I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of Atlanta

I Hate Jill Zarin   Real Housewives of Atlanta  October 19, 2010

Where the hell does Bravo find these women?  Phaedra Parks is the most closed minded, sheltered, idiotic woman Housewives has ever showcased.   This woman who can’t pronounce  foie gras announces that her husband doesn’t appreciate fine foods prepared by a chef, he prefers canned and packaged foods because he was brought up in a “white household”.  WHAT?   Maybe rather than blaming the man’s mother consider the foods served in PRISON, could that be the reason he doesn’t have quite a refined palate?  I’ve heard that they serve canned and packaged foods in jail. 

What is wrong with this woman?  Twitter went wild again with nasty tweets to Phaedra Parks for her racist comments.  According to Parks black mothers are more strict then white mothers, she also tried to convince her husband that an old fashioned beating is what her child needs.  What kind of woman is carrying a baby and talks about beating it before it’s even born?  If this is how Southern Bell’s think, I’m glad I don’t know any.   Phaedra tweeted one remark in her defense, which certainly didn’t help her case…

@PhaedraParks:  I was referring to MY husband’s family NOT all white ppl. As far as discipline, black moms are usually a lot stricter

Another generalization showing just how closed minded she is.  I wonder how she came to this conclusion?  Do you suppose this is her personal experience?  Wait, no it can’t be because I doubt she was raised with both a black and white mother most of us have just the one mother. 

The ex-con, Apollo has a whole lot more sense than his wife.  That says it all about this crazy woman!  He talks about spending quality time with his wife while his wife talks about receiving gifts and tries to convince her husband to talk to her personal shoppers and stylist to find out what his wife would like as a gift. 

NeNe is the voice of reason, what does that tell you?

I truly feel bad for her child if she plans to raise her child with her ideas and values. 

The good news is that it sounds like Phaedra is the career-driven working mom and Apollo will be the stay-at-home dad so hopefully their 4-month old child isn’t getting beaten by Phaedra too often.  Last week Stacie Turner of DC Housewives caused a S**t-storm on Twitter, this week it was Phaedra’s turn:

TO:  PhaedraParks, you shade your husband too much. Stop emasculating the man.

TO:  @PhaedraParks Thanks for setting us back 50 years!! Plz don’t say you were only talking about your husbands family. Your words were taped.

TO:  @PhaedraParks is the most appalling thing i have ever heard im sure your gonna get a lot of flax over this from all sides

TO:  PhaedraParks Get your head out if your ass, you sound like an imbecile…look it up

TO:  PhaedraParks what do you know about growing up in a white household, and black vs white moms whos stricter. speak what you know about

it appears @phaedraparks is a violent bully. #rhoa

TO:  @PhaedraParks  you clearly stated white household, are you racist?

Man if @phaedraparks is a southern bell then ship me to another country PLEASE!” « Lmao!” I concur!

Yeah that comment did not help @phaedraparks plight. I cant imagine her husbands family being happy. WOW!!

TO:  @PhaedraParks  And then bitch if u state ONE MORE F***** TIME that your a southern bell im coming to ATL to kick your ass

We’ll see how fast @PhaedraParks pops open a can of sketti-o’s when that baby is abt 5 & starts showing his 1/4 white side being seen & heard backtalkin when the nanny calls in sick & Apollo is off somewhere spending her $ & she don’t wanna cook.

Many on Twitter also predicted the demise of this marriage, if you recall last week Phaedra informed us that her husband loves her because he signed a pre-nuptial agreement.  I predict that she’ll continue to work her butt off, make lots of money and her husband will spend it all! 

Phaedra tells us that she knew her husband before he went to prison and that he was incarcerated for a white collar crime, racketeering, just like Martha Stewart.  Well, he was put in jail, but not exactly like Martha…

Apollo prison record: http://starcasm.net/archives/62013

From Phaedra’s Blog:

Like many women, my love language is gifts. I love giving them as much as I enjoy receiving them. My husband’s love language is quality time which usually involves Sunday football

Phaedra, Who are these “many women”?  Friends of yours? Funny she never mentioned on the show “giving” gifts, only receiving.  Way to throw your husband under the bus, Sunday football?  Perhaps the many Twitterer’s had something when predicting the end of this marriage.

On to NeNe, she had the obligatory dog crap scene, that’s what you get for being friends with Jill Zarin!  Lets hope Celebrity Apprentice has a dog crap cleaning task, NeNe will win with flying colors!  If you’re in NYC today, the cast of Celebrity Apprentice will be out on the streets selling Pizza, buy a pizza from your favorite!

NeNe had a conversation with her youngest son, Brentt to try to explain what is happening with her oldest son Brice.  I thought she did a really good job of explaining the situation and encouraging Brentt not to follow the same path.  Say what you will about NeNe Leakes, but she loves her children.

We were introduced for the first time in this episode to Sheree’s grown daughter, Tierra who has recently moved back to Atlanta with her boyfriend after graduating college.  We are truly seeing a whole new side of Sheree this season, softer and sweeter, but we agree, Sheree, you’re not ready to be a grandmother!

Sheree confronted Dwight about his claim of spending $30,000 on her She By Sheree fashion show that we witnessed last season.  While Dwight tried to itemize $30k of expenses he could come up with only $1,200 he paid to the seamstress and apparently some of the most expensive copies that Kinko’s has to offer.  Sheree seemed to feel better after confronting Dwight. 

Dwight has his very own blog on BravoTV.com for the first time since he’s appeared on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, you can read his drivel here:


Dwight admits that he told Kim that Gregg Leakes asked to borrow $10,000 from him, but doesn’t clear up whether or not he told Kim that he only lent Gregg $500.  I love the way Dwight defends himself by saying that he never told NeNe about his “gentlemen’s agreement” with Gregg but Dwight never explained why he felt it was ok to tell Kim Zolciak about it.   Gossip much?

I would be completely happy if we never saw Dwight again, but then which housewife would Phaedra talk to?  Dwight may be heard from again if only to allow Phaedra to talk about the ladies with someone who knows them.  NeNe has already informed us that she and Phaedra were not childhood chums as Phaedra tried to make us believe. 

I think I’m really going to like Cynthia, with the exception of her calling herself a “supermodel”, I can get over that.  She seems like a nice person and her interaction with her sister was sweet and funny.  We got a bit of insight into Cynthia’s thoughts about marrying her 3-year long boyfriend, Peter.  It seems her issues with marriage are two-fold, being that she’s been engaged a few times before but never made it down the aisle, she clearly has some commitment fears.  I have to agree with her though when it comes to Peter’s ultimatum as opposed to a proposal. 

Peter, instead of telling your lady that you insist on getting married because you’re turning 50, why not get down on your knee with a ring and ask her if she’s willing to marry you?  Just a thought. 

This episode made it impossible to see my favorite Kandi without having to watch the horrible Kim Zolciak!  I don’t know what Kandi gets out of her friendship with Kim, in Kim I see only a selfish, horrible bitch who uses Kandi for whatever she can get but gives nothing back.  Kim probably could have pulled off that show at the White Party without Kandi, but it was clear to me that Kim got a lot more out of Kandi’s presence than Kandi did.  The professionalism and enthusiasm that Kandi brought to the show was priceless and something that Kim Zolciak didn’t even seem to appreciate.  Yes, she did thank her but Kim never seems sincere to me.

I’m not even sure I understand why this woman was invited to perform at this weekend long party, the one-hit-wonder has little to offer this crowd.  She did make a complete fool of herself, as the sex-starved Zolciak was shown hitting on several different gay men. 

Kandi felt the need to be apologetic in her blog regarding her attitude toward Kim during this show, personally, I would much rather see Kim apologize for being late and making her wait for you and for turning Kandi into her back-up singer.  Kandi is clearly a performer while Kim is a bad actress who is playing at singing.  Not to mention, Kandi can sing, Kim cannot! 

Kim’s costume issues were really getting old, she took forever to choose that outfit knowing her boobs were falling out of it, then no one in that room predicted that the wind may be an issue in an outdoor venue?

Kim, once again, shows her ignorance and stupidity by not knowing what a wind turbine is, Bravo seems to want to drive that point home.  Note to Bravo, we know that Kim’s an idiot, no need to prove it anymore. 

Was anyone else tempted to jump through their television and pull a Phaedra on Kim and beat her when she told her assistant Sweetie to shut up for the fourth time during this episode?  What grown woman tells people to “shut up”?  That is the height of ignorance! 

One last comment about Kim Zolciak, we have learned through the grapevine that some of the housewives smoke cigarettes, (Luann for one) but we don’t need to see it.  Kim can’t avoid smoking on camera the way that Luann does?  It is an unfortunate fact that Kim has young fans who could possibly be influenced by her, keep the smokes off screen!

The Atlanta Housewives are bringing it this season, I can’t wait to watch what happens…

Bravo is re-running episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker all day today with the season premier tonight at 10pm – 9pm central.  I will not be watching and there will be no blog of this horrible woman’s show here.  I know you’ll all be disappointed but that’s the way it has to be.

Alternatives to this garbage that Bravo is shoving down our throats, CBS has The Good Wife, ABC has Detroit 1-8-7 and NBC has Parenthood, all of which I would recommend over Bravo’s offering.  But then again, I would recommend watching grass grow or paint dry over watching Patti Stanger abuse grown men and women.

Until Next Time….



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398 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of Atlanta

  1. Waxdiva says:

    Thank you for omitting The Stanger from your blog. How she ever got a show is beyond belief.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      My pleasure! I love you all but I can’t even watch it for you guys! 🙂 lol

      • MAMAZ says:

        I’m not the least bit disappointed that you will not be recapping MM. Now the ONLY reason I had for watching is gone! Thank you.

    • Savannah111 says:

      I won’t be watching her either tonight.. I wasn’t able to watch the ATL ladies thanks for the recap. By the way on my AOL news screen Teresa is in the news about holding out on the contract with Bravo she’s clearing lost her mind she thinks that she should have her salary doubled as well as getting paid for all apperances she also wants a piece of all DVD sales. Bravo is looking for possible replacements.. PLEASE BRAVO REPLACE HER !!!
      She’s holding up their schedule.

    • DWandM says:

      I’m not planning on watching either. The only seasons I’ve watch the STANger was season 1 and two episodes of season 2. After that I realized I had enough.

      • sophie says:

        After watching season one I realized her 99% success rate was all in her head. Haven’t seen one match to date that was a success. She’s irritating, and not in a good reality television way. Just a ‘yuck’ I need to change the channel way.

  2. coocoopuffs78 says:

    Hey Lynn It’s your resident lurker here. Thanks for posting another great one!!!!

  3. Tara says:

    Did anyone notice Phyaedra blogs are always like depositions and she never explains her terrible actions and horrific words that come out of her mouth!! Oh my lord!

  4. cusi77 says:

    Good morning Lynn! Good morning everyone!

    I confess I watch one episode of Millionaire Matchmaker in past seasons and then, not having enough disgust to have seen one episode, I watch another! I was appalled by the way this ugly person Patti treats clients!

    The very good note is that she moved to NYC and now is close to her best friend Jill Zarin… I can’t wait to hear about their first fight! “The scorpions bite one another”!

    • MAMAZ says:

      I watched a couple of episodes in the past too Cusi. She’s little more than a foul mouthed pimp.

      I have also watched Steve Ward’s Tough Love show. I liked him much more. I have read reviews that are negative of him because he wants the women to change to find love. But the women on there are a mess so they need to change. He gives common sense advice, don’t mention marriage on the first date, don’t tell guys you are a vamppire, don’t wear a shirt with a plunging neckline, don’t talk about you’re exes or how many men you’ve slept with, have some self respect. But I wish his show wasn’t so sensational. I’d like to see what he could do with regular, everyday women.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        I really liked his show. He DID offer great advice to those women who really were self-centered, rude, gold diggers, in often inappropriate dress. (WHAAA?) lol

        At MoollionaireMatchfaker aka PattyShitcakesStankho, her advice was a slutty makeover. She did alot of insulting, hair straightening, boob flashing, dress hiking and heel heightening. Nothing on acting differently. It was all visual. Some may argue that men are visual, and I agree. However, once he sees you, REALLY SEES YOU, what do you have to offer? But a pimp like Stankho is not caring about the repeat. Just offering new meat.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Ah will they still be friends after Jill gets her yenta two cents in? Betting she will run to Bravo and say she is more qualified, a bigger star and a true yenta and that Patti shouldn’t do the show – she should! I hate Jill Foghorn Zarin!

  5. OneMoreInBoston says:

    “Real Housewife Teresa Giudice Launches A Clothing Line

    Looks like someone’s still trying to dig her way out of bankruptcy.

    Teresa Giudice of the Real Housewives of New Jersey fame has launched a new clothing line called, wait for it, TG Fabulicious.

    In the “About Us” section Teresa claims she has a degree in fashion, which is kind of funny since all she’s selling are generic t-shirts with sayings like “Happy Wife, Happy Life” and “Love, Love, Love”.

    The table-flipper also has a children’s section where she pimps out uses her kids to model the clothes.”

    Read more: Real Housewife Teresa Giudice Launches A Clothing Line | CocoPerez.com http://cocoperez.com/2010-10-19-real-housewife-of-new-jersey-teresa-giudice-launches-tg-fabulicious/?from=PH#ixzz12okqEyLY
    Where celebrity meets fashion!

    Read more: Real Housewife Teresa Giudice Launches A Clothing Line | CocoPerez.com http://cocoperez.com/2010-10-19-real-housewife-of-new-jersey-teresa-giudice-launches-tg-fabulicious/?from=PH#ixzz12okmFZt3
    Where celebrity meets fashion!

    • MAMAZ says:

      I think she has a two year degree in fashion merchandising so she’s qualified to, I don’t know, manage a boutique. Maybe Kim D can give her a job when her “line” folds.
      Besides look at the way she dresses! Who would buy anything from her? She’s a sartorial nightmare.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Fashion merchandising would not include design classes! She would learn how to run a store, do inventory/purchasing and the correct way to show the store’s merchandise. Her “designing” is stenciled tee shirts and do dad accessories! Maybe her real designing talent is stealing other peoples’ hard earned money…..

        • MAMAZ says:

          Having your own line doesn’t neccessarily mean designing it yourself. It is often just the business end. A lot of celebs put their name on clothing lines. But they are usually known for their fashion sense. Teresa’s style has all the class and subtlety of a 3 ring circus.
          Remember Lisa Hartwell’s line last season. I’m sure Teresa’s line will do just as well. LOL

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Wow, I’m surprised those ads that she tweets isn’t working? I thought for sure that would bring in a cool 11 million

    • klmh says:

      Wasn’t this site up even last year and she didn’t bother to report this as an asset either for her bankruptcy? I thought this had brought in quite a bit of money and she mixed these funds with her personal funds.
      Am I having a nightmare again?

    • lillybee says:

      When Tim Gunn tells a designer not to make his model look like a NJ housewife, I am sure he means Therese. She has no design sense.

  6. OneMoreInBoston says:

    ‘Housewives’ Table-Flipper — Under the Gun

    10/19/2010 12:45 AM PDT by TMZ Staff

    Teresa Giudice is on the verge of losing her spot on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” — TMZ has learned the reality star’s money demands are holding up contract negotiations … and Bravo is losing patience.
    Sources close to Giudice tell TMZ, the table-flipping housewife feels like Bravo’s giving her the short end of the stick … because she’s under the impression that the other women in the cast are earning significantly more money than she is. As we previously reported, Teresa wants double her salary from last season.

    We’re told Teresa — who’s famously dealt with money issues in the past — is ready to walk if Bravo doesn’t cough up the cash. Bravo insiders wouldn’t comment on the current state of negotiations, but did say the network is looking at possible replacements.

    As for the other girls — we’re told they’re all a safe bet for next season … minus Danielle, of course.”


  7. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Wow! I’m so embarrassed for Phaedra. She REALLY made an ass of herself last night. And I’m sure there will be more to come this season. SMDH! I think her profile took a major hit last night. I hope she has enough clientel because I can’t see her getting new ones based on her performance on this show.
    The first time she did her Billy Idol lip snarl, it was funny. The second time was it was ugly. Please do not subject us to your pregnancy hormone inflated snarls any more!
    Phaedra is a cartoon character to me.

    • American Idiot says:

      TLD – please translate SMDH. Sorry. I can’t figure it out.

      Oh wait, is it so much d#mm hate?

    • Golden Girl says:

      LOL TLD! I had to come out of lurking to tell you that you nailed it with the Billy Idol comment!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Phaedra is RUDE and Southern Belles are not.
      Phaedra makes assumptions about too many things (mothers and discipline, foods people eat or have been exposed to or like, parenting in general) that show she is ignorant and stereotypically wrong and in very poor taste.
      It seems she makes living life a project: marriage, childbirth and raising a child are not projects! This woman is in for a hugh, rude awakening – sorry but no way will I feel sorry for her! Wondering if her mother is proud of her now??

      • klmh says:

        Why do fathers send their southern bell daughters to finishing school?
        So they can learn to say “why that’s incredible” instead of sheeat.

        • Zoey says:

          That is too funny! I agree with you all, this Ph-ake character has southern belle confused with selfish diva.

    • kbinldo says:

      All of Phaedra’s talk about being a “Southern belle” makes me wonder if she really does want to go there? Or does she use that term to describe what most folks from the South refer to as a “Lady?” There is a difference between those 2 terms. To me, a Southern belle is a white girl from a wealthy family who gets to wear fancy clothes, flirt with men, worries about her hair & who’s taking who to the cotillion, with an “I’m better than you” attitude. A lady, on the other hand, is a woman who has manners & knows how to treat everyone with dignity, courtesy, & respect.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        All this Southern Belle talk reminds me of the parody The Carol Burnett show did on Gone With The Wind.

        Phaedra sounds as dumb as that looks.

        • NOLA Gal says:

          LOL She is as dumb as two bricks. She thinks very highly of herself. That Mae West getup she had on with the red lace was a mess. And that man needs to run…and fast

  8. 9021ch0de says:

    Hey Lynn,

    I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for a while now, but since Phaedra’s response on twitter last night was in response to a tweet I sent her I figured I would drop you a comment here.

    This was our twitter exchange:

    @PhaedraParks so just curious why u think white people dont know how 2 discipline kids and only eat canned food?

    in reply to @9021ch0de
    Phaedra Parks
    @PhaedraParks Phaedra Parks
    @9021ch0de I was referring to MY husband’s family NOT all white ppl. As far as discipline, black moms are usually a lot stricter

    I know, not much and it definitely didn’t didn’t help her case at all. I’m not easily offended at all, but her “growing up in a white household” comments last night were offensive to me. Obviously I wasn’t the only one. Even if she was referring to her husband’s family doesn’t she think they would take offense to that? Maybe they don’t have a relationship with his “white” family…who knows. All I know is that this woman is an idiot and constantly referring to herself as a “Southern Belle” is getting really old only 3 episodes in, and so far has not shown one ounce of class in her chubby little body.

    As far as Kim. I wouldn’t say I am a fan of hers, but do find her entertaining for the sole reason of her being so over the top ridiculous in all capacities. As a gay man I will give my opinion on why she was invited to perform at the White Party – you actually said it yourself: she made a complete fool of herself. Gay men love campy, over the top people who make complete fools of themselves. Kim is a perfect example of this, and, let’s be honest, she’s a big ole’ Drag Queen at the end of the day.

  9. American Idiot says:

    Thanks, once again, Lynn for a great blog. I am not on twitter, so I appreciate all your info about what people are/were saying about Phaedra’s comments. The minute I heard it I knew people would jump on it. I have to say, Apollo appears more sane than her. I have never heard a pregnant woman relish the thought of hitting her baby when he gets older.

    A little off topic, but if anyone is interested, “Orange is the New Black” is a great book about prison life as seen through the eyes of a woman sent to prison for drug offenses commited about 10 years prior. Her husband and family stay with and support her throughout the ordeal.

  10. LynnNChicago says:

    You know I totally forgot to include Kim’s nasty tweet last night, apparently she had a few haters going after her on Twitter so she decided to insult all viewers:

    @KimZolciak: Umm I just had to block 10 idiots! Guess what? I’m out in LA working and giving back 2 the community while ya all sit there and watch tv!!

    After much backlash over that comment, she clarified:

    @KimZolciak: Let me clarify, what I meant was the negative ppl that have OH so much to say.. take time out of their day to tweet me! Thank you Haters!

    @KimZolciak: I love all my fans for without you guys I wouldn’t be where I am today sooo a huge Thank you and Love 2 you all!!!

    Sorry Kim, too little to late! You think we all just sit around watching TV while you go out and save the world with your charitable work? Oh Please! Kim never did anything in her life if it didn’t benefit her!!!

  11. You all may bot agree with me But Dwight did say that he would PUT THE FASHION SHOW TOGETHER for Sheree gratis, MEANING HE WOULDN’T CHARGE HER A FEE(you know like party planners charge?) for putting together. So Sheree should have to pay him for the seamstress, kinko’s what ever. She said in the first episode just cause Dwight was helping she was there 100% so she should no that things aren’t free (well maybe not so we know her past) you cant go to Kinko’s & say I’m Sherre Whitfield I need copies for free cause Im me. I think Dwight may have not said something cause he was waiting for her to ask? I been in situations like that before so I can understand where he was coming from. But if Dwight did have $30k he should have spent it on his nose. Why should Dwight pay for anything for she by Sheree? (Im sure it wasn’t $30k maybe $5k ok no $1.500 k?) Regardless, Sheree shouldn’t expect him to pay for her show especially since she has said they are not friends. Dwight did it GRATIS by putting on the show for her to build his name up I dont think that included him PAYING FOR THINGS, venue, food, copies seam-striss. Also, why does Dwight have an assistant lol ? Please! I may be sticking up for him on this issue with Sheree & NeNe but sister he aint that damn busy if he would quit gossiping then he wouldnt need one.
    Is Kim’s assistant named Sweetie? if not how annoying is she call her at 20 times in 1 minute ?
    NeNe did anyone notice she has NO BACK teeth in the scene with her son at the park? I am tired of hearing NeNe talk shit on her husband that man did so much for her and now she is making more $$ she is starting to treat him like the step child and he has to bow down and kiss her fat ass. Funny dwight said in the blog that she says in her book “Violence is Violence” its never ok. HMM really? How many people has NeNe went after & will go after this season ? Practice what you preach.. Maybe she should take it as Oh maybe I shouldnt been like this when Greg was the money maker. So much bothers me about her I think i would be here all damn day talking about her if I had time.
    Phadrea? Among the many RUDE, ignorant , arrogant statements she has made (seems like you all covered) I’m too pissed off to even go there, I’ll just say I think she just committed career suicide. What a stuck bitch she is, I just wanna punch her & slap that grin off her face! I bet when she farts she thinks they smell good cause she eats farm raised bacon.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      well, @WTF? STACIE FAMILY WANT MONEY? tell us how you REALLY feel!

      You seem shy. Don’t hold back next time! JK!

      • lol that was my title in reply to a blog that i commented to that said jason better take his check book to Nigeria. I was confused about that. its me @amia009 lol Anyone know why he has to take his check book to Nigeria if Stacie gets married there again to jason? I thought it would be other way around.

  12. buffywood says:

    I am sure this has been posted before, but here is the link to Peter Giudice’s bankruptcy papers. At least his includes expenses for both Health and Auto Insurance, unlike Teresa and Joe’s (if I remember correctly). I really wonder how Peter feels about his sister in law and all of the attention he is now getting because of her.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Those families (Guidice and Gorga) need to go to financial management classes! Too many bankruptsy petitions. Has anyone heard what happened yesterday with Joe/Teresa’s day in court?

    • Waxdiva says:

      They are leaving their house because the bank took it last year!

      7 Amira Lane, Kinnelon NJ
      Purchased: 8/30/2005
      Purchase Price: $1,825,000
      MLS# 2668968
      Listed: 8/29/2006
      List Price: $2,295,000
      Sold: 6/4/2009
      Sale Price: $999,999 (foreclosure)
      45% under the 2005 sales price!!!!!
      56% under the 2006 asking price!!!!!

      I hate these people, too! But I still hate Treetrunk more…

      • klmh says:

        Great find!
        But Im confused again. Why is their house in the bankruptcy listing if it sold in 2009 and they are just now filing bankruptcy?
        I truly apologize to you for my ignorance on this topic.

      • buffywood says:

        It really looks like Peter and his wife were at least trying to be responsible. Clearly their house took a huge hit is the housing market, and I am sure his job suffered as well. I don’t see any major ridiculous spending like with Teresa and Joe and much of the “last activity” is a long time ago. With that said, Sheila the wife could help out some and I don’t know… “GET A JOB”!

      • But they aren’t loosing the house that they live in now. they shouldnt be able to file in the first place cause now teresa is starting to pull in the money.

    • klmh says:

      Thanks for redirecting me to their b. papers.

      Did you notice their assets at are 30,000? Their cars in this as well as all their jewelry, furniture, everything! And then they have the audacity to say overspending caused them to declare bankruptcy. Where is all their stuff? WTH.
      A 2006 Lincoln Navigator worth 12,000? Did NeNe’s dog live in there for a few weeks?

      • klmh says:

        Sorry, this was for Buffywood…

        • buffywood says:

          Lol… I have the same vehicle and I hope mine is still worth more than $12,000 (but I have 1/2 the miles).

          Honestly, I am not sure about the situation with them listing their house on the filing as “Values of Debtors Interest” when if fact it was sold back to the bank via Sheriff’s sale on 2/26/09 for $1,720,811.91. Could they have bought it back as part of a loan modification program?

          • buffywood says:

            Maybe the key is just the “net liability” of $400,000. That could have been the negotiated amount of the shortage the bank is holding them responsible for.

            • Waxdiva says:

              Chapter 7 bankruptcy will erase the difference between the $1.3 mil secured debt and the $1.7 mil mortgage balance, so that the bank cannot collect that money ($400,000) from them. So, Buffy is correct and that is why they had to list the property even though it has gone through a sheriff’s sale.

          • klmh says:

            From Waxdiva’s information, it was sold in 2009 for 999,999. and listed under foreclosure. I asked Waxdiva about this and am sure she’ll give me an answer when she returns. Their declaration of bankruptcy was June 29, 2010 or there about, so Im confused why the house is mentioned.
            Do you have an idea?
            I guess one way to look at this in a positive way is that I don’t know anything about this subject. Hope I don’t have to learn about it either, unless on this blog.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      You know what I find funny, it that Joe’s brother is saying their monthly income is only $7000; meanwhile Juicy is claiming that they get about $10,000 per month in assistance from family. Is Joe the golden son who’s parents give him thousands of dollars per month but brother gets nothing?

      Of course we know it’s all just a lie and he is dipping into his stolen/hidden funds…but I just think it’s funny how their lies are all coming apart.

      • klmh says:

        I think Joe’s “family support” is from other businesses he forgot to mention in his bankruptcy decree.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Or maybe he goes to the “Godfather” for a little help. His definitely likes to project himself in a way that would lead people to think that.

  13. WindyCityWondering says:

    Great blog Lynn! Thanks for the tweets cause they add another dimension to the story!
    Got to say this – I like Kandi and Kim together because there is a balance and a humor there. Kim would not be able to do any of this without Kandi and they both know it and Kandi is really tyring to mentor her without the “I made you what you are crap”.

  14. buffywood says:

    Ok, I have to brag just a little this morning. My house cleaners come this morning so my house is spotless. My laundry is done and put away and the dishes are clean and put away (both done by me last night). I have two Macintosh candles burning so the house smells like apples. It is cold and rainy outside but I am in my favorite sweats, drinking a fantastic cup of coffee, listening to John Denver, and enjoying Lynn’s blog. I am so enjoying my “Calgone moment”.

    Shortly I will have to get back to work, the kids will be home later so there will be crap all over the house again, the boyfriend will be asking “What’s for dinner?”; but right now I am loving life. Eat shit Teresa, it is about the little things in life.

    I hope all of you find your own “Calgone Moment” today and every day!

    • MAMAZ says:

      Good for you Buffy, sounds wondeful. Unfortunately I don’t see a Calgon Moment for me for the next couple of weeks. Far too busy. In fact I’m off to run errands right now.

    • Sardonica says:

      Dear Buffywood
      Okay, so my back hurts because I cleaned the house yesterday. This morning I went grocery shopping and was once again astounded at the price of food. On top of my refrigerator sits a rotting banana smelling up my relaxing area of the kitchen where this PC is and from which I am reading this blog. I have 1 1/2 hampers of laundry to do which is kinda pathetic considering it is only mine and my husbands clothing, towels, etc. I haven’t paid the bills this week. I am listening to the sound of my furnace running. It is overdue for yearly cleaning. My chipped dishes are clean and sitting in the dishwasher patiently waiting for me to put them away. They are lazy and won’t walk back to the cabinet from whence they came. I mean didn’t the fork run away with the spoon once? Why not run back to the damn cutlery drawer. The phone has interrupted my blog reading 5 times in the past hour. My cup of tea is cold. I haven’t called my Mom yet today, she is 82. I don’t feel like calling her. She yells at me! My cat wants me to scratch her neck and is picking my leg as if it is a scratching post. I think it is her scratching post. I was also supposed to call back 2 friends who left messages but I sat here for 1 1/2 hrs catching up on RH blogs. I have to eat lunch and have had to pee for the past 1/2 hour.
      My Calgon moment brought to you by Sardonica and .25 Xanax ( fade to bubbles rising out of greasy sink drain and popping )

      • Sardonica says:

        Note to self: Should be a better poster and more productive person like MAMAZ

        Lynn…last night on Twitter I told you that you wouldn’t want in these here parts. Ain’t I right, Lynn, ain’t I? ; ) catsamewsed

        • MAMAZ says:

          Sardonica – It would be a lot more admirable if I wasn’t doing yesterday’s errands today. I am a horrible procrastinator although I like to spin it by saying I work best under pressure!

      • Zoey says:

        LOLOLOL, good stuff! I hope you can find even a small bit of Calgon-like time for yourself sometime soon!

    • Zoey says:

      Haha, thanks for sharing. At first I was very jealous, then when you described how reality will soon set in, I realized we’re all in the same boat!

      • buffywood says:

        Oh yes, my moment didn’t last long. I am back to the grind getting ready to do a Webniar training in 5 minutes. Tonight I will also be cleaning the cat liter, changing the water in the turtle tank, running my daughter to tumbling, picking her up at 10 PM (ouch)… But damn, those 20 minutes earlier were nice!

    • vgirl511 says:

      When my kids were younger and they would sometimes drive me crazy, I would say ‘Calgon, take me away!’. My kids and I were talking about it recently and they told me they were afraid someone named Calgon was going to come to the house and really take me. Even though it’s years later I felt so guilty!!

  15. TrillianAlice says:

    I was sending my messages to Little Miss Phaedra, also, last night. I have had enough of this black/white talk that Bravo seems to relish in. I know people like Stacie and Phaedra are saying things but can you imagine if a White person said Black people beat their kids. It is going to make hostility in people that had none.

    I wrote: Who smiles at the thought of beating their unborn child (or words to that effect)

    Gawker picked up on it fast and had a short article.

    Also, now this is info I received from the wife of a man that knows Joe Guidice. I wrote some of the info on Twitter. Apparently, the Brownstone will release 3 of the sauces by Thanksgiving and the next 3 flavors by New Year’s Eve. Theresa is still trying to negotiate a Pantene commercial and DWTS. Now, please, the person that told me this has given correct information in the past and other times nothing, so take it with a grain of salt, well many grains of salt. So don’t come down on me if it all sounds crazy but I wanted to share because she was right in the past and I didn’t believe her. She has a huge tendency to brag. In fact, she should have been on the RHONJ. (I know you won’t really come down on me, I am just teasing everyone)

    Lynn, you were right a little bit of Kim was exposed there for a few brief seconds.
    I love Kandi, I think she is too kind to Kim.

    Another great blog Lynn!

  16. Rabble Rouser says:

    Phaedra….you all called it when you suspected she was going to ride this ‘Southern Belle’ thing to death and make it her niche the way LuAnn did the “Countess” gimmick. How very said and disappointing that a successful and well educated woman would rather showcase herself as an aged debutant than a business woman.

    We can already see strain in their marriage and her need to emasculate her husband. Maybe that is why she married a guy straight out of a long prison stretch since they are already broken down.

    Her love language is “gifts” and the suggesting that her husband speak to her personal shoppers to ‘learn and discover’ what items she likes says to me she isn’t interested in learning his love language of ‘quality time’. My love language is a lot simpler ‘help me clean up this mess’…..since two young children are like a hurricane.

    My husband who can barely tolerate these shows but secretly kind of watches them with me kind of half assed sat up in bed and looked at me when Phaedra announced that white folks only eat processed foods. I almost expected her to say that it was because he was raised in the South which more associated with comfort foods than complex cuisine. (I would much prefer ‘Southern cookin’ than haute taute grub anyday.) I wasn’t expecting that level of ignorance. She can back peddle all she wants now and say she was talking about her husbands family…but she CLEARLY didn’t say that.

    White folks apparently don’t discipline their children either. Based on what she said, I am betting Phaedra suspects that if her husband was raised in a black household than not only would he have a more reined plate but would have stayed out of prison. If her comments were meant to just be limited to her in laws- the why bring their race into it.

    Sheree finally admits to having a much older daughter. I’m not buying this ‘kinder and gentler’ deal, I think it’s all just damage control.

    Kim continues behave like a drunken, chain smoking moron who also acts like a bitch in heat. I don’t know why Kandi is her friend.

    Kandi- I love her. Nice, classy, self assured, doesn’t make scenes but at the same time can hold her ground.

    The model …whats her name…..never mind I don’t care.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Rabble Rouser —-I agree with you about Sheree. I don’t buy it, I think she’s nasty.

      • Jen says:

        I think we saw the oldest daughter bc they groping hard for a Sheree story line- I echo you guys, she hasn’t changed it’s fake. If she doesn’t have time for ‘drama’ as she claimed why repeate the rumors from Dwight and also how does she not have time? She doesn’t do anything

    • 2Stupid says:

      Rabble I hear you! My b’day is coming up and I told the better half I wanted him to help me clean out closest. Hoarders really hits home when I look at all the CRAP we accumulate. I have a 2 and 4 yr old and they can wreck a perfeclty organized house in about 5 minutes. She’ll find out about “gifts” when that baby comes and need attention all the time.

  17. realminkey says:

    A PANTENE commercial? Teresa??? ROFLMFAO!

  18. Obsessed with RH says:

    I just needed to echo Lynn’s comments and other comments regarding Phaedra. I am truly disgusted at her mouth. She claims to be an educated woman, a lawyer for that matter (like myself) and then she spews this vitriolic garbage? Are you kidding me? She is officially on my sh*t list not too far behind JZ and Trashy T. Her BS response regarding referencing only her in laws was ridiculous ‘spin.’ Never once did she say that she was talking only about Apollo’s family (and even if that were the case how happy do you think they are about their daughter in law speaking about them like that on national tv). It was a generalization to the max and she should own it, accept it and APOLOGIZE.

    The food comment to me was almost worse. Does that woman have ANY frame of reference to make a blanket ignorant comment like that? I have news for you Phaedra, my household had gourmet meals every single night because my mother is an amazing cook. We didn’t eat SPAM thank you very much.

    I also agree that if that woman says she’s a Southern Belle one more time I might lose it.

    She is the epitome of nouveau riche. (Wonder if she even knows what that means). She is ignorant and class-LESS but has money…..well..Luann taught us one thing with that damn song…Money CAN’T buy you class Phaedra….hope you get really comfortable with Child Protective Services because if you’re as “strict” as you claim you won’t be seeing much of your child…..

    • Obsessed with RH says:

      I meant to add that there’s nothing wrong with SPAM, I was just using an example of processed foods that I believe Phaedra was probably referencing.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        LOL- I wouldn’t worry.
        I didn’t think you were insulting spam or anyone who uses it- I just think you were saying that your mom was an amazing cook and you enjoyed the benefits of it.

  19. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Forgot this when I posted earlier.
    When I was a child living in Alabama, one of my fondest memories was being given an afterschool snack by my grandmother. We kids had a choice of sardines or Spam, served on crackers with a glass of Tang to wash it down :-D. Good eats ya’ll.

    • buffywood says:

      OMG, I used to eat sardines at my grandmother’s house all the time. Those and smoked oysters (still love them) in the can. Did you get to use the “key” to open the can? I remember my brother and I always fight about whose turn it was to open it.

      • Diana says:

        Growing up, sardines were a total staple. I was the youngest so I got the honour of pulling out the little spine bone and eating it. Smoked oysters were always part of Christmas breakfast. Insanely simple but decadent: Smoked oysters on rye toast, Seville marmalade on sourdough toast and really strong tea. YUM!

      • realminkey says:

        My Nana served Kippers (Kippered Herring) on saltines. On a whim, I picked some up a few weeks ago, and rediscovered that I love them- on saltines, of course. So does my husband, who now requests them when I go shopping. A “new” delicacy”!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I don’t think I could have eaten a sardine as a kid.

      My ‘weird’ food seems so disgusting then I think about it now…but it was buttered toast with banana’s and a mountain piled on top.

      • 2Stupid says:

        My grandmother made me peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. Still love them. BTW, I grew up and still live in AL and can honestly say, I don’t feel any kinship to the southern bell image she describes. We describe southern hospitality as going out of our way to help strangers, and always making you feel welcome. My many trips to Athens, I don’t think things were drastically different, she maybe should go back to finishing school!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        * a mountain of sugar

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      Tang–Man that starts up the Way back machine!
      Seriously, this woman was raised in Athens, GA. I have visited several times. It is rural, and there is a great community there! However, she is NOT going to try and tell me she only ate Filet Mignon and pheasant under glass growing up. She has had her share of fried bologna on white bread with ketchup. AND she liked it. HAH!
      I had my first taste of this delicacy down south and STILL love it on occasion! (oops, is my red neck showing? let me pull my collar up) Even a Duchess can enjoy Kentucky Round Steak with pride! Get over it, Phakera! LOL

      • Zoey says:

        You know why you should drink Tang instead of OJ, don’t cha? Because OJ kills! I saw that on a T-shirt.

      • boston02127 says:

        If the delicacy Phaedra was talking about looks anything like what was on their plates last night, I’ll stick with my Deviled Ham and chips. Whatever they were eating looked gross. I was watching & waiting for it to move on the plate.

      • ShyAsrai says:

        fried baloney w/ a slice of PROCESSED cheese…yum
        fried SPAM tastes the same
        grilled PB&J – wow

      • TLM says:

        People who are truly secure don’t need to impress others with fancy dishes or labels. Martha Stewart said she enjoys grilled cheese sandwiches. I am sure the guests from the church would have been happy with spaghetti, garlic bread and a tossed salad. It wasn’t the Top Chef show, it was them coming over to mentor the couple on their relationship. It is an honor when someone invites you to dinner and the point is the hospitality, not how fancy the food is.

        I have a pet peeve that I cannot stand food piled in towers on top of other food, which was in vogue with chefs years ago and some still do it today. I feel I should also be able to tell what the food is. That dinner failed on both counts for me. Phaedra is a little caught up in appearances and thinks she needs to serve a certain kind of food and carry a certain kind of bag, as if it means anything.

        Finally, anyone who spends $3900 on a pair of shoes is insane.

    • boston02127 says:

      I eat Underwood Deviled Ham sandwiches all the time.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Nectar of the gods…mannah from heaven…cause your grammie made it.

      I used to love Tang- I thought I would be an astronaught

  20. lillybee says:

    I love Kandi, that woman really can sing. I hate to say it but Kim makes Luann sound good.
    The model whose name I can not remember, is very beautiful.

  21. boston02127 says:

    Great blog Lynn. Thank you. I was loling reading the first two lines. I won’t be watching MM either. I don’t even like to look at Patti never mind listen to her.

  22. knocknoc says:


    I absolutely adore your site……….because you
    tell us like it really is with no BS.
    Thank you especially since there are times
    when it is difficult to catch all the Bravo shows.
    There is so much evening work that has to be
    completed so kids can be prepared for the
    following day. You do a marvelous job of
    keeping us informed of the shows that air and
    we can’t always sit quietly to see them.

    Keep up the great job, we love you for all that
    you do. Still Hate Jill Zarin and am so happy
    she decided to enjoy her extended Australian
    vacation…………sorry, it can’t last the entire
    current RHONY filming. Haven’t missed her
    one iota.


  23. Whiteheat18 says:

    I cannot take anymore of Kim’s antics. I think Bravo gets a kick out of showing her ignorance. I think Andy should be put in the hot seat for his actions instead of the housewives. Andy seems to thrive on controversy instead of reality…making money at the expense of a womans’ dignity is not cool.

  24. boston02127 says:

    Dina’s tweets:
    Go to Famous Famiglia Pizza 1630 Broadway (50th & Broadway). 11 & 3pm today & buy a pizza…you’ll be glad you did.

    AND if you go w a $1000.00 donation you’ll get on TV! @LisaRinna Famiglia Pizza 1630 Broadway (50th St.)11-3 today for EIF’s Women’s Cancer

    Sure Dina…You just keep sitting on your lazy ass and tweeting & begging for money.
    I’ll bring a thousand no wait….I’ll bring 2K! …..Forget the bills, school, food, insurance…oh wait..I’m broke….I don’t live off a man like you do.

  25. boston02127 says:

    Caroline’s tweet: Woops! My Bad, Millionaire Matchmaker with @albiemanzo & @chris_manzo on next week!

    Patti Skanker was on the Wendy Williams Show yesterday. She said Albie and Chris are M.I.T.’s. “Millionaires in Training”. So for them to become millionaires Caroline and Al will have to be dead. Great tweet Caroline. I especially love the exclamation point at the end.

  26. Sha2000 says:

    Normally I don’t watch ATL but I caught it last night! Wow that Fake-dra is awful! And her decor is ugly…there I said it!

    Great blog Lynn!

  27. Adgirl says:

    WTH is going on RHOA?
    We hardly see any of the women together. Just a bunch of little cut up scenes of the women talking to assistants, their children, sisters, marriage counselors or cleaning up/making poop-pee?

    I want to see more interactions between the ladies. It’s been 3 episodes. We STILL haven’t seen anyone speak to Phaedra except Dwight.

  28. kbinldo says:

    Jeepers, creepers, did you see how much crap Kim packed for a few days’ trip? I once traveled with someone like that—never again! Holy moly. Then the fancy convertible, not knowing what wind turbines are, freaking out over a freaky roadside bathroom (what, they couldn’t pee in LA or something?) Sheesh, put your big girl panties on, Kim. I did like how Kandi seemed flummoxed with all the to-do, though. Whatcha wanna bet the White Party organizers wanted Kandi to perform, but Bravo said “only if you have Kim perform.” pfft.

    Phaedra: wth, you’re an attorney, you’re on film, FFS, and you talk about beating the crap out of your kid? And the white families crap, well that’s a bit much coming from someone who doesn’t know how to cook her own damn self.

  29. OneMoreInBoston says:

    oh gawd-Do you know I just had a strange thought.

    does @olivia eat SPAM?

    I am anxiously awaiting her recap on this one! Although she did say that RHOA would make her head explode if she saw another episode.

    is that why we haven’t heard from her? @Olivia is your head OK?

  30. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Phaekdra…boy was I wrong! Here I was defending this lunatic, saying the others were just jealous of her job, money and man, and she goes on to make a complete utter fool of herself. Poor Apollo. He’s got a menace on his hands, but rest assured he’ll take his baby/little 401k and walk off into the sunshine. Let’s hope he gets alimony/child support and a great mom for his baby!

    As for SPAM… My dad made breakfast on weekends, his days off, when I was growing up. He left at 8am to get fresh Italian Bread and returned at 11am, after he visited family, friends and played his numbers. He made: egg salad, chicken salad, tunafish, sausage and peppers, hotdogs with onions in tomato sauce, western omelettes, eggs and bacon/sausages w/homefries, fried salami, fried bologna, and fried SPAM! It was delicious! And adding Tang-O well that’s memory I will cherish.

    BTW Dad is 79, retired (finally) and still has SPAM on rotation but, has slowed down a bit. He goes for bread (drives) at 10am and returns by 1pm. LOL 🙂

    • TLM says:

      Good point that Phaedra should at a minimum learn to cook if her standards are so high. It really isn’t that hard to do, but she would rather sit on her ass and bark orders at other people. This woman just wants to act like a diva, and it isn’t flattering. I am always wondering, how is it that demanding, selfish and self-centered women like this manage to get anyone to date them, let alone marry them?

  31. Jerseydaisy says:

    Yes, they are selling pizza for Celebrity Apprentice. Nene Leakes is there as well as Marlee Martlin, Latoya Jackson and Dionne Warwick is on the cash register!!!

  32. Adgirl says:

    Spam is really popular on the islands in the Pacific. WWII brought canned meat to them and now it’s a staple. I had to crack up when I saw sushi rolls made of spam at the 7-11 on Maui.

    • klmh says:

      Oo, I hadn’t read your post when I wrote mine! Great minds, eh?

    • kbinldo says:

      Very true. My uncle served in the Pacific & brought back with him that wonderful Hawaiian dish of fried Spam with pineapple on top. Mom always paired that with fried grits. Yum!! 😀

  33. klmh says:

    On April 30, 2011, there is a spam festival on Waikiki. Just as good a reason to visit paradise as any other:


    • Adgirl says:

      Holy crap! Lucky Donn I guess.

    • Diana says:

      Who didn’t see this one coming? Poor Donn. Fly and be free.

    • klmh says:

      I know most on this site don’t care for Vicki, but I do, and had hoped she and Donn would make it. Thats just sad all the way around and I’m sorry for the family.

      • buffywood says:

        I agree with you, I find this sad. I think I would feel a little better about it if the Headline was Donn Gunvalson Filed for Divorce yesterday.

      • TLM says:

        I am really saddened to hear that. It had seemed like Vicki was changing and putting their relationship first, and I was happy to see their vow renewal.

        On a different note, they’re playing Debby Boone on Oprah when she was singing “You Light Up My Life” in 1977. Why the F was Debby wearing a bathrobe and pajama pants on stage?!?!?

    • realminkey says:

      I think that’s sad, actually. Wonder if Jeanna will pursue him now. If he’s smart he’ll get as far away as possible from Coto.

    • AZ Girl says:

      It’s sad but I really like Donn and Vicki treated him like dirt on film no less. I am sure he got a lot of grief from people when the show aired.

    • Savannah111 says:

      Wow, I have to say I’m shocked, happy for him though !! Bad luck for her she’ll never find anyone to put up with her. Maybe he put his foot down or something and she went off the deep end…

  34. TheDesignDiva says:

    Well , I like most of you were truly OFFENDED at that glossy lipped fake woman…if I even dare to use that word in conjunction with her….I was shocked to see that that part HAD NOT been editted out by Bravo…What gives with them lately !!
    Loved when Appolo made the comment about we shall see what happens after the baby is born…..HHMM….disappearing baby from the nursery ????
    Dont care much for spam but do LOVE peanut butter and bologna sandwiches…who finds themselves singing the Oscar Mayer song when they type out the word B-O-l-O-G-N-Aaaaaaaaaa……………….. TANG…..TANG…..Back when 7 of us were little, my Mother tried to OD us on Tang overload…The Dr told her to STOP STOP STOP…we were borderline Orange and Vit C OD….too funny …we still laugh about it today at family get togethers
    Kim..hhmmm no words….she is rude to her Sweetie though….Glad to see Sheree let the daughter be finally recognized…she was like 16 when she had her……She is a beautiful girl for sure…her Mother is however a piece of work…….
    Cynthia…another photo op type of person….very self centered…and OMSJ…that was her twin …wink wink…I could barely tell the two of them apart…….LOL LOL
    Neigh Neigh is just well….you know….
    cant wait for next week…but more excited about Part Deaux on Turdsday…….. DC……got the booze chillen….
    Hugs and Peace

  35. TEB says:

    Not sure if this was covered upthread- but did anyone find out if Juicy/Tree were actually in court yesterday? Any new news? I’d love to see them pay for their crime.

    • klmh says:

      Ive been looking and cant find a thing, yet.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Yeah, haven’t seen anything on it yet.

      Thing is, the bank’s trying to get back the home the G’s are actually living in (at least I guess they are still living there) while the bankruptcy case is still pending. While other creditors previously have gotten the court to release their stuff so they could be repossessed, etc., none of that stuff was the Gs primary residence.

      ‘Course if the G’s haven’t been paying the mortgage throughout, that would be a factor in the bank’s favor. The G’s have had an income (including 250K advance on the cookbook) since they filed bankruptcy and if they were dropping 60K on furnishings post bankruptcy filing but none of their money went to keeping up the mortgage, what’s the point of letting them hang on to the house? Even if the court were to give the G’s bankruptcy protection in the end, they’d still be obligated to keep up payments on their primary residence or lose it.

      • klmh says:

        I don’t get that. How can they be 11 months behind on payments and still live in their house. But as I mentioned before, I think bankruptcy excludes your primary residence. Correct?

  36. Adgirl says:

    To Anyone Who Goes On A Realty Show –

    – You Probably Have A Screw Loose.

    – Your Marriage Is Already in Trouble.

    – You’ve Probably Ruined Your Kids By Doing This.

    – Maxing Out Your Credit Lines Doesn’t Make You Wealthy.

    – Your Fibs About Being a Cheerleader or Class President will Be Exposed.

  37. Adgirl says:

    Let me first to say that I think Donn has been with someone else for a while now.

    • vilzvet says:

      Especially sad because I am thinking about the vow renewal trip they took and was made a focal point of an episode last year with the nicely written words by each. Oh well….

    • Zoey says:

      Whatchoo talkin’ about Willis??? You know something we don’t?

  38. realminkey says:

    I watched the preview of Phaedra’s “Southern Baby Shower”. Now, I come from a long line of REAL southern belles on my mother’s side, and they would all have just one word to describe her ego-fest, and that is Tacky… or as they would say it, “Tack-eh”!

    • SavingGrace says:

      I really wish Bravo would stop showing phaedra showcasing sheer lingerie worn by 18th century saloon whores rather than a modern pregnant lawyer.

      From episode one — I can not stand her. Last night I fast forwarded all her scenes.

      Her husband is going to do the Kevin Federline on her. He will give her kids and then take the kids and her money. Just watch…cuz when it happens she will be so blindsided.

      Btw, tonite I am having fried spam AND kraft macaroni & cheese for dinner.


      • American Idiot says:

        And why was she cooking breakfast in that getup? I thought the bacon was going to splatter her in an exposed area.

  39. Wall St Lady says:

    By kbinldo on October 19, 2010 at 12:46 pm and Windy City.
    I have been called a Southern Bell my whole career on WS. Its like being called pretty. Some one else may say it but u don’t say “I am pretty”.
    Here is the dictionary definition :
    derived from the French word belle, ‘beautiful’) is an archetype for a young woman of the American Old South’s upper class.

    During the period, Kentucky Sallie Ward of Louisville was the most noted belle in the South, and her portrait, which hangs in the Speed Museum in Louisville, Kentucky, is often called “The Southern Belle.” A Southern belle epitomized Southern hospitality, cultivation of beauty and a flirtatious yet chaste demeanor.

    The archetype continues to have a powerful aspirational draw for many people, and books like We’re Just Like You, Only Prettier, The Southern Belle Primer, and The Southern Belle Handbook are plentiful. Other current terms in popular culture related to “Southern belles” include “Ya Ya Sisters,” “GRITS (Girls Raised In The South),” and “Sweet Potato Queens.” Today, a Southern Belle is also another name for a débutante from the southern United States.

    Let’s emphasize OLD South. Now I am not racist but in the OLD South “Fa dreadful” would not have been called a Southern bell under ANY circumstances. Remember a while back the Lynnfam educated me that
    “mulatto” was a racist description .Southern Belle is too in my opinion & I don’t like to b called it. It is a Prissy
    Dumb(like a fox maybe)subservient débutante white girl looking for a rich husband in my opinion.
    So let fa dreadful call herself a Southern Bell. She is stupid & her Rett Butler at some time is gonna say “Frankly Fu*# $hi*,I don’t give a dam ” as he walks out the door & sues her for alimony & mental cruelty.
    Snark snark

  40. Jen says:

    I am not easily offended but man, Fakedra’s racist comment was able to do just that- I grew up in a white household and I like nice food. She really is ignorant and should apologize

    if I were her MIL I’d be insulted

    • MAMAZ says:

      I’m embarrassed to admit my grandmother used to make statements like that about anyone not Italian. Unless she knew them well enough to kow better she thought anyone who wasn’t Italian drank too much, was a terrible housekkeper and didn’t cook.
      Let me say up front I know it’s not true! My sisters and I used to roll our eyes and sigh every time she started up.
      So Phakedra’s comment made me laugh even though I know it was wrong.

      Also, as TLD said she’s a cartoon. You can’t take anything she says seriously.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Sorry – know better

        • American Idiot says:

          I think alot of our grandmothers are as you described. When my husband and I got engaged, my grandmother wanted to know if he was Italian (no). His grandmother wanted to know if I were German (no). So they were both disappointed.

          Phaedra’s comment didn’t insult me per se; I was just shocked at the words that came out of her mouth. As Jay Leno would say “What were you thinking?”

          • realminkey says:

            Any name that wasn’t English or Irish sounding to my Southern grandmother was an oddity, and she couldn’t remember it. She would say it sounded “so queeeeer”. Of course, she wasn’t referring to the homosexual kind of “queer”, because of course, in her world there was no such thing as gay; there were only bachelors and spinsters/ old maids. My sister married a man with a French name, and it was “so queeeer”, she had to write it down on little pieces of paper so that she had it on hand. When she died, we found his name in every pocket in her wardrobe. Irony of all ironies, and sad for my sister of course, the guy really WAS queeeeeer!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Donn seems like a nice man, I wish him well.

      I think poor Vickie is going to be in for a bit of shock, I think she likes to fashion herself as what the kids today are calling a ‘MILF’ and she’s not.

      Her real asset is the fact that she is successful but when you couple it with the fact that she used it to emasculate her husband, it’s more of a draw back in terms of a relationship.

      • American Idiot says:

        Remember when she surprised her son at college with a visit. He was so embarrassed. He wanted her to leave; and she wanted to hang out with his friends and watch football. She cried, and got to stay. But a MILF, no way is Vicki that.

  41. Wall St Lady says:

    To be clear
    Fa dreadful
    Is a
    GRITS (Girls Raised In The South),”
    or “Sweet Potato Queen.”

  42. TheDesignDiva says:

    When I think of Southern Belles in conjunction with Atlanta I think of the Sugarbaker girls…… NOT FAKEDRA for sure..
    That up and coming baby shower production..!! OSJ….what a bunch of BS….DRESS CODE….. really !!!!

  43. Adgirl says:

    I’m from the West Coast and Southern Bell has never struck me as racist.

    I just assumed it referred to Olde South debutante or in current times it referenced a desired behavior style – Soft on the outside, tough on the inside & a whole lot of please and thank you Mame /Sir all over the top.
    Steel Magnolia with a Mint Julep on the side.

  44. Smompy says:

    Oddly enough, Phaedra’s future child-abuse plans don’t bother me nearly as much as her terrible grammar does. When She-Ray says things like, “Have you saw her?” I might LOL or roll my eyes, but I also tend to cut her a little slack because I know she has very little education and doesn’t know any better. Phaedra, on the other hand, presumably graduatued from law school, so she has absolutely no excuse for still sounding like an ignorant hick. Have you saw the foe gwah today, Phaedra? It was sassing you…you should beat the crap out of it like a good southern belle!

    Kim Zolciak is a terrible, terrible human being, yet I still get a big kick out of watching her shenanigans. Very strange. I guess maybe I like that she’s so completely unapologetic about her own stupidity and laziness?

    • Need a Hobby says:

      “Phaedra’s future child-abuse plans” LOL. The way you put it made me laugh. What nut goes on the TV while preggers talking about how they’re going to beat her future child if she/he looks at her sideways? And the canned meat thing, another dummy move. Is she wrangling for a guest spot on Top Chef, a quick fire where the contestants have to make something yummy using only canned foods? Yeah, she’s a pretentious cartoon. I suspect she’s also laying on some of it for the cameras. But she’s likely a piece of work in her own right, regardless.

      Kim Z is another cartoon. I actually laughed at the interplay and relationship between her and her assistant Sweetie. Too bad it’s already been done, but I can see a road trip show with those two. Well, maybe a one time special.

      • emily says:

        Later in the season Kim, Kandi and Nene take make a short tour in bus to a few cities so your one episode dream will come true! It was on twitter over the summer, as nene was NOT having a good time.

      • Raquel Papel says:

        that is what I thought about when Fake-dra was talking…she macde a fool of herself w. her stupid comments about meat, race, and child beatings. She might be book smart, but that is it. I also think that she is trying to push butons so tha she will continue to be on the show. There is just something in her eye roll that makes it look like she is trying to act – a lot of lawyers have an acting bug and I think this is how she is getting her fix.

    • TLM says:

      Nene’s grammar varies strangely as well. She’s perfectly capable of speaking properly, but said to Phaedra, “Who you came wit?” at the shoe party. That was stranger than anything else I’ve heard.

    • boston02127 says:

      People like Phaedra always make me think that they could never make it anywhere except the hick town they’re from.

  45. Wall St Lady says:

    I don’t mean to bore u but when I am called a SB to me it is condescending while the caller thinks they r giving me a compliment. I don’t want to b recognized for my looks. I want to b recognized for my work.

    • MAMAZ says:

      WSL – While I’m a Yankee I do know what you mean. I hate when people call me honey or sweetie. I have a name and a title.
      Of course I don’t mind when PapaZ or my mom calls me either.

  46. Jenni says:

    “Laughter is the best medicine” from what readers digest says. I could sure use a good joke today, if anyone has one they could share would love to hear it!

    • MAMAZ says:

      I’m sorry Jenni. I’m tired to think of a joke. But I can send a smile and a good thought. 🙂

    • klmh says:

      YouTube – This Cat Betrayed His Girlfriend

      I bet this didn’t work. Its one of my all time favs…

    • klmh says:

      Two women were out for a Saturday stroll with their dogs. One had a Doberman and the other, a Chihuahua . As they walked down the street,
the one with the Doberman said to her friend, “Let’s go over to that,bar for a drink.”

The lady with the Chihuahua said, “We can’t go in there. We’ve got the dogs with us.”

The one with the Doberman said, “Just watch and do as I do.”

They walked over to the bar and the one with the Doberman put on a pair of dark glasses and started to walk in… The bouncer at the door
said, “Sorry, lady, no pets allowed.”

The woman with the Doberman said, “You don’t understand. This is my seeing-eye dog.”

The bouncer said, “A Doberman?”

The woman said, “Yes, they’re using them now. They’re very good.”

The bouncer said, “OK, come on in.”

The lady with the Chihuahua thought that convincing him that a Chihuahua was a seeing-eye dog may be a bit more difficult, but
thought, “What the heck,” so she put on her dark glasses and started to walk in. Once again the bouncer said, “Sorry, lady, no pets

The woman said, “You don’t understand. This is my seeing-eye dog.”

The bouncer said, “A Chihuahua ?”

The woman said indignantly, “A Chihuahua ? They gave me a f******g Chihuahua ???????”

    • klmh says:

        ****Bathroom Humor: Pass by if you don’t like the joke!!!

      I was in the restaurant yesterday when I suddenly realized I desperately 
needed to pass gas. The music was really, really loud, so I timed my 
gas with the beat of the music.

After a couple of songs, I started to feel better. I finished my coffee, 
and noticed that everybody was staring at me….

Then I suddenly remembered that I was listening to my iPod.
      …and how was your day?

    • klmh says:

      I have more if you need them. 🙂

    • buffywood says:

      I hope this doesn’t offend anyone. It passed the “Daddy Test” which means I was comfortable sending this to my dad. This just had me laughing out loud when I saw it.

      PS I hope I did this right for it to post.

    • justanothermary says:

      Do you know why witches don’t have children? Because warlocks have hollowweenies! That’s my one and only Halloween joke!

  47. Adgirl says:

    @ WSL – pretty women want to be complimented on their brains, smart women want to be complimented on their looks. There is no win except to say you are both beautiful and intellegent!

    • Jenni says:

      LOL- I have not really paid much attention to Tyra because I caught one of her talk shows for a few minutes once. She had on a little girl that was both smart and beautiful. She asked the little girl something like”If you had to chose just one, what would you choose?” The little girl decided she would choose beauty. Tyra felt that was the wrong choice, and you could tell that she was making the little girl feel bad about her answer. Never could quite stomach Tyra after seeing that.

      Seems to me that both are gifts of God. WSL, am glad you were given both!

  48. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    Lynn i know you hate it but millions of gay men loved the remixes of tardy for the party its a simple sing song kind of tune but superstar DJ Tracy Young (and yes she is indeed a superstar who was very well known long before the housewives Madonna chose her for her club im Miami so may eons ago)took that little ditty and turned it into an anthem
    of course it would have been better if anyone else had recoded it LOL and kim would be better off just lyp sinking it for the rest of her life

    ps thanks for adding my comment to the newest racist on the show 🙂
    her comments about not appreciating fine food because he was raised in a white familys home really was apalling and should be Andys Jack hole of the week

  49. Adgirl says:

    The tortured statements of RHOA!
    When Kim said “O-M-G” I was surprised she knew how to spell it.

  50. Adgirl says:

    Phaedra is a mystery to me. Her sideways looks at Apollo scare me. Does she own a sense of humor? There doesn’t seem to be a lot to fall in love with inside that woman. She reminds me of Sheree in that respect. I guess some men don’t care about laughter or playfulness. What a bore.

  51. TLM says:

    I think Phaedra’s interest in beating up her kids just goes back to her wanting control of everything. And I guess she’s happy she can completely terrorize someone smaller and more helpless than herself, who can’t walk out or hit back like Apollo could. Sick.

    Ok, Debby Boone just sang You Light up My Life on Oprah, 33 years after it was a hit. It was slow and creepy. She was about one-half step too slow on each thing she sang, and seemed to struggle through the end of the song. I really wish she would have sung something else. I recall when that song was a hit, and I have no idea why. It’s depressing as hell.

    On the subject of depressing songs, if I hear the song “Soul Sister” one more time, either in a commercial or elsewhere, I’ll go ballistic.

    Oprah said she’s going to have the cast of The Sound of Music on next. WTF?!?? This last year on Oprah was supposed to be a retrospective of Oprah, not of the planet. The Sound of Music (1965) and Debby Boone (1977) were not current when Oprah’s show started in 1986. In the words of Nene, has Oprah lost her damn mind?!??

    • MAMAZ says:

      TLM – I’m with you on “Soul Sister.” Awful song by a lousy band.

      • Tlm says:

        Even worse is that I keep confusing “Soul Sister” with that Hawaiian guy’s version of “Somewhere over the rainbow.” Similar to Katy Perry’s “California Girls” vs Kesha’s “Tic Toc”. For most of the summer, I thought they were the same song.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Oprah has jumped the shark….

      • Waxdiva says:

        AZGirl… I thought Oprah jumped two years ago. After I read Kitty Kelley’s book about her, I disliked her even more… if that’s possible.

  52. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Wall st.Lady,
    I have a G.R.I.T.S. T-shirt! LOL 🙂

  53. Wall St Lady says:

    American Idiot on October 19,
    2010 at 3:39 pm
    My mother ,now 80, knew my husband was Italian. She didn’t like the Catholic part.In her defense she knew few & was hesitant of the Pope’s influence.
    But she wanted to know if he planned to get an aids test b4 we tied the knot !

  54. Rabble Rouser says:

    Teresa is really pimping out the kids lately…

    I just saw her and them in two magazines, one where they were in the CON-pound kitchen pretending to make cupcakes- and ‘cake pops’- with some little pitch for a charity.

    Then another mag where that where at the tinfoil CON-pound door in mainly hideous Halloween costumes. The three older girls were dressed like Lady Gaga, Katie Perry and Keisha…and the baby was suppose to be the ball breaking coach on Glee.

    • AZ Girl says:

      I saw those pictures and I feel awful for Gia. She really has some strong features.

    • Raquel Papel says:

      oh gosh I read both those magazines on the plane, and I though how funny that Teresa has the same sideways head pose for both pictures. She also went on and on about how she has her kids uniforms tailor made except for last year when she had to purchase them from the store (I am sure she thought that was gross) because audriana had just been born. Yes, it sounds like she has learned her leason and will never overspend again.

  55. Wall St Lady says:

    MAMAZ on October 19, 2010 at 4:09 pm
    If anybody besides an elderly man at the nursing home where I volunteer calls me honey or sweetie ,I say :
    I am not ur honey nor r u my sweetie ! My name is WSL what is yours.
    It works. They get the point.
    (Then I give them a SB smile beneath my fluttering eye lashes)
    Although it happens on the phone w/assistants as much as in person.

    • buffywood says:

      When I was in college I was the Assistant Manager of a marina and one of the dock hands thought it was funny to call me “Biscuit”. I warned him about it, wrote him up and said if he said it again he was fired. Later that day he decided to test me and call me biscuit yet again in front of a customer. I smiled and simply said “You’re fired”. He tried to play it off all cool until I said I would be right back. Went in and wrote a check from the petty cash account, handed it to him and told him to have a nice day. To this day that is the only time I fired someone and enjoyed it.

      • joan says:

        I was doing training on Sexual Assault and Child Abuse for a police dept in West Texas and one of the Sgts kept looking at my chest and talking to my boobs while he referred to me as “Little Lady”. I had about had it with him and was trying to figure out how to deal with him. During our role playing situation, I finally had all I could take from him, so I kicked him in the shin, grabbed his nose and pulled his head down and told him “My TITS can NOT hear you! When you speak to a woman, LOOK HER IN THE EYES, IF YOU DON’T, YOU WILL WIND UP TALKING OUT OF YOUR ASS!” During the rest of the training, he was very quiet and distanced. Two weeks after training, he was the case officer on one of my cases and was ALWAYS respectful, no matter what!
        Sometimes, you just have to get their attention, and sometimes you have to use whatever means neccessary.

  56. Wall St Lady says:

    NeNe s grammar varies strangely as well. She’s perfectly capable of speaking properly, but said to Phaedra, “Who you came wit?” at the shoe party. That was stranger than anything else I’ve heard.

    By TLM on October 19, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    To me this is simple. NeNe is using language as a stick to say “Don’t Fu*# w/me I am tough & ghetto. It is ment to intimidate.

    We talked b4 that mimicking can be condescending.

    I am in Harlem right now waiting for my Dr. Friend at happy hour. She is late. If any one inappropriately got in my space. I would probably speak the local jive & shock the $h*# out of them by letting them know ,go bother someone else. In this bar I ain’t afraid. I just want to continue my time w/Lynnfam.even if it is a friendly approach,I don’t want to b bothered. I don’t plan to b rude but I might have to. I have just as much right to b here as any one else.
    Ps I love Harlem. They have some killer stores & restaurants. Granted I have experienced it thru my friend mostly.

    • Waxdiva says:

      WSL: That’s where my daughter found her apt w/the washer and dryer that she HAD to have. She moved from The Ansonia because of a W/D.

  57. nepenthe says:

    @PhaedraParks: I was referring to MY husband’s family NOT all white ppl. As far as discipline, black moms are usually a lot stricter.

    ***If the ‘black moms’ were so strict we wouldn’t have so many gang members!!

  58. Wall St Lady says:

    TLM on October 19, 2010 at 4:00 pm I agree w/u.

    WSM & I had dinner w/ Debbie & her husband
    Gabriel Ferrer in Ca. At a fund raiser 10 years ago. His mother is Rose Mary Clooney(“Come on to my house”). They were very nice. Debbie was planning a come back then too.
    U may know the “u light up my life ” is addressed to God.
    I believe she sings it the same way many Christian songs have no contemporary time period because they are sung forever.
    I know whenever Debbie sings her song ,she is telling her God she still loves Him.
    Debbie is 54 ; I bet it is sung at her funeral.

  59. realminkey says:

    When dealing with people, I tend to use the dinner test: Would I be able to tolerate a person long enough to sit through a 2-hour dinner with them? So far, I have to say that I could even deal with Jill and Teresa long enough if I had to, as long as there were others at the table; I would just consider it a challenge. Kelly, Danielle, etc? I’d just say, bring on the crazies for a couple hours of entertainment. Hell, I could even deal with Jesus Barbie and her Neanderthal if I had to. I’ve dined with some championship male dirtbags, as well as shallow and mean-ass bitches in the past, and made it through just fine.

    I’m having a hard time with Phaedra, however. So far, she’s definitely pushing the envelope of what I could withstand.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      We used to have the airplane test. Who would you sit next to and how far would you be flying. The gold standard was Billy Crystal, LA to Beijing because it would be laughs all the way.

      For me, Nene NY – LA. But Phaedra, NY – Chicago (sorry Lynn, perhaps the other direction so she’s not stuck there) and I’d want to sit across the aisle from her so I could pretend to be reading if she got bad.

      • realminkey says:

        I’m just trying to imagine Phaedra in 1st Class (um, “business class”, or whatever they want to call the seats at the front now)….. Anyway, there wouldn’t be a person not insulted by the end of the flight.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          She’d probably use a PP (with a nod to the Mouth) anyway, but it IS an amusing thought of her on a plane. Just getting her on would be a production. So far have we seen her walk without males on either side holding her up?

  60. AZ Girl says:

    Steven Colbert on the view.

  61. SavingGrace says:

    Well Ladies:

    I can’t help myself put I set my DVR to view that 1/2 human 1/2 demon spawn known as Patti “foreva-a-matchmaker-neva-a-bride” Stanger on her Millionaire Matchmaker show.

    I want to see what she has to say about her VP leaving her to start her own service, her breakup with her boyfriend, and why she moved to NYC…

    It’s like a trainwreck…can’t keep my eyes off Patti’s stretched, orange, overexpressive face with that shrilly voice that makes my cats go hide.

  62. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi nepenthe
    Kat asked u what ur pretty monoker meant. I want to know too.

  63. Wall St Lady says:

    SavingGrace on October 19, 2010 at 5:37 pm
    U r a kinder person than I am. Ur “can I have dinner” test is very gracious.
    I don’t like a political couple whom have both run for Pres. I refused to even stand in the same room as a guest.
    I wouldn’t stand in the same room w/Mrs. Ape.
    The other Ho wives I think r a pathetic excuse for a “star” ;I might enjoy the opportunity to give them a specific example of why I think they r TRASH but politely on their turf.
    We all can give them a piece of our mind ,in our dreams !

  64. Golden Girl says:

    Does anyone know the name of the movie where John Travolta comes home with a dented can of food with no lable on it and asks his family who wants a surprise? “Could be peaches, could be pears, who knows that’s why it’s a surprise”

  65. Dawn says:

    Sorry if it was posted earlier, I’m headed out and didn’t have time to read through all of the articles.

    TMZ had the story that Vicki filed for divorce from Don on Monday. I don’t know why, but I’m shocked. Maybe Jenna will get her chance with him after all. She told Vicki was a great guy he was.


    Phaedra thinks she is Scarlett O’Hara. Frankly my dear you are disgusting. Did I understand correctly but wasn’t that a Pastor that was giving Phaedra and Apollo marriage advice? If it was and he didn’t start receiting the bible when she gave her love language then I have to question his morals but then again he is probably getting his pockets full. All I can say to Apollo RUN RUN RUN!

    Kim is one of the most pathetic out of the housewives franchise. I would love to have the mirror she looks into. Her outfits sometimes are worse than Teresas (if that is possible). Did she lip sync last night or did she sing? I was fast forwarding during most of her performance so I don’t know.

    Lynn love the blog always get it right. Thanks for not blogging about Patti Skanger she is also pathetic.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Phaedra explains this in her blog. They went to a counselor and this is part of the “understanding where each side is coming from etc.” in communication. Personally I think they are doomed. She is so full of herself and he wants a “mom”.

      • AZ Girl says:

        Oops this is in reply to Klmh. Not sure why it posted here.

      • klmh says:

        Oh, I thought the pastor, or whatever, asked what was important, and Apollo gave the answer Love Language. Then she said she wanted stuff.
        Oh, I agree. I don’t see this lasting very long…

  67. klmh says:

    Well, I’ve waited all day hoping someone else would ask this question, because I can’t find anything offensive about it. So, what did Apollo mean by love language? I thought it had to do with his approach to his wife, not only in sex, but respecting and just being a good partner to her.
    Ideas or other interpretations?

  68. Wall St Lady says:

    There r several books on the topic. When I was married 19 years ago we counseled in love language. The 14t example is he gives her a tool (toaster).
    & she gives him cufflinks. He wants a saw & she wants a ring.

    • klmh says:

      Thanks. I’ll google it. I had no idea there was an official “love language”.

      • SavingGrace says:

        I actually checked the book out 2 years ago. The book really made me think about what love languages I speak and which ones were important to me.

        I was dating at the time. Even though I really really like one guy I was seeing, I had to end it after reading the book.

        He didn’t speak ANY love languages. Sad, cuz he has so much to offer but was too self-absorbed.

        Luckily my financee speaks several love languages…as do I.

  69. lillybee says:

    Maybe Patti will cruise with her BFF Jill Zarin.

  70. floridagirl88 says:

    1. I think Kandi gets some screen time and some influential contacts through her friendship with Kim. At first, I thought she was just a damn fool for continuing to be around Kim, but then I glimpsed the business side and how she could benefit though exposure at different venues. You can’t help but notice that she can sing while standing next to the ginormous boob lady.

    2. I was born and raised in the segregated south and there were parents who beat their children (we felt bad for them) and the rest of us got spankings when we were out of line, which wasn’t often. Families had more structure back in the day. As a young adult I DID notice the difference in how children were disciplined. My parents never reasoned with me, they told me what to do and I did it because, well, they were my parents. As a young adult I saw white parents as far more permissive with their children, asking them questions, reasoning with them, a novel idea. When I was raising my son and my stepdaughters, I saw that parenting was far more subtle than I realized. You don’t have to touch a child to get your point across and rein in their behavior (unless it’s a hug and a kiss). However, I do agree that their are some major differences in child raising between whites and blacks, especially in the south and even still today. No, I am not about to give a sociology lecture here tonight.

    3. Last year some of the blogs were digging into Sheree’s background and discovered she had a daughter she referred to as a “family member” instead of as her first born child. This year that daughter is on the show. If I am remembering correctly Sheree was around 15 when she had this daughter who was raised by her grandmother, again IIRC. Sheree is still fake and the only thing that makes her special is her appearance on a reality show. That was damage control last night, as previously mentioned upthread. I think Dwight did put out some money for her fashion show and the very least she could do is cover his direct costs. Didn’t she agree that her show was a success? Now that I type that, if her line was successful, how come she put it “temporarily” on the shelf?

    4. I wonder if Apollo will escape soon, take the child and demand alimony and child support. I am so very disappointed in Fakedra, but now I understand why Bravo chose her for the show. She may be educated, but she sure is ignorant. That makes for drama! There are no words for what I saw last night.

    5. I agree about the interaction. When are these divas going to have a get-together so we can see wigs fly?

    • WTH????
      Is she saying that …………………………wait a minite. She’s saying that she’s not saying, but if she’s saying what I think she’s saying, I don’t think so.
      From what I’ve seen, (and unfortunately had the opportunity to hear through closed-doors, but open windows), there are people of all races who beat their children, and all races who do not.
      Is she saying that its acceptable if your cohorts in race & geography do it?
      That sounds like an excuse to me first of all.
      I do know that the parents who do beat their kids are pretty vocal in telling other parents that it must be done, but ultimately it is the personal responsibility of the parents. If you’re going to do it, you’re going to have to own it, not blame peer-pressure.
      (I’m in the, “If spanking works so well, you would only have to do it once.”) group.

  71. Wall St Lady says:

    Teresa will b next. Mark my words & don’t forget the prediction. As a “star ” she believes she can do better & get a fresh start. Besides why should even Ape woman put up w/cheating Gross Juicy ?

    • cusi77 says:

      WSL_ I think you are right.
      Several months ago I had my doubts… I though she will swallow a bullet for Juicy. Fame and money change people… even people with the kind of values & education Teresa received from her parents.

    • klmh says:

      From your fingers on the keyboard to God’s ears…

  72. Tara says:

    Phaedra wrote another USELESS blog! Didn’t really make up for anything she said. She is almost doing a Michaele circle!

  73. Pingback: Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Phaedra’s Narrow Box «

  74. historykc says:

    this may be the wrong crowd to ask.. but did anyone see the south park episode “it’s a jersey thing”? the new jersey housewives (teresa especially) got owned.

    • SavingGrace says:

      This IS the crowd to ask.

      Loved it. I try to use the term “muff cabbage” every day. Today I called my cat that when she refused to get off my phone so I could recharge it.

      Snooki though got the worse of it.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Situation got his too! IMO the housewives got off easy….but I guess that is just a Jersey thing!

  75. Adgirl says:

    Vicki & Donn, Tamra and Simon, NeNe and Gregg, LuAnn and WhatshisTitle, Camille and Kelsey – I really hate it that long time marriages fall apart with the assistance of reality TV. I did not include the Keuoghs because I think they’ve been separtely living in the same house for over 10 yrs. I don’t believe the shows or public scrutiny solely caused the break ups but it certainly accelerated them.

    Mostly it bothers me that the home life of the kids is made the object of public commentary.

    I agree with the Guidice’s being next up. Life is not that fun when you can’t buy everything in sight and have to care for your own pack of brats in a small house.

  76. Dawn says:

    I can’t see Theresa going in alone. While she would have some income from her book and appearance deals, there’s obviously no money to be gotten as far as alimony.

    Would she move back in with her parents? How much daycare could they reasonably provide given their ages? Would they fully support her?

    I suppose if Joe were inclined, he could allow her to reside in the apt. above the pizzeria and wait tables. She had better work on her personality as most patrons are not inclined to tip big if they’re having their table flipped.

    They’ve really gotten themselves in quite the pickle, haven’t they? At this point, they’re better off together as they really have nothing to individually offer.

  77. AZ Girl says:

    I may be out of line but this is the first night in a while that I feel that this blog is back to normal. ((knock on wood)) 🙂

  78. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Jill’s latest tweet:

    Jillzarin: Let’s start a STOP cyberbullying group.We would identify the bullies, then block, report and inform their employer! Who would join?

    • SavingGrace says:

      This woman is such an idiot.

      AND OMG! Who the heck does she think she’s kidding? Why did she take Bethenny’s body and photoshop her UBER huge head onto it?

      As if Jill Zarin! As if that was your REAL body.

      What a loon!

    • Adgirl says:

      “Inform their employer”? Really?
      That sounds like about hundred lawsuits. Is she thinking that a twitter address is business related ,or is she planning to trackdown employers through a related email address leads to the employer? What if the email address is personal – is she still going to look for my, errm, the employer anyway?

    • kbinldo says:

      isn’t that bullying?

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        YES. See my above comment 😀

      • Adgirl says:

        If she “reports” someone and they lose their job then Jill could be sued. She would have to prove that she was indeed bullied and that the person she accused did it.
        Of course we learned during Amazon-gate how easy it is to have your account used by someone else …. right, Jill?

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          I got the feeling it was a threat to those she calls her “haters”.

          • SavingGrace says:

            I just tweeted this to Jill:

            “Cool! When you start it can my pal Alana Chandler be helped first? She was cyber bullied for months! Bravo employs you, right? ”

            Jill Zarin is a gross excuse for a RHONY. True fans of the show have not forgiven or forgotten the torture Jill Zarin and her flying monkeys put Alana through.

            Then she wonders why people hate her AND she is only part time now!

        • SavingGrace says:

          Yeah, not everyone is as lucky as Jill is with THEIR employer BRAVO not giving a rat’s ass when their EMPLOYEE Jill Zarin harassed, bullied, threatened and cyber attacked Alana Chandler.

          Does this stupid fuck face Jill think the fans of the RH series have forgotten or forgiven her gorilla tactics? Like unleashing her PR flying monkeys on this board to attack us AND publicly humiliate Lynn N Chicago?


          I really Hate Jill Zarin!!!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      So Jill, do we report you to Bobby?

      • SavingGrace says:

        Nope — Bravo employes her, not that Andy Cohen gives a rat’s ass…

        But then again, she might only be a part-time member next season on RHONY…

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Then inform their employers? Hahahah- is that the ‘grown up’ equivalent to telling someones mommy?

      Dear Bosslady/Bossman

      Please be informed that your employee RabbleRouser was mean to me on the internet. It doesn’t matter that I am mean and self absorbed in real life and on line 24/7, I am still telling.

      If you don’t so something, then Bawbee will.

      Jill Zarin

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        I think that tweet of Jill’s is another attempt to get back into the limelight with the public anyway she can. We hadn’t heard from her in awhile and now she brings up the bullying again…as Cat would say “Bullocks”

  79. Susu says:


    Teresa`s Brother in law files for bancruptcy too!!!!! I bet he realized how easy it is and how u can get aways with everything by watching teresa…this whole family makes me sick!!!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Can you imagine the conversations at their “family” dinners! Whatever these people have been doing has finally caught up with them – they copy each other scam for scam. They all deserve to go to jail – the only fresh start that may make a difference.

    • Adgirl says:

      Their parents must be so proud.

  80. Wall St Lady says:

    Teresa is a sneak just like Jo. When She leaves Jo it will b to go directly to the paid for home of her new fabulous geyser.

  81. Susu says:

    400 $ in cash??? Of course…the whole family brought everything to italy before!!!!!
    Oh, i sooooo hate them…

  82. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Good night to all. And a happy morning tomorrow as well!

  83. Zipit Zarin says:

    I’ve never eaten Spam. Can’t get passed that clear jelly it’s encased in. Like boston I love Underwood’s deviled ham. I can scoop that out with my finger. Ummm, delish! Never put it on bread. lol What’s pathetic is having some faux star on Andy’s Gong Show getting us to feel the need to justify our comfort foods. Fug him and her. 😛

    I’m glad Vicki and Donn are divorcing. She treated him like dog doo and it was embarassing to watch. I’m just disappointed he wasn’t the one to file. But then, I’d always figure if he put up with it he must be a masochist and enjoy it. Gah. Disgusting to witness.

    • Vicki treats everyone like crap.
      She has the honor of being my “primary”, and firt-hated HW of all HWs.
      Starting with the way that she treated her daughter, (who curiously, is one of my favorite HW-children), to the comments that she made last season about how she “works” & the rest don’t, bla bla bla.
      So being a mother isn’t working?
      (ok-I know they have nannies, but the bitch knows she was on television, so indirectly she was speaking to ALL moms who don’t get a paycheck in my opinion).
      Seriously, I hate Vicki so much that she was the impetus for my personal hatred of HWs.-I cannot stand the woman. And she has to be the most un-attractive of all of the HW on all of the series in my opinion.
      I think that Vicki is uglier than Danielle, and I’m still trying to figure-out if they made Danielle repulsive on purpose to go with her character.

  84. psol says:

    Hello all, I’ve been lurking since day 1 (or 2) on the old blog. I feel as if I know each and everyone of you and have enjoyed all of your comments (well most). Thanks Lynn for another great blog.

    I watch all of the housewives and hate the same as most of you especially Jill Zarin.
    I must say that it has taken Faketra to bring me out of hiding. I’ve never heard anything so dumb and ignorant from someone that is so well educated and such a lady. I didn’t care for her on the first episode, but said I would give her a chance, it seems like my first impression was so correct.

  85. Adgirl says:

    So if Jill is demoted to part time isn’t that a fine comeuppance for her since it’s her fault that Bethenny decided not to return to RH mostly becuase of Jill’s dram last season? Haha.
    Talk about unintended consequences.

  86. Zipit Zarin says:

    Speaking of bullying…does anyone remember that therapist that used to post and Otaypanky bullied into leaving? I really, REALLY enjoyed her posts. Wish she’d come back!

    • DarkSonnet says:

      I completely agree with you, but I really doubt that she will ever post here again. Unfortunately….

      • Adgirl says:

        wasn’t her name mimi or sumtin? Can Lynn email her?

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          Yes! Mimi. I don’t know if Lynn can email her or not but I wish she could. Her insights were fascinating.

          I just watched another fascinating woman being interviewed. Camille Paglia. What a mind. Being a Jesus lover, I don’t agree with everything but her knowledge and perspective is inspiring (she can’t stand sneering 🙂 I just love her take on things which adds to my education. Hope someone else enjoys so will share.


          • Zoey says:

            I enjoyed her as well. She has her own blog page and I had it saved, but I think I deleted it. I’ll check!

            • MAMAZ says:

              I love Camille Paglia! but I don’t agree with everything she says either.
              She is so smart and so strong.
              Have you read any of her books?

              • She is or was a professor at UArts in Philly.
                I became interested in her because of that, because a student that I know went there & I tried to convince them to take her class, but the student always said they were full.
                Drudge posts a link to her column on Salon usually.
                I think that they are friends.
                She was named one of the Century’s 20 most influential thinkers or something like that.
                I would love to here her take on Marriage Equality.

              • Sha2000 says:

                “Strong art, is enough to sustain the human spirit without the prescriptive religion.”

                Wow, I agree; I would add nature to that – inspirational beauty, found in art, nature, intellect is enough to sustain the human spirit 🙂

                Thanks for posting Zipit!

    • klmh says:

      I agree as well. Gave some good insight into some of these women’s minds.

      • Yes-thank-you for posting. Great interview. I still want to know what she thinks about Marriage Equality-I would probably tend to respect whatever she has to say about it.

  87. nepenthe says:

    Hi nepenthe
    Kat asked u what ur pretty monoker meant. I want to know too.

    ******Nepenthe is a beautiful restaurant located on Highway 1 , over looking the BIG SUR coastline, in northern California. It was built by Frank Lloyd Wright in the 1940s. Living in Santa Cruz, CA (Monterey Bay area) in the 50’s and 60’s, my family made many camping trips to Big Sur, long b/4 it was fashionable. In those days Nepenthe was only open during Summer months. However, when Big Sur became riddled with “rich hippies”, those with jobs, luv beads and driving Jags, Nepenthe started being open 365….resulting in the rest of the world converging on a well kept secret.
    Hopefully the link to the photos will work.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      I have been to Nepenthe once; it is a wonderful place to eat, to sit in the evening and to share time (and wine) with someone you love. I was there last at least twenty years ago. Thank you for the pictures (and the memories).

    • Zoey says:

      Now I’m hungry AND I want to go on vacation! What an absolutely beautiful place, and I would have never known of it or seen it had you not shared, so thanks!

    • MSU Chicago says:

      In 2003, my ex-fiance and I took a trip to LA and drove up the 1 to SF, stopping in Big Sur for a couple of days. We stayed for 2 days at Deetjen’s, a rustic little place (I even wrote in the lodge’s diary). We drank great wine and had an amazing dinner at the Ventana Inn. We also drank and ate at Nepenthe, a beautiful place with a long “picnic table like tables outside.” If I am correct, that was the place, with an amazing view and lots of birds flying around. If not, a beautiful place, nonetheless!! It was a while ago!

  88. Tlm says:

    I read Teresa is dressing her baby like the coach on Glee for Halloween? WTF? How does one even dress a baby like that? She is wacko. Most people I know dress a baby like a bunch of grapes or a carrot, if they dress them up at all.

  89. Tlm says:

    Omg cannot believe the new story about Clarence Thomas’ wife asking Anita Hill to apologize!!! That is chutzpah!!!

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Drunk dialing maybe?

    • Waxdiva says:

      Doesn’t she know better than to leave a message??? Stoo-pid!

      • TLM says:

        I am glad she left the message and showed how nuts she truly is. Hill is a professor now, and turned the message over to campus police for security. Initially they didn’t even know if it was a prank, but then Mrs. Thomas confirmed it was her…I guess she’s proud of it. Looney tunes!!! Apparently Thomas’ wife is a Tea Party freak and started her own group. They showed pics of her sitting at some event wearing a hat with spikes like the Statue of Liberty. I wonder how long it will be until we can actually hear the message on the news. It should be far more interesting than Mel Gibson’s messages.

  90. Waxdiva says:

    Happy Tuesday, everyone!

    Halloween is coming!

    A man is walking home alone
    late one foggy night…
    when behind him he
    Walking faster, he looks back and through the fog
    he makes out the image of an upright casket banging its way down the middle of the street toward him.


    Terrified, the man begins to run toward his home, the casket bouncing quickly behind him






    He runs up to his door, fumbles with his keys, opens the door, rushes in, slams and locks the door behind him.

    However, the casket crashes through his door, with the lid of the casket clapping



    on his heels, the terrified man runs.
    Rushing upstairs to the bathroom, the man locks himself in. His heart is pounding; his head is reeling; his breath is coming in sobbing gasps.

    With a loud CRASH the casket breaks down the door.

    Bumping and clapping toward him.

    The man screams and reaches for something, anything,

    but all he can find is a bottle of cough


    Desperate, he throws the cough

    syrup at the casket…



    you’re ready for this!!!)

    The coffin stops.

  91. Tlm says:

    Someone needs to tell Phaedra you don’t have to hit to be a strict parent. That only teaches a kid that I’m bigger than you, and that makes it ok to beat you to control you rather than to teach you anything. It also teaches the kid that it’s ok to hit others if you aren’t getting what you want, and that there’s no need to control your anger. I think that’s how you raise a bully.

  92. Wall St Lady says:

    “Children Learn What They Live”

    “If a child lives with hitting ,
    he will hit. ”

    This poem says it all Fa horror

    • vilzvet says:

      First reader comment from the article: “Her ex husband fixes the kids breakfast walks them to school, hires the nanny who supervises them til bedtime. Kelly’s monitored heavily.The older girl dislikes the way her mother acts, the younger one pities her. Very sad.”

  93. boston02127 says:

    ‘Real Housewives Of New Jersey’ Booted From Their Table At Black Tie Gala To Make Way For ‘Real Housewives Of New York!’


  94. Still dealing with personal crap here. THANK-YOU for the prayers & good-wishes everyone.
    I’m going to try to tune-in to RHWOBH, and get back on track, but so much stuff going-on.
    The real purpose of my post today, is to BRAG!-’cause I thought that you guys would like to know, I am an “official” Basketball MOM.
    You don’t hear too much about us. And no I’m not talking about HS, or grade school, just another step closer to my real goal of the “real thing” (NBA), and if my kid knew that I was posting this he would probably quit or something.
    (yeah-most of us B-Ball moms try to stay pretty far out of the spotlight)-
    But as you’ve probably guessed I couldn’t be more proud right now.
    And all the kid did was get out there where he should have been in the first place.
    (on the court)
    My divorce is ridiculous. If my future-ex has his way, I’ll be paying him child-support, which would be fine, except that I also have custody. So you can imagine how that’s going. I can see where he is setting me up for future spousal support, (where I have to pay him), so I have to get this over-with asap.
    Hopefully I can get back to some serious HW-hating soon!
    Oh-yeah, and if I ever post here and I accidentally offend by my ignorance of what has been posted before me, the reason is that I read the comments BACKWARDS usually.
    I usually read Lynn’s blog, then post at the bottom, then work my way backwards up through the comments.-usually. I don’t know why it works out that way, probably because I’m eager to post something, and then read the comments.

    • klmh says:

      Are you left handed too? 🙂

      • Ambi-dextorous. I read magazines & newspapers backwards also.
        Does that have something to do with it?

        • AZ Girl says:

          I am left handed and always read the comments bottom to top.

        • klmh says:

          Yep, I usually read from back to front and I’m left handed. The blogs get too confusing to me though and I do read them from top to bottom.
          Im sorry your are going thru a difficult time, but am so happy for you and your son.

          • Thank-you KLMH, yeah the good things tend to put the big troubles in perspective.
            I hope that we all have good things to celebrate!

            • And ya know-there was talk about Vickie up-thread, and another reason why I hate her the most is because of the way that she treated Jenna.
              I identify personally with Jenna’s marriage- my future-ex was not diagnosed with a head-injury, but there is something wrong with him mentally in my opinion.
              Vickie just had to say that her falling-out with Jenna was about Jenna asking for a loan, or about “money” or something, and then I saw somewhere how Jenna has been so generous to her friends & people in general, & when she had that big home she was always taking people in and filling-up the house with people who needed help. (not that Vickie has to be as kind-hearted or generous as Jenna), but they were close friends & I think that it was Vickie’s miserliness that broke them up.
              -like money was more important to Vickie than friendship when with Jenna it was the opposite.

              • MAMAZ says:

                HW hater – I always read from the bottom up. It’s the best way to stay current on the conversation. Congrats on your B-Ball star. I am a huge B-Ball fan. Especially college. I live for March Madness.

                Jeanna is the only OC Housewife I like. I thought Vicki always treated her like badly. Her compliments were backhanded, she was condescending.

                Vicki is another “can dish it out but can’t take it” type. She thinks everything she says is so wise and witty. Lord knows I can’t stand Alexis B, and her meeting whathisface story was long and boring but for Vicki to pretend to snore through it was just rude. Then she was so hurt when the others called her out on it. And poor, sweet Donn consoled her.

                Of course we don’t know both sides of th story but he seemed like a great guy to me. He’ll find the woman he deserves. Hey You’ll be single soon! Do you live near OC?

              • klmh says:

                We all see things differently but I cant judge from an hour show what is going on with these ladies lives in a few months time. We have seen Bravo manipulate not only the story line, but time line as well. If I had a friendship or relationship with her, well that would be a different story too.

              • klmh says:

                There is one little thing that I saw to cause trouble between V and J. I remember one of the tenants J. sent over to V. refused to pay a few months or so rent. That is when I saw their relationship deteriorate, do you remember that? I think they were sitting by a pool and V was complaining to her about him.

  95. Wall St Lady says:

    I hasn’t seen this


    Danielle Staub Jewelry Line
    Oct 19th
    Danielle Staub — who wrapped up her two seasons of terror on The Real Housewives of New Jersey in August — is turning jewelry designer following her exit from Bravo’s hit reality franchise. The controversial reality personality has teamed up with Manhattan fine jewelry house Versani to launch a line of cross-inspired goodies that will likely launch just in time for the holidays

    close-whether, crosses, danielle-staub, fine-jewelry, holidays, housewives, jewelry-line, religious-thing, staub, turning-jewelry, ward-off-table, will-feature, word-on-whether

    Oct 18th
    Danielle Staub Will Host Wealth TV Reality Show “Social!”

    Oct 13th

    You can’t keep a wackadoodle down! Danielle Staub — the recently fired star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey — has been cast as the new host of Social! , a Wealth TV reality series described as a modern-day revival of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous .

    Danielle Staub Jewelry Line

    Oct 19th

    Danielle Staub — who wrapped up her two seasons of terror on The Real Housewives of New Jersey in August — is turning jewelry designer following her exit from Bravo’s hit reality franchise. The controversial reality personality has teamed up with Manhattan fine jewelry house Versani to launch a line of cross-inspired goodies that will likely launch just in time for the holidays

  96. Wall St Lady says:

    Andy is on Today talking about Entertainment News.

  97. Wall St Lady says:

    Dam Andy dared KL to slap him. After he said u want to slap me. She got out of her chair & got in his face. He said I dare u to slap me. KL rubbed her palm across his face !

  98. Wall St Lady says:

    I recall a story I heard about a Rottweiler that attacked a Golden
    Retriever puppy at a kennel. The Rottie climbed out of its run and
    nearly mauled the puppy to death. The owner of the puppy wrote the
    owner of the Rottie, demanding it be put to sleep. The owner of the
    kennel got wind of it, and begged the owner of the Retriever puppy to
    rescind the demand. She appealed to the puppy’s owner this way….

    “What he did was horrible, but I am still training him. I’m not
    finished with him yet.”

    God would say about the Rottweilers in our lives that attack
    us, leaving us bloodied and bruised….”I am not finished with them

    We honor God when we see such people as not His failures, but
    His projects.

    Isn’t that an example of peerless thinking?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      hmm… This is an interesting thought.

      God’s not finished with the bullies or the trolls or the whatevers yet.

      thank you

  99. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    I knew Teresa would run to Rob Shuter with her complaints about contract negotiations with Bravo.


    • Adding the amount that adult children are given, I’ve learned the Manzos are getting $310,000, the Lauritas are second with $270,000 and the Giudices receive the base rate of $250,000.

      “Bravo could make it even by giving the Giudice girls a college fund or trust or by paying for a babysitter or an assistant for Teresa, yet they won’t,” a friend tells me.
      The item starts-out saying that Caroline & Jackie are paid more than Teresa, then it goes on to explain that because Caroline & Jackie’s children are older, they are paid differently.
      First of all—this is the first time that I’ve heard these numbers. Way more than ever quoted before? But if this is what’s holding-up Teresa signing-on for another season, I’m on Teresa’s side here.
      Unfortunately, in NJ, and don’t ask me how I know this, children can not have the kind of trust fund account that cannot be touched by parents. So maybe it has something to do with that?
      If that is the prob. I also happen to know that the county surrogate can keep monies for children in that manner, and if I were setting-up a trust for Teresa’s children that’s exactly where I would put the money.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I suspect that’s all bullshit and not just because it’s Rob’s column, although that itself is a clue. It’s another of T’s public negotiating ploys that may piss off Bravo…after all, who needs who more? Really. (How’d that public PR negotiating campaign for mo money work out for you, Jill? Is that why you have so much free time now to travel the world?)

      T and her camp turn to Rob whenever she’s got a load of BS to dump, because he’d print that the moon was made of green cheese if a pseudo celeb “leaked” it to him. She hadn’t been using him lately, so he probably wet himself to publish anything she or her “people” told him.

      Rob had a previous column, only just a couple months ago or so IIRC, where an unnamed NJHW was complaining they were only getting $3,ooo per episode and they had a three year contract and they were locked into that. And they couldn’t get more money until the 4th season. It was all boohoo about this iron contract of 3yrs and 3K per episode. (Mind you all these folks were supposed to be rich to begin with….not like they were going to be living off their salaries.)

      Bravo’s notoriously cheap. Now Shuter claims the ho’wives are each getting $250K/season? So what happened to that “3 year contract they were locked into @ 3K per episode with no possibility of raises” Rob previously wrote about just a couple months ago?

      And while Rob will print anything he’s told or imagines, the logic is goofy as usual: adult children are adults. Whatever they earn is their own, they owe taxes on it. They’re not communists, it doesn’t go into some communal family coffer. Also, Ash is off the show. That’s no secret. But now he’s talking a payment by “family plan?” Do extended families pay income taxes as a single entity? (Aside from the fact we don’t know that Teresa even pays income tax: Teresa & Joe apparently submitted several years worth of bogus tax returns to the bankruptcy court….turns out those tax returns were never submitted to the IRS, according to court documents.)

      Teresa got a $250K advance on her first cookbook (plus a bonus) last fall. Instead of setting up a college fund account for her kids like she claims she needs (yeah, education is big with Juicy and T, that’s like so obvious) she spent $60K on furnishings that we know of & hasn’t paid the mortgage on her residence since she filed bankruptcy a year ago.

      Atlanta has had the highest ratings of the HW franchise, I think. This season looks like it’s going to be fun. Season 2 New Jersey was a snooze.. The off screen antics of these bozos far more interesting: Teresa’s bankruptcy saga and the court docs was the highlight. Not a good sign for a show when the most interesting things about the characters are not the show itself but their off camera activities. And after last season, Bravo should give more bucks to these folks for more of the “ham game” and “the wonderful world of how much ugly crap can you attach to your poor kids’ heads?” I don’t think so.

      Given Rob’s own columns a couple months apart, the fact that Rob prints any old shit, Bravo’s notorious tightness with a buck on salaries…and how Andy said “we won’t let that won’t happen” in an interview when asked if the HW’s salaries could get to the point where the shows are less profitable, I think Rob’s article is bullshit.

      And just a few days ago, Rob had the honor of being dissed by Neil Patrick Harris (a real working actor and a real “star,” fwiw) because of some “made up” stories:

  100. Wall St Lady says:

    I had a friend who had a blue eyed Husky. She was petite & wore 4″ heels. She was known for being dragged down Park Ave walking the Husky.
    One day at age 3 in the elevator the Husky grabbed a small dog by the neck & threw it up into the air. The other dog had been in the elevator w/the Husky many times b4 and was terrorized but not hurt.
    Her building demanded she get rid of the dog.
    My dad in NC who had raised bird dogs & once trained a German Shepard who had almost killed a child.
    He thought he could sell the dog. After having three people bring the dog back. He gave it to a man who lived in a very rural area 1hr from my Dad’s home. He said it was a burden cuz the dog cost more to feed than a lion !

    • MAMAZ says:

      I used to have a Husky. He was great with people but HATED other dogs. I don’t know if that’s typical of the breed.
      He was one of the smartest , most affectionate dogs I ever had.

    • buffywood says:

      I have the opposite story. I have a 150 lb Rottweiler named Jake (An SPCA rescue). He is the gentlest dog in the world. Two summers when my some was about 7 months old I was walking the dog and I had my son in the Snuggle (front wearing carrier). One of those “ankle bitter” dogs came flying off my neighbor’s porch at Jake. He stopped for a few seconds and then jumped up and attached himself on Jake’s face. Jake was just wagging his little nubby of a tail with this dog swinging from his face. I am now screaming as I can’t bend down to do anything about it.
      There was a person walking down the street at the time who saw the whole thing. All I could think was thank god I have a witness in case Jake decides he has had enough of this abuse. The headlines would have been “Beloved family pet mauled to death by massive Rottweiler”.
      The neighbors finally heard me screaming and got their dog off Jake’s face. He didn’t need stitches and luckily the other dog’s shots were all up to date, but things definitely could have turned out much worse. Thank god Jake is as kind hearted as he is… yes he got his ask kicked by a 2 lb dog. If Lynn will post it, I am going to send her a picture of my son sitting on Jake reading. They both love it.

    • klmh says:

      If any dog I owned bit a child, not nipped, but bit a child and drew blood, the dog would be put down, no questions, no additional training, nothing. He would go meet Jesus and He could train him.

  101. TLM says:

    Since we’re doing random stories… when I heard Tom Bosley died, in the back of my mind I recalled a phone conversation years ago.

    My Dad used to make investments through something called Value Line, which was based out of California and apparently is still around. One day the phone rang, I picked it up and my Dad wasn’t home, so I wound up chatting with this guy from there. I can’t remember his name, but I never forgot that he said he was “Tom Bosley’s son.” Even though I always watched Happy Days, it’s not like I was dying for details on Tom Bosley, so my response was something like, “Oh really?” and that was it. I remember I didn’t really know what to say in response, since Bosley was certainly well known, but at the same time, not a superstar in the sense that paparazzi or others were chasing him down. That probably was great for him, since he was well-paid, but could live his life somewhat normally.

    I’m automatically suspicious of people who drop names, but why would someone lie about being Tom Bosley’s son, I thought? I guess the fact that it wasn’t readily verifiable at the time might have been one reason. The guy’s last name wasn’t Bosley, but I thought that might have been a stage name so I didn’t question it. In an obit today I read, “Bosley is survived by his wife, one daughter, two stepdaughters and seven grandchildren.” No sons. Trust no one!! It’s pretty weird since it’s not like the guy was trying to get me to invest or anything. We were just chatting. I guess some people just like to see what they can get others to believe.

    • Sha2000 says:

      I worked for an airline long ago & we would have a few celebrities book their selves, particularly in the group sales dept because clients usually work with the same sales rep. I remember one girl had Barry White call in a lot. The group showed up & traveled each time so it was him. One night I got a call from a very nice gentleman who was booking himself on the LAX/JFK red eye in first. When I asked for his name he answered, Tom Cruise & it sounded like him 100%. He was very polite & having worked in the industry for 14 years I can tell you you get your share of freaks & develop a strong BS radar (never lie to the airline agent over the phone, trust me they KNOW when you do, it must have something to do with the fact that they rely solely on their ears to do their job) & this guy seemed legit. I never checked later to see if he flew, so I’ll never know, but it sure sounded like him.

  102. shamrockblonde says:

    hello all – just came across this – maybe now Don can have his bliss –


    I feel very badly for Don and hope that this split brings him freedom and peace, but somehow I think that it is causing him pain – at least now – I always felt that despite the fact that it was Vicki that he was married to, that he truly loved that woman –

    as for the random stories department – my Dad told us once that he was rushing around NYC doing some late Christmas shopping, came around a corner too fast and plowed into a woman holding several boxes – they all fell to the ground, and Daddy started gathering them up ana apologizing when all of a sudden he was surrounded by three very large men – the woman he bumped into was Jacquline Kennedy – he said she was very sweet, assured him that she was okay and wished him a very Merry Christmas – the big guys were not smiling at all……..he said she was beautiful – oddly enough, my sister has been compared to her – tall and lanky, with dark hair and exquiste blue eyes – me – I’m a short left handed blonde with green eyes!!

  103. Sha2000 says:


    So she couldn’t say put the camera down & help me? Sorry another story of her’s I’m not buying.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I don’t know @sha2000. how do we know she didn’t say that? The footage is pretty well edited, and if something happened that didn’t fit the story line then it didn’t get shown.

      I agree with Danielle, she was bullied. and I agree it was allowed for ratings drama. And I also agree it had crossed over to a dark place when Jacqueline was standing silently in front of the car and Teresa was screaming into her windows. And then Kim the backstabber wouldn’t leave until she went back into the country club.

      Danielle is histrionic and high maintence but Bravo should never allowed that BS to happen. But ever since the table flip the ratings were so high that they almost seemed annoyed that she would object to being put into abusive situations, ie the reunion show.

      • buffywood says:

        They were talking about this issue on the Today Show this morning. It came up in regards to possible assault charges for one of the “Tean Moms” for hitting her boyfriend on camera (over and over). And this all happened in front of a young child.

        Koda and KL were discussing the camera crews’ responsibility in situations like this (and referenced the RHANJ). They both felt they should also have some criminal responsibility if they record and do nothing to protect someone being physically abused.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          Well, I mean if YOU or I saw that abuse, and didn’t try and stop it, or call the police or whataver, wouldn’t we get into trouble? Isn’t there something like the good samaritan law? That if you see a crime taking place, you have a legal and moral responsibility to report it?

          • buffywood says:

            Ha… like that last episiode of Seinfeld? I think (and I stress think) the good samaritan law prevents peopel who step up to help from being sued (now I need to google it).

            As we both know it is just called being a human being. Something clearly those who file these “reality” shows know nothing about.

        • MAMAZ says:

          Buffy – Criminal responsibilty for the camera crew is a slippery slope.
          The National Press Photographers Association has a code of ethics and one of them is “While photographing subjects do not intentionally contribute to, alter, or seek to alter or influence events.”
          I have always wondered how anyone could stand there and photograph some of the things they do without intervening. But their point is they are recording history and need to be as truthful as possible.

          Of course the Housewives aren’t historical or anywhere near truthful but the job of the camera crew is the same. To record what occurs without influencing it.
          IMO the people who should be held responsible are the people who encourage the drama. They are the ones who put these people in harms way. When they see a person like Amber Portwood or Ashley Holmes assault someone the FIRST time they should be fired. It should be in their contract and enforced.

          If you prosecute the cameraman or woman you just hurt another middle class working person while the boss responsible gets away with it. And he will just hire another cameraman willing to record it all for posterity.

          • Sha2000 says:

            I get what everyone is say & I agree w/MAMAZ …beyond the crew, aren’t then the people witnessing responsible too by the opinion’s here?
            For example, take the Country Club staff & the members & guests too? Where would the litigation end if all were responsible? I’m not defending bullies, I’m just saying consider the source.

            • buffywood says:

              It really is a slipperly sloop. Hell as a kid watching Animal Kingdom I could never understand why the photographer didn’t save the zebra from the lion. It is hard to determine when someone should step in but I guess a good guidline should be when they see laws being broken and are in a position to do something about it (safely that is).

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Does anyone remember the season of Survivor where one of the contestants was so fatigued he passed out and fell into a fire pit?

            The camera’s kept rolling and none of the production company got involved. I think the poor man was eventually pulled out by another ‘cast member’ and was taken by helicopter to the hospital.

            That sparked a lot of criticism on the whole spectator aspect of reality tv. The producer came out and said, had any of the film crew stepped into help he would have fired them.

            Although, I think they do have medics and lifeguards and people of that nature now on standby who can intervene.

            • Waxdiva says:

              I distinctly remember that guy because we ran into him at FOA Schwarz and asked him how he was… he was not quite healed when we saw him.

        • American Idiot says:

          Matt and and Ann discussed it also earlier in the show. They showed the clip from Teen Mom, and it was hard to watch. Amber repeatedly hit her fiance, and uses abusive language also. And the baby was there in the room. Matt and Ann were horified at what was shown on TV. Now, the police and child services are involved.

          I am a Teen Mom fan, and Amber need anger management and parenting classes, ASAP.

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