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I Hate Jill Zarin   Real Housewives of Atlanta Preview / Other Housewives News

Real Housewives of Orange County

Gretchen Rossi is engaged!  Word is that the finale of the Real Housewives of Orange County ended as usual with a cocktail party that included not only the current housewives but the alumni ladies who have been booted or left on their own accord. 

Not surprisingly, word has leaked from the party locale that Slade Smiley used this finale party to finally propose marriage to Gretchen.  Congratulations to the happy couple.  I’m assuming next season will be all about wedding dresses and venues. 

Not to be upstaged, Tamra Barney and Jeana Keough created a stir with their version of wine to the kisser ala Tareq Salahi.  I wonder if Jeana watched the DC Housewives reunion and thought…wow, what a great idea!  From what we could piece together from the tweets and gossip sites, Tamra was angry with Jeana for spending time (reportedly double dating) with her soon-to-be ex husband Simon Barney.  RadarOnLine reported that tidbit: 

EXCLUSIVE: Jeana Keough Double Dates With OC Housewife Castmate’s Ex-Husband | Radar Online http://t.co/d16ZkbA

Tamra claims that Jeana tried to push her into the pool and then Tamra threw a glass of wine in Jeana’s face.  Jeana’s son and daughter, Shane and Kara Keough both had things to say (via Twitter) to Tamra about the incident, although it does not appear as either of them were actually on site for the event.

EXCLUSIVE: Tamra Barney & Jeana Keough Brawl At ‘Real Housewives’ Party! | Radar Online http://t.co/Q8pfK1L

You can read all of the tweets complied into one place here:


Simon jumped in with his comments as you can read above, he claims that Bravo manipulates the cast with alcohol and the promise of fame and fortune.  They get them to act obnoxious and according to Simon, choose one person to be the bad guy for the season.  He was the fall guy last season and he claims that it is Jeana’s turn this year.  

I wouldn’t be surprised if this weren’t true, at least in part.  The bottom line as far as I’m concerned is that no one can force you to do anything that you don’t want to do, and they can’t put words in your mouth.  No one can force you to consume too much alcohol or act like a fool.  All of these people readily agreed to appear on the Housewives series in exchange for money and fame. 

People have GOT to be responsible for their own behavior.  Stop blaming Bravo’s cameras and producers for bad behavior. 

The Real Housewives of Atlanta – New Episode Tonight

Bravo has posted a few previews of tonight’s episode, one of them shows a glimpse into Phaedra Park’s baby shower which actually had a dress code.  Required attire for women, hats and gloves.  Phaedra true to what we’ve seen so far of this woman, acts like she’s the Queen of Atlanta and barks orders at people and comparing this event to her wedding.  Thank everything that is good for NeNe Leakes interview that puts a cynical yet hysterical perspective on everything.  NeNe really should be a stand up comedienne, I just love her comments, particularly about Phaedra Parks!

Another preview shows Phaedra hosting Cynthia and her fiancé Peter to the Steeple Chase’s.  Cynthia’s fiancé is expecting Phaedra’s husband to join them to this unfamiliar equestrian event but is disappointed to find Dwight entering the limousine and clearly Peter  wishes he was back in his restaurant/club with the real people.  Another fantastic and amusing commentary by NeNe is followed by Phaedra, once again sticking her foot in her mouth.  Quite a feat since she is incredibly pregnant.  Phaedra is shown in an interview bashing Cynthia and her modeling career, then informs the limo occupants that she would never marry a man who has all kinds of crazy kids running around.  She quickly learns that Cynthia’s soon to be husband has five children from previous relationships. 

I have a feeling we won’t see Peter joining his fiance for anymore outings with Phaedra and Dwight.  NeNe, keep the funny coming!!! 

You can view the previews here:


The one thing that Atlanta has that the other series do not have is the comedy!  The quickie one liners are priceless, don’t miss tonight’s episode! 

I was not really a big fan of NeNe’s last season but I must admit, she’s won me over so far this year.  We have a common goal, to show Phaedra as the cartoon character that she is.  Fakedra (as NeNe calls her) is really so “out there” that it’s difficult to believe she’s even a real person and not just acting.  Sadly, I think she takes herself seriously, poor Apollo.

Oh and there is also a video of Kim’s full performance of “Tardy For The Party” at the White Party, I don’t recommend that video at all!  If you happen to click on it, don’t blame me!

The Atlanta ladies have posted their blogs, NeNe’s blog opens with:

Let me say right out of the gate how boring this episode was to me! Even I fell asleep watching.

This could be because NeNe is not featured very much on this episode and it’s all about Kim and her performance with Kandi but I have to agree with NeNe, short of her hosing down the dog, watching Kim prepare for what promised to be only enjoyable for the tone deaf, it wasn’t up to Atlanta’s usual standards.  NeNe lets Phaedra have it in her blog as well, agreeing with most fans that this woman is over the top.  Even NeNe hopes tonight’s episode will be better.

I am liking Sheree better this season as well, she seems to have gotten a better handle on her attitude and she’s not coming off quite as self-centered as last season.  While I have to respect that her blog only comments on her own scenes, I would love to hear what she has to say about the other ladies.

Phaedra doesn’t apologize in her blog for any of her remarks, although she acknowledges that she may have offended some people (understatement of the year) she doesn’t bother to explain her comment about “whipping” her unborn child or that white mothers are not as strict as black mothers, white people eat canned foods….the many insults to her husband including expecting gifts while he preferred quality time together.  I think things will just get worse for this woman and she may regret her decision to become a Bravo Housewife.  Watch What Happens….

I’ve posted my review about Thursday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live on Blogspot.  Joining Andy Cohen was NBC’s Today Show host Hoda Kotb and Skanky Patti Stanger.  Here is that review:

Host:  Andy Cohen, Bravo Executive 

Guests:  Hoda Kotb, Today Show

               Patti Stanger, Millionaire Matchmaker

As most of you know, I absolutely detest Patti Stanger and found it difficult to watch this show with her horrible butt parked in one of Andy Cohen’s chairs but my admiration for Hoda Kotb won out and I watched.

Like Jill Zarin there are two faces of Patti Stanger, the well behaved and professional Stanger that appears on Watch What Happens Live with her boss Andy Cohen.  Then there is the real Stanger, the one who appears in a You-Tube video with mistress Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, lunching in Los Angeles.  For those who haven’t seen this video or can’t stomach it, Stanger is shown on her cell phone with Jill Zarin discussing Bethenny Frankel’s new show and saying, “she’s not a friend” as well as calling Bethenny a “C-U-Next Tuesday”.  Stanger inserts her foot into her mouth by telling the camera the in’s and out’s of how television pilot’s work and that Bethenny’s show is certainly not anywhere near to being produced at this point.  When Patti says she wishes Bethenny all the best, Kim questions that statement and Stanger ensures everyone that she was being sarcastic.  This 6+ minute video is a complete embarrassment for Stanger and doesn’t do much for Zolciak either but big mouth Stanger definitely comes off worse in the end. 


In case anyone hasn’t seen the You-Tube fiasco, Stanger insures everyone knows her stance on Bethenny by tweeting nasty items asking fans why they’re all on Team-Bethenny and her famous line, “any cow can give birth”.  For months fans have wanted someone to confront Patti Stanger and finally, Cohen asks the question repeating the horrible line about a cow giving birth.

I loved how Stanger tries to talk over Andy’s words in hopes no one will hear but instead forcing him to repeat “any cow can give birth” twice to ensure the question is complete.  Even Hoda asks Patti, “did you really say that?”  The cowardly Stanger back peddles and goes into the garbage that we all know is an extreme exaggeration of Jill’s accusations that Jill gave Bethenny a roof over her head and food to eat implying that Bethenny was destitute and homeless. 

This is another instance where a Bravolebrity tries to act as though the viewers are idiots.  We all know that Jill’s statement of how much she helped Bethenny that summer was just to try to make Bethenny look bad and was an extreme stretch of the truth.  Apparently Stanger didn’t watch the Real Housewives of New York reunion show and failed to keep up with Jill’s latest apologies. 

Stanger then says that she used to be friends with Bethenny adding, “you know that, Andy” as Cohen mumbles, “no, I didn’t know that”.   So it appears that Stanger’s only issue with Bethenny was Jill and Bethenny’s argument.  As Patti wanted to confirm her place on Team Jill, which could have easily been done without bashing Bethenny, the brash and disgusting Stanger takes it way too far and although she has no personal issues with Bethenny, Patti Stanger goes postal on Bethenny for no reason.

Hoda is clearly disgusted with Stanger and praises Bethenny, confirms that they’re good friends and that attending Bethenny’s wedding was incredible.  Patti jumps in saying how beautiful the wedding was and how great Bethenny’s husband Jason is all in an attempt to right her wrong but I wasn’t buying a word of it.  Just as Jill says one thing and her actions contradict her words, Stanger is cut from the same cloth and lies to try to improve her reputation and gain back fans that she’s lost.  I’m honestly surprised that Stanger even admitted to watching Bethenny’s show.

I would have respected Patti Stanger a whole lot more if she’d just said that she’s not a fan of Bethenny’s and while she realizes her words and her tweets went too far, that is how she felt at the moment, annoyed that Bethenny had hurt her friend Jill, she lashed out.  Stanger is a coward and I refuse to watch her show, besides her unprovoked attack on Bethenny, the entire premise of the show is absurd!  I plan on somehow finding the results of her “matches” each week this season and keeping score to see how close she is to her 98% success rate that she’s now changed to a “high” success rate. 

If this woman was so successful in creating love matches, wouldn’t we see more follow up segments on her show, or possibly even a wedding that she is responsible for creating?  How many times has Stanger said she is going to dance at someone’s wedding, yet her dancing shoes remain in her closet gathering cobwebs.

Stanger furthers her reputation for being a piece of garbage by choosing to slam her ex-fiance telling us that not only did they grow apart but he hated the entertainment business, decided to punish Bravo by signing on to appear on Tori and Dean but had to also throw in that he liked the “free money train”.  Once again, Stanger opens mouth and inserts foot really only making herself look bad by slamming this man that she was once engaged to marry. 

Hoda was a gracious guest who was on the show to promote her book but took her humiliation of stooping to this particular show as well as could be expected.  I would bet that had Bravo and NBC not been affiliated, Hoda would not be sitting in that chair.  I did enjoy the little bit of Kathie Lee banter and even bashing throughout but as always, Cohen’s ego wouldn’t let him move forward without showing a little montage of himself appearing on Hoda’s show and the odd interaction between him and Kathie Lee.

I also loved that Andy called Patti Stanger, Patti Lee as it seemed to imply that Stanger was second fiddle to Hoda, as it should be!  Cohen pushed both ladies books, even the moldy old Stanger offering that was released years ago, so if you purchase a copy and it’s a bit dusty, don’t worry about it.

For some reason Andy thought that we needed Stanger’s insight into the demise of the marriage between Orange County housewife Vicki and her husband Donn.  Stanger feels that the divorce is the result of Vicki making more money than Donn and threw in there an accusation of Donn’s excessive drinking.   Stanger fuels the fire of rumors and gossip having no real confirmation of any of this. 

Both guests are asked who they feel is the hottest Housewives’ husband, Stanger (as if we care what she thinks) chooses Rich Amons, husband of DC Housewife Mary and Hoda is quick to choose Bethenny’s husband, Jason.  Both great choices!  Personally I think the hottest of the hot is still Cat’s soon-to-be ex husband Charles.

I can tolerate just about anything for 30-minutes and Hoda made the show watchable, the after show was released on Bravotv.com and can be seen here:


Thankfully Hoda showed absolutely no interest in Stanger helping her find a man, but graciously declined. 

Cohen had tweeted earlier in the day that he did not have a “Jackhole of the Week” and many suggestions were tweeted back to him but while the overwhelming vote was for Jill Zarin to get the Jackhole, he chose Clarence Thomas’ wife Jenny for “drunk dialing” Anita Hill demanding an apology for the fiasco that happened 14+ years ago. 

This week’s poll asked which Beverly Hills Housewife you would rather have as a sister, Kyle or Kim Richardson.  Kyle = 70% and Kim = 30%, no surprise there as Andy reads a tweet he received from Kyle expressing her displeasure with this poll.


I will post another blog on Blogspot later today, I hope you’ll all pop over and take a look.  Today’s topic on Blogspot, getting to the bottom of the Bullying debate.  I’ll post the link here when it’s ready to go.  Please don’t forget to support those great advertisers over there!  lol  Thank you!!!

Finally, my very first radio podcast has been posted and is available to listen to, I hope you’ll all enjoy!


If anyone is interested in advertising on the show it is very reasonably priced, please email me at LynnAHudson@aol.com

Until Next Time….

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279 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Monday Housewives News

  1. Sha2000 says:

    Well Gretchen & Slade do already have their bride & groom outfits.

  2. LynnNChicago says:

    My AOL mail is down, I can read but not respond, those that have sent email, please bear with me.

    WSL – LOVE your idea and am going with it!!!! :)xo

  3. AZ Girl says:

    Gretchen’s parents must be trilled. Remember last season Gretchen’s dad commented that he just “stepped in a pile of Slade”. Her mother did not care for him either. Lovely.

  4. LynnNChicago says:

    Tamra’s most recent Twitter post just moments ago:


    And yes, she posted it in all caps…

    • dancekrazy says:

      BOY OH BOY…..do you ever have these “ladies” pegged!!
      Tale FakeDra (oh, please take her), who began riding horses (not just riding, but English style riding with the implication that she competed in steeplechase, dressage, etc.) at 8 years old, then in another talking head moment……it was 7 years old. Next it will be “in utero”.
      Let’s study that “thrift shop” gown (I shop in thrift and consigment shops, also, so no offense there), and the endless roses in her hair, and the goofy glitter on her eyelashes………oh, yeah—–this would definitely be the outfit a woman of “class” would wear to her baby shower, and what the hell were the amateur ballet “dancers” doing there? NO WONDER APOLLO DIDN’T GO WITH HER. I have never seen anyone more “affected” than this yo-yo (well, maybe Zarin, just slightly better dressed).
      And the outfit she wore to the steeple chase, specifically the floppy red, church sale, hat she wore. I had to laugh at the looks Cynthia was giving her. I think we may see Peter out socially with FakeDra because he probably goes home and cracks up laughing!
      The funniest thing is that she always makes sure she sort of looks good in that distorted mirror in her house, yet the night of the “B Chic” show, she looked like she went through the dryer on a heavy-duty cycle. She definitely had no “fabulosity”. This one’s going to be a hoot through the entire season……she’s simply a clown with an attitude. REMEMBER: HALF OF ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS ARE IN THE BOTTOM HALF OF THEIR CLASS (class being the operative word), RIGHT?
      And, Lynn, I couldn’t agree with you more about NeNe. Last year, she really bugged me. So far this season, she is very empathetic, self-reflective, kind, and EVEN lovable.
      Keep the great comments coming!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I’m personally still not sold on Nene.

        But I do think that because she is funny, people give her more latitude then lets say a Phaedra or a Jill Zarin.

        I think Nene is the epitome of the person that people would describe as only being able to handle in same doses.

  5. error404 says:

    Bravo reminds me of the banks!

    Yes, people shouldn’t have bought houses they couldn’t afford, but that doesn’t excuse the banks, or the US gov for that matter, for pushing everyone into buying, even those who clearly couldn’t afford it.

    I kinda do feel a little bad for these fame whoring women, especially since it’s becoming clear that most of them are flat broke and have no other job skills but their outgoing personalities. Seriously, if Teresa wasn’t a RH with a book deal, how would they live? They’d be homeless. Mellania would be eating a big brick of WIC cheese. It’s not like Jill can go back to the men’s underwear counter at Macy’s.

  6. TrueLifeDiva says:

    If Slade proposed at the finale, then that’s a set up for the FOLLOWING season. This one is shot and in the can. Hopefully it is just for show. Slade’s track record is not the greatest. Smooth talking only goes so far.

  7. Olivia says:

    This will come as no surprise since I agree with Simon Barney’s assessment of Bravo.

    Most of the scenes, particularly the troubling ones where violence and vulgarity were on display, have all been fueled by the consumption of alcohol. This feature almost guarantees that inhibitions are thrown to the wind and hidden jealousies surface with just the smallest push while the camera records these little “nuggets” that always find their way into the final product.

    Table flipping, hair snatching, lobby chases, lunging at one another, screaming profanities from the front door of a restaurant, “scary island”, were basically results of women drinking whatever was at hand and playing the role assigned.

    Perhaps Jill was letting us on the “little secret” that Bravo did indeed encourage her behavior by holding out that promise of “fame and fortune” by not carrying that prized “Golden Apple” if she did not comply. I never bought the entire story that Kelly had a “breakdown” but became convinced that she may have been carrying out the “orders” given by Bravo that may have gotten out of hand. There was plenty of alcohol served on that cruise throughout those episodes and “Turtle Time” was just one evening in a series of evenings that proved disastrous for all involved.

    It is rare when you see them without a drink in hand, or attending an event that alcohol was not served. Some are capable of holding it better than others but Bravo seems to rely on the “personality” of the player to give them what they want when it comes to unveiling the hidden violence that seems to permeate most of these shows.

    These women behave like adult bullies but with a few drinks they become more than unpredictable.

    • error404 says:

      I agree, but this is what makes Jill such a wonderful villain! Too much Diet Coke may explain why she cries every time someone fails to kiss her ass, but the premeditated orchestrated smear campaign against Bethenny was off the hook, and not the rash outburst of a drunk person. Brilliant! True evil at work.

      • JazzNightOut says:

        error: this is OT to this thread, but I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of Kyle and Kim on RWOBH on the previuos blog. They are both participating in a kind of ugly game, and both of them have unlikeable qualities. I was getting tired of Kyle being seen as the saint; she is not.

    • fashion42 says:

      My friends mom used to work for MTV, she told us that The Real World house is stocked to the brim full of booze when the cast moves in (and is always replenished) it’s literally under their beds, in closets, in their bathrooms- MTV puts it everywhere to ensure drunken drama ensues. I don’t doubt that Bravo does this at all…but as Lynne said, everyone who signs that line is responsible for their actions… as embarrassing or damaging as they may be.

  8. TrueLifeDiva says:

    TammySue needs to STFU. She’s not a sympathetic character. Keep bringing Bravo cameras along to do things your lawyer could’ve handled over the phone. Jeanna’s son is correct, if you REALLY want privacy leave the show.

    • Kat says:

      Totally classless. Just like them too.

    • Olivia says:

      When is Bravo going to be held accountable for packaging this violence?

      The last OC episode of the season features Tamra throwing a drink in Jeana’s face and now Bravo has recorded the latest act between Joe and his brother in law. Something “smells” big time here.

      This stuff is bordering on barbaric behavior and is in no way any longer entertaining.

      • Kat says:

        When people stop watching. Or if someone gets seriously hurt or killed.
        But these are adults choosing to act as asshats. Responsibility starts with the individual imo.

        • Olivia says:

          It does start with the individual but there seems to be a “collaboration” going on here. Those wanting the fame and fortune are open to behaving in the worst possible way in order to remain on these series.

          And Bravo then has the right to present them in any manner they see fit in order to produce the revenues and the ratings that keep them in business.

          Quid. Pro. Quo.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Wow, just wow. Of course no one will be surprised but it’s really a shame the kids are trapped in that envirnment with all generations resorting to violence. Looks like Tree learned it from her parents and now her kids are learning it from their parents.

      I thought this was funny tho: “Most of the guests were so upset that their children were traumatized that they left and took their gifts with them, and didn’t even have any cake,” the other source said. They didn’t even get to eat cake! Like that was in any way relevent. LOL

      • WaxDiva says:

        I must be soooo evil… I would have loved to have been there to see that goat rodeo… the guests scattered and didn’t get cake… but they made sure to get their gifts back! I’m not getting cake, so you don’t keep the gift… funny!

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Yeah, that cracked me up too! LOL. In the aftermath of describing what sounds like a major throwdown, someone mentions guests leaving, taking their gifts, and….not even having any cake.

        Sounds like something someone in my family might have said. You don’t leave good food to go to waste. Even after a brawl. Priorities, people!

        I woulda been more classy about it than the guests, though. I woulda been “leave the gifts, take the cannoli cake.” 😉

        • RubyNewbie says:

          Some guest should have just picked that whole cake up and taken it home with them. Heck, all things considered, that would have been one of the least tacky things to go down.

        • Ellabean says:

          I know a G.F. reference when I see one. 😉

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I don’t think it was right of them to take the gifts back, they were meant for a baby who obviously in no way involved with grownups acting like asses.

      • fashion42 says:


        that is truly a tragedy, how awful- what pure dysfunction! No cake! Absurd! I’m disgusted.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      So Teresa just can’t contain her jealousy and anger yet again! Her brother called her on Joe and T’s behavior and instead of apologizing they start a brawl??? Bravo has to be eating this up… Wondering what Caroline’s reaction to this is – how will she excuse this incident?

      • quincyil says:

        The whole family is messed up. The sister in law should have been a gracious hostess. Her husband should have been respectful of his guests. Teresa should have been on time. Joe should not have been drunk.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Yes Quincy. They should have been ALL of the above. However, these monsters, Juicy and Tree, can’t control themselves. The Gorgas, SHOULD have ignored them, and attended to their guests. There is always a time and place for everything. I can now safely assume, that the Gorgas, are inappropriate also, love making scenes and may be acting up for the cameras. BRAVO picked well huh?

      • kbinldo says:

        “T’s brother is GARBAGE!”–Caroline Manzo, before she goes back to wiping her counters.

    • Savannah111 says:

      OMG, I should say I’m not surprised by Teresa and Joe I mean at this point we all know the real deal nothing but trash GARBAGE the both of them.. They can’t even show up to something like this in a timely manner there’s no HOPE for them. The poor kids being scared to death like that crying and screaming. Her brother and his wife showed up and all of their events and I’ll bet they werent late either… I guess Teresa and Joe think they live by other rules. I hope her brother kicked Joe’s ass.

      They make me sick they do… Yeah and I bet Teresa ran after her father saying it aint my fault it aint it aint

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      That sounds just way too insane to be true, especially that the Bravo camera’s where rolling.

      I wonder what Joe’s dad was doing there since according to the article, his own son didn’t go to the service and they were late to the reception.

      How old is the baby? I thought he was about 8 months old, they seem kind of late in baptizing him.

      So Bravo was there filming- and so was Tersea even though according to the reports she hasn’t signed a contract because she is holding out for more money?

      I don’t know what to think anymore but it wouldn’t surprise me to think that that the Gorilla’s family planned all this out months and months ago.
      It would really shift the power from the Manzo’s to her- and make her the star of the show and the rest merely players.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I checked out T and M’s twitters.

      Interestingly enough, T tweeted on the 24th that she had a big day tomorrow and that she would tell us all about it. But the later only tweets crap.

      M’s last tweet was her thanking everyone for their support and her saying she was still in shock- and can’t stop looking at her son.

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  10. Valerie says:

    I actually used to be a Patti fan, but I thought her tweets and the YouTube video about Bethenny were really inappropriate and her appearance on WWHL was disgusting the was she slammed her ex-fiance, Andy. You forgot to mention when Andy Cohen asked if she was returning her engagement ring and Patti said she doesn’t want to, that it’s worth around $34,000 and that that is a lot of money to her ex, Andy, b/c he doesn’t make a lot of money… what a bitch. She is so low. If I remember correctly, he’s a real estate developer, so of course things would be more difficult for him financially lately, and I’ll bet that’s the real reason she’s not into him anymore, although he probably dumped her. I think I remember her saying a few yrs ago though that he made more than her when she was talking about how it’s important that the man make more money than the woman in a relationship.

    • RubyNewbie says:

      I’m beginning to understand why she and Jill are friends. They both seem to be shrill, shallow, harpies.

      Who would take relationship advice from this woman?? She’s handled her break-up as un-graciously as you could imagine.

  11. iwannabeanarchy says:

    Lynn, I totally agree with you about Charles Ommanney!! Total hottie! Otherwise, I’d have to say Jason and Mauricio (Kyle’s husband).

  12. MickeyMouth says:

    I just saw this video of pregnant Zoe on bsideblog, lol. http://bit.ly/cj9dHa

    Worth another view if posted before, lol.

  13. WaxDiva says:

    RHOA…another fight breaks out. But, it’ some guy that was on BigBrother. Seems like the RH are attracting fights!


    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I think we nailed it a long time ago. These shows are the modern Roman Colosseum. If we don’t quit watching it they will only escalate until someone is killed. I seriously don’t doubt this could happen. And yes, I myself feel complicit for watching.

      • realminkey says:

        Maybe the ultimate act of violence is what is going to put an end to the proliferation of reality shows. They could go the same way as the daytime talk shows that were on every channel all day long 15 years ago. Someone ultimately died as a result of an appearance on the Jenny Jones show. After that, not only Jones, but a whole bunch of others got out of the trash talk show business.

        • fashion42 says:

          Sadly enough, there was some trash reality show on VH1 that was filmed and ready to air, but then it came out in the news that one of the guys picked (it was a dating show…for one of the groupies from Bret Michaels shows…I don’t know…anyway) one of the guys who made it to the finale murdered a woman and got caught. So they did not air the show. So yeah it LITERALLY took someone on a reality show to murder someone else for VH1 to not go forward with the show. So unless one of the housewives REALLY snaps and commits a more heinous crime than those already committed on the show…they are not going anywhere. Sick and sad.

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    1888 Richard Byrd (polar explorer)

    1881 Pablo Picasso (cubism artist)

    1838 Georges Bizet (composer)

    1825 Johann Strauss (composer)

    None are as COOL as you !
    God Bless you richly !

    (**Your cake is on your car seat.
    Be careful not to sit on it ! **)

  15. Wall St Lady says:

    I have always loved Minnie Pearl. Remember she was known for her hat w/the price tag hanging down. She made fun of everyone & herself but as a lady,no cuss words. She is where I got the phrase “Bad Words”.

    Picasso needs few words.
    I love this documented story :

    There once was a newspaper reporter sent to interview P.nesr the end of his life. The reporter thought P’s prices were too high & the work a scribble these days. P made him wait 30min so the writer was cranky.
    P could care less about interviews & had to b persuaded to do it anyway. So u have 2 cranky men.
    The writer says “show me ur new stuff”. P showed what looked like 20 wild strokes. The writer says “P how long did it take to do that one ?”
    Picasso answered:
    “All my life son “.

  16. Wall St Lady says:

    Do ur guinea pigs sleep on ur head like Luke does. Or do u just have a fetish for wet

    guinea pigs ?

    • JazzNightOut says:

      Thanks, Lynn; going over for a ‘look see’ and a spot of advert clicking :-).

    • JazzNightOut says:

      “We must not get sidetracked, we can’t look at a negative tweet to a unpopular celebrity as bullying, we just can’t! The word “bully” has been so over-used and so abused that people like Jill Zarin and Dina Manzo are trying to equate what they deal with on Twitter to what these kids go through. These kids can’t click “block” and make this unpleasantness go away. They can’t go shopping to make themselves feel better, they can’t spend money like water buying people’s admiration.”

      This is your best blog to date, Lynn; I hope it gets picked up elsewhere and repeated over and over again. Your passion and compassion are eloquent.

    • twoile says:

      Thank you 4 all ur gr8 blogs, have visited all the ads, look forward to more.

      • Ellabean says:

        Really well said, Lynn.

        And may I add that kids that are bullied – don’t have convenient access to a public media platform where they are also paid, (TV, radio, print, not just Tweet) where they can even bully back.

    • American Idiot says:

      Great job on this, Lynn.

    • felony stupid says:

      Very late to respond – but excellent blog Lynn!! Thanks for speaking out about this.

  17. quincyil says:

    Thintervension Week 7

    The Getaway Weekend

    Jackie Warner has plans for the cast in this final week of her direct supervision of their diets and exercise. The cast is to try working out on their own for 3 days. They should know the program by now and final exams are just around the corner. So the instructions texted are simple: “Work out. Eat clean.”

    Nikki goes shopping. She hates working out. Brian exercises all three days and eats correctly. He is a Jackie Warner success. Joe is busy sculpting his upper torso in order to get sex from unknown women. Mandy misses her kids and her old diet so the foods she cooks look like items on the “do not eat list” from Jackie’s book. Stacy and Shay do walk and it appears that they are trying, but we will see in the final weigh in.

    The Fitness Retreat

    The team arrives at the Renaissance Club/Sport Facility in Orange County, Ca. They go to the fabulous gym to find Craig and lovely gift bags from Jackie. The bags contain massive swim suits and the women rebel. They have issues exposing their bodies in swim suits. Apparently, they have cellulite. Nikki is embarrassed and wears a robe. Craig dresses in the girl’s area and he supports Shay with a hug.

    Jackie meets everyone at the pool in a mini bikini with muscles glistening in the sun. Joe asks her to turn around and Jackie is offended/angry. They exercise in the water where there is a natural resistance. Stacy wins the best of show and is allowed to have a single room. The others share with Nikki hurting Jeana’s feelings. Jackie shows her softer side and comforts Jeana.

    Jackie tells the crew to book exercise classes and eat clean as they are on their own for the rest of the day.

    The room mates adjust to their living conditions and discuss each other as usual. Shay and Stacy don’t like Joe. Nikki doesn’t like Jeana. Craig has a conversation with Joe about how he treated Jackie at the pool. Joe is surprised that his comments were taken badly, but reflects and agrees to apologize to Jackie. He also thinks his cankle comment to Stacy might have hurt her feelings. Brian has a work out with Jackie and pushes his muscles to failure. He can only do a 20 sec. plank.

    The women are resting pool side. Jeana is on the phone. The women are drinking water in robes and looking at the options on the exercise schedule.

    Joe meets with Jackie to apologize and she again tries to get him to understand that his method of dealing with women is inappropriate. She finds him to be divisive and have no respect for women. Joe, in a private interview, decides “to redefine how the world sees me”.

    Water Event

    Everyone heads off to the bay. Most are on the bus. Jackie and Brian ride in her fancy car with a panoramic sunroof. Brian is afraid of eating. According to Jackie, that is normal for his stage of development as he is learning how to live a new way.

    An attractive young man is embarrassed by Brian when he tries to teach the cast mates how to row on machines. He does not take his shirt off for Brian, who is a married gay. In 20 minutes on a rowing machine you can lose 350 calories.

    The girls and Craig get in one boat. Jackie, the boys, and Nikki have the second boat.
    The race is on. The girls win a morning at the spa and the boys plus Nikki win another work out.


    Jackie orders every item from the appetizer menu and the cast mates are upset. Brian actually eats on coconut shrimp. Jackie expected them to either take the parts that they could eat on her program or to ask her to let them reorder the acceptable foods. On their own, they will have to deal with these foods at events. Jackie is disappointed at their response to her test. Nikki is not upset. She has finally accepted the program after 7 weeks and is the voice of reason at the Last Supper. Everyone is amazed at that. They discuss how to order in restaurants. You can take excess food home, ask the kitchen to give smaller portions, and find things that will fit the program.

    Hot tub

    Stacy, Jeana and Craig have a lovely conversation in the hot tub. They Craig leaves and he has no suit on. Let’s just say he has large gluts and leave it at that.

    Group Therapy

    This week was preparing the team to survive in the real world without Jackie. They will have to depend on each other, Jackie’s book and their own survival instincts because only they can control what goes into their mouths. Nikki realizes that she is sabotaging herself. Mandy admits that she self medicates with foods when she has a range of emotions. Stacy used food as a crutch and excuse when things in her life did not go as expected. She hopes to marry and be happy someday. Brian fought depression with food. He knows he has to deal with his depression in other ways like exercising and eating correctly. Jeana also fights depression with food. She admitted that social eating was her down fall and she will try to follow the plan. Joe discovered that he had an absence of emotions. He needed to fall back in love with himself in order to understand how to treat others. He apologized to Stacy and wants to change for the better.

    Weigh In

    Mandy -1 She had tried exercising at the last minute, but that never works.

    Shay +1 Portions were too large. She actually ate 3 breakfasts right before weigh in.

    Jeana -1 She needs to lose 12 lbs in six weeks to be successful.

    Joe -3 He has a six pack under a small layer of fat. He needs sculpting.

    Stacy -2 She has to watch sugars and exercise more because of a medical condition.

    Nikki -0 Jackie is really disappointed

    Brian -7 He is the winner and is really Jackie’s best student.

    The season finale is tonight and we will get to see the changes in their bodies and their attitudes.

    • lillybee says:

      I hope that they all have met their goals.

    • 2Stupid says:

      You have been missed Quincy! I may have missed a post on last blog, but I am excited to see your post here. Welcome back. I hope you were able to get your son’s place in ship shape.

      • quincyil says:

        I missed the thoughts of my friends here too.

        I am reviewing the finale tonight and will post tomorrow. I have Lynn’s permission to review the Stanger/New Jersey melt down on tomorrow’s “Millionaire Matchmaker” too. There will be a lot of fodder for discussion if Momma Manzo is the one seeking true love for her boys.

        I love you all so much, I am willing to watch Patti for one whole hour.

  18. Wall St Lady says:


    Your party will b Nov. 24 th.
    Please feel free to invite any one u like !
    What kind of cake is ur favorite ?
    If u could invite any deceased person ,who would u invite ?

  19. Zoey says:

    Just came across this article about NeNe admitting to plastic surgeries. The good news is she’s being honest. The bad news is she’s already had the boobs done! Wow.


  20. Wall St Lady says:

    My favorite is carrot too
    I had it for my wedding cake too

    • 2Stupid says:

      My favorite is Itallian Cream, and red velvet during the holidays. I made cupcakes for my children on Saturday, so I will be feasting on Betty Crocker for my b’day. The good news is my children are still young enough to think I am an awesome baker!

    • 2Stupid says:

      I love Italian Creme and Red Velvet during the holidays. I made my children halloween cupcakes this weekend, so that will be my birthday cake. The best part is my children are still young enought that they think I am quite the bake, thanks Betty Croker, or was it Duncan Heinz?

  21. Whew! Looks like all of my personal/financial/… emergencies that I had to deal-with are UNDER CONTROL!!!!
    You know a couple of times I had to think of Andy Cohen saying, “It gets better”-no I wasn’t suicidal, but about two weeks ago it looked like we would be losing electricity, (and I have my elderly parents here-not good), AND the college tuition wasn’t going to get paid on time so they couldn’t finish the year out. My divorce was a minor annoyance, but all that BS too.
    I couldn’t see how ALL of it was going to “get better”. IT DID.
    I have to admit that at one point, I did have to “offer it up”, and say, “Lord-I need your help here if you can please.”, although I STILL didn’t have complete Faith that I would be sitting here right now with every single “emergency”, handled.
    Maybe Andy & his pals didn’t intend for the, “It gets better”, campaign to mean different things to different people, but I have to say that with a little hard work, perseverance, prayer, and as much Faith as you can find, it really does get better.
    Even if you don’t have much Faith, it gets better.
    So if any of my fellow Housewife Haters & lovers here are going-through a tough time right now, I hope that you wait a little while and then ask yourself if it got better, and chances are that it will.
    I hope that if any of you are having troubles, that it gets better, and then some!

    • quincyil says:

      I had those times too and somehow I found ways to manage. There may be ways to save costs for your parents. Is there a Senior Center in your area? They have people that can try to help find the best insurance, cheaper pharmacies, and help with food costs. Every penny will help.

      Sorry about the divorce. I think there is a true love out there looking for you.



      • Thank-you Q—you made me think about what the elderly have to go-through to keep up with their insurance & health coverage needs.-It boggles my mind!
        I think they have to do it all over annually!
        Both of my folks still have their mental sharpness, and they have each-other, yet the amount of paperwork that they do just to stay current is staggering to me.
        I often think about elderly people who aren’t so lucky.
        People who are blind, elderly…..it is terrible how they fall through the cracks.
        Maybe I have another reason to hate Jill Z.? Her parents are in the same age-group, and she is in the position to call attention to the problem, instead her mom acts like a diva, when she probably has friends who eat dog-food. (sorry to be so graphic, but that really does happen and it is a national disgrace).

    • WaxDiva says:

      HW: Sounds like you made it through the dark muck of your life. Just wanted to say that I’m happy for you that you got through it and it was so nice of you to share.

      • Thanks guys! Sorry to post my personal bs, but I had to stray away from the HW for awhile, I even got my Bravo back, and I wasn’t even intending for that to happen!

        • American Idiot says:

          It’s only human to want to share, both good and bad. One thing is sure, you will always find support here.

          That’s why I come here. To read about the HW’s of course, but also to see how everyone is doing, and enjoy all the great things they share.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I’m so sorry that you have had a full plate of adversity.

      my motto:


      Or as my late mother would say: When God closes all the doors, it means He wants you to break a window.

    • RubyNewbie says:

      Kudos to you for hanging in there. It does get better! Just keep living!

      A scant 6 years ago I was broke, unemployed, stabbed in the back by former co-workers, dumped by my boyfriend, etc.

      Today I’m a married working mom with money in the bank! Take it minute by minute if day by day seems too overwhelming That’s what I did. And yes, ask God for help. Everything works out just how it should. 🙂

    • AZ Girl says:

      Obviously you are strong. Many would have given up and blamed the “higher up” but no…you did what was right and worked it all out. Enjoy and relax.

  22. Wall St Lady says:

    “When 2 or more r gathered in
    My name ,I will b there. ”
    I will add u to my prayer list.

    • Thank-you WSL–you & Mr. WSL are on mine as well. I agree. Even though my Faith was very very weak when it felt like the world was on my shoulders, prayers worked. One week ago, I don’t think I would believe I was typing this right now.

    • 2Stupid says:

      Thanks for sharing, it is very hard sometimes to stay positive in anxious times. Whenever I am facing adversity (and I don’t mean that lightly) I always remember that God will not give us anything we can’t handle. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it isn’t a cruel joke, but like you said, when you get through it you are always amazed at how strong you can be, and thus was God’s plan.

  23. knocknoc says:

    The big event (of the Gorja baptism) truly ended u[
    being a real BIG Event…..in the old days it was
    referred to as Sunday Night Wrestling.

    Shameful! Just shameful that these parents have
    chosen to be such wonderful parents in teaching
    their children the ABC’s of Monster Mash! Especially
    since Halloween is just a few days away. Kids will
    indeed learn from their parents and unfortunately
    there will be no winners in these matches because
    only egos win and frankly that is no prize so the
    kids end up losers because the only thing they have
    learned is poor fightin skills. Getting along with
    family is sometimes very difficult so perhaps these
    two families should simply stay out of each others
    intimate family moments otherwise it turns into
    “free for alls” for the adults. What in the heck are
    these folks doing to their kids……..you can’t take
    away their “actions” but they can remove themselves
    from the potential battlefields (family get-togethers).

    Sorry Bravo these folks need to be removed from
    your nationwide broadcast airwaves and ditched into
    oblivion…………..this is too awful for words and those
    poor kids visions. Everyone back to their neutral
    corners…..there were certainly no winners at this
    past event!

    Sorry for the rant but this is all so obnoxious!


    • I am shocked as well! The Manor is an institution in NJ, and the Giudices have dragged yet another place into the gutter with them.
      I bet Bravo can’t wait to air this garbage.
      How did Joe G. call someone else a “midget”? I don’t get that part, unless it was a visa-versa, quote was mixed-up type thing?

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        YES!! I thought I read that. Joe calling someone a midget is ridiculous! How tall is the BIL if he feels tall next to him? 4’9?

        • vilzvet says:

          I checked Melissa’ Facebook, there are a couple of comments from her friends offering her words of support for what happened…

          • I checked The Manor’s website. Someone else was having their wedding there yesterday.
            Most people like to know if there will be other events going-on at the same time as their event.
            I cannot imagine that anyone would want Bravo et. Al, at the same location!
            A little excitement and drama livens-up a party, but crying children? I really don’t think I want to see this on television.

            • vilzvet says:

              Melissa has finally posted on her public Facebook that she is shocked at what transpired and can’t stop looking at her son…looks like we have our “Big Episode” for next season!

    • KellitaM says:

      That’s several times that we know of that T’s kids have seen their parents’ outrageous, abusive behavior. I thought it was telling that, right before they went to Italy, when Jacqueline’s mom broke T’s vase, the little girls hid when T began yelling. It gave me red flags that she must have a horrible temper, and the girls know to make themselves scarce.

  24. shamrockblonde says:

    housewifehater – I’m glad that things “got better” – and faith is powerful – God holds you always, no matter what you are walking through – just hold on and keep going –

    stay strong, be well, and be happy – *hugs*

  25. Amber...Real Wife says:

    As usual BRAVO just ripped off the formula from other reality giants. MTV and VH1 give their cast tons of liquor, and sets them loose in houses to laugh, fight and have sex. BRAVO, not having a “house” to film them 24/7, sets them up at parties with open bars so they can consume to their hearts desire. With inhibitions and facades down, the drunks act up, loving, partying, falling, fighting, crying and the cameras are there to catch those moments.

  26. Adgirl says:

    Aaaaaagggghhh! What’s happening to RH?
    It used to be the semi-real life problems of the aspirational, nueve rich, upper-middle class wanna be’s.
    We could laugh at their ostentatious spending and getting boob jobs. They were mostly harmless.

    Now it’s mostly a bunch of over the hill teenagers scheming and screaming for more airtime.

    Didn’t we fall in love with NY because the drama was centered around surviving professionally & socially in Manhatten? Isn’t that why we are excited about BH?

    The minute Bravo’s ratings tick up due to real life scrimishes on RH, all of a sudden now it’s pro-wrestling time.

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      I don’t enjoy the “Real Housewives” shows as much as I used to. I like a little bit of drama but I don’t like when they get physical. I’m not interested in watching another version of the “Jerry Springer Show”.

  27. Waxdiva says:

    Geez… everybody’s in a fighting mood!!! Nene is stirring things up with Star Jones on The Apprentice:


    • RubyNewbie says:

      Is this a conspiracy or just reality whores trying to remain “relevant”??

      I’m watching more scripted shows lately (yay). I’m just about over it. I still watch RHoA and RHoBH and I’ll still watch Top Chef and Project Runway. But everything else–just over it.

  28. TEB says:

    I am so disgusted by Teresa and her behavior. I believe this was a very calculated move on her part. She’s in contract negotiations and she ‘just so happens to’ pull a stunt that Bravo will definitely want to put on TV. It’s just gross. That poor baby 😦

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      hmm- good point. I didn’t even see that angle. She’s bringing the dramz alright

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I was thinking the same thing! She had to top the table flip and riot at the country club – so she targeted her own brother! Ain’t she great Bravo?!

    • Sha2000 says:

      what happened?

      • TEB says:

        Joe G and Teresa’s brother got into a fist fight at a christening yesterday (while the Bravo camera’s were filming…..)

        • Sha2000 says:

          Thanks! I just found it up thread. Isn’t he bankrupt too? I wonder if Bravo is paying for the party?

          • Need a Hobby says:

            No, it just came out that Juicy’s brother declared bankruptcy.

            Joe Gorga, T’s brother, hasn’t.

    • Jen says:

      I disagree- I believe it was calculated but I think her contract is already signed bc Bravo would have to disregard everything she filmed and that’s a huge waste of money- I doubt they begin filming with out contracts.

      • TEB says:

        The only other thing I thought was maybe Tre and Juicy had to sign a waiver to attend (just like all the other attendees would). I can’t imagine Bravo would film a bunch of people without a waiver from each of them. You may be right. Who knows. This will be dragged out for a lifetime.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I said pretty much the same thing in another post, ITA. I smell some BS

  29. Zarout! says:

    I’ve said this a million times and it just keeps becoming truer & truer – the RH franchise is nothing but a glorified Jerry Springer! It’s too bad they can’t have a live audience to chant An-dy, An-dy, An-dy as these fights break out. Maybe that’s what they can use WWHL for…

    • vilzvet says:

      Yeah but honestly, OC, which I started watching first, was NEVER like this! It was mild almost boring stuff like watching Lauri viewing her daughter’s riding lesson, Vicki going home to Chicago to visit old friends, Lauri’s very nice wedding, etc. The drama was NOTHING like what we are seeing now…

      • Zarout! says:

        My mom & I say the same thing all the time. Why did it have to deteriorate to such garbage? We were happy just living vicariously through the housewives as they went around spending money & living the good life.

  30. realminkey says:

    It all makes me miss the days of OC Season 1 even more. All they ever did was get drunk and have fun spending money, but it was somehow mesmerizing to me.

    And oh, please sweetjezus, don’t let NYC or BH deteriorate into any physical brawls.

    • vilzvet says:

      Hahah, minkey, should’ve read ahead! I also miss the innocence of OC Season 1!

      • realminkey says:

        Oops. vilzvet. Somehow missed it in my scanning process. So little time. So much Lynnnchicago to read!

    • American Idiot says:

      I also loved the first season of the OC. It seems like it is always the first season that is so innocent; then everyone wises up. I’m thinking of the first season of Survivor, which I also loved. After that, I didn’t watch as much.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Richard Hatch was the first person to use the now expected reality alliance.

      • vilzvet says:

        Oh right, Survivor 1 through even 5 were excellent! I’m watching this season and all I can say is, where do they GET these people?! Where are the Richard Hatch’s, Jerri’s, Susan’s, etc…so glad I have those on DVD.

  31. Jen says:

    If Fakedrea is an entertainment lawyer as her bio on Bravotv.com. states why was she talking to that kid about pot possesion? Do entertainment lawyers work in criminal court a lot?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      She must have thought that since she defended Bobby Brown she was an entertainment lawyer. Fast forward 10 years and it appears that she is doing criminal defense work.

  32. Jen says:

    Radar online saying about Tree husband and bro fighting says Bravo cameras with Tree so does that mean they worked out salary and paying her more? Or was that rumor BS?

  33. About Lynn’s Podcast….I can’t wait ’till the next one. Is there some kind-of regular schedule yet?
    I was very impressed with the way that Lynn & Cindy were able to discuss different Housewives from Different franchises, without making it confusing.
    Very nicely done.
    The little promo for merchandise was cute too, and if I have any requests, it would be to have a regular schedule, (if they don’t have that yet), and maybe some more features, like when Lynn posts Twitter-updates here, or something like that. Oh-and also, I wish it were a little bit longer, but I guess I’ll just have to wait ’till next time?

  34. lillybee says:

    NJ looks like it is going to be nastier next season than it was in the past.

    • realminkey says:

      That’s why Bravo never would have let the Guidices go. They bring on all the nasty.

    • Olivia says:

      The only way they could get “nastier” is if we were served up “knife fights” at a Fashion Show for charity. Winner take all!

      What is Bravo thinking? There is something inherently wrong with some of these “stars”. Bravo is playing off the insanity of Danielle, the Salhi’s, and Teresa as if this were the “norm”, expecting their “fans” to choose up sides like this were just another day at Nascar.

      It is simply revolting that the people who sign on to these shows have some very serious psychological problems and these show have been reduced to gutter tactics.

      I am beginning to think there is nothing “really normal” about many of them that would lead them to remain attached to a network where brawling women are glorified for the sake of ratings.

      Just hearing that Ramona Singer felt it her “duty” to reach out and slug a producer suggests that this type of acrimony is not only encouraged, but applauded by those who are associated with the production. When this type of behavior goes unaddressed and held up as “entertainment” then it is no wonder that the “stars” feel the lack of repurcussions justifies their actions.

      Verbal assaults are bad enough, but when they reduce themselves to throwing drinks in each others face, hair pulling, lobby chases, and slapping someone in the face they are reaching far over the line of decency.

      Is “fame” that important that they allow themselves to be seen as little more than thugs. Apparently so.

      • tootsie says:

        Thanks Olivia. You are always the voice of common sense. I have not and will not watch any of these shows. I’m a one girl band now, “Bethanny’s Getting Married.” Can’t decide if I will watch Royal Horsesasses of New York if Bethenny’s on or not. I want to see her but none of the others (except Alex).

        • Sha2000 says:

          Sorry but Bethenny’s show is not much better in my book. Being filmed reenacting urinating on a stick & later in a trash can in a bridal dress, shows the same lack of class as flipping tables.

          Do I enjoy her wit? Sure, but she’s smart enough to raise the bar & hasn’t yet; Teresa it seems knows no better, which is worse? Hopefully Bethnenny will spare the viewers her belly being waxed & her TMI next season but I highly doubt it.

  35. dickens says:

    Melissa Marco-Gorga just posted:
    Thank you all so much for your support. The day started out beautifully, I can’t stop looking at my son, I’m still in shock.

  36. klmh says:


    Well, cr*p. Hope the filming takes place in the jail cells she and her husband will be assigned to…

    • lillybee says:

      Theresa in prison might just be the thing for Theresa to have her own reality show.

      • vilzvet says:

        They keep running this story over and over. It still doesn’t say Bravo announced who was back, just that she is “holding out” for more money.

  37. Wall St Lady says:


    Another B Day Buddy !
    Today is Katy Perry’s
    Birthday too.

    • dickens says:

      Not trying to steal anyone’s thunder, but may I add that today is my anniversary? I promise I wouldn’t have mentioned it except this is our 25th! (And we’re quite proud of the milestone.)
      (Lynn, I posted a wedding picture on FB.)

      Happy birthday to all the birthday girls!

    • Sha2000 says:

      Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day!

      • Cakers says:

        Happy anniversary, Dickens (and Mr. Dickens)!

        25 years is an awesome milestone. Hubby & I just celebrate our 24th in Aug!


  38. quincyil says:

    Some times, I fell overwhelmed by work and responsibility. I never give up and I try not to show the stress. I was thinking about Teresa today. She has a horrible, monster as a husband. He has the IQ of a turnip. She has 4 small children. They will probably take her dream house away. She may go to jail for lying on government forms. She has to go out at night to gay clubs and grocery store openings after scrubbing floors all day long and being her own gardening staff. Then, she goes to a Christening which her husband refuses to attend followed by a fight between her husband and brother which makes national news. I”m not sure that I could survive something like that. My biggest problems are small in comparison.

    I was very angry at her when the news of her bankruptcy was announced. She said that she deserved a fresh start. I thought about the people she owed and what suffering they had because of Teresa. I do now feel like Teresa may not be able to survive all of this. People under this much stress sometimes give up. I hope she keeps working and trying. If they are going to survive this it will be because of Teresa, not the turnip.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Yes & she’s still what I’d consider very lucky! Lucky that she’s making money w/the show & all that it brings. In the real world she might have a job that’s suits her IQ. I am not trying to be mean or snarky, just stating the obvious.

    • vilzvet says:

      Well that was a very charitable thing to say, and even though I despise her actions I thought carefully about what you wrote and can agree with it!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I have been thinking along the same lines.

      I have absolutely no sympathy for her, but have to admit that this woman is taking the bull by the horns, so to speak.

      Jacqueline was right at the reunion- she went right to work. Granted a lot of her “appearances” are self aggrandizing, but I’m exhausted doing what small appearances I have to do for PR purposes for work- and I’m single with no responsibilities other than 2 cats.

      Teresa doesn’t have much support from Juicy, she seems to be bailing him out at this point. She’s burned her bridges with Caroline- and Dina is revealing herself to be somewhat mentally unstable-so who does she have really?

      Add the public humiliation of the bankruptcy and whispers of Joe’s infidelities, I’d probably be flipping tables too.

      Of course, you and I would never be in this position because we live within our means, hopefully don’t have anger mis-management issues like Teresa does, and are not so ego involved that we would go onto a Bravo reality show. (ok never mind that they are not exactly beating down my door-you know what I mean-sheesh!)

      Teresa might end up being more of a survivor than I gave her credit for.

    • Kat says:

      Teresa is an active participant in her troubles, Eleven Million of them and counting. I’m sure deceit is stressful as is table flipping and baiting people who she feels are beneath her. Let her eat cake.
      She is not getting near my sympathy button.

    • klmh says:

      How do you feel about Teresa buying 10’s of thousands of dollars of “stuff”, 60,000 worth of furniture, her husband’s purchase of a large yellow sapphire and diamond ring etc., after their bankruptcy declaration?
      How do you feel about the debt she owes companies, physicians and shops? How would you feel if you were one of those companies and your business was severely affected by their bankruptcy?
      How do you feel about her braggadocio in the first season showing her spending thousands of dollars on furniture in cash, going into a children’s store and plunking down over 1300 for some clothes, buying all kinds of clothes for a 2 day vacation with the girls, etc., before declaring bankruptcy, when they had knowledge of their impending financial collapse?
      Just wondering…

      • klmh says:

        Is jail in her future? I hope so. She along with her husband, felt they could get away with declaring bankruptcy and not paying their debts. They expected to keep their house, they did not report several businesses, she did not reveal her advance on her book, she did not declare her business venture. And please don’t suggest they “forgot”.
        She is working now. Big deal. She and her husband got caught in their lies. They should pay with jail time and a huge fine. They did this to themselves.
        I am truly confused at you being able to see any, any, redeeming value in these two crooks…

      • quincyil says:

        I think spending that 60,000 was absolutely wrong. I think all of the things that she did like not paying taxes is awful. I think they were trying to cheat the debtors, the government, and Bravo. I want her punished by the courts. I can’t imagine being in that position. She has hurt so many people. I just don’t want her to do something foolish like suicide. I want her to put on those high heel shoes and try to make some money because Joe is on a downhill slide into Hades.

        I don’t know how Danielle, Tamra Barney, Gretchen, Kim Z, or Jill survive knowing that the world sees their dirty laundry. There has to be a pathology for these women to get into the position that they are in. I don’t respect them, but I want them to find a way back.

        There are so many evil people on the planet. My problem is there are children involved.

        • klmh says:

          As far as suicide is concerned, what makes you think she would consider that? And if she killed herself, who is she thinking about, herself or her children? This is not an issue for her. She thinks she’s above it all, imo.

          • quincyil says:

            I have experience with at least 10 people in my lifetime that committed suicide. When dealing with extreme pressure, I always worry that someone may do it. I’ve gone to the funerals and seen the suffering of the family and friends.

            • klmh says:

              People who you associated or were friends with have nothing to do with this person. Seriously.

              • quincyil says:

                I’m generalizing, of course. I look at the stress they are under and I am concerned about their possible reactions. I am serious in my concern for them.

    • klmh says:

      Sorry, posted in the wrong place. Is jail in her future? I hope so. She along with her husband, felt they could get away with declaring bankruptcy and not paying their debts. They expected to keep their house, they did not report several businesses, she did not reveal her advance on her book, she did not declare her business venture. And please don’t suggest they “forgot”.
      She is working now. Big deal. She and her husband got caught in their lies. They should pay with jail time and a huge fine. They did this to themselves.
      I am truly confused at you being able to see any, any, redeeming value in these two crooks…

      • quincyil says:

        Not redeeming so much as the children need their mother. I am a mother and grandmother. Children can become mentally unstable if they don’t have a safe and secure life. I believe the Giudice children will be damaged and I don’t want that.

        • klmh says:

          They should have thought about that before they tried to rip off our government and all of us living here. They didn’t even pay taxes in 2007 or 08. And she’s too important and fancy to live in an apartment. Geez, the more I think about it the angrier I get. They are thieves.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        I agree with all you have said, however, I guess I am not seeing this as strictly black and white, as in she is ALL bad, with no redeeming qualities.

        I think there are shades of gray here.

        While it may very late in coming, I believe she is trying to take some responsibility for her huge mistakes. If only as a strictly PR move, she appears ready and willing to work.

        How easy would it be not to do anything at all, and cry victim? She tried to pull that and didn’t get very far.

        I’m not naive enough to think she “forgot” anything- I think she’s just greedy, plain and simple.

        She took the letter of the law to heart but not the spirit , when she went out and spent 60k on curtains after stiffing the construction people she dealt with. And evidently that is completely legal.

        She is paying the price, and will learn the hard way that you can’t game the system and win.

        Teresa has “done dirt” for sure, but show me someone who hasn’t “done dirt”, and it’ll be a 5 year old.

        Yeah I know, I know, no one here as done anything as egregious as these two, but when you get caught, no matter how big or small the transgression- you grow up.

        I see that she’s growing, maybe not as fast and as far as I’d like, but consider the source 😉

        • TEB says:

          I want to find sympathy, but I can’t see past the truckload of lies and deceit. The children should not have to pay for their issues.

        • klmh says:

          We can surely agree to disagree, but sorry, I don’t do “dirt”, and I think a great learning experience for the Giudice’s would be a year or so in the slammer. Yep, that would make them grow up, maybe…
          You also said Teresa was being just greedy, plain and simple. Madoff was greedy, plain and simple, as well as most of the white collar jailbirds in our country.
          As far as her admitting her mistakes, I haven’t seen anything that leads me to believe she thinks they did anything wrong, other than their companies being negatively affected by the economic downturn. How do you get into an 11 million dollar hole when you make 72,000/year?

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            you do it by lying. That entire document is a fabrication.

            ladies, I don’t have sympathy for her, and I don’t think she should get off.

            I think that she should go to jail. If only to make an example of her to show you can’t thumb your nose at the government.

            It would be a shame for her children, but other women do jail time and have kids.

            But I do think this experience has changed her- and changed her for the better. She is growing up.

            Gotta pay to play.

    • error404 says:

      “She has a horrible, monster as a husband.”
      Who else is a horrible monster like her suppose to marry?

      “He has the IQ of a turnip.”
      And she the IQ of a daikon.

      “She has 4 small children.”
      And still owes the fertility clinic from when she chose to jump thru hoops just to have more.

      “They will probably take her dream house away.”
      Yes, just like tens of thousands of other people in this country today.

      “She has to go out at night to gay clubs and grocery store openings after scrubbing floors all day long and being her own gardening staff.”
      Yes, gay clubs that people pay to get into, she goes to for free. Plus, the big fat liar cleans her own house like I invented the internet.

      “Then, she goes to a Christening which her husband refuses to attend followed by a fight between her husband and brother which makes national news.”
      Who cares if he went to the church or not? People do this all the time. And please, we’re talking about a woman who’s proud of flipping a table! She’s probably the person who called the press to report the fight.

      ” I”m not sure that I could survive something like that.”
      Not to worry, you’d never be in that situation, because it’s all of T’s own making.

  39. Sha2000 says:

    Okay this is kind of cute; Teresa tweeted this old pic of the kids @ Halloween.


    Bet she threw together the costumes W/the hair accessories & outfits she already had for them ; )

    (sorry couldn’t resist an easy joke…but they DO look cute)

  40. Wall St Lady says:

    NeNe respects her co-star Dionne Warwick but she wasn’t getting along very well with
    La Toya Jackson or Star Jones too.
    NeNe isn’t holding her own & made her cast mates mad for rudely being late.
    I didn’t think she had the smarts to bring it off.

  41. Kat says:

    Boston02127 Come out come out where ever you are!

  42. quincyil says:

    Thintervension is on tonight. If Jeana is drunk at OC parties, I guess she’ s not on Jackie Warner’s program any more. Jeana has depression and issues when it comes to dealing with men. She is the victim in all of her interactions. Her children were angry and aggressive with her. Even her daughter calls her on the foolish behaviors.

    She sells real estate at the high end and lives in a big house, but she has so many problems that I would not want her life.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Do you believe we will see a Bravo celebrity suicide soon? You seem worried about some of these “stars”.

      I never worried about Danielle, she is too much of a survivor, but when the Country Club scene aired I thought Bravo has gone into a very, very dark place. Then the meeting with Caroline…I was so saddened and enraged by the petty self righteousness and couldn’t see how Danielle could pull herself out of it. Never saw a lesbian relationship coming though! LOL

      The public is fascinated with stories of redemption. So it is understandable, in my mind , that Bravo builds up a star to tear them down (or allow the viewers to see who they really are) and hopefully the storyline will include a rise back to the top.

      I wonder though, if some of the more fragile “bravolebrities” will get caught in the gears of the Bravo machine, and not be able to handle it. Sort of like Susan Boyle when she was melting down and they had to provide her with counseling.

      I don’t know…between Kelly, Kim, Danielle, Jenna, Bravo needs an entire mental health staff on retainer.

      • quincyil says:

        I am an observer of people. That is a fascination that I have always had. I watch how people react to stress and to emotions. I have studied psychology and neurological science. I have studied the Human Brain.

        I think that several of the women of Bravo are in danger. Certainly, Michaele Salahi is in deep distress. At times, she is so overcome that she is unable to articulate. Teresa said that she doesn’t read the articles because her brain will explode. Jill looked in trouble at times. During the reunion, I thought she was in true distress. They all have to go into survival mode at times. You can only go so far into the abyss before you have to make the decision to claw yourself out or give up. Jill is clawing herself out. Teresa is trying to work and sees that she may go to prison for the signatures on the bankruptcy documents. She’s afraid of punishment. Michaele may be indited and those legal suits are never going to disappear.

        Can people change? Yes. Should they be given the opportunity to change for the good. Yes. There should be punishment, but also salvation.

        • Kat says:

          Of the women on Bravo I would think Jeana the most vunerable.
          I agree with you about giving second chances. Offering forgiveness, a fresh start or even a helping hand costs little and gives hope. Without a hope to make things better there is little reason to change.
          Writing people off too quickly devalues life imo.

          These women have had years to develop patterns of behavior that no matter how self defeating will be resistant to change. I don’t think Michaela, Teresa or Jill have spent much time on honest self reflection.

          Basking in the warm glow of Bravo’s cameras has its risks.

          • Kat says:

            I have to add I think most of these women do what they do for sport and if given second chances most would use theirs to improve their game. jmo

            • quincyil says:

              I have no doubt that these women would not have the compassion for others that some of us have for them even thought they brought these problems onto themselves. I don’t think they have the intellectual capacity to care for other people even their relatives as we see with Teresa and her sister in law or Jill and her own sister.

              I don’t have to treat people as they have treated me. I can be cordial. I can know what they are doing and still care about their kids. This is just me. I know how to distance myself emotionally from the nuts on the planet. This came with age.

  43. realminkey says:

    Where did Kim Z’s parents come from… Central Casting??

  44. Savannah111 says:

    OK I have just watch a re-run of the last episode of ATL ladies where Fakdra lost her mind and just started shooting off her big fat mouth about this and that and White people. I have to vent I can’t stand her she makes me want to actually punch her in the face. I’m telling you she’ll lose that man and that Baby as long as she’s thinking a good ole whooping is always going to be her choice, maybe back when we were all kids but its not that way now, NOT in GA and she’ll learn that real quick I don’t care what level she thinks she is in her own mind.

    But then I started reading the comments that were left for her and I was just cheering out loud I hope this crazy bitch reads everyone of the posts and ESPECIALLY this one… I brought it here to and I’m going to paste it, it was written by Lisa in CA.. She made my day and evening with her comments…

    she posted : I would love to comment on your “apology”, but my white kids just set the house on fire and I am too busy to discipline them because I’m opening a can of Spam.

    LMAO I hope if she reads it here she’s not upset that I copied it but I was so pissed and upset all over again and I read it and just couldnt stop laughing

  45. Jen says:

    How come on the limo Fakedra been riding since she was 7 but in her interview she said since 8? Classic sign of liar- can’t keep details straight

    • Savannah111 says:

      Jen, there’s absolutely no shadow of a doubt in my mind that this woman is a LIAR I’m very positive on that fact she is a Liar. Her being a Southern Belle is a fantasy she has in her own mind as well, trust me on that. She can dress up all day long like she’s one but she’s in costume only.

      • Savannah111 says:

        Oh I need to add that the uhm costume was exactly that.. I’ve never seen anything like that period. I’m giving my daughter n law a baby shower on 11/13 and I can assure you it’ll be a regular baby shower I dont know what the hell that was.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      I caught that too!

  46. Wall St Lady says:

    Quincy & One month Bo. This is scary ,we wrote on the same “worried about Teresa” topic at the same time. I have been thinking about her too.

    I am still saying” Bad WORDS” as the very long post I wrote about T went into cyber space !

    T has no compassion or remorse towards those they stiffed. I hope she teaches her children not to b bitter. To do that she will need to take some responsibility for losing the mansion & having to move over the Pizza Parlor & become a hard working mom.

    I think T’s delusional & selfish thinking will save her from going off the edge but we have only seen one side of her (the ugly one). I certainly hope her survivor side is the only one we see.

    Now for “Bully Gate”. I think ill or T calling LynnFam or any other folks who defamed her, a bully is an insult to the families of those boys who died at their own hands.
    ill should have her butt kicked.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      ok, ok, I’ll do it!

      I’ll go to NYC wait for her at Saks and give her a swift hard kick in the butt and run away screaming “that was for Wall Street lady!!!”

      Then you can bail me out of jail.

      Of course I may end up at Bellvue. I’ll just have a nice rest then.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Let me know when you’ll be there OMIB, I’ll meet you there so I can hold your jacket while you do it.. 🙂

        • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

          Careful now, ladies. We are being policed, remember! Big Jilla will call your mommy and your boss and tell them you are being a big old meanie. You will receive a Cease and Desist letter as this is now apparently the new favorite housewife correspondence format and will find your self under investigation for attempted physical assault—or does that only apply with hair extensions? Hmmmmmmm……… 🙂

    • quincyil says:

      Do they really not feel remorse? It’s a normal response to misbehavior. In Jill’s case she tried to play the victim, then admitted her mistakes. That admission did not clear the air so she’s in victim mode right now. She’s victimized by us. We are the bullies now. I see Jill reeling in the winds. She can’t find a way out of this tornado. She has no capacity to affect Lynn or this board and it drives her over the edge. The power we have over Jill is that we don’t give a shit what she thinks or demands. It must really frustrate her.

    • lillybee says:

      The fact that Jill thinks that anyone who says anything negative about her is a bully say it all. Jill thinks that she is the only one who has the right to say negative things.
      However, that being said I have a feeling that Jill was definitely bullied in high school.

  47. CdnFillie says:

    This Phaedra chick is out to lunch…ewwwww. I thank the good lord everyday that I don’t have an opportunity to come across some of these HWs

  48. Wall St Lady says:

    Happy Birthday ButterisaFruit !

    We wanna party party party
    But we can’t if we don’t have ur
    Date !

    14 Designing Deva
    25 25Stupid ButterisaFruit
    27 Zoey
    28 twoile

    1 Noelle
    2 Scprpoisue
    20 Nancy
    21 Michele
    22 realminkey
    24 jazznightOut
    28 Canada

    5 Buffywood
    10 tuzentswarth
    24 KirksvilleMo
    26 JustAnotherMary
    29 Rabble Rouser

    2 WaxDiva
    12 Cakers
    16 Lillybel
    24 Kirks Cyotte
    26 Jezzibel
    30 krone

    14 AdGirl
    16 Quincy

    12 Waslurking
    13 Vilzvet
    25 Am Idiot

    19 FelonyStupid
    21 Ione
    22 AZ
    24 Savannah111

    29 WindyCity

    11 TrueLifeDiva
    30 Cuci77

    14 Pantry Viewer
    20 TT
    28 TEB & Zoekayla
    30 Diana & WSM

    13 Tootsie
    16 Lynn Hudson
    24 shamrockblonde

    1 WSL. & Boston 2
    3 Kat & dreemz
    6 Sha200o
    7 ms molly
    8 FloridaGirl88
    11 jillz68
    14 One Mo Bo & Dickens
    21 Ellabean
    30 error404

  49. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    I don’t know which I feel worse about—Sitting my oversized butt on the couch and eating jelly beans (Mike and Ike) while watching Thintervention (It just felt WRONG)! Or the fact that I now have to live with the knowledge that Jackie Warner does not wear underwear!

    • CdnFillie says:

      Yea…that was way more info I needed to hear.

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        I need clorox for the visual. Baggy men’s boxer shorts, standing directly over your eye line and above you–(shudder)(shudder again)

        • Kat says:

          Stop it! … Now you’ve given me visuals and this is simply unacceptable. Your cease and desist letter is in the mail. Eek! 😉

  50. Wall St Lady says:

    2 ?

    1)What does Wax have to do w/Diva

    2)Is this the Bob Gucicione from Penthouse ?
    If so ,I met father & son in about 1979.

  51. lillybee says:

    I loved Cynthia saying that Phaedra looked like a white Tammy Faye.
    Cynthia is drop dead beautiful.

    • RubyNewbie says:

      Is this Phaedra person for real? Is she acting? How can a smart lady be that much of an expensive mess? LOL

      If she’s on the up and up, her marriage may already be in trouble. From what we’ve seen of him, Apollo doesn’t seem to be suffering her foolishness gladly.

      Kandi called it when she said Phaedra is bourgie and ghetto. Helluva combo!

  52. Adgirl says:

    I disgree with whomever called out Michaele as at risk emotionally. She and Tareq are financial sociopaths. I know some like them.
    Believe me- they do NOT worry about the people (small business owners) they’ve hurt. Not at all. They do not give it a second thought. They may get embarrassed whn confronted or be upset when they get caught.
    Michaele is NOT staying awake at night wondering how she can fix things for the people she has hurt.

    If Michaele or Tareq won the lottery tomorrow they certainly would not run around and pay their bills – unless forced to.

  53. Wall St Lady says:

    Up Date w/Kat’s help

    14 Designing Deva
    25 25Stupid ButterisaFruit
    27 Zoey
    28 twoile

    1 Noelle
    2 Scprpoisue
    20 Nancy
    21 Michele
    22 realminkey
    24 jazznightOut
    28 Canada
    30 kat

    5 Buffywood
    10 tuzentswarth
    24 KirksvilleMo
    26 JustAnotherMary
    29 Rabble Rouser

    2 WaxDiva
    12 Cakers
    16 Lillybel
    24 Kirks Cyotte
    26 Jezzibel
    30 krone

    04 Free Ginger
    14 AdGirl
    16 Quincy

    12 Waslurking
    13 Vilzvet
    25 Am Idiot

    19 FelonyStupid
    21 Ione
    22 AZ
    24 Savannah111

    29 WindyCity

    11 TrueLifeDiva
    30 Cuci77

    14 Pantry Viewer
    20 TT
    28 TEB & Zoekayla
    30 Diana & WSM

    13 Tootsie
    16 Lynn Hudson
    24 shamrockblonde

    1 WSL. & Boston 2
    3 dreemz
    6 Sha200o
    7 ms molly
    8 FloridaGirl88
    11 jillz68
    14 One Mo Bo & Dickens
    21 Ellabean
    30 error404

    • Kat says:

      I *think* twoile’s is 8/28.
      Well now that my thinking is done I’ll move on to regular programming. 🙂

  54. emt2 says:

    You know, I think that Phadera is just playing a role. I don’t think she is really like that. She is like comic-relief, to be honest. I don’t even take anything she says seriously.

    The episode was hilarious and it’s nice to laugh at silly things instead of having tables flipped, watching grown women try to jump another woman, etc.

    The episode was all in good fun and I don’t think we should really read too much into these “personalities” since a lot of stuff is manufactured for the cameras.

    Well, I really can’t stand Kim, though. I think that her real personality is one that expects to get things but never has to work for it and she takes advantage of people.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I can’t stand Kim, I can’t beleive she took her kids to Big Poppa’s house. I wonder where his wife was.

  55. Adgirl says:

    I’m beginning to love Phaedra. She is outrageous!!!

    Phaedra is the Queen of Breeding
    Phaedra is the Fountain of Fertility.
    Phaedra is the Empress of Extravagance.
    Phaedra is the Goddess of Gauche.
    Phaedra is the High Priestess of Plenty.

    Her proclamations and thoughtless remarks are cracking me up.
    And regardless of my color, my family seldom ate food from a can – even though I prayed for Spaghetti-O’s every night.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Mine too, no can foods here.

      You know what? Especially with an Italian grandma it would literally be sacrilege to even have canned sauce, let alone canned pasta or meats. Any Italian family as a matter of fact. My non-Italian grandparents on my dad’s side wouldn’t by that crap either. I agree AD, it’s kids who want to try Spaghetti-O’s. Phaedra needs to stop making sweeping racial generalizations!

      Phaedra Is the queen of making an ass out of herself too.

  56. JKW says:

    Good ones Adgirl. She just keeps sticking that 5 in stiletto in that big mouth. Those damn rhinestones on her eyes were over the top.

    • Adgirl says:

      I was LMAO when she was dancing the minerette with Dwight.

      She Jumps the Shark – Over the Top.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Ok, so the Giudice are $11 million dollar deadbeats or that JZ is a mean mean girl & Mrs. Salami is a big fat liar & the list goes on; but I can’t stand to watch Phaedra.

        She is the most annoying housewife by far!!!

    • error404 says:

      What do you mean? Like when she made the crack about her husband not having kids before her, and when the other guy said he had kids, instead of shutting up she just went on and on and on for like 20 minutes on how a guy with kids is unacceptable to her? Doesn’t everyone act like that? LOL!

      Also, when she ays that a criminal record and prison time is ok for a potential husband, it just makes him like Martha Stewart, but a previous kid makes him “unclean”.. wasn’t she speaking for the nation as a whole? LOL!

      Should we take comfort in knowing that a complete idiot who doesn’t know when to shut her gob can be a criminal defense lawyer? It’s the American dream I tell ya!

  57. Wall St Lady says:

    I only need 7hr of sleep.
    Happy Day !

  58. Wall St Lady says:

    Hey Butter is a fruit.
    Many Happy Returns !

    U never told me how u picked ur
    Moniker. Is it from South Park ?

  59. Sha2000 says:

    Where’s Mickey been? I’d love to see what she could come up with a Phaedra chop.

  60. Obsessed with RH says:

    Did anyone notice that Phaedra was wearing brown house slippers when she was dancing the waltz? Good god…that woman needs to use the money she has to buy herself some taste, and to fix her teeth….that baby shower was MISERABLE to watch, I can’t imagine sitting through it!

  61. Wall St Lady says:

    I agree w/the bathroom
    Stuff being an act that offends me & is definitely lacking class.
    She was raised at the race track by wolves so I guess one would expect the excrement in public & On the floor.
    She is a good businesswoman & an even better saleswoman. I am too.
    I just hope see doesn’t go past selling “food” or try to go public. Could u imagine Martha Steward ,$Billion,jailbird , that she is ; having pictures releaving herself & being taken seriously.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Exactly! But then Martha (like her or not) actually has a natural talent, B is trying to create something without that talent. Her gift is humor but thats not her product.

  62. Sha2000 says:

    Anyone seen this yet:

    ‘Teresa Giudice To Design Children’s Clothing Line’


  63. klmh says:

    HW Halloween costumes:
    Really clever and cute.


  64. realminkey says:

    Martha Stewart… Now there’s one white woman who doesn’t eat food from a can… unless she’s canned it herself, that is!

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