I Hate Jill Zarin – Guest Blog Millionaire Matchmaker / The Fashion Show

I Hate Jill Zarin Guest Blog – Millionaire  Matchmaker/The Fashion Show

Thank you so much to QuincyIL for writing blogs on Millionaire Matchmaker, I just cannot stomach Patti Stanger and I appreciate Quincy taking one for the team every Tuesday night, not only that but Quincy has been treating us to The Fashion Show blogs each week, I love reading them! Great job Quincy!

The Fashion Show Week Three

Several designers speak to us about their experiences to date in the challenge. Golnessa (Iranian American) tells us that everyone wanted to run away from Calvin.  Calvin was taken from the House of Emerald and placed in the House of Nami by the Iman and Issac at the end of the judging last week  in an attempt to have to teams that are functioning.  Cesar tells us that he is not Mother Teresa.  He actually left House of Nami because he did not want to work with Calvin.

The challengers are taken to a stage in Brooklyn where very sexy Iman stands alone on a darkened stage.  The challenge this week is to create evening fashions for a Femme fatale. A Femme fatale  is described as a charming and mysterious woman who lures men into her dangerous and deadly trap.  There are models representing the 1940’s spy movie called, “Double Indemnity,” a female vampire, and Mata Hari.  The designers only have 24 hours to get their models on the runway.

Planning Session

The two teams meet to pick the theme of their collection, cloth and create design boards.

The House of Nami works together.  We are told that they have 500 dollars for fabric so it seems that every designer is given 100 dollars, then the House shares fabrics and materials.  The house of Nami goes for the 1940’s spy look.  They feel Mata Hari would be too difficult.  Their colors are black and dark purple.  There are shiny blacks and flat (I only know house wall paint descriptions) black cloth.  The House of Nami has separation anxiety with the loss of Cesar.

We see the beginnings of Eduardo’s black trench coat themed dress with black shiny cloth.  Dominique has several pieces planned for her 40’s actress cocktail dress. Calvin thinks she does not have enough time, but Isaac confirms that the recent fashion school graduate has shown she can accomplish what she planned in the past challenges.

The House of Emerald meets without Calvin and with Cesar.  Cesar seems to take over the team, but Tamara resists.  Tamara’s choice of red leather looking cloth does not fit Cesar’s concept for the collection. The group had chosen the vampire theme.  He feels it looks like sportswear cloth.  Tamara was criticized for not being herself last week so she has taken that criticism as a license to design for Tamara’s collection.

Isaac loves the disco vampire concept, but he has issues with the purchase of the cloth because he can not help them edit and he sees a problem.  Maybe, Cesar is right about Tamara’s red leather look.  Tamara’s concept is fitted pants, and a jacket, bra with lace top. Cindy makes a red jersey dress with deep Vs front and back.  Isaac says that could look either rich or cheap.  Golnessa wants to create a sexy and sultry dress, but has difficulties with the fabric.  The group is using a sheer black fabric and black lace and both are hard to sew without the seams coming apart. Jeffrey has slits all over the top of this two piece long dress ensemble.  It’s purple and black.  He describes it as peakaboo and seductive.  Cindy’s dress is going well and she sees her long time friend and business partner Golnessa struggling.  She helps her friend.  Cindy tells us what she would have done with the lace on the back and we will hear that suggestion again from the judges.

There is a middle of the night model fitting for both teams.  Work stops at 3 AM.  Eduardo from House of Nami stays for one extra hour because he won the best of award last week.  He tells us that his Bachelor degree is in industrial design from Peru and his clothes have a Latin flavor.  He likes to work alone.

The teams wake up at 6 AM.

Calvin, now in the House of Emerald, hates his dress.  He wanted to create for Sharon Stone in “Basic Instinct,” but it is overdone and he is nervous. Cesar’s dress has a theatrical cape with lace. His dress is red and purple.    Calvin helps the opposing house of fashion and tells us that whoever needs his help, he will give it.  Cindy is competitive and she doesn’t like Calvin doing this. Jeffry thinks his dress is gothic.  Perhaps, Gothic goes to gym class would be a better description.

David of the House of Nami has a bright purple dress with a black cape.  Rolando has black dress with a sculptured tattoo that the team wastes time playing with.  Rolando put it on and goes to the mirror.  Calvin tries on women’s shoes and walks.   His dress is long has some shiny stuff sewed on the side.  It’s tight and the hem makes it hard for the model to walk.

The Fashion Show

The House of Emerald walks first this week.  We see the two groups on stage and rush into the evaluations.

Issac and Iman interview of teams

Issac and Iman congratulate both teams for being able to create a fashion show in 24 hours.  They were impressed with both fashion shows.  Now, they rip everyone apart.
They loved the necklines of House of Emerald which were sexy and observant of the models figures. The House of Nami’s collection fit the theme and used sophisticated fabrics.  Two works were singled out.  The spy dress of Eduardo and the sleek dress  with a coat of Dominique.  The model wearing the dress of Eduardo comes out.  This is his second win so if he makes it to the finale he will have 1,000 extra dollars for cloth and supplies.  He is exempt from being “out of fashion” next week also. Eduardo is asked to pick one person that is to leave their team even though they won again this week.  He picks Calvin and explains that Calvin is new to him and he knows the others. Isaac feels that there are a couple of people who are riding on coattails.

Calvin is told to go to meet with the House of Emerald.  The House of Emerald is shocked to see Calvin. They are told that they did not have a cohesive collection. Calvin’s dress is brought out and discussed in the group where on person is to be “out of fashion.” Isaac hates Calvin’s hemline which has a glimpse of purple under a black dress.  He said he feels that it is awful and looks like it is falling apart. Cesar’s dress is hated by all of the judges.  He is told that he was trying too hard.  They had him take the cape off.  Cindy’s dress was the best of the House of Emerald according to the judges, but they hated her red zipper in the back.  Tamara’s outfit was called a swashbuckler by Iman.  It does have a pirate look to it. Golnessa was told to step forward with Tamara.  Iman said that her dress could have been created by Iman’s 9 year old daughter. The workmanship was poor. Isaac actually said that the dress could have been saved by Cindy’s suggestions in the interview during the work time.  Cindy seems to be a rising star.  Jeffry got the gym top comment from Iman.  Isaac hated the open slits in the top.  The judges liked Jeffry’s long purple skirt.

Tamara is told she is “out of fashion” by Iman. This must have been difficult for Iman to say because Issac was holding her hand when she said it.  Tamara walks off.  Calvin cries.  Tamara  goes back to hug him.  They had an adversarial, but playful relationship and she was the only person to connect with Calvin on any level.  Calvin asks if he can go home so Tamara can stay.  Iman is impressed. Isaac tells Calvin that he should stay and try to win for Tamara.  Tamara told us that she has been her own person since she was 10 years old (she grew up in projects) and that she was going to design for herself.

In the promos for next week, it looked like Calvin is back in House of Nami.  We know now that the placement on teams is flexible and the producers will try to keep team numbers equal as they are sent home and “out of fashion.”

Patti Stanger meets Cinderella and Peter Pan

Patti has a meeting with Andrea, the attractive intern who gets screamed at every week.  Patti’s goal is to teach Andrea the magic of matchmaking.  Patti tells Andrea to go to interesting locations and look for attractive men and women, but not to actually find someone for herself.  Andrea is to look in her gym, wine festivals, the Hamptons and shockingly (to Andrea) the Jersey Shore.  Patti states that she is from Jersey and there are a lot of good places to find attractive people like Atlantic City.

Rachel is now the VP of finding millionaires willing to have their lives exposed and criticized by Patti Stanger on national TV for millions of people to laugh at.  Jason, Rachel’s husband and gothic Renaissance man, tells us about PJ.  PJ is 42 (Patti thinks 50 something, Jason says that it was sun damage that makes him look so old.)  Jason has a couple of million dollars from a surfing camp that he ran for 10 years, but sold, and the money from a Florida house that was sold.  He lives on a deserted island in the Bahamas that probably doesn’t cost him a lot to live on, and visits Jersey Shore where Patti looks for attractive people. Patty calls him adolescent and a big boy.  I call him Peter Pan, but Patti wasn’t able to come up with that.  Patti wants PJ to rearrange his priorities for love, self, and dog.  It may be dog, self and self right now. His last “girl friend” was a “summer affair.” The girl was 26 and Patti states he is 43 (he was 42 in the introduction, but Patty forgot his age.)  Patti states that this is a 20 years span. (Patti can not subtract without a paper and pencil.)

Our female millionaire, Cindy, tells us she has just over one million dollars.  She was married and divorced with practically no money in the settlement.  She has three 10 year relationships, the second ended when she did a spread for Playboy.  She is a model for the cover of Romance novels and has had that job since she was discovered by Wilhelmina, herself, when she was 14 years old.  She grew up in CT and visits her family home in the summer.  Patty loves Cinderella and wants to help her.  Patti thinks Cindy’s dog hates Cindy. (The dog is a blonde Ginger Zarin so maybe she does hate Cindy.)  Patti begins the search for a Hugh Jackman in NYC.  Cindy, 45, is willing to date a man in his 30s, 40, or 50s.  Amazingly, Patti doesn’t rip her face off for the desire to date younger men as she has for other women in the past.  I think Patti is playing the fairy godmother to Cinderella this week.

The Makeover

This week PJ gets the make over and there are no stones or therapists.  Jason takes PJ for a hair cut.  It not a Gothic salon so PJ looks better after being cleaned up and the sand removed from his hair.  PJ gets a jacket and nice shirt also.  No tie.  Peter Pan did not want a tie.

Cattle Call

We have Kimberly who likes tanning (and hopefully aging tanned beach bums,) outdoor sports, surfing, and relaxing. (Sound just like PJ to me.) We have a 23 year old Kelsey who is gorgeous and a model.  She’s the test subject for age appropriateness this week.
Ruth is smart, hot and 43.  She writes books and is a tech goddess.  Yelena, a fashion stylist comes falling down drunk and the staff points that out to America.  Now, here a wrench: Patti sees potential in PJ.  Patti is looking for a millionaire for one of her best friends, Amy, from Florida.  Amy loves the beach, has a hot body, and wants a man with lots of money.  Patti contacts Amy for the mixer in NYC.

Now, we search for Hugh Jackman.  We have Chad, a teacher who claims to write romance novels, but has never written a romance novel and seems to have a drug induced facial tic happening. He is sent home.  Mike, 33, is the owner of a Private Surveillance business and makes $300,000 a year.  Joel is an Interior designer.  Eric is an investment banker with a 13 year old child.  Michael teaches people about wine and he showed up in a suit with a purple tie.  Patti hates his outfit and does not want to fuck him.


This week, it is a normal MM mixer with no special contests or tricks happening.
PJ is attacked by aggressive NY women and is frightened. Cindy is nice to the men and every thing seems to go well when she asks the men questions and shares about herself.

Short dates with two subjects

Cindy spends her date time with Eric and Mike.  Eric is an investment banker with a 13 year old daughter. Cindy advises Eric to make up with his parents who he has no talked to in years.  Cindy then meets with Mike, who is a body guard with a security company (description of his work changes here.)  Mike, 33, mentions dog rescue to Cindy, 45, and a match is made in heaven.  Mike does not mind that Cindy had a Playboy photo shoot ten years ago and wants to do it again.

PJ avoids the trap set with the 23 year old blond model, Kelsey, and asks to meet two women in their 40s.  He will meet Ruth and Amy, Patti’s friend.  Amy must have read Patti’s book.  She shows up with straight blown out hair, a black dress with just the right amount of breast showing, and a willingness to do almost anything to mate a millionaire.
Patti was so happy when PJ chose her friend, Amy, a realtor from Florida, and she assures us that there was no bias involved in this process.

Candy land Birthday Party

Patti shows her maternal side with a visit to a birthday party for what looked like a one year old boy.  She complains that the characters walking around the party have no genitals. One year olds have to learn some time, according to Patty. There is candy and cake.

The Dates

Mike listens to Patti and he creates a fairy tale experience in Central Park for Cindy who is dressed is a flowing, chiffon dress.  They ride in a horse drawn carriage with a driver who is not happy being filmed.  They walk to a trio of string musicians who play as Mike twirls Cinderella in a dance.  The only thing missing was glass slippers.

PJ disobeys Patti because he wants to show off his weighted board water skiing in the Hamptons. PJ wants to see Amy’s hot figure, which she shows us in short cut off with a tight tank top and later a black bikini.  Amy puts on a scuba suit and almost tries the skiing, but chickens out and claps for PJ from the boat.  PJ takes Amy for a picnic on the beach and it begins to rain.  The blown out straight hair begins to frizz so Amy cuts the time and the filming. She has pull in this production.

Amazingly, both couples plan a second date. Amy likes PJ and really wants to marry a millionaire.  I suspect Patti did a financial check and PJ probably has enough money to make this match.  Cindy and Mike are seeing each other too.

Patti’s perfect record of failure ends this week with two successes.

Thank you again Quincy, I know how hard you worked on these, amazing!!!  I’m shocked and saddened by Patti’s success this week, she completely blew her perfect record but 2 of 12 doesn’t sound like an “extremely high success rate” but I guess Bravo doesn’t require accuracy in advertising.

Real Old Housewife is on vacation this week, a well deserved
break!  Don’t miss these other great blogs!




Bethenny’s “branding” has been the subject of many discussions, she doesn’t make any bones about it, she is building her brand and spreading it out to many different areas.  Even a few I didn’t know about, lingerie?  I had no idea, here they are, all in one place…


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

Until Next Time…

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216 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin – Guest Blog Millionaire Matchmaker / The Fashion Show

  1. housewifeaddict says:

    Thanks Quincy. Great Recap.

    I’m liking Fashion Show more than Project Runway. I actually get why the judges say what they do – and I really think the House concept promotes teamwork and makes it more pleasant for everyone (now that they are getting along). How precious was it that Calvin bonded with Tamara. They were cute together. Plus I like the themes – no making clothes out of old hardware stuff. These are real challenges.

    MM – I watched the first five minutes and almost spit out my mouthful of ice tea when Patti said to Andrea (while giving her useless advice on where to troll for single ladies) – “This advice is gold – out of the horse’s mouth.” Out of the horse’s a$$ more like it. The advice was go to nail salons – blah blah blah – and wine tasting events. Gold I tell you. She’s a paid professional.

    Was anyone else connecting the dots the same way I was on the guy from the Bahamas – admits to smoking pot – private pilot – lives on a reclusive island in the Bahamas – and his source of income seems sketchy (to retire early on and live on indefinitely). I hope I’m wrong.

    • quincyil says:

      I am learning so much about fashion from this show. I looked at Project Runway reruns, but the people judging this new Bravo show tell us why they like or don’t like the designer’s dresses.

      The theme of the week concept is growing on me. I am amazed that they can make a collection and put them on the stage in 24 hours. I like the people, even Calvin who showed his softer side this week. These are real people with a purpose for going on reality TV. They want to create fashion.

      I know I tend to be Pollyannaish, but I want them all to be successful.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Me too. I just love that they help each other! Plus I think this cast has some genuinely nice and talented folks – not people dialing it up for the drama! Even Iman is really pretty great. They cut the promos to make her sound nasty, but she isn’t at all.

        I also liked that the team let Tamara go with her design – and didn’t snipe at her behind her back. Sink or swim, she did what she wanted to do, and left with her head held high.

      • T-Rex says:

        Quincy, great Recap for those of us who have not watched the new Fashion Show episode. I catch up on them over the weekend. I love the new show this season, didn’t care for Last Season with Kelly Rowland, don’t know why someone from a defunct “girl group” would be a fashion expert. Iman really adds something to this show. I too, am just amazed at the Talent this year and look forward to watching the episodes.

      • karenne says:

        thanks for the blog, Quincyil….on Fashion Ultimate on Bravo!
        I really like this show…and Project Runway was my fave show until it went to that “other channel”.

        I like the concept of the teams, on the runway..showing a complete cohesive collection…that is what we all learned over and over about on Project Runway, on the Finales each season…
        its got to be a complete collection, that shows the point of view of the designer, and flows and makes sense!

        PLUS…this new show, has much better concepts for each challenge…so far. Project Runway, had some silly ones, like postal uniforms, make a dress out of the dollar store or party store stuff only….
        so far, this one seems like Real Clothes, from really cool ideas!
        the Femme Fatale!

        Glad you like the show, I love it and look forward to your blogging on this!

        ooh, I didnt even think about that guy on the island….teehee
        and how he made his money….gee, I hope NOT too.

    • quincyil says:

      The island guy did strike me as a no good bum, but Patti chose him for her friend so I’m sure he has money. In Patti and Jill Z’s world, that is all that is important.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      If the DEA watches, that guy’s a** is grass, lol.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      Just a FYI. Peter Pan took his date wake boarding not water skiing. Not that it makes much difference, but if I were her I would have tried wake boarding before water skiing.

  2. TEB says:

    Great job Q!

  3. California35 says:

    Thank you Quincy, I can imagine all you described about MM. I am glad I didn’t have to watch.

    I am intriged by the Fashion Show, but I have not watch. I am sure there will be reruns, so I will watch them soon.

  4. HD says:

    I was tardy for the party so I have missed a few of the blogs…

    As for Bethanny’s skating….I cannot ice skate at all but I love to watch ice skating. She was stiff but I would be too. I thought she did okay her first go around. Hopefully if she stays around she will get better.

    Enjoyable blog, Quincy. I do not watch the Fashion Show and I missed Patti. Good to see some dates FINALLY worked. …eye rollage…

    • quincyil says:

      I thought this show was weird. From the first moment, Patti liked the millionaires. I haven’t see her like them for years. She used Cinderella in a nice way. What did they to our Patti Stanger and who was that stranger?

  5. Wall St Lady says:

    May all ur dishes come out perfect as u fill them w/love.

    • quincyil says:

      Happy Birthday.

      Safe traveling if you have to travel too.

    • TEB says:

      Happy Birthday WSL!

    • nancy says:

      Happy Birthday WSL My best to you and your husband.

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      Happy Birthday—Your cake is in your left dresser drawer. It is a chocolate cake with a raspberry mousse filling, pure white chocolate buttercream frosting and is decorated with hearts and chocolate shavings. Send me a piece when you can! Love you WSL.

      • American Idiot says:

        I really debated whether or not to say anything, but I think something has been lost in translation from the last blog to this one. I love and admire WSL just like many here, but I don’t think it is her birthday today.

        I went back to an October blog and found that we should be wishing Happy Birthday to Realminkey (Nov. 22) and Jazznightout (Nov. 24).

        Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer.

        WLS and Boston2 have the same birthday – Sept. 1.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Happy birthday, JazzNightOut! I don’t know where your cake is, but check your shoes before you put your feet in. Ya never know with our family bakers!

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Happy birthday sweet WSL…and Happy gobble gobble day to all

    • twoile says:

      Many Happy Returns2 you who is always 1st in offering greetings to others….may all you do for others return 1000 fold. You deserve it!

    • scorpiosue1102 says:

      Happy Birthday WSL.

  6. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Well, at 10:39 this morning I lost my beloved Taz (my little black cat). He was 16 years old, led a good life, and had been batteling cancer. Last night he gave me the “look” and this morning he went to the Rainbow Bridge to be reunited with his best buddy, Franklin, the siamese who passed 6 years ago. I know this decision was the right one. No pain for him–he was a damn good cat and warmed my head as he slept on it for many a cold winter. When the doctor said she thought it was time, I did what I had to. I manned up, put on my big girl pants and held him through it all. I know it was the right thing to do—but it hurts so damn much. such a tiny ball of black fluff, but such a big presence. I will miss him terribly. Don’t know why I am sharing this, I guess I just needed to vent for a moment.

    • TEB says:

      So sorry for your loss. A pet is a beloved member of the family. I had to put down my lab (on Mother’s Day this year). I still miss him but I also still remember the joy he brought me.
      Thinking of you on this tough day.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      Sorry for your loss duchess!!!

    • buffywood says:

      No pain for him certainly doesn’t mean no pain for his mama. 16 is quite a long life for a cat and clearly he also had one full of love, affection and companionship. You did very well for Taz and he was very lucky to have you.
      I am so sorry for your loss and your sadness.

    • justanothermary says:

      I’m so very sorry. I start crying just reading your post. I know the joy and love a pet can
      bring into our lives. I’m sure you were a great mom and that, in a while, it will only be the
      joy of having Taz that you’ll remember. I’m thinking of you!

    • California35 says:

      So sorry for your lost. I had never had pets in my life and was hesitant when I got my dog, four years ago. She was so cute and I had no reason to say no. Now, I couldn’t imagine being without her. I enjoy her company and the love she gives me. Maybe I am not one to write you because I have not gone through the lost of a pet, but I do want to tell you that I feel for you, and it is okay to be sad. You did what you had to, it was his time to go. He gave you 16 years and you gave him a good home for that long.

    • American Idiot says:

      It’s always hard to lose a beloved pet. They bring us so much joy and ask for so little in return. I can just picture those 2 buddies meeting up and having a grand old time. He knows you loved him and did the best for him. Best regards.

    • nancy says:

      So sorry for your loss.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      I’m sorry to hear about Taz and I fully understand how painful this is for you.

      Dang animals! They just crawl into our hearts and grab our emotions and affection and never let go.

      No matter the length of the passage of time, we never forget them and running across old pictures never fails to bring a tear.

      Thinking of you and totally understanding.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      So sorry to hear about your cat. It was obviously well love and cared for, perhaps when you are ready, this will be an opportunity for you to rescue a poor cat who needs the affection and attention your kind heart can provide.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Sorry, I mean ‘he’ and not ‘it’. I was distracted when I was reading and replying, youngest dd is trying to fall asleep in my lap.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I’m so sorry. 16 years is a long friendship and it’s not wrong to miss him. Thinking of you.

    • neroes says:

      He and Franklin will be waiting for you at the rainbow bridge. It’s a wonderful poem that I’ve copied and given to friends when they’ve lost their beloved pets. I’ve got quite a few waiting for me.

    • klmh says:

      Soon you will be able to remember your precious cat and smile. He was so lucky to have a mom like you that loved and took care of him so well for so many years.
      I am so sorry for your loss.

    • tootsie says:

      You are sharing this because you loved you’re little ifriend in a fur coat. Love is love and with it goes pain. So many years of wonderful memories and undying love, of course it hurts. I’m thinking of you right now remembering my own friend in fur who I put down a year ago. I still cry.

    • cdnfillie58 says:


    • jeang says:

      So sorry Duchess. Back in May this year when the vet was putting my Bucky down, I wished I could go with him cause I knew the pain was going to be overwhelming. I miss him still but know he is better off and out of the pain. Bless You Dear.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Hugs, Duchess. You and Taz were lucky to have one another.

    • ArizonaMagpie says:

      I’m so sorry to read of your loss. I have had to put down more than one cat and it is painful and hurts so much. As they say, remember the good times and be glad he is no longer in pain. At least you had 16 wonderful years. He’ll be waiting to see you again.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Dearest Duchess – anyone who has every had a beloved pet knows where you are today – we love you and share your sorrow. May the memories replace the sadness and that you continue to another pet’s wonderful companion and servant!

    • twoile says:

      ((((((((((((Dutchess)))))))))))))))) so very sorry for your loss of Taz…of course you know that you did the right thing …..but dam it hurts…..again so sorry. I love the rainbow bridge ……

      • twoile says:

        Pardon Duchess not with a t

        • Dani says:

          I am sorry Duchess to hear of the loss of your beloved Taz. I had a cat Lucy for 18 years and I know how hard it is. I held her while the vet gave her the injection and then I took her home with me and buried her on our land. That was 8 years ago and I have a Christmas decoration with her picture on it and I still cry when I put the decoration on the tree.

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  8. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @DuchessofDryerLint, sorry for your loss. Please know he is already with God watching over you.

  9. MichellefromNY says:

    I have a confession to make. I actually really like millionare matchmaker. This season, not so much. She doesn’t really fit in the ny scene and the episode with caroline’s kids made me really uncomfortable.

    But in terms of her success rate, I give her a little more leeway. First of all, if you want to be featured on her show you’re probably not that serious about love and/or an extreme narcissist who will already have issues finding a long term lover. So when these crazy people are unsuccessful on the show, I don’t necessarily attribute it to patti’s lack of abilities in matchmaking. I think her “high” success rate is based on people who come to her without the benefit of bravo’s tv cameras. Just saying.

    That said, as obnoxious as patti is, I just love her “chutzpa”. And although she’s vile, I love it when she spews it on her clients who deserve to be put down. Whenever I watch RH and see camille or kelly or teresa or jill or sheree or kim acting badly, I almost wish patti could be there and scream at them “you’re not all that!”

  10. justanothermary says:

    I actually liked the Stankbag the first season too. It just seems that as time goes by she becomes more and more vile. She, like so many reality stars before, have been sucked into the blow hole that is Bravo, only to be shot back out covered in goo. While I’m sure she was a HUGE pain in the ass to all around her long before the show, she certainly has gotten worse. BTW- do you think she was born a woman?

  11. shamrockblonde says:

    as I probably won’t be back on again until Monday, I wanted to take a moment and wish all of you a very happy and joyous Thanksgiving – I give thanks for all of you, and this is for all of you and all your care –

    May your holiday be filled with good food, lots of laughter and love – May your journeys, whether long or short, be safe and free of worry. May you see in each face the reflection of all the good the world has to offer. May memories be made to last a lifetime, and may there be a lifetime of love found in every minute shared with those you love. May your night carry you into sweet dreams and peace

    Let this day be a source of strength. Let it be a time to give thanks for things, for people, remembered. In those memories, find strength hiding in a smile, courage in the echo of laughter, and love in the memory of a gentle touch, a warm embrace.

    Give thanks and remember too, all those who serve in our military. Each day is uncertain for them, their time, their very lives, bound to the commitment of protecting and defending all of us. Give thanks for their bravery, their honor and remember their families, whose courage is endless.

    I will keep you all in my thoughts, see you in the smiles, and hear you in between the giggles, the food, the football and the feeling of closeness that exists when in the company of loved ones.

    God bless and keep you all – in the palm of His Hand –

    Happy Thanksgiving, my friends
    shamrock –

  12. California35 says:

    The HW of Atlanta are about to began and there will be few of them after this one.I will watch them since I have not see any of them this season. Reading about them here, made me want to watch. Silly isn’t? I had givin up on Atlanta as I did for New Jersey.

  13. Mimisfbay says:

    Last night I watched MM as I got home late and realized I could suffer through the show until The Fashion Show started. Actually, when Dustin (?) her minion accompanied PJ for a makeover I started laughing and could barely contain myself. I’m sorry but if someone who looks like D wanted to provide fashion advice…would you really take it? The desire for anatomically correct dolls in Ralph Lauren’s daughter’s candy shop was another example of PS vulgarity. Can’t you just see the Lauren family watching their beloved daughter’s shop being featured on BRAVO? OMG, I mean really people ya gotta love this. You really couldn’t write this stuff.

    I just love your recap of the Fashion Show. Iman is so gorgeous that it takes a minute for me to comprehend what she is saying. Being that beautiful and articulate…she hit the genetic lottery. I am enjoying the challenges and the fact that these people can create actual collections in 24 hours. The concept is so interesting and it makes the show fun to watch. I, like you, loved that Isaac held her hand during the elimination but I just really love him. That red jacket was pretty darned fabulous but had nothing to do with the challenge and I was sad to see Tamara sent home.

    • quincyil says:

      Tamara was able to do all of that in 24 hours. She has a gift. I have an inkling that Calvin might help her. He had 3 stores for his designs

      • Mimisfbay says:

        Thanks! I do hope that Calvin offers her something. That jacket was so beautiful and the entire look was pretty sensational. Of course; you need to look like a Qtip to wear it, sigh. She is a very talented young woman. I admired her strength and determination.

  14. Rabble Rouser says:

    Totally off topic….but arrrrrrrrrrrgggggggg so much to do before the holidays.

    I have to pick DD up from therapy at 1:30
    Get a hair cut
    Get Eye brows waxed
    Go to the grocery store to get an item I forgot
    Clean the kitchen
    Brine the turkey
    Make something for dinner and get everyone fed
    All before I have to

    Get everyone dressed (and makeup for me) and ready to head to Sears for our holiday picture. FIL and step MIL are driving in from New Mexico, so I hope they don’t hit any traffic, its a 12 hour drive under the best circumstances.

    arggggg, so much to do so little time.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Laughing, but I feel for you. When I get like that I sit down and figure out which of those things I could get away with skipping. (I’m a terrible slacker at times!) Good luck with the list. It will all turn out lovely, I’m sure.

      • quincyil says:

        That is a list. I’m sure you can do it.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          LOL You picked a fine day to stop drinking, smoking and relaxing! Best of luck and remember…breathe and smile!

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Thanks everyone-
            got daughter (number one on the list)
            got eyebrows waxed
            got forgotten items from store
            kitchen is pretty much clean

            hubby is washing the floors as we speak
            hair appointment at 4:30

            I can hopefully brine the bird before we have to get dressed and leave- but it can wait till later.

            I think we will just give the kids mac and cheese then get something a bit more hardy after the pictures are done.

  15. California35 says:

    There are my posts!!

    It is so cold here, I will began baking to warm up the house 🙂

  16. klmh says:

    O.M.G., I’m rich!
    Silver in the Hair
    Gold in the Teeth
    Crystals in the Kidneys
    Sugar in the Blood
    Lead in the Ass
    Iron in the Arteries
    an inexhaustible supply of Natural Gas.

  17. justanothermary says:

    ARGGGGGGGGGGG – I just stepped outside to start my car only to realize that we are having yet another ice storm. My poor little Tucker is never going to make it to the vet and it’s 25 miles to the nearest store that contains the list of groceries that I forgot to get over the weekend. I got the OK to pull my rural carrier off the route due to the weather (this almost NEVER happens) and I’m just plain stuck. I’ll bet big money that in the morning the the heavens open, the sun shines brightly, the roads dry and all my guests arrive at my home safe and sound, only to find that I didn’t make a meal! So, do I call them on the off chance they can make other arrangements, pray we’re all still iced in tomorow or just set up card tables, have a Euchre tourney and hope they understand?

    • justanothermary says:

      I am well stocked in beer and booze – maybe a card game would be fun.

    • klmh says:

      I have a feeling the people you will have tomorrow, if they would see this post, would burst out laughing as I’m doing!
      Have a wonderful Thanksgiving hopefully with the ones you love. Or maybe just celebrate a few days late.

    • jeang says:

      just another mary. walmart is supposed to be open thanksgiving day. send someone to get your list.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Make this a fantastic Thanksgiving memory filled with the non traditional!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      All our grocery stores have announced they’re open tomorrow all day.

      On the other hand, grilled cheese is always popular!

  18. cdnfillie58 says:

    I want to know how you guys got to turn Thanksgiving into a 4 day holiday…only in America 😛

  19. Lynn My Love!!! Tankies Spanky for the mention!!! You know I worship the quicksand you walk on woman!!!! 😛

  20. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Don’t judge me, BUT… I’ve already started cooking my ham (12lb). In about 3 hours it’ll be done. Then I’ll start cooking the turkey (22lb) at 8-9 pm. Turkey will be done by 12-1am and i’ll be comatose by 3am! My guests (crazy family) will be arriving by 2pm and continue trickling after 5pm. I’m already punch drunk as i’ve been cleaning and stashing everything since 11am.

    This is our first thanksgiving in our new home and I’m grateful for so much. I decided to celebrate in our house and my older sister acquiesced and gave up the kungfu grip she had on the holiday. She has been making snide comments about not enough seating, linens, dishes etc., and offered to give/lend me some. It is the day before, she is always notoriously late, so I think she’ll be “surprised” when she shows up tomorrow and the table is set. I found my wine glasses, purchased lovely dishes and am using table runners across the table, with matching napkins as seen on hgtv. I’ll be using my goldplated (tacky…maybe but so me! 🙂 cutlery and I know she’ll get a kick out of me getting my own stuff. I’m not a control freak, but I can’t stand when i’m at someone’s mercy. Like i’m going to wait for her to show up to set the table. Yeah Right! But nobody better say anything about her! LMAO…that’s my job!!! LOL

    Well Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!

    • California35 says:

      No judging here, I am glad you are handeling it 🙂 I am sure everything will come out just the way you want, and she will be glad you took care of it.

      Everyone will enjoy and appreciate your hard work 🙂

      Now can you please pass me a drink 🙂

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Sure right after I open a new bottle or a box like Maggie Griffin! LMAO Ham’s almost done and the turkey is seasoned woo hoo! RealHusband is at Walmart getting soda, wine and beer and he just asked me what am I laughing at! HaHa!

        • California35 says:

          Cool – I just put a bottle in the fridge for when mom comes in – She doesn’t drink, but I heard she is a bit stressed getting here. I will be more than happy to pour her a glass.

    • American Idiot says:

      I love a beautifully set table; yours sounds lovely.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Sounds beautiful. Have a great Thanksgiving. Remember to relax and have someone else do the dishes.

  21. Lynn Me Love!! Thanks for the mention for my wee blog!!! You know I worship the quicksand you walk on!!!

  22. codystl says:

    Anyone recognize Gloria at the mixer from Dr. Phil’s real housewives segments?

  23. California35 says:

    I just saw the Bethenny posted on her facebook that California will have her SGMargarita at Bevmo, I looked at Bevmo in my town on line but nothing there. I will probably have to go in person. By now I should just give up and make my own, she did give us the recipe after all 😛

    • AZ Girl says:

      Yea! Bevmo is 2 miles away. Guess I will be stopping by to pick some up.

    • BessiB says:

      This is real close:

      1 1/2 jigger (oz) Tequilla – 100% Agave – no gold
      1/2 jigger (oz) Agave Nector
      Juice from 1 1/2 lime [or a jigger of REAL organic lime juice like Santa Cruse or WholeFoods’ 365 brand]
      Splash orange liqueur

      [I reduced the Tequila from 2 oz to allow for a little more Agave nector and still have a 100 calorie drink, but we have also increased it 1/4 oz and reduced the Nector by the same. Her original recipe called for 2 oz of Tequilla, the lime and a splash of Orange Liqueur, but the bottle has a splash of Agave Nector, which made it a little sweeter, than being sweetened by just the liqueur.]

  24. Had Enough! says:

    This will come as a surprise to no one, but Jill’s Trained Sasquatch is hallucinating again:

    @JackRsMaMa intermixonline.com and all intermix stores have my new line today.
    about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to JackRsMaMa

    Yeah, well http://www.intermixonline.com/category/accessories/jewelry.do?page=all

    What, you say? You can’t find anything by the CuckooFreak? Try New Arrivals. Nope, not there, either. Go ahead, use the search box. You won’t find anything.

    No prob. She says “Jillzarin Holiday gift idea? @kikilet has beautiful new jewelry line at Intermix and Blue and Cream in NYC. Check it out!”

    OK, I did. http://www.blueandcream.com/category/Jewelry.html

    Nope. Not there, either.

    Time to call the men with the great big nets and those funny jackets that tie in the back.

    Pity the poor TSA guy who has to look at her full body scan image. That poor guy should get combat pay.

    Oh and she got to the airport at about 4:28 on the day before Thanksgiving. Her brother lives in Spartanburg and the nearest airport is Charlotte, NC, so assuming it was the 5:45 flight…WTF? Who gets to the airport one hour before flight time on the day before Thanksgiving? Especially now with the longer security screenings. Oh let me guess. She figured that she’s the fabulous, trendy Kelly Killoren Bensimon and she and her kidlets would be whisked through the ultra-VIP line.

    Now wait. 5:31 and “finally taking off.” Huh? You got bumped but you are on the plane and what’s this finally shit? You only showed up at the airport an hour ago.


  25. Had Enough! says:

    Oh, and you effing moron? When they say TURN OFF ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES, that means you shouldn’t be tweeting anymore. Yes, even you, the fabulous, smokin hot, trendy Kellamity Never-been-nobody-never-will-be must turn off your cell phone, blackberry, iphone, whatever.


    • MichellefromNY says:

      LOL. You are awesome Had Enough!!

      I was once flying and there was this stuck up snob of a girl yapping on her cell phone after the doors closed. When the flight attendant asked her to get off her phone she had the nerve to say, “clearly I’m busy miss. I’ll get off when I want to”. I was both stunned by her absolute nerve and disgusted by her narcissim.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Cut her some slack, she’s charitable LMAO

      No one has ever been able to find her jewelry…she must still be getting those mixed messages. I wonder if she still thinks Bethenny is trying to kill her, maybe with those blades on her skates,


    • California35 says:

      wow – she is still the same old Kelly (opps, did I say old? :-P)

    • T-Rex says:

      Who else thinks that Kellylalaland, Camizilla, Liaresa Juicy, and Michaeliar have the same genetic Hamsters running their brains!

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Love your rants Had Enough…they’re awesome LMAO

  26. Had Enough! says:

    Dear Santa,

    Since the Christmas season starts the day after tomorrow, I thought I’d get a jump on things and send you my wish list.

    1. Tree and Juicy in prison.
    2. Kikilet arrested and jailed for continuing to use an electronic device with two-way communication capability after being told to turn it off. And just for annoying the living daylights out of me. If you can’t arrange the jail thing, could you at least get her off my TV and jam all her communications devices (permanently)?
    3. A big win on SWTS for our girl Bethenny.
    4. A big win in the appellate court for our girl Sonja.
    5. A gallon of SGM and a gallon of Ramona’s Pinot Grigio.

    Actually, Santa, on second thought, forget all that. All I really want is the gift of more IHJZ, because it makes me smile and laugh and forget all my troubles for a few minutes.

    Oh. And cheesecake. Lots of cheesecake. And I will share it with everyone on IHJZ because they are the best and I love them all. Two slices for the Duchess and three for Lynn!

    • T-Rex says:

      Okay want a piece of that Cheesecake!

      But would like to add:

      Courts find out there was a Pre-nup and CamiZilla is not entitled to any of Mr. Kelsey’s money and only child support! So she has to live on that with her lover Nick!

    • California35 says:

      Great List – and I LOVE that you include us on your wish list.

      on 3 – wouldn’t it be GREAT if she did win. Starting with the lowest points on the first episode only to win at the end.

      on 5 -I will remember it to add it to my list (the list at home also :-P)

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I just bought an Eli’s cheesecake for dessert tomorrow, I’m sending you all virtual piece !!! Happy Thanksgiving to all, I’m beyond grateful for all of you!

    • quincyil says:

      I love cyber eating with all of you.

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      You know I love you more than my luggage—Right?!

  27. California35 says:

    OMG!! I am watching Phadra’s baby shower — baladina and all — I got to tell my sister to host her own baby shower AND to not forget to include a baladina lol.

  28. boston02127 says:

    Great blog Quincy~~~thanks.

  29. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face. You are the best damn bunch of cyberpals anyone could ever wish for. I wish I had the words to truely convey the real feelings of friendship I have for you all. It absolutely amazes me that I was blessed enough to find this blog. I have a new story for you all.
    Hope you enjoy…and a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. I know one thing I am truely grateful for this year—Thanks Lynn!

  30. California35 says:

    I got to leave for now…but it was nice hanging out all day. I will check back later when the family settles down.
    Lynn – I got to show my sister at least the picture of Pheadra…I am sure she will get a kick out of it 😛

    Duches – I can’t wait to read your story.

  31. AZ Girl says:

    Thanks Quincy for the great recap. Well done. Can someone please let the real Patty Stanger out of the basement?

    @Justanothermary the sky’s are going to clear and all will be well tomorrow.

    @Duchess my heart goes out to your loss of Taz. Taz is now with my Ruby who I lost 4th of July. Best dog I ever had. 14 years old. They are as you said at Rainbow Bridge waiting for us.

    Wishing Lynn and everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving. We do have so much to be thankful for.

  32. scorpiosue1102 says:

    I just cannot watch Patti/Millionaire Matchmaker anymore. I gave up last season. There is nothing likable about Patti at all. Get rid of her and give more 9 by Design…I really liked that show or tap some other talent from other Bravo ensemble shows.

  33. Kokuanani says:

    Since there’s no current thread on the BH Housewives, I thought I’d post this here. Ought to be under “rut roh,” for Camille, since it’s re Kelsey buying some multi-million dollar pad in NYC.


    • LynnNChicago says:

      Koku, you can always post anything on the most current thread, it doesn’t have to be on topic. 🙂 Thanks for the post, that place looks amazing!

      • Kokuanani says:

        Thanks, Lynn.

        I was reading at Huffington Post and saw this story and my immediate reaction was, “I’ve got to let my pals @ Lynn’s know about this!!!!”

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Ooooh, pictures. And it’s got those walls of windows Camille loves. Too bad for her.

  34. Adgirl says:

    @ Duchess of Dryer Lint- I am so sorry about your Taz. I don’t know what I would do without my “sisters” the wild little Madonna kitty or dopey huge Spanky the american bulldog. Their antics and personality light up our homes.

  35. MickeyMouth says:

    I have been trying to get to this blog all day but family has arrived and my time is not my own.

    Thanks Quincy for the write -up I usually watch The Fashion Show after I read your guest blog! I don’t watch the other one show, so kudos for you for taking that bullet for everyone else.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🙂

  36. boston02127 says:

    I just watch Phaedra have her baby. Do they break the water if your having a C?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Sometimes they will break your water if you’re not progressing fast enough in hopes it will prompt the baby to come out, so typically yes, if they get to the point where they have to perform the c-section they’ve probably broken the water.

    • quincyil says:

      They tried induction first. That’s why they gave her the cervical meds and let her be in labor for so long. Finally, the doctor gave his advice that a c section was warranted. She agreed.

  37. boston02127 says:

    O/T — Tonight on Primetime @ 10
    Has celebrity plastic surgery gone too far?

  38. Adgirl says:

    I have a confession!

    We are not having Thanksgiving this year! Instead, I picked up chinese food for tomorrow. My mom and kids are coming over, however we all decided to skip the turkey drama this year. My husband will have a great time screaming at the NFL officiating.

    I did make homemade buttercream frosting for a spice cake. The cake is a total disgusting mess as usual.

    Have a great holiday everyone!

    • quincyil says:

      Nothing wrong with that. Have fun.

    • klmh says:

      We are having BBQ from a fabulous place in town and I’m adding the additional pig out food.
      My husband’s mother makes the best pecan pie. Instead of karo syrup, she uses maple syrup or waffle syrup. It gives it great flavor. Calories will be considered 1-01-11.
      Happy Thanksgiving.

    • boston02127 says:

      Adgirl— I don’t blame you! I haven’t stopped all day today. Thanksgiving is exhausting and it’s not till tomorrow!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      The messy spice cake sounds great. And very edible!

      I was wondering if I should post my Thanksgiving plans, but felt bad because so many people are busy. Maybe it’s safe. It will be a strenuous day. I go to my brother’s house, eat the meal totally prepared by his wife (who refuses any offers of help), be polite to their guests, come home. I don’t know if I can stand the stress, LOL! No leftovers, but that means I can make my own. Oh, and they’re having pumpkin cheesecake and my brother hates pumpkin so I said I’d eat his too.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Wow, try to hold down the stress level LOL Maybe you can even catch some football on tv. You just described most of the men’s role for the day! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!

  39. quincyil says:

    I finally watched Bethenny on “Skating with the Stars.” She was spectacular. I can’t imagine why those judges were so harsh. The female judge seemed to worry about shoulders when not falling on your head or rear seems more important to me. Johnny Weir seemed more interested in her shape, but he was worried about his own flat stomach with Rachel Weir so I think he has body issues. I don’t know the old guy, but he too was into her body and it was creepy.

  40. zoekayla says:

    WSL, thanks for the correction re your b-day. Now that I know, I will wait until the proper time to re-issue my felicitations. What fun to share a b-day with someone you like! I share mine with one of my absolute favorite sports figures, Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs (Go, Spurs, Go!!!).
    Also, thanks for the alert…my tin foil supply is ample 🙂 I even laid in some of the non-stick kind thinking it might also come in handy.
    Spent some time catching up on RCH site…wow, that was some real drama.
    My wish for the Lynn Fam and friends is that we all have a safe, restful, and joyful Thanksgiving holiday. Each day we have is a blessing, and to have the choice to spend it with my “other family” is a true privilege. All of you have added so much to my world and to the way in which I exist in my world.
    Love to all…

  41. justanothermary says:

    A Thanksgiving RANT!!!

    I just got home. It’s been snowing/raining/sleeting all day – not good. I am one of those ridiculous people who wait until today to get my groceries for turkey day. We both got paid today – sometimes our choices are limited. Soooo, I venture into the nearest town of any size which actually has a Cub Food. Huge store for us, way too exciting. As I walk in I marvel at the festival of blue before me. There were, maybe 100 blue-haired women combing the aisles for baby peas and a deal on carrots, followed closely by what I would assume are their husbands, all decked out with hats and gloves and carrying the wive’s purse as if it contained the riches of Fort Knox. CRAP, the Social Security checks went out today – I’m doomed. I work for the Post Office, I know the schedule, I have planned poorly.

    Dispite the lovely waves of blue, things were going well; and then I met Lindsey. Lindsey is a pink haired stocker at our local Cub food. She looks barely old enough to be out of her diapers and maryjanes, but hey, anyone can stock shelves right? Lindsey is stocking items next to where the cranberries used to be. I politely ask this vision in pink (with clashing red Cub vest) where the cranberries can be found. I’m met with a valley girl accent. A VALLEY GIRL ACCENT, and a bad one at that. It’s MN for God’s sake and it’s snowing – stuff the accent and find me some cranberries. Instead I get, “Like, I think we are like totally out.” “Could there be some in the back or anywhere else.” I ask. “Like, I dunno.” I took all the politeness I could muster, thanked Lindsey and spotted cranberries openly displayed in all their glory 5 or 6 blue hairs away. SCORE.

    The rest of mission went fairly well until I came to the aisle where freezer paper should be. It’s hunting season, where the Hell is the freezer paper? I went up and down a couple of aisles cussing softly and dodging blue hair until who should I find, the lovely Lindsey. Now I KNOW this is my day. I sauntered up to the lovely Ms. L and asked, in my best valley girl (and I do one Hell of a valley girl), “Like have ya got any of that, you know, freezer paper?” Blank stare. “You mean like that you write on?” she replied. “No, that you like freeze dead stuff in.” Blank stare, then the light bulb goes off and she says “YES, we got them like, you know, bags.” Oh thank you Lindsey. So I said, “I like to freeze dead stuff in like paper, cuz it’s harder for the animals to get out of the freezer and stuff.” Blank stare. Then, the brilliant and lovely Lindsey says, “Well, my mom freezes stuff in tupperware and nothing gets out.” At which point another non-blue, haired shopper handed me a very large roll of freezer paper, winked and walked away laughing so loud even the blue hairs had to turn down their hearing aides.

    I’m thankful I’m home. I’m thankful I have everything I need for tomorrow. I’m thankful I have freezer paper. I’m thankful for Lindsey and her lessons in patience and laughter. I’m thankful for all the wonderful blessing that surround me everyday. I’m thankful for all of you and hope that you too have something to be truly thankful for tomorrow.

    Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for the rant.

  42. Zipit Zarin says:

    Happy Birthday RealMinkey! What a great time for a birthday…you are pretty much guaranteed family will be near for it 😀 So sorry about your cat Duchess! I speak cat so I feel for you bigtime! Thanx for the blogs Quincy. I refuse to watch the Skanker..well refuse isn’t the right word. I don’t put that much effort into avoiding her. hehe All ya’lls holiday preps sound so warm and wonderful, cept for the ice keeping you house bound justanothermary. I think the idea of booze and cards is great! And Adgirl, not *doing* a big schmear for the day is great too. We drove to Canada for Chinese one year lol. I’m all for tradition and non-tradition…whatever floats your boat in any particular time. It’s all good.

    The first year I was alone for Thanksgiving because my kids flew to their dad’s that year, I decided if I was going to be pathetic, I’d be THE most pathetic. I went to the gas station and bought a frozen turkey dinner. It was snowing really hard so I walked to make it even more maudlin. As I trudged thru the snow I was laughing with myself instead of feeling sorry for myself. I have this weird quirk…I love to crack myself up. This year I get to be with my daughter and grandson cuz I moved to Texas to be near them. Woot! My oldest son works on a cruise ship (no, it’s not the one that caught fire, whew! ) and my youngest son lives in Michigan but is applying for jobs in Texas. Hope and pray that works out soon.

    Have a SUPAH Thanksgiving LynnFam!

    • Adgirl says:

      You just crack me up lady!
      Maximizing your lonely Thanksgiving? Too funny. I guess your dentist was too busy eating turkey to give you a root canal on that day.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Ha, yeah I should have scheduled some surgery that day. lol
        TJ (The Jerk, as I call my ex) would love it if I was all sad and pathetic so I’m not. eff that 😀

        • quincyil says:

          I have one friend whose husband left her for a coworker. She told me that it drove him crazy that she was happy. She said, “The best revenge is happiness.”
          He went on the divorce and marry 4 more times so far. I hope there are a lot of happy women out there that did not meet and marry that guy.

    • JKW says:

      Zipit….Is the Chinese dinner like in The Christmas Story ? The dogs eat the turkey and the duck comes out with it’s head still on. I love that movie and watch it everytime it’s on…and still laiugh like an idiot.

  43. Zipit Zarin says:


    An old woman comes home with her husbands ashes in an urn. She dumps them out on the dinner table and spreads them all out evenly. Takes a huge breath and blows!

  44. boston02127 says:

    Happy Birthday RealMinkey 🙂

  45. Adgirl says:

    Hey, if anybody is out there tonight I have an OT product placement to make.

    No really, I bought one of those Garnier under eye sticks a week ago and it’s amazing. I had some puffiness under my eyes and it’s nearly gone. The product has caffiene in it (I wonder if that means I can speed read now?). It’s suppose to help with dark circles too. The best part is it’s $13.99.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      LOL Speed read. I’m watching Absolutely Fabulous season 4 and 5 and the Special. It’s uncanny how much it spoofs the Real (cough) Housewives before the shows were on. It’s pure genius. Oh, and they have commentary that is fascinating and funny too.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Love AbFab a show way ahead of its time! Loved the Frozen video, that’s very cool! Happy Thanksgiving Zipit! :)xo

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          XOXO Lynn! I checked them out at the library. The commentary option is very great. You get to hear Edie and the director’s thoughts on everything.

          • Zipit Zarin says:

            Oops, i said that already. lol I shouldn’t watch Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me on youtube and try to stay focused. lol

    • LynnNChicago says:

      You sold me, I’m going to give it a try! :)xo thanks! Happy Thanksgiving!

  46. Hello everyone-
    I just wanted to wish all of you a very
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  47. Wall St Lady says:

    Happy Birthday Jazz Night Out !

    Your Birthday cake
    was made by Ellabean and is behind your turkey in the frig.

    Lots of cool folks were born on Nov. 24. But U da Best !

    - 1978   Katherine Heigl  (32)
    - 1925   William F. Buckley, Jr.  
    - 1897   Charles “Lucky”Luciano  
      1888   Dale Carnegie  (122)
      1868   Scott Joplin  (142)
      1853   Bat Masterson  (157)
      1784   Zachary Taylor  (226)

    Jazz you r the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer & we love u just the way you are.

    Sagittarius has a lively personality and is an optimist. Considered one of the most fun-loving signs of the zodiac, Sagittarians are direct, forthright, and sometimes completely tactless as they say exactly what they’re thinking! This can be seen as refreshing honesty, or bluntness, depending on the audience. Sagittarius is restless and inquisitive, and often will make quick jaunts impulsively just for a change of scenery. Constantly seeking out something new and stimulating, Sagittarians often have another goal in mind even before they accomplish the first. Sagittarius is naturally questioning and interested in the big picture, and can be quite philosophical or opinionated. Planet: Jupiter; Element: Fire; Quality: Mutable; Color: Purple; Day: Thursday; Stone: Turquoise; Part of Body Ruled: Liver and hips; Motto: I philosophize; Energy: Yang

    Your Personality Profile:

    Your opinions are strong, and you enjoy sharing them with others. Your imagination is powerful, and you can use this strength creatively in your career, but you may tend to make mountains out of molehills on a personal level. You are an entertaining conversationalist and your mind is active, alert, and interested. Although stubborn at times, you are warm with your loved ones and you are generous with your time.

    Frank – Friendly – Imaginative

    Born Today

    Geraldine Page, born November 24, 1914 Actress, Wuthering Heights. Scott Joplin, born November 24, 1868 Ragtime pianist, composer.

    Fixed Star(s) Near Your Sun:

    Sun Conjunct Yed Prior This fixed star has a Saturn-Venus influence, and suggests you possess serious determination, ambition, and very strong desires. Success in publishing, writing, promotion, and teaching are likely. You are philosophical and opinionated. Sun Conjunct Acrab This fixed star has a Mars-Saturn influence, and suggests determinism, some materialism, patience, and caution. Progress may be slow, and some financial losses possible. You are adept at research, especially involving the uncovering of secrets or the solving of mysteries.

    Progressed Sun: Turning Points in the Life

    We carry our Sun sign with us throughout our entire lives. If I’m a Sagittarius, I’ll always be a Sagittarius. However, in secondary progressions, the Sun “progresses” in a symbolic sense through our natal Sun sign, and then beyond it to subsequent signs. Secondary progressions are “a day for a year”, and because the Sun moves just under one degree per day, our Sun symbolically progresses just short of one degree every year of our lives. Because there are 30 degrees for every sign, if I were born in the latter days of a Sagittarius Sun, my Sun would progress to the sign of Capricorn in my early childhood, and to the sign of Aquarius in my early to mid-30′s. If I were born near the beginning of a Sagittarius Sun, however, my progressed Sun would enter Capricorn close to my 30th birthday, and to Aquarius in my late 50′s. The changeover of signs marks a critical turning point in a person’s life. At the very end of a sign (just before changing signs), individuals may make life-changing, impulsive decisions.

    Your progressed Sun enters Capricorn at age 27. The ages of 26 to 28 mark a critical turning point in the development of your personality. You become more practical, mindful, and concerned about your personal security. You are a self-starter, and you become more shrewd and focused on your goals. Your progressed Sun enters Aquarius at age 57. The ages of 56 to 58 mark a critical turning point in the development of your personality. After some sort of crisis of consciousness, and perhaps elimination of circumstances that have been limiting your growth, you become more humanitarian, somewhat detached, and independent. Some may become self-righteous and fixed during this phase, while others learn to detach themselves from situations and loosen up. You kick up your heels and enjoy life with a certain level of detachment and confidence that you hadn’t discovered before this time.

  48. Zipit Zarin says:

    I’m making roast chicken tomorrow. What can I say. Turkey makes me fall asleep and turkey soup from the left-overs sux.

  49. Zipit Zarin says:

    WSL, do you interpret dreams?

  50. Wall St Lady says:

    I like to try & have been told I do it well. They could just b trying to b nice. LOL

  51. Wall St Lady says:

    Do I have bad breath ?
    (tuna breath)
    or is my refresh jammed ?

  52. Dawn says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all! Enjoy your families, your time off work, give thanks for the many blessings you have been given, be thankful for a place to go where you can post and talk with friends, (this blog). 🙂

  53. HD says:

    Adgirl-work your jelly!!! Meaning you go girl! I hear you on the chinese food. My family thinks you have to cook every item ever served at Thanksgiving but one day I am gonna go your route and say forget all this mess!

    Duchess-Very sorry about your cat. I have two cats (a mother and a daughter). The mother cat is like my own little child. I have had her for 11 years. I understand girl. Very sorry again.

    Boston-I pray you and your mom are doing well this holiday! HUGS!

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO MY LYNN FAMILY! Eat, drink and be safe! Enjoy your family and friends and good times! That is what life is truly all about. 🙂

  54. Kellita says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Enjoy your time around the table with your family and friends.

  55. Wall St Lady says:

    Oh Happy Day !
    Oh Happy Day !
    Oh Happy Day !
    For LynnFam washed
    It washed my tears AWAY !

    I am thinking about some here, that may not be so happy today. I have spent some holidays with or w/o friends , Miserable.
    I am saying big prayers for any one who may not have a happy day.
    As Shamrock Blond so beautifully said you r “in the palm of His hand”.I wish u were here so that I could hug u. I swear to God if u were here my large Italian family would welcome u. Remember that many ethnic restaurants r open & if u can, eat something u like. There r religious services today. Alanon meetings welcome everyone and I know they will be full today ; you can find them on line. I am told many of the
    ASPCA ‘s will b open & hoping for adoptions today. If u like animals go love on some who need homes. Nursing homes r full of people forgotten today & would love the attention of anybody. There r homeless shelters that need servers & help today.
    If u r shut in or sick ,the TV will b full of interesting
    shows.The religious one have prayer lines where some one can pray for u. I particularly love the music stations.(But u may know I sing poorly and I like to sing loudly.)
    Last come here to LynnFam. I WIll b checking in to check on u.
    Remember u r uniquely made and God does love u. I have called myself Job ette during periods of my life when I was alone or unhappy or scared. Try to remember that it is dark on the other side of the world. But the sunshine will take away that darkness tomorrow.
    Remember the picture of the young cat ,hanging by one paw from a ledge with the caption
    “Hang in there!”

  56. realminkey says:

    Happy Birthday, Jazz!

    Special love and prayers out to Boston today.

    Enjoy your Thanksgivings, LynnFam.

    (Now, back to watching the parade and my turkey.)

  57. TheDesignDiva says:

    I recieve email encouragers each day from my sister…With all that has transpired in the past few days in all the blogs, I felt this was a good one to post… Enjoy

    Romans 12:18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.

    There is much in your life that depends on you. How much you learn, how you use your time, your choice to do good or evil, how high you set your standards, etc, are elements that are under your control. Conversely, there is much in this world that is not under your control. Accepting what you cannot change is just as important as changing what you can. Much of our time and emotions can be consumed by that which we have no power over. Living at peace with everyone is not always your call. When it is your call, it is also your obligation, so you can be at peace within yourself. Have a peaceful day.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      TDD, I hope you don’t mind, I’m going to move this over to the new blog, I don’t want anyone to miss your great post! Thanks! 🙂 New blog is posted … Happy Thanksgiving!

  58. mariareads says:

    Hope you all had a great day in some special way, even if it was small and intimate.
    My daughter in law ordered the meal from a small, local market. We did a tiny bit of doctoring of the gravy, but otherwise, the cooked turkey heated EXTREMELY well! Not dry at all. We had all the fixins and it was really just as good as the meal she and I made 2 years ago when we killed ourselves for some of my husband’s family, including his sister in law who hates me. HA! That was the last time she was invited to OUR house! I am so happy to be with my sons and daughter in law and grateful that my mother is here to be with us too. My husband is not much of a hand holder when I’m scared about health issues so this is taking my mind off of my little mammogram alarm. Tomorrow we all go to my brother’s house in Newtown, CT for pizza and salad. I have not seen him in a year. Saturday it’s in the car to put a Christmas spray on my dad’s grave and then over to see my best friends of 20 plus years who just had a double mastectomy (and yes that’s why I’m so afraid of this mammogram blip) for a short visit then hitting the road back to MD. Can’t wait to pick the dogs up from doggie camp! Have a wonderful, safe day tomorrow. Do you think any of the housewives are lined up outside of a store for a 4 AM stampede sale? HMMMM>>>>

  59. I feel that hypnosis is a wonderful way to stop smoking. However, it only helps very few. Many people don’t believe it works and enter the process with this mind-set is not helpful. They feel if its not a sugar pill or something then it won’t work.
    Also, I am such a supporter of the e-cigarette. I think it is one of the greatest inventions ever. Not only is it cheaper than smoking regular cigarettes but also so so much healthier. So many benefits.
    Find out more here.

  60. Addy Lynn says:

    CORRECTION: The statistics tracking for Patti’s “extremely high success rate” should be dropped from 2 of 12 to 0 of 12 because neither of the two contestants from this past week’s Millionaire Matchmaker are still dating, even though the update at the end of the episode indicated they were. Both contestants state in their Millionaire Matchmaker blogs on Bravotv.com that they are only friends with their matches from the show. Guess Patti still has yet to make a successful match this season…

  61. Zipit Zarin says:


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