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I Hate Jill Zarin RHODC / Guest Blog – Flipping Out / Watch What Happens Live
October 1, 2010

Stacie Turner you’ve been holding out on us! Stacie made it seem as though she had absolutely no information about her birth father, it turns out she has quite a bit of information, not the man’s name but she has a photo, knows his profession and the name of his home town.

Stacie and her husband Jason let us know that the email message that they sent to her step half-brother was never answered. (Yes Stacie, he’s your half-brother, not your step brother) Plan B, the Turners met with a representative from the Nigerian Embassy and provide her with all of the information about Stacie’s father that they have. Small sparks of hope begin to emerge as the Nigerian representative seems to be putting more pieces of the puzzle together. The photograph of Stacie’s father reveals enough to begin asking questions and doing some research. We may see some resolution here next week after all.

I’m beginning to think that this is turning into a similar plot line to New Jersey, all the ladies hate one lady so they spend a whole lot of time talking about her, thinking about her, scheming and plotting against her, come on! Mary, Lynda and Cat enjoy a lovely dinner marred only by the conversation about Michaele and Tariq Salahi.

Lynda’s hosting this shindig see… but Bonnie and Clyde are on the lam and you never know where they’re gonna turn up see….. So Ebong goes to the post office and yanks their pictures down see… and he gives em’ to the muscle at the door to keep out the riff-raff.

Excuse me while I send a quick message here to Lynda, “Miss Lynda, the Salahi’s crash the White House darling, not your little fashion show”. End of message.

Lynda made a complete fool of herself going on and on about printing out their photos to ensure they didn’t slide in the back door. Are you kidding Lynda? Go check your astrological chart to see if you can find your ego because it is off the charts!
Loved the fashions, didn’t love Mary’s non-committal, “I don’t give a damn” attitude. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not who you want as your friend. Mary who announced, “I don’t have a best friend, I have close friends”. I can see why Mary! Sitting between bickering Erika and Cat, Mary seemed to be friendly to both ladies and I do commend her for that, but she never takes a stand, nothing is ever important enough for her to get involved or even provide an opinion. She stupidly sat at a meeting to discuss gay marriage and said the issue doesn’t affect her. Someone should have kicked her ass out of that meeting at that moment.
Mary announces that she will never attend any event that the Salahi’s attend, I have a feeling Mary will be staying home a lot.
This woman is almost completely irrelevant, the only thing she interviewed about was her warnings about her daughter, Lolly confronting the Salahi’s. She has no story, she has not irons in the fire, she has nothing that interests viewers and I think that if this show has a Season Two, and it should certainly save itself and go on without Mary!

Cat and Charles have a sweet little chat about their invitation to the White House Christmas party, Cat has the idea to frame that amazing, award winning photo of President Obama and present it to him as a gift. Why Bravo, didn’t you show Cat and Charles preparing for and arriving at the White House with a real invitation? More importantly, why didn’t we get to see the invitation? Is there some secret service rule about not filming these invitations for fear that they may be duplicated? I suppose it could be a matter of security. It was nice to see Cat and Charles together and happy, but sad to know that their marriage ended, seems that they did have some good times together.

So these dang Salahi’s, they are a bit over the top. Michaele loves everyone, hugs everyone and kisses everyone, I’m sorry, the positive attitude is great but you don’t love someone you just met. The love loses all meaning when you say it with the same gusto to your husband and to your waiter in the restaurant. Thank you to Bravo, after seven episodes we finally saw Michaele Salahi put some food in her mouth, unlike Rachel Zoe who went an entire season without a bite.

For the first time ever in Housewives history, we were hearing the producer talk to someone as they’re being interviewed. Not surprisingly, Bravo edited that in so that viewers could hear the entire conversation and there would be no question that Michaele Salahi was asked by the production team whether or not she had an invitation to the White House. We hear as the producer actually asks Michaele if they could see the invitation to the State dinner. Nothing doing Bravo!

We then hear the producer say, “So you LOST the invitation?” To which Michaele responds, “I’m sure it is at home somewhere.”
Tariq explains that an invitation to The White House isn’t something that you carry around with you, you covet it so you protect it, you wrap it in a cloth diaper or possibly frame it. It isn’t necessary to bring the invitation with you to the event, Tariq explains with a snide smirk on his face.

Tariq Salahi is a con man folks, this guy is the epitome of scum of the earth. In the dictionary next to the word “sinister” is a photo of Tariq Salahi. He was brought up as the son of a Winery owner, most likely wanting for nothing throughout his youth, he has never worked a solid, honest day’s work in his life and has found ways to scam what he wants out of people. Having the gift of gab, he’s got his dingbat wife believing that he’s an important businessman with connections and an endless supply of money when in fact, they’re living a lie.

The couple arrives at the swanky hair salon to prepare to crash the White House and honestly, I don’t think that Michaele Salahi even knows that they don’t have proper invitations. This is a woman who forgets her bra and shoes back at home. Seriously? That lobotomy worked lady! I’m not completely convinced that Michaele is just an innocent dumb blonde, but I think it’s safe to say that she wouldn’t be crashing the White House alone without her husband.

Where is Michaele’s best friend Paul Wharton? Why isn’t he styling her for this huge occasion? Again, like Danielle, we don’t see Michaele with the other housewives and Paul along with Erika are the stand by, second string, ladies in waiting housewives.

Michaele explains about her dress for the occasion, she tells us that she called the White House and spoke to a social secretary to ensure it was appropriate to wear a Sari to this dinner hosting dignitaries from India. I do believe that she made that phone call and my theory is that whomever she spoke with simply answered Michaele’s questions about appropriate attire and possibly didn’t bother to check whether or not this woman was on the guest list, the secretary simply answered a question. That said, I do believe that I read somewhere that certain people lost their jobs at the White House due to this incident.

This phone call, in what is left of Michaele’s mind could have been her confirmation that they were, in fact, invited to this dinner. It certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility that the head of America’s Polo Cup be invited to this dinner being that the US were scheduled to play India in a polo match, but I believe that Tariq Salahi imagined that he should have been invited and wanted to be there so badly that he decided to attend without that all important invitation. That is my theory.

Later we see a telephone conversation between Stacie and Michaele as the limo drives the Salahi’s to the White House. It appeared as though Stacie called Michaele but it wasn’t clear who called who. Did Stacie call at that exact moment because she was instructed to by the Bravo elves? Or did Michaele call the one and only housewife who is still talking to her to spread the exciting news?

The show ends as the Salahi’s ride toward Pennsylvania Avenue, it’ll be interesting to see how far Bravo’s cameras get. I’m sure they weren’t allowed into the White House but did they capture the Salahi’s unceremonious exit from the White House?

I don’t know what the ratings for this show have been all season, but I bet they jumped substantially in Washington DC last night and they will again next Thursday night. This is a pretty big thing for Bravo to have caught on film. The entire world was talking about this couple crashing the White House and Bravo was there to capture the Salahi’s side of the story.

Oh wait, I just found the bag with Michaele’s shoes, bra and the invitation in it, there it is, at the end of the rainbow, oh wait, no its there at the end of the yellow brick road, damn its gone again, wait, there it is Peter Pan just flew it off to Neverland….

Thank you to Quincy IL for this recap on Jeff Lewis’ Flipping Out…

Flipping Out: “Jefftervension”

“It’s not me, it’s you.”

Putting the final touches on Sarah’s personal and work life, Jeff Lewis decides to go where Jeff has gone before and co-mingle his employee’s home life and work life. Jeff is keeping a list of Sarah’s mistakes and checking it one million times. Jeff is laying land mines and Sarah is skipping across the field in 4 inch heels. There’s going to be trouble in the OK Corral tonight.

From a missing dryer vent at New York Drive to cracks in the smooth plaster of Casa Vega, Jeff can’t get a break from his contractors. Hiring and firing people are constants at Jeff Lewis design. Kash, the Casa Vega, contractor is not on this tiny job constantly and the subcontractors have made errors. Jeff fires him and pays the final check in front of the restaurant owner’s daughter, Sarah, the United States of America, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia. That’s what happens if you crack Jeff Lewis’s restaurant lobby.

Jeff Lewis does his best to turn his clients into clones of himself during the design process and construction. He throws out their collectables and tells them on national TV that they are a small family and they don’t need so much stuff. In the end, he gets the family fantastic deals on sectional furniture and saves his rear from the flames of having tossed their family memories in the neighbor’s empty garbage cans.

Jeff co-mingles his friends’ opinions of Sarah’s 10 year relationship with Steven (note the “v”) with his own relationship experiences to give Sarah a push (with his foot) in the direction of a “Jefftervention” with Steven. Chaz, the hairdresser and Cole client mentions a cow, milk, and ice cream and tells her there is no hope. Jett and Trace, in their infinite wisdom, agree with Chaz and Jeff. The men have had their say, but Zola wants Sarah to be happy so she wants Jeff to stop.

After months of dwelling on every tiny mistake that Sarah has made and bottling all of his frustrations over the lack of progress at his worksites, Jeff tell Sarah to call the potential contractor/wall paper guy and find out why he did not show up on the work site as he was scheduled to do. Sarah blew it. She started off the conversation saying that they were going with the other contractor’s bid. Then Jeff blew it. Mount Jeffsuvious blew taking down the walls and ceiling of Valley Oak (his current home) and burying Sarah under a mountain of hot ashes. Jenny wanted to run away, but just sat there. She knows that you don’t fan the flames of a major Jeff Lewis meltdown. The camera shows Jeff screaming, but after a few F words and a comment that Sarah has “a tiny little brain,” Bravo spares the viewers with video and no audio of the final barrage against Sarah. Sarah hides in the bathroom in tears for a long, long time.

Jeff thinks that he might have gone too far. He worries that Sarah will quit and he will have to sit across from her at every Christmas remembering what had just happened at Jeff Lewis Design. Jenny calmly admonishes Jeff. Zola tells Jeff that he needs help and that he is a professional. Jeff feels badly. Sarah returns to work and finishes the day.
She tells us that Jeff had gone too far.

We get the obligatory urination this week thanks to a plumber at the New York Dr. construction site placing the toilet in the back yard. Jenny goes behind what she calls a piece of wood, but this contractor’s daughter calls a 12 ft. section of dry wall, and she pees in the dirt outside while Jeff throws stuff at her trying to knock down the temporary wall. (Every episode of “Flipping Out” has urine in it. Jeff Lewis and Bethenny Frankel have a lot in common.)

Finally, all is well in Jeff Lewis Family Design. Sarah’s special guy has fallen on his knee and sword, proposed marriage to Sarah, and provided a rock the size of Gibraltar. Everyone is happy. Jeff is happy for a microsecond and then Sarah announces that she is jumping on the baby train. Stay tuned for another Jefftervension next week because Jeff has dug his own grave and he will be nursing a pregnant assistant any day. I wonder if he will stop so she can throw up on the side of the expressway. Hmmm…. I think not. It’s going to get messy.

Great job Quincy, thanks for that recap!

Watch What Happens Live

Is Ms. Tina Fey for real? It is almost as if she’s too perfect, everything she touches turns to gold. She is so successful, an Emmy award winning actress, writer, and comedienne with a family and a weekly television show but to cap off her stunning career, a visit to the Bravo clubhouse with Andy Cohen.

Yes, that’s a joke, actually I couldn’t figure out why this woman would take the time to appear on WWHL but her upcoming live telecast of 30-Rock explains it. She was there to promote the Oct 14 airing and appeared after what was promising to be the highest rated DC Housewives show to date.

Tina Fey is a great guest, she has easiness about her and is always responsive, never taking herself too seriously. Knowing her audience would be housewives fans, Tina came prepared with her opinions on each of the New York housewives comparing them to a clique and even correctly identifying which category of the clique each Housewife belonged. Impressive!

Bravo’s cut film of Jill Zarin on the telephone with Tina’s character was hysterical, they really did a good job with that one. It was a great reminder too of what a horrible bitch Jill Zarin is, thank you Bravo!

For the first time since I can remember, I enjoyed the game Andy played with Tina. “What would you rather….” My favorite just has to be the choice between allowing Jill Zarin to decorate your home or be renewed by Ramona. I don’t think there’s any question that anyone in their right mind would choose Ramona!

The show was too normal and too much fun so leave it to Andy to kill it, his Mazel of the week is actually Bishop Eddie Long, a man who has been accused of molesting boys. What? Has Cohen lost his mind? In case you haven’t heard the story, here are excerpts from MWZA.com:

Bishop Eddie Long Scandal – Two men have alleged that they were sexually coerced by one of the most prominent Baptist pastors in the Atlanta area, Eddie Long. The suits were filed on Tuesday in DeKalb County, Georgia, and state that they were coerced by Long into performing a number of sexual acts. The suit said that Long made a habit out of selecting small groups of young male church members and using his authority over them to intimidate them into engaging in a sexual relationship.
A spokesman for Long said that the allegations were not true, and that Long was upset that the boys would take this route in an attempt to receive money from him.

Just yesterday more reports of this man’s behavior were alleged, from CBSNews.com:

ATLANTA (CBS/WGCL/AP) Dabara S. Houston, ex-wife of Bishop Eddie Long, the Atlanta megachurch pastor accused of sexual misconduct, claimed the pastor physically abused her when she was seven-and-a-half months pregnant with their only child, according to divorce documents.

Is Andy Cohen a complete moron? What is he giving this man a “Mazel of the Week” for exactly? Being accused of these heinous crimes? Andy shows us that in his little corner of the world (Real Housewives land) Bishop Eddie Long appeared years ago on his network with DeShawn Snow of Atlanta. Cohen’s proud to reveal Long’s change in hair style yet ignores the allegations of molestation?

Why is Cohen obsessed with this man? First he’s inundating us with constant discussions with and about a 13-year old boy, now a man with a wig from Atlanta who is accused of molesting young boys and beating up his pregnant wife. Andy Cohen apparently isn’t worried that he’s going to get a horrible reputation, but I think that he is dangerously close to affecting his career. Personally, I’m disgusted!

Until Next Time…

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592 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin RHODC / Flipping Out / Watch What Happens Live

  1. HD says:

    My goodess! You talk about mad! I was heated last night. The constant lying, lying, lying! I just cannot see how two people can LIE so much! Just lies, lies, lies!

    The sari thing I mentioned on the other blog. She clearly told that woman they were eating dinner with that she was in India for three weeks and learned how to wrap a sari. Okay. Why couldn’t you wrap your own then?

    The infamous invitation that NEVER WAS! You dummy! Who in the hell would keep a White House Dinner invite in a bag with their bra?! I mean REALLY! Let’s be honest here! We alllllllllllllllllllll know there was NEVER a damn invitation! Stop trying to play us like we are fools!

    Then you tell the woman doing your hair it is “confidential” but in the next breath you are telling her where you are going. PLEASE STFU!!

    My friend went to an inauguration dinner. The President and Vice President were there. SHE STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL HAS THE INVITE!!! STILL!!! No one loses stuff like that!!! You carry it on you, you check to make sure you have it, check again and another time just to be sure. You don’t put it in a bag with a bra! A BRA?! Help me somebody!

    • Savannah111 says:

      I’m so PISSED I hope Andy reads these blogs he is a Fuc**** MORON stupid ignorant asshole, What the hell is wrong with him. He needs to have his ass kicked big time I swear if I had to have been in earshot of him and praising this priest I would have slapped him across the face. What Teresa did in her animal like rage was nothing compared to what I would have done hearing him speak that crazy bullshit.. PLEASE for the love of GOD what is wrong with this man? !! BRAVO needs to take some kind of action against this FREAK OMG my blood is boiling.. Is he really OK with this priest WOW he’s now a the lowest level. Just DISGUSTING…

      ANDY IF YOUR READING THIS YOUR A FREAK AND BRAVO NEEDS TO SHUT YOU DOWN.. If that mother allows that kid of hers to be around Andy now after this she’s crazy.. THERE IS NO EXCUSE IN ANDY’S STUPID BEHAVIOR PERIOD. He makes my skin now crawl, I’ll say this to ANDY you now NO longer have the right to send e-mails to people saying how your affended that people think your a freak from having this child Ben on your show, you have proved just how big of a freak and creep you are !!

      These are my thoughts only and I stand by them. Lynn if you feel that I’m alittle to vocal and out of line I won’t hold any grudge if you take my post down I dont want to be a cause of any possible problems that my feelings may bring on to you.. You work to hard and I enjoy what you bring to your website I would never want to cause any kind of problems for you.. IMO Andy’s opinions about this priest are just SICK and disturbing…

      • twoile says:

        DITTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you for expressing “our” position so accurately.

  2. MickeyMouth says:

    I wondered what your opinion would be on Andy’s newest obsession. I keep wondering if that man has done lost his ever loving housewife mind.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Is that Andy’s big F You to all of us who thought it was ‘creepy’ he wouldn’t shut up about the “Wiener”. Is he show casing a real alleged pedophile to get us talking about that dude instead of himself?

      Andy just needs to stay away from anything controversial or polarizing, the more I see and hear about that guy, the less and less I like him. Actually, as of now I can’t stand him.

    • Savannah111 says:

      Yes Mickey mouth He has lost it no question about it no doubt his mind is gone !! And my mind has now been blown away by this freak.

  3. Melinda says:

    First off…..”Bishop” Long should have been the JACKHOLE!! second….LOVED Tina Fey on WWHL!! and third:

    Great blog!! you wonder about all the things I do, I share your most of your opinions and the ones I don’t are insignificant! I think Tariq is also a JACKHOLE and the fact that he seems to have tons of side-bar interview time sickens me. I do believe I read after the situation at the White House State Dinner that the social secretary was “encouraged” to resign. Guess when she or her staff took that phone call from Michaele they should have confirmed who she was and why she was calling. Oh and her comments that they were THRILLED she was wearing a sari? hahaahah is all I have to say to that.

    next week should be very very interesting

    • Savannah111 says:

      Michaele and Tariq now these two are crazy, I can’t believe this couple would do something so very stupid but we know they did LOL There’s no way they can spin out of this one. Can you imagine being related to these 2. They both have something missing between them, and it seems to be whats missing is one brain that functions normal.. I mean 2 people that are so close they almost move as one unit and it’s scary.. It;s even sad that they think they can fool and pull something over on the viewers I don;t know what they are trying to do. You would think that they are trying to look like they are important people on the social scene fact of the matter is they are the crazy people trying to get into the social scene.

  4. quincyil says:

    I don’t think Stacy and her husband are up to date on the security internet scams.
    If someone sent me a note on the internet with the message that they sent, I would send that message to the scam pile without reading it. If you told me I had a half sister with a father in Nigeria, I would think it was a scam from the Nigerian mafia and it would go to the trash and be dumped.

    60 minutes did a segment on Nigerian scams coming out of Texas. It was over a year ago.

    When the African Embassy was featuring the foods at the event, all I could think about was the children in Africa who had no food. I think jobs is the answer for the African people, but the fourth poorist nation in the world paying for that event, made me concerned. Did Lynda donate her services?

    • Melinda says:

      oh I agree!! The way Stacy and her husband worded that email was insane!! She should have explained herself or at least said that they are related and that she really wanted to talk. Actually……..and this is just me……..I would have told my birth mother, “look, I didn’t ask to be born, but I am here and you won’t be shoving me under the rug. All I want is the information on my father and if you don’t give it to me I will keep searching and might possibly end up exposing what you don’t want exposed”

      yes, sounds threatening but frankly that is what I would do…….if Stacy is willing to contact her half-brother and expose the secret……hell at least give birth mom a chance to realize you ain’t playin!

      • quincyil says:

        The note was cryptic. I would have spelled out the truth. If you want an answer from someone, you have to tell him who you are and why you want to communicate with him.

        I’m glad Lynda insisted on paying for the beautiful dress. I thought the fashions were better than many that we see on Bravo’s runways. I don’t have a place to wear them, but if I was a New Yorker, I’d buy one.

        I think the designer from Africa needs to make clothes for us, the masses. I hate the clothes options that I have coming from China. Companies should go to Africa and employ Africans with the talent of these women to make clothes for us.

    • Night Light says:

      ROFL!!!!!!! I am your sister from Nigeria… you can not make this up.

    • HD says:

      Quincy, I don’t get your reasoning on your last paragraph. America has hungry, homeless and poor people. Should they not serve food at American events? When I saw food and drink served at the fabulous events all the other housewives threw I never thought about the hungry in America. Why does this one make you think that way?

      All most people know of Africa is what they see on TV. Not everyone in Africa is poor or hungry. There is a much bigger issue behind this since Africa has some of the world’s most treasured resources but they are ravaged by people (mainly people who are not African) ALL OVER THIS WORLD which in turns continues to promote and encourage Africa’s poverty. I could go on and on but there any many reasons behind those images that we see on TV.

      • quincyil says:

        I have friends who go to Africa for their St. Louis Christian Church so I see the videos of their work often. I also support AIDS organization in Africa. One friend here is a cobler who collects shoes.

        We see the lavish event and the photos and video of the children from Zimbawee that I get letters from comes to my mind. I can’t help it.

        There is no excuse for our leaders having lavish parties in the White House when children are hungry in DC either. Wake up US leaders!

      • quincyil says:

        We have an African female OB here from Kenya. Her father is a high school principal and her mom is a teacher. There is a middle class in Kenya. She has told me about her province though. That is the area where gangs from various tribes went through villages. Her family members don’t go to that area. They also don’t take the vacations on the ocean because of Somalian raders.

        I know that there are middle and upper class people in Iran, Syria, Pakistan and India. I have friends right here who are middle class and upper class back home.

        Childen starving in India is a fact. Starving people come to the homes of the more affluent and beg for food. My best friend has lived that experience.

        I guess I really do care about the poor here and every where.

        • HD says:

          I am sure you do care about the poor. I never doubted that. We all should. I just wondered why you chose this particular show to point that out about the hunger in Africa. All the other Housewive shows have had lavish parties (I venture to say even more lavish) and the lack of food and poverty right here in America is never mentioned. So I was just curious with your reasoning on pointing it out at this particular time.

          I, similiar to you, don’t think anyone should be hungry. It never made much sense to me. Food is such a basic thing and should be available to everyone. No one should go hungry in this world. I was just curious why it came up now. Wait until Beverly Hills. I don’t think we’ve seen nothing yet with the lavish parties, food, wine, clothes, etc and isn’t California damn near bankrupt with shanty towns popping up all over? But I am certain that is not going to stop them from living the “good life”. Why would you when you can dress up, drink good wine and say “I attended a charity event” (Eye rollage)

          • quincyil says:

            It was the comment on the show that that nation was the sixth poorest nation in the world. If they hadn’t said that right before the party, those photos would not have come to my mind. My mind picks up on juxtapositions right away.

            • HD says:

              I understand. Thanks for answering. One day I pray we live in a world where a basic need like food will be met for everyone. One day…….

          • quincyil says:

            HD, there’s another reason. I had just been discussing the causes of the Iranian Revolution. The Shah of Iran celebrated 2,000 years of a Persian Empire by inviting the leaders of the planet to Persopolis for a lavish party. Jimmy Carter went to it. The cost of that party enraged the Iranian people and the revolution was founded on that anger. The people were hungry and he throw that party.

            That’s a discussion I had with my Iranian Professor brother in law two weeks ago. The human mind takes in information and forms links.

            • HD says:

              Very true. And it is horrible when you are suffering and you see people enjoying the good life. Similiar to right here in America when the whole country was (is) suffering and people on Wall Street got bailouts and whatnot only to use that money to fund their little junkets. How can we be suffering and you are enjoying your damn caviar wishes and champange dreams?!

              • quincyil says:

                That’s why I give to the Salvation Army all of the time. They house indigents. That’s why I am fighting the state cut backs on breakfast and lunch year long for kids. That’s why I drive and deliver food to shut ins with my mother. Churches here are picking up the slack for the government failures.

              • When we weed out stuff, we give it to the Salvation Army too. Any monetary donations to Samaritans Purse, Red Cross, and Salvation Army.

            • oopsy says:

              Wait…it all seems familiar… Ohhh! “Let them eat cake!” Do world leaders learn NOTHING from history?! That is what it seems like to me. For the people living in a country with so many starving lavish living by the government must seem like a huge F U! You know, it doesn’t seem far away from what was a factor in the French Revolution. The masses struggling while those in power live it up.

    • Snarkella says:

      I agree with all of the comments regarding the wording of that message. I thought it sounded a bit sinister and I would have deleted it. When you genuinely hope for a response from someone, you don’t send a creepy message.

      • HD says:

        The good part about it, Quincy is that you put your money where your mouth is! If everyone had that do something spirit we could change the world!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Agree the wording was horrible and I wouldn’t have answered it either! IMO Stacie should not have even considered contacting her half brother – her lack of respect for her birthmother’s life is disgusting.

        • cyotteeflower says:

          Ok I missed the wording of the email.Can someone give me an idea of what it said?
          Ouincy you teach me things I want to know everyday.
          I feel somehow special that I am geographicly closer to you than any one else here.Gosh, I hope that doesn’t make me sound all lame and needy!

          • American Idiot says:

            I believe it went something like. You would not BELIEVE the relative we have in common.

            Not posted on his facebook wall, but as an e mail message to him via facebook? IDK much about facebook

            Please feel free to correct me if I have it wrong.

            • tuzentswurth says:

              There is something hokey about the whole thing though. If you send a private message to someone on Facebook, it comes from your account; the recipient could go to your FB page and see who you are and respond back to the message from your message. Stacie’s hub sent a message with his phone number in it, iirc, and said to call him???? Something’s not right………….

          • quincyil says:

            Jason used his own facebook account to send a private message to Stacy’s half brother.

            “You will not BELIEVE the mutual acquaintance that we share.”

            Jason wanted the capital letters.

          • OneMoreinBoston says:

            SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU!

  5. Night Light says:

    I am on overload! Above all I LOVE me some Tina Fey! I completely adore her and watching her on WWHL was surreal.
    The Salahis are crappy people and the producer speaking to Michaele on camera was smart. Always cover your behind first. I don’t hate this series but all of the ladies with the exception of Cat are boring. Don’t get me wrong boring is under-rated but not good tv. Michael might make good tv but should be on Intervention. BTW I laughed when Cat told Charles that she is proud of his work. I don’t recall the exact words but I was happy for her.
    Jeffy!? I love him and the rest of the cast but Jenny has her foot out the door, loveable Sara is not going to cut it even if she is family. Its up to Trace.

  6. boston02127 says:

    Good Morning. Thank for the new blog Lynn, 5 ★’s.
    I clicked on some ads but had to go back on the blogs to find them.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thanks Boston, I keep trying but the ads keep disappearing, their support finally responded to my email with a cut and paste from their help pages. That was helpful LOL I appreciate that you keep trying! :)xoxox

  7. KellitaM says:

    Great recap of RHODC and posted so early!
    Watching that whole primping-for-the-White House-shindig was fascinatingly weird. I kept wondering what went on in the minds of the Salahis. I agree that Tariq is a con man. But I still cannot figure out Michaele. Is she blissfully naive? Does she live in her own distorted view of reality world? If she believes she’s a Fairy Princess, does that make her a Fairy Princess?
    And who loses an invitation to the White House?? When I have tickets to a theater production, I’m double-checking and triple-checking that they’re in my purse before I leave the house. They LOST them? Really??

  8. NMhousewife says:

    I stopped watching 3-4, possibly 5 episodes back for both DC and Flipping Out and am very glad that it is ending next week, but love, love the recaps! I am sorry I missed the WWHL, but I am back to my beloved The Office for now. Thanks again for doing the hard part by watching this stuff for me 🙂

  9. Wall St Lady says:

    I can’t possibly b the only one here who has had an invitation to the WH.I was invited cuz I was an advisor to Dole when she ran & then I did some high profile stuff for Bush.Its ALL pay back. U r NOT invited cuz u r cute.
    U don’t just get an invitation out of nowhere in the mail. U know u will b invited. Then u get a letter that starts a clearance process. U send copies of your passport in & then you get a clearance “ticket”. We were also required to bring our passports which they kept during the event. U went through a detection machine. We were a group of 50.
    I helped host a fund raiser of 1000 people. My name was on the invitation. It took 3hrs ,traffic & parking to get up to the detection machine. I couldn’t find my clearance ticket. I had my passport. I said to the security look my name is on the invitation. Here is my passport. Too Bad.
    I was turned away from an event I had worked on for 3months at the expense of a lot of other things in my life. I was carrying an autographed book from a famous man who was friend w/Bush I had hoped to deliver.
    Tooooooo Bad ! My cute smile,bright red St. John w/ matching St. John red shoes & bag did not help. I even wore the purple heart of a then 8o year old who wanted me to remember him to Bush. (I knew I would b VIP & could speak to him).
    Secret Service men showed me the Exit route.

    WSM was cute he framed the WH invitation & superimposed me in a ball gown (even though my event was lunch). He’s the President of my heart.

    • quincyil says:

      No, no invitation here. I have walked through the White House three times after standing in long lines. The guards would not let me take the stroller in so the people from Iowa who were in line behind me carried my bag and I carried a baby, a toddler and had a 4 year old holding on to my shirt. I actually enjoyed the experience. They offered to carry my kids, but my children declined.

      • Blue Sky says:

        Quincy, my Hindu Indian husband was bike riding in Iowa last summer. All cars passed him on the other side of the road, slowing down too. At one point, he stopped to drink some water. An older farmer driving his pick up stopped, asked “are you ok, do you need a ride?”

        • quincyil says:

          There is a ride across Iowa in August every year.

          Here, when there is a funeral, the semis pull over and let the procession pass. Strangers turn on head lights to honor the family of the dead.

          Sometimes, everyone stops for an inordinant length of time at 4 way stops because everyone is so polite that they wait for the other person to go.

          • Blue Sky says:

            Gotta love those Midwesterners! Even after almost 30 years of being transplanted out of the Midwest, I let everybody go first. And it is reciprocal, many times people are polite to me. Rotaries? They still scare me.

            • quincyil says:

              We should get together. My best friend is Hindu and she has a special affinity for the elephant. My home is loaded with gifts with the elephant theme.

              • Blue Sky says:

                Aww, I would love to meet you in real life Quincy! We go back to see my mom every year. She’s 84, still works, God bless her. Not full time, but she helps my brother take care of his business. It’s a family drugstore, 3rd generation in Iowa. My husband wants to do the RAGBRAI, “Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa” next summer.
                Looks like your town is just a few hundred miles from mine! lol, that’s not that far in the midwest, where the states are so huge. Quincy I have a business idea for you. How about starting a “spa” (could be just a few weeks in the summer) where people who want to get fit would pay you to help take care of the horses, toss around bales of hay, learn your fitness & nutrition lore, and in general lose weight. And learn how to paint, too!

              • oopsy says:

                Blue Sky, I LOVE your idea for a spa!! I would go in a heartbeat!

    • HD says:

      THANK YOU! I have never been invited to the White House but someone that I work for has. You would have thought he had to give his firstborn. He was going with someone pretty high up on the food chain but STILL had to get major clearance! And you are correct. There was NO invitation in the mail! NONE! NOT ONE!

    • Tootsie says:

      WSL – perhaps you met my cousin at a lunch or dinner. We was President of the Newspaper Guild for 20 some years and attended dinner there about once a year. His first name was Chuck (Charles). He passed away a while ago, he was in his 80’s. He was a fun kind of guy.

    • HD says:

      They are so stupid! The easiest way to end all this confusion would be to simply pull out the invitation.

      I read the emails between them and Desiree Rogers. She clearly told them they DID NOT get in. She could NOT get the tickets! I wish I knew where I read those. If anyone knows where those are please post them.

      • HD says:

        Click to access emails.pdf

        Text of emails about the ALLEGED (read fake) invite.

        • HD says:

          I’m sorry. These emails were not between the Salahi’s and Desiree Rogers but Michele Jones who was a special assistant to the Secretary of Defense. They are still about the FAKE invitation.

          • Olivia says:

            Going before a congressional committee and pleading the 5th over a party invitation just shows that they never had an one in the first place.

            Even if they declared that “the dog ate it” there had to be something on record in the WH to substantiate their attendance.

            As someone pointed out, there is so much security and clearance involved before stepping one foot onto the premises, that one or another of the offices involved would have had to have some record of their names.

            • quincyil says:

              I think the Salahis were trying to get an invitation and had positive feedback from government officials that they knew. I don’t think Ms. Rodgers sent them an invitation because she did not have their name on her list.

              • HD says:

                Right! I think they knew someone that knew someone or they may have met them a long time ago and attempted to mention that Polo Club thing and thought that was their ticket in. That and a bottle of Oasis wine. LOL!

              • quincyil says:


                Several people lost their jobs over this scandal. Their families suffered. Does Michaela care… absolutely not.

        • quincyil says:

          I don’t think the Salahis were ever on the list of the White House Social Secretary. I read a lot about it when it happened.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Dear Tareq and Micheale:
      Re: Letter from Attorney Bloom to Housewives of DC
      You did crash the White House State Dinner plain and simple. You have not produced an invitation which any sane person would not lose. You had to leave before dinner was served because there was no seating available to you. Then proceeded to go across the street for drinks until 11:30 p.m. that night claiming that Micheale had a MS “episode”. As far as I am concerned you are “White House Crashers”. Attorney Bloom can just “bring it on”.
      p.s. how desperate is this attorney to represent these grifters knowing full well she will not get paid.

      • Teri says:

        If we can’t call them “gatecrashers” by the same token can we not sue her for saying she was a Redskin Cheerleader?? Same thang! 🙂

      • sophie says:

        Should people taking any medication for MS actually drink alcohol? I’m going to have to look this up.

        • Teri says:

          yes and I’m sure they chose MS because from what I’ve read RED WINE is helpful in relieving the symptoms. Now, they can get the vineyard back because the wine is determental to HER health.

  10. Olivia says:

    Bravo has indeed “jumped the shark” with this DC series.

    Take the Salahi’s out of the equation and what is left? Mary certainly adds nothing to the narrative. For much of the time she basically sits there leaving us to determine whether she is even awake. Actually it is her closet full of clothes that holds the most interest in trying to determine whether Lolly once again got inside and helped herself.

    Other than her connection to her now ex husband, Cat has nothing to offer. Most of her scenes revolve around her apparent disdain for everybody and everything. I have a feeling is that her only real connection to this show is the possible publicity it engenders with a book she is hoping to sell in the future.

    Stacie and Jason are “playing” the audience with this made up storyline that makes no sense when held up to the light. Obviously they too are more than willing to give the Bravo producers whatever they want as long as they can earn a little fame along the way.

    There is nothing for me even remotely interesting about Lynda who somehow is regarded as the “doyenne” of fashion and manners. And the lengths she was pursuing to keep the Salahi’s from the fashion show were ridiculous. They are not armed terrorists but crashing bores who live by their wits. The whole episode was insipid. Consulting an astrology chart before she leaves the house? Come on!

    The Salahi’s have managed to make themselves the laughing stock of this series but I am beginning to question Bravo’s intent on showcasing them from the beginning. If DC is such a “small town” where everybody is tuned into everybody else’s business how can Bravo accurately say they had no idea that these two were living on the edge? I am in agreement that by casting this couple they had set out to create the “villains” of the piece as the other castmates are just too individually boring to garner an audience to stay tuned.

    Extract any one of these “stars” from this series and it is evident that there is just “no there” there. Bravo is simply rehashing an already overworked theme and plunking it down in whatever locale is available. Most of these shows are built around nothing more than one episode after another of gossip, innuendo, and pretend drama.

    It has been reported that this ensemble was signed on for two seasons. Based on what we have witnessed so far it will be another humdrum season that without the Salahi’s to hate on may be the cure for insomnia.

  11. Blue Sky says:

    Thanks for the great DC hwives & WWHL recap Lynn. Tina Fey is too gracious, made Andy look better than his usual “svetzy” self (he says that, about sweating….no idea how to spell it). Really, Andy’s obsession with pediaphilia is bordering on Freudian compulsion. It is totally weird.

    Quincy, loved your blog on FO. Your paintings are fantastic, too.

    Wrapping a sari is not easy, it is an art. No way Missy did that all by herself. I am still boycotting watching DC HWs. Besides, this blog is so much more entertaining!

    Regarding Dina & her charity dilemma. IMO, Dina means well but executes poorly. She is too sensitive to take the heat of being in the crosshairs of people wanting to know about her charity’s financial history. Please Dina, refer questioners to your website for the charity, where you could say the documents will be released soon. Then have some of the people who have worked by your side (but not directly related to you by blood, like Caroline or Cookie) give testimonials for you. Stop the twitter madness, too. In fairness to Dina, she has raised awareness for children’s cancer, and many people made donations directly to the hospital. Thank you Dina, for doing that. Perhaps the hospital can release info on how much was raised? And thank you Dina, for raising awareness with accepting gays, with your Broadway show.

    Perhaps if we all could treat each other with more respect, this suicide could have been prevented. So sad, for all involved at Rutgers:

    • quincyil says:

      The top of the sari is fitted to the person too. When you buy a sari, they make the top/bra area. I have two of them. I did wear one to an all girl birthday party for a older woman. My friend put it on my. It was complicated. I don’t think I could do it without help.

      • American Idiot says:

        FYI, for anyone who cares. Michaele’s sari is a size 2, and is now being auctioned off ……… for charity.

        Heard this tidbit on the car radio this morning.

    • American Idiot says:

      I live in NJ, and the Rutgers story is all over the news. It is just so sad. There were also two other sad incidents involving college students in this area. A Seton Hall student died in a drive by shooting and a Villanova student died in a car accident, killed by the driver of a stolen vehicle.

      I have a daughter away at college, so these really hit home.

      • Buffywood says:

        I am local to these stories as well. Everytime something like the Rutgers incident happens, I make my 13-year old daughter watch. They need to learn early the consequences of doing things with social media and the internet. It is so heartbreaking. The worst is the 21 month old who was just killed in the hit and run in Philly. Things have appeared especially sad lately.

    • klmh says:

      I agree with you. Well put.

  12. Wall St Lady says:

    I forgot to say the WH clearance stuff started 8 weeks in advance & they sent the invitation 1st.Its not like we begged to b invited.
    Its like being invited to a normal party by a normal person & then being required to be interviewed to see if u r cute or important enough after the invitation.
    Just kidding any Pres. Needs to b protected.

    • quincyil says:

      The secret service is so careful with President Obama. He came here this summer. I have photos of his 4 heliocopter flying over my barn. No one could meet him at the airport and when he went through our city, he did not stop. No one knew what car he was in either.

      Bill Clinton, on the other hand, walked the streets shaking hands. He stopped at every school along our “Maine” Street which is our Main St, to visit with kids at their schools. He was one of us.

      President Obama met with a smaller group who were chosen and screened.

      I think the SS was afraid of us.

      • Sha2000 says:

        I’d love to meet either. Love Pres. Clinton but LOVE,LOVE,LOVE Pres. Obama : )

        • quincyil says:

          We can easily meet our Senators and Congressmen. If you are on vacation in DC, you contact their offices either in DC or in your own state and they have times they meet with constituents. If you want to walk throught the White House, your US Congressman’s staff can put you on that list.

          I have met with Senator Durbin and Obama in Quincy too. The meetings are announced on the radio. Senator Obama came here during the campaign as we were in the middle of a flood and he filled sand bags. He worked the entire visit shoveling. I didn’t see him when as came as president. I just waved as he passed over my house. LOL>

  13. Rabble Rouser says:

    Great blogs ladies,

    I can’t really comment about RHODC since I don’t watch it out of protest due to the Salahi’s but it sounds like the production company broke away from their modus operandi as a way to show that Bravo/Siren Media did not put them up to crashing the White House and they were also deceived by the duo of dog dodo.

    I found all the conversation about whether or not Sara’s boyfriend is going to seal the deal or not after 10 years…only to have the episode end with her flashing an engagement ring a little bit surreptitious. I think it was a a series of crafted rather than candid moments produced on film rather than captured reality tv.

    I am really not invested enough in Sara to care if she gets married or not. I am more interested in knowing who/or if Jeff is dating.

    Jeff’s meltdown with Sara didn’t seem like anything out of ordinary- what surprised me is how long he actually allowed her to wallow in the bathroom before asking her to come back to work. I remember a few seasons ago when he had a friend working for him, that came in a few minutes late looking like something the cat dragged in- who burst into tears with Jeff’s scolding. I don’t think she was in the bathroom for more than 5 minutes before Jeff made note of the clock was ticking.

    Maybe Jeff is growing as a person after all.

    Maybe I would feel a little bit worse for Sara if she didn’t annoy me so much. I think she tries to hard to work the “dumb blond” thing as her gimmick when she is a little too old to pull it off. She is also not a ‘bombshell”- she is by no means ugly or unattractive….but IMO she just doesn’t have the goods to be successful in trying to work that angle.

    If I hear her say “Jeffy” all cutesy one more time, I think I am going to hurl……..something at her.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Hey Rabble Rouser! Thanks for the photo!

      I remember that friend who worked for Jeff, if I remember correctly the difference is that friend had arrived at work without makeup on and went into the bathroom to apply her makeup on Jeff’s time. That’s why he was watching the clock, add to that it was her 2nd or 3rd time arriving late for work and Jeff goes round the bend! 🙂

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Glad you got the picture. 🙂

        Now that you mention it, I think I do remember her trying to put make up on but I remember her demeanor when she came in seemed to suggest she was upset about something. I kind of suspected that maybe she was an having some sort of substance abuse problem.

  14. Wall St Lady says:

    I thought Mr Salami’s family was from India & that’s why she wore the Sari. I happen to have one & had planned to wear it to a cocktail party cuz they r beautiful but haven’t felt comfortable in it yet. She wore it to get attention. I don’t believe she needs a bra !!! I think Sari’s can b worn w/o one if u “bind” ur boobs properly.
    Last I went to SA w/ an invitation from the king to meet some Princesses who own there own businesses. I was given a hi bah w/crystals in the shape of )( (“Chanelle”)on the sleeves. I think it would be RUDE to wear it to a party although it is pretty. I think the Salamis had grifted their way right out of all the stores & she had no NEW gown !
    The bra bag
    That I don’t buy.
    Like I said u have a clearance
    ticket to get in
    Mayb they did get an invitation
    BUT could not pass clearence & that’s why thy kept bugging the social Sec.
    NOT the invitation !

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Help me WSL, are you saying that the Salahi’s MUST have had an invitation or they wouldn’t have gotten in? I think that they did get in, they were photographed with other party guests and that was the big news, right? The fact that they actually DID get into the White House without an invitation.

      So are you saying they had to have had an invite? So what was with all the news reports saying they crashed? I’m so confused.

      • quincyil says:

        Lynn, I think there was a problem with the Obama White House and Ms. Rodger’s staff. In the past, with the Bushes as the WSL was recanting, the security was tight and the Social Secretary worked the State functions rather than include himself or herself on the guest list as Ms. Rodger chose to do.

        There was a mix up in the beginning of the check in process and no one from the social secretarie’s office was there for a cross check. Eventually, Ms. Rodgers was allowed to leave her position as she was a friend of the Obamas and they cared about her.

    • quincyil says:

      Mr. Salahi is first generation Palestinian and that is why he commented about Obama and the two state solution to Stacy and her husband.

      • American Idiot says:

        I just finished reading Cirque Du Salahi, and according to the author, Diane Dimond, the Salahi’s did not receive a written invitation in the mail to the State Dinner. What they did receive was an e mail inquiry from Michele Jones (WH employee) sent to their attorney, inquiring if they would be interested in attending the arrival ceremony. They responded emphatically “YES” and assumed that was it they were in. Several e mail went back and forth over the next few days. Ms. Jones clearly states they are not invited to the dinner. It is not really clear whether or not they are invited to the arrival ceremony.

        On the morning of the dinner, the arrival ceremony was suddendly moved indoors, limiting the amount of people. Ms. Jones e mailed the Salahi’s to let them know, but she does not say whether or not they can come.

        Again, this is the author’s take on the whole situation.

        • Olivia says:

          The same author who is relying on the Salahi’s for the information since she herself was not present.

          Why plead the 5th if this was just nothing more than a breakdown of communication and a reasonable misunderstanding?

          I bet that they had already been signed by Bravo for the show and decided to give them a first hand glimpse of their social standing and promised a night at the WH to prove the point. It led to a fiasco and now they are stuck with the story.

          • American Idiot says:

            They absolutley were already filming for BRAVO during this time period. BRAVO also
            tried to fim them, according to D. Dimond, at the Black Caucus event. But the film crew arrived too late, after the doors were shut.

            Their reasons for citing the 5th, in the book, are because of their BRAVO contract. In fact they use the BRAVO contract several times, as being the reason for their silence.

            Again, I am just stating what is written in the book. Not my personal knowledge or feelings.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              I thought the 5th amendment protects someone from self-incrimination not non-discloser contracts.

              They weren’t invited….end of story.

        • HD says:

          You may not know this and anyone that does please chime in, even to go to the arrival ceremony you need an invite/clearance/your name on a list…something right? This is not just a line of people cheering the “important” people on like people that arrive to the Oscars. You have to be invited to be a part of that right?

          • American Idiot says:

            Yes, you have to be invited, according again to the book. They did send their personal information to Ms. Jones, ie ss#, citizenship, etc.

            What is not clear, from what I read, is if their names were on the list. Up until the day of the event, Ms. Jones indicates she is trying to get them in. She never states they are definitely in.

            • HD says:

              That is the part that makes you say hmmmm….if you did not get a clear, “yes you are invited” why even show up? I would not just show up and wonder if my name was on the event. I would know for sure. I can’t wait until next week to watch them work their act at the door.

              • American Idiot says:

                Exactly, they just assumed since they received a “feeler” e mail, that it was a done deal. Most normal people would wait to hear a definite “Come” before they assumed they were invited.

                Also, curiously, the day of the event, the Salahi’s were pretty much incomunicado all day. They claim their cell phone died.

                So, they did not see the last e mail from Ms. Jones that states she is still working on their invitation.

                Clearly, they were so desperate to go, the decided to “run” with a possible invite, spend hours getting ready, and then see what happens at the gate.

                As we all know, the gate people let them in.

                Funny how their cell phone worked in the limo and salon though. I guess Ms. Diamond did not see the tape of the show, or she would have made up something else.

          • quincyil says:

            I would think so. When Clinton visited, I got a call from the Democratic office of a local elected official asking me if I wanted to have “special seating.” She told me that I would have to submit information and be cleared. This was an outside event, but you were closer to the President and he would pass through that area and shake hands.

  15. Ione says:

    I was very puzzled by Andy’s actions regarding Bishop Long. On public tv asking Long to call him. Acting as though he is sooo fascinated by the man. What in the world was going on? Was Andy trying to send a message to people who have questioned him (Andy) about his friendship with young Wiener? Does anyone have any insights into that weird behavior?

    • HD says:

      I missed all of that but I will certainly watch it. Does he have ANY clue why this man is in the news so much lately?! He really said this man was the Mazel of the week? Do you think he got it mixed up with Jackhole?

      Someone certainly didn’t do their homework!

      • quincyil says:

        I think Andy gets drunk and confuses the photos of Stacy’s husband with Lynda’s boyfriend. Both are handsome and nice, but I am going to accidentally take home Stacy’s husband.

        • HD says:

          Precisely! Ebong and Stacie’s husband don’t even look alike! How could he mix that up?! And then to say Eddie Long was the Mazel. He had to be tipsy. A man that is accused of having sex with young boys CANNOT be the Mazel. Trust me, a retraction is coming!

          • Olivia says:

            But Andy put a fake phone to his ear and asked Rev. Long to call him. What the hell does that mean? He usually does that with his athletic crushes.

            Hard to confuse the meaning of jackholes and mazel’s when they are contradictions.

            Andy himself is the “jackhole” of the week.

            • quincyil says:

              Andy did that because he believes the Bishop is gay and is one of the gay people who rallies citizens in support of anti gay laws to hide their secret feelings/life. I’m sure I am correct about this. I’m sure Andy hates people like this too.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        I really wish he had made a mistake and mixed up the jackhole and the mazel because his jackhole (the host of Australia’s Next Top Model) seemed to have made an honest mistake and clearly felt horrible about the error so Andy certainly didn’t need to add to her misery (not that she cares what he thinks)

        I certainly would have given her a Mazel for the gracious way she handled it because it didn’t appear to be her mistake at all.

        Andy has been tweeting about Long as well recently so no mix up unfortunately.

        • HD says:

          Wow! I was trying hard to think he made a mix up and he did the call me sign? I’m done! He has got to clear that up right now!

          • quincyil says:

            Bishop Long has been in the news a lot. Andy is for equality in marriage and he is passionate the subject. I know that there is a suit against the Bishop, but I don’t know what the truth is. CNN showed his mega Church members standing up in support for him.

            He was on our Atlanta show, I remember him from the fundraiser that failed.

            I think the Bishop and his accusers have to be listened to and we should hope that the legal system will work this time. Andy has made up his mind.

            • oopsy says:

              Oh my word!! Can you just IMAGINE hearing Andy Cohen on national TV CELEBRATING the person who molested you as a child??!! If this terrible thing really happened to all these people when they were young and innocent, so very vulnerable, how the fucking DARE he!! Can you imagine someone hurting your child like that and then Andy Cohen gives him a positive shout out on TV?! I would be livid. I have no words for what my anger would be if Andy celebrated someone who molested my children. What the effing HELL was he THINKING?! We are talking about molestation here! He is swaying public opinion about someone who is accused of a horrendous act. He should keep his fucking mouth shut because he has no idea if these allegation are true. He really gave him the mazel of the week? I am outraged on behalf of ANYONE who has suffered molestation and now officially hate Andy. Seriously people, what if it was your precious child going through this…wouldn’t you want Andy to keep his fucking mouth SHUT?! ( I normally do not post anything offensive and am sorry if my language offends, but there is no other way to convey my disgust. No words. Think if it was you or your child.)

            • oopsy says:

              I posted and have no idea where it went, so here goes…Oh my word! can you imagine someone molesting your child and Andy Cohen celebrating him on TV??! What the HELL was he THINKING??! If this terrible thing happened to these people when they were young and innocent, so very vulnerable then it is inconcievable that Andy would do such a thing. He should keep his fucking mouth SHUT!! I have no words for how livid I am that Andy is swaying public opinion about someone who may have done such a terrible thing. Please, imagine how you would feel if you or your child was a victim of such a thing and Andy Cohen gives him a shout out on national TV?

        • oopsy says:

          Ok. I’ve tried to post this twice, never had a problem before. Third time is the charm? Imagine you are watching TV and Andy Cohen, on national tv mind you, Gives a positive shout out to the man who molested your child. (No. I don’t know anyone involved. ) Oh. My. Word! What the HELL was he thinking??! If this terrible, terrible thing happened when these people were young and innocent, so vulnerable, why the hell would Andy give him the mazel of the week? There are no words for how livid I would be if this happened to me or my child and Andy Cohen swayed public opinion about the man who molested my child. We are talking about MOLESTATION

          • oopsy says:

            (Got cut off) we are talking about someone molesting children! I never cared about Andy one way or the other but now I HATE him. I try to live my life by putting myself in other people’s shoes and in this case I just can’t IMAGINE how I would feel if it were MY child and Andy says, ‘call me!’ and gives that person the mazel of the week. UNBELIEVABLE! Andy doesn’t know if Long did this terrible thing and he should keep his mouth SHUT!

  16. Wall St Lady says:

    No I am saying they could have had an invite but failed to pass clearance. They r so sleezy it could have been someone eleses invitation.
    But no doubt they did crash.
    Remember the conversation w/ the hair dresser where he told the story of being brought to an event (no clearance I assume)& they had one invitation for several people ! They planned to find open seats.

  17. Wall St Lady says:

    Our co once had a fancy conference. Invitation only at a NYC club. This woman called & miss represented her self to come. I discovered she was a competitor & called her back & told her she could not come. Some how she got in & employees told me. At a break I told her to leave & she said no. I picked up her purse & started walking slowly & said her purse would be on the street & I suggested she follow it she did.
    What a sleeeeeeeze. Trying to poach my livelihood !

    • quincyil says:

      rotfl. I can just see you tossing her purse into the open gutter..and into the famous NYC sewer. rotfl

      I was at a party where the hostess was the second wife/adulteress who had had affairs with four other doctors in a short period of time. One of the injured wives going through a divorce, show up at the door and walked into the living area. She yelled. She screamed. She accussed. She cried. They quieted her down and someone drove her home. The party was very quiet and we left really early.

  18. Olivia says:

    I’m just thinking that when Bravo signed them they thought they were getting “wealthy socialites” and they had to give something back to Bravo in return.

    So they “created” events that had no basis of reality in their lives starting with Paul’s birthday bash which they had no intention or money to pay for.

    Each episode that followed made it “appear” that they were part of the social scene in DC and they had to keep reinventing reasons to make it so.

    The ridiculousness of that “grape stomping” episode with dead vines in the background, security on site to prevent the mother from interfering, and the store bought grapes to make it look authentic, should have been enough reason for Bravo to infer that they were dealing with delusional people.

    But dealing with delusional people seems to be Bravo’s stock and trade. Teresa, Danielle, and now the Salahi’s just add to the roster.

    • quincyil says:

      Maybe dormant vines. Some vines live to 30 years old and still produce.
      Bravo would have us think they were dead. It’s part of the juxtaposition that the producers give us all of the time. The faux stars say something, Bravo shows us the opposite. It’s been in Bravo’s housewives script for a long time now.

      • Olivia says:

        The point is in how many times must they be called out for their deceptions?

        He is being challenged about his Polo events and its authenticity. She is being challenged for her supposed cheerleading activities that apparently were not true. The WH invitation is just another indication that much of what they say and do is suspect and needs further explanation.

        The latest admission that she is suffering from MS is one more declaration that bears examination when she clearly does not show the symptoms, nor is there any offered proof, that she is telling the truth in this instance.

        How often do people need to explain and defend themselves before we all come to see them as total liars and fakes? She is as much partner in this ruse as he is and I am not buying into her being an abused wife or that she is being manipulated. They made a “pact” to continue in this sham together hoping it would get them somewhere.

        It has but not for the same reason. This is just a case of two nobodies hoping to become somebodies as a result of this exposure.

        • HD says:

          I agree she is a partner in this madness.

          Why have a grape stomping at a vineyard and buy grapes? I understand those vines may still be alive but those grapes did not come from those vines so why set up this whole scene so that is appears they did? Who goes out and buys that many grapes for that? Just don’t do the event!

          The MS claim? I hate to say someone doesn’t have an illness and they might. I don’t know. But I am skeptical. Honestly, if I had MS, all those charities that I donate to and host events for, I would think that SOME of that money would have went to MS. She wasn’t even donating to MS when they had that polo event. Why would you not give to a cause that you say you are suffering from? Most people give to what affects them (as well as other charities) but you start where you have been affected.

          • American Idiot says:

            I feel like Jill Zarin, constantly saying “It’s in the book” but ……. Michaele having MS is stated clearly and definitively in Diane Dimond’s book. It is confirmed by several sources.

            Not so much the Redskin Cheerleader thing. She found absolutely no proof of that. None.

          • Sha2000 says:

            Yeah, I don’t understand the thing about the grapes either. The only thing I can say is that it may be a tradition & maybe the heath officials do not allow feet to touch the grapes used for wine any longer? I do not want to drink toe jam & liquidfied foot calluses with my Chardonnay.

            • Sha2000 says:

              BTW, this person says it’s been outlawed in some states for health reasons:


              Good! I don’t care if the alcohol content kills the funk, I’d rather not drink it.

            • Olivia says:

              The thing with the MS has me baffled and I don’t claim to have any expert knowledge about the symptoms other than what I have read.

              But it would seem that for someone suffering from a neurological disease the last thing they would be doing is tottering around on 6 inch heels for fear of losing balance. The same with jumping up and down at a cheerleading session.

              There may be stages I am unaware of and she could have a mild form, but she does display a level of high energy with all her jumping up in down in those shoes.

              • quincyil says:

                There are also doctors who give marijuana perscriptions for ingrown toe nails in California. I’d like to know more about the doctor’s credentials.

            • Sha2000 says:

              They drink foot wine but no making sauce when Aunt Flo visits, lol.

              • Diana says:

                “foot wine”! I love that. Next time I indulge in a nice Pinot Noir I will tell my guests (and by guests I mean my cat because I am a hermit) that I am serving the finest foot wine in the land…

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Don’t forget Cat, Mary, Lynda, Jill Kelly, Luann, Kim, Nene, Sheree, Tamra, Lynn & Alexis! Whew!

    • TT in OC says:

      You forgot Kelly.

  19. Buffywood says:

    I haven’t watched Flipping Out for a long time but two questions… What the hell did Jeff do to his lips and is Sarah ever NOT chewing gum?

    • quincyil says:

      He had collagen injected into his lips. Daffy, I mean Jeffy, will be like that forever.

      Sarah does not chew gum when she is drinking ice coffee or martinis. The rest of her time, is gum time.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        So Jeff’s lips will look like that forever? What’s with the back flaps on his top lip? His constant use of lip balm leads me to wondering if those flappy things stick to his bottom lip!

        • quincyil says:

          Afraid so. Some people are in the habit of licking their lips and the lips become dry. Putting moisturizers like lip balm or chap stick becomes a habit. Jeff takes mints or sprays for mouth odors too. He has a number of habits probably related to his OCD condition. The people around him use the fresheners too. They all smell really minty.

  20. HD says:

    Stacie-Like everyone else I was shocked that she had a picture of her father. I was also shocked that going to the Nigerian Embassy JUST came up at that moment. Why not exhaust this option before? For her mother to keep those pictures makes me think she is not as cold hearted as she has been portrayed. If you want to cleanse your life of your past you do not hold on to that picture. She probably loved that man. Even for Stacie to have a Nigerian name. Her mom didn’t just toss her aside and say forget it. She took the time to name her. I think she was probably consumed with fear as she still is and that is a sad place to be.

    As an aside, is it just me or did anyone else think the Nigerian woman that was helping Stacie looked A LOT like Stacie?

    • Olivia says:

      I hate myself for being such a Debbie Downer but it just seems that this information could have been obtained without all the deception that Bravo is showcasing.

      Where was Stacie born? Her mother is supposedly a German/Finn and her father a Nigerian. They met in the Peace Corps over 30 yrs ago if her story is correct. Was she born in Africa, Finland, Germany? If so, how did she arrive in the US? My guess is a missionary organization but that would mean she had to come here with a birth certificate as proof. You simply cannot take kids out of a country without proof of birth explaining the circumstances.

      She has said that the was adopted at the age of 9 months. This means she was languishing somewhere before she was officially adopted. Was she in an orphanage, with her birth mother, a foster family? There have to be records on file somewhere to be able to point her in the right direction rather than Facebook and an unsuspecting half brother.

      With pictures of her birth father, and one of a man standing in front of a car dressed in the garb of a village chieftain which would at least identify his tribe, it would seem that this could have been investigated without having to involve the poor half brother who had no idea of what had happened in the past.

      It just makes it more and more difficult to buy into any of these “storylines” when something as blatant as this “search” is used to create drama where none exists. It is just a play on the sympathy and emotions of the audience in a craven manner for ratings.

      • HD says:

        I might be nuts here but I am wondering has she contacted the Peace Corps? They may have records of this man.

        I would not have contacted the half-brother on Facebook. You don’t rock someone’s world to make yours complete. There is a right and a wrong way to do things.

        • quincyil says:

          The Peace Corp members that I know have reunions and keep in touch. When you live with someone for one or two years in Africa, you tend to know them well.

          I think Stacy is a love child like President Obama. Dad had a life in Africa. Mom had family in America. It’s hard.

          Having married someone from Asia gives me insight into this and the problems that the woman might have had. The racial aspect is there in addition to the cultural differences. Plus, the mom sounds like a ditz to me because she wants to keep it a secret 30 years later.

      • quincyil says:

        The car had a license plate on it. From that information, I think we could find the owner of the car.

        • HD says:

          Good idea with the license plate.

          She doesn’t have much but what she has is good to work with in order to find her dad. At least I hope. I am sure everyone likes to know where they came from.

          I think Stacie’s mom is living in a sad, sad state. To carry that around on your shoulders for 30 years is amazing. She should free herself. She would feel a million times better. That secret is too heavy.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            OR the baby would never have been accepted in the father’s family/tribe and therefore the information on him is being withheld because that is what her mother and father decided.

            And it is just plain creepy that Jason is sooooo fascinated with the Nigerian connect.

            • HD says:

              I actually don’t think its creepy. I think many Black people would like to trace their African history and feel some connection to their motherland. I can see him being fascinated for his wife and intrigued by the connection to their history, to the land, all of that.

              • WindyCityWondering says:

                that could be it too.

              • quincyil says:

                Jason adores his wife. I think both of her adopted parents are dead and she’s alone. He wants the love of his life to be happy. That’s why he is going out of his way with all of this. He’s a good husband.

            • Amber...Real Wife says:

              Nope weirder yet would be a fascination with the unwilling caucasian mother’s side of the family. They can’t be too excited about a family that wouldn’t accept Stacie, so they seemm to be hoping the Nigerian side will be welcoming.

  21. Diana says:

    I don’t see how this is physically possible in her case, but it is being reported that Rachel Zoe is knocked up! http://dlisted.com/node/39068

    Maybe this explains Brad’s whole “moving on” thing.

    • AZ Girl says:

      If it is true let’s hope that Rachel starts taking care of her diet and eat for the sake of the child.

      • quincyil says:

        Maybe, the business is changing to accomodate Rache’s pregnancy.

        • JKW says:

          You would think if it was changing she would want the experienced help. Without Brad it’s pretty much her and the assistant….I don’t know if I ever knew or cared about her name. With being off she would need someone she can count on to take over. Brad is a whiney little thing anyway.

          • That has got to be the snarkiest pregnancy announcement that I’ve ever seen! The comments are pretty good too. I believe that Zoe was born in ’62 also. If she really is carrying a baby, best wishes to her, but personally, I don’t believe it.
            (yeah-I’m paranoid, but A-I think that her eggs are too old, and B-if she’s using someone else’s eggs why not just have a surrogate carry the baby as well?-Seriously, Tila Tequila was outed for pretending like she was preggers while she thought that she had a birth-mom on hold. TT even had photos taken of her “bump” & I’ve seen blind-items about this very thing going-on with celebs.)

            • http://www.dippedincream.com/todays-blind-item-fake-pregnancyreal-baby-edition/


              I’ve seen BI’s about this on other sites as well. The second link is pretty detailed-I guess they can make this stuff up, but when Tila did it, she almost got away with it. I can’t believe that she’s the only celeb. who would do that.

              • Diana says:

                I agree on the whole fake “natural” baby thing. I just can’t see Zoe being able to conceive for a number of, what seem to me, obvious reasons. If this pregnancy story is even true, my hunch is they are doing it Kidman-style, with Zoe wearing a (very petite, and probably Prada) “pillow baby”, while the baby is actually gestating inside a surrogate. I am a huge proponent of surrogacy, but you know they will never cop to it. (See Kidman above). Fine, it’s their business. But if I start seeing Zoe snaps in the press still looking like a day of the dead skeleton cradling her feather pillow tummy, I’m going to barf. (See Kidman above). If they DO come out and say it’s via surrogate, I will have tremendous respect for their honesty. And. Then. I. Will. Die.

                Seriously, their show just wrapped on a baby drama note, then Brad splits the scene, now suddenly she’s naturally fallen pregnant? Nope. Not buying it.

            • quincyil says:

              I am sure that by 3 months they have looked at the baby on ultrasound and had a amniocentisis. That’s why they were quiet about the pregnancy. They wanted to make sure it was a go.

              She’s going to take off too which at her age is a very good idea. I think this is her one baby.

  22. cusi77 says:

    Thank you Lynn for this excellent Blog! Five *****

    I watch yesterday some of the re-runs of RHODC, more interested in observing the Salamis behavior than anything else.

    I am trying to figure out Makarela’s personality -not that I have any credentials in psychology! It is a matter of common sense.

    I discovered that underneath all that sugarcoat, hugs, hugs, kisses, kisses, “I love yous” “I am so sweet”… there is a passive-aggressive angry woman ACTING for the cameras!

    Discovering that Stacie has photographs of her Father that her Mother sent to her was very disappointing in the regard I holded her. They lost a supporter since they sent that email to her half-brother (YES. Half-brother Stacie!)

    Lynn Dear, the adds in the Blogspot are still down…

  23. Sha2000 says:

    I got back late from class last night so but I tried to respond to some of the comments I got for saying lets wait & see before criticizing Dina. I don’t want to open up the subject again but I feel strongly to respond to two things so I’m carrying over to this page.

    #1 Someone said that they found it “bazaar to empathize w/Dina”- I said over & over again that I *might* be wrong on the subject but felt until the filing was complete we shouldn’t point fingers. To that person I say, nothing is bizarre with empathizing with another human being (shes not OBL or Ted Bundy btw), and there is nothing bizarre about preferring not to assume the worst.

    #2 Yes a director of a charity should behave more professionally & not tweet nastyness, but most haven’t had their lives under a microscope or have thousands of people following them on Twitter & tweeting accusations & insults daily. The scrutiny of Dina I’m sure is a hundred fold that of a relatively unknown director of a similar size charity. You have to look at it in it’s proper context. No excuses for her nastiness but look at it from that perspective.

    #3 And I’ve said this before; I do not think that beyond commenting & observing it is our place to HURT someone by contacting authorities on ASSUMPTIONS made here no matter how much the “facts” match up. It is WRONG. Gossip should stay as gossip, period.

    Okay, off my soap box but I’m glad I said it because I feel really strongly about NOT having an effect on someones life UNLESS ITS POSITIVE, but that’s how I live my life, you all have free will, I just ask you to think twice before you contact someone in regard to any of these people & remember we do not know them personally, so their actions shouldn’t be taken personally.

    Thanks again Lynn for allowing us to speak our minds here.

    • HD says:

      Honestly, I would never contact any authority to check into someone from a reality show. That is what I was trying to find out yesterday. Did this investigation hinge on someone watching the show telling them to check into Dina? I would never to that. Ultimately it is just a TV show. Granted one that gets me fired up but a TV show nonetheless. That is why I am glad Lynn has this spot. I can come vent and leave it here.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I though the checking up was on the charity! If Dina is not running it correctly that would mean some people will not donated to it! If Dina is sincere about her charity then she should be more professional, the books should be transparent, and she should want to clear this up ASAP. IMO, by being nasty and not being forth coming with the information it is Dina that is hurting the charity.

    • BessiB says:

      I don’t understand #3 – You mean it is wrong to contact authorites to obtain public information to confirm or disppove a rumor?

      • quincyil says:

        If you take a tax deduction on a donation to a charity and the charity doesn’t have the correct forms submitted and accepted by the government, you can be in trouble. You might get a fine. So.. everyone should check on charities to make sure it’s legitimate.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Quincy & Bessie,
          But she wasn’t intending to donate to PLB was she? Then why check???? Why not check on other charities too then???? Bigger ones that would be more of a concern?

          Because she was interested in catching Dina in some sort of misdeed period, and that intention is what I don’t like…towards anyone.

          • nathania says:

            I think because she is probably a housewives fan and got curious about it because it was publicized on a housewives show. Same reason all of us are interested in this stuff. I think whoever got this ball rolling did Dina a tremendous favor because by skippy you can bet she will have her ducks in row come time for the filing, which is where she needs to put her focus instead of spending so much time verbally assaulting people on twitter. Anytime anyone is taking money from the public, most of whom are not millionaires like Dina, they can expect scrutiny and expect to have to meet certain standards, and if someone finds out that they are not then they have a moral obligation to make it known. You know what they say about karma, and that whole group of very strange and discontent women has made it their life mission to catch Danielle Staub in one ‘misdeed’ after another. You get as good as you give sometimes.

          • quincyil says:

            This issue is fair game because there has been government action. Dina had not filed for the correct forms and that was reported. Following up on that seems ok to me.

  24. JenD says:

    Michaele’s name is Michelle Holt as told by her own mother. I think she is a “dingbat”, another edith…can’t stand these type
    of women. I believe she is innocent, it seemed that her husband is the scum of the eart. He probably told her that they were invited, but she never asked to see the invitations. Oh these people are horrible, they take the freaking cake.

    • Olivia says:

      I believe she was adopted and I believe that sometime in the past she reached out to her birth parents.

      What I don’t believe is the “storyline” that Bravo is offering because it makes no sense. Like every storyline they put out, there are enough holes in the narrative that raises questions.

      The same with Danielle. She offers the story that her birth mother was a 15 yr old impregnated by a priest who was later murdered. Then the story finds her reaching out to a private investigator to whom she acknowledges that she has little information to go on. Now it comes out that possibly she was never adopted in the first place.

      Head spinning time.

      • quincyil says:

        So she is from Pennsyvania and is not Italian from Brooklyn. Someone should tell Christine asap.

        The entire Danielle story/book/tv persona is victicious. Why am I not suprised? I wonder if she was abused as a child too.

        • cyotteeflower says:

          I had heard before that Danielle was not adopted but never told of any proof.Then I read that in Kevin’s book he says they looked for her birthmother.Wouldn’t he have been in the position to know if she had never been adopted?
          For me it’s hard to believe Danielle wasn’t abused.How else would she have had such low self esteem coupled with promiscuity?She was wounded somewhere along the way IMO.

          • quincyil says:

            Some people are born with a screw loose.

          • I agree that Danielle was hurt, but I’ve wondered if she herself could have been the source? What I mean is that I wonder if not getting the kind of attention that she seems to need, could have been enough to damage her?
            I don’t know if that’s even possible, and her life-story, being in the sex industry, well, I’ve always believed the studies that say that people that sell sex for money were abused as children.
            But how would that explain Kim Kardashian?
            She built a career on a porno-tape, yet no one has ever claimed that she was abused.

            • winatlife says:

              This probably sounds wrong, but I’ve always though Kim Kardashian’s “manager” mom put her and Ray J up to filiming a sex tape. She was desperate to get her family on television, and Ray J was desperate to get his music career going. The Kardashians, all void of talent, are everywhere. This includes Bruce and the two youngest girls, who now have these odd “reality plots” on the show. Things didn’t work out so well for Ray J.

          • nathania says:

            I completely believe she is a victim of trauma or at the least some pretty severe neglect. Her behavior is pretty typical for a survivor of sexual abuse. I think the adoption is a fact because someone somewhere would have taken a check from a magazine to expose this as a lie were it not true. There would have been a birth family relative alive somewhere. She has spun quite a few tales about the birth mother but it’s clear all of them are fairytales and she has little if any information about the circumstances of her birth.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Danielle’s story doesn’t make too much sense…so almost 50 years ago her mother depending on which story we are following was either a girl from a small village who was raped by a priest who was murdered- or was a mafia princess exiled to the U.S. once her pregnancy was discovered.

          Either way we are suppose then believe that her parents sent her on a transatlantic flight (which would have been pretty rare and pricey in that day) to the U.S. to have her baby.

          They send her to Pennsylvania of all places to ensure the baby would be given to a Catholic family, as if that is the Mecca of all things Italian and Catholic.

          Danielle’s never going to find her mother unless she comes to terms with the truth.

          • Good point about Trans-Atlantic flights!
            The mystery bio-mom, (if there is one because now I’m not so sure), could have come by boat?
            I’m the same age as Danielle is and my mom makes a big deal over the fact that she took me on a plane-ride when I was an infant, and it wasn’t even an over-seas journey. They did have inter-continental flights at the time, but like you say, they were rare & expensive.

    • Olivia says:

      But she had to have “seen the invitation” since she supposedly had tucked it into her purse along with the bra. She wasn’t asking him to produce it as she gave a very convincing performance by going to the car and looking for it herself.

      She may very well be a “dingbat” but she is also a willing “dingbat” to go along with this stuff. Neither one bats an eye when the other one makes a specious claim to something they both get challenged on eventually.

      • American Idiot says:

        Michaele’s hairdresser – “I asked her how she got invited, and if I could in fact see the invitation. I asked her several times, in fact. Michaele couldn’t come up with the invite, but the cameras were rolling, so she made a pretense of looking for it in her purse. At the producers urging, she even went so far as to to out to the car to look for it while the cameras followed.

        Why would Michaele go along with such a ruse and look for something she knew she didn’t have? Here again, the confidentiality agreement with the TV production company prevented her from saying anything, because “talking about how the show is done” is a potential contract violation. But sources who work in reality television say performers are often cajoled by insistent producers intent on getting a compelling storyline. And the reality TV performers are so intent on becoming famous, theyu will do just about anything to please the producer.

        Pg. 77 and 78 Cirque Du Salahi by Diane Dimond

      • quincyil says:

        I alway keep important documents in my bra: my passport, my driver’s license, my birth certificate, my invitation to join our local YMCA for Zumba night.

      • nathania says:

        I believe she’s as pathological as Tareq. It makes me think about her telling Stacie that they might buy a “12 million dollar house or a hundred thousand dollar house”…supposedly funded from a business that when they filed bankruptcy in 2009 was $600,000 in the red, which I’m certain she was aware of. These two are a mtach made in hell…and I’m quite sure Tareq didn’t con her into posing as a Redskins cheerleader, either. Actually, I think that Tareq sees her as his ticket ‘in’ to places and circles that he couldn’t slither his way into alone, because of her over-the-top personality. He sets up the scenarios and she arm-flaps into the room like a terradactyl in a blond wig and wraps those bony arms around whatever innocent VIP happens to be standing there (I can just hear their thoughts as they smile through gritted teeth: “who in blazes is this person?”) and no one questions it. Like her hugging that cheerleader and saying “love you” and the girl obviously could not have known Michaele if she was never a Redskinette. The girl is probably thinking, ‘well, people change, it’s been years, who knows’. Like all the people at the parties think, ‘well, I’m sure we’ve met, but I must have been really drunk’ and they just play along with it. Tareq can’t get away with that stuff, but he knows his wife can, because she plays a very common con by putting people on the spot and knowing they are going to have to be rude to fend her off, which most people won’t do if they can find a way around it.

  25. Miss Anthrope says:

    I don’t know what is up with Andy Cohen. I remember the first time I became aware of his existence was when I stumbled upon one of the RHOA reunions (before I began watching any of the shows) and I just thought, “This guy has no business hosting a reunion show. He’s letting that fake blonde chick tell him to ‘keep in movin’! WHAT THE HELL?!”. Since then, my opinion of him has only gotten worse. His extreme bias toward certain housewives makes me want to jump into the tv and kick his ass. What he let happen at the RHONJ reunion was just plain wrong. The man has no business being in front of a tv camera. If he weren’t president (or whatever he is) of the network, there’s no doubt he wouldn’t be hosting jack! He simply has no talent as a host whatsoever.

    I don’t catch WWHL very often but what is up with him bringing that young kid on the show to discuss the housewives? It’s totally strange and inappropriate. Why would a kid that age be on a live tv show to talk about a group of women who behave like complete lunatics and flaunt their plastic bodies around in tight clothes? The boy seems very smart for his age and relatively well spoken, but c’mon! Most of the guests seem visibly uncomfortable when he is brought on as well.

    • winatlife says:

      Andy has major creep factor. The New Jersey reunion was ridiculous, but I am still ticked off about the New York reunion, where he didn’t call Jill out nearly enough and let Kelly ramble on incoherently and then pretending she made sense. I do not know if he is more afraid of Jill or Teresa.

      I give hem a couple more years max. I real housewives fan who does not have a financial interest in the show should moderate the reunions just to keep it real.

  26. WindyCityWondering says:

    After reading today I am now under the impression that an invite to the WH doesn’t automatically get you in! All the information in the background check needs to be verified and the process takes time and mulitple conversations….this gets me to thinking about the looking for a city house – and the financials Stacie asked for never materializing.
    They grin like Cheshire cats and continue to lie about their fantastic lives which are 95% imaginary and 5% real! Their winery is bankrupt and that was their source of income. What are they using for money? We never see them in their “home” so do they really even have one (seeing the outside doesn’t count)? Knowing what we know, how can anything written in their “tell all” book be considered factual much less believeable? And what happened to the guy they met with to ghost write for them? When is this going to catch up with them???? And they are going to be on WWHL next week!? Why? haven’t they hit their quota of lies this month?

  27. vilzvet says:

    LOL, just watched Top Chef Desserts finally and gotta agree with Lynn, so glad they knocked that hair chick off because I wanted to stick my fist through the TV and wipe those stupid bangs out of her face! Yeah, you want a chef with hair like that baking something you’re going to eat…sorry, she’s worse than the dripping sweat guy from the last Top Chef. Gross! Okay, now off to watch DC and see the lying in action.

  28. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Rob Shuter/Naughty Nice Rob said that Teresa’s auction was called off. 😦

    NaughtyNiceRob: I have not always defended @Teresa_Giudice from #RHNJ but she is one class act! Sunday auction off. It was all a press stunt by creditors.
    8 minutes ago via Twitterrific

    • quincyil says:

      WSL thought something was up with the auction.

      Even people recently out of jail in NJ have some pull with the courts.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      a press stunt and an official document from the trustee are two very different things! maybe by calling it off it means they are not going to get the bankruptsy and are working on terms of payment for their creditors!

      • NormaJean says:

        I would imagine that the auction would be put on hold until the legal issues are all worked out. For example, if the courts decide on a Chapter 13 instead of Chapter 7, there probably won’t be an auction at all….but a repayment plan would be mandated.

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      This is an article about the cancellation of the auction. 😦


      • WindyCityWondering says:

        it says no auction but a private sale and doesn’t give a date for this “sale”…..

        • nathania says:

          Well Kim G. did say she was going to buy it all and auction it off on Ebay for charity or something like that. Anyone would choose a private sale over a public auction I suppose.

          That comment about a “press stunt” is asinine. Teresa sure brings the morons out of the woodwork, doesn’t she. I wish there was a database of her ‘fans’ somewhere with their photos, it could be called Extraordinarily Stupid people to Avoid at All Costs.

  29. quincyil says:

    I feel a lot better about the tiny lines on my face today. Michaela is 43 and 14 years younger than I am, but I think my skin is a tad better.

    • HD says:

      Did you see the picture they had of her on the homepage of Bravo getting her makeup done? My goodness. Father Time has not been good to her face.

      • quincyil says:

        Must be all of that horse back riding. That’s where mine are from.

        • nathania says:


          Clearly it’s from smoking, she has that accordion upper lip.
          And tanning, which i can’t believe people still do.

    • Snarkella says:

      She’s seven years younger than me, but I have to say she looks much older. I’m thinking it must be the severe diet? Smoking? Drugs? Maybe she really does have MS? You just don’t look that old without going through some kind of rough time. She does have some pretty serious lines on her face, poor thing. She’s so concerned with her appearance, it must be terrible for her.

  30. Buffywood says:

    The auction scheduled to sell off the personal effects of Teresa Giudice and her family has been canceled, her lawyer tells PEOPLE.

    Instead, the legal rep said a private sale would be held to maximize the amount of money the Giudice family receives for their valuables.

    “When the sale is conducted, the Giudices would get $52,000, because they are allowed that as exemptions,” their lawyer, Jim Kridel, tells PEOPLE. “There would have been a shortfall. What if they got $30,000, but they owed $52,000 to the Giudices? It wouldn’t help, so we said why not have a private sale? It would be best for the state, the creditors, the trustees and the Giudices.”

    The reality star, who filed for bankruptcy last October, had originally denied that her belongings would be up for grabs. And, in July, Kridel said he was appealing the decision to hold an auction.

    The auction, which was originally scheduled for Aug. 22, was postponed before it was canceled, although the Web site listing the items for sale is still active.

    A trustee for their bankruptcy case alleged in court documents that Giudice and her husband, Joe, had hidden assets and undervalued items listed as personal property exempt from the bankruptcy filing, a claim her lawyer calls false.

    • I just don’t get this at all. Maybe it makes sense, but it has not made sense to me since I first heard of it. And how does having a private sale mean more money?
      I suspect that it is legal double-talk, but I could be wrong since I really don’t get any of it.

      • winatlife says:

        I really do not get it either, but I suspect this is cooked up. I am suspect about the idea that their friends and family could make “private” bids way below market value for everything and just give it back to them, or sell the stuff back for a dollar.

        Who determines who will be allowed to bid at this “private sale”?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I think with an auction, it’s kind of a crap shoot about how much money they can bring in- but with a private sale….someone is buying the lot for a fixed price.

        I have a feeling Juicy will be digging up some of that yard money.

        • It's Hot In Texas says:

          Their lawyer said that no one would buy a used mattress. Perhaps he should take a look at Craigslist…

  31. quincyil says:

    Cat and Charles. They obviously had a torrid love affair, married, moved to Chevey Chase and didn’t know what they were getting into. Cat thinks Charles who loved the girls from the first moments should stay home from his exciting life taking photographs of the top people in the US government so she can finish her book. Fathers with that kind of job often don’t take time off for their bio kids. When you are married to a man at that level, you adapt, not him.

    I think they might have saved the marriage had it not been for Bravo. Charles looks very uncomfortable on screen. Even when he’s having a good time, he looks in the direction of the camera. I bet that he asked her to walk away from stardom and she refused. The good news is he is free and a great catch for someone who understands how men function and what their needs are.

    • HD says:

      “When you are married to a man at that level, you adapt, not him.”

      Girl that is a powerful statement right there. I could take that statement and write an entire novel on that alone!

      • quincyil says:

        Look at the marriages that survive and those that go down in flames.

        Remember, I have spent most of my 57 years paying attention to Human behaviors.

        If you want a man to be interested in you, you are vivacious, intelligent, hardworking, and you hardly notice him at all. Perhaps, you flirt for dollars like our WSL. Men like the chase. They don’t like feeling trapped. So. Adapt.

        • Miss Anthrope says:

          Ok, not trying to pick a fight or anything. I’m just not really sure what you mean here. Are you saying that women should always play hard to get and pretty much let their husbands do whatever they want just so they don’t feel trapped?

          Again, not trying to argue or anything. I’m just not sure I understand what you’re saying.

          • quincyil says:

            I think men like to feel that they are in charge and if you can let them think they are, you will have better luck in a marriage. Generally, Humans like to think the person that they married is going to help them. If you help your husband/mate, he will be more likely to need you.

            Love at first sight is real. It’s a chemical reaction in the brain where phenylethylamine is produced and your brain is high on that chemical. The duration of that chemical reaction varies in people. Generally, it days to months. It can happen more than once over the years too. So in a marriage or long term relationship, both partners need understanding and respect for the down times when you aren’t madly in love.

            Bethenny and Jason were probably madly in love last summer. Rodger said that Rachel was in love and she didn’t know how to get back there. People fall into love and out of love. If you understand the process and the needs of the other person, you have a better chance of a lasting relationship.

            • Miss Anthrope says:

              I agree with everything you’ve said. I just think perhaps Cat deserved to feel helped as well. All relationships need compromise and understanding. When one person gets to live the life they want at the total expense of the other then that’s an issue.

              • quincyil says:

                Yes, but some really fantastic jobs are so time consuming that the man just can’t compromise as much as his wife demands. I think that happened to the Cat/Charles marriage. She pressured him and he stepped back and then away from the marriage. I don’t know if she could have save it, but Bravo didn’t help at all.

            • JKW says:

              I think men like to be in charge too….so do woman. I think intelligent discussion and respect for each other works better than letting him think he is in charge. Sometimes you have to compromise but in marriage that should be a 2 way street. It sounds like it should be just the woman adapting. I don’t agree with that at all.

              • quincyil says:

                and not adapting spells the end of the marriage… In America, the divorce rate hovers around 50%.

            • nathania says:

              I think she fell in love with an idea of him, but not with the reality of his life. Wasn’t it initially some kind of extramarital affair or something? Sometimes when people have an affair they don’t find out til too late that the need they were trying to fulfill was not for another romantic partner but for something deeper than that.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      That was some whirlwind courtship and quick marriage where nobody asked what will happen in the US? Cat, who said all british kids want to be American, knew her daughters would love the US. She thought he’d only work local WH assignments to be a devoted house husband, a MrMom with her kids, her personal cheerleader and her plus one for all events. WRONG! Although in her defense, Charles has bored the President with endless tales of their romance and pictures of her, to the point that he has her thinking *RollingStones music* ” Obama is just DYING to meet you!” LOL That’s like Brad Pitt telling the TMZ photogs I want to meet your wife! SURE PAL!

      • nathania says:

        That comment of hers about Obama made me cringe. I like her humor but her narcissism is slowly coming to the fore. I re-watched the argument episode with Erika and I couldn’t believe her crying in the hallway on her childrens shoulder like that. This is the second time I have seen her use her children as lay therapists and it is very unhealthy and damaging behavior for the children.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      Cat wanted a husband and her own personal success. I applaud her for realizing that she deserves both.

      I think she probably understands mens needs just fine. She simply didn’t understand just how demanding his job was going to be or how little time he was willing to make for her. It’s sad, because I think they genuinely cared for each other. There was an article in a newspaper or magazine not too long ago about Charles and how he regretted doing RHODC and how broken up he was about the marriage falling apart.

      • American Idiot says:

        I’ve always wondered about Cat’s opening line – “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.” Makes you think she intended to move back to the UK? With her husband?

        • Miss Anthrope says:

          Possibly. I’ve definitely heard plenty of people say that same line though- Usually when deciding to have another cocktail that they don’t really need 😉

          • American Idiot says:

            Really, I’ve never heard that line before. Thanks for the insight. I’ve got to get out more.

  32. BKAamia009 says:

    Has anyone seen or heard the article that Lynda talks about in her blog about billy Bush making Michale admit that SHE WASN’T a redskin cheerleader?
    FROM LYNDA BLOG ( copy & paste)
    “I caught Michaela and Tareq on Billy’s new live Access Hollywood show this morning and I have to thank him for tackling the rumor that Michaele was not a Redskinette as she has claimed. He clearly did his homework and he didn’t back down when she talked in circles. He pursued it head on until he got to the truth, which is, she has never been an NFL Redskins cheerleader.”
    If anyone finds it would you please post it on here or let me no on Twitter? Also, did u notice how when she went to the limo it was if she knew that there was no invitation ? IDK but these ppl are sociopaths as Timm Gunn says, there is no reasoning w/ ppl like that & they believe their own lies. Just sad to see that someone actually lost their job. Sad thing is when we saw the emails between Michale & white house secretary it clearly saw that Michale was asking if she could get tickets, the lady said she would get back to them then later responded she couldnt get back to her cuz her blackberry battery went dead so if she claims that she had an invite then why would she had to go through all that? CLEARLY there was never no invitation ! If bravo lets them go on with season 2 then that would be like enabling addicts. How are these ppl affording the limos, hotels ? We know that they stiff the hair dresser & make up artist but the winery is closed they filed bankrupt WTF? They must be charging credit cards & taking cash advances.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I saw that interview. Billy Bush flat out asked her if she was a cheerleader and just as Lynda says, she starts talking about being a “booster” and paying dues to the alumni club. She goes on and on about how she didn’t want to be in with the 80’s alumni because she didn’t want to reveal her age so they agreed to allow her to be a 1991 cheerleader, apparently if you pay enough, you can be in the Redskins cheerleading alumni club. Billy Bush just kept asking her if she cheered on the sidelines during the games on Sundays and eventually, after he asked her that at least 5 times, she said no.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Someone else said Geraldo Rivera also got her to admit that she had never been a Redskin cheerleader when she was on his show? It was last weekend I think. I didn’t see it myself. Maybe there’s something online.

      • nathania says:

        Holy Crap, I just realized I was a Redskins cheerleader too. When someone above posted “NFL” in front of it. I grew up in Virginia and I cheered on a squad for a few years in middle school and our team were called Redskins. Our moms sewed the uniforms, and we wore the most hideous tube socks with gold and burgundy stripes around the top.

    • TLM says:

      Don’t feel sorry for Desiree Rogers, the social secretary who resigned after the Salahi incident. She went on to be chief of staff for someone else, and is now CEO of Johnson Publishing. She has a Harvard MBA and sits on several boards, something that may surprise some for a person whose title was “social secretary.”

  33. BKAamia009 says:

    I think we all should write the judge in this case and demand they be put in jail for their lies about how the Giudices lied in court. http://cdn.getoutofdebt.org/wp-content/uploads/118124221649.pdf this is the 62 page i dont see teh judges email on here but the one that was out previous had it on there but check this one out unbelievable

    • What kills me about that is the value they put on their home. One point 7 million.
      Those forms were filled out on October 29th, 2009, yet dummy Teresa was taped in November or so, knowing that it would be on television, saying that she lived in a FIVE million dollar mansion now-(bitch!). They also put it on the market for about five minutes, within six months of filing those papers for somewhere near four mil.
      The only thing that can help them with that is that it probably really is worth closer to the one point 7.

  34. Sorry if this is off-topic and boring to the discussion–I looked but can’t find Lynn’s email addy.
    LYNN– just thought that you may want to know about an ad promo that Amazon is running ’till Dec. Its a banner/link and they pay a $60+ “bounty” for people who get wireless through the Amazon link. I don’t usually read the affiliate’s blog, but this caught my eye. http://affiliate-blog.amazon.com/2010/09/amazonwireless-65-bounty-now-extended.html
    BTW–I am not seeing your ads on Blogger today/lately either. There is a non-profit ad running, but none in the side-bar, hoping that is temporary or you are working on it now? sometimes the non-profit ads show-up while, or right after you change the settings.
    I’ve often thought that it would be worth it to have a wiz or expert optimize the ads for me, even if they took a commish- it really does get tricky. If I ever figure-out how it works, I may even try to start a service to optimise other people’s ads, but that won’t be any time soon.
    (I have all but given-up on the Google affiliate deal where people make the real $$, so complicated!)
    The thing with your numbers ,is that you should be able to get on-the-books-, (pass the ten-dollar limit & receive a check), just letting Google serve the ads, but they aren’t showing up?
    I actually like to see the ads on your Blogger, since they are, (were?) relevant to the HW, and I’m not allowed to click the ads on my own page.
    Also-I’m wondering why your growing set of reference/documents at the top of the page, are not on the Blogger site where they can have ads? I’ve re-visited those a few times already.
    Oh-yeah–are you going to let us know when you receive your first ad revenue?
    I think that I predicted 6-8 weeks to hit the $10. threshold, but I could be off.

  35. cusi77 says:

    Michaele: Your bra had an empty life and left along with your WH invitation…

  36. RubyNewbie says:

    Hey y’all! Enjoying the blogs and the comments!

    This ‘Real Housewives’ franchise is amazing in an “I can’t believe what I’m seeing/hearing/reading” kinda way. I wonder if Psych majors are utilizing these shows as a learning tool. There are so many mental disorders on display!
    As for the Salahis, they’re creepy and scary. These are the kinda people who’ll kill you, steal your money and valuables, dump your body, then enjoy a lovely night on the town. They are sociopaths. Bravo is treading dangerous waters because it seems they’re showcasing sicker and sicker people. I mean, when you make the OC ladies look classy by comparison…good God!!! Reign it in Bravo! Dump the weirdo pathological liars!

    • quincyil says:

      You can always tell a psych major in undergrad school. The sit across the table in the cafeteria and ask you question after question. They never contribute any information about themselves because you are the subject. rotfl

      • Blue Sky says:

        It seems like yesterday, but almost 40 years ago when I was at college, a good insult was “you must be a psych major” but even worse was “you look like a psych major!” Now later in life I appreciate how psychology goes a long way in understanding the Bravo faux celebs. Even though every scene is done with multiple takes and it’s all scripted for us to “enjoy” their true personalities do come out, eventually. They are in it for the $ and the “stardom.” Love seeing justice getting done (Giudices, et al).

  37. Olivia says:

    The most telling item coming from the Salahi book is the fact that they all sign an agreement with Bravo in “not telling how the show is done”.

    Bravo would have us believe that what we see is actually the ladies leading the cameras from place to place when it is no such thing. They sign on to a “storyline” and agree to play a role in wherever that story line suggests. Some if these no talent ladies are better at “acting” than others but they are all acting just the same.

    No network worth its weight is going to allow a bunch of non talented women with no ties to the profession to dictate where, how, and what they say be filmed just for the fun of it. They perform within a guideline of what the producers wish to present and for some it can be truly alarming to their reputations. Jill Zarin being the prime example of this. Kelly following a close second with Teresa bringing up the rear.

    None of these women appear on camera without being seen in full make up, dress, and hair styled. No store, restaurant or bar is going to allow a bunch of people to automatically come through the front door without notice to film a scene being played out on camera.

    Scenes must be set up beforehand just for the indemnity involved in filming in public venues. Agreements have to be exchanged. This is what Bravo does not want the audience to know because it would otherwise ruin the plot based on “reality”. I am sure some of what is shown is “spontaneous” but I would guess that it does not comprise more than 2% of what we witness.

    My guess is that those “stars” agree to a base pay but have been assured that they can push their product line as a side issue using the show as a tool to advertise. Each of these shows contains a potential singer, beauty product endorser, jewelry maker,
    book seller, or designer of sorts. Most of them are in the business of selling some item or another and Bravo allows them to link to these products on the their blogsites.

    It is the recognition that comes from being featured on these shows that drives these “stars” to perform within the narrative that Bravo presents when they sign these contracts.

    I’ll admit to be first in line when one of these “stars” is willing to spill the beans about how Bravo led them around by the nose in creating story lines they agreed to perform. Again, my best guess is that Bravo rewards them with trips to Italy and St John’s, pays for a “renewal ceremony” along with a wedding at Four Seasons, and more than likely pays for the services of the stylists and make up artists who put them together.

    I also believe that Danielle was given the heave ho based more on her breaking the contractual clause with regard to outside revenues then her behavior. Otherwise how does one account for Teresa not getting the same treatment when her behavior was even more outrageous?

    • cyotteeflower says:

      At the risk of appearing dumb can someone please spell it out for me more clearly how this all goes down?
      I get setting up an event but then are they told what to say and how to act? Is the anger real? Do Bethenny and Jill really still like each other but lay low for the show?Does the Manzo clan really like Daneille?Is Kelly really not a kookaloo? I’m so confused,I’m gullible by nature,I want to believe darn it!

      • Olivia says:

        Just check out some of the scenes and you can pick out some of the manufactured drama.

        It may very well have been that Bravo offered Bethenny her own show and when Jill found out she lost her cool. Then Bravo decided to “frame” a story around it pulling the interest from the audience – Team Jill/Team Bethenny – and drumming up interest in Bethenny’s show to come.

        Keep in mind that when that show was offered to Bethenny, she was still single, neither engaged or pregnant, so the “storyline” would have been a lot different. As it was, she was able to get a lot of sympathy out of it and the show was a success.

        The same for NJ. It may have been nothing more that when the others found out that Danielle was to be filming with them and they used her reputation as not wanting to be in the same show. The “storyline” from that point on evolved to the “we hate Danielle” theme. Much like what is being offered by way of the Salahi’s in DC.

        The Manzo’s may have had another relative in line for that spot and it was handed over to Danielle much to their misery.

        I just think that the “improvisation” is when they deliver their lines. But they still keep within the boundaries of what the director wants to achieve from the scene in moving the story along.

        Mentions of both Jill, Danielle, and Bethenny were evident of every scene filmed during their individual series. As if there was nothing of interest beyond discussing these people coming from any other members of the cast.

        This is simply my take on it.

        • Olivia says:

          Another scene that has some “manufacturing” at play involved the scene where Lu Ann and Sonja were checking out Sonja’s garden for the upcoming charity show sponsored by Lu Ann.

          The phone rings and the camera shows Jill Zarin calling from Zarin Fabrics to “inform” them of Bethenny’s pregnancy. This allows all 3 to discuss Bethenny with Sonja giving her an excuse for her behavior toward Lu Ann as being “hormonal”.

          It also gives Jill the opportunity to “disinvite” Bethenny from the event as she prefers to keep her “circle small”, again pushing the Team Jill/Team Bethenny meme.

          We are led to believe that this phone call was “spontaneous” while two camera crews were working to “capture” the moment.

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        Well, I’m pretty sure it works like this:

        Bravo casts X amount of women for each show. Of course, some or even all of these women know one another in one way or another. In the case of RHONY, I think they were merely acquaintances. Obviously there is no show if said women don’t interact with one another, so they are told they must “shoot” with one another a certain amount of times during filming.

        Remember Scary Island? Well, that trip wasn’t paid for by Ramona, as Bravo would have had you believe. It was paid for by Bravo and Jill even alludes to that in one of her blogs. She said it was a “perk” that they get for being on the show. Bravo is not stupid. They paid for this trip for the girls because they knew that Kelly and Bethenny were contractually obligated to shoot scenes together before filming was over. So in a way, yes, Kelly was sort of forced to go to Scary Island. They probably told her, “Look, we know you don’t want to go but you have X amount of scenes to do with the girls”. OR she may have agreed to go on the trip before they even began filming that season and she tried to back out. They may not have handcuffed her and forced her on a plane, but she knew she had to go because that’s what she signed up for.

        Caroline and Danielles sit-down, Teresas “get together” where she flipped the table, all those end of the season BBQs on OC? Same deal.

        So, in short, the drama and anger is probably real. The scenarios in which they are put in really aren’t.

        • Jen says:

          B has even said somethings things that happened off camera get refilmed as they happened but only because they did happen- and Jacqueline said they get to say no to certain things being filmed (ie babys birth, dinner with other people) so it’s what really happened but not all and not always as it happens

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          I love your nick! AND you and Olivia’s take on it all. I was getting sea sick going back and forth between “it’s real” “it’s staged” “no, it’s real” “no wait, it’s staged” lol

    • error404 says:

      I’m not buying it.

      For example, I think the Manzo clan led the cameras around filming a idealized version of their stunningly dull lives. Even the camera men were falling asleep. But they had also hired their arch nemesis. Once the Manzo’s found out D was on the show, they decided to use the cameras as a public witch hunt. Bravo, having half a brain, built the show around the crazy “we hate Danielle” footage, leaving most of the “Look, aren’t we funny? We throw food at the wall for sport while others starve to death!” footage on the cutting room floor.

      So yeah, I think Bravo tell them to throw a fashion show, and to attend, and even push them to talk to each other despite despite being enemies. But sorry, I think bringing their own felon bodyguards, pulling out weaves, etc.. is all the invention of the “actors”. I just don’t see producers telling them, “so in this scene, I want you to chase after her and pull her hair.” Nope.

      They say ” go after her” and then when the idiots do something stupid like assault, the producers go “Sweet! I knew this bitch would do some crazy shit. This is ratings gold!”

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        I kinda agree with both you and @Olivia. I think they set up a situation and sit back and watch it unfold. Then they build on that set up scene reactions and so on and so on.

        It’s not quite spontaneous and not quite staged.

        • American Idiot says:

          I agree, somewhere in between.

        • error404 says:

          I think the producers are good at smelling a cat fight.

          They ask Jill to film a charity meeting and to invite some of the HWs, in the hopes that something will happen that is broadcast worthy.

          Lord knows we’re treated to plenty of dull scenes where the drama never happens..*cough* Lulu apartment shopping *cough*

          Kelly acting like a complete ass and B verbally bitch slapping her for it is all down to Kiki and B. Bravo didn’t feed them those lines. But they did pick up on the friction.

          So they ask Kiki to ask B for a drink. This would probably not happen in real life, but it’s a show so Kiki and B say yes. And boy did Bravo get what it wanted. Kiki is 3 brands of crazy and no bad improv class taught her how to turn on the crazy once the red light rolls. I think her “real” life is one long series of encounters like this one .

          Bravo is jittery with the promise of good ratings, so they pressure Jill into orchestrating another sit down.

          And again, Kiki delivers. Writers couldn’t come up with the crazy shit that comes out of that woman’s mouth. Behind the scenes, B starts trying to get Kiki fired.

          • Blue Sky says:

            Jill got into so much trouble when she tried to “control” the storyline…& thus birthed Lynn’s blog. It seems to me that Bethenny has toned down her snarky comments so that her character on BGM is more likeable. It is fascinating how some of the housewives “evolve” but their true personalities shine through eventually. As many have said, the “story” is shaped around their lives but it has to be “enhanced” to make it dramatic enough to grab our attention.

    • nathania says:

      I agree, it would be way too expensive to do otherwise, that’s why MTV came up with the Real World/Jersey Shore/etc where the location is a constant (same with Big Brother/Survivor) and many of the cameras are fixed in place. Most of the reality shows seem to be based around a constant location. One that isn’t that must be hugely expensive is The Amazing Race. I have read that one of the reasons JJ Abrams abandoned “Alias” which is probably my favorite tv show ever was because of the expense of filming on location so much…and set a show on an island, probably so he could use a studio and CGI, etc. He is back to espionage apparently but there will never be another Sydney Bristow.

  38. Buffywood says:

    I know very little about MS, other than it is a horrible horrible disease. A few years ago my best friend from college was diagnosed with the disease due to some very strange eye symptoms she was experiencing. Honestly to this day she doesn’t feel she has MS and hasn’t had any muscular issues.

    When it comes to the dingbat’s claim of this illness, I just don’t know. The idea of lying about something so serious is beyond comprehension, but yet her track record with the truth does cause me doubt. Let’s see, MS has MS? Coincidence with the initials? This woman is so wacky I wouldn’t put it past her to be wiring her initials one day as said to herself “Hey, I can have MS. After all there is no specific test for it. No way to prove it. Wow, that would really get me some attention”. I really don’t think I could put it past her.

    Has anyone else thought about the coincidence with the initials?

    • Buff-I don’t know if you’ll get back up to this part of the blog-but from the way that I understand it, there are several tests for MS. And they are excruciatingly painful ones, like spinal tap etc. MS affects the mylenin (sp?) which is like insulation material for nerves and such. Some people are lucky & they have long remissions, but some people get hit really hard with it & it can be fatal.
      There is another “M” ailment, I can’t remember the name, but that one may be the one that isn’t clearly diagnosable.

      • quincyil says:

        I saw an article with quotes from Michaela’s mom stating that Michaela went to her family physician for 17 years concerning this issue. No mention of a neurologist or tests.

      • Buffywood says:

        I was under the impression that MS was more or less a diagnosis based on ruling out any other diseases. From the MS Society website:

        At this time, there are no symptoms, physical findings or laboratory tests that can, by themselves, determine if a person has MS. The doctor uses several strategies to determine if a person meets the long-established criteria for a diagnosis of MS and to rule out other possible causes of whatever symptoms the person is experiencing.

      • jillz68 says:

        Just wanted to chime in here about spinal taps should anyone ever need one and is scared about the pain. IF you have a good neurologist (and drink enough water before hand) you won’t feel a thing. I have had 2 of them and the only reason I had a bit of pain with the second one was I didn’t drink enough water before and they had a hard time getting enough spinal fluid. I was scared as hell when the doc told me I needed one (thoughts of the Exorcist came to mind PLUS the bad rep) but was pleasnatly surprised it wasn’t that bad. You do have to lie down for most of the rest of the day because as the SF replenishes you can get a wiocked headache if you get up.

    • fairydusted says:

      Holding my place. Excellent blog and comments as always. Nites All!

  39. sugarmagnolia10 says:

    Sorry, but as much as I dislike the Salahi’s, I dislike the actions of the Secret Service that evening way more….They screwed the pooch, and did not do their job. Why so many people have chosen to hate the Salahi’s and have not questioned the detail that protects the President is beyond me.
    One of my childhood friends, her grandparents are best friends with the Bush’s. During the first Bush adminstration, they were invited for lunch at the White House. My friend was about 13, and she and one of Gebby’s kids went running around on the lawn. They triggered some alarms, and had about 30 SS men surrounding them with guns drawn within a minute. Not only that, they had to clear the entire grounds to make sure there were no threats.
    My husband worked for some senators and congressmen in DC. He was considered “vetted” because of who he worked for, and he was just a lowly assistant/ PR guy at the time. He has been to WH parties, always invited and mostly working, but surprisingly did not have to submit a passport or invitation to gain clearance. Granted, he is an attorney, and is fingerprinted and such, but…..

    I just think the anger is directed to the wrong party. The Salahi’s are stupid liars, but for craps sake, if people are worried about the President, they should be angry at the Secret Service.

    • Night Light says:

      Here! Here! I have said that from the beginnng.

    • error404 says:


      I don’t think anyone thinks the Bravo couple was going to harm the president.

      But I don’t get your reasoning at all. It’s so “Don’t blame the thief, it’s your fault for not having a better lock on your door”, “Don’t blame the mugger, you should know better than to withdraw $200 and walk down a busy street with cash in your purse”, ” Don’t blame the hackers, anyone who doesn’t have a good anti-virus program on their computer deserves to have all their files wiped out” etc…

      People work hard, but maybe you can one day pass a law that every store detective must be fired if so much as one article gets shoplifted. Zero tolerance that blames the good guys..Yeah!

      • sugarmagnolia10 says:

        No, that is a very one-dimensional interpretation, and frankly, is comparing apples and oranges. My point is that, so many have slammed them for putting the President in danger, and as you said yourself, he was in no imminent danger from the Salahi’s. I think that we, as Americans, trust the SS to protect him from him just about any type of threat. The fact that a couple were able to get through those barriers makes me question their effectiveness.
        The intentions of the Salahi’s is clear, and a moot point. The fact of the matter is they got into somewhere that should be inpenetrable.
        Seriously, I am surprised at your elementary comparison.

        • sugarmagnolia10 says:

          Oh, and IF I had an army of people protecting me and surrounding my house, ensuring that I lived in a bubble, HECK YEAH I would be mad at my security for letting a pretty little blond and her husband through….

          • Jen says:

            The fact that they got that close to the President at all is a MAJOR breach in security and blame lies with the SS and Social Sec. who did indeed lose her job (asked to leave my butt) so obviously something went really wrong, which is bad all around to know our Pres was that open to anyone-

            the Salahis maybe con artists but the real fault lies with the SS for letting them get so close

        • error404 says:

          “I just think the anger is directed to the wrong party.”

          This seems like a very clear statement, with no mention of apples, oranges, guavas, pineapples or any other fruit.

          Heads did roll at the WH, people were held accountable, apparently just not enough to satisfy you, Joe tax payer.

          But the SS is not an elected body, and I’m sorry to say, is not under our jurisdiction as TV viewers/news readers. Howl at the wind all you want, but we peons will never get the SS fired.

          The Bravo gatecrashing couple are however, TV and media darlings. We’ll call them the “oranges”. They weren’t punished in any way shape or form as of yet, and in fact, they have benefitted greatly from the wrong doing.

          But unlike the social secretary, SS etc… their “job” is controlled by us.

          Bravo, the National Enquirer, etc.. made them famous because they think our inquiring minds really want to know. But we don’t. I say we stop giving these 2 complete wastes of space any more of their allotted 15 minutes, and just pull the plug.


          • sugarmagnolia10 says:

            Again, ridiculous….
            Let me go back to your argument….
            “Don’t blame the thief, it’s your fault for not having a better lock on your door”,–you just compared the Secret Service to a lock on someone’s door. So as not to confuse you with fruit again, let me speak slowly–those are not the same. One is much more secure than the other.
            “People work hard, but maybe you can one day pass a law that every store detective must be fired if so much as one article gets shoplifted.”–I worked as a GM for over a decade in retail, and “store detectives” are actually called “loss PREVENTION”. Not loss “elimination” or “no tolerance loss”. 50% of retail theft is due to employees, and the other 50 from external theft. 10% of loss (based on gross margins) is standard. 5% is a goal for successful loss margins.
            So, based on your reasoning, only 5% of people wanting to get near the president should be able to get through the Secret Service. And, we should only expect them to be as effective as a door lock. And since the president is a huge target for terroists and such, he should expect to be, seeing as how he has more than the proverbial $200 in his pocket from the ATM.

            Get a clue….and maybe a fruit salad later. Give me a break with your crap about guavas and such. I’m sure you are clear on the very common cliche of “apples and oranges”. Or maybe you’re not, which is why your thinking is so flawed.

            • error404 says:

              Sorry, that’s just plain rude.

              But ITA with you: Your logic makes absolutely no sense at all to me at all. So we agree. 🙂

              • sugarmagnolia10 says:

                ah, so your argument doesn’t stand up, after your EXTREMELY RUDE comments, so you agree to disagree? Figures….tell me again about oranges and guavas?
                And you’re right, we will just agree to disagree, because my arguments have weight, and yours are just fluff.

              • sugarmagnolia10 says:

                error is so fitting

    • American Idiot says:

      I don’t think people are going to be angry at the Secret Service, but here are some thoughts as t0 why the confusion at the “gate” led to the Salahi’s being admitted:

      The was the new adminstration’s first State dinner. Usually a state dinner has about 150 guests. This one had 300. At the last minute, the arrival ceremony had to be moved indoors, due to weather, I guess. That could lead to confusion, because the guest list had to be shortened. Also, there were several “lists” One was the people invited to the dinner with invitations. There was one or two other lists of overflow people, who could attend if people from the first list could not come at the last minute. Apparently there is always an overflow list for big WH events. There are always last minute cancellations, and a desire to see no empty dinner table seats, hence the overflow list.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      yes- I have often thought that too.

      Any yahoo and their brother would try to gain access to the pres. if they felt it would advance their agenda or cause or whatever. It is up to the Secret Service to protect the president, EXCEPT that because this was Obama’s FIRST state dinner, it appears as though they were not debriefed appropriately by the White House staff.

      The Slamai’s slipped in when there was a moment of chaos- and in a way I think it may have been a good thing, because it showed the chinks in the security armor.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Sorry, I still hate the Salahi’s and guavas. 🙂 Salahi’s, SS AND any and all of the President’s social staff were in the wrong. My only wish is that somehow the Salahi’s could be arrested for what they did.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        So….the perfect time for an assassin to get at the POTUS is at the first state dinner because everyone is so new on the job any breach of security can be blamed on that. Just sayin, that’s NO excuse. 😀

  40. Wall St Lady says:

    I respectfully ask.
    I read ur point upstream of only wanting to effect others lives in a positive way. That is consistent w/ur comments when I spoke to the trustee. Ur goodness is admirable & follows “vengeance is mine saying the Lord. On the other land our courts punish bad people for stealing & hurting other people. I believe we r safer when criminals r punished. I hope in jail they r rehabilitated. In the meantime I want they punished.
    Am I miss understanding u ?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think Shar has her line where it’s okay to be a spectator but not a participant.

      I for one have no issues with someone contacting authorities or in this case a trustee if the communication is relevant and factual.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Wow, you and hubs are magnifico! Thanx for sharing your photo. 😀

  41. Adgirl says:

    The Salahi’s. Narcissists Squared.

    I had my own Salahi’s in my life. Run Away From Crazy People.
    I’m sorry to tell you folks my husband and I (much to our regret) knew a (divorced) couple just like them. We knew them through business dealings. We figured out the husband was a liar. But, because HE was so obviously bad it was impossible to see that SHE was just as bad, only more subtle about it. There were aspects of “abusiveness” in that relationship too but nothing serious, name calling stuff.
    Oh. And to this day they are thick as thieves still.
    Coincidentally they were in the wine industry too. And they also never worked an honest day in their lives.

    Michale and Tareq. Grifters. Liars. Theives. Both of them.
    She learns her sense of entitlement (and methodology) from him.
    Obviously she is aware they are broke and scam everyone for products and services whenever possible. If they can’t get comped they just stiff the vendors. Do you think they paid for that dinner last night? Or the make up session? How many times has Michaele been confronted about paying back bills? Daily probably.

    You can tell she knows what she’s doing – because I will bet she never prepays for anything.
    Nope. It’s always she owes. No confusion there.

    Trust me. Michaele knows what she’s doing.

  42. error404 says:

    RE: flipping Out

    Yes, doesn’t every straight woman take relationship advice from 3 uptight single gay guys? I mean, if it weren’t for dateless gays, how else would women know that they are wasting their time if they aren’t legally married? The whole thing was such a joke!

    • Adgirl says:

      I have to agree with Jeff’s theory about a 10 year relationship- but it certainly is none of his business. And why why why humiliate your sister-in-law (once removed) on television in this fashion??

      Note to Jenny: Please stop peeing on the show. We get it. You’ll do anything (literally) to assure screen time.

      • error404 says:

        If I took my friends’s well meaning advice, I’d be alone and destitute by now. LOL

        People like Jeff need to learn to shut up, because life is not a one-size-fits-all situation where there is only one right answer for everyone.

        I got married after 10 years. Several people well intentionally warned me, citing examples of people they knew who ruined perfectly good 10 year relationships by getting married. Whatever, I just wish for once people took responsibility for their actions. The relationships didn’t change, they changed. My relationship is better than ever, marriage license or not.

      • quincyil says:

        Bethenny and Jenny…we get it. We have kidneys and bladders too.

  43. error404 says:

    RE: Andy’s mozel

    WWHL has made me dislike AC, more and more and more. He really is turning out to be quite “Ewww” like a used car salesman, 70s wife-swapper, and cheesy cult-like motivational speaker all rolled up in one. Ew, jsut ew.

    • Ellabean says:

      Let me also throw in :
      – late night TV silly product pitch man
      – bad Las Vegas lounge act
      – Disney child star grown up, no longer cute, and gone bad
      – way off interstate-highway cheesey motel owner

      • error404 says:

        “Disney child star grown up, no longer cute, and gone bad”

        OMG! LOL that nail was soooo hit on the head! I die. In fact, I’m already dead, that’s how much I die.

        • Ellabean says:

          I feel honored when I can make you laugh – cuz you are one of the comedic masters around here, error.

      • nathania says:

        I read that article about his boss and it made me understand his position a bit better. I think he is not listening to his inner voice at all (probably the drinking doesn’t help). I got the feeling he feels that his hind quarters are always on the line…he is trying Way too hard, and he can’t seem to get a lock on what is going to make her happy, which is probably one thing today, and the exact opposite tomorrow. That’s not a vote of sympathy, just an observation. She seems like she would be a very difficult person to work with and for. She doesn’t want Bravo to be a smaller network that performs well in a niche, apparently she wants it to crossover into the biggest demographic no matter what the cost.

  44. error404 says:

    RE: RHDC

    I’m not watching, but form reading the comments here, I just have to ask: Is there a single likable person on this show? The 5 HWs themselves should like horror shows, and their families often sound even worse.

  45. Adgirl says:

    Rachel Zoe is three months pregnant, expecting first child with husband Rodger Berman: report

    Oh, baby! Rachel Zoe may soon need to invest in some maternity wear.
    The celebrity sylist and reality star is about three months pregnant with her first child, OK! magazine reported.

    Though Zoe and husband Rodger Berman are reportedly “overjoyed” by the news, they’ve only told a close group of friends they’re expecting. (We have a feeling word will spread a bit quicker now.)

    “Rachel never really told anyone close to her that she and her husband Rodger were trying for a baby,” the mag’s source said, “and because of her ultra-skinny figure and habits as a workaholic it was the last thing on anyone’s mind.”

    In fact, OK! reported that Zoe even asks her clients to keep their kids at home when they come to the studio.

    And home is exactly where she plans to be next year.

    Said the source, “She’s going to be going on maternity leave from full time styling immediately after this year’s Academy Awards, and doesn’t expect to work again until early fall at the earliest.”

    That leaves plenty of time, of course, for Zoe to establish her new babe as the trendiest in Tinseltown.

    The couple may wait, though, “until the birth to find out what the sex of the baby is.”

    Zoe, 39, and Berman married in 1998. Her Bravo reality show, “The Rachel Zoe Project,” which documents the couple, along with Zoe’s assistants, as they work in the Hollywood fashion industry, premiered in 2008.

    It remains to be seen how Zoe’s pregnancy and time off will affect the show. This is the second twist to hit fans of the Bravo program this week.

    On Wednesday, People.com reported Zoe and her longtime assistant, Brad Goreski, had parted ways.

    Zoe said she doesn’t yet know how she’ll replace him.

    “I don’t want to hire somebody for the purpose of the show, we just got lucky,” she told People. No one’s ever going to be Brad to me.”

    Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2010/10/01/2010-10-01_rachel_zoe_three_months_pregnant_with_first_child.html#ixzz118jzXswX

    • error404 says:

      “Rachel never really told anyone close to her that she and her husband Rodger were trying for a baby,” the mag’s source said, “and because of her ultra-skinny figure and habits as a workaholic it was the last thing on anyone’s mind.”


      Guess “the mag’s source” missed season 3 of TRZP!

      Here’s a trancript:

      Brad: I hate Taylor, but Rach should have a baby.
      Roger: I hate taylor too, but Rach will have a baby soon or I’ll divorce her!
      Rach: If I have a baby, should we name it taylor? I like how it can be either a boys name or a girls. Wait, was Taylor a boy or a girl, I forget. I just know I hate her!
      Brad: What if Taylor and Rach got pregnant at the same time, would Rach’s baby hate Taylor as soon as it comes out?
      Roger: I’m contracting a hit on Taylor. Rach, you better be preggers by this time tomorrow, or I’m taking a hit out on you too. I know people. Well, Andy Cohen say he knows people.
      Rach: Baby, baby Taylor Taylor, Baby Taylor, Taylor baby, James Taylor, Sweet Baby Jane, Taylor Dane, Oh Baby Baby, Taylor Swift, Hit me Baby one more time, Baby, Taylor, Baylor, Taby, oooh, is that a donut. I die. I fact, I’m dead already.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Exactly! It’s laughable that the baby thing is like shocking unheard of news.

        The baby drama was such a well kept secret that it was known only to Zoe’s staff, family, her show’s producers, the camera and sound crew, craft services, various SoCal Starbucks franchises, Bravo, and then of course the Season 3 viewers, reviewers, and the WWW at large.

        No one heard a thing or even considered the possibility until this breaking news. A-ma-zing.

        I don’t know. Why would she have a baby when she can have someone else carry it for her? Remember Will’s wife on Glee? Just sayin’

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        ROFL MAO!

  46. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet—- Didn’t see the Tina Fay bit yet. Did she flatter or insult me? No matter which..gotta love that she even knows me. I die for her.

    Is it me or is Jill speaking more and more like Kelly?

  47. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet— chief’s back from training with Greg kleva. shes so happy. welcome home, chief.


    • Adgirl says:

      He’s a Chief, not a chef.

    • nathania says:

      Last night I had this epiphany that Dina Manzo and KKB are the same person. I don’t know why it never occurred to me before. Other folks here may have picked up on it a long time ago…Dina’s insanity was protected by Caroline on the show but on twitter it is in full force. Both with the pets (I have plenty of pets, but they don’t make me 8 years old again), both with the ‘charity’ natterings which may or may not be substantial, and both with plenty of insanity on twitter.

  48. boston02127 says:

    RCH–Don’t know if you’re on. You can try this.
    Go to Settings
    then to
    Control Panal
    then to
    Date & Time
    Reset your Date. Go back a week & click OK.
    Do a quick clean.
    Shut down normally. Start back up.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Hey Boston, do you remember when you posted this? Apparently Telewatcher has no idea what they’re talking about, not one of their predictions are actually on the show! LMAO

      Boston02127 From August 2010
      From Telewatcher:

      Who will be on dancing with the stars in 2010-2011?
      ABC’s new Dancing with the Stars Cast lineup this year is intense! 2011 television will be exciting thanks to this great list of celebrities that will be dancing on this years biggest winter time hit!

      Courtney Cox is hot on Cougar town. Now she will be dancing with the stars as well!

      Elle Macpherson is best known as a super model but is also an actress and entrepreneur. Elle also hosts the Britain version of Next Top Model. Guess she can now add something else to her huge list of accomplishments.

      Tina Fey from SNL and 30 rock will be gracing us with her skills on the dance floor this 2011. Hope she is as good at dancing as she is at making me laugh.

      Cheryl Ann Cole is an English songwriter, dancer, model, singer, etc… She is the ‘bees knees’ from what I gather.

      Vince Vaughn is so cute and is a great actor. I am excited to see him move more than his lips.

      Rob Lowe can look confident smiling. But can he look confident smiling and dance at the same time? We will see. I have problems chewing gum and walking. I can’t imagine the pressure on these celebs.

  49. Wall St Lady says:

    I am not sure what a private sale means. But it dies mean her $hit will b sold. I like the thought that the bankruptcy didn’t go thru & the trustee will put the Gorillas on work relief till they repay all the good Holts thy stiffer 😉

    • quincyil says:

      Well it seems some of the creditors are extremely angry and they orchestrated that public auction according to the lawyers. Teresa and Joe seem to be disliked in their own back yard.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        I don’t see how the creditors have any say over whether or not the auction is held. They aren’t in charge of the bankruptcy process and don’t have means or control to “orchestrate” anything. The suggestion that they do is the G’s PR spin but that’s the same source that said the bankruptcy was just a “rumor” too.

        The court and the court appointed trustee are in charge of this process: the trustee set up the auction since assets need to be liquidated one way or the other. These auctions are one means to do so.

  50. Jen says:

    Ok Magazine reporting Rodger saying Rachel Zoe is now pregnant

    • LynnNChicago says:

      WOW, I hope that’s true, good for them! Did anyone else see the Access Hollywood where they talk about the cover stories of these magazines? It averages less than 10% accuracy and the #1 inaccurate story is about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie splitting up. Not saying OK isn’t correct about Rachel Zoe – Congrats to the parents to be if its true.

  51. HD says:

    Watching DC again and I have to say….WE HAD IT WRONG!

    When Stacie was having dinner with her husband, Lynda and Ebong she mentioned that her birth mother sent her pictures of when she was a baby and of her birth father. So she was NOT withholding information. She did mention that earlier on.

  52. quincyil says:

    I thought the mutual admiration of Tareq and Michaela was interesting. The seem to be able to lie about all things and never flinch so I’m not sure about their relationship despite their claims. I think we were close to the truth when Michalea spoke to the producer about their long time problems and the treatment of her husband by her mother in law. She was in what looked like a real emotional state and said that she married him for better or worse. I think this is the worse. Maybe, it’s been worse since the beginning when Tareq’s mom got involved with Oasis.

    From what I remember reading last year, the winery was doing well, but when Tareq took over he began to take funds out of the business for his personal life. The bills were not paid by Oasis and creditors placed leans on the property. Finally, after there was a bankruptcy. There were still federal and state taxes to be paid, but the Salahis had no jobs or income. They tried to get businessmen to buy the vineyard and let Tareq run the show, but it always failed.

    Tareq is a wheeler dealer. He would like to live like a king on someone elses’s dime, but everyone seems to have his number now.

    Any man who will encourage his wife to be photographed for playboy and a few dollars is probably more in love with money than his wife. Kelly take note of this.

    • Adgirl says:

      He is certainly a dirtbag. And does for “better or worse” include partnering on his schemes? I wonder if Michaele’s parents are in the picture. I don’t think they would like their daughter taking part in shady behavior, even if it is to “stand by her man”.

      Personally, I think she is up to her neck in it.

    • nathania says:

      Apparently the parents filed a chapter 11 in 2006 or 2007 and then Tareq took it over and filed a chapter 7 in 2009 or thereabouts…I can’t figure out why they handed it over to Tareq and now the mother is up in arms about that decision.

  53. Adgirl says:

    Project Runway.
    I haven’t watched the episode yet but I did read posts here that said Mondo has had AIDS for 10 years. I read elsewhere that he been HIV + for 10 years. They are not the same thing.
    HIV is a virus that causes AIDS.
    My brother has been HIV positive for 27 years. He takes various treatments that have been successful in containing the condition from progressing to AIDS.
    I hope that Mondo has excellent care like my brother has.

    • JKW says:

      Adgirl…He has been HIV positive for 10 yrs. He has been keeping it a secret and this was the first time he told anyone. It was a pretty emotional show.

    • error404 says:

      He is HIV positive and the words “AIDS” is never spoken once on the show, so that’s just bad reporting if you read it anywhere.

      It’s also not as cheesy or ratings manipulative as I thought it was going to be. LifeTime can be very heavy handed with this show, but this wasn’t too bad.

      They don’t really go into it, but he looks to be in good health and there is no mention of any past illnesses, hospital stays, etc…

      My brother has been positive for about 19 years and is in fine health as well, with no serious illness or hospital stays either. As devastating as the news was back then, I have to admit that I often forget about it altogether now.

      • Adgirl says:

        It must be the scariest thing in the world to learn you have a dangerous illness that morph into a fatal one. My parent’s best friend Leonard was one of the early ones who died here in San Francisco of AIDS. At the time it was quite hush hush outside of a small group of friends.
        Thank God there are treatments now.

      • NormaJean says:

        It was a very touching show. I was tearing up for most of it. I think Mondo is a very talented and innovative designer.

        • lillybee says:

          Project Runway shouldn’t make a person cry.

          I hope that Mondo wins it all. He seems to be the only one who has a original idea.

          On the Twop thread, someone discovered that Michael C. is a Rom (gypsy).

  54. OneMoreinBoston says:

    Hello all-sorry I am Tardy for the Party!

    Anyhoo my Dad worked in the White House under Johnson. He was part of the military debriefing every morning.

    So yes I’ve been to the White House-when I was in diapers! My Mom was the President of an Officer’s Wive’s club that met with Lady Bird on occasion. It was such a big deal to her that she saved every single outfit she ever met her in, and also kept any and all correspondence.

    So what a bunch of BULLSHIT that was last night, huh?

    But in response to the post upthread- no way do I blame the Secret Service. They were not properly debriefed. I think this was clearly an example of what happens to untried and untested White House staff when are naive enough to get taken advantage of by con artists.

    IMHO-The social secretary was Mickey Mouse at this-sorry. She never firmly said no to these people and was so vague that they pushed the envelope pretty far.

    Yes she lost her job, but I think she should of! This incident was actually fairly serious, if you consider all of the crazies that were coming out of the woodwork when Obama was elected- I mean there was a black church here in liberal Kennedy birthplace MA that was burned to the ground that night. Still haven’t been able to rebuild it.

    I absolutely believe the Salami’s should be held accountable as well, but I think it helped to tighten security around the president- so ultimately may have proven to be a good thing.

    • American Idiot says:

      I agree with everything you said. But I have a question. Who lost their jobs. I heard 3 SS men, but did Ms. Rodgers and Ms. Jones lose theirs, or only Ms. Rodgers?

  55. LynnNChicago says:

    I’m not sure if this was discussed yet, when Cohen asked Tina Fey about the worst host that she’s had on Saturday Night Live, she mouthed a name and I didn’t catch it the first time but I know who it is now….

    Adrien Brody

    • Ellabean says:

      Oh Oh ! Lynn ! I saw her mouth that and I was dying to know what name she was saying. I thought then, damn, I am going to watch the rerun this weekend and be certain to watch her mouth at that moment very closely.

      But you saved me the work ! You are really good !!!!!

      Now I wonder why he was so bad……..hmmmm

    • tuzentswurth says:

      I thought she said Amy Poehler……she used to be her sidekick doing the news and just recently hosted SNL. This seems more in line with her sense of humor.

    • jillz68 says:

      My husband and I musta hit rewind 20 times before we figured it out. I wonder why he was so bad?

    • fairydusted says:

      Thank you! I suffered through the show twice trying to figure it out!

  56. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet Sept 29— Just did elliptical, getting hair and makeup and we’re offffffffff. I hate makeuppppp

    Kelly’s tweet Sept 30— So psyched makeup for ever opened at sephora in soho. With hd powder, I can shine without being shiny

    Sigh & Ohh, Kelly…it’s one thing to think stupid things but to put it out there….

  57. boston02127 says:

    Caroline Manzo, Bravo TV Star, Exclusive on Mommyhood, “No regrets….Am I A B-itch?”

  58. OneMoreinBoston says:

    “The Real Reason Brad Left Rachel!”


    “We knew his decision to leave wasn’t all rainbows and gumdrops!

    Contrary to reports, the split between Rachel Zoe and her assistant Brad Goreski was anything but amicable.

    An insider reveals:

    “Brad was sick of doing all the work while Rachel got all the credit. While Rachel feels used by Brad, she feels as if she taught him everything and the second he got a chance to leave her high and dry he did.”

    Of course she feels used! Rachel always plays the victim when an assistant leaves her!

    According to one of Raisinface’s friends, shit really hit the fan during New York Fashion Week:

    “Brad was sitting on the front row of every show and getting invited to as may events as his boss. However the final straw was when Brad appeared on the cover of The New York Times style section. Rachel hit the roof and reminded him he was her assistant and it was called The Rachel Zoe show not the Brad Goreski show. That was the moment that the two of them were over.”

    Wow, real mature Rachel.”

    We’re sure she’ll be throwing him under the bus next season like she did with Taylor Jacobson.

    The Real Reason Brad Left Rachel!

    • Adgirl says:

      “The show is called Top Design. Not Top Carl”.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Except Brad wasn’t sitting in the front row of every show as this recycled gossip claims….funny thing about fashion week is that people take lots of pics of who’s there and where. And if a major allegation isn’t true then doesn’t say much about the rest of it from this super duper secret “source.”

  59. boston02127 says:

    Ashley’s showing off her new tattoo.
    She should of had the word “brain” put below it. Bird brain!

  60. This blog is so interesting today that I’ve read it top-to-bottom, and bottom-to-top three times today.
    I made a new post at my blog, http://njhousewives.blogspot.com/
    “Who is Susan “B” Komen and What Does she have to do with the Housewives?”
    I know I have a lot of nerve posting that, but these ladies seem to think that they can do anything in the name of charity, and its all good.
    The Susan “G” Komen For the Cure©, actually has a lot of trouble with counterfeiters using their name & good will to promote themselves, and they have to be really careful about protecting themselves because the people who donate, really want their $$ to go for research to prevent breast cancer.
    I’m not saying that they had bad intentions, but it was a dumb mistake at best.

    • American Idiot says:

      Very interesting read, housewifehater. She absolutely should not be using the name on her website and spelling it incorectly, there is no excuse. This is a great example of fundraising gone wrong. Intentions may have been good, but time was not taken to do it correctly.

      I believe Susan G. Komen is deceased. The charity was created in her name by her family.

      I think you are right to point this out.

    • Wow, thanks for reporting that housewifehater! Her intentions may be good, but I wonder how much of the proceeds do actually go to Susan G. Komen. I sure wouldn’t buy from someone like this unless most or all of the selling price was donated and the seller was authorized by the charity. No way. Even eBay and MissionFish have strict policies for selling for charities, and I usually don’t buy unless most if not all of the selling price goes to the charity unless it is something I absolutely need.

      These pseudo celebrities and their relatives and hangers-on need to get a life. If a charity is valid, you should be as forthcoming as possible (as well as accurate regarding the charity’s name and have the necessary authorization!) and not get all hot and bothered if someone asks legitimate questions regarding said charity. Anyone genuinely concerned with the actual beneficiaries of said charity would bend over backwards to provide information. Transparency and humbleness are displayed by such a person. Anyone more interested with self promotion and self aggrandizement would react like some of these pseudo celebrities do when questioned.

    • Buffywood says:

      My previous company used to do a project with them called “Workout for the Cure” in Philadelphia. They were very hands on with the annual event.

      Thanks for not only pointing this out but for giving the link to the real organization. I am going to do a little shopping right now for my sister-in-law and nieces.

      My sister-in-law was just diagnosed with breast cancer. It has been devastating news for the whole family. She is only 37 and it is stage 4. My dad is taking it especially hard as we just lost my mom at the age of 61 last year.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:


        I’m so sorry to hear of your SIL diagnose. Praying for your family. Stay strong.

        • Oh God Buffy-I’m sorry to hear it too. From what I understand, and unfortunately its not much, but people under age 60 or so seem to have the best odds with most cancers. I think that when someone is younger, they can handle the grueling treatment a little better?
          Please keep us updated on your sister’s progress if you don’t mind?
          My aunt has completed all of it, and now she’s planning re-construction.
          When I was doing the research for “fake” Susan G. Komen merchandise, I found a T-shirt with the cutest saying that I think I may buy for my aunt. It said, “Yes they are fake, my real ones tried to kill me!”

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          What OneMoreinBoston said.

      • Noelle says:

        I’m so very sorry to hear this and my heart goes out to sil, you and your entire family. I will keep you all in my prayers.

        Give your Dad a HUGE hug for me.

        Sending Blessings your way.

      • Buffywood says:

        Thanks for the postive thoughts and prayers everyone. I am hoping she can beat this. Unfortunately she was misdiagnosed back in the winter with a recurring “unknown infection”. It is a rare type that doesn’t produce a lump but grows within the “layers”. I believe it is called IBC. She had her first dose of Chemo (a triple dose) on Weds and handeld it really well. She will go every week for apporx 12 weeks with every 3rd trip a triple does. Then a radical masectomy. It has spread to at least her lungs.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I am so sorry about your SIL.

  61. Lynn, could you post a permanent link to your new site? I had tried to get there the other night but got sidetracked. Kitten Lily is who I’ll blame for that. LOL! 😛

    • LynnNChicago says:

      The link is in the top of this page in the black bar…it is titled Old Blogs Must See w/Comments. If you click there the link is always there!

      Right now the ads are down and I’m working to get that fixed but I do appreciate everyone that is helping out with that! 🙂 xoxo

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  63. quincyil says:

    Jeff Lewis and cast are very quiet on the net. There’s a official Jeff Lewis Design site with photographs and a contact number, but it’s really his work and not a fan site. He uses twitter and facebook, but the messages are watche the show or I will be on WWHL. Jenny Pulos is very professional on her facebook too.

    If you google any of the “Flipping Out” cast, you get information on the show itself.

    I think they are being smart.

  64. quincyil says:

    Did anyone notice that Mary said Lolly would have had problems with Tareq showing up at the African Embassy fashion show? Why were they all so concerned about the Salahis coming? Do we know if Michaela asked to come?

    I also read that Mary twittered that she hit is out of the ballpark at the reunion. I think that had something to do with the accusation against Lolly too.

    I’d rather skip the White House crashing and go right to the reunion to see what they said to Michaela. I bet the ganged up on her.

  65. kmuellfa says:

    The report about the gorillas private auction from people magazine, I don’t get it. I don’t know if my brain is fried or what.

    $52K exemption? Am I the only one confused?

    • NormaJean says:

      In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy you are allowed to keep a certain dollar value in personal property and home equity. That amount is doubled if both spouses file.

  66. jillz68 says:

    Before I go and read all the replies I had to say this before I forget. Has anyone seen the movie Housesitter with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn? She moves into his house without him knowing and is a compulsive liar/storyteller. Their relationship is built on crazy stories and they feed off each other. They are Michaele and Tareq! Once my husband said this while we were watching it made sense (and made me giggle big time!)! One will start a ‘story’ and the other one just keeps adding crap to it.

    While I was defending Michaele saying she had MS, not because I believe her, but because she could have it without looking like it. The clincher for me that she does NOT have it is she said in some interview that she was going through a flare-up during the state dinner. Anyone that has MS knows that is impossible.

    LOVED the producer trying to get M to produce the invitation. These two are the biggest lying sacks of excrement around.

  67. i_shited_over-the-rainbow-to-find-the-pot-of-gold! says:

    Your guest blogger mis construde Andy Mazel of the week prize to the Bishop,when he awarded to him, Andy was basically being (sarky),because Eddie Long has a history of stance against homosexuals, he preach against them,and hold marches against gay,so Andy was basically throwing puns at the Bishop,so nothing to be ”disgusted” about The Bishop have been doing this for years I know someone personally who was taken under his wings,when she rated him out, they looked down on her,and said she was a liar ect because she had already had a horrid pass of running away from home, doing drugs ect.. Back then we were teens,shes all grown up now,and have been cast out of society ,because of individuals like the bishop, I guess fleas are not lobsters indeed! I fancy your blog Lynn :p

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      well hello.

      Yes I absolutely agree with you. I thought the whole monologue was to make fun of Bishop Long because has been an ardent homosexual hater, citing biblical passages as his justification.

      When he mimed “call me” I took it to mean “wink, wink, nudge,nudge”-your gay, I know it, you know it and now the whole world knows it.

  68. Wall St Lady says:

    Susan G. Komen.was founded by her sister Nancy Brinker who was head of protocol under Bush. She lives in PB & I had lunch w/her once. She was very nice. She is a member of the jewish country club that Madoff supposedly stole from 80% of the members. I hope she escaped that thief. She is a blessing to all women w/breast cancer.

  69. Wall St Lady says:

    WindyCityWondering on October 1, 2010 at 12:11 pm
    U R correct that an invitation to the WH does not get u in. My name as a host for Pres. Bush was on the invitation & I forgot my clearance ticket & I was not let in. My point : the Salami’s did some major grifting to get in. That is why the Sec was fired & there was a criminal hearing. The possible criminal hearings of the SEC around Madoff happened 2 years ago w/ little results.
    These things take time !

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      And let’s hope the bigger they are the harder they fall! Sorry been listening to some Bob Marley today…lol….one day the Salahis and the Guidices will get what they justly deserve.

  70. I know this is off-topic, but I just have to say that I love Jimmy Smit’s new show “Outlaw”. Tonight’s episode had some great drama & one actress even made me cry with her performance. I saw some reviews, and the critics gave it one-star, and panned it. I really hope that NBC has the last laugh with that.
    There’s another show that I happened to see this week after Glee, “Raising Hope”, with Cloris Leechman. The first time that it was on, I purposely changed the channel because I thought it would be just another sit-com with canned laughs & double entendres , (which for some reason annoy me), but it was more like “My name is Earl”, in the humor, and I thought it was pretty cute & funny.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Thanx for the review. I always forget to watch network tv. And why would canned laughter annoy you? wink I can’t stand it either. Ugh I hated 3’s Company because of the endless double entendres. Plus it was just plain disgusting. I would ground my daughter if I came home and she was watching it and told her it was because it would rot her brain. heh

      • So funny that you would mention 3’s company-that’s exactly the kind-of sitcom with double-meaning jokes that I meant. Unfortunately, it must have been on-the-air before the remote was popular, because I suffered through too much of it.
        I remember loving Seinfeld when it was on Thursday nights, so I was shocked to hear a laugh-track on the re-runs, I have to wonder if it was added, or enhanced since the original run, or if I just didn’t notice it.

    • lillybee says:

      Thank you for reminding me about that show.

  71. boston02127 says:

    my 2 cents
    I don’t think Lynda cares for Ebong as much as he cares for her.

  72. Zipit Zarin says:

    I’m kinda worried. I’m thinking the HW franchise has jumped the shark and all the people here are way too intelligent for this to hold their interest for much longer. What will we do without this forum to gather, connect and discuss?

    • boston02127 says:

      ZZ–Don’t worry Jill will be back soon. 🙂 She’s fun to hate.

    • nathania says:

      I am starting to think this myself. I get the feeling that Bethenny is in some kind of contract stranglehold with Bravo and has to be there but won’t be there as much and it won’t be the same without her, for sure. I love Alex but I don’t know if that can hold my interest. I am sick to death of Manzos and Giudices and think they should be exiled to an island rather than given more publicity so I won’t be watching NJ again I don’t think. OC is too bland after NJ, which is weird considering how I now feel about NJ.

      DC needs more women like Stacie who is at least bright, Lynda and Mary are dead weight to say the least.

      Atlanta just seems like mouth over substance. Beverly Hills…that is just stupid rich and I can’t relate to any of it, and the women look so plastic that it’s hard to believe there is a real person in there. Jumped the shark is a great description for what is going on here.

  73. LynnNChicago says:

    Bear with me here, I have a rant coming on…Teresa’s tweets from earlier today:

    @Teresa_Giudice @Oprah How bout you cancel the Oksana interview & address bullying & the SHOCKING # of CHILD suicides! @TWLOHA @trevorproject @perezhilton

    @Teresa_Giudice It’s your last season @Oprah We want stories that matter, like CHILDHOOD CANCER, not mistresses!

    Is this woman serious? SHE (Teresa, the woman who’s husband calls a man gay-rod as an insult) is going to tell OPRAH WINFREY what to put on her show, her show of 25 years, this woman who works tirelessly with charities, who gives and gives and gives! Oprah is being told by this useless piece of garbage what to put on her show???

    Better, it looks like Teresa the Troll is telling Oprah to put Perez Hilton on her show??? Teresa, if Oprah were to do a show about what is happening in the gay world right now, do you think she would have that termite on her show? Do you think she needs YOUR advice on how to put together a show on gay rights?

    This woman makes me want to put my fist through the wall, she is such an ignorant insignificant loser who has the NERVE to tell The QUEEN OPRAH WINFREY what to do.

    Why can’t these women ever come to Chicago to do their lousy book signings? I would be first in line, not for a book, but to give her a peice of my mind!!!!!

    This is the first time I’ve come close to changing the name of the blog to


    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Does Oprah even tweet?

    • boston02127 says:

      Teresa’s got her head so far up her ass she can chew her food twice.

    • nathania says:

      She sure knows there is no such thing as bad publicity, and for her there isn’t, since that is the only kind she can get. Seriously, has this woman ever had a positive public relations moment?

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      The issue of bullying is extremely important, one that Oprah has tackled on countless occasions. 25 years remember? So… now Tre is telling Oprah what she needs to do and in true brownie point form asks Perez “I did good right? Aint I nice?”

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      I noticed that Teresa has become socially conscious recently, right after the RHONJ reunion shows hit the airwaves. I could be wrong because I am a cynical person but I think she it is a PR move. She is trying to repair her image. I bet you her Publicist suggested that she become more charitable and socially conscious.

  74. boston02127 says:

    OnMoreinBoston–Are you here?

  75. Zipit Zarin says:

    Lynn, I don’t Twit but I read them on my phone. I noticed @denisleary on your Friday thingie so I clicked on him. He is hilarious (of course). So is Joan Rivers. And Margaret Cho.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I mean, their tweets are as funny as their stand-up. I spoze it’s a given they would be but what a great venue. I get laughs without having to dress for the night out to catch their acts.

  76. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet— The hamptons is so green and lush. I love my kids, dogs, and house so much today.

    ….and I love buttons and cd’s and pictures and curtains and doorknobs and clocks and rugs and tables and candles and lamps and vases and blankets and silverware and window sills and pillows and air conditioners and pans….smoke pot much Kel?

    • Noelle says:

      “green and lush”..really?! I believe she mistook the stash on the counter as the “hamptons.” lol Hamptons..hamp…hemp… 🙂

  77. Zipit Zarin says:

    @denisleary San Quentin unveils new death chamber: two drink minimum, no taunting

    @denisleary New test Results: USA is the fattest country on earth. Suck on that, skinny foreign bitches.

    @denisleary Man arrested with kilo of coke in chunk of bologna. My bologna has a first name and it won’t shut the fuck up.

  78. Zipit Zarin says:

    I posted something and it went into the ether. Maybe that’s a hint to stfu.

  79. Zipit Zarin says:

  80. lillybee says:

    Sad to say, but I think I may hate Theresa more than I hate Jill.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I hate Jill more. Jill has intelligence and uses it for evil. Teresa makes neanderthals look smart.

  81. jean says:

    let us not forget to cotinue to pray for just another mary.

  82. jean says:

    i would love to comment on sister wives, but decline to do so, cause it might cause an uproar. i will just say i dislike the duggars livestyle as well as the sister wives.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I have to disagree with you on the Duggers. What are they doing wrong? Giving life instead of snuffing it?

    • lillybee says:

      I find the Duggars very scary. Although they have toned down some of their beliefs they are all about Dominionism. Dominionism wants to establish a government based on biblical principals.

      • lillybee says:

        Google Dominionism. If they had their way I would be stoned because I don’t believe what they believe.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          My goodness @lillybee!

          Just sort of skimming along and your comment brought me up short.

          I am in awe of what an intelligent group of women we have here! I always think it -but every once in a while I need to come out and say it- thank you for being smart and articulate and slighly edgy.

          I worship at the alter of your intelligence.

  83. JKW says:

    Hi I think Teresa thinks she is smart. She really thinks people are to dumb to catch all the slimy things she does. I mean knowing what they do, what would make you even think about going on a TV show ?

  84. jean says:

    I GUESS if i was raised in a family of polygamist, and i was going to have to marry some old geezer with multiple wives with zero expectations of a real life,i would hope to well this geezer had mucho mucho multiple wives or had at least one foot on a banana peel.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      LOL banana peel. You can’t help human nature. Look what happened with Abraham and Sarai-Sarah and the hand maiden.

  85. Noelle says:

    I’m having trouble posting. Anyone else?

  86. jean says:

    jmo if you are going to give life, take care of it and dont delegate that blessing to a former blessing.

  87. jean says:

    No matter our differences please send prayers up todays for just another mary.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I’m not railing against you. 😀 Just the PC crappola about large familes.

      • lillybee says:

        I have no problems with large families. I do have problems with the Quiverfull movement, ATI and the Pearls method of training children. All of which the Duggars have followed. The have scrubbed their website for references to this but when they were first on TLC, it was clear that they followed these sites.

      • fairydusted says:

        I come from a large family as well. We helped out on occassion but Mom was always MOM.

    • Noelle says:


      I adore justanothermary and think/pray of/for her daily.
      A difference with anyone on this blog would not change how I feel or what I do.
      Have a lovely Saturday..the weather here is cold and ugly wet…yay!

  88. Zipit Zarin says:

    Those Dugger kids are happy, well adjusted and live well without being on the government dole and haven’t aborted any. GASP SO not PC!

    • It's Hot In Texas says:

      Jim Bob is a former politican from Arkansas, and as such receives health insurance for the family among other benefits. The people of Arkansas are paying for all of the medical bills for little Josie (as well as the rest of the family).

      Knowing that they can very possibly have another baby as sick as little Josie does not make sense. Just don’t have any more kids. It could also be deadly for Michelle, and she has 19 kids already that need her.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        So they should abort.

        • It's Hot In Texas says:

          No- don’t get pregnant. I said “just don’t have any more kids”.

          • Zipit Zarin says:

            Yeah well, some people don’t mind having children. We enjoy and celebrate life.

          • Noelle says:

            @It’s Hot In Texas,
            I understand what you’re saying and agree with you. I from a family of 8, 6 boys and 2 girls. I wouldn’t change my family for anything: money, fame, fortune..nothing.
            That being said, I also believe there comes a time when enough is enough(having kids.)
            Being a parent, there’s so much to take into consideration, forsaking illness as that’s never a possibility to planning the future. Then KABOOM!! The Sky falls!

            It’s reality and if I’m feeling badly about these turn of events with my own 2 children (Felt awful when I worked, always missing something) and now because of a whole set of new rules.
            To each their own…I have two beauties and while they’re still young, I’m worried I haven’t been as good as a mom as I should have been.

            My point is..19 children are wayyyy..enough, IMHO. I NO COMPREHEND!

            • Noelle says:

              ..As good as a mom as I could be.

              Sorry, I admit it…I can be quite anal.
              ha ha..NOT! 😉 lol

              • Snarkella says:

                Noelle you said it so much nicer than I did. Next time I will finish my coffee before I have a public head-fit.

    • lillybee says:

      Tell me what life are the older girls going to have. They are not educated. They can not go to college unless it is an ATI homeschooling degree. They are destined to be submissive wives and bear a full quiver to whoever JimBob thinks they should marry.

      PS I am pro life myself but I do not think that the Duggars are an example to follow.

    • nathania says:

      There is plenty of time for Duggar Dearest books to come out. They are young yet.

  89. Zipit Zarin says:

    I am against abortion. It makes me think of

  90. Jumped the Shark? I like it.

  91. Zipit Zarin says:

    Osama Bin Laden is one of 57. The west is aborting theirs.

  92. JKW says:

    To bad they didn’t abort Osama…they would have done us all a favor.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Yeah, but the point is we worship small families and they love it.

      • JKW says:

        Well he with all the people that were killed on 911 he certainly cut down the number of some families.

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          It apparently didn’t make a dent in the mind set tho. The Duggers are vilified for not killing their babies too. YES, I get it. They could use birth control but they would rather welcome all their babies into the world. How gauche!

          • JKW says:

            No one is saying have an abortion. Just prevent them. If you want 20 kids try adopting them. There are lots of kids that need homes that are already here and could be helped. Let them welcome some of them.

            • Zipit Zarin says:

              The point is they don’t WANT to prevent them. Who are YOU to tell them how to construct their family? What the HELL is going on in this country where freedom is sounding like a dream someone had “Once upon a time long long ago”

              • JKW says:

                I am not telling them anything…I am stating my opinion….as I have the freedom to do also. I am just saying if they want that many kids they could adopt. If the taxpayers are paying for their insurance then it is irresponsible. Now they are dragging the kids on a reality show.

            • lillybee says:

              I think that people should have as many children as the parents can care for if that is their decision.

              Everytime I see baby Jordyn on the stairs or roaming through the house that TLC built, I cringe. That poor baby needs attention and she is not getting it. Same thing applies to Jackson, the youngest of the lost boys. The poor kid has no reading skills at all; he thinks monkey begins with J.

              • Zipit Zarin says:

                You think that doesn’t happen in a one child family of parents who are too busy with their job to pay attention?

              • JKW says:

                I can’t reply below so am replying above. It happens in all families but it just is common sense that 20 children are not going to get much attention. There is a reason teachers want smaller classrooms…easier to give individual attention.

              • nathania says:

                that ‘buddy system’ creeps me out…each newborn is assigned a buddy which sounds like a surrogate parent to me, so your childhood is robbed from you because you are bringing up the baby your mom gave birth to not just out of love but to be a walking slogan for whatever clown car touting dictum they are following…SHE is not raising the kids, the KIDS are raising the kids. So much for child labor laws.

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            What would be gauche would be if they were having children at the expense of taxpayers. If you enjoy having children to the tune of 19, you must/should be independantly wealthy. Health insurance aside, you’d have to provide for all without assistance from the government. No cash/food stamps. Anyone who needs it can get assistance from the governement especially in these tough times, but to “LIVE” off the government, and to continue to have children is reprehensible. That said I notice children of large families ususally end up having a “few” kids. I wonder why? Nope, I already know.

  93. Jeepers says:

    Ok, I can’t take another minute of this…….Has Mr. Cohen
    lost all his marbles in this past year. and right in front of
    the cameras for all to see?
    I can no longer stand this man. He truly makes me sick to
    my stomach. What is with him with all his suggestive
    comments, (sexual especially)not only about himself, the
    guests, but now just about anyone who is in the news lately.
    He seems to think he is being funny or entertaining, but he
    is not. I think he is as much a dirt bag as are a lot of people
    who are connected to the Housewives franchaise.
    BRAVO needs to get on the ball and do some major house
    cleaning, before the new boss gets in town and does a complete
    overhaul and to them as well……Anyhow, that is what I think ….

  94. Jeepers says:

    Now I have had my say, I am going to Pogo Club
    and play canasta………………

  95. HD says:

    My goodness…you guys have REALLY taken it there since I last logged on.

    Forgive me…it is late(early)…someone mentioned the Mazel of the week being filled with sarcasm. I did not see it myself and I was shocked that Eddie Long could be the Mazel. Was it sarcasm or not?

    Lynn…This may be nitpicking but I have to do it and you know I love you. I pointed out that Stacie did not withold her dad’s picture yet that story line is still leading the blog. This is not something I read. It is something she said previously at the dinner with Lynda, Ebong and her husband. I don’t think it is fair to continue to lead the blog with something that is not true. I think it needs to be changed or retracted from you so everyone can see it. Most of us including MYSELF thought the picture came out of the blue but it didn’t. She did disclose that and should be noted as such.

    Why are we talking about the woman that had 19 kids? I don’t mind it, I just wonder how that came up.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I forgot how it came up. 😀 I’m revved up tho.

    • HD says:

      I want to say you did acknowledge that you missed her saying that in response to me saying we had Stacie wrong (like she was witholding information) but I think the blog does not need to lead with something that is not truthful. But yes, you did acknowledge that to me in a comment. But I think everyone needs to know that even those that may not scroll or read all the the comments.

      We are always on the up and up here and I want us to stay that way.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      HD I think it would be cowardly of me to just go in and change it, I said it, I own it and I have to make the correction and apology for my error on the next blog.

      • HD says:

        Of course. I certainly wasn’t saying act like it was never said. Just as long as it was noted or fixed or whatever. Thanks!

  96. HD says:

    Can someone tell me who “just another mary” is?

  97. Zipit Zarin says:

    She’s one of us who has cancer 😦

    • HD says:

      Oh. I am sorry. I did not know that. Sorry. It always takes me aback how many women on this board have had to deal with cancer. It is mind-blowing. If the Real Housewives want to start a REAL “charity” they can start RIGHT HERE! How about the I Hate Jill Zarin Cancer Fund. Not making light of this. I have dealt with my own cancer issues. Long out of the woods but lo and behold it is so wonderful to wake up and find a lump in my nipple. What are you gonna do right? Dust your shoulders off and keep on moving. Life is for the living and I will live! 🙂

      The women on this site have shown me how to keep on moving in spite of it all. This lump could just be ljust a ump or it could be cancer. Whatever it is…I STILL HATE JILL ZARIN! 🙂 Love ya’ll!

      • Tootsie says:

        HD get to a doctor immediately. My mother was determined she had breast cancer because she had multiple lumps on both breasts. Turned out to be nothing, but she tortured herself until she saw a doctor. You are on my prayer list.

        • HD says:

          Thank you, Toostie. I will be going next week. I am sure it is nothing but better safe than sorry. I am one of those persons who can’t even watch medical shows because I think I have all the symptoms of stuff. LOL!

  98. JKW says:

    Ok I totally lost the thread here. I can’t find a reply on them and no responses. I am lost so guess it’s a subject change ….or I should go to sleep. Nice discussion Zipit…we might as well agree to disagree on this one.

  99. Zipit Zarin says:

    Welp, It’s 2:39. My pumpkin awaits. Nitol. Forgive me if I get too passionate. Or not. I love a good debate so thanx for engaging.

  100. LynnNChicago says:

    New blog won’t be until this afternoon, sorry for the delay. My son has a football game at this really, really early hour this mornin 🙂 Have a great day everyone!

    • butterisafruit says:

      He must have been reading you’re excellent posts, Olivia!

      • Olivia says:

        I know! But why we debate back and forth about the “reality” of what is presented, it is what they do in “real life” that elicits the most interest in them.

        Overall they are not a very nice bunch of women who have gladly sold their souls for a shot at fame. And what their actions do in the cause of women is shameful. They make us all appear stupid, vapid, vulgar and greedy. This is what frosts my cupcakes!

        • quincyil says:

          If they were just living their real lives, it would be boring. The trips, the chef in personal kitchens…. all scripted. Looks like BH will have a lot of screaming. Sad.

  101. AZ Girl says:

    Rise and shine it is another HOT day in AZ.

  102. Wall St Lady says:

    lillybee on October 2, 2010 at 2:00 am
    I agree w/u.
    I love big families too. But if the older girls sacrifice their youth to child care I think it can b stealing their time to ANY outside activities. I don’t see the kids ever having friends.
    My mother had her last child at 40 & I was thrilled. But he is really more like my child than hers. My mother used to say “I had my own grand baby”. My bro & I r VERY close still. I had no desire to have a baby for many years cuz I knew it was all consuming .
    Ok lighter note.
    How come the “upper class”
    Ladies tend to have fewer kids.
    Separate bedrooms.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      My mom is one of eight children – none of her siblings have more than 3 children each! Maybe there is a message there, maybe not. My mother made me take care of my younger sister way too much but I guess that is all she knew! IMO the only thing that matters is that you are happy in the family you are in and your parents give you the life skills you need to have a life with knowledge and opportunities!

    • quincyil says:

      Separate bedrooms… great idea… no snorring, no waking each other up… not tennis on tv at 2AM…pong, pong, pong, pong

      I am the oldest of 7 and only had 3. My siblings had two or three. It is a trend.

  103. Wall St Lady says:

    Noell & Zip Z
    I always wanted a big family. I am so glad u had a happy family. My Dr friend is black (she said I don’t have to say Afro American unless I call my self Southern American or Irish/English American) anyway she has 11 kids in her fam. I met them all at her Moms funeral but I see her nieces & nephews all the time. All went to college several r Dr.s. All r professionals. She grew up w/starched dresses & her mom had a beauty salon so once a week the girls got their hair done. She doesn’t know how her mom did it. She says her parents were the glue.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      slightly off topic but kinda relevent:

      I have a friend who is an antique dealer. She recently purchased a beautiful lot of quilts that were made by freed slaves after the Civil War. There quite valuable and fetch a significant amount of money for collectors of that type of historical textile work.

      So when she went to bid on them, the auction house had them titiled:
      “Antique AFAM Quilts” for African American quilts.

      I liked that.

    • 2Stupid says:

      My husband comes from a family of 8. They are all very close and all seemed to crumble a little when their mom died. I don’t think having less children is a result of big families, I think it is more a sign of our economic and social times. Today most families have to have both parents working. Private school (we are Catholic) and college expenses have risen much greater than people’s incomes, that you can’t afford to have a big family. I have two children, and would love to have three more. We made a decision to stop at two, because financially we couldn’t handle more. We have the fewest of any siblings, but some are really struggling to meet educational expenses and none of their children are even in college. So I think some children from large families may have felt a sense of obligation, but I think socio-economic conditions play a greater part in having fewer children.

  104. quincyil says:

    Can we talk about social climbing?

    In the first season of NYC RH, a big deal was made out of Alex’s desire to rise to a different social circle in Manhattan when she lived in a under construction house in Brooklyn. One of the giant issues for Danielle was she was in the big house, with private planes and special credit cards and had fallen in the divorce. It burned Danielle that the Manzos sister felt that they were better than her.

    Now, we have Mary Amon who had the job of making sure we know that for years Michaela did her makeup in a department store. It seems that rising above your place in society is something that they all wish to do and others notice us attempting. Mary was born into money and she knows it. She can be friendly with stylists and salon owners, but she is the one introducing them into women of high society and they better remember that. Lolly, her daughter, has entitled written all over her face when she talks about quitting her job.

    Lynda treats models as if they are her horses getting ready for a show. She’s disrespectful to the models on national tv and she does it with a huge teethy smile.

    Luckily for me, I have never cared about this kind of thing. I don’t care about a social register and I would rather read a text book or a scientific journal than go to a fancy party where only the elite were invited.
    I doubt that Mary Amon and I would have a long conversation in real life. I don’t think there is much intelligence in that pretty head. I don’t think she could hold a conversation with a lot of the people on this board. We are probably too long down the social stratta for her anyway.

    • HD says:

      So true! So true! I watched that scene with Mary and the Black hairdresser when he was talking to Michale and kind of ignoring her in the salon. And then Mary mentioned it to him. His reaction was so extra fake to. That big cheesy grin. I would hate to live like that were I have to be fake. Like Lynda said, “you can think it but you can’t say it at least not to their face”. I can’t be fake. I want to say what I want to say without feeling like I will be considered a “second teir” person.

      By the way…If Mary mentions Michaele selling make up ONE MORE TIME! She had a damn job! Sheesh!

      • quincyil says:

        Mary’s job was being a mother at a young age. Five kids are a lot of work, but I don’t know how much of that work, Mary did.

        There is nothing wrong with being in the service industry, Mary. I was a nurse’s aid and it paid for my college education. That job let me buy food. I’m sure Mary would never do that kind of work.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          my last freelance job was for a wedding. I spent 3 hours on a Sunday and was paid $1300, between fees and tips. Cash.
          Mary couldn’t earn that kind of money legally if she tried. and of course she wouldn’t-because she’s too good to work.

  105. TEB says:

    Does anyone else think Lynda has had bad facial surgery/botox? I can’t even pay attention to what she is saying because I’m too distracted by her forhead. Her brows are uneven and arch up at the temple while the brows by her nose are lower on her face. I think it makes her look a little creepy. I haven’t been offended by her behavior on the show but I am too freaked out by her face to really like her.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Lynda looks very odd and unnatural and that is distracting because she trys to speak very intelligently. My problem with her is that she continues to make the Salahis “bigger” than they already are! She gave security pictures of them and not once did they reference the Embassy show or that they would like to be there! We know the Salahis are the embassadors of world polo policy and the use other people’s money lifestyle – why would they go to an Embassy fashion show…..no drama here!

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        Bad Botox technique- they hit a nerve and the muscle isn’t relaxing as much as the muscle on the other side.

        The only way to fix it is to stop with the Botox for about 18 months, to see if it will go back down- if not- she screwed the pooch and needs to get another type of procedure.

  106. Maite1964 says:

    Good morning Lynn,
    Thank for the great blog I’d been so busy lately I haven’t been able to watch TV this week. It was a great recap.
    I agree with you and all the comments about Andy I think he totally lost his mind. I will give him the benefit of stupidity rather than believe he has some Man Boy Love tendencies, but between his obsession with that kid fan and now this, it certainly makes you kind of wonder. His Mazel to the pastor was absolutely disgusting. Shame on you Andy!!!

  107. WindyCityWondering says:

    Michaele’s talking head has been going on lately about her exclusion from the groups activities. She comes off as a bouncy, love everyone doofus who never apologizes for either her or her uber ass husband’s behavior! Maybe some apologies are in order but not to her but from her….

    • klmh says:

      She certainly manipulates the conversation, doesn’t she? Leading and dismissing a topic/subject and then going to something else before the discussion is finished, to her advantage.
      I think you would have to be a saint to try to have a conversation with her more than once…

    • Adgirl says:

      @ WindyCityWondering. Haha. Great description.
      An anorexic Golden Retriever.

  108. klmh says:

    From Really Old Housewife of Manatee County:

    It was confirmed to me by a reliable source from Franklin Lake, NJ that Kim Granatell has been signed for the next season of Real Housewives of New Jersey. I’m sure like me, many of you are horrified that Bravo TV would want anything to do with someone who utters racial slurs without batting an eye. Maybe Bravo is planning a spin off from RHONJ for Kim Granatell- “Real Housewife of Aunt Jemima Land”. Shame on you Bravo TV for having this horrid woman on any of your shows.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      We now have another “cheese stands alone” wife – trying to get in with the others and being left out instead.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      ok-say what?

      When did she use a racial slur? What was it about?

      How did I miss this one?

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          well no it really isn’t.

          I read through the blog, clicked where I was supposed to click and saw nothing.

          Evidently someone twitted to her about a racist comment that Kim G made, but the details are very vague as you have to go on to this person’s twitter account to find it?

          Seems a little…convoluted, and 3rd and 4th hand info to take credibly- but maybe I’m wrong?

          Is this the only allegation of a racial slur?

          • klmh says:

            Well, yes it really is. She used the word Aunt Jamima Land and OHWife was offended. The point of my addition was that Kim G. has signed with the series next year.

            • klmh says:

              Sorry, post, not addition…

            • OneMoreinBoston says:

              I went to thereallyoldhousewivesofmanateecounty

              She says”I’m sure like me, many of you are horrified that Bravo TV would want anything to do with someone who utters racial slurs without batting an eye…
              You can read all my recent posts about Kim’s bad behavior this summer here”

              OK -so I click onto that link and I see that she has a friend that she says tweeted her after “…she saw the video of Kim G being stuck, to quote her “in Aunt Jamima Land”! She heard it all right. Just so happens, my dear friend is a stunning and brilliant African American Attorney!”

              I read it that the attorney is saying KimG is stuck “in Aunt Jamima Land”.

              Am I missing something? Where is the actual quote?

              • OneMoreinBoston says:

                OK, OK now I found it.

                On her way to the Lady Gaga concert, Kim Granatell got lost and laughing said she was in Aunt Jemima land.

                WOW-JUST WOW

                how come this wasn’t reported anywhere else?

                BTW the video has been removed- and can’t actually see her say it-but RealOldhousewife is credible enough that I believe her if she saw the video

  109. Shit-over-the-rainbow-tofind-the-pot-of-gold! says:

    Well hello there to you to, one more in Boston, am new on this blog always read never post,but wanted to get in on the action! Am glad you caught on to the real reason Andy gave The Bishop the Mazel of the week. I just wish many would catch on to the real reasonwhy he has Ben W on his show, not many grasp it, but I would leave that for another time.Now as far as Teresa goes she has a point about Oskana, since this is Oprah last season I would date to see the topic having to do with another poor me mistress , I d more fancy seeing a segment about families who lost,and who are loosing. Their homes, jobs, ways to embrace each other in a tough economy, not tinsel town drama!

    Anyroad back to Teresa! ,and the entire New Jersey cast. Let me clearify some old net rumors, (one) Joe is having an affair yes!, but it is not with any Tara’a F,G’s K’s or Z’s Tara is a family member of Mellisa Gorga SIL to Teresa

    Two Teresa herself have not been,so “angel like” when it comes to affairs she have had her fair share of “heaven”

    Three Tiny Manzo was connected to the mob,sorta kinda… but he was not a foot soilder or high ranker he became involved when he shouldn’t have . one of his long time friend was more heavily involved,but since Tiny was prevy to lots of infoation about the crime bosses, when they wacked his friend, they had to wack him too.it was one of. Those at the wrong place,at the wrong time events

    Four Dina, knows there is nothing there before she married,and after she married Tony, he is still chasing the golden stream day after day, night after night,he refused to do the show withDina, because he didn’t want to be mocked more than he already have been when he’s of camera, and believe me he has his fair show of mockers, in Jersey

    Five…Dina did not leave the show,because of Danielle okay I know nothing new , you all knew this, but what you didn’t know is Dina was threatend to have her dirty,filthy immorial true character exposed,so she opted out,and did not want to damage her Ladtbug project, because the information certain individuals had on her was intensely shameful

    Six Danielle well her past is already out not much more information that I can give , but she was always bisexual, she was always into women more than she have been with me, because of her past..she only married a guy to secure her future,and minipulated it by having children with him,as dumb as she looks she’s smarter than your average wall street trader, but aren’t all “criminals”? I’ve gotta say, she’s more passionate than the others

    Seven…Caroline her past us no Noble prize, she have also had her share of affair , and dirty dealings in the past,some Albert don’t even know about.

    Eight..Albert as humble as he looks,not the case. He too have his fair share ,and they are younger,and the main one he sees is around the same age as Caroline,but with a better face,and body one of those work out fanatics types

    Nine her son does not,and never had a learning disability, he was lazy to do the work,was not taking it seriously, because he was always use to slacking at his schools, and when he did his mom would bully the teachers, ect with her I’ll sue you, and take this to the media line, they thought it was going to work in law school, and since they became over night sensation. They thought people would have their backs, so they tried the I’ll sue you again line.as you all know it did not work!

    Ten…Ashley,Ashley,Ashley… No dime prize , she has always been a drug user,and heavy drinker,partier, they were one too many hands slipping down her jeans in middle, to high school, up until now ..her goal is to be relevant, but doing outrageous things to be known,and famous

    Eleven Jacquline….seems humble, but not she only became that way since hooking up with Chris her in laws was never too fond when he brought home Vegas left overs to meet them, they never liked her, and they still don’t,and yes at points in her life she was a regular beating off the bishops in cars,and in Vegas high rise condos

    twelve…Joey Gorga he did have an affair with an African American, but he has with different races not just blacks.

    Thirteen…Melissa Gorga,looks sweet,but is not,she’s very calculating, and minipulative,so is her sisters,they forced her unto Joe,so she could be set for life he wasn’t serious or ready for her,but she became pregnant, and you know how the rest goes, but Joe was always into other race of women his family dis liked it, and he had to settle for what his family wanted.

    Fourteen…I forgot to mention Tony is not gay,Albert is bi sexual, Caroline knows it that’s why she has,so much hatered,and anger

    fifteen …they should ask Ashley who was the one in that fondlingher from time to time.,and still do, but she’s away now,and older.so she knows what to do when the time is right

    Sixteen KimG….lost her screws even before she was given air time she has a medical problem that causes some mental tendencies,so that’s why you may see her acting like she does,it’s not an act it’s very much real, the sickness eats away at the brain cells,nervous system ect.people take advantage of her daily believe it or not,hopefully her family would do what is right before certain “friends” of hers drain her bank account

    • DWandM says:

      Um, My mind is spinning. I’m a little frightened right now. LOL How do you know all this? :/

    • OneMoreinBoston says:


      Welcome here, I’m happy to see you post.

      You have made some pretty interesting and serious allegations. May I ask how you are privvy to this information? Do you live near them or are you a family member?

      -Now, if you are saying that Tony is not gay what did you mean by “still chasing the golden stream day after day, night after night”?

      -I have always suspected that Jacqueline was a stripper in Las Vegas, but you are alleging that she was actually an escort/call girl? How do you know this?

      -You are also alleging that one of the Manzo brothers, either Tony or Albert are “fondling” her. That is again, a VERY serious allegation. Again, how do you know this? (have to say- that scenario never even occurred to me)

      -What illness does Kim G. have that makes her lose her mind? Is it the disease or the drugs she takes that lessens her inhibitions and behaves like an ass?

      -OK and THE most important question- WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN?
      “what you didn’t know is Dina was threatend to have her dirty,filthy immorial true character exposed,so she opted out,and did not want to damage her Ladtbug project, because the information certain individuals had on her was intensely shameful”

      Alright there my friend- you’re gonna have to come clean on this one. What has Dina done that is so intensely shameful?

      As you know from reading this blog, alot of posters believe there is more to the Dina/Caroline story and that there are skeletons in the closet. So that’s not a revelation, at least not to me, but what are those skeletons?

      And last- does Danielle know about the skeletons- which why the Hounds of Hell were released on her?

  110. klmh says:

    From Absurd to Sublime:
    This bankruptcy filing is for the Polo Club itself. Oasis Winey filed for bankruptcy last year.

    October 2, 2010

    HARRISONBURG, Va. – Alleged White House gate crasher Tareq Salahi’s polo club has filed for bankruptcy.
    The Northern Virginia Daily reports that America’s Polo Cup Inc. filed for Chapter 7 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court on Sept. 13.
    The petition says America’s Polo Cup grossed more than $400,000 in 2008 and 2009 but slightly more than $50,000 this year.
    It lists $67,000 in assets–all in the form of money owed to the company–and $329,850 in debts, including more than $304,000 for catering that is the subject of a civil lawsuit.
    A winery business owned by Salahi filed bankruptcy in 2009.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Tarq knows how to squeeze every last dime out of someone else’s business (his dad’s winery) and turn a charity into a personal income source (Polo club). Now he needs to find someone with deep pockets to be offended by so he can sue for this year’s income source.

  111. i_shited_over-the-rainbow-to-find-the-pot-of-gold! says:

    p.s sorry for the typos,but I typed that long article from my iphone,its not easy to navigate welll like it is from my desktop 😉

  112. DWandM says:

    I’m as alarmed as many are after reading about WWHL and Andy’s comment. I didn’t watch Bravo this Thursday – I’m always grateful to Lynn for recapping it for me / for all of us.


    As of over a month ago I stopped liking Mr. Cohen. He’s getting creepier and creepier the more successful Bravo gets.

  113. i_shited_over-the-rainbow-to-find-the-pot-of-gold! says:

    can’t reveal who I am or what I do,so %lll just play it safe by saying, am that annoying fly they hate swapping around them,and am that loveable fly the media would like to be on the wall 🙂 _ when I said Tony was chasing Golden stream I meants tails,girls,women ect, and no I am not allegeing I said they should ask Ashley who in the family did it, if it really even ever happen, as far as Dina goes I don’t want to be the one breaking the news, all things happen in time, but to answer your question, yes! Dina,and Caroline have skeletons in their closet,and am not talking about the new closet she built lol…Kim G I can only give tad bits here,and there

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      So, I guess you are a Blog Tease?

      Not fair! Getting me all hot and bothered like that, and then not putting out!

      c’mon- I’ll still respect you in the morning…

    • vilzvet says:

      You keep saying Tony but I assume you mean Tommy Manzo?? And yes, great, juicy stuff, but would dearly love to know how much is true?! If you can prove and verify, we would love you to stay here!

    • tuzentswurth says:

      Who the hell is Tony???and if you know something and would like to share, since no one knows you, why don’t you just share it instead of being cryptic. Sorry, I ‘m a cynic 🙂

  114. Wall St Lady says:

    y Shit-over-the-rainbow-tofind-the-pot-of-gold! on October 2, 2010 at 12:31 pm
    I am not disputing ur info. But where did u get it.
    Kim G. ??

    Home again home again
    Jiggidy Gog

    • i_shited_over-the-rainbow-to-find-the-pot-of-gold! says:

      lol I didn’t get my information from Kim G ,now wall street lady, my husband is an Executive over there on wall street, if you read what I said earlier, I am that annoying fly, I don’t know if anyone did that to Ashley, I said perhaps they should ask her, they were at one point mentions of things happening to her, because she use to act out, maybe someone was curious as to why she had certain behaviors,and she always told her friends stories,which most times were all made up or wasn’t am not sure,either way I didn’t come right out,and say anyone did abuse her…i said they should ask her… I never said Jac was a call girl, escort, I said she had he fare share of bashing the bishops, in condos,and cars..when I said bash the bishop I was trying to keep things clean, and not too Are rated

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Is “Tony” Tommy? Would that be Thomas Anthony Manzo?

  115. AZ Girl says:

    “Over the rainbow” is sounded a bit like “Tweet Maxine”. A lot of info to be released now after all this time?

  116. i_shited_over-the-rainbow-to-find-the-pot-of-gold! says:

    uh Tweet Maxine? Arizona Girl, I clearly stated I am new here I have always read this blog,but never commented until now, since everyone had millions of questions I was trying to give heads up on things, and yes I meant Tommy which he used to be called Toni, one more in Boston am not a blog teaser nor am I trying to be ,amd to answer your question about Kim G acting assisinine on the shows, it may very well be a cobination of both her sickness,health,and medications taking a toll,and yes I have known one of them at some point in my life a while back,and someone close to one of my friends have been involved with them,as far as providing proof it is not up to me to do,so, but it is up to the man,and women who were invovlved with them in the affairs, it is illegal for me to tap phones, emails,accounts,and others personal devices to record the Manzos,Laurita,Staubs of this world, I am not the FBI nor am I SS, it will be soely for all parties that were involved to come forward,and I do not hold any magic power over them to do,so my intentions were,and are not meant to be looked down on or questioned.. Am a very busy housewife,and read this blog when I have some down time..I just wanted to give my 5 cent on this NJ saga, my apologies to every,and any of whom I am offended!

    • klmh says:

      You have added to the discussion and honestly your opinion and stance on NJH is as accurate as any on this blog. Its all opinion and you get to have one too! There aren’t too many givens on this blog and it makes it fun to speculate because unless you are in these ladies shoes, that’s exactly what most of this is. Sometimes reality hits, like the Giudice’s lies and thievery, when there is nothing to be manipulated by Bravo. IMO
      No need to apologize.

  117. i_shited_over-the-rainbow-to-find-the-pot-of-gold! says:

    Arizona Girl, the individual does not want to come forward,because she has children involve, if you want all of your answers questioned just call in on watch what happens live next season,and ask certain questions to the housewives since they would just delete all questions ask on their tweets ect put to the questions to them on live tv you’d have better luck then? 🙂

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful or rude to you, and no you certainly didn’t offend me.

      I am trying to put myself in your shoes and believe you are are trying to take the high road when you don’t want to out your friend because children are involved.

      yes, Ashley may be acting out because of abuse. Or not. And if she was abused or fondled it could be by anyone near her, not necessarily the Manzo’s.
      “she always told her friends stories,which most times were all made up or wasn’t am not sure”
      So you danced around coming straight out and saying that Ashley told friends that one of the Manzo brothers put his hands on her, but you certainly insinuated it. That’s pretty incendiary, don’t you think? And pretty serious. And if true, now my heart breaks for her.

      I never heard of “bash the bishop” before, I really have to get out more…LOL
      And if what you are saying is Jacqueline was “loosey goosey” as my mother would say- yes I can believe that.

      so on to Dina:
      “as far as Dina goes I don’t want to be the one breaking the news, all things happen in time, but to answer your question, yes! Dina,and Caroline have skeletons in their closet,and am not talking about the new closet she built lol”

      I am most interested in what these skeletons could possibly be. Do you think that Danielle knows? I am interested in your take on the gang up on Danielle. DID Danielle do anything to these women?

  118. Amber...Real Wife says:

    You seem to know alot about the Manzos. Do you live in their town, frequent the salon, market etc. They (MOB) keep saying everyone is talking about them because of Danielle, untrue?

  119. AZ Girl says:

    “Over the rainbow” I was not trying to offend you nor do I expect you to reveal yourself. But, imo the extent of information and the timing of your post does seem odd.

  120. i_shited_over-the-rainbow-to-find-the-pot-of-gold! says:

    to the poster asking is this why they all gang up on Staub ,sort of it’s those kind of things where I know you, you know about my past things, where even they all have information on each other,but in Caroline, Teresa, Dina eyes they think,and believe Daniellie past is worst than theirs,because her past was criminal,and theirs are just immoral, their basically saying yes we’ve sinned too,but yours is greater, they didn’t hate Beverly,because of her past tthey hated her,because of the people she became friends with that knew the Manzos personally, they felt thresten by her, from the time Tiny M, got wacked they have been trying for years to keep a clean reputation, it was a huge embaressement to them when they offed Tiny, so since Bev knew people who knew them personally she had all the dirty on them, and each time she got tough to out them, they would remind her of her pass,so she can keep quiet, this NJ saga is like the Roman Empier, eventually they will all fall!

    • klmh says:

      Im looking at the time line. Tiny was murdered in 1983, if Im not mistaken, so 27 years ago Caroline, Dina and Teresa already had a past? Are you talking about their past or the past of their relatives?
      It’s difficult to understand how Dina at maybe 15 years of age, or Teresa at the age of 13 could already have a past.
      Do you see what I mean?

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        Also- Tiny was a Manzo. They were Laurita. They married into the Manzo family, and yes I would be a little embarassed too.

        But Dina and Caroline and their family didn’t do anything wrong. Or did they?

  121. In case no one mentioned it—thanks for posting and entertaining us this afternoon Shit-over-the-Rainbow……And yeah, I would like some details on Dina/Claudine. Are you saying that Kim G. Has Alzheimer? I guess you’re phone doesn’t have spell-check, so a yes or no will do.

  122. i_shited_over-the-rainbow-to-find-the-pot-of-gold! says:

    I was not calling out names as to whom I offended… I was speaking in general, Dawn I am not bored I have 12yeard old twins,and they are having a sleep over at the other girls house, my husband is an Executive,and weekends are is only time off,but he is always crunching numbers when he has time off,never any time for his family, it seemed that most posters here are females, at least I would like to think most of you are, lol, so I figuered I would join you women ,so we can all discuss,and relate to certain things,Arizona Girl,sorry didn’t know it was off timming Teresa name was mentioned in this blog post more than 20times including all comments,so I guessed I went off on a rant about what I know about them?…Amber yes Toni=Tommy they called him that growing up,and still call him Tony, I guess viewrs know him as Tommy..No I do not live in NJ…I reside here in Southhamptons,and my husband,and I have a beach house in NJ,I do not go to any of the salons there,it becomes very hectic, lots of them in NJ are filled with drama, more entertaining that what your seeing now, Amber my mother resides approximately 12mins from where the NJ cast resides,and she knows a NJ housewife parents for years! Amber I couldn’t tell you what Beverly, Danielly spread about the others,but what she knew,and found out was always talked about way before she dreamed of moving out to NJ,

    • boston02127 says:

      @ i_shited_over-the-rainbow-to-find-the-pot-of-gold! –Let me save you a lot of future typing. Nobody is going to believe you unless you tell us something we didn’t already know.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Thank you RainbowGold, LOL

      It felt as if you had an inside information. Please keep posting as all of us, ladies and gents love discussing all things HW’s.

  123. Shit-over-the…..I don’t think that it’s a good idea to post YOUR personal info. as a matter of fact, when Lynn gets back, I think that it should be deleted. The stuff about the cast-we can believe it or not, they are public people. but please stay safe.

    • Mel2 says:

      Housewifehater, I agree. Shit-over-the…–you’ve already posted enough personal info for someone to be able to identify you. Not a good idea.

  124. Minnie says:

    Wow, I think that’s the best recap of both shows I’ve read you do! Only second time posting but you really hit a lot of good points.

    Yea, what’s with Andy grinning and foaming all over a pedaphile priest – just didn’t get his mazaltoff. Is Andy saying he also likes little boys, too and wants to go to the church of little boys damaged? Just didn’t get it.

    Great great thoughts on the Salahis and well, all things, RHODC.

  125. Ione says:

    to find the pot of gold: from your post above-“each time she got tough to out them, they would remind her of her pass,so she can keep quiet”. Well, Danielle doesn’t have to keep quiet anymore, her past history is out there for everyone to know. What could be worse than what is already known about her?

  126. i_shited_over-the-rainbow-to-find-the-pot-of-gold! says:

    as I said the others past were criminal, Caroline, Dina, Teresa their past were immoral, as well as Bev/Dan pass was both criminal,and immoral, I don’t know what they did at age 13,and 15,but I can vouch for their older years ,housewife hater I notice you called Dina,by the name her parents,and older sisters call her 🙂 One more in Boston before anyone got involved with the Manzo clan they all knew they were threading in dirty water, I guess the women married them thinking they were going to be grandted Maffiosa status,and respect! ,and the lingo Bash the bishop is an English slang!

  127. Minnie says:

    Wall Street Lady: It’s been 30 years since I worked for DOD and was able to obtain tickets to WH events thru DOD’s WH Liason office. So, I too, know the drill of security clearances first before an invite is sent, etc. etc.

    The whole Salahi explanation/fantasy is just too unreal to be given space on a blog or a news station or in a newspaper. It’s surreal.

    What’s not surreal and is down right scary for national security is these idiots pulled it off.

  128. Yeah—-Geosomething’s mom on Twitter found that when she found Dina’s name on the Ladybug docs that Lynn has posted at the top of the page here. I think it’s at the very bottom of the legal doc?
    Are all of the Laurita girls named with a “C”, and Chris?

  129. i_shited_over-the-rainbow-to-find-the-pot-of-gold! says:

    Boston some posters asked some questions,and I answered what I know,so if they had already knew the answers then why ask?,and I can assure you, you nor others knew Albert is bisexual, I have read comments on here,and some stated Tony is gay,they have it wrong,and mixed up! Lone yes Bev past is out,but she feels very ashame of it when it’s bought up,and it open lots of wounds,thats something she doesn’t,and know to deal with, it’s a soft spot for her,and her biggest weakness, that is why they constantly throws it in her face,and the poster who said they would have my comments deleted, no big deal I will respect the owner of this blog actions against my posting, Lynn as well of all of you, have the right to boot my comments off! Housewife hater I would never reveal my personal information My husband is an executive wouldn’t be a good idea, would cause a great deal for him over there on the big Was!

  130. Minnie says:

    American Idiot: Yep, that’s a good theory about WH security. If it rains, the Secret Service gets confused and becomes discombobulated and lets in anyone.

    • American Idiot says:

      Not my theory. It belongs to Diane Dimond. I was just stating what was in her book, which I recently read.

      Don’t really appreciate the sarcasm, but if you feel the need, it’s fine.

  131. i_shited_over-the-rainbow-to-find-the-pot-of-gold! says:

    Clara, Christ, Claudine, Camila, Cookie, Carmine,Cara,Camello,Camella, Caldareno,Cabreno,have a great weekend didn’t notice I was on here this long lol I hope it doesn’t get addective for me,seems like some of you alreahave the spell lol

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Over the rainbow,

      After reviewing your posts you have provided a substantional amount of information, if that info is accurate and you want me to remove your post, please email me at LynnAHudson@aol.com

      Again, if that information is really your true info, we have some pretty good researchers here and if they see fit to do the research it could result in them finding out who you are, if that doesn’t bother you, fine, it is up to you.

  132. amy says:

    I find Andy Cohen to be completely creepy between that 13 year old boy Ben Weiner and now the one million times worse Bishop Eddie Long. Mazel to a child molestor ???? What is wrong with him? I’m the furthest thing from homophobic and I just don’t get where his judgment and moral compass is guiding him. It’s really disgusting.

  133. Minnie says:

    American Idiot: I knew you were quoting from Dimond, that’s why the sarcasm.

    • American Idiot says:

      Ooops, my bad. I’m sorry I jumped to an incorrect conclusion. BTW, the book is very poorly written. I found at least 3 errors. No way to let Ms. Dimond know. Her website does not allow comments.

  134. fashion game says:

    Dress up games featuring designer and brand name clothes. Also fashion show dress up games.

  135. What is wrong with him? I’m the furthest thing from homophobic and I just don’t get where his judgment and moral compass is guiding him.

  136. Pingback: What The Fuck Is Wrong With Dina Manzo? |

  137. Cammie says:

    I stopped watching WWHL because Andy so often does things that make me say ‘whaaa..?’ GLAD I missed the endorsement of a pedophile clergyman-I would have lost it.
    Now. Staci Turner. Who the HELL does she think she is, telling a woman’s SON (on facebook no less) that she is his half sister..?? The fact that her birth mother refuses to tell people about her doesn’t give her the right to confront an innocent, clueless boy about his mother’s past! What sin has this boy committed to make Staci think he deserves to hear such news from a faceless person on a social networking site? Thank GOD she sent him a message worded like a standard scam email. I have lost all respect for this selfish, self-centered person.
    As far as the Salahi’s go, I actually found myself feeling sorry for Michaele because she is obviously a very nervous, insecure person. Tareq seems like the villain in this story and I can’t wait for the reunion. Ten bucks says he is present and invited to sit on the couch for at least a segment. Andy will do his usual superficial job of asking softball questions and then maybe they will go away, having fulfilled their aspirations to star on reality tv

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