I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Atlanta Jan 17, 2011

I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Atlanta Jan 17, 2010

Good Morning Housewives Fans, I know you’re all jealous because Kim wakes to her alarm playing Tardy for the Party! How can I make that happen? $1.99 on Itunes, ok I’m not that jealous, I’ll pass! So Kim is up and apparently that means everyone has to be awake, she wakes up Derek then she pulls the covers off of Sweetie and the poor girl is in her undies. Sweetie says good morning to Kandi – Sweetie quickly learns that Kandi isn’t a morning person.

Kim moans and complains until the driver pulls over so that she can have a smoke break, Kandi, the driver, the publicist, are all disgusted with Kim’s constant demands for a smoke. Kim tells us that she works really hard and needs a B-12 shot. I’m still waiting for the part where we see Kim working hard. The genius Kim calls NeNe who happens to be at work so she can’t talk long. Kim invites NeNe to Orlando rather than waiting until all the ladies arrive in Miami. Sweetie, shoot me up!!!

Cynthia and Sheree arrive at Phaedra’s house, they seem to be seeing the baby for the first time, weren’t they at the “Sip and See” party? More scenes played out of order Bravo? Phaedra makes a beautiful lunch, Martha Stewart style. Sheree asks how Phaedra can do all this, new baby, work and make lunch? Wow! I’m guessing the same way we all do it or have done it and she sure has it much easier than single mom’s.

NeNe at 11-Alive, ready to introduce her Jermaine Dupris piece live, NeNe tells us that she had to make magic happen in the editing room. Keeping It Real with NeNe Leakes airs and the producer smiles, all is well in NeNe’s world.

Back on the bus Sweetie finds an internet feed to NeNe’s first segment on 11 Alive and Kim, Sweetie and Kandi watch it on the bus. Kim is pissed about NeNe’s mentioning her age and Kandi says, “I told you so”.

Kandi and Kim’s tour bus makes a road stop but Kim doesn’t eat meat, I’m sure they have absolutely no salads on the menu so it is a complete disaster – a mess, wine to the rescue. Kim’s having a liquid lunch.

I have to say, Kim seemed to fit right in sitting on a green plastic folding chair outside that bus looking like she was camping, smoking a stogie and cooking vegetarian beans over an open fire. All she needed was the man in the dirty t-shirt with a pack of smokes rolled into the sleeve cracking open an Old Style.

Sweetie gets a bit “short” with Kandi as Kandi walks through Sweetie’s cloud of smoke Sweetie tells Kandi to “walk away”. Sweetie and Kim are both getting on Kandi’s nerves.

Cynthia tells her fiance, Peter that she’s excited about her wedding dress, typical couple talk before their wedding but then Peter drops a bomb. He has officially closed his restaurant, Uptown.

Cynthia is obviously upset, not only is she not getting paid back all of the money she put into the restaurant, but the income from the restaurant was supposed to pay for their wedding. Cynthia tells us that they can barely pay their bills and were depending on money from restaurant to pay for the wedding.

Peter is completely unrealistic and unreasonable. Clearly this is something that needs to be discussed, Peter initially says that they may have to modify the wedding to go a bit less expensive but later he tells Cynthia not to worry about it, its only $20k and he’ll work it out. According to Peter, that should be the end of the conversation. Peter refuses to discuss it further and says that this is why he never tells her anything. Wow, this guy has no idea how to communicate.

There are only 10-days until the wedding payment is needed, and Cynthia just wants to know how this is going to work. Peter doesn’t want to talk about it. Will they Call it off? Postpone it? Peter tells Cynthia that she can’t deal with stuff like this – “look where you went with it.” I don’t know what he expected but I didn’t expect to hear Cynthia say “I’m sorry“ Yes, Cynthia you do have the right to be devastated that everything is going to hell right now. Maybe she should sell that ring, she may just get the money back that she put into the restaurant, then run for the hills.

And we’re back to put upon Kandi and the cartoon character in a wig with her sidekick. Clearly as the days go on in the bus, the close quarters are making everyone touchy. Kim and her entorage Derek and Sweetie are loud and obnoxious. Don Juan and Kandi wonder how on earth Sweetie can handle being at Kim’s beck and call day after day. I wonder that myself. As Kandi said, that check must be good.

Kim’s daughter Ariana calls in tears because she misses her mom, she cries, “I miss you“ Kim doesn’t spill a drop of tears but rather tells her child, that she had a really good performance last night. Later as Kim lies down to sleep with a full wig completely styled, she does seem to be crying some real tears. Could be her wig was on too tight?

Kim claims that she’s doing all of this for her children, her “new music career” is all for her children, she is doing it all for them. I suppose she thinks that if she says it enough times, she’ll make it true.

Day three and Kandi says that not only Kim, but Sweetie’s attitude sucks and Kandi tell us that Sweetie has been making smart ass comments for days, Kandi’s had enough and the two of them argue. I’m still confused as to why Kim was allowed to bring an assistant and her hair stylist while Kandi doesn’t have any personal assistants traveling with her.

Cynthia, NeNe and Cynthia’s sister Malorie meet for lunch and Cynthia tells her friends about the issues with her fiance and the restaurant closing. Both ladies agree that Cynthia should postpone the wedding but Cynthia is determined to make the wedding happen on time.

Sheree really is falling the way of Lisa this season and becoming a supporting housewife, we see her briefly packing to go to Miami to see Kim and Kandi perform and meet up for Cynthia‘s bachelorette party. Sheree‘s kids are going to California to see their dad. As they pack Sheree asks both of her children if they will miss her, they don’t answer but after asking them half a dozen times we get forced yes’s all around.

Phaedra and her husband are having breakfast, they have the same discussion that new parents have every day, mom is overworked and underappreciated and dad can’t get up and breast feed in the middle of the night, its not his fault! We learn that Phaedra took 6-weeks maternity leave and is trying to work from home. Phaedra explains that men can’t understand what its like being a mother, his life hasn’t changed at all, but she’s with the baby all day. Phaedra says, “ you can do whatever you want and I have him!”.

Phaedra informs Apollo that she’s going to Miami with the girls and will be leaving the baby with him. He’s all prepared and ready for his “test” but as soon as Apollo walks out the door, Phaedra calls her mom to come and help him with the baby.

Kim and Kandi Tour from Hell – Day 3 After an exhausting overnight bus ride, tonight they will be staying in hotel. NeNe’s coming and will meet them at the hotel. Kim can’t wait to confront NeNe about her comments on her 11-Alive show Keeping It Real With NeNe and laughing about Kim’s age and starting a musical career. I was a bit confused why NeNe would bring up Kim and her sad song with Jermaine Dupris as well and even more surprised that he didn’t completely slam the song and Kim, rather Jermaine had no issue with her age at all and was overly kind about the song.

While watching the short clip it looked like his somewhat positive response had been edited out and earlier NeNe did mention that she was responsible for editing the piece, could NeNe have cut out Jermain’s positive response?

NeNe seems shocked that Kim thinks she’s a real pop star, Kim talks about the stress of the tour and NeNe questions Kim on whether or not they‘re having any fun. Kim lies and says she is having fun, I think Kandi would beg to differ.

NeNe’s talking head interviews just bashed Kim, I don’t know how these two women ever called each other a friend. NeNe said Kim’s not a singer/vocalist, NeNe is surprised the crowd didn’t boo Kim. Kim can’t sing, Kim is singing to the original song’s track, Kim’s performing in a strip mall.

Kandi’s performance did seem to impress NeNe, clearly Kandi is the reason all of those people showed up at the club. Kandi looked amazing except the poof of red hair. Kandi rocks it, the crowd received her really well.

Back on the bus….

NeNe says that show was alright and then clearly drunk, begins making fun of Kim. Flashbacks in my head of NeNe singing about Kim in a limo during season one. Drunk NeNe clearly cannot stand Kim Zolciak.

The next morning Kandi talks to her mom and her daughter Riley. Kandi is nervous because Riley’s dad is going to pick her up to spend some time together and they hadn’t seen one another in some time.

NeNe arrives on the bus in the morning, and everyone is waiting on Kim. NeNe starts to rock the boat and is talking about her “friend” Kim and telling Kandi and Don Juan that Kim claims that the rest of the crew on the bus have stressed her out. NeNe brings up Sweetie and they all agree that Kim treats Sweetie like garbage. NeNe stirs up shit even after Kim arrives insisting that Don Juan and Sweetie can’t come on their “girls weekend” it is supposed to be only Housewives.

Kim explains that they’re “working” and Don Juan works for Kandi and Sweetie works for Kim. NeNe corrects Kim saying that what Kandi does is work, what Kim does isn’t work. The two argue over everything from the way Kim talks to Sweetie to NeNe’s job as entertainment host on 11-Alive.

I have absolutely no love for Kim Zolciak and I really like NeNe, but there is no doubt that NeNe was looking for a fight on that bus. She arrived on the bus determined to stir the pot with Kim initially by talking behind her back to Kandi and Don, then insisting that Sweetie and Don not be included in the “girls weekend”. (where is Vicki when you need her) Finally saying that Kim was 2nd best and ignorant, dumb blonde…and on and on. Kim was actually just defending herself against NeNe’s accusations, there is clearly a whole lot more to that argument than that. There is a lot of underlying anger there.

There is no doubt that NeNe was upset, I personally think that she thought it should be her on that bus tour with Kandi because by right, NeNe actually can sing while Kim clearly cannot sing. NeNe is obviously still angry that “Tardy for the Party” was recorded without her and that she wasn’t part of the success of that song.

On their way to Miami: Sheree, Cynthia and Phaedra are looking forward to a “peaceful weekend” but have no idea what they’ll be walking into.

The previews for next week – Derek is imitating both NeNe and Kim as the rest of the ladies roar with laughter. Sheree calls someone an ungrateful bitch, if we are to believe those sneaky previews it looks like she may be talking about NeNe who seems to be leaving the sprawling mansion early.

Video previews from BravoTV.com can be viewed here:


Bravo was also kind enough to include the bus fight between Kim and NeNe in its entirety just in case anyone missed it, you’ll find all the Real Housewives of Atlanta previews and highlights in the same link above.

My latest in the Housewives Profiles series:

Portrait of a Housewife – Teresa Giudice @ http://look.ac/eVeK98

I want to wish everyone a very happy Monday, today we honor a man who stood for peace, love and charity. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

From The Huffington Post:

Martin Luther King III, head of The King Center for Nonviolent Social Change in Atlanta, said the Arizona tragedy is a grim reminder that the country has not yet achieved his father’s dream of a peaceful society.

Until Next Time…..

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298 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Atlanta Jan 17, 2011

  1. DJ Fruit Loops says:

    Does anyone remember that Kim didnt want to record Tardy for the Party originally and it was NeNe that talked her into it

    I dont know if we should thank her or smack her LOL just kidding i would never smack Miss NeNe she would whoop my ass
    i get the impression they find it a little racist that Kim talks to sweetie that way but didnt she talk to all her assistants in the past the same way i dont think it has to do with race and what exactly is in the drinking water in Atlanta that puts all these strange notions of what white people do or dont
    first it was the thing with white mothers cant cook cause they used canned goods ???
    now its we go shopping in stores barefoot
    in the meantime you have Kims wig stylist in womens boots in the deep south is he crazy or what
    Cynthia whom i adore should def postpone the wedding as it is they are gonna start that marriage on a rocky road
    Kandis reactions to everything going on ,in that bus cracks me up but i also feel her pain
    how she doesnt take a pillow and smother Kim is beyond me
    me id be crying if she came home LOL
    ps i put on the golden globes for a sec and who was staring into space but Camille so i had to change teh channel quick before my head exploded

  2. error404 says:

    Well, Sheree made good use of her time in getting in yet another dig at her ex. Something like “My kids are going to spend time with their dad, although he’ll probably just drop them off at his Mom’s.” I don’t know, but I think next she’ll hint he’s a crossdresser.

    I’m glad that RHoAt finally, finally is discussing the elephant in the middle of the room: Race.

    There are always all these little comments that get people offended but then dropped. “White people go barefoot”, “You treat Sweetie like a slave” “There are certain things you just can’t say to a sister” etc…

    It seemed obvious that the blow up was about simmering racial tension, and considering that I took 3 whole season for everyone’s anger at Kim, the fake “Vanilla Ice” who had wormed her way into an all black housewives show and then parades around either acting faux black or criticizing the black women and how they live.

    Could you imagine a straight guy weedling his way onto “The A List”and then spending the whole time calling everyone “girlfriend” ?

    Bravo loves to do this: Cat not being form DC annoyed the other women, Danielle not being int he clique annoyed the Manzo clan, Simon not being a woman angered the housewives, etc.. But I can’t believe how long they’ve been pussyfooting around racial tension in a show based in the south.

  3. Mary Jane says:

    Nice recap. You’re so right. Nene went on that bus looking for a fight. Her argument made no sense at all. If Sweetie doesn’t like the way she’s being treated she can quit, but since she doesn’t seem to be bothered then Nene should shut the hell up. I can’t believe how violent she threatens to be “I’ll snap your neck and pop out your eyeballs” what normal person says that to someone? Can’t wait for next week to see what happens at the house.

    • error404 says:

      Sweetie is called “assistant” except when Kim calls her “friend” but let’s not mince words, she is in fact little more than “drinking buddy”, someone to swill wine with Kim before breakfast. Like Cedric, Sweetie is little more than an enabler.

      But Sweetie as a subject, was just an excuse. They were IMHO really taking about how white Kim treats the black housewives, except instead of coming right out and saying it , then picked the easy target “Look, look. See how she bosses around and talks down to the black woman. She’s a racist!”

      I think one of the most important scenes last night was the one where Kim told Derek she didn’t care about race and he retorted shortly “Well, other people do!” and then stomped off.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I always get kind of annoyed by people who claim they ‘don’t see race’. I feel that someone’s race is part of the fabric of who they are and deserves to be recognized instead of dismissed.

  4. anna says:

    I cannot stomach Kim. She’s has become more self centered, selfish and just a plain b*tch this season. Phaedra and Cynthia do nothing for me. I thought those two were added to make RHOA more interesting? They bore me.

    • error404 says:

      Phaedra is one of the most talked about things of this season. Really, how much is there to say about Sheree shopping for furniture? I hate to say it, but Bravo is right. Women acting horribly is what makes it watchable. Kim is just awful, but had she not gone on that tour, the scenes of Kandi acting all quiet and profession and getting along with people would have been ZZZzzzzz. Sane people make for dull tv.

  5. justanothermary says:

    I thought the wig guy hit the nail on the head when Kim said something to the effect that she doesn’t even see the race thing and he said “That’s the problem.” Kim is just too self-involved to know or care how she comes off to others.

    • error404 says:

      I just said the same thing above! Great minds think alike I guess. LOL

      I think the real story of Atlanta is hidden in all of the subtle little digs that sometimes go unnoticed, and that the audience is distracted by all of this stupid “_______ started it” stuff.

      • justanothermary says:

        Sorry – must have been typing about the same time. I’m pretty slow! I know a woman who is rather Kimish. She simply cannot see how others perceive her but if she did, I don’t think she’d care. She has a vision of herself and there is simply no changing it.

  6. HD says:

    Nene certainly went off on Kim but at this point I am so over Kim and her ways I was glad someone did. If I was on the bus I probably would have too.

    Also I was SO GLAD Nene called Kim out on treating Sweetie like a slave. Which she does. You don’t have to talk to your assistant like that. Sweeeeettttttttiiiiieeeeee, fat ass, blah blah blah. I am over it. And here Sweetie comes just a running behind Kim to do whatever. I am over that too. You couldn’t pay me ENOUGH money. EYE ROLLAGE! Kim would certainly have the wrong one in my neighborhood. Not going to happen. I don’t know anyone that would work for her. And of course Kim says they are friends, blah blah blah but I don’t care. Kim looks horrible and Sweetie looks like a damn fool.

    • Adgirl says:

      I thought Bravo was replaying Kim saying that over and over to drive us nuts.

  7. Kat says:

    “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”
    “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity”
    “Nonviolence means avoiding not only external physical violence but also internal violence of spirit. You not only refuse to shoot a man, but you refuse to hate him ”
    ~Martin Luther King Jr.

    Okay back to hating Jill Zarin.

  8. HD says:

    Kim is a master manipulator. I know people like Kim. Kim does what is convenient at the time.

    Kim needs a producer-she loves Kandi.

    Kim needs money-she sleeps with Big Poppa.

    Kim needs more money Big Poppa going broke-She finds the young guy.

    Kim wants a DJ to pump her song-she sleeps with a woman that’s a DJ that can promote her.

    Kim wants to design wigs-she’s cool with Derek J.

    The fact that NONE of her relationships have been long lasting on these shows, shows that she is CLEARLY a user. If her and Sweetie are such good friends, where has she been? If she is such a great assistant that lets you talk to her like she is a piece of shit, why is this other assistant Mylek (?) being shown on last season? Kim is full of it. I see right through her.

    Kim will do what she needs to do to fit in. And quite honestly and I have seen this before, you start hanging with people of another race for some time, they can start getting a little comfortable and think they can just say little things that honestly, you just DON’T say to Black people or Chinese people or whatever. Some things are racial and you JUST don’t do it. Telling Don Juan to get his nappy ass off your bed. Nappy? Really? Honey you don’t know the first thing about nappy but for some reason she feels comfortable saying stuff like that. “Singing at the white party was different…this is a hip hop club”…Okay… and…a Black woman that writes R&B wrote the song and that is who you are touring with. Did you think you were singing at only gay events or something? “We’re about to get crunk” Crunk? Really? Do you really speak like that? I bet when you are with Big Poppa at his nice events you are not talking about let’s get crunk. I am glad someone called her on her shit! It’s long overdue! Kim is a fake and a phony and I am soooooooo glad she was put on blast!

    • error404 says:

      ITA with this and the other above. If only Kim were stupid enough to do a talking head after the bus argument saying she “won” the fight because she stayed cool *little girl giggle*, then last night’s poll wouldn’t have been so 50/50.

    • IMJ says:

      Those are really good points that everyone has been making about Kim, especially in regard to race. I did see some of that but you all really shed a light on it and magnified it clearly.

      I was annoyed at Kim getting upset with Ne Ne’s criticism of her. I mean, its clear that you can sing, everyone has said that many times. Its also clear that the only reason why you have two songs is because of Kandi. You didnt even write any of the words. So why are you getting upset when someone states these things? You should have laughed it off. Instead you come across like an ass for thinking that you are more than a side show, opening act.

    • Kat says:

      I think Kim suffers from conscientious stupidity. She works at it.

    • coocoopuffs78 says:

      I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!!! Very well put. =)

    • California35 says:

      “Do you really speak like that? I bet when you are with Big Poppa at his nice events you are not talking about let’s get crunk.” Somehow I doubt that he took her to any events…events are for the wife not for what Kim was to him.

      Just a thought – 😛

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Maybe I need to pay closer attention to Kim because I totally missed her comment about a ‘nappy ass’. What world is she living in where that would be a even remotely okay thing to say? It goes beyond just being too comfortable, it’s just ignorant.

      I would have thought that being from Atlanta, she would have been a lot more considerate than that. I’ve visited Atlanta a few times- and coming from Canada at the time I was painfully aware that there is a racial climate there. It still came across largely as very segregated but only this seemed like a mutual choice.

      Maybe because Kim’s not originally from Alt. and has developed in to such a self absorbed person, she is completely unaware that not only is there things you can’t say to people- but that in certain places and with certain people those comments are more loaded and open up old wounds.

      But it seems like the racial remarks go both ways on the show. I wasn’t sure what was meant about ‘white people not wearing shoes’. I heard about ‘white folks don’t use wash cloths before’ ( I think Dave Chapelle did a bit on it). That actually kind of made me laugh because when I was a kid, my friend who was originally from Jamaica was having a sleep over at my house and brought a face cloth and told me she brings one when she at her white friends house because she notices they never have facecloths in the tub. It was true, we didn’t have them in the tub but we did have them 🙂

  9. BambiBaby22 says:

    NeNe is not so good at hiding her jealousy over Kim’s “success” of having TWO songs.
    But, if I were NeNe, I would be pissed too since she and kim were supposed to do tardy for the party together.
    Kand is a class act and very professional. I love her!

  10. klmh says:

    Great blog Lynn. Tx

  11. Sparkles says:

    I can’t understand why Sweetie stays with Kim. Maybe Sweetie was paid a lot during the Big Poppa days, but I don’t see how that can now be the case. I could even understand tolerating the “Sweeeeetieeee!!” call – it’s annoying but not personal — but being called a “fat a**”?! I think that is Kim’s way of joking around, but it’s not funny.

  12. HD says:

    In honor of MLK Day and in light of last night’s episode I found this quote fitting…

    A man can’t ride your back unless it’s bent. ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

  13. WSL says:

    Sweetie stays so she can be on the Ho wives of Atlanta & hopes to get her own show :
    “Sweetie’s Revenge”

  14. WindyCityWondering says:

    Good blog Lynn.
    While I realize you like NeNe she has the worst traits of Jill and Teresa rolled into one screaming hot mess. Her jealous rages, her inability to handle not being the center of attention and the fact that she thinks she is all that make her very difficult for me to watch. NeNe went after Kandi last season and continues to go after Kim this season because of that stupid song – NeNe invited herself to be on that song and both Kim and Kandi went in another direction – grow up and get over it!
    Kim is a hot trash mess but she is not vindictive, her reactions to NeNe’s tantrums are genuine and she can laugh at herself. She may say offensive things but I don’t see the evil in her – just the sad, stupid, scared golddigger.
    None of these women are very intelligent, cultured, have real money or have any true feelings towards each other. I don’t expect anything more than the laughs from them. But the violence takes away from what is enjoyable and makes it difficult for me to watch.
    Seriously – did anyone think it would be Pheadra that provides the comic relief and Cynthia that would bring the real life drama this season???

    • error404 says:

      Interesting. I never would have made the connection myself, for 2 very good reasons.

      Nene, a character I watch on TV for entertainment purposes, is hysterically funny when not in an angry rage. Neither Jill nor T could tell a knock-knock joke if their lives depended on it. Two of the most humorless women I have ever “met” and for better or worse, humor gets credit from me.

      Nene, a loud mouth who constantly criticizes her co-stars, always says things I am 100% in agreement with. Jill and T constantly say things that I am 100% disagreement with.

      Phaedra is fake, and everything that comes out of her mouth is stupid. Kim is lazy and classless and acts like Madonna has handed her mantle down to her, and the rude way she speaks is deplorable. Sheree is a joke, with her “acting” and “dancing” etc.. Cynthia’s contract, a joke that fell flat, was “strange”.

      OTOH, Bethenny isn’t toxic or selfish or even a user. Not anymore than anyone else on the show. And it’s just a shame that after two entire season of a camera crew following her every move, Danielle failed to show even a hint of all of the awful yet blatantly unspecific evil things the other wives keep saying she does 24/7.

      • IMJ says:

        I agree with you completely error. Ne Ne is loud and can be abrasive but she is truthful. Its kind of like tough love. It hurts like hell but its brutally honest and it can help make you a better person. Ne Ne doesnt say anything that alot of people arent already thinking and shes the only one to call Kim on her bs.

    • Adgirl says:

      Sing it WSL & Error!!

      • Golden Girl says:

        @WindyCityWondering I have to agree with you, Nene came off as jealous. It’s a shame because she did have some good points but blew it.

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      I agree with you! Kim is a clown and that’s what Bravo wants her to be. She brings the most controversy to the interactions with the ladies and with the audience. There’s one on every show. It is what it is.

      Nene, on the other hand, is really starting to turn me off. I just can’t handle her violent side. We’re all entertained when they fight but Nene’s anger and threats are a little too real for this kind of show. This is not the Bad Girl’s Club, but that may be where she belongs. Everyone was appalled by Kelly’s Scary Island behavior and she didn’t even threaten anyone. Just insulted Bethenny and behaved like she was on something. I think the cast was more concerned for her well being than their own. The same cannot be said for Nene. She all but admitted she did choke Kim and might have done it again if she hadn’t been held back.

      I think because people hate Kim they accept and forgive Nene’s behavior. If she, or someone, behaved that way towards Bethenny or one of the more beloved housewives there would be an absolute uprising.

  15. WSL says:

    “Sweetie Ain’t Tardy for Her Own
    “Up Yours Kim”
    “Kim Didn’t Mean a Thing”
    “Sweeeeee teeee” is Gone, Bitch”
    “Sweetie Washes Kim’s Wigs,
    Right out of Her Hair”
    “Sweetie Rocks ”
    “Sweetie is a Sweetie”
    “You Catch More Shows, With Sweetie Than Kim”
    “Sweetie With Kim No More”
    “Sweetie Kim’s Slave No More”
    “Sweetie Getting Her Own Show,
    Suck on that Kim”

    Any more Names for Sweetie Show ?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I like Sweetie! And really love her reactions to the conversations going on around her. It has to be surreal to be in the company of such larger than life hot messes! She is sweetness and light. It would be fun to have all the “assistants” do a reunion type tell all.

  16. quincyil says:

    Great blog, Lynn. I’m glad you mentioned MLK day.

    I always thought that those big buses were luxurious. Those tiny beds were awful.

    I and my entire family go shoeless at home. The shoes come off at the back door. I’ve been known to walk to the mailbox sans shoes. I never thought of that before. We try to keep the carpets clean and scuff marks off the wooden floors. My parents did that also. My children do it in their homes. Just saying…….

    • Barry Glibb says:

      I think the stereotype is more about going outside with no shoes on.

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        I have never heard of this stereotype…..and I am white.

      • error404 says:

        when I was a kid, the shoes came off when summer ended and didn’t go back on till I got my new back-to-school pair. Of course, this was also back in the hippie days when shoeless people adorned magazine covers, so…

        Kim wasn’t going to a white house dinner, she was going to stand outside the bus door for 5 minutes, yet they all acted like she wanted to lick a toilet seat.

        • quincyil says:

          I can remember being in pain in school shoes after a summer walking down to the lake on hot tar streets. We had plastic flip flops too.

          I will walk out of the house and around the yard in summer. I remember stepping on a snake last summer and thinking that I need to wear shoes.

          • kotagirl29 says:

            I hate shoes. To this day I hate wearing shoes. I wear them when I have to, but I would just as soon go barefoot. Not that doing that is particularly clever on my part as last summer I sliced the bottom of my foot open and needed seven stitches, but as soon as I healed the shoes were off again.

          • Kat says:

            That reminds me of the Jim Stafford song, “I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes”.

            I know… random. My bad.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        When I was a kid I couldn’t wait for the summer to run around the yard barefoot – yup I’m white. I guess I had no idea other people didn’t do that – strange perceptions of racial stereotypes in Atlanta. And yes we used to eat canned food. Not so much now that fresh is available everywhere. Maybe canned soup once in a while.

        • jezzibel says:

          shoes just got in the way of running, jumping and climbing stuff, almost never wore them in the summer..I caused my mother so much embarrassment by going up the church aisle for comnunion barefoot( I was only about 4) and any excuse to take them off at school as well, I usually found the biggest puddle to hop in so that my shoes and socks could get soaking wet.

    • bosandi says:

      Boy this episode sure took me out of lurkdom!

      I know both black and white people who like to be barefoot. I don’t like it b/c I have strange rules about my feet that I will address one day with my future therapist, lol.

      I’m also black and eat canned food from time-to-time. I think we can all see the problem with these sweeping generalizations.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:


        @bosandi, if HD hears you use a can opener she’ll take away your black people card!

    • lovesfall says:

      OK, so I LOVE shoes …..you can’t go into any room in my house without tripping over at least 1 pair (there’s 3 pair at the barn alone, lol). But I HATE wearing them at home (or most of the time). As soon as I walk in the front door, they come off. I don’t wear them in the house, in the yard (sometimes even if there’s snow on the ground), or if I’m just driving my kid to school. Sometimes I don’t even wear shoes around the horse (really a baaaaaaad idea). Summer I’m all about the flip flop (really pretty wedge ones ;-)) My mom was the same, and now so is my daughter. BTW, I happen to be white, lol.

  17. Kat says:

    Silence is deafening.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      You r a KRAZEE KITTEE!

      • Kat says:

        And you are a sight for sore eyes!

        Who knew you were such a Princess? I bow. 😉

      • quincyil says:

        I am throwing a party for you one more in Boston. It’s at the Four Seasons in Manhattan and kat will jump into the pool with me.

        • Kat says:

          uhm I’d look like a drown rat and don’t want to be confused with the rodents LLC. Life preserver flotation device?

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            Aren’t those called Dolly Parton’s?

            • Kat says:

              See the Got Milk comment. OOPs!
              I know I didn’t go there. Oh dude!

              • OneMoreInBoston says:

                I’m quite sure you asked me about flotation devices?

                Don’t sailors call them “Dolly Partons?”

                oh…maybe they were calling me Dolly Parton?

                well, that’s just silly, I can’t sing!

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          now will that be safe for someone who has just had a concussion?

          I will require a note from your doctor before I let you fling yourself into any pool, even if it is the pool at the Four Seasons.

          • Kat says:

            Well we can see if Quincy’s noggin floats.
            I know I’m airheaded.
            If she brings a note do you think we can score more meow mix at the pharmacy?


    All I can say is run Cynthia run. Peter is a controlling idiot. Cynthia putting money in uptown and he closes it without discussing it with her. Come on. if she has been a runaway Bride in the past I sure hope she is again….

    Kim – self centered bitch. Look at what she has it is all from sleeping with a married man and now has trapped this young man by getting preggers (women like her should never reproduce). She has used Kandi to the max and ripping her off. Her thinking she is a pop star is like calling Mel Gibson sober. Her sitting in the lawn chairs outside the bus with her wine in one hand paper cup included and her cigarette in her other hand. She is the posterchild for trash.

  19. kotagirl29 says:

    There are more people and equipment traveling than what is shown on the bus. Kandi has 3 back-up singers and there is also the DJ. The two guys are on her web show Kandi Koated Nights. Don Juan also produces her web show. So it is not just Kim who brought an entourage with her they both had people. Add to that the show’s production crew and all their equipment, I bet it was a hell of a caravan.

  20. Sparkles says:

    On the topic of Kim’s finances: she has said that she gets no child support. It doesn’t even look like the fathers are in the daughters’ lives.

    I know it’s been rumored that she gets a lot of child support, and some of that speculation is based on the fact that an older man with the same name as her ex-husband is wealthy (i.e. presumably her ex-FIL) but I’ve also read contradictory things online. (See the comments under this story from someone who claims to know the ex.. http://durangotv.blogspot.com/2008/11/photo-of-lee-najjar-atlanta-housewife.html

    Who knows if it’s true though.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Someone is supplying the green! IMO – rich exFIL is probably paying child support. Add Big Poppa, add her parents and Kim has her financial needs met. Now she has a baby on the way with another income source.

    • quincyil says:

      Maybe, the condo has a money tree in the back yard, but I suspect Kim gets money for the young daughter’s support and uses it for wigs.

  21. WindyCityWondering says:

    Bravo is running old RHoA and the song is the key to the fighting that has moved into this season. NeNe really believed that the song would not sell if she didn’t do it – now that Kim had marginal success with it NeNe can’t deal with that. NeNe is spending all her time trying to get the other wives to side with her and that isn’t happening either. IMO, NeNe really wants to do a song too but no one is encouraging her and that sets her off. Got to love the housewives marathons – little juicy gems pop out again!
    Kandi did what she did with Kim because of Big Poppa’s connections in the industry – she proved she could make a pig sing like a canary (big exaggeration here lol) and it helped her career. Kandi has professional chops and has goals and knows that NeNe has nothing to offer her in ways of career advancement.

    • Cusi77 says:

      So true Windy!

      • HD says:

        What exactly is Big Poppa’s connection in the industry.

        I know Kandi has wrote songs for NSync, Destiny Child, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, just to name a few people as well as being part of a girl group that was pretty sucessful in addition to working some of the biggest producers in the country. So why would she need Big Poppa to do anything for her in an industry that she has been in since she was 17 years old?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          He knows producers, vocal coaches, etc and money people – Kandi is a business woman and it is to her benefit to make Kim happy.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I totally think NeNe wants a song, which is why she seemed to be sucking up to Kandi this past episode, praising her talent and ratting Kim out to her.

    • klmh says:

      Yep, yep and yep. In total agreement with you WCW.

  22. Jennifer Neehan says:

    I can not understand why Cynthia has no money. If she is the super-model she says she is she should be earning money and should have made enough to have some set aside. Doesn’t she have modeling gigs????? How much do super models get paid an hour? Twenty five thousand dollars should be peanuts to a super model, but she is carrying on like it was her life savings. Can’t she do a photo shoot to pay for the wedding? What paid for the wedding gown? I just don’t understand.

    • quincyil says:

      I imagine that Cynthis lives for today and does not save. I think all of these women fail to save money.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Is Cynthia really a super model? Not being mean but I never heard of her or recognized her so while she is a model is she a super model who makes super model money? She likely has/had people who took care of her finances and expected a return on her investment in the club. I was surprised when she said she was worried about paying the bills.

      • Adgirl says:

        If she was a Super Model than I am a Super Adgirl.

        You can be Super Windy, but maybe that’s not such a good idea.

        • IMJ says:

          I dont think shes a supermodel per se but she was pretty well known model in New York in the 90’s (in particular). Shes done a few magazine covers also. She not Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell but shes been a steady working model for over 20 years.

    • klmh says:

      I wonder how much she gave to Peter? I’ve heard numbers in the mid 5 figures. She probably gave him her savings as well, and may have been helping with expenses in his business even earlier than this.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      After watching last night’s episode, I started to wonder who is footing the bills. Is the house Cynthia’s or Peter’s or both? I got the impression last night that Cynthia is paying for everything. Me thinks Peter found him a gravy train and rode it all the way to broke. I feel bad for Cynthia, but this is what happens when you don’t listen to your gut. She knows it looks bad, she has never been married, and she has to be feeling like a fool at the point of the taping. In real time, she has to know she is the fool. Who wants to make bets on Peter asking for alimony?

  23. Cusi77 says:

    Good Morning Everyone!

    I watch RHOA just to be in the “same page” with all of you and because once I watched I read Lynn’s Blog and her comments crack me up! Otherwise I’ll pass! I never watch the same episode twice… all the shout hing between NeNe and Kim is painful to watch for me. However I like Cynthia, Kandi and I have more sympathy for Phoedra (the comic relief) IMO Nene is jealous of Kim. Kim selfish fugly user, drinking and smoking.

    Nene said in WWH that this episode was filmed in July… I think that Kim was already pregnant… Pour baby…

    I work at home and barefoot (exception when I do soldering, for safety).

    Have a nice day!

    • quincyil says:

      I wear boots in the barn for safety too.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Looking back – as a child barefooting in the summer was a ritual – forget the bee stings, the cowpies I stepped in on grandma’s farm – it was liberating to be free of shoes!

    • AZ Girl says:

      @Cusi: Do you have a website that shows your work? I would love to see your jewelry line. If there is a link to a retailer that you can give that would also be great.

    • Adgirl says:

      I don’t think Kim was pregnant during this epi. People have mentioned that she didn’t look preggers on the NYE show. Thank God.

  24. Adgirl says:

    Why do I always seem to defend Kim?? She is just a jumped up cocktail waitress.

    Just because Kim isn’t as likeable as Bethenny doesn’t mean NeNe is better than Jill Zarin. NeNe is exactly like JZ (thanks for pointing that out WSL).

    NeNe wants to destroy Kim in every way – professionally and personally.

    Hey NeNe why don’t you get Kandi to help you with a single instead of obsessing over Kim’s silly little success??
    NeNe is enraged about anything Kim does. Before Tardy it was the wig party.

    And whoa, NeNe claiming on the bus and on WWHL that Kim treats Sweetie like a slave and that Kim & Big Poppa called Sweetie their blackie or something…. Wow.

    NeNe is clearly trying to get Sweetie and the world to turn on Kim. Hello JZ.

    • California35 says:

      I was thinking the same thing about Nene, I do remember that she got really mad because Kim got that first song. It was ovious that Kandi made it happened, Nene was upset because she wasn’t included and even got on Kandi’s face. Now that time has passed and she is still upset about Kim’s “success”, she should try to get her own song. I am SURE her voice is better.
      BTW- I have not seen the show much enough to see if Nene and Kandi talk now. Do they?
      The slave thing bother me, I felt bad for Sweetie and I am SURE Nene didn’t like it. She finally had a good reason to jump on Kim (again :-P). Is it true or not, who knows…but if Kim does call Sweetie that, I would have thought that Sweetie would have put a stop to it. The problem is that they joke around a lot, Kim calls her the B word (I think) that would bother me also.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I don’t know if I’d go that far. NeNe drunk is when the worst comes out – at Gregg, at Kim, well just in general. She’s very mean. I doubt she sits around trying to think of ways to destroy Kim (as JZ would). She’s more in the moment and then moves on. Kim (as Kandi pointed out) was stupid to think NeNe would be supportive of her new career as a pop star. And everyone was stupid to think that they wouldn’t get on each other’s nerves in close quarters (Scary Island yacht!).

      • Adgirl says:

        I do think NeNe purposely tries to bring Kim down.

        Why did she bring up Kim to Jermaine Dupree? She was dying for him to say something nasty about Kim so she could broadcast it on her show.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Exactly – why would JDuP even be thinking about KZ? It shocked NeNE that he even knew the song and said something nice about it – which she worked so hard to edit out of her “show”.

          • error404 says:

            Nene has just started a new job, one that revolves around her being famous as a Bravo housewife. Working a housewife mention into her first interview is just exactly the type of thing that these tv shows do. It’s cute to think that Nene, an inexperienced novice would be given carte blanche to edit her very first work to be shown on a network, but anyone who thinks her station manager & producers weren’t totally involved in what went on air, needs to send $1,000,000 to my paypay account so I can send them the deed to the Brooklyn bridge. 😛

            • error404 says:

              Kim is so stupid, even cray-cray KKB herself would know that that 11 Alive mention was PR 101 and therefore a good thing. No, Kim actually was offended because she thinks the serious music lovers that come to her backwater concerts might be turned away. Or was it the mention of her being over 30, when just last week she probably told Troy she was only 28! LOL

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      Nene is believing her own press a little too much. She’s been like Jill in that way. Both early fan favorites and then a touch of the big head had them losing fans. Nene has no accountability. She never does anything wrong and if you call her out she’ll get in your face. Ugh. She was so cocky on WWHL last night with the caller and tweeter questions it was driving me crazy. It’s weird because there are other times when she cracks me up and I love her. She’s a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde for me.

  25. California35 says:

    Good morning everyone, and happy Monday to you all.

    As anyone seen Buffywood and the waightloss group? The only way I had been able to go to the waightloss blog, was by clicking on Buffywood’s name. I don’t know if there has been an update or any posts there. Is any of the group still around and in the “program”? I hope everyone in it is doing well. I missbehaved on the weekend, and am sad to report that I didn’t loose any waight on my first week. I will be better this week.

    • buffywood says:

      Hi CA35. I am here but mostly lurking as I am not a fan of the Altanta Housewifes. I can’t stand Nene, never have and never will. I think she is one step away from facing assult charges.

      I will be updating the blog soon. I had an OK week myself but yesterday was my boyfriends birthday and I had a piece of cake. Over all though I still feel good about my progress. Had it not been for having some people here to answer to I would have been back to my old habits a week ago if not sooner.

      Adgirl, I was thinking about you during the Steeler’s game. Now that my Eagles are out I will be cheering for them too!

      • Adgirl says:

        My husband is so excited about his Steelers win. He’s anerd but adores smashmouth football. LOL.
        I’m sorry about the Eagles. That was a surprise. I thought they would make it to next week for sure. I hate it when my team is eliminated.
        Go Steelers!

      • California35 says:

        Thanks Buffywood – I am glad you are around 🙂 No worries about updating the blog, I just didn’t want to be lost. I will click on your name to get there, but this time I will save it on my favorites so I can visit any time.

        I also had a b-day problem. I had TWO of them on Saturday, I figured I would eat on one and not on the other, and I really didn’t pig out on either one, but I did eat more than I had all week. Sunday, wasn’t that great either. By the end of the day I I tried not to be sad about it, but I figured I could start over today and THIS time put more effort.

        I hear you about this show, I enjoy the recap that is it. Last season’s kept getting worse and worse for me. Although with Linn’s recap it sounds like Nene has melowed down (ok some times :-P).

      • Adgirl says:

        Congrats to all of you on the weight loss & exercise regime. You are inspiring to me!!

      • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

        I did pretty good this week, but the weekend was tough. I have to weigh myself tomorrow AM and then I will post. I did go to the gym six times last week, so I am proud of that.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I’m not sure how much weight I lost since my scale needs a new battery. I did make my calorie intake at a level that if I stayed within it, I would lose 2 lbs a week, although some days I went over..but I still stayed well below 2000 calories. I would guess based on that I should have lost at least 1lb if not 1.5 lbs

      • California35 says:

        Good for you Rabble. I am leaving the office right now, so I can buy some snacks. I am fine right now because I just had lunch (1/2 sandwish after having some fruit), so I know I will stick to healthy options at the store 🙂

  26. housewifeaddict says:

    Ah all this attention to NeNe and Kim, and not much on Phaedra. I will say that since Phaedra had the baby and started taking care of him – she’s so much more likeable. She tries to be silly with the Martha Steward stuff – but quietly admitting she’s overwhelmed is pretty touching and makes her seem very normal. I think Phaedra is the smartest housewife yet. Started off with crazy comments to make us pay attention, and now that she’s relevant and on the show, grows more likeable each episode. Cynthia should never have been added to the show – what a boring storyline. Who cares that you picked the wrong guy to marry – and if I hear her call herself a supermodel again, but whine about $25,000, I’ll turn my TV off. I’d rather see what Lisa is up to.

    Well NeNe and Kim pretending they could get along was amusing for a while, but now we’re back to normal. Maybe NeNe is jealous, but maybe Kim grates on her every last nerve. What I can’t figure out is Kim. She really, genuinely, seems to think she’s a pop star, despite the snickers and complete lack of vocal ability or stage presence. I wonder if she is so tone deaf she can’t even hear how awful she sounds. I hope all this effort Kandi has put into Kim pays off for her. I wonder how her album is selling. She really does have a great voice, but I’ve never heard her songs on the radio. Nor have I heard Tardy for the Party.

    • error404 says:

      Eh, Kandi probably needs another hit song like Liz Taylor needs another husband, but I guess if Dianne Warren can make more money than God penning pop songs, than Kandi should just keep at it. One can never have enough Mercedes to race I guess.

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      I wish Kandi would stand up for herself when it comes to Kim. I was sad for her when she said the tour is becoming the NeNe and Kim tour.

      • error404 says:

        Kandi, like everyone else need a tory line in order to “keep her peach”. Without Kim, the whole show would have been Kandi sleeping or sitting quietly on the bus, and we all would have changed the channel, assuming Bravo even allowed such dull footage to air. That’s why Bravo loves Kim. Talking about how awful she is is what people do the next day by the water cooler.

        Also, I think Kandi knows that Kim brings attention to the tour. Otherwise she’s just R&B singer #598. People stay because Kandi can sing, but the tacky Kim routine gets tv and magazine interviews, etc..

  27. Adgirl says:

    Kim needs to grow up and pay attention that her behavior towards Sweetie is just plain wrong. Even if Sweetie didn’t take offense to it, it does bother other people and sets the standard that Kim’s girls will treat others.

  28. Adgirl says:

    Remember when everybody was upset over Teresa G getting physical with Danielle or Andy Cohen?

    Where’s the outrage over NeNe getting physical (again!) with Kim Z?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Interesting observation – as much as I dislike verbally abusive people, I have no tolerance for physically abusive people.

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      I’m surprised that people aren’t outraged by NeNe’s behavior. In an interview, Donald Trump said that she got into a fist fight with Star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice. This is a pattern of behavior for NeNe and it is just a matter of time before she ends up getting arrested for assault.

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        OH, a fist fight? I didn’t know it was a physical fight. NeNe pooh-poohed the question regarding star jones last night on WWHL, stating that star didn’t get along with ANYONE on Celebrity Apprentice.
        I haven’t seen star jones in a while, but unless she hasn’t gained her weight back, I have a feeling NeNe was the winner in that confrontation.

    • buffywood says:

      I’m with you. I see assult charges in her future. I really hope Bravo to who ever pays these women have good liability insurance. I feel it will come and it may be justified. The producers continue to put these individuals into these situations and based on previous behavior I would say physical violence is a “forseeable event”.

    • error404 says:

      well, two things:

      1. I see a lot of people here are upset
      2. Unlike T, Nene did not in fact get physical with Kim. She might have, who knows. But Ter did in fact touch Andy and throw him. Nene never laid a finger on Kim, or Dwight. Even Greg she only poked. I think she knows how to carefully act angry without ever actually going there. Most people in a rage would resort to physical contact, but Nene very carefully just hovers mere inches away from contact. Once the guy held her back, she didn’t even squirm or try to get out of his hold. Either she is an experienced street fighter, knowing how to scare the shit out of people without doing anything they can actually press charges over, or more likely, she plays angry for the camera to get attention and “keep her peach”.

      • Adgirl says:

        There was that choking incident, was that last season? The police were called and Bravo crew was there but not filming. At the time everybody implied Kim exagerated. Now I’m not so sure. NeNe doesn’t have boundries when it comes to her disgust of Kim.

        • error404 says:

          True. But if Nene really did choke Kim, as Kandi said, Kim wouldn’t go anywhere near her again. Kim loves to wind Nene up and then watch her go. She’s Camille in a wig. Two wrongs once again don’t add up to right.

          The two started the season inexplicably calling a truce. As the episodes went by we saw Kim getting more and more annoying and Nene getting more and more agrevated. Now she’s blown up, like deja vu all over again. I smell a staged rat.

  29. WindyCityWondering says:

    Phaedra cracks me up – motherhood really threw her off her southern belle ride! I loved Cynthia with the baby – and how motherly she handled barf down her dress. Phaedra’s comment that she doesn’t have a puking baby….I get sick watching her bounce that poor kid – he is getting a breast milk shake every time he gets fed.

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      I had to laugh when Phaedra say, “He is not a throw up baby”, becuase that is the exact phrase I use when talking about babies, “Is he a throw up baby?” or “My oldest was a throw up baby”.
      My mom always corrected me, “It’s not THROWUP, it is SPITUP”, well when you are the target, who cares what it is called, it is still yucky. Cynthia was funny when she said no more super model for him. BTW, he is a BEAUTIFUL baby!

    • error404 says:

      I’ve held dozens of babies over the years, and not once has one ever spit up on me. I know Bravo loves to show people peeing, dogs pooing, etc… but that kid either poos or barfs like every 5 minutes on the show. I hope she’s not too “country” to take the poor lad to a pediatrician!

      • Adgirl says:

        My daughter barfed in my hair right after I got a perm. My son puked on his teddy bear while we were camping. Now the bear is named Chunky.
        So I guess we’re throw upers in my family.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        I don’t know – he seems pretty normal. Mine at that age always were spitting up, and Cynthia was feeding him and maybe didn’t stop to burp him. As for the photo incident – they were holding a naked baby!!

      • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

        My daughter spit up constantly. Honestly, something came up with every burp. During feedings, I had to have the cloth diaper, which was the only thing that worked well for a burp cloth, handy at all times. I literally ruined a sofa the first year of her life.

  30. lillybee says:

    I got irritated with Kim referring to the tour as “her tour”. I guess in her mind she is the star and Kandi is just along for the ride.

  31. bosandi says:

    Nene is just too loud for me. I think Error (was it Error?) made a good point however. The stuff Nene says is usually true and what everyone is thinking anyway. Oftentimes though her comments about Kim seem to stem from jealousy which is never a good look no matter how likeable the person.
    Nene really ticked me off when she said she had to make magic happen in the editing room. I would love to know what type of technical training she’s had to make that magic happen. Being on TV and producing TV are 2 different things. “Talent” (and I use that word loosely) rarely sit in on the editing sessions. Editors work from a script written by the “talent” or the producer (in some cases). She admitted that she didn’t prepare for the interview so there was probably little to work with and I’m sure she doesn’t know how to write a script for a TV news entertainment segment. I hate it when people try to glorify something they’ve done when they don’t deserve full credit – she should take credit for being the mouthpiece that she is and sit down somewhere.
    And while I’m b*tching- NeNe and Kim both are a bad example to anyone wanting to break into the singing and TV business. Too many people are looking for an easy way into a career and when they find out how hard they have to work they’re easily defeated and can’t cope. Hell, why am I watching this show anyway? Oh yeah, it’s entertaining, lol.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kim and NeNe are very good at pretending they are what they say they are – a pop star, a tv show interviewer/producer…..remember Sheree the fashion designer? They are all delusional enough to believe their own s**t.

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        I agree with Bosandi, NeNe is way too loud for me also. Even she herself cringed when watching the “ambush makeover” footage and she screamed when the unsuspecting victim on the street agreed to the makeover. I wonder what the unsuspecting victim thought?
        Does NeNe still have this job?

  32. Adgirl says:

    How can Cynthia be so normal and levelheaded about everything except her upcoming wedding & marriage to Peter?
    Peter is a jerk, but if Cynthia wants to be married to him she should understand that a man and his career are one and the same. If things are bad for him at work, then things are gonna be bad at home.
    It annoyed me that Cynthia’s first reaction to Peter telling her the terrible news about closing his business she is worried about her fantastical dream wedding?? Really? I’d be worried about my man’s state of mind and ego. Can’t you see he is suffering and trying to make you happy at the same time?
    All this whining about Peter (who is a jerk) being grumpy for the past few months? Huh? No sh!t, Sherlock. Really?
    First you say that you need this fancy wedding while also saying you have no idea what you two will live on because there is no money coming into the house and you can barely pay your bills.

    I realize that in real life Cynthia’s wedding in probably being paid for by Bravo. And she gets a good paycheck for being on the show. It’s her lack of awareness and empathy for Peter (who is a jerk) that astonishes me.

    Oh, and she doesn’t care that Peter (who is a jerk) will keep secrets from her. Nice pick Cynthia. I can’t believe this is the step father you picked for your daughter.

    • error404 says:

      Understanding it and having to deal with it aren’t the same thing. Even if you know why the person is being a miserable cow, and feel bad for the reason, doesn’t make it easy to live with this person. Marriage is about give and take, and it seems like it’s been unequal in that department for quiet some time with them. That would put a strain on any relationship.

      • Adgirl says:

        I know you are right. I don’t know why it bugged me. It felt so Princess-ey and immature. I thought Cynthia was better than that.

        I don’t like Peter anyway. So watching this couple who really don’t do anything positive for each other is grating.

        • error404 says:

          I could just be projecting. Like Cynthia, I got married in my 40s too. Everything was all planned and set to go when Mr404 lost his job right before. We talked about postponing, or scaling back, but decided against it. It’s our one any only wedding, why let a temporary set back ruin the whole thing. Unlike Peter, Mr 404 wasn’t moody or difficult, but then again, he’s nothing at all like Peter. But lots of people suggested we cancel or postpone, and I’m sure they were just trying to be helpful or show concern but it just bugged me. Over 25 years I’ve been going to everyone else’s dream wedding, and now that its my turn I’m just suppose to throw a pot luck in the church parking lot, only to have him back at another job a month later. I don’t think so! So yeah, I’m totally on team Cyn with this one. LOL

          Oh, and no regrets, I stand by our decision and if I had to do it again, I’d do the same all over.

          • Adgirl says:

            That’s a great story. I hadn’t thought of it that way. I’m glad for you. You and Mr sound like a happy couple.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Peter and Cynthia have always seemed like an odd match up to me. Never could put my finger on why but they are out of sych and don’t seem like they know each other very well. Is he supposed to be her father figure? Is she supposed to be his bank account? Just because you kissed the frog doesn’t turn him into a prince!

    • quincyil says:

      They originally said that they would pay one million for the wedding when the special designer met with the wedding planner, Cynthia and Peter. I don’t know if Bravo pays for weddings. I understand that Bethenny wanted them to contribute, but later I read that she paid so I don’t know the truth there.

      I would bet the the BH ladies were paid a lot more than the NYC ladies were paid in their first year. Why would they do it for the cost of a designer purse that Jill mentioned was equal to their pay in season one.

      There always is push and pull when it comes to new seasons. Nene and Kim held out for first class plane tickets and help paying for the electric bills for the cameras and lights during filming.

      If Jill Zarin knew how much the BH ladies were getting, she would be really angry.

      • IMJ says:

        How much do the BH women get?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I think it varies from show to show.I thought I read somewhere that the OC ladies get 200k per season but this is back when it was just them and NY-I think Atl. just started up.

  33. housewifeaddict says:

    I think Kim is very very insecure. She behaves like a buffoon because if she takes it seriously and gets booed – then she has no excuses to fall back on. It was her insecurities that led her to invite NeNe to watch her performance. She’s been scared of NeNe since season one – remember the birthday party where she was terrified that Sheree would show up since NeNe didn’t like her. So once she had a good performance with the audience, she thought showing NeNe would prove for once and for all that she had talent. It was delusional – but Kandi has been so kind to her that she became an enabler – and Kim might actually think she is a star. I pretty much feel sorry for Kim – she found out in one moment what people really think of her – it’s got to be brutal. As for NeNe – how she managed to hold it in for the beginning of the season is beyond me – but she would benefit from anger management. As for Sweetie – some of the scenes with Kim and Sweetie are like Lucy and Ethel. Maybe she joined the show hoping they’d get a spin off together. She did materialize out of nowhere.

    • Adgirl says:

      Wow. I never thought of that. And you know I think you are 1000% right. Kim is lazy because she thinks she’ll fail. Just like a chronic truant in high school.
      Kim Z has a deep need for NeNe’s approval and NeNe has deep disgust and jealousy of Kim Z.
      They sould like an abusive marriage.

  34. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Here I go…

    Kim is extremely rude to her assistant. Regardless if her assistant Sweetie, is “okay” with the insults and treatment, it is insulting to those nearby who are involuntary witnesses to such abusive, vulgar language. No one would allow, or should allow, their employer to insult them in this manner. Even friends, no matter how trashy, have rules as to when and where they will speak to each other that way. The Kim and Sweetie dynamics is more disturbing due to the different races and that they live in the south with its horrible history of racism.

    While I am sure Kim would speak that way to any of her friends, i’m sure many would not accept it. And she would probably show a little more couth in the presence of people she wanted to impress. Her typical greeting, made in front of her children of “Hi/Hey Bitch! Get your ass in here!” is not cute or endearing. It’s just low class and disgusting! Kim claims not to see color, which knowing how stupid she is some would believe it. She does see color, but chooses to ignore it, believing she is above it and has a pass to use phrases that others wouldn’t dare use. She knows she’s shocking people and loves it, like “look what I can do…and they don’t say anything to me!” While Sweetie accepts the horrific working conditions and insults from Kim for the check, she is quick with a comeback to others and got confrontational with poor Kandi. I noticed she held her tongue with Nene, probably because she didn’t want to be roadkill in Fla. LOL

    • quincyil says:

      Roadkill in Florida where there are aligators along the highway.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        LOL I loved that Kim wanted to stop for a cigarette on S-I75, on the stretch called “Alligator Alley”! LMAO that is a trecherous strip, known for speeding, where many have had blow outs or accidents. While you are speeding by, you see alligators sunning, walking, coming up and going down into the swampy water. If you throw a low down monkey in a wig, smoking a cigarette, they’d have a buffet! Smoked monkey! LOL

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Simply put – I don’t understand Kim and Sweetie’s relationship. I don’t know what a personal assistant job entails. Sometimes they act like girlfriends, sometimes they are nasty to each other and people who are on the outside are uncomfortable by their arrangement. IMHO – NeNe would be equally rude to a personal assistant if she had one….but she doesn’t so no comparison there. NeNe and Kim use bitch like I use people’s first names!

  35. Mookies1mom says:

    Both Kim and NeNe get on my nerves. And Phadrea. And Sheree. Sheree just had a very brief moment on the show and manages to get her dig in on her ex and appear desperate to hear her children say they are going to miss her. I don’t know how Kandi held her tongue for so long, I guess to keep things from getting worse. But thanks to Kim and NeNe they did get worse. Both of them are egocentric. NeNe is right in saying that Kim seems to like to play the victim, but NeNe gives her the ammo. Not that I agree or disagree with NeNe but as someone else pointed out she does go from 0 to 60 in nothing flat, especially if there is alcohol involved.

    Cynthia should know about the money issues Peter has. He doesn’t want to discuss his choices with her even though it effects her as well. She should of ran the opposite way of the aisle. If he hides that from her no telling what else he doesn’t tell her. He seems very controlling. I take care of the bills and money in my marriage but I also tell my husband where the money is being spent. If he has a question about where the money goes I just show him the bills and bank statements. I do not hold back any information from him, unless it was “how much did you pay for my birthday or Christmas present?”.

    Phadrea needs to give Apollo the chance to take care of their son. Not call her mother behind his back. I guess she wasn’t as offensive this episode because she wasn’t on that long.

    I seem to be rambling. Sorry about that. One last thing. The first thing I do when I get home is take off my shoes and I don’t wear them when I am at home. LOL

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I’ve lived up North and the South. While everyone at one point or another walks barefoot, in the South, there is a segment of “whites” or “rednecks” if you will, who enjoy the barefoot life, even driving that way. You see them not only in rural areas or on their properties, but also in common areas of complexes, convenience stores and gas stations. The toddler children in carriages/carseats rarely wear shoes. Maybe the signs of No Shirt No Shoes No Service, originated in the South because of the warm weather and casual attitudes. Once again, not all, but a few.

      Side story… My nephew once dated the laziest, naturally blonde girl, with the prettiest blue eyes who had the blackest feet! Yucka! This girl always wore oil stained clothes, (she ate pizza constantly), flip flops and you could see the dust and the roughness on her feet. She told me she couldn’t be blamed for liking the finer things and not doing housework as she’d been spoiled by her wealthy grandma all her life. Before I asked her “didn’t that ever include Tide and a pedicure?”, I decided to allow her to be the Mayor of Crazytown, and I would just move to a different location! LOL

      • Mookies1mom says:

        I was born and raised in the south and moved to the north. Rednecks give all southerner’s a bad name. But I understand what you are saying. It’s one thing to walk around your yard barefoot and a completely different thing to walk into a store barefoot. Just for the record I always wear shoes when going out in public but not always when I walk around my yard. LOL ; )

        • error404 says:

          I don’t think the issue was about class.. “white trash” etc… I think the issue is about “cleansiness”.

          Kim wasn’t trying to go barefoot in the Salon for the MeetnGreet. She just wanted to stand on the pavement right outside the bus door for 5 minutes barefoot, and they all acted like she wanted to make out with a urinal. The Pope kisses the ground when he lands at the Rome airport! Kim’s a nurse, she knows that you can’t get cooties from your foot touching yucky, not unless you then suck on your own toes before washing first.

          • Mookies1mom says:

            I totally agree with you. I probably wouldn’t have put shoes on to do the same thing either, unless I had some flip flops right next to me. But I am weird. I hate to wear shoes but I can’t stand it if my feet get dirty.

        • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

          Just want to chime in about the barefoot thing. It is big in shore towns here in Jersey. Almost every store has one of thoses signs in the window. My son is a big surfer, and he doe not wear shoes at all, all summer long.

          • buffywood says:

            Yep, me too. Most of the houses don’t have grass yards, but decorative stones. I couldn’t wait to get my “summer feet” as those friggin’ little stone would hurt to walk on at the beginning of the season. By September I swear I could walk on glass and it wouldn’t bother me a bit.

          • quincyil says:

            We took a sail boat ride in New Port, Rhode Island. None of the crew wore shoes.

          • Paige says:

            I’m sorry. I’ve never heard of this whites go barefoot more than blacks thing. But seriously, not being racist, just an observation….have you checked out the feet of indigenous tribes in Africa? I don’t see any shoes on them either.

            I don’t know about rednecks, because I don’t live near any.

  36. WindyCityWondering says:

    Ok – held off as long as I could….Pheadra gets my vote for best in show for last night’s episode. She is all Martha Stewart on the inside! She clearly loves food and loves feeding people. IMO the fatigue of motherhood has mellowed her a bit but she sure is still stupid in the mouth department. Men have a penis and that is why they don’t understand motherhood. Seriously? Apollo wants breasts. Why? Will breasts unlock the meaning of motherhood or is he just wishing he could be closer to his son? Apollo clearly wants Pheadra to be happy. And I give Pheadra high marks for staying away from NeNe and the manufactured drama. Her luncheon with Cynthia and Sherwho was fun and as real as she has ever been – except for the not having a throw up baby. It will be interesting next week when she gets to witness NeNe go NeNe and spoil her relaxing weekend.

    • error404 says:

      Still not digging these two, who really belong on “teen mom” they are so stupid and immature. Forget that, it’s an insult to teen moms. Ben Weiner is probably less ignorant about baby care than these two dolts.

      And “Inside Martha” trying to scramble eggs in a teflon pan with a table fork is still cracking me up. To be fair, once the Bravo crew had to show Phaedra where her kitchen was, she was probably too shy to ask a lot of questions about what to do once she was in it.

  37. California35 says:

    Totaly out of topic — did anyone see the golden globes? I didn’t and couldn’t recorded because I had too many shows recording already. Some times those types of shows re-run on another channel, does anyone know where? Thank you!

  38. Rabble Rouser says:

    Was anyone else a bit surprised the way Sweetie started lipping off to Kandi? I know Lynn mentioned it, but it was impressionable enough for even my husband to mention it. He said something like
    ‘Doesn’t that girl work for the blond thing?’
    ‘Who does she think she is speaking to the headliner that way? If she did that to me, I’d kick her off of my bus’.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Absolutely! I found it incredible that Kandi didn’t kick her off the bus, or Kim intercede, stop the argument and have Sweetie apologize. How does the victim become a victimizer? Telling Kandi to move out of the way…Really?! For DonJuan to speak to Kim with authority is okay as he’s the tour manager. For Sweetie to get “snappy” with the STAR of the tour is unheard of!

      • JKW says:

        They were outside and away from everyone else and smoking…which is what they were supposed to do. Kandi walked right up to them and then complained about the smoke. She knew they were smoking and if she really didn’t want around it…she shouldn’t have come up to them or moved away. Nene is a loud, rude and a foul mouthed person. Sorry, I don’t agree that she is “telling it like it is”. She knows what upsets people and is very vindictive in her comments and continues to beat them up with the same shit. There is no arguing with her since all she does is scream constantly in your face. Basically you walk away or scream over her. As for Kim, she is annoying, self centered and a ditz. I don’t think she has a clue how she comes off. I have heard Nene address Kim as bitch and some of the same words that Kim has used. I really can’t stand Nene this season. The white people go bare foot remark is just as racist. They all need to just think about what they say.

        • error404 says:

          Kandi was entering the bus, standing right in front of the door, when Kim and Sweetie’s smoke blew into her face. She didn’t “walk right up to them”. Not even close. They were sitting right by the door to the bus.

          Regardless, this is what I don’t get about a lot of smokers I know. I get that it’s become very unpopular, but the “in your face” attitude of their right to smoke is apalling to me. If I were smoking and my smoke blew in someone’s face accidentally, like Sweetie’s did, I would still say “I’m sorry” and let it go. It’s what polite people who want to live in harmony in society do. Sweetie’s rude reaction to Kandi’s complaint was so uncalled for and really a result of the “smokers vs non-smokers” silent standoff that had developed on the bus. I could go off on a tangent on how many smokers somehow don’t consider throwing their lit butt on the ground is littering, or even the smokers who throw lit butts out of car windows, but that’s a digression. I find Sweetie rude in general, smoker or not.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I agree with you (although I think it happened when Kandi was stepping off the bus and not on-but I digress).
            If your smoke accidentally wafts in someones face- apologize the same way you would if you did something else unintentionally that caused someone else some discomfort.
            Maybe Sweetie is so use to being degraded by Kim that she thinks this is the way people act in a business/work setting.

    • klmh says:

      Glad you mentioned that. I think it says a lot about how much Kandi can be manipulated and walked over. I like her, but she decided she didn’t need to stand up for herself. It just says a lot about Kandi’s inability to take Kim to task for her actions, or inactions as the case may be as well.

  39. JKW says:

    I have to watch it again but they looked they were sitting down right where they had been. I am a smoker. I would never intentionally blow smoke in anyones face. However, if I am smoking…where I should be…then don’t walk up to me and complain about my smoke. She said it blew in her face…not that Sweetie blew it in her face. If she did that then she should have apologized…that I agree. I think Sweetie is an idiot for putting up with all Kims shit but I can see why she said that if Kandi walked up to her.

    • Adgirl says:

      I hate how Kim and Sweetie smoked right at the doorway of the bus. Extremely rude. The smoke would get inside the bus that way. Especially as Kandi is a real singer!!

      • JKW says:

        On that I agree. I was surpised no one called them on that. Standing at the door of the bus isn’t being outside smoking. I am sure the whole thing was set up. Kim would have taken her car and assistant in real life.

        • lovesfall says:

          It was a THREE DATE “TOUR” for crying out loud! Why did they need a bus in the first place? That’s what I kept thinking anyway. It couldn’t have cost much more for Kandi and Kim to fly from city to city and meet up with the crew than to rent a tour bus. Of course, there wouldn’t haave been as much drama that way!

  40. error404 says:

    I’m surprised no one’s touched upon the etiquette issue that sparked the whole throw down:

    is it ok for guests to show up to a hen night get away with a work related entourage in tow?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I was taken back when NeNe announced that Sweetie and Juan could not have rooms at Kim’s friend’s estate. No one said they would be included in the housewives activities and Kim was being considerate of the others that were part of the the tour. But at that point NeNe was hell bent on tipping Kim past the breaking point.

    • quincyil says:

      I have had univited guests and I just accept them and add more plates to the table quietly.

      • Mookies1mom says:

        quincyil On the outside that is what I would do too and I would make them feel welcomed. But after everybody had left I would discuss with my hubby if he had ok’d it and forgotten to tell me or if that person did indeed just show up with extra people. The only reason I would care is because I would want to make sure that there is enough food to go around.

        I think you are right WindyCityWondering. I don’t think it was NeNe’s place to tell them that. I would think that should be up to the host.

    • Adgirl says:

      The place sounds huge and I assume Kim has been their often (friend of Big Poppas no doubt). Kim was asking the host/friend if he could accomodate the additional 2 people when NeNe started screaming about it.
      Who asked you NeNe? Is that your friend’s home?
      Why can’t Sweetie and Don Juan hang out in another area if the RH are filming?

      I don’t it would have mattered what Kim said or did. That fight was gonna happen on camera no matter what.

      • Sparkles says:

        Nene was so rude! ITA. If she didn’t want Sweetie and Don Juan to be there, she should not have yelled it in front of them.

        • OR nene could of stayed her fat ass home. I dont get why everyone is so quick to give Kim a hard time when NENE all she does is talk shit the whole season. At least Kim aint being a backstabber. yeah Kim is annoying I know that BUT NENE gets passes all the time? BULLSHIT! What did dwight say in that blog he wrote about NENE bragging in her book violence isn’t ok or something then look what NENE does. What a bitch.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I’m pretty sure Sheree had Lawrence come, I was sure that was him doing the impersonations next week and not Don Juan. Can anyone else confirm this- or did I get it wrong?

        It wasn’t NeNe’s place to say who could be welcome into someones home- that’s a JZ or Psyc-ho move ‘kicking someone out of someone else’s place’. Balls.

    • It’s KIM’S friend house they are staying at for one. 2. What is she suppost to do with Sweetie & Kandi’s employees? They are stopping in the middle OF THE TOUR.
      NeNe has been nothing but a bitch this whole season & last. I dont blame Kim for wanting Sweetie there. All they do is talk about her.

    • Adgirl says:

      @ error “etiquette issue” and RHOA don’t belong in the same sentence. LOL.

  41. TweatCyn says:

    Cripes, I drifted off to sleep and woke up to Andy/Iman/NeNe, and it seems I missed over half the RHOA show last night. I see red flags all over the place with Cynthia/Peter. All her fears of being in a controlling relationship (which she has been running from all her life) are about to be realized. Peter is controlling, condescending, and patronizing with Cynthia and he dismisses her anytime she tries to be his equal partner and have meaningful communication. I know it’s too late since they’ve already married but man, what a mistake!
    As far as Kim and NeNe go, I have never been able to stomach either one of them and I don’t get the NeNe love that goes on here at all. She is obnoxious and highly aggressive and I can’t stand that in your face aggressiveness, no matter how funny she may be at times.

    • JKW says:

      Nenes humor is always at others expense. She has never really said anything truly funny without making fun of someone else. Cynthia better have her agent out there booking some work. I think supporting grandad will get old very quickly. Not to mention his attitude.

      • Adgirl says:

        Just don’t say that in front of NeNe or she’ll pull your eyeballs out.

        • IMJ says:

          Ne Ne is brutally honest, like it or not. Some people can accept the hard truth and others view it as hurtful. I like Ne Ne (although she can be full of herself also) because she is a straight shooter. Thats how she is. Someone dellusional like Kim find it difficult to accept that. She cant sing, she isnt a pop star and while going on tour would otherwise inflate her ego bigger than it already is, Ne Ne checks her on that (whether its from a jealous place or not).

          • IMJ says:

            Also, most housewives are semi-fake to phony. They smile in each others faces and then talk behind their backs. Ne Ne really isnt like that. All of her talking heads seem to support whatever she actually says to the person.

          • JKW says:

            There is a difference between being a straight shooter and being downright mean. If she was a straight shooter, she would say exactly what she needed to say and be done. Instead she ridicules people, screams in their face and says nasty remarks. That is not being a straight shooter…it’s being a nasty, vile person.

  42. Sparkles says:

    There was discussion upthread about where all of Cynthia’s money went and how could $25k be her life savings. I’m guessing that she might be the breadwinner for her family. It seems like her sister works for her as a personal assistant, and maybe she also takes care of her mother?

    In an interview with Essence, Peter said that Cynthia turned down proposals from both Russell Simmons and Jayson Williams (basketball player). So she is clearly not a golddigger. (Can you imagine the other HWs doing that?!)

    I don’t understand why Cynthia is with Peter. I wonder about his past. Remember, he has 5 kids. They never said how many exes. But that’s got to cost a lot of money.

    I was doing some research and came across this article. It is just an allegation — no proof. I wonder if there is any truth??

    • Need a Hobby says:

      I recall reading that allegation and other stuff indicating that the restaurant had a long history of financial issues—not paying staff/bills, etc.

      Peter & the restaurant were sued in 2009 for violation of federal compensation laws: http://dockets.justia.com/docket/georgia/gandce/1:2009cv02196/160828/

      Cynthia puts her own savings into the restaurant and then Peter acts like it’s none of her business and tells her in effect “I can’t tell you anything” when she’s a tad upset. Many folks would have pulled a NeNe on this asshole in those circumstances. Do not get the attraction of this guy. He’s got plenty of attitude and puts on a front, but so far he doesn’t appear to have anything substantial to back it up.

      Considering the restaurant appeared to be having financial problems for quite some time, how the hell did she think money from it was going to finance their wedding? I think there was a whole lot Peter wasn’t telling her.

      • TLM says:

        I don’t like Peter at all. Chauvanistic and demanding to Cynthia, and what he said to Nene several shows back was way out of line. I don’t know how Nene was ok with that.

        In a bizarre twist I could see Nene ending up with Peter down the road. For some crazy reason she seems attracted to him. They could be a balance for each other since she definitely would not put up with his crap the way Cynthia does.

    • TLM says:

      Cynthia needs to find herself a good guy. I was sad that she wasn’t with the guy who is the father of her daughter. They seemed great together in the show where they were talking. Peter is a total mismatch for her.

  43. KmK says:

    Long time lurker here. When Kim was in her hotel room getting dressed for the show, didn’t she say “I hope I get my period soon, I’m so bloated” or something like that?

    I think she got knocked up right away by Troy. Can you imagine tapping that piece of trash without a condom….. He must be just as much a red neck loser as Kim.

    I’m sure she’s secretly still smoking and drinking. People like her can’t do things for the good of their children.

    • error404 says:

      I thought that too, but than Nene said on WWHL that the tour was in July, which would make Kim about 6 or 7 months pregnant at New Years, which she didn’t look at all.

      • justanothermary says:

        I don’t think Wig was preggers on the tour but I also don’t think she’d even consider giving up smoking due to a pregnancy. She’s simply too self centered. She’s probably one of those people who will say that the stress of quitting is as hard on the child as the smoking would be. I call BS, but in Kim’s case, it’s just all about Kim.

        • TLM says:

          I actually tend to think she did give up smoking, the only reason being that she sang more on-key on WWHL’s NYE show than she ever has. She at least had to have cut way back.

    • boston02127 says:

      I don’t know if she was preggers but she had some orange peel going on on her thighs.

  44. I’m still waiting to hear Nene sing. All I’m saying.

  45. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    I wonder which “Real Housewife” is getting a spin-off. Rob Shuter is going to announce it tomorrow. My guess is Danielle because I read that she filmed a pilot for VH-1. I hope it’s not Teresa.

    NaughtyNiceRob: Tomorrow on @popeater I’m announcing which Real Housewife cast member joins @bethenny and gets a spin off !!!!

    NaughtyNiceRob: The new cast member from Real Housewife franchise to get own show is from the east coast… Find out who tomorrow on @popeater

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Dina’s already said she was working on a TV project that’s not a reality show. I think someone else said it was a cooking show? http://www.popeater.com/2011/01/03/dina-manzo-tv-show/

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Dina is supposed to be getting a show as well.

      • Need a Hobby says:

        I’m guessing Rob’s “scoop” is Dina’s show. He’s had his nose up the Teresa’s & the Manzo’s butts for so long that whenever one of them farts he gets an “exclusive.”

        I don’t think he’d be so coy on anything regarding Danielle, so my guess is it’s Dina show. Haven’t heard any recent rumbles about T getting a show since she’s apparently come to some terms with Bravo on RHNJ, but I haven’t been paying attention. Somehow we must contain our excitement as we wait for Rob’s Big Announcement. 😉

        • Sparkles says:

          Your first paragraph made me LOL.
          Anyway, I agree, it must be the Dina cooking show. It wouldn’t be a Bravo show or else Bravo would get to announce it.

  46. WSL says:

    If any body wants a good,fee movie watch “The Greatest”
    with Pierce Bronson,
    Susan Surandon & Carry Mulligan. It’s on Lifetime at 9pm Eastern
    Time. I think u will like it.
    (This is one of “our” movies)

    • FlowerPower (no longer StillAWallflower) says:

      What a great cast! I just saw this now, so I missed the movie. Maybe it will be OnDemand.

      I was watching Oprah’s Behind the Scenes that I had DVRed. I don’t usually watch her show, but the behind the scenes stuff is fascinating!

  47. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the great blog Lynn. I missed the show last night. I watched the Betty Broderick Movies. There was part 1 & 2. I read the book about her and wanted to see the movie, lol I was torn between the movie & HWOA, I knew I’d catch the full scoop here thou.

  48. WSL says:

    I meant Free movie !

  49. error404 says:

    Oh, I forgot to ask, but since I’m not a smoker, can some of you tell me how common it is for smokers to light their cigarettes off of the griddle others use to make pancakes on? Just askin

    • Mookies1mom says:

      I’ve never seen anyone light their cigarette on the actual cooking surface. But I have seen someone light up off the burner.

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Yeah, that was priceless. Kim’s not exactly a Rhodes scholar. LOL.

    • lovesfall says:

      Yeah, no. As a smoker, I have never lit a cigarette on a griddle. I have used a burner, both gas and electric, and singed off my bangs and eyebrows a time or two with the gas. I don’t throw my butts on the ground, and I don’t smoke in front of doorways or blow smoke in anyone’s face. And I don’t smoke electronic cigarettes at dinner parties either!

    • JKW says:

      I have never done that. I have off the stove burners but food doesn’t go directly on those. Except for half the stuff I slop out.

  50. boston02127 says:

    I’m offically out of the LynnFam diet club. I brought home Junior Mints, Milk Duds and Spree for supper. Lol and a diet Sprite.

    • Katie says:

      I LOVE Mild Duds and totally craving it now, thank you !!!! 😦

    • Need a Hobby says:

      Girl, you need a balanced diet. At least add some veggies. Celery with cream cheese or peanut butter, popcorn, potatoes any style, or veggie sticks & a sour cream based dip.

      I’m not helping, am I? 😉

    • FlowerPower (no longer StillAWallflower) says:

      I LOVE SPREE. I actually bought a case on Amazon (and a case of Sweetarts to go with them). Sad but true.

  51. https://ecf.gand.uscourts.gov/doc1/05514531779

    lol oh Peter, you cant go out of teh country and think it will go away

  52. error404 says:

    from Kandi’s blog:
    “My crew that was with me had already made comments to me about how Kim talks to Sweetie, and they were saying she talks to Sweetie like a dog. ”

    Um.. so if a rock&roll tour crew thinks you’re being too rude and disrespectful, enough to complain about it to their boss, that’s pretty bad IMO.

  53. Katie says:

    I don’t care for Nene, anyone who loses their temper and is not above a physical fight over such nonsense is not a lady or person I want around me. I get it when we’re young stuff happens but when you’re the age Nene is and still think it’s OK to get physical and hurt someone you have problems big problems. If only Nene would get that many of the famous people who support her are laughing at her and not with her. I don’t like any of it and really hope this is the last season of Atlanta.

    Cynthia – Such a Faker – Super Models could afford a wedding and support their partner when they are down on their luck. You can chill and drink all the champagne you want, but let’s be clear You are not a Super Model, you are not rich, and the whole wedding you planned will put and keep you debt forever. Be real, no one cares about money until you go on TV and start acting like you have it when it’s clear you don’t. Be ourself and if you love your Man stop the spoiled brat bullshit and be real. IF you end up with a big wedding no doubt Bravo paid for it or got you a great deal. You are such a loser!!!!!

    Kandi – love you but please stop the jealousy of Kim – so what she made some cash you have the talent please go prove it. You have an amazing voice, but I think you’re better behind the scenes just MHO.

    • TLM says:

      I think Nene should start therapy sessions on camera, like Bethenny did in BGM. I think that could add a more interesting dimension to the show, and in all seriousness, this woman has an anger management problem that she needs to deal with. It could be a win-win.

      I cannot believe Cynthia married Peter after seeing what went on. How dare he take her money and not let her know anything that’s going on with the business, or even that it was going to be closed. And he says to her that he’s “never telling her anything again.” That would imply he was open with her to begin with, which he never was. This woman must be a complete dingbat or completely lack any kind of self-esteem to even consider getting married. You tell me what sense it makes to present your Nene with a “friend contract” yet never present Peter with a contract regarding your investment in the business and an obligation to pay you back? This just screams “doormat” to me. This is a beautiful woman who deserves so much more and should not be allowing herself to be treated this way.

      I don’t think Kandi is at all jealous of Kim. I think she’s pissed she didn’t get paid, but again, that is her own fault. She should have made sure she had a contract and would be compensated fairly for her work. It is particularly surprising to me that someone who has been in the business as long as she has would not have done this.

      I don’t care for Phaedra personally, but Kandi and Cynthia could both learn something from her. I can’t imagine that Phaedra does any work without getting paid for it, and if I had to guess, I would think she would always have an enforceable contract in place before committing to anything.

  54. WindyCityWondering says:

    Internet chatter that NeNe won’t be back next season…..yawn. So will the show be better with her or without her?

    • Adgirl says:

      Like what will she do instead? A talk show? Who would guest without worrying that she will go all Oklahoma errrr Atlanta on them?

    • error404 says:

      I’d probably stop watching.

      Kandi is almost normal, and therefore very dull tv.

      Sheree is funny, but somehow manages to be both delusional and dull. That’s quite a feat.

      Cynthia is nice but also kinda dull. Other than having a weird crazy husband, what else is she gonna do?

      Kim is comedy gold, but all the screaming is just too much. Nene at least screams during fights. Kim can’t even open the figgin door without screaming like a banshee. The worst part is that she lives in a townhouse! Those poor neighbors! I’d bet my bottom dollar both units on either side have been empty for years. lol

      Phaedra…I hit my threshold about two episodes back. I’d easily live happily ever after if I’d never see her or that dull husband and baby she keeps braggin about like they were Gods, ever again.

      • boston02127 says:

        I use to like Kandi. I’m very sick of her complaining.

        • California35 says:

          I liked Kandi on the first season, even when Nene got on her face, she didn’t get all bad or “guedo”… At the same time she told Nene to get out of her face. Too bad she is doing the complaining, but yikes to be around Kim…

    • Sparkles says:

      Nene is stirring it up. She retweeted a fan’s note and replied as such:

      RT @P_Mattie: @NeNeLeakes R u really leaving Housewives ? Just got my heart broken<No more time 4 DRAMA

      That is ridiculous because she caused half the drama on RHOA. She apparently was involved in drama on Celebrity Apprentice.

      I'm still going with the theory that this is a negotiating tactic. Either that or she is delusional about her other prospects on TV.

  55. Adgirl says:

    I’ve been wonder about Cynthia and Peter. Maybe he’s not a player (although the 5 kids….) or he was respectful to her by not pushing her into sex?

  56. MichelleShaniquaObama says:

    Some of these women are quick to bring up the issue of race. I think that has more to do with their own insecurities. Most white people I know do not go around thinking about race 24/7.

    • error404 says:

      I’m from NY. The first time I went to Atlanta I was shocked when I was told point blank “White people don’t ride the metro.” Isn’t Kim from NJ or CT or something?

    • Kat says:

      How would discussion of race or prejudice denote insecurity in any member of a minority group? I think implying that some non-caucasion people go around talking about race 24/7 is quite the exaggeration.

      Nice moniker.

    • HD says:

      Number one…that is ridiculous. However from your name, I would expect that. No matter what, the President and First Lady of the USA are Black. Enjoy it. I do every single day. 🙂

      Number two most White people don’t think about race because in this world they do not have to. Especially in this country where race is woven into the very tapestry of this nation. You may have the luxury of not thinking about race. As a Black woman I do not have that luxury, nor quite honestly do I want it. Most people that are not White are reminded of that daily and funny, we are not reminded by people that are the same race as us.

      • Cheri says:

        Isn’t his mother white?

        • Stephanie says:

          Yes, his mother does happen to be Caucasian. But, in America we have this thing called the “one drop rule,” that Caucasians invented. I’m sure you may have heard of it. If not here you go: It means if a person has one drop of Black, they’re Black. Since many African-Americans are all mixed up with different ethnicities, I haven’t seen Caucasians up and decide to change their race rules. When that happens, please let us all know. 😀

  57. error404 says:

    How does Bethenny do it? Isn’t she just shilling the same crap all the other housewives are? Is it just that the crap she lends her name to is of better quality?

    • Adgirl says:

      That’s an excellent question. Is it because she was already part way down “the trail” but didn’t have the marketing platform? I mean she already knew alot about excercise and nutrition before she put herself into the reality sphere.
      Same as Ramona.
      The other ladies buy some ready made jewelry/handbags/cosmetics they resell with their name on it.

      • California35 says:

        I agree Adgirl – she had things started, the product and the drive. The show gave her exposure in a bigger scale. She also had paid the prize. She has a talent, she is smart and works hard, who ants fame for her product not for her.

    • TLM says:

      The power of Bethenny’s brand is Bethenny herself. Whereas I think the other women rely on the star power of the Real Housewives, Bethenny came to the table being a trained chef who worked for other celebs, was a finalist on Martha Stewart, which itself was an accomplishment, and she had a goal in mind to be a health & fitness guru. She had a baked goods business with her name on it when she came to RH and she already was working on bringing SGM to market. She also had her first book contract. I think for all of the other housewives, having something to sell was an afterthought.

      I don’t think any of the other housewives are as successful because they aren’t very committed to their business ventures (eg., Lisa Wu’s fashion line, Sheree’s fashion line or Kim’s wig line. I think Ramona is committed to her businesses, but that her star power is limited. As to Jill’s linen line, only time will tell). But Bethenny has had a goal in place, and had a legitimate purpose before she ever came to the show, and I think she has been faithful to it. It has seemed to evolve from there.

      I think for the most part she’s made good choices on what she puts her name on. I probably won’t do the cleanse or the skin care line (ok, I may at least try some of the skin care line). But I’ve gotten all the books, and will be buying Place of Yes. I tried the SGM, hated it, and it didn’t really matter to me since I’m not a drinker to begin with, but the fact that she even got me to go to a liquor store and buy it speaks to the power of her personality. I’m waiting to see if I can find her DVD used. Hey, she should admire my thriftiness, right??!?

      I would be curious to know how Ramona’s wine is doing. I haven’t seen any promotion of it. I was surprised to hear her jewelry line is doing well on HSN. The prices seemed super-high to me for what it is, and the designs didn’t appeal to me.

  58. Adgirl says:

    Kandi’s blog.
    Interesting, she has vacationed with Kim & Sweetie. NeNe was given a bouquet on her tv show “because we don’t pay you” …

    I haven’t blogged for what feels like forever. The tour I was on with Fantasia just ended on January 1st, and now I’m back in Atlanta! So I decided to blog a little about last week’s and this week’s episode. Well last week’s episode was interesting. A lot of people were tweeting me asking questions about why I had Kim on tour with me, how I feel about the way Kim talks to Sweetie, why I disrespected Kim (huh?), etc.
    First of all after last season during our off time, a promoter paid Kim and I to do a show together and it went really well, so when it was suggested that Kim and I to do another tour together, I was cool with it. We were taping the show, and having her open up for me sounded like something fun to do.
    Now as far as how Kim talks to Sweetie, I don’t care. Sweetie seems to not have a problem with it. That’s their relationship. They talk crazy to each other all the time, and it’s no big deal to them. Sometimes she says things to Sweetie that if she said to me I’d be offended by, but hey, she’s not talking to me, and Sweetie can speak up for herself if she doesn’t like it.
    Some of Kim’s supporters were tweeting me saying that I disrespected Kim last week. How? I don’t think so. Everyone knows that last season NeNe called Kim a monkey with a wig on, so I was just making a joke when they were coming up with alternate names for the Thirsty Beaver. Now my joke may not have been funny to her, but I wasn’t trying to disrespect her. Also when Don Juan and Kim were going back and forth about her being risque or not because she did “The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing” while dating a married man, I tried to stay out of their disagreement. But when she said, “Poppa never cheated on me,” come on now! You all know that didn’t make sense. I couldn’t help it. I had to say something!
    Now I like to have fun, but when it comes to rehearsals and shows I’m a little more serious. At times it drove me nuts that Kim was so carefree about everything. I understand that she’s new to this whole entertainment thing, but it still bugged me. This tour with Kim wasn’t a major tour. It was just a promo tour of a few cities where we were performing in clubs, but the fact that it was being taped for the show made it a little stressful. I can’t be around cigarette smoke like that. It makes me hoarse. I can’t take it. So Kim was kind of annoying me with that. Kim and Sweetie’s loudness was bothering me too. I’ve been on vacation with Kim and Sweetie before, but we would do some things together and then break off and do our own thing and link up later. In other words, we were able to give each other space. On this promo tour we were on most of the time we were on the bus and only in the front living area of the bus, because the crew took up the back room. Needless to say we didn’t have that well needed space. I’m real laid back, but when Sweetie and Kim are together they have a lot of high energy going on. Too much for me. So at times I was aggravated. Not to mention I was just tired of the cameras at that point. So if I came off as uptight, maybe I was.
    Now on last night’s episode you got to see some of the real craziness of this tour. Sweetie was driving me bananas! Her and Kim always talk to each other crazy, but when she started getting snappy with me it was starting to work my nerves. I was trying to be cool, and it takes a lot to get under my skin, but she was making me want to act a fool on national TV. They cut a lot of little comments that were irritating the sh-t out of me. At the point where I jumped off the bus to snap on Sweetie, it was long overdue for me. She was trying to run to Kim to make a big deal out of a joke, and I was like first of all it was a joke and second of all what the hell is telling Kim supposed to do? Anyway… I realized that we were loud and people were outside, so I decided to just let it go and cool down. We were at the salon because the radio station in Orlando did a contest for us to stop by and meet some of the ladies who won tickets to the show and a day of pampering at the salon. The last thing I need is for the radio station to hear that I was acting crazy in front of the salon. Being politically correct is hard sometimes.
    Now Kim and NeNe… Kim was irritated when she saw the interview with NeNe and Jermaine Dupri, because she didn’t think NeNe should have brought up her name in that interview. I understood how she felt. They left out some footage from that Channel 11 clip of NeNe. During the clip the news anchor pulled out flowers and gave them to NeNe saying we decided to give you flowers since we’re not paying you any money. That’s why Kim said NeNe is an intern at 11 Alive. By them not showing the full clip from 11 Alive, it made Kim sound like she was just hating on NeNe.
    Well I knew their friendship wouldn’t last that long. Let’s be real, if they didn’t have to work together they probably wouldn’t talk. Anyway that whole argument on the bus was crazy. So it all started when NeNe heard us saying something about Don Juan and Sweetie staying at the house. She was pissed because she was told it could only be us girls. So it started there and went haywire! It was all kinds of F you’s, B-tches, and even the word C word was thrown out there… I was like damn! I have never heard anybody screaming so many curse words at the top of their lungs and pointing fingers without an actual physical fight happening. I wasn’t surprised that NeNe jumped up at Kim. The first part of that argument was like an hour and a half. I don’t see how people can argue that long. Then they calmed down for a second and started back up for another 45 minutes. That’s too much.
    Now the whole slave comment… My crew that was with me had already made comments to me about how Kim talks to Sweetie, and they were saying she talks to Sweetie like a dog. Now personally I would be pissed if Kim was saying some of that stuff to me, but like I said earlier, if it doesn’t bother Sweetie then that’s her business. I personally don’t think Kim is a racist. I just think she and Sweetie are really comfortable with each other, and they get snappy with each other, but it’s no big deal to them. I think everyone has a friend or relative that they can say crazy things to which they know wouldn’t be cool to say to other people. By the end of that bus ride, I really did have a headache. The bus ride alone could have been a whole episode.
    Well, I guess that’s it until next week! Please follow me on twitter @Kandi

    • TLM says:

      Wow, I can’t believe Nene didn’t get paid anything for her work. I think that generally violates minimum wage laws. An “internship” is usually reserved for students who are getting academic credit in exchange for their work. Something is really odd about all that since Nene said she was taking the job since she needed to provide for her family and would be divorcing Greg. Nene is certainly charismatic, so why wouldn’t she be worth paying her for her segments? She needs to get a better agent.

      • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

        Students don’t always get paid or get academic credit for their internships. Many just work for free to get experience. My daughter, a jr. in college has had three unpaid internships which she did not get credit for either. She has enough experience now to hopefully get a paid internship this summer. That is what we are hoping for at least. In the bigger cities, like Atlanta and NYC, there is alot of competition for internships, so you take what you can get, even if it means no pay or credit.

  59. error404 says:

    well, maybe Nene can make it in tv. Even my dog got a reporting job

  60. lillybee says:

    Tabs is a repeat tonite, ratz.

    • quincyil says:

      I was exhausted from the first day back, an exercise class, and housework so I went to sleep thinking that I would get up early to write the guest blog. My machine did not record a new show so I looked forward to see that they had repeats in the line up for the next few days and they always have the weeks show there. This is Bravo, no rhyme or reason for the schedule.

  61. WSL says:

    Good morning at least

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Who you callin’ Least? LOL! We had a bit of snow overnight. Just enough to make it white and pretty again.

  62. Connie says:

    I know I went barefoot, of course that was while I was eating all my food out of the can! Little comments sure, but I am not sure I like the big picture that bravo is starting to paint. Sad I guess what ever gets ratings in acceptable.

  63. vilzvet says:

    Aww, Regis just announced this will be his last year. His shoes will be hard to fill.

  64. TLM says:

    Is anyone in the Philly area going to see Bethenny Fri or Sat at the Merriam or Dupont?

  65. dsc60 says:

    i’m watching Andy Cohen on The View right now. he said when casting the housewives shows they look for strong personalities. guess we already knew that. he also said that they haven’t made a decision on whether they are bringing back Washington DC housewives although he personally loved the show. he also said while the shows are not scripted, they are edited from months worth of film to 14 to 15 hours. again, not new news. that’s about it. kinda dull, but i did think it was worth mentioning.

  66. Allison says:

    Kim is almost cartoonish with her wigs, bad singing, and overinflated ego. It is hard to respect her in light of her lack of work ethic and how she has used people. However, I think NeNe picked that fight and has major anger issues. When the season began, I was pleased to see the old NeNe back but she has morphed back into mean girl again.

    Cynthia should not marry Peter. He is way too controlling and will make her life miserable. It makes me sad for her based on her childhood issues regarding her Mother’s stated abuse issues. Hate to see the cycle continue. And I am not referring to physical abuse but rather emotional which is very devastating and painful to endure and move past once the damage is done.

    Phaedra, I have to admit is kinda growing on me. I am willing to give her another chance. Not sure what the plan is for Sheree as she has been reduced to a bit player this year.

    Lynn, thank-you for your blog. Enjoy reading your work.

  67. shamrockblonde says:

    oh so many comments!!! – first, I HATE wearing shoes – I have run out to the mail box in bare feet in winter, but have never ever entered any store, transportation method or someone’s home in my bare feet –

    as an ex-smoker, I was always very careful never to crowd the door when smoking and never blew smoke in anyone’s face on purpose – on the rare occasion that my smoke ended up in someone’s face, I always apologized. What I did not always care for, were people passing me and on two occasions saying something to the effect that I was an addict and that I should quit. I have had countless people tell me while I was smoking how bad it was for me, how I should not be doing it and that it was not only hurting me but would hurt my children as well, that it was selfish – every time, I let them talk, and when they were done, I would say “thank you” – they would look at me in surprise and I would tell them that I was thankful that they cared so very much for my well being – this generally left them speechless and they would go away – I finally did quit smoking – but it was not by choice – I had a stroke – at age 41 – lost the left side of my body – it would take me about a week to smoke half a pack of smokes – I never smoked in front of family or my children, and never inside – and yet I had a stroke – I got everything back, thank God, but that was it for me – it was still a hard thing to kick, but I did it – and I truly beleive that you will only quit when YOU are ready to do it – you cannot do it FOR anyone – you have to want to for yourself –

    on to the housewives – Nene is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you are going to get – sometimes so so funny – and other times a wee bit derranged – but I do like her – Kim is either an amazing actress or is simply an ignorant, uneducated classless bimbo – who is a hoot to watch – live with – no way – be entertained by maybe, but live with – not a chance – I pray for her children –

    Kandi is the Bethanny of this franchise – talented, educated and sharp – she is using Bravo to further her career and it is working beautifully – at this point she no longer needs Bravo – they need her –

    as for the rest of the cast – forgettable is the word that comes to mind –

    thanks for the recap Lynn – as always, a pleasure!!

  68. ches says:

    I just want to say I’m white. And I only go barefoot when I’m shopping for canned goods. 🙂
    And being white (and OT), I’ve gotta say I was totally mezmorized by the movie “Good Hair” that I watched the other day. It’s a documentary by Chris Rock investigating all the things black women do to their hair. He said he decided to do it after his little girl came up to him and asked, “Daddy, when am I going to have good hair?”. It was totally fascinating and I swore by the end I would *never* complain about coloring my hair again. My heart goes out to black women everywhere.

  69. Heather S. says:

    You think you can get a salad in a barbeque joint in Georgia!?

  70. Paige says:

    Peter’s behavior and reaction to everything leading up to this wedding should be a red flag to Cynthia. I do not think that any of this bodes well for this marriage. I worry that Cynthia is making a huge mistake marrying a man who does not communicate openly and shuts down and becomes combative when the going gets tough.

    The fact that he didn’t even discuss the potential closure of the restaurant that she was a partner in ahead of time is inexcusable. Cynthia had a right to know what was going on with a business that she had invested tens of thousands of dollars in. My question is why are they planning such an extravagant wedding in the first place when they have a struggling business and they barely can pay their household bills. The financial stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me. Going into a marriage with tremendous debt for a wedding that lasts a few hours is ridiculous. NeNe and Cynthia’s sister are right to advise her to postpone or call off the wedding. Marriages do break up over finances and sex. This is no way to start a marriage. I smell doom on the horizon for Cynthia and Peter. Sad.

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