I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Atlanta

I Hate Jill Zarin                   Real Housewives of Atlanta

I love this show!  An action packed night of fun with the Atlanta ladies.  Well not a lot of fun for NeNe, let’s start with NeNe.  I never thought that I would feel sorry for her, she seem like she’s such a strong woman but watching her just five minutes into her new job and finding that horrible recording that her husband made was tragic!

We first see NeNe meeting with a  family law attorney and she apparently does go through with filing for a divorce.  She explains that she has told Gregg that she filed and that it exploded into a
massive argument resulting in the couple not speaking to each other.  Gregg may not be speaking to his wife, but he is speaking!

Gregg Leakes claims that he thought he was just chatting with a friend and getting all of his problems off his chest.  This man speaks more in those few minutes on that recording, than he has spoken in the entire Atlanta series.  It was inevitable that NeNe would hear about this cruel DJ who recorded and then posted the conversation on his internet radio show but could the timing have been any worse?

Imagine your first day of work at a new job and for NeNe this was the first real job she’s ever had in her life.  Bravo’s cameras are there to catch the excitement as NeNe settles in at her new desk, and her own face appears on screen with a scandal of her husband’s creation.  To add insult to injury, as she tries to hold it together, the kind and compassionate news anchor tells NeNe that this is the
type of thing that will get you fired.  You have to avoid negative press at all costs.  NeNe didn’t know that this existed yet is being told she could lose her new dream job on the first day.

I really felt horrible for NeNe, no one deserves to have this happen to her.  Gregg not only dished on his wife but added that she owes him $30,000 for the money that he’s spent on her over the years to make her famous.  What?  When NeNe confronts Greg he is back to his typical quiet reserved self, he suddenly didn’t have a whole lot
to say anymore but he had no problem dishing the dirt to some radio DJ?

Later in the show NeNe visits Kim at her home and is very attentive and supportive of Kim’s daughters as they greet her with hugs and
Brielle shows off her new promise ring.  After the girls are off to bed, NeNe tries to have a serious conversation with Kim about her marriage and the problems that she is having with Gregg but as usual, Kim turns it into a conversation about herself and her relationship with Big Poppa, same old nonsense, nothing new here for Kim to discuss.  NeNe is forced to listen as Kim rehashes the same concerns over Big Poppa and his failure to get a divorce when
it is NeNe who could use a friend to listen rather than flap her gums all night.  Typical Kim Zolciak, the most selfish woman on the planet.

Sheree heard the Gregg Leakes recording and was gossiping about it with her hair stylist and up and coming singer, Lawrence.  Sheree is properly disgusted but moves on with her kick-boxing work out as she and her trainer try to teach Lawrence a bit about the sport.  Sheree tweeted during the show that Lawrence never returned to the gym after that day, no surprise there.

Sheree finally had it out with the “doctor” Tye.  The couple met at an outdoor café to discuss their relationship as Sheree outlines her concerns about trust, honesty, and this man’s odd behavior.  She questions his “doctor” credentials and he’s got nothing so he questions her “woman” credentials?  He pulls out a piece of paper from his pocket claiming it is his college transcripts but refuses to
show it to Sheree in the end.  I would be more likely to believe that the piece of paper held his STD test results before I would believe they prove he has a PhD.  Dr Tye is going to have trouble finding a woman after his appearance on this show.  That’s the end of that absurd relationship!  Good riddence!

Kim’s parents host a dinner party for Kim and her daughters
along with Kandi and Kandi’s mom Joyce.  Kim and Kandi dish on the NeNe and Gregg situation while Kim lets Kandi hear the recording of Gregg spewing hatred on his own wife and the ladies are properly disgusted.  Kandi’s never been a fan of NeNe’s but even Kandi realizes that Gregg was completely out of line.

During dinner the subject of Kim’s song came up and Kandi just happen to have a recording of the song sung by Kandi and now Kim loves the song.  Well hello?  Of course she loves it if Kandi is doing the singing, we all do!  It isn’t the song, music, or lyrics that are causing the problem, its Kim’s voice!

Kim’s oldest daughter Brielle is escorted to Kim’s jewelry store by Mama Kim as she commits to being celibate until she’s 18 years old and will be rewarded for this decision with the purchase of a promise ring.  I would hope that this would be an easy decision
for a 13-year old but it would be naïve to think that kids of this age don’t begin to become sexually active, and Kim seems to know that Brielle’s friends are not all necessarily “good girls”.  With Kim Zolciak as your mother, I would think a chastity belt may be more effective than  a $3,000 diamond ring, but that’s just me.

Cynthia is now engaged and has begun the wedding planning.  Her best friend and stylist is brought in to make all of the choices but don’t be surprised if there are mistakes made because this guy is barely understandable.  He’s like that low talker from Seinfeld, he
talks quietly and mumbles even creating the need for subtitles.   Cynthia explains that this guy has her complete confidence and she will take his advice regardless of how strange it may sound.  The colors of silver and chocolate are chosen seemingly because the stylist has seen these colors as the trend in New York.  Cynthia’s entourage join her as she goes through tasting menu’s for her reception and after what seems like a quick and easy process the meal has been chosen.

Phaedra and Apollo are bringing their baby home.  After a full week in the hospital due to some high blood pressure issues, mommy and baby are released.  For a full-term completely normal pregnancy and cesarean section delivery a full week in the hospital is a bit long but it seems the service was so great and being waited on hand and foot is fun for Phaedra so why not?

Phaedra explains that prior to giving birth she had the freedom to do whatever she wanted, shopping and coming and going as she
pleased, but now she is “chained to this baby”.  (are you feeling the love?)  She is also apparently the first mother ever who has been given instructions not to lift her baby.  I’m no expert and I’ve never had a C-section but I know many who have, typically the walking instructions from the hospital will tell you not to lift anything heavier than your baby.  It’s hard to believe anything this woman says knowing her history of lying.

Not only is Phaedra unable to pick up her child but she’s apparently also unable to walk up stairs as we watch Apollo carry the new mommy up to the nursery, then he brings their new son up to join his mommy.  We learn that the child’s name is Ayden Adonis, we learn that Apollo is a bit unsteady keeping the baby’s head held properly and that Phaedra is going to make her baby vomit the way she violently rocks him while he’s breast feeding.

Phaedra explains in her talking head interview sporting bright neon yellow eye shadow that her baby is “fly” as they cut to the most
ugly crocheted craft show outfit I’ve ever seen.  I don’t care who designed and made this outfit, that was just cruel to dress a baby in that atrocity.

I don’t know about any of you, but I just don’t get that warm fuzzy feeling with Phaedra and her baby, I hope that she truly does bond
with the child, he is beyond adorable!

Finally we can’t recap the show without discussing the first scenes of Kandi recording her internet show, Kandi Koated Nights.   Kandi invited the other housewives to join her on the show and Kim, Sheree, Cynthia and NeNe are all on the couch as Kandi brings up the subject of sex and wants to know everyone’s “freak number”.  Some people are comfortable talking about sex and really getting into the details of their bedroom activities, other people are not so comfortable.

Kandi Koated Nights is not for the prude’s of the world, she gets into specifics and different activities that many are not comfortable
with.  NeNe is visibly uncomfortable and doesn’t want to talk about any of it, Kim explains that while she would cut Big Poppa’s peepee off if he ever tried to pee on her but beyond that what happens
in her bedroom is off limits to discussion.  Sheree is a tad more open and cops to having a 9 ½ freak number and Cynthia tries to get into the conversation but doesn’t seem to want to reveal a whole lot either.

This is clearly the wrong group of guests to have on Kandi Koated Nights particularly when they invite a male stripper to take it all
off.  Sheree is singled out to get up and dance but she fights until he finally allows her to sit back down.  The other ladies are properly aghast at the entertainment for the evening and hopefully this will be the last time Kandi invites this group onto her show.

Kandi explains that she has moved her recording of Kandi Koated Nights from her studio at home to her clothing boutique, Tags to give them more room but mostly to promote her store.  I really like Kandi but her self-promotion has now gone well beyond any of the other housewives.  Every tweet now is about her new CD that is being released in a few weeks and it is getting really old.  I understand the need to self-promote but there should be a happy medium and Kandi should really do a better job of relating to fans and responding to some tweets first before her constant barrage of tweets asking people to buy her music.

Speaking of tweets and Kandi Burress, I want to thank my Twitter friend, @ksmckenzie for the screen shots of a whole lot of Twitter activity that went on after Kandi mentioned that she would “do” Usher on Watch What Happens Live.   Kandi added that she knows Usher and when I watched it, I really thought she named him just to let us all know that she’s a personal friend of his, not that she would really want to date this man but Usher’s ex was not happy, here’s those tweets.  (Thank you again @ksmckenzie, don’t forget to
follow her on Twitter)
I will post the screen shots as well, but @ksmckenzie also sent me this link where the “beef” is all documented, even though many of these tweets have since been deleted.


The previews for next week show Kim visiting her vocal coach
from season one, it looks like another epic failure as you can only teach someone to sing to a point, there has to be some talent there and make no mistake, Kim has none!

Until Next Time…

Correction:  Gregg claimed that NeNe owes him $300,000 not $30,000 – Thanks for pointing that out Adgirl!

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371 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Atlanta

  1. Melinda says:

    First…..am still on vacation….now in Florida but HAD to comment on your blog! LOVE the background, almost spit out my coffee when your page popped up!!

    Gregg says she owes $300,000??? is he for real?! and like you, I felt myself feeling sick for NeNe because no one deserves this type of crap from a spouse!! I highly doubt NeNe has done anything to him to deserve this except become more successful which clearly has made him feel like a little girl………UGH!!!

    I can hardly stand to watch Phaedra……….what a beautiful little son she has and I only hope and pray he will not suffer at the hands of a mom who seems to be still so damn egocentric!!!

    Liking Sheree more and more!! Kandi is a fav….but she talks way too much about the bedroom! and that stripper? almost made me upchuck dinner!

    Kim just infuriates me………and knowing now she is pregnant and STILL smoking…ugh!

    • Melinda says:

      oh and that “promise” ring that Kim bought for her daughter?!!? OH PLEASE, the child just wanted expensive jewelry and found a way to capitalize on how to get it!! I do not believe for a moment that a 13 yr old who already has a boyfriend (my twin girls are 17 and still do not have boyfriends….and not for lack of looks mind you) is going to honor that ring when the boy pressures her…I HOPE SHE DOES…..but look at the example set everyday by her gold-digging mama……UGH!!! Kim you look more foolish now than ever before!

    • Savannah111 says:

      Sorry guys just changing the subject a bit, I’m watching skating with the stars and of course will be cheering Bethanny on tonight!! I realize that I know nothing about ice skating other than love watching it, I’m sure its very difficult and I applaud anyone that can go out there and learn in a weeks time routines etc.. I have to say though, right out of the gate I didnt really like the 1st couples routine and wouldnt have given them 8 across the board because I thought some of Johnnys moves were sloppy..

      GO BETHANNY…… 🙂

      • Savannah111 says:

        Why Why Why are they being so harsh with Bethanny??? Was it perfect no but Laurie said they were easy on her last week? Well maybe laurie Ann needs to watch last week again because she and the others were not easy on her at all.

        I dont think that Laurie Ann likes Bethanny I’m not just saying that I look at her face and it looks like theres something going on I could be completely wrong but Laurie Ann lives in New York and I bet she knows Bethanny or watched her show and formed an opinion about her. There’s something there and it;s hard to ignore does anyone else notice it???

  2. HD says:

    Thank you for the new blog, Lynn! Greg said he gave NeNe 300,000 and then said, “that may have been a bit of a stretch.” LOL! Okay!

    Also can someone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remind me what college did Dr. Tye say he went to do get his doctorate? I could have SWORN he said Ashford University but now on his website it says, Ashwood University. Both are online schools and I am NOT giving him a slip of the tongue. You know what college you went to old lying tail. Last week his credentials were not even listed now all of a sudden they magically appear. Yeah right!

    I felt horrible for NeNe. I know she is going through a lot and I just wish Greg would man up and do what he has to do to hold his marriage together. I think Nene would stick it out and try to make it work.

    My daughter has an abstinence ring from True Love Waits. It cost 20 dollars. Kim is an idiot for spending that much on a ring. Child please!

    • Melinda says:

      actually, he may have said Ashland College….which is also online and doesn’t offer a Ph.D. program other than for education…..good grief!! we must go back and listen to the one he says he went to!

      • HD says:

        Girl I raced back to the website to hear that again but the show is not on there! I am going to have to wait for the replay.

        Here are his so called credentials:


        Ashwood University, Non-APA Accredited Program 1998-1999. Ph.D. (May, 1999) – Counseling Psychology

        Southern Illinois University, APA Accredited Program 1994-1995. Ph.D. (Candidate Only)- Counseling Psychology

        Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL 1992-1993. M.S. (May, 1993) – Counseling Psychology

        Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL 1990-1992. B.A. Political Science

        • jen says:

          So….he got his PHd from a non APA-accredited school? Sounds fishy and fake to me….

          • mimi, lmft says:

            If the program is not accredited, it means it is either a brand new program or the accreditation was taken away. Either way, the “non accredited” description tells you all you need to know- NO CREDIT, worthless. To actually ever practice as a “psychologist” and become licensed, the licensure board requires that you have a degree from an APA accredited program. Otherwise, you might as well have a degree from Burger King University in Fryology.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

    • quincyil says:

      After 25 years of marriage, my husband gave me a ring similar to the one Kim purchased, but mine was 1,000 dollars on sale. Three kids, non stop work, dealing with in laws from Iran cheerfully, and always bringing him coffee and breakfast in bed…. I thought my gift was fantastic. LOL> I have low standards. LOL>

      • I don’t think your standards are low, quite to the contrary.
        I think your priorities are set to a very high standard.

        • HD says:

          Certainly not low standards at all. $1000 ring is a nice gift from a husband to his wife for all that you do and I am sure you cherish that ring!

      • Adgirl says:

        So wait. After 25 years of marriage your husband gave you an abstinence ring ? lol.

      • Tootsie says:

        Quincy, you do NOT have low standards. You have very high standards and deserve a lot of respect (one thing most housewives do not deserve). You are a wonderful role model for your children and entire family. You go girl!

      • California35 says:

        That is so sweet — what you do, I mean 🙂 It is so nice to read when people talk like that about marriage. That they last, that they are happy, that they get presents :-P. Sweet of him to give you the ring.

      • Savannah111 says:

        Quincyil, there is nothing low standard about you !!! I’ll tell you IMO what I think you are and that’s NORMAL I’ve been married for 26 years and like you I cherish every single gift I’ve ever received from my husband.. I know when I lay my head down every night that my bills are paid I work hard and have a good job. I don’t have desires to choke on mortgages that some of these housewifes have, I have a nice house but its within my means. As we all are seeing now trying to live large especially for the Camera’s are causing big problems for some of the housewifes ( Teresa ) who will hopefully go to jail soon. Let them all keep on going as they are and stupid purchases like the one Kim just made will catch up with them.

        Kim is playing for the camera’s and the purchase was also IMO just nuts, I can’t believe she would spend that kind of money on a ring for a 13 year.

  3. HD says:

    As for Kandi…in her industry I was shocked she said Usher myself. She could have said Denzel or someone like that, that pretty much “everyone” wants to roll around with. But why oh why did she pick someone in her industry that is from Atlanta that she is friends with?! Help me somebody. She wrote one of TLC’s grammy award winning songs, No Scrubs and Chili (a member of that group) dates Usher FOREVER! What the hell was she smoking?! She lost some cool industry points for that. Next time just pick someone neutral not from your industry, Denzel, Matthew McConaughey, someone like that. Sheesh!

    • quincyil says:

      Candy is very sure of her self with men. She said that men come to her. She probably wants a relationship with Usher. She says what she things and is not apologetic.

      • HD says:

        She is very sure of herself but on the sheer fact that this is my industry, I work with a lot of these same people, I am friends with Chili who everyone thought Usher was going to marry, etc. I would not have said him. She should have thought about that before she said it. As soon as I said it I knew drama was going to follow that. Everything that comes up doesn’t have to come out. Kandi is showing herself to be a little more freakish than I once believed. That goofy internet show, all this sex talk, the stripper (which I have seen perform…long story…it was GOOD!)

        • quincyil says:

          Did you notice that Kandi’s mom was a tinge reticent on WWHL last night. I think she was concerned about how Kandi was going to look in the public forum. Kandi was unafraid. Perhaps, her music audience will always be loyal, but she developed a significant fan base with people like myself who liked her work ethics and love of family. This year, we are seeing another side to Kandi.

          • HD says:

            I did. She didn’t seem like her normal self at all. I really like Kandi’s mom. She seems like she always knows the right thing to say.

            I like Kandi, this is just a different side of her that I was surprised to see. She always seemed like the rather laid back quiet one. But if she wants to be the first R&B Dr. Ruth, more power to her. It’s different because I didn’t expect it but I still like her a lot and think she is one of the few women on the show that I could actually stand to be around for more than 5 minutes.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              um, you have some ‘splainin to do, Lucy!

              about that stripper…Mr. Shiver Me Timbers?

              nice, very nice

  4. quincyil says:

    When the stripper was there, I was reminded of Slade Smiley.

    Phaedra did seem to know how to nurse when the baby was hungry and she said something about his head, so I think the nurses must have helped a little. Leaving a newborn in a hot car bothered me. Apolla said the baby was hot. I know that the driver was there, but I think the baby was a tad more important than Phaedra’s Gone With the Wind trip up the Tara Stairs to me.

    I didn’t watch the stripper part.

    Kandi’s internet show is not my cup of tea.

    One million dollars for a wedding is a giant waste of money. That sylist was something too. I bet the wedding planner couldn’t contain his glee with all of those surprises…Ca ching!

    • MichellefromNY says:

      Yeah leaving the baby in the car bothered me too. In lamaze they teach you to never leave a baby in the car alone. I think that baby was a little more important than miizzz fakedra parks getting up the stairs. Even if I needed to be carried up the stairs, I’d insist that the baby be taken care of first. See, fakedra, THAT is the ladylike thing to do.


      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I echo-ed most of what you both said in another post. It REALLY bothered me that they did that.

      • floridagirl88 says:

        I don’t think the baby was alone. There was another guy standing next to the car.

        I think that Apollo should grab that baby and run for their lives!

  5. HD says:

    I also had to throw in this tidbit about Kandi in regards to what Tameka said…she is known for little stuff like this: (Also it is true, Kandi admitted to sleeping with Jermaine Dupri)

    October 22, 2007. MediaTakeOut.com has learned that last week Tamika Scott (formerly of the group Xscape) was a special guest on NYC’s Hot 97’s Miss Jones in the Morning Show – and she dropped some bombs.

    Tamika was reportedly furious with the way Jermaine Dupri described the break up of Xscape in his new book Young, Rich, and Dangerous: The Making of a Music Mogul. In Jermaine’s book, the mogul describes the group as “growing apart,” but according to Tamika, there was a whole lot more to the story.

    MediaTakeOut.com learned that Tamika told Miss Jones the real reason the group broke up was that Kandi (photo’d below) began sleeping with Jermaine Dupri. And Tamika believes that Jermaine and Kandi’s romance devastated the group.

    The former Xscape singer claims that since Kandi was sleeping with the group’s boss, she thought she was entitled to more solo time. But Jermaine, too his credit, stuck with his instincts and kept LaTocha on as the group’s lead singer.

    But that was too much for Kandi to take. According to Tamika, Kandi subsequently quit – causing Jermaine to disband the group.

  6. SpunkyMonkey says:

    I am not a Phaedra fan by any stretch…but you are supposed to avoid going up and down stairs after a c-section. I camped out on the first floor of our house after I had one.

    • HD says:

      You are supposed to avoid but some things are inevitable. I had a C-section but the one bathroom in the house was up 10 stairs and we lived on the second floor. I had to get inside the house. The doctor said only use the stairs to go to the bathroom and that’s that. But I was not going to break apart if I went up the stairs and then camped out. I just walked VERY VERY slow. Phaedra is overly dramatic. And what kind of new mom leaves their new baby in the car so YOU can be carried in first? She needs mental help! That was selfish.

      • SpunkyMonkey says:

        I’m not saying it was ok to leave the kid in the car or anything like that. Just that you’re supposed to avoid stairs after a c-section because Lynn seemed unsure of that in her blog. People who haven’t had c-sections aren’t always familiar with the restrictions.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I dunno, I managed just fine. Although, once up the stairs I spend a few extra days in bed…I made it 🙂

  7. coocoopuffs78 says:

    Phaedra is just plain delirious! I had a C-Section with complications and still managed to lift both of my twins and in their car seats. She needs to get over herself. That kid of her’s would be better off in the hands of a well trained nanny. Her and Theresa are neck and neck for the title of my least favorite housewife . As for Kandi, I listened to her group Xscape years ago and to be honest her voice wasn’t as good as the two lead singers. I’m glad that she’s found success in producing. I assumed that was something she picked up from Jermaine Dupre and their years together.

    • SpunkyMonkey says:

      Yeah, I never was told that either. I know there are restrictions, but not lifting your baby is not one of them. It looks like she gets pooped on in the next episode…that should be entertaining! 🙂

  8. realminkey says:

    Ladies (and gent or two), I have a problem! My husband’s ridiculously complicated home theater system is out of commission, the problem can’t seem to be diagnosed, and he has taken over- hijacked- MY “old fashioned” television! For two weeks in a row now, I’ve been forced to retreat on Sunday nights to watch in our bedroom and have fallen asleep well before the newest Atl episode! It ain’t fair!!

    BTW, had to make a restroom pit stop on the way to a christening this past Saturday, and chose the Somerville NJ Barnes and Noble (always clean). At the door there was a sign for one of Teresa’s book signings there tonight (I think) at 7.

    • Adgirl says:

      If you have HD in the bedroom (heh heh talk to Kandi about that!) the show airs early. On the west coast its on at 7 on BravoHD.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Feel your pain Micky. We too have a lovely “media room” with a beautiful but ridiculously giant screen that I have no idea how to operate, no matter how many times my husband explains..I end up watch in bed too & falling asleep. Encourage your husband to fix the problem because it’s “a shame to waste such a great system”.

  9. TrueLifeDiva says:

    So many things to cover!
    The Purity ring. Um, Kim quit fronting. You are not worried about her friends. YOU had a relationship with the Chief of Police (or sheriff) that resulted in a sex scandal and the man being fired when you were 16-17yrs old! And you’ve flaunted the fact you’re a mistress in front of your girls for years now. But your worried about her friends? Give me a break!

    Kandi’s sex talk on her podcast is getting old. Peeing on your partner is not “sexytimes”, it’s a fetish. Some people don’t want the world to know how freaky they are in the bedroom.

    Dr. Baldspot, ugh! I have met so many men like him. Aint bringing a damn thing to the table but tell you you’re too picky. I could tell his little feelings were hurt and he was about to get ugly.
    1. Nobody ganged up on you. Sheree’s friends are just smarter than you bargained for.
    2. That little dig about “you can tell if a woman is nurturing by how they…” What? She barely knows you and you expect her to be overly familiar with your child from the get go? She was polite but you have a problem with that. Mind games. Sheree is not auditioning to be wifey so she’s not kissing your childs ass. Polite is all that should be expected.
    3. You were in town for three days and expected her to visit you at the Holiday Inn Express? Umm, hell no! But yet again you tried to spin it like you were making an effort and she wasn’t. You already tried to jamm your finger down her throat, I’d say public dates are in order while boundaries are set.
    4. That was probably an eviction notice in your back pocket. Aren’t most degrees/certificates framed or in an album?

    If I think of some more I’ll be back 😉

    • HD says:

      CRACKING UP!!! Okay!!! You said it girl!! He lost his damn mind.

      The “prove you are a woman line!” Please! What did he want her to do whip out her goodies and place them on the table?!

      “Why do I have to feed you to see you?” Ummm what planet are you on? Most people across the world get together over food. You sure wanted to feed her when you were giving her the reverse heimlech with your finger down her throat.

      “I brought my paperwork.” No what you meant to say is, I BOUGHT my paperwork. Meaning bought that degree offline.

      “Some questions are inappropriate.” Ummm where did you go to school? Yeah, I am soooooooo offended! How dare you ask me that.

      I could go on and on. I am so glad landing strip hair is off the show now!

      • TLM says:

        “Why do I have to feed you to see you” is just rude. And he’s cheap. And a liar. This isn’t a guy looking for a relationship. He’s just someone who likes to “work” other people and scam them. Tried to make Sheree feel like the crazy one, but it didn’t work. I think maybe his lines work on some women who aren’t very wise, but he realized he was out of his league and took off. Onto the next victim. What a dirtbag.

        • SpunkyMonkey says:

          Anyone who thinks he’s a “love doctor” just needs to watch this interaction. It’s clear he has no idea what women want, or how to communicate with someone of the opposite sex. I posted a video of him on here (further down below) and it’s ridiculous.

    • SpunkyMonkey says:

      I’m so glad we won’t be seeing anymore of him. I threw up in my mouth a little each time he came on screen. I would be wary of anyone trying to get in with my kid after one date, so his dig that she wasn’t nurturing is just BS. I don’t know anyone who carries their credentials folded in their back pocket. Maybe some high quality copies in a folder for job interviews, but that was probably his Google map to the restaurant. And how was she supposed to prove she was a woman? Flash her hooha at him? He is slimy!

      • HD says:

        I am cracking up @ Google map to the restaurant. LOL! Of course! He knows good and well that wasn’t no damn degrees. LOL! Give me a break. He doesn’t even live in Atlanta. So at what point did you have degrees on you after the card game?

      • T-Rex says:

        On a vacation day today, and for fun decided to at least get a copy of my College transcripts, I lost mine long ago, because I didn’t think I would really need them since I have my “Diploma thingie”. Had to go in and sign up, then could only get “unofficial transcripts”, for “official transcripts” had to pay online and they will be mailed to my HOME address or I could pickup in 2 working days. Also, my “unofficial transcripts” are 6 pages, not just one page. So, I guess the google map to the restaurant is probably closer to the truth~

        • quincyil says:

          I went to several universities so I have a file for my transcripts.

        • SpunkyMonkey says:

          Yes, I have my transcripts as well and they are several pages and aren’t on plain white paper. I haven’t looked at them rcently but I remember them being on a quality watermarked paper…may have to look.

      • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

        LOL the google map!!! good one!

    • Cheri says:

      Totally agree. I think Kandi is a freak herself there is something wrong with her. And I don’t think she is a good singer her voice shakes when she sings. As for the Dr, what a loser, he’s the type that will always try to blame the other person for his faults. I’ll tell you kim’s daughter sure looks alot older than a 13 year old. I do hope she follows through on her promise but I would not be surprised if she turns out like her mom. From the looks of kim’s family it doesn’t look like the apple fell to far from the tree so I don’t have too much hope for her

  10. Golden Girl says:

    I think Sheree let that fake doctor off way too easily, he even stuck her with the bill for lunch.

  11. Adgirl says:

    Great blog Lynn! Gregg said $300,000 not $30,000!
    BTW I heard that recording of Gregg last year and I am sure that he knew it was intended for broadcast.
    I had the impression Gregg spent $300,000 on credit to make NeNe look wealthy. That would include renting the house, buying Bryce a car, clothes and handbags for NeNe I would assume.
    The sad thing about this couple is they seem to still love each other but can’t stop hurting each other! I have no doubt NeNe became a huge pain in the ass after she go famous. Gregg’s business only got worse after she was on season 1. Any man would feel emasculated. He was probably ashamed of his poor broke ass and started borrowing money from people to cover up and things just got worse (cheating?).

    • oldcrone says:

      NeNe was right on when she told Gregg to remember that she is Brentt’s mother and he is Brentt’s father, and he had better think about what he says before he talks about her, because Brentt is looking to him as a role model. No one likes to hear someone talk about their mom.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        And likewise, no one likes to hear someone talk about their Dad. NeNe doesn’t seem to have a problem dishing it out- but when it comes to taking it she acts the like wounded dove.

        • oldcrone says:

          That’s true. I got all swept away with the moment and overlooked how she certainly has dogged him out as well.

    • karrylin says:

      IMO…that Internet Radio Show, where Gregg Leakes said way too much, to the guy about NeNe and the show…I saw the “radio show, video”, and NO ONE told Gregg he was on the radio, or being taped, and he seemed to not realize that at all. the ” Friend/D.J. asking questions moved his hand up and down….to the other guy in the room, as if to say SHUT UP…stop laughing…dont let him hear you…that guy, puts his hand up with the look of OOOPPSSS. ”
      In the state of Georgia, only one person has to be aware of the conversation being taped, to be legal. in my state, IL…both people have to know conversation is being taped, or its considered illegal and cannot be used as evidence in court, unless the cops are doing the recording.
      I think Gregg was set up on the one.
      Also, it was about why Gregg hadnt paid the Friend back a few hundred bucks, at first. watching the video, is different than listening to the tape.
      But….in these days..who knows?
      either way….NeNe was embarrassed and angry as would I have been!
      But, NeNe talks about Gregg, on TV.
      so…what is the big difference?

  12. realminkey says:

    When it comes to Kandi Koated Nights, call me a prude. Yecch. I also don’t like the fact that I have to keep looking over my shoulder and making sure my kids are far away from the TV whenever those episodes are aired.

    • error404 says:

      How old are your kids? I ask only because I feel like Khandi’s show is really immature for someone her age. I could see myself finding it funny when I was a teen or in my 20s… but now that I’ve been around the block more than a few times, it’s gone back to being something I find somewhere between dull and embarrassing.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Kandi’s show kind of reminds me of the “Sex Toy Parties” that new age bored housewife’s throw. They need something to do- and Tupperware is just so 1970’s .

      • realminkey says:

        error, my two girls are 13 and 11. Certainly the wrong age for Kandi Koated Nights!

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      I agree with @realminkey..that whole episode made me uncomfortable, and I am far from a prude, but some of what they were talking about are fetishes, plain and simple. If it works for some people more power to you but I’d rather not hear about what floats your boat in your sex life.

  13. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @AdGirl, nope not the same Tameka. Ushers ex is an ugly, mannish, Sheree looking woman who basically has babies by celebrities and gets dumped. Xscape actually had two Tamekas, so one went by her nickname “Tiny”. Tiny is married to the rapper T.I. And has her own reality show “Tiny and Toya” with Lil Wayne’s ex-wife.

  14. error404 says:

    Whew.. I guess we all survived the Holliday! LOL

    yes, last night’s show was it’s typical collection of LOL delusion and hypocrasy.

    – I love how Nene and Kim complain that they don’t like talking about sex publicly, but then don’t pause for breath before they launch into dishing about their failing personal relationships ON NATIONAL TV!

    – Greg must be a drunk. It’s the only thing that makes sense to me. Why else would he spill to the radio, and why else is he living in the basement, and what are these “all the things I’ve put up with from you” that Nene kept throwing in his face every argument.

    – I’m sure the Greg radio thing was devastating in real time. Somehow, after watching weeks of Nene telling every single person in America except her husband that she is going to ditch him, it’s doesn’t seem quite as bad. Was the real sin that he spilled on the radio and not for the Bravo cameras, for whom he seems to have taken a vow of silence? Andy’s probably more angry at him than Nene is!

    – I don’t envy Kim. How exactly does a knocked-up unwed mother who’s taken a break from doing someone else’s husband to have unprotected sex with a younger guy she just met, confidently advise her teen to abstain. Than again, if Kim were my Mom, the example alone would drive me to a convent!

    – Again, why exactly is Cynthia marrying Peter? I felt bad when she admitted on Khandi’s show that her sex life is dull. We already know he’s broke, selfish and a poor listener… so if he’s not even good in the sack, what is it? Are his scrambles eggs really THAT good?

    – Sorry, even today I’m still laughing at Phaedra saying that that woman also “crocheted for Oprah”! LOL! I’m sorry, what? Did Oprah and Stedman have a love child I missed? Did Oprah and Gail adopt? Was it a huge crocheted PJ set Oprah herself wears around the house? Was Oprah sentenced to crocheting community service after a Driving while eating fast food incident, and she paid this woman to do her time? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • quincyil says:

      I wondered about the cost of the wedding. Did Peter tell the truth about not having money to pay for it?

    • oldcrone says:

      I LOVED how Cynthia’s wedding planner explained that the theme of the wedding would be a ‘little vintage and a little modern’…then the camera pans to Vintage Peter and Modern Cynthia! 🙂

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Hey Error, I think I am going to bounce off your post because I pretty much agree with everything you said.

      Re: The NeNe thing, while I am embarrassed for her I can’t feel sorry for her. While none of us really know the true extent of the dynamics of their relationship- the show HAS changed NeNe. Over the seasons we have seen her ego swell both on and off the Bravo cameras, I have no doubt that no one has felt the ill effects that her notoriety has brought more than Gregg.

      I also don’t think that Gregg had any idea he was being recorded and it was going to be played on air- and really I don’t see Gregg airing their dirty laundry on a radio show any worse than NeNe doing it on tv. This entire season she has been squawking about Gregg, last year when they were evicted from their other rental because of a lack of payment she didn’t put up the united front she claims; instead her answer was pretty much “It has nothin’ to do with me; my name wasn’t on the lease”.

      What I found most interesting about Kim in this episode was her talking about how she wanted to have another baby, this would be soon after she met her ‘ass man’, and viola only a few months later she finds herself pregnant. While it might not have been a planned pregnancy on Kroys part, I have no doubt that this wasn’t an ‘accident’; it was a calculated move on Kim’s part.

      On that note, ROL is reporting the two are now engaged. I feel for you Kroys mama- where ever you are. I wonder if Kim’s spousal support payments are do to come to an end and she needs another bankroll.

      Cynthia and Peter…..I still don’t really care.

      Phaedra and Apollo- OMG. I have watched 16 and Pregnant and have seen teenage nitwits with better baby related skills than these two. I almost had a heart attack when Apollo picked up the baby and saw his head flopping around like a rag doll; and how about next time leave your wife OUTSIDE and unattended and take the baby in FIRST instead of carrying her ass up the stairs. I had a c-section and more than a week later, I could walk abet slowly but I could do it. Instead of fricking dancing lessons for that shower, maybe Phaedra should have taking course on baby care.

      • SpunkyMonkey says:

        Yes, they encourage you to walk after a c-section. It helps with recovery. I was up and walking a day after mine. I know the stairs are a no-no for 2 weeks (?) afterwards and I followed dr. advice on that. I just slept on the sofa, it wasn’t worth taking the risk and hurting myself. But no one carried me around while my baby sat in the car…wth? I walked into the house carrying my baby in my arms. Those two are just odd…

    • oopsy says:

      error, your ‘knocked up unwed mother’ line had me ROLLING!!

    • Blue Sky says:

      Error, you got me roflol with the Oprah walking around in the “huge crocheted PJ set” comment! Did you happen to read Kitty Kelley’s biography of Oprah? I got it from the library & it was fascinating.

    • cusi77 says:

      OMG Error! That was too funny for words! Luv it!

  15. Pingback: Tweets that mention I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Atlanta | Lynnnchicago101's Blog -- Topsy.com

  16. Adgirl says:

    Here it its….

    Kim Z is “engaged” er perezhilton.

    Kim and Kroy are engaged, and only a few people know about it. They wanted to announce it in a national magazine, but Kim was so excited that she told a couple of close friends about it. Obviously, they are both really happy about both the baby and their engagement and cannot wait to start their new lifes together. Kroy proposed to her and bought her a substantial ring which she has shown to a few friends, although she is not wearing it in public yet. Kim is actually in her second trimester with her pregnancy now, and the couple are still in talks about getting their own spin-off reality show. And if this does not happen then she will want to re-negotiate her terms on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta if her wedding and new baby were to be featured on the show. The other cast members are publicly backing Kim and Kroy but privately there are some jealousies because Kim is very much in the spotlight right now and not everyone is happy about that.”


    Yawn. Won’t she lose a bunch of support money if she remarries? And hasn’t she learned a thing about pro athletes from Sheree? Idiot.

    • error404 says:

      coming this fall to Bravo: “Kim Getting Married?”… part 2 in Bravo’s breakout “_______ Getting Married?” spin-off series.

      Rumored to be in talks are “Glade (Gretchen+Slade) Getting Married?”, “Countess Luann Getting Married?”, “Albi Getting Married?”, “Kim (Richards) Getting Married?” and “Cat Getting Married?”.

      Sources close to Bravo also say that the Andy Cohen is contemplating another spin-off franchise starting with “Nene Getting Divorced?”. If proven popular,t he show will also track other housewives as their marriages fail to survive public scrutiny and the trapping of fame. Possible shows for next year include “Vickie Getting Divorced?”, “Dina Getting Divorced?”, “Michaele Getting Divorced?” and “Taylor Getting Divorced?”.

      Bravo is said to be stalled in negotiations for their much coveted “Teressa Going to Jail?” spin-off. The show has started filing, although Teressa has yet to sign a contract. Sources close to the table flipping star confirm that she could get more money for the longer the sentence, so she’s hessitant to sign before she goes to court.

    • quincyil says:

      Wasn’t it Laurie from OC who wanted alimony after she married another guy?

      Maybe, Kim can keep her alimony, marry the new guy, divorce the new guy, and get two alimonies.

    • jezzibel says:

      What is it with the housewives all thinking they deserve spin-offs ala Bethenny.
      I think after the bomb that was RHODC..Bravo will be very reluctant to spend or produce anything less then a gauranteed ratings winner, and the houeswives that think they are deserving of their own show, are some of the most unpleasent, horrible and vile women on reality tv today.

  17. SpunkyMonkey says:

    A video of the “Love Doctor”….barf…gag…


    • karrylin says:

      thanks for the link spunky!!!

      Below, is a comment from the link you posted…I will be listening to that channel to hear the “love doctor advice”. wonder if he is still on?

      “Oh wow, this guy is on the radio every wednesday morning on WGCI 107.5 in Chicago giving relationship advice”

  18. Mary Jane says:

    “and that Phaedra is going to make her baby vomit the way she violently rocks him while he’s breast feeding.”

    Lol, that’s so funny. I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw that.

  19. MichellefromNY says:

    Dr. Tiye-eee reminded me of a co-worker of mine.I work in a private school as a college counselor. She waltzed in with her “doctorate” and insisted everyone call her “doctor”. She thought she was on the fast track to become head of the counseling office because of her “doctorate”. Turns out her doctorate was bogus. She got it from some sketchy “phd factory” in the middle of nowhere that was closed down due to it not being properly credentialed. When confronted, she got sooooo offended. Then, one day, she felt she wasn’t being appreciated enough and walked out in a huff. Good riddance is all i have to say.

    I find that in education, you find a lot of people like that. They are very uppity and overly concerned with their so-called “credentials” when in actuality they are totally incompetent. They may be perpetual learners and like to collect degrees, but in the real world, they are huge failures when actually dealing with our children. It pisses me off to no end.

    • TLM says:

      It is funny, isn’t it, how these fakers feel so indignant at the suggestion they are anything less than brilliant. I worked my ass off at a law school that is credentialed, but not top-tier, and I have often felt self-conscious of my school’s hierarchy in the pecking order. Meanwhile, these people get their degrees from the academic equivalent of a Taco Bell, and they not only have no shame, they’re all pissed off that people don’t treat them like Rhodes Scholars when they don’t even have legitimate degrees. What’s wrong with this picture??!??

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        As my late mother would say: Big Brass Balls.

        That’s the difference between you and them. They have them and you have ovaries. Safely tucked inside- but more powerful than Kryptonite when activated.

      • Adgirl says:

        My parents had a saying when they’d catch us in a fib:
        “How DARE you accuse me of doing the things I have done!”

      • MichellefromNY says:

        It is truly astounding the nerve of these kind of people. Meanwhile, my other colleague who actually has a legitimate phd from columbia university never tells anyone to call her “Dr”. She only uses it when dealing with uppity people who actually care more about the degrees you hold rather than your actual competence.

        Education is kind of like money. If you actually have it, you don’t feel obligated to flaunt it needlessly. You just have it. Think Adrienne versus Teresa. Adrienne just has money but she doesn’t go out of her way to flaunt it. If you are truly a Rhodes scholar and Ivy league graduate, you won’t necessarily feel a need to flaunt it.

        on the other hand, if you are insecure (aka camille) even if you have money or superior credentials you will ALWAYS feel a need to flaunt your assets(whatever they may be)

        • TLM says:

          Michelle, I think that “education is like money” is a great analogy. But I would add, “for some people.” I have worked alongside a guy who thought our job was beneath him and had to keep saying, “I went to an Ivy League school” every time he would bitch about something he was asked to do or tolerate. What, was it ok for those of us who also went through 4 years of college to do demeaning things, because our schools weren’t Ivy League?? It drove me up the wall.

          I think it’s important to be honest about one’s education, but that being said, I think only so much stock should be put in a degree or school. I have worked with Ivy Leaguers who didn’t brag about their degrees, but didn’t have an ounce of common sense in their body. There are the book-smart-only robots, and then the worst ones, the ones who are complete idiots but whose parents have major money or connections, so they got in and as a result, life is a cakewalk for them, just being handed good jobs and so forth. As a result of seeing this, I was never impressed or intimidated by those schools.

          I know many people who went to good colleges and law schools who can’t write a simple letter to save their lives. Contrast that with one of my best friends, who never went to college and worked most of her adult life in a supermarket bagging groceries. Her emails are eloquent and a pleasure to read. Her spelling is perfect. Makes you wonder.

          I just try to evaluate each person based on their personality. It’s important to be honest about degrees, but at the same time, I think they shouldn’t be overly rel

          • TLM says:

            Oops, those last 3 lines should have been deleted! Sloppy editing… 🙂

          • MichellefromNY says:

            Agreed TLM. I was referring to a specific type of person. But you are absolutely right. That’s why I brought the Camille example. A woman who has it all but feels the need to remind us how high she is on the so-called pecking order. If someone has a degree from an ivy league, they can also be pompous and rub it in everyone’s faces. And yes, I have met many ivy league educated people who are scholars locked in their towers who perpetually go to school and their ideas on life are not grounded in the slightest in the real world. So there are many different types, but I was talking about a very specific type of person who gets a phd from a crap place and feels a need to shout their credentials versus a person with a valid and respected degree who doesn’t see a need to scream their credentials to emphasize their self importance.

  20. TLM says:

    Wow, there was so much sex n’ sleaze to talk about in this episode.

    The abstinence ring thing was nauseating to me, kind of like those father-daughter dances where the daughters pledge to their fathers to stay virgins. Give girls education and information, not rings, and they will stay celibate longer, as well as know how to protect themselves when they decide to have sex.

    Going in the other direction, I think it’s in poor taste for Kandi to have this show that’s focused on sex talk. The level of the discussion was juvenile, and I’m really not interested in a show and tell about the other womens’ sexual practices. The discussion about sugar a week or two ago already made me sick. And what does Kandi have to gain from this? It doesn’t further her music career at all, which is what she supposedly was focusing on. If anything, I feel it detracts from her image. Now, if Kandi had a segment on an R&B station to talk about what’s going on in the music industry, that would be different.

    Finally, to the male stripper. I was VERY disturbed by him grabbing Sheree when she was clearly not interested. I have heard of audience members being told they are not permitted to touch strippers, so isn’t it obvious that the reverse should be true? He shouldn’t have touched her and he should have let her go when she was struggling to get away. I really felt violated just watching that crap. I think I would have left the room. I have never simultaneously felt sympathy and hatred for a stripper until that moment.

    I would love for Nene to tell off the fake doctor. No one does it like Nene, and that guy definitely deserves it! I was glad she told off Greg about all she has earned and spent on him. I don’t believe that Greg had $300,000 to spend on Nene, any more than I believe he borrowed $10,000 from Dwight. I admit I was puzzled why someone who says they want to privately look into their options for divorce would allow cameras to roll when they are doing so. It makes the show seem totally staged, although I don’t believe people would divorce to create a story line (I think Gretchen said that’s why Tamra got divorced, which was just weird).

    Overall, I didn’t care for this episode.

    I hope the clip from last week’s episode of Kim saying, “Is he gonna call me? DUH…would YOU call me?” makes it onto The Soup. Never have I seen someone so carried away with themselves.

    • quincyil says:

      I did leave the room. I got up for a glass of water.

      Bravo shares naked Jason and Bethenny, naked Slade, this guy, and the Flipping Out staff in the bathroom. The Countess said you will never see her in a bathroom. Maybe, she actually has class.

      • TLM says:

        Yeah, point taken about the other stuff on Bravo. Somehow, though, this episode seemed to hit a new low. My advice from now on for Bravo would be to “cover your rat”. HA!!

        • Golden Girl says:

          I agree with the stripper part; when someone tells you no and tries to back away from you, you back away period. Just like when the fake Dr. kept trying to push the cookie dough into Sheree’s mouth she kept saying no and he wouldn’t listen HUGE sign to run away.

      • Adgirl says:

        The Countess does not agree that she ever has need of a bathroom.

    • Adgirl says:

      Lucious Luke (or whatever) won’t mind having his Junk touched by TSA.

  21. Obsessed with RH says:

    I have a random question. Kim has some gigantic engagement ring on all the time. That’s not the one that Poppa gave her last season b.c that was a canary diamond. What ring is she wearing? Clearly she’s not engaged to anyone (as of the airing of this episode) so why the hell is she wearing an engagement ring? Any clarity would be much appreciated.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I wonder if it’s from her last husband- the one with all the $$$.

      It’s still beyond me how she pulls men with bank. She doesn’t have a good body, face or hair. She also must smell and taste like an ashtray.

      • quincyil says:

        I think she’s going to have problems getting back in shape after this baby. When you are young, you body comes back. It’s harder when you are older and she doesn’t really try to exercise.

        What am I saying? Kim will have doctors remove the extra fat from every part of her body. In the end, she’ll look a little more like Frankenstein.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I wonder who will look more grotesque in the end, her or Taylor. I have to wonder if these women look at themselves and wonder “WHAT HAVE I DONE?”

      • Obsessed with RH says:

        How much does Kim get from Poppa? According to her she spends approximately $30,000 a month in WIGS and she doesn’t work, drives around in a Bentley and Range Rover and buys tons of designer clothing/bags. How good could she possibly be in bed that Poppa gives her (or rather gave her) a small fortune? At least now she looks more like a female, before she looked so tranny I couldn’t understand how men could find her attractive…

        • quincyil says:

          I really don’t think Kim is pretty. She does. I think she was fairly tall and had a nice shape which she enhanced through modern medicine. Men like that.
          She seems to think she is the cat’s meow, but all I hear is caterwauling.

        • T-Rex says:

          I bet she is not getting much from Big Poppa since his finances are in trouble, oh and she is knocked up by someone else. I am sure Big Poppa paid by the “date”, like all good high priced hookers, oops escorts, oops mistress, and the cars and things are her “tips”. You would be so surprised what men will pay for “something-something”. I know a few rich guys that keep these type of women outside their marriage because they will do some really humiliating and degrading things with them sexually that their wives won’t. Oh and there isn’t an excuse of “too tired” or I have a “headache”, they are always “on demand”, when they call you answer, or they find another “mistress” to take your place. Remember they didn’t “date”, didn’t go to a movie, dinner, etc. He was seen “at her house”, “at his house”, on vacation in a hotel room but not “out and about”. They would break up when Poppa stopped paying her for things, then he would give her a gift and she was right back with him.

    • K MAC says:

      She wore the canary diamond during season one from big poppa. During season 2 poppa proposed to her while still married with new diamonds. Remember it was a full set with engagement ring and wedding band she was wearing. Kandi commented that poppa showed her the ring prior.

      • HD says:

        Yeah, it was a regular diamond. I remember and that looks like the same ring to me.

      • Blue Sky says:

        That song, “the ring don’t mean a thing” by Kandi seems to be a dig at Kim, only Kim doesn’t get it. The ring from big poppa (what a silly ass nickname!) didn’t mean he was going to marry Kim, and big poppa didn’t let his wedding ring stop him from having Kim as his mistress… so good one, Kandi! Have to say, I’ve never heard the whole song…just cannot stomach Kim’s caterwauling attempts at singing. Kandi seems to slam Kim whenever she can, for her lack of singing ability, etc. Seems to me Kandi is mad that she didn’t make any $ from TFTP.

        • floridagirl88 says:

          Kandi has explained several times about the money for TFTP, the best explanation is over on her Bravo blog, where she breaks it down. I think right now, she doesn’t believe Kim is taking the music seriously and that is why she is being snarky. We all know Kim can’t sing, but Kim doesn’t know it. With the surprising success of TFTP, she must be confused. How can people say she needs voice lessons when she made over $100k from her “hit” single?

    • TLM says:

      I keep thinking what was even weirder was when Gretchen was with Slade, was not engaged to him, but was still wearing her engagement ring from her deceased fiancee Jeff. She wore the ring in a scene where Slade was professing his love for her and saying he wanted to get his vasectomy reversed so they could have kids. It was so freaking weird for her to be wearing that ring still, and even weirder that Slade didn’t seem to care. I kept thinking, did they just agree to think of the ring as Slade’s engagement ring? But she said she didn’t want to get married. None of it made any freaking sense.

  22. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi ,I wanted to continue telling about my fun experience visiting the BBB 6 blocks from my river home.
    The store manager checked the computer and had no Zarin products as of yet.
    As I was leaving I noticed a Psychic Reader across the Street from BBB that I thought was very colorful & unusual. The grocery store was cool too.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I’m listening. Is that the BBB up by the JZ home base? You know, I have trouble imagining city versions of stores like BBB or Target, as the ones I know are in sprawling shopping malls, or are the sprawl themselves.

      I bet those Zarin sheets are itchy!

      • American Idiot says:

        There are definitely BB&B’s in NYC. I passed one last night. Targets too. Instead of sprawling outward, the go upward.

  23. T-Rex says:

    Question: Has anyone seen a link to when KimmiZ was actually married?

    I have seen the divorce records(Thanks folks at Blog RCH), and the Divorce petition was filed in October 2001, in Georgia you have to wait 1 year until the courts will “hear” the petition which was done in October 2002, they were officially divorced 4 months later in 2003. So they weren’t “married” from 2001-2003, they were “divorcing” from 2001-2003 so when were they married. I don’t know why inquiring minds want to know this stuff but it’s just buggin me not to.

  24. lillybee says:

    I watch RHONY’s very first episode. I was struck by how phony Jill’s smile was when she was asking Bobby for something.

  25. Smompy says:

    As much as I understand the negative reactions received by the various stupid/bad/embarrassing behaviors of the Atlanta gals this season, I personally find myself enjoying each and every one of these chicks. Even Kim. ESPECIALLY Kim, actually. The very idea of Kim Zolciak – perhaps the most accomplished and professional Stupid Skanky Slut of our time – pushing celibacy and/or purity as a lifestyle just cracks me up.

    I think this is because at the beginning of this season I decided that pretty much everything they were showing me was either pre-planned, suggested by producers, or entirely scripted. Nene appeared to have changed way too much between seasons to be believable, and I assumed this was either Bravo’s or her own attempt at character-redemption…after she fell out of favor with fans for being so mean & violent last year. Greg seems to be in on the act too, being that he’s a COMPLETELY different person from the Greg we’ve come to know. Likewise, Phaedra is just so damn over the top in her diva-ness that I have to believe that she’s playing a part that’s been assigned to her. Nobody who got through law school and successfully established herself in a competitive environment (like she evidently has in real life) could be this stupid and clueless. Even moronic Kim seems to be playing up to the cameras in order to establish a very specific identity this year. I hope I’m right about this too, because viewing these ladies as players in a giant farce really does make my viewing experience much more enjoyable. With her new script, even She-Ray has managed to make herself somewhat likeable this year…and we all know thtat, in reality, there is nothing whatsoever to like about this woman! The only one I’m not too happy with this season is Kandi. IMO it’d be nice if she’d tone down the sexual stuff a bit. Then again, Kandi could deliberately burn down an orphanage and I’d still respect & like her more than any of the other women on this show.

    Eh, so I guess I don’t view the RHoA as a reality show at all any more. It feels more like I’m watching a poorly produced (and acted) telenovela. But’s it’s so bad that it’s good:)

    • Adgirl says:

      Stupidity Skankity Slutness.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      And Lisa refused to play along with assigned role and got tossed. Poor Cynthia – her storyline is too boring for you to even mention.

      • twoile says:

        IMHO Lisa was let go….as shown in last yrs “telenova” Lisa & her husb had 2 sell short & retire 2 his bach digs…..she didn’t actually produce any future “fashions”, he didn’t get reinstated 2 the team & understandably/& they wisely downsized. Shree made the comment in one of the recent episodes that it was nice that they attended b/c they had so far to travel…..now maybe that IE “out of the way ” home base prevented the challenge for logistics in filming.

  26. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Good grief that was a monster episode. So much to snark on so little time! Where to start…

    NENE is really going thru the ringer with crazy old Greg this season. He may be a closet drinker (agree w/Error) as he is showing poor judgement, reasoning, and lying about loans, exaggerating money spent etc. While Nene has talked about her unhappiness with Greg, she hasn’t given specifics, because of her son. He is watching and is aware, Greg should remember that.

    KIM has some nerve talking about Brielle’s friends as bad girls. With all her purring and questionable boobage displayed, Kim and the other mothers should be worried about Brielle! She seems like she could be the bad influence, taught at her mother’s knee. A 3K ring to stay pure? It was an ostentatious display of wealth from a 13yr old girl who is pushing boundaries and testing the fences like the dinosaurs in JurassicPark. Methinks Kim will be buying a whole lot more jewelry before Brielle reaches 18.

    SHEREE thankfully got rid of Doc Moonroof, or shall I say that Doc Moonroof took off and quit her before she could quit him. He is the epitome of a loser. Every excuse he had to refute Sheree was flimsy, like the paper used for the degrees he claims to have. This jerk is a broke con man masquerading as a well off professional looking for a non-gold digging woman. He’s got his shtick down pat and probably has women “paying” to be with him in order to prove they aren’t after his money. The fakedoc wanting strange women to become familiar with his son immediately is another sign of the scam he pulls. Some of these women could go on to buy the son gifts in order to gain favor with fakedoc and the kid. Sheree, although embarassed, got out just in time. But then again, Sheree is broke too so he’d be trying to get blood out of a turnip. Camera time romance was what he wanted and thanks to the Nene and the HW’s he got shut down early.

  27. Minton says:

    I checked the BBB website for the Jill Zarin bedding. So. Depressing. and.Ugly. Very dark and depressing muddy colors, strong geographic patterns, too much going on. Nothing that KellyC could possibly use in a “country house”. I don’t see anyone buying her stuff. Nautica collections and the usual BBB stuff is much nicer.

  28. TLM says:

    I don’t usually use this blog for things off the topic of the Housewives, but I wanted to share this story about my computer…

    Sony had a known issue with NVDIA video cards that it never bothered to email me about even though I registered my VAIO desktop with Sony. As a result, in September and October I continued to have problems with my Windows Media Center Live TV that I had no idea were related to Sony’s hardware. I kept writing to Microsoft and they kept suggesting things that only made it worse. Finally, after trying a system restore for the 3rd time, my VAIO completely died. Since then, I have been working on a tiny subnotebook that, while it has functioned well, was only meant to be temporary or for travel. I can’t afford to get a new desktop, and thank God I had this thing. It is impractical to do the many things on it I need to do, but my ASUS Eee PC is amazing. I do not recommend the VAIO. I had to have it repaired twice within the first month of ownership, and now this. My next computer will most likely be an Apple.

    It is bad enough that Sony disrespected its customers by not announcing there was a known problem, but Sony also decided they would only repair the NVDIA cards which failed, meaning they would wait until 1) their customers’ computers died and they were left high and dry, and 2) the customer thought to contact Sony about it. Since my desktop VAIO computer went completely black and died October 22, 2010, I have called Sony’s customer service line probably 20 times. The first time they tried to brush me off and not even listen to my problem unless I paid $40 for the phone call. When I refused to do that and pressed them, telling them what happened, they referred me to their NVDIA department and said it would be repaired free of charge AND I would get a 3-yr warranty on the new NVDIA card. I was furious that I almost wasn’t told this at all, nor did they have a recording to tell people this was a known issue, but I at least thought the mystery was solved, and I was on my way to getting my computer fixed. They said a tech would call me with a date to schedule the repair. I thought it would all be fine. As Lisa Vanderpump would say, “How wrong I was.”

    It has now been over a month. I have probably called Sony over this issue about 15 times. I have endlessly listened to their excruciating “music” that is static in my ear half the time. And that’s the good part — listening to this music can make you want to kill someone. It’s either a repetetive jazz guitar or a classical symphony that keeps increasing in intensity. I actually would catch myself gritting my teeth while on hold. It is hard to tell if the music is raising my blood pressure, or just keeping pace with it. When I finally would get through, every person I spoke to was Asian and difficult to understand at best. They read me scripts and tell me to wait just a little longer. I have been disconnected, left on hold until I finally hung up, and I have even called Sony retail locations in Philadelphia and King of Prussia, as well as their corporate headquarters in San Diego, only to get left on hold forever, call back and get a recording that my “call could not be taken at this time.” The King of Prussia employee I spoke to heard the whole story and asked what the problem was. I was told a week ago that my case got “lost” because Sony was redoing its computer system and so that caused a longer wait for the part, not something I do not entirely believe nor understand. Supposedly my case was then “escalated” and it was supposed to be a 3-5 day wait for the necessary part. It has now been a week, and there is no word on anything.

    I don’t think our military needs to do waterboarding. If it wants to break people down and make them go insane, all it has to do is force them to call Sony and try to get a repair scheduled and completed. Every caller will commit suicide.

    • Adgirl says:

      The repairmen are probably afraid to leave their homes in case you were considering homicide rather than suicide.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      I so agree with this as to the torture aspect of customer service. I am laughing but it isn’t funny, is it? Not funny at all. Products are made today with planned obsolescence built in; it dies = you pay.

      The only thing worse in trying to get hold of a doctor’s office or a response from a doctor’s office. When I wait a week to get a call back and then have to start the whole process again from scratch scares me a lot around important issues. If one loses it with a receptionist or office clerk, you are handled like you are a problem.

      Service is not service at all; it is like running the guantlet in medieval times = torture.

    • American Idiot says:

      I feel for you, TLM, I really do. I had a problem with my internet/phone service fading in and out all day long. I would be on the phone, and the call would just end. Same with the computer. I must have made 50 calls to the cable service. I had repairmen here at least 8 different times. No one could figure out what was wrong. Every time I called I had to start at the very beginning of my story. It was infuriating. I finally called the corporate headquarters customer service. That seem to work better, as I was assigned a supervisor to handle my case. It still took several more weeks, but the problem was actually fixed, and my phone and internet are solid now. I was just very, very persistant. I also wound up getting an $80 credit to my bill for all my trouble. So good luck, and hang in there.

      • TLM says:

        Thank you, AI. There has been some media exposure on this, but not nearly enough.

        There is a fantastic piece NPR did called, “On Hold, No One Can Hear You Scream.” A must-hear. Biggest problem is the one you & I identified, which is that every time you contact a company, you must go through the whole phone tree, a new person, and tell your whole story again and again and again until you’re blue in the face. Either they already have notes on your case and make you repeat it anyway, or listen to you tell the whole story and then say they need to transfer you elsewhere. Or they say they have no notes and disavow any knowledge of the 23 previous phone calls you made to the company. People deserve the dignity of working with one person until a matter is resolved, and being able to reach them at a direct number. http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/253/the-middle-of-nowhere

        And there is a book that just came out called, “Your Call is Not That Important to Us” by Emily Yellin (Legend has it her name was Emily Whisperin until she got left on hold one too many times). I haven’t even read the book yet, and I love this woman. If she were running for President, she’d have my vote.

        • JazzNightOut says:

          So glad you brought this topic up, TLM. Needed to vent on it as well. Knowing we are not alone and that we are not wrong to want to be treated well is a start for me to go back again and try to get what I need paid attention to. I like the idea of asking to go to the top for my problem; and I know enuf not to be sobbing when I ask, lol, which I have gotten to with some doctor’s clerks.

        • Kat says:

          Thank you TLM for sharing.
          FWIW Your link is good and to thisamericanlife.org not npr.org. I laughed out loud at the radio spot it really is that good. The segment is about 33 minutes into the 59 minute “show”.
          I jumped the gun and searched NPR in vain then returned to finish reading your post. My bad.

    • klmh says:

      Sorry about your problem with Sony. I have an Apple and love it. Will never buy any thing else.
      On the matter of the horrible music that is meant to drive you insane, I put it on speakerphone and take the phone to the other room so I can hear when the music stops. Then I have another phone beside me to pick up when they decide to answer my phone call. It aggravates me a bit less that way.

      • klmh says:

        Also, when you call Apple, you get someone in the U.S. that speaks English, as their first language.
        I had the protection plan, had a problem, was sent a box the next day, and received it in about 24 hours, fixed and fine.

        • JKW says:

          Oh my God, never get a Chrysler. I have a Jeep and the differential went out. They refused to honor the warranty. The one idiot in the service shop said it might have been because it was dirty and driven off road. YOU THINK ?? It’s a freaking Jeep and they show them driving up mountains. It’s my dog car and we go to the creek ( so yea mud ) and drive on a dirt road about 20 ft. His supervisor backpedaled when I told him what was said. I called and emailed everyone I could find. I could not find anyone from the US ..and I asked several times. The people from India in customer service could not connect or give me any number in the US. Every mechanic I spoke to said the differential should not go out in that new of a Jeep. Of course I broke down in MD….I am from PA. Had to have it towed, get a ride home so I couldn’t even take it back to the dealer where I bought it. I even paid with a credit card to try to stop the payment and have them check on the charges. Apparently they just see if the work is done and pay anyway…not that the warranty is actually honored. So frustrated and I will never buy a Chrysler product again.

          • klmh says:

            Too funny. I mentioned the Apple computer because she mentioned it in her note.
            Im glad to know about the chrysler though, although its never been one on my list. Wonder when it will fold?

  29. error404 says:

    Oddly, Khandi’s OTT sex talk doesn’t bother me as much as her OTT “Kim would be nothing w/out me” boasting she drags into every episode.

    Yes Khandi, we all have two ears on the side of our heads as well as two eyes on the front and a grey blob filing up the middle. I don’t know, but I doubt that there are more than maybe two people somewhere who think Kim has talent. Every one else on the planet seems to know right from day 1 that Khandi was the magic behind TFTP and Kim just got lucky.

    Had she stopped whining around episode 6 or so, maybe I’d give her a pass, but yet it just goes on and on and on as Khandi and her crew feel the need to spend 15 more minutes of the hour long show making sure that there is not a single person left on the planet that doesn’t know THEY were the talent behind the surprise hit, not the “singer”.

    Please please please Kim, just give her a friggin check already so she’ll friggin shut up and we can all get on with not caring.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      LOL- Yes now that you mention it- you’re right. I’m so over listening about it. Especially since Kandi keeps coming back for more…and correct me if I am wrong but did Kandi end up being the one who released The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing? I am pretty sure I saw her do it on WWHL.

      • HD says:

        Not only that Error, but if she didn’t pay you, why the hell would you do another song with her? Like my aunt always said, if you like it, I love it. You must love not getting your money, having her talk about your songs, singing back up for her, pretending like Kim can sing, etc. etc. because you continue to do the same stupid stuff.

        • quincyil says:

          Dealing with Kim’s voice was sure to get on TV. That’s why Kandi did it a second time.

          • TLM says:

            I was wondering how the staff in the studio all kept a straight face, esp. the one guy who asked Kim if she was “comfortable with the key” after she made a bunch of random noises. It was ludicrous. They must have all put thumbtacks in their shoes to keep from laughing.

    • Blue Sky says:

      No it’s so much better to let us see what an idiot Kim is, thinking she actually has a future as a recording artist! Kandi is just helping to spin out a subplot line that is letting us get lots of laughs at Kim’s expense. Keep in mind, this show (as all other reality shows, especiall Bravo’s) has absolutely nothing to do with “reality.”

      • Adgirl says:

        Kim is a “personality”. Kandi pitched a new song to Kim because it’s a great showcase for Kandi’s production business. Talent that isn’t on RH will “pay” full boat to Kandi for making them sound in key.

  30. Buffywood says:

    I have absolutely nothing to add to the conversation but I wanted to say Hi and that I hope everyone is doing well.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Well, that’s adding something! You are adding your voice to the chorus that is Lynn’s family.

      • American Idiot says:

        I just wanted to let everyone know about a great book I just finished, UNBROKEN, by Laura Hillenbrand. She is also the author of SEABISCUIT. UNBROKEN is the life story of a WWII vet, who has many, many experiences in the Pacific arena. I highly recommend it. It is a true story, very well researched and written, and so compelling. This is a topic that would not normally interest me, but I literally could not put it down.

        • TEB says:

          Hi Buffy!!

          • Adgirl says:

            Laura Hillenbrand wrote most of Seabiscuit in her bed. She suffers from fibromyalgia. I can’t wait to read this book. Thanks for the receommendation!

            • American Idiot says:

              Thanks, Adgirl. She mentions her illness in the beginning and end of the book and I was wondering what it was she suffered from. This book (Unbroken) took several years for her to write and she also mentions being hospitalized as well.

  31. Adgirl says:

    NeNe’s blog:

    Sheree and Lawrence talking about me and Gregg … it just goes to show you that there are really people in the world that want to see you fail. That whole scene with them was just phoney to me! I didn’t buy it!

    Gregg and I have held it together for years, but my breaking point has come. I’m one hell of a woman, and I am nobody’s fool. When the person you love and trust betrays you, it has got to be one of the worst feelings. Having that moment with Gregg was so much bigger than you saw. I was really hurting! I felt Gregg was an emotionless wall that was cold with no remorse. The pain in my stomach was unreal, and my heart was heavy! I had been accused of cheating and doing Gregg wrong in the press and on blogs everywhere. I wanted to spit it all out and say some horrible things, but I wanted to handle this situation like a lady as best I could. I was hearing things like Gregg was this good guy that had done all this great stuff for me. Yes, Gregg is a good guy, but that doesn’t mean Gregg is a good husband. All I can say is, I’m tired! Only I know what I’ve been through! My happiness and independence means everything to me, and I want to follow my heart, but I’m scared! I’m taking baby steps, but I hope I’ve been brave enough for all the women that couldn’t! I hope I was able to show my children what a strong woman looks like and stands for! I will only accept loyalty and trust! My happiness is everything to me!

    Keep me in your prayers, and thank you for all the love and support during this really trying time for me!



    • T-Rex says:

      Got to give props to NeNe as her marriage problems are now front and center to the public. As someone who has been married for twenty years and with the DH for 23 years there were some really dark times where I wanted to “throw in the towel”. We don’t have kids, so it would have been SO easy to just give up. However we weren’t on TV, and my DH was not “venting” to anyone that would post it to the internet. We worked it out, and even today it’s a constant “work in progress” as the people we were when we met, are not the people we are now. Or as I say the crap you could deal with then, is now the crap you can’t deal with now. My Grandfather had the best advice though as we got married, he said to me, “can you see yourself in fifty years from now and roll over and say “”This was a really good idea””. I truly feel sorry for them.

      • TEB says:

        I totally agree. Marriage can be hard (two young kids make it better/worse at the same time). The bottom line is I love my husband VERY much – even if he drives me NUTS on occasion. I always come back to the fact that I love him and I would be more nuts without him. I can’t imagine having our struggles played out on TV. I’m not sure we would have made it.

    • lillybee says:

      It is nice that she seems to be handling this with dignity.

    • bacasam says:

      What I most admire about NeNe (don’t really like her but do admire) is the way she verbalizes when to that point of anger. No ONE does it better. I always get to blubbery when that ticked.
      The scene of her at the TV studio was the first and only time when I felt embarrassed for one the the HW’s. It was engrossing but hard to watch at the same time.

  32. Adgirl says:

    You know, I am very disappointed that we couldn’t have Phaedra’s reaction to Luscious’s performance.

  33. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @OneMoreinBoston, did you see on the last blog the name of the website I ordered the Natura Bisse from?

  34. Seemore says:

    Lynn…please spellcheck your blogs…thanks

  35. Blue Sky says:

    Lynn, thank you for the recap, I haven’t watched much of the RHOA because your blogs are so much more entertaining! Must say am curious about the male stripper Luscious, so maybe when there’s a repeat I’ll take a peek at that – lol.

    Is anyone watching the reality show “Running Russell” on Oxygen about Russell Simmons (he’s the hip-hop, clothing line(s), business mogul divorced from Kimora the annoying model & business mogul wannabe)? I only watched a few episodes, but incredibly, our very own Kidiot Kooky Kelly was on…in a “guest appearance.” She gets called out for wearing fur by Russell’s awesome assistant, Simone. Simone is a Vegan and PETA supporter. It was so OTT. Loved it!

    • Blue Sky says:

      The whole show is really fake, sort of a commercial for Russell Simmon’s latest business ventures. They even hired actors to play the interns, so it is so not real! But Simone does an incredible job, & since I actually have met her in real life, I had to watch it. And so goes reality tv….find some people to “act” then find things to promote/sell/get us watching & make lots of $.

      Like Jill’s latest venture, her hideous bedding. Really, BB & B is smart to offer it only online. That way, they can see if it’s worth putting in the stores…and that doesn’t look likely!

  36. Rabble Rouser says:

    Re Nene and Greg what seems to be pending divorce.

    I know that most of you see it differently than me (and that’s okay- you are an awesome group of people and we all don’t have to agree over every detail) but I don’t see NeNe was the victim in all of this.

    This season she has done nothing but complain about Greg to anyone who would listen- she has accused of him being a liar- and a cheater. She has literally waved her finger in his face and drunkenly berated him in front of guests. All while the camera were rolling- and when she gets a taste of her own medicine she has the audacity to act like this is the ultimate betrayal?

    Other than her suspicions about Greg cheating, what prove to support this has ever surfaced? No one other than Nene is saying it…but their have been tons of sources saying she was cheating on Greg, including Kim Z.


    In joint statements Greg clearly had her back


    But when the story broke about them being evicted from her last rental and Greg owing money on child support and back taxes she quickly distanced herself from him saying “You don’t know about my relationship with Greg, be careful what you report”


    I think marriage can be hard- and life under the microscope of reality tv adds to the pressure. For the life of me, I don’t know why people subject themselves to this shit. I really can’t be worth it.

  37. American Idiot says:

    Bethenny’s skating soon here on the East Coast. And she’s wearing her hair in pigtails!

  38. Had Enough! says:

    So…is everyone ready for the big, huge, over-the-top SUSAN SAUNDERS BIRTHDAY PARTY?

    Party favors will include (no surprise) copies of Secrets of a Jewish Mother, autographed photos of Ginjuh, and we will be auctioning off the one-and-only infamous LIST!

  39. TLM says:

    Can’t believe that outfit & hair they have B in! Goofy!! I thought Gloria Swanson was one of the judges tonight, until I realized it was Johnny Weir. 😉

    Loved Jonny Moseley & his partner tonight. I’ve been a fan of skating for many years, and the first thing I thought was, “Where’d THAT footwork come from?” I can’t believe Moseley picked that up that fast. He looked like he’s been skating for years. The judges seemed to be just as impressed.

    • karrylin says:

      Gloria Swanson!!!!! ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

      Love it…Yes, I can see the resemblance! Weir looks exactly like her, or someone from the era!

      Those judges tick me off….and are so unfair.
      and critical.
      But, most skating judges are..and most are paid off too…
      maybe not on tv so much…but in Olympics many have been caught up in that and barred from ever being in skating world again!

      They even gave Sean more props for skating, than she deserved..and she went home!!!

  40. Had Enough! says:

    Pathetic. Kidiot’s ugly “joory” is still not on sale on Intermix, so she takes a photo of it and tweets it, claiming it is at Intermix:



    @bivange as a brand, I discourage speaking badly of our Housewives. @simonvankempen I don’t appreciate any of your comments, ever.

    Again, Kidiot goes into a war of wits unarmed.

    This should be good…

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Haha I love Simon! and Alex 😀

      • quincyil says:

        Could someone please interpret this language for the non twitter members of the board. I see Simon was miffed but why?

        • klmh says:

          I would like to know too. Me too, me too! Who said what to whom?
          Pretty please with a cherry on top?

          • Adgirl says:

            I believe it was Kelly that told Simon ‘I don’t appreciate any of your comments, ever’.

            • klmh says:

              Wow. Ok. Thanks. I didn’t realize there was animosity toward those two or Alex.

              • quincyil says:

                So what did Simon do to Alex? I don’t read twitter at all, do I?

                • Had Enough! says:

                  Apparently, nothing. He was puzzled, too. But remember – this is the same Kidiot, who, when Alex decided to be gracious and walk over to greet her at a public event, tweeted something nasty to the effect of “I don’t have to acknowledge my castmates.”

                  Kidiot is just plain unlikeable. Her nastiness and stupidity are very evident to everyone. We all laugh at her endless contradictions, but I actually think they are lies and she just tells so many she is always getting caught.

  41. Blue Sky says:

    Bethenny was adorable on SWTHS in polka dots & pigtails. Don’t forget to vote for her! The judges were harsh again, so she didn’t do much better than last week, 29 to 33 this week.

  42. Zipit Zarin says:

    Anyone have the phone # for Bethenny? They flashed it so fast I only got half of it. Sheesh They are SO out to get her off. grrr

  43. TLM says:

    Ok, Dick Button is insane. “Skate us up a nice creme brulee”??? “Can I call you Polly Polkadot”?? Someone please make Dick stop doing a hit of meth right before airtime!

    Johnny Weir was more charitable to B. But what was up with the choreographer chick? “Last week we were easy on you”? Whaaa…? Where was she? Last week they shredded Bethenny! What a loon.

    Did everyone see Andy Cohen in the audience, applauding?

    I have to agree with the criticisms of B’s routine, but I still think they are being overly tough on someone who isn’t a skater. I will be pissed if they give Sean Young another undeservedly kind review.

  44. cdnfillie58 says:

    That female judge, (can’t remember her name) , has a burr up her butt about Bethenny. Hope someone can find out what her story is, cause I think she definitely has one with Bethenny in particular.

  45. American Idiot says:

    OK, I don’t usually watch these kind of shows (Dancing with the Stars, America’s Next Dance Crew, etc.) but I am OUTRAGED! The judges, especially the female one, have something personal against Bethenny. It is very obvious. The guy before her, Vince, fell, and they still gushed about how great he was. What’s going on here? The female judge made absolutely no sense at all. It is so obvious she dislikes Bethenny; and says absolutely nothing complimentary because of it.

    I am using my phones and computers and voting as much as I can for Bethenny.

    • Zipit Zarin says:


    • Blue Sky says:

      Voted 5 times for Bethenny, finally got through on the phone…with all her fans voting, Bethenny should be able to stay on until the finals, which would be great for her. Keep voting!!

    • aquamarinecandy-083 says:

      You said it! That Laurieann is TERRIBLE!! As I mentioned earlier, couldn’t ABC have actually picked an actual former female figure skater as a 3rd judge? There are TONS of wonderful ex-skaters turned choreographers to choose from. This Laurieann is a total twit and is no skater at all.

      And what is with her hairstyle circa 1987?! My husband came into the living room as Laurieann was scolding Bethenny and said, “what the hell….my sister had that hairstyle in 1987!!!” lol

      • aquamarinecandy-083 says:

        p.s. it’s like she’s channelling Lisa Lisa from the “Lost in Emotion” video…lol

      • Blue Sky says:

        ITA, get a better judge, like Kristi Yamaguchi, she would be terrific. Maybe the pay is low for the judges so you know what they say: “You get what you pay for!”

  46. Wall St Lady says:

    We all feel bad for Miss B 😦
    I know for a fact that if I skated as well as she has ,me & my entire family would think I was olympic material.
    I think that woman judge will not live down her “stinky” behavior for a long time. Mark my words, It will come back to haunt her.

  47. justanothermary says:

    Totally off topic but I gotta share:

    In Feb I got a breast reduction. I was a huge G cup (natural) and the back pain, etc. was just not worth it. Because I have enough probs related to the swinging bags of pain, insurance paid for the surgery – YEA! I was supposed to be left with a pair of D’s, up high and points to the sky. Instead I was left with a left breast that is B cup, right breast is a small D/large C and there is another full boob (sans the nipple unless I get playful and put one on with a marker to confuse justanothervirgil, but that’s a whole other story). It’s really quite freakish and of course, any correction would be cosmetic and not covered by insurance. (The cancer diagnosis was in April.) Soooo, I’m told they want to do a mammogram to reassess the situation. They had them offered for $50.00 at the local clinic so I had one done. I got the bill today and was charged $75.00. I checked – they actually charged for the third boob! I talked to the gal in billing and she apologized, but said she talked it over with her supervisors and this was the decision they had come to.

    Sooooo, can I send a bill for $25.00 to the dumbass surgeon who had a bad day and took it out on my chest? It only seems fair to me. All suggestions welcome.

    Again, thanks for the rant!

    • quincyil says:

      I think I would go back to the surgeon and tell him that you are dissatified. I would think that he would care about his reputation and see if there is a solution to this problem.

    • HD says:

      Wait a minute….did you sue the original doctor? This really sounds like more than you can handle or any woman for that matter. This is really not right. You probably did sure or something….I am just ranting because that surgeon is so wrong to have that on you and you already have enough to deal with. Uhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

      • justanothermary says:

        I did talk to the surgeon. He admitted that there is a problem that could take two to three surgeries to fix. He tried to make it sound like this was a common issue, but no one told me I could wake up with three boobs. Anyway, he will donate his time for the surgeries but I would still be responsible for the other doctors involved, nurses, hospital bills, etc. etc. etc. I cannot find a lawyer who will take the case. I’m told that if I lived in CA or NY I would have a huge lawsuit, but in MN no jury cares if a boob job goes bad and attorneys won’t touch theses types of suits, especially against the huge hospital I went to and the fact that the surgeon’s credentials are impeccable. I did a lot of research before choosing a doctor so I certainly never expected something like this.

        • quincyil says:

          OK, go to the hospital too. They might help you as a way of avoiding that law suit that could cost a lot more.
          I listened to a radio show that talked about people going to hospitals before surgery to get reduction in costs. The most important thing here is to fix the problem.

          In lawsuits, you can win or lose, but you still have to have help in the repair.

          There is some flexibility in billing. Talk to the top administrator…. If you doctor is a member of a clinic, you can also talk to the administrator there.

          Please let us know if they were willing to help.

        • Blue Sky says:

          Justanothermary, this is awful. Does the state of MN have a doctor review board that you can complain to? What about threatening to write letters to the newspaper or talking to the local tv station that has reports on medicine? Out here in the NY/NJ/CT area, you would have so many possible courses to take, including a big lawsuit. How about contacting Anderson Cooper, 60 minutes, or one of the networks (ABC etc)? This is definitely medical malpractice. Keep us posted, & don’t give up. You deserve better!

          • TLM says:

            I would not waste time contacting reporters, etc., until you have a lawyer. Your time is limited to sue, and you need to get on top of that. You can find another doctor to do the reconstruction later. I would NOT return to the doctor who screwed things up. Rather, you need to sue so that the cost to correct the botched surgery by another doctor will be covered. This is too important to just get a “free repair.” The skill of the doctor is at issue. Please start contacting attorneys for consultations.

        • TLM says:

          Mary –I don’t know who told you no one will take your case. That sounds ridiculous to me. I would start with this list and call all of them and see what they say. http://www.mnfindalawyer.com/result.php?terms=Y&zip=&casetype=MM0&language=&advanced=Y&radius=any&casetypedetail=MM1&http://www.mnfindalawyer.com/result.php?terms=Y&zip=&casetype=MM0&language=&advanced=Y&radius=any&casetypedetail=MM1&

          That was a search from the Minnesota Bar Association Lawyer Referral. You can also run searches based on your criteria on martindale.com. Your right to sue is for a limited period of time, so please work quickly to find a lawyer. The story as you describe it sounds completely unacceptable. I don’t know that I would want to return to this doc for the “fix.”

          • justanothermary says:

            TLM: Thanks for the advice but I’ve filled out the on-line forms for all the referral agencies I could find in MN. I think there were about 20. I didn’t receive any replies. After 2 weeks I resubmitted to each site – that was over a month ago and still no replies. I made about 30 calls off the MN State Bar sight. That’s when I was informed that MN lawyers don’t like to handle this type of case since they involve a lot of work and the chances for a payout is almost nill.

            • Di says:

              I posted my long comment below and then just saw your reply to TLM. It sounds like you’ve already tried contacting a bunch of lawyers. I’m so surprised at their responses to you, but I practice in California so I guess my experience is different. Maybe you could find a lawyer to contact/or send a letter to the surgeon’s malpractice carrier? I’m sorry for what you’re going through!

            • twoile says:

              I’m soooooo sorry 4 all you’ve been through & continue 2 go through…just a thought but U may do well contacting Law schools for a ref. In my experience Attys respond to potential clients faster if ref via another atty. Best & take care.

          • Di says:

            Great advice TLM! Justanothermary, I think you should keep trying to find a lawyer. Ask for one who has experience negotiating with medical malpractice insurance carriers.

            Legally, you have a right to be “made whole” after suffering injury at the hands of your surgeon. That does not mean you are required to return to the same surgeon who obviously made errors. This is what malpractice insurance for surgeons covers, and if I were your lawyer (can’t practice outside of CA sorry) you better believe I’d be on the phone with your surgeon’s malpractice carrier by the end of the day. This may not need to be litigated in full through a court because insurance carriers often settle, and I believe they may want to settle your case because of the injury you sustained. In my opinion, if you did go to trial jurors would likely have sympathy for you because you had the procedure to eliminate medical problems and then you end up with an extra breast.

            For what it’s worth Justanothermary, as a lawyer, I don’t see this as a vanity issue. I’m sorry you have to deal with all this! I hope you are able to find help through your state’s bar association.

            • TLM says:

              Thanks Di…I practice in PA. thanks for explaining about settlement vs. trial…that is what my goal was for Mary, for an attorney to negotiate a settlement, but I’m not sure that was clear from what I suggested.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Or dear, I am so sorry for what you are dealing with. I wish I could fix the problem for you. But sadly, I can only offer you some kind words and prayers that this will get resolved.

    • Adgirl says:

      Can you use that as proof that you were deformed by the reduction surgery and you are planning to sue the surgeon unless he repairs for free?

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      How can removing a third breast that wasn’t there before be cosmetic?

    • zoekayla says:

      JustanotherMary, it sounds like you were a victim of malpractice. If not legally malpractice, certainly callous disregard for your outcome. I am so sorry you had this happen. We all deserve the very best when we put ourselves in the hands (literally) of medical professionals.
      I have been watching the Monday reruns of HOA and HOBV…it is fun to watch again, knowing what’s coming and looking for reactions I missed the first time around, thanks to all you great hobbyists out there…
      I tried calling the number for Bethenney, but I am in the central time zone, so I guess I have to wait a few more minutes to begin trying to call.
      Smompy, I tend to agree with your assessment of the HOAs as players in a telenovela, their behaviors and interactions are a bit too contrived this season. I think Bravo was perhaps worried about their investment in the Atlanta group after last year’s negative reactions to the “stars”.

    • klmh says:

      How did you end up with a third boob? Is there a pocket or projection filled with serous fluid or adipose tissue?

      • justanothermary says:

        I had 147 stitches. The stitches under my right arm cut a pocket of breast tissue in half. On the left side the excess tissue “extra boob” was removed. It was left behind on the right side. Imagine slicing your boob in 1/2 and shoving 1/2 into your armpit.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          @justanother mary- I am late to this issue. But WTF? You have received excellent legal advice from everyone here.
          But have you sought any other medical advice? Have you seen another plastic surgeon to see what can and should be done?
          Is the original doctor board certified? can you go to the board for help? the AMA in each state has the obligation to investigate each case that someone brings to them regardless of how frivolous it may seem to others (Obviously your case is not frivolous. My medical director had someone go in front of the medical board and complain my medspa was unsanitary because he walked into his office holding a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee. No patients scheduled for him either, he was just doing chart reviews. We WERE investigated. And nothing was found in the patient’s favor)
          How much is the plasti estimating that the additional surgery will cost?
          And what in God’s green Earth happened? Has he given you an explanation?
          As much as I’m sure Virgil enjoys the “nipple game” I think for your own sense of well being investigate other surgical options.
          Wow. this really sucks.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            p.s. How in the hell is the mammogram clinic going to bill out for the 3rd boob? What medical coding is in place for THAT? What a scam!

            I am getting furious on your behalf.

  48. HD says:

    I missed Bethanny again! Dang! They are judging HARD from what I see now that I flipped the TV. Do they think these people are Olympic skaters? Sheesh!

  49. Zipit Zarin says:

    OMG They showed Sean’s falls in slow motion. What the hell? I got to laugh again. I always laugh when people fall …and then they showed it again in slow motion! LMAO Sorry. LOL She did great at keeping it going tho.

  50. Blue Sky says:

    Okay, this couple just skated to the “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B” & fell 2 times, the judges are being soooo nice to them….what? Can’t wait to see their score. OMG, they got 30. Unbelievable, this is so blatantly biased – keep voting for Bethenny, it’s only for 1 hour that you can vote!!!

  51. Just Sayin' says:

    Amazing without the fall? A sphincter says what :/.

  52. Just Sayin' says:

    Rebecca is rockin’….love her too 🙂

  53. HD says:

    This woman (I have no clue who she is) that skated last is pretty good. I keep dialing Bethanny’s number but it is busy.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      You can’t call til the show is over and then only for an hour.

    • Just Sayin' says:

      She is Rebecca Budings from All My Children otherwise known as Greenlee 😉

      • Just Sayin' says:

        Budig, Rebecca Budig-sorry

      • HD says:

        Thank you, ZipItZarin. I just kept calling and calling. LOL! I was like, “I’m gonna get through” LOL!

        @ Just Saying- she is pretty good. I was impressed. I can’t balance on ice in a winter storm walking to my car. 🙂 (I used to LOVE All My Children)

        • Just Sayin' says:

          She did After The Bachelor on the Family Channel and actually married Bob Guieny (?) after she met him while hosting. They just got divorced.

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          HD, I was calling and calling too and thought since it’s busy everyone is calling too! lol Then I stopped being excited and listened to the announcer. ImaDork is another nick I should get hehe.

  54. Just Sayin' says:

    OMG they are pissing me off again, pfffth. It was her 2nd performance and I thought she did great. HEY JUDGES>>>>>>>BITE ME.

  55. Zipit Zarin says:

    If I twittered I’d twitter Bethenny that I think the judges are biased and she ROX!

  56. floridagirl88 says:

    “…I would be more likely to believe that the piece of paper held his STD test results before I would believe they prove he has a PhD..” OMG, Lynn, that was choice!

  57. Just Sayin' says:

    Take that you whack jobs ……..get ’em girl. Bunnies frolic on across the field, lol. The voters got it right.

  58. zoekayla says:

    Just got my five phone votes in…thanks for the number. I was able to dial in right at 8:30 our time before others jammed up the lines. Now, on to the computer voting!

  59. Buffywood says:

    Don’t forget you can vote on-line too. Unfortunately you need to “sign up” but you can give an old or even bogus e-mail address as there doesn’t appear to be any validation of your account.


  60. Wall St Lady says:

    Tell me the name of your surgeon. He needs to fix u for free ! Many Dr.s will work w/your insurance company and change the no to a yes. I am furious w/your surgeon but between the Dr. & the insurance co. ,u have got to get some satisfaction !
    Worst case you have to let the Dr. Know u have a friend who is outraged & wants to have the local news do a story on botched surgery & wants him to b the star. Also give him a list of all the internet sites that evaluate services & again tell him your furious friend plans to plaster his mutilation on all the sites.
    Get a list of all his competitors in the area & tell him again “your friend” has u going to all the Dr.s to get opinions & advice on what you should do to FIX his botched job.
    If I think of other things I will add.
    Remember most folks say no the 1st time ,when $$$ is involved.
    I would go after Dr. & insurance again w/the force of a lion protecting her cubs. I was told no on Wall St till I thought my name was no !
    Please keep me posted. If I can help w/the Dr. Let me know.
    I am VERY mad that the Dr. who screwed up hasn’t offered to correct his mess and I can’t believe the insurance co.can’t fix a deformity that was acknowledged by the clinic. Use that report for the insurance co. & the Dr.
    Last you need to find a contingency(fee is a % of award ,no out of pocket,no deposit) lawyer and threaten to sue the Dr.(Dr has plenty of insurance).
    Ok last again , I will kick the
    A$$ of the Dr. Personally for you.
    Hugs to you. You deserve to be treated like the sweet princess
    You are.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      WSL you are da BOMB! Smooches!

      • zoekayla says:

        WSL, Such passion! JustanotherMary has every right to be satisfied with her outcome, andno doctor has the right to botch a job that badly. I hope she follows your advice.
        JustanotherMary, consider using the plural – you have many “friends” who will do what we can to right this wrong.
        Keep us updated, sweetie.

        • justanothermary says:

          Thank you WSL and everyone. I have a call in to the MN Insurance Ombudsman who I’m told should be the liason between me and the insurance company. I spoke briefly today with his/her assistant but they were quick to make sure I knew chances of a favorable outcome are not good. I do not want to go back to the same Dr. that screwed things up in the first place and have been referred, by a trusted friend, to another surgeon but the bills are really piling up. I do have insurance, but a very high deductable and a lot of things (such as plastic surgeons) are not covered. I’m trying everything I can think of here.

          • JKW says:

            justanothermary…I saw an article on people posting things on websites about companies that refused service or refunds. They posted their problem all over face book, blogs and twitter. The companies saw their sites and all contacted them to refund money. Perhaps naming the surgeon AND the hospital would at least get their attention. I am sure they would want to protect their reputation. Then send them the links so they can see what you are doing.

          • Blue Sky says:

            Justanothermary, in the midwest the doctors, insurance agencies et al seem to collude together to prevent medical liability lawsuits. It’s wrong, so please keep going after them. Imagine the doctor’s insurance company’s reaction when they see your story on websites, and even showcased on national tv (if you have to go that far, we support you, I love what WSL said). The bastard f**ked up big time, thinks you don’t have the nerve, $ & persistence to go after him. Well yes you do honey, we support you.

        • twoile says:

          “Many hands make light work”……I would be willing to join the chorus & perform as guided by WSL ….there needs to b a leader to guide the strategy….just let me know. Best ((((((jomm))))))

    • cusi77 says:

      WSL_ You are an Angel in disguise for this big family! Thanks for Mary. God Bless your good heart!

  61. Buffywood says:

    Way OT here but I was looking at a catalog that has cute t-shirts and plaques and such with various sayings and some of them totally reminded me of some of the people here based on past stories; plus they just made me laugh.

    Grandchildren Are So Much Fun I should Have Had Them First

    A Sister will give you the shirt off her back… after all it’s probably yours.

    Unattended children will be given espresso and a free kitten

    Grandparents… so easy to operate even a child can do it.

    Once in a while right in the middle of an ordinary life… love brings you a fairy tale

    Cinderella is proof… shoes can change your life

    For better… or worse, but not from granted.

    A woman is like a tea bag you never how strong she is until you put her in hot water.

    The first 50 years of marriage are always the hardest

    I’ll have a café, mocha, vodka, valium latte to go please.

    It is better to have loved and lost, then to live with a Psycho for the rest of your life.

  62. lillybee says:

    Go Bethanny.

  63. Zipit Zarin says:

    I got in my 10 votes. Woot! I love Bethenny for her spirit, her pluck, her wit, her humor and I just wanted to hug her when those judges slapped her AGAIN live, on camera, for the world to see. I would have cried. Seriously. You know she wanted to but held it together. Ok so I’m a huge fan so I’m thinking maybe they were just telling the truth. She’s really isn’t that good …I mean, she is better than most people would be but am I being biased FOR her?

    • toront0 says:

      I was proud of her for holding back…one of the things we love about her is the way she doesn’t usually hold back. How difficult to just go on about how much fun she’s having instead of telling it like it is.
      I actually did expect her to be better, but didn’t see the others. I thought the choreography lacked a bit of real skating as opposed to all the amazing lifts.

  64. Wall St Lady says:

    I had another thought. Tell the Mary

    Tell or better tell & write the Dr that u need him to put in writing in a letter, the current diagnosis and the procedures necessary to Fix it that he told you about at your last meeting. He will
    1)Not want to incriminate him self on his own letter head.
    2)He will fear a law suit.
    3)He will pray its for your insurance c0.
    You r just to say u NEED it !

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I would also advise you to go one step further.
      You signed a confidentiality agreement before seeing this doctor when they took your Health History called a HIPAA.

      There is a clause that you have the right to submit a written request for your medical records and they MUST comply. It is a Federal law.


      There are attorney’s that are also MD’s. They are a very select and expensive group. But if they are successful in the lawsuit the plasti’s malpractice insurance pay them.

  65. WindyCityWondering says:

    Love how Bethenny is keeping it together – and there is a measure of satisfaction in the crowd booing the judges scoring. Got to think she is being groomed for the mothership ABC….

  66. JazzNightOut says:

    Mary: I am praying for you because it has taken energy to go thru what you have already gone thru; I know. Am just coming thru it myself. My prayer is that whomever or whatever you believe has your back in the world will give u the energy to do what is necessary for you to take care of yourself around this. You don’t have to have energy you don’t have; listen to the One you trust and let Him/Her, Whatever, Whomever whisper to your soul. Take care of you and be gentle, gentle with yourself. There is an answer, and you will know it when you listen.

  67. Wall St Lady says:

    When the judges verbally were negative on Miss B, the crowd Booooed.I think the booooooing caused the judges to raise their scores for fear of really bringing about even louder boos. In other words they were shamed into being fair.
    BTW How does one get tickets ?

    • Just Sayin' says:

      For tickets, please visit on-camera-audiences.com or call On Camera Audiences at 818-295-2700

      Studio Location
      Television City
      7800 Beverly Blvd.
      Hollywood, Ca. 90036

  68. klmh says:

    Our first thoughts about the result of your surgery for all of us is obviously anger and feeling someone needs to pay for a botched surgery. That’s what it sounds like, especially with your surgeon offering to do his part of the surgery without cost to you. You have obviously researched the attorneys and their reactions to lawsuits of malpractice in MN. Threats to a surgeon or anyone is counterproductive, don’t you think?
    Is this the same surgeon that did your surgery for cancer? Are you going to have reconstructive surgery after chemo/radiation is finished? Can the reconstruction when done, include fixing the 3rd boob? I imagine your insurance would foot the bill for reconstruction, do you think?

    • justanothermary says:

      In all honesty, I’d rather live deformed than go through more surgery. It was VERY painful and I cannot take any kind of pain meds so I was in agony and mostly alone. I may have to simply have them removed totally and be done with it, but reconstruction probably is not an option for me. I do, however, think a shrink may be able to help me deal with living like this. I have simply removed myself from the activities I used to enjoy because covering this up in the summer or in places where leaving a coat on is not an option it just to embarassing. I need to get over the embarassment, get on with what’s left of my life and enjoy what I have. Truth be told, I’d rather have the surgeon pay shrink bills than pay for me to have more surgery.

      • klmh says:

        Mary, where are you in MN? Are you near a large city?

        • justanothermary says:

          I’m about 45 minutes from Minneapolis/St. Paul so I have access to a big city.

          • klmh says:

            Is there a woman’s breast center? Since 1 in 8 of us are going to go thru this, I would imagine there is one or more, and they can put you in touch with some groups of women that have gone thru this. Mary, I understand your decision, but you don’t have to make up your mind this next week. I would imagine limbo is the toughest part now.

      • klmh says:

        Mary,I have a story to share. My good friend about 5 years ago turned 50 and her OB found her lump. After the positive diagnosis for CA, she had the breast removed. She is a radiology tech that does mammography’s and has done them for years. Anyway, she has the gene for breast cancer, so she decided to have the other one removed. Now here is the amazing thing. When they reviewed her mammogram on the other breast a few years after she had the 2nd removed, they found a minuscule shadow, discovered by an renowned radiologist in the field. She made the right decision.
        My friend is alive and well. For her, implants and reconstruction were part of her healing process. Mary, I can’t tell you what a productive life she has lead and she has helped 10’s if not 100’s of women get free mammographies. She has started all kinds of programs and events to benefit breast cancer victims too.
        She told me one thing that helped her head was getting back into exercising again. She pulled back for a few years due to feeling badly and depression, but I can attest to the power of exercise and what it can do for you and she can too.
        I know she would love to talk with you if you would like to talk with her. She has the most wonderful joy for life and she’s infectious. Let me know and I’ll give Lynn my email address. You can then write to me and I can give you her phone number.

      • klmh says:

        Mary, I remember the few reduction mammoplasty’s I scrubbed in on and they were rough. I cannot imagine not being able to take pain relievers with any surgery, much less this one!

  69. lillybee says:

    I feel so bad for what happened to you Mary. I hope that it all can be resolved soon.

  70. kmuellfa says:

    OK guys, I don’t have much time, I have to catch some zzzz’s because I have to catch a 6am flight to Philly tomorrow. My mom is having surgery tomorrow, so i need good thoughts and prayers tomorrow.
    She had a knee replacement 10 years ago and now has an infection. Either she will be ok and only need IV antibiotics for about 6 weeks (ruining her xmas trip to CO to be with me and my sister) or have the knee taken out, given a antibiotic cement block for 3 months. If that happens, she will need a new knee afterward.

  71. lillybee says:

    On to SWTS, I must have been watching ice skating way too long, Dick Button looks so old. Johnny Weir seems to channeling Joan Crawford from her old movies.

    I don’t understand why Vince got such high marks from the lone female judge. He was just awful. He fell and dropped his partner on the ice. He had fairly non existant footwork.

    Johnny Mosley rocked but he has an advantage being a professional athlete. Because of his snowboarding he must have an incredible sense of balance and strong ankles.

    • Adgirl says:

      “channeling Joan Crawford” LOL! That’s with her personality too right?

    • TLM says:

      Lillybee, my money was on Gloria Swanson rather than Joan Crawford. LOL.

      Moseley has the advantage of being in shape (he’s a skier rather than snowboarder) but the ski-specific skills aren’t necessarily helpful to ice skating — he was talking about that last week, and I’ve heard other athletes say the same thing when they try to switch to ice skating. I do notice that the younger people are on the show, the better they do (Rebecca Budig, Byron Smith). Maybe youth is the real secret! (How depressing, LOL).

  72. realminkey says:

    Never mind those stupid housewives… All I’m thinking about right now is Mary.

  73. error404 says:

    I actually thought Sean was better than Vince, but I’m not sad to see her go either. I will however miss denis who is by far the best skater on the show.

    I’ll always have this though:

  74. lillybee says:

    Bethenny was not the worse but she was not the best either. She may have too many pots in the fire with flying to NY. It must be tiring. Her lifts were good but the footwork was very slow. Beth looked adorable and I though she was very expressive.

    Brandon was good. Great speed, footwork was very good and that moonwalk looked good. The lifts were good too. I wish I knew who he was though.

    The judges comments were tough on Rebecca, too, even thought she skated beautifully. They seem to be much tougher on the females than the males.

    • TLM says:

      I had to Google who Byron was…apparently he stars on a show on the Disney channel.

    • TLM says:

      If Saturday Night Live doesn’t spoof this show, they are missing a golden opportunity. The judging panel is unintentionally hilarious. They should have Johnny Weir praise contestants and then hold up a 3, or slam them and hold up a 9, Dick Button should say random nonsensical and slightly disturbing things, and Laurie should just keep asking everyone if they have “funk in their trunk ” and commenting on the amount of funk or lack of funk. I thought I would be tuning in to see the skaters, but it has turned into all-out comedy with the judging panel.

  75. klmh says:


    I googled malpractice attorneys MN. I don’t think you have to have a reputable attorney here, so this might be an avenue to explore. Hopefully a note or a letter of intent, sent to your insurance company and others involved with the case, to sue, might be enough to start the ball rolling. I know you’ve tried the reputable ones, but the “pond scum” might work wonders for you in this instance. There are attorneys in your state that will take this case on contingency basis, and there is a good possibility this can be settled without a judge and jury.
    As I mentioned above, if you plan on reconstructive surgery after your chemo/radiation treatments, this surgery could be taken care of at that time.
    I asked about your surgeon who botched the first reduction. Was he a plastic surgeon? If so, I wouldn’t imagine he was the surgeon that did your cancer removal, correct?

    • justanothermary says:

      I actually have not had the cancer surgery yet. They are trying to get the mass to a more managable size before removal. I asked for a total masectomy just to be done with it all, but my oncologist thinks it’s ill advised at this time since I may not need surger for the cancer itself. I just feel like I’m hanging in limbo.

      • klmh says:

        I left you a note up thread. I have a friend who is a surgeon that does only breasts. Im going to try to get in touch with him in the next few days and find out about this. I have no idea about waiting for a tumor to reduce in size before removing it.

      • realminkey says:

        Mary, something tells me… and I don’t know what that something is… maybe God in his strange way? I don’t know. But anyway, something tells me you’re going to be OK when this all pans out. I really think so.

        • justanothermary says:

          I really believe that too. For some reason I just KNOW it will all be ok, just waiting to see what God has in store for me.

          • JazzNightOut says:

            I believe that too, Mary. So glad to know you; you help me more than you know.

            • justanothermary says:

              I’m so glad. I hesitated about posting this but I’m alone so much and you guys give great feedback. Thank you all.

              • Blue Sky says:

                Love you too Mary, and am praying for you. I too believe your outcome will be good. Stay positive, keep us posted, and help is on the way (see what happens when you reach out, Lynn’s blog is so awesome!)

      • Had Enough! says:

        Dearest justanothermary,

        The other day, I made a joke about going to the Mayo Clinic for hiccups. Let me explain that joke. You see, one of the less offensive stereotypes about Jewish people is that they always demand to have the very best doctor in the world for everything, including the common cold. So a Jewish woman would demand to go to the Mayo Clinic for the hiccups. And like all stereotypes, it is built on a kernel of truth. And the truth here is that the Mayo Clinic – maybe an hour or so from you – is one of the best medical facilities in the world.

        I know from personal experience that there is a world of difference between local docs/hospitals and these major world centers of medicine, and the Mayo Clinic stands out even in that elite crowd.

        For everyone, the rule about getting a second opinion is crucial. Justanothermary – get in the car and go to the Mayo Clinic and get a second opinion. Please. Take advantage of your proximity to one of the best hospitals in the world. You do not need a referral. Here is the website:


        and the Request an Appointment link is on the top right.

        They will want your records, so get those in advance of going there.

        • knocknoc says:

          The xrays reports are good to read but the surgeons want
          to view the xrays themselves so it is advised to bring your xrays from the Radiology Dept. Either they will loan you
          those xrays or will make duplicates of them. Keeping you in my prayers. Keep the faith, and stay positive, okay?

        • quincyil says:

          Lots of people travel from our city to Mayos for second opinions and treatments. The local doctors work with the Mayo doctors so treatments can continue, but people can come home to save on hotels and insurance costs.

  76. MichellefromNY says:

    Just a thought— how many people here think Briellle just wanted a promise ring cuz she wanted something sparkly and blingy that costs an insane amount of money?? I mean, we know she was jealous of her sister who got a 60,000 dollar room makeover and she definitely inherited her mom’s taste in all things over the top and materialistic? And she definitely has her mother’s craftiness cuz she definitely wants her mom off her back about having sex so she could do whatever the hell she wants when her mama is off with her baby daddy. Just saying…..

    • justanothermary says:

      That’s EXACTLY what happened. This is a very crafty young woman – takes after mommy!

      • quincyil says:

        The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          What really bothered me about this scene was that Brielle has decided to have sex at 18 – no matter if she’s with someone she loves or not. Most parents talk to their kids about waiting – until they are in a steady relationship etc. Brielle seems to have only had half of the talk – the part about the STDs and AIDs. Also important, but …

          I’d like to be supportive of Kim and her daughters, because her heart seems to be in the right place – but where is her brain …..

  77. Jeepers1941 says:

    Hi Mary,
    After reading your post, might I offer a suggestion? I worked in a hospital field for many years. There is nothing that gets a doctors and or administraters attention faster, than a patient requesting any and all records to include all imaging, photos taken during a certain dated time, accompaining any surgical procedures of this time period to be included. For them to start scrambling, find an attorney who will give consent to use his/her mailing address. Once the Doc, Adm. people see this, they no you mean business. This also tells them you are not going to go away until the matter
    is taken of until you are satisfied with the results………………………………..Jeepers

    • justanothermary says:

      This is a really good idea. I was a paralegal for many years in Minneapolis, but have been out of it for quite a while. I do know, however, that just wagging the dog can really get results. I’ll have to think on this.

      • JazzNightOut says:

        Keeping praying for you, Mary. Trust the One who has your back in all things; He/She is with you. Sending you love.

  78. lillybee says:

    Mary, the surgeon who did your breast reduction is truly responsible. He should be responsible for fixing what he has done. Is there anyway to sue him in your state without an attorney. He should be paying for all to fix the problem he caused.

    • quincyil says:

      There is also a chance that you can be considered litigious and some great physicians will hear about it and be too busy to help. I’ve seen that happen in real life. There is gossip and doctors are afraid of getting involved in complicated cases where a previous surgeon is being accused of malpractice.

      This is a difficult issue, but Mary is sick and needs the finest medical care. Just weigh options. I want Mary to be healthy and look the way she wants to look. Law suits can take a decade and all you get is money. The lawyers can’t fix your health issues.

      • klmh says:

        Thats so true. Also, Mary mentioned she didn’t want any more surgeries because she is unable to take pain meds. She didn’t go into further detail.
        You are correct as well with the perception of difficult patients and our litigious society. I’ve seen it as well. Perhaps the option given by Jeepers1941 is a good starting point.
        Lastly, this surgery can be disfiguring. I’ve only seen a few and granted it was a long time ago, but our perception of what it should look like and what it ends up looking like, with this surgery, are two different things.

  79. Adgirl says:

    @justanothermary, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of comments and susggetions generated by your post. Please know it is due to the love, warmth and sympathy to your plight that we all feel towards you that drives our responses.
    You and justanothervirgil are an important part of the LynnFamily.
    Whatever you decide to do we are behind you 100%.
    PS you comment about drawing on the extra nipple to confuse virgil cracked me up all day!

  80. TLM says:

    Camille Grammer says Kelsey is a Narcissist…

  81. TLM says:

    Look at the death stare Camille gives Kyle when she first sits down at about 4:00. YIKES!!!

    • HD says:

      Camille looks crazy!

      Did she say Kelsy didn’t want to be distracted by me and the kids? My goodness these people have a different type of reality than I do.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I agree that Camille looks a little crazed. The sucking-on-the-teeth look is not becoming.

        I’m fascinated by how Kyle continually pushes her hair off her face when it’s not actually falling forward at all. She also whips her head to throw her hair back, which has no effect on the hair. Mannerisms that have become a habit. On the other hand, Lisa’s hair is much further forward and it doesn’t seem to bother her at all. All this means nothing, but I find it interesting to watch.

  82. Had Enough! says:

    I have to feel a little bit sorry for Susan Saunders. Celebrating your birthday with your Trained Sasquatch – ugh. Not my idea of a good time. Poor Susan Saunders.

    Now my suggestion to honor Susan Saunders on her birthday:

    Go to http://abc.go.com/shows/skating-with-the-stars, click VOTE NOW, and cast your five votes for our girl Bethenny!

  83. Had Enough! says:

    Ruh oh. You know how when your friend breaks up with her boyfriend, you have to be careful not to say bad things about him, in case they get back together?

    Jill’s line has four styles of comforter patterns that were given names, one of which she named after her daughter Allyson. But Jill would like to add four more options and name them after her fellow housewives.

    “I thought it would be cute to have one named after LuAnn de Lesseps “The Countess” and another after Alex so on…It would be great to make one for each.”

    Are we about to witness a nauseating display of Jill pretending to befriend Alex, and now we can’t hate Jill anymore?

    Well, to offset that scary/depressing thought: A bedding line called Kidiot?


    • HD says:

      She said “she makes them overseas so you get more for your money” (loosely quoted). I so wish we would keep jobs in America. I know it is often times cheaper to make stuff overseas but America often cuts off its nose to spite its face.

      • Had Enough! says:

        No kidding. First, there is the problem of exploited labor. Sometimes, the situation is truly atrocious (like child labor) and sometimes simply abhorrent by our standards (as in most Chinese factories). Second, there is the carbon cost of shipping the raw materials (mostly from the U.S.) to the place of manufacture and then the carbon cost of sending them back. If you want to read a truly compelling book this year, read Travels of a T-shirt in the Global Economy. It is simply brilliant and that is a word I use sparingly. Third, there are the environmental issues – the virtually complete lack of environmental standards in most countries where this cheap crap is made. And fourth – the health effects as we’ve seen so many times in recent years – poisoned toothpaste, poisoned pet food, etc.

        We are Wal-marting ourselves to death. It is our own fault for wanting to buy such cheap crap that we are willing to risk our own health, help ruin our own economy, destroy the environment of other countries and help to keep people in poor working conditions all over the world.

        Rant over. For now.

        • Blue Sky says:

          I do not shop at Walmart, never have & never will. I’ve seen the devastation Walmart does to the towns it moves into. All the other small businesses wither & die. Yeah it’s great to stretch your dollar & get more for your $ but I draw the line at Walmart. Recently I saw a show (maybe on CNBC) about the atrocities in the slave factories where Walmart manufactures their merchandise. The Chinese/Indian/wherever governments do nothing to oversee these slave factories. No matter how bad it is in this country folks, it is far worse in the countries where people are working to make products for Walmart. Now I check the labels of everything I buy, & if it’s made in China, no sale. Someone should start a business online, with all products produced in the USA. I’d be a customer! It doesn’t solve the problem of the poor people in the world that are being abused in those factories. It is a terrible dilemma, one that you would think our world leaders would be working on…hello UN & Group of Seven (now Eight) get to work. At least exposing these factories should help make them better.

    • Blue Sky says:

      Thanks for the link Had Enough. In the article, Jill says “all the profits are going to charity.” So why not have the bedding made in the USA, so people here get jobs. I think she just says all the profits from her book & bedding line are going to charity to increase sales.

      We need to support American industry now more than ever. ITA with you HD, it’s sad to see all the jobs go to other countries. When will we wake up?

      • Had Enough! says:



        It really isn’t easy. The big textile mills that left New England to go to the South are now almost all gone. Ditto for the furniture manufacturers. There is some hope that some will re-open in the U.S. now that the cost of shipping goods around the world has skyrocketed (although it dropped back down when the economy died, but that will change once demand goes up again…).

        Do you know that we actually ship dead chickens to Mexico and China for processing and then ship the processed chicken back to the U.S.? How insane is that? Apart from the horrible way that most chicken is produced in this country (please please please watch Food Inc) we then add to the carbon cost by shipping it around the world and back – because the cost of labor is so much cheaper there. And think about what that means about labor standards in those countries. Yes, the USDA has to certify those processing plants, but considering that the USDA and the FDA together can’t keep us safe from food processed right here in our own country, how likely is it that they can really make sure that foreign processing plants are safe?

        If you have the option to buy local, cruelty-free, organic – do it. It can be more expensive, but not always…at least try. It doesn’t have to be all your food. Every little bit helps.

        • Adgirl says:

          My friend with the horse farm in Minn said there are no rendering houses in the US anymore so the animals are shipped to Canada and Mex for slaughter. Very awful.

          It’s the environmental laws rather than labor costs that are the final nail in the coffin so to speak. Forcing businesses to invest hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to upgrade a facility that is barely making money will drive the business over a border in no time.

          I’m not sayin we want dirty air or water, just that the pollution will occur somewhere else and probably be 100x worse while taking the jobs with it.

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