I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of Beverly Hills / Watch What Happens Live

I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Premier October 16, 2010

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this show, sort of a Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous with more detail.

As of now just two of the Housewives have posted blogs but there is a new twist in the Bravotv.com blog world, a producer has posted a blog, here is a small portion of that blog:

Among the BH Wives are an NBA team owner, two former child stars who also happen to be Paris Hilton’s aunts, and Kelsey Grammer’s soon to be ex-wife. The marital split happens during our season, and you are not going to believe the inside stuff you will get to see. Among the other highlights of this season: a party in a $55 million dollar mansion, backstage at the premiere of a Broadway show, a dinner party from Hell that you have to see to believe, and a brutal sisterly argument that is one of the most intense things I’ve witnessed in the nearly twenty years I’ve been working in reality TV.

This producer certainly does know how to paint a great picture to keep us all watching! Although I would imagine that Paris Hilton’s brother and sister could be a bit offended as they are rarely mentioned as relatives of Kim and Kyle Richards.

Starting with Kim, she embarrassed herself quite a bit with the story of her and her niece Paris shopping and calling herself an “icon” over and over, she seemed to not know how to emphasize her point that she was entitled to just as much, if not more attention than her niece, then didn’t seem to know when to stop talking. I think I mentioned this before, but I hadn’t heard of Kim Richards when I heard her name announced as a Beverly Hills Housewife but I was in the minority, many of you have heard of her and after last night I certainly remember her face and her voice. I just never knew her name, as a kid, I didn’t care about celebrities but I do remember watching her in different movies and on TV shows. I remember her voice and wishing I could talk with that raspy tone.

So what happened to this woman over the past 30 years? She seems to have very little confidence in herself and although she is a mother, she seems to rely a bit too much on her younger sister, Kyle. I understand that being a single mother is difficult, four children and no husband is challenging. That said, three of Kim’s children are over the age of 18 and as her sister pointed out, don’t require her constant care or attention.

We join Kim’s life as she’s searching for a new home to live in with her children, although her children seem to be only part time residents. Kim does realize that someday very soon, they could be moving out completely, Kim is adamant that she get a five bedroom home so that the kids don’t have to share bedrooms. Kim seems to be a bit neurotic and anti-social as she explains that away by telling viewers that as a child actress she didn’t get to socialize with other children or in fact get to enjoy what typical children enjoy growing up. Is this just an excuse for her odd behavior or do child actors really have these horrible residual affects many years after these experiences?

I had to feel a bit sorry for Camille Grammar while watching her talk about her marriage to Kelsey Grammar. She talked about the longevity, the children and how she was his backbone, his strength and his everything. Just a few short months later, she would find out that she wasn’t nearly what she thought she was to this self-absorbed actor.

I was a bit surprised to learn that both of her children were born of a surrogate, with no explanation many questioned whether it was just so that she could maintain her figure, even Camille’s cast mates wondered about that. I knew very little about Camille Grammar prior to this show, but we learned that she was once a dancer on Club MTV and has two children with Kelsey with four nannies. Her children are five and eight years old and four nannies is overkill for two children unless they’re newborn, then you could possibly justify it. Clearly Camille Grammar wants her complete freedom, never having to worry about making plans or last minute outings, she can do what she likes any time of any day or night knowing her children are always being cared for by one nanny or another.

I’m going to reserve any judgment on this until we see more of Mrs. Kelsey Grammar, I suppose we could look at the positive, there are four women employed as Nannies who may otherwise be out of work. This is going to be an interesting story as we watch the demise of a long-time marriage.

Adrienne was determined to be the richest of the Beverly Hills Housewives, as her family owns the Sacramento Kings Basketball team, the Palms Resort in Las Vegas among many other ventures, I would say that is probably accurate. Someone in this family is genius and got in on the ground floor of the fairly recent endeavor of poker tournaments being televised and filmed at the Palms. These tournaments have been going on for decades but only in the past few years have they appeared on sports television. Brilliant!

Adrienne is a little fire-ball, full of energy and strength we see her throwing grown men to the ground in their fully equipped home gym. Adrienne informs us that she and her husband keep their financials completely separate, not surprising since Adrienne’s business is not hers alone but is a family company and most likely other family members have a financial interest in these business’s.

So far, I like Adrienne. It was nice of her to fly the ladies down to Sacramento to watch her basketball team take on the Los Angeles Lakers, unfortunately they took the loss. A few of the ladies remarked at how well they were treated, like queen’s and what a classy operation the family has in Sacramento. These are not easy women to impress so I’m sure it was first class every step of the way.

Lisa allowed us to see a large part of her large home along with her babies (dogs) and one that she takes with her wherever she goes. (even to a basketball game in Sacramento) Lisa seems to have a great sense of humor and an even greater marriage that is in its 21st year. Lisa’s children, Pandora and Max have moved out of their fabulous home, at 24 and 18 years of age, it wouldn’t be altogether unusual if they still lived with the parents but alas, they’re gone. (see Caroline?) I wonder if we’ll meet Lisa’s children? But the home isn’t all that empty, Cedric the trainer followed this couple from London to Los Angeles and has lived with them for almost 2 years with no intention of leaving. Looks like trouble waiting to happen!

Lisa’s husband is a plastic surgeon, and best I can tell all of the Beverly Hills ladies have partaken in some sort of services, the problem is, it is so obvious. I always thought the best plastic surgery or procedure to improve the face should be transparent, it shouldn’t be so obvious, right? The whole idea is to make the face look better but if you’re staring at these huge pumped up lips or a face so stiff it can’t smile or show any emotion, it sort of defeats the purpose.

Kyle Richards is actually the one who is least likely to have had an extensive amount of plastic surgery. In my opinion, Kyle is the most beautiful of the Beverly Hills Housewives and seems to have a good heart as well. It was sweet to see her trying to help her sister through a very stressful time in her life. Moving is right up there with divorce and death in the family for stress levels and while she may be a bit lacking in the patience area, she certainly did try with Kim. These two sisters have a volatile relationship and I think we’re going to see some of that as early as next week.

Taylor is a close friend of Adrienne’s, and has a business partner…er husband who apparently is ready to leave his wife at any moment for a younger woman. Another one that I can’t quite figure yet as I don’t think we’ve seen enough of Taylor. What I did see was exactly what Kim described, Taylor turning her back to Kim at the basketball game. I noticed it before Kim mentioned it to Kyle. I find that to be highly rude, regardless of whether or not Kim was speaking to Taylor, turning your back on someone is extremely disrespectful and a complete snub.

Taylor and Kim will continue to have conflicts going forward based on the previews, Kim does seem difficult to befriend but Taylor isn’t exactly a Mickey Mouse Club member.

Watch What Happens.

Speaking of Watch What Happens, Andy was back for another Thursday night of fun with all six of the Beverly Hills housewives jammed into tiny bar stools on that ridiculously small set. Why do we have to have all six at one time, it would be a whole lot easier to get to know these women if Andy invited two at a time as he has always done in the past.

We learned nothing new or substantial from these six ladies except that the view poll chose Kyle as the “sexiest Beverly Hills Housewife” a title that seemed to embarrass her more than anything else.

Andy Cohen seemed agitated and nervous, having six guests all at once must really get him going. I think that Andy is a bit intimidated by these ladies, he clearly did not know them well in fact it seemed as if a few of the ladies had not met Andy before appearing on his show.

The problem is, with just one show airing, there wasn’t a whole lot to talk about, they have that lovely gag order that doesn’t allow them to speak of upcoming storylines so that would be another great reason to have just one or two of these ladies on the show this week and schedule the rest to be guests after more episodes aired. There weren’t even any calls from viewers because there isn’t anything to talk about…yet!

Andy’s three obsessions this week, as if people care, were 1.) BH Housewife, Taylor’s trip to the plastic surgeon to have some foreign matter injected into her temples resulted in big angry welts, but all’s well that ends well – cut to Taylor’s plastic face minus said angry welts. 2.) Is BH Housewife Lisa a long lost relative of Jackie and Joan Collins? Well no, she doesn’t even really look like the Collins sisters but she does have that groovy British accent, right Andy? and finally 3.) The revelation that Lynda from the DC Housewives smokes pot still has Andy all in a tizzy!

We did learn that BH Housewives Lisa and Kim are both writing books, can’t wait…sigh! Taylor is nicknamed “Blowfish” no surprise there, her lips rival Lisa Rinna pre-lip reduction. The ladies voted Lisa their “Queen Bee” and she’s also the oldest of the group.

Here’s what I did love, Andy’s Mazel possibly should have gone to the Chilean minors who were all freed safely. I was happy that he gave a nod to Barbara Walters for her professionalism on The View when moron Joy Baher stormed off the set because she didn’t like what Bill O’Reilly had to say. After interrupting the man several times, O’Reilly finally put Joy in her place telling her to listen and she’ll learn something. If you watch only the few minutes where Bill jabs Joy you won’t get the full affect. She had been interrupting him throughout his interview and he’d finally had it.

Whether you agree or disagree with your guest, you should remain professional and allow them to speak. Joy needs to take a few lessons from Ms. Barbara Walters and rather than storming off the set like a 2 year old, make your point with words. Joy seems to think if she doesn’t care for her guests, she can treat them like absolute garbage but she learned something new that day! Barbara was forced to give her a lesson right there on television. Ms. Walters has interviewed serial killers and dictators, she has always been professional and handled it with grace and dignity. Love her or hate her you have to give her that. Maybe someday Barbara Walters will re-evaluate her choices of hosts for The View so that it can become watchable again.

Thank you for indulging me in that rant, The View has gotten ridiculous with the hosts shoving their own opinions down viewers throats. These women need to treat each guest with respect and if you can’t do that, don’t invite these guests on the show.
Did anyone else not buy for one second that Andy Cohen was sipping on and enjoying Amaretto and Ginger Ale by choice? Anything for Bravo’s sponsors!

I nearly vomited hearing about next week’s guests on WWHL, I love Hoda Kotb and she is one guest, unfortunately they’ve paired her with the horrible, disgusting, vile creature, Patti Stanger so I’m still debating whether to torture myself by watching or if I will allow myself to skip it. It could get interesting since Stanger chose to slam Bethenny Frankel so publically while Hoda is a good friend of Bethenny’s, but that topic may not even come up. Maybe this is the night to call in and ask Hoda how she felt about Stanger calling Bethenny a “C U Next Tuesday” or her comment about Bethenny, “any cow can push out a baby”.

Whether or not you’re a fan of Bethenny, Patti Stanger is an offensive human being. Her show is a despicable waste of airwaves and she shouldn’t be allowed to interact with human beings.

Last Minute News:
NeNeLeakes on Celebrity Apprentice?


Until Next Time….


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  1. ShyAsrai says:

    unfortunately, people forget that Joy Behar and Whoopie Goldberg are comediennes and not journalists yet they act like Elizabeth H. is some kind of political/social moron because she started off as a reality show breakout star (and because she’s – horrors!-conservative). it might behoove B. Walters to start having real experts as her staff of hosts.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Doe the guest not share some of the responsibility for their behavior as well? Bill is used to a one man show who deliberately runs rough shod over everyone, who like Jill, talks loudly to intimidate and who does not take a moment to listen to any point of view other than his own. They were all out of line and need a good course in civility and manners.

      • Adgirl says:

        He certainly should have been much clearer, but I wonder if he was baiting them and it worked.

      • krone says:

        Billow Lie’ly often has his guests’ microphones turned off and screams, “pinhead, pinhead” at them. Never could stand the man. He’s a misogynistic chauvinist and bully; just google Andrea Mackris on that one. I’m not a Joy lover, (primarily because she’s a JZ lover), but if a man told me to, “shut up and maybe you’ll learn something”! I’d do more than stomp off the stage; I’d be wearing his balls for a necklace!!

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          I’m starting to crush on you! I like your style as much as I like your blog name.

          • krone says:

            aw thx. I love being here “live”. I do some really demanding volunteer work and usually read after all of you have gone. Yours is one of the names that stands out to me and your opinion matters;)

          • Ellabean says:

            Im in the I’ve gotta krone crush line too…

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              @krone is going to have to get a ticket dispenser like at the deli!

              calling #311…calling #311…whatcherorder?

    • error404 says:

      “it might behoove B. Walters to start having real experts as her staff of hosts.”

      Sure, except for the fact that it goes against the entire concept at the shows core!

      Am I seriously the only one who remembers when this show started? The fact that people still are looking for it to be serious journalism just cracks me up! Why not complain about ‘Dancing with the Stars’ because no one sings. LOL

      • Ellabean says:

        Error, I hear ya. I remember: a show about women, for women, all different ages and all walks of life.
        Meredith, Star, Debbie – then Lisa – then Elisabeth, Joy, Rosie, Whoopi. Barbara Walters as the constant.

        I know waaaaaay too much about that crapfest called The View. I am on another blog about it. Part of me would like to share a well thought out post about it on this blog – part of me is completely embarrassed that I watch it and know so much about it and wants to put it out of my mind.

      • nathania says:

        I really can’t stand Barbara Walters. She’s not so much a journalist as a professional ass-kisser. Bill O’Reilly is a bully and I wouldn’t even sit on the same set with him so I guess I wouldn’t have to worry about walking off. I never had any respect for Walters but I lost any regard I had for her when she responded to Meredith Viera’s criticism of the glaringly May-December marriage of one of the NBC or Viacom big-wigs by saying “you’ll never work for NBC again” or something similar, that was years ago. It just shows what strain of “journalism” she adheres to. Viera may have been the only real journalist on that show ever, I’m not sure, but I believe it is Barbara who determines who goes and stays and it seems to me that she must deliberately be choosing women who don’t threaten her…Sherri Shepard is a comedian and a funny one but not the brightest bulb, Hasselbeck is a non-thinker who is incapable of debate and just regurgitates non-sensical and unrelated talking points to skew the argument so far off base it is impossible to get it back on track, which is intentional (same as O’Reilly and other barn burners). I can’t think of anyone on that show I have ever respected except Rosie O’Donnell and she was a bit irresponsible about going so far out in left field about the 9/11 events. I don’t think it’s an accident that Queen Barbara hires incompetent people, because she doesn’t like to be challenged in a way that would make it obvious how much of a yes-man she is.

        • Ellabean says:

          Well said, nathania. Although there is another decision-maker, puppet master – that is Bill Geddie, the co-executive producer (the bald headed guy). He is one first class misogynist . His political leanings are that of Hasselbeck. I will leave it at that for now.

    • Sha2000 says:

      “they act like Elizabeth H. is some kind of political/social moron because she started off as a reality show breakout star (and because she’s – horrors!-conservative).”-ShyAsrai

      ShyAsrai says:
      August 8, 2010 at 11:58 am
      ‘isn’t this site supposed to be a ‘politics-free zone’? the latest batch of HWs being in/around D.C. doesn’t, I think, change that.’

      So it’s only political opinion permitted when it comes from your point of view…figures. Don’t bother responding because the case on you has been rested w/the quotes posted here; my point is made-feud over.

  2. Waxdiva says:

    Great blog! I’m also a member of the “PattiS get off my TV” club.

  3. Jean says:

    I just caught up w/ RHBH, and read your blog right after. You’re spot on. Those plastic faces, the embarrassing Kim, dopey Camille w/ her lazy lifestyle, etc.
    One thing though, I thought that Adrienne had the plastic surgeon hubby. Not Lisa. But, no matter. I always enjoy your blogs.
    To the new season, Cheers.

  4. KellitaM says:

    Great blog, Lynn!
    I can totally relate to Kyle with the fear of flying. Like her, I’ve developed that since I’ve had kids and experienced a particular flight with horrible turbulence. I had a four-hour flight yesterday, and I read your most recent blogs and comments throughout much of it. I felt like all of you were keeping me company and it settled my anxiety. Thanks to all!!:)

    Loved BH!
    -Kyle seems like she has her head on really straight.
    -I was fan of Kim’s growing up, but I feel sorry for her now. She seems lonely and drifting, but I admire her love for her children.
    -I LOVED Lisa! “My husband calls me his Sex Object, because I always object to sex.” Funniest line of the night!
    -Camille rubs me the wrong way with her parenting style. I get that people use nannies, but she had to ask her nanny is her sick son was feeling better? Did I get that right?? And if her nannies are there 24/7, when and how exactly does she parent? She said the nannies get them ready for school and take them to all their activities. Does Camille see her kids as little toys to play with when she’s in the mood? I got that impression, so I hope to see her interact with them more over the weeks.
    -Adrienne and Taylor were not stand-outs to me.

    I think I will like this series the best, besides the NY one.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Camille really kind of annoyed me…”I have four nannies…now don’t judge”…..cut to a scene where she is saying hello/hugging to her daughter and asks one of the nannies if her sick son is feeling better. Really? Your child is sick and you are so self absorbed you can’t even be bothered to see him and help nurse him back to health? I WILL judge you on that.

      She had her babies via surrogate saying that IBS was the reason. I think Dennis Quaids wife did the same thing. I have mild IBS, although it didn’t start till after I had my kids but I can’t imagine how that would unable to conceive or carry a child.

      Why bother to have children if you can’t even be that invested to raise them? (I am not talking about working mothers/parents that’s obviously a completely different story).

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        I thought the same thing about Camille regarding her sick child. When my son is sick I do whatever I need to make him feel better. $10 bucks says her nannies take the kids to the doctor too.

        • krone says:

          When Kelsey Grammer was on Howard Stern (yuck!), he went on about how hot his wife was and never mentioned ANY character trait that he loved about her. He also (along with Stern) commented on how it would be such a shame to “ruin” Camille’s hot body with child-bearing. I had liked him before that and was astounded at how superficial the man was.
          I forgot to mention how much I enjoyed the blog. Lynn, you always do such a great job; don’t understand how you consistently put out such a great blog day after day:)

  5. Adgirl says:

    Adrienne’s husband is the plastic surgeon. Lisa and her husband own high end nightclubs in England.

  6. jeang says:

    i am the jean from fla whose husband died in 2009, and have been on here for awhile. i am not the Jean that just posted. i am changing my name to jeang in order to make it clear. i probably will not be posting for a good long while. I see stuff going on and dont want to have my name with posts that i havent written be attributed to me. I can see this coming. I am done, over and out for a while.

    • Ellabean says:

      Jeang, please stay. You are the jean that was posting yesterday afternoon, right? And you so very kindly sent the wigs to another poster? If so, I had a song already to give to you as a gift , honestly. Well here goes anyway – this is for you, dear person:

      • Ellabean says:

        It’s a lovely song from one of my favorite movies:
        “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie”, starring Maggie Smith who won the Academy Award for her inspiring role as a teacher in Scotland.

        • JazzNightOut says:

          It is a beautiful song; I remember that movie so well. Maggie Smith’s then husband, Robert Stephens, played the artist who was in love with her and from whose point of view this song is sung. I love the photograph for the music as well; looks like Northern California.

          • Ellabean says:

            I’m glad you know the music and movie, Jazz, and didn’t know that about Maggie’s husband. Interesting. I thought the picture would be somewhere in the Scottish highlands. I adore that brogue accent in the movie- hope to visit there one day.

            More music trivia: The song was recorded by “Oliver” who also had the hit “Good Morning Starshine” (love that) from “Hair”.

            • JazzNightOut says:

              Love “Good Morning Starshine” as well. I used to dance around with my then year-old son to it. I also loved Godspell’s “Day by Day.” Taught my son the words; he has remembered them in times of stress now. I was raised in Northern California (not that it shows, lol :-))

              • Buffywood says:

                I remember as a child we sang Day by Day for one of our chorus concerts. I have always LOVED that song. Now I am going to download it onto my ipod.

                It is the little things people do that can change your day for the positive so Thank You for posting this.

              • Ellabean says:

                wink wink, I sensed a flower child in there somewhere !

        • jeang says:

          Thanks Ella Bean, that was sweet.

          • Ellabean says:

            Glad you saw it. 😉

            • Buffywood says:

              Ellabean, that thanks was meant to you as well. What a beautiful way to start the day.

              I am off to take my little one to a Chuggington Event at Toys R Us. Enjoy your day.

      • justanothermary says:

        This is the Jean that was so very kind to me. Jean, I understand if you want to take a break from the madness that seems to be sneaking in on us, but please don’t give up entirely. We’ll be here when you feel comfortable enough to come back.

        • Ellabean says:

          Yes, oh yes, so sorry Mary. It was you. When I said upthread “another poster” , your name escaped for a moment (still waking up here). Glad you posted here too.

          • justanothermary says:

            Not a problem. Jean’s kindness is was really should be remembered anyway! I’m still overwhelmed by it. It’s hard to process the fact that the people I thought were my support group all ran for the hills when the going got rough, but a total stranger gave so freely.

            • JazzNightOut says:

              I experienced that as well with my two go-rounds with breast cancer. Perhaps family cannot help; I felt as if they resented my upsetting the equilibrium in our relationships. Perhaps those who give to us and there were so many who did give to me through out both series of treatments are family members who could not give to their own families. I know when my own sister had uterine cancer, I was not all I could have been; I was scared and didn’t want to hear about her fears. She did the same to me when my time came. We are all so complicated and at times so selfish. I learned to forgive a lot in myself and others and be grateful for how (God, life, the universe) cares for me in ways that were unexpected and marvelous. Sending you love, Mary.

              • OneMoreInBoston says:

                “Perhaps family cannot help; I felt as if they resented my upsetting the equilibrium in our relationships.”

                Happened to me to- so hurtful at the time, although now I’ve made peace with it.

                very well put

              • justanothermary says:

                It is very hurtful, but I get it. Cancer is ugly and the people who love you most have the hardest time dealing with it.

              • OneMoreInBoston says:

                Maybe it’s because we met you here, when you already had been diagnosed? So this is our only frame of reference for who you are?

                I held a grudge against my mother up until she died by how abandoned I felt by her.

                After her death, I reaccessed both of our reactions. I think she wanted to “fix”me and when she knew she couldn’t, chose to ignore me until “it” went away.

                My mom wasn’t perfect- which was a huge let down for me-but now I get it and regret there were hurt feelings between us.

        • cusi77 says:

          To Jean and Mary:

          “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. ”
          Lao Tzu

      • krone says:

        What a thoughtful person you are Ellabean. I second that JeanG not go anywhere. Jeang, I remember you posting about EMTs and your husband. My husband also died young from cancer and I truly hope that you stay.

  7. Adgirl says:

    The View is really awful. I finally realized that these weren’t women who disussed the topic of the day and agreed or disagreed. It was set up to have a team pick on the lone co-host and anyone else who disagreed with them.
    There is no shortage of rude, condesending and screaming hissy fits on that show.
    It’s been much worse since Meredith left.

    BTW- Joy Behar has a cable show on a network that competes against O’Reilly’s channel.

    • ShyAsrai says:

      yeah, she does, but she competes against Hannity. i’ve watched it a couple of times: IMO joy is really hateful. i don’t like Whoopi (except for her movies, which i really like), but any time i’ve seen her around (once on O’Reilly), she wasn’t hateful. she seems to have actual thoughtful opinions, not just knee-jerk vomiting like joy.

      9 PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
      Hannity–2,662,000 viewers (733,000) (1,237,000)
      Larry King Live —596,000 viewers (114,000) (221,000)
      Rachel Maddow Show —966,000 viewers (227,000) (451,000)
      Bio: Starbucks – 187,000 viewers (83,000) (103,000)
      Joy Behar – 761,000 viewers (295,000) (424,000)

      • Adgirl says:

        O’Reilly’s number are huge
        The O’Reilly Factor– 4,165,000 viewers (1,107,000) (2,025,000)

        • vilzvet says:

          Yes I also never watch The View anymore because I never miss Price is Right, LOL. I thought the New York market was going to get The Talk to go against it next Monday but it looks like my beloved Price is going to stay in the 11 a.m. timeslot and The Talk will be on at 2 p.m. Is anyone going to watch The Talk? The promos look fun.

      • krone says:

        I have an official “girl crush” on Rachel Maddow. She’s a Rhodes Scholar and actually does her homework. She spent some time in Iraq with Richard Stengel of NBC news actually talking to people and showing great respect for their customs. She’s also been very vocal about repealling DADT and is very supportive of our troops which I appreciate as Mother to a career Marine.

        • Ellabean says:

          Rachel is not only brilliant, she demonstrates such civility – even when debating, interviewing those who are politically opposite. The big bully ego boys like OReilley could take some lessons from her.

        • lillybee says:

          Count me in the Rachel Maddow fan club.
          I found her stories on The Family very interesting.

          • krone says:

            That’s fascinating stuff. Jeff Sharlet’s book is great! It’s amazing to me that I knew nothing about all those politicians living on K Street and covering up for each other. It seems a lot of extra-marital affairs took place in that house, Ensign’s probably the most infamous. Although Sanford (Argentina via Appalachian Trail) may be tied;)

        • Kat says:

          Maddow has a great program imho. I’ve watched her correct herself humbly. She uses facts and points out hyprocrisy.

  8. Adgirl says:

    Did anyone catch the name or nature of the company Taylor Armstrong said she owns?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Something like she owns a consulting firm for high end something corporations. Very vague. Sounded made up to me so she isn’t just another BH trophy wife….

      • Adgirl says:

        See below. It’s real company that specializes in enterprise software business consulting.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          It didn’t seem to me that she would even know how to turn a computer on let alone IT analysis. My bet she subcontracts a ‘geek squad’ to go in.

          My hubby is a software developer and most of this type of stuff is done in-house.

  9. Susu says:

    I don’t get why Adrienne would do the Housewives…. she apparently is already rich and well known… and from the other franchises we know that with an exception of bethenny none of them really become big…and for some of them it was even very bad pr…
    so why woud a woman like her join the show????????????????

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO the show needs someone who isn’t just arm candy or only has the claim of child actress as their interest point – she is a business woman!

  10. Adgirl says:

    Nevermind- I found Taylor’s company. She is not an idiot!

    eImplement Inc website:
    “eImplement, Inc. is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. We work with companies worldwide on SAP ERP solutions, IT Infrastructure Planning, and Content Management. Feel free to contact us any time for an SAP Systems Analysis. We look forward to hearing from you.”

    Wikipedia on SAP ERP:
    “The SAP ERP application is an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software manufactured by SAP AG that targets business software requirements of midsize and large organizations in all industries and sectors. It allows for open communication within and between all company functions.”

    Taylor’s company http://www.premieresapconsultants.com/

  11. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the new blog Lynn. 5 stars!
    I laughed so hard when I read “see Caroline?” in parentheses.

  12. Jean B. says:

    Sorry, Jean G. I changed mine, too. My bad…

  13. Adgirl says:

    Lynn, has anyone figured what on earth happened here a few days ago between the posters who accused each other of cyberstalking from another site to yours? It was really weird.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It really was very unsettling and the thought of anyone deliberately causing pain/anxiety or personally trashing an individual poster here isn’t what your community is about. With trolls we know not to engage – what do we do with a concerted attack on one individual?

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Hi WCW,

        I don’t know what is going on, (who does) but it seemed odd that happenings on other blogs were brought here. Both posters have a disagreement elsewhere, and it sounds pretty intense. I think the lady doth protest too much, and noticed that while you can claim ignorance once, when explained to you and you continue to defend your stance is this now race baiting? It sounded much like the original “attack” or claim that was levied against the poster from the other board. Is this a pattern, and will the “troll” be defended against “trolls”? They seem pretty confident they’ll be defended here, is this their MO? I don’t like to see fights, hate em and I am not trying to start one now, but to tarnish a good poster, because of a poster who knowingly or unknowingly incites a race disagreement, is unfair. BTW age is no excuse.

        • Cyotteeflower is KirksvilleMo not a secret here says:

          I guess I’m the “bad poster” because of the race and age comment.Did I use age as an excuse?No I gave a timeline to inform.
          One person claimed I said I had not had contact with anyone for 17 yrs!!
          I mean do people hear themselves say this crazy stuff?Or is reading comp a problem?
          Let me clarify here just in case that person is reading.I said I had not had contact with any black people(I’m told this is acceptable) since 1983 and at that time C word was still prefectly acceptable.After that time I was not where I would know differently.That was the whole point of years and times and ages and was clearly NOT used as an excuse.
          I say and do plenty of ridiculious and questionable stuff in my life that I need no help enhancing.
          BTW two other posters responded that C word was acceptable in 1983 where they were too.
          Still surprises me that no less than 5 people directly or indirectly called me a liar over this.
          All any of us can do is live our own truths and it sucks to be badgered when your truth doesnt measure up to what someone else thinks it should.

          • Kat says:

            I questioned the 27 years.
            Cyoteeflowere you wrote: “The term was still acceptable in 1983 (the last time I had communication) How would I know that had changed?”

            Please don’t don’t take things out of context. You also asked for people here to read your posts on RT and when I did you accused me of blindly backing my “webbuddie” TLD.

            I am perfectly capable of forming my own opinion. TLD is not my web buddy.

            So far I see a disagreement that happened over there. I believe you were banned?

            Why bring it here? You might want to leave sleeping dogs alone.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      I hope it is over. There are times when I lurk or scroll past a lot of posts when this kind of turbulance takes place. Sometimes, I leave for days.

      I love coming here for the Bravo snark, but I am not in need of the darkness that at times comes over the posts. Call me a Pollyanna, but I like laughter and happy. Life throws all of us enough sorrow and drama without indulging in it for spiteful reasons. I can keep my balance through some of my own challenges in my life because of laughter. Pettyness hurts not just the ones it is directed at but those who begin to read it, then scroll on. It is a bit insidious. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

      Lynn, thank you for your consistently high quality blogs and for a forum that is usually a convivial place to be. I know that there will be down times; human nature is what it is, but I appreciate your rule of not attacking other posters because the majority of the time, this is a lovely respite from real life.

      • Adgirl says:

        Granted I’m not an internet sophisticate, but I wonder if it’s even possible for a regular user like ourselves to track posters from site to site. And on top of that they each were claiming to know that they both posting under different handles at various sites.

        • justanothermary says:

          Just my take, but it seemed to me that it was more paranoia than anything else. I’m not at all sure I believe there was anything more than one person’s skewed perception of a situation.

          • Cyotteeflower says:

            Admittedly I can and do get things skewed and screwed up on a regular basis.
            Funny how differently things can look under entirely new circumstances,or new meds for that matter-lol.
            I so appreciate the way most of you have been through this episode.
            I am sorry for the disruption my straying to the shady side of the web has caused.Like a dog returning home with fleas!

      • Ellabean says:

        Well said by everyone.

        I have to share this: I’ve been on another blog for the last 2 years pretty consistently with a nice intimate community. There was a period last year when poster atagonism started to happen. No, I am not saying the exact same issues were brought up as was here last evening- nor am I suggesting that it is the same people – but funny thing – it always happened late on a Friday night. Odd, thats all. Maybe people are tired from a long week, irritable, maybe a little end of week “partying”. I don’t know. Just a suggestion for fellow posters/lurkers that like this board but were put off by the negativity – maybe just change up your time of day posting.

        This is – a nice “Cheers” bar – where everyone knows your name – that is delightful during the earlier hours – but when it gets to the wee hours, bars can get a bit unfriendly, so might be time to go home and come back refreshed on another day…. 🙂

        • JazzNightOut says:

          Great thoughts, Ellabean. Sounds like a good plan to me.

        • Kat says:

          lmao! Yes definitely come for “happy hour”!
          But if you stay until “closing time” and later nights are usually friendly here… I’m often here then and I’m friendly. 😉

          I still love hating Jill Zarin. 🙂

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      This was posted 2 days ago after the blog closed:

      “OneMoreInBoston says:
      October 15, 2010 at 10:10 am

      regarding last night’s Great debate.

      I must be missing something. I didn’t see anyone called a bitch.

      @emt limited her condemnation to the comments ie:”Please get it together, ladies, because I like this board but some of this stupidity is very offensive.”

      Pretty mild compared to what is being made of it.

      Did Lynn remove a post?

      There seems to be fight brewing on another board regarding @cyotteeflower.

      It has spilled over to this board before and I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

      On one hand, I guess I can’t expect this blog to be an isolated bubble world where events from other sites and real life don’t intrude, but on the other hand it does seem to be messing up the karma of this blog. Big time.

      I am no saint- I’ve gotten heated with posters here, so please don’t think I’m preaching but think I’m above my own advice.

      I echo @quincy and WSL. Real life has enough hostility and bullshit in it everyday, that I want this to be a nice place to escape from some of that.

      CyotteeFlower says:
      October 15, 2010 at 10:42 am

      Yes posts are missing.Yes they tried to cause me shit her before and you and Quincy took up for me and they backed down.I was bullied and called”it” from the moment I posted at RT.Then speaking against their gay gods slur was the death penalty.
      All I can say is I have never had this problem anywhere else and this grop has follower me here and twitter and the lies get grander each time
      Please believe nothing without proof..That is a fair request considering my rep here.

      OneMoreInBoston says:
      October 15, 2010 at 2:49 pm

      ok- Fair enough, my friend.

      I will judge you only on your behavior here.

      But I don’t like to feel like I’m being made a fool of by championing the cause of someone who is stirring the pot either.

      TrueLifeDiva is just as an important member of this blog as you are. I would hate to see a full on cat fight over statements that were made on another blog by either one of you.

      CyotteeFlower says:
      October 15, 2010 at 4:31 pm

      Thank You OMiB.I won’t let you down.Of course TLD is important here too.Us two girls may just need a signal if you see either of us coming thru the door with a long wooden spoon! 8~)
      My original post was one of those quick fire reactions as I was watching and clearly wasn’t given any thought.
      Luckily I rarely tweet or post while watching due to limited capabilities:/
      My college girl GD’s photo is up if you wanna see who you were helping.”

      It appears to me that whatever is going on over at RT is spilling over here. I’m NOT going to check up on @cyoteeflower or @truelifediva- because frankly I don’t care to waste anymore time on this nonsense.

      There is NO bullying going on here at this site. And to insinuate that is a slap in the face to Lynn who has provided us with a safe and judgement free place to gather.

      It is also impolite to your fellow blog mates who use this space to take it up with name calling and a catfight that started on another blog. No matter how provoked or antagonized you may feel, leave it at the doorway to THIS blog.


      • Cyotteeflower says:

        Thank you thank you thank you! It will be nice to have this place safe and smooth once again.Lynn did a great job of removing what needed to be removed.
        One nice post was removed that I wish had stayed but it made reference to some not so nice stuff so I guess that’s why.
        It is bright n lukewarm here today and all is right with the world.
        Oh except I am not too happy with my green tomato pie.Too much like mincemeat for me.

        • Cyotteeflower is KirksvilleMo not a secret here says:

          One correction.There was bulling or there would be no need to remove any posts.To say that there are bullies is not a slap in Lynns face.Bullies are free to land where ever and Lynn has no control over that.
          She does however have control of how they behave here.The fact that you see no bulling is a testiment to her good housekeeping not that no bulling takes place.
          Bottom fourth of blog from 2 days ago has 5 people leaving because they were witness to the namecalling before it was removed.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:


            • krone says:

              All I know is that this is the first place I’ve ever read on a daily basis and felt so secure in that I went on to begin posting. The sense of community is tangible and I’m so incredibly grateful to Lynn for providing this space and for attracting the kind of people who are intelligent, warm and welcoming; I’ve never met a group of people who are so respectful,- so thank you Lynn and thanks to all the members here.

              • Kat says:

                krone, I agree.
                I also like it here and feel I’ve come to know a number of posters. I read the blogs and the comments and this is a great community.

      • twoile says:

        Here-here!!!!! I second !

  14. boston02127 says:

    Lynn, I just second guessed myself and went back to make sure I clicked the five stars and the stars are gone.

  15. Jen says:

    I liked Kyle and Lisa the best- Lisa really made me love her when she tried to stay humble about the huge rock on WWHL, she joked it could be fake and refused to mention carats (which I bet she did know) – that’s how real rich plp act, they don’t mention money alll the time (Teresa!) but of course Camielle, I want plp to know I’m rich but not call me a golddigger had to shout out how mant carats she thought it was.
    Camielle I feel is trying to hard, like she has something to prove. She mention her (now ex) husband a lot, even when it wasn’t necessary – she definitly wants an indenity outside him but is afraid if she doesn’t remind plp she married to him they’ll disregard her, class self esteem comes from marriage. Did you know she took classes years ago to become more classy/beverly hills for him?

    But to defend her on one point, I think there was talk/gossip when her children were born they used a surrogate because she couldn’t get pregnant , but maybe theylied to press.

  16. Jen says:

    Quick add on- Paris has 2 brothers, 1 sister

  17. Dawn says:

    I remember reading that Camille suffers from irritable bowel syndrome and she was advised by her doctors not to get pregnant. I found articles online in which this appears to be confirmed by her in interviews and she and Kelsey were quite active in promoting awareness of the disease.

    While I don’t have time to research this, I also remember reading several years ago that Camille has to wear a colostomy bag (?) and I was impressed by the fact that Kelsey was supportive of her. I will try to locate confirmation of this fact and if my recall is correct, does show that she suffers daily issues as a result of her disease.

    It was several years ago that I read this information and it left a lasting impression on me about the depth of feeling that Kelsey must have for his wife and the commitment to his marriage since so much of what takes in Hollywood is based on outward appearances and the perception of perfection.

    Obviously, the marriage didn’t last but Kelsey did very much support her in bringing awareness of the disease to the public.

    • Waxdiva says:

      I also read that she has IBS, but don’t think she’s ever worn a colostomy bag.

      My take on her relationship with her kids is that maybe she doesn’t have that strong motherly bond as they paid a surrogate to carry both of the kids because of Camille’s (cough, cough) illness. IBS would not prevent a woman from carrying a child, in fact some people with IBS say that their symptoms go away during pregancy.


      • Ellabean says:

        Wasn’t Camille Grammer a featured MTV dance girl way back (late 80’s) on one their now defunct dance shows ? One of those shows that the cute British gal who used to say “wubba wubba” hosted? Can’t think of her name.

      • justanothermary says:

        Simply carrying a child does not create a strong motherly bond, nor does not carrying a child mean you won’t have that bond. I have three adopted sons and I could not love them more if I had given birth. My love for my natural daughter is no stronger than my love for my sons. Also, I am adopted and I know there is no way I could have been loved more than I was as a child.

        Sorry for the rant but the belief that carrying a child is the be all and end all in mothering is just not true and I take offense to anyone who believes that is was causes the special motherly bond. I’ve known plenty of women who have carried their child and simply aren’t the motherly type. Does not mean they don’t love their children, it just means that, outwardly, it doesn’t appear as some other mothers do with their children.

        • Waxdiva says:

          That was clearly not my intent; just a guess as to why she seems very disconnected from her kids.

        • KellitaM says:

          Amen! My three were adopted, too, and my maternal bond was solid from the moment I held each of them in my arms.
          I don’t know what Camille’s relationship is with her children. She doesn’t seem like she does a whole lot of care for them. Granted, we only saw a glimpse. But she sure seems like a very “hands off” mommy. It made me feel sad for her two little ones, and for her for missing out.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Of course adoptive parents have bonds with their children and I am confident that all your children know they are loved and equal. 🙂

          I *think* what WaxDiva was talking about is a bit different. That in Camille world of be rich and married to a famous man that even the first step in motherhood (conceiving and carrying the baby) is something that can not only be bought and paid for but delegated to ‘hired help’. It’s an entirely different mentality from than someone who adopts a child out of love and a spiritual calling- or even people who use a surrogate because there is absolutely no other way.

          • justanothermary says:

            I just want to dispell the myth that carrying a child creates this special and wonderous bond. The bond a parent has with their child is made up of so much more and it’s always been a real thorn in my side to hear otherwise. It was very difficult growing up as an adopted child thinking that my mother couldn’t love me as much as the other mothers loved their kids. I remember hearing about the miracle of mothering and it took me until adulthood to realize that the miracle of mothering has absolutely nothing to do with giving birth.

            Whatever Camille’s relationship is with her children I absolutely do NOT believe that it would be any different if she had carried those children herself.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              Sadly, we know that there are too many instances where carrying a child, did not make a woman a mother or create a maternal bond e.g. Casey Anthony.

          • Waxdiva says:

            Thanks RabbleRouser. I was just about to write Lynn to see if there was some way I could amend my post. Didn’t mean to upset anyone.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              I am sure you didn’t intent to upset anyone. I knew what you were getting at, sometimes online things don’t always translate well. 🙂

            • KellitaM says:

              No upset here. 🙂 I understand your point about Camille.

        • twoile says:

          I agree wholeheartedly justanothermary.

      • Squirrels says:

        Every time I see your nic, I’m reminded I need to get to the salon and have my eyebrows waxed. Damn, I’m lazy.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          I’m holding judgement on Camille and the nanny situation until I learn more about her IBS. It’s obvious it is a very serious situation for her if she has become a spokesperson for the disease. Maybe she has episodes where it becomes difficult to be ‘on point’ with the kids.

    • Dawn says:


      Here’s an article that mentions she was advised not to get pregnant. When I have more time, I’ll search for a better reference. I do also remember reading that she wore a bag. It seems I read this in People and it was many years ago along with the recommendation that she not bear children.

      • Waxdiva says:

        Obviously, it was what they both wanted and good for them. The more money you have, the more options you have.

  18. Jean B. says:

    This A.M was my first posting, ever. Apparently, there were some sort of shenanigans going on recently. Nothing to do w/ me. Tell your fellow poster, jeang, not to think otherwise. I’m merely a fan of this blog.

  19. Adgirl says:

    I was shocked by how super skinny these women are. To the point of being unhealthy.

    • SavingGrace says:

      I think Kim Richards is just way too thin as is Taylor.

      What was Kim’s issue with Taylor? All I saw was Kim being so anti-social that it made the others uncomfortable.

      I’m calling it now — Kim could use some help with what is going on in her head. Talking and getting help from sisters and family is supportive but they are not doctors.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Being an actress one would think that Kim would know how to act around other people! She makes lame excuses for not interacting with the other women – and the faces she kept making were off putting – Taylor may not have tried hard enough to engage Kim but Kim put absolutely no effort into engaging with anyone!

  20. Jean B. says:

    Thanks Ellabean & Jazz. I haven’t commented on blogs before. Seems like fun. Love Lynn’s.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


      But a warning! I thought I would comment once, go back to lurking and move along. No way- this place is addicting! Even when I try to get some work done…here I am!

  21. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I just had a weird thought. Do any of these women go to the market? I mean really, the wealth, the homes, the hired help. I can see Kim and Kyle doing it, maybe Taylor, but Adrienne, Lisa and Camille…never! LOL

    I doubt they’ll be doing any coupon clipping like TMAN, or pushing the cart with their breastsisis like Carolinebacker. Lotto anyone?

    • Squirrels says:

      LMAO…. Like Teresa would actually be caught dead handing over a coupon to some unsuspecting cashier? She’d rather slit Joe’s achilles.

  22. OneMoreInBoston says:


    “Cat Ommanney claims she didn’t sign up for “Real Housewives of DC” to be famous, but to promote her book. The Brit shamelessly talks up “Inbox Full: Be Careful What You Wish For” on the Bravo show, in interviews and on an Internet clip in which she announced the mystery will surface in December. But in fact, the book doesn’t exist. UK publisher Short Books signed Ommanney last fall but dropped her contract before she found reality stardom. Ommanney frantically pitched the book to publishers in New York but with no luck. In any event, the book — which recounts her single life in London before finding true love in the US with Newsweek White House Photographer Charles Ommanney is already old. The two filed for a divorce last month. “I’m still editing the last part; real true love, that was,” she told us. “There is no set date. It could be December, I haven’t found a publisher.”

    • Waxdiva says:

      That video was a bit shocking. I didn’t see a lake and that dog would drive me crazy. It may have a BH address, but it’s a house that could be anywhere in the US.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        A lot of people think that BH is all MEGA mansions but really those types of homes if they are in BH are in Beverly Park which isn’t that big of an area. You are correct, most homes (style and square footage) in BH could be found in upper- to middle class neighborhoods- and old BH homes while charming are quite small and look more like cottages.

    • Ellabean says:

      Kim Richards was nervous in that video. Sort of odd too. She was overdressed and overdone up for video yet the house was underdressed. She implied that she had just moved in so I guess that’s why lack of decor, …yet something was just off there. It’s like showing off ownership of a high end Wolff refrigerator with no food in it. Oh, she did that. Showed off the gourmet stove, yet she sounded as if she barely can cook. Of course this is what goes on in all those MTV celeb cribs videos. It’s more about showing off the ownership (or leasing) of the expensive stuff – and bragging about the accumluation of things – yet not really using the “things”. It’s just about “having” them for bragging rights. Another form of hoarding. I digress ~

      In the past my hub has said, let’s not buy things we don’t need. I also say, let’s not keep things we don’t use and enjoy. (better to pass material un-used things onto others )

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Kim sounded and acted way off….not only could she barely manage to form a coherent sentence she acted very skittish almost as if at any moment someone was going to pull the rug out from under her. Kind of like Lynn Curtin, ‘it’s all just a sham’…’thank Gosh you got here after the power just got turned back on’ type of thing.

        I remember someone here saying they babysat for the Kathy and Kim when Kylie was being born…did their family have money- obviously Kathy married well…but could they live modestly if they had to or are have never experienced regular life?

    • realminkey says:

      Yawn. It makes my crib look positively glamorous.

      Maybe she should contact Dina, and borrow some of her bedazzled crap. 😉

    • KellitaM says:

      I was wondering, too, if she just moved in and hadn’t had a whole lot of time to put it together before the filming, which is why we only saw the dining room & kitchen. She does come across as uncomfortable on film, perhaps because she’s used to memorizing a script. She seems the most shy of the group.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Wow – she is so awkward in front of the camera! And I guess I live in a mansion cause besides a kitchen, dining room and patio! Should I be jealous that I don’t have a wooden “family” sign even though my family is important to me???

      • Cyotteeflower is KirksvilleMo not a secret here says:

        She is higher than hell!
        She can barely breathe and has no concentration.
        She chooses to show us her dishes that we cannot see.
        The family sign because family means so much is sad to mI think we are gonna see another one bite the dust, or worse.
        This woman has inner demons from a life ill lived and the last thing she needed was to be on this show where she will be picked apart ,chewed up,and spit out.
        As a result of my most recent ordeal I am much more aware of and careful with my words about these women.
        I honestly don’t know how some of them take it.I tried to explain how deeply online crap effects you and in ways not known or experienced before and how surprising the intensity is.
        I was told I was faking it and hahaha look what the cracra says now dumb bitch.
        Well anyway….
        At the time I concluded that it must be because it comes from so many people all at once over such a long period of time.IRL an arguement takes place between two people not countless people feeding each other and cheering each other on.
        Anderson Cooper was on Dr Phil (love AC not so much DrP) a couple weeks back and they said that the reasons the effects of cyber crap are magnified is because it infiltrates us everytime we log on when in years past it would just be at work or school,etc. and home would be a safe place.
        Also because the interactions aren’t taking place face to face there is no human reaction to the other persons feelings and no way to gauge how he other person feelings.
        Therefore no one knows when to STOP !!!
        And they agreed with my accessement of the massive pile on.
        For the first time I am actually afraid for one of the howives.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Sticking a potato into dirt is not the best way to start potatoes growing. I wonder if she really knows how to start a garden. Trivial, but it had me laughing.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        me too and I have gardened a long time! my kids used to grow avacados and sweet potatoes on the window sill but after awhile they begin to rot and stink! lol but Kim might have magic potatoes…..

  23. boston02127 says:

    Does anybody know the story behind Cedric who lives in the guest house behind Lisa’s $32 million dollar mansion? (besides what was told about him on the show)

    Also, it this him?

  24. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    I’m trying to like Camille, but I’m coming up short. The biggest x against her is asking her nanny how her sick son is feeling. Really??? You’re soooo busy you don’t know how your son is feeling?

    Though I do, kind of, understand her saying that she’s the strength behind Kelsey Grammer but he’s a grown man who can handle himself. Marriage is a partnership, not ownership. This may sound mean, but if it wasn’t for Kelsey Grammer would she really be having huge homes, four nannies, etc.? No. She’d still be dancing or adding to the 10+ times she’s been in Playboy.

    Kyle I like for some reason. It’s only been one episode, but we’ll see how that goes. I have to say that it is kind of telling that Kyle’s mom asks her, while on her deathbed, to take care of Kim. We’ll see how that plays out.

  25. Wall St Lady says:

    Adrienne seems to work the hardest & I can’t understand why she would do the show. Am I the only one who noticed she has a lazy eye. I think she way b the least foolish as her self & Taylor’s should b the strongest.

    I don’t go to the grocery store. I mostly eat out for business reasons & at home I order even breakfast if we want eggs or pancakes. I tell my nieces I have a magic Kitchen & they can have anything they want in 2o mim. 24/7. So I don’t think its bad to not go to the grocery store. NYC also has “Fresh Direct”; u can order ANYTHING u want on line & its delivered the next day.
    I have lived in my apartment for 19 years & don’t even know where the laundry room is besides the deep basement. Most New Yorkers DO NOT have a washing machine in their apartments by building rules + no one has rooms. We have overload pluming & u also r not allowed to have a garbage disposal also cuz of pluming. Many people drop their laundry at a Chinese laundry even if they earn $30 ooo.
    I tell friends who ohh & ahhh over my career that I am a money maid & I do enough “cleaning & organizing” of $$$$ for people much richer than me. Most r very nice. But once I told a fat slob
    Who was insulting me & my employees to get out of my office & take his $300 mil w/him. He owed us $50 000 & I told him I didn’t even want a check from him. WSM was mad about that. Our advice had been not to be so heavily weighted in Madoff. So 3 years he lost 1/3 of his wealth. Couldn’t have happened to fatter obnoxious pig.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      “money maid”! Loves it.

      I’ll be the” wrinkle maid”!

    • American Idiot says:

      Fresh Direct is great. My daughter lives in a dorm near Chinatown, and she uses them all the time.

    • klmh says:

      My sophistication will be showing, but in ’91 I visited NYC between Thanksgiving and Christmas. What a wonderful place with the nicest people, with everything decorated for Christmas, just a magical place. One thing that stood out to me were the wonderful deli’s and small grocery markets I suppose you would call them. The best fruit, veggies, breads and pastries, well just everything and anything you would want.
      Im a bit too round now, but if I lived there, I don’t think I could fit thru the door…

      • Cyotteeflower is KirksvilleMo not a secret here says:

        I love ya WSL and I just hate that you don’t have the joy of meandering through the grocery store touching all the different fruits checking for ripeness or the satisfaction of breathing in the smell of fresh laundry as you take it off the line.
        If you ever wanna visit I will share these experiences with you.Then we can hop in the vehicle go east a couple of hours and help Quincy shovel manure and toss some bales!
        All free of charge!
        Whadda ya say? 8~)

    • Kansas Girl says:

      WSL, I love your posts about life there. You’ve had me looking at Bing maps of NYC and Florida, trying to figure out what it’s like to live there. I’ve visited and lived in huge cities, but have never been to NYC, so your posts are of great interest. Thanks for sharing your world!

    • Waxdiva says:

      WSL: My daughter sent me photos of a gorgeous three-bedroom apt she found. She was really excited about the french doors, full BRs, separate LR/DR. The most exciting thing: full washer and dryer in the large up-t0-date kitchen.

  26. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    @ScorpioSue 1102 , I know exactly what you mean about Camille. I just recently I met a girl who is a Nanny for some rich lady and she told me the lady doesn’t work is at the gym or home all day reading fashion magazines. So the nanny said when the child is sick she takes him to the doctor. That to me is disgusting. I work and it kills me when my inlaws take my kids to the doctor and this is just for check -ups. So I can’t even imagine people who have all the money and time yet don’t spend time with their children. It makes me sick.

  27. Wall St Lady says:

    I want to mention something I am guilty of. It was observed that the worst fussing (Southern word) has happened past evening on Friday night. This is probably an astute observation. Like Romana I love my white wine. I know I have posted some probably too personal things after 3 glasses ;2 is usually my limit. I wonder if some of the dust ups are under the “influence”.
    Does any one else want to confess that sometimes a little alcohol makes them more aggressive ,more sentimental or more sensitive.
    I think its more than OK for the LynnFam to have a cocktail party. I might b stepping way over boundaries. If I am please let me know so I can apologize be live some here have a hard time saying :I am sorry.

    I was just thinking perhaps if some one who had been drinking & wants to reconcile the next day could just say I was having a cocktail party & maybe wasn’t my perfect self last night & we could leave it at that.

    I have several generations of folks in my family who all eventually choose not to drink w/the help of a great origination.
    So I am not being judge mental.
    Sometimes I even drink a bottle when I am having my own cocktail party.
    Another great thing about NYC is u don’t have to worry about drinking “& driving. Everybody takes cabs !
    Just a thought.
    Unless u BULLY a weaker person
    I am a peace maker & it makes me very sad to see two people I like hurt each other
    Much Love & Big HUG

    • lillybee says:

      Good point. As another white wine drinker, I can’t wait to try Ramona’s Pinot Grigio.

    • nancy says:

      Great point, WSL.

      • Ellabean says:

        Oh dear WSL ~ Very diplomatically and gently put as always. Not judgemental. I was the poster upthread who suggested that the dialed up Friday night negatives may also be due to some over-imbibing (I said “partying). Well, as my sweet father-in-law who is now in heaven used to put it, “being over-served”.

        Yes this Cheers bar is also like a cocktail party . I enjoy my merlot. Now don’t roll your eyes you “Sideways” wine snobs for my enjoying the pedestrian merlot ! Yes, I think the ‘I had a cocktail party’ is a perfect thing to say for any one of us to make peace and move on the next day (or you can say I was over served ! .)

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          well crap.

          there are some days it’s “champ-ripple” for me. That’s the sickening sweet champagne that you can get for $2.99. Hits the spot with some cookies when I can’t sleep.

          Although I can’t use it as an excuse here. When I get bitchy, it’s usually because I am a bitch!

          • klmh says:

            Hot Toddy:

            1 T honey
            1T lemon juice
            1T rum
            in 6 oz hot water
            Wonderful sleep agent!

          • Ellabean says:

            LOL !

          • Cyotteeflower is KirksvilleMo not a secret here says:

            Crap what excuse do I have?
            Don’t drink,bitch is my normal state,VR says mental illness is no excuse for bad behavior, so I guess I’m stuck with “nasty temprement,narcissistic pscyo,with no social skills,with no redemable qualities whatsoever(Moonstruck) and behavior unbecoming of an adult.”
            That should cover it 8~)

        • Squirrels says:

          Cheers is not the original bar. It’s called the Bull and Finch, a local joint on Beacon Street @ the corner of Charles St. We hung out there during the early 80’s. Tiny bar but yes there was a pool table in a room in the back, not that anyone played. Living on Charles St, a stone’s throw from the Hatch Shell was one of my fond memories as a single young woman.

          I just had to toss that in, as it brought back memories. Fond youthful memories.

    • Savannah111 says:

      I’m not really a drinking but when I do I have Gin and Tonic with limes I’ll have maybe 2 as a limit, with Gin I found out about 20 years ago that you begin to use more Gin when you mix because after a few you don’t seem to taste it and as a result using more to make it stronger. I was sitting around a table playing cards with my husband and his two sisters and their boyfriends at the time. I dropped a card and bent over to pick it up and I fell out of my chair my face was so red and I apologized over and over as everyone was laughing their asses off. Needless to say I learned to stop with just 2 I also like strawberry daqaris (sp) in the summer time. *** I’m the type when I’m drinking I’m the peacemaker as well WSL.. I’ve never ever liked the taste of wine of any kind I just can’t drink any. Whether it’s white, red etc. I just don’t have a taste for it.

  28. Besides not caring for the Joker with the Overbite (Taylor), I’m not feeling the love for Camille. Four nannies? She doesn’t even work, fer cryin’ out loud. Why does she need 4 nannies for 2 kids who spend much of their day at school, if she just doesn’t want to be “bothered” with them? The fact that she used a surrogate wouldn’t ordinarily bother me, but that in conjunction with 4 nannies = children are accessories.

    Kim, otoh, needs work. She must have had very sheltered life, if she can’t interact with people now & needs someone to “do” things for her–did her mom never teach her to do anything for herself? I don’t recall any scandals involving her as she aged out of acting, but if this is what stardom does to children, then I seriously think the Jackie Cooper laws need a serious re-write. As in cutting Mommy & Daddy out of the money stream all together & doing whatever is possible to give the kid as normal a life as possible (school, summer vacations, dates, mowing the lawn & washing dishes, lessons in money management so they don’t blow it all in couple of years). Want to know why it took Britney Spears so long to grow up? She was Mommy & Daddy’s meal ticket. Beats having a real job! Same with Lindsay Lohan, though she hasn’t quite gotten the message that she’s now an adult, responsible for her actions & the world doesn’t owe her one damn thing. :steps off soap box:

    • krone says:

      Kim and Kyle seemed to give polar opposite opinions of their own mother. Kim said her Mother warned her to have a life outside her children or she’d end up the way she is while Kyle said she drove herself to movie lots or something like that.(leaving me w/ the impression she was on her own a lot) Did anyone else catch that or did I confuse the ladies?

      • KellitaM says:

        Yes! I noticed the same thing. Kim experienced her mom as pouring herself into parenting, while Kyle didn’t see her that way at all. I am arm chair-shrinking here, but maybe Kim was the more favorite, pampered movie-star child (her career seemed more successful), and mom didn’t have as much time for Kyle. Maybe that’s at the root of some rivalry.

    • Adgirl says:

      @ Free Ginger- totally. The child “stars” are ficked up adults because they have been worked and used by the people who are supposed to protect them.

      I must say that many of the kids (by their own admission) are driven for success. However, if this were any other industry it would be called abuse. If your kid dreamed of being a coal miner when they were 8 yrs and you helped them achieve it you’d probably be jailed.

    • Savannah111 says:

      4 nanny’s what the heck does she need 4 nanny’s for? I think she’s lazy why did she even have children is my question? I can see if she had twins and being rich to maybe have the help of a nanny 1, but 4 come on thats nuts she was them to be seen when she wants them to be seen I don;t understand thats just crazy why have them in the first place !!!!!

      I’m going to have my first grandchild in December and I’m so excited and theres no way that my son would ever hire a nanny to help out, he may hollar for me LOL. But I;m not that old and I certainly don’t look like a grandmother and the baby will be calling me MIMI not granny, my son is 25 years old. My oldest son 28 is also becoming a father next year in early April I believe its April they just found out. I’m still freaking out at the thought that my babies as I still call them are having babys. We know the 1st one is a boy his name will be Chase the middle name Liam, I really am so super excited and I would be crushed if I ever heard that they would be using a nanny. I know that day care at some point will have to be use a day care unless they can work their hours for one to always be home with the baby. I work full time as they both do but a live in nanny would be out of the question they are having a baby for the right reasons they want to be the ones raising it. My job is to spoil it 🙂

      That said 4 nannys I mean do they know mommy and daddy at all??

      • twoile says:

        Congrats Savannah “Mimi”……gr8 name…you will have a wonderful time w/the “grandees”.

  29. Wall St Lady says:

    Oh I forgot to say this. When I saw a student in Boston I was a Nanny on Nantucket for the summer. My lady had 2 nanny s. I lived in the Mc Mansion. The mother had 5 kids w/the chief of police. She married this very rich older man & had 2 kids. I helped in the morning but mainly a maid. I did make lunch cuz I took my convertible & Eli 4 & Rachel 3 took off to explore the island & use it as our class room cuz my job was the teacher/nanny. I taught them to read by the using the street/road signs. We counted shells on the beach & dissected dead sea gulls on the beach. I loved the kids but Eli threw fits in front of his parents. I would tell him u r going to regret this fit tomorrow when we get to the beach. He stopped throwing fits at least when I was around. My teaching method was from the Bank Street school in NYC.
    We got home around 4pm & the other nanny took over to bathe ,do dinner & put them in bed. Meantime I got guessed up to hit the clubs. Around 7 pm I came in to have Eli read books I had taught him to read. Then I left to catch up e/the very large UNC crowd to do what Linda did. I came home around 12. I once came home around 4 AM after misbehaving big time (no sex). The next morning Mrs G. Let me know she was concerned w/me being in charge of her children since I had no sleep. I didn’t do that again.
    Ok Mrs G. Had another nanny for my 2 days off & another for the night nanys’ day off.
    That could Maybe explain what’s her name’s 4 nanny.

    • buffywood says:

      My son is learning to read by street signs as well. The other night I posted that I was sitting here catching up on the blog I could hear him though the monitor saying over and over “Unauthorized vehicles will be ticked or towed at owner’s expense”. He just loves signs and car logos. Between that and the iphone he is well on his way to reading.

    • Squirrels says:

      How long was the ferry trip to Nantucket back then?

  30. codystl says:

    One thing I think will be interesting on RHOBH is having sisters on the show. This is a whole new dynamic as we talk to our family members differently than we do to friends or acquaintences.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Speaking of sisters, I wonder if Caroline has been asked back to RHONJ since they began filming without her. I am sure that Dina leaving and the Gorilla having her family join the cast has change the dynamic of the show.

      I wonder if the ‘feud’ between T and her SIL is something they planted to create a story line.

  31. MAMAZ says:

    I think I’m going to enjoy Beverly Hills.
    I like that Adrienne and Taylor are both succesful businesswomen.
    Lisa has a 20+ year marriage. Isn’t that a first for the HW’s? It speaks well of her and her husband. They seem like the could be fun.
    I don’t know how I feel about Kyle yet but Kim came off as sad and desperate. I don’t think this show will be good for their relationship and I hate to see a family torn apart in the quest for fame and fortune.
    Overall it looks as if it will be more entertaining than NJ or DC .

    • vilzvet says:

      Well Caroline has probably been married the longest out of all of them, right? About 25 years or so? Guess Lisa would be next.

  32. Rabble Rouser says:

    TMZ is reporting that Taylors husband filed for bankrupcy in 05 saying he has less than 50K is assets but owed 1 to 10 million bux….come again but how do you have almost a 9 million dollar discrepancy?

    How are these people in a multi million dollar home not even 5 years later?

    I’m starting to think all rich people are crooks.

    • Adgirl says:

      Just the kind of news you want to hear about your fund manager.

    • klmh says:

      I think your primary home is exempt, isn’t that correct?

      • klmh says:

        It looks like he purchased the house in 1993 for 1.3 million.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I am betting he has taken out multiple mortgages on it.
          Isn’t Taylor the HW who said she spent 50k on their 4 year old birthday party? Even if they had that kind of dosh, how is that even possible? It looked like a teaparty in the trailer.

          I have a feeling these folks are going to be revealed as being just as greasy as the Guidices.

          • klmh says:

            You know, I’ve read something about that from another poster, about the b-day party, but I can’t remember that part.
            I know she has a successful business in her own right, but maybe its not so successful?

    • Ione says:

      I’m beginning to believe all investment firms are crooks!!
      I had to retire earlier than I would have normally if I hadn’t gotten ill. I took my retirement fund and my 401 (k) with me when I left the company. I, for a while, put the money in a money market account until I felt better and could think about how to invest. The money, before retirement, was in mutual funds. I kept thinking, when I got my monthy, quarterly and yearly statements, that the only money increases in the accounts was the money I contributed and my company matched. There would be slight fluctuations but nothing major, unless the market took a big dive and then I would, of course, see a loss. Finally, knowing I was not making anything in the money market, I called the investment firm and said I wanted to move the money into CD’s. Some long term and some short term…..welllll , I have made already, in one month, more in interest than I saw sometimes in 6 months in mutual funds. Of course, the specialists I talked to tried to get me to invest some of my money in mutual funds but I held firm in my resolve and am amazed at what I am making. I didn’t have an option to invest my company fund nor my 401(k) in CD’s, however could have been in low risk but that risk was too much when the economy sent south. Makes me angry. I know some of the people I worked with have had to keep on working for several years because of a big loss in value of their investments when the economy went south.

      I remember being in bed, watching the president walk out of the White House to tell the American people that we were in for a bad time with the economy. I was kind of glad I had moved my retirement and sad for my friends. Many took a big loss. Of course, as the market has gone up, they have recouped some of their money but certainly not all. When a person is my age, it is important to keep what you have.

      • Ione says:

        I don’t know why I posted all of that above, just that I was thinking about the fund manager/investment specialist in the last couple of days. He didn’t seem to agree with my decisions completely and got me to agree to a financial counseling session after 6 months. Well, with my recent statements, I’ll tell him to leave my investments where they are.

  33. Adgirl says:

    Has anyone read Shirley Temple’s autobiography or Julie Andrews?

    I was shocked especially by Shirley’s. The Coogan law was in effect but her banker father still figured out a way for her paychecks to be filtered into the family funds. She was a teeny kid supporting her family in a very grand fashion. When she grew up she discovered all of her earnings had been spent. She decided that she loved her family too much to go after them (besides there was no money left to recover).

    Julie Andrews was routinely sent to London or on the road with a traveling company as a young girl to support her family. It was her job and she did it without much enjoyment or question. Her description of daily life in England before and during WWII was very interesting.

    What 99% of child stars then and now have in common is their isolation from other children, the burden of carrying the family and emotional chaos when they come of age.

    I feel badly for Kyle and Kim, however lingering in the Hollywood area is not healthy.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I haven’t read their bios although I have often like to read about Shirley Temple and all the vintage movie stars. My 3 year old has Shirley Temple curls.

      • MAMAZ says:

        My daughter was an unusually beautiful infant. I was approached by a reputable modeling agency who wanted to sign her. I was flattered of course but politely refused. When she was a toddler I was approached by another reputable agency, again I refused.
        My husband and I both agreed that she had her whole life to meet deadlines and earn a living. A few friends and family members tried to change our minds by saying the money could be set aside for her education. Well, we figured that financing her college education was our responsibilty and her part was getting the grades.
        When she watches ANTM she pouts that we should have let her. She is far too petite to be a model now, lol. We have never regreted the decision. In fact I am all the more convinced that we did the right thing.

        • American Idiot says:

          My son did a tv commercial when he was 12. He didn’t even have an agent. He went to the audition with a friend, and wound up getting the part. I know it’s sounds cliche, but that’s what happened. We had to get him an agent quickly, who wound up getting 10% of his salary. He was paid for 8 hrs. of filming in one day. And then received residuals for the 2 years the commercial aired. 15% also was automatically put into a trust account for him . That is the law, at least in NY where the commercial was filmed.

          My husband and I were amazed at how much money he made for 8 hrs. of work. He was on screen for less than a minute. We somewhat halfheartedly pursued some modeling and commercial work afterward, but not too seriously. Most parents we met said it is such a huge time commitment, and the kids do only the auditions. No soccer, debate club, playdates, etc.

          I was almost glad when nothing else really major came his way. All the money has been saved and invested for him. He was able to buy a car when he was 17.

          If he wants to pursue it again when he is older, then it will be his choice.

          • MAMAZ says:

            AI – It just wasn’t right for us but I don’t judge anyone elses choice. And your son was much older. It wouldn’t have refused my child testing the waters a little at that age anymore than I would refuse to let her play a sport or take dance.

            • American Idiot says:

              I agree. I was fine with the one commercial. It was a fluke, but alot of fun as well. But I am not the type of person who would have been willing to give up everything to pursue it for him as a career. I don’t think he would have like the time commitment as well. Plus I have other children; I would have had to find someone to care for them while I was taking him all around on auditions.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      My great grandmother was Shirley Temple’s milliner. I have some little dolls she made for her and she played with on her movie sets.

      • Ellabean says:

        Loved Shirley Temple. I know every movie, the plots, and probably most of the songs she sang. Had a Shirley doll when I was little. That is sad about how her parents managed her money.Although it was those were the Depression years and they had to use her earned money for the greater good of the entire family I imagine.

    • dsc60 says:

      i was shocked to find out that the law only protects 15% of the earnings. 15% must be put into a protective account that can’t be touched until the child earning it turns 18. 15%? that leaves 85% to be manipulated as the guardian(s) sees fit. it my opinion, it should be the other way around.

  34. Rabble Rouser says:

    TMZ also reported that Camille Grammar is saying that despite feeling ‘bad’ about the miscarriage Kelsey’s girlfriend suffered she feels that it was cosmic justice. What a disgusting thing to say……

    I hope her IBS flairs up and she craps herself in at the Beverly Center.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


      I thought that was pretty mean spirited of Camille. Understandable but mean. Hold you head up high and don’t air your dirty laundry in public.
      Hard to do on a reality TV show, but if she had taken the high road and said some platitude like”sorry for their loss” or better yet nothing at all- the public would have come to that conclusion anyway.

      I am always a little suspicious of single women who say they miscarriage. Sorry but I am. I always wonder if it isn’t code speak for an abortion which is an induced miscarriage.

      Maybe I’m being too cynical, but I wondered about the timing of this woman’s miscarriage.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Wow, that’s an ugly thing to say about someones loss. Besides being theologically unsound.
        By her logic maybe Kelsey leaving her for another woman was cosmic justice for something she had done.

        OnMoBo – My mind doesn’t go to abortion but to faked pregnancy. You know to seal the deal, then a convenient miscarriage when the man is out of town. It has been known to happen.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          I thought that too. Anyone else a little suspicious?

          • Ellabean says:

            I confess, sometimes think faked pregnancy too. Maybe we’ve seen that played out in too many movies. “Officer and A Gentleman” comes to mind – Seth’s blonde girlfriend (not Deborah Winger) trying to seal the deal and marry a guy in officer training school.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I know that some women do fake pregnancies but I think Kelsey Grammar has been around the block with those types of things and would want something a little more than the girls word.

            I read that his second wife(?) tried to kill herself, he was going to try and get custody of their unborn child. I read in one story that she subsequently had an abortion while other stories say the pregnancy was lost as a result of the suicide attempt.

            I am sure that whatever just happened must bring up some painful memories for him along with some fresh ones.

      • Thanks for thinking that single women who have had miscarriages (such as myself) really had abortions. How very kind & sweet of you to think that!

        Even if single women have abortions, it’s none of your business anyway.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Just another x in the “I don’t like Camille” box.

      I’m reserving judgment about the miscarriage. If the girlfriend was after Kelsey’s money that one way to do that is to actually have the child to term rather than having a termination so for me, abortion is out the window.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        or it wasn’t his… he hasn’t been with her that long and then BAM preggers. Would he have gone back to Camille otherwise?

        And then when the damage is done to the marriage…so sad I miscarried- you can’t leave me now!

        • Kat says:

          I wonder if Kelsy didn’t want the baby? Maybe the relationship has soured.
          I had a friend who years ago became pregnant. She was thrilled. Her boyfriend was awful to her about it. I think she thought she had met the “one” – her future husband.
          She had the abortion he wanted (insisted) her to have. But it was her decision. She definitely had then and has now a mind of her own.They broke up.

          I could not and would not judge her as I wasn’t in her shoes. She does have a beautiful daughter now and is married to a different man.
          I don’t want to discuss abortion rights or a “right to life” of an embryo or fetus.

          I feel bad for anyone who suffers through a miscarriage. And especially after a pregnancy announcement is made.
          It makes me wonder though about celebrity couples that are not married. Some of their relationships seem transient and often are not based on the deep mutual love and respect that some less “newsy” people have.
          (Susan Saradon & Tim Robbins and Kurt Russell & Goldie Hawn not included.)
          I’m jaded or cynical – or likely both.

          I don’t mean to imply “marriage” is a requirement to have a child or a loving relationship. (I’ve had 2 long term monogamous committed relationships 14 or 15 yrs? (it was awhile ago) and the current 16 yr one I’m in now. No marriage needed but love and a commitment is imo.) The friend I mentioned above had a daughter unmarried and with a man she never married nor intended to marry. She later married and has been with him over a decade.
          I believe she wanted a child and her previous abortion hurt her very much. I think she decided she didn’t need a marriage nor a man to have/raise a child. She was raised religiously in a Methodist home or maybe she was Catholic? but her mother believed strongly in the God of her religion. The father too but he was not as devout. (I loved him – we used to share answers to the Sunday crossword puzzles we both did in ink.)

          I am just saying many celebrity relationships are either shallow or doomed for various reasons. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelsey and his girlfriend ‘s relationship is on the rocks and the “miscarriage” was a mutual decision though maybe not a mutually hoped for one.
          But unless someone or one of them talks we’ll never know.

          Sorry- my posts are usually brief or at least shorter. 😉

  35. krone says:

    I posted this early one morning after a heartbreaking night. I work (volunteer) at a safe house for teens. Hard to believe but so many don’t feel free to come out to their own families. It’s so sad but there’s instant gratification when you put in so little time and effort and get such HUGE returns. I saw this man on Lawrence O’Donell’s show and it’s restored my faith in some men.

    • Adgirl says:

      My brother is gay and it took him forever to “come out” to our very socially liberal parents (whose best friends for 20+ years was a gay couple). Of course he was stating the obvious to our parents, but I couldn’t get over how difficult it must be for kids whose parents would be horrified if their child was gay.

      I’ve always believed that gay people are hardwired because who would chose such a difficult lifestyle?

      Off Off Topic: I might mention that my mother is extremely angry that he’s now a middle-aged unemployed anarchist and protest arranger.
      Now, that is something she disapproves of. She can’t believe he spends all of his time interrupting and damaging other people’s small business.

      • Kat says:

        @Adgirl I believe it is innate, imo we’re born from a genetic blueprint that determines skin, eye and hair color, intelligence, and sexuality among many other things.
        Choice? The social, spiritual, legal, family, and economic implications are many and the personal costs are steep.

        I enjoyed the story about your brother. I love your mom’s love of your brother but not his beliefs.

    • Adgirl says:

      @krone – you do wonderful work.

    • Kat says:

      I watched that krone and it made me cry – no small feat.
      The man’s story was moving, it was tough to watch a grown man cry.

      All kids, as different as they pretend to strive to be actually want acceptance from their peers and family. Feeling worthy of acceptance, respect, friendship and love should not be subject to one’s heterosexuality .

      Bullies are intolerable and often relentless and unrepentant.They make their victim’s lives miserable and at times unlivable.
      The human body often heals completely but the human psyche especially a child’s or teenager’s is far more fragile. Dignity and a sense of self worth can be irreparably damaged. Sometimes teens lose hope and kill themselves.

      Did anyone else here hear of the recent attacks in New York? A couple of 17 yr olds and a 30 ish man were attacked. IIRC a gang of young men accused the three of being homosexuals. The 3 were kidnapped, 2 were sodomized with inanimate objects, all were tied up, beat, threatened and robbed. The older man was held as the gang went to his apt and beat and threatened his brother demanding money. Sickening.

      Krone, you are wonderful to help these kids in dire need.

      • krone says:

        I’m no Saint. It started out very selfishly. My youngest daughter is a lesbian and we went through the usual; why couldn’t she ask her date to the school dance?etc. She refused to deny being who she was but I could see that she was hurt by ignoramuses. I’ve always been active in the community and was in a position to speak to some people at “Outright!” and we gradually got parents & trustworthy adults to volunteer time (we had use of the community center) and were able to start with “safe” weekend activities. It’s taken on a life of its own but after seeing how much it meant to my daughter, there was no way I could leave just because she’s safely grown and in a wonderful relationship. So, I’m lucky; I get to feel like I’m contributing while getting a chance to stay young and meet some pretty special kids. You have no idea what they bring to my life. The night I saw Joel Burns on Lawrence O’Donell’s show had been rough and the synchronicity of catching his speech at that moment spoke to my soul. I have to confess that I cried my eyes out; it was as if the universe were validating my existence,- and I was just so damned happy that he’s out there.

        I heard about New York and it makes me physically ill. I’d like to believe that could never happen here. But we still have to teach our kids to be safe and it breaks my heart.

  36. krone says:

    Damn! put in wrong link


    “it gets better”

  37. debbie says:

    “the horrible, disgusting, vile creature, Patti Stanger”
    I don’t know why, Lynn, but that one line made me laugh . And I couldn’t agree with you more.

    • krone says:

      How does that creature work with people? She has NO social skills: is verbally abusive and thinks her sh** doesn’t stink. I can’t tolerate her

      • Adgirl says:

        I pretty much boycott her show and commenting here about her. I want Bravo to decide she is a zero.

    • LiptonTB says:

      Delurking to second Lynn’s description of that horrible, vile creature. I would also put her photo next to the word “vulgar” in the dictionary if I were in charge of visuals.

  38. Adgirl says:

    I love seeing the ridiculous wealth of the BH ladies. The horrible rubber faces on stick figures. The job of keeping the husband and your social standing by starving and injecting yourself .

    The Richards sisters have the aura of desperation around them. I think Kim has mental health issues. After a few installments we are going to wish she wasn’t on the show.

    • Cyotteeflower is KirksvilleMo not a secret here says:

      Kim is not a whole person.These women make my life look so gloriously easy peasy.I like comfortable carefree living not high maintence living.Except for the cars and shoes of course!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Agree about Kim – not liking her and have a feeling she definately doesn’t like herself either. Her sister on the other hand seems more grounded and less self absorbed – her promise to her mother to watch over her unstable sister will be hard to keep – and we will be treated to the fallouts! Sister/family drama is my least favorite kind to watch.

    • klmh says:

      I agree as well. Kim has some instability and I’m just not sure I’m ready to see another HW crash and burn on nat’l TV. I am saddened to see the sister’s rivalry but hope their love for each other will out. It is sure to be a complicated mess.

  39. BKAamia009 says:

    I thought Adriane’s husband (Dr. Nassif) was the plastic surgeon? Not Lisa ? Isnt he a real estate mogul or something? Adriane’s & her husband were future d on the Dr. 90210 for many episodes. That was a good show to bad it was canceled. So off the subject. is anyone a fan of Animal Planet? I love the shows like Orangutan Island * Escape to Chimp Eden they canceled the shows cause of the so called economy but they freaking keep doing whale wars & river monsters that costs more to film. Im outraged Orangutan’s are endangered Species (i know so are whales ) but it just pisses me off they take the good shows off. I’m tired of seeing River monsters on for 10 hours a day. Thank god the National Geo channel came up w/ Nat. Geo Wild cause Animal Planet lost so many supporters.

  40. amia009 says:

    I thought Adriane’s husband (Dr. Nassif) was the plastic surgeon? Not Lisa ? Isnt he a real estate mogul or something? Adriane’s & her husband were future d on the Dr. 90210 for many episodes. That was a good show to bad it was canceled. So off the subject. is anyone a fan of Animal Planet? I love the shows like Orangutan Island * Escape to Chimp Eden they canceled the shows cause of the so called economy but they freaking keep doing whale wars & river monsters that costs more to film. Im outraged Orangutan’s are endangered Species (i know so are whales ) but it just pisses me off they take the good shows off. I’m tired of seeing River monsters on for 10 hours a day. Thank god the National Geo channel came up w/ Nat. Geo Wild cause Animal Planet lost so many supporters.

    • Cyotteeflower is KirksvilleMo not a secret here says:

      Omg yes!My 7yo granddaughter will watch Animal Panet for as many hours as I allow.She even loves the creepy stuff.What is the new show called?Predators?The guy that was eaten by his lizzards was too too much.
      Sad to lose Chimp Eden.

  41. Wall St Lady says:

    realminkey on October 16, 2010 at 1:58 pm
    I like Yellow Tail. Have u tried Toasted Head ? It is a little more expensive.Iu like Yellow Tail u will like it. Both have heavy oaky & buttery taste. I rotate the 2 when I get tired of the other.
    Le Crema chardney is even more ezpensive but when u r
    “putting out the rug ” very delicious !

    • lillybee says:

      Fussy me, The only Chards I like are the unoaked ones.

    • realminkey says:

      Wall St Lady,
      When either splurging or someone else picking up the check: Chalk Hill or Flowers reserve. Yummy!

    • TT in OC says:

      Sorry to chime in. My husband and I like Yellow Tail too but never tried Toasted Head. I will look it up next time at BevMo. The problem is I like white and my husband like red.

    • pffffft says:

      Le Crema is the BEST….love it, but for every day Smoking Loon Chardonnay is reasonable and very tasty!

  42. Adgirl says:

    Camille and the nannies. Her husband must have approved somehow since he was paying the bills.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO the numerous nannies may indicate that Cam must have been at Kelsey’s beck and call…..plus all the other obligations a BH wife must have.

  43. Adgirl says:

    According to Star Magazine….

    Camille: She’s BFFs With Kelsey’s Other Ex
    After the breakup of her marriage to Kelsey Grammer, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer turned to the woman she stole him from 14 years ago.

    “We were introduced through a mutual friend in August, and we’ve developed a strange kinship,” Kelsey’s ex-fiancée, former Playboy model Tammi Baliszewski tells Star in an exclusive interview. “I never thought we’d be friends like this — not in a million years!”

    As we report in our Oct. 25 issue, Tammi and Camille have met for dinner and talk often. “I never hated her. I always felt Kelsey probably told me one story and Camille another. I’ve found out that was true.”


    • Savannah111 says:

      Hey Adgirl,
      I remember all the stories going on when she stole him. Karma came back to her no? I’m still shocked at the 4 nannys that are employed, I don;t understand the purpose of why they have children if they plan to have all these nannys taking care of them. I believe that for some women and I’m not saying Camille did this but honestly their are women that think if they have children they can hang on to their husband longer, especially the ones in show business. It seems to me, you know they hire all these nannys and they go out shopping to the spas and have the little surgeries to make them look as young as the way they can to hold on to their husbands.

      The real world is not like that for most people we work we come home take care of the children and our husbands and we struggle, some of us are lucky enough to have the fortune of being able to be a housewife while husbands work hard. Atleast that;s the world I live in. Both of my children are grown and have been out of our house for several years now. I so missed them when they left and cried my eyes out, but now my husband and I love having the pleasure of being alone.

  44. Amber...Real Wife says:

    It wasn’t Kelsey’s first time at the rodeo, as he’d been married before and has older children. Nannies seem to be a integral part of life for the rich and famous. If she wanted to travel with him and also work at their production company she definitely needed a nanny. Kelsey’s company made alot of money producing the tv sitcom Girlfriends and others. He kind of cornered that market and was successful. That coupled with his Cheers/Frasier money is at stake during their divorce. She will not suffer at all!

    • vilzvet says:

      Oh yes, he was TV’s highest paid actor at the time of Frasier. A couple hundred thou per episode, now that seems to be the norm, even the son on Two and Half Men is going to be making that, if you could imagine. Crazy stuff.

  45. ches says:

    Sorry if this was posted already but I noticed the Salahis have now started another polo association. “The Oasis Winery International Polo Challenge”
    Salami was the president and founder of America’s Polo Cup . Now, a week or two after America’s Polo Cup filed for chapter 7, He starts up another polo club, naming himself founder and president. WTF??? How is this legal? To me it’s no different then me, declaring bankruptcy, changing my name two weeks later, and buying my car, on credit, with an entirely new name. You know the “Oasis Polo Challenge” will be dealing in credit at some point, it won’t always be cash. And if they somehow make money from this new venture, shouldn’t they be forced to make some kind of restitution for their old one? Anybody know the legalities of this little scam?

    • Adgirl says:

      A separate legal entity (company) is legal- but who will do business with him anyway??

    • klmh says:

      You know, you have to wonder if there is someone at the Federal level that has access to some financial records of scoundrels and gives them to Bravo so they can put them on their shows.

      • Adgirl says:

        Hysterical. Bravo has a mole at the IRS or employs a private investigator/psychiatrist to track down these nuts.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Curious – polo is a very small sport circle – how could he begin to believe that he can con the same group of players/sponsors twice???

    • Squirrels says:

      Here’s the deal. To be a bonafide charity, one must apply for a 501C3. Everything from the Catholic church to Good Will uses this business model to run their entities. Scrutiny is a major part of being a 501C3 and somehow I doubt the Sahahis would be willing to open the books. Dayum… fraud is beginning to have a real stench online. Smells like…hmmmm. Oh I know, supermarket grapes!

  46. klmh says:

    Absurd to sublime:
    A fascinating read from Mr. Amon about the DC reunion:

    • klmh says:

      Actually this is Rich Amons talking about the man rules. It’s on Bravo, a fun read.
      There is another from Absurd to Sublime, just google it, and there is an accurate description of what happened the last few seconds of the 1st part of the reunion of the D.C. housewives.

      • krone says:

        Thanks. Rich has a fun sense of humor; well written and much more interesting than Mary whom I dislike intensely.

        • ches says:

          I actually like the guys blogs better than the women’s. I loved Ebong after reading his.

          • MAMAZ says:

            I always thought them men on this show were more interesting than the women. Like in the basement at Aunt Frances house.

    • Never honk your car horn in the driveway to get your wife/GF to move faster

      LOL!! Love this rule! Nothing is guaranteed to get me to move more slowly than honking the horn.

    • nathania says:

      that is really brilliant writing and hysterical too. thanks for posting it.

      I love how intelligent this man is. He seems reserved on tv, and who would have thought such a cynical and witty writer lurked under all that seriousness and reserve.

  47. Adgirl says:

    Kim on BH – did anyone notice on WWHL how Andy cut her off because she rambles on and on….? I think maybe he regrets her being on the BH show as she seems kooky in a not so fun way.

  48. RileyKitty says:

    I could not get into the DC show but I really liked this one… these people actually seem to really have the money to back the lifestyle. It isn’t as “pretend” as the other shows (NY excluded, they all seem to have the money too) ATL/NJ/OC are people pretending to live a fabulous lifestyle. I do reserve the right to change my mind as these people start to get on my nerves.

    I remember Kim & Kyle from their acting days. Kyle still looks very pretty.

  49. realminkey says:

    I’ve decided that until she changes my mind, Lisa Vanderpump is my BH favorite. Like the Jackie Bissett/Jackie Collins thing. Like Jiggy. Like the emasculated Dudley Moore husband, and like the freeloader gay Cedrick. All-in-all, she is showing promise as a total HoWife package extrodinaire.

  50. sofi says:

    There does seem to be something very off about Kim. I’m sure that was why her mother asked her sister to look after her. The bit about having another child sounded kind of octomom-ish. Gave me the creeps.

    • realminkey says:

      She’s got some kind of anxiety disorder, me thinks.

      • Adgirl says:

        Kim really bothers me in that she seems on the verge of something. A crack up maybe? Something about her so desperate and off-kilter.
        We’ve seen a lot of loons on RH but I think Kim is different. I don;t know that she has the self delusional tools to cushion her psychologically from the fall out of the show.

        • MAMAZ says:

          She seems way too fragile for me to even make fun of.

          • Adgirl says:

            Exactly. Kelly and Danielle are tough cookies. They have the survival skills to deal with the negative press and fan twitter/blog teardowns.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              I don’t think Kelly is tough; I think she is just far too deluded to be emotionally fragile. Remember she doesn’t have emotional break downs- she has ‘break troughs’.

              I think Danielle is a master at psychological battle ship and none of the NJ crew had enough game to really challenge her.

              I don’t think it would take much to send Kim curled up in a corner while rocking back and forth.

          • realminkey says:

            I agree, MAMAZ. I don’t think she should be on the show at all. Let’s hope she can handle what comes with it.

            • krone says:

              Do you ever watch “The Soup”? They showed the scene of Kim talking about how she was an icon and Paris didn’t know that. It was kinda funny and they implied she was coked up.

  51. Adgirl says:

    Oh, I do not believe NeNe will be on Celebrity Apprentice …. do you?

    If she was I’d love to watch the boardroom when she throws everyone under the bus.

    • Savannah111 says:

      Adgirl, I can’t imagine Nene on that show, I will be very very surprised if it happens.. I have to say though I would love to see her in front of Trump in the boardroom it would be a hoot to watch I’m sure.

    • Squirrels says:

      NeNe would be exposed on day one. She has zero concept of team play. If it isn’t all about NeNe, it isn’t butter.

      • krone says:

        I so agree with you. The Donald will keep her on even after it’s apparent that she can’t be a part of a team. Can’t you just see her in the boardroom? I pity anyone who will have to work with her though.

  52. Wall St Lady says:

    I think Rick & Linda like the same thing.

  53. OneMoreInBoston says:

    “Atlanta Real Housewife NeNe Leakes FURIOUS At Estranged Husband”

    “We can’t blame you, NeNe! This is messed up.

    Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes is furious at her estranged husband Gregg Leakes, for lying about a loan he claimed to have received from castmember Dwight Eubanks.

    Dwight had reportedly lent Gregg $10,000, but Gregg claimed it was only $500 when confronted by NeNe.

    According to sources, Gregg did in fact borrow $10,000, and he lied straight to NeNe’s face.

    Here’s what a source had to say about it:

    “Gregg lied to NeNe because he did get a $10,000 loan from Dwight and now she is really pi**ed at him.”

    More from the source:

    “Money is a sensitive issue between them and NeNe cannot believe that Gregg would lie to her. She feels it has put her in an awkward position with Dwight because they are really good friends who confide in one another both on and off camera.

    NeNe confronted Gregg about the money off camera and she was not happy with his response – and to make matters worse she no longer knows if she can trust Dwight either.

    She felt betrayed when he announced on the show that he spent $30,000 on Sheree’s fashion show and now she does not know what kind of deals he has been doing with Gregg behind her back.”

    Way to dig yourself into a MASSIVE hole with NeNe, Gregg. Not cool.

    How would U react if U were in NeNe’s place?”

    Read More: Atlanta Real Housewife NeNe Leakes FURIOUS At Estranged Husband | PerezHilton.com http://perezhilton.com/2010-10-16-real-housewives-of-atlanta-star-nene-leakes-furious-at-estranged-husband-for-lying-about-ten-thousand-dollar-loan#ixzz12ZAZ6DlM
    Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Perez’s scoop today not so scoopy when it’s just warmed over stuff we’ve already seen and know. Especially when he copies and pastes from other sources without attribution. Here’s his source, yesterday’s radaronline: http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2010/10/excluisve-atlanta-housewife-nene-leakes-furious-over-husbands-lie-about-10000the radaronline article posted yesterday

    • Savannah111 says:

      I knew it, I knew it, I posted a couple of days ago that it was more than $500 that amount of money did not make sense to me. I also posted that during the last episode when Nene and Dwight had that talk Dwight looked ill at ease and his face just to me looked like he was so scared and nervous and I also posted that his face also showed that he wanted to say something but was afraid to. Maybe because he knew that Nene and Greg were having problems.

      $500 was so easy for him to come up with thats why I always that it was more than $500 BUT I didnt think it was $10k I thought possibly 2,500 or 5,000

      I do think that Dwight put money of his own into Sheree;s show but I dont think it was $30k.

  54. Wall St Lady says:

    Since there so many cat lovers among us:

    The Top Ten Differences Between Cats & Dogs:

    10. Dogs come when you call them. Cats take a message and get back to you when they are good and ready.

    9. Dogs will let you give them a bath without taking out a contract on your life.

    8. Dogs will bark to wake you up if the house is on fire. Cats will quietly sneak out the back door.

    7. Dogs will bring you your slippers or the evening newspaper. Cats might bring you a dead mouse.

    6. Dogs will play Frisbee with you all afternoon. Cats will take a three-hour nap.

    5. Dogs will sit on the car seat next to you. Cats have to have their own private box or they will not go at all.

    4. Dogs will greet you and lick your face when you come home from work. Cats will be mad that you went to work at all.

    3. Dogs will sit, lie down, and heel on command. Cats will smirk and walk away.

    2. Dogs will tilt their heads and listen whenever you talk. Cats will yawn and close their eyes.

    1. Dogs will give you unconditional love forever. Cats will make you pay for every mistake you’ve ever made since the day you were born.
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

    • Adgirl says:

      Thanks WSL.
      The last entry is sooo true. I put flea med one tiny drop on my cat and she was so insulted that she ceremoniously ignored me for a week. My cat is a cog (cat+dog). She follows me everywhere and is extremely affectionate.

      I adore both of my pets, the big slow poke American Bulldog and the silly hyper-emotional cat.

    • American Idiot says:

      Thanks for this wsl. I am a dog lover 100%. Have a wonderful but difficult at times Tibetian Terrier named Trooper.

    • krone says:

      LOL so true

    • KellitaM says:

      LOL I have both a dog and two cats. I especially loved #8!:)

  55. OneMoreInBoston says:

    “Flipping Out Hits A Ratings High!

    According to the Nielsen Ratings, Bravo’s new season of the reality series Flipping Out is the most watched yet, averaging in around 1.20 million views and 745,000 adults aged 18-49 – a 14% improvement from the previous season!

    We bet it’s all because of our beloved Zoila!


    Read More: Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton http://perezhilton.com/#ixzz12ZAyFt5c
    Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I bet it was because viewers were expecting to see Jeff completely lose it and be carted off on camera. ; )

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        This is why I hate Bravo’s promo style! The promise never comes close to the episode….Jeff was pitched as likely to go ballistic but he was rico suave the entire episode. Not a blown deadline, not a design mishap, not a tantrum – Bravo cheats!

  56. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Wall St Lady?

    This one’s for you. Something about it made me think of you. Because if this is their version of cleaned up something tells me you and I are in an alternate universe:


  57. Wall St Lady says:

    Thanks for the invasion warning. One Mo Bo. I hope some go back to NJ.

  58. joan says:

    I’m once again going to join this discussion in regards to YOUR behavior, and, like Veronica, you are not going to like what I have to say. When you first visited the RT site, you approached posting there in a very determined manner to change the opinions of those who did not share your view of Danielle. I understand that you find a kinship with Danielle through the abuse that you suffered at the hands of those that should have protected you. I understand that you only wanted others to see her as you do, but you went about it in the wrong way. There were several instances in which you could have ended the exchange and let it stand as a lesson in differing opinions. You chose to continue to come back and provoke and provoke and when you got what you were seeking, you cried “Foul”. And when you started your attack on the Christian views of the other posters, you ignited a storm. You taunted the other posters and when they reacted, you took on the appearance of an injured crazy person ala KKB. Your next weapon of choice is your alleged litany of mental illness and varied abuses that you lob to show someone picking on a crazy person ala Scary Island.
    But, I have to ask, does any of this sound familiar to you? Do you remember reading this information – oh what did you say, something like three weeks ago? Does the moniker “Please don’t beat me up” ring any bells? You are so angry that you have no ability to see that no one has meant you any harm, nor has anyone threatened you, and I am NOT Wallflower. You can say a lot of things about me, but to a fault, I am not willing to sit by and watch someone that I care about be abused or have lies told about them or have them accused of some horrible action. I will stand up for those that need it – friend or foe, stranger or someone known to me – no matter whether it’s popular or not. During your first trolling expedition at RT, I was the person that offered you some understanding, and I asked you several times to discontinue your game and to stop trying to anger the other posters. You were determined to continue that little game, in hopes of getting exactly what you were looking for. Then, we have those not so hidden messages – Missouri has the toughest laws on cyber stalking, and I have six legal pages of instances of pain like this. You’ve been known to deliberately provoke by using slurs, both racial and sexual orientation seem to be favorites of yours. When you are met with disagreement, you react in a rather disturbing fashion. You pull out your various mental illnesses and the diagnosis you’ve either given yourself or perhaps they are true diagnosis, but at this point, I’m not sure what to believe. You wear your abuse as a badge of courage for everyone to see, or is it in hopes that someone will take pity on you and restrain themselves in their zeal to strike back at you. You seem to use the pain in your family history as a means of punishing innocent people for your abuse. My question is why do you continue to do this? Why do you find so much pleasure in provoking people? What do you get from starting these little tete e tete on such hot button topics?
    My issue with you is this, Billie. You have instigated several instances of anger within the last three months for no other reason than because you could. I actually felt sorry for the treatment you rec’d at the first encounter over Danielle. I worried about the state of your emotional health for several days, and yes, I watched your twitter account to see if you were suffering any ill effects. Then, when “Memphis” showed up and pushed and pushed and wanted so much to be told about the Cyottee encounter, it soon became clear that something odd was going on. I cautioned you (before I knew you were masquerading as Memphis via your second laptop) about using that exchange as some form of comedic entertainment, didn’t i? The tone of that exchange ended on a somewhat friendly note with an exchange between Wallflower and yourself about some quick “How To” tutelage on computer usage. But, you couldn’t just leave well enough alone, could you? You returned, looking for some nugget of ‘gold’ for you to build your next attack on. You looked for a reason to claim you had been offended and the whole thing started over and over again. It is a pointless operation to try to explain your behavior, because you continue to hide behind your multitude of diagnosed mental illness. Like I said in my previous posting and as you yourself told your friends, the evidence is on RT for all to see.
    I’m not going to speak for TrueLifeDiva as I believe that she is more than capable to get her own point across to you. I’m speaking for myself. I think that the reason TLD finally threw up her hands and called you out is because she recognized that you were playing a dangerous game. You outed yourself when you were discussing your many monikers and she put all the pieces together. You have a habit of picking a word or phrase and turning that nugget into something more than it was. You manipulate the words of others to a point in which you find offense and away you go. You spout things like “colored” or “faggot” or, “Nig…” and when people back you into a corner because your rhetoric is so offensive and your use of those terms is so disturbing, you fall back on the old “I’m a 57 year old grandmother working for the past 27 years, raising two children, caring for ailing family members, surviving abuse at the hands of brother/father/uncle…, and have had no communication for 27 years, so you can’t hold me accountable… “. If that doesn’t work, then out comes the multiple mental illnesses you claim. And, when that doesn’t work, you claim that you are being bullied, because you know that the compassionate individuals on this site will welcome you with open arms because they are just that COMPASSIONATE – but be warned, they are NOT stupid, they will figure out that you are playing a dangerous game and it will ALWAYS come back to haunt you in the end. Your little games you like to play are coming around again, and the price for that game is that sooner or later, you will run out of room to run and hide in. You will become the Little Old Lady that Cried Bully one too many times.
    Quincy, you asked previously that no one follow Billie and that she be allowed to stay in the comfort of this site. There has been no one interested in this individual on the RT site. We simply would like for her to stop playing her games. Why is it so much fun for her to cause trouble and then run to your site and cry or laugh about the disturbance she has caused? To be honest, I regret having worried about Billie, I really do. There are enough people in my life that I care about that have genuine problems that are more deserving of my concern. I simply wish that she would stop playing this game. It’s really not funny, is it?
    I apologize for the length of this post, but I just need to get Billie/Cyottee/Kirksville/Memphis… out of my system…

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Every story has three sides – thanks for weighing in. We are a nice and yes compassionate community and should problems occur they are handled by Lynn.

      • MAMAZ says:

        I just don’t know what to think about all of this anymore.
        This is a wonderful community and I hate seeing it being contaminated. It has been so ugly the last couple of days that a number of people have threatened to leave.

        I unfortunately did get in the middle of it because the issue of prejudice is a major button for me as it is for many people.
        I went back to the RT site and looked at the exchange that TrueLifeDiva was initially involved in. She WAS defending Cyotteeflower. I don’t know what happened later that Cyotteeflower felt attacked by TLD. I do know that TLD has always been sweet and fun on this site.

        I am going to give Cyotteeflower the benefit of the doubt one more time and assume that she is just taking things the wrong way. For instance I didn’t see anyone suggest she was lying about the use of the word “colored” being acceptable. Everyone, including myself said that in spite of what she thought the word was not acceptable. We didn’t say she was lying but we did say she was wrong. I stand by that statement.
        I also didn’t see that someone claimed Cyotteeflower had no contact with anyone for X amount of years. I saw a sarcastic statement that I took to mean even if your contact with African Americans was limited you still should have known. Maybe Cyotteeflower reacted without understanding the posts. I hope that’s the case.

        I was not pleased to see her using the cyoteeflower is kirkwood mo no secret here( or something like that. I’m going to look back to be sure) name. It seems inflammatory. But I could be wrong about the intent.

        I am not the moderator on this site but I do have a suggestion. Let the Reality Tea feuds stay on RT. If you don’t like what someone says to you there address it there and don’t bring it here. Likewise don’t drag any I Hate JZ squabbles over to RT.

        Another suggestion, if someone tells you that a word or comment is hurtful to them apologize and stop using that word/retract the statement. There was a comment about adoption, surrogacy that was misunderstood upthread. It was resolved very simply by one person saying “i’m sorry that’s not what I meant.” It’s that easy.

      • twoile says:

        Or more than 3…often, when a diatribe appears I do not read, just scroll on…keeps me out of the fray.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Lynn’s site is filled with NICE people. But we are SMART, NICE people.

      I typically sit back and give someone enough rope and sure enough they ALWAYS hang themselves.

      I hear what you are saying, and actions of all mentioned have not gone unnoticed, even if they have not been commented on.

      My point? Give us a small modicum of credit.

      If @cyoteeflower truly is the Little Old Lady that Cried Bully as you claim, well it won’t take too long for us to see that.

      Karma may be a bitch, but you know what? I am NOT one. (at least today)

      And as hard as it may be to let a perceived injustice go, I’m not the Karma police and neither, my friend, are you.

      We are here as guests on Lynn’s blog. If Lynn has a problem with a poster- believe me as someone who’s been on the receiving end- the problem gets fixed real fast.

      Of course you are always welcome to comment here. But I would appreciate you leaving the RT comments on the RT forum, not here.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Great, now maybe you feel better by dropping your load here. So how many more posts here on this subject will it take to get this out of your system since you’ve previously posted here about this?

      Look, if you indeed are a reasonable responsible adult who’s figured it out, then you must know your response isn’t going to help things here or elicit a mea culpa and change of behavior in the person you’re addressing. Rather, the more you guys poke or “explain” over here, the more you’re reinforcing the behavior you’re apparently trying to expose. You reference KKB. So think about that. You already have your answer. You’re just providing more oxygen to smoldering coals IMO.

      Seriously, this isn’t RT (no offense to that site) and bringing that crap over here—no matter who does it and who did it first—is getting really old IMO. And yes, I’ve read the threads and the twitter, and saw who’s who. But continuing the argy from there over here isn’t really going to resolve anything.

      That goes for both “sides,” IMO. There’s no “win” in this. It’s just creating aggro over here. From the claims of “victimization” and the passive & not so passive inflammatory provocations to the counter arguments, enough already.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I seriously considered deleting this post when I first read it but after reading the responses from the regulars here, I decided to leave it.

      They have all stated the same thing that I would have said.

      The nonsense going on over at Reality Tea is NOT welcome here! Period! This site doesn’t exist for you to get things out of your system. I’m sure you did plenty of that over at Reality Tea, keep it over there. We’re not interested in your argument.

      • joan says:

        The woman you are welcoming into your fold is the same one that creates drama and then runs back to you for protection from the big bad world. She brought this back to you on her own. Her actions reflect badly on her, but as I read on this site, she has already started creating the same drama here that she did on RT. Take this scenario any way you choose, you can delete it as it is your site. But, there is one thing you can count on. A leopard does NOT change it’s spots.

        • krone says:

          all seems to have settled down here. I don’t get why people come from another site dragging their trash with them. What purpose does it serve to bring garbage from another site? None. What happens on RT should stay on RT IMHO.

        • MAMAZ says:

          Joan – I’m going to give you the benifit of the doubt as well and accept your post as a sincere warning. The thing is if we refuse to play the problem will eventually go away on it’s own.
          Looking forward to hearing from you on the topic of the housewives.

          • joan says:

            Thank you, MamaZ. I appreciate your welcome and I would extend you that same welcome, should you join us at RT. We really are a giggling glittery group of goofs – and what’s one more in our sardine can! Let me know if you want to dip your tootsies!


    • nathania says:

      I thought about something I wanted to say to this.

      I worked somewhere for a year or two before it finally occurred to me that every single coworker of mine was stoned on a daily basis. I was the only clean/sober one in the bunch.

      I was on a website once where it didn’t even occur to me for years that just about everyone posting late at night (which was when I posted because of my work hours) was at some level of intoxication.

      I was badly hurt a few years ago by an online “friend” who not only was intoxicated most of the time that she posted, but upon perusing the mental health forum of that political website I was met with a post of hers describing herself as having a (professionally diagnosed) ‘dangerous personality disorder’ which I took to mean Borderline Personality Disorder from the things she’d said elsewhere.

      I had a very serious discussion online with a PhD once, a very caring, whip-smart, incredibly well informed and unbelievably intelligent woman who shared with me that there was concern in the psychiatric community that the internet is giving people a forum for acting out their disorders and abnormalities and feeding into their problems to the degree that those who would have in the past sought therapy because they had exhausted and run through people in ‘real life’ whom they had encountered and tried to befriend now have an entire whole new world in which to wallow, fester and not ever run out of new ‘friends’ in order to feel the pain needed to start recovery and therapy and get some help healing or trying to change destructive behaviors.

      People who fit these descriptions could be you, me, or anyone else.

      We don’t know…even in real life sociopaths are hard to identify without a lot of history and personal interaction.

      The only safe path is to not take it too seriously and not get this invested. When it becomes this intense, over someone who for all you know is a 15 year old trolling out of boredom or the 27th personality of a Sybil type that might have 26 other very nice ones, it’s time to reflect. I had to learn the hard way, and I hate to see anyone else go down the path of giving things that happen online this much weight.

    • Di says:

      Please do not bring your problems with a poster to this site. If you are having problems with a poster on RT, THEN PLEASE DEAL WITH IT AT THE RT WEBSITE. Make sense?

      I don’t read RT, nor do I care about the problems you are having there. This reminds me of something funny Linda Hogan did after having “problems” with Hulk “harassing” her. She called 911 after arriving home and finding Hulk’s car parked out front. She told the dispatcher that he is harassing her, wouldn’t leave her alone. The dispatcher asked what Hulk was doing and what she was doing. She told the dispatcher he was pulling away from her house and she was following him in her car. STOP FOLLOWING HIM! These were the dispatcher’s words of advice, but I think they are meant for all you RT posters coming over here.

      Let it go. Have a nice day. 🙂

    • No I do not recognise much other than someone doing a lot of projecting,with a stange imagination and a whole hell of a lot of anger.
      I do know for sure that I used F word in one conversation to equate my feelings about breeder.The dictionary backs me.
      What has been going one since Seot 24th is me being attacked on twitter to the point I was nearly admitted to in house treatment.
      You all promised me over and over you would follow me and ruin me.Well this is attack no.4 and win no.3 and you all are still talking about watching all the sites for next time.
      I made the mistake of posting at RT exactly 9days 8hrs 15mins.

      I have asked Lynn repeatedly to remove this attack becasue we were promised if we were attacked the attacker would be banned.
      I have not responded till now because Lynn said if I did I would be banned.
      Sound crazy? email me at beadababe@hotmail.com and I will forwardit to you.
      So RT crowd you win .

      To everyone else,where is the outrage over Lynn refusing to remove this post?
      How would you feel if this were allowed to happen to you?
      Even if you believe this trash what about my personal info being posted?
      I’ll never pretend to understand all this and my disappointment in the women
      here for believing behavior about me you have never witnessed from me is very unbecoming of each of you.Next time you judge someone check it out for yourself.
      Check out my ywitter for what Joan had to say less than 30 days ago.It will go a long way to making things clearer.
      Good-bye and be nicer to one another than you have been to me.

      • nathania says:

        personally, honey, I only read the first few lines of the post you are referring to. When I saw that it was person-al, and affirmed I am not one of the *persons*, I quit reading it. I am sure a lot of other people here did the same thing.

        I don’t know what started the discussions and problems, but just because someone takes you personally doesn’t mean you have to take THEM personally. I referenced having someone undertake a ‘search and destroy’ mission on me once on a site, when I was new to the internet. At the time I didn’t know how to separate stuff like this from ‘reality’ but boy howdy, did I ever learn. For the sake of your mental health, walk away. If someone says something inordinately hostile to you online, don’t react. Pause and reflect, and allow for the possibility that they are mentally ill/drunk/hormonal, etc. Watch their behavior and if it’s consistent, DON’T interact with them. If the whole site is full of this kind of thing (because like attracts like) leave and go elsewhere.

  59. Jen says:

    Aren’t Kyle and B friends in real life? Because B used to watch Paris and Nicky Hilton, yes?

    Lisa is my 2nd fav HW for sure now, after B of course

    • krone says:

      I vaguely remember Bethenny mentioning that! I could see B hanging out with Kyle a bit. The consensus seems to be that Lisa is the favorite and I can understand that after WWHL but Kyle kinda appeals to me. Watch, she’ll turn out to be the biggest a**hole and I’ll have to eat my words. Won’t be the first time;~>

  60. nancy says:

    Oh dear. This Joan person pretty much is the ” It ” blogger on RT. Please we do not want any of this on Lynn’s blog.

    • Adgirl says:

      I hope this is the end of the diatribes from any side of their personal animosty. Let’s snark on the housewives and not each other.

    • Kokuanani says:

      When someone

      a) goes on and on and on and on and on in their post; and
      b) has few, if any paragraph breaks

      you can pretty much scroll right through their stuff.

      Odds are pretty good you won’t be missing anything.

  61. Zipit Zarin says:

    What is RT?

  62. nancy says:

    Reality Tea

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Ah, thanx. It’s all too complex to follow (thank goodness 😀

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Rt is a rough blog – they are more inclined to be disrespectful to each other on a personal level. Went there once and didn’t like it.

        • MAMAZ says:

          They play a little rough for me too. I never even tried to post but I do read the comments some time.
          I used to post a lot on NY Mag but I started spending all my time here instead.
          And I don’t feel clever or smart enough to even try for gawker.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I have seen the site but never posted there…..

            I hope this blog doesn’t turn into a bash fest, I have too much stuff going on in real life to get involved with online drama. While I can take it, I am just not that invested to get into arguments over this stuff. I’ve been down that road before on other sites and after a while it just spins out of control.

            I love the humor here, I loved the snark, I love the kind words and actions I have seen. Everyone has been really cool with me (in the good way- not in the aloof way) and I hope that everyone has the same experience I have had.

            • krone says:

              I have RR. I’ve been lurking and reading forever it seems. I’ve also looked at other sites. This is the only one I post at because of Lynn and the posters and NO WAY do I want to lose this community. I feel like Rodney King: “Can’t we all just get along?”

        • pffffft says:

          Actually, it’s pretty much the same over there as it is here….a bunch of funny ladies snarking like mad.

  63. CdnFillie says:

    OT..watching Lovely Bones. Some parts I can’t bear to watch so I’m reading this great blog and all u wonderful ladies and gents comments. Great blog Lynn..u summed up pretty much what I felt with RHBH. I like Lisa the best so far.

    • Adgirl says:

      So many people have recommened Lovely Bones book or movie to me that I feel bad that I have avoided it. The premises sounds so depressing and scary.

      • CdnFillie says:

        it is a sad movie, the part I have a hard time with is when she decides to follow the creep to the hole he dug in the ground. I want to yank her by the ear and yell at her, and I know it’s just a movie but I think that kind of stuff still happens despite all the warnings out… 😦

        • housewifeaddict says:

          I read the book and cried more than I’ve ever cried reading a book. But it was well written, and was worth finishing.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I read the book – but I didn’t like the movie too much.

            There were a couple of things I didn’t like about the book. But I don’t want to say what they were because I don’t want to spoil it.

      • Squirrels says:

        Do the book. I saw the flic tonight. Didn’t do the book justice.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      A better book to read is The Shack by William P. Young.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        I couldn’t finish that one, it made me so sad. But I hear I should have, and that it was worth it.

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          I saw him speak. He explains that the child in it is his murdered innocence. Yes, you should finish it because it ends well!

      • CdnFillie says:

        Someone else recommended The Shack..is the story along the same lines as Lovely Bones? The book was actually better than the movie but still difficult to watch

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          I haven’t read The Lovely Bones but know it’s about a murdered child. The Shack is about a man who loses his daughter to a serial killer. He gets a letter in the mail from God telling him to go to the shack where she was murdered. He goes there and …. I promise it ends well!

        • buffywood says:

          My daughter made me read “A Child called It”. A very very sad but good book.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      The book was well written but difficult to read, never had an interest in watching the movie – too sad.

    • joan says:

      I just finished watching this movie and it was truly disturbing to see the number of young women and girls that fell prey to this man. Stanley Tucci did an excellent job with this character. I do not feel that I would want to read the book or watch the movie again. It’s a very disturbing movie. And yes, I can imagine screaming “Don’t do it, don’t follow him into the hideout” – you knew that she was never going to leave and it made you sad to know that she was terrified when she realized she was in trouble.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Stanley Tucci is a really good actor. Very versatile.

      • Kat says:

        joan, I hope you stick around. Welcome 🙂

        • Sha2000 says:

          I saw the move last night & although yes it got uncomfortable, I though it was get & recommend it. Since the books are usually better, I may read it too. Was the book too detailed for a 13 yr old to read??? No mention of the rape in the movie.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            The part of her death was pretty short and not overly graphic. If I remember correctly, she was already dead at the beginning of the book and was reliving the tale so there wasn’t too much focus on ‘moment’ of her murder.

            I think if a 13 year is aware of the subject matter going in and is mature enough to handle it, then that detail wouldn’t be too overwhelming for them.

  64. Zipit Zarin says:

    I can’t get over how much Paris looks like Kyle. Kim, not so much. But then Kim looks like she’s been “to the dentist” a lot as Kathy Griffin says. Kyle doesn’t look like she has.

  65. nancy says:

    ” to the dentist ” LOL Luv Kathy Griffen.

  66. nancy says:

    meant Griffin I would love to see her do one of her shows. She was in Oregon some time ago but we were unable to get to Portland.

  67. Zipit Zarin says:

    I wonder if Pandora Vanderpump has had therapy because of her name. LOL Lear, the man who owns Lear jets named his daughter Chrystal Chandra Lear. Groan

    • realminkey says:

      At least Chrystal wasn’t named for the woman who unleashed all evil upon this earth.

      Interesting that Kim and Kyle have been described/describe themselves as Paris’ aunts. No mention of Nicky, who has actually been known to work for a living. Wonder why.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Because they are fame hogs like Paris and Nicky isn’t?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Not mentioning Nicky was strange – she was more a rebel than Paris. Kyle seems more nuturing and realistic than Kim. And Kim seems to think she is in some rivalry with Paris -Dueling Diva Icons…

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          World English Dictionary
          icon (ˈaɪkɒn) [Click for IPA pronunciation guide]

          — n
          1. Also: ikon a representation of Christ, the Virgin Mary, or a saint, esp one painted in oil on a wooden panel, depicted in a traditional Byzantine style and venerated in the Eastern Church
          2. an image, picture, representation, etc
          3. a person or thing regarded as a symbol of a belief, nation, community, or cultural movement
          4. a person regarded as a sex symbol or as a symbol of the latest fashion trends
          5. a pictorial representation of a facility available on a computer system, that enables the facility to be activated by means of a screen cursor rather than by a textual instruction

          I wonder which definition Kim thinks she is.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Thinking 4 – but that is creepy when you think of her as a child actress….so maybe we need to come up with another definition for Icon.

    • Adgirl says:

      I think Lisa’s husband’s last name is Todd.

  68. WindyCityWondering says:

    Wondering if Taylor thinks she looks “beautiful”….I realize BH/Hollywood has a different standard of beauty than I do, but Taylor just looks scary to me. Her cheeks looks like a chipmunk with lincoln logs stuffed in it’s cheeks. Her lips are way too big and they looked like slugs where her mouth should be when she was drinking a cocktail with her very disinterested husband and I don’t like a forehead that is smooth as a sheet of glass and has no movement to it what so ever. The sum of her parts don’t fit together naturally.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      It would be great, since there are so many baby boomers, if women stopped trying so hard to stay frozen in youth and celebrated whatever they look like naturally. I wonder if Joanne Woodward ever went to the dentist.

      • Squirrels says:

        Crap, my bro in law just offered me today to botox/ laser me before I leave NM. ugh.

      • My mom was one of the first to get a nose job back in the 50’s, when you didn’t let *anyone* know you “went to the dentist.” Mom was upfront about it, because anyone who knew her before would know immediately she’d had a huge bump shaved off her honker. Came as a surprise to those who didn’t know her before she got her nose done, because her nose looked real.

        What’s amusing is how doctors today tout how “natural” their work looks (when it’s anything BUT), yet dismiss work done way back when as “cookie cutter,” while turning out women who look like Taylor. yuck!

    • Adgirl says:

      If her upper lip was smaller and she put on 12 pounds I think she would look much better.
      She bothers me in that she is apparently a very competent business woman on her own but she acts like a scaredy kat. The starving stick figure with a rubber face just isn’t sexy to most men – I don’t know why she thinks that will keep him.
      She should hold her head high and be proud of her accomplishments. That might perk him up.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        In the future they will look at photos of the rich and famous and think “They must have worshipped the duck bill platypus since they all got surgery to look like one.”

        • OneMoreInBoston says:


          You are f’ing hysterical.

          • Zipit Zarin says:

            I was thinking of you when I typed that. I felt bad saying we shouldn’t get “fixed” cuz it’s your living. But dammit, I’m getting old and I trying to embrace it instead of denying it 😀

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              Girl- I don’t think you’re gonna discourage any of my ladies from getting their work done. I can’t even do that!

              Besides I can poke fun at my crazy profession, lord knows I do it everyday.

              Starving children in Beafria, We are at war in Afganistan and every day all I talk about laser hair removal on the brazilian area.

              If I have to see one more hairy labia… Not quite the glamorous life I thought I’d be leading

              • AZ Girl says:

                Personally in terms of Brazilian..I would need a morphine drip. :0

              • MAMAZ says:

                I have a friend who say’s “This is NOT the life I ordered!”

              • Zipit Zarin says:

                That reminds me of a waxing story. A young woman came for her first bikini wax and I told her to get undressed…yadda yadda. I turned around and she was nekkid as a jaybird on the table! I said “Holy chitballs woman! I’m not a gynochologist! Put yer undies back on and next time bring some old ones you don’t mind ruining. OMG LOL

              • Cyotteeflower is KirksvilleMo not a secret here says:

                Why am I having trouble picturing you in this job? A 100 questions come to mind.I bet you can tell some stories.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          And on the east coast they all have their eyebrows raised in a devilish fashion…..if surgery doesn’t enhance or improve what is the point of having it? The rest of the general population is getting very astute at spotting “work done” so is it really serving the purpose of making one look better/younger?

          • Zipit Zarin says:


            • MAMAZ says:

              I don’t think it really makes anyone look younger, just sort of well preserved.

              If people spent as much time working on their emotional/psychological/spiritual well being as they do on their bodies they would stay beautiful forever.

              Zipit – LOVE the reference to Joann Woodward. What a lovely woman.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            What’s going on there is these women have “crepiness” on their upper eyelid. It’s a natural part of aging.

            What some injectors do is freeze the glabella which is the muscles that is in between your eyebrows and THEN inject at the point above the eyebrow directly above the orb of the eye. It gives a natural eye lift and when done correctly, looks very natural.

            The new trend that I HATE is then then they inject at the end of the eyebrow to “lift” any crows feet. That was Danielle’s problem.

            It is very difficult to get a woman to stop doing it because when they see the crepiness return to their upper eyelid it freaks them out.

            Look at the difference between Lynda’s eyebrows and Danielle’s. It’s striking because they look so much alike but IMHO Lynda looks so much softer and prettier because she’s gone with a more discreet look.

            But if anyone ever would suggest that to Danielle she’d cut them! These ladies just get addicted to it and cannot be convinced otherwise.

            • Need a Hobby says:

              OneMore: what do you mean by “crepiness” on the upper eyelid? I think of necks when I see “crepiness.”

              Just recently I’ve noticed with my eyelids I’m beginning to look like a sleepy koala. Is that what you’re referring to?

              As much as I don’t like that, I sure wouldn’t want to look like the those who have work and wind up looking like Danielle or even Lynda. Like they have a frozen expression of wide eyed surprise or horror.

              • OneMoreInBoston says:

                Yes that sleepy look. Makeup artists call it crepiness. It’s when you put your forefinger above your eye and pull up.

                The older you get the higher you can pull.

  69. TrueLifeDiva says:

    We will touch base at some point in the very near future. Lunch sounds great! Asian or Mexican? 😀

  70. Adgirl says:

    @ One More – I have an evaluation appointment 10/26 with the doc you found me in SF!

  71. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I saw on the other blog you asked a Twitter name. I thought you were talking to me but someone else answered so I figured I was mistaken. If I wasn’t, I don’t have a Twitter account. I tried to sign on a few months ago to follow my favorite celebs but TLD was already taken. That was enough for me to give up. I’m thinking about trying again using my nickname. I figure I need to have a screen name that my friends already know me by 😉

    • Squirrels says:

      Indeed I was asking you. Whether or not you choose to go twitter is irrelevant. Lynn has my email addy. If you join Twitter, I’m known as @oh4foksake . 😀

      • SavingGrace says:

        Squirrels I am following you.

        I changed my moniker here from Anitabee to SavingGrace.

        Im on twitter as SavingGrace357.

        So glad to see you on this board again. I miss what you bring to this board.

        See ya around.

  72. WindyCityWondering says:

    Once we get past the plastic of BH did anyone notice the amount of time spent talking about the fear of losing their husbands to other (younger) women? It was sad that self worth was tied to their looks and not their personalities or professions or even the relationships they have with their spouses. They sound so disposable….

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Sounds like “It’s a Hollywood thing”…like “It’s a Jersey thing” on South Park.

      • Adgirl says:

        Totally. And the skinnier and more rubbery they look I think accellerates the insecurities. If she had a cute booty like Ramona then they’d feel more confident.

  73. Zipit Zarin says:

    I’m taking this down here cuz it was too crowded up thread. Ok, what’s the deal with the brazilian? No hair “there” makes you look like a child. I’m thinking any man into that has issues. Am I wrong?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      All the girls do it, and say well just leave a little. So the techs do, and then the next time, it’s well can you just go a little further in? and they do and so on and so on… pretty soon- nothing.

      All I can think is Okay what happens when these girls turn 80 and god forbid get hit by a truck? They’re in the hospital with their “tramp stamps” on the backside, no hair on the hoochie, and big fake boobs that point straight up defying the laws of gravity and mankind. You don’t think that’s gonna look weird?

      • Adgirl says:

        I always think that about neck and face tattoos and hardware. The 78 yr old with a nose ring and a medic alert necklace device?

      • MAMAZ says:

        Of course it started because the bikini bottoms in Brazil were so skimpy, they wanted to make sure nothing showed.
        I’ve been told that they porn industry loved it because they could get a better visual. Now it’s beome a big thing.
        But I agree with Zipit that it is way too childlike. Does it blur the line for some men? Could it possibly feed a budding compulsion?

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          ladies, I’m 47. The lights are off anyway.
          Nothing to see folks- move along.

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          OMG ROFLMAO! Seriously, I was watching a Luchino Visconte movie and there was a nude love scene where the woman had hairy armpits. I thought, “Yaknow, since everyone in America is hairless, having some might be erotic after all.” I’m a natural auburn so hair has never been a big deal but..egads. NO hair “there” makes you look like a child. I’d be suspicious if my man was into that. And he’d never be alone with the kids.

      • AZ Girl says:

        Ha!! I am laughing so hard right now. I have a close friend who just retired from a county hospital. Happy hour will never be the same because we will not be entertained by the “piercing” (I am saying sexual organ piercing) that she encountered at ER. Remember you may someday get hit by a beer truck and whatever is on your body is “open season”.

        • joan says:

          I worked as a counselor on a rape crisis hotline. I was called to the ER one night to meet a victim, and was sitting in the room with her, waiting for the Dr. A nurse came by and told us to be sure to stay in the room with the door closed as they were bringing in a VIP requesting privacy. She came back a moment later and laughingly said “You won’t want to miss this..” and left the door cracked about an inch and a half. It turned out that the VIP was the local Moral Majority Senator that, during a ‘prayer meeting’ with a “wo”man (not his wife) in which the pierced member caught on the pierced tongue of the ‘woman’ during an epileptic seizure and the plastic surgeons were able to replace his member, but sadly he lost his standing in the Moral Majority, as well as his wife and quite a bit of money. Seems like those piercings can be troublesome…

          • OneMoreInBoston says:



            • joan says:

              He was known for being extremely vocal and very harsh about homosexuality and full of hatred for a large portion of the population. When he lost his membership, he lost alot. I’ve always wondered if the piercings could get caught – remember the warnings the adults gave us when we were kids with braces? Could they get locked together like that?

          • Zipit Zarin says:

            No freaking way! LMAO

          • lillybee says:

            I love it.

          • Kat says:

            lmao Great story.. did it really happen?

            • joan says:

              Yes, Kat it did indeed happen. I lived in West Texas, and this gentleman was very well known – always at the forefront of any issue dealing with morals and/or ethics. After he lost his ‘standing member’ship, it was also revealed that this ‘wo’man was NOT, as Lynda says “his first goat rodeo”.

              There was a particular area in Odessa in which you could find whatever pickled your tancy, and it was certain that he had been around the block more than once. Politicians can be a bit more hypocritical in their personal lives than most civilians. They should learn, at least one could hope, to keep their membership OFF the table, where it belongs, shouldn’t they? It just seems a bit stupid to make the same mistake of using that little area of anatomy in secret. How many are actually able to keep their extra activities secret in the long run? There is nothing like a woman scorned, even if it is a ‘wo’man, am I right?

              I remember hearing a story from a young college freshman that ended with something like this “My momma told me to keep my pecker in it’s pocket & don’t let nobody hock it!” I think I’ve remembered that line for a very long time, and it seems like good advice.

              It’s nice to know that someone else had a mother that told them to “always wear clean underwear without holes because you never know when you might be hit by a truck”!

              And yes, I know that you are all very intelligent ladies and gentlemen. I’ve no doubt of that. Ask TheDesignDiva about me. She might surprise you with the answer. I don’t believe that I am “IT”, I just see things/issues/people from a different view than some of my friends. Been that way all my life, and I don’t think that I’d have it any other way. I’m an introvert that watches more than speaks, but I laugh a great deal. We all need laughter to take us away sometimes.

              • Kat says:

                @joan I’m an introvert too. 😉
                I do manage at times to pick up on things others might miss and to miss things that are obvious to others.

                Online I remember meeting a woman with a terminal illness. She had an abusive husband…
                Well long story short, it was all a lie. She enjoyed attention. I later found out she had created several personas that had untimely internet deaths.
                Grrr What a sick bitch!

                At least I got an education from the experience. 😉

          • AZ Girl says:

            I posted and then logged off and missed this until this morning and my coffee is now all over the monitor. Great story!.

      • ches says:

        Is this the 21 century’s version of “wear clean underwear, you might get hit by a truck”?

    • Adgirl says:

      TMI- my husband would kill me if I did that!

    • buffywood says:

      I am reading this and slowly I am finding myself crossing my legs. When I was 8 months pregnant with my son I went in to get the works done. I had a nice prenatal massage, a mani-pedi, eyebrows, and a hair cut. One therapist said “Let’s do a brazilian to get you all cleaned up for the delivery”. I politely declined and told her I was getting a C-Section anyway. My luck the “trama” would have brought on early labor.

  74. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Yes, I saw. Thank you :-). I wanted to acknowledge it at a later time when the smoke cleared. Supporters are being attacked as well and I didn’t want to pull you into the line of fire. I appreciate the confidence and support shown to me. And again, thank you 😀

  75. Zipit Zarin says:

    I dated a man who told me I should get plastic surgery. He was almost 60 and had had some done. I was 40. I asked him what was wrong with me that I should need it. He said “Nothing in particular but no one is perfect.” I said, “This is true but if you already want me to get surgery to change myself, what’s next? I mean, couldn’t you start out with wanting me to like bee bop jazz or somethin?”

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      ok I hope you dropped him like a hot potatoe

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        I did. We were driving in his Jaguar (big whoop) and we passed a cop car. He said “He’s one of the bad guys.” I said “Why is that?” He said “Because he can’t be bought off.” Another huge window into his character.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          oh man.

          red flags waving

          warning bells ringing

          • Adgirl says:

            That’s funny. My husband, who also drives a jag, says half of cops would be criminals if they weren’t policemen. It’s the living on the edge that attracts them.

            • Zipit Zarin says:

              I read today on yahoo that the Mercedes SL convertible is the car that gets the most tickets. Men over 50 going thru mid-life crisis speeding like teenagers. LOL

              • Squirrels says:

                Well thank goodness. Now I know why when I’m sporting 90 in the Nardi Miata the cops leave me alone.

                Thanks guys.

              • Adgirl says:

                I guess the red Porche isn’t the fantasy car anymore. I used to handle advertising for a Porche dealer and 90% of their business was middle aged men who “always wanted a Porche” so they could drive around with the top down to be admired.

            • Waxdiva says:

              I drive a red Mercedes; husband a red Prius. I love to drive and never got a ticket; husband’s most recent pull over was for ‘view obstruction.’ (Our dog was in the back seat and popped his head up.) The policeman who stopped him for this rinky-dink reason was recently fired from the force. He was caught on and off hours tending to his marijuana crop behind an apt complex (they were on to him and he was being watched). Husband’s ticket didn’t stick ’cause he’s a vicious atty and knew more traffic law than the idiot policeman.

  76. OneMoreInBoston says:


    You rock

  77. boston02127 says:

    Good night everyone.

  78. MAMAZ says:

    Good night everyone. I exceeded my 2 martini limit tonight. Please excuse all the typos!
    See you tomoorw whe I finally drag my hungover butt out of bed.

    • krone says:

      MamaZ, Are you going to watch the Teen Mom reunion with Dr. Drew on Tuesday?

      • MAMAZ says:

        Yes I will.
        I didn’t start watching the show until this season. My daughter watches it and I wanted to watch with her and talk about the problems and issues these girls have.

        Catelynn and Tyler made such a brave and difficult choice. Tyler’s mom seems fairly normal but his dad and Catelynn’s mother are so awful I can’t understand why Catelynn didn’t end up a meth head or crack addict. I have a lot of self control but every time Catelynns mother is on camera I’d like to smack the stupid right out of her!

        Amber in 15 years will be Catelynns mom. Scary.

        Farah and her mother have such a troubled relationship. I can’t believe the way Farrah speaks to her but at the same time I don’t understand her mothers actions either.

        It seems to me that Macy keeps making the same mistakes. She got too involved with the boy in Nashville too quickly. She moved there risking the custody of her child and his relationship with his father. For what? Some boy. She need to focus on her education, raising her son and not on being in a relationship. That seems to be the one thing Farrah is doing right.

        • American Idiot says:

          Love when I see posts about Teen Mom. I am a big fan too.

          Hope Catelyn and Typer graduate HS and go away to college to get away from their crazy parents.

          The baby was beautiful. Glad they don’t regret their decision.

  79. jeepers says:

    Hi Lynn,
    Hope you are doing well……
    I am about to post on “YOUR BLOG” , I just wanted to give you a “heads up” is all.
    I have not posted for 2 weeks now, mainly because of what I felt was an uncalled for “attack(s)” when I was responding to “Diana” on or about the
    2ND or 3rd of this month.
    I stated in the beginning of my post, “”TMI”” which I thought would let people know that I was about to say something, that not everyone would fined amusing and or interesting, etc.
    I was then chastised for my comment, because of the terms I used, by “HD” and several others. Needless to say, I was amazed and hurt that I was taken to task for my comments.
    Let me say this to you and you only, I am sorry if I crossed any of your rules, but was just having some fun with Diana. So to you, please except my apology.
    Your blog site had become a refuge for me and I totally was enjoying all the bantering, however there are those few, but to many to mention now
    that have become the “police department” telling people what they can, should do, or start calling people nasty names. (bitch, stupid bitch, racists, lairs, etc. Making some posters feel very uncomfortable and especially a new poster. Frankly I should never have returned to the blog, but I thought wait a minute, I have just as much right to post on your blog as everyone else does. Like I told you once before, until I hear from you, that you no longer want my postings.
    With that in mind, should ever, anyone want my e-mail address, please give it to them as I would love to hear from them personally as well.
    HAGN Lynn

    Sorry, for some reason my yahoo mail is messed up, you can give out my Aol addy too……………..

    BTW – FYI
    This e-mail was sent to Lynn prior to my post (which has since been deleted by WHO?) I have given Lynn my word, I will not post on her blog again. But I feel anyone who cares, you too deserves a heads up……………….Jeepers

    • klmh says:

      Obviously this letter didn’t just reach Lynn’s email box.

      I’m sorry your felt threatened by some posts. Some of us are a bit stronger with our words, but you have brought some valid points to the table.

      Its difficult to realize people aren’t judging you for what you are saying, but judging your opinion, and if you put 4 women into a room, you would end up with 4 different opinions, right?

      • klmh says:

        oops, you, not your.

      • Cyotteeflower is KirksvilleMo says:

        klmh you are such a kind person.I appreciate you reaching out to jeepers and myself.
        None of us should have whole campaigns logged against us. Especially as a matter of sport.
        If proving innocence in real life is difficult online it is all but impossible.
        Open hearted people like yourself will carry me through till the lies are proven false in time.

        • klmh says:

          Please don’t let this consume you. Enjoy the great blogs and well written posts and agree to disagree. You have made some good points and no one is telling you to go, but no one wants to hear about a problem from another blog, or an argument you might have with another poster. Lynn and others welcome you here, but just keep it on the up and up…

        • jeepers says:


          I do not support anyone, I do not take sides, I was just stating the facts and that is all.

          PS: sorry Lynn, but wanted to make clear to Cyottee of my intent. Please forgive me.

    • Cyotteeflower is KirksvilleMo not a secret here says:

      Jeepers I thought you were back and then I got to the bottom of your post and now I’m confused.
      Please stick around and we can be outlaws together.8~)

      Oh oh oh I almost forgot! And let me preface this by saying I anticipated this would happen the minute I seen your post in support of me and calling others out for their bad behavior.(even today the perp is made to feel all safe and warm needing protection from the wounded one)
      You are now ME!
      Yes and I am now you! The reasoning is that we must be the same person because only we would support ourselves.
      Kinda like anytime I stood up for Danielle I was Danielle.
      This whole twisted thru the rabbit hole torment about had me asking for a lil in house treatment.
      Then unexpectedly and without warning I got a big ol shot in the arm last night 8~) Perfection!
      Since the husband fixed pancakes for the gkids this am and we ate two would you mind running around the block for us?

      • Olivia says:

        Give it a rest! Please. I am begging here.

        Don’t agree with someone’s comments – move on.
        Don’t appreciate what someone has to say – pass over it.

        Unless I am totally mistaken, this is not a blog dedicated to therapy, hurt feelings, “guarding” someone’s back, airing out the laundry, or the massaging of “feelings”.

        It is getting more and more difficult to come into this site and find yet another plea for “understanding” when this site has been set up for the opinions offered by those wanting to discuss these shows.

        To be perfectly honest it is getting more and more boring having to sift through this daily massaging of someone’s feelings being hurt by way of repeated announcements of why or why not they choose to remain or leave.

        Just my opinion, but it seems to be time to get back to the “regularly scheduled programming” this site was intended to review.

        • Cyotteeflower is KirksvilleMo says:

          Forgive me?
          I wrote 11 lousy sentences to the only person that could see what was happening and offered me support.
          We are a group who supports one another.
          All I ask is if you call me out for my 11 sentences then call every one out.

          • Olivia says:

            You may be confusing “supporting one another” with the idea that everyone must “choose a side” whenever someone comes in here with a purpose of finding “defenders” every time they post a comment.

            I don’t expect anyone to defend or support me whenever I choose to comment because most essentially do not. I can live with that since I assume that whenever I put something out there I expect as much in return.

            Keeping your grievances going day after day serves only your need for attention and quite frankly it is getting old.

            No one is attacking your family, pets, religion, or political affiliations. It is a blog designed for the mere purpose of discussing a reality show. As long as it stays within that parameter then we can all meet in agreement.

            My invitation to give it a rest still stands.

            • You truly do not see Joans post as an attack? Or Divas posts previously?
              Lynn even called Joans an attack but wont take it down.I will be banned for responding.She warned me but I dont want to be where filthy lies alomg with my personal information is posted.Just not a welcoming environment.Imagine if it were you.Or someone you actually cared about.
              And for the love of God I did not bring this trash here.I did not force Joan or Diva to post hateful lies to me.
              What am I doing talking here?No one gives a care or there would have been outrage at one of us family members being slanderd.

          • Kat says:

            You keep bringing it up. Many are weary of this topic. Olivia rarely (I don’t recall it happening in recent history – if ever.) speaks to another poster in this way. Please take her advice and/or respect the board by dropping this.

            My post is made in respect and not intended to cause you further angst.

            • If I cannot talk about it then shouldn’t the hate posts come down?I mean the object of ridicule isn’t allowed to speak but anyone on the planet can still read it?Does this make sense to anyone?Where is the outrage at the two that brought this?I have no control over them, obviously.Hey people I am the one being wronged here and I am the one being repremanded.
              Hell Im going to jail for being beat up.
              I wasnt fighting with them anywhere else .I posted with them less than 10 days 9/14-9/24 no contact since excepy yhem going where I go and attackme.This is the 4th one since 9/24.
              The first one failed because the attackers were strangers.This one succeeded because of Diva.They state as much.And they are planning for the next time.It is posted if anyone cared to see.Pure madness that this is happening and more madness that lies are believed and truth is ignored even when it is front and center.

        • boston02127 says:


        • WindyCityWondering says:

          @Olivia – totally agree! This is rude of me but I don’t care or want to read about behavior on other blogs! The majority of us are here to snark on the Bravo shows. Sometimes a personal issue comes up and we are compassionate and offer prayers and support. We don’t attack each other, we can agree to disagee and we can do so without calling anyone names!

          • klmh says:

            The problem is, she was called some pretty nasty names by someone that posts a lot here…
            But I hope she can just let this pass and enjoy future blogs and posts.

            • Need a Hobby says:

              And prior to that she had been making some pretty nasty allegations against the poster whose recent outburst of name calling was way over the line. This thing had been simmering for several weeks and both share responsibility IMO. Time for it to end, again IMO.

          • What about the behavior onTHIS blog?That is what the problem is.I cannot let it go when hatefilled lies with my personal info is still up.What is so hard to grasp about this?
            If the things were said about you that have been said about me would you just let it go?
            And the fact that I am being told to let is go is the ultimate slap in the face.
            Beat me up then beat me some more if I dare cry or complain.

        • AZ Girl says:

          Thank you Olivia. I have been so frustrated by all the angry posts lately.

          • MAMAZ says:

            Cyotteeflower – Olivia is right. Support is not the same as choosing sides. Many people on this site including me supported you when you told us about being harrassed on other sites and followed here. You may remember I reached out to you because I was concerned.
            True Life Diva supported you on the other site. I read her post, she was defending you. For some reason you felt attacked by her. But instead of leaving it there it seemed as if you wanted this to become the I Hate True Life Diva site. Not going to happen.
            I am an adult. I can see both sides of an issue. I can support more than one person at a time. I can empathize with you feeling bullied but understand that TLD was not bullying you.
            As for the so called perp being made to feel safe and warm here EVERYONE deserves to feel safe and warm here.
            No one is asking you to leave. No one to my knowledge asked jeepers to leave. Please stay, comment but don’t use this site as a place to fight or us us to pick teams.
            You need to let this go. Even your current name is antagonistic. We would all like to move on now.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              I have nothing more to add- these ladies have said it beautifully.

              Completely agree. This is a great forum and there is room for everyone and all dissenting opinions.

              Respect is a 2 way street not just a one way lane.

              • You seen one nice post of Divas and then I did what exactly for her to call me a stupid bitch?Does her one nice post negate all the many hateful ones?Why what did I do?
                I had contact with these two less than 9 days,This is the 4th attack.What provoked these attacks since I left 9/24?Does anyone know?I do not.
                They accuse me of all kinds of slurs.I said to one showing equal meanings.Dictionarys shows it.Never N word.What provoked these attacks?
                I said I didnt know C word was bad.Nothing more.And I am called a stupid bitch with lots of lies thrown in and no one questions if it is true?
                Because you seen a post supporting me and then seen her attacking me should beg to question not accept.I have a post of Joans admitting how they went to far by treating me less than human the entire day.
                It is posted at twitter I dont know how here.Ask why they need to do this after supporting me.Something bizzar like internet games?That I provoke?Joans post prove just the opposite as she tells the others they have done too far in the hatred they flung the entire day.

          • Iam more than frustrated about the hate fulled poats that are up about me and you dare be angry that I am angry?Go put your name where mine is and read it again.MY FULL LEGAL NAME with personal info.I have waited 4 days for this attack on me to be removed only to be told it is me that is going to be removed.
            Anyone care to explain that to me?How am I responsible for my own attack?Really I want to know so I can stop them on the 5th attack.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Praise the Lord and pass the mimosas!

          Thanks, Olivia.

        • Squirrels says:

          Jebus H. Christmas.

      • jeepers says:

        jeepers says:
        October 17, 2010 at 10:39 pm

        I do not support anyone, I do not take sides, I was just stating the facts and that is all.

        PS: sorry Lynn, but wanted to make clear to Cyottee of my intent. Please forgive me.

        • Jeepers Joan and Diva are going on and on about how I showed up to support myself when no one else would,meaning you.
          They have given full details of your x rated posts and now they are calling me a dirty whore because of what you wrote.
          The fact that you showed up saying you don’t support me looks like it is me trying to distance us.Great!

          My uranus must be squaring hades.
          I need to start lying to be believed.

  80. Dawn says:

    Commenting regarding plastic surgery: it seems to me our society has begun elevating the cartoon character/porn star look: exaggerated features including injected lips (trout pout), veneers, gigantic flotation device breasts, elevated eyebrows, cheek and chin implants, hair extensions, even butt implants.

    The porn industry has perpetuated and popularized the hairless as well as the implant look.

    I’m not opposed to having a procedure done if it will enhance your looks and/or leave you feeling refreshed. Having a multitude of procedures results in individuals looking worse for wear. You just have to look at before and after photos of Robin McGraw (phil’s wife) with her crazy veneers and lip enhancement (in addition to multiple other procedures), Madonna (lips, cheeks, ?), and Meg Ryan (those awful lips!). These women were attractive prior to surgery but became less so after having extensive work done. I can’t imagine being a man and rolling over to find Madonna without her makeup in bed next to me in the morning. We’ve lost the ability to identify a beautiful face on an older woman. Is Joan Rivers what women strive for these days? I ask because I am seeing her features reflected everywhere throughout Hollywood.

    There’s no stopping the clock, let alone turning it back which is what some of these women appear to want to do.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I WILL clap for that!

      Although being “in the business” most of the patients DON’T want that look and are quite vocal about their opinion. There are a few however, that have actually said to me”make me look as plastic as possible” They don’t last too long because they’re are like junkies and move on to get another hit somewhere else.

      • Waxdiva says:

        I remember hearing Dr. Drew say that people who profess to be plastic surgery addicts are not addicted to plastic surgery, but to the pain meds. Woo-hoo! But that is a really expensive way to get pain meds!

        Kind of OT: Was in car accident and nose was sheared off. I clearly remember having the morphine pump after the first surgery and arguing with the nurse that she wasn’t supposed to take the pump; did my doctor tell you to take it?; are you sure? Loved that morphine pump! I can see how people can easily get addicted to stuff like that.

        • Dawn says:

          I’m sure there are people who do get addicted to the high of the procedure as well as the pain meds.

          However, it doesn’t account for the multitude of people who seem not to be alarmed by what they view in the mirror after having multiple procedures and the public who go on talk shows expressing that they would like to be able to indulge in these surgeries in order to appear more like their idols (for lack of a better word).

          Look at Helen Mirren. She looks great! Her silver hair enhances her appearance.

          I’m hard pressed to cite other women in Hollywood that haven’t succumbed to the need to over enhance but a few come to mind: Joanne Woodward, Diane Keaton, Dame Judy Dench, Sally Field, Ali MacGraw, Candace Bergen, Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep. We could argue whether or not they’ve had work done but the fact remains that they aren’t trying to appear as if they are still 39 years old. They are attractive women and much more so than those that that try to remain frozen in time. (Are you listening, Nicole Kidman? That frozen expression that you always wear impacts your ability to emote – not a good thing when you’re an actress).

          Surely some of you can come up with some great examples of women who are beautiful and over 40.

          • Waxdiva says:

            Great sites for plastic surgery:

            The good: http://www.goodplasticsurgery.com/

            The bad: http://www.awfulplasticsurgery.com/

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            There is an actual medically documented phenomenon called “breast euphoria” that women who have had augmentations get.

            It may not be documented, but I think women undergoing some other types of procedures get a type of euphoria independent of the drugs.

            Almost like cutting yourself, I think the pain actually acts as a type of sedative that creates a sense of well being that all is right in the world.

          • klmh says:

            Candice Bergen had a face lift.
            To me she was one of the most beautiful women on screen. She still is lovely though.

            • Dawn says:

              Candy may have had a face lift but she doesn’t appear to have undergone so many procedures that she looks like a freaky caricature or no longer resembles herself.

  81. MSU Chicago says:

    OT of Beverly Hills, but this question is about Atlanta. I started watching this series this season. I do watch NY, NJ (but most likely no longer, since the drama of Danielle is gone. I cannot stomach Table Flipper, the Shaver, nor the Flip Flopper), DC ( even though it is boring, I heart Cat) and a bit of the OC.

    There were a few episodes of last season’s series on the other night. There was a lot of talking about Nene pulling Kim’s hair, and her problem with Khandi. What really happened? I have read about Kim, that people believe that she is trainwreck. Don’t get me wrong, I can see that Kim is off, but what housewive isn’t? Maybe not Bethenny. Is it really about “Tardy for the Party?” Gosh, I would hope not. I didn’t see the incident, nor what led up to it. I would appreciate a little recap.

    Btw, I think Beverly Hills is going to be highly entertaining. So far I like Kyle and Adrienne. Kyle, because she seems to have good intentions for her sister. It may be just because of her late mother’s wishes. At least she is honest about the situation. Plus, Adrienne intrigues me, because of her family’s fortune. I do think she is doing the show because her brothers get all the credit for the family’s fortunes. I think she wants to show people that she is also a part of the success. If that is the case, good for her.

    Thanks for any clarification about the Atlanta thing.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      It might be helpful to see season 1 of Atlanta to understand the drama of season 3. It is available on Netflix and maybe your local library. The drama of Nene is how much she changed from sesason 1 to the diva you see now. Plus most of the Atlanta housewives are not actually housewives, don’t represent Atlanta, and are actually broke were it not for the Bravo paycheck.

      In S2 it was established that Kim has a problem with the truth, well,there is so much going on that just watching S1 will catch up to the drama.

      • MSU Chicago says:

        Thank you! I will definitely check it out.

      • MSU Chicago says:

        I just did a search on Directv (Thank God for DVRs), anyway, here in Chicago, they are playing the first season of Atlanta on NBC, at 12:00 p.m., M-F, beginning 10/25. This week, they are showing the last 5 episodes of season 3 of the OC. Thanks again for suggesting to watch the first season, as I will not have to bother with renting the DVDs. I can wait a week and get them for free (well, not really, since I pay enough for Directv). I thought I would post this for anyone who wanted to catch up, like myself, or if anyone wants to relive the drama. Thanks and goodnight.

    • joan says:

      With Kim, she had invited NeNe to sing with her – they were in Kim’s office and were listening to the original track given to Kim’s daughter by her music teacher (an older man w/guitar ?Ed?) singing and dancing and twirling around and around…they seemed to be having fun with the song. I think that this may have been the first time we heard Kim croak, mmm I mean sing. Anyway, they had a deal to record and sing the song together. Kim and Khandi decided that they would team up to put the song out, and NeNe got left out of the deal. Kim didn’t really explain too much to NeNe about why she chose not to do the song with her, so I think that this was just another nail in the coffin, so to speak, that lead to the hostility.

  82. Waxdiva says:

    Taylor Armstrong’s husband ain’t all that…. if he leaves her, it won’t be for a younger woman, it will be for a richer one. Read more:


    • vilzvet says:

      Hah! Remember during the eppy they were sitting at dinner and she was a bit surprised he invested 10 million into some woman’s business?

      • Waxdiva says:

        Yes… and she looked a bit stunned. She was probably wondering where he got the $10 mil!

        • housewifeaddict says:

          So Taylor is probably broke, and Kim is struggling as well. Kyle and her hubby already talked about her spending habits, so money isn’t unlimited in her household. And Kelsey is fighting having to give Camille spousal support. So maybe 2 are really as rich as they appear ??

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Taylor’s wife stealing warning system was definately on high alert – and when he dismissed her questions about the investment….mine went off as well!

      • realminkey says:

        Happy Sunday, everyone. Did you notice the cold, almost disdainful look on Tyler’s hubby’s face during that meal? Never mind love… Does he even LIKE her ?? No question, he’d drop her like a hot potato if given the right opportunity.

    • Dawn says:

      Oh my gosh! Taylor is only 38? Can that be true? She looks at least 10 years older than that. What’s the phrase, rode hard, put away wet? That nag will soon be out to pasture.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        To be that young and having done that much work to your face! I thought she was in her mid to late 40s! This could be part of her tortured lifestyle – the hands of time and surgery have not been kind to Taylor.

  83. Wall St Lady says:

    Squirrels on October 16, 2010 at 9:36 pm
    The ferry trip was 2hrs or mayb longer. It was a fun trip for meeting other young people.

  84. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I found all of the women entertaining. Especially Lisa and Adrienne. It was great to see a “Brit” with dry humor, who wasn’t rude or obnoxious. LISA was very lovely, funny and snarky when necessary, but all in all a pleasure to watch. Unlike the ugly cow/sow known as Cat OMamess. ADRIENNE was a powerhouse, in business and in self-defense. I guess no one will ever attack her on RodeoDr. and get away with it. If TSalami threw a drink on her, he’d be wearing his balls for earrings! I love it! This is one lady who will not be pushed around.

    CAMILLE, well she really married up. “If you got it…flaunt it!”. And she does. TAYLOR, needs to drop that hubby and get some passion in her life. To live in fear, be it real or imagined will definitely make her sick. If she fears he’ll leave her, WHY a 20yr old. Is this a past fling of his? The age difference would be jarring as he seems to be in his late 4os, not unheard of, but a little shocking. Why so age specific?

    KIM is sad and lonely. Also a bit delusional. A kid at her age and no man in sight. What does she have Rent-A-Sperm on speed dial or something? She also is the most normal (WHAAAT?) looking of the bunch. By that I mean she’s got lines, wrinkles and creases all over. You can see her worry and look sad. She CAN make expressions which i’m sure we’ll see alot of. KYLE seems to be the queen bitch. She is the hub that connects all of these women. Not the richest one, but certainly the most talkative and outgoing one. She runs her sister’s life, much to Kim’s chagrin and delight. She’s taken the mother role in Kim’s life. And, from the look of future clips, will spank her like her child. YIKES.

  85. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Seeing the happenings on this blog recently, has anyone ever seen the movie “TALHOTBLOND”? It is a great movie, documentary style, that shows a peek into online relationships. It was really easy to watch even with all the reading. It is a movie all should see, especially those of us who regularly post online. I would give this movie 4stars. It is chilling to say the least.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I wonder how Missy’s mom can call the other women out without a word about her liar, poser daughter’s behavior? Notice she said nothing about that son in law….wondering how she feels about him?

    • realminkey says:

      I’ve always loved the way you spell her name, Waxdiva. That would bug the hell outta her.

  86. Wall St Lady says:

    Amber u have me scared. Please tell us more. How about a review w/opinion. I am not where I can get the movie for days.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      It’s a movie about how an online romance led to murder. You can and MUST be wary of who you meet and what you believe when online.

      That’s as much as I can say. IT really is a MUST SEE. Real husband hates subtitles and documentaries (boring to him) and even he was hooked and shocked. He recommended it to all of his coworkers.

  87. WindyCityWondering says:

    BH is another breed of housewives. They have a “set” of rules the rest of us don’t have or don’t understand. IMO some of these women are probably truly nice, we just have to get through all the plastic to find them.

  88. Wall St Lady says:

    Here is a review of TALHOTBLOND ?
    I would never. Have of imagined that a documentary would have a twist ending and yet here it is. The setup is pretty straightforward. Thomas Montgomery is a married man who begins an online relationship with a teen girl. He’s posing as a teen himself, one who is on his way to Iraq as a sniper. The girl, Jessi, seems to be playing games with Thomas and when she finds out that he’s much older than he originally said their relationship comes to an end. Thomas isn’t very happy with this and becomes even more upset when Jessi begins another online relationship with Brian Barrett, a young co-worker of Thomas’. Things escalate as Jessi plays with both mens emotions until Thomas does the unthinkable and murders Bria

    Now that’s not the end of the story but then I’d just be revealing the twist wouldn’t I! That story alone is interesting enough really. Meeting someone online isn’t really anything new now but the amount of lies and the disturbing end of a person’s life is what makes this one shocking. Thomas Montgomery builds an entire new life for himself as Tommy, a young marine and it seems that this persona is someone that Thomas has always wanted to be. It’s frightening the lengths that he goes to. It seems as if he believes that he can actually become the fictional Tommy and even after Jessi finds out about his lies she can’t seem to get over him.

    Thomas Montgomery becomes tangled up in his own lies.

    Montgomery is obsessed with Jessi and when she starts dating Brian he becomes enraged. All this leads to the murder of Brian while he’s sitting in his truck after work. The real shocks come at the end of the film and the story just becomes a giant pile of lies on top of lies. Everyone is lying about something and everything that happened could have been avoided.

    Brian’s life is ended tragically when the lies get out of control.

    The film is mostly told through the online messages that everyone exchanged back and forth. It’s amazing to think just how open people will be online when they think nobody can see them. Montgomery reveals what he’s done eventually to Jessi as if nobody could ever find out. You would assume that most people understand the dangers of the internet. Even the young Brian is sucked into this online relationship and he’s the one that should be the most informed about the internet having grown up with it. Emotion is a powerful thing though, taking over even the most basic common sense. Neither of the men even met Jessi in real life but it still leads one man to murder the other.

    I wasn’t very surprised by the beginning of the film and it seems like a pretty straight forward story but when the ‘twist’ finally comes at the end I was shocked. It takes all the lies and deception up till that point and doubles it and I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was a fascinating story once again proving that reality is much more interesting than anything someone could make up. The fact that anything like this happens in the world is astounding and it makes me a little sad to think that this could actually be real. How do you become so involved with someone that you’ve never met that you would actually kill another person for them? I’m not sure how much light the film actually sheds on the motivations of the people involved but that’s the reality. They don’t even seem to really understand why they did these things. Even after all the news reports and endless amounts of conversations about the dangers of the internet I don’t think that things will ever really change and that’s the real tragedy. Something like this could have easily been prevented and it wasn’t.

  89. Wall St Lady says:

    Uh ohhhh ! Forgot to give reference for movie:TALHOTBLOND


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      While many feel that warning of bad behavior are just for the children/teens who use social media – it applies to all of us. People are free to be whatever/whoever they choose to be…..

  90. Wall St Lady says:

    I may have seen this. Is the young girl one of the lies?

    By Kat on October 17, 2010 at 11:24 am

    That makes sense to me. I am going to read more on line.

    • Kat says:

      @WSL!~ Oh crap! I forgot it was a review and thought you had written about all the lies. I am very sorry if I ruined the movie for you or anyone else. Hopefully it’s a different movie than I was thinking of.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        NO. The Marine is the liar. Posing as a young guy he becomes a murderer out of jealousy. If you can catch it, watch it! You will not be disappointed.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I remember a story about a man in Kansas who lived on a farm. He would get women he met online to fly to meet him and they would end up dead in barrels buried on his land. I googled it.


      • Kat says:

        I remember that! Chilling.

      • boston02127 says:

        Recently I watched a movie about a online affair based on a true story. It was with Eric Roberts and Ann Heche. It was a good movie. Sad but good.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Another amazing story was the mom and friend who bullied and encouraged a suicide posing as a young guy. It all started because the girl, a student in the same school as the mom’s daughter, had a disagreement with her daughter. She and a friend, made up a teen boy’s identity with pics and romanced the girl, then bullied her and told her to kill herself. She did. That woman wasn’t even charged with anything but minimal crimes for impersonation. Yet a child is dead.

          • Zipit Zarin says:

            OMG! Sigh. 😦

          • emily says:

            That sounds like the Megan Meier’s story that happened close to where i am in st. louis. 13 yo committed suicide after a girl or her mom posted fake messages on a myspace pretending to be a guy.
            Megan’s mom is really trying to get some anti cyber bullying legislature moving here in our state.

  91. boston02127 says:

    Waxdiva—I’m not sure if your online. I just responded to your last post on the last blog. You were very kind to respond, thank you. 🙂

  92. WindyCityWondering says:

    Hey @AZGirl –
    Homecoming attire report – my son was handsome in a charcoal suit, with gray shirt and tie of black, gray and red. His date was stunning in a black and white dress – their flowery accessories matched perfectly! Her mom brought up the matching of wardrobe and I am lucky compared to what she had to endure! A good time was had by all!
    PS – at my son’s school you must be creative in asking someone to be your date – my son did some complicated math formulas with clues to the asking – his date had to ask
    teachers and other students for help and thought is was a totally cool way to be invited to the homecoming. And thank goodness prom isn’t until May!!

    • AZ Girl says:

      That is so great. I have been wondering how it went. Homecoming dances are so stressful. Your son’s attire sounds really nice. Love the colors. Boys are so much easier than girls:). It is fun how they come up with the ideas to ask each other out. Our last name is a common cleaning product. When my son was asked to Sadie Hawkins the girl covered our front door with the cleaning product. I had a year’s supply!!!! HA!.

      • vilzvet says:

        Comet, Pledge, Windex? None of them fit! I am going to go through my cabinet. I like mysteries.

        • AZ Girl says:

          Good luck!!!!!

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            clue please – what does this cleaning product clean???? ajax, bomami, murphy’s oil soap, joy, dawn, 409???? lol

            • AZ Girl says:

              O.K. there is a clue but it exist in one of the 4 previous blogs comment sections. I know I am going to regret this….but you guys too funny.

              • AZ Girl says:

                Windycity and Vilzvet.. If you do figure it out email Lynn and she will forward it to me. I will let you know privately. I don’t want my last name made public but have fun with this.

              • vilzvet says:

                I will never figure it out and even though I have the TIME to go through, what, 2000 comments probably from 4 blogs I know I will miss the clue. Drat! I am just going to stand in the cleaning products aisle tomorrow in Stop N Shop!

  93. Wall St Lady says:

    A needed warning for those who lie on this blog

    Drawing from exclusive access to Internet messages, secret notes and letters, as well as police evidence files and exclusive prison interviews, talhotblond details the horrific results of what can happen when people lie online.

  94. Smompy says:

    I never actually saw “Escape From Witch Mountain,” but oMG, I just realized why Kim Richards looked so familiar to me. She was a part of ABC’s best TGIF TV lineup ever. EVER! My early childhood Friday night TV-watching always included The Brady Bunch, Nanny and the Professor, The Partridge Family, That Girl and Love American STyle. Kim played Prudence Everett on Nanny and the Professor…and most of you are way too young to remember any of this.

    Quit being younger than me, damnit!!!

    • realminkey says:

      And then unfortunately, some of us are almost too old to remember! I was too “mature” and way too cool to admit to watching those shows at the time. I guess I’ve come a long way, ’cause look at what I’m watching now! Hah!

        • AZ Girl says:

          I loved that show. Remember Eddie Haskell calling Ward Cleaver “the warden” as a snark on his first name.

        • Ellabean says:

          Yes, Barbara Billngsley , rest in peace.

          As June Cleaver, her iconic mom/wife character came to represent the dreaded pre- feminist perfection housewife – Stepford in mold. Yet, pre-TV, June was a former model that epitomized that sleek cool modern 1950’s model look. The lean figure (not Marilyn Monroe 50’s curvey) the short hair , beautiful bone structure, minimalist makeup and accessories, clothing with clean lines, yet very feminine. I admit to teasing about her June Cleaver character many times while persuing my own new found 1970’s feminist freedoms, yet I think I want to respectfully remember her also as the epitomy of femininity and beauty of that time.

          RIP Barbara ….

        • realminkey says:

          I do, ZZ! And I remember my own mother dressing like June. lol

          Yes, RIP.

        • realminkey says:

          When I think back (in fondness) on high school years (early 70s) TV, I think of All in the Family, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, and Carol Burnett.

          • Ellabean says:

            All good stuff, Real. So will we ever see those great types of TV shows again ? Not likely.

            Enter The Millenium: The Age of Reality TV.

            Cheap production costs. Sensational stories.
            No actors. No writers.

            Wow. I think this entire blog discussing reality TV may have just come full circle.

    • vilzvet says:

      Oh no, right there with you! I even am listening to Best of Partridge Family CD in my car at this time, they really had some great songs!

  95. AZ Girl says:

    Hanging Halloween decorations and it is 90 degrees outside. Something is so wrong about this weather.

  96. Ellabean says:

    Regarding Kim Richards ~

    I knew who she was before she was cast on Real Beverly Hills as I do remember her acting work from so many late 60’s/early 70’s sitcoms, plus some Disney movies, etc. I always thought of her as an almost, but not as good as, Jodie Foster. Jodie also did the same kind of child acting – many of the familiar sitcoms that were staples on the 3 network TV landscape: My Three Sons, Courtship of Eddie’s Father, Mayberry RFD, Family Affair – a ton of those shows. I just Imdb’d both of their resumes and birhtdates: Kim is only 2 years younger than Jodie – Kim b. 1964 & Jodie b. 1962. Both were always cast as stereotypical blonde, cute, plucky, all American, tomboyish tykes.

    Yet, Jodie survived the potentially damaging childhood acting stint to go on to get a real education at Yale, come back to acting as an adult (her choice now) , and win two Academy Awards with still a fairly robust and ongoing career. And I don’t think Jodie has any scandal or troubling adult dysfunction.

    So very different, that’s all. Maybe its because Jodie was just naturally very smart.
    I don’t know.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Maybe Jodie defined herself differently or was guided by her parents to prepare for life after acting.

      • Sha2000 says:

        I think Jodi Foster is an exception among former child actors. They the “norm”- former child actors usually have some crazy story, addiction or are gone at a fairly young age. I think she must be naturally smart too, but I’m willing to bet she had some good adult influences to steer her.

        • Ellabean says:

          You are proabbly right. There had to be good adults in her life as mentors.

          One of the few other child stars who avoided trouble and grew up successful- – Ron Howard. Love him. Special affection in my heart for that little Opie.

  97. WindyCityWondering says:

    Wondering…if you Kim were a “child star actress” and you stopped acting after childhood does that mean you couldn’t get roles as a teen or adult? When do you stop referring to your self as a child star actress?

    Which leads me to another question I have been wondering about – Jill Zarin refers to her books as a best seller, yet it isn’t – when do you declare that garbage a failure or dead or no longer significant or worth “promoting”?

    • Dawn says:

      Jill can never concede defeat- she subscribes to the speak it and it is so philosophy. If you say it enough times then it is fact.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Actually, I haven’t seen the foghorn herself claim in print that the book was a NY Times bestseller. She doesn’t claim that on her website (last time I looked) either. But a couple lazy journos that I have seen have written that in their articles. FWIW.

    • lillybee says:

      BTW, I still hate Jill Zarin.

  98. boston02127 says:

    Here’s a set of ugly book ends. Pic is from Jill’s tweet.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill just has to attach herself to every bravo star! Wonder what Jackie Warner would say about Jill’s diet plan?

      • Dawn says:

        Conversely, Patti has to attach herself to any “star” that is willing to be seen with her. So far, that list is limited unless you count that gummy bear Davis brother that was featured on her show (the oil heir who by all accounts is on threatened status as far as his inheritance is concerned).

        • realminkey says:

          Threatened at gunpoint to make a choice, I’d have to say I’d rather spend time with the Gummy Bear than Patti.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Ha!!! that is great.

    • realminkey says:

      Being in the company of the two of them would be pure torture.

  99. Wall St Lady says:

    I think ill is showing all the signs & behavior of a VERY
    Desperate “star”.

  100. Adgirl says:

    Sooooo, any speculation on why Jill was in Australia in the middle of RHNY shooting schedule? Do you think she was filmed for the show at all during her trip?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      My theory – Bravo is dictating the scenes and intros of the new housewife/fitting Bethenny into the mix/filming those wives who will film with each other and Jill didn’t like that. She isn’t calling the shots or pushing her own agenda so the best thing to do is go far, far away in the hopes that Bravo will miss her!

    • Trying to horn her way on to Oprah, of course. 🙂

      But yeah, I think she’s trying to hide the fact that she’s now on “part-time” status & no longer calling the shots, since both Bravo & the other HW are on to her BS.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Maybe Bravo convinced her they were doing a “Real Housewife Survivor” show and sent her to the outback for a while to keep her out of their hair while they filmed in NYC.

      Kind of like that survivor man show. She shows up, gets lost & wanders around, wades across a couple streams, eats a few bugs, gets chased by local fauna, that sort of thing. Bravo pay a few locals to point cameras at her every now and then, keeping her happy. That’s my current theory. 😉

  101. Wall St Lady says:

    Like I said something reeks of DESPERATE !

    • lillybee says:

      I would love to see Jill and Patti get on “I am a Celebrity, get me the hell out of here ” with other Z list celebs.

  102. ilovelynn says:

    newsflash! “return from witch mountain” is on the tcm channel as we speak. starring that famous “icon” kim richards.(recently of rhobh fame) LMAO!

  103. Laura says:

    Oh my GOSH have you seen this? TMZ recorded Patti Stanger’s rant at a stylist about how she’s so ignorant. Please read and post to expose the biotch!


  104. Hi guys! Just popping in to say that I’m still alive. I have my own NJ-style “drama”-(ok-it has to do with my divorce, but its big to me), coming-up this week and I’ve been hunkering-down with my family & etc. to prepare for it.
    I haven’t had time yet to catch-up with all of the comments, but Lynn’s blog up top there has convinced me that I have to watch these Beverly Hills bitches. (do they have little dogs as their logo like the Golden Apples, Peaches, Brass-Knuckles…?)
    Hope that all of you are good also! (I’m not really here but maybe after this week’s ep of RHWOBH, I can get caught-up?)
    -ps I just got off the phone with someone & we diss3eminated the current television season so far and the winner is………………………………..Raising Hope. So cute & funny. Also, did NBC really take my tv-crush hunk-man Jimmy Smits away from me so quickly? Did they really cancel Outlaw so soon???? Also possibly on-the-chopping-block, the last that I heard, and I do hope that they have improved ratings is another one that I like called, Outsourced. (the foreign telemarketers sit-com). Since I am in NJ, I know many people of, ok-please don’t jump me here, but the only term that I can think of is, “Indian”- ancestry background, (my geography is horrible & the people that I know who I would consider having an , “Indian”, background are all really Americans as far as i know anyway. I would take a wild guess and say, “Pakistani people” but if that is incorrect, I could be insulting someone with my ignorance. )…I will not be offended if someone were to enlighten me as to the politically correct, non-insulting to anyone, way to describe those funny office-workers,?………….but yeah, I like that show a lot, but being from culturally diverse NJ I realize that my perspective may be completely different than someone who lives in one of those areas where “EyE”-talian, & Jewish people are considered “exotic”. I realized that when I heard the population statistics on Jewish Americans & learned that the NY metropolitan area, along-with parts of Florida, and California, are statistically the major areas that are lucky enough to be, and have Jewish neighbors. And I’m just beginning to understand that we seem to have more people with Italian ancestors nearby as well.
    Here in NJ, we usually refer to people as, “people”, although we do seem a little slow when it comes to describing what I hope is the non-insulting term, “Asian”. I was involved in a group discussion the other day about such a person, and we were all uncomfortable trying to describe someone until we were relieved to be informed politely but firmly that his name is Gary. Maybe the trick is to stick to continents if we must identify people by their racial or ethnic traits? Hopefully that is not offensive, but I guess the intention behind the words, and the way they are said, means something also? Personally, I have been offended when I hear someone describe a Vietnamese person as Chinese, as-if all people who appear to have Asian ancestors are Chinese. But what do I know-I’m all Irish & Polish-American, (would that be European? I don’t know if I like that, but don’t you dare call me “whitey” because they could be fighting words where I come from), OH-and I have a Cuban Godmother, and I think that I’m supposed to be offended if anyone says that she speaks, “Spanish”-but I’m not sure why, and I can hardly understand what she says most of the time, but whatever it is it’s definitely accented in Cuban, and music to my ears.
    (ok-yeah I lurked the other day when you guys were having a little dust-off here, but I backed-away from my screen as quickly as I could, sorry to bring it up again).
    -I’ll try to b-back soon!
    OH-and PS Wall Street Lady, I am not telling you my birthday, but I am in the Virgo group, and I will be the big, 5-“O” next September, and that’s all that you’re getting out of me;)

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      hope all is well with you – just think! You’ll be celebrating your 5-0 free as a jaybird and maybe as nekkid as one?

      • housewifeaddict says:

        The show is set in India, so Indian is appropriate. Pakistan is the country to the north, and less known as a place where jobs are outsourced to. Most Indians (persons living in India) speak English as a primary language – and with the time difference and a highly educated work force, the country has become a place for US companies to outsource technical type jobs. It is funny. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled or canceled.

        • MAMAZ says:

          Hello HWhater. I hope the coming week isn’t too difficult. Check in if you need some moral support.

          Outsourced is cute. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled. I like it becuase it’s not making fun of Indians or Americans. It makes fun of the misunderstandings caused by cultural differences.

          • Tralena says:

            As someone who lost their job to India, I don’t think I will be watching “Outsourced.” It’s not all that funny to me…..or my family. I guess that’s life in the big city, though.

  105. Adgirl says:

    Outlaw cancelled already? Wow they sure do kill scripted shows quickly. Has anyone watched Blue Blood yet? I have them dvr’d but haven’t watched it yet.
    BTW I heart Tom Selleck (sigh).

    • Adgirl says:

      Did you know that per Webster’s that “canceled” and “cancelled” are both correct.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        No I did NOT know that. But thanks to you, now I can finally sleep tonight, secure in this newfound knowledge you have imparted upon me. Just Kidding!!!

    • LurkerAlso says:

      YES! Blue Bloods MAY be my fav new show, followed closely by Detroit 187. I also like the Event and L&O Los Angeles.

  106. boston02127 says:

    Paris Hilton’s Aunts: Being Real Housewives Created Our ‘Worst Conflict Ever’


  107. TEB says:

    I wanted to come out and play on the blog but the last post I see is from 6:55pm (and its 9:30pm my time). I can’t seem to stay current on the posts. I’ve tried using other browsers but it doesn’t change. Any advice? Don’t mind me if it takes 3 hours to respond……

  108. MAMAZ says:

    Question about Amazing Race.
    When the first team wins a vacation package for 2 do they mean each person gets a trip or they have to take the trip together?

    Spoiler Alert for Amazing Race – Don’t read if you haven’t watched tonight’s eisode.

    I was glad Kevin and his dad were able to stay in the race. Kevins dad, sorry I can’t remember his name, was so upset when he thought he let Kevin down and got them eliminated. He had so much fun with the dog training, I was really happy for him.

    • Adgirl says:

      I think it’s for one party of 2 people. The team can “enjoy” together or cash out or one team mate can use.

    • American Idiot says:

      M- I always thought that the winners of the trips had to share them. It was a good episode this week. Funniest moment – when tatoo boy and girl got into the cab in Ghana and the boy said to the driver “take us to the Artic Circle”.

      I’m going to miss the Princeton boys. I really like them.

  109. Sha2000 says:

    Jacqueline tweeted this:

    “We are all sitting around now discussing what we should be for Halloween. Funny.Should Caroline be Chucky?( evil movie doll)lol!”

    Pretty funny!

    • Sha2000 says:

      It looks like Teresa has her costumes planned too, she tweeted:

      “…Gia & Gabriella are Katy Perry & Lady Gaga, Milania is Ke$ha, Audriana is Sue Sylvester from GLEE & I’m “Dancing with the Stars”! xx”

      I guess Joe is staying home to give out the candy?

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Tree should go as a neanderthal. Save money cuz she’d need no costume.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Apparently they posed in those costumes for People; I guess we’ll see the pic linked here eventually.

          BTW, I’m going as a mom who has to walk w/her kids trick or treating. Same scary “costume” every year ; )

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            great more money spent on drapery! she is really setting the bar low for those girls….

  110. DWandM says:

    Soooo agree with you Lynn. I agree with you about Joy and what The View has become. I haven’t watched it in years! Watching O’Relly that night, I laughed when I saw the “idiots” walk off the set. The audience were clapping not because they agreed with them, but because they wanted them to leave the set. That’s my opinion. everyone has one 😉 .

    I don’t like the other idiot Patti. She isn’t a nice person (I’m trying to be nice) and I don’t respect her business, she is selling something that doesn’t have a price tag. She should be ashamed of herself. A woman using women to make money, how disgraceful. Patti the Pimp.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I like your opinion 😀

      What I would like to see is a panel of 3 conservative women and 1 liberal woman for a change. Imagine Ann Coulter, Tammy Bruce, Laura Ingraham and Joy Behar. And call it The Other View For A Change ;D

      • Sha2000 says:

        Lol Zip it. My Dream panel would be Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, Alec Baldwin,with Teresa Giudice for flavor : )

        I have no idea which way T leans, but it would be fun to watch ! ! !

        How long has the view been on? I think we’ve seen enough of their “view” on all sides & now that new show the whatever -view knock off…do we really need it?

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          I doubt T thinks enough to lean either way…she probably votes for judges tho. wink wink

          I haven’t heard much about the View knock off. Who’s on it? I’d watch your show tho 😀

  111. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Just chiming in on the “Tardy for The Party” posting dilema ;-). What I do is check out the newest blog in the morning. Usually I catch them with fewer than 30 posts so its easy to read all quickly. Then I comment, but before I hit send, I check the Notify me of follow-up comments via email box. I get every new comment within a minute in my inbox and I can scurry back here if the topic is truly hot 😉

    • Sha2000 says:

      Hi TrueLifeDiva , hope you are having a better evening here than the rest of the weekend. You know I’ve been there too recently…none of us should have to defend ourselves on a blog because someone didn’t really understand our words or didn’t like them or accused us of saying something we didn’t. From now on I’m not going to worry about it & just enjoy my time here with you & Zipit above & many of the others… 🙂

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Hey, thanx for including me in the above. 😀

        I’m watching Don Rickles on youtube Dean Martin Roasts. I’m laughing so hard. Can’t believe the stuff he gets away with saying. And people smoked on camera! Gasp

        Watched a six part interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono on the Dick Cavett Show…they were both smoking too. Ah, the old days without the PC police.

        • Sha2000 says:

          I love Dean Martin as Max Helm on the 4:30 movie after school-remember those?

          Anyway, glad to include you I mean it. Off to clean the litter pan, a little tv & bed. Good night!

  112. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Sha2000 😀

    • Kat says:

      When I asking TEB about her computer I was wondering if she had a low batt or something. I never thought about refreshing the blog. Maybe her browser caches pages and isn’t automatically updating? I can be such a spaz. 8)

    • Sha2000 says:

      That’s my lesson this month; we can post it for the world to read but we can’t make some one comprehend if they brain refuses to : )

    • Sha2000 says:

      That’s my lesson this month; we can post it for the world to read but we can’t make some one comprehend if their brain refuses to : )

  113. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Thanks for asking about my well being. I took a Turbo Kickboxing class this morning and released EVERYTHING ;-). I think I sweated out 1lb for realz. The physical exhertion coupled with the wonderful comments I read here really made me feel whole again.
    Love you guys

    • Sha2000 says:


      Monday I’m going to go back to the gym, my ass has been in super lazy mode; I’ll feel so much better when I’m in the zone.

  114. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Kat, I already knew that about you. But you’re not the only one :-D. Lol! I’m just teaSing ya.

    • Kat says:

      LOL Damn kitty litter leaves trails and refuses to stay in the box. 😉

      • Noelle says:

        Why HELLO there, @TLDiva and @Kat…
        And just what is going on here?
        You realize TLDiva, I’m going to have to share this information with WSL and OMIB..I’m not happy!! (Think Gloria) hee-hee

        Caught bits and pieces of the dust up @TLDiva; (little time to follow, real life is unreal right now 😉 ) however, I’ve always found you to be respectful and considerate, nothing has changed.

        @Kat – Just popped in to say hi, and to tell you to beware of TrueLifeDiva..a real heartbreaker that one! jk, LOL ;D
        Thanks Kat for making me laugh, I appreciate that more then you know.

        • Kat says:

          (((Noelle))) It’s great to see you here. I’m glad you stopped by. 😉

          Have no fear Noelle, my cyber heart is mostly made of plastic. If TLD breaks it she’ll just have to replace it or repair it. Duct tape is rumored to fix anything.

        • TrueLifeDiva says:

          Hold up, hold up! I need to bust this lovefest up right now ;-). This triangle is turning into an octagon. Noelle, you disappeared and I had to satisfy my need for affection from internet bloggers. No need to start flirting out of revenge. Sheesh! Women are so fickle these days…. Do I need to post a pic of some sweet stilettos to keep your attention on me?

          “Why I always gotta fight to prove my love” (The Five Heartbeats)

          • Kat says:

            Oh this is rich! All I have to offer is my tiny but loyal plastic heart and a box of stinking sand.
            I can not compete with Stilettos. 😦

            However everybody likes a little feline now and then. 8)

            • Kat says:

              My prim and dignified non- promiscuous cat is hiding in shame at my behavior. I bet she takes away my avatar.

            • TrueLifeDiva says:

              Coincidentally, my four legged son just dropped a BOMB in his litter box! Ugh, it’s enough to run me out of the room. I think he saw your avatar and got jealous, thinking I might be bringing you to replace him ;-).

              My stilettos are for ALL to enjoy in a lustful manner.

              • Noelle says:

                Am I missing a part of a joke? or something? Pig latin backwards??? I’m being kept in the dark….

                Stilettos!!..um, NOT seeing them…You’re a beauty….we all agree, SHOES!!

              • Kat says:

                Good point Noelle. Your and TLD’s past relationships and the shoes that represent them should be cast aside.

                We all can be barefoot and free!

        • TrueLifeDiva says:

          No secret code. It just tickled me that when Kat mentioned her litter box, MY cat dropped a duece in his. I don’t know what it is…. his poo could make a grown man cry. He has his own room (don’t judge me) and sometimes his bowel movement odor wafts thru the door!

          • Kat says:

            Gawd it can be horrid! I have 2 cats and 3 boxes.
            The instant odor control claims by some companies are just reeking streaking lies.

            Fancy Feast and Cat chow turn into toxic waste, who knew?

  115. JKW says:

    Anyone else a Mad Men fan ?

    • Olivia says:

      OMG, I love Mad Men and now we have to wait another 6-9 months before we see it again!

      Is Don a “dog” or what? Sleeping with Faye, sleeping with Megan, and possibly wanting to sleep with Betty in that empty house. Talk about a conflicted character! And Joan did not have that abortion after all. Not sure how I feel about this since it appears she is going to deceive her husband.

      But Peggy certainly shows her “chops” in this finale. She got the account, she is wise to Don, and her confidence is building in every episode. Wouldn’t surprise me if she ends up as their boss in the long run.

      • Kat says:

        I am wondering if Peggy has a crush on Don.

        • Olivia says:

          Not sure about that but she admits to have learned a great deal from him.

          Don is supposedly close to 40 and Megan is 25. Another Roger/Jane alliance. But Betty’s husband has her number and I can’t see this union lasting much longer.

          Don gave her the opening by suggesting she “could always move” again. Henry Francis is a lot nicer than Betty who is going to have her hands full with Sally. The little girl who plays her does a good job in that role.

          I love this series. Well written, intelligent, and always manages to pull of things you don’t count on. But give me Jon Hamm any day of the week. A dreamboat!

          • JKW says:

            I think Peggy and Don are close because he is the only one that knows her secret about the baby. He was actually decent and went to see her. I don’t see the Megan and Don thing going anywhere. Betty is just a bitch, those poor kids. Sally (Kiernan Shirpka ) is great and is such a wonderful little actress. She has been in more scenes this season. Jon Hamm is a doll ! I love Rogers sense of humor also but he was a jerk this season.

          • Kat says:

            I love Mad Men too.
            Betty has devolved into a controlling distant mother. She seems a bit bitter and petty. I think she misses Don. She has found a good man but does not appreciate him.

            Don should never marry again. He is such a loveable cad. He is professionally competent and personally baffled by relationships.

            I like Roger too. The cast is great.

            • JKW says:

              Betty was worse this season than last. The kids, esp Sally can do nothing right. You almost feel bad for her new husband. And now with no Carla it will be even worse. Matthew Weiner does such a great job with this show.

  116. TLM says:

    I don’t know if anyone has written about Joe on Thintervention, but I saw it this week and had a few observations.

    When this guy went off on Shay and claimed she “kept interrupting him” when I didn’t perceive that she was doing that, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I also get that Joe was justifiably pissed that he was trying and some others in the group were resisting the program or being downright lazy at times.

    However, now that this guy has experienced some weight loss, his cockiness has reached a new level that is disturbing to me. The way he acted at the club coming on to those women was just embarrassing. It’s becoming clear that the reason women he likes don’t want to go out with him probably had little to do with his weight; if anything, women are far more forgiving of men who are overweight than men are forgiving of women who are overweight. Rather, the reason women reject Joe is based purely on his personality. I think this must be a bitter pill for Joe to swallow, even if he doesn’t admit it. This revelation is also one that many overweight people face when the weight comes off: Gee, I’m thin, but why is my life still fucked up? This weight loss was supposed to solve all my problems! In Joe’s case, hopefully it will force him to deal with this issue rather than continuing to believe everyone else is the problem, and not him.

    The other lesson he probably has coming is that his weight will probably always be a struggle. Right now, because he’s in a groove and it’s coming off, he probably thinks he has this thing beat, and he’s never going to be that way again. So it’s easier for him to talk about the other fat people in the group as if he was never part of that, and he’s somehow in a different class from them. I think most people go through this cocky phase when they’re losing weight steadily. I had it, Oprah has had it (smugly saying she “changed her life” even as the pounds were creeping back on) and Joe definitely has it. However, most of us find ourselves back where we started at some point, or having to very consciously struggle through to maintain the weight loss. To me that cocky phase is a real red flag, and people who have weight as an issue in their lives need to realize it for what it is. Still, it’s a hard argument to make to tell someone not to enjoy the fruit of their labors and feel a little superior after being mocked and/or ignored and treated as non-sexual for what may have been many years, or their entire life. If you’ve never had weight as an issue, hopefully this gives a small window into how complex the psychological issues are.

    My issue with Joe, though, is that he crosses the line from being cocky to downright cruel to others in the group. He asks the herbalist if she has any cure for “cankles”, referring to one castmate, and makes the remark, “Don’t worry ladies, I’m not trying to pick any of you up, unless it’s with a forklift.” This just shows his own self-hatred because he knows he was fat, too, and not only wants to pretend he’ll never to have to struggle with it again, but he wants to pretend it never was an issue in his life at all.
    I hope that an apology from Joe will be forthcoming to these women, but more than that, I hope he realizes where it is all coming from, and realizes maybe he needs help beyond the gym and diet.

  117. JKW says:

    Peggy is great. The scene with her and Joan laughing and talking about Don was like what people would do in real life. I figured he would get it on with Megan but never to get engaged. I hate that we have to wait. I hope the account that Peggy got asks for her as the main contact..not Ken.

  118. JKW says:

    Kat…I wasn’t sure about that either. I couldn’t tell if she was more upset by him being engaged so quickly or was jealous. At least we are pretty sure that the agency stays in business. I assume with Conrad Hilton and Emerson Foote on the board of the American Cancer society that they will get some business.

    • Olivia says:

      But Peggy’s antenna went up when Don suggested that Megan really “admired”her. She felt her job slipping away.

      Can’t see Don marrying but who knows. He certainly can’t keep his hands off women. Lost count of the number of women he has used and discarded along the way.

  119. JKW says:

    I can’t see Peggys job being in jeopardy. I think Don will lose another secretary before that happens. Don certainly has had a lot of women. You would think Megan would have a clue. He hasn’t ever done anything with Joan.

    • Kat says:

      Yep… another secretary bites the dust. The woman in Calif who knew Don died and he is longing to connect with someone.
      I think Peggy is quick on her feet and sees what Don is but is also drawn to him. ( I loved it when Peggy got her co-worker to strip. I don’t rememer the guys name but Peggy schooled him in humility.)
      Should make great TV.
      I hate waiting on new seasons.

  120. JKW says:

    I wrote above….I think you are right, Peggy knows Don. The thing is she is still close to him because he knows about her baby. He also gave her a chance to do copywriting. THat strip scene was great. She was so matter of fact about it and he was so uncomfortable. She really called his bluff. It’s a long time until the next season. Do you ever read TV gasm and the recaps ?

    • Kat says:

      No I’ve never been there that I recall. I may have surfed there to read a link or two from here though. Is it tvgasm.com?

  121. JKW says:

    Yes that’s the website. The reviewer that does MM is really good. When the Am. Cancer Soc was on last wk they mentioned Emerson Foote. One of the posters was Emerson Footes great, great , great ? grandfather. The family was thrilled he was mentioned. Apparently everyone was googling him. Anyway, I certainly hope that they hire Carla back. Those kids will be lost without her.

  122. JKW says:

    http://new.tvgasm.com/?tag=recap There is profanity but the recaps are pretty funny. They aren’t real PC sometimes either.

    • Kat says:

      I’m heading over there now wearing my big girl panties and my extra thick skin. 😉 jk

      • TrueLifeDiva says:

        I read the recaps to all my favorite shows over there. It is absolute comedy!

        • JKW says:

          I agree, they do a job on the housewives. I love it. Flipit is great with PR or whatever he does. He is usually spot on with his recaps and writes what I was thinking…but much funnier.

        • TrueLifeDiva says:

          The person who recaps DC housewives asked what does M.Salami look like with her mouth hanging open… Then a picture of Fozzy Bear from The Muppet Show was next to her pic. I DIED laughing :-D. Soooo freaking funny.

          • JKW says:

            Do you read the PR recaps ? He does a new pic of Michael Kors every wk. It is something orange and wrinkly. I look so forward to those pics. Nina is usually a monster of some kind.

            • TrueLifeDiva says:

              I stopped watching PR when it travel across the street.
              The recaps I follow on tvgasm are: Money Hungry, I love money, Bad Girls Club, Flipping Out, Thintervention, and all the HouseWives

              • JKW says:

                I read the housewives, MM and AMR and Survivor. Even if you don’t read PR just go and look at the pics of the judges.

  123. JKW says:

    The MM one isn’t bad. Some of the others are though.

  124. To @ OnemoreinBoston
    Please refer to Oct. 13 @ 7;33 am.
    An overdue apology awaits you.

    I’m finding this site to be different nowadays.
    Straying too far from its original purpose.
    no fun, anymore.
    BUT, thanks for the memories!!
    peace out

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


      Do you know when you first started posting here I secretly thought that you were Danielle? And I would check for your comments and read them and dissect them in my head- is she or isn’t she?
      I don’t know- I guess the blog moniker?
      Glad you saw my posting to you , and I hope you’ll stop back in to visit.

  125. To @ Boston02127.
    You were right yesterday and you handled yourself with class as you always have.
    you are so intelligent, your kindness knows no boundaries.
    Always loved your posts, when in a hurry i would scan to see what fascinating tidbit you had ,again, unearthed.

    I (WE) expect great things from you, young lady!
    nothing less.

    stay curious. it’s the only way to learn new things.

    my best to you, always,
    your greatest fan from the Garden State

    • Kat says:

      I hope you decide to stop in and post.
      The posters here are armed with strong personalities and intelligence.
      Differences will happen with so many opinions but they usually are resolved quickly and amiably imho.
      I think most blogging sites that allow comments have periods of collective indigestion but it passes.

      More importantly we hate Jill Zarin. 😉

  126. Adgirl says:

    Mad Men- Matt Weiner has an interview breaking on the NY Times. He says Peggy loves Don (he didn’t say “in” love but it was implied).
    I’m glad Don is with Megan – she sees thru him. She was completely aware of Dr. Faye Miller (did you know – Weiner says she is Jewish?). And Megan is smart smart smart. She showed Don she is “no drama” and capable of handling sensitive issues & mastering the children (Faye freaked).
    Of course Don will be a pig next year. He can’t change. He is accustom to living on the edge. Megan will bring too much comfort and certainty.
    Love it she speaks French and her father was a professor.

    I am curious. When Don called Faye she appeared to be home in her office. She was wearing that wedding ring. Why at home?

  127. JKW says:

    I don’t think Megan will last. She was all about being real cool and just sex, no involvement. Within a short period of time she is now in love ? I am sure he will dump her like the rest. I think she is a port in a storm as usual with Don. They were alone, away from the office and she was good with the kids. The milkshake upset is what I think made him propose. She laughed and cleaned up. Everyone looked like they were scared because you know Betty would have screamed at the kids. When he saw Megans reaction he relaxed.

    • MAMAZ says:

      I like Megan though. I think you’re right about the milkshake incident. Family life with Betty was so full of tension. When Don came back from his meeting and the kids wanted him to swim his first reaction is to say no. But he saw that with Megan he can have the family life he wants. That was really the first time we saw Don enjoy being a father.
      But it is party selfish, he wants to only do the fun stuff and pass them off to someone else when they are tired and cranky. If he was still married to Betty he would have had to calm everyone down after the milkshake incident, including Betty. Now Megan can handle it all.

  128. Dawn says:

    Chelsea has some unkind words about Patti of Millionaire Matchmaker and says she’s been doing all of the work for the past 8 years and Patti treats people like crap. “Karma’s a bitch.”

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