I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Atlanta

I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Atlanta

NeNe Leakes posted her blog last week after a long absence from blogging, most likely she’s pretty busy with The Celebrity Apprentice but she was pretty clear that her marriage is over. We watched as she visited a family law attorney last week on the show and she seemed to confirm that she filed for the divorce. The attorney told her she could file yet remain married indefinitely but it seems as though she’s ready now to move forward. Possibly she was waiting until the show finished filming or possibly waiting until she completed filming Celebrity Apprentice but it seems as though we’re going to have another Housewives statistic.

NeNe is following the same path as Tamra and Vicki of Orange County and Cat of DC with Bravo’s Housewives resulting in a divorce. There is no telling whether or not these marriages would have survived had these ladies not taken part in the Housewives series but I’m sure it played a part in the problems in the marriages.

Here is what NeNe had to say:

Gregg and I have held it together for years, but my breaking point has come. I’m one hell of a woman, and I am nobody’s fool.

We didn’t see NeNe’s husband Gregg on tonight’s episode, but we did see NeNe depressed and alone at home with no make up and she was clearly upset about the problems in her marriage. NeNe’s good friend Diana dropped by to make sure that NeNe was alright. Maybe self-centered Kim can take note of how real friends behave. NeNe is such a big personality that it was sad to see her like that.

It was clear that NeNe was also depending on her friend Cynthia, unfortunately Peter, Cynthia’s fiancé choses this time to decide to have a problem with his fiancé being on the phone with her friend. I can understand a man wanting his woman’s attention when he’s home, particularly when he’s away from home a lot. The restaurant business requires long hours and Peter was clearly stressed, but when someone is in need the way that NeNe is, he needs to stop being so selfish and allow his lady to be there for her friend. I was surprised that Cynthia bend the way that she did rather than standing up to him and telling him that she’s going to do whatever the hell she wants to do, including talking on the phone anytime she damn well pleases.

I was really disappointed in the way that the show ended, Peter being so unnecessarily rude to NeNe when she was simply trying to clear the air and figure out what was going on with his attitude that had completely changed toward NeNe. The fact that Peter and NeNe got along so well in the past and the fact that Cynthia has been portrayed as a strong independent woman was certainly not evident tonight. This turn of events was a bit shocking. I was surprised that Peter took out his anger at NeNe who did nothing more than call Cynthia on the phone. I was surprised that Cynthia allowed Peter to speak to his friend that way when she hadn’t done anything to deserve it. Cynthia is in a tough spot, being in the middle between your husband and your friend is the worst position to be in but if Peter is restricting her phone time when he’s at home, what’s next? I didn’t realize he was as controlling as he is. I really liked him up until tonight.

It was truly physically painful watching Kim Zolciak trying to sing, and I mean “TRYING” to sing because she simply cannot do it. I really don’t understand why the time and energy of this talented vocal coach was wasted on Kim because it’s not like anything is going to change. The best that she can hope for is that the words are coming out of Kim’s mouth in the proper order so that they can auto-tune and make the music louder than the lyrics so no one can hear her voice.

The seemingly unending resources that have been provided to Kim Zolciak could be so much better utilized on someone with talent and there must be literally thousands of more deserving singers in Atlanta alone. People in the music industry must be fuming if they see this nonsense. There is no way this woman would be taken seriously as a recording artist if she hadn’t had Big Poppa to pay for recording time during season one and if it hadn’t been for Bravo casting Kandi Burress alongside Kim Zolciak in season two of this show. I would really like to meet someone who thinks Kim’s signing is good just so that I can slap some sense into them. People really bought her song? Who? Let me at em!

The whole lesbian relationship with DJ Tracy Young is clear to me now, Kim used this woman because she had nothing going on while filming this show and she needed a storyline. She was becoming the Kelly Bensimon of Atlanta and Tracy Young is Kim’s Scary Island. It was all just PR and meant to get attention. After three years of watching Kim Zolciak on this show does anyone really believe that she is a lesbian?

Tracy seemed uncomfortable as all of the women were questioning her at the race course but Kim sending her assistant, Sweetie over there to retrieve Tracy and return her to her rightful place next to Kim was priceless. “Go get her” Kim said, then “Get her and go”. I was chuckling! Instead of Kim getting off her lazy ass and going over there to talk to everyone and be honest about what is going on, Kim decides to try to keep anyone from talking to Tracy all night.

Every episode Kim gets more and more like Kelly Bensimon, tonight Kim never stopped touching her hair, she twirled it, she smoothed it down, she pushed it off her face a million times, she just never stopped touching her hair. The only difference is we can safely assume Kelly’s hair is real, while Kim’s is a wig that looks like one that a hooker would wear.

Kandi and Kim have a discussion about their “tour” and apparently the plan was for Kim to open the show for Kandi. I am going to go out on a limb here and predict that something goes terribly wrong between Kandi and Kim because the song that they’re shoving down our throats, “The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing” wasn’t recorded and released, Kim recently released a song called, “Google Me”. The other clue is that Kandi is actually touring with Fantasia and not with Kim, most definitely a step in the right direction for Kandi.

While Kandi and Kim do not speak ill of each other, their blogs have quite a few little jabs at each other and they don’t speak at all on Twitter. Last summer the two ladies were constantly tweeting photos of themselves having dinner together, on vacation with their kids in the Bahamas and spending time at each other’s homes. They would tweet to each other joking and having fun but now they act like the other doesn’t exist. This back and forth about the royalties for “Tardy For The Party” still hasn’t ended, just last week Kandi reiterated on WWHL that she was screwed out of the money she was entitled to for the song and Kim insists that she paid Kandi everything that she was entitled to.

I don’t know if the only bitterness between Kandi and Kim is the song royalties or if something else happens that we will see on an upcoming episode, but there is no doubt that their close friendship is over.

Sheree’s acting could easily be compared to Kim’s singing, the difference is actually what Sheree pointed out, “Kim is laughing all the way to the bank”, whereas Sheree was offered an acting job that she would not be paid a dime for. Both ladies are a bit delusional as to their talent but when it comes to her acting, Sheree’s clothing line is spectacular. (I kid I kid) Watching Sheree pursue an acting career is just about as dull as television gets, watching Kim sing is truly painful. The only fun part about Kim’s singing is counting Kandi’s eyerolls.

Is this a new thing, racing luxury cars? I’ve never heard of that before, I think it’s a bit insane but I can say with certainty that if I had a $150,000 Aston Martin, the race track is the last place that I would take it. But the race track is where we found, Sheree with her Aston and Kandi with her Mercedes leaving rubber on the track as the other housewives watched. Kim rode in the car with Kandi and Kim’s guest and lover Tracy rode in Sheree’s car after promising not to speak a word to Sheree about her relationship with Kim. NeNe clearly didn’t want to be there but she was a pretty good sport and held her head high after her husband made a complete ass out of both of them on the radio just days before. Sheree won the race and Kandi, like Kelsey Grammer, is not a good loser at all! Maybe Camille Grammer should save Kandi the way she saved Kelsey and teach her how to graciously fake smile and clap when she loses.

Phaedra was not nearly as annoying tonight as usual, she doesn’t seem to join in with the other ladies but having just had a baby, I can understand her not attending the luxury car race. Her time is much better spent being shit on by her cute little baby. We saw Jill’s dog shit, we saw NeNe’s dog shit, even Sonja’s dog shit was featured on a Housewives episode but this was the first baby shit and Phaedra has the distinct honor of not only being the first housewife to allow her child’s poop to be shown on camera, but she held it up high in her bare hand for all to see. I love how they were surprised that the child went potty while naked and taking photos, what exactly did they expect? Phaedra then explained that usually white babies who eat canned foods poop all over their mommy, but not black babies who only eat fresh foods. Ok, that didn’t happen but it would have been hysterical if it had. The photos were actually very beautiful, that is one of the cutest babies on television! Apollo could have put a real shirt on for the photo shirt rather than a plain t-shirt, but I’m guessing the photos taken with his shirt off will be the keepers.

It was nice to finally see Phaedra showing just a bit of emotion over her new baby. She presented her husband with a really nice framed photograph. Apollo sleeping with the baby on his chest sleeping too was really beautiful and Phaedra actually got emotional as Apollo brilliantly asked, “when did you take that photo?”. Well, let’s see, you’re sleeping in the photo so it was obviously taken while you were working out in the gym. He then said, ”thanks” and put the photo on the floor. He was definitely more excited about his second gift, a limited edition Rolex watch was the kind of gift Apollo can appreciate.

Andy Cohen hosted Sheree and Tabatha Coffey on his little program, Watch What Happens Live and Tabatha looked amazing, Sheree looked like she had just strolled in from Church, what the hell was that dress she had on? It looked like one of those old fashioned dresses that they used to make female prisoners wear in old movies when they’re in jail. The length made her legs look huge and the color was putrid gray, it was just awful. I rarely comment on fashion because I’m no expert but wow, if that was a She By Sheree dress, she should stick to acting. Oh wait, she sucks at that too.

Sheree didn’t say anything fun or interesting or even a little bit snarky, she loves everyone, she’s happy for Kim, she thinks Phaedra is misunderstood and much nicer than she appears on television. Looking back to Sheree’s acting audition, she wasn’t hesitating while speaking because she was trying to remember her lines, she really does hesitate before speaking all the time.

Tabatha was great, I really wish she would have given her true opinion of Kim’s wig, her response of, “next question” gave us a good idea of how she feels about it, but I’d have loved to hear what she had to say. Tabatha was oh so kind when asked about Kandi’s hair, she did admit that it was “untidy” but she liked that Kandi has fun with color, so much fun that she looks like Woody Woodpecker, as Mickey Mouth so beautifully proved for us.

Andy Cohen showed us a clip of Kandi’s new music video to go along with her CD which is coming out next week, we’re being beaten over the head with this CD release by Kandi and now by Bravo, it is also featured on the Atlanta page of Bravotv.com. I hope that Kandi didn’t sign a deal with the devil in getting Bravo to promote her CD, they don’t do anything for free.

Andy’s three things he was obsessed with tonight were, 1. Kim’s swimming in the lady pond with DJ Tracy Young. I don’t know why Andy was so curious, Tabatha summed it up pretty well, it was all for publicity. 2. Phaedra’s baby poop in the hand, made Andy chuckle along with the rest of us. And 3. An excuse to show a clip and preview of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover and her infatuation with dropping the “F” bomb.

I love Tabatha’s show and will be recapping it weekly right here on Tuesday mornings, I hope you’ll all stop by for that! Tonight will be the season premier, don’t miss it! I was a bit disappointed that Sheree admitted she didn’t watch the show, this would have been a good time for one of those little harmless fibs.

The poll question asked viewers who they thought Kim Zolciak should be with, Big Poppa, Tracy Young or Kroy the Professional Football Player. There wasn’t an option for “I couldn’t care less” so I didn’t vote but surprise, Kroy won the viewer’s vote, maybe because she’s with him now and pregnant with his baby.

Andy also treated us to his three wishes, I guess he had to fill up the 30-minute show since his Housewife this week was a bit dull, He wants a Justin Bieber Doll, no comment, he wants to see more of Cher in the new year and I couldn’t agree more and he gave a nod to Elaine Kaufman, a New York Restaurant Owner who passed away, owner of Elaine’s a New York landmark, will, as Andy said, be missed.

Andy offered his guests a shot of whiskey, I don’t know if he thought he was chatting with a couple of truck drivers but not surprisingly, they both turned him down. Andy threw his back like he was dying of thirst but it didn’t make the show any more interesting or fun. I think that the only way Andy can get through these shows is if he is as liquored up as possible.

Andy promised us that he would get NeNe back on the show as soon as he was able to, and announced that Phaedra and Apollo are scheduled for next week, his Thursday night guest this week is Taylor from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Don’t forget Tabatha’s Salon Takeover tonight, I’m looking forward to her show. I think some of her tips and wisdom can relate to all small business owners, not just hair salon’s and of course, its even more fun when that one employee just won’t get with the program, butts heads with Tabatha then is either terminated or finally gets it and thanks Tabatha and apologizes for calling her a “F’in bitch”. Gawd I love this show!

Everyone’s favorite doggy, Ginger Zarin is back, after a brief absence from Twitter, our very own JazzNightOut shared this with us (remember to read from the bottom up):

@JazzNightOut @GingerZarin: Wouldn’t want to blow ur spy status, esp. w/ “perks”. When u can, put paw to keys; whistle if u need us. Tks 4 the memories.

@GingerZarin to @JazzNightOut I’m very busy with spy duties & I have my own condo w/ free dog stud services. I no longer pine for Cookie. In my down time I can tweet but it’s chilly in Russia so I type more slowly.

@JazzNightOut @GingerZarin I don’t know what to say; I am glad you are free, but will u still be able to tweet with us? I would miss u!

@gingerzarin said: Ppssssst I am now a Russian spy. They have good use for a dog that can listen and transcribe later via typing. The lookalike w/ Zarin is a plant. I’m free! I’m free! That’s why they sent her crates of vodka to distract her & switch me out w/ the lookalike dog. Poor bastard.

Hysterical! I love Ginger Zarin!

Until Next Time…

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402 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Atlanta

  1. Cusi77 says:

    Thank you Lynn! You are hysterical! Your version is always better than the actual episode… luv it!

    I was surprised with Cynthia’s face during the time Peter was scolding her like a teenager and not like a man to a woman. I understand that when your husband (fiance, in her case) is at home not so often, you pay attention to him. What hit me fugly was that she was acting like a SCOLDED girl! Something is not right there… To be respected you have to be respectable!

    @Michelle_ Enjoy the Blog! Cyb kiss the baby boy for all the aunties here.

  2. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Teresa’s Household items up for private sale. The minimum bid is $54,405.

    Money-troubled Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe are officially selling their household furniture in a private sale and have even put in their own offer to keep their property. The minimum bid? $54,405.

    According to the notice of proposed private sale filed on December 1, the proposed purchasers are current owners Teresa and Joe, who have offered the court a sale price of $15,000 with exemptions totaling $39,405. Yet, that doesn’t mean other bids couldn’t be offered.

    Any higher bid by an outside party would have to equal the amount of the Giudices offer plus the allowed exemption amount of $39,405. Higher or
    better offers would be submitted to the selling party no later than January 3.

    The Giudices bankruptcy attorney, James Kridel, noted that there is an important technicality.

    “There has to be the highest and best offer. Best means a lot of things. If someone offered $500 more and in two payments, that’s not the best offer [if someone offers less but in one payment]. So there is a little variable there.

    “The judge has some discretion as to what that means. It’s like an old expression, ‘the law is whatever the judge says it is.’ It’s not all black and white. They do it on purpose to give the judge discretion to do the right thing, quite frankly, that’s my opinion.”

    Kridel does not expect anyone to object to the Giudices essentially taking back their property, which they had come close to losing for good after filing for bankruptcy late last year.

    “We did it knowing that we were overvaluing it so as to preclude someone else from coming in. Because someone is not going to pay $10 for something that is worth $5.”

    If anyone did come forth with offers, Kridel said it would be only for the wrong reasons.

    “In my opinion, it would have to be out of spite or out of ignorance,” he said. “Because whereas my mattress might be worth the replacement cost to me, it’s probably worth almost nothing to someone else, so the real value of it would be ridiculous. Or I might have a figurine that’s used and no one is going to pay for it. But it might have some sentimental value so that is really what was factored into that and that’s why we were willing to pay more for it is because it’s something [my clients] liked.”

    If there are no objections, the Giudices will keep their property.


    • Kansas Girl says:

      The lawyer’s statements make my skin crawl. What kind of fool does he think he’s talking to!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        He can double talk all he wants but his clients are in real legal trouble. From what we have seen many are predicting that the bankruptcy will be denied and then their is the whole other matter of owing Uncle Sam and the separate filling by the AG.

        • Ruby Newbie says:

          I don’t get it. If they can’t afford to pay their creditors, how can they afford to buy back their stuff for tens of thousands of dollars?? Why would the court allow this? Shouldn’t at least some of that money go to their creditors?

          I know there’s a lot of loopholes in matters like this. Looks like the Giudice’s intend to exploit every single one. Shameless as always…

          • Savannah001 says:

            Ruby, I don’t understand it either it doesn’t make sense.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I guess what he the layer is saying is that their crap has been appraised at less than 60k (even though we all expect they are hoarding and hiding stuff). Since neither a prevented from earning income- they can still bid on their crap. The money will go to their creditors.

            From what I have gathered from many of the posts about the proceedings;

            They still may( and likely will be ) ordered to pay their creditors once the Bankruptcy has been decided on.

    • klmh says:

      Didn’t Kim G. say she was going to purchase the items, just becaus ?

  3. HD says:

    Girl, Lynn you know I have been waiting for this blog! Thank you! Spot on as usual.

    Kim-Obvious user and manipulator. The DJ was just someone she was using until she found someone else to use. You heard her say that woman wanted to remix TFTP. User!

    Funniest event of the night…Phaedra getting pooped on. Which has probably happened to just about every new mom. So it goes. But what I found funny was that baby was naked for a while and he didn’t poop on Apollo. LMAO! GOOD! He knows! 🙂

    Funniest line of the night…”I’m an actress.”

    “Have you been in anything?”

    “Yes. Two plays called…ummm…ummm….hmmmm…” *crickets*

    LMAO!! I just about died that was so funny!

  4. quincyil says:

    It seems to me that Nene and Gregg are as poor as Church mice. When Nene went to the door for her girl friend, the camera panned into a room that was empty of furniture and had a couple of boxes on the floor. We know that they rent. We know Gregg hasn’t working in a while.

    Nene and Gregg, like Tamara and Simon, lived for the good times. She had fantastic vacations and rode in limos. It was all for show as Gregg told un on the radio.

    Cynthia’s husband seems to be down for the count financially too.

    There has to be a reason that Jacqueline Laurita is cleaning toilets on video these days. She can’t afford a housekeeper either.

    Tough times for fancy socialites who never thought that tough times would come.

    • HD says:

      I agree. Nene’s home has always looked so empty to me that I figured they just rented and didn’t want to spend money really decorating.

      Only a few of these women really have money.

      Also, you are so right. Tough times aren’t just restricted to the good old common folks like us anymore.

      • quincyil says:

        I really like Nene, but she didn’t have to destroy Gregg on camera. Tamara did it to Simon. Vicki eviscerated Donn many times on camera. It seems to me that all three men just didn’t want their lives exposed on national TV and all three housewives could not walk away from fame.

        The husbands who feel comfortable with all of this exposure, will likely stay in their marriages. Bobby Zarin doesn’t like this exposure. He didn’t like season three and I bet taking Jill to Australia while Bravo was filming had something to do with Bobby. Jill’s idea that Jewish husbands are loyal may apply to her own father who put up with Gloria, but Bobby is divorced so it doesn’t apply to Bobby. When Jill mentions the wonderful sex that he will have if he gives her the massive diamond, Bobby is uncomfortable. I bet he gives her an earful.

        • HD says:

          I don’t think Nene destroyed Greg on camera. I think he did that when he told a radio personality his personal business.

          I always thought Nene and Greg got along well and then this season all hell broke loose. Greg was always kind of quiet to me and supported whatever Nene wanted to do.

          Something else is going on here. Of course we do not see the whole story. I wish I knew the entire story but you can see something brewing underneath the surface and it seems like it has been brewing for some time.

          • quincyil says:

            Yes, he thought he was talking to a friend. Big mistake when it’s a radio talk show host looking for a scoop. It did hurt her, but she has been spilling the beans to us for ages this season. That’s exposing him and their relationship.

            Nene is upset so she only sees one side of the issues. We, the audience, don’t know if he committed adultery once or has an ongoing love affair. It sounds like she is telling up that he has done this before and she pretended not to notice.

            I just wouldn’t put my dirty linen out on a clothesline for the world to see. Trying to get someone on your side is difficult. Ask Jill Zarin about this and she will tell you this is true. I know lots of families that share children after divorce and the most successful have a rule: “You do no speak ill of the other parent.” It hurts the children and Nene’s son will suffer when he watches his parents fight like this.

            • quincyil says:

              I wonder if Gregg was having an affair at the reunion when Nene told Kim to “close your legs to a married man.”

            • HD says:

              I agree about airing your dirty laundry, I am sure most of us were brought up that way. Family business is family business. Oh but there comes a time you just can’t take it anymore and you snap. I think NeNe didn’t give a damn about those cameras, about Bravo, about how it would make her look, etc. she had enough and she snapped. We call it “clocking out.” She clocked! Hindsight being 20/20 maybe she could have saved that for another time but when you are heated sometimes you don’t care who is around. I think she was at that point.

          • SpunkyMonkey says:

            I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Greg has probably been lying to Nene about a lot of things. I don’t think he cheated, but he does not come across to me as an honest person. I think he’s been lying to her for a long time and she finally caught wind of it. I’m guessing it’s about finances. I’m coming to this conclusion because I’ve been in the same boat with my husband and we almost divorced because of it. When she makes the comment “we’ve held it together” makes me think this has been going on for a long time and she’s given him time to change but he keeps on lying. Not being able to trust your spouse and doubting everything they say takes a toll on a person, and eventually you just reach your breaking point. I guess I just see a lot of similarities between Nene and Gregg, and my own marriage so that’s what brought me to this conclusion. It also explains why she doesn’t want to tell anyone what exactly happened because she probably feels foolish.

      • mariareads says:

        Nene has grown on me. I used to loathe her. I kind of like her now. I never thought that marriage was in a good place. There was always something a little strange w/ their scenes together.
        I would have had a much worse temper explosion than she had after that phone leak. That was tame compared to the way I explode over really important things. I’m a volcano. Not proud of it, but I just didn’t think anything she said to him was out of line especially after he aired their business over the phone for all the world to hear!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      It looked to me like one room was being painted. There was a painter’s drop cloth on the floor and boxes.

    • karenne says:

      she wiped one quarter of that toilet seat and one swipe under the seat….
      that is NOT cleaning a toilet….
      just had to say…it made me laugh….
      walking up the staircase…with the camera on her buttt so she can wipe down the rail..but did she even change the rag after swiping the toilet for half a sec?
      Swiper…NO swiping!

  5. Noelle says:

    Happy Monday 😦 everyone! (Just trying to make the best of a beautiful? Monday!)
    There’s my happiness for the day..all sucked up in a sentence! lol

  6. Noelle says:

    @Lynn, Great Blog, as always!
    love you!

  7. If You Had It Like This says:

    Longtime lurker here. I don’t know if Kandi is getting a bad edit or we’re just seeing her other side or what but she is not coming off well this season and it’s not just the constant belly aching about Kim and royalties. The whole “I have to win” or I always win… whatever it was she said kind of turned me off. Sour grapes isn’t a good look on anyone.
    She probably wouldn’t have much of a storyline without the Kim Z bitchfest.

    I think I’ve seen Tabatha trash Kim’s wigs on WWHL before. You know Andy….he always asks the same questions….

    • quincyil says:

      He does repeat himself. He probably thinks we aren’t listening to him. Welcome to the board.

      I loved Lynn’s blog too.

    • TLM says:

      I thought Kandi’s reaction to that dumb drag race was crazy. Who cares? And who cares about the race at all? I didn’t hear that either one of them was winning money for it, so what difference does it make? If only Kandi were that vigilant about getting paid from Kim…

      Is it my imagination, or did Tracy sound like someone who was hearing-impaired when she spoke? She didn’t say much, but I thought her speech sounded odd. I know this sounds like “insert Kim’s bad singing joke here”, but I honestly thought she sounded odd. Was it just me?

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I noticed that too. I thought she possibly had a lisp, but your suggestion of hearing impairment fits better. She didn’t seem like a DJ personality to me.

        • sweet pea says:

          I noticed Tracy’s speech but thought it was more of an accent than impediment. A little Louisiana maybe? Could be (and probably am) wrong. Just sounded like a touch of cajun.

      • American Idiot says:

        I agree, TLM, something was off about her speech. I also thought hearing impaired, but it could be a regional accent, I guess. She spoke very slowly.

      • EllenSam says:

        Seriously, what’s with Tracy’s accent/impediment? I’m in Atlanta and I have Never heard anyone talk like that -so it’s not this kind of south – maybe Cajun? Haha.. too funny about hearing impaired and liking Kim’s music. Not funny if it’s true though :~o

  8. MickeyMouth says:

    Thanks for the blog and the shoutout Lynn. I have been mia with the flu and have not watched this episode yet. I hope everyone is well. 🙂

    • quincyil says:

      I’m fine. The state requires that health care workers have flu shots, so I never get the flu. Even my colds are mild. My immune system is ready for blast off to the Planet Mars.

    • twoile says:

      Hope you feel better soon MM…….there is just so much you can do B4 you’re really well…take it slow.

    • Blue Sky says:

      Feel better Mickey! Can’t wait for your next great picture.

  9. ImaJillHater2 says:

    Methinks RHOA is taking a page from “The Hills” playbook.

    The moment Nene appeared on camera with no makeup I knew we weren’t in Kansas anymore.

    Its apparent to me that the whole “woe is me” scene Nene did with her friend Diana AND the whole Peter/ Nene drama is completely manufactured. Fake, fake, fake!

    And, of course, we finally found out why we’ve been seeing a “kinder, gentler” Sheree. She wants to be an actress and that explains why she’s been “acting” like a lady this season. (So very unlike her past behavior).

    • HD says:

      Not being negative, I’m just asking because I don’t know…why did Nene not having makeup on make it seem manufactured? I thought it would be the opposite of that.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Production was already at the house, they shot footage of her friend coming to the door. This wasn’t some random house call they way NeNe suggested.

        • HD says:

          Okay. So it was like she left the makeup off to make it look more dramatic and sad?

          • ImaJillHater2 says:

            Yes, that was my take on it. And especially because her makeup is usually professionally done with fake eyelashes, etc. The whole nine.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Hey! I’m in Kansas, so some of us ARE in Kansas! Actually I’m wearing makeup and about half the office is too. But I work with a bunch of leftover hippies, so that accounts for the Birkenstocks, long hair and lack of makeup. LOL!

  10. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    I didn’t get a chance to see RHOA yet. I am not looking forward to hearing Kim sing AGAIN. I think I will fast forward through her scenes. 😦

  11. If You Had It Like This says:

    Has anyone seen this about Nene’s friend Diana? This may post twice because I tried to post it a moment ago and it didn’t post for some reason.


    • Ruby Newbie says:

      Wowsers! I didn’t know any of that. $28 G’s a month in child support from her very married baby daddy?? Even Kim Zolciak didn’t go there with Big Poppa. Bravo may be trying to introduce Diana as a possible Housewife replacement. Sheree may need to watch out. This drama queen may bump her. Sheree has been dull lately.

  12. Mary Jane says:

    Nice recap, thanks! I agree about Phaedra’s baby, he is adorable, a real sweetheart. She seemed a little more momish last night, maybe she’s warming up to him, I hope so for his sake.

    Sheree auditioning for the agents was embarrassing. How could you not remember the names of the TWO plays you were in? Please

    I’m so sick of listening to Kim’s awful voice and that annoying uncatchy song. Also what is wrong with her friend Tracey? Is she mentally slow? Listening to that phone conversation with her and then seeing how she was in person made me wonder.

    I feel bad for Nene, she’s my favorite housewife and I hate seeing people go through divorce. I don’t understand why Peter was acting like such a dick to her, hopefully we’ll find out. It has to be more than just her calling Cynthia on the phone.

    • Sha2000 says:

      My husband saw me watching & thought Nene was low brow for screaming in the scene w/her husband in the kitchen, last week. I thought what she said to her husband was well thought out but he changed his attitude for the worst towards the end.

  13. Sha2000 says:

    On Kim. Why in hell does she drive a Bentley when she lives in a condo? I’m sorry but I find that laughable, no matter how nice the condo is. This is t exactly the type of logic that caused so many in this country to become bankrupt or foreclose because they were living beyond their means. If her ex-boyfriend gave it to her, how does she afford the insurance on it? And why wouldn’t she prefer to have that than a home for her kids that has a proper yard? I’m guessing the condo if it has one, it’s tiny as most condo backyards are the size of a postage stamp. Don’t get me wrong, Kim is likable & funny on the show but a Bentley parked at a condo seems stupid. We have some “villia’s” aka town-homes here & there is some one who has a Mazaratti (just beautiful) & a brand new Rolls, their home in that part of our neighborhood must be worth 200 to 250k…why would you have those’s cars? Either they are a car dealer or Kim moved here, lol.

    • quincyil says:

      It was a gift from Big Poppa. Probably, it was a tax free gift and she probably had a credit card for service, gas and designer clothes to wear while driving the car.

      • Sha2000 says:

        I’d still prefer the yard, but that’s me I like to garden. BTW, here is the place & it’s very well done but the yard is postage stamp size; I’ve seen bigger yards in Manhattan:


        • Sha2000 says:

          Hmmm, another housewife with a virtual tour up; maybe she’s selling too? I also saw Kyles for sale last week. Why sell when the market is still selling for less than what most of us have paid? I guess Bravo is not paying them enough?

          • mariareads says:

            Yes, Kim’s place is for sale. I read it right here on this fun blog last week LOL! ~Kim’s place is really very nice inside. It reminded me of places we were looking at in VA when we were thinking about moving from MD because of the commute my husband has to Dulles each day. The difference was that we were looking at houses in subdivisions and not attached homes. It’s amazing how large some of these places are. Her kitchen looks very big on TV and I can tell you that I walked into some places thinking they would be a no go but fell in love with the space and floor plans.

            • Blue Sky says:

              Yes this blog is the place for all the latest bat shit crazy & bullshit about the ho’wives! And we have experts in many other subjects. Thanks Lynn!

          • quincyil says:

            I think in Kyles case (after reading how successful Mauricio is,) they found a bigger mansion at a great price.

            • Sha2000 says:

              Come on! The market is depressed & even in Belaire (which I believe they are) they must be losing. IF they could afford to move up why not rent or hold on to the old place empty? Realtor’s are the last to lose money on homes unless they are forced to. Look at Jeff Lewis; he’s has said he is staying put & riding it out rather than losing. Sorry, I think there’s more to it.

              • quincyil says:

                I would expect that Kyle’s husband knows the market. Jeff Lewis is sold his house. I don’t know where he moved, but he had that apartment building remodel almost finished.

                • Blue Sky says:

                  Even when you are experienced, the market can crash faster than expected. Kyle’s husband will do okay eventually, because he is probably one of the best realtors in BH area. He has lots of homes listed for sale, but they are not selling…lack of buyers. Problem is, other realtors may scoop up his listings if they don’t sell. Some sellers are dumb & blame the listing agent, not the fact that they are overpriced in a down market. The buyer(s) always determine the price a home sells for, not the sellers. Only when buyers compete with each other will the home prices go back up.

              • quincyil says:

                If one has money, now is a good time to buy. I know people buying in Florida because the prices are depressed.

              • Blue Sky says:

                Well, even the most successful realtors can screw up. The #1 guy around my neck of the woods wound up losing a bundle when Lehman Brothers crashed & burned. He also invested in an island in the Caribbean…and bought land here & built the biggest mansion in town on it…it ain’t selling so he might lose on that. But he’s the best realtor, so hopefully will make the money back.

            • Blue Sky says:

              The house they have now is in a terrible location, next to the freeway. Mauricio knows if he can get a house in a better neighborhood, this is the time to move. Sorry but he’s not having much luck selling, even after reducing the price. Real estate is a terrible slump at the high end. No buyers, & property taxes are going higher especially in the bankrupt state of California.

            • Blue Sky says:

              Quincy you have a major crush on Maricio!!!

      • T-REX says:

        Actually, it’s probably a “leased” vehicle from Big Poppa and cheaper to keep the lease going then to turn it in. Of course she smokes in there, so he will lose money when he turns it back in. I bet she doesn’t drive it any longer, Poppa’s financial woes I would bet it’s gone. Poppa was probably paying the Association fees for her Condo which is why she is selling that. Since she got “knocked up” from the Kroy-toy, I am sure Poppa isn’t funding anything for her anymore.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Maybe. But you know what I mean; a condo in middle-class suburbia & a Bentley seem pretentious & fake & just mismatched.

        • karenne says:

          Kim gets 30K a month in child support for her youngest daughter, and 250K a year, in alimony.
          610K a year….from one man, the kids daddy.

          so, she makes more than most people do….no, not you doctors and all..but the average american doesnt make that…and thats just for the kid!
          no wonder she spent so much on decorating her bedroom!

          Kim knows EXACTLY what she is doing….
          and she doesnt care what anyone thinks about it.
          she is sly…..and she doesnt hide it…
          she is like…a witch with hexes on people…like Kandi.
          but Kandi…NEEDs kim to draw a crowd…to her tour.
          and thats the RUB.
          KIM Sucks at music but she can sell the ticket so someone can see up her dress and listen to her “sing” and giggle.
          thats why Kandi keeps talking about the money Kim owes her.
          guess what…in my opinion…thats why KIM isnt paying her…she KNows exactly WHAT she is worth to Kandi.

          sad, but true.
          in my humble opinion.
          Kim could sell ice to a Pacific Native American of the Northland.
          she is a boyfriend stealer….


    • twoile says:

      Could it b do to the requirements of ownership…….Condos have staff 4 everything……single Mom doesn’t have to do anything but “Phone”.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I can’t see Kim mowing the grass or making a garden. I think condo living is perfect for her. It seems to me she is more of an indoor person — she’s commented several times on the heat this season.

      • Sha2000 says:

        If she took that freaking wig off she’d feel a lot cooler, lol!

        Don’t get me wrong there are some lovely condo’s & Kim’s seems too be one, but I guess my point is she’s more about appearances than reality it seems…the Bentley, giving a diamond eternity ring to a 13 year old, etc; but living above ones means in nothing new to this franchise.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I took a look at the photos in the link, and there ARE flowers planted out front, where the other condos don’t have this. Could it be Kim got her hands in dirt? Did she make Sweetie do this? The girls?

          • Sha2000 says:

            That older child seems a princess like her mom.

          • T-REX says:

            In Condo associations, the Management cares for the Lawns, Shrubs, Flowers on the property, Members are usually Forbidden to plant anything on the property. So the Condo Lawn crew(or service they hired) did the planting.

    • Blue Sky says:

      hmm, don’t get me started on why someone has a Bentley. The US marshals regularly have a “seized auto” auction in the county next door. Last summer there were 3 Bentleys in the auction! For the US marshal to seize your car, you had to be a criminal of some sort, right? There are always Mercedes & Range Rovers too.

      • mariareads says:

        LOL Blue Sky! Every time I see one of those cars around here I will think of this! So many people around here are into the status car thing. It’s so silly. I have known some very wealthy people who drove 9 and 10 year old cars and were very low key about their $$$. People like Kim really set themselves up for unhappiness when it’s all about the bling. Rings, cars, expensive furniture and so on. I like nice things too but I like them for me not to show to everyone else. I also stayed married to my original “big poppa” and he suits me just fine.
        Poor as hell when we first got married but things eventually got better. Anytime he bought me something it was very special and unexpected. I am not an envious person but Kim really irks me with her materialism. As do many of these “housewives”.

        • Blue Sky says:

          Same here, the hubs & I married while we were in college, poor but so happy with so little. The best years of our lives, living in a tiny apartment with hand me down furniture & a real dumpy old car (a Vega)! We’ve worked hard, saved a lot, and I find it hard not to gag every time Kim shows off her ill-gotten goods. What a hooker with no heart of gold, just wants lots of stuff for her “services.”

      • quincyil says:

        When I went to St. Louis to have my car serviced the police were there. It seems someone brought 50,000 dollars in a suitcase to buy a Lexus. There were small signs that it was illegal to pay more than 10,000 in cash. Apparently, the police took the guy into custody for having that much cash. The man helping us said it happens every once in a while and it’s drug money.

  14. mariareads says:

    Peter’s behavior was a red flag for me. There are lots of men who are just fine when dating but after the wedding they become very territorial and even cut the wife off from her friends. Cynthia had the look of someone who knew not to “go there” and rather than stand up for herself and her friends she seemed to cave. Not liking that.

    • Sha2000 says:


    • Kansas Girl says:

      Me too. He’s taking out his frustrations with his business on her. This can’t be good.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I see it totally differently.
      Imagine you were working 16 hour days, your tired, worried and stressed.

      You break from it all to go home and prepare a lovely dinner for your spouse.

      You want to share with them what was going on in your day and what was going on in theirs.
      But they walk in the house with their phone in their ears and barely acknowledge you.

      It’s not a business call it’s a personal one. It’s not something that can’t be put on hold or discussed later.

      Peter had every right to be pissed.

    • Alan says:

      I agree

      But i think that Peter showed his cards a while back – he’s a nasty control freak

      I thought that he displayed similar levels of cruelty when he commented that Nene’s lack of sexual prowess was the real reason why her marriage was falling apart in front of everyone
      I really did not like that he repeated the comment several times – proving that it did not simply slip out
      It was incredibly hurtful and should never have been uttered on a one-on-one basis, let alone in front of a group

      I also disliked the way that he proposed to Cynthia; she was clearly uncomfortable and he knew that crowds made her comfortable
      Why would you want to make this moment anything less than wonderful for someone that you love???

      The proposal seemed like it was about him forcing her to say yes or face a disapproving crowd of loved ones whereas it should have been as she described – intimate and natural

      His reaction to Nene wanting Cynthia’s support was especially cruel; he does not seem to be able to understand that she has feelings and would be hurt by his sudden coldness towards at a time where someone that she thought was her biggest fan [Greg] has turned his back on her

      Also logic and reason suggest that his claims that Nene is constantly calling Cynthia have been greatly exaggerated because Nene has a job, a child, lots of other friends, does not seem that close to Cynthia and has only known Cynthia a short while
      Plus editing seems to be painting Diana as Nene’s emotional rock
      How much of his unemployed wife’s time was Nene really dominating??
      Then again control freaks are not renowned for their reasoning capabilities

      Its a shame that Cynthia has already married this bully

      Hopefully she will come to her senses and run off with Madonna like a prayer Jesus/ baby daddy

      • mariareads says:

        I agree with you! I don’t like Peter. I see something festering below the surface with this guy. She could have done much better. Much, much better. She’s probably going to have to save his restaurant!

        • sweet pea says:

          I was married for many years to someone that was abusive physically, emotionally, sexually and mentally. One of his best tricks was to isolate me from friends. They do this very subtley. They give so many different reasons why having a particular friend is a threat to your relationship, ie: I’m making a beautiful dinner, why are you talking to her?. She’s interfering….blah, blah. I see these traits in Peter…believe me they are very familiar to me, as is the look on Cynthia’s face and her reactions to Peter. Like looking in a mirror for me.

          • TLM says:

            I agree with Alan and others. Peter is a bit scary to me, and I don’t like Cynthia having to hide phone calls from him. What I think is odd is that Nene seemed to like Peter despite her admitting Peter “crossed a line” in saying what he did about Greg.

      • quincyil says:

        Something is wrong there. I see Simon Barney in Peter.

  15. Adgirl says:

    How do you do it?
    Seriously, how do you find the time to watch (presumably DVR pausing to take notes) several shows a week, write lengthy hilarious blogs, monitor twitters, manage this board, prepare and record a radio show, have a family, a job, do things with your kids and husband, grocery shop, watch football & hockey, get your nails done …
    I think there must be two or three of you!

    Anyway thanks for another great recap. This is a great escape from the real world for us!

    • Blue Sky says:

      Another good blog Lynn, thank you for providing us with somewhere to vent. Your hard work is appreciated.

  16. TLM says:

    This episode pretty much bored me to death, despite the Peter/Nene drama, the Kim/Tracy thing and Kim’s singing. The Phaedra poop scene was just nauseating to me and unnecessary. I really want an end to all feces and urine-related coverage from Bravo. I’ve had enough.

    • Sha2000 says:

      I plan on emailing them again. I don’t care how young the baby is & I don’t care that I’ve seen my own child’s…must we have to see human feces? I guess dog feces did not garner ratings as high? I love watching these shows & Bravo is a favorite channel, but if they don’t stop I might have to write in to my cable provider & complain. Enough is enough!

  17. Kansas Girl says:

    Good recap, Lynn! I have a question and have been reading and commenting my way through, but the comments just kept getting ahead of me!

    Here’s my question. Who is it among us that’s the eyebrow expert? Zipit? I was obsessed with Tabitha’s eyebrows and what’s wrong with them. They seem to start way too far down. Can you speak to this and what has gone wrong? It lead me to peering in the mirror this morning wondering if mine are ok. Hers looked really wrong to me.

  18. Adgirl says:

    I don’t think Kim cared if people talked with Tracy. Kim had Sweetie extract Tracy when Sheree started investigating the “status” of Kim and Tracy’s relationship.

    Sheree: Hi Tracy, how ARE you and Kim doing?

    I kind of liked it Kim requested Sweetie to “go get” Tracy – less likeliehood of Sheree going BSC on Kim.

    • quincyil says:

      What is the time frame on Kim’s adventure with the similar adventure by Danielle Staub? You never know what would go through the mind of someone like Kim Z, but she’s always looking for something for publicity. This is awful, but she reminds me of the freak shows at carnivals. She thinks she’s hot, but to me, she’s not.

  19. Kansas Girl says:

    Did the race make sense at all? Kandi said she lost because they had told her to stop at the cones, when actually she was to keep going. But on WWHL, Sheree said they had 2 practices before the “real” race and that Kandi beat her both times in practice. To me, that means Kandi’s car is fastest. But how did Kandi misunderstand where to stop when they had practiced twice.

    And who on earth does this? If someone said their car was faster than mine, I would just agree that it probably is. I don’t understand why it matters.

    • Blue Sky says:

      I guess they thought “more screen time for me!!” and off they went to the races. Really dumb, wouldn’t be surprised if their car insurance companies dumped them – if they ever found out about that race. Sheree already lost her car. I am not liking Kandi as much this season. Too much about her that is low-class (Kandi koated nites – please, TMI! ) and her constant whining about TFTP $.

  20. Noelle says:

    I have a moment…I sometimes love the sound of nothing. 😉
    Evidently I’m off for a couple of days.
    God bless and peace to all!

  21. Adgirl says:

    I’ll bet Kandi and Sheree’s car insurance wouldn’t cover a crash if they were purposely racing.

  22. TheDesignDiva says:

    Kansas Girl…. I used to race my dodge truck at the track…It’s called test and tune and for $15.00 bucks you get to race..Mine was a 1/4 mile track here in WPB called Moroso….. I actually paid for all my sons friends to come and race also..It’s a controlled situation and the law enforcement folks LOVE that parents actually are teaching their kids to be Street Responsible..More kids are killed every year at drag racing events that are not sanctioned…Especially spectators…it’s a great friday nite out and what boy doesnt think it’s cool that his MOM loves to race her RED TRUCK….
    of course all racers know..YOU NEVER HAVE SOMEONE RIDE WITH YOU…..thats more weight and slows you down…..wink wink….Kandi was really PISSED she lost…hahahahaha…..I liked that Sheree finally won at something…..LOL….

  23. vilzvet says:

    Has anyone ever mentioned Kim Richards’ last movie appearance, which I’m sitting through now as I giftwrap, last year’s “Race To Witch Mountain”? She looks exactly the same as now and played a waitress. She’s not exactly Olivier, but I guess she was given the part as a tribute.

    • NMhousewife says:

      I saw the movie Black Snake Moan (2006) a couple years ago and was surprised to see Kim playing Christina Ricci’s mom, and she was surprisingly very good.

    • TLM says:

      Kim just seems insane to me. I still don’t know why she didn’t stand up for Kyle and then freaked out on Taylor and told Kyle to “know her place.” WTF was she talking about? She’s a scared bunny when she could have just said she never heard Kyle say what she was accused of, and then when Camille leaves, Kim turned into this vicious bitch? WTF??

  24. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @KansasGirl, eyebrow expert here :-D. I didn’t watch WWHL last night but Tabitha’s face is sliding downwards in general. Her mouth is tight with smokers wrinkling. It appears she doesn’t get any kind of fillers, Botox, etc. While I respect that (I never will either) you can get treatments to tighten the skin and keep a youthfull glow. I suspect Tabitha is little older than we think. I also suspect she smokes. And I think she dresses in clothes that swaddle her from the chin down for a reason. Her eyebrows may indicate what was in style when she was young. Anybody know her true age? That would explain a lot. And you know she lives in New Jersey 😉

    • Had Enough! says:

      Wikipedia to the rescue. She was born in 1967. Sheesh. She looks really bad for 43.

      Her salon is Industrie Hair Gurus in Ridgewood, New Jersey. http://www.industriehairgurus.com/
      It is just a place-holder site.
      Her own website is here: http://www.tabathacoffey.com/

      She never changes her own hair style.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Wow! I agree that she looks old — I wondered last night when I saw her. She no way looks 43. I’d have guessed she was a generous 50. Thanks for finding that.

    • Blue Sky says:

      Can you imagine Tabatha all dolled up with the “big hair” & “smoky eyes” so loved by those Jerseylicious girls? Haha, that would be, well different! Apparently she charges something close to $400 for a haircut & is always booked. I love her wicked sense of humor, and how she totally wrecks the salon, all in good faith as the results are typically jaw-dropping.

  25. Rabble Rouser says:

    Sorry Lynn but I totally disagree with you on your take about the situation with NeNe, Peter and Cynthia.

    Peter and Cynthia both have said Peter is under a great deal of stress; we also now know that the Super Club folded so things must have been really bad. He is already contending with all the camera rolling and Cynthia obligations around that. If anyone was being selfish, I would say it was NeNe. She isn’t the only person in the world with issues or problems. Peter never said Cynthia couldn’t talk to NeNe he said that in the little time he is home, he wants his partner to be present and not on the phone with someone else. The fact that it always seems to be Nene is moot.

    It can’t always be about NeNe and what she is going through. NeNe has just as much fault in the state of her marriage than Greg. NeNe claims that Greg doesn’t communicate well- but neither does she. At her age, she should know the difference between talking TO someone and talking AT someone. When people are talked AT they do one of two things, they either shut down or become defensive.

    Nene also brought the second issue (the phone call) on herself. I think it sounds very adolescent to call someone and say “Do you have a problem with me”. I’m not surprised he snapped, he is stressed out and going through his own struggles, I personally don’t know any men who would engage a women they aren’t involved with in that type of conversation.

    • Adgirl says:

      @ Rabble Rouser …”I think it sounds very adolescent to call someone and say “Do you have a problem with me”. ”
      Right on. I think Peter was aware NeNe was trying to stir things up with him while he was being filmed. He also sounded exhausted.

      • HD says:

        Why did Cynthia give him the phone anyway?

        That is your friend not your man’s friend. They could have talked another day if need be which to me it was not that deep. They have not been lifelong friends and suddenly had a falling out. They practically just met. I just would have played it off.

      • Mimisfbay says:

        That question is agressive not an opening for conversation and it really left him with no recourse. How to respond to that type of question? Got me; but if I were stressed out I probably would snap…so no surprise under the circumstances. I am pretty sure that most of us would feel backed into a corner. Like rr said you either snap or become withdrawn.

        I also like Nene but exactly how many times a day is she calling for support? Cynthia seems to be understanding of Peter’s point of view, no? We only see what they want us to see. Looks like the demonization of Peter is the order of the day…well, to me anyway.

        • HD says:

          Honestly I think Nene was expecting him to kind of be like, nah girl I don’t have no problem with you. You know how you kinda ask that question like, “you got a problem?” You never expect for people to say well as a matter of fact yeah I do. LOL! I think she thought he would be like, “Nene, girl you know we are cool.” And then she could have played it off. I don’t think she thought that phone call would have went that way. *kanye shrug*

      • quincyil says:

        I think it’s asking for trouble and I would not do that. LOL

        • justanothermary says:

          I think MeMe needs to know that it’s not all about MeMe. Peter is stressed, he’s overworked and worried. MeMe needs to realize that she is not the only one the planet who has problems and if you want people to be your friend you have to be a friend to them too.

          • Adgirl says:

            Peter told Cynthia he should have been at his restaurant (it was Friday night) so I assumed he accompanied her because he felt he had to?

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I just watched it again – and NeNe was really aggressive. She didn’t let him get a word in. I really don’t think he was that rude considering – and Cynthia seems terrified of NeNe – and what NeNe will think. She was fine with Peter.

      What we don’t know is how much NeNe has been phoning. If it’s non-stop, then that would be pretty irritating.

  26. TheDesignDiva says:

    Tabatha Coffey (born 17 May 1967 in Surfers Paradise, Queensland)


  27. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Had Enough, Tabitha doesn’t change her hair because it is peach fuzz fine. I hate when they show her from the side or back and I see her neckline always needs “cleaning up” I just want to take mt thinning shears and taper that mess down! She looks rough for 43, I suspect a lot of wild living in her youth that is now playing out on her face. Like I said before, there are facials, peels, excersize, and moistrizers that can help combat the slide we see on her face. Not everyone needs plastic surgery or Botox. But if she cares enough to wear make up she owes it to herself to look like a effervescent 40-something. For someone in The Industry she’s not representing well. JMHO 😉

    • Adgirl says:

      All that and a big of chips. Combined with her Scowling Eyebrows she gives off an air of being unpleasant and harsh.

      • quincyil says:

        I know someone who has met her several times and she’s really nice. That is an act for the show and Bravo. She really helps hairdressers improve their techniques in conference work shops.

        I think her hair works for her and she’s very NJ biker chick. If you watch the show, a lot of the salons have the black leathers…sort of Mad Max look.

        She’s not cookie cutter. That may be why Bravo hired her.

        • Had Enough! says:

          Nah. They hired her because she swims in the lady pond, and we all know Andy is obsessed with gals who swim in the lady pond.

          • Adgirl says:

            Tabitha, Patti, Jeff blah blah blah. One notes. Seen one episode, seen them all.

            Salon Makeover is Kitchen Nightmares without the moldy refridgerators.

  28. NMhousewife says:

    I haven’t read the comments section yet, but I have to just type that I think when Andy has any of the housewives on WWHL (with the exception of Bethanny) it is a waste of 30 minutes. They either take themselves too seriously or they won’t be honest about particular people or situations. I have to say it is better when non housewives are only on the show and I have to say that my favorites so far have been Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos because they will call somebody crazy if they were crazy that week, and they really have fun with the show, which I think is the point of this 30-minute show, right? This week and last week were total wastes of my time and I probably won’t watch most of these anymore.

    • Adgirl says:

      I agree Kelly and Mark were great!
      Although, Mark seems so … much more … like Andy these days. hmm.

      • LynnnSoCal says:

        Thought it was just me. My “gaydar” pinged as soon as he opened his mouth. Nothing is ever as it appears to be is it? The majority of the housewives proved that.

      • Blue Sky says:

        lol, I got that too. Kelly calls him “daddy” which on WWHL seemed kind of strange. I get that when you have kids, you end up calling your husband dad or daddy, but on WWHL? The way Andy ogles Mark is so … no words for it! He seems to have that “extra wheel” relationship with several couples i.e. Sarah Jessica Parker & her husband as well. Wow, SJP was born in 1965, so she’s 2 years older than Tabby! SJP looks way better than the Tabs.

  29. Had Enough! says:

    I caught just a tiny bit of Atlanta last night and again found myself SO ANGRY at the overspending – this time, Cynthia’s wedding. He has been married at least once before. She is no spring chicken. The big wedding is just ostentatious, obscene, and so not necessary. But OK, it is their money and no one’s business how they spend (waste) it, right. Except that they apparently don’t have it to spend based on what we are hearing.

    Apparently it IS all about Nene – the wedding started late because she barged into the bridal suite and demanded that her hair and makeup be done. Then Kim the Pig got into a fight with her “blond boy toy” – I assume that is Kroy.


    • quincyil says:

      I must have fallen asleep because I don’t remember this.

      If Peter’s business was failing, how could he afford that wedding?

      • Sha2000 says:

        How do any of these HW’s afford what they have? 99% of it is baloney.

        • mariareads says:

          Credit cards? Lines of credit? Seems to me that some of these families do less than mine in terms of income and they have an enormous amount of spendable dollars. Something is definitely not kosher with some of them.

          • LynnnSoCal says:

            I’m fairly certain most of this is considered advertising for any and all businesses involved. It’s mostly comped, is my guess. Peter, I read during the summer, is broke. His nightclub wasn’t even operating when Bravo filmed in it. All these Bravolebrities see is cash, for which, apparently they will do anything. The article also stated that only if the couple agreed to get married on camera would they be considered as regular cast members.

            • Blue Sky says:

              Well that does it for me! The whole storyline of Peter & Cynthia is a sham. They are just going thru the motions for camera time. Sickening, what these people will do just to be on tv. Sheree tries everything (lame clothing line last season, now dancing & acting – if you can call it that!). Maybe Sheree is getting a little good at acting, ’cause this season she has sure changed from her “who gonna check me boo” attitude from last season. It is Kim who really makes me gag. Fake lesbianism, singing (my ears are still hurting), & now she has a 25 ? year old boy toy fathering her child (next paycheck). I do enjoy Kandi getting revenge, making Kim look totally ridiculous…good one Kandi. Nene (love calling her out as MeMe JustAnotherMary!) was so pissed at Kim for getting pregnant (hmm, next season is gonna be all about Kim) while MeMe is totally exploiting her problems with her husband, all for screen time. Wretched!

      • klmh says:

        Cindi’s got a very nice career…

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I don’t think he could afford the wedding, remember when they met with the planner and he asked how much did they have to spend and he said something like ‘nothing’.

        I am sure some of the stuff may have been comped because of the show- and maybe they worked out payment plan for the rest.

    • TLM says:

      I remember hearing Cynthia talk about the wedding planning, but I didn’t think they had covered the wedding on the show yet…was that part of the ghosthunting episode I haven’t seen?

      I think if you can afford it and want a big wedding, go for it. Otherwise, it makes no sense to go into debt potentially for years, for one day. I agree with Suze Orman’s take on it: “You say you want to have a dream wedding…I want you to have a dream MARRIAGE.” I have seen couples who couldn’t afford the house they should have had in the school district they wanted, all because they wanted every extra possible in their wedding. And if couples fight over money the most, to me it doesn’t make sense to set yourself up for that by starting off in debt.

      There is some show on tv where they put a wedding on for $1000 or so….does anyone remember that? I saw one outdoor wedding like that that was actually beautiful and elegant. I think it would be tough to pull off $1000, but certainly for $3000-5000 I think you could have a very nice, if small affair. I think for many people, the days of the huge butlered affair are gone. I had that for my bat mitzvah, but my nephews will be having their bar mitzvahs together with other kids, and I think just the immediate family will be going to a restaurant afterward.

      A friend of mine got married recently. He is in his 50s and she’s in her mid-40s. It was a second marriage and the children are grown, but neither one of them is wealthy. They actually wound up having the ceremony and meal at a beautiful house on an historic college campus, and the rental of the space was surprisingly inexpensive in a gorgeous setting. I would much rather attend a wedding like that than a giant affair with every bell and whistle. I also have another friend who got married at a huge banquet facility similar to the Brownstone but nicer; it was this enormous affair and great food, etc., but I can’t even imagine what it cost, and the couple separated after just a few months. I think the parents took a giant hit on that one. He later married another woman in a tiny ceremony where I think it was little more than the couple and their parents, and they are still together about 7 years later.

      I am curious what the total cost of Bethenny’s wedding was. I’m sure it wasn’t cheap, but I know she stayed within a budget. Lynn, if you have the inside scoop on that, I would love to know!

      • Had Enough! says:

        No surprise – the Four Seasons catering menu has no prices. The NY Post reported that Amsale gave her the dress and that weddings at the Four Seasons can cost upwards of 200k. Her wedding was small so probably less than that. I am guessing dinner was $300 pp plus the hors d’oeuvres and the drinks…

      • Blue Sky says:

        Just for the advertising factor, the Four Seasons may have done the wedding for free. Jillzy must have really been jealous of that, a spectacular wedding, all for free because it’s on tv! Bethenny is really smart.

  30. Had Enough! says:

    Oh by the way, the personal blog of a certain professional blogger, you know – the one who hates the whole world and especially the people in the world who wear bumpits in their hair and bake cookies for the school bakesales – the blog that was on a temporary hiatus? It is now gone entirely. According to WordPress, it has been deleted. Along with the youtube videos. But like the wikileak site, which has about 300 mirror sites now, I am sure that those classic videos and bitter rants have been preserved for posterity and will surface from time-to-time.

    • quincyil says:

      Did the alien space ship drop down over Naperville and take said blogger to another solar system?

      • Had Enough! says:

        No but Dina Manzo is apparently coming to Chicago (Lynn – quick, run and hide!) to do a benefit in the name of a little girl who is in remission, and the pro-blogger is apparently getting to tag along. She is apparently about to launch a new blog.



        • Buffywood says:

          Is the little girl in remission or the mother? I thought the little girl was still going through daily chemo treatments but the mom is in remission. The situation is very sad and I really hope Project Ladybug is on the up and up when it comes to this. If not Dina should be put in front of a firing squad.

        • quincyil says:

          Hmmmm….. congrats to the professional blogger.

          Think Dina read about the tiff at word press a few weeks ago?

          Nahhhhhhhhhhh, Dina is just being the pretty little thing she always has been…

      • AZ Girl says:

        I can only imagine if this “professional blogger” was taken by aliens she would have been immediately taken to Gary Indiana and dropped off. (my apologies to any Gary Indiana residents)

    • LynnNChicago says:


      I think this is what you were looking for Had Enough 🙂 lol

  31. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Watching “New York Undercover” from 1996 and Excape is performing at the jazz lounge. They were so young, they look like babies!

  32. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Bethenny’s mother is yapping again, this time she giving the exclusive to Hollywoodlife.com. It is a strange coincidence that Bethenny’s mother gives exclusive interviews to Radaronline and Hollywoodlife.com. Those are the two sites that Jill gives exclusive interviews to…..Hmm


    • vilzvet says:

      Her mother is a dingbat and doesn’t know Bethenny at all anymore. Loved the comments so far.

      • JazzNightOut says:

        Agree, especially the comment saying that her mom is confirming Bethenny’s understanding of her mother’s character.

      • BessiB says:

        I just had to leave one, too. What a bullshit story. What has roller skating have to do with pairs ice skating anyway?

    • lillybee says:

      What a nasty post. I do not believe that Beth is skating badly on purpose.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Roller skating on two points of contact with the ground (greater balance) on a dry surface is VERY different from ice skating on a single narrow blade on a slippery surface ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. I skated a lot (ice skating) from the time I was a little kid until I finished high school – I even had a black velvet skating skirt in the 6th grade – but I doubt I could skate across the rink without falling today.

        In other words, shut up, Bonnie.

        • T-REX says:

          I totally agree! I was an avid Roller Skater I could do lots of tricks, but could not Ice Skate very well, nor do I Roller Blade well.

      • toront0 says:

        Why would someone not skate their best, especially after all that hard work and hours of practice put in?

        • JazzNightOut says:

          I think her mom thinks that it reflects on her. After all, she gave B lessons and the best skating boots etc. I think her comments are all about her,.

          • mariareads says:

            What mother would say these things to a sleazy internet site? B was right to keep her away from her child. She’s toxic.

    • TLM says:

      Do people keep calling this nutcase to solicit her opinion, or does she keep calling them to try and sell stories? Every single one of them is a big nothing. Big deal, Bethenny had skating lessons as a kid. I had piano lessons and can’t play anything now.

      What fucking possible reason would Bethenny have to get up at 5am and practice, put herself and her family through traveling back and forth, with the secret goal of …losing? That really makes sense. So if Bethenny’s plan had worked perfectly I guess she would be gone by now, right?

      I agree with a comment below that said it’s all about Bonnie. I found it highly interesting that she had to mention B had “the best skates.” Who cares? And Bethenny has never, to my knowledge, given an interview where she said she had a terrible childhood because she didn’t have enough skating lessons or good enough skates.

      This woman needs to be medicated and have her phone taken away to save herself from further embarrassment. If she ever wanted to see her grandchild, she’s ensuring that she never will. But I honesty don’t even think she cares.

  33. kbinldo says:

    OT, but this just in! Associated Content *finally* published my RHOBH snark. Please check it out! http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/6064046/why_is_camille_grammer_so_exhausted.html?cat=16

  34. sweet pea says:

    Thanks for the recap Lynn! Haven’t had time to read all of y’alls comments…but did anyone hear Tracy as she was going into the studio with Kim? Kim thanked her for being a fan and Tracy said “I’m not a fan, I’m a friend, there’s a difference.” Cracked me up!

  35. justanothermary says:

    Totally off topic, but then when am I on topic? This just has to be filed in the WTF file. I’m an insomniac – always have been. I’m ok with it cuz I get a lot done in the middle of the night that the hubbub of daytime makes difficult. So, this morning at 3:48 a.m. I purchased new car insurance on-line. I did extensive research to get the best price yada yada yada. So, I’m going to the doctor this afternoon and justanothervirgil starts my car to let it warm up for a while. About 15 minutes later I hop in and shut the door. The entire back window shattered and fell into the back seat. Now I’m on the phone trying to convince some insurance agent who has never heard of me that it really really did happen today! Thankfully she believed me and the car will be fixed tomorrow, but WTF!!!

    • AZ Girl says:

      It happens I know. Heading up to Flagstaff one winter a storm blew in and I went from 76 degree weather to total white out of snow and 29 degrees. I was 30 minutes outside of Phoenix. My whole front windshield shattered to pieces. Fortunately it stayed together and did not fall in.

    • Buffywood says:

      Wow, I had a similar situation. Years ago I when I was living in Virginia Beach I was around 26 and my dad said I should get my own gar insurance as his agent said it looked a little “funny” my dad insured 9 cars but yet they only had a 2 driver household. I got USAA and my insurance went into effect at 12:01 midnight… at 4:40 the next afternoon we were hit my a major hail storm and my car had over $3,200 in damage!!! What was funny is that I expected an issue until I found out the USAA claims office was in the same office park as my company and almost all of their employees were affected as well. How was that for good luck?

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        I have USAA for almost everything. They are AWESOME, they have the highest customer satisfaction ratings on almost every service.

        So glad everyone is OK- everybody stay safe!

  36. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Nene is a demanding person, and must be that kind of friend also. She needs to be the center of attention and probably categorizes her friends, calling upon them when needed. Kim was her party friend, not a sympathetic ear as Kim clearly is self-centered and turns every conversation back to her. Her friend that cared for her is a caring type, coddling her after surgery, finding her a lawyer, being her plus 1 when needed etc. Cynthia, it seems, was her sounding board and sympathetic ear. She called on her often and it started grating on her fiance’s nerves.

    While Nene may have been going to the well too many times, Peter was definitely displacing his anger over his business problems, on Cynthia and Nene’s phone calls. Cynthia and Peter’s relationship was on display. He came off angry and controlling and she seemed weak or tired, just giving in. I feel Cynthia handled the whole situation poorly. She shouldn’t have mentioned that Peter was angry over Nene calling, she should have laid ground rules for her relationship time and friendship time. Easily she could have said, Peter works hard and when he comes home I try not gossip with my friends. I do my talking all day/evenings when he’s gone and enjoy nights with him. Likewise she could have told Peter, get used to her because I enjoy her friendship. She’s having problems, but I’ll speak to her about calling so late or often. Q. is was Nene too needy or Peter too controlling/jealous of everyone?

    But as the saying goes, first your parents ruin your social life, then your kids, and we can also add spouse!

  37. Had Enough! says:

    Our pet idiot tweeted:

    “Im looking for my silver pen my dad gave me for graduation from Columbia. Ahhhh. Where is it?”

    Answer: Try the drawer where you keep the unicorns and other imaginary stuff.

    • TEB says:

      You are on a roll tonight!

      • Had Enough! says:

        She makes it too easy. It is like a war of wits with an unarmed person (tm Bethenny Frankel) except that she is such an idiot that you could do this in your sleep.

    • TLM says:

      My money is on Bethenny’s theory, that she went to Columbia the country. Most of the heroin sold here is produced there, and that would explain a lot.

      My other theory is that she worked at a Columbia activewear store (www.columbia.com) and had to attend “Columbia University” for training on how to work the register and hang the clothes, and having completed the program, she thought she graduated from THE Columbia University.

      • Buffywood says:

        You and Had Enough! are cracking me up tonight. Thanks for the laughs, I needed them.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        Like Burger King College- that really exists?

        • Had Enough! says:

          OMG. Read this:


          Columbia State University was a diploma mill based in California that used a Louisiana mailing address. It operated from the mid-1980s until it was closed by court order in 1998.

          Columbia State offered bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree programs in a variety of fields. Its marketing targeted people who had not finished college or graduate school, advertising that they could qualify for a degree from Columbia State University in as little as 27 days based on their life, work, and academic experience.

        • TLM says:

          McDonalds has Hamburger University http://www.aboutmcdonalds.com/mcd/careers/hamburger_university.html, so it’s possible!

          I just think it was hilarious that Dr. Tiy-e would do air quotes every time he would say he has a “Ph D,” insisting it was real. Remember how Kim would do air quotes around “legally married”??!!? People who don’t understand air quotes crack me up. One of my all-time favorite episodes of Friends was the one where they tried to teach Joey what air quotes meant, and he still got it wrong.

      • American Idiot says:

        I think Kelly actually attended the Columbia School of Continuing Studies, which is a part of Columbia University, in NYC. I think she went to another college for a year after HS, then modeled or whatever, and went to back to college later.

        It is hard to believe she actually has a college degree.

    • Sha2000 says:

      My husband complains when a sock goes missing from the laundry; maybe I should tweet her & ask where the missing socks go?

  38. Adgirl says:

    Camille, I have to feel bad for her. I know she is a pretentious mean spirited drip. But come on!
    How could Kelsey, who presumably loved her for over 10 years, humiliate the mother of his children this way? Why does he have to flaunt his “fiancee`”?

    Doesn’t he care about how Camille’s reaction will impact his kids?

    What a fool. And firthermore, it will only harden Camille’s resolve to torment Kelsey throughout a tortuously protracted divorce.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      the fiance looks so…normal? like shockingly normal and regular.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I personally feel Camille is more attractive than her, but typically I find when men cheat, they end up with someone less attractive than the person they are with.

        It seems like Kelsey was trying to send a message and seek out someone who was the opposite of his wife

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I don’t think Kelsey is connected to his kids much in the same manner that Camille isn’t.

      There is a sad sort of awkwardness in watching either one of them interact with their children. I read one of Tori Spellings book once and she was talking about failing math when she was a young girl. It was over a weekend and the nanny had it off. Tori was hysterical and would not be consoled. Despite her cancerous relationship with her mother she admitted that her mother did try her best to be supportive saying things like they would hire a tutor, it would be okay but to no avail. Tori just cried for her “Nanny”.

      It would break me into a million peaces to think my children would prefer another woman over me. ( they are both daddy’s girls – so him I could understand- but a ‘babysitter’ would make me feel horrible).

      I’m willing to bet Kelsey never changed a diaper for either one of those kids. I am sure he loves them but he definitely puts himself first.

  39. Sha2000 says:

    Hi all,
    quick advice needed! My former neighbor just told me her son is going off to Afghanistan; I need to reply & don’t exactly know how to to my sentiment into words. I am not religious & I do not want to give the standard “keeping them in my prayers” reply. I feel for her & this man who I remember as the neighbors little boy & want to wish him well, any suggestions?

    • Had Enough! says:

      This happened to me last year. A friend’s husband was sent to Iraq. I said to her that I knew she must be proud and worried at the same time, and I couldn’t wait to hear that he was home safe and sound.

      For that entire year, I couldn’t bear to watch the news about Iraq. When he came home, I cried.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Thanks Had Enough! I started to tell her my cousin has been in & out of Iraq a few times & he now based in Europe w/his wife & baby…I’ll tell her that & use your wording.

        I appreciate the advice : )


    • Blue Sky says:

      Maybe you can send him care packages. They need so many things, we send items like hard candy, gum, socks, books to read…etc. And send letters. I hope & pray that he comes back safely!

      • Sha2000 says:

        That’s a nice idea Blue. It reminds me of this woman I know who sends beanie babies to troop’s because they are small enough to fit under their jacket & they can carry until they meet a child to give it to. I really feel that those small thoughts of kindness to a child who has nothing is one of the most effective tool’s to ultimately get to peace during a war.

        Thanks for the idea & the well wishes!

    • neroes says:

      My son came home from Afghanistan in July and I had a lump in my chest from the day he left until his plane touched down in America a year later. There is not much you can say to his mom. Just be there to listen.
      I did appreciated it when friends kept him in their prayers. Also I liked it when people told me to thank him for his service. He really appreciated that. Maybe you could write him and thank him. He also spent a year in Iraq, but he said Afghanistan was much worse. There is also a flag she can fly called a blue star flag. It’s for families of service members serving in a war.

      • Blue Sky says:

        God bless you & your son. And all our service people over there…I start crying just thinking about it. Please pray for all of them, and for this war to be over soon. Pray for peace.

  40. Blue Sky says:

    Bethenny skates next; Rebecca & Fred were terrific.

  41. Had Enough! says:

    So NYC will probably start in Feb or March?

    Not sure what is going on with OC. They are filming (I think). Last year they started in November but the first season in March, second season in January, third and fourth seasons November, season five also November.

    Funny enough, there’s been not one word about DC being renewed. YAY!

  42. TheDesignDiva says:

    Johnnie Weier SUCKS as a Judge…..

    • Just Sayin' says:

      They all suck and how can the act like they don’t treat her like crap.

    • Blue Sky says:

      If Vince & his partner get higher marks than Bethenny…ugh!

    • Buffywood says:

      Holy Shit, is it just me or does Johnnie Weir look like Pinochio? I keep waiting for him to yell out “I am a real boy”.

      • Just Sayin' says:

        LOL @ Buffywood, and as for his scores OMG ,SERIOUSLY?

        • Buffywood says:

          I didn’t see B skate or her scores… I just can’t stomach the whole show. As soon as I saw him I had to turn the channel.

          • Just Sayin' says:

            She did well I thought , much better than Vince IMO. She also offered to put a skate upside the female judges head in the segment before she skate :). Lori Ann, actually gave her really good scores and was very flattering, must not have wanted the skate…….:)

      • JazzNightOut says:

        This is so true! Giopetto take him in for repairs NOW!

    • American Idiot says:

      Johnny’s little speech before he gave his comments was rude, insincere and uncalled for. He said the judge’s comments were not personal, but he is the one who brought up all the personal stuff, like her weight, baby, lifestyle, etc. during the last two weeks.

      And the female judges dislikes the song they picked? I think?? It was hard to understand what she said about the song. Anyone else get it?

      • JazzNightOut says:

        I think she said it was a big favorite of hers and that it was ‘a good one’ that B. chose it. I hope that is right?!

      • toront0 says:

        Yes, Johnny’s comments were embarrassing…going on about how his comments shouldn’t be taken personally. Now why would he even think that they were? Where is he getting his information?
        I think the female judge liked the song and wondered if that’s why Bethenny and her partner picked it. I think B said under her breath that that wasn’t why. These judges are terrible at articulating. Dick Bottons’ comments sound so rehearsed. As if he has seen B be ‘bigger than life’ on her other shows.

        • JazzNightOut says:

          I thought Laurieanne meant exactly that – that Ethan and B. picked that song just to work on her.

  43. TheDesignDiva says:

    I know Willie Gary and his wife…cough cough…He aint all that…go read up on him and his family..Kid in jail for being a MAJOR player in a drug ring and grow house in Hobe Sound…excuse after excuse……whu he shouldnt be jail…LOL LOL…..
    Willie made his $$$ off a family that was electrocuted in Jupiter…the surviving father is now BROKE and HOMELESS….sad story…..
    PS he has a jet called Wings of Justice…I feel for his wife……

    • Buffywood says:

      Hobe Sound? Is that where you live? I was just down in that area (Hobe Sound and Jupiter) looking at houses.

      • Wall St Lady says:

        Very “High Brow” !
        We can meet that cool restaurante on the water named for a famous actress (forgot name mayb Frances)

        • Wall St Lady says:

          Found it
          Frances Langford’s Outrigger.  The décor, food, and panoramic view of the Intracoastal and causeways justify a drive or a day’s outing here.

          Fresh, local seafood dominates the menu but they also feature prime rib and other specialties for meat lovers. One of their desserts, Florida Orange cake made with orange custard and white chocolate chips earns high marks for a signature Florida dessert – better than Key Lime pie.

          Entertainer Frances Langford opened her Outrigger restaurant and resort in the early 1960s. Jackie Gleason, Bob Hope and other celebs visited the Polynesian-themed locale, often staying at one of the bungalows on the property (still there but not used for guests). The property fell into disrepair over the years until Fred Ayres bought and restored the restaurant to its former stature. Frances Langford, who died in 2005, was on hand when the Dolphin Bar and Shrimp House opened in 2001.

          Jensen Beach lies just north of Stuart. A sleepy, time-worn community, it’s located on an extremely wide expanse of the Intracoastal; one can barely see the east side of the waterway

          • Buffywood says:

            I am more “low brow” by both nature and nurture. I’ve been there and I do like the place. I am a big fan of the Manatee Pocket area in Stuart as well. Both Pirates Cove and Shrimpers are accessible by boat and have hot blackened grouper and cold beer… that is really all I need.

  44. Blue Sky says:

    vote for Bethenny 855-752-8306

  45. TLM says:

    I totally forgot tonight was SWTS… !

  46. Zipit Zarin says:

    I officially hate Johnny Weird! LECTURE Bethenny??? HE took it personal when he lectured her! Grrrr! Man oh man, I’d give my left nut (if I had one) to hear what she would say to him if she could!

    Oh, and fabulous blog as always, Lynn. It’s too painful to watch the Atlanta women making fools of themselves so I read you blog instead. 😀

  47. TLM says:

    Did she already skate? I don’t know why I thought this started at 9pm EST….

  48. Zipit Zarin says:

    I’m having a blast watching the first season of NY. I started watching during the second season, I think. It’s so great watching knowing how they all evolved (and there was no Kelly, ugh) You can see the seeds of Ramona and Alex’s real friendship with Bethenny being planted.

  49. TLM says:

    Ack… well, they have the full episodes online, at least….maybe I’ll see tomorrow. It looks like the ranking is pretty much the same at last week. I think B and Vince Neil will be the next ones to go. The 3 pairs at the top are unusually good. I saw the end of Moseley and Brandon’s rehearsal tapes. I don’t think I’ve seen choreography that good in competitions. The routine the announcer/former Olympic skater did was amazing. She is in phenomenal shape.

  50. TLM says:

    Ok, I don’t get it… why are they accepting voting after the show is over on SWTS??? What does it matter?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      To decide who goes home next week

      • TLM says:

        Ok, so tonight’s elimination was based on last week’s votes and this week’s performance? That makes no sense since you could have a good performance one week but be pulled down from the prior week’s votes. It’s mixing apples & oranges. That’s why I thought they usually only allow voting during the show and then tally it for the result.

    • toront0 says:

      I think the voting is for next week’s results based on tonights skating, to go along with next week’s judges marks.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      You vote tonight for their performance tonight, then our votes are added to the judges scoring for next week. Then the pair with the lowest combined score is eliminated. Vote for Bethenny on 1-855-752-8306 from as many telephone lines as you have *5 votes ea. line and vote on line from all your e-mail addys. Again *5 votes each addy.

      • mariareads says:

        My God now I have to run around the house using all the phones! Stupid husband won’t let me vote on his Blackberry from work! I’ll go pull the line out of the FAX machine and use that too. Honest to God, these Bravo shows cause lots of work.
        GEEZE did B really say that? LOVE.IT. What a skank that judge is. The hair thing? Disgusts me to look at it. Who does that?

  51. LynnNChicago says:

    Vote for Bethenny NOW 1-855-752-8306

    • JazzNightOut says:

      …and vote online from each e-mail addy that you have. You may have to register each e-mail addy, but voting for Bethenny has become my life’s work, lol. So register and vote online + from phonelines.

  52. Zipit Zarin says:

    Had Enough! I really thought she said a knife up her proverbial! Holy cow, I’m officially crazy.

    • Just Sayin' says:

      She did, she did, she said both. Skate then slap about 30 seconds later. You are not crazy and niether am I that is why I rewinded :).

  53. Cusi77 says:

    Here in the Pacific time at what time and in what channel is Skating… Please?

  54. MickeyMouth says:

    Skating With The Stars – Judges UPGRADE!: http://wp.me/pWaBw-p4

  55. mariareads says:

    I think I just went blind. We were watching the Jets/Pats game (husband is mad and I am disappointed-I’ll say no more) and hub begins to channel surf. I look up and I swear I saw JZ on Sean Hannity. He flipped it before I could really look. It must have been her because I’m having some kind of reaction…spots, dizzy, and I hear a voice saying “LONG ISLAND”….

  56. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi Lynnfam !

    I have been off the board for 4 days!
    Before these 4 days, I had been on daily since WSL appeared in late July.
    I missed my cyber friends !
    Our world has definitely reached a pinnacle of the new reality, when a New yorker like myself prefers my cyber acquaintances/friends.
    Bottom line, I am grateful to be part of the LynnFam.
    I see 5+ new avatars in just 4 days !
    I reviewed Lynn’s 1st blog and saw Ad girl, Quincy and Kat have been LynnFam since inception.

    I can only attribute our unique intelligent, witty, snarky but lady like attributes to Lynn our “Blog Mistress”.

    I love you guys and thank you and Lynn for my favorite cyber space (sometimes only space) I want to be in !

    My last request, after this happy rant :

    Please, Please, Please

    tell me/ LynnFam,
    HOW and WHEN you found Lynn’s blog.

    Ad girl , Kat & Quincy, u go 1st !

    • TEB says:

      I realize you didn’t ask me to go first…. but I hope it’s OK that I reply. Googled Hate Jill Zarin (b/c I was over-the-top mad at Jill’s good media reviews). I’ve never been to the other site TWOP that others referred to.

    • Cusi77 says:

      Hi WSL! I found LynnNchicago by the end of April… I was so upset because Bravo did not publish my comments in RHONY, when I read in Ramona’s blog about a petition to fired “foghorn” Zarin… so, I typed that and That was the beggining to love Lynn and her Blogs, her integrity… this beautiful family.
      Error was already here, Desertgal, Dark sonnet, Mimi… Mamaz, Adgirl, Anniiiee… I used to be “I can forget…”

      I am very happy that you join this beautiful family, in fact, you name this Blog Lynn’sFam… you have been the soul of this place, you brought lots of love, Thank you for being here!

      • Adgirl says:

        Hey WSL,

        I think Quincy or Kat told me. Maybe their screen names were different on the old site freedomforums.

        I was on freedomforums after we got kicked off TWOP. I was unhappy at freedomforums because it seemed there were 4 posters who were virulant Bethenny haters.
        You couldn’t say “Gee, Bethenny’s pigtails are cute.” without getting 20 replies about what a bitch Bethenny is and only jerks (like me?) are her fans. And, by the way “Bethenny’s hair is NOT CUTE! Are you blind or just stupid?? Are you Bethenny????”.

        Then I entered the world of LynnFam where I can say snarky things about RH cast members but don’t have to take a lot of personal heat. Ansd I get great skin care advice too.

        How about you WSL?

        I don’t think this site was *permanently* titled I Hate Jill Zarin for a while.

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          Is TWOP still there and is Strega still running it? I’ve heard y’all talking about what a nazi she was.

        • quincyil says:

          I was never on the forums anywhere. I tried to write to Bravo and was rejected. I suspect that I googled “Jill Zaren” and found a link to the previous home of Lynn. I know I didn’t post for ages as I had seen some really awful fighting on other sites and didn’t want that toxicity in my life. One day, I saw a question here that went unanswered and I knew the answer. You know me, a fountain of trivia. So… I bucked up and tried to get on. It worked temporarily and then I had to do more and got in trouble with my name so Kat fixed that.

          I’ve been here since the beginning of the third season of NYC because I recently read a lot of Lynn’s older blogs and saw my comments there. I remember changing the sites too.

          I’m sure it was watching Jill Zarin evicerate Bethenny that upset me so much that I wanted to know what others were saying. I’m not a fan of people who think they are the cat’s meow so I am not a Jenn Sales kind of person. Lynn is self deprecating, funny, smart, and logical. She’s also fair and give people multiple chances to follow the simple rules. I don’t like the darkness of cyberspace because I don’t like cruelty or tearing people down to make yourself feel better. I like people. I want to be kind and caring so I’m here with the rest of like minded people being horrified that Jill Zarin goes to war when slighted for an invitation or a gift that wasn’t good enough in her eyes.

      • Wall St Lady says:

        Thank u cusi !
        “We r family
        I got all my sistas & me”
        WSL singing loudly !

        When did u start posting ?

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I used to read the message boards for NY on Bravo and somehow found Lynn. Dunno exactly how. 😛

      • Blue Sky says:

        Me too, don’t recall how but found a link maybe on the Bravo message boards (which are regularly hijacked by trolls, so don’t go there anymore!). Glad to be here, thank you Lynn for making this a warm gathering of cyber friends with different viewpoints making for so much fun! I learn something every day here, plus the belly laughs are great!

    • neroes says:

      I googled something about housewives and ended up on the really old housewife of Manatee County. (where I live) From there I got here. It’s amazing how Lynns Fam has people from all walks of life, yet you all manage to get along. You make me laugh and sometimes even cry. You are all so supportive of each other and I love having you all in my living room every evening.

    • mariareads says:

      I think I googled RHNY and came up with the old blog that Lynn had. From there I migrated with the rest to this spot and it’s very comfy. Why I have an interest in this kind of show and then snarking about it is a mystery. But Lynn provided and I complied! (Is that a word?) Anyway, that’s how I found Lynn’s blog.

      • cdnfillie58 says:

        I started reading Amazongate, and someone posting there mentioned there was an IHATEJILLZARIN blog…need I say more 😛

  57. TheDesignDiva says:

    Mariareads…you were not hallucinating..she was on the show..go google it…LOL LOL


    • mariareads says:

      I knew it was her. I could feel it. Like an aura of something …ewwwwww!
      And while watching our team get the manure kicked out of them I forgot to TIVO SWTS. What a krappy night LOL!

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Was it a re-run? I saw her on that show awhile ago.

      • mariareads says:

        She has been on before?? Maybe it was a re-run. I don’t know. What the hell could JZ tell anyone about politics or whatever?
        Remember her “interview” with those Brits right after the economic crash? It was so embarrassing.

        • Zipit Zarin says:

          Well, the time I saw her she didn’t know anything about politics but that didn’t stop her from trying to seem like she had a clue. It was very embarrassing to watch her and therefore I loved it.

          • mariareads says:

            LOL! I know what you mean. I might cringe, I might throw up in my mouth a little, but I’ll watch one of them make a fool of themselves and I’ll love it. I prefer to believe this makes me a better person for the real world. I take my aggression out on people that I will never meet so it’s very safe. How’s that for RH logic?

  58. Zipit Zarin says:

    Did you all change your profile photos to a cartoon this week-end? If so, what was it? I thought it was a neat thing…to see what everyone would pick for themselves. Twas an interesting insight, doncha think?

  59. Adgirl says:

    OK, I admit to slumming on radar online. And now my mind is melting.

    Is it true that swimmer Michael Phelps is dating Brittny Gastineu? Why does that make me sick?

    Brad Pitt is aging so poorly. Why does he wear such odd clothes now? Angelina mistakenly wore a white dress.

    There was something hideous on the right side of the screen … oh wait, its Sasquasht prancing around in his bikini.

    Must delete computer history.

    • quincyil says:

      I saw the leather bikini. She’s tall.

      Sometimes, in films Angelina Jolie is breathtaking. I think it’s her eyes.

  60. Wall St Lady says:

    In late July I created a daily google alert on “Teresa NJ house wife”. My alert sent me to several sites including Lynn’s. I lurked for a week on them all. This was my first blog experience but I didn’t dare sign in. Eventually I decided the other blogs were impersonal & pitched too many story s with light content. I found Lynn’s blogers put up links to any worth while info.
    Like a virgin I held my breath & signed in ! Except for links ,I only do IHJZ. Yep, I found the right home for me.

    • lillybee says:

      I came here when Strega closed the TWOP board down because of Jill’s Amazon adventure.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        That’s when I came too. I had seen the site earlier, but was put off by the name and the conversation seemed very negative. But when TwoP closed the NY site, someone posted on a different forum that people had gone here. And so did I. Took me a while to post, but when I saw that Susan Saunders was involved in Amazongate and I remembered that was Jill’s pet name, I HAD to post. I remember sitting for about 5 minutes trying to think of what my name should be. Which is why I chose such a silly one.

  61. Wall St Lady says:

    What does your avatar mean ?

    Zip it
    U da comedian tonite.
    Would u b my roomie at Hotel Ca.

  62. NikkyT31 says:

    Great Job! I love reading this blog everyday.

  63. Need a Hobby says:

    Article: The Daily Beast’s Ten Highest Earning Reality Stars: http://www.thedailybeast.com/blogs-and-stories/2010-12-06/the-10-highest-earning-reality-television-stars/

    The list gallery is here: http://www.thedailybeast.com/galleries/2397/1/

    Bethenny is #3 with estimated 2010 earnings of $4 million. Kim Kardashian is #1 & Lauren Conrad is #2.

    From the article, the methodology used in compiling for compiling the list:

    The Daily Beast ranking was ruled by a defining principle: To merit inclusion, the star must derive his/her fame from reality television. And we defined that in the strictest sense: American Idol and other contestant shows weren’t included. This list purely measures those who’ve cashed in on fame, versus talent. Furthermore, we only counted active reality-television stars: those with a show that aired or was in production in 2010. (Sorry, Paris.)

    All of our estimates were calculated from dozens of discussions with industry professionals, agents, managers, and publicists, as well as published reports and public financial disclosures. All figures are for calendar year 2010 and designed to be conservative—in other words, some of these characters may have earned even a bit more. Nice work if you can get it.

    • Blue Sky says:

      so sick of the Kardashians. How much does the mom make, as is their “manager?”

    • TLM says:

      I am honestly surprised Bethenny’s income is that low. Outearned by Lauren Conrad?? Seriously?? Kim Kardashian’s name is on anything and everything, but I really don’t see or hear much about Lauren Conrad. It’s hard to believe she’s earning many millions from selling clothing at Kohl’s. Isn’t that her main thing now? Bethenny is so diversified, and I would think the cocktails alone would account for $4-5 million, and her books $2-3 million. These are just my guesses. I would think she is also making her cocktails in foodservice quantities and marketing to bars and restaurants.

    • BessiB says:

      THIS is another reason why I read this blog. You guys find fun and interesting stuff.

  64. knocknoc says:

    Guess Kikidiot did more in Miami than just parade at the beach
    in her bikini


  65. quincyil says:

    What do you think Sheree and Kim do with their free time? The do not watch Bravo. They don’t read journals for their jobs. They don’t practice acting or singing. They have hours when the kids are doing their own thing. Kim probably has the boy toy come over, but Sherree must sit in the bathroom looking at the mirror all alone. That’s kinda sad.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Well, they shop. And meet their girlfriends for lunch or drinks. I think Sheree likely has a 5 minute attention span, based on how well she studied her script, so she would flit from one thing to another. Undoubtedly they talk on the phone. How many hours are we up to now?

    • Adgirl says:

      Kim gets her nails done while Sweetie oversees the delivery truck pumping wine into the 55 gallon tanks in Kim’s basement.

  66. Had Enough! says:

    Quincy – thought this article would interest you:


    (In the old days, my husband and I would annoy one another by reading the paper to each other. Now we just sit side-by-side, e-mailing articles. Sometimes we just skype each other instead of talking).

    • quincyil says:

      I loved chatting with my sister in law from Birjand about her vacations in the Middle East. She loves Turkey and likes to lie in her swim suit on the beach and wear shorts in the bazarre. She sent me photos. She hated the way women were treated in Saudi. She saw them as cattle. She hates the Taliban and said she’s immigrating if they come over the boarder near Birjand.

      51% of university students in Iran are female. They drive cars. The mullahs are essentially out of power, but the military government in power has a religious base and uses that to control the population. Frankly, I don’t think a repressive regime can survive when it’s women are against it. I’m glad that they have the right to divorce. The law where the father takes the children is a major problem for women with young children who want to divorce their husbands.

      • Blue Sky says:

        There is hope that Iran will come to its senses eventually. I’ve heard that among young people, America is not hated but admired there. Remember the riots not long ago, where the young people fought back, & the police (those jackals on motorcycles with guns) started murdering them. There was a young girl, Neda, who died, so tragic. I believe it will be okay, some day, & who knows Quincy you may even get to go visit Iran, as an American, without fear. There are many brave people in Iran, working under cover to get rid of that “Nazi-style” regime.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I agree that women can have a huge effect when united. So I’m always happy to have women in my classes getting as much education as possible.

        The lives of Saudi women have changed greatly since I’ve been teaching. When I started, I taught a class of Saudi wives. Only wives were allowed to come to the US, accompanying their husbands. These women were escorted to class by the husband and picked up when class was over. They did not drive or do anything public without the husband. But in class, once the door was closed, they’d remove their headscarves. Then they’d reach back and pop their bras loose. And chat. In Arabic. It was their big chance to be out, and they were not wasting it on studying.

        Now, they’re in class with everyone else and very serious about the work. They will work in groups with men of any culture (whereas the men will not always work with any women from any culture). Some have come to the US with brothers or other relatives and a few women have come alone (and are really a force to reckon with!). Most wear scarves and in recent years we have a few who also cover their face. But they are talking to everyone and learning a lot. The effect on the home culture that these modern young women must be having is beyond my imagination. I expect the Saudi world to begin to change rapidly in coming years.

        • quincyil says:

          I have an Egyptian female friend who is a dentist (not licensed here.) She wears a scarf. At wedding, the Egyptians were gorgeous scarves with rhinestones. If the idea is to hide your hair and not be provocative, the rhinestone scarves are not doing the trick.

          • Kansas Girl says:

            Agree. Even the “plain” scarves are rather revealing of the hairstyle underneath.

            A few years back we had a young Saudi couple who were freshly married and clearly had lots of money. He looked like a student, albeit in expensive jeans. But the woman. Thin and beautiful. She wore hotpants, revealing tops, etc. The young men who were in her classes had a lot of trouble focusing. And the husband would just say Yeah, my wife is hot. LOL. It was something to watch them.

            • quincyil says:

              In Vegas airport…gold head dressings and low cut, skin tight jeans…. Yep… not provocative at all.

    • Blue Sky says:

      LOL! Sometimes I talk to my husband more on the cell phone than in real life….now we text too. He gets mad at me when I don’t check email, because I’m supposed to read all the articles he sends me. Which are usually very informative…how do I have time when this board takes up all my free time?! Do I need an intervention – the Christmas tree is set up but not trimmed (dear son brought it up from the basement), the house needs cleaning, but snarking here is so much more fun!

  67. housewifeaddict says:


    Hmmm – I don’t think Danielle will be getting any more books published. Let’s hope this is the last we hear of her.

  68. LynnNChicago says:

    I’m afraid I have more bad news, I seem to be the bearer these days.

    HD has lost the baby….please keep her in your prayers today.

    Thank you all xo Lynn

  69. kmuellfa says:

    HD-I am so sorry, my thoughts are with you.

  70. knocknoc says:


    Heartfelt thoughts to you and your family.

  71. viki55 says:

    So sorry for your loss HD. I feel your pain and will be praying for you and your family.

  72. mariareads says:

    Oh, no. I’m so very sorry HD. I will only say that my heart is with you.

  73. SillyMe says:

    Just finished catching up on the recaps, Lynn great job as always. HD: I’m so sorry for your loss, you’ll be in my prayers through this difficult time. Please take care.

  74. HD. I am so sorry for your loss. I know there are no words that will help ease your loss and pain. Just know that we all feel for your pain………….I am so sorry…………

  75. Ruby Newbie says:

    Sending good thoughts to you, HD. Stay strong.

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