I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of Atlanta

I Hate Jill Zarin   Real Housewives of Atlanta   October 26, 2010

I love this show!  Whoever cast the Atlanta Housewives was a genius, ok well not a genius but they did a pretty good job! 

Sheree is still dating the doctor who took her to the lousy club to go dancing, she still seems a bit uncomfortable with this guy.  I don’t think she would have given him a second date had he not had those two little letters in front of his name (Dr.) because they seem to be from two different worlds.  He may have money behind him but he’s not pretentious or showing off in any way, he seems very down to earth and determined to teach Sheree that it is not all about money.

Doc brought Sheree to a seminar that he was teaching all about helping African American women find the perfect guy who will settle down and get married.  As Sheree arrived dressed to kill and just stepping out of hair and makeup, the doctor was explaining to the crowd that men like their ladies to be less “made up” and more natural… I guess Sheree didn’t get that memo.  Undeterred, the Doc brought Sheree on stage with a few other ladies to get their side of the story.  Sheree failed the catsup test as she answers that she would go ahead and open the catsup bottle on her own rather than asking her date to open it.  It really was an unfair question since Sheree wouldn’t be caught dead in a restaurant that had a bottle of catsup sitting on the table.  Ask her who should spread the caviar on the cracker and she may do better.

NeNe was funnier than any of the housewives, in fact all of them put together tonight and half of the episode she was out of it.  NeNe went in for the body tune-up, she had a nose job, tummy liposuction and a breast reduction but it was not funny at all to hear her moaning for her husband while in a twilight haze before and after surgery.  Gregg Leakes was nowhere to be found and NeNe’s friend explains that they’re not on the best of terms right now and possibly he was against this surgery but in the end, he should have been there.  NeNe has really grown on me, I think she’s got a good heart.  NeNe’s been accused of changing with the fame and becoming a different person, and maybe that’s true, but she’s landed in a good place and seems to be trying to do the right thing.

NeNe unnecessarily explains that it is her money and she writes the checks so she’ll have any surgery she wants to have, almost as though the viewers were questioning her right have plastic surgery, I say more power to her, whatever makes her feel better about herself.  Her comments lead us to believe that her defending her right to have the surgery were directed toward her absent husband.

NeNe’s lying on a hospital bed after having been fed plenty of drugs making the most hysterical comments, if given the opportunity she would probably make a great stand up comedienne.

Possibly Gregg didn’t agree with spending money this way or he didn’t want his wife to have smaller breasts, for whatever reason Gregg is usually the voice of reason but was not even present as NeNe returned home to recuperate. 

NeNe’s two sons were home and while Brice was unsupportive, I think he was trying to say his mom didn’t need any surgery and was just fine the way she was, unfortunately he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer and came off as rude.  Her little guy, Brentt was shy but sweet as he agreed his mom looked great although she was still half in the bag with drugs, swollen and was only standing up due to Kim’s support. 

Kim’s support?  Who would have thought this woman would be the one to show up on NeNe’s doorstep with flowers following her surgery?  I really don’t know how Kim Zolciak justifies her existence, she just takes from everyone and rarely seems to give back. 

Kim visits Kandi at her recording studio as she’s working on her 14-cut album (which they now call CD’s but Kandi’s from the album days as are most of us).  Kim acknowledges one song that Kandi plays for her as fantastic and what little we were allowed to hear did sound incredible.  I love Kandi’s writing, I think she’s one of the most talented songwriters in the business. (I will let her slide on Tardy For The Party as she had little to work with)  Kandi is known for her female anthems and she does them so well. 

As Kim and Kandi are talking it seems clear that Kim is assuming that Kandi will produce another song for her just as she did with Tardy For The Party at no charge.  (Kandi explains in her blog how she was not paid for this song)  Kim lounges on the studio couch telling Kandi that it is time that she puts out another song and you can just tell that Kim feels Kandi should be jumping to help.  Kandi is too smart for Kim and asks her if she plans on getting a record label to produce it, Kim doesn’t miss a beat but doesn’t have an answer either.  Kandi was spot-on when she told us last week that Kim wants the fame and the fortune of being a pop star but has no drive or ambition and is lazy.  Kim says that she really wants to do country music, she’s been told her voice is better acclimated to country sound.  Seriously?  Her voice is better suited to record a scary Halloween track. 

I was actually surprised to hear Kandi’s idea of touring with Kim and provided Kim doesn’t smoke on the tour bus, they will perform together.   Is Kandi just being nice or does she think that Kim’s stage presence is going to improve ticket sales?  Am I the only person who knows that Kim Zolciak cannot sing and is merely turning her Housewives status into a joke on stage?  I will not clap!

Kim’s parents visit her and her daughters for dinner and the conversations are just strange, they’re not typical family talks as Kim announces to her parents that her daughter (13 years old) Brielle was making out with a boy.  Kim shows her parents a video of her performance at the White Party and scolds dad for looking away from the screen for a moment.  Finally, Kim tells her parents that she is back together with her married on again-off again boyfriend, Big Poppa and that she and her daughters spent the weekend lounging by his amazing pool.  (his wife must have been out of town)  Assuming Kim’s parents are used to her antics, they don’t seem the least bit phased by all of this information.  Kim’s dad describes his daughter as “class individual and professional”.   I don’t know what this guy’s been smoking but he’s clearly blinded by love for his daughter. 

Enough of Kim Zolciak, she’s like nails on a chalkboard!

Cynthia Bailey and her fiancé join Phaedra and Dwight, the pink hat pair at an equestrian event where we learn that Phaedra considers herself an equestrian.  NeNe’s comments here are priceless!  Paraphrasing, “Phaedra on a horse, let me picture that…ooooooo-k, <snap>  not a good look”. 

The topic of class has been discussed many times before and when it comes to the Housewives, the one thing we’ve learned is that most of them have no idea what class is or how to get it.  We learned from New York that money can’t buy it and Phaedra is confirming that fact for us in Atlanta.  Making your guests feel comfortable and not offending them would be a good start. 

Phaedra invited Cynthia and her fiancé to this steeple chase, and even sent a limo to pick them up, ok that could be classy.  Phaedra invalidated what little bit of class the limo held by her insensitive and judgmental comments made during the drive to the equestrian event. 

Offending her new friends, Phaedra asked Cynthia if she and her fiancé were living together before being married and explained that she would never do that as she grew up in church then added that she’d never marry a man who was dirty and had a bunch of grimy children running around.  Once Phaedra removed her foot from her mouth she learned that Cynthia’s fiancé has five children from previous relationships yet she’s unapologetic.  Dwight in his ridiculous pink had just drops his jaw, not because his friend made a complete fool of herself but was shocked that a 50-year old man may have children from past relationships.  Cynthia correctly notes that the only way Phaedra’s husband could be cleaner than her fiancé is the showers he took in prison. 

I don’t know why Phaedra bothered marrying Apollo, she should have just set up shop with Dwight and never ever multiply! 

Phaedra threw herself a baby shower, apparently that’s how the classy women do it.  Inviting over 200 guests and sporting crystals on her eyelids and white roses in her hair, she makes her grand entrance after telling Dwight that late arrivals are to be turned away.  If they miss her grand entrance, apparently they’re not worthy to give her a gift.  As Kim Zolciak arrives late and without the obligatory hat and gloves that are required attire for this baby shower, she is unfortunately not turned away but escorted to her table next to Kandi, Cynthia and Lisa Wu Hartwell, former Housewife returning for a cameo. 

Phaedra glides over to Kim hoping to shame her for being late by offering to buy her a watch, Kim is oblivious and simply gulps more wine, encouraging the other party-goers to do the same.  Dwight arrives to remove Phaedra from the commoners table and the two of them perform an awkward yet comical dance for the guests.  As ballerina’s surround this psychotic pregnant woman, in a voice over Phaedra explains that her husband is too manly to perform a minuet with her at her baby shower, which should have given her a clue that it was a ridiculous thing to do, but it was memorable. 

While the other housewives jaws hit the table watching Phaedra and Dwight make fools of themselves, Kim barely notices and keeps on slugging the wine as if it’s nothing unusual, again encouraging the others to drink up and enjoy the show. 

The entertainment value that the Atlanta housewives provide is second to none.  These women are characters and make no apologies for their insane behavior and the comments thrown back and forth are truly priceless!  The only thing that would have improved this episode would have been NeNe attending Phaedra’s baby shower, that would have been worth the price of admission.  I’m looking forward to these to women coming face to face.

I have written my take on the Housewives newest bandwagon, bullying.  This is a great topic to bring to the forefront and if all the discussions and focus help even one child to escape from being bullied, it is all worthwhile.  What sickens me is when these grown women who call themselves housewives turn this entire movement into something about them and their critics.  I hope you’ll take a moment to read this blog, you can find it here:


Feel free to comment here or there on this hot topic.  New blog will be posted there later today as well.

We all saw the reports over the weekend of the New Jersey nightmare physical fight that occured at Melissa and Joe Gorga’s baby’s Christening.  Witnesses report that physical altercations took place between Joe Giudice and Teresa’s brother Joey Gorga.  Is it just me, or can we just not seem to get away from these Giudice people even during the off-season?  Apparently they’re filming and possibly none of this would have happened without Bravo’s camera’s rolling.  Reports are that the players demanded that the camera’s be turned off.

This incident has led viewers to believe that Teresa Giudice has signed on for the new season, yet reports have not yet indicated this to be a fact.  I’m still holding out hope that she’s just a part time player in the show and chose to attend the Christening to get on camera. 


Many Housewives fans are fed up with the violence, fighting and dramatics.  Our friend Real Old Housewife even wrote a great blog about it, well worth the read:


She also reports the surprising news that Bravo plans to move The Real Housewives of Atlanta to Sunday nights starting next month.  I bit of a crazy move since fans of the Real Housewives seem to all enjoy watching ABC’s Sunday night lineup of Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters.  Bravo historically did not have any original programming on Sunday nights and it was probably best to leave that alone and allow ABC to have it’s ratings grabbers but Bravo apparently feels as though it’s got enough pull to grab viewers away from ABC, I doubt it! 

Thanks for all the feedback and well wishes on my newest venture, the radio show …you can still listen to it anytime here:


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Don’t forget to check out the comic genius:


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184 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of Atlanta

  1. Capiche says:

    Lynn, Great job as usual. I just have one word for this episode and Kandi said it: Bou-ghetto! Love RHOA!

  2. Olivia says:

    If we had the presence of mind, we women would be knocking down the doors of Bravo, demanding that they take this type of programming off the air.

    And they pay these low level people money to be filmed in this enterprise. It is becoming another edition of “Jackass” when people like these are allowed to go around displaying violence to this extent than insisting that “bullying” is a crime when committed by the youth.

    Violence is violence and Bravo is up to its hips in its celebration.

    • Fizzyz says:

      Bravo crossed a line I cannot. Of course the cameras were rolling. The Gorgi and Giudice families signed on the dotted line. The shows aré scripted and these people obviously have no scruples. I will not be watching. It’s enough already.

    • error404 says:

      Real housewives is like Workfare for trophy wives.

      Someone has to make these women productive members of society, giving appearances, “writing” books, selling make-up and wine… it’s all so they can ween off alimony and make their own money.

      Bravo is like a social service for the low class turned upper middle class briefly after a short marriage to a TV star or ball player. Haven’t half the husbands been made and then broken in the real estate bubble and burst?

  3. WindyCityWondering says:

    ATL is the cartoon version of the HW franchise – I laugh at their antics! Our faux belle is delusionally tacky and will bring the giggles, while our super model will bring the style and poise. These women are over the rainbow and don’t care what anyone thinks about them.

  4. T-REX says:

    Regarding “Table-Flipping-Terror” and her mate Guido Juicy, uhm, isn’t that the same excuse that Terror used when she confronted Danielle last season, she was just going to say “Hi!” and then all heck breaks loose. Talk about Bully’s, Table-Flipping-Terror Juicy flies to the head of that cast, she even does this in front of her kids, I pity their future.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bravo is getting everything they want – the set up for the Teresa vs Melissa has begun. Gotta love that the fur flew with her brother while Melissa was off attending to the guests. This will be the season that Bravo shows us that family has a very different meaning to Teresa! Her own brother can’t stand her garbage (so it is not just T disliking Melissa) and Caroline will have to cut the Guidices loose because her family is not a bunch of thieving thugs!

    • Waxdiva says:

      Treetrunk is jealous of Melissa. So, when Danielle brought up Tree’s nephew on the RHONJ reunion show, why did Tree get up in Danielle’s face? We all know that Tree doesn’t give a crap about Melissa, so Tree’s excuse that she flipped out because Danielle mentioned Tree’s nephew is bull. After the reunion show aired, Tree was everywhere trying to convince everyone that she said, “Don’t BRING up my family,” in defense of her nephew. She actually said, “Don’t BREAK up my family.” If Tree is so protective of her nephew to fly off the handle at Danielle, why would she start the brawl at his christening party? I hate to think that Bravo would stoop so low as to pay Tree bonus money if she were to stir up some action wherever she goes, but Bravo is stooping low these days. Is Tree soooo jealous of Melissa that she couldn’t help herself and ruin her nephew’s party? I think there is something to the rumor involving Tara G/F having Juicy’s spawn…

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Teresa seems to have a bigger problem with her brother – he isn’t putting up with her crap and calling her on it too. The fact that there were unkind words, much less a brawl, at a Christening celebration speaks volumes on this dysfunctional family. Maybe Bravo has switched families to follow and Teresa/Joe don’t like it. Fists fights, blood drawn, flying profanity, disregard for the children or guests – the more she brings the more dangerous she becomes. The fact that she told her father she didn’t do anything is sick. Frankly, a hello and congratulations would not start this crap and everyone knows it!

        • Waxdiva says:

          Totally agree. Tree has been kicked to the side since Melissa married into the family. Think about it… Tree had been the only girl and star of the family until her brother married Melissa. Now Tree has to share the spotlight and she’s not that type of person, despite her attempts at trying to convince everyone that she is (Ain’t I nice, Joe? Huh, Joe? Joe, ain’t I nice? Ain’t I?). Pretty sad for an adult woman to need to be in the spotlight all the time.

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            PLUS… Melissa gave the grandparents the all important boy to carry on the Gorga name. Tree wants to do the same for Joe but CANT! 😦

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Teresa’s “Hi” is the modern day equivalent of James Cagney just sayin “Made it, Ma! Top of the world”. You hear her say it, then brace yourself for the explosion.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Yeah LOL! I just love the way she says HI. Everytime she says it a melee erupts, security and police are called and she claims to be innocent. Remind all HW’s … Don’t invite Tree to a function and don’t let Tree say “HI”!

  5. Waxdiva says:

    Too funny! A blind item has been posted that could be no one else but Fakedra and her hub…:


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      But are we truly surprised? Apollo is going be walking soon and I don’t mean on the moon…..

    • error404 says:

      the only thing I doubt in that article is that it’s other women that Apollo is lavishing. Sheree’s wasn’t the only gaydar who’s red light went blink blink blink ding ding ding! That marriage is right out of a E Lynn Harris novel!

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        reeeeaaaallllyyy… ur gaydar went off too? hhhmmm…

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Please forgive me lord, disclaimer in case i’m wrong, LOL, but I kinda got the Gay for Pay vibe, if anything. Like a hustler, that’ll make money and bring it home to pay bills.

  6. MickeyMouth says:

    I was never really a fan of Atlanta. I usually watched the reruns weeks after aired. Atlanta is bringing the LOLs this season. Cynthia has promise. Her Phaedra comments were funny. Phaedra is her own cheerleader, put the poms poms down, lol!

  7. klmh says:

    Two oldies for today:

    One year, I decided to buy my mother-in-law a cemetery plot as a Christmas
    The next year, I didn’t buy her a gift.
    When she asked me why, I replied,
    “Well, you still haven’t used the gift I bought you last year!”
    And that’s how the fight started…..


    My wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire while we were in
    I turned to her and said, ‘Do you want to have Sex?’
    ‘No,’ she answered. I then said,
    ‘Is that your final answer?’
    She didn’t even look at me this time, simply saying, ‘Yes..’
    So I said, “Then I’d like to phone a friend.”
    And that’s when the fight started…

  8. Waxdiva says:

    OT: I woke up so late today and I’m still tired and it’s almost noon! I hate when I wake up late. And I’m still reading posts from Lynn’s last blog…

  9. Rabble Rouser says:


    Sheree isn’t fooling me. She can date dozens of men and it won’t change the fact that she only sees dollar signs. I think she might need to resolve herself with the fact that there isn’t too many men with tons of cash left in this economy; and for the men who do have it aren’t planning on being parted with it. Over the hill diva’s with children aren’t exactly ‘trophy wifes’, I would say she is more like the boobie prize but her breasts aren’t big enough.

    NeNe, she’s pretty funny in a snarky way, I will give her that. But other than a few chuckles at someone else expense I find her loud and obnoxious.

    Kandi, I like her. I still don’t know why she is kicking it with Kim.

    Kim, I keep waiting for the ‘big reveal’ and for Andy to tell us they have been pulling our leg this whole time and she is really a drag queen. Turning tricks for a cheque from Big Poppa means you are back together? I’m actually surprised (in a good way) that none of his kids, especially his daughter have chased Kim down the street. Big Poppa’s wife Kim (who is a million times better looking than Hooker Kim) obviously did a great job raising them.

    The Model, I don’t dislike her..she seems nice. I just don’t really care about her….and her old man looks shady as they get. I have to agree with Phedrea, a man with a bunch of kids from different women is just a receipt for disaster. I remember Kandi’s mom had the same trepidations about AJ. Sure, there a tons of happy and healthy blended families but I don’t think this is will be one of them.

    Phedrea, WTF was with those random roses in her hair. She looked like she ran through the enchanted forest and Mother Nature beat her down the garden- and fairies pelted her with makeup from Avon.

    This chick tries to hard , it’s kind of pathetic actually.

    I still can’t get over her remarks from last week- and how she didn’t even bother to address them in her original blog. We know she saw the episode before we did- and clearly those remarks didn’t faze her and didn’t anticipate any blow back.

    • Zoey says:

      I agree with your take. NeNe – can be funny but not enough to keep me watching all the time. Sheree – soooo conceited. Stuck on ‘me’ and ‘money’. Kim- train wreck with no shame. New girl – boooring. Phakdra- ugh. Kandi – I like her and I think she must have a smart reason for jumping on the Kim train.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        I agree with you Zoey! lol

        Kandi MUST have a great reason to tour with Kim. Obviously her built-in fan bases of HW’s and gays will come out to see her. Also those who want to see a trainwreck will come out too. That’ll bring Kandi more exposure and money.

  10. Valerie says:

    I don’t think the move of RHOA to Sunday nights is wise either. If I had to choose, I would definitely watch Desperate Housewives over RHOA. That means RHOA will also be competing with E’s Sunday line-up of Kardashians & Kendra, which I enjoy a lot too. Luckily, I have a DVR and can still watch them all 🙂

    • Sha2000 says:

      Entourage too is on Sundays but it’s off season now.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I herd that next season is the final season 😦

        The “Vincent Chase” house from last season is on the market now for 4.5+ million. It’s like my dream home but not dream location.

        Also Marilyn Monroe’s house just came on the market.

  11. Wall St Lady says:


    1)What does Wax have to do w/Diva

    2)Is this the Bob Gucicione from Penthouse ?
    If so ,I met father & son in about 1979.

    By Wall St Lady on October 25, 2010 at 10:06 pm

    • Waxdiva says:

      WSL: Yes, that Guccione. He was truly a renaissance man… talented and very intelligent, as was his wife, Kathy, who started OMNI magazine. Did you talk with them? What was your impression?

      When I do aesthetician work, I am a diva at waxing; therefore, WaxDiva.

  12. can anyone help me? I am trying to save my avatar on my twitter and it wont save. yes its a JPG & under 700k i can save it on other pragrams but cant on here its so annoying.. I sent a help ticket in. I dont know what else to do. i even tried different browsers. im on twitter @amia009

    • jezzibel says:

      I like the monkey giving the finger, but I gotta ask how did you get Teresa to sit still for it?

    • Debbie says:

      Did you scroll down, after you chose the pix, and click on the save changes button? It’s at the very bottom, on the left. I did the same thing and I finally saw the button. It may not say save changes but it is something like that.

  13. Rabble Rouser says:

    I know I jokingly call Teresa a gorilla- but after this latest stunt I am now almost convinced that her and her family nothing more than a just a bunch a baboons throwing feces at one another.

  14. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I can’t do links from my BB, but if you Google Dwight in fur pants you will find pics of his former fiance with him wearing those horrible slacks. I don’t recall the name given at the time but I’m pretty sure it aint Phaedra. Maybe he met his lady lawyer fiance thru Phaedra and that is the connection.

  15. Wall St Lady says:

    Early in my career I had to cold call to get business. I often tracked down famous people I thought were interesting cuz I read about them. I would say I am 1/2 of the most successful female team on Wall St. (My partner & I were the only team so it was true ). I got an appointment after sending an article written about us w/a picture. We were to meet Jr. & Sr. Turns out they didn’t want stocks from us they wanted a “2 WSLadys ” scantily clad in a board room w/the ticker tape moving.
    We declined !
    They were both nice but not in suits.

  16. quincyil says:

    Thintervention 13 weeks

    The celebration begins with families and friends together. Jackie and Craig greet the team members one by one.

    Mandy is still addicted to food. She was rewarded by her husband with fantastic gifts such as expensive cars. Her children went to the awards ceremony as her husband was away on business. Her legs are a work of art and she looks younger and more beautiful.

    Jeana was depressed when the show began, but through therapy she has come to terms with her depression. She works out with her son. Her diet has changed for the better.
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    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Thanks for the wrap up Quincy. This was the first season of Thintervention that I watched and I came away with lots of things to think about and to do for myself. While Jackie can be abrasive – IMO she has a tough job and wants to see real results and does have her clients best interests at heart!

    • AZ Girl says:

      Thanks for the re-cap QuincyIll.
      I thought Jeana looked so great. Her face is usually bloated and sad. She just sparkled when she came out. Watching the clip of her working out with her son Cody was great. Rather than Jeana always doing thing FOR her kids she is now doing things WITH her kids.
      You are “right on” about Mandy’s legs. They rocked.
      Of course Brian looks fantastic. He worked hard and it shows.
      Hopefully Joe not only changed his body but his attitude towards women also.

      • quincyil says:

        I think happiness sometimes helps people to be nicer. Joe sure needed therapy and Jackie provided that. Several member of the cast had alcohol issues and the therapist really helped them to understand and control how much they drank as well as how much they ate. The key …80% is portion control and the times of food you eat. 20% is the vigourous exercise and eating five times a day to save lean muscle.

        • AZ Girl says:

          This is where I have trouble. I work out like a fiend but the eating 5 small meals with my schedule is really hard. Right now I eat half a protein bar early (5 a.m) go to spin. Other half before I lift at 6 a.m. and then a protein shake before I leave for work (9:30 a.m). This is the problem. I work straight through to 3 with nothing. Get home have yogurt and a light dinner. Then wine….. o.k. you can all yell at me now. Cheers..:)

          • quincyil says:

            Wine is on Jackie’s ok list,

            Count calories. Jackie has a counter on her website to tell you how many calories are needed to maintain your weight. Somehow get rid of 500 more per day either through diet or exercise. There are 20 minute work outs that will burn 300 calories. I have a 150 dollar sears exercise bike next to a tv set. If I watch a program, I use that bike speeding, then slowing, speeding, then slowing. It will work. It’s simply calories in, calories out.

        • nathania says:

          I was pretty impressed, they all looked great and I was surprised that they were able to do as well as they did without Jackie for the last six weeks. It surprised me that the show did this, I haven’t watched other weight loss shows so I assumed they would be followed til they met their goal. Was it originally planned to be a longer show and cut short because of ratings or something?

          I wondered about the cause of Jeanna’s depression. I know she has marital troubles so I guess that might be the cause of some of it. Did she ever elaborate about it?

          • quincyil says:

            Getting older in a youth obsessed society doesn’t help either. I am so glad that I live here with everyone aging normally.

            • nathania says:

              Yep I think this is such a marketing driven culture and a media driven culture and marketing drives the media and EVERYONE is going for the 18 to 49 year old male demographic.

              I have often wondered if it was her former centerfold status that was causing her depression because aging is hard for any woman, but especially those who have had so much attention or success based on their looks. Them’s the breaks, though.

  17. TEB says:

    I have not seen an episode of RHOA this season, but I am considering watching it because you guys seem to be enjoying it. It sounds like its funny (which is a welcome change from NJ).
    Do we have any updates on the court date that Tre and Juicy were supposed to have yesterday?

  18. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I found the Dwight fiance pic. I hope this works…

    Ok, that doesn’t look correct but you techies can figure it out. 😀

  19. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Oh, it does work. Yay!

  20. jeang says:

    its pretty obvious that if Fakedra has a stylist they are nothing more than a personal shopper cause I cant see anyone letting her go out to that party looking so ridiculous. Makes me think this over the top dressing and spending is to one up teresa with the gaudiest and tackiest garb she can find. shock factor.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Her sense of style and entitlement are astounding – she definately sees herself through her own eyes and everyone else can just go scratch. Her shower was ridiculous and her husband isn’t “manly” in his none attendance at either the races or the shower – he married a joke and has to be embarrassed. Guessing his mama didn’t raise a fool!

  21. WindyCityWondering says:

    Sheree seems to be melting into the background this season. Her looks have softened but her self entitled attitude is still as ugly as ever. Her claim to fame was that she bedded and wedded an overpriced professional jock….so now she is dating a poser scam artist love doctor (tell me she didn’t google this clown and knew he was a fraud)!

    • girlygirlnyc says:

      He must be paying her. She needs money, he needs exposure. NO WAY in real life she goes to his seminar on camera unless she gets paid.

  22. Adgirl says:

    Phaedra just cracks me up. The Marie Antoinette of Atlanta!
    She buys herself a good looking husband to wait on her hand and foot. Except even he won’t participate in her silly frou frou events (horsey shows and minerette dancing).

    She is fabulous fun to watch.

  23. Comanche_Black says:

    Great take as usual. The thing that bothers me the most about Phaedra is her overwhelming sense of entitlement, immaturity and downright bad behavior. While she does have a Scarlett O’Hara air to her, she is downright ridiculous. And more than a bit racist. She speaks of being a Southern Belle and her being Southern. As my momma told me (and she is a Belle from MS) if you have to tell people how classy, wellbred or that you are a Belle you probably ain’t. This fits Phaedra to a T. Her tackiness is beyond repair I am afraid. That baby will only have a fighting chance because his daddy has the only sense in that duo. That baby shower was atrocious and Phaedra’s comments downright hateful. So what if people want to go and see her? Obviously these are the people that care about her and she best hold onto those. Then, when she realizes Kim doesn’t have a hat she runs right over to say something to her. A true Belle would NEVER do that. NEVER. At least booze was served. With the hit and run ballerinas (being an entertainment lawyer means she know all about the arts–is she defending ballerina’s for pot possesion too?) and that horrible dance number, I am surprised more people were not shown laughing at what a buffoon she really is. Sad really since she obviously has drive and intelligence if she got through law school. Another Housewife with magical thinking going on. I advise that today is the day that Phaedra ever be known as Taco Belle.

    • Noelle says:

      Well said, astute actually!! From the “hit and run ballerinas” to the “Taco Belle,” you’ve nailed it my friend! LOL

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Yeah, I was laughing at the shower….it just got more and more loony. By the time the ballerinas came out, if I’d been at that shower I would have had to leave or just fall on the floor in hysterical laughter. (You know how weird public social events that are supposed to be vewy, vewy, serious just emphasize the “church giggles” sort of thing…..and this was undoubtedly weird. Surreal, in fact.)

      And I also realized (with some horror) that Kim’s reaction was pretty much my own and her comments were actually reasonably spot on. How nuts is this: Fadera has managed to make Kim appear like the voice of reason and decorum. Oh Fadera, you ruined my joy. You chunky little cartoon foo.

      • quincyil says:

        The lawyer/Southern Bell is like a cartoon character. Are all of the Black Society in Atlanta like her? They seemed to support her by wearing those hats and showing up at her shower.

      • JKW says:

        Need a Hobby…I totally agree with you. I was dying laughing at that shower. Also I have to stick up for Kim on this one. I would have been drinking like crazy too so no one saw me laughing. She was saying the same things I was thinking. I have seen roses in hair before..but seriously, it looked someone just stuck them all over her head. The crystals or whatever on the eyes was way over the top.

  24. Kansas Girl says:

    I’ve been Googling. (Don’t know if the links will work. Need coaching.)

    Phaedra’s shower was May 2nd, the weekend of the Derby, according to this article and that was the reason for the hats. Dwight was the host (but wasn’t the judge named host on the screen?).
    http://blogs.ajc.com/the-buzz/2010/05/05/housewives-celebrate-at-baby-shower/ The article says she’s due in July.

    The baby was born May 24 according to

    They were married Nov 1, 2009. He was released from prison May 27, 2009.

  25. lillybee says:

    Don’t forget, the Manzo boys are on Millionaire Matchmaker tonight.

    • justanothermary says:

      I just wish I could actually watch Skanker. Today there were some reruns on of her first season and she was much softer and not nearly so crude. She has turned into a filthy shrew and it’s very unbecoming. No wonder Andy took a powder!

  26. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Rob Shuter loves sucking up to Teresa. She should hire him as her Publicist. He used to be a Publicist before he became a writer. This is a tweet from Rob:

    NaughtyNiceRob : Unstoppable! @Teresa_Giudice is on the cover of another weekly magazine tomorrow! Somewhere @bethenny is crying into a skinny girl drink.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Yeah, after the brawl at her nephew’s christening reception, Teresa’s been busy online with Tweets and talk all about her website, her products, her appearances, etc. Such a chatty cathy.

      T (or her minions) are putting forth a great deal of “positive”” promotional chatter in an attempt to drown out the less than positive publicity of her and her husband behaving badly at the reception for her nephew. (Family is so important to them you know. )

      Rob couldn’t possibly have his head further up T’s ass if he tried: he’s just that desperate for a “scoop” even if it’s pure unadulterated BS and factually wrong. Notice how Rob, who doesn’t hesitate to lift stories from other writers and publications on the web, isn’t touching the ‘Giudices starting a brawl’ story at all. (At least he hadn’t the last I looked.) Of course not. T only gives him the drippings off her PR plate and even those few drips would dry up if Rob actually did anything that remotely resembled journalism.

      • icantstandthetoxicity says:

        Rob Shuter was sucking up to Jill this summer but he hasn’t mentioned her in a long time. He dumped Jill for his new favorite “housewife”, Teresa.

    • Noelle says:

      Rob needs our pity.
      He’s a sad little man.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Oh and Rob…..Bethenny’s crying all the way to the bank. Not the bankruptcy court like Teresa and Juicy who are being accused of perjury and attempting to commit a fraud upon the court.

      Rob’s a real genius: what’s a small thing like pissing off the federal Dept of Justice and lying to a federal court when you’ve got a magazine cover? (Not to mention the IRS is probably more than a little interested in those tax returns submitted to the court but not to the IRS.)

      I think T should be trying to flog a reality show to TruTV (formerly Court TV). She and Juicy’s adventures could do crossover appearances with the Repo and the Pawn shop shows. 😉

      • Waxdiva says:

        I’d watch that only if Tree and Juicy had to do the show in handcuffs.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Her show intro would be…

        Hi! My name’s Teresa. I got four kids, a juicy sexy husband, a killer left hook, and i’m 11 million in debt….JEALOUS?!!

  27. Rabble Rouser says:

    Phaedra, just because you are on a high horse, it doesn’t make you an equestrian.

  28. Pingback: Tweets that mention I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of Atlanta | Lynnnchicago101's Blog -- Topsy.com

  29. lillybee says:

    I really do not understand why Tree still has fans.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Because there are more nuts on the streets, than there are in the insane asylum.

      • I find it hard to believe that she does have fans.
        I was shocked at the guest blog here when the blogger reported young teens with their moms at a Teresa book-signing, with orange-skin, who apparently idolized Teresa-ugh.
        But I just keep telling myself that a lot of the “fan”-stuff is phony.
        When last season started, Teresa & her family were my favorites too.
        My opinion has changed, and I don’t think she is so cute any more, and I wouldn’t buy her cookbook, or financially support her in any way.
        Even if she does have some fans, I’d have to assume that there are people like myself out here, who did like her, and maybe purchased her book when it came out, but who have changed their minds completely, like I did.
        Frankly, she is in the category with Kelly, and Danielle, as far as I’m concerned, and should not be on television.
        I may have not even included Danielle into that group, except for the fact that she had to bring her innocent children into her sordid limelight with her.
        Sonya doesn’t have her child on the show, so we know that putting the kids on is not always mandatory, and if it was, Danielle should have found some other way to become famous.

  30. Streetwise says:

    Teresa did sign for this season, filming just started.

  31. Hi everyone,
    I am back from the abyss. I have been sick, off and on, and lurking since DC wound down, and I have only caught bits and pieces of the Atlanta season. (Enough to realize Phaedra is NOT a Southern Belle!)

    Today’s Bravo news regarding RH lineup shift and the news regarding the brawls and bitch-fights in the OC and NJ, spells out the direction the network is headed. Would love to see the memo for “more fights.” Did legal have any input on this decision Andy?

    Anyhow, I loved Really Old Housewife’s blog today about it. If Bravo should have a clause automatically removing castmates fighting (like some reality shows have). With that or simply refusing to air any “tape” that showed castmates fighting, it would stop. However, without that sort of policy it confirms the network condones the practice and/or stages the scenes.

    Honestly though, NBC/Bravo is a money making organization and when the stories about fighting hit the tabloids, blogs, twitter, ect, it is free advertising. Why should they stop it? Remember the ratings last season? It is a never ending cycle. It is all about $$$

    That’s it…a long post for me. Take care everyone.
    reallymelissa (but not THAT melissa)

    • klmh says:

      You know, I love hearing from and about everyone on this blog. Some fun and interesting personal sharing between ladies. But we are feeding this machine by posting and criticizing about these shows and ladies. We are partially responsible for their actions and that makes me feel like a culprit in crime. I am addicted to this site though and have tried to refrain from griping, but I haven’t been successful as far as T&J Giudice are concerned. Hope more information about their real life comes out soon. See, there I go…
      You are right though. Their behavior is becoming nightmarish.

      • quincyil says:

        I actually have relatives that act like the Giudices. They are Irish, not Italian. One cousin bride spent the wedding night in jail after a fight with her new mother in law over the liquor bill for the reception. I wasn’t invited, but my sister told me it was a brawl and a window was broken.

        • TEB says:

          Ouch. I’m Irish. And kinda hurt by that statement.

        • Thanks for the story Quincy.
          I think everyone has a Guidice in their world they can relate to. They are the family members you never want to invite for family picnics because their kids might just shoot off fireworks in the middle of the picnic table or let all the air out of the tires. They just might not have as much money to throw away as the Guidices. *And it has nothing to do with ethnicity or locality.*

    • Hope that you are on the road to full healthy recovery RM!…I agree. This reminds me of how the no physical violence rule used to be on reality shows. Didn’t they spend almost an entire season trying to decide if Irene on the Real World was slapped, or not? I recall watching, “the slap”, in slo-mo about a hundred times.
      I like zero tolerance & it is going backwards instead of forwards due to Bravo.
      I’m running to ROHWOM’s blog to see what she has to say about it, and I’ll brb.

      • nathania says:

        I like that rule, actually.

        Something weird happens when you allow that stuff.

        I remember it seemed like on The Real World or back in the beginning that was a cardinal rule. Now on Jersey Shore, which is essentially the new Real World, there is a fight practically every episode. By default the casts are getting stupider. I think it is because it’s not often that doing reality tv is actually beneficial to your life in the long-term. Someone like Bethenny who is smart can turn it into a positive thing but most people aren’t that wise. So I think the producers must realize if they don’t let people fight with their fists they are going to not have a cast because most people drawn to that type of thing aren’t smart enough to fight with their words.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Welcome back! Glad you’re feeling better!

  32. Rabble Rouser says:

    I don’t want to throw politics into the mix here, but this was touched on before and it seemed that everyone on both sides of the political spectrum were in agreement……so I hope don’t think (and I hope) this won’t kick anything off….

    but I can’t stand Joy Behar….I think I actually “hate” her more than Jill Zarin. She is the worst kind of bigot who tries to couch her intolerance behind a cloud of self righteousness.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      Well said. It’s not just that she’s a biggot, it’s that she seems to think that she is the only person on this earth who deserves the right to exercise their freedom of speech.

      • quincyil says:

        I agree. She is always correct and no one else is allowed to disagree. Is she popular in NYC? She keeps getting great jobs.

    • ShyAsrai says:

      she’s no political expert, that’s for sure.

      her history: she was a secretary for some tv network/stand up comedienne

      one of those comediennes whose schtick is all hatefulness

      but, just like the reality show paradigm, ‘shocking’, ‘offensive’, and ‘outrageous’ draw viewers like flies – no matter the premise of a show, be it reality, comedy or political…

      unfortunately, she’s just like TG and Jillousy – a legend in her own mind with an extremely inflated sense of her own importance.

    • Zoey says:

      Me too! I used to like her and defended her to people. I thought she was just more outspoken. Now I see how she really is, obnoxious, close-minded, small-minded and infuriating!

      • Tootsie says:

        Joy Behar and Jill Zarin look alike, act alike and tawlk alike. Twins perhaps? Both are disgusting, crude, rude and just a little stupid.

    • nathania says:

      to what group is she bigoted? this is news to me.

      • Rabble Rouser says:


        So to answer your question, she is bigoted against any person or individual who has an opinion or belief system that differs from her own- which leaves probably hundreds of millions of people.

        • nathania says:

          this was the definition I am used to, I think it is the second sentence in that article:

          “The predominant usage in modern American English refers to persons hostile to those of differing race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, various mental disorders, or religion.”

          I have never thought of her as a bigot, because to me that denotes xenophobia. I think she’s opinionated and outspoken.

    • Joy is on my strongly dislike list. Not for her political leanings, however. I am suspicious of comedians who morph into political journalists. It’s not just Joy Behar, but several who have made this swith-a-roo. She was a bright, witty comic with a gift for a quick off-the-cuff remark. But so are many second rate comics struggling to make it… She is just one of many actors/comics who think due to their fame their political opinions are more important than the average person.

  33. Miss Anthrope says:

    I cannot wait to see how Teresa tries to spin this one once it airs. Obviously she will say that it’s all her brothers fault and that she was “just bein nice. Aint she nice?”, but how will she justify the fact that it all took place at her nephews christening where her OWN children were present? I mean, God knows she spent a hell of a lot of time and energy throwing Danielle under the bus for being a bad mother for doing what I would consider a lesser crime.

    At the end of the day, Teresa is the common denominator when it comes to violence on RHONJ. That’s the facts. She can no longer deflect and blame it all on Danielle. She is a poor excuse for a human being, and her parenting skills are every bit as questionable as Danielles. In fact, they are far more questionable than Danielles. At least Danielle never got violent in front of her girls. At least her girls are well behaved and have good heads on their shoulders. What does Teresa have to show for her ability to raise decent kids? Oh, I know….

    T’s daughters are currently on the cover of a magazine where they are dressed as popstars who are more well known for squirting frosting out of their breasts, brushing their teeth with jack daniels, and wearing their underwear out in public in 30 degree weather than they are for their actual talent (or lack thereof). In other words, Teresa can’t even dress her kids age appropriately for Halloween.

    I’m so sick of this moron getting PAID to behave like a neanderthal.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      T’s latest tweet says she LOVES her nephew and not to beleive everything you read.

      • nathania says:

        Well, isn’t that her standard reply, “don’t believe everything you read”.

        I guess Bravo realizes that the Manzos are so boring that since Danielle is gone if they don’t turn this RH version into a geriatric Jersey Shore no one is going to have the slightest inclination to watch.

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        Melissa Gorgas tweet pretty much confirms that the story is true.

  34. Rabble Rouser says:

    Was it just me or did the whole Ballerina / Waltz thing with Dwight at Phedra’s baby shower remind you of the dance scene from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion.?

  35. dsc60 says:

    i am so far behind on reading posts so please forgive me if this was mentioned… i’m watching a rerun of *ugh* The Millionaire Matchmaker. it’s patty’s first episode in NYC. i rarely watch this show because patty just makes my skin crawl and i also think she’s full of crapola. well she doesn’t disappoint… she had to nerve to chastise her millionaire for not qualifying that his last girlfriend didn’t want children before he moved in with her! WHAT?!?! didn’t she break her engagement because she found out he didn’t want children? what a hypocrite!

    also wanted to mention that neither millionaire she set up this week had a successful date. i think lynn mentioned she’s keeping track. so far she’s 0 for 2. she keeps mentioning during the episode that New York desperately needs her… my only question for her is needs her for what? loser!

    • babykakes says:

      do we really believe that skanky Patti’s engagement was really broken because her paramour did not want to have children? do we really believe
      what she proclaims? have we heard from him? i do not believe for a second
      this was the reason for the breakup. after all the years they have been together, she just now finds out he doesn’t want kids? total BS!
      he probably finally realized what a piece of lying s**t she is & realized he did not want to spend his life with the likes of “HER”! Kudos to him!!!!!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I think he woke up one morning before she did, chewed his arm off and crawled out the bathroom window….free at last…free at last.

  36. dsc60 says:

    btw, i’ll take one for the team tonight and watch to see if patty fails again tonight. should i take bets? i say she’ll be 0 for 4.

    • AZ Girl says:

      She has the Manzo boys on tonight. If Patty fails then she has to deal with Caroline. I looking forward to how Patty spins this to Caroline. Guaranteed, Patty is going to tone it down and not be as harsh on the boys as she is to her other victims. My bet 0 – 4 with excuses.

      • nathania says:

        I saw a few snippets of it. One of the sons was a complete nimrod on the date, i can’t remember which is which but it was the one with the sleestack hair that wants to open a stripper car wash. The other one seems a bit more normal and seemed to do better. I didn’t watch the ending as I really didn’t care since they are both too young to be serious about getting married and this was just Bravo show-incest.

        She did say to them at one time “I know you two aren’t really millionaires but you are millionaires in training.” What on earth. Way to piss off a gold-digger, Patty, talk about misrepresentation. There was an interesting conversation between Patty and the goth guy about how women in New York don’t know how to dress or groom themselves but it’s okay because they are smart, they just need a bit of help whoring themselves up properly to catch Mr. Moneybags. I suspect the women in New York might have a bit more dignity than the ones in Los Angeles, where a huge percentage of those women are trying to get into acting any way that they can. I have seen one of Patty’s ‘girls’, the one named “Beige” on two other reality shows. They are just trying to get their face on camera any way they can. Patty was griping about how come NY is supposed to be the fashion capital and the women all look so dowdy…I think it’s because women who look like she had hoped her ‘girls’ would look probably don’t have any trouble meeting men there. I assume. Something is up with it anyway…funny she would move her show to New York only to find her services aren’t needed there or she can’t be utilized. Perhaps women in New York, not being the stereotypical LA bimbo, are intelligent enough to find their own millionaires. Or even BE their own millionaires.

  37. ibuysss.com has an update on yesterday’s Giudice bankruptcy drama-also something about the restaurant fight. I’m waiting for it to load on my machine. They have been keeping pretty close tabs on Teresa & the court dates.

  38. Wall St Lady says:

    I am trying to figure out what Fattys long fat neck reminds me of besides ugly. Mayb its a dinosaur ,the one w/the long fat neck or a snake.

    Ok this is NY not California & her M & M Monster side kicks will NOT cut it here. If I went to any office & these 2 nightmares were there even to clean toilets,I would take my business else where.
    Fatty is a fool to have staff that don’t meet the dress code standards that she requires of her clients. I think M & M Monster r the only staff she can keep. I bet she pays them in blood. Seriously they have to b very weird or extremely hard up to tolerate her.

    • quincyil says:

      What do the young people call individuals who dress like this couple? Are they gothics?

      • Kansas Girl says:

        They used to be called Goths.
        I see a resemblance to the new vampire-look fad too — pale skin, black, severe clothing.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      It’s because you are on the East Coast. My dad lives in Palm Springs. When I went out to visit him I made some visits to some medspas out there and I was shocked!

      Visible tattoos, lip and eyebrow piercings (if the laser ever hit any metal-omg big problems!) hair colored to tints unknown in nature, black nail polish, sloppy, wrinkled scrubs- Not one out there could get a job with me here in Boston- no way would my patients put up with it. But out there it’s more the norm to embrace an “alternative”look.

  39. emily says:

    QuincyIL said she will be watching Patti Stanker tonight and reporting on it tomorrow, so are we all in agreement not to flip to Bravo while she’s on the tube?

    After all, Bravo only cares about ratings. Low ratings Patti shall have.

  40. Wall St Lady says:

    I keep seeing NeNe posing in her bright blue dress for the new “peach holding” intro. NeNe has her legs crossed so tightly in her models pose she looks like she could fall over. I just mention the glorious chang from Moo Moos last season. NeNe is obviously proud of her new look & rightfully so.
    Like ill who says she is a 2,
    NeNe says she is an 8.
    I am a size 10 & 5′ 6″.
    NeNe is 5′ 11″ & she ain’t no 8 !
    She is 2 sizes bigger than me.
    Bad sign to b lying.
    It seams the Atlanta Ho Wives
    Lie the most !

  41. AZ Girl says:

    I am now watching last night’s HWOAC and it is hilarious. What a great show.

  42. kbinldo says:

    OMG, did that “Dr.” tell a room full of women that men want women who will cook & do the dishes for them, but still look nice when they come home? And why did none of them walk out at that point? “Men want women to neeeeeeeed them.” Ok, fine, pal, I *NEEEEEEEED* you to wash the dishes. Happy now?


  43. MickeyMouth says:

    I posted an old Jill chop today that I never posted before because I thought it was lame. But I was clearing old stuff off my hard drive and decided to post it. Anyway, today someone left me post stating “lame”. I laughed it off and told them it was the subject matter’s fault. Anywho I decided to look up the ip and it came from Australia. LOL

    • cusi77 says:

      Thanks Mickey! I left you a comment!

      • MickeyMouth says:

        Thanks Cusi.

        Do you know if this Malinda Gray is one of Jill’s new Australian BFFs?

        • Waxdiva says:

          Malinda Gray is the 17-yr-old who loves JZ. She started the FreelyVivacious site that copies everything JZ says. Interesting that Malinda found your site…

          • MickeyMouth says:

            She used wordpress tag search. BTW Jill is on WordPress too. She was first comment and almost as soon as it posted. That Aussie is a real watchdog. I’ll shall dub her Dingo Malinda.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              I bet it’s JZ is purposely paying a kid to blog about her and to spam our sites. That way if we say anything to the kid, she can say we are bullies who are picking on a teenager.

              • MickeyMouth says:

                I think Jill should stop asking “children” to visit sites and confront adults on her behalf. Poor parenting of the “child” and Jill the mentor’s part. The “kid” if she even exists, is getting used. How does Jill ever feel clean?

        • cusi77 says:

          I am sure is one of her two fans left!

  44. cusi77 says:

    Hello Lynn! Hello everyone!

    Lynn Dear, you have an email!

  45. dreemz says:

    I’m so behind, I haven’t watched last nite’s rhoa yet, but sometimes it’s more fun to read the blog before watching anyway!

    I just heard about Jeanna & Tamra, and Teresa & Joe’s weekend fiasco bullshit escapades. I saw it on twitter then looked up the story and ~VOILA~ yes indeed! the cameras were rolling!! I have reminenced on twitter of the olden days of the Houswives. I believe the early episodes of OC had alot more footage shot of all the families. There seemed to be more realistic “pickins” of which to choose, not so staged as it is now. We saw some “real” activities of the housewives and their families & friends, everything wasn’t a set-up like it is now. Recently NBC has been airing the first seasons. The production isn’t as sophistocated but give me back that content over this fake bullshit any day Bravo. I’m about ready to tune back into The Young and the Restless if I’m going to watch acting & scripts. You’re insulting our intelligence with the table flipping fakery and Teresa’s pre-planned shove of BigBoyAndy at the reunion was so transparent. Take me back to when what I was watching was semi-believable–please!?

  46. MickeyMouth says:

    I posted a bunch of RHOBH Halloween Costumes today and a new bobblehead for Phaedra – http://mickeymouth1.wordpress.com/

    In case anyone is interested.

  47. MickeyMouth says:

    Off to bed everyone. Mornings come early here 😉
    Have a good night!

  48. cusi77 says:

    Nite Mickey!

  49. Adgirl says:

    @ OneMoreInBoston – are you still here? I had my consult today.

  50. Minton says:

    RHWOA was so funny and just plain goofy. I was so fun to laugh at all this sillyness and foolishness.

    I don’t think I’ll watch the nastiness/desperation of RHONJ. I don’t want to see any more of Salahis and their megalomaniac self-focus overwhelming the other ladies on RHODC. RHWOC seems all worn out and moved away. RHWBH just proves rich people can be boring. RHWNY still may have Jill.

    RHWOA all the way.

  51. cusi77 says:

    Patti S. diminishes people… she does not have a filter OMG! But I can’t resist to see if she will be successful this time! I want to hear what she tells to Caroline’s motherhood… this Patti is a HW’s ho while she criticizes the girls for the same!

  52. lillybee says:

    Please post what Fatty says to the Manzo boys.

    I have a hard time believing that they can not get dates on their own.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      We know this is just one big stunt- I smelled BS ever since they DM and PS were claiming to be ‘old friends’.

  53. What will happen with the HW franchise?

    OC is going the way of NJ (violence, divorce, evictions, bankruptcy)
    NJ is the standard bearer of bad behavior (major bitch fights, table tossing, felony)
    DC had the sociopathic couple (bankruptcy, fraud,congressional hearing, white house)
    NYC has Jill the bitch, Ramona the self absorbed, and Krazy Kelly.
    BH is a textbook primer on cometic surgery.

    And Atlanta…sweet Atlanta. It is nothing really like the Atlanta I know and love, but it is a funny tv show. I can watch it with no volume and still laugh at it. Finally Bravo has hit on real comedy gold.

    Now we hear Bravo is becoming a Housewives channel. All Housewives all the week. Here here!!! Can you wait for 6 nights of it? I know I can wait forever!

  54. butterisafruit says:

    Good Morning Everyone. A balmy day here.

  55. karrylin says:

    This season, has become the unveiling of the NeNe that is so attractive! She is so funny in the reviews, and she lets her opinion be known, but in a totally NewNeNe way.
    I didnt like her LOUD and acting hard, now she has seen its ok to be herself I think.
    She could do stand up if she tried I bet. I cant wait to see her on the Celebrity Apprentice. Heard Omarosa gave her the lowdown, wonder if that will work out for her?
    I like Kandi, and yes I agree, she is going to get the Gay Crowd as Fans….via Kim.
    and why not? thats Show Biz! Plus, she can sing, write, produce, and she is a decent person, with her own kind of funny!
    Fakedra and Cynthia……
    Cynthia must have been brought into to show that not all Atlanta is filled with wig pulling crazy women. she is beautiful, and boring. Hope she gets a story line!
    Fakedra….well, I think she married Apollo so she could have a legal child, and then she plans to dump him. A marriage of convenience for sure, especially now that we see she doesnt socialize with him!
    when that baby arrives, I wonder if he’ll LOVE that child and enough to let Fakedra have a run for her money…she treats her husband like her stud, the loaner of his DNA to produce her a child!
    My GAWD…the baby shower was a hoot…I wonder how hot it really was in there. Lots of women were fanning themselves with the program, and a few mentions. Didnt they have fans, much less A/C?
    dressing up like that, with no A/C would have been unbearable for me!
    that Kim…laddy da….no hat.
    I wish the RH shows would get into the Backgrounds more of these women. Anyone can say they are an equestrian to a stranger! Is she?
    it would be interesting to find out that she actually was, and had won some ribbons.
    or not.

    the shows are about NOW, and how about building up interest in the person?
    not in a tabloid way, but in a way that explains a person a bit better.
    For example….when Kim’s parents showed up!!!
    wowowow, I totally saw into Kim so much more than ever before!
    through her parents!
    Kim is because they are!
    Its just obvious, and although I saw a commercial that Kim did for something else and she had a great sense of humor about herself and what she was advertising.
    I was shocked! Wish I could remember where I saw it, it was last week.
    she wasnt all ditzy and selfish…she was actually really funny and knew how to walk and bend and all the things that were making it cute!
    it made her look like she wasnt just one dimensional.
    I smiled because I see it hiding.
    I wonder, if after the NJ wives, had all the mess, they decided to be nice and not look like cheap classless dopes! I bet they did. pulled out their “nice” sides and thank GAWD. Or, they said Girls…Fakedra can take all the heat this year!!! lets be friends.
    who knows…but that Sunday thing…Forget it!!
    Desparate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters!
    All the way!
    karrylin BTW…listened to radio show…is it on Sundays? I forget! But I did find it.
    You go girl!!! So proud of you! you must be thrilled!
    I’ll be listening every week!

    • Minton says:

      The Dish had a fake commercial with Kim of Atlanta promoting a fake CD. The title was something like ” It sorta sounds like a song”. She was really funny. It was like one of those Time-Life song compilations CD’s you always see on TV where they scroll the song names and artists list down the screen, except that Kim’ s had only two songs that they did over and over. She ended up lying on the sofa with an empty bottle of wine saying “it’s done”. I really thought the whole skit was well done and very smart of Kim to do a self-parody.

  56. quincyil says:

    I thin Phaedra is disrespectful to Apollo, her mixed husband who grew up in a white home. Her mother in law is being ridiculed by a Southern belle, lawyer. If Apollo has any self respect, I don’t believe that marriage will last. Phaedra is more comfortable with Dwight than Apollo.

    • Cheri says:

      She’s just a black Kate Gosslin in how she treats her husband

    • RubyNewbie says:

      I know! Either she is over the top to secure her position on the show or she is an obnoxious, disrespectful mess. It may really be the latter. I’ve known people from modest backgrounds who attained a certain level of affluence and immediately became insufferable. I think insecurity is at the root of it, really. Still trying to prove they’re just as smart, just as good, just as classy, just as worthy as *fill in the blank*. Get over it, Fakedra!

  57. Jersey says:

    Two things: has anyone noticed that weird hairline on Sheree’s doctor date??? There’s a tiny little landing strip of baldness right down the middle of his head. I can’t stop staring at it!
    Also, why would Dwight ask Phaedra if he wanted her to put out another table at her shower, didn’t she know how many people she invited ahead of time and plan the seating chart accordingly or was it first come, first serve – now THAT is classy!

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