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Millionaire Matchmaker / The Fashion Show

The Fashion Show Week Seven

This week we have “Civil Union.” The cast mates are physically and mentally exhausted. Dominique has been separated from David who was “out of fashion” and sent home. She sleeps in David’s bed. On a rooftop, Dominique shares her pain with Eduardo. They have become friends. She is in tears. Calvin is angry. Dominique sent him to the other house to be judged for elimination and he feels she stabbed him in the back. He goes through a list of his fellow cast members other than Cindy saying something negative about each of them.

A note is slipped under the door. Jeffrey says, “It is fashion mail.” He reads the note and they are to go to 172 Norfolk St. to meet with Iman. Four of them fit into a car with a GPS that understands English words. Jeffrey drives to what appears to be an old Christian Church. Inside there is an altar and Iman stands there with a little boy in a tuxedo. Iman tells us that this building is used for weddings and fashion shows. Iman says that “one of the rites of passage is the creation of a bridal collection.” Only 6 designers remain. Iman tells them to take a ring from the little boy’s bag as they will be joined in pairs this week. Note the name of the episode: “Civil Union.” Civil has two meanings here civil as in civil marriage and civil as in able to get along. No one wants to be in a civil union with Calvin and Calvin does not want to be in a civil union with any team mates. They take rings. Calvin goes first and says, “Holy Matrimony.” Calvin and Cindy get gold. Dominique and Jeffrey get diamond. Cesar and Eduardo get platinum. Cindy is freaking out. Dominique says this is “lovey, dovey challenge.”

Now, Iman presents the brides and grooms. The doors open and Cindy tells us that there is a pair of men and the rest are women. Calvin and Cindy are to design for the men, Eric and Paul. Cesar and Eduardo are to design for Johanna and Andrea. Jeffrey and Dominique are to design for Bridget and Christina. This is another challenge designing for real people with real figures. Iman tell us that this is the most important outfit for the six getting married. Cindy does not know how to make men’s clothes.


The designers have 30 minutes to meet with their clients. Eduardo has a handle on his design from the first moment. The couple does not want white at all. The taller red head with curls would like mustard. The thinner, slightly shorter partner would like a tailored look. The couple has been together six years and they would like a “house party of love” theme. Cesar and Eduardo refine that to a “martini theme.” Cesar feels his customer is a “dandy.” Jeffrey and Dominique love their couple who wants a Costa Rican beach themed wedding. There will be a simple dress with no lace and no bows because neither of the couple likes dresses. The jacket of the other design will be “a cute cropped jacket.” Calvin and Cindy are in a mess. Their male couple would like a Korean Wedding, but Korean wedding garments are very bright colors. The men are large according to both Calvin and Cindy. They want to make them look slimmer. Cindy measures her client and his waist is 48 inches. She designs for people with 24 inch waists so she doesn’t know where to start. Calvin argues with the clients and with Cindy nonstop. He doesn’t know what Korean wedding clothes look like, doesn’t like bright colors, doesn’t like working with clients, doesn’t like working with partners, and is going to do what he wants to do.

Mood Board Presentation

Isaac arrives and he knows that they are working in pairs. He meets with Jeffrey and Dominique first. He likes their beach photos on the mood board. He feels that Dominique’s dress is “plain” and needs something “sparkly.” She will line with gray.
Jeffrey has a fancy back, but Isaac tells him that will not be seen so he needs to work on the tailoring of the jacket. They only have 24 hours. Cesar explains that his client has not chest and is like a “board.” Jeffry is going to make a jacket that is long and slim. Dominique will have a low back for her gown. The other pairs present ideas for a martini wedding and a Korean wedding.

Work Session

Cindy says, “Dios ,mio.” She has not designed for men since her junior year in college. Calvin is making a white Kimono as a pattern and he thinks it is ready for a “Kung Fu movie.” The others seem to have few problems. Cesar tell us that “these couples have no rights so gay marriage is the next step in the solidifying of their legal rights.” Then Cesar teases Jeffrey because Jeffrey is a virgin. Cesar says Jeffrey will become “a whore.” Jeffrey is embarrassed. Cindy’s jacket is not hanging correctly. She is leaving the arm length unfinished and Calvin’s input is not being accepted by Cindy. Calvin says that his “Kimono great…don’t want to offend…Korean inspired.”


Eduardo feels his dress’s tone and color is “spot on” for his red headed client. Dominique love the way her dress hangs. Cesar has several cloth patterns for his client. She takes paisley for her slacks, but he wants stripes. Both patterns have the bold colors that the client asked for. Calvin is at war with his client. Calvin says, “I am not a seamstress..go to China. I do what I wanted!” Cindy says she will never forget this challenge. Her suit does not fit. She struggles.

Dress Rehearsal

Cindy’s jacket is way too tight. She takes a scissors and cuts the back seam. Calvin helps her take it apart to re-sew ever seam at the last minute.

The Fashion Show

Rachel Zoe and Johnny Weir are our two guest judges. The show begins with the beach wedding attire from Dominique and Jeffrey. The white dress walks and the client has a radiant smile. The short beach suit walks next. The client looks happy. Eduardo’s mustard dress looks beautiful on his client and she plays the role that he asked to play on stage. Cesar’s client also seems happy to be on stage. Both clients have red shoes. Calvin’s client smiles and walks on to the stage. Dominique’s client walks, but his suit has wrinkles.


All six of the designers are on stage. Isaac says that the judges loved the concept of couples. The judges want to speak to their clients to see if they like their wedding attire. The beach wedding is discussed first. The judges felt that the cloths could be found on a rack. Johnny Weir would have liked these designs “to be over the top.” He also feels they “need to be more structural.” Dominique feels that they listened to their customers. The judges want them to balance listening with what they know to be more dramatic. Calvin’s explanation of why he did not listen to the customers seems to be taken well by the judges, but they remind him “to show confidence, not arrogance.” Eric, Calvin’s client told the judges that the design was not Korean. The judges hate Cindy’s tailored jacket and slacks. Cindy says that she wanted to slim her client, but the judges continue to point out flaws. Rachel Zoe says that the cloth of the pants and jacket don’t match and that is her pet peeve about designer suits. The judges love Eduardo’s dress and feel it is the perfect length and that the shape works for his client. The two designs chosen for the final judging are Eduardo’s mustard cocktail length dress and Dominique’s long beach bridal dress. Dominique wins even thought she had immunity from her win last week. She has $500 extra in the finale if she makes it there. Calvin is told he became “bridezilla.” Cesar’s pants should have been plaid or stripe, not paisley. Cesar’s bow tie was too large for his petite client. Calvin and Cindy are standing alone on the stage. Cindy is “out of fashion.” She cries and hugs Iman as she leaves the stage.

Millionaire Matchmaker

Patti Stanger Commitment “Phobe” and “Plumpty Dumpty”

Patti is still in New York City, but she tells us that her time there is almost over. We see Patti with Dr. Allen Hirsh in another sex seminar with men and women this time. They are teaching the group about aphrodisiacs. Patti calls the subject, “Smellology.” Women are attracted to men with the smell of licorice and cucumbers. Men are attracted to women with the smell of lavender and pumpkin pie.

The staff meets to present Patti with this week’s millionaires. Dustin describes Robin as a 33 year old publicist with her own firm. Robin loves the color pink. Dustin then describes Robin as “chunky.” Patti goes ballistic. She says, “No offense. This is a large size woman.” Patti makes a number of faces that show her displeasure with the way Robin looks. Robin requests a Matthew McConaughey (who Patti calls Italian.) Patti says Matthew is ruggedly handsome. Robin’s last relationship was with a hunky cute guy, but he was dumb. Robin would like a Jewish boyfriend and children. Patti makes more faces and off camera tells us that she will look for a five for Robin. Robin has 1.7 million dollars and is confident that she can have a ten. Robin has two Pomeranian dogs which she loves to take to dog parks. Robin takes good care of her dogs so she wants children. Robin requests a 6 ft plus man with blue eyes. Robin agrees to Patti’s rules of no sex before monogamy.

John is a 45 year old, never married man who buys and sells heavy equipment for export. He has 8 million dollars. His last relationship ended when his girl friend (after 3 months) was talking about marriage. He would like someone energetic, fun, and someone who he could have a good time with. Patti calls John a commitment “phobe” to his face and seems upset. John feels he is a great catch and “the Last of the Mohegans,” but he is Italian. He wants “a partner in life” and “a partner in crime.” He is looking for a soul mate. In an interview, John tells us that meeting Patti was like being hit by a train. Patti tells John that a woman wants to get married and that a woman should never give a guy more than one year of her time before a ring. John wants a brunette like Sandra Bullock.

Cattle Call

For Robin, Patti hopes to get average men who will accept her for herself. Each of the men is asked if they like “curves.” Some understand what Patti means, other are confused. Charlie prefers curves. Luke, a looker, has never dated a woman with curves, but he wants to date a millionairess so he is willing to do anything. Shawn told Patti that he is black so …. Everyone laughs. Robert is an actor who lives in a halfway house and seems to be an indigent. Patti kicks him out. She has rules. Luke is gorgeous, blond, a plumber and Jewish. Patti tells him that Robin is size 24 and he doesn’t know what that means. Patti tells Luke that Robin shops at Lane Bryant and he still doesn’t get it. Luke does not like dogs. Luke is the test as he has nothing in common with Robin. Anthony is perfect for Robin according to Patti. He is large and a five. He is a retired NYC police officer from the canine division.

For John, Patti will look for a dark, sultry woman who is fabulous. Dana a pole dancing/stripping instructor fascinates Patti because Patti has just taken a pole dancing/stripping class with the company that employs Donna, 34 years old. They are both on the floor doing a demonstration, but it is Patti’s spread eagle position that seems to be the focus of the camera. Fortunately, she has slacks on. Sophia, 30, is in the business of extreme sports. Dana is 36 and a cocktail waitress in New Jersey.

The Mixer

Patti decides that this week she will hold a large mixer so she calls in a large number of men and women for the event. Robin is drinking more than her two drink minimum. She is using a straw to drink wine which Patti has never witnessed before. Patti wants to vomit when she watches Robin. She sends Dustin to give Robin instructions concerning the questions Robin is to ask. Robin seems to like men. She smiles and giggles. She tells them about her pink apartment. Patti think Robin’s face is getting red and that a box of crayons exploded in her face.

John has listened to Patti and is serious about his quest to find a soul mate. He tries to find out something about each of the women. He pleases Patti.

Mini Dates

John’s mini dates go well. He likes Annie who is rarely free as she is a serial monogamous. She likes animals and is willing to try anything new. Dana the cocktail waitress is Italian like John and he is happy about this. Robin does poorly in the mini dates. Patti feels she is flirting outrageously with the men.

The Dates

Robin chooses Luke, the hunk and plumber who has never dated a large woman before, but who wants to be with a millionairess. He takes her for a bike ride. Robin complains that she hasn’t been on a bike since she was 15 years old. In an interview, Luke said that she doesn’t want to move, walk, or ride a bike. Robin plans and pays for an $150 a piece dinner cruise where she loves being with Luke and tells him that she will buy him an expensive car and motorcycle. Robin touches Luke’s muscles, nipples, and almost his crotch. Luke tells us he is thinking of the car and motorcycle in an interview. Luke would like money for his own business and for a second business with his best friend. Robin says that she will help him.

John and Dana hit it off. They ride horses and he makes sure she has a lesson on an older, well trained horse before they trail ride. They go slow. She does great and John was a great teacher. They go to a wonderful dinner and find that they really like each other. John feels that he has never met someone that he liked so quickly. Dana also really clicks with John

Follow up

John is extremely happy with Patti’s service and wants to continue dating Dana. Dana wants to date John. It appears to be a good match.

Patti meets with Robin at Patti’s apartment. Dustin is there. Patti thinks Robin needs “Shock Therapy.” Robin wants to continue dating Luke and admits that she offered to buy him things. Luke wants money. They date a few more times before it is over.

Thank you so much Quincy, great blogs as always!

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400 Responses to IHJZ Millionaire Matchmaker / The Fashion Show

  1. Tonia says:

    I tweeted this link to Lynn, but in case she misses my tweet i’ll post this here.
    I’m really hoping this is about Camille..i despise her. But can’t rule out Gretchen.


    • nancy says:

      To me CamelToe is so obvious. We know she was a slut for some Prince guy. They say it’s no one in NJ BUT Danielle is no longer on the show. Then again she was a whore and many knew this. At a loss. I think it will be someone we would not have guessed. CamelToe you should be it but then again we all know you have done the the morally corrupt bang-bang in the past.

      • quincyil says:

        I think there is a possibility that it is Cat O. When she first came to our TV, I looked her up and in comments there were inklings that she was a “hostess.” There are a lot of people in England mad at Cat because of her “romantic” autobiography.
        The Camille Grammer information has been known for decades. The press has not hushed that up. If they are doing research right now, it’s someone like Cat O. Someone that the public doesn’t suspect.

        The information on the Atlanta girls and stripping has been out there too.

        If this is new…it’s Cat O…

        If this is Cat… please vote for me to be our pretend board medium.

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          I vote for you Q anytime..
          Are there any other candidates for that Prostitution Whore?! First time I have used that expression lol.

          • quincyil says:

            Well, some of the ladies have worked as strippers and Kim Z served drinks while wearing costumes for a lot of cash.

            I can’t imagine anyone that would go into prostitution if they were not in desperate situations. I knew some prostitutes when I was young and subbing in the ER of a hospital as a floating nurse’s aid on weekends. I liked them. They were always nice to me. They’s come in for antibiotics and for injuries. They would remember my name and ask how school was going. Honestly, these are real women.

            • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

              I know I was just playing~
              I had a few friends who did what they had to do as well. Most of them were addicted to drugs. Some of them you would never have known unless they told you~I didn’t mean to put anyone down.
              I just wanted to use that expression once.
              You are such a grand person Q.
              I hope you know when I say things like that I am kidding around.

              • quincyil says:

                Oh, I knew it was from that song of Jenny Pulos. I just was remembering them and wondering how they are doing. It makes me hopeful that Daniells and others like her can get married and change their circumstances.

                Asking a man for gifts in exchange for sex seems to happen a lot on Bravo.

                • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

                  One person I knew in NYC was killed & dropped next to a parkway. Extremely sad & dangerous way to have to live. Fortunately I did not know her that well but from what I did she was a really sweet & beautiful young girl.

                  • quincyil says:

                    I lived near a park in Maywood where bodies were always found. It scared me as I was dorm supervisor for a lot of young women. I was constantly making sure they had my phone number if they had trouble.

      • BessiB says:

        It is Camille, in a harem in Brunei. With a dildo.

  2. Cusi77 says:

    Am I the first one in comment?

    Thank you Quincy, Great recap!

    I enjoyed this Fashion challenge. I liked Eduardo’s mustard dress… He is my favorite to win this season of Fashion Show! He is talented and humble.

    • quincyil says:

      I love Eduardo, but both Dominique and Jeffrey have fresh takes on design and they are going to have great careers. Calvin and Cesar have experience, but somehow I don’t think either would win. Calvin’s personality really add to the drama.

      I thought that Rachel Zoe and Johnny Weir would be featured like the housewives, but they were on for moments and their contributions were not significant. Other guest judges have played very minor roles, but I expected more from these two. It would have been interesting to hear Calvin’s view of Rachel and Johnny. They showed his frown at one point, but he didn’t have any quotes about Rachel or Johnny.

      If Eduardo’s dress has been in a white or off white, I think it would have won. The client wanted mustard, but the judges felt the color sent that dress into the bridemaid’s section of the bridal shop. I just wonder if there was something Eduardo could have done to persuade the couple that a “touch” of tradition is ok in a wedding. From Isaac, I understand that it is very, very difficult to make a tailored jacket in 24 hours. Isaac said he personally could not accomplish that. All of the people making jackets had difficulties with both the design and the making of the garments. Isaac said that the sleeves for a man are the same as sleeves for a woman, but the designers had problems with them.

    • error 404 says:

      It was pretty, but safe and I think just as “off the rack” as the Dominque and Jeff’s. And what was up with Johnny’s comment about rolling around on top of the flower… I wonder how any times he practiced that “spontaneous comment” in front of the mirror the night before.

      • quincyil says:

        I am trying to be kind to Johnny Weir. I try to give him credit when he attempts to change as he did in SKTS. He saw that he made a mistake with his refusal to talk to Bethenny during the judging and changed. That shows growth. He seemed to be really paying attention and trying. “New Years Resolution: be nice to Johny even if Jill Zarin influences him.” Resolution 455 on a list of 500 items to improve in myself..quincyil

  3. skogsstig says:

    Thanks for two great blogs, Quincy IL!
    You are my hero for watching MM and then writing about it. I do wish the powers-that-be at Bravo would reconsider their contract with Patti Screecher. The idea of her and her two goth (and not even well done goth) employees sitting in judgment of the appearance and attractiveness of others is both hysterically funny and nauseating.

    I did watch the Fashion Show, and love your write-up. The only thing I’d like to add is to paraphrase a designer from Project Runway who told another designer, “Stop crying. If you have to cry, just cut and cry!” (Or something very close to that.) It seems the editors revel in Calvin’s over-the-top chatter, and I think a little bit of that would go a long way… and this editing choice takes air time away from the other designers. So, dear editors, “Stop indulging the craziness. Cut it out and show us the sewing.”

    • quincyil says:

      This is “The Calvin Show.” I wonder what will happen if he is not in the finale. How do you have a fashion house design if you go down to two finalists too?

      Right now, Eduardo had $2,000 extra for materials if he goes into the finals and he’s been consistently at the top or near top of judging throughout the season. That is a lot of money and the cloth that he can afford will be of higher quality.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I know that Destin and Rachel are often referred to as Goths on her, but I am pretty sure they are psychobillies, either way I agree that it’s pretty amusing watching people with a very unconventional style give consolations on how to attract a wide verity of people.

      I don’t watch the Fashion Show but I might start, that Calvin dude seems like a real kick.

      • American Idiot says:

        Rabble – How are you feeling? Did you get to the Dr.?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Thank You for asking, I feel a bit better.
          The doctor wasn’t much help, he felt it was probably more of a sinus infection than bronchitis. I had a sinus infection before and it felt different. He also prescribed me some amoxicillin which I don’t understand because I thought they weren’t good for viral infections.

      • quincyil says:

        Dustin is following Patti’s lead. In the beginning, he was careful with the clients, but I guess the producers want them all to be over the top. Dustin dresses like a Goth to garner attention. Yet when others come in with mohawk hair cuts both Dustin and Patti insult them as they did last week with a red headed gay man.

        • Tootsie says:

          There’s a good one for you. Destin or Dustin or whatever, refuses to marry his child’s mother. Patti has addressed that subject numerous times and still he refuses to get married. Another success for Patti.

  4. error 404 says:

    this episode of TFS was weird, but I’m not sure not if it was weird in a good way or a bad way.

    It was interesting that they gave the wedding challenge a gay twist, but since it’s not legal in NY, I’m not sure if this was good exposure or just silly. Coupled with the P-town episode of TST, and you’d think it was June in Bravo land.

    Calvin and Cindy both acted horribly toward their clients, and their 11th hour transformation was hokey IMHO. Really? Complain complain complain for 45 minutes and then at the end decide you like it? I smell scripted drama. Still, I suppose it was nice that Cindy begrudgingly decided that she’s ok with gay civil union after acting like a 16th century Spaniard for almost an hour, and I suppose it was nice that Calvin was able to get over the horror of having to design for… it almost makes me sick to even say it.. fat people! They should have had a double elimination IMHO.

    I actually like Zoe, especially since she countered Izaac’s useless comments with some constructive criticism. Weir.. well I suppose he wasn’t the worst celebrity judge, but please, when will these shows learn that “I’d wear it” as a judging criticism got old like 63 episodes ago. Could you imagine if Top Chef consisted of Tom saying week after week “I’d eat this in a heartbeat!”? ZZZZzzzzzz

    • quincyil says:

      I was bothered by Cesar’s treatment of Jeffrey who is such a great person and great designer. I think Cesar might be jealous that Jeffrey is doing so well in the competition. In the beginning Cesar was nice and helpful to teammates, but he seems to have changed now. Truthfully, I like Calvin more than Cesar now. At least Calvin is honest to your face. I can deal with honesty even if I don’t agree.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      wait a minute.

      gay marriage isn’t legal in NY? I thought you said you were married in a barn in upstate NY? Maybe you were in another state like MA?

      I really thought it has passed in NY. Wow. I’m really out of touch.

      • quincyil says:

        Maybe, it was in a barn in Iowa. It’s legal there. It is soon to be legal in IL too.

      • error 404 says:

        Yes, the barn was in MA, where we are both from, so it made sense. I refused to get married until I could do it just like I would if I was straight. Then MA passed a law saying out of staters could get married there, and right after NY passed a law saying that if you got married in one of the states where it was legal, they’d recognize it, so we did it. At the time we were planning, it came up before NY and pundits were saying it was hopeful, but we decided not to change our plans mid-stream, and MA was closer for family anyway. Good thing too, as it got shot down in NY anyway.

        • quincyil says:

          Well, IL will soon change it’s law hopefully in time for a certain wedding in my barn, if we can convince two brides.

  5. Waxdiva says:

    Bringing this over…’cause it’s important…it’s about Danielle!


    • CdnFillie58 says:

      Just seeing “Allison the psycho” picture irritates the crap out of me..brb..need to use the facilities 😛

  6. nancy says:

    Great job, Quincy. Never watch MM as she makes me throw up alittle in my mouth. LOL I just need to read your blog and I get the whole show. Thanks again.

  7. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Hi Q
    I did not & could not read about the fashion show~for some reason I cannot watch that show. I think because I am envious of people who have sewing machines & can make things, I would watch if I ever saw something that I would wear. lol
    Thank you for watching~I will try to read the recap again.
    I didn’t watch MM yet but will eventually & loved your recap Q.
    Cattle call cracks me up.
    Sounds like she may have made at least one match.
    Maybe her show will be canceled because of lack of matching more than 1 person a year.
    Every time I watch her she looks & sounds more like a pimp than a matchmaker.
    She’s lucky someone doesn’t punch her in her big mouth..;)

  8. error 404 says:

    sorry to be tardy for the party, but MR 404 just watched a clip of Kim Z “singing” on NYE on WWHL and I have a question:

    Who was that guy Andy was hanging all over?
    Me: “Who wears a wifebeater to a party?”
    Mr 404: “Someone who wants attention”

    Anywho, I just have to say, I’ve been to some lame parties in my day, but this one looked like the lamest… those poor guests, imagine not being able to leave?

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Hi error~
      You crack me up too~I use to love watching wwhl~but now it’s like you said.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      They looked chained to that couch. No wonder Jeff was squirting Silly String. He was probably bored out of his gourd

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I agree that was the saddest party ever, with a capital suck.

      The wig drop……is something that I would imagine at a circa 1970’S gay disco.

  9. Golden Girl says:

    Thanks again @quincyil! I can’t stand Stanker so I don’t watch but I read your recaps because I still like to be in on the know.

  10. California35 says:

    Capricorn — Here is your Daily Horoscope for Wednesday, January 5
    Today is better for making plans than for executing them. You may find that you’ve got more time than you think you need — but use all of it if you want to improve your odds of total success!

    Good morning everyone, I have not had a chance to read the recap, but wanted to wish you all a nice day. I also wanted to share the horoscope prediction for the day and that I am already getting b-day presents.

    1- The person who is leaving the company is not in today, and I just found out that tomorrow is her last day. She was not a bad person, but I was getting heat at work partially because of her.

    2- A girlfriend is taking me out to dinner tonight.

    3- A coworker gave me a very nice present. She has been in the company only a few months, but she is so sweet and we talk once in a while. I feel bad that she spend $ on me, but I do so appreciate the gesture (and the nice present :-))

    4- My direct boss has been for the two weeks. I am trying harder to make sure his side of my job is taking care of. I do that all the time, but he seems to be noticing right now. Hopefully we will continue like this 🙂

    5 – I am alive with extra pounds or not, I am alive and healthy. The diet practice has been rough these past few days, and I realized that I was doing better when I didn’t have the diet in my mind. I will let it go for the rest of the week, and will go grocery shopping this weekend to be more prepare with healthy food and snacks. Even then I will not stress and I will try not to be hungry. I don’t want to think of it as a diet; I want to enjoy the process. My main goal was to do more exercise and eat smaller portions, I need just add snacks and I should be fine. Let’s hope 😛
    See you all later, have a wonderful day!

    • Golden Girl says:

      You said it right don’t think of it as a diet, it’s a life style change, good for you for making the decision to change your journey.

      • California35 says:

        I like your name 🙂

        Thanks, I do hope this year is when I finally stick to the healthier more fit life style. I don’t want to keep avoind camara anymore.

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Happy Birthday Cali~
      All I care is that you are happy & healthy & having fun. I have not stayed on diet because I had to take Allan to O’Charlie’s yesterday for his pre-Birthday lunch~
      He is Jan. 11. I had steak & shrimp scampi & bread & sweet potato fries & asparagus spears, all with loads of butter & garlic.
      Perfect for a new diet.

      • California35 says:

        My sister’s is on Jan 11 also 🙂

        My birthday is tomorrow – I forgot to mention that I am getting early b-day presents 🙂

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      happy Happy birthday!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Happy BIRTHDAY!!!

  11. OneMoreInBoston says:

    This very very OT- but I thought it was super interesting:


    “The “Leave It to Beaver” model of American polite society in the 1950s and early 1960s is gone. Those black-and-white sitcoms have been supplanted today by garish reality television programs that showcase domestic and social interactions driven by narcissism, factionalism, competition and selfishness….

    …In a study published in 2006, the researchers showed that parental verbal abuse was more strongly associated with these detrimental effects on brain development than was parental physical abuse. In a new study published in the July issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry, they report that exposure to verbal abuse from peers is associated with elevated psychiatric symptoms and corpus callosum abnormalities. The main causes are stress hormones, changes in inhibitory neurotransmitters, and environmental experience affecting the formation of myelin electrical insulation on nerve fibers.”

    So just kind of thinking out loud…these studies are showing that rudeness to each other, including name calling, is actually more detrimental physically (!) than physical abuse is.

    Since one of the only rules that Lynn has is that we as guests on her blog are polite to each other, I wonder if this is PHYSICALLY contributing to her success here?

    People post here because it’s so much less stressful than other blogs therefore creating an actual PHYSICAL reaction to this blog.

    Well, so much for the saying “sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me”

    • California35 says:

      Words can hurt in so many ways, growing up and living in an anvironment where only negative coments are thrown at you can break you. Some say, those make you stronger…but that might work for some but not for others. I am glad I am an an age where I can be away from that…or walk away if I am in a negative situation or someone starts offening.

      Thanks for sharing this…

    • quincyil says:

      I think knowing that you won’t be insulted is always a nice thing. rotfl…

      I love Lynn’s rules of etiquette. Even trolls are left on the board until the abuse that rule.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Agreed – being respectful brings out the creativity and the best in people and makes for very interesting conversations!

  12. TLM says:

    I can’t tell if Alexis got her nose job yet or not. http://alexis-bellino.com/
    However, the little interview she has on her site is really idiotic. The guy who interviews her is a weirdo and actually cuts her off when she starts to say she doesn’t know if she and Vicki will ever have a friendship. That’s when most interviewers would sit back and let the other person TALK. Alexis also proves she still doesn’t know the difference between the words “slack” and “flack,” saying she “got so much slack” for saying she was high maintenance in the show open. I’ve heard her quoted before saying she got “slack” for that. What is wrong with this woman??!??

  13. WaxDiva says:

    If anyone is as intrigued/puzzled/pissed about Allison DuBois as me, I’ve found some great stuff in re to her credibility, which has been stomped and crushed on beginning way back in 2005:


  14. TLM says:

    I hope in the New Year, everyone will take the pledge to make your cars a NO-PHONE ZONE.

    I was watching this disturbing video that I guess was supposed to be cute of this girl and her bf driving to Jersey. Not only is she distracting as hell with the loud singing and music, but he never puts his cell phone down and is checking it as he’s driving. She is only concerned with where her camera is. This video reminds me ones that later appear in ads by the Ad Council and caution people that the passengers died, victims of a distracted driving collision. If this similarly disturbs you, please write to the video poster and let them know. Keep in mind this was just under 4 minutes of what was probably a 2-hour drive from NYC to the Jersey Shore.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It is the rule in our house that there is no phone/texting while driving or at stop lights – my 16 year old is to text me when he leaves wherever he is and I know how long it takes to get home. his phone is randomly checked for activity to make sure he is following the rule.

      • nancy says:

        In our State it is a law that one cannot be on the phone. Big fines here. Still people have one of those things you stick in your ear and are able to talk. Husband has to have one for his work.

    • CdnFillie58 says:

      It’s illegal here in Canada, at least in our province of Ontario. $350.00 fine if caught but I see cops doing it all the time..so what’s the point

    • buffywood says:

      There is an app that you can load on a phone that disables texting if the vehicle (i.e. phone) is moving more than 5 miles per hour. It works with the phone’s GPS. I will absolutely get that installed when my daughter gets her driver’s license. How fast does a person walk? Hell she texts now while walking and I keep waiting for her ot walk right into a door. Maybe I should get it installed now.

  15. shamrockblonde says:

    why couldn’t there have been one hetro couple getting married on that show? It is supposed to be a show about fashion – that was the only thing that bugged me about the whole thing – as for Ms. Thing….I don’t watch her show so the the recap is always appreciated – I think it’s icky and a heartbeat away from being classified as an escort service, to put it nicely – loving all the links too! – thanks so much for all the research, my little detectives!!

    • quincyil says:

      I love the fashions show that have them design the beautiful dresses with trains. I would have loved to see them make one of those dresses.

  16. Amber...Real Wife says:

    The millionairess was a mess! Not because she was plus sized or pear shaped. That’s reasonable. The frizzled hair with a weird smile showing too much gums, coupled with crazy clown makeup was where it got too much! She was an awful representation of a plus size girl trying to find love. She was so desperate, needy and drunk! She’s a trick, looking to pay a “beautiful” person for sex.

    My goodness, this woman was offering bikes, cars and investment capital to a man she just met, strictly based on looks. He was a pig. He did little to disguise his financial interest in her, as she kept offering incentives to entice him. She became more sexual with every gift offered. Blegghh! Sad to say, but if she wants a guy like that, she’ll be paying through the nose for him. They only dated a few times and quit. I wonder if he couldn’t do the sex, or they did it and she was unsatisfied! LOL Did she do the old bait and switch, and instead of a Maserati and a Dakati, she offered Manischevitz and Manicotti? LOL

    I don’t agree with PStankho, when she says the chubby millionairess can only get a 5. She could get a higher number with a makeup intervention, a stylist and a psychiatrist! ANY woman can get a 8 9 10, as long as she’s confident and loving without pulling out her wallet.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It was an opportunity for a makeover and a session with the “doctor” because offering gifts/money to somone so they will like you is another form of prostitution. Robin was embarrassing to watch. Patty should have just kicked her to the curb!

    • quincyil says:

      Sometimes, I wonder if these people on Patti’s show are hired actors.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I wondered that too, but I’ve known women like this. I concluded that she does not like herself, despite all her enthusiastic bragging about how wonderful she is. I suspect she’s never known what it’s like to be appreciated for her personality and has developed this as a way to ignore what her actual problems are. I kind of felt sorry for her, but again only because I’ve known women who were damaged like this. Patty’s method of yelling at her would do no good and it would take a lot of work in therapy to get her to a better place. I didn’t find it much fun to watch. However, pairing it with the very nice other guy who was trying so hard to find a good relationship was a nice contrast.

        Does anyone know anything about Robin’s business? My gut told me something was not right. I can’t see how such a superficial person could have built a business and maintained it with any success.

        • quincyil says:

          Sometimes, comments from people who know the millionairs come out on the net. She 1.7 million dollars in her 30’s, but we don’t know if that is from her business or inherited. Many of Patti’s clients try very hard to advertise their businesses while on her tv show. Some come on looking to be discovered for stardom.

          Patti mentioned that her time in NYC is drawing short. That means it’s almost over. “The Fashion Show” is down to 5 contestants and I don’t know how much longer that will be on. Pretty soon, I will be out of a job.

          • California35 says:

            I am glad her show will be over. Hopefully something better will be in its place. You can write to us about anything else. I am sure you can find something interesting and fun to write about.

            By the way, do you know what is coming to Bravo once those shows are over? I know the HW will keep on coming, but those are on other days. Hhmm I wonder….

            • quincyil says:

              “Million Dollar” listing is coming, but Chad is gone. I don’t know why. I think “Six Design” will come back and that was in the spring last year…I think.

              There will be a “Real Housewives of Miami.” Lynn, I am sure will do that blog.

              I may end up doing the “Real Housewives of IHJZ” blog. I will recap your discussions from the previous night and give preview of your future thoughts through my gifts as pretend medium of IHJZ board. It would be fun to know if my predictions come true.

              • California35 says:

                lol your last paragraph made me laugh…you are funny – Although I am sure you will have better predictions than … well you know who 😛

                So Housewives of Miami? Really?

                I didn’t see the other shows you mentioned, but was interested after reading about them here.

                Seriously, someone here already mentioned that, Bravo should thanks Lynn for this blog.

                • quincyil says:

                  a while back… I told the board about a visit to an eye doctor’s eyewear shop near the river in Napa city. I wanted some cheap sunglasses as I left mine which were also cheap in the hotel and my husband does not go back for missing items if they are not his missing items. The clerk was telling me how wonderful I look in the not so cheap sunglasses while I was waiting for the one pair of cheap sunglasses in a box in the basement to be dusted off. I told them that I was in California to be discovered as I was one of the few women left who looked my age. They laughed. I then said that I hoped to play the roles of older women in historical movies because in the old days, women had wrinkles and non of the current movies stars could fake that. A man was sitting there waiting for his wife to come out and he gave me his card and took my email address. He thought I had a monologue and wanted to represent me. He actually wrote to me on my email too and the firm represents Joan Rivers. So..if my gig ends as Lynn’s guest blogger and pretend board medium, I may have a future life competing with Kathy Griffin. She will love that.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                I didn’t see Josh Flagg in the promo’s either but I did see a glimpse of Mauricio. I bet he is part of the show next year because now that the RHOBH is hot- the ladies are loving him.

                I also think Josh should be in jail after that major art theft he was investigated for.

              • nancy says:

                Wow. Q taking over for Lynn. Now things are clearer. No one can replace Lynn.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Robin was painful to watch, she was a sloppy (in more ways than one) drunk, who reeked of insecurity at the same time as being shallow and superficial.

          All the groping and pawing she did, seemed more like a sexual assault. “I want to have sex with you” -bitch you got no game. If you want to grope people you don’t know, get out of the PR racket and get a job with TSA.

          I can already sense what went down after the first date, and the few follow up ones. She made promises of cash and luxury items in hopes that he would ‘put in down in the bedroom’. His attitude was he wasn’t going to ‘give her milk for free’..and hers was that she ‘wasn’t going to pay for the meal before eating it’…so it went know where.

          I can’t imagine her PR firm is where she earns her money. The whole point of PR is that image is everything and this woman can’t stay sober- finish a sentence without giggling like a Japanese school girl (maybe that’s why she loves Hello Kitty so much) and she looks like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show.

          Oh- and her dogs looked annoying too!

  17. CdnFillie58 says:

    Thinking of you “justanothermary” and sending you the best vibes and prayers I can think of.

    Great job again Quincy, still don’t find the urge to watch MM and Stankeroo, so you’re batting 1000 in my books… Hugs everyone else, long time no chat but I’m caught up now 😛

  18. California35 says:

    Thanks for the recaps…I am so glad I didn’t watch MM. Not only because what many of us here have said, that we don’t like Patty, but also because it would have been uncomfortable to see the Ruby girl act that way. Offering $, car, etc….ay! Poor Ruby, I hope she finds what she needs, not what she wants…and hopefully she wont have to pay for it. 😦

  19. Had Enough! says:

    Robin Kassner has a screw loose. I am no fan of TSA but just follow their stupid rules and be nice to them and you don’t have a problem. They won’t arrest you if you have a bottle of fluid in your purse. They just confiscate it. I myself had a Leatherman in my backpack once. My husband and I had been camping and it was in my backpack and I forgot about it and weeks later went to the airport. They took the knife, but everyone was very nice and very apologetic about it. I am sure that if I’d mouthed off about what was, after all, my mistake in the first place, I’d have been arrested. What’s the point of that? Just deal with the situation calmly and like an adult.

    Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcCmmaCqZhg

    Interesting that her hair is smooth and she isn’t playing with it and her makeup is normal.


    A New York woman has filed a $10 million lawsuit stemming from her arrest at Washington’s Reagan International Airport last year, an arrest she says was unwarranted and abusive.

    Police say 31-year-old Robin Kassner was obstructing justice.

    Security cameras captured the incident and the video has now been made public.

    Surveillance video from inside Reagan National Airport shows Robin Kassner standing with a TSA agent who sorts through her bag.

    Moments later, a Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority police officer steps in and pulls Kassner to the ground.

    Robin Kassner says “I was thrown across the room, into a metal chair and into a lady, and I was on the floor and realized I was being beat up.”

    Kassner says police officer Michael Urbina then used excessive force in handcuffing her.

    Robin Kassner says “they picked me up and slammed me onto a metal table. Officer Urbina took his forearm and smashed me against the table.”

    But the police department says Kassner was not cooperative and the video from the February 2007 incident doesn’t tell the full story.

    In a statement, airport police say “the passenger was interfering with the screening process and refusing to follow security procedures.”

    Kassner, a Manhattan marketing executive, was charged with disorderly conduct.

    That charge was dismissed.

    But 18 months later she is still facing charges for obstruction of justice.

    Kassner insists she didn’t do anything wrong.

    When asked if there was any provocation? Robin says no.

    After the incident, Kassner was detained in a Virginia jail cell, left to think about why she wasn’t allowed to board the shuttle back to new york.

    Robin Kassner says “I was scared, I was begging them to get off of me, and I thought I was going to die.”

    Due to the lawsuit being filed airport officials have declined to comment further on the matter.

    (Copyright 2008 by NBC. All Rights Reserved.)

    • Had Enough! says:

      And here is her crappy website:


      Kind of like that other one – the snobby one who has a website about everything she thinks is cool, hip, and edgy – except that in her case, she has some cred. I can’t remember her name. The one who went out with the guy who was a teacher from Staten Island and was a total bitch to him.

      • Had Enough! says:

        And in case you are wondering – she was found guilty in the criminal case, and the officers won the civil case she filed:

        MWAA – Metrop0litan Washington Airport Authority

        Feb 28, 2008 — Kassner files suit against the TSA and the MWAA (police) in the in the Circuit Court for Arlington County, Virginia. The suit included US Constitutional claims and/or claims under federal law.
        Mar 13, 2008 — The TSA and the MWAA remove the case to Federal District Court (E/VA) due to the federal law issues (in counts one, five and six); the other claims were state law claims.
        Mar 20, 2008 — Kassner moves to dismiss counrt one, five and six (the federal law claims) and remand to the Circuit Court for Arlington County, Virginia to deal with the state law claims. The TSA and MWAA protest.
        Apr 29, 2008 — The following is enterd in the dockett: “ORDERED that Plaintiff’s Motion is GRANTED and Counts I, V, and VI are DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE and the remaining claims are REMANDED to the Circuit Court of Arlington, Virginia. Signed by District Judge Claude M. Hilton on 4/29/2008.
        Jan 12, 2009 — Her excessive force claim against the TSA and MWAA appears to be settled in some capacity though I can’t discern the terms or if it was actually a settlement at all.
        Apr 15, 2009 — Kassner is found guilty by after a juty trial on her criminal charge and sentenced to pay $2,500 in fines and $1,101 in court costs.
        Sep 20, 2010 — Jury finds in favor of defendant officers in Kassner’s case against the individual officers.

        One can only imagine what kind of witness she made.

        • quincyil says:

          Oh, my. Robin does have a few bolts missing. I thought it was odd that she was willing to give Luke so many gifts and help him with businesses that he wanted to start when she just met him.

        • Had Enough! says:

          Oh – and she went on Dr. Phil…


          Let’s see. Great PR for herself and maybe a few bucks from a lawsuit. Here’s my take: she is not worth a million. She is another Bravo Bullshit Artist who is actually broke, living on credit cards, not paying bills…everyone hates TSA and airport security. If I sue them, I am sure to win and make some bucks.

          Anyone who will go on MM and appear as horrifically pathetic and disturbed as she did is either seriously pathetic and disturbed or willing to do anything to make a few bucks.

          • LynnnSoCal says:

            Had Enough, you’re my hero! I love getting ALL the info. It’s out there and never disappears. Kind of scary how badly some people want to be on TV. I don’t really understand it. Yet, horridly fascinated by it.

        • TLM says:

          Is that how she got to be a millionairess? Maybe I should head to CVS and buy contact solution, then go to Philadelphia International.

      • American Idiot says:

        Very amused to see a testamonial by Heidi Motag – if that’s who they’re representing – how good could they actually be?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        WAIT? That’s the Robin from MMM? Hahahahah- awesome find.
        She really packed on the pounds in a few years

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      She’s got 1.7 million left? She must have eaten alot of steak and hamburgers with many gigolos! LOL Her make up is much lighter so I guess she must have suffered brain damage when she thinks she looks good now.

      She looks like a pain in the ass, and it astounds me when people who resist or provoke the cops are surprised when they’re “arrested”. They have little respect for authority and feel the rules don’t apply to them.

      [*soap box moment*]

      What those cops did to her is the status quo, done daily in the inner city neighborhoods to men, women and children. Minorities and the poor are mistreated based on suspicion, let alone provocation or obstruction. Where is their lawsuit money?

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Yeah. Now she makes more sense. Her look on the show and on the Youtube video are totally different. It’s all about getting attention. Ick.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I agree with your opinion of her and hope her law suit gets tossed out.

      I’ve been hit harder in a mosh pit- then went and ordered a drink.

      I don’t by her claims of brain damage (unless she had it prior to the incident-and that seems likely given her behavior) and the ‘hold her arm’ during the interview was clear for show. Please- your answering phones and typing – yet when just sitting there you have to hold your arms up from pain. GTFO.

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        I love you ladies here! You should ALL work for the CIA, if there is a story or a past life of anyone from Bravo you will find it.
        I bet Bravo gets their panties in a wad from this message board sometimes, just when they think they can fool us, BAM you ladies are already on the case!
        Keep it up !!!!!

  20. error 404 says:

    Wow, so Bravo’s taking another hit with the loss of MyLife on the D List. It totally makes sense to me for Kathy to quit while she’s ahead and concentrate on being a comedian, doing stand-up etc… but Bravo’s gotta be smarting over the loss of an emmy winner.

    • quincyil says:

      Kathy might wish to go with movies too. That’s where the big money is. If Bravo was paying her enough, she would not leave.

    • California35 says:

      She is leaving??! I wonder why…she is a person who takes opportunities (or looks for them), so hopefully it is because she has a better offer 🙂

      • BessiB says:

        She sells out her shows, so Bravo $ must be chump change. Also, I think Maggie is becoming more fragile and cannot do as much with Kathy – that was a large part of the D list shtick.

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      I will miss her~I love her sense of humor. If you listen around the cursing she is quite hilarious.

    • TLM says:

      When did that happen? Is the show going to another channel, or is it over?

    • FlowerPower (no longer StillAWallflower) says:

      I read that she’ll be doing four stand-up specials/year on Bravo. I liked that idea. Her humor is so topical that gives her more of a chance to stay with what’s currently in the news.

      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        I love your new name Flower Power~I am happy she will still have her stand up shows too.

      • buffywood says:

        LOVE IT!!! I saw before how you felt your new name had a connection to your mother and grandmother… mine too as mine had a flower shop together until I graduated from high school.

  21. WSL says:


    “WE have a very successful decorating busness ….” Jill Z.
    U have a what ?

    Jill Zarin Needs a Tenant for Her Furniture Store —


    jill zarin_needs_a_tenant ! !

    The Real Housewife of New York’s fabric business, with headquarters at 314 Grand Street, is shutting down its furniture store to focus on … fabrics, the heart and soul of their operations. So they need someone to lease the ground-level store space. The ideal candidate will be another furniture store, but if someone wants to sell food (heavens) they’ll allow that as long as it’s “high end.” [Bowery Boogie]

    Photo: http://www.boweryboogie.com
    By: Amy Odell

    Filed Under: store closures,
    jill zarin, zarin fabrics

    • Sha2000 says:

      Hi WSL, Happy New year to you! Maybe a Bethenny products store would be the perfect tenant : ) ?

    • TLM says:

      I don’t care for Jill, but I don’t see this as necessarily meaning their business is floundering. Many businesses have scaled back, or scaled back certain parts of the business that aren’t as profitable as others. Case in point: Bethenny shut down her “Bethenny Bakes” business just before her books and booze business took off. She had had a company that made vegan baked goods that did mail order and was in a chain of grocery stores.

      The Zarins may feel they want to continue expanding into the bedsheet business and leave the furniture to someone else. Bobby is also nearing retirement age and that may be part of it too, you never know.

      • Adgirl says:

        I think Bobby is a very smart business man. If the furniture store wasn’t making it’s margin then pull the plug. Furniture stores require large inventory commitments and a huge amount of space, so he’s smart in trading in for a paying tenant.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        yeah but to lose a ground floor street presence in NYC is not a good thing. It WILL cut down on people just wandering in off the street- or looking for a restroom, but I don’t think it’s a good business move.

    • error 404 says:

      food? So now it won’t just be ugly discount fabric, but ugly discount fabric that smells like french fries? Ugh.

  22. Had Enough! says:

    Ms. Kassner owns what seems to be a 1 bdr 1 bath on E. 63d St. in the Lenox Hill (a couple of blocks from JillZ) section of Manhattan for which she paid 585k in December 2007. Even assuming she is worth a mill or more, including the real estate, that’s bubkes in NYC, especially in Manhattan. Because if you really had bucks, you would have more than a 1 bdr, 1 bath. Even though the building does have a FT doorman, parking, and a rooftop terrace.

    Oh man! What if she was one of the four PR experts hired by JillZ last year to prep for the reunion? Now THAT would explain a LOT! Talk about really bad PR advice. It is entirely plausible that it came from this twisted sistah. Wasn’t JillZ going to find NY people to appear on MM this year? We all know how much Jill loves to take the underdog under her wing…and if ever there was a needier underdog than Robin Kassner, I can’t imagine who it would be.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      This could explain a lot! Good sleuthing, you!

    • California35 says:

      Good one Had Enough! As I was reading your post, that she lives close to Mrs JZ – I began remembering when Jill was telling people, on WWH, on FB, etc to send info to her if they wanted to be on MM…

    • BessiB says:

      A 1/1 apartment in the E 60’s is a very nice place for Manhattan. High income professional just don’t live in bigger than they need there. But the same income level where I live now, would have a very hard time down-sizing to an apartment the size of Jill’s or even a townhouse the size of Sonja’s.

  23. Had Enough! says:


  24. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    Camille Grammer won’t be back for season 2 of RHOBH.


    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      Sorry for the duplicate link. I didn’t see Had Enough’s post before I posted my comment. 🙂

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Fine minds think alike!

        Now I’m imagining Camille saying in her nasal voice, “I quit”. LOL!

        • TLM says:

          I heard her saying in her trademark whine, “I’ve taken enough abuse from these girls…now it’s my time to exit.”

          I would guess that this show is the most work Camille has ever done standing up. Now that she’ll have the enormous settlement, I guess she can get back to ho-ing around and trying to hook a wealthy guy, or finding more boy toys.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I’m not surprised she doesn’t want to comeback.
      Every time she opens her mouth, it’s another nail in her coffin. Had she not done this show, she would be the sympathetic wife who was cheated on. Now, we see what it was Kelsey was running from.

      Kelsey will get his though, I heard he isn’t asking for a pre-nup with the next one.

  25. Katie says:

    I will miss Camille, she brings the crazy to BHHW and let’s face it they all are pretty crazy (one exception Maloof and some times Kim). Ms Maloof is the only close to normal one on the show and at least Kim’s crazy is real. The rest need and crave the attention so much they would do anything for it.

    • Had Enough! says:

      There’s good/interesting crazy and there’s stomach-turning crazy. I put Camille firmly into the so-toxic-it-makes-me-puke category. Her incessant whining about nothing – even if Kyle DID say it – enough already. She’s got nothing interesting going on that isn’t to do with the KG divorce and that’s coming to an end.

      Oh, and there is also scary-crazy. The High Priestess of Scary Crazy is the KooKooPuff.

      I think Kyle, Taylor, Adrienne, and Lisa – especially Lisa – are just interesting women. Kim is a sad suck and she brings me down down down. Bu the other four I could watch with no problem and I would NEVER miss Camille.

      • quincyil says:

        Both Kyle and Kim had acting careers, but Kim really had more problems growing up. Kyle had her friends from childhood at the fundraiser luncheon. How did one sister do so well and the other not so well when they lived in the same home?

        • Katie says:

          I guess it all depends on how you look at it. Even before HW’s I thought Kyle was a pretty rough person.

          Taylor makes me sick to watch – what she did to her face and obviously getting married for “business” and not love (ok that’s fine but STFU and stop whining about it or get a divorce). It’s pretty delusional to think that she is going to change her husband any more than he could change her. I think Taylor and Russel treat each other the same, they are both very cold to each other and just never seem happy. It looks like they married for the wrong reasons.

          While I admire Kyle’s marriage I think Kyle has control and anger issues and needs some help. Any normal person would have sat back and laughed at Camille and her weirdo friends. While it would be nice to have back up, you don’t need it, if you have the truth on your side and you know the true colors will show and it did (the conversation Camille had with her gang after the dinner party). Kyle fell for it again and couldn’t control her rage. She gave Camille what she wanted. If only she said, we will have to agree to disagree and just leave early. Or if Kyle and her friend just sat back and laughed while the Alison was going off. Why entertain that weirdo any way? I don’t think Kyle has ever met a fight she didn’t like.

          When I’m in an uncomfortable situation and it could impact my husbands work, I’d leave the situation. I guess the temptation of getting the last word in, fighting or the need for camera time took over.

          All of the HW’s can learn a few things from MS Maloof. It is possible to have crazy going on around you and not engage.

          As for Kim, I don’t think she’s acting at all I think there is something off and I personally would never put a person like that down (I don’t think she can help it but I don’t think there is a mean bone in her body). But I don’t see anything sad about Kim, that I can’t watch. Kim is actually very funny, different sense of humor she is not the stand up obvious humor like Lisa but for me Kim is very entertaining to watch.

          As a sister, it makes me sick to see how badly Kyle treats Kim. Specifically when we see how easily Kyle can hug it out with Camille and try to make up. I guess I treat my family differently regardless if cameras are rolling or not.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      The only thing that sux about Camille leaving is that she was the ultimate villian-much more than they made Danielle out to be given how vile the other Jersey Jerks were.

      I think Kim is going to be the target of either her sister or Taylor next year so they can amp things up.

  26. AZ Girl says:

    Thanks Q for the reecaps. I know several plus size women who dress appropriately for their size and always look amazing. Robin needs a stylist ASAP. Many good looking men like plus size women. Patti is a moron.

  27. Had Enough! says:

    Holy shit. A college degree – even from Brandeis! – is obviously a total joke these days.

    Kassner, Robin The Barbie Chronicles: Her Life and Times as a Perpetual Catalyst and Manifestation of the Paradox Facing the Modern American Woman (1998)

    You are putting me on, right?

    For this I paid 80 thousand of my hard-earned dollars (said in a whine reminiscent of Gloria the crypt-keeper).

    Anyway, we now know about how old Robin Kassner is. She was about 22 in 1998 (assuming this was a senior thesis and not — shudder — a graduate thesis). So 12 plus 22 – she’s about 34.

    I’m sorry, but based on what happened last night on MM, I’d say the roughing up Robin Kassner got at the airport is nothing compared to the beat-down she gave herself on MM last night.

    • quincyil says:

      I am so careful in the blogs because these people could be litigious. If they are this intent on suing people, who knows where they will lash out. My personal opinions are on the board in the personal opinion section. I would like to think that Bravo would look into the people that they feature in their reality programs, but after the Curtins, Salahis, Camille Grammer, Teresa Giudice, and Danielle Staub, I don’t believe they do have investigations.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Well said as usual Quincy.I feel occasional *harmless* gossip or linking an article is one thing, but one should always be aware that certain gossip can also hurt & it’s just in poor taste to do so. Talking about alleged affairs for example is just not right in my book. If you wouldn’t want it said about yourself you shouldn’t say it! These people we discuss are actual human beings too like them or not. And yes I do agree also that the vetting process is not great, but they have benefited in viewership none the less. I caught the very first RHOOC this week, wow how different it was! There was even a viewer warring at the beginning & it was tame compared to what we see on these shows now!

      • Had Enough! says:

        Truth is an absolute defense, and I took that info right off the Brandeis website. And the standard for libel for a public figure -and she certainly made herself a public figure last night, indeed a public spectacle, is extremely high. They need to show actual malice.

        And beyond all that, the fair comment principle covers the kind of discussion we have here.

        Then even in the extremely remote chance that they win – what are their damages? And on the extremely remotely chance that they could prove that someone didn’t (hire them, buy their linens, books, craptastic cuffs, etc.) how can they prove it was due to a comment on a blog as opposed to the horrendous behavior on the reality show?

        • Sha2000 says:

          Last night? I must have missed something HD, I was speaking in general terms.

        • quincyil says:

          It is good to know that she is now a public person and that everyone we write about have chosen to be public personalities, but I am still wary simply because of her past behavior with suits.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Sometimes a plaintiffs past behavior with lawsuits also works in favor of the defendant(s).

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I agree with, the information is out there, if someone chooses to expose them self and it comes to light then there is no one else to blame but themselves.

          I don’t see how this is anymore intrusive than all of knowing about the King Kong and the Gorilla’s financial records and pending lawsuits.

          • Sha2000 says:

            Hi Rabble, Happy New Year! Yes, public info, like lawsuits are one thing, speculation on alleged cheating spouses or love children, is something else. There’s a fine line, at least that’s how I see it. You know what I mean?

  28. shamrockblonde says:

    the less I see or hear Kathy Griffith the better I like it – good riddance to rubbish!!! – and YAY for Camille being gone too!!! thanks for all the links!

    • California35 says:

      I have a love hate relationship with her 😛

      At first I couldn’t stand her, then I saw something where she was doing a stand up and I got interested. It sounded like she said things others don’t dare to say 😛 I watch her since. I do ignore the parts that are boring or too anoying. I watch her stand up on TV, and I went to see her in person resently. I like watching her on TV better. What I DO like for sure about her is that she has struggled a lot and kept trying in the business. Now she is known and probably not on the “D” list anymore.

      • 2Stupid says:

        I just saw the documentary of Joan Rivers (which is depressing and inspirational at the same time!) and Joan throws out Kathy’s name several times as being the “it” girl right now. I like Kathy because she does seem to be humble to the people that have came before her, and also seems to have a really strong work ethic. I read her book, and her life has not been without struggles. I like how she really looks after her mom. I am probably biased because she is Irish Catholic (however she makes a point to say she isn’t a practicing Catholic).

        • California35 says:

          Yes! that is one of the things I like about her…she has struggled but not given up…and she seems like an ordinary regular person. Maybe she wants to spend more time with her mom? Maybe she found loooove 🙂 I think it was Andy who asked her if she was dating someone, and she was kind of coy about it. Hopefully either way, she has some kind of better offer or better plan.

      • Tootsie says:

        She has become so mean lately. Meaness isn’t funny it’s pathetic. She is 50 and has stated she is “going to take Willow Palin down this year”. How stupid is that. Willow is 16 and still a child. I don’t enjoy hurtful and bullying as “humor”. See…..just like KiKi was bullied.

        • Had Enough! says:

          I just think she is not funny. I have never found her funny. Just annoying. From Suddenly Susan to today. Annoying. The voice, the forced jokes, everything.

          However, she did a phreaking phenomenal job on Law U& Order SVU a year or so back. She played a woman who headed up an anti-violence group, who claimed to have been raped. Her character was annoying, so no stretch there, but she did it in a restrained way and when the script called for her to be otherwise, she did a great job. I was blown away by that performance.

        • quincyil says:

          Going after a 16 year old girl is wrong. Kathy makes money from being outrageous. I didn’t watch the D list, but I did see Rosie O’Donnel in Miami lower her pants and moon Kathy’s D list camera crew. Not my thing. I love humor… I bet that you all can see that…. but not mean… and never to a child.

          • error 404 says:

            I respectfully disagree. This isn’t like when the mainstream press mercilessly crucified poor Amy Carter ask a geek when all she was doing was just trying to live a normal life. Palin is shopping her “personality” all over town trying desperately to get one tv show after another, with few takers. And Palin also loves the “attacks” as they extended her 15 minutes to 16 or 17. If Kathy were poking fun at any other Plain kid, your argument might sway me more, but any parent who let’s their kid go on TV for no other reason than that they’re a “celebrity” is buying into it all, the good, the bad and the ugly.

            But Kathy G is very smart. 99% of what she said was just a statement of fact, like Palin inexplicably gaining weight while she was suppose to be training seriously for a competition. She’s also very smart to joke about Precious. The whole point of Push was that Precious had just as much right to be respected as any other human on the planet, so getting insulted by the comparison just makes you look like an ass, not that Palin needs any help there.

            But all celebs, over 18 or not, would be best served to just ignore Kathy. Watching them make entire fools of themselves by being outraged only proves her point in most cases and provides the world with 15 more minutes in which to laugh at them.

            • quincyil says:

              OK, but the right will do it to the Left’s kids too. I say call an embargo on all kids.

              • Sha2000 says:

                I say if the kid is under 18 embargo too, but I do agree with your point too 404. I get KG’s political view & I agree with most of it, I just don’t find her funny. John McCain (for example)I didn’t vote for but think he has a great sense of humor (really) and love to hear him make a joke. You can like part of someone.

              • error 404 says:

                Kathy’s an equal opportunity “hater”, shredding plenty of liberal Hollywood. No matter who her Mom is, Palin is still a dopey teen who made a fool of herself on a tv show. Kathy’s not making fun of Sanjaya because of his politics.

                • quincyil says:

                  The sixteen year old was on a tv show? I thought that was the older daughter that had a child. I think the 16 year old hasn’t been out there much other than going to a baseball game in NYC and getting attacked in a joke by David Letterman a while back. There are several daughters.

            • jeang says:

              I think the problem is that its Willow, not Bristol/

            • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

              I totally agree with you error..

          • BessiB says:

            No way. When a celebrity kid does a homophobic freak out on Facebook -and it made the news – then all bets are off.

        • sammyjoesmom says:

          Kathy Griffin is an ass! She blocked little ole me. I had told her that her whole schtick is getting so old. “Yeah, we get it Kathy, you’re edgy.” Too close to home I guess ecause minutes later, I was blocked by her on twitter. I am so over her.

          • cdnfillie58 says:

            watched her and Anderson Cooper on New Year’s Eve…she was totally ANNOYING..I would have slapped the silly out of her if I had been Mr Cooper

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Damn it, Zarin must have got to her.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      you know what- I hated her, then I loved her, then I hated her, then I loved her (are you seeing a pattern here?) now I’m kinda meh.

      I do admire the shows that she puts on for our troops in Iraq and Afganhastan with the USO, I can’t think of too many other celebrities that have done as many as she has.

      I also really respect that she did a live show on VH1 (?) from Walter Reed. How many guys ( and gals) come home missing arms and legs and sometimes missing both arms and legs, and it seems like there is very little media attention, they are just sorta swept under the rug. I liked how she brought their injuries, and how there lives have changed, front and center.

      And then there was DADT. No matter what your politics, or where you stand on this issue, I also respected that she decided to DO something, rather than just sitting around pissing and moaning about how unjust something is and then shrug her shoulders. Her rally wasn’t all that well attended, the politicians and media made mincemeat out of her, (omg The interview with Barney Frank? aw-kward) But I really respected that she tried to get involved.

      But now I think she’s running out of content! Going after Willow? c’mon!

    • Sha2000 says:

      Funny how they all have “a project in the works”.

    • California35 says:

      Yeah, now she is saying she works too much…wan’t that what she said in the first season, so she quit her decorating or party panning job? What is she quiting now? I thought she wasn’t working at all, and instead she was a staying home wife and mother. Any ways, I wonder what it is that she has in the “works”. By they way, she is prety why does she have to ruin it with so much junk all over her….

  29. Mookies1mom says:

    Hey everyone! I’ve been out with a killer migraine, still have it so this will be short. I haven’t caught up with the last couple of days so if I miss anyone I’ll give my apologizes now.

    Rabble- I hope you feel better soon!

    California35- I hope you have a wonderful birthday tomorrow.

    I’m going back to bed or the couch now. Hope everyone has a great day!

    • California35 says:

      aaww thank you! and I hope you have a good rest and the migraine goes away.

      • quincyil says:

        I can’t go to my kettle ball class tonight because of a migraine and relpalx. My husband told me to rest.

        • TLM says:

          kettlebells scare the hell out of me. The way they have you swing them around, I’d be afraid I would drop on one my foot or one would fly through the air and kill someone or break a window.

          • quincyil says:

            I totally agree. I took out a couple of windows the other day and I once had one go through several floors of my house. They are heavy.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Thank You, I hope you feel better too.

  30. 2Stupid says:

    http://www.hollywoodlife.com/2011/01/05/camille-grammer-quits-real-housewives-kelsey-grammer-playboy/ Has anyone see this take on Camille quitting because of cattyness from her castmates? Somehow, I can’t see any of them really stooping to this. I probably would if I was Kyle or Faye but that is me. I wonder if the timing of this is coordianted with the filming of the reunion today? Things that make you go Hmmm

    • nancy says:

      Well, well, well. Poor CamelToe. After all she was edited wrongly. About that bridge for sale.

    • TLM says:

      I hope to God at the reunion, Andy will show the rooftop and Statue of Liberty boat ride nudie shots of Camille with a Bravo logo slapped over her “rat.” (Well, I can dream, at least.)

      I don’t think any of the other women have enough time to be searching for pics of Camille online. Lisa is too busy ordering custom outfits for herself and that damned dog, Taylor is busy planning parties, Kyle is taking care of her kids and Kim is wandering aimlessly through LA grocery stores picking up strangers and asking where the chicken is.

      • TLM says:

        Wow, I forgot Adrienne totally. That’s about how interesting I find her. Of course, she’s busy telling Paul he’s a loser and laughing hysterically as he’s beaten by a random stranger.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Doesn’t Camille have a contract with Bravo? Is this her attempt to head off the likelihood of her NOT being asked back? This just sounds so manufactured and the timing is wonky – wouldn’t you say something at the reunion or shortly there after? Either way, she won’t be missed!

      • TLM says:

        I don’t know, people were saying today was the reunion taping, so I assumed that’s where Camille made the announcement.

    • quincyil says:

      I can believe that caste mates looked up internet photos of Camille. They were probably the photos that I saw and others here mentioned. After her comments on the photos of Faye Resnick in play boy and her spread, I am sure the ladies shared.

    • fluffnstuff says:

      Yeah, because that book she gave Kyle wasn’t catty at all.


      • quincyil says:

        I remember Camille said that she had a pile of self help books, but it is unwise to share those books with someone that you have a dispute with.

    • Katie says:

      If she really quits I will have to take the fame attention whore comments back, I thought Kelly was going to get bumped from that top spot. Maybe Camille sees how bad she has been on this show, always wondered why Kelly keeps going back for more the old amazon attention whore that she is I guess can’t resist the camera.

    • twoile says:

      I would offer that the recent info concerning an expose of a HW may be of concern as well……..this could back fire if that is so.

    • BessiB says:

      Oh, BS. The other housewives did not start that email chain, Tinselkitty did.

  31. Adgirl says:

    I can’t say I am surprised at Camille’s announcement. Why would she stay on? She doesn’t need the money, she made an ass out of herself so far this season and she is widely disliked. As far as I can tell there is no desire on her part to parlay RH into a acting career or for marketing anything.
    Camille wanted to be as well known as her husband and on that account she succeeded. Too bad she is now notorious rather than popular. Oops.

    • TLM says:

      I guess this finally means Camille will not have 30% more work than everyone else anymore. She won’t have to do the show, or worry about a husband, or work at Gramnet. Thank God. That poor woman was so overworked, she could only play tennis 3 times a week and barely had time for her daily salon visits. Her life was just hell on earth.

  32. Adgirl says:

    Kathy Griffin – Life on the D List

    I’m sure she’s milked every dime possible out of this run. It revived her live show career and widened her audience. And it must be rather tedius having to create situations in your “real” life that are entertaining for TV. Especially as a comic you probably burn through a lot of material that you could put to better use in your act.

  33. AZ Girl says:

    Camille has been protected by the Kelsey Grammer PR umbrella and now that is gone. I bet it never occurred to her that once she lost Kelsey she was fair game to anything hiding on the internet. I have a feeling the reunion is going to include Faye Resnick and the comment about her posing in Playboy. At least I hope Andy has the balls to bring it up.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      hmmm, good point

    • quincyil says:

      Faye Resnick is a lot like Camille. Faye seems almost controlling in her friendship with Kyle and I do remember her manipulation of Nicole Brown Simpson and that bath tub too. I just don’t like Faye.

      • nancy says:

        Love you, Quincy but we will have to agree to disagree. Watched the O.J. trial, all of it. Maybe I don’t know that much about Faye but to say she is like Camile IMO is untrue.

        • nancy says:

          If Faye was whore-like, as Camile (that Prince thing) plus her porn video, we would have heard about it. Porn, don’t think we heard that Faye did this either. I could be wrong. But with all that is out there with the media we would have heard “stuff” about Faye.

          • quincyil says:

            In the book that Faye wrote, she lured Nicole Brown Simpson into a sexual encounter after plying her with liquor. Faye called her maid to prepare a bathtub with candles for Nicole and herself. It’s been a long time, but I remember that scene from the book. It seems controlling to me at the time and now. Plus, did Nicole want this to be shared with the public. I doubt that, but she was dead and there was no one to dispute Faye’s version of their friendship. I don’t think Faye was a good friend to Nicole.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              I don’t know quincy…how do we know what Nicole wanted or not?
              At one point didn’t OJ’s lawyers blame Faye for Nicole’s murder saying she was part of a drug cartel?
              I always felt like she was a somewhat tragic figure, and low on cash so she posed for Playboy. maybe she has some poor judgement, but controlling?
              I’m not arguing with you, I just never saw it like that.

              • quincyil says:

                I saw her controlling Kyle. She talks about being jealous if Kyle has Camille as her best friend in the limo. She knows every thing Kyle knows. Kim had a reaction to the comment that Faye was like a member of the family. Faye was the one at the fundraising table who asked if it was ok for the women to talk to Kyle about that evening with Camille. Every time we saw her she was controlling the conversation. Kyle seems to be a fly in a web to me. The manipulators often flatter. That’s how they keep control.

                • nancy says:

                  I don’t belive Kyle can be controlled by anyone. Kim, she always has the OMG look. So, I don’t read much into her “look”. Again, agree to disagee, Quincy. Friends?

                • quincyil says:

                  Google “Faye Reznick”…drugs…. rehab..association with men known to be involved with crime…. Some of Nicole’s family members and friends were concerned about Faye being in Nicole’s life. I remember some of that now. I think that Camille was talking about a Faye Reznick that she knows from people in Hollywood rather than Kyle’s friends and that the Playboy stuff was not the whole reason Camille called Faye, “immoral Faye Resnick.”

            • BessiB says:

              Well, obviously Faye Resnick was a good enough friend for many years as far as Nicole Brown Simpson and Kyle Richards is concerned, which kinda speaks for itself.

      • AZ Girl says:

        Faye is no saint but Camille made the “I am up here she is down there” comment (so to speak) and that is just delusional. I want Andy to question Camille like he did Kelly and see just how messed up Camille’s really is.

      • Katie says:

        I don’t know much about Faye at all, so can’t call her a whore or Camille for that matter just for being in playboy. I did think Faye was trying to get famous during the whole OJ thing but maybe I’m not remembering it correctly. Fame whores perhaps both are but real life whores sleeping around who knows.

    • TLM says:

      I don’t think the name is very good. It immediately conjures up an image of discomfort, as in, I have to squeeze into this elastic thing. No one wants to feel like they are squeezed into anything; it’s reminiscent of a girdle. “Shape”, “Smooth,” “Hugs” or any number of other words would have been good. What was she thinking??

    • AZ Girl says:

      I love the fact that they called Jill “Curvy”.

  34. Had Enough! says:

    Here, too:

    At the premiere of Season of the Witch last night, Jill Zarin explained to Daily Intel why she and her husband, Bobby, are looking to get out of the furniture business. “We went into the furniture and design business about five years ago, and I was working in the business full time, and I’ve sort of stepped out of working it full time,” she said. And she confirmed that they are seeking a tenant to take over the retail space at the family’s Grand Street headquarters. “We want to go back to the core of the business, which is fabrics, and we really don’t need that kind of retail space,” Jill said. The Zarins said that, in fact, they could run the fabric business from the second floor of the building, which would open the ground-floor retail space to a new tenant. “Basically, we’ll put it out there and [see] if we get a good tenant,” Jill said. “Because the tenant has to complement our existing business, or not compete against it. If it’s a good match, we’ll see.” Bobby Zarin says he’s currently dabbling with different ideas for the space, and is “talking to everybody.”

    “We want someone creative,” Jill said. A separate furniture store would be good, she thinks, because then customers would go upstairs to buy Zarin fabrics. “I mean, we would even entertain being partners if somebody brought us the right opportunity,” she said. “We have children, you know, who are working, and they could maybe … who knows, it could be a café where we supply the real estate and they run the business and we’re partners. It could be anything. So we’re open to ideas.” The Zarin name, she pointed out, is a draw. “Someone may not want to change the name. They might want to become partners with us and call it Zarin Café and run the business.” That might not be a bad idea, since the couple says the current Zarin-branded awnings will remain regardless of what takes over the space. “We’ll still have our awnings; we’re not giving those up. It’s sort of become a landmark down there,” Jill said. “We’re founding fathers of the Lower East Side; we’ve been there for 75 years, so we’re not moving,” Bobby added.

    In the meantime, Jill had a question for us. “Can New York Magazine be nicer to me this season, please? They were very mean to me. What’s the name of that blog?” Vulture, we replied, shirking the blame. “Oh, so mean to me. What did I do?” she asked, laughing. “What did I do, Vulture?”

    [Ed: We thought we made it pretty clear, Jill. But thanks for reading! Let’s start next season with a clean slate. After all, it’ll probably be up to you to clean up all the messes this time around.]

    • TLM says:

      The Spool and Thread Cafe? Bobby’s Beans? Jill’s Java?

    • California35 says:

      Wow – I like your find better 🙂

      “..be nicer to me this season, please?” “…what the name of that blog?” what blog is she talking about? I wonder … 😛

      • Need a Hobby says:

        NY Mag’s RHONY episode recap blog last season frequently had a section called “Reasons Why Jill Zarin is a Disgusting Person.”

  35. sammyjoesmom says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MonE_Xjcss Has anyone seen this video that Luanns daughter (victoria) made. OMG!!!

  36. Justtomakeulaugh-bkaAMIA says:

    Hey, I deleted my twitter account. I couldn’t take it no more. I don;t think I’ll go back either. It’s just to much craziness and for twitter to allow the abuse that Lynn takes it’s wrong! I am begging ppl to read @jzandlynnsuck tweets that she sends to Lynn on a daily basis. or go to bettween.com and enter both their names and you’ll see that jzandlynnsuck has sent over 550 tweets to Lynn w/ Lynn only responding less than 100 times telling her “stop” or just defending her self. I beg everyone to report it to twitter. What’s it gonna take for twitter to put a stop to harassment someone kill their self? Sure you can block but that only does so much someone will RT so you can see. I have had it done to me.

  37. klmh says:

    A funny for your day:

    • TLM says:

      Wow, this person actually makes the slimeballs at Cash4Gold.com look like they are actual businesspeople.

      • klmh says:

        Its a fake of course, but I really enjoyed it. Hope no one has had to use these thieves though.

  38. HD says:

    Hey Everyone! I have missed a few blogs and I am playing catch up. Glad to see that Joe finally got caught with some of his lying and has to pay back his friend!

    -If Camille does not return to the Beverly Hills show, which is fine because she is crazy and I can’t stand her, they need to find some juicy Beverly Hills women. The other women are boring. Nothing against them they just don’t really do much.

    -I feel bad for the woman on MM last night. I fell asleep, but I can’t believe she was basically buying off the guy to be with her. She seemed to have a lot of personality and needs to understand her personal inner wealth and worth before she dates. If not she will let men use her and 1.7 million is NOT a lot of money when you think about it if you are buying cars and bikes and giving people start up capital.

    • Had Enough! says:

      I don’t believe she’s worth 1.7 mill. She was a wage slave until 2007 (working in PR at Il Mulino, a chain of Italian restaurants). The 1bdr/1bath is worth about 600k of the 1.7 mill. She didn’t make 1.1 mill since 2007. Even if her company did really well right out of the gate, she has expenses, employees, etc. and I seriously doubt she brought home enough to amass 1.2 mill since 2007. Someone upthread said she might have inherited. I agree.

      But in any case, no, that is not a lot of money in NYC.

      Here’s the thing. I didn’t see any inner wealth, either. I saw a woman who I wouldn’t want to be around for five minutes. She was irritating and ridiculous.

      • quincyil says:

        The inheritance idea was mine. Patti had one millionaire who got a couple of million in a settlement after a confrontation with a police officer. Patti doesn’t have a hard fast rule that you had to earn the money.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        I’m mad at her.

        She could have been awesome but instead…well, I changed the channel. I had to avert my eyes.

  39. California35 says:

    Had Enough -Sorry for bringing this here…but this is what I meant about Bravo should be thanking Lynn. You said well …

    Had Enough! says:
    January 5, 2011 at 11:17 am
    Lynn Hudson – the “anti-Strega.”

    Bravo should be paying you to run this blog and your podcast. How many people continue to watch this drek just so we can come here to snark about it later? Without this blog, I would probably watch Bethenny and Beverly Hills, and that’s about it.

    And Jill Zarin should write you a big thank you note for all the helpful advice we’ve given her, and because as her Trained Sasquatch told her, PR101. The alternative, Mrs. Zarin, is that we ignore you and forget you. Once we stop watching, your Bravo contract is history, honey. So like it or not, you need us and Lynne is doing you a huge favor.

    • HD says:

      Amen and Amen! I watch Beverly Hills and NJ so I can keep up with the women here. I also try to press my way to watch MM but I keep falling asleep. Even if I miss it I know there will be a great recap here so I won’t miss much.

      • California35 says:

        Right now, I only watch New Housewives. The only oldies I watch are the NY (I am looking forward to), now also Betheny’s own show. I do watch other things from Bravo, but nothing religiously. I do visit this blog daily thought and I would try to catch something on TV if it is mentioned here.

  40. klmh says:

    Twas the month after Christmas,
    and all through the house,
    Nothing would fit me,
    not even a blouse.

    The cookies I’d nibbled,
    the chocolate I’d taste
    At the holiday parties
    had gone to my waist.

    When I got on the scales
    there arose such a number!
    When I walked to the store
    (I felt like I carried some lumber),

    I’d remember the marvelous meals I’d prepared;
    The gravies and sauces and beef nicely rared,
    The wine and the rum balls, the bread and the cheese
    And the way I’d never said, “No thank you, please.”

    As I dressed myself in my husband’s old shirt
    And prepared once again to do battle with dirt…
    I said to myself, as I only can,
    “You can’t spend a winter, disguised as a man!”

    So, away with the last of the sour cream dip.
    Get rid of the fruit cake, every cracker and chip.
    Every last bit of food that I like must be banished
    Till all the additional ounces have vanished.

    I won’t have a cookie, not even a lick.
    I’ll want only to chew on a long celery stick.
    I won’t have hot biscuits, or corn bread, or pie.
    I’ll munch on a carrot and quietly cry.

    I’m hungry, I’m lonesome, and life is a bore…
    But isn’t that what January is for?

    Unable to giggle, no longer a riot.
    Happy New Year to all, and to all a good diet.

  41. alicia says:

    Soo funny- yet sadly my reality !!!

  42. error 404 says:

    so Allison DuBois speaks out in her defense, and her excuse is… wait for it… drumroll please… Bravo edited her to look bad! Yes. You can’t make this stuff up. lol

    • nancy says:

      OT Wanted to let you all know I have decided my New Year wish is to post more. Hope I have not come off as too overbearing. Lynn can comfirm when I believe strongly that I can be, well, I tell it like how I believe it is. Got kicked off RT long time ago when they were being rude about Lynn and told them they could more or less stick it where the sun does not shine. Sent an e-mail to Lynn and she helped me out. BTW, this was loooooonnnng time ago. This is why I appreciate Lynn so much. She wrote me back and has on a couple more times about other issues. Love you Lynn.

      • Had Enough! says:

        Nancy – no one here is a wallflower. Not even Wallflower, who is changing her name to FlowerPower (love it!). Speak out, speak up, go for it!

      • quincyil says:

        No problem with speaking/writing your thoughts. Of course, new members of the board have to provide snacks. Sorry, that is a rule. It’s your turn.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        :)xo Nancy thanks for that sweet post! I’m happy to have been able to help, really! I hope you post more often, love to hear from you!

      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        Hi Nancy~
        You are not alone in that~except I chose not to post on that site because they were a lot of bullies on there. Cannot believe the people they let stay & they kicked you off? They more or less told me where I could stick it~I never encountered a site like that in my life. That’s why I am so thankful to Lynn as well.
        Peace & Love to you & Lynn Fam.

    • Cusi77 says:

      Error_ Yeah… “editing” my eyes! They put words in her mouth? She was drunk and malicious IMO.

  43. LynnNChicago says:

    @BravoAndy: Camille Grammer quitting ‘Real Housewives’? Not so fast, rep says. http://t.co/eL7GB72

    This is HIGHLY unusual, Andy Cohen very rarely tweets articles about any of his shows or his housewives. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever see him do this before…interesting!

  44. WSL says:

    New Breast Cancer Drug Found Deep in the Sea. WSJ 1/ 3 / 2011


    The Food and Drug Administration’s approval of Halaven in November was a triumph of chemistry and tenacious research.

  45. WSL says:

    New York Times 12 / 30 / 2010

    The 110 Things New Yorkers
    Talked about in 2010

    I was surprised to see Ne Ne made the list. # 93. She rated a photograph, which most did not.

    #93. Anderson Cooper finally gets to meet NeNe Leakes. He seems the more star-struck of the two


    • nancy says:

      Good to see you, WSL. You are my idol. Kind, giving,thoughtful,caring and many more positive traits.

      • nancy says:

        Gotta go. Top Chief is on. Even though I am on the West Coast. I get this early with my HiDef stuff. See ya all soon.

  46. quincyil says:

    So, I started googling the name of the person who was “out of fashion” a while back….

    I noticed that every time, IHJZ, was on the first page of the google search. Then, after a new Real housewives show… I’d google the name of one of the women and the name of the show and …IHJZ would be on the first page. My son is in computers and the net….. He told me that the google searches reflect the number of hits that a site gets. Lynn had some numbers from word press and had a link a while back. This blog has to be doing quite well to get on google’s first page. Sometimes, it is on the top of the page too. I think there are a lot of blogs that write about the Bravo shows. I don’t know how to figure out how popular this site is compared to some others, but that first page of google is a strong indicator.

    • Adgirl says:

      Google keeps changing their formula so companies can’t game them, but essentially it’s combination of relevance, page views and keywords.

  47. WSL says:

    I think we should rename you,
    Lady Nancy. Now your shyness can be covered in nobility with a huge dose of politeness.
    We await your appearences & know adjusting your crown & robes takes time !
    BTW Could u consider buying that island we discussed, for ill to move to permanently ? 🙂

    • nancy says:

      Gosh, I missed your wit. Thank you, WSL. I will wear the crown proudly. Now about that bridge/island. I also have for sale gold. Plenty of gold. LOL Oh and a mansion in Jersey with lots of tacky furniture.

  48. WSL says:

    What’s Lava lady ?
    Do u like volcanoes ?

    • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

      No, not volcanoes. It’s my favorite place to go, Lavallette, NJ. It’s a beautiful, small shore town. We have a beach house there.

  49. Noelle says:

    Not sure I like this challenge?….

  50. Noelle says:

    WAY Hope Jamie goes home.

  51. Noelle says:

    Casey! WTF??

  52. ches says:

    If Camille Grammer quits, and I don’t think she will, I think it will be due to the entire hooker thing. I do believe she is the one refered to in the blind item. I think when she originally signed on to do RHs, she had herself so convinced that *her* perception of Camille Grammer (rich, powerful, exuding taste and class, untouchable) of the last few years was the real one.
    She forgot there are people out there who knew the real CG ( low-class, morally corrupt, and who would do anybody for money). I think her lifestyle of the last few years made her believe she was untouchable. I think there are many people out there like that. It’s all been inuendo and rumor up till now…no proof, nothing concrete. But now that she realizes that there are people out there working overtime to find proof, she’s worried. She probably thinks if she goes crawling back to her little hole, she will be forgotten and can spend her 50 mil in peace, living the life of Kelsey Grammer’s ex -wife instead of Camille Grammer the ex-hooker.
    And Allison DuBois is just plain stupid. She had the chance to come out and say, “I had a little too much to drink that night. Alcohol is not my friend and I really try to stay away from it because it makes me just nasty, but I was nervous because of the show so I probably had 1 or 2 more than I should have. And really couldn’t eat much all day which just made it worse”
    OK…mean drunk…done! We all know one. Or related to one. Or are one ourselves.
    But she had to say she wasnt drunk. She claims she only had 2 drinks.
    So she would rather be known as a petty, mean, nasty, vile person then a petty, mean, nasty, vile drunk.

    • quincyil says:

      If Camille thinks she can fix her image by staying on the show, she is wrong. It’s impossible to fix with all of the stuff on the internet. Just let it go and have a good life.

  53. Dawn says:

    I’m in shock. Casey went home rather than Jamie? Wow.

  54. WSL says:

    Hi Noelle
    Happy New Year. I hope u & ur family had a wonderful holiday !
    U haven’t been around to party w/me late at night lately. I hope that means your meds r working & u r sleeping well.
    BTW Am.Idiot has changed her name to Lava Lady 🙂

  55. Noelle says:

    WOW?? Are you for reeal??!!

  56. Rabble Rouser says:

    So since everyone is talking about their dieting goals and what they have done, I will list mine. Since I haven’t been feeling well, I really haven’t been very physically active. I’ve got a plan to change that but for now the focus is on food and moderation.

    I’ve cut out wine-at least during the week as well as diet soda. I am drinking limited coffee and water with crystal light.

    I also signed up on a site that gives me a daily calorie goal and counts them for me-it will also add calories burned for physical activities .

    TuesBrian Hood
    1/2 braeburn apple

    Water with crystal light
    1/2 apple

    1/2 protein bar

    (now this is where I spent my calories)
    KFC drumstick
    Mash potatoes
    1/2 corn

    I was about cals over my ‘daily limit’

    Coffee with fat free creamer
    1/2 protein bar

    water with crystal light
    1/2 protein bar

    Smart Pop popcorn mini bag
    water with crystal light

    Chicken curry with white rice-carefully portioned
    water with crystal light

    If I stay within my calorie limits, it’s calculated I will lose 2 lbs per week. I hope to increase my ‘activity’ levels so I can add some more calories.

  57. Cusi77 says:


    Year-to-date statistics on Airport screening from the Department of Homeland Security:

    Terrorist Plots Discovered 0

    Transvestites 133

    Hernias 1,485

    Hemorrhoids 3,172

    Enlarged Prostates 8,249

    Breast Implants 59,350

    Natural Blonds 3

  58. lillybee says:

    So Jamie does scallops badly again but Casey goes home. Does Jamie have a picture of Tom with a goat or what?

  59. Noelle says:


  60. Noelle says:

    No Way!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I know- my husband who refuses to actively watch the show ever since Hose beat Stefn – said this is part of the reason he doesn’t watch- if casey’s dish wasn’t conceptually wrong and was just cooked wrong- and she was front of the house- how does that hang her when Jamie made crap!

  61. Noelle says:


  62. lillybee says:

    I don’t know how many people know this but chicken feet are the secret ingredient in many a Jewish mother’s chicken soup recipe. It does make the broth a nice rich yellow.

  63. Noelle says:

    Not only making broth rich yellow…but making flavorful soup too!

  64. Adgirl says:

    Top Chef All Stars.
    I am so disgusted that Casey was sent home instead of Jamie. I never thought Casey would win, but I don’t think she got a fair shake.
    On the other hand – for future Top Chef contestants: Don’t volunteer (to be first, to serve ) because you want to show your team spirit. Never works for you and will always bites you in the butt!! No one has your back. No one!

  65. WSL says:

    Love ur airport screening report. I was pushed thru the screening machine b4 I could say,no thanks I’ll have the pat down.When I asked “why me”. I was told that, when the machine is unoccupied the next in line goes thru. I asked who/where was viewing me. I was told someone in a control room on the other side of the airport. The attendant had on earphones. The machine felt my back & left leg,looked suspicious. I was pat down, on those suspicious spots.
    I felt unhappy for my lack of control & intrusive search. WSM wasn’t put in the machine. He wouldn’t let me fuss or even console me, over what I felt was a body invasion. He said we have to do what needs to b done to be safe.

    • quincyil says:

      Hmmm… I always walk in front of my husband because he dawdles. Could this be the reason that I had to have the Xray scan when going through Hartforld airport and he just walked through with no extra notice by the TSA even though he is the guy from the Middle East. I thought the TSA was only singling me out because I married him.

      It’s good to know the US is safe from WSL and quincyIL.

  66. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Good morning

  67. quincyil says:

    The ongoing investigation into the Real City Housewife/Reese Whitherspoon Connection

    As you know (one more in Boston,) I have been looking into the connection from a famous AC published blogger and a certain actress with an ancestor who signed the Declaration of Independence. I first noticed the resemblence between the two entities when I took a link from this site. Both wear dark glasses, have blond hair and look like they belong in a store on Rodeo Drive. This morning, I caught a dittie on TMZ which just happened to feature that blond actress and her huge diamond engagement ring. Reese spent her Christmas vacation jogging with her fiance according to the 24/7 surveillence set up by the LA paparazzi. During this same period, our beloved blog mistress and tweeter was mia. She explained that she had gone to Northern Canada for a vacation. ( I have a great deal of knowledge when it comes to Canadians as when I travel internationally, I pretend to be Canadian.) Canadians flock to Disney in Florida and Phoenix this time of year. They are called, “snow birds.” They stand in lines very politely at Disney waiting their turn for the exhibits. They open doors from Americans and smile. In Phoenix, they offer to let your cart play through on the gold courses. Canadians are kind and polite. It’s a national trait. That’s why I try to be Canadian by tapping xeroxed orange maple leaves on my luggage. Europeans like Canadians. (If I pay a boat load of cash for a vacation, I want to be treated nicely.) A Canadian claiming to go to the tundra at Christmas seems a tad unusual. ( Of course, I spend Christmas as one of Sant’s elves cleaning reindeer stalls so what do I know.)

    I also voiced concern that our “Canadian” blogger never used, “eh?,” at the end of a sentence. I love Canadian sitcoms. “eh?” is used after the end of almost all sentences in the land above us. I know. I saw it on TV. (When I pretend to be Canadian, I try to be polite, but throw in a few, “ehs?” for good measure.)

    So, a new year begins and my quest to find a link between the founders of our great nation and a Canadian blogger will continue. I would like DNA samples from both subjects because I would like to run gels, but I doubt Reese Whitherspoon’s lawyers would like that. I’m just going to have to google twitter for both and look for “commonality. ” (“Commonality” is one of my fake Canadian words. Canada belongs to the British Commonwealth. Americans don’t generally know about these things and it makes me seem more pretend Canadian when I’m in Britain. )

    Being a pretend Canadian comes in handy when you travel internationally. Just ask the many Americans that were given Canadian passports and were able to escape Iran in 1980 during the American Embassy Hostage crisis. It also comes in handy when the US airports shut down and flights are coming to North American during terrorist attacks. The Canadians took Americans into their homes and sheltered them during this time. So… being Canadian is cool. I think you all would agree.

    • boston02127 says:

      @quincy–Why is there an ongoing investigation into the Real City Housewife/Reese Whitherspoon Connection? Did I miss something?

    • quincyil says:

      resemblance…. that IL accent keeps popping in…

      • quincyil says:

        Ramona is an odd bird. For some reason, she never thinks about possible outcomes of her words and actions. When you hit 55, it is time to stop blaming your parents for your personal quirks and take some responsibility for what you do and say.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      oh crap- you are too funnee!

      I am verrryyy suspicious too. I always thought Reese Witherspoon may have more of an evil sense of humor than she presents…

      Keep up the i-spy work quincy!

      • quincyil says:

        Can you pop up to Canada and get a mouth swab? Even if we can’t get Reese Witherspoon’s DNA, we can run the gels on Real City Housewife and see if she has any American blood.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      Quincy you are hilarious….love your take on us Canucks.

  68. boston02127 says:

    Happy Birthday California35 ~~~~ Hope your day is good.

  69. boston02127 says:

    With Friends Like Ramona Singer…

    Well boys and girls, it seems Ramona Singer and LuAnn deLesseps of the Real Housewives of New York are no longer friendly… at all..

    Not after Ramona tweeted a link to a video featuring 16 year old Victoria deLesseps, seemingly high and rolling what looks like a joint.


    • quincyil says:

      Ramona Singer has a screw loose too. It’s not normal to do and say the things she does and says without any filters. If Ramona’s daughter did this and someone tweeted it, she would be furious.

      • HD says:

        Why did Ramona have the “n word” on her Twitter? Why not just not repost the tweet or if she felt so compelled to let people know about the video just post the link. Hmmmmm….now I’m gonna wonder about her…

        • quincyil says:

          Ramona is rich, but she has no class.

        • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

          I am very surprised and disappointed that Ramona did this. She knew tweeting this would cause problems between both families. I guess that is what she wanted. Still, if reflects very poorly on Ramona, and may come back to haunt her.

          • HD says:

            It does reflect poorly on Ramona. To be quite honest, this girl is 16. What 16 year old is innocent? When I watched the video I was not shocked at all, it looked like a 16 year old being 16 and acting a little wild and goofy. Should she have said the n word, no. Do I know a lot of teens that say the n word? Endless amounts. It only got attention because she is the Countess’s daughter. Other than that, no one would care. I have seen MUCH worse. Hell, I done much worse at 16. LOL! Ramona needs to feel stupid for starting stuff and for reposting the N word. Now she will come out and apologize for that crap and blah blah blah.

            I like Ramona but she just went down a notch for me.

            • BessiB says:

              It could have been that Ramona just forwarded the tweet without giving it any thought, or maybe it was just another of many ‘gotcha’ digs she does, but I would not hold Ramona responsible for solely quashing something that has been floating around for three week.

              In fact, I would have re-tweeted it directly to Luann. (Yes, I am a tattle-tale, too. )

          • sammyjoesmom says:

            Maybe it’s a ratings ploy. You know how they put “drama” out there right before the new season starts. Maybe Ramona was hacked or Avery did it? Whatever it was, it was a shame. If Victoria hadn’t said the N word in it, it would have actually been kinda cute (except for the weed rolling) or maybe it was cloves. She sure was good at it though.

            • HD says:

              LOL! She probably has had practice rolling them. LOL! It was probably weed but these fancy smancy kids nowadays are smoking all kinds of “herbal” stuff and all that. Like Miley Cyrus smoking salvia so it could have been anything.

        • BessiB says:

          I don’t tweet, but it looks like it was tweeted to her that way. She just re-tweeted. Isn’t it already there for everyone to see? So what is the difference is she passed on what was already out there?

          When I see something of interest or shocking, I share. OK, I am a terrible person. too.

          • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

            I guess you could look at it this way – Would you retweet a video that shows your co worker’s child in a not so flattering light? A child that you know and see on occasion? I think the right thing for Ramona to do would have been to send a private message to LuAnn informing her that the video was out there. Since it was taken down soon after Ramona’s tweet, I believe LouAnn did not want it seen by whoever.

            • BessiB says:

              Yes, right to their mama.

              Maybe if that co-worker talked about how badly behaved my friend’s kids were, I may send it to me friend.

              OK, I’m lying, I would definitely send it to my friend.

            • quincyil says:

              No, I would not. I would rely on the kindess of strangers to take care of this.

        • Had Enough! says:

          Just so the non-tweeters are clear about this; It was Victoria who used the N word. Ramona was describing what the video showed. She didn’t need to spell it out. Saying “the N word” would have been enough. Everyone knows what that means.

          But honestly, I actually don’t blame Luann for that. I think parents have far less influence over their kids than they think they have/would like to have. Plus kids use words in a different way than adults, and it seems to be fashionable for rich white kids to use what they see as ghetto talk, not realizing (or not caring?) that it is NOT acceptable when they do it. Plus they look totally stupid.

          • BessiB says:

            Did Ramona describe it, or was that word on the tweet she received?

            It looked to me like that is how she got the tweet (probably to get her attention)

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I think maybe Luann might have something to do with it.
            Remember when The Count was rumored to be with an Ethiopian Princess? She said something to the effect that she thinks they made the Princess part up to help qualify they fact they were dating- so it wouldn’t be like he was ‘just dating an Ethiopian woman’. I thought was very suspect.

            Also her remark about how the Count would be shocked to know she was dating a Jewish man, at the time it came across as maybe it maybe have been anti-Semitic on the part of the Count but now I wonder if maybe Luanne didn’t at times make anti-semantic statements to that effect which why the Count would be surprised that she is now dating someone who is Jewish.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          What the hell? Was that really her twitter account? Or was she drunk of her ass and shut her brain and decency off.

          I am stunned. Why would she use that word? Everyone knows it’s not cool and not taken lightly.

          The blow back on this is going to be huge.

      • boston02127 says:

        quincyil–I agree. It was inappropriate of Ramona.

      • BessiB says:

        I think if Ramona’s daughter did this and someone re-tweeted it, the only person Ramona would have any cause to be mad at would be Ramona’s daughter.

        • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

          Of course LuAnn’s first issue is with her daughter and whoever put the video out there. But I still feel Ramona is wrong. Ramona’s retweet of this video brought it to the attention of alot of people, and she only did that to harm LuAnn and Victoria. She could have just sent it to LuAnn, but she did not. She chose to make it even more public, and that is what I don’t like about this whole situation.

          • BessiB says:

            Granted, she sure could have. But, I would not expect it of her based on Ramona being Ramana – whether unthinkingly or intentionally. Just, I am not at all suprised, and it went down pretty much as I would expect it to have.

            And if not Ramona, it would have been someone else. It was on YouTube.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              If I got the tweet about a ‘friends’ daughter or even a former friends daughter, I would get them on the phone and give them a heads up in hopes they could take the video down before all hell broke loose.

  70. boston02127 says:

    I just looked at the TV guide for tonight. A new episode of the RHOBH is on at 9. Isn’t is usually on at 10?

    • quincyil says:

      Yes..time change for no good reason.

      “Selling NYC” is on HGTV tonight. A number of board members liked that show.

      • boston02127 says:

        HGTV was my mothers favorite channel. I got hooked on it. I love House Hunters. There use to be another show on called If These Walls Could Talk, I liked that show too.

        • Had Enough! says:

          I am more a fan of Property Virgins. I think Sandra Rinamato is great.

          On both PV and HH, I find myself yelling at the TV a lot – you can paint the walls, you idiot. Sandra is pretty good about trying to get them to see what matters and what doesn’t.

          Love Selling NY. It’s like realty sci fi – a parallel universe of real estate. Plus amazing apartments.
          Talk about yuppie porn…

          • quincyil says:

            I watched a HGTV show about rental houses in Key West and looked them up. My husband quashed the idea, but I really liked those houses….

        • sammyjoesmom says:

          I love that channel. I enter that mansion contest every year but I always worry if I won it, how on earth would I pay the taxes. Remember the family that won it and lost a year later due to the upkeep, taxes and all.

  71. AZ Girl says:

    Went to bed early before TC All stars ended. Up tread Casey is sent home? Jamie is still in the competition?

    Love the comment about Tom and 2 underage goats. 🙂

    • HD says:

      I cannot believe Casey went home. Although here we have it once again…someone NOT making their own food especially when you are trying something new like a chicken foot. I would not have agreed to be on the floor.

      Jamie really needs to go home. That dumpling looked BARELY filled and didn’t even look cooked. I love dumplings and seeing them last night made me decide to make some for dinner tonight.

  72. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Time change makes it easier for me to watch since it comes on at 8 pm for us central time people. I cannot stay up late anymore but I sure do get up early.
    Watching Jersey wives now.

  73. sammyjoesmom says:

    Is anyone watching season 3 of NJ? It’s on Bravo all day.

  74. AZ Girl says:

    Tom C. blog is up on Bravo. I guess Casey’s chicken feet were inedible. They really could not be eaten whereas Jamie’s dumplings were bad they could be eaten. Why with the caliber of cooks is this even a problem?

  75. nancy says:

    Good morning all. TC really upset me. OK really pissed me off. Yea, maybe Casey should have gone home. BUT, why is Jamie still there? I am guessing ratings. I believe TC knows what it’s doing. That in it’s self rubs me the wrong way. Least TC knows we will keep watching to see Jamie get the boot.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Last night’s surprise got me to thinking – Bravo keeps some folks on longer because they have some secret formula for keeping obnoxious individuals there longer than they should. Jamie has to leave! Look at Calvin – yes he can design but he is a very odious human being – yet he is still there….

  76. Had Enough! says:

    Kelly Bensimon loves her kids so much and wants to spend every minute of every day with them. We know that because she tells us so all the time.

    That is, every minute that she isn’t going to SoulCycle, followed by a quickie trip to the Borgatta in AC, where she stayed overnight.

    I know single people in their 20s who don’t go out 1/4 as much as this 42-yr-old hag with 2 kids. I would call her a washed-up has-been, but since she never-was, she can’t be a has-been.

    So far, everything she does contradicts everything she says. How long before we hear that the retro-virginity, true-love only, Mr. Right, modesty thing is a cover for one-night hook-ups with 20-something nameless hard bodies?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kelly wants to be authentically real and seen as relevant – she is neither but she will never understand why.

  77. Pantry Viewer says:

    So I hear on the radio this morning that Camille has quit Housewives after the taping
    of the reunion. She says she is being edited to “look bad”. Haha! Okay, Kelly.

    The program said they believe all Housewives have a three-season requirement in their contract, so don’t know how that works.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Supposedly she has lawyered up and is looking for a settlement from Bravo. It will be interesting to see how she acts on the reunion show where she isn’t the one controlling her universe – editing as an excuse for bad behavior wouldn’t work for a three year old…..Like all those nasty ladies before her – you are what you are and you say what you say and you know all this as you are being filmed!

      • HD says:

        Wait a minute…she has lawyered up trying to get money from Bravo?

        • Waxdiva says:

          Doubt it… she’ll probably have to pay them… either in appearances, promos or money.

          • Need a Hobby says:

            I think there’s a provision for “talent” to buy out their contract if they want to leave.

          • Di says:

            I agree Diva. Bravo doesn’t owe her money for what she believes is her negative portrayal, she signed away those rights when she signed her initial contract.

            Most likely, she does however owe Bravo for the rest of her contract (if she was obligated to more than one season), either by continuing working or buying herself out of the contract.

            That said, it wouldn’t surprise me if Bravo just let her out of her contract without penalty. Bravo would likely spend more trying to collect from her than to just wave goodbye.

            It pays to hook up (& break up) with Kelsey Grammer. Camille should be so proud of her accomplishments. She really made a name for herself, which was her goal at the beginning of the season. Careful what you wish for.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              My guess is this, if she is obligated to do another season and want doesn’tbuy them out of her contract.

              She will do the season but will refuse to film with Kyle and maybe some of the other housewives. They can film her getting her hair and make up done, playing tennis, sitting in the spa and going on motorcycle rides with other peoples husbands. All in all- nothing of interest- and they will mutually agree not to be back for a third season.

              There is a slime chance, she might play with her kids or do some charity work along the way to try and redeem her image but I think she is done.

              • Waxdiva says:

                IMO, she had a little hissy fit because the reunion show wasn’t going her way and quit. Cami then realized there were some legalities she had to deal with; hence, Andy’s ‘not so fast’ tweet originating from Cami’s PR guy. The latest came from Cami on Ellen’s show… she has two weeks to decide whether or not she’s coming back to RHOBH. IMO, she’ll be back only to attempt to rehabilitate her craptastic image. Can’t wait to see that!!

    • sammyjoesmom says:

      Ooo! I hope that indicates that the reunion is filled with drama and fireworks

  78. vilzvet says:

    Rats, there is a snowstorm alert for NY area and a caravan of us have to travel up past Boston tomorrow for a memorial service. It’s been dry all week! Oh well.

  79. Pantry Viewer says:

    Oh, sorry, guys. I hadn’t seen that the info on Camille had been posted above before I posted a minute ago. ^^

    Sorry! My computer at home is down and I’m not on as often as usual to keep up 🙂 But I know you’ll forgive me!

  80. skogsstig says:

    Funny recap of Top Chef here:

  81. Waxdiva says:

    Melissa Gorga will be singing (maybe Tree will be singing, too…from jail!!! bwahaha):


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