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I Hate Jill Zarin                   Tuesday News  Nov 23, 2010

Last night Bethenny Frankel of The Real Housewives of New
York and Bethenny Getting Married? Made her ice skating debut on ABC’s new show Skating With The Stars.  With just six nervous
contestants the show will just run for 6-weeks, possibly a test run for ABC to see if it is well received and if the show does well maybe a longer season with more contestants for a season two.

I enjoyed the skating and even all of the typically annoying
introductions and back stories were short and sweet enough not to annoy me all that much.  They were 30-minutes into the show before the first contestant took to the ice but I barely noticed because they did a good job of moving things along.

The three judges are Johnny Weir, Dick Button and Laurie Ann
Gibson.  I admit I have never heard of Ms. Gibson and as it turns out she is not involved in the skating world but is actually a dancer and worked as Director of Choreography for Motown.  I think she landed on the wrong soundstage, she should have been down the hall over on Dancing With The Stars.

Bethenny skated last and was visibly nervous, she did as well as could be expected, I thought she did just as well if not better than
some of her competitors yet her scores were horribly low in comparison.  It was almost as if some horrible, vile woman
from Bethenny’s past had whispered in one of the judge’s ear causing him to be much more harsh with his scores for Bethenny than he would otherwise have been.

Laurie Gibson had very little to say to Bethenny while she had to be cut off as she rambled on gushing over the other skaters.  Weir only commented on Bethenny’s weight, which everyone seems to fixate on these days.  Even now, 6-months after giving birth apparently they expected Bethenny to have a bulging gut.

When the scores were revealed you could see Bethenny was
clearly disappointed, she had done very well, no mistakes and did some fairly advanced moves.  While she was a bit shaky at times and was clearly nervous, she did substantially better than some of her co-stars yet received the second lowest score of the night just a few points ahead of Motley Crue’s Vince Neil who was shaky and awkward.

Even the host of the show remarked that Bethenny’s scores should have been higher for her performance, she was complimented for taking risks and her confidence but I noticed that Johnny Weir got a bit personal with his comments, rather than sticking to the performance, he seemed to lecture Bethenny about putting her skating first above all else in her life.  It is almost as if he knows that she continues to be a hands on mom, is still running her business and filming a new season of her show while she’s participating on Skating With The Stars and Weir feels she isn’t focused completely on ice skating.  Is Weir annoyed that his life’s work isn’t being taken seriously enough?  Is he annoyed that Bethenny continues to film her show while performing on Skating
With The Stars or that she puts her family above all else?  Maybe Jill mentioned to little Johnny that she would have been better suited for the show since she has nothing else to do anyway and it just isn’t fair that Bethenny gets all of these great opportunities?

As soon as Bethenny’s scores were revealed the internet went
mad with fury over Bethenny’s obvious snub by the judges, the phone number to vote for Bethenny was posted and called by many of her fans in an attempt to right this wrong.  Is it really possible
that Jill Zarin, even now, has this horrible power over people.  Can she still affect Bethenny’s life?  It seems almost impossible yet we know that Jill has a relationship with Weir, they hosted a charity event together and his coach yelled at Jill to get off the ice as the professional athletes were practicing and she decided she would get all dressed up like an aging princess and skate for Bravo’s cameras.

You can watch Bethenny’s performance along with all of the others here:


Would this professional athlete really lower his scores because Jill Zarin told him to?  We know that Jill is not above giving it a try, I would not put it past her to have called him and ask him to be particularly hard on her former best friend.  Jill goes right for the jugular when she wants to destroy someone, we’ve seen it plenty of times before, but what about Johnny Weir?  Would he risk his reputation to be so obviously biased against one of the skaters?

I thought for a moment that maybe I was being biased and that Bethenny possibly deserved those lower scores but it wasn’t just me and a few die-hard Bethenny fans, there were hundreds of people who felt the same way and were Tweeting and Facebooking madly with their outrage.

What about the other judges?  Laurie was unsuccessful at hiding her disdain for Bethenny, while she literally gushed about every other celebrity, she was harsh when it came to her critique of Bethenny, Weir, as I said, spoke more about Bethenny’s figure than
her figure skating and Dick Button, well, maybe he is just not a reality show fan.  Do the judges discuss their scores before revealing them?  It certainly did not appear to be the case with the first skater.  A young man named Brandon Mychal Smith skated
and while Johnny Weir and Dick Button gave him respectable first-time scores, Laurie seemed to go out of her way to score him quite a bit higher than what he earned.  Even Laurie seemed to realize
the tension in the room as the scores were revealed to be so off the

Bethenny’s scores were not revealed immediately after she skated, there was a commercial break in between possibly giving the judges an opportunity to compare and adjust her scores?  A conspiracy theory could be completely off base but it seemed so blatant and even cruel that while she did as good a job as some of the others, her scores were so much lower.

Watching Bethenny receive her scores, she barely flinched as
Laurie and Johnny posted their scores but she reacted with shock as Dick Button posted the same.  It was almost as if she expected nothing more from the first two judges but possibly felt that Button
would be fair and impartial.

Bethenny’s tweets:

@Bethenny:  Lacing up. I love u guys. I really do. See u
on the other side!

@Bethenny:  OMG that was so terrifying.I’m so glad we had
fun and got through it. Again: what was I thinking?am I nuts?

@Bethenny:  Thank god I wore a wig bc I have a full head
of gray hair now.

@Bethenny:  U cannot even understand how much makeup they
put on me.I’m thinking about walking the boulevard for some extra cash.

#A Fan said:  @Bethenny u wore a wig? You have to be

@Bethenny:  How awesome is that? no spray in my hair!!! taking
nail polish off now. yuck!

I have to give a quick thank you to Bravo for re-running The Real Housewives of New York Scary Island episodes this morning, it never gets old.  Each time I watch Kelly freak out and break down I notice something new that I’ve missed.  Today I actually cracked up all over again watching Ramona’s face as she made eyes with Alex as Kelly was freaking out, priceless!

Today is Sonja Morgan’s birthday, the Real Housewives of New York star who recently filed for bankruptcy seems to be coping fairly well, here are some of her recent tweets:

@SonjaTMorgan:  I am so grateful to all who r helping me with
my new career, website, product. Everyone has been supportive. Family, frds, and co workers.

@SonjaTMorgan:  Thanks peeps! I am starting to make a plan
for my bday today! Yest shot my new website. Working hard

Ramona’s recent tweets:

@RamonaSinger:  @Bethenny getting ready to watch your debut
skating with the stars pinot grigio in hand!!xo good luck

@RamonaSinger:  Oops forgot to mention we were showing off
our biceps at the GLAAD event http://twitpic.com/390xql

@RamonaSinger:  At Lavo dancing my butt off!!!

@RamonaSinger:   Omg I can not ever remember getting home this late at 3 am

@RamonaSinger:  Ever regret staying out to late even though
you had a great time? Well I am!!!

And over the bridge in New Jersey, here’s what some of the ladies are saying:

@Melissa_Gorga:  @Twilighttwitti Hi Honey, I’m doing good,
crazy busy, theres ” a lot ” going on.. Hope your well! Everythings
going perfectly ;.)

@Melissa_Gorga:  Hi, whats going on everyone?? Life has been
so crazy, but I spent the day today with my cutie little boys!

@Melissa_Gorga:  So excited for Antonia she just booked a
modeling job for Neiman Marcus!!!!!

@JacLaurita:    “sometimes turning the page isn’t enough, sometimes you simply need to just close the book” …or slam it
& burn it… Whatever works 4 u..

(side note, the above tweet by Jacqueline was re-tweeted over 100 times on Twitter)

@JacLaurita:    Did my NOH8 pictures w/Ashley.I feel good
about it.:0)I had a great time. I met some great people.Met up w/a few Jerseylicious peeps there 2

@JacLaurita:    Hanging w/family,watching Nicholas dance2
YouTube videos.Specifically ” Party in my Tummy”Yo Gabba
Gabba!CJ,Albie&Chris playing video games.

@JacLaurita:    Pizza’s here!!!! Yay! We are at Albie & Christophers place. :0)

@Teresa_Giudice:  Happy Monday! Gia had a dance clinic all
weekend w/ the instructors from “So You Think You Can Dance.” She LOVED it! How was your weekend?xx
(Lynn:  a little competition with the Gorga children?)

@Teresa_Giudice:  I’m exhausted! I cooked Thanksgiving dinner
for 21 people yesterday! Here’s a pic of our table: http://twitpic.com/3992yh

@Teresa_Giudice:  Lots more pics over at  ww.teresagiudice.com
along with food photos & news about an iPad giveaway JUST for MY FABULOUS FANS! Xx

@Teresa_Giudice:  Hi Tweet♥s… up late catching up on emails, Facebook and Twitter… reading about you guys… glad you’re all loving Season 2 in the UK…

@Teresa_Giudice:  I guess it’s snowing in Seattle… Hi Seattle! Hi Portland & Minnesota & Utah & Lake Tahoe… xx

And off to the other coast, LaLa land and the Beverly Hills Housewives:

Dedrawhitt is Camille Grammer’s friend that she calls DeeDee
on the show she has since joined Camille in closing her Twitter account:

@dedrawhitt @MickeyMouth1 something happened in Vegas off camera that I can’t disclose.This whole thing got blown way out of proportion.

@dedrawhitt‎:  @KyleRichards18 and i said no that the fight was pertaining to something that happened in Vegas off camera.

@dedrawhitt‎:  @KyleRichards18 stop creating drama!!

Thank you to MickeyMouth1 for sharing these with us!

@TaylorATweets:  What is your favorite vegetable side dish to
make for Thanksgiving? I need inspiration for Thursday and want to try a few new additions to our menu.

@TaylorATweets:  If you have a recipe you would like to share,
please email it to contact@taylorarmstrong.com.

@TaylorATweets:  Kennedy and I are going to prepare 3 of the
recipes you submit. We will have video and photos to share on Thanksgiving Day, fun!!

And down south in Atlanta:

@NeNeLeakes:  Good morning tweetie pies! I had so much
chatting with u all last nite about the show! Go read my blog on bravotv.com

Kim Zolciak announced officially yesterday that she is pregnant by her Atlanta Falcon football player boyfriend Kroy Biermann, it was
obvious to anyone who watched her on WWHL with Andy Cohen but she had apparently given exclusive rights to the announcement to Life & Style Magazine and wasn’t able to confirm it until the magazine made the announcement.  Here’s a bit more to the story:  http://www.showbizspy.com/article/219153/kim-zolciak-boyfriend-kroy-biermann-expecting-their-first-child-together.html

@dinamanzo: to:  @Kimzolciak awww Congrats Kim. So happy for you! xo

@KimZolciak:  Thanks Dina!!! Xxxooo

@KimZolciak:   High in the sky!! I have had a reese’s peanut butter cup! My favorite!!! A bag of apples and cheddar sun chips!! Oh my!

@KimZolciak:  I’m serious Delta needs massage therapist on
board!! 😉

@Kandi:  Shooting a video for a “Haven’t Loved Right” off of my album KandiKoated 12-14-10! http://plixi.com/p/58606815

@Kandi:  Tomorrow I’m shooting the video for “How Could u…Feel My Pain” Did yall go to KandiOnline.com to hear a sneak
peek of that song yet?

@Kandi:  KANDI KOATED in stores 12.14.10! Thank U for all your support!!

I really like Kandi, but her self promotion is really getting old, there needs to be a balance in the tweeting, I don’t think that any fan of Kandi’s doesn’t already know that her new CD is dropping in December.  Enough already.

Apparently Sheree was in New York City with Kim Zolciak over
the weekend…

@IamSheree:  Just lost @Kimzolciak at Bergdorf! We r gonna
go grab a bite! Have a safe flight back to Atl babe!

@an Atlanta fan:  to @IamSheree I have to ask, but do you live
in a fantasy world? I watch the show and still haven’t figured out what it is you do, or Kim.

@IamSheree:  Uuummm ok…AND ur point is??? I Luv my life
hun, my fantasy, ur fantasy who’s ever fantasy…I’m enjoying it! And who r u?

Tonight is a new episode of The Fashion Show, I am loving the previews that show Iman making a comment that her 9-year old could do better creating an outfit, then the brilliant editing shows her following that comment with, “why are you crying?”  Hysterical!

Also tonight is a new episode of the horrible, disgusting, vile Patti Stanger on Millionaire Matchmaker, luckily I don’t have to watch it,
I can just read the recap by our very own QuincyIL who will be writing a guest blog for both shows.  Thank you Quincy for falling on the grenade for us all.  I can’t wait to see Stanger’s latest score, I believe we’re at zero for 10 attempts at matching her paid cast clients.  I’m anticipating a shut out on the season.

Late Addition:  Thank you to @Twilighttwitti for sending me this article, this is an inteview with Johnny Weir and here is the Q&A of revelance:


Q: Do you watch Rachel Zoe’s  show? Do you watch the Real Housewives? Which is your favorite — Atlanta, New  Jersey, New York or Orange County?

Johnny Weir:  A:  I love the Housewives!  Rachel Zoe is also very funny, but I get  jealous of the clothes so I don’t always watch, but I rarely miss  Housewives.  I loved all of them except  the Orange County ladies.  My favorite is  probably Nene from the Atlanta group or Jill Zarin from NYC.

And another article, Johnny Weir is quoted:

With NYC neighbor Bethenny Frankel already tweeting about her practice sessions, we wanted to know if he’s a fan. “I don’t watch the (Real) Housewives of New York,” he confessed. But, “I’m a good friend of Jill Zarin. I always say that when someone asks me about Bethenny, but no, I’m open to all. I don’t show favorites in any way.”


A little contradictory…oops!

Until Next Time….

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309 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Skating With The Stars / Housewives News

  1. Tonia says:

    Great recap Lynn. I think Laurie Ann was the dance instructor from Making the Band with P. Diddy or whatever he calls himself these days 😉

    • Jen says:

      She was and he fired her-

    • Savannah111 says:

      Thanks Lynn I was just about to post the same thing Tonio did, she was on a few seasons of Diddys making the band series on MTV she’s more hip hop than anything I was very surprised she was even a judge.

      I’m a big fan of Bethenny’s even though I am if her skating was not as great as others I would have no problem with the scores but the fact of the matter is she did a great job I though she showed a lot more in difficult moves than many of them. The one thing I didnt like that Laurie ann said right away about Sean Young was that she just was humbled to be in her presence !! WTF is what I was thinking when she said that, I’m not putting down Sean’s craft as a celebrity at all, but I can;t believe she made that comment. Sean didnt have difficult moves she tried to make up for it in the way she held her arms and pointed her toes blah blah but nothing that was really that great.

      As far as Johnny yep, he’s a friend of Jills and I dont trust her, I bet it made her night to see her getting low scores, I think she’s that sick.

      • Savannah111 says:

        Oh and I also wanted to mention that he Diddy did fire her at one time because she just got beside herself and thought she was running the show, and he had to show her who was boss.

      • sophie says:

        Sean Young is still a celebrity? I thought her 15 minutes ended two decades ago. She was way overrated even then.

  2. WindyCityWondering says:

    Lynn, I am thankful for your blog and all who blog here with wit and respect.
    And yes, I am also thankful for the Bravo stable of housewives who bring the material we so love to discuss!

  3. Tonia says:

    I just thought of something about Johnny Weir. I think he is friends with Rachel Zoe. I saw that he was on her show. So maybe it’s not just Jill who has been whispering in his ear. If i remember correctly, Kelly on crazy island mentioned that Bethenny was mean or something to Rachel. So I’m guessing Rachel isn’t a fan of hers.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Bethenny and Rachel were old friends – but no longer …


      I wonder if B is being filmed for her own show as she’s doing this show – and is therefore annoying the judges by getting more attention than other contestants. But how seriously are we expected to take the scoring when one of the judges isn’t even a skater. There are so many wonderful female ex-skaters out there that have on-air experience – why not have one of them judge?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Was thinking the same thing last night – there are so many incredible female skaters who could have been a judge with more credibility and knowledge!

      • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

        Exactly — why not have someone like Lea Ann Miller, Sandra Bezic, Michael Seibert, Sarah Kawahara, Lori Nichol, Randy Gardner, Renee Roca, Lisa-Marie Allen, Tiffany Chin, the list goes on and on…..all of these ex-skaters have done marvellous choreography for both amateur and professional skating events. I have never heard of this Laurie-Ann person!! What a mistake to bring her on the show.

        • error404 says:

          I know right. I think it was an effort to bring in reality TV watchers who don’t follow skating.

          Anyway, does anyone know who choreographs the routines? IIRC on DWTS the prof dancers do the choreo.

          • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

            Actually, instead of Dick Button, Skating with the Stars should have brought in Betty Callaway as a judge (Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean’s ice-dancing coach) — she had done some figure skating commentary in the past and she’s very witty, funny and whipsmart. Like a somewhat nicer Len Goodman. Another good judge would have been Toller Cranston. He did a guest judge stint on Battle of the Blades a few weeks ago (Canadian show) and he was so crabby at times, it was hilarious. Johnny Weir is a little garden gnome compared to Toller…..lol

    • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

      Tonia, you have an awesome memory! You are totally right about Rachel Zoe not liking Bethenny!

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      So it seems he’s friends with EvileneZarin and Rachel Zoe. Bethenny can’t catch a break with this makeup using, tutu wearing, lady gaga loving fairy skating queen. Maybe he’s one of those gays who “dislike or are jealous” of women as they feel they are competing with them. (disclaimer… a horrible few, NOT ALL!!) Bethenny is definitely the top draw as even Sean Young and Vince have seen better days and the others aren’t as known. Johnny probably resents all the press B received and all the success she has outside of the skating rink.

    • Savannah111 says:

      koo Koo Kelly I believe mentioned Gwyneth Pathrow as her friend that Bethanny talked about, however, Bethanny looked at Kelly like she was from a crazy planet not earth and didnt seem to have a clue about what Kelly was talking about.

  4. LynnNChicago says:

    TO: Boston02127:

    I just saw your post about your mom, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your mom.

    Thank you to all of you who sent your thoughts and prayers to Boston and her mom, it really shows what an amazing group of people that gathers here and to show such warmth and caring really makes this all worthwhile.

    Boston, If there is anything at all I can do to make any of this just a bit easier for you, I hope you’ll ask, I’m here for you and I know so many others are as well. We all love you so much!!! xoxo

    • StillAWallflower says:

      Dear Boston, I too just saw your post and wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers here as well.

      My mom died from Alzheimer’s a couple months ago. You were very kind when I posted about her being in hospice. I haven’t forgotten the warmth and support of the posters here during that time.

      Sending you lots of love and prayers.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Hi Boston, you have many shoulders to cry on and ears that will listen to you on this site, please keep us informed of her condition and we will continue to support and pray for both of you…HUGS!!!

    • twoile says:

      Boston, I too am very sorry 4 your “troubles” & posted a message on the prior blog. I was a coordinator in a hospice program 4 about 12yrs( Lowell MA). I would be glad 2 assist as you may need. Lynn can give you my email address if you like. Blessings/prayers.

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  6. error404 says:

    Well, that was rich.

    Skating fans will remember that the main complaint about Weir was that he multi-tasked too much and didn’t give skating enough of a priority. After he won a world medal, there was again hope for him at the Olys, but worry soon erupted as he started doing his own reality TV show while trying to train for the Olys.

  7. Adgirl says:

    @Boston, that is certainly terrible news about your mother’s disease. There is no ray of sunshine there except that she has you to support her. Our prayers are with you & your family.

  8. Adgirl says:

    I watched the skating last night and of course really paid attention to Bethenny. I have to say the first skater was really fabulous, and Rebecca Budig was quite relaxed and cute.
    Everyone else Bethenny included look terrified and stiff.
    Bethenny looked extremely uncomfortable and if you just looked at her alone she barely raised a foot or arm for her moves.
    I don’t think she did worse than Vince Neil or Sean Young but her scores were worse.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bethenny was given good advice about relaxing and just going for it. That said Bethenny and Ethan did more advanced moves than some who scored higher and the technical scores did not reflect that. Bethenny wasn’t the only one who was surprised by the scoring.

  9. buffywood says:

    My feedback to Bethenny would be:

    You looked like you were saying to yourself the whole time “Please god, don’t let me fall”. You skated with the fear of falling; hesitant and stiff. You need to relax and fun. Trust in your skills, your athletic ability, your partner and your personality. Lastly ditch the wig and over done makeup. I am hopeful you will be voted through as I believe if you bring your inner Bethenny out you will kick some butt.

    • error404 says:

      My understanding is that they don’t hate a choice. When Kristi Yamagucci was on DWTS, she did mention that she really didn’t like some of her outfits as they were more risque than she would ever feel comfortable in, but that the show dictates what you wear. I doubt that either the wig or the make-up were B’s idea, but like Kristi, she goes along.

      • error404 says:

        Ugh.. have a choice, not hate a choice.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          So funny, I actually read “have” in the original reply. I didn’t even notice it was ‘hate’ until you correct it.

          If what Cristy said was true, no wonder Kate (the Diva) Gosselin always looked like crap. Pay backs a bitch.

  10. aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

    To Boston:
    Sending prayers your way!

  11. DarkSonnet says:

    Sweet Boston – I just saw the post with the news of the progression of your mother’s illness. I am so sorry to hear this and like others, I wish there was something I could do for you.

    Your mother, as well as your family are now in my prayers and were just added to the three prayer groups that I support.

    Please give your mother and yourself a great big love hug from all of us.

    We care.

  12. AZ Girl says:

    Finally caught up on HWOA and BH last night. NeNe is really perceptive when it comes to people. Her comments about Cynthia’s reaction to the engagement and Sheree and her fake doctor. The fact that NeNe is trying to get work and not shilling some stupid product is wonderful. I see her doing well as a entertainment correspondent.

    Pheadra getting called out on the term of her baby was excellent!
    Camille is crazy. She is just not normal with her interactions with others. Her best friends are paid employees. Love Lisa, Adrienne and Kyle. Kim is just sad. Taylor is delusional. Russell is going to hit the road soon in that marriage.

    Off to work.

    • Adgirl says:

      I’m married to a Russell and he would not like it if I traded in my feminnity for a rubber face on top of a stick figure or threw lavish parties that our child hated!
      Geeks are people too – just under the dazed face!

    • TLM says:

      I would be surprised if Johnny Weir is better friends with Jill than Bethenny. Weir is friendly with Kathy Griffin, and B and Kathy are friends. I can much more see Johnny being friends with B.

      I feel all the BH marriages and wives are depressing except for Kyle’s and Lisa’s. Adrienne can barely stand Paul, and I don’t accept their bickering as normal… I think their relationship is deteriorating and that he grates on her. Taylor and Russell are about as romantic as two robots made of ice, living in a meat locker. There is resentment and hostility galore there. Kim is a nervous wreck who truly needs therapy and possibly hypnosis and acupuncture. The woman is constantly freaked out about everything. Camille – well, we all know how that marriage turned out. I don’t really care if Camille gets help or not, I just don’t want to see or hear from her.

      Don’t know if everyone heard Lisa put her mansion up for sale, asking $29 million. Guess who got the listing: Mauricio!!! At 6%, the commission would be 1.74 million. (Take that, Camille!). The Vanderpumps are downsizing. I am curious to see where Lisa will move next. And will there be a room for Cedric??!??

  13. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    Regarding the scores Bethenny got compared to others I think it was unfair.
    Not sure if it was perhaps because she was left for last and judges wanted to be more impressed. However Sean Young was not good at all to me it looked like her partner did all the work supporting her. Yet the judges were all gushing. Vince Neil was horrible no dance moves no gracefulness nothing yet Bethenny got bad scores so weird.

    • Adgirl says:

      I noticed in the preskate videos of them practicing both Vince Neil and Sean had never skated (while Bethenny had a little) so maybe that factored into the judging?
      Maybe they are grooming Bethenny for the miracle Bristol win?

      And why why why did they keep referrring to Bethenny as “controversial”?

    • quincyil says:

      If a judge is best friends with a known enemy of a contestant, shouldn’t he recuse himself from the voting? I think Johnny Weir is a great skater, but he has to be unbiased as a judge.

      • error404 says:

        the scores from all 3 judges were shockingly low, so I’m not buying the Johnny conspiracy just yet.

        and Jill is “friends” with Johnny like she’s “friends” with The Donald and all of the other famous people she claims to be friends with but really just stalked once outside a public restroom.

        then again, he did “out himself” with the Gosselin-bashing news right around the same time Jill was vowing revenge on Kate, so…

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          You know what is weird to me, is that Kate Gosselin got a job with the show given that Johnny Weir and his BFF JZ both told the press what a major PIA she was at a skating charity event they were all at.

        • karrylin says:

          JZ vowed revenge on KG?
          I missed that. What is with the bravolebrities, the TLCebities…
          that think its OK to just go bashing other “ebities” on shows/blogs/twitter?
          so, what did gosselin do to zarin?

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Gosselin was rude to everyone and made a lot of demands- she wanted a private limo, dressing room ect. She wouldn’t speak to anyone.

            Zarin wanted to use the bathroom (it had more than one stall) and Kate’s body guard (alleged lover) blocked the door and wouldn’t let her enter because Kate was in there.

  14. ramonacoaster says:

    Bethenny definitely was nervous and looked stiff but overall I think she did well. She didn’t fall and the lifts went smooth. She definitely deserved higher scores compared to the other skaters. She didn’t deserve first place but not second to last above Vince. While looking at Bethenny’s face receiving her scores, I couldn’t help but feel that B was thinking “I practiced so hard and gave up time spent with my baby and Jason just to come in second to last place. This is bs.” I hope Jill doesn’t get off on her power trip watching SWTS. She better behave this season. And little Johnny Weir better start being fair.

  15. Adgirl says:

    Does anyone know the song Johnny Weir skayed too?

  16. Mimisfbay says:

    I have been lurking on your site and love it! Started during NY and the seriously disturbed KB. Now that I have watched BH and Camille…well, what can I say? They walk among us?

    Watched Skating last night and was pretty impressed that non-skaters could pull off any of those moves. I would have been sprawled on the ice begging them to take me home. The judging of Bethenny Frankel was harsh and, although I hate comspiracy theories, this sure seems like one. Did I remember Johnny Wier on RZ? Noooooo. Now that I have read that he is friends with “she who must not be named” I am convinced. BF was targeted and they all graded her down. I do hope she kicks butt next time.
    We all need to vote on abc.com to keep Bethenny on the show kinda like the tea party keeping Bristol?

  17. patrick says:

    Hi Lynn,

    Recently discovered your blog and love it! One thing though, whenever i go to the “home” page, it starts with some looong post about RHONYC from 6 months ago. Am i doing something wrong?

  18. ramonacoaster says:

    Is it coincidental that this morning Bravo plays reruns of RHONYC starting with the episode when Jill wipes out on the ice for her skating debut and she gets yelled at by a skating coach?

  19. Adgirl says:

    Kelsey’s secret $6.5 mil love nest
    The wife is always the last to know.
    Kelsey Grammer’s spouse, Camille, was blindsided when he launched a torrid affair with a much younger woman. And now she’s about to learn her soon-to-be ex has plunked down $6.5 million for a love nest he’ll share with the hot 28-year-old flight attendant.
    They’ll soon be shacking up at 100 Eleventh Ave., the sexy glass building on the Hudson designed by starchitect Jean Nouvel.
    Several sources told The Post that the former “Frasier” star, who’s in the midst of divorce proceedings, was “adamant” that the deal be kept deep under wraps. Everyone involved had to sign top-secret confidentiality agreements to keep his wife from finding out.
    The 55-year-old Grammer, who was previously renting at the star-studded 15 Central Park West, and his latest squeeze, needed the extra space.
    The four-bedroom apartment is big enough for his two young kids when they visit from LA, where they’re living with their mom, a “Real Housewife of Beverly Hills.”
    Camille Donatacci Grammer has said she feels “very bitter,” not to mention “humiliated,” about Kelsey’s decision to dump her because of his liaison with Kayte Walsh.
    Camille is Kelsey’s third wife and the mother of two of his four children.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      How do you keep a $6.5 million dollar secret?

      • quincyil says:

        I guess Camille wasn’t handling the only check book.

        • TLM says:

          I still keep remembering that horrid woman saying, “I don’t know if I can stay in such a confined space.” I thought it was a beautiful apartment. Well, now you don’t have to worry about that, Camille!!

    • lillybee says:

      Maybe this is why Camille was complaining that the NYC apt was so small. Could she have been guessing that Kelsey was buying something bigger.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Maybe it’s just me but I don’t find Kelsey’s 28 year old mistress all that hot. I actually think she looks a little frumpy looking. Also, it’s she English? She isn’t allowed to live in the U.S. without a visa. I wonder if Kesley is paying for her to attend some school so she can slip in with a student visa.

  20. JazzNightOut says:

    “@karrilynn09 don’t be so upset about judges scores.I’m so happy I DIDN’T FALL!plus it’s so much fun!u know I don’t take myself seriously.”

    Bethenny: about 3 hours ago via ÜberTwitter in reply to karrilynn09

    • karrylin says:

      BTW…this Karrylin…is not me….
      not that I mind..its actually her name!
      hi Karrylin09

      I am Karrylin, but I am on as Karenne.
      its a long family name story…
      boring as heck…but when i saw a karrylin09…I kind of freaked out.

      but..hey! how are you and I’ve never met another Karrylin!

  21. Adgirl says:

    @ Mimisfbay “They walk among us”. Good One.
    Do you think they recognize each other using Cra-dar?

    Are you in SF? Me too.

    • Mimisfbay says:

      Loved the Cra dar… Live on peninsula but from SF… city of my birth. Fog in my veins.

      • Adgirl says:

        Berkeley here!

        • JazzNightOut says:

          Grew up in SF; used to live in Walnut Creek; now Wisconsin. What a difference from the Bay Area. Love it when you post cuz I can be in Berkeley thru you. 😀

          • Adgirl says:

            OMG I have lived in WC too. Miss the weather. Amazing how being on the bayside of the hills is so much cooler and damp. Nothing like your Wis weather though!
            Berkeley is fun, strange, intriguing and maddening. The only thing not accepted here are midwestern values. My husband is from a tiny midwestern town (total fly over-ville) and it’s been quite an experience for him here.
            I’ll bet the same in reverse is true for you in Wis.
            Viva la difference`.

            • JazzNightOut says:

              Coast values (either coast) are not recognized here; no one knows what I am talking about, lol. I live on the EastSide of Milwaukee to get as close as I can to open culture. I miss, miss, miss the openness of SF, Berkeley, even WC. I miss Mt. Diablo; loved to hike and drive on both sides of it. It was my spirtual place. My best friend died of cancer in 2003; she had her ashes scattered around her favorite hiking spot on Mt. Diablo.

              • Mimisfbay says:

                Oh, brrrrrrrr you are in the frozen tundra. Come back to the bay area!

                • JazzNightOut says:

                  Sooooooo wish I could, but life is not leading me back there just yet. You guys keep posting, and I can live vicariously by imagining you both at your computers in the Bay Area. Even miss the smell of the fog.

            • JazzNightOut says:

              Just going from Orinda thru the Caldicott to Berkeley is changing ecospheres isn’t it? What I loved to see was how the hills on the Oakland side started to sprout vegetation after the fire. Like watching new land being born.

              • Adgirl says:

                So happy there are some westies here! Even if you’re here in spirit only.

                I live in the Berkeley hills, to the north. I adore the one of a kind houses and footpaths between street. I grew up here and then moved around as an adult. I recent moved into my family home. I am enjoying rediscovering my neighborhood.
                Now, if someone would film Real Housepersons of The Commune or Real Housepersons of Big Sur then I believe my neighbors would watch!

                • karrylin says:

                  Real Old Ladies of Big Sur
                  as in “she is my old lady”
                  do they still say that?
                  Its been a really long time since my commune days…
                  I am stuck in the middle.
                  I am so not a middle person, but my kids, grandkids, hubby…all are middle people.
                  send some West Coast Energy this way Ladies!
                  SF Energy…pls!

          • zoekayla says:

            Danville for my early childhood years, followed by a year or two in Berkeley! Whoo hoo!

  22. LynnNChicago says:

    Bethenny Frankel shocked by low ‘Skating’ scores http://f.ast.ly/5kgBc

  23. knocknoc says:

    When watching the Winter Skating Olympics, there are times
    that it is disappointing to see the judges score our USA
    skaters lower that the other foreign skaters. Bias at the upper
    levels occurs and it repeats itself even on our “friendly” skating
    shows. Life is not fair, but it will not keep me from voting for
    our favorite NYC housewife. No doubt about it, Bethenny, put
    in lots of hours of ice time to give a super first round skate
    program. Let’s continue to support our new mom, Bethenny.

    We can advance Bethenny position but only if we vote for her.
    When she wins we can raise our glasses to toast our favorite
    Skinny Margarita drink. Hip hip hoorah!

    • JazzNightOut says:

      Was just able to log on to vote on abc.com. Voted from every one of my e-mail addys 5x for Bethenny.

      • jezzibel says:

        I tried to vote on abc but my vote never took, I tried to call in my vote but the phone line is busy

        • JazzNightOut says:

          Tried to vote for DWTS last night online, but never got on and now is too late. Did get thru on phone tho. There is article on web about how badly both the phone and online voting is for DWTS. Same for SWTS. The voting for SWTS is open for one more half hour. Took me solid hour to get online to vote; going to heaven for the patience that took, lol.

  24. SillyMe says:

    I watched the first dance by the guy from Disney and fell asleep in the middle of Sean Young’s performance and when I woke up it was Bethenny’s turn to skate, which was perfect because I only tuned in to watch Bethenny. 🙂 I was appalled at the judges’ scores as well!! What were they all thinking? I thought Bethenny’s performance was WAYYY better than the first guy I saw, yes she did look nervous, as most of them were, but she was on mark for every move. I will tune in again next week just to make sure Bethenny is still there, if she’s not I will not be watching the rest of the season. There’s my rant for the day. Happy Tuesday everyone! 🙂

  25. error404 says:

    OMG, NJ passed anti-bullying legislation. Makes sense now that Danielle is off the show. Without the other 4 being able to bully her, there’s no story.

  26. vilzvet says:

    Interesting tweets between Kyle and that nitwit troublemaking “friend”/hairstylist of Camille’s. Rewatching the scene she sure did laugh along with Camille that Mauricio was never going to be used again as their real estate agent, I couldn’t believe that. This Deedee also said on-camera how every other woman is jealous of Camille, simply feeding her “friend”‘s ego. If anyone was creating drama it was Camille, not Kyle!
    Melissa’s daughter is a doll, she is going to be wayyyy more successful at modeling than Teresa’s, so there is definitely some competition there.

  27. Adgirl says:

    May I suggest that regardless of whether we tink Johnny Weir is biased in his voting, it can only get worse if he feels Bethenny fans are rude to him or pile onto his twitter or facebook account.
    She should be winning the judges over with her performances and personality not by her fans freaking out about scoring. Her fans can support her by voting.

    I just think it makes us all look bad and Jill look better if some Bethenny fans are too agressive.

  28. Jen says:

    Voted on both our phone lines for B- I actually just got a ‘thanks for voting, only your first 5 votes count’ which made me wonder do they really? My guess is B will make it one more week at least

  29. Delynda says:

    The first thing I thought of when I saw that Bethany was going to be on SWTS, was “How ironic!!!”. Jill had her big Christmas party where she did her skating “debut”.I hope it really frosted her a** to see bethany get the show. She can wallow in her hateful misery while she watches Bethany being successful in spite of her efforts to belittle and degrade her. I also hope Luann is seating on the couch watching with her.

  30. WindyCityWondering says:

    IMO – Johnny Weir is just plain jealous of Bethenny’s closet – they both did Bluefly.com commercials and her’s rocks!

  31. girlygirlnyc says:

    I didn’t watch SWTS, but I have to wonder if the producers deliberately gave B low scores. She is the most current/interesting/followed person they have on the show. If people like us are upset, we will tune in to watch and vote. If one of the other “stars” had gotten a low score, there would be no twitter buzz or facebook campaign. My first reaction to all of your posts was to watch and vote next week. I bet that is the exact reaction the show was hoping for.

    At least it creates good buzz for B, too.

    • TEB says:

      I totally agree. This was exactly what the producers wanted to happen- to outrage B’s fans so we would vote. Betcha they talk about how incredible the number of votes were when they reveal tonight. Question is: who will go home tonight?

  32. Mookies1mom says:

    Boston, I don’t post much but I read everyday and feel like I know so many of you. I’m so sorry you and your mom are going through this. My father had Parkinson’s and dementia. It’s a really tough road. You are both in my thoughts. Don’t forget to take care of yourself during this time as well. I know that may sound selfish of me to say. But you will be able to take care of your mother with all of the love you have for her if you also take care of yourself as well. There are a lot of people praying for you both and sending love your way.

  33. Kelly_Has_Big_ Shoulders says:

    I think elimination is next Week not tonight.

  34. American Idiot says:

    Just went to look at Skating with the Stars’ website. Looks like the next show is Monday, 11/29 from 8-9:30.

  35. AZ Girl says:

    Well everyone tonight is when Quincy takes the bullet for us all. MM is on. Will Patty be 0-? (to many to count) this week?

    Good luck Quincy. I toast to you and your brain cells may they not go numb from all the bashing that Patty does to um……just about everyone. I will attempt to watch this once again tonight so you will not be alone. 🙂

    • quincyil says:

      It’s not so bad. I had a weight lifting session today that was a lot more painful.

      So… I am researching Freud’s projection and the real housewives. I studied the theory and read many examples. I used Lynn’s blogs for a reminder of what went down in the past. Let’s just say, I will have to edit because there are a boat load of projections happening. Amazingly, major reality stars like Nene don’t seem to use it. She is almost totally honest. Her feelings get hurt, of course, like the time Sheree invited her and didn’t put her on the list, but Nene owns her emotions and doesn’t seem to throw them onto others. Even in this separation process from Gregg, Nene holds it together. She may be drunk frequently, but she has self esteem. You have to love that.

      Alexis Bellino…. oh my
      Jill Zarin…. I guess that is why we are all here…
      Kelly Bensimon… projection but bigger problems too
      Taylor… tells us herself.. textbook case
      Camille… we will ask Kyle.

      Some people go out and have a good time at clubs…. I read……

      • AZ Girl says:

        Your assessment of NeNe is spot on. Even with her “lack of judgment” she takes ownership of her behavior. That is why she appeals to me. How great it would be for some of the other housewives to be so honest.

      • AZ Girl says:

        Not a big Freud fan. I understand the concept of projecting the past into the “here and now” but to me it is still just a “cop-out”. IMHO. 🙂

        • quincyil says:

          I see it in so many people. You might not have the attribute that is harmful to your ego so you don’t need to project. When you read the blog, I bet you might have done it once or twice. It’s unconcious transferral.

          I actually see it in the troll war and some comments on the board. It’s caused a lot of havok here and is a major source of drama in the house wife series.

          I would never point it out because it would do no good since people don’t know they are doing it.

          Kyle either has been in therapy or knows a lot from Kim’s therapy. I bet a little of both. I think she’s right on and as she says not a Hollywood phoney.

          You’d be surprised how my psychologist and psychiatrists go into the profession because of personal issues. I once watched a Northwestern U psychiatrist take a huge knife and stab a pot roast so hard that it broke the tray and was lodged in the wooden table. The pot roast wasn’t cooked enough. He had the right job for his mind.

          • AZ Girl says:

            I understand what you are saying. Especially with some of the housewives. I agree with you 100 percent about NOT pointing it out because they are not aware of what it is that they are doing.
            To me it the behavior comes from years of not taking ownership of their mistake and not acknowledging their role in their mistakes which in turns projects the wronging doings as a result of other’s behavior i.e. blaming others for calling you insecure as in Camille’s case.

            As for the pot roast. What a classic. Blame the meat for not coming out properly. HA!

            • Adgirl says:

              My mom always said that many people pursue therapy as a profession because they are searching for answers to their own problems.
              Shame on that naughty pot roast!

          • karrylin says:

            Quincy, I thought, projection was when a person put their own mindset, or feelings and belief systems into everyone elses motives and actions.
            Without realizing it…

            like a mean girl says to another girl…YOU ARE SO MEAN…and the other girl says back to the Mean Girl….”no I’m not, You are just projecting” (cuz you are mean so you think everyone is mean)

            Do I have it wrong?

  36. Dwight Schrute says:

    I’m not going to hang Johnny Weir on the first episode. I did think most of the others were better but I didn’t think her score should have been as low as it was. Dick Button also scored her low.

    One thing I worry about her on this show is in talking with people she tends to interrupt them and have the last word. She was doing a little of that last night. Her comments to them were harmless, essentially indicating that she understood their comments but I would think the judges could get tired of the interruptions and perhaps she should save those comments for the backstage area. That said, I do hope she goes far in the competition.

    As far as not many comments from the judges compared to the others, she went late in the show and you often see those going last get cut short on comments if the show is running long. It happens on American Idol all the time.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Hi @DwightSchrute- I haven’t seen you post in a while- nice to have you back

    • quincyil says:

      I saw your name a few minutes ago on an earlier blog. Welcome back, Dwight.

    • toront0 says:

      This is my first post…another lurker from last spring. Back then I thought I was the only one who hated JZ. I knew no one who watched housewives, and we’re behind in Canada anyway. We’re in the middle of NY season 3. I love this blog. I love Lynne.
      I’m a huge fan of Bethenny’s as well. And I tend to agree with Dwight about Bethenny’s interruptions. It is her natural personality but anyone who didn’t know her like we do might not see the charm in it.

    • Dwight Schrute says:

      Thanks for all the “welcome back’s”

      I’ve been around. I generally don’t comment on everything don’t comment if I don’t have anything new to add to what has already been posted. I guess lately others who may have wanted to say the same thing about the blog have beaten me to the punch!

  37. boston02127 says:

    Dear Lynn & friends,
    Thank you all for the kind words and the all prayers for my mother. It is greatly appreciated. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and air what’s on my mind. I have days when I break and days where I’m amazed at my own strength. It was a tough day yesterday and I am grateful for everyone’s concern.

    Lynn informed me that (herself) and many of you wanted to help out financially. That offer is beyond kind. Thank you. A million times, thank you. Please know that my mother has great insurance. She worked for the state of MA for many years, since before I was born. Her insurance is excellent and thankfully I have been able to get her the best of help over the past two years without having any concerns about money. Also, I have my grandparents who have been there for me one hundred per cent. Money wise, we will be okay. I just ask for prayers for her and strength for me.

    I just wanted to say thank you for the generous offer. It made my heart cry and at the same time feel happy to know my Internet friends care so much. Lynn, thank you so much for the time you put in to this blog and for bringing us together.

  38. Wall St Lady says:

    Boston2 U r one precious girl and we all admire you.

  39. Had Enough! says:

    This is massively off-topic (unless someday there is a RH of Windsor Castle) but admit it now – how many of us have already marked April 29, 2011 on our google calendars? I remember when I was in college getting up early to watch the wedding of Charles and Diana. How a cynical old broad like me can be interested in this I will never understand, but I am. I think the whole royalty thing is beyond ridiculous, and yet I’ll be watching every moment of this wedding.

    Boston – love you and wish I could do something for you. I am glad to know that there is good insurance, etc., but I also know you work and go to school, and wouldn’t you like to have a little extra just to do something nice for yourself? You know, like buy a CHEESECAKE?

    • boston02127 says:

      Cheesecake sounds goods. 🙂

    • boston02127 says:

      Actually you just gave me an idea! Cream cheese and green olives on toast. Going to make a sandwich. 🙂

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Now, that sounds….different. I might need to try it!

      • Adgirl says:

        I watched the wedding!!

        And I watched the funeral in the middle of the night here on the west coast. I bawled my eyes out. So sad listening the bell tolling in the background during the entire procession.

        I hope William and Kate (Catherine) are happier than Chuck and Di were.

        • mariareads says:

          I didd too, Adgirl. Loved watching the wedding and, like you, cried like I was a family member at Diana’s funeral. It was a dreadful, horrible end for her and for her children to have to remember. I’m SO going to watch his wedding. He’s around the same age as my sons and for some reason I’m a fan of the young man! I just know he’s going to be a better husband than his father. Wonder if the Queen is just waiting for this in order to pass him the crown and thereby telling us all what she though of her son and his bad/embarrassing behaviors.

          • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

            I’m watching the wedding too! 🙂 I might have to take a day off of work (and have my own holiday…hehehe). I watched Diana’s funeral and all the news coverage back in 1997 and I have the 2007 Concert for Diana DVD where Prince William and Prince Harry were grooving out to Nelly Furtado.

    • kbinldo says:

      My mom & I got up early just to see Diana’s dress (that they were making such a big to-do about). She got out of the carriage & the train kept on coming out like it there was no tomorrow, but other than that, the dress was rather plain. Mom & I looked at each other & said “That’s IT?” Other than the larger-than-it-really-needed-to-be train, it looked like something someone’s mom would run up on the Singer because they couldn’t afford to buy a dress.

      Sarah Ferguson’s dress was much nicer, I thought.

      • quincyil says:

        I remember reading that the cloth for Dianna’s dress wrinkled terribly. I can’t remember what it was made of. I remember the dress going done that aisle. Oh, remember how she mixed up his name. She was so nervous.

    • karrylin says:

      I am and always have been in love with English Royals…first, the idea and because I like history so much.
      But oh my gosh…When Diana came on the scene…Every thing said, I read.
      Every picture taken, I smiled and looked at her, first happy for her, then of course, later on, so very sad…that her prince was a cad.
      But…William getting married…I am beyond excited!
      Giving his Kate, his mothers engagement ring….was a beautiful thing, and for me..its said…MY MOM IS NOT JUST GONE, and DIVORCED In the RECORDS….for future people, that only read what history might say…
      NOPE…now he’s made sure that his beloved mother, is Honored…always….no matter what the Palace puts out, someday….or how history books are written with an eye towards the current royals…whenever that is, in future.
      When William is King one day…and his Kate is made Queen…the ring he gave her will live on in history as the ring, his mother was given, when only 19 years old…before she was cheated on by his father, who’d never gotten rid of the girlfriend!!! My fave picture of Diana…well, there are two.
      1-when she was dancing with John Travolta, early on in her marriage…
      2-when her exhusband and camillahorseface….oh, teehee..camilla..must be something about that name! teehee
      anyways…when they were announcing the engagement, or was it a birthday?
      forget…but it was a special day for Camilla and Charles, a real Front Page type of day….and Diana…got dressed in a slinky tight strapless dress, Looking FABULOUS…and Smiling and shaking hands with ???? as she attended “some event”…..KNOWING she would knock Camilla off the front page of papers.
      and She did!
      and she is radiant, in that picture…
      sorry, Off topic.
      But…I even have a doll, about three feet tall with EXACT cloth, real ring, real stones…etc…of her wedding day…I’ll bring her out of the box, to watch that wedding! you bet!!!
      Her and I will sit and cry and they’ll be happy tears!
      Her, meaning my three foot tall doll….of Diana.
      The peoples princess…for sure!

  40. Kellita says:

    I’ve been busy prepping for Thanksgiving, so I haven’t been on this blog in a day. But I just wanted to share a little trivia about Taylor & Russell that I found out today.

    I was just visiting with one of my girlfriends, who told me that her friend knows Taylor & Russell. Her friend’s husband works with Russell, and they’ve gone out with them. My friend even showed me a pic on her phone that her friend sent to her of the two couples together at a party.

    Apparently Russell has some older children from two other women. He was married at least once before Taylor. My friend said her friend experiences them as being a really nice couple. Taylor is really thin, and so my friend’s friend was surprised that she had a hearty appetite and ate a big cheeseburger when they went out recently.

    So that’s my tiny-weeny bit of useless insider information. 😉

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Very interesting! Not useless at all. Thanks!

    • quincyil says:

      In the hotel room in Vegas, he said that they were getting away from the children. We knew they had a little girls so I suspected that there was a second family in his picture.

      • Adgirl says:

        Awesome that you know someone who knows them!! I like Russell because my husband is also a geeky nerdo.

    • karrylin says:

      oh not useless!!! Wonderful tidbits make this all the more fun!!!
      she ate a cheeseburger? really? cool!

    • American Idiot says:

      Thanks for sharing Kell, always nice to get some up close and personal info on the housewives.

  41. boston02127 says:

    Backstage at Skating With the Stars: Bethenny Frankel Reveals Why She Was “Truly Terrified”

    ps–I thought Bethenny did very well. I was shocked by the judges. After hearing what they had to say my first thought was Jill Zarin, grrr.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I just a clip of her routine and though she did VERY well too ( and I am not a big Bethany fan, I like her but I’m not gaga for her. As far as her low scores, are the judges just tough in general or where they just tough on her? Did other contestants score better but perform worse?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        definately! at least two (Sean Young and the dude from Motley Crue) should have been below her in scores….

  42. sofi says:

    I totally did not get why Bethenny got such low marks for her skating. If Jill did not try to influence Johnny Weir, who is supposedly her friend, to judge B harshly it certainly looks as if she did and if she were smart, she’d let Johnny know that slamming Bethenny makes it look like Jill put the fix in whether or not she did. I suspected the same dynamic was going on with Jill and Joy Behar, another presumed friend of Jill. In TV interviews, Joy behaved toward Bethenny as if B had cooties and I can’t think of any reason she would have done so other than loyalty toward Jill. My conclusion is that Jill is a very stupid woman to encourage or tolerate this sort of revenge by proxy on Bethenny because it’s always going to look as if she had a hand in it.
    The other possibility is that Bethenny really is the terrible person that Jill attempted to make the world believe she was. If so, why haven’t we yet heard what the basis is for such an opinion? It is hard to keep a secret for this long in the public eye.
    Ironically, before Bethenny’s impressive skating performance was judged so harshly I had been feeling quite sorry for Jill because it did seem unfair that Bethenny was chosen to appear on Skating with the Stars when skating was Jill’s area of expertise as a girl. However, just the thought that Jill might have tried to poison people against Bethenny on the show made that feeling disappear!

  43. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Boston (my fantasy daughter in law)
    I wish I could take you in my arms and just hug the pain away. I have been there. I tended my Father through a long and debilitating illness that took everything away from him—but his heart and humor. Sometimes it is even hard to know what to pray for, isn’t it? You have a support network here. If you ever need to vent, any one of us will be here to listen. If you have a question, several of us seem to have been through this process and I guarantee we will be here. Get my email from Lynn and I will be more than happy to speak with you directly. I am certain many others here feel the same. We love you, darling girl! We admire your courage and the way you seem so much older in your thinking than most young women today. Stay strong and when you need to–lean on us old gals. We will stand you up again! That is a promise.

  44. justanothermary says:

    Boston: I talked my son into driving me to town today (picture Driving Miss Daisy on ice!) cuz I’m too chickensh*t to drive after and ice storm. While running errands we stopped by my church so I could light a candle and add you to the prayer list. Our priest just happened to be there. We talked and he offered to add you and your family to the local convent’s rosary list. Just thought you’d like to know.

    • boston02127 says:

      @justanothermary—Thank you so much. ♥

    • AZ Girl says:

      Justanothermary@ Stop with the chicken “sh^^t on the ice storm. If it rains here I am totally freaking out (and so is everyone else). HA! Very cool of your priest to add Boston’s mom to the local convent rosary.

      • justanothermary says:

        He’s a very good man. I firmly believe that prayers have kept me alive so far and that, no matter how bad things have been, it would have been much worse with them.

        I have been, and will remain, chickensh*t on the ice. Anyone who is not (i.e. my son) is either stupid or just not paying attention (not sure what the situation is with the son). lol

        • AZ Girl says:

          There is no way I could ever survive in the mid-west after all these years in AZ. Even driving up to Flagstaff the weather needs to be clear. They get some major snow there and I don’t know how to drive in snow anymore.

          • justanothermary says:

            Driving here is always a challenge, but I learned to drive in ND where the road are REALLY bad
            so I should be used to it. I hear the weather is nice there one day per year, but I’ve never been home to
            see it.

  45. Confabulating Kelly says:

    I’m a Bethany fan and a skating fan, I did like her performace more than Sean’s but I agree with the judges to a certain extent because she covered the ice very poorly in comparison to some of the other contestants and demonstrated not the best skating skills. I think they all showed great progress considering the 5 week training period but she in fact she skated very little and in addition to looked somewhat uncomfortable. In any case she will be around and I look forward to seeing more of her performances.
    As for Johny Weir; I have been a fan for years, I doubt he is Jill’s puppet I mean, he’s a world class athlete and this being reality TV and all how can it be taken this seriously.

  46. mimi, lmft says:

    I haven’t posted anything on Lynn’s blog for a long time, but I’ve been lurking whenever I have a chance. Sometimes I think I need a recap of all the great comments in order to keep up!

    On the issue of “Dr. Tiy-e”, I can no longer lurk and I must speak. A commenter above referenced another blog in regards to his “credentials”. I completely agree with that poster that there is no way he finished the degrees he claims to have in the length of time he states he attended school. Notice that he states in his “credentials” that he attended Southern Illinois University’s counseling psychology program from 1994-1995 and that he was a “candidate only”. That is completely false! You cannot be a “PhD candidate” until you have finished all of your coursework and finish your dissertation proposal defense. I looked into SIU’s program and it is a minimum of 4 years for just the course work! Even if he came in with a master’s degree (which I highly doubt he got in 1 year as he claims), he’d still have at least 2 more years of just coursework before he’d be a PhD “candidate”. This fool must have had some of the same math teachers as Phaedra did in elementary school because neither of them can add worth a shit!

    Also under the “credentials” section on his website, he lists his “certifications”. I looked into these certifications and let me assure you that pretty much anyone who has finished their BA or BS can go and get the same “certifications”. They mean nothing! He has absolutely no credible “credentials”! In the real world where real educated professionals practice real mental health or relational treatment, you have to be licensed in some capacity. Without a license, you cannot bill for your services and therefore you can’t be paid. I don’t know about you guys, but I like to be paid for my work. These sad “certifications” he lists mean nothing in terms of being able to bill for your services. He might as well just start making up new certifications to make himself feel better. No license, no business.

    I would love to see the entire segment of the RHs grilling “Dr. Tiy-e” and his pitiful explanation of his credentials. I know it was heavily edited, but from the bits we were shown it is clear to me that this man is not only reckless in his lies but he just might face some legal trouble over what he has said on camera.

    If you claim to be things you are not, the actual licensure board of your said profession can take legal action against you that starts with a nice little cease and desist letter. You cannot claim to be a “psychologist” if you do not have at least a master’s degree in psychology (which he obviously doesn’t have because you cannot physically finish such a degree in one year’s time as he claims to have done). You cannot claim to be a “marriage and family therapist” as he did on camera unless you specifically have a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (which he does not). I wouldn’t be surprised if he got a letter from the Georgia Marriage & Family Therapist licensure board very soon!

    Notice that he does not list any clinical experience. He hasn’t practiced any where because he does not have the actual credentials to! He lists “related professional experience”- but those are also complete lies. He lists he was an “associate professor” from 1997-1999 at one university and from 1999-2004 at another university. There is no way that is true! He didn’t finish his fake PhD until 1999, so he couldn’t be in any tenure-track position before 1999. Furthermore, an “associate professor” is the rank before you are a full professor. No one, and I mean no one, goes from getting their fake PhD straight to “associate professor”. You have to be tenured and there are other ranks he must be promoted from to become an “associate professor”, none of which can take place in a 2 year time span! He is completely lying about his position with both universities and there is no way either of those could true given the time span of employment he lists. If either of those universities hired him and did not insist on signed and sealed copies of his college transcripts to verify his educational claims before his first day at work, they must be the worst universities on the face of the planet! I obtained my graduate degree from the same university that later employed me and I still had to hand deliver signed and sealed copies of my transcript before I could start my job!

    Sorry for my long post! I realized no one may be interested in what I’ve said, but I had to get that out of my system. We all already know he is a pathological liar and no detailed proof is really needed, but I figured some of you might be interested in the specifics of what makes him a liar.

    • mimi, lmft says:

      I want to add something to my post. I originally posted it on the atlanta blog and someone asked me to post it on this blog.

      Also, I submitted a question to WWHL that asked if Andy could have “Dr. Tiy-e” on his show so his credentials could be questioned. We’ll see what happens!

      • quincyil says:

        Why do some people think you can get away with this?

        • mimi, lmft says:


          I think anyone who would lie so boldly about their “credentials” thinks no one will verify what they say and accept it as the truth. I think he relies on the assumption that the majority of the general public would not be the wiser.

          Come to think of it, his inability to create even plausible “credentials” shows how little he really knows about who he claims to be. If he was truly knowledgeable about being a psychologist, marriage & family therapist, or a professor, he’d come up with better lies.

          • LurkerAlso says:

            Thank you–I found it very interesting.

            Also very..Salahi!

            • karrylin says:

              I like his resume…or whatever…where it said “hair model” and showed him with long hair! cute, many years ago!
              but his hair..seems to have a problem on the top now…not like regular balding but a part, that is the shape of a river…so his hair modeling days are over…Lets ask Ricki Lake!
              he was probably the “luv doc” or some such nonsense….She’d tell the truth, she isnt a scammer…

      • American Idiot says:

        Glad to see you brought your post over, mimi. Really, to appear on a reality show and not expect anyone to check you are what you say you are is just naive. NeNe knew right away though. She will always say it too. Upfront and to your face.

        • mimi, lmft says:

          Thanks for suggesting I move it, American Idiot.

          We don’t see anyone disputing him (other than the ladies at the spades party) on national TV, but we repeatedly hear his false claims on TV. Even if legal action is taken against him for making false claims, that will not be as widely known as his claims of legitimacy are already known.

          Maybe he is at least smart enough to know he better not try to bill someone for actual psychological services. That’s where he’d really get into trouble. So far (from what I can tell) he’s just using his fake PhD to talk (as in his lectures, his appearances on the highly respected Ricki Lake Show, and in his silly books he probably publishes in his mother’s basement). If he tried to use his fake PhD to actually practice as a therapist and bill for his services, then he’d be hauled away in a police car. Maybe he at least realizes he cannot use his lies to treat patients or he’ll really be in trouble. It’s definitely not ethical to go around claiming to be a doctor of any sort when you are not, but it is definitely criminal to practice as one.

          • mimi, lmft says:

            At least Kim Zolciak has enough sense to clearly state she is a “licensed practical nurse” and not just “a nurse” or a Registered Nurse. She probably knows that if she said she’s a “nurse”, people would assume she specifically means she is an Registered Nurse and that assumption would be false. An LPN is different than what we typically consider “a nurse”.

            But, I thought I heard Kim say she got her degree from “UConn”. I assume she is referring to the University of Connecticut and if she is, that is a lie. An LPN degree is only offered at community colleges or technical schools, not universities. Universities offer degrees leading to RN and beyond, not lower on the totem pole than RNs. So, either she’s lying about where she went to school or she’s lying about being an LPN (but I can’t see her claiming to be a LPN when a RN is higher on the “nursing ladder”).

          • American Idiot says:

            Good morning, mimi. I think Sheree calls him out on his false claims in next week’s episode.

            I knew you would get some feedback on this blog. You are a great sleuth.

    • dsc60 says:

      very interesting mimi… thanks for taking the time to post and really making it understandable.

      • mimi, lmft says:

        Sorry to have gone off on some sort of soap box about the whole thing. I worked very hard for my degrees and my license to practice and it really burns me up that he thinks he can just claim to have those things without doing the work! I also worked very hard to set people straight when they called me “Dr. Mimi” or “Professor Mimi” when I was actually a “lecturer” at a university with a master’s degree. Now I’m an Assistant Professor and I know the work it takes to become an Associate Professor and it burns me up that he’s “skipped” through all the actual steps in his fairytale world.

        • Adgirl says:

          Could UConn have something akin to the Certification Programs many universities have? UC Berkeley Extention has marketing, business, computer sciences etc. Most of the classes are on campus (I’ve taken them).
          I was wondering if UConn could offer LPN under another eductaional umbrella.

          • Adgirl says:

            It’s NOT OK to misspell “educational”.

          • JKW says:

            Mimi is correct. Univs do not offer LPN schools…or I have never heard of any.
            This is right on the UConn website. They offer Lpn to RN and RN to BS or MSN.

            Practical nursing programs generally last about 1 year and are offered by vocational nursing schools, technical schools, and community colleges. The applicable license exam for all U.S. states is the NCLEX-PN, which was developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The NCLEX-PN exam is computer based and covers 4 subject areas: (1) Safe Effective Care Environment, (2) Health Promotion and Maintenance, (3) Psychosocial Integrity, and (4) Physiological Integrity.

        • karrylin says:

          I admire you, for speaking out!!! I for one, had no idea that the term “assistant professor” was earned, after being on the staff for awhile!
          I thought it meant part time…or younger, not tenured etc

          So, even though I Knew…the day that scammer Doc Tiye said he was a doc..he wasnt..especially during that conference about why black women dont find the good black men.. a one day thing..that he wasnt a doc and at that time, I dont believe he mentioned being a prof.

          But…thanks for mentioning the hard work it takes to become an assistant prof!!!
          and they say…If you dont blow your own horn, no one is going to blow it for you !!!
          well..on here, I bet lot of us would!!!
          we are a likeable bunch!

          Plus…its good for Everyone to know this…like all the gals in Georgia….who might be fooled by him…in the future!
          So you did a service….to many!

  47. JazzNightOut says:

    Boston 02: sending you love and prayers for both you and your mom. Keeping you and her in my prayers as each day goes by. You are very loved here.

  48. Blue Sky says:

    Great blog Lynn, thanks for keeping us informed & entertained.

    Boston, sending prayers & love your way. You are an exceptional person, and your mom deserves a lot of credit for raising you to be the wonderful daughter you are. She must be very proud of you, and please know so many people are praying for your mom, and for you too. Believe in your heart that things are going to get better, and continue to be brave during this hard time. Whatever you need, we are here to support you! Many posters here are religious, & I do believe that faith in God will help you & your dear mother. God bless you & keep you safe.

  49. Wall St Lady says:

    I been looking for u for 2 days

    We have to start the party !

    Happy Belated Birthday


    Your Birthday cake was baked by Noelle and is in your closet. There is a bottle of champagne there too, to make up for this
    Belated wish.

    Realminkey other folks who r not as cool as u ,share a Nov. 22
    Birthday :

    actress Scarlett Johansson (1984)

    Actress Mariel Hemingway (1961)

    Actress Jamie Lee Curtis (1958)

    Talking Head Tina Weymouth (1950)

    E Street native and Soprano “Little” Steven Van Zandt (1950)

    Monty Python alum Terry Gilliam (1940)

    Actor Robert Vaughn (1932)

    Actress Geraldine Page (1924)

    Least respected comedian Rodney Dangerfield (1921; d. 2004)

    Realminkey, did you know you were born on a Cusp?

    November 19 to November 23
    What sign do u call or identify
    yourself with ? Read & please let me know !

    Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac; Sagittarius is the ninth. Scorpio is the sign of sex and death, the beginning and ending, and they explore these ideas from an emotional standpoint. Sagittarius uses knowledge to understand the world. Sagittarius is the sign of philosophy and religion, and people born under this sign are the scholars and learners of the Zodiac. Those born on the Scorpio/Sagittarius cusp seek the truth and the meaning of life, and they love to explore through knowledge. They are investigative and probing, often strongly intuitive and penetrating.

    The astrological symbol of Scorpio is the Scorpion. The astrological symbol of Sagittarius is the Archer. Scorpio/Sagittarius are very determined, and once they’ve made up their minds, they are unlikely to change them. Expressing the fixed quality of Scorpio, they tend to be stubborn, refusing to give up when others have long since become bored and abandoned a project, and they get things done when no one else thought it possible. Even though Scorpio/Sagittarius are likely to remain true to their opinions and judgments once they have settled on them, they are not necessarily fixed or opinionated. They have no set plan or bias but seek to learn new ideas as they come. In this way, the mutable quality of Sagittarius is exemplified. They desire the freedom to do what they want when they want, and they tend to be impulsive and independent.

    Scorpio/Sagittarius people tend to be concerned with deeper and focused learning. They are versatile and progressive, but at times they can be impatient and pushy if something isn’t getting done the way they want. Those who wish to change a Scorpio/Sagittarius mind often have trouble because they can never be sure what their motivation is; they are too complex and sometimes too secretive to be understood easily.

    Scorpio is ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto. In ancient Roman mythology, Mars (and his Greek equivalent, Ares) was the god of war, and ancient astrologers assigned both Aries and Scorpio to this Planet. Pluto (and his Greek equivalent, Hades) was the god of the underworld, and when the planet Pluto was discovered early in the 20th century, astrologers assigned Scorpio to it. Scorpio’s modern ruler, Pluto, represents death and endings; it’s the sign of rebirth and regeneration.

    Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. In ancient Roman mythology, Jupiter (and his Greek equivalent, Zeus) was the king of the gods. Jupiter represents expansion in all its forms, including the mental outreach so prominent in Sagittarians, but it also may invite excess. It is the planet of luck, and many people born under Sagittarius do experience good luck. Scorpio/Sagittarians are interested in thought and outreach. They are intensely powerful, good-humored and generous.

    The element associated with Scorpio is Water. The element associated with Sagittarius is Fire. Scorpio/Sagittarians tend to respond to the world through emotion and action, rather than practicality. They are eager and inspirational; they are about action and getting things started, but they can also seem irresponsible or tactless if they jump in too quickly. They want to experience life, rather than read about it, and they are outgoing and friendly. Scorpio/Sagittarians are motivated and loyal, but they are often misunderstood, and others may see them as dictatorial or sarcastic. They are broad-minded and enthusiastic, but they may sometimes seem to have foot-in-mouth disease, as they may talk too much or speak before thinking. Scorpio/Sagittarians are both mystical and scientific, a combination that makes them very aware of what is happening around them; they are a sign of great depth. Many enjoy travel and spiritual study and have daring and adventurous spirits.

    Scorpio/Sagittarians aspire to be the phoenix or eagle, rising above the ordinary world and into something extraordinary. Their suspicion and jealousy can pull them down, but their passion and awareness can help them rise above this. They also love to have a good time and are outgoing and friendly. Many are natural comedians, sometimes exaggerating their adventures to entertain others. Their innate self-confidence may make them argumentative or blunt, but their intention is to learn, not to offend. They are high-spirited and enthusiastic, often flirtatious, and they tend to enjoy social life immensely.

    In their leisure time, Scorpio/Sagittarians enjoy competition and challenge. They aren’t satisfied with moving along at half speed or lowering their abilities to let those with lesser skills beat them. Personal challenge is always appreciated, and they tend to prefer solitary or one-on-one sports that stretch them to the limit, such as skydiving and big game fishing. They tend to be lucky and may enjoy gambling. Their philosophical side makes them enjoy drama and debate, as well as most other mentally challenging pursuits.

    In love relationships, Scorpio/Sagittarians are flirtatious, playful, caring and possessive. The great strength of the Scorpio/Sagittarius-born is in their determination to see things through to the end. They refuse to allow boredom to turn them away from projects, and they are committed to accomplishing what they set out to do. Their philosophical and exploratory nature makes it important to live life to the fullest, experiencing everything they can. Their great love of knowledge and exploration makes them one of the most learned characters of the zodiac.

    Hummm. Can u tell us what is really on target ?

    LynnFam loves u & wishes
    Many Happy Returns !

  50. Noelle says:

    Hello everyone,
    Okay, here goes…My MOM is here lurking and she can tell you more about yourself than you. She’s a wonder woman; I am one of her 10 children, aue naturale Phadrea, and I’m so fortunate.
    I’m trying to bring my Mom out of lurking..and engage her, to be apart of the conversation. She’s a riot!
    She’s convinced I’m Adgirl rolled up with Quincy and a little TLD posing as OneMoreinBoston!…I wish..she has high hopes. 🙂 lol

  51. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi sweet & funny Noelle.

  52. California35 says:

    Lynn thanks for the recap! I watched and was happy and nervous for Bethanny, then disapointed in the score. I knew she wasn’t the best, but the score was too low. It will be too bad if the judges are not doing their job. I hope the low score only makes her do great on the rest of the show.

  53. TEB says:

    Bedtime. I will check back tomorrow for Noelle’s Mom’s ‘handle’
    Nite all 🙂

  54. Zipit Zarin says:

    Whew! Bristol Palin didn’t win! Now people can calm the freak down and go back to being upset at voter fraud in our political elections. No wait…

  55. mimi, lmft says:

    I think Lynn has done enough to earn her PhD in Bloggology. She’s also definitely qualified for a certification in Reality Television Commentary (R.T.C.). So, I say we should refer to her from now on as Dr. Lynn, RTC.

  56. knocknoc says:

    Great that Jennifer Grey won the glitter ball award
    for DWTS. She truly deserved it with her partner
    Derek Hough. Best dancer won.

    Now on to the new ice skating competion with our
    Bethenny trying to stay in the competition. Don’t
    forget to vote for her next week.

  57. Noelle says:

    My mom quit smoking 29 yrs ago. She feels your pain and is with you in your struggle. She suggests black licorice(she didn’t like it to begin with) is a life saver. You can DO it!
    Love, mae

  58. Noelle says:

    It’s been a bad day….
    Hopefully I am able to put this to bed.

    Love to all.

  59. Adgirl says:

    Tonight is makeover day on the Biggest Loser. I love this episode! It’s when the contestants come to terms with the fact that they have really really changed!!!

  60. LynnNChicago says:


    I’ve added a few updates to the Messages page…Error404, I couldn’t begin to put into words what you’ve meant to this blog but I gave it my best shot

    Boston – There isn’t enough blog space in the entire cyberworld to say everything to you that I’d like to say but again, I tried to include the spirit of how everyone here feels about you.

    I’ve also added a few others and have gotten to the “F’s” lol Its taking a while but I’ll get to you ZipitZarin :)XO

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I was being my usual smart ass Lynn. It’s amazing that you find the time to address all the people who read your blog personally. It shows your unique character and high quality. I can’t thank you enough for this blog and all you do to bring out the best in all of us. You’d make a fabulous military general. Of course, those generals bring out the worst in people who have no character..like Jenn Sales. I can not believe she goes on PutYourHairUp’s blog and lectures her on how to blog or that PYHU lets her when she doesn’t allow comments. It boggles the mind the nerve and NO class some people have. You have class in spades! XO

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Thank you so much! That means everything coming from you, I have so much respect for you and your opinion is so valuable to me! I knew you were being a smart ass :)xo Love you!

        • zoekayla says:

          me too, Lyn! I am perfectly willing to wait. I have thoroughly enjoyed your messages so far. You have a real ability to capture the essence of your blog posters. I know you hear it a lot, but let me say it again…I love your blog, and IHJZ!

      • karrylin says:

        I clicked on that “advice giver” and none of her blogs are up and running.
        I’m not the best at techy stuff…but even if she was a fab blogger…who cares?
        What a rude thing to do to RCH…she writes her way and its funny and a great funny blog…love her sense of humour.
        I doupt she will change a thing..her sentence extensions are marvelous!

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        I don’t think that was Jenn Sales. I think that might have been ***another*** angry blogger playing English teacher with a post riddled with errors.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      If anyone is interested in a little preview of the Atlanta housewives, you will see NeNe going off on Greg in the next episode and you can hear why here:


      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Lynn, do you think Greg has a point?

        • karrylin says:

          Greg “knew her when”…
          I bet he does feel left behind….but with NeNe’s Big Personality…I dont think she would have been with him forever anyway.
          He might have spent the money, but he didnt give her the support, or whatever she needed….in this Big Life she is living, now.
          I never thought it was a match made in heaven, from the first interaction in season one.
          He is too quiet and she is rather LOUD.
          but this season, I must say…NeNe has learned a lot, and isnt getting up in peoples faces anymore…like last two seasons, same with Sheree and Kim too. They’ve learned to not let all of us, see their temper tantrums…
          thank goodness for Phae, huh?
          You asked Lynnn, I’m obviously not Lynnn…
          I am the original karrylin, w/out the 09
          but what happened to my Karenne?

          • Adgirl says:

            I heard this interview a few months ago where Gregg claimed he spent $300K on NeNe to get her on season 1. Gregg also says “Kim sleeps with other people’s husbands” and that Gregg doesn’t have to prove he spent $300k on NeNe to get her on RH but she has to prove he didn’t (in divorce court).

            Personally, he borrowed the money and they both owe it back. If he hadn’t obtained the money. NeNe would be married to a broke ass still. She was 100% behind him spending the money on her, she got famous at the same time his business floundered. She owes him for for everything he has done for her and what he has done for Bryce. Period.

  61. Zipit Zarin says:

    It’s reminding me of Bogdonovich and whatshername. The husband got “upset” that she was getting famous and leaving him behind so he killed her.

  62. California35 says:

    Cut up 🙂 I am glad that although I am late for the party I get to read all about it 🙂 I have been busy. I’m off work for this week, I will have more time to read tomorrow before the family comes in.

    I might have missed some of the Atlanta posts, so I will go back there.

  63. California35 says:

    For some reason – my post didn’t go through I am trying again –

  64. LurkerAlso says:

    Dorothy Stratten.

  65. Had Enough! says:

    Jobs for those with no discernible skills or employment history:

    Making crappy jewelry (Lynn Curtin, Jill’s Trained Sasquatch)
    Making crappy music (Kim da Pig, The Classless Countless, Danielle the Prostitution Whooah)
    Talk show hosting (Nene, and NOW….JEANNA KEOUGH)

    Yes you read that right. OK, I admit that she had a real career as a realtor, but living in SoCal, that is now a one-way ticket to bankruptcy. So now our Jeanna is pitching a talk show along with two reality shows. She told RadarOnline that people love her advice.
    Especially Tamruh (ok so I made that up). She also says that adding that she’s also going on auditions for TV and film – and has been approached to do a play.

    • Adgirl says:

      I lived in a neighborhood one of her houses was in – no biggie as far as “class”. What does she have to say about other folks on the radio??? Sounds like she didn’t get a full time gig on RHOC this year.

      • Adgirl says:

        So is Jeanna gonna tell us how to stay married to an alchy for 20 years?? Yhat’s advice I don’t need. tx.

  66. Had Enough! says:

    I don’t know if anyone has seen the rumors about John Travolta and his sexual exploits

    —rumors floating for months, but getting louder and more prominent thanks to the Gawker piece a couple of days ago about this guy shopping a book to the tabs who claims that it is an open secret in L.A. that Travolta, married to actress Kelly Preston and the father of three, is a closet gay man who frequents known gay spas in Los Angeles where he engages in sex acts with male strangers—

    but if you have, you will see the humor in the title of the movie that he was to have made with the production company funded in part by Sonja Morgan:

    Fast Flash to Bang Time

    • Adgirl says:

      I think that is an “open” secret in LA. Same as his wig, err, hair piece. I still love him!

      • Blue Sky says:

        Why is it that so many ( sigh) of the gorgeous guys that can really dance play for the other team? John Travolta – will always love your movies “Saturday Night Fever” and “Staying Alive.” Wow, just read on the infamous wikipedia that Kelly Preston gave birth to their son, Benjamin November 23, 2010:


        and here on the Washington Post:


        • Had Enough! says:

          I’ve never been a fan. To me, he will always be Barbarino. Who, by the way, was a teenage Juicy Giudice. I don’t think Travolta is sexy or good-looking. He’s not much of an actor. And the Scientology thing turns me off big-time.
          I am really sorry Sonja thought he was bankable.

          Though based on what I read in the appellate brief filed by Sonja’s attorney, nothing that happened was actually John Travolta’s fault. Yes, he made contract demands that Sonja Productions and her partners couldn’t meet, but they had made their agreement to produce the movie before they even entered into negotiations with him. Their agreement was contingent on getting Travolta, but it didn’t specify any particular terms. Think of it like the contingency clause you might put in an offer to buy a home, contingent on selling your current home first. If you don’t put in a price clause (i.e., sell for at least $750,000) then you have a problem because if your current house gets an offer for less than $750,000, the contingency is satisfied and you are forced to go through with the purchase of the new home. Well, that’s basically what happened here. The contingency was too open-ended. Travolta was willing to star in the movie, so the contingency was satisfied. The contingency didn’t have any restrictions such as “if Travolta agrees to star for a few of $6 mill or less” or “if Travolta agrees to star for a certain percent of gross.” So basically, Travolta came in with terms – such as pay or play (he would get paid up front even if the movie was never made or never released) – that the partners couldn’t meet. However, since that contingency was satisfied, both parties were legally obligated to go forward. Now, there’s more to the dispute – mostly legal issues – but I wanted to explain what Travolta’s role was in the whole thing. There may be more to it behind the scenes. Accordingly to the appellate brief, Travolta was interested early on, when an attorney from Hannibal Productions first approached Sonja Productions. But there is nothing to suggest anything more than a mere interest; when they got down to formal negotiations, he made demands that the partners couldn’t satisfy and because the agreement(s) between the partners were not drafted to take that possibility into account, this lawsuit happened. A real shame. Sonja was not well represented in the contract negotiation in my opinion.

    • Had Enough! says:

      I’ve just read the court docs, so let me make an important correction – that was to have been funded by Sonja Productions, Inc., and NOT by Sonja Morgan personally.

      • Blue Sky says:

        With that title and those rumors, “Fast Flash to Bang Time” is best left undone! Thanks for giving me a good laugh, Had Enough. Too bad Sonja didn’t have you to read through her contract when she was setting up her production company – you might have saved her from getting into that mess.

      • quincyil says:

        Hmmmm… John Travolta came here years ago with someone to look at purchasing a business here This small circle go in both directions. John and someone I know are close friends.

        All I can say is… I am not surprised with this news.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      That is pretty ironic. You honestly cannot make this sh*t up.

  67. Blue Sky says:

    Dear Wall St. Lady,
    Thank you for your blog about Alex & Simon, it was fun to hear about your meeting them. And your info above about Scorpio/Sag. Happy birthday Realminkey! As a Sagittarian myself (Dec. 1) thank you for posting the astrological side of things.

    Also wanted to tell you WSL that the idiot(s) posting jabs at you on RCH’s blog are such cowards. Especially the one that is too afraid to meet you in real life! Posting slanderous slime on a blog while hiding behind the invisibility of the internet is pathetic.

    By the way someone else big in the financial world is also dyslexic & she has a fabulous career helping people – Suze Orman. So you go sister, know that you are loved, respected, & admired!

    Shoutout to the Duchess of Dryer Lint – love your stories. You remind me of Tim Russert, author of “Big Russ & Me.” Keep writing, & submit your stories to magazines. You rock!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    p.s. My two big German shepherd dogs love to fight. I don’t like it, but they get their exercise that way. For folks that don’t know them, it is a scary sight to see. Lots of growling, teeth bared, and chasing each other all over the place. Sometimes they see a critter on the yard, scampering about under a big oak tree. They haven’t had any luck catching it, which is probably best (for the critter). After all their fighting, they go lie down for a good long nap.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Sounds like your dogs may have been watching too much HWOBH. They are Camille and Kyle and the critter is Kim. He,he,he……

      • Blue Sky says:

        good one AZ girl! LOL

        • Adgirl says:

          Dang! My husband and I were just sayin’ how much we miss and need Tim Russert!
          We’re in trouble here Tim and we need someone who can question us into safety!
          And that goes for you too Ted Koppell!! WTH you doing take pot shots at us from the side lines?? Get out there and grill these MF now!! Everybody, right left & center!!

    • Seriously? says:

      Blue Sky you said,”Posting slanderous slime on a blog while hiding behind the invisibility of the internet is pathetic. ”
      So I wanted to ask you why you used the name Starry Night to post on RCH’s blog. Is that not also hiding behind the invisibility of the internet.
      Not trying to hassle you, but it seems as if many posters have different names they use.
      Do you have a night time (Starry Starry Night) name and a day time (Blue Sky) name? Cause that would be a kind of cool idea. Anyway, there seem to be rules and nuances to this that I just don’t get.

  68. realminkey says:

    WSL et al, thank you for the kind birthday wishes. I’ve been popping in to lurk as I often do, but been little too busy to spend much time here.
    My Bday was quiet and nice. Hubby took me out to dinner, and when we got there, two of my best girlfriends were there waiting at the table… a little mini surprise. Hubbs also gave me an IPad!!! Hopefully over Thanksgiving weekend I’ll be able to kick back and play with it.

    So good to hear from you, WSL. Hope things are going well and the “troll” attacks have stopped. Love ya!

  69. TEB says:

    Morning everyone! Its going to be great as I ‘work from home’ this day before Turkey Day. This darn job gets in the way of good blog reading and commenting.

  70. neroes says:

    WSL is in good company. Some of the smartest and most creative people were born with dyslexia. Albert Einstein, Agatha Christie, Alexander Graham Bell, George Burns, Leonardo Da Vinci, Hans Christian Anderson and Nelson Rockefeller who became Governor of NY, and later Vice President of the United States under Gerald Ford.

  71. zoekayla says:

    Good morning, all! I jumped to the bottom of the blog in order to say Happy Birthday to WSL! I doubt that I have to encourage you to enjoy your special day – I imagine WSM has it under control 🙂 However, my best wishes go to you on this auspicious day!
    Boston, I read with sadness about your dear mother’s affliction. I went to the link and read the pamphlet about PSP. The odd thing is…it describes very well what is going on with my dad. He is 85 and after being cared for by me for a few years (my mom also requires care, but at a different level at this point) in their apartment and then in my home, I had to make the difficult decision for him to be in a skilled nursing facility. He has had multiple TIAs (small strokes) that affected his brain significantly. However, some of his symptoms are not clearly attributable to the strokes. I will ask his physician to screen his eye movement for possible PSP. In a small way, your mother’s illness may help my dad.
    Nonetheless, my heart goes out to you. I can imagine your emotional state as you sat with your mother, hearing such sad news. She is lucky to have such a perceptive, supportive daughter in you, Boston. You will never regret the care and attention you give to her. It will also change you in a fundamental way, one that will enhance your humanity. You are already so wise for your years on Earth, but this will certainly add to your personal worth. I believe you are destined for great things as your life unfolds.
    Now, on to the top of the blog for a quick read…

  72. California35 says:

    Good morning – happy birthday to all those I missed. Today is Wednsday and I will have the place all to my self before family gets here. I am glad I catch up with the blog, maybe now I can be here live. Switching now to my computer, this itouch is handy, but not the same as a computer.

  73. Wall St Lady says:

    zoekayla its Realminkys party this time.My claim to fame is sharing my Bday w/Boston2.
    I know u r July 28th the day b4 WSM,the love of my life.
    Charles Schwab also has a visual perception affliction w/language ! Thanks for the sweet words. Please keep ur tin foil ready !
    Big Hug to our lovely Zoe

  74. Wall St Lady says:

    Wow neroes u r a love bug !

  75. mariareads says:

    Well HW fans, I am in CT with our sons. I was so looking forward to being with them and our daughter in law. Surprise for me is that I got a cell phone call from the place I get my mammograms and I have something that needs to be checked. I’m trying really hard to not go to the dark place but I have a friend who just had a similar experience and her results did not go so well. I’m thankful to be with my little family but I am pretty scared. How do these women on the HW shows get implants and do so many surgeries without being afraid? I’m just tired. Tired of being sick, tired of having health scares and now I’m feeling a huge uneasiness when I should be enjoying the holiday. We got up at 4 AM and were in the car by 5 and on the road.
    Arrived safe and sound and now my mother is asleep in the room next door, DH is asleep next to me and I should be exhausted but, what a surprise, I can’t sleep. So where do I come? My favorite place for the scoop on the HW’s and to read the banter between all of you who have become friends with each other. For the record I’m rooting for WSL. YEESH! The nasty certainly does come out for some women on the internet. So mean!

    Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Eat too much. Go back for 2nds and then have great turkey sandwiches while watching TV ( I have been informed by all the males in our family that it will be a day of football. Looking forward to talking with my daughter in law and having her show me her new IPAD.) Love the blog, Lynn. It’s fun and, really, isn’t that what these HW series are supposed to be? Fun for us to carry on over while they get to strut and make connections LOL! What a world.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thank you for coming, I’m honored to have you. My prayers are with you, I hope you can try to put it out of your mind for a few days and enjoy your family. That’s what its all about. I know its easier said than done.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! :)xo Let the snark continue …

      • mariareads says:

        Thanks Lynn. I’m enjoying being with my family before going home Saturday to get on with it! In the meantime, I’m going to try to do the best that I can. It will be OK. Just have to have faith.

  76. iceNfire says:

    Hello Everyone – Really hope I didn’t miss a response to this but could it be that West Coasters can’t vote because voting closes 30 minutes after the ” Live” show?
    Yes…I still have the same chip on my back…If it’s filmed “Live” in LA, then please show it to us Live.
    In other thoughts… Happy T-Day to Everyone

  77. Minton says:

    I was curious, so I went to the Bed, Bath, and Beyond website. I finally found the Jill Zarin bedding. Ugly. Ugly. Dark, depressing colors and odd combinations. Nothing I would ever want in my bedroom.

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