I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of Atlanta

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of Atlanta   Nov 8, 2010

This show keeps improving every week, just straight up entertaining!  I’m still annoyed that they moved the show to Sunday’s but here we are and luckily Bravo re-runs everything so often, it is always easy to catch the episode.  Most people have DVR or TiVo so, no problem, we’ll forgive Bravo, for now.  This episode was jam packed with entertainment!

Kandi finally chooses a friend who can actually sing to develop into a recording artist. Sheree’s hair stylist Lawrence comes in to the recording studio to discuss a project and give Kandi’s team a sample of his vocal stylings.  Now this guy can sing!  The contrast between hearing him sing for just a moment and Kim desecrating Kandi’s song was surprisingly funny!   The fact that Kim wants to be taken seriously, talks about her fans and sees herself as a “pop star” is really comical, the problem is I think she’s serious.

If Kim Zolciak had not been a Bravo Housewife, her song, Tardy For The Party would have been laughed right out of any recording studio.  During season one when Kim met with actual, real people in the recording industry, they told her the truth.  Kandi is the real deal but she’s also blinded by friendship.  I just don’t see what Kandi gets out of this friendship.

Kim is clearly agitated by Lawrence’s presence, I suppose real talent would make her nervous.  Kandi suffered through Kim trying to sing the song that she wrote as the producers and sound mixers looked on completely horrified.  Kim wasn’t just out of tune, her  voice was cracking and horrendous!

Somehow Kandi is able to auto-tune the hell out of it and Kim walked away with a CD of the noise she made in the studio and she plays it for NeNe.  NeNe tells Kim exactly whatshe wants to hear and says that there’s something wrong with the song, never mentioning that the vocals sound like a sick pig on crack.  Why is everyone tiptoeing around Kim Zolciak?

Kim is shown visiting her storage units and admitting that she’s a pack rat decides to have a “yard sale” putting her valued possessions out in a parking lot of a burger joint.  Kim’s father reasonably negotiates for prices that may actually get some of her old junk sold as Kim is alarmed by the low prices he is quoting.  As she wants to inform us of just how much she paid for all of this  junk, we all know that Big Papa paid for it all anyway so whatever she gets for it is pure profit.  Note to self, always clean out your furniture drawers prior to the sale.  Some lucky customer almost got Kim’s old under pants and her high school yearbook.  I’d ask for a refund!

The ghetto “Estate Sale” as Phaedra calls it, (ok the “ghetto” part was mine) drew the attention of some of the other housewives including NeNe, Kandi and the always classy Phaedra.  NeNe makes a purchase and Phaedra tells the ladies during a lunch break
that her doctor will be inducing labor although she’s only 7-month’s pregnant and that the baby is now 8 lbs.   It gets better because in order to underscore that all is well with her plan, she informs the ladies that her husband, when born, was 3-months early and weighed 9-lbs.   Either Phaedra thinks her co-stars, producers and viewers are complete idiots or SHE is a complete idiot.  As an attorney, I would think she would research her lies a bit better.  Phaedra, just google “gestational period of humans”.

As both Cynthia and NeNe point out, Phaedra is either pregnant by another man, or she was pregnant when she walked down the aisle to marry her husband.  As Cynthia says, “who cares?”, but Phaedra’s southern belle reputation would be down the proverbial
toilet if she admitted she had to get married.  <shocking!>

All of this foolish lying and the ridiculous stories are all to hide the fact that she was pregnant before she was married, but Kim reminding us that she was a nurse added to the comedy.   Sorry Kim but you don’t have to be a nurse to know the gestational schedule of a human being, any mom knows that no doctor would induce labor at 7-months.  If that doctor existed, he’d be the busiest doctor in the country.  Wouldn’t we all love to deliver at 7-months, Phaedra is a lucky woman!  There will be no screaming like a wolf or pooping on the table for this socialite.  It’s a good thing that she has a job, unlike the rest of the housewives otherwise she may actually have to pay as much attention to her baby’s due date the way that they do.

Phaedra is also shown in her office soliciting business from an ex-member of Destiny’s Child where she explains that her contribution to the group was described as “not enough to have an opinion” and her resulting drinking and DUI arrest.  This whole scene was very strange as I thought that Phaedra Parks was an attorney, not an agent.  Phaedra seems to be promising this woman a whole new career and even a one-woman show.  What on earth?

Phaedra explains that she is pro-active with her clients and solicits them for business, but best I could tell, this woman needs an agent or a producer, maybe even an AA meeting, but not an attorney.  What Phaedra calls, “pro-active” seems to be the equivalent of ambulance chasing for an entertainment lawyer.   Does she need business that badly?  I guess there aren’t enough pot busts among
her clients at the moment.

We learned quite a bit more about Cynthia tonight, as her daughter  Noelle plays in the park we meet Leon, the baby daddy who seems to be a whole lot more than that.  Cynthia is a smart lady and made a wise decision for the father of her child, he’s a loving father who spends a lot of time with his daughter even providing an ear for Cynthia to discuss her impending marriage to Paul.  Leon may be
familiar to you, he was in Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” music video.

It doesn’t seem to matter what Cynthia is wearing, or her makeup,
or  her vastly different hair styles, she is stunning in every scene yet down to earth and a good person.   I can see why Bravo was unhappy about Cynthia’s marriage news being leaked because it really does nullify all of this fear of marriage we’re seeing now as we know in the end she goes through with the wedding.

NeNe had a rough night, she continues to deal with her unemployed son who refuses to go to school and lives under her roof.  He seems to be making no effort to find a job, and in a repeat of last season he simply wants his mother to use any connections
that she may have to get him a job in a nightclub.  NeNe had hooked her son up with a club owner last season but agrees to introduce him to Cynthia’s fiancé Paul.  NeNe wants Bryce to attend business school to really learn how to run a nightclub but Bryce seems to think that as long as NeNe hooks him up with Paul, who happens to own a nightclub, he will be all set.  Bryce clearly needs some education since he doesn’t know what asparagus is, as his little brother correctly points out, Bryce just made a fool of himself on national television.  Kids, stay in school.

NeNe’s problems continue as she invites Cynthia and Paul to
her home for dinner with her family.  Another good lesson for the kiddies, never throw a dinner party while your marriage is on the rocks.  NeNe does, as promised, she introduces her son Bryce to Paul who tells Bryce that hard work is what is needed explaining that he was up at dawn making donuts and working hard at his age, nothing comes easy.  (Is this an afterschool special?) So many lessons we’re learning from The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Does anyone else feel like Bryce is not motivated to actually put any work into a career or an education?

The evening just gets worse as the over-served NeNe begins to slur her words and a miscommunication leads to a discussion on communication with NeNe poking her husband Gregg in the nose repeatedly.   For all of the young wives out there, this is inappropriate behavior if you intend to keep your man.  Gregg accuses NeNe of sending “shade” his way, this is apparently a bad thing as NeNe denies it, letting Gregg know that Cynthia paid him a compliment.  Gregg is no dummy, he heard NeNe’s response to Cynthia’s compliment and I’ll bet it would fall into the “shade” category.

Sheree was conspicuous only by her absence in this episode,
apparently there wasn’t much happening with the Fake Doc this week but I’m sure she’ll be back to snarking next week.  I really missed her, “Bitch, you don’t know when you got knocked up?”  to Phaedra, it never gets old!

Bravo has posted a few previews for next week’s episode, you can view them here:


As of now, only Cynthia’s blog has been posted, each week she makes a list of memorable moments of the episode, it is worth reading:


My latest radio podcast has been released and you can listen to it here:

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269 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Real Housewives of Atlanta

  1. Waxdiva says:

    Bringing this over from last blog…

    Cynthia and Peter are married! There goes that storyline:


  2. Waxdiva says:

    Sorry if this was old news! Did I miss that on the show???

  3. The only way a Dr. would induce labor early is if there was a SERIOUS problem , not just b/c she is uncomfortable. But get this, my ex brother in law & his new wife scheduled to have on baby on his B-day & she got a C- section I mean she was only a week or so early but still I dont even agree with that. But never at 7 mo. unless there was a problem & why would she want to put her child through that? Selfish BITCH she is.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      ? Because it is all a lie and she was at term and about to go into labor LOL!

      • vilzvet says:

        I thought at the lunch episode Phaedra said the doctor was going to birth the baby at 34 weeks, so that is pretty much 8 months??

        • Ruby Newbie says:

          Phaedra has told so many tall tales at this point, you need and Excel spreadsheet to keep up. It’s no biggie that she was pregnant when she got married–hell the bride of my pastor’s son was knocked up when they got hitched–sooooo, even as a preacher’s kid she needs to get over herself and embrace honesty.

          Perhaps she is afraid of looking desperate being that she clearly was having unprotected sex with a man who did quite a long stint in prison pretty much immediately upon his release–NOT SMART! Did she even get him tested??

          I think Ms. Latavia, formerly of Destiny’s Child, being on the show was a pitch for her own reality show. Phaedra would broker the deal and they’d both get paid!

  4. housewifeaddict says:

    Bringing this one over from last blog too…


    Bravo keeping details of ‘Real Housewives’ under wraps

    Well according to this Season 3 of Jersey has only been filming about a week. Misinformation or information – hard to tell.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bravo has to be pissed off with the internet bloggers as they keep finding out what is going on and posting it in real time – filming is being compromised. Who is going to actually tune in for the next season?

  5. MickeyMouth says:

    I sure wish I had Phaedra’s doctors. Mine kids were both really late.

    Great blog Lynn. I’m loving Atlanta this season too! NeNe is killing with the one liners! Stop saying that out loud so people can hear how crazy you are!

  6. my estimation of cynthia continues to rise! much to phaedra’s chagrin, i’m sure, cynthia seems the epitome of class and breeding (and has no need to self proclaim)

    thanks for another great blog post, lynn!

  7. housewifeaddict says:

    Great blog.

    Cynthia does look beautiful, and seems like a sincere, together person. So why is she on this show? I noticed during the whole Phaedra discussion at the burger place she didn’t say a word. She almost seems like a peace maker, the complete opposite of the drama queens the rest of these ladies are. Her voice overs are good, but not great like NeNe and even Sheree. She’s in so many scenes with NeNe, I wonder if NeNe brought her in because she didn’t want either Lisa or Phaedra (or Sheree, who was rumored to also be on the chopping block with Lisa – and this year’s lack of air time for her shows how easy it would have been to cut her out during editing).

    Well that’s a ramble – but I can’t help thinking that Cynthia will either change or be dropped next year.

    • Ruby Newbie says:

      I think Bravo needs to keep the beautiful Cynthia (seriously, those cheekbones could cut glass!). She has a stabilizing impact. Too much crazy is no good (look at Jersey). Somebody has to keep it real. She is that element. Besides, her hubby is a bit of a wild card and that keeps it interesting.

      Sheree is trying to hold on to relevance. She’s kinda boring right now. She even pulled her love child into the spotlight. Remember season 1, her oldest daughter was tagged a family friend. Then, a classmate of the daughter spilled the beans all over the internet. I believe Sheree had her at 15, which didn’t fit in with her oh so fabulous narrative at the time.

      Lisa got chopped for being a broke bore. She annoyed me by trying to spin the short sale of her home as a sound business move. You only do that when you’re in trouble. A short sale is just a notch ahead of foreclosure. That and her celeb ex would be caught dead on the show or allow his kids on it just made her too much of a non-entity. She had enough skeletons to be fascinating (the loss of custody of her 2 oldest kids, the court records stating she stole money from her ex and spent it on herself) but I guess she didn’t wanna discuss all that.

      But, they should have kept DeShawn Snow because BOY does she have the drama going on now! Her husband had a love child with his ex, they’re divorcing and her pastor is dead center of a gay sex scandal. Now that would have been must see tv! They moved too fast with that one!

      • Zoey says:

        Wow, good info. DeShawn does sound more interesting than before! I feel bad for her though, since she was somewhat likable.

        I think Bravo is editing Cynthia to be who they want her to be, and more personality traits will come out as they see fit. I can’t imagine her being mean or cuckoo, but I remember liking Jill Z, so I don’t trust Bravo! She could be a cuckoo in the closet!
        Nor can I ever again say a woman on these shows is soooo nice, just based on editing.
        When they’re mean and bitchy, that’s not editing, that is them, but when they’re shown to be nice and sweet, you can’t trust that! Who knows what they said that ended up on the cutting room floor! Just my opinion, and my being traumatized from first liking Jill to later detesting Jill.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Has anyone see a picture of the ho that Eric Snow left his wife for? Yuk.

          It only solidifies my belief that when men cheat ‘the don’t f*ck up- they f*ck down’.

    • TrueLifeDiva says:

      Cynthia will bring the glamorous “hollywood” aspect to the show. Plus, there might be some friction between hubby and baby daddy Leon. Peter seems the type that will challenge any male in the room, so even if Leon is cool, Peter will eventually find a reason to dislike him. Plus, next year can feature Peter going broke since we already know he no longer has the nightclub/restaurant.

      • quincyil says:

        Cynthia is fantastic. She’s far more sophisticated and educated than Kelly Bensimon. She seems like a great mom who cares about her daughter and wants her child to be loved by her dad.

        I think Atlanta is moving in a good direction with the new people. Two of three are great: Kandi and Cynthia. Compared to the other series, this is a great number.

        • Savannah111 says:

          Hi quincyil, just wanted to say I totally agree with you about the best ladies on the show Cynthia and Kandi.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            While I like Cynthia- she has some wit and obviously is strikingly beautiful, I still am not sure if she really brings anything to the show other than a few IQ points that most of the other housewifes are lacking.

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  9. HD says:

    I am watching the show online now.

    Thanks, Lynn for the blog. I was going into withdrawals. LOL! I can’t wait to finish the show so I can comment.

    Why does Phaedra keep lying!!! She must think she is the first woman in the world to give birth so we all don’t know anything.

  10. kbinldo says:

    Dunno about the whole “being pro-active & soliciting business” thing….lawyers aren’t supposed to do that. It’s called “barratry”& is not only an ethical violation, but a felony.

    As for Bryce, I’ve run into several young-un’s who seem to think that just because they exist, they should automatically be made managers or partners, despite their lack of experience & incredible lack of tact, manners, people skills.

    • TrueLifeDiva says:

      Remember when TammySue’s son got the job in the parts dept. at the dealership? He complained it was only $10 an hour. At 18 he thought he should be a manager or consultant. Same useless shuffling is going on with Bryce.

  11. HD says:

    I am cracking up! Kim cannot sing AT ALL! Why does Kandi keep pretending like she can! Kim sounds a boiling hot mess!

    • quincyil says:

      because…Kandi is an incredibly nice person and a good businesswoman. She knows there is a market for the odd ducks. Tiny Tim is an example of that.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Because Bravo recognizes the comedy in Kim Z’s vocal stylings. Because Bravo told Kandi to continue to work with Kim. What I can’t figure out is why is Kandi on this show in the first place?

        • TrueLifeDiva says:

          Kandi has the reality show bug also. She was originally going to be one of the stars of “Tiny and Toya” with her former band mate Tameka aka Tiny. It was supposed to be about them getting back together and regaining their former glory. Salt n Pepa did a show like this and TLC did a show where they looked for a replacement for Left Eye. Kandi and Tiny filmed for months and when the show was in editing, the show producers decided they liked the chemistry between Tiny and one of her BFF’s better. The BFF just happened to be Toya Carter, ex-wife of rapper Li’l Wayne. Toya was in, Kandi was out, and the show was renamed Tiny and Toya. Kandi was determined to be on a reality show to promote her “comeback” and she actively campaigned to be on RHoA. I have a feeling she is getting a lot of work after she turned that pigs ear named Kim into a sick purse. But I prefer her writing over her signing.

          • MAMAZ says:

            Hi TLD! I didn’t know that about the Tiny and Toya show. Did it ever air?
            I like Kandi’s songwriting better than her vocals too but I really like hearing a writer perform the material.

            • TrueLifeDiva says:

              Kandi was edited out and the show ran for 2-3 seasons. Right now Tiny’s husband, the rapper T.I. is in and out of jail so who knows if there will be another season. He didn’t like her being on reality t.v. or even working.

    • TrueLifeDiva says:

      Because it keeps Kandi’s name in the press, blogs, etc. Dealing with nasty Kim is making Kandi the good guy and people will root for her to succeed. Kandi is getting crossover exposure where previously she was only known in the hip hop/r&b world. $$$$$

  12. TEB says:

    Forgive my ignorance… but where exactly does Boughetto come from? I understand the Ghetto part– but not the “Bou” part. What is it a combination of?

  13. HD says:

    I cannot believe Phaedra is keeping this lie going. She literally thinks we believe her. Is she stupid? This is really bothering me. I don’t know why it gets under my skin so bad but it does. She literally wants us to believe her baby is 8 pounds at 7 months. I mean really!! I am blown away by the enormity of this lie. I just cannot believe it.

    • quincyil says:

      It shows that you can be book smart in law, and completely without knowledge about pregnancy. You’d think she would be following along and watching her son grow inside, but she seems to think of herself all of the time.

      • Kat says:

        I think she thinks she is smart and everyone else is stupid.
        Some bright people get caught up in their own kind of “special”.
        It’s sad. But hey it helped her get on TV and she exaggerates this trait for the camera. imho.

        • Zoey says:

          What I am learning is how many kinds of crazy there are in the world! I thought you just had your basic crazy, your really out there crazy, and maybe an angry crazy. But these women each have a very unique crazy that defies logic!

    • Savannah111 says:

      HD I have to tell you I feel the same way, she thinks people are stupid and it makes my blood boil.

  14. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Lynn, that is NOT kim singing on the demo. That was a “scratch track”. It was Kandi singing with no production done to it. This is what songwriters often do to submit a new song for consideration. You record a rough cut to get your idea across but leave room for tweeking the song. No one wants to look at sheet music 😉

    • emily says:

      Yes you are right. That was Kandi singing on the tape that Nene listened to in Kim’s car, so it would have been ridiculous for her to say the voice sounded bad on that tape.

      One other thing, Cynthia’s boyfriend/fiance/husband, is Peter, not Paul.

      And the actor Leon Robinson has been in many films and some TV, such as Oz. I do not know him from a Madonna video but I don’t watch music videos. I remember him from movies like Cool Runnings (back in the day), Waiting to Exhale, and the Temptations movie (i love motown so i actually own this and it’s really good if you like movies based on true story).

      Cynthia says in her blog that Noelle looks exactly like Leon and that she was “just the vessel”. Yes, miss Cindi B., I have to agree, Noelle is the spitting image of her daddy.

      • emily says:

        I felt bad for not having seen any Madonna videos. I was only 6 in 1990 so….I found out that Leon was in the “Like a Prayer” video and found it on YouTube.

        Look for Leon around the 1:34 mark.

  15. error404 says:

    storyline, storyline, storyline!

    If Sheree didn’t go on fake dates with icky fake doctors, what would she be doing on the show? Nothing.

    If Phaedra didn’t lie thru her gaped teeth about everything (Her criminal hubby, her full grown fetus, her flailing business defending crackheads, etc…) what would she have to talk about? Nothing. Her constant obvious lies, so obvious even a small child would know better than to tell them, are the most talked about storyline of this season.

    If Kandi didn’t try to get another hit song for an over-the-hill drunk prozzie who can’t sing, what would her or Kim talk about? Nothing. Could you imagine an entire season of Kim buying new furniture and selling the old shyte in a Burger King drive thru lane? Not even Nene’s biting commentary could save that lame a storyline!

    Nene’s damaged rep is being saved this season because unlike Jill, she has no problem throwing her family under the bus to save her own skin. See, she’s not so bad, it’s her cheatin hubby and deadbeat son that are the problem. Poor Nene. She’s a victim! LOL Unfortunately, Jill’s jewish and she’ll never refer to her distinctly average daughter as anything but a genius supermodel, or her constantly disappearing hubby with the vintage porn collection, as a good catch.

    Cyn’s reluctance to commit to Peter is probably the only real storyline on the show. Again, he asks if Greg will be there when going to Nene’s. Is it physically impossible for him to be in a room where his is the only penis present? Does this disease have a name? They betetr have a son right quick, because if it’s just him Cyn and her daughter around the dinner table every night, he might suffer a relapse. Maybe one of his kids can come live with them, he has plenty to spare.

  16. realminkey says:

    I know I’m not in the majority on this, but I really don’t care for Kandi’s voice, or her musical style. It all sounds very forced to me.

    • HD says:

      Kandi’s voice to me is more suited for church. It is not very commerical so I understand what you are saying. I think she should focus on writing hit records. That’s where the money is (or at least I have heard that.)

      Of course, she can sing better than me on her worst day. LOL

    • TrueLifeDiva says:

      Kandi was not the lead singer in Xscape. She sang some leads, but the heavyset girl sang most. I think Kandi tries to put it on extra thick for the cameras. I’ve never known her to warble this much.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kandi has a nice voice but writing songs is where she makes her money.

    • Cheri says:

      I don’t like it either, to me it looks like she is singing with a mouthful of marbles the same as when she talks

      • MAMAZ says:

        Kandi isn’t the BEST singer I’ve ever heard but she is a talented songwriter. And I like to hear the writer doing their own material sometimes. I’ll take heartfelt over technical prowess any day.

        • Kat says:

          I agree Mamaz.
          But I love Patti, Aretha, Tina, and Lauryn H. I like many different vocal styles.

          Hearing the writer sing is like hearing an author narrate. Their intention shines.

    • Mary Jane says:

      Me either. I sometimes flip the channels when she sings. I hate that new song she wrote for Kim. And there’s no way that Kim can sing that and she knows it.

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  18. boston02127 says:

    Lynn, Great blog. Thanks.
    Luv’d the Realilty Buzz show too!

  19. Zoey says:

    Great blog! I didn’t know Cynthia got married, so thanks for that info.

    Kim’s singing=pain. It is not one bit funny, it’s hard to listen to! I think Kandi is being pretty dang savvy this time around. She must have the business end of things worked out better than last time, and I love the way she said this time she wanted to ‘challenge’ Kim with a more difficult song. Ha! In other words, seems to me she’s having a little fun/payback at Kim’s expense! Good for her. Kim is nervous as hell and cannot sing this song. They’ll probably auto tune it to death, but the journey won’t be as easy for Kim this time.

    And I think Kandi gave the better, much more catchier song to Lawrence. We may see some catty scrapping from these two ‘singer’s’, Kim will be so jealous.

    I can’t believe NeNe would buy a USED mattress, used by Kim. Ew. Double ew. Even if it is for her relative to use.

    Cynthia is beautiful, and Paul’s not a bad looking guy. I can’t say that I see any chemistry between them when they interact, but they ‘say’ they are happy, so best of wishes to them.

    I don’t know how much longer I can look at Fakedra’s lips. Gross! Her upper lip looks like a balloon that is about to pop, or a big old blister! Glossing it up just makes it look bigger. And I hope she pooped when she had the baby, ha! Is that terrible?
    Should be interesting watching her raising this child. Either it will make her more humble and she will realize WOW, I really am human like everyone else, or she will remain a diva in denial and child protective services will be nearby…

    • quincyil says:

      What’s the deal on selling mattresses? Did they not have tags on them that says they can not be sold? You’d think, with bed bugs invading the United States, we might not want to share bedding.

      • TrueLifeDiva says:

        I don’t think NeNe actually purchased that bed. No one loaded anything into their cars. Just a variation on the dinner/fashion show/party excuse to get the women in one room to gossip. Except the room was a burger joint.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          As Nene was getting into that huge vehicle she drives, someone said something about when you pick it up later, or when your truck comes to get it, or something along that line.

          Here we seem to not be prohibited from selling used mattresses. A friend has bragged that he’s never had a new mattress and that $20 at auction buys a good one. To that, I say —- urgh! Too many cooties for me.

          • TrueLifeDiva says:

            I never heard about it being illegal to sell used mattresses either. And not to be funny but you can buy a zippered plastic mattress cover at Walmart for less than $10.00 no matter what size. I know because I had to buy one for my guestroom bunkbed. My cat like to piss on the futon mattress for some odd reason.

        • klmh says:

          She mentioned last night in WWHL she purchased the bed etc., and I certainly give enough credit to NeNe to get a new mattress. Kim mentioned “magic was made in that bed”. Nough said…

      • ches says:

        I think you’re allowed to sell used mattresses here. You just can’t rip the little tag off, unless you want to spend time in the big house.

  20. Zoey says:

    Any salacious Salahi news lately anyone? Wonder what those two are up to….

    • boston02127 says:

      They’re probably out robbing banks.

    • quincyil says:

      I googled them up and down a few days ago and found nothing recently written. I think they are hiding under bushes waiting for the dust to clear. She will come out with another book, this time written by the high school nerd next door. He is probably creating new businesses out of bankrupt businesses. Everyone of them has Oasis somewhere in their name.

    • beth swift says:

      The Salahi’s recently had a paid appearance for a re-opening of a bowling alley. No joke. That is desperate.

      • Zoey says:

        Omg, a bowling alley? I’d say the bowling alley is desperate too, ha! Wow. I bet they arrived in a limo!

        And Kim needs to stop saying ‘O.m.g.’. My 8 year old niece says that. Grow up Kim! Stop trying to be so trendy. You are not a young, hip, ho anymore. You are an old ho with a muffin top!

        Boston, they wouldn’t call it robbing a bank; it would be a misunderstanding…

        • ches says:

          I saw a photo someone took of her at the bowling alley. She was in a short dress, with high heels, standing on one leg with a bowling bowl in one hand trying to take her shoes off with the other.
          Amazing that she could do that considering she’s been suffering from MS for 17 years and has never taking meds.

          • LynnnSoCal says:

            Actually, she’s been trying to become the poster salami for MS. She did a runway benefit for Tommy Hiliger. He hadn’t a clue who she was. Also another MS charity event in Chicago. As I feel she is a total con I’m appalled. Seriously mental.

            • LurkerAlso says:

              Zoey–too funny!

              I actually keep up with their antics with a group on Facebook called “Tell the white house pary crashers to go away.”
              And yes, they mispelled “party.”

              I can’t believe these two aren’t in jail over and over again.

              • Kat says:

                It is amazing that some people get away with screwing other people out of so much money and seem to suffer few consequences. Frigging amazing.

  21. boston02127 says:

    Got to admit, I’m lovin Laurence.

    • TrueLifeDiva says:

      I’m already envisioning next season. Lawrence in outrageous costumes at nightclubs onstage prancing up and down. Kinda like Kim SHOULD have done at the White Party. Lawrence can sing, has personality, his own style, and is willing to work for it! Kim, not so much. This was one big promo ad for Kandi’s burgeoning record label/management firm. Lawrence will the test case using Bravo’s money and reach to promote. I also think Phaedra is trying to pitch her own show as a wacky shit talking entertainment Pied Piper with a heart of gold. That scene with Latavia was supposed to show the heart of gold part (in case you were wondering). Sheree will not be on next season.

      • HD says:

        That scene with the girl from Destiny Child was stupid and so out of place. If she is not coming to you with some legal issues what does she want? Phaedra works my nerves. That story is soooooooooooooo old. You were in the group, you got replaced, keep it moving.

        • TrueLifeDiva says:

          She was there so could Phaedra could talk about how she helps her clients even when they are NOT in legal trouble! Didn’t you hear the part where Phaedra is gonna call her EVERY OTHER DAY and get her a one woman show? And everything she touches turns to gold? You did see her touch her at the end of their meeting…so she WILL turn to gold damn it!

          • HD says:

            LOL! A one woman show. Please! I guess because she helped put that stupid show Tiny and Toya on TV she thinks she is really a big shot. Okay…Tiny…formerly of Escape, not doing anything but “holding” drugs for her man…Toya…a nobody that happened to have a baby with Lil Wayne. Okay…this is what REALLY needs to be on TV. Now she has a former member of Destiny Child that no one even cares about anymore. Beyonce is doing her own thing and could care less about that woman.

        • quincyil says:

          Hmmm… Patti Stanger had a singer from Destiny’s Child that had lost her job and was looking for a mate.


          I just remembered that after reading HD’s comment. These shows are so incestuous.

        • boston02127 says:

          Phaedra gets on my nerves too. And, I can’t stand her goppy lipstick. It grosses me out.

        • Cheri says:

          I wonder when it was actually filmed because Phaedra was not pg in it or if she was she was barely showing

      • TheDesignDiva says:

        Truelifediva…I do believe you can google lawrence,,he has video that has him singing that closet freak song…It’s really FREAKA…

        • TrueLifeDiva says:

          Just found a video on YouTube dated July 30, 2010. Ha! I guess that studio scene was a re-enactment. And a set up to piss Kim off with a glimpse at REAL talent. It wasn’t a coincidence that Kim walked in when Lawrence was there. I loved how she said he would have a limited audience and wished him “good luck in Nebraska” or whatever she said. Too funny!

          • TheDesignDiva says:

            NEBRASKA…hahahhahaa,,,thats where I am from…Kim said KANSAZZ…

            • Kansas Girl says:

              Yeah, she said Kansas. For a second I was insulted, but then I realized she’s right. People here would think he was crazy. LOL! Well, maybe not in the big college town, but everywhere else. I’m imagining my relatives out in western Kansas asking what’s wrong with that guy…or is it a girl. Heck, my uncle thought satellites would see into his living room. I told him to keep his clothes on!

              • Zoey says:

                That’s funny.

              • quincyil says:

                Some people. The percentage of gays in Kansas and Nebraska is the same as any other state…

                I grew up in what was rural IL 60 miles NW of Chicago and my first cousin was gay. I’m sure there were other kids in my high school.

              • Kansas Girl says:

                One cousin was gay. The parents told us we don’t approve of “that kind of person” but didn’t elaborate. I decided he must be a murderer, as it was the worst kind of person I could imagine. Spent my childhood thinking that and was disappointed to learn he was only gay! This became a family story and was read at his funeral, he loved it so much.

              • error404 says:

                ” The percentage of gays in Kansas and Nebraska is the same as any other state…”

                Depends on how you compile your data. LOL

                10% of the birth population may be gay,as in the other states, but by the time those kids are 18+ and “publicly gay”, the majority of them will have fled to CA, NY, GA and FL.

              • Tracy (w/out an 'E') aka mscarp says:

                But in KC we will love it! At least, my friends are cool with his brand of freaky. 😉

        • floridagirl88 says:

          I like Lawrence, too, because he doesn’t pretend to be someone he’s not. The song was tamer than I expected, but he does have talent. Right at the start of the YouTube video you can catch a quick glimpse of Kandi.

    • realminkey says:

      Definite thumbs up for Lawrence!

  22. Jinx says:

    Phaedra is such a PHONY and socially irresponsible to have spewed that bullshit out on camera like that….What 1st time mother is so INCONVENIENCED by her pregnancy that she would advocate delivering at 7 months??????? Just own up to the fact that you were Apollo’s jail jump-off and the marriage was an after thought…yes I know …you are probably thinking what will people think….But what will they think when you decrease your child’s chances of a normal life with out handicaps!!!!! This bitch is a southern fried idiot.

  23. Jinx says:

    My apology to Lynn and her readers. I often read your blog(s), never comment just read. The lies that this woman is telling is really getting to me. I had my daughter at 6 months (25 weeks), she lived til 5yrs old. She had major respiratory issues along with undeveloped lungs from being born premature and among other health issues. For her to think that the lies she was spewing last night is cute, think again. She is sending a really bad massage to first time mothers. And you, (Fakedra) not knowing when your due date is……. my mother told me i was born at night, she didn’t say last night.

    • quincyil says:

      I am so sorry this happened to your family. Hugs….

      • Jinx says:

        Thanks a bunch quincyil.

        • quincyil says:

          Please stay with us, Jinx.

          • HD says:

            Jinx, I totally understand why you are upset. My daughter was 3 1/2 weeks early but they labeled her full term because everything was fine with her. But I was already dialated 2 cms at 6 months so I was on straight bedrest. And I had to do what I had to do to try to make it as close to full term as possible. So I understand.

            This lie is making me so mad and I don’t know why. We have all seen the housewives lie but this is such an OUTRAGEOUS lie and she seems like the baby is getting on her nerves or something. She doesn’t want to be “pooping” on the table. First of all WHAT TABLE? Second of all what about cleaning up poopy diapers. Is that gonna get on your damn nerves too?

            I can’t wait until next week. If I was her doctor I would issue a statement saying by NO MEANS do we deliver babies early so you will not be inconveinced. She is a lawyer, she should know saying things like that can damn near get that doctor’s license taken. What doctor is delievering babies early because its on your bladder? Give me a damn break!

            Keep posting, we all feel your frustrations!

            • MAMAZ says:

              Jinx – I can’t begin to imagine how painful losing your daughter must have been. As HD said keep posting, and don’t worry nobody is believing this woman’s obscene lies.

            • SpunkyMonkey says:

              This is why her lies bother me as well. I had a high percentage of miscarriage when I was pregnant, and had to take medication in the beginning to help decrease my chances (which made me sick as a dog). I was so worried my whole pregnancy of something going wrong. She didn’t come early (thankfully) and actually went past my due date. Had to have a c-section because of complications, and I was so worried about having the c-section and not having her naturally because I had read the c-section babies have a higher rate or respiratory problems. And here we have Phaedra, talking about her doctor taking the baby 2-3 months early because she’s uncomfortable and pressing on her bladder. What a moron! um, doesn’t she know this is why people make jokes about pregnant women always in the bathroom. My baby was pressing on my nerve to the point that I couldnt’ walk…did they take her early? No! Did I expect them to? No! And I’m sorry but no premie weights 9 poiunds. She is insulting every parent out there who has had to deal with the uncertainity, worry, and difficulties from having a premature baby. She should be thankful, not bitching and lying!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter. It must be so painful to hear this woman spew forth her idiocy when you have suffered a real tragedy.

      I hope you comment here again.

      • HD says:

        @ Jinx…I am sorry. I guess I read so fast I completely did not see that your daughter had passed. I am very sorry to hear that. Very sorry. I know it hurts to see someone take such a difficult think like having a preterm child and makes it seem as if its a walk in the park. So frustrating.

      • Jinx says:

        Thank you so much ladies. I like *lurking* lol.
        The comments and the feedback you all give on the show(s) at times really have me in tears laughing. I like the RHOA, i know now that from now on when they show Fakey’s scene, i’ll just have to use my “mute” button.
        @HD~ I found myself losing control last night, i was screaming at the television. My husband came into the room wanting to know what was going on. When i explained it to him, all he can do was to stare at me. After a while he goes “why are you letting someone else’s life get to you?” I was really this close to finding out who her doctor was this morning to give him/her a piece of my mind. But i guess i have to take it for what it is, ENTERTAINMENT *sigh.
        On a brighter note, i love the commentators on here! From yourself HD, quincyil, MAMAZ, boston02127, OneMoreInBoston, error404 and few others. Again, i thank you ladies so much and i’ll comment from time to time.

        Back to lurking~~~

    • JazzNightOut says:

      ((((((((((((( Jinx ))))))))))))))))) = cyberhug.

    • Zoey says:

      I am so, so sorry you went through this. How difficult. I hope time has made things easier.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Oh Jinx, so sorry and thank you for having the courage to share with us. Don’t be a stranger!

    • AZ Girl says:

      Jinx, just got home from work and catching up on the blog. I am so sad for your loss. Fakedra is a shallow self-absorbed loser. Her callous comments so that all of TV land can believe she did not put the “cart before the horse” is just vapid and stupid. I truly believe the Bravo producers are getting many letters complaining about being irresponsible in airing her lies.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss Jinx, I can’t imagine what you’ve been through – a mother’s worst nightmare. XOXO

      Welcome, I’m glad you decided to post and I hope you continue to share your thoughts with us.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Oh Jinx- I am so sorry to read your story. I know what it’s like to see your baby have issues and my heart really does reach out to you. I am sure your beloved daughter was the source of much joy and pride in the time she was here, I beleive one day you will be reunited in the Kingdom of Heaven.

      Your right about Phaedra , not only is it obvious that she was lying because of the facts not making sense but it was clear because of how cavalier she was about the whole thing. Anyone who had a baby born preterm because of an emergency or because of premature labor is racked with worry and concern, Phaedra is completely unphased when she is spreading this crap, who does this bitch think she is fooling?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      After hearing Kim’s attempt at singing again, I am reminded of something her father said about hearing her sing at a Christmas pageant and being reduced to tears , I beleive him. She brings me to tears as well, tears of laughter.

    • Tracy (w/out an 'E') aka mscarp says:

      I am so sorry, too. That is an unimaginable loss. 😦

      And you are totally right. My nephew was born 1 1/2 month early and was in the NICU for nearly a month after his birth, due to the fact that his lungs were not developed. She is delusional (or believing the viewers to be ignorant of facts) if she thinks that her baby would be 8 pounds with fully developed lungs at what appears to be 7 months along. While I hope that women would not get their obstetrical information from Bravo, some people may very well believe it to be true since she is a lawyer and presumably intelligent. I agree with a previous commenter that stated she must think we are really, really dumb.

  24. Adgirl says:

    How far along is Phaedra’s upper lip? Will the doctor remove the implant early?

    • TrueLifeDiva says:

      It’s not an implant. Phaedra’s lip is the result of pregnancy bloating. I don’t know about other races but African American women often suffer from bloated lips and spread noses during pregnancy. Plus, if she were going to get work done, I think that top and bottom gap would be the first thing the list 🙂

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        I did not know that.

        Very educational blog…

      • quincyil says:

        My daughter’s face and nose got swollen. The blood vessels on her nostrils were huge. She had to be induced and ended up with a c section because of her Blood Pressure. Hopefully, this won’t happen next time.

  25. Zoey says:

    Oh my gosh, I hate insurance people right now. Big time. Sorry, off subject, I just need to vent for a sec. My auto agent screws things up at least once a year. Sorry if anyone here is a responsible agent, I am just about to go crazy.
    She deducted money from MY checking account without my permission for my son’s car, which we canceled the ins. on and turned in the plates in April. Now saying I haven’t paid the ins. for MY car and I get a cancellation notice! I have prove that I paid but I am soooo frustrated!
    Ok, breathe…..

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Is it the agent or the company making the mistakes? Determine that, then decide whether to stay with them. Local agent should at least be apologizing, even if not his/her fault. Sorry this is happening!

      • Zoey says:

        Thank you Kansas girl, and sorry for venting personal/negative crap, but you all are always so supportive! I isolate myself in my little cocoon here at home thinking I don’t need anyone, but then sure as heck, I’m wrong- I do. Anyone else do that?

        It’s the agent, and I’ve been meaning to do that for several years, so maybe I should blame myself also. I moved cities and don’t know one here, but should investigate. Each time there’s been a big fiasco (and our ins was actually canceled a few times due to her errors) I think of leaving.
        Each time after stressful discussions she reimbursed moneys lost and we got back on track. I haven’t needed the ins. (knock on wood!) so I guess I sort of forget about it til there’s a problem!
        I just can’t handle stress the way I used to! I’m becoming a wimp.

        Thanks again!

        • MAMAZ says:

          It doesn’t sound like you are a wimp. I’ve moved many times and it’s hard starting up in a new community where you don’t know anyone. It can be very overwhelming.

        • JazzNightOut says:

          Yes, I understand the habit of isolation; I do it too. Sometimes it is very hard to ask for help or even a pair of ears. But I never feel better than after I have been listened to AND heard. We all need that. Take care.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          It’s easy to let that kind of thing go, once solved. I understand, and do that myself now and then. I asked around to find my agent — heard his name from 3 people and that was good evidence. (His predecessor refused to insure my 100 year old house unless I rewired before purchase. I took my business to an agent that wanted it!) My BFF’s husband is an agent in another city, so I now have a good idea what they should/should not be doing.

        • Kat says:

          I use Progressive. You can access your account online, pay by phone or by mail etc…
          I never see my agent. I’ve been with the company for years and have made some policy changes and never had a problem. I haven’t had an accident in decades though so I can’t speak to that… their service in that area.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      One time about ten years ago, I sent a check for my premiums, but overlooked the $.07, rounding off the payment. Two weeks later I get a cancellation notice for not paying my full premium! I was spitting mad. Couldn’t they have called me since I had been keeping them in business all these years with no accidents. Drama over $.07. We got it straightened out, but it was such a nuisance.

    • klmh says:

      How did she deduct money from your checking acct without your permission? I get a statement to pay for insurance, call them with my credit card and the deal is done. They cannot use that information again unless I am notified.
      Sorry to be so dumb on this, but how and why does she have access to that personal acct.?

  26. Wall St Lady says:

    Reality TV Magazine – http://realitytvmagazine.sheknows.com/
    U don’t need to read this it only says :
    ILL was NEVER invited to b on
    Skating w/ The Stars !

    • quincyil says:

      Jill and Phaedra should realize any moment that you have to be honest if you are on reality tv.

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      Jill thought people would believe that she was the first choice for “Skating With The Stars”. She is delusional. LOL!

  27. Wall St Lady says:

    I spoke w/the bankruptcy attorney trying to stop the stay of relief against MM Ape. I reminded him that he told me 6weeks ago that something would b announced.
    He said look we have added the objection from the US Trustee .
    He said both objections r pending. I asked how long this could take and he said up to 6months.
    I said , so till then they get to live in the mansion & beach house ?
    He said I can’t comment on that. I told him I know he is doing the best he can & we r on his side & pulling for him to get the job done.
    I didn’t ask about the auction because it seems clear MM Ape r technically buying their own stuff at a deep discount. Reading this actually made me angry & that’s why I called.

    Any thoughts on why he couldn’t comment ?

    • HD says:

      I think he has to be careful with anything that he says so that he does not get into any trouble and plus it doesn’t look very professional. He has a serious job to do and it does not entail gossiping on the phone. (No offense against you at all. I would feel that way about anyone calling.) He needs to make it about what it is about and not soundbites for US Weekly or even people calling him wanting the latest Guidice gossip. I wouldn’t call him anymore but that’s just me. I think that is like breaking the 4th wall or whatever they say in theater. 🙂

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      It really isn’t any of our business until the judge rules. If it becomes the taxpayer burden then yes, it is our business, but until then it really isn’t our concern.

      Driving drunk on the other hand…

    • klmh says:

      Thanks for contacting him again. Glad to know the wheels haven’t stopped turning on this issue.

  28. kmuellfa says:

    I remember wondering what type of nurse Kim is, and wasn’t surprised to find out she is a LPN.
    Basically, a licensed practical nurse is a one year program and they are licensed through the state. A RN is either a associates degree or bachelors degree. (Not knocking LPN’s, but I am going for the RN because they make more money and i eventually want to get my masters degree.)

    • MAMAZ says:

      Smart move. I’m not knocking LPNs either. They work hard and are valuable. But like you said you will earn more as an RN and will get more respect as well.

    • Kat says:

      Good luck to you! Nursing is a wonderful career – vocation really. I’m met many nurses that could have been doctors. (And some that should have been vet techs or something else. No people skills.)

      • JKW says:

        That’s why you choose to work in the OR. They are awake for a few minutes then asleep. HA.

        • Kat says:

          😉 That’s funny. 99 98 97 9..6 Cya. LOL

        • kmuellfa says:

          LOL. Somewhat true in my case. After 15 years as a flight attendant, patients under anesthesia appeal to me.

          Truthfully, if I go for the masters, it will be so I can be a nurse anesthetist.

          • JKW says:

            Good idea. I thought about it but didn’t think I could just sit the whole time. Need to be doing something.

          • Kat says:

            Thankfully I’ve only been hospitalized twice. Both times I was horrible. I could make a saint rethink their devotion to humanity.
            The second time in recovery I asked the Doc if I could leave… and I remembered his answer. I was up and dressed to leave after the removal of lumbar rods … lol.

    • lillybee says:

      Isn’t Lulu a LPN too?

  29. Kat says:

    @Jinx My sister had HELP syndrome and my nephew was born by C -section several weeks early. He wore a monitor when sleeping as SIDS was a concern.
    He is okay and a teenager now. I was afraid for my sisters life when I saw her at the hospital. The C-section saved both lives.

    I understand your anger.
    That woman is just full of lies and yet unknown/undetermined dysfunction.

    I’m so for your loss. No words can really express it.

    • Jinx says:

      Thanks Kat. Thank god that your sister and nephew are alive and well. Fakedra is full of alot of things.

      • Kat says:

        I hope you decide to stay post more often.
        Nice to meet you and welcome!

        Some of these HoWives say and do so many thoughtless and ignorant things. From anti-bullying campaigns to questionable charities.
        No doctor would dare to cause a premature birth. The effect on the child’s health would never be worth the risk without significant medical cause. Stupid thing for her to assert.

        • Jinx says:

          Thank you Kat. And yes some of the HWs say and do so so many things that at times are questionable, but this woman who calls herself a “Southern Belle,” wow is all i can say.

  30. quincyil says:


    LOL>…….I am killing time before I drive to a ex. class and I looked at Jill’s twitter. She said recently that she is so happy to bring people together…and there’s a @ to Gingerettes…

    All I could think of is…Jill Zarin brought all of us together. rotfl… right? She’s responsible for this board and our online friendship.

  31. jeang says:

    I worked at State Farm for 40 years till my husband got cancer and i had to retire and state farm wouldnt be reinstating your sons policy after 6 months, i would change agents ASAP/I know when my agent since i was 16 retired and state farm started shuffling me to two different agents I called them and told them I wanted this one certain agent for all my policies. If not, I was walking. I got my agent changed bottom line.

  32. emily says:


    I agree with you – Sheree brings nothing and will most likely not be back next season. Sad for her, she will have to stay at the Holiday Inn when Bravo money dries up.

    Do we think ATL girls were able to negotiate for royalties on DVD sales??

  33. Wall St Lady says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It never occurred to me that her silly lie could offend someone so deeply. I saw it as a silly lie not knowing that lie could hurt so deeply as well as possibly put a baby at risk due to vanity.
    I am so sorry for ur pain &
    Loss.Fatra is a stupid woman who may not deserve to b a mother.
    I pray God has/will bless u with more children. If I am not prying,I would love to know.
    Again my heart goes out to u for ur very very sad loss.
    (If u would like I could get her phone # & call her up & tell her what a $tupid A$$ she is !)

  34. Wall St Lady says:

    Waxdiva I went to ur site & read it but I found no comment box.

    Ur court up date is a lot better than mine ! !
    Between u & had enough I shouldn’t bother !
    The trustee John S knows me & seems to enjoy my calls. Maybe he thinks I am 20 !

  35. LynnNChicago says:

    Hi!!!! :): http://t.co/N9RHbhi

    This is a post that was on Real City Housewives blog that I missed initially, maybe you all saw it but if not, its worth a read. This is from someone who knows Dina Manzo and the “family”.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Seems whenever RCH blogs about Dina the trolls come out!

      • quincyil says:

        There used to be a site with nj.com…. something like that that had tons of information from local people concerning the Manzo family. I knew about Dina’s early relationship with her second husband and people who went to the nail salon of the first, Greek husband would talk about Dina too. I think I read it when NJ was first on. I remember them talking about Dina leaving her home with the first husband with absolutely nothing… Since he owned a nail spa, I wondered why she had no support and had to move in with Caroline for that year. I don’t think she had a car either. At the time, it sounded like she escaped.

        Danielle made a comment on the tv that Dina worked in a nail salon and Dina said it was honorable work which it is. I wonder why Dina has no education other than high school. Perhaps, her family didn’t think it was important to educate women.


    Kim is in a fantasy world. Really her fans wants her to continue be a pop star! The producers faces said it all. Can you imagine having Sheree’s hairdresser having a tremendous voice vs nails on a chalkboard. I myself would have never been able to keep my composure. I would have been on the floor laughing. Maybe it is all of her mirrors telling her she is the fairest of them all.

    Phadrea is just a pig. There is nothing about her that I can compliment. 7 months and the doctor is delivering a baby. Is he a witch doctor? There is no way she is 7 months nor would a doctor deliver at 7 months. She got knocked up before the wedding not sure by hubby or some other poor fool. I feel sorry for that child especially with her claiming she will hit it. Apollo run for your life!

    Cynthia – Classy, Gorgeous nothing more needs to be said.

  37. boston02127 says:

    from recent email—–

    Subject: VIRUS
    important to pass along.
    Subject: FW: Virus
    Be aware.
    Norton Anti-Virus are gearing up for this virus.


    > You should be alert during the next few days.. Do not open any message with an attachment entitled ‘POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK

    Regardless of who sent it to you. It is a virus which opens A POSTCARD IMAGE which ‘burns’ the whole hard disc C of your computer.

    This virus will be received from someone who has your e-mail address in his/her contact list. This is the reason why you need to send this e-mail to all your contacts. It is better to receive this message 25 times than to receive the virus and open it.

    If you receive a mail called ‘POSTCARD,’ even though sent to you by a friend, do not open it! Shut down your computer immediately.

    This is the worst virus announced by CNN. It has been classified by Microsoft as the most destructive virus ever. This virus was discovered by McAfee yesterday, and there is no repair yet for this kind of virus. This virus simply destroys the Zero Sector of the Hard Disc, where the vital information is kept.

  38. klmh says:

    Small piece about JZ and her college book signing and talk at University of South Florida last month. Her flight, hotel room and additional 100. were part of the package… Interesting.

    Don’t think this has been posted upthread, but if so, sorry.


  39. Kat says:

    Noelle, I hope your day got better.
    Tough decisions are tough. If you were in that type of situation it really is not for anyone who isn’t walking in your shoes to pass judgment let alone be disparaging in their remarks. The things that give us pause are at times gut wrenching and usually affect others which is why the decisions are hard in the first place. So many things are not clear cut. Good luck to you.

  40. Ratzy Girl says:

    Love the Blog, and love all the Housewives shows. But I must add my 2 cents. I’ve lived in ATL most of my life (SINCE 1974), and Phaedra is NO Southern Belle. NeNe has the best nickname for her”Fake-tra”; now THAT is a name she wears well. What a hack!

  41. lillybee says:

    Ty for thinking about us, Boston.

  42. Adgirl says:

    Kim Z is obviously not a singer. She is a Personality. Maybe she is a Performer but I couldn’t tell from the White Party.
    If she would just accept that she really can’t sing, however she loves to “play at” singing I think everyone could get behind that.

    There is nothing wrong with being a marginally talented Campy Personality. Most unemployed performers would love to have her following.

    • Kat says:

      I think NeNe is a personality.
      I dunno, the way Kim treated Sweetie, she reminded me a bit of Jill Zarin.
      She is narcisstic like most of these women and devious. The cancer she never had, the just-for-TV (and maybe to sell records) fling with the lesbian DJ, her long term relationship w/ Big Papa. Kim doesn’t pass my smell test.
      BUT she is entertaining. I’ll give her that.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Did you read her blog on Bravo. She claims she didn’t know how bad she sounds when she sings. LOL

      • JKW says:

        I am going to record a song. I am stone cold tone deaf. I love to sing and swear I am matching the singer on the radio. It sounds great to me but I have been told so many times how bad I am that I guess they aren’t telling me to shut up because they are jealous. lol I can tell Kim sounds like crap though. I also don’t really like the song Kandi wrote. It doesn’t make sense to write a song that is out of her range. She already knows Kim isn’t going to do any kind of training or work. Just write a simple ass song like the last one with few notes and let her sing.

        • error404 says:

          you mean like “research me, type them keys and google me” LOL

          • JKW says:

            There you go…and do it in with only about 4 notes and all in alto. Or write her a country song which she likes. This ring doesn’t mean a thing….my man left me, my dog died and now I am going to Sing Sing. (repeat about 100 times with some do wahhs or something.

  43. Real Bullsh!t says:

    Best scene of the show was with Sheree and Kim dissing and then dismissing the “doctor”.

  44. Adgirl says:

    About Phaedra’s amazingly precocious over-acheiver fetus.

    I think she probably preaches abstinence either in church or to a youth group and got caught in her fib.

  45. Kat says:

    Maybe Kim could sing a cover of “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone” Yipee ya.

  46. housewifeaddict says:

    Hmmm – I wish this was true – but it seems like a rewrite of the same old story on Teresa.


    • error404 says:

      I’m confused. I can see how funny people with easy quips like Nene and Bethenny are hard to find. But, can’t any botch off the street flip a table? What exactly is so special about T that she can’t be replaced by whomever passes by Andy’s window next? Nothing.

  47. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Hmm…Jill is nice to Alex all of a sudden. This is Jill’s tweet to Alex:

    Jillzarin: Thank you again @mccordalex for helping me today. I gave Ricki your book! Please wish Johan a happy bday. Tell him I have a present for him?

    • quincyil says:

      I don’t know what is happening with this issue. Both Teresa and Bravo are playing hard ball. Teresa thinks she is the star of the show. Bravo likes to take people down a knotch.

      This is a game that will be played all filming session.

      • error404 says:

        Any HW that thinks she’s not replaceable is a fool IMHO. Bravo has struck gold with this series: low production costs, low salaries, and an easily recastable cast.

  48. boston02127 says:

    Day 3 of not smoking. If you never see me again it means I’m in jail for killing someone/anyone who gets on my nerves today. Wish me luck! 🙂

    Have a good day everyone. ♥

    • viki55 says:

      Go to quitnet.org, it really helped me. Quiting was the hardest thing I ever did! My 1st smoke free day was 12/17/00. There is a counter on the web site that keeps stats for you. I have 3,614 days smoke free and have not smoked 126,503 ciggs. Hard to imagine! It does get easier but the 1st few months are difficult but well worth it!!

    • klmh says:

      My last smoke was 4-1-1989 at 1 in the afternoon. You can do it.

      When I got a craving, I told myself I’ll wait 10 minutes and have one if needed. Guess what? It was always 30 minutes or more, so I kept going. Good luck to you.

    • Zoey says:

      Wow, good luck to you! I’m glad I never smoked cause I have no will power.

      Oh, what’s your address? Can I send my insurance agent by? You know, just to visit…..lol.

  49. Waxdiva says:

    Bethenny’s mother says that Bethenny’s doing skating show to one up JZ… well, who didn’t know that!?

    Bernadette Burke, who hasn’t spoken to the star of Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New York City and Bethenny Getting Married? in more than a decade, said her daughter’s slippery TV role was typical of the woman she raised — a desperate attempt to further her career.

    “As soon as I saw that she was going to be on Skating with the Stars I just knew she had an ulterior motive,” Burke told RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview.

    “It is for fame and the to one up Jill Zarin.” More…


  50. Zoey says:


  51. DWandM says:

    I don’t have time to waste on Bravo’s site. I get the real deal here Lynn. I don’t write as I did before, but I am here. My boss expects me to work, can you believe it?

    THANK YOU LYNN! Your the best for doing this blog. 🙂

  52. Shane says:

    Every time the preview for next week’s episode comes on, I start laughing…that line about Sheree thinking they would ask her on the real dancing with the stars, lol…Nene is hilarious.

  53. Isharemymeds says:

    I think Kandi is too faced. She keeps bitching (to ALL of us!) about how she is not getting paid, but she should really talk to Kim about it.
    Kim asked her to write a song and as far as what is being shown on the show she has never asked Kim for a dime!

    Sad thing is. Kim, the untalented one, does have her fans/job offers. Kandi, who has a Grammy, doesn’t. Kandi needs Kim to get people to hear her sing, a la, White Party.

    I find Kim more entertaining than Kandi.
    The power of reality Tv.

    • Shane says:

      I agree that it’s not just Kim benefiting. Kandi also benefits from working with Kim, moreso than some people think. Talent simply isn’t enough, or even necessary in Kim’s case, to get a fanbase.

  54. Isharemymeds says:

    oops, two-faced

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