I Hate Jill Zarin Top Chef Just Desserts

I Hate Jill Zarin           Top Chef Just Desserts     Nov 4, 2010

We’re down to just five contestants, and I still don’t think these were the best five that deserved to be there, but this is what we have.

Morgan is talented but he’s such a moron, he’s impossible to like.  I like Eric but sometimes you just want to shake him and tell him “Be a Man!”.  Danielle has slipped by just lucky there was always  someone who did just a little bit worse than she did.  Yigit is probably the most talented one there with Zac a close second.

The Quick Fire Challenge this week was a long three-hour contest to create a flower show-piece out of confections.  I was much more disappointed than the judges were, I was expecting these large elaborate beautiful creations but the overall offering was dismal at best.

Yigit had made a tall piece that broke before he could present it, blaming Morgan but not showing the viewers exactly what   happened, Yigit still made it to the top two.  Eric decorated a cupcake and placed it in a flower vase.  Zac made chocolate squares coming out of a gaudy glass vase and should have been sent home for that alone.  Morgan’s was probably the most elaborate but
still did not impress me all that much, it was some flowers with a few tall pieces of pulled sugar protruding from the flowers.

Danielle is the most annoying chef, she claimed in an earlier episode that she doesn’t work with chocolate, tonight she claimed not to work with sugar flowers, what exactly does she work with?  Danielle made flowers out of fruit and cookies but failed to decorate the back side of her creation and fell into the bottom.

Morgan’s passable arrangement won him $5,000 in the Quick
Fire Challenge.

The elimination challenge was to prepare goodies for a tea party.  They are instructed that they will prepare 100 portions of two different desserts using a famous couple as their inspiration.  The chef’s shop as always but are then surprised to find no chocolate whatsoever in the Top Chef kitchens.

I felt this was extremely unfair to reveal this information after the planning and shopping had taken place, as the chef’s who planned to use chocolate were at an extreme unfair disadvantage.  If you just happened to plan something that didn’t include chocolate, you were good to go.  The results were three chef’s having to completely change up their plan and two were unaffected.  This was completely
ridiculous, there is no reason why they couldn’t have been told about the ban on chocolate before they planned and shopped.

Morgan, Yigit and Eric had all planned to use chocolate while Zac giggling like a school girl (as Morgan described him) had no
intention of using chocolate anyway.  Danielle doesn’t work with chocolate so she remained silent and kept working.

Danielle’s famous couple was Conan O’Brian and Andy Richter of late night TV fame, Zac chose Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards.   Morgan who claims to have known nothing about celebrities chose a couple from the cover of a gossip magazine, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush.  Eric chose Oprah and Steadman (maybe Gail would have been more appropriate).  Finally Yigit chose Madonna and Guy Ritchie, odd choices all around but off they went to prepare their goodies.

Have I mentioned how unfair I thought this challenge was?  Throwing a curve at the chef’s is all well and good and makes it more interesting but when the curve only affects a portion of the contestants with producers having no way of knowing who it will hurt and who it could even help, it is just frustrating for viewers.  If left to prepare what they originally planned on preparing, the outcome may have been completely different.

I was surprised to hear Yigit talking about being thrown off by Heather’s elimination the previous week, I understand that he  became close to her but he had to know that people would be going home each week.  He seemed like a defeated child who just lost his soccer game, I just wish these pastry chef’s would man up and rather than hanging their head, focus and pledge to do better in the next challenge.

Head Judge Johnny Iuzzini is trying too hard to be Tom Colicchio, Tom is tough but never cruel, he’s honest but doesn’t make a fool of
the contestants.  He may throw out some zingers and make some jokes but Johnny can’t pull it off, he just sounds mean.   Johnny telling Yigit that he was “angry” with him for his desserts tonight was ridiculous.  Angry?  Really?  Get over yourself!  Yigit stood in front of those judges with his head hanging clearly disappointed in himself, a good kick was exactly what he didn’t need, Johnny.

Eric’s elimination was probably not a big surprise, he had very little confidence throughout the competition and was close to being sent
home a few other times.  I don’t think it was a coincidence that the bottom two both originally planned on preparing chocolate treats and were forced to change up their menu after planning and  shopping.

I was really enjoying this show up until the last few episodes, it seems as though they’re determined to keep a woman in the competition but their choice of Danielle over Erica or Heather was a poor one.  Danielle was pegged from the very beginning as one who refused to conform to the competition instructions, claiming
to not work with chocolate or with sugar flowers, they’d have been better keeping a more well rounded female pastry chef with more refined skills, such as Heather or Erica.

I think the three remaining men are all strong and will do well,  hopefully next week will be Danielle’s turn to go home.  Morgan is just an ass but has been at the top of almost all of the challenges.  Zac has the confidence and personality to take this whole  competition while Yigit had it, he seems to have had the plug pulled out of him and he’s lost his spark.

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  1. LynnNChicago says:

    Wall St Lady posted this just as I posted a new blog and I didn’t want anyone to miss her wonderful comments, here’s what she said:

    Wall St Lady:
    Who is Debbie ?
    Where is Blue Sky ?
    Cuci77. Did any of ur sisters turn out as pretty as u ? You look like Natlie Wood !
    WaxDiva I have pillows like yours !
    Buffywood you & your children r adorable. I bet folks “hate” u for being so goodlooking.
    Love all the pets. I walk dogs for free.
    ZipitZarrin I can see joy in your heart. U have the face of an angel.
    Krone what a precious little boy. I am sure he adores his grandma !

  2. MickeyMouth says:

    I totally agree with your observations about Judge Johnny Iuzzini he really is trying too hard to be Tom Colicchio and he is definitely not pulling it off. Great blog as always!

    • quincyil says:

      This blog and the show make me want to create desserts. If only I could make them calorie free and still tasty. Maybe, I can make a Star Trek holodeck meal.

  3. housewifeaddict says:

    Yes I agree. The producers disappointed me with the show last night. I’m not going out of my way to watch this as I would top chef. I also wonder if the lack of recipes is really doing them in since – as they pointed out – with baking if you get your proportions off you’re in trouble right from the start. Oh well. Means I have more time to read – since Tuesday I have NO interest in watching fakey fake MM, and this is a snoozer. Sort of like Project Runway has become.

  4. Wall St Lady says:

    ts a rainy day in NYC. I wonder where the Ho wives r filming ?
    Me, I am looking at the grand
    East River as a giant tanker ship makes its way South. I love love love the East River.
    I just learned Jill’s apartment is just 4 1/2 blocks away. I recognized it in the 1st episode. Her apartment is shadowed by the 59th street bridge.20 years ago My husband & I looked at an apartment in her building. You could get a lot for your money because being under the bridge is NOT very desirable ! We didn’t like it; there are Trolls everywhere!
    BTW I live in Sutton Place. Jill at 59th St.between York & 1st just misses the Sutton Place address.
    Also when that liar has the Bentley pick her up she films in front of a Park Ave address. She is such a FRIKING FAKE !


    • MickeyMouth says:

      She has to keep up appearances! Do you ever run into her?

    • quincyil says:

      WSL, I am going to watch the new fashion show. I was thinking about reviewing from a rural perspective. I was wonder if you would like to collaberate and do the urban perspective. Maybe, some other board members could help too. Some people here know a lot about fashions. I think it could be fun and funny for the blog. Yesterday, I watched a 2006 Project Runway and the desginer said she wanted to show that fashion is relevant. I think it’s more for you than it is for me, but I love to look at the clothes.

      I bought a belt. I had to… my pants kept falling off. It’s leather and matches my cowboy boots. My husband rolled his eyes when I showed him. Iranians just don’t understand American fashions. They are more the Paris fashion kind of people.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Yes, I agree. Totally European in their fashion sense.

      • Semishark says:

        I love the idea of an urban perspective / rural perspective commentary blog. Go for it!

        • quincyil says:

          We have lots of people here from both worlds that could contribute.

          I always wondered who would buy the fashions that that show on runways and now I see it’s Camille Grammer.

          • MAMAZ says:

            quincy – The designers don’t really expect people to wear most of the clothes they show on the runway. It’s art. But the shows all have a theme and as Nina Garcia and Michael Kors love to say are cohesive. Each piece no matter how outrageous it is will have some trend or style the designer is working with that season. They may all feature a texture and color, draping, pintuck or shirring. Those feature will be used in the collection. Sometimes it’s an ethnic look. The Carolina Herrera spring 2011 line is very Korean Han Bok influenced. I LOVE Carolina Herrera.

            • quincyil says:

              I think you should be my partner in crime, Mamaz. We should comment on that new fashion show. You know fashion, I know know nothing. It’s the perfect combination for humor.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Quincy, I love that idea and I’d love to post it on the blog!

        • quincyil says:

          LOL.. I sent an email asking your permission. I never want to overstep my welcome. I have great respect for you and the women here.

          • quincyil says:

            I am actually going to look at the fashions. Hopefully, many women here will chime in with the knowledge that they have acquired over the years.

    • Waxdiva says:

      And that’s why we all HATE JILL ZARIN!!!!

      WSL: You have good taste, but I expected no less!

    • kiarlyjo says:

      jill lives at the river tower,,,,its above a bed bath and beyond and a starbucks on 60th between 1st and york,,,HORRIBLE LOCATION

  5. SassafrasDonna says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this blog. I was pulling for Eric simply because he seemed like the underdog but Yigit is my favorite. Erica was my original favorite though! I really think she should still be there instead of Danielle. I hope Yigit digs deep and bounces back! I didn’t like how Johnny kicked him while he was down either. Johnny must be wound a lil’ too tight if he gets angry over what he is served to eat. Sheesh!

    PS. I’m Sassafras35 on Twitter, I changed my name but I don’t know how to change it on here but thought I’d let you know.

  6. AZ Girl says:

    I don’t know how Danielle made it this far or how she even made on the show period. She doesn’t work with chocolate or sugar flowers? WTH. Danielle has some kind of personality disorder. She is really strange.
    I thought Yigit’s sugar vase was really cool. Too bad it shattered. I would have loved to have seen the final product. Obviously he is very talented.
    Morgan is arrogant and mean. I have to admit that some of his desserts look amazing. I wish I could have had a taste of the chocolate cake with the mousse center he served last week.
    Zac needs to just settle down a bit. His giggling is really annoying.

    • AZ Girl says:

      I just finished Gail’s blog over at Bravo.com. I guess what I consider a personality disorder in Danielle, Gail considers to be “quirky”. Gail says that Danielle quirkiness had grown on them as the filming continued and they “get” her. I guess it must be the editing. HA!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Sometimes I feel we are being “guided” to like or dislike the contestants. The judges don’t help the audience either understand or learn which I find annoying. And where do they find chefs who don’t work with the ingredients that are traditionally dessert ones – chocolate? sugar?

  7. boston02127 says:

    ATL Housewife Suffers Seizure … of Her Aston Martin

    Sheree Whitfield from “Real Housewives of Atlanta” better have a Schwinn lying around — because TMZ has learned her precious Aston Martin was seized this weekend … after she allegedly screwed over a former ally.

    The people behind the seizure are Whitfield’s former divorce lawyer, who sued the reality star — and won — after she stiffed them out of more than $110,000 in legal fees.
    A rep for the lawyer tells TMZ they still haven’t received the money — so this weekend, they had the local sheriff’s department snatch the car up as payment.
    So now Sheree’s short one husband … AND one Aston Martin.

    Sheree tells TMZ she thinks the judgment against her is unfair — but adds, “It’s okay, it’s a car, I’ll get another one.”

    • Waxdiva says:

      Obviously, She-rae thinks her attys did an awful job. If her complaints are valid, most attys will negotiate their fee with the client.

      • quincyil says:

        Can you have the sheriff take cars from people who owe you money? If so, lots of people will be going after Bravo Housewives for unpaid debts. Maybe, the Sheriff can take rings off fingers.

        • AZ Girl says:

          Yes. It is called a Writ of Execution. You have to have obtained a judgment against someone and have it recorded. The recorded judgment works as a lien against assets owned by the person who owes you money.
          You then have the recorded judgment and all information regarding the assets placed in the hands of the Sheriff’s office. The officer will go and pick up the vehicle and sell it at auction.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I don’t think that even the best lawyer in the world can get blood from a stone. She-man was hoping for a mulit-million dollar divorce settlement but her now ex- was broke. She should have waited for the cheques to clear before going on lavish shopping sprees.

    • Adgirl says:

      $110,000 for a divorce??? Even for a complicated divorce that is ridiculous. And in ATL too – not somewhere like Manhatten where office space and staff salaries are expensive. Attorney’s charge exhorbitant fees. I’m not surprised Sheree didn’t settle with them

      • lillybee says:

        She should have hired Phaedra.

      • quincyil says:

        I think she was in litigation for years and sued him several times after the original settlement. I read about it when the show first started. He had millions and invested poorly. They lived like royalty and didn’t think about tomorrow. The thing that saves most of the football players is their pension funds which he had before the marriage and that was in his name. She wanted to tap into it, but those funds are like Fort Knox.

        Sherree had a house that was foreclosed on because she thought he was paying the mortgage, but he didn’t keep up the payments. I don’t know how she is able to afford the rental home that she has now. She is a mess when it come to handling money.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I think Atl got hit pretty hard when the housing market turned. I am betting the rental is a few grand a month, obviously more than what a lot of people can pay but given that they are the highest paid HW, I am guess her salary covers it.

          I am sure like before, she isn’t salting any money away and keeps on thinking some millionaire will bank roll her tired ass.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        If anyone got scammed by a lawyer it was Larry Birkhead and the Debra Opri claim of 620k. I can’t believe the audacity for some of the things she tried to charge him for.

  8. SavingGrace357 says:

    I will miss Eric. I wish he had had more confidence in his abilities. If he had manned up last night, Yigit might have gone home. I would ANYTHING Eric makes and he is a Chef not a baker. I loved it when he said that.

    Danielle, Danielle, Danielle — how is it that she is still here? Oh well there is always one that gets into the top 5 that bugs people on the Top Chef Shows. I just wish she would stop making those goofy ass faces. No Goofy Ass Faced Chef has ever won the top prize.

    Eric only won last night because the real challenge did not effect him. Had Eric, Yigit or Morgan known not to have used Chocolate, the outcome would have been ALOT different.

    I think it will come down to Morgan vs. Yigit. Morgan has what it takes I just wish he was a bit less Alpha and Agressive in the kitchen.

  9. boston02127 says:

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 1 Episode 4 ‘
    It’s My Party and I’ll Spend If I Want To’ Preview


  10. boston02127 says:

    Tweetmaxine’s Twitter Terminated

    Either Dina Manzo or Simon van Kempen has had the twitter stalker Tweetmaxine’s account suspended. Tweetmaxine is the one responsible for starting many rumors, the most high profile one being the Bethenny frankel had a baby boy story.

    She convinced her followers that Gretchen Rossi was getting her own show, that Dina Manzo’s Project Ladybug was a fraud, that Simon van Kempen was being deported, and on and on.

    Simon van Kempen had this to say:
    It’s kind of ironic that the day this Naturalised citizen excercises his right 2 vote that someone who alleged I was an illegal alien is suspended from Twitter #tweetmaxine

    from absurd to sublime

    • Waxdiva says:

      If TM is suspended, then what’s this about?

      ******Tweet Maxine NOVEMBER SURPRISE:
      My Twitter account has been HACKED!!! Someone got into my account & Deleted it. Working w/ Twitter to get it RESTORED. I should be back up & running shortly.

      Tuesday at 11:35pm · Comment ·LikeUnlike · View Feedback (3)Hide Feedback (3)

      Tweet Maxine Dina had nothing to do with it! All of our accounts in the office were deleted. If Dina has so much power….why can’t she get me deleted off of Facebook? This was an interoffice problem….someone got into our Server. Several people at Bravo Corprate have been deleted…not just me!
      16 hours ago · LikeUnlike.

      Tweet Maxine Calm down everyone, calm down……TEMPORARY means TEMPORARY. If you don’t believe me, write to Bravo Tech…..they are having a problem w/ all their computers. Keep checking this FB site for more updates. Meanwhile I’m trying to figure out how to accept Friends here…..me thinks I need a new Geek Squad….
      16 hours ago · LikeUnlike.

      Tweet Maxine She had nothing to do with it. I know exactly who was responsible, and it wasn’t Dina or any of the Housewives. Please see my facebook and retweet this and all my messages on there. Dina is really desperate, and this proves that she is STALKING me!!! Again, this was something completely different and had to do with a situation going on in my department…… it’s only TEMPORARY, though!
      15 hours ago via Email Reply · LikeUnlike.


      • Need a Hobby says:

        It means TM is still full of shit.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I just had a brain fart…does anyone think that Tweet Maxine could be Max the intern?

          I know most of the stuff he/she says is off the wall- and they did get the sex and location of Bethany’s baby wrong- but how would just some random person actually know she went into labor that night.

          It has to be someone somewhat close- and somewhat bitter to make up this shit.

          • quincyil says:

            This is just from a memory ….

            I read about Tweet maxine at one point and some online articles thought he was a male psychologist in California who had been involved with some political online attacks at one time and had been banned from some sites in California. I don’t know if this is true.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            TM has a pre-existing online history prior to B’s show.

            TM knew the way I and others knew….it was in the online media that morning that she had gone into labor during the night. From that TM spun a shitload of BS.

  11. boston02127 says:

    Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger Starts Curly Hair Controversy

    According to MTV Stanger once said, “If you want to keep it curly, go to Israel.”

    NaturallyCurly.com sent off a fiery letter to Stanger, in which they stated that men do, indeed, like curly hair. Among many complaints, they added, “Stanger appears to be living in a time warp where only one standard of beauty exists: the Barbie Doll.”


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO, she can’t translate the difference between west and east coast body images.likes/dislikes. So what exactly is her matchmaker skill? She seems to be more hung up on the physical and even I know that isn’t what a successful real match would be based on.

  12. boston02127 says:

    Teresa’s tweets:

    Alright for the record, Life&Style=garbage, RadarOnline=flies who eat poop off of garbage. You will all see the truth when Season 3 airs. xx

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      So what truth is Teresa referring to? She infers that she will be part of season 3 but hasn’t signed a contract – it’s called editing and everything she has done can be removed.

      • boston02127 says:

        WCW–I’m wondering the same. I have to go out later, I’ll stop and look at L & S mag and see if anything was printed about her.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Online S&L article says Teresa is filming without a contract signed! Meanwhile casting calls for additional housewives continues (to replace Danielle and maybe even Teresa)…interesting side note: no mention of article on the cover (popularity is slipping!).

          So @ Boston when you go out later just have some fun!

      • Need a Hobby says:

        Previously this year when an “anon” NJ housewife was feeding Rob Shuter (Teresa’s known dumping ground) a story about how little they were getting for the show, it was emphasized that they had 3 year contracts….now T’s allegedly working without a contract when it’s the last year of the previously claimed 3 yr contract? That doesn’t make sense.

        She’ll get an edit, all right….the Jill Zarin edit.

      • MickeyMouth says:

        She should ask Jennifer Gilbert about editing.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I guess to T these mags are garbage when it isn’t Teresa feeding them stories.

      • sugarmagnolia10 says:

        Honestly, it disturbs me that her children were dressed up as Kesha and Lady Gaga for Halloween at their ages….What ever happened to Tinkerbelle or Ariel? Way too mature for their ages….Why does a 5 year old know who Kesha is?

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          little girls know because they’re trying to emulate the bigger girls at school, who in turn are emulating their older sisters and cousins , who are then emulating the porn stars… sigh…why can’t little girls just be little girls?

          It didn’t REALLY disturb me, but I noticed it and it disturbed me just a little.

          But what do you expect from a woman who dressed her newborn in high heeled booties? No Little House On the Prairie for this clan…

        • Wall St Lady says:

          This 50+ year old does not know who she is.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          My DD 3 was tinkerbell- dd 18 months was suppose to be Minnie mouse but wouldn’t let us put on her costume- so she just went as a cute kid.

  13. Wall St Lady says:

    I know I would enjoy both the cooking and the fashion shows but I have never watched either one.
    I would love to collaborate another time. Currently I am watching season 1 of the NYC Ho Wives which I bought at Target who I believe has an exclusive (I herd that on TV).
    I have a review of Jill’s lies to post on that.

    • boston02127 says:

      Wall St Lady — Is there any added footage on the them? Thx.

    • quincyil says:

      The fashion show starts next Tues. You would have to be really good with accents to review Imam’s contributions. Thank goodness, my friends seem to have accents so I am used to listening to them. Sometimes, I forget that I live with someone with an accent.

      I met someone from Japan, and I excitedly said to my husband that this person was born in Asia. My Iranian husband laughed and said that there are around 3 billion people born an the Asian continent right not and it wasn’t really that surprising. LOL.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      WSL, keep an eye out to see if “ill”says she sometimes uses the name Susan Saunders. I think she said it to Bethenny. I’m pretty sure it was in the first season, but have never watched all of it to see for sure.

      • quincyil says:

        That’s fascinating. This piece of information would be important to give to Lynn for Amazon discussions. Do you remember the scene?

        • Kansas Girl says:

          No, I don’t remember which scene. I think I had just started watching and was a little confused what was going on. But in my vague memory, I think she turned to Bethenny with a smirk and said “That’s a name I use sometimes”, after giving her name as Susan Saunders. I watched season 2 pretty regularly, so I think it’s in season 1. We really need to find it, I think. I’m hoping WSL sees it in her review. (I hope this doesn’t make her sick, watching the season! LOL!)

  14. boston02127 says:

    Reminder—All recipes are welcome on my blog. There are some good ones there now.

  15. LynnNChicago says:


    Photos from Real Housewives of New Jersey Posche Fashion Show 2010

    • boston02127 says:

      Teresa in that black dress….ewww. Now that I think of it, I can’t remember ever seeing Teresa in any cloths that I like.

      Melissa looked pretty in the purple dress.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      -What is with the dirty looks Caroline is throwing? Some serious stinkeye!
      -Jac looks good. Maybe she finally lost the baby weight?
      -Melissa looks very pretty here, she photographs well. Killer body.
      -Teresa is a hot mess in a dress. Her foundation is way too light for her, look at the difference between her face and her shoulders. Is this another Lauren CakeUp fail?

      thanks for posting this Lynn! Any idea what the big news was about?

    • AZ Girl says:

      Caroline looks deathly pale.

      • quincyil says:

        We all look like that up here. It’s called hiding in the house while the cold winds blow. Plus, they take the sun away for most of the day and if we are lucky we get one hour per day of sunlight.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          yes, but even Walgreen’s has blush.

          I’m a natural redhead (but went blonde when the gray started showing) with Scottish, Norwegian, and Swedish ethnic heritage.

          I’m telling you, it’s Lauren’s crappy make up skills. She tried to do a smoky eye and light cheeks, and Caroline looks like death warmed over. Like when Jill was playing with that look after the 2nd(?) season.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            lol…I just realized I had a little OT with my ethnic background.
            I meant to say, in my personal experience, that redheads are tough to give a dramatic look to without looking overdone or not enough.

            • quincyil says:

              My half Middle Eastern kids call me “our white mamma.” People wouldn’t believe that they were mine.

          • quincyil says:

            Wasn’t it Monet that made a painting of his first wife in death? I think they tried to take her away and bury her, but he was so freaked out that he did a painting.

            Did Caroline look like this?

        • AZ Girl says:

          You always welcomed here in AZ to take a break from the long winters.

  16. AZ Girl says:

    Watching the previews for tonight’s HWOBH. Something is going on with Lisa’s son. She mentions in the clip that he was sent to Idaho to finish school because he was running with the wrong crowd at school in BH. It should be an interesting night with the supposedly $50,000.00 tea party for Taylor’s daughter.

    Speaking of Taylor… re-watching the cotton candy scene from last week I really think that with all the plastic surgery she has had that she can’t move her mouth properly. That is why it looks like she is “sucking” down the cotton candy. She can’t open her mouth.

    BTW every time they show Lisa’s house I am just amazed how huge it is. That house is probably the largest home other than Candy Spellings in BH. I would be so lost in a home like that.

    • Zoey says:

      In her own words, I thought if it wasn’t in BH you couldn’t find it anywhere? Ha. Sadly, Idaho was needed. I haven’t found anything too interesting about these women so I may not go out of my way to watch them, but I do find Lisa to be the most likable of the bunch.

    • quincyil says:

      You read about so many children of movie stars and young movie stars have issues with drugs. It must be flowing through the halls of BH high, Malibu High and OC high. We have some drugs here, but most of the kids get through HS without being send to Idaho. How do you get your children to understand what they are doing to their bodies?

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        age old question, my friend. It will take more than this blog to even begin to figure it out

  17. boston02127 says:

    Have a nice afternoon everyone. 🙂 Tonight BH 🙂

  18. LynnNChicago says:

    New Blog – Keeping Up With The Housewives


    • boston02127 says:

      Got my clicks in! Gotta run…… 🙂

    • error404 says:

      Too funny! You criticized Kim for using “there” instead of “their”, but later in the blog you used “they’re” instead of “their”.

      I’m a mess when it comes to here and typos, so I can’t imagine how bad I’d be on twitter! Sometimes I see my own posts and am embarrassed to admit I used to teach English! LOL

      • HD says:

        I clicked on some of the ads too.

        I am a little surprised by NeNe’s tweets during the dinner. It didn’t seem like anyone was hating on her about her plastic surgery. I personally liked her nose before. This nose looks long to me. But it’s her face.

  19. Waxdiva says:

    Finally setting up a twitter account and this just came 2 minutes ago… another mystery…

    melissa_gorga Melissa Gorga
    Just got some really INCREDIBLE news last night! The hair stood up on my arms when I found out!! I can’t wait to tell my family and friends!

    • quincyil says:

      standing hair on arms… Incredible…sounds exciting and good. It sound like it is good for Melissa, because I don’t think she would be that happy if something wonderful happened to Teresa. What are your guesses? My guess is…they are going on a trip with Bravo.

    • error404 says:

      Ugh, another awful human! LOL

      Really, you found out yesterday but haven’t told family or real friends? No, hours go by and the first people you decide to share with are followers on twitter? Really?

      These women are like bad used car salesmen! I fully expect ole Gill form the Simpsons to be the next RHoNJ!

      • vilzvet says:

        I agree, they’re all a bunch of c-teasers, pardon my French. Who knows what this “incredible” news is, even Jacqueline said she likes to tease the public with little comments that usually don’t pan out. Let’s see what this news turns out to be…

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          I think the news is the shutdown of TM. Could those cryptic messages of the “winds of change, big announcement, big news” etc. have been that? Claude is taking credit for the takedown even gloating about never mess with a “jersey girl”. Blegghh! Was that lukewarm item the news?

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          Since this is a blog, are they b-teases?

          • quincyil says:

            I think there is something really nasty about those fake tweets just to stir up controversy. It’s the high school, we know something that you don’t know baloney.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I’m betting the test screening of her came back with positive results and she’s officially been asked to be a Ho-wife. Unlike Jen Gilbert who didn’t cut the mustard but Sonja did.

    • Wall St Lady says:

      Congrats WaxDiva on the Twitter account !
      I don’t even have a FB !
      Tell me again what u wax. Ur tapestry & brocade w/fringe have confused me.

  20. error404 says:

    RE; pastry chefs who only do certain things.

    the PR people are always limited. There is usually one odd ball… the one who used magnets to hold up the skirt, the one who spit on the fabric to measure it, at least two who never sketched but just started cutting and sewing… down to all the people who don’t do this or that, like Mondo ending up in bottom because he claimed to not know what resort wear was.

    The Top Chef people also go on about who does this and never does that, etc… the saddest IMO was on the Chef Academy, they only sent one woman home and the deciding factor was when she had to prepare food she was allergic to!

    • dickens says:

      And I thought I was the only one who had watched Chef Academy! Suzanne was quite a character and likable too. I hated that she was the only one who didn’t graduate. But, otherwise,I really enjoyed the show.

  21. Adgirl says:

    Yigit reminds me of Marcel on TC (not personality-wise) but that Marcel had all of the fancy techniques but couldn’t measure up taste wise.

    And I am tired of anyone on Team Diva blaming Morgan for everything.
    Yes, Morgan bumped into and broke one of Yigit’s fragile sugar vases but who left it next to the flame station???
    And who broke the backup vase???

    Morgan is an azzhole. In personality he is like Marcel.

  22. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I saw the original FashionShow which was hosted by Isaac and Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s child. I thought the choice of Kelly was somewhat random as she wasn’t a known fashionista, just a singer. Well I, along with many other viewers, was disappointed when Ricco, the cocky, gay designer from the hood, lost. His fashion was by far the prettiest, wearable, and wanted. He was cut prior to the finals.

    I think the nail in Ricco’s coffin was Isaac who I believe was jealous of his style. He would not listen to Isaac’s suggestions, yet the guest judges and Kelly chose his fashions as the winner. Although he had a beautiful, cohesive collection, he didn’t make the final 3. He wuz robbed and Isaac is a bitch!

  23. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I was at another site where they are commenting on the takedown of TweetMaxine. Could that have been the cryptic messages sent by the Manzos. The winds of change bs., big news, announcement in a few days etc. Obviously Dina thought she had alot to do with the takedown and is claiming victory as a ‘jersey girl’ (blegghh). Was this the big news?

  24. OneMoreInBoston says:

    lol- slightly OT but I went over to :http://thereallyoldhousewivesofmanateecounty.blogspot.com/

    best line EVER: “This is the first time I’ve heard of the sugar technique. I don’t know about all this- we have fire ants in Florida and I don’t want anything up my vajayjay that might attract ants.”

  25. quincyil says:


    So. This 57 year old grandmother who lives on a farm in Western IL is sporting a French hair cut created by a salon own in Manhattan. The woman who cuts my hair took some of her employees to a seminar in Chicago where they did a work shop cutting hair under the direction of this famous hairstylist. They took one from him a few years ago and he was charging 250 dollars per cut and now it’s 500 dollars per cut.
    It turn out that all women should have layers so I now have layers. It’s actually quite nice and I paid 20 bucks plus tip for a total of 26 bucks for a 500 dollar hair cut. My stylist is really good and she believes in education for her employees and herself. I am the beneficiary of that education.

    Eat your heart out New Yorkers. We look just like you and we didn’t give an arm and a leg to get it.

    • MAMAZ says:

      You go quincy!
      I recently learned that the Brazilian Blow Outs that I am addicted to may contain formaldahyde! I’m willing to spend a lot for the look but not willing to court cancer. So I guess it’s back to tedious, time consuming grooming rituals for me. Or I may just cut the whole mess off.

  26. justanothermary says:

    I went to get food this morning and for the first time in a long time (at least it seems long) I didn’t see Tree and/or her Trunk on the cover of a magazine staring blankly out at me from beneath from her odd, and often maligned, lack of a forehead. Life is good.

  27. MAMAZ says:

    Hi everyone! I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t been able to post for a while.
    I’m not really enjoying Just Desserts. I don’t know if it’s the contestants or the category limitation.
    Morgan likes himself so much that he never gave the viewer a chance to like him.
    Yigit is cute but what’s with the Heather depression? He must not have any friends IRL because that was one rude, obnoxious woman.
    Zach seems the most creative to me. I like his silliness. To a point, then I want to slap him.
    Danielle is a mess. She looks like she follows the Kelly Killoran Bensimon personal hygeine school of thought. I wouldn’t eat anything she baked even if it looked appetizing which they don’t.
    Eric seemed like a nice guy. I’m sorry he’s gone.

    • quincyil says:

      How do the judges stay so trim? I wouldn’t know how to count those calories in a spoon ful of those desserts.

      • Adgirl says:

        Gail isn’t so trim anymore. And please, why does the show have her sleeveless most of the time?

  28. Poor Kim Richards… 20 yrs ago her fiance was murdered in front of her in broad daylight. That would definitely change a person!


    FYI: I’m stoopidhousewives.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      OMG- this poor woman! No wonder she seems like she’s barely hanging on. No wonder she’s controlling of her children’s lives! Now I feel terrible for her:

      “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Kim Richards tragic past is coming to light as it’s being reported that the reality star’s ex-fiance was murdered nearly two decades ago in a murder-for-hire plot.

      Richards, who stars on the new installment of the Bravo franchise alongside five other high-society ladies including her sister Kyle, is shown to be more introverted and reserved compared to the other outgoing housewives – and Star Magazine uncovered the possible root of her issues that viewers can see at times unraveling on the show.

      According to Star Magazine, on October 28, 1991, Richards (whose niece is Paris Hilton) was talking on the phone with her securities broker boyfriend John Collett just before he was shot and killed in broad daylight on a California street.

      John’s murder was a devastating tragedy, and Kim was just torn apart,” John’s mother, Janis Collett told Star. “Poor Kim had to identify his body. It was a horrible nightmare for her. I’ve never recovered from the loss, and I don’t think Kim has either.”

      Collett’s murderer is currently serving a 30-year prison sentence, while investigators believe Collett was gunned down as a result of his alleged involvement in a $150 million telemarketing fraud case.”

      • KellitaM says:

        Oh, how tragic! Poor Kim. I wonder if that’s why their mom asked Kyle to “take care of Kim.”

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Someone close being murdered would definately change a person, I wonder if she went into therapy or got any assistance in dealing with it.

      • vilzvet says:

        The timeline kinda doesn’t make sense…she had two kids back to back in ’90 and ’91 according to her Bravo bio and was still married to the kids’ father, so if anything it was a new relationship?? I can’t even imagine starting a relationship after just having had a baby or even still pregnant?? She had alot on her plate back then!

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Traumatic to say the least. It will make watching her responses/reactions on the show alittle more revealing.

        • quincyil says:

          Here is something else that confuses me about the Kyle. If you look at the bios on Wikipedia and other sites, it states that Kyle and her current husband have four children. In Vegas, at the table, Mario said that when he met Kyle she had Farrah and it was a picture into the future because she was a good mother. Kim agreed with him. That sounds like he is not the first daughter’s father. I googled and googled trying to figure that out. The older girl is 7 years older than two sisters and then there is the one year old. I saw 20 year marriage a couple of times and Farrah is 21. That isn’t surprising to me. If Mario hadn’t said that and Kim made her comment, I would never have suspected that this was not his child.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          Your right- it is a strange timeline:

          Child with first husband, G. Monty Brinson: Brooke Ashley, 24 (1986)

          Children with second husband, Greg Davis: Whitney, 20 (1990) and Chad,19 (1991)

          Child with former boyfriend John Jackson: Kimberly, 15 (1995)

          So she had chad in 1991, got a divorce, and then got engaged, and then the fiance was killed?

          OR the article says at one point- he was her ex-fiance when she was on the phone with right before he was killed. So maybe the engagement was prior to her second marriage but they stayed friends? So how is she the one identifying the body? There was no one else?

          BUT then the article goes on to say he was her boyfriend when he was killed.

          Maybe he was just one of those relationships you go back to and they had known each other for a while?

          Regardless, it’s sad. Murder for hire- jeez. I thought I had troubles with my boyfriends.

          • quincyil says:

            There is a lot of stuff going on with Kim. She has real problems with her first husband. I bet he is remarried. At one point, she said she was married 3 times, then corrects that. OK, who in this room doesn’t know how many times they have been married?

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              She HAS been in 3 long term relationships that produced children. Maybe in her mind that’s marriage?

            • TLM says:

              I could see Kelly Bensimon changing her story on that as well. She had Max being just a friend, then he was her boyfriend, then they had never dated. There are people who make things up as they go along and as the mood suits them.

    • lillybee says:

      What a terrible thing.

  29. klmh says:

    This is an oldie, but one of my favs:

  30. Wall St Lady says:

    I am watching season one of
    NYC Ho wives (got at Target).
    I couldn’t help not to record the many Jill lies thrown at us
    Right “Out of the Gate” !

    In season one NO ho wife had a personal make up artist. They all had terrible skin under the camera light. Bobby looked like the gay fellow Fatty Stinker put warts on this week. Ramona’s face is very red & shiny. She uses that cream that was the 1st wrinkle cream & I can’t remember the name but it makes her red. Each gal showed bumps & bad skin up close except Miss B.

    Here are some more observations (mostly about ill) that made me need a trash can :

    The only thing honest Jill said was that she was from the Jewish ghetto.

    Jill is introduced (looking fat) in a tacky shiny short party dress. Shiny has never been in style in NY society. She looks ridiculous when she puts her hand on her fat hip to pose in that UGLY dress.

    In a rented car Jill shows her 3 invitations proudly (all are on the internet).Having an invitation doesn’t”’ mean u have an IN table to join.

    Jill says entrance to NY society is expensive.
    Yes when u r a troll and no one wants u unless u make large donations.

    For normal socialites (like moi) u just have to buy a ticket and have someone with a great table to sit with.
    Some one told Jill to go away until Bobby donates a building. I bet she offered Zarrin Fabrics !
    She must really not be wanted.

    Trust me the Trump wives would never let Jill sit at their table.

    Jill announces she and Bobby own a company together.
    Yeah I bet Bobby’s family’s company which started in 1937 is now owned jointly w/ Jill. (Lilar liar pants on fire)

    OMG I just saw where Jill lives !
    It is around the corner from me ! Its not an A building ! It is almost under the 59th St bridge. I bet a troll thought Jill was his Mamma and followed her home & lives under her bed.
    The entrance to her building is across from a public base ball field that a few years ago was a garbage filled block full of street People.
    I guess she felt comfortable cuz of the homeless people in front of Zarrin Fabrics.

    The reason you never see a view on TV from the Zarrin apartment is because the view is blocked by the bridge. No view is Yucky for someone as rich as Jill claims to be.
    This means Jill filmed all the scenes in the Bentley being picked up or dropped off in front a Park Ave. Apartment that
    WAS NOT HER Apartment ! ! !

    Jill says they own a house in Water Mill. What a liar ,they rent.

    Ramona DEFINITELY got her teeth fixed when the season ended ,probably veneers.Her teeth had lots of character but were not camera ready. Remember how cute Cher’s teeth used to be. I think Jill had the bump on her nose taken off.

    At the Hampton s Classic Jill wears tight white shorts & a pregnancy type top, in a grey stretch fabric. Her enormous boobs hang out and it made me want to ask if she was a wet nurse on the side.

    Jill’s mother tells her (re the dust up w/ Ramona), “Jill u have become very popular & people are jealous !” Like Ramona is jealous of ill.
    Please pass the trash can again.

    Jill is furious that Ramona has a cooking party & leaves her out. The controlling Bitch is even madder because HER FRIEND 1st, Lu ann (a true socialite) is invited/stolen. Jill had planned on Lu ann being her ticket to get a seat at a real social affair. Lu ann doesn’t have to donate to b included.
    Jill carries a vendetta that she plans to achieve on the tennis court. There is no contest. Ramona easily beats jill. U start to notice that Jill is delusional
    Jill goes to her favorite designer (she got a free dress from the designer).
    I also presume her favorite designer went out of business. Donald who ?

    Ok now we see the LukaLuka show. This is Jill at her true OBNIXOUS self.
    Romama mentions the cast was
    each given an outfit to wear. Jill was assigned a 2nd row seat. She had probably asked/demanded front row & assumed her pushy request would b granted had a loud fit & fell in it when she discovered she didn’t get her way .
    Jill says:
    ” I always sit on the front row or I leave.
    I am not sitting behind Ramona”.
    This is the true essence of Jill.
    What an ASS.
    Ramona said Jill insulted LukaLuka, their host, by leaving.

    We all should have recognized Jill’s obnoxious behavior as the
    Real Ass of the NYC Housewives i

    But that’s why as LynnFam ,we
    Hate Jill Zarrin !

    On the cover of the DVD box , all the ladies have on fur coats except Alex,who has on a leather coat.
    Humm , I guess Miss B threw her fur coat away. (It’s really cold in NYC, especially when its snowing & u can’t find a cab for 30min. !)

    This was 1 of 3 of season one.
    Love WSL

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Favorite line:

      “Jill says entrance to NY society is expensive.
      Yes when u r a troll and no one wants u unless u make large donations.”

      Luvs it!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Great report and interesting observations! Thanks, WSL. I’m holding myself back from making a trip out to Target because now you’ve got me hankering to watch again! I totally agree that all Jill’s characteristics were there all along, so I ask myself why we forgave her so much back then? How were we fooled?!

      Keep an eye out for that Susan Saunders mention. I’m sure I saw it and just want confirmation. Nothing like hearing the horse’s mouth utter the false name.

      Love your comments on NYC too. I’ve looked at Jill’s building in Bing maps. Is the bridge really taller than that building? The building looks quite tall. You’ve got me hankering (good word?) NYC now too!

      • error404 says:

        I didn’t see season one until after season 3 had already started. She was pretty unlikeable all of season 1, but who knows what I would have thought back then had I seen it in real time.

        I picked up the show in season 2, and she was funny, could laugh at herself, and usually level headed while the others all went kookoo around her. Mario did not handle the tennis rematch well, IMO. In hindsight we can see that he was right, btu at the time it really did come off much more in Jill’s favor.

        Yeah, she was dismissive and passive aggressive toward Silex, but compared to Lulu and Ramona’s all out hostile war against them, she came off like a patron saint of olive branches.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          I think Bethenny helped to soften her image. Like Lucy and Ethel.

          Jill is quick witted , and can be very funny- but only if it’s at the expense of someone else.

          Although when they were very good friends it did seem to bring out a lighter side to Jill.

          She doesn’t seem like she has ever had real friends. Because she doesn’t know how to be one herself.

          • Wall St Lady says:

            One Mo Bo u r very astute Miss B definitely diffuse Jill’s annoying $h#* It appeared Jill was being funny when reality she was a jealous nasty Bit*#.

        • quincyil says:

          Surely, in Jill’s circle of friends, she fits in well. Carol Rome Christ seems to like Jill and has for years. Ramona’s figure was better in last year’s season than in first season. She must have looked at herself on screen.

          As to the fur coats, I keep mine on my animals. I have leather shoes and boots so I am not a peta girl, but my cloth coats with layers underneath keep me warm in the line drive winds in winter.

    • TLM says:

      For someone who works in the fabric business (and I use the word “works” loosely) Jill has absolutely no taste either in clothing or upholstery. Her fashion choices are consistently bad for her body and bad overall, regardless of her figure. We all know you can have money but no taste, and money but no class, and Jill is an example of both. The redo of her apartment in those hideous, busy and outdated fabrics speaks for itself. Alex’s living room in red-and-black brothel fabric and KKB’s sofa in purple velvet were also Zarin Fabrics jobs orchestrated by Jill.

      • quincyil says:

        I do like their kitchens. Even Jill’s with the white cupboards was nice. Jill has a bedroom without windows. Some people here dig into hills and make earth berm homes. The have those cave bedrooms. I don’t like them. I just have to have light.

    • Adgirl says:

      Only Shawn King would have enough money to fit in with the current housewives. But she’s kind of strange.

  31. lillybee says:

    One thing that I remember about that episode is that when all were at a big party, Ramona entered and Jill moved as far away from her as possible.

  32. AZ Girl says:

    Just wondering. Danielle wears her hair over to the side in the front. She must have some hair loss on her forehead. She never looks like she combs her hair from the back. Could it be she wears a hair piece?

  33. AZ Girl says:

    @ QuincyIl….Just finished watching this weeks Millionaire Matchmaker and you took a bazooka for the team. Patty Stanger is just a bitch. I found myself clinching my fist when she ripped up those pour girls and then ripped into her employee.
    For having suffered through this ridiculous show and writing your blog you have earned a week of free cleaning of your stables. All in favor say “aye”.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      Aye, if Patti is the substitute cleaner.

    • quincyil says:

      Actually, I enjoy shoveling. It’s quality time with my animals. The horses leave the stalls, through the outside dutch doors, but they stick around to watch me. I get a lot of love in that barn. It’s no secret that I understand the horses’s language too. Spend some time in a barn and you will learn it also.

      • JazzNightOut says:

        Sounds like too much fun for PS. I retract my suggestion. We don’t want Patti insulting any of your horses for being too fat or having the wrong blowout.

        • Wall St Lady says:

          I need diapers !
          A blowout for horses ;I think u discovered the newest craz. U will make millions !

          • quincyil says:

            They wash, braid an comb out manes and tails all of the time. I have a washing stall with cold and hot water that the horses enjoy. After a hot ride, you let them cool down naturally in a stall. After they are cool, you give them shampoos. People use horse and mane shampoo too. It’s very good.

            • JazzNightOut says:

              Back when I was in school, I had a B&W photo assignment, and I went to a dressage and hunter jumper show. I photographed a rider braiding her horses mane. It was a lovely moment between the horse and rider. Spiritual almost.

      • Adgirl says:

        Thanx Quinc for the blog.
        Patti is just repugnant and so are her bachelors and the hookers, errrm, dates she matches them with.

        btw – I use to love barn work, especially washing and dressing my Morgan’s mane and tail. Do you have barn kitties?

        • quincyil says:

          5 adult neutered and vetted cats. My mom has 3 dogs which I walk and take care of daily. 20 horses… and mom has 8 long horns. My brother trains the long horn cattle to pull his antique wagon in parades.

          • Adgirl says:

            You have so many happy sould around you!

            My horse adored his barn kitty so I just had to ask if you had one too.

  34. Wall St Lady says:

    Paypal account

    Hey LynnFam !

    U have all congratulated Lynn on her radio show. And rightly so !

    The reality shows have brought a cultural revolution to TV. Never before have “stars” been created
    so quickly.

    In my opinion reality TV has replaced soap operas, whom many have run for 40 + years. (Can we tolerate Jill 40+ years ?)
    I don’t think our Housewives are going away any time soon.

    Back to Lynn.
    I have a friend who was given the worst radio domains to run when her father divided up the family communications company.
    To her brothers surprise she built up her stations and sold them for MANY millions of $$s. (Too bad the brothers still owned a % ).
    I asked her advice about Lynn’s opportunity & she assured me that the details Lynn has agreed to ,are typical.

    Lyn must raise $$ each week to have her show. The ideal solution is to have a weekly sponsor.
    The sponsor will get to advertise with two 30 second spots. They can be pre recorded or have Lynn or some one else read the promotion/advertisement. I am working to get a house wife that is selling a product.(Don’t guess its not Ape or ill.)
    The sponsor can b anyone w/a product & website.
    Remember this is a pod cast so
    it has a national audience (4000 hits which is huge for any pod cast much less a new one). It is an advertisers dream and it is very cost effective (cheap).

    I believe Lynn & the Lynnfam can b just as well known as that Perez jerk. Perez needs some competition! Lynn can build a larger brand very quickly with our support.
    Lynn has a lot more “meat” to contribute as she comments in depth on so MANY Bravo shows. The tremendous additional insights gained thru YOU are
    responsible for her multifaceted knowledge. Our insight is vital to Lynn’s perspective.
    Your blog commentary on the people we watch is up dated minute to minute. Who but
    Lynn has You as a resource. Because of us Lynn will never run out of snarks or b at a loss for words
    I believe Lynn’s influence in the media will defiantly go past her radio show.

    I am going to ask you to b a part of building her brand. She cannot afford it on her own. She is herself a house wife.
    Let me digress I once spoke to Lynn’s husband who is amazed at the “zillion” friends Lynn has. He told me Lynn was spending the day at the library because their computer was broken. Her husband took time off to care for her son & wait for the computer repair man. When I asked ,he said a new computer was NOT in their budget. God bless Lynn ; for us she sat in the public library all
    There is a catch 22 in advertising that I am sure Ad Girl knows. You have to already have sponsors before you get sponsors.
    It will happen in time because from a sponsors point of view this is a inexpensive opportunity .

    Ok how can you help ?
    I am asking u to invest in Lynn’s dream while she gets her
    sponsors in place .

    The link below will tell you how to make a donation.

    The station has confidence in Lynn & has designed a cute LynnFam key chain with Lynn’s new logo (the logo is not cut in stone forever if u have ideas)
    The key chain will be sent to you with a $50 donation. You can see the key chain on the LynnFam photo board.

    This was not hard for me to write because I believe that anyone who loves Lynn’s commentary as they laugh , cry, snark, & enjoy their time as part of the Lynnfam
    would want to know that they can help.

    It is hard for Lynn to ask .Lynn would prefer not to have to ask.
    I hope you will think of my request like the ones made for Public TV;
    If you enjoy watching, if you can, you will enjoy giving.

    Any contribution will help.
    Thanks for letting me go on & on & on ……

    PS when Lynn is famous & has a much bigger audience she will still remember the original LynnFam.

    PSS Oh yeah when Lynn flogs her own cook book ,Skinny Irish Chick, the recipes will be from us & you will get a cut.

    Pay pal account:

    • psol says:

      Hi WSL,

      I’m a long time lurker who has not missed one of Lynn’s blogs to date. I will be more than happy to donate for anything that Lynn is involved with especially if it would help to promote her. Due to unemployment I can’t donate the $50, but I can donate something.

      • Adgirl says:

        Can we hold an online auction or something?

      • Wall St Lady says:

        Thank you PSOL. Together we make a mighty fortress. U r LynnFam ! !
        What does ur moniker mean ? Come out ! I hope to know u better !

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I can’t do $50 right now due to many medical bills (about 15K- we are working out the payments over a couple of years- its manageable but things are tight as far as disposable spending) with some more to be added to the mix ( I will tell you all about it in another thread).

        I adore everyone here 🙂

    • Need a Hobby says:

      OK, since I think this is the first time I’ve seen this discussed, perhaps some clarification?

      So basically, Lynn’s show is pay to play on the host site: she has to pay the host site and/or get sponsors to pay? Not an unusual arrangement, sure, even in broadcast radio.

      But then what’s the point of having this particular beauty pageant site as a middleman? Other people have their own shows via various online hosting/streaming sites…anyone can do that on one’s own, don’t need to be “asked,” especially if you’re paying for the venue. What’s the benefit of going with this particular outfit over others? From a cost analysis point of view, I mean. Are they providing a competitive deal? Is there value added by these folks? Just wondering.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        WSL – Thank you so much for the wonderful post! You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

        Need a Hobby – Winning Beauty Pagents produce and host the show on their web site. They have the recording equipment and prepared the introduction, they commissioned the logo and are securing merchandise. They also present it to ITunes for hosting as well and it has been approved to be on ITunes. (that was a big deal apparently)

        This is all new to me but I’ve been told that I need to secure sponsors for the show to cover some of these costs and WSL has so very kindly offered to help me.

        Until I can secure sponsors, some of these costs will be my responsibility.

        WSL – thank you again for the wonderful words!!! :)xo
        Thank you ALL for your support.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          I was just wondering how what they offered you compared with other services, such as blogtalk radio, for example. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/

          Just as long as it’s a good deal for you, Lynn, that’s what counts. And it’s a start. 🙂

      • Wall St Lady says:

        Just like Perez Hilton or Martha Stewart both have many avenues to access information/community.Radio & a blog are just the begining of building a brand.

        • quincyil says:

          I think Lynn should go for it. It seems that the more material to be offered, the more hits Lynn would get. I suggest expanding the content to reality shows on other channels. There are people here who watch the other shows and comment here. Lynn could have those shows on other site that you hit ads and use that money for the start up costs for the radio show too.

          I was wondering how google works. Would you get more hits from google if you switched the headline and gave the topic, then “I hate Jill Zarin?” I have googled and not seen our blog for pages. It seems to me that people watch the various reality shows and then google.

          I don’t know about bing or yahoo.

          Kat seemed to understand this. Perhaps, she could help Lynn. I bet there is a trick to this.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          To be clear: I’m not questioning Lynn having a podcast. It’s a cool, fun and great idea.

          But podcasting isn’t new. When one has to pay for a service, then it’s a matter of is the deal competitive since there are other hosting services, providers, that provide similar services. Is Lynn getting the best bang for the bucks, that’s all I was getting at.

  35. boston02127 says:

    Chocolate Calculator.

    1. First of all, pick the number of times a week that you would like to have chocolate (more than once but less than 10)

    2. Multiply this number by 2

    3. Add 5

    4. Multiply it by 50 — I’ll wait while you get the calculator

    5. If you have already had your birthday this year add 1760 …..
    If you haven’t, add 1759..

    6… Now subtract the four digit year that you were born.

    You should have a three digit number
    The first digit of this was your original number.
    (i.e., how many times you want to have chocolate each week).
    The next two numbers are your age.

    This is the only year (2010) it will ever work.

  36. LynnNChicago says:


    Real Old Housewife posted a blog with photos from Tuesday’s Posche Fashion Show, a friend of hers attended and she got some inside scoop!

  37. boston02127 says:

    OneMoreInBoston–Don’t know if you’re online. I’ll leave this link for you.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      thank you! I went a few years ago to the (I think) first one and I loved it. But I always forget about it!
      Thank you!

  38. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    Poor Camille. It is soooo hard to plan a trip to Hawaii with 2 nannies, her kids, her house manager and her friend all by her little lonesome.

    • boston02127 says:

      Her invisible ghost kids!

    • HD says:

      Scorpiosue, it’s obvious she needs a break. She has worked sooooooooooo hard spending Kelsy’s money that she needs rest. Let’s not judge her. I would be tired too. It would take all my energy to shop, eat, wine and dine all day. Such a hard life. I can feel myself growing tired now.

      On a serious note…do none of the women work except for the Palms owner and the one with the accent?

      • boston02127 says:

        I think that’s a big problem with BH women. I was thinking it when watching Taylor. I’m sure if she worked or donated her time to a charity, (anything) she wouldn’t be putting on such a ridiculous party for a 4 yr old. She has nothing else to do.

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        Taylor has her own company. I only remember because her husband called it her “little company”. Kyle did say that she was a stay at home mom. Camille has *cough* her *cough* production company. Have no idea about Kim.

  39. boston02127 says:


  40. boston02127 says:

    So much for having a b-day party at Chucky Cheese or MickyD’s.

  41. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    *snicker* Really Camille…..you have a Jesus complex??!?!? That is laughable.

  42. vilzvet says:

    Aww, I like Lisa more than ever…she really loves those kids. Her daughter is gorgeous as I figured, did not realize she went to college here and was tops at Pepperdine, quite an achievement. Not sure how this son situation is going to pan out, but I’m not getting a good feeling. Even though he’s adopted he kinda resembles the husband! Hey, how does the son have an American accent but the daughter’s is English!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I am beginning to REALLY like her. She just seems like she has her head screwed on straight.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Lisa and her husband are really cool. They respect and listen to each other and it shows. Their daughter is beautiful and smart.

      Lisa and Adrienne are the two that have their act together. Maybe it is from the responsibility of developing owning their own businesses.

  43. HD says:

    This show is kind of boring but the birthday parties are blowing my mind. I guess when you are rich you can spend money like that but it all seemed pointless. Why not do something your daughter likes? She is only 4! She won’t even remember any of that so basically you wasted 60,000.

  44. boston02127 says:

    Somewhere in the state of NJ Gia Giudice is having fit and one hairy foreheadless woman is screaming NOOOOOO!

  45. TLM says:

    Am watching RHOBH and my flesh crawls every time Camille is on-screen. She’s getting into some hot tub with her friend and her friend’s husband and twice we see her butt crack while she walks in in a bikini that’s about 2 sizes too small. All the while she’s encouraging the friend’s husband to tell her how “hot” she is. I felt embarrassed for the wife, who has a perfectly good figure herself and doesn’t have giant fake tits hanging out like Camille does. It is humiliating to sit there and see this washed-up skank throwing herself at your husband in exchange for a place to live while your husband is out of work, and the husband taking the bait. The wife appeared to be gritting her teeth the whole time. I am so sick of Camille’s little giggles thinking she’s coming off as so coquettish and sweet. She is nauseating and phony and ugly and transparent. If it’s possible, I think she’s less likeable than Danielle and Kelly and Teresa.

    Taylor’s $60K birthday party was all about Taylor and her ego. It was truly sad. She said so many hypocritical things I won’t even bother to list them here. She is clueless. The little girl was obviously uncomfortable and wanted to leave, while Taylor was posing for the photographer on top of the table. I am already picturing this kid in therapy. All of that money spent that could go toward their kid’s education or even charity. The little girl would have been happy, I’m sure, with a simple pool party and a cake and ice cream with a few friends. These parents are completely warped. Kudos to Kyle for banning alcohol at her kids’ parties and for honoring her kids instead of making an adult party where kids are mere accessories.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      $60k spent on a kid’s party and the kid looked miserable the whole time.

      Did anyone else have a problem when Taylor got on that table with her shoes on??? That was kinda gross. People ate on that table.

    • emily says:

      I’m not convinced that the guy in the hot tub was DD’s husband. When he came onscreen it said he was Carl, visiting friend.
      Camille’s behavior was uncomfortable and probably really nauseating for her friend DD but I don’t think that guy was her man, although, Camille probably acts the same way around her husband, how could she not

      • TLM says:

        Ah I think you are right…my bad for not paying more attention to the captions. But I still think Camille is the Sultan of Skankitude for dressing and acting that way. Put on a one-piece already and have a little class, Camille! You can still show off your figure in a one piece without being sleazy. She seems to have a stripper’s mentality in everything she wears.

  46. boston02127 says:

    I don’t like the way Kyle treats Kim. Sometimes there is a lot of truth in snarks & jokes and I think that’s Kyle’s way of being mean and embarrassing Kim.

    • cusi77 says:

      Agree… I was telling my hubby She diminishes her sister every time she can!

      • psol says:

        I believe there’s some resentment there. I’m sure she loves her sister, but she probably throughout her life had to be responsible for Kim.

        • TLM says:

          I agree… I don’t want to be an apologist for Kyle, but dealing with Kim seems challenging to say the least. Listening to Kim, I am sorry for her situation, but she is also very stubborn and defensive. Kim has also delivered her own zingers to Kyle, like telling Kyle’s daughter, “Mommy’s being a baby.” I think there is resentment on both sides of the relationship. These two have all the baggage that many sisters have. At the end of the day, I think they would do anything for one another, but they are just very different people with different philosophies.

  47. cdnfillie58 says:

    Elliott & Taylor…..not gonna last long 😦

  48. housewifeaddict says:

    Seriously – Kyle get over yourself. Kim was MOVING! You knew that! Get one of your daughters to help you plan the party. But your party did look a whole lot more fun than Taylor’s self indulgence. Oh Camille – life is sooooo tough having to talk to your house manager about whether or not she’s made all your arrangements for you. You poooor dear.

  49. TLM says:

    Well, that’s just awesome. Taylor and her husband don’t even communicate as to what presents they are giving their kid, and they’re competing for who can top whose gift as if they’re divorced. Good practice for the real thing, which seems around the corner.

    Oops, I forgot Phaedra as one of the most hated housewives. Tough choice between her or Camille.

  50. cusi77 says:

    I would like to have Lisa as a Mom! She is a loving person. She keeps growing on me!

  51. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    I loved the first sentence of the show from Taylor, “My daughter is turning 4 on her birthday.” Really?!?!? Do you become a different age on a day other than your birthday. (In my Amy Poehler voice) Really? I mean really?

  52. cusi77 says:

    somebody knows Mauricio Last Name?

    He most be Mexican, and for his accent from Mexico, City.

  53. fashion42 says:

    Just caught the first few mins of BH, now…I’m only 22 and I don’t have any kids, but I think all the moms here will agree that the way Taylor is overindulging her daughter is dangerous! I cannot even imagine what Kennedy will be like in her teens if her mom continues to spoil her like that (SO unnecessary, kids don’t need any of that stuff! Nor do they want it!)

    that being said- that barbie jewelry was so cute, I would have loved one when I was little (not a diamond ridiculously expensive one.. I wouldn’t have cared about that). I wouldn’t mind one now tho :p

  54. emily says:

    @boston, kyle mentions that Portia would have been just as happy at Chucky Cheese’s, u mentioned upthread.

    She really shared a lot this week. I love hearing more about her family and meeting Mauricio.

    • celeste says:

      Exactly, and there’s nothing wrong with a small child enjoying a birthday at Chuckee Cheese. It’s what little kids love – burgers and fries and pizza and ice cream. They don’t want to drink tea out of Royal Doulton and have stupid *signature tunes* sung at them. If I had been Taylor’s child I would have cried too. That poor little girl! Thank goodness her dad bought her that adorable puppy.

  55. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Kyle- WOW You have to make your sister feel bad because she wasn’t there to assist you. You have a grown daughter, 2 tweens, a MIL, a husband, countless vendors but your sister is the bad guy because she was moving and wasn’t able to help you. This woman treats her sister like an employee, chiding her publicly, shaming her to feel guilty in front of their friends. What a bitch!

    BTW Mauricio, born in Mexico, spanish name, speaks spanish is Mexican!! Say it! It’s okay.

    • cusi77 says:

      @ Amber_ I am watching the rerun and Kyle said Mauricio is Mexican and she likes him to sing in spanish, he sang the traditional “mananitas”… you mean she is ashame he is Mexican?

      • cusi77 says:

        Oops… ashamed…

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        No. She said “he was born in Mexico”. Then in her blog, she made a point to say he was of Russian jew-Greek/Lithuanian parents. “No Mexican Blood” but she then says her husband considers himself Mexican.

  56. Adgirl says:

    Lisa only wears Pink!!! Has anyone else noticed?? Pink Pink Pink.

  57. Adgirl says:

    WWL – Isaac Mizrahi is drunk.

  58. justanothermary says:

    Was Iman born a woman?

    • Adgirl says:

      HAHA. Her commercial … “Fawshon ewmergincee we need ewacuashion!”

      • TLM says:

        I won’t be watching this show. I think of how Tyra wisely tells girls on ANTM that being a model isn’t just about looking pretty or even modeling well – you also have to be able to speak and present yourself well. I have to hit the “mute” button every time that hellish commercial comes on with Iman. This woman completely ruins her image when she opens her mouth and starts barking and yelling in that ugly, rude voice. Does she not know there are microphones, and that she doesn’t have to yell like she’s working on a loading dock? Good Lord, I wish they could overdub everthing she says. No such luck.

        • quincyil says:

          That’s what makes this fodder for discussion. The outrageous. I looked at the outfit they were discussing and I think I could have made that and I don’t sew.

          Two fashion houses collide? I think implode might be a better word. I never knew the man before either. It seems that Andy knows him well. He is a relative to Andy’s little friend that visits WWHL and he doesn’t like brown. Hopefully, the designers know that going in.

    • celeste says:

      Nope lol!!!!

    • TLM says:

      Why, because her name is “I, man”? LOL. Don’t think so.

      • TLM says:

        Sorry, I meant to say I don’t think she was born a MAN. The name is just ironic, though.

        • skogsstig says:

          From Wikipedia:
          “Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid (Somali: Iimaan Maxamed Cabdulmajiid, Arabic: ايمان محمد عبد المجيد‎) (born July 25, 1955), professionally known as Iman (which means “faith” in Arabic), is a Somali-American model, actress and entrepreneur. A pioneer in the field of ethnic cosmetics, she is also noted for her charitable work. She is married to David Bowie.”

  59. Rabble Rouser says:

    Okay ladies, I apologize if there is too much bitterness in my rant about the RHOBH- I am just so worried and stress out I need to vent.

    My 3 year old was dx with a very serious epileptic condition at 4 months old called infantile spasms. We were fortunate that a 3 month course of ACTH gave her seizure relief and a normal EEG for almost 2 years. (that is much better than so many other sweet little ones who never get rid of those &*@!#& seizures – and have much more serious complications).

    Last June she had some break through seizures related to a fever ( the first one was a gand mal and the other complex partial seizures on her left side) and she was in the hospital for 4 days. The gave her a spinal tap and tested her for all kinds of things. Her MRI came back abnormal (there was something on the right side of her brain) and I was told that it was encephalitis related to the fever- cause by a typical childhood infection.

    Her follow up EEG a months s later was normal but the MRI still abnormal.

    Oct- she got sick again and had a seizure again just on the left side. We brought her to the ER and they really didn’t do anything for us other than call her neurologist who told us to see him on Monday( this was Friday). At that time, I decided not to put her on meds ( many of them effect cognitive development or are anti-psych meds which can have reverse effects on people who aren’t psychotic) until she had a follow up EEG and MRI

    Another EEG was scheduled, about a week later and I was lead to beleive from the tec that it was normal ( I was told to call her neuro later for the official results) . MRI was scheduled for Nov 3. Then I was told that what they saw in the last MRI was a lesion that was located in an area that can cause a lot of seizures- it is also responsible for ‘learning’ . FN great. %%#%^

    Nov 1 DD gets sick again and had another possible seizure ( DH was with her). I call her neuro to let him know and am told even though she didn’t have any sub-clinical seizures they did see a discharge that they see with people with epilepsy. We are really going to have to put her on meds now. FN great &^^%^&..

    Wed- take her in for the MRI but they can’t do it because she had low grade fever- it was high the day before at 102-103.

    So now I have to get her up at 6am tomorrow to bring her back again.

    I am so nervous and stressed

    BH rant to follow.

    • Adgirl says:

      Holy Cow – you and your family have been through the ringer already. It must be terribly upsetting to watch your sweet little girl suffer. And the hospital, clinic, doctors and whomever that are dragging the proper diagnosis & treatment out …. arrrgh!

      We are here for you – vent away! And enjoy RH as the escapism it is intended to be.

    • lillybee says:

      I hope your baby will be ok. Rant all you want.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      You have every right to be upset, frustrated and frightened. You are in a scary place right now and the medical followup and support seems to be “somewhat lacking”. (Trying to be polite here, my true thoughts are much stronger, trust me)

      I’m sure that many on the site will be joining me with prayers for your daughter and yourself for tomorrow and in the future.

      Hang in there, don’t hesitate to be assertive when necessary and never feel guilty for being an advocate for your child.

      • TLM says:

        Agreed. When you are advocating for a loved one, courtesy be damned. Keep up the fight, and make sure you get rest and take care of yourself (easier said than done, I know) so that you can continue to be there for her.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Agreed – you are her advocate and you need to be strong. We are here for you and your rants are welcomed! Prayers and good energy are coming your way.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      Dearest Rabble: I send you love and many, many prayers for your DD and your whole family. There is nothing worse than being in the dark about a child. Keep going and asserting yourself as best you can and come here and let us hold you when you need to rant.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Thank you all for the support and prayers. I REALLY appreciate it and beleive in the power of prayer. Your prayers are more valuable than $1000 bills to me, their intrinsic value is more than I can convey. Not to get all holy rolly on everyone, but God has been really good to me…he gave me beautiful children. My DD dispute this set back is still doing better than about 80% of other kids with the condition she had- so I still am left feeling thankful.

      I am just scared and worried….. I love who she is and I don’t want to lose that person ( I could do without the typical/ or maybe even sensory based tantrums- but I would rather deal with that than loose my favorite parts of who she is).


      • quincyil says:

        I am so sorry. It looks like your baby’s mom is very intelligent and alert to her needs. That is going to help her so much. I wish I was with you so I could help you.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Thanks again all. About to leave in minute to take DD for the MRI it’s only 6am here and still dark out.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        Sweet jesus. This poor little kid!

        Of course I’m praying praying for both of you.

        Stay strong.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      ((((((((Rabble Rouser )))))))))))))

    • Wall St Lady says:

      RR that is a lot to deal with.
      U & ur daughter r brave. I can
      Pray for u and ur sweet princess.

  60. lillybee says:

    My rant, It is so sad that Taylor’s daughter wants to spend time with the nanny instead of her mother.

    I thought it funny that Taylor wanted chandeleers (sp) at the birthday party for her daughter. I also thought that if that were the case, she should have hired Sandra Lee as her party planner. Sandy is known for hanging Chandeleers from trees.

    • celeste says:

      Tyalor is a disgusting excuse for a mother. Her 4 year old child CRIED on her birthday. Taylor is fake and shallow – her and Camille are two gold digger peas in a pod. How can Taylor be mean to a little puppy? I feel desperately sorry for her daughter.

      • JKW says:

        That party was all for Taylor. She didn’t care at all about her kid or whether she was having fun. It was the big Taylor show.

        • TLM says:

          I’m amazed Taylor didn’t order a cotton candy machine to be there so she could deep-throat the cotton candy for all the parents to watch, while standing on the table and being photographed.

          I hope they really did get a lot of the stuff donated to the party. They’ll need it for Kennedy’s therapy and drug rehab.

  61. LurkerAlso says:

    Off-topic, did anyone see the Apprentice tonight? I want to know who the “cheater” is who gets fired at the start of the next episode.

    • Adgirl says:

      Yes! I think it could be Brandy….but I hope not.
      She really has a chance to win. I’m torn between rooting (in this order) for Brandy, Anand, Clint or Stephanie.

      Did you know that in real life david and Poppy are dating??! Wha??

      • JKW says:

        I saw they were dating. What the hell does she see in him ? He is just weird. I actually like Clint. He seems pretty honest and down to earth. I didn’t quite get the Masha thing. She told Clint how much they made but it was after the whole thing was over. It isn’t like it would change anything. The money all stayed the same.

  62. JKW says:

    I saw the show and the previews. No clue who was cheating. If David wouldn’t have been fired tonight, I would have bet it was him. He was a sleazeball.

  63. Adgirl says:

    Taylor’s party …. just sad and stupid.
    What a waste of money – but I don’t think she actually spent $50K. I’ll bet it was mostly donated.
    A four year olds, unless they are unusually out going, will fold like an umbrella at big occassions.

    Did you notice that no one was wearing the Barbie necklaces????

    I liked Kim’s party for Portia, but why didn’t the kids get to play in the pool?

    I want to be adopted by Lisa. She’s cool. I’d like to hear more froom her husband.
    I noticed that she wears pink all of the time.

    • JKW says:

      Maybe they didn’t swim due to liability ? All you would need is a kid to drown in the pool. Kyle’s party was more kid oriented. They looked like they were having fun. Lisa is great and really seems to be a good mom.

  64. Rabble Rouser says:

    Here goes my rant…….

    What is with these broads….first of all either they or Bravo are lying there asses off about how much those birthday parties cost.

    The Houdini Estate isn’t 10k to rent- that is some BS right there. It’s $1000 to $1,500 per day. http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p165365

    That budget jump house that Kylie rented wasn’t $500- that was completely laughable. I rent a 5-in1 ( much bigger- has obstacle course and a slide) here in OC cali- and it’s only $169 bux).

    The little train, my friends rented a train (granted it was a bit different and didn’t have a track) and it was $300 for 2 hours. No way she paid $1000+ for it.

    And there is no way it cost more than 16K for the tent and rentals- the tent was probably about $700 and $25 for each of the panels they draped down it. I didn’t count them but lets say there was 20- that’s less than $1500 for the tent. The adult chairs were probably about$10 each about if they were high end chairs which people usually don’t cover (my guess is they were $3.00 chairs)- and the cover is about 3.50 to 6.00 (she said there was 35 adults- buts lets say there was 40) that’s $400 for chairs plus – $240.00 ,/B.for covering at most .
    A table which seats 10 is about $10 bux- lets they used 4. Kids chairs and tables are usually cheaper but lets say its the same- only there was less kids. 3 tables at $10 is
    $30 each and 25 chairs is $400. I could go on and on- but it didn’t cost what they are claiming…I already proved they infated the location costs by X10.

    But anyway…..Taylor made me sick. That party was clearly all about her. Who has a photo shoot of themselves at their kids birthday? Narcissists that’s who .

    Kylie’s party for her DD was a little more to what I am used to as far as elaborate parties go in the OC. But the whole thing of calling Kim to come and help and making it look like she was a flake for being late reeked of manipulation on her part. Honestly, you think your sister woke up that day and decided to move? Get really lady- and if you wanted help- call your party planer. I am starting to think Kylie gets off on making Kim look bad.

    I really want to punch Camille in the throat. The way she talks is so put on, it’s offensive to listen to her go on and on..because it nullifies anything that comes out of her mouth…and 9/10 it’s usually self congratulatory. F- her. Does she really think she has more going than Adrian? GTFO.

    Adrian, a chef to cook discount looking hot dogs and burgers? Really? And did the bun that fell to the ground look burnt? Where the hell did you get this chef?

    Linda, bad idea to disclose your kids drug problem to the world…ask Lauri’s son how it effected him…

    • Adgirl says:

      Where in OC do you live? I recently left Irvine to return to Northern California.

      Totally agree that A) the costs quoted were unreal B) they stuff was comped anyway.

      Taylor and daughter were NOT wearing the Barbie diamond necklace and neither was anyone else!! It NEVER happened!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I’m in San Clemente 🙂

        • quincyil says:

          I bet prices are inflated in BH. Look at the prices that you all in California pay for things compared to us. Everything here is bargain basement.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I am sure if a vendor hears “Beverly Hills” some of them might get a few extra dollar stars in their eyes….but it’s probably more in up selling. I am almost bet the same company that did the bounce house. One year we also rented a cotton candy maker for DD’s party which was a total waste. Kids were only 2 at the time and didn’t know what CC was- only a few parents wanted some. It also cause the circut to blow which kicked of the generation for the bounce house- it started to collapse with all the kids inside it…..ahhh mad dash to get all the babies out!!

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              forgot to add- Taylors party was actually in Hollywood.

              • quincyil says:

                Remember the goodbye Ryan/baby birthday at the end of the prior season of “Flipping Out?” I think that part cost a couple of thousand and I remember prices like 500 dollars for the bouncing thing with a slide. That was in LA somewhere.

    • TLM says:

      I was wondering about other costs, like $2000+ for those little marzipan dessert things, and $12K for that party planner? Seriously, they paid her $12K ? Even if her services were donated here, I can’t believe she would get that much for an event like that.

  65. error404 says:

    I could care less about that party, but I’ll tell you what really irks me about Bravo:

    for an entire week we were shown commercials that clearly indicated that Lisa was distraught over her son’s drug problem and a recent incident.

    Then they air the show and it turns out that no such thing is even remotely true.

    Seriously, they took her question to a college recruiter about drugs on campus, and then edited it to look like she was confronting her son about his own usage! That’s just evil. If I hadn’t of watched the episode, I’d now be going around saying things like: “Which one’s Lisa? The one with the drug addict son?”

    • quincyil says:

      That’s Bravo: sex, drugs, and over the top.

      Lisa looks like a great friend and a great mom. Bravo didn’t make me think otherwise.

      I think that Kyle and Kim are caring parents. Adrienne works, but tries to be a mom to her sons. So, we have four good moms in this show. That’s a high percentage when it comes to Bravo’s Real Housewives.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Yep! I hate when they do that. They used to so it with PR all the time. I remember seeing promos for PR once making it look like there was going to be this big fight and I watch the showed and I couldn’t even piece the promos together with what I had watched. I think that was the beginning of the end for me and PR.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Promos that don’t go with the next episode are annoying – Bravo does it to keep the audience tuning in!

    • AZ Girl says:

      Agree with 100 percent. I kept thinking the episode was about her son and his drug use and something had happened to him. The editing is just crazy.

  66. quincyil says:

    I am already at work, but I wanted to bring up Adrienne’s handling of the boys. Three boys so close in age are very difficult to handle. I only had two. Having them on camera for a long period of time must have been frustrating to both parents. I bet she just blew it because she couldn’t control the situation. We have all been there. She’s probably really good with the boys when she’s on her own. She only has a part time nanny so she’s trying to be the parent. In BH fantasy world, she’s trying to be a real mom.

    • vilzvet says:

      Yikes, do we really need to hear whining boys? They were kinda like the male version of the Guidice brats! God love Adrienne for birthing 3 boys in her 40s?! As she stated, what a life change for her!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I totally felt for her when she was with her boys. I think being in front of the camera’s can intimidate a parents reaction – it’s like being out in public and you are afraid of being judge as being abusive, I think it would probably be easier to be judged as too passive if it’s really not your true parenting style.

      • quincyil says:

        Alex had that problem in the restaurant at the end of NYC season I. What do you do? Rip the kid away from the hamburger slashing or make like it’s a joke. I think America prefers the removal of that child.

  67. error404 says:

    The episode seemed to focus on the women as mothers, and not surprisingly, Camille’s kids were MIA and her segments were all about Camille, Camille, and Camille. But enough about Camille, let’s talk about you. What do you think about Camille?

    Oddly, they all but ignored Kim, who lives for her kids. I trust that had Kyle not been busy planning that party, we’d have been treated to several Kim moving scenes, complete with Kyle telling her everything she was doing was wrong: wrong house, wrong moving company, wrong way of packing, wrong way of breathing etc..

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I call malicious editing on Bravo – they are making us see these wives the way they want their story to go! Needy Kim. Business Adrienne. Mommy Kyle. Plastic Taylor. Fun loving Lisa. Golddigger Camielle.
      We’ve had the parade of husbands and children…..Can we please now just have the wives? Maybe a charity event? Maybe a shopping spree? Drama day at the spa? What about seeing BH?

    • KellitaM says:

      Kim couldn’t even tell a story the right way. “I can’t understand you! You talk too fast!”

  68. RileyKitty says:

    I just knew I would end up hating on some of these BH housewives!! Taylor & Camille top my list!! Camille is such a bitch. You helped a “friend” when her & her husband were struggling…. I true friend would disclose their personal business on NATIONAL TELEVISION just to show how fucken wonderfully generous you are. My hatred for her went from moderate to Jill Zarin level in one episode.

  69. MAMAZ says:

    Quincy – I just saw your reply to my fashion comment upthread. I am planning on watching Fashion Show. I love fashion and am pretty knowledgable about designers, trends, etc. I’m so busy these days I’m not sure I can commit to a weekly recap but I will do my best to weigh in with my thoughts.

    I’m a little surprised by all the anti Iman sentiments. She is a true fashion icon, one of the first black supermodels. Women of color were so rare to the industry then that Iman had to mix and apply her own make up. The make up artists didn’t know how to work with anything but caucasion skin tones. That led to her creating her own line of ethnic make up which is still around today.

    By the way she is married to David Bowie. They have a daughter together. Talk about winning the genetic lottery!

    • skogsstig says:

      I was also surprised about the tone of the comments about Iman, MAMAZ. Thanks for responding the way you did. 🙂

      Btw, there’s nothing “ironic” about her name, Iman (original sp. from Somali is “Iiman). It means Faith.

      • quincyil says:

        I like the name, “Faith.”

        I will write the blog and send it to Lynn. I hope that those with knowlege will comment and help me learn about fashions. My Iranian husband would love me to put a little effort into my appearance. LOL. His relatives wear European fashions under those black chadors.

        • HD says:

          I was too. I mean she has an accent. She is from another country. Hello. Everyone is not going to sound like a hotdog eating, flag waving American. Iman was and STILL is one of the most beautiful women in the world. She blazed the trail for people like Tyra and others. Let’s not get too carried away with ourselves here. She has an ACCENT. People typically do that come from different parts of the world! HELLO!

          • JazzNightOut says:


          • JKW says:

            I didn’t really think anyone was making fun of her. I think the point was that it is difficult to understand her accent. Yes, she is from another country, is beautiful and has an accent. She is also the host of a show and hopefully she can be understood without using subtitles. If you can’t understand what she is saying it’s tough to get involved in a show.

            • TLM says:

              I’m in my 40s and I knew who Iman was, However, I don’t recall her yelling and sounding like she’s going to kill someone like they are showing in the clips. It grates on me and is unnecessary. Plus I DO have a hard time understanding her. Beverly Johnson was also an Af-Am model in the 70s and was fabulous. I would like to see her on there.

  70. AZ Girl says:

    It is really sad that Taylor’s daughter would rather spend time with her nanny then her mom. But Taylor doesn’t care bring on the cameras she is ready for a photo shoot.

    As for Camille. She thinks she is tired now, just wait. Those kids are going to grow up and with Kelsey’s history of alcohol and drug abuse the teen years are going to be a doozy. Camille will be MIA, soaking in a hot tub in the distance with no clue. Those poor kids are screwed.

    • quincyil says:

      Taylor looked like a skinny, lonely only child. The photo seemed sad. I bet there are stories to tell there.

      Let’s hope that Camille can continue hiring nannies that care about the kids.

      My daughter has a nanny because she is an anesthesiologist and has call several night a week. She has to be at the hospital at 6 am and few day care centers are opened in time for that. There are lots of women who have to have help. There are fantastic women who have chosen to become nannies. I appreciate that they want to do this.

  71. WindyCityWondering says:

    Taylor’s birthday party, I mean Taylor’s daughter’s birthday party was interesting. Taylor grew up without $$$. Remember the conversation about children when she was amazed that BH kids thought everyone had a pool? Apparently how she was raised has been forgotten and it is all about who can be the most over the top – in everything! A four year old doesn’t do tea parties, barely knows who Barbie is, can’t eat diamonds so thats a dumb present and would not be comfortable with a bunch of strangers and cameras period. Her nanny means safety and security and that is what she really wanted and needed. The tell was the Photo Op for Taylor…look at mommy, she is hot, oh the memories we are making!
    I give Russell props for giving the puppy – that is something a four year old would want. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but a puppy is love!

  72. JKW says:

    Puppies are great but alot of work. Since Russell isn’t the one taking care of it, I think that was irresponsible. A dog isn’t something you get just to make a kid happy. It is a responsibility for the pets life. This is one of the reasons so many pets end up in shelters or given away. The whole family should agree on having a pet.

  73. nepenthe says:

    If anyone got scammed by a lawyer it was Larry Birkhead and the Debra Opri claim of 620k. I can’t believe the audacity for some of the things she tried to charge him for.

    ***********YES, and now that biotch, Debra Opri, is frequently a talking head on NANCY GRACE! How quickly some people forget.

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