IHJZ Watch What Happens Live Jan 15, 2011

IHJZ Watch What Happens Live Jan 15, 2011

Air Date Jan 13, 2011

Thursday night Andy welcomed Camille Grammer to his clubhouse in New York City, pretty convenient for Camille since she was “delivering” her children to her soon to be ex-husband, Kelsey Grammer.

Andy’s interview with Camille taking place immediately after The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills aired the episode that revealed Kelsey’s ending of the marriage. These scenes were filmed at the time of The Tony Awards which were in June of 2010, 7 months prior. Camille didn’t seem all that upset, there were no tears as she described how she felt but was eager to tell Andy about her brief meeting with Kelsey’s new girlfriend/fiancé. I don’t know if you can actually get formerly engaged when you’re not legally divorced yet, but Kelsey has done it. Personally, I think he looks like an old fool but he’s jumping in again.

Andy announced that Kelsey was set to appear on David Letterman’s show that night and let Camille know that his new girlfriend would make a quick appearance on the show as well, with her children. Once again, Camille didn’t seem bothered by that much, until she told the world that Kelsey was using their children as “props” yet she just mentioned “delivering” her kids, you deliver packages and flowers and milk, I found it odd that she used the word, “delivering”. Camille told Andy that she and her friend DeDe purposely went down to the car where Kelsey’s girlfriend was waiting for him and the children just to see the new girl.

Camille mentioned that she had a strong handshake but that it was a bit uncomfortable, she called Kelsey’s new love, nice and lovely. Would Camille have gone down to that car if she hadn’t had her instigator/friend/makeup artist/paid employee DeDe with her? I tend to doubt it.

All three of Andy’s “obsessions” this week were about his guest:

1. Camille made an appearance on Howard Stern’s radio show that has a lot of people buzzing, some of the things that Camille said about her husband of 13-years were uncalled for and even a bit cruel. Stern has a way of making people say what they wouldn’t say in any regular interview. As Andy played a portion of the interview Camille held her head high and didn’t dispute a word of it. She called Kelsey a “unique freak” insinuated that he liked to wear women’s clothing, that he was gay and that she thought that if Kelsey ever left her, it would be for a man.

2. Andy brought up Anderson Cooper’s new love for Camille Grammer, a repeat of his obsessions from last week, seemingly just because Camille was sitting next to him but he didn’t give Camille a chance to comment on it or even react to it.

3. Watch What Happens Live’s Cracker Jack crew uncovered some old footage of Camille dancing at a Bar Mitzvah, apparently part of her gig as a dancer was to entertain at private parties. Nothing exciting there.

Andy asked Camille if she regretted attending the Tony Awards with her husband, in retrospect he was clearly using her to keep up appearances and having already asked her for a divorce, many question why she even attended. She claims that she doesn’t regret attending and that Kelsey lured her there by promising a romantic weekend and possibly even a reconciliation.

The poll question was just that, Would you have gone to the Tony’s with Kelsey? 83% indicated that they would not have gone. I think that if what Camille said was true and Kelsey was indicating that this could be a chance to save the marriage, I would have gone as well but the minute I learned that I wasn’t welcome in the “family home” I would have been on a plane right back to Los Angeles.

I have to give Andy credit, he asked some of the tough questions, Camille admitted that she was wrong in a few areas and even wished she could take back some things that she said on the show. She used the dreaded “unfair editing” bullshit that no one believes but never really expanded on that.

Some of the things that she wanted to take back was her calling Faye “Morally corrupt” and her continuously calling the other women “jealous” of her. Camille admitted she did not really believe that Kyle was jealous of her and told Andy that Kyle’s husband Maricio was still her realtor.

Camille repeated some of this on the after show video’s shown on Bravotv.com, you can view them here:


Camille seemed to indicate that she and Kyle were no longer at odds but have a friendly relationship.

Camille was asked about some of her most embarrassing moments on the show, not only calling Kyle jealous but unprofessionally firing Kyle’s husband Maricio but Cohen failed to ask Camille about the passive-aggressive gift of the book “How To Behave” and what she meant by that, another “joke” I’ll bet.

Camille noted that Maricio does currently have a listing for one of her homes for sale and that Kyle sent her a text message wishing her luck on the show. Camille said that she doesn’t think that she’s better than Kyle and that she regrets saying that on the show.

Camille was asked about her many friends who all seem to be paid employees. Camille pointed to her make up artist once again as her best friend of “several years” but ignored the fact that she also pays her. It doesn’t matter how long she’s been your make up artist, she’s still a paid employee and clearly hasn’t disagreed with one word that has come out of Camille’s mouth the entire time. DeDe is a paid make up artist / yes person. I wish Andy had asked Camille if DeDe was being paid to be there that night, because we all know that she had just done Camille’s make up and was most certainly being paid to be there in New York with her “friend/employer”.

Camille was asked if she thought there could be a different outcome in her marriage if she had moved to New York with her husband when he began his Broadway show. She indicated that it was possible but based on what she said during the After Show, this doesn’t really make sense.

Camille said that two of Kelsey’s friends told her that they had already heard from Kelsey that he planned on leaving his wife and he told them that around Christmas time 2009. Kelsey’s Broadway show started in February 2010 and I’m sure he moved to New York prior to that for rehearsals but it sure seems like he was planning on leaving Camille before he even made the move to New York.

Camille also confirmed that Kelsey was the one who pushed her to be on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and things seemed to turn out pretty well for him, his soon to be ex-wife looks like an ogre and people only wonder why Kelsey didn’t leave her sooner. Kelsey screwed up by flaunting his new girlfriend so soon, getting her pregnant and setting a wedding date so soon, his new wedding date is literally days after the divorce is set to be final, assuming all the details are worked out.

Andy asked Camille if she would consider being set up by Patti Stanger of Millionaire Matchmaker and Camille seemed open to it, wow that would be a perfect match up, those two ladies deserve each other.

And was sure to mention a few times just how much money his guest may be receiving in the divorce settlement, estimations have been anywhere from $40 to $60 million dollars. Camille admitted that she would be getting the 9000 sq ft home in Malibu but that she is considering selling it and downsizing to a smaller home.

Camille also cleared up a bit of confusion about the New York trip. Taylor has been blamed, mostly by Lisa, for riling Camille up after she and Kyle had already put their argument to rest. After the talk that Kyle and Camille had, the other ladies went to their rooms to prepare to go to dinner. We learned that the film crew had to scramble to make arrangements to film in the restaurant because it had not been pre-planned. Camille admitted that Taylor did tell her about all of the ladies talking about her at the airport, which naturally upset Camille and caused her to bring it all up again at dinner.

Camille isn’t totally off the hook here but Taylor absolutely added fuel to the fire, she knew that Kyle and Camille had just cleared the air yet she insisted on feeding more information to Camille that she knew would upset her. I’d bet that Taylor left out the part where she also called Camille insecure at the airport.
It is interesting that later in the season Taylor and Kyle seem to have become very good friends because there is no doubt that Taylor was trying to throw Kyle under the bus in New York. This was most likely what Lisa was referring to when she seemed suspicious about Kyle and Taylor’s friendship.

Later that night….

Thursday also featured Camille’s soon to be ex-husband Kelsey Grammer on David Letterman’s show. The majority of the interview focused on Kelsey’s Broadway show but in the end, Letterman did let Kelsey talk a bit about the divorce and his children. I have to say that he did seem to be a hands-on dad knowing how his son was struggling with reading, and wanting to be an actor.

Kelsey talked about his older children from a previous marriage, his 27-year old daughter is living with him and his 18-year old son is attending USC. Letterman talked over Kelsey as he was talking about his two children that he had via a surrogate with Camille and while they seem to share custody, if Camille is “delivering” her children to Kelsey on a Thursday night in the middle of January, where are the kids settled in and going to school?

We know that the kids stayed with Camille during filming of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but have they since moved to New York with their father with Camille getting just visitation? Possibly the children are home-schooled and the tutor travels with the children back and forth between homes?

Neither Letterman or Cohen asked too much about the children but I’m curious.

Finally as Letterman was going to break, Cohen’s announcement became real. Kelsey’s new girlfriend in a very brief shot was shown holding the Grammer’s 6-year old son on her lap with their 9 year old daughter sitting next to her as they all waved to the camera. Whether you hate Camille Grammer or love her, that had to hurt.

And so the dueling Grammers of late night TV ended and while nothing earth shattering was revealed, I do have to give Camille some props for admitting that many of her comments were out of line and that she regretted some of the things that she did and said. However, I also noticed that there was not one apology, she never uttered the words “I’m sorry” and she also blamed editing. I really wish that Andy would have explored that a bit more, I wish he would have asked her exactly what scenes she thought were unfairly edited. After all, every word that came out of her mouth was hers, no one spoke for her, she didn’t have a paid friend doing the talking head interviews for her. So what exactly was unfairly edited?

Until Next Time….

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348 Responses to IHJZ Watch What Happens Live Jan 15, 2011

  1. DJ Fruit Loops says:

    “I don’t know if you can actually get formerly engaged when you’re not legally divorced yet, but Kelsey has done it. ”
    dont forget WIG getting Engaged to Big Poppa while he has never even filed for divorce LOL

  2. DJ Fruit Loops says:

    “She called Kelsey a “unique freak” insinuated that he liked to wear women’s clothing, that he was gay and that she thought that if Kelsey ever left her, it would be for a man. ”

    She isnt the first to say these things about him
    he has had male relatives say the very same things or worse
    one even accused him of rape

    • quincyil says:

      I googled “unique freak” and I still don’t know what it means. I don’t really like it when spouses or ex girl or ex boy friends share this stuff.

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        not sure she would have shared if she hadnt been asked
        but then again Camille is a master at munipulation
        she knew her psychic friend cant hold her booze and becomes obnoxious when she is drunk so she decides this is the party to serve extra strong extra large drinks and sat back to watch the fireworks
        she was funny saying Faye being there was planned when she knew that Kyle already had plans with Faye BEFORE the party and asked if she could bring her
        the video of it is there for proof
        I also hate that she seems to think she has the right to choose who is morally bankrupt like she is pure as the driven snow
        despite all this i liked her on WWHL she was able to laugh at herself and was so it appeared genuine when saying these are things i wish i never said
        I still dont think she is as evil as say Jill Or Krazy Kelly Or Even WIG

        • quincyil says:

          She said that she was not an escort or exotic dancer. That was brave it if she is hiding something. We know that many stories and accusations on the net are created from smoke, but some bloggers repeat the stories as gospel.

  3. boston02127 says:

    Great Blog, Thanks Lynn. It looks as if I clip & paste that on every blog. I don’t, I really like your recaps & blogs.

    I wonder if Camille knew that she had to stay at a hotel vs her NY apartment before she went to NY.

  4. Jacqueline A says:

    Long time lurker! Lynn you have done an amazing job with this website. I never know how you have the time to write this blog but I try to come everyday to read your various updates.

    On to the WWHL show…

    My feeling on Camille since the first show or two aired struck me as a very insecure yet vicious woman. This is a woman who has a very dark past as has come to light through the season. I think the reason why her marriage lasted 13 years is because she had “things” on Kelsey that forced him to stay. There have been mentions of tapes and now his cross dressing. These are all things she “had” on him and I’m sure the list is longer and this is only the beginning of the dirt she is going to sling on to him. She set her life up exactly how she wanted and he was forced to behave or else. I agree with those who think this marriage was over for a long time but even now Camille is trying to keep him by not giving him a divorce. She is just getting warmed up.

    Throughout the entire season Camille has been slammed week after week but she never made came out of hiding to make these public appearances. She felt that she was in the right. Just like Jill, she was shocked that anyone would NOT see it her way. It was ONLY in the end of the season did either woman try to change the perception of their awful behavior. Just as Jill learned, this audience is a lot more savvy then she realizes.

  5. Miss Anthrope says:

    I don’t really blame Camille for talking to the media about Kelsey in an unfavorable light. As much as I can’t stand Camille, nobody deserves to be dumped that way. Why should she extend courtesy to a man that impregnated another woman during their marriage and then broke things off with her over the phone? IMO, Kelsey is the one who looks like a chump.

    Andy was sort of playing Camille in the same way he used to play Danielle. That is to say that he asked her the hard questions and then made sarcastic comments once she was finished answering. And again, I’m no fan of Camille, but it pisses me off how Andy so obviously plays favorites. It’s unprofessional and reeks of “bitchy queen” bs.

    As for this weeks show, I thought it was a bit of a snore. But there were a few moments that I found interesting. Like for example, Kathy Hilton flying off to Cannes instead of attending Kyles daughters graduation. I’d like to see how she’d react to Kim doing the same thing. I’m guessing all would not be so easily forgiven.

    I’m just waiting for next weeks episode and the reunion. I can already tell you that Kyle isn’t my favorite person after watching the previews of the finale. I do wonder what sparked that nasty response from her though.

    • boston02127 says:

      I can’t stand Kyle either. I think the Kyle we are seeing is all a big act.

      • quincyil says:

        I like them all in the beginning, but I like Kyle more because I thought she had a great husband and kids. Right now, I really only like Lisa and I’m wondering if Kim might be the kinder sister after all.

        This shows that I blow with the wind as we see and learn about the ladies and their husbands. rotfl.

      • error404 says:

        is it? I’m always suspicious of people who tell you how genuine they are every 5 minutes. Call it KKB syndrome. But as soon as Is aw the Kyle’s intro and her crooning, “In a town full of phonies, I’m the real deal” I just thought “Oh here we go. This one’s gonna be the biggest phony of them all!” lol But that was soon eclipsed by Camille “I want to move out of my husband’s shadow, so I’ll mention my being married to him every minute of every scene like a time check recording” Gramer.

        I love how Kim call Kyle fake in the limo and Kyle again proclaims how “real” she is. Yeah, a real bitch! lol

        But I still think Kyle’s all bark and no bite. Like a catty high school cheerleader always snarking on the less popular girls. She may make fun of your ugly sweater, but I don’t see her facebook bullying anyone to suicide. That’s Camille’s territory.

        • quincyil says:

          I think Camille would be the anonymous person attacking someone too. Kyle would clumsily do it herself.

        • quincyil says:

          I think there are a lot of actors want to be, writers want to be, directors want to be, and producers want to be in LA. After watching MM, it seems the NYC metro area has a large number of these people too.

        • kotagirl29 says:

          I always thought Kyle’s tag line was letting everyone know that she isn’t like every other bleach blonde, augmented California girl. Granted I don’t know for sure if she has ever had a boob job or anything else, but she strikes me as more of the “natural” type. She is the antithesis of Camille.

          • Golden Girl says:

            I used to like Kyle, but I looked back and noticed that all of the drama that when on this season she was involved in. The only constant in all the drama is Kyle. The problem is her.

            • Kat says:

              I like how you think. Great point.

            • Miss Anthrope says:

              Great point.

              Kim genuinely seems afraid of conflict. That’s not to say that she does not involve herself in drama- I just don’t think she ever sets out to put herself in it. It seems like she accidentally gets involved in it (if that makes sense).

              All I know is that Kyle is always ragging on Kim in one way or another. She is never for her. She is always against her. She can never do anything right in Kyles eyes. She treats her more like some kind of unwanted stepchild than a sister. I have a sister who makes some seriously idiotic life choices and I would NEVER EVER say something as hurtful and fucked up as “when our mother died she put your shit on my shoulders”. That is one of the most despicable things I have ever heard someone say and I really hope that Kyle is genuinely embarrassed and ashamed that she ever uttered those words.

              I’m under the impression that a big part of Kims social problems have to do with Kyles watchful (and critical) eye.

          • BessiB says:

            I took Kyle’s into like kotagirl29: Code for that she was not surgically reconstructed like everybody else.

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      The Ratings for both this weeks eppy of RHOBH AND what What Happens Live were not only the highest ever but WWHL were higher then any other late night talk show

    • dsc60 says:

      Camille had stated that the break up came as a complete shock to her and that she thought she would be married to Kelsey forever. now she comes out with all these revelations about Kelsey, no need for me to repeat them. if all of these accusations are true, how does that reflect on Camille and her wanting to stay married to Kelsey forever? if i was married to someone like that… i’d be the first one out the door. she’s getting quite a settlement, so she didn’t have to stay with him for the money. remember Camille, when you point the finger at someone, there are four pointing back at you.

    • Debbie says:

      What was the term Andy used to describe people who do that shrugging/slouching the shoulders thing Camille does? I heard “Coke-something.” Anyone know? It seemed like he used a word that made it sound like she did cocaine. I may have completely misunderstood. He said it while she was talking

  6. My Ideas says:

    “Formerly” engaged? Dear Lord.

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thanks again Lynn – great blog! Camille came across surprisingly less harsh on WWHL than during the season of RHBH – so maybe there is some editing issues. Still what the housewives say and do is the material the editing staff has to work with….
    Andy needs to go to hosting school – ask a question and then shut up! Camille could have told us so much more if he would have let her!

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      Andys doing just fine the ratings speak for themselfs
      the charm of the show is he isnt a seasoned talk show host

      • Debbie says:

        I don’t think the ratings are due to Andy doing a good job. I think we all just keep hoping to get some “real” dirt. I think he sucks as an interviewer, asks lame questions and not the hard ones and comes across kind of like he doesn’t even bother actually watching any of the HW shows.

        • Debbie says:

          * somehow my name switched back from Sammyjoesmom to Debbie again but it’s still just me.

          • DJ Fruit Loops says:

            being that he is the ex producer of the housewives im pretty sure its safe to say he watches them all
            acording to the ny times HE is teh sole reason his show does so great and i agree
            if anyone else hosted i wouldnt watch
            and why would he ask the really hard questions these women all are making him money even the worst housewives

            • Di says:

              I couldn’t disagree more DJ. I started watching WWHL because I wanted to learn more about the housewives and other amazing guests he gets on the after show, but Andy’s annoying personality and inability to interview makes me turn the channel every time. Maybe he should try to interview without being s(*t-faced. The drunker he gets the worse he is. Then again, he sucks at hosting the reunions too, and hopefully he’s not drunk for those, but who knows.

              I understand he has a vested interest in not asking the hard questions to his HW “employees” but that really doesn’t make for good tv. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t alone in watching WWHL for the tv personalities and not for Andy. Thank god Lynn does recaps so I don’t have to watch Andy anymore. I’m not sure how a NY Times reporter believes that Andy is the “sole” reason for the show’s success, but that is a statement of opinion that can’t possibly be quantified. I would watch WWHL if almost anyone but Andy hosted.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                I didn’t watch WWHL with Camille other than the after show clip Lynn posted. In Andy’s drunken rambling, he totally gave some parts of the reunion away saying how Camille and Kyle go at it, Taylor and Kim go at it and Kim and Kyle go at it.

                He needs to sober up.

  8. Eve says:

    No matter how poor Kelsey behaved, Camille should not be talking about his sexual issues because it will hurt the children in the long run. Camille says that her children are her number one priority but I don’t buy it or her new seemingly nicer ways. I don’t believe for one second that she is upset about the divorce….she is only upset that she has lost control of the money.

    • quincyil says:

      I agree with you. It seems her marriage was a sham and that information came from her. I think she loved being “Mrs. Kelsey Grammer.”

      • Di says:

        Good point Quincy. I think Camille wants to be Mrs. Anyone More Important Than Everybody Else. It seems like she’s letting out the “dirt” on Kelsey now (who knows if it’s true) to try to keep the upper hand.

    • error404 says:

      I don’t know about her not being upset by the divorce… She seems to have built this entire new personality that revolves around being Mrs Kelsey Grammer… it’s like her only identity. Even when discussing her Mom’s cancer, it’s all gotta be about Kelsey finding her that Doctor, blah blah blah.. how is she going to lord it over her family now if she can’t throw being Mrs Kelsey Grammer up into their faces every 5 minutes? Don’t be surprised to see her again one day, as the new Mrs Bruce Jenner or something.

  9. boston02127 says:

    How to be a gracious bitch.
    Jennifer’s wedding day was fast approaching. Nothing could dampen her excitement – not even her parent’s nasty divorce. Her mother had found the PERFECT dress to wear, and would be the best-dressed mother-of-the-bride ever!

    A week later, Jennifer was horrified to learn that her father’s new young wife had bought the exact same dress as her mother!

    Jennifer asked her father’s new young wife to exchange it, but she refused. ”Absolutely not! I look like a million bucks in this dress, and I’m wearing it,” she replied.

    Jennifer told her mother who graciously said, ”Never mind sweetheart. I’ll get another dress. After all, it’s your special day.” A few days later, they went shopping, and did find another gorgeous dress for her mother.

    When they stopped for lunch, Jennifer asked her mother, ”Aren’t you going to return the other dress? You really don’t have another occasion where you could wear it.”

    Her mother just smiled and replied, ”Of course I do, dear…..I’m wearing it to the rehearsal dinner the night BEFORE the wedding.”

  10. error404 says:

    again, we are dealing with two seasoned vets of the tv world. It boggles my mind that people take what the Gramers say at face value, or believe that what they chose to show on RHoBH is actually what happened to them in real life.

    Both have freaky pasts that were at least gossiped about if not already public knowledge before they chose to marry each other sans pre-nup. It was a match made in hell as far as I’m concerned, and thankfully it kept us all safe from both of them for at least 13 years. Now they are both free to ruin other peoples live for a while. Why does anyone even bother trying to take sides? These are two despicable people trying to hurt each other. Evil vs evil. Who cares who is “right” and who is “wrong” in each and every petty manufactured drama of theirs? She has the right to call him a pervert because he left her on a Tuesday before 5:00 , etc… Who cares. They both suck.

    • quincyil says:

      They both should get nominations for acting awards at that party in Camille’s suite just before the Tonies. She was swooping, he was giving cryptic messages to her girl friend, and the entire group of friends stood there and let the scene play without a whimper. I loved her in that red dress BTW.

  11. missmi says:

    Soooooo….how exactly does Kelseys, cross dressing, possibly gay, unique freakish behavior effect his standing in the hollywood pecking order? Camille is such a bitch!!!! You can’t have it both ways. He is on a pedestal one minute and then she brings him down the next. Not once has Camille taken responsibility for her choices. If you stayed with him because of the perks, then collect your money and walk away quietly. If you are just now finding out that you have been duped into thinking this was a solid marriage, then apologize for your poor behavior towards others based on the belief that you are better than them because of your husband.

    Btw, nice sobriety coach! She is toasting champagne to 13 years of marriage with him. One more obvious bullshit lie by Camille. HATE HER!!

    • error404 says:

      Like Camille’s effort to ruin Mauricio… it’s all just impotent posturing.

      Kelsey’s freak flag flew back when he was riding high as “Frasier”. Nobody cared because he was bringing in the $$$$ and the awards. But once the show ended, so did his career in front of the camera. His sham marriage wasn’t the only played out thing that sent him running to NY. He came right out and said he was done in LA. But then there were rumors of a new TV show in the works starring him, a scripted rime time comedy, not some poxy reality show, so who knows. Even with all of the tabloid gossip swirling around, he still got nominated for a Tony. And when Broadway tires of him, he’ll probably move on to the West End. He’s already noticing he’s still hot in the UK. Kelsey seems like the type of actor who will work until he drops, even if his star has diminished from shining to a meek glow.

  12. missmi says:

    I agree about Kelseys fame which is why her attitude that she somehow kept him as popular and busy as he is (was) is so ridiculous and self serving. If she can tweek it to her benefit she does and when someone makes her look or feel bad or unimportant, she lashes out. I also think that Kyle and hubby knew about some of this back story and thats why Kyle was not kissing Camilles ass. Camille knew that had some scoop and quickly pounced on the chance to bring her down, before Kyle could dismiss Camille, thus making her look like the typical “has been” trophy wife

  13. Amber...Real Wife says:


    Camille, the hooker with the heart of gold! I knew she would try to redeem herself. Did it work? No matter how much many dislike her (ERROR! LOL) you’ve got to admit what Kelsey did was low and horrible on so many levels. Forget that
    she’s a self-centered loon, we know that, his actions speak of cruel disdain for his wife of 13years and their children.

    He left his family behind for months, where he freely started a live-in relationship in the family home, with a younger woman, who became pregnant! Even if he was done with Camille, did he have to move on so quickly and distance himself from his children for months? It was only NY, a 4hr flight(?), did his kids not merit bi-weekly or monthy visits? Nope, he was busy starting a new chapter in his life. No time for the past as the future was so bright. I totally agree with Camille, that a man who would ignore his kids for months, now wants to be shown on camera, with them as a happy family with the new squeeze. Props indeed. Whore-rrible!

    As for the marriage being “over” and many commenting that Camille shouldn’t have been surprised, once again I disagree. If you live with a person who is “acting” asexual, or has little interest in sex, then you realize the marriage has become more of a companionship. It happens often in older couples, and although Kelsey isn’t that old his disinterest was just accepted by Camille. She would just fill her days with shopping and D actors or poolboys, because she thought Kelsey wasn’t going anywhere. WRONG!! He was over her, not sex! LOL (Not funny!) She was blindsided, because not only did he cheat, move in and impregnate the mistress, he did it all so quietly that she had no time to try to “save” her marriage.

    I believe the story that Kelsey “lured” her to NY with the promise of a possible reconciliation. The TONYS or award season is not the time for a break-up. In the past, celebrity couples fake it during this time and shortly after you see many breaking up. It ‘s all about appearances. However, when she went to NY and was put up at a hotel, didn’t she wonder why? Did he make an excuse of just make a decree as he drives the bus in the relationship.

    Any whore…Whatever! They’ll both be okay, in their beautiful million dollar homes worldwide, with staff aplenty to provide them with all they desire. Me, i’m okay too, as I sip my coffee that I made myself, and enjoy a wonderful day in my itty bitty 2k sq ft, in sunny Land o Lakes! 🙂

    • missmi says:

      Lol! Your assuming that Camille is being honest about the status of their relationship and the timing of the split. Seems to me that him going to New York was also probably him starting a new life. In the mean time Camille needs to feel relevant so she goes on a show with his blessing to come out of his “shadow”. The break up alone helps her status on the show and ratings. She becomes famous on her own with a little cameo here and there from him to set her up. If this was truly a shock. It never would have played out on tv the way it did. I have yet to hear her say……”I don’t know what happened and where things went wrong.”

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Things “went wrong” when he went to NY for a long Broadway run without his family! You always hear of the family going along with the actors, Brad/Angelina, WillSmith, MattDamon etc. And they are only going on location in other countries for 2-3months, not a year long gig within the states where they have a home…come on.

        Also you’re assuming he would “make a deal” with Camille to leave his marriage. Are you kidding me? He didn’t need to give her fame or do cameos to further her career. When a man is done he is done. No rest for the wicked or sympathy for the EX!

        • error404 says:

          Chicken or the egg, which came 1st.

          In skating, usually one parent becomes consumed with the skating child’s career. Sometimes this imbalance (trips away, hours away from the home, lack of family meals together, non-skatign child’s events missed, etc..) causes problems in the marriage. Other times, the marriage is troubled already, and focusing on the child’s skating career brings a welcome relief from a spouse you can’t stand.

          Did the marriage end because Kelsey went to NY? Or did he go to NY because the marriage had ended? Round and round in a circle, they themselves may not even know which is the correct answer.

          I wonder if Camille is friends with Big Pappa’s wife. She lives in LA while BP lives in Atlanta, right? That’s why it’s not “cheating”. LOL

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            You’re Nuts! LOL

            Error, I don’t know if you’ve ever checked out this blog but it’s worth a shot. I enjoy it immensely. He’s crazy and hysterical.


            He does the HW’s, TeenMom, JerseyShore etc.

            Let me know if you like it.


            • error404 says:

              Loved it! Anyone who can work a random Mr Magoo reference in so is my kind of blogger! lol

            • UnderMyWheels says:

              Love IBBB….he kills me!

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              Loved his Teen Mom blog- especially his take on that punk Janelle, she is another Amber Portwood in the making.

              We also know that Cory and Leah got back together and got married. Best wishes to both of them and their children. Not to mention, much prayer to their daughter who has some health/development concerns.

        • missmi says:

          I think I am just so stuck in my perspectative that Camille is a liar. She herself said that she would join him after the kids were out of school. In that regard, it seems reasonable that he would go and begin work without her. Also sounds like this was fine with her as she stated on the show. I think public figures make deals all the time. Case in point, Im divorcing you but we should go together to the Tonys. As far as Camille. If she was so happy with the marriage, than why is she slobbering all over someone elses husband, talking about her boobs to the other HW husbands and dancing like a stripper on national television. Where is the concern for her children then.

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            How dare you! Who do you think she is…BenWeiner’s mom? LOL Her kids are with the nanny and she doesn’t allow her children to watch such trash! Only Nick & Disney for the mother of the year! 😉

      • Debbie says:

        I agree. I also think that because the kids were not shown on HWs but 2 times, they may have been going to spend time with Kelsey during every free moment he had. They may have tutors that do travel with them. For all we know, in the back history, Camille may have cheated on Kelsey, been harmful with his sobriety, making threats of spreading gossipy lies about him etc. I think there is a lot more to the story behind Kelsey’s behavior.

        • Di says:

          I’m pretty sure I would have nothing but disdain for Camille if I was married to her for 13 years too. How did he do that?

          The other night I caught Carrie Fischer’s autobiographical play Wishful Drinking on tv. She said something like when actors move to NY for Broadway plays, it’s like legally divorcing in Hollywood. It rang true, and it seems to me to be the case here. Pretty sure Kelsey was done and trying to get the heck out. Wouldn’t be surprised one bit if Camille was well aware of it.

          Camille changes her tune every time the wind blows. He abandoned me and the kids; he’s great with the kids. I thought my marriage was perfect and had no idea anything was wrong; he’s a cross-dressing freak who I almost never had sex with because he probably likes men more than women. I don’t believe a word out of her mouth because she’s so self-serving.

    • Susie says:

      Personally, I think Camille just wanted to be “seen” at the Tonys and wear her purty dress (which it was).

  14. California35 says:

    Great recap!!!
    I’m glad I watched WWHL last night, also Kelsey on Letterman (I missed the new girl friend), and just now Kyle on Ellen.

    I liked WWHL this time, for some reason I enjoyed it like I had not in a long while. He stay in topic and joked less. He didn’t ask some of the questions we would have liked, but he did addressed bunch others. I liked how he didn’t let go the paid “friends” and the “audit” she and Alison Devious keep blaming.

    Camille seemed different. I’m not sure how, like she was not on meds :-P. On the HW show, she talks slower or with a little girl talk. I cant explain it, but it was different on WWHL.

  15. error404 says:

    OT, but in the spirit of “don’t text and drive”, here’s “don’t text and walk”

    • klmh says:

      How embarrassing is that? I was reading something in a mall once and ran into the sign. Fell on my butt, but no one was around… I thought. Oh, Im so embarrassed now. Too funny!

      • That was funny. hope she ruined her phone, I’m so sick of rude
        people and their phones/BB.
        on the other hand, haven’t we all, at one time or another, walked into something?

        I was in the city, 19 yrs old, thinking who I am, walking into
        one of the hottest clubs and smashed into the glass doors.
        the people in line loooved it and clapped for me. mortifying.

    • That was hysterical! Why do I laugh so much when someone falls? And falling off a stage makes me laugh so hard I can’t breathe…

  16. Adgirl says:

    @ Amber, I was just thinking that.

    How can Kelsey be a “big freak” and be asexual. Nope not buying that story at all Camille.
    Kelsey slept in a another room for years probably because he was on some medication that that interfered with his sex drive and when he got better he wasn’t interested in screwing you anymore and was getting his freak on somewhere else.

    I don’t believe the gay “chorus boy” implications. Sexual cross dressing has zero to do with being a closet gay. If Kelsey swung that way it doesn’t make sense that he would hang around the hetero nightclub you met him at Camille.

    I think their marriage had been over for a while but Kelsey didn’t realize it until he figured out he was happier away from home during La Cage rehearsals.
    If he planned to leave her before I think he would have been careful to remove certain items from their joint homes and arranged his business accounts better.

    After he was in NY Kelsey started planning his upcoming TV series about being the mayor of Chicago. If the show takes off there will be a lot of money coming in and he doesn’t want to share anymore money with Camille so it was time to cut her off.

    Kelsey is a serial dater-dumper.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Yeah, I’m also not buying the no vibrator rule. There is not a young woman alive that would be in a sexless marriage and not have a mommy’s extra little helper. LOL If that were the case she’d have fired the gardener and been riding the mower 24/7. But she did enjoy that ride with Nickthe_ick, (tacky tm 🙂 ). Was it the motor or was it him? Hmmm

      The separate rooms, does give on pause. Was it snoring, sickness or just Kelsey being “finicky”. This persona that comes across is one that can appear to be a little effeminate. Much like his brother in the series “Miles”, between the both of them you couldn’t tell who was gayer! LOL The talk, speech, gestures all conveyed something of Quien es mas LOCA instead of MACHO. (No offense to gay men everywhere.) But it did appear like Fraze had a little sugar in the tank, and all the sex with all the women in the world ‘aint gonna take it away!

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      apparently you dont know how closet queens operate sadly ive knowm many whom were married thru out my life
      Kelseys only reason to serial date wed and dump is to keep the idea of heterosexuality alive
      sorr that man is gay gay gay gay gay
      no ammount of getting women pregnant is gonna change that fact

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        But what would be the advantage of not coming out?

        David Hyde Peirce did, and it didn’t hurt the appeal of his character.

        Maybe he is like James Dean who reportedly said “I’m not going to live my life with one hand tied behind my back”.

      • kotagirl29 says:

        I don’t think we can assume that he is gay because his bitter soon-to-be ex-wife is intimating he is. Nor can we assume that he is gay because he is playing one on broadway. I don’t remember anyone questioning whether or not Robin Williams was gay when he played the same part in The Birdcage. She is running him through the mud. Comments made during a divorce should always be taken with a POUND of salt.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I don’t think DJ’s opinion is based on anything Camille said. It seemed to have formed well before the split with Kelsey and Camile Who?.

  17. Adgirl says:

    ” I don’t know if you can actually get formerly engaged when you’re not legally divorced yet…”

    I will check with my fiance` Tom Selleck.

  18. Adgirl says:

    Error: “I wonder if Camille is friends with Big Pappa’s wife. She lives in LA while BP lives in Atlanta, right? That’s why it’s not “cheating”. LOL”

    Maybe there is a rule in Hollywood that if you are more than 30 miles away from your spouse then your marriage is flexible?
    Like the DMZ (demilitarized zone between the Koreas) except it’s DMZ for
    “De-Marriage Zone” where it’s not cheating to be engaged to married people.

  19. Really good Blog. Thanks Lynn

  20. terry aley says:

    A day late and a dollar short. My Top 10 Most Deranged Real Housewives Moments of the Week!!!! Woohoo! http://terryaley.com/2011/01/15/jan-15-my-top-10-most-deranged-realhousewives-moments-of-the-week/

  21. klmh says:

    Senior Olympic Synchronized Swimming :

  22. Golden Girl says:

    Thanks again Lynn for a great blog.

  23. NikkyT31 says:

    Great Blog. I love it!

  24. lillybee says:

    Thanks for the good blog.

  25. WSL says:



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  26. butterisafruit says:

    I must have ice water in my veins. I don’t have any pity
    for Camille. I’m watching her go on about how important
    a father is in a daughter’s life. And now they won’t have
    him. Well they were not going to have him anyway.
    A few episodes ago she was jogging on the beach (with
    her paid brigade) Saying how Kelsey would like her in
    NY. She said, she would never move to NY,
    she doesn’t like the cold. She continued stating how
    beautiful the scenery was and how she couldn’t
    possibly move. They all agreed and she went on with
    her gallop. They didn’t have a marriage, she didn’t
    want to come to NY and Kelsey certainly didn’t demand
    his family move.
    She was fine without him. She already had the Hawaiian
    vacation without him and had weeks, maybe months without
    him in Calif.
    Now as I write I wonder how often they really lived together..
    before Bravo was around. Did the past 13 years have
    as much seperation?

    OH she was going to do the Tonys, Kelsey had no say in that.
    She tells us he insisted but I’m sure that was an agreement.
    She wanted the red carpet and the society page, he had to

    And Kelsey isn’t a victim either. His track record proves his
    heart is in his pants. He marries everyone he beds. And
    some of these brides have been a tad “off”.

    • error404 says:

      Yes, Camille’s “wronged wife” routine would carry more weight had she been the first wife, first love, or even the first women to mother his kids… not that she carried them herself, but that’s probably being too harsh… No, when trophy wife #347 starts playing the “I was shocked that he would ever cheat on me!” card, it’s time for skepticism.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        It is always the cheated on wife who married the cheating man who doesn’t see it coming.

      • Cusi77 says:

        Wasn’t Kelsey still married when he met Camille?

        • Cusi77 says:

          Oops. No he was not… but Holly Heavens he likes drama queens in his life! I’ve just read his biography in wikipedia! No way he is not heterosexual!

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      he cant marry everyone he beds thanks to prop 8

  27. Adgirl says:

    Go Steelers!

  28. WSL says:

    Hey Lilly & Sat. Night pals !
    Has anyone herd the Lilly song ?

  29. butterisafruit says:

    Happy Birthday Lillybee, and many more returns of the day.

  30. WSL says:

    Ad Girl
    WSM is go Steelers. I don’t care. But since u r Go Steelers I will b too :). But really I just want it to b over so I can choose the movie !

  31. Kristy says:

    he has two older daughters(greek actress spencer grammer & greer kandace) one from a marriage and one outside of a marriage jude his son with camille is his first boy just thought i’d add that tiny correction

  32. iceNfire says:

    Hello Everyone – Could be a terrific reunion show…If Andy wasn’t hosting. Bring on Jeff Lewis for the hard Q’s …Andy Sucks!

    • Adgirl says:

      I want Kathy Griffin to interview them with Jeff. They can take turns asking questions while the other one provides color commenttary and eye rolling.

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      Be nice to Andy after all if it wasnt for he you wouldnt have any of these shows to discuss

  33. WSL says:

    I have been reading the early posts of LynnChicargo. iceNfire you were one of the original posters.
    I hope to hear more from U !

    • Adgirl says:

      I was just thinking that it’s been a while since I’ve seen IceNFire here. Welcome back.

      • iceNfire says:

        Hi Adgirl – I seem to remember a few weeks back that you were asking about hair products…I’ve had horrible my whole life and the ONLY thing that worked for me is ( oh shoot is it yuki or yuko or yugi or… ) sorry dear it’s been a few years. Costs about $300.00 but lasts a year. It’s a Japanese product. Hope this helps : )

        • Adgirl says:

          thanks 🙂

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          thanks for the info, I actually looked it up and they have an academy in Beverly Hills and if you want to be a hair model the cost is only $150 bux. I am trying to see if I can get a friend interested in coming with me so we can make day out of it, then I figure we can hit Villa Blanca for lunch 🙂

    • iceNfire says:

      Hello once again WSL – Yes been with Lynn since end of week one or start of week two. West Coast here and it really pisses me off that nbc/uni/bravo/etc. can’t their act together. Hate being 3 hours behind…oh wait! Hate is reserved for Jill on this blog : )

      • Adgirl says:

        I’m a westie too (SF). I watch on the Bravo HD channel which broadcasts 3 hours early.

      • Kokuanani says:

        Here in Hawaii, we’re 5 hours “behind” the East Coast, but RHOBH runs when it does there, which = 4 pm here. Really nice not to have to stay up late.

  34. Adgirl says:

    Am I the only person who isn’t convinced Kelsey is gay?
    I just can’t understand why he would marry Camille w/o a prenup if he needed her primarily as a beard. Being a beard is a business transaction. It’s not like he’s ever been a sex symbol like John Travolta that needs to protect his manly image.

    I know Kelsey plays effete elitist men like Frazer but that doesn’t mean Kelsey is gay.

    • error404 says:

      no, you are not.

      • Adgirl says:

        I’ve been around gay epople my entire life. My parents best friends were a gay couple. My brother is gay. That doesn’t mean anything other than I can’t tell from watching people on tv or the movies if he/she is gay.
        Kelsey’s protrayal of Frazier is kind of a David Niven or Peter O”Toole type of man. A prissy dresser, generally finicky and urbane.
        The metrosexual British wanna-be college professor.

        • quincyil says:

          Yes. Cultural difference play a role in our perception too. The British have behaviors that we find more feminine, but the men are not gay. I watched Kelsey Grammer play Frasier for decades and never thought he was feminine. I thought he and his brother were trying to be sophisticated with their fancy wines, opera, and designer suits.

      • twoile says:

        I Second!

    • Cusi77 says:

      Neither am I.

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      no sleeping with make escorts on both coast does however LOL

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        perhaps im theonly openly gay male thats taking part in this discussion but its always been known by most gay men in la and nyc that Kelsey is a big closet queen
        most actors that are serial wedding minded are
        he just cant hide it as well as others can

  35. LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

    Happy Birthday Lilly. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  36. Happy Birthday, lillybee, many happy returns!!

  37. WSL says:

    Cakers. Hope ur birthday was good too.

  38. Sparkles says:

    Hi everyone. I watched Howard Stern’s interview with Camille on cable (On Demand) and thought she was credible. A few nuggets:

    – Howard has known Camille for a long time (pre-Kelsey) because she appeared in his move “Private Parts.” He and Robin said that Kelsey was a real mess before Camille, sort of like the Charlie Sheen of that era, but his image changed after Camille.

    (As a side note, Camille is a good sport. She hasn’t been on the show for years but I recall that they used to talk about her having IBS and making a rather unpleasant sound effect while doing so.)

    – Camille said repeatedly that she does not think Kelsey is gay.

    – When Howard asked if Kelsey was a cross-dresser, however, Camille laughed and her body language said yes. Thereafter every time Howard mentioned the cross-dressing as fact, Camille said “I did not say that!” — which is obviously different from a denial.

    – The upshot of what Camille said about her relationship with Kelsey: he was charming and talented, she fell in love with him, they married, they were best friends, they did not have sexual chemistry (implication: he liked dressing as a woman), they tried, a few years ago they discussed redefining their marriage (maybe seeing other people while married) but didn’t, yes she thought about leaving at one point but he was her best friend and they have kids, she was surprised that he pushed her to be on RHOBH but in retrospect she realizes he wanted to keep her occupied in L.A., she recently found out that he told two different friends in Dec. 2009 that he planned to leave the marriage.

    – She seemed very credible when saying that Nick is just a long-time friend. (My take: of course that doesn’t explain her kissing Nick on the lips, but after hearing about Kelsey’s disinterest in her it explains why she seeks constant validation from men.) She did not want to discuss the guy she hooked up with after her separation but said he is a friend about her age.

    – She has trouble watching herself on the show and regrets a lot of her comments. She has (and all of the women have) tried to get the producers not to air certain fights, but without success. She tried to quit he show a few times (including after the Dubois dinner) but was contractually obligated.

    – She did not give a lot of details on the kids but did say that Kelsey has only seen his kids about 14 days in the past year and his son was asking for him. It sounds like the son will spend some extra time in NY because of that.

    • error404 says:

      Oh, I love double-talking spin-doctor Camille!

      If it’s the editing that makes her look bad, then whey did she keep trying to quit the show. Both she and Allison said they acted normal at the dinner party but evil Bravo edited it to make them look bad. So if everything was so normal, why try to quit? You wanted to quit because Faye and Kyle were so evil?

      and around and around in circles we go! LOL

      • quincyil says:

        Bravo has the film of them making gestures and statements. That has to be truthful. I think Camille failed to realize that she is not playing the role of Camille Grammer in a play. She can’t go home at night and become a different person.

        Bethenny said that she was not sure how self aware Jill Zarin is. Bethenny knows how the behavior and words will appear to the audience.

        At work, with friends, at home… we all have to take note of how we behave and know that others will be watching and making judgments because this is how the Human brain works. We can’t roll with our emotions because people just don’t forget even though they may forgive.

        • error404 says:

          Camille is a master of innuendo… one of her favorite games to to drop a bomb… Mauricio cheats on Kyle, Kelsey is a transvestite, Faye is morally corrupt, etc… and then take it back. She knows that the seed has been planted, with or without the retraction. Even those who think it’s 100% bs, still fall for it, subconsciously reexamining Mauricio’s scenes for signs of cheating, and all of a sudden we’ve gone from “No way does he cheat!” to “Did you see the way he was flirting with her hairdresser? I didn’t like it.” Camille’s evil.

          • Di says:

            I think you have Camille pegged perfectly Error. She’s the type you run away from once you figure out what she’s all about; otherwise she’ll just use you, or try to destroy you to make herself feel superior.

            • quincyil says:

              Once a comment is out there, it’s on the table and can’t be taken back with an apology. Camille doesn’t seem to understand that people remember her comments and nothing disappears from film or the internet.

          • Adgirl says:

            Error that is an awesome observation. Camille certainly knows that yrs ago a stripper tried to sell a Kelsey in high heels story to the tabs. camilles is reviving the rumor to undermine Kelsey and everyone is buying it hook line and sinker.
            Camille is evil. Like Jill she likes to take from women she doesn’t like. She’ll take your job and your reputation and laugh.

  39. DJ Fruit Loops says:

    who did she play in private parts and of course she isnt going to say he is gay for a variety of reasons
    quite possiably she doesnt have a clue
    most wives married to closet cases never do know

  40. DJ Fruit Loops says:

    id even go so far to say that at least 5 per cent of all married men have cheated on thier wives with other men
    Hello Oprah time to do another show about married men on the downlow LOL

    • quincyil says:

      From life experiences, I think men are cheating and women are cheating at astronomical rates. I wouldn’t be suprised if you are correct in your assessment. Kim Zolciak said, “I don’t believe love has a gender.” I think she’s a wacko, but that statement is correct.

    • quincyil says:

      DJ… I thought you were a mom who served sugary cereals to her kids. LOL..

  41. klmh says:

    Here is some interesting statistics that I think you will find interesting:
    also 50 to 70% of men cheat on their wives, but I couldn’t find the other part to the equation. Considering over 10% of the population is gay, and some married to the other gender, 5 % is probably a good guess.


  42. klmh says:

    I looked on the Bravo site and someone who wrote to Taylor asked her if her husband could have Asperger’s. We haven’t seen much of him and I hate labeling someone, but I thought it was an interesting comment.
    I do not watch “Top Model” or something like that, and there was a lovely young lady that had Asperger’s and she was in the top 5 for the competition. It was interesting to see how eye contact was a problem for her on and off while filming. Reminded me a bit of Taylor’s husband. She apparently had difficulty communicating with the other contestants and had other drawbacks the Syndrome includes, and she had been professionally diagnosed with the disease.
    Here is a site that discusses it briefly: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asperger_syndrome

    • Kellita says:

      He could be. There was one scene when she was upset and crying (I think it was about the puppy), and he showed absolutely no empathy toward her. At the very least, he’s socially awkward and very disconnected emotionally. He could probably learn better people skills if they went to counseling together.

    • Troll Detector says:

      Sniff. Sniff.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I really don’t think he has any ailment or disease other than disinterest. In the first couple of episodes Taylor tells the story of her chasing him and him not being interested. That pretty much says it all right there. She has been chasing him since day one. He is not invested in the marriage, he doesn’t care. She also said their marriage was 80% business, 20% romance (or whatever). She knew what she was signing up for. If she is unhappy then she needs to do something else. You can’t make someone love you if they don’t, you can’t force their interest, and you can’t expect them to change because you want something different now.

    • quincyil says:

      Nene is a smart lady. I think it’s for attention and a negotiating ploy. She loves being in the limelight. There are many stuggling actresses who would want the opportunities Nene has gotten from Bravo just ask the Richards sisters.

    • quincyil says:

      Kim Z is selling the condo. Is she moving away from Atlanta? There are some rumors. That show make Kim Z. She will disappear without it.

      • error404 says:

        I’d assumed she was just moving in with her baby daddy/ sugar daddy. Unless he’s been transfered to another team in another state, why would she move states? Moving her 3 kids and live-in assistant, plus whatever nanny the “pop star” now needs, to a bigger house makes more sense.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Weeks ago when NeNe made it clear that she and Kim were, once again, on the “outs,” NeNe said something like it didn’t matter because she never would have to see Kim again. If true, that suggested that at least one of them wouldn’t be on RHOA next season. FWIW

      Of course, such statements have to be taken with a big rock of salt. 😉

  43. quincyil says:

    Real City Housewife has a fantastic blog up.

  44. If You Had It Like This says:

    I think Kelsey’s appearance on Letterman was damage control for Camille’s Howard Stern interview. He didn’t really have anything to promote. He’s leaving La Cage soon.
    It seemed a direct reaction to the things Camille said on Stern. He talked about his older daughter living with him. Camille accused him of never really seeing his other kids. She accused him of raising their children through Skype and so there was the bizarre shot of Kayte and the kids backstage. Letterman doesn’t typically show people backstage. The whole thing seemed so staged and pre-meditated in order to respond to Camille’s accusations without actually responding. I don’t know.

    • Sparkles says:

      Agree. The shot of Kayte and the kids backstage was clearly planned (and a bit much).

    • error404 says:

      She went on her “friend’s” show, and he went on his “friend’s”show. The fact that she delivered one low blow after another, while he defended himself by not only never badmouthing her, but never openly defending himself either just shows that he’s the smarter of the two. To quote Camille herself “Everybody knows it’s the one who keeps their cool that wins the argument. So, I won. *giggle*”

  45. Sparkles says:

    I agree that it’s probably a negotiating ploy. At least if she’s smart. So many people appear on a hit TV show, get big egos, and then quit for bigger things that never materialize. With the talk of Nene’s shoe and handbag lines, etc., it does look like she is catching RHDS (Real Housewives Delusional Syndrome) – a condition marked by the unsubstantiated belief that one’s appearance on a reality TV show means they can succeed in any artistic endeavor (see, e.g. She by Sheree, Closet Freak, etc.)

    Before Nene’s first interview segment appeared on Atlanta TV, she was already talking about her plans to go national! Meanwhile, she didn’t even know that you are supposed to research the subject before interviewing him.

    • Sparkles says:

      Oops my comment above is in response to the post in Stoopid Housewives that Nene might not come back to RHOA.

    • error404 says:

      to be fair, she didn’t say she didn’t research, she said she should have done MORE research.

      This was said in response to the fact that he was being unprofessional and difficult, total bs Diva act. As a Real Housewife, she should know that there are like 120 different answers to a simple question. “So you started as a producer?” “No.” is not an answer. Especially since it could mean anything from “No, I’ve never been a producer in my life!” to “No, I had a paper route for 3 weeks as a boy, then I became a producer, which I’ve been doing for the past 27 years.” You don’t have to be Kathy Griffin to know that celebrities talk a constant stream of bullshyte 24/7.

      No, Nene’s no David Frost, but she’s not interviewing Nixon either. It was a friggin fluff piece on a C-List celebrity, and there was no reason for him to be throwing all that shade, other than to make the air time more memorable.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Do you think a real journalist would have been better prepared?

        • error404 says:

          Yes and no. Better prepared perhaps, but all of the professional experience in the world couldn’t help Matt Lauer control Kayne West’s coo-coo for cocoa puffs strop.

        • Sparkles says:

          I think a real journalist would have been better prepared, though I agree with Error that Jermaine D. was difficult.

          My point is that good journalism/interviewing, actually takes some skills and experience. It’s presumptuous to talk about going national before your first interview even airs; that must have been annoying for her co-workers in Atlanta to hear. For example, Oprah spent over a decade working on the local level before she got a national show. I’ve read Nene’s tweets and, while I think she’s funny, I’m dubious about how far she’ll get as a journalist. Also the best interviewers, like Barbara Walters, master the art of listening to the other person.

          This is not particular to Nene. I think many housewives overestimate themselves. Many think they can carry their own shows and rocket to the top as singers, actresses, clothing designers, etc. Maybe a few can, but there does seem to be a lot of overconfidence.

            • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

              Sparkles, your last 3 sentences are so true, true, true.

              • Sparkles says:

                Thanks, Lava. While I’m at it, Tamra’s recent comments to Andy bug me. Tamra seems to imply that Andy is making an unfair portion of money off of RH’s. She presumably thinks that she deserves more credit for the RH’s success.

                What Tamra fails to understand is the law of supply and demand. There are many, many women who are dying to be HWs. Tamra did not make the franchise succeed and could be easily replaced. There are not a bunch of other shows dying to hire her.

                Moreover, Andy is (IMHO) a marketing genius. The way that he/Bravo uses WWHL, social media, etc. to cross-promote shows is pretty unique.

  46. AZ Girl says:

    Re-watched BH last 2 episodes yesterday and I am seeing Kyle in a new light. I think she is much more calculating than what I perceived in earlier episodes. I can now see Kyle saying to Camille in Vegas something to the effect of why would anyone would want you if Kelsey was not there (in regards to the hospital fundraiser). Kyle has a sharp tongue and she uses it. Camille is still insecure and over reacted to the whole conversation.

    Still like Lisa. Lisa is very perceptive. Lisa does not trust Taylor at all and I would not either. Taylor’s behavior at the lunch was “school girl” BS. Lisa was trying to speak to Taylor as an adult and Taylor response was just catty and stupid. The whole “jealousy” thing is dumb.
    If I was Lisa I would gotten up and said to Kyle and Taylor “enough of you two mooching off my restaurant and my wine.” “Hit the road”.

    Looks like Cedric does have a hair piece that he wears on the front of his head near his forehead. You can see the comb over from some camera angles.

    I like Paul and Adrienne. Paul is not socially adept. You don’t tell a woman what she needs done unless she asks. How embarrassing for Mauricio’s mom but she handled it well. Strong woman.

    • klmh says:

      I found Giggy’s post on Bravo interesting, concerning Lisa’s actions at lunch.

      • AZ Girl says:

        Giggy calling Taylor “blowfish” is really interesting.

        • Katie says:

          Very mean to Taylor and Cedric in that blog. I guess it’s funny but just looks like Lisa is hiding behind her dog to tell Taylor and Cedric how she really feels. It must have been one hell of a reunion they taped.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Hmmm- sounds like maybe I should give it a read. Normally, I avoid anything to do with RHW pets and their ‘celebrity’ status- who do they think they are? Spuds McKenzie?

  47. Sparkles says:

    BTW, did anyone notice that yesterday Lisa V. tweeted “the truth has one story”?

    I wonder if it’s a hint about Cedric.

  48. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    I still see the conversation between Kyle and Camille going something like this:
    K: “What are you doing on Spring Break?”
    C: “Going to our house in Hawaii with the kids.”
    K: “Is Kelsey meeting you there?”
    C: “No.”
    K: “Doing anything special or just hanging out?”
    C: “Mostly hanging out but I am attending a “Cheers” charity event for the hospital that saved Kelsey after his heart attack. So, I need a dress for that!”
    K: “A Cheers charity event without Kelsey?”
    C: “Why are you interrogating me? Why do you think no one is interested in ME?” etc. etc.
    Kim confirms something like this in her “talking head” she says that Kyle did ask something about Kelsey not coming to a Cheers event and Camille reacted strongly to it.
    She also said to Kyle at one point, that Camille had twisted the question Kyle asked into something else. “you asked her if Kelsey was coming to that Cheers thing and she has misinterpreted it.” I remember the misinterpreted clearly, because I was kind of impressed that Kim knew the word–snark, snark.
    As to the marriage, I got the feeling that this has happened before. Kelsey was one of the biggest names around for a long time, the marriage was good. But when the shows ended, and when his name stopped being in the news and some of his “A” list status dropped, he got bored and, like many actors, needed to be in the spotlight again. The marriage hit a rough spot and he probably took a trip to “clear his head”. Then they started producing hit shows and his name was known in the inner circlesl again, so things got better. But the shows started getting cancled and he needed to do something different to get his name out there again–thus the play.
    It also gave him a reason to go away again. I really agree that this whole trip was a trial seperation. He would do a couple of guest shots on the show (which he encouraged her to do as it would keep her busy and unable to come out too often) and she would come to NY for the big events only to keep up the image of happy family, and they would see where things stood after the play. Camille probably didn’t react very strongly to the plan and went along with it because all of this had happened before and things returned to “normal” afterward. The difference is that this time he met someone else and because this new woman is associated with the “upswing” in his mind she is the best thing ever and is not at all a part of any memory of a “downtime” in his moods. It happens all the time. The mistress is all “You are soooooo wonderful!” and the wife has to deal with real life like “We need to pay these bills and the kids are doing this and that” Mistress is fun and wife is drag down real life. It all changes when the mistress BECOMES the wife. and then it is on to the next one, and the next one.

    • vilzvet says:

      Agree with all you have said. I also want to say that the ONLY person I like in Camille’s life is her house manager! Boy is she an angel. I still want to smack down DeeDee. That was pretty funny on WWHL when Andy did insist that DeeDee was a PAID friend since she did her hair.

  49. Katie says:

    Kyle – How she treats her sister is very telling, I think she is a phony and is letting this shot at fame go to her head. I don’t think Kyle has ever met a fight she didn’t like, is a major control freak and forces her “help” on Kim while she complains about it to anyone who will listen. I wonder if we look up the word martyr if a picture of Kyle would appear. I think Kyle is at her very best with her husband and kids but outside that she has the mouth and temper to be the next Jill Zarin – it’s could get really ugly, but I hope Bethenny steps in and helps her figure out the reality fame game.

    Lisa – I love how Lisa is now presenting Taylor’s role in the whole NYC fight as News. Kim has been saying this from the start, but no one will listen or credit her for pointing out the role Taylor played. Kim just gets pounced on by Kyle and Taylor. I don’t get the whole Cedric situation but I don’t see it ending well. If he was a teenager I’d get it but he’s a grown ass man. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. And I do wish Lisa would tell her daughter to stop wearing her hair with that little tumor looking bun thing on top of her head. But getting rid of the bun thingy and Cedric are all I can find for Lisa to change I think she has a lovely family and wish we saw more scenes with them and both kids.

    Taylor – just pathetic, the whining and complaining is too much to take, plus she whines one minute and admits she knew what she was getting herself into the next. The breakfast scene I thought was cute (actually that they would make the time to have breakfast together I thought was great) I was so hoping Russell would give Taylor a kiss and hug good-bye but when he didn’t I thought why can’t Taylor get up and give her husband a kiss and hug goodbye? If she wants that affection start initiating it and both of them need to show that cute little girl that mom and dad love each other. I think their “problems” can easily be fixed and it starts by accepting each other for who they are and trying a little harder to put each other first. I’m just not a big fan of whining and making excuses and using the problem to get attention but never really doing anything to fix the problems. But from a show perspective it worked it was a big storyline for Taylor this season.

    Kim – I really hope Kim gets back into acting, I think there are many people who would hire her and like she said, it would be a great thing for her to do for herself. I LOVE how she is not throwing herself at Lisa’s friend (blind date guy) some women (Taylor) would be all over that and would have no idea how to support herself in the life she feels she is entitled to have. I love and respect that Kim is focused on getting back into acting and not finding a man to take care of her and is basically pissing Kyle and Lisa off in the process. BTW Kyle to answer your question if Kim wants to have another baby, she doesn’t need a man to do it, just a donation. I’m a Kim fan and wish her luck.

    Camille – have to say I feel sorry for her, no one deserved what her ex did to her. There was some very mean things that Camille said/did and there are people she hangs out with that she should take a closer look at, but I don’t hate her (or any of the HW’s) just hope she gets her act together because she does have kids and I think it will be up to her to take care of them and even with the surrogate birth stuff and round the clock nannies, I think she is a good mom and is there for her kids. I hope she’s back and we get to see her change her life for the better.

    The Maloof – love them, like Lisa and family would love to see more them at home.

    • error404 says:

      Kim has 2 strikes against her. She’s neither rich nor “on top” in her life and therefore all of the other wives disrespect her because they are all viscous social climbers. Camille is the one one stupid enough to come right out and say it, but they all have a “I’m up here, and you’re down here” attitude.

      Kyle was very rude to Lisa at lunch. She pretty much told her to shut the f up, without coming right out and using those words. That’s because Lisa is filthy rich, a very popular co-star, and just a friend, not a life long sibling. Kim OTOH can be told outright to shut the f up because she’s just the dopey sister, no longer a star, and too stupid to even secure a rich husband, which is truthfully the “real job” of all Real Housewives.

      • Katie says:

        Error404 – that’s a very interesting take and nice use of the now famous Kelly line. Just makes me like Kim more and really feel sad for the rest. As a sister, while I might feel comfortable using certain language with them, I was raised to have my families back (much like in the Godfather) you never talk against the family in public, you always protect and defend.

        • Dawn says:

          I keep hearing Kyle comment over and over again, (including the last episode) that Kim needs to “have her back.” What the hell? She references it in a variety of situations. I guess that I don’t have that many situations in my life that require my sister to jump in and defend and protect. My automatic assumption when I do have an issue is not that my sister better have my back. I don’t assume if my sister attends a function for me or one of my children that she “has my back.”

          I find the wording odd. What is the weird family dynamic going on that it’s always assumed there must be constant vigilance against attack? Or that if there is not, she is not on my side? Again, how much drama is actually going on in their lives vs. what they manufacture with their weird perceptions of people within (and outside of) their families either defending or attacking them?

  50. WindyCityWondering says:

    I really like the producer’s blog for RHBH – it dawned on me while I was reading it that it is not just Taylor that stirs up Camille – Kim has a hand in it as well. IMO – the animosity between Taylor and Kim is based on the fear that the other will rat out first their part in the NYC fight. Kim won’t take Kyle’s back because it could expose what she did say to both Taylor and Camille. Lisa has the Taylor part figured out but the promo where Kim blasts both Taylor and Lisa is when I think we get a lightbulb moment.

    • Katie says:

      6 pages long, but I read it to see if it sheds any light for me

      • error404 says:

        other than some lol passive aggressive Camille digs like “But as Camille would say, there’s nothing “nefarious” about flopping angles. ” it wasn’t that interesting to me, except for this one choice of words: “And speaking of emotion, Camille’s story in this episode gets to me every time I watch as she finally reveals Kelsey wants to end their marriage”. Finally? Finally, as in anyone with eyes could see form the very first scene int he very first episode that her marriage was gasping it’s last breath, finally?

        • Katie says:

          The royal holiday card Russell and Taylor received was a surprise. The power of anyone with some serious money being able to be part of a charity event. Would love to learn more about the “consulting” business Taylor has, who would ever take or need her help?

  51. WindyCityWondering says:

    Does anyone else think Martin is kind of creepy? I didn’t see any chemistry between Kim and Martin at the initial dinner. Kim blew him off at the White Patry, yet we see him once again in the limo promo! Lisa – leave the matchmaking to Patty!!

    • quincyil says:

      Other than he loves tall brunettes? I think he’s gotten caught up in RH drama and doesn’t know how to react.

    • Katie says:

      Yes. And that he is some kind of player and most likely has several young tall beautiful girls clinging to him and calling him back because like Taylor they feel entitled to a life in Beverly Hills and will sleep with and marry to get it. Very Sad.

    • klmh says:

      Or maybe the timeline has been manipulated once again?

    • Adgirl says:

      Martin reminds me of the ancient Rolling Stones. It must be because he’s brit and I am reading a history of London during the 60’s.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Some time back someone posted a link to Kelsey’s one-time fiance’s Facebook page — Tammy Baliszewski. Her page seems to be totally open to the public, so her pictures are available. She has many party photos and appears to be social friends with the housewives. Martin appears often in these photos. She cuts his hair. Thus, I think Martin is part of this social group and I’m surprised we’ve not seen more of him.

  52. Adgirl says:

    I’ve been wonder about Kyle’s hair trigger temper regarding Kim.
    I think Kyle is very angry at Kim because Kyle believes that Kim should have ended the Camille fight before it got nuclear.
    Kyle expected Kim to directly attack Camille’s version of events. Instead siding forcefully with her sister, Kim hems and haws wringing her hands. Then Kim finally acts, but she jumps on Taylor and thereby (in Kyle’s eyes) starts a second fight without taming the first. WTF?

    Whatever their history- and I do think Kyle is wildly out of control in her treatment of Kim – I’ll bet Kim’s avoidance of directly addressing a situation usually results in a worse problem with more people involved.

    • error404 says:

      Bravo must have left all those hours of footage of Kim and Kyle enjoying each others company on the cutting room floor. I blame the editing, because the two women who profess to be very close are only shown barely being able to last 5 minutes in the same room before one declares that the sound of the other one breathing is working her last nerve. Considering how often Kyle leaves Kim alone or behind, Mamma Richards should have saved her last breath instead of extracting a promise of caregiving.

      None of it makes much sense, and Kyle’s gangbanging vocabulary coming out of a rich white woman is hysterical. I guess Kim was suppose to cut Camille with a homemade shiv in the shower after lockdown or something.

      • klmh says:

        Im sure they are close, in their own way, but remember when the series started? Kyle was giving Kim a hard time with finding another house, why did she need 5 bedrooms, why did she want to move further away,etc. and then helping her pack up and walking out on her, and having more children? She was showing her frustration with Kim before the NYC event.
        Kyle is quite self righteous and opinionated, in my opinion and has a hard time dealing with others that don’t conform to her judgements or ideas. She just isn’t very understanding, but she seems to be a great wife and mother.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        O M G You are so freaking hilarious..and right all the time error. 😀

      • Need a Hobby says:

        LOL, yeah, like the ladies are gonna throw down at Lisa’s BH Villa Blanca restaurant or in the middle of a pedicure.

        Nah, they’d have their assistants do it. Battle of the RH’s assistants.

        LOL—someone should dub in alternative “gangsta”dialog to an episode. Preferably the one with Allison Dubois. Ha! Where’s RCH?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        LOL- you are too funny

  53. ilovelynn says:

    great recap, lynn, been sort of hibernating, but still lurking and reading your wonderful blogs religiously. thanks again.

    hey ice/fire, good to see you!

  54. Adgirl says:

    The comments here and on Bravo site about Russell possibly having Asperger’s seem very bizarre to me. Russell’s stone face seems to be a reflection of his bewilderment of his wife. I don’t think that has anything to do with an autism spectrum disorder.

    Does anyone think Russell wanted his wife to be on this show? And once he placates her desire to be on the show she immediately complains about Russell doesn’t fill her Love Tank. Nice.

    I’m married to a nerd. The hallmark of a nerd is their emotional containment. That doesn’t mean they are robotic. It means they don’t speak easily about their personal business. They don’t play the mating game (dancing, flowers seranading). A nerd is not going to propose to you on the half time score board.
    My husband can talk all day to me about business or science. I don’t always understand, but I appreciate he is trying to connect, include and share with me. He makes an effort to enjoy what I like. Of course I would never force him to say at a late night dance party because he would be suffering in public. I certainly wouldn’t allow myself to be filmed crying while holding my lonely cake. Taylor is soooo playing to embarrass her husband. Maybe all of your conversations Taylor are about business because he is tired of your idiotic-ness passive agressiveness.

    I do have reservations about Russell and how he runs his business, but that isn’t part of this narrative.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      A while back someone here said they knew them or had friends who know them. Maybe that person could report again?

      Adgirl, I agree that Russell seems like he’s just doing his thing and trying. She’s making a big to-do. I’d think he’s rather flustered at how public she’s made this.

      • Kellita says:

        I think that was me. My friend’s bff & husband are friends of Taylor and Russell. She just said they were a really nice couple when they’ve socialized. She didn’t say anything about Russell being anti-social or awkward or anything. Just a nice guy.

        In thinking it over, I’m guessing he’s super uncomfortable on camera.

    • klmh says:

      Did you read what the article on Asperger’s? I brought it up because it was an interesting idea someone from the Bravo board had. Like Autism, there are degrees of As., not all are robotic, and Russell seems to have some characteristics of someone with the syndrome. I did not say he has As.
      I think its very bizarre you took offense to the article, and I’m glad you enlightened me to the fact that Russell looks the way he does because he is bewildered by his wife. Im also glad you know that Taylor is trying to embarrass her husband, and that she is passive aggressive.
      Which room in their house do you live in?

      • Troll Detector says:

        Sniff. Sniff. Ding. Ding.

        • Troll Detector says:

          Practicing medicine without a license.

            • HD says:

              I don’t think Russell has any medical issues, I think that is just his personality. Some of that stuff is not for everyone, the dancing, the hanging out, etc. What gets me is Taylor knew who she married. I remember someone once told me, think about how hard it is for you to change and then remember that when you are trying to change someone else. If Taylor wants a man that dances and blah blah blah perhaps she does not need to be with Russell. You only have one life, don’t spend it unhappy.

              • Adgirl says:

                It makes me think Russell wonders who he married!

                • Zipit Zarin says:

                  I’m wondering what the hell is wrong with some people. LOL

                • HD says:

                  I think people change in a marriage. People in general should always be growing and sometimes with that growth you change. I am not the same person I was at 20 now that I am 34 and if I make it to 40, I doubt I will be the same person that I am now. I think Taylor realizes what she wants and sadly it played out on TV. Marriage is very difficult and realizing that you want something else I am sure is hard. I doubt Taylor will leave him.

              • klmh says:

                True, if she is unhappy, change it. I think she back peddles in her blogs, so she must be feeling some guilt.
                It would be interesting to know if they put every speck of footage they had of T. toward this subject, or if it consumed her during the BH filming.

                • HD says:

                  Yep. She back peddles because now she sees how she looked and doesn’t want to upset her marriage. Ultimately I think we can all agree that she is not happy and that she wants something else. Taylor knows this, admitting that to herself is something completely different. As someone once said, “the worst kind of liar is one that lies to themselves.”

                  • klmh says:

                    You have to wonder what leaving him would do to her with her background. Hope she can work on a solution for the three of them.

          • klmh says:

            Hey there! See you’ve adopted a new name. Why not come back as your ole seff?

            • Troll Detector says:

              klmh says:
              December 30, 2010 at 9:12 pm
              There are options if you want to consider them. The percentage of stage 4 breast cancer depends on your type, but 20% make it to the 5 year period. Here is another site to look at:


              The problem is, your breast cancer will spread and this causes other problems. Do you feel your family would help you with a decision you would be content with, or do you feel you are the only decision maker?

              • klmh says:

                What, you are questioning the article, or the percentages?
                When I mentioned other problems, one of my dear friends faced this and had to have chemo to alleviate problems, pain, because of the size of the tumor, to reduce the size. This is a pretty normal procedure.
                When I asked about decisions, do you work with your family or do you allow others in the family to help with the decision. It was a question.
                What in the world are you talking about?

                • HD says:

                  We are not diagnosing people’s cancer now are we? What is going on. How do we go from autism like issues to breast cancer…I’m lost. Which is the norm lately on this site…

                  • klmh says:

                    There is someone on this board that has been diagnosed with stage 4 br. cancer. I communicated with her and asked if she wanted to talk with a person I know who has gone through a double breast mastectomy. She also works with women who have been diagnosed with cancer. Im trying to help her find someone to talk with that works with br c. victims and I appreciated my friend offering to help. The woman on Lynn’s board appreciated the offer and was interested, but I have not heard from her about it, yet.

              • klmh says:

                Also, for your information, I have passed my email to the person this post was written to, several weeks before this post, and offered to have her talk with someone who has been there, and works with breast cancer patients. She is working with 4 women now that are in stage 4 and she has offered to help. If she wants or needs another viewpoint or whatever, it is available to her.

                • justanothermary says:

                  Hi – somehow I think this is all about me!

                  • klmh says:

                    Yes. How are things with you? Sorry about this.
                    There was a person on the Bravo board that brought up Russell maybe having Aspergers. I brought it to this board as an interesting subject, and I mentioned a lovely girl on another show that had it, but she was obviously functioned fairly well. Blah, blah, blah.
                    So, anyway, good to see you.

                    • justanothermary says:

                      No problem at all. I’m having a very hard time seeing so justanothervirg has to read the blogs to me!

          • Adgirl says:

            I remember that. Wth?

        • klmh says:

          Well, you just keep doing it, don’t you? But there is a chance your foot or in your case, feet, will start to taste better, with time. Maybe a little jelly or perhaps, jam, to go with them if your diet allows?
          Just a thought. You might want to read what I wrote before you make yourself look like an idiot-again. I wont read yours, and you wont misinterpret mine, deal?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      If anyone in the HW franchise is an Aspie, it’s KKB. Who thinks ‘let your hair down’ really means let your hair down. Who thinks you can infer people are lesbians, call them ho-bags, tell them to zip it, run of screaming only to reemerge in what seemed like seconds later with offers of jellybeans like nothing happened.

      I don’t think Russel is, especially when I see his interactions and his connection to his daughter. I think he seems uncomfortable in large crowds, especially when it’s with unfamiliar people.

      He doesn’t dance and based on what I saw at his attempts when they were in Vegas, I don’t blame him. He reminded me of Elaine from Seinfeild. I get it, I can’t dance either.

      I also suspect part of it (his looking uncomfortable and nervous) , is that he is a weasel and he knows the more time he spends on camera and the more he is talked about, the more bloggers are going to dick up dir on him, exposing him further.

      I mean, would any of you invest with him knowing what you know now about him? I don’t even think I would trust him to make the correct change for a dollar.

      As far as his reaction or maybe lack of reaction at Taylor’s function, I’m not sure what he was suppose to do. She was at the podium giving a speech, was he suppose to ‘rescue’ her in a symbolic way and carry her out like the ending scene from an officer and a gentleman?

      I think he might be one of those men who shuts down when they don’t know how to ‘fix’ the problem.

      I think Taylor might even be a bigger drag than Russel with her constant whining and complaining about him. Maurio’s party became about her and her boo hoo-ing in the top tier of a cake- it didn’t get “rained” on, those were her tears. Lisa’s lunch date with Kyle also got turned into “Tales of Taylor’s Woes”. Even Farrah’s graduation “Russel couldn’t be there because it was a weekday, so I decided to go alone”. Oh you brave woman you….however did you find the strength.

      • Adgirl says:

        LOL!! I am sceptical of both of them. I have a soft spot for nerds, but not for nerd who break the law. How much does she know? Is she trying to get out of the marriage because the money is running out?

        • HD says:

          @ KLMH…thanks for clarifying. I had no clue what was going on. If you offered help and you know someone that works with breat cancer patients that can offer help, I take that only as a plus.

  55. klmh says:

    Some fun stuff about BH, OC, NeNe….


  56. Adgirl says:

    @ Kansas Girl. Wow did someone post here who knows them?? I didn’t know!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I think the poster said her friend knew them. It was a month ago or so. I don’t remember who it was. Poster, come forward?

      • klmh says:

        Yes, we would love to hear what your assessment of the BH situation is, don’t ya know.

      • Kellita says:

        I did, upthread a bit. 🙂

        • klmh says:

          Is this it? If so, thats for commenting on this.
          From Asperger’s comment:
          He could be. There was one scene when she was upset and crying (I think it was about the puppy), and he showed absolutely no empathy toward her. At the very least, he’s socially awkward and very disconnected emotionally. He could probably learn better people skills if they went to counseling together.

          • Kellita says:

            This one:

            I think that was me. My friend’s bff & husband are friends of Taylor and Russell. She just said they were a really nice couple when they’ve socialized. She didn’t say anything about Russell being anti-social or awkward or anything. Just a nice guy.

            In thinking it over, I’m guessing he’s super uncomfortable on camera.

          • error404 says:


            Ok, trying to put myself in Russell’s shoes… so I come home and my spouse decides we just have to have a crucial marital discussion on camera in front of millions of viewers. He then proceeds to explain that there’s no other choice possible, we just have to get rid of that damn dog he was dead set against. He then proceeds to cry a river of crocodile tears because *sniff, sniff* everyone knows every child who’s ever lost a dog has committed suicide and our 5 year old was sure to swallow all of her Flintstone vitamins after this, and it’s ALL MY FAULT!!!!

            Ok, yeah, I’m pretty sure my face would read something like “God, I married this phony nutjob?”

            • Adgirl says:

              Oh my you are sooo right. Yeah, Taylor was more interested in being right than working around the allergy problem and supporting her husband’s effort to make their child happy.

  57. Adgirl says:

    Wow. The Jets beat the Pats! Go Steelers!

    • kotagirl29 says:

      Don’t remind me. There were so many screw ups in that game it was amazing anyone scored. I’m so mad I could spit nails.

      • Adgirl says:

        That was an unexpected outcome. I’m sorry if that was your team that lost. It’s crappy when you season ends. We have a lot of fun at our house screaming at the tv. LOL.

  58. klmh says:

    This is Taylors consulting firm:


    • HD says:

      Oh great. She always talks about a job and her and Russell having a business relationship and I never see her do any work. So I always wondered what she did. I love for these women to have actual jobs. I think that is empowering for viewers to see. There is only so many lunches, fundraisers and whatnot that I enjoy watching. I love to see women that are powerful, business minded and that are truly living life in color!

      • Adgirl says:

        I know! Let’s see these ladies at work. Bravo thinks that’s not aspirational … but I think it makes us believe in them (as being the real thing).

    • California35 says:

      Interesting Klmh, I had wondered about that. Maybe she said what the business was before, but I missed it.

      Remember when we were wondering how come Russel dropped her off the day of the lunch when she showed up to Lisa and Kyle. I thought maybe it was because they were together working.

  59. PJ says:

    Was Kelsey married to Camille during the babysitter incident?

  60. Adgirl says:

    Watching RHOA. If you are on the West Coast and have cable with HD it is shown at the East Coast time.

  61. Cusi77 says:

    That scene at Phoedra’s with Sheree and Cindy was filmed before last week party. The baby was younger.

  62. Adgirl says:

    I feel bad for Peter. I think he like many of the husbands is not suited to be on tv. He wanted to make Cynthia happy but his business is in trouble and now the whole world is in on his shame.
    I wonder why Cynthia thinks it’s a good idea to have a fancy wedding anyway. It doesn’t seem very empathatic on her part. I like her but she seems to be wearing blinders. If she had to lend the club money then obviously there are $$ issues and her man is a proud guy falling apart in front of her eyes.

    • twoile says:

      @Adg, Do u think Bravo is footing the bill 4 the wedding….after all it is the final episode…I think that has a lot 2 do w/C’s going through w/the wedding, while we wish she would runnnnnnnn.

  63. error404 says:

    Phaedra, who she says is all Martha Stewart all day long on the inside, is making scrambled eggs with a metal fork in a teflon pan. Maybe one of her fans can send her a rubber spatula, or even a wooden spoon. LOL

  64. klmh says:

    During commercial, look at what Helena Bonham Carter wore to the G.G.: I love her!


  65. error404 says:

    OMG, is Bravo telling us that Kim is all smoking and drinking and swollen in the tummy and “Nurse Betty” herself doesn’t realize she’s pregnant? Does the baby still take 10 months to cook if it’s starts off being smoked and marinated? lol

    • Adgirl says:

      In Georgia apparently they have special super-embryos that are smoke and alcohol resistant and mature at an amazingly accelarated rate.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      LOL- That poor baby. I don’t care what she says, I am sure she is still pounding them back and puffing away. She smokes in the house with her children only feet away from her breathing that poison in- I hardly think her uterus is the sanctified sanctuary from it.

  66. error404 says:

    I was wondering how long it would take before someone dropped the j bomb.

    And now Kyle and Camille are arguing again. Oh wait, it’s Nene and Kim. I sometimes get my “trigger-jerk-hot-head vs. passive-aggressive-shit-stirrer” fights confused.

  67. error404 says:

    ok, who’s the “ungrateful bitch”?

  68. Adgirl says:

    NeNe started it.

    • klmh says:

      Man, she can be scary!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think she had an agenda from the get go.

      The dig she made about her in the interview with Jermaine D, was just a hint of things to come. But when she got on the bus, all cosy with Kandi and told her everything Kim was saying…it was on.

  69. Zarout! says:

    Was it last season when Nene was so mean & nasty??? I have a feeling we’re about to see the real Nene again between the bus incident and Celebrity Apprentice. She better start damage control now

    • Adgirl says:

      I think NeNe will be more careful on CA. First the cast is more famous & accomplished than NeNe and many are AA so the racial overtones will be absent.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      From her appearance on WWHL, it doesn’t seem that she is.

      The first hint of criticism or anything less than adoration she gets indignant and rude.

  70. Cusi77 says:

    Nene said in WWH that this episode in the bus was filmed in July 2010… how far is WIG in her pregnancy? Someone knows?

    Error_ Bravo want us to beleive is Cynthia… but it could be anyone!

    • error404 says:

      well Kim was on the NYE show and she sure didn’t look 6 months pregnant, so I guess she wasn’t during the tour. I just got suspicious because otherwise, an entire 5 minutes of my life I’ll never get back as wasted on watching Kim complain about her swollen belly not fitting into a tiny hooker skirt. lol

  71. Adgirl says:

    I adore RH but when the screaming starts in earnest it upsets me. I can’t stand most cable news for the same reason. I feel like I’m over hearing to my neighbors fight.

  72. Marly says:

    I’m sure Camille was dropping the kids off because a lot of kids have Thursday thru Tuesday off for the MLK holiday. Or it could be a winter break at their school if they go year round.. There is no way Kelsey could take care of these kids full time, even with nannies. He is so into that play and the new gf, I can’t imagine they would fit into his new life other than seeing them a few times a year. It’s a shame, I used to love Kelsey before all this…but I’ve soured on him now. The fact he didn’t feel appreciated by his peers, after all those Emmys and 2 hit tv shows that ran for many years each, it seems extremely ungrateful.

  73. error404 says:

    Nene can get really scary!

    That being said, I was wondering how long it was going to take before someone called Kim on her fake black chick routine.

    • Adgirl says:

      I agree that Kim is a wannabe Vanilla Ice.
      But clearly anytime NeNe has an opportunity to slam Kim on the Tardy song she jumps right on it. Ans NeNe is nasty about it.
      So NeNe is j-e-a-l-o-u-s as she can be about Kim’s popularity. All last season NeNe blew a gasket about the song.
      Remember when she got into Kandi’s face about the song? Jealous.

  74. Cusi77 says:

    Is it true that Nene is pregnant?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      She said previously that she wasn’t and the shop was closed. But her son is rumored to have gotten some girl preggers.

  75. WindyCityWondering says:

    I realize many people love/like NeNe – she is like a Jill Zarin to me – never liked her and never will. Scary, yes! Crazy, you bet! Started it with Kim, no doubt about it! That fight came out of nowhere and NeNe comes off as a jealous hater – no one checks her because she isn’t just loud but violent – she is disturbing to watch and to listen to.

    • Adgirl says:

      Wow great post. I hadn’t thought about it like that. She is like Jill. If NeNe could she would squash Kim’s music “career” (career? I know, Iknow).
      That is a really bad person to me. Someone who will steal the food out of your mouth just to show you they can. Jill, Camille and potentially NeNe.

      You don;t see Kim running around complaining about NeNe’s book or tv job.

      Kim is an ass. NeNe is just mean. I’m with Bethenny on WWHL, I’d rather hang with Kim than NeNe.

      • error404 says:

        I wouldn’t share a cab with any of them!

        Kim has to be one of the most annoying people on the face of the earth, but Kandi suddenly going off on her and Sweetie in front of fans at the salon was just ghetto.

        Nene can go from 0 to 60 in the snap of a finger. It’s the lightning speed with which she gets violent that’s so scary. I wouldn’t wish being on her wrong side on my worst enemy. That being said, I cant think of anything she’s said all season that I disagree with. Every word out of Phaedra’s mouth is just plain dumb as dirt, and Kim is just about the rudest person alive.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          While Phedra is guilty of making up that stupid lie, NeNe was privy the same way were were with all of Phedra’s dumb remarks. Other than NeNe, every other housewife has said, the actually do really like her and she isn’t as bad in real life as she comes across in the show.

          Kim is rude, but so is NeNe. I actually find her very abrupt and obnoxious, especially when someone says something she thinks is an attempt to put her in her place.

          I think NeNe is like Kate Gosselin in a way.
          A lot of talk about needing to make a living to take care of their family, but are demanding and entitled along the way. They for some reason, think they have some measure of talent in several area’s without putting the work into it. Although, in writing this, I can see that I can also make the same remark about Kim.

  76. MichelleShaniquaObama says:

    NeNe started it. She is always taking jabs at Kim off camera. Kim is extremely rude and crass. I do not find her classy or intelligent and she dresses like a hooker.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      They are all legends in their own minds – and I have never thought of RHoA as a franchise that has class or money – these are the lol girls.

      • Adgirl says:

        I doubt that was Bravos’ intention – to have Atl & NJ being the brawlers.
        It’s like Roller Derby in Gucci skates.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        RHOA is definitely not the show if someone is looking for programing that is empowering and bettering to AA women.From what I heard, DC is more of that caliber.

        But the other HW shows don’t exactly make white women look good either; especially that NJ bunch, they are like a bunch of barbarians on meth.

        • Kat says:

          I think the HWs that Bravo cast for the most part showcase the worst stereotypes of women. Most are greedy, petty, bitchy, backstabbing, social climbing status snobs.
          I think Bethenny, Kandi, Cynthia and Alex are okay and Sonja may turn out to be somewhat normal too.

          I know we only see what Bravo airs. I’d love to see intelligent women discussing serious issues, showing loyalty, displaying the courage of their convictions and succeeding both in the world and their private lives.
          Maybe that is too PBS but I’m getting tired of the fragile shallow divas.

        • twoile says:

          @R you r so correct, white trash!

  77. kotagirl29 says:

    I know a lot of us have questioned the reasons behind Kandi including Kim on her promo tour and I’m sure it had to do with Bravo and the fact that people probably want to watch the mess that is Kim Zolciak “perform”. Hell I would probably have gone if they came anywhere near where I live. I watched her destroy notes on camera, why not see it live right? But I felt really bad for Kandi and her crew being stuck on that bus with Kim and Sweetie. Holy crap, where’s the Tylenol? I mean honestly. Kim really must pay Sweetie a hell of a lot of money to put up with that. I know I couldn’t do it. And Derek J. didn’t seem to be very happy doing Kim’s hair. He damn near snatched the wig off her head combing it out to curl it. They were working on this wig line together and from the looks he was giving her I don’t think they are now. I wonder what happened?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bravo has to be footing the bill for this “tour” so they can film when they want. Kandi isn’t playing venues that would be considered test marketing – a hair salon? The White Party Kim performed at probably had more attendees than Kandi’s whole tour combined! Kandi has gotten so petty this year that it is hard to watch her.

  78. jeang says:

    how many times do we have to see the cellulite on kims thighs? last week, this week, over and over again. i get it i am 60 years old and she is only 30 ish. ? really? yes i probably got some, but i dont go out in public, and on national tv showing it. dang how hard up is that football player?

    • Adgirl says:

      It’s another Bravo joke on her Jessica Wabbitness. She wears clothes that are ridiculous and too revealing so Bravo is focusing on her trashiness and delusion.
      I’m embarrassed to admit I think she a bucket of fun.

  79. Adgirl says:

    Do you think Sweetie was offended by Kim before NeNe claimed that Kim & Big Poppa called her their blackie or slave??

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      He did?
      I would think she would be, I’m offended just reading it. (Not directed at you of course, I just mean I am offended and shocked someone would say that)

      • Adgirl says:

        NeNe claims it was said during her appearance on WWHL. I don’t know her source or whether she is believable on the subject. Why would she agree to hang out with Kim if she believed that?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I thought I heard Nene use the word “slave” on the bus when referring to Sweetie. I must have missed the WWHL version.

          It actually wouldn’t shock me to see NeNe make the accusation just to make Kim look bad.

          • error404 says:

            Nene called Sweetie Ki’m slave on the bus.

            She then said on WWHL that Kim & Big Pappa called Sweetie “black bitch”.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              I thought that NeNe only met BP once and that was a couple of years ago.
              It doesn’t seem like something NeNe would have seen first hand but a story she heard and she is repeating. I could easy imagine if she was there when it was said, she would have lit up and it would have been all over the press by now.

  80. Adgirl says:

    I love Lisa.

    And Giggy’s blog has something to say about the luncheon. Hmmm.

    Giggy the Pom
    Every Dog Has His Day
    The Gigster ponders if Cedric should go, and if there’s a dog fit a-brewing.Oh woof I am back,and again Bravo hasn’t quite realized how loved and adored I am by my millions of fans and just tossed me like an old bone on to the editing floor.

    But you saw me with mistress in her bedroom, on my little throne, listening intently to that guy…the one who’s normally greased up by the pool.
    Every dog has his day, and that mutt has had his! It’s time for him to high tail it outta here!

    He is playing with mistress and maybe telling her a tall tail….but I hope he is always good to mistress and doesn’t bite the hand that feeds him!

    Now, bow woofy wow, getting on to more important matters like the Gigster! When I saw myself I could not believe how furry my paws are now. On the throne I looked almost bald, and now I am magnificent (see my picture on Watch What Happens Live). That made me feel like jumping through hoops!

    Oh well what did you think about one of the litter mates and Blowfish (again, she named herself that)? They were holding paws and I saw mistress growling a little…almost like she was ready to snap. Go mistress go! Blowfish was adopting a hangdog expression and trying to make my mistress jealous by cozying up to the litter mate. But I don’t want to see a dogfight that’s for sure. I wasn’t quite sure what they were rabbiting on about, but I managed to catch the tail end of something and I thought mistress should have put her paw down.

    Just another week and it is over. I suppose every dog has his day! Next week the finale. Oh, how I am going to miss you all!

    Anyway remember my woofs will be heard and you can chase my tail on Twitter: @giggythepom


  81. Rabble Rouser says:

    Is it just me or does Kyle have ‘man hands’?

  82. lillybee says:

    So Kim thought that it was her tour, sorry, honey, if it wasn’t for Kandi there would be no tour.

  83. WSL says:

    Anybody around ?
    I went to the Met to see the permanent fashion collection. Then we walked. It was so cold I had a coffee in the afternoon.
    I am not sleepy.

  84. Sparkles says:

    Deciding between Kim and Nene last night was certainly picking the lesser of two evils. I can’t stand the way Kim talks to people…it’s so trashy! Not just to Sweetie, but to everyone.

    Meanwhile, Nene — ever the disloyal friend — really stirred it up by reporting to the bus everything that Kim told her. Kim is right that she doesn’t make fun of Nene’s ventures but Nene can’t let go of criticizing Kim’s.

    Yet Kim…ugh.

  85. Sparkles says:

    Also, regarding Peter: red flags all around!

    “This is the last time I’m telling you anything.” = wow. Major obvious red flag that he will hide financial problems from Cynthia and does not view her as an equal partner.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Yeah- I was like WTF is that.
      You tell your wife (soon to be wife) your business failed and you have no source of income- which also means the savings she had and lent you is also gone and you need to come up with 20k in 15 days for your wedding- and you don’t expect her to react? There ain’t enough Xanax in the world to keep someone cool with that news,

  86. WSL says:

    I vote Kim !

    Ne Ne’s fame has gone to her head & she really think she is an IMPORTANT celb.
    At least Kim acts the same as ever.
    Ne Ne’s son is a lazy spoiled hood
    Kim’s children r spoiled by Kim yet they r respectful and well behaved.
    Ne Ne is broke She doesn’t even own her home

    Kim seems to have her $$$ in check. I think her condo is fully paid for.

    Ne Ne has humiliated her husband who invested $$$ to “make Ne Ne famous”.
    Kim never said anything negative about Big Papa even though he wouldn’t marry her.
    Ne Ne lied to the Ho wives producers by passing her self as rich.
    Kim presented herself to the Ho wives producers.
    Ne Ne is two faced
    Kim with Kim what you see is what u get.

    • Sparkles says:

      Good points. In the end, I voted for Kim in last night’s poll. But I didn’t do it out of support for Kim; I did it because Nene is getting out of control.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        who won the poll, I must have feel alseep before the end. I also bet if people think it was NeNe’s fault, she probably got an attitude about it.

  87. WSL says:

    I agree. If Peter is this mean this early in their relationship it will only get worse. When he rants Cynthia responds calmly. If she responded in kind I think he would completely lose control & mayb even hit her or at least do something scary like hit a wall. I don’t like his angry ,controlling, “Island” style. I wouldn’t let any body speak to me that way.My husband or brothers would woop his Island a$$ if I reported his loud,
    bullying,Condescending, BS. He is no gentleman and Cynthia is a lovely lady.

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