I Hate Jill Zarin Guest Blog – Flipping Out Oct 6, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin Guest Blog – Flipping Out October 6, 2010

Happy Wednesday everyone! Thank you once again to Guest Blogger, Quincy IL for reviewing Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis for us. Great Job Quincy!!!

Flipping Out

Working with Crazy People

Jeff is making a list and checking it twice. He finds redundancies and feels that Jenny is making errors that are unacceptable. Jeff repeats himself when creating the to do list. Jenny writes down every single word that comes out of Jeff’s mouth. She didn’t edit the list so Jeff is on her case.

Trace is about to become a Jeff Lewis design team member full time and he is picking out samples for clients. He looks forward to working with the clients directly. He wants to be professional and manage entire projects. It appears that everyone is working and it is Sunday because Jeff tells Zoila that she has to get up early tomorrow to clean as they are all going to the graduation. Trace notes that in the schedule he graduates on Mon., summer begins and his life ends.

We see Jeff making the daily rounds of OC Design with popping plastic packing bubbles trying once more to rip out the CV bush at Casa Vega, and finding excess glue on wood floors.

All Stop. Jenny has lost the day planner. She can’t find the planner in the car or the house they just inspected and she informs Mt. Jeffsuvious with trepidation. The day planner contains all of the essential information of Jeff Lewis Design, Jeff Lewis’s personal information, and client information. It is the Jeff Lewis Bible. There is no back up. Jeff informs Jenny that she is fired if they can’t find the book and they drive one half hour back to Casa Vega where Christie hands Jennie the book. Of course, Jeff takes the day planner from Jenny, informs her that she can never be trusted again and she knows that she will be tortured for the rest of her life over this mistake.

Punishment time for Jenny begins. The “Employer Incentive Program” is wadded into a paper ball and tossed into the garbage by Jeff. Jenny offers to take a pay cut for the day, but this enrages Jeff. In the interview, Jeff says, “ I am the Boss. You are not my wife. You are not my girlfriend. I am not f****** you. You are my employee.”

Jeff gets into the car with Trace in the back and Sarah in the front passenger and continues to rip Jenny because he doesn’t want to call his therapist and wait until Tues. for a session. Trace asks if Jeff has talked to Jenny privately. Sarah says that the mountains look beautiful today.

Another day, another failure to accomplish Jeff Lewis’s to do list. Jeff and Jenny find that the cabinet refinishers have not been at Royal Woods. Jeff is frantic and Jenny makes the call to Stew, who promised that the work would be done on time and has failed to keep that promise to Jeff. The young couple with a baby have a firm date for moving back into the house and that puts pressure on Jeff who in turn tortures his employees.

Graduation day for Trace! He was first in his class and received honors for being a success and working for Jeff Lewis Design. Jeff notes that there were only 14 in his class for Interior Design. The Jeff Lewis family go to the graduation. Jeff Lewis, Sarah and Jett leave the graduation to have a tail gate party while thousands of people in line before Trace get their diplomas and they sneak back into the front row seats just as he gets on stage. Jenny and Zoila wait patiently and respectfully for the entire ceremony. We see Trace’s mom at graduation, but the stars are Jeff and Jeff and Jeff. I can repeat too.

Trace obeys the schedule and goes to work the day after he graduates. He is assigned a complicated client from Florida who dresses like a lumberjack. Chuck wants and needs Jeff Lewis. Jeff sends Trace with Chuck knowing that. He tells Trace to take Chuck to lunch after picking out tile and to have drinks. He tells Trace to call if there is a problem. There is a problem. Chuck drinks and drinks and drinks. Trace dials Jeff Lewis Design and the phone number is 911. Jeff and Jenny go to the rescue, but Chuck proceeds to grope Jenny’s breast and slap Trace. Jeff laughs and is unable to take control of the situation so Jenny takes Chuck to the rest room (This is our obligatory “Flipping Out” urination moment.) At the table is a blond attractive Megan. We have not seen her before, but she seems to be there to help control the situation because we know from the start that Chuck is out of control and Jeff Lewis is going to make it worse. Jeff says, “No hitting, Chuck.” Megan, looking uncomfortable, says “No hitting Trace.” Jeff says everything is taken care of after Trace is excused from the restaurant and for the day. Megan takes the drunk Chuck away. I think Megan was one of the producers who had to come on camera for liability issues.

Jeff realizes that he has issues and that Jenny deals with difficult situations and clients when he fails to function. He forgives her mistakes for the moment. Trace will be receiving compensation for the slap in his pay check.

Next Week: House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year by Jeff Lewis Design. Would you believe that Jeff has issues with NYC contractors? Stay tuned.

Thank you again Quincy for a great blog!

I have to throw in my two cents about Flipping Out. Is Jeff Lewis a complete moron? In the past I have always given him the benefit of the doubt but last night was over the line!

On what planet is it acceptable for this client to grab Jenny’s breast and hit Trace? Protect your employees! I don’t care if this creep was Jeff Lewis’ one and only client who was going to be make or break his business. He would have been history the minute he grabbed Jenny but if that didn’t do it, the smack would have been the final nail in this guy’s coffin!

This only tells me that Jeff Lewis values money more than his employees! I have lost all respect for Lewis, his giggling and nervous smile on his face made me want to smack Jeff! For someone with Jeff Lewis’ confidence in business and his ability to give people who work for him a pretty nasty tongue lashing, how could he just ignore this situation? Why didn’t he speak up for his employees? He does not deserve these people!

Jeff Lewis is a peice of garbage!!!

Sorry, just had to get that out!

As most of you probably know, Jill Zarin is in Australia where they are airing last season’s episodes of the Real Housewives of New York. As many of us did when those shows aired, Australian’s are tweeting to Jill Zarin about what is happening on the show. I’m not sure how the folks down in Australia edited the show before airing it, but “Poor Jill Zarin” is getting a whole lot of sympathy and she is eating it up! This woman who apologized to Bethenny Frankel, Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer over and over on the reunion show is now sucking up sympathy for being treated unfairly? Sickening!

Jill also received a “Thank You” tweet from Exclusive Resorts in Sydney Australia for mentioning their hotel during a television interview. I’m smelling another “deal” here where Jill plugs a business in exchange for free services. I’m guessing that Jill’s hotel stay in Sydney was free or greatly reduced!

Don’t forget to Check out the Housewives stories on RadarOnLine:


Until Next Time….

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  1. Waxdiva says:

    Jeff always blames everything he does on his OCD. Didn’t know OCD made you stoo-ped.

  2. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thank you Lynn and Quincy for your thoughts on Flipping Out.
    Jeff is a pussy – by refusing to get the client in line after what he did to Jenny it was obvious that his behavior was only going to get worse! I was embarrassed watching Trace’s reaction to getting slapped and Jeff’s inability to defuse the situation or defend his employees (his family?). Then to end the show without dropping the client, apologizing to both Trace and Jenny? Sorry, I just can’t watch this guy anymore!

    • bubbles says:

      I agree. I was appalled when I saw Jeff just sat there while this drunken client groped Jenni and slapped Trace. I know that Jeff only cares about himself, but this was beyond bad. What if that guy had slapped Jeff? You know he would have dropped him as a client, but hey, it wasn’t him, so who cares.

      Jenni should have more respect for herself than to work in such an abusive environment. She’s old enough to know better, and I think she would have no trouble getting a new job.

      I really felt sorry for Trace. He just started this job and look what happened. Plus his role model in business will be Jeff, and that’s sad. Also, somebody should tell Trace that he needs to dress appropriately for work.

    • Agree. If anything, inappropriate touching should have been enough for Jeff to intervene on behalf of Jenny, but not even intervening when Chuck slapped Trace was too much! Trace needs to find another job and so does Jenny.

      Jeff is the boss. No matter how uncomfortable he is dealing with situations like this, it makes one wonder what he would do if someone was trying to attack one of his employees with a weapon or in a fistfight. Run and hide?

      No, the boss is the one in charge. He should have dropped Chuck immediately and pulled his employees away from the table and reported the attack on Trace to the police.

      Chuck was drunk and seemed to have no boundaries. What is he capable of doing next time? Certainly not the type of client anyone would want.

      I thought Jeff was more of a man than that. He had always seemed to be the take-charge type of guy but if he won’t even defend his employees from personal attacks…. Guess I called that one wrong!

  3. Olivia says:

    I admit to having an “interest” of sorts that revolves strictly around the NY, NJ, and possibly the OC group of women but certainly not for the “storylines” which are basically the same throughout but more so the “personalities” of the women involved.

    Jill Zarin is obnoxious in every sense of the word and only a complete personality transplant could save her. Obnoxious on camera, off camera, in the pantry, Jill is the epitome of a spoiled, grasping, self involved personality that is laughable as she does not appreciate how she comes across.

    Most of these women are self involved bores but she measures a foot taller in that department because she just never quits.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      you always sum up the Jill Zarin scenerio perfectly – it is sad that Australia has to put up with her but then again she isn’t HERE! Hate her anywhere!

    • Here, here, Olivia! Plain and simple, Jill is a joke.

    • ShelleyT says:

      Olivia, you have nailed it. She just never quits! After the reunion I thought she would get the message and lay low. But, not to be. Touring the country trying to sell the book, pushing, pushing, pushing. I am almost impressed with her determination. But, I Still Hate Jill Zarin.

  4. Melinda says:

    Please tell me the Aussie’s are not falling for Jill’s BS!!! oh please!!

  5. Olivia says:

    Am I correct in assuming that it takes 22 hrs via plane to fly to Australia? Imagine being locked up that length of time with Jill Zarin and there is no way out? OMG!!!

    • Waxdiva says:

      That’s about right! Wonder if she flew first class? If not, I could hear her shrill voice complaining for the entire flight…kill me now.

      • Olivia says:

        Twenty two hours of listening to hear her complain about the food, the bathroom amenities, the pillow, the inflight movie. I would have bailed out over the Pacific by hour number 2.

    • kmuellfa says:

      It’s about a 14 hour flight from San Francisco or LA.

  6. jen says:

    In non Bravo world Jeff would have been sued and so would the client…..touching Jenni’s breast is beyond wrong and slapping Trace is disgusting. I can not believe Jeff didn’t immediatly satnd up and say we quit, you do not touch my employees like that. Wow! I am shocked. Anyone who can defend Jeff allowing this to happen and not standing up for his employees is sick. It’s wrong man.

    • Quincy IL says:

      I watched the show carefully in order to write the blog. In my opinion, something had already happened when Trace called Jeff. The blond woman sitting at the table probably had to sit at that table because of what was happening to Trace in that lunch. My guess is the film crew was worried about Jeff’s reaction too. I am shocked that the crued client was allowed to grap Jenny’s breast or even touch her. I am not surprised that Jeff was unable to act like a man and deal with this client. He sent Trace to that lunch with drinks knowing that something awful could happen. Jeff says that he never hits, but we have seen him throw things over the years and threaten to wreck the car when he was driving. I remember him hitting the steering wheel with his hands in anger on one occasion.

      Jenny and her husband were to be the original stars of this show. They pitched the story to producers and then included there jobs with the out of control boss as a part of their show. The producers saw potential in Jeff and begged him to be the subject of the reality show. Jenny is one of the producers.

      Jeff Lewis has OCD. He admits to that. I think he has more problems than OCD. He cannot connect emotionaly to people as we have all seen. He buys their time and affection. He verbally abuses them and violates California labor laws. His own brother and sister in law look nervous on camera when they have to deal with him. That fact that Jeff wants to make the show interesting also plays a role in his decisions. It was disturbing to me when I watched so carefully. I can’t imagine working for him. I would never treat the people in my charge with that disrespect. They get a double pay check. One from Jeff Lewis design and a check from the production company. Money can make us do strange things.

      • error404 says:

        I wonder what the stats are on Reality TV “stars” and divorce.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Megan, the tall blond, also was at Trace’s graduation and posed for the group picture with Trace.

      • Adgirl says:

        Excellent observations. Jeff also can’t deal with people having connections with cherished possesions.

        I agree that something happened between Trace and Chuck before the phone call.

        Very strange episode overall.

  7. SavingGrace says:

    Does Jill Zarin pay for anything???

    What a cheap disgusting manipulative pig.

    I still hate her!

  8. Wall St Lady says:

    Ruth Madoff moved $15 into her name the day b4 Madoff confessed his crime.
    Each son had received over $50mil from their “job”.
    Ruth was stripped of everything she owned & had to leave her home w/the clothes on her back. She asked to have a fur coat but was denied. She got$1.5 mil,figured as her inheritance from her parents. She stays w/her sister in Fla. She has no home yet.Ruth has to report to the trustee any purchase over $100. The rest of the family has had their assets frozen. The sons r still living in their multi million dollar apartments. They still have their fab summer homes in Nantucket. One son got a divorce & his X changed her & her kids last name. The prosecutors say at least 11 more people will b criminally charged.
    The so called feeder funds earned 100s of millions of dollars in fees. 2 have died, one of those possibly murdered. Both of the fore mentioned earned up to 50% on their personal $ while their clients earned 8or9%. Those men knew that was impossible & that something was illegal. All claim to b victims. Many of the feeders earned more than Bernie through the fees they charged.
    It is said that Bernie was laundering mob $ & that to protect his family he is not going to sing. Since he is already in jail he has no incentive to sing
    Many of the feeders have been sued by the Government & Sec in civil suits. Each of the feeders have had all their indiv

    The feeders r not only being sued but deposed daily by SEC ,Gov. Courts & the trustee daily. Many have their $ frozen.
    It is a living hell.
    These things take time & the authorities have to prove fraudulent intent.
    Also the agencies compete against each other.

    The NASD/Finra which was the agency who had the most over site over Madoff via his broker dealer, spent the last year doing an internal audit. This week the b#*#h in charge (who earned $8mil at FINRA & got demoted to b come head of the SEC )announced that FINRA did NOTHING wrong in its over site of Madoff.
    Go figure.

    But there will b more convictions ;as I mentioned 11 in process.
    These things take time to make tight cases.

    While I am on the topic,the victims & lessons I can share.
    Too many had all their $$ in a “sure thing”. There is NO sure thing. No person should have had more than a maximum of 20% w/any one place , EVER ! The first rule of a proper investment plan is DIVERSIFICATION ! Non of the victims would b destitute if they or their advisers had followed the 1st rule of safe investing.
    As a result of this ANY advisor that brought $$$ to the feeder funds r being sued by their clients. Many went direct to the feeders & r suing the feeders.
    STAND in Line !

    Don’t get me started. The prudent man rule is the most basic requirement for all advisers. Most of the feeders lied to their clients about diversification while having 80 to 100% w/Madoff. That is an easy SEC infraction.
    One thing that is brainless & easy to get is the fees earned by feeders. I am surprised the SEC didn’t do that immediately. A firm in Greenwich earned $800 mil in fees off Madoff. I used to look at that firm (we know ALL the players) & wonder what they did that I didn’t do. Then I would say to my self : Get rid of those green eyes ! U have accomplished more than anyone u grew up w/& u need to get on your knees & thank God ,u r just fine. But I still wondered.
    Enough of my Madoff guest blog ! 

    The Gorilla’s case can take time to prove fraudulent intent. I hope that because there were so many over sites in their asset reporting that the court will b angry. Gorilla’s lawyer. In his recent filing said they thought these over sites had no value.
    The vehicles ? No value ?
    The book contract ?
    Hair $#*t account w/ $180 000 going thru it.
    Some bank account of Joe’s.

    I hope we can believe in the American Justice system to deter other fraudulent bankruptcies.
    Let’s Hope !

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      Thank you for explaining the Madoff Mess and bringing some perspective to it.

      So there was no way this guy could’ve gotten away with it if not for all the feeder/enablers that were making $ off their referrals. So he is the tip of the iceberg.


    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I’m hoping they nail those sons to the wall. To borrow from Donna Caroline- that is one family who is as thick as thieves.

  9. Wall St Lady says:


    This explaines the status of the Gorilla’s legal mess.

    Its so good I will paste the entire post.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Excellent blog with explanations to many questions asked here! Thanks WSL

    • klmh says:

      Thanks. The attorney seems to want to hear from those of us interested in this case. I will write him soon. Appreciate your information about Madoff as well. I am so sorry for the people that got caught in that net and am sure lots of folks have learned a lot from it.

  10. Wall St Lady says:

    The Giudices Get Sued!

    Your favorite Muppet-lookalike Teresa, and her husband juicy Joe Giudice (his legal name is Giuseppe; I will call them “T&J” for kicks) of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” fame were sued on September 2 by the government.  Specifically, by the United States Trustee overseeing New Jersey.  The U.S. Trustee is a division of the U.S. Department of Justice, given the significant job of serving as a “watchdog” for fraud and abuse in bankruptcy cases.  A lawsuit in bankruptcy court is called an “adversary proceeding” and the complaint against Teresa and Joe was filed under adversary 10-2150 (the main case is 09-39032).  Just this past Monday, T&J responded to the lawsuit! T&J are some bad apples — allegedly, that is!

    The complaint against our dear friends T&J sets out 5 counts or grounds on which the bankruptcy judge could deny T&J’s discharge.  Being denied a discharge is a serious affair; generally the bankruptcy trustee still sells any non-exempt assets (those above and beyond what the law says you get to keep), AND you still owe all your debts.  You do NOT want to end up in that situation as it is the “worst of all worlds” (your stuff is sold off, but you still owe your debts).  This all just highlights the importance of full disclosure when you file for bankruptcy.  Anywho, the counts and allegations set forth in the complaint against T&J are as follows (references are to the sections of the bankruptcy code):

    False oath or account, 727(a)(4)(A).   Among other things, T&J allegedly didn’t tell the court about a bank account, 2 pieces of real property, business interests, 3 cars and a boat (including a Cadillac Escalade, an F350, a quad, and the boat), several debts, a leased 2005 Maserati Quattroporte, $7,083.33 a month in income from starring on  “Real Houswives,” Teresa’s website and business, and Teresa’s publishing contract for “Skinny Italian.”  When you sign your bankruptcy petition, you do so under penalty of perjury, attesting that the documents are true and correct.  Here, the U.S. Trustee is alleging that all the stuff left off of the initial schedules amounts to a “false oath or account” and that T&J should not get a discharge.  The complaint also indicates that there is stuff that the schedules STILL have not been amended to disclose.

    Concealing assets 1 year pre-filing, 727(a)(2)(A).  Sometimes property is accidentally left off of bankruptcy schedules, but in this case the U.S. Trustee is alleging that the omission of the assets above amounts to intentional concealment.

    Concealing assets post-filing, 727(a)(2)(B).  The 3rd count is similar to #2, but deals with post-filing mischief.  The U.S. Trustee is alleging that Teresa intentionally concealed her business and website “TG Fabulicious” (which was originally named TG Fabalicious) and approximately $300,000 in income that passed through a bank account at Lakeland Bank both before and after filing (and which was not disclosed on the initial schedules).

    Falsifying or failing to preserve records, 727(a)(3).  Allegedly, T&J have not filed tax returns for 2006-2008 but they represented to the court that they had filed them.  Also, T&J allegedly failed (i.e., should have but didn’t) to produce business records for one of Joe’s business ventures.

    The “what the heck is up with this?” section – failure to explain loss of assets or deficiency of assets, 727(a)(5).  If you have been irresponsible and used assets or property to, say, go on vacation, or you gambled assets and money away, then the court can deny your discharge.  The U.S. Trustee is alleging that T&J have not explained why they can’t pay their debts with the “Real Housewives” income, or Joe’s income (in 2008 he was apparently making $54,269 a month).  If your case just doesn’t add up, you have assets that you spent on things other than repaying your debts, then your discharge can be denied.  If you have bought a bunch of stuff on credit cards and undervalue the stuff on your bankruptcy schedules, your discharge can be denied.

    If you’re interested in a copy of the complaint, you can download it from the New Jersey Bankruptcy Court website (you’ll need a public access account), or please email me as I’d like to also find out who (if anyone) reads my blog.  My next post will outline what T&J have to say (through their attorney) about all of this.  Future posts will include information about what exactly inside that Italian bordello that backs up to Interstate 287 Towaco, NJ house is being sold, so stay tuned.

    Posted by Dainen Penta at 10:35 PM 

    Labels: adversary, bankruptcy, concealment, fabulicious, fraud, Joe Giudice, Real Housewives of New Jersey, skinny italian, Teresa Giudice

    • butterisafruit says:

      Thank you for posting this.

      I believe these people have plenty of money. The just didn’t
      want to pay their bills. They will survive this and no one
      will go to jail. They’ll probably be community service and have a
      huge fine. The money to pay for all this, is waiting in a storage locker
      under some deceased relative’s name.

    • Waxdiva says:

      The US Court’s answer to their filing starts on page 11:

      Click to access Guidice%20Bankruptcy%20Papers.pdf

    • Quincy IL says:

      Wasn’t there a blog about Teresa being afraid about going to prison about the time of this filing?

  11. LynnNChicago says:


    Tisk Tisk, Ramona slaps a producer? What is going on at Bravo? Physical violence is acceptable at Shed Media and Bravo!

    • Waxdiva says:

      She got Ramotional!

    • butterisafruit says:

      It’s Jerry Springer in Prada.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      ok…if she allegedly “slapped” a producer there should be an assault charge right???? or maybe if the producer is anything like me, Ramona ended up on her ass nursing a fat lip

    • error404 says:

      knowing the way the HW franchise is marketed and promoted, I think this incident, if real, is highly exagerated. What better way to top the drama of last season and build up interest in the new season than leaking dramatic information that hints at fireworks to come. Blech.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      The Ramona slapping producer story originally appeared in Page 6 of the NY Post IIRC.

      Who were the sources for that story, I wonder.

      • Waxdiva says:

        More on Ramona’s flip out:

        Just days after Life&Style broke the news that Ramona Singer physically attacked a producer on the Real Housewives of NYC, UsWeekly is also confirming that Ramona did indeed hit the producer, except it wasn’t a slap but rather a punch!

        “She was furious and felt like the producers were ganging up on her,” says one insider. “She literally lost her mind.” Ramona, 53, was reportedly shooting with Sonja Morgan and Alex McCord when she lost it.

        “No one is really sure what exactly spurred her craziness,” a second source tells US. “But she got herself worked up over filming this scene and one thing led to another, and she punched the producer. Literally.”

        With only one month into shooting, the producers are now trying “to mediate the situation so the cast all stays filming.” And somewhere in NYC, Kelly Bensimon is celebrating no longer being the lone crazy pants on the show.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Kelly’s probably just jealous that Ramona’s getting all the attention. Wonder what kinda video Kelly will whip out next.

    • ramona_coaster says:

      Ramona should hide under a rock if that story is true. Physical violence is unacceptable. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happened. It’ll be interesting if Bravo decides to show this to the viewers. Showing Ramona go crazy cause she didn’t agree with the “storyline” would be breaking down the fourth wall.

      Unfortunately we can’t blame Jill for this since she’s on the other side of the world.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Sorry, I draw the line at physical abuse…. If this indeed happened, Ramona should be charged with assault. Wham, bam. Book ‘er Dano.

        If it’s good enough for Kiki to face charges, it’s good enough for Ramona, and anyone else who can’t figure out that they are not entitled to do whatever the heck they want and they most certainly have the right to lay hands or fists on someone else simply because they’re “upset.”

  12. cusi77 says:

    Jill will you be moving to Sydney? …. One can just dream….

  13. TheDesignDiva says:

    Thank you WSL for posting that info…..Would be interested in knowing more about all this….I hope they both get what they truly deserve….
    BTW…. I grew up in Palm Beach County..still have friends and family there…Brother in law owns the gas station in Palm Beach …on the island….WHOOHOO…My sister works there , and the stories she could tell !!!!! Before that she worked at Clerk Of Courts….more stories….wink wink

  14. Waxdiva says:

    Lynn was on her toes… her are the docs:

    Click to access giudice_ust_cplt_obj_to_discharge1.pdf

  15. Wall St Lady says:

    Lynn & Quincy
    Please forgive my rude OT interruption of a great blog.

    Look at the bright side.
    Maybe ill will feel so loved she moves 22 hours away from us & becomes an Azzi star.

    If Jennie has a brain in her head she will sue Bravo for millions of dollars. No contract she signed will stand in a case of recorded sexual abuse !

    As for Jeff having a day planner vs some form of smart phone or
    i pad w/back a up shows that he is an IRRESPONSIBLE business man & also a FOOL.

    I liked Jeff on Late Night & but think he may have been on a valium. I generally like his creativity.
    Last night which I didn’t see proved he is a coward. He has a blatant disregard & no loyalty to his employees which makes for poor moral & a lack of employee retention.
    Net Net : Don’t hire Jeff

    As for Jill ,I think most of u know I am here to
    “Hate the Gorillas”.
    Jill does not bother me.
    Unfortunately ill is like 100 other Jewish, NYC, non working, wanna b women socialites I have met in NY for years , who feel entitled cuz they r married to a rich older husband.
    Now don’t jump all over me because I said Jewish.
    Gloria said it on the cover of her book. It is my experience.
    I have said many times I don’t hate Jill. Mater of fact I did business w/Bobby’s Dad for years & went to his home in Queens for dinner at their Very modest 2bedroom condo.
    I bought from Zarrin fabrics &Bobby hung curtains in my bedroom. I like Bobby.

    Most of the managers I invest with r Jewish.
    I love to read the Torah & regularly do.
    Jesus was a Jew & I love Him.
    I a few very nice WS Jewish girlfriends. (Unfortunately in general most WS women eat nails for breakfast).

    I hope I am proving I am not prejudice.
    I said used that description on purpose cuz I would like ur feed back & know I may be reprimanded.
    But ill is a stereotype. And again there r so many Jills in NYC I am used to her type & she doesn’t bother me.
    If any of u r Jewish I think u already know I like u so forgive me
    In advance but I am curious is u think I was wrong or inappropriate in my description.

    • kmuellfa says:

      WSL, I don’t think what you said was offensive. I grew up in an area where >50% of the population was Jewish.

      When i was little, and I would sleep over at my friend’s houses, i would go to temple with the family the next morning. I went to more bah and bar mitzvas than I can remember.

      I would also say that there is a certain type of NYC Jewish woman (that does not encompass all women from NYC who happen to be Jewish).

      I will say that my stepmother is one of these “ill” types, so I know what u mean. My ex came from a large Jewish family here in Chicago, and I told him if we got married I would convert if he wanted me to.

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        Kmuellfa .. did u convert? Just wondered

        • kmuellfa says:

          Nah, we never got married. The only things I miss are his family (loved them) and the way he could rip into my stepmom. He kept me, my sister, and brother-in-law in stitches when he commented on her.

    • Waxdiva says:

      WSL: We may have someone in common, I don’t know, but you work on WS, so you might know him. D. Richardson. If you know him, you will know his first name.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I think that within our American culture, there are many subcultures.

      You would not be the first or the last to note that there is a subculture among Jewish women, or narrowed down to NYC Jewish women, or even narrowed further to wealthy NYC Jewish women that live on 5th ave. and so on and so on.

      I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with noticing the differences among all of us.

      But I think it can be a slippery slope.

      Us vs. Them thinking, or phrases such as “those people” are precursors to divisions in our society. You haven’t used those phrases at all…but

      whenever I think of 9/11-when our enemies crashed our own planes into our buildings including the Pentagon, they weren’t trying to kill just the Jews, or just the African American’s- they were looking to take out AMERICAN’s and we were all the same to them that day.

      I would have never commented on this before that day. But the people I knew that died were across the spectrum of our society, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, Black, White, Gay, Straight.

      Their blood all ran red.

      Please understand that I’m not trying to lecture or dictate morality to you, but wouldn’t you agree that at the end of the day there are more similarities than differences between NYC Jewish women and NYC Christian and NYC Muslim women?

    • Smompy says:

      Wait…Jill Zarin is Jewish??? OMG, why was I not informed!?!

      J/K Of course in some ways Jill is “culturally” similar to some other Jewish women in the New York area, right down to the Woodmeah accent. But I’m still kind of surprised at anyone who could say “Jill doesn’t bother me.” I swear, you must have the patience of a saint:) I guess this amazes me because JZ’s behavior bothers me SO MUCH! And it’s not her Jewishness that bother me at all, or even her pushiness or sense of entitlement…although those things are annoying to some extent. The woman is just horrible on so many levels. With most people I can generally find something to like about them. If I really, really try, I can almost always find at least ONE thing to like. For instance, I’ve always despised Jeff Lewis, yet he is occasionally funny on WWHL, so at least there’s that. But to me JZ has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. She’s just vile. A complete phoney who’s completely selfish and completely greedy and completely mean. Of all the TV people I hate…and there are a lot of them…Jill is alone number one my list. Jill Zarin = Blechhh!

      I don’t know what to think about Ramona’s alleged assault of a producer, but I guess until I get all the facts I’m gonna assume she had a good reason to do what she did. I mean, she managed to go all these years without hitting JZ or Krazy Kelly, so that producer must have really done something to set her off. And I’ve dreamt about punching a Bravo producer for years myself, so I can’t necessarily blame Ramona. Hopefully it was a male producer and hopefully she punched him in the nads.

      And thank you for the recap, Quincy! I stopped watching Flipping Out after that unpleasantness between Jeff and his old friend (whose name escapes me right now) from last season. I still don’t know who was right and who was wrong in that dispute – there was probably a little right and a little wrong on each side – but the way Jeff tried to completely RUIN his (supposed) friend on national television disgusted me so much that I haven’t watched the show since. The breast grab and slap would have pissed me off too, so I guess I’m glad I stopped watching. Oh, and I’ve never believed for one second that Jeff even has OCD. If he does, it’s not regular OCD. It’s some sort of very selective OCD! I notice that any OCD related issues seem to benefit Jeff but torment those around him. Wish I could catch that particular strain of Jeff Lewis OCD ’cause then maybe I could get away with being a total dick toward everyone I know too!

    • cusi77 says:

      WSL_ My hubby is Jewish from NY. I have several sisters in law… they are just like Jill and Gloria, you are SO RIGHT about the stereotype.

    • ramona_coaster says:

      There is a neighborhood near me that is 70% Jews. I have some Jewish friends who live there and are very sweet and funny but even they complain about some of the Jewish women in their neighborhood. They are rude, snobby, only stick with their own kind, neurotic, complain about everything under the sun, brag about the square footage of their home and feel designer labels are very important. I feel like their world is so small that if they ventured away from it and quit complaining, they’d have a much better life and the people around them would be better for it. No matter what race or culture, this behavior -much like ill’s- bothers me and I don’t want to be around it.

      • quincyil says:

        I must have lived a sheltered life. At fourteen, I watched a what I know now, was a Jewish lady with hands full of diamonds arguing over the price of a newspaper in a shop in Miami, Florida. I whispered to my grandmother and asked her why a woman with so many diamonds would be so upset and that woman heard me and ripped my face off. Having gone to Catholic School, I didn’t even know those words. I still remember her forty three years later. My grandmother just stepped in front of me and quietly shield me from her anger.

        I know so many wonderful Jewish women who are good friends here in Quincy. It’ s funny how reading posts and blogs bring back memories that were suppressed for decades.

  16. Wall St Lady says:

    Design Diva
    Hi the other gas station owned by Testa’s closed. Ur family owns the only gas station on the island. I go there cuz they pump for u. U give the guys a tip & its old fashion service. I love that station. It is two blocks from Worth Ave. (Rodao sp Dr of PB). It is next to my fav store : the Lilly store.
    Come visit ;hasn’t changed.

  17. TheDesignDiva says:

    WSL…next time you go there, ask for Jennifer…NEVER call her Jenny…she will flip out for sure…Tell her you saw her big sis Diva on a blog…..LOL LOL…she’ll get a kick out of it..
    I still go to PBC for all my drs… I live in chobee now and we are behind the times here..hahahaha…all cows and cowboys…..LOL LOL
    Hugs and Peace

  18. error404 says:

    The more I stew about the “slap” incident on Flipping Out, the more I suspect it was staged. In real life, this would never resolve itself as it did on the show.

    I know that Jeff loves to test his employees, and this seemed like it might have been an initiation stunt for poor Trace.

    • error404 says:

      also, I know he was fondling Jenni, but was I the only one who got a “gay vibe” from the client.

      From the start, he just didn’t seem like a breeder to me, and why exactly did he slap Trace?

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Yeah, but he also may be one of those who gets omniverous after a few drinks and his inner asshole comes out. I think he slapped Trace because he figured he could. And he was right. No body there was going to take him down or even call the cops.

        Jeff has no problem exerting and apparently abusing his power over his staff who work for him and are subordinate. But a client “behaving badly,” is a different matter. The asshole client probably is similar with those he thinks he can overpower.

        Who knows? With other folks, either the asshole wouldn’t have tried it or the cops would be writing him up as the medics put him into an ambulance.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Just to add, I of course include his treatment of Jenni. Most responsible folks I think would have stopped him dead in his tracks at that point.

        • JKW says:

          First of all there wasn’t a need for Trace to take the client out. Since I assume Jeff Lewis Co…whatever the name is….was paying there was no need for any alcohol or it should have been limited. Trace is to new to stop a client from ordering. If you notice in other scenes it seems like Jeff encourages the contractors to act inappropriate to the females. Jenny can at least defuse and take care of the situation…although she shouldn’t have to. Trace on the other hand seems like he was set up. No way would a boss sit there and let an employee be hit. Even if you didn’t give a shit about them…you would (should ) worry about being sued. The client would have been stuffed in a taxi and sent on his way and told to find another company to work with. That was just really uncomfortable to watch.

      • quincyil says:

        My computer at work wouldn’t let me log on to this site.
        I wanted to tell you I enjoyed you blog. I agree with you and others that the Jeff Lewis “Flipping Out” seems to be a scripted tv show now. They are probably having contractors refuse to be abused on screen. We didn’t see many of them this year, but they talked to Jeff on the phone. The one who did agree got fired on tv. I’m sure he hated that.

        There absolutely was no reason to send Trace into that lunch and offer alcohol to a man already acting strangly. I think this is probably the last season of “Flipping Out.” There’s no flipping, little design and too much Jeff Lewis.

        Next, week is the finale. Bravo will probably come up with more housewives cities to fill in for “Rachel Zoe” and “Flipping Out.” I’m lucky because Syfy moved some good shows to Tues and I will have something to watch.

      • stanbo says:

        The client was def gay…and Hamburger Mary’s is a gay bar/restaurant in several cities. When Jeff told Trace that he was appropriately dressed for work earlier in the day, I think he meant that he was dressed to be flirty with the client, who Jeff knew was gay – and I think the client had a little thing for Trace, and it all got out of hand.

        • quincyil says:

          Stan… missed you.

          Why did Chuck grab Jenny if he was gay? He also said that Jenny and Megan were hot. He said that Jeff and Trace were not…

          • error404 says:

            Exactly. I don’t know of any straight guys who comment on the others guys not being hot, especially if the other guys are gay. If one thing RHofAtlanta has taught us, even the biggest sissy queens readily tell women they are hot. LOL

            I think the guys was doing stupid stuff for attention, and groping Jenni was one.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            There may have well been sexual vibes there…as I said there are some guys who can be omniverous after a few drinks so gender is not so much a limitation as an expanding candidate pool opportunity.

            But in this case, IMO the bottom line to this like other asaults….it was about power, not sex.

        • error404 says:

          I think there was some weird stuff going on… almost like gay hazing. Jeff always makes fun of the way people dress, calling the women slutty, and all but calling Trace too faggy. I think he was sarcastic when he commented on the shorts. He’d have a field day with Brad G! lol

          The client was rockin a faux logger bear look, and I think he also had issue with Trace’s twinkiness. I think it’s weird he slapped him. It was a full on Joan Collins type slap one only sees on bad tv and in drag shows.

          The whole thing was just strange, almost like an inside joke.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Yeah, Trace could kinda be a target for some folks. And there was a whole lotta weird vibe going down with that dude. But I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s been around folks who get a bit creepy if not outright scary after a few drinks.

            Of course, Chuck the Lumberbuck would have had my mazel of the week if he’d treated Jeff the way Jeff treats his subordinates….

  19. cdnfillie58 says:

    Hey guys…I visited TG Fabilicious (yea I know, shoot me now but I was bored at work) alot of her products T-shirts and hats and stuff are promoting things brought up on Bravo..like Happy Wife Happy Life (insert ewwwww). Does Bravo get a cut of that too?

  20. American Idiot says:

    Best line of the night ….Trace “I can handle crazy people, because I work for one”.

  21. Obsessed with RH says:

    I posted this on the other blog but reposted because I wanted to make sure I responded.
    This was in regards to my comment saying that I am an attorney and think T & J will get away with this nonsense completely unscathed.

    I’m sorry for not prefacing that comment, I meant to say I am an attorney and sadly even though I think they’re completely guilty, they will probably get away with their nonsense because of their “celebrity status” much like Lindsay Lohan. They are as guilty as they come but their lawyers are doing a great job of working every technicality in the book. I’m sorry I didn’t respond yesterday I had a crazy afternoon. I in no way meant that they would get away with it because they had any legal basis. For those that asked I am a civil litigation attorney and have also practiced in corporate litigation as well as estate litigation, administration and planning.

    The reason I say that their lawyers are working every technicality is due to everything I continue to read, the fact that the auction was postponed, they were allowed to keep the children’s furniture etc (I know they have a 54,000 or 52,000 exemption however the egregious nature of their bankruptcy should in my opinion supersede any exemptions they might be allowed). Additionally, look at the piss poor punishment Joe got for his DUI. Granted I realize that was criminal court and this is bankruptcy court but sadly I get the impression that because of their “celebrity” they will serve no jail time and will get away with the concealment of their assets. Look at the excuses their lawyers are giving…it’s pathetic. I pray to God I’m wrong that these disgusting human beings spend the rest of their lives screwing each other behind bars because that would be the only proper justice in my opinion.

    Sorry if I confused anyone yesterday!

    • Waxdiva says:

      Lindsay hasn’t willfully tried to defraud the US Government. You really cannot compare Lindsay and the Joo-dices, other than they are both in the (cough, cough) celebrity category. Big difference.

      Doubtful that the Joo-dices will walk away from this without doing some type of time. Up to the judge. They have been laughing at the Court and the Court doesn’t like that type of behavior. Kridel filed his answer to the Court on 10-2; the ball now is in the Bankruptcy Court’s hands.

      • Obsessed with RH says:

        Ok, maybe I’m not being clear. The only way I was comparing Lindsay to the scum of the earth Giudices was to say that her “fauxlebrity” is what got her a MUCH lesser punishment than had a regular citizen like myself done the same thing. I am afraid that T&J’s “fauxlebrity”might get them a lesser punishment than they deserve. I hope that the Court does take their laughing, bull sh*t lying/deceit and other antics very seriously and uses them as an example by giving them the harshest sentence possible when it comes to their perjury about the bankruptcy as well as the concealment of the assets, however, their lawyers constant dodging is leading me to believe that sadly they may get away with less than they deserve. Hopefully I’ve clarified.

        • Waxdiva says:

          Lindsay went before LA Courts. The Joo-dices filed for bankruptcy in the US Bankruptcy Court. I understand the point you are making.

          Kridel has not been dragging his feet on anything. He has filed his answers in due time as requested by the Court. If you read their initial filing (9-09) you would see that another law firm was involved at one time and maybe the Court gave them some time to get Kridel up to speed; other than that, there has been no feet dragging.

          • Waxdiva says:

            I don’t think anyone involved in the Joo-dices’s case are impressed with their ‘celeb’ status and doubt that will play a part in any way when it comes to sentencing. However, the fact that there are four children in this mess might have some bearing. I hope they both get slammed. They are both equally involved.

            • Obsessed with RH says:

              I don’t think anyone is ‘impressed’ by Lohan’s “celeb” status either, however it did have a bearing on her punishment and I’m just bringing to light the fact that these idiots are in the “spotlight” so it’s quite possible that may have a bearing on their punishment. Bottom line is we both agree that those disgusting human beings need to be behind bars..lets just hope that the Courts punish them to the fullest extent of the law.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                I think more than the celebrity status comes into play is people with money can hire teams of highly skilled lawyers- a great example is Paris Hilton.

                Her most recent criminal activities resulting in a paltry fine and community service despite that not only did she have cocaine in her possession, she repeatedly lied to police during the course of the investigation.

                I don’t think justice is blind, I think is tainted by colour, the colour of money.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      There are beloved celebrities (can’t think of one who is currently involved in a high profile lawsuit), there are low class celebritites (Lindsay), and there are pseudo celebrities (Teresa). IMO, her celebrity will work against her because she had always put out this fabulous, label dropping, persona – to the extent it was even filmed showing her with wads of cash – who shops that way?!. And because they have no profile attorney representing them and are apparently not following any legal advice (hiding assets, lying under oath). They will eventually find themselves is a very difficult place – I don’t care what happens to them other than that they be held responsible for not just the debt but the lies as well. It takes time, we know they will draw it out but in the end they will never walk out of this with a fresh start as they envision it!

  22. Mel2 says:

    WSL, you said “If Jennie has a brain in her head she will sue Bravo for millions of dollars. No contract she signed will stand in a case of recorded sexual abuse !” I’m confused. On what basis can she sue Bravo??

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      She was groped by a client.
      1) it’s sexual assault
      2) She would have never been put in that position except that works for Jeff
      3) by having a client that gropes his employees, Jeff could be accused of having created a hostile working enviroment.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        That’s her grounds against Jeff as her direct employer, not Bravo. As far as the show goes, the production company is their direct employer, not Bravo. And Jenni is a consulting producer.

        As to a hostile work environment…..Jeff provides that daily.

        • OneMoreinBoston says:

          A good lawyer could ***perhaps*** show that Jeff sat back and allowed this assault to occur because they are BOTH employed by Bravo and were encouraged to bring ratings therefore putting Jenni in this situation.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            No way would Jenni sign a release to allwo herself to be groped so someone allowed this to happen and that would be all involved to varying degrees. Since we haven’t heard anything about this incident outside of the show I am thinking things were settled privately.

            • Need a Hobby says:

              Well at the very least, this guy’s behavior was preserved on video and shown to a few million folks….

            • quincyil says:

              Jenny almost falls off roofs, jumps into swimming pools, wears strange costumes. I wonder if she would allow that for the show.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            But they’re not actually employed by Bravo but the production company. Jeff & Jenni themselves are active participants in the production, Jenni is a producer and cast member, Jeff is cast as is Trace. They did not give up their free will and legal rights to file criminal charges if a crime is committed and all also stand to gain from the show doing well.

            Have to show cause for a civil case and just because people get sue happy—-which none of these folks have done as far as we know—doesn’t mean they have a cause for action that would be recognized by a court. Those responsible were all there at the scene. No one that we know of filed charges against the assailant or sued him. And Jenni and Trace are not going after Jeff for hostile work environment.

  23. confused......concern(∀) says:


  24. confused......concern(∀) says:

    hello Mates! ………..how do I get in touch…….with the (Admin) of this forum? thanx

  25. Wall St Lady says:

    Dva I go to a Dr in Ocachobie on Parrot next to the high school bleachers. My Dr moved from PB. I am going on the 14th.

  26. TheDesignDiva says:

    WSL..Dr Mehanni ? I now work at Five guys on 3rd and Parrott…4- 11 p.m. shift..I am an unemployed Custom Home Designer….20 yrs in biz for myself till the economy took a MAJOR dump…..I live right behind race trac on 70…..If you are in the area after 4 stop by Five Guys and intruduce yourself….I’ll be the one running around with my head cut off !! As usual……hahahahaha black cherry hair….LOL LOL
    Would be GREAT to meet a fellow “family” member in person…Whoohoo….
    BTW….they just had a MAJOR drug bust at the high school today…21 kids in jail….GO FIGURE…only in chobee


    Hugs and Peace

    PS….WSL 14th is beeday..So you can add me to your Libra List….

  27. Wall St Lady says:

    By Mel2 on October 6, 2010 at 12:16 pm.
    I am not a lawyer but as Lynn/Quincy blog points out ,it
    looked like Bravo threw in a crew member to calm things down. Bravo would have insurance
    in case some one fell. Same principal ,Bravo is the employer. This behavior happened on Bravo’s time. If this happened in my office I could be sued for providing a work environment that WAS conducive to “groping sexually”.
    U always sue the deepest pockets first.

    • Mel2 says:

      Thanks. I didn’t watch the episode so now I’m really confused. I thought it was the customer that sexually assaulted Jenny. If so, Bravo would not be responsible. If it was the crew member, Bravo would be responsible only if Jenny is considered an employee of Bravo (I doubt she is considered an employee). Any lawyers lurking around who could help us out??

  28. Wall St Lady says:

    One Month Bo
    That was so beautiful
    We all have red blood
    It made me cry.

    U r a poet !
    Did u know I am obsessed w/my cat ? His mother was a full Maine Coon cat. WSM is very jealous of luke & claims I would rather sleep w/Luke than him. Luke brings me 1′ long lizards after he has bitten the head off. He fetches anything I throw. Not too long ago we couldn’t find him & herd him. When we looked up he was on the flat part of a telephone pole. My Bro had a professional latter that missed by 2′. To my surprise when I climbed up Luke hurled himself into my arms. I have had cats since I was 8. Luke is the best !

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I have a Moon Coon cat too! She was a rescue and she was so malnourished that she never grew larger than the size of a kitten.

      She is so super cute, and is so loyal too. My house is old-1764 and I’m afraid there were mice when I moved in.

      I had lots of mousie presents from her for breakfast. I never could figure out how she laid them out with such precision for me- like she used a ruler!

      Anyhoo- no more mousies now!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I also had a Maine Coon. Smartest cat ever! She could talk and had opinions on everything. Miss her, now that she’s gone. No other cat comes close to her personality.

  29. Ellabean says:

    I just watched 12 noon repeat of The Slap – Flipping Out. I am aghast

    Agreed. The new, “Megan”, the pretty blonde (never seen before on this series) suddenly was introduced as ‘Jeff’s friend’ to accompany them to the rescue of Trace at Hamburger Mary’s. Note: when the entire restaurant scene was over and everybody went their separate ways, that Megan is seen from the back walking away while along side of drunk Chuck, clearly accompanying him. I do think she was with the production staff.

    I still don’t understand the context in which Chuck needed to show them all a slap to Trace. As if he had to “demonstrate” a slap on camera – seemed like a need to prove something (or disprove something?) – after Chuck went around the table saying the ladies were “hot” and the men were not (he used other phrasing).

    The whole scene was just weird – and upsetting for me as a viewer actually.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Chuck was creepy from the start – Trace was not handling the situation well – way to passive. The dialog at the restaurant was off base and not addressed as it was occuring, the groping and the slap were worthy of calling the authorities. Jeff is an ass and while I have never liked the way he talks to his employees there is no way I can watch Flipping Out anymore. Hopefully viewers will respond with the only power they have by not watching any more episodes and let the rating speak for them!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I believe Megan was also at Trace’s graduation and posed in the group photo.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        So is she an employee of Jeff or of Bravo?

        • Need a Hobby says:

          I don’t know. But I’d suspect she’s not part of the production company.

          • quincyil says:

            I can’t believe Jeff would send one of his female employees with that drunk after he molested Jenny and slapped Trace. He is even worse than I imagined if he did that.

            • Need a Hobby says:

              She may or may not be an employee of either Jeff or the production company. I don’t know who she is. I imagine whoever she is, she and the fellow weren’t completely unattended….just because the film shot showed them walking down the sidewalk together doesn’t necessarily mean everyone split and left them alone. It is a TV production, after all.

              She also looks IIRC to be around 6′ tall. For all we know, she may be a black belt in some martial arts. Or have a taser. Or maybe they had a chat with the asshole & mentioned this little thing about having two physical assaults all on tape. And they talked him down.

              Oh, see they missed an opportunity….they could have tased or maced his effed up ass and taped it all, if they really wanted to go for ratings.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Thank You-I could have sworn I saw her at the graduation. Maybe is is also an employee of Jeff’s but is just not featured on the show.

  30. confused......concern(∀) says:

    Hello………..Am curious about ” Rainbow Barbie”………”Rainbow Gold”…………and all other alias names she or they use once posting on forums………. I obtained some information from those alias names about a week and a half ago………. I did some research on (Google) …….noticed she posted several times on this forum….and others….. from what I have read on here……and on (RCH) blog……some are saying this person/ persons are real………….. I am very much confused and concern for the hard working blog world out there……..and would like to share ……..compare my information from this “Rainbow Barbie” Jane Doe…….. Thanx!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Please do not post anyone’s real names, e addresses, etc here – just get ahold of Lynn and let her handle it.

  31. confused......concern(∀) says:

    Okay Thanx………but how do I get a hold of the (Admin) don’t see any tabs on here for contact information?

  32. Wall St Lady says:

    The Birthday Police is LURKING !

    I am in need of singing
    Happy Birthday LOUDLY
    To all the LynnFam
    Libras !

    A gift will b provided for each
    Li bra

    Error404 u risk having to b Jeff’s assistant for a day if u don’t fess up cuz
    The Birthday Police
    Knows u r a Li bra !

    Come forth for the line up
    And state ur Birthday.

    Remember a good friend
    Remembers ur birth day
    Not ur birth date. (Southern thing).

  33. Wall St Lady says:

    No Canada
    Because u have not stated ur birthday ! 😦

  34. TEB says:

    Jenni says in her Bravo blog that she was not invited to Trace’s graduation. I wonder why? Anybody know any dirt on why she didn’t get an invite?

  35. Wall St Lady says:

    The Dec. Ladies want birthday parties & will get them.

    5. Buffywood
    10 tuzentswutth
    24 KirksvilleMo
    26 JustanotherMary

    The B Day Cop is Lurking !
    Remember : Just day Yes Sir !

    • Cakers says:

      Hi WSL~

      I enjoy your posts! 🙂 I usually lurk and read (and LMAO at all of LynnFam’s comments… Most enjoyable…ALL of you!!)

      You may add my birthday to your list, if you’d like… Jan. 12 ~ Capicorn.

      Today’s my son’s birthday. He’s my baby (6 ft., like his dad-my hubby) and he’s 16…. (*sigh*) ….They grow up sooo fast.. (*sigh* x 2)

  36. confused......concern(∀) says:

    I posted “Rainbow” information (that I thought was inside news on the NJ cast)…………..on my blog a week ago ,and………received some negative back lash from multiple ‘Anonymous” posters…….. I have spoken to “Rainbow” several times over the phone………and verified who she was………….but……. her voice on phone calls aren’t adding up ………. to her writing styles on forums……..have me very much confused…………… her writing style on forums………she uses lots of U.K. dialect……… ,but on phone calls……she’s very American…………… “Rainbow” and I …….exchanged emails back and forth for a while…………I pointed out to her……..her writing styles which brings me to believe someone else is writing her post?………….. Am English……..and I know our dialect when I see it………….. in an email with “Rainbow” today…………I informed her ………I was going to give the heads up to other blogs……..and if she has such information…………..she should take it to a reputable local media outlet…………….. I think we all know what her response was once I gave her that advice…….

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      and the plot thickens

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      I guess I’m failing to feel the outrage.

      @rainbow’s posts have been interesting but I don’t see how she’s revealing any more info on this blog than has been previously reported, maybe just solidifying some of the rumors with more details.

      She has posted that she is not going to the authorities because it means “outing” “mistresses” who have children.

      I’m not clear if her friend has been defrauded by the Guidice’s or if she herself has, or if they both have or if she’s the friend who has been defrauded, and was snubbed by Theresa in the supermarket.

      She has posted that she is not going to the authorities because it means “outing” “mistresses” who have children.

      In any event, if she posts differently than she speaks, or in fact is more than one person, I am sure that Lynn is well aware of any duplicity.

      • OneMoreinBoston says:

        oops posted my thought twice in the same posting- I have got to stop multitasking when on this blog! 😉

        • TEB says:

          My gut says Confused/concerned is not for real. Sorry Confused. If I turn out to be wrong then i will apologize (but I don’t see that happening)

        • Olivia says:

          My two cents which aren’t worth much but just the same….

          One of Rainbow’s first posts had to do with Bishop Eddie Long and her “knowledge” of someone who had been abused by him in the past. She then went on to claim “inside knowledge” of the families involved with the NJ show.

          Some of her claims were pretty spectacular as she went on to discuss Albert Sr’s supposed bisexuality and the fact that Tommy had a child out of wedlock. But it did not stop there. She managed to work in things about Ashley along with knowledge of Dina’s past and present along with assertions that Kim G is suffering a form of dementia which were pretty inflammatory and from my perspective should never have been published since we have no idea who she is or why the need to make these unsubstantiated claims.

          We have no idea who this person is or what drives them to say these things when there is no proof other than what she said. It just seemed to me, and I can only speak for myself, that she certainly has had some curious coincidences in her life that revolve around a tv show.

          It may be true but on the other hand it may not be. There are people out there who crave attention to the point that they are willing to insert themselves into the mix even at the expense of credibility.

          It is one thing to discuss what we know and see but another to bring in unwarranted comments posing as facts.

          Just saying.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      So, do you think it’s Cat from RHODC? lol.

      With Brit TV available internationally, films & literature also, as well as international travel, Brit slang, etc. not entirely a hidden mystery to the world.

      Wouldn’t get my knickers in a twist about it.

      It’s the internet. Let the reader beware.

    • justanothermary says:

      Do you actually write a blog like you’re posts. If so I wouldn’t worry about Rainbow or anyone else. They’ll all get tired of trying to figure out what you’re saying with all the …….

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Your writing style has me “confused,” btw. Complete sentences with a beginning and an end are our friends.

      And you don’t appear particularly English in either your diction or prose style.

  37. Wall St Lady says:

    I know that
    You told me that yesterday.
    I need the date !

  38. cdnfillie58 says:

    Note to Trolls and Flying Monkeys!!!! we are not IDIOTS!!!!!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Confused…..concerned is hopping back and forth between here and RCH with the same posts. Fishing for information, claiming she had to take down posts/photos and her blog is now private. Lynn will let us know the skinny soon enough.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      After going over to RCH and reading the comments there, I’m starting to get quite annoyed.

      How stupid do you really think we are?

      Super secret, private blogs?


  39. Cyotteeflower says:

    Is this site going wonky on anyone else?Hope our new confused friend isn’t trying to hack.

  40. Wall St Lady says:

    WSM has pointed out to me 0
    On 2 occasions on news net works where the Gov. Of NJ has publicly pleaded w/viewers not to Judge NJ by the NJ TV shows. He has more or less said the shows r a disgrace & an embarrassment.

    Well, u know how there has been a fear the Gorillas will be treated like stars & get off lightly.
    The Gov. Dislike & embarrassment could WORK AGAINST them.

    Just thought I would add a note of hope for justice.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO, Teresa’s pseudo celebrity status would work against her!

      • klmh says:

        Generally speaking, a celebrity is someone who gets media attention and shows an extroverted personality. There is a wide range of ways by which people may become celebrities: from their profession, appearances in the mass media, or even by complete accident or infamy. Instant celebrity is the term that is used when someone becomes a celebrity in a very short period of time. In some places, someone that somehow achieves a small amount of transient fame, through hype or mass media, is stereotyped as a B-grade celebrity. Often the stereotype extends to someone that falls short of mainstream or persistent fame but seeks to extend or exploit it. In the 21st century, the insatiable public fascination for celebrities and demand for celebrity gossip has seen the rise of the gossip columnist, tabloid, paparazzi and celebrity blogging.

    • Buffywood says:

      Speaking of Govenors, you guys in NY have an “interesting” race on your hands.

    • TEB says:

      What a great idea! We should all reach out to the Gov of NJ and say if he doesn’t want people the think that New Jersey is such a disgraceful place, then he needs to personally see that the Guidice’s get a punishment for their crimes. Love it!!

  41. JenD says:

    Ok, Lynn i have an issue, it’s OK for Bethenny to have deals but not Jill Zarin, come on. Bethenny needs to
    kiss JZ ass a million times, she got her, and Countess on the show. Hate it or love it, she’s the queenbee. Sorry i don’t see the big thing with Bethenny, she is just a girl who got lucky and they are
    all milking their 15 minutes. They are all the same.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      and they keep coming … what makes me think this is going to be an entertaining evening

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      @ JenD-
      Thank you for your contribution.
      You are entitled to your opinion.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Eh, back before it became an issue Jill said it was Bobby’s idea to suggest B to the producers. Bobby introduced B to the producers at a party. Jill didn’t “get” B on the show, B turned it down before finally accepting since the producers kept coming back to her.

      Jill can of course have as many “deals” as she wants/can get, just as the others. Has anyone said otherwise??

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      Personally, I don’t have a problem with any of the “housewives” getting endorsement deals but I disagree with you about Bethenny being just a girl who got lucky. She worked very hard to get where she is today. Love her or hate her, Bethenny is a smart businesswoman. Some “housewives” are more business savvy than others. They are not all the same.

      • Tootsie says:

        Jill got her 35 million from Bawby, Bethenny made her 14 million on her own. Bethenny is a very savy business woman as is Ramona. Crazy eyes and all this chick knows how to run a business or two. Jill and Countless know how to spend their husbands money.

  42. Adgirl says:

    Flipping Out.
    I have the impression that Jeff’s employees are OK with his behavior in that it is part of their TV job to be criticized and mocked.

    They get a second paycheck from the TV show — don’t they?

    If Jeff didn’t act inappropriately then there wouldn’t be enough tension for an office story line.

    • quincyil says:

      Maybe, he is under stress trying to make a tv show and is nice the rest of the year.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Having had to deal with people like Jeff….I’m sure he has his good points, even probably essentially has a good heart buried deep somewhere in his sock drawer.

        I’m also fairly confident he’s a pain in the ass all year round.

    • error404 says:

      I agree and disagree both.

      They work for Bravo, which loves to wallow in the gutter. HGTV is full of flipping shows that are about *gasp* flipping houses. Then again, it’s full of them, so maybe they did pitch to them and got a reject. At any rate, Flipping Out should just be retitled “The Real Housewives of LA” as it is , in it’s current state, no different than RHOOC, etc…

      It’s widely accepted that these people are not well paid and go on Bravo for the residual marketing… a book, appearances, etc… I somehow doubt that Jenni or Sarah or now Trace will ever make enough to make up for the humiliation they’ve put themselves thru. They are not making Teresa/Jill/Nene $$$$$. Isn’t Jenni suppose to be a performer of some kind. As far as I can tell, all she has to show for the show is a divorce and the sympathy of a nation.

      • Adgirl says:

        We’ve seen people put themselves out for ridicule and abuse for nothing so I guess they think it’s worth it.
        Someone upthread said Jenny is a producer on this show so she gets something, also she does voice over and other performance work plus you can see she will even pee on tv for screen time.
        Trace is getting a name for himself in the design business.
        Why Sarah is on I have no idea. Was it to have Jeff shame her boyfriend into proposing?

        • quincyil says:

          I said Jenny was the producer. I read about how the show was created a while back. Jenny and Chris, her husband, pitched their own reality show, but the producers wanted Jeff. I think that is part of the reason that Chris acted so strangely and then was fired.

        • Waxdiva says:

          Sarah is Jeff’s sister in law.

          • quincyil says:

            Sarah is Jeff’s brother’s sister in law.

            • Adgirl says:

              I understand she is related – but how will she benefit financially from this? Doesn’t seem like a good trade off to get screamed at or wear the jumpsuit of shame just cuz your BIL once removed stars in the show.

              • quincyil says:

                Jobs are hard to come by these days. Full time employees at Jeff Lewis Design have health care benefits. (Jenny is part time and would like them, but that is a no go.)

                I think Sarah needed a job and Jeff needed help.

            • Waxdiva says:

              Oops! You are correct, Madame!

        • error404 says:

          yes, and it is Jenni’s show almost as much as it is Jeff’s. Not sure it would survive without either, and she is featured prominantly in the Bravo ads.

          clearly they condone his behavior by not objecting to it.

          i just don’t agree that the show would be dull without his childish antics. Most of the situations seem staged and much ado about nothing. Really, they milked 20 whole minutes out of a temporarily misplaced note book. What next, an hour dedicated to Zoila failing to empty the dryer lint catch?

          • Adgirl says:

            they pretty much have done that epi… it’s dusty under the stairs!

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Concur re: Jeff. In fact, Jeff’s assholio-ness just about ruined the show for me this season IMO. I think I missed a few epis and caught the rest on rerun since it happened to be on while I was doing other things. Not appt TV by any means.

            Jeff’s constant complaining and abusiveness toward subordinates wasn’t interesting or amusing. Just punishing (to the audience as well as his employees) and tedious. “Up next: Jeff nags the shit out of another of his employees for breathing too noisily.”

            Not exactly, cliff hanging suspense there.

  43. Wall St Lady says:

    Correction to my up stream Madoff Rant !

    In a report announced today
    The SEC’s internal probe found no mishandling of pay during the Madoff time. Yet Mary Schapiro now Pres. Of SEC (was head of FINRA that had oversite of Madoff) refuses to name the people that were presented w/the facts of the Madoff fraud in writing MANY years before Madoff confessed.
    The report saying the SEC didn’t mess up came out a while back.

  44. Just wanted to let you guys know that I’ll be offline for a couple days, nothing to do with here, and not a health prob, just personal crap. but I could use some extra prayers if you have any , (thanks)<3-will be back soon I hope.

  45. klmh says:

    My concern is if a judge cant get Danielle S. out of a house in N.J., how effective will the state be in requiring and instituting restrictions and regulations for the Giudice bankruptcy? Why is D.S not in jail for failing to follow the judgement of the courts, twice??

    From real faux housewives about Danielle Staub:

    It was reported earlier by Radaronline that a mob tried to chase Joker Face out of Franklin Lakes with torches and pitchforks because her dilapidated mansion was put up for sale by court order at a reduced price of $1,095,000 . But Joker Face locked up the shack and moved out and refuses to give up the keys . The listing agent told Radaronline that Joker Face “has not let anybody in to show it… It’s on the market, we just can’t get in,.. Up until this point we haven’t been able to get any realtors or any buyers in. My understanding is that [she] moved out and I’m waiting to get a copy of the keys.”

    The unfortunate sucker that used to be married and mated with this thing, contacted the real state agent and said that he ‘“wants his share of the money out of the house…Thomas contacted me when the court ordered the sale in February and he signed the listing paperwork,”

    The ex also stated that he doesn’t want to comment and get involved. Poor guy he is probly’ traumatized from dealing with this evil bitch.

    The agent then contacted Joker Face to get her to comply. But of course psycho ass just told the realtor to fuck off: “I called her [Danielle] to get her to cooperate with the order and she pretty much cast me aside and said she didn’t intend to sell and planned to refinance and pay her husband off and that was that.”

    But since Joker Face wanted to play asshole, the agents had to go before a judge to force this ho’ to cooperate . A lock box was supposed to be provided but that also fell through: “She [Danielle] refused to cooperate and give us keys. Ultimately after playing around for a couple months, in August they went back into court and a consent order was arrived at between Danielle’s attorney and her ex-husband’s attorney where she was basically ordered out of the house,.. My understanding is that she only moved out a couple weeks ago and for lack of better expression, is dragging her feet getting the remainder of her personal effects out of the house so that we can show it,.. I imagine if she doesn’t give us the keys sooner than later they’ll end up having to go back into court…without a court order from the court she doesn’t seem to cooperate in any form.”

    The agent also said that the house is all fucked up and they have not been able to hire a cleaning service: “If you go by the house now, the landscaping is all overgrown; it’s in a state of disrepair,”

    After all this shit this bitch is still uncooperative. She has made sure to make it difficult for these agents to do their job and get this rambshackle sold. But what do you expect from this ho’. Click here for pictures of the house.

    Whoever buys that house is gonna have to make sure that they hire a Priest and a Shaman and maybe even a Rabbi, to do an exorcism to get rid of all the evil demons from hell, that came out of Joker Face’s scary ass in the years she lived there and are still lurking in the house. They better make sure to sprinkle holy water and cast a salt circle around the house or else that shit is gonna be like the Amityville Horror.

    I feel sorry for these poor agents and anybody that has to deal with this psychotic difficult nightmare beast from hell. May God help them.

  46. Wall St Lady says:


    If u don’t have a trash can handy I suggest u pass on the link.
    Just like Ms Ape spread the rumor of DWTS invitation she leaks thru her local newspaper
    No less that Bravo (who won’t comment)wants to give her own show cuz she is the most popular of all the HW in all the cities.

    • quincyil says:

      Oh, my. Teresa’s head must be the size of Humpty Dumpty’s head right now.

    • Ellabean says:

      The person at the Daily Record who leaks rumor for them – must get paid in 14” large pies; toppings optional.

      • Olivia says:

        I think it is a fabulous idea! Think of the “storyline”.

        Teresa meeting with her lawyers.
        Teresa going to court. (Kim G in tow as her “support)
        Teresa overseeing the auction of her prized crap going out the front door.
        Teresa taking pizza orders over the phone.
        Teresa conferring with her parole officer.
        Teresa chauffeuring Joe to and from the strip clubs.
        Teresa shopping at Target and Big Lots.
        Teresa locking herself in the bathroom just to get away from those 4 screeching brats.
        Teresa raiding the kids piggy banks for gas money.
        Teresa having to surrender Audriana to the fertility clinic for non payment.
        Teresa cutting her own lawn.

        The list is endless for episodes in the life of the “Real Teresa of NJ”.

        Love it already!

      • celeste says:

        Yeah, T and J make cow pies. 14″ Can you smell the bullshit?

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      Teresa leaked this to her buddy Rob Shuter from Popeater yesterday. A lot of other media outlets have picked up on it. I heard a rumor that another network was interested in giving Teresa her own show but I don’t know if I believe it. Teresa is still in negotiations with Bravo for season four of RHONJ and I think she is starting these rumors, just like she did when she claimed that DWTS was interested in her. Bravo has been playing hardball with her and I think she is leaking spin-off rumors to gain leverage in her contract negotiations.

      • icantstandthetoxicity says:

        I meant to say that Teresa is still in negotiations with Bravo for season 3 of RHONJ.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      and how did she determine she is the most popular housewife? what a deluded declasse doofus…

    • Need a Hobby says:

      They’re just repeating RobJob’s previous online article.

      And RobJob himself has been accused of lifting his material from others. I know I’ve seen some Rob claim “exclusive” for material I’ve previously seen elsewhere.

      I think Rob took what someone first posted elsewhere, elaborated (perhaps creatively so), and then put it online as his own “scoop.”

  47. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    completely off topic, but I would like to share that I am very happy because we are indulging in SKYLINE cheese coneys and three ways tonight! YUM!

    • Ellabean says:

      Okay Duchess – what is a cheese coney for three for goodness sakes?!!!

    • kmuellfa says:

      Duchess, my father is from Cincinnati and I grew up with Cincinnati chili. He used to make it all the time when I was little. A couple of years ago I found this recipe and gave it a shot.


      Before it was done, I got so excited because it looked and smelled just like I remembered. It was AMAZING. If anyone wants to try it, don’t be scared by the spices used.

      It is unlike anything you have had before, and it’s a perfect hearty meal to make now that it’s starting to get colder. (Not hard to make either)

  48. Adgirl says:

    Teresa getting her own show? Can’t she and Juicy star in a marathon of COPS?

  49. Waxdiva says:

    Does anyone know the cost of IVF? The Joo-dices ripped off their IVF clinic for $11,768.62. Would that amount be for one time?

    What could have been the problem with them getting pregnant? Teresa claims that she and Juicy have sex at least once a day. Were they doing it so much that he ran out of sperm?

    • error404 says:

      She claims to be 38, but is probably more like 42. That in and of itself could be cause, but someone mentioned way back when that the clinic may also do those procedures to promote one sex over the other. Maybe Juicy refuses to pay since they ended up with yet another girl.

    • TT in OC says:

      In 2008/2009, I was quoted for $12,000 (orange county, ca price).

      • TT in OC says:

        I did not use IVF. If both spouse are “healthy”, the doctor would recommend them to a simplier procedure which I did. I tried the procedure twice and it costed us over $8,000.

        • TEB says:

          *speculating* but there is a procedure that can be done that can increase your odds for having a certain sex child.

          • Yeah, it exists. I know a couple that did it. (A doctor and his wife) They had 5 girls and were dead set on a boy.

            They spent a small fortune having this done, and wouldn’t you know it…the baby was another girl. They should have just gone to the Holiday Inn!

            On the sad side, the clinic (relayed by the mom) said this was their first “failure.” Yes, I said it…a healthy baby girl was considered a failure! But she was a well-loved, happy addition to their family.

            The couple did not learn their lesson however. They had 2 more girls before they finally had the much-wanted male child. I hope he peed on their toilet seats and never lowered the lid!

            • vilzvet says:

              Wow, eight girls and one boy, I believe that’s the exact opposite of the Osmonds!

              • quincyil says:

                My Irish great grandmother had 13 daughters and no son. She lived to 106 and had a long yellow braid. I remember her surrounded by very old women, her daughters, when I was tiny. She had grandsons and great grandsons so she finally got a boy.

  50. realminkey says:

    Uh-oh. What’s Jill Zarin going to do when she finds out that TERESA is the most popular housewife? lol

    These women are so delusional. My mother has a neighbor who says she’s Cary Grant’s widow, and she’s the President of Harvard. And in her own mind she is! The difference is, my mom’s neighbor is about 85 years old. She has an excuse.

    • error404 says:

      I think 85 is too old to be Grant’s widow. She should work more on her believability. Then again, the housewives never do, so why bother. LOL

      Anyone know whatever happened to the daughter he had with Diane Cannon?

      • error404 says:

        I love you Wiki!

        The widow is about 60 and the kid, an actress, was on 90210 and friends. Hmm…

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Wasn’t Gary Grants granddaughter on some show about addiction-maybe Celbrity Rahab- and her brother (Grants Grandson) was viciously stabbed in some sort of altercation?

      • Ellabean says:

        “Dyan” – sorry error, just had to write it out. Yes, they had a daughter. I do remember her – I think she has dropped out of show biz.

  51. shamrockblonde says:

    hello everyone!! – I know this is supposed to be about Flipping Out, but I just saw this and had to share –


    no word on what caused it –

    and thanks Lynn – for this site and thanks to all of you for all the smiles – *hugs*

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      If this is true, Ramona should either be fired or suspended from the show. I remember Spencer Pratt threatened a producer or a PA on The Hills- as was suspended from the show and had to take anger management classes.

    • realminkey says:

      As a mom, it pains me to ask this, but am I the only one here, who fantasizes about Jill’s daughter going off to college and turning into a total party girl, slut, waste product, drop-out? Certainly I really don’t wish ill upon anyone’s child, but if there was ever a parent who deserved this outcome, it’s Jill.

      • error404 says:

        I see Ally as more one of those middle aged dateless women who are addicted to therapy.

        • quincyil says:

          I wondered if Jill had therapy at the time all of last season was being filmed. Surely the therapist would have straightened out her thinking.

        • Ellabean says:

          On an optimistic note: I see Ally as becoming a psychotherapist – specializing in childhood-mommy control issues.

    • lillybee says:

      I like Ally but I wish she was going to a college thousands away from her Mom.

  52. realminkey says:

    Was she hitting the Pinot a little too hard that day?

    I confess. There’s something wrong with me, because even though I’ve known she’s batshit crazy for years now, and even though I’ve read about this latest incident, I still like her. I need help, I know I do.

    • realminkey says:

      The above regarding Ramona, of course.

      • Ellabean says:

        Real, it’s okay, I still love Ramona too. Best husband in the franchise – great daughter – runs a long time business – looks terrific at 53-ish – gorgeous homes.

        By the way – I LOVE your screen name. From Return of the Pink Panther ?

  53. quincyil says:

    “Flipping Out” blogs are up at bravo.


    Chuck is still a valued customer of JLD. Hard to stomach. Jeff really has a screw loose.

    • Adgirl says:

      I know I’ll get piled up on for this but I’ve put up with worse behavior from clients (although not slapping – that was too much!). Leering, dirty jokes, screaming profanities and the occasional groping do happen in real life.
      I once worked in an office of nearly all females (including the managers & directors) and our clients were all male (construction, automotive).
      You have to decide for yourself how to handle the situation best. There have been many times I have firmly informed my clients that yesterday’s behavior won’t be repeated and they need to find a different way to speak to me. I never lost a client and I didn’t put my company or myself in jeopardy of losing a business.

      The slap thing was weird. If he had hit harder or had a closed hand I would have called the cops. Jeff should have intervened immediately and informed the customer that a taxi had been called – go home, sober up, apologize and don’t touch the employees again.

  54. AZ Girl says:

    I am late to the party today. Just got home from work. Flipping Out was just disturbing to me last night. There is no way to even justify Chuck’s behavior at Hamburger Mary’s to Jenni and Trace. Even if it was “scripted” why would Bravo think that would be “cool” with the viewers? I am appalled. I have lost a lot of respect for Jeff in this episode. Personally, if it was my employees I would beaten that Chuck to the curb. Money or no. The “personal space” line was crossed beyond pale.

    Quick story about Hamburger Mary’s. First time I went was in San Francisco with my husband 25 years ago (before children). My uncle who is a Holy Cross priest lived in Hayward and worked with homeless inflicted with AIDs . We invited him out to dinner and he came by the hotel to pick us up (the car doors had to be tied on). He had just the place. Hamburger Mary’s. It was located near the theater district and the mix of patronage was theater and punk. Punk at that time was severe safety pins in multiple areas of the body. The bathrooms were co-ed. I thought I had too many drinks and gone into the wrong bathroom. I was informed that was not the case. Martini’s were excellent. Best time I ever had. Who would have known that my uncle the priest knew the hippest place to have dinner in San Francisco. It was quite an evening. Yes, uncle is still alive, active and in his late 80’s and hip.

  55. Rabble Rouser says:

    About Flipping Out….the whole thing with Chucks behavior was disturbing to say the least.

    I didn’t see it coming based on how mild mannered he seemed in the other scenes- he was hesitant to make a decision without Jeff’s approval-so it must be the booze fueled by something else (medication, illegal drugs, mental illness) that lowered his inhibitions and rational. His eyes looked ‘crazy’ at the bar.

    I have to say as far as Jeff assigning Trace to a client, if it were me I wouldn’t be going for it. I would not be filling to sell out the big bucks for a Jeff Lewis design only to have someone who just graduated in control of the project.

    I can’t believe he was kept as a client after that. There are lines that should never be crossed under any reason, especially when it’s not something subjective but rather clear, sexual harassment and assault.

    • error404 says:

      you don’t have to worry. The number of design firms that would give a young intern his own project on his very first day of employ right after graduation, here in the real world, would be 0.

      I actually think it’s all made up crap, but even then it comes off badly. The two women on Jeff’s staff are constantly berated and complain about lack of responsibility. But the one guy never gets yelled at and is just handed unheard of responsibility on his 1st day. Sexist much Jeff?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      * I would not be willing to shell out the big bucks-not “would not be filling to sell out the big bucks”.

      Sorry folks if my dyslexia gets the best of me for the next little while. My 3 year old has to have some medical tests done that might have some very concerning results. On top of that she and her baby sister and I are sick with the flu/cold. I am pretty mentally and physically exhausted.

      • ShyAsrai says:

        sounds like your plate is full up…. no wonder you’re feeling exhausted all the way around! please know my sympathies and heartfelt support go out to you. will be praying for your little one (and you!)

  56. SavingGrace says:

    Hi Guys:

    Has anyone seen our fabulous Ms. Boston02127???

    I hope everything is alright.

    Boston if you read this please check in. I hope all is well with you and your mom.


  57. klmh says:

    I have mentioned Charity Navigator before and thought you might like to see some information I received from them today.
    Sorry, you’ll need to copy and paste, but it gives all kinds of lists of charities in trouble, most investigated, etc. Just thought you might like to take a look. On the left hand side of the page there are some more interesting lists.

  58. I thought Bravo had zero tolerance for physical violence. Hmmm…guess their standards have fallen greatly. I mean, Cliff was thrown off of Top Chef and “all” he did was hold Marcel. Granted, it was inappropriate, but he didn’t slap him, kick or anything like that. Tolerating violence is what they are doing.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Excellent point. I had forgotten about that Top Chef episode. The bar has been lowered. Now we have Ramona slapping a producer. For heaven’s sake.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Top Chef is a competition show. There are grounds for disqualification on competition shows: cheating, conduct, etc. (Recall guy getting tossed off Project Runway for having illicit books.)

      Meanwhile on the other shows there’s cursing, verbal threats, table tossing, hairpulling, etc. I haven’t noticed any zero tolerance policy for violent behavior on Bravo.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        I forgot to add “punching” if the Ramona report is true. Oh yeah, and tossing the sr vp of original programming (andy) like a rag doll at reunions.

        So who ever had the impression Bravo had a zero tolerance policy re: violence on its progams? I sure didn’t.

        • tuzentswurth says:

          I thought they encouraged it!

          • Need a Hobby says:

            I don’t doubt the producers like the drama…..except when it consists of a slap (or punch) upside one of their own heads.

            If I were one of the production crew, I’d probably be wearing a helmet and pads until I knew the “talent’s” medication had kicked in properly.

        • You know, that is absolutely right, but one can (seemingly incorrectly) assume that they had a zero tolerance for violence given the incident with Cliff and Marcel that would extend to all their shows. We do now know that that is incorrect and Bravo does tolerate violent behavior and thereby are promoting it, in my opinion.

  59. Wall St Lady says:

    WaxDiva. I don’t think I know him if he is a Wall Streeter.If he from Dallas Ft. Worth I know who he is.

    When is ur Birthday ?

  60. OneMoreinBoston says:

    hey all-
    @boston02127 and her mom are fine, she’s just bogged down with homework-she’ll catch up with us later tonight

  61. Wall St Lady says:

    The Birthday Police is LURK

    I am in need of singing
    Happy Birthday LOUDLY
    To all the LynnFam
    Libras !

    A gift will b provided for each
    Li bra

    Come forth for the line up
    And state ur Birthday.

    Remember a good friend
    Remembers ur birth day
    Not ur birth date. (Southern thing).

  62. Wall St Lady says:

    The Birthday Cop
    has a warrent out on:

    One Month Bo
    AZ Girl
    Rabble Rouser

  63. Wall St Lady says:

    I need ur month & Day ! !

  64. justanothermary says:

    The crazies are out on the RCH blog tonight. Maybe they’ll give Lynn a break.

    • OneMoreinBoston says:

      oooh let me mosey on over…I love troll watching

    • SavingGrace says:

      I’m sure they will come here next OR they were already here on Sunday…

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Shoot, I can’t access RCH at the mo on this machine & connection….websense says it’s blocked her blog due to “marijuana.” Booooo.

      I don’t know what websense been smokin’ to come out with that. 😦 It’s not like RCH is Cheech & Chong with a giant doobie. I’ll have to check it later.

  65. nancy says:

    Can someone give me the link to RCH?

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Google “real city housewife” and you’ll find it. I can’t presently pull up the site to link on this connection.

      • quincyil says:

        OK, I looked. It’s hard to know what is true in cyberspace.

        This is why I don’t want to run a blog. I’d love to blog on the science and story lines of shows like “Stargate Universe,” but I don’t have the fortitude of Lynn when it comes to dealing with the grind of managing the board. Even sci fi boards attract trolls. In fact, I think we invented trolls.

  66. Over the rainbow says:

    Wth? to the posters asking, I already told Lynn what I know and I’m very real 🙂 how do I read what eveyone else reading?

  67. nancy says:

    Over the Rainbow. Go up-thread about a quarter. Find Real City Housewife . She has blonde hair and dark sunglasses. Click on her and this will take you to her site.

  68. Wall St Lady says:

    One Mo Bo. Just confirming 🙂

  69. Mona says:

    With all the recent attention to bullying and suicide in young people, how could Bravo allow the slapping scene to air? Trace has to feel humiliated, whether scripted or real, this is very negative publicity for all involved. For Trace, Jeff, Jenny, Chuck and Bravo, that was disgusting and trashy, and never should have been shown .

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I’m trying to remember when Bravo last exhibited socially conscientious programming and good taste…….

      Nope. Can’t.

      • nathania says:

        definitely true.

        Sadly, they have become the antithesis of decency and don’t seem to realize it.

        I’m going to draw a comparison with Danielle. You have someone (or a network) with talent and potential and who is seen as an underdog. Yet their actions, when they given the spotlight, totally squander any goodwill toward them and turn people against them. It’s like a child begging for attention who can only get it in a negative way. It ends with a spanking. I think Bravo is getting itself stranded on the rocks with all this garbage, and they don’t even know it.

    • quincyil says:

      Brian, a wonderfully funny and kind man on “Thintervention” said that he has had issues with violence because of bullying that he experienced in 9th grade. It’s affected his whole life. Brian is in a good gay relationship now, but has issues about his body. I think everyone has to change and be kind.

    • ShyAsrai says:

      watch trace’s eyes when he gets slapped. that poor kid’s eyes were empty — i’ve seen that look on other people who are physically abused. i wanted to bawl seeing how stoic he forced himself to be. i wanted to leap into the tv set and smash Jeff’s fat fake lips.


  70. Wall St Lady says:

    I went to RCH & the posts r 2 days old. I want to troll watch. What am I doing wrong ?

  71. AZ Girl says:

    Holy smokes! Top Chef Just Desserts and crazy Seth has a mental breakdown with the producers and competitors in the stew room. He is missing medication or whatever. Who knew Top Chef Just Desserts would have more drama?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Seth is really not a good person to have on the show – his behavior makes it difficult to watch and he is disrupting the other chef’s concentration. But it is the Bravo formula – key ingredient is drama!

      • AZ Girl says:

        Something is totally off with him. I can’t help to think he is off some kind of medication. It is fun to watch everyone get back in their game.

      • error404 says:

        They should just rename it Top Chef: Just Attention Whores.

        Between Seth, Heather C and Malika, the biggest challenge tonight was who’s the biggest drama queen.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Apparently dessert chefs make fashion designers, models, artists and regular chefs look like a bunch of accountants by comparison.

      I thought it would be a nice frou frou show about folks making nice desserts. Instead it’s like a cross between Top Chef and Intervention.

  72. TEB says:

    Hey WSL- My bday is 7-28 (sniff….never asked.. 🙂 Just kidding! I’m a Leo. I also like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. (SING LOUDLY!)

  73. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Hey lovely WSL my birthday is November 2nd. 🙂 Thank your for doing this.

  74. quincyil says:

    WSL, I share a birthday with Kim Jong IL of North Korea. We celebrate for a week each year. He has large parades with small children and lots of tanks. I get calls from my kids with lots of thanks.

  75. Andizi says:

    Have to agree with Jeff and his reaction over Jenny losing his schedule. Grounds for termination . Or at least super secret probation. That jeans quilted coat she was wearing should have been lost! Don’t get me wrong. I love Jenny! But honestly, losing his Office Max Avery Monthly Planner with all his personal information, to include his social security number, is like exposing him to vagina sex. It’s SHOCKING! Giving up a day’s pay? Not her decision either. I have to agree with Jeff there too. He’s the boss. Married to her, related to her, F*&king her or not, he should decide the punishment. Glad he realized later she has the ability to calm crazy drunk clients prone to violence.

    • quincyil says:

      I think something that precious should be in a fire proof vault in Jeff Lewis Design at Valley Oak. He should take his schedule and a list of telephone numbers, but not that personal and client information, out of the house. I think he doesn’t want it in the computer because some people snoop in his computer.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      If Jeff indeed has alllllll his own and his clients’ info in his weekly planner and nowhere else, then Jeff’s truly an idiot and an incompetent business owner.

      Further, the employer/employee relationship shouldn’t be about “punishment.” There can be adverse consequences in a job of course. But business is business. As error404 noted, Zoila was absolutely right. Jeff is supposed to be a professional and he isn’t, not in how he runs his business or manages his staff.

      And Jeff is full of shit playing the little emperor in his own fairy land world. Just as Jenni isn’t his “girlfriend,” Jeff isn’t her parent or owner to “punish” her. She didn’t intentionally cause harm or exhibit gross negligence, etc. to warrant such hysteria and the threat of retaliation. He’s so rigid, if they all told him to suck it and split, he’d be completely up the creek. He doesn’t adapt well and really even in this economy few would put up with that kind of crap if that is all that there was in his outfit.

      • nathania says:

        I have a question, after seeing this show would anyone here hire Jeff Lewis to work on your home or business? In all seriousness…

        Is his work spectacular enough to withstand this bad p.r.?

        So many of his contractors screw up that wouldn’t people be questioning his hiring practices? Same goes with his employees I think. Plus no one wants to be around when employees are abused…in the case of businesses, because the majority of people in businesses are employees. I wouldn’t want him filming there because it might be a public spectacle. I just don’t know…there are some things that you do publicly that can actually hurt, I don’t believe in this case that ‘there is no such thing as bad publicity’…I think this show could ruin Jeff Lewis if it keeps going in this direction. Also, my only knowledge of OCD comes from tv and most of the people that they show on those shows have behavior or ‘ritual’ obsessions, but other than that they do seem like nice folks for the most part. Does he have a psychiatric diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder? Or is he just using this as an excuse? What his behavior seems most like to me is NPD or narcissistic personality disorder, and I mean a real personality disorder, including abusing people so he can turn around and then become the ‘hero’ in his own mind, by apologizing. I used to watch because I love the interactions with Zoila but I can’t stomach him abusing his employees to this extent. It turns my stomach. It is very Bravo-esque, though, to showcase reprehensible behavior for ratings without understanding that the audience can empathize with the employees to a degree that they may turn the channel. I watch HGTV all the time and I never see anything like this going on on those shows. Is Jeff an HGTV reject or something?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          After watching the show – I would not hire Jeff – he doesn’t get what the client wants, he isn’t nice to his clients, employees, his contractors are subpar and I have yet to see anything remotely spectacular design wise. He can flip houses but I don’t think he is a great designer or a good business owner.

          • Mona says:

            Agreed….only average designer. Don’t know how he managed to get hired for the New York kitchen design gig?

  76. Adgirl says:

    Top Carl: Just Desserts.
    I haven’t seen tonights epi yet, but AZ and WindyCity commented on Seth’s continuing provacative behavior.
    If you watch Apprentice this season David is exactly like that too. Completely disruptive. It’s rather shocking at their age.

    It’s enough that if I were a contestant I would probably quit.

    • JKW says:

      Adgirl. I can’t stomach that David on the Apprentice. When he speaks his mannerisms are so over the top. He screws up his whole face almost over animated. He should have been fired for acting like such a baby on that show. As for Seth, he is just an idiot. He should have been fired way long ago. He doesn’t ever do the actual challenge and just does whatever he wants. That’s crap and no matter how good his food is ( even though some of the times it sucked) he didn’t do what was asked.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Exactly – Seth doesn’t do the challenges and then doesn’t understand why he is critiqued for it! He has to be and do what is true to himself. Then it is all about the drama, catty and juvenile behavior – nothing chef like about him!

      • AZ Girl says:

        Quite frankly I don’t know how Seth is able to function in the real world. Commercial kitchens are crazier than TC kitchens. I will wait to discuss the episode results when the new blog comes out. I was disappointed.

  77. quincyil says:

    Jeff Lewis Design…. one of his homes for sale.

    Same palette on walls, dark wood floors, clean, sleak… but surprisingly cookie cutter. Is Jeff a one trip pony?

  78. boston02127 says:

    Great blog and comments. I just got caught up. I’m so tired my eyes are closing. I hope everyone is well. Good night all. 🙂

  79. Zipit Zarin says:

    Everyone is wigging out and getting violent. Teresa aka Chewbaca’s table flipping that turned into ratings gold is what has turned the tide on all BRAVO’s shows. That flipped the switch and they’re all taking it to the next level. I’m patting myself on the back a bit but I DID compare it at the time to the Roman games. Now Ramona slaps a producer?

  80. Wall St Lady says:

    TEB I was just going to post a list & u were at the top so thanks.
    Below r Birthday Bandets whose
    B Day info is requested :


  81. TT in OC says:

    July 20, Cancer.

  82. cusi77 says:

    June 30, Cancer.

  83. JKW says:

    I must get here to late or else everyone is posting up above and I can’t find it. Everyone asleep ?

  84. Wall St Lady says:

    TT so on Yo
    B D
    LynnFam caN
    Happy Day
    To u !

  85. boston02127 says:

    Good morning ☼

    Last night the trolls/troll were out on RCH blog.

    This was one of the posts from the troll:

    That post refers to a TV commercial.

    On 10/3 Caroline tweeted about that same TV commercial.
    Her tweet: Who else thinks the Geico commercial with the little pig “max” screaming out the window is hysterical?

    Squirrels pointed that out on RCH’s blog. Hi Squirrels & thx.

    • Ellabean says:

      Nice to see you Boston. I was one of the concerned crowd when you were gone for a few days :).

      That last line of all caps: Kish mir…..etc. is Yiddish. I think it means Kiss my ass. Hmmm. Just lovely. One of Jill’s gang? Or her ?

      • boston02127 says:

        @Ellabean–I had stayed off here until I was caught up with homework because when I come on here an hour or two
        (lol or five) flies by before I know it! 🙂

        • Ellabean says:

          So true on cyber time flying….I came on at 9:15 am – decided to have 2nd cup of coffee, and just check on the Lynn gang ‘briefly’ before walking my Ella girl. Well lo and behold it is 9:50 am and Ella is still waiting for her walk. ( she’ s now tapping her paw and looking at her watch).

          Gotta go !

      • American Idiot says:

        One post said something like “Meet you on Puls Ave”

        Pulis Ave. is a street that runs directly into Franklin Lakes.

  86. boston02127 says:

    RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned Cheban and the 19-year-old daughter of The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jacqueline Laurita were seen locking lips at the star-studded opening of La Scala Boutique in Harlem.

    Minutes ago Ashley tweeted that she loved him.
    Her tweet: i ❤ @JonathanCheban ,,,

    The story came out on the 10/5 it's only the 7th. That was quick for Ashley to be tweeting that she loves him. I'm not sure where to put the "ick" on this story, they're both gross people.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Oh man, that’s just so much BS.

      First, Ash….I don’t think you’re a saint or a sinner, but Cheban? Oy. Make sure your shots are up to date and uh….well ya can figure it out. Good hygiene always a sound practice. Remember cleansiness is important: wash, floss, and gargle regularly.

      Second, back in the day entertainment moguls and agents used to put different folks together as “items” for PR. Ya know…..real authentic….like not.
      So now years later the wannabes have to do it for themselves. But the glam is gone. Nothing new, though.

      So like this is so totally believable……(snort). Have fun.

    • Ellabean says:

      To paraphrase the Countess: Jill, You Tube videos can’t buy you class.

      • Olivia says:

        I was only able to watch about 45 seconds of this shameless pitch.

        Wonder how much Jill laid out to have this piece of crapola made in celebration of herself?

        The dictionary should have her picture alongside the term “media whore” as this video illustrates.

        She is the biggest pain in the ass of any of those “housewives” Bravo has created. Cannot abide this woman.

        • Ellabean says:

          Olivia, I thought the same thing. But go right to the last few seconds and you will see a young girl named Malinda who takes credit for making this homemade video.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:


    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Yea this Malinda chick goes by the nic @FreelyVivacious on Twitter. I’ve been having fun with her and @palmer2007 on Twitter. ..way too much fun 😛

      • Olivia says:

        After watching Jill Zarin for the past 3 seasons I find little evidence that she is worthy of any adulation.

        She talks over people, interrupts, loses interest in the conversation unless it is about her, trashes her “friends”, and behaves like a prima donna.

        Most of these shows rely on the “personality” of the “Housewife” rather than any hint of talent or ability to perform as a professionally trained actor.

        I know they “act” in an unscripted format depending largely on their ability to improvise the dialogue but she has shown that she is capable of stepping on the other castmates lines and directing the attention solely onto herself.

        It has backfired for her because she comes across as who she truly is. An egomaniac with a personality that grates.

        She has shown herself to be as obnoxious off screen as well as on which begs the question of why anyone would find her appealing in the least.

        • vilzvet says:

          LOL, opening line: “like THEM bitches”?? Shouldn’t it be THOSE bitches?? And then the next shot is a photo of Bethenny and Alex. Oh so subtle…

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Jill is an actress – she has been acting her entire life! She has shallow, superficially nice/dirty soul down to a science. She doesn’t see herself as others see her and that is why she can’t change!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Is this supposed to make people who hate Jill Zarin change their minds? You’ll have to do better than that! Cash might work 🙂

  87. Wall St Lady says:

    The Birthday cop has 2 lists
    The following list of nonTrolls
    Have had all their
    Parking Tickets wiped OUT !

    14 Designing Deva

    2 Scprpoisue
    28 Canada

    5 Buffywood
    10 tuzentswarth
    24 KirksvilleMo
    26 JustAnotherMary

    12 Cakers
    23 Lillybee
    26 Jezzibel

    14 Adgirl
    16 Quincy

    13 Vilzvet
    25 Am Idiot

    ? Azgirl

    29 WindyCity

    30 Cusi77

    20 TT
    28 TEB
    30 Diana & WSM

    Please report Corrections.

    The Birthday Cop
    Don’t b a troll !

  88. Wall St Lady says:

    Thanks Ellabeane I knew y were one of my birthdaY buddies !
    Ur parking tickets have been dropped & u r not a troll. If u feel really charitable u can use ur ticket money to donate to
    Lady Bug !
    Get a big face lick from beane for me. I would also love for her happy wagging tail to wacke me !

  89. AZ Girl says:

    HA! The Sahali’s tried to sell photos from their White House gate crashing on ebay. They were asking $100 each and they got only a bid of $50.00. What a bunch of losers.
    Hope the link works.


  90. Wall St Lady says:

    AZ April WHAT ?

  91. American Idiot says:

    Has anyone here every met or seen any of the housewives out in public?

    I saw Dina, her husband Tommy, Lexi, a friend of Lexi’s on the Seaside Heights boardwalk this past summer. (yes, the same place where Jersey Shore is filmed).

    They were buying tickets to go on the rides. They were very dressed up. Dina had lot of makeup on. There really wasn’t a crowd around them; a few people were pointing them out. It was definitely Tommy with her. I recognized him from the VH1 wedding show.

    I know Lynn and a few posters met Alex and Simon last spring and had a great time with them.

    Just thought it might be fun to hear similar stories.

    • quincyil says:

      Interesting. I haven’t seen any of these people ever. They really don’t come to Western IL.

      • vilzvet says:

        Alex and Simon at an August book signing. Cool people. Last year I went to LuAnn’s book signing at a different store, very close to my house. Did not wait to meet her, there were too many people, but listened to her talk.

      • vilzvet says:

        Alex and Simon at an August book signing. Cool people. Last year I went to LuAnn’s book signing at a different store. Did not wait to meet her, there were too many people, but listened to her talk.

  92. Waxdiva says:

    This is TOTALLY OT, but too good to not share. If anyone here shops at N-M, they just put their clearance stores (Last Call) online! This is exciting!


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