I Hate Jill Zarin Millionaire Matchmaker – Guest Blog

I Hate Jill Zarin Millionaire Matchmaker Guest Blog

Thank you, as always, to Quincy IL for watching this foul woman (Patti Stanger) for all of us, I just cannot do it but I do enjoy the recaps, great job Quincy!

I’ve added a new article to my Yahoo Associate Content site, a write up about Lisa Vanderpump of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and was surprised this morning when I noticed that Lisa herself posted a comment on the article!

You can view that here:


My blog on Monday’s Tabatha’s Salon Takeover has also been posted there but is being “reviewed” by Yahoo’s finest editors, once it’s published, I’ll post the link here. Hopefully it will be before the next episode airs.
And now, here is Quincy with this amazing guest blog:

Patti and Two D Rated Millionaires

The show opens with Patti and Bobby Thomas, the stylist for the Today Show, walking to one of Patti’s money making enterprises, a dating workshop in NYC. Bobby tells the girls that they will spend 3 hours to find and dress for the club, but they will most likely find their husbands at work. Patti shows them that they need to show skin, have straight hair. Patti tells us that the girls are frumpty (her word.) She says they look like girls going to a Mormon wedding or look ready for a Hula Dance. The girls all laugh.

Staff Meeting

Patty arrives at work in tan shorts and a dark blue top. She is wearing high heels. Her eye shadow is bright blue. Patti is upset and shares with staff that she has no email and no attachments. Patti tells us that Andrea better have hot girls or else. The staff is ready for the introduction of two millionaires. Doug is a divorce attorney, 38 (he later tells us 37.) He wants exotic with a nice butt. He wants a girl that will come to his office in a trench coat with lingerie underneath. He wants to get married. Dameon (Dame) works on Wall Street in institutional sales and has 2 million net worth. He wants a wife for his brother too. Both are bald. Dame would like a petite blonde with blue eyes. If she was Jewish it would be easier (with mom.)

Millionaires Meet Patti

Patty didn’t like Doug’s abdominal muscles and told him that it was strange that he took his shirt off in the introduction DVD. He says that he does not do that on first dates. Doug is into guitar music and tattoos. He has seen the worst side of marriage as he makes his millions handling divorces. He tells us that whoever gets the kids gets support so we know he goes after the juggler. He has been having a lot of first dates. His longest dating period was for 3 to 4 months. Patti tells us that Doug has BBD, Bigger Better Deal. He gets bored with what he has and goes for another type.

Patty and Dustin meet Dame and his brother at their Wall Street office. The two brothers have lived together for 10 years and only separated 3 weeks ago. They walk alike. They talk alike. They finish each other sentenced. Patti tells Dame that his brother cannot come on the date. She also suggests that Dame’s parents were brother and sister who married. Dame wants a petite, bubbly, blonde Jewish girl. Patti tells him that is impossible in NYC. Patti thinks there is something creepy going on.

Cattle Call

For Dame, there is Ilene. Ilene is a sweet girl next door and Jewish. She’s blonde. Rachel is a blonde tall glass of water. Sharon is 21 and inappropriate. She is a hostess in Tenjune. She is the inappropriateness test this week.

For Doug, Patti has collected brunettes. Nelle is a model in a straight long wig. She shows Patti that she does have hair, but Patti tells her to come in the wig. Patti doesn’t like her look, but tells her to come. Nelle has tattoos and Doug wanted tattoos. Esther is tall, thin and she has horse teeth. Patti tells her to go to a dentist and have her teeth filed. Esther had no idea that she was not a beauty. She’s Jewish and from NYC. Keren is exotic, dark, thin, a professional dance, and Israeli. She is perfect for Doug according to Patti.


Doug is good at the Mixer. He is not BBD, Bigger Better Deal. He tells us that the girls were hot with great boobs and butt so he didn’t know where to focus. (He’s a butt guy so I guess he should focus there.) Doug tells them he is a divorce lawyer. The girls look unenthusiastic. He tells them that he has seen the worst of the worst and the girls look more unenthusiastic.

Dameon (Dame) is awful. He leers. He says inappropriate things. Patti put a bug in his ear so that Dustin, Rachel and Patti can all scream instructions to Dameon while he is trying to talk to the women in the mixer. He starts conversations and then they yell at him to talk to the girl on his right. Patti has never done this before so this is tonight’s mixer surprise. A girl has water so Patti tells him to run to the bar for a Mimosa and he obeys.

Mini Dates

Doug wants to see Nelle’s tattoos and asks her if the next one will be on her side boob. Nelle is miserable and she tells us that this is why you have minidates. Doug feels he has more in common with Keren, an Israeli exotic dancer. She’s the lucky girl tonight.


. In reference to children, he asks Sharon (Miss Inappropriate Test) “Don’t you just hate the little bastards (children?)” He recognized her from Tenjune and I think she recognized him and was disappointed. She calls Dameon, Uncle Fester (from the Adams Family.) Dustin, a Gothic, gives Dameon advice on how to approach women. Dameon thinks a guy with spiked hair is the actual creep. Dameon decides that Ilene is like his mom a kindergarten teacher for 30 years so she is the second lucky girl of the night.

The Dates

In the limo, Doug asks Keren what she did in the Army. She was in the Israeli Air Force, but is not allowed to talk about it. Doug takes Keren to a spa and she is directed to put on a mini bikini. She goes to the corner of the hot tub and he follows her in trapping her so that she is absolutely miserable. He asks if he can watch her leave. He is a butt man. She says ok and the camera pans on her butt. He takes her to a restaurant where she doesn’t want to share her food with him and he is disappointed. The conversation goes well and they actually laugh.

Dameon pick up Ilene at Carry Bradshaw’s street and apartment in Mr. Big’s black limo.
Dameon takes Ilene to a private area of a fine NYC restaurant with a private chef. He wants her to eat a partially grown duck embryo, but she refuses. He leers at her and makes her uncomfortable. He tries to force her to eat the food and is upset when she refuses.


Patti talks to Keren and she had a good time at the French Restaurant. She was uncomfortable with the spa experience. Patti tells Doug that this was bad. He tells Doug to stop the sexual stuff. Keren agreed to a second date. She’s an Israeli Army soldier and strong.

Patti talks to Ilene on the phone. She hated the date. She was grossed out by the duck embryo and by Dameon. Patti is sitting on a chair in shorts, but she opens her legs to show us that no girl will open their legs for Dameon. (Nice, classy.) Dameon complains about the date that Patti provided to him for free as he was on her TV show. Dustin and Patti start screaming at Dameon and kick him out of the office. Patti tells us that Dameon leered at Ilene. Dustin said that he look at her as if she was prey to be eaten like a lion or a hyena.

Follow Up

Doug had a second date, but Keren decided that she had to move back to Israel ASAP. End of relationship…

Dameon… kicked out, Ilene probably decided to move to Chicago ASAP because Dameon knew where she lives now.

Patti’s score…0…. 0

Thanks again Quincy, so I believe if my math is correct, Patti is 2 successes to one million attempts at matchmaking, way to go Stanger! Anyone can get 2 when given as many chances as Patti is given.

Is this season over yet? I’m loving Quincy’s recaps but this woman’s (Stanger) voice even on the previews for the show makes me want to vomit!

Ms. Dina Manzo is coming to Chicago next week, for those that have asked, no I will not be attending the charity function at the Hyatt. I wouldn’t pay $30 to a questionable charity, I would much rather send my $30 directly to the family or to the hospital, that way I know the money is going to help someone rather than toward paying for Dina’s suite at the Hyatt Chicago while she’s in town.

The venue is beautiful, I’ve been there many times for parties, weddings and work functions but I can only imagine how much of the donations are going to pay for the venue, food and drinks rather than going toward the child who is in need.

I am still unclear as to what Dina’s fundraising goals are, is there still one child in Chicago that she’s helping or is she helping more than one child? raising funds for a hospital? a specific disease?

I do give kudos to Dina for her attempts, I would just really rather she would put her efforts into an established charity that has already been checked out and verified, her name and focus could do a whole lot of good for worthy charity. Starting a new charity from scratch is a challenge and it is December of 2010 and we still haven’t seen any financial reports for 2009, so how do we know where the money that has been donated has been spent?

I wish Dina Manzo the best of luck with her fundraising event in Chicago.

Until Next Time…

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240 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Millionaire Matchmaker – Guest Blog

  1. AZ Girl says:

    Excellent recap Quincy. Still don’t know how you are able to watch that show. Why does Patty think that a 50 year old woman looks good in “dressy” shorts with high heels? Patty best look is when she wears a simple dark colored dress with nice accessories.

    • quincyil says:

      In her DVD cover photo shoot, she wore a tight bright red and I think spax because she was very pulled together. Maybe, she had Jill Zarin’s horse cinch underwear on… She and Jill are very tight.

    • twoile says:

      Q you r the best 2 put up with that @#$%^&*() 4 the team/fam, I can’t imagine she is bringing in the ratings 4 Bravo..hope this is the end of mm

      • quincyil says:

        Apparently, the entire State of New Jersey and Jill Zarin’s circle of friends watch and are hoping for Patti Stanger’s success.

  2. MickeyMouth says:

    Thanks for the blog quincy 🙂

    Congratulations on your AC blog Lynn.

    • twoile says:

      So sorry 4 being sssoooooooo tech challenged this is the 1st x I realized I should click on the AC….have been reading AC in context & kept trying to understand what it ment….light dawned on marble head! TX Lynn excellent as always.

  3. TrueLifeDiva says:

    I finally successfully deleted this show from my DVR. I noticed last season that all of her millionaires are “paper millionaires” only. Shoot, I’m worth 1/2 million on paper and I’m poor ;-). Patti does not have a good figure. Stop it with the shorts already. Patti only looks good in below the knee A-line dresses and wide legged pants. But mostly pants since she is apple shaped.

    Only 23 days left of 2010! The countdown begins 😀

    • quincyil says:

      I question the net worth description happening on Patti’s show too. How rich is the net worth of a 35 year old in NYC. Isn’t that the worth of a cheap apartment in the seedy parts of Manhattan?

      What 37/38 divorce attorney from Long Island only has 2 million? He must be spending cash like a druken sailor.

      Poor farmers here have millions in land, barns, farm equipment and stock. They wear torn jeans and boots. The NYers wear the same. LOL.. We actually think that is shody.

      • error404 says:

        Please, once you fail to find “matches” for two balding jobless geeks with no degrees who still live at home with their overbearing Mother, you pretty much owe it to the public to remove both the words “Millionaire” and “Matchmaker” from the title of your show.

        • JazzNightOut says:

          You know those “by Bravo” spots they have, well I watched a few and then….
          I sent the following tweet to BravoAndy: “Baby by Bravo = Bethenny; Beauty by Bravo = Tabatha; Charm by Bravo DOES not = PStanger. Absolutely Absurd.”

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      who hooo!

      1/2 million?

      I knew I had a good catch! everyone else needs to back off!

      (ok honey, no more $$$ talk to the others, it’s our lil secret-m’kay?)

      So listen, about that ring….

  4. TrueLifeDiva says:

    The last time I wore “dress shorts” and heels was 1990. I’m just saying…

    • quincyil says:

      I wear dress short and heels while cleaning the barn every day even in Jan… just in case I meet a millionaire at my workplace who wants to marry me. Wait… I have already have one…. I can go back to the light purple snow mobile suit that my dad gave my mom in 1987. It’s a lot warmer.

    • TLM says:

      It looks beyond unflattering on her to wear those shorts. As Jeannie Mai on “How Do I Look?” would say, Patti looks like she just got off the night shift.
      Walking shorts that come to just above the knee and flats would be fine, but not “hot pants” with heels. Tacky. If she thinks that’s New York style, perhaps she’s been away from New York for too many years. And it’s enough with her talking about penises and leg-spreading, etc. If she’s telling her female clients not to talk that way (ie the one who said her only criteria was that the guy have a big d***), then why does Patti speak that way? It’s just crass.

      I saw Patti on one of the older reruns last night screaming at a guy to get a haircut, when she had bangs so long you could barely see her eyes. It was hilarious.

  5. kbinldo says:

    Great job as always, Quincy! & Lynn, great article on Lisa. Hobby Bloggers of the World, Unite! 😀

    • quincyil says:

      Lynn is a professional now. She left me behind in the dust (tears falling from my very sad eyes.) Oh, I think it must be a very specific horse allergy that lets me ride, but someone else does all of the work in the barn.

      Yes, Lynn moved on to greener pastures and I am stuck here in farmland USA putting lime on my pastures to make them greener. I did upgrade my resume to reflect Lynn’s great accomplishment though.


      Unpublished, unpaid, unprofessional blogger who writes blogs on shows that many people refuse to watch for a highly acclaimed professional blogger and internet radio show hostess with the mostess, Lynn Hudson, and her merry band of very attractive, very intelligent, very curious, and very hungry board members.

      I am a graduate of the Lynn Hudson in Chicago School for the really addicted Bravo TV viewers. I have a graduate degree in snarking from the (one more in) Boston University. I have taken classes in fashion (specifically cinching and creating girdles) from Jill Zarin Fabrics. I have passed the course on bed making, but not the making bedding course.

      I have experience in spying at Bed, Bath and Beyond to see if certain designers actually are in stores in Western Illinois. (They are not!)

      Finally, I got a quicky degree in banking and how to run a business in 4 days that involved counting 20K in single dollars. (It was gruelling.)

      I have an Egyptian maiden costume, Isabella of Spain costume (1992 was the 500th anniversary,) an elf costume, and bell bottoms from the early 70’s with platform heels.

      If anyone can figure out what I can do with all of this, please let me know.

      • klmh says:

        Quincy, what kind of horses do you have and what do you do with them? Are they parade horses or dressage? Warmbloods?

        • quincyil says:

          Only quarter horses now. I had a magnificent Morgan mare who died of old age and a Apollusa mare who died of old age. I ride seven of them now. Some are too old. I ride in forests jumping over logs and down and up creek beds. My brother has two horses here that he uses in parades with a Prairie Schooner (covered wagon) that we found in a falling down barn a couple of years ago. We didn’t have a sewing machine that would let us make the canvas cover so we hand sewed until our fingers bled and after they bled too.

          When I was young I barrel raced so I’ve trained horses for that purpose for children. I also train the children. It’s usually 4 H kids who don’t have money, but sometimes doctor’s kids come and the parents pay me something for that. I have seven old horses who are retired. Right now, there are three rescue horses, but two of those are trained and probably will go to good homes next spring. Any horse that comes from my place can be returned. I hate the thought that one of mine might suffer so that’s in their contract. I also will help train in spring. Everyone in my family rides and has ridden for years.

          My great great grandfather owned the largest stable on the North side of Chicago in the 1800’s. People called him Doc as he was really a vet. My great grandmother told me that she remembered the Chicago Fire in 1872. Her dad took the family in a wagon into Lake Michigan driving the horses deep into the water to get away from the smoke. She remembered the horses swimming and the wagon floating on the waves.

          My other side were farmers in Antioch who worked horses in the fields. During the Depression the slew and lake grass that grew on my great grandfathers’ land kept other farmers’s animals alive when there was no pastures and provided milk to Chicago.

          We have always had horses. My granddaughter will have a horse too. My daughter intends to teach her how to ride.

          • klmh says:

            How wonderful! You mentioned the costumes and thats what made me think of parade horses.
            My husband drove our team of morgan mares, mother-daughter and loved it. He also drove our stallion and others, and I just rode. The first time I was introduced to the morgan breed, I went to a show and a buggy had turned up and over the horse and driver in the practice ring. Never got that picture out of my mind and have always felt more secure on this horse, not behind it.
            So neat that you teach others about this wonderful animal too. Quarter horses for the most part are so nice to be around and have a nice easy temperament. I imagine you school in therapeutic riding as well?
            Its amazing your whole family has been involved with horses for over 100 years. I bet you have some fabulous tack and fancy saddles.
            Thanks for your note. So fun to hear about your horses and family’s involvement with them for so many years.

            • quincyil says:

              Here’s a little piece of information. Everyone’s ancestors were into to horses before the early 1900’s. We just had the ability to keep them while others could not.

              • klmh says:

                My grandparents etc. were coalminers in Pennsylvania. Perchance some of the great greats from Ireland where they revere them though…
                I have loved them since the cradle but didn’t get my first one until high school. Nagged my father to death. He knew another physician in town that had a polo string. My sister and I were on top of her and galloping. She started to slip, held on to me, and we both fell off. The horse stood perfectly still and my father bought her on the spot. She was one of Trujillo’s ponies a few years earlier. A wonderful first horse for anyone.

                • quincyil says:

                  Tia is my lesson horse. She knows when a little kid is on. She’s been known to stop and look at the childre while waiting for clear instructions. It’s like she’s the teacher and the child is the student.

            • quincyil says:

              I don’t do theraputic riding. My neighbors do. They borrow some of my really old horses sometimes.

          • AZ Girl says:

            Quincy I am beginning to think our ancestors were neighbors. My grandparents lived on the southside near where University of Chicago is now. My grandfather had a hair goods store on State street and he also packed his family and goods into a wagon and drove it into deep water during the Chicago fire.

            My father’s mother was born and raised on a farm in Antioch. She stayed behind to take care of her sick mother while her father and siblings moved to Montana and opened a boarding house. She joined them after her mother passed away.

            • AZ Girl says:

              Oops my Great grandparents lived on the southside. Great grandfather had a hairgoods store. I am not that old. Just got off work and my brain is fried.

              • quincyil says:

                shampoos, eh? I was taught to use stale beer as a rince. It really works.

                Say, didn’t Jill make a commercial for a pantene and not become their online representative. I was told tonight that pantene has a wax so it prevents hair dye from doing it’s job. Jill colors her hair. I wonder if she knows about the wax.

            • quincyil says:

              Everyone in Antioch was related to me AZ. I had family that went west to Montana. I also have family that went to AZ. Are you English?

              • quincyil says:

                Chase, Runyard, Dowell… ring a bell?

              • AZ Girl says:

                GREAT grandfather (mother’s side) hair goods guy was English. Married a Irish woman named Mary McGee (Irish).

                Antioch is my father’s side. Father’s mother was pure Irish. When she did leave for Montana she met her husband (my grandfather) at the boarding house. Boarding house tenants were miners in the area. He rented a room. He was from Ireland. He was a miner. They met and married late in life in their 40’s.
                AZ is all me. I left ILL to go to ASU in 76 and never looked back. I could be considered a “native” of AZ.

                • quincyil says:

                  My Irish are from Addison and Damen in Chicago. My English are from Antioch… Probably they knew each other. Did you graduate from Antioch High. My photo is on the wall as I was a National Merit Scholar. My son saw it recently when his cousins took him to their school for a basketball game.

                  • AZ Girl says:

                    Mom’s family moved from the Southside to the North shore during the Depression. I was raised in Los Angeles the 1st half of my life and second half was on the North shore. Graduated from New Trier. This may have posted twice. My computer is acting up. Boy am I getting thin!

                • OneMoreInBoston says:

                  Holy shit- I think we’re related.

              • AZ Girl says:

                Now that I think about this MY people were probably working for YOUR people HA!!

            • quincyil says:

              That’s why Chicago is brick now. The front of the houses has fancy brick and the sides and back have Chicago Brick. It’s famous. Neither of us would be on the planet now if our ancestors hadn’t taken that dip into the lake. Many people died in that fire. Everything was wooden including the sidewalks.

  6. quincyil says:

    Lisa likes you Lynn…. that’s so cool. Do you think she reads the blog or just has one of those google alerts on her own name. I’d be afraid to do that.

    This blog keeps your skills and research up to date. That can help with content for the AC articles. The truth is so many of the professional bloggers from Naperville, IL, are without content. They are cutesy and as folksy as teeny boppers, but there is an empty blog when they are finished. I like meat on the bone and don’t have time for Seinfields “a whole lot of nothing” in blogs.

    I think it’s a lot of fun to write a blog on Patti. People who can’t stand to watch her can laugh at the ridiculousness of her show without having to spend one precious hour of their existence watching it. Plus, we all are learning how New Jersey and New York girls think and act. There’s the tough girls who get millions from police interactions and future Sonjas who are smart and hostesses at fantastic restaurants where rich men like to come and drink. There are dancers and fitness trainers with great bodies and sometimes horse teeth looking for millionaires. There are Cinderellas who go to the balls of NYC Real Housewives and dance in Central Park with Prince Almost Charming. Women with great bodies, not great faces, and a desire to marry a millionaire fly up from Florida with their dreams and Patti’s book with worn out pages trying to find their dream very rich man. There is a lot of fodder for the Bravo watching mobs to chew on in that show.

    Nothing ever bothers me. I have often helped put the morning specimens on Petrie dishes at the hospital and you can guess what the morning specimens are.

    Bravo is one large Petrie Dish filled with specimens for me to analyze and indentify. It’s really like Microbiology and I really enjoy the work.

    • quincyil says:

      Petri dish… I know how to spell. LOL….

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      “Bravo is one large Petrie Dish filled with specimens for me to analyze and indentify”
      Awesome analogy quincy, and awesome job with the blog, still don’t feel the need to waste my time watching it 😛

      • quincyil says:

        rotfl… I know..that few watch…so I added it to my resume above. Someday, my claim to fame will be I was then only person on Earth who watch Millionair Matchmaker.

    • TLM says:

      I usually have two thoughts when I whiz by that show and see the “mixers” Patti puts on: 1) The women aren’t that great looking, and she always claims to have the best of the best; 2) The whole thing is like an upscale brothel, with women being displayed and then the client selecting whom he wants.

      What woman would participate in something so blatantly degrading? The choice in these “mixers” is all one-sided.

      Hey, I guess it worked on The Bachelor. Oh wait, no it didn’t. Isn’t the only couple from all the seasons of that show Trista and Ryan, and that was on The Bachelorette, not The Bachelor??

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        My thing with the mixers – I discovered after someone said they knew some one that was at one, it that it was at 9:30AM and there were people drinking. Other than a mimosa, I think I would puke at just thought of drinking at that time.

  7. Cusi77 says:

    Good Morning Lynn, good morning to everyone!

    Thank you Quincy for your effort blogging MM, you are so talented!

    I would like to leave a message for the day…

    “May you, and all those you love, be so blessed and fortunate to be surrounded by people who will help you get untangled from the things that are binding you. And, may you always know the joy of giving and receiving gratitude.”

    Have a happy day! I will catch with you later this evening.

    @HD and @Boston_ My thoughts at prayers going to your way!

  8. Wall St Lady says:

    U cook ? Is that an act of love ?
    Where is YO staff ?
    They must be organizing YO red shoe closet or perhaps your
    F*#k me shoes ?

  9. Wall St Lady says:

    Way to go w/Lisa. Celeb to Celeb ! She needs to bless us by being on your radio show !

    I couldn’t post on the Yahoo site. But please join me in asking Lisa to speak to LynnFam directly on the radio show.

    Please Please & pretty please
    Be a guest on lynn’s radio show.
    I would hang on your every word !
    10min per BHHW is not enough Pinky ! (I am a pink girl too )

  10. MrWestVirginia says:

    I was not really paying attention to the end credits for last nights episode of “The Millionaire Matchmaker”, but for next weeks episode, was that Jill Zarin they showed? Sure looked like her, but I did not hear them say it was.

  11. JazzNightOut says:

    Hi. I want to thank Buffywood 8:57pm; TEB 9:07pm; and BlueSky 6:49am from Lynn’s previous blog for your comments to a post I left yesterday. I have my heart open to the One who has my back in all things so that my spirit will sing again in gratitude; I am making my way back from a broken place to health. Thank you all for your “come to the light of day” posts.

    • Buffywood says:

      No thanks need Jazz, I was just telling the truth. Sometime we all need a reminder now. I am SO unbelievably thrilled to see you are doing better.

      If you ever need a good slap and then a big hug again just let me know.

    • quincyil says:

      I’m glad you are doing better too. Laughter is a very strong medicine. Come here and laugh with us.

      • JazzNightOut says:

        Yes, laughter heals a great deal, especially being able to laugh at one’s self. Or, even more healing, laughing at Jill Zarin! Which is why I am here. Love your blog, quincy; glad to not have to watch and still be able to snark at PStanger.

    • TEB says:

      My pleasure! I was once in a broken place, but I fought my way out and am a much better person for it. You too can fight your way through it and you have a lot of people on this board to support you ❤

      • JazzNightOut says:

        Glad you made it thru; that is what I admire so much about Elizabeth Edwards; she made it thru to a good place inside herself. She didn’t lose to cancer; her spirit triumphed. I am commited to making it through as well; thanks for the support <3.

  12. cdnfillie58 says:

    Just a thought…does anyone else think Cedric is somehow related .. ei: someone’s love child? That whole “personal trainer turned permanent houseguest” doesn’t quite gel with me IMO

    • TLM says:

      He’s the love child of Lance Bass and Johnny Weir. ;)~

      • Adgirl says:

        Cedric seems to be a personal assistant/companion. I think it’s kind of nice. They have a huge home and enjoy having people around. It works for everyone involved.

        • cdnfillie58 says:

          No doubt, it’s more than kind of nice, it’s an awesome thing to do, but it still leaves it open to speculation…I can’t be the only one curious about the real relationship going on here am I?

    • Buffywood says:

      Its funny as I too had my personal trainer as a “houseguest” for a little over two years so I never really gave it any thought. We were good friends and we used to worked together. When she had a bad break-up with her girlfriend I offered a spare room in my house to her (yes I take in both human and animal strays). It was a great win-win for the both of us. I got free private trianing, a free dog sitter when I traveled, and someone to watch my daughter if I was in a pinch; and she got a free place to live. Hell the monthly training alone would have cost me over $1,000.

  13. Earring Girl says:

    I came across this article on Lisa while looking for something else. If it’s true – YIKES!!


    • cdnfillie58 says:

      never heard of celebrific.com…wouldn’t you know it, just when everything I read about Lisa and how great and classy she is, and should be the most popular housewife, someone pipes up and feeds the media this stuff…who does that sound like…..puhlease!!!!!

    • Earring Girl says:

      Read the comments box – there is a strong statement from Lisa’s husband Ken – this whole article sounds like a “pot stirrer”.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      wow @earring girl- this was a really good find.

      But this site is just riddled with misspellings- it looks really cheesy and 2nd rate.

      Has anyone actually seen the Nat’l. Enquirer story? The whole thing seems to be much ado about nothing by pretending to know the motivations of one the RH.

      The article claims that Lisa is concerned about her businesses’ reputation because Kim is an alcoholic and she doesn’t want to be associated with that so Lisa is trying to get her off the show.

      Following that logic, Lisa DOES want to be associated with Camille, the ex prostitute, harem party girl gold digger? huh?

      I swear that Bravo places these types of stories on the tabloids to stir up interest in their shows.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        Well, Lynn,

        I think NOW you have to invite Lisa onto your radio show!

        She MUST be allowed to clear her good name, and obviously since your show is the HUB of all TV reality show news, she should go straight to the source.

        We all know you’ll be fair and impartial.

        And of course this will give you a chance to see if Giggy is actually breathing. You can just hold a small hand mirror to his nose to see if it fogs up. Then you can twitter the results to your breathlessly waiting fans. We can even work out a code.
        “FOGGED” will mean “the little dog breathes!” “CLEAR” will mean “the little dog is stuffed!”

        do it!

        • Earring Girl says:

          After I posted the article, I went back and read it slowly and I did notice the mispelled words and the article just did not seem like Lisa, she is friends with Kyle and even though Kim and Kyle have issues – Lisa always try to be the mediator with them. I don’t believe this article at all – sorry I ever saw it. 😦

          • quincyil says:

            Do you think Kenn Todd would write in capital letters like that?

            I don’t really think that article is true. Lisa is friends with Kyle and there’s no way they would do that to Kim.

            • JazzNightOut says:

              And he wrote “LISA DOSE.” ?!!

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              I don’t think it’s true either, it just doesn’t make sense. There is very little motive to want Kim of the show other than Kim probably being the blandest part of the story line and not exactly a ratings draw.

              It doesn’t make sense for a woman who cried over her own child’s struggle with addiction, to want Kim on the show because she thinks being associated with an alleged recovering alcoholic would be bad for her business.

              It doesn’t make sense that the least confrontation person on the show, the woman least likely to say a bad word about anyone- even in their interviews would pull the Diva act.

              If it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true.

              • quincyil says:

                You are right. I also don’t think that her husband wrote that comment now. It seems that children are playing at that site.

  14. Semishark says:

    I know this is off-topic, but I was reading a post on Reality Tea about the auction of the Giudice’s home furnishings, and I started to wonder: how often do you think Teresa and Joe play chess? http://realitytea.realitytea.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/new-uploads/2010/07/teresa-giudice-marble-chess-set.jpg

  15. Adgirl says:

    Quincy – please accept my apology for not reading your blog. I know your writing is awesome, entertaining and funny but I just don’t like anything about MM. I do appreciate your time though- thanks!

    • klmh says:

      Add me to that list as well. Love your writing, don’t care for the subject…

    • quincyil says:

      That’s no problem at all. I am not “into” lots of things.

      • quincyil says:

        From the upper board:


        Unpublished, unpaid, unprofessional blogger who writes blogs on shows that many people refuse to watch for a highly acclaimed professional blogger and internet radio show hostess with the mostess, Lynn Hudson, and her merry band of very attractive, very intelligent, very curious, and very hungry board members.

        I am a graduate of the Lynn Hudson in Chicago School for the really addicted Bravo TV viewers. I have a graduate degree in snarking from the (one more in) Boston University. I have taken classes in fashion (specifically cinching and creating girdles) from Jill Zarin Fabrics. I have passed the course on bed making, but not the making bedding course.

        I have experience in spying at Bed, Bath and Beyond to see if certain designers actually are in stores in Western Illinois. (They are not!)

        Finally, I got a quicky degree in banking and how to run a business in 4 days that involved counting 20K in single dollars. (It was gruelling.)

        I have an Egyptian maiden costume, Isabella of Spain costume (1992 was the 500th anniversary,) an elf costume, and bell bottoms from the early 70′s with platform heels.

        If anyone can figure out what I can do with all of this, please let me know.

  16. klmh says:

    Some of you are too young to remember Johnny Carson and Jimmy Stewart, but you will enjoy this anyway, I think:


    • neroes says:

      Thanks for the memories. Jimmy Stewart, a great man. The real housewives would have given Johnny Carson lots of material.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I love Jimmy Stewart. One of my favorite childhood memories was staying up to watch It’s A Wonderful Life with my parents and siblings- and I knew that meant Santa was coming soon- and it would be Jesus’ birthday.

    • American Idiot says:

      Thanks for posting this, klmh. Haven’t we all known a dog like this at some time in our lives.

    • Blue Sky says:

      thanks klmh, it’s exactly how I feel about my 2 dogs…even the though I don’t get deliveries anymore, friends stay in the car until they know where the dogs are, and yet, my dogs mean more to me than some “close” relatives!

    • TEB says:

      Lynn- You are getting picked up everywhere!! They should have named you as author of the “I Hate Jill Zarin” blog.

    • quincyil says:

      I looked at their voting and most people right now 99 people or 53% of voters thought that Bethenny did not skate well.

      Jill and Johnny have one of those close friendships that you see in Jr High. They are clueless.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      Take the poll question, and look at the results. I think they are accurate, and I love Bethenny and am voting for her.

  17. mariareads says:

    I enjoyed reading your piece about Lisa. I think she’s a good soul. Congrats on receiving a response from her. That was very sweet!

    OT: I have a request. I go in tomorrow for another appointment for my questionable mammogram. They have made me wait 16 days and it has been difficult. Hearing about Elizabeth Edwards yesterday made me so scared and sick I am a much bigger wreck than I thought I would be. Please think good thoughts for me. I would wish for an all clear but if there is anything going on I’m going to move as fast as I can. I’m tired and scared. I handle most things pretty well but this time I’m having a very rough time. Thanks All.

    • quincyil says:

      Good luck.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      easy there, killah.

      No sense in doing the time if you haven’t done the crime.

      Meaning no one including your doctors know the outcome yet. Cross that bridge when you come to it, right now your just meandering up the path to the bridge if you know what I mean.

      You will be just fine, take a deep breath. No matter what it shows, it is for your higher good.

      Sending prayers and love your way, surrounding you with a white light of protection.

    • error404 says:

      good luck. And just remember, the absolute worst case scenario is you not going for the check-up at all, so you’re already doing better than could be.

    • JazzNightOut says:

      Maria: Your fears are so understandable; it would take a robot not to react. Know that whatever happens, you can handle it, and you can be as human as you need to as you go along. However, I am hoping for an “all clear” for you too.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Good Luck 🙂

    • klmh says:

      The same thing happened to me last year Mariareads. 2nd found nothing. Mammograms are very difficult to read if there is a blip of some sort.
      Good luck to you.

    • twoile says:

      Positive energy going your way………strength 2 be present & wishing you well :)….deep breathing helps……take care.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Best wishes to you Maria, think good thoughts and hope for the best. I’m praying that you’re worrying for nothing :)xo Whatever the outcome is, we’re here for you!!!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      sending positive energy and advice for you to calm down as much as you can!

    • TEB says:

      Maria- I worked in medical device sales. The numbers are on your side as 80% of breast biopsies are negative. So even if your 2nd Mammo still has a question mark and they want to biopsy– the odds are in your favor. I know its hard but just keep that in mind as best you can 🙂

    • American Idiot says:

      Sending positive thoughts your way.

      • mariareads says:

        Thank you all so much for being so supportive of me. I really can’t think of any place I have ever seen that is quite like Lynn’s blog where people are kind and supportive of each other. I’m very grateful for the words of wisdom and you all are so right.
        I just want to get this done tomorrow and know what is what.
        Hugs to you all.

        Let the snark continue!

        • justanothermary says:

          I can fully understand your concerns. Please know that most questionable mammograms turn out to me nothing and, if they are questioning, then if there is something it will be caught very early which is very cureable. I’m sending my prayers and good mojo your way!

    • Blue Sky says:

      @mariareads, like one more in Boston said, imagine you are floating with the white light (I think of it as coming from God, I ask Jesus to protect me whenever I’m scared) surrounding you & protecting you, making everything right with you. Breath deeply & meditate while doing this (I usually am lying down, either at bedtime or doing this exercise just before getting up in the morning). I also imagine the white light as being “sparkly” and repelling all evil, healing all ills. Sending good vibes your way, you will get through this okay! Also, change every negative thought that comes to you to a positive one. This really works, keep doing it & you will be better for it. You can do it anytime, even at work, just close your eyes & meditate for as long as you need to.

    • TLM says:

      Find a facility that will read your films while you wait, so that if they need a second look, it can be done at that same visit. Many places will do this even if unadvertised if you ask ahead of time and speak to the practice manager. Waiting is the worst, and many practices realize that now. I was called back with a letter several years ago and that was horrible. Thank God, everything was fine. Now I always ask them to read it while I’m there. Sometimes they just need to do an extra compression on one spot so they can get a better look and confirm it’s fine. Good luck!!

  18. tweatcyn says:

    Lisa is a mother duck, and Cedrick is an adopted dicky. It’s sweet

  19. Had Enough! says:

    Wow. Our pet idiot wore a dress of an appropriate length:


    She still looks like shit, but at least now her coochie is covered. I don’t even know what to call this. Is it really Marc Jacobs? Or is this like her Lanvin knock-offs from H&M, you know, like the brown bunched-up plastic garbage bag she wore last week?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      she still looks like an idiot – guess age appropriateness is not part of her eco system!

    • error404 says:


      The belt and shoes are both so wrong! Does she even have a stylist, or is this what happens when you think you were the editor of your husband’s fashion magazine and so convince yourself than you are a style icon and don’t need to hire a stylist? We’ll leave the petulant teenager pose for another day.. don’t want to overwhelm her with too much critique at once.

      • Buffywood says:

        Teenager pose is right on… I used to stand like that when I was 13 and had lordosis.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        I love when @error 404 gets peeved.

        It’s always sort of random, and always hilarious.

        Although, I would like to believe that I have friends. And those friends would f*cking commit me if I ever went near those gawd awful shoes. They would use the belt to tie me down to the top of the car when they drove me to Bellvue. So I guess the outfit is useful?

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          Kelly is wearing an awful lot of white lately. Has anyone else noticed that? Is it a religious thing? or a virginity thing? or a subliminal message wedding thing?

          • mariareads says:

            Please excuse me if anyone here has ever worn used clothing. There is nothing wrong with it and I used to go to a shop in CT that sold the once worn upscale clothes of the rich Greenwich housewives. With that disclaimer I can now say that I think Kelly looks like that dress came from a used clothing store because that was all she could afford and she ran around looking for things to add to it like the belt. She looks dreadful and it proves that just because you have the straight up and down body of a boy that models desire you can’t wear just anything. Honestly, she has no taste at all.
            NONE. If I was as thin as I was 2 years ago (please Santa you fat bastard-why don’t you ever bring me that for Christmas?) I can only imagine the fun I would have with great looking clothes. I’m no beast but slim I will never be. Curvy? Yup.

    • Blue Sky says:

      Why does she think her calves & knees are sexy? Gagging, those are the ugliest legs…the shoes make her legs look even worse.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Was she wearing actually Ballet shoes ? I don’t mean those regular ballet flats that some people might wear around the house, those looked like “point shoes”. What a dolt….

        I don’t like her dress either, it looks like a doily.

  20. Need a Hobby says:

    BTW, congrats on your AC/Yahoo article, Lynn! 🙂

  21. JazzNightOut says:

    Elizabeth Edwards clip, if you want to watch. You may have to go thru a commercial first.

  22. Rabble Rouser says:

    Thanks for the MM blog Quincy.

    I’m getting pretty tried of there segments with Patty sitting down and ‘schooling’ a bunch of women with cheesy advice. Some of it reminds me to the tips I have seen here http://www.snopes.com/language/document/goodwife.asp.

    The proof is in the pudding, it can be that stellar relationship advice if it comes from a woman who at the age of 50 has never been married and currently isn’t in a relationship; If success is measured in F-bombs then Patty is successful other than that not so much.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Oh- and I forgot to mention that guy with the bald head was CREEPY- with a capital WEIRDO. Duck embryo? How about chilled monkey brains for dessert.
      The fact that he was so insistent and made the point of saying it was a test only confirmed for me he was set up with the wrong Jewish lady- he clearly belonged with Patty.

      I am sure their demeaning and demanding ways, their need to ‘test’ people, coupled with their odd facial tics would have been perfect match.

  23. AZ Girl says:

    NeNe is done with Kim according to Access Hollywood.


    • quincyil says:

      What has Kim done now?

    • quincyil says:

      Just speculation…..

      Kim would like her own show because she is pregnant with the football players baby. She also probably gossipped about Nene’s divorce and someone probably carried the tales back to Nene. Nene is in financial straights and Kim has a monthly income that cardiologists would like to have.

      Something has to be up… When is the reunion? I wonder if the girls made a deal to be nice to each other this year?

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Based on Sheree’s comments on WWHL last week, I think she’s become the gentler Sheree and refused to bash any of her cast mates, she even said nice things about Phaedra but the real test will be NeNe because she’s been tweeting digs to ALL of her cast mates, so the reunion should be interesting…

        • Adgirl says:

          I think those two “ladies” Kim & NeNe are insanely jealous of each other’s fame.
          NeNe was the breakout season 1. Last season she was hounding Kim to be on Tardy for the Party song. Remember NeNe “You can’t sell that song without me!”

          NeNe is on the upcoming Celebrity Apprentice (I can’t wait!) so I’ll bet Kim is green all over.
          Kim is on all kinds of magazine covers touting her various sexcapades, so NeNe is probably mad about that.

        • Buffywood says:

          I believe I am in the minority here but I really can’t stand Nene. I think her “I am all that and a bag of chips” attitude we saw last season was the “real” Nene. This season I think she has tried to change her behavior because of all of her bad press, but the true Nene is just dying to come out. I also really liked her husband in the past and somehow I feel he is getting screwed in all of this but since he recorded conversation he is trying to remain the gentlemen he is and just lay low. Time will tell but I am not a fan and never will be.

        • quincyil says:

          So many actresses retire at the age that the housewives are stepping forward. What is that about?

    • floridagirl88 says:

      What? Again?!

  24. kbinldo says:

    In honor of RHOBH Eve, a recap (finally) of last week’s show: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/6098278/blind_dates_killer_facials.html?cat=2

    • Cusi77 says:

      Thank you Kbin! That was hysterical! I scared the heck out of my hubby when I was laughing to tears! Great find!

  25. TEB says:

    Nite all- I know its only 8:40pm East Coast time but the hubby has been on travel all week and I’m TIRED. Gonna go zone out to some Survivor. See ya sometime tomorrow after work!

  26. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Jill had a surprise birthday party last night. Rob Shuter was there and he tweeted this:

    NaughtyNiceRob: Omg! @jillzarin surprise birthday party with all the other new York housewives was a BLAST! Kelly was very late. I left before she arrived

    • AZ Girl says:

      Kelly??? Late??? the nerve.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Jill was late, too. Her birthday was last week. Or does our precious Jill think she is so important that her birthday should go on for an entire week? That was rhetorical. We know she thinks that.

  27. AZ Girl says:

    Finally! I am able to watch last week’s episode of Top Chef All Stars!

  28. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    This is a funny article, Alex Rodriguez’s rep. claims that he never flirted with Kelly. LOL


    • quincyil says:

      Why would he? He apparently has many attractive women interested in him.

      Why did Bethenny give him the time of day?

    • error404 says:

      Quote: Another insider close to the New York Yankees player points out that the 42-year-old reality star “is not exactly his material. She is a sponge for attention, and this is a case where an accidental collision at a party was used to enhance her profile.”


      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        or she’s a booty call.

        oh wait.

        Kelly doesn’t do that, it’s creepy. So the article is right.

        • error404 says:

          ha! I’m pretty sure “an accidental collision at a party” is how A-Rod gets half his Booty. 😛

          You know you’re D-List when C-List Celebs publicly claim to not know who you are.

      • knocknoc says:

        Strike out, Kelly.

        • Had Enough! says:

          She probably wasn’t invited to that party, either. Like the charity event in Boston she wasn’t invited to.

          I didn’t see any Miami press about the opening of her joory line. In fact, she seemed to be either on the beach, scaring the natives, or going to Art Basel events and to restaurants, virtually every minute of the day. Exactly when did she debut this jooory? And why not one tweet about it?

  29. AZ Girl says:

    WHY is Stephen from Season 1 on All stars? He just sucks.

    • Does anyone know how Elizabeth Edwards conceived at age 48 and 50?
      IVF? IUI?
      I am not trying to be Oprah here, but I am really curious, since she Never seemed to discuss the circumstances that led to pregnancies at the age of menopause.

      • AZ Girl says:

        From what I have read Elizabeth did go through some hormone related therapy to get pregnant after the loss of her older son Wade. This obviously was a personal choice for her. Risk was involved.

        • I know that the loss of her son,Wade, was the catalyst for her wanting to have more children. I know that hormone therapy was involved, but to what extent?
          I spent 12 years trying to have children. I am considerably younger than Elizabeth. 5 pregnancies, one
          child. I know risk is involved.
          If you are trying to be the first lady of the United States of America, you should be open to tell us how you conceived children at age 48 and 50. I ,honestly, resent the secrecy.
          I see my young cousin at age 35,
          saying “I dont want to have kids yet?”
          Well, conception wise, she’s not so young.

          the average working woman should not be led to believe that its easy to conceive so late in life. thats my
          thought and I’m really sorry if that came off
          aggressively. I respect your opinion.

          • quincyil says:

            I taught this in my Human biology classes and many women decided to have their children young because of these facts. The ideal age is 25 to 31 biologically and economically. You have your education, you have financial stability, and your health.

            The older mothers like Bethenny end up with c sections more often because the old bones won’t move.

            Around 35 fertility takes a dip.

            When Patti Sanger asked 40 something women if they want children, I cringe.

            Remember Gilda Radner of Saturday Night Live? I read her biography. The doctors should go to jail.

          • kbinldo says:

            First off, what’s it to you how any woman conceives a child that late in life? It’s a personal decision, does not impact how someone is going to govern. For this reason, I do not blast Camille for using a surrogate—it’s a personal, private decision.

            Secondly, I do remember in 2004 discussion on how the younger 2 were conceived–through fertility treatments, which carried the risk that Elizabeth would get cancer (& she did 😦 ). So they weren’t trying to “hide” anything anyway.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:


              I am completely infertile. Can’t have kids, never have been able to, never will be able to.

              2 years ago I was told by a new doctor: jes kidding! if you undergo all of these really expensive, really invasive, horribly upsetting treatments you MAY be able to concieve. At 45.

              I went to the appointments and sat in the waiting room trying not to cry- (the hormones are killers) as women older than me were visibly and euphorically pregnant.

              It’s not nice, and it’s not fair, but I HATED every single one of them. It felt like they had all found the secret club that I couldn’t find and were all conspiring against me.

              Please understand the context of @BeverlyinNewJersey’s comments. It is of HUGE importance to any woman who has addressed infertility issues how other women have faced it and been able to conceive.

              please be a little more gentle, there is very little support for us, and a lot of formerly infertile women are just plain secretive when they are able to finally have success.

              if one more person told me to just relax… I was going to go postal.

              • @OMIBoston. It’s a terrible sorority to belong to, as you can only understand if you’ve been through it. I wish you didn’t belong. I’m sorry you had to go through that.
                Thank-you for explaining what I obviously was unable to.
                The money that I spent would buy a small house.
                The time I spent? priceless. If there was an easier, cheaper quicker way..I wish we would’ve known it.
                @Kbinld I’m sorry that I pissed you off so much. that certainly wasn’t my intention. I thought this board was a safe place to voice my opinion, as long as I wasn’t mean or didn’t hurt someone.

                • kbinldo says:

                  If you are trying to be the first lady of the United States of America, you should be open to tell us how you conceived children at age 48 and 50. I ,honestly, resent the secrecy.

                  That is what you said, despite the fact that Elizabeth was quite open about how she conceived the kids. I didn’t particularly care for the “demand”–what does having fertility treatments have to do with being First Lady?

              • kbinldo says:

                Sorry for upsetting you, that’s not my intention. My point was that whatever decision anyone makes regarding fertility treatments should be considered off-limits & private, unless that person wants to share. The complaint appeared (to me) to be a demand that Elizabeth Edwards detail to everyone how she got pregnant twice after age 50. I wasn’t judging anyone for utilizing those methods, but the ones who appear to be doing the judging. Hence, I will not judge Camille for using surrogates, even though I can’t stand her.

      • Blue Sky says:

        It is not fun to go through infertility treatments. I wonder if the hormones used to get Elizabeth pregnant may have contributed to her cancer. I had a lot of complications, after going thru 7 or 8 attempts in my early 30’s. The emotional toll was difficult, like being on a roller coaster. The doctors were always ready to start again, after each failed attempt. I would only do 2 or 3 attempts per year however, as it was very expensive (about $10,000 each time, it’s way more now!). We decided to adopt a baby, which I wish we had just done in the 1st place. We went to 4 different clinics, all of them lied about their success rates.

        • @Blue Sky, I’m sorry you had to go to such lengths, the physical and emotional toll is horrific. I’m so happy you were able to adopt, as that process can be very difficult as well.
          Don’t forget, don’t you have those beautiful Sheperds'(sp)
          as well? I love my dog almost as much as my child. no joke.

  30. quincyil says:

    I have gone up and down this board and I can not find the post that asked about Jill Zarin being on Milllionaire Matchmaker next week. I know it’s here somewhere.

    The answer is, “Yes.” A heavy Judith Reagan will be the millionairess next week. Apparently, Jill and Judith are “friends.” Judith had an affair with Caroline Manzo’s friend, Bernard Kirkoff, who wanted to be President Bush II’s Secretary of Homeland Security. I think he is currently in prison or out on appeal. Any way he was married and Judith played around. She’s in publishing and published a bunch of conservative books. Jill is also Conservative…. as Conservative as a New Yorker can get.

    Judith was so in the news a few years back. During the OJ time, she was on TV every night.

    I guess she can’t find dates. Maybe, Jill asked Patti to set her up.

    The Cattle call will probably have millionaires next week. Judith will want to be wined and dined.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Do you know she studied Art at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts? After she graduated Vassar with a degree in English? And then went on to work at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics? And then went to THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER???? Are you kidding me????

      Interesting that she’s friends with both Patti and Jill, as she was fired from Harper Collins for anti semitic comments. What would Andy say? I don’t think she’s going to get Mazel of The Week.

      I really really don’t care for her. At all. One bit. So of course I have to watch. LOL!

      • Need a Hobby says:

        IIRC, NewsCorp retracted the claim that Regan had made anti-semitic comments, apologized to Regan and gave her a shitload of money in settlement when she sued them.

        Sounds like NewsCorp wanted to dump & discredit Regan for a number of reasons, like she knew where some bodies were buried (metaphorically speaking….at least I hope only metaphorically) and could be damaging politically. But the problem was, IMO, she did know some potentially damaging info & took ’em to court. And had the goods. So NewsCorp apologized and paid her off.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      IIRC, Judith Reagan said she broke it off with the (married) Bernie Kerik when she learned that he already had a long time mistress he was still seeing. It wasn’t a problem that he was married, but his two timing her with his other mistress was a problem. Ha. She also claimed IIRC that Kerik stalked her after she called it quits.

      Judith lost her imprint & was fired from Harper Collins. She had evidently lost favor with Rupert Murdoch, whose News Corp owned HC. She said she was fired and defamed to discredit her. She alleged the real reason for her firing had to do with the Bernie Kerik affair & fed investigation and other damaging stuff she knew. She sued and a settlement was reached, reportedly in her favor.

      When I last noticed, Bernie was still serving his time in a federal pen.

      All quite lovely people, I’m sure. Yeah, right.

      • quincyil says:

        Jill’s close friends. Of course, they are lovely. Bernie really was a snake. Why do incompetent people try to become Homeland Security Secretaries?

        I did not know about her degrees. She can’t be stupid and accomplish all of that. I remember her on TV ages ago. There was controversy over some book she wanted to publish too.

        Well, I will be your spy and watch the show for everyone. If I can check out bathrooms for Wackenhut in the early 70s, I can watch Patti’s MM in 2010.

        • quincyil says:

          She was involved with the OJ trial and published books by the prosecutors.


          She should fit in with Patti well. She talks sex at the drop of a hat.

          Jill is best friends with Patti and Judith, but she complains that the “h” word is used here. These women speak like gutter snipes. They destroy people. They follow none of society’s norms. They are classless. Yet, they are Jill’s circle of friends. This is insane.

          • Cusi77 says:

            Quincy I read your MM Blog because you know how to put them together with a very fine sense of humor… I can stomach watching her, as soon as I see MM appear I use to say “out of my screen, you cow!” But I saw her for one second or two… It is just me or her hair line keeps going to her scalp?

          • jen says:

            Didn’t she also publish the OJ “If I Did It Book” and end up losing her job over it- to allow that to be published is in poor taste and I can imagine the digusting human who would do so….

            • Need a Hobby says:

              Yeah, that was the book….but the folks who fired her were the same ones who had supported the book being published in the first place. It was only a problem when they were looking for a reason to explain dumping her.

              Then they came up with the “anti-semitic comments” story. Which they later retracted and apologized to Regan.

              Bottom line, Regan fell out of favor with Rupert. IMO there probably was something to Regan’s claims about why she was shoved out. They went out of their way to slam her with allegations that they later had to retract. And then paid her off.

        • Need a Hobby says:

          Bernie’s a crook and a thug. He went to prison for lying to the feds, but he had his hands in some other rather unsavory things as well. Caro M calls him a “hero, betrayed by his country.”

          I used to watch Judith Regan’s show every now and then when it was on. I remember when old Bernie came out with his book and she had him on her show.

          Regan’s not stupid. And struck me as the kind of person one wouldn’t want to mess with, or get on her bad side.

          Didn’t surprise me that she got NewsCorp to settle in her favor when she sued them. I bet she had all kinds of interesting info they didn’t want to come out in or during an actual public court trial.

          Regan on MM….hoo boy. It might be interesting to see that just for the dynamics between her & Stanky.

  31. Another thing that’s been making me crazy.
    Has anyone seen” DR. PHILS “housewives on tuesday afternoon??
    HOW annoying is the woman called Gloria,,Who was, by the way,, one of
    Patti’s “bachelorettes” with the guy who ended up going out with Patti’s friend from Florida.

  32. AZ Girl says:

    Off to bed. Missing the end of the new episode of TC all Stars. 4 a.m wake up call.

  33. Oh My God–
    cannot believe what just happened on Top Chef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I look so forward to Lynns’ re-cap on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Adgirl says:

      I KNOW!
      Without naming the eliminated contestant … so many of the other chefs expressed that this person was the one to beat and I never understood that. That person did not fair well during their season for the same reasons they lost today – bland or boring.
      I thought there was too much made of their connection to someone well respected.
      And wow, the exit was just weird, inside the stew room and after walking out the door.

      • JKW says:

        I thought the un-named chef did well in her season. That season had the most skilled chefs of any others. I really liked her and wanted her to win. She was really pissed tonight. I wished they would have sent her partner home instead.

  34. SillyMe says:

    Hi Lynn and all…wondering if you’ve seen this: http://www.usmagazine.com/healthylifestyle/news/rep-alex-rodriguez-never-flirted-with-kelly-bensimon-2010812
    it’s funny not just because A-Rod is nothing to drool over i think he’s a dirtbag but even he or his people came out to separate any association to kelly bensimon. 😀

  35. Kokuanani says:

    After clicking a couple of links on Lynn’s page re Lisa, I came upon the following VERY SCARY photo of Kelly.

    Good grief, does this woman not know how awful she looks?


  36. error404 says:

    Sorry to be tardy for the party, but here’s my 2 cents on the whole Peter Vs. Nene thang:

    It’s perhaps just Mars vs. Venus communication.

    Her marriage is on the rocks.

    His business is sinking like the Titanic.

    Both are moody are off their game.

    Being from Venus, she’s telling everyone who will listen that she’s in pain because her marriage is in trouble.

    Being from Mars, he’s not really telling anyone anything, just that he’s stressed out about work.

    They really are in the same hurt boat.

    Question is: Why is his wife to be spending all her time soothing Nene and not him? Could it just be that Cynthia doesn’t speak Mars?

    • Adgirl says:

      Good points! NeNe I think is great in small doses but easy to OD on.

    • Cusi77 says:

      So true. I did not have time to watch RHOA last episode complete, until last night and I do not know if it is a matter of culture difference (I can’t understand), but I found NeNe talking too loud, belligerent, selfish thinking that she is the center of Cyntia and Paul’s universe and not that they have problems on their own! That last conversation on the car make me iiiiirk!

      She can be very confrontational out laud, asking questions without waiting for answers. She will learn the hard way… losing friendships!

      • floridagirl88 says:

        Nene has proved herself to be confrontational, but somehow I think the underlying event has been edited out. So far. Peter seems to have gone from 0-60 in one episode so I think we are not getting the whole story there.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      So true so true…Nene is a pushy in your face kinda girl, and like a dog with a bone, she’ll shake her head and tug away until she gets the answers she wants. I thought it was hard for Peter to get a word in edgewise in the car with Nene on the phone, and like me it probably got him PO’d and said what he did. Yea it was rude but some people have it coming to them.
      I also think Cynthia doesn’t speak “Mars”. I think she married him for the show and it won’t last if she is ever off the show..that’s going to be her storyline.
      Peter doesn’t sit well with me, ever since he said what he did about Nene and her “bedroom” habits at the Mother’s day brunch. Yuck!!

  37. Wall St Lady says:

    A Rod “wicked cute”LMAO 1MoBo When asked how cute was A Rod Giuliana on Fashion Police said she was over A Rod by the 4th
    Girl friend.

    Lisa trying to get rid of Kim ?
    I don’t think so. It was Camille who wrote that story !

    Jill was on Hanidy She actually held her own. The deck was stacked against her with 2 very conservative other panel members.
    They discussed cutting taxes.
    Jill loved bragging that her income was over a million but she approved increasing taxes. The man attempted to put Jill down by calling Jill ,Mrs. Housewife.
    Next they discussed calling Christmas parades, Holiday parades screamed like a wounded sea gull, just call them holiday. It was pointed out that Jewish vs Christian is a very
    small & Jill’s fog horn tried to talk over others. Her hair was straight as a stick & very thin. In my opinion , uggie !
    I have no idea why she was on.
    But I know from experience it is not hard to get on that show. Jill was the token ……

    • Noelle says:

      Sorry I missed that.
      Would’ve loved to catch that one! 😉

      • Noelle says:

        Jill’s a complete ass. Total package with idiocy included!
        Lucky Bawby, I used to feel sorry for him.
        Not so much anymore, he’s a willing participant in that package.

  38. Noelle says:

    Now that I’m stuck in bed, longer than I’d like : ( , I’m an avid reader, what good books would you recommend? As far as preference I’m all over the map…( I just finished ‘Room” by Emma Donoghue…interesting read) just received a Kindle, am so looking forward to using it!
    Random: I’m not a big Sci-Fi fan at all, but I’m so sad “Lost”(show) is over! I loved that show!
    Have a great day everyone!

    • quincyil says:

      I am going to write blogs on Stargate Universe. I love that show and it has so much content. I don’t know what I will do with them, but I am going to rewatch and write blogs anyway.

    • American Idiot says:

      Noelle – I mentioned this book once before here. UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrand, the author of SEABISCUIT, is a wonderful read.

      • Noelle says:

        @American Idiot,
        I now have my Kindle edition of ‘UNBROKEN’ and am very much looking forward to reading it! (I loved “Seabiscuit!”, btw)

    • Blue Sky says:

      Noelle, I loved “Big Russ & Me” written by Tim Russert. It’s a beautiful book about his father. Also “Growing Up” by Russell Baker. There’s an Irish writer I like, Maeve Binchy. All her books are good. Have you read P.G. Wodehouse – he wrote very funny books about the butler Jeeves, and Bertie Wooster. Guaranteed you will be laughing after reading all the crazy things Bertie gets himself into as a young gentleman of means in Britain, circa the early 1900’s. All books guaranteed to make you feel good. You’ve probably read them, but all the books written by Agatha Christie are so good, especially the ones about Miss Marple. Let us know what books you find that are good!

      • Noelle says:

        @Blue Sky,
        I’ve read, ‘Big Russ & Me” and loved it too! Thanks for reminding me me of P.G. Wodehouse! I’ve only read one book that I remember about Jeeves…so am looking forward to reading the rest.
        Wow, Kindle’s a whole new world! I love it! lol

  39. Cusi77 says:

    Have a nice and productive day!

  40. Had Enough! says:



    Guess we know what episode 3 of this season will be ….

    Stay tuned for Jill’s Trained Sasquatch to tweet photos of herself at the party.

    • quincyil says:

      Remember when Vicki of OC stopped in the middle of renewing her vows to describe jewelry. Why do I know the value of her gift? I have friends with expensive jewelry and they never say how much it cost. Oh, that’s right, it’s Jill Zarin.

    • error404 says:

      guests were serenaded with a Marilyn Monroe-style rendition of “Happy Birthday” by the Countess.

      Oh dear God up in heaven! The woman is comedy gold. What a buffoon.

  41. Had Enough! says:

    Someone tweeted to our precious idiot:

    “@kikilet maybe your ex Giles should be taking your photos. He did an awesome job for the upcoming Redbook magazine cover featuring Bethenny!”

    And the moron responded (why does she even respond? why doesn’t she ignore?):

    “@svacla gilles bensimon’s an amazing photographer. I adore him, and admire him beyond your comprehension. Go gillesssss”

    KellIdiot also wants us to know that it is her hairdresser/best friend’s birthday:

    “Ask @bradleyirion tips on how to “trim your own hair.” he’s the hair genius, ask away!!!!!!”

    Either Bradley Irion shares her delusions about her appearance and his abilities as a hairdresser, or, like pretty much every designer on the planet, he cringes every time she mentions his name. Because her hair always looks like shit.

    • quincyil says:

      Kelly’s emotions are always off. If I had an ex husband, I would not be his cheer leader. Jill said that she and her ex are the best of friends too. That would not be the case with me. I would be cordial and not bad mouth him, but I would not be his greatest fan.

      • error404 says:

        that’s just because you’re real. Kiki and Jilz are two of the biggest phonies on the planet. Please, we all saw how they went after B for doing nothing. Anyone who thinks these two women have positive feels toward their ex-husbands..well, I have some beach front property in Ohio I’m willing to give them an insider’s deal on.

  42. Had Enough! says:

    July 2010, most of the NY/NJ howives at an event celebrating giorgio gucci:


    (scroll down or search on any of their names)

    I don’t think either show was filming then. Sonja looks great, KellIdiot doesn’t look awful. Staub, the two Manzos both there.

  43. Had Enough! says:

    This was filmed: 12 Oct 2010, Alex’s birthday party….


    Alex looks terrific in these photos.

    And of course, our precious moron arrived late. I would love to know what she was saying to Alex in that one photo – she does NOT LOOK NICE. Why are her jeans so short? Not haht, not smokin’, not sexy, just ugh.

  44. Wall St Lady says:

    As far as ur costumes go ; I think u should b like Danielle’s daughter at her sweet sixteen and wear all 4 costumes,one at a time of course.

  45. Kokuanani says:

    Ha! My latest e-mail from Us magazine has a poll, “will Kelsey Grammar’s fourth marriage stick?”

    94% say “no.”


  46. Karistie says:

    Do you use twitter so I can follow you? It would be great to be informed about the newest post on this blog.

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