I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Atlanta


I Hate Jill Zarin   The Real Housewives of Atlanta  Nov 2, 2010

Say what you want about the Atlanta Housewives, they are
hysterical!  Some of the one-liners that these women come up with in their interviews are priceless.

As Kim Zolciak attempts to maneuver herself into Kandi’s studio to appear on Kandi’s internet podcast/radio show, Kandi Koated Nights she speculates with her assistant, Sweetie about what Kandi’s new venture is all about.  I’m sorry to say that Sweetie, who I initially thought was substantially smarter than her employer,
must be drinking from Kim’s stupid fountain and suggested that maybe Kandi’s show was on PBS.

Finally getting into Kandi’s house after comparing knocking techniques Kim and Sweetie quickly learn that Kandi’s show is all about sex!  Kim’s appearance on Kandi’s internet show turned into a conversation about cheating and Kim’s seat became a bit warm as we learned that Kim didn’t consider herself a cheater as she’s not
the one who is married.  Then again, Big Poppa, a cheater by most people’s definition, isn’t cheating either according to Kim because his wife lives in Los Angeles and Big Poppa lives in Atlanta.  Kim Zolciak not only got hit with the stupid stick, she was beaten down and left as road kill.

With six housewives this season, Atlanta is finding it challenging to give each Housewife equal air time and tonight we saw a limited
amount of Kim Zolciak making this the best episode to date.  There was one other short scene of Kim picking out furniture for her daughter’s room that was not only a waste of air time but also showed another side of Kim.  Kim’s daughter was obviously drawn to a sports theme but was quickly told that she wasn’t getting anything of the sort, pushing her own style onto her kid, Kim is such a hypocrite.   Bye Kim Zolciak, the rest of the episode is

We first see NeNe Leakes in her doctor’s office having the bandage removed from her nose revealing a now “contoured” nose and as
the doctor checks out his handy-work on her breasts and stomach we see a bit more of NeNe than necessary.  Note to Bravo:  blurring the nipples is all well and good but we really could just do without seeing that altogether.

Cynthia picks NeNe up and they return to Cynthia’s house for that glass of wine that the doctor approved.  NeNe explains to Cynthia that she loves her husband but that things between them have been strained lately due to a number of different things but doesn’t go into detail.  NeNe doesn’t want to go home because her husband Gregg is crabby and unsupportive of her new look.

I noticed as the episode aired both last week and this week that NeNe tweeted quite a lot about her right to have surgery and that it was her money paying for these procedures and she would not pay attention to any of these critics.  The odd thing about NeNe’s tweets is that no one seemed to be criticizing her or questioning her
right to have plastic surgery, at least not publically on Twitter.   We can only assume that she was referring to her husband Gregg who may have had issues with NeNe’s decision to have the surgeries.

NeNe has a habit of doing that, she’s clearly focusing her comments on what is happening  privately causing fans to scratch their heads wondering who and what she’s referring to in her tweets.  As the scenes at Cynthia’s Mothers Day brunch were shown, NeNe was tweeting about having a meal with her haters, it certainly didn’t appear as though the other housewives hate her, in fact they seemed very supportive during those scenes, particularly Kandi’s mother.

@NeNeLeakes I’m the talk of the town & that’s what keep me going 2 the BANK!

NeNeNeLeakes The nose is fierce! The rest of these chicks has had surgery 2 & the 1’s that haven’t, need 2! I’m just brave enough 2 put it all out there

@NeNeLeakesThese chicks know it look good 2 but they love to HATE

@NeNeLeakes I dinner with a bunch of haters!

This can only mean that somewhere down the line NeNe has a falling out with some or all of these ladies.  She calls them haters and doesn’t even give a pass to Cynthia who appears to be a pretty good friend on the show up to this point.  I think that we’re getting a glimpse of what goes on in future episodes.

NeNe’s not the best at hiding plotlines and her feelings.  Imagine how the New York housewives felt as the first dozen or so episodes aired and they commented on their show but were unable to mention anything about how Kelly will freak out on St. John.  Here we’re getting hints from NeNe that all the friendships that were in place at the beginning of the season may not make it in tact to the end of the season.

We’ll get back to the Mother’s Day dinner party at Cynthia’s but let’s talk a bit about Sheree’s scenes tonight.  As she prepares for her 2nd date with Fake-Doc Tiy-E, her daughter and her boyfriend arrive to stay with Sheree’s younger son.  Here we learn that the Doc told Sheree that he lived, “Bi-costal”, fairly vague but typically means Los Angeles and New York to most people.  Sheree adds in her interview that he doesn’t own a home in Atlanta (well no, that is not on a coast, so he didn’t lie) but does he have a real home anywhere in the country?

Doc Tiy-E is planning to prepare a meal for Sheree in honor of their second date but it will be prepared at a “friend’s” house, that would be your first clue to run like hell in the opposite direction.  This guy either doesn’t want you to see where he lives, which cannot be good, or he’s staying in a hotel or motel with no kitchen?  This whole thing is very shady!

Upon arrival Sheree learns that she is not being served dinner so much as she’s going to be preparing dinner with the Doc.  Sheree is handed a knife and told to start chopping the strawberries then learns that dessert will be chocolate chip cookies that Sheree needs to help to drop on a cookie sheet.  Well if all of that didn’t make
her run for the hills, his insistence that she eat cookie dough off of his finger should have sent her packing.  But the grand finale was when he called it a “Miracle on 24th Street” when he finally got Sheree to eat the cookie dough.  (I think he may have meant 34th street unless his friends home was on 24th street)  That was uncomfortable to watch.

At their home cooked meal, FakeDocbrags about what a great body he has and without missing a beat Sheree tells him to take off his shirt, he challenges her to do it and the result is something that you don’t really want to enjoy with your dinner but possibly after dinner.

Sheree honestly explains that she is looking for a man with money maybe a 60/40 split in the money/love department.  If this Doc has no money I wouldn’t be surprised as he tries to talk her into a 65/30 split which only adds up to 95 so math is obviously not his best subject.  It helps if you have money to be able to count it apparently.

Kandi had some emotional scenes tonight, first with her daughter, Reilly as they discuss Kandi’s ex who hasn’t been around for Reilly on a consistent basis.  The child’s paternal grandmother had called to let her know that her Great-grandmother had passed away wanting Reilly to attend the funeral.  It is debatable whether or not a 7-year old should be attending a funeral at all but Kandi seems to be encouraging her to at least call her grandmother back but Reilly says she prefers not to have her father in her life.

Reilly’s father probably doesn’t realize the extent of damage that he is doing, not only to his 7-year old daughter but to the rest of his family by not keeping in constant contact with her.  If he was watching his daughter on television last night, I hope it opened his eyes.

Kandi then goes to her mother for advice on how to deal with all of this and we learn that Kandi’s father was also not present in Kandi’s life.  I have to give kudos here to Kandi’s mom not only for the sound advice she gives to her daughter but for raising such a lovely woman as Kandi all on her own.

Phaedra, what do we do with this woman?   I wonder if when they watch themselves on television, they see how hard Bravo’s editors work to make them appear foolish.  Phaedra decides it would
be a good idea to take some professional pregnancy photos, it seems to be all the rage these days.  Unfortunately atsome point in Phaedra’s life she saw another pregnant woman who took photos
with pickles and decided that was a good idea.  I will not clap.

Cynthia and NeNe are together again, this time bra shopping.  Now that NeNe has new boobs, she needs a new container for them.  Since she paid a lot of money for them to stand upright, she typically doesn’t wear bra’s, but she’s able to find a few that she likes and we, once again, see a whole lot of NeNe as she shows off her new stomach and boobs.

The ladies are discussing NeNe’s marriage problems and without giving specifics we learn hear more about  her lack of communication and trust issues.  Cynthia is concerned as she
begins to think about her own wedding and whether or not she wants to get married at all after hearing NeNe’s problems.

Back to Cynthia’s Mother’s Day dinner and Kim calls with her typical excuse, her daughter is ill which is Kim language for, “I don’t have a clean wig to wear”.  Phaedra makes her typical rude comment about the location of Cynthia’s home including that area of town is not for her.  Just in case the camera’s didn’t catch
Phaedra’s obligatory rude comment she goes on to instruct the young girls at the party to become lawyers and not models when they grow up.  Cynthia being a better hostess than Stacie Turner from DC ignores the comment and moves on.

Cynthia seats the children at a table separate from the adults which is typical for many dinner parties but she also bans the men to a separate dining location leaving only the ladies on the outdoor terrace enjoying their catered meal.  No, Cynthia did not cook for this crowd.

The most interesting conversation started with Phaedra in the hot seat, a seemingly simple question of when is your baby due?  Turned into accusations of lies and inappropriate doctors.  Phaedra tells the group that the due date was late July or early August but that her doctor is going to take the baby early.  Just looking at her, it is difficult to believe that she won’t deliver naturally for another 2 1/2 to 3 months, she looks well beyond 6 months along.  Phaedra tells the shocked group that as long as the baby’s lungs are developed it is perfectly fine for the doctor to deliver her baby 2-3 months before it’s natural due date.  Maybe her doctor is Sheree’s date the Fake-Doc?

NeNe explains that the reason for Phaedra’s bizarre behavior was her attempt to hide the conception date from everyone so as to not reveal that she was pregnant at her fancy wedding.  Sheree had the funniest line of the night here, “bitch, you don’t know when you got knocked up?”  NeNe’s was a close second telling viewers that even chick from the hood who don’t know who they’re pregnant by still know when their baby is due.   The comedy alone on the Atlanta Housewives is worth the price of admission.

I could watch it over and over…


The ladies have some interesting conversations about everything from sex discussions ala Kandi Koated Nights to NeNe’s new nose.  NeNe really opens up to the ladies explaining that her mother passed away several years ago and she is afraid to be on her own without a husband.  Kandi’s mom Joyce has some sound advice and they seem to bond over similar experiences.

It gets uncomfortable when the men join the ladies and NeNe asks for their opinion on cheating husbands.  As NeNe explains that she isn’t much of a sexual woman, Cynthia’s fiancé Peter practically tells NeNe that it is her fault if her husband strays based on her description of their sex life.  The tension can be cut with a knife as we hear Cynthia in a voice over saying that she told Peter in advance not to bring up NeNe’s marriage.  In his defense, he
was asked for his opinion, however, Phaedra’s husband Apollo was also asked but managed to keep his mouth shut.

Only the two newest Atlanta Housewives have posted blogs, I don’t think we’ll see anymore blogs from NeNe this season as she’s filming Celebrity Apprentice right now.  Phaedra’s blog is a waste of internet space while Cynthia’s is great!  She pointed out the wacky discussion of sugar in the va-jay-jay which was pretty strange Mother’s Day discussion but even stranger was Phaedra who kept saying it was “delicious”.  HUH?  Is this woman double jointed or was she a lesbian in a former life?   Anyway..moving on..Cynthia’s blog is worth a read…


Until Next Time…..



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369 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Atlanta

  1. Waxdiva says:

    Great recap! Nene really grated on me, but this season she has opened up and I like her. From what I’ve gathered from other sites, Nene caught Greg cheating on her and the conversation between Greg and the DJ was totally embarrassing for Nene. Whether she stays with Greg of moves on, I would love to see Nene happy.

    I found the answer to the mystery of JillZarin and the U of South Florida:


    • quincyil says:

      I only know what I have heard on tv, but I think that the governor and Jill’s BFF have been married for a while now so that engaged part is wrong.

      Also, it’s a really hotly contested Senate Race in Florida and I doubt that any candidates wife would do such a thing for a measly 15,000 bucks when so much is at stake for her husband’s race.

      I really don’t know what happened, but my guess is…this didn’t happen.

      • krone says:

        Yeah, Charlie Crist is a pretty shrewd politician and it’s hard to imagine him making such a rookie mistake. In different economic times with a different politician, I’d wonder but just don’t think Crist is that stupid. Rubio and his people would have been all over that.

        • WaxDiva says:

          They can’t make anything out of it because there is nothing there. It would make Rubio look like a complete idiot to bring up such a trivial issue.

      • WaxDiva says:

        “I doubt that any candidates wife would do such a thing for a measly 15,000 bucks when so much is at stake for her husband’s race.”

        The USF rep said that the students pick the speakers. After reading the student’s comments on the USF facebook page, they are pretty pissed about the speaker’s chosen and very pissed about JillZarin speaking at USF. Of course, Carole Crist would not use her name to get the ball rolling for JZ to speak there. She would simply mention to a committee member that JZ should be considered; the committee member would bring it to a vote and JZ’s contract is prepared. Mrs. Crist’s name would never be connected to JZ’s appearance. I’m sure you know how these things happen…

        Out of all the housewives that could have been chosen, JillZarin is at the top? Just out of the blue, JZ is asked to speak at a school in FL, not in NY or NJ or PA, but FL? JZ and Carole Rome Crist go way back. There is no way to prove that this is the way it went and there is not way to prove that it isn’t the way it went. But when you put two and two together…

        The students were so thrilled that JZ was speaking that 100 students (they were not all students) attended… in a venue that seats 700.

        • krone says:

          Ha! I can’t believe they found 100 people willing to listen to her BS.
          And yeah, I see what you’re saying about the speaking fee. I suppose I should have said that I hoped that crist would be too smart to do that but we’ve seen over and over again smart politicos doing stupid things so I’ll concede that it’s all too possible.

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            Actually Charlie is pretty clean. I believe the gripe the Reps have is that he is too liberal. Rubio, however, has been caught in several inappropriate financial scandals/sweetheart deals and is still doing well. BTW I luv Charlie! He’s a candidate I’d crossover for.

            • krone says:

              Remember when only last year he was expected to be a Rep. frontrunner for Prez in ’12? The Tea Party seems to have chased away all the moderates. Word was that Clinton tried to talk Meekes into dropping out so Dems and Indies would vote Crist thereby defeating Rubio.

        • quincyil says:

          JZ’s mom lives in Boca. Is JZ some kind of icon to the NY Jewish population that have migrated to Florida for retirement? JZ went to a lot of book events when visiting Gloria during the past year.

        • quincyil says:

          JZ’s mom lives in Boca. Is JZ some kind of icon to the NY Jewish population that have migrated to Florida for retirement? JZ went to a lot of book events when visiting Gloria during the past year.

          • quincyil says:

            JZ did have a fundraiser in the Hamptons this summer for Christ.

            • Waxdiva says:

              JZ has had a LOT of fundraisers for Crist; he’s stayed at her home; they are very close because Mrs. Crist is JZ’s BFF.

          • Waxdiva says:

            Why do you think JZ had book signings in Boca? So she could write off a business trip and see Gloria.

            FYI: Wendy Williams’ mother and JZ’s mother are friends and live in the same complex in FL.

    • Savannah111 says:

      Hey you guys I just saw the commercial for skating for the stars and Bethenny is one of the star skaters.. GOOOOOOOOO Bethenny.

      To bad Jill Zarin..

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  3. MickeyMouth says:

    I have never been a real follower of Atlanta, but I am now!!!! Those ladies are bringing the lols every week! If NY becomes a snoozefest with the departure of Bethenny, at least I’ll have AT and BH for entertainment.

    Great blog as always Lynn.

  4. sugarmagnolia10 says:

    “I don’t like to wear bra’s….I don’t like bra’s because I paid for my titties to be up high.”


  5. Wall St Lady says:

    Think about this for a minute…. If you happened to show up on my door step crying, I would  care.

    If you called me and asked me to pick you up because something happened, I would  come.

    If you had one day left to live your life, I would want to be part of that last day.

    If you needed a shoulder to cry on, I would give you mine.

    This is a test to see who your real friends are or if you are just someone to talk to you when they are bored. Do you know what the relationship is between your two eyes?

    They blink together, they move together, they cry together, they see things together, and they sleep together, but they never see each other;…that’s what friendship is. Your aspiration is your motivation, your motivation is your belief, your belief is your peace, your peace is your target, and life is like hard core torture without it.

    It’s ‘World Best Friends Week’… Who is your best friend? 

    The LynnFam provides the best syber friends !
    We even know how to hug !
    I am blessed w/real bes friends but sometimes I can’t find them. Thanks LynnFam , Someone is Always here !

    • Waxdiva says:

      WSL: You are always so kind. I always look forward to what you have to say. Thanks, friend.

    • Cusi77 says:

      WSL_ You are an inspiration Lady! I wish I would live close to you. You really know what friendship is about! Kudos!

      • krone says:

        WSL, You’re such a special person. I’ve spent a lot of time reading Lynn’s wonderful blog and everyone’s posts, often after an emotionally trying day. You never cease to amaze me; you’re there consistently with words of encouragement and appreciation for all the other posters here. I noticed that it was your anniversary the other day and want to say congratulations,- I hope WSM appreciates you. You’re a warm, caring person and from what I’ve read here, you’re valued and loved. Thanks for being you.((((WSL)))

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      @WSL-Sending you luv

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      WSL thanks for reminding us all that friendship is to be treasured. You are funny, witty and wise but you are so much more and I want to say thanks for sharing yourself with all of us!

    • Savannah111 says:

      WSL I loved that, I’d love to be a part of Lynn’s family I think you all are great people.. I might also add I find people here to be kind, funny, full of a lot of wisdom and have a lot of class…

  6. Cusi77 says:

    I am dragging this from yesterday’s blog:

    Good Morning Sunshines!

    WSL_ Our Lynn posted a photo with my four older sisters and my cousin, I am dressed in “blue sky” in the center of the photo… my baby sister was takink a nap! That was to live with sisters!

  7. boston02127 says:

    The Real Housewives of New York’s Jennifer Gilbert Reveals Her Struggle With Her Son’s ‘Traumatic’ Disease


    • quincyil says:

      More traumatic for Jennifer because she has an imperfect child. They can give steriods for alopecia and they do work, but many parents are worried about complications as I would be.

      Kim Z took a lot of guff for her alopecia. I know women here who are miserable and I have known one little girl. It’s awful, but there are many worse diseases.

      • kmuellfa says:

        Kim Z has alopecia? That’s news to me.
        First she said she was told her hair loss was due to cancer, even though cancer itself doesn’t cause hair loss, the treatment can (chemo and radiation). AFAIK, she has never explicitly stated why she had hair loss (the pic of her and Tracy shows her with a full head of hair; though it is cut short), if she had any at all.

        Alopecia can be devastating, and when I had “virgin” hair (no dye) I donated to locks of love 3 -4 times.

        • I have it off & on. It can be embarrassing & annoying, but its one of those things that if you’re going to have something, its not going to kill you.
          In my case, it always grows back. I don’t even bother with treatment or steroids because the cure is sometimes worse than the disease as they say.
          I cannot imagine anyone who has it that would consider it being a real tragedy. Seriously, you have to put it in to perspective.
          If you’ve ever met one person with chemo-induced hair loss, a person with alopecia basically thanks God that
          thats all you have to deal with.

          • quincyil says:

            The shampoos don’t work. I bought some products for a friend.

            You are lucky that it comes and goes. Have you ever look at your thyroid hormone levels? I read that people with thryoid conditions like the nurse daughter on OC sometimes have hair loss.

            • Yep–it probably is thyroid-related. For some reason every time that my thyroid numbers have been tested, they fall in the normal range, even though I constantly have doctors sending me to be tested because I have so many thyroid symptoms, especially my body temperature & vital-signs are always abnormally low.
              This latest hair-loss episode was probably related to menopause, but that has even started coming in again.
              Once I notice a large bald spot, I can usually think-back a few weeks, and there is some trigger that seems to cause it.
              I feel sorry for Jennifer’s son. Not because he has the condition, but his mom’s attitude, calling it a tragedy? People in my family will let me know if my bald spot is visible, but even if I try to get them to feel sorry for me, they don’t. Its just such a non-issue that I can’t imagine anyone having anything but relief if they get the diagnoses.

              • kmuellfa says:

                You definitely have a great perspective, I imagine for others, especially children, it could be devastating.

              • quincyil says:

                I know it’s related to menopause too because I have seen that happen to women that I know.

                If you have insurance, I’d make it a necessity to see an endocrinologist and perhaps monitor those changes. I bet these changes affect how you feel too. Take care of yourself. Many people need you.

      • tee tee says:

        Kim implied her hair loss issue was due to cancer. That is why she received so much flack. That and for not ‘keeping her legs closed to married men’ LOL

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      No mother wants her child to suffer. Jennifer Gilbert shared her son’s disease and may not have articulated it too well but her love also comes through.

      • quincyil says:


        • Duh—of course i didn’t think about how children tease each other. There was a girl in my school who had it & it probably was a challenge for her because I know that she was always making-up some different story about it. Looking at it from that pov, makes a difference, so maybe that is what Jennifer had in mind.
          There are different areas of the head that it can affect also.
          The balding that some women get with menopause is different than alopecia errata, (don’t even know if I spelled it, “unexplained hair-loss”), because if it only comes later in life, it could be something different.
          So-yeah, if I didn’t know what it is, I would get it checked because Rogaine really works for some forms of it if you use it. I did get it checked this time when it happened again, but mostly to impress my doctor with my, “weird” condition. Luckily I have insurance and it was covered.
          The first time that it happened to me, I had to pay for all of the tests myself, including chest x-rays., and there was no way that I wasn’t going to take the tests because that doctor scared the heck out of me. (that’s another reason why I am relieved to have something harmless).

        • mommydearest says:


  8. error404 says:

    Ok, this is what I don’t get about RHoNJ and perhaps straight people in general:

    Why is everything segregated by sex? Both times we’ve seen Peter he’s gotten down right cranky because he’s the only guy at the party. Granted, I’d rather eat glass than spend the day at a derby with Phaedra and Dwight, but Peter’s attitude that Dwight was another housewife…. well, maybe he does have a point. LOL But seriously, what would Apollo have to offer? He’s only a male version of Sheree, who’s probably a tranny anyways, so what’s the big deal.

    All I can say to Cynthia is follow your gut girl. When you love someone, you don’t question if marriage is the answer, you just know it is. Yeah, him disrespecting your wishes and starting trouble with your friend was a red flag, but the even bigger, redder flag should have been his reasoning that Nene drove Greg to cheat because she’s not good in bed. Red flag! Red flag! RED FLAG!!

    And lord help me for typing these words but… Phaedra does have a point. Yeah he’s got 5 kids, but by how many women? Baby Mama Drama is a real issue!

    • quincyil says:

      Child support is an issue too. Does he pay or not? I would be wary of a man who could abandon his own child. I woul be wary of a man who has children that is is responsible for too. Just my hang up, but if you want a husband for yourself, find someone that you don’t have to share.

    • Cusi77 says:

      Error_ Sorry to disagree about Peter at 49 having children… (from how many women? OK! I GET IT) but at 49 it is normal he has lived, loved and had children. IMHO.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Peter said he had 5 kids, but didn’t elaborate on the number of mothers. 5 is alot, so maybe there is more than one. At 49, even starting at 25, he must have adult children by now and child support may not be an issue with him. What may be an issue is longevity. If Cynthia doesn’t put out then he’ll feel free to wander, as sex is #1 to him or at least a strong 2.

    • jen says:

      Agree to that he biggest red flag should be what he said to NeNe…I think Greg cheated and Nene is trying to say it without outright accusing, maybe to avoid a nasty divorce settlement, or being sued……also, are they even divorced yet? Maybe they work it out?

    • krone says:

      I’m with Error on this one. I couldn’t believe Peter’s remark re NeNe being at fault if Gregg were to cheat. I’ve really taken a liking to Cynthia and think she’s less than enthusiastic about her marriage because she knows in her gut that he’s not right for her. Besides, didn’t she say that he hadn’t “proposed” but had given her an ultimatum? There’s not a lot of communication and empathy in that relationship, or so it seems to me. Even in a great relationship Baby Mama drama would be hard to deal with; without great communication it would seem impossible. my $.02

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        So I am throwing in my two cents – people cheat because they want to and it doesn’t matter what the other person in the relationship does or doesn’t do for them. What was totally stupid was answering NeNe’s question! Peter said he adores all 5 of his children so I didn’t get the impression they were a burden or that Cynthia had a problem with them. Cynthia probably really doesn’t want to marry him for many reasons and that is her dilema to deal with!

  9. Wall St Lady says:

    Cusi77 ur Mom & Dad must have been very proud of team Cusi77 !
    U guys could sell ur DNA for big bucks !
    I forgot what Cusi77 means. Mayb
    U never told me. Tell tell.

    Sad,Sad,Sad news.
    Kat had to but her beloved Teddy down on Sat.(Mostly due to old age)
    We need to pray for her heart which is hurting.
    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

    • krone says:

      Our Kat that posts here? If so, I hope you’re okay Kat. I’m often up and check in late (or early depending on time zone) and will listen if you want to chat.

    • quincyil says:

      Kat… I am so sorry. Big hugs to you. I understand your pain.

    • cusi77 says:

      WSL_ Thanks kindly!
      I was called Cusi when I was a child (the girl in the foto is Cusi), until I went to elementary school.
      & 77 is the year my only son, Rodrigue, was born.
      I became “Cusi” again for my two granddaughters (Frieda and Daniela) and as well for my good friends in Lynn’s Fam.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kat, we are here for you! So sorry about your lose, it never is easy and Teddy will never be forgotten because of all the good times you shared.

      • justanothermary says:

        So very sorry Kat. I know how much my dogs mean to mean and losing a pet is very heart breaking. My prayers are with you.

  10. OneMoreInBoston says:

    My goodness! Where do I even begin about last night’s episode?

    Dildos,and beef curtains, and dessert genitals, and pointing to the ceiling nipples, oh my!

    Maybe Patti LaBelle put it best when she said “it wasn’t ladylike”?

    • krone says:

      Call me naive, but I still don’t understand what beef curtains are. care to enlighten me? Yep, this episode with these ladies was a doozie.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        um…I don’t think I can.

        OK… deep breath…It is, IMHO, a particularly derogatory way to describe the outer labia folds. As in “pull back your beef curtains”

        I’ve also heard them described as roast beef curtains. By a stripper. (don’t ask) Enuf said.

        @krone, we will never discuss this again k?

        • krone says:

          Okay. I’ll just have to get a mirror and see what’s going on there, but what do I compare it to? Like what’s an aesthetically pleasing set of “beef curtains”. Do color, plumpness, width vs. length determine quality? I’m sure Fakedra has the best; think she’ll describe hers in her blog if asked politely?

          • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

            Okay, I cannot believe I am about to type this. I actually know what this is. The ONLY reason I do is because there was a documentary last year on Discovery about the new fad in Vaginal plastic surgery. They can now “tighten” things up down there and do other things to give you the “perfect vagina”. Beef Curtains refers to the actual opening to your vagina. The outer labia is one set of protective coverings, but then you have an inner labia, much thinner that surround the actual opening. When the inner labia is longer than the outer labia and is actually visible it looks like a thin “curtain” type of skin and is thus referred to as “beef curtains” in some circles because he has to part the curtains to get his …..well, you get the picture. graphic and unpleasant as that visual may be. Apparently with some women it is actually a real problem and can cause issues ranging from painful intercourse (if the lips are constantly being pulled inside during the action) to skin infections as this skin is not meant to have contact with clothing etc. The plastic surgeons can trim off the excess and reduce the size so that it fits neatly back inside the outer labia.
            Childbirth, and other medical conditions can affect the “droopiness” of this situation, and apparently aging affects it to a small degree. No exercise can help with this area, as it is not a muscle, just skin flaps.
            Phew. I got through it. Hope I didn’t offend anyone. But, there it is—your medical definition courtesy of discovery.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              well, my stripper aquaintence was wrong! So now I know more than I ever need to know- thank you!

            • krone says:

              Wow, thanks. I actually understand that. No need fto ask Phaedra to address the issue. I’m sure “Southern Belle’s” curtains are superior to and different than mine anyway.

              • OneMoreInBoston says:

                Honestly, like we don’t have enough to worry about? Now we have to worry about “down there”?
                one more thing to be insecure about…

                My investors talked to me about bringing a plastic surgeon that specialized in labiaplasty to do some cross marketing with to the medspa.

                Maybe I’m inordinately confident about the state of my beef curtains because I was SHOCKED and a little saddened about how many women wanted a chance to talk to him.

                Not sure how I feel about it.

              • KellitaM says:

                @OneMoreInBoston: “Honestly, like we don’t have enough to worry about? Now we have to worry about “down there”? one more thing to be insecure about…”

                I agree. I was watching some “old” movies from the 70s, recently, and became aware of how individual and beautiful the actresses were. Now there’s a particular standard of beauty for actresses, which almost always involves plastic surgery. Everyone has the same nose, lips, boobs, etc.

                Now we have to worry about our labias, too? Oy vey!

            • Zoey says:

              That’s what I thought Duchess. Thanks!

            • MickeyMouth says:

              I’m thinking this is a surgery for starlets who like to exit a car without underwear.

          • floridagirl88 says:


      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I guess the most delicate way to answer your question is to tell you the name for the reconstructive surgery


        • dreemz says:

          Last spring it suddenly occured to me that since I had quit smoking (in March)I could be a candidate for liposuction. I had always wanted it for my “pooch”, no amount of sit-ups have ever made a dent in it and when I had a consult in the past the smoking was an issue with recovery/healing. I called around to several plastic surgeon practices and most of the had “combo packages” where you could not only get your pooch taken care of but choose other procedures to go with it. The beef curtain was one and also the vaginoplasty ( I think it was called) was a selection on the menu also. The menu also included inner thighs, back fat, arm flab, neck tightening, eyes, boobs, and along with the abdomen lipo they would tighten the abdomenal muscles. The “Mommy Makeover” was the abs, boob-lift and I can’t remember the 3rd. I was really excited at first and then I knew I would regret spending the money if I did it so I forgot about it. You can have ANYTHING you want done if you are willing and able to spend the money.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I heard there is even cankle surgery which is risky and IMO the results don’t really support the outcome and the risks.

            It amazes me the things people get done.

          • quincyil says:

            I am almost 58. Had 3 babies decades ago. I exercised and dieted into no pouch. Try pilates and weight lifting. I’m doing kettle ball right now and that is a huge calories burner. I walk with a weighted vest on hills for cardio.

            Trainers are cheaper than surgery. The effects of training help your health. Buy Jackie Warner’s book for 27 bucks before surgery and see if you might like to try her methods.

  11. OneMoreInBoston says:

    I finally had a chance to check out your website- what a beautiful job!

    I’m reading through some of your poetry now (I like to take my time with poetry) and it’s very powerful.

    Thank you for letting us in on this part of your life.

  12. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Is everyone rockin’ the vote?

    • krone says:

      ABSOLUTELY!!!!! IMO, you can’t bitch if you don’t vote. How’s Deval Patrick doing? My fave blog is Nate Silver’s fivethirtyeight.com blog.
      http://elections.nytimes.com/2010/forecasts/governor He did a great job predicting ’08.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I can’t vote 😦

        I’m only a legal resident and not yet a USC, but hopefully I will be by the next presidential election.

        • krone says:

          Where are you from and how long have you been here? WELCOME!!!!!!

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Thank You 🙂

            I was born in N. Ireland but immigrated to Canada when I was 2. I lived in Toronto until I met, married my husband and my visa came through.

            I will be in the US 3 years as of Jan. Because I am married to a USC, I can be naturalized after 3 years.

            • krone says:

              I’ve heard that most of us who were born here wouldn’t/couldn’t pass the tests that immigrants have to take to become citizens.
              I’m 3rd generation Irish on both sides. Mama Lynch (my greatgrandmother) was from County Cork and I’m drawing a blank on my Dad’s side. Are you familiar with Yorktown (I think) in Toronto? Passed through while hitching across Canada back in the day to Haight Ashbury.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                I’ve done a few practice runs at the test and did well enough to pass it, but I will still study when the time comes. Too me, it’s one of those things that should be aced.

                I have heard of and been to York Township, which is a little north of the Greater Toronto Area. There is also Fort York, which is a historical site/museum in Toronto.

                But since you mentioned Haight Ashbury, I think you might be talking about Yorkville, which an area in Toronto. It is now a VERY upscale retail area but back in the 60’s-70’s it was a bohemian hang out.

              • krone says:

                Yes! Yorkville is right! I was so amazed with the friendliness there. You know, I’d love to get my hands on one of those tests just to see what it’s like. I’ve a feeling that I’d be embarrassed. Do you know of anything online that gives sample questions?

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                Hi Krone, I couldn’t post the answer behind your question but
                this website has free practice tests for citizenship


              • krone says:

                there wasn’t a reply space so I hope this ends up where it’s supposed to. I chose to try 10 and got them all right!! I’m going to go back and take the rest. I do consider myself politically active but am sure I’ll forget some of the basics. Anyone else who’s interested should check out this site. It’s wonderful; thank you so much R.R.!!! We do have a pretty special Country here, warts and all.

    • Ruby Newbie says:

      Yes, although I think I’ll be unhappy overall with the results.


      I’ve done my part.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Haven’t missed a vote since I registered – and being from Chicago, I am an anomaly, as I only voted once but it was early!

      • krone says:

        I’ve never missed a vote either. It helps that we have early voting here in Maine and I was able to beat the crowd (wishful thinking) by voting last Friday.

        • justanothermary says:

          Voting day is yet another time I am thankful to be living in a very small town. No lines, no id needed (we all know each other) and coffee and donuts when we’re done! I’ve never missed a vote and it certainly won’t be cancer that stops me from this one.

        • cusi77 says:

          I as well voted early, I am a proud American Citizen since October 2008!

      • lillybee says:

        A local politician told people here to vote early and vote often. BTW she wasn’t kidding.

    • nancy says:

      YES !!!!! Voted this morning.

    • KellitaM says:

      Yes! I got all weepy when I explained to my 8yo about voting and democracy. Wacky hormones.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Absolutely! I proudly wear my “I Voted” sticker.

      • quincyil says:

        My baby granddaughter proudly wore her sticker all day. The librarian liked it. The people in the mall liked it. She made lots of friends because of her voting experience with her daddy.

  13. jen says:

    Ok probably going to be blasted for this, but….I have to agree with Kim a bit (hold on, gagging that I actually said that)….technically she is not married and thus she is not the “cheater”. She didn’t take the vows, he did. He is definitly a cheater so I disagree with her there but she technically isn’t the “cheater”- sorry.

    Also, Big Poppa’s wife has to have seen all this, anyone else think it’s strange we’ve never heard a single, tiny peep from her? Ever?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I also agree with Kim to some extent.

      Big poppa’s marriage is not her responsibility. BUT while she may not be technically cheating, she is involved with a man who is married. He IS cheating.

      Maybe his wife is trying to have class as they have children together. Their daughter was Miss Teen USA (I think). She may have also lawyred up as there is quite of bit of $$$ at stake, and on advice of counsel may be keeping her mouth shut.

      Or maybe this arrangement suits her. He has a mistress on the side and she is not involved in his life.

      Maybe they have an open marriage, in which case Kim is right- he isn’t cheating if his wife condones the behavior.

      • krone says:

        Yeah, it’s scummy as Hell but she’s technically right. God, it hurts to type those words!!

        • quincyil says:

          In what culture? Kim is an adultress. She committed adultry with a married man..

          adulteress [əˈdʌltərəs]
          a woman who has committed adultery

          a·dul·ter·y (-dlt-r, -tr)
          n. pl. a·dul·ter·ies
          Voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and a partner other than the lawful spouse.

          Adultery isn’t specific for the married person. Both the married person and the partner are responsible.

          In Iran, the woman, Kim, would be stoned to death. The man would be admonished and set on his merry way.

          • quincyil says:

            I looked up Georgia laws concerning adultery and it is a fault state. Kim can be hauled into court and made to answer questions about her affair with Big Poppa. The wife, if she feels she has monitarily harmed by Kim can sue her.

            I hope Big Poppa’s wife goes after Kim Z. It will make good tv.

            • quincyil says:

              monetarily… sp…

            • krone says:

              Aha. ye olde “alienation of affection”. I never understood that. The spouse is the one who made the vows or broke the contract; I hope the wife sues him and he recovers all of Kim’s goodies in order to sell them and give the $$ to his wife and kids. Can you imagine watching your husband’s wh*re on TV, gloating about her diamonds, car, etc.? I’d go all Lorena Bobbit on him.

              • quincyil says:

                Big Poppa’s wife had grown children with him so it was a long term marriage. He’s no prize in the looks department so Kim Z was going after his wallet.

            • cusi77 says:

              The law terminology is “Alienation of affection”, I saw a movie…

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Actually, I heard from her once on facebook.

      I messaged her shortly after their kids were on MTV’s cribs and commented on how nice and appreciative they seemed. It was around the time that Big Poppa was reveled and I also said something like ‘I am sorry for the resent events’.

      She thanked me for the kind words about her children and said as far as the other stuff “Not to beleive everything you see on tv and to please keep an open mind”.

      I wasn’t sure how to take the last comment, it could have been a denial of something going on with Kim and Lee or it could have been her saying they were separated.

  14. KellitaM says:

    I’m coming out of the closet and admitting that I’ve never seen RHOA. But I love the recaps.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I’m in the closet still about RHOBH. There are only a limited number of hours I can devote to TV, so my favs win and the new ones I just ignore.

  15. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Hey this is kinda interesting:

    “What you watch may be the key to who you really are.

    A new study for the first time matches people’s personality traits with the TV shows they watch — and finds that TV tastes can tell a lot about your character.”

    “Real Housewives of Orange County: If you watch “Real Housewives of Orange County,” you are “pugnacious” — described as “unafraid to tell others what they think and value honesty over keeping the peace” — and probably a leader.”

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/entertainment/tv/show_tell_wJMsEAZu3cWC4OK9AHV3hO#ixzz149203CnI

  16. Nene reminded me last night why I love her. After that goofy discussion about powdered-sugar vs. sugar, Nene as the voice of reason & sanity says what needed to be said.,

    “never put Kool-Aid, candied yams, peppermint candy, pancake syrup…NONE of those things in MY vajayjay”-(Nene)

    In fact I think that we need Nene & Bethenny to do the narration & ply-by-play for ALL of the Real Housewife shows. And maybe WWHL too.

    Kandi’s hair was driving me nuts. The thing about it was that I could tell that SHE was uncomfortable with it. When a person feels like their hair is uncomfortable, it looks just like that. It almost looked like she was trying to balance her hair on top of her head, and she was afraid to move it, or it would fall-off?
    Kandi looks good in short hair, but she’s just got too much of it. And she definitely needs more make-up. I thought that her face looked washed-out.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      The RED is washing her out. Who wouldn’t be washed out by that???

      It was a little bit better with Patti Labelle, but for pete’s sake why can’t this girl LEAVE it alone! I would like to see Kandi with Patti LaBelle’s wig to see what she would look like with classic hair.

      Not loving two tone hair on ANYONE, but particularly dislike it in colors unknown to nature.

  17. Ruby Newbie says:

    As ususual, Phaedra continues to annoy. I totally agree with Sheree about Apollo giving her the Gucci diaper bag in front of all the ladies when that easily could have been done at home. And if it’s real Gucci, she paid for it herself which makes the whole thing extra weird.

    I’m with NeNe about all the (ahem) extras in the lady parts. No thank you.

    Peter seemed to have been a little hard on NeNe. I think it may have been the combo of alcohol and not wanting to be ‘punked’ by any more Housewives. Call it the Phaedra effect.

    And that brings me back to Phaedra and the obvious lies about her due date. Really? It’s 2010. You conceived out of wedlock. Only your parents care. Woman up and tell them the truth!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I don’t get how a woman would admit to ‘finishing the act’- and errrrr ahhhhh….food erotica? and everything else that was discussed that night but wouldn’t admit to premarital sex.

      I know there were discussions about the possibility or at least the implications that Apollo was gay on the DL – could that be why my gaydar went off when he held a pickle in his mouth?

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        OMG- mine did too!

        • HD says:

          So did mine. Prison…six years…I am telling you something going on there. Also remember the gay friend of Sheree’s knew a friend that knew him and knew he had been locked up. If you look back on the show when they walk into that place where Kandi had her singing debut, Apollo gives him the tiddly-winks wave. You know when you fingers kind of move like spirit fingers. LOL!

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            The finger wave set off my gaydar as well as “being with” a totally hot mess like Phaedra. That said, I really like Apollo and hope his life isn’t half as bad as we see it!

            • krone says:

              I like Apollo too- so far. Of course compared to Fakedra, anyone would look good. He’s actually a handsome man and so far at least, is incredibly patient with his wife. Someone here posted a link that showed his record and he was originally sentenced to 18 yrs. so maybe he owes a lot to his wife’s legal skills.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                He is handsome and seems much more reasonable and likable than his wife.

                If he is gay, I wonder if he realizes that he would be able to hang on this his masculinity by being openly gay rather than an emasculated house husband who is treated like the hired help by a snobby elitist.

  18. Spunkymonkey says:

    First time posting here but read all the time.

    Phaedra was annoying the bleep out of me last night! No doctor is going to take a baby 6 or 8 weeks early unless there is a serious reason for it. That snotty hag would need to have some pressing medical reason, and would probably be on bed rest. The baby pressing on your bladder is not a good enough reason. It happens to all of us! I know when I have baby #2 I will be having a planned c-section due to complications with my first pregnancy and delivery. They will schedule at 38 weeks…no sooner. Baby is considered full term at 37 weeks but they still prefer to give the baby an extra week for lung development. Either she’s lying about when she conceived, or she’s one of those women who tries to get her doctor to take the baby early because they don’t want to get too big and get stretch marks, or they don’t want to ruin the vajayjay by pushing ( I live in Southern California, I’ve met my share of those women). From what I know of her, I’m leaning towards the latter. She seems very self-centered and would be more concerned with herself than her baby’s health.

    And those pickle pictures…what would possess you to use whole pickles? I mean, she couldn’t get pickle spears instead? At least it would have looked less pornographic.

  19. NMhousewife says:

    I can’t believe I am actually admitting I am enjoying RHW of Atlanta as much as I am! And who would have (thunk) it that I am actually liking Nene and Sheree and that they are the voice of reason this season? Unbelievable. I love laughing at over-the-top Kim and Phaedra and Dwayne, but I also love that I am sympathizing with Kandi, Nene, Cynthia, and Sheree.

    Though with the above Nene tweets from last night, I am disappointed that Nene maybe back to her old ways..we’ll see.

  20. jeang says:

    My heart hurts for you Kat. I had to put down my sweet Bucky on 05-26-2010 and I still cry occasionally. I found another rescue dog in tampa that looked close to Bucky because I got tired of missing and crying for him. The one is named Gary Cooper and is a sweet little scamp and at times I call him Bucky as well. In two years, (nov 18-2008) I went thru my husband being diagnosed with 4th stage cancer and losing him, my heart attack and bypass surgery. My husbands dog dying the fathers day after he died and then my baby (9 years old) Bucky. I am ready for some better days!! I thank God that I found this blog where we all get much support. I am thinking of you and praying for your hurting heart Kat.

  21. jeang says:

    I agree the pickle pictures were nasty especially with Apollo and since when does a true Southern Belle ever do that or have creepy nasty conversations about food sex and the live? Not in my neck of the woods they dont.

  22. OneMoreInBoston says:

    @kat- I’ve had my share of death.
    The hardest to recover from seems to be the pets.
    I don’t know why that is, maybe because their love is so unconditional, or they are so innocent- it just seems to hurt as much and last longer than with the death of a person.
    I’m sorry about the death of your Teddy. You were the best human mom that you could be, and your pet was better off because of it.

  23. jeang says:

    one more in boston i am great, I wonder though how Just another Mary is because I havent seen her on here in a while.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      yes, I’ve noticed that too.
      @ShadowsNoMore is MIA too. I hope her son is OK…

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      How’s the house renovations/ redecorating going? Is it freaking out the dog or is he ok with it?

    • justanothermary says:

      I’m here today. It’s been a rough couple of weeks (I have pneumonia) but I lurk now and then. I got out to vote today and it felt great to be outside. I’ll be better and back soon. Thanks for remembering me!

      • American Idiot says:

        Feel better soon! I always look for your posts (because my name is Mary too!).

        • justanothermary says:

          Aw the Mary thing. 12 years in Catholic schools – I think all the girls were named Mary or had a middle name of Marie! When I was born I already had a Mom named Mary and a cousin named Mary. I was so jealous of cousin Vicki. I alway thought she was special cuz she got her own name and the rest of us had to share.

          • American Idiot says:

            I know. All those Marys. I went to Catholic grammar and high school too. My best friend when I was little was Mary Jane. I was named after my grandmother. My mother did not know she was having twin girls, so the name Mary Helen, after both grandmothers, became Mary and Helen, with no middle names.

            I should say after having two boys, she was thrilled to have a girl, she just didn’t expect two of them.

      • krone says:

        Take care of the pneumonia and thank you for voting. So many people use pathetic excuses to avoid taking an hour out of their day to excercise their greatest right and responsibility and somehow you manage to get it done. Thank you.

      • cusi77 says:

        Mary_ You always in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, Dear.

  24. Earring Girl says:

    I have been looking for Phaedra’s baby’s birth weight and name, so far I can not find anything – what’s up with that? Apolo’s arrest record says he was born in 1978.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I can’t find anything either! This is very strange considering the circus shower and not a single picture, announcement, etc anywhere! Where are our LynnFam detectives?

      • Earring Girl says:

        I cannot believe a new mother would not announce the birth weight, lenght and name, but this is “Fakeadera” we are talking about. I wonder why other blogs and gossip papers have not checked this out, maybe the will after that crap she was talking last night. LOL!!

        • Earring Girl says:

          Should read “maybe they will after that crap she was talking last night”

        • Need a Hobby says:

          She didn’t want that info out in public since it would show it was a full term baby and not a preemie, of course.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Guess she doesn’t realize she is only fooling herself! What a joke – some mom – doesn’t even brag about her baby (first one no less)!

            • HD says:

              I am wondering, and you know I can’t stand her and think she is a liar beyond liars but do you think maybe with her being on the show she was not allowed to tweet or announce any of that stuff since she is having the baby on the show? Just asking.

              • OneMoreInBoston says:

                didn’t Teresa tweet through her pregnancy?

              • Need a Hobby says:

                Nah, I don’t think there’s any such restriction….Teresa’s baby’s info was out there and they were filming at the time. Jac too I think?

                Obviously, Bethenny’s baby’s birth (and the vital stats and info) were publicly announced by the parents (despite everyone else jumping in their with their 2 cents) and the birth was a major plot point in the show and came a month early. So Bravo’s not forcing the moms to keep that info to themselves.

                I don’t think there were any such restrictions placed on that info—-but all the hemming & hawing (and there’s got to be some bold face out and out lying in there too) by Fakedra makes it clear that she wanted as little info out there as possible so people wouldn’t figure out what they’ve already figured out.

              • MickeyMouth says:

                The baby was healthy, right? I know sometimes people don’t like to say anything if the baby is ill or struggling. I sincerely hope he is all right.

        • Spunkymonkey says:

          Well it’s not all about her, so of course no big announcement. That poor kid…

    • CdnFillie says:

      RHOA Newest Member Phaedra Parks Gives Birth To A Boy
      Written by MrsGrapevine 2 in Celebrity Pregnancy,TV Shows at 7:53 AM on

      Found this

      May, 24 2010 6,484 views

      I just received a tip via e-mail that Real Housewife of Atlanta’s newest member Phaedra Parks just gave birth to a baby boy, with husband, Apollo Nida. Now you don’t have to wait for the season to start to find out the details with Phaedra Parks and hubby, Apollo Nida.

      Congratulations to the couple! I can’t wait to see their drama unfold when the season premiere of RHOA airs.

      • Tracy (w/out an 'E') aka mscarp says:

        Whoa, wait. You’re saying she had the baby in May?! Didn’t she say on the show last night that she was due in August, but having it in July? Hmm, now that really doesn’t add up. I truly hope the baby is healthy and well, but come on Phaedra, girl you be trippin. Oh, and hi to the Lynn101 Family. First time commenter here, came from RCH’s blog. 🙂

  25. Adgirl says:

    Aren’t NeNe’s twitters defending her surgery REALLY about defending herself for refining her AA nose? I can see that maybe a touchy subject for some people.

    • justanothermary says:

      She did say, “I’m still a black girl and I still have a black girl nose.” or something to that effect. I think she is concerned about how having her nose done might be perceived.

  26. WindyCityWondering says:

    Have we been banned from posting on the Bravo blogs? No matter how nice I write a comment – no post!
    So after reading Phaedra’s blog: “You write really nice! Now you should try practicing what you preach – maybe your father can help you relearn the lessons you seem to have forgotten!
    And after reading Cynthia’s blog: “Thank you for bring real glamour and class to RHoATL! Your wit and humor truly balance out the other rookie member this year. You are a joy to watch!
    Thanks Lynn and LynnFam for letting me peusdo Bravo post here!

    • katlg says:

      Go to the Bravo Message Boards, seriously you can say almost anything there and I am pretty sure the Housewives read them.

  27. jeang says:

    As long as his water bowl and two favorite bed and blankets are available he is ok, just barks when they first come in to work. just enough barking and attitude to let anyone know not to even think of coming back later to break in, him along with my loaded pistol and pepper spray gel should be good. i am lucky to have honest people so far but you never know and i look them up on polk county and florida dept of corrections etc as well beforehand.

  28. Adgirl says:

    Just when I thought I was through with RHOA it gets better!

    Last year I decided that ATL was awful and not amusing. This season I love it! I even like Sheree! And our old NeNe is back. Yay!

    Sheree was totally wise to Dr Love.
    All this sham guy wanted to do was practice his “patent pending” Love Dinner schtick on TV. Sheree, who probably has had her share of broke ass men couldn’t get out of there fast enough! Smart!

    NeNe. Glad you are back.
    Sorry about Gregg, but if you can’t trust your partner over moeny or sex, then you are better off without him.

    Cynthia. Your blogs are so funny that I hope your humor will appear on TV.

  29. Mama says:

    Gosh these women are entertaining!

    My neighbor is an OB/GYN and I asked him about what Phaedra said. He told me that a baby will be delivered early only if it is a high-risk pregnancy and either the baby’s or the mother’s life is in imminent danger. Didn’t look like that was the case but I don’t know.

    I have to get back to planning my dinner of canned foods and pack meat. Will someone please tell me what pack meat is so I can feed my family?

  30. cc in Miami says:

    Here is another photo of Phakedra at her baby shower.

  31. Adgirl says:

    What is Pack Meat? Good question. Spam?
    I hope Beef Curtians aren’t pack meat.

    • justanothermary says:


    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      BWAH HAHA HA!!!

    • Need a Hobby says:

      With Fakedra, who knows what she’s referring to. I’m still waiting for her to proclaim she was moved by the Holy Ghost and her baby was the result of an immaculate conception & it was a virgin birth.

      Although from her reported dating history and her performance last night, I don’t think there’s much virginal about her despite her holier than thou, high handed, Ms Piggy on crack nonsense. She just does not have any shame. No one’s buying her BS.

      But on topic, corned beef also comes in a can. Underwood’s Deviled Ham as boston mentioned the other day. I haven’t had that in years. Think I’ll buy a can just to see if I still like it. I’ve always liked SPAM. And don’t forget tuna fish, that old standby. And my momma was a fantastic “start from scratch” cook. But this stuff was sort of a treat for me.

      Really, “the world according to Miss Phaedra Parks” is just too ridiculous for words. For example, the only succinct words to use for her acid flashback baby shower is Dwight’s own phrase, “how dreadful.” (Yeah, Dwight’s really boosting his image as one of sophistication and good taste by being associated with planning that bizarro goat rodeo.)

    • Mama says:

      The whole beef curtains/sugar stuff is just too much for me.

      Men try so hard to ‘get with’ women you would think their common sense would tell them the last thing they should do is give a part of the female anatomy a derogatory name!

      I considered asking my OB/GYN neighbor about the sugar thing for about a tenth of a second when I realized how that might look to him. And if my husband would ever call me “Sweetie” in front of him I would die (literally, like in a Rachel Zoe way) and have to move to another state.

  32. justanothermary says:

    Just had to share – I went to vote today. I was wearing one of the beautiful wigs sent to me by Jean. There was a young girl working there (a friend of my DIL) who said to me, “I don’t know what you’ve been doing lately, but your hair has never looked better.” The room burst out in laughter cuz we all know each other in this small town, but I simply thanked her and moved on. I know she’ll be calling DIL later and asking what the laughter was about, I can’t wait for that report!

  33. Wall St Lady says:

    OneMoreMary & Jean

    CAUGHT YOU ! !

    I Don’t have your BIRTHDAY

    U R LynnFam aren’t U ?

    Its a requirement !
    Pretty please w/a cherry on top of your birthday cake !

    • justanothermary says:

      Did you mean me WSL? You have my bday – 12/26/60. I’m gonna be 50! For some reason I think that’s the greatest thing ever.

  34. Wall St Lady says:

    Happy Birthday ! Scprpoisue

    Along w/Ricky Martin & other cool folks:

    Scorpios born on November 2
    are stubborn individuals who possess emotional and spiritual stamina. Although they often seem quiet and introspective, they are fighters who support the status quo and expect it to support them. Every emotional scene in their lives is high drama. They do not enjoy being disagreed with and so often get their way.

    Friends and Lovers

    People born on this date are intensely loyal to their friends and demand similar loyalty. There are a great many control issues with them, which can be a challenge. In love, they can be very jealous. They love deeply so may not be aware of how controlling they can seem, even to those who love them in return.

    Children and Family

    Like many Scorpios, November 2 people are plugged into childhood memories. The past is not dead to them — it affects their lives every day. Though they want to see their children become independent, they may be clinging and demanding. This is usually done out of love, yet it can create a rift between parent and child.


    People born on this date are iconoclasts when it comes to their health. They understand the value of exercise and proper eating and generally obey these rules, but on their own terms. They enjoy solitary sports such as running or hiking. They pursue these interests less for physical exercise than for a need to be alone with their thoughts.

    Career and Finances

    People born on this date have talent for acting, speech making, speech writing, teaching, and creative work. They are often religious and may seek to work within their faith. Money rarely tempts them to do something they prefer not to do. They’re dedicated to ideas, not their pocketbook. Because they prefer to live simply, they may appear parsimonious. In truth, they’re generous.

    Dreams and Goals

    November 2 people see every aspect of life as a battle to be won, a challenge to be overcome. They have high standards and want to do everything on their own. While most people welcome a little good luck, November 2 people don’t feel as if they have earned their goals unless they have been forced to suffer to attain them.

  35. Earring Girl says:

    @HD – We knew about Bryn’s birth in May when it actually happened, birth weight, lenght and name and her show did not start until June and the delivery was shown on tv in July. Again this is “Fakeadera”, but I think the bs she put out last night will probably have the blogs and gossip rags out and snooping in her business!! Does Apolo work, I read some comments about him being a “personal trainer” and sleeping with his clients in the gym???? Now that’s not how I would picture a “southern gentleman who is so clean”. LOL!!!

    • American Idiot says:

      At the brunch Phaedra said Apolo’s brother dropped her off, and he was coming after work.

      • Earring Girl says:

        I missed that at the brunch – thanks, I think I am still in “shock” over the vajayjay with sugar talk. Quoting Patti LaBell “not lady like” and I am definitely not a prude! 🙂

        • krone says:

          I’ve never even heard about that whole sugar thing; am I completely out of the loop or are they just freaks?

          • OneMoreInBoston says:


          • cusi77 says:

            Krone_ could you pass the mind bleach please? All that talk was completely new to my ears and the cucumber photo shut to my eyes… Am I getting too old?

            • justanothermary says:

              I vote freaks. Gee, I voted twice today!

              • TrillianAlice says:

                Well, I have heard some men don’t like going “downtown” so the unexpected surprise must be the incentive. Let’s see, will it be plain sugar, powdered sugar, syrup or a peppermint candy.

                Yes, that episode was not for 13 year old boys, talking about you Ben Weiner.

    • HD says:

      @ Earring Girl-You are right. Also, she tweeted when she was pregnant which is so funny because she tweeted that in March but maybe she was waiting to tweet that information or perhaps she was still trying to build up a lie.

      At any rate, I am shocked there are no pictures online or anything. I know a lot of people here can get the goods on anything and if we have not found a picture she must not have put them out there which does not fit her personality at all.

  36. Adgirl says:

    Thank God this season is fun!!

    DC was a snooze except for the Study of Narcissists.
    NJ I didn’t watch at all because the endless shrieking over/by Danielle.
    BH is fun however still developing.

  37. jeang says:

    just another mary=glad to hear you are looking good. take care with your pnuemonia(sp) and be safe and well. wsl my birthday is jan 29, 1950.

  38. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Sheree’s fakedoc was really fooled her! He invites her to a gourmet meal that looked like vegetarian spaghetti, fruit and cookies. She should have ran for the hills the moment he invited her to a friends house for dinner as the first few dates should always be on neutral territory. It was a broke man’s move, offering to cook dinner for her next he’ll probably invite himself over to her house for dinner.

    Sheree shouldn’t have licked his finger, as a “lady” would have refused. The hell with his feelings or sparing him embarassment. It was very presumptious on his part that she would do that act especially with the cameras there. He is really trying to make himself look irresistable on camera yet he’s only succeeded in showing us he’s a tightwad with a moonroof hairstyle and average physique.

    PS The LoveDoctor is FOS! The book Act like a Lady, Think like a Man by comedian Steve Harvey, has all the tricks played by men, cheap men, rich men, cheating men, faithful men etc. And all the conversation, dating techniques and gameplay shown this episode by Doc Tiy-E was in the broke ass loser category! He’s dangling the doc/card/with money/looking for someone not interested in money, in front of golddigger Sheree hoping to have her and dump her without spending much. I hope she didn’t put out!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Agreed! I read Steve Harvey’s book. Was a lot more enthused about it before I learned that he had left that wife he brags on in the book.

  39. jeang says:

    Moonroof hairstyle, I love it and will have to remember to use it if anyone ticks me off and has one.

  40. justanothermary says:

    Ok, so I watched WWHL and Kandi says Phakdra is really not like what we see on the show. We all know Kandi is nice (maybe too nice, ie the Kim/money thing) so I want dirt. The snarky side of me wants to know what the Hell is up with this bowling ball with hair. NO WAY is any doctor going to pull that kid early just because it’s sitting on her bladder. NO WAY is any self-respecting, ex-con going to be boinking this walking, talking bag of hair and NO WAY is her rocket man straight. The gaydar goes berzerk everytime Apollo is on the screen. I WANT DIRT and I want it now!

    On another note, I’m a little concerned that we all seem to like Sheree and NeNe again this year. I mean what next, the reliking of JZ (God forbid) or all of us suddenly seeing the wisdom of Kelly’s ways? Are we lemings that could be sucked into such a universe? No, of course not, we are wise, educated women who will see through the crapola, eat canned meat and like it.

    Rant over. I think I feel better!

    • krone says:

      clapping and shouting ‘brava”!!!

    • krone says:

      With my youngest daughter I had placenta previa and had to spend 6 weeks in a hospital bed not allowed to even sit up (restricted to a 45* angle) I’d start hemorrhaging and needed blood transfusions 3 seperate times. Of course it was many years ago and sonagrams were available but not as standard as they are now. They performed amniocentesis x2 to measure something in the amniotic fluid that indicated the lungs were “viable. ” The docs were anxious to perform a c-section as soon as safely possible. I know obstetrical care is a lot more sophisticated these days but even tho they worried about my safety, not to mention my daughter’s, they didn’t deliver her until 6 weeks before my due date. I find it very hard to believe that any doc would deliver 2 months or so early just because the baby was putting pressure on Fakedra’s bladder. They’d be terrified of malpractice suits for one thing, given that she’s a lawyer, and there’s just no way!!!

    • quincyil says:

      I don’t think he is gay. Just shy. He is hen pecked for sure. He is actually very handsome and her face is pretty. I bet she has a good figure when not pregnant too.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        all kidding aside- @quincy- the jury is out.
        He is a fine looking man- and he does have a little bit of sweetness in his eyes, so depsite jail, Fakedra, and gawd knows what else, he kept himself intact and didn’t lose his sense of himself. Doesn’t mean he’s not bi though.

        Compare his eyes to NeNe’s son though. In one season Brice went from an innocent boy in a too big for him body to a toughened, wary, worldly adult. I worry about that kid. He’s lost. Just lost.

        • cusi77 says:

          OneMore_ I thought the same about NeNe’s son Brice… I even thought what would be to find him in the middle of the night… scary….

        • justanothermary says:

          I agree. Brice’s eyes have gone the way of the eyes of Danielle’s daughters. It’s so sad to see anyone lose their “spark”

          When Phakedra was going on about how her man is too manly to do that ridiculous dance that she did with Dwight at whatever that was that she called a baby shower, it set off all the bells in on my gaydar shelf. I never have to tell anyone that my man is manly (they can smell him for themselves) and I just don’t see that ruggedness in Apollo. And there is nothing manly about letting a woman drag him around by the nose. Any man who allows that either has mother issues or “other” issues. Just my humble opinion.

          • quincyil says:

            Nene talked to everyone about the problems with Gregg, but the person she needed to talk to was Gregg. I think the finacial problems were so great that he just gave up. I feel badly for the younger boy.

        • HD says:

          OneMoreInBostion…did you say “sweetness in the eyes”? You guys are too funny!

          I know I may get ripped for this but anyone that goes to prison for a while I really am suspect about. I have talked to “hard” guys that got out of prison and they say it is just something that happens and when you get out you don’t talk about it.

          Apollo is an attractive man. I just cannot believe for six years he was playing checkers and walking the yard.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            he kept that, what do you call it? Not an innocence…he doesn’t seem beaten down by life, he still seems optimistic. Just the way that he greeted Cynthia’s BF. he knew that the guy was making fun of him, but didn’t really understand it at first so he seemed self effacing and open.

            @HD am I being swayed by a pretty face? It wouldn’t be the first time…

            • HD says:

              He does seem very nice, sweet, mild mannered and actually more rational than Phaedra when it comes to marriage. But I am highly skeptical that in prison he did not have some gay tendencies. I just cannot see it happening for 6 years especially with his demeanor. And that pickle…no man that I know is going to wrap his mouth around a pickle of that size and take a picture. It just didn’t look right.

              • quincyil says:

                If he was in prison for securities fraud, he wasn’t in the hard core prisons. He was probably in one of the prisons with minimun security and education programs. What kind of prison did they send Martha Stewart to?

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                I agree about the pickle thing, something about it struck a cord with me. I don’t know how to quite put it other than he looked very comfortable to the point of it being familiar.

  41. Wall St Lady says:

    On the wings of “beef curtains”.
    I wanted to discuss something
    we joke about from time to time.

    We say someone looks like a “tranny”.

    U know guys, I would love to have a trans sexual for a friend.
    imagine they r extremely courageous & sensitive.
    I can’t imagine the sadness & confusion caused by being born in the wrong body.

    If a transsexual lurked here I am afraid they might go away thinking we are prejudice and that they aren’t welcome.

    We know that anyone who hates
    Jill or Teresa is more than WELCOME !

    I was going to play a joke & say
    I was transsexual but decided that would be another unfunny reference.

    I like insulting animals like
    Mrs Ape. Let’s be creative & think of a term that won’t prevent some one really special from joining the
    I welcome comments !

    • quincyil says:

      When I was in undergrad school, there was a “woman” who would wait for me everyday so that “she” could talk to me about makeup and clothes while we rode the L. I thought it was odd, but I was nice to “her.” After ages, I noticed that “she” had a significant 5′ o clock shadow and I got scared. I think I was around 18 and had never met someone who was like this. I went to the bus and never took the train home at that time again. I feel badly now, because “he” seemed to really need a friend. It’s been 40 years, but I hope “he” is ok and happy.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I cannot even tell you @WSL how many transsexuals I have come across in my career. Like everyone else-there are good and bad, and any sweeping generalizations are usually incorrect.

      I am always so saddened by the “girls” that want to be women so bad but can’t pass the psych testing. So I’ve seen them go to other countries where the medical care is not as progressive. I’ve seen anyone who is HIV positive’s dreams crushed- no surgery for them , at least here in the USA.

      They cry on my shoulder, I give them as much discounting as I possibly can- I’m really just breaking even – but it is so meaningful to them- how can I not?

      the one trait I have noticed is loyalty and a sense of family- and KnockMeDownAndF*ckMeShoes- these girls are not playing when it comes to shoes.

    • quincyil says:

      I tried to comment there and my post may have gone to Limbo. Lynn, Andy’s comment about Teresa seemed cryptic and a tad sarcastic. Has she still not signed? She may try to blackmail Bravo after she has been a part of so much of the filming in an attempt to get more money.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        So maybe if she isn’t part time status she will be “friend” of the housewives status (do they even get paided?). I’d like her to be gone because she is just too unpleasant to watch knowing what we know about her “private” life. She has been pretty quiet since the christening brawl so I am really hoping that Bravo is telling her to go scratch!

  42. MickeyMouth says:

    Totally OT. Tonight is the RHONJ Posche Fashion Show. A tweeter I am following is going to tweet live updates (if she can) from the show. Oh, and Dina is too but I am more interested in the other persons, lol.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      MM – please share with us tweeter challenged ones! It is fun to know what is going on real time, even if I need a translator!! I am curious to know if Teresa will be there – if she starts crap at the Brownstone Caroline is going to be so off the hook mad at her.

    • quincyil says:

      That’s cool. Your own little tweet spy. I look forward to you review of the event.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Keep us posted!!!

    • MickeyMouth says:

      So far all she has tweeted is that it is packed and “Have to say Brownstone food delicious.” I’m sure Lynn will write it up tomorrow.

  43. Adgirl says:

    Something about Phaedra and Dwight looks the same – maybe around their eyes? Or eye makeup?

  44. quincyil says:

    I have Patti’s show on record on two tv’s. It looks like she has a Brooklyn/New Jersey like guy on tonight. I am too old to appreciate those muscular men with tatoos. Actually, I didn’t care about that type of guy when I was young. I liked the nerdy guys who actually enjoyed talking about science and literature.

  45. Wall St Lady says:

    I agree I see no permanent redemption of Sheree and NeNe’s
    Non existent character.
    NeNe is a fair weather friend to her husband even if he did cheat. He rescued her from “skid row” Trust me she will gain all her weight back & go back to
    Moo Moo s.
    Sheree like NeNe is so self absorbed it makes me ill.
    I would not trust either as a

    • Adgirl says:

      Bad friends, Fun TV.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      How do you know Greg rescued NeNe off of skid row?
      Strippers make good $$$. You don’t even need a college degree to sell RE. Maybe SHE set him up in a business.
      We also don’t know that he cheated on her, it’s all innuendo. I think there’s more than meets the eye.

      Sheree is a gold digger plain and simple. But now that I’ve seen her grown daughter- I get it. She was a single teenage mom with, I’m assuming, no prospects. I hear the desperation in her voice. I don’t agree one bit- but I get it.

  46. Wall St Lady says:

    Adgirl I certainly agree NeNe
    “Gives GOOD TV”
    Guess its cuz she gives Ernest
    NO Thing !

  47. lillybee says:

    Where did NeNe get her money?

    • HD says:

      I am sure Nene gets paid for appearances. She is one of the most popular housewives. She is a TV personality in Atlanta now. She wrote a book so I am sure she got some advance for that and of course her RHOA check. So I am sure she is doing fairly well now. If she invests well hopefully her money will extend beyond the show and perhaps she can parlay her “fame” into something more permanent.

  48. Adgirl says:

    About RHOA moving to Sunday – I think it has everything to do with NeNe being on Celebrity Apprentice which also runs on Sundays.
    Do we know when the new Celeb Appr season will start? RHOA will certainly be rerun then (although at a later time).

  49. Wall St Lady says:

    Did u see the 5 second smile from Patty ? Pass the trash can!

    Also there about 2 bars in the
    Wall St area. Everyone leaves downtown as soon as possible & has drinks UPTOWN !

  50. Adgirl says:

    Gregg said to a radio DJ that he borrowed or spent $300K to get NeNe on RH. He was planning to sue her for it in their divorce.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      My take is NeNe made some good $ as a stripper. the girls I know make $1000 a night 5 nites a week. Plus they get tips. It could easily have been over 6 figures yearly.

      She met Greg and has been married for 13 years. So they got married in ’96-’97. Real Estate was booming then. She could have easily purchased investment property, and taken care of her son AND Greg on that kind of $$$.

      All you have to do is take a RE course for $150 and pass the exam. Now your licensed. All you have to do is sell. And in the late 90’s I think ANYONE who didn’t drool could sell.

      Plus Greg has a nice way about him. He was actually my favorite house husband up until this season.

      So flash forward to the present and NeNe wants to come off as the wealthy housewife. Either she pressured Greg to spend the $, or because he is so secretive, he may not have told her how much he was going into debt to present this perfect illusion for her. And that’s what he’s suing her for ALLEGEDLY.

      Just because Greg is bitter and crying on a friend’s shoulder doesn’t make it true.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Gregg can say he’s suing her, but talk is cheap and he’s no lawyer…note, he has his own legal & financial problems so his word alone IMO doesn’t exactly gives what he says any credence. Also that was supposed to be an off the record convo until the DJ put it on the air, so that could have been just big talk to a fellow guy, not a serious claim.

        So far I don’t think at this point there’s any divorce so that’s moot. But unless Gregg has some actual documented stuff and records, good luck on that….they were married at the time, was there any expectation of reimbursement if indeed any of that actually happened and can be proven? So he can maybe bring that up in a divorce case should that happen but good luck with that if he’s just blowing smoke and that’s all.

  51. housewifeaddict says:

    A lot has been said about Phaedra and the baby, and I hope I don’t repeat what anyone else has said, but here it goes:

    Why in the world would she think it’s important to hide that she got pregnant before she was married from this group of ladies. Recap:
    * Sheree pregnant at 15, and perhaps had the 2 boys and then married their dad (their ages seem higher than the years she was married – but hard to tell sometimes with reporting)
    * Nene’s oldest son seems to have been born without a marriage
    * Kandi has a daughter but hasn’t been married
    * Same with Cynthia (although I guess she’s married to Peter by now)
    * and Kim – well we’ve all heard that Kim is pregnant now.

    So seriously Phaedra – why would you make up such a transparent lie? Now you’re being judged harshly for lying, and would have been given a free pass for getting pregnant before you were married.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      ah but then she would be like them- not set up on a higher pedestal as she is now.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Well apparently she didn’t tell her parents that her husband served time and was on parole, so it’s not like she’s into full disclosure. Her parents found out from the media when there was press about RHOA. This is not rumor: Fakedra herself told this to radaronline.

      Maybe she was hoping she could obfuscate the time between conception and birth to maintain her “image.” And went to ridiculous lengths to do so, without success. And just added to making her look like a fool.

  52. Wall St Lady says:

    To add to OneMoBo’s comments:
    Gregg made it possible for NeNe
    to not have to strip. He took care of NeNe & provided a home for NeNe’s children.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Do you know how much Strippers make? It’s crazee Monopoly money!

      When I can’t hit my numbers at work I go down to a strip club downtown and run a dancer’s special in their locker room. Those girls go out and dance, and give me sweaty dollar bills when I write up their contracts. I can sell between 6-8K in about 2 hrs. So how much are THEY making?

      About $1000 for the night PLUS the tips from their regulars. And these girls DO cultivate their regulars.

      The myth of men “rescuing” the stripper with the heart of gold is BS.

      I think NeNe took very good care of herself and her son before she met Greg. I will grant you that he provided her a home- if you count your home as where the heart is. My take is she had a home before she met him, and she may very well have set him up in his RE career.

  53. Earring Girl says:

    Just watched Dancing with the Stars – they are starting a new program Skating with the Stars and Bethenny is on it!!! It starts November 23 after Dancing with the Stars – check the date maybe incorrect – too many glasses of wine 🙂

    • error404 says:

      anyone know who the skaters will be and how this will differ from the last time they tried it?

      • Earring Girl says:

        Can’t remember names and none of the faces looked familiar, Bethenny was the first one and I think I went into shock seeing her on ice and accidently turned off my laptop. LOL!!

        I am waiting on Kathy Griffin “Whores on Crutches” and that Skanky Patti is on cussing like a drunk sailor!

        • error404 says:

          LOL. I turned it on, on mute!, in prep for KG, but I did see on close caption her slam the guy for saying “I hate people” on his date. LOL I say that all the time! I had just said it minutes earlier when Mr404 was talking about all those same people who voted in a dem pres, now voting in a rep house.

    • Confabulating Kelly says:

      I would actually tune into this show but speaking from experience, I wonder if the celebs selected have some background in skating. It takes a long time to master even the most “basic” of skating skills; ballroom dancing is a challenge for sure and its doubtful that Dancing with the Stars is truly representative of this art form even though it is an entertaining show. But if you cannot skate you will certainly not get away with faking it.

      Lol, I wonder why Jill wasn’t cast on the show.

      • Earring Girl says:

        After Jill had that confrontation with “real Olympic judges and skaters” on RHNY I don’t think anyone wants her “simple face in the ice self” near them. LOL!

  54. boston02127 says:

    Today was an awful day. Not just this morning or this afternoon, the whole day.
    The whole enchilada. School was awful, cleaning houses sucks. My Tuesday lady that I clean for is a Jill type person. UGH. All in all it was a bad day. Oh and I wasted my money on Shape Ups fitness shoes. I thought I could run around in them & tone up at the same time. Noooo! I can barely move right now. If you’re thinking of buying a pair walk around in the store for about 20 minutes with them on first.

    I just got done reading all the posts, I got lost in reading for the past hour and it was nice. You guys had me laughing over the conversation about beef curtains. OneMoreInBoston, You made me laugh so hard when you posted “@krone, we will never discuss this again k” Thanks for the laughs, I really needed it tonight. This blog is such a nice place to come to and get away for a while. Everyone here is really nice, caring, intelligent and kind.

    I’m done my crabby rant. I’m going to eat something for supper and go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day. THANK THE DEAR LORD.

    JustAnotherMary, Please know that you are in my prayers every single day.

    • lillybee says:

      Tomorrow will probably be better.

    • Adgirl says:

      Tomorrow is hump day. Take that anyway you want to!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      oh you poor thing. Too bad you’re not old enough for a glass of wine! LOL never mind there’s plenty of time left for that…

      it’s late for dinner- but enjoy! we’ll be waiting for you to get back!

    • StillAWallflower says:

      Boston, just saw your post. I can’t count the number of times you have been that poster who made me laugh on really tough days. I’m wishing you a peaceful night and a wonderful Wednesday! Hang in there.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Sorry you had a bad day, hopefully it will be better in the morning. Those shape up shoes can take a while to get use to from what I am told- but I heard you can see results from them.

  55. error404 says:

    OK, stupid question about all of the food in the “cookie” talk… which was never explained, just mentioned: What’s it for?

    Is coating it with sugar suppose to make the man more likely to go there? What next: hide the remote down there during super bowl sunday?

    Or does somehow coating it with sugar suppose to excite the lady more? I’m lost.

    • Adgirl says:

      Simply put – it’s the target for oral sex.

      • error404 says:

        if you want to direct traffic down there, you’d be better off getting him drunk than smearing a bacon cheese burger all over it.

        I don’t get the whole food/sex co-mingling thing. I love bowling, and I love sleeping, but I wouldn’t want to sleep on a bowling lane.

    • Earring Girl says:

      I am lost also on that subject and I agree with NeeNee on that one! There are not enough Ewwwwws! 🙂

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I’m honestly a little confused too. I briefly thought I might be missing out on something but then I thought naaahhh.
      I’m too lazy for all that pre planning. I can barely pre plan my lunch and rarely do. Now I have to get special sex sugar? Good grief. Too much work.

      • Earring Girl says:

        @Error – that is too funny!

        @OneMoreInBoston – I am with you on that – I am definitely not in the “hip” lane – I am too germaphobic.

  56. Earring Girl says:

    Bethenny’s tweets:

    OMG seeing the promo made me almost wet myself.WTF was I thinking?I legally wasn’t allowed to say a peep which was so hard.I tell u guys all
    half a minute ago via ÜberTwitter .

    ICE SKATING.HOLY ICE BALLS! RT @bronzebeau: @Bethenny What could be more difficult than the 30? hours of labor you endured?!?
    17 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter .

    YES!!I must have lost my mind.RT @TheRHOGossip: RUMOR ALERT: @Bethenny to be cast on ABC’s ‘Skating with the Stars’
    18 minutes ago via ÜberTwitter .

    I have big news guys.no, I’m not pregnant, but this may end up being more difficult than child birth!
    about 2 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

    Been so crazed.I think I need a romantic dinner out with my husband.what r u guys up to today?
    about 10 hours ago via ÜberTwitter

    • housewifeaddict says:
      • vilzvet says:

        They did this type of show a couple of years ago, it was called “Skating with Celebrities” and I did watch it. For the life of me I don’t recall any of the names, maybe a couple if I thought hard enough. I would think skating is wayyyyy harder than dancing if you’ve never done it before.

        • Earring Girl says:

          I’ve seen B on roller blades and she seemed to be pretty good, but I ice? Lets all say a “silent prayer” – ice is scary just trying to walk!

        • error404 says:

          the did it twice.

          the network one was with Judges Dorothy Hamil, Dick Button and John Nicks. The skaters were Nancy Kerrigan w the blonde guy from Full House, Jenni Meno with “Willis” from Different Strokes, Tai Babalonia with Bruce Jenner, John Zimmerman w some blonde newscaster chic who was a skater as a kid, and won by Lloyd Eisler and that blonde chic form the buffy the vampire movie… turns out he was doing her the whole time and ended up leaving his pregnant wife to marry her! LOL

          The other one was on some remote cable station with singles instead of pairs. Kristi Yamagucci hosted it and it was so bad, it wasn’t even funny bad, just really bad.

          • vilzvet says:

            Yes, error, you have great memory! Now I remember all those B and C-listers! And yes, what a little scandal it was when the Buffy girl and Lloyd Eisler got together. I think they also had a baby of their own soon after.

  57. OneMoreInBoston says:

    oops Kathy Griffin’s on. back in a few

  58. housewifeaddict says:

    Oh crap. Now the rumors are starting that she got her raised and is doing the show. Please, please, please be wrong ….


    “Teresa Giudice is back for another season of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Our Italian princess, has been spotted around local hot spots shooting the hit Bravo reality show. Did Teresa finally get the raise she asked for? If sources are correct, she did and Teresa Giudice will earn over $300k for the new season of Real Housewives. Is our Jersey girl worth it?

    The last year has been tough for Teresa Giudice, not only did she face bankruptcy, there have also been rumors that her husband Joe Giudice, cheated on her. In the new issue of Life & Style magazine, a former dancer at Showoffs Strip Club in West Orange, NJ claims that Joe was a regular customer. This was until Showoffs was shut down in 2006, amid accusations of prostitution.”Joe Giudice was always up for a lap dance ,” revealed the insider. “There was a lot of hanky-panky that went down in the club’s basement,” the dancer told Life & Style. “If you had money, you could get pretty up close and personal with the strippers.”

    Joe Giudice was also allegedly a loyal patron of Latin Bar in Paterson, N.J. “There was one particular waitress Joe really liked there,” recalls the insider. “She was from the Dominican Republic, about 5 feet tall with big breasts and long, dark hair. Joe Giudice would always make sure that wherever he was, he could be back in Paterson on a Friday night so he could see her.” Gee, I wonder what Teresa Giudice thinks about all of this? When did he have time to be a dad?

    Astrologically, Teresa Giudice who’s born under the astrology sign of Taurus, is one tough cookie. She has a bachelor’s degree and although she may be crude, she’s definitely a smart girl. Now that she’s the bread winner of the family, with her book deals, endorsements, etc. her husband Joe Giudice will be walking on a tight leash. If he doesn’t clean up his act soon, Astrochicks predicts there will be trouble in paradise by 2012 and serious marriage problems for the Giudices. Hopefully, these two will work it out and stay together for the kids. For Teresa Giudice, her star will only shine brighter next year. Stay tuned.”

    • vilzvet says:

      Bachelor’s degree? I think not! Some writers need to get their facts straight. Let’s hope the other “facts” are wrong too!

      • American Idiot says:

        Actually, I am pretty sure Teresa went to Berkeley college here in NJ. She either earned an Associates or Bachelors degree in some sort of fashion/merchandising major.

        Berkeley, back in the day, was a secreterial school. Sometime in the last 20 years it became a college. Not sure about the difficulty of the curriculum.

    • lillybee says:

      I really wish she isn’t coming back but since she is I am hoping for a big feud with Caroline. At least Tree deserves to be called garbage.

    • dreemz says:

      Did Phaedra, Teresa & Kelly all get their schoolin’ at the same place? Was it from a matchbook cover? Bachelor’s degree? Teresa? Lol

  59. vilzvet says:

    On Melissa’s Gorga FB page she was tagged in a few christening party photos from a friend of hers. The event was held at the Manor and the baby’s name is Hank, so is that Melissa’s son? These are happy photos that do not forewarn of the drama to come, I guess! Clear shots of Teresa and the girls (no Joe) and poor Audriana has the hugest, most all-brain-encompassing pink thing on her head. Ugh.

    • LurkerAlso says:

      I think HANK is the new dog (chocolate lab?) shown earlier in the same album, NOT the baby.

      And yes, there was a pic of Teresa dancing and various shots of the kids too.

  60. klmh says:

    Boston 02127, you NEED this:

    • klmh says:

      Sorry, I don’t know what the message above means. It wasn’t there when I saved it to my favorites list.

  61. housewifeaddict says:

    This is very funny:


    ABC just announced the cast of celebs who will take to the ice on Skating With the Stars. Among the group: Former Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel. Not on the list: Frankel’s costar, Jill Zarin. And SWTS’s casting director, Deena Katz,is none too happy about reports on some blogs that claimed Zarin passed on doing the show. “That’s the part I don’t like,” says Katz. “You weren’t asked, so don’t act like you were.”

    Zarin’s reps at Bravo declined to comment. But an episode of the reality show last season made much of Zarin wanting to re-live her childhood dream of becoming a world class skater with a lavish holiday skating party at Bryant Park. During the party, Zarin fell on the ice.

    As for casting Frankel, Katz says, “she is it. If you’re going to go with a Housewife Bethenny has transcended all the other housewives. She has her own show [Bethenny Getting Married?]. She is her own person. She’s really athletic, she’s charming, she’s ballsy, she’s great. On the record, I have never asked another Housewife. Bethenny is the only one I asked.”

  62. Wall St Lady says:

    One Mo Bo
    U certainly have a point. My ? Is why do u think NeNe would want to marry Gregg.Gegg seems boring & not very cute & a lot older than NeNe. Do u think maybe he got NeNe pregnant ?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I think he’s nice. Just a regular nice guy. He doesn’t hit her like one boyfriend did. He’ seems like he’s calm and stable- maybe after her stripper life she craved the nomalecy of it all. Maybe she has a daddy thing?
      She can be the peacock and he can be in the background supporting her emotionally and financially.
      Except he doesn’t want to be in her shadow anymore.
      It’s too bad. Whenever there is a divorce it makes me sad.
      Seems to me like the whole RH series is a curse- except to maybe Bethanny. It just never seems to go the way these ladies want.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      At least on screen they seemed really happy together. He was always the one to balance her crazy side – talk her into being reasonable. They both seemed to have a ton of respect for each other. Marriage is hard. Marriage under the spotlight when roles change is harder. It would be great to think they could work it out.

  63. housewifeaddict says:

    Dina going kookoo again on twitter? Something about reporting IP addresses to the authorities. Hard to follow this one-sided conversation, but here it is. Last first.

    “I don’t know ANYTHING. Like I said it’s out of my hands. I know WHO was being tracked. Even old posts are documented so ???
    9 minutes ago via web

    @——— Some people take things a little too far. More than just playing around. Was just told it may be temporary…
    23 minutes ago via web

    @——– I didn’t do anything but report a few accounts to the right people…MONTHS ago. They’ve been tracking since.
    26 minutes ago via web in reply to rawveggies

    Ok, maybe one more thing… TMaxine GONE. Guess who’s next? Don’t mess with a Jersey girl ; )
    about 1 hour ago via web

    Won’t mention it again, it’s out of my hands now. Had a really productive Ladybug day. Wait till u hear about our girls night out this year!
    about 1 hour ago via web

    @———- by IP addresses my love. Yours included ; )
    about 2 hours ago via web in reply to TommysGrlfriend
    @dinamanzo How will you prove who actually wrote the tweets that you’re following?
    about 2 hours ago via web in reply to dinamanzo

    Love how I have to spend HOURS with officials on this nonsense. All of your slanderous posts are documented. Sit tight…
    about 2 hours ago via web
    Impersonating a charity is ILLEGAL! The games have gone too far. IP addresses are being traced. Certain twitters ARE & have been monitored.
    about 2 hours ago via web

    ALERT: THERE IS ONLY ONE @projectladybug TWITTER. You are going too far now…Seriously.
    about 10 hours ago via web”

  64. Wall St Lady says:

    One Mo Bo
    Yes that makes sense.

  65. Wall St Lady says:

    I think some of NeNe’s exaggerated mannerisms that we like so ,were moves she created when she was on stage building her fans there too. She definitely has a strong persona.

  66. Adgirl says:

    ABC announces cast of new `Skating With the Stars’


    A real housewife, a rocker, an Olympian and three actors are part of the inaugural season of “Skating With the Stars.”

    ABC announced the cast of its new competition show Tuesday during “Dancing With the Stars.”

    Reality star Bethenny Frankel, Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil, ski champ Jonny Moseley and actors Sean Young, Rebecca Budig and Brandon Mychal Smith will take to the ice when the new show premieres on Nov. 22.

    The show will have a similar format to “Dancing,” with stars learning new routines each week and performing them for judges scores and viewer votes.

  67. Zipit Zarin says:

    This documentary is on that site I found. I haven’t watched it and don’t plan to but since folks were talking about the subject …it’s here if you wanna watch it. shudder


  68. Earring Girl says:

    @HD – I tried to paste this up thread to your question about Nee Nee being on skid row and it did not take for some reason. I hope it takes this time.

    News to me – never heard that before. I do know NeeNee is not a fool, maybe a little out there and not everyone’s cup of tea?


  69. Zipit Zarin says:


    I’ve been wondering what ever happened to Sean Young! I always heard she was a real PITA in real life. Loved her acting tho!

    • Adgirl says:

      She’s on Young and the Restless. Thank God she will be leaving.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        For reals? I always found her compelling. I’ll check her out on hulu. Wonder why she stopped doing movies.

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          What’s her name on the show? I’ve never watched it and don’t want to wade thru a billion clips.

          • Adgirl says:

            She is a temp character named Meggie. Meggie is Nikki Newman’s assistant. She is got Nikki to start drinking so she can swoop in to marry Victor herself.
            You Got That?! (sayeth Victor Newman)

            • Zipit Zarin says:

              LOL yes sorta. Thank you so much! She looks like a royal pain in the DWTSkaters commercial too.

              • vilzvet says:

                I think Hollywood did not want to touch her with a 10-foot pole after her affair with James Woods back in the ’80s. She went crazy or something and really has had to beg for jobs. She must be thrilled about this gig.

  70. LurkerAlso says:

    Nene and Sheree have now chimed in on the Bravo blogs 🙂

  71. Wall St Lady says:

    Re NeNe on “skid row”.

    I used quotes around “skid row” cuz I meant that Gregg took NeNe out of an undesirable place.
    I have never read anywhere that NeNe was on skid row.
    Is there a skid row in Atlanta ?

    • HD says:

      I am sure every city has a skid row. So goes the way of the nation at this stage in the game.

      The unfortunate part is we basically have just “met” Nene and Greg. They have been married for 13 years. No telling what she has put up with for 13 years and the truth of the matter is as you evolve and grow sometimes you just grow apart. It happens to many marriages and NeNe could be going through that phase.

      I am not sure what he did to destroy their trust (cheat or lie about money) but once trust is gone in any relationship it is hard to get back. That is one of the very foundations of marriage. If they don’t have that, they cannot continue to build.

      Maybe they can work it out, maybe not. But I agree with Kandi’s mom, if it is not working I would not waste the time to make it work. When something is over, it is over. Nene is not obligated to Greg. This was not a fly by night relationship. She has given him 13 years. Either work it out or part ways. Never leave your happiness in the hands of someone else.

  72. LurkerAlso says:

    Pic of Kim G at the Posche show tonight- popped up on my Facebook suggestions:

  73. lillybee says:

    Go, Bethenny, I hope you skate your abs off.

  74. Wall St Lady says:

    Sweet Dreams & nitie nite !
    Don’t let the Beef walls bite !

  75. Adgirl says:

    How long before Jill tweets that her buddy Christ was bullied in tonight’s election?

  76. jeang says:

    yes jill, try to report me you stupid bitch (i am retired) cause I didnt vote for that turncoat crist, i voted for marco rubio and he won.!!!

    • ShyAsrai says:

      i have a real big problem with elected public officials who change their affiliation during their terms. that’s a complete scam of the citizens who voted for them, worked for their election, and/or donated $$ to their campaigns. rather like defrauding your constituents.

      it seems to me that those who wish to change their political affiliation after the fact ought to be immediately required to resign and a special election held with them running under their new chosen affiliation.

  77. Wall St Lady says:

    We filled out a form & then scanned it. Is that what everybody did ?

    • quincyil says:

      Yes. They have a record of the vote that way. In Chicago, years ago, there were machines with no paper ballot. Easy to cheat that way.

      I think that all citizens should vote and vote once in each election. It’s a dream that I have that people will care about this country and be honest. It’s a Pipe dream.

  78. jeang says:

    i do absentee ballot since they always send them to me.

  79. Wall St Lady says:

    We didn’t have to show I’d or have a voter registration card. You gave ur name. They found the name in a book. You signed under the signature. They looked to see if it matched & gave u a ballot.
    We were surprised because anyone could say any name & then look at the signature above & copy it because the signature was right above it.
    Was that method every where too ?

    • quincyil says:

      Yes. We did exactly that.

    • American Idiot says:

      That’s how they do it here in the northern NJ suburbs.

      • Adgirl says:

        Same in California. It’s not allowed to ask for ID to match to your voter reg. That’s another thing that makes people upset about current voter laws.
        AZ is having trouble because they want people to confirm they are citizens before they register (usually via driver lic which AZ doesn’t issue without proof of citizenship). The courts keep telling AZ that’s it’s a burden to show your DL so it’s denied.

        • AZ Girl says:

          Actually in AZ you have to show PHOTO ID to vote. DL is preferred form of ID. I bring both my DL and voters registration card.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Our county is 100 percent absentee. They mail the ballot to you, and you fill it in and mail it back.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Ironically, in the northern suburbs of Chicago – we had to produce either a Photo ID or valid driver license! lol I knew every election judge there too.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      That’s what Kansas does. Seems stupid to me. They say the poll workers know everyone in their precinct, but they don’t know me. (I know them, tho! LOL! Some are locally infamous for being personalities.)

  80. viki55 says:

    dwts commercial

  81. boston02127 says:

    Good morning ☼
    34 degrees outside.

  82. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet–

    Congrats to @Bethenny for skating with stars. If anyone can do it you can! And happy birthday.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      It’s probably all for the show – but better there than the christening. Funny if T’s hairdresser got drunk though – wonder what her hair ended up looking like LOL. And Caro – “this isn’t the time or the place” ??? WT? Caro – you hang out with an animal, you are an animal. Listen to your own works.

  83. housewifeaddict says:

    Photos from last night. Looks like only Melissa was hanging with Kim G and Kathy (the cousin).


    • AZ Girl says:

      Well now we know why Tree is so jealous of Melissa. She is much better looking than Tree. What is with the fur cape that Kim G is wearing? It reminds me of my grandmother back in the 1960’s. Some of the photos from the runway are at a dangerous angle. Some of the dresses are really short and panties are showing.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Teresa is definately not the “pretty” one anymore – her jealousy it too obvious! Kim G looked alittle stoggy and was probably wearing a cape made from Teresa/Joe’s back hair.

  84. housewifeaddict says:

    Who is this?

    Brenda Lumberto

    The called her a TV personality at the fashion show last night (see link above) – is she a new housewife? A quick google (I’ve got to get ready for work and get off this computer – west coast time here) came up with nothing.

    Alrighty. See you all later!

  85. dreemz says:

    The picture posted with the article has Danielle front and center. Someone needs their coffee.

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