I Hate Jill Zarin I Hate Jill Zarin? Jan 23, 2011

I Hate Jill Zarin I Hate Jill Zarin? Plus A Real Housewives of Atlanta preview!
Happy Sunday everyone! As most of you know, I don’t usually post a blog on Sunday but today we have a very special guest blog written by Quincy IL. Quincy writes the recaps for some of our favorite shows, The Fashion Show, Tabatha’s Salon Takeover and not so favorites like Millionaire Matchmaker. (talk about taking one for the team)

Today isn’t a show recap however, today we finally get to hear Quincy’s opinion right here in her blog…so beautifully said and wonderfully written, I think she’s outdone herself with this one…Enjoy!

by: Quincy IL
The blog, “I Hate Jill Zarin.” by Lynn Hudson was born during the third season of “The Real Housewives of New York City. The blog and the board members who have discussed the exploits of Jill Zarin and the other women of the NYC series have discussed everything from New York fashion to Jill’s dog licking her nose. Lynn used hyperbole in creating the title of the blog. Hyperbole is an exaggeration which is a rhetorical device in order to create a strong impression, but it is not to be taken literally. Jill Zarin is not a student of English literature or American literature so she has never understood this.
The IHJZ blog and the daily discussion of long term board members and newer members have focused on the television series RHNYC, Jill’s blog, Jill’s twitter, and Jill’s many news articles and television appearances. Over time, Lynn reviewed and produced blogs on other Bravo shows and has included guest blogs from board members and twitter associates.
After reviewing Lynn’s blog over the season and the two days of discussions from board members on the finale of season one of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” it is my opinion that none of the women of this series is worthy of having a web site and discussion board dedicated to “hating” them. (Please note, “hate” is always used as a rhetorical device.)
The producers of RHBH have for the first time presented us with blogs about the production of the series. We learned that Kyle Richards was the first of the cast members to sign on to the project. Kyle is heard on a preview video of the reunion telling Camille that she wanted Camille on the show. Camille and Kyle have had conflicts and superficial resolutions all season. They really dislike each other at times and fail to communicate on the same wavelength. As Kyle told Camille at Taylor’s Roaring 20s party, if this was a first date, there would never be a second date. Kyle realizes that this is a reality show and that she and Camille are cast mates, not friends. Kyle expects respect from Camille, but Camille is used to her friends being “yes women” so she fails to let Kyle’s stream of consciousness style of communication go without questions. Kyle consistently tries to forgive, but is unable to forget as we see when she is confronted not only by Camille, but by Camille’s surrogate, the medium at the Malibu Dinner of Infamy, who feels that she is the only person on the planet allowed to read minds. The conflict between Camille and Kyle is the drama for most of season one of RHBH.
Camille Grammer, the soon to be former wife of Kelsey Grammer, has been distraught from day one of the series when her husband went off to NYC and his new life without her. Trying to interact with new “friends” on a television reality show when your husband is not calling you and seems unusually distant is stressful. Camille has revealed that her marriage was not the image of perfection projected onto our television screens and in articles over the past 13 years. Camille was acting the part and the show was getting the hook. It’s not surprising that she would have illogical moments and displaced anger towards Kyle when her world is imploding. Camille was the friend of Adrianne as she lived in the same neighborhood before her move to the Malibu Manor. She had a good working relationship with Kim’s husband, Mauricio, as he is the Grammer real estate agent on a property “in the city” and has helped them buy homes in the past. There was no reason for Camille to dislike Kyle other than her own insecurities arising from the behavior of Kelsey Grammer. Camille went to a fundraiser in Hawaii for the hospital that treated Kelsey after his coronary. Kyle was asking questions about Camille going and brought up a sore point, Kelsey was not going on vacation with Camille. It’s not surprising that Camille might hear intent from Kyle that Kyle did not realize she was projecting. Thus, a series long battle began which will continue into the RHBH reunion. A war over a few words and the return fire from women who are upset over personal issues is not worthy of an “I Hate Camille Grammer” Blog.
Taylor Armstrong/ Shauna Taylor/Taylor Taylor started the final battle of the season when she listened too literally to Lisa and decided to clear the air at her 39th Birthday Party thrown by Russell where friends of castmates, psychics of cast mates, managers of cast mates and staff of managers show up for a fun evening on a rooftop patio to celebrate the birthday of someone that they had never met before. Taylor has shared her early life experiences of abuse with us and we can see that she is sincere in trying to help other women overcome adversity. Taylor wants to fit in. She wants to be a member in good standing of this cast of housewives so she tries to befriend every one but Kim Richards. Taylor was in fact “the high school cheerleader.” There are photos of her on links from our board. It’s not surprising that this unpolished woman from Oklahoma would look for fun and forget that others might have problems that they are dealing with also. Taylor’s main problem is she married a workaholic from Texas who makes millions and does not dance. Russell Armstrong has children by three women. Taylor tells us that she is concerned that she will be turned in for a newer model so when Russell announces that she is a hot 39 year old, Taylor doesn’t take it well. Sharing your husband’s wish to have more children with two gay men who are opposed to Taylor having another child on national TV is odd, but Taylor thinks she signed up for honesty and that is her world. Taylor is “Clueless,” but not worthy of an “I Hate Taylor Armstrong” Blog.
Lisa Vanderpump is honest with the viewers and with the cast mates. Lisa is a successful businesswoman, successful parent, loving wife, and good friend. She has wanted fellow housewives to be honest and to be logical when emotions ruled the day.
In the finale, Lisa was the catalyst of the finale’s Taylor/Kim shootout at OK corral, but she sincerely wanted truth to be the center of their relationship. Lisa surely is worthy of a “I Love Lisa Vanderpump” Blog, but board members would just agree all of the time so the board would be monotonous/boring.
Adrienne Maloff and Paul Nassif are a dueling duo. They are in love and at war with each other, but they are so used to the battle that they don’t mind bickering on national TV. When dealing with the other housewives and people in their surroundings, they generally do well unless the marriage advice requested by the couple from Mauricio’s mother/sex therapist strikes too close to home. When Paul gets stressed he suggests that the person may need a facelift. Adrienne tells us and her friend that he does that all of the time. Adrienne is on this show for publicity for the Maloof Family Enterprises. Adrienne shops, tries to handle three young boys who know they can misbehave in front of the cameras, and tries to help her family businesses. Her mansion is huge and her shoes are sparkly. Adrienne is not worthy of an “I hate Andrienne Maloof” Blog. Our board did not discuss Adrienne often this season, but those sparkly shoes were a huge hit.
Everyone remembers Kim Richards because growing up we all watched Disney movies. Kim was a child actress who worked non stop and helped support her family of two sisters, Kathy Hilton and Kyle Richards. Kim is the daughter of “Big” Kathy whose influence has affected the relationships of her daughters long after her passing. Throughout this season, we have observed the great love that Kim and Kyle have for each other and for each other’s children. We have also witnessed the issues that they have. Kim feels that her entire childhood was spent working to earn money to support the lifestyle of her immediate family of mother and two sisters. There were many husbands and boyfriends of “Big” Kathy in that mix also, but the Richards sisters have not mentioned that circus on camera. Kim seems to discount the acting career of Kyle which to the board members of IHJZ seemed significant. Kim feels that a lost childhood allows her to be a broken adult. After Kim’s second marriage to Gregg Davis, the father of her two babies, ended Kim had a short term relationship with a man who was murdered and this also affected Kim’s mind. Kim depends on her children for friendship and does not want to let them leave her nest. Kyle reminds Kim of this many times. Kyle wants Kim to find a husband and economic security as that is how “Big” Kathy lived her life and Kyle has lived her life. The fact that Kim is trying to avoid conflict and is at home alone bothers Kyle. Many of our board members have had experiences with alcoholic family members and there is an understanding of the problems of Kim and Kyle when dealing with these issues. Kim has a quirky, but fun sense of humor. She worked hard as a child and really loves her kids, but she does not love herself enough to strong and not drink alcohol. Kim Richards would never be worthy of a blog dedicated to her failures because our hearts go out to her.
As discussed on the board in the past two days, Kyle Richards is the center of the RHBH cast as Jill Zarin was originally the center of the RHNYC cast. Kyle makes mistakes when she is upset, but she comes back in interviews and regrets her words and actions. Kyle doesn’t understand how things can go so terrible wrong with her relationship with Camille. The reason is everyone is acting and everyone knows that the cameras are rolling. In their minds, they see how this is going to be spun by the producers and they constantly try to set the record straight. No one wants to be called, “insecure,” even if they and everyone around them knows that they are really insecure. Kyle loves her sister Kim, but has a lifetime of memories where Kim lost control of herself, her finances, and her ability to not use alcohol. When your mother is controlling from beyond the grave, it’s difficult to deal with your sister who just can’t be the person that you demand she should be. The pain that the sisters have suffered in the finale causes many of the our board members pain too. We see the problems that the sisters have from our own family perspectives and hope that they can find love and understanding. Kyle makes mistakes, but she wants to be a good mother and a loving sister. There will never be a blog called, “I Hate Kyle Richards.”
After so many months of IHJZ blog discussions of the many Bravo series, we have a sense of who the housewives and stars of Bravo are. We watch their shows and read their blogs. We read their twitters even if we are banned. We watch how they treat each other and the people around them. The IHJZ board members agree, disagree, and agree to disagree with each other in our discussions of the stars of Bravo. The ladies of Bravo want to sell their wares. They sought fame, but many found infamy. Each day we share our experiences and insights as they relate to Bravo’s reality shows. Only one star of Bravo has a blog and board that asks her to reflect on her own behavior and grow as Bethenny Franklin asked her to do at Ramona’s renewal ceremony. Jill said to Bethenny that she can not change and the world has to accept her for who she is. So today, Jill Zarin alone has a blog dedicated to her called, “I Hate Jill Zarin,’ and a board that thoughtfully disagrees with her words and behaviors.
Outstanding Blog Quincy IL, thank you so much for sharing this with us!
Tonight on Bravo another super sized episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs with more of the ridiculous argument between NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak.
For the past several months even before the series began to air, NeNe has been tweeting that we will see why she is no longer friends with Kim. Implying that it is all Kim’s fault and the “bitches” on the show didn’t treat her right.
As the season started, NeNe was likable and even extremely patient with Kim. NeNe’s one liners were a bit harsh at times but she was hysterically funny during the first episodes. Something happened when NeNe met that bus tour in Florida.
It was like a light switch was turned on and the ugly side of NeNe Leakes emerged. She was suddenly hateful and vicious, whether it was the reality of seeing Kim Zolciak pretending to be a pop star or if there was something very wrong in NeNe’s personal life, something had changed.
It is clear by NeNe’s constant criticism of Kim’s singing voice that she doesn’t think that Kim deserves the success she achieved for the song “Tardy For The Party” and I think that most agree that Kim can’t sing, but NeNe just won’t let it go. I think that NeNe still feels that she should have been a part of recording that song, NeNe should have been on that tour bus and on that stage. While she and Kim had made up over that whole situation, NeNe hasn’t forgiven or forgotten.
I’m not sure what NeNe meant with all of those tweets implying that we’ll see how mistreated she was that caused all of the screaming matches on the show because the only thing that caused it all was NeNe herself.
It really is a shame because NeNe had fans on her side until last week’s episode. I have no love for Kim Zolciak and nothing will change that but NeNe boarded that bus looking for a fight and she made sure that she found one.
This whole thing could have been totally different if NeNe had simply swallowed her pride when Kim screwed her out of being part of that song, stopped blaming Kandi and maybe even ask Kandi to work with her on a song of her own. The few times that NeNe sang a few lines, she seems to have a pretty good voice, certainly a whole lot better than Kim’s. If Kim Zolciak can have a “hit” song, surely NeNe could have done the same and I’d bet Kandi would have happily worked on it if NeNe had asked before attacking last season.
On last week’s Watch What Happens Live, the poll question asked whose side you are on, Kim or NeNe. NeNe won but not by much, it certainly wasn’t anything to be proud of, almost half the viewers were on Kim’s side while NeNe sat on WWHL telling her side of the story. After the show, NeNe posted this tweet:
@NeNeLeakes: Who tweets & ask 4 votes but still lost? Hahahahaha LOL! So High School!
In response to Kim’s tweet:
@KimZolciak: Who side u on! For me text at 27286 !!
During the show Kim posted this:
@KimZolciak: Anger management is needed for her, she is violent, always tryin 2 put her hands on ppl! She has been escorted off many sets due to her rage
Andy Cohen told viewers that NeNe was nervous to come on his show immediately after that episode aired and I can see why. She should have been embarrassed and ashamed of herself. NeNe did apologize but only to her family for her behavior on the show, acknowledging that she was wrong to behave the way she did. Personally I think that she owes Kandi and everyone on that bus an apology.
I’m really disappointed in NeNe, after what started out to be a really great season for her, she was going through a rough time in her marriage yet remained fun loving and hysterically funny. Something snapped on that bus and it all went downhill, it was difficult to watch. It sounds like we’ll see more of the same tonight as the bus tour continues, even the arrival of Cynthia, Phaedra and Sheree doesn’t put an end to the bickering.
All of the drama over Cynthia’s wedding is a waste of air time as we all know already that the wedding will happen, word leaked out during filming last year that NeNe was late for the wedding, then insisted that her make up be professionally done before going on camera to film the wedding. That may all be rumors but it did confirm that the wedding took place as planned.
Phaedra seems to have lightened up a bit, her idiotic comments have slowed to a dull roar and now that she’s on a girls weekend without her husband and baby, maybe we’ll see the real Phaedra. The other housewives keep saying she’s very nice, I’m still waiting to see evidence of that.
The few scenes with Phaedra and her baby were sweet but when she kept calling the baby “Him” and complaining that she is stuck with “Him” while Apollo still has his freedom, didn’t improve her image.
Kandi’s nightmare has come true, her bus tour has become the “Kim and NeNe show”. I suppose that’s what you get when you invite the chain-smoking wig-wearing moron with you on your concert tour.
Tonight after The Real Housewives of Atlanta, on Watch What Happens Live, Sheree’s hair stylist Lawrence will sing a little bit for us…don’t miss it.
Nice work on this piece by Waxdiva, is Taylor Armstrong who she says she is?
Sorry, I have to add it – GO BEARS!
Until Next Time…

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568 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin I Hate Jill Zarin? Jan 23, 2011

  1. Kukulet says:

    Great blogs, Lynn and Quincy!

    I also was really surprised when NeNe apologized to her family on WWHL, but didn’t offer an apology to Kandi and the others on the bus.

    But I thought Kim was unbelievably rude to Kandi, as well. Has been for some time. She seems to have forgotten or doesn’t stop to think that she wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without Kandi’s generosity-and it IS generosity, because I don’t see where Kandi is getting anything out of her association with Kim than a giant bewigged pain in the ass.

    Kandi rocks. Kim lip synchs.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I was also surprised when she mentioned that she was sorry ‘her husband’ had to see that. I wonder if she isn’t ‘done, done, done’ with him- and everything we saw with them so far was a just ‘bloop, bloop, bloop’ on the radar.

  2. Melinda says:

    Great blog Quincy!! I do agree with the consensus that it is really still the abominable Jill Zarin who is worthy of our ultimate ire and hence the continued IHJZ blog!! There are other housewives I dislike (Kim, Camille, etc) but none so much as JZ…..she is the ultimate “mean girl” indeed.

    As for NeNe…..I don’t agree with her going all spider monkey on Kim…..however, Kim is as snarky as NeNe and might want to think before she speaks as well. I firmly believe that Kim is very insecure about her music ability (as well she should be!!!) and therefore when anyone is critical of her she can’t handle it. I do agree that NeNe owes Kandi and crew an apology for her behavior……and she should woman-up and do that!

    I suspect that NeNe’s popularity will be her undoing if she doesn’t control her “holier than thou” attitude. A piece of humble pie is surely on the menu for her and if she is savvy and smart she will partake in that. Fame is fickle and while someone can be a favorite it can turn on a dime due to bad behavior. She is still one of my favorites but she is teetering on the edge of that and she needs to come back from the brink!

    As always……..I LOVE THIS BLOG…….and thank you for giving us a place to post our comments about this franchise!

    • kotagirl29 says:

      Melinda a piece of humble pie is a great desert, but I have a feeling NeNe will be eating a little crow first. Well maybe after she finishes the rest of her foot. Does anyone else see flavors of Jill in NeNe’s behavior? Didn’t we all wonder why Jill couldn’t be happy for Bethenny? Whether Kim is a good person or not, if NeNe were any kind of friend she would keep her comments about Kim’s lack of talent to herself and be happy for someone who she professed to have a friendship with. Even if they aren’t friends now, what is the point in running Kim down? It just looks like sour grapes.

  3. HD says:

    I cannot wait to watch Atlanta tonight!

    I watched the Tour Bus episode again and Nene did come out with guns blazing! Granted I am happy someone finally told Kim off-especially when it comes to Sweetie, nevertheless, Nene does need to let that damn song go! One thing you should never do is knock someone’s hustle! (If it is legal) Kim in my mind has always managed to be about her business when it comes to money. Of all the women on the show (minus Kandi and Phaedra) she never complains about money, she never talks about losing her car or her home, none of that. She did something right-granted giving up the goods-but in reality how many times have we given up the cookie for a Coke and smile?

  4. quincyil says:

    The Fashion Show Finale


    Edie Beale was a fascinating woman. She’s a first cousin of Jackie Kennedy Onassis. As a girl she dated well known men, but in her late 20s, she returned to her mother’s home called Grey Gardens in the Hamptons. For some reason, alopecia or a fire, Edie lost her hair and used skirts and other found objects to create a truly unique wardrobe. When she was rediscovered, she became a fashion icon.

    Calvin Tran of “The Fashion Show” is the prince of convertible clothes. This NYTimes article mentioned Edie Beale as one of the creators of this fashion trend. Calvin did try to show the judges some of his convertible ideas in the early sessions of the contest and they seemed disinterested.


    It seems that Calvin has a line of convertibles out that is being touted as wonderful. Isaac said that one of the designers has a nearly perfect collection in the finale. Calvin has been doing this type of clothing for a while and he would have ideas that could work in his mind as the finale begins. Calvin also creates the clothes quickly.

    Dominique is a recent graduate of design school and she had difficulties at time with her choice of cloth. She had creative ideas like the pig coat, but her ability to produce the coat was an issue. I think it would be difficult for Dominique to complete the 9 fashions in 7 days as she looked exhausted as the challenge was to begin. Dominique was having difficulties in concentrating in the last two challenges.

    Jeffrey has been working on his designs for a few years. He has a unisex collection that he discussed when he first came on the show. Jeffrey knows what kind of cloth works for his designs. He has had issues with his choices of colors in the past. The white coat really didn’t fit the collection last week. Cesar told Jeffrey that it wasn’t working and Jeffrey did not see that this was true. Jeffrey’s collection before the contest is unisex. He personally wears caftans and dress like tops to judging. I think he, like Calvin, will move towards a direction that he is familiar with in order to complete the challenge in such a short time.

    I googled all three of the remaining contestants and only Calvin is in the news. He’s tweeting his little heart (and I do mean little) out. Calvin is also posting on Cesar’s articles and then tweeting those articles to cyberspace. He is taunting Cesar.

    As I told the board the other day, Dominique is working on Cesar’s Houston collection. She has had some other opportunities, but working for Cesar seems to be the big one. Cesar is a great teacher and working with him is a very smart move for someone so young.

    I don’t know enough about the fashion industry to guess at the value of a unisex collection vs. a convertible collection. I bet the NYTimes might know more about fashion that a woman in a farm in Western Illinois. The NYTimes is featuring a collection by Calvin Tran.

    Something made Cesar furious in an article that said the show should be called, “The Ultimate Bitch” if Calvin won. Dominique is with Cesar. She knows the outcome. I think she would have shared the outcome with Cesar. Isaac said that we would be surprised by the winner. The judges loved Jeffrey’s clothes. Iman and Isaac both wanted his dresses. The favorite going in would probably be Jeffrey. Going into the last house competition, Calvin said that the House of Emerald with Jeffrey and Cesar were the favored designers. So if there is a surprise, I think Calvin Tran won “The Fashion Show” and his collection will nearly perfect and filled with convertible clothes.

    As pretend board soothsayer… I am going out on a limb and saying the winner is Calvin Tran….

    Know that!

    Know also that I know nothing about fashion and buy my clothes at JC Penney and Wal-Mart.

  5. butterisafruit says:

    Very well done Quincy, and Lynn. This was excellent.
    I’m sad to say I never heard of Kim Richards, untill this blog. I can understand why everyone would be so fond of her. Disney had a way of making those actors be your best friend. I grew up with Haley Mills she’s still my Polyanna.

    • quincyil says:

      Haley is my Pollyanna too.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Thank you both for pointing out Haley – she was my favorite too!

    • error404 says:

      Haley was a movie star. Other than the Witch Mt series, Kim was primarily a tv actress. From ‘Nanny and the Professor’ thru ‘James at 15’ and on to ‘Hello Larry’ Kim was on our small screen every week for almost a decade.

  6. okeydoekey says:

    First post but I know you all!

    I like both Kim Z and Kim Richards for being who they are. Love them or hate them there is no hiding. The Atlanta ladies love ganging up on Kim. She can’t sing but nor can Janet Jackson. Kim wears wigs and the other ATL woman have worn some type of extensions. Nene does like Kim dating a married man but is her friend Diana Gowins is receiving almost $30K a month from child support from her married ex-boyfriend. Nene’s got personal issues. Kim’s her target because Kim’s the oddball of the group. Much like Taylor’s personal issues and taking it out on Kim Richards.

    • error404 says:

      interesting comparison, I’m glad you decided to post!

      I think Kim Z is the odd ball and has resentment directed toward her because of underlying racial tension. This was suppose to be a show with all black housewives, but Kim charmed the producers so much, they let her on. They she goes and becomes all popular and talked about. Right or wrong, all of the other housewives feel the need to take her down a peg, and Nene isn’t her only critic, she’s just the loudest.

      Kim R is a little harder to figure out. I think Lisa, having had an addict son, resents the bs factor and cover up. She’s been jonesing to out Kim all season. I think Taylor and Kyle and to a certain extent Lisa all pick on her because she’s not a Hollywood wife, all implanted and tarted up, and they pick on her for not being “girly” enough. Camille aka “female Jesus” knows how to sooth an addict and sweet talk them down off that ledge. She’s been thru it all with Kelsey and doesn’t agree with Kyle’s tough love approach.

    • quincyil says:

      That is an excellent point. Nene’s girlfriend had a child from a rich lawyer and every month his wife has to watch that check go to Nene’s best friend. If you tweet or use facebook, you should submit that observation to Andy. They are finished with the reunion, but he still has WWHL with the Atlanta ladies.

      Kim Z should get a tweet about this too.

    • HD says:

      30,000 a month…the lawyer they say makes a million dollars a month. Pocket change if that’s the case for real. However, I didn’t know who that woman was so thanks for pointing that out. On the flip side, for all we know, Nene may not have liked her friend doing it. (That is the nature of friendship. You may not like everything they do but that does not negate the friendship.) I never saw them speaking of this topic on the show so who knows what Nene could have said to her about it, how long ago it happened, etc (the articles I see are from 2007.)

      I don’t know WHY they keep mentioning the damn wig. They all wear weave here and there.

      What singer can really sing nowadays with the relaxed industry and autotune/ringtone wonders? Yes, Kim can’t sing on the flip side, Kim needs to STOP acting like she is Lady Gaga. She isn’t. She’s a 32 year old, non singer that lucked up because she is on a show and Kandi helped her out. Without Kandi she would still be basically specializing in the oldest profession in the world. The only difference is, she is not out on a corner. It’s all the same. She can gloss it up how she wants.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kim Z is strong enough to take the constant hits from her castmates. Kim R is not. Good post!

    • Kukulet says:

      The only real issue I have with Kim Z is her treatment of Kandi. Kandi’s worked pretty hard to get where she is, and she’s extended a helping hand to Kim Z more than once…and Kim keeps biting it. Kim puts herself on the same level professionally as Kandi, and she’s not even close.

      Kandi has paid her dues and she doesn’t act like a diva. Kim’s got a couple of popular songs as a result of Kandi’s hard work, and she acts like she’s Lady GaGa.

      Granted, humility is not Kim’s strong point, but she doesn’t have to treat Kandi like crap either.

      • HD says:

        Okay I found out she had the twins in 2000. Perhaps they had the discussion about how wrong it is to sleep with married men back then. I cut Nene slack for that one. I get the point that you are making but because we don’t truly know what happened between them, I can’t call it.

        It’s one thing to do something and try hard to fix it or get out of it. Kim just wallows in her mess. “Big Poppa never cheated on me”. That has to be on the list one one of the dumbest things ever said on one of these shows. How dumb can you be? He is cheating WITH you idiot!

        • error404 says:

          What’s so dumb about it? All she meant was that PP, a cheater, isn’t also a playah sleeping around with hos and such as well as his long term committed relationship with his mistress Kim. Kandi doesn’t share Nene’s rage problems, but she’s been criticizing everything about Kim all season long, and this is just an example of her twisting Kim’s words around to use them against her.

          I don’t get all of the moral judgement of Kim. Camilla Parker Bowles can live happily ever after like a princess, but because she’s middle class, Kim is a whore? What about Leona Helmsley, or Marion Davies? How much money does one have to have before it’s OK to sleep with a man separated from his wife, who punishes him by refusing a divorce?

          • Kukulet says:

            I never said Kim is a whore.

            Is Kandi being overly critical? Probably. But at least Kandi balances that with having also helped Kim, which none of the others have done.

            • error404 says:

              all of Kim’s castmates love to bring up Big Papa like it’s the worst crime know to humanity. The way they constantly talk about it, and how they judge it, I think the implication is that THEY consider Kim a whore.

              Even in a franchise that revolves around people not being able to mind their own business, the other’s obsession with Kim’s affair is OTT.

              • nathania says:

                there is something refreshing about Kim’s lack of contrition. She doesn’t seem to be fake in many ways, except autotune, wigs, and possibly silicone. Other than that she’s pretty straight up.

                My jaw about hit the floor when I found out she was an RN. I just started watching it this season. RN school is like bootcamp, and being a nurse is hard work, so as lazy as she can act like on the show, at some point she put her nose to the grindstone.

          • HD says:

            Perhaps it just me but I feel you are married until you are divorced. As for Camilla, I don’t keep up with her, but yep, she is in the same category to me. Others may consider her special, I don’t. She is no different. She just cheated with a man that has a title and money. I don’t serve shit on a platter and call it filet mignon. It is what it is and I call it like I see it. Cheating is cheating and no amount of money makes it sophisticated. Society makes it that way at times. Kim is a glorified call girl in my eyes. She slept with a man (men?) for money and gifts. I don’t know any other way to call it. She sold herself short for Gucci shoes and Prada bags. I don’t knock her hustle but I call her hustle what it is.

            What’s dumb about it? Everything to me. To say Papa never cheated on her was stupid to me. He is married. So when he goes home to his wife or sees his wife is he “cheating”. It is Kim’s account that he is always with her and seperated from his wife however we never see him, we never see the wife so how do we know? That man can go see his wife all day long. We would never know. So does she consider that cheating on her? It was a dumb statement. He is married and cheating with Kim.

            • Error404 says:

              I think ITA with you but it bugs me the way the housewives act like big papas wife us someone they run into at the supermarket that BP goes home to every night after being with skeet Kim. There is no evidence that BP has even laid eyes on his wife in years, or that thier marriage is anything but a spite. axis who refuses to give her husband a divorce despite him leaving gear years ago is no hero, and life is never black and white.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                Actually- they were on MYV cribs together a couple years ago- around the time when his identity was still a secrete. I also saw a youtube video of a birthday party for Kim -as in BP’s WIFE Kim- that he hosted. It seemed again to be while Kim was in the picture.

                There is also no paper work (as far as anyone who tried to dig it up) filed suggesting they are legally separated.

                My guess is that his wife probably suspected he was cheating on her- wasn’t sure with who- then when it blew open- she got tired of his crap and left him.

                A while ago I was digging around and found a property that looked like it was in his oldest son’s name (although it could be a coincidence and just be someone completely unrelated to them) in BH. I knew he lived there because he hangs out with Brody Jenner and was supposedly the ‘it’ kid with a black Amex card and a Rolls Royce.

                I would think if his wife’s official residence was there- there would be property there in her name.

    • Jennifer Neehan says:

      Kim Z. reminds me of Patsy on the British Comedy Absolutely Fabulous. Patsy is always sipping on a glass of wine or champagne, hasn’t eaten solid food for over 20 years, chain smokes non stop and has a blond hair style that Kim Z. would covet. Actually NeNe and could be on Absolutely Fabulous also so maybe that is who they are channeling.

      • nathania says:

        LOL, Kim definitely is an American version of Patsy Stone. Good observation. Although, she’s channeling Eddy a bit too.

  7. Vcosentino says:

    Hi everyone!
    I really love posting and presenting my viewpoint in a respectful manner.
    I am about to reiterate my concerns regarding Jill.
    Last season when the show was airing I was unable to watch RHONY due to the fact that I was inundated with school work and student teaching. I only was able to catch glimpses of the show and this blog informed me what had ensued on the show. I used to love Jill Zarin and that was only because I saw seasons 1 and 2 and my opinon about her did not reflect the current season. My opion has changed regarding her because she blocked me on twitter and on facebook I am not longer to comment on her status updates. She blocked someone who really supported her regardless of what I had heard. I now think she does not handle criticism well and I really hope she presented herself in a better manner. I lost respect for her after she blocked me because I follow this blog and she must have seen that or something. I even bought her book too! Now I have that useless book on a bookshelf waiting to be used a fuel for the fireplace. It is time for me to move on. She needs to also realize that this blog is also devoted to other Bravo shows as well, so it is not that everyone bashes her every day. Anyway, I really love this blog because it is quite entertaining and the people here have excellent opinions and that is why I continue to read this blog.

    RHOATL – I have watched this show on and off since season 1. It really does not interest me as much as the others and I only watch if I am in the mood. I for one feel that violence or any threat of violence should not be condoned by Bravo. I feel that NeNe needs to handle herself better and to be aware of her outbursts and how they can potentially malign her character. I also did not like some of the racial content on this show. I hope they discuss this racism issue more in depth on the reunion since because there seems to be more racial tension and innuendos on this show then on RHODC.
    ttyl- I am also 24M and I was wondering if I am one of the youngest here to blog?
    -Also any spelling and/or grammatical errors are due to the fact that I majored in mathematics and generally math majors need spell and grammar check.

    • error404 says:

      Interesting. Bravo once commented that they focused on the wives because conflict with men usually escalates to violence quickly. Well, I think we’ve all been concerned with the gladiator-like turn most of the shows have taken, and Teresa, Nene, and Kyle all need to go on a new reality show called “Celebrity Anger Management”

      I can watch RHoAt because there is at least humor there. RHoNJ is just a drag version of “Raging Bull” to me, ugly, violent and humorless. Just sad.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      You very well may be one of the youngest, Boston02127 is younger than you however. You’re one of the few males we have and we really welcome a male point of view. Thanks for being here!

    • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

      Hi V, just wanted to say welcome, and that I am enjoying all of your recent posts. Don’t worry about spelling and grammar. No one does here. (once in a while a troll will stop by to point out things like formerly vs formally) but no ones pay them any attention.

      Anyway, keep posting. You have alot of good things to say, and everyone enjoys hearing from new people.

      • Vcosentino says:

        Thank you everyone.
        I guess women can be just as violent. Was bravo expecting them to just sit and drink tea all day? I am certain that these ladies are probably coached to be violent because it helps the ratings. We really like to see drama. I am anticipating Teresa Vs. Melissa Gorga!!!! We will see another side of Teresa. Melissa is absolutely beautiful so hopefully we will see her in a positve light. I also wonder if Caroline and Jaqueline will not be as important as they used to be. I agree error404; they need to put Teresa, Kyle and NeNe on their own show and see how violent they can really become to each other and possibly learn how to resolve their anger.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      It’s so weird how many of you got block on twitter and facebook by her. I know she had her assistant blocking anyone who follows Lynn but for some reason I must have escaped her block radar; which is weird because she sent me a snarky message when I called her a hypocrite for being besties with Patti MMM all the while professing to be an anti-bullying advocate.

  8. Ireland says:

    I always felt that NeNe had an out of control, angry edge to her and in some way she is jealous of Kim.
    Taylor although she will never rise to the Jill Zarin mean girl status and so therefore never have a blog called IHTA is still a mean girl. Taylor seems to me to be on the fast track to becoming one of the most hated housewives.

    • Nancy says:

      Amen sister! Don’t fret for long though because Taylor is going down! I only wish that they didn’t already tape the reunion show before all this “dirt” that has come out over this weekend re them. Taylor & Russell are scumbags!

    • nathania says:

      Nene is the reason I never watched the show before this year. I just am not interested in anyone that gets their way because everyone else around them is afraid to disagree. Probably because I am usually the idiot that will speak up and disagree with them anyway, and end up paying for it. Folks like that are usually surrounded by sycophants, because anyone with self-respect will not tolerate their disrespect. The sycophants will run them down behind their backs but if you attempt to call a bully like NeNe on the carpet, the sycophants will just stand there dumbly like they have no idea what you are talking about. Kind of how most of the women were around NeNe today. They are afraid of her and don’t want conflict, with the exception of Kim. It’s so boring. I have to hand it to Sheree’ for going up there and ever so gently setting Cynthia straight on ‘how things are’ about the Miami trip, and getting her to stay for her bachelor party. That attempt by NeNe to persuade Cynthia to pull a no-show for her own party just shows NeNe’s pathology. Initially it sounded paranoid to me what Kim was saying, that all NeNe’s erratic behavior this weekend was rooted in jealousy, but after watching the show a second time, it’s clear she’s on the money. NeNe really seemed unhinged, maybe it is pain from her divorce or something….whatever the problem, she’s someone, like Teresa Giudice, that just makes my skin crawl.

      I have to say, Phaedra grows on me with every episode. I love watching her seque back and forth between her proper lawyer-speak and her southernisms, you really never know which Phaedra is going to be speaking.

      To me, Shana Taylor Hughes Ford Armstrong is just a bit more socially adept Michaele Salahi. She finds a dorky guy and runs his show, and he takes all the flack for the scams. But behind the scenes it’s really her calling all the shots. I think it’s really interesting how Lisa honed in on her shadiness.

  9. Fabulous Earth says:

    Yesterday morning I had the “pleasure” of picking up my daughter’s friends from a downtown bus drop off (13 Allen Street) in the freezing cold. Lo and behold I look across the street as I’m looking for these kids and I see ZARIN FABRICS! I laughed so hard I temporarily forgot about my freezing hands. In all this time I didn’t realize their store was smack in the middle of Chinatown! I found it kinda bizarre because at 7Am as I walked along the opposite side of the street, it was laden with boxes of seafood and other goods (being unloaded from trucks). I wish I had my camera to take a pic. The fabric store is huge though.

    BTW, I miss you guys over on this side, muah! Have a great Sunday 🙂

    • error404 says:

      the store has been there since the 30s when the neighborhood was different. However , it has always been a “discount fabric” store, as it is today. It’s like she’s married to Bob of “Bob’s Discount Furniture Outlet”. Bawby made a lot of money in real estate investments, which is pretty typical for a Real Housewives husband.

      • quincyil says:

        I’ve been watching “Selling New York” on HGTV. It seems you have a luxury high rise next to the site where garbage drucks love to gather. You have a view of the statue of Liberty with a giant water tank. It’s a very old and very confused landscape in Manhattan.

        “Nine Design” is coming back in late spring. That family buys gun shops and turns them into 7200 ft mulitlevel homes. I can’t wait for that show to return.

    • quincyil says:

      I watch HGTV and Design star contestants have gone to Zarin Fabrics many times.

    • Nancy says:

      Remember when she made those nasty remarks re: where Alex had her fashion show? Bitch!

  10. GrnWave03 says:

    Great blog!
    One thing that bothers me about Kyle is she told her sister her mom lay dying stressing out about Kim. Why would you lay that one someone? How hurtful.

    • error404 says:

      because even the mom’s dying thought’s were of Kim, not Kyle. Anyone who’s been the “good child” knows the resentment of the “bad child” getting all of the attention, even if it’s negative attention. I know the HWs throw the j word around too much, but I think this is really a case for it’s use. Kyle can barely contain her seething jealousy of her sister.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Whoooah! Deep, I never thought of it like that. That’s probably another deep seed of resentment that Kyle has.

        In big Kathy’s key to success, Little Kathy married a Hilton and Kim married a Davis’- then there is Kyle who married to a Realtor who works for Rick.

        In House of Hilton- an ex step daughter (who is also a Richards) talked about how Kathy almost ripped the hair out of her head flinging her around like kitchen for taking a personal phone call from the nanny/housekeeper who wanted to set her up with a young man she knew. She raged about how people of their caliber ‘don’t associate with the hired help’.

        I’m not dismissing Maurico- but I am sure Big Kathy was when she used to brag how her ‘daughters’ are/were married to men with a collective net worth of 13 billion.

        • nathania says:

          I read some of the excerpts from House of Hilton and it does kind of change things when you have background on Big Kathy. She doesn’t quite come off as quite as much of the sympathetic character that Kyle seems to want to portray her as. Surely Kyle realizes this information is out there on the internet, and the more she keeps making public displays of her martyrdom and grief, the more people are going to want to find out more about Big Kathy.

          One thing I find interesting about Kim is that ‘deer in the headlights’ look. When I used to watch her in her movies I always assumed it was part of her act, or her role. It’s so strange to me now, to see it on her face so many times in this series. The ‘deer in the headlights’ is actually Kim Richards, and apparently Disney found that vulnerability and fragility very marketable. It’s kind of given me the creeps to think that she’s always been this way…and that was part of her appeal as a child actress. I can remember face and that look very clearly from those movies, and it’s a weird feeling to know that that frailty was real, part of her inner being, not something she projected. Possibly she wasn’t cut out for the role of being exploited like that so young.

      • Nancy says:

        That’s what I’ve been saying all along!

    • quincyil says:

      There are several posts on past blogs that describe the mother of Kim and Kyle. It’s not surprising that she would tell Kyle to take care of Kim. Their family dynamics are unusual.

  11. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thank you Lynn and Quincy – you always give us an interesting platform for jumping into this blog pool. Like many others, I am here not to bash other posters because of their opinion – everyone is entitled to their opinion and everyone is entitled to change their opinion in the course of the discussions.
    RHBH has a successful rookie season. Unfortunately, RHoA has once again lost its sense of humor (I can’t stomach NeNe, especially when she gets so vicious and physical) and my interest in watching. Thankful, RHNY is just around the corner and I can’t wait because it is my favorite piece of candy in the housewives franchise box!

  12. WSL says:

    Welcome & Happy Sunny Sunday !
    (It’s sunny in NYC)
    I agree w/all u said except for Taylor’s treatment of Kim. U know if it was an Atlanta backdrop where everyone is on the tough side I would feel different. Kim is a sensitive lady. All the gals are ladies. Taylor comes off very deliberately as a lady. In all her solo shots & especially her sad pleas about her lonely marriage. Taylor has behaved like a thug each time she attacked Kim. So I am not buying her story or intentions yet.
    What is the purpose in kicking a person who is down; especially if she never did anything to you. What I saw Kim maybe did, but not on purpose was reveal a lie that thwarted Shanna’s attempts to get closer to the other ladies.

    • okeydoekey says:

      Hi WSL,

      I think we’re saying the same thing. I don’t condone Taylor nor Nene’s behavior. Taylor has a different approach but either way it’s wrong. Yes ATL act tough but truly it has to scare Kim Z. when someone tells you she’s going to choke you. Just the thought of someone telling me that scares me. What adults do that on tv or not? Kim Richards now I just hurt for her all around. As I’m writing this I just of something.

      Nene and Kim R. are similar too. But are hurting deeply and shows it in two very different ways. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nene sleeps with the lights on. She’s all talk and anger but really petrified of the changes in her life. When scared of changes most of cry and call a friend. Kim drinks and Nene hits.

      • nathania says:

        wow, it just occurred to me that Taylor confronted Kim publicly and on camera on purpose. Lisa probably meant, sit down privately and hash it out. Taylor had to know that Kim is uncomfortable with confrontation and in groups. I am leaning toward the “Taylor is pure evil” camp more and more every day.

        The thing about the breed of dog being hypoallergenic just goes to show…

        I hope they keep Taylor around though because it’s interesting to watch someone trip over her lies. I am really getting tired of her fake crying on camera though.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      WSL, your theory of yesterday that Taylor and Russell are playing parts and the marriage problems are a little play they’re putting on for the camera has left me thinking. When I think of them as possible con artists with their many investment deals, I begin to wonder who of this group would be their next mark. Who has the money (not Kim), and who would be convinced to invest? The Maloof has $ but seems too smart to invest, and already has her own financial problems. Lisa, too smart. Camille doesn’t have the huge bucks yet. Kyle, tho, could this be why Taylor is becoming her best friend?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I ran the same list of potential cast victims too – none of them will be Russell/Taylor’s next marks because they either don’t have money/have financial managers and don’t need get rich quick schemes. ITA Kyle would fall for it but Mauricio would not.

    • Nancy says:

      Don’t you think it was rather strange when “Taylor” shared at the “Domestic violence” event and when the camera came on Russell’s face he was completely shocked by the news? Like every thing else she has said about herself I bet that was a lie as well.

      • nathania says:

        I don’t know if it was shock or if he was thinking, holy crap, she can’t claim to be a famous Ford, or god knows what else, and make that kind of charge.

        I am starting to wonder what her role in that charity is. I sure hope that she doesn’t have access to any of the money.

  13. WSL says:

    Ches Good on Russell’s newest business deal on the last blog !

    In fairness to Russell and his past; a young internet co that needs $$ to expand, doesn’t care where the needed $$ comes from ,long as it green. Often the co. who needs $$ finds a Russel. So Russell believes in the idea & raises the $$ from people he pitches the deal to promising POTENTIAL returns on their investment. Russell gives the money to the co. for a % ownership of the co. but then comes in to manage the co. or at least oversee the co. In other words to “turn around” the company.
    Investment Banking and Merchant banking, as well as Venture Capitol are private deals and not regulated by the SEC. If they were to go public and sell shares they would have to register w/the SEC. In that case Russell would need to distance himself to get the stock offering passes by the SEC. He could make Taylor CEO & himself a low employee 🙂
    Astute investors or their lawyers do a background check. Russell had to explain his felon am sure he has a good reason why his last set of investors were wrong to feel he committed fraud. They were probably just greedy when they lost money ! 🙂
    BTW our securities laws do have a good qurke.
    “Weather u r registered or Unregistered FRAUD comes the jurisdiction of the SEC. ”
    (Sorry but I don’t care enough to see if he was sanctioned by the SEC but he probably was). Unfortunately some folks like to change their name.
    Russell & Taylor always seemed Barbie & Ken to me.
    That being said ,a good lawyer does a good background check. The sad problem is a Madoff check would NOT have discovered his decades of fraud !

    • Nancy says:

      I’m shocked that “Taylor” didn’t offer Kim a bed in their Recovery Center in Malibu.

      • nathania says:

        Kyle may very well have been a planned mark for Taylor and Russell. She knows that Kim would have been looking out for Kyle and tried to drive a wedge between them so she could move in without censor. I think she was trying to isolate Camille in the same way by repeating Kim’s comments. More will be revealed I’m sure.

        Taylor is close to my age and says she got a lip implant in her twenties. I can’t remember anyone doing that back then. Someone else here has said that they appear to be injectibles because the size varies. I just looked it up and apparently Lisa Rinna had hers done in ’86 with silicone so I suppose it is possible, but I just don’t remember it being very common back then.

        • Nancy says:

          When Andy Cohen had “Taylor” on WWHL her “lips” came up in conversation and I think I remember her telling Andy that only her top lip has been done and she wants to get it fixed. At least she is smart enough to realize it looks terrible.

  14. WSL says:

    Ches says:
    January 23, 2011 at 1:50 am
    This is where Ches Fab research on Russels new business venture is on the bottom of the last blog.

    Do Not Miss her work !

  15. error404 says:

    Thank you Dina Manzo for helping me understand rap music! Just heard Wycliff’s “I’m in love with a stripper” and I’d never picked up on the Scores shout out before. Had no idea what Scores was until Dina explained it all to me on TFS. Thanks big D! You did me a solid. 😛

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Don’t let that cluttered hooker steer you wrong Error! That’s a T-Pain song! LOL

      Lexi probably switched the covers for a better rating…E for Everyone! LOL

  16. WSL says:

    Vcosentino says:

    January 23, 2011 at 9:37 am
    Hi !
    If u were a gal, after reading ur post, I would have said :
    “You are tooo Cute”.
    But since you are a guy, I respectfully say :
    “You are tooo dapper”. (That’s not just a southern term,is it).

    Vcosentino is that your name ?

    NOBODY here complains about spelling ! If they did I wouldn’t have made it through my 1st post. I have actually improved my posting skills by posting here. (Does ANYONE agree?)
    Please come back ; we need you !

    • Vcosentino says:

      Thank you.
      My name is Vincenzo/Vincent/Vinny. I am called by all three. lol.
      I don’t behave like Teresa G, so everyone is safe!

  17. Dani says:

    Excellent, excellent blogs, Lynn and Quincy!

  18. boston02127 says:

    ot/ can rayon blend go in the washer & dryer? thx

    • boston02127 says:

      guess nobody is around 😦
      thx anyway, I’ll try the w&d.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        I”m wondering what happened? Do you have a mini now? I consider rayon a science experiment. I’ve had things that say they’re washer/dryer safe turn out many sizes smaller or a totally different color, and things that have dire warnings about w/d turn out great if washed in the w/d and icky when hand washed. I hope you didn’t invest a lot in the item or it turned out right!

    • quincyil says:

      rayon is iffy. I think you should hand wash it and let it dry on a rack.

      Sometimes rayon shrinks and some fabrics have color fading issues.

      I was a lot of things that say dry clean, but I use a gentle soap, cold water and air drying.

      • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

        I agree gently wash in cold water and air dry. Only use washer if you have setting for delicate/cold water. No dryer.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Read the label…Quincy is right some things can be washed on gentle and/or handwashed but should not go in the dryer. Lay out things on towels or dryer racks or hang up to dry (if they won’t lose their shape). When in doubt use the gentle cycle and air dry (no heat).

    • TLM says:

      It really depends on the fabric and the way it’s woven. Acetate and some rayons will seize up and stiffen when submerged in water, but become flexible again after they air dry. Always use cold water to wash them and air dry. Very few things really need to be drycleaned. What does the damage usually is heat, whether from the washer water or the intense heat of the dryer.

      Anything with intense or dark colors should be washed separately until you’re sure the color isn’t bleeding anymore.

      • vilzvet says:

        I agree with Windy about reading the label. If it says Dry Clean Only is what you have to watch for. Hand Wash I think can take the washing machine on gentle. Good luck.

          • boston02127 says:

            For some reason the ? of washing put me in a cry baby mood, missing my mother. It wasn’t a good day.

            • twoile says:

              @B Sorry ur laundry brought on the tears….but that is so very normal w/grief. A song…aroma….laundry etc can all have that effect, kinda catches up w/u as a sad surprise. I expect ur Mom wishes she could have solved your problem & through ur asking here u have heard from her:) I would like to add that u can buy a home dry cleaning kit that u use in the dryer. I use it & have saved lots of $$$ as well as clothes, the name is Dryel costs around$10.00. take care Jeanne

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            If only we were in JZ’s good graces we could get an insides opinion on Rayon. The one time we could have found a use for her and we burned our bridge….

  19. TLM says:

    Did anyone see Bethenny Friday or Saturday in Philly or Wilmington? I was too late to get a ticket and both shows were sold out. Would love to hear a recap of what was discussed & what questions the audience asked. Thanks!!!

  20. WSL says:

    Sing it Broooooo their !
    moral judgment of Kim ?

    Camilla Parker Bowles can live happily ever after like a princess, but because she’s middle class, Kim is a whore? What about Leona Helmsley, or Marion Davies.
    Add Jo Kennedy’s Gloria Swanson.

    Hell I might even cheat on WSM for Obama !
    (Just kidding, my friend Sara would call me a whore but maybe for Ashton Kutcher who is even cuter & taller in person I would. Still kidding I am afraid of GI Jane).

    BTW 20+ years I was dancing in the ballroom room of the Plaza w/a very tall & handsome man,Russell, from RI. Russell had professed his love for me. He was 5yrs younger & I hadn’t herd of cougars yet so I was not tempted. Any way he was divine in his tuxedo & a perfect dancer.
    Who spins by,with a much younger man but Leona. Russell a prankster & adventurer says I am gonna ask her to dance,if u r game. So Russell taps her shoulder & says may we have this dance & we switch partners. I learn my partner,mumble mumble works at her hotel !
    Leona pointed out her table & asked that Russell come have another dance when I powdered my nose. Russel did ! I have no idea what transpired after I was delivered home.
    Like Teresa, my dad was very strict. Even though still in NC,
    Daddy often called on weekends & said ” Bed Check ” LOUDLY !
    Then he said : ” U will be teaching Sundyschool tomorrow won’t u ? Sweet dreams precious”.

  21. VincenzoNewYork says:

    I changed my name.
    I don’t know why I used my last name.
    VCosentino —–>VincenzoNewYork

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Like & better! Welcome!

    • HD says:

      Welcome to the site! I always love when men watch the show so I can get a different perspective.

      • VincenzoNewYork says:

        haha thanks. I am probably in the Andy Cohen’s category for the perspective. I have made numerous attempts to propose a relationship. I am willing to convert to Judaism and raise our future adopted children in that faith. He DMed me stating xoxox Andy. Perhaps I should call him Big Poppa and launch a music career in order to secure a relationship. Oh well.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Welcome to the board VNY

  22. Mookies1mom says:

    Thanks for the new and fantastic blog Quincy and Lynn.

    I think NeNe has let her Bravoleberty go to her head. She seems to think she is better than everyone around her. Don’t dare piss her off either because she she will yell louder than you, make fun of you behind your back (and to your face sometimes), and threaten you with violence. I will say that for a few episodes this season she seemed to be a little more subdue but maybe that had more to do with her problems with Greg.

    Kim Z. is a walking, talking joke. You know when they were casting the producers were thinking “we just struck gold(digger)”.

    I’m not liking Kyle or Taylor at all right now. I didn’t care much for Taylor in the first place but now I really don’t like her. She is as fake as her lips. I was raised that there was a time and place for certain things. Apparently, Taylor was not. I don’t think Lisa meant for Taylor to start a shit storm at her “Birthday party” that lead to the hurricane that followed. But I do think that Taylor knew exactly what she was doing.

    Kyle hit way below the belt with Kim. I know how that feels because my brother threw some things back in my face after our mother died. It wasn’t about him taking care of me but other stuff. It completely ruined our relationship and we haven’t spoken in years. Those are things that no matter how many times you say “I’m sorry” will stick with you. My brother never apologized. I know Kyle has publicly stated that she should have not said what she did on or off camera. But she needs to find a therapist, find out why she would say those things and what she hoped to accomplish by doing so.

    Just my two cents worth.

    • Adgirl says:

      Awesome post. You are right on with everything.

      • Mookies1mom says:

        Thanks Adgirl. As far as Kyle/Kim go. Been there, done that and have the emotional scars to prove it. Although, I will say that I am better at dealing with conflict than Kim. Do I like it? Not at all. Will I defend myself if need be? Absolutely. Are there times when I let it go because it’s not worth the time, energy or emotional distress? Again, absolutely.

        If Kyle was that angry she should of walked away until she was able to talk to Kim. Kim had already removed herself from the situation but Kyle was like a dog with a bone, she wasn’t going to let go of it. Because of that she has done a great deal of harm to her relationship with Kim.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          There is always a time to walk away! IMO, Kyle was pissed because Kim brought her crazy game to the finale shoot and part of what had to be shot was the smooth over conversation between Taylor and Kim, but she was also scared that Kim might hurt herself if left to her own devices. It was no win for both of them. Some things can never really be taken back and I will believe that we are only seeing the sad tip of the Richards sister’s iceberg.

          • Nancy says:

            What was Kyle’s motive on not letting Kim’s driver drive her home?

            • nathania says:

              I suspect that Kyle may have set Kim up by even having her on the show, though the motives may have been subconscious. She was really steamrolling Kim at every turn until Camille came to Kim’s defense at that dinner and launched her little plot to put Kyle in the hot seat. Kyle’s attacks on Kim are what triggered Camille’s insanity and subsequent search and destroy mission on Kyle. Honestly, I feel like Kyle knew the finale was her ‘last chance’ to do what she set out to do this season, which was damage her sister’s reputation. I am not sure she was aware of her own motives or level of anger, but announcing ‘Kim’s acting drunk’ right when Kim walked in seems very telling. And it’s really sad because Kim was obviously so proud of looking put together and appropriate for the event, she was beaming from head to toe. I rewatched the episode tonight, and it particularly grossed me out watching the ladies posing for a final photo, presumably while Kim is still crying in the back of the limo. Bravo’s last clip of Kim was unreasonably cruel, and given Andy’s shock on WWHL about the fact that most of the viewers agree Kyle went to far, it just proves once again that the producers of these shows have zero moral compass.

              • Nancy says:

                I agree with you 90%. The other 10% might be that Kyle was worried about Kim leaving on her own while being that upset?
                I have been sober for 15 yrs now so I can see those family dynamics from both sides. (It’s not a pretty picture) What confuses me though is what Kim screamed back at Kyle in the limo. It was hard to hear but right after Kyle said “You’re an alcoholic…” Kim yelled back “You drink all day…” So who knows whats going on? I did think when Kim walked into the party (yes looking wonderful!) she seemed like she was a “little” tipsy or she had taken a Xanax or something because I’ve never seen her so relaxed at a social event. But she did not seem impaired at all when Taylor showed up to ruin her
                night. Taylor is the root to all evil in the BH group. As much as I HATE JILL ZARIN I think Taylor is worse because the fight between Jill & Betheny was a fair fight. The one between Taylor & Kim isn’t. And what drives me crazy is that all the crap that Kim has had to take from the very first episode was all Taylors doing. Her & Russell are made for each other so all Taylors “look at me ” for the camera is 100% calculated.

  23. quincyil says:


    This article implies that the thug in a cocktail dress is Sonja. Sonya was in a scene with Alex and Sonja is upset. It seems all of the ladies are on Jill’s side now and Alex stands alone. That’s really where things stood at the end of last season except Sonja seemed to be even handed. Sonja probably had a party in her home where Alex confronted Jill or Jill made snide remarks until Alex had a melt down.

    The other promo that I noticed was Camille on a couch saying that she did not think Kyle was jealous of her. Kyle was angry and confronted Camille because of Camille’s many insulting statements. Kyle had her “big” Kathy dander up in that scene.

    Last night, Camille was interviewed on E claiming that the editing made her look bad from the start of the season. The blond reporter asking Camille questions asked her 3 times if Camille would go back for a second season and Camille said that she would wait until after the reuinion aired. The reporter indicated that she could not understand why someone would return to a show if they had been treated so badly.

    • Adgirl says:

      I can see Alex ruining yet another party.
      She immediately started shit with Jill at the pantry party and also by delivering Bethenny’s message at a public event.

      How is it that Alex who is otherwise so grounded, makes these mistakes?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I hope the thug in the cocktail dress is not Sonja! I thought Sonja was retelling an incident in a conversation to Alex (if that tall blond she is talking to in the promo clip is Alex). If anyone would exhibit bad manners it would be Jill or Kelly (I vote Jill because of the weepy limo scene). We see things out of sequence so often that it is hard to predict with any certainty what we are really watching. Bottomline – I am so looking forward to RHNY because we know them better, know their games better and it is our snarkfest flagship franchise.

  24. WSL says:

    Kansas Girl at 10:46
    & Error

    Let’s re address potential Russell investors

    Because of Russell’s relationship/partnership w/ the guy w/the big house,that the cast mates were so impressed with,maybe at least one of the cast you mentioned might invest. The investment could be only .02% of their wealth & they could do it as a favor to the rich guy w/the house. Then, although he SHOULD NOT,Russell could tell others,so&so invested. Remember most men or women don’t read this blog & only know Russell as a Ho Husband on the BHHW show & assume by association that Russell is a celebrity
    Is as rich/successful as the others.
    Remember even Jill has lots of adoring fans just cuz she on TV. So What is more likely is that by association Russell is trusted & maybe he should be if he was convicted and is really innocent of his felony conviction. Also maybe he was forced to plead guilty because he didn’t have the $$$ to defend himself.
    Any way, we all know because of this blog, that someone can hurt innocent people in subsidized housing,stiff mom & pop people who paid for & put marble etc in their house (which can’t be reclaimed like the stove was),not file taxes,lie about assets etc and STILL
    Live in a MANSION !
    So having Ur warm butt in a marble filled house & appearing rich does not make me trust some one. Most professionals pass on a felon.
    All that said, most don’t have the LynnFam training in Fraudulent scams !

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Have I told you lately that you ROCK?! Having your expertise is so great!

      I was just trying to explain this blog to a friend and finally said it’s like a really, really good novel that doesn’t end. What a lovely place Lynn has created here for us! Thanks to Lynn and everyone who posts.

    • Nancy says:

      Once again I wonder where Russell came up with the money for “Taylor’s” engagement ring? have you seen it? (Huge) Dirtbags

  25. WSL says:

    Fabulous Earth and Vinny,
    I am so happy the NYC contingency is growing ! We need to start a LynnFam fan club ! We could meet a Barnes & Noble. I bet Lynn would consider coming. I am SURE she wouldn’t charge us $99 or even $19.(Although we might want to give her an honorarium)sp?.
    We could plan excursions like the NJ ho wife tour or Tree’s July fraud case hearing or Jill’s up coming March book tour at BN !

    Other NYC I have missed ?
    Please sign in !

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      I am really a long Islander 😦 , However, I am only an hour away from NYC! Therefore I consider myself to be a New Yorker as well, only because of my close proximity. Every time I am in the city I always hope to bump into one of them, including the Jersey ones.

      • vilzvet says:

        Hey Vincenzo I am also an hour away on the Island, could we be neighbors?

        • VincenzoNewYork says:

          You never know lol. I am from Babylon/West Islip on the south shore.

          • vilzvet says:

            Too funny I am exactly right above you but on the North Shore, just take the Sag. Parkway straight up to the end!

            • lillybee says:

              I grew up in Queens Village and had alot of friends from the Island, including Babylon and Islip.

              • VincenzoNewYork says:

                Small world isn’t it? babylon is well connected to Manhattan and Queens. Well, I guess most major towns on LI are. I love queens!

            • VincenzoNewYork says:

              That is funny. I have an idea, but to respect your privacy I won’t state any towns. I love the North shore though. My favorite town on Long Island is to the west of your town.

              • vilzvet says:

                I’m gonna guess Huntington!? My town is the site of the huge shuttered state hospital vs. state park fiasco. Bigggg hint, lol.

                • VincenzoNewYork says:

                  My guess is KP or NP lol. However, we are close. I love Huntington Village!!

                  • vilzvet says:

                    Yeah, Huntington Village, very nice and some good restaurants. And Kings Park was named after Kings County, Brooklyn, the hospital there. In the late 1800s it was decided to build another state hospital out here which lasted over 100 years.

  26. kbinldo says:

    Funny but true story: I found this blog because one night last year, I had had enough with Jill Zarin’s bs on RHONY & as a joke typed “I hate Jill Zarin” on the Google homepage. Took me right here, or to hubs or whatever other page you were using at the time, Lynn. 🙂

    • quincyil says:

      That’s how I got her also. lol….

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I was on Amazon looking at Alex/Simon’s book and saw the blog mentioned in a comment! Then I googled I hate Jill Zarin and saw this blog name yet again….it is the first blog I ever felt safe enough to comment on. Now I can’t leave because you are my friends who understand this crazy housewives world.

      • kbinldo says:

        when I read the blog, I was so happy I wasn’t the only one who felt that way!

  27. Adgirl says:

    Love the blog Quincy!!!

    And Lynn, thank you again for creating this slice of the internet for us.

    Go Steelers! Go Bears!

  28. Adgirl says:

    I don’t see any difference between NeNe’s jealous rage at Kim’s success and Jill Z’s jealous rage at Bethenny’s success other than how they expressed it.

    Jill went the high school route to isolate and humiliate Bethenny.
    NeNe went the street girl route to physically and verbally beat up her rival.

    Jill /NeNe thought they were in a Lucy & Ethel duo with Bethenny and Kim. The problem is Jill/NeNe had their roles backwards.
    They thought they were Lucy, not Ethel.

  29. Brigid A. says:

    First time posting here! Thank you, Lynn, for providing this forum. I’ve been reading the blogs & comments here for some time and genuinely admire the intelligence, wit and mutual respect displayed. Never did I think I’d be compelled to comment on a TV program, but that finale of RHOBH touched me on so many levels. My heart really went out to Kim in this episode.

    Sorry, Quincy, I have not seen any evidence of the great love that Kyle has for Kim, other than perhaps in interviews and her blogs. Kim appears to express her love for Kyle in words and actions, despite her silence at the NY dinner. The fact is we don’t know the truth of the Kyle/Camille convo that took place in LV as it was not filmed. And I doubt anything Kim would offer in Kyle’s defense would be enough for Kyle. She consistently treats her sister with the utmost disrespect. Yes, Kim may be socially awkward and silly at times, and she MAY have a substance abuse problem. Has this been confirmed by any reliable source? I would not rely on Kyle’s word and diagnosis.

    I have been trying all season to like Kyle. After the crazy dinner at Camille’s with the side-kick psychic, I felt sympathetic to Kyle and was horrified at Camille’s behavior. As I recall, Kim tried to articulate Taylor’s role again in the NY fiasco, Taylor exploded and Kyle still attacked her sister yet again post-dinner, not allowing her to speak and dismissing her to ride home alone. She belittles her and insults her constantly, alone and in the company of her castmates. Even if Kim struggles with alcohol, she doesn’t appear to be a violent, rude or dangerous person under the influence. Kyle has consistently repeated her sad tale of her mother’s dying wish and her annoyance at carrying this “burden.” Enough! Time for Kyle to acknowledge her role in all this dysfunction and whether she herself has co-dependent issues or a substance abuse problem. I have a sister relationship and lots of family dysfunction and would NEVER expose any family member to public humiliation.

    Kyle has been filmed drinking at most of the social occasions, including the finale party, and Kim herself accused Kyle of “drinking all day” (paraphrased) during that ugly limo scene. Did I get that wrong? Perhaps Kim was intoxicated, but I don’t think that came out of nowhere and may have some merit if anyone would listen to her.

    Kyle appeared to be looking for a fight from the start at that party. She was obsessed with Kim’s lateness, how Kim was behaving, acting like Kim’s stalker. I didn’t see Kyle having a great time at the party, chatting with guests, acting flirty with Mauricio as usual. She shrieked with joy upon Taylor’s arrival, way more over the top than Kim’s demeanor. Kim arrived looking beautiful and happy, and had put a lot of effort into preparing for the party. She was sitting with her friend, minding her own business. Then Kyle inserts herself into the Taylor/Kim confrontation and when Kim tries to leave, Kyle goes ballistic and tells the manager to track her down.

    The most disturbing scene was Kyle lunging towards Kim in the limo. There is NO excuse for threatening and/or putting your hands on anyone’s person. Kim had quietly told Kyle to stay away from her. I would have done the same. Kyle’s response was to start yelling how “insane” she sounded and off she went with her childish and dirty fighting. She is lucky Kim didn’t call for police protection when she moved towards her so aggressivly. Refusing to let her leave and then attacking her? IMO, Adrienne prevented what could have escalated to physical violence and I applaud her for her empathy, common sense and dignity.

    Wow, this was a long comment! Thanks again, Lynn, and Quincy for great blogs.

    • quincyil says:

      I actually agree with you on so many levels. The Richards are a strange brood. I rewatched the show this morning and I do think that Kim was intoxicated. They were all drinking. Kyle could get angrier with alcohol. As you indicate Adrienne did feel the need to get between them.

      I think the reunion will show us more about their relationship. The must be angry and hurt because their relationship is still damaged by the limo scene.

      Good analysis… I hope you stay on the board and share often.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Welcome to the board. Very articulate post and I am with you on all points made. I do have a soft spot for Kim just because whenever she does try to communicate her point of view she gets shot down by Taylor and Kyle.

      • Brigid A. says:

        Hi AZ Girl! Thanks for the welcome. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and happy to hear we share a soft spot for Kim. I understand how frustrating it may be for her family to deal with her issues, but I hate to see those ladies ganging up on her.

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      I agree with you. There was so much that was disturbing about the way Kim was handled that evening but something that really bothered me was that Kyle wouldn’t just let Kim leave. It wasn’t as if she was driving, she was in a limo. It was as if she was determined to get in Kim’s face and let her know just what a loser she thinks she is. I understand the dynamics of family members of alcoholics and there is a ton of frustration and resentment. I’ve dealt with it in my own family. Kyle, however, was truly hateful in that moment. It was hard to witness.

    • Kellita says:

      I completely agree, @Brigid.
      I really liked Kyle throughout the season, but have been disturbed by her patronizing/dismissive attitude toward Kim. But the aggressive scene in the limo really turned me off from Kyle. No matter what the back story is, there is no excuse for that kind of abusive behavior. And it happened ON camera! It makes me feel sick about how she treats Kim off camera. I’m not quite buying that this was an isolated incident.

    • kbinldo says:

      I pointed out in my AC article that for someone allegedly three sheets to the wind, Kim was acting rather level-headed & making astute observations. Maybe she had a problem in the past & Kyle just threw that accusation out there because she was pissed & wanted to hurt Kim. Makes me sad to think that Kyle learned to treat her sister like that from her mother because treating a sibling like Kyle’s treated Kim all season long is learned behavior.

      Shameless plug here: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/6247636/another_party_from_hell.html?cat=39

      • Brigid A. says:

        Kbinldo, excellent recap! Thanks for the “shameless plug.” LOL! Looking forward to next week’s RHOBH reunion which should provide lots of material for a new blog.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Hi and welcome aboard.
      I always love reading a new members first post- I feel like I’ve witnessed their baptism into the IHJZ family.

      ITA with your take on things.

    • nathania says:

      one thing I learned here which makes sense since I have seen the show again is that the sisters had a fight before the finale as well. you can really sense a chill in the air between them and it makes one think that the fight was not in any sense over.

      and another thing that just occurred to me, no one will fight harder to label someone as addicted as another addicted person. It’s called projection. When I was in the worst of my addiction I lived with another addict and we fought about how sick the other one was, constantly. It makes more sense to me that Kyle is pointing the finger at Kim as maybe a way to deny she herself might be a bit liberal with the booze as well. In fact that seems to fit better than calling her codependent. The sisters are probably in the dictionary next to the definition for “enmeshed” or “enmeshment”. They need to separate, especially financially, since apparently whatever financial support Kyle is lending Kim is driving her over the edge. I don’t think Kyle needs anymore ridiculously gaudy rings, or tacky eighties-style mini-dresses, so maybe Kim is doing her a favor by draining the $$$ away from her, but clearly if Kyle’s honest with herself she absolutely can’t deal with having that kind of obligation to her sister.

      Another thing these sisters don’t realize is that Big Kathy was probably a master at playing them against each other as a way of keeping control of them and keeping them from rebelling against *her*. Too bad they have carried this into adulthood.

      • Brigid A. says:

        Nathania, well said. It’s frustrating that castmates and so many viewers have accepted Kyle as the final authority in her outing of Kim as a pennyless, dependent (on Kyle) alcoholic. Kyle shouts over Kim at every opportunity, conveniently shutting her down. Taylor has followed Kyle’s example in her treatment of Kim, shutting her down when she’s making valid points.

        I appear to be in the minority in wondering if Kyle has a substance abuse/alcohol problem. Her anger is off the chart and she’s been in conflict with someone the entire season. My ears perked up when in that horrid limo scene, Kim actually yells that Kyle “drinks all god-damn day” or something along those lines. But no one listens to Kim.

      • Nancy says:

        Are we twins? (read above post from me) More WILL be reviled Eh? I live in LA and I would LOVE to take Kim to a meting. There are several in Hollywood that a lot of celebrities (I hate that word) attend. I knew that Kim was “was of us” from the gate. Not so sure about Kyle but I think you are right re: how “Big Kathy” pitted them against each other. My brother and I are both concert cellists and my mom did the same thing to us. Sick
        Back to Kim, I have NO DOUBT that she would feel like she was home when she walks in “The rooms”. Agree?
        Re: Kyle…why do you think one of her nannies left in the middle of the night? The is something wrong going on in that family I just haven’t figured it all out… yet.
        Was so glad to read your posts.

      • kotagirl29 says:

        Sorry guys, but I am an alcoholic and what happened with Kyle and Kim is typical of what happens when a family is fed up and is not properly equipped to handle their family members addiction. I have noticed one thing about Kim, whether you think she is a drunk or not, I haven’t seen her lie this season. And when Kyle called her out on her drinking she didn’t deny it. She doesn’t like conflict because she can’t handle it sober and her only way to deal with anything is to escape with alcohol. Addicts generally aren’t well equipped to handle life’s little bumps. Kyle is frustrated and angry because she is not equipped to handle her sister’s addiction. They both need counseling. But addiction is also a disease of secrets and whether you agree with the way she did it or not, in long run Kyle did her sister a favor by letting everyone know that her sister has a problem.

        • Nancy says:

          I agree but NOT on national TV!

          • kotagirl29 says:

            No having it exposed on television is not the best place to air things, but I have a feeling that because of the intense emotions involved neither one of them was really paying attention to the camera’s. I know you are all going to say something like, “Kyle said it, there now everyone knows”, but I think that was more for the benefit of Adrienne and Marting, not because of the camera’s. I could be wrong about that and maybe she did say it so that the camera’s could capture it so that there is no more secret. It is a lot harder to hide a problem when EVERYONE is aware of it.

    • twoile says:


  30. WSL says:

    I may be wrong but I saw Kyle’s lunge toward Kim as an attempt to be next to Kim and not arguing over the car full of people. I think Kyle wanted a face to face,
    even if it was a face to face argument.
    There is no ? Kyle has a lot of anger about babysitting Kim. But Kyle choose the enabler role. No body forced her to take it, not even her dead mother.
    Until I say that Kim went to rehab,I was totally confused about the sisters behavior.
    The rehab attendance revealed to me this is CLASSIC co dependent alcoholic behavior.
    I read “Co dependent no More”
    By Melanie Beady and it changed my life. My circumstances & family dynamics didn’t change but how I reacted to them did !

    • quincyil says:

      Kim at one point talked about how wealthy she was when married to Gregg Davis. She had two babies, one after another, and then was kicked out of the mansion. Kyle said that Kim lost a lot of money in the divorce. I think she expected the Kim would get more money than she did. I searched and searched, but I could not find information about that divorce. The children have a great relationship with Barbara Davis and attend her charity function each year. The daughter has spent enough time in Texas with dad that her boyfriend and close friends are in Texas, not LA.

      Part of the problem with the children leaving is that income is probably leaving when they are gone also.

      At the beginning of the show, Kyle wanted Kim to get a smaller house because it would cost less. Kyle was very worried about Kim saying that she wanted to have another baby and Kyle said that she has to be married for that. Well, Kim’s 15 year old was born when she was not married, but rather in a relationship.

      I think the alcoholism is an issue, but Kim’s financial status affects Kyle every month when Mauricio has to help out his “second” wife. Mauricio talked about saving and retiring too so money is on his mind. When Kyle was leaving the limo after Taylor’s birthday party, she said she was done helping Kim and I thought that was about money.

      It would be interesting to know the status of the house in Palm Springs and if that house has been sold to cover some of Kim’s costs. If Kim owed Kyle money, that would be a way of getting the funds back to Kyle. Kim would be able to claim that “you stole my house” if is was sold and she didn’t get her one third as she expected. She probably paid for that house.

      At one point, Kim also moved close to her mother to supposedly take care of her when she was dying of cancer so she may have thought that house that she has paid for as a child actress and lived in for years with her dying mother should have gone to Kim and not Kyle nor Kathy.

      Never underestimate the trouble that can come with inheritance issues.

      • Brigid A. says:

        Hi Quincy! When you mentioned re-watching the episode, I realized the finale is airing right now on west coast time. I will pay more attention. And I agree with you on the frustration of family members dealing with Kim’s possible inability to handle her own finances. If Mauricio has been treating her like a “second wife” financially, Kyle’s anger has probably been simmering a long time.

        Nevertheless, Kyle has some serious issues of her own from what I’ve observed as a mere observer of the program. She has no control over her temper and perhaps says and does things she later regrets. I’m not convinced Kim is the only one with substance abuse issues. As you alluded, perhaps Kyle’s anger is intensified with alcohol. She acted like a crazy woman at Taylor’s b-day party. And I agree that Kim seemed tipsy but Kyle’s behavior was disturbing to say the least.

        • quincyil says:

          Kyle has issues with spending herself. Remember she mentioned good months with low American express bills and bad months with high American express bills? Kyle’s husband could be complaining about money and Kyle knows he helps Kim. Families are so complicated.

          I learned that when you give money to family you should not expect a dime to be returned even if they promise. Kyle is younger than me and she might not have learned this lesson yet.

          • Brigid A. says:

            OK, just caught the last part of the finale episode and carefuly re-watched the limo scene. Kyle angrily throws out that “my husband has helped you, etc.” Then she tells Kim all help is over and exits the limo where Mauricio is waiting for her, while Kim sits alone crying. Way to go, Kyle. I guess we can interpret “helping” as financial help, but I’m not sure what to make of it.

            Kyle re-joins the party and we are subjected to even more of her “after all I’ve done for her, blah, blah.” She outright rejects Adrienne’s suggestion that both of them should seek therapy. Kyle clearly thinks very highly of herself and her emotional stability, never acknowledging her role in this mess. It takes a lot for me to say this, but I find Kyle to be utterly shallow, mean and someone I would never want as a sister, let alone a friend.

          • VincenzoNewYork says:

            Good point! I always though of Kyle being on the lower side of the affluence in BH.
            I think in terms of status and money it goes like this
            2)Camille before the Divorce
            3) Lisa
            6) Kim

            maybe 4 and 5 can switch..but I was not impressed with Kyle’s wealth in comparison to the others. Not to sound mean or anything but I think if Kyle was not related to Kathy Hilton & co, I would consider her to be low class, or shall I say “second tier person.” (I miss Lynda) The relation to a Hilton increased her percieved wealth and status.

            • vincenzonewyork says:

              I am also not a fan of the Hiltons. I hope they disappear.

            • vilzvet says:

              I remember when they were shopping together, Kyle and Mauricio, and she playfully called him “Money” instead of “Honey”. Plus they just shelled out over 3 million for their new home. They’re certainly not the richest of the Wives but quite possibly could be above Taylor in your good list.

              • VincenzoNewYork says:

                Kyle and her husband are probably wealthier than the armstrongs. 3 million dollar house is a lot of money, they are wealthy people. I wonder how LI real estate compares to Beverly Hills area. I wonder if 3 million there would get the same here. My friend is looking for homes and we saw one that was around 800,000 in Babylon and it was disgusting and quite hideous! I hope the prices come down for me when I want to buy a home. lol.

            • Brigid A. says:

              Welcome, Vincenzo! I’m a new poster here as well, far from NY in California. Good observation about the social hierarchy of the BH women. Thanks for sharing!

              • VincenzoNewYork says:

                Thank you. Welcome to the blog too! I’ve been to California and I really loved it. I’ve been to San Francisco, LA(Hollywood and BH too), and OC.

                • Brigid A. says:

                  Oh, I’m glad you liked California! I’ve wanted to visit NY forever and have never done so. Thus, my attraction to the RHONY. Seems such a great city and so different from California.

                  • VincenzoNewYork says:

                    NY is an extraordinary city! You have to visit it one day! I also think New York State in its entirity is a beautiful state too. We have so much divirsity regarding geography, people, and cultures. I also felt that California was just as diverse and beautiful and that’s why I loved it.

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              while we don’t trust the celebrity net worth site it goes like this:
              Adrienne’s Family: $1 Billion
              Lisa: $65 million
              Camille (divorced): $50 million
              Kyle and Kim: $20 million each
              Taylor: $10 million

              • nathania says:

                that sounds right to me, I had a feeling Lisa was above Camille. I am surprised that pre-divorced Camille is wealthier than Lisa. Taylor seems placed right at the bottom of the list. I wonder who recommended her for the show…whose friend she was in the beginning. Just remember, she wants “more” so it will be interesting watching her try to get it.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        You can never fully relax and enjoy yourself when you have an “enhanced” relative around. You watch them like a hawk, you hover if you feel they will lose it and you do get frustrated/angry when they play their games. WSL has it right -Kyle is an enabler and she may be making the choice not to be one, which is hard, hurtful and very painful. Kyle may throw the mother card and Kim may be throwing the entitled/you own me everything card. Sadly, together, they should not be on this show.

        • Nancy says:

          Why in God’s name would Kyle ask Kim to be on a reality show?

          • nathania says:

            it doesn’t look good, does it…

            especially with her assertion on the finale that Kim is an alcoholic “and now everyone knows it”.

            To me, that seems like motive, and end-game. She did to Kim what she set out to do from the beginning, and then she went and posed for her picture with the four other, non-crying in the limo castmates. And then she brushed her hair and did her final interview and talked about how her friends are ‘nothing like a sister’. I guess because a sister can’t just walk away when you humiliate and destroy them on national television. She’s still related to you, and you love her kids and she loves your kids and so on, and you still have to deal with each other…

            • Brigid A. says:

              And don’t overlook Kyle’s grooming/pawing at her hair in the limo, doing that annoying hair swing and posing for her close-up. Ugh. Even in the heat of her anger, she’s preoccupied with displaying her best asset, her hair. I find Kim far more attractive and natural-looking than Kyle and IMO she looked stunning when she arrived at the b-day party.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I find it interesting that Kyle seems to be the one in possession of the mother’s cremains. So much so that she can tote her around to meetings. Does this mean Kyle can speak for the mother?

      I am also pondering what the mother actually said on her death bed. On the show, Kyle says repeatedly that she was told to take care of her sister. But in a blog she said they were all told to look out for each other. If it’s the former, one can see why Kyle would resent the task, particularly if Kim’s not cooperating in being taken care of. But this is also not great for Kim to know her mother thought she couldn’t take care of herself. It’s a very powerful statement if a mother says publicly that a child needs help, and very destructive to the child’s ego. If your mom doesn’t believe in you… who does?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        They could have split the remains three ways- so all the daughters have some.

        I think Kyle said in her blog that her mother just made them promise to always take care of each other; it wasn’t really specific to watching out for Kim.

      • nathania says:

        I think Big Kathy played them all against each other and told Kyle ‘well Kim was the bigger star but we both know she’s a scatterbrain and you have it together and mommy is so proud of you for being strong’ or some b.s., and the women have carried that crap into adulthood. Big Kathy is controlling them from beyond the grave.

        The worst of it is that Kim seems to have NO CLUE that anything is amiss in her relationship with Kyle. She’s not spiteful or vindictive so she doesn’t see the blows coming until she gets knocked down. Painful to watch.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I didn’t see it like that at all- even if she wasn’t going to hit Kim, she launched at her with so much anger and hostility it’s no wonder everyone was afraid of what was going to happen.

      Kim already told her that the back of the limo was still to close for comfort- Kyle forcing herself within inches of her is almost an assault.

    • twoile says:

      @WSL M Beady rocks!!!!!!! When Kyle “thrusted” towards Kim I felt that if A wasn’t between them Kyle would have made contact w/Kim. I suspect it may have happened b4….Kim recoiled 4 protection & Kyle has demonstrated her short fuse in many environments w/o any regrets only justifications.

  31. VincenzoNewYork says:

    I am not sure if this has ever been discussed, but I would love to see Real Housewives of Chicago. I would love to see mid-western women in action! I really look at these shows as television ethnograhies (some anthropology term). I think they could just cut some of the OC ladies and BH ladies and make it the real housewives of LA or something like that. I’ve never watched OC so I am not sure how different they really are from BH culture.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Chicago has been discussed here before. There is some preliminary wife selection info on the net – Sugar Rathbone comes to mind. While I would love to see this beautiful city as the backdrop, I would truly not wish housewives behaving badly upon it.

      • vilzvet says:

        I’m thinking maybe Denver would be interesting.

        • VincenzoNewYork says:

          I think Denver would be fun! I’m sure they can do one for every major city. I wonder if they thought of Long Island? Even though we are close to NYC, we are culturally different then NYC. I think towns like Roslyn, Lloyd Harbor, Port Washington,Manhasset and anything over there would have very affluent people to be on a RH show. They may do most of their social things in the city though and that could defeat the purpose. Oh well.

          • ramona_coaster says:

            Yup! You’re right on the money. Most Long Islanders work and play in the city and in the Hamptons. Long Island is where their homes are where they can rest and relax in the suburbs. There are a few trendy NYC- like hotspots on Long Island that a few affluent people go to but it’s mostly full of fake wannabes. MTV has done a few reality shows about the Hamptons in the summertime and the professionals who rent summer shares. But once again, they’re mostly fake wannabes.

            • vilzvet says:

              I wager that Bravo figures since Jillzarin is from Long Island complete with the accent (wayyyy worse than mine though!) that Long Island would be redundant, especially since the Hamptons is covered each season on NY.

  32. AZ Girl says:

    Well done Quincy!!! Man it must be freaking freezing in Chi-town today! Wish Jill was there freezing in her Spanx on Michigan Avenue.
    GO BEARS!!!!

    • quincyil says:

      I think she is on Michigan Ave freezing at this very moment. I am feeling a cold chill. Oh.. that was my husband opening the refrigerator door and looking for a snack. Nevermind……

    • quincyil says:

      Ok… I channeled Jill and I have tapped into her thoughts…

      She had lunch and she is very full. There are so many Chicago fans and on top of paying 100 dollars to talk to her they are giving her thanks and gifts.

      Did I mention that she is full after lunch?

      I will channel her again in a little while. Her thoughts seem to flow out of her head and into space every few minutes.

      Your pretend board soothsayer/medium/laundry expert


  33. BambiBaby22 says:

    What is the designer’s name of Adrienne’s sparkly shoes? How much do you think they cost?
    I noticed she is wearing them in the reunion.

  34. TLM says:

    The episode is running again with Camille going to NY to meet Kelsey for the Tonys. I have to turn my TV off because I want to punch this kvetschy shrew in the face so badly. I can’t stand her whiny woe-is-me half-speed speech and her phoniness. And btw I never thought she lost any weight. To me she looked exactly the same. It just sounded like yet another way for Camille to try to gain sympathy and be the center of attention. I love how she kept talking about how she “put on a happy face” for everyone. Did anyone see her ever do this around ANYONE, except for when she put on her act for Kelsey or Nick, or any men around? Any time Kelsey or Nick showed up, Camille knew it was showtime! Lights, camera, action! Although when she was in her red dress for the Tonys she actually stuck into a TOAST, “Fourteen years of marriage – how about that?” in a sarcastic voice, and turned on her heels after clinking glasses. You could feel the tension in the room just watching it on TV. I think she ran a close second to Russell at the fake Taylor birthday party for Most Awkward Toast Ever.

    Camille never put on a happy face for anyone. She had the same hangdog look she always has, telling everyone how hard she has it. Which if you’ll notice, she always did even before news of the split. That dinner or whatever it was with her friends where she said she “wasn’t ready to tell anyone” about the splitup was such a joke. She said so much and whined so much that you would have had to be deaf dumb and blind not to know that she and Kelsey were having problems. “Well, Kelsey said he may be staying in NY for a while… I’ve lost weight and I’m not proud of it like OTHER people would be… my stomach has been killing me from stress. But I’m NOT READY to say anything… wink, wink!!”

    I wonder if Kelsey’s fiancee was telling her friends, “I don’t know what this person is doing telling everyone my fiancee is a gay crossdressing sexual deviant. In my heart I believe she’s a human, but doesn’t she realize what she is doing to his family and his kids?”

    She isn’t human, Kayte. She’s a golddigging slore and fame whore who realizes the party’s over.

    • HD says:

      Girrrrrlllllllll that dinner party killed me. I mean come on! She may as well have said Kelsy is cheating. She did everything but say it. “You’ll know, I’m just not ready to talk about it.” And her hairdresser friend is sitting there with that I know everything that is going on look. The cat was out of the bag.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Part of the problem with Camille is the frozen face – you just can’t read any emotions from her. Another part of the problem is that plain and simply put – she is a self centered, self serving, insecurely mean ass bitch!

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Did you also notice that when they were toasting, Kelsey inserted a thanks to the British people? Kayte Walsh is British. What else could he have meant?

  35. ann says:

    Kyle would have been unhappy and angry with Kim regardless of what Kim did. Earlier in the season, Kim was put down because she did not try with the others. Kim made an effort and looked beautiful. Kyle immediately whispered to Lisa that she was drinking or drunk. Kim is damned if she does, and damned if she doesn’t with Kyle.

    Kim cannot defend herself. Kim is a private person that is not at ease with people until she knows them. Kyle knows this and uses this against Kim. Kyle enjoys conflict with others and then acts like she has been attacked. Kyle does not listen to others and jumps into a fight.

    Kyle states that she loves her sister, but encourages her to go on a show that is known for conflict. If she believed Kim had problems with alcohol, she should not have encouraged her. I believe that this was an opportunity for Kyle to get back at Kim and finally show her up. Kyle thought that people would believe that she was so very kind and wonderful to Kim. Kyle’s anger came out in full force and people have seen that she is not so loving.

    If Kim has problems with alcohol, Kyle was cruel and thinking only of herself and not her sister. I have dealt with a person with that problem. I would not have harmed them in public. I try to live with the philosophy of ‘First do no harm’.

    • Error404 says:

      Im starting to suspect Kyle pushed Kim on the show to expose her and shame her into rehab. Kyle is all about tough love. Sympathy is for losers.

      • quincyil says:

        I think Kyle pushed Kim on the show so Kim could find work and some income now that the Davis children are almost grown and the child support will be ended.

        • Adgirl says:

          Agree completely. Kyle is trying to find her sister a job and an exit off of Umansky’s income.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          ITA – and I really think she did it with love not malice. It went horribly wrong for both of them.

      • nathania says:

        I’m not sure that Kyle is about tough love. People use tough love when they want someone to get well. Kyle rather relishes her role as sister-keeper and chief Richards martyr, that enmeshment is not something I think she will adjust very easily to living without. Truthfully both sisters need treatment. Kyle needs al-anon badly so she can learn to focus on herself, her hyper-focus on Kim is an excuse not to. Until she does this she will just undermine Kim and try to keep her sick so that she can continue to hang out on the cross and sell her schtick about being ‘victimized’ by her sister due to her mother’s dying request. (Cue the violins).

        • Nancy says:

          Maybe they both can go to “Taylors” treatment center in Malibu? (kidding) I read on one of these blog’s over the weekend that one of the Housewives is on cocaine.
          can we spell Taylor?

    • Brigid A. says:

      I agree with you, Ann. As I stated upthread, I just re-watched the last part of the finale episode and it is just as disturbing, if not more so than first time viewing. I have tried all season to understand Kyle’s position as a sister who feels she’s “burdened” with her mother’s dying wish. I hated seeing what happened to Kyle at Camille’s disastrous dinner party, with the odious psychic.

      But I could never get past Kyle’s disrespect and shabby treatment of her sister in virtually every scene. She allowed her friends to disrespect and gang up on her and that is unforgiveable in my estimation.

      Those final scenes in the limo are heartbreaking. Kyle can only yell and hurl insults. Was Kyle intoxicated? I saw Kim (maybe intoxicated, maybe not) trying to respond and listening to Adrienne encouraging her to tell Kyle how she felt. After hearing Kim telling Kyle clearly and quietly to stay away from her, Kyle still lunges across to Kim in fury and tries to make physical contact. It did not seem merely an attempt to sit closer to Kim. It was ugly. I’m not a Kyle fan.

      • DarkSonnet says:

        I totally agree. That was a pure act of aggression and I’m very glad that Adrienne was able to act as a physical buffer.

        Adrienne escalated her attempt to keep Kyle from getting any closer for a reason.

    • Nancy says:

      What really broke my heart was that Kim was FINALLY having fun, she looked GREAT, she wasn’t all that late and then BAM! Kyle and “Taylor” had to knock her down (again)! How mean.

  36. Error404 says:

    Kelsey cheated on Camille with Kayte. We don’t know Kayte, we after RH we can see why he left Camille.

    Big Pappa cheated on his wife with Kim, but after seeing “the other woman” on RH were thing she’s a homewrecker.

    Hmm… I doubt mrs big papa is a saint or blameless, but who knows, as she’s not on the show. She could be Camille x10.

    And Kayte could be Kim x 10. Guess well have to wait and see.

    • HD says:

      So true.

      Here is a link to his wife birthday party in which he is present. He is the silver haired man to the right of the screen.

      Where did you hear that she won’t give him a divorce?

      I always thought he was just stringing Kim along which of course we all know men are notorious for that, “I’m leaving when the kids get grown, “give me another 6 months”, “we don’t even sleep together”, etc. These women like Kim waste time with a married men only to realize he is never leaving his wife. So I always thought she just fell for the okie doke. To me that was a quid pro quo relationship.

  37. Adgirl says:

    Just to echo the awesome comments above: Zero evidence on screen of Kyle behaving protectively of Kim.

    Frequently Kyle comments on “having my/her back” with no evidence that Kyle has anyone’s back but her own.
    However, Kyle is pretty quick to stab the knife into Kim’s back then twist it.

  38. Adgirl says:

    Why didn’t Kyle stick up for Kim when Taylor was upsetting Kim at the party. That has really bothered me. Regardless of what Taylor was saying, Kyle should have behaved in a protective sisterly fashion once she noticed there was a problem.

  39. Adgirl says:

    Erlacher interception!

  40. icantstandthetoxicity says:

    I have been reading Jill’s latest tweets, for some reason, she keeps mentioning blogs/bloggers. I get the feeling she is trying to recruit people to write blogs that are favorable toward her.

    Jillzarin: I love all the photos my fans took last night with @Lisawexler Met someone starting “love jz and real housewives” blog. So cute! Will post!

    Jillzarin : Yes. I love promoting peoples blogs and hope they make money on ads. Over 10000 hits on last one. Blogger thanked me. I didn’t do anything!

  41. Mookies1mom says:

    Kyle didn’t stick up for Kim because rather than finding out what was really being discussed she went on the attack. Someone else said earlier that Kyle seemed annoyed with Kim when she first arrived. I think that started Kyle seething and she just continued until she boiled over in the limo.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      Adgirl, this was my response to your last post.

    • error404 says:

      Kyle gets annoyed by Kim merely breathing air. Every single party starts with Kyle stressing out over Kim’s lateness and escalates from there. Usually Kim just ignores her, but in the few instances where Kim actually defends herself, it turns into bloody carnage. Kyle is pissed because “weirdo” Kim not only got the better career AND the richer husband, but the useless twit managed to fuck both of them up. Kyle throws Kim’s failed marriages up in her face all the time, on camera, in front of other people, etc… which is very odd behavior from a divorcee and a sibling. The jealousy and rivalry between these two siblings is off the hook.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      I agree, as has been said on this blog, that Kyle has an anger management problem. She needs to work on that. Plus, if she chooses Taylor over her sister, I won’t feel sorry for her after Taylor uses her up and dumps her ass.

  42. Sparkles says:

    Taylor responds.

    On Twitter, a bunch of people are asking Taylor about the whole Shana Hughes/Taylor Ford thing. She replied twice that Taylor became her last name via her stepfather. So far she is ignoring the questions about “Ford” though – maybe she’s still figuring that one out.

    Also, a bunch of people have chastised her over her treatment of Kim. Taylor replies:

    “Please keep n mind that these shows r based on drama and that is a part of our job” and also

    “I do regret going up to KIm but, my goal was to sit and talk with her not get into it. Read my blog if you want my view. This is a drama based show, keep that in mind too.”

    Sorry, but she needs to take responsibility. By creating drama at her party (and BTW it was only nominally her party; it was really a RH wrap episode) she no doubt secured herself a role on season two. But that was her choice and she did it at the expense of a vulnerable person. Since Taylor is supposedly an expert in the disease of addiction (see the end of yesterday’s blog comments for that) she should know better. The other thing Taylor seemed to be doing is driving a wedge between the sisters so she could become close to the most popular girl in the group.

    P.S. I haven’t seen a new blog from Taylor.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Taylor was expecting to have a conversation with a mature woman who also wanted to put this particular drama to rest and move forward. Kim did nothing to get to that place. Give Taylor some credit – she couldn’t get a simple, straight answer out of Kim. If you listen just to Kim and no one else she is having a conversation all by herself! Kim seems to have a real problem processing information, understanding a question and forming a response.

      • quincyil says:

        No one takes confrontation well. If Taylor came to me with that tone and wanted to clear things up, I would be defensive and I don’t have the issues that Kim Richards has. Plus, Bravo showed us that Kim was correct in what she said about Taylor. Going Okalhoma in an alley is threatening. Taylor gets loud in her discussions too. Kim is rather quiet, the audience was drawn to Taylor’s loud voice.

      • Nonnie says:

        I think people are forgetting that prior to this whole party Kim reached out to Taylor (after the whole dinner blow up) and they went to get manicures and cleared the air. Kim said she can easily be friends with Taylor and I thought they both were on that path and MOVING ON/FOWARD. When Lisa told Taylor to fix it and work it out with Kim, Taylor should have told Lisa that they did meet and talked it out and all is fine we’re moving on/forward. End of story. Why Taylor did not mention this to Lisa or Taylor didn’t approach Kim differntly by saying something like “happy you’re here at my party and just checking in to make sure we’re still ok” That would have been normal vs. how Taylor approached Kim at the party. And Kim was probably thinking everything with Taylor and the other HW’s was Ok or I don’t think she would have ever showed up.

        So I don’t give Taylor any credit at all, she handled the situation very badly and is a very mean person.

        • quincyil says:

          The nail salon was after the Malibu Dinner so that really should have been enough discussion. I wish Taylor has not followed Lisa’s lead.

        • quincyil says:

          I bet this is what Kim meant when she said that Taylor and Lisa were stirring things up…. and made that swirl with her hand….. In her mind, the nail salon settled it, but Taylor wanted to rehash the controversey.

          Nonnie, your post is excellent and it really helped me understand what happened.

          Thank you,


        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Excellent point-
          My gut is the producers wanted Lisa to confront Taylor, so the lunch was set up.
          Kim went to the party- and said hello- was it all started to bubble. I bet production was also annoyed with Kim- and when they saw she retreated and wasn’t going to give them any ammo to use against her- they sent in the snake.

          And the result- record breaking ratings.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I just don’t see it as you described; especially when Taylor is completely lying about the events that took place. If I wanted to have a civil and rational discussion, I would start at the truth. Taylor continues to lie and not accept any that she got Camille riled up again.

        She is still saying Kim ‘baited’ her which I can’t wrap my head around. Even if Kim imitated the discussion, the reason why it became an issue is because Taylor went running to Camille with it.

        Kim is sitting there peacefully and Taylor walks up and says-“Let’s talk about NY again- this is the way it went down ” despite evidence to the contrary.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Red flags went up about Taylor from the first episode. Maybe I’ll elaborate more another time, but I wanted to mention one thing in particular. It’s about her demeanor at the Lisa & Kyle dinner/lunch/whatever she crashed. Did anyone notice how she was all giggly upon arrival and when Lisa tried to attempt a serious conversation, Taylor immediately transformed her face to her sad Bambi-eyed look, like in a nanosecond, while she gazed at Lisa. I thought for a minute she would cry if she could. Then she started the hysterical giggling/handholding again with Kyle.

      • Sparkles says:

        Yes that was odd, but I didn’t know what to make of it. What are your thoughts? I’m also interested to know when you first spotted the red flags, when you have time to elaborate on that one.

        • Brigid A. says:

          Sparkles, aside from the rudeness of Taylor inviting herself last minute to join a meal with Lisa & Kyle (at Lisa’s restaurant no less) she seemed “high” and inappropriate. Lisa was having none of it and ended up leaving the two giggly girls holding hands and drinking wine and probably enjoying a free meal at Lisa’s restaurant. Taylor can quickly transition from sweet and smiley, sad (as she was with Lisa for a few seconds) to a screaming match when she feels threatened. She started screaming at Kim both in NY and at Camille’s dinner, and was talking so loudly to her at the b-day party that she attracted the attention of husbands and guests.

          Also, she readily admits she has zero interest in getting to know Kim. What can Kim offer Taylor? Taylor seems a poser and social climber. She married for money but now envies Kyle’s life and marriage. Kyle seems to be basking in Taylor’s adoration and never bothers defending her own sister when Taylor “goes Oklahoma” on her. I think Taylor may surpass Camille as most hated housewife if she doesn’t do some major damage control.

          • Sparkles says:

            Excellent points. That lunch scene was weird. Thanks, Brigid.

          • Nancy says:

            Remember at the basketball game when “Taylor” was sitting next to Kim but had her back towards her the entire time? Bitch! Taylor started being mean to Kim from the gate!

          • Nancy says:

            I think Taylor is on cocaine. (I’ve been there, done that.)

            • Brigid A. says:

              That would explain Taylor’s weird behavior at that dinner she crashed with Lisa and Kyle. She definitely seemed in an altered state, as I’ve mentioned upthread. Lisa did the appropriate thing and left Kyle and Taylor alone at the table…at Lisa’s restaurant.

      • 212 says:

        My take is that it was preplanned to tell all re her marriage during that lunch and she backed out The “Emotion” dress she was wearing was certainly a telling clue.

      • Dawn says:

        Not only did Taylor’s demeanor change when Lisa brought up the issue with Kim but she started twirling her hair.

    • Nancy says:

      “Taylor” is freaking out right now because her cover has been blown. I have no doubt that this wasn’t “Taylor’s” weekend!

      • Brigid A. says:

        Nancy, I hope you are right. Has Taylor even posted a blog on the Bravo site yet? I did notice that Bravo allowed several unfavorable comments about the finale episode on Taylor’s previous blog. In fact, I doubt there was a positive comment posted about her, unusual for Bravo.

  43. WSL says:

    January 23, 2011 at 4:02 pm

    About Jill’s plea for a ILJZ blog

    That woman is OBCESSED
    With Lynn’s blog.

    I hope any of you with your names detectable protect yourselves. Blocking you may not be enough to smack you down !
    I hear she still calls employers to tattle that u r a BULLY & therefore must b stupid if u don’t like her.

    I am sure that Susan person, who was caught impersonating Jill Zarin and writing the only glorious book review of her uh
    dook,sorry book,
    Is the one starting the
    I “love” Jill Zarin blog !

    Maybe Jill will pay each positive post 99 cents !

    • Adgirl says:

      Too bad I don’t have an employer for her to call. If I lost my job bc of that fool that would be a fabulous lawsuit against her and my employer. Nice press coverage too.

    • icantstandthetoxicity says:

      Jill is definitely obsessed with this blog. She can promote as many blogs as she wants to, they will not be as popular as this blog is.

      • quincyil says:

        People will look at ILJZ web sites. They look at her facebook and twitter. I hope the ILJZ blogs flourish. Perhaps, she can sell them the TEAM JILL tee shirts that are stored in Zarin Fabric’s basement.

    • quincyil says:

      So… she is doing what? Tweeting aboug a ILJZ blog? I think someone should do that. If someone posts something that Jill doesn’t like, she can have them banned from the site.

      • Mookies1mom says:

        She won’t have many posters then, unless she keeps making up names and posting them herself.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      She blocked me on her twitter because she saw that I was talking to Lynn on twitter! I never said a mean thing to her either. She blocked me two weeks ago and I never posted anything until yesterday.

  44. quincyil says:


    This article tells us more about Kim Richards. Her first husband’s family owned supermarkets and the second owned oil company and movie studio. She has a production company with husband number one. The Davis inlaws affected the relationship with husband number two and threatened to take away their money if they moved from where the mother in law wanted them to live.

    Where is she now?: Kim Richards starred in 17 Disney movies (including Escape to Witch Mountain) and plenty of TV shows before basically retiring from acting at 18. After Hello, Larry she appeared in Meatballs II, Tuff Turf, and Escape (1990 – produced by her then-husband G. Monty Brinson and co-starring her sister Kyle). She is now 36 years old and is twice divorced and has 4 children: Brooke, 14; Whitney, 10: Chad, 9; and Kimberly, 5. She lives in a 6,000 square ft. ranch style house, paid for with film residuals and real estate investments. She is engaged to a Saudi Arabian oil man.

    The following information came from a website for a TV show called, “Hello, Larry.”
    It seems Kim did have a house near Palm Springs and if this web site is correct when she was 36, she was engaged to a Saudi oil man. Kimberly, her daughter was 5 at the time so the relationship with Kimberly’s dad was over.
    Kim Richards:

    Where is shem/hellolarry.htmlnd plenty of TV shows before basically retiring from acting at 18. After Hello, Larry she appeared in Meatballs II, Tuff Turf, and Escape (1990 – produced by her then-husband G. Monty Brinson and co-starring her sister Kyle). She is now 36 years old and is twice divorced and has 4 children: Brooke, 14; Whitney, 10; Chad, 9; and Kimberly, 5. She lives just outside of Palm Springs, California in a 6,000-squ.-ft. ranch-style home, paid for by film residuals and real estate investments. She is engaged to a Saudi Arabian oil man.


    I think Kim had a house and for some reason, Kim was forced to leave it.
    I have a feeling this is the house that the argued about in the limo.

    I had read in other articles that Kim moved to Palm Springs with her children when her mother was dying to help take care of her. “Big” Kathy owned a home and had several other real estate investments with her last husband. He was still alive when she died so he may or may not have owned that house.

    • Adgirl says:

      It was mentioned during the giant chocolate Easter bunny epi that the house they were at in PS was the family vacation home shared by the sisters. I assume big Kathy paid for it out of Kim $ then left it to girls jointly. That might PO Kim.

      Maybe Big Kathy promised Kim that it was hers alone?

      I wonder how the reading of the will went for Big Kathy’s family.

      • quincyil says:

        I think there were two houses in Palm Springs. This house and Kathy’s house. Kathy lived in Palm Springs before Kim moved there after they discovered her cancer. I think 10 years ago, Kim still had some income.

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      Has this video been posted? It shows Kim with Big Kathy before she died and Kim was taking care of her. Kim seems pretty together and more articulate. I wonder if her alcoholism got worse after her mother died?

      • quincyil says:

        She did look good. Before BH started, there were rumors that at some time Kim’s children were taken away from her. I found nothing on the net about that. If it happened, the kids went to their dads for a while as Kim has told us that she shares custody, but the kids are living with her right now.

        I think she has had issues over the years either causing breakups with the men in her life or after they left her. She probably would go into a slump or worse and drink during those periods. I know healthy women who get depressed when that happens.

        I really like Kim. I think she has a wicked sense of humor. She would be smart to leave the show and make friends with ordinary people who like her. Single Gary was funny. I think she has great potential, but she has to seperate from the past and if Kyle can’t adjust seperate somewhat from Kyle. No one needs to be held back from getting healthy and happy by a sister who refuses to forget.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      As per House of Hilton- according to her last husbands daughter.

      The house in Palm Springs was big Kathy’s prior to her marring Fedton (her last husband). He sold his home and took the profit of 250k and used it to renovated Kathy’s house.

      When she died- her will left the house to the girls.

  45. HD says:

    If I may share this video about addiction and my sister. I do under the frustration but I love my sister so much…

    • HD says:

      This sound is a little better and this is me. 🙂

    • quincyil says:

      That took my breath away. The subject is painful, but the words are beautiful.

      What an incredible video. Thank you so much for sharing. I think this has truly affected my soul.

      • HD says:

        Thank you, Quincy. My sister remains sober, she won’t even take any meds that are serious painkillers and stuff. She doesn’t drink anymore either. She does smoke cigarettes but for her to be off alcohol and crack, I am okay with that for now. 🙂 Addiction runs through my family like an IV in a vein. I myself fight it every day.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Dear HD – this is hard stuff to share. Thank you. Many of us have addiction in our families – some have done more damage than others and we all have to figure out how to deal with it. From the comments on the board everyone sees Kim differently. I can’t agree or disagree with anyone, I can’t give either Kim or Kyle a pass. I can only pray there is enough strength in their families to get Kim to help herself.

      • quincyil says:

        The internet is a wonderful thing. People can see and listen to your video and use it as a tool to help themselves and others. Thank goodness you and others have created these pieces of art.

  46. quincyil says:

    Hi, fellow board members: Jill is tweeting about good blogs and how much she can help them with hits if they get down on their knees to worship Jill Zarin.

    I am putting her twitters on our board. You see, Jill read this blog and she has people reading this blog every day. She read my guest blog and went to Jill Zarin level 5/Battle positions…. Jill Zarin didn’t read “The Art of War.” Jill Zarin wrote, “The Art of War.” She has been at war with us from day one of this blog.

    Stay tuned. Jill was welcomed to Chicago, IL, this weekend.

    Jill Zarin’s response to your favorite blog today:

    of course. Send me yours too on FAcebook!“@Colorado_Mom: @Jillzarin The blogging community thanks you for supporting us! :)”
    25 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone
    hair done at M in highland park. Event starts Saks 6pm. Hope lots of rhnyc fans come! Loved meeting so many bloggers last night!
    26 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone
    Yes. I love promoting peoples blogs and hope they make money on ads. Over 10000 hits on last one. Blogger thanked me. I didn’t do anything!
    30 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone
    please watch.will be even better! Thanks for the love! “@Michy45: @Jillzarin since Bethenny is gone, it’s not (cont) http://tl.gd/8bec2k
    33 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone
    Thank u for the Chicago love! “@lborson: @Jillzarin had a good time at the event for a great cause last night. (cont) http://tl.gd/8bebkg
    35 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone
    I love all the photos my fans took last night with @Lisawexler Met someone starting “love jz and real housewives” blog. So cute! Will post!
    36 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone
    With @Lisawexler at lunch at hotel. Yummy! Leaving soon. http://yfrog.com/gyay5ghj
    about 3 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
    yes. She is real deal. “@Hepburn7: @jillzarin Tweetings from Nebraska! Can’t wait for the new season!! Do you (cont) http://tl.gd/8bd2q8
    about 3 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
    Who knew I had so many fans in Chicago? We r overwhelmed by all the love, messages and even gifts! Thank u for all your support!
    about 5 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
    Gingerettes In the Chicago area? @Jillzarin & @Lisawexler will b in Saks at Highland Park 4 a fundraiser 4 Ida Crowne Jewish Day School. Fee only 75.00!
    about 9 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
    Retweeted by

  47. HD says:

    Also…my brother is a functional alcholic…he got in a HORRIBLE drunk driving accident a few years ago. (He only injured himself) He ran into a bridge reinforced by steel. When the ambulance came, they turned off their lights because they said they thought they were, “retreiving a body”. (Ironically his nurse is the one who called 911. If anyone has questions about that I can elaborate.)

    The University here was doing an anti-drinking display for Homecoming and they called the police for their WORST banged up vehicle and guess what…the vehicle chose WAS MY BROTHER’S!!! His friends called him and told him his car was at the University and we did not believe it. We went and sure enough, there it was, covered in don’t drive drunk signs! It was sooooooooo much his car and so recent, he was on a walker and told me (I went with him to see it) to reach in the seat and GET HIS ATM CARD!!! His car was frozen in time. It was crazy. Guess what…hmmmmm…HE STILL DRIVES DRUNK!!! Broken nose, broken femur, collasped lungs….hmmmmmm…so I know addiction…personally! God help us all.

    • quincyil says:

      I have had some people close to me be successful, but they did it with the help of professionals at great cost to the family. Not all families can afford to send someone to a rehab center.

  48. ilovelynn says:

    sorry about the bears, lynn. go jets!

  49. Pingback: Top Posts — WordPress.com

  50. WSL says:

    Nurse as in Robert De Niro’s skit on SNL last night ?

  51. WSL says:

    I want to mention that many rehabs have scholarships & financial aid just like colleges. Also more rare,but I met a girl whose family applied to the TV show Intervention on live and “won”. The girl did the show & agreed to go to the family intervention & then agreed to go to a rehab in California immediately ! They grab PJs & extra jeans & get on a plane !
    The check in is filmed at the rehab & the rehabs name is mentioned so the rehab & A&E split the cost.
    If you watch Intervention, she was Andrea from Pittsburgh.

  52. WSL says:

    If Susan started a
    I LOVE Jill Zarrin blog
    Wouldn’t that be
    Love that word !

  53. boston02127 says:

    After reading Jill’s tweets, I think it’s safe to say that she had no life before RHONY.

    • quincyil says:

      Boston, have you ever heard of a German author called Goethe? I read a play called, Faust, in my sophomore year in college. Recently zipit mentioned this character, Faust, on our board as she saw a similarity in the reality shows that we discuss on the IHJZ board. Faust/Jill was a very successful mother, wife, and a happy woman. Bethenny tells us this was true. Faust/Jill was not satisfied with her wonderful life of riches and travel. Faust/Jill wanted more. Faust/Jill made a deal with the Devil/Bravo. The Devil/Bravo would give Faust/Jill all of the fame the she desired, but Faust/Jill would have to completely obey the will of the Devil/Bravo. So in exchange for great fame, Jill accepted the contract with Bravo and like Faust Jill had to live with the Devil/Bravo in Hell.

      Signing the Bravo contract changed Jill’s world forever. How much pain has she suffered over season 3? How much pain has she inflicted on Bethenny and Alex? Jill doesn’t understand that caring about your friends’ feeling makes you a better person. We care about each other here. You see this every single day. I think that the members of this board want to become more than we are. We are trying to understand Human behavior. Bravo may be the Devil, but the producers of Bravo’s series have helped us understand why people behave as they do. For that, I am grateful.

      • boston02127 says:

        @Q–I found the author Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on Ebay. Most books mentioned on here spark my curiosity. There is one book (Faust) on sale now for $25.00. In four days from now the same book is $5.00. I’ll bid on that one. I’m sure it will be an interesting read. Thanks.

        PS–I buy most of my books on Ebay. I find such good deals. I’ve bought some books for a penny, some for 5 cents. Because I’m so neurotic with having clean hands thou (lol) when I get a book I clean the covers before I read them.

  54. WSL says:

    Poor Jill !
    She confuses the parents of
    Ida Crowne Jewish Day School
    With fans !
    Poor darlin
    She has so few fans that
    She thinks people who attend
    For the cause paid $$$ came just to meet her.
    I hear many attendees were from the
    LynnChicago blog !

    • quincyil says:

      Well, I am tired. Jill is still helping blogs that support her with 10,000 hits. Good for her. I hope she does that all day and all night every day until eternity. I am sure those bloggers will be very grateful.

  55. WSL says:

    It great to know that everybody that iLL blocks,immediately
    To I HATE JILL Zarin
    Even though IHJZ is just a

  56. WindyCityWondering says:

    After the RHBH finale, I am not really looking forward to NeNe going nuclear tonight in RHoA. That said, I am looking forward to seeing both Cynthia and Pheadra’s reaction to NeNe unhooked.

  57. Veronica says:

    I wonder if Kim didn’t jump in and defend Kyle when she and Camille were arguing because Kyle did say something to the affect of “why would they be interested in you without Kelsey”. And if that is the case, Kim did have her sisters back.

    We saw a whole different side of Kyle on the finale and now I am starting to have my doubts about her sincerity…

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I can’t remember where the post is exactly but I remember someone mentioning that Kyle wasn’t much of an actress, saying she only had a few roles as a kid and not much else, but she was actually in 21 episodes of ER. I think that puts her, at least, on par with her sister’s success, if not beyond it. ER was a huge success and to have been part of that has to mean something.

      • neroes says:

        Kyle also appeared in 19 episodes on Little House of the Prairie.

      • error404 says:

        sorry, but I disagree.

        Kim was a permanent regular on 3 major sitcoms, as well as having a starring role in a series of Disney movies.

        If you want to believe that a reoccurring guest spot makes Kyle George Clooney, than so be it, but she never was cast as a permanent regular on any show, especially not as a child.

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      I wondered that as well, Veronica. I’ve had this suspicion all season that maybe Kyle said say something closer to what Camille heard and because I didn’t like Camille and liked Kyle I ignored it. I know Kim doesn’t like confrontation but she gets this really uncomfortable, kind of scared look when the topic of what Kyle says comes up. And why wouldn’t she just say Kyle absolutely did not say that if she didn’t?? She has no problem recalling what Taylor says. Curiouser and curiouser…

  58. WSL says:

    HD thanks for sharing. It’s, unfortunately, close to my heart too. Thank God the worst is behind us. Now after 3years it is still “One day at time”.

  59. WSL says:

    I also like & agree w/ur comments about Camilla Bowls. I didn’t think there was anyone as conservative as me here.

  60. WSL says:

    Hmmm I am confused !

    I thought Jill Zarin was the
    !DEVIL !

    But your point is that Goethe in his play called, Faust, explains that Bravo is the Devil.

    When Jill Zarin says:
    “The devil made me do it”
    Who is Jill Zarin blaming for her obnoxious deed ?

  61. Kansas Girl says:

    More details on Kyle’s new house. http://realestalker.blogspot.com/2011/01/weekend-wrap-up_22.html But sadly no address clues for my Bing map addiction.

    • error404 says:

      lord almighty! He’s a real-a-tour and she’s a reality star, and that pile of crap is the best they could come up with? I predict extensive renovations. Predict, or pray for?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        They also have from Nov a link to the sales video for Lisa’s house. A lot of posters there blasted the decor.

        With Kyle’s new house- I hope they rip the carpet out of the bathroom. I don’t understand it- and it seems like it would get musty…not to mention nasty near the toilet.

        • mariareads says:

          Carpet in the bathrooms = our neighbor’s house. He put it on the market at the same time we took ours OFF the market. I went to the open house and every single bathroom had wall to wall carpeting in it. FUGLY and I also wondered about how hygienic it was all over the place. Gross. Somebody bought it anyway. Strangest thing I ever saw in a bathroom.

          • error404 says:

            I once rented a house w/ w2w in the bath. It kinda skeeved me out, as like Ter, I’m into “cleansiness”. Soon after we moved in, the toilet broke and leaked all over it, so the LL tore it up when he had the toilet fixed.

  62. WSL says:

    If NeNe thinks she would yell at a child like she is yelling that would be child abuse by a thug !
    No wonder her son is in jail.
    Ghetto NeNe doesn’t have the manners or sense to LEAVE Kim’s friends house.
    Trust me, if I was Kim, I would have my friend REMOVE Kim !

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I just don’t understand how she can run Kim down out of one side of her mouth while she is behaving like child herself? It seems to me she is the one without class in this situation. Just because she is mad at Kim doesn’t give her the freedom to belittle Kim or the guy who was gracious enough to open his home to them. (Even if the decorating is a little out there!)

  63. HD says:

    All that stuff I said about Kim earlier…I FEEL SOOOOOOOOOOOO JUSTIFIED with this episode. Hate to say it but I TOLD YOU SO! She’s knows this man Thomas for WHAT? Uh huh! TOLD YOU!! She is a glorified call girl!!!! BAM!!

    • IMJ says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Sheree even said something similar.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I have to say that’s a little uncalled for. I have several heterosexual male friends who have homes I have stayed in, and I have never even kissed any of them. Just because she flirts or whatever with the guy doesn’t mean she is screwing him.

      • IMJ says:

        Its based on Kims behavior and her past experiences. She had a lengthy affair with a married man.

        • kotagirl29 says:

          Let’s forget about Kim for a minute. Holy Shit does Cynthia look like the walking dead. When she first took her sunglasses off I thought she had two black eyes! She should have called off the wedding while she still had the chance.

      • HD says:

        You can think its uncalled for, that is your opinion. My opinion is BAM I TOLD YOU SO!

    • Adgirl says:

      I figured she knew her host via Big Poppa.

      • Sparkles says:

        That’s what I figured as well. Plus if she were cheating on Kroy she probably would have hidden it from him.

  64. WSL says:

    Oops !
    I just sad “I hate NeNe Leaks”
    stuff. Should I worry NeNe will Block all Lynn followers.
    That’s right NeNe knows how to laugh at herself so fans don’t like the behavior
    But they still like NeNe.
    NeNe is not insecure or paranoid. And her fans keep growing !
    Hint, Hint JZ !

  65. WSL says:

    Has anyone seen pictures of Kyle on those 19 episodes of
    “Little House on the Parie”.

    • neroes says:

      When my daughter was younger she loved Little House. She must have seen every episode dozens of times. When I asked her she knew who I was talking about. Kyle played Mr. Edwards daughter.

    • error404 says:

      No. I always hated Little House. But I did recently watch an episode with Kim in it. Big shocking surprise (sarcasm on), Kim plays a misfit that everyone makes fun of.

      • kbinldo says:

        makes you wonder if about all that “misfit” type-casting—Was Kim cast that way because she’s a misfit, or did she become a misfit because, as a child, that’s the only thing she did that got her positive reinforcement (from family, etc)?

  66. If You Had It Like This says:

    I can’t handle Nene anymore. I just can’t take her. I secretly hope she doesn’t come back next year.

  67. kotagirl29 says:

    Wow! NeNe can’t even keep her behavior straight from one day to the next. Who the hell is she trying to fool with “I didn’t make a big deal out of Sweetie being here”?!?! I’m pretty sure the camera’s captured and we all just watched her throw a tantrum because Sweetie and Don Juan and then Lawrence were all there. Holy-Selective-Memory Batman!

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Nene brings the drama because it keeps her relevant at contract renewal time. However, I am growing increasingly annoyed with her antics. She needs to go off somewhere, in her own universe of dissension and leave the rest of us in peace. I used to really like her.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      NeNe thinks because she didn’t actually snap Kim’s neck like a twig, then it must not have been a big deal.

      Her friend also got a little lippy with Kim unnecessary- I think she is NeNe’s version of an Allison DuBois.

  68. Adgirl says:

    Camille seems to represent somehow “Big Kathy” to the Richard sisters. Something about her mannerisms must bring out the worst in both Kim (fear) and Kyle (rage).

    • quincyil says:

      I think Kyle has “big” Kathy mannerisms. LOL.

      Kim must think of their mother’s control every time Kyle tries to control Kim.

      • My guess is that when it comes to dealing with Kim, whenever Kyle opens her mouth her mother falls out. Everything Kim does or doesn’t do needs to be judged and found wanting in some way. The fact that Kyle rejected the idea of professional help suggests to me that she sees nothing wrong with how she treats her sister and in fact, may be afraid to let go of her mother’s way of dealing with Kim. If I’m right then its no wonder Kim has problems. I suspect a healthy Kim who thumbed her nose at her sister would be very distressing to Kyle.

  69. WSL says:

    “Get from under NeNes a$$
    and Woman Up”. Shereei

    I am not sure what that means but I like it !

    • Adgirl says:

      Yeah! As if NeNe was watching out for Cynthia when she was angling to leave early.

    • Sparkles says:

      Tonight Sharee actually made sense!
      She also had a good sense of humor during the WWHL game. I think she actually has a very good figure.

  70. Confused says:

    Ok first off when did Lynn get “Board Members” for a Word Press blog? Who are these “Board members” Are these board members the ones who made fools of them selves and went to a hotel in Chicago on the wrong day when they thought Dina would be there? Meanwhile couldn’t afford the room I don’t know I can’t remember what that post was about but i was embarrassed for Lynn..
    Quincy, please get your facts straight. When you talk about Russel & Taylor & Armstrong and call him a millionaire work a holic, he actually is a convicted felon who scammed people put of millions. YES, do your research please and thank you. Let’s not forget that Taylor at times went by the last name “Ford” so her & Russel could try to scam people in to thinking she came from the Ford family.
    These are facts I’m stating. Taylor also worked for a company called ‘Pfizer” that dispensed medication and didn’t let the public know about the awful side effects that led to many deaths and they were sued for millions of dollars. I just read on a blog that company was featured on American Greed. The show show that features people like Bernie Madoff who will scam just about anyone in life to get a head.
    Lynn, These guest bloggers are not doing you any justice. we never hear you mention “board members”. Or so you just let them say that so they feel better about them selves?

  71. kotagirl29 says:

    I gotta say I think this is probably one of the best episodes of WWHL. I’m loving Miss Lawrence and RuPaul!

    • Adgirl says:

      Suprisingly entertaining. RuPaul is awesome. I think the preview of his show with the bodonckalious box – for some reaon I think Tyra will jump out. LOL.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      ITA – me too! RuPaul is beyond charming.

  72. WSL says:

    I kept trying to figure out why
    I am drawn to the ghetto Ho Wives of Atlanta yet think I identify more w/HWBH. The reason is that Atlanta gals r REAL & show their true hearts. Although I like the BH Ho Wives,they r pretentious. They have manners & appearance expectations that control their behavior. They don’t seem to need each other as friends as much as the Atlanta gals. I would love to see BH really sharing & celebrating friendships like I saw at Cynthia’s bacheloret party. It just touched my heart
    to watch them laugh together.

  73. sydney says:

    Sorry but I have a question that might seem ignorant as the rest of you already know…..who was the “DAVIS” that Kim Richards was married to? Was he from Brandon Davis’ family (Paris’ friend called GREASY BEAR by TMZ )?? Also who was her murdered boyfriend?? Name please so I can Google his murder, etc.
    TIA, Sydney.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      Sydney you can look Kim up on Wikipedia and get the deets about her marriages and relationships.

    • Sparkles says:

      Yes – Jason Davis (aka Gummi Bear), who was one of the “eligible bachelors” on last year’s Millionaire Matchmaker and is now appearing on Celebrity Rehab, is Kim’s nephew by (former)marriage and the first cousin of two of Kim’s daughters.

    • quincyil says:

      Gregg Davis was the second husband of Kim Richards and the father of her middle two children, a son and a daughter. I read in online gossip articles that Gregg’s mom, Barbara, was part of the problem in the marriage of her son and Kim. She wanted to determine where they lived. I’m sure “big” Kathy put in her two cents. A young Kim Richards would have trouble handing that mix.

  74. TLM says:

    Ok, was this the “WTF?” epidode of Atlanta? I felt like I took a shot of heroin followed by an LSD chaser.

    Kim’s with some German dude who looks about 75 and is running around a mansion and a pool and had his own pet dog stuffed. At some point she sings Tardy for the Party for the millionth time for an audience which looked like the local Rotary Club.

    The women go to Cynthia’s bachelorette weekend and proceed to rip her apart when she walks the runway, talking about how hideous her body is. Then, at lunch they tell her they love her. Kandi asks about the honeymoon and out of the blue Cynthia has a nervous breakdown. Nene tries to persuade Cynthia to go home.

    Phaedra, the sophisticated-lawyer-equestrian-Southern Belle tells us with a straight face that she “delights in the pleasures of watching stripping.” Some creepy men walk into a room and start writhing around in front of the women. No doubt Cynthia is torn about being rude by not giving the dancers tips after she just realized she can’t pay her florist.

    Lawrence finds his inner Rich Little and after a couple of seasons of doing pretty much nothing on the show but giggling with Sheree, transforms himself into Kandi Burruss. It’s spooky.

    Nene is furious at Kim throughout and I have no effing idea why.

    • Sparkles says:

      I know I’m in the minority here, but I find Phaedra amusing.

      • kotagirl29 says:

        Well it may be the minority, but you are not alone. I think Phaedra is amusing as well. Sure she can be pretentious at times, but she is doing her thing and seems pretty happy with her life.

      • error404 says:

        I laugh at Phaedra, not with her. Which did you mean?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Pheadra is funny. She makes me laugh too. She isn’t malicious, she has her own reality.

        • Phaedra cracks me up. i don’t know if i’m laffin at her or
          w/ her. i only know i’m laffin. plus, i love her make-up.

        • error404 says:

          when she went to Cynthia’s house as a guest, she first insulted the neighborhood, then insulted the hostess by telling the little girl not to be a model because it didn’t make enough money. Then when lying-thru-his-teeth Dwight told her smack about her baby, she wasted no time in getting all up in Cynthia’s grill at a public event. She’s a two faced bitch.

          She brags about being a lawyer like every 5 minutes, but when Kim said she was a nurse, Phae called her a stripper. Seeing as most of her clients are strippers, I guess she didn’t mean it as an insult. NOT! What does someone have to do to be malicious, run over a puppy?

          • oh good god, don’t run over a puppy!
            I don’t remember her telling the kid not to be a model, are you sure that wasn’t Luann?(lol)
            nevermind, i totally missed that event and
            I respect your opinion more since i dont remember
            the events you’re talking about but know
            you wouldn’t make it up——–
            I must have missed that …………

          • Adgirl says:

            I wonder if she calls her stripper clients nurses or nurses strippers. Maybe they are interchangeable.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        My husband who doesn’t watch the show (nudge nudge-wink wink) said “She’s annoying- but that pretzel and cottage cheese comment was fricken funny”.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I love “LSD chaser”. That’s too funny and oddly true. Of course that house could send anyone on a bad trip.

    • Adgirl says:

      Why was NeNe trying to convince Cynthia to go home midway? Was that because NeNe was so uncomfortable but afraid to leave on her own?
      How rude was NeNe at Kim’s friend’s home? Sheesh.

      I use to love NeNe but stawp being a trouble maker!

      • Sparkles says:

        I agree. My view of NeNe has really changed.

        That is NOT how to behave when a guest in someone’s home. Bam!

    • Adgirl says:

      Phaedra is starting to laugh at herself. She’s cute.

      • error404 says:

        her lack of civility in Miami was overshadowed by Nene’s OTT rudeness.

        I know Phae is “country”, but we city folk just don’t go to people’s houses as a guest and insult the decor. Nor do we order in strippers.

        And just WTF does a pretzel dipped in cottage cheese look like? Like Andy Cohen, this white boy doesn’t eat such sophisticated non-canned food as that delicacy. I assume it’s like caviar or oysters.

  75. HD says:

    I agree I don’t like this “Board” lingo. I don’t know if Lynn’s guest blogger’s need to feel important but we don’t need it thrown in our faces or whatever.
    We come to read about shows not to hear people self appoint them self to being one of Lynn’s board members that Lynn never told us about.
    If this “board” stuff keeps coming up I’m going to find another blog to read. Sorry it’s just annoying to hear. Not jealousy either.
    Just seems like Lynn’s hard work of attracting viewers is being stolen from a guest blogger that needs to feel important. Sorry Quincy it’s what you sound like.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Hi Jill! You’re up late. Getting bored with the hotel movies? How’s Chicago? Cold? BTW, the real HD has a blue quilt. Bam!

    • Susanlurker says:

      Are you kidding me? Any discussion board has “board” members; you know the people that post comments and have discussions??? You really need to get a sense of humor so you can appreciate the wit.

    • Adgirl says:

      You come here every week complaining about this under a new handle and avatar. Feeling insecure??
      Why on earth would anyone care what & whom Lynn decides she wants on her own blog??


    • kbinldo says:

      Um, who are you responding to?

      I, for one, happen to like the guest blogs, especially Quincy’s. If Lynn or anyone else wants to “promote” Quincy by saying her blogs are great, well, it’s because they are!

    • Nancy says:

      Hello people. The “Board” is ALL OF US!

      • quincyil says:

        I know that Jill actually HATES this blog. She would not write to Lynn from her rented manor in Aruba if this blog had not been on her mind during her family vacation. The person who HATES is Jill Zarin. You do not have to use a word to show how you feel about something or someone. Your actions show your feelings. You blame Alex and others for their interactions on this blog, Jill Zarin.

        Jill is upset that a woman living on a farm who shovel horse manure every single day would dare to say that Jill Zarin of Manhattan treated Bethenny Frankel and Alex Mccord incorrectly.

        When you friend who is almost your sister gets an economic opportunity, you do not try to “slay the girl” as Bethenny told us in the reunion.

        We are members of a board. We stand with Lynn Hudson.

        Fellow board members, remember this in the weeks to come. The new season of RHNYC begins Feb. 15th. Think about Jill Zarin and how she reacts. Think about her reaction to hyberbole.

        As your pretend board soothsayer…I saw.. beware….

  76. Katie says:

    I don’t Kim Z had any sexual relationship with that old dude and I don’t think she was ever an escort. She’s nuts and many things I just don’t think she’s that.

  77. WSL says:

    My black BF in NYC, calls the Atlanta gals ghetto.
    Is that something like some other words, that for the same race to call each other the word is ok but it is disrespectful for others to use it ?

  78. WindyCityWondering says:

    NeNe would be escorted off the property. What a jealous, ill mannered, nasty woman. She put herself before Cynthia’s party, she insulted the host, she really wanted to get Cynthia to leave with her – Sheree earned her peach this episode.

    • Adgirl says:

      Sheree sure did earn her peach. I laughed to myself when Cynthia chose Sheree’s option of staying for a girls night instead of bolting with NeNe.

    • nathania says:

      Isn’t that the truth! I would have been yelling, “Security!!” in a heartbeat. Miss Manners would have had a coronary watching NeNe Leakes example of how to be a most ungracious guest in someone’s home. I can’t stand NeNe and I was embarassed *for* her. I have to wonder if it’s because Kim and Kandi have their singing, Cynthia is a model, Sheree’ has her gym, and clothing line, Phaedra is a lawyer, and all NeNe has is her mouth. Truly, that’s it. And she doesn’t have her marriage anymore. So on some level she must feel like she’s nothing or something, and tried to pull Kim back ‘down’ to her own ‘level’. Kim was fine when Kim was a talentless, aimless gold-digging ‘ho’ sleeping with a married man, i.e. not a threat. Now that people are giving Kim props for her (autotuned) music, NeNe is threatened.

  79. My Dear Quincy,
    I am so sorry about your Bears. I totally cheered for them. great game.
    I’m sure you can relate to my misery. As a Jet fan, I believe I deserve
    better. I am more empathetic towards my husband, such a good man,
    such a sad ending for another season. I’ll see YOU next year at the Super
    Bowl!! xoxo bev

    • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

      So many disappointed Jet fans in my area. It was a hard game to watch.

  80. boston02127 says:

    I’m watching RHOA now. I missed it earlier. Funny Kim has only 2 songs and they cut her time on stage so she can only sing one. (thankfully) but funny.

  81. boston02127 says:

    Kim’s friend Thomas’ (john) house is creepy.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It is the house of a rich, eccentric, creepy old guy – and the explanation of his stuffed dog makes me believe he was raised that way.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      its funny that no one seems to remember it was his house that Kathy Griffin was looking to buy on my life on the d list
      i could swear they implied the owner was both eccentric and gay

      • Adgirl says:

        That’s funny! Good catch. Maybe Kim Z met him at a Bravo function. Too much intershow crossbreeding on Bravo for me.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Google Thomas Kramer. He’s a wealthy developer. Brags on his website that he gets to tease the RHoA.

  82. jeang says:

    JILL GO TO SLEEP!!! GO TO SLEEP, stupid biatch!!!!

  83. WSL says:

    Wow HD
    U must be very important to have a troll impersonate you ! I hope you are flattered !
    My grand mother taught me that copying you ,
    Is the highest form of flattery !

  84. boston02127 says:

    30 minutes in of Atlantic & blah blah, blah, blah, blah, that’s all I’m hearing. Same old, same old. What I can’t understand on this show and with the BH women is why is it that these grown women don’t just say I’m not doing this and walk away. So much petty arguing. They’re pretty draining.

    At the fashion show Cynthia looked so pretty. Phaedra says: Cynthia might be a model but she looks like a pretzel dipped in cottage cheese. Lol, this from the pork chop Phaedra.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      What does that even mean? Pretzel dipped in cottage cheese? I can honestly say that I never heard that saying before…ever. I kept trying to picture that in my head and could come with nothing.

      I have heard the term “cottage cheese thighs”, etc., but never the pretzel connotation.

  85. WSL says:

    This is to the pernicious HD
    who is a Machiavellac,Fugmata,
    Prostitution whore.

    Your Satchels of gold…” are
    “ Prove u r Vigmasumanti !


    Now will you go away !

    Boom chicka wow wow !
    Who gon check me boo?

  86. ches says:

    From what I can put together “big Kathy” bought a house close to Palm Springs, on Club Drive in a place called Indian Wells. When she died in 1998 the house was in her name alone and she supposedly left it to her 3 daughters – not her husband. There was also a “Richards Trust” that was involved somehow after her death. Both Kyle and “little Kathy” were named as trustees but not Kim. I suspect Kim was actually “Richards Trust”. Maybe she was in a bad state of mind at the time and putting any inheritance in a trust was the safest way to go. It seems Kathy sold her share of the house early on. It looks like Kim got out sometime in 2004 and the house now belongs to Kyle and Mauricio.
    It also seems Kim and Kyle, together, bought another house on Juniperhill Lane Riverside sometime in 2006.
    I wonder if the Indian Wells house is the one Kim was talking about in the limo. She probably feels that her work as a child enabled her mother to buy that house and it should have been left to her. Also, and I don’t know the deal she made with Mauricio and Kyle, but I think it could be possible she thinks she was taken advantage of and now resents it.
    Maybe somebody with some legal experience can look at this site and figure it out better than I did.
    You have to go enter the names yourself. It times out and won’t bring you back to the correct page if I do it.

    • Adgirl says:

      So strange. I wondered upthread if Kim was or is under a conservatorship. That would cause a lot of stress in the family.

      • quincyil says:

        My mother made my brother turn over his house to her because he was not paying taxes and there were problems with the house. He never forgave my mom even though she corrected the problems and gave him the small equity that he had in the house. This is speculation, but “big” Kathy, Kyle and Kim seem to spend alot of money and perhaps Kim’s had financial troubles that Mauricio fixed by acquiring the properties.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Could it be they didn’t approve or trust the man Kim was involved with at that point and afraid he’d inherit half in a divorce, so her share was put into a trust? I’m no legal expert, but that kinda makes sense since she’s had so many involvements.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Ches, good research! I live in So Cal and would never have imagined that the Richards clan would invest in Riverside County located in the Inland Empire. The house is in an upscale neighborhood of Riverside, but without the prestige of LA or OC. It is more affordable. Maybe they rent it out? Indian Wells is in the Palm Springs vicinity.

      Whatever transactions occurred following “Big Kathy’s” death, clearly there are long-standing resentments. I still feel for Kim, working so hard all those years only to be mistreated by her sister in the worst possible way on national TV.

  87. jeang says:

    And it sounds disgusting, Miss socially correct and fake-as$ southern belle!!! I would love to see phakedra parade around in front of everyone in south beach in her bathing suit. make that an extra large cottage cheeze.

  88. boston02127 says:

    Good night all.
    Night Jill….go join your husband in bed so you can earn your monthly keep.

  89. WSL says:

    La deeeeez
    Cottage cheese is cellulite !

  90. HD says:

    Is there another HD? HD is my initials. God for bid someone doesn’t agree with you then you have to be rude and start with the name calling. if you read what I said it was a compliment to Lynn. Obviously you come to conclusions with out reading comments first.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Didn’t you start out rude- and if not rude certainly angry?

      Maybe you should just ask yourself “What would a Jewish Mother do?” and proceed from there.

  91. WSL says:

    Sweet dreams love bug !

  92. WSL says:

    HD I thought about it. Did ghetto originate from the Nazi times when the Nazis fenced in Jews in ??? city ?
    Now I am gonna google.

    Good nite Virginia.

  93. WSL says:

    Definition of Ghetto :
    A Ghetto is a section of a city occupied by a minority group who live there especially because of social, economic, or legal pressure. The term ghetto was originally used in Venice to describe the area where Jews were compelled to live. A ghetto is now described as an overcrowded urban area often associated with a specific ethnic or racial population.

    I hate it when there is no one here.

  94. jeang says:

    me too. i thought one of us earlier was suspicious that someone was trying to impersonate and steal HD’s identity/blogname.

    • Adgirl says:

      There was a troll who frequently comes here complaining about guest bloggers here. Like why should they care who Lynn wants to contribute. LOL.
      Obviously, trying to create trouble for Lynn or between Lynn and Quincy.

      Then the troll came back later with a new quilt, using the name HD trying to continue the complaint as a “reply” to their earlier post.

      Our HD had been posting during the same time period with her typical quilt.

  95. WSL says:

    Have u read the board ?

  96. WSL says:

    That was iLL Barin

    • Adgirl says:

      Or someone who is has a competing site…?
      Maybe they can’t post lengthy well written witty blogs everyday so they aren’t getting enough traffic & comments on their site.

      Just a thought.

  97. Cheri says:

    Nene is a loud mouth bit– and a bully and I’m sick of her. I wish she would just go away There is no way I would ever be around someone like her, she is embarrassing

    • Adgirl says:

      I wonder if Cynthia wised up to her.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        its telling that NeNe was the only one she confided in about what was going on with Peter the nite club and the wedding AND none of the other “ladies” heard about it till Cynthia told them weeks later
        NeNe is a good friend and apparently the only trustworthy women in that group

        • Adgirl says:

          I’ll bet NeNe is an awesome friend. Her advise was correct to postponed the wedding.

          • quincyil says:

            When my daughter got married in New Hampshire at a resort, we signed contracts. There were time limits for cancellation. I’m sure that we would have had to pay if we cancelled so close to the event because the building was reserved, food ordered, and musicians has been booked for that evening.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              That’s what I am thinking- that close into it that surely would have lost huge deposits if not more. I am guessing Bravo probably kicked in at the end and made it into their wrap party.

    • Mookies1mom says:


  98. WSL says:

    She is a thug is a dress that is too tight.

    • Adgirl says:

      LOL. I still want all of the various housewives to be stuck on a cruise ship together. I want to see how well NeNe, Jill, Teresa G and Tamra get along after a few days.

  99. WSL says:

    Ad girl
    That was u, who asked me about ghetto, wasn’t it ?

  100. wsl says:

    As a new ho wife, I think Cynthia clung, to who she thought, was the most loved ho wife, for guidance her 1st year.

  101. Adgirl says:

    Did you read Ches’s 11:57 post about the Richards Family Trust?

    Kyle and Kathy were trustees but not Kim….hmmmm.

  102. wsl says:

    Yes. I saw it. I have pretty much read every post since I came on in July.
    I don’t doubt Kim has been abusing something since she was pretty young.

  103. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    I will never post anything Negative about NeNe Loved her since day one and im extremely Loyal
    as for Kim she is simply one of the most disgusting people i have ever witnessed in my life
    Refering To Diana calling her the hulk calling Nene Ugly this is a grown woman raising children yet has teh maturity level of a 5 year old
    regarding WWHL She By Sheree made a suprise vist to support her BF and hairdresser Miss Lawerence as he is now to be called its funny on housewives his singing was great not so much on the finished product also its funny that the song is named closet freak the same as Lisas clothing line
    best line on wwhl was when Andy asked Miss Lawerence what he thought of Dewrong and Miss thing just said I dont think of him at all
    also admiting that there had never been anything between He and Apollo

    • Adgirl says:

      I think both Kim & NeNe are both equally awful.
      I’m sick of the wig hanging in Kim’s face and her hands flapping around her hair. Ugh those pumped up lips make her look so old.

      • error404 says:

        I was shocked RuPaul liked her little canary yellow romper. I thought it looked awful! I had to laugh when she was in the pool and YET AGAIN had to comment about looking at herself in a mirror. I don’t get it. How could someone who stares at herself in the mirror so much always look so bad?

  104. wsl says:

    Sorry it was HD
    HD says:

    January 23, 2011 at 10:40 pm

    Did you say “ghetto?” What makes them “ghetto”? Do you know where (race) the term ghetto TRULY orginated from?

    • Adgirl says:

      Yeah, I knew the answer but was staying far away from that. I remembered they called the jewish areas in Poland ghettos during Kristallnacht pograms.

    • error404 says:


      I don’t call the Atlanta wives “ghetto” because they all live in Buckhead! I call them “ghetto” because they may live in McMansions, but their whole behavior is straight out of the projects.

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        Error, technically, they live in Alpharetta. And maybe Duluth. They shop in Buckhead. That’s what has always killed me about this franchise, they don’t even live in Atlanta! They are OTP (outside the perimiter). Intown Atlantans are kind of snobby about OTP’ers. Ha.

  105. wsl says:

    Kim is a thug in a blond wig.

  106. Adgirl says:

    Night night.

    Go Steelers!

  107. Mookies1mom says:

    Just have to say: Holy shit balls! It is -14 degrees! No wonder I fell asleep curled up under some blankets on the couch with my kitties!

    • quincyil says:

      I was working in the barn this weekend and I have to come in after a half hour because my face hurt so much. This is a really harsh winter.

      • vilzvet says:

        Do you blanket your horsies in this weather?

        • quincyil says:

          No, but the barn has stalls with rubber mats and cedar shavings. I have several Nelson waterers which are heated. I do have blankets should I think a horse is in distress. One went down two years ago in the pasture and I successfully raised her body temp with the help of our vet and a heated blanket.

          I give an extra feeding of hay at noon. and space the regular feeding earlier and later…

          In the summer, I had set up some sprinkers for the really old horses. They love standing in the mist.

  108. HD says:

    My, my. I was tardy for the party! My husband a Chicago native, sports fanatic and die hard fan came home from watching the game and I had to make sure he was not in a full blown depression. 🙂

    @HD 2.0 – Okay…you say your initials are HD. I don’t know if they are or if they are not. I am not fully convinced you were not “swagger jacking” my name to try to prove some point or something. I have been posting on this site for a while with those initials and if you obviously have been reading the blog since you made mention of Quincy and board members then you know that. For the record, I have nothing againt Quincy or anyone that guest blogs. I have even written a blog on this site. I am here to discuss housewives and my hate for Jill. This site provides the opportunity to do that and I love it! If you were thinking of using my name to stir up trouble, don’t do that. I am not the one. Lynn and everyone on this board knows how I speak and I don’t stir up trouble. I suggest you change your name because I had that handle first just to avoid confusion. Thanks!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I thought you couldn’t choose a name that is already taken. I think you were hijacked but we knew it wasn’t you.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Even if the ‘quilt’ didn’t give the imposer away, I would have never mistaken her for you. The way she came off was nowhere near your style….your are 1000x more articulate and composed. Discussions about race, religion and politics have never ruffled your feathers, but that fake was trying to have us believe the use of the words ‘board members’ would have you miffed.

      No wonder JZ is always wearing pumps- she doesn’t have the ability to tie shoe laces.

  109. quincyil says:

    I just watched “Hotlanta” in South Beach. When are the ladies going to realize that their words can cause pain? Sweetie looked miserable at the dinner table when Kim told her that she could stay after discovering that Diana was a guest of Nene. I want to start a “I Love Sweetie” blog and get her an acting job on a sitcom with a huge pay check.

    Nene and Kim fight. I guess that is the centerpiece of the series. They are jealous of each other. Neither can keep a thought in their heads without sharing. It a recipe for Bravo drama.

    I loved the interaction of the other ladies. They cared about Cynthia. They wanted to have fun. If this is Bravo’s attempt at Scary Island for Atlanta, it’s unfair that the ladies who earn so much money for Bravo only stayed for a weekend with one of Kim’s friends.

    I thought a lot about the real problems of real people while watching this show. Sometimes, I complain to my husband when I feel someone has been unkind to me. He will remind me that it is unimportant as he deals with true life and death issues.
    Our families are important. Our friends are important. Trying to help others is important.

    I wish all of the families of the Atlanta show success and health. They have thrown their lot in with Bravo like Jill. I do wish that 2011 is better than 2010 for the ladies of RHAtlanta.

    • Adgirl says:

      We are here at LynnFam to escape real life. Where do NeNe and Kim Z go to escape their reel/reality life?
      They are a mess together and separately. I will probably skip them next season like I skip NJ.

    • error404 says:

      Oh dear God tell me you are joking! Sweetie is a miserable cow, and she isn’t friends with Kim for nothing. She’s just as slovenly and horrible and the less I see of that shuffling scowling gum-chomper the better. Best she stay home with Brielle. In fact, a lot of drama would have been avoided had Kim only left her home this time.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I’m not really digging Sweetie either.

        I think she is the equivalent of DiDi only her and Kim have a much more mutually derogatory relationship. She is a drinking/smoking buddy who also ‘fetches’ things like a trained dog.

        If that’s the thing with her and Kim- W/E but she clearly mistakes that attitude and behavior is going to fly in all working relationships. I still can’t believe how she talked to her bosses’ boss (Kandi). She is luckly Kandi is use to the BS by now- if she was Beyonce or Jlo, she would have told her to bounce.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Morning all! I have not really followed the RHOA and really have no interest in doing so. I did catch some of last night’s episode. Knowing that Cynthia proceeds with her plans to marry Peter is disturbing after seeing her meltdown at the table with the ladies. Also, she looked fabulous on the runway. Who cares about Phaedra’s ridiculous critique, whatever it meant. Props to Sheree for how she handled the Nene/Cynthia situation. Cynthia was a good sport about the stripper at her bachelorette party and she seemed to have fun. Lawrence’s imitation of the ladies were hilarious.

  110. jeang says:

    Real HD, it just goes to show how stupid they are to try that and not even realize how easy it was to find them out……sure sounds like susan the book reviewer, doesnt it? Dumb, stupid, self absorbed and even more computer illiterate than me and that is going some. looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck? Hi JILL. Go home and like someone earlier said get in bed with bobby and earn your keep….

    • quincyil says:

      My guess is that the person really doesn’t know the board members as well as she thinks she knows us. She chose HD after half reading the very serious conversation that HD and I had over HD’s incredible poetry and video. It interesting that she did not care about the context of that conversation which says so much about her.

      • quincyil says:

        content of the conversation…


        • HD says:

          Amen, Jeang! And I hope that Lynn post who it is!

          Quincy-Girl, what have you done to people?! LOL! They mad at you, huh? LOL! Girl, I bet you never knew you were that important. I mean damn! Every time you look up its a comment about Quincy blogging. Who gives a damn?! So what. What’s the big deal?! Dust your shoulders off, Quincy and keep it moving. You are important enough that you are your own city minding your business and people are making up names to come take jabs at you on a blog. Because we ALL know someone has a gun to their head and is making them read the blog. GTFOH!

          • quincyil says:

            Actually, I cleaned my house and the barn this weekend. I also got my tax papers in order.

            I am looking forward to being the guest blogger for the Simon Show from bravotv.com. I think it is going to be great fun. I bet we will get to see Brooklyn. I think the Manhattan housewives look down on Brooklyn, but to me who just got a paved road in front of my house four years ago, Brooklyn seems like a fabulous place. I read that the part of Brooklyn, that Simon and Alex live in is up and coming. The HGTV show “Selling New York” features homes and apartment developments in Brooklyn.

            I am going to research and try to make those guest blogs of interest to the people on the board. We may have some board members from Brooklyn that can help with this.

            It is the “Real Housewives of New York City” and I believe that the city has five boroughs. Let’s see the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. I think Simon will take us on that journey.

            • error404 says:

              “Simon and Alex live in is up and coming.”

              roll eyes.

              I’m sure you”l find plenty of fodder for this. During the past RE bubble, posers who previously wouldn’t even attend a party in Bklyn, suddenly were forced there due to $$ and “BAM!” the NYT is flooded with “Bklyn is so hip!” articles like the posers had just invented it.

              You’ll find that at the time NYC incorporated in 1898, Bklyn was the 3rd largest city int he entire country. It’s been “up and coming” since the Dutch first farmed there. Never mind those pesky Native Americans, I’m sure the NEw Amsterdam Times had an article on how hip and happening Bklyn was. LOL

              • quincyil says:

                I don’t understand the borough rivalry. I grew up in Lake County, above Chicago. We had family in Chicago. I never had the feeling that living on the Gold Coast was superior than the Loop. I have friends from the South Side and I would never think that their part of Chicago was inferior to the North Side.

                From my perspective NYC is a whole. I look forward to your perspective when the guest blogs are published by Lynn.

                I bet you think that one part of Manhattan is better than another part of Manhattan too. LOL. This should be great fun.

                • error404 says:

                  in my 20s, I had friends who refused to go above 14th st. LOL Manhattan goes up to 220th st!

                  • quincyil says:

                    I know how they feel. I hated going west to the Rockies on vacation every year as a child. I didn’t go East until my daughter got in the Brown PLME program.

                    I go East now for family in CT. My son in law offers to take me to Times Square for plays, but when I tell him to go play golf and let me play with my grandchild he looks relieved.

  111. Sparkles says:

    I think Bravo has a problem. RHOA gets big ratings, but what will they do about next season? NeNe is posturing that she won’t come back to the show because she doesn’t want the drama, which suggests to me that she is telling the producers that she won’t come back if Kim is on. Part of her negotiating ploy.

    But I don’t think producers will want to get rid of Kim because the new baby and Kroy provide a much-needed storyline. (Unless Sheree gets that Academy Award.)

    And if both Kim and NeNe are on, it will be hard for producers to get them to interact. It was contrived this season but next season would be downright ridiculous.

    I would not mind if NeNe is gone. She has transformed from funny into belligerent. Of course I don’t care about Kim either…in fact, I wouldn’t mind if RHOA ended and they move on to another city with new women. I don’t think that will happen due to the ratings, though. But I think they could ease out of RHOA by ending the series but having a “where are they now/reunion” special in a year. Maybe take the show to Miami or Dallas, as has been rumored. Lots of flash there.

    • quincyil says:

      The original ladies of Atlanta have not changed for the better. The newer cast mates like Cynthia and Kandi have great potential. I think the mix of old and new will stand next year. Where will Kim or Nene go? They need income and they will sign up with Bravo next year.

    • Dawn says:

      NeNe didn’t transform from funny to belligerent – she was always that way and for that reason I’ve never liked her. I hope she doesn’t return. I hope she disappears. Quincy was wrong with her assessment of no other housewives deserving a blog entitled, “I hate…….” Last night’s behavior cinched a reason to launch one for NeNe. While she may be humorous at times, and she may have a fan in both Andy and Anderson Cooper, she is a beast and a bully. She reminds me of a water buffalo. They’re big and dangerous.

      • Adgirl says:

        Amen. Just like we “thought” Jill Z NY changed when we just didn’t know her well enough. Bethenny figured her out and ran for her life.
        Jill was caught with her spanx down.

        I guess NeNe will re-sign w/RH sans Kim, just in time to learn Kim has her own Bravo show.

      • quincyil says:

        Nene is trying to get her own anti Nene blog. LOL.

        • quincyil says:

          I actually love being proven wrong….by board members…

          I love the discussion here. Don’t be suprised if I change my mind because your points were valid and I didn’t see as clearly as you do.

          I changed my mind about Taylor above when a board member reminded of us the Kim/Taylor ice cream nail adventure. They settled their differences there and the Lisa restaurant discussion with Taylor and the Taylor/Kim confrontation at the birthday party did not need to happen. Taylor should have told Lisa that Kim had taken her to the nail salon and that they were ok with each other.

          Brilliant…. but it didn’t come to my mind…. I learned it from someone here on the board….

          • error404 says:

            and this my dear is why you’ll never be a Real Housewife. Have we learned nothing from these shows. Never explain. Never apologize. No, no. I am always right and anyone who uses “facts” or even “legal documents” to prove me wrong is just a hater. Everyone is jealous of me! lol

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I think I’m going to tweet Taylor and ask her precisely that. But I am pretty sure I saw a tweet from her where she said- that the director made her go up to Kim- (someone actually suggested it- and she said that was exactly what happened).

  112. jeang says:

    I tend to shy away from vocal fights cause it gets too much after awhile. I would however love to see a couple of hours watching someone like judge judy or nancy grace or tabitha, you know a really good interviewer, going at it with Jill, Kelly, Teresa, Jacq, Carolyn, Tamra and especially Vicki….Kim and Nene seem to hold their own and I am mentally worn out listening to them.

  113. Kukulet says:

    “A pretzel dipped in creamed cheese”?

    I don’t know where Phaedra came up with that, but girlie needs to put her contact lenses back in. On her best day, she couldn’t look as good as Cynthia.

  114. quincyil says:

    I have a confession… I get my direct tap into Jill Zarin’s mind by googling her twitter page and reading her stream of consciousness conversations with twitterdom. Google has something going on so I got page after page after page of people saying that Nene was the Jill Zarin of Atlanta. They ripped Jill Zarin and Nene. I saved it to a disk.

    Jill Zarin has bigger problems than this little word press blog.

    • error404 says:


      People are silly.

      Jill is evil and spent an entire season trying to ruin Bethenny and her new show.

      Nene shouted at waste-of-sace Kim and then acted rude at some old geezer’s house. Kid stuff. She couldn’t be a villain like Jill if she apprenticed for a year!

      • quincyil says:

        Jill Zarin twitter is chilling even in a very cold Chicago. She says things like the author of “@gingerzarin is mentally ill…
        She does try to protect herself by saying that someone told her this, but then it’s out there for her fans to believe.

        Bethenny and other housewives simply tweet the selling of their wares. I think Jill would be wise to follow suit and hawk her bedding line 24/7.

        I hope next year on “The Fashion Show” one of the challenges will be to make Jill Zarin a complete line of fashion from her Bed, Bath and Beyond sheets and curtains.

        • error404 says:

          If Bob and Courtney end up buying fabric at Zarin’s in s2, I’m gonna write Bravo such a letter, it will make Nene look like Ghandi.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Wow, yes. She’s become a verb. “pulling a Jill Zarin” has become a phrase. Talk about branding yourself! This may not be what she was hoping for! The poor dear.

  115. AZ Girl says:

    Well good morning to all. Sundays are so entertaining here at IHJZ. Busy watching the football games and served meals at a shelter and I miss a visit from Jill impersonating HD. I guess there is just not much going on up in ole Highland Park after the school fundraiser and Jill got bored (or board as she would spell it). What? the Red Robin on Waukegan Road shut down early?

    The troll posts did not have the usual grammatical errors so Liz must have been editing the posts.
    I will try and watch Atlanta tonight. From the posts it sounds interesting. Stay warm everyone!

  116. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jill knows how to ruin someone in the press and the pocketbook.
    NeNe is like every mean girl in high school who used her loudness and largeness to intimidate others and keep the focus on herself. Her jealousy is so transparent and unattractive. Kim doesn’t care about NeNe and that pisses her off and sets her off. I wouldn’t miss NeNe if she didn’t come back next year – this franchise needs to evolve and her behavior is boring, predictable and so last season.

  117. error404 says:

    I just have to have coats #2, 4 , 8 and 10!


    But I’d get #10 (the orange puffy coat) in a larger size. He looks like he put his little brother’s coat on by accident.

    • quincyil says:

      For your birthday, we should sent the long camel coat to wear with your bright blue slacks and the vintage green sweater with gold trim that your grandfather wore when he was in college.

    • buffywood says:

      I think my dad may have #20 (green with stripes) in his closet from when my brother was 12 in the late 70s. Love #2. I am “out of fashion” I guess, I think men in peacoats are very handsome. All the males in my family have one included my 2 year old son.

      • error404 says:

        oh I had #20 in high school, except that it was rust instead of green, and the sleeves could come off to make a down vest. lol

        • buffywood says:

          YES! The removable sleeves, my brothers too! Does yours have old ski lift tickets attached to the zipper? That was the big thing to do back then too. I swear I had like 10 on my jacket and I looked so cool (in my own mind).

    • Cusi77 says:

      I like must of them! Did you check # 6? And the shoes? The formal jackets are neat!

  118. Amber...Real Wife says:

    The nicest housewife moment ever in ATL…

    Cynthia has a meltdown after Kandi asks about honeymoon plans. Kandi apologizes for causing her distress by asking a innocent question that saddened her. Simple. Was Cynthia’s reaction to the question normal? Heck no. Did Kandi need to apologize? No. But she did because she’s a good person with a good heart.

    This scene could have easily escalated with a “why are you overreacting, you’re just being dramatic, or if you’re this upset over a question, you’re not even ready for marriage”. But Nene was not angry at Cynthia. She only had knives for Kim! LOL

    Kyle could take a few lessons from Kandi. As a business woman, Kandi has met and worked with different personalities. She has to diffuse tension and make quick decisions. If someone is upset over something you may or may not have said, just empathize, and regret that a misunderstanding has caused distress.

  119. error404 says:

    I really have to keep on my toes around here. People keep talking about “poor Kim” and how could that horrible woman with the anger management issues scream at her like that, and about how they hope Kim gets help soon for her drinking problem, and I can never tell if we’re talking about Bev Hills or Atlanta!

  120. Cusi77 says:

    Thank you Lynn and Quincy!

    Good morning everyone!

    OT_ Remember I share with you that I was invited to loan some jewelry pieces for Mrs. Katleen Sanadoval (Nevada’s First Lady) Well… She will not wearing any of the 3 designer jewelry pieces… However… She wants to BUY one of my bracelets for another occasion! I have never sold anything! I do not even know how to price it!

    @Error_ You did see the bracelet… It took “nothing” to design it BUT a lot of time to make it! I have NO IDEA how much is worth!

    Ideas, are wellcome!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I have no idea about pricing, but CONGRATULATIONS! You may get many orders from this!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Take your bracelet to a nice jewelry store and ask them what they think it should be priced at retail. Include a note that gives your contact information and that you are happy to make custom pieces. Good luck!

      • Cusi77 says:

        Thanks! The bracelet is “one of a kind” to start with… and the price of silver is toooooooooooooo high now, the bracelet is 5oz wheight.

        • twoile says:

          Gr8 newsC, U might like 2 look at the silver pieces on line at the HSN & QVC plus what is available on line..;0)

      • Kansas Girl says:

        You might also look on Etsy to see if there is anything comparable. Also, if there are art stores in the area who might carry your work, talk with them. You might not want to actually sell through them, but it would give you some pricing ideas.

  121. klmh says:

    Quincy, you nailed it. Fabulous blog. Tx

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