I Hate Jill Zarin Bethenny Ever After Nov 25, 2010

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Happy Thanksgiving        Nov 25, 2010
Ever since the housewives series began fans have been talking about their favorite housewives having their own show, a spin off of the Housewives series.

Why did it work for Bethenny?  I think she had so much going on in her life, everyone loves a wedding and of course having a baby is an event that many of us can relate to.  Bethenny has a huge personality, love her or hate her, she puts it all out there.
Bethenny’s role as underdog in the beginning of The Real Housewives of New York had us cheering for her right from the start and we liked Jill Zarin back then because she was so supportive of Bethenny.  Jill wanted it all for her friend and Bethenny gave Jill someone to champion, someone who she could transfer her mothering skills toward as her own daughter grew and needed her less and less.

But it was probably the most recent season of RHONY that drew us to Bethenny, she was trying to have it all while Jill seemed to have turned on her, the one person we all thought that Bethenny could always count on was slamming her at every turn.  Rather than having the outcome that Jill Zarin was hoping for, fans flocked behind Bethenny and Jill was the ultimate villain.

And so Bethenny Getting Married? was a hit!  Not only because we pitied her, we watched as she got her own back by having a fabulous life.  The new season renamed, “Bethenny Ever After” is filming now and Bethenny is more popular than ever.  While Jill continues to be the bully of the Real Housewives of New York.
Every Housewife has fans, and I believe I’ve seen every housewife receive a message asking why they don’t have their own show, Andy Cohen of Bravo gets tweets from fans every day asking why this or that housewife doesn’t have their own show.  It’s simple, it wouldn’t work with most of the other housewives.

The buzz now is that Kim Zolciak, who is in the exact same position that Bethenny was in when she was awarded her own show.  Kim’s pregnant, she may be getting married, although there is no official word on that yet.   Kim’s baby daddy is a famous Atlanta Falcon football player.  So will Bravo, or another network green light Kim Zolciak’s own spin off?  I certainly hope not, I’m no fan of Kim’s but the problem here is that she’s just not a likable character.

Just a few episodes ago on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim actually used the phrase, “eat sh** and die” when referring to fans who may not approve of what she’s doing.  I don’t think I’ve heard that phrase since Jr. High School and it came out of the mouth of a 13 year old.  This is a grown woman with two children who is pregnant and she is basically speaking to fans like this?  What is wrong with this woman?

I believe that Kim is insecure, she appeared on Watch What Happens Live and was timid, defensive and evasive.  She was clearly hiding her pregnancy, so I get that but she has absolutely no confidence in herself.  She tries to come off as not caring what people think of her, but its obvious that cares a great deal.  She tries to defend what she’s doing but ultimately when she’s unable to do that, her response is, “eat s**t and die”.  Kim is shown telling her assistant to “shut the f**k up” and based on what we’ve seen is just a mediocre mom, not the loving, caring and nurturing mom we watched Bethenny turn into.

What about some of the other housewives?  Why can’t they all have their own show?   If it were up to fans, Jill, Dina, Sheree, Sonja and Vicki would all have spin-offs on Bravo.  I’ve seen fans telling Jacqueline and Gretchen that they should have a show like Bethenny’s.   So why not?

These women simply don’t have what it takes, in my opinion.  Jill Zarin’s scenes on the show last season revolved around her feud with Bethenny.  She had a few scenes where she attended fashion shows, she hosted an event at a department store for her fabulous friends and she visited with her friend Luann in the Hamptons.  What made those scenes with Jill even bearable to watch were her cast mates.  She had words with Bethenny at the fashion show, Ramona, Alex and Kelly were the only reasons to watch Jill’s department store dinner and without the feud between Luann and Ramona, Jill visiting Luann’s Hamptons home would have been dull.   Jill’s life is not all that exciting, without her cast mates, there isn’t much to see there, it certainly could not fill a whole season of hour-long shows.

I always giggle when I see someone Tweet to Dina Manzo that she should have her own show.  I wonder what on earth they could film Dina doing?  She doesn’t work, her daughter is not allowed to appear on screen, her husband refuses to appear on screen and she spends her day’s twittering to fans and foes.  While Dina does have her charity, Project Ladybug, I can’t see even one hour long show about Dina Manzo, let alone an entire season.  Bravo won’t even allow her to return to Real Housewives of New Jersey because she isn’t interesting enough and her family won’t appear with her on screen.

Vicki of The Real Housewives of Orange County has dozens of fans who’ve told her that she deserves her own show.  Vicki is a self-proclaimed work-a-holic and even missed out on filming events for Bravo due to her work commitments.  Good or bad, that is Vicki’s life and no one wants to watch Vicki sell insurance for an hour.
I simply cannot see any of the Orange County housewives having what it takes to carry their own show.

Jacqueline Laurita of New Jersey is a stay-at-home mom, an important and extremely difficult job but it’s certainly not something that I want to watch on TV.  Sheree and Tamra don’t have what it takes to carry a show all on their own, they’re both supporting players and not all that interesting without their cast mates to play off of, let’s face it.

So who could carry off their own show?  NeNe Leakes of Atlanta has the personality but probably not enough going on in her life.  Her new “career” as an entertainment reporter, should that take off, could be interesting and as a contestant on The Apprentice, but could all of that be filmed for another network?

Teresa Giudice gets at least one tweet a day from a fan suggesting she get a spin off, but unless she’s willing to put all of her legal woes on screen, catch her husband cheating on screen and flips a hell of a lot of tables, I can’t see that happening.

Adrienne Maloof of Beverly Hills seems to have a lot going on in her life, raising a family and running an empire with her family certainly could be a promising spin off, but would she be willing to commit to her own show, commit to putting her family on screen?  Her husband seems to be up to the challenge, he seems to enjoy his screen time.  Adrienne hasn’t really been shown on screen all that much, certainly not as much as her cast mates but she would be the most likely candidate for a spin off from Beverly Hills.

Kandi Burress is a possibility, she does have a career in an exciting industry, she’s single and dating, she has a young daughter who does appear on screen and an overbearing mother.  She would certainly be a candidate over any of her cast mates.
Kim Zolciak may just get that spin-off, she has a strong fan base but she is simply not as likable as Bethenny.  She just isn’t strong enough to carry her own show, I feel that she needs people like NeNe and Kandi to make her more interesting.    Rumors are that she is in talks to create her own show, but without her pregnancy by a NFL Football player, I doubt any network would even consider it.


One of the worst offenders of believing her own nonsense has to be Teresa Giudice, she thinks a whole lot of herself and honestly believes that she should have her own show.  Arguably the most popular New Jersey housewife, Teresa truly believes her own PR and all the fans that suck up to her simply because they can on Twitter.  Not to take anything away from her, even after her poor behavior, insulting fans with her ridiculous blog on Bravotv.com, her bankruptcy and subsequent lavish spending, her table flipping and her ripping apart fan favorite Bethenny Frankel, Teresa maintained her popularity.  She sold thousands of books and made the NY Times Bestseller list.  She has certainly been successful in bamboozling fans, because this woman is dumb as a box of rocks but she must have good PR people.  I don’t believe for one second that she wrote one book, let alone a second one that she’s releasing soon.  I don’t believe that she’s even cooked half of those dishes in her cookbook.  I don’t believe that some of her blogs on Bravotv.com were even written by Teresa, she can’t string two words together.

I simply cannot wait for the next season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey as Bravo brilliantly brought in Teresa’s nemesis and sister in law, Melissa to stir the pot!  Fans didn’t blink when Teresa started trouble/fights with Danielle Staub but how are they going to feel when Teresa can’t even get along with her own family?  A beautiful family and a sweet woman like Melissa whose only crime is having more money than Teresa.  Teresa is jealous of her brother and his wife, they have a baby boy, a bigger house and are not “under foreclosure”.    Sorry about the Teresa rampage…had to get that out!

The best part of this is that whenever a fan tweets to any of these housewives that they should have their own show, they never ignore it.  Most of the housewives get dozens and dozens of tweets every day, and typically they can’t respond to them all but they never miss a chance to respond to those tweets that suggest a spin-off of their very own.  They will usually tell their fans to “talk to Andy Cohen” or “tell Bravo” because I think that each of these women truly believe that they can, in fact, carry off their own show and most of them believe that they deserve their own show.  Rather than being humble and realistic and saying “wow, that’s sweet, thank you” or “that’s a nice compliment” they tell the fans to run right over to the Network Executive with their brilliant idea.  Seriously?

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a Guest Blog from Quincy who will explore Housewives’ assistants, a hysterical blog you won’t want to miss!

Thank you so much to all of you who support me and my little blog, I’m so grateful on this Thanksgiving day to have all of you here with me, whether you post your comments, just read the blog or lurk to read all of the heartfelt, funny and fascinating comments posted here, I appreciate all of you so much!

Until Next Time…

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159 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Bethenny Ever After Nov 25, 2010

  1. LynnNChicago says:

    I felt this needed to be re-posted as it was at the end of yesterday’s blog:

    Wall St Lady said:

    Oh Happy Day !
    Oh Happy Day !
    Oh Happy Day !
    For LynnFam washed
    It washed my tears AWAY !
    I am thinking about some here, that may not be so happy today. I have spent some holidays with or w/o friends , Miserable.
    I am saying big prayers for any one who may not have a happy day.
    As Shamrock Blond so beautifully said you r “in the palm of His hand”.I wish u were here so that I could hug u. I swear to God if u were here my large Italian family would welcome u. Remember that many ethnic restaurants r open & if u can, eat something u like. There r religious services today. Alanon meetings welcome everyone and I know they will be full today ; you can find them on line. I am told many of the
    ASPCA ‘s will b open & hoping for adoptions today. If u like animals go love on some who need homes. Nursing homes r full of people forgotten today & would love the attention of anybody. There r homeless shelters that need servers & help today.
    If u r shut in or sick ,the TV will b full of interesting
    shows.The religious one have prayer lines where some one can pray for u. I particularly love the music stations.(But u may know I sing poorly and I like to sing loudly.)
    Last come here to LynnFam. I WIll b checking in to check on u.
    Remember u r uniquely made and God does love u. I have called myself Job ette during periods of my life when I was alone or unhappy or scared. Try to remember that it is dark on the other side of the world. But the sunshine will take away that darkness tomorrow.
    Remember the picture of the young cat ,hanging by one paw from a ledge with the caption
    “Hang in there!”

    • Savannah111 says:

      (((((((((((((((((((((((((TO EVERYONE )))))))))))))))))))))))

      I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving if traveling have a safe trip..
      I’ll have a lot of blogs to check when I return tomorrow.. 🙂

  2. MichellefromNY says:

    Of all the housewives, Teresa absolutely disgusts me the most. What a vile vile creature. As much as I hate jill, camille, kim, danielle, etc, nothing can top my absolute hatred for teresa. And she frustrates me the most because no one is willing to put her down for her bad behavior.

    Anyway, on that note, happy thanksgiving all!!!! I’m going to my in-laws so wish me luck that my stuffing and chocolate pie will impress them lol.

    • LurkerAlso says:

      Great job, Lynn.

      I must confess. I bought BOTH Teresa’s AND the Salahis’ books.

      What is wrong with me? I just don’t know.

      I tell you this because you are dead-on: she did NOT write that cookbook. It’s very well-done and professional, and even interesting. This was NOT written by Teresa. Period.

  3. Susu says:

    U didn’t write about Sonya… a show, as often suggested by fans where we would see her and friends dating in New York could be interesting… kind of real sex and the city…

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Absolutely, Sonja could carry her own show. She seems more a part of the closed off old New York Society than the rest of the cast. Even just a peephole into the old guard is worth it. I’m sure her dates would be more interesting than watching Luann & Court showing their tonsils. I think it’s fine if she doesn’t show her daughter. Ramona could carry her own show too. I really wonder what her social crowd thinks of Jill in comparison to Ramona. Jill would be great to invite to charity events where she can take out her checkbook and show off Bobby’s money but Ramona is someone that you could lunch with, do stuff with and have fun. I’m sure it’s tiring to hear all that gossip that comes out of Jill’s mouth and spewing vitriole. Adrienne and Lisa are my 2 votes for the Beverly Hills cast having a show.

  4. realminkey says:

    Happy Birthday, Jazz!

    Special love and prayers out to Boston today.

    Enjoy your Thanksgivings, LynnFam.

    (Now, back to watching the parade and my turkey.)

  5. StillAWallflower says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to the wonderful LynnFam!

  6. TLM says:

    I think I will always dream of being able to attend a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving one day. Thanksgiving is usually a lonely day for me. Various family estrangements, divorces and general family weirdness (don’t ask!) have meant that I have not had a family dinner to attend in many years. I hoped to get an invite from friends, but that only happened once. I started attending a group dinner a few years ago which is nice, but still feels a bit sad. The past year has been rough but through it all, there has always been this blog, and it has often kept me laughing or at least not thinking about setbacks and disappointments. I just wanted to say that I’m thankful for this blog being a great virtual gathering, today and every day.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Happy Thanksgiving. I wish I could pass you a virtual drumstick.

    • American Idiot says:

      TLM – I always read your posts; I love your shoe; I am sorry to hear that Thanksgiving may not be the happiest of days for you, but I can understand. Sometimes, circumstances evolve that leave us somewhat lonely on a holiday. It happens more often than you would think. I have a very close family member who find herself in this situation as well. It’s not because no one likes her or she is an awlful dinner guest, it’s just the way things happen around her. But I am wishing you all the best today, and every day.

    • dsc60 says:

      i can relate… my situation is similar. my family has drifted apart since my mom died and in the last year, my sister and i have just about reached the point of no return. it’s just my boyfriend and i this year and what makes it more difficult is my boyfriend lost his son almost three years ago at the age of 19. i still have much to be thankful for and i surely hope you do too. if you’re like me, you try to focus on the positive.

      i have one thing i can always rely on… my computer.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Dear TLM – We stopped attending the “family Thanksgiving” because we live far away (the cost and hassle to get there is another story), there are always drunken rants, stupid behavior plus both my grandparents and parents are gone. So we stay home and volunteer at a local facilty and serve dinners to those who are not fortunate enough to have either food or family. So think good thoughts, find things to do that you enjoy and remember you are loved here by many.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      TLM – I don’t know where you live but you’re welcome at my house!!! Anytime of the year! :)xoxo ((((TLM)))) I wish it was a real hug that I could give you and a real turkey dinner! (not that you’d thank me for my turkey dinner, I’m no chef) You’ve got all of us every day of the year!!!

    • Dawn says:

      TLM- Know that your presence is valued here. Happy Thanksgiving!

      • Adgirl says:

        TLM – I hear you!
        We are having take out chinese and NFL.
        I know people who volunteer on Thanksgiving & Christmas, serving food at churches so they are busy on the holiday.

    • quincyil says:

      Well, I’ve been cybereating with everyone here since yesterday. Holidays are hard for people even if there are large family gatherings. People think you are the same people that you were decades ago and we all grow and change.

      Many people have acquaintances, but few have a large number of best friends. You really never know what is going on in the minds of others, but I bet a lot of us feel lonely fairly often.

      I’m glad you wrote what you wrote this morning. A lot of people will feel a little bit better because of you shared this feeling.


      • HD says:

        TLM could come to my house too! We welcome everyone and even would send you home with a good plate of food to go after you ate! We are loud, crazy, funny, we eat too much, we laugh and we go home vowing that we are gonna cook less next year. Yeah right!

    • LynnnSoCal says:

      I am in a similar situation. Family wierdness,aaaaah! I look at it as a peaceful, relaxing day and I get to cook whatever I want. I’ve chosen not to subject myself to chaos, traffic and stress. I will be serving Chicken Picatta and Fettucine Alfredo around 6:30 if you would like to join me. Happy Thanksgiving to you. It will get better! Aloha

  7. Wall St Lady says:

    Precious to LynnFam
    Always contributing s
    Snarks ,laughs, & Fun.
    U just haven’t found a group
    DESERVES U Yet !

    {{{{{{{{ TLD }}}}}}}}

  8. Wall St Lady says:

    Sorry TLM
    I am a dummy w/letters sometimes
    Especially when filled w/passion

  9. dsc60 says:

    btw, happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  10. cusi77 says:

    Wonderful Blog Lynn!

    Today I am thankful I found Lynn Hudson this year and all of you!

    God Bless!

  11. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I think NeNe could have her own spin off under right circumstances.

    I hope everyone has a great day today. I am in a similar situation like TLM. I live on the West Coast and all my family is down south. I get invited to friends for dinner but it sucks being an outsider sometimes. Unlike most people, today is a regular workday for me. I am cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the residents at the facility who have no family or whose families don’t want to be bothered with their mentally challenged sons on this fancy day. What these families forget is their son KNOWS it’s a holiday. They know everyone dresses up and eats fancy foods today. And they also know they’ve been excluded for some reason. Me and the rest of the staff try our best to make things nice and festive to compensate for the fact they’re stuck with us instead of with their loved ones. We try so they know someone does care. They holidays are very stressfull on everyone and my heart breaks for my guys when I have to tell them they won’t be going on a “home visit” like some of their peers.

    Everyone, hug your loved ones and reach out to those who are single/orphans with limited resources. The holidays can be a very lonely time for some us.

    • American Idiot says:

      TrueLifeDiva – You are a TrueLifeWonderfulPerson.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( TLD )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) sending you love today (from my cat to yours as well).

    • Dawn says:

      TLD- Thanks for caring for those whose circumstances have caused them to be spending the day without family/friends. I’m sure you’re a real blessing to them today and every day.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


      My angel. What a sweetheart you are.

      Instead of moping around you’re helping others. I WILL clap for you.

      Sending you love…

      • Adgirl says:

        TLD – What you are doing is extremely important.
        You are probably considered by your guests to be more of a family member than their own relatives.
        I’m really glad to have made your acquaintance via Lynn’s online livingroom.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      TLD – what you do is so wonderful, there is a special place in heaven for people like you! :)xo Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Debbie says:

      You’ve put a tear in my eye and reinforced how incredibly grateful I am today for family and the love we have for one another. You have a big heart and I’m sure the empathy you show those less fortunate will be returned to you many times over.
      I was feeling melancholy this morning, before I left to go to my eldest daughter’s to cook today’s dinner. It’s Alexis’ 4th anniversary today and spending the day with Lex, Ray and my granddaughter Layla was a joy, but I was seriously missing my youngest, Amanda, who had decided to leave her favorite beaches here in Ft.Lauderdale for the beaches of San Diego last year. I’ve missed her badly and hoped she would move back.
      I took a break from meal prep to log on to Facebook and Twitter to see if Amanda had posted anything. I was really hoping she had. Hoping so hard ,I thought I heard her voice. Come to find out, Lex keeps a secret really well. When I went back into the living room, I found out my ears were not deceiving me. She had packed up her SUV, arraigned to have it transported back and hopped a plane back ‘home’. They kept it a secret so they could see mom get “all hysterical”… I’m a sap, sentimental,a weeper. I did not disappoint. Giant hugs all around. One of the most satisfying T-days ever.
      On the downside when I left the kitchen I was mortified to find that both my daughters (26 & 28) were watching Millionaire Matchmaker. I asked them why and they said they thought she was funny. I just don’t get it. They have rarely disappointed me so I won’t hold this against them.
      I rambled far longer than I had intended. I do want to thank all of you that post here for all the laughs you’ve brought me and for sharing your thoughts and opinions.
      Lynn; you and your Fam are special. I would like to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving, Fantastic Holidays and much love, health and happiness.

    • Blue Sky says:

      TLD, you are the most awesome…!

  12. kmuellfa says:

    I have been busy with baking and school the last few days, so I just spent the morning catching up (as well as giving myself a mani-pedi).

    boston, I am so sorry to hear your news. You and your mom are in my thoughts. If anyone has the strength to get through this with grace and maturity beyond your years, it’s you.

    Duchess, I’m so sorry about Taz. I know how devastating it is to lose a pet.


    I made a cheesecake yesterday, my BF’s aunt gave me the recipe and it is really good. I will post it on boston02127’s blog.

    Happy Turkey Day everyone!

  13. TLM says:

    Thank you all for your good wishes… and Lynn, ty for the invite! Sadly I am nowhere near Chicago. Am debating whether to go to the group dinner since I ate a lot already and it starts at 2pm… I figure at least I’d save $25 if I don’t go!

    WindyCity, I know many people who have a family dinner to go to say similar things… when I told a colleague I was looking for a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving, he said, “Well, if you find it, let me know.” LOL. He and his wife and their kids were headed to his parents’ house for the holiday.

    I know that the notion of the perfect family holiday is often a myth. They say everyone has a drunken uncle, or a relative who is rude or asks too many questions, criticizes your weight or tells you what you should do with your life, etc. But when you have no one, all you think of are Kodak moments, the Kennedys in their heyday tossing a football on the lawn, and a dining room and table that looks like it was plucked from the pages of a Martha Stewart magazine. You imagine that’s what everyone else’s holiday is like. Watching commercial after commercial that paints this picture doesn’t help, either.

    I have considered volunteering at a shelter in years past. That may be something I will do next year. I really admire people who do that.

    Thank you all again, and I hope you all have a great holiday.

    • Jeepers1941 says:

      I am 69, have an older brother who only lives 3.5 miles from me!
      He has a huge family, 9 kids in all, several grand kids, most are unruly!
      The older boys must have beer by the cases, so it is usually a drunk fest
      and I can”t take it.
      This week the lady who comes to my apt., to do some cleaning asked me
      to come to her place but I declined. However, I did manage to get off my
      fat lazy a$$ and do a few things. SHOCKED and amazed at myself, I made
      homemade burritos w/ all the toppings. I live in a huge complex, 14 apts to
      each building. So I had Cindy, ( my cleaning lady) go to each 14 apts to invite
      them to come over last nite and just about everyone came over. We had a great time and lots of laughs.
      The holidays are always a sad time of year, but as you get older, it doesn’t seem so bad, at least that is what I have found. As dsc60, “thank God for my computer.
      Today I got up and prepared my turkey breast in my new NUWAVE oven. WOW, I love that thing. So if you are close to me you can come here to partake. Fixed 2 types of potatoes, gravy, asparagus spears, cheese celery sticks. Homemade spiced pickles (yum, my dad use to make them for me every holiday season), cranberry sauce, oh and biscuits of course. Of course we must have a slice of pumpkin pie with fresh made whipped cream n coffee
      this evening. Will be eating around 4:30. Whew, I am tired just from telling you about it all. Anyhow, have a good day TLM.

      • TLM says:

        That was so nice of you to do, and I’m sure your neighbors appreciated it. I am sorry about your brother and I wish things could be better, I know how that goes! But you sound like you’re doing well. On a side note, I never believed that the Nuwave did all they say it does on the commercial! That’s quite an endorsement. 😉

        • Jeepers1941 says:

          TLM, thanks, my turkey came out beautiful as did my biscuits. The NUWAVE oven is absolutely a great way to cook, especially for one. Less calories, fresher tasting
          foods of all kinds. I have used it everyday since I got it.
          What a blessing it will be to have in the summer as well. The shrimp is to die for too and it is fun to cook new things. You should invest in one, you’ll love it.

  14. quincyil says:

    I wonder if there is enough content in Bethenny’s life to make more than a couple of seasons. Lucille Ball knew how to make tv interesting. You look at every day life and you replay it for the viewers with a twist. Bethenny needs a sidekick. Jason can’t be her Etheyl. Fighting with Jason will be a major turn off. Bethenny’s self deprecating humor only goes so far.

    A show with Bethenny and Jill had a better chance long term, but Jill didn’t want to play the supporting role. A lot of Bethenny’s humor was directed at Jill and Jill can’t take that.

    Most of the reality shows have ensemble casts. There’s probably a dynamic that goes with an ensemble that allows us to be more forgiving of the star over the long term.

    Did you notice that the skating stars were commenting on Bethenny doing so many things? I think Bethenny is filming “Dancing with the Stars” for her Bravo reality show. Dancing was on ABC and her show is on Bravo which is NBC. That is interesting.

    • Adgirl says:

      Good point about Bethenny needing a good supoorting team. I thought her male assistant last year was a bore. And notice her real assistant stayed off camera mostly (and actually worked).

      • TLM says:

        I would like to see more about her company and what Julie will be doing…supposedly Julie was going to be promoted once B’s company started to grow.

        • quincyil says:

          I remember a scene where Bethenny was working with an assistant who was setting up her web site. That girl was at Bethenny’s baby shower. I wondered where she had gone. I suspect that there are other people working for Bethenny who aren’t on camera.

          • LurkerAlso says:

            I had been looking forward to Bethenny’s show, but found it very boring. I even missed many episodes. A major aberration for me when it comes to Housewives 🙂

  15. Wall St Lady says:

    Ur boyfriend is blessed to have u. I hope u have a fun day together. Since u r alone together w/no family around ,
    (If u r married) snark snark
    Have some

    Hanky Panky !

    Sxcuse me,
    I am Pharadea’s mom (sp)
    “What is Hanky Panky”
    “R u getting a spanking for pre marital sex ?”

  16. TLM says:

    Ok, I decided I am staying home Bethenny-style, in pajama pants and a tank top. 😉 Weather is cold and damp, and I am not inclined to drive to the dinner. I have been going for 3 years or so, and I’m taking a break from it…that’s how I am choosing to look at it.

    True Life, that is a sad story indeed about kids who are forgotten. Good for you for being there for them.

    Duchess, I never got to say how sorry I am about yout cat Taz. When my cat died, I didn’t get out of bed for 3 days. It felt like I lost a child. As horrible as it was, ultimately what I remember is how he made me laugh, how smart he was, his wonderful personality, and what a gift it was to have him in my life. That is my wish for you. Hugs!!

  17. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Thought for the day:
    The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.

    Remember that as you hit the malls tomorrow ;-). Quality not quantity is always best!

  18. Had Enough! says:

    Now why I am not surprised that no one ever suggests that Jill’s Trained Sasquatch get her own show?

  19. Wall St Lady says:

    A Martha Stewart Holiday ?

    In the late 70’s I was a regular house guest in South Hampton, at a cute cottage/house at the end of Main Street. The house was 150 yards from the cannon balls. The house had a red door & sat on a hill that over looked the public part of the Sagaponack pond.
    Gloria Vanderbilt ,Charlotte Ford & Martha Stewart all had homes that back up to the pond in the estate section.
    It was a beautiful weekend for shopping and walking to the beach and the house was filled w/successful late 20s ,Wall Streeters mostly. There was also a Ford model (Aldofo’s fit as well as runway model) & a future NYSE seat owner.
    Some one vaguely knew Martha Stewart who had only done her 1st, wildly successful cook book. Martha was shooting her 1st “Home for the Holidays” video.
    Turns out Martha was short on friends ! She needed to HIRE
    Friends. If you ever saw the video its focal point was friends around a beautiful dining table decorated beautifully !
    We got a call offering to pay ,I think, $300 to be Marthas friend.
    We were too busy enjoying our day and no one wanted to be paid to be Martha’s friend.
    So I just want to remind us all.
    There is no real
    Martha Stewart Holiday !

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


    • twoile says:

      Fantastic post….sooooooooooo true……..even as we search our own memories I bet in hindsight we realize there were no real IDEAL holidays…..just some that luckily we were oblivious….. I choose to enjoy the peaceful time to myself today & TLM you are welcome to come & enjoy too.

    • TLM says:

      You have a good point. The irony of Martha is that she doesn’t have many people she is close to. When her daughter got married, she not only didn’t invite her mother, she wore a grey flannel pantsuit! She wanted to totally reject the whole Martha aura and didn’t want her mother being part of it because I think she knew it would become all about her mother. It was years before they reconciled. Bethenny also has said Martha is a very cold person. While Martha (along with Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger) shows many beautiful images in her ads of an idyllic setting and images of beautiful people who are also wonderful friends and relatives, it is important to remember that it’s all very much staged, and it’s possible the models can’t even stand one another. 😉 But those images are a powerful thing indeed. While intellectually I know it’s fake, emotionally, I definitely want that.

      It’s funny, because this all brings to mind the first time Kelly Bensimon was shown on Housewives. I really thought this woman had it all. I initially thought she was pretty and nice. I thought when Ramona thought Kelly was being rude, Ramona was just being a complainer. Kelly went to that garden party and then literally skipped off, and I thought everything in her life must be great. How wrong we all found out that was. The woman has serious mental problems, relationship issues, anger management issues and even issues with her body from bad plastic surgery. What looks good from the outside can often be an illusion.

    • quincyil says:

      I read her biography. Her husband finally gave up on her. I can’t believe she was so demanding in her personal life.

    • justanothermary says:

      I truly belive that Martha Stewart is the antichrist. Somewhere on that lily white butt there’s a 666. She was put here to make the real women of the world look bad. I fed a boat load of wonderful people today, hunters, friends and family. The dishes didn’t match. Justanothervirgil and I were not wearing color coordinated holiday vests and it never even occurred to me to take a stroll through the woods and create a truly unique and colorful seasonal centerpiece. I bought flowers at Cub Food. We drank beer out of the can and spiked our coffee with a cheap Bailey’s wannabe. We laughed loud and often. The food was great, the atmosphere warm and a good time was had by all. In about 2 hours the house will be full again with hunters ready for turkey sandwiches, warmed up stuffing and pie. I wouldn’t have it any other way so Martha, stick that in your candied yams and smoke it.

      P.S. I have a framed Newsweek cover in my office from the day she was sent to jail. It always makes me smile.

    • karrylin says:

      I am never going to forget this story!
      next time I am lonely and feeling sorry for me…
      I’m going to remember, Even Martha Stewart had to hire friends…
      and anyone, who is feeling lonely, and needs this…
      I’ll tell them this as well.
      thanks….you are such an encourager in this family.

  20. TEB says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I’m so thankful for my husband (he has the patience of a saint), my two lovely daughters and our awesome black lab.

    I love my cyber friends here on this blog and enjoy spending time with you all each day. You always make me smile!
    Wishing everyone happiness and joy!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Submitted on 2010/11/25 at 1:45 pmI recieve email encouragers each day from my sister…With all that has transpired in the past few days in all the blogs, I felt this was a good one to post… Enjoy
      Romans 12:18 If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.
      There is much in your life that depends on you. How much you learn, how you use your time, your choice to do good or evil, how high you set your standards, etc, are elements that are under your control. Conversely, there is much in this world that is not under your control. Accepting what you cannot change is just as important as changing what you can. Much of our time and emotions can be consumed by that which we have no power over. Living at peace with everyone is not always your call. When it is your call, it is also your obligation, so you can be at peace within yourself. Have a peaceful day.
      Happy Thanksgiving to all!

      Reposted – originally posted on yesterday’s blog 🙂 Thanks TDD, Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. TLM says:

    Thank you all for the invites to your homes…it is definitely appreciated. Very unexpectedly, my one close friend called this afternoon and invited me to “stop by” — I didn’t think she meant for dinner, but she did! She is married with two small children, and I really thought they were going to be out of town at their relatives’ place, so this was such a nice surprise. I actually don’t think I was ever invited by any friend to Thanksgiving — the other dinner I was thinking of was not for Thanksgiving but another occasion. So I wonder if the power of this blog’s positive thinking made it happen. Truly shocking!

    It has been really heartening to hear about the informal dinner plans people on here have had, from tacos to chinese takeout, to fettucine Alfredo, and to hear how you have made the holiday work for you and in some cases, how you have used the holiday to help others. I am in awe. I initially was hesitant to share my story, but I am glad that I did. Thank you all again.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      That’s great news! Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner! 🙂 xo

    • Blue Sky says:

      That’s great TLM, must be the power of the Lynn Fam!

      Many years ago when my husband & I knew absolutely no one in this state, or anywhere within a 500 mile distance, I started inviting his coworker’s and anyone else that didn’t have family to share Thanksgiving with. Over the years, we have had many parties, and even been invited to other’s homes. Now today, I was very happy to go to a restaurant today, & enjoy not having to cook or wash dishes!

  22. Rabble Rouser says:

    I just wanted to pop by while I had some down time to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    I can’t wait till we can all kick back here with a glass of wine and share the details of our day.

    I hope and pray that everyone can find reasons to be thankful and that they are plentiful.

  23. Wall St Lady says:

    My Italian family starts at 2 w/Lasagna & then many different antipasto treats.Several types of Mozzarella & peppers & tomatoes. I don’t the names of others. We drink & eat & catch up. We eat enough for a full meal.
    Then they watch King Kong.
    Around 4 we sit down to a traditional American turkey dinner w/all the trimmings.
    I am in the powder room. We had the 1st course of the traditional American meal,pumpkin& butternut squash soup.
    I don’t think I can eat another bite even to b polite.
    It will b ok I will ask for my leftovers.
    I wish u were hear. After all our fun snarking ,I am a little board.

  24. Wall St Lady says:

    I have Bad News

    I have CRS !

    Can’t Remember $hit

  25. Had Enough! says:

    Hey Tree and Juicy –


    A federal judge on Thursday sentenced the actor Wesley Snipes to three years in prison for willfully failing to file tax returns.

    Hope you enjoy that turkey, M/M Gorilla, because this time next year, you may very well be enjoying your turkey behind bars!

  26. knocknoc says:

    Gloomy day outside here in the midwest.
    Fireplace lit and bright flames rising up the chimney.
    Turkey dinner with all the trimmings.
    Ate with care, but now sitting back, dozing off and on
    in a cozy chair.
    Read favorite Lynn blog, and thinking of all her Lynnfam
    and their thoughts they have chosen to share this Thanksgiving day.

    What I would do to have my husband here to be enjoying the day
    but he passed away 5 years ago after a long respiratory disease.
    I would like the hear an after-dinner “burp” but since he cannot do
    it then I will have to do it for him..pardon me. Miss you Al and am
    so thankful I had you for the short 39 years we spent together. Your
    spirit still lives on.

  27. T-Rex says:

    Lynn, thanks for the Thanksgiving Blog. As the DH and I drove home from a visit with the my In-laws(and the In-laws, In-laws who believe the event is “teeth optional”), I was hoping to come home to a blog from you and of course you did not disappoint! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  28. Wall St Lady says:

    I am Bored to death !
    Some one PLease !
    hit me w/a board.

  29. Wall St Lady says:

    Wow Had Enough !
    Thank U for the heads up.
    I am stopping to do the
    Happy Dance in hopes
    That Justice Will B Served.

  30. Wall St Lady says:

    knocknoc u r brave. I don’t think I will/can b as strong as u. What can I say but Bless U.

    • knocknoc says:

      You know at one time or another we all will have “crosses”
      to bear. The Man Upstairs gives us strength that we didn’t
      know if we could carry on but time heals everything and
      although it will never be exactly the same it just makes it possible
      to carry on. Family and friends help but the fortitude is
      from within ourselves. Darkness turns in to sunshine of
      a different color.

      Thank you for your comments they are inspiring.

  31. boston02127 says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    Happy birthday JazzNightOut.

  32. boston02127 says:

    “Bethenny Ever After” to Premiere in February


  33. quincyil says:

    I have happy news. My daughter just called to wish me Happy Thanksgiving and she had a gift for me. We are going to have a second grandchild in late June 2011. She’s nine weeks along and feeling great. She had trouble with her first pregnancy, but it seems this one is going to be fine.

    I have a lot to be thankful for today. Babies are a gift from God.

    • boston02127 says:

      Congratulations Quincy. God Bless you & your family.

      • knocknoc says:


        Isn’t life wonderful. One ends and another begins.
        Congratulations to Mom and Gramma to be. This
        is a day to really celebrate and to give thanks for
        all our gifts whether big or small.

        • quincyil says:

          Our granddaughter is our greatest joy. The internet is wonderful, you can see her in real time and watch videos. I have a cute story. My granddaughter has always fussed when anyone changes her diaper. She’s 15 months old now. She went into the front room and got her changing pad and placed it in front of her mom and the floor. Then, she went back to the front room and got a new diaper. She laid down on the pad all by herself. My daughter started to change the diaper and …. she fussed. rotfl…

    • Blue Sky says:

      Great news Quincy, congratulations!

    • klmh says:


    • twoile says:

      a GRAND gift to receive on T’Ging’ day, hope all goes well, a June baby is fantastic with all the lovely weather.

  34. Wall St Lady says:

    I am going to tuck those words of wisdom away in my heart. I hope I don’t need them any time soon.

  35. Quincy!!!!! That is great! I too, am about to join the “Grandma” club soon. Though, I must confess I am feeling too young for the title and as am a STEP mom, I told my girl that in honor of all the times she hollared “You can’t tell me what to do! You aren’t my Mom!” The penalty would now be inflicted upon her and she has to come up with a cool name for the baby to call me. Let her REAL MOM rock the Grandma thing–I will remain young and hip forever! LOL

    • quincyil says:

      You do have to have a name of some kind. I am Grandma. The other grandmother wanted Gran. I bet there are some cool names from other board members that might help your step daughter.

      • Blue Sky says:

        How about “Gramma Duchess?” It has glamour!

      • Shylurker says:

        I am a grandmother of four and my name is Grammy. This monicker goes back six generations. Even after twelve years of hearing my grand children saying this, it brings back loving nostalgic memories of my past. I try to live up to the grandmother and great grandmother that I knew.

      • My Mother in Law wanted to be called “Grammy” my daughter
        could not pronounce it. Therefore my mother in law now has
        5 beautiful grandchildren that call her “Mimi”
        She LOVES it. so do I!!

        • toront0 says:

          Sorry if my first reply was posted somewhere else. It is fun to hear these names. I’m daydreaming/planning for the future and love the ideas. We have a friend whose grandchildren call him Duke. It suits him well.

    • justanothermary says:

      Due to steps, adopted, etc. I became a grandmother at 34. It freaked me out. I REFUSED to here the G word in my house. I became Nana and now about 1/2 the people who know me, regardless of how they know me or how old they are, call be Nana. I guess it’s better than Bitch.

    • twoile says:

      I have created a G’M name out of necessity as there were 2 generations of G’s on both sides of the pending expectant Moms’ fam. I’m paternal “G” & in my life experience when the paternal “G” is named it carried the last name thereby establishing a “less familure” “distancing” “hump to get over” so 2 speak. Hence I’m known as Yana (you are never[or not] alone).sounds like Nana. A funny aspect of the name is when I was shopping at TJMaxx, over the loud speaker came a page for Yana. I hastened to the service desk only to find an employee responding…..short version she was from Russia & it was her name. I laughed & told her she was the 1st Yana I ever met. If I was grandmom TJ Maxx wouldn’t b paging etc…………….

  36. LynnNChicago says:

    NeNe is really growing on me…she just tweeted this:

    NeNeLeakes I have the best girlfriends! My besties @dianagowins @thablondebomb came over & help put up the Xmas decor http://plixi.com/p/59197333

  37. Blue Sky says:

    Happy Birthday JazzNightOut, and tomorrow (Friday) is ILoveLynn’s birthday. So Happy Birthday to ILoveLynn early!

    Thanks for the blog today Lynn, & to Quincy for her blogs yesterday. And to all of you out in cyberspace, posting on Lynn’s blog, thank you for making Thanksgiving really special. So many laughs, JustAnotherMary, WSL, & Duchess you made me smile today. VH1 is cracking me up right now with “Best of Alec Baldwin.”

    Duchess, there is going to be another wonderful cat in your life, sorry about Taz. Hugs to you.

  38. codystl says:

    Lynn – great post. I think the gist as to why Bethenny has a show is she isn’t fake or puts on a personna. Her quick wit is fantastic. And, of course, Jason is a great counter balance to her craziness and can keep her grounded.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  39. realminkey says:

    Sometimes those of us who appear to others to have it all together, do not. Today I did my thing and put out a nice spread, and my still pretty and intellectual WASPy mom who is 83 came to visit for a couple of days (as she does monthly) from her assisted living to join my husband and me and our two lovely young girls. The mother of “OUR” two girls however, was in another state, as she has been for the last 6 years. She was not in any shape to join us on this occasion. Our girls’ mother is my one and only sibling- my sister. My sister- my mom’s only other child, is a lost soul, and is one step away from being homeless. We didn’t know where or how to contact her today. And as with every year since he passed away 5 years ago, we all miss my Daddy so so much. Oh boy, do we.

    On Saturday my husband, our nieces and I will take a road trip to join my husband’s family, which lost its one and only leader- my husband’s mother, a few years ago. My husband’s father, siblings and their spouses all seem to be lost souls in so many ways since she has been gone. She was the inner spirit of their family. She was one hellava woman. All her children are very outgoing and successful in their own ways, but the loss of their mother has clearly left its mark. Everyone goes through the motions of being together when they are, but the thrill is definitely gone.

    But you know, there’s always a glimmer of sunlight. Sometimes someone just makes your heart sing. In this case for me, it was one of my nieces, who is 11 years old. She made a card, with one of the most heartfelt notes I’ve ever received. I am proud to share it:

    >Gobble Gobble Gobble Happy Thanksgiving. I’ll thank you for everything! I am thankful for the love you give, the care you show, the food you put on the table, for taking over responsibilities! I am thankful for everything you do!
    When I was sick, you heard me in the bathroom, and came to the rescue!
    When I needed help with school projects and essays, you lended a helping hand.
    There are sooooo many things more that I am thanful for. But the main thing I’m thankful for is you!!”<

    A Norman Rockwell world doesn't really exist for anyone. But once in a while, one person with a nice thought or caring comment , or a child with a loving note can make you feel as if it does. And what could be better?

    • Adgirl says:

      realminkey, I guess you haven’t noticed that YOU are the heart and soul of your family! Your nieces are so fortunate to have you and your husband’s love and stability to shelter them.
      Happy Thanksgiving!

    • TLM says:

      That is a nice thing.

      Dare I say, I think tonight I avoided my own family’s dysfunction to be a witness to my host’s family dysfunction!!! I saw resentment and disappointment and was confided in about unhappiness. Quite the irony. I guess maybe this does prove no one has a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving. I think I hate Norman Rockwell. Perhaps a Richard Lewis Thanksgiving, or a George Costanza Thanksgiving is the best I can hope for. 😉

      • realminkey says:

        George Costannza for sure. My dysfunctional family Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners have always been Festivus celebrations. lol

        • TLM says:

          Here’s the icing on the cake. Just got this email from a friend I emailed asking about his Thanksgiving:

          “I got the whole dysfunctional family here, the alcoholic brother in law, my radical brother and my ultra conservative father in law talking politics all day, Michael Vick discussions, etc. Ringling Brothers it ain’t…..”.

          Why does anyone still observe this holiday?!??!?

          • realminkey says:

            On my side of the family the only challenge is alchoholic liberals. This weekend I get to walk the in-law tight rope of Southern conservatives and activist gays!! Woo Hoo! What fun!!

            • Adgirl says:

              Hee hee. I live in Berkeley. My husband is a Republican, which I’m fairly certain is against every law here in Berkeley. It’s also a “Nuclear Free Zone” which is why I don’t have my anarchist brother anywhere near my husband.

        • realminkey, that is some story.
          as Adgirl said “YOU are the heart and soul
          of the family”
          I am proud to know you
          as well as your story.
          God Bless You.

          • realminkey says:

            Thanks, Bev.

            OK, so is this finally when I add as the kicker, that the love of my life, my husband is bi-polar?

            Oh yes, but he is!

            • realminkey says:

              I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m making light of this. I’m not. It just gets to the point, where I have to ask, what else could be added to the crazy equation of my life?

    • twoile says:

      Could there ever b a better “T’Ging”gift, from her 2 u, from u 2 her. True Love!

  40. Wall St Lady says:

    I have 3 wonderfuL stepchildren.
    I call myself
    The Step Monster.

    When the steps have children,
    I will call myself
    THE GRAND Step Monster !

  41. Wall St Lady says:

    I can shorten
    Grand Step Monster
    To Grandie.
    I like that.

  42. realminkey says:

    WSL, “Step Monster” is so wonderful. I wish I could come up with such an Addams Family-like catchy name for my strange category.

  43. Wall St Lady says:

    I think u should b called :
    Mommie Sweetest

  44. Adgirl says:

    @quincy – what biography of KKB did you read? I must have immediately!

  45. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    I dunno. I was thinking of some titles for me. “Grand-Mistress of the Universe.” I kind of like that one. ” Better than the other one.” That could work, Boo for short! I guess as long as it isn’t my daughters old nickname for me I’ll be alright. For years that child seemed to think my name was “MelcanIhave” or “Melwillyoubuyme!”

  46. klmh says:

    Lynn, how do you compare a mother with a newborn and a mother with children in their teens? Also, there were so many times when Bethany was traveling, making appearances, etc during the first 2 months or so, and she has a 24/7 nanny. Every time you looked on line, she was selling something.
    Did Kim have a nanny when her children were babies?
    I’m not enamored with either of these ladies, but trying to compare Kim negatively at the age of 18 to Bethany at 39 as mothers is impossible.

    • quincyil says:

      plus Jason and her assistants. Bethenny complained about sleep, but many moms actually don’t have help at night.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      We can only go by what we see on tv, there is no other way. We have no idea what Kim was like as a mother at 18 (assuming she really is only 32 years old as she claims) I can only give my opinion based on what I see now and what we’ve seen for the past few seasons.

      I don’t know if Kim had a nanny when her children were babies, we don’t know what Kim was like as a mother when her children were babies, all we know is what we see now and I’m not impressed by Kim Zolciak as a mother. On the other hand, Bethenny who didn’t have a great childhood and had a poor role model for a mother is doing an amazing job in my opinion.

    • HD says:

      @Klmh-My daughter told me the other day, “mom you are so good with babies. If you were like that with me when I was a baby I probably was really spoiled. What happened?”

      I laughed and said, “you grew up.” LOL! Taking care of a new baby and dealing with a child coming into their own personality is often times two different things. Babies can’t roll their eyes and attempt to talk back.

  47. Wall St Lady says:

    No body likes me
    Everybody hates me
    Guess I’ll go eat worms
    Poop poop.
    Big slimy long worms
    long ugly brown worms
    yes l gonna eat worms
    Cuz nobody likes me.

    I baby sat for a darling 4yr old boy once, who wouldn’t talk to me. After a couple of hours he blinked his very large eyes at me and sang the worm song to me.
    I never forgot it.
    Today the 4yr old is a successful lawyer with 4 little worm singers of his own.
    Of course I told them about their Dad’s worm song.

  48. Adgirl says:

    The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, The worms play pinochle on your snout.

  49. Wall St Lady says:

    Thank u !
    Where did that silly song
    Come from ?

    • Adgirl says:

      No clue … summer camp??
      Apparently, the same store that sold us One Hundred Barrels of Beer on the Wall … beer on the wall….what did that mean anyway??

  50. HD says:

    Hey, everyone! Well for those that stayed home I just might take your route next year. I was at my friends house, the night ended in a fight, people got put out the house and the cherry on top of the whip cream, my dad is now hitting on my bestfriend’s mom. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

  51. Wall St Lady says:

    Happy Post Turkey Day !
    I been waiting since 7am for U.
    There r a lot of sleepy heads.
    Well get up & think ,
    Turkey sandwich !

  52. TLM says:

    What did everyone think of Taylor – I mean Kennedy’s – birthday party? Especially the theme song with the unforgettable line, “You’re beautiful, just like your mom.” Hmm…wonder who vetted THOSE lyrics???

    Taylor and Russell have purchased a majority stake in a rehab facility. http://www.earthtimes.org/articles/press/will-acquire-equity-stake,1537807.html

  53. dsc60 says:

    i just read your message to me WSL… i must say, you give very good advice. 😉
    also, thanks for your kind words… i’m pretty lucky to have him as well.

    TLD, bless you for giving the best gift of all to those in need on Thanksgiving Day… yourself. i have late stage lyme disease which limits me quite a bit, but i would have loved to have done the same. there is so much joy in giving.

    Jeepers, maybe you started a new tradition for Thanksgiving in your neighborhood! sounds like you had loads of fun!

    to all others… hope each of you had a Thanksgiving that was all you wanted it to be.

  54. California35 says:

    Hi everyone – I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving in your special way. I am yet to read all the posts, but wanted to say a quick hallo before I do.

    Talk to you later 🙂

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