I Hate Jill Zarin Guest Blog Millionaire Matchmaker / The Fashion Show

I Hate Jill Zarin         Guest Blogs – Millionaire Matchmaker / The Fashion Show

We’re in for a real treat today!  Quincy had provided us with not one, but TWO blogs about last night’s Bravo offerings.  Thank you to Quincy for once again suffering through Patti Stanger’s bad behavior, something that I cannot stomach but I love reading the re-caps.  If my math is correct, she is now Zero for Eight in her matchmaking efforts!  Also expertly recapped today is The Fashion Show premier.

Now for the good stuff…Thank you Quincy!  You’re the best!

The Fashion Show

This week we were introduced to the revamped Fashion Show.  Twelve designers walk into a NYC building were they are asked to choose a box with a number.  The designers are assigned a model based on the box that they have chosen. No one has been told what they are going to be a part of in the next few weeks, but they all look forward to the opportunity. There are designers with their own fashion lines, designers who work in the business producing for stores, and designers who just stepped out of the classroom.

The Bravo formula for design competition is in place. The designers live in housing, work in studios, and create in a time frame. There will be individual challenges and team efforts.  The teams will produce a fashion show which will be judged each week.  The winner of the series will receive 125,000 dollars and a fashion spread in “Harper’s Bizarre.”  There will be a designer “out of fashion” each week.

The designers get a quick design meeting with their models and the clothes that they submitted in order to get into the show.  This is followed immediately by a cat walk.  The pace is incredibly fast. There is a great deal of tension.  We see that some of the designers have experience in high fashion.  One designer creates unisex clothing which surprises other contestants.  Some designers are very experimental, while others are down to Earth and ready for Nordstrom’s racks. My personal favorite was the designer who likes to make clothes from the perspective of a person who has lived in outer space and returns to make a clothing line from the 1980’s.

The Iman Challenge

Before the designers and the audience can catch our breath, the challenge to design a clothing line that Imam would wear is announced.  The teams have formed and they are in their studios with all of the equipment and materials that are needed.  We get to see how clothes go from paper to the walk way in this show.  They design, cut patterns, cut cloth, fit, create new looks using time tested techniques, use sewing machines and hand sew.  Iman reminds us that no design is an island.  We are told that the design should be for Iman’s bubbly personality.  These are attempts at

One team work well, the other doesn’t.  The Green team immediately comes up with a concept based on Iman’s life from Somalia to the present day.  They will use white as their color which has been done in Fashion shows so it will be difficult to be fresh.  Their concept is to show progression.  Each designer comes up with their own design, but the coordinate and help each other. They want to invent, but consider where Iman could use the clothes.

The other team falls apart.  The Blue team members bicker and want to go in their own directions.  They don’t want a leader.  Their concept is to use color because of  Iman’s dark skin.  It seems that they think they are in the initial show and they want to show off thing they have done before coming to this contest.

The Green team is on the island of Utopia.  The Blue Team is living on  Gilligan’s Island.  Both newly formed houses of fashion have the skills and potential to greatness, but it seems that the Green team won the numbers in the original lottery.  After watching the frenetic work being done in each house, we are thrown into the
preparation for the runway with models requiring fitting, hair, make up and instruction in how to present the clothes during the runway shows.

Blue team goes first.  Their models are covered by white sheets which are taken off to show colored clothing. The models are miserable.  The clothes are too tight to walk, have ruffles that make their rears look big, and they can’t get along with their designers.  You can taste the frustration.

The Green team has a professional approach to the runway and frankly when I saw all of the white clothes with different styles working together, I gasped.

The judges meet with the teams and pick the winner, the Green team.  They discuss each piece of the collection and mention the good and the bad.  They pick the final piece belonging to Cesar, the leader of the team who helped so many during the work time.

Cesar is experienced with his own line of fashion.

The Blue team contestants are still combative.  Calvin, who didn’t want to work with anyone, designed a yellow dress similar to one of his prior contest pieces.  He argues with Iman in the tomato/tomatoe/yellow comments that were on the promos all week. Iman doesn’t like Calvin and America doesn’t like him either.  Francine, the Nordstrom’s designer is giving the “out of fashion” label and sent packing. She blames others and is ticked off as she leaves.  Francine’s crime was she designed clothing for a mall.  I aspire to buy at Nordstrom’s because the clothes are so much better than our Farm Store and Wal-Mart.  I am feeling “out of fashion” with Francine.

Millionaire Matchmaker –

Patti’s Geisha House of Cards

Patti Stanger shows us her fantastic NYC Apartment door and couch.  She welcomes her parents and very quiet sister to her home. She has not seen them in ages.  They were in town last night going  to dinner at restaurants with celebrities.  Patti was embarrassed that her mother said that she had taught Patti all of her skills except the low class comments that Patti makes on her show like “the penis does the picking.  Patti’s step dad loves that she is outspoken.

The Millionaire Search

Patti reviews the DVDs with her two person staff.  Our female millionaire, Beth, is 40ish and is a professional poker player.   She has three children, an Aston Martin, two houses (Philadelphia and New York,) a large shoe collection, and wants to present herself as a charitable person (she holds a large trophy from a Vegas casino that has charity written on the bottom.)  Beth has been divorced for 6 months, but constantly fails in relationships because, according to Patti, Beth wants to be their mommy.  Patti claims that Beth pays for the dates.  Beth doesn’t look her age and is attractive.

The male millionaire, Sean, has 1.5 million net worth, lives in a Manhattan apartment in a building called Union Square  and wears two earrings which seems to upset Patti.  Sean’s goal is to replace his Thai masseuse with a wife.  He states that the women he meets are either 2 dollar hoes or 20 dollar hoes and he prefers the 2 dollar hoes.  Sean is short and bald so Patti asks him how long his Sean is and asks him to measure it and report back.  Sean likes Asian and Island women who are size 0 or less.  He asks Patti to find a petite sexy momma that earns her own income, so he can fall in love. Patti states that Sean is a misogynist.  Because Sean has turned to the Dark Side, Patti needs a Priest to perform an Exorcism.

Advice from the Driver

Shawn, our fantastic driver listens to Patti.  He has known misogynists in his life so he tells Patti to go full speed ahead in knocking Sean’s block off.  Patti takes Sean to a therapist who is incredulous and furrows her unbotoxed forehead for the entire session.

His advice is for Sean to tell the women in the mixer something that is so personal that he is embarrassed in order to show vulnerability to the women.

Potential Dates/Cattle Call

Patti’s mom and step dad attend the cattle call.  Mom thinks women in their early 20s are too young for a 41 year old male misogynist. Patti shares with her mom and the planet that at 23, Patti had a six month relationship with Randy Quaid that was the best oral sex of her life. Thank you Patti for sharing.

The women are beautiful, Asian, many are educated with good jobs.  Patti is angry.  Andrea brings in women at the last moment because this is when the women arrive. She doesn’t have completed applications with photos because the women just arrived so Patti screams at the female Gothic assistant who in turn screams at the beautiful Andrea because Patti has already done her quotient of screaming at Andrea this week.

The female specimens:  short, thin, great body, 5’6” and 116 lbs, born in Hong Kong, speaks Mandarin, and great jobs.  One 21 year
old wants to work part time.  Patti throws her out because she does not want any sugar girls in her business that offers women to millionaire men looking for eye candy.

The male specimens: insurance representatives, former baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds, friend of former baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds, mergers and acquisitions, shoe salesman and man who has a collection of male shoes.  Well, Beth did like her shoe collection as much as she liked working for charities.


Tiny mixer as the number of Asian women willing to be subservient in NYC is small.  Patti must also be having a hard time finding mature men in NYC for 40 ish attractive mothers of 3.

This week’s mixer challenge: make a drink representing you personality.  No one knows what drink to make, but Allison uses too much Tabasco and the building needed to be fumigated.  No  one was poisoned so the mixer continued. Mixing drink challenge was a bust.

The Decision

Beth takes Ray the smooth marketing expert is an ill-fitting wrinkled suit. Sean picks Allison because he thinks she is most bimbolike.  Patti is very happy with their choices.

She announces that Ray and Sean will plan the dates.

The Dates

Beth plans the date with Sean.  To make the evening in Atlantic City more fun for Beth she brings her gay personal assistant, make-up  artist, body guard, and the person her children would like her to marry on all of the date except the dinner.  At the dinner, Beth finds that she has no chemistry with a man that she ignored all evening.

Sean tells Allison that he thought she was the best bimbo at the Mixer. She is upset and cannot let that go for the entire evening. She is brilliant.  She speaks Italian.  She is a television producer.   She is way too good for Sean.

The Follow up

Patti is back in her office in a bumble bee ensemble with a large yellow abdomen and black jacket.

Sean seems to have liked Allison and is willing to give up being a misogynist for Patti’s method of finding love. He never goes out with Allison again.  Hopefully, she made that decision.

Beth is told that she mamma the men.  She never dates Ray again.  Beth is looking for her “Ace of Spades” with her gay friend.

So Patty is 0 and 0 again this week.  I see a pattern emerging.

Lynn:  Thanks again Quincy for the great blogs!  Please remember to check out my “other” blogs at:


A new blog will be posted there later this morning that will explain some of the craziness of yesterday’s blog comments.

EDIT:  New blog posted:


Until Next Time….

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561 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Guest Blog Millionaire Matchmaker / The Fashion Show

  1. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    i could swear union square is where andy warhol moved to after the original factory

    • quincyil says:

      I think the magazine is actually Harpers Bazaar. That Bizzare must have been a Freudian slip. I have those… moments.

      • Savannah111 says:

        Quincy you’ve done it again thanks for the updates on those 2 shows I didnt watch them last night, can’t stand patty and forgot about the fashion show…

        Lynn, I read your new blog I guess I missed all that last night if thats when it happened I was online for a while but I was doing some work and didn;t get to read all the posts, I’ll have to catch up. By the way, thanks for giving us the details.. 🙂

  2. Adgirl says:

    Thanks Quincy. I can’t stand Patti so I don’t watch MM.
    I haven’t been interested in watch “Fawshon Ewmurgencee” either. Did you like it?

    • quincyil says:

      Actually, I did. The pace is so fast for me. It actually reminded me of NYC traffic. I live with stop signs on dirt roads and the problem is passing large farm implements so the pace was a challenge.

      I watch a number of the older Runway shows and this is so much more than those series. It’s a bit like Kell from Hell, Project Runway, the Next Great Artist, Sex in the City and NYC housewives rolled into one show.

      I like Iman and Isaac and it seems they are willing to share their expertise with the contestants. There are going to be tons of personalities to deal with. Next week, I will try to bring the individual designers forward and let you all know about their abilities.

      I loved the clothes, even the outfits rejected by the judges, but I promise I will try to be more NYC ish… and criticize everyone and every outfit. That’s going to be my challenge… rotfl

      I actually purchased one of the yellow jackets with the reflective lines for myself because it gets dark so early and I like to walk along the road for exercise. I wonder if Iman would like my yellow.

  3. Dani says:

    Thank you Quincy good blog. I don’t watch Patti (can’t stand her) and The Fashion Show came on to late here in Az for me to stay up for. After reading your review on The Fashion Show I will catch it on Bravo when they replay it.

    • error404 says:

      Quincy’s blogs are great! I watched The Fashion Show last night and I got way more enjoyment out of Quincy’s recap than I did the show!

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Me too! I didn’t watch MM and I don’t intend to, I’m just going to read and post Quincy’s recaps, bless her soul for watching that for us all! :)xo

        • quincyil says:

          Hopefully, we can look at both the creations and personalities of the designers next week when we design for NJ and OC. Can you imagine the darts that will be needed for the OC women?

          • Maite1964 says:

            Great recap on the Fashion Show, I was looking forward that show but missed the premier. I am a big fan of Iman.
            Having the NJ women on a fashion show? Isn’t that like an oxymoron? 🙂 … It’s hard to picture taste and Teresa in the same page :).
            Anyhow, I think the show is going to be fun to watch.

  4. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thanks @Quincy – I did not watch last night but knew you would give us the 411. Patty just isn’t qualified to be a matchmaker in NYC. She just doesn’t get it that these men and women are not into wasting their time nor putting up with her rudeness.

    • Savannah111 says:

      WCW I don;t think Patty is qualified in any city. I have yet to see her match successfully any couple that’s been on her show. She says she has a high success rate huh? I’d love to hear from one couple that would come out and say that she was responsible for matching them dating and staying together to share a life..

  5. boston02127 says:

    Mz Quincy—Great blogs!
    I feel asleep and missed both shows. You were busy last night, thank you.

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  7. housewifeaddict says:

    Thanks @Quincy! I’m planning on watching fashion show – but the other one (she who should never be named) is not something I bother with. But I am always glad to see she is still 0-0.

  8. JazzNightOut says:

    “Patti is back in her office in a bumble bee ensemble with a large yellow abdomen and black jacket.”

    Who says a very intelligent woman like Quincy can’t tie the two shows together.

  9. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Thanks @quincy! Awesome blog- thanks for taking some for the team!

  10. cdnfillie58 says:

    Thanks Quincy…I get all the info I need when I read your recaps…don’t need to add those two shows on my “need to watch” list. It’s long enough as it is 😛

  11. boston02127 says:

    When Patti’s show gets canceled (and it will) I wonder if she’ll try and clean up her act like Jill tried & failed to do.

  12. Great recap Quincy!! I stayed up late to watch Patti on my DVR last night and about midway through I began thinking about when the show started and how many people have actually dated more than once or become a “real” love match. Does Bravo keep her on because she has a potty mouth and her Pattisms are so highly entertaining? Who knows… But I am getting extremely tired of the format. Pattisms, Cattle call, Pattisms, mixer, Pattisms, master dates, Pattisms, no love match with either couple, The End.

    I don’t understand how Patti can kick someone out of her club when her services are provided for free in exchange for being on the show. This is noted on the closing credits right after Bravo gives you the update that the couples never saw one another again.

    I was so hopeful last night that Sean and Allison were strangely a good match and would go on a second date. Then just as with EVERY episode, the screen read “Sean and Allison never went on another date.” WTH?

    Patti is losing her “touch” and credibility. Who the heck would even buy her book?


  13. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Perez weighs in on Bethanny’s mom- and is surprisingly supportive:

    “Bitter is an unattractive color on you, lady!
    Bernadette Burke is the mother of Bravo reality queen, Bethenny Frankel. You’ve never seen her before on any of Bethenny’s shows because the two have been estranged for over a decade. However, we’re sure you’ve heard of her, since having no relationship with her daughter hasn’t stopped her from yapping to the press about her.
    How sad.
    Recently, Bernadette took a swing at Bethenny’s decision to join the cast of Skating With The Stars. She believes that her daughter has an “ulterior motive” for being on the show…and her name is Jill Zarin.
    According to Bernadette, Bethenny is only doing the show for the “fame” and to “one up Jill.”
    Ugh! Listen up, lady! We want to set some things straight!
    First of all, no duh she is doing it for the fame! Why does anyone ever do a reality show? Not that she really needs it, considering the multiple business ventures she has on and off the tube.
    And while we’re on the subject, Bethenny has already one up Jill about seventeen times, with books and dvds and her OWN reality show. We think your daughter has a little more integrity than you give her credit for.
    Which is more than we can say for you!
    How’s about you leave your little girl alone? That seems to be all she wants from you anyway!

    Read More: Celebrity gossip juicy celebrity rumors Hollywood gossip blog from Perez Hilton http://perezhilton.com/page/4/#ixzz14ta2xCh2
    Celebrity Juice, Not from Concentrate

    • boston02127 says:

      OneMoreInBoston—there is another story on his site today about Danielle being denied on MM.

    • Tootsie says:

      Thank you Perez Hilton. Nicely put.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Wow. That’s amazing for PH, considering he and Bethenny haven’t exactly been buds: she called him “the termite” and refused to suck up to him for positive coverage. Jill, however, both “sucks and blows” (I’m quoting Bart Simpson, folks, get your minds out of the gutter) and PH still disses her.

      • fashion42 says:

        He said recently on Ellen that he would quit the bullying and I was completely skeptical (after all this is the man that proudly declared “I will drag celebrities out of the closet kicking and screaming” or whatever the exact quote was) so when he started taking an “anti bullying” stance (after the tragic suicide of bullied gay teens) people called him on his hypocritical BS so he vowed to stop. Like I said I was skeptical but so far so good. He really seems to have stopped.

        I bet kelly thinks America getting behind stopping bullies is all her doing uggghh

  14. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet—
    FreelyVivacious @kikilet Good morning Kelly hope you have a fabulous day! Im off to bed. Signing out of school tomorrow, after 13 years finally finished :o)

    “freelyvivacious” is Jill’s biggest (17 yr old) red headed fan tweeting Kelly now.

    Things that make you go hmm….

    • Waxdiva says:

      Boston: If you are questioning ‘freely vivacious’s validity, she is really a 17-year old Australian HS girl who idolizes JZ. Trust me on this, I’ve researched and almost crossed the line because I could not believe that a HS girl would even give a crap about JZ or even know who she is. Unbelievable as it is, she is for real…

      • boston02127 says:

        @Waxdiva–Thank you. I remember you posting that you were curious about that, I’m glad you found out. Shocking isn’t it? LOL, maybe Jill left her a satchel of $ in before she left Australia. How else could anyone like Jill?

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        In the beginning weren’t we all taken in by Jill? If this is a young and impressionable girl who has had a hard knock life- well, that is right up Jill’s ally!
        Kill probably paid attention to her, and made her feel special and important. So now she is repaying her kindness with blind loyalty.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          wow, freudian slip much?
          I meant Jill not Kill!

        • Waxdiva says:

          Nope, she is actually a very intelligent girl with many and various interests. Not a ‘hard knock’ case.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            I meant in terms of friends and family. I pictured her as an isolated geek.
            Did you find that to be true?
            If not- Even Bethanny was taken in by Jill for awhile.
            It’s easier to maintain the illusion that you are a good person a continent away.

            • Waxdiva says:

              Boston: She is not an isolated geek. I know… that is why I really thought she was not a real person or was JZ or was an invention of JZ. From what I’ve gleaned from my own research is this: she takes the side of the underdog and I believe she feels that there are so many ‘attacks’ on JZ that she has taken up the fight for her.

      • NiceGal says:

        Maybe she is the one who notified Jill?

  15. Waxdiva says:

    Great blog!!! I commend you for actually watching MM, ’cause I can’t. The Stanker just repulses me… as usual, she won’t take the responsibility for the NY move tanking and wants to make Andrea take the blame. No wonder Stanker and JZ are besties.

    • quincyil says:

      I watched the OJ trial and actually understood the DNA evidence. It seems that I have strange taste in entertainment.

      • Waxdiva says:

        OMG! I was fixated on that trial and never understood how the jurors didn’t see that glaring DNA evidence. The one thing that I can watch over and over again is when OJ is standing up and when his verdict is announced, Robert Kardashian turns his head, opens his mouth and looks astonishingly at OJ. He knew from the get-go that OJ was guilty and could not believe that he got off.

        • American Idiot says:

          Waxdiva – I thought I was the only one in the world who thought R. Kardashian looked shocked that OJ got off. I remember waiting for some commentator somewhere to mention it.

          All these years later, his open-mouthed reaction stays with me. He was not happy; he was stunned.

          • American Idiot says:

            Also want to say RIP Robert Kardashian.

          • quincyil says:

            His jaw dropped. It was obvious that he thought OJ was guilty.

            Marcia Clark just seemed out of it at the end. I think she wasted away with her eating disorder and the long hours.

        • Savannah111 says:

          OMG Waxdiva, I remember that like it was yesterday I watch that trail everyday, I kept up with it I lived and breathed it, and YES he did look shocked I so remember that face it was much like mine because I was at work when it was on at the office we had a TV everyone was into it and we all thought he was guilty and was shocked when the verdict was read. You know he;s dead now and Kris his ex-wife was friends with Nichole she said that her and a few of her kids would be sitting on the DA’s side and she talked about how strange it was because her ex-husband was on the other side defending him. I’ll never forget the Goldman’s and how they were just in so much paid and hurt so bad I just cried for them. Their emotions were so raw I was so angry at the outcome angry at the Judge ito or what ever his name was it escapes me but he was just a JOKE a clown I just wanted to shake the shit out of him and hit bite and kick him I honestly couldnt stand him he let the team of attorneys get away with everything it made me sick. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why the jury couldnt look at the evidence and convict I swear I think it was down right shameful. I can’t believe that they let defense attorneys turn them away from the evidence by their cute one liners and objections during closing arguments the DA couldnt even speak with out them all jumping up. It made me sick.

          • Waxdiva says:

            Sav…There were lots of things that never should have happened during that trial. The worst was the fact that Det VanAter took the stand and testified as if he were the one who found the glove on the property, etc. .. he was the boss of the Det who actually did the work and found the glove, but because it was a high-profile case, VanAter took the file from him. I never liked Chris Darden and felt they added him as DA counsel because of his color. Marcia Clarke was too much of a lightweight to take on the case and Judge Ito let it get out of hand.

    • twoile says:

      Ditto thank U, U said it so well.

  16. girlygirlnyc says:

    Thank you for the great recap! I shut of the TV after I saw that small little man asking for what amounted to a mail order bride.

    Did she really say Randy Quaid? Really? The guy who thinks “star-killers” are after him?

    Union Square is a neighborhood around 14th Street in Manhattan. He could live in any number of apartment buildings. With a net worth of $1.5 Million, he rents, and does not own an apartment in that part of town.

    • quincyil says:

      1.5 million at 42 years old did not seem rich to me and I live in farmland USA. The average farm is worth a couple of million.

    • error404 says:

      LOL I was going to say “If he owns in Union Sq, his entire $1.5m net worth is the value of his studio apt!” lol

      • quincyil says:

        I think in NYC, you have to have a minimum of 10 million to be considered a catch. Any amount less than that and you are pretty ordinary for Manhattan.

        Patty isn’t screening for perverts and I think match.com does look for the stange creatures and reject them. Patti welcomes them and tries to force them on young women.

        Sometimes, I worry about the safety of the women on those dates. When the man was so drunk and his friends so aggressive last week, the only thing that made me a tad comfortable was the girl had camera person and a producer in case they went insane.

        • alicia says:

          I second that emotion. What about the guy who flew to south america on his private plane- how do you know what would happen to you if you did get on the plane.
          Wealthy guys have been known to be killers , and they can get away with it. Patty’s attitude of “if the guy has money he’s OK” is crazy.

    • NiceGal says:

      LOL perfectO! they belong together of course Patti would associate her self with him. I love it!

  17. boston02127 says:

    I don’t want to log off. I’m afraid I’ll miss something today! I have to do something active before smoke! Day 4!!! Be back later. 🙂

    • Dani says:

      boston02127 hang in there not smoking. I quit 4 years ago and the first two weeks were hard it does get easier after that. The worst for me was when I cleaned. Each time I had finished cleaning something it was like ok where is my reward because I would always smoke. Then I realized without having to take a smoke break the cleaning went much faster. You can do this and you will be so proud of yourself when you have kicked it. I am cheering for you!!!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Your skin is going to look so much better! I’m 47- no lines around my eyes because I never smoked. You are quitting while you are young enough that your skin will repair any damage already done.
      You are already beautiful, you will just look that much better without it!

    • twoile says:

      Just wanted 2 offer more encouragement towards Ur effort in becoming smoke free. The struggle is worth it 4 both health & beauty as well as your personal economic wealth. U can/will accomplish this goal bc U R worth it!
      Been there, done that & now I’ve got the T shirt U will too.;)

    • Zoey says:

      How’s it going? Did you make it through the day? I hope so!!! You can do it!

  18. WindyCityWondering says:

    Since people have to pay a fee to be in Patty’s Millionaire Club doesn’t that make her a pimp? Sounds like this week’s episode came closest to blowing the veneer off her scam when there was the dialog about 2 and 20 dollar whores. Wouldn’t a little more research/work on her part deliver interesting millionaires? And how can she blame Andrea for the calibre of “dates”? I would think that anyone who watched even one episode and had any self esteem/intelligence would not waste their time at that ho rodeo. Can you smell cancelation in the air????

    • quincyil says:

      A very intelligent pimp becuase she doesn’t pay the ladies and gents who become dates. The web site states that you can get one year of dates for 45,000 dollars. The “millionnaires” on the show don’t have to pay her fee to be insulted. Do any of them watch this show before they go on?

      • Waxdiva says:

        One of my jobs was at a dating service. The prices were the same for men and women. However, in reality, when a woman came in and balked at the charge, we took whatever we could (even if she paid $5.00) or we would tell the woman that she would be billed and we would never send a bill… and as I recall, only one woman paid! So, the Stanker is full of ka-rap. And… I don’t know how she can claim that she matches people and is successful… we only advertised that we could get them dates and anything beyond that is up to them.

    • quincyil says:

      Even Patti’s mom feels she can speak to celebrities because her daughter is on Bravo. The smell of fame is everywhere.

      I don’t know why those intelligent Asian girls responded to the cattle call. They surely could find dates in NYC. It’s so creepy to compete to date a balding 40 year old, short man with misogyny. I’d rather be single and watch reality tv.

  19. cdnfillie58 says:

    Went to Lynn’s other blog, but it won’t let me comment? Does Lynn know this? I merrily “clicked” away on the ads though 🙂

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Please comment here on anything you read on the Blogspot blog, it is too much to monitor two blogs of comments, not only for me but for readers.

      Thanks! :)xo

      • quincyil says:

        I thought you explained everything quite well. Hyperbole, sarcasm, and irony are all forms of literature that you study in college and grad school. When you go into the sciences, engineering or to trade schools, you might not have the opportunity to study literature as those in traditional four year colleges unless you just like to learn like some of us.

        I saw the reason for the title of this blog right away. It’s a shocker and it gets attention in a sea of reality blogs. Frankly, that is how many of us landed it. We wanted to look at that blog and then we got sucked into the conversation by the intelligent and friendly board.

        I did try to post at Bravo, but who can wait that long to see if your comment ever was posted. I like having a conversation about the various shows and the reality stars. Truthfully, I don’t hate anyone. I do hate behaviors such as disloyalty to a friend, trying to hurt someone in the press because they were in a magazine article, and trying to harm someone you call a friend when she got an opportunity for her own show.

        Jill was false yesterday in her concern for someone on our board. In my opinion, she was looking for an opportunity to harm people that I care about here.

        I care about the person who started all this and I wish I could help that person too. Right now, I know they have to be distressed and I just want them to know that everything gets better over time. What is important is family and being the best person you can be. In the long run, cyberspace is not real. Using your talents and making the world better for everyone is real. Take yourself away from this. I believe in you.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          @quincy you are a much, much nicer woman than me.

          Her feelings are so hurt that it is not in proportion to what has occurred. She wants to take anyone and everyone down that she believes wronged her.

          For the amount of time and energy that she spends trying to get attention in a negative way, she could be running a small country.

          I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. When you try to harm another in order to punish them, that is very dangerous.

          • quincyil says:

            Feelings are all some of us have, one more. Sometimes, the world crushes one of us. Lashing out seems like the only solution, but it is not. Being the best person, you can be is the solution. We can make a choice.

            TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
            And sorry I could not travel both
            And be one traveler, long I stood
            And looked down one as far as I could
            To where it bent in the undergrowth; 5

            Then took the other, as just as fair,
            And having perhaps the better claim,
            Because it was grassy and wanted wear;
            Though as for that the passing there
            Had worn them really about the same, 10

            And both that morning equally lay
            In leaves no step had trodden black.
            Oh, I kept the first for another day!
            Yet knowing how way leads on to way,
            I doubted if I should ever come back. 15

            I shall be telling this with a sigh
            Somewhere ages and ages hence:
            Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
            I took the one less traveled by,
            And that has made all the difference.

            Robert Frost, 1920

            We can take different paths.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              @quincy- While I admire and respect you, I think you are being naive.

              This isn’t about feelings, it’s about mental illness.

              She is mentally ill. While perhaps that deserves our sympathy, she has alienated everyone she comes into contact with.

              • quincyil says:

                I am not naive. People have psychotic episodes and they can come back with help. She has to make that choice.

              • OneMoreInBoston says:

                do you think she’ll make that choice? on her own? I don’t.
                You do what works. And this toxic behavior works for her.

    • American Idiot says:

      Thank, Lynn, it was good of you to clear up the issue. Many posters, including myself, were wondering what was going on last night.

      Good luck with all you endeavors.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Wow Lynn, I had no idea all this other nonsense was going on! You are so rock steady and we all appreciate what you share with us on a daily basis.

    • Zoey says:

      All of it very well said Lynn! Thanks.

      Wow, that’s what J and J-Trolls are upset about? Get a life. Anything for publicity I suppose.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      thanks Lynn…never ceases to amaze me the little things that rile these (so called upper echelon) people up. Wouldn’t want to be around them when more important and bigger issues come up. Luv u guys

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Hi Jill Zarin :0)

      Great blog Lynn. Thanks for filling us in on the insanity.

    • twoile says:

      Thank U 4 the update Lynn ….am I correct in understanding WSL is OK? I throughly enjoy her posts & hope this bru-ha-ha(sp?) is over & done, & we can look forward 2 WSL & WSM continuing. Please advise when U get a minute.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Thanks for clearing that up Lynn. I love the site, and am think it’s great that the housewives scan the site and read what we post.

      As for the name of your blog – I think I found your site through reading an article on the Susan Saunders story, that said something like – people are so tired of Jill’s behavior, there is even a person who has named her blog and starts every blog post with “I hate jill zarin”. I googled it, and got hooked.

  20. Zoey says:

    I accidentally saw a few minutes of Patti giving her NY women the most ridiculous lecture, in my opinion.
    She told them in order to meet powerful men to go to the bars near Wall St around 4:30, never go to the bar with girlfriends-go alone, and hold a man’s gaze for 5 seconds.
    Uh, can you say hooker? The management will probably ask the poor woman to leave and take her ‘sales’ elsewhere!

  21. TLM says:

    How is it that Fatty Stank-ass can keep claiming she has such a high success rate? So far, the only person she “matched” is Albie Manzo, and even there the postscript seemed overly charitable (they were “taking it slow”).

    Hilarious take on the RH of BH: http://ragan.wordpress.com/2010/11/04/real-housewives-of-bh/

  22. Zoey says:

    Pic of JZ needing to go pee (leggings? Really?), Kelly wrapped up in some sort of skirt/dress standing….just weird and contorted, Lou Ann again with the boots…at least both shoulders are covered.


    • Zoey says:

      PS I love leggings, but I don’t like them on her, or with something that’s baaarely long enough to cover the bum.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        PSS – love leggings too especially with boots and yes the top has to be tunic length! Whose closet was Kelly playing in???

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I think she’s standing that way to look thinner.

      IMHO, after a certain age, I don’t think alot of women can pull off leggings with heels. I won “hot legs” contests when I was younger and I think my legs are my best feature. At 47, even with great legs, I wouldn’t do it.
      They chop her off at the ankle (cankle?) If she had just paired this ensemble with black tights instead of leggings she would have looked so much longer and leaner.
      I wish she would do something with her hair. It’s dragging her face down.
      omg- I’m full of alot of snark today!

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        p.s. Kelly actually looks pretty good. And LuAnn? Absolutely flawless- as usual.

        • cdnfillie58 says:

          Kelly actually looks preggers….oops, don’t mean to start a rumour 😛

        • Zoey says:

          I like the dress Kelly is wearing I just find her posture so odd. And although LouAnn looks nice I don’t care for this dress with those boots. Just me!

          I soooo agree with you about Jill’s flat-ass hair! Snark alert- her face and facial features are too large to have such flat, face-framing hair. I’m no expert on tresses but she needs a new, age appropriate, more flattering do.

    • twoile says:

      Thanks Zoey 4 the link…interesting that Dina is still featured in the NJ pic. (also all R in Fur!)…

  23. JazzNightOut says:

    With respect to Lynn’s http://lynnnchicago.blogspot.com/: I am in awe of Lynn’s ability to withstand the downside of having a successful blog that is getting more popular all the time AND while Lynn herself is getting more and more attention. She keeps everything is perspective. JZ, however, cannot. And she is never going to be ok with a blog named IHJZ that is successful. She is not going to stop trying to make Lynn (and us by extention) feel her wrath. The good thing about JZ is that she goes for overkill and is not subtle at all. Remember Susan Saunders. She will end up hurting herself most in any scirmish (sp?) she provokes. And I for one am glad to be a part of IHJZ. Both she and Dina have blocked me: my badges of courage.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      everything in perspective, I mean.

    • NiceGal says:

      What were you blocked from? I agree that she wont stop at nothing, I was just giving my opinion due to experiences that’s all. (see my post)
      Jill was listed in the White Pages phone book in new york before RHNY started to air so all her crying that people know her address i think that is her just drawing more attention to her self. Also, most cities and counties have a real estate site where you enter the person last name and it pulls up the property and address they own. They are many ways one can get a personal information. She has to know that.

  24. OneMoreInBoston says:

    @HD- I left a message for you on your website.

  25. Wall St Lady says:

    Fatty Stank-ass. LOL !
    I hope u don’t mind if I adopt that now until they cancel her show which could me soon !
    10 cheers for u !

  26. klmh says:

    Hope this brings a smile to your faces today:

    One day my housework-challenged husband decided
    to wash his Sweatshirt..
    Seconds after he stepped into the laundry room,
    he shouted to me, ‘What setting do I use on the
    washing machine?’
    ‘It depends,’ I replied.
    ‘What does it say on your shirt?’
    He yelled back, ‘ OHIO STATE !’

    And they say
    blondes are dumb…

  27. Adgirl says:

    Why does Kelly stand so strangely … she arches her back or something and the effect is odd. Which is fitting I guess.
    I’ve been wondering what she will look like in a few years and whether she will continue to wear only the top of outfits.

  28. Kat says:

    Quincy, great blogs!
    Lynn, thank you for the explanation on blogspot.
    I skimmed through yesterday’s blog and got confused at best. Ahbedah!

    I hate Jill Zarin. Make what you will of my use of the word hate.
    (It works on this site and is tongue in check appropriate or am I’m dead serious? LOL)

    • NiceGal says:

      i was giving my opinion from experience, see my post from today. as you just stated you just skimmed through yesterday’s blog so you didnt see the pother posts I was referring to as Lynn said she would rather people comment here than blogspot. I fired back at people who just commented to comment meanwhile didnt read the other post to understand on what i was talking about. i put up a new post today.

    • NiceGal says:

      I was giving my opinion from experience see , see my post from today if you will. As you just stated you just skimmed through yesterday’s blog, as many did yesterday its so evident that they didn’t see the pother posts to what I was referring to . As Lynn has said she would rather people comment here than blogspot. I fired back at people who just commented to comment meanwhile didnt read the other post to understand on what i was talking about. I put up a new post today explaining why i thought what I did. Its just an opinion.

  29. dickens says:

    Re The Fashion Show, I am rarely so impressed with a contestant right off the bat, but I already want Cesar to win. After only one episode, he seems like just the best!

  30. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Sweet Butter Beans with Ham Hock–and not the canned kind! I guess I need to poke my head out of the laundry room more often! I have read everything from yesterday and today and am still VERY confused. Who is having psychotic episodes and when did Jill show concern for anyone here? And how in the hell did WSL wind up at the core of all this and who is Wall St. Bitch? What minions are trying to bring her down and what are they doing?
    I read the Blog Spot account. Pics were taken of what we thought was the exterior of the building Jill lives in and posted online. This upset someone because they thought Jill was being “stalked”. Turned out to be the wrong address and pics were removed. Do I have this right so far?
    The address is readily available to anyone with a computer and I am quite sure tourist “fans” are taking pics all the time, both of the building and of Zarin fabrics. What is the big deal?
    Then we have psychosis setting in, Supposed concern by Jill for someone here (did she post–what is up!) I don’t have twitter and honestly have a hard enough time keeping up with life without it, so maybe I missed some behind the scenes tweets that would explain all this better. I hate being left behind. I hate being confused. I hate when I can’t understand the topic at hand. There, I used the word hate. Several times. LOL!

    • klmh says:

      The people involved haven’t spilled the beans yet. We are all just guessing so far, or I think we are anyway! Attorneys were mentioned last night so Im not sure anything will be disclosed. Suffice it to say all are well in the land of Lynn…

      • klmh says:

        I hadn’t read Lynn’s additional blog until a few minutes ago. My intuition was correct as far as the pictures were concerned, but I also believe Lynn’s future success on the radio may be a pain in JZ backside. Just a guess…

    • NiceGal says:

      those pics were taken right after season 1 aired from a NEW YORK TIMES reporter in 2007 and after she put it up for sale and she even stated that one would have to like her taste, when you post your property for sale DUH the address goes on it also. So now she makes a big deal about it? As I stated in a reply she was listed in new york’s white pages before season1 aired. There are so many ways that one can obtain an address if your a property owner. Look at holly wood they have the map to the stars. Well, not that Jill is a star, yeah she is a star of trouble making but when you put your self out there on TV that is what you get! Talk about having your cake and eating it too. But I think this is Jill’s way of bringing attention to her self. So if anything I am a believer that she plants stories on her self.

      • klmh says:

        There is a time line of events and its interesting if you have the time to go back and notice when the deleted messages from ROH began. It made sense to me anyway, but Im left handed…

  31. Adgirl says:

    About yesterday .. I was around when that weird “stalking” comment was made but couldn’t figuer out what was going on. I read Lynn’s blog and still don’t get it. Not that it is really any of my business but I do enjoy a good real life snark.
    Jill is so weirdly obsessed with what is said about her on the internet or in public. I imagine Kim Kardashian has spawned a bunch of I hate Kim Kardashian type boards but I doubt she gives a shit.

    Also, Jill fans – if she had been nicer or more genuine we RH watchers wouldn’t have been offended enough to bother to comment about her. Conversely, Jill is still one of the most talked about RH ever so maybe she should embrace the attention!!!!

  32. Kat says:

    @WSL (((WSL))) I gotta feel a bit sad for the idiot that underestimates you. 😉

    But honestly why is anyone messing with board regulars? Seriously what a load of Zarin! Are Zarin’s minions so dim and misinformed or are they are so like JZ as to be hateful and deviant too? Like Jill her followers only think one step ahead… and they travel the path she sends them on.

  33. MAMAZ says:

    Great recaps quincy!
    Forgive me for not remembering all the designers names. As you said it was pretty fast paced.
    The judges made the right call in choosing the winning team and designer. Cesar’s dress was stunning. The print looked gorgeous among the all white outfits. Yes , it was a one shoulder which like Isaac I’m am so tired of but with the strap thinner and closer to the neck, it seemed almost more like a halter. The shoulder detail was lovely and not overdone. I can see Iman wearing that dress.

    My two other favorites were Dominique’s sporty take on the “little white” dress. I actually clapped my hands together like a little girl when her model walked out.
    And Edourdo’s cocktail dress. Although it wasn’t exactly innovative it was beautifully made and very sophisticated.

    I was disappointed in Rolando, I think that was his name. Short gowns with long trains are all the rage right now. Which means they were designed at least or year or more ago. That shows me he isn’t designing from his imagination but from what he sees others already doing. Honestly, there are prom gowns out for this season in that same style. If it’s what HS girls will be wearing this spring it’s already out of date on the runway.

    I also agree with the decision to send Francine home. Her dress looked like a party dress from the Juniors Dept. It was cute enough but not high fashion.

    The purple jumpsuit was awful. The judges liked it far more than I did. Jumpsuits made their comeback a couple of seasons ago. They were already in the department stores last year. Let’s move on.

    Calvin has the gall to argue fashion with Iman, Isaac Mizrahi, Lauren Brown and Rachel Roy? From the dress he made last night he doesn’t have the talent to back up that arrogance. Tacky, tacky.

    • quincyil says:

      Well the purple jump suit was one thousand times better than the too tight brown jump suit that Flipping Out’s Jenni Pulos wore one day on the show.
      I think we will never forget her walking away from that lunch table.

      I loved the white and it wasn’t old for me as I have never seen a runway show that was all white. I had a little trouble following what they called progression and I will watch again to see if I can understand that. Having the last dress in white and gray (or was that black in a pattern?) was a great idea. The design of that winning dress was fantastic. Was is unique, Mamaz? I know that in fashion like art everything is recycled, but the judges seemed very impressed with it.

      In paintings, yellow is a difficult color to deal with. If you are not careful, yellow will take over a painting making itself the focal point. I think that Calvin wanted to be the focal point and that was his reason for the yellow dress that could change in many ways. I thought the shiny trim look puckered too. I know puckering because my husband will send me back to the hem sticking if I leave a pucker while trying to hem his jeans.

      I don’t know if it was leadership that made one team so much better than the other or that the more experienced people ended up on the same time. It seems very uneven to me. I think I should look at the Bravo site and their resumes.

      I had never seen such a fast paced show. There were actually two sets of fashion shows because they showed their original submissions.

      Iman and Issac are spectacular fashion icons. Issac said that brown never looks good on anyone in WWHL. I hope no one decides to do a brown collection.

      • MAMAZ says:

        Well quincy you know that old saying “there is nothing new under the sun.” It’s true. But it’s how you take all the old stuff and put it together to make something fresh. I think Cesar did just that when he slightly altered the one shoulder trend. And of course the shoulder embellishment has been done on every single season of PR. But Cesar’s was so delicate and airy, it went perfectly with the lightness of this dress. Absolutley beautiful dress. And he did it while helping the rest of the team. This guy screams professional.

        Yellow is a difficult color to wear. I couldn’t believe it was featured so prominately in their collection.
        I don’t agree with Isaac about brown. I love the depth some browns have. And it goes so well with a variety colors. But certainly never allover brown. You’d just look like a tree, lol. Didn’t LuAnn wear a brown dress with brown boots on an episode of RHONY once?

        • quincyil says:

          Issac made a comment about Luann. He described her as impeccable. She had the money in the early seasons, but will be be in fashion in the future? I don’t think her settlement was large. The Europeans know how to make sure divorces don’t ruin family inheritances.

          Sonja made comments about wearing old dresses at two events. I think she might be vintage, but not by choice.

          I think Kelly Bensimon’s choice in design is Goofy. She’s all about showing her legs and doesn’t stop there on occassion. There is an age when you need a “brarrr” and length in a skirt to look good.

          At one time in my life, someone told me that I looked good in tan. My husband called my clothes the tan ensemble for decades. Then, a friend said,
          “Black is slimming.” I joined a cloister of nuns for a decade.

          When I was given a granddaughter to love, I remembered my Grandmother and her hand made bright colored shifts. I remembered thinking how beautiful she was in those dresses. I lost weight and exercised and now, I have purchased colorful dresses to wear when I am with my granddaughter. I want her to remember me as I do remember my grandmother.

  34. lillybee says:

    Next week will be a hoot. I can’t wait to see what will be designed for Tree, Jac and Caroline. There sense of fashion is so yuck.

    • MAMAZ says:

      Well I think there are a couple of folks on this weeks losing team who have to same taste level. They will be perfect together.
      Please, please let Calvin work with Teresa!

      • error404 says:

        It really is a shame though, as Francine’s tight strapless belted mini dress with the multi-colored ruffle slapped on the front of it like an afterthought had “real housewife” written all over it! She probably would have won the challenge had she not been “out of fashion” this week. LOL

        • quincyil says:

          Watching them take a dress from the drawing board, to pattern, to manequin was fascinating. I wondered how those drawing from Lisa and Sheree were turned into fashions for a runway. It makes me want to learn how to turn on a sewing machine.

          • error404 says:

            Celebs rarely design their own lines. One of the past contestants from PR was one of the women who actually designs the sports line Venus Williams goes around telling everyone she designs herself. LOL

            Did you ever watch “Launch my Line”? It paired experienced designers with vague celebs who wanted to make their own line of clothes. One of Jill’s “friends” was on it, and her and her designer would get in huge screaming matches because the woman’s idea of design was tossing out vague instructions like “I want a sexy arm” and then getting pissed when the designer couldn’t just magically whip up what she had in mind.

  35. Diana says:

    How fucking rich is this? Just saw this tweet:
    NOH8Campaign NOH8 Campaign
    Jill Zarin Fights Against Bullying: “No One Should Be Afraid In The Classroom!” http://bit.ly/bOf9Cu via @HollywoodLife @JillZarin @GLAAD

    Jill Zarin Fights Against Bullying. Unless she’s the one doing it, then it is perfectly acceptable.

  36. NiceGal says:

    I would like to take this time to explain to YOU about my comments yesterday. I hope you don’t think I am one of “JIll’s people” I do read your blog often have been since June, However, yesterday was my first time actually commenting on your blog. I meant to do so on blog spot but realized you had to sign up for an account and all that other stuff. I was on my I phone and found it easier to comment on word press. I read your “I Hate Jill Zarin Blog almost daily to check to see if there is new posts and must say I LOVE IT. I always read the other posts that you recommend with the LINKS you put available. I assumed all your other fans did too.. Well apparently not! After I read the plea from wall st. Lady I thought maybe new listeners would not support the show if they learned that you had a blog with the word “Hate” in it. I only say that because like some other posters also agreed that their families were surprised that they read a blog with the word “HATE” in it and had to explain to them and have them read it which I wish I didnt have to do when I recommend it to people even though they HATE Jill as well. . . I know for my self I don’t allow my kids to say “HATE” I tell them they can say, ” I don’t like you” I’m sure you know what I mean your a mom 🙂 I also had to explain to my husband why I read a blog with the word “HATE” in it.. You would think he would know every time Real Housewives of New York came on last season how many times I yelled at the TV at her he would know. But after he read it also he liked it also but just said I wish maybe she would change the name because it comes off wrong to some people, even to people who dont like her. . That was the only reason why I suggested it. Lets face it you do need donations which I am willing to give. I wish that someone would pay you to blog for them I really see you telling Perez Hilton to move over.. I think blogging takes a talent to keep readers like my self coming back. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON after reading the PLEA I suggested it.. Not to mention how touched I was to find out that you were going to the Library to blog. I I will admit I have said some mean comments back to people who took my post the wrong way and suggested that I may be associated with twitter or said other things which is ridiculous because if they would of read the other posts they would of understood what I meant. Clearly they didn’t read the plea. Sometimes people are funny when donating when it seems to be a hate thing WHICH THIS CLEARLY ISN’T but you dont know til you read it. Its kind of like little boys who wont wear something if the tag has a stitch of pink on it, ,mind you no one will see it but they dont want o be caught wearing pink. Its not exactly ike it but you get where i am coming from. Some people aren’t like us who reads something first before they judge the owner of the blog well I’ll be honest when I found this blog I WAS SO HAPPY despite what I allow my kids to say.. But others may think, Oh well she is advertising hate although they hate her too. Just with this bullying saga going on these day is another reason why also that I made the suggestion AND AGAIN IT WAS A SUGGESTION. Of course you dont have to do it, that is up to you its your blog I know I will keep reading I was just thinking about how to get more listeners whow ould be willing to donate $$ to your pod cast because you do mention it on the show. .

    On to Carly, I didnt realize that she was one of the creators of the podcast. Again I am sorry but I just felt she really didn’t add nothing, I just got irritated a bit when only one her one lines were ‘so what else is new’ then when she was interrupting you while you we still talking or trying to move while you were on a subject. This is America I am entitled to my opinion. especially since i will be making donations. I bet them other people wont be who had so much to say yesterday either. They may say they willl BUT I BET THEY WONT. I hope they do though to prove me wrong.
    Now with the website name I know for my self when I first got linked to the podcast I wondered why is “reality buzz” on a winning beauty pageant page? Is this the right page? Again I’m not on twitter or face-book a friend gave me the link. At first I thought I was on the wrong page. So that is why I just gave my suggestions, AGAIN I don’t have a twitter or face book account so for those of you who said that this is something to do with twitter its not. I cant figure out how to use it and honestly wouldn’t have the time to be on it much I barely have time to read blogs. . I love to read this and real city house wife’s these are my two favorite blogs that I read when I have the down time to do so. I hope you know I meant no harm to YOU in anyway. I just gave my opinion. I wish that your fans would also read the links you provide before they go on the defense then clearly they would of known what I meant by how we say “Aunt” and not “Ant”

    On that note I am not one of Jill’s people. No way am I or would i ever be, I dont care if I lost my job and that was the only option. I would never work for a vicious person like her. . I think she is a bully her self, I think she is a person who if you tell the sky is blue and she would argue with you and say no its “purple”. I think she is a backstabber, a trouble maker, a BITCH, an attention fame whore attention seeker and would be ecstatic if she was taken off the RHNY series. I just wanted to let you know where I was coming from on this matter yesterday. You are the only one that I need to explain my self to not the others on here. Thanks again for another great blog I my self wouldnt allow my precious free time watching Patti Stanger. She’s an EVIL person. If there are typo’s I’m sorry my battery is going dead.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


      Lynn’s fans do read all of her links. Just not as quickly as evidently you would like us to.

      I work 14 hour days sometimes as many as 6 days a week. There are times that I am unable to read through all Lynn’s blog links in real time.

      I specifically asked you @ 11:32 10/9/10:
      “I haven’t had a chance to listen to Lynn, so I’m a little confused. Did she ask for advice?”

      At that point why didn’t you just say yes? Instead you let loose on absolute full on rant. You were incredibly rude, abusive, and completely out of line. Which is probably why some of your comments were deleted.

      People are mistaking you for a troll because that’s typically how they behave here. Plus your website is linked to ASPCA, instead of your blog.

      I am confused how someone who claims to be a fan of this blog would write
      ” You are the only one that I need to explain my self to not the others on here.”
      We are a community here. I am not asking you for an explanation for anything. I am asking you for courtesy.
      If you want to communicate directly to Lynn, she has an email address.

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      Sorry, really not meaning to interfere in this matter, but just a bit curious.
      @Nicegal, you abhore the word Hate, so profoundly that you are concerned it may actually have an effect on Lynn’s financial future with her podcast and blog, as you say people will not tune in to something attached to the word Hate. You do not want your children to know about that word and had to explain to your husband (who is also very concerned) about the word Hate in the title of the blog.
      BUT, you can drop Bitch and capitalize it to a yell, BITCH and whore with no problems? Yikes!

      • DarkSonnet says:

        Interesting isn’t it??? Curiously interesting…

        • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

          were you stroking an imaginary beard while you said that? LOL What movie shrink was that? or was it the pink panther?

      • Thanks for taking the time to explain where you are really coming from Nicegal.
        There are people who are personally offended by the, “H”-word, and other words as well, so like you’re statements about the podcast, and thanks to Lynn hosting this conversation, thank-you for posting how you feel about it.
        We lost a really good poster here, one of our few men, as far as I know, due to a word. It was the, “C”-word. Which personally for me is offensive, but in that poster’s case I was willing to forgive and forget the offense, because to that person the word was just a word.
        Also-thank-you for supporting the podcast, and no I have not contributed yet, and yes I do plan on it thanks to the suggestion to re-read the plea with the paypal thingy. I like the podcast too and I hope to see it continue!
        I really did misunderstand your identity & motives, and I hope that you can understand that it doesn’t help that there are so many accusations being flung here lately that it is almost hard not to be paranoid about why certain things are posted.
        Although you and I have very different opinions, I’m glad to see you here, since I already know what my own opinions are & learning from people who have different opinions from my own is one of the things that I find attractive about this place.

      • Iloveanimals says:

        darling did you read the other posts? yes, i was mad yesterday when people assumed i meant harm when just giving an opinion i said somethings i shoudn’t have, BUT OTHERS DID AS WELL! i was irritated by the fact they didn’t read the plea and commented just to comment. i was saying that OTHER people might be offended by the word hate in a blog based on my experience and sionce people are taking a stance on bullying. i talked with lynn about it and that is all that really matters to be honest. the more who listen & read her blog the more the better right? the more they $$ she would get to keep the podcast going. you did read the plea right? oh & of course they would have to be supporters.

        • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

          Who is darling? Who are you posting to? I really am trying to understand you, but you are more confusing than this whole mess with the pics that went on.

      • Iloveanimals says:

        thanks you housewiferhater for understanding.

        • Iloveanimals says:

          thanks you housewiferhater for understanding the above reply when stating “darling did u read the posts” wasn’t meant for you. thanks again for saying we all have different opneions why cant it just be that? why do we have to be criticized. i dont like alot of opinions on here but i respect that this is a free country,

  37. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Once upon a time, there was a little trollie who lived under a bridge. I will nickname her “wolftulips”

    The little trollie,“wolftulips” went from blog to blog trying to make friends. But no one wanted to be friends with a troll!

    Sometimes when she wanted people to like her, she would call them names. Because you see, that’s what little trollies do. No one understood her, instead the other bloggers would just get mad! And tell her Go Away Trollie!

    This made our trollie so sad! So she shuffled along the internet. It was cold and lonely with nothing good to eat.

    And then, there it was! “wolftulips” found exactly what she has been looking for! A blog filled with love and compassion! And snark and gossip! And all the good, yummy things that trollies love to eat.

    And the bestest thing in the whole wide world happened after that! The beautiful blog mistress told her she could stay! All she had to do was follow the blog rules.

    “wolftulips” basked in the glow! Let the other stupid blogs kick her out, she didn’t care! She rolled in the grass and played in the sun. And then after she was stuffed with good and happy things, she forgot all about the rules. And did all of the naughty, bad things that trollies do.

    Then it happened. Catastrophe! The beautiful blog mistress told her to go! “wolftulips” trudged back into the internet and was cold and hungry again. But this time our trollie got mad! “I’ll show them” she said to herself!

    And so she thought and she thought until her little trollie head was about to explode. And just when she was about to stop, she remembered the true identity of her bestest friend on the blog! Ah ha!

    So “wolftulips” carefully wrote an email to The JZ, (who the blog was named for) that her bestest friend was really bad too! And that her bestest friend was naughty too! Just like her! And that The JZ better be careful!

    The JZ was confused. Who was this trollie? Who was her bestest friend? The JZ knew something was wrong! So she called the bestest friend to see who she really was, and why she was being so naughty.

    The bestest friend talked to The JZ and found out who our trollie was. Poor, poor, trollie! Now even her bestest friend doesn’t want to play with her!

    Go away little trollie-no one wants you here.

    • Kat says:

      omg that was good. Well done!

    • kmuellfa says:

      OK, so who’s the troll? I’m still confused about that part.

      Great post OMIB.

    • buffywood says:

      Very Good! It took me a little to figure it out.

      Lynn, maybe there is a picture on the “Family” page you want to remove?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      ROFMAO! Why didn’t I say that?

    • American Idiot says:

      You are very clever – I felt like I was on a scavenger hunt or something. But I think I’ve got most of it now.

    • NiceGal says:

      To bad your not the owner of the Blog and you don’t have the authority to tell people if they are wanted or not! I have been reading since practically day one and will continue to read and can care less if you want me here or not. I gave money to Lynn have you? Probably not. This is America and people are entitled to their opinion. Just because people like you and Jill don’t like people who don’t agree with 100% of what you say gives you no right to tell them they cant’ be in a same “social circle” or isn’t wanted here, if I wasn’t then my comment wouldn’t be posted. So please keep your rude comments to your self and realize I’m not stupid I know you were referring to me. Your a bully just like Jill. Thank you Lynn for communicating with me out side of here. This will be my only reply to people who are like Hill who bully when not in agreeing with what they think.

      • NiceGal says:

        Sorry, Lynn but one more comment to Boston I dont communicate with Jill.

      • American Idiot says:

        NiceGal- Who are you speaking to?

      • OneMoreInBoston says:


        What are you talking about?

        This was not referring to you in any way, shape, or form.

        I think that you and I have gotten off to a very poor start.

        Of course you are entitled to your opinion. And of course I don’t expect you or anyone here to agree with me 100%. That is actually what I like about this blog. When there is a disagreement we can be civil about it.

        You are welcome here, and your opinion is as valid as anyone else’s.

        I haven’t been rude to you at all. Please re read this post. You will see many, many references to a troll that started trouble here a few months ago.

        Just because you are in a financial position to contribute to Lynn, that does not make the people here who are not in that position any less worthy of civility.

      • Kat says:

        NiceGal why are you using multiple email addys to post?
        NiceGal are you admitting to being wulftulips?

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          No, I think @NiceGal is legit, but she thinks I’m disrespecting her, when I am posting about someone else.

          • Kat says:

            Okay, thank you.
            Remember the commenter who started the anti-Lynn blog? She hated the word hate and wrote on and on about it. Flashbacks.

          • quincyil says:

            Why would someone yell the first day they visit? Something is not right.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            Erm…there’s an echo of a similar dog with a bone, just won’t won’t won’t let something drop quality. IMO. But that’s likely not an unusual characteristic among some of similar inclinations. FFIW. YYMV.

    • babelony says:

      Most excellent OMIB! It’s not who I expected it to be, but then I’ve been MIA from the comments a lot lately. I do know who your talking about though.

    • housewifeaddict says:


  38. buffywood says:

    Wow, I am gone a couple of weeks and the shit seemed to have hit the fan here in one way shape or form. I can’t express how bad I feel that Lynn has to deal with real Hate just because she maintains this very kind place for all of us to come together. Talk about irony.

    WSL – It is a shame you had more than you fair share as well. You posted the other day about getting stood up at Alberto’s. That was me who was planning on going and I decided to hit Florida instead. Rain check? My treat and I will bend your ear about real estate and schools in Boca/Jupiter for some guidance.

    As I have been catching up on past blogs, some housecleaning…
    The subject of Off Topic had come up. I LOVE when the blog goes a little off topic. I learn so much from everyone here. Between the differences in age, race, countries of origin, religion, sexual orientation, etc; I find I really learn a lot from everyone’s different perspectives on so many topics and I am a better person for it. To me that is one of the things that makes this such a special place.
    Jinx – I am so sorry for you loss. Nobody should even have to ensure the loss of a child.
    Kat – I was saddened to hear about the lass of your pet.
    Mary – I hope you are feeling well as I have been thinking of you a lot. It is so great to see your illness hasn’t affected your sense of humor as some of you one-liners had me laughing out loud on the plane.
    TLD – You picture reminds me so much of Vanessa Williams, so beautiful.
    Leggings… I have been wearing Leggings, UGG boots, and long sweaters (long enough to cover my ass) since the 80s. Love them! For the last 10 years I wasn’t out of style, I was just ahead of the style curve.

    I hope life is treating all of you well. Sorry for the long rambling post and OT Post.

  39. Maybe Bravo will wake up and see Patti for her true self and cancel her show?

    • quincyil says:

      I wonder how her ratings are going? I don’t know where to look to find that out.

      The concept of a dating show seems like it would work. We have match.com and such as a part of our culture now.

      I have friends from India here and they want their children to marry Indians from certain classes and families. It’s their thing. I’m not sure the kids agree, but many are going with the concept because Indian moms are strong and the center of a family. There are web sites with photos and family information. They often interview perspective mates for their children. I’ve gone to a party where one young man was being considered. This certainly works for many of my friends.

    • klmh says:

      Love, love love your kitteh. I also saw, when I drug my cursor over the kitteh Homer. Love that one too!

  40. Rusty says:

    Hey all.

  41. Thank-you Lynn for the explanation about all of the mysteries.
    What happened to you on Jill’s FB, and the fact that you did the right thing, even though you didn’t have to, and yet they are STILL pressuring you to drop the, (oh-and they KNOW how valuable the “I hate Jill Zarin” keywords are), title to your main blog—wow.
    Its like asking Pepsi© to change it’s name to Cola.
    It kills me that people don’t get Lynn’s title, or pretends not to get it. For anyone offended by the “H”-word, the “blame” for the “hate”, does not fall with Lynn. It falls with Ms. Zarin’s behavior but mostly it, (the “hate”), comes from the very reason for reality shows’ existence. Viewers love to “hate”. Seriously, they should make sure that the casts understand that before they sign-on. OK-viewers love to love also, but anyone who goes into the public eye, (especially if you bring your children & family into it), should have some understanding about the motivation of fans & viewers, and the media with it’s, “build them up so we can sensationalize the fall”, motivation.
    The fact that Lynn chose to own & address the “hating” of Jill Zarin, (that Bravo ultimately manufactured), and provide a place where lovers & haters can speak our minds without the frustration of being censored by Bravo, is why we are here.
    Personally, I resent any attempts by cast-members, or Bravo, especially heavy-handed, threatening attempts, to disperse what Lynn has created. Many of us have already been silenced in the the Bravo blogs and TWOP because-of attempts to control the monsters that they have created.
    I’m also sad that they went after WSL. People make mistakes, that’s why they invented erasers on pencils , I mean cease & desist notices. Speaking-of Real Estate, here’s an old post on my blog that has never been answered to my satisfaction:http://nyhousewives.blogspot.com/2010/04/its-not-stalking-its-research.html
    Also, in my state, when a seller is also a licensed Realtor©, that must be printed or disclosed in any advertisements for the properties sale, even if it is listed with someone else.
    Jill stated on her own blog & site that she was a licensed Real Estate sales-person in Nevada & New York. I’m still waiting for evidence of that claim.
    And yeah, I also think that Zarin is smarting from questions about her speaker’s fee in Florida.

    • quincyil says:

      I agree with cease and desist notices. I was hoping for the best, but one more in Boston is probably correct and troll issues are never solved. They think they are anonymous, but they are not.

      I don’t understand why someone would have a fit and then expect you to welcome them back with open arms.

  42. Earring Girl says:

    Ugh!!!! Here’s a message from Tree, explaining that everything said about her is a lie-


  43. WindyCityWondering says:

    IMHO – This blog, regardless of the name, belongs to a very clever, evenhanded, witty woman. This blog is her baby and she is entitled to name it whatever she wants! I found it via a book review on Amazon.com and quite frankly, I laughed out loud when I saw the title. I laughed more as I read it. And finally I found the courage to make a post (first ever on a blog) – people here are not haters and that was and is always evident. Lynn’s blog is one of the few where people can post their opinions without fear of being attacked for them. And when an attack does occur it is short in duration and handled as it should be! So to Lynn and all who post here – thanks for keeping it real and for allowing all to feel welcomed and safe in one small corner of cyberspace. And I still hate Jill Zarin!!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thank you WCW, that is really sweet! :)xo I really appreciate it!

    • Earring Girl says:

      I don’t comment a lot bu…… – I.Love.This.Blog!!!! Thank you Lynn and all the posters here~~~ :):):):):)

    • twoile says:

      Ditto 2 WCW this is the only blog I read religiously, comment sometimes, laugh with, & enjoy the education of so many wonderful perspectives. Thank you Lynn & all who participate & yes the “quiet” readers too.

      • justanothermary says:

        I love this blog . . . it’s my kinda plaaaacce . . . just walkin’ thru the door puts a big smile on my face. It’s ain’t too far. . . come as you aaarrreee, oh oh oh oh oh, I love this blog.

        I’m not sure, but I think that’ what Toby Keith MEANT to say.

      • Dani says:

        WCW this is the only blog that I read and I try to get on at least once a day. I also found it though Amazon and like you I loved the title. That is what brought me here and I enjoy it. I think that Lynn is a great writer as well as a wonderful person. She is good about letting everyone have their say. When someone gets out of line she is quick to put a stop to it. Thank you for saying what most of us feel.

  44. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Again, I am just amazed that someone who is so up in arms over the word hate being in the blog total can drop the words BITCH and whore without batting an eye. What am I missing?

  45. Waxdiva says:

    I was hesitant to mention this because quincyil guest recapped The Fashion Show, but maybe someone besides me was not impressed with the show. Here’s my take on it:


    • emily says:

      I love this: “Tim Gunn is the gold standard and Isaac is…well, Tim Gunn is Tim Gunn and Tim Gunn hasn’t a prejudice toward any color.”

      Tim Gunn is my reason for tuning in to the Lifetime network. Just bring PR back to Bravo so it can go back to its original quality.

    • quincyil says:

      This review was a hoot! So they film on the West Side…. Is that where the gangs of “West Side Story” hung out? I still sing “Sunrise, Sunset.”

      I loved your description of the designers. They were an odd bunch. I think the production team looked at the dvds with Patti’s Stanger in the room. The probably had a white board and tried to map out every possible combination of age and experience then threw in a few people from space to get those castmates.

      or… the fashion industry is filled with wackos… who actually chose to live in stories created on the West Side. lol

      Never be afraid to contradict me for any reason. I actually change my mind after input. rotfl… ask one more… and kat…. and wsl… and boston.. I think the best of them has disagreed with me…. and lynn…. and waxdiva… and mamaz…. I have to go to exercise class now, but I could do this for a long time if the clock wasn’t ticking. rotfl.

  46. 2Stupid says:

    I missed most of the hoopla yesterday and am piecing things together by deduction. Was WSL involved in legal actions and will she not be posting here anymore? If that is due to JZ then I might have to use the word “hate” in a more literal form, not satirically.

    • Waxdiva says:

      Wasn’t WSL watching the first season of RHONY? I remember her saying that she wanted to finish viewing. I hope that’s the case…she’s a smart woman and I doubt that anything serious as concerns JZ, her and IHJZ has come about. I trust she’ll be back very soon.

  47. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Nah, 2Stupid, I don’t think so, because taking pics of a building from a public street is not against the law in any state I know of! I am sure she will be back. Unless I have still not gotten all the story straight, and that is always a heavy possiblity!

  48. Kat says:

    Was it BethluvsBen or BobbylovesBeth? Anyone recall the name?

  49. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @OneMoreinBoston, I agree with your fable of the troll. It’s funny, I wrote a simliar tale at another website the troll frequents using a “disco” description. WolfieTulip was a frequent brawler on twitter also. Often picking fights with strangers and battling for days. She lives to spew venom. Recently evidence of those battles have been deleted and no new posts have appeared for a few weeks. That is not like WolfieTulip at all. The wolf has found some sheeps clothing and is masqurading in her new garments with impunity across multiple laptops. WolfieTulip has the same yearning for vengance against those who reject her that JZ has. “Idle minds are the devils playground”
    OMiB, me and you are right here…

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I’ve been waiting all day for you! Where have you been? Did you bring me chocolate?

      Just kidding!

      The part of the fable that I left out is, unfortunately she’s brilliant. If she could only use her powers for good…

      • Kat says:

        Not brilliant but maybe tenacious like a hungry mosquito? A mosquito/fly/gnat type of creature with a pocket full of names and personas and free email accounts.

  50. klmh says:

    This is amazing:
    It is a virtual tour of the vatican. If you have been there, you know how crowded it is and you don’t get to see much of it. Now you can. This is simply wonderful. Enjoy.


    • klmh says:

      Sorry, Sistine Chapel…

    • boston02127 says:

      @klmh — Thank you! I love these types of sites of places that I can’t visit!
      This one is really beautiful.

      • klmh says:

        Glad you enjoyed it. Me too. It is really amazing, isn’t it? When we went, it was so crowded we couldn’t see much and it was claustrophobic to me. Now here it is, on my little computer and I can get so close to every fresco.

  51. Nicegal-I posted to your thread up a ways.

    Is WSL OK? I checked-out the photos & it appears that she went to Brooklyn and made it back! If anyone does anything to hurt or cause one grey hair on WSL’s head, I am going to be mad.
    “With God as my witness”, nobody better be messing with WSL! I might not know nuthin’ ’bout birthin’ no babies, but I’ve seen some of the dirty-tricks that have been pulled by certain HWs and their pr & minions, and the are no match for the powers of the internet machines. -Let us know if you need any help with that WSL?

  52. AZ Girl says:

    Well once again Quincy you out did yourself. Unfortunately I fell asleep on the couch last night before MM and the fashion show. Tuesday is my 4 am trip to the gym so I turn into a pumpkin at 8:00p.m Thanks for the re-caps and all your hard work it is very much appreciated.

    Lynn: Thank you for your time, the blog and your fortitude.

    I have been thinking about what happened yesterday and this is my take. I really believe if Jill Z. from day one would have taken ownership of her behavior (Amazongate etc.) the title of Lynn’s blog would not have been IHJZ. It would have a different title and be a great blog about the housewives franchise. A basic blog with behind the scene information, twitter etc. Just as informative. Just as fun. Just as snarky as ever.

    But things changed when Jill decided to “bring it on”.

    Jill from beginning with her antics on and off camera has treated the viewers (us) like we are stupid. You, Lynn have brought this up consistently and that is what set this blog on fire. People don’t like being made a chump plain and simple.

    The fact of the matter is the people people who comment on this blog and the other blogs are smart, quick and see through the antics of Jill and her minions. You acknowledged their abilities and gave them a venue to express themselves.

    Those who post or lurk here have this blog to provide the truth and this is driving Jill Zarin crazy. Rather than take ownership of her mistakes. Acknowledge that she is human. (which in all sincerity I believe if she had in the beginning she would have been forgiven by the viewers). Jill is now playing the victim card that she is being bullied. We have the anti-bully agenda with negative troll posts on your blog which is just plain silly. Why put yourself on a reality show and then expect your life not to be an open book? Sorry that is the trade off for the money you make. One more thing……….Memo to Jill “we get you”. Ha!!!

    • Dani says:

      AZ Girl great comments, and, I agree Jill does think the people that watch HWONY are stupid. She also wants to tell us what we see instead of having us believe what we see. Are you freezing here today? I live up by Cave Creek and I had to turn the furnace on tonight.

      • AZ Girl says:

        Up early this morning and I am freezing down here in Tempe. Everyone from the midwest on this board probably think we are crazy.

  53. kbinldo says:

    Good blog, Quincy! The only way I’ll “see” MM is reading your blog about it. 🙂 And reading your recap of the Fashion Show makes me sorry I missed it. 😦

    • klmh says:

      My exact sentiments. Enjoyed reading your blog very much.

      • quincyil says:

        I enjoy Lynn’s blogs and the links to blogs from this site. I used to google the shows and read, but there is so much input here, I really don’t have to search elsewhere.

  54. WindyCityWondering says:

    OT – Moroccan Oil – OMG!

  55. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @OneMoreinBoston and @Kat, I work with mentally disabled adults. A common trait of high functioning individuals (description of those with borderline IQ’s”) is an inability to see things from a point of view other than their own. A high functioning Autistic person or someone who suffers from Oppositinal Defiant Disorder may percieve disagreements or rejection as a physical attack. Someone with a different point of view is “out to get” them. WolfieTulip admits to mental illness but maybe not ALL diagnosis. This combined with too much free time, several computers, and un-monitered meds= internet trolls. 😀

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I agree, there is mental illness. Some type of OCD too, she cannot seem to stop herself.

    • Kat says:

      Borderline Personality says my internet degree. LOL

      • MAMAZ says:

        I have a great deal of sympathy for anyone suffering from a mental illness. But I am not a mental health professional and I can’t help them. So I try to limit my interaction with them as much as possible.
        I learned the hard way a long time ago that doing otherwise could be very dangerous. I played “nurse” to someone in my youth and paid dearly for my well intended but misguided efforts.
        From now on I leave it to the pros.

        • Kat says:

          I mean no disrespect to anyone with illness, mental or physical. I just see this as more than illness gone amok.
          This person preys on others first evoking sympathy then attacking even those who would defend her.
          Her actions are premeditated and when caught she cries out saying she has an illness. That is not an excuse when the behavior continues. If she is ill perhaps she should turn off her internet access and see a professional.

          Reminds me of the drama hunger of BPD.

          • Zoey says:

            Who are you guys talking about? The wolf person in the flower garden? lol/ Has she been on here this week or just behind the scenes things? That’s what I’m confused about.

            • KellitaM says:

              I’ve only been reading this blog for a few months, but “Wulf Tulips” was on at least since I’ve been on. And up to about a month ago (I think), she was creating a lot of drama and was asked to leave.

  56. aquamarinecandy-083 says:

    Just wanted to throw this out there re: Bethenny and her estrangement from her Mom. They have nothing to do with each other, and haven’t for years and years, but I wonder if Bethenny has shown her life on reality TV (Apprentice, RHONY, Bethenny Getting Married, now Skating with the Stars) not only for her business/brand opportunities, but also to show her biological family just how well she is doing now, she has her OWN family now and how successful she’s become without actually having anything to do with her toxic Mom. Bethenny’s Mom admitted that she watched a few episodes of RHONY. Just a thought.

    • karenne says:

      I really like Bethanny. She learned to love, above all the crap in her life, and I do mean….parents who werent Warm and Loving, and even harsh and critical openly!! Wow…
      So I admire Bethanny and Love every success she has in life!
      and I wonder, how did she learn to love, when it seems that her own family wasnt especially kind? Perhaps she had a Grandmother? Or was just born with her own sense of self and tenacity to get ahead?
      I dont know…But I admit, I looked up her father after he died, because I didnt quite understand a dad, on his deathbed, not wanting to make up for hurting his daughter…..and to my surprise, he was the BEST at training horses and everyone in the racetrack world….LOVED him. ?????????? He was held in Great Esteem. Bethanny’s mom? I unfortunately know another just like her.
      Any mother who openly speaks ill of her own daughter, and sides with the one that is bringing her daughter down…..well, that is just the most painful thing and then, to not be able to reconcile with dad….before he died….because he didnt want to…..
      Bethanny, is so strong to live through that…and you can bet its been that way her entire life. Some moms, say “your friend shouldnt hang out with you, you are a bad influence, Daughter!”
      and it sounds as if Bethanny has one of “those moms”.
      that brings my mind back to the time Jill Zarin introduced her mom to Bethanny….and Gloria said she would be her mom, after advising her.
      Bethanny responded differently than many would in her shoes. she took a wait and see attitude, and smiled. Boundries.
      Gloria raised Jill….things make sense.
      sorry, rambling here. But the fact that Bethanny got through life, and became successful, is amazing to me and I applaud her every effort and cheer her every success. Some of us havent lived through a mother who openly disses her own daughter, or an esteemed father that rejects us.
      wow. and I hope you understand, I am speaking to you as the Community that Lynn began and built. I’ve come to love you guys, “as friends in my mind”.

      Have a good day, friends!

  57. Hi Lynn!!
    I haven’t had a chance to comment here in FOREVER. I had been totally unaware of any drama, but I have just spent the last hour or so catching up and informing myself.
    (Btw, I was getting a much needed massage the other day and all I could think was “how long is this going to last? I know I’m missing funny stuff online.” I have a problem – I know.)
    Ok so here are my thoughts on everything I just read. If the name of the blog were any different I might not have found it the day I was bored and typed “I Hate Jill Zarin” into the browser and was surprised to find that there was actually a blog with that title full of people with the same opinions as me! So you can’t change it, because when season 4 airs there are going to be a lot more people typing that sentence into google. Those words are the path that will lead them to salvation!!
    And yes Lynn, you totally helped me grow my blog so you can take credit for that. It was just a random blog floating aimlessly around the interent until I found you and “joined the neighborhood”.
    I told Lynn, the first time she posted my link I got a ton of extra hits, and that really gave me the foundation I needed to grow.
    Obviously if my blog sucked no one would have returned after their first visit, and I’ve put in the work to keep it going, but she helped me get started and introduced me to other blogs like ROH, Reality Tea, Absurd to Sublime (and other blogs I would have never known about otherwise) and also to the community here and most importantly to twitter! I would have never even thought about joining twitter if it hadn’t been for all completely insane Kikilet tweets Lynn posted that made me want to get a front row seat to the crazy show.
    This is what I always say over at my blog: Reality TV is a drug. Andy Cohen and Bravo are the suppliers who package the stuff and ship it out. People like me and Lynn and other bloggers; we’re the street dealers. We’re the ones that take that pure drug, put it into a frying pan, and cook it into that irresistible crack that people can’t get enough of. You know, the stuff that makes you neglect your housework and forget to feed the dog? The way I see it, we all live in the same neighborhood. This blog right here is Lynn’s crack house. We’re all sitting around her living room high as shit socializing and waiting for Lynn to cook up the next batch. The crack house I run is down the street and around the corner, not far at all. Sometimes Lynn will even give out directions on how to get there because she’s nice like that. And when someone comes a long and vandalizes Lynn’s house by spray painting I Love Jill Zarin across the front door, I’m more than happy to help her clean it up. We’re civilized crack peddlers. We don’t get into turf wars and shoot outs. (Or at least that’s the fantasy I created in my mind while watching re runs of The Wire. It’s a co-op yo!)
    Wow, am I rambling? If you’re still reading, bless your heart.
    I don’t know why I started talking about this in the first place…. did someone say Lynn doesn’t like other bloggers or something? Bc that’s ridiculous. Anyway…
    If people have a problem with the name of the blog then, I don’t know…
    Get your own blog and call it “I Love Jill Zarin” and help balance out the universe if you care so much. BE the change you want to see in the world!

    • aquamarinecandy-083 says:

      Ditto! LOL You are hilarious, but it’s TRUE!! You and Lynn both rock!

    • Waxdiva says:

      Hi… my name is WaxDiva and I am a crack addict…

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      fucking hilarious.

    • Kat says:

      Pass the RH pipe. Or the RCH crack.
      You definietly are addictingas is Lynn. 😉

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      RCH – you are a brilliant visual artist and Lynn is a pithy wordsmith – together I get all the housewife crack I can handle! Keep it coming ladies…..

    • Intensity38 says:

      Great comment, and I agree with you about everything, Including the crack theory! There are some other great bloggers out there too, including you and Lynn, I love reading Realoldhouswife’s and Absurdtosublime’s blogs. You four are my daily indulgences, Thanks for staying real.
      Dont let the crazies bother you, They will be gone soon. As soon as they are not getting the attention they want, (which is why I will not post their names)

      Also Kudo’s to Quincy for a couple of great recaps!

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      You go girl…no one has said it better

    • boston02127 says:

      @Real City Housewife ^5

    • LilyLynn says:

      @RCH – this quiet reader just got very afraid (pulling covers up, first making sure dog got fed). BTW thanks to @twoile I may steal “quiet reader” as my new moniker 🙂 LOL

    • kmuellfa says:

      love it.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Love your blog – love Lynn’s blog, love ROH’s blog – you’re feeding my addiction !!!

    • karenne says:

      Love your blog and follow you on Twitter!
      BTW, I found Lynn…through you!
      a massage, “when is this going to be over?”
      hahaha, a crack dealer, smoking her own product!!! I mean that in the kindest way!!
      I’m just a “partaker of the product” and cannot get enough!
      (I think, though that you and Lynn are more pure than crack…love the “lines you both cut and dispense….in equal shares…mirroring the character of RH back at us, while we are suddenly filled with the feeling of Fun and laugher, for the lines just taken in”…becoming dependant upon that high! emotionally dependant on you both….not losing teeth over it….your dealers of a finer product than crack….although I am fighting the vernacular on this one.
      Not fighting anyone at all…but crack is Whack..and you and Lynn are NOT whack!!! )
      Love Smack and all that good stuff.

  58. klmh says:

    I’ve noticed most posts mention they don’t understand the problem with putting pictures of someones residence on a blog, especially since there have been pictures posted of her home and her home address has been posted elsewhere on the internet.
    To me the problem comes into play when a poster, who is on the I HATE JILL ZARIN site posts the pictures. WSL has not been shy about her feelings for JZ, although she isn’t as acerbic as others here. Just a thought and my opinion. I felt this might happen and she does not deserve this, as she is obviously a dear soul. My opinion as well.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I don’t think the pics have anything to do with this latest dust up. I think Lynn’s radio spot has everything to do with it.
      It wasn’t until WSL joined up to help Lynn raise $ that everything went apeshit.
      The apt. pictures are a smokescreen to deflect from the real agenda, and WSL was collatoral damage.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Is WSL in trouble because of the pictures being posted here?

      • klmh says:

        Since the pictures weren’t of her residence, I can’t see that there is a problem. Lynn explains it well in her additional blog.

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        I think WSL got in trouble with JZ ( be afraid be very afraid 😛 )
        when she posted pics of her and Alex and Simon…that’s when she made JZ’s rather long sh!t list

        • klmh says:

          It started before those pictures were posted though. It started around the time WSL started talking about JZ residence not matching where pictures were taken where she was dropped off during the 1st year episodes of the HWONY. Then came the criticisms someone was making on other blogs. Then WSL posted some photos of NYC and the bridge, then saturday I think the pics of her with Simon and Alex were posted.

  59. Waslurking says:

    Haven’t seen these photocaps linked in a long time…. so here’s

  60. MAMAZ says:

    Hate is a loaded word.

    I don’t actually HATE Jill Zarin.

    But I couldn’t find a blog called I hate the way Jill Zarin: treats Bethenny Frankel, Alex McCord and sometimes Ramona Singer, and yes even Kelly Killoren Bensimon, dresses,wears her hair and does her make up, writes fake 5 star reviews on Amazon and bullies another reviewer who disliked the book, plants articles in the press about her frenemies, puts private conversations on speaker so she can laugh with her friend about the call, saves and plays bits and pieces of a private phone message for anyone who will listen to make another person look bad, pretends her husband was on deaths door for sympathy while she goes out partying, refuses to accept apologies, interferes with a skating work out in order to show off at a holiday party, talks crap behind everyones back and lets her effing little dog Ginger lick the snot from her nose!

    Did I forget anything?

    It’s just easier to say I Hate Jill Zarin!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Add lies about what size she is, can’t contain her jealousy ever and rewrites history to suit her fantasy/agenda. You are right – I hate Jill Zarin sums it up better and is easier to remember.

    • Kat says:

      Great post.
      Jill has been quite generous with the material, eh? Didn’t mickeymouth make a witch out of her? JZ is disliked far and wide and has earned our disrespect, or at least mine.

    • Dawn says:

      It’s semantics.

      How often to we say we hate certain foods? If I day that I hate pineapple are you offended? I will not eat it. I don’t feel an urge to shoot pineapples, I don’t wish others hated pineapple, but I feel strongly enough about pineapple that I choose to avoid it.

      I think my feelings about pineapple fairly well translate to Jill Zarin. I hate pineapple!

    • klmh says:

      Ooo, that visual just came back. Had a hard time getting it out of my head the first time. Ugh…
      oh, thanks a lot… barf

    • karenne says:

      Fabulous way to explain it!!! Yep…Just cutting thru the BS and shows who gets it and who doesnt!

  61. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I never thought it was okay to rip on celebrities, even if they fought tooth and nail to make it to the limelight. I felt sympathy when I read the vicious snark against JLO, Angelina, Britney, XtinaAugilera, JanetJackson, KimK etc. Yes these are public personas, however with a few exceptions they haven’t done the vicious things, our monster has done. You all know the list, it gets longer daily, much to our chagrin. Jizzm will do or say anything to hurt her targets. She will not be stopped as she admits to being a dirty fighter who will hit harder.

    Her specialty, it seems, is taking away people’s livelihoods. She’s attempted to steal jobs from coworkers. She tries to ruin reputations by lying and starting rumors in order to damage a persons brand. She accuses her victims of inappropriate activity at their workplace in order to humiliate and have doubt cast by the employer. I mean the list goes on. She strikes to hurt people financially, not caring if people lose their jobs, housing, kids tuition, quality of life etc. To me “playing with my money is like playing with my emotions”. DON’T DO IT!

    KimK may be disliked because she’s beautiful, has a big booty, silly voice, interracial/serial dater etc. however, we’ve never heard of her trying to bury Britney’s or Paris’ brand. She never has a negative word to say about anyone. She’s never tried to hurt her sister’s careers or steal an assignment. She’s never said why her and not me. KimK may be a self centered workaholic, but she is not HATEFUL. That is JillZarin. So hateful people deserve to get hated on.

    So when people say “stop drinking all of that HATERADE” (hater koolaid/gatorade) just yell back “but it tastes so good!!” 🙂

    • MAMAZ says:

      Amber – Angelina, JLo, etc are famous for the characters they play. I have no problem criticizing a badly played role or stupid script choice but not their personal life.
      JZ on the other hand is a Bravolebrity BECAUSE of her personal life. She asks us to watch her live it in the public eye so she has to expect us to comment on it when she does.
      Lots of celebrities draw the line. When’s the last time you heard of anything Anette Benning, Warren Beatty and kids have done? JZ lets us know everytime she shops with her daughter or meets a friend for lunch. She’s fair game.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        JilltheQuiffer, a horrible women so full of shit, is absolutely fair game! She has done the most awful things to people just for the hell of it. It wasn’t in the book, or in the script, it’s in her DNA!

      • Waxdiva says:

        Well, Annette and Warren’s oldest child, Kathlyn is going through sex assignment surgery.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      You make outstanding points!!!

      Thank you – I have never been affiliated with a sharper, smarter and more empathetic group as this and I’m proud to be here with all of you!

  62. emily says:

    coming up next on E!News the BH housewives take E inside their homes. I hope its not just clips from bravotv.com

  63. klmh says:

    When I first opened this blog in the middle part of May, there was a post by the name of OTAY something? and man, she posted hot and heavy. You talk about a troll. Anyway, she most certainly caused some anger among posters, and I believe instigated a lot of problems and acrimony as well, but it had enough hate to seemingly fill the poster area. I had never been on a blog before and just jumped right in with some questions trying to understand the people here. The tone has mellowed considerably for the better, in my mind, and as I have said so many times, I enjoy the camaraderie amongst the posters as well learning about the differences in races and thoughts.
    As an example, someone mentioned African American women’s lips often swell during pregnancy. And last night someone mentioned undernet webchat. I learn something new almost every day.
    Thanks guys!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Wow, I remember that troll – it was my first experience with one! Over the months I have learned more about them, how to spot them, not to feed them but I still really don’t understand why they need to be like they are. What I do understand is that this blog is not the environment they will ever be able to thrive in.

    • Kat says:

      Wow, I thought I remembered you from hubpages.
      Otay served me kool-aid and I drank it for awhile.

      I learn here too and enjoy it. I try to stay out of disagreements and let things work themselves out. But today felt wrong. I hope I am not wrong or I have crow to cook.

  64. MAMAZ says:

    Going to curl up in bed with my dogs and my laptop.
    It will be a different quilt piece but the same MamaZ. 🙂

  65. LynnNChicago says:

    http://lynnnchicago.blogspot.com/ New Blog posted this morning.

    I posted this earlier but in case anyone missed it, my blog updating the recent chaos 🙂 Enjoy!

  66. realminkey says:

    Holy crapoly, it sure looks like I missed a lot of stuff going on around here. It’s taken me a while to figure it all out, if in fact I really have. I sure hope WSL is OK.

    OH, BTW, I hate Jill Zarin. 🙂

  67. AZ Girl says:

    Thinking of you WSL. Hope you are doing well and lurking. Toasting you with a good red wine.

  68. quincyil says:

    Concerning Beth, the poker playing millionaire on Patti’s show, I don’t believe that she made her millions playing poker. She didn’t seem intelligent to me. She is recently divorced and had houses, three kids, shoes and jewelry. She said her greatest asset was reading people, but she didn’t read her date or Patti and they were screaming for her attention. I think poker was her hobby and her husband had the money. I really don’t think the Astin Martin came from that woman’s ability to play poker.

  69. Waxdiva says:

    Someone mentioned that JZ is a licensed real estate agent in NY and Nevada. I’ve searched both Nevada and NY under the names: Zarin, Shapiro, Kamen and Bishop. Unless she has another name that she used, there is nothing in either state. If someone knows of an alias that JZ uses, let me know and I’ll search further.

    And… Big Poppa is really having major money problems…


    • boston02127 says:

      Susan Saunders? (wink)

    • quincyil says:

      I am sure he’s still living like a Giudice in that mansion and spending money like a Salahi. That is a really interesting site.

    • Yeah WD—–Jill had it posted herself on her own blog.-I don’t know if the claim is still there or not.
      I did the same kind-of search, and she didn’t turn up. I think I have a link to the, “no-Zarin” databse page in the blog that I did on it back in the Spring.
      I thought that I had heard that Bobby’s son was in RE also, but from what I recall, there were no Zarin’s listed. I even looked at the corporate, and LLC, but I think it would have been impossible to look at all of them, so I’m wondering if it is possible for an LLC to even be licensed?
      I know that in NJ, certain Real Estate transactions must by law, only be done by a licensee, even including time-share sales, which is the last place that I used my own RE license before I let it expire.

      • Waxdiva says:

        Came across this in my ‘investigation’… they mention everything but the time of day she pees, so if she was licensed in either NV or NY real estate it would surely have been mentioned…


        And, being represented puts JZ and Crist miles apart re how she got the USF to pay her $15,000…. but we all know how she got the gig.

      • Waxdiva says:

        hwhater: Just read your post re JZ’s RE licenses. I did the same searches as you, except added her ex’s name of Bishop… still nothing. Were you being accused of stalking because of that? Do people, especially people in the public eye, think they can say anything and not get caught in their lies?

  70. boston02127 says:

    Well….just got done reading all the posts. I still hate Jill. That’s right Jill-e. I hate you and everything you stand for. I wouldn’t want Jill for a mother, a sister, a friend, not even a neighbor. That’s right…hate hate hate Jill and I smile when I say it.

  71. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    This may have been posted already but Joe and Teresa’s Bankruptcy Fraud trial is set for July 14, 2011.


    • klmh says:

      Well this makes me as sick as JZ dog and the nose thing, ugh.

      How long are they going to draw this out? How long CAN they draw this out?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      This is the Fraud part not the bankruptsy petition. And this is the one where going to jail is a very viable option……the wheels of justice turn slowly but they do turn!

      • klmh says:

        WCW, how can they have the bankruptcy hearing in Dec and have this in July? Will they not take into consideration the Giudice’s list of businesses and money paid for her book etc. they supposedly forgot to report? Doesn’t that need to be included in their bankruptcy hearing?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Different charges from a different federal entity, they lied under oath about what they claimed in their petition and that is where the fraud comes in.

          • klmh says:

            It’s confusing to me because I would think the courts would need proof they lied about their assets and then reevaluate their bankruptcy declaration. It sounds bass-ackwards to me. Thank you though for your response.

  72. boston02127 says:

    I’m watching RHOA again because there is nothing else on. Phaedra and that goppy lipstick. Ewwww. I just want to hand her a tissue thru the TV.

  73. Kat says:

    ILoveAnimals why the new name? NiceGal was so friendly sounding.

  74. MAMAZ says:

    I was very upset to read that Amazon is selling this book. While I respect their right to do so I will be exercising my right as a consumer to shop elsewhere as long as they carry this title. I intend to drop my Prime account tomorrow.


    • MickeyMouth says:

      I don’t respect their right at all. So you are a better person, but I already knew that.

      I think it’s disgusting and I have been tweeting and emailing to every major gossip and news site and may I hope others are doing the same. I have seen child rape and there isn’t anything pretty about it. Amazon just lost a customer which sucks for me too because I do a lot of my shopping online. Target and Toys R Us go through Amazon as well. So I guess I will be schlepping to the stores this holiday season.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      that’s what I’m wondering, when does censorship overrule common decency…I’m dropping my account too…bye Amazon you suck

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Goodbye Kindle. Hello Library.

    • quincyil says:

      Maybe, they will change their stance.

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        don’t hold your breath quincy…they already announced they weren’t going to bow down to what they consider as censorship and not common morality…sounds like they need a major shakeup

        • MickeyMouth says:

          I can’t/refuse to see the censorship side of it. The actions the book advocates are illegal in this country. I guess it’s a slippery slope. Amazon is a private organization and can decide what they want to sell their customers. If this is the crap they want to peddle then they are not a company I want to give my business.

    • Tralena says:

      Looks like they took the page for that book down and the comments/reviews. I was reading the comments at about 10:45 pm and the next thing you know…GONE!

      • MickeyMouth says:

        Good. I hope it stays gone, too. Amazon is now facing a PR nightmare before Christmas.

        • TrueLifeDiva says:

          I still don’t like the nasty PR statement they put out claiming freedom of speech. I don’t care what they do now that people are boycotting them. They made a very strong statement which I’ll never forget.

  75. boston02127 says:

    Six Things You Never Knew About Dina Manzo!
    from Hollywood Life

    1. I love the smell of horse breath & gasoline (but not together).

    2. I had really bad hair for most of my childhood. I was the youngest of 11, and my mom had no time!

    3. I love children, old people and animals, and will cry at most anything that has to do with them.

    4. I had a mad crush on David Letterman and King Kong (yes, the ape!) as a child.

    5. I drive like a man.

    6. I believe I have truly found my life’s purpose since founding Project Ladybug and working with children with cancer.

    7. Knowing me is equivalent to watching paint dry.
    Opps that’s 7.

    8. I’m a closet hoarder.
    Opps that’s 8.

    9. I’m a horrendous decorator.
    Opps that’s 9.

    10. I love spending other peoples money.
    Opps that’s 10.

  76. Iloveanimals says:

    to all who is concerned i did post under nicegal and iloveanimals i changed because i didnt realize that the only reason why my comment didnt go through b/c it was to long and was sent to spam i thougth i was blocked from commenting. i forgot to change it back to nicegal. i was seeing if my name wasa blcoked then tried a different one.

    • justanothermary says:

      That makes no sense Kim, I mean Jill, I mean Phaedra, I mean whoeveryouare.

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        So, and again I apologize if I seem antagonistic, I really am actually trying to understand you, You changed your name so that you could post on a site that you thought you had been banned from? After all that stuff about respecting Lynn and her opinion being the one that mattered to you, you thought she had banned you and then changed your name and tried again? That just makes no sense.

        • justanothermary says:

          AND posts were sent to spam for being too long. Think about it, there are some long (interesting, witty and fun, but long) posts here that get through. Maybe there is some wonderous troll goddess sending the long troll posts to troll Hell. We can only hope.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Confuscious say: DON’T POST AT ALL 😛

    • American Idiot says:

      So NiceGal who loves animals- Honestly, so you think anyone here is going to believe your story. Do you really think we are that stupid? – It’s time to go find a different playground.

  77. justanothermary says:

    O.M.G. I have Bravo on in the background and the Kim is, well I guess she calls it singing. ewwwww.

  78. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Something stinks… Could it be wolf scat being dropped like grenades here? Some of the more alert and aware Lynnfam are already hip to the skip but others will be attacked before they know what hit them.
    I pay close attention to phrases and speech patterns. They are like fingerprints. I hear a voice that is more than vaguely familiar, unfortunately.

  79. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Kat, don’t spaz out on me okay? We go too far back to let anything bad happen between us again 😉

  80. Adgirl says:

    We can create some additional JZ blogs with titles like JillZarinMakesMePuke …

  81. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I feel like I’m at a Cher concert with all these costume changes. Is it possible to get a refund? No? Okay, I’ll just try and enjoy the Performance Art. The performer will get tired of singing very soon. Always does, I’ve seen this show many times.

  82. nicegal says:

    I didnt realize that Jill wanted to Lynn to drop this blog.

  83. error404 says:

    Phaedra cracks me up! She obviously worked hard at school, to pass the bar, to have her own firm, to throw a huge ass “bougey” party etc… but whenever she talks about her kid, she always makes it seem like the smallest thing is some huge inconvenience. Now it’s “penis ointment”. She can be all over vejayay sugar, but putting cream on her kid is a bother?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Now did you really ever see anything about Phaedra that looked like maternal instinct or joy about having a baby? Hopefully Apollo will get the baby out of there before she can do too much damage.

  84. error404 says:

    OK, when they show the pics, I cant tell which one is Yiget and which is the bf! LOL

  85. error404 says:

    Danielle’s tastes are so Route 66, or like a kids party. If it’s not Woopie pies, it’s rocky road.

    And Damn, these last 5 are getting bitchy! It’s like a bad marriage.

  86. boston02127 says:

    ♥ handing Kat a glass of wine ♥ and a flower ♥ and a hug ♥

    • Kat says:

      Thank you! You should check out the link cdnfillie58 posted above it is better than alcohol and just as sweet. lol

  87. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Kat, I don’t think I’m in memphis. Maybe kirksvillmo, not sure anymore. I don’t have on my heels, I’m wearing my patent leather Doc Martins with a razor blade sewn into both sides of my brar. Ready to stomp a few WolfieTulips and cut a bitch if need be. 😀

    • Kat says:

      There is something to be said for kickin arse in comfort. Razor blades in Doc Matins. You are too much. 8)

  88. Zoey says:

    Enjoying Top Chef Desserts except for Danielle. Ugh. Can she ever form a sentence? She makes faces, moans, complains, and makes more faces. Still like Morgan.

    • error404 says:

      haha I’m the exact opposite! Since I can’t taste anything he bakes, all I’m left with is Morgan’s horrid behavior. All of his weird “they’re out to get me, so I’ll get them first” bs borders on paranoia and I can’t believe that after a silly exchange about plastic wrap he called Danielle something they had to beep out. Her open jawed shock said it all. What a nasty piece of work he is.

  89. error404 says:

    OMG those are 4 ugly cakes! LOL

  90. justanothermary says:

    Danielle has the ruuber face of Jim Carey. Maybe she should star in a female version of Mask, only she don’t need no stinkin’ mask!

  91. justanothermary says:

    Eric’s thong is twisted and he made an ugly cake.

  92. error404 says:

    Hmm… It’s one thing to diss your competition in an aside, but at the judges table it’s kinda tacky IMO. Zac seemed kinda desperate.

    • JKW says:

      error….I actually kind of like Morgan. I agree he is as ass but you aren’t paranoid when they are doing those things. Remember Yigit taking all of a certain ingredient ? Zac did have all the pastry bags under his station instead of in the supply area. I probably wouldn’t like Morgan if the Divas and Danielle were decent. That was just ridiculous what Zac said at the judges table. Who cares how excited he gets…he did the best job and won the challenges.

      • error404 says:

        The whole thing is just so weird and childish. Who cares how he acts when he wins, what is it your business? He won, period.

        Although I do admit to being curious about what Danielle does with the fiber cereal in the bathroom. lol

        I just don’t get the whole “you took all of the peanut butter, so I’m gonna take all of the butter” stuff… again, weird and childish IMO.

        • JKW says:

          I agree it’s childish but Yigit did take the butter…which everyone needed for pastry. Thanks…couldn’t remember what he hid…butter ! They certainly aren’t like the Top Chef Masters who actually helped each other. They are poor sports. I think Morgan is the lesser of the evils. Maybe Danielle uses the fiber cereal to soak up the grease on her head ? If I was a judge I would have kicked Zac off just for his little speech. It almost looked like Gail was going to crack up. Morgan may act like a jerk but he does very well in front of the judges. I was also surprised they didn’t bring up that Morgan worked with the judge in the Quick Fire.

  93. justanothermary says:

    Is it me or does Danielle look like Shelley DuVal (sp?) in “The Shining”?

  94. housewifeaddict says:

    More from Cynthia,


    Here’s one of the questions:

    Why did you choose to participate in RHOA?

    I moved to Atlanta 3 years ago and it’s just one of those things that kept coming up. It came up and an interview turned into another interview to a screen test to sitting in front of you. It wasn’t a plan and initially I didn’t really think I would make good reality TV because I’m not super confrontational. I’m not a big drama queen, though I have drama. I actually managed to surprise my own self. I got right in there and held my own pretty well. The show is so successful , it’s actually the number one Housewives show on Bravo. Everyone watches it. I think we are on episode six, and all I can say is that we are just getting started! We have about 15 more episodes to go and we haven’t even scratched the surface. It’s going to be a fantastic season.

    • Adgirl says:

      ALT is #1 of the RH? So confusing – I thought NJ was #1.

      Anywho it has been pretty good this season. I actually think Kim Z & Sheree can be cut next season. There are enough interesting relationships brewing with NeNe, Fakedra, Kandi and Cynthia that Bravo can bring in some new bitches next year.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        15 episodes to go???? No wonder we have had such a sunny, funny first couple of episodes.

      • error404 says:

        in 2009 RHoAt broke all kinds of records for Bravo, being their most popular show of all, not just of all the HW shows.

        RHoNJ broke those records in 2010. I still maintain it’s the downfall of western civilization. RHoNJ is unwatchable IMHO.

  95. TrueLifeDiva says:

    OMG! I just saw Lisa Wu-Hartwell’s husband (forgot his name) on “Meet the Browns”! He was on screen for less than 60 seconds at the end 😉

  96. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Adgirl, “Meet the Browns” is a sitcom created By Tyler Perry loosely based on characters he featured in a series of stageplays. It airs on TBS 🙂

  97. jeang says:

    Local station in Tampa wtsp has story that amazon has yanked that book due to protests.

  98. jeang says:

    Yet some comments are saying it is still on amazon.

    • sweet pea says:

      I can’t believe anyone would give this scum a platform of any kind. I love Amazon, but will not patronize them while they sell this crap. It’s not “book banning”…this is illegal and sick. JMO.

      • error404 says:

        Oh dear God! I just googled this and one article had a except form the book, and swear to God I almost threw up all over my lap top.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          The author was on WGN news this morning and is as creepy as his “book”. He really thinks he is providing a valuable service and that children are willing participants…..

  99. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Adgirl, the lead character Mr. Brown is Madea’s baby daddy. Nuff said 😉

  100. Wall St Lady says:

    U kind posters have been like Cinderella’s carriage lately ; you

    turn into a pumpkin at 12 !

  101. Wall St Lady says:

    True Life Diva
    U so cute !

  102. Wall St Lady says:

    I want to get back to one of my favorite LynnFam activities.

    We haven’t had a birthday for
    2 weeks & the next one is not till the 20th.

    We don’t discriminate so if u just lurk please come out for your birthday party. We celebrate you not ur age (unless that’s your request.
    So come out,
    come out
    where ever you are
    if you have a Nov.or Dec birthday and leave ur B. Day !

    1 Noelle
    2 Scprpoisue
    20 Nancy
    21 Michele
    22 realminkey
    24 jazznightOut
    28 Canada
    30 kat

    5 Buffywood
    10 tuzentswarth
    24 KirksvilleMo/C.Flower
    26 JustAnotherMary
    29 Rabble Rouser

    • Kat says:

      Kirksville is CyoteeFlower FWIW. Her Bday isn’t in Dec but I refuse to tell.

    • TrueLifeDiva says:

      Wall St. Lady, I love you like a play cousin but you need to delete CoyotteeFlower/KirksvilleMo from your list. Based on being persona non grata here I don’t think anyone wants to celebrate that hot mess. I think she is up to a few other things but will keep my mouth shut until it blows over. Thank you.

    • Kat says:

      I think you just got me to type out the name(s) how sly of you. 😉

    • debbie says:

      OK..i lurk all the time, and post shyly, occasionally. My B-day is the 14th. I’m probably one of the older Lynn/ IHJZ fans..I’ll be 58.. (lol..i don’t sleep on my back balancing a goldfish bowl, WSL)but don’t look or feel my age.. I’m particularly close to my daughters and granddaughter ( I posted pics of them on Lynn’s wall). After a series of medical problems over the past year or so ,other than the 3 of them, I tend to stay to myself. I want all of you to know how much enjoyment I’ve gotten from this blog and how it’s actually therapeutic..it’s cajoled me into reaching outside myself once again.
      Looking forward to another year/season with all of you.

  103. Wall St Lady says:

    Buffywood Dutch treat !

  104. Wall St Lady says:

    Thank U Kat !
    U da bestest friend
    a gal could have
    Forever & ever
    A men !
    I better add
    Hal le lu ya !

  105. Wall St Lady says:

    Noelle r u around or r u making Trollie soup.

  106. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I”m off to work the night shift as usual but I’ll be following on my BlackBerry. Smooches 😀

  107. justanothermary says:

    So glad to see you back WSL. I was concerned. All this crapola is so ridiculous I can’t believe we even have to endure it, but I’m very thankful for you, Lynn and all who handled with class and panache.

  108. Wall St Lady says:

    OK let’s talk sleeping habits

    I sleep on my back. I usually tuck my hands under my but. I fall asleep w/in 3 minutes & don’t move all night.
    WSM still says it one of the dammdest things he has ever seen. My mother sleeps this way too. She told me when I was 15ish that all the women that have wrinkles spend half their life smashing their faces at night. Next she pointed out all the women w/bad posture & explained it not only made u look fatter but that u grow 2 inches taller when u stand up properly.
    Then not to be wrinkled,fat & short,I was coached to pretend ,after u lay down that u have a goldfish bowl on ur chest. So being the vain child I was who wanted to be thinner,taller & unwrinkled I trained my self to sleep on my back.
    My results worked pretty well. Also another bonus is I take up very little room on a bed.last it is easy to make the bed cuz u don’t mess it up.
    For years I didn’t use a pillow. I do now. I forgot why.

  109. Wall St Lady says:

    Twinkle Twinkle little Star
    I wonder where the trollies are
    Up above the world so high
    Like a trollie in the sky

    • realminkey says:

      So good to wake up and see you back, WSL! I have chronic neck problems from a fall I took years ago, and a physical therapist told me to sleep on my back and never on my stomach. No question, I always much feel better in the AM when I’ve been on my back.

  110. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @WSL I sleep on my back or on my side in the fetal position. Also, I remember hearing as a child “Don’t make an ugly face, it’ll freez that way” I took it very seriously. I rarely frown, squint, or furrow my brows. I think I’m wrinkle free in part due this practise. My only failure is I do get “Ramonacoaster” eyes when I’m pissed off 😉

  111. justanothermary says:

    I sleep on my stomach with both hands under the pillow. I was advised to use satin pillow cases when my hair started falling out and I do. They are soooo cool and nice against my face. I have terrible insomnia though, so I never sleep for more than about an hour, then I up doing something again.

  112. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @WSL, in the beauty biz if a woman gets an elaborate hairdo that has to stay unharmed for more than a day, we tell them to “sleep pretty”. This involves either sleeping sitting upright in a chair or on your stomach with your chin propped up on your fists. I have NEVER been able to sleep pretty. If I can’t secure it with a scarf, forget about it! But strangely enough, I have no problem sleeping on a head full of those hard plastic magnetic rollers. Go figure!

    • quincyil says:

      Elaborate as in something Marie Antonette would wear to a ball? I can’t imagine sleeping like that for my hair. It’s simply not that important. Usually, before a wedding, they would do the hair in the morning. Why would anyone have to have a hairstyle protected over days? Perhaps, they are a model and there will be several shoots?

  113. Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:


    You can only say “Bless your heart” if you are from the South and a Southern Belle like myself! HOWEVER, as for the rest, proud of my lil’ Canadian gal (where the band Nickelback was born <~~did I say that, again?)! Anyhoo, Lynn, love all of your hard work! There are a lot of mentally disturbed people in this world that will try your everlasting LAST nerve! The bigger you get the more Haters you will attract. I've been very proud of you for not engaging in this twitter twatting! It definitely shows the more mature/stable bloggers. Mazel of the week to you!

  114. MAMAZ says:

    It looks like Amazon did take the book off their site but it sold a few copies due to the bruhaha.
    Why am I only seeing this story on Gawker and not CNN, MSNBC?


  115. Wall St Lady says:

    Mo nin Miss Daisy !

  116. Wall St Lady says:

    True Life Diva
    I put it up to shame her into being nice.
    But I know what u mean.
    About the date,what a memory u have !

  117. quincyil says:

    Bye, bye, Liberace Versachi. Jill tweeted that they are painting the apartment and she is going on a trip. I guess the negative reaction from potential buyers brought out the licensed (?) realtor in Jill Zarin. The mirrors in the hallway were a bit 80s too Jill. I’m sure that we will see a new Zarin dig on this season’s finale. They probably are redecorating mid season so they can write it off as production costs.

    Has it been 7 years since the last change? My how fast time passes in the big Apple.

    • AZ Girl says:

      It’s about time. That blue was awful. I never did get the mirrors in the hallway. The entryway was narrow as is and to put that mirror thing (was it a curio?) there made it almost impossible to get through the entryway.

  118. Laura says:

    This is off topic of this blog, sorry about that but I wanted to be sure it was seen……Its about ATL…. someone posted something on Yahoo! Answers about Gregg Leakes paying $300,000 to guarantee NeNe a place on the show and I was wondering if anyone else had heard this. (I’ll copy and paste what they said – unfortunately they didn’t link the article)

    **Why did Greg Leakes have to put money into season1 of Real Housewives of ATL?
    I’m just curious, i read an article that said he was recorded by some guy he owed money to so i listened to the recording,and he said that he had put 300k into ‘making’ Nene a house wife for season 1.why would he or anyone else need to put money into a reality show? I’m assuming that the house,car,etc. was all staged then?then why would they give average people a show saying to us viewers that these people are rich and all that?supposedly he has admitted to that being him on there and has issued an apology for saying what he did..**

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I had heard that and really thought that he said $30,000 not $300k, it was the money he spent to make them look rich for filming, renting that home, buying them clothes, he bought her oldest son a car..etc

    • error404 says:


      The show likes to showcase rich women in posh houses with posh clothes, posh cars, etc.. The women who don’t really have the $$$ but want in, beg, borrow or steal to look like they are richer than they are. Ter&Juicy are the poster-childs of this: showing off a fabulous lifestyle on TV they neither had or could hold on to.

      All Greg is saying is that he spent money on his wife…boo hoo hooo.. isn’t this the mantra of every bitter divorced husband: “But I spent my own money on the witch!” boo hoo hooo…

      They rented an expensive house, new clothes for Nene, etc… as she was after all, being televised nationally. It’s just an exagerated version of the same “What do you need to buy a new dress for? Wear the same dress you wore to the last family wedding!” argument couples are having all over the world. “How many shoes can one woman own!” etc…

      Sour grapes from a man who got dumped.

  119. realminkey says:

    LOL! From today’s Page Six:

    Ex-“Real Housewives of New Jersey” drama queen Danielle Staub seemed desperate to be in photos with Jerry Seinfeld at the opening-night party for “Long Story Short” at Forty Four at the Royalton.

    Staub, axed from the Bravo show in September, lingered on the red carpet for a half-hour. “Her assistant kept running back and forth to see if there were celebrities to take a picture with,” said a witness. She didn’t get Seinfeld but did snag one with Stiller.

  120. klmh says:

    An eloquent insult:

    An exchange between Churchill & Lady Astor: She said, “If you were my husband I’d poison your tea.”
    He said, “If you were my wife, I’d drink it.”

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