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I Hate Jill Zarin Tabathas Salon Takeover/Skating With The Stars
Guest Blog – Thank you Quincy IL for this great blog on Tabatha’s premier episode!

Tabatha’s Salon Takeover Week 1

Sibling Rivalry

The Salon targeted for change is “Mia Bella” located in San Bruno, Ca. Two beautiful Asian sisters answer the telephone to discover that their petition to Tabatha Coffey has been answered. She’s right outside the salon. Of course, the sisters are on camera taking the call so they may have thought something was up. Tabatha is dressed in black. Her hair is short and silver. She’s not happy. Tabatha’s spies have been in the salon spying and the sisters fight in front of staff and customers. The older sisters, Cindy and Marjorie, own the business and hold the lease of the salon. They are 50k in credit card debt and their 140K in equity in their home is gone. They live on their tips. The younger sisters, Karen and Janet, live free and pretend to be owners. The older two sisters have 4 years of experience. The younger two sisters have two years of experience.

In the sisters’ Asian culture, the elders take care of the young. This means the oldest sister is a freaking psycho who needs to be placed in a straight jacket and the youngest sisters drink beer in the back and back talk when given instructions.

Tabatha states that “I’m tough. I’m talented. I’m taking over.” She takes the key to the salon door. We watch a video where a stylist with 16 years of experience drops gum into a customer’s hair. Then she pulls hair out while getting her gum back. We see the interaction between Cindy (oldest) and Karen (third) where Karen has failed to remember Cindy’s instructions and folds under the blistering criticism while the customer tries to slide under her chair.

White Glove Test

Tabatha has Christine get on a chair to look for the dust and hair glob on top of a mirror. Everyone is horrified. The garbage is overflowing. The bathroom is filthy. The comb sterilizers are ancient, the color has change, and there is hair there. Karen is not happy. In the interview she states, “Tabatha is a bitch.” Tabatha tells us that the salon is “unprofessional and embarrassing. The way the sisters talk to each other is appalling.” Christine has tears. Cindy has tears. Microbiologists have tears.

The Takeover

The music sounds like the invading army is entering Troy. The staff looks petrified. Karen says that she is happy. Tabatha glares and says, “You are the problem.” (It’s a Dr. Laura moment.) Christine didn’t see the filth. (She needs to go to the eye doctor pronto.) Tabatha tells us that this might be the filthiest salon yet. (OMG Have you ever watched this show? Close the doors and call hazmat.) Karen comments, “We have lived like animals.” (Your hair and makeup look nice.)

Staff Meeting

Tabatha doesn’t do late and Femme, the gum chewer is late. It’s her birthday and she will do as she wishes. (She must not watch Bravo’s Salon Takeover.) Femme says she will “try not to be late.” She says that she has to let her hair down on her birthday. Tabatha doesn’t take these comments well. (Smoke is coming from Tabatha’s ears.)

The staff complains about the management fighting in front of customers and the lack of education. They use the TG method of cutting, but Melissa, a stylist with six years of experience can only do two haircuts.

Hazmat Arrives

The staff has to clean up their own messes. There are arguments about who is going to clean the bathroom that people “shit” in. (Nice, Bravo at it’s finest.)


Tony of TG (Tony and Guy, a salon in London that has a method of education and classes in California) comes to discuss the salon’s teaching methods. The salon has no teaching methods so both Tony and Tabitha gasp. Models arrive and the stylists cut for Tony and Tabatha. Karen was surprisingly good so she gets positive reinforcement. There are before and after photos of the models. Her model looks good. Melissa with six years of experience does a horrible job. She can’t explain the mess she has made and the before photo looks a lot better than the after photo. Tony and Tabatha mind meld. This is not good for Melissa.

Siblings meet siblings

The sisters meet brothers Tony and Bruno of TG. Bruno explains that there was another younger brother who refused to work past 5PM. That brother, Andre, was fired for insubordination. The younger sisters take this to heart. Now, they know they can be fired.

Slumber Party

The sisters are at home acting like couch potatoes and being filmed when the doorbell rings. Another surprise (but they had the camera in the house right?) Tabatha is at the door with a suitcase. She is staying overnight at the condo. The living room is messy. The kitchen is filthy. The bedroom has clothes everywhere. And….. the basement/garage looks like 72 year old hoarders have been at work. The sisters are embarrassed. After all, they signed up to get everyone else on the stick, not expose decades of filth to American and the planet.

It is bedtime and Tabatha comes out in pink! Did you think she slept in black? She also wore diamond earrings and full make up. She goes on the couch to sleep. The camera returns in the morning with Tabatha returned to black and folding blankets. The sisters look great on camera after doing hair and makeup. Now, they are sent to the dungeon to clean out the boxes. They take them to the driveway. The neighbors are thrilled.

Cindy realizes that her life is a mess and that she is her sister’s mother so she will step back and have Marjorie step forward to help. Cindy wants to get her business and life under control. The younger sisters are told that they are soon to be homeless and their sisters will have to declare bankruptcy, so they think change is good too.


They smash a small plastic rolling set of drawers with a sledge hammer. If only it was so easy.


In three days, the salon has been painted and vintage wall paper was chosen by Tabatha to make the yellow walls pop. There is a new front desk area, new stations for stylists, a new computer with a Millennium Booking System, the files are organized and labeled, yet they leave a dirty refrigerator. (I wonder why.)

Reopening Day

The sisters have metamorphosized into productive stylists. Karen cleaned the refrigerator. (Ah, that’s why they left the refrigerator full of decaying food.) Cindy is going to lead by example and not scream like a banshee. Cindy tells Melissa, the one stylist who can’t cut hair after six years of cutting customers’ hair that she should step down from that chair. Melissa knows she is struggling and is nice about it.

Tabatha gives all of the employees a certificate for classes at T G. She gives Femme, the gum chewer, breath spray. Tabatha returns the key.

Surprise Return

The camera is on Tabatha, in all black with heels, returning to the salon after six weeks. Everyone is shocked. (Have they not watched this show?) The sisters say they have all changed. Melissa was fired because they have to do what is best for their business. Cindy calls Tabatha, “A sister from another mother.” (They do watch the Kardashians.)

Next week

It looks like Tabatha found a filthy salon to top Mia Bella. People are throwing things across the room and the brush has hair of many colors on it. Microbiologists all over the planet are cringing.

Skating With The Stars by: LynnNChicago Air Date Dec 6, 2010

Week three and five skaters left we’ve got big problems at the ice arena.

Lead skater Brenden is in the hospital with what appears to be the flu, he’s vomiting and green so he’s unable to skate. Luckily they have film of his rehearsal so that the judges can still review and score his routine.
This week’s required element is a jump which is extremely difficult for amateur skaters, leaving the ice and landing without falling is a lot harder than it looks.

All My Children actress Rebecca is the first to skate and she does a really nice job scoring 50 out of 60, that should keep her in the contest for another week.

Our very own Bethenny skates next and oddly enough, I felt that she did better last week. Her jump was a bit shaky although she remained upright, she had a few moments that looked like she lost her balance a bit but she never fell. The routine was difficult but she looked amazing and it was clear she was trying to follow the judges advice, although their advice was really inadequate last week, in fact it wasn’t advice but more straight criticism of things that Bethenny can’t control.

The moronic Johnny Weir criticized Bethenny’s smile last week and her entire life the week before yet tonight his little speech to Bethenny included a “personal” comment trying to convince the audience that his comments to Bethenny weren’t “personal” but were an attempt to give her advice to improve her skating. Really Johnny boy? How is commenting on her personal life (mentioning her baby and her business week one) not personal? How about you just watch her skate and judge her performance and keep your personal opinions to yourself? Did you question Vince Neil about what he does during his off time?

Tonight as the audience and even Bethenny was prepared for a scathing review from the judges, they seemed to finally cave to public opinion that they’ve been unusually hard on Bethenny. The week that they would have been justified to give her some constructive criticism, they tell her she’s improved and that useless Laurie even told her it was beautiful. All of these speeches to Bethenny seemed to have been prepared in advance and Laurie decided that Bethenny chose her favorite song just to suck up to her. I think it is safe to say that Bethenny would have had no idea what Laurie’s favorite song is and I doubt Bethenny has much input into the music that is chosen. These shows have to get permission to use the music and as we learned on Dancing With The Stars, the music is assigned to each couple.

Vince Neil skated next and he was really shaky, I thought he was going to lose his pants a few times and he barely got off the ice with his tiny jump but he kept a smile on his face and I think the idiot judge Laurie wants to marry this guy, she just gushed over his routine and gave him higher marks than her fellow judges.

Professional skier Johnny was last to skate live and he did do an amazing job, he looked like he’d been skating all his life. I’m sure that skiing helps with balance and confidence and his scores reflected the great job, scoring four out of six 9’s he was the top skater for the night.

The final contestant Brendan was in the hospital under doctor’s orders not to skate but the show provided a recorded practice session for the judges to score.

Johnny and Dick were unsympathetic and gave him extremely low marks for what looked like a really nice routine. The biased Laurie gave Brendan a nine and an eight while Johnny Weir strongly criticized Brendan for not skating against doctor’s orders. Johnny insists he has skated against doctor’s orders himself and he didn’t care how ill he was, he always skated regardless. When it was pointed out to the idiot, er…the judge that vomit doesn’t look good on ice, Johnny responded, “I’ve done it!”. Well thank you for sharing that with us Weir, I’d rather not see vomit if it’s all the same to you! What a moron!

I think there’s a bit of difference between skating in the Olympics and skating on Skating With The Stars and if Brendan decides to follow doctors’ orders and not skate, I say let him be! That said, I don’t think that Laurie giving him such high scores was fair to the other skaters. Johnny and Dick’s 5’s were also a bit harsh but apparently those professional skaters are tough as nails.

Brendan’s partner actually had some strange comments when asked how she feels about not being able to skate due to her partner’s illness. She seemed rather unsympathetic as well even stating that she wished that she was the one who was ill because she would have skated through the illness. Really? Wow, these skaters are harsh and apparently tough as nails.

Johnny Weir has really made a complete ass of himself throughout this competition, his ridiculous smile and sucking up to contestants like Sean Young and Vince Neil who both fell on their asses last week while criticizing Bethenny for the way that she smiles when she had done a great routine is so obvious. Weir hasn’t given Bethenny one bit of constructive criticism but has only mentioned things that have absolutely nothing to do with her performance. Weir’s friendship with Jill Zarin is shining through and for Weir, it is ensuring that he won’t be given opportunities like this in the future. He is unprofessional and is definitely treating Bethenny poorly due to his personal relationship with Zarin.

I don’t think that I would be watching this show if Bethenny had not been a contestant, I don’t watch soap operas and while Vince Neil is a cool guy and we were all hoping Sean Young would flip out or something, I just can’t tolerate Johnny Weir, the guy is a snake. I honestly had nothing against him until he showed what a horrible human being he is on this show.

The audience and judges combined scores sent Vince Neil home last night taking away another reason to watch the show, only Bethenny who’s holding on by a thin string is keeping viewers watching (at least this viewer). Will viewer’s votes keep Bethenny on the show for another week? Obviously if the judges had their way, their scores would have sent her packing last week. There is no doubt that of the remaining four contestants, Bethenny is the worst of the bunch. Even Brendan, who wasn’t even there, got higher marks than Bethenny thanks to the biased Laurie, did I mention she was biased?

You can go to ABC.com to vote (for Bethenny) but unfortunately the phone lines are closed, they only remain open for one hour after the show finishes airing.

I think even if Bethenny goes home next Monday, she will still have done herself proud, she wasn’t the first to go home and fans have supported her while the judges have done nothing but bash her performances. That said, I would love for her to go all the way to the end just to stick it to the judges!

Until Next Time….

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204 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Skating With The Stars & Guest Blog – Tabatha’s Salon Takeover /

  1. MickeyMouth says:

    This show is so boring. I don’t watch DWTS and I am only watching SWTS because of Bethenny. However, unless she improves, it’s getting time for her go. I don’t think she should have taken this job. I don’t see how it benefits her really. I hope it was just a fun lark for her and she is really enjoying herself.

    I am always team Tabita 🙂

    Thanks for the blog Lynn.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      Hey Lynn did you see my Judging Panel Upgrade 🙂

      There are two because I first did it with Evan Lysacek but I liked Buffwood’s suggestion of Pinocchio. Both chops have fans so I left both. The common factor among those who like this Photoshop is that anyone is better than Jonny Wier!

      • Buffywood says:

        I loved them!

        • Adgirl says:

          Where is Brian Boitano when you need him?

          • kbinldo says:

            What would Brian Boitano do? I remember Weir from the Olympics. He snotted all over Evan’s performance. The only one worse was the Russian who got the bronze & became such a sore loser about it, he put up a website claiming he’d actually won “platinum” or something like it.

      • JazzNightOut says:

        I think Pinocchio is soooo much cuter then Weir, so while I love that chop, I vote for Evan for the upgrade just to piss Weir off. Have ABC execs escort Weir off by his hair while Evan glides in to his chair. Love your work Mickey Mouth; permanent fan of yours.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I keep missing that some of these are guest blogs. Thanks for the Tabitha blog Quincy :0)

    • Savannah001 says:

      Great Blogs thanks Quincy and Lynn,
      I was very worried last night watching Bethanny skate and nervous about what she would have to listen to from the judges, which I can’t stand let me say it again I CAN NOT STAND these judges. Johnny’s an asshole and don;t even let me go on about laurie. She has no business being a judge on that show, how she ever landed that job will also be a wonder for me. She must know someone that is involved with the show. She is certainly not well known if it hadnt been for Diddy’s show she would not be known period to any of us.
      You cant compare Hip Hop and the dance that she’s involved in with skating routines so not the same.

      I think Bethanny did better on last weeks show I was very very nervous for her and I was really nervous that she may go home last night but thanks to voters who she is really only concerned with she doesnt really care about the judges any longer she was able to continue on. I can understand why she cares what the fans think. I voted for her 10 times online, I created another name. I want to continue to see her on the show.

    • Amber...Real Housewife says:

      He makes my skin crawl! Which one? BOTH of them!!

      Rob is not naughty but nice, he is vicious and gross! If he thinks you don’t worship him, he’ll do his best to discredit you and your brand, going as far as pumping up your known enemies. His disdain for Bethenny has had him writing numerous “inside” stories of JizzZarin and TMANGoodDice.

      RobShootHer…Ass-kissing Sellout!!

    • error404 says:

      Ok, so why exactly do I want to know when JW popped his cherry? Eww

  2. American Idiot says:

    Iagree with everything you said about SWTS, Lynn. The judges dislike Bethenny for personal reasons (except maybe Dick B) and it shows. Johnny Weir is extremely unprofessional and the Laurie girl has no clue. They all just ramble on and on.

    It was so nice to see Brynn and Jason. It is great they are in LA, but I think most likely Bethenny will be going home next. The other 3 are just better skaters.

    I will not watch anymore once Bethenny is off. It’s a silly show. ABC could do much better.

    • TLM says:

      Finally the mystery is solved… I could not figure out how the Hoppys were going back and forth every week. B said she relocated everyone there for the duration of SWTS…that seems to make more sense!

      If history is any guide, B and Ethan will be gone next week. I believe that is objectively the right decision. Seeing the skills of the couples there, Brendan, Johnny Moseley, and Rebecca Budig are clearly the top 3. They have delivered unusually good performances. I am shocked that Budig never skated before. I think it’s a pretty good run for B to be not the first, not the second, but the third couple to go. It puts her about in the middle. Certainly respectable. I still think her skating is just fair compared to the top 3 couples, and I haven’t liked one costume she wore. I thought the choreography of last night’s routine, especially stacked up against the other couples’ routines, was severely lacking. How Dick Button thought it was “heavenly,” I don’t know, unless that was already planned in his script.

      B’s comment about putting a blade up a judge’s ass was really obnoxious in my opinion. And I am tired of hearing her say 50 times that she “doesn’t care about what the judges think.” If she really didn’t care, then why the hostile remark? If you don’t care, then you don’t care. I almost feel like she’s relishing the role of the underdog because she’s getting more publicity out of it. I don’t know, I’m just getting irritated with this dynamic, and I think it is starting to reflect poorly on Bethenny.

      The judges clearly were responding to criticism that’s been buzzing around about how harsh they have been, which means this week, I thought they were actually overly complimentary to Bethenny. I thought Johnny was right in his critique, and right to respond to what has been said about him. I really don’t think anything he has said is due to any friendship he has with Jill.

      The debate over “to perform or not perform” when one is sick is always difficult, and I don’t like the pressure put on people who are actually sick. I often hated America’s Next Top Model because when a girl got really ill — like Carridee — they scolded her that “you have to know your limits and tell people when you can’t go any further.” But when they had a girl who did skip the competition due to illness, Tyra admonished her that another girl “got out of a hospital bed” to do the shoot, basically insinuating that she was either lazy or not dedicated enough since she wasn’t on a photo shoot with 102F fever. There is this totally mixed message that of course, you should take care of yourself, but we’d REALLY respect you if you were sick as a dog but still performed against the advice of doctors and your own common sense. Whatever. Johnny has performed when he was sick, but he was in Olympic competitions, skating was his whole life, and it was his call as to whether or not to perform. I would hardly hold Brendan to the same standard. They were lucky enough to have a full performance from Brendan from the day before, and it was outstanding. I am amazed by these two. I didn’t have a problem with them being judged on that basis.

      Absolutely LOVED seeing the host perform — I forget her name. She is amazingly strong and such a great skater! I hope she’ll perform again.

      • karenne says:

        NEVER Should have won that season.
        She Sucked at the finale walk on runway…
        but..hey, Cover Girl wanted her look.
        they choose, not tyra.
        but still….she never made it as a model….the other one did.
        just throwing in my two cents.
        I havent seen the show in years…but when it started…I loved it.

      • JazzNightOut says:

        I think some of the criticism of Weir was brought on by Weir himself. He gave an interview to Naughty but Nice Rob (after the show began and while judging, I think, please correct me if I am wrong about this) and spoke of his goooood friendship with Zarin and how he wanted her to be on this show. Knowing JZ as we do, do you think she said nothing negative to Weir about Bethenny! And his criticisms are personal about Bethenny; they are not constructive about her skating.

        Saying all that, I think B is still stiff; she dances with more abandon than she skates, but I am her fan and will vote for her until she is eliminated or she wins 😀

        • JazzNightOut says:

          Perhaps NbutNRob posted the interview during the show, and I believe, B. relocated to LA for this last week only; prior to that she was flying between NY and LA. Sorry about my bias toward B.; I just like her alot! Admire her chutzpah (sp).

    • mariareads says:

      Lynn is so right about B just finishing up and going home when she is voted off. She did it, she didn’t go home 1st or 2nd. This isn’t life or death. Hopefully, she will be less impulsive with her decisions about taking on too much in the future. I can’t imagine how hard it is to practice for these performances! As for the judges, they are so gross that I cannot stand to look at them. That Johnny whatever is so odd. He looks like a mannequin and the woman is snarky and has no personality at all. As for the older man (sorry can’t remember his name) he just seems to be out of his element with this kind of show. The whole atmosphere around this SWTS is odd and unattractive. I probably won’t watch it again. Budget. That’s what it feels like. A budget imitation. Perhaps if they had less cracked judges it would go over better.

    • T-REX says:

      I won’t watch either, I actually didn’t watch after B skated, then came back at the end to see who was voted off. Did you notice B’s face when JWeird was trying to defends his comments in previous episodes, she was like “are you kidding me?”. She didn’t write all those tweets JWeird, the FANS did, you know the ones that tune into this disgrace of a show, if it weren’t for us FANS tuning in, you wouldn’t have a job. I am so curious to see how much the ratings drop once B is gone, I would suspect it would be dramatic enough not to have another season, well at least another one with Jweird judging.

  3. Wall St Lady says:

    Lovely,smart,gentle HD. I know u are ,sad ,devastated,confused,and
    and eventually you will be angry. I can only figure the Lord needs a perfect angle.I believe you will be united again. I have angelS with God that I KNOW I will hold one day.
    All I can do now is say
    “Bless your heart” for I am sure it has a hole in it.
    Hugs,tears,and love to you.

    • twoile says:

      (((((((((((((HD))))))))))) I just went back to the prior pg & learned of your loss…..I am so very sorry & can not imagine the depth of your pain….may time begin to ease the heavy weight in your heart while you carefully tuck the babe there in loving rememberence.

      • 2Stupid says:

        HD you are in my prayers. I have experienced your loss and know it is difficult. I felt it helped for me to talk about it with my husband who seemed to be the only one who could truly understand.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      Love to you too, dear WSLady, w. emphasis on lady.

    • nancy says:

      I am so sorry for your loss, HD. Sending love and prayers your way.

      • @HD, I know the pain you are feeling and my heart aches for you-
        I am so sorry for your loss…..
        There are absolutely no words that can be said that will ease your pain. just know that there are many who care for you and wish they could help ease your loss. I am so sorry.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      So sorry to hear about your loss HD.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      HD- I am so, so sorry for your loss. I am sure this is a difficult and painful time. My heart is really reaching out to you and I hope you find comfort through your grief.

      If it is any comfort, I have two friends who lost a baby early in their pregnancy (I also have a friend who lost her daughter in the 7 month mark) all of them later ended up conceiving children they would not have other wise had. While the pain and loss of those other babies can not be replaced; they sort of came to see it as one sibling sacrificing themselves for another and they felt it brought a stronger sense of purpose for both the children they lost and one ones they got to hold.

  4. LHB says:

    Lynn – Your comments about Johnny Weir were dead on. Like you, I had no beef with him prior to his antics on SWTS. But he has proven himself to be a rude and mean spirited little person. I am a Bethenny fan and I can see that her skating is not great. However, she doesn’t deserve the crazy, belittling talk from Weir and his girl, Lori Ann. Kudos to Bethenny for challenging herself and rising above the b.s. Thank you, Lynn for another great blog!

  5. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    I am not a fan of ice skating, I am only watching SWTS because of Bethenny. I think she might last one more week and when she leaves, I won’t watch anymore.

  6. Buffywood says:

    HD, words cannot express how sorry I was to hear of your loss. My thoughts are with you.

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thank you Quincy and Lynn for your updates! Didn’t watch SWTS because I can’t take Laurie and Johnny judging (biased, silly, vindictive and unconstructive). IMO, Bethenny is giving it her best shot and at least she has gotten national exposure for her brand – she will likely leave next week….
    Loving Tabitha’s show but was disappointed with her WWHL appearance (guess I expected more but between dull Andy and duller Sheree it was a lose lose situation).

    Dearest HD – I am so sorry for your lose. Even with two fantastic boys, I from time to time wonder about the one I lost….you are in my thoughts and my hopes that someday you will be blessed again with the opportunity to be a mother. Please take care of yourself and know the future will hold better times.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      I have never lost a child, but have had painful times with my son. When you lose a child even for a time, there is no greater loss that I know. I send love and prayers for your child as well, dear HD.

  8. karenne says:

    I LOVE Tabatha! from her other hair show, where she was the contestant, Shear Genius.

    She was so nice this first show, but those sisters were NICE to her and respectful and Listened to her advice! What is with the “adults” in other salons that swear at her, calling her horrible names, and eventually, “come around” except for the few that walk out! They arent adults, they are Big Ungreatful Babies! How many small business owners get a talented professional to come and redo the business in looks and in how it works? NOT to darn many!

    Bethanny has been sending tweets and asking us to vote for her…she is really into winning! As to why she did the show…Network TV…and she was on Ellen, and is getting known by folks that dont want Bravo, or read Bravo Blogs! silly people…haha

    I watched a season one of NYC, and it was so funny…
    since then, they all lost weight, and had “work” done…I think.
    some of them got “better speaking accents” and others…not so much.
    Teeth fixed…much better haircuts….etc
    Not that I care…but I love how much they’ve changed…in season one..the best part….NO KELLY

    while I was originally watching them on season one..they looked ok…fine…even cute.
    but they’ve all done something with the show, to make money and have other opportunities…

    did anyone see Jill on Showbiz Tonite? Her hair….pulled back, with a middle part, and four “buns” in the back, but the sides showed so it was like a “demi princess laia”
    ewww..I couldnt believe she did that.
    I think she wants to start a TREND…”the jill”

    the guy on that show…kind of set her up….I wont go over it again, I already wrote it on Twitter but he totally set her up!
    think I’ll go see what she has to say about her being on Showbiz Tonite and asked for her opinion…..on the Mel Gibson Movie, that Jody Foster is directing, or maybe producing?
    she did..then…the Kardashian opinion….
    oh…Good one dude!

    have a good day….
    I’m trying to..
    any praying women or men reading this…
    I’d be open to happy thoughts coming my way right now.
    gotta have a bunch of tests and I have no one in this state as a support system so the RH’s are the ones that make me laugh and so are you guys…
    I say “oh, readin my housewives!”
    you guys, I’m a lurker and noobie…
    but I love your banter and sense of humor…
    its really fun.

    Team Tabatha!!!!!! Team Bethanny!!!!!
    Oh…did you see my tweets with the link to a page of pics of Camille?
    Pre Kelsey…
    very interesting.
    good pictures….
    FYI…dont look up playboy pics for her…its sabotaged…to give cooties.
    well, Norton caught it…
    but its a known cootie, bug, virus, horse..whatever…
    but I saved the INFO and how does someone close that IP hacker down?
    I bet Camille is the one that did that…
    there are some “interesting pics”
    nothing, not naked…haha
    but the Link I put on twitter is good…not sexy but for who she was and who she looked like!


    • Jen says:

      I know it’s all part of the show and what they sign up for ( and makes enjoyable viewing) but I’d swear at Tabitha too if someone spoke to me like that in real life

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  10. Adgirl says:

    So Bethenny has Jason and Brynn in LA? Does Jason not have a job anymore? I hope he hasn’t become a professional reality star husband.

    HD- I am so very sorry about your loss. I hope you and your husband are finding comfort with each other. ((hugs))

    • TLM says:

      I have wondered what Jason does from Day One; no one else seems to care. I think it’s crazy that all B has said is he is a “businessman.” I just think that’s weird. Everyone knows where Kyle’s husband works and where Jeana’s husband works, where Mario Singer works and where Bobby Zarin works. What is strange to me is that no media outlet seems to care enough to even ask what he does.

      Just saw this story online. I believe they asked Kelly just not to talk, period. About anything.

      • JazzNightOut says:


      • Had Enough! says:

        As I recall, the two stories were pharmaceutical rep and real estate. It could be that he wants to keep his job and his TV life separate. Can’t blame him. Jason I lost his job for appearing on the show. Wonder if he won that lawsuit? Probably they settled with him. Anyway, she is raking in the $$ and he gets something for appearing, so it is possible that they decided that for now it is best if he helps her career. If so, I say BRAVO (hehehe!) or as Cusi would say (jejejejeje!).

        • quincyil says:

          Well, I think he worked for Abbot Labs as a pharmacy sales rep. Remember the conference in Florida when she wore a tutu for his housewarming party. I think he was down there at a medical conference working the convention floor for Abbot Labs. He worked as a physical trainer (remember Jill paid him) and he may have sold real estate on the side too, I don’t know about that. I think the family that owns Abbot (the mother in law of the wife used to be in an Astronomy Club here in Quincy with me) are low keyed and Bethenny hushed up talk about his job so he didn’t get fired like Jason I.

          I was in Miami baby sitting when that was filmed and I remember the trouble people had in getting to NYC and the East coast. We went to Key West with a smaller group and ate dinner with pharm reps at that Hilton hotel at the tip of the island. It all clicked with me when I saw Bethenny Gets Married.

          • quincyil says:


            Google Jason Hoppy Abbot Labs… he’s a speaker for them and made 80K a year before he married her. That explains the dive Manhattan apartment that she hated and the side jobs helping Jill Zarin get in shape for 300$ a session.

            • Adgirl says:

              A speaker for them? That is interesting. So more on the public affairs or public relations side of things rather than someone who calls on pharma purchasing. That may explain his odd schedule.

            • mariareads says:

              Seems to me he did what he needed to do to make a money. Good for him. When we moved to MD I was surprised to meet so many women from my husband’s co. who were married to men who didn’t work. My mistake. The women had pretty good dollar making power and the men were staying home with the kids. Initially it seemed odd to me, but now it makes complete sense. If mom can make enough so that the other parent can stay home-what’s the difference? I say bravo and good luck.
              Jason seems like a very loving father. I don’t think that kind of thing can be faked, unless you are an actor and we know he’s not. He’s probably terrific with that baby girl and if it works for them I say go for it. If I made 3. 5 million dollars my husband would get up from his desk, walk out the door and even leave his car in the parking lot!

          • TLM says:

            I don’t understand why the Spoke listing is out there, yet there is no mention of Abbott Labs when you put “Jason Hoppy job” or “What does Jason Hoppy do for a living”, etc., into Google. Given that Bethenny is so public, it is odd that she would not at least say what line of work he is in (not necessarily where he works). I have read everything from him being a “real estate guru” to an entrepreneur, to a personal trainer, to a medical sales rep, to a pharmaceutical rep.

            Jason Colodne never said where he worked while on the show, not once. In fact, he never said much on the show besides, “We’ll talk about it later.” I think it was his appearance on there alone that got him fired. In contrast, Jason Hoppy has been shown going through dating Bethenny, living together, moving, and then their own show. If a company wanted to be private, I think he would be long gone from there.

            The Spoke listing doesn’t say much, and doesn’t say if he’s still with them. I don’t fault him at all for not working, but it would just be nice to know what type of work he has done and what he’s doing now.

            I never heard about Jill paying him $300 a session…I thought she said they “worked out together” once.

        • TLM says:

          I believe there was a settlement in that case.

  11. lillybee says:

    I am watching RHONY season 1. I noticed a few things. Jill smile is almost always fake. Jill seemed to have a huge dislike of Ramona.

    • karenne says:

      Isnt it fun going back and watching Season one of the RHNYC again?

      things said in season one, really mean a lot now after watching them for these past seasons, for example….when Jill was saying to her sister, right before the radio interview at her sisters home. Wexler interviews Zarin. and before they go on the radio, she is going over the questions a bit…and one answer of Jills seems to Wexler, to be Off…and wonders why she would say that.
      Wexler is saying to Jill that as girls, they didnt live like they do now…and Jill says in her mind they did. Wexler tries to get her to recall the reality of their childhood, they werent FAB and RICh. ” Why do you choose to remember it this way, Jill? ”
      she hems and haws (and I’m paraphrasing….but this she said)
      “you know”…..(eyes looking down while she says)
      “Because I wasnt popular as a kid”

      Now…after getting to know Jill Zarin and her ways…that makes sense sort of.
      it makes everything clear about Jill and how IMMATURE she is….she never got over being unpopular? in what, middle school? high school?
      Her behavior is still rooted in those years…she never grew past that age of being unpopular. I’d say Middle School….emotionally.

      “I run with a FABULOUS CROWD of people…..”

      I loved how WSL reported being at Alex and Simons party and the other guests, didnt watch the RH show. How cool is that? I wasnt surprised…Season one, didnt really show who Alex are Simon are. I think some of the producers suggestions might have been used in their parts of the show. I liked them…but thought they were not such climbers as shown…now, I believe they’ve been shown to be nice people, through WSL and everytime they are seen or read about. Loved Alex’s guest blogs….showed her character and willingness to believe for the best.
      I LIKE THEM.

      the 2009 shows on channel 5/NBC start on Friday in Chicago area, followed by 2010 shows on 180/Bravo!!!

      Love the ReRuns!
      Character really cant be hidden, when you take the entire last seasons and throw them together.

      good or bad…you eventually see who each gal is…and how her heart interacts with the world….

      SO….JILL Admits she is the fake woman, always trying to dominate and allow others to think she grew up rich and with tons of friends….
      when she didnt.
      she didnt grow up poor…
      she just wasnt popular, so it is the one thing that drives her to for example, hook herself to Bethanny in season one, and try to make her the little sister forever, because she herself SAW the STAR in Bethannys future, and knew she wanted to be a part of it. But her jeolousy, over anyone being Bethannys friend, or Bethanny being naturally herself, meaning she isnt going to be Jills Bitch….put Jill over the edge and caused Jill to try to destroy her in the show and the eyes of fans. (If I cant have you as my little sister, no one will like you ever!!!!)

      it makes everything clear about Jill and how IMMATURE she is….she never got over being unpopular? in what, middle school? high school?
      Wexler “gets her sister” and I would hope is counseling her in how to grow up!
      Bobby has allowed Jill to be a spoiled brat…calling her the Connecter.
      yes..she is a connector, she insinuates herself into everyone’s business.
      Does she do the connecting, to help others?
      hell no
      She does it to make people feel beholden to her, to keep her as a friend.
      well…lots of people do that, so I cant fault her for that…everyone who tries to better themselvs, as Simon says they do…networks, connects etc etc

      I felt sorry for Jill for about two seconds….then, realized that her unpopularity caused her to be a MEAN GIRL….not a girl that meets people and is inclusive.
      She wants to be the BFF of the Stars….in all parts of her life.
      she likes to mention how rich she is..so that others will allow her to be the lead in the events she chooses to be a part of.

      “I run with a FABULOUS CROWD of people…..”
      well….do ya?

      I loved how WSL went to Alex and Simons party and the other guests, didnt watch the RH show. How cool is that?
      Jill is all about building herself up…..too bad the cameras showed who she really is, but still….Bedspreads? Fake Spanx? Undergarments are in every cheap store around…but Jill wants her face on a set? WHY would anyone buy her Fake Spanx, over anyone elses?
      Walmart, Target, Macy, Penneys, Carsons, etc etc etc every store on the planet that carries underwear and jammies….and bras…carry shapewear.
      oh…the famous book.

      Isnt it fun going back and watching Season one again?

      the 2009 shows on channel 5/NBC start on Friday in Chicago area, followed by 2010 shows on 180/Bravo!!!

      Jill was always trying to be the only dominant manipulator that was trying to own Bethanny….

      Bethanny was always funny with the one liners and building a brand, willing to be pals with whomever was nice and good, or good for her brand.

      Ramona was always dancing and partying and not allowing Jill to Own her

      LuAnne was always about the respect towards her and her position

      Alex was always friendly and a little bit too open for her own good

      Since then….

      Jill does everything she can to put down the others as we saw last season, since she allowed her real heart to be shown to everyone.

      Bethanny is still funny and building her brand (and became ‘the boss” and the “star of NYC)

      Ramona dances and drinks and works, and learned to trust and be nice

      LuAnne was humbled, and admitted it. tried to hook on to jills star…too bad.
      She did realize that Jills star wasnt shiny, just a bit late…

      Alex showed her true self, (and didnt take the producers suggestions) and showed she was still a really nice regular person, much to Jills dismay, because now the housewives like her, as do the Fans!

      So…the show has been good for Bethanny, Ramona and Alex
      But not so great for JILL at all, and LuAnne realized half way through last season that JILL wasnt the star! I bet this coming season, LuAnne is not gossiping with Jill about Bethanny, or anyone else!

      Of course….they added Sonja and Kelly since first season…
      Sonja, has the fans, and Kelly has too many hours of crazy video, pictures, tweets, and facebook that prove she is NUTZ.

      I call much surgery, after season one….but thats cool! who cares, right?

  12. nepenthe says:


    Sorry if this has already been posted/discussed BUT Kelsey is going to be replaced on LA CAGE…..Harvey Fierstein will be joing the cast .
    Both current leads in the show, Kelsey Grammer and Douglas Hodge, will leave the production when Fierstein comes on. Grammer’s replacement has not been announced. MEOW….so much for Camille’s whineing about Kelsey being gone for 1-2 years. However, I’m sure his new fiance will be glad to have him around full time since they officially announced their engagement the other day.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      Didn`t Fierstein write La CageÉ

      • JazzNightOut says:

        Sorry that was meant to be a question mark, but it seems overnight my laptop has changed some keys to a foreign language. If you recognize it, let me know, lol.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Fierstein wrote the book and Jerry Herman wrote the lyrics and the music (totally forgettable, IMHO).

        • LynnnSoCal says:

          Harvey Fierstien’s version is based on Jean Poiret’s 1973 play/ 1978 movie. One of my early theatre experiences in Manhattan was the musical in 1981? with Gene Barry. Absolutely fabulous! Loved the French film so went on a whim. Wonderful!

    • Cusi77 says:

      An article on Kelsey and Kate engagement,

      News for kelsey grammer engaged
      Kelsey Grammer Engaged to Kayte Walsh
      5 hours ago

      NEW YORK (CBS) Kelsey Grammer is engaged to girlfriend Kayte Walsh. A rep for the actor confirmed the news on Monday. “Yes, they’re engaged,” the rep told …CBS News – 152 related articles

  13. Tootsie says:

    Dear HD and family – you are in my prayers daily. Turn towards your individual faith and find peace. May the good Lord keep you in the palm of his hand.

  14. nepenthe says:

    But he has proven himself to be a rude and mean spirited little person.

    *****I can say this as I have, and love, my many gay friends, and they would agree with me that Johnny Weir is quickly becoming a parody…..a vicious, mean little QUEEN!!! And there’s nothing worse as they give the gay community a bad name. At the same time that’s what Johnny’s known for so it goes with the territory. And here’s a thought….all of his anti-Bethenney diatribe is actually scripted for the show to ensure drama….the network isn’t stupid.

  15. Amber...Real Housewife says:

    Must admit although I’ve always loved watching skating competition and have seen the IceCapades and Disney on Ice, I just can’t get into SWTS. I love Bethenny, but felt bamboozled waiting so long for her first skate, that I switched channels and when I came back she was done. I know she went last because of popularity, but I refused to be fooled into watch the whole show again.

    What I’ve seem and heard from you guys, leads me to think Bethenny should go home next. That Rebecca is really good and the Brandon guy is strong for a newbie. This is a slippery slope, if B makes it past next week she may actually LOSE fans, and be compared to the Bristol/KateG’s of the reality competitions. Really BAD contestants who were pushed through by rabid fan bases. Much better dancers were sent home because these two had higher viewer votes. Does B really want the backlash that comes when a better player goes home, and a mediocre/bad player stays? I hope not. If she is as real as I think, she’ll admit although she’s worked hard, the other skaters are better at it and should remain. 4th place is okay, 3rd would be a stretch and if she were in the finals, it would be a travesty! LOL

  16. nepenthe says:


    More info and photos re foreclosure of ORANGE COUNTY HOUSEWIFE Alexis.

    • quincyil says:

      And another one hits the dust.

      Nice house, art, wine collection, designer clothes…. and can’t pay your bills.
      She had a $1,000 dress for lunch with her husband on a get away weekend.

      I guess her clothing line failed like all of the Atlanta girls’ clothing lines.

    • TLM says:

      I don’t recall seeing that house on the show…is that a second home? The one they showed had Spanish Tile roofs.

      • quincyil says:

        I didn’t think that this looked like the house from the outside. What’s up with this?

      • quincyil says:

        I haven’t been following the women of OC of late. I just googled. There are comments on other blogs asking about the house that we saw on the show so something is up.

        One article said he was a house flipper too. Remember she went to one of the houses and he treated her like an idiot.

        He always seemed seedy to me. She married him for his money and it looks like the money is kaput.

      • klmh says:

        The answer is probably down thread, but they mentioned in radar on line they began renting during the filming of last season to sell their home. I’ll keep reading and post it if someone else hasn’t eventually.

        • klmh says:

          Here it is:
          Some of the more observant watchers on the message boards noticed that Alexis Bellino of the Real Housewives of Orange County changed houses during season 5. Turns out the Bellino’s moved into a rental in Newport Beach as they tried to sell the home they own in Newport Coast. Now that home is about to be foreclosed on, according to the Realstalker website.

    • T-REX says:

      Wonder if she had to actually get rid of one of her nannies, since she had at least two that I remember. I will reiterate what others have said, ” I am so glad to be living within my means”. So I guess they may have to re-name the shows from the Real Housewives to the Real Deadbeats!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        At the re-union last year or the season finally of RHWOC they said they reduced the nannies down to one. But when their two youngest almost drowned in a pool at the local country club while they were allegedly drinking shots at the bar- TMZ and a few other sources ran the story. Someone posted saying they were one of the nannies- and that neither nanny worked for them anymore because they were abusive, threatening and didn’t pay them.

        There seems to be plenty of folks in OC that don’t like them- and everyone once in while random stuff about them comes out like that Jim supposedly smells bad-and how they try to cut people ahead of them in lines claiming to be celebrities.

    • quincyil says:

      realestalker has an article on Alexis. He thinks that they recently moved into a leased home in New Port Beach. The rent is 7600/month. He said that tenants with bad taste in art were living in this Bellino house. I don’t know where the Bellinos were when Bravo filmed the house we saw on tv.

      Only Gretchen and Vicki are doing ok when it comes to their homes in OC.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I found a link saying the her condo was listed up for sale last year

        Costa Mesa isn’t exactly thought of as one of the nicer cities in the OC to live in. I don’t think that how will sell for anywhere near the price she is looking.

        I am guessing Vickie is doing okay although I can’t imagine her business booming in a down economy as much as she would like to say it’s on the rise. There is also the matter of her divorce and the division of assets, she will feel a pinch.

      • twoile says:

        Q can U let me know why you use “he” when ref 2 the REstalker, I’m just curious b/c I’m under the impression its’ a she 🙂

  17. JazzNightOut says:

    “BIG NEWS: next wk “watch what happens live” airs 5 nights starting Sunday, + I’m hosting a live New Year’s Eve House party from the Clubhouse!“
    BravoAndy via UberTwitter

  18. TLM says:

    Jill & Ramona always fought bitterly and then would make up. It is totally dysfunctional. I just wonder after the previous season if they are still friends, or if it has cooled off a bit.

  19. JKW says:

    Check this out re Teen Mom. They say teenagers are getting pregnant so they can get on reality TV. How crazy is that ?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I thought that all the hoopla around these girls would cause some other child to get a not so bright idea.

      • JKW says:

        Seriously, between the loser housewives pretending they have money, now kids getting pregnant to be on a TV show….reality shows really are doing some damage. Not to mention all the divorces.

  20. Buffywood says:

    I really hate Teresa Giudice… just wanted to throw that out there for some reason. Can anyone ever think of her without “bitch” immediately popping into your head?

    • TEB says:

      I was complaining about her today! I will not be happy until she has to pay back her debt. She’s trash.

    • T-REX says:

      Okay, I would like to admit, that I refer to her as the “F***ing, Lying, Low-Class, Gorilla looking Bitch”. Thank you. 🙂

      • Buffywood says:

        Great, thanks for sharing… NOW that is what will pop into my mind every time I think of her too.

        I don’t really know why I let her get to me the way it does, but damn there is not a person walking this earth that I have more distain for. I really want to see her and her husband behind bars and then when released working picking up trash on the side of the road.

        • TEB says:

          Totally agree. I don’t know why I am so obsessed with her but I will be furious if she gets bankrupcy protection.

          • vilzvet says:

            Hey, I wonder if she ever paid for those boobs? She got that operation during the house building so why would they even bother paying that bill, it must have been just thrown in the same “unpaid” pile.

    • klmh says:

      Nope, I cant.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I actually think she is worse than Jill and Camille Grammar combined.

  21. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Hello @quincy and Lynn- Great blog- thank you!

    Love Tabatha and she’s featuring a salon in Boston that I walked out of in the middle of a color when my hair all broke off in the bowl, I think it’s the next one to be aired. Can’t wait to see what happens there!

    ummm…that’s all I got!


    Sending HD and @boston02127 big time love.

    • quincyil says:

      Wow… you have to write to Lynn after that show so your experience can go up with the guest blog that week.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I love Tabatha too. I don’t thing she’s necessarily mean, but I do think she is bluntly honest. I have an Aussie friend and she’s the same way…she tells it like it is. People know what they are signing up for so when they start complaining I have no sympathy for them.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Holy crap- what did they do? They they at least wash the color out?

      One time my friend (roommate at the time) was getting her hair colored, as the lady was washing it out she saw the colorist/stylists refection in the mirror. She saw her pick up and examine strains of her hair to check the color, she then saw her mouth the words OH MY GOD. My friend panic and said “What did you say?” and the lady said “Oh- I didn’t say anything’. She she cuts, blow drys her hair and sends her on the way…..the whole time my friend can see the color is F-ed up. She was almost in tears when I came home and wanted to go out and buy a box of store bought dye- but I insisted she call the place and tell her she wasn’t happy and wanted it fixed.

      She went back the next day and the stylist put a rinse through it which seemed to help- but still…how does a professional let a customer walk out the door and not say anything?

  22. quincyil says:

    I just looked at the schedule on my Dish Satellite tv. I don’t see
    “The Fashion Show” this week or next. Can someone else look? I record and review so I want to know that I’m right about this.

    • quincyil says:

      Ok… Bravo advertisements following the show last week indicated that we would have NJ and OC on tonight. Now, my dish has a Napa Valley trip of Patti on at 9 C. The Bravo web site showed nothing… but “The Fashion Show” facebook link said that there was a rerun of “The Fashion Show” on a 9 PM tonight and next week there is a new episode.

      My dish says…no to next week. Maybe, there is some ratings thing going on here.

  23. LynnNChicago says:

    Skating with the Stars and Other Housewives News @ http://look.ac/effxWs

    another PUBLISHED article, Gepetto I’m a real writer

    It took them so long to publish it, its almost a week old..sigh LOL

  24. JazzNightOut says:

    All hail to Elizabeth Edwards from a 2x breast cancer survivor; may we never forget her great courage, dignity and warmth. And above all else her humanity; she wasn`t perfect, but she kept going in the face of grief and suffering. I admire her soooooooo much.

    • Had Enough! says:

      This has really been a sucky day, hasn’t it?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Rest in Peace to a brave lady who behaved with dignity and grace, while those around her treated her very badly indeed.

      • vilzvet says:

        I just happened to have out from the library her first book and am almost done with it. She had some life growing up as a military child. Next I will have to read the follow-up.

  25. error404 says:

    I haven’t been here in forever it seems. A day away form this blog seems like a week! Lol

    Anywho, here’s my take on SWTS:

  26. Had Enough! says:

    How did Bravo miss this piece of drek, to be shown on Sundance:

    Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys


    We had a name for this in my day. Two words, each one syllable. No, not what you are thinking. Try “Will and Grace.”

    I used to think that every woman wanted a Will, but as my husband pointed out, I don’t like to shop, I prefer my own sense of style, I don’t confide in anyone, and I don’t need anyone to judge me, my friends, or my love life. Grace was just a mess. I don’t want to be a Grace, so I don’t need or want a Will.

    • TLM says:

      I think this show is on Comcast’s On-Demand for free. It must be, because I don’t get Sundance and I know I saw part of one of the shows recently.

      There have been a couple of gay men I have had a “best friend” relationship with, and so I thought this show would be interesting. After 10 minutes, I bailed. I thought it was unwatchable. I loved Will and Grace, but Will and Grace was a comedy show with writers. Without the clever script, it seems each of these women and their friends just bicker, and it’s not funny or interesting. It just seems sad. I can’t tell you why it’s sad exactly, but that’s the way it came off to me.

      I feel like the idea for the show was borne out of someone anecdotally thinking about these relationships, but I just don’t think that alone is enough to carry a show. Is that unfair of me to say after just 10 minutes of watching? Maybe, but I won’t be watching again. I actually think it reminds me of Miami Social, which made me want to jump out a window. Or The Spin Crowd. Ugh.

  27. justanothermary says:

    What ever happened to Apeface and her teaching at the learning annex? I thought that was coming up pretty soon. Did the December 14 pretrial cause a conflict? Did Juicy get through to her that it truly is not a good idea? If it’s still on someone from here HAS to go. I’d be more than happy to pitch in on the cost!

    • Buffywood says:

      Can you believe I was thinking of going? I was even thinking of the questions I would ask her. I would ask them in the very calm “fake friendly” voice just to see how she would react. I was going to dress to the 9s and wear some of the really expensive jewerly that was left to me by my mother. I wonder if they have the rule “no recording”? I see that Rob Shuter is going to be a guest as well… I wonder if that is due to poor interest.

      • TEB says:

        As a loyal LynnFam member I must INSIST that you go if it wasn’t cancelled. Ask the questions that will make her feel awkward and report back. Was it really cancelled?

        • Buffywood says:

          As far as I know it isn’t canceled, but the description since Rob is joining her has changed. Before it was advertised as “ask her anything” and now it sounds like she will just be spewing her bullshit on and on and on and on to those who attend. Honestly, I question my ability to listen to her bullshit and stay even keeled.

        • Adgirl says:

          Yes, please ask her how you can buy expensive gaudy home furnishings at full retail then shortly thereafter repurchase the same schlock at 5 cents on the dollar.

          • Blue Sky says:

            Yeah, she never paid for them in the first place (put them on charge cards) and now she gets to buy them $0.05 on the dollar, that’s called sleazy bankruptcy so I can keep all my stolen goods….and now she wants us to pay her so we can find out how to be a fabulicious sleazy thief like her? I would be throwing rotten tomato sauce at her if I went!!!

  28. jeang says:

    HD, many hugs and heartfelt sympathy for your loss. One day at a time, sweetie.

  29. quincyil says:

    I just feel awful about HD. I wish we could hug her.

  30. Had Enough! says:

    When I think of a strong, graceful, beautiful, bright woman like Elizabeth Edwards, it makes me think that women like Bensimon are just a waste of …. everything. Complete and total nothings. Less than nothings. I think that’s why she makes me so sad and angry … that our world is filled with people like her and that worse, they are glorified. No. She’s a nothing. A total nothing. The only value she arguably has is as a mom and I don’t believe for a second that she actually raises those two girls, or that she is a good role model for them.

    • quincyil says:

      When Elizabeth had the ribs break, I knew there was no hope. She had a powerful cancer that the finest doctors and medical treatment could not stop.

      He was at her side with the kids. Those little children need a parent and he’s all they have now.

    • justanothermary says:

      On Saturday I attended the funeral of a very dear friend who died of cancer. He was beloved and a true man of quality. Now this. Not to go all Kim Zolziac on you, but it makes me wonder why I have survived. My reach is so limited and talents so ordinary, it just doesn’t seem right.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        oh my babydoll- you are here to fulfill your destiny. Whatever you choose it to be.

      • quincyil says:

        Everyone had their own timeline, girl.

        I was named after my mother’s youngest sister who was born too early when there was no oxygen in Chicago because of WW2. My aunt died in my grandfather’s arms. Only my mother who was 14 and my grandfather buried her. When I was born, my mother brought a bit of her sister back to her family. I feel very close to an aunt who never got a chance at life.

      • AZ Girl says:

        You dear Mary have a purpose just like all of god’s children. Besides who is going to give us the recap of all the crazy stuff that goes on in your local grocery store before Thanksgiving???? “Whatever” HA!

      • TEB says:

        Mary- you should think of it as how inspirational you are to others. You deserve to be a survivor because you open up your life to others and remind us to appreciate the little things. You are certainly an inspiration to me.

      • JazzNightOut says:

        Hi Mary: I felt the same way when Natasha Richardson died, and I had survived my first breast cancer. I feel the same today with Elizabeth Edwards` death. I have survived twice, and she is needed so much more than I am. I am not in charge of life, and I don`t know what is fair or why. I know there are times I just cry, truly grieve, life on its own terms. Then I find something to laugh about, a good, hearty belly laugh. I want to laugh so I don`t waste the life in me, in their honor. Always love to hear from you dear ((((((Mary))))). You give me courage.

        • Buffywood says:

          Mary and Jazz, you two have to give Lynn your address so I can find both of you. When I find you first I will need to slap some sense into you (sorry) and then I will need to give both of you big hugs. Call me naive but I believe we all touch so many people and make a difference just going through our “ordinary lives”. It could be the person you held the door open for, the clerk you said “Thank you, have a great day” too, or the sad looking girl you passed on the street that you simply smiled at. Hell, I have never met either one of you but yet I look forward to seeing you each day!! Mary, wasn’t it you who answered me when I asked about Chemo so I could better support my sister in her battle?

          So… your homework for this evening is to go look in a mirror, look yourselves straight in the eye and say “You are special, you are loved, you are deserving of the life you live”.

          • TEB says:

            Well Said Buffy.

          • Blue Sky says:

            Ditto, and Mary & Jazz please listen to Buffy. I hope Noelle reads this, it’s for her too. Hugs to all of you, you are loved & appreciated. Your tour of duty here on Earth is not completed yet…soldier on! Elizabeth is now in Heaven, there is a life everlasting, & we will all meet in the hereafter. Our souls are on a journey, where we go & how we get there is God’s plan.

  31. MickeyMouth says:

    New Portrait Photoshop.

    Portrait of a Lady with a Puppy – Lisa & Giggy Vanderpump: http://wp.me/pWaBw-pp

  32. error404 says:

    I’m surprised by all of you whom say you had no beef with Johnny Weir until this show. Was it because you didn’t know him? I’m serious.

    Skating aside, he was always a controversial and polarizing figure in the sport because of the nonsense that comes out of his mouth.

    Media friendly, Skating PTB irking, sound bite savvy, nonsense. Right from his first Senior title when the newly crowned role model described his self-designed costume as “like a Care Bear on acid”, he had tongues a wagin.

    It’s no mistake ABC hired him, and not the uber-PC Boitano or the cronicaly polite Fleming.

    • TLM says:

      People who haven’t seen it should check out the documentary series on Weir called “Be Good Johnny”, which showed his life leading up to the Vancouver Olympics. This intro to the show pretty much says it all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhO-eruh6b8&feature=channel

      Johnny took a lot of heat for basically stabbing a hole in the veneer of the skating world by being out and proud, in a sport that probably has the largest number of closeted gay men (even in 2010). He wore costumes considered too girly, did moves that were more likely to be performed by women than men, and held a press conference confronting broadcasters who made homophobic remarks during competitions. And he more or less outed Evan Lysacek, his main rival and the one who won the gold competing against him in the Olympics. Johnny said that more masculine-acting skaters have always been favored at every level of skating.

      He acknowledged that the US Figure Skating Association thought of him as a “diva bitch.” He wore jackets with USSR emblazoned on them to competitions, because he just liked Russian culture, and of course the officials would ask his coach to have him take the jackets off. He taught himself to speak Russian, and is fluent. His costume at the Olympics featured a corset with pink satin laces. Even if you hate him, the boy has balls.

      Clips from the series:

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I really never heard any of that. I don’t follow any type of sports even figure skating.
      I had seen him skate a few times, liked that he was very “klub kid” and then just changed the channel.
      I chalked up all of the controversy to middle America’s homophobia as he is pretty flamboyant and way over the top with his costumes. But didn’t realize that he’s ***kinda*** a big ole jerk.

      • quincyil says:

        I thought he had a screw loose and it had nothing to do with being gay. Being gay is normal for some people.

        • error404 says:

          In 1976 John Curry broke a gaping hole in the solid masonry wall of homophobia that is the skating world.

          Unlike JW, he was openly gay. Back in the 70s. The only thing JW is open about is being a sissy.

          Unlike JW, Curry skated well and won despite all the hate against him. And it was the 70s.

          Even when the also amazing and also gay Toller Cranston only managed a bronze medal, he blamed no one but himself and his skating.

          As an out loud and proud gay celeb, JW is like one step above Kim Z.

          • TLM says:

            I loved John Curry. I hate that no one seems to mention his name anymore. He was one of the skaters who got me interested in watching skating, and he was flawless. I don’t recall any hatred against him.

            Curry wasn’t hiding his orientation, but it mostly was ignored by the US press at the time of the Olympics, which is the way gay men in skating have been treated. They pretend it doesn’t exist because USFSA doesn’t want to acknowledge it, and the skaters go along with it. You haven’t really seen anyone pressing Lysacek over the issue, do you? They were eager to cover the Nastia Liukin story, which was a total fake and even Evan couldn’t sustain. After a bunch of articles that said they were dating, he said they were only good friends.

            Weir is not hiding his personal style and not content to conform to expectations. Lysacek conforms to what they want. That has gone way back, and it’s a separate issue from skating.

          • JazzNightOut says:

            Johnny Weir has no substance to him; that is not because he is gay, it is because he is Johnny Weir. John Curry was a beautiful skater and a lovely, lovely man. I know I will never say that about Johnny Weir.

            • TLM says:

              They are two entirely different people who both happen to be gay skaters. I don’t know that I would compare them beyond that.

              Ironically I think if Curry had wanted to be more flamboyant, it would have been tolerated more in the 70s than it is now. People all cheered David Bowie for dressing like a woman and Elton John, and seemed to either not care about their orientation or pretend they were straight and the rest was all just showmanship. Kind of like Liberace. It wasn’t until people started coming out that it seemed to become more threatening to the public. I think USFSA is worried about public perception. Stars on Ice did not want JW to perform post-Olympics because they declared him “not family friendly.” That was pretty outrageous to me.

              I think people who only see SWTS see a very limited part of Johnny. Johnny speaks for many boys who have been bullied and has had an important role in standing up to homophobia. Maybe he is outrageous at times, but he is willing to take the heat for it and stand up for it, and I believe that does have a ripple effect that is positive for gay youth. His opinion is that people should not have to hide who they are, which he feels Lysacek has done. Commentators in Quebec openly mocked him and questioned his gender, and he called a press conference to address it. You can see below.


      • TLM says:

        I don’t think he is a mean or bad person as much as one who isn’t afraid to stir the pot. He knows what it is to be ridiculed and gay bashed. In watching the show I saw he is very close to his family and friends, and is a kind person.

        • Adgirl says:

          Me bad. I assume most male skaters are gay. I am shocked when they aren’t.

          On a similar note: Does anyone recall when David Letterman’s mother was “covering” the Olympics
          ( ’94 Norway?) for the Late Show?
          Mid-interview with Brian Boitano she suddenly asks him if he personally sewed his own costumes. Hysterical.

          • JKW says:

            Oh my God, I loved Dave’s mom. Poor lady interviewing everyone and giving out canned hams. I used to tune in just to see her. I actually had my mother tape it and she still talks about Dave’s mom. She was so cute and her, “Oh David” when he said something smart was great.

  33. TLM says:

    She Adjusted Her Sails: Elizabeth Edwards, 1949-2010

    I am crying over a quote from Elizabeth Edwards that was just read on the evening news. It was the last paragraph in her book, Resilience. I just heard the announcement she was discontinuing treatment this morning. I assumed she had months, weeks or at least days to live. I never imagined she would be gone in a couple of hours. She really wanted another 8 years, to see her youngest children make it to the next part of their lives.

    “I do know that when they’re older and telling their own children about their grandmother, they will be able to say that she stood in the storm…and when the wind did not blow her way — and it surely has not– she adjusted her sails,” she wrote.

    She adjusted her sails. I think I’ll be putting that phrase on my refrigerator.

    Edwards inspired me long before her cancer diagnosis. The way she spoke of her son’s death, and then later handled two campaigns, her husband’s affair and her disease, all while taking care of three children, just blew me away. I couldn’t believe she took on some of her husband’s harshest critics while she was ill. She was a gifted speaker in addition to all else.

    I plan to read her book next. I am wondering why it took me so long.

  34. Had Enough! says:

  35. Cusi77 says:

    Hello everyone!

    Someone knows if Fshion Show is tonight?

    • quincyil says:

      I don’t think it is on . Kansas checked her tv and she doesn’t think so. I will tune in at the regular time just to be sure.

      The Fashion Show has a facebook page. At that sight is says that the next new show is next week. I looked at the recording from last week and it implied that we would have the NJ and OC show this week.

      I think the promos for Bravo are as goofed up as bravotv.com is. For highly paid people, they do a poor job at planning.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I’ve noticed when Bravo plays a repeat, they keep the same ads. So they’re advertising things as NEXT! that aren’t really next. Are they just too lazy to change those? It always catches me by surprise.

        Guess it’s time to get out the Christmas knitting and just watch for a while to see what really is on!

      • Cusi77 says:

        Thanks Quincy and Kansas.

        I just came to check on Lynn’sFam… I did not know about HD This is a big and loving Family. What a great people congregates in this site. I agree with Error… one day away from here is like a week or a month in my ordinary life.

  36. Cusi77 says:

    @HD_ I am very sorry (((((( HD ))))) Angels and Love to your way.

  37. knocknoc says:

    Without question——Lynnfam is marvelous!

  38. Kansas Girl says:

    Just watched the rerun of BH and observed a couple things.

    Russell already knew or had met Mohammed, but Taylor didn’t know him. Russell and Mohammed greet each other but are not introduced. They say something like Nice to see you again. Then Russell introduces Taylor.

    Taylor is not the only one asking for marital advice. Russell asks the guys the night of the party how to have a good relationship. I remember he also was getting advice the night the “boys” went out for drinks during the funeral/trip to NY. So both of them know they’re having problems and are attempting to figure it out.

    • Adgirl says:

      Or creating a storyline?
      Actually, I think it’s real. She is unhappy and Russell doesn’t have a clue why or what to do about it.

    • AZ Girl says:

      I watched the episode again. I am going back to the dispute about Kennedy’s allergies. I am sure Kennedy has some allergic reaction to Snowball. BUT after seeing her hopping around the Dr. office with a small rash on her arm and her eyes are clear I really don’t think the symptoms are serious enough to get rid of the dog. Taylor is using these minor symptoms as an excuse to get rid of the dog.

      I did catch Russell asking about relationships at the party. That is twice now. Men don’t talk about their personal relationships with each other especially shy men like Russell. I agree that both Taylor and Russell are not happy.

  39. LynnNChicago says:

    Portrait of a Housewife – Lisa Vanderpump @ http://look.ac/h2wUfs

    New blog

    • Adgirl says:

      Thanks Lynn. I clicked on all of the ads 🙂
      I read a funny story about how Lisa and Ken met. She was working the door at one of his clubs in London and attempted to charge him the entry fee (not knowing he was the owner). I guess she gave him a hard time and charmed him too. They married right after that!

  40. Kansas Girl says:

    I keep trying to figure out where Camille’s house is. Mostly because I’ve become addicted to those danged Bing maps where you can zoom in, and now can look from all 4 directions. Realestalker has an old story on what looks to be it.

  41. LynnNChicago says:


    10 Crazy Housewives Moments of the week

  42. Zipit Zarin says:

    HD, it’s impossible to come up with words that express how much I want to be able to comfort you now. I cannot do it. Just know that I would if I could.

  43. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi Lynnfam
    Anybody up ?

  44. Wall St Lady says:

    You were lynnfam from the very begining.How/ did u first post ?

    • Kat says:

      I know I found Lynn’s hubpages blog via Google. I can’t remember what possessed me to post. Wait, I remember now – Jill Zarin. (wicked evil grin)

  45. Wall St Lady says:

    U r our resident avatar historian
    No one can fool u !
    U so smart. U put Perry Mason to shame !

    • Kat says:

      I’m not nearly smart enough…
      It’s nice to see your familiar blue quilt again. I missed it.

      • quincyil says:

        I have a brown and yellow avatar because I bought a laptop and apparently logged in two time. It goes with my split personality.

  46. LynnNChicago says:

    Portrait of a Housewife – Lisa Vanderpump @ http://look.ac/h2wUfs

    Ms. Lisa herself posted a comment! WOOHOO lol

    • American Idiot says:

      Nice article, Lynn. Lisa’s comment is very nice as well.

    • vilzvet says:

      Wow!! The blog was excellent (even when you had a criticism it didn’t even seem that way, LOL, and maybe she’ll take your doggie advice) and so exciting that Lisa found it immediately and was nice enough to respond. I’m sure that gives you a huge confidence boost, not that you need it!

  47. Had Enough! says:

    You can make a bundle telling stars how to be charitable:


    It is really kind of pathetic, actually. Sort of makes you wonder about the sincerity of these people.

    I wonder who advised our pet idiot that two boxes of cheerios is charitable (and how much they were paid to tell her that)?

    • justanothermary says:

      When I was growing up I was taught that charity was to be performed privately and without fanfare. A good deed done for praise is not selfless, which charity should be.

      • Had Enough! says:

        That is actually a principle in Judaism as well. Maimonides says that, while the second highest form of tzedakah is to anonymously give donations to unknown recipients, the highest form is to give a gift, loan, or partnership that will result in the recipient supporting himself instead of living upon others.

        Just be careful with these micro-loan banks. Some of them are not doing much good and some are even doing harm. In India, for instance, the major micro-finance bank moved away from financing activities and equipment that would help people who needed a means of making a living and instead started financing the purchase of “houses” (hovels) and property. Surprise, surprise the default rate is high (unlike traditional micro-finance) and the whole system is about to collapse. It is apparently a big enough problem that it could cause the collapse of the central bank of India.

        Others charge rather high rates of interest because they are backed by big banks and investors rather than donors.

        So you have to research these micro-finance organizations very carefully.

        • quincyil says:

          In Islam too, when ever something good or bad happens, my husband sends a large check to the Salvation Army because they are caretakers of the poor and indigents. I run my check into Catholic Charities…so although I am not supersticious like him, I get to double dose help for the poor. LOL.

          Years ago, my high school aged son flipped a Ford Explorer six times and ended up in the back of the car upside down with minor lacerations. He could have been thrown out of the vehicle and crushed by the car because his glasses and bookbag were under the vehicle when it was taken away. My husband got on his knees to thank Allah. The Salvation Army got a huge check. I think Allah was pleased.

  48. Wall St Lady says:

    The Bible says about giving :
    *Don’t tell the right what the left is doing.
    *Give a man a fish and he eats for the day
    Teach a man to fish and he eats
    For life.

  49. California35 says:

    Thanks for the blogs…
    Quincy – I am into Tabatha now after reading about her on Lynn’s blog. You and the other posters made me look into her show, and now it is part of my recordings.

    Lynn – You said it, Bethanny is the reason I watch that show too. Thanks for posting about the show, it feels so long to me and I get annoyed by the judges, so I prefer to read about it instead of watching it all.

  50. terry aley says:

    I know all of you have been eagerly awaiting my newest Top 10 Most Deranged Real Housewives moments of the week (in my mind)! See which of your favorite moments made the list.

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