know that I think Teresa might as well have hung the moon! Not everyone makes the best decisions, I know that I have made some mistakes financially, but let’s hope they learn from it. Teresa addresses all of this in her Bravo Blog (here). Please take the time to read the facts and not speculate, or believe the gossip sites. I also enjoyed watching them take a helicopter ride over NYC while sipping champagne – I think it’s romantic. PS The Hamptons are closed. (Joe Giudice)

    I could have done without seeing them on the bed, sorry that crossed a line for me, we know what goes on, that was just a little too much, we know they enjoy getting it on! They have four beautiful girls to show from it. I thing they are completely in still in love with each other, I wish that happiness for every one of you. Love is awesome.

    Moving right along to Danielle’s Dog Piss Palace for the planning of Christine’s Sweet Sixteen Party.

    Read More about Tom Staub here!

    Danielle sure is overly proud of herself as a mother; I don’t believe she deserves ANY credit. She is a (ex) felon and hangs out with felons. She brings these people in her house and around her daughters. That should be grounds for her being terminated of custody.

    While Jillian was practicing and messed up, she started crying and we got to see stage mom parenting, her pushing Jillian, that’s horrible parenting. I think Danielle is trying to force her children into working so that she doesn’t have to. She told Jillian that she NEEDED to sing at Christine’s party.

    Did anyone else see her awesome parenting when she told Christine not to eat! Granted she was eating chocolate and marshmallows, but still!

    Here is something my Jersey insider told me, Danielle tried to get everything donated by going to businesses and asking them for donations. She believes that she is a celebrity and should get things for free. Well here is what really happened. She got mad and finally gave up on asking for donations when they weren’t coming in because she is not as big of a celebrity as she thinks that she is – Tom Staub (her ex-husband) ended up ponying up the dough for the whole party!

    “So Danielle was so proud to give to the CFF Foundation in Hackensack, NJ. I contacted Robin at this foundation and she has no idea who Danielle or Christine Staub even are. She has heard of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, but has never met Danielle or Christine Staub.

    Notice how at Christine’s party they didn’t present them with a check or thank them? Danielle also said that of the 350 people who attended they gave MORE than the “suggested” amount. ”

    This is an older blog. It would be interesting to call that Hakensak number to ask if they finally got a check from Danielle or Christine Staub.

    350 times 10 bucks is 3,500 bucks. They had to suggest at least 10 bucks, right?

    • quincyil says:


      The director’s name is Robin. Maybe, the blogger did call the director and ask.

    • quincyil says:

      oops captured a lot more of that article than I wanted. My mouse is very bad,


      • Good find. I read somewhere that Danielle said that everything for Christine’s party was donated-so no overhead there at all. The CF people should have received something.

        • quincyil says:

          Kids came to the event so it was less money than their parents.

          • Woah! That blog claims that Danielle lied about being adopted. It also says that Danielle lied about everything being donated. -wow.

            • quincyil says:

              Yeah… Maybe the blogger is off kilter…

              I read some articles about Danielle from her high school days and no one remembers anything odd about her. Of course, at 50, her teachers are long gone.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      There’s a couple things wrong with that blog. Firstly, they basically give Teresa a free pass for spending money that we all know she doesn’t have. They call the helicopter ride “romantic”? What’s romantic about chartering an aircraft when you’re 11million in debt? Romantic would have been the 2 of them coming to terms with their financial situation and ordering in a movie and pizza with their children.

      “Danielle sure is overly proud of herself as a mother; I don’t believe she deserves ANY credit. She is a (ex) felon and hangs out with felons. She brings these people in her house and around her daughters. That should be grounds for her being terminated of custody.”

      Do they know that Caroline Manzos father in law was killed in a mob related hit? Do they know that Caroline has ex-con friends as well?

      • Well–I just left the blogger a message on the blogger’s FB page. She seems to check it daily. I’m not so sure that she is off about Danielle. She talks about having a source, and that’s how she got the extra info. about Tom Staub paying money for Christine’s party.
        Sure the $$ from that is small potatoes compared to Project Ladybug, but as viewers, we were told something else. Also in interviews, and on Danielle’s Bravo blog.
        IF—(big if, just sayin’ “IF”), this were true, that would sure be a shitty thing for your kids to know about. IF Tom Staub were coerced into “donating”, and not being given the credit for that, well-that really would look like purposely misinforming the viewers, AND the kids would know, -what would THEY think?
        About Danielle lying about being adopted. Hmmmm. She would have had to have been lying about this for a very long time. No one has ever interviewed her , (living) sister about it. Danielle is accused-of being a devious pathological liar, I happen to think that she is one. She has been accused of that from a lot of people, publicly. Someone like that could lie about being adopted, that’s exactly the kind-of thing pathological liars do.

        • Miss Anthrope says:

          She could be lying about being adopted. The issue is there isn’t really any true evidence to support it either way. We have no evidence that shes is adopted and we have no evidence that she’s not. It’s all just hearsay. What I get from that blog is basically this: “Danielle lies all the time, so she must be lying about her adoption as well”. I definitely understand how someone could come to doubt the validity of her adoption, I just don’t agree with throwing that out there with absolutely no shred of proof. As you stated, her sister has not come forth to say that she’s lying. Until she does, we may never know. Not to mention that anyone can say they have a “source” to try and back up a baseless claim.

          The stuff said about Dinas charity, Teresas financial situation, and Tiny Manzos murder actually holds its weight. There are documents. In this case, we have none. Just some biased blogger and tired old Kim Granatells word.

          Please don’t think I’m saying you’re WRONG. I’m just saying that I personally can’t get behind a theory that has no facts to support it.

          • nathania says:

            that is one of the poorer blogs I have read, in one instance she says ‘gossips suggests’ and in another she googles ‘Danielle Staub pathological’ and then declares that google “thinks” that Danielle is pathological. Plus there does seem to be a bias to some cast members vs. others which thankfully I haven’t found here, except vs. Jill Zarin.

  57. boston02127 says:

    One of Dina’s tweets—
    PLZ STOP BY TOMORROW to raise money for kids with cancer at Elan Hair Studio, Brielle go to http://WWW.lookingforeats.com for info SEE U THERE!

    Is money collect at this type of event? If so where does it go after?

    • quincyil says:

      I have never had a fundraising event at a hair salon, but it seems that people do in NJ.

      I know that some of the salons around her collect on certain days for breast cancer. They wear pink bows.

      • momsthoughts says:

        Yes, I see fundraising at hair salons. I know a friend has them often at her salon where a portion of all proceeds of the day go to a local animal shelter, food pantry, etc…not unusual and a great way to raise money.

  58. Kansas Girl says:

    Not that I’m not interested in the charity discussion, but I’m still stuck on a DC issue from earlier. Given what we have been shown so far, it doesn’t make sense to me that the State dinner was a week before the Black Caucus dinner. (I’m not doubting dates, but reactions.) How soon was the State dinner crashing reported? As I remember, it was reported just a few days later.

    So I’m asking myself why the group’s reaction to the crashing of the Black Caucus dinner was not more like “what, again?”. We heard no reference to “again” and it appeared like this was a new idea to the group that a dinner could be crashed. Editing, perhaps, but that’s a lot to edit out and it seems like reactions would have been totally different.

    Along the same line, if Mr & Mr Hairdresser knew of the crashing, why would they have gone along? Why not ask questions? Why not be suspicious?

    The only thing that makes sense is if it took more than a week for news of the first crashing to get out. Is that the case?

  59. American Idiot says:

    The State Dinner was held on Nov. 24th. Hope that helps.

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  61. Miss Anthrope says:

    I don’t tweet and have only recently come across these RH blogs because I’m in the process of creating my own and was interested in seeing what others were doing with theirs. Good job. I really like this blog, along with Putyourhairup’s. I also attempted to understand the Dina twitter debacle but was a bit lost. Thanks for the recap. It makes sense now.

    I think it was evident that Dina had a lot to hide just from watching the show. The girl is just not willing to show/own up to any sort of imperfect behavior at all. I think she would love more than anything to blow the footage of her wedding off the face of the earth. It doesn’t match the pristine image she and her sister have created for the 2 of them and that’s a big problem.

    When the truth finally came out about Danielle putting a gag order on Dina, I knew for sure that my feelings about her must have been true. I’m not a lawyer but I’m pretty sure you have to have a pretty good reason for making someone shut up about you. Surely you can’t just go to court and say, “Make this person stop talking about me even though what they’re saying is true”. She had to have lied about her and there had to have been proof of that. I believe Danielles version of the Lexi/Dina forging signatures story 100%. In fact, I understand more and more about why Danielle had such problems with these women every day. They have a lot to hide and they tried to intimidate Danielle into shutting her mouth about who they really are.

    Carolines reaction to Danielle telling the truth about Dinas forging of her ex husbands siganture at the reunion was priceless. “DON’T TALK ABOUT MY SISTER!”. Why? Because then we might get the real story instead of the one you spun where Danielle is the big bad bully? Please. The reason neither of them ever told the viewers what Danielle did that was so bad was because SHE didn’t do anything. She simply opened the lid on what DINA had done.

    • quincyil says:

      I don’t know about the gag order. I think it was a threat of suit that shut Dina up. The lawyers really are expensive and Danielle would run up the costs just to harm Dina. If those gag orders really worked, we would all be wearing gags right now. Trust me, Jill would be selling them on her Zarin Fabrics website.

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        You do bring up a good point about gag orders in general, but I still think it could ring true in this situation. I think Dina did tell her infamous “Danielle tried to have my daughter taken away by lying!” bs to a media outlet and got bitchslapped for it because it really wasn’t the truth. She thought that Danielles unsavory past would be enough to vilify her untrue statements and was sadly mistaken.

        • NormaJean says:

          I agree Quincy, I think D’s lawyers sent Dina a Cease and Desist letter threatening legal action. I don’t think it was a court issued gag order.

          • Make sure to post us a link when you get your blog going. I think we came to a consensus that Danielle bluffed Dina with a quick & dirty C&D, but there is no proof either way as far as anyone knows, (so far).
            The mistake that Dina made, from the way that I understand it, was accusing Danielle of interfering in her custody, with her ex. Because Danielle, (allegedly), passed-along information about Bravo, & how Danielle’s ex had to give permission, at the beauty parlor where Danielle is friends with Dina’s ex’s family……anyways, the headline was, “Danielle tries to have Dina’s child taken-away!!!”.
            (obviously a stretch)
            I loved it when someone-(sorry I can’t remember who??) here, said, ha ha, what do you call Caroline Manzo & the other HW having dinner with Danielle’s ex, AND now testifying for him in court. (not to be confused-with Tom Staub)…….Doing Danielle a dirty involving legal matters, and ex’s could also be stretched to say, “custodial interference”, like Dina & Caroline were complaining Danielle did.
            (I know way too much about these people)

          • nathania says:

            I believe this is what it was. And Dina promptly shut up too, which speaks for itself. I strongly suspect that Danielle for whatever reason has told a very small percentage of what she knows, probably because she has sued so many people she knows the law.

      • Adgirl says:

        Did you mean the actual gags would be made out of fabric sold at Zarin Fabrics?
        I want the yellow chiffon with fringe.

  62. quincyil says:

    So, can we discuss the phone calls that were flying in Franklin, NJ., last night? Dina, bored and alone in her very large closet looks at her google alert, “Dina Manzo” or “Dina Diva” and freaks out. No one is home so no one can hear here screaching. She dials Teresa… Squawk, squawk, screach, screach, Lynn Hudson, those haters, that horrible group of women on her web site. Teresa loves it. She locks onto Lynn’s Twitter and enjoys all of the mean posts to Dina. She starts answering them as if she didn’t have a care in the world. After all, it’s Dina’s night to be twitter roasted, not Teresa’s. Dina calls Jacqueline. Teresa calls Jacqueline. Dina calls Caroline. Caroline goes online and looks for the evil haters and finds one, Lynn Hudson. Caroline commands Lynn to stop right now, this very second. Lynn responds with a line from the first reunion. Caroline calls Jill, but her best friend has flown the coop and is in transit to Oz.

    All of this happened and I was sound asleep. I never knew that I was being called hateful names by the Manzo sisters.

    I’m sure Miss Dina is in the closet right now. She’s probably online and looking at this blog. I think we should welcome her here as we do people who don’t agree with us. Remember the rules, Dina. No foul attacks on other members of the board. You can share your problems with your husband, but you are not allowed to bully anyone here.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Dina should know better than to mess with either Lynn or RCH! She is her own worse enemy and she doesn’t realize that other people don’t see her the same way she sees herself.

  63. winatlife says:

    Rewatching last weeks RHODC episode. I do like Mary, but she really does appear to be high or drunk all of the time. That scene where she and her husband were discussing Lolly’s art career, she looked tanked. It was funny when they showed her talking to the dog while Rich was asking Lolly for a leave home timeline. She must be on some kind of prescription.

    • quincyil says:

      She has a therapist. If she is so calm, why does she need that kind of help?

      • winatlife says:

        Yah, I think something’s up. Maybe instead of seeing a therapist, she seeing a “therapist”. Rich is really calm too. Honestly, they seem a little stepford to me. Their demeanor at home is very different from the demeanor in social settings. If it were not for Trashley I’d be a little harder on Lolly. She is an angel in comparison.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      Hah, yeah! And notice that when she does act wasted, her face is suspiciously flushed.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO Mary appears to be both high and drunk! The faces are drunk and the talking to the dog is high……either way she was pretty well detached from the discussion of Lolly’s “plans”. And did you notice she only brought one son with her to Stacie’s ice cream social???? Seriously, where are those other kids? Are they hiding out from mommy?

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  65. HD says:

    I can’t take this sh*t! I’m sorry! I just can’t take the CONSTANT LYING by the Salihi’s! How do you NOT have the invitation? Do you think we are all stupid?! I mean really! There NEVER was an invitation you liar!!! Sheesh!

    • winatlife says:

      And she’s not even a convincing liar. Her umms and ahhhss… I think her hairdresser, makeup artist, and anyone else these grifters talk to know they are full of it. Wow. Just Wow.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I love how elaborate her lie is. The whole going to the car looking for the mysterious second bag that JUST happened to have the invitation in it. Do they REALLY think we’re that STUPID?!?!?! They make me so incredibly angry. Awful, grifting human beings.

    • quincyil says:

      HD, my love, rotfl… but, but ,but…she looked all over the limo and she talked to the producers…rotfl….

      Who tries to do an unknown cheerleading routine and look for an imaginary invitation? Michaela…. rotfl

  66. ches says:

    D.C. SPOILER (You may not want to look)
    I find it totally creepy how MS can lie so easily without even thinking about it. Thay never had an paper invite, they admitted it, yet she is running all around looking for it to show the girl at the hair salon. I used to think it was 90/10 him over her…but now it’s 50/50. Now I know I don’t believe the entire Muscular Dystrophy claim….sociopathic liars!

  67. ches says:

    I thought the finale was tonight. Don’t even tell me that is how they ended it.

  68. winatlife says:

    Tareq is so creepy. I am also tired of Bravo pretending we’re going to see something, then they drag the good part out until the very end of the show, and THEN drag it out again to next week. I’ll be glad when this is over.

    • HD says:

      To me Tareq looked like a liar from the very beginning of this whole event! I am just blown away. I normally watch it twice but I don’t think my blood pressure can take all the lying.

  69. ches says:

    Sorry HD I was in such a hurry to post during commercial that I didn’t see your post and replies. Just pretend I was replying to your post too.

    • HD says:

      No worries. I cannot believe how mad I got watching that! I mean I was really upset! She is such a damn liar!!!! You don’t misplace or lose an invitation to the White House! Tareq is such a effin’ loser and manipulator and he just wanted to go to the White House because India was coming for that little suck a$$ “goat rodeo!” I am so mad! I am almost as mad as I was with Jill. And from what I read the people that played weren’t even FROM India!

      • ches says:

        Totally irritated the shat out of me too. That’s why I needed to vent during a break. And you are so right about the invite. He’s the type that, if he actually received an invitation, would run out and have it tattooed on his chest so when he was crashed his next party he could rip his shirt open so everybody could see, “The President of the United States requests the honor of your …..”, across his dangling man boobs.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      He says he’ll just stay out front in the salon and do some business, and then his eyes are so shifty as he makes phone calls.
      She had no idea how to wear that sari. The top part is not a shawl.
      Were they ever in India? I don’t think so.
      Some time back someone discussed how the Salamis lie by omission. Would be interesting to see a transcript of that scene. I think they both lie and omit parts of sentences so the listener assumes. They’re slick. Kreepy!
      We hear the Bravo producer asking questions – a first. They’re covering themselves with this, I think.

      • ches says:

        I really loved the creepy, psycho, background music Bravo played during the salon scene. Cracked me up.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Me too!
          She said she used to go to the White House to do makeup. So many lies that I find myself thinking to everything “I just don’t think so”.
          I knew a compulsive liar in college. Her lies got more grandiose as we tried to prove she was lying. It’s a lot more work to disprove than to just lie again, so we were always way behind in our research. When we finally confronted her and just said she’s a liar, her response was “prove it”. Soon she was asking why she had no friends. But she was not scary. These people are scary. I think.

          • Scorpiosue1102 says:

            She did make-up at the White House….what a crock! She is quite scary in how easy it is for her to lie. She is probably one of those people where they tell the lie so much that they start to believe the lie.

            Also, love how her bra AND the invitation were in the same bag because I ALWAYS leave my bra with any invitation that I may receive.

          • Adgirl says:

            She said she did the make up for a Vice President’s “First Lady”. huh?
            Aren;’t they addresses as Mrs. Biden or Mrs. Cheney?
            Like she forgot the woman’s name altogether.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        yup- that was damage control big time.

      • Dawn says:

        I was married to (an admitted) pathological liar. He would lie so well and so often that my perception of reality became skewed. If I doubted what he was saying, he would back up his initial lie with detailed information that made me think I was crazy to doubt him. As things got worse, I publicly expressed doubt to some mutual friends and they questioned my veracity! That was how good he was at lying and shows how unbalanced my behavior became as a result of trying to deal with the mountain of false information I was being fed on a daily basis.

        He told me that he would lie about ANYTHING, not just big issues. He cited a red light as an example. He told me he didn’t know why he would lie about it but said if a traffic light was green, he would say it was red and he didn’t know why.

        Imagine trying to figure out what is really happening in a relationship with someone who would lie about both the big and the small and do it with such panache that people look at YOU as if you’re lying when your stories don’t match.

        By the way, this man is funny, witty, and personable. As you can imagine, he’s a great storyteller.

        Being intimately acquainted with this behavior, I can only say that it is dangerous for your own sanity to be closely involved with someone like this.

        His biggest lies were eventually discovered (by most people). He moved away and remarried and I genuinely feel sorry for his new wife. I’m sure that she had no idea what she was signing on for.

        • quincyil says:

          I have a nephew who was abandoned by his mother. He is like this. We know the truth about events and he spins an imaginary tale. We stopped trying to correct him, because he gets worse. I think there is a electrical connection missing in his brain, like Kelly.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            An old family friend from the neighborhood was also a pathological liar. Some of the stuff that would come out of his mouth was just so ridiculous most people didn’t have the heart to call him out on it because it was obvious he was mentally ill.

            He claimed to have played professional hockey in the NHL, when in reality he couldn’t even skate. He didn’t even know what the positions were or even basic trivia or knowledge about the sport.

            He said he saw the last of Al Capone’s men get shot…even though he grew up in a small town in Northern Ontario.

            There are too many to list, but I think the all time classic was that he was LITERALLY raised by wolfs.

  70. cdnfillie58 says:

    I love Tina Fey..hilarious

  71. Cheri says:

    I am watching the women of wash dc now and wow that woman is such a lier omg I can’t believe how she good she is at it. To listen to her you would believe she had an invitation. She’s good

  72. cusi77 says:

    I would rather get cash!

  73. cusi77 says:

    Aren’t you mad how Bravo Producers played us, the viewers… ONCE again????

    No crashing The White House this week as announced!

    • HD says:

      Right! I knew that was going to happen. Bravo will stretch out anything for more ratings and like Palov’s dog I am RIGHT there to watch these damn shows! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

      • HD says:

        *Pavlov…sorry…I am typing too fast. Can you say irritated?! I just cannot believe the overwhelming, constant lying.

        Did you see how she CLEARLY told that woman at the dinner she was in India for 3 weeks and learned how to wrap a sari and then didn’t even KNOW how to wrap her own?

        • cusi77 says:

          Yes! That was so shamming! And she was cool as a cucumber! They are certifiable pathological liars… they pray to get caught, and get away with it!

  74. Olivia says:

    Bravo must take us for complete idiots!

    An almost full of hour Lynda must be my punishment tonight. This woman drives me to distraction with her phoniness. That poor daughter in law to be may as well be wearing a leash!

    Do the producers wake Mary up when her scene is completed? I am convinced that she is either comatose on the wine or really is so dumb she has nothing by way of conversation to offer. A potted plant is more animated. And that scene at the umpteenth fashion show with Erica and herself doubly entwined made me ill. Such idiots.

    On to Stacie. Please, please make me understand how if her mother was so adamant that she refuses to reveal the father’s name why for the love of God would she then provide snapshots? Hello? Anybody? Does this even remotely make sense? Bravo must consider our memory banks go no further than the last 2 days but this little twist in the “storyline” is just to bizarre for words.

    My impulse is to kick in the tv every time those two lying morons come onscreen and I am talking about the Salahi’s. Thank God next week is the finale because another week of her squealing, jumping up and down, needless hugging and kissing of total strangers, and the never ending “I love you” is perhaps the phoniest crap ever presented on tv if one discounts Joaquim Phoenix. These two are the most insufferable people to ever be considered as “stars” on this altogether boring show.

    Rumor has it that Bravo had signed this group up for 2 seasons! Unbelievable!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      It will be interesting to see if Nene lets them talk on WWHL next week.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Well, not to be totally superficial but girlfriend’s eyebrows were FLAWLESS.

      She definately has caps not veneers on her two front teeth, you could see the little lines around her top lip when she talks.

      I wonder if it’s true she did makeup at the White House? Typically that’s TV and you need a SAG card? if she has a SAG card why is she working at Nordstroms? I wonder if TrueLifeDiva would know.

      p.s. @Olivia that phony crap is 99% of all makeup artists I know. It’s like the stupid cheerleader parade at work every day. It’s INSUFFERABLE.

    • cusi77 says:

      Olivia_ I was also irritated when I discover that Stacie twit HAS her father photo! More information? Lets contact the half brother who doesn’t have any idea he has a half sister! That SUX!

      • Olivia says:

        That revelation was stunning. Here we are being led down this path that the “poor thing” only wants information on her birth father and her mother is stonewalling, yet it appears that the mother has snapshots to offer but no name. Come on!

        These “stars” will stoop to whatever “make believe storyline” the producers throw out there even at the risk of their own integrity. The ending to this is that of course she will be reunited with her long lost family and tears will flow. When the truth is far different then what is presented.

        She probably did at one time seek out her birth parents but they built a “narrative” around this event and she went along. For anyone still certain that Kelly is certifiable, these “faux” attempts to produce drama should put that to rest.

        And the “convenience” of finding just the right woman working out of the embassy who lives not far from his birthplace was just too, too transparent.

  75. Olivia says:

    The interesting part of the Salahi’s is their combined pathology.

    She lies, he agrees. He lies, she backs him up. What is the story with these two? They are not little white lies but great big whoppers the size of Balloon Boy’s saucer!

    Former cheerleader? No MS sufferer? Probably not. WH make up artist? Doubtful. Polo experts? Nein. Millionaires? In what universe? WH invites? Don’t think so. Wine growers? No longer.

    Cheats, liars, pretenders, morons, idiots? YES!

    • Sha2000 says:

      Now them I’ll never defend. The idiots you see are what you get.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I felt like they tried to present Michaela in a more sympathetic light? And made it seem that Tareq was pulling the wool over her eyes and tried to portray she’s so sweet that she bought it?

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I wonder if it’s become a game between them to lie a bigger lie for the other to support. Do they lie to each other? I’m both fascinated by how they function and really disgusted.

  76. ches says:

    If this has already been posted ignore it. But it looks like Dina is taking her Ladybug to Chicago.

  77. cdnfillie58 says:

    What’s the story with these two??? Michaele and Tareq…..I honestly believe, in private he’s an abuser and a total control freak and she is your typical “DUMB” blonde..I mean dumb as a doorknob.!!!!!!!!! and people don’t bite my head off for the blonde comment cause I’m a blonde and I of all people will recognize a really “Dumb” one when I see one. You know what they say, everyone has a soulmate, some people are perfect matches others not so much…the Salahis have, to me the most perfect disfunctional match. It is what it is.

    • ches says:

      I think the same thing. I had the feeling he was an abuser since the first or second show. I also think she is dumber than dirt. I’ve noticed quite a few times someone will direct a question to her and she’ll turn to look at him, like she’s waiting for the go ahead, and then she’ll answer. Like she’s afraid to answer without his OK. He did throw that glass of wine on Lynda at that Bravo party in Los Angeles, so I don’t think he’s beyond smacking Barbie around in the privacy of his own repossessed home. I don’t believe the MS stuff either. I think he is one of those men who try to force their wives into staying thin while he stands around looking like a middle-aged pillsbury doughboy. I noticed earlier today he was in no way going to be blamed for her looking like the crypt keeper. The way he went on and on about how much she eats (a whole chicken…Yeah….right) since she married him.
      But I also think she is very passive-aggressive in her actions . The old, “you don’t sweat much…for a fat person” syndrome. She said something at the winery , I can’t remember exactly, to Mary about Linda insulting her. She then asked Mary if she too, thought it was mean, or did she “enjoy that type of thing”. This was all said with a big smile plastered on her face.
      I think she was very “moldable” when they married, and he molded her in to just what he wanted…a liar and partner in crime. And she’s too stupid to know any better.

      • Adgirl says:

        They enjoy what they are doing. What’s the downside to people who have no shame?
        They attend the best parties, wear the nicest clothes and are driven around in a limo. And they get all of the attention they could ever crave. They do not care if it’s bad attention.

        So what they don’t pay for it? It’s not their fault that they figured out how to have The Life without the work.

  78. I don’t have Bravo plugged-in, so while DC was on, I just had to blog about Danielle, and a topic that started up-thread aways. Did Danielle LIE about being adopted? I know that it sounds unbelieveable, but more than one person has said as much online.
    I broke my personal record, and blogged twice today! http://njhousewives.blogspot.com/

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Tweet Kim G to ask for confirmation of the PI’s results? she seems to like Twitter.

    • nathania says:

      I would be interested to find out the answer to this as well. It all runs together after a while. I wondered why she picked the cystic fibrosis foundation for Christine’s birthday gifts to be donated to and tonight I read she had either four or six presumably adopted or adoptive family brothers die of cystic fibrosis. And I believe a blog said her presumably adoptive mother died of it as well. She was filmed hiring a private investigator to look into her birth records so who knows. Maybe it will come out in the wash some day.

  79. Olivia says:

    I think Bravo should post a disclaimer for each episode so we all know exactly where we stand:


    • Kansas Girl says:

      Olivia, this made me Laugh Out Loud. So true.

      Enough is enough and I’m turning in. Don’t know why I’ve had so much to say today, but I’m back to lurking. Night!

  80. NormaJean says:

    Did anyone watch Project Runway tonight? I was in tears for most of it!

    • JKW says:

      Yes, I did it was very moving tonight.

    • lillybee says:

      I don’t believe that Project Runway had me crying. My heart broke for a 22 year Mondo being diagnosed with HIV and feeling that he had to keep it a secret for 10 years. Go Mondo, you are the best designed in the bunch.

      • JKW says:

        I am very happy that he did a great dress and won. He really deserved it. It’s good he shared it and he looked so relieved.

      • JKW says:

        Is he only 22 ? I thought he was young but older than that. That would mean he was diagnosed with AIDS at age 12 ? He said he had for 10 yrs.

        • lillybee says:

          He was 22 when he was diagnosed, he is 32 now. Sorry I wasn’t clearer.

          • JKW says:

            I got it. Diagnosed at 22…It’s still young. I don’t think I have ever seen Tim Gunn so teary eyed as tonight either.

      • JKW says:

        According to his bio Mondo is 32. That makes more sense. That would be tough being diagnosed at 12 if he was 22.

  81. Kelly_Has_Big_Shouders says:

    I think Heather has a scar on her forehead that she is hiding with her bangs she sometimes wears a band aid. I like Zach, Eric, Yigit and Malika. Seth is on the wrong show he needs HELP!

    • Adgirl says:

      She have a bandaid one the first few epis, I thought maybe she had a procedure too.

      Goodness she was a hot mess. I told my husband I wouldn’t eat anything (even a cookie) prepared by someone with hair hanging down like that.

  82. Adgirl says:

    The Salahi’s. Narcissists Squared.
    I’m sorry to tell you folks my husband and I (much to our regret) knew a (divorced) couple just like them. We figured out the husband was a liar. But, because HE was so obviously bad it was impossible to see that SHE was just as bad, only more subtle about it. There were aspects of abusiveness in that relationship too.
    Oh. And to this day they are thick as thieves still.
    Coincidentally they were in the wine industry too.

    Grifters. Liars. Theives. Both of them.
    She learns her sense of entitlement (and methodology) from him. You can tell she knows what she’s doing because she never overpays for anything does she?
    Nope. It’s always she owes. No confusion there.

    Trust me. Michaele knows what she’s doing.

    • vilzvet says:

      What is her show opening line again? “People always give me what I want and that’s just been my blessing”?? Something along those lines. Well, there you go!

  83. Adgirl says:

    Wait. Stacie is upset about not knowing who her birth father is. So she decides to ease her feelings by rocking the world of a young man (her brother …right?) by letting him know he has a 1/2 sibling that was given up for adoption?

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Don’t be destructive in order to create something. And I don’t think that was her place to do.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      And her husband seems to be pushing for a Nigerian connection more than for her finding her birth father! Does he need that validation more than she needs to know who her birth father is? Crossing the line in contacting the half brother and don’t understand where she thinks she has the right to do so. She was given life and an opportunity to be raised by a family that apparently did right by her!

      • Char212 says:

        That could have been avoided if her mother had just told her who her father was and it would have been over and done with. Her mother is bringing all this on her family herself because she’s either embarrassed or ashamed and it all could have been avoided if she’d just told her who her dad is. I’m not saying it’s right what she is doing but it isn’t right that her mother refuses to tell her who he is either. I honestly don’t know who is the most wrong in this situation.

      • tuzentswurth says:

        I’m with you WCW, this was discussed last week. Stacie is wrong.

  84. ches says:

    Just watched the hair salon scene again. It seems the producers are also pushing for the invitation. She’s standing there, like a deer in headlights, saying, “What did I come in here for?”. She tries to make a quick exit and you can hear the producers telling her to get the invitation. It then cuts to M telling T her “bra and the White House invitation” were in the bag and asks him if she needs either of those things. He says, “No, You don’t need either one”. How in the hell does he know if she needs her bra or not? I would think that any women, in her right mind, would not have to ask her husband if she will be needing her bra. These people need to watch Sophie, on Leverage, and take notes on how to grift.

    • nathania says:

      Yep Bravo is really covering their behinds on this one. I was pretty amazed at that. And Michaele just lies and lies and lies. Those two are pathological and perfect for each other.

  85. Liz says:

    Having worked for a non-profit I can understand how difficult financials can be. I’m not sure where you’re from because I came across your blog through some Tweets but I guess I’m just not sure what you’re looking for? Dina is a (semi) public figure. As everyone in NJ is well aware, Teresa what audited (as were the stores) shortly after the episodes aired where she was spending a lot of cash. What makes you think that her getting on TV and discussing the charity publicly, as well as planning an event!, would go unnoticed by the proper authorities?

    • quincyil says:

      Do you think they look at everyone? I know there were questions about groups like Operation Push in Chicago run by Jessy Jackson which have never had a government audit. This information came from CNN.

      I think it was ex Senator Dashle who was given the use of a limosing in DC for a long period of time free. He was asked to be an official dealine with Health Care and it came out that he should have paid taxes on the gift of the limo and driver. All of these women have limos and drivers. All of these wome are receiving gifts. When Oprahs audience received cars as a gift, the women were upset that they had to pay the tax on the cars. When the winner of HGTV home of the year found out he had to pay taxes on the gift of the house, he had to sell the house to pay the taxes.

      Why aren’t the Bravo faux celebrities complaining about the tax burden from all of their “gifts?” For that matter, the real movie stars get packaged gift. The government doesn’t have enough employees to catch all of these people.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      If you review the documents that I posted above, you will see that she has NOT gone unnoticed by proper authorities. She did not obtain a Tax ID number for her charity initially and was brought to task for it. She received a fine but it was overlooked provided she brought the charity into compliance with the laws.

      They’re watching, nothing wrong with us watching as well.

  86. TT in OC says:

    In case this has not been posted yet.

  87. lillybee says:

    Tina Fey was great on WWHL.

  88. JKW says:

    Finally someone interesting.

    • JKW says:

      What a difference btw the idiot housewives and someone like Tina Fey. He should get more people that can talk about the housewives but are actually entertaining. Most of the shows are boring.

  89. nathania says:

    @ klmh whom I can’t reply to above.

    The information provided in the article quotes a local attorney by name who specializes in prosecuting mafia related activities, and the writer is Ben Widdicombe who is no hack. This is the quote in case you didn’t bother to read page 2 of the article:

    -Robert Buccino of the Union County Prosecutor’s Office, who in 46 years in law enforcement has charged more than 450 made members of La Cosa Nostra, says he knew Tiny Manzo. “He was well-known in the Paterson area,” he tells me, “and his association with organized crime was well-known.”-

    • klmh says:

      Thanks. Appreciate the information.
      Still, I don’t like to judge someone on another family members actions. I’ll just wait until the financial report comes out…

  90. Jeepers says:

    Lynn & Bloggers……
    Had meant to mention this several times when I was hear.
    I don’t know how many of you are old enough to remember
    who Arthur Godfrey (Marys’ grandfather) was, but she looks
    & acts just like he. he also had a drinking problem, as I recall.
    He also was the man who introduced Mr. Las Vegas, non other
    than Wayne Newton to the world. Mr. Godfrey was very famous
    back in the day in both radio and then in TV. He had a great
    talk & talent show too. Well that is it, hope I didn’t bore you……..

    • Jeepers says:

      & yes still do typos, spelling errors & my grammar still stinks,
      oh well, tough shit………………..LOL………………………..Jeepers

      • HD says:

        I do as well. I think at this point people know that we all can spell you just get to typing fast or whatnot and may not spell correctly all the time. I can figure out what people “meant” to say. I don’t think anyone really cares.

        I am not old enough to know who Authur Godfrey was but I googled him and Mary does look a lot like him. The faces she makes KILLS me! I wonder does she know she makes all those weird faces? Probably not or she would seriously stop doing them. I honestly think she has a drinking problem.

  91. quincyil says:

    The navigator give the pay scale of administrators? Is Dina paid for her work in the charity?

  92. quincyil says:

    I think “The Rachel Zoe Project” is kaput. We can’t watch Rachel nor eat alone in the studio for the entire season. Taylor is gone. Brad is gone. If there is no baby, Roger is gone. The remaining girl in the office who rarely speaks is hovering in a closet under thousands of shoes.

    Rachel may be the go to stylist, but she just couldn’t get her act together. This was a very short season and I don’t think we will see Rachel next year.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Sounds like Rachel’s fame has gone to her head – jealous of the invites and attention Brad got at fashionweek???? Please that sounds too lame a reason for Brad to leave!

  93. Wall St Lady says:

    I can’t possibly b the only one here who has had an invitation to the WH.I was invited cuz I was an advisor to Dole when she ran & then I did some high profile stuff for Bush.Its ALL pay back. U r NOT invited cuz u r cute.
    U don’t just get an invitation out of nowhere in the mail. U know u will b invited. Then u get a letter that starts a clearance process. U send copies of your passport in & then you get a clearance “ticket”. We were also required to bring our passports which they kept. U went through the normal detection machine. We were a group of 50.
    I helped host a fund raiser of 1000 people. My name was on the invitation. It took 3hrs ,traffic & parking to get up to the detection machine. I couldn’t find my clearance ticket. I had my passport. I said look my name is on the invitation. Here is my passport. Too Bad. I was turned away from an event I had worked on for 3months at the expense of a lot of other. I was carrying an autographed book from a famous man who was friend w/Bush. Tooooooo Bad ! My cute smile,bright St. John w/ matching St. John red shoes & bag did not help. Secret Service men showed me the Exit route.

    WSM was cute he framed the WH invitation & superimposed me in a ball gown (even though my event was lunch). He’s the President of my heart.

    • Sha2000 says:

      My husband was invited with a group from his former co. to go meet the former Pres. I advised him if he shakes that hand; the hand that belonged to the man promoted, lied & signed off on the Iraq war, a hand that in my opinion had unjustified blood on it, not to touch me. Why would you want to shake that? He said I was right & book a client so he didn’t have to go. So proud of my husband for doing the right thing over the popular thing.

  94. Jersey Girl says:

    I attended this tag sale metioned in this article. It was a complete joke. Dina was there along with her daughter & friends. I was mortified when I saw the garbage she was trying to sell. As far as the cost for this fundraiser……….I’m sure someone she knew was a member so the hall was free. If it is for charity the women should be donating their time, so it did not cost her anything. Honestly I’ve seen better orgainzed neighborhood garage sales.


  95. geoaubsmom says:

    Hello Lynn,

    I wanted to comment & update you on some things regarding Project Ladybug, but first I wanted to thank the folks at http://www.CharityNavigator.org or @CharityNav (on twitter).

    The Charity Navigator website is awesome! Not only do they have financial information on U.S. charities, they provide useful tips on how to make a good decision for your charitable donation.

    I would like to summarize the 2007 & 2008 Project Ladybug tax returns as a follow up to the original question I asked Dina Manzo which was what percentage of donations are benefiting the children you are supporting?

    I’ll never know why Dina wouldn’t provide a straightforward answer to me personally or why she spoke through @momsthoughts, @jennifersale and various others; however, I know things wouldn’t have gone crazy on twitter if she would have answered questions regarding Project Ladybugs finances.

    For the record I never accused Dina of fraud, but quickly began to wonder about the mismanagement of funds because she would not answer any of my questions. And I readily admit tweeting snarky comments when I saw the financials on the State of NJ website.

    On the Charity Navigator website they say, “Your attempt to communicate with the charity can reveal a lot about the organization. It’s a big red flag when an organization refuses to answer your questions or to provide financial data at your request.” http://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=content.view&cpid=847

    The following information is from Project Ladybug’s 2007 & 2008 Federal 990 Tax Forms.
    2007 2008
    Gifts & Donations (ie: total revenue) $39,373 $40,057
    Grants & Allocations:
    -St. Joseph’s Hosp (cash) $20,200 $20,000
    -Julia’s Butterfly Found (cash) $300
    Total Cash Contributions to
    other Charities $20,200 $20,300
    Carryover (reserve) $6,329 $9,235
    % of donation benefiting children
    (Allocations / Revenue) 51% 51%

    To view actual PL tax returns: http://dynamodata.fdncenter.org/990s/990search/esearch.php

    **Based on 2007 & 2008, for every $1.00 someone donated to Project Ladybug $0.51 benefited the children at St. Joseph’s Hospital or Julia’s Butterfly Foundation**

    Something I commeted about on twitter (I know others did as well) was why not donate directly to St. Joseph’s Hospital? If donors gave their dollars directly to St. Joe’s there would have been twice as much money benefiting the children.

    Charity Navigator says this about savvy donors, “They know that the most efficient charities spend at least 75% of their budget on their programs and services and less than 25% on fundraising and administrative fees.”

    There was a lot of twitter chatter about Project Ladybug benefiting and directly donating to children… which from the ’07, ’08 tax forms is not accurate.

    It remains to be seen whether that changed in 2009 or 2010 since Project Ladybug requested a 2009 tax filing extention. That financial information needs to be turned into Uncle Sam by 12/31/2010. I’m guessing the turn around time to show up on the State of NJ website is ~1-2 months.

    Like some of your other commenters, I believe Dina created this charity as a social outlet and to gain personal notoriety. That in and of itself is fine, but make damn sure people understand that only $.51 of every dollar they donate will benefit the kids. I’m sure there are plently of people that would still attend her fundraisers in order to be chummy with a fauxlebrity.

    So until 2009 Project Ladbug financials are recorded, donors should know that $.51 of their donated $1.00 will benefit the children.

    I hope that potential donors will use this post as a source of financial information until Project Ladybug is willing to provide it’s own public finacial analysis.

    • geoaubsmom says:

      Sorry the columns with revenue, etc. got goofed up. Lynn is going to post this separately.

  96. FINALLY!!! Some news about the Joo-Dice’s bankruptcy case!!!

    “The Justice Dept. lawyer found several counts of fraud and has asked the Court to just kick out the Giudice’s bankruptcy petition all together. But Joe and Teresa will have their chance to address the allegations in open Court on Dec 12th in the Newark Bankruptcy Court.”

    Read details: http://stoopidhousewives.wordpress.com/

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