I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives Of Atlanta Oct 12, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of Atlanta Oct 12, 2010

Unlike Season Two of New Jersey, while we waiting week after week for something, anything to happen that would justify these women being in a television series, the women of Atlanta are “On” from the beginning.

The show opens with Kim Zolciak jogging with her assistant, Sweetie (Kim: yes, that is her real name given to her by her mother) through the streets of Atlanta as cars drive by beeping and Kim’s screaming back at the people of Atlanta. Kim comes to the brilliant conclusion that since men are cat calling them, they must not need to exercise as they’re already hot! As she turns her attention to a beer delivery truck and runs across traffic to demand a free beer, she quickly learns that the beer truck driver is not a big enough fan to put his job on the line by passing out beer on the street. Just a guess, but I’ll bet the man doesn’t have a license to distribute on the streets of Atlanta.

Not to be deterred, Kim sends Sweetie into the establishment to ask for a free beer, could this woman get any more tacky? Later Sweetie proves that she’s got more sense than her boss when a call comes in with an offer for a gig. I’m still shocked that anyone wants to listen to this woman sing, honestly without Kandi and a high tech auto-tune device, Kim would be on the streets with a Salvation Army bucket where people would pay her not to sing!

Kim offers to bring Kandi along to this performance in front of 10,000 screaming fans, and we learn that Kandi’s efforts to produce Kim’s one and only song have yielded a profit in excess of $80,000 and Kandi naturally assumed that the proceeds would be split evenly between herself and Kim Zolciak. Now this is information that I wanted to know and while it doesn’t surprise me all that much that Kim would Bogart all of the money, I think Kandi had a pretty good legal case if she wanted to pursue it with the selfish bitch. Apparently Kim’s attorney informed her that without a prior written contract, she wasn’t obligated to give Kandi a dime.

Bravo’s footage of Kandi’s work would most likely have given a judge cause to differ with Kim’s attorney but regardless of Kim’s legal obligation to pay Kandi, wouldn’t it just be the right thing to do? Kim readily admits that without Kandi, this song remains on paper and not on the airwaves and that is something that I’ll never forgive Kandi for her part in releasing this horrendous song! The only question left to ask is who are these 80,000 people who downloaded “Tardy For The Party” at 99 cents a pop? Kim’s tweet during the show:

@KimZolciak: Before ya all jump to conclusion get it straight! I would never screw my friend EVER! I know where I came from! Goodnight

From Kim’s Blog on BravoTV.com:

“I am quite shocked that she thinks I dont appreciate her and implies I never gave her any money for “Tardy for The Party.” I did. There was miscommunication regarding who gets what from the sales on iTunes, but I for sure wrote her a couple of checks. That is neither here nor there, and I will never allow money to come between our friendship. Why did she bring me up to Ne-Yo? I am fully aware I am not a Whitney Houston, however I am having fun and if it wasn’t for Kandi YES, I wouldn’t have any songs out. I am NOT ashamed by my vocal ability nor do I appreciate my friend talking about me and my much needed “training wheels.” Kandi has never said these things to my face, however I admire Kandi as she has had a very successful music career”

Kim says, “but I for sure wrote her a couple of checks”, yet Kandi clearly stated on the show that she fully expected a 50/50 split but received nothing, I tend to believe Kandi. Kim has been caught in too many lies in the past to make her credible. Kim is not denying Kandi’s statement that the song made $80 – $100 thousand dollars and Kim’s vague statement that she wrote Kandi a couple of checks doesn’t convince me. If Kim cut Kandi in to the profits, why not say tell us exactly how much was written on those checks? Why would Kandi lie about that?

Before we move onto the other ladies of Atlanta, just one more comment about the genius Kim Zolciak! Best we can tell, this moron does not know Phaedra Parks yet does not welcome her to the Real Housewives family simply because of “rumors” that she’s heard about Phaedra. When the ladies learn that Phaedra’s husband Angelo had been in prison, the gossip begins and Kim Zolciak in her infinite wisdom interviews that 6 years in prison could have been a sentence for murder? What world does this woman live in? Murder? Could she be a bigger idiot?

Kandi has got to be my favorite Atlanta housewife and her story opens in the recording studio where she is interrupted by a phone call from her daughter asking where her favorite teddy bear is and Kandi tells her that Teddy is in the dryer and wishes her good night. That was the sweetest scene and one that many mom’s can certainly relate to. We learn that Kandi is working on an album and has moved from Capital Records to Uptown Records aspiring to have more than just an ITunes download available, she’s releasing a real, honest to goodness recording that you can go out and buy in a store.

Kandi later meets up with her friends, newest housewife Cynthia Bailey and her fiancé Peter to discuss Kandi’s performance in the Uptown Supper Club, owned by Peter. Kandi was supported during her show by all the housewives and even the “extra” housewife Dwight, but we’ll get back to him. Kandi did a great job with the show and proves that she can write the songs as well as sing them.

Cynthia is introduced while visiting a street fair with NeNe Leakes, the two ladies walk and talk as we learn that Cynthia has been engaged no less than three times but feels pressure by Peter to marry before he turns 50 years old. Cynthia, a self described “super model” moved herself and her daughter to Atlanta from New York City to be with the man that she loves. A fine reason to move but her goals of turning Atlanta into New York may be a bit too ambitious.

Cynthia is absolutely stunning and as she poses for her photographs it is clear why she is successful in the modeling world. I just find it amusing when models describe themselves as a “super-model”. It would be much more humble and gracious to just provide your vocation as “Model” and allow others to include the “Super” if it is fitting. In any case, she may have earned the “Super Model” title based on her portfolio but it’s a bit presumptuous to give yourself that title. Similar to adding “award winning” in front of your name every chance you get or celebrities subtly reminding everyone about their Emmy or Oscar awards.

Personally, I had not heard of Cynthia Bailey prior to her joining the Real Housewives of Atlanta and by some people’s definition of “Super-Model” being a household name is one of the standards. But if given a choice between giving Cynthia the title of super model or Kim the title of “pop star”, I’d choose Cynthia any day!

This short introduction to Cynthia Bailey provides a small glimpse into her life and an even smaller shot of her 10-year old daughter, but so far, I like this addition to the cast.

Cynthia is introduced initially as a friend of NeNe Leakes who tells Cynthia that her marriage may not be salvageable. Problems between NeNe and her husband Gregg have escalated due to issues we’ve seen on screen and apparently more we haven’t seen that happened off screen.

While we have yet to see NeNe’s youngest son, we do watch as NeNe has a very serious discussion with her oldest son Brice. At 20 years old, NeNe doesn’t feel his is responsible having no job and not attending school, this is unacceptable and while it’s not clear where Brice is residing at the moment, he had come to see his mother, hat in hand, to ask if he would be welcomed back into her home to live.
I have mixed feelings on NeNe’s discussion with her son, I was impressed that she didn’t just cave and rent him a u-haul and make up his bed, but she seemed unfocused in her expectations of this young man. Possibly the conversation was edited strangely but NeNe began strong telling Brice that he doesn’t work or go to school which is unacceptable. It also seemed important to NeNe that Brice help out around the house, clean up after himself and spend some time with his younger brother while living with his mother. NeNe seemed less than concerned about Brice’s drug use as we learn that he was arrested for marijuana possession.

NeNe seemed more disgusted that Brice was stupid enough to bring marijuana into a jail lock up to visit a friend knowing visitors to any jail would be searched. She seemed less concerned that he had the drugs to begin with or that he has a friend doing time in jail.

NeNe was smart to put her son on a time limit and they agreed on 90-days for Brice to get his act together, get a job and move out. (apparently Brice didn’t get any tips from watching Mary’s daughter Lolly negotiating for more time) Personally, I’m not convinced that 90-days is enough time for Brice to get a job, save money and become independent by moving out on his own but that is the time frame that he agreed to. I just hope that isn’t a set up for failure because according to NeNe, this is his last chance and there will be no coming home again after his 90-day freebee.

We saw a different side of Sheree tonight, for the past two seasons it was all about her going through a divorce and finding her independence. In the past she seemed to have a tough exterior one that let no one in and she seemed artificial.

Tonight, going on her first blind date, Sheree was softer and more open to dating and love in her life. She was funny and opened up to her date, impressed that he sent a car to pick her up yet unimpressed by his choice of the date location, Sheree informs us that she could possibly be the only black woman who can’t dance! Describing herself as a black woman in a white woman’s body, she’s nervous about having to dance on this date but quickly warms up to the idea when her date is surprisingly attractive, open and helps Sheree learn a bit of dancing skills.

I enjoyed Sheree’s scenes quite a bit more than anything we’ve seen in the past from Sheree she is much more warm, open and likable, even without any rhythm. I hope to see more of this side of Sheree this season.

Last but not least Phaedra shows us a bit of her professional side allowing cameras in to film her consultation with a client who admits to having a “lot” of marijuana on him when he was arrested most recently. Obviously a regular client of Phaedra, this news did not shock her in the least but she simply asks this man who isn’t the least bit embarrassed by his run in with the law, if he has enough money to pay her attorney’s fees.

The second time during this episode that marijuana use is mentioned without much concern, as a criminal attorney, I suppose Phaedra’s heard it all and seen it all so a marijuana possession is most likely nothing to her.

I think it is unfortunate that she is friendly with Dwight as it seemed to have made her an outcast from day one with the old crew and I really would have liked to see their reaction to her without any outside influences. Kim, for example, hasn’t even ever spoken to the woman but seems to hate her just because of her relationship with Dwight, who is enemy number one at the moment.

It was nice to see all of the ladies come out in support of Kandi, even NeNe who had a few confrontations with Kandi last season was present and took care not to cause a scene in her friend’s club.
NeNe and Dwight had a nice conversation and while nothing was really resolved, as NeNe pointed out in her blog, it doesn’t matter. Knowing that she can’t trust Dwight any longer helped her make a decision about their friendship, I think it also helped her make a decision about her marriage, Watch What Happens…

Bravo has posted two previews for next week:


Until Next Week….

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363 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives Of Atlanta Oct 12, 2010

  1. SavingGrace says:

    I think the whole Kim Vs. Kandi about $payment$ will probably lead to some scandal now.

    I believe Kandi. No way did that Gold Digger Kim split profits with Kandi “IF” she wasn’t forced too. What I wonder know is if Kandi charged her any recording studio fees/producer fees/songwrite fees, etc?

    I hope that Kandi will address this in her blog next week because I really dislike Kim calling her a liar at this point. And Kandi still went on a producer song for her? Not the Google Me that is out now but a different song about a ring.

    This seems to be a very interesting season….

  2. Zoey says:

    Great blog today, really enjoyed it. I don’t totally agree about Sheree though. I still found her so conceited and hard to take.
    I also believe Kandi about the money issue, but why on earth would Kim expect Kandi to accompany her anywhere in the future for music functions? I would think they would be over and done as far as making music together if money got in the way.

    Wonder what size Kim is? She looks a little ‘thick’ on camera. I remember her saying she was a size ‘2’ in the past. Maybe that’s a Sumo wrestler size 2.

    Dwight is just creepy!!! I can’t put my finger on it…..and I wouldn’t want to!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I agree with you about Sheree as well. While she might have live a sheltered enough existence that she feels nervous in what looked like a seedy part of town; the whole tennis shoes comment came across to me as if she was saying she was ‘better’ than everyone else there.

      I also thought her comment about the flowers coming from Kroger’s to be snide and elitist. How about just a “Thank You” instead of thinking he should have had flowers flown in from Amsterdam just for you.

      • Night Light says:

        I don’t care for Sheree but to her credit she might of felt over dressed and as for the flowers PLEASE they did look awful. Again first impressions go along way and she did give a second chance. He looked yucky to me.

      • TT in OC says:

        Rabble Rouser, right on the money. I agreed with you 200%. Sheree might “act” a little softer in front of her date, but she is still the same old self-absorbed self.

        • American Idiot says:

          I think Sheree is looking for a “knight in shining armor” to come rescue her and restore her to living the lifestyle to which she was accustomed when she was married to her first husband, an athlelete of some sort

      • ms molly says:

        Think back to the phrase “pookie and them”. Out of the mouth of sheltered Sheree!

  3. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Great blog Lynn!

    I agree that Phaedra doesn’t seem to be accepted by the group, but wonder if it’s more to do with jealousy vs. the DaWright connection. Kim, seems to be towing Nene’s line and looking at Phaedra sideways. It seems they are probably jealous that Phaedra, as an attractive, younger, successful lawyer, makes her own money and has plenty of it. She’s the new girl, who toots her own horn, and has a goood looking husband with a criminal past. I mean think about it, Phaedra who could have married a “professional” man, a man without a record, married a hunky ex-convict. Obviously she LOVES this man, when she was willing to face the gossip and scrutiny that came when she married him. He signed a pre-nup, so she’s happy. And really…if you are going to pay, or marry someone “beneath” you, he better be real “pretty”. LOL

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Of all the Atlanta housewives, Kandi and Phaedra are earning their own money. I think NeNe/Kim/Sheree are jealous of Phaedra because she has education, a real job with a definable skill and makes her own way, man or no man. I imagine NeNe didn’t finish high school, Sheree probably barely made it out and Kim? Was she a nurse or just wearing a nurse’s get up at the strip club where she worked with NeNe?

      • ms molly says:

        At some point in the last few days, I believe it was may have been NeNe’s last blog while elaborating on the fact that she didn’t know Phaedra that well, I believe I remember her saying that “she was a freshman in college” when Phaedra was a freshman in high school. lol

  4. WindyCityWondering says:

    Loved Cynthia’s introduction – she seems at ease with the other ladies, plus she made NeNe look less abrasive than she normally is! We have a diva who is sophisticated, articulate, looks outstanding in what she wears and seems down to earth.
    Phadera on the other hand is annoying! Understand that someone has to be with Dwayne as he is driving a storyline, but she really needs to connect with the other housewives! And I have to say her blog was ridiculous – was that lawyerly lecture a subtle justification for her marriage? She is very soft spoken so far and pretty much a legend in her own mind.
    So far one is a keeper and the other is a sleeper.

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  6. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I think Cynthia is a beauty, but she seems to love her runaway bride backstory alot. She’s told Nene, Kandi and us twice. Will she repeat the 3 prior engagements at every introduction, or mention of her impending marriage? Hope not. She’ lovely, but if she’s going to repeat how she was unwilling to marry, due to cold feet, it’s going to get old quick!

  7. PaganChick says:

    It’s so strange. I never thought I would know someone who would go on one of these shows. I like Phaedra and am getting the impression that a lot of her little quotes are being taken out of context in order to create a character. But, at the same time, I am just so embarrassed for her for being on this show.

    Anyway, I loved this episode. Mainly because I have been nurturing my Nene love since the first season and when everyone wanted to hate on her, I really couldn’t bring myself to do it. So, I loved seeing her get real with Bryson. It brought back all of the love that I have been hiding.
    I do hope that she and Phaedra actually take some time to get to know each other because I honestly think that the two of them could have some fun together if they both let go of their airs and just acted real to each other.
    I feel for Nene because while I didn’t agree with the way she acted with Dwight in the first episode, I could tell that she is really hurt that she brought him on this show and he is now spreading her business around and doesn’t seem to be that loyal of a friend.

    I also think that Greg is lying about exactly how much money changed hands between him and Dwight, I also think that Kim exaggerated the amount that Dwight was saying was owed. But, I think it was shady of Dwight to say a word to Kim about it especially if he wasn’t saying anything to Nene about it.

    I’m just going to keep watching what happens though. I am so glad to have a fun Housewives season back.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Pagan Chick – I like NeNe too. I’m not even sure why. I know she’s loud and obnoxious but there is just something about her. Maybe she reminds me of an old friend or something. I’ve been trying to figure out why I forgive her outrageous behavior. I feel like if I knew her IRL she would be someone I’d enjoy spending time with even though she’d drive me nuts!

      • PaganChick says:

        I think for me it’s just that her personality is so BIG! I enjoy the fact that she doesn’t take herself seriously and is willing to put it all out there.

        The thing I hated the most about New Jersey (and there was SO much to hate) was that they were all trash but they took themselves SO SERIOUSLY it was like they couldn’t just take the show for what it was. They had to make sure that they we knew they weren’t acting that this was who they were and the harder they tried to do that the more fake it came across.

        With Nene you know where you stand. You know if she is pissed at you and you know if she is just poking fun.

  8. shamrockblonde says:

    I agee with night light – I see The Countess in Phadera to some extent – not so much about the manners as much about the way she carries herself and the way she seems to think of herself – ugh – Kim – just…ugh – is there any way at all that this is all an act with her? can she really truly be that – ychk in real life?

    so far no real favorites – maybe the model, but I am very wary of her – Super Model or no – she may well turn out to be a an entirely different type of Super something on this show……..

    • Night Light says:

      I am totally rooting for Kandi. I hope it doesn’t sound to mean but she reminds me of a softer Bethenny. I would love to see Kandi and Bethenny together. The reason Phaedra reminds me of LuAnn is all this need to explain what’s appropriate and claim she is a real southern belle. Girl please!?! If you have to work so hard to tell people who you are then you should work on yourself so that you don’t have to go around explaining it. (did that make sense? lol)

      • katlg says:


      • PaganChick says:

        I think a lot of that is because she is new to the show and it’s the first few episodes. I think this is the show’s way of establishing her character.

        Sheree kept calling herself “high fashion” for two seasons.
        Nene kept describing herself as “keeping it real” for two seasons
        Lisa kept calling herself “a business woman”
        I think when BRAVO wants to establish a character they have them reiterate what it is they are supposed to be bringing to the show.

  9. quincyil says:

    Thintervension Week Six

    Sweat is Sexy in California

    Truth, commitment, and working to intensity are all that Jackie Warner asks of the “Thintervension” cast. It is day thirty six of the challenge and everyone looks haggard (not the emaciated haggard, the wild and unruly haggard.) Nikki and Jeana, the two who have been shown not to give it all in lie detector examinations have been sentenced to spend the week in the homes of two successful cast mates. Mandy takes Nikki into her beautiful home and provides back rubs as well as Jackie’s cuisine. Jeana is sentenced to a couch in Brian’s home and an inquisition (in a fun way) from Miguel, Brian’s life partner. Brian and Mandy are fully aware of the giant challenge that they have taken on this week

    Jackie first tries to lure the cast into her trap with the lure of a sexy body. She will give them really nice butts, abdomens and arms. She’s going to take 15 lbs off those areas in 2 weeks. Yes, she did say that. Nikki cries and I would too if someone told be that six week in I had to lose 7.5 lbs for two weeks in a row.

    Exercise/boot camp/hell begins. They side step with cords, running at high speed for long periods on tread mills and feel like they are going to throw up during the cardio portion of the work out. For weight lifting, they squat for long periods with heavy medicine balls and tear apart their thighs and gluts until each muscle fiber shoots pain into the spine and into the brain. Mandy falls on the ground in tears and asks Jackie not to yell at her. We didn’t see Jackie yelling, but I have a feeling that she does. When you think they have hit that famous Russian failure of muscles, they get to jump squat. Mandy is told it is selfish of her not to be thin and fit for her children. This is Jackie Warner Psych 101. If you can’t make them do it for sex, make them feel guilty about their life choices.

    Back at Brian’s humble abode, Jeana once again tells us about her terrible marriage and why she is so unhappy. Brian clearly has a grasp on what a real relationship and he states the truth: “You can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself.” Brian explains Jackie’s food plan because Jeana “doesn’t know how to read.” Brian takes Jeana to spin class and not only does Jeana finish the session, she sweats and is sexy. (Two birds with one stone) The duo go to West Hollywood and harass their waiter with questions that he really doesn’t want to answer on TV, but he does because he’s a nice guy.

    Jackie takes the crew to China town for advice from a holistic Chinese medical practitioner and his wife who interprets. We get to see dried sea horses and a jar of vaginas which frankly grosses me out. They open jars that reek. Jackie wants them to have herbs that will help them with their sex lives which several team members tell us in their interview sessions are just fine, but Jackie remembers that one of their goals from the earlier weeks was to have more sex. Jackie doesn’t forget that kind of thing.

    On to the special guest stars of the show, The Pussycat Dolls, fitness dancers for a lesson in how to be sexy and drop weight with modern dance moves. The cast learns a routine. Stacy wins the competition with Mandy and Brian close seconds. Brian wore a pink top that showed cleavage so he really should have won, but they gave it to the girl who was trying the hardest. The prize was one hour with Kate Sommerville. Shay finds that dancing is her way of expressing herself and we see her pole dancing for extra exercise. Bravo is proud.

    Joe is obnoxious in China town, insulting Stacy (cankles) and being rude to the Asian clinician and his spouse. Joe is the junior high bully who never learned how to keep that voice inside his own head. We see him out with friends looking for the too drunk girl who would be willing to have sex with him. Jackie visits and Joe invites a group of women to talk and have drinks. Joe can’t ask them a single question that is not offensive. Jackie sees the problem and it is Joe. She tells Joe that he is aggressive and that he will get more sex with honey. Joe doesn’t get it.

    Therapy and Weigh In

    Mandy, the pleaser wants to please her husband and become that really sexy girl in the photos from her early marriage. She gets rewarded for success with Jackie in the form of shopping sprees. Brett, Mandy’s husband actually pays Mandy when she has an orgasm. Yes, apparently this is happening in California.

    Jackie goes back to this week’s theme: sweat means sexy. Joe says in the interview that someone would have to pick up these women with a fork lift. Joe states that he is there to lose weight not make friends. He’s doing a great job at the latter, but he should work harder at the former.

    Joe -2 (total 19)
    Brian -6 (total -32)
    Shay -5
    Mandy -3
    Jeana -5
    Nikki -7

    I couldn’t see the whole chart in any paused photos, but will keep trying next week.

    • boston02127 says:

      @quincyil—Thank you for the great recap. Since you started recapping this show I’ve been following along and I’ve been trying to cut out sugar. Everything has sugar in it thou! Do you happen to know how many grams of sugar is acceptable in one sitting? I’ve googled the question and I can’t seem to find an answer. Also, does the amount of sugar a person is allowed each day depend on their height & weight? Thanks Quincy.

      • quincyil says:

        5 grams or less per serving… Jackie’s rule and my physical trainer’s rule.

        Shredded wheat and oatmeal are cereals.

        Peanutbutter is ok for a snack with celery or on an apple slice.

        I love cucumbers, non fat yogurt, garlic, dill, and mint leaves. You can have half of wheat pita with that.

        It’s not a diet. It is a healthy way to eat for the rest of your life.

        Remember, there are five days a week in Jackie’s plan that are controlled and two free meals where you can go out and have a drink with friends and eat from the menu.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Thanks @quincy! Really love the recap and the fact that you also give us everyday usable tips too. I enjoy and understand the show much better now and am looking forward to the final episode.

      • quincyil says:

        I think there is one more after next week. I have to paint a condo in Chicago so I”m going to be late. There’s no tv service or computer on in the condo.

        Next week, they go to a hotel and work out next to a pool. Then they have weeks on their own which I am sure will be filmed. We will see a studio audience and some very happy people for a weigh on at the end.

        I actually like Jackie Warner. She’s a little like Jeff Lewis with a one tract mind. I’d go to her, but I already have her information and she charges 400 dollars an hour.

        Here are some words of wisdom from my couch potato husband when I would be fearful before the workouts in grandma boot camp. “Quincy (not my real name,) you can do anything for an hour. ” He also thought natural childbirth with breathing was the way to go. I don’t know if anyone should listen to him.

        • American Idiot says:

          My friend has a saying, “you can stay anywhere for one night.” Comes up every once in a while when hotel or vacation rentals are not quite up to her standards”

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I don’t watch the show- just don’t have time! But love your recaps!

      OK so a woman in CA has a husband that pays her to have orgasms.

      My goodness…the possibilities for risque jokes are so ripe…must…resist…

  10. boston02127 says:

    Lynn, Great blog, your time is very much appreciated. ★★★★★

  11. Adgirl says:

    Maybe I misunderstood, but I have the impression that Kandi and Kim worked their financial arrangement Kim 80% and Kandi 20% before the recording.

    Kim continues to crack me up with her gauche idiocy. The beer demand came up because the beer truck driver cat called Kim and Sweetie and offered to “get them drunk”. Other people were screaming Tardy for the Party at Kim which she enjoys but is also sick off hearing.

    It’s tough watching NeNe and Gregg break up. I’m sure it’s all because of the show.

  12. viki55 says:

    Work has been a bear and I am so far behind! Did anyone get to see Bethenny on Oct 5th Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? I see a few cute clips but didn’t know she was on the show. Did I miss some great conversation about it?

    • vilzvet says:

      No one really talked about it, she won some bucks for her charity. I still have it in my DVR to watch again because I missed some moments. She looked stunning and was of course sarcastic about her intelligence against the kids.

    • dsc60 says:

      i don’t know if it was mentioned, but bethenny was on Rachael Rae on Monday. they did a makeover on her assistant, julie… who did look awesome. bethenny also took her on a shopping trip to buy her some nice designer clothing… all with rachael’s help. i thought bethenny came across so soft and caring, even almost crying at one point saying how much julie meant to her. it was touching.

  13. NMhousewife says:

    Great blog! Although Atlanta is not my favorite housewive series, I have to say I am enjoying the show so far. A couple of things that stood out to me:

    Episode one I made a comment that I noticed Kandi was a bit more brusque with Kim but now hearing about Kim’s underhanded ways regarding profits on Tardy for the Party, it makes perfect sense. I am actually looking forward to episode three where Kandi says she doesn’t want to play back-up singer to Kim. Good for her!! Thank the lord she doesn’t go, as the preview of Kim’s performance is embarrassing. I also loved the scene where her daughter calls for the whereabouts of her teddy, which brings back memories of my kids doing that sort of thing. All in all, Kandi’s storyline is substance that I wish more of the housewives had.

    I have to also mention that although I never could stand Nene throughout the past 2 seasons, I softened towards her in last night’s episode. I thought she was more humble when talking to Dwight which in turn made Dwight more humble himself. Also the talk with Brice I thought was pretty good. I can’t stand entitled teens! I laughed out loud when she said something like “You lost your damn mind!” when he was complaining that his curfew was too early or that she is too strict with him. 90 days is a little short, but I liked the fact she said that if he leaves, he isn’t coming back. Hopefully, she will follow through. I really hope there are more episodes where Nene is more likeable.

    Cynthia, not enough to really comment about, although she is very beautiful.

    Phaedra, talks too big for my taste, but Apollo is GOOD LOOKING!

    Kim, she is so ridiculous, it is a joy to watch to see what other stupid, trashy things she will do/say.

    Sheree, if only she would stop acting like she is hot stuff and be a little less in love with herself, I can see how she could be more personable and likeable. I saw glimpses of personable Sheree during the date and I found myself not disliking her as much as in the past.

    All in all, a great episode!

    • Night Light says:

      Apollo looks “sweet” not that there is anything wrong with it. lol

      • Night Light says:

        Let me follow up because I don’t want to be labeled something I am not. When I saw this man he instinctively reminded me of the Terry McMillan husband type. I don’t care either way it’s just my opinion.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I don’t see any problem with Phaedra marrying a man who has done his time. Other than any type of sex offense I don’t even care what the crime was. Prison is supposed to rehabilitate as well as punish. He paid for whatever he did and he desrves another chance.

        • Night Light says:

          She is a lawyer she should have an iron clad prenup

          • MAMAZ says:

            I’ll bet she does. She talks like she can take care of herself.
            I forgot about Terry McMillan’s husband. I felt really bad for her.

            • Night Light says:

              It’s a kick in the gut to find out you were played for a fool. Terry was “keeping” him too. Is Phaedra’s hubby working or is he being kept too.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                Interesting you ladies mentioned this, I was kind of thinking about it myself especially since IMO Kim made the same insinuation about Apollo.

                I am surprised that INS didn’t investigate Plummer on the suspicion of immigration fraud.

  14. MAMAZ says:

    I’m neutral on Phaedra right now but her Southern Belle crap is getting on my nerves. She’s an SB so she has more grace , blah, blah, blah.Dwight behaved like a perfect southern gentleman, yada, yada, yada. Except for when he blabbed NeNe’s husband’s financial news to everyone, and when he made fun of Kim’s hair. A gentleman wouldn’t do either of those things. Kim’s hair did look like the wrath of God, but I’m a Yankee so I can say so, lol.

    Sheree is delusional. Can’t act worth a damn. Then again she pretends to like Kim again so maybe I’m wrong. Her date was the second most embarrassing reality show date after LuAnn and Courte.

    Cynthia is beautiful and brought out the best in NeNe. But I’m with Amber, I hope she has more to offer than her runaway bride shtick.

    I like Kandi but she has bad taste in men. She’s too old to be infatuated with bad boys. I liked her performance at the Uptown Club. If Cynthia doesn’t want to marry him she should get together with Peter. That is a good looking man!

    Kim Z is the trashiest woman of all the Housewives and that includes NJ and OC.

    NeNe Leakes. I even like her name! I can’t help myself ,she’s got charisma. I cringe when she misbehaves but forgive her every time. I’m glad she talked tough to Brice but I hope she follows through with the tough love. I thought I read not long ago that he was arrested again this time with guns. Anyone else remember a story like that?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      As far as Dwight blabbing about Greg’s financial news, I think he was within his rights as it was just as much Dwight’s business as it was Greg’s, it’s not like a 3d party lent Greg the money and he was talking about it.

      • MAMAZ says:

        He may have been within his rights but I’d be hurt if a friend did that to me. But he mentioned several times that hadn’t seen NeNe in a while. Maybe he was hurt too. And he did man up and apologize so I think she should not only forgive but forget.

      • PaganChick says:

        The problem that I had with Dwight doing this was that he and Greg had agreed not to say anything to Nene, so why would he be telling Kim of all people about it? Kim is the one that outted Dwight’s penis enhancement surgery at last year’s reunion, why would he trust her with ANY info unless he wanted to make sure it got out?
        If he were truly Nene’s friend he would have either told Greg he couldn’t keep something like that from Nene or he would have kept his mouth completely shut.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I don’t know why Dwight agreed to lend Greg the money without telling NeNe, it was obviously a recipe for disaster. I would hope that his motive was pure, maybe he was aware of the financial strain was having on their marriage and beleived the loan of money might buy Greg some more time in the effort to make it work out.

          ITA about mentioning it to KIM of all people, I wouldn’t even tell that bitch the time let alone anything personal.

    • SavingGrace says:

      Back to Sheree’s date…

      I thought like Lynn did when I first watched the show but something kept nagging me. The way she kept saying that her date was “nice looking”. It seemed too contrite.

      I feel now like Sheree was acting. I think that if the cameras weren’t rolling she would have gotten back in the car and left when she saw the venue. The flowers were pretty sad looking. I wonder if she put them on display when she got home?

      • MAMAZ says:

        I forgot about those flowers, lol. I laughed out loud when she said they looked like they came from the grocery store ’cause I thought the exact same thing.
        I didn’t think he was nice looking at all! I thought he was slimy.
        Cynthia now, she has got a fine looking man. I think that’s the third time I’ve said that on this blog, lol. I’ve got a little bit of crush.

        • Night Light says:

          Mamaz get in line!

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Yes, slimy was the word I was looking for to describe Sheree’s “date.” And if he wants to play slick maybe do something with that bald patch up front….just saying. Rogaine’s sold over the counter now.

          • jezzibel says:

            some of the commentors over at Reality Tea have said that he’s been on the reality tv circuit before, and he was let go from his teaching because it was found out he wasn’t really a Doctor

      • Need a Hobby says:

        That whole “date” thing IMO was for the cameras….something to give her to do. And of course the guy wanted his butt on TV too.

        Loved it when the car pulled in to that parking lot…and you could tell what she was thinking as she looked around. Hell yes she would have bolted if there were no cameras there.

  15. Rabble Rouser says:

    Wasn’t Kim’s song Tardy For The Party pulled from I-tunes for a short while because she didn’t pay the guy who produced it….maybe those are the checks she wrote.

    I really am at a loss why any man would find Kim attractive (look and personality- and intellect) wise enough to shower her with money and material objects. I think she is nothing more than a chain smoking drunk of a kept woman….only she needs to be kept in the cellar with the rest of vermin.

    I also didn’t like her implication that Apollo was a gay man on the DL just because he was in jail for 6 years dated a friend of homosexual (there was no mention of gender) and was friendly to a gay man. I hope her gay following calls her to task on this issue because it comes from the same place as the school yard accusations or outing of gay youth.

    I like Dwight and I am glad he is friends with Phaedra, I hope it’s enough to keep him on the show.

    I totally agree with Lynn’s take on her discussion with Brice but in the kids defense, he didn’t have the same upbringing as his younger brother. He saw his mother in abusive relationships and she was working the pole as he was growing up. NeNe’s a little late in the game to come in and start trying to parent now. Just like Lynn and Frank Curtains girls, they are on the road they are on….and if they are able to get off it it’s not going to come as a part of their parents doing but rather their own realizations.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the model yet. While I certainly don’t dislike her, I don’t know if she interests me yet.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I thought it was Sheree who made the comment about Apollo. She said it was interesting that he had a friend in common with Lawrence and had been in prison. Maybe I’m remembering it wrong. Whoever it was it was rude. First of all lots of enlightened straight men have gay male friends. And as you pointed out Lawrence never said his friend was a man!
      But the thing I found most offensive was the little smirk when she said interesting. She was obviously attempting to insult him by implying he might be gay. She insults all gay people by suggesting that there is something wrong with being gay, something to smirk about. Boooooo!

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Yes, it was Sheree who made that comment in her talking head segment.

      • error404 says:

        I was much more offended by Jen calling Courte gay on RHONY, I don’t know why. It just seemed like more obviously a dig.

        That said, Sheree never implied Apollo was gay, she implied he had sex with men. I may have managed 20+ years in NY without being told Jews make better husbands, but I’ve regularly heard about black men on the down low.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          I believe I may be falling love with error404.

          Sorry TrueLifeDiva, I’m crushing on someone else now.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Jen’s crack was obnoxious, not amusing and just stupid—-particularly coming from someone who’s own marriage has raised a bit of speculation. She married a fellow who she referred to as her “best girl friend.”

          Jen’s hub makes Courte appear like superstud by comparison. Jen was just trying too hard to be on the show and with comments like that wound up looking crass and stupidly offensive for no reason.

  16. Night Light says:

    I didn’t watch the show last night but went to Bravo’s site and viewed them there. So far I am enjoying them. Keep it light and stupid!

    • MAMAZ says:

      Hear hear! I watch the Housewives for mindless entertainment. And Atlanta is as mindless as they come, lol.
      The ATL H’wives I mean not the city.

  17. Adgirl says:

    I can’t help it – I find Kim entertaining as hell.
    She’s flambouyant and ridiculous but I think she has the proverbial hooker’s heart of gold.
    SHE seems to think she did ok by Kandi – who knows. Obviously there were lawyers involved. And if Kim weren’t fronting the TFTP song I don’t think it would have done well at all.
    That said Kandi needs to put her foot down with Kim from now on. Kim would be nothing on itunes without Kandi either.

    • MAMAZ says:

      She doesn’t piss me off like Jill or Teresa but she is so trashy! Her older daughter is really pretty when she’s not eating with her mouth full.

      • Night Light says:

        Hooker with a heart of gold…good one.
        Personally, I think the deal between Dwight/Greg and Kandi/Kim took place under the guise of friendship. Not to take anything away from their friendship but that’s why no legal papers were signed. Everybody figured we’re friends, I help you, you help me (even Kandi she was trying to put her name out there which is why she came on the show in the first place). These are the moments you get to see people’s true colors. But do you see a theme here? Everytime there is a fight Kim is right in the middle of it. I believe Dwight and he made a mistake but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are forgiven.

        • Adgirl says:

          Bravo midwifed the Tardy to the Party song so I’m sure their were tons of attorneys for all parties involved. Bravo gets 10% of merchandising created directly by the RH shows.

    • Ellabean says:

      Sort of a “Sweet Charity” ?

      You know of, ” the minute you walked in the door, I could tell you were a man of distinction, good looking so refined…..hey big spender……spayyyyynd a little time with me.”

      Sorry, I was in a Broadway musical kind of mood.

  18. WindyCityWondering says:

    Does anyone miss Lisa? Me neither.
    Although I do applaud her decision to leave because she didn’t want to fake “drama”.

  19. floridagirl88 says:

    Well check out this link:

    Turns out Fake Sheree’s date is a fake doctor. LMAO!

    • TT in OC says:

      OMG. No wonder it looked like he was acting. Since the show was shot a few months earlier, I wonder if Sheree is still dating him.

  20. VIgirl says:

    Lynn great blog I haven’t commented in a while but read faithfully so here we go.. Well since we live in the ATL we tend to get more tidbits about the Atlanta housewives as much as we don’t want to see or hear about their broke behinds. It seems like the guy that Sheree went out with had a stint on some reality show called the real Gillian island or something to that sort so his motives are in question for me. And the uptown restaurant where Kandi sang is now closed I guess Cynthia said they were having financial issues. But what really gets my panties in a wad is somehow Nene thinks this is her show. Loved her first season but can’t stand the heffa any longer. No matter what the situation or scenario Nene finds a way to get herself in the middle of it all.

  21. Jen says:

    Pheadra’s husband was in jail for a white collar crime- no worse then Martha Stewart

    also agree that SHEree should be called out on her gay smirk/comment- how bitchy and unnecessary. It was very crude and small minded IMO

    love me some NeNe

    • battgyrl says:

      Actually, what Apollo did is MUCH worse than Martha Stewart’s crime. Martha was convicted of lying to a federal agent, but Apollo was convicted of racketeering, as he was involved in an auto theft ring that had ties to organized crime. He has also has been jailed for other crimes. And don’t forget, Martha didn’t get anywhere near 6 years in prison. I just can’t equate Martha’s “I don’t remember”-type statements the same as stealing cars, scraping off VINs and reselling them illegally. Martha also didn’t get anywhere near 6 years in prison.

      Apollo has done his time and I truly hope he has been rehabilitated and has a new outlook on life, especially with a son on the way. I truly wish him the best.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        ok- MORE organized crime? Sheesh just scratch the surface…and there it is, almost, but not quite out of sight.

      • PaganChick says:

        To be fair, Apollo, wasn’t convicted of stealing cars and scraping off vin numbers. He was driving one of those cars though and had been linked to the syndicate that did it.
        I have no info on how he was linked – whether or not he was a thief or higher up in the whole organization – but it was a big charge that came down on everyone the least bit involved. So, anyone who was in possession could have gotten in the same amount of trouble if they didn’t want to roll over on the people who were more involved.

        I know you guys know that I know Phaedra so I am not trying to say that he is innocent or railroaded. I have no information about the details of his arrest. I just know that EVERY person involved in that syndicate – even those people who were only remotely tangentially involved – got some type of flack because none of them were willing to talk.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          I’m not bad mouthing this guy. Really.

          I believe in the power of redemption.

          And he comes across like a nice, sincere, and…oh well, I’ll go there…hunk-a-hunk of burnin love.

          She is a smart woman. And for the most part, smart women like smart men. So I am assuming that he has some intelligence.

          It just surprises me sometimes how many smart people try and go circumvent society’s rules and go “around the back door” instead of putting their smarts to work and walking through the front door, you know?

          The amount of time and energy that must be devoted to a criminal enterprise, including not being a rat, if were applied to legitimate businesses- there would be no recession!

          People who become involved in organized crime have always interested me. Not what they do so much as how and what they think.

          And sometimes it seems like it really is just everywhere, but just underneath the veneer of polite society, and respectable business.

  22. simpy cyn says:

    This should be the Real Housewives of Duluth – not Atlanta. The real women of Atlanta would not be caught dead with any of them except possibly Kandi. Women of Atlanta are not ghetto and they do not know any of these so called socialites. I doubt any of them have ever donated a dime to the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra or the High.

  23. Wall St Lady says:

    quincyil on October 12, 2010 at 12:35 pm
    Thanks for the recap. U make me want to eat healthy more than the show.
    Please keep the health tips
    Coming. I still plan to visit u next spring ;I want to shovel manure ,ride horses , walk over ,to ur moms,meet ur trainer,hold ur paint brushes while u paint & eat healthy food.
    U r amazing.
    (I am the same age as quincy)

  24. quincyil says:

    So tonight is the finale of Jeff Lewis’s “Flipping Out.” I saw the promo that mentioned that several huge projects were to be completed at the same time and my impulse was to say, “No! Don’t do that!” We all know that Jeff Lewis has OCD. He’s function but affected by this frontal lobe disorder every day of his life. 3% of the US populatio have this disorder. It is found in equal numbers for males and females. Although the genetic link has not been positively demonstrated, you find it in certain families.

    OCD has been found in patients with trauma to the frontal lobe of the brain. Tumors and lesions have been shown to cause symptoms also.

    Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Jeff Lewis

    1. Compulsions to ward off imagined or undesired events: burning sage in those homes to be flipped, cleaning non stop before showings.
    2. Obsessions, repetitive thoughts or images in the conscious mind: wanting to flip in Palm Springs where Ryan kept pulling him back with logic.
    3. Constant doubting: checking and rechecking the lists.
    4. High level of stress with self disgust because he could not control the stress: Jeff and others actually feel the stress levels increasing, but nothing can be done to stop the blow out.
    5. Frequent depression/anxiety: trying to save the business and justify the costs of employees by studying numbers on the weekends when he is alone.
    6. Laughing inappropriately: when the owner and her son were spider bombed.
    7. Guilt: after he blows off at employees.
    8. Difficulty with time management: always late with finished projects which he blames on the contractors, but the micromanaging and repetitive calls and changes cause delays in the length of time to complete.
    9. Difficult with determining priorities: part of his list making process. He tried to control this, but it’s still an issue.

    We like to think that everyone has the ability to work efficiently and in a timely fashion, but many of us have issues. I believe that Jeff Lewis requires help. For several years, he has gone to a therapist for behavioral modification. He really needs to try some of the medicines that are available because the success rate has been high. I don’t think they will affect his design abilities or creativity as he has an established look with a pallet of colors that he can replicate with the help of staff. Of course, many people with neurological issues fail to get the help that they really need. It would be a great example for the US patients with this condition to see the positive changes that Jeff might make if his conscious mind was not a victim of a frontal lobe disorder. The people around him would lead better lives also.

  25. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Ladies, I feel we are on the same page here. It was rude and insulting of Sheree to make the comment about Apollo, his friend and Lawrence. She was being a snide bitch, and we all got what she was insinuating. I think Phaedra and her husband are the talk of the town not only because of her occupation and his past, but because he’s a good looking man. Kim had Big Poppa, Nene has/had Greg, Sheree has a Gilligan’s Island Reject, it seems these girls are jealous! They know Apollo is cuter than their guys and they don’t like it. I…love it! LOL

    • Adgirl says:

      Right on. Apollo is a hunk and Phaedra is more educated than all of theother ladies combined. She also has a real career that apparently does well enough to own her own law firm. That will carry her over far after the looks & fame fade.

      Jealous much?

    • error404 says:

      Please. These women are gold-diggers, what they hell would any of them want with Fakedra’s hooligan gigelo.

      Its nice that the girl can support herself, but since when is being a high paid lawyer to crooks held in such high esteem. Her biggest boast to fame is a million years ago she helped Bobbie Brown out of one of his disgusting excapades.

      Like I said, it’s nice that she has a career as it obviously means a lot to her, but the whole fake souther belle routine and the trophy husband still don’t make her a feminist. If she were a white man, we’d all be sicken by her.

      • PaganChick says:

        Sorry 404, I feel the need to defend one of my fellow Alum. You see Wesleyan is a very small Women’s College and unlike at other schools sisterhood is important to us. So, I disagree with what you said here.
        It’s possible that I am feeling entirely too defensive because I think that having only 5-8 years since your last super high profile case does not equal “a million years ago” since if she were a man, that case would be the only thing that people were still talking about without her having to prove anything else.

        Gotta plug my school: http://www.wesleyancollege.edu/Alumnae/AlumnaeProfiles/WomeninLawPolitics/tabid/1444/Default.aspx

        “In 2005, Atlanta Magazine featured Phaedra Parks ’93 as one of the Georgia Super Lawyers “Rising Stars” and in the same year Jezebel magazine recognized this Wesleyan grad as an “Attorney of Distinction.” In 2007, she not only was featured as a top young lawyer in Georgia but also graced the cover of Atlanta Magazine’s specialty publication Super Lawyers. Phaedra is managing partner for the Parks Group, where her entertainment practice focuses on contract negotiation, civil litigation and criminal defense. She has served as a legal analyst for NBC and Fox News, not to mention being recognized nationally on Entertainment Tonight, Celebrity Justice and Extra for her handling of several high-profile clients and cases.”

        I really apologize if this comes off as hyper defensive but Wesleyan is a small school and education first and foremost was the most important thing to every student there.

        I am super embarrassed by the fact that Phaedra chose to do this show, but I have to support my sister.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Error…you are a man! LOL

        You are not thinking like a woman, which is good. BUT, these women, gold diggers that they are, are still women. They are JEALOUS because Phaedra, hopefully, is getting SEX from an ATTRACTIVE man!!! You can get money, as these woman do, but if you’ve got to close your eyes and think of something else is it fun?

        Sorry Error, as basic as it sounds women can be envious of the love a woman is getting, even if they are paying for it! LOL

  26. Adgirl says:

    I still crack up that two people named “Apollo” and “Phaedra” want to name their baby “Richard”. Because Phaedra wants to call him “Ritchie”.

    Actually, Phaedra wears the pants and the high heels in that house so Phaedra will name HER baby whatever she pleases.

    Apollo dear, you just sit there and be good looking and dote on the fineness that is me.

    • quincyil says:

      She is emasculating Apollo and I doubt the marriage will last. She has the money and power. She brings in her mother and he has no say. I think it spells trouble long term.

      • Savannah111 says:

        That marriage won’t last no way I can’t see it, sad but true. I don’t know how I feel about her yet. I do know I’m not interested in reading her blogs that are going to be all about legal matters or always throwing legal terms around within her little scenes. Entertain me with the heart of the matter you know be the housewife your suppose to be and dish to us LOL.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      lol… dote on the fineness that is me! that is the visual I get when I see them too!

    • PaganChick says:

      It makes perfect sense to me that two people with Geeky Greek names want to name their child something “normal” to me. But, again, I have a horse in this race so I should probably just be ignored when it comes to stuff like this.

      I think if you were given this super-hard-to-live-up-to name from Greek history you would probably not want to burden your child with anything similar and just want them to be “normal.”

  27. Wall St Lady says:

    Amber…Real Wife on October 12
    , 2010 at 3:44 pm
    I thought Sherry’s shoes were
    UGLY ! U Couldn’t give them to
    Ok now that’s WSL who is the same age as Quincy.
    Now Baby Boston2. & RLDiva would u want me to give those ugly gladiator shoes to u or would u rather choose from my Chanelles?

    • quincyil says:

      Let’s wear jeans with holes and riding boots. I want one of the Cat belts from DC so we have to have a blouse that tucks in. If I pay for that belt, everyone is going to see it. Like Cat, I will wear it in every blog.

      What goes with jeans best? I need input for my choice of blouse.

      I can’t wear one of those wrap around scarves/shaws. I will be choked to deat when riding the horse in something like that.

      My riding boots are western BTW… no Kelly Bensimon fancy riding gear for me…

      • American Idiot says:

        My daughter rides English, so we only have tall boots. Can I still join in?

        • quincyil says:

          Yes, but you have to braid your horse’s mane before riding.

          I had tall plastic boots on this afternoon when we poured a cement patio at my mom’s house. There were black, but the Farm store had them in rainbow colors for mucking out stalls.

          I know this sounds ridiculous, but I have a helmet for riding and it looks like Kelly’s. I ride green horses and train for children. I don’t ride until the horse has 30 days as I am old. I’ve gently broken some horses, but that is for young women.

      • Dawn says:

        Quincy, if I were of the means to do so, I would buy you that belt 🙂 I would love to see the look of surprise on your face when you opened the pkg.

        Here’s to hoping you find the belt of your dreams…….

        • quincyil says:

          LOL thanks. I have some old leather parts from departed saddles, I probably can glue some glass on them and call it Cat’s belt.

    • boston02127 says:

      WSW—I loved her shoes! Last night I was thinking that Atlanta has the ugliest cloths but they have nice shoes.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I take the Channells OK?

      you all can muck out the horse’s bum or whatever it is that you do when you muck a horse-

      And I will wear WSL’s Channells on my 1st date with error404. I also plan to buy me a Kim wig, and I will be sporting some Kelly feathers blowing in the wind from Jill Zarin’s pie hole- because that’s where I will INSIST we go on our 1st date-Zarin’s Fabrics.

      oh- and don’t worry, I won’t make you put out on the first date.

  28. AZ Girl says:

    QuincyIll thanks for all the recaps. Still at work and will catch up later.

  29. Wall St Lady says:

    I wear cowboy boots. I have a collection. My newest r Justin. They r light distressed brown w/hot pink suede at the top & they r short boots.

    “These boots r made 4 walking
    And they r gonna
    Walk all over U (Ms Ape)
    R u ready boots ?
    Start walking”

    WSL singing loudly !

  30. Adgirl says:

    Love all of this horsey talk. I use to have a Morgan named Teak. What a sweetheart. A bunch of us would Christmas carol on horseback with our horses all dolled up with decorations. Good times.

    • klmh says:

      I love Morgans too. Had 12 of them at one time and all were real people horses. Used to show a bit around our region and we met the nicest folks.

      • Adgirl says:

        Morgans have personalty plus!

        • American Idiot says:

          We had an American Paint. My daughter was the only one who could ride him. He was a handful. We don’t have him anymore. She went away to college, and we had to let him go. It was sad. But too expensive to keep him when no one else could ride him.

        • quincyil says:

          I had one Missy, Navajo missing Patches. She looked Morgan, but in reality her mom was Morgan and dad was Patches, a famous paint. The original owner wanted a mix of a Morgan and a paint with patches, but Missy was all black. She was so upset that she told the vet to get rid of the baby. He took the newborn on the front seat of his car to my 12 year old sister. Her horse just had a baby and had lots of mothering experience. The vet put Missy in with Amber and they both started nursing. The mom was fine with that. Missy was really big and Amber was small. They move down to Quincy together and the died six months apart from old age. Not bad for sisters…right?

          • American Idiot says:

            That so funny, our paint did not have patches either. Only boots and a flash on his forehead.

            I loved your horse story about the sisters.

          • klmh says:

            Im surprised someone thought multi-color would come thru a Morgan. What a wonderful mare.
            So glad for the happy ending.

  31. klmh says:


    Has anyone heard about the Giudice’s bankruptcy lately? I’ve been away…

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I haven’t heard anything new other than they were trying to go from a public auction to a private one.

    • Waxdiva says:

      It states on the AJ Wilner site that the auction has been cancelled.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I hope this isn’t an indication that the grifters are going to grease their way out of this.

        • klmh says:

          I agree. I’m afraid they are going to get a slap on the wrist and given a small fine. Also Im afraid they will be able to keep the house, and have friends buy all their stuff on the closed auction, for them to return to the Giudice’s. Of course T&J will reimburse their “friends and family” for the return of their things, from their little bank hide-y-hole in the basement.

  32. Rabble Rouser says:

    Who is looking forward to RHOBH? Their houses look like MEGA mansions- a little too big and ostentatious in my opinion.

    I actually remember reading about Tori Spelling and when she was a kid she grew up in the house that was used for The Colby’s and now owned by Barron Hilton. While it wasn’t as big as Spelling Mannor, it is obviously grand and was huge in it’s heyday, she said she used to sleep in a utility closet then in an extra bed in the nannies room because she was scared and felt lonely in a house that size.

    Oh and for my friends on the West coast with Cox= Bravo HD is broadcast in east coast time so we can watch it a 7pm here.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Rabble Rouser —I can’t wait for RHOBH. NY housewives have always been my favorites. I didn’t care for DC and Atlanta is just so/so with me. I think I’m going to like BH. Also, I agree about the houses, too much. I loved Staci’s house on DC.

      • quincyil says:

        Stacy’s house is great, but Mary’s house was really nice too.

        I think Ramona’s Hamptons house was nice. Loved the kitchen.

        The NJ houses look so dark It may be that they film in winter. I don’t like the furniture in NJ either.

        In OC, Vicki’s house is my favorite.

        I wonder if we will see Iranians in Beverly Hills. I am told that the major of BH is an Iranian. When I went on a bus tour that included a stop on Rhodea Drive, I was shocked at the prices. One silk scarve was 400 dollars. It was just a piece of cloth.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I think I read that most of the kids at Beverly Hills high school come from a background of American-Armenian Jews.

          I was in Beverly Hills once but didn’t bother to go into any of the stores, I just window shopped at some of the stores- but spent most of my time eating and having a very bevies at a restaurant there. It was surprisingly very affordable and what you would expect at most decent places in SoCal.

          • never heard of an Armenian Jew. Armenian is a religion(Christian) as well as a nationality.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              Sure- There have been jews in Armenia since the First century:

              Armenians are from Armenia.

              Orthodox Armenians are similar to Coptic Christians in that they believe in Monophysitism. Which is the belief that Jesus Christ, who is identical with the Son, is one person and one hypostas in one nature: divine-human.

              Considered heretics by the Catholic Church they were condemned by the pope in 459 AD.

              • Listen @ OMIB Im surprised, coming from Boston, one of the largest Armenian Concentrations in the U.S. that you could say that.
                1st) your “wikipedia” clearly states that the transfer was 1 century BC, as in, BEFORE CHRIST. that does not first century make. first century started after Christ.

                As an individual who is very involved in Armenian Society, your comment is insulting and ignorant.

                Everyone knows that
                Armenians are from Armenia.

                Jesus Christ is the Son of God to all Armenians, who practice the Armenian faith, which all Armenians practice Because they are ARMENIAN!

                I don’t give a darn what that that Pope said. Another insult, I dare you to go up to an Armenian in Boston and call them a “Heretic”
                tell that to one of the relatives of the one million Armenians slaughtered “because they were Christians” by the Turks during world war one.

                enough. im exhausted its late here.
                soooo disappointed.

              • there are 4 quarters in Jerusalem. Muslim,Jewish, Christian and Armenian. An Armenian may be from Jerusalem, but they would not be Jewish.

              • OneMoreInBoston says:

                Hey Beverly,

                I’m so terribly sorry that I offended you.

                I in no way meant to come across that Armenians are somehow “less than” Christians.

                Both my godparents are both Armenian, and my godfather’s family was Armenian Jewish Jewish before converting to Catholism

                My family left the Catholic church when my brother was accosted by a priest at 13.

                Believe me when I say that being considered “heretical” by the Pope is probably the greatest compliment a religion can be paid.

                What I intended to say was that the Armenian church in some respects are considered ”more Christian” because they broke away from the dogma of the Catholic Church, and also because they were one of the first countries to actually become Christian.

                Not for nothing, they are entrusted with overseeing the Church of the Specular (sp?), along with other Orthodox religions and the Catholic Church.

                There ARE schisms of thought in Christianity which lead to breakaway streams of worshippers. Look at the monks that fought to the death over how to wear their tonsure in the middle ages.

                Coptic Christianity is a new obsession for me, and I’ve been reading everything I can get my grubby little hands in about it- so that is the context in which my comments were meant.

                Again- no offense meant.

              • I’m sorry @OMIB. very touchy subject with me.

                i feel especially bad because I was very upset at some other postings on Lynns site that broke the bounds of decency for me. (poems by well respected posters that were talking about(actually making future predictions about the families) the infant children of the housewives-“Audriana digging in the garden” etc.” i was horrified by such a low level of decency…..”
                i wanted to say something directly to these classless individuals, but was afraid i would go nuts on them. I believe the babies are off limits. I don’t want to read how a housewifes husband is found dead under her garbage.. anyway i digress….
                My point @OMIB is that I took it out on you…
                something i am very ashamed about.

                I truly thank you for your response.. my best regards to you always

      • Savannah111 says:

        I’m looking forward to BH too, I actually live around Atlanta area but NY has been my very favorite of the series. Atlanta and DC are my least favorites. NJ I liked because of all the drama I have to say.. I absolutely HATE Jill but Teresa is neck in neck with her. I can’t wait to see the interaction between Teresa and her SIL and I also think there could possibly be a cousin of Teresa’s too hmmm should be interesting. I want to see someone anyone flip a table at Teresa throw a vase something, stuff something in her mouth !!! Pull her hair out, to be helpful 🙂 I can’t help feeling the way I do, it might be bad to say but it’s the way I feel I can’t stand her. I should have copied the link to a story I found a couple of days ago, maybe someone else has read it, but her house that she lives in now and yes her new one is less than 30 days from foreclosure being filed. I wish I could remember where I read it, there was actually a document that was posted online. I would love to see her having to pack up and relocate to the apartment on top of their new Pizza shop. Aint life messed up for us Joeeee Aint it.

    • KellitaM says:

      Can’t wait for RHBH! But I’m currently in Mexico and cannot get Bravo, dang it! I’ll have to be happy with the updates until I get home.

    • SavingGrace says:

      Ivy IS an evil evil jealous jerk.

      Did anyone see when a needle almost struck her in the eye? Gurrrrrrl, Jesus be trying to tell you something…

      • error404 says:

        It’s beyond me why Michael C has any fans, but whatever. I disagree with the article in a lot of ways, but as for the PR mention, Tim’s only point was that Ivy missed the deadline for accusations, which in and of itself is pretty stupid, no matter how confident Tim was in his delivery.

  33. realminkey says:

    According to her own website, Cynthia Bailey is a super model. Other than that, there’s nothing of that sort of mention on Google’s page one. All the rest is Housewives references. I’ve been around since the beginning of the so-called super models, and dang, I’ve never heard of her.

  34. Wall St Lady says:

    Klm & Adgirl
    Ever herd of Tara Farms in
    Raleigh NC ? They raise & show Morgan horses. That’s where I rode as a girl.

  35. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    Kim cant really sing but she has played many huge gay clubs around the country including Splash in nyc where the boys went crazy for her and that was just as the single came out

  36. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    Lynn someone can actually serve 6 years for manslaughter that wouldnt be the actual sentence but the time actually served i know it sounds sick and twisted and i agree it is but i have seen it time and time again and then you get some kid that gets busted for drugs and he ends up in jail for like 20 years
    very sick

  37. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    Cynthia Bailey was the first housewive i knew of before her housewives debut she reall IS a super model and was quite the socialite when she lived in NYC always being seen at the hot it parties and being photographed with some of the biggest names
    sorry im posting these seperate im just doing it as i read the post

    • emt2 says:

      I agree. I have known about her for years. She has had a great career. She was featured in a Vanity Fair magazine (forget the year but I have the magazine in storage) along with Iman, Naomi Campbell, etc. on Black Supermodels. So, she isn’t delusional. lol

      • realminkey says:

        Never heard of her.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          some never heard of Janice Dickinson either despite her being one of the first supermodels
          i have a friend who has never heard of Twiggy despite her bing perhaps the very first super model after suzy parker

          yeah i know im old LOL

  38. klmh says:

    Oh yea! They have some fabulous horses. I was able to see some of them at the Morgan Grand Nat’l in OKC for many years, and saw them on the cover or main pages of the Morgan Horse magazine on a monthly basis. I don’t get the magazine anymore, but what a treat it was to thumb thru the pages on an almost routine basis. Apollo’s Reflection, one of the most beautiful on them all was at stud there when my husband and I were involved in the breed. Just looked it up and saw they have some HVK, Kohler stuff. We had a great gelding from that line. He loved beer, coke, and especially peppermints. Talked all the time too, hence the name Talktyme. Fabulous mover, but a bit of a roman nose got him castrated at the age of three. Otherwise, what a delight to drive and ride.
    Thanks for bringing back the good memories, both to you and Adgirl.

  39. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    Nene earns her own money and right now is bringing more in then her hubby

    • floridagirl88 says:

      NeNe is making more than Gregg, but what is it from? Weak book sales, her appearance on a reality TV show, etc. We’ve seen how they couldn’t pay their bills, were evicted from their rental. I wonder if Gregg and Bryce get a check for their on-camera time? I really am curious.

      • Savannah111 says:

        I don’t know whats going on with Gregg’s financial picture other than really what we’ve all read, regarding the real estate market we all know it’s crazy right now and I know a lot of income has been lost for them due to that.. I will say IMO I don;t know how much money he got from Dwight but it was more than $500.00 I mean it doesnt make sense that it would be just a low dollar amount.. He could of asked Nene for $500.00 and what ever the investimate was for etc, they would have kept between them this to me is where it gets dicey and I can see why Nene was troubled by that it doesnt make sense. I dont think there was an excuse for her going off on Dwight at that funtion she knew she was going to do it because she wrote a check in the car on the way there. Theres more to this little saga than we know about now..

        Don’t know if it’s caught on tape by Bravo but theres a bigger fight coming between Nene Dwight and Kim..

        On last nights show Dwight doesnt really admit or nor does he say anything SPECIFIC as to what Nene was right about. When she asked him if he told Kim that Gregg borrowed $10K and he said No theres no explaination as to what he;s saying no about whether he told Kim that amount or whether he told Kim at all. See, to me Dwight looked scared as alittle bunny rabbit I dont think he knew what to do or what to say at that time, he looks like a scared little boy. His face said to me that he wanted to say something but was holding it back did anyone else pick up on that ? I think he has his ass caught up in a very uncomfortable situation due to running that big mouth of his..

        • Need a Hobby says:

          I don’t know what’s really up but fwiw last night Dwight looked so scared that he looked on the verge of puking.

          I don’t think he had the kind of money to be spending on Sheree’s stuff. And loaning Gregg 10K doesn’t make sense. But if Dwight’s appearance in those clips and the editing are not deceiving, something was up to make him look so scared and sick. I can’t believe all that worried/scared expression just because he didn’t tell NeNe. Or even because she might beat his ass. Something shady? Whatever.

        • floridagirl88 says:

          Good point. I want to know what the “investment” was too. All that drama over $500? And we should get to find out how Kim managed to get her nose all up in their business. I believe Dwight has an upscale hair salon and those can bring in a lot of money as in cash money as in non-reportable cash money. I believe he did come out of pocket for Sheree (because we know she’s a broke ass), but I doubt for the tune of $30k!

          And in response to a comment upthread, it DID seem odd that NeNe blasted Bryce on getting caught rather on having/using weed. I don’t think she has made him accountable and now she is seeing the result of her neglect.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        she was doing a bunch of tv work besides housewives for which she got paid and quite well i might add
        anyone who appears AND speaks on teh show gets paid

  40. Wall St Lady says:

    WaxdIva I have not stopped laughing at ur spoof on where the Howives children in 5 years
    (At the end of the last blog)
    A sample below :

    TOMMY was declared dead in 2013.
    DINA was featured on a two-part special of Hoarders. Tommy’s skeleton was discovered under rotted gourds and seven dead cats.
    LOL !

  41. error404 says:

    – Nene’s talk with her son was going good until he brought up the “you’re too strict with me” card which got her angry. As we’ve seen time and time again, all reason flies out the window when Nene gets mad (hello, Dwight at the shoe sale). I’m surprised she held it together as well as she did, as IMHO the comment deserved a good slap upside the head. So she may have gotten a little off message with the comments about cleanliness and brotherly quality time, but it was still pretty good considering the curve ball he threw her.

    – Obviously, all of this is old news by the time the family invites the cameras in, so I’m not surprised Nene wasn’t shocked by the pot possession or the friend in the pokey. I think it’s good that Nene didn’t go all June Cleaver 1950s and act like either was the end of the world, as that would only have driven an even bigger wedge between her and her son who is courting trouble, and I don’t mean pool! LOL

    – One only has to watch 5 minutes of Fakedra on Tv to know this girl is the biggest BS artist going. She may not be a true scammer ala Michaella, but the whole “I’m a lady” act is so obviously fake, it’s sickening. Her friendship with Dwight is just the cherry on the sunday, and I doubt it’s the reason that the other took an instant dislike to her. I know I did! Phony Baloney.

  42. Wall St Lady says:

    Cats 60’s belt has been resurrected. I bought a pink & a blue one in PB in the last 2years. I wear them w/long skirts w/the top definitely out. I will bring u the blue one when I come to visit in the spring so no collection is necessary !

  43. MickeyMouth says:

    This is the second chop I let DKPC use for another Salahi article. http://bit.ly/clsb9x

  44. MickeyMouth says:

    Here’s my latest bobblehead: NeNe Leakes Bobblehead: http://wp.me/pWaBw-hy

    Any suggestions for NeNe’s box?

  45. Wall St Lady says:

    floridagirl88 on October 12, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    I was thinking the same thing. I don’t believe the $3.5 mil
    Any further than I could throw her. She probably went to some stupid loan officer at a bank who gave her a $3 mil line of credit based on her celebrity. status & some future $$ NeNe is
    I think NN married Ernest as a sugar Daddy & she was BROKE. I think she is a $hit to embarrass him & run her mouth now that she is on top. She has no character or loyalty in my book.
    I think she is a hypocrite & the height of “white trash getting a new trailer!”(I can say that cuz I am pinkish white)

  46. WindyCityWondering says:

    This season of ATL will likely have a diva war – Cynthia vs Phaedra….who will win and who will be on each side????

    • Savannah111 says:

      Who will win, well if its a physical fight you know the models love to hit and if its a battle of words Phaedra may take it.. Don’t know but I have a feeling we may find out.. 😦

  47. emt2 says:

    I really want to know how Kim is being supported. I saw a bonus clip on Bravo.com and they showed her closet and she had many pairs of shoes that cost more than $1000 each. Does she have several men who support her?

    Is she a high paid escort? I just don’t understand.

    It’s strange and it’s not all coming from Big Poppa and the money she’s earned since being on the show.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Been wondering about that too – does Kim get child support? alimony? IMO she still has something going with Big Poppa because every time she talks about him she looks down….like she has a secret!

      • quincyil says:

        I think she gets child support. The girls grandfather is wealthy. They get paid more for Atlanta than other cities.

        She used to get gifts of clothes from designers. Why they would do that, I have no idea.

        She’ making money from appearances as does Nene. If Teresa gets 4,000, Kim gets more. Kim has larger implants.

      • emt2 says:

        Well, I had heard that she gets 30K a month in child support and almost nothing in alimony. lol And her husband or ex father-in-law is really rich.

        But that still doesn’t explain her lifestyle to me. Her girls are in private school. I went to private school in Chicagoland area and it was about 20,000 a year (I had a scholarship and worked every weekend along with the help from my parents, of course). So, let’s say that in Atlanta, private school for both girls runs about $2-3,000 a month, along with incidentals like uniforms, fees, etc. –maybe it’s $4,000 a month for all school related things for both girls.

        Health insurance might run $4,000 a month that may have to be paid out of pocket since Kim doesn’t have a real job.

        $8,000 for education and heath care, only, which I would take to be the greatest expense outside of the mortgage and car note and insurance.

        In one shopping spree, Kim spends much more than $30,000. It just doesn’t make sense. I know that her home isn’t ostentatious nor is it a mansion but Kim spends a lot of money on her own upkeep—beauty treatments, hair, nails, spa, clothes, dinner, drinks, etc.

        I think she is juggling a lot of men and just milks them.

        • nancy says:

          Wow Health insurance 4,000 a month. Is that right?

          • emt2 says:

            Just a guess for the two girls. My fiance’s mother pays about 6,000 a month in private insurance in New York.

            • nancy says:

              We are fortunate that in Oregon a private plan for two will run you, at most, a grand a month. Thankfully my husband has health care for the two of us. But with the new bill we were able to put my 24 year old son on our insurance.

        • Savannah111 says:

          I know last season she had her little black charge card courtsey of course of Big Poppa so I’m now sure now if she still has that black credit card. Last season she said that she spent $12,000 a MONTH on wigs a MONTH to me thats just insane, she just to lazy to do her own hair and you know her’s is fake from a mile away.

          • Dawn says:

            I’m not familiar with what wigs cost but $12,000/mo. seems a bit inflated to me. Anyone else think this might be stretching the truth?

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              I think she was full of it. She claimed to spend $400 on each hair piece and chucked them after wearing them once. There is no way I beleive that looking at her mangy hair.

        • klmh says:

          Well, 30,000 X 12 = 360,000. And remember, she would work at McDonalds if she needed to, or two or three jobs, right?

      • Savannah111 says:

        I think she does get child support I think she also still has Big Poppa in the picture and I’ll bet he still takes care of some of her bills. I think her townhouse is paid for or atleast I think she’s said that it was.
        I think the ATL ladies make more per episode than NJ, I think that she’s paid for interviews that she gives, although probably not much and interesting enough she never talks about having money problems. I never knew that the Tardy for the party song would have made the amount of money that it has made for her.

        • emt2 says:

          I think that Big Poppa is still in the picture, as well. I read on another message board that he actually attended the reunion last season and confirmed his relationship with Kim but that never aired, did it?

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I thought he showed up at the reunion and talked with them in between the scenes but I didn’t get the impression from Andy that he was filmed. I don’t even think it was revealed who he was…just that Big Poppa showed up.

  48. Wall St Lady says:

    I am a Southern lady & I take great offense at ur hateful comments about Fakedra who is the classiest Ho wife because she is a belle. U r probably just jealous because u have skinny un glossed lips & aren’t a lawyer & have an old trailer.
    Got ya ! I am JUST kidding !!!
    But I did have u going !
    How could I ever not love someone born on Sept. 30 ?
    I totally agree w/u & Fakedra
    Gives me a bad name. Let’s hate on her together !

    • quincyil says:

      tsk, tsk. Can’t hate on the pregnant girl. We have to wait until she delivers.
      We don’t want to be like Jill Zarin.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      WSL – as our resident southern belle – what about Phaedra is off/faux belle?

      • quincyil says:

        I think she’s a lot like Scarlet O’Hara. She flirts with the boys and is a intense business woman behind the scenes. In the book, Scarlet is ruthless when running the lumber mill and yard.

  49. Wall St Lady says:

    We do wear hats. Our makeup is modest & nooo false eyelashes.we love curls & long hair. We have perfect proportions (no bubble but). We go to church. We do speak Southern. Our Mamma’s do come when the baby does.
    We don’t wear FM shoes.

  50. BKAamia009 says:

    I think some of the money had to go to the writer of the song; remember season 1 when Kim’s girls had that music instructor over??well after season 2 over that guy sued Kim. lol like how stupid was she not to ask him first? I just don’t care for NeNe her head has gotten to big lately its sickening.

    • Savannah111 says:

      BKAamia009 good point about that song I didnt think of that, I dont know who wrote it originally I think that it was changed somewhat also. I think Kandi had a different version of that song along with just the music part but I could be wrong.

      • justanothermary says:

        Do we know that he sued? I would love it if he did. I worked for an intellectual attorney for years and know he has a case, but did he actually sue?

      • American Idiot says:

        I always assumed that the music instructor, the older man who visited the house, wrote TFTP. He came with several songs for Kim to try out. I thought they were his own work.

  51. Mel says:

    Lynn, I love your hard work on this blog. But I can’t visit it anymore. The comments are too cliquish for my taste. Sorry.

    • nancy says:

      Mel can you explain. I hope we have not offended you.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I wonder what this means?

      I thought cliques were exclusionary. I always thought everyone here included anyone who cared to participate in the conversation?


      Does anyone else feel the same as @mel?

      • nancy says:

        I am also confused. I usually do not comment but am here everyday. I love to read the board as you all are so funny and wise. I have never felt unwanted.

      • krone says:

        I keep weird hours and often read while the rest of you are probably sleeping. I ALWAYS read but don’t often post because you guys pretty much cover all the bases by the time I get here. The times I have posted I’ve always felt welcomed: in fact people have actually said “welcome”, so I don’t feel the clique thing at all. I do know (or think) that there’s a core group who seem to post daily and it seems only natural to me that these people have built a rapport with each other but don’t think it’s exclusionary; in fact, people have been welcoming as I said. Mel, welcome to the board; if you choose to stick around, I think you’ll find that this is a group of intelligent, caring people who, in my experience, are respectful even when disagreeing. I hope you choose to stick around;)

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Mel, sorry you feel you have to leave. What can we do to make you feel more included?

      • Dawn says:

        Just a thought. Perhaps he/she was hoping to be included in the birthday list. Also, there was mention made of a club, as in, will you join my club type of thing. It’s the only thing that I can think of.

        It’s human nature to want to break down into smaller groups as people get to know one another better. Some that post here seem to have a rapport developed based on the times that they are able to log in and interact with one another in almost real time. They seem to have an ability to respond to one another in a way that is beyond the response that one would have for a person with whom one has no familiarity. This also seems normal and would occur in a real setting as well as an online one.

        I’m not sure there’s any way or a reason to circumvent human nature and the desire to form smaller subsets.

    • realminkey says:

      Wowwy wow… I’m one of those self-involved people who goes for months without contributing, and then drops in for a while. I don’t find it cliquish at all.

      • justanothermary says:

        I would like to think that I’m not one that would be hurt by such things, but not being asked about my screen name or my birthday kinda sucked. I know it’s silly, but, just my 2 cents.

      • katlg says:

        Yep, me too, read almost every day and almost never post.
        Still love it here though.

  52. WindyCityWondering says:

    OT – OMG, my son’s date for homecoming is driving us crazy! She is wearing a black and white dress and her favorite color is red but she hates carnations and roses (talking a wrist corsage here ladies) and doesn’t want gold/silver/white ribbons. She has asked my son to wear a lavander colored shirt and a red tie. Help me! What should the florist do flower wise and would lace or baby’s breathe instead of a ribbon be silly?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      This post reminds me of the episode of Leave It To Beaver when Wally was taking some girl to a dance and she demand an orchid for the corsage which I am guessing was very rare and extremely expensive back then.

      For the flower- maybe some monks hood= I also know that sometimes they now have elastic type bands for around the wrist.

    • justanothermary says:

      I grew up in a family of florists. My grandfather owned a flower shop. There are plenty of flowers (tulips, azalias, etc.) that are red and I think if you simply told the local florist the likes/dislikes of the girl, they should be able to accomodate the situation.

  53. AZ Girl says:

    Sorry, mother of two sons speaking here…that is one demanding chick. She is lucky to have your son take to homecoming. End of discussion. Get what you like.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Have two sons too. Just heard from another son’s mother – we have decided this a color coordinated theme the girls have decreed – for the pictures! I thought my scheme was strange – her’s is turquoise/purple and again no carnations/roses!

      • AZ Girl says:

        So it’s “group” color coordinated. Oh boy. Tough. I have always been so impressed with just the local food store florist. Our Safeway is your Jewel. They are usually prepared for all the local high school dances. I personally love baby’s breath and maybe paired with an orchid with hints of violet.

      • Buffywood says:

        Purple statice and baby’s breath. Plus both will dry very well and she will be able to keep it forever.

  54. Waxdiva says:

    The many faces of Sheree Whitfield’s date, Ti-Ye Muhammad (more in link below):

    Muhammad, 35, says he’s a doctor, but he didn’t earn a Ph.D. in psychology at the school from which he has said he graduated, school records show. In fact, he attended Southern Illinois University for just one semester as an unspecified graduate student, said SIU spokesman Tom Woolf.

    Muhammad said he left Clark Atlanta, where he was an associate professor in the psychology department for four years, because he wasn’t paid enough and he “no longer felt that spark” from teaching. School officials said he left after they discovered his credentials were bogus.

    Muhammad said that in 1999 he founded a nonprofit organization called “Man II Man Inc., ” which his Web site states is “dedicated to uplifting, motivating and educating inner city youth.” Actually, the organization is a for-profit company, said Cara Hodgson of the secretary of state’s office.

    Muhammad said he had not “filed the paperwork” to make the corporation nonprofit. “I’m still forming the board of directors, ” he said. On Tuesday, the Web site was changed to describe the organization as “community-based, ” rather than nonprofit.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Yet again – someone who has no business putting their business on tv! In this day and age – fact checkers are everywhere.

  55. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Um… Is this some sort of revenge for my HARMLESS flirting with Noelle the other day? And with a man, no less? There is no more room in our triangle! I’m gonna give you a minute to come to your senses… Obviously you’ve lost your if you think I’ll stand by and watch you flirt with a dude. I don’t care how “witty and well spoken” he is. 😉
    Let me know when your over this little fling.

  56. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Wall st. Lady
    I am from the south myself, Mobile Al to be exact :-D.
    As for the shoes… I hate toes and I have NO idea why Sheree insists on showing her crusty man-feet at every turn. The bone colored strappy heels looked like they might be “peep toes” so I might wear those with the right outfit. My favorite style of shoes are slingback pumps. The higher the better for dancing, flirting, etc. 2″-3″ heels for work, church, daytime attire. When not wearing pumps a cute patent leather ballerina flat is my fave 😀

    • Noelle says:

      Do you ever wear 4″-6″ heels?

      • Noelle says:

        I only ask because after wearing 6″ heels @a party, I felt the need to walk on my knees for 3 days after! OUCH!!…I don’t think my feet ever recovered from those shoes. 😉

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I have on red patent leather ballet flats right now! Ok I’m officially back in like with you.
      I thought I’d look like Minnie Mouse in these, but luvs! They go with everything.

    • PaganChick says:

      Hey, I’m originally from Mobile too! I still go there to visit family and hit up Mardi Gras. What a small world.

  57. TLM says:

    Did anyone see Oprah today with Ryan O’Neal & Ali McGraw? They were talking about it being 40 years since Love Story, and both are now single. Ryan as much as said he’s going to ask Ali out. Here’s hoping they reunite!!! Both have lost their partners to cancer. Ryan said he was smitten with Ali during the movie, when she was married. Ryan is 69 and Ali is 71, but they both seemed like kids. So cute!!

    • Noelle says:

      Thanks for the update.
      Wanted to watch, will catch up on abc.com…(?)
      Again, thanks.

    • Dawn says:

      I love the movie and they were both so gorgeous in it.

      • Ellabean says:

        “Okay Preppie, love means never having to say…..”

        • TLM says:

          I loved that everyone on the show agreed the phrase, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry” makes absolutely no sense and isn’t true besides. Including Oprah! I still don’t know how everyone got swept up in that one. I remember hearing it so much as a kid. But besides that, the movie was great. LOL.

  58. MickeyMouth says:

    Here’s Kim’s Booblehead: Kim Zolciak Booblehead: http://wp.me/pWaBw-hG

    I still have no idea for their boxes. I’m off to bed now. Have a good night everyone.

  59. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Most of my (diva) pumps are 4″+ and have the “secret” platform thingy going on ;-).I have a wardrobe of work pumps that are conservative 2″-3″. I’m like phaedra, a southern belle who wears skirts, hats, pumps , and matching purses.
    And I ALWAYS match 😀

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      hmmm… I wonder if I’m a Northern Belle? Can there be such a thing? I wear skirts, and pumps, and everything always has to match.
      Always have to have on my Mr. eyes, and Mrs. lips- you never know when the paparazzi will discover you.

    • Noelle says:


      I’m jealous Ms. Southern Belle…. 😉

      My OMIB..I bet She’ll match!

  60. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I need to correct my last statement. I always match AND that sometimes includes a pop of color.
    Red patent ballerina flats! Did you say you wear a size 7? I love all things patent leather ;-). I went to England earlier this year and bought the MOST AMAZING royal blue patent and ostrich leather purse at Harrod’s! I haven’t taken it out of the tissue yet! Love the look and feel of patent leather.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Sounds beautiful. I bought myself a pair of Hunter Wellingtons when I was in London. I know, I know, I could get them here but something about buying wellies at Harrods felt so good.
      I could talk shoes all night long! I am a sucker for boots. Any kind of boots. My most recent addition is a pair of brown victorian style ankle boots. They look great with long skirts.

  61. floridagirl88 says:

    I was about to go to bed when I came across this:

    Lordy, lordy, lordy, looks like another housewife of Atlanta is involved with a broke ass. This time it’s one of the new housewives, Cynthia, whose fiance is allegedly a crook. The article, which I have not tried to confirm, says Bravo staff was filling in as employees for background shots. What’s next?!?!?!

  62. boston02127 says:

    The first miner is out! 11:11

  63. boston02127 says:

    Did anyone watch Teen Mom?

    • kmuellfa says:

      I did. I can’t explain why I like that show.
      Amber should lose custody of her daughter, that girl’s cheese has done slid off her cracker. Farrah’s OK, a little spoiled but she seemed to grow up a lot this season.
      Macy really is a great mom, very mature for her age.
      Catelyn’s mom is a meth head psycho. I don’t know how she raised such a smart, level headed daughter who actually wants to do something with her life. It was great to see when Catelyn and Tyler visited w/ Carly, and the books they gave her were amazing. I hope they are able to maintain a good relationship w/ the adoptive parents, they all seem to care about each other.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I agree about Caitlynn, who in there right mind would bring a child into that mess. Tyler’s mom seems nice and stable, I wonder how she would ever be with a looser like Tyler’s dad.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I do- it’s not on here yet.

      Amber is the worst mother ever- and Farrah is an spoiled brat. I can’t imagine talking to my parents the way she does. Granted her mother seems like a functional alcoholic or medicated and doesn’t seem easy to deal with but still, I would have gotten the mouth smacked off me if I talked like that.

  64. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Did Wall st. Lady log off?

  65. Noelle says:

    This is (miner story) amazing!!

    I have chills, and am overwhelmed with joy!!

    bless them all

  66. Adgirl says:

    Kandi Burruss of the Real Housewives of Atlanta was seen dating Willis McGahee of the Baltimore Ravens. This caused quite a furor with the seven women claiming to have children with him. Ina confidential email I received, I was told that he did not live with the new baby’s mama, as had been reported by other blogs.
    Here’s what Kandi had to say:
    Yeah, I date, [but] nobody I want to talk about. To me, when it gets super serious then maybe I’ll tell people about it but I’m not super serious. I already know people have me on the blogs with Willis. I learned some news my damn self looking at the blogs. They were saying that Willis is living with a new baby’s mom and they’re making me look like a home wrecker. This is news to me, but it’s not true. I haven’t knowingly dated a married man since I was 21 and that was a moment of crazy. I soon corrected that and never again did I cross that road. I would never date a dude in a relationship; I’m too grown for that.

    There is something boring about Lisa Wu also but I can’t be bothered to paste it here.

  67. Wall St Lady says:

    the B Day list is for anyone who will give their Bday to the
    B Day Cop (me).
    I try to post the updated list every couple of days.
    Please Please participate !
    Next party is Nov. 14th

  68. krone says:

    talk about reality TV!!! I can’t stop watching these rescues! I’m going to be dehydrated soon,- all these happy tears. I start thinking that I’m watching a true miracle and then I realize my face is all wet again. Don’t think I can sleep until every 1 of them is safe. Did any of you watch Mario Sepulvada?(the one that sprinted out of the Fenix chanting,”Chile, Chile”. Such energy & euphoria after 70 days in what could have so easily been his tomb. With so many World problems this is such a miracle; I won’t forget this for a very long time. That sweet little 7 yr. old boy hugging his Dad after all this time alone. I’m not a religious woman but I’m praying that all 33 make it out safely.

    • Kat says:

      Seven rescued thus far. 🙂
      Your post made me tune in to CNN. Thank you.

      • krone says:

        amazing isn’t it?!!! Have you seen footage of the first one rescued? His 7 yr. old son hugged him so tight, then when Dad was put on a stretcher for a ride to the hospital for a thorough physical, the little one burst into tears like he couldn’t bear losing his Dad again. I’m telling you, I’m completely dehydrated,- haven’t cried this much in years (happy tears) There’s even a news team there from North korea. It felt like for 1 night the whole world was united. The primary drilling team came from the US if I got it right.

        • Kat says:

          I’ve not seen the footage of the first rescue but I’ll pay better attention and look for it. I’ve been trying to catch up with the blogs. I just saw Mario’s Chile cheer. 🙂

          I’m so happy these miners are alive and being rescued. This is absolutely wonderful. A happy ending is so rare.
          Krone, I think you are right that the world is united in good will and hope for these miners.
          It gives me a chill and goose bumps in a good way.
          Tears of happiness here too.

          I hope the FENIX capsule continues to work until everyone is out. Fingers crossed.

          • Ellabean says:

            Good Morning Krone ~ Thanks for posting about this. Good news is good on any blog. I am watching too. Missed the first man out at 11pm last nite. The 8th men has just come out. I understand it takes about 15 minutes per man to evacuate – bringing each one up through over
            2, 000 ft. of thick rock .

            I so agree – this good news is sooooooo needed around the planet.
            I am crying too at 6am. Cheers !

  69. krone says:

    WSL, I don’t post too often but always lurk. I’m an Aquarius,-1/30;)

  70. Lucy says:

    I think all the parents need to think about filming their children no matter what the age and as you pointed out it isn’t so much always the children being filmed but also the parents. The parents have put their lives on display and these kids, no matter the age will grow up with these images on screen forever. No one knows how long Bravo will replay these shows. Therefore, the children that are infants may have to deal with these shows at some time too. I often wonder how Bryn will feel seeing her parents getting ready half naked on the day she was born??

    In addition, people who write and tell the kids that they have horrible parents are pathetic. Children love their parents. Imagine someone telling your son you are horrible? Once again, something for the parents to think about but ALL the parents.

    Once you they put their lives out there then their children must deal with all of it too. For example, I use to teach at my son’s school until kids started informing him I was a bitch and that was it, I quit. No job was worth putting him through misery. My son didn’t need to hear shit about me, he loves me and he wanted to defend his mother and yet he was at school and it was hard for him because no one defends a teacher (LOL).

    My ultimate point: these women have already jeopardized things for their kids by putting their lives on television and filming the kids just makes it worse at any age. I think they all should be very careful with filming their children, every. single.one. of.them.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      LUCY…Mother of the Decade!

      Resigning to ensure you son wouldn’t be targeted was nothing short of amazing. Many in your position, would ignore the child’s discomfort and pain, in order to keep an eye on them, and of course continue making money. Your son is lucky to have a mom who loves him so much that she’d allow him to be a regular kid with no ties to faculty. Good luck!

  71. Noelle says:

    Hello all,

    I’m taking a time out from the board.

    Peace to everyone. Blessings to you and yours.

  72. krone says:

    Rabble Rouser,
    I don’t watch Teen Mom regularly but from what I’ve seen, agree with you 100%. Caitlynn made a tough decision but the best one IMO. From what I’ve seen of her Mom, I can’t figure out how she’s managed to be so level headed and unselfish. Farrah needs a smack and I can’t figure out Amber. Is she clinically depressed or bipolar? haven’t watched it enough to know what her story is, maybe she’s just lazy and narcissistic but it seems like something else is going on with her and the Dad’s no prize either. Poor little Leah (?) seems to wander about with very little attention paid to her. That couple should have placed her with a family that really wanted her. Carly’s a beautiful little girl and seems to be thriving with her adoptive parents; I hope Caitlynn follows through with her education and finds a way to escape from her Mom’s place; she deserves better. I wish I’d seen the beginning and the process by which she decided to go the adoption route. She seems to really care about her baby’s well being: very mature and un-selfish. How did she manage that coming from her home? wish I’d seen the beginning.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      It’s pretty remarkable how well Caitlynn and Tyler turned out despite their parents addictions. Tyler’s dad and Caitlynn’s mom are married which adds even more dysfunction to that household. Sometimes kids turn out better then their folks because they swear they are never going to be like them.

      My only criticism of those kids how they didn’t graduate and how out of touch they seemed to be when they were talking to a career councilor. Caitlynn stated she thought she was getting A’s and B’s when in reality she totally flunked every class…she even got an E! An E—-I never even knew there was such a grade. They tried to say it was because of the pregnancy but it’s not like they were taking a baby home and up all night with her. I think it had more to do with being teenagers and getting caught up in all the hype of the show.

      Amber said she was bi-polar and it was suspected they she was possibly suffering from postpartum depression. I know people were speculating that because of the rapid weight loss she might have been taking drugs, I don’t know if that’s true but she looked half baked most of the time.

      She is very lazy and self absorbed- I can’t beleive she let that guy she had only dated for a few weeks crash at her house- when their is a innocent baby living there. She needs to be a lot more diligent.

      • krone says:

        OMG! the drunk Mom and jailbird Dad are married too? Were they already married when C&T started going out or did they meet through the kids? Just keeps getting worse; how the Hell did those kids turn out so well? I did catch that they weren’t going to graduate with their friends but figured it had something to do with the pregnanacy. Caitlynn’s Mom isn’t going to step in and do what a Mother’s supposed to do so I hope her guidance counselor or maybe a special teacher will step in and help prepare her for college or a vocational school; seems to me that she’s motivated and it would be so sad if she stays in that house! Was I imagining things or did Caitlynn’s Mom actually say she was angry because C “gave away” her granddaughter? What a selfish bi@tch if I got it right! Like she was going to be any help if the kids did keep the baby!!
        I know it’s a terrible thing to say but I almost wish Amber would lose the baby or at least attend mandatory parenting classes and psychiatric help.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          The kids were together first- then the parents hooked up.

          Amber definitively needs help, if we as viewers hear her scream and swear in front of the baby, ignore the child’s cries so she can continue to lounge around in bed all day- God only knows what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling.

      • MAMAZ says:

        And it turns out that he is a child molester. That’s what he went to jail for.

        • krone says:

          Oh No!!!!!! Rabble’s instincts were right; you just never bring a strange man into your house when you have young children; you just never know! Amber’s instincts and priorities are so screwed up. My husband died young and I never even introduced my kids (pretty much grown up) to any man until I knew him well. I’ve seen a lot of parents bring man after man into their homes and it confuses the kids. Not to mention it’s just not safe!!

        • American Idiot says:

          Krone, RR, Boston, Mamaz:

          I am a big Teen Mom fan. I enjoyed reading all your posts about the show. I once heard Gary ask Amber if she took her medication. I would not find it hard to believe she is depressed or bipolar. She seems angry at times, and sleepy and out of it at other times. Her violence towards Gary is very hard to watch. Leah just seems lost most of the time, wandering around. Amber and Gary are never show playing with her. Maci is a great mom. Farrah has alot of issues to work through with her mother. When Sophia’s dad died; Farrah’s mom was happy. She had no sympathy for how it affected Farrah. Caitlyn and Tyler’s decision to choose adoption was a big part of the first season. Caitlyn’s mom and Tyler’s dad were absolutely against it and they have never forgiven their children for that. Caitlyn’s mom also had a baby around the same time. The little boy is shown once in a while. I think his name is Nick. I hope Caitlyn and Tyler can stay on track and get their HS diplomas. Not sure why they did not know they weren’t graduating until the day before graduation. Tyler’s mom is always there for them. Hopefully she can help them with their future plans for college.

          • krone says:

            Thanks A.I.
            Will they continue to follow these same girls or do they find new ones? I only watched it a couple of times and was confused. Your background info helps. I had no idea that Farrah’s Mom was happy about the death; that must have been painful. I’m going to check out Hulu.com; maybe they’ll have some of the earlier episodes?

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              They continue to follow those girls on Teen Mom, but every season they show new girls on 16 and Pregnant.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            It’s so gross to me how Caitlynn’s mom smokes in the home with a young child in it. I think it’s very telling about her poor parenting skills.

            I agree Farrah’s mom is a mess, but Farrah seems like the type who would have had a smart mouth regardless.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Actually, that was a case of mistaken identity- according to a statement from MTV.

          Weirdly enough, the Chris who is the actually child molester- also has a girlfriend with 4 kids (two of them young children). She told ROL they were thinking about suing because of the false ID- as if they suffered any real damages. He IS a child molester, it’s a matter of public record.

  73. Marina says:

    Love Kandi, and thought she should of been one of the judges on American Idol.

  74. Wall St Lady says:

    I will b praying 4 u. I will miss u. Please hurry back. I might b tempted to cheat w/o u so remember we need u.

  75. Wall St Lady says:

    Thanks krone !

  76. Wall St Lady says:

    Good Morning
    Good Morning
    As sung by Debbie Reynolds in
    “Singing in The Rain”
    (Wall St Lady sing loudly & probably annoying sleepy heads)

  77. krone says:

    Claudio Yanez (#8) now free!!!!!!!!

  78. Ellabean says:

    Great choice of wake up songs, WSL ~ I’ve always loved this too.

  79. Ellabean says:

    Correction to my post a bit upthread about the miners’ rescue:

    It is taking about one hour to bring each man up – not 15 minutes. At 7:15 am e.s.t. the 9th man has just been brought up, and the firts man was rescued at aprox. 11pm est last night.

  80. Wall St Lady says:

    Other Belle Behavior

    We drink Dr Pepper or Bourbon.
    We wear dresses (no pants).
    We don’t do hobo bags & our
    pocket book matches our shoes.
    We only wear white shoes from Memorial day to Labor Day.
    We probably wear to much jewlery & perfume and we always wear jewlery even when we do the few sport we do like riding & shooting skeet.
    We flirt w/all men.
    We constantly bat our long eye lashes.
    U might as well quit if u have fat ankles.
    “No ” is not in our vocabulary.
    We r dumb like a fox.
    When we say oil & it sounds like all.
    We r an “Iron fist in a velvet glove”
    If we live at home our fathers r mean to all our dates & our brothers meaner. (My dad cleaned his gun on the porch to intimidate)
    We need to b courted and we don’t comprend the word dutch.
    We wait on our men.
    We don’t care or complain if our men leave us for the day to hunt or play golf cuz that’s what they do.
    Our theme song is from Dione
    Warwick : “Hey little girl ,fix ur hair ,fix ur make up….Don’t have ur hair still in curlers … Soon he will open the door ….. For wives should be lovers ”
    We r shy in the bed room & that is controlling too ;that’s to get more marriage proposals. We actually collect proposals & brag about our # number of proposals we get the same way we believe men brag about notches in their belt.
    It is ingrained in us to marry well to maintain the family heritage.
    We r Colonial Dames or Daughters of the American Revolution.
    We r proud of the date our family landed in America. (1685 for me) Daughters of “Southern Royalty”
    Make their Debuts with dresses & parties as elaborate as a fancy wedding & join the Jr League.
    We go to college but in the South.
    We think Northern girls r loud.
    In the south ,we still think of Northerners a Yankees ! 🙂

    “Don’t hate me cuz I think I”m beautiful”
    I have lived in NYC longer than I lived in the South but I am still much more Southern than Yankee
    I hop u still like me.

    • Ellabean says:

      Oh wsl~ my oh my. I have to tease you:

      I think I will now go kiss my photo of Gloria Steinem and re-read Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique now. Did I wake up into the 1950’s this morning ?

      Still love you tho.;)

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        Favorite line of all time:
        “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. Just hate me.”

        • krone says:

          Ellabean, how about Simone De Beauvoir’s, The second Sex? Can’t remember how to spell her name but she was the first person who introduced me to the concept of “the other”/outsider, mysterious, different, possessing qualities that should make one suspicious; reminds me of the feelings some extremists e.g. “birthers” try to rev up re our President. Damn, I’m tired but can’t sleep til everyone’s rescued. I haven’t allowed myself to go there but I’m a bit superstitious not to mention all-powerful LOL; like my staying awake will keep any cables from snapping and prevent any tragedies. Such hubris!

  81. viki55 says:

    11 of the 33 out safe now:)

  82. krone says:

    Lynn, How do I submit a photo to the IHJZFam photos?I want to show off my newest grandson; he’s a beauty and I don’t see him often enough. Both his parents are Marines and now posted in Langely. I’m not complaining,- before his birth I had to deal with my daughter being overseas, but still, Maine to Virginia isn’t a short trip. and I admit it, I want to show him off

    • Ellabean says:

      Hi Krone – To send a photo of your adorable grandbaby – just email it to:
      LynnAHudson@aol.com. I am not familiar with Simone de Beavior’s book. Sounds very interesting though.;) All the best to your family now serving at Langley.

      • Kat says:

        oops I hadn’t refreshed the page before I posted. My bad.

      • krone says:

        Than you so much luv;) De Beauvoir was Jean Paul Sartre ‘s mistress/lover for many, many years. They lived together and had regular soirees with Europian intellectuals and Existentialists. She was at the very least his intellectual equal if not superior and he apparently acknowledged that.

        • Ellabean says:

          Oh, I just love that you know that. 🙂

          I blog – there fore I am.

          Hey Kat – where you been ?

          • Kat says:

            Hi Ellabean. I’ve been offline. I shut off my computer. I finished the Sunday crossword on Sunday. I hadn’t looked at a crossword puzzle in months… probably not since shortly after I found this blog, LOL. 😉

    • Kat says:

      Unless things have changed recently I think you could send your pics to Lynn by email. LynnAHudson@aol.com
      Maybe put “IHJZFam photos” in the subject of your email?

  83. viki55 says:

    12 up!

    • Ellabean says:

      Check out the underground live camera – that shows how each miner gets into the capsule, then as it dissapears up the ground it is quite amazing . Wow !

      Prayers and fingers crossed for all to return safely ~

  84. krone says:

    These guys are incredible. Can you even imagine how they made it through the first 17 days before anyone knew they were alive and hadn’t heard a human voice & made the 2 days rations last? I’m thinking we’re going to see at least 1 amazing movie. They didn’t even know if anyone was even looking for them. They and their families seem to have incredible Faith. When the 63 yr. old came out, he knelt on the ground and gave thanks. I’m pretty much an agnostic/pagan but watching them is making me a bit envious of their faith

    • viki55 says:

      sad for you:(

      • Ellabean says:

        Not sad ! She is on her own spiritual path thats right for her.
        Now that’s what I call freedom of religion ! Woo Hoo !

        • viki55 says:

          Jesh, she said she was a bit envious of their faith. I think that is sad because everyone can have faith, there is no need to envy. I am a bit tied of being jumped on here. I guess I am done.

          • Ellabean says:

            Not jumping viki, now now. Easy.
            But you gotta look at the standalone one word post: “sad 😦 ” ,with no explanation. Can be interpreted as kind – can also be interepreted as pity – therefore something less than or something is wrong with her views. But you explained it further in your next post which was helpful.

          • krone says:

            Vicki, I took your statement in the spirit in which it was offered; thank you. I’m working my way there. I was raised in parochial schools where the nuns had no patience for questions and in the old days it seemed that their God was scary and fear based. I relate more to a loving, nurturing mother figure. It’s been a long journey but I’m working on it. I honor ,respect and at times like this, envy, others’ their Faith, whatever it may be.

        • Sha2000 says:


    • Ellabean says:

      Interesting, as I am am a sort of a new age agnostic pagan nature child as well, yet believes in the power of prayer. I also am not a member of any organized religion. But I do believe that thoughts and feelings are powerful signals – they work and you tap in to the power of the universe or God or as one knows him or her. I also believe that Jesus , Mohammed, and Buddha and other quite ‘advanced soul’ prophets tried to show man ‘the way’ and the ‘truth’ of our existence and how the universe works. People banding together sending those ‘signals’ – now that’s extraordinary power !

      Yikes, heavy discussion for 9:30 am. Well I always miss the interesting late nite discussions here – I am a morning person ! 🙂

      • krone says:

        I think our “Faith” is very similar. I do believe that powerful emotions, beliefs create a form of energy and have an impact and I do think I pray in my own unique way. Yup, we hold similar beliefs; very nice meeting you;)

      • Sha2000 says:

        “I do believe that thoughts and feelings are powerful signals – they work and you tap in to the power of the universe”

        I also believe that Jesus , Mohammed, and Buddha and other quite ‘advanced soul’ prophets tried to show man ‘the way’ and the ‘truth’ of our existence and how the universe works. People banding together sending those ‘signals’ – now that’s extraordinary power ”

        I agree 100%!
        Well said EllaBean & something else we have in common!

    • Buffywood says:

      Welcome to the group Krone. I too find myself envious of those with strong faith, regardless of what religion.

  85. krone says:

    I’ve been watching that camera since 10:30 or so last night. It’s been a night I’ll NEVER forget. The President of Chile has been there all night! Quick! Super mario is being shown on CNN

  86. krone says:

    Carlos Barrios, lucky #13 being prepared

    • KellitaM says:

      I went to bed after the 3rd was rescued because I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Woke up to 12 rescued. What a miracle! I’m thrilled for them and their loved ones!

  87. krone says:

    Buffy, Viki, Ella and Rabble, It’s so great “meeting” all of you. It’s strange; I read your posts almost every night-early am and feel that I know you in some way. Because of this extraordinary miracle I’ve been able to talk with you in real time. Yet another reason to make this a special time.

  88. krone says:

    oops, and Kat too:)

  89. Wall St Lady says:


    Fog Horn going around Bravo
    To get her own show !

  90. LynnNChicago says:


    New Blog

    Send photos for the IHJZ Family photo board to me at

  91. Wall St Lady says:

    Santa Clause & the Easter Bunny will know if u don’t share Ur Birth Day.
    Tomorrow we have our 1st Oct.
    Party !

    14 Designing Deva
    28 twoile

    1 Noelle
    2 Scprpoisue
    21 Michele
    22 realminkey
    28 Canada

    5 Buffywood
    10 tuzentswarth
    24 KirksvilleMo
    26 JustAnotherMary
    29 Rabble Rouser

    2 WaxDiva
    12 Cakers
    16 Lillybee
    26 Jezzibel
    30 krone
    14 Adgirl
    16 Quincy

    12 Waslurking
    13 Vilzvet
    25 Am Idiot

    ? Azgirl

    29 WindyCity

    11 TrueLifeDiva
    30 Cuci77

    20 TT
    28 TEB
    30 Diana & WSM

    13 Tootsie
    16 Lynn Hudson

    1 WSL. & Boston 2
    6 Sha200o
    7 ms molly
    8 FloridaGirl88
    11 jillz68
    14 One Mo Bo & Dickens
    21 Ellabean
    30 error404

  92. TLM says:

    The Real Housewives franchise has started playing on NBC daytime. I just watched the cake fight on Tammy Knickerbocker’s boyfriend’s boat from Season 1, and I cannot believe what obnoxious brats almost all the teens were. Tamra’s son Ryan was getting into trouble at the same time. I think it is interesting that Vicki was the only one not living beyond her means and also the one who seemed to have the best-behaved kids. Not sure if Lauri was living beyond her means…I know she had difficulty with Josh, but I think he was crying out for attention he wasn’t getting. I feel like Lauri was overly focused on finding a new man. And she was dating a guy who had trouble with drugs, so maybe in a strange way, Josh thought he could get her attention by doing the same. I just read he was arrested again in July for violating probation after doing almost a year in jail on another charge. I really hope this kid can get the right kind of help and have a life. It is very disturbing how many of the OC kids have been in trouble with the law.

  93. DaDivaCat says:

    I really like Kandi and think Kim is far too self-serving. After reading Kandi’s blog about not getting paid for “tardy for the party”… Aren’t verbal agreements legally binding? Sure felt like Kandi’s getting shafted by Kim and Kandi needs to get her OWN lawyer and ask….

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