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I Hate Jill Zarin              Top Chef Just Desserts                Oct 28, 2010

Team Diva, really?
Sorry guys but as Johnny Iuzzini says in his blog, Karma is a

We’re down to six contestants and Gail Simmons breaks them
into two teams and the three Diva’s couldn’t be happier to have ended up on the same team.  Zac, Heather and Yigit have
bonded into believing that they are the strongest three chef’s in the
competition…we’ll see.

The Quick Fire challenge is a mise en place relay race starting
with Danielle for the Black Team and Yigit for the Red Team forming crust into little tart cups.  Surprising everyone
Danielle blows this part of the competition out of the water and flies through her portion finishing well before the competition and giving her team a great head start.  Eric manages to lose steam
and while his frosting rosette flowers looked a whole lot better than
Heather’s, her speed put the Red Team in the lead.  The Black Team were able to get a bit of their lead back as Morgan whipped egg whites with ease as Zac struggled with his own egg whites.

The teams were just about neck and neck going into the final
part of the relay, stretching out strudel dough seemed to be Morgan’s forte and he instructed Danielle and Eric on the proper technique but in the end they made a complete mess of their dough and the Red Team took the competition winning $3,000 each.

Maintaining the same two teams Top Chef Just Desserts
creates their version of restaurant wars by having each team open a sweet shop and having each chef responsible for three different desserts to serve in their bakery.

The overconfident Red Team, Team Diva calls their shop
“Pastry Play land” and plans on making their space into an fun adult candy shop.  They’re laughing and already convinced they will win as they shop for ingredients even creating vases full of candy with edible flowers for the tables.
Unfortunately by the time the judges arrived to taste their creations, their pasty display case is half empty and looking rather pathetic which seems to be something that concerned the judges.
Heather and her bad mood were left in the kitchen to prepare the food since she cannot be trusted to behave around people.

The Black Team’s shop is called, “Wisk Me Away”
and while Danielle was a bit stoned-like as she greeted the judges, they were impressed by the overall look and feel of their shop.  Like Heather, Morgan’s horrible attitude and uncontrollable anger confined him to the kitchen to prepare the desserts so as not to offend anyone with his attitude.

Morgan’s temper was really visible in this episode and I can’t imagine anyone being able to work for this guy under any
circumstances.  He’s really just a talented jackass!  His plan to make pretzels left him short on time so rather than twisting them into traditional shape, he served them in a stick form.
Chef and head judge Johnny Iuzzini was not impressed that the pretzel left him with butter on his face.  Why the hell was he rubbing the pretzel on his face anyway?

The judges enjoyed Danielle’s float made with sorbet and
ginger ale but were looking for more coffee flavor in her coffee cream pie.  I think she drank all the coffee after smoking the dubie in the stew room.

Finally, team Whisk Me Away included Eric and his basic
chocolate chip cookie that the judges really enjoyed and a mini banana loaf that fell a bit short.  But it was Morgan’s chocolate cake that seemed to put this team over the top and they win this challenge to the surprise of the Diva’s over on the Red Team.

The Diva’s had some winning dishes, Zac’s donut was a hit and his brioche was one of the judges favorites.  Unfortunately his popcorn left Gail Simmons disappointed that the kernels were unevenly coated.
Yigit and Heather both made desserts using Heather’s pie crust that she insisted on preparing the old fashioned way with a rolling pin but she didn’t get it thin enough and it ruined both desserts.

While I have never been a fan of Heather’s, I was impressed
that she coped to her mistake at judges table so that Yigit did not get blamed for the bad pie crust.  Unfortunately this is most likely what got her sent home.

Heather is the next victim as Gail asks her to pack her tools, Heather interviews that she doesn’t feel it was her time and that other chef’s had to have worse dishes than she did.

Heather may be right, I think most can agree that she is probably
a more talented pastry chef than Danielle or Eric, but with team challenges sometimes the one who goes home is just the one who makes the biggest mistake.

I know that in the end Top Chef chooses the most talented
chef who puts out the highest quality and best tasting food but if Morgan wins this competition with his immature and vile behavior, something is wrong.  He has consistently been at the top of
challenges but his attitude is really poor and he seems to even be a bit violent.  As we’ve learned though, that’s not an issue with Bravo, in fact, I think they prefer it.

With Heather gone, Yigit and Zac seem to be the frontrunners
although it is disappointing that Erica was eliminated last week because I certainly thought she was one of the more talented of the bunch.  I think many of us are surprised that Danielle is still in the competition, she’s either flying under the radar or she has just been extremely lucky.

Eric’s lack of confidence will most likely be his downfall and being that he doesn’t feel that he’s as talented as the rest of the group,
he’s going to have a tough time convincing the judges that he’s up for the win.

Head Judge Johnny Iuzzini’s blog in the form of a question
and answer session has been posted.  He’s a bit sarcastic, unlike Tom Colicchio, Johnny doesn’t only comment on the food,
he seems to be less than impressed by Heather after her departure decides to rub salt in her wound:

“I thought it was pretty ironic that Heather said that Team Diva on one side and Team Loser was on the other when, she was
actually the one that went home. That is karma baby. Guess her mama never told her that if she doesn’t have something nice to say, then she shouldn’t say anything at all.”

Maybe Johnny didn’t get the memo that the contestants are
encouraged to snark at one another and arrogance is almost a requirement of Top Chef contestants.  I’m not fan of Heather’s but Johnny’s quote is unprofessional for a head judge in my opinion.   Morgan’s behavior was substantially worse than Heather’s but he got a pass from the head judge, only briefly mentioning Morgan’s “stress”.

Who do you think will take the top prize?

In other Housewives news:

DListed has posted a photo claiming to be Kim Zolciak
without her wig, you can view it here:


What is going on over at RadarOnLine, they can’t seem to go
one day without reporting on that insane Giudice family, using the same photo of Teresa’s ridiculous over the top hair, grabbing her husband’s face forcing him to look at the camera’s on a step and repeat somewhere in Bravo land, RadarOnLine just regurgitates the same stupid story we’ve all read and posts it again with today’s date.  There is no new information here…


Note to RadarOnLine, stop posting the same old story over
and over just to put the Giudice’s on your first page.

Mickey Mouth’s latest victim’s are The Real Housewives of
Beverly Hills who can be found on Bravo in a new episode tonight, don’t miss Mickey’s Halloween costumes for the BH ladies.


Real Old Housewife has posted her fantastic blog on The Real
Housewives of Atlanta, take a look:


The news out of Orange County, not so funny!  Word is that Tamra and her new beau have been heard throwing around the “F” word and I don’t mean “Fu*k”.  Apparently Tamra was raised in the same trailer park with Dirty Danny from New Jersey.  When will these housewives learn that alcohol and cameras do not mix!

After the story broke of Tamra throwing a glass of wine in
cast mate Jeana’s face at the final season ending party it would have probably been a good idea for Tamra to lay low but nothing doing, she’s still on the rampage.

Is Kim Zolciak pregnant?
Popeater isn’t even sure….

Is Kim Zolciak Pregnant? Sources Say Yes, But We\’re Not So
Sure http://aol.it/bZyzyS

Until Next Time….





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265 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Top Chef Just Desserts / Housewives News

  1. RubyNewbie says:

    Tamra is certainly getting a big dose of karma. She was so incredibly smug and judgmental towards Gretchen–just flat out mean! Her life is certainly a hot mess right now. I wonder if Gretchen will take the high road…

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      From some of her twitter remarks and DM-s she is already commenting on it.

      I’m not a big Gretchen fan, she has been proven a liar in court. She WAS ina relationship with Jay P while being “engaged” to Jeff.. She took a dying man for money by isolating him from his family during his last days and having a new will drawn up. She is not as sweet an innocent as she pretends to be..

      But as much disdain as I have for her, she can do much better than Slade Slimey. I wouldn’t wish him on anyone.

      • Zoey says:

        I agree with you RR, not to mention reports of Gretchen helping Slimey hide his paycheck in HER paycheck so he doesn’t have to pay child support. That’s as low as it gets.

        I think Tamra is trashy and vulgar but if I had to choose….well I just couldn’t, they’re all trashy!

        • RubyNewbie says:

          Oh geez! I hadn’t really been keeping up with the OC gangs off camera shenanigans. That’s very shady of ol’ Gretchen! True, you can’t pick a favorite out of that bunch. They all offend in different ways.

        • error 404 says:

          this rumor never made any sense to me.

          I have no doubt that this deadly duo would try to pull a shady stunt like that, but production co with a brain would add one actor’s paycheck to another actor’s paycheck? Forget tax laws, labor laws, child support laws, etc… it’s so obviously fishy that no law office or insurance co on earth would let a production co get away with it.

          Try going to work tomorrow and asking your boss if you can add your co-worker’s pay to your own paycheck and see how far the request gets you? lol

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I don’t think it was a rumor, I am pretty sure it was admitted in in Slades latest court case about his child support payment in arrears.

  2. Jane says:

    Sorry – still a huge fan of Morgan – hope he wins. I think he is playing smart. It is contestants like Morgan that we tend to remember long after the show is off the air. Just look at Omarosa (I know I spelled that wrong but I don’t care to look it up). Do you remember any other contestant from the 1st season of the Apprentice? It is that snark and pushy attitude that will make him memorable. At this point – even if he doesn’t win (I think it will be Yigit) he will at least be remembered – that’s all that counts in the world of reality TV.

    • Zoey says:

      I missed this episode so I can’t wait to see this show of temper from Morgan. While he’s not a totally lovable character I just can’t picture this. I think he’s the most talented of the bunch by far.

    • emily says:

      I think you spelled Omarosa correctly!

  3. WindyCityWondering says:

    Great blog Lynn – Top Chef Lite (Just Desserts) seems short on desserts and personalities! I hope Morgan goes soon because he is a violent, rude bore.

  4. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @GretchenRossi: Laughable isn’t it!! She is such a hyprocrite!

    Private DM from Gretchen the other day when the wine tossing story broke.

  5. Minton says:

    I,too like Morgan. He has some very creative and clever ideas. I would like a Morgan-Zac finale. But I would like Morgan to win.

    I was going to try to review all 18 (!) desserts from the elimination challenge. Some are very forgettable. What was Eric’s third dessert? What was Danielle’s third? Too much chocolate or coffee, not enough fruit. Always, always, a patisserie case has some pretty fruit tarts or petit fours. Not banana bread. I would have loved to have seen someone present a trio of pretty little fruit tart mouthfuls. Much better than an undercooked brick of banana bread with a tiny white drizzle of sugar on it. And Zac’s carmel cork- Yipes. I cringed at the sight of them and when Gail mentioned she had lumps of carmelcorn covered in baconfat I wanted to retch. Does anyone remember why they didn’t like Yigit’s lovely layer cake with malted balls? It looked yummy. Team GoDiva’s case looked pathetic in the shots we saw. Whisk Me Away was a lovely name and they all looked like they were happier and having more fun.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I like Morgan too and want him to win. Ego doesn’t bother me when it’s quantified by ability. The difference between Morgan and Heather’s ego is that Morgan talks about his abilities while Heather focuses on others (perceived) lack there of.

      In the interview, Morgan paid homage to some of his fellow contestants and recognized them as worthy competitors while Heather was just dismissive and rude…..not to mention wrong.

      As Lynn mentioned, she surprised me when she owned up to the issues with the pastry tarts but then I remembered that happened BEFORE the winning team was declared.. She went in thinking they were going to win; and in this challenge the entire team won the prize so in reality she didn’t think she was really sticking her neck out or taking a hit. I doubt that she would have been as honest if she knew her team lost and she was on the chopping block.

      Her attitude came through again when she couldn’t get over the fact that she was the one who was going to be sent home- JUST TO BE CLEAR- YOUR DISHES THE WORST ON YOUR TEAM- THAT’S WHY- GET IT NOW?

      I thought Johnny’s comments about Heather were right on the mark and kind of fitting with his rogue type persona. But then again I have a secrete crush on him so I am biased.

      I don’t know what Danielle’s deal is, there is something about her I can’t put my finger on- other than to say she is weird.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Morgan really doesn’t bother me anymore. Violent? Nah. Yes, Heather got her lip hit by his elbow as everyone was going for items yet I’ve seen the same thing on Iron Chef America and Masterchef. Was it intentional? I don’t think so. We only see a teeny bit of what’s been already filmed and I think Morgan is going to be seen as the “bully” because they can take the worst and show it. If he was so bad I don’t think we’d see Danielle praising him. Does he have an ego? Absolutely, but if his stuff really is that good well maybe there is some cause for that.

  6. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Re: Joisey

    I think that Caroline and Tree will have alot of “splaining” to do come reunion time. From Carolinebackers hardball stance of “Me or Danielle” and TMAN’s exorbitant salary demands, I’m sure that BRAVO will have the last laugh or in this case the LAST EDIT! Seeing all the ads searching for new HW’s for this current season of NJ may have been an attempt to neutralize TMAN’s salary dispute. Or indeed they maybe adding new blood to really mix it up and hopefully take the Manzo power away. Likewise, they wont be slaves to the Giudice/Gorga families in the future too. I say good riddance.

    As JillZarin learned, when you think your hot stuff and can call the shots, BRAVO edits you and proves who really is in charge. From a heroine, you become the villain in just one episode. By seasons end these women will be blaming editing and apologizing profusely. BRAVO seems to be done with the ultimatums.

    • RubyNewbie says:

      I think you’re right. Bravo is still in charge. Have they not already proven that all of the housewives are replaceable? There’s no shortage (unfortunately) of women ready to make a spectacle of themselves on national tv. I said from the reunion show on that Bravo was plotting to make Teresa the super villain to fill the Danielle void. The only reason Teresa ever came across somewhat favorably is because Bravo CHOSE that role for her via editing. Same deal with Jill. Once you become a nuisance–game over.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO, Teresa jumped the shark! She didn’t wait til the end of the season. Bravo got their violent villianess moment. She can be part time, replaced, whatever and Bravo can concentrate on their family (Jacq/Caroline) theme, bring in Missy’s crew and ease Teresa out.

      • RubyNewbie says:

        It’s best for Bravo to hedge their bets, anyway. They have Melissa, the two awful Kims and the party planner on the canvas to work with. Nobody knows how the bankruptcy and potential fraud may pan out. The Giudice’s may HAVE TO leave the show if one or both of them end up in jail. Bravo’s thinking ahead. If the Giudice’s or any more Manzo’s bail, they have Melissa and the other three ladies to replace them. And from what we’ve seen and heard, they have the potential to be a huge ratings grabbing trainwreck!

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      I have a feeling that Bravo has had it with Teresa. She thinks she is the star of RHONJ and the success of her book has gone to her head. I heard that Teresa set a deadline for the end of this month, if she doesn’t get the raise that she is demanding, she is going to walk. I don’t think they will give in to her demands and I wonder if she will have the guts to leave the show. We should hear something very soon.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Thing is, these women play so many games in the press (Teresa) it’s hard to tell what’s what. First T’s favored online dumping ground Rob Shuter runs a story about how the poor NJ Howives are locked into a 3 yr contract at only 3K per episode with no possibility of a raise or renegotiation. They’re virtual prisoners of their contracts, poor dears. Then a couple months later Rob’s saying oh the howives are getting 250K each per season and it’s just not fair that adult kids are paid and that should be taken into consideration & poor poor Teresa. That line of reasoning doesn’t even make sense.

        Now T’s going to hold her breath till she turns blue and walk if she doesn’t get what she wants. Well if she does indeed have a 3 yr binding contract, I guess Bravo’s, well NBC/Uni’s lawyers can then sue her ass for breach of contract. Wouldn’t that be nice?

        Bottom line though, Bravo’s going to get the shot, one way or the other. If T wants to make herself redundant that’s OK with them….they’ve got a new, younger more attractive family on the show (the Gorgas) and T can be this season’s Jill Zarin to her brother and SIL.

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  8. MickeyMouth says:

    I never see enough of this show to understand the personalities. I have to make an effort to watch an entire show for once. Morgan seems the most talented.

    • MBDEA says:

      ITA . However, while he does appear to be the most talented, he obviously barks and even bites when he feels pressure corners his chances of a win. It’s a shame that he doesn’t handle it more professionally. Having said that, I definitely believe Morgan deserves to win.

      The two remaining Divas (Zack and Yigit) seem more like a the One-Act Divas. The only constant thing about Zack is his frying abilities while Yigit’s is his frozen treats. Come to think of it, they even remind me of Mr. Heat Miser (Zack) and Mr. Snow Miser (Yigit). I doubt any of those two can continue relying on their one-offs for a win.

      Danielle, on the other hand, definitely gets my vote off the dessert plate. She has been consistently on the bottom three from day one and is more a miss than a hit in her desserts. I’m convinced she is still clinging to her spot because someone else always makes a more glaring mistake that overshadows her mediocrity.

      While I agree with Lynn’s assessment of Eric (turn up the confidence level), he is the one I would love to see win. I believe he has the talent and certainly a more likable personality than Morgan’s.

  9. Rabble Rouser says:

    So I wonder what Caroline has to say about Teresa and her caveman husbands latest antics? Is there any denying now that they are a bunch of crude and violent thugs?

    I remember her mock shock and horror over T’s behavior at the reunion- ‘This isn’t you- if it was we couldn’t be friends’. Well it IS who she is…so now whatcha going a do about it C?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I think Caroline only counts what is done in front of her face – she discounted Teresa’s behavior at the Country Club and laughed off her table flip. So when Teresa went all gutteral gorilla in front of her she couldn’t ignore it. Now wrecking a christening celebration…..yeah the Guidices are the height of family values!

      • nathania says:

        I think Caroline goes by the credo that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Her friendship with Teresa was based on a mutual hate for Danielle and nothing more. Now with Danielle gone the Manzos will have gradually worsening amnesia with regard to the Giudice’s, especially if they end up being sentenced for fraud and perjury.

      • Humbruh says:

        Windy, I couldn’t agree with your statements more! During the last couple of epis last season, Caroline’s comments about “Teresa being Teresa” and similar comments & side-eye looks got me to thinking. It just seemed like the Teresa-isms were beginning to work the Linebacker’s nerves but she was just choosing to tolerate them at that point. Now that Danielle is gone, Caro will need a new target for her rage.

        I honestly believe T will be the new target of that rage & we will see a repeat of what happened during season 1. This time, since Dina’s dumb ass christened Audriana, thus forming a lifetime covenant with Magilla Gorilla & making her “fambily” in her mind, Caro will make her choose sides like she did with Jaq. I would also be willing to bet that the Manzo’s aren’t as legit as they claim (association with Bernie K.) & having T & the stench of her garbage close by will only lead to people wanting to dig into their affairs.

        Add all of that, Melissa, & editors with an axe to grind with greedy T, and we will have one hell of a season!

    • TLM says:

      I was just thinking the same thing …I am sure Teresa and Joe yell plenty at home. She was ready to scream her head off at one of her little girls when that ugly urn broke in her house, and then she was all apologetic when Jac’s mom said she knocked it over. It was her animal grunts and growls at the reunion that scared me the most.

  10. vilzvet says:

    Wow I can’t believe I was offered a job yesterday and start Monday! Still kind of in shock. I didn’t think I would ever work again, LOL. So, before this happens I am really looking forward to a nice weekend in Salem and Boston, taking a bus trip tomorrow a.m. with some fun people.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Another crook spending cash left and right and ripping off creditors. Over a year ago, I checked the county court system on him and he had dozens of lawsuits filed against him for a lack of payment- the whole time spending money on whores like Kim and taking her and her kids on vacation.

      • aliand says:

        just think about all of those employed by retailers in the mall. The tv was on as I was in the kitchen and I think his overdue power bill was stated as being $170,000 and he just caught up on his water bill.

      • quincyil says:

        Is Kim solvent? She owns the condo and has the white car. I wonder how she supports her lifestyle with out Poppa.

        Kim’s mom is probably my age, but she looks a lot older than me. She’s probably a drinker and smoker. I bet she spent a lot of time in a bikini too.

        • realminkey says:

          There’s something very seedy 80s small town Boogie Nights about Kim’s parents.

          And it just figures, with all the Bravo fakes, Big Poppa is really only a Splenda Daddy.

          • Zoey says:

            Haha, ”80’s seedy boogie nights’. Yes, I agree. I couldn’t put my finger on it but Kim’s dad was kinda creepy, with his big gold bracelet! Didn’t seem like a sincere person at all. Cheesy.

      • quincyil says:

        Gretchen’s ex fiance was the same. He was one million in debt, yet Gretchen got that pink motorcycle, jewelry and designer cloths. She was disappointed when in death he had to pay some bills and she didn’t get money to play with.

  11. Adgirl says:

    Top Chef Desserts –
    What a bunch of unlikable people!
    Only Eric is normal and he can’t win because of his lack of sophisticated skills.

    Heather is just nasty nasty nasty. Who else thinks she has to hots for Morgan?
    And when she interviewed that “others should have gone home” was she referring to the other Divas?

    Morgan is an ass. I’m sure his exwife thinks the best day of their marriage was the day their divorce was finalized.

    Yigit and Zac are arrogant jerks too. Now that Heather is gone will they be a little more humble?

    Danielle is plain disgusting. Her weird faces and don’t get me started on how she grabbed onto a judges chair and was leaning on it during her presentations. Ugh!

    That said, I want to eat every single item they make! Yum!!

    • quincyil says:

      That’s why I don’t watch the show. It makes my hungry. Walking into Walmart last night, I saw about 10 ton of Halloween candy and then sugary bakery goods within 20 ft of that front door.

      I know how hard it is to exercise off two oreo cookies thanks to Brian of Thintervension. I don’t mind exercise, but walking stairs so many times for a cookie is madness.

      • nathania says:

        I was thinking the same thing and I can’t watch it either. That segment of thintervention with Jackie making him run up and down the stairs to burn off that 140 calories was life-changing, lol. I have never forgotten that. Two oreos… definitely not worth stair-running hell. AND they edited the clip so we really didn’t get to see how long it took him to burn it off either.

    • quincyil says:

      That’s why I don’t watch the show. It makes my hungry. Walking into Walmart last night, I saw about 10 ton of Halloween candy and then sugary bakery goods within 20 ft of that front door.

      I know how hard it is to exercise off two oreo cookies thanks to Brian of Thintervension. I don’t mind exercise, but walking stairs so many times for a cookie is madness.

      • Adgirl says:

        Seriously. I’m on Weight Watchers (online) and while desserts are lovely to look at they will consume all of my points for a week! I’d rather have a pork chop & red potato that will fill me up!

        • Zoey says:

          The WW frozen desserts are yummy, love ’em!

        • quincyil says:

          Sometimes, when I am lifting 2-15 lb dumbells over my head, my teacher talkes to me about nutrition. She thinks weight watchers has too many options for dessert and that having the ww icecream before bed everynight even though her clients have saved the points is a bad idea. She likes us to have protein and green vegetables in the evening. I actually do better all day with protein like eggs or low fat cottage cheese in th morning too.

          Some of my physical trainers clients have left weight watchers for a program that is just like Jackie Warner’s. If you want those last few abdominal pounds to go, Weight watchers cake might not be the best choice.

          • Zoey says:

            Thanks, food for thought, ha!

            • quincyil says:

              LOL…it’s 80 percent diet, 20 percent sweat.

              If you don’t do the sweat, you can lose lean muscle and kinda self canabolize. If you want an example of what this look at Kelly Bensimon and Jill Zarin. They lost brain tissue and often are running on empty thoughts.

          • nathania says:

            I have noticed I do alot better when I eat stuff that has protein in it. The stuff with just carbs no matter what it is, bread, chips, sweets are the things that make me want to eat and eat for some reason, I think it’s an insulin thing.

    • Jackie says:

      I couldn’t believe she was leaning on the chair so casual with the judges. I wanted to yell at her to stand up straight. I keep trying to figure out her face too. I finally decided she talks like she has peanut butter in her mouth and is trying to talk around it. I like Morgan better than the Divas…I am happy Heather went home. It would be wonderful if Eric hangs in there to the end. Maybe the last challenge will not be something so fancy and he can ace it.

  12. Zoey says:

    I don’t understand why each Housewife group doesn’t include a few really funny people. I mean, there are some hilarious people in this world, find a few Bravo!!!

    Audiences love humor, as shown by the ratings for Bethenny and NeNe. Duh. The drama is good too, but I need it to balance out with a lighter note. The shows that bore me are OC, NJ, DC and now BH. Unless I’m forgetting someone in these, none of these chicks have a decent sense of humor! All the fabulous houses and cars, shopping and lunches, bickering and gossiping get old without some HUMOR!

    • quincyil says:

      The women don’t seem to have a sense of humor. Bethenny’s joke drew criticim in the reunions.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Humor (ala Bethenny) made NY interesting. ATL is bringing some humor this season too. The other franchises could definately use some funny!

    • realminkey says:

      This is what has always bothered me about NJ in particular. Not one of them has a sense of humor- especially about themselves. Their idea of funny is throwing ham around the kitchen.

      • quincyil says:

        or. making fun of Danielle.

        • realminkey says:

          This is where you know for sure they have no sense of humor. Sitting around, drinking wine, none of them has any worries about work, etc, and they can’t even come up with some good one-liners? Danielle is a walking talking joke topic, for cryin’ out loud! They’re all too freakin’ stupid to be funny, and we all know it! THAT’s the joke.

    • error 404 says:

      unfortunately, humor is subjective. The NJ crew is constantly making reference to how funny they think Ter is, what a cut up, so adorable and funny!

      It’s just a shame that the viewing pubic fails to agree.

  13. Zoey says:

    PS I meant to add Top Chef, Top Chef Desserts and Project Runway in the mix for my request of contestants with some sense of humor! Or just more personality. Like Mondo, he’s not a typically funny guy, but he has personality.

  14. Wall St Lady says:

    Did u enjoy ur birthday party ?
    Who is ur favorite B Day buddy ?

    • Zoey says:

      I did, thanks WSL. I haven’t been feeling too well for a while so I didn’t make any plans ahead of time. I decided spur of the moment to go for an afternoon pedicure. New place in a local hotel, and I liked it. Got a yummy drink (delish but pricey, yikes!) in the lobby for my stroll a few blocks to a weekly outdoor local music concert and hung with friends. Good food, but very muggy weather. Can’t have it all I guess…

      Came back to my hood to our neighborhood bar where my friends brought the birthday cake so we could share. Came home to an impromptu porch party and enjoyed the rest of the evening with good wine, opening gifts (I got a Fleur di lis FanPan, I love it!) and chillin’. Having my son here was the best gift!

      Thanks for being so thoughtful. That’s what makes birthdays so special.

  15. CdnFillie says:

    Reading some comments on Lynn’s other blog…I tell ya some people just don’t get it. There should be drugs you can take to cure their problems…(well what I perceive as their problem anyway 😛 )

    • quincyil says:

      I will have to look. Are people being mean there?

    • quincyil says:

      I see. Just a discussion of the meaning of a word.

      Podcast vs radio show… It’s like the old time radio shows that were popular in my dad’s time. It’s like the call in shows that are about politics these days. It’s probably the beginning of a new type of entertainment that we will get from our computers. The skies the limit on our ability to get information because of the net. We should come up with a new word for this kind of show that will indicate that it’s like the radio shows, but from the net… How about ” radionet?” Lynn, you can have this word as a gift. I think it fixes the problem. rotfl… It’s cold here and I have to shovel the barn. I wait until this time because I shoo out any horses that like to stand out of the high winds in their own comfy stalls, clean, feed and for an extra special treat every horse in the barn is getting an apple flavored wormer with their grain mix that is based on age and health. They actually enjoy that wormer. LOL.

      • Zoey says:

        It sounds like the obnoxious anonymous poster on the other board has issues with Lynn or is a JZ lover. Instead of stating the REAL issues that bother him/her/it and discussing this, they go off on a silly tangent about a word. Not worth the time of day….

        • LynnNChicago says:

          That’s actually funny because I can’t comment on my own blog for some reason, it’s not letting me LMAO

          I really don’t care what it’s called, the producers presented it to me as a “radio podcast” – whatever it’s called it’s getting a lot of listens and that’s all that matters to me! 🙂

          Thanks to everyone who responded in my defense!

          • quincyil says:

            I was bored and googled your name. The mean web sites that were around when Jill supposedly called the authorities have all disappeared. What’s up with that? I think they may have been Jill herself because she is always writing something, then deleating her comments like Dina.

            The discussion over a word is normal in my household. My kids were fascinated by languages and so is my husband. Why people are so dogged is beyond my comprehension.

            Whenever you have a concern, Lynn, we are here for you.

  16. quincyil says:

    The board is slow today. I am home early and thought I would drink a cup of coffee and enjoy the posts, but I’m caught up and the cup is still full. LOL.

    I guess I will just have to do house and barn work. rotfl.

    • CdnFillie says:

      LOL..I should be doing my office work….but naw, it’s almost Friday my day off anyway 🙂

      • Zoey says:

        What does your name stand for?

        • cdnfillie58 says:

          Cdn (Canadian) Fillie was the name of a baseball team I use to play for..slow pitch..many moons ago, when my body started telling me I couldn’t do what my mind was telling it to do 😛

    • Zoey says:

      Haha. Don’tcha hate that when you’re just getting in the groove and you get to the bottom of the page??

  17. Wall St Lady says:

    Scandal! Real Housewives of New Jersey Star’s Hubby Caught Cheating! | PerezHilton.com

    Joe always seemed so devoted to his wife. Then again, looks can be very deceiving

    Teresa Giudice of the Real Housewives of New Jersey can add this to her laundry list of problems: her husband, Joe Giudice, is rumored to have cheated with a co-worker!

    Reports from Life & Style say that Joe has been spending a lot of time at a strip club in West Orange, NJ, where one of the dancers admitted that Joe enjoyed the “hanky-panky that went on in the club’s basement.”


    On top of boozing it up with the boobies at the strip club, Joe allegedly has developed a too close for comfort type relationship with a “young female staffer” at work. He was frequently seen inviting the girl back to his upstairs office, which has ben nicknamed the “boom boom room.”

    Charming. A gazillon dollars in debt and you want to screw it up for a little boom boom?! You know, if Tre leaves you, you have to deal with half of that debt all by yourself. You don’t have her Bravo check to lean on anymore.

    Think about that, Joe!


    • quincyil says:

      If there is a divorce, I think the judge divides the debt. I have know women who ended up with all of the debt because they had jobs and were the type to pay their bills. One piano teacher got the debt and he took the new truck and that boat. You marry someone like Joe and you get Joe. Ick…

      • kbinldo says:

        We have community property in this state, which means all property is divided 50/50 (some exceptions), but if you want the house, or a particular car, and there is a mortgage or loan on that property, you get the debt too.

    • Zoey says:

      Good gossip on this slow Thursday, ha! It says ‘caught’ cheating. I wonder if Tree already knows he goes to the boom boom room and thinks he just hangs out there. She might defend that, thinking all guys do that. Is Perez’s stuff known to be true? I don’t follow him so I don’t really know.

      • quincyil says:

        I don’t know if it’s true, but will Teresa leave him? I think that the Italian mommas stay home with the babies while the papas date people like the Countess.

        Joe is no catch if you ask me, but neither was Tony Soprano.

      • KellitaM says:

        I think Perez is usually spot on.
        Teresa strikes me as the type, though, that will live in denial and vehemently defend her husband. “He crashed into the tree because he yawned….”

        • Zoey says:

          That’s true. Then he went across the street to a friend’s house and immediately began doing shots. Doesn’t everyone do that before the cops show up?

          • quincyil says:

            That was a cover up if there ever was one. I think Danielle told us the truth when she mentioned the stripper joints were open. I suspect that Joe thinks is a patron of Vada boom.

  18. Wall St Lady says:

    Wow Zoey sounds like u r very loved ! R u single ?

    A birthday buddy is some one (like Jimmy Hendrix) who shares your birth date w/u.

    • Zoey says:

      Aw, thanks WSL. Yes, I’m single and pretty much a hermit these days due to health issues, so it was nice to be around friends. Ya know how easily you can let friendships fall by the wayside if they are not nurtured, and I am very guilty of that!
      Oh, I get it. I don’t know who my birthday buddies are! I’ll have to check it out.

  19. Wall St Lady says:

    Didn’t u see this ? I also sang Happy Birthday to u in Mandrin.

    1127 – Emperor Xiaozong of China (d. 1194)
    1544 – Ascanio Trombeti, composer
    1563 – Robbert Robbertsz, (le Canu), nautical expert
    1569 – Ottavio Vernizzi, composer
    1576 – Shimazu Tadatsune, Ruler of Satsuma (d. 1638)
    1582 – Pierre Dupuy, French scholar (d. 1651)
    1588 – Valerius Andreas, [Walter Driessens], Flemish historian
    1595 – Alessandro Algardi, Italian sculptor/architect
    1627 – Louise Henriette, [Mlle d’Orange], daughter of Frederik Henry
    1630 – Archduke Sigismund Francis of Austria (d. 1665)
    1635 – Françoise d’Aubigné, marquise de Maintenon, wife of Louis XIV of France (d. 1719)
    1648 – Peter Codde, RC apostole vicar (1688-1704)
    1668 – Henri F d’Aguesseau, chancellor of France (1717..50)
    1691 – Josef Antonin Planicky, composer
    1701 – Anders Celsius, Sweden, scientist/inventor (centigrade temp scale)
    1710 – Robert Lowth, British bishop (d. 1787)
    1731 – Gaetano Pugnani, composer
    1732 – Johann Joseph Emmert, composer
    1741 – Jean-Pierre Duport, composer
    1745 – Boniface Stoecki, composer
    1746 – Robert Livingston, delivered oath of office to George Washington
    1746 – Increase Sumner, 5th Governor of Massachusetts (d. 1799)
    1750 – Anton Thadaus Johann Nepomuk Stamitz, composer
    1756 – Paul van Hemert, Dutch theologist/philosopher (Kant)
    1759 – Franz Vinzenz Krommer, composer
    1775 – Joachim G le Sage ten Broek, Dutch notary/catholic foreman/publicist
    1778 – John Murray, publisher
    1779 – Aimé, duc de Clermont-Tonnerre, French general (d. 1865)
    1787 – Christian Rummel, composer
    1787 – Jacob earl van Rechteren van Appeltern, governor of Gelderland
    1801 – Alexander Egorovich Varlamov, composer
    1804 – Julius Benedict, Stuttgart Germany, opera composer (Protoghesi)
    1808 – Hugh Weedon Mercer, Brig General (Confederate Army), died in 1877
    1809 – Frances Anne “Fanny” Kemble, England, Shakespearian actress (Juliet)
    1813 – Michele Puccini, composer
    1830 – Harrison Millard, composer
    1833 – Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambridge (d. 1897)
    1840 – Aleksei N Apuchtin, Russian poet/friend of Tsjaikovski [OS=11/15]
    1843 – Cornelius Vanderbilt II, American businessman (d. 1899)
    1843 – Elizabeth Stride, victim of Jack the Ripper (d. 1888)
    1854 – Aloys L earl von Aehrenthal, Austrian minister of Foreign affairs
    1857 – Charles Scott Sherrington, British physiologist, Nobel laureate (d. 1952)
    1865 – Jose Asunción Silva, Colombia, poet (Nocturno III)
    1867 – Margaret Ruthven Lang, composer
    1867 – Charles Koechlin, French composer (d. 1950)
    1870 – Juho Kusti Paasikivi, president Finland
    1871 – Giovanni Giorgi, Italian physicist (d. 1950)
    1874 – Chaim Weizmann, Israeli statesman (1st President)
    1874 – Charles A Beard, American historian (American Continentalism)
    1875 – Wladyslaw Orkan, [Szmaciarz-Smreczynsky], Pol author (Nowele Zebrane)
    1878 – Mabel Wheeler Daniels, composer
    1878 – Jatindramohan Bagchi, Indian (Bengali) poet (d.1948).
    1879 – Adam Tadeusz Wieniawski, composer
    1885 – Rudolph Reti, composer
    1886 – Tsugouharu T Foujita, Japans/French painter
    1892 – Pedro Salinas, writer
    1893 – Stanislaw Wiechowicz, composer
    1894 – Forrest Shaklee, founder (Shaklee Products)
    1894 – Amphilochius of Pochayiv, Ukrainian Orthodox saint (d. 1971)
    1894 – Konosuke Matsushita, Japanese industrialist (d. 1989)
    1896 – Giovanni B Angioletti, Italian author (Il giorno del giudizio)
    1897 – Vito Genovese, American mafioso (d. 1969)
    1898 – Nelly Steuer-Wagenaar, Dutch pianist
    1898 – Fredric Warburg, publisher and author (d. 1981)
    1900 – Leon Barzin, Brussels Belgium, conductor (NY City Ballet 1948-58)
    1900 – Robert Blum, composer
    1901 – Ted Husing, NYC, sportscaster (Monday Night Fights)
    1902 – Giuseppe Savagnone, composer
    1903 – Johnny Blood, aka John McNally, early NFL halfback (Green Bay)
    1903 – Mona Washbourne, England, actress (Stevie, Billie Liar, Driver’s Seat)
    1905 – Daniel Sternefeld, Belgian conductor/composer (Mater Dolorosa)
    1907 – L[yon] Sprague de Camp, US, sci-fi author (Goblin Tower, Hand of Zei)
    1909 – Astrid Allwyn, Manchester CT, actress (Charlie Chan’s Secret)
    1909 – Donald John Urquhart, librarian
    1909 – James Agee, American author (African Queen, Death in Family)
    1909 – Anatoly Maltsev, Russian mathematician (d. 1967)
    1910 – Rudolf Holzmann, composer
    1911 – Georges Dargaud, French publisher (Asterix/Kuifje)
    1911 – Fe del Mundo, Filipino pediatrician and National Scientist
    1912 – David Merrick, [Margulois], Hong Kong, Broadway producer (Hello Dolly)
    1912 – Howard de Walden, English landowner/multi-millionaire
    1913 – Frances Swem Anderson, technologist (nuclear medicine)
    1913 – Robert Dougall, English TV host
    1914 – Evangeline Bruce, hostess
    1915 – Caro van Eyck, [Gerarda JE Taytelbaum], Dutch actress (Medea)
    1915 – Victor Alessandro, composer
    1916 – Chick Hearn, American sportscaster (d. 2002)
    1917 – “Buffalo” Bob Smith, Buffalo NY, TV host (Howdy Doody)
    1917 – Tiny Rowland, [Roland Fuhrop], German/British owner (Observer)
    1918 – Zeev Wolfgang Steinberg, composer
    1919 – Siegfried Naumann, composer
    1920 – Abe Lenstra, Dutch soccer star
    1920 – David Waller, actor (Shadowlands, Work is a 4 Letter Word)
    1920 – Elaine Greene, literary Agent
    1920 – John Richard Ravensdale, historian
    1920 – Max Tripels, attorney/Dutch MP
    1921 – Alexander Dubcek, headed Czech Communist Party (1968-69)
    1921 – Ole Sarvig, Danish writer/critic (Limbo, Glem Ikke)
    1923 – Robert A Young, (Rep-D-MO, 1977-86)
    1924 – Theresa R van der Pant, sculptor
    1925 – Ernie Wise, England, comedian (Morecambe & Wise)
    1925 – Marshall Thompson, Peoria Ill, actor (Bog, To Hell & Back, Daktari)
    1925 – Michael Tolan, Detroit Mich, actor (Nurses, Senator)
    1925 – John Maddox, British science writer and editor
    1926 – Barbara Anderson, New Zealand author
    1927 – William Simon, US sect of Treasury
    1927 – Carlos José Castilho, Brazilian footballer (d. 1987)
    1928 – Edward Greenall, businessman/sportsman
    1928 – Walter Klien, pianist
    1928 – Alekos Alexandrakis, Greek actor (d. 2005)
    1929 – Billy Nair, S Afr union/SACP leader (20 yrs in Robbeneiland Prison)
    1930 – James M Taylor, Stamps ARK, USAF/astronaut
    1930 – Vladimir Emel Yanovich Lev Alekseevich Samsonov Maksimov, educator
    1930 – Joe DeNardo, Pittsburgh Meteorologist
    1931 – Juan Guinjoan, composer
    1932 – Benigno Aquino Jr, Philippine opposition leader; assassinated
    1933 – Floyd Cramer, rocker
    1934 – Lawrence Martin Jenco, priest
    1934 – Ammo Baba, Iraqi-Assyrian footballer
    1935 – Al Jackson Jr, Memphis Tn, drummer (Booker T & MGs-Chinese Checkers)
    1935 – Helmut Friedrich Lachenmann, composer
    1935 – Prakash Bhandari, cricketer (3 Tests for India in mid-50’s, 77 runs)
    1935 – Verity A Lambert, film producer (Clockwise, Link, Sweeney)
    1935 – Les Blank, American documentary filmmaker
    1937 – Gail Sheehy, author (Hustling)
    1938 – Jose Tartabull, baseball player
    1939 – Dave Giusti, American baseball player
    1940 – Bruce Lee, [Lee Yuen Kam], SF Calif, karate star/actor (Green Hornet)
    1940 – John Alderton, Gainsborough England, actor (Zardoz)
    1941 – Eddie Rabbitt, American singer (d. 1998)
    1941 – Aimé Jacquet, French football manager
    1942 – Henry Carr, Det Mich, 200m/4x400m runner (Olympic-gold-1964)
    1942 – Jimi Hendrix, Seattle Wash, rock guitarist (Purple Haze)
    1942 – Manolo Blahnik, Spanish shoe designer
    1943 – Nicole Brossard, French Canadian poet
    1944 – Dozy, rocker
    1944 – Eddie Rabbitt, Brooklyn, country singer (I Love a Rainy Night)
    1944 – Martin Corbett, gay activist
    1944 – Mickey Leland, (Rep-D-TX, 1979- )
    1945 – Barbara Anderson, Bkln, actress (Eve-Ironside, Mission Impossible)
    1945 – Randy Brecker, Phila, rocker (Blood Sweat & Tears)
    1945 – Alain de Cadenet, SPEED Channel personality
    1948 – Dave Winthrop, rock saxophonist (Supertramp)
    1949 – Masanori Sekiya, Japanese racing driver
    1950 – Gran Hamada, Japanese professional wrestler
    1951 – Jayne Kennedy, Wash DC, sportscaster (CBS)/actress (Body & Soul)
    1951 – Kevin Kavanaugh, rocker (Asbury Jukes) [or 8/27]
    1952 – James D Wetherbee, Flushing NY, Lt Cmdr USN/astr (STS 32, 52, 63, 86)
    1952 – Kathryn Bigelow, American film director
    1952 – Sheila Copps, Canadian politician
    1952 – Daryl Stuermer, American guitarist (Genesis)
    1953 – Boris Grebenshchikov, Russian singer (Aquarium)
    1954 – Curtis Armstrong, actor, (Moonlighting, Revenge of the Nerds)
    1954 – Patricia McPherson, Oak Harbor Wash, actress (Bonnie-Knight Rider)
    1954 – Kimmy Robertson, American actress best known for her role as Lucy Moran in the TV series Twin Peaks
    1955 – Bill Nye, the Science Guy, TV Host
    1955 – Pierre Mondou, Canadian ice hockey player
    1956 – William Fichtner, American actor
    1957 – Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg, attorney, JFK & Jackie’s daughter
    1957 – Terri R Adams, educator (teacher in space)
    1957 – Kenny Acheson, Northern Irish racecar driver
    1957 – Kevin O’Connell, American sound re-recording mixer
    1958 – Julia Celotto, LA CA, WPVA volleyballer (Santa Cruz/Pismo-9th-1994)
    1958 – Mike Scioscia, baseball player (LA Dodgers)
    1959 – Charlie Burchill, Scottish pop guitarist (Simple Minds-Breakfast Club)
    1960 – Ashley Ingram, English singer (Fizzz-Just an Illusion)
    1960 – Ken O’Brien, QB (NY Jets)
    1960 – Martin van Yellow, soccer player (Willem II)
    1960 – Ken O’Brien, American football player
    1960 – Kevin Henkes, American children’s book writer/illustrator
    1960 – Tim Pawlenty, American politician
    1960 – Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukrainian prime minister
    1961 – Lee Johnson, NFL punter/kicker (Cin Bengals)
    1961 – Princess, rocker (Desirez Heslop, All For Love)
    1961 – Randy Milligan, baseball player
    1961 – Steve Oedekerk, American film director, actor and comedian
    1962 – Arlene Baxter, Oceanside CA, playmate (Dec, 1993)
    1962 – Calvin Hayes, rocker (Johnny Hates Jazz-Turn Back the Clock)
    1962 – Charlie Benante, Bronx NY, rock drummer (Anthrax-Armed & Dangerous)
    1962 – Mike “Puffy” Bordin, SF, rock drummer (Faith No More)
    1963 – Fisher Stevens, Chicago, actor (My Science Project, Short Circuit)
    1964 – David Giles, Australian star yachter (Olympics-84, 88, 92, 96)
    1964 – Rebecca Michelle Ferratti, Helena MT, playmate (Jun, 1986)
    1964 – Robin Simone Givens, [Mrs Mike Tyson] NYC, (Darlene-Head of the Class)
    1965 – Danielle Ammaccapane, Babylon NY, LPGA golfer (1991 Register PING)
    1965 – Fiachna O’Braonain, Irish pop guitarist (Hothouse Flowers-Don’t Go)
    1965 – Kathleen Heddle, Trail BC, rower (Olympics-gold-92/96)
    1965 – Raffaella Ragge, Italy, tennis star
    1966 – Carwell Gardner, NFL fullback (Buffalo Bills, SD Chargers)
    1966 – Chryssandra Hines, Bristol Conn, team handball wing (Olympics-1996)
    1966 – Dean Garrett, NBA center (Denver Nuggets)
    1966 – Andy Merrill, American voice actor
    1967 – Brett MacNeil, CFL guard (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
    1967 – Garry Valk, Edmonton, NHL left wing (Anaheim Mighty Ducks)
    1967 – Laura Golarsa, Milan Italy, tennis star (Oklahoma City doubles)
    1967 – Shawn Watson, American librarian
    1968 – Michael Vartan, French actor
    1970 – Calvin Jones, NFL running back (Oakland Raiders)
    1970 – Chris Underwood, LA Calif, volleyball opposite hitter (Olympics-96)
    1970 – Patrick Bates, NFL safety (Atlanta Falcons)
    Results 201 – 242 of 242

    1970 – Todd Kelly, NFL defensive end (Cin Bengals)
    1970 – Patricia Zentilli, Canadian actress
    1971 – Eric Menendez, NY, accused of killing his parents (Menendez Brothers)
    1971 – Larry Allen, NFL guard/tackle (Dallas Cowboys)
    1971 – Linette Mertz, Kutztown Penns, Miss America-Penns (1996)
    1971 – Nick Van Exel, NBA guard (LA Lakers)
    1971 – Rhonda Adams, Columbus GA, playmate (Jun, 1995)
    1972 – Chris Hetherington, running back (Indianapolis Colts)
    1972 – Ivan Imbernon, WLAF defensive end (Barcelona Dragons)
    1972 – Jason Burns, NFL running back (Cin Bengals)
    1972 – Yureck Person, soccer player (NAC)
    1973 – Jon Runyan, tackle (Tennessee Oilers)
    1973 – Nick Ferguson, CFL defensive back (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)
    1973 – Reginald Lee, WLAF linebacker (Frankfurt Galaxy)
    1973 – Samantha Harris, American model and host
    1973 – Evan Karagias, American professional wrestler
    1974 – Lee Vaughn, cornerback (Dallas Cowboys)
    1974 – Kirk Acevedo, American actor
    1975 – Martin Gramatica, Argentinian-American football player
    1976 – Chad Kilger, Cornwall, NHL center (Winnipeg Jets)
    1976 – Jaleel White, LA Calif, actor (Steve Urkel-Family Matters)
    1976 – Saqlain Mushtaq, cricketer (Pakistan Test off-spinner 1995)
    1976 – Tyrone Sutton
    1976 – Jean Grae, South African-born rapper
    1977 – Mika Tan, American pornographic actress
    1978 – Joshua Harris, actor (Locked Up: A Mother’s Rage)
    1978 – Tim Yeung, American drummer (Vital Remains)
    1978 – Jimmy Rollins, American baseball player
    1978 – Shy Love, adult film actress
    1978 – Mike Skinner, English musician
    1979 – Ricky Carmichael, American motocross racer
    1979 – Hilary Hahn, American violinist
    1979 – Shin Hyesung, Korean singer (Shinhwa)
    1979 – Teemu Tainio, Finnish footballer
    1980 – Michael Yardy, English cricketer
    1981 – Gary Lucy, Actor
    1981 – Matthew Taylor, English footballer
    1984 – Domata Peko, American football player
    1985 – Alison Pill, Canadian actress
    1985 – Klara Ósk Elíasdóttir, Icelandic singer
    1986 – Suresh Kumar Raina, Indian cricketer
    1991 – Nur Atikah Nabilah, Singaporean Gymnast

  20. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    This is an interview with Danielle Staub. She said that Caroline and Dina’s father did some time in prison. I’ve never heard this before.


    • lillybee says:

      I must say I am not surprised.

      • icantstandthetoxicity says:

        I’m not surprised either. I think Danielle has A LOT more dirt on the Lauritas/Manzos.

        • Zoey says:

          I enjoyed reading this. I think she sounded pretty stable and handled herself well considering the facts and how she could have responded. The only thing that bothers me is her pushing her kids to work. Whether they do enjoy it, or really are talented, let them be kids. It seems a bit much.

    • quincyil says:

      She did sound reasonable. Too bad that she didn’t use some reason in those interviews during the show. I doubt that her life is very good right now. She lost her house, lost her car, and lost her job.

    • kbinldo says:

      I’m shocked, shocked to find gambling going on in here. (Your winnings, sir.)

      • AZ Girl says:

        Well done! Casablanca…Claude Raines as Captain Renault. “Madam…he is the sort of man that if I were a woman..I would be madly in love with him”

        • Ellabean says:

          “… in all the gin joints and bars in the world – SHE – has to walk into my place. Play it for me, Sam, play it for me like you did for her. If she can take it – then so can I.”

          – One of my all time fave movies – thank you ladies for the beautiful reminders –

      • AZ Girl says:

        One more… just for old time sake…

        Ilsa: I wasn’t sure you were the same. Let’s see, the last time we met…
        Rick: Was La Belle Aurore.
        Ilsa: How nice, you remembered. But of course, that was the day the Germans marched into Paris.
        Rick: Not an easy day to forget.
        Ilsa: No.
        Rick: I remember every detail. The Germans wore gray, you wore blue.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Well- her words pretty much echo what everyone has been saying here for months, don’t cha think?

      “How do you think Bravo portrayed you?”

      I think they did their best to make sure their ratings were met. They lost sight of the fact that, and I’m going to say this very delicately, I am a human being and I’m a mother. And they should have corralled up their animals every once in a while. What they allowed to happen to me is bullying. I refuse to believe that is OK in anyone’s eyes. I don’t care if you hate my guts, it’s wrong to do that to another person. What if I were too weak and considered doing something to hurt myself? Because they tore at me enough to do so. They ganged up on me. They never once gave me a chance to breathe and just be me. In the presence of Andy, I think at both reunions that he should have stepped in and said that’s fucking enough. ”

      “Is it hard to have ladies you once had in your home and around your kids betray you, even testify against you in court?”

      “I think all their karma is flying in. I don’t have to do much. They keep destroying themselves. People lie about somebody and it’s going to come back 10x to you. Look at what’s going on with Theresa right now. There’s my point. The rest of them have it coming too. Look at Dina — look how miserable she is. She has no husband, she can’t do the show, her ex-husband she fights with, she forged contracts, her Lady Bug thing is under investigation. Caroline, your father-in-law was murdered and chopped up and placed in front of the brownstone, your father did time in prison leaving 11 kids behind. Let’s see, your best friend is in prison now for taking bribes from the mob and jeopardizing homeland security, but I am garbage? For what I did 27 years ago, when I was younger than your children, who you’re still tying ties for and shoes for? Karma is a bitch.”

  21. Zoey says:

    Bill Nye the science guy, very cool.
    Eric Menendez…not so cool.
    Jimmy Hendrix, waaaaaaaaaaay cool!

  22. quincyil says:

    The first New York episode of “Millionaire Matcher” was on this afternoon and I recorded it so I could zip through the show. There were two millionaires.The first was a 40 year old male Italian with an Italian family, NYC Italian accent (Chicago Italians don’t sound like him,) and what appears to be boat loads of cash and fancy homes. He has a family van with driver, cheese, and liquor. The second was the 26 year old online fashion magazine publisher who might be the heir of the Dannon Yogurt Company. She has a two year old son and the attitude of someone who had lots of money yet never had a friend.

    The Italian stud millionaire listens to Patti yet asks a 24 year old hottie out for his date at the bars around Yankee Stadium. She seemed to have a great time. It didn’t bother her that she was taken to a hotel and asked to dress in clothes that the man picked out. She was honest and told him that she was not interested in getting pregnant tomorrow. I thought they were having a great date.

    The online fashion magazine publisher wore jeans for a row boat ride in Central Park that she hated. Later, she dressed in a Jewish Grandmother’s house dress for a Sex and the City dinner date at the Library where Cary Bradshaw was supposed to get married before Mr. Big chickened out. The Jewish school teacher guy was great. He tried everything to make the heiress comfortable and offered to take her out again which was the gentleman like thing to do even though she treated him like dirt. Why she went to Patti for help is beyond my ability to comprehend.

    Both millionaires were going back into the pool of dates to wet their feet again.

    The cattle call at the beginning of the show was interesting too. There were really old men who had trouble speaking English and women with weight issues and the inability to find a dress that fits in NYC. Patti did not dwell on the Chelsea issue as Rachel Zoe did with Taylor for the entire Zoe season.

    I think I love the driver that Patti hired for NYC conversations about the matching business. He smiles and laughs at the right time. If he’s not married, Patti should set him up with a female or male millionaire. I think I have some family members in Chicago that I’d like to introduce him to if he’s willing to move.

    There was the problem with Patti’s new intern. It seems she is knock down dead gorgeous and the millionaires are all going to want her. Patti took her away for a talking to, but this girl is going to find a millionaire while working for Patti on this show.

    There was the mention of sex by the teacher and the repulsion by the mother of the little boy which was odd because that is more of a Midwestern reaction/Kelly Bensimon than a New York/Bethenny reaction.

    Dustin seems to be adjusting to his new position. His wife got promoted too so Patti will be yelling at the beautiful young intern during this season. Patti stated that they will be in NYC for a few months, but then said that there are many people who need her help so she closed the door and opened the door to staying in NYC in one show.

    This show really demonstrates that Money can’t buy you class if you are a wacko nut case. The fashion industry really has a lot of work to do if these New Yorkers are going to be the trendsetters. The grandma housedress had a zipper up the front. Yikes.

  23. Adgirl says:

    So glad Heather finally was thrown off Top Chef. She is the most miserable human I have ever seen on any TC season.

    And her hatred of Morgan screamed unrequited crush.

    Heather, Morgan didn’t find you attractive because you are ugly inside and out.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Heather was pretty awful wasn’t she? She didn’t seem to have one nice thing to say about anyone

      • MichellefromNY says:

        I HATED her!!! so happy she’s gone. My hubby thinks morgan is a d-bag and hates him the most but I like m0rgan and understand his attitude. I think he feels like the odd guy out in a room filled with women and flamboyant men so he needs to act extra douchy and masculine to make up for the lack of testosterone. And morgan i feel is by far the most talented.

  24. Susu says:

    Why was Vicki brought into a hospital today????? Has anyone more information??? What happened??? A mental breakdown??????

  25. Adgirl says:

    Isn’t there any attorney out there who can form a class action suit against Bravo on behalf of the audience (us)???

    The trashy behavior displayed by the cast on and off the show is causing me serious brain damage and mental anguish.

    • twoile says:

      Ah yes, but you do have the power to change the channel, nice try & in case you do find an Atty to take the class action suit count me in!

      • Zoey says:

        What if we can prove that they are addictive? And that they didn’t come with an addiction warning in the beginning! Hey, if you can sue because you ordered hot coffee and then burned yourself with it….

        • Adgirl says:

          I am powerless to change the channel! And even if I could I still can’t get away from them – they are all over my required entertainment sites! Polluting them I tell you!
          Make them pay!!!

  26. boston02127 says:

    Hi guys, Just catching up on all the posts.
    Thanks for the great blogs Lynn & blogspot too. Is Jill a bully? YES! She’s a meanie too! I hope you got my message about the radio show. I thought it was great.

    QuincyIL, Thx for the blog about MM. Loved it. The Manzo’s should be embarassed. Also, I saw this and thought you may be intersted.

    Happy Belated Birthday Zoey! I hope your day was good & many more.
    Congrats vilzvet!

    I hope everyone is doing good. I’d name names but I know I’ll miss too many.

  27. boston02127 says:

    Bethenny’s tweet: 10/22
    bg0610: to Bethenny — I personally think you should host #SNL…thoughts?
    Bethenny–That’s a lifelong dream!

    Kelly’s tweet: 10/27
    This is awesome. SNL is doing a spoof on #rhnyc. I am laughing so hard. I love this. If I could host a SNL show, my life dream would be …

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      OMG- What is this girl’s problem?

      Well, I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery- but C’MON!

      • quincyil says:

        Too much of a coinkydinky if you ask me. I think Kelly has a google alert on Bethenny. I bet she’s trying to get one of those commercials at this very moment.

      • Zoey says:

        WOW. Can you say sicko? I actually saw Kelly’s tweet earlier but didn’t see Bethenny’s. She’s making my head hurt again trying to figure her out….ouch.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        She’s a stalker. To paraphrase Claud, she wants to be her.

        That’s creepy.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Earth to Kelly….SNL is just not into you….

      • boston02127 says:

        @AZ Girl–nobody is.

      • Zoey says:

        Question for those who Tweet – Someone asked Bethenny if she actually see’s/reads everyone’s tweets and she said yes. I only follow maybe 30-40 people and I can hardly keep up. How can she read -not sure of her exact number- I think 300,000, people’s tweets? If you miss one day you get waaaaaaaaaay behind. I must be missing something….

  28. quincyil says:

    Apparently, Bravo forgot to tell the BH housewives that she should blog about the shows or…. they can’t blog because they are illiterate. I think the latter is true.

    Other than Adrienne and Kim, there seem to be a number of low wattage bulbs in BH.

    • quincyil says:

      Oops…make that Kyle…. the dark haired sister with the hot husband…

      Kim….. seems dark in several ways….

    • KellitaM says:

      Yeah, I was wondering about that. Kim and Camille have never blogged yet. I wonder if they realize they are coming across badly, and don’t want all the negative comments?

  29. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet—
    Congrats diego and barneys! What a cool event. I love the driving loafer. I need a pair for a special man.

    Did I miss something? Does Kelly have a boyfriend? I’m guessing he’s deaf, dumb and blind if she does. I don’t know the medical term for someone who can’t smell but I bet he has that too! 🙂

  30. Zoey says:

    Question for those who Tweet – Someone asked Bethenny if she actually see’s/reads everyone’s tweets and she said yes. I only follow maybe 30-40 people and I can hardly keep up. How can she read -not sure of her exact number- I think 300,000, people’s tweets? If you miss one day you get waaaaaaaaaay behind. I must be missing something….

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think you only see people’s tweets if you follow them or the tweet you directly…so even though she might have 300,000 followers shew would only see the tweets they wrote @Bethany- and not just their random tweets.

      • quincyil says:

        I doubt she even checks them. She has an assistant that probably scans them. She has the baby, her business, filming and Jason. She has no time for 300,000 twitters.

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        I agree, and I don’t think everyone(300,00) tweets her either. I follow her and I don’t tweet her, but I get to read who tweets her.. Mind you I don’t get on Twitter everyday but the days that I do get on, I really don’t come across that many tweets in a day for her.

  31. boston02127 says:

    six things you never knew about Kelly Killoren Bensimon:

    1. I love to bake
    2. I work out 20 minutes a day, everyday.
    3. I use Johnson’s baby oil on my skin in the shower.
    4. I am a horrible fighter, and don’t have the tools for it.
    5. I put perfume in my hair, not on my skin.
    6. I am Kardashian obsessed.

    Kelly—You are mistaken. You are a mean fighter and your tool is alcohol.

    • lillybee says:

      Her poor kids, having to eat what she bakes. I remember her trying to make pancakes.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      More KKB BS….she can’t even make pancakes using the directions on the box. Her kid has to do it for her. She admits she can’t/doesn’t cook. Now she loves to bake? Like, uh, what? Herself under a broiler? I bet she has problems heating up pop n fresh rolls. Bake? Yeah, right.

      I thought she worked out more than that based on her previous crazed mutterings emitted while chasing taxis in the city streets. Whatev.

      She looks like she uses Pine Sol in the shower.

      She’s a good enough fighter to draw blood, leave marks and be charged and cop a plea in court. As her ex fiance noted however, at least she made a point of removing her ring before punching him. (Probably thinking of the resale value.)

      Another reason her hair looks like it hasn’t been washed in weeks. (One can only imagine what it smells like. Like a combo of coconuts, sweat and old varnish?)

      The Kardashians no doubt already have a restraining order in place for this one.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      As to #1, I also think that was a mistake too. What she meant was

      I love to get baked (stoned)

  32. Adgirl says:

    She IS a tool.

    • Zoey says:

      Word. She’s the weird-shaped tool in the box that you can’t figure out what it’s for, and when you close the box it’s always sticking out and won’t go back in!

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        LOL I pictured her wearing a toolbox for Halloween. With her long legs hanging out as usual.

  33. Zoey says:

    Project Runway!!!

  34. cdnfillie58 says:

    Lynn I have a request if I may..can we get rid of the K-man stuff (pics and quotes) and change it to something else, I do think she visits here once in a while and she in her demented mind prolly thinks it’s an honour that we show her Kreepy face here… am I out of line?

  35. Zarout! says:

    I just read on Absurd to Sublime that Teresa is now admitting that Joe cheats on her with a girl named Tara.

  36. Adgirl says:

    I feel bad for the off show relatives of the Giudice/Gorgas that may be normal. How humiliating to have your entire family branded by the crazy publicly.

  37. Pingback: I Have A New Blog |

  38. error 404 says:

    OMG Project Crybaby season 8 finale is more tearful than a jilted bride!

    Was one of the cast interview questions: “Do you cry at the drop of a hat?”

    • Adgirl says:

      Glenn Beck is on PR?

    • Jackie says:

      I am truly amazed that Gretchen won. They never said a word about Andy having gray and green clothes. I can’t stand her. Hot pants and loose granny dresses were more like the 60s or 70s. I don’t get that comment about her having the modern look. Mondo should have won and I actually liked the polka dot dress.

  39. KellitaM says:

    Beverly Hills!

  40. boston02127 says:

    When Taylor talks I don’t hear a word she says. I just stare at her face. It reminds me of Silly Puddy.

  41. Zoey says:

    Jessica Simpson on PR just looks….strange. Is it the lips?

  42. Molly says:

    Everyone make sure you vote next Tuesday–it is very,very important!

  43. boston02127 says:

    Did Camelle just wipe her ass with her hand when she was having a seizure, I mean dancing?

    • cusi77 says:

      Ha! Bostoncito_ the rest of the gals were like barracudas defending their territory and poor Camille… just having a seizure!

  44. error 404 says:

    Kors to Simpson: “Hello! Read a magazine!”

    OMG so rude! And yet so funny!

  45. boston02127 says:

    well…..helloooooo Nick

  46. boston02127 says:

    Jiggy in the panda outfit. So cute. Her paw are funny.

  47. boston02127 says:

    So far I like Lisa and Adrienne. I’m not too sure about Kyle. It seems when Kim is doing okay, which is seldom, Kyle knocks her down a peg. I don’t like that. I don’t know what to think about Taylor, she’s odd. Camille has desperation has written all over her.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I don’t buy that Camille was blind-sided. Who has their husband go away for a YEAR and doesn’t think something’s up with the marriage? As if.

      • error404 says:

        I don’t buy it either

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          It’s not like he was going to Bangladesh to aid flood victims or something and couldn’t be reached. I thought they had a gazillion homes all over the country. You can’t stay in one in New Yawk for the time being? Or buy a Lear jet and fly out every week-end since you are so Gawd Awful Rich n Chit?
          What a crock o’ crap.

          • quincyil says:

            She said she has a house in the Hamptons and a house in NYC. Why not move the family?

            I think there were problems in that home. He wanted a younger woman.

      • KellitaM says:

        And she’s over-the-top flirty. You gotta wonder.

    • emt2 says:

      I agree. Lisa and Adrienne are fun. Kyle seems very chatty and overly concerned about what is going on in other people’s lives. She is very judgmental.

      Taylor is just weird. Her husband is really creepy.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I agree with you.

      I think Kylie secretly enjoys having Kim under her thumb. I hope the bloggers are easy on Kim, I get the sense she is one losing poll away from taking a bottle of pills. She is WAY to fragile for this racket.

      • Zoey says:

        I agree with your observations. I’ve seen sister relationships like this where the ‘good’ guy is really sort of the ‘bad’ guy. They are just locked into these roles. And I agree that the Kim chick seems pretty fragile.

      • KellitaM says:

        My heart went out to Kim, especially when she was in that big hotel room and admitting to feeling lonely. And both her sisters are happily married.

  48. emt2 says:

    Um, Andy on WWHL, said that the Jackhole of the week was the show Good Times for binding Janet Jackson’s breasts and that ifthey hadn’t he would have been more obessesed with her. ?????????? I don’t understand. Janet was like 12 years old and why he is talking about wishing that he could see her breasts?

  49. Zipit Zarin says:

    The Jackhole of the week was hands down Joyless Behar. Her retraction was lame lame lame and lamer.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      She is a pile of suck.

      • Noelle says:

        I’m in agreement, Joy falls into the category of one that can dish it out, but can’t take it.
        May I congratulate you RR for “She is a pile of suck.” Bwahahaha!!
        That statement is sheer brilliance…I shall keep in in my repertoire of retorts! (giving you full credit..of course!) 😀

  50. Zipit Zarin says:

    I felt bad for Kim on the trip. They didn’t even try to include her. I’m always the 3rd wheel without a man but my friends and their husbands include me in everything so I don’t feel excluded. I don’t flirt with their husbands so when they ask me to dance it’s in a sisterly way. It CAN be done.

    • boston02127 says:

      I felt sorry for her too. When I was watching that part I was thinking, if I went on a trip with my b/f and my brother and my brother was alone, I would never leave him out.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I don’t feel sorry for Kim. My brother is a male version of Kim. He doesn’t have many friends. You have to pull teeth to get him to be social. I also had to help my brother along i.e. helping him with what classes to take for college, homework, common sense type things. After a while it gets old. You include them but you are done guiding them. There is only so much you can do to help a person like them out. It can’t be Kyle’s responsibility to always include Kim or make her feel comfortable.

  51. error404 says:

    is RHOBH just one log info-mercial for Adrianne to show off her businesses?

    And here’s a typical conversation with Camille: “This Kelsey morning I Kelsey woke up and Kelsey opened the Kelsey drapes and Kelsey looked at Kelsey the gorgeous Kelsey day and Kelsey knew that Kelsey this would Kelsey be a great Kelsey day.”

    will Kyle ever have a scene where she’s not purposely trying to pick a fight with Kim? Maybe we should all film a “it’s get better” video for Kim to deal with all the bullying.

  52. I checked-up on Twitter this evening—Andy says that WWHL will be on 3 times a week?, I think that’s what he said.

    And someone named pattibaroni (? relation to match-maker Patti?), is sending love-tweets to Jill Z about her new bedding-line. (http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?SKU=127366) also trying to call our very own Lynn a “bully” ’cause of the “H”-word. (in a somewhat bully-feeling way I might add)–whoever this pattibaroni is, this “anti-bullier”–her tweetline to me is full of nothing but fights & jabs & threats to other people. She even told one person that it was, “illegal” to change her tweets!, and of course they were being reported to the Tweet-police.
    The comforter is dry-clean only. I can see if you have a king-size, or if its a bed-spread, but don’t most people throw their comforters in the washer & dryer?

  53. error404 says:

    If my husband ever went anywhere near someone else’s spouse with a dollar bill, he’d never know what hit him! First my fist, then a divorce paper.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      She was performing like a stripper. I thought he reacted appropriately. If she wants to demean herself, who is he not to respond like a patron of such. If I was his wife I would have applauded.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        And I enjoyed that it was only a fiver. LOL

        • Zoey says:

          Yeah I thought it was funny to ‘pretend’ to do that. It looked like he actually put his hand in her blouse; hard to tell. That’s a bit too much. He didn’t seem like he was flirting though, and that’s what really matters. He was just goofing.

  54. I’ve been thinking, if Teresa’s husband isn’t charged with the crimes that he has commited soon-the forgery, the falsification of legal/financial documents…, doesn’t that make it appear as-if he is co-operating with Law Enforcement to help catch bigger criminals?
    I was listening to the comments that his ex-business partner made, and something he, (Mastropole), said, made me think that. He said something like, “What kind of person gets away with this kind-of thing?”
    That, plus the tension he must be living-with at home, I have to say I almost feel sorry for the guy.

  55. lillybee says:

    Goodness, the new show, Fairy Jobmother has a lead who may even make
    Fatti Sanger look like a human being.

  56. Zipit Zarin says:

    Speaking of sleeping with the fishes…this documentary will scare the pants off ya. Just in time for Halloween. 😀


  57. Wall St Lady says:

    By Zipit Zarin on October 28,

    2010 at 11:22 pm

    I love Shabby chik too.

    I don’t know what Joy B did ?

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Joyless called Sharron Angle a bitch because she didn’t like her political ad. And said she would burn in hell for it. Sharron Angle sent her flowers the next day and thanked her because people donated so much money to her campaign because of it. She called her a bitch again that day. The next day Joyless said she got so much heat for doing it she half-ass apologized by saying “I shouldn’t have called her a bitch. It’s a term of indearment. I call all my friends ‘My Bitches’. ” Oprah kind of dissed Joyless by saying “There will be no calling people bitches on my new show.” LOL

      Yeah, shabby chic is great! 😀

  58. I thought I was finished with being sick but nooooo… I had an outpatient procedure on Thursday and had ALL of the adverse effects, so have had a rough, rough night. (I had the same once before 6 years ago and had none.) So I am awake in the middle of the night. While it is minor and short-lived, I don’t like being in pain, quiet and without wheels.

    RHOBH finally seems like an honest RH group. I believe they are just as hollow and vacuous as they are portrayed on screen. I believe their lives are a non-stop wasteland of Botox and dressed up dogs. I remember seeing a few of them during their TV careers when I have been reminded, and in step-and-repeat photo ops. I don’t think we will be surprised with a bankruptcy from any of these – but then again in this economy who knows?

    It is interesting to watch Tree push the Bravo envelope, but I strongly suspect we are being played again with what makes the NJ cast so popular – violence. Even though most of us deplored the violence of Tre and Co., human nature drew us to it. Is it any wonder we found the DC gang so boring Post-NJ?

    Just a few middle of the night musings,
    @_reallymelissa (*not that melissa*)

  59. quincyil says:

    I don’t know what to think of the BH gang. They are rich, but have issues just like the rest of us. I thank goodness that we are allowed to be ourselves here and that almost no one gets injections or implants. I think really large breasts make women look old. They inject into their faces and stretch the skin in order to look a certain way and I think it’s going to affect the skin adversely in their 60s and 70s.

    The foods that they were served in Vegas can’t be the foods that they eat daily. If they were, the women would be much larger.

    Camille is aging rapidly and she knows that the bloom of youth is gone. She’s trying to attract her friends’ husbands because Kelsey has walked away from her and she knows it. Everything about her is fake. The kids have no parents. It’s very sad. I know that the kids have the 4 nannies, but they really got cheated by Kelsey and Camille, two very selfish people.

    • I enjoy your posts Quincy.

      The BH women do have many of the same basic problems we all have. The little bit of BH I saw last night was one of the women screaming for her husband over the intercom. I remarked to my hubby, “See, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, your wife still yells for you to come upstairs for her!” He replied, “If I had that much money, I would pay for someone else to answer you.”

      The thing I notice with Botox and others, is how generic the women are becoming. The blonde BH women all look alike to me, and I can’t tell them apart unless I watch each week.

      The bit with Camille and her tennis instructor last night was pathetic, not cute…but maybe it was the drugs I was taking.

      @reallymelissa (*not that melissa*)

      • quincyil says:

        I call that “moon faces.” They don’t look like themselves anymore.

        On Rachel Zoe’s show, we met Donatella Versachi. She looked like a monster. I don’t know how she can stand that face.

        Adrienne has had too much work done. She is beginning to look like a Greek masque. Yes, she has no wrinkles, but the fillers have taken over and there is no real woman there.

        I hate to tell Camille and the other women this, but all of the injections and fillers in the world can’t save you from aging. If you husbands are going to wander they will wander so don’t think that plastic surgery is going to safe you.

        Camille and that young man was really pathetic, I agree. She is really inappropriate. Camille knows she has been dumped and is on the prowl. Who kisses their friend’s husband on the lips? Camille did that.

        Taylor’s marriage is ready for implosion too. He doesn’t love her and she doesn’t love him. She is arm candy. He is a bank account.

        Kyle has the best marriage. He’s a great guy and the family is loving. I think she’s the one lucky women in this group.

      • KellitaM says:

        It wasn’t your drugs. It was extremely pathetic. Was she just showing off for the cameras, or is Camille really like that? Hmmm.

  60. Wall St Lady says:

    Had enough dug this up
    PACER docs are sometimes not posted right away/in order. That’s why the court order granting the motion to lift stay was on the 1601 Maple Avenue address (service station, U-Haul place), even though the motion I’d seen was on the other Maple Ave address (pizza place).So if they get booted from the pizza place, I guess that is one less source of income…they have to rely on Teerashy’s personal appearances in crappy little bars and nail salons and she is going to have to go back to RHoNJ because she’ll really need the $$.Now they are both posted:10/26/2010 115Order Granting Motion For Relief From Stay re: 1576 Maple Avenue, Hillside, NJ (Related Doc # 88 ). The following parties were served: Debtor, Debtor’s Attorney, Trustee, US Trustee and Movant’s Attorney. Signed on 10/26/2010. (wdh) (Entered: 10/26/2010)
    10/26/2010 116Order Granting Motion For Relief From Stay re: 1601 Maple Avenue, Hillside, NJ (Related Doc # 89 ). The following parties were served: Debtor, Debtor’s Attorney, Trustee, US Trustee and Movant’s Attorney. Signed on 10/26/2010. (wdh) (Entered: 10/26/2010)
    Access to the 12/9 motion to lift stay on the house (6 Indian Lane) is still blocked.

  61. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I can’t stand it when i’m right! I get tired you know. 😉

    That Kyle is a monster. She is Kim’s protector, attacker, supporter, victimizer, cheerleader and critic all in one! My, my, finally Kim is getting positive attention, and here comes Kyle quickly knocking her down, making her feel bad. She brings up the date, to then criticize Kim’s past relationships. Crazy and cruel. This is more like …
    Whatever happened to Baby Jane. Kim is Joan Crawford and Kyle is Betty!

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