IHJZ The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

IHJZ – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Air Date Dec 16, 2010

Don’t you just love Lisa Vanderpump? She’s so adorable and her husband, what we know of him, seems to be the nicest guy on the show!

I know that she’s a smart lady but I think it is hysterical when she compares Beverly Hills to the rest of the world. As she drives her husband around town she notes how different it is driving in Europe and the United States, the main difference is that the driver’s side is on the wrong side of the car in Lisa’s home country. Lisa tells us that the open roads in California are so different from the congested roads she’s used to driving on in London. Apparently Lisa hasn’t driven in Los Angeles during rush hour. I defy her to take a ride on the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago at 5pm. But just listening Lisa compare Beverly Hills to any other area of the world is really comical. Lisa, Beverly Hills is not a good example of a typical American town. Just sayin..

Lisa shares her Christian Louboutin shoes with viewers, autographed to “Pinky” by the designer these pink crystal heels with the signature red soles were just Lisa’s style, few women call pull them off but Lisa is just the women to do it.

Camille has a brilliant idea to bring together all of the players that were involved in the New York explosion just weeks earlier. Just to ensure that another firestorm ensues, she invites two of her paid friends. DeDe her “yes-woman” that agrees with everything that comes out of Camille’s mouth while putting lip gloss on that mouth is invited. She’s going to be there anyway doing Camille’s make-up, why not let her stick around for dinner. Yes, this “friend” who is paid to spend time with Camille, loves to fan the flames and agrees with whatever her mistress says, the perfect dinner guest because she can touch up Camille’s lip gloss after every sip of her monstrous cocktail.

But it wasn’t DeDe this time that stirred the pot, she may as well have been a piece of furniture for all she added to the evening. For DeDe this was a perfect evening, she got dinner and a show as well as a paycheck!
We’ll get back to the dinner party in just a minute.

Adrienne and her husband Paul are the comical couple of the show and today was no exception. Paul enters the kitchen with a bandage on his nose and we learn that their 4-year old son jumped on Paul’s face during a roughhousing session. Paul wants sympathy from Adrienne and maybe even a neck massage but Adrienne is busy making Peanut Butter sandwiches and calls him a “big baby”. Hysterical!

Camille begins to call all of the Housewives to invite them to her dinner party. Like a spider inviting flies into her web, she plans her ill-fated evening even agreeing to allow Kyle to bring a friend because she had previous plans with her friend. These plans were confirmed by a producer in his blog on BravoTV.com so those conspiracy theories were immediately quashed. Kyle did not bring her friend Faye Resnick simply to defend her against Camille. I wonder if Camille could say the same thing about her friend Allison Dubois.

Camille’s call to Lisa was pretty funny, apparently Lisa’s voice mail recording isn’t the typical, “I’m not here, leave a message”. She recorded a message making callers believe that she picked up the phone but cannot hear them and Camille fell into the trap sounding like a Sprint commercial as she repeated over and over, “can you hear me now?” (If it’s not Sprint, please don’t correct me, I don’t care that much) Camille took the joke pretty well, calling the stunt “brilliant” but it’s actually a really old gag and a bit immature even for Lisa but as it was Camille that got caught in it, I loved it. Imagine if you will, for a moment if it had been Kim that got Lisa’s message….hurts the brain, doesn’t it?

The night of Camille’s dinner party arrives and Camille is in pre-game with her two cohorts downing cocktails in the kitchen. I seem to recall Camille telling viewers more than once that she doesn’t drink yet we see her doing a lot of drinking on the show. This time Camille also shares with viewers that her friend Allison, also invited to the dinner party, likes to drink and sometimes tends to drink too much, for some reason Camille has an evil grin on her face as she describes her friend and apparent business associate. It seems as though Allison also draws a paycheck from the Grammer’s . We haven’t met a friend of Camille’s yet who doesn’t get some financial gain out of being in Camille’s company.

The ladies arrive in two limo’s greeting each other with air kisses all around. Camille introduces her two employees, her make-up artist DeDe and Allison, a medium who consults on the TV show produced by Camille’s husband Kelsey Grammer, also called Medium. Camille explains that the show was based on Allison’s life but Allison expands on that adding that she also has a “real life” and a “real job” assisting law enforcement to solve crime. I think that gig is up after tonight’s show.

Had this dinner been just the six Housewives, it may have turned out completely different but it wasn’t the guests who started throwing out zingers, it was Camille. As she studied Kyle’s friend Faye, it suddenly occurred to her that she’d seen her in Playboy and blurts that out at the dinner table. Awkward doesn’t begin to describe that moment but they seemed to get past it until Camille’s certifiable Medium Allison opens her mouth. This woman is absolutely the definition of Bat Shit Crazy and after dinner pulls out an electronic cigarette dragging on it like it was a dubie.

A self-described psychic the dinner guests were understandably curious as to what she could tell them about their loved ones who have passed away or their futures. Allison explained that she was “off the clock” and Camille warned the guests that Allison may just say something that they don’t want to hear. If only they’d have left that alone….

Lisa explains that similar to a doctor being at a dinner party, it’s only natural that people will ask questions and a limited amount of work talk is acceptable dinner conversation. Clearly this crazy psychic is not a doctor!

Lisa asks if her dead relatives are in the room but Kyle was the target of the attack when Allison inadvertently describes Camille’s life while looking at Kyle. Allison tells Kyle she’s not a “girl’s girl” and that her husband will never fulfill her adding that once the children are grown, she will have nothing in common with her husband. Allison had been drinking so possibly as Camille’s aura drifted into the nutcase’s direction, she blurted out Camille’s future at the wrong person.

Complete insanity ensues as all of the ladies are yelling at one another while the evil genius Camille has this smirk on her face that proves this is exactly what she planned for the evening. The overly strong cocktails coupled with the insane dinner guest were the formula for a riot and Camille was the hostess from hell sitting back and enjoying the show.
Somehow Kim and Taylor resurrect their previous argument when the subject of the New York battle is brought up leaving only Adrienne out of the fray.

Clearly uncomfortable and remaining quiet, Adrienne does not belong with these women at all. I can only imagine what was going through her mind as her reputation is slowly being sullied simply by being in the same room with these women. I’m sure she was wondering what the hell she was doing in that house, at that dinner table being filmed for a reality show and hoping she could just crawl under the table and escape out the back door.

Even Adrienne’s blog was sensible and she calls Camille out for allowing this to continue in her home, as one of your guests becomes out of control and attacks another. Adrienne is a class act and I have to wonder if she is sorry that she joined this cast.

Adrienne said:

I do wish that Camille had put a stop to it, because Allison’s comments to Kyle were completely counterintuitive to the purpose of Camille’s dinner. To see that the conversation continued after we left wasn’t right to me, and I later thought about what I would have done had this dinner been at my house, with one guest of mine antagonizing another. It would have been my job to redirect that conversation or end the situation.

Lisa really wasn’t involved in the argument either, she seemed to try to defuse the situation here and there commenting that people should just stop the madness, and here is an excerpt from Lisa’s blog:

That woman, the psychic (and I will refer to her as just that), seemed to revel in the devastation that surrounded her. As you have obviously witnessed, it wasn’t my argument. Adrienne and I stood by as this barrage of insults kept hurling past. Camille initiating conflict with Faye, by mentioning her Playboy spread, seemed to indicate to me that trouble was brewing. And the psychic, who was off the clock and clearly on the cocktails, just would not stop.
Look, I have tried to remain impartial and objective, but when I viewed that segment, it looked mean and vindictive, and I am mystified as to why they would take that route. The “psychic” lost all credibility to me. She couldn’t be more wrong!

All of the women, at one point or another mentioned how strong the cocktails were and that is Hosting 101 rule that you don’t purposely over serve your guests alcohol, whether they’re driving or not it is just wrong. As Camille announced prior to the party that her psychic friend/employee Allison tends to drink a bit too much, it seems as though this was all part of Camille’s plan to create chaos. When things weren’t stirred up quite enough for Camille, she slams Kyle’s friend Faye with the Playboy comment. It is pretty clear to me what Camille was up to.

Proving once again Camille is a lousy hostess, Allison continuously demanded that Camille’s guests should use their two legs to leave Camille’s home, all of the guests with the exception of the paid employees did just that. Apparently DeDe and Allison’s shift wasn’t over yet and they stayed to slam Kyle even more insinuating that her husband Mauricio was cheating on her with the nannies. Camille added that she’s “not saying the man is cheating but he LOVES women!” What a brilliant observation Camille, Mauricio isn’t gay, thanks for clearing that up.

Allison the Medium has completely ruined her career but may have a new career advertising electronic cigarettes, she did look cool with that thing, didn’t she? (Yes, Kidding!)

This was truly the dinner party from hell, it bypassed the New Jersey table flipping dinner by far, it was insane well beyond the Orange County “let’s get Gretchen naked wasted” dinner party. But New York still wins the award for the Bat Shit Crazy dinner party of the year with Scary Island and Kelly’s Breakdown (Breakthrough). You’ll have to do better than that Beverly Hills!

But when it comes to hostesses, Tamra, Teresa and Ramona don’t compare to the devious hell that Camille created, she wins that one hands down.

After the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Andy Cohen hosted Kyle Richards on Watch What Happens Live along with Denise Richards (no relation). I’m not sure what Denise Richards added to the show, I could have lived without her but I was interested to hear what Kyle had to say about the episode. Even more interesting, the hostess from hell, Camille called into the show to publically apologize to Kyle for her behavior and for her comments about her husband’s cheating that was completely unfounded.

The apology was a joke, I don’t think anyone believed it but I could see Camille completely freaking out to her paid friends about how unfair it was that this episode aired and Kyle was able to immediately appear on WWHL to tell her side of the story while Camille sat in her 7-bedroom home in Beverly Hills getting slammed on the show.

I’m sure Camille watched her advanced copy of the episode and began screaming at her assistant to get Andy Cohen on the phone! Ideally the two ladies would have appeared together eliminating the empty chair that held Denise Richards butt. That would have made for a good episode of Andy’s show but a phone call would have to suffice. Camille came across as shallow and empty with her pathetic attempt at an apology. She was specific and careful to only apologize for her comments about Kyle’s husband cheating. She didn’t apologize for her pre-planned manipulative dinner party or her horrible hostess skills. She didn’t admit that she loved the attack on Kyle or that she purposely invited Allison who becomes vicious when she drinks and then purposely fed the all of the women too much alcohol.

Note to self, never attend a dinner party held by Camille Grammer. I know the invitation is coming any day now.

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381 Responses to IHJZ The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

  1. Dani says:

    When th fight in NY came up at Camille’s dinner it was the perfect time for Kim to tell everyone that she was there during the conversation and Kyle did not say what Camille is saying she did. I can understand Kyle being upset at Kim. Why bring up the airport conversation? If she wanted to get into the action why not tell everyone what she heard. I just think Kim has no personality and she always acts like poor me. I don’t like to be around people like that and I am sure it gets old for Kyle.

    I will say keeping up with the conversations at the dinner was difficult. I watched it 3 times. Ok, maybe it wasn’t that difficult I just wanted to see it again and again as it was so entertaining lol.

    • Dani says:

      Great blog Lynn, thank you.

      • Adgirl says:

        Kim’s outburst about the airport felt like it was left over from 2 weeks earlier when she couldn’t speak up at the NY dinner. Some sort of delayed reaction that backfired onto Kyle.

      • Golden Girl says:

        Wonderful job Lynn! Thank you so much.

    • Zoey says:

      I was thinking the same thing, perfect time for the fruit loop Kim to speak up. Of course, that probably would not have deflated Crazy Camille’s argument because she would think a sister was taking up for a sister, but Kim should have spoken up. She even said in the limo on the way there she has not been going to Camille’s, her ‘loyalty’ lies with her sister. Huh?

      • PJ says:

        Maybe there is a reason Kim didn’t speak up. Maybe Kyle really said what Camille says she said and Kim doesn’t want to upset Kyle by telling the truth. Kim is capable of speaking up if she wants to, look at how she held her own with Taylor. I find it a bit strange that Kim hasn’t spoken up about this issue between Kyle and Camille, there has to be a reason other than the one given by Kim so far. Kyle just expects Kim to always do her bidding maybe Kim is sick of it.

  2. Buffywood says:

    Hey, if you are in the Philly area Ebong from DC is on the 1o! show right now.

    • Buffywood says:

      Oh well, segment over already. He is a very handsome smart man.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        YES! I really like Ebong, he is so nice, even on Twitter! What was he on the show for? Anything interesting he’s promoting?

        • Buffywood says:

          He really wasn’t promoting anything which was odd. They started to ask him questions about the Salarhi’s and he basically said he wasn’t “here” to talk about them. He was simply discussing shopping strategy tips to not over do it this Christmas. I didn’t know he was also a CPA. They typical, make a list, create a budget, actually map your shopping out as to not get distracted and stay focused. He did give one suggestion I really liked; buy from charity auctions. The charity gets the money, your recipient gets a great gift, and you get the tax deduction.

  3. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Good morning and happy friday 😀

  4. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Sorry if this is OT: but it was so cute I couldn’t help it:

  5. Judy says:

    I think Kim brings starts up with Taylor because Taylor wound up Camille in NYC right before dinner by telling her that they were talking about her at the airport.

  6. HD says:

    A great recap of a crazy night. I will have to watch the show again just to see the leel of crazy the medium was on. LOL! You are correct she did not top Kelly but she sure was in second place. I wonder how her career will be after this. The things she said after the women left were horrible! I was thinking do you not see the camera in the room? How dumb!

    • kbinldo says:

      DeDe was the only one trying to reel her in & the only one to realize this appearance on RHOBH might not be at all helpful to Allison’s career.

  7. klmh says:

    Enjoyed the blog Lynn. Tx and a Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  8. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thanks Lynn – the blog hit all the high (and low) points of this episode.
    I dreaded the dinner party because I am getting bored with set up/manufactured, drag it through the mud yet again, tedious BS! Bravo likes the fights but there are too many of them and most are too trivial in nature.
    Bottomline – Kelsey’s choice not to go on the family vacation to Hawaii was between Camielle and Kelsey. Don’t keep giving Kyle grief because to her a family vacation would include her husband! Camielle is a very insecure, vapid, bitter bitch and IMO she has a thing for Kyle’s hubby that she isn’t very good at hiding! Her apology call to WWHL was insincere, silly and didn’t accomplish anything except to further viewer opinion that she is a waste of a housewife slot in this franchise. Paid friends and drunk mediums don’t make you relevant.

    • emily says:

      excellent post. indeed, camille is a waste of housewife space.

      hmmm who could we replace her with next season??? I mean I really really really really hope she is replaced because being on this show is the only thing keeping her relevant besides her last name which don’t mean much.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        last night I was thinking that Denise Richards would be an interesting housewife

        • emily says:

          I think she and Lisa would get along swimmingly!

          She really is sweet. Her E! show Denise Richards: it’s complicated didn’t do so well, but I enjoyed the interaction she had with her daughters and her dad is precious.

          I think she has a show coming out soon, maybe not reality, but she has been on a lot of shows trying to promote it. I say TRYING, because ppl like Joy Behar, who invite her on to promote her show, waste the whole segment asking her about Charlie Sheen.

  9. Linda G. says:

    As always another great blog! Thank you Lynn & happy holidays to you & your family!

  10. Cleveland Girl says:

    While I agree completely that Camille is a conniving and hateful person, I feel that some of the blame has to go to Kyle also. She egged that crazy psychic on and on. Then when the psychic turned crazy, Kyle started screaming! She should have remained calm, or simply laughed at this obviously delusional silly woman. Kyle made herself look foolish by taking the bait, and then becoming unglued.

    • emily says:

      to me, Kyle and Bethenny have similar ways of reacting. I can totally see Bethenny losing her cool and screaming. The problem is that there was no Sonja Morgan-like-character to intervene and chill everybody out.

      Kim kind of reminds me of Alex in her freak out response to the crazy. She doesn’t yell like Kyle, she gets nervous (hives on Scary Island). Kim is slowly winning me over, even though I know most of you probably still get very annoyed with her.

      So who would be the Luann and Jill of the Housewives bunch?? (we know who is the Kelly Kirazy Bensimon of the group.)

    • BessiB says:

      Coulda, shoulda, woulda. Some of us are just not acustomed to taking abuse and letting someone but into conversations with calm grace. It is easy to say, “Just walk away” or “Let it go”. But these skills are learned with experience, and evediently Kyle – according to her – had never before been around people that required her to know how to do this.

      • BessiB says:

        And one more thing: Kyle had permission to bring a guest. Then the hostess, via enuendo (It wasn’t what she said by how she said it.) , was insulting to Kyle’s invited guest. I cannot even imagine how horrible THAT must have been for Kyle to experience.

      • Buffywood says:

        I have to admit that I have issues dealing reasonably with unreasonable people. I have learned to just walk away… but then as I do I plot and scheme my next move to get justice.

      • Cleveland Girl says:

        EX-cellent point!!

  11. lovemysummergirl says:

    Long, long time lurker….thank you all for putting a smile on my face everyday!
    i believe cameltoe started the convo about ny, when she said something about everybody talking about her on the plane…thats when kim and taylor got into it again.
    Love you lynn and quincy (and really all of you!!)you guys make my bad days much, much better.

    • Cusi77 says:

      Welcome Lovemysummer! This is the right place to laugh and enjoy real comments about the “not that real housewives”!

  12. Amber...Real Wife says:

    The dinner was an alliance of lunacy, and a confederacy of dunces. (fave.book). Those three women, with Camille as the brains(?) of the operation, simply wanted to harass Kyle. Can’t stand Kyle, but must admire she’s one that rarely backs down. When she realized the sly comments were aimed at her, and the direct arrows aimed at Faye, she quickly returned fire and Faye also got into the fray. When BSC Kim joined in and tried to engage Taylor with NY drama, then insults, Camille was shown trying to mask her glee as the insults and yelling around her escalated. Bad Hostess, Good Maniac.

    The medal of honor in this fiasco should go to Taylor. While asking a stoic Adrienne, the tough no-nonsense diva, for an authoratative stop and getting nothing, she decided she’d had it and yelled ENOUGH! She tried to stop the madness and succeeded in breaking the spell cast by Camille, and the Medium who loves X-L drinks.

    RHOBH brought the crazy. Definitely a season 2!

    • 2Stupid says:

      OMG Amber Confederacy of Dunces is my favorite book too, and a favorite gift. I love spreading the wealth that book has to offer!

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Met Ignatius J. Reilly while a senior in high school and my life hasn’t been the same since! LMAO

  13. kbinldo says:

    Good job as always, Lynn!!!!

    Here’s my humble submission (I really love the little pic I found in the public galleries–very fitting for the occasion): http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/6128470/the_dinner_party_from_hell_real_housewives.html?cat=2

  14. Salish says:

    Camielle is so jealous of Kyle its worse than highschool, funny how she accuses Mauritcio of cheating when Kelsey was in love with someone else as she was speaking. She must have felt like a joke! Watch what you say, because it might just comeback to bite you.

    • quincyil says:

      From the way he looks at Kyle and loves their family, I seriously doubt the accusation that he was fooling around. That is one million times worse than “is Kelsey not going to be in Hawaii with you?”

  15. TEB says:

    I can only hope that Camille is aware of her VERY negative perception in the public eye. She brought it on herself. And Kelsey Grammer is a genius for getting her to do this show!

    • Salish says:

      I agree, I think Kelsey is smarter than we think LOL

    • Buffywood says:

      Hi TEB. You would think several of these women would see themselves and the publics reactions and think “Man there must be something wrong with me. I can work on my faults” but I am astounded that these bitches think they are the cat’s meow and 99.9% of the world is just wrong or “haters”. Let’s see… MS, Teresa, Kelly are all trunk worthy but yet think their shit doesn’t stink. It baffles my mind.

      • TEB says:

        Totally agree Buffy! And I might go BSC myself if Teresa somehow manages to get out of this bankrupcy thing. I fear she will be left out, Joe will go to jail, and Teresa will be in mansion, on TV, writing books and never feel the pain of her debt.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Joe may go to prison but Teresa will not be able to keep up that lifestyle….which may just be worse than going to prison!

          • TEB says:

            WSW- I think with book deals, apperances, etc that she would be able to keep a pretty cushy lifestyle. Maybe not drop 100K in cash on furniture- but still pretty cushy. Infuriates me.

            • Had Enough! says:

              Take heart. This woman is an imbecile who continues to spend it faster than she earns it. When Housewives ends, she will be a nobody who will struggle to get bookings at the local nail salon. The income stream will dry to a trickle, and she’ll end up living over that pizzeria eventually. It just doesn’t dawn on her to bank and invest this income while she’s got it.

  16. Noelle says:

    @ OneMoreinBoston,
    Love you so much. Your (info) 😉 info makes it so much better for my laz-z-y ass!!
    I’m not even suppose to be here…Who loves ya?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      baby doll -you belong here on this blog and here on this earth- sending you love and surrounding you with a white light of protection

  17. quincyil says:

    Wow, Lynn, I loved the blog and there was so much information there. I am overwhelmed by that fight last night and intend to watch that show a second time asap.

    As someone who looks at Human behaviors, there is a lot to take in at that dinner party. Motivations and agendas are at play. The Medium was enraged from the start. I think she must be angry that she was not chosen for the BH by Bravo and was determined to wreak destruction on those women who were chosen.

    I’m going to take notes and see if I can figure out why these women reacted like they did.

    • Noelle says:

      please take notes, and let us know.

    • Zoey says:

      Hi Q. That’s interesting. And notice, although it appeared that the psycho psychic was drinking a lot, she didn’t appear to slur or seem drunk to me. Some people do drink and get a buzz and not show it, but she seemed to be sober and just crazy. Maybe she had a virgin drink and just played it up. Dunno.

    • kbinldo says:

      I think she’s just an angry bitch for no reason & all the hootch just brought it out more. Was she even considered for the cast? I’m missing Ramona the lush right about now. Sure she always got toasted, but she’s never mean & always fun! Turtle Time!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      OK. If you’re watching again with pencil in hand, please tell me what you think of Lisa’s reaction to Camille’s confusion over the phone message. I think Lisa really did pick up the phone, and it was not the answering machine. I think she saw it was Camille and decided to have a little fun with her. And I think this just because of Lisa’s sly laugh right after it happened. What do you think?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think Allison really does live in PX though, so she couldn’t be a BH housewife.

      I wonder if she was working a bitchy “medium” angle though just like a necrotic, OCD driven and abusive house flipper worked for Jeff Lewis and got him his own show. They can call it Psych-Ho

  18. realminkey says:

    Allison the “meduim” is one horrid horrid woman. She’s positively EVIL.

    And my goodness no, she should not advertise e cigarettes. She gives all the rest of us e-cig “vapers” a bad reputation!

    • Noelle says:

      No bad rep. and don’t think Allison is horrid.
      Bravo…um maybe yes!

    • emily says:

      Yes, she is HORRID. and a con artist and just plain evil human being. There are two links posted up thread that detail all the evil scamming she has done.

      Her comment that she wouldn’t help if Kyle’s children were missing….ummm, what? DeeDee’s face was shocked and embarrassed.

      Camille and Allison are perfect for each other.

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        That comment was sickening. It was funny or made any kind of good point is was mean, vile and nasty.

  19. Shellbell225 says:

    I am personally sick of Camille always saying that she “doesn’t drink” and “isn’t a big drinker” yet is consuming alcohol in nearly every episode. It just shows how manipulative she is always trying to be.

    Great recap Lynn!

  20. Maryann says:

    Quincy- I couldn’t post on the last blog of Lynn’s. Hopefully this one will go through, unless I was banned or something??!

    My first name is Mary. My middle name is Ann. I am called Mary though and not Mary Ann. There are a few Jewish Mary’s – Jesus’ mom to name just one!

    Hope everyone has a Happy Holiday season!



    (Lynn – I really hope you post this. 🙂 )

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


      What a beautiful and meaningful name you’ve chosen to represent yourself on Lynn’s blog.

      I think it is very respectful of you, in this Christmas season, that a woman of the Jewish faith has taken on as a poster name a combination of the two most revered female saints in all of Christianity.

      St Mary is of course The Blessed Mother, or could be also Mary Magdalene, the Mary that the entire daVinci Code and The Holy Grail before it hypothesized was Jesus’s wife. In Hebrew the name is מרים, Miriam, meaning I think “beloved”

      St. Anne is the Virgin Mary’s mother, which makes her Jesus’s grandmother.

      Being barren myself, St. Anne has always held a special place in my heart because Anne and her husband Joachim, after years of childlessness, were visited by an angel who told them that they would conceive a child.

      Her name, as I’m sure you would know, is actually Hannah in Hebrew,
      חַנָּה, meaning “favor” or “grace”.

      What an honor you have shown to the Christians here, to choose such a symbolic name to post under.

      Mazel Tov

  21. ArizonaMagpie says:

    I live in Phoenix where Allison Dubois also lives and claims to work with police. I’ve lived here for over 14 years. Only once in all that time has it ever come up that she got involved in any sort of police investigation. The issue was a missing baby that the mother said she killed but much other evidence including a phone call made by the mother indicated that the mother had given the baby away to strangers? in a San Antonio, TX park.

    Allison got involved (I heard nothing about the police bringing her in) by volunteering to offer her insight into the case. It was already obvious the baby was given away. She said she would only talk to the father of the baby – hard to prove she was wrong. And that is the extent of her involvement in criminal cases in Arizona. She has never claimed to be right or wrong in the matter as the investigation has been totally stalled since that time – approximately 9 months ago.

    Just saying… lol

    • Earring Girl says:

      Allison Dubois is as fake as Taylor’s lips (suction cups??). This woman has three daughters – how could she do this to her family? Being a fame whore is one thing but being a vile, drunk and “smoking” one is something else. JMHO

      • Dani says:

        ArizonaMagpie, I live in Phoenix also and there was an article in the Phoenix paper about two years ago about Allison. She went to the police with information on a serial killer here in Phoenix. The newspaper quoted a police officer that said she was no help and the information that she gave them was so vague it could have been any male between the ages of 18 and 50. I think she is as phony as a three dollar bill.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Are you talking about baby Gabriel? I sure hope he was given up for illegal adoption but most of the people who know that woman- including her own grandfather fear the worst. They also can’t seem to connect the couple she was suppose to give the baby to the actual disappearance.

    • debbie says:

      I remember reading about that case.. I believe the mother ended up in Florida. The couple she claimed she gave the baby to was located although they didn’t have the little boy (?). Was that case ever resolved? I don’t remember ever hearing anymore..

  22. Janet says:

    Love your blogs..!! Really really wish you could send these to the housewives cause they should read all your blogs. You have the pulse of what the public thinks and you state it very well. And thanks for all the updates..!!

  23. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Don’t you all wish this was your commute this morning?

  24. PJ says:

    Sorry but I think Kyle is a terrible person, much worse than Camille. Actually one of the problems with these Housewife shows is the people on the shows, they are mostly all really horrible people. I thought maybe BH would have a little class but boy was I wrong. I actually don’t think Camille set this up. Camille went to a lot of trouble to make this a nice party why do that if you intend for it to end in disaster? Camille should have asked crazy Allison to leave though. The problems were caused by the crazy and mean spirited Allison (I fast forwarded through everything Allison said), Faye, and Kyle. Faye stirred the pot by insulting Camille and you just don’t do that in a person’s own house. I didn’t think that what Camille said about Faye and Playboy was as terrible as it was made out to be. If you are going to pose in Playboy why be surprised when people bring it up? If I remember correctly what Camille said about Faye was only what everyone was thinking at the time of the OJ trial. Kyle could have an ounce of humility but she has no humility or grace. The way Kyle treats her sister makes me sick. Kim may be a bit of a nut but she isn’t mean spirited like Kyle. Telling Kim to go home alone after blaming Kim for the problem with Taylor and then refusing to answer the phone was so mean of Kyle, I’m glad I don’t have a sister like that. It’s clear that it’s all about Kyle all the time and Kyle has no regard for her sister’s feelings because Taylor was horrible to Kim. How about Kyle having Kim’s back for a change? So another Housewife series bite the dust in my eyes after this episode I don’t care to watch anymore.

    • Salish says:

      I feel bad for Kim too. I would love to meet her, she looks like a jar of some cooky fun

    • Constance says:

      Totally agree. I don’t get the Kyle love, she has been aggressive with Camille treats her sister with disdain and encourages the other housewives to do so as well.

      Couldn’t believe Kyle defended Faye saying Faye didn’t use the death of her friend Nicole Simpson to make money by posing in Playboy…because she waited 3 years? come on

      • quincyil says:

        I agree with all of you. There is something going on with those sisters. I also think Kyle is aggressive in her discussions with the ladies.

        • Adgirl says:

          Camille pointing out Faye was in playboy wouldn’t have matter except it was said to her guest in a condescending mean spirited tone. Obviously Camille had googled Faye and discovered something negative Camille could bring up at the start of dinner to punish Kyle.
          Faye should have said being in Playboy was huge complement (like KKB would have).

          • JKW says:

            Regarding Shlemiel ( stolen from TV gasm and love the name ) if she really wanted to mend bridges with the housewives she wouldn’t have invited Malice-son. She admitted with a big smirk that she gets drunk and is outspoken. She made huge drinks and Malice-son had a few before anyone arrived. It was a set up pure and simple. If Shlemiel wouldn’t have kept smirking when telling us about Malice-son…maybe I would believe her. As for Kyle…it has to get really tiring babysitting a 40? 50 ? yr old insecure, socially inept sister for the rest of your life.

        • klmh says:

          Yes. I think Kyle has an aggressive personality too. She is her own worst enemy when she feels threatened or annoyed, like the rest of us I suppose… but its evident she loves her sister. Kim has some issues that to me would be difficult to live with and I think that’s why we see Kyle’s frustration and aggressiveness come out. She doesn’t understand why Kim can’t see what she sees or thinks she sees. Complicated as Kyle says is the right word for this relationship.

          • quincyil says:

            The sisters were raised in Hollywood. They were movie and tv stars. The family linked arms with the Hiltons. It would affect your concept of who you are. I’m sure that Kyle would be different if she was raised in rural IL and no one had ever heard of her.

            • Had Enough! says:

              Quincy – I disagree. I think the personality is the same no matter where you are. Kyle is alpha, strong, confident. I know women like that in all kinds of socioeconomic and geographical circumstances.

              • quincyil says:

                Kyle is alpha. I watch interactions of animals as well as Humans. When you bring new mares in to an established herd, there are battles amoung the mares for the position of lead mare. Sometimes, the battles are bloody with biting, kicking and knock down drag out fights. The greatest battle happen when I am not in the barn because all it takes is my voice to stop interactions when I am there. “QUIT” one word and it’s quiet in the barn. I see the swollen bite marks and sore muscles from kicks though so I know battles have been fought. Sometimes, two mares are equal in strength and determination so you split the herd into separate pastures. I bet every board member with more than one female dog in their home can describe this behavior too.

                I think De De is a alpha dog want to be. I think Allison and Faye are hangers on and have never reached alpha dog status.
                That means that they back bite, but have never won the wars.

              • quincyil says:

                After reading your comment, I have changed my mind. I was thinking of their star status only and after reflection, I agree with you, these personalities are every where.

            • klmh says:

              We are all affected by our environment, family and other relationships though, aren’t we?

      • BessiB says:

        Well, 3 years IS way, way past the 15 minutes of fame Faye Resnick obtained on the witness stand. Especially by Hollywood standards.

    • Had Enough! says:

      How did Faye insult Camille? I must have missed it.

      • kbinldo says:

        Yeah, I’m scratching my head over that one too. I’m not letting Kyle off the hook for ditching her sister, but crimminies, Camille set the whole thing up to go exactly the way it did.

      • BessiB says:

        Oh, she didn’t. Camille started it with: “who ARE you?” and then went off – yes, in a tone that made all the other Housewives at the table uncomfortable – intending to be insulting.

        Later, Faye said that she found it hard to believe that Camille did not discuss the NY thing with her friends, which IS hard to believe given the hostility at the top of the table.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      As the hostess, Camille was out of line and ungracious to a guest in her home. Glass house Camille, glass houses. Camille also posed in Playboy about 14 times more than Faye Resnick. No matter what Camille felt she should have kept her trap shut.

      Concerning Kyle, I kind of get her. I am someone who has a sibling that I’ve had to guide through way too many things in life. It is frustrating and in the end nothing comes of it. I get it. I do think she is way to hard on Kim, but I have a feeling there is more to this relationship than what we have seen on RHOBH. Kim seems very dippy, for lack of a better word, and Kyle seems more together and I think their relationship echoes that.

      Lastly, the way Kyle acted at the dinner party, well, I probably would have acted the same way. Kyle brought her friend Faye and the hostess starts questioning her and then the hostesses friend starts going after her too. What Allison said regarding “You have two legs the last time I checked,” and then Allison said “Oooo,” with slanted eyes…uncalled for. Then the psycho, sorry, psychic starts making veiled potshots……..yeah, I wouldn’t got down lightly with that. Not to mention the shots that her husband will never fulfill her emotionally and they will have nothing after the kids grow up. Yep, the steam would be coming out of my ears. So here I REALLY get Kyle.

      • floridagirl88 says:

        Kyle already had plans with her friend and was willing to change those plans to mend fences with Camille by coming to her dinner. She told Camille that and Camille invited her friend to come with her. Then she insults the woman, and seems clueless at how silly she looks given her multiple appearances in Playboy. Can Camille really be so dumb? No foresight whatsoever. I was annoyed when she called WWHL because I wanted to hear more from Kyle, not hear a fake apology meant to serve as damage control. And then when that Osmond woman came on WWHL, I just changed the station. I wanted to hear what Kyle had to say, not that giggly Denise woman. I did get a kick out of Andy with his electronic cigarette!

    • twoile says:

      Your perspective is interesting, do you know any of the HWs personally?

      • twoile says:

        Should have noted query 2 PJ.

        • PJ says:

          I have no idea what you are referring to? Please clarify?

          • twoile says:

            @PJ The clarification is that your assessment appears to be deeper than what I saw on the “Tube” so my question was/is do you know any of the HWs personally? No malice intent just background info requested:0)

            • PJ says:

              No I don’t know these women, and I have no desire to know them. I observed their body language, their facial expressions and that’s how I made my observation.

    • Nom de plumia says:

      Are you also a paid employee of Camille’s?

      Camille is a vicious, insecure creep. The fact that she is “friends” with such a person as Allison, the demented medium, and sat there and listened to Allison say the disgusting things she said about Kyle after the party cements this.

      • Nom de plumia says:

        My comment was directed to:

        PJ says:
        December 17, 2010 at 11:47 am

        • PJ says:

          I simply stated my opinion as everyone here does. I said Camille should have asked Allison to leave. Camille’s behavior doesn’t make Kyle right. I still think Kyle is a horrible and very aggressive person. I think Kyle could do things to make peace and is to haughty to try. You are entitled to your opinion and I’m entitled to mine; and since no one here likely knows any of these women it is just that an opinion and nothing more. What’s with this ridiculous “are you paid” comment? Hey if you know how to get a job being a paid defender of any one of these women pass the contact info along.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I didn’t get the sense PJ was saying Camille wasn’t a bad person, I think we all argee she is pretty horrid. I just sensed that she doesn’t think this makes Kylie a good person by default.

        I have to agree somewhat. Kylie treats Kim like she is an annoying tag along.

        • PJ says:

          Exactly what I was saying. Thank you.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            You are welcome.

            Please don’t take the other comment to personally, the forum has been run over with trolls in the last little while, so I think someone makes a post that is against the grain some of us get a little suspicious.

            As I said, I got what you are saying and I agree.

  25. Cusi77 says:

    Good Morning Lynn and everyone!

    What a great Blog. You got everything together in a very humorous way, Thanks!

    I enjoyed when Kyle’s friend confronted “The psychic” about not knowing what was going on between Camille and Kyle… Knowing that Camille plays the “Pour moi, Kyle verbally assaulted me” to anyone who wanted to listen to her… Faye hit the nail on the head! Faye never backed up, even when Camille told her she has just dismissed the lies (Oops) she was telling. Hard to believe she never discussed Kyle to the fake medium moron!

    I feel sorry for Kim, she is always on the irrelevant side, and she lost this great opportunity to stand up for her sister and say what she heard in Vegas.

    • Dani says:

      I agree Camille told everyone about what happened in NY that would listen (or that she pays to listen). I also liked how Faye was not going to let Camille get by with this lie.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I’m pretty sure I remember seeing Camille, Psych-HO and DiDi drinking and talking about hoping their wasn’t any drama (in a fake- let’s stir the shit pot and mock- way) before the other guests came.

        There is NO way Camille didn’t say anything to her medium.

  26. TrueLifeDiva says:

    Gah! They are featuring that psycho psychic on HLN right now. She’s talking about the great spots to eat in Pheonix, Az.

  27. MamaCat55 says:

    OMG!! How could that Allison sit there and say she could tell you the day and time someone would die and not look at Camille and say, “By the way, your husband is messing around on you in NY.” lol That right there tells me she is not for real. She just killed the chance of that show in syndication for all who have seen HWBH. Then to say she wouldn’t help if their child went missing. She made Camille look like a bigger fool than she was before. It just was so bizarre watching her and then seeing the cackling witches at the table afterwards. Can people not see how they are being presented, really!?! For all of Faye’s past she came out as someone defending a friend and I had had questionable preconceptions of her. Never had watched Medium, but could NEVER watch it without shuttering now after seeing her last nite! She killed syndication watching for all who saw her on HWBH! Strange dinner party! lol

    • kitkat says:

      AND….who wears a ratty old sweater to a dinner party like that? She looked like a hobo dragging on that cigarette, gaffawing and elbowing poor Adrianne who was stuck next to her. Poor Adrianne was so uncomfortable sitting next to that mess.

    • quincyil says:

      I think the alcohol crossed Allison’s medium wires…bzzzzzzzzzzzt..

      She totally channeled her friend Camille’s life.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I kind of wish you guys would stop saying that.

        It kind of suggests there is legitimacy in what she does, that she is real and capable but there was just some sort of ‘crossed wires’.
        When really she is just full of crap.

        Reality- she was sitting at a table with 8 other women- chances are their had to be someone with an unfaithful partner.

        • quincyil says:

          It was a joke on my part. I don’t think she has any powers. I stated that in other posts. She asks general questions and searches for information. She made a blunder not researching and discovering that Kyle was married before. I think the assumed Kyle had one husband because Wikipedia lists the older daughter as on of the 4 children with Mauricio. Actually, Mauricio told us in Vegas that Kyle had a daughter when he met her and he knew she would be a good mother. I researched and found the first husband. I think Allison and Camille were too buy looking at Resnick in “Playboy” to do the research on Kyle.

          I just like Bethenny’s electrical shock noise that’s why I used it.

    • TLM says:

      I followed the OJ trial pretty closely since I was in law school at the time, and was then interested in criminal law. I felt at the time that Faye Resnick wanted to defend her friend Nicole, but made the mistake of speaking to the press early on, since it made her undesirable as a witness. I remember thinking that was unfortunate, because she was very well spoken. She should not have revealed that she and Nicole were intimate. That had nothing to do with the murder and should have been kept private.

      My recollection is that Faye became kind of a joke due to her association with the trial, as happened to so many people. I can’t think of a single person whose career advanced due to the trial, whether they were lawyers or witnesses. Pretty much everyone was dragged through the mud, chewed up and spit out. Faye was a single mom, and I would think after her notoriety that it would have been hard to get work. I can only imagine that Playboy offered enough that it seemed worth it.

      Regardless what you think of Faye, I don’t know who could have heard Camille pretending she couldn’t recall where she knew her from, and then blurting out about Playboy and being judgmental. Talk about hypocrisy. Camille was just upset she wasn’t good enough for Playboy’s main magazine and was only featured in its regional “Hollywood Hoochies” edition, distributed at monster truck races, WWF events and the Jerry Springer Show. 😉

      • TLM says:

        * don’t know who could have heard Camille pretending… and being judgmental, and not seen through her act.

      • Zoey says:

        Well said.

      • MSU Chicago says:

        I could not agree more with what you posted regarding Faye. You are also absolutely correct about Camille and Playboy. Camille should learn how to mask the jealousy.

        I wonder if Kelsey got Camille the gig, to ease backlash regarding the divorce? Knowing how she would be perceived, he may have though it wouldn’t hurt him. He was possibly planning to leave her, before going to NY. When the Housewives went to NY for his opening, you could see the disdain he had for her. He could barely hug her. Smart PR move for him?

        • Dani says:

          TLM, I would say that the Kardashian’s did well from the OJ trial. Who would have heard of Robert, his ex-wife or their children?

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Kim Kardashian is better known for hanging out with Paris Hilton and her sex tape. Even if her dad wasn’t a “known attorney” by being associated with OJ- she still would have lead a lifestyle a rich girl.

      • Anna says:

        I was in law school as well. Faye came out with a book about 1.5 after the trial, which means it was being edited during the trial. She then posed for Playboy 2 years after the end of the trial and all her notoriety was from the trial. There is no doubt in my mind and for most people that Faye sought to profit from her relationship with Nicole. She was incredible in her statements because of her profiteering.

        As for who profited after the trial, well I am good friend of Robert Shapiro and his name was made during that trial. He is also the CEO of ZoomLegal which is being sold to LN for several hundreds of millions, so he didn’t do so badly.

        Johnnie Cochrane who is now deceased solidified himself on the national scene with his statement, “if it doesn’t fit you must acquit…”

        Also the prosecutors for the case went on to having their own television shows for a time. Marcia Clark went on to write a book which she received an up front of over 4.2M. Darden is a writer and lecturer as well as has been up for judgeship several times.

        Kato Kaelin the OJ Simpson house guest is now a telelvision and radio personality. He even appeared briefly on the BH charity poker match.

        So most everyone did profit from the fame of the OJ Simpson case. They profited in ways that were far beyond what they would have ever received, if not from participating with the case.

        I dislike Camille. I think she is likely one of those paid escorts, who should have stayed an escort. However, Faye Resnick is vile. Profiting from your friends vicious death and then posing in playboy due to the notoriety is abhorrent to what any good friend would do. But, ladies this is BH and nothing is real there.

        • PJ says:

          I agree. Faye did profit form the death of Nicole, how quickly people forget. I felt that when Camille called Faye morally bankrupt this was what she mean, not simply that Faye posed for Playboy. Would Faye have ever been considered for Playboy if she had not ginned the notoriety from the OJ trial? I don’t think so. So no matter how long after that it was that is still the reason she was in Playboy. Obviously Camille doesn’t have a problem with posing for Playboy since she did it too.

    • Kip says:

      I thought the same thing! If she was such a good psychic, why didn’t she clue her good friend Camille into what Kelsey was doing? Her facial expressions were unreal too- crazy woman.

  28. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @HD, yes! The very same. HLN repeats every hour so look for it around the :40-50: mark. Famewhore. 😉

  29. HD says:

    I love my sister. There is nothing in the world I wouldn’t do for her or vice versa.

    But where is it written that sisters have to be bestfriends? We will never understand their relationship fully because they are family. We do not know what has went on in that family to shape their relationship. Although I thought it was shady for Kyle not to answer the phone or even to not invite her for the nightcap, there was a reason she did that. What it is, I do not know. But something is up there.

    • kitkat says:

      Oh Kyle was so done by that point, who could blame her for not picking up the call? Sad that someone other than her blood sister had to defend Kyle. Kyle knows that she can’t count on that weakling Kim to back her up, even though Kim was privy to the genesis of this stupid fight and has said that Kyle is innocent of the “Frasier-No-Show” comment.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      You can love your family, but you don’t have to like them. There has to be way more to their relationship especially when their mother tells Kyle to look after Kim on her deathbed. Definitely something more going on.

    • Anna says:

      Kyle is very manipulative with Kim, which is down-right disturbing. Kyle is a big girl she can defend herself. I didn’t like that she didn’t answer her sister’s call. Now, everyone can have very different upbringings, but from where I come from it is always family over friends with no exceptions.

    • kitkat says:

      and where was Kyles “family” when she needed it in NY? Kim knew Camille never said that about Kelsey, but used some excuse, “Oh, I get nervous with confrontation.” Give me a break, she’s not so nervous going after Taylor and her lips. I get the feeling Kim secretly loves it when Camille is going after Kyle. she sits there quiet. as. a. mouse.

  30. TLM says:

    When I was a kid, I remember reading stories about psychic Dorothy Allison, who supposedly solved murders. Seems like that never really happened either. http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9E06E0D61130F933A15751C1A96F958260

    When is Bravo going to host a dinner with Teresa, Danielle, Ramona, Camille, Phaedra, Nene, Kim Z and Vicki? It would be entertaining, but I think they should remove the cutlery. 😉

  31. shamrockblonde says:

    thanks for the great recap Lynn – I d on’t watch this franchise – for some reason I keep getting the girls confused – they all sort of look alike to me -that’s why I love coming here – I get the scoop without any of the poop!!

    my sister – best friend in all the world sent me this – as a first generation Irish American, I loved it – my parents were born in Ireland but they met here in the US – enjoy!!!

    love hanging out with all of you on my lunch hour – be well all and in case I miss you next week – MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

  32. jillz68 says:

    I was stunned last night. I think there was bad behavior all around but it at least SEEMED like Kyle et al went there with normal intentions (not to stir shit). Camille is an awful hostess. She says that she hopes Allison doesn’t drink too much because she can hit below the belt. Well don’t invite her you asshole! Or don’t serve booze. DeDe was the least offensive of the Grammer gang.

    The smug look on Camille’s face when Allison was being awful showed her playing the part of puppet master to her friends. Here is a hint Camille, if you pay their salary they are not your friend. They know what you are like and they may actually need the work. We see that she tries to sever the business relationship with Mauricio next week based on Kyle so it is dangerous to ones income to cross your boss Camille. For all the filming she couldn’t find anyone she doesn’t pay to be here friend??? That says a lot.

    I do think that they should have not asked Allison about her abilities. When I am off work I prefer to stay off work but she could have been not such a wicked bitch. Part of me takes great pleasure in the fact the show Medium was cancelled. I don’t like seeing such heinous people getting rewarded financially. I wonder if Allison used her ‘gift’ to tell Camille another woman was getting called Mommy and spanking her man. Or that going on this show would backfire and make everyone feel a little sympathy for Kelsey (who I cannot stand politically but loved as Frasier). I SOOO wanted someone to pull out Camille’s icky naked photos and ask about Prince Jefi (was that his name??). Or to really put her on the spot since she likes to do it with others, make her defend her choice to use a surrogate and be judgmental (whether or not you actually are).

    The apology on WWHL was fake and only given since Kyle was there and she wasn’t. It was extremely poor manners to not apologize for your friend’s behavior. She was an invited guest and was awful to other invited guests. She could have said that while Allison and I are friends, I am sorry she treated you badly and asked you to leave my party. Not make it about the fight but about a guest who was apparently raised by rabid wolves and doesn’t know how to treat others.

    Camille and the paid companions talking about the ladies after the dinner hopefully burned some bridges. I am not sure they (the limo ladies) knew they were as awful as they must now.

    As a fellow Virgo, I have tried to like Camille. I know we aren’t all like that. I find her reprehensible.

    • TLM says:

      WTF is the story with DeDe? Is she an employee or a friend? If she’s just a friend, as it says on screen, she seems to be at Camille’s beck and call an awful lot. She’s always doing her hair and helping her get dressed. What is the deal with this bizarre relationship?

      • Adgirl says:

        She is an employee & friend. I don’t think it’s weird because lots of Hollywood types end up hanging around with their makeup and hair people. Wasn’t Jessica Simpson besties with Ken Paves for a longtime?

      • kbinldo says:

        DeDe is an employee. She does Camille’s hair & makeup.

        • TLM says:

          Then why does Bravo keep using the caption, “Camille’s friend”?? That is just stupid. I blame Bravo for that one.

      • Cusi77 says:

        Is Dede the friend who was in Hawaii with her husband and Camille at the tub? The one her great generosity (Not so generous if you have to tell everyone) gave her a place to live and a car? She HAS to be on Camille’s corner! She is the one who fed Camille with the greatest idea that Kyle is “Jealous” of her.

    • BessiB says:

      Personally, I think it is Camille that should not have kept going on and on about Allison’s ‘abilities’. That is what invited the others to ask questions – what the hell else are they to say to someone they do not know anything else about, but what the hosted introduces into the conversation?

      Example: Kyle did not walk in and introduce her friend with – you know, from the OJ trial. Most normal people would take the hint and not then bring up ancient history to her face after recognizing her.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Holy crap- Camille’s a Virgo?!?!
      man- me and WSL are packing up and going to another sign.

  33. boston02127 says:

    Great blog Lynn, thanks.

  34. Adgirl says:

    Camille calling into WWHL reminded me of KKB’s request to call in or appear right after Scarey Island. Only Andy declined her request (now I wonder why).

  35. Adgirl says:

    Camille was Machiavellic!

  36. Had Enough! says:

    Because I love all of you, I am sharing the immeasurable joy of this month’s Niemann illustration as an early Christmas present:


  37. Zoey says:

    Why couldn’t the psycho psychic tell her crazy Camille what Kyle actually said that started the argument? If she’s so good seems like she would know. I mean, she knows when Kyle is going to die.
    Whether she’s gifted or not, and after reading more about her I tend to think NOT, she seemed so very evil. Looking in her eyes, she is freaky. Then hearing what came out of her mouth after they left, wow. She’s one sick puppy. Definitely feel differently about the show Medium now, which I liked.

  38. Adgirl says:

    I tend to wonder to myself about how some people are in their marriages or as parents. Are they kind, thoughtful, needy, imperious …etc.
    While watching Allison I noticed she was wearing a wedding ring and I couldn’t believe any man could find her evil eye “below the belt” behavior attractive or even tolerable.

    Someone upthread says she has 3 children? I feel so badly for them. When Allison is angry at them does she say “I know when you are going to die!”?

    My God, some people should not procreate because of the misery they will cause to a new generation.

    • Earring Girl says:

      On Wikipedia it states that she has 3 daughters just like the character on TV, it did not state their ages but I would guess around the same age as the characters on tv.

  39. jezzibel says:

    I’m starting to think that Camille did hit on Kyle’s husband while they were all in vegas and he shut her down, and thats why he alluded to him cheating.

  40. 2Stupid says:

    Has anyone read Camille’s blog on Bravo. She totally absolves herself of everything and says Faye brought a bad vibe. Her friends just came to her defense essentially. She does again make a completely insincere apology to Kyle for the comments about her marriage. I think those comments were the most telling of the evening. Someone that visicous really has issues. Those types of insinuations can ruin lives!

    • American Idiot says:

      I agree 2stupid. I think Camille’s apology is more damage control than anything else. She knows she stepped over the line, and thinks an apology will correct it. It does not matter to me that she apologized and that Kyle accepted. What is meaningful to me is that Camille, with a camera filming her, told blatent lies about someone’s marriage. It was not gossip or speculation. It was clearly lies. She said them, she meant them. So the apology mean nothing. Just a pitiful attempt to backtrack and make something right that was so so wrong.

  41. Had Enough! says:

    The dinner party left me with the stress that I used to get watching Season 3 of New York. It was just a toxic stew. I felt like I had glass shards in my stomach.

    Poor Richard Lawson. He has to watch. It is his job. I think I’d rather clean up after an orangutan with diarrhea for a living than have to watch the shit that is Alison Dubois:


    • Zoey says:

      Really enjoyed reading all that, thanks!

    • AZ Girl says:

      I loved Lawson blog. I read it at work and of course I was laughing out loud so I got busted by my husband for goofing off.
      Lawson keeps referring to Allison attending ASU which is hilarious. Now when Allison (and myself at a much earlier time) attended ASU was a total party school. ASU now has a very respectable Business, Nursing, Communications and Engineering school.
      I am sure that some of the former posters here would have been offended by Lawson’s remarks if they had graduated from ASU. I am not. They were funny.

  42. Had Enough! says:

    I know everyone – including me – loathes the C*** word, but come on, tell the truth. Don’t you think that if ever it should be used, it would be to describe Alison Dubois and the Ex Mrs. KG?

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I only throw it out there on very special occasions, usually about 5 years apart, but man does it fit those two.

      • ImaJillHater2 says:

        Yes! I very rarely use the c*** word but while watching Camille try to embarass Faye by bringing up Playboy, I actually called her that out loud! (And I was by myself!)

        If ever there was one, Camille is it!

  43. kbinldo says:

    Very OT & deals with the birth of Jesus, but it’s a very creative telling of the Christmas Story using FB, Twitter, Google, etc. I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I did. 🙂

  44. jen says:

    First Camille also I believe has posed for Playboy so I am not sure why her bringing it to Faye was an insult…I mean I gte why Faye was shocked she would bring it up at a party but if Camille meant that as an insult she is dumb because Camille posed as well and has videos out where she is “starring” in what is basicallt soft core porn

    Sceond, Camille only called in to WWHL to “aplogize” because she realizes how stupid she looks for implying Mario was cheating when in fact KELSEY was, she realized someone would call her on it so she tried to get good PR by apologizing- obviously as we see in next episode if she told Kyle she’d never work without Mario again she wasn’t sorry and that is very immature. Hopefully Kelsey still works with him….

    Thirdly, I like Kyle but she was too hrash to Kim. She berated her for not “having her back” in NY and then when Kim tried to at the party Kyle berated her for jumping in. I think Kyle may have youngest child syndrome, me, me, me ,me ……I generally like her but felt bad about how she sometimes speaks to her sister….

    • iceNfire says:

      wow I’m in the minority here. Kyle has a husband and 4 kids, she doesn’t have the time or energy to take care of her sister too. I can see how Kim mentally exhausts Kyle. Kim is a grown woman and if she can’t handle a dinner party she should stay home.

      Also what the hell was Marie Osmond doing on WWHL? Denise Richards I can understand she is a fan and I wouldn’t mind seeing her take Camilles place. Hell, I’d even take Marie over Camille.

      • American Idiot says:

        I think Andy is a big fan of Marie’s. Also, most likely Marie wanted to promote her Broadway Christmas musical which stars her and her brother. I found it somewhat annoying, as Marie’s appearance took up the last ten minutes of a 30 minute show, so no time was left for anymore housewife questions. If I were Denise and Kyle, I would have been somewhat annoyed as well. They were basically ignored for 1/3 of the show.

      • Earring Girl says:

        Marie Osmond also said she did not watch the housewives because she works at night – to me not an excuse because it runs 24/7 and you can record it. I am sure a lot of people in the business don’t watch housewives but they also don’t “pop” up on WWH either. Never cared for Marie and especially after the “fake” fainting when she was dancing poorly on DWTS.

        • Earring Girl says:

          @IceNFire – I agree about Kyle not having time to deal with Kim. Kim is just a shakey mess and each week she seems to get worst, I thought at first she was a little nervous about being filmed but this woman is just weird and strange. Everytime I see her face she just look like a frightened chicken that’s ready to squawk or something.

          • iceNfire says:

            Agree and find it odd that she pulls it together for one on one interview shots. Maybe she just doesn’t play well with others.

          • kitkat says:

            agree too about Kim. I think she kind of puts on the nervous, helpless routine. she kind of uses to get out of messy situations. I don’t see her stepping up to the plate when times are tough.

  45. Jennifer Neehan says:

    If Allison Dubois is a Medium and knows when someone will die, how come she didn’t know Kelsey had a mistress and was leaving Camille??????/

  46. sydney says:

    Although I thought it was shady for Kyle not to answer the phone or even to not invite her for the nightcap, there was a reason she did that. What it is, I do not know. But something is up there.

    *****Kyle wasn’t being mean in not riding with Kim. Living in LA I’m familiar with the logistics relating to where their 2 homes are located. This will explain why they all couldn’t go together on one Limo. KIM lives over the Malibu hills from Camille, in Calabassas. You can get there either by one of the canyons, which then drops you down into the freeway, where you then drive either north or south (depending which canyon you take) to Calabassas. Or, you can drive all the way back down (south) PCH from Malibu/Camille’s home, to the LA/Santa Monica area, pick up the freeway and drive back (north) to Calabassas. Living in Malibu is not the least bit user friendly….. Malibu fires, winter storms wreaking havoc on the beach homes, and the Malibu Rock blocking off access to PCH for a few months. However, people who can afford to live in Malibu “have made it” and as such don’t worry about minor inconveniences….it keeps the riff raff out.

  47. Adgirl says:

    I sort of disagree with saying the guests shouldn’t ask Allison about her abilities. Every dinner guest is expected to contribute to the over all enjoyment and entertainment of the diners. She didn’t have to give “readings” but she could have discussed how she found out she was a medium or something. Just like a musician at a dinner wouldn’t be expected to perform but to chat about happenings on the road ” …this one time in Cleveland…”.
    I mean what was her purpose there anyway??

    • American Idiot says:

      You make a very valid point here, Adgirl. Camille readily told anyone who would listen all about Allison’s “powers” She actually went on and on about her, the TV show, etc. Then Camille took an abrupt right turn and said they could not ask Allison any questions. Almost like a bait and switch.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Totally agree – instead of promoting herself, Allison went toxic on Camille’s guests! Camille made no attempt to stop Allison or redirect the conversation. Then again – out of the box Camille embarrassed Faye. No skills as a hostess. And at this point – no amount of apologizing will redeem Camille!

      • twoile says:

        WCW I believe all of C’s actions were deliberate….unfortunately Kyle couldn’t stop herself riseing to the bait…Kim tried 2 assist her sister which only added to the disaster….C definately had the ability to turn the whole conversation around but instead kept it going down hill. C has more $$$$$$$$, may she never need any(one)or(thing) else. I would go so far as to “predict” that after her children graduate from “boarding school” they will leave for college “far away” & keep on going. Sad very sad.

  48. Lynn I usually don’t read the other blogs until mine is posted, but I just HAD to see what you were gonna say about this disaster!!
    My favorite line:

    ” (If it’s not Sprint, please don’t correct me, I don’t care that much) ”


  49. LynnNChicago says:


    Portrait of a Housewife, NeNe Leakes

  50. realminkey says:

    Faye Resnick’s appearance last night was like my junk TV viewing life had come full circle! When Andy Cohen was but a boy in knickers, I was watching Faye, who at the time looked like a total plastic surgery freak to most of the world. Remember that trial? The fakeness overflowed, and no one had seen anything like it on TV before! It was our window into the world of the rich and weird LA set. Fast foward, where Faye would be considered the norm on cable TV… Cable TV, something that barely existed during the OJ trial.

  51. TEB says:

    Dinner Party Fantasy Invite list:
    Camille Grammer, Kelly Bensimon, Teresa G and Vicki. It should be moderated (but not attended by) Bethenny. Can you imagine that awesomeness????

  52. T-REX says:

    Okay, Camillizilla has posed for Playboy and has done a soft-core porn film., So why is she saying anything to anyone else about their past? It was pretty classy of Faye not to shoot back, at Camillizilla that Faye recognized her for her Playboy shoot, and then ask how was it filming for soft-core porn.

    • Had Enough! says:

      I found some scenes from the Naked Detective online. It is not soft core. It is hard core. But it is ok, because Ex-Mrs.KG didn’t make this porn after her friend was murdered.

  53. Had Enough! says:

    New dirt on Cat Ommanney – nanny claims Cat made racist remarks, is an absentee mom, and there was way more to the dalliance with Prince Harry than a kiss:


    • LynnNChicago says:

      Cat is responding (obviously saying the nanny lied) on Twitter and Facebook

      • quincyil says:

        If Cat will insult exercising, dog walking members of the town of Chevy Chase, she might embellish her affair with a prince taking literary license. In time, I think we will all know our beloved Cat O. (with a devilish grin……)

  54. TEB says:

    Off topic= The TEB family is getting a new puppy tomorrow!! We had to put down our 13yr old dog on Mother’s Day this year (I still cry. Loved that dog). So we will have a 8-week old puppy join our older dog. We also have a 2 kids under the age of 4 and we both work FT. I’m off my rocker.

  55. RileyKitty says:

    I can’t stand Camille!!! I didn’t fully understand why you would “brag” to your guests that Allison is a medium but the topic is closed for dinner conversation. It makes no sense to me. Allison acted like a total bitch. I also must have missed the note that it is ok for one guest to tell another guest to leave someone else’s house. (We know that is one of Jill Zarin’s tricks).

    I love how Camille thinks people (Kyle) are jealous of her! Yes, Camille, everyone wished they had to spread their legs for Kelsey Grammer to get what you have. Kyle’s husband hasn’t moved across the country to get away from her.

    Hope everyone has a great holiday!!!

  56. Dani says:

    I really think that Camille could use a true friend. Let me see who do I think would be a great friend to Camille? Oh yes, I know how about Jill Zarin. They could use and abuse each other. The sad thing about it I can see Jill wanting to befriend Camille as nasty as she is. Jill would think that it brought status to her dull life.

    • Had Enough! says:

      The Ex-Mrs. KG makes Jill Zarin look like a saint.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        I respectfully disagree. Camille is a clumsy novice with a minor cruel streak, while Jill is a seasoned veteran player often called up from the minors to the majors, as a consultant/trainer, to coach newbies in the game. 😉

        • quincyil says:

          Let’s see … in the pecking order…. the wife of a shop keeper is probably equivalent to the wife of a realtor so I don’t think Jill’s station in life will meet the requirement of non paid friend of Camille. Maybe, Camille can pay for fake spanx designs from Jill and Jill can organize Camille’s lingerie collection.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      yup….I hate them both! definately a match made in hell.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      This would be heaven for Jill. Camille’s broken and needy, going through a divorce, Jill’s forte. The media/papparazzi is after her guaranteeing Jill some exposure too. Lastly she’s rich as sin, with homes in multiple locations and Jill loves to travel and lounge. Stay away Camille. Keep your paid friends and not a Dlist moocher.

      • Dani says:

        Amber…Real Housewife you are spot on. Just think how many ways that Jill could use Camille. I also agree that Jill is worse than Camille, but, give Camille a few more years and they will be a match.

  57. WindyCityWondering says:

    This episode is one of those we will have to watch multiple times to catch all the snarkfully delicious morsels of BSC behavior. That said, what struck me last night was how none of them seem to pick up on social cues/physical reponses from each other. Kim is burying her face in her hands. Lisa and Taylor are rolling their eyes like they are at the eyes aerobic class. Adrienne is sitting silently like a little girl in church wishing she were somewhere else. Kyle and Faye are snarking to ease the tension. Camille reminded me of Nero watching Rome burn.

    Is anyone wondering how much ankle kicking was going on under the table between Camille and Allison?

  58. AZ Girl says:

    I still need to watch the entire episode. Allison Dubois is another AZ embarrassment. Like this state does not have enough wackos. I bet Allison was acting out for several reasons. One to defend Camille and even a score, but also to audition for next season.

    Camille needs a story line after this season. The “Kelsey left me for another woman” story line is getting old.
    Personally I think Bravo needs to get rid of Camille. She is nothing without Kelsey. Duh… Unless she has a full blown affair with Nick and it is part of the filming, Bravo should kick her to the curb.
    Without HW, Camille is done. She will fade away in the heap of Hollywood ex-wives.

  59. AZ Girl says:

    One more comment regarding Camille. I enjoyed episode of the “blind date dinner” at Mohammad’s so much more than the episodes with include Camille and her ridiculous fights. That blind date episode was a breath of fresh air and the other women interact so well together. So do their husbands. Camille really brings everything down to a nasty level. She needs to go.

    • AZ Girl says:

      “typo” remove include.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I’m watching that episode right now. Funny, how with Camille not at Mohammed’s party it is a nice affair. We see goofy Kim, Lisa playing a prank on Cedric, cuddles between Kyle and Mauricio…just nice. Whenever Camille is around it’s complete drama. Even after the whole Psychic Friends Network drama when the ladies left there was that cohesiveness again.

      Will Bravo get rid of Camille. No way! As much as I hate her more than Teresa and just as much as Jill, she is not going anywhere. Bravo loves their drama queens.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Mohammad’s dinner party is what I envisioned when we learned about RHBH. Camille brings everything down to a plastic, evil and now boringly crude and cruel level. Totally agree – RHBH would be better without Camille!

  60. Earring Girl says:

    I just checked Camille’s blog on Bravo (to see if I got posted 🙂 ) she and Taylor still have zero comments, Producer-2, Giggy-5, Adrienne-41, Kyle 140, Lisa-52, and poor scary Kim is still stuck at the party from two weeks ago. What’s up Bravo??!!

    • Adgirl says:

      Camille and Taylor’s lawyers are slow readers?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kim could leave the franchise as well.

    • Sadie says:

      I just read Camille’s blog. Unbeleivable how she paints herself as the victim! She set up the entire event. From warning Taylor about Camille to pulling out that silly “screw you” t-shirt in her closet and then instigating her guests while she sits back and snickers as the dummies go at each other.
      And that stupid “medium” thought the camera wouldn’t catch her middle finger in the air? Who holds a cigarette like that?

  61. Earring Girl says:

    News about Kelsey and his new gig – Lynn I guess you will have to put out the welcome mat in Chicago for him. 🙂


  62. knocknoc says:

    After watching last night’s RHOBH
    I feel like I was hit by a Mac truck….truly
    horrendous behavior by some of the “adult
    ladies”. The dinner party was disastrous and
    tough to watch. The “Medium ” needs to
    desperately seek treatment with Dr Drew and
    assistance from a 12 step AA program. She
    can forget her psychic predictions of others since
    she can’t seem to pre-visualize her poor demeanor.

  63. Adgirl says:

    @ Windy – the body language was screaming. As were the seating arrangement with Camille creating a human fortress around her and then Kyle & Faye at the far end with Adrienne and Lisa (the buffers) closest to the fortress.

    Speaking of Adrienne I think I get her now. She grew up in a herd of boys and that is who she is generally – one of the boys (in spite of the My Little Pony ensembles).
    Paul has too much estrogen for her, he’s needy and cuddly. I hope they can manage to make their relationship work because I think she really needs a Man’s-Man Steve McQueen type to keep her in check.

    Her head down at dinner reminded me of how she may have behaved at her parent’s table when there was a disagreement.

  64. historykc says:

    First off, thank you Lynn for letting us post freely on your website (unless someone starts trolling of course). I get so infuriated at the bravo blogs, if the housewives read those (if they read anything) and think they are a honest representation of America’s perception- they are delusional. In such cases, I feel the need to vent somewhere, so I’ll vent here:
    Camille, I’m sure this won’t be posted because Bravo never posts my comments, but I can honestly say after reading several recaps/messages boards on other sites, that you are probably one of the most hated housewives in RH history. Which, considering the others, is saying something. While I think it’s commendable that you apologized to Kyle and her husband, you go on to blame Kyle and her friend for the problems at the dinner party. You started it by calling out (in one of the most catty displays I’ve ever seen) Faye for being in Playboy. Were you not in Playboy? Did you not star in soft-core porn? What’s the difference? Also, your friend the “psychic” is a complete sham. All the police depts. she claimed to have worked with have denied ever working with her. Also, how can honestly stand by and say nothing when she said she would never help the other housewives find their children if they went missing (not that she would be much help)? Overall, I find it very, very difficult to like anything about you, and you’re not fooling anyone with your head-tilt, downward smiles. Believe it or not, no one is so stupid to think that’s cute, or non-calculating. I hope you eat some humble pie before the reunion.

    • Adgirl says:

      Well said.
      The entire run up to the dinner upset me more than the actual dinner because Camille’s demeanor screamed set-up. Her statement that her guest Allison was a heavy drinker who “hit below the belt” only proves that Camille is a social terrorist.

      • Cusi77 says:

        Hehe! Camille is a social terrorist! Adgirl you cracke me up! Good one!

        • Earring Girl says:

          After watching a video up-thread about the Dubois Family of Mediums and the younger daughter said she had told her father not to go to a cocktail party because she had bad feelings about it. I wonder why she did not forsee her mother going and acting like a complete drunken crass fool at this party?

        • historykc says:

          i agree, social terrorist is my new favorite name for camille!

  65. Kokuanani says:

    I can’t wait for the moment that Kelsey Grammar’s request for a divorce from Camille is “revealed” on the show + the high level of sympathy this will elicit from the other Housewives.

    Actually, they’ll probably be far, far nicer than Camille deserves. I wish she’d get “payback” for her vile behavior, but it probably won’t happen.

  66. OneMoreInBoston says:


    All future TLD&OMIB wedding guests must have the following steps memorized by 2030. No funky chicken or electric slide at our wedding!

    WSL you don’t have to wear the yellow dress, but we expect that you, Noelle and Kat will be in our wedding colors.

    Both TLD and I will be in wedding dresses accompanied by our male cats who will be in tuxedo’s to give us away.

    Kat- we will have to coordinate your tux with the cat’s, contact me later for the colors.

  67. Wall St Lady says:

    Had Enough’s word.
    Worth a repeat and descriptive of behavior from:
    Allison the magician
    M & M Ape
    And OF Course Jill Zarrin

  68. Wall St Lady says:

    Your wedding, will

    NOT b

    vomitaceous !

    It will be Delicious !

    Can we discuss the audience group songs. I am assuming

    I am the choir & musical director.

    PS I added vomitaceous to my BB
    Dictionary. (Its my new favorite word)

  69. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @OMiB. Whoa with the open bar! We never discussed that. You know some troll is gonna show up disguised as a LynnFam member and drink ALL the damn liquor! We can’t afford custom made Loubutin’s AND our LynnFam getting shitfaced at the reception. We gotta talk…

  70. Wall St Lady says:

    I will find the scripture readings 4 approval & then I think Zip it & JA Mary should read.
    Ok now we can come back to that stuff.
    Let’s plan the bachelorette Bash. How about LV. I suggest we pattern it after the movie the Hang over. (I know Mike Tyson’s sister & I am sure we could drop by for a drink.She owes me big time)

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I am right in the middle of watching Bollywood music videos- TLD and I will have to get back to you.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        LMFAO- my cats FLIPPING out and running up to the speakers when I pay this video.

        Hot Friday Nite, lemme tell you

      • TLM says:

        The ultra-high-pitched voices are ear-splitting to me. Why is this the only acceptable voice in Indian music???

  71. Wall St Lady says:

    TLD if Trolls get vomitaceous we could Allison to tell them their fortune. I am sure Allison could be bought. Allison could tell the drunk trollies to go play in the traffic where there is free green beer.

      • quincyil says:

        At that wedding, I’m drinking. WSL and I are going to dance. We want music from the early 70’s. Get a cake with different layers of flavors. I had an almond piece of wedding cake that I still remember 12 years later. I will come to your tasting party and help you eat the food.

  72. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @OMiB, none of your links are working on my BB :-(.
    How is @QuincyIl gonna be a bouncer when she’s the biggest drinker in the LynnFam? Sparkling apple cider I say!
    I’ve been taking Zumba all year now. If I get my teaching certification I’ll choreograph the reception. Guest will have to submit proof of rhythm along with RSVP.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Proof of rhythm?
      poor Sheree- she can’t come now.
      She said she’d RSVP by 2012 -right before the earth shifts on it’s axis.

      • quincyil says:

        Kat? Would you please be my date for this wedding? I want to color coordinate our dresses. Maybe Calvin from “The Fashion Show” will help us. How do you look in yellow?

    • Cusi77 says:

      Count me on…. count me on… ! Count me on the bachelorettes party! Count me on anything and everything! Let’s party in Las Vegas! OMiB and TLD deserve a big party! Seriously!

    • Twitch says:

      In 2030 if I still have a heart beat – it will be my proof of rhythm.

    • quincyil says:

      I have been swinging kettle balls to music and I think it might be considered a new form of dance.

  73. Adgirl says:

    Screw the wedding I am looking forward the Bachelor/ette parties. I’ll need a week to dry out between each. You are having two right?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Well, I wanted a National Holiday, but all I could get was a month. Like Black History month?
      TLD and I will be hosting Look At Me! Finally Getting Married Month. So there will be a month of festivities culminating in something sort of like this:


      • wow-that is some save the date announcement!! Will your look like that?

        i can’t dance and I have no rhythm so I guess that means you won’t invite me…..
        I think I’m jealous of the two of you being together anyway, so it’s probably for the best.
        sniff sniff :o((

        • that’ s supposed to be a frown-
          and will yours(save the date announcement) look like that?

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            well, since I am turning into a bridezilla- you may carry my train as a I walk down the aisle.

            I expect you to behave appropriately however, and not to try and break up TLD and my relationship.

            you will have to keep your deep seated love for me under control.

  74. Adgirl says:

    Maybe Allison can do some psychic tricks at the festivities? She’d probably be a great bouncer.

  75. Nanaluvsreality says:

    Allison is also friends with reality tv star(?) Adrianne Curry and she is defending her on her twitter account. Go figure.

    • TLM says:

      Adrienne Curry strikes me as not unlike Allison. If you saw her on her reality show with Chris Knight, as well as ANTM, you would see the same kind of antagonism Allison showed. Curry is a very messed up person from her background and I expect Allison’s isn’t much better. An example of the phrase, “Hurt people hurt people.”

  76. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @AdGirl, um I don’t know where you got your info but SHUSH! It’s supposed to be a surprise… Loose lips 🙂

  77. Waxdiva says:

    Camille is so mean spirited… I feel very sorry for her. Kelsey has to be soooo happy.
    I don’t wish misfortune on anyone, but their divorce kind of makes me feel good.

    • quincyil says:

      I think Kelsey is going to be a lot better off with the airline attendent. He should try to get custody.

      • historykc says:

        completely agree. especially if she’s the one who has been leaking the “will leak sex tapes for more alimony money” stories to the press. if that isn’t a sign of terrible parenting, i don’t know what is..

  78. Wall St Lady says:

    Hi wax Diva ! Where have u been ?

    • Waxdiva says:

      WSL: Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve been going through a personal ‘flux’ period and have been enjoying sunny (haha!) FL. FL weather hasn’t gone beyond the 50s, so it’s not been going the way I’d hoped… really, nothing has. I try to keep up with everyone here, along with my little site, but you know how things slide no matter how good your intentions! I’ll be exiting FL shortly and hopefully things will be back to normal… I miss everyone here. Just needed a long break…

  79. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Beverly in New Jersey, your lack of rythm and dance skills means you will be in the roped off area AWAY from the dance floor. You can be an usher though. I’m assuming you can walk and point at the same time? If not you will have to just valet the cars. 😉

  80. HD says:

    In regards to the medium and asking her questions…honestly I do not think people could help themselves. She mentioned the show (or DeDe did), she mentioned having a REAL job helping law enforcement. This is a day and age with CSI all in your face. I would have asked her questions. It is like bringing an elephant to the dinner party. HELLO! You bring a medium and you think NO ONE is going to ask her anything?! I thought Camille brought her because she would make for good conversation.

    • Had Enough! says:

      Actually, it would have been really funny if no one asked her anything. Before the talk turned to her medium schtick, she made a bunch of strange comments that just brought conversation to a awkward halt (and remember, the Ex-Mrs.KG invited her because she is supposedly such a sparkling conversationist). Had they just not asked her anything and basically ignored her, it would have been hysterical.

      • TLM says:

        I think after her awkward remarks, I wouldn’t have asked her anything. I have often thought the same thing about Danielle… that they should have just ignored the book on the table and ignored her. Or let her talk and then just gone back to their conversations.

  81. terry aley says:

    It’s that time of the week again. My Top 10 Most Deranged Real Housewife Moments of the week!!! http://terryaley.com/2010/12/17/dec-17-my-top-10-most-deranged-realhousewives-moments-of-the-week/

  82. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Twitch, sorry you cannot bar tend the reception. I already know you’ll be spiking everyones drink to get them “Naked Wasted”. Not falling for your hyjinks 😉

  83. TrueLifeDiva says:

    @Twitch, you so Krazy!

  84. Adgirl says:

    Allison FortuneTeller reminds me that my friend called her own mother
    “The Loudest Woman in the Bar”. You know the one.

    Why was she dressed in KMart stretchy pants and a tee shirt? Wasn’t this event cocktail dress only? Is that how people in AZ dress up for cocktails? What do they wear to the mall then?

    Why are the “dead” people all over Kelsey Grammer’s house? It looks pretty new to me. Are they former dinner guests or co-workers of Camille’s?

    Allison couldn’t find a horses head in her bed, let alone a missing child.

    • quincyil says:

      I don’t know anything about Allison, but I know that some people are more perceptive than others. I don’t believe that she can save children who have been kidnapped or solve cases of serial murders. That takes an alert public responding to information in Amber alerts and police who have been specially trained. At the end of the dinner where the three conspirators, Allison, Camille, and De De were celebrating, we learned the kind of person Allison really is. If she thinks being on this show and doing the things she did will help her career she really isn’t a sooth sayer at all.

  85. Had Enough! says:

    The antidote to the vile scum we were exposed to this week:

    Tim Gunn, the ultimate class act


  86. Had Enough! says:

    Taylor has it right: we don’t watch these shows to watch pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. And especially Beverly Hills. Give us more 60k kid’s birthday parties, dinners at the Hadids, all manners of excess that we can marvel and snark at. Get rid of the Ex Mrs. KG; she ruins the fun of Beverly Hills. Give us lots of great clothes and lots and lots of Lisa and Giggy. I happen to like Adrienne, too, and Taylor is actually growing on me.

  87. shakti01 says:

    A house should fall out of the sky onto Allison, pure evil. Camille should find her way to the Wizard and ask for a brain, Kyle should tag along to ask for a heart, and finally, Kim must go to ask for courage. Of course the ruby slippers go to Lisa!

  88. Error404 says:

    Great blog as usual Lynn!

    Like Kiki before her, Camille is wonderful at educating the audience. (what is Kyle again? Viscous? Vivisection? Vatican? )
    Today we all got school in the physchological concept of projection. It was like “Kyle, you rhusband is bored with you and you’ll probably be dumped for another woman. My large friend, ups i mean my medium friend says it will happen sometime around an award show, so expect to get dumped just before the bh realtor awards”

  89. Error404 says:

    I don’t come from that world soi have some questions for the Emily posts of the blog.

    Had that dinner party taken place in the real world, would a “socialite” like camile:

    A. Call the women herself, or have an assistant like dd call their assistants?
    B. Leave a dinner invite with the butler, like she did when adrienne’s butler answered the phone?
    C. Serve 8 rail thin women pizza, jumbo cocktails, plus an entire entre ?
    D. Greet guests out back on the rear patio instead of at the front door where the limo dropped them?

    • vilzvet says:

      How about that Kyle should NOT have accepted the invitation in the first place, since she already had previous plans with Faye. She actually said to Camille she was going to try to “get out of” her dinner plans with her supposed very good friend. That’s a no-no. And why on earth would you ask to bring a stranger to a dinner party? A sit-down affair where Camille was already counting out the chairs to see if she even had room? Another Emily Post no-brainer. Oh well…I just rewatched the episode and am just mindboggled at Pyscho’s middle- finger caught on-camera, her jerk-off (gross) caught also on-camera, and her obvious love affair with herself.

      • quincyil says:

        Again, being on a Bravo show played a role in Kyle’s decision to go. In the real work, Camille would not ask Kyle and Kyle would never accept if asked.

  90. MickeyMouth says:

    Thanks for the blog Lynn. I will have to catch up on all the comments later. I’m not even close to done shopping. 😛 Have a great day everyone!

  91. TLM says:

    Did everyone catch Camille’s “fool me once” gaffe? It’s really not that hard a saying to remember: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” This apparently was too much for Camille or another famous person to remember: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKgPY1adc0A&feature=related

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      lol…..counting was involved give the bitch a break! Camielle gets real life payback so we should be charitable as her reversal of fortune is now upon her.

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  93. Gina says:

    As I was watching the “dinner party from hell” I started to feel like I too was a MEDIUM. I could immediately predict that every single person watching would despise Allison and her f@#*ing electric cigerette. Please tell me if my amazing prediction was correct.

    • vilzvet says:

      Correct. For some reason that fake ciggy made Alison’s face look ugly, when in other scenes she almost looked pleasant.

  94. California35 says:

    Lynn, great recap!

    This time I watched BH on the same night, but I couldn’t read your recap until now. It is great, and I couldn’t agree with you more. I will go up to read what the others have say, but I wanted to comment now.

    Camille planed this and I don’t believe her apology to Kyle on WWH. At the dinner it started as if she was making friends with Kyle, but she made the playboy comment to Kyle’s friend. That was sneaky of her..not attack Kyle but her friend instead. She kept talking nice to Kyle, and although no one really believed it, Kyle’s friend was the only one that said it. When she said that, I was like, no no no, here we go. I’m not b
    Among Faye, but it seemed that that is what started the rest. In my eyes. There was tension and we all knew it was coming, but everyone (the housewives) were just trying to leave it alone. Faye went there, and Camille who wanted to make herself look good did not like that….reason for having her paid friends there. They were so that she can keep cool while they did her dirty work.

    Don’t get me started on Alison. Yikes!!! I am very disappointed, the image I had of the Medium character changed very quickly. I hope her appearance on this show doesn’t mea that she will be showing up more on our TV.

    I would have acted like the other HW, I would have stayed out of it. Stay just hoping it would calm down, but then leave. I would have told Kyle to leave with me. Then again this is a show, so we got drama.

    Everyone, I hope you have a nice Saturday. I can hear the rain from my window, and plan to do as minimum as possible. I will need to leave my house, but only to get a massage. I must go now, but I will be back to read everyone’s post.

  95. PJ says:

    I don’t know if Camille is really the evil genius people here think she is or not. She is a piece of work though. But I imagine the over indulged lives of all these women takes it toll on their self perception and they feel a sense of entitlement. Camille probably isn’t used to people treating her the way Kyle does. Camille is the wife of an a list star and as such is used to being treated like the wife of an a list star. Kyle challenged her and Kyle is far below Camille in the food chain in Hollywood. Realistically if this wasn’t reality TV I don’t think Camille and Kyle would even be included in the same social circles. I think there are a lot of people in Hollywood who are in Camille’s position that would have taken exception to being treated like Kyle treated Camille; and I think they would have put Kyle in her place too. Kyle’s husband essentially works for Camille. It’s not like he’s a producer or something like that he’s just a real estate agent. So it wasn’t smart of Kyle to take on Camille. Kyle isn’t her sister Kathy. Who posting here would take on the wife your husband’s boss like that? I sure wouldn’t.
    Before you post messages getting on my case for defending Camille. I’m not defending her but I am realistic enough to see things they way they are in that world.
    As for Kyle I don’t think she is innocent. She obviously has an exaggerated opinion of herself from the way she took on Camille. She was very aggressive with Camille in NY, more than I felt was necessary. What would have been wrong with Kyle saying something like I’m really sorry that what I said was misunderstood, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings can we please put this behind us and try to be friends. Kyle failed to acknowledge Camille’s feelings, that’s always a big mistake when dealing with people. When dealing with anyone not just Camille. Obviously Kyle did something to hurt Camille. We didn’t see what it was exactly but something happened. Whether Kyle did exactly what Camille said she did or it was just perceived that way.
    I hate the way Kyle treats her sister. Kim looks like a person who is suffering and she needs love not to be dismissed. Again Kyle is failing to acknowledge Kim’s feelings, the way she failed to acknowledge Camille’s feelings. If someone said to my sister what Taylor said to Kim they would be dealing with me. Kyle just lets people walk all over Kim and does nothing. But let Kim fail to back up Kyle and Kyle goes nuts. It’s all about Kyle all the time. Maybe Kim is annoying but she is Kyle’s sister and Kyle needs to have Kim’s back sometimes too.
    I thought Allison and Faye both came to the party looking for a fight. The attitudes of both Allison and Faye were caused by Camille and Kyle gossiping about each other behind one another’s backs.
    I think Allison is really a nasty person. I fast forwarded through everything she had to say or at least as much as I could. I was repulsed by what I did hear. No one can see the future that a bunch of garbage. I can’t even imagine associating with someone like Allison.
    I didn’t think much of Faye since learning about her in the OJ trial and I didn’t disagree with what Camille said about her. It was what I thought most people felt about Faye during the OJ trial.
    As for Faye posing in Playboy I still don’t think it was that big a deal for Camille to bring it up. Surly this is not the first time it’s been brought up to Faye. For Faye to sit there acting like it was horrible of Camille to mention it was just ridiculous to me. Faye should have turned that around by saying something positive about it, that would have diffused Camille right away.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      It looks like next week, the blow back from Kyle mixing it up with Camille is going to come to fruition. There is scene of Kyle telling Mauricio that Camille texted her and said they were going to fire her husband. I can’t imagine he was pleased with the first go around she had with Mrs. Kelsey Grammar and that probably had a lot to do with her calling Camille to apologize while she was out shopping with Lisa.

      I also think she treats Kim like crap. She talks a big game about looking out for her when really she lets her friends trample over, ditches her at ever turn and demands she come over to help her with her catered party she is throwing her youngest daughter (despite having a party planner and other children who are grown enough to help) even though she knew Kim was in the process of moving.

      • PJ says:

        Even after the divorce Camille is going to be rich enough to play in the big leagues. There was no prenup and all that Frasier money is on the table, excluding the first few years of the show, but Kelsey’s salary only got bigger as the show went on. With Kelsey living in New York I don’t imagine he will be throwing much work in the direction of Kyle’s husband. Whatever properties will be sold in the divorce are most likely jointly owned and I’m sure Camille will have a say in who sells them, my guess is it won’t be Kyle’s husband. Kyle can only blame her self for this.
        Plus what other a listers will be influenced by the way Kyle dealt with Camille? It may be that some people in the same position as Camille will see Camille in a completely different light than the people posting here.
        This is one of the reasons I don’t like Kyle, she put her own feelings above the good of her family and her husband by engaging Camille. Kyle could have comforted herself for having to deal with Camille by laughing all the way to the bank.
        Of course since Camille’s marriage is falling apart as the show unfolds Kelsey may disagree with her and continue to use Kyle’s husband for his own real estate dealings in the future. It will be interesting to see what happens.

        • quincyil says:

          I have no idea how much money you have to have in Beverly Hills. Taxes and upkeep on large homes must be expensive and then there are the staff salaries. I know that a lot of stars who lived the grand life run out of money when they get older. While married to Kelsey, there were millions coming into the household each year. After the divorce, she will have alimony and child support for at least 15 years because of the age of the children.

          Kim Richards children with the large support dollars are growing up. I think their time of receiving support is probably close to finishing. That means Kim Richards will have her payments from Greg Davis shut off and her total house income will be drastically cut.

          Mauricio was telling Kyle that he has funds for education and retirement. He knows that you have to be careful in retirement and that is why he is on her case about the credit cards every month.

          These women have lived well and they aren’t used to looking at sale racks and for specials on chicken each week.

          Because of the behavior of Camille on this show, I don’t think she is going to be a big star. She’s not a good actress. She’s getting older.

          I advice her to give all of the houses to Kelsey and take cash. Call Jeff Lewis’s office and see if he has any homes available in Valley Oak. That way, she could keep her money in the bank and live off of investments.

          Sorry, Camille, without Kelsey, you are just one of us.

          • PJ says:

            There will be a property settlement besides child support. I have read 30 million as a figure that Camille may get (I have no idea if this is correct or not). There is no prenup so Camille is entitled to half of everything that Kelsey earned during their 13 year marriage and for 7 of those years he was playing Frasier Craine. Kelsey Gramer is not broke. He earned a lot of money during the years that they were married; plus they have a production company and produce TV shows. Who knows what investments they have? There is a lot of money on the line. I don’t know if Camille firing Kyle’s husband will impact his financial future or not, but I still think Kyle was wrong to do what she did. I would never alienate the wife of one of my husbands bosses, it’s bad business. Gratitude alone for all the business thrown their way should have prevented Kyle from acting the way she did. I have read nothing about Kyle’s husband selling the house you mention. I would be interested in knowing where this information comes from. Even if Kyle’s husband did earn a ton of money selling a big mansion it doesn’t elevate Kyle to a list status. Just how much money do you think Kyle’s husband earned over the years that he worked for Kelsey and Camille? Is it not possible that Kyle’s husband will be looked at differently by his rich clients after the episode showing his wife in action airs? I think it matters.

            • debbie says:

              You ask if Kyle’s husband will be looked at differently by his rich clients after his wife’s actions? Will Kelsey be looked at differently because of Camille’s actions? More importantly, will Camille still have her List Status when she’s no longer “Kelsey Grammer’s Wife’. Once she’s ‘out from her husband’s shadow”, i don’t think she’ll have the relevant list status she so desperately craves. Being KG’s wife defines her.

              • PJ says:

                It’s not exactly the same. Kyle and her husband never had that kind of status to begin with. What I meant is would you want to deal in multi million dollar projects with a man who has a loose cannon as a wife? Don’t you think the rich and famous demand to be catered to? Would they want even the posibility of their wives being insulted by Kyle? I think that may be taken into consideration. As bad as you may think Camille is I doubt if she is much different from others in the same position as she is in. It does make for an interesting discussion though.
                Once you marry rich and famous like Camille did, you always have some status. But whatever status she has or dosen’t have she will have a pile of cash to comfort her.

                • debbie says:

                  So, according to you, Men of a Higher Social Status would not want to deal with someone who’s wife is a ‘loose cannon”? How about Men of a Lower Social Status? Is it ok for them to tolerate their wives being insulted and baited because they have less money?

                  • PJ says:

                    Of course not. It’s never ok. I think to deny the obvious is silly. Is that really what you took away from what I said or do you just want to argue for. arguements sake.

        • debbie says:

          I don’t think Mauricio is suffering financially because of Camille. He just sold Lisa’s friend Mohamed’s home. (where Lisa’s party was.) It was one of the largest homes in the country.. I’m certain the commission was 7 figures.
          And if other “A” listers are put off by Kyle’s reaction to Camille’s bullshit & empathize with her , I’d say good riddance to them. If they’re anything like Camille I wouldn’t want to hang with them. Funny how fast people forget where they came from. Camille spent more of her life accomplishing little other than dancing on MTV , posing for Playboy and acting in soft porn than she did in her 13 years as Mistress of Kelsey’s Manor. Now she thinks she’s better than Kyle and above everyone else. The oly thing she seems to have done to elevate her “station” in life was to marry Kelsey. I think she’s smarmy, phony, selfish,vicious and vacuous. In other words, I don’t like her.

          • PJ says:

            Camille’s behavior isn’t what I’m talking about it’s Kyle’s behavior. Camille being wrong does not make Kyle right by default. I certainly don’t think Kyle’s husband would say good riddance to customers, that would be extremely foolish. The real estate business isn’t booming even among the rich. Exactly what has Kyle done to elevate her status in life besides getting married and having children? If Camille elevated herself by marring well good for her, what’s wrong with that? If you had the chance you would do exactly the same thing. Kyle’s sister Kathy married well above her station in life. I hate to tell you this but all of those women think they are better than everyone else and that includes Kyle. Did you not see Lisa getting her American driving license? You would have thought she had to go to a third world country to get it. She is adorable but it’s clear she felt she was above everyone there.

  96. Waxdiva says:

    Want a break from Camille’s trainwreck of a party… I was checking up on the Salamis:


    Oh yeah, there’s still around…

  97. Waxdiva says:

    meant to say “they’re” still around….

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