I Hate Jill Zarin Skating With The Stars / Housewives News

I Hate Jill Zarin  Skating With The Stars / Housewives News
Week two of the 6-week series, Skating With The Stars aired last night on ABC and served only to annoy and aggravate once again.  It is so evident that Johnny Weir does not like Bethenny, he did not have one nice word to say to her and his scores are reflective of a close friend of the evil Jill Zarin.   He did not even make an attempt to hide his contempt for Bethenny, although she truly did perform substantially better than last week, she got no props from the middle judge.  His criticism wasn’t meant to help to improve her performances going forward, he was simply throwing digs at her and even mimicking her smile at one point.
The only female judge Laurie Ann Gibson was also completely brutal to Bethenny and only to Bethenny.  She found something nice to say about every other skater even Sean Young who fell twice and gave the most awkward performance of the night.  Without sounding completely paranoid, either Johnny Weir pursuaded Laurie to join him in bashing Bethenny in hopes that his bias wouldn’t be quite so obvious or this woman is just jealous of the more famous, more talented Bethenny Frankel.
Sean Young wasn’t the only performer to take a tumble, Vince Neil also got tripped up and fell on the ice once during his performance.  He was stiff and clearly terrified but the judges from hell, especially Laurie Gibson remarked at what a great job he did.
Laurie Gibson’s scores continue to be completely out of line with the other judges, she tends to score her favorites much higher than Johnny Weir or Dick Button.  I don’t know where ABC found these people to judge this competition but they could not be further from fair and impartial.
Laurie tends to ramble on trying to get as much screen time as possible, to the point where the host, Vernon Kay needed to cut her off in the interest of time several times.  Her comments are clearly not educated when it comes to the technical side of ice skating, she talked mainly about rhythm and the music, showing her dance background but she is clearly unqualified to judge an ice skating competition.
The front runner is definitely a young Disney actor, Brandon Mychal Smith, he does a great job and looks like he’s been skating his whole life.  The cameras did show him roller skating like a pro which is definitely an advantage.
Rebecca Budig, a soap opera actress also did very well, her movements were seamless and she never missed a beat yet the judges were completely mixed as Laurie raved about her performance but the professional skaters judging her noted that the passion was missing from her routine.  She is no doubt another front runner.
Professional Olympic Skiier Jonny Moseley gave a solid perfomance and the judges all seemed to agree that he is doing a great job.  He’s medocre and will most likely slide through in the middle of the pack.
The judges were so obvious in their bias against Bethenny, lets just say that there were two bitches on the judging panel, many on Twitter had much to say, here are a few examples: (none of these are me!)
@Bethenny I think u did a great job and the judges are just a total joke. When I watch it I feel like I’m watching a spoof on SNL
@Bethenny For some reason the judges are WAY too negative towards you. I don’t get it. You did really well. The judges should be replaced
@JohnnyGWeir bullshit. you were kinder to the people who fell
than bethenny. I think you are full of it and it plainly shows
@Bethenny We have 4 phones..you know what that means??
20 votes for YOU..judges need to be put on Scary Island for a week.
@Bethenny I think friends of Zoe shouldn’t be judges 😐
@Bethenny I think the female judge only likes men.  She’s a witch! My fiancé and I thought you did fantastic!
@Bethenny For some odd reason they are hard on you, I personally think that Laurie Ann is jealous, Dick B is okay
@Bethenny I think the judges are asses! They are rude to you! It took me 87 tries but I finally got through and voted for you my limit! Go!
@Bethenny I think Dick gave good advice. Helpful. But Laurie..the ABC board is lit up with comments about how awful she is! No 1 likes her
@Bethenny Laurie is a disgrace! And, I knew exactly what you were thinking through that smile as Laurie was yakking on….You were great!
@Bethenny you were robbed, these judges are ridiculous. I thought you were amazing!!
@Bethenny That female judge seems like a bad choice for the competition, she’s not very good at hiding her jealousy of your cuteness!
Always the class act, here is what Bethenny had to say:
@Bethenny:  thanks guys! had a blast!
@A Fan:  They were unfair to you, they were nicer to those who fell
@Bethenny:  Tonight I had fun!  u guys will vote us through!
@Bethenny:  So west coasters,what did u think about their assessment of my skating performance tonight?
Bethenny is clearly working hard to try to do it all and I get that she signed up for this and she knew she would be traveling from coast to coast every week but the blatant negativity that she had to stand there and take from the likes of the unknown Laurie Gibson and the weazel Johnny Weir was just a damn shame!  Her face said it all, she was in shock yet maintained her professionalism and her smile while being wacked with a two by four.
And so Actress Sean Young was sent packing last night, she was clearly disappointed but was probably a good choice, she was awkward and timid on the ice and just couldn’t seem to relax and enjoy herself.  Motley Crue member, Vince Neil is also in danger of going home being at the bottom of the score board.
If you missed the show, you can watch the full episode on Hulu here:
And now from bad to worse, I finally checked out Jill Zarin’s new bedding line and I honestly looked at it without any pre-conceived notions and while I’ve seen worse, it just wasn’t my style.  I prefer more interesting colors and clean lines, and more modern styles.   Unless I’m missing something, Jill has released not only bedding but draperies to go along with them.  In the Bed Bath & Beyond ad, you can’t see the bottom of the drapes, it looks like there may be some pattern, possibly that matches the bedding on the bottom of some of these, but the photo doesn’t show the bottom of the drapes, I found that very odd.  I would be interested to know how sales are going.
You can view Jill’s latest offering here:
Jill is quoted in an article:
“I created a luxurious decorator look that won’t cost you. For under $200.00 plus
pillows, it looks like $3000.00 worth of bedding because I make it overseas and
you get value for your money.”
Jill didn’t only make this clothing line for herself – profits from the
bedding go to a good cause.
Jill’s comments about having her bedding made overseas created a firestorm of controversary  from critics.  In her haste to tell fans she kept the price point down by making the bedding overseas, she failed to realize that she may be negatively effecting the US citizens who are out of work due to this type of behavior.  She forgot that materials and manufacturing are also part of the US economy and that she just insulted several different groups of people with her comments, and may have even negatively affected her sales.
I also have to note that while she mentions that a portion of the sales are going to charity, just like she did with her book, there are never any specfics provided by Zarin, what portion are going to charity?  Which Charity?  For all we know it could be half of one percent going to a charity that ensures all New York Socialites have the very latest designer handbags.  Where is the money going Jill?   Just saying that a “portion of the sales are going to charity” is not enough!
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  1. LynnNChicago says:

    If anyone knows anything about WordPress and editing blogs, I’d really love some help. I’ve been struggling with this blog all morning, I put in the breaks between paragraphs but they don’t appear, I haven’t changed any settings and have just completely lost my patience after 5-6 times adding the spaces between paragraphs and it just won’t take….grrr.

    If anyone can help, please let me know. You can email me too at LynnAHudson@gmail.com


    • MickeyMouth says:

      I tried to paragraph on WordPress. It seems to be stuck in on double spacing. However, when I double spaced return, which looks like four returns, it does come out as a double spaced paragraph. Hopefully they will fix this glitch soon. As said below, WordPress goes wonky occasionally.

    • I know that is why i used blogspot once.

    • let’s not 4 get that over-seas has children do the work for pennies.

    • Savannah111 says:

      Lynn, just wanted to say a Big Hell Yeah to your blog about the judges treatment of Bethanny, I’m sorry but it was crystal clear that Laurie Ann does not like Bethanny, I dont know how this woman even got on this show as a judge, she’s more known for her teaching hip hop routines I;d love to see her ass get on a pair skates and get out there and try to do any better, the judges SUCK sorry its the truth.. I dont know if Laurie Ann got in to Kelly;s Jelly beans but she said that she was easy on her the first week? She’s crazy I saw Bethanny;s face when she said that and Bethanny face looked like what the hell do you mean easy on us last week.. Bethanny is smart and I;m sure she knows that something is very very fishy and I pray the people vote the right way because the judges arent making a argument that matches the performances at all. I mean come on there were skaters that fell and they still got good scores. I was actually very upset last night because my mind isnt playing tricks these judges clearly dont like Bethanny. I thought I saw Andy sitting with Jason last night. I think Bethanny did alot better last night and I dont get the judges comments that they were not together on the routine Bethanny had her face expressions down and she kept up with him and didnt fall she landed all the moves that they were suppose to and still they gave her low marks. But she is still there so Jill Zarin can continue to SUCK IT. I can only imagine the joy it brought Jill hearing the judges comments too.
      Of course she’ll always say oh I’m her biggest cheer leader Jill’s a liar.

      Lynn, by the way I didnt finish reading your complete blog yet because when I read your comments about your thoughts on the judges I had to stop and just let you know that I saw it the same way you did. I do have a question and it may already be answered when I finish reading your blog, I dont have Twitter and dont know a lot about it, did Jill or Kelly say anything about Bethannys skating last night or on the first show I’m just curious… Thanks

  2. Bobbi says:

    Sorry I can’t help you with the formatting, Lynn. But, I thought you might be interested in this. Jill is now going to have a shapewear line! It’s fabric, right? http://cocoperez.com/2010-11-29-jill-zarin-launching-shapewear-line-squeeze-couture I wish she’d GO AWAY!!

    • cusi77 says:

      If THAT ugly dress she is wearing is one example of her new line… it is a very bad example, she says that her line is “slim-mered” but she just look to be emphasizing a big belly!

      • Damnert says:

        Her bedding line is multifunctional? That has got to be one of THE ugliest dresses I’ve seen in a while.

        She looks like a twin size mattress. Someone lost their body in that outfit as well as her mind.

        • klmh says:

          The first thing that popped into my head when you said it was multifunctional was Carol Burnett wearing green drapes with the drapery rod in the skit about Gone with the Wind!

          • TLM says:

            Yes, what else would one use bedding for but bedding??

            I wasn’t surprised that the “Mother Isn’t Happy” collection is made overseas, since almost everything is made in China these days due to manufacturer cost. Even British “Hunter” rubber boots are made in China rather than the UK. However, I have never heard anyone proudly say that like a carnival barker: “I make them overseas so it doesn’t cost you!” Doesn’t that just conjure up images of 10-year olds working in sweatshops in Thailand? Sigh.

      • quincyil says:

        Is she pregnant? Do we have another Bravo baby on NYC RH?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      That dress looks like it was made for smuggling watermelons and the shapewear is definately not working! Jill seems to be throwing everything up against the wall to see if anything sticks and to keep her face in public….

    • Savannah111 says:

      Bobbi, you know thats all she’ll be talking about in every conversation she has and doesnt her new BFF Kelly hate that kind of think you know she finds it creepy blah blah .. I wouldnt buy anything Jill has for sale. Especially using cheap labor over seas right now with out economy the way it is, it drives me crazy because I personally know people that are hurting right now.

      The best thing our country can do right now is put back into the country and support USA made products.. I know companies that use India and Pakistan (sp) because of the cheap labor I work for a corporation that has a little business thats conducted using overseas I dont like it but so many do because of the higher profit margins.

    • sophie says:

      I expect someone with as much money as Jill to dress better. There’s just no excuse for whatever that thing is she’s wearing. Looks like it’s a swimsuit coverup for mature women from the Blair catalog.

    • karrylin says:

      that ugly print dress makes Jills Belly look like the “Perfect Storm” swirling…down down down to (in her case) a horrible case of blue hell….seriously…a HUGE BELLY SWIRL….or Blue and White Cinnemon Bun.
      haha, I wouldnt say that is slimming at all…..OMG
      Plus…first line, Cashing in WHILE SHE STILL CAN…..
      that says it all, very funny!

  3. mare says:

    My god child competed in skating competitions and also taught skating for a while. She trained at the ice palace in Hackensack with Sara Hughes, so I value her opinion. I asked her how she thought Bethenny skated and she would have placed her in second place. So what is wrong with the judges!!!!

  4. Kelly_Has_Big_ Shoulders says:

    I seriously think The Female Judge Laurie whatever her name is has issues with Bethenny I mean she was just so harsh for no reason yet she was great with everyone else. The Jonny Weir guy is also a BIG JOKE!!! GO BETHENNY!!! I have have a land line and 3 cells at home and I made everyone call and vote for Bethenny even my cuban mother who speaks no English. LOL!!! Plus I will vote online today.

  5. housewifeaddict says:

    I really did like Brandon and Johnny better than Bethenny – they seemed more relaxed and did their lifts well.

    Most of my issue was with the female judge – she was just mean and looked petty and jealous. I think this will be the last reality show for her. Mean and funny like Simon is one thing – but mean to just a few contestants for no apparent reason is horrible to watch.

    Dick Button was nonsensical. He reminded me of Paula in her blathery years when she was reading pre-scripted lines.

    I thought Johnny Weir started off much nicer than the female judge. He tried to say something nice. And gave B higher scores than Vince – which she deserved. I didn’t think he was as biased as the woman.

    All in all I think B will end up in the middle unless she gets more comfortable. It’s such a hard thing to learn in so little time – and I really respect all of them. I think the network really made a big big mistake in letting the judges go mean -no one wants to see that on this show.

    I worry that B will go home – she did come off a little whiney with the crying and missing her baby. Most contestants that get that edit go home the next week – so we’ll see.

  6. Damnert says:

    Laurie Gibson works (or worked) for P.Diddy. She is a hip-hop choreographer.

    She needs to go back to what she knows best. Hip-Hop. I doubt she even knows how to ice skate.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Or that much about traditional dances like the jive or tango. She keeps talking about the beats….so she isn’t adding anything to this competition or realizes that the ice plays a hugh part in how dancing is done on it! So definately she should hip hop back like a bunny in a field to the land of P Diddy!

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I remember watching Laurie on P Diddy’s reality competition show “making da band” and she was one of those “tough-as-nails drill sergeants who’s only hard on you because they’re trying to keep you alive when the shit hits the fan and the bullets start flying.” She is a great choreographer. I was surprised she was a judge on a skating show when there are other people to choose from in the skating world. I think she had a falling out with P Diddy.

      • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

        If that’s the case, I wouldn’t be surprised. Laurieann is a witch! And least someone like Carrie-Ann on DWTS does give good suggestions and specific reasons why she does or does not like the routine. Laurieann’s Lisa Lisa (Cult Jam) hairstyle isn’t doing much for her either!

      • jen says:

        She did and he fired her b/c she was giving to much attitude

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Anyone count how many times she said “musicality”.? She’s a big musicality bore!

    • Savannah111 says:

      Damnert , I agree with you, I’ve watched her on the making the band show of Diddys she is about hip hop what the hell does she know about skating?? But it’s clear that she has a personal issue with Bethanny, it’s on her face I posted about it last night on yesterdays blog she had me so upset. I’m not saying Bethanny is perfect with her skating but the harsh comments and low scores were not inline with Bethannys performance.

      Diddy at one time fired her because she thought that she acted as if it was her show as much as Diddys he put her in her place real fast…

  7. plainviewsue says:

    Hey! Did u notice on twitter that Alex sent Jill birthday wishes?? I guess they are “friends” again! Until the next time.

    Alex is such a class act.

    Yesterday NBC started reairing season one of RHONY. I hadn’t seen that in ages. It’s funny; as much as I was a fan of Jill back then, I didn’t realize how annoying she was even back then! It’s strange to see B and the other Jason.


  8. MickeyMouth says:

    WordPress keeps tweaking things and stuff goes wonky for awhile. If I get a chance today, I’ll look into it. I only post pictures I don’t have to worry about paragraphs 🙂

    I’ll have to go to hulu and watch the skating. I tuned in to late to see Bethenny skate and the judges critique/admonishment. It would appear as though the D-list judges are trying to make a name for themselves off of Bethenny’s popularity. Look how well that went for Jill.

  9. WindyCityWondering says:

    4 computers, 4 cells and 1 land line = 45 votes for Bethenny.
    Both the Disney kid and Bethenny are connected to the parent company and IMO, Bravo Andy was there not just as a Bethenny fan. SO by now ABC has heard it loudly about both Laurie and Johnny’s bizarre judging comments/scores so hopefully that will be tempered next week.

    • Had Enough! says:

      2 computers with four e-mail addresses, 3 phone numbers = 35 for Bethenny

    • TLM says:

      I don’t know how B is connected to ABC other than her contract for this one show. Bravo is an NBC channel.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      you guys will have to vote for me..as usual we’re blocked from voting here in Canada

      • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

        Hey, cdnfillie58, I’m in Canada and I was able to vote online last night for Bethenny and Ethan. I clicked on the link on the ABC website which one of the commenters posted last night on here(can’t remember their screen name, sorry!)

        • Cdnfillie58 says:

          oh..that’s good to know. Tell you the truth I didn’t even try cause I assumed it was the same as American Idol..there I go assuming again 😛 I will definitely throw my vote in next week

  10. cdnfillie58 says:

    I’m guessing it’s the “JZ desperately needed PR” charity that most of the proceeds will go to, if not it should be 😛

  11. ramonacoaster says:

    I think Jill Zarin’s bedding is okay. I like the Allyson bedding. But the colors are too dark and she’s sticking to her version (or maybe Brad’s version) of midcentury modern. Not really for me. I prefer light colors and clean lines.
    Maybe it’s best for Bethenny to get low scores in the beginning. It’ll push her to do better and maybe she’s getting set up by the producers to be the underdog who wins over the judges and the audience (who are already won over). It seems fixed so I’m not watching anymore. I’ll just vote for Bethenny after watching The Event on NBC.

  12. Had Enough! says:

    Susan Saunders classic:

    “ok guys..I was looking for good deals on internet. I do secret santa, donate to childrens ward in hospital and many other things. Character is what you do when no one is looking but since you guys don’t “really” know me I guess I have to tell you? If you have good sites to buy load of toys ( yes..most for charity) I would be grateful.”

    OK, so if character is what you do when no one is looking, why are you screaming your lungs out about it on your FB page so that we will look?

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      If Sue Silvester Saunders fell in the forest does she make a sound? YES! She would cry, yell, call, text, email, tweet, update facebook, Radaronline, Page6, Cindy Adams, Joy Behar, Larry King and then call 911.

    • TLM says:

      That definitely sounded like a Kelly-post…similar to her posting about her 2 boxes of cereal donation.

    • quincyil says:

      She needs affirmation from fans. She lives for what others think of her.

  13. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @LynnNChicago, the format for comments has changed also. I post most of the time from my BB and midway thru the day yesterday it abruptly changed. Before I couldn’t see anyones avatar and comments were numbered. Now avatars show and comments are in bubbles. I think they revamped their site.

  14. realminkey says:

    JZ’s bedding looks old and dated to me. I find it very unappealing. Did Gloria help her design it? Sure looks like it.

  15. TLM says:

    Toward the end of the last blog I was saying I think the judging panel on SWTS is hilarious — Bethenny is not the only one they make strange comments to. After I thought about it a while, the only thing that made sense to me is that they reassure the people who fell to not make them feel bad, because they know they’re probably on their way out anyway. You can’t really yell at someone for falling. They know Vince Neil is likely the next one to get voted off the show, so they told him, “Every Olympic skater has fallen at one time.” But I think if you are a better skater with potential, they’re harder on you to push you to do better. They had several criticisms for Rebecca Budig, who I didn’t think could have done any better, even though they also told her she did great.

    Bethenny is definitely not the best skater on SWTS. She isn’t the worst one either, but she definitely can improve. I don’t know why she seems so stiff on the ice; she does advanced yoga, surfs, and roller blades, and I thought she would have seemed more fluid and natural. To me it did seem like a collection of separate tricks, rather than one solid routine. I didn’t care for the constant smile either. I don’t know if others noticed, but several times when they had the camera on the area where the skaters wait, B looked like she was sulking until she realized the camera was on, and then she would immediately put on a big smile. It was both before and after her routine, so it wasn’t just about the judges’ comments. I couldn’t figure out what that was all about.

    I think Bethenny just decided to take this opportunity because it was something a little different, and it also keeps her name in the public while her next show is filming. She said it’s just fun, and I take her at her word. I don’t see how being a skating star will further her business. I just don’t understand why she would be flying back and forth every week instead of just staying there during the competition. Isn’t her skating partner in California, and don’t they have to practice daily? How and when do they practice together if she’s in NY every week?? I also wonder how Jason gets the time off from work to go back and forth (is he still working at the mystery job?), or why the 4 of them (Cookie included) are flying back and forth every week… B said everyone comes with her. Why not just stay in LA? It doesn’t make sense to me.

    • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

      TLM – I agree with your assessment….I think Ethan should be focusing a little more on the “in-between” movements of the routine besides the tricks – crossovers, edges, steps, footwork, etc …. what Bethenny has done so far is amazing (I would be on my ass the entire time if I had to do those moves!), but she is simply following Ethan’s instructions day by day. He has to be the one to teach her other components and work on the basics of skating.

      Also, I agree that unless Jason has to be back in NYC during the week for his job, I don’t see why Bethenny and the family couldn’t stay in California during her time on SWTS. All that travelling back and forth would be havic on everyone!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bethenny is getting national, network exposure for her brand. She is competitive and being the underdog (her poise as the judges heap it on has to have an impact on viewer votes) will help. I wish we would know what the actual numbers of fans voting are and how that factors into the elimination process.

      • TLM says:

        I confess I don’t even understand how this show works. They said getting voted off is a combo of the judges’ scores and the viewer scores. So how did they eliminate Sean Young and then tell people to keep voting after the fact? And it was all live? I don’t get it.

        B may be on a national show, but it sounds like ABC had record-low ratings on the show despite the lead-in of DWTS last week. It doesn’t sound like many are watching.

  16. Had Enough! says:

    Justanothermarry – left you a comment on the last blog. Just want to be sure you see it.

    • justanothermary says:

      I did go back and read all the comments from yesterday -what a great response! Everyone is so caring. I am processing all the info and good advice. I actually got a call from an attorney this morning whom had received one of my internet pleas. He told me that one of the biggest problems is the fact that the sugery was done at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and it’s a huge entity. It often causes conflicts of interest. There’s also the problem of my age. Apparently at 30 this is a big deal, at 50 – not so much. We talked a little further and he realized that his daughter had a nose job through the same plastic surgery group I had gone through. He did, however, suggest that I go to Rochester, MN, rather than Minneapolis/St. Paul. The affilications there are mostly with the Mayo Clinic so there may be someone more willing. It made sense. He also said he would see if he could find me some names to check out. We’ll see.

      On top of all else, a very very dear friend of ours passed away last night. Not unexpected, but still very painful. I’m getting ready to go there this evening so if you don’t see me, I’m fine, just busy.

      • American Idiot says:

        Sorry about your friend. And I hope everything works out for you. I have been following the comments, but I didn’t really have anything to add so I didn’t write anything. I do wish you all the best.

      • TLM says:

        I am so sorry to hear about your friend’s passing. You are in my thoughts.

        Good job on finding an attorney. Even if he ultimately isn’t the one to represent you, he could put you on the right path. Please keep us posted.

  17. Blue Sky says:

    Okay, Had Enough you are my hero! The web site for buying American made products that she posted on the previous blog:


    There are toys, bedding, blankets, all kinds of American made products. Just in time for your holiday shopping & I intend to use. I like to buy on the internet, then have the stuff shipped to my family/friends for gifts. Makes it so easy. Thank you Had Enough!!

  18. Had Enough! says:

    Oh no, Susan Saunders! RUN! Your trained Sasquatch is on her way over with her birthday present for you:

    “Yesterday someone mistook my asst, Kim for Sea. Lol. Sea and I were actually buying my own jewelry at intermix as a gift for @Jillzarin”

    OK, so why does she have to BUY her own crap? Surely it is there – assuming it really is – on consignment? It obviously isn’t being sold at any Intermix except the one in Soho – not on the Intermix website. Or was this tweet to try to convince us that this black-thread-and-pop-it-bead shit really is being sold at Intermix?

    Oh, Kellidiot – giving a woman who wants 40k diamond encrusted watches this kitchen-table craft crap as a birthday gift? Guarantee it goes right into the trash.

    • TLM says:

      I didn’t get how Lynne Curtin was supposedly selling her tacky cuff bracelets at Fred Segal and supporting her family of 4 with them. Who is buying that, or Kim Richards’ jewelry (which I have not been able to locate on the Internet) much less Kelly’s owls and Pocahontas jewelry?

    • quincyil says:

      With the cold potato something…. I don’t think that Bethenny wanted it.

  19. JazzNightOut says:

    For Susan Saunders’ b’day (from RCH blog):

    Housewives Holiday Jingle (sung to Jingle Bells):

    The Real Housewives on Bravo TV
    These women are so cra-zay
    I’m writing blogs about them all
    Laughing all the way

    Ha Ha Ha!

    Gum berries and satchels of gold
    Al Sharpton and love and light
    What fun it is to laugh and sing
    This Housewife song tonight


    Jingle bells
    Kelly smells
    Just like kitty pee

    Teresa’s broke
    It’s not a joke
    She’ll be denied her bankruptcy


    Jingle bells
    Camille smells
    Like insecurity

    Jill’s a joke
    There is no hope
    At least she has Bobbeeey

    Dina Manzo is a head case
    Michaele’s life is a big lie
    Taylor’s lips are takin over her face
    Kim’s song makes babies cry

    The demonic faces of Phaedra Parks
    They give me such a fright
    What fun it is to laugh and snark
    On Housewives every night


    Jingle bells
    Camille smells
    Like insecurity

    Jill’s a joke
    There is no hope
    At least she has Bobbeeey


    Jingle bells
    Kelly smells
    Just like kitty pee

    Teresa’s broke
    It’s not a joke
    She’ll be denied her bankruptcy

    Teresa’s broke
    It’s not a joke
    She’ll be denied her bankruptseeeeey

  20. TLM says:

    Hmm. Funny The Today Show made NO mention of this news item today while it had all 3 Kardashian sisters to interview:


    I don’t know what the deal is with the Today Show having the Kardashians on seemingly every day. Who are they paying off????

    • Buffywood says:

      Those cards are a total joke. Since they are “debit” cards they do not follow the same rules as credit cards. I’ve been doing a lot of research on this as I would like my daughter to be able to use a credit card for convenience (mine not hers as I rarely carry cash). It is not easy for a teen to have a card that 1) limits the liability if something happens to the card 2) establishes credit and 3) doesn’t cost a ton in fees.

      • Buffywood says:

        Oh and the Kardashians are a total joke as well. I too don’t understand The Today’s Show fasination with them.

        • jezzibel says:

          I think after this pre-paid card stunt and the upcoming “please give me money in the name of charity so I can go back to tweeting any insipid thought I have” is going to go over like a lead balloon.

          • Buffywood says:

            OMG, the comments there are a riot to read. They are also very true.

            • Golden Girl says:

              Buffywood, have you thought about opening up your daughter a checking account? That way she could use the Visa debit card as a credit card? It’s also a good way for her to learn how to budget and save.

              • oldcrone says:

                This is a great suggestion. Also some banks have reduced fees for minor(teen) accounts.

              • klmh says:

                I heard this a few days ago. Debit card fees are going up:http://moneycentral.msn.com/content/banking/betterbanking/p86737.asp

              • Buffywood says:

                I did and she does have a checking account. I was going to just direct deposit her monthly allowance into her account and that is probably what I will do. This doesn’t help her build credit through and that was one of the other things I was trying to accomplish.

                The one nice thing the bank will do (upon request) is to not allow over drafts at all. Many bank debit cards are set up to allow you to spend more than you have and then charge you a large fee.

            • vilzvet says:

              Funniest, most truthful comments ever!

    • It’s bull shit that the Kardashian’s didn’t pullout until the AG of CT spoke out! I’m not buying they didn’t know either. Their dad was one of O.J. first defense attorney , they come from a family & friends of lawyers & they’re grown adults. They knew about the fees. Remember on the one episode Kim said I always know what my name is attached to now. After the sex tape when Kris (the mom) got the FBI involved. she is also Kim’s manager & she knew about the fees. I say everyone on twitter express their disappointment to them. Im not saying harass them either. I’m so mad b/c they are targeting young adults to fund their lavish lifestyles. IT’S GREED!

    • American Idiot says:

      Read it error, it’s great. I also don’t think B will win, but for the life of me, I don’t understand why the lady judge is so harsh on her. It seems like a personal attack, and not about her skating. Maybe the judges are annoyed that B travels, or is filming her own show simultaneously (sp?). But really, judge her on her skating, not her personal life.

      It was nice to see Jason and Andy in the audience.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Seeing it the same way! At least Bethenny is getting national network exposure (which maybe even better than actually winning) and has the underdog title in the bag.

    • zoekayla says:

      Error, Great blog – you write like a guy which makes your comments fresh and fun to read.
      I agree with your assessment of the performances, but as to Bethenney’s chances, I recall how Bristol P. stayed on DWTS MANY weeks longer than her actual skills warranted because her fan base was strong and because she showed improvement week to week, which pleased the judges.
      If these judges “decide” that Bethenney is improving, she may get a reprieve from the harrassment. Her skating skills are definitely there – you’d have to be blind (or a hip-hop choreographer without a smidge of fairness) not to see that. She should continuw to work on her transitions and try to find a way to appear more confident/relaxed (maybe think of Brynnn and Jason?).
      I like to watch the show because I respect how hard it is to do what these non-skating professionals can do…but Laurie’s judging is rapidly turning me off. Johnny W. also weirds me out (he’s trying too hard to be quirky).

    • California35 says:

      Error, very good blog…I like how you don’t use the people’s name. That is somehow me, I would use descriptions instead of names. I will admit most of the times is because I can’t remember their names.

      Any ways, thanks for the link to your blog. I do enjoy reading what you have to say.

  21. jen says:

    When Laurie held up her technical score she did it with such an attitude- and her comments that they weren’t harsh enough last week lead me to believe she was upset at the criticism she got as a judge-The women is a bitch and obviously beyond jealous of B- she was the first to mention B’s hot bod, so I bet she hates her for that too.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Wondering if the network talked to both Laurie and Johnny after last week and their “performances” as judges….wish we could vote judges off the show.

  22. I don't have my notes says:

    Ok, I just have to say it. I have yet to see Bethenny actually skate. She stands on the ice and does robotic arm movements, takes a few steps walking on the ice ( not gliding) and then is swept up in the air and does a great job holding her position as her partner whisks her around. I can see the judges frustration with that. She doesn’t glide across the ice, doesn’t stroke her feet or turn her skate to its edge. It’s like she is on roller blades and not ice skates. I rewatched both shows and in both of her performances her feet are off the ice more than they are on the ice. I give her total credit for doing that, but that is the majority of her routines. I have to blame her partner if he is the one choreographing the numbers.

    Regarding the judges. I have no idea who the female judge is but I do believe she knows something about dance. Both Johnny Weir and Dick Button are multiple world champions and Olympians. Button has commentated on skating competitions on TV for decades. I think they do know a thing or two about skating. Yes, they were kind to the skaters who fell. They gave them credit for attempting to do something challenging but failing. There is honor in that. I believe they see that other than being lifted and twirled, B is just not doing anything on the ice.

    Sorry Lynn, I just can’t buy the conspiracy theory that any one of the judges is out to get Bethenny for any reason. Both Weir and Button did compliment her on her performance being better than last week and offered a little encouragement and suggestions of what they want to see in her.

    I really found it painful to watch her practice and break down crying because she has had no sleep. She said she is having fun, the time of her life doing this. I don’t see it. I hope this gets much better for her, or she goes home quickly and can get some sleep.

    • Had Enough! says:

      I actually agree with both of you:

      1. She isn’t skating. But that is true of all of them, for the most part.
      2. Johnny Weir is totally, blatantly biased.

      • quincyil says:

        LOL… you all haven’t seen someone skate until you have witnessed me sking on a bumpy pond. I would shovel it so the kids would skate, but Bethenny looks like a gold medal Olympic winner next to me. I skate… I skate every winter. rotfl. I also roller skate and have since 6th grade, but Bethenny is better at that than I am too.

    • lillybee says:

      I have to agree with you about Bethenny’s skating. Her footwork was extremely slow.

    • error404 says:

      I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but this show could use COP. I’d love to see a break down in the scores.

      I agree that B’s footwork were some of the easiest of the night. But I also think that her lift was one for the most difficult. An over shoulder lift is difficult and dangerous. Like being the passenger on a motorcycle, one small shift of weight could send you both down and possibly cause 2 head injuries. And the whole time you have to look pretty. I haven’t rewatched any of the skates, but I’d love for someone to show me exactly where the Disney guy’s lift was. Keauna never made it above his knee. As Dick would say “There was no lift in that lift”

      When they did that weird ramp thing behind the orchestra, which I assume is to gain sped on the teeny tiny set, she seemed to be stroking much better than Sean for example, so…

      I’m sure that Vince’s experience on stage working a huge audience, making a connection with thousands, helps, but on TV he just looks awful..

    • emt2 says:

      I agree with you. I don’t think there’s a conspiracy and I agree with the poster above who mentioned the fake smiling thing B does with the camera.

      Hopefully she’ll improve but the whole premise of the show is so strange to me.
      They have had so many incarnations of this show and it just never works out. I remember when Bruce Jenner was on a show like this a few years back. He was actually pretty good.

      I really hope she doesn’t hurt herself, like break an ankle. I’m still nursing my ankle after a rollerskating fall from this summer and it still hurts like hell.

      • TLM says:

        I’m the poster who mentioned the fake smiling thing. 😉

        I actually thought the talk of a conspiracy was tongue-in-cheek. I can’t imagine there would be a conspiracy between Weir and Jill to give Bethenny low scores. The issue I have with Johnny is that his scores often don’t correlate with what he says about a performance: good reviews yet a bad number, bad reviews with a good number. It makes no sense. And he can be bitchy, but that’s just Johnny. If you saw his show, “Johnny Be Good”, you saw some of his comments. He’s like B in that, for good or for bad, he says what he thinks.

        I think “I don’t have my Notes” hit the nail on the head that B is lifting, but not skating. You put into words what I wasn’t able to explain. She managed to meet the technical requirements of the show, but it still didn’t seem like a fluid routine.

        B did tweet the other day that she got a prescription to finally sleep after struggling for weeks, so hopefully she is at least well rested.

  23. jezzibel says:

    From twitter..Retweet by Mickeymouth1
    Johnny Weir
    Calm down people! I don’t hate anyone, and I play fair. My career had low scores and “crazy” judges too. Relax. I love ALL our skaters.
    11 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® Favorite Retweet Reply

    I think someone is starting to feel the effects of viewer backlash over his judging

  24. AZ Girl says:

    It is obvious from the judging that Johnny Weir and Laurie Gibson are bias against Bethenny. I am not sold on the JZ influence but they do not like Bethenny and it shows in their comments.
    If two other contestants fall during their routine and Bethenny is able to complete the program without falling then she performed better then the others plain and simple. The judges are to judge on the overall PERFORMANCE alone.
    You would think that the producers would be concerned. It really does take away from the show being taken seriously by the viewers.

    • Crimson Rain says:

      Mostly a lurker here, so thanks for letting me comment.

      But just because she didn’t fall, doesn’t make her a better skater, or more worthy of a better score on that alone. Bethenny is really stiff and doesn’t actually skate much as others have said. She has done well with holding in her lifts, but coming out of them, she often stops dead before her blades start to glide again, making the routine choppy – stop, start, stop, start, IMO. I like Bethenny, and I hope she does well overall. The judges are harsh, but I think that they are will all the competitors, and are not just singling her out.

      On the ET site wherein the competitors were interviewed after last night’s competition, Bethenny came off very ungracious by calling Laurie a snake, and not even calling her by her name, but just calling her “that women judge”. Bethenny sounded mean and ungrateful of the opportunity, and quite frankly, I was shocked. I am not sure if Bethenny remembers that she is making a paycheck. She is getting PAID for this. This is a job and for her and for her to lower herself to what sounded like spitefullness, whether fueled by lack of sleep/frustration or not, I found really unprofessional. A lot of eyes are on her, and this opportunity could be a stepping stone to other opportunities for her, but not if she is going to come across mean and ungrateful. I have heard her say a few times in interviews since this gig started that she would like to do more TV and regular network TV. If so, this is not the way to go about it, IMO.

      As I said, I like Bethenny, and I hope she prevails. She may have to adjust her attitude to do so, however.

      • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

        Bethenny does need to watch how she comes off to the public, but I think it would help Bethenny immensely if the judges did compliment her on the elements she is doing well, and give her positive pointers as to what to focus on next. It would give her a boost and give her confidence to try new things, knowing that her hard work is being appreciated. I think she is frustrated that she doesn’t seem to be getting ANY good feedback from the judges and the judges’ delivery of the comments aren’t in a hey! you-can-do-this tone. In fairness to Bethenny, the judges are also being paid, and there’s no reason for Johnny and Lauriann to be bitches to the contestants. I don’t mind Dick Button. He’s always been a little crusty in his commentating, but there’s usually a hint of positivity somewhere. He is old school and he is correct about Bethenny bending her knees more. I’ve watched many, many youtube videos of old skating broadcasts from the 1970s-present day, and Dick Button would defend skaters (such as Debi Thomas) to fellow commentators like Peggy Fleming when Peggy would criticize them! 🙂

        • TLM says:

          I have been disappointed with Dick Button so far. If he’s not saying something negative, it seems like he’s saying something bat**** crazy to the contestants. Dick used to be kind but still point out what needed to improve, kind of like Scott Hamilton’s commentating. I just think half the time here, he sounds like he’s lost his mind.

      • TLM says:

        I agree that you can suffer a fall and still be way better than your competitors. If you had an otherwise outstanding program but happened to catch an edge and fall, which can happen through no fault of your own, I’d put that performance ahead of one where the skater was lousy to average but managed not to fall. The quality and skill of the skater when he or she is skating counts for more than that to me.

      • JazzNightOut says:

        I agree that Bethenny doesn’t glide skate (if that is an accurate description). She rocks tho and her lifts are amazing. She is not a smooth, graceful skater. But that takes more time than the 5 weeks they get to prepare, and a larger ice rink that they are given to perform on. The size is just scary. When Johnny Weir did his demo last week, he was limited in his movements by the size of the rink.

        The Disney guy, Mosely and Rebecca are smoother on the ice than B. is. Perhaps it is the choreography or they have transferable skills that let them feel more at ease on the ice. I thought B’s roller blading would help her, but it isn’t. Maybe rollerblading is more jerky; don’t know cuz I don’t roller blade. Sure must be different having four fat wheels under you on banked flooring rather than a thin, sharp blade on a slippery surface.

        So I think the judges’ criticism is true about her not skating; any other criticism is just the judge (“that woman judge” and Johnny Weir) showing whatever personality they choose to have to get air time. It does not come across as constructive criticism. However, does anyone else think the animosity between Laurie and B is ‘choreograhed’ by Laurie to get more air time? Laurie fed it by her comment at the end of the clip.

        I don’t think the show is very interesting; I am only watching for B. And I am voting for her from the bias that I like Bethenny, especially when Bethenny is being Bethenny. But I don’t know if my commitment to watch the show will last for the next four weeks. Not a very interesting show.

        • TLM says:

          I think rollerblading may help in terms of finding your center of balance in ice skating, but the difference between wheels on ground that have traction and metal blades on ice is significant. Wheels have no edges, and skaters must learn to use their inside and outside edges of the blades. It’s not necessarily an easy transition.

  25. realminkey says:

    I thought B did just fine. Yeah, she was stiff, but she pulled it off, none the less. No question about the bias. Johnny and whatshername are biotches.
    BTW, how the hell old is Dick Button? He was retired from skating back in the 60s when he was a commentator on Wide World of Sports. I know all adults seemed “old” to me at the time, but he was no spring chicken back then.

    • realminkey says:

      To answer my own question… He was born in 1929.

      • error404 says:

        It’s not just that he’s 80. Back in 2002 he and the other 9 US OGMs were practicing a skating routine for the Oly team send off, and he fell on the ice and received a serious head injury. He’s never been the same same since and as much as I love and respect him, I often cringe when he commentates now.

        • JazzNightOut says:

          I didn’t know that about Dick Buttons; thanks for posting it. Explains a lot.

          • LurkerAlso says:

            I agree with most of these comments..SWTS is lacking in so many ways. My other very big complaints are the host/s SUCKKKKK big time and they need more stars.

            If you’re gonna do it, do it RIGHT and bring in a bigger mix of celebrities that draws more fans, and generates more excitement.


  26. shamrockblonde says:

    I have to admit that I have not watched this show – I don’t like DWTS, so this just sounded very much like more of the same – from what I have read, the judges sound like they like their 15 minutes of fame – too bad they can’t have it in a more classy way – I have to say though, that I skated quite a bit as a kid, and while the lifts are dangerous and beautiful to watch, it is the fluid movement of skating itself that makes it truly wonderful to watch – if Bethanny is not gliding on the ice enough, and stopping and starting, her routine, no matter how many lifts there are, will not look cohesive – and that is all on the choreographer – I wish Bethanny well, as she does not have too much experience skating on blades – very different from roller skating – and I hope those two judges wake up and understand that there are many ways to make yourself unforgettable……..

  27. HD says:

    I am watching Bethanny now but I wanted to say first:

    Some of these shows work my nerves and I am guilty of this as well. These shows SHOULD be based on talent and not who is the most popular. How many times have we seen people get kicked off these singing/dancing shows just because someone else was more “popular”? I voted for Bethanny last night and I didn’t even watch the show so I am guilty.

    • Semishark says:

      I just love you for being so honest.

      • Adgirl says:

        Lots of people snarked (not here on IHJZ) about Bristol Palin getting a free ride on DWTS because devotees of her mother were alledgedly voting to keep her on.

        • HD says:

          I think that was highly apparent. Brandy was a better dancer. Anyone with two eyes could see that. However, Sarah Palin has a huge following so that manifested on that show. No one can tell me they thought Bristol was that great of a dancer. She was okay. She just happened to be popular or rather her mom is popular.

    • karrylin says:

      So True about getting miffed about DWTS, Bristol making finals by Tea party votes….not fair.
      I thought about the same thing and asked myself….OK..whats the difference here?

      The DWTS judges, voted fairly and werent horribly insulting.

      SWTS judges are ONLY MEAN to Bethanny and arent judging her fairly.

      Consider the votes for Sean, Vince and Bethanny.
      Sean fell twice
      Vince fell once (thanks to the girl that knocked him in the chin, he lost his balance)
      and Bethanny. …didnt fall, but got one mark higher…only.

      yeah, she wasnt the Best skater….but she wasnt one point above Vince either.
      Plus, the judges were kinder to Vince and Sean, about their performances, even though they didnt give them high votes, they werent mean either!

      So..that is the difference….SWTS has a judgemental judge problem.
      While…DWTS judges are fair….and “within the scope of how they’ve always spoken for entertainment purposes” of how they speak to the celebs dancing.

      the skaters…all are being treated fine, except Bethanny when it comes to speaking about her skating, after performance.

      So…I Understand why the Fans VOTE VOTE VOTE….no matter what the talent of the celeb is…

      Doesnt mean I think that is right, but I think all celebs from now on…will be D list only….because someone without a fan base…will not win.
      or even advance beyond the lousy celebs no matter what the ability.

      Hey…just like in LIFE!!! LIFE is a big popularity contest.
      or…its about Who you know…hello weir and zarin

  28. HD says:

    Okay….I am ready for the backlash..I just watched the show…

    Bethanny was not very good. That is the truth of the matter. She cannot skate and that’s okay. There is nothing wrong with that. I cannot skate myself, oh well. She is just not a skater, she is stiff, her facial expression made her look a little insane, her dance moves did seem like she was thinking about them and not flowing into them.

    Also, Bethanny needs to stop, stop, stop talking about no sleep and the baby and the traveling, etc. I felt the same way about this during the BGM? episodes. No one is forcing you to do this. This is a choice. Going into that decision, you knew it was going to entail traveling and no sleep and still trying to be a mom, wife and mother. For some reason I still think she has it better than most regular new mom’s who have to get up at the crack of dawn to go to a piece of crap job that barely pays the bills. There are no nannies, there are no first class flights to go be on national TV shows, etc so when I hear the whining I get a little irritated. There are women all over this world that would trade one day with you and they would never complain about it. You weigh all your options and THEN you make the decision if you want to do this show. You don’t make the decision and then whine about it. Everyone on that show has other things they could be doing I am sure. Such is life. Step up or step down.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still love Bethanny but she is not going to be great at everything. No one is. Also, I didn’t like her remark, “@Bethenny: Tonight I had fun! u guys will vote us through!” Don’t assume that because I like you on the other shows I am going to vote you through. Yes, I did that last night but I won’t anymore. If you can’t skate, you can’t skate. (I rarely vote on those shows anyway unless someone blows my mind.)

    • Had Enough! says:

      Uh oh! Pregnancy hormones on the rampage (JUST KIDDING). Guess I’d better rush that barrel of pickles!

      Actually HD, I couldn’t have said it better myself. You nailed it.

      • Buffywood says:

        I agree and honestly the show itself is a joke and the judges are as well.

        They knock the skaters for not being “fluid” but the space they use is so small you really can’t get up much speed and trying to skate in a confining space makes you a little uncomfortable and on edge regardless of your skating skills.

        If B wasn’t on it how many people here would be wasting any time at all watching it?

        • TLM says:

          I’m waiting for the day someone crashes or falls on one of those ice ramps/ice roller derby that goes behind the rink. It won’t be pretty. Just looks like an accident waiting to happen.

        • Had Enough! says:

          Not me. The show sucks big time. I watch it because of Bethenny and when she’s gone, I won’t watch it.

      • HD says:

        LOL! Girl my hormones are all over the place! Pickles please! 🙂

    • TLM says:

      I never vote on any show. I don’t generally watch shows where people vote by text or phone or whatever. I only tuned in to this to see how B and the others do.

      B has said on many occasions (on Hoda & Kathie Lee Gifford and Wendy Williams) that she is very lucky, luckier than most moms, since she just leaves home for a couple hours at a time and then can come home to her child. I think she does express a lot of gratitude, but she’s known for being honest too, and lets it all hang out on camera. Unfortunately her comments about being lucky weren’t aired on the show last night, and she probably came off being whiny to people who haven’t read her books or seen her on other shows. Part of it is her doing, as she does constantly overschedule herself and overcommit. I think she thinks if she takes a week off, the world would forget about her and stop buying her products. She really didn’t take much of a break at all after giving birth. A relative of mine only took 6 weeks off and regretted it. After this ends, I guess she will have her book tour for Place of Yes. It never ends…

      I didn’t take offense at the “you guys will vote us through” tweet since she was just responding to fans who wanted to support her, and if I had to guess, those people WILL vote for her, LOL. She was kind of affirming them back by saying that, but I don’t think anyone including B believes she is going to last more than another week or 2. I actually think it would be the best thing for her to get off the training and flying merry-go-round and rest. She’s running herself into the ground.

      • HD says:

        If I am the one constantly overscheduling myself then I am to blame and I cannot cry about it. Bethanny is her OWN boss. She calls the shots. You want a day off, a week, shoot a month, take one. Bethanny has not stopped because the nature of the business she is in is hinged on her staying in the spotlight to be “known” so she can sale things. Not that, that is bad it just is what it is.

        Bethanny seriously is gonna run herself into the ground. She looks tired. She has to be tired. She is crying at the drop of a hat. She has dark circles around her eyes. One thing I have learned in life, if you don’t lay down sometiems God or the Creator or whatever you call it, will lay you down.

        My boss was like that, going going going. We KEPT telling him to rest. You think he listened? NOPE. Lo and behold, he was playing basketball and tore his Achilless and had to lay in bed for 6 weeks. He got a lot of rest then. Sometimes you have to listen to your body.

        Trust me, everyone is STILL gonna buy Skinny Girl products if she took a week off. She is known for all of that now. We know you B, its okay to rest.

  29. error404 says:


    I’m lost. Why do B fans want her to suddenly change who she is? It is her personality that got her ahead, and now people are suggesting a 360? This is just weird to me.

    B’s entire fame hat is hung on one peg: she is the housewife who says exactly what the audience is thinking. She is still that person. It seem obvious to me that the majority of the Tv viewers agree with B’s assesment of the judging, or else she’d be home now, not in 4th place. The judges all but proposed marriage to Sean, yet the viewers dumped her from 4th to last! Her scores weren’t even close to B and Vince, yet she dropped to elimination like a stone based on what the tv viewers saw, or think they saw.

    When B calls “the woman judge” a snake, she’s only saying on camera what countless viewers wrote across the web after the show. Once again she is just saying what most of us think, yet some want her to suddenly be the type who apologizes to Luann and resumes a friendship with Jill. Pft.

    Yeah, B may not be the best skater on the show, but that doesn’t explain the OTT criticism, and sorry to disagree, but anyone who thinks they judges are just as harsh with all the other skaters is not watching the same show as I am. The one I watch airs on ABC, Monday nights at 8:00. Anyone have a link to this other show where they treat her just like all the others?

    • HD says:

      She did call the Countess a snake, huh?

    • TLM says:

      LOL @ “the judges all but proposed marriage to Sean”…

    • klmh says:

      I think the people who have given their opinions on this page are new posters to this subject. I don’t think they miraculously changed their viewpoint, rather just decided to post it, agreeing to disagree with well thought out posts.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I don’t have a theory, but ABC/Disney has folks on the skating show for audience/demographic appeal & also cross-promotion of its own shows, stars, etc. and also those on its subsidiary and related networks.

      Without addressing conspiracy or skill issues, IMO ABC doesn’t have a vested interest in promoting Bethenny, who’s an NBC/Uni via Bravo “property.”

      On the other hand, aren’t at least a couple of the “stars” on the show involved in Disney owned properties? Isn’t Sean Young going to appear on the new “celebrity life coach” show on Bio Channel (Biography Channel jointly owned by a number of folks including Disney). Recently I also saw Vince Neil on Bio’s celeb ghostie story show. Maybe it’s just coincidence. :shrug:

      But it’s also called “synergy.” Marketing, placement of a product in different venues, properties.

      I’m not saying it’s necessarily “open season” on B, and again I’m not specifically addressing actual skills & performance. But I might be surprised if the judges comments and tone were to be equally as harsh (especially those comments not really relevant to the actual performance) to an ABC/Disney related contestant. I haven’t seen this week’s show yet, so don’t know. Just tossing it out there. fwiw.

  30. Avranne says:

    Bethanney is her father in looks and in her fighting spirit and determination to win. I see her father in her eyes, her speech and her determination . It shows on his face (she has his face). She also reminds me of Kelly Monaco on the first season of DWTS. The judges hated her and were cruel in their comments. She listened to their critic and visibly improved weekly. Her fans voted for her and she won. I wish Bethanney can talk to Kelly, it would help her and I hope we who appreciate Bethanney want to see her win. And …… management may be staging it all with Johnny Weir and Laurie Ann Gibson to get a controversy going and get viewers, a la Bravo. Personally I don’t like either Johnny Weir (really turns me off) or Laurie Ann Gibson, but I have always respected and admired Mr. Buttons and I expect him to be honest.

  31. Kelly_Has_Big_ Shoulders says:

    From some tweets that I read from Bethenny she had been having insomnia and that could be why she was crying saying that if she could only sleep she would win the olympics.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Boy I know that feeling. So many nights I get to sleep then something wakes me and my brain starts going at warp speed and I can forget about getting back to sleep. I am just one of those people who can not turn off the brain – it is a tornado and mostly bad/worried thoughts. Something tells me Bethenny is also lacking a brain off-switch.

      • TheDesignDiva says:

        hadenough….OMG…we must be twins….I have yet to find the switch to turn my brain off after 15 years of practically NO SLEEP……It’s always on…Evn script pills do not have any effect on me….Pills that make people sleepy and droopy SPEED ME UP…My meto is really off balance and no cure…..LOL….. I am sure when I die they will have to poke me a few times…JUST TO BE SURE….

      • klmh says:

        This sounds so dumb, but give it a try. I had so much trouble sleeping and it worked for me. When your head touches the pillow, after your prayers, close your eyes and focus on the word sleep. See it spelled out with your eyes shut. Every time you start to think of something else, refocus on that word.
        Anyway, its worked for me lately.
        Good luck.

      • Cheri says:

        Boy do I know that feeling, my brain never stops even when I sleep I dream and most mornings wake up remembering the dreams. No wonder I never feel rested

  32. Kelly_Has_Big_ Shoulders says:

    @ error404, I agree with you 100% .

    • LurkerAlso says:

      MELATONIN works wonders for me.

      • TheDesignDiva says:

        I have tried this and valarium root to no avail….I have NOISES in my head…..been really bad lately..BUT….I actually found out what was causing it…I have whats referred to as cervical radioculpathy…..and spinal stenosis….The crushed discs actually emit a SWOOSHING noise that you hear in your head….so for years NO DOCTOR could tell me what this noise was…they thought I was KOO KOO….yea right…found this info on a website the other day and I am jumping for joy knowing that the NOISE is NOT a figment of my imagination…Now if I could only find a Dr here to treat me …none will because I dont have insurance….. SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS…….
        THE BENJAMINS…….

  33. OneMoreInBoston says:

    This is a busy time of year for me at work, and I just was able to sit down and read through the last blog and this one.

    I am absolutely INFURIATED at the situation that you now find yourself in. My armpits are getting sweaty and icky, I am so mad right now.

    I left you several comments on the previous blog.

    As @adgirl mentioned, I am sure this is very overwhelming. All of us want to help you because we all care about you so much. We all have different backgrounds, so you have the lawyers giving legal advice, the more medically inclined posters giving medical advice, and finally the more spiritual among us giving you spiritual advice.

    I know that you said you don’t want anymore surgery because of the pain. I also saw that you feel this situation has changed the way you now live your life.

    I have absolutely no words of wisdom for you. This is a descision for you to make. And not necessarily now.

    But please know whichever way you decide to go, we will all love and support you in your journey.

    Sending you love…

    • justanothermary says:

      One thing I know for sure is that being a part of this blog means being supported, no matter what a person is going through or what decisions are made. It’s been a blessing to me in so many ways, thank you and thank everyone who has sent me love, prayers, advice and good will.

  34. Had Enough! says:

    The KellIdiot wrote:

    @misscouturable Professor Alan Ziegler was my writing Professor at Columbia U. He’s an amazing poet. I wish I could go to U and see him.

    Yeah, so assuming he doesn’t have armed guards posted to keep you out (and who could blame him?), and assuming he hasn’t changed his name and left the country out of embarrassment, you could just take the Broadway/7th Ave local or since we know you couldn’t possibly figure out the subway system, you could take a taxi. Because he’s still listed on the Columbia GS website. Hell, he even won Columbia University’s Presidential Award for Outstanding Teaching, and from 2001-2006 he was chair of the Writing Division. Obviously, that was before they learned about you, his one colossal failure.

    Now here is a major funny for you. The KellIdiot writes:

    how awesome is the wwd article on @jillzarin. She’s the real deal. No fake products there. Go, jilllll

    Now here is the article (actually, just a paragraph in a longer article about other people):

    RICHES TO RAG TRADE: Prior to becoming a Real Housewife of New York, Jill Zarin racked up nearly two decades of experience working in the apparel business, first as a men’s dress shirt buyer at Filene’s and then in sales at a string of sock companies, including E.G. Smith, Royce Hosiery and Great American Knitting Mills. Now Zarin is leveraging that résumé to launch her own shapewear and leggings line under the Skweez Couture by Jill Zarin brand. “I’m obsessed with looking my best, and I wear Spanx, but there’s no competition out there,” said Zarin, who has partnered with Boca Raton-based Triad Hosiery on the venture.

    So what exactly did KellIdiot mean about fake products? Was she slamming the products of some other housewife? If so, what a BULLY. But considering that the KellIdiot is boasting about her own fake crap that she pretends is jewelry, I don’t know that she can really criticize anyone else’s product.


    • Semishark says:

      LOLZ: “assuming he hasn’t changed his name and left the country out of embarrassment, you could just take the Broadway/7th Ave local .”

    • lillybee says:

      Kelly is just being Kelly.

    • Blue Sky says:

      Sounds like she is slamming Bethenny’s Skinny Girl drinks, etc. Remember Kellade? Maybe she is slamming herself too! Kelly/Kidiot is so obsessed with B it is scary. She is truly a twit – no a twitiot ! No words to describe the deep crashing to infinity chasms of idiocy that is Kelly.

    • quincyil says:

      I bet spanx has a patent…probably several. So Jill is an expert in socks and she is going to make a competitor for spanx because she loves spanx. She better come up with a better mouse trap because spanx is going to look at her patent. What will she make hers out of? Old socks?

      While we are at it…. what is new about anything Jill comes up with? For that matter, all of these housewives are copying each other. I heard that the recipe for the Skinny girl margarita was floating around for years before Bethenny claimed it.

    • karrylin says:

      you did!
      Scarlett Johannson did a really funny imitation of MM/stanger.

      I watched the real MM tonite and was shocked.
      I think Stanger might be listening to her critics….she wasnt even obnoxious!

      But, her two M’s were different than anyone I’d ever seen on her show..and she let the Mohawk and purple bangs gal….do the picking.
      It was a show…of WOW….Patty wasnt as obnoxious as she’s always been!
      I bet she has been secretly reading Lynnns Blog!!

      But the previews look pretty much the same for her next show…haha

  35. 2Stupid says:

    Andy’s blog is pretty pro Bethenny. Check out if you haven’t already read.

  36. AZ Girl says:

    OT. Top Chef All Stars start tomorrow Wed December 1 YEA!!!

    • T-Rex says:

      I cannot Wait until that starts!!!! I think it’s so cool they are having an AllStars show! I knew they would eventually, but glad it is going to be this year! WOOHOO!

      • AZ Girl says:

        Great line up. Hopefully Tiffany has “cooled” down a bit. Richard Blais is not using liquid nitro on everything and Tre will get to show his stuff. With the exception of a few it really is anyone’s game.

        • T-Rex says:

          That’s what is great! We all have favorites from “Seasons Past” and all will have to give their A-Plus game in All aspects gastronomy!

          • vilzvet says:

            The food fight promos are starting to gross me out though. Who throws vats of tomato sauce on each other in the real world?!

  37. quincyil says:

    Somewhere on this site is a link to Jill in a flowing katan. It came to my mind that Jill looks just like Endora, the mother of Samatha in “Bewitched.”

  38. jables says:


    delurking to say my heart goes out to you for what you have been through! I am an RN and I would encourage you to request copies of all your medical records from that surgeon…it is a great way to get the ball rolling.

    May I suggest that you specifically ask for copies of any consent forms that you may have signed prior to the procedure? One reason that lawyers may be reluctant to pursue your case is that a well-written and broadly worded consent form makes medical malpractice cases quite difficult to prove. Unfortunately, as long as the surgeon can demonstrate that he warned the patient of the “possibility” a complication may occur, most courts will rule in the surgeon’s favor as long as there is no gross negligence on the part of the MD.

    Look specifically at the section on the form that outlines possible complications. Look for the words “poor wound healing”, “breast contour and shape irregularities” or something like that.

    If the surgeon failed to document the possibility of these type of complications on the consent form you signed, that makes it more likely that you could pursue your claim successfully. Which may help you find a lawyer to work with you (and/or make the surgeon lean on his insurance company to settle with you quick!).

    Believe me, nothing makes a doctor sweat more then a request to see a copy of your consent.

    It’s probably a long shot but I hope that helps.

    Best of luck!

    • klmh says:

      This is the generic form signed by patients before surgery:https://sitemanager.acsysinteractive.com/vSiteManager/Salinas/Public/Upload/Docs/ic_english.pdf
      Copied from form:_____________________
      3. All operations and procedures carry the risk of unsuccessful results, complications, injury or even death, from both known and unforeseen causes, and no warranty or guarantee is made as to result or cure. You have the right to be informed of:
      • The nature of the operation or procedure, including other care, treatment or medications
      • Potential benefits, risks or side effects of the operation or procedure, including potential problems that might occur during recuperation
      • The likelihood of achieving treatment goals
      • Reasonable alternatives and the relevant risks, benefits and side effects related to such alternatives, including the possible results of not receiving care or treatment
      • Any independent medical research or significant interests your doctor may have related to the performance of the proposed operation or procedure
      Except in cases of emergency, operations or procedures are not performed until you have had the opportunity to receive this information and have given your consent. You have the right to give or refuse consent to any proposed operation or procedure at any time prior to its performance.

      • jables says:

        My point exactly…the form you linked to is a generic form and quite broad in it’s interpretation. She could argue that her doctor did not inform her of the possibility that her results could be so devastating. The doctor is responsible for outlining specific risks associated with each specific procedure to be performed (pre-existing conditions should also be taken into account).

        Many doctors are a little sloppy when it comes to filling in the specifics.

        So if justanothermary’s doctor did not specifically document the possibility of “deformity” due to poor breast shape or contouring she is in a much stronger position going into litigation.

        I know many an MD who has gotten tripped up on these sort of loopholes (and in many cases rightly so!).

        A friend of mine (also in the healthcare field) had a breast augmentation-gone-wrong which resulted in her skin pulling away from her sternum. She ended up with a “uniboob”. Because the consent she signed did include this kind of specific language (related to breast shape and contouring) she had to pay out of pocket to have them corrected (although she did find a great surgeon who gave her a discounted rate).

        Anyway, thanks lynnnchicago for bringing together such a great group of people on this site!

        • klmh says:

          All good points. Hope these posts help JOMary.
          I don’t feel comfortable discussing this at this time, so Im going to let this go.

          Justanothermary, I contacted Lynn this morning after I read your note last night and asked her to send you my email address. My friend would like to answer and help if you are still interested in contacting her…

        • JKW says:

          justmary…..also it may be worth your while to ask (even if you have to pay ) an attorney to ask for the records. Even if he isn’t going to take your case or do anything. I think an attny asking for the records may scare them a bit more than just you. Also you started here but you should post the hospital, the surgeons name and what happened as many places as possible. Neither will want the bad publicity. Twitter, post and more posts.

          • justanothermary says:

            If I can’t get an attorney to at least ask for the documents for me, I’ll ask myself. I’ve basically given myself until the first of the year to get an attorney. I’ll be researching everything I can get my hands on in the meantime and will proceed on my own if I have to. I just think it’s wrong that a dr. can do something like this to someone and not lose a minute of sleep over it.

  39. mariareads says:

    OK, here goes. I was going to refrain from commenting on this DWTS show but I’m in a HORRIBLE mood today (probably brought on by my own fears) and I need to vent !

    1. I think this is an insane idea for a show. It’s ice. That is a completely different animal than dancing on a dance floor. I don’t see how anyone who doesn’t skate could do this. It’s idiotic.

    2. The judges are AWFUL They have no personality and for the chick and that johnny weird guy -they just seem like miserable bastards. Not because of Bethenny but just in general. Kind of an overly impressed with themselves behavior and it turns me off. They are completely unprofessional.

    3. B looks uncomfortable. No big deal. If she goes home-she goes home, just like all the others will. I do think there is an element of snark w/ those judges when it comes to her and it seems odd to me. If she isn’t smiling until the camera is on her maybe she’s wondering what the hell she is doing there having to take the krap of a JZ pal and that wacko woman judge. Don’t know for sure, but I would be pissed.

    It’s just a lousy show and drags. That analyzing of the performance thing a la the Olympics is just ridiculous. These are not professional skaters! YEESH! Also, B is overwhelmed and it shows. She should never have done this. It is the final straw for her and it’s breaking her. She’s way too tired and had too much on her plate to do something this physical. It’s demanding and needs constant practice and attention. She’s not in the zone. I would much rather have seen JZ do this and fall on her ass.
    Still, for someone who isn’t a skater I really thought B did OK. Those lifts are not easy and require strength from her as well as coordination. All in all I think it’s just a lousy show. Bad, bad idea and very poorly executed.

    OK..all done now. Sorry for the snark but watching it last night was painful.

    • realminkey says:

      maria, count me in on being in a horrible mood today, and also like you, I found SWTS to be a big fat awful mess. To me, B would be lucky to be voted off, so she can move on with a more constructive and rewarding venture.

  40. T-Rex says:


    KimmieZ is selling her Crib, again. Don’t know if anyone posted this yet. Too bad they don’t require the Realtor site to provide a “scratch and sniff” section because with how much she smokes in her house, it’s got to be pretty stinky! With all that furniture of Fabric, you can’t get that smell out, no matter how much Febreeze you try to spray.

  41. Had Enough! says:

    Boy, that sums it up nicely. You are so right. On DWTS, these people can barely pretend to dance, and skating is way harder. And yes, the judges are just terrible.
    And I think Bethenny is pushing it too far with this show.

    In retrospect, maybe I am wishing she is sent home. It would be the best thing for her. Being associated with this lousy show is not worth it for her.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Sorry that went in the wrong place. I was agreeing with Mariareads.

    • lillybee says:

      The timing is all wrong for Bethenny because she has to fly back to NYC to film her other show.

    • mariareads says:

      You know what? I think you are on to something. Maybe she is thinking she made a huge mistake signing on to such a crummy show. For someone who has been enjoying much success it must seem double crummy!

  42. Tara says:

    Haven’t posted in ages but always reading! I have to say I love Bethenny. She did good for someone only skating for 6 weeks especially for someone who is definitely not on the ice a minimum 6 hours a day. I competitively skated from 10 yrs old until 17 which is late in life to start learning. Then I decided to start coaching but always kept up with my own training until I got pregnant with my son at 23. It’s been 6 years and I haven’t touched the ice since. My husband tells me all the time to get back into it but even with a 6 yr old I don’t have the energy to be in the rink at 5am like I used to. I would cry lol so I can’t even imagine doing it with a brand new baby. (sorry I had to babble my life story before getting to my points) also roller blading was almost the death of me! thanks for listening to me ramble on.

  43. Had Enough! says:

    Here we go again. The KellIdiot says:

    Kelly Killoren Bensimon has done it again with a jewelry line that deconstructs and recreates an era of love, lust, and riots. The contrasting materials are what intrigue you… that and the prices. Earrings, necklaces and cuffs all range from just $58 – $128 and can be purchased at Intermix, Wink, and KKB Onlineshop. In this collection you will also find an updated version of her single charity earring in which all net proceeds are donated to Feeding America.

    Well, no. They are not on the Intermix website. As best we can tell, she persuaded Intermix in Soho to display a couple of pieces. Probably on consignment. Wink? Nope. Not there. And not even on KKB Onlineshop.

    She isn’t even claiming that this craptastic shit is sold by Blue and Cream. Guess that was another of her delusions.

    It looks like she copied Lynn Curtains Cuffs Craptastic here:


    • realminkey says:

      Oh yuk! Even that site looks like it needs a shower and a good scrubbing. And where is this craptastic crap of hers with all those millions of little seed beads made, anyway?

    • klmh says:

      Just awful. She was inspired by dog’s collars from years past for some of this crap. Who would duplicate this stuff?

      • mariareads says:

        Good God! I could retch. What idiot helps her get this stuff manufactured or is she sitting at her kitchen table doing it herself? No offense to those who create at home. But this stuff is just krapola. STTTOOOOPPPP!!

        These women are over joyed with themselves but someone must be out there buying this garbage.

    • Damnert says:

      So she is recycling her old, dirty hair extensions by making necklaces out of them. uhmmmm ewwwww

    • BessiB says:


  44. LynnNChicago says:

    @AndyCohen: A HILARIOUS time at Skating w/ Stars cheering on @Bethenny aka Minnie Mouse. An INSANE world. Sean fell omg! http://plixi.com/p/60043088

    • T-Rex says:

      I posted this earlier! Give it up for QuincyIl to be “0n the ball” since you are the Bomb! You are the best, and since I am the “newbie” the Peeps here read you first. Not doing a dig, I know that Quincy is an established member of this Blog.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        I read the comments chronologically 😀 Sometimes from the bottom up and sometimes from the top down.

        • T-Rex says:

          I want to apologize for my comments, they were meant to be a Kudos to Quincy! I love her posts to the Blog!

          • quincyil says:

            Oh, I thought you were an original to the blog since you are a dinosaur. lol..

            I must have missed your post. I have a satellite and it takes forever to post and the recover the blog. Sometimes, it returns me to where I was…sometimes…I am sent into a new section.

            I know a lot about the T Rex and you are not to be fooled with. LOL…. especially if you are hungry. LOL.

            • T-Rex says:

              I am always hungry LOL! My nickname came to me a while ago, for what I do for a Working Wage. I will reel you in with Sweetness, with a Smile and Laugh, but “cross” me and I will devour you in a Single bite! HA!

      • quincyil says:

        People around here do read and respond to all posters. When you come here, there is no date of arrival on your avatar. When you turn in your birthdate for the birthday party schedule, WSL doesn’t ask the year that you were born either.

        I looked upthread and you will be receiving the Kim Zolciak House for Sale finder’s fee in the mail in three days. It’s based on a percentage of the home’s value minus Kim’s current weight and divided by the number of whigs in her possession in the month that her pregnancy began times her chance of getting her own reality show.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          let’s see…so if I’m doing the math right, T-Rex will make more commissions from this posting than a whole year of Jen Sales professional blogging?

        • Wall St Lady says:

          I see several posters who aren’t on the birthday schedule. Please don’t deprive us of a party w/cake. Big Hug,

  45. Zipit Zarin says:

    I don’t watch DWTS but I voted for Bristol because Joyless Behore kept bitching that the only reason people were voting for her was because of her mother. “That’s RIGHT you dumb drag queen!” And Joyless would rigged the voted AGAINST her because of her mother if it was possible. And that’s different because………….? I wouldn’t watch SWTS if Bethenny wasn’t on and I voted for her because I love her. The judges are there to critique the dancing and skating, not the voters. It’s a popularity contest DUH. Otherwise there wouldn’t be the option to vote! I don’t think the concept of it being a popularity contest is that difficult. Ratings is a “popularity contest”. Having a gazillion friends on FB is a popularity contest. Having a bunch of followers on Twitter is a popularity contest. Getting elected is a popularity contest. SWTS is getting horrible ratings but I’m sure most people here are only watching it because of Bethenny. Like someone upthread said, I’d watch it if Foghorn was on just to see her fall and have them play it back in slow motion like they did Sean. OMG, that was sooo hilarious! I read Andy’s blog and he died laughing too. I couldn’t believe they played it again. I could hardly breath from laughing the first time. My step-mother fell down the steps and I told her it’s a good thing I wasn’t there because I would have laughed. I feel horrible for the person but I crack up. Not wanting to hurt their feelings makes it the church giggles on rocket fuel. Also, I watch the video of the interview from E! and Sean seems so likeable. Plus she obviously likes Bethenny, hehe. Did you see what the snake said at the end about Bethenny? OMG she SOOOO has it out for her! “Can I say that on tv?” Yeah, you can say that and confirm with your own mouth your bias against her. Thanx for that!

    • Cdnfillie58 says:

      LOL Zipit, I’ve had many church giggles on rocket fuel, and got the evil eye from the many nuns in my day. They use to scare the crap out of me and my giggles would get worse out of sheer nervousness..thanks for the fond memories 🙂

      • quincyil says:

        I spent a lot of hours sitting in Church….looking at the stained glass windows. I also wrote the back of the spelling book one million times. I was punished non stop for eight fun filled years of Catholic School. They thought they would break me… but they did not.

        • AZ Girl says:

          Lived across the street from the convent at our school. The nuns parked their car in our driveway. We all had to carry in their groceries. What is with the shoes that make absolutely no sound????? If it wasn’t for the rosaries clinking you would never know they were coming up behind you. HA!!

          • quincyil says:

            I also had to scrub the floors in the Convent. They had tan square times in a very large rec room. I spent a lot of time washing that floor.

            • KTinCT says:

              I attended Catholic school from kindergarten through 12th grade and had my fair share of nuns. In 5th grade I was slepped in front of the class for writing on a worksheet map in pen insteadof pencil. In high school we would get two hour detentions if our shirts were “untucked” (uniforms). Sister Marion Raymond walked up to me one day in the hall between classes, pulled my shirt tail out of my skirt, pointed at it and said, ” that’s a Friday” ( detentions were served on Friday thus earning detentions the nickname “Fridays” ). To this day, when shopping anywhere, I shudder when I see a nun. Sorry if that rambled, just felt like sharing. 🙂

            • KTinCT says:

              Yeah that should say slapped, not slepped…oops 😉

    • Golden Girl says:

      I agree! You vote for who you like regardless of who others vote for.

    • cusi77 says:

      Zipit_ You cracked me up! Ha!

    • TEB says:

      Zip it- I believe it’s for the ratings. They want us to hate the judges so we watch. I refuse to be messed with by a network. I like Bethenny a lot- but I will no longer watch- or vote.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Wow, GMTA. I posted the same thing below. But I will still play along because I’m team Bethenny 😀

        • TEB says:

          GMTA? Sorry- I’m internet stupid 😉
          I can’t play b/c it insults my intelligence (which is why we loved Bethenny in the first place). She MUST know. I’m a firm supporter of BFH but not of this show.

          • TEB says:

            I should also add that I have to go to bed (but I look forward to seeing Zip It’s posts.) I’m sorry I have to jump on and off the board. Toddlers, ya know.

  46. klmh says:

    What a great attitude. Bethany was quoted as saying:

    Frankel was unfazed by the criticism, saying, “I just had the best time of my life. I don’t care if they give me zeros — I really don’t. We’re not here for the judges.”

    Love this!

  47. quincyil says:

    About Bethenny…

    I think she doth complain too much.

    It gets old when someone complains non stop.

    So I will stop now.

  48. AZ Girl says:

    O.K. all the easterners and midwestern people. Rejoice! I am freezing here and you are all welcome to do the “happy dance”. 🙂

    • cusi77 says:

      We are freezing here in Las Vegas! Last week we had a little snow in town and all the mountains have snow at the top… it is so beautiful!

      My hubby works around town with turists and he told me that a couple from Chicago told him here is colder than home!

      • AZ Girl says:

        @ Cusi. Thinking of heading up sometime after the holidays (if there is any money left) and staying at the new Aria resort. I can’t tell from the website where it is on the strip. Do you know? Is it nice? Let me know. They are having some really great promotions.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      It’s cold here in Texas too. I’m doing the Snoopy Dance because I miss winter in South Dakota.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I would but my legs have stiffened up from the cold!

    • KTinCT says:

      Here in Connecticut it’s unusually warm (50 + degrees and such) but it has been pouring rain with ridiculous wind. Tree branches and other debris all over the place. At this point I’d rather have snow 🙂

  49. Zipit Zarin says:

    I’m suspicious of all *reality* shows now. I was thinking, like someone else above, that maybe the rift between the female judge and Bethenny has been created for ratings. I’ve had my reality show virginity taken already so it wouldn’t shock me or upset me. It’s apparently how you play the “I want to be rich and famous” game. It would be nice if someone let’s us in on the scam once its been played out tho.

  50. cusi77 says:

    I bought in Ebay the most beautiful denim dress ever! It arrived today… guess what?
    I look like a stuffed turkey in it! Toooooooo small! I think those “calories” b…ches have been tighting the size 6P!

  51. lillybee says:

    Off topic but still about a reality show. Heidi Klum wore Mondo’s polka dot dress on a big red carpet event. Good for Heidi.

  52. Zipit Zarin says:

    Hey, Lynn, I just noticed your tweets at the bottom. How long have you had that? lol ImaDork strikes again.

  53. Zipit Zarin says:

    Ok, I made a Twitter account. If you see Kurt Remark ever tweet, that’s me but I doubt I will. 😛

  54. cusi77 says:

    Someone watching Fashion Show? Eduardo’s dress is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

    • error404 says:

      I thought Nami was the better house.

      I thought the winning dress was awkward and odd, and the runner up was so generic and too 50s, nothing modernized about it. I thought Caesar’s 2nd look was god awful.

      • cusi77 says:

        I agree with you a 100%. I did not like the dress that won. Cesar’s 2nd look … did you like it?

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        I didn’t like the Nami house. I thought it didn’t flow…fabric wise and looked too heavy. Though I did love Calvin’s skirt.

        I actually liked Golnessa’s dress, but I love those types of dresses. I’m surprised that the judges didn’t mention how well Ceasar’s plaid matched up on his pants (first look). Like Isaac said that is really tough.

  55. Noelle says:

    Happy Holidays to all…just checking in. Unable to click in the past week..what have I missed?

    Missed all your snark..I could have used it!

    • TEB says:

      Does your Mom play yet?

      • Noelle says:

        NO…and I’m not happy! She says she not witty or interesting enough (nonsense) and I call bullshit. She is really so much fun…she’s lovely as my my mom, but offers so much just being her.
        I tried to even offer up “handles,” in hopes of enticing her out..no luck so far. I determined for her to come on and enjoy Lynn’s “romper room!” 😉

  56. Adgirl says:

    OMG my very favorite holiday movie is on. Rudolph!

    And Hermey the elf – he wants to be a dentist! Good times!

    • Noelle says:

      I was on the BIGGEST roller coaster of my life with my brother, and while going up…he said in the perfect Hermy voice..I just want to be a dentist, continuously..best time of my life!! 😀

      • Adgirl says:

        Damn I love that crazy stuff.
        When we were in Europe on vacation a police car roared by with the strange siren Doo-woo-Doo-woo and my husband leaned over and said “Get Bourne!”

        We also hum the Amazing Race theme at airports.

    • KTinCT says:

      Watched Rudolph as well, it’s a classic, right! I cannot wait until my daughter (she is 16 months old today) is able to stay awake late enough to watch it with me 🙂

  57. Wall St Lady says:

    TLM says:

    November 30, 2010 at 10:21 am
    Kathie Lee is the God Mother of one of the K. Girls & has been a friend of Chris’s since b4 the girls were born. Kathie also mentioned that Kim has 1mil+ followers. That popularity certainly drives appearances success.
    Did anyone see Kim’s nude pictures in W ? There was a close up of her fanny that showed how big her fanny pores are. I thought her fanny looked horrible & so did WSM. We looked at the airport & DiD NOT buy W.

  58. Wall St Lady says:

    When did Miss B call the judge a snake ? I missed that.

  59. lillybee says:

    I just watched a promo on TLC for a new reality show, Bama Belles. Guess what it is running Sun at 10. I have a guess why RHOA was changed to Sundays.

  60. Adgirl says:

    OK it’s really late now and the kiddies should be in bed.
    Really, really OT.

    We recently moved to the neighborhood I grew up in. My husband is from a different state. Yesterday we were driving up a side street and a house caught my attention.
    I realized it was the house I lost my “youknowhat”.

    It took everything in me to NOT point that out to my husband! Somehow I don’t think he would have appreciated that information.

  61. LynnNChicago says:

    I’m afraid I have some bad news, I got the following email from Boston02127 today:

    Dear Lynn, I haven’t been on the blog for a few days. On Sunday night at about 2 A.M. the hospital called here and said we should come. My mother has developed pneumonia due to her swallowing problems because of the PSP. They have been letting me stay there with her. This afternoon they moved her to a section of the hospital called Comfort Care. There will be no more meds, needles, etc. She has a living will, her wishes are not to be “picked & poked at”. They had her on Adavan to comfort her and have started her on a morphine drip at about 4 today and she is resting comfortable. The past 2 days were awful. I can’t even explain what she’s been thru without crying more.

    I came home a little while ago, two of my aunts and her brother are with her now. They told me to go home and sleep a little & shower, etc. (I can’t sleep) I’m going to go back over there at about 8-ish. They told me in the Comfort Care unit that she will pass quietly (without suffering) within the next 48 hours.

    You can let the girls know & prayers for the next few days are so needed. I’ll e you later in the week.
    Thx Lynn.

    • Noelle says:

      I’m so sorry.

    • lillybee says:

      Boston, I am so sorry. I know that you love your Mom. My best wishes for you and her.

    • California35 says:

      I noticed this on my way up – so sorry for Boston.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Words cannot express….

      Boston & her mom & family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Bea from NJ (@sweeetbea on Twitter) says:

      My prayers for Boston & her family 😦

      • HD says:

        I am really sorry to hear this, Boston. You have always cared for your mom from what I recall reading on the blog and you have been a wonderful daughter. One that I am sure she is very proud of, that obviously she has raised well and that will continue on in life making her proud of the wonderful woman that you are. May God bless you during this time.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I am very sorry {{{{{Boston}}}}}.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      Dearest Boston, we love you and because of you, we love your mom. Sending you both love and prayers right now.

    • Blue Sky says:

      So sorry for your loss, sending you love & prayers to get through this sad time.

      • vilzvet says:

        This is terrible. I imagine Boston’s mom is very very young. So sad to hear this, I will be praying today for her and someone else in my life (who has had the luck to be 85 bless her).

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I’m so sorry…our prayers go out to you Boston.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I’m sorry sorry. 😦

    • AZ Girl says:

      Sending prayers to Boston and her family in this difficult time.

      • mariareads says:

        I’m so sorry, Boston. It’s terrible to lose our parents and the moment is truly surreal. My mom lives with us and I am afraid for her a lot these days. Please feel my prayers and hugs as I think of you and you family over the next few days.


      • quincyil says:

        I sense that the bleed Boston’s mom had was more significant than they told Boston. No one had the heart to tell her, is my guess.

        This is just awful. I want to go to South Boston right now.

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      Boston, I am sorry to hear about your mother. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your mother and your family.

      • Earring Girl says:

        Sweet Boston – I just got back in town last night – my prayers are with you at this time.

    • American Idiot says:

      My sympathies, Boston. It is very hard to lose a parent. Your mom is lucky to have you and the rest of the family there with her. You are an exceptional daughter.

    • nancy says:

      Boston, my prayers are with you and your family. I am so very sorry.

    • Golden Girl says:

      I am so sorry boston my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    • klmh says:

      My thoughts and prayers to you, your mother and family. God bless.
      Im glad she is resting comfortably and the pain has subsided.

    • zoekayla says:

      Boston, You are in my prayers as is your dear mother. You were such a thoughtful caregiver to her, and I know that she was/is very grateful to you for your love and attention. I am glad she is comfortable – that is a comfort for you, I hope. Your LynnFam is feeling your pain and wishing you and your mother peace.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Boston, I’m so sorry to hear this. No matter how prepared we feel we are, we’re never really ready for this. My advice is to live one moment, one breath, and one step at a time. There are times when you can’t imagine the future, but you can do that one small thing in front of you, one at a time. And that moves your forward through the hard times. Even if you’re not able to sleep, try some kind of mediation or relaxation to quiet your brain. Remember that your mother is at peace and wants only the best for you.

      I’m thinking of you.

    • twoile says:

      (((((((((((((((((((((( Boston, her Mom & family)))))))))))))))))))))))

    • TrillianAlice says:

      Oh, I am sorry, this has me just in tears for you Boston. My thoughts are with you and your family. I wish I could do more.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      oh well sh*t.

      This poor kid. I feel so f*cking bad for her right now.

      I almost lost my damn mind when my mom died and I was 39, I don’t know what I would have done at 19.

      Lynn, if you are in contact- prayers being sent her way

    • KTinCT says:

      Boston, I know no words will comfort you but my heart goes out to you and your family. I will keep you and your family in my prayers. {{{{{{{{{{Boston + Family}}}}}}}}}}

    • psol says:

      I’m really sorry. You and your family are in my prayers.

  62. Noelle says:

    I feel I’ve lived in in some kink of HELL this past week.
    I spent it with my in-laws (my kids, hubby) his sister/hubby & kids.
    Long story short, Grandma does not care about my children and in a nut shell..stated I became “ill”..because I’m weak. After digesting this you ingrate and disparaging my children to boot..my WEAK-ass foot can kick it right through your FAT- ass straight through your hollow brain.
    I was brought up in a fine family, but I have a temper and use it when warranted.
    Did NOT say a word,(after all they gave them birth, if nothing else)not because I didn’t want to, but also because I don’t want these people to matter to my kids.

    Limited Info…Any Feedback appreciated..thank you

    • Noelle says:

      edit*him birth*

      • Adgirl says:

        Arrgh. I am sure you handled it very well. You love your husband and don’t want to upset him.
        He grew up with her so obviously he knows how unpleasant she can be. He may choose to ignore it, but he knows. He probably doesn’t want to talk about it either.

        I guess you can look that at any time you do spend with inlaws are a *gift* to your husband. And be grateful that you don’t live close to her.

        BTW- My parents were not good grandparents. Some people just aren’t. I just accepted it. They missed out on knowing some fabulous people.

        • justanothermary says:

          My thoughts exactly. My parents never accepted my sons as their grandchildren and it’s their loss. I have wonderful kids and grandkids who would have been a blessing to my parents, but we all have to live with the decisions we make. Their loss.

        • Noelle says:

          Thank you for your response.

          I’m from a huge family and it is what it is. My parents’ did the best they did with the tools they had. I applaud them for giving me my own mind and voice.

          Family get-togethers=Huge fights, Major disagreements…death by sword..JK..JK! 😉 LOL
          It is what it is. I Love my huge FAMILY! 🙂 🙂

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I can understand your frustration and anger; your mother in law sounds like a bit of a kook. You are probably right in not saying anything to her, although I am sure it would have felt good at the time, it would resolve the issue (your MIL mean to the point of being cruel).

        You have children and a husband who I sense you adore, she has an acid tongue You are the real winner.

      • klmh says:

        Noelle, you will relive this moment for a long time and will be so happy you responded as you did. Every family has a nut or two in it and you handled yourself with dignity and grace. Congrats!

    • Starry Night says:

      Noelle, for putting up with such ignorance from your MIL, you will go “straight to heaven.” As it’s been said by many, “you can choose your friends, but not your family….” Sending you extra patience & hugs to deal with the creepy MIL! Good thing they are not close to you!

    • mariareads says:

      Noelle, I don’t know your situation exactly but I can sure tell it was a bad time! My kids were odd men out for my mother-in-law because I am not Catholic (and some other things she didn’t seem to care for about me). We baptized them Greek Orthodox Christian because we could not split our kids up (twins) to go to 2 different churches! Oh, what a price I paid. As for the sick part-I got fibromyalgia and CFS when the kids were little. The diagnostic process is hell because they are eliminating all manner of things because there is no test for fibro or CFS. At first MIL was OK. Then she started having these little chat fests w/ her daughters about my “mental state” because it was “all in my head”. Things went to heck really fast. Now she has passed but one of my husband’s sisters-in-law still does the dirty work. I’m never comfortable around his family. It was horrible. One year she gave my twin boys girl’s pajamas and another year she gave all the families Royal Worcester (sp) pieces but I got a nightgown from Bradlees (discount store like Target). Can’t really mistake that for anything other than what it was LOL! She gathered all the pics my husband had given her of our kids and put them in an envelope and told us she didn’t have room for them. Those little itty bitty school pics and their baby pics? I cried for a week. Anger/sadness. I felt both all of her life. I’m so sorry for whatever caused you pain. I have been there and it hurts more for your kids than it does for you most of the time. My kids were great little ones and they are great young men. So sad for everyone, yes?

  63. California35 says:

    Lynn thanks for the blog, I haven’t actually read it, but I reallly wanted to say something before I do. I recorded SWTS and just had a chance to watch, I only got through Bethenny’s part and I MUST say I am so angry and I don’t even want to watch the rest of the show. I am sure many will agree (or already wrote) that it is fustrating. Nothing against the other players ans even the one who just fell and got much better grade….but what the … ??? She did very good -and if not perfect, she didn’t deserve the conents or the score. Again to ofence to the players, but what are the others doing besides SWTS … Pls correct me if I’m wrong but Bethenny has a career and a life… Is that what makes the judges not like her? Who ate these judges? I never heard of them yet SHE us everywhere already. Maybe she needed to wait until she had nothing else to do out side of SWTS to do this, so those judges would have at least the symphathy they give the others.

    Thank you for the blog where I can come to express my fustration. Now I will go up to read your post and the conents.

  64. terry aley says:

    I thought Bethenny had a great performance. Keep in mind, she’s been skating for maybe six weeks. I can’t believe anyone would take that tone with her considering she’s skated brilliantly AFTER ONLY SIX WEEKS! Two other skaters fell during performances, and the judges were like “Oops, accidents happen to the best of us.” It’s one thing to point out ways to improve a performance, but the first two judges acted almost disgusted by her performance. It’s as if they’re watching someone who won the gold in pairs at Nationals, and they’re stunned at the sloppiness. I think it’s nothing short of a miracle she’s doing this well! SIX WEEKS! I grew up on rollerskates and have ice skated now and again. And it’s not identical, but the balance principles and body movements are similar. Brandon is doing such a great job because he has years of roller skating experience. I don’t care what people say, he does have an advantage over most of the other skaters.

  65. lillybee says:

    My heart is breaking for Boston. Through this blog I have started to love her. I love the way she has cared for her mom, gone to school and worked so many jobs. I wish I could do more for her than extend my love and best wishes and prayers.

  66. Noelle says:


    Hey Sweeties.
    Let’s just send prayers for now, I’m Rright there with you.

    noelle xoxo

  67. Marina says:

    B would of been better off on Dancing with the Stars, but that wouldn’t happen. It’s just not that comfortable watching her “skate”… 6 weeks, 6 months. Having said that, I could buy the Johnny Wier, Jill Zarin thing, and he looked stupid in that Chanel jacket, per usual.

  68. Noelle says:

    lily, mary.

    Are you here?

  69. Noelle says:



  70. Had Enough! says:

    I think we should take up that collection we were going to send to Boston and instead send it to the charity of her choice in her name (I assume she will give it to Lynn). For instance, there is a PSP Foundation. I am always a little bit leery of these medical charities because they often spend a lot on themselves and little on actual research, so I will investigate it first, but if not this organization, then anywhere that Boston and her mother like.

  71. realminkey says:

    Oh dear, I’m so sad to see Boston’s note. It’s so heart wrenching.

    We love you, Boston.

  72. TLM says:

    Watching Clean House with the Loria (Lauria?) family, the Piscataway, NJ Messiest Home in the Country. I’ve watched these people several times and each time, I want to punch them. I really think the Mom, Sue, needs psychiatric help, and her daughters are not far behind. The 3 of them were living like hoarders with ugly-ass decor that hadn’t been changed since 1972, and whenever asked to give anything up, the Mom would get this little sheepish smile and say, “No.” It had looked like the older daughter was wanting to change, since she called Clean House in the first place. But she did the same stubborn smiley thing as the mother every time they wanted to get rid of something. She even looks exactly like her mother. Congratulations, Mom, you raised another hoarder who will probably die buried under her own junk piled up to the ceiling. Clean House should never have agreed to take all those tubs of crap back into the house to go in the basement; they should have kept that stuff out on the lawn and made them sort through it and get rid of 90% of it. It solved nothing and just indulged these people in their sickness. Like they’re ever going to dig through these tubs stacked the entire length of their basement?? Please. The other daughter wasn’t much better, and the daughter who got married probably has a house that looks the same way.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Is there a pathological opposite of hoarding? I can’t stand accumulation of stuff. I am always going through drawers and closets and saying “what is this? do we need it?” and I love getting rid of stuff. Not to say we don’t have a lot of tschotschkes. We do – but every one is a memory of a trip we took or a person we love. But I love to get rid of stuff – so much so that when we moved to this house after 14 years of marriage and 8 years in our previous house, I ended up with only two small boxes of stuff that, after moving, I realized were full of things we didn’t need/use and should have gotten rid of. Now, my other problem is that I can’t bear to throw out anything that someone can use. Some things are easy to donate – like clothing. Although not THAT easy. I refuse to give it to anyone who ends up taking it to/selling it in developing countries. That practices destroys the textile and clothing manufacturing sectors in those countries and costs them jobs and revenue. But I have solved that problem. But some things are hard to donate, such as large items. So I end up with things like rolled up rugs or sofas sitting here for weeks or months until I find someone who can use them and who will come get them. So sometimes in takes a while to actually move things out – we have a lot of “in transit” stuff – but it does go.

      There must be a name for this disease. Can I have my own reality show?

      • quincyil says:

        Yes, it is called, “The Jeff Lewis Syndrome.”

        • TLM says:

          Ha! I don’t think Jeff Lewis would hold onto anything that’s not part of his design. It would go out to charity of to the trash immediately. He’s way too OCD to tolerate anything out of place. The guy will move objects by the millimeter until they are precisely where he wants them.

          • Had Enough! says:

            Exactly. Our house is anything BUT Jeff Lewis minimalist. For instance, the mantel on the downstairs fireplace has four things on it, plus of course the artwork on the wall over it. The bookcase has nine things, the TV cabinet has a couple of dozen. We definitely would make Jeff Lewis cry out in pain. But all these things are our treasures – every one is a memory of a wonderful place we’ve been together or something we’ve done together.

            One thing I’ve found to be really problematic is the husband. No, I don’t mean the husband is clutter. But good lord that man generates clutter just by breathing. He walks into a house and empties the pockets and leaves little piles of debris everywhere. Then there’s his collection of cords, wires, and cables. We have boxes and boxes of cords, wires, cables, and power plugs for who-knows-what (in Europe, by law, the power plugs must be uniform to prevent this awful waste). And worse, they multiply in the night. Once, in my first and only Martha Stewart moment, I actually made him go through these boxes, untangle everything, put each one in a separate plastic bag, and put a bright pink index card in each bag identifying that particular item. And there they sit, neat and labeled and no one ever uses them. ONCE, exactly once, he actually found a wire he needed. And so that justifies his keeping of this enormous collection of wires and cables.

            Well here – the brilliant Christoph Niemann said/drew it so much better than I ever could: http://niemann.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/03/16/my-life-with-cables/

            And I suppose it is better than the first husband and his collection of used oil filter wrenches (kept for sentimental reasons).

      • TLM says:

        Had Enough, I don’t know where you’re located, but I think Goodwill has donation locations nationwide. I know the feeling of wanting things to go to the right place, but if all this stuff is taking up room in your house, it’s time to give it to a general charity like Goodwill, who will accept almost anything, including sofas and rugs. I am not aware of any of it going to developing countries. People buy things in Goodwill’s store, and that money goes to help charity.

        If you can find a specific charity to donate to, that’s great. I had a lot of career clothing and shoes. Some didn’t fit, some was just no longer my style anymore. I wound up taking it to Career Wardrobe, which does a clothing drive every month. They help outfit women who are returning to the workforce but cannot afford clothing. They accept casual clothing and accessories which they sell in their store to make money for the charity. It would have been easier for me to take everything to Goodwill, but I really wanted to specifically help women who are trying to get back on their feet. It was was a great feeling dropping that stuff off.

        In the past I have donated to a womens’ shelter for survivors of domestic violence. Those groups often have thrift stores that sell donations to make money.

        Finally, I have often had the need to get rid of toiletries I wasn’t using, such as a bottle of hand lotion that was 3/4 full, shampoo that was opened, perfume I didn’t wear anymore, etc. In other words, things that were still useable, but unacceptable to homeless shelters because they were opened. I could not stand the thought of throwing things away that were still useful. I was working in the city at the time, and there were always homeless around the train station. I would take a bag of stuff with me each day and leave it where the homeless congregated in the station. It was a great feeling to see them sorting through the bag and dividing things up amongst themselves. I knew these were things they could really use.

      • twoile says:

        HE just a short note to say there is an org which offers users/members (no cost) free exchange….I’m sure someone here may have the actual name & generously give it to you. The concept is item listed as offered, / response I want & will pick up, or something along this line.

  73. StillAWallflower says:

    Dear Boston my heart is aching for you and your family. I just went through this with my mom in September. The hospice care she received did make her passing more peaceful, but it’s still a devastating thing to experience.

    You are so loved on this board, even by those of us who are mainly lurkers. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family.

  74. Had Enough! says:

    According to Charity Navigator, PSP Foundation has a 4-star rating (that’s the highest given). Their administrative expenses are low – only 1.7% of their budget, and – to me the thing that matters a lot – their fundraising expenses are only 6.3% of their budget. It is a very small foundation – revenue under $5 mill/year. If anything, they should probably spend more on fundraising. But these “orphan diseases” – it is hard to raise money for them. The executive director is not paid an exorbitant salary by any standards; it is quite reasonable for the area where the foundation is located.

    I suggest that we begin collecting. We can send the funds through Lynn’s paypal account and Lynn can then make the donation on our behalf in honor of Boston and her mother.

    Lynn – is this OK with you?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I would be happy to! Can you send me the info on the charity so that I know where to send it, then I’ll let Boston know what we’re doing. You can send through my paypal RHSmith355@Gmail.com please put “Boston” in the comment section.

      I’ll track and send Boston a card with the names of the donors. This is a fantastic idea Had Enough!

      I hope you all agree.

      • JazzNightOut says:

        Absolutely. Keep your paypal account and info re: charity transferred to the next blogs so everyone will know. Thank you, Had Enough and Lynn, for opportunity to give and show Boston our love.

      • JazzNightOut says:

        Tried using your paypal account, Lynn, but only got my e-mail program format to send an e-mail to the addy you posted above. How does this work? Do I give you info over e-mail? Thanks.

        • Had Enough! says:

          Go to the paypal website:


          Sign up.

          Then once you have signed up, sign in with your userid and password.

          Click on send money.

          Put the e-mail address RHSmith355@Gmail.com in the “to” box. Put in the amount you want to send. Click personal and click gift or other.

          Then click continue. Review the info to be sure it is correct. Then in the message box, write For Boston.

          Then click Send money.

          Takes about 10 seconds.

      • klmh says:

        Thanks so much for setting this up Lynn.

      • zoekayla says:

        Thanks, Lynn, for doing this. I had no problems sending the donation.

    • klmh says:

      Thanks for the great idea about this org.

  75. AZ Girl says:

    @ Cusi. Left to a post upstream. Thanks

  76. vilzvet says:

    Good God is it really December 1st!?? On the plus side I have several gifts to wrap, and it will keep me busy on this day of torrential NY rain…have a good day all.

  77. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    Sending my Prayers to Boston.

  78. Molly says:

    Just wanted to say something abt Bethanny. I’ve missed her skating both times. But saw the judges-and I always think of Jill when the judges speak-2 are biased esp. woman judge. The female judge dsn’t belong on a skating show. The rink is way too small for what the show is suppose to be abt. And the set is gawdy-looks cheap. The host is doing a good job.
    Now to Bethanny ! I wish she hadn’t chosen to be on this show but I hope we see her realize some things on her own show. What I’m saying is I hope I don’t see her complaining abt no time at home.(like many have discussed here) And instead I hope she has a breakthrough abt doing too much. I disagree w whoever said that’s who B is. Circumstances made her that way but she can learn a new way. In a past post I said I hope we see the gentle,quieter side of B. She dsn’t have to do much more each yr. to be revelant. If she wrote a book every 2 yrs. or longer, did her blog, and apprd on tv once in awhile she wld be fine b/c ppl CARE abt her and her gifts she gives!
    When she was on every show recently that actually takes away fr her. She dsn’t have to work soo hard! We love her , we really love her! And I want her to be home more w her baby. It is such an imp time for her w her baby!!! Lots of quiet, gentle, UNSTRESSED time w Bryn. The baby dsn’t need to be on an airplane at all. She needs to be home w unstressed parents. I also wish she had a mentor who is a midwife b/c they have good ideas to share. (my oldest daughter is involved in midwifery)
    B/c I think B made an unwise choice to be on the show, I don’t fault her- just want her to get more balance. (like myself, I hope to judge myself less and get more balance)
    I hope she will speak more honestly abt herself on her show- like she did w her counselor.
    B has made great leaps by being w Jason. I hope she gives herself credit. She has to BE, not DO so much. She is smart and wise and I know she will figure it out- even if it takes a long time. (that’s how I do sometimes!) Her yoga is a great help I think.
    Well I wrote alot of opinions! That’s all for now. Blessings to everyone!

  79. SillyMe says:

    Hi Lynn! I agree with you, Jill’s bedding and draperies are just not my cup of tea. The colors look drabby to me, my mom wouldn’t even choose those colors for her. I’m saying this not because I hate Jill Zarin, but because her products offered are just not that great. Yes and I’m also annoyed with the Skating with the Stars’ judges and glad that Bethenny’s fans voted her through another week in spite of their low scores! 🙂

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