IHJZ The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part One

I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Reunion Part 1

The reunion is here! Nothing earth shattering but it never ceases to amaze me how the villains and the good guys change so frequently on this show.

I don’t think too many will argue that Camille was most definitely the villain throughout most of the season, Taylor seemed to hold only a supporting role in the cast and Kyle was the heroin of the cast. How things change…

I was shocked at how childish Taylor acted throughout the reunion. She turned the tables on Kim when asked about “going Oklahoma” on Kim’s ass. Rather than just saying “wow I showed my ass-hat that night” (thanks Rich Amons) Taylor could have apologized and said it was a really stupid thing to say, either she had one too many glasses of wine or was just angry and it came out. Own it!

Instead of owning it, Taylor said that Kim needed to learn some manners and she turned to Kyle and said asked if she should bring up Kim’s state of mind at the table that night. I think we all know that Taylor is eluding to the fact that Kim may have been drinking that night but that still wouldn’t have excused Taylor’s behavior. In any case, Taylor didn’t have the guts to actually go there and tell everyone what she was talking about. Kyle didn’t tell Taylor not to go there, in fact she didn’t respond to her at all. Andy asked Taylor what she was referring to and Taylor cowardly said she would leave that for a later discussion. If you’re going to go there Taylor, go there, don’t play your stupid games. Taylor is a snake! She is immature and truly needs to grow up. Her antics are making her look really bad right now.

Taylor wouldn’t own her part in getting Camille all riled up in New York either. She continues to claim that she was simply telling Camille that she actually had a conversation with Kim Richards. I’m sure Camille was enthralled with that tidbit of information, it was clear to me that Taylor used that as an opening, giving her an opportunity to tell Camille the topic of discussion at LAX. Taylor was aiming for Kim but instead threw Kyle under the bus that night and the only one who seems to be able to see that clearly is Lisa. Kyle doesn’t hold Taylor responsible and has even become closer to Taylor since this incident. Is Kyle that naïve or is Kyle happy that the argument continues?

Taylor was asked about the $60k price tag for her daughter’s 4th birthday party, she was also asked what she plans for the child’s 5th birthday. Taylor’s comment about just going to play on the swing set in Kyle’s backyard rather than throwing a big party seemed to be a dig at Kyle. She seemed to be saying that she wasn’t going to go all out for Kennedy’s 5th birthday, she’d do the exact opposite and slum it in Kyle’s backyard. Taylor is passive aggressive. I am not a fan.

Taylor got a stick up her butt about Kim from the first time they were together, the ladies all went to Sacramento and Taylor seemed to think that everyone should kiss her ass apparently. When Kim was a bit shy, it seems as though Taylor took that personally and I think that Taylor pinpointed early on that Kim was the weakest and she’d be able to spin things since Kim doesn’t speak up for herself.

Maybe Kyle’s time will come on the second part of the reunion, she wasn’t called to the carpet for anything at this point. While Kim was called out for not having Kyle’s back, Kyle certainly didn’t have Kim’s back on the final episode. At the reunion Kyle sat there an allowed Taylor to attack Kim. Kim was asked why she didn’t stand up for Kyle at the New York dinner and Kim repeated what she’d said several times, she doesn’t want to get in the drama, Taylor interrupted saying that Kim is ok with getting involved in drama as long as it was drama involving Taylor. Kyle again remained silent.

When that New York episode originally aired I had to agree with Kyle in thinking that Kim should have spoken up and defended Kyle but now that we see Kyle sit back and allow Kim to be attacked, maybe Kyle got what she deserved. To allow Taylor to completely rip Kim apart the way that she did on tonight’s episode and for Kyle to say absolutely nothing showed the real Kyle. I am not a fan.

The final episode showed how poorly Kyle treats her sister. Kyle walked into that argument between Kim and Taylor automatically assuming that Kim was the instigator and that Kim was wrong. The argument escalated between the sisters because Kyle insisted that Kim not be allowed to leave the party and then by jumping into that limo with a negative attitude toward Kim, still not knowing what happened. Taylor had passed the ass-hat to Kyle and she wore it well.

Even as they filmed the reunion, Kyle had seen the final episode by that time. Kyle knew that it was Taylor who aggressively went after Kim at that party yet Kyle continues to sit there allowing Taylor to attack Kim without saying a word. Not only did Kyle remain silent but her smirks, smiles and laughs all pointed toward her support of Taylor.

Obviously there is a whole lot more to Kim and Kyle’s battle than what we’ve seen, a lifetime of pain and resentment exists between these sisters. Kim feels that she worked through her childhood so that Kyle could have everything she ever wanted, Kim supported the family financially including buying Kyle her first car. Kyle feels that she’s supported Kim since their mother passed away and that she has taken on the burden of a broken and alcoholic sister. I would have liked to see more support of one another, regardless of what has happened between these two women, I think that on camera they should show a united front for the world.

Camille was the main focus of tonight’s reunion. She used her divorce as an excuse for basically everything that she did and said. I think that to a point, it was a valid excuse but she did go a bit too far, to the point where Andy actually asked her when she knew that Kelsey was leaving her.

I have to question her timeline a bit here. We watched Kelsey leaving town and Camille’s tearful goodbye to her husband. Camille said that at the beginning Kelsey would call several times a day, then it slowed to a few times a day then the calls turned to text messages and finally silence from Mr. Grammer. That couldn’t have happened overnight. It isn’t reasonable for Camille to expect us to believe that all of her bad behavior can be pinned on the divorce.

For example, when Camille decided that she and Kelsey would no longer do business with Kyle’s husband Maricio, Camille must have been pretty secure in her marriage to have come up with something like that. She obviously still felt comfortable enough to speak for her husband. When Camille did her version of the “I’m up here and you’re down here” thing in regards to Kelsey vs. Maricio she didn’t have a clue that Kelsey was leaving her. That being said, Kelsey was awfully cold to Camille backstage on Broadway but she may have just written that off as maybe Kelsey not wanting Bravo’s cameras in his dressing room. Kelsey was kind and personable to all of the ladies at the after-party.

Cohen went a bit to far rattling off all of the adjectives that had been used to describe Camille Grammer, including being the most hated housewife in history, I’m sure many, if not all of those adjectives appeared right here on this blog as we discussed Camille over the past few months. Just when I thought the ten or twelve that he’d listed would be enough, he continued to list more. What did he expect Camille to do? Was she to say, “yes, I am all of those things and more.”?

Camille kept her composure and said that hearing all of that was hurtful. She said she thought she was unfairly judged and was devastated by the horrible press that she received. She said that she wishes she could take back some of the things that she said, going along with what she said on Watch What Happens Live. I believe that she’d like to take some things back and I believe that she is sorry that some of those things came out of her mouth.

I found Taylor’s comment here very odd, Taylor said that if anyone said those things to Camille’s face in front of her or the other Housewives, they would have serious problems. Is Taylor speaking for all five of the Housewives? Is this another threat? Is Taylor saying that we “Cowards behind our computer screens” would get some of that Oklahoma from Taylor? Since when was Taylor Camille’s protector and cheerleader? Maybe Taylor’s comments were meant for her own critics? For the record, Taylor Armstrong, I would have no problem saying anything that I’ve said here in this blog right to your face. I may have trouble keeping a straight face in light of those lips of yours but I think you’re a snake and I would happily tell you that to your face. I am not a fan.

The difference here between Taylor and Camille is that Taylor won’t admit to any wrong doing yet Camille does seem to be apologetic and remorseful.

Camille got absolutely no pity or empathy from Kyle Richards, as Bravo ran the clips of Camille’s marriage falling apart, the only one who showed any emotion was Adrienne. Camille didn’t shed a tear or even look pained while watching herself announce to the world that her husband left her.

Could Camille have been judged a bit too harshly during this show? I have to give her credit for showing some remorse. Compared to Taylor who won’t even admit to any wrongdoing, at least Camille recognizes what she had done wrong. I can see how the stress of the divorce could affect some things that we saw on the show but she did go a bit too far in blaming all of her bad behavior on Kelsey leaving, even Alex McCord wasn’t buying the story,

McCordAlex Tweeted: “Camille if it rains, is that because of the divorce too?”

Spoken like a woman who has never been through a divorce, Alex’s sentiment was shared by many but I have to say, I am cutting Camille some slack here. Divorce is hell and the way that Kelsey dumped his wife of 13-years was really lousy. The whole thing played out on television, Kelsey is a well-known and loved actor, there was another woman involved and two children to be considered. I actually think that Camille remained more composed than I would have under those circumstances. I have to give her credit for maintaining her dignity and composure.

Camille also blamed her comments about the small New York apartment on Kelsey, he was apparently the one who kept telling Camille that it wasn’t large enough for their family. In retrospect it seems as though that was Kelsey’s way of discouraging Camille from moving to New York with him. He clearly never wanted that to happen. When Camille described Kelsey’s determination that the apartment was too small, Lisa joked that maybe Kelsey was also considering his girlfriend when he said that. Again, I have to give Camille credit for laughing right along with the rest of the ladies.

Camille admitted that Kelsey may have had motive for wanting her to appear on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, perhaps he wanted Camille kept busy in LA while he pursued a new life and a new women in New York. Yes, Camille blamed editing, she said that she was set up to look bad and she blamed her state of mind on her divorce, but still she said that she wished she could take back some of the things that she said and I do give her credit for that.

Camille attempted to clear up the rumor regarding her use of a surrogate to carry her two children. The accusations that Camille didn’t want to lose her pretty figure were untrue and according to Camille, she did attempt to get pregnant. She didn’t give specifics on what was medically wrong with her, but she did address the rumors.

We did learn here that Camille attacked Faye Resnick because apparently the ladies were looking at nude photos of Camille in the limo as they left Camille’s dinner party. We did see scenes of the ladies in the limo but we weren’t shown this part of the trip. Kyle defended Faye saying that the photos were “out there” but I have to agree with Camille once again. Clearly the ladies had the photos prior to going to Camille’s home, before the blow up happened so they intended on viewing them regardless of what happened at that dinner party. Bravo’s cameras were there and most likely filmed the ladies viewing Camille’s naked photos and it could have easily appeared on air. I do see Camille’s point here when she says it was premeditated. Did Kyle, Faye and the others want this scene to be on the show? I also have to applaud Bravo for not airing that scene.

That said, Camille did have “Balls of a burgerler to throw stones when you live in a glass house.” as Kyle said. It was obviously Camille’s anger showing but because viewers didn’t see Faye passing around Camille’s naked photos, we didn’t understand why Camille was so angry with Faye, but we do now.

Camille admitted that there was no pre-nuptial agreement and while she wouldn’t put a price tag on this divorce, Cohen estimated that Camille will receive somewhere in the $40 to $50 million dollar range. We also got confirmation that Kelsey didn’t ask his new girlfriend for a pre-nuptial agreement either, Lisa chimed in that Kelsey won’t need one as he won’t have any money left. Laughs all around, including Camille, all the way to the bank.

Camille said the rumors that she was threatening to release a sex tape of her and Kelsey were not true, she claims that none exists and that she is considering doing another season of the show but that her children come first.

Each time the cameras showed Kyle’s face as Camille was speaking, you could see the pure hatred and venom. Camille admitted that she didn’t think Kyle was jealous of her, something she had been saying all season, rather than gracefully accepting that Camille admitted she was wrong, Kyle lashed out and said that Camille’s admission was only because people had been laughing at her all season for saying Kyle was jealous. Probably unnecessary on Kyle’s part.

Kyle made an excellent point about her argument with Camille, why would she encourage Camille to be on the show and then question why they would film Camille. This conversation was riddled with misunderstandings and accusations. I agree that it was Camille’s insecurities that caused her to hear things that weren’t said. Kyle may have been a bit snaky while talking to Camille and when Kyle asked Camille if she was taking any girlfriends with her to Hawaii, Camille heard that as why wasn’t she taking any of the Housewives with her.

When they both gave their versions of the conversation, it was easy to see why there were misunderstandings but the level to which this conversation grew into a full blown fight was completely unreasonable. I still believe that Taylor added fuel to the fire.

Camille called Kyle a bully and I have to say that while I agree that word is over-used, misused and has completely lost its true meaning, Kyle doesn’t let up, she’s relentless when she attacks and has absolutely no compassion. I don’t believe, as Camille does, that Kyle encouraged Camille to be on the show because she needed a target. Camille was overly sensitive and Kyle did push the issue with a little help from Taylor.
So much more happened but I will let you all discuss here in the comments, this blog has gotten really long and I really could go on for a few more pages, but I’d love to hear from all of you, what did you think of the first part of the reunion?

Part two of the reunion will air on Tuesday and will include a visit from the husbands of Beverly Hills. I am interested to hear the entire Cedric story from Lisa’s husband, Ken and what Russell has to say about his marriage to Taylor.

Don’t miss the Real Housewives of Atlanta finale on Sunday.

Bravo has released the first clip, A Preview of the Orange County Housewives:


A preview of The Real Housewives of New York’s new season and my personal letter to Jill Zarin coming soon right here on IHJZ web site.

Until Next Time…..

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  2. TLM says:

    I don’t know if anyone mentioned it, but Taylor said everyone in the cast would defend Camille if anyone called her all the words Andy read off. Then, when Camille said someone said she had kids through a surrogate to keep her figure, and thought it was Kyle, Taylor didn’t say a word. Taylor was the one who said that about Camille. The camera kept honing in on her as if they expected her to speak, but nothing. I guess it would have sounded really bad for her to admit she said that so close to saying they all would defend Camille. Taylor should have said she was the one who said it. I’m not even saying she should have apologized — that’s up to her — but at least have the balls to admit what you said. The funny thing is that Taylor labeled all of us on the blogs as “cowardly” for writing our opinions here. Well, I have three things to say to that. One, YOU Taylor were cowardly in not admitting you were the one who insulted Camille; Two, I would have no problem telling Camille what I thought if I were in her circle, or lived on the West Coast even, but I’m afraid we don’t all have the power to call press conferences or get the attention of celebrities, so we talk amongst ourselves. Her comment was just ridiculous. I suppose she thinks anyone who criticizes any celebrity publicly should “do it to their face.” Really, Taylor? Third and finally, I have stood up for Taylor on the blog on several occasions when others shredded her. It works both ways, Taylor. If you want to do away with all public criticism, then you do away with public support. You don’t get one without the other.

    Personally I didn’t feel sorry for Camille as Andy read the list of adjectives. I felt she was all of that and more, and that she should answer for herself and her behavior. I think some of the things she blamed on her divorce were absolutely lame, and the only reason for any of her remorse was the tables turning on her, knowing she was no longer the wife of a famous actor and could no longer keep throwing that around or use that as her central identity. I think what people most disliked about her was that, despite her saying she wanted her own identity, scarcely a sentence left her lips that did not trade on the name of Kelsey Grammer. And she reveled in the power she thought it brought her, culminating in telling Kyle “we will no longer do business with your husband.” Over a dumb argument where she made a false accusation of Kyle and told anyone who would listen. I’m sure Camille was telling the guy who cleans her pool what Kyle “did” to her. She acted horribly and got a huge wake-up call from the public simply witnessing it.

    But I still don’t think Camille “gets it.” She seems to think people dislike her just because she’s divorcing Kelsey, rather than the way she acted. People had no reason to not like her; most people knew nothing about her before the show. She created her own image. Next week I am sure we’ll be treated to a speech about how Bravo edited her to look bad.

    It sounds like we have heard most of what happened with Cedric from the previews. He showed his true colors and Lisa says not a word he said was true. I wonder if she had him investigated after he left?

    • error404 says:

      Believe me, if a stranger walked up to Taylor to told her to her face that she was ridiculous, she’d go all Oklahoma on their ass. I’m sure that Taylor considers all people who refuse to get violent “cowardly”.

      • Melinda says:

        I think it is safe to say that Taylor should watch out throwing down the gauntlet for all of us on the internet to tell her what we think to her face…….none of us are hiding behind the computer…..

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          As I mentioned in the other blog, if anyone said anything to her face, she accuse them of stalking her.

        • nathania says:

          she reminds me a bit of the creature in Alien and I’m kind of scared that little second jaw is going to pop out of her mouth and grab me.

      • TLM says:

        I don’t think she seriously was violent or would be violent. I think it was an expression, the same as saying I’m about to go ballistic on you. Evidently Kim was drunk at the dinner, and we don’t know what they cut out from the filming. They’ve already said that that “dinner” was actually filmed at 1am, since it would have been hrs earlier on L.A. time and I think they got in late to begin with after the flight. Remember also, Bravo never showed the flight from LA to NYC and Kim could have gotten tanked up there. Kim might have pulled a mini-Kelly Bensimon at the dinner and already had irritated the crap out of Taylor, and for the sake of time, Bravo just aired the confrontation between Kyle and Camille. It’s just speculation but I think that’s possible.

        • WindyCityWondering says:


          • error404 says:

            pfft Bravo with juicy footage of a housewife acting badly that they chose to not air. Are you going to try and sell me beach front property in Nevada next?

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              So far nothing Bravo cameras have picked up has been off limits be it physical assaults, cheating spouses, allegations of domestic violence, Kelly’s breakdown and the allegation that Kim is a drunk- but for some reason they felt the need to shelter us or Kim from her making a scene at the dinner table? I don’t think so…..

              And even if she vomited in the champagne bucket- it doesn’t change the facts that it was Taylor who got Camille all revved up again and Taylor caused a scene to deflect from it.

              • PJ says:

                I agree. A threat of violence is used as a way of intimating a person and Taylor certainly did that; what Taylor said sounded real to me not like just an expression. Occasionally things have been missed by Bravo cameras, but is it really logical that Bravo is going to repeatedly miss juicy things? I don’t think so. Taylor did what she did, blaming Kim is just ridiculous.

            • VincenzoNewYork says:

              @Error: I demand that they air some lost footage! I need to see Kim acting like an inebriated lunatic to believe the trio.

            • TLM says:

              If they decided they wanted “the big reveal” to be at the end of the series in the limo with the word “alcoholic” used, sure they might hold onto it. They try to have some big thing to promote with every show, and we already knew Camille was getting divorced. But who knows.

            • kotagirl29 says:

              Of course they would. They have to save something for the “Never Seen Before” episode.

              • nathania says:

                Not really. I have watched those shows and they are snooze-fests. There is a reason that footage wasn’t part of the original shows. The ‘lost footage’ generally should stay lost, it’s just for hardcore fans who are in housewife withdrawal. I mean, it’s Caroline’s sons playing the ham game, etc.

            • nathania says:

              Best. Post. Ever!

              Sooooo true.

              I think Bravo probably had to dig to get what they ‘have’ on Kim. Look, she’s crying! Look, she ran into a potted plant!…

              I mean, this is a station that uses as a commercial the hair-pulling incident that sparked an assault charge. (“haircut by Bravo”).

              If there was anything they could have shown on Kim, they would have. It’s evident they thought Kyle was going to be their ‘star’, just like they thought Dina was going to be the star of NJ, so it isn’t the first time they’ve been wrong and got left scrambling.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          they why does Kim look liek she is the only one NOT Drunk

      • floridagirl88 says:

        Maybe Kim should consult with Nene and go all NeNe on Traylor’s ass. Most of the Atlanta housewives could shut Traylor down in a hotLanta minute.

        Whatever is going on with Kim, I still like her best. Her sister Vile Kyle has some real issues going on. I want to know more about how Marucio came to support Kim and if that is indeed what is happening. Vile Kyle doesn’t seem to be a straight shooter. Those scenes in the limo lead me to believe she is covering up some of her own bad behavior involving Kim. It seems she goes all ballistic when Kim is about to expose something that affects her carefully honed image. I would love to hang out in the Costco with Kim; being with Vile Kyle at the Whole Foods would be trying.

        I still don’t like Camille, but unlike Jill, she did listen to her PR people and mitigated some of the damage. Lisa is funny and engaging, but a snark all the same. Adrienne just doesn’t have much of a presence. What is she doing in this room full of dysfunctional women?

        And as others have said, a second season would fully expose Traylor for the snake she is. She needs to get her own PR person so that she and Russell aren’t run out of town once they are exposed for the grifters they appear to be. And, she rents?

        • Nancy says:

          Go to the STOOPID Housewives blog and read about
          “Taylor” & Russell. It explains a lot. When “Taylor” says her marriage is 80% buisness …she wasn’t kidding! They are SCAN ARTISTS!

        • nathania says:



          rotflmao…perfect. 🙂

        • dsc60 says:

          i agree with you… kim is my favorite too. i so wish she had stood up to taylor a bit more at the reunion. i had the perfect answers for her, but i don’t think kim is quick on her feet and she has already said many times she doesn’t like conflict. in NY when camille asked who said she was insecure on the flight over, kim spoke up and said “i did.” only then did she repeat the conversation she had with taylor. kim was completely truthful even with her part in it. taylor obviously hadn’t told camille that part when she clued her in before dinner. THAT’S why taylor wanted to “get oklahoma” on her ass. i’m sure she didn’t expect kim to admit to it.

          taylor said that the the public has no right to say any negative about camille because we don’t know her. does that mean that the show doesn’t show the real camille? i think not. we only know what the housewives portray themselves to be. they are all pretty transparent and the only way to not pick up on those adjectives about camille is to not watch the show. taylor is insulting our intelligence by stating that. not only that but she certainly didn’t defend camille against kyle’s attacks against her in NY.

          move over camille… i think taylor has quickly became the most hated housewife in Beverly Hills. i used to like kyle too… not so much any more. she treats her sister like poo on her shoe. i don’t care what she’s been through with her… you don’t treat your worst enemy as badly as kyle treats kim. i would NEVER put up with someone treating my sister the way she puts up with taylor doing so with kim… especially someone who called themselves my friend. my brother was an alcoholic (19 years clean), and i NEVER EVER would have treated him so cruelly. did he put his family through the ringer? you bet… but i was always on his side regardless and it wasn’t about being an enabler. it wasn’t easy, but 19 years clean – we all must have done something right and it wasn’t abusing him. my heart breaks for kim.

          • nathania says:

            I think the reason Kim doesn’t defend herself is that more than likely Kyle insinuates herself into every relationship that Kim has and tries to control it. That was evident that day that Kim was talking to her own daughter and then Kyle started putting her down and then actually said, “I’m texting you” and proceeded to have a text conversation with Kim’s own child…so Kyle’s mission vs. Kim feeling respected as a human being by ANYONE apparently knows no boundaries. Kyle’s behavior suggests there may be an alternative meaning to big Kathy’s request for Kyle to ‘take care of’ Kim. LOL. I have to guess that Kyle is treating Kim EXACTLY the way that she witnessed Kim being treated by big Kathy while they were growing up, except that Kyle never stopped to think that the reason that big Kathy played mind games and exerted control over Kim in this was was because she was the family cash cow and had to be controlled in order to further the exploitation.

            It’s very suspicious to me that Kyle seems so worshipful of big Kathy. By all accounts, big Kathy was a seriously flawed human being, and Kyle is old enough and should be mature enough to have some perspective on that. The fact that Kyle still treats her like a deity shows she is still completely enmeshed with her mother, even in death. But I bet it’s because this is how Kyle got approval from big Kathy, ‘help mama control Kim, so we can all have the lifestyle we want’. Just a horribly messed up situation, sounds like.

    • RubyNewbie says:

      Taylor’s ridonkulous comments were just an effort to curry favor with all the Housewives in an effort to get them not to go after her or be mad at her for what may come out at the reunion. Pure sucking up. She is soooooo transparent, but probably fancies herself clever. Arrogance is what you get once you’ve successfully pulled off a few cons! Can’t stand this wanna-be-master-manipulator!

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      I cant believe a woman as intelligent as Lisa didnt have him investigated BEFORE she had him move in
      clearly not a smart move
      he could have killed them in thier sleep

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        ps none of my replys are going to the right spot
        and no im not drunk LOL

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          lol- well she they claim to have known each other for 15 years- and he lived with them the past year. I would imagine that after 14 years of knowing someone and thinking of them as family, it would be kind of silly to have them investigated. It’s not like she just found him at the bus stop the week before.

    • kit says:

      ‘Camille said someone said she had kids through a surrogate to keep her figure, and thought it was Kyle, Taylor didn’t say a word. Taylor was the one who said that about Camille.’

      Taylor didn’t say that Camille used a surrogate to keep her figure. She jokingly said it was a perk of using a surrogate.

      • Anne says:

        Kyle did say that she had friends that would give their right arm to carry a baby. Everyone else was tongue and cheek but not Kyle. She takes many references by Camille and Kim as personal offenses.

  3. error404 says:

    The Richards sisters are such polar opposite from the Laurito sisters. Although I think Kyle does share their “defend your own no matter how wrong they were” outlook on life. Her almost offensive defense of Faye Resnick is telling IMO.

    And I have to say I kinda see Camille point: Porn done at a young age when you were a nobody unearthed by haterz vs. Porn done at as a middle aged adult made famous by your good friend’s murder. I’m gonna have to pick Faye as the more “morally corrupt” one here. Kyle’s whole point that hard core is more morally corrupt than soft core is bullshit. Porn is porn. It’s the reasons behind why you did the porn that make the issue one of morals, not the lighting, not the name of the photographer, not the retail sales of the issue you were in. This was such a Caroline Manzo moment for Kyle. Defend your own at all costs and do so my attacking their enemy.

    • TLM says:

      Camille is the last person on earth who should be criticizing someone for trading on the fame of someone they are associated with. That has been her whole purpose for living. It has been Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey every second. One wonders what she’s going to talk about once she’s done the talk show circuit on the divorce and the obligatory Woman’s Day interview article.

      • PJ says:

        Camille wasn’t just associated with Kelsey. Camille was married to Kelsey, who happens to be famous, that doesn’t make her the same as Faye. No one would have cared about Faye had it not been for the brutal murder of her friend. Camille has a right to talk about her marriage; at least Kelsey is alive to defend himself if he wants to. How was Nicole ever going to defend herself from the things Faye wrote about her in her books? Since when does your life revolving around your husband make you a bad person? Sorry I don’t get it.

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      Apparently she values Faye over Kim. She doesn’t seem to have the defend your own no matter what when it comes to her real sister.

    • I’m no expert on porn, but for the sake of argument, isn’t doing “soft porn” with a partner you’re actually having sex with a bit more…porny…than posting alone for photos in Playboy? I don’t know, just asking.

      Did anyone else see that inteview with Kelsey’s former fiancee, before he married Camille, on E! News? She was with Kelsey for three years and he publicly asked her to marry him, kneeling before her in front of an audience to pop the question. They were engaged for some time before Kelsey, after denying the rumors repeatedly to his fiancee, turned up announcing publicly–without telling his suddenly ex-fiancee–he was newly engaged to Camille. Seems he has a pattern, doesn’t it?

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      Faye is semi nude alone posing forr playboy
      Camille is naked having sex with a porn actor
      sorry i dont buy it
      when Marilyn Monroe posed for the first playboy i seriously doubt anyone would call that porn

    • AZ Girl says:

      Then again we still have that lovely picture of Camille spread eagle on a HVAC unit touching herself. Someone please pass me the brain bleach.

    • nathania says:

      well, there is the spread eagle playboy pose done during the mid-90s, the full frontals, the porn, the rumors flying all over about her having been a prositute (which is probably how she met her husband), etc, etc, etc…

      I think what we know about Camille is just the tip of the iceberg.

    • kit says:

      Camille was 28 when she did that soft core porn film…not exactly young. And soft core porn is, imo, worse than posing solo for pics. Camille was dry humping some dude.

    • Anne says:

      Faye is “morally corrupt” because her only claim to fame is profiteering from her best friends murder, that is disgusting. Camille is married to Kelsey, which is very different IMO.

  4. AZ Girl says:

    Thanks Lynn for the blog. You bring up a few points that I totally agree with.
    One thing that is consistent with all the franchises is that when a housewife does take “ownership” of their bad behavior then we the fans are more forgiving. For example, Ramona. She is not perfect but does admit fault when she messes up. Jill and Kelly do not.

    The transformation of Taylor to being one of the disliked housewives has been due to the fact that she never would take ownership of her role in fueling the fight and her aggressive behavior toward Kim. Taylor’s behavior last night confirmed that she does not plan on doing so anytime soon.

    • Nancy says:

      If we picked all of the housewives we couldn’t stand from all of the locations and molded them together we would have made…”TAYLOR”.
      Think about it.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Why is it the worst offenders when it comes to owning their own behavior on the series- all have a name that starts with T?

        Tamra, Theresa and Taylor, it’s like an unholy trinity of tyranny.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          Tamra is just disgusting
          getting Gretchen drunk in hopes of breaking her up with her then dying of cancer fiance
          who does something like that
          and then she slips Andy Cohen the tounge on air

          just trash pure d tarash!

  5. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the new blog Lynn. Good catch on the time line concerning Camille and Kyle & her husband. That went right over my head last night. Also good catch about the ladies in limo looking at the naked pic’s of Camille. Great blog as usual.

    • TLM says:

      I think the looking at pics thing happened on the way HOME, not before the dinner though. Which makes sense after Faye was attacked about Playboy. Camille was trying to spin it that they were looking at her pics on the way there, and I don’t think that’s what happened.

      I imagine that on the way home, the conversation went something like, “why did she attack Faye over Playboy? I heard she’s done more than just Playboy. I bet there’s stuff on the Internet.” And since everyone there is always holding a Blackberry, people started looking and sharing and commenting on the long ride they had home. This is how conversations like these often go with our modern technology. When we still had Internet access at my old job, someone would mention something in conversation, and a bunch of us would immediately look up relevant stuff. It gets to be a habit to do that when you are at a computer or have a smartphone in hand. I do not believe they were being evil.

      When you have a past, the Internet makes it nearly impossible to avoid – remember Danielle and the infamous book she somehow thought would forever remain a secret?

      What is disgusting is that Camille wants so badly for everyone to think she’s superior to Faye in some way. She wanted to humiliate Faye, and sat there and giggled as her bitch-from-hell flying monkey Allison insulted her guests. I have no sympathy for Camille. At all.

      • Nancy says:

        All it took was a computer and a few hours to figure out “Taylor”
        I can’t believe Bravo doesn’t do back round checks on these people. Or maybe they do…

      • I actually put the closed captioning on for a rerun of the Reunion, and it was Camille who said the women looked at pics in the limo of her doing porn AFTER the dinner. I also agree that we habitually run to the Internet for info when anything comes up we question, and I remember one of them having what looked like a netbook in a limo in another episode–Lisa?

        Didn’t Kyle say something about the photos being “sent” to them? Lots of cross-talk, but that’s what I picked up.

        Camille started in on Faye at the dinner table; even if she had good reason, as a hostess that was incredibly rude, but Camille clearly has entitlement issues.

        One thing that struck me was the comment of a viewer which Andy brought up: Camille is “sneaky”. The whole dinner party is the best example of this. That episode started out with Camille saying to Taylor at lunch that her friend Allison has issues when drinking; then Camille fed her super-sized drinks before and all through dinner. It was no accident Allison went after Kyle. Exactly what Camille planned, I think, as they inadvertantly implied they had talked about “something” negative between Kyle and Camille when Allison tried to convince us that she knew nothing specific so she could use her genuine psychic powers. lol

        Also, Lisa was in an online “chat” today and said Allison’s bad behavior at the dinner was much worse than what we were shown. I believe it. Camille clearly didn’t know about any porn being exposed in the limo while she and her friends sat at the table after the dinner and said slanderous things about Kyle and her husband when the other women left. Camille later wrote in her blog about it that quickly disappeared–good lawyering–that she was sorry about that and didn’t believe any of it. Lawsuit, anyone?

        Well, that’s my cowardly two cents. Come on, Taylor, throw down. I’ll go all white trash on your azz. 😉

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        agree 100 per cent

  6. sophie says:

    I didn’t see the reunion yet, but I do not believe one word out of Camille’s mouth. If Bravo didn’t claim that the women had nude photos of Camille in the limo, then just how did Camille find out? Certainly the women didn’t show up at the dinner announcing what they’d been looking at on the way there, or on the way home. Is all this information coming from Camille? Did any of the other women involved cop to it? If not, I believe Camille just made it up. How else could she have been ‘mad’ about it enough to belittle Faye at dinner if she didn’t know about it in the first place.

    Just like I don’t believe that Camille was turned away from her New York apartment. Conveniently, the pattern with Camille is that all the juicy horrific treatment she receives is off camera with no witnesses. I think she made that up too for sympathy.

    I seem to recall when it first came out that filming would begin for this particular series, that the Grammers marriage had ended. Not ‘in trouble’, not ‘separated’ but in fact had ended. If this is true, we’ve all been had. I believe it is true, that perhaps even Camille is the one who wanted out and Kelsey thus reacted and found a new life for himself too, but agreed to the filming charade for the sake of the show.

    What better way for Camille to retain sympathy than to make Kelsey look bad and herself appear to be a saintly wife. I think she’s played around on him from minute one. Plus, she was messing around with him behind his fiance’s back in the first place. She’s a gold digging tramp and she got what she wanted. I think she’s used to having her cake and eating it too.

    • error404 says:

      They did. As soon as Camille brought it up, they coped to looking at her porn photos in the limo.

    • TLM says:

      You’re right that we’ve been had. What was all her lovey-dovey stuff for with Kelsey throughout most of the series? And saying it came as such a shock to her that he was leaving, and the tearful scene with Didi? How did they manage to make it seem like they were doing well for most of the season? I can believe that Camille was oblivious to the fact he couldn’t stand her, but I’m wondering when the phone call in the middle of the night came.

  7. boston02127 says:

    Little does Taylor realize that if Kim was removed from the show, Taylor would be the weakest link. Taylor only picks on the weak. I can’t stand people like that.

    • Melinda says:

      AGREED!!! Taylor is the weakest really because she can’t even own what she says ON CAMERA for all to see.

      • Nancy says:

        Don’t worry ladies “Taylor” & Russell are going to be laughed out of Beverly Hills very soon.

    • sophie says:

      Taylor’s got more to hide than Kim. She is a deflector, and uses Kim as a target so that no one looks to closely at HER. Got a feeling that now we will be hearing a good deal more of the ‘real’ “Taylor”.

  8. Noreen says:

    Great recap Lynn! Am I the only one who remembers the first episode when Kyle said about Camille using a surrogate “that she has friends who would kill to be preganant right now” in response to Camille’s announcement. I thought it was interesting that Kyle spoke right up last night and said “I didn’t say anything about you using a surrogate.” Am I mis-remembering?

    My other thoughts about last night are, I don’t like Camille, she is not reformed, just preformed better and is doing serious PR control. Not a huge fan of Kyle’s either, but she is who she is and I don’t think she is playing us. Like her or hate her, I think she puts herself out there.

    Taylor is a witch from hell.

    Love Lisa. She too puts herself out there.

    Adrienne is way to nice and in control. I love her and her husband.

    Kim is said and maybe this show will help her in some strange way.

  9. plainviewsue says:

    Perfect recap. And I have to say, it is so true how the heros and villains can change throughout a season (as we have seen in NYC: Paging Jill Zarin!).

    Lisa has remained my favorite; I absolutely love her. Adrienne is the personification of class. While I am still not a fan of Camille, I really think she has owned up to a lot and let’s face it. She was going thru a lot.

    As for Kyle, wow. She was such a fan favorite; how the mighty have fallen. She does come off as a bully, and I still can’t get over how she treated her sister in the limo and how she continues to side with Taylor.

    Taylor is without a doubt the most hated housewife now in BH. She tries to come off all sweet; that is the worst kind of friend! It was disgusting watching her and Kyle on the couch, having Kim watch, knowing how Taylor treated Kim.

    I agree way too many Camille adjectives Andy!!!!

    • error404 says:

      My view has not changed drastically.

      I always liked Kyle, Kim, Lisa and Adrienne. I always disliked Taylor and Camille.

      I can see how Kim can be tiresome, I think Lisa uses humor to disguise cattiness, I think Kyle is a hot head who says all sorts of evil things in the heat of anger and then has no recollection of saying any of it once she calms down, and I think Adrienne is dull.

      I think Camille is a master manipulator, but even rotten people have rotten things happen to them. I think Taylor is a snake. Sorry, I was trying to find one nice thing to say about her, but I’m speechless.

      • TLM says:

        I actually think Camille is a pretty crappy manipulator. To me a master manipulator is someone who’s so smooth, you don’t even realize you’ve been played by them. Camille is so transparent it’s embarrassing. In all her little interviews with her head bobs and shoulder shrugs, it was obvious she thought she was going to make everyone think she was so coquettish and sweet. But everyone saw through her bullshit. She said such nasty effing things like Kyle has a big bark but no bite and giggled, then laughed out loud about telling Kyle they wouldn’t use her husband and giggled about the supposed “pecking order” between Kelsey and Mauricio. Camille fooled no one as to her opinions or motives.

        • error404 says:

          true. I just meant that I think Camille manipulates so often that it’s just who she is and she doesn’t even know she’s doing it. She plays the victim non-stop for example. Even her mother’s cancer is something that poor poor Camille has to endure.

        • HD says:

          I agree TLM, she is a horrible manipulator. You can see right through her. The beauty of being a master manipulator is people DON’T know they are being manipulated.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            The weird thing about Camille being a bad manipulator is Kyle must be able to see the train lights coming at her- but she still doesn’t get off the track.

          • nathania says:

            In fairness, she’s a horrible manipulator of WOMEN. THAT takes some talent. You could never claim she is a horrible manipulator of men, since 50 million dollars would certainly suggest otherwise.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      he could have given her 20 more and id be all for it

  10. Noreen says:

    TLM – just read your post above; so it was Taylor who made the comment about Camille using a surrogate! What a snake! Thanks for clearing that up!

    • TLM says:

      Yes, it was a drop-in comment Taylor made to the camera when they all were on the plane to see Adrienne’s basketball team play. Kyle also told the camera, “I have friends who would do anything to carry a baby.” I think they were both under the impression that the surrogate was used just so Camille did not have to bother with pregnancy, which would be consistent with the rest of her ultra-pampered life.

      • Noreen says:

        I cannot for the life of me remember Taylor’s comment. I’m not really buying Camille’s excuse for using a surrogate (because she could not get pregnant), but I think a woman has every right to make decisions regarding her body and reproduction.

        • mimi0210 says:

          I remember years ago Camille and Kelsey on TV talking about her having irritable bowel syndrome and that it even prevented her from having children.

          • HD says:

            I have IBS and I had a baby. During my entire pregnancy the symptons never flared up. But, that’s just me.

            • mimi0210 says:

              I thought it was an odd statement at the time which is why I remember it but I did not know anything about the disease.

            • buffywood says:

              That is what I found “telling” about Camille. Her story for the surrogate changed as before it was all due to her IBS.

              • HD says:

                When it flares up I have to admit it hurts like HELL! It really does. You have to watch your diet and drink TONS of water and typically the symptoms never flare up. Also watch your stress level. But I never heard that pregnancy could cause it to flare up and if it did one thing is the symptoms don’t last forever. You just kinda ride it out. It sucks and hurts but you do. I honestly think that is an excuse she used. JMO

          • DJ Loops Fruit says:

            she had that even before Kelsey so it could very well be true

        • TLM says:

          Taylor sarcastically said something in her interview like, “Well I guess using a surrogate, you get to keep that figure, so that works out well.”

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Didn’t Kyle also saying something in the talking head interview in reference to her not walking to show Camille her postpartum body and that she actually carried her own babies?

            • Amber...Real Wife says:

              Meanwhile Portia is age 2 or 3, drinking protein shakes and pumping iron while her mom is out shopping!

  11. WindyCityWondering says:

    Reunion Part 1 was boring. The ladies looked stunning – the stylists for this reunion did an outstanding job. I would prefer the camera be on the HW who is being asked the question instead of on Andy and it would be interesting to see the other ladies reactions as well. I have come to the conclusion that there are rules of engagement and taboo topics with this group and the silences told more than the conversations. I kept waiting for someone to say enough when Andy was hurling an endless list of negative descriptives at Camille. Much of the drama of this franchise seems to happen off camera which is very frustrating for viewers since we all look at the scenes through our own eyes and life experiences.

    • error404 says:

      True. I think this is true to BH and Hollywood, where open secrets are the norm. The silences speak volumes.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I think next season they will have to film it with one of those infered camera’s people wear on their heads on all those exploring haunted houses shows. That way won’t miss anything.

      • I agree. It was like a bad dinner party where painful silences occasionally descend. I would love to know what Adrienne and Lisa said to their respective spouses when they got home.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I found the whole tone of the reunion a bit “off”. It seemed way too tense, calm, and wired at the same time. I have a feeling that the contracts these ladies signed are very different than the ones signed by the other franchises. I just get the feeling that their PR people are involved in the editing process and have some control over what is shown, what is talked about, and what is left alone. Lisa made the joke that Andy was her “poor” friend, but I think that there was a glimpse into the power and control these ladies have over this series. I have never gotten the feeling that scenes were contrived as I did watching NJ, but there is something going on here.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      sorry i didnt think it was boring at all
      frankly im sick of the reunions that are nothing but screaming matches

  12. Lorma Zicca says:

    You are Spot On…Tyler is a trouble maker and Kyle, who was my favorite in the beginning thinks she is the Cats Meow…and I must say I totally change my mind about Camille. Get Blog!!!

  13. boston02127 says:

    Kyle expects (and constantly announces) certain special treatment from Kim, the same treatment that Kyle is unwilling to give Kim. Kyle is too “all about herself” to see that.

  14. quincyil says:

    Camille knew about the ladies viewing Camille’s soft porn and Play Boy before her party? How did she know this? We saw Camille, the medium and Dedra before the party talking about their plans and mentioning that some would no longer be friends.
    She mentioned Faye Resnick as the one who brought the information forward. It seems that we were not privy to that behavior of Faye and that it took place before Faye went to Camille’s home. How did Camille know? When did Camille know? Those are important questions if we are to understand the behavior of the two armed camps at the Malibu Dinner Battlefield. her what was going on in that limo in order to creat conflict.

    I thought it was odd that Camille said those things about the guests at her dinner party when she was in the giant clothes closet picking out a dress. I bet she knew about the limo comments before that conversation with Dedra.

    Bravo is being very nice to Kyle Richards. If they had shown Kyle being a part of the showing of the photos of Camille from the internet, we would have understood some of the behavior of Camille prior to the dinner and during the dinner. Maybe, Camille’s claim that she was set up to be Kyle’s scape goat has some validity.

    I love Kim Richards. I think her judgment is correct about Taylor. When Taylor threatend to expose Kim for Kim’s comment about the ” going Okalhoma” threat and the implied violence that came from Taylor’s tone of voice, Kyle said nothing. This is equivalent to Kim not defending Kyle in the NYC club combat with Camille. Where was the sister helping a sister in that reuinion discussion between Kim and Taylor. It was as if Kyle was agreeing with Taylor because she would smile at Taylor and play those cute girl games at times.

    Lisa was funny and quick witted. Adrienne was sensitive to her friend Camille’s pain.

    Andy was Andy. What can I say?

    The two competitors for the “I want to be like Jill Zarin” award for season one RHBH are Kyle and Taylor. My soothsayer prediction is that Taylor will win the competition, but we will know this coming Tues.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I don’t think Camille knew about the girls looking at the photos in the limo until much later, but that is when she interviewed saying that Faye was vile..or whatever she said.

      • error404 says:

        IDK, it helps explain why Camille just suddenly came out with the Playboy thing out of nowhere. In this day and age of texting, IMing etc… a discreet “OMG FR is showing porn of you to us” could be slipped in unnoticed. *cough* Taylor *cough*

        • error404 says:

          wait, no. They were all together after the party. It was Faye and the R sister on the way there. The other 3 were in another limo. Well, they seem to revisit this topic in part 2, so maybe we’ll find out tuesday

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I think the looking up Camille happened on the way home. But, that being said….the ‘morally corrupt’ comment was filmed after that so it still fits.
            I also wonder when the email (about Camille’s porn) was sent around.

          • buffywood says:

            I am glad I am not the only one confused by the timing as Camille said they were looking at them on the way home, which in my mind said it as after the party. Maybe next Allison will claim that she is psychic too and that she knew they were going to do that and they were just being proactive. I am confused on this one.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          no she knew Faye was coming to her house and she mostly likely googled her to see if she was up to snuff
          it doesnt make sense that the others would have bothered looking up Camilles pixs previous to her obnoxious behaviour

      • Brigid A. says:

        Lynn, I’m fairly certain that when Andy asked Camille why she called Faye morally corrupt, she explained it was in response to Camille’s porno pics in the limo. Maybe someone (Taylor?) told Camille about it privately during cocktails. Explains a lot about Camille’s anger at the dinner and not restraining the comments of her psycho/psychic Allison.

        Could this also be partly why Kyle sent Kim home alone and then suggested more drinking at the Polo Lounge with her pals? BTW, if the pics were left in the limo throughout the dinner, I imagine the limo driver had a great evening!

        • Nancy says:

          What Camille meant was that Faye capitalized (making $ from Playboy) due to Nicole Simpsons death. She said that during one of her talking heads.

          • nathania says:

            yes but she bluntly called out the pictorial during dinner, which was an incredibly weird thing to do. My guess is she knew that the issue of her past sex work was coming up at some point and she was trying to deflect that or throw the first punch.

            The pictorial was three years after the death of Nicole Brown Simpson. And Resnick was steadfast in her dedication to Simpson and the belief that she was murdered, I don’t think that shows moral ‘corruptness’ or whatever.

            I have to wonder, if Camille did know about them looking at her old porn (which may have been sent to Kyle right after the first fight with Camille by an enemy because god knows Camille must have plenty of those) then it begs the question if one of the Bravo producers or staff cued Camille in, to incite some fireworks at the dinner.

        • sophie says:

          I don’t think Kim is the only family member with a drinking problem. I think Kyle has one too….but with her, she becomes very defensive and combative. In any given group situation, she’s got a drink in her hand and she over reacts. What better way to deflect from one’s own drinking issues than to illuminate someone else’s.

    • TLM says:

      I think we need to get a clarification on whether the photos were viewed on the way there, or after. My viewing of the show indicated they saw them AFTER the dinner.

      Allison Dubious’ comments about new friends soon to be old friends I thought simply referred to Camille having badmouthed Kyle up, down and sideways to her and Didi, and telling them how jealous Kyle was of her and how horrible a person Kyle is. Kyle had never met Allison before that night. But the fact that Camille giggled about that, and about kicking people out, before the guests even arrived was not funny to me and showed she had an agenda for the evening she wanted Allison to help her carry out. That’s just my take on it.

      • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

        I also thought the photos were viewed after the dinner.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          I also agree she said after the party. However, did she find out through Taylor, Adrienne or Lisa? Could it have been production showing her the scene for her talking head videos?

        • pamela says:

          I also think it was done after the dinner in response to Camille’s comments.

          I also think Camille and company were the ones with the agenda judging from their comments before the guests arrived.

          I don’t find much to like about Camille.


    • Nancy says:

      I think we should make some T-shirts that read…

      GO AND BLOW UP YOUR LIPS SOME MORE! priceless Kim!

      • nathania says:

        I would get one. It’s a surprise Bravo hasn’t done this already, though they would get it wrong since they have no moral compass and no idea how to read their viewers with regard to what happens on their shows. And if anyone else did that, like on cafe press, Bravo would probably sue or something, as prissy as they are about this stuff.

  15. Melinda says:

    oh yea!! we agree on what was seen last night on part one of the reunion. I am going fully on the record here and stating that TAYLOR is a snake and that she is clearly failing at portraying herself as anything but a bitch……yep, said it…….Taylor is a bitch!! Kyle is a FOOL for falling for Taylor’s BS and while I really like Kyle, I am seeing a side to her that is not so nice. You want your sister to have your back Kyle?!??! SHOW HER HOW IT IS DONE!! no, instead Kyle allows Taylor to continue to harass Kim even during the reunion and when she put her head down and let Taylor allude to the fact that Kim was the problem at the NYC trip I was DISGUSTED!!! I wish Lisa would have spoken up for Kim at reunion and called Kyle out on the carpet……..i sure would have.

    And you are correct……..TAYLOR OWNS NONE OF HER OWN BEHAVIOR!!! I hope you are reading this Taylor……you better get back to Oklahoma and learn some home training young lady. I have more respect for someone who owns their own sh*t than someone who constantly tries to pass the blame to someone else. and BRAVO KIM FOR BRINGING UP TAYLOR’S CHARITY!!! That is what we want you to do Kim……stand up for yourself and show Taylor that you are not a punching bag.

    Did anyone else notice that Taylor actually told Kim she sticks up for her?!?!?! You know what Taylor……..I would GLADLY tell you to your face exactly what I think of your vile behavior. You can bring out the Oklahoma but honey….I might open a can of Washington state on your ass that might just make you understand that the way you behave is disgusting!

    • boston02127 says:

      @Melinda–LOL…”open a can of Washington state” I’ll throw in a side of Southie.

    • 2Stupid says:

      I feel about Kyle the same way I do about Bethenny. Most of the time I really like her and can see her side about most things. However, I think that they both can be all about themselves at times, and can play a little dirty too. I still really like the both but have no illusions where they are concerned either.

      I think I dislike Taylor as much if not more than Jill. I think of Camille as being like the Countess. Completely delsuional about how people really see their low class selves. Taylor and Jill know that they are hurting people to save themselves. IMO it is a conscious act and that is what makes them soooo dispicable.

      • TLM says:

        Kyle is the only one I really like on the show. Like Bethenny, she speaks her mind and sometimes goes overboard but I think she is an honest person. My second runner-up, which may surprise some, would be Kim. I think she definitely has some problems to work out, but she is likeable and I feel sorry for her sometimes.

        Adrienne I find a combination of boring and totally irritating, from the endless arguing with her husband to her ridiculous drag queen hair and makeup. I just can’t warm up to that couple.

        Taylor thinks her upper lip looks good and doesn’t understand why it’s caused such a stir. For this reason alone, I don’t quite get her. She also doesn’t understand why anyone would want to start out as great friends before getting married. Her husband has the warmth and personality of an ice cube. I am glad she helps victims of domestic violence but still feel like she needs lots of therapy.

        I think Lisa can actually be very cutting. I was shocked people laughed when she asked if Kelsey meant the NY apt would be “too small for us” because he was including his girlfriend. I thought that crossed the line even from just rude into being cruel. It may be the one time I felt sorry for Camille. I didn’t think that was something to joke about. But bizarrely, Camille laughed. When they said Lisa always talks about sex, they left out the clip about her talking about spitting vs. swallowing at a wine tasting and her beyond-obvious reference to sex, which I could have done without. And I didn’t care for her “back off, Taylor” comment while telling her to her face, “We’re all here for you.”

        As if I need to repeat it, I cannot stand Camille and see little if any redeeming qualities about her.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Good call on the Camille / Countess comparison….not to mention both of them have so much of their identity rapped up in their (ex)husbands names.

        • Zoey says:

          Good points. Man, poor Camille doesn’t even get left with a title. I guess $50 million covers that. I wonder if the Countess would trade her title for the cash…I bet yeah!

      • Nancy says:

        Taylor is way worse then Jill because the fight between her and Betheny was a fair fight. The one Taylor picked with Kim was anything but.

    • Cheri says:

      Me too.

  16. boston02127 says:

    I wonder how long Kyle and Taylor have been friends. I question this because I think if there is a second season, we’ll see that friendship tank. Self entitled woman usually don’t last long in a friendship.

    • Melinda says:

      EXACTLY!! I suspect that Taylor doesn’t “keep” friends long because they realize she is a snake!

      • Shellbell225 says:

        I honestly hope Taylor is a part of season 2 for the SOLE purpose of seeing her further exposed for the cruel phony she is. I hope Kyle wises up soon because she is rapidly losing favor with the viewing audience. That hand holding garbage nearly made me ill. IMO, regardless of Kim’s “issues”, to have your sister throw you to the wolves like that is abhorrent.

  17. stanbo says:

    Lisa sees right through Taylor and always has…that’s obvious, and its all the confirmation I need to dislike her. That, and those worm lips.

  18. firepainter says:

    Good blog Lynn, very balanced. I agree with you about cutting Camille some slack. Nobody knows what being betrayed by the most significant person in your life is like until it happens to you. The feelings of humiliation and pain are overwhelming. Trust becomes a huge issue and of course you feel insecure because your entire life is unraveling while the person you thought loved you has turned into a complete stranger, your enemy. It’s enough to make anyone paranoid and do and say things out of character.

    • Maryla says:

      Not to be disagreeable, but I don’t see Camille in any positive light. First, she vacillates (minute-to-minute) between being blind-sided and knowing all along. And she uses each as an excuse for her behavior when it suits her. Which is it?

      I see her as having more sociopathic tendencies. She alters her behavior to get her what she wants. She’s the sex kitten to the men, and then at the reunion, she’s a friend to all women. She’s aggressive and catty to Kyle and the “winner” in this made-up spat, and then she’s remorseful. In fact, she attempted to further embellish the spat at the reunion! she saw an opening of sympathy with Adrienne and Andy, and she was going in for the kill. She wanted those people in that room to side with her and she was going to make that un-filmed conversation even worse for Kyle. Unfortunately for Camille, Kyle was not going to stand for it for a second.

      I don’t for a second think that Kyle would be my candidate for the most sympathetic character ever to show up on a reality show, but I was cheering for her when she called Camille out.

      I don’t think Camille has real feelings and emotions, at least not like most people. This is the issue with sociopaths. Camille has just become masterful at faking it when she needs to. I’m sure Kelsey has known this for years and perhaps might be why he wanted her on the show — after all, if all of America could see what he’s had to live with for the past 13 years, the public sympathy would be in his corner.

      He was a dog for sure, but sociopaths are very powerful, and I’d bet that he plotted his exit from the marriage as soon as he saw the opening that the Real Housewives provided him.

      If you go back and watch the episodes, CG rarely shows real emotion. She plods and calculates to the greatest effect, in everything from her strained interactions with her children, to her fights with Kyle to her “emotional” conversation about her marriage ending.

      Check out these “symptoms” — and see if there are any that don’t fit CG: http://www.mcafee.cc/Bin/sb.html.

      • emily says:

        CG – made me think of CGI, as in computer generated imagery, i.e. FAKE, like her. 🙂

      • This.

        Camille changes all her stories all the time. She and Kelsey “tried” to have a child, but then she says in another moment they went 10 years without sex. She has slipped out innuendoes about his sexuality on different media: he “experiments”; he cross-dresses; he didn’t have sex with her for five years, ten years, etc. Her behavior towards others is very predatory, IMO. Did you see her look at Kyle when she said Kyle needed a target? It was Dubois all over again: “Yeah, I went there. Take that.”

    • nathania says:

      I felt that way a bit too, like Camille is in a better place (fifty million dollars better, I suppose) than she was during the filming. That gnawing ache of knowing you are being cheated on can drive anyone up the wall. She seems better off now having it confirmed and having moved through it.

      Not that she needs any pity, but she’s kind of pathetic anyway. Plus ultimately I feel like the whole reason she attacked Kyle was she was disturbed by Kyle’s treatment of Kim. It seemed evident from the beginning that Kyle had asked Kim to be on the show just to kind of bully her around, and it was Camille who first defended Kim by praising her by raising her kids alone (ironically because she herself could ‘identify’ with the struggle of not having a husband around, despite the four nannies help). So Camille does have something resembling a heart in there somewhere, she seemed genuinely disturbed by Kyle’s treatment of Kim…and oddly she is the only cast member so far who has shown any sympathy toward Kim. Since most of the people who watch the show are sympathetic with Kim, it’s really odd that the other cast members haven’t spoken out about the bullying themselves.

  19. I do hope they aren’t going to waste time in the second part with Russell telling us about his marriage to Mrs Skeletor. Unless he comes on to announce that after watching his wife this season he realizes what an unmitigated bitch she is and he’s decided to divorce her and devote the rest of his life to taking care of Kim Richards and protecting her from her sister, Kyle I couldn’t care less what he has to say.

    • error404 says:

      Am I the only one who thinks it’s rude for Bravo to make Camille and Kim stand behind the couch when the husbands come on? You want a seat? Sorry, married women only! LOL

      • buffywood says:

        I didn’t see that part and I agree with you that it is horrible.

      • TLM says:

        I haven’t seen that yet. That is ridiculous. But funny also.

      • Nancy says:

        Notice that “Taylor” went after the one cast member (Kim) that didn’t have a husband/partner? She is such a bitch! Taylor knows deep down that she doesn’t have a “real” marriage either and that was one of the reasons she went after Kim. Taylor married for money and now she is moping around Beverly Hills because of that decision.
        She even takes it out on her own daughter! Charming

    • Zoey says:

      That’s funny, that would be great! I’m wondering how Taylor and Russell met. Anyone know? Or their circumstances I should say. Both single when they met?

  20. Pantry Viewer says:

    Okay, the TMZ video of Kim was from July. What a coincidence that it hits TMZ at the same time Kyle has been doing her PR blitz to rehabilitate her shitty image. I find it a chilling thought that Kyle or her PR people could be behind it. The last line of the TMZ print article read practically verbatim what Kyle has been saying in her “press releases” and out loud. The video is not so bad and doesn’t need to be on TMZ. The majority of comments say TMZ sucks for posting it and even speculate Kyle could be behind it.

    • error404 says:

      Interesting. We know that Andy asks Kim point blank if she has a problem, but we don’t know the response. I wonder if she denies it. Interesting that the video of her being accused of being drunk surfaces now.

    • 2Stupid says:

      I don’t know how to tweet, but I would love if someone would ask Kyle about if she is the source on Twitter. She apparently reads all her tweets and I would like her to know that is being questioned!

  21. error404 says:

    Gossip in king in Hollywood, and believe me, they must all have been talking about Camille’s marriage troubles the entire time they were filming.

    Let’s see, your famous husband has left you, everyone is whispering, and then your co-star corners you and starts asking a lot of pointed questions about where your husband is and why he’s not with you on vacation, etc… It’s not hard to see how Camille could have overreacted. Gossip is like oxygen in BH, and Kyle is no innocent Pollyanna, nor did she ever get cast as one for Disney.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      I agree!!

    • I think Kyle was under the impression that Bravo mainly filmed when there were two or more housewives together. She didn’t understand why they would send a crew all the way to Hawaii unless some of the wives were going along OR Kelsey was going to be there. Being completely tactless, she said something along the lines of what Camille claims she said although she didn’t mean it in the malicious way Camille interpreted it. But when it was brought up she (Kyle) lied and expected Kim to back her up. Kim knew she didn’t have the verbal wherewithal to maintain that kind of lie so she just dissolved in a puddle.

      If the above is true Kyle could have immediately diffused the situation but she chose to lie and hang onto the lie all season. On the other hand I didn’t watch the first few episodes very closely so I may have missed something.

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        Luckyabstraction, that is a great way of describing it. I have maintained that Kim heard Kyle say or infer some of the stuff that Camille accuses her of and that’s why she gets all shut down when they talk about it. She’s not a good liar which is actually a good quality.

      • Nancy says:

        Did we see any film of Camille while she was in Hawaii?

        • TLM says:

          Yes, she was sitting in those weird lounge chairs submerged in the pool with Didi. They just showed the lanai area of the house, and then they showed Camille swimming and paddleboarding while her kids were apparently with the nannies. I’ll never forget her remark that she has “big obligations” in a voiceover as she was walking into the ocean. She was talking about how overworked she is for the 1,000th time.

      • nathania says:

        that makes more sense than anything I have read thus far. Camille might have known Kyle was insinuating something, but she misread it as Kyle thinking ‘why are they filming you without Kelsey’ instead of ‘why are they filming you without US’. The plot thickens. Lol.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I agree also.
      I am sure when you suspect your husband is leaving you- and someone asks you more than once in a round about way if he is going on vacation with you or why isn’t he, it could feel like probing.

      Camille was obviously being hypersensitive but I can also see Kyle making some sort of face or expression that alerted her to the feeling that something was a miss.

      I really don’t believe Kyle when she says that she thought ‘How brave of Camille to go on vacation’ without her husband. I am sure she was thinking ‘Ha Ha- it’s probably OVER between those too’.

  22. stanbo says:

    I’m afraid there is a lot more behind the scenes with Kim and Kyle than we will ever know…I like Kim, and if she has a drinking problem, and if Kyle is that fed up with it and angry over it, then Kyle needs to leave her alone and go to alanon.

    Kim is the lone wolf on this show and I like her and appreciate Adrienne watching her back a lot of the time.

    • nathania says:


      This is one reason I didn’t want to get started watching this show because of the family backstory which you can really never know enough about, to know the truth, because it can go back decades. That plus Witch Mountain was like my Star Wars and Tia (Kim’s character) was my idol. To this day I still have dreams about having the power to move objects with my mind thanks to those movies.

      I also agree about Adrienne, thank god she has a moral compass or this would have been another all vs. one like NJ.

  23. eve says:

    Taylor-MOST HATED HOUSEWIFE. She won the title. Please lets make the “i hate taylor blog”

  24. HWlover says:

    posted this on another site, so sorry if you read it twice.

    I think the reason Taylor behaved the way she has towards Kim during season and especially during the reunion is totally and completely because of Kyle. It makes sense to me that Taylor would not have made the comments towards Kim about,”her behavior at the table” and “tread softly”, if she wasn’t coerced, encouraged. Taylor feels confidence in her comments about Kim, almost like, Kyle has confided, complained, and explained several stories or incidents about Kim to Taylor in order to justify her crappy behavior towards her sister. Hence Taylor “goes for it”, and looks towards Kyle for re-inforcement, then Kyle looks down at her lap. If I’m friends with someone their siblings and family are “OFF LIMITS” out of respect for my friend. Kim seems to be fair game for some reason. Normally we wouldn’t go there because of a fear of losing our friendship, Taylor seems to be a spin doctor for Kyle. Because if Kyle didn’t feel the way Taylor does about Kim, she would have gone off on Taylor a looooong time ago. Kyle is enabling Taylor’s behavior, Kyle is horrible for manipulating anybody to publically drag her sister through the mud, Taylor is horrible because if she was a true friend she would encourage Kyle to fix relationship with Kim. Be part of solution, not part of the problem. Like Adriennne encouraging them to both seek therapy, Kyle refuses because after all she is perfect, and Kim is damaged goods! Lisa be wary, this is deplorable behavior of your longtime buddy Kyle. You are smart, do you really wanna be associated with this kind of evil? Adrienne is an observer from afar….wise move Adrienne!!

    • nathania says:

      Another thing too is that Taylor is fake from top to bottom and Kim is an actual child star, a very accomplished person compared to Taylor. Taylor was a cheerleading champion but I wonder if when she was a little girl if maybe she wanted to have been an actor like Kim or something. Kim is as real as Taylor is fake, and on some level Taylor knows that.

  25. VincenzoNewYork says:

    Thanks for the blog Lynn!

    I really that there is more to Camille then what we have seen. I am glad that she was able to admit her faults, and if she does come back, hopefully she will be more aware of her behavior. This was a learning experience for her and it is in human nature to say harmful things and retaliate. I also felt that Camille was provoked to behave that way due to her dynamics with Kyle, and Taylor role in orchestrating the drama. I also find it appauling that the ladies would villify Camille on their way to her dinner party by looking at nude photos of her. Someone, or rather Kyle, was trying her best to malign Camille’s character, and tried her best to depict her in a negative light. Camille almost took full responsbility for her actions, and thus I think she is no longer the most hated housewive in America. I also felt that Kyle probably deserved all of that treatment from Camille. What we put out usually comes right back to us, and Kyle recieved what she deserved from Camille.

    Taylor- I think she is despicable and is a major force of negativity and drama. I felt that she beguiled the audience when she revealed some of her childhood circumstanced to garner some sympathy; clearly it has backfired. She is my least favorite of the bunch, and I hope she her illusions end up in flames, because there this woman is vapid, insecure, cruel, and absolutely decietful! Her innner light is hidden by all of her plastic surgery! She is affected by a condition called” Salahism(Turner, DC).”
    She is the mistress of deflection and avoidance, and she is exactly like Michaele Salahi. Hopefully, if she is one next season, the ladies, including Kyle, will see her true “chamelion” colours. Eventually, we all pay for our actions, and she has alot coming her way. ENOUGH ENOUGH!! Make some concessions here!

    Kim- I am so proud of her! She is not my favorite, but she is up there on my hierarchy of favoritsim. However, my hierarcy strata is mobile, and these ladies can move up and down easily. I wish her success, fame, fortune, love, and joy. I hope she returns to the big or small screen and lands herself a staring role!
    I have an intuitve gift; my gift allows me to see through people and view the hidden contents of a person. I percieved her to be suffering from anxiety/depression and that explains her her behavior. I think that if she is an aloholic then it is comorbid with her anxiety/depression. She must be suffereing from adrenal burnout and I feel that if she has suffered from that condition then the alcoholism is just a manifestation of that. I think that she had some type of nervous breakdown- and that affects cognitive function, behavior, financial difficulties, family problems. She seems to be absent-minded and I feel that it is a symptom of her nervous breakdown. Adrenal burnout also causes the skin to age as well. There is so much to her that I wish we knew more background information of her recent past.

    Vile Kyle- She has so much anger and resentment, and I was able to see that during the reunion. I am not a fan of hers, and I hope she her perfect life is exposed for what it really is. When people try to portray themselves as the eptiome of perfection, deep down they have many issues that have not surfaced yet. I think many of her issues are in the latent phase and there is so much more to analyze in future times. I think she has the drinking problem; because anger + ethanol = fire. Her alcohol consumption seems to exacerbate(sp) her anger due to the fact that her drinking seems to affect her relationships more on screen than Kim’s relationships. Oh and Kyle, I would be insulted if my fame was associated with Paris Hilton. I also think that kyle has a penchant and a propsensity for drama because she needs to be the center of the world.

    The rest of the ladies will come next week!
    Here is my Hierarchy of Favoritism
    2)Kim/ Adrienne*
    5)Shana Hughes

    *I like her, but there is not much to comment. She is the Mary Amons of DC. However, Adrienne is compassionate, understanding, and I like her for that. She needs to ditch Shana Hughes.

    Have a wonderdul day!
    Thanks again for the blog!

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      If the nude pohots were viewed after the dinner party from hell, I still think she was provoked by Kyle. I hope more will be discussed regarding this matter. I will be willing to recant some of my views; but I still favour Camille over Vile Kyle. Who knows, maybe Camille and Kyle are very similar people.
      In the end, this is a “reality” TV show. What has transpired at this point is all fait accompli.

      • boston02127 says:

        @VincenzoNewYork — I agree. Kyle probably already had those pic’s of Camille saved in her fav’s to be pulled out at the right time.

        Camille vs Vile Kyle—I agree there too. At least we see what’s coming with Camille. Kyle…we’ll have to wait until her perfect world comes crashing down. (and it will)

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          I too prefer Cammie to BileKyle. Kyle is a mean bad girl turned into a vicious older woman who has alot of followers. She thinks she rules BH like she did high school. It’s nauseating the way she exploited the Camille misunderstanding into making herself the victim and Camille the lying villain.

          If we’ve learned anything, it’s that Kyle goes off with a velosity that measures off the charts. She goes so quick she may not realize or remember the insults or catty remarks she hurls. Add her co-pilots and best friends, Liqueur and Merlot and Chardonnay and she gets fuzzier, meaner and less tactful.

          • VincenzoNewYork says:

            oo0o I love Bile Kyle!! She definitely has a billious temperament! o0o! TY for that adjective, it really suits her!!
            In natural medicine, the gall bladder represents resentment and the liver is the seat of stored anger. I think the gall-bladder secretes the bile and the liver produces it? Hence, Kyle’s resentful temperament. She needs to clear that resentment because it’s not healthy to carry all that. Kyle needs to take responsibility for nursing the the NY argument. I can’t look at her anymore.

        • VincenzoNewYork says:

          @Boston: I wonder what Kyle’s life will be like after her demise… I sincerely wish no harm upon her, but it’s bound to happen. What we do comes back to us, the good and the bad. Stuff that I have done has come back to me as well. When something happened to me, I was like OMG, I did that too! I had to make a choice to change my behavior.

          • boston02127 says:

            @VincenzoNewYork–If you can get your hands on the book House of Hilton, read it. Their mother was a sicko and the more they describe the mother the more it sounds like Kyle.

          • boston02127 says:

            PS–I got my copy of the book on Ebay for 2.50

            • Kansas Girl says:

              I found it at the public library. Who knew they had such high class reading materials!

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                I downloaded a kindle reader (for free) on my laptop and android. Bought the book through them for $9.99

            • Debbie says:

              Hey Boston, Did you get my address? I sent it to Lynn via twitter. I couldn’t figure out how to do it here. If not let me kno and I will just post it here or try to figure it out again. It was a few days ago but I don’t see Lynn on twitter and didn’t hear back. Maybe cause she’s the busiest woman I know. Thank you again for doing it.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Vincenzo, very insightful summary. Thank you for sharing. ITA on almost everything. I felt like the voice in the wilderness pointing out Kyle’s possible problems with alcohol. “Crazy” Kim’s limo accusation to Kyle that “she drinks all goddamn day” seem to have flown under the radar, largely in thanks to Kyle’s dramatic outing of Kim’s alcoholism. She is either a drunk herself, rage-aholic or just displays dry drunk behavior. I really tried to like her all season but the reunion confirmed my opinion of VileKyle. Cannot stand her. She and Taylor deserve each other.

      Would never have dreamed that Camille’s behavior all season would get a pass from me, but despite Andy holding her feet to the fire, she didn’t go all diva and walk off the set. She was able to show some humor about some of her actions and owned some of the ridiculous things she said. Also, she has been steadfast in her statments about what Kyle said in NY. She should let that fight die, but now I’m believing there is some merit in what Kyle may have said. Kyle has a mean streak and cannot edit her speech.

      Found your comments on Kim intriguing. It makes perfect sense and explains her emotional fragility. I’m hoping Kyle didn’t force her into doing this show for ulterior motives. Maybe we’ll see Kim make a big come-back personally and professionally next season. Admittedly, I have a soft spot for the underdog and I detest Kyle’s treatment of her sister. Kyle has no loyalty. Her “friends” primarily, Trashy Taylor, have been given the green light by Kyle for a search and destroy mission on her sister. IMO, Kim was poised and kept her cool last night. Maybe she has a new PR rep. She needs to ditch that manager/lap dog of Kyle’s, the one who tracked Kim down at the party and wouldn’t let her leave.

      Andy gave Kyle a pass throughout the entire reunion. I hope that changes next week, but not counting on it. He always has his little favorites.

      As for Adrienne, I hope we see more than just the bickering couple next season. In the finale, she alone stepped up and intervened with true compassion and strength (not just her martial arts skills, although they came in handy in bully Kyle’s limo assault!) .

      Agree on all points about Taylor. Please, someone send Andy that video link where Taylor is wasted and falling down drunk/impaired. Closet drunk or addict who starves herself. Go away, Taylor, you poser and fraud.

      • VincenzoNewYork says:

        @Brigid: Yes I think you stated that. You deserve the credit on pointing out Kyle’s possible drinking problem. It’s the saying: Look who is calling the kettle black? Something like that. I agree with your insights as well.

        • VincenzoNewYork says:

          @Brigid: I hope Andy makes Kyle own up to her behaviour. It seems that Andy might be more empathetic towards Kim, because he kept stating to Taylor that she stirred the pot. I think both sisters may have alcohol issues; it seems to be a common theme in among The Hiltons(Paris). I think that they may express the alcholic tendencies differently. Kim just exhibits other traits that may influence her to be inclined to be absent minded and alcohol +other subtances cause her to appear to be an outcast. I hope Kim does not concede to the fact that she is an alcholic just to appease her cast-mates and America.

          • Brigid A. says:

            Vincenzo, seeing the preview clip of Kim dissolving into tears next week does not look promising. Clearly, Kyle, Taylor and Lisa are determined to scapegoat her via the drinking issue (and, yes, I love Lisa but she’s not shown herself to be a true friend to Kim).

            Also want to repeat my comment from last night about Kim and the whole not-having-Kyle’s back in NY fight that has been beaten to death.

            Although I thought she handled it well last night, would just love to see her quietly announce that Kyle and Camille need to get a freakin life and to leave her OUT of their stupid argument dating back almost a year. She is too timid to jump up and yell Enough, Enough (a la Taylor), but we can dream. Kim, we’re rooting for you, girl!!!

            • VincenzoNewYork says:

              @Brigid: I hope that Kim defends herself during part II!!! I agree on the NY and Kyle Vs Camille. Kim could say:”You biotches need a life!! I am going home to chill, and practice my makeup application skills!”

              Lisa is still my favorite despite her passive-agressive digs towards Kim and others. She is walking a fine line between loving her and completely hating her…and I wonder if she really is all that genuine…She did attract Cedric into her life….
              I can only be open to Lisa right now and wait to see how her character develops throughout next season.

              • Brigid A. says:

                Any insight on Mauricio? He seems to be a solid family man but there’s got to be more to the Kyle/Mauricio story. He may have agreed to participate in the show as a great opportunity to network?

                He’s got to know his wife is a hothead at best and that she and her sister had a volatile history. She fought and argued the entire season, simultaneously contrasting that with her saintly image as wife and mother. He half-heartedly reprimanded her for the fight with Camille and wanted her to make things right.

                There’s got to be tension in the Umansky/Richards household these days. She couldn’t even hold it together for the reunion, months after filming ended.

          • Nancy says:

            I read that Kim was in rehab 7 yrs ago so I very much doubt this issue is new. That said Kyle had NO right saying anything in the limo and Lisa & Taylor should shut her mouths at the reunion re: Kim’s “issues”. These people call themselves ladies?

      • Nancy says:

        I read over the weekend that one of the Housewives does cocaine.
        My guess is “Taylor”.

    • Nancy says:

      Why do you think Kyle’s maid left in the middle of the night?

      • Brigid A. says:

        Of course! Totally forgot about the housekeeper midnight escape caper!

      • BChick says:

        I’ve been thinking about the whole nanny packing up in the middle of the night thing. I didn’t think much of it until I rewatched the Allison Dubuois comment about Maurico and the nannies after the dinner from hell. I wonder if there were some rumors swirling around about him having an affair. Just a thought….

        • VincenzoNewYork says:

          @Brigid: My comment is on the bottom of the page.

        • nathania says:

          I have to wonder as well, I read that article on the househusbands and they call Mauricio something and he responds by saying something like ‘what, not the “hot latin lover”?

          I was like, hmmm….

      • VincenzoNewYork says:

        ITA alot!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        For some reason I am picturing something about ‘wire hangers’

  26. Kip says:

    I came away from that show with two thoughts mainly; one- Taylor is a bitch. Period.
    Two- Kyle is a bitch. Period.

    • boston02127 says:

      Did you notice the evil look Kyle has?

      • Pantry Viewer says:

        Yes, she totally has that evil look down.

        Her mouth drives me nuts. It’s gross. When she starts screaming at people, if you will notice her tongue comes out like a cow tongue and swats around the side of her mouth. It’s gross!

        • boston02127 says:

          @Pantry Viewer —OMG & LOL, like a cow tongue, I almost pee’d laughing at that.

          • Pantry Viewer says:

            LOL! Seriously, check it out in a rerun where she’s screaming at Kim or Camille! It’s like she’s trying to corral in her spit or something as she’s screaming. Ewwwww!

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              “I ate Camille’s liver with fava beans…” slurp slurp

              • Pantry Viewer says:

                HAHAHAHA! OMG!

                And, Bridid, below, I agree. I would never comment or even care about someone’s physical appearance, except Kyle has made herself so incredibly ugly to me I had to comment.

                • Brigid A. says:

                  PV, seriously, King Kong comes to mind when Kyle does that hideous lower jaw thrust/maneuver when she’s yelling, which is most of the time in Kyle’s world.

            • Brigid A. says:

              If you’re referring to Kyle here, ITA. I posted yesterday that Kyle’s neglected orthodontic work (classic underbite) distorts her whole face when she’s angry. Very scary look when she starts her head roll, exposing all her lower teeth and projected jaw.

              It’s not like me to pick on a person’s physical flaws but Kyle brings out the worst in me.

    • 2Stupid says:

      My husband watched with me and all he could say is “that Kyle really has a chip on her shoulder.” I think she comes across with a lot of unaccounted anger. She is not like Nene unbridled anger, but she definitely do with some therapy. ARE YOU LISTENING KYLE?

  27. boston02127 says:

    The morning news about Charlie Sheen got me thinking. He was with five porn stars, doing drugs and drinking for days. Changes are one of the porn stars will end up on a reality show.

    If you sleep with a married man and hurt another woman and her children (Tiger Woods) changes are you’ll end up on a reality show.

    If you’re 15 and pregnant, you can get on a reality show.

    If you have a litter of kids (octomom) that you can’t care for, changes are you’ll end up on a reality show. (Kate)

    Kim Kardashian was a nobody, made a sex tape and then got a reality show.

    Paris Hilton made a sex tape and got the world to notice her & then got a reality show.

    If you live in swill and look like you haven’t bathed for days (Hoarders) you can be on a reality show.

    If you have no intentions of doing anything with your life except party, drink, fall on your face in your own puke (Jersey Shore) you’ll get on a reality show.

    If you have zero respect for yourself and allow some guy to stick his tongue down
    your throat along with 30 different peoples throats while in a jacuzzi, You can be on a reality show. (Bachelor)

    Jill, Kelly, Teresa, Caroline, Claude/Dina the wannabe, Taylor, Kyle and Camille get off your high horses. You’re on reality TV, no better than any other low life skank.

    • error404 says:

      Well, Reality TV makes us all feel better about ourselves.

      I know I pretty much leave every episode of RH thinking “ugh, these women are just awful! I’d never stoop to such lowness.”

    • 2Stupid says:

      Excellent points Boston. When you get down in the dirt….

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        You’re at a $60,000 kiddie party thrown by TaylorsaurusLips!

        • Nancy says:

          Re watch that episode and hear the snarky remark Ruselle says to his friend re: him getting their daughter that dog knowing his wife didn’t want one. There is no love in that marriage.

          • PJ says:

            Taylor gave her daughter a party that was not a children’s party. That party was about Taylor not her daughter. The poor kid didn’t even want to go to that party. Even the gift Taylor gave her wasn’t about her daughter, what four year old wants diamonds. At four you don’t even realize what diamonds are. At least Russell did something that made his daughter happy. I have to give him credit for that. He made Taylor look like an idiot.

            • Jules says:

              Yeah, and you have to remember Taylor comment about staying relevant in Beverly Hills demands that you have parties that people will continue to talk about. That party was NOT for Kennedy, it was for Taylor social standing – apparently she thinks we are all stupid!!!!!!

    • HD says:

      Girlllll you are telling the truth!!!

    • CdnFillie58 says:

      Right on Boston 🙂

  28. error404 says:

    After the first episode I thought that perhaps the Grammers were busted up and were just lying to the camera.

    Now I think that perhaps Camille is right. They were having problems, but they’d had had problems before and had weathered the storm. She may not have been surprised by the girlfriend, just surprised that this time he decided to marry the little tramp.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:


    • Kukulet says:

      I think there was an element of denial for a while on Camille’s part, too. She may have started to realize that Kelsey wasn’t willing to work through the problems this time, but was reluctant to confront that, especially with the cameras already up. I can’t blame her for that.

    • boston02127 says:

      Agreed….because Camille may be business smart but she’s not street smart. She’s sort of lives in a la la world. When she said she went to NY and couldn’t get in the apartment, I thought to myself….who lets that happen? It’s not like she strolled arcoss the street for tea, she flew across the country! I’d be banging on the door saying wtf is going on. I probably would have done a few surprise drop in’s over the summer too. What was she thinking???

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Bingo! He left to do a play, and would probably play, but was never supposed to stay away!

      I believe Camille really thought the marriage would last and she was in it for the long haul. You can tell Kelsey went with alot of prostitutes because he doesn’t get pre-nups and doesn’t mind paying to end a marriage. He is wealthy and has a John’s mentality of paying for sex and companionship. He’ll pay to get away. Some may consider it foolish, he just thinks it’s the cost of doing business.

  29. buffywood says:

    I think Kim’s statement (and I know it isn’t an exact quote) is very telling: “These are all of your friends”. From the beginning Kim was an outsider. She isn’t uber-rich, or at least she doesn’t pretend to be like I think Taylor does. She was the 6th wheel from the beginning and how much did Kyle try to integrate her into the group? Did she sit with her during the first episode during the basketball game? If I remember correctly she was put at the end next to Taylor who kept her back to her. Add that to the fact that she was already socially awkward (self admitted). She is like the nerdy sister the cool girl needs to bring to the party so her mom can let her go; but this isn’t high school. Kim was in a no win situation from the get go. Kyle’s priorities were off from day one; it is no wonder Kim didn’t speak up about things. It is nice to see that someone at least reached out to her, thanks Adrienne.

    • mimi0210 says:

      I agree. At Lisa’s charity fashion show Kyle says that she bought a table for her friends, yet there is no seat nor any mention of Kim.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        There might have been a seat for Kim, but Kim knew enough to stay away. I can totally see why she would need to debrief after Camille’s party and the madness that ensued.

        • Brigid A. says:

          In Kim’s talking head interviews, she clearly stated she didn’t attend some events because she couldn’t take the drama. She also advised Kyle to stay away from a party to avoid drama. Kim does have her sister’s back and exhibits more common sense than her fame-addicted sister.

    • neroes says:

      I agree. I think Kim is shy and out of her league with these piranhas. And what is that touchy feely and giggly stuff with Kyle and Taylor. Gross.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Cuz there’s nothing like Kyle’s big old ‘man hands’ all over a woman to make her feel desired.

        • Brigid A. says:

          Rabble, hilarious comments today. Brilliant.

        • Kimberly says:

          I have never liked Kyle, I thought she was mean towards Kim from the beginning.

          My theory is that in Kim’s socially awkward way she thought she did have Kyles back during the whole New York episode. I think that’s why she keeps calling Taylor out for causing problems with Kyle and Camille. Kyle and the rest of them just don’t get what she is trying to say.

          Lisa was always my favorite but I am very disappointed in her of late. I agree with whoever said she hides her cattiness with humor and I’m shocked that she doesn’t defend Kim when Taylor is on the attack because we know she agrees that Taylor caused the problems. So much for being blunt and to the point.

      • PJ says:

        I’ve been thinking the same thing about Taylor and Kyle.

  30. HD says:

    Great recap! I love your blog, Lynn and I just miss you from time to time. I always refresh the page to see “new blog”. Thanks for covering that thing that wanted to call a reunion last night.

    I also was suprised to learn about the women looking at Camille’s naked photos before going to her house. As the Atlanta saying goes, “where they do that at?” I mean really? You would think that would not even come up. I have never been with my girlfriends on the way to a dinner party and said, “hey let’s pull out our I-phones and google her naked pictures.” Having done that they came with attitude already. If you were really going to the dinner as a friend just go to the damn dinner.

    I can’t stand Taylor and that little smirk she gives like she is putting someone in their place. Honey, no one is scared of you whipping out any Oklahoma. I am from the hood, we don’t talk, we fight and discuss it later. 🙂

  31. tweatcyn says:

    @sophie exactly the point I was going to make. No way Camille can blame her dinner party behavior and follow up comments on the ladies looking at her nekkid pics in the limo. She would not have known about it. Don’t know why nobody rebutted her excuse on that one. @Lynn- I concur about all the ladies last night.

  32. WindyCityWondering says:

    Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that these women all use the internet – like we do? A rumor is thrown out there and off we go to look for information. Their world is about gossip, innuendo, scandal, wealth and image. When Andy asked if any of them knew the price of a gallon of milk it really hit home for me -of all the franchises these women are the most removed from my life and experiences. I tuned in for the clothes, shoes, houses, over the top parties, shopping and fantasy lifestyle – the rest of what we were shown is the dirty underside of everyday life and the human condition.

    • TLM says:

      But I actually think Andy was proven wrong by the Richards sisters. Kyle knew the price, and Kim could tell you what milk costs at Costco! Maybe this is part of why I like Kyle and Kim best.

      I think that Camille, Adrienne, Lisa all have others to do their shopping. Lisa can cook but I’m not sure she shops for the food. Adrienne has a full-time chef and I’m sure he does the shopping. Camille doesn’t do diddly for herself. Not sure about Taylor, but she does have a stylist come in and show her clothes, so it’s possible groceries are delegated to someone else as well.

      • Kukulet says:

        Actually, I can envision Taylor slapping on a wig and sunglasses and sneaking out to the dollar store for cheap munchies and rubber flip flops. Maybe that’s where she got her lip implants?

      • Nancy says:

        “Taylor” only did that for the camera so “we all” think she’s rich.
        It didn’t work “Taylor”!

  33. TLM says:

    Oh, this is not good for the Maloof.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      They live in a gated community and likely because of all the past Charlie drama knew it serious. I give them props for getting assistance immediately and wishing for his recovery.

    • CdnFillie58 says:

      TLM..why is this not good for the Maloofs?

      • HD says:

        I think it is very good for them. Thank goodness someone had presence of mind to call 911.

      • TLM says:

        Oh, I was joking. Any excuse to say “the Maloof.” LOL.

        However, I don’t think anyone really wants to be associated with Charlie Sheen in any way. I am sure the Maloof board members would have preferred not to see Adrienne’s face associated with Charlie Sheen’s being rushed to the hospital. And already several news outlets have lead with the fact that a Real Housewife was involved, not with Charlie Sheen. That has to suck.

    • Kukulet says:

      What isn’t good about it? It’s not like Paul Nassif was partying with Sheen or got caught in Sheen’s hotel room with hookers.

      Someone at Sheen’s house called him, Paul insisted they call 911 and then called the emergency line himself to play it safe. Probably what most of us would have done.

    • twoile says:

      @TLM that is why the Dr is our Paul Nassif ah ha!

  34. WSL says:

    OK I am Quincy’s age and while she does 15 medical,tests,shovels out 11 stalls, feeds 15 horses & 20 other animals,paints an award winning painting(see Lynn photo board),washes & sets her mom & 3 80+ year old friend’s hair after walking 4miles in the snow w/baskets of food. Hummmm what have I forgotten ? Oh after writing a blog and posting too many times to count.
    Well regardless,I am Quincy’s age. The posting is toooo fast and I can’t catch up. Since I read & post from my BB I don’t know if you can mark sections to come back to. I try to use find w/the time & should be more diligent in that method but I fear I haven’t responded to some VERY important questions. Help !
    Any way I love u guys so much & want to thank u for helping an old lady,compared to you,
    to feel like a Sis ta. I can promise YOU if anyone out side of the LynnFam threatened to go Okl. or even winked in a disrespectful way to u,I would organize the posse to hunt down the offender,confront their nastiness,& then Southern Belle then out back !
    Tickle them to DEATH !
    That means,they cry all their makeup off, the extensions get pulled out, Botox explodes,& spanx come off. The best part is when our offender “Crys Uncle”, we force them to
    admit all their lies !
    Oh all this is done on tape and we sell the video to the highest bidder & we get rich !!
    LynnFam ! U Da BEST & Da Only !

  35. TLM says:

    Re: The preview of the OC — how did that all happen so quietly under our noses? I completely forgot about OC. I am assuming Jeana was on Thintervention at the same time it was being filmed? I thought Jeana had left the show for good. Why return now?

    Could not believe the film of Tamra shoving Jeana. I really thought that Tamra had matured from that. Disappointing.

    • Kukulet says:

      How many times will Tamra cry on camera this season, I wonder? Last year, she was like a faucet. I’m betting she tops her own record.

  36. boston02127 says:

    GTG, Have a good morning/afternoon everyone. BBL.

  37. When we lived back east I had a friend who was a pediatrician. I wouldn’t have hesitated, under those circumstances, to call and ask her if this was an emergency worthy of a trip to the Emergency Room or just a bellyache that would go away on its own. Especially if I knew an trip to the ER would get the press all riled up.

  38. boston02127 says:

    Couldn’t leave without posting Jill’s tweet:

    Bravo blog, how to talk with me! Check it out! http://www.bravotv.com/blogs/the-dish/buy-jill-zarins-book-get-her-on-the-phone

    Jill, I’m gonna save .25 cents & ask you here, are you that desperate for money?
    Sad…sad life Mizz Jill.

    • TLM says:

      Wait, does this mean I can yell at Jill on the phone? Sign me up! LOL.

      In all seriousness, how ridiculous is this as a promotion. And who the F is buying 10 books at a time? Does Jill think companies will buy this like they do Dale Carnegie’s book to give to employees? Delusional.

    • Debbie says:

      I say we suck it up and pitch in together and buy 10 books together in Lynn’s name and let Lynn ave the phone call. It could be our gift to Lynn for this blog.

    • Nancy says:

      OMG I have to go and vomit! I’m speechless!

  39. Kellita says:

    Great, thorough blog as usual!

    I CANNOT STAND Taylor and her cruel, superior, dismissive attitude toward Kim, and her refusal to own any of her behavior.

    I am very disappointed in Kyle, whom I liked for most of the season. I thought she looked awful last night; cold, snooty and haggard.

    I agree that Camille held up really well under all the criticism. She did a good job of looking unruffled. I respect her for owning some her stuff. I sure wish Taylor and Kyle would.

    Kim, I thought, looked the best I’ve ever seen her. She is clearly the kindest and most down-to-earth. I am dreading next week, though.

  40. TLM says:

    I stand corrected… I guess Jeana makes an appearance on OC Housewives but is no longer a cast member.

    Just read that Jeana did an interview with Radar Online where she said she went on double dates with Simon and his new gf, and Jeana said Tamra fabricated claims of domestic abuse. Not cool. First, when I saw Tamra and Simon in that last episode, she was physically afraid of him and “making him angry,” and I strongly suspected physical abuse. She did not want to be left alone with him. I was really disappointed that Andy never addressed that in the reunion. Second, neither Jeana nor anyone else knows what goes on behind closed doors. Just because Jeana thought he was a nice guy proves nothing. Third, why would Jeana talk to the press about that? I just think Jeana is a dingbat sometimes, and like Gretchen said, she makes excuses for irresponsible people for some reason.

    I don’t think Tamra should have shoved her or thrown a drink in her face. I think instead she should have sued her for defamation.

  41. Hmmmmmm says:

    So there is an entry on TMZ about Kim (I scrolled down and didn’t see this, sorry if this is a double) allegedly security was called on her after she was too wasted to fly. They say she kept bothering the staff about a fly delay and ended up being at the wrong gate the whole time. They say she was escorted out of the airport with no further incident and sources say the family has been dealing with her issues for a long time. Here is a link to the video they posted, the entry in on TMZ’s main blog.


  42. Zoey says:

    Loved the blog Lynn, and all you witty, sharp, snarky commenters!!! If Kim could get a little more excitement going in her life maybe she could get a SPIN-OFF, and boy wouldn’t that just make Skeletor go craaazy! Come on Bravo, script it if ya have to!

    So a while back while surfing the net I came across a real estate site for luxury property. There were celebrity homes for sale. And LO and behold, but what house do I see? It says it belongs to Cher, but is sure looks like the house Camille was lounging around in in Hawaii. If anyone’s interested I can try to find the website again. I could be wrong but the pool area looked exactly like it.
    I mean, I know the Grammers have money, and they could buy a house there, but it just makes me not believe a lot of what they’re saying. I’m pretty sure Camille said they have a home in Hawaii. Shame on them renting!

    On that note also, I read that there was an event in Hawaii and that’s why Camille went, but it was something to do with Kelsey’s work/for him. He couldn’t go, so she went anyway. Bravo filming was secondary, just following her there I think. So it would make sense for Kyle to sort of be surprised that Camille was going without Kelsey. I’ve forgotten what the event was (my memory is kaput!) but I can look it up if ya like.

    Poor Kim. Whether she has a substance abuse problem or not, I just didn’t see it but it very well could be, she is just not good at defending herself. It should not be an insult that you’re not good at fighting! Kyle and Taylor are experts at fighting. It either comes natural or they have lots of practice.

    I have more thoughts but I gotta run, electrician is here. He’s going to check my ‘outlets’. Hope he’s cute…

    • twoile says:

      @Z, The reason Cameltoe went 2 H 2 represent K was b/c K had (heart prob) & received gr8 care @ that Hospital & C was there 4 their fundraiser. My memory won’t give me the name of hospital:0)

  43. Miss Katherine says:

    Camille impressed me last night because she held herself together so well. I think that Life And Style cover was ridiculous and unfair in calling her the most-hated housewife. What about Jill? Or Teresa? Kelly? Tamra? There are so many better options because I truly don’t believe that Camille is an evil person. Insecure, catty, jealous… yes. but aren’t we all to an extent? I think she really regrets calling Kyle jealous not be cause “everyone is laughing at her” as Kyle said (oh i loathe kyle now! she’s totally a Jill… popular and wonderful for a few episodes until the real behavior/agenda/dirty tactics surface), but because she realizes now how poorly things were actually going for her.

    i agree that faye resnick is morally corrupt… she rode the coattails of her friend’s murder to make her name and show her tits. camille admits to making a poor choice in her early 20s but her motivation/publicity was not questionable, unlike faye.

    and Taylor is everything we’ve already called her and more. she says she’s a people pleaser. i say she’s a 2-faced bitch! with the surrogate comment and refusing to own up to it, baiting Kim, and trying to put completely implausible spins on her conversation with camille pre-nyc blowout as well as the “going oklahoma on your ass.” that phrase means only one thing and violence is implicit. just own up to your mistakes. camille did and i’m already beginning to see her in a better light. defensiveness, denial, and diversion (instead attacking kim) will only get you the kind of cult hatred jill zarin enjoys.

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      Hi twoile, I’ll copy my earlier thoughts on the TMZ video here.

      Okay, the TMZ video of Kim was from July. What a coincidence that it hits TMZ at the same time Kyle has been doing her PR blitz to rehabilitate her shitty image. I find it a chilling thought that Kyle or her PR people could be behind it. The last line of the TMZ print article read practically verbatim what Kyle has been saying in her “press releases” and out loud. The video is not so bad and doesn’t need to be on TMZ. The majority of comments say TMZ sucks for posting it and even speculate Kyle could be behind it.

    • Debbie says:

      I don’t like that they are just now posting this as it happened in July. I take a xanax when I fly. If she was hiding something, she would have never pulled out a pill bottle in public. If she was hiding something she would have gone into a restroom and taken the pill in a stall. I think this video is nothing more than opportunistic and I swear I believe that all the Hiltons and Richards have issues and they are throwing Kim under a very long and hurtful bus.

      • Brigid A. says:

        I’ve mentioned this before, but can someone locate and repost that video of party girl Taylor totally drunk, wasted, using Kyle as a prop to stand up straight? Oh, and letting some random man grab her crotch from behind while she’s drunkenly twirling to show her “naked” dress (far worse than Sex & the City Carrie’s “naked” dress…LOL).

        I’m afraid Taylor’s going to get her attorney to get it off the internet. Andy needs to see it asap.

        • Pantry Viewer says:

          Seriously, that video was waaay worse of Taylor’s drunken behavior. It was sickening to see Taylor, who couldn’t even stand up without propping up, much less focus her eyes, thinking she was the hottest thing. She and Kyle really love that attention, don’t they?

          Ugh, and Kyle putting on her lip gloss when she sees the cameras? Huge eyeroll. I’ll have to see it again to see if she does that nasty thing with her cow tongue, swiping the side of her mouth before she glosses like she does when she’s yelling.

          • Brigid A. says:

            Ugh, thanks for reminding me of that lip gloss scene. Notice how long it took for a simple gloss application? It’s a lot of work to prop up a drunken giraffe.

  44. PJ says:

    Kyle: I never liked her from the first interaction I saw her have with her sister. I think Kyle is a bully. Kyle proves that money indeed can’t buy you class. Nothing that happened in part one of the reunion changed my mind about Kyle.

    Camille: I actually never thought she was as bad as people were making her out to be. I felt that there was more than met the eye to the argument between Kyle and Camille. Something happened, I don’t think Camille just made it all up. Now we know that Taylor got involved and stirred the pot. The fact that the ladies, or at least Faye, came to Camille’s house with pictures of Camille that she planned to have the others look at on the way home is outrageous. I thought I detected an attitude from Faye at Camille’s house. Personally I always thought the same thing about Faye that Camille thought and so did a lot of people during and after the OJ trial. I didn’t think that Camille was referring to Playboy when she called Faye morally corrupt, I thought it was about Faye making money off the death of a friend. Camille owned up on the reunion and I think she did well in representing herself and her point of view despite Kyle trying to bull doze over her. It was mean of people to assume that Camille used a surrogate because she didn’t want to ruin her figure. I am warming to Camille, the reunion helped her.

    Kim: I like Kim. She is compelling, vulnerable, and sad. I’d like to see more of her story on the show. I’m sad for her that she has a pit bull for a sister who bullies her and who seems to think its ok for her friends to do the same. Despite the problems people keep saying Kim has she has the best judgment of people of all these ladies. When she does say something she is spot on in her assessment. She was absolutely correct about Taylor’s violent threat to her. A threat is a threat and it was used by Taylor in an attempt to intimidate Kim into silence.

    Adrienne: I like her too. She had genuine compassion for Camille at the reunion and she was the only one who did. She seems like the most normal of the bunch despite her net worth.

    Lisa: I started out thinking she was great but now I’m kind of on the fence about her.

    Taylor: She was under the radar at the beginning of the season but now at the end I can’t stand her at all. From her fake smile to her insistence on blaming everyone else for what she does, never taking any responsibility. BTW I wonder if she has ever looked at her face in the mirror from a side view, because it isn’t pretty. Taylor basically had her hand in every drama this season. She stirred the pot between Kyle and Camille and she caused the argument between Kyle and Kim. Taylor started the fight with Kim at the BD party. The evidence is on tape but still Taylor can’t admit that she started things. Taylor insists on blaming it on the fact that Kim had the nerve to stand up. Taylor just launched into an attack on Kim. If standing up was really a problem why didn’t Taylor suggest that she and Kim sit down and talk. In my opinion Taylor is quickly achieving Jill Zarin status on the hated housewives scale. The reunion made me dislike Taylor even more than I already did.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I totally agree with you about Taylor. Imagine Kim having the nerve to stand up as Taylor was looming over her….

      In some Bravo sneak peaks, Taylor still can’t admit she was the face of that fiasco at the BD party and has the nerve to suggest that ‘there might have been other factors involved’. Lisa then goes on to talk about how alchoha can effect people.

      Umm, is Taylor talking about herself.

      Can’t she just say she was drunk and started talking shit?

      Nope- it’s all Kim’s fault.

      • PJ says:

        I loved Andy just coming out with the fact that Taylor started the fight. He didn’t ask, he just stated that she did start the fight. But amazingly even when confronted with the truth Taylor skates over the truth and goes after Kim.

    • Nancy says:

      “Taylor” is 100% calculated!

  45. WSL says:

    I am reading the rankings of disgust between Kyle,Camille & Taylor.
    I have another perspective to mention in this ranking decision. I know who I dislike the most but I also want to consider which of the three has the most power to influence and there perpetuate their evil.
    Camille has, not only the most “power” or star friends w/influence but also the most $$$ to spend via PR etc to create her story & perpetuate her lies as spin. So to me Camille is the most dangerous. Think what a nobody like Foghorn has done to weasel around w/Boooo beee’s $$$ & a BJ !
    Taylor :”What rock did she crawl out from under” ?
    Taylor the grifter,is on a very thin “power” plank that when/if it breaks only the alligators will care. She just is not in a position of influence past her new Bravolebirity status.We have seen w/Tree that being caught grifting has serious consequences at least is cute & makes fun of her self in person. Taylor may have the skin of an alligator to match her lips of a blow fish.
    Taylor : “What rock,will she crawl back under?” I just don’t see her having any influence to speak of.

    Kyle didn’t crawl out from under a rock. Kyle is from an established Dynasty who may eventually bond to spin for the family benefit. Who knows,Kim is likely to come under control to protect the family brand !

    Ok that’s just my opinion. But when I have a business situation I am developing a strategy for “conquest”, I would focus the big guns on Camille,then Kyle and would ignore Taylor,believing that if u give her enough rope,she will choke herself.
    Ok so I am talking about stopping the ability for our evil BHW to have their behavior condoned.
    Maybe u rank just the opposite & go for Taylor because she would be the easiest to “knock off her horse”.

    • PJ says:

      I don’t think Camille is the person on this show with the most money, I think Adrienne and Lisa are right up there. As far as Kyle goes if she unites with the Hiltons then they are probably the richest, and maybe the most powerful. Kyle was an actress herself and knows how to play the game; Camille was only married to an actor. Not intentionally I’m sure, but they did manage to get Camille at her most vulnerable moment this season. She didn’t know about the divorce but she knew something was wrong in her marriage long before the divorce was asked for, that would make for a lot of stress in her life. I believed her when she said Kelsey was the one who thought the apartment was too small for the family, he wanted his new love to be there and a wife and kids would have put a big road block in their path. As for Taylor she doesn’t have the money or connections but she has caused most of the problems this season. As long as Taylor is influencing the big players she is dangerous. Notice Taylor didn’t dare go after Camille at the reunion.

  46. TLM says:

    Anyone remember Mary Kay LeTourneau? She’s still a dingbat.

    They just had her on the Today Show with her now-27-y.o. husband Vili. Their daughters are 12 and 13…hard to believe. She is 48. I can’t believe this woman used to be a teacher and now works as a legal secretary. She can’t put a sentence together and talks like someone who had a head injury. When asked what they had in common, all she could come up with is, “We both like music.” As an afterthought, struggling to find a better answer, she awkwardly got out that they both believe in treating people nicely.

    She was asked how she would feel if her daughters told her they were in a relationship with a male teacher 21 years their senior, since Vili was 13 when he took up with her. I still don’t understand WTF her answer was. I actually rewound and did a word-for-word transcript:

    LeTourneau: Well, one, well I just want to preface that…um, there really isn’t a comparison to, um, a male…mmm…in the situation compared to a female. But, uh, so…

    Vieira: What do you mean?

    LeTourneau: Uh, I just don’t believe that, uh, I don’t believe… there’s, um, physiological, ummm, issues with a female having, engaging in, ummm, sexual activity I would be worried if she was with someone her own age because, ummm, just ideally. Ummm, particularly for a female. Later. (laughs) So…

    Ok, what in the fucking hell was that???

    And she actually did not pause between “sexual activity” and “I would be worried.” She was like a runaway psychotic train. The pauses and content made absolutely no sense. The interview continued:

    Vieira (looking confused): But, Mary Kay, if you had a son then who was 13 and having a relationship with his female teacher, that would be ok?

    LeTourneau: No, I didn’t say it would be ok. I think in an ideal world, nobody would say that’s ok. [Wow! A coherent thought! But look out…] You want…you want your children to wait you want them to…umm, because you want them to be productive adults and get an education first, and, ummm, experience all of…sorts of, actual fun (laughs).

    That last quote had to be seen to appreciate its weirdness. Her affect is strange, and her laughs are just odd.

    I do think Vili is much more well-spoken and seems to have a better head on his shoulders than Mary Kay does.

  47. TNBelle2 says:

    Thank you Lynn as usual for another excellent blog and forum for us to express our views. I agree with you about Camille at least she owns up to her garbage. That Taylor house wife on the other hand is a REAL piece of work. OOO I got an idea for another Bravo Dramedy. How about the ex- communicate HW show Bravo’s RH Believe it or not.
    Put them all in a house the starcast: Jill Zarin, Kelly Bensimon, NeNe Leakes, Kim Zolciak, Teresa Giudice, Danielle Staub, Vicki Gunvelson, Gretchen Rossi, Taylor Armstrong and Kyle Richards woo hoo. What do you think. I just crack up laughing wouldn’t that be a show. RFLMAO who would come out alive and what alliances would be formed.

  48. Zoey says:

    Here’s a few pictures of the house in Hawaii that Cher just sold, where the pool and hot tub area look just like the one where Camille was staying. I find it interesting because I thought she said they owned a home there.


    • NormaJean says:

      Cher sold that house over a year ago.

    • PJ says:

      They do own the home in Hawaii. I believe that home was featured in an Architectural Digest several years ago and Kelsey and Camille owned it then; also Kelsey mentioned it years ago on talk shows he was on.

  49. CdnFillie58 says:

    Well put WSL. I had no change of heart about Camille, especially after last night. It was pure acting on her part. Kelsey’s taught her well in my opinion.
    Kyle..wonder if she noticed the cameras kept flashing back to her whenever the focus turned to Camille. Might be a good idea to wear big ole sunglasses Kyle, you have very expressive eyes.
    Kim..darn tooting she was “crunked”. She was NOT looking the best she’s ever looked. I was really uncomfortable watching her…even her voice was a few octaves lower to me. (Not sure if I’m using the correct musical term as I’m pretty much musically challenged 😛 ) Wonder if she’s going the make sure the cameras are going to be on her when she has her “big breakdown”. She does want to get back into acting.
    Adrienne.. I love her and Paul to pieces. To me they are the modern Ricki and Lucy and definitely played it up for the cameras. Paul always has that quirky smirk on his face, and Adrienne has that long suffering look that goes with “yep he’s all mine”
    Taylor..I have a hard time hearing when she speaks, I can’t get past that mouth…enough said. Maybe that’s why she is the way she is…no one hears her 😛
    Lisa…I’m sorry to say I was right all along about Cedric. I thought she was more on the ball than that, it only took me 2 episodes to see he was a scammer, took her how many years?? But I love her the best.
    Of all of them…I hope to see Lisa, Adrienne, Camille, and yes Taylor too back next season…as for Kim and Kyle, I don’t want to see them unless the dynamics have changed, watching them is too painful.

  50. Rabble Rouser says:

    While IMO Camille hasn’t redeemed herself, that spot of blood on Kyle’s hand seems to get bigger and bigger.

    I am better Kyle will say they edited the reunion to make her look bad and pander to Camille.

  51. Miss Anthrope says:

    Taylor has absolutely no social etiquette. Everything about the way she acted last night made me want to jump through the screen and “get all Boston on her ass”. She is just like Camille. Always dodging the tough questions by shifting the blame. It’s pathetic. I think she took Camilles “most hated housewife” title.

    I was proud of Kim for standing up to Taylor last night and calling her out. And you could tell that Taylor knew that Kim had a good point because she really didn’t have any way to defend herself aside from telling her not to talk about her charity.

    When Taylor made that passive agressive threat to Kim I wanted to punch her. Then she has the balls to say that she protects Kim? Nice intimidation tactics. She must be hanging out with the Manzos. The fact that she hung the threat of talking about her “frame of mind” over her head as a way to get her to stop talking about what a bitch she is was enough to make me throw my tv out the window.

    But what bothered and baffled me the most was how Taylor would talk to Kyle about Kim. “Should I discuss her frame of mind? Cause she’s pushing me there”. WTF? That’s her SISTER. You don’t talk about someone to their sister like that. That’s just wrong and strange. And shame on Kyle for just sitting there while she said those things. If I remember correctly, Kim did once say that she would not be friends with Camille out of loyalty to Kyle. Why is it that Kyle is still friends with Taylor after she verbally abuses and threatens her?

    Ughhhhh I’m almost as annoyed by this reunion as I was with the last New Jersey reunion.

    • RubyNewbie says:

      Probably Kyle has kept her yap shut about Taylor’s nastiness towards Kim is because Kyle knows she has said waaaayyy too much to the wrong person. Taylor would probably just spill every bean about what Kyle has shared with her about Kim. Kim would be pissed all over again and Kyle would come off even worse. Seems Kyle has painted herself into a corner dealing with that viper Taylor.

      • Adgirl says:


        • 2Stupid says:

          I think you are totally right. I think Kyle has messed with an alley cat and she doesn’t know how to tame the beast. Taylor is going to be relevant no matter what she has to do. She thought Camille was goint to be top dog, so she talked smack to her in NY. Then when the tables turned she sucked up to Kyle. Kyle probably threw a few back and blabbed every deep dark secret of Kim’s.

          • Nancy says:

            The only reason “Taylor” befriended Kyle is so her and her husband can scam money out of them.
            They sure have a lot of practice behind them
            Go Taylor!

          • Jules says:

            I think Kyle purposely blabbed everything to Taylor because she knew Kim would push Taylor’s buttons, and then she could get Taylor to spill the beans on Kim, and walk away looking all innocent about outting her sister some more.

      • MichellefromNY says:

        YES!! Now I don’t have to feel so bad about liking Kyle. I figured there must be something more there and that’s why kyle is so silent when taylor threatens her sister.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        If Kyle’s silence is payment for Taylor’s keeping secrets-I’m sure there’s more to it than her vents about Kim, Taylor probably has an arsenal of snide and catty remarks Kyle levied against the other housewife’s.

  52. Rabble Rouser says:

    Taylor’s twitter is lit up with people calling her out.

    Kyle has everyone telling her to watch out for Taylor and that she should have NEVER allowed Taylor to talk to her sister like that

    Lisa and Aidrianee’s twitter has nice things about them.

    Lisa is said to be DM-ing people and asking who they think came off the worst last night.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      can you provide me with links? 🙂 I don’t do twitter very often but I’m curious now!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Here are some of them…although in the last hour she has gotten some nice tweets because she posted a picture of her and family. She is using a 4 year old as a sheild.

        If you go on twitter and under the search type in @tayloratweets you can see all the tweets to her.

        @tayloratweets Are u going to rehab after being stinking drunk in that video? We the fans aren’t cowards! YOU r a nasty piece of work

        @kylerichards18, why do you let @tayloratweets talk to your sister that way? also – airing your sisters dirty laundry is tacky and classless

        @tayloratweets Taylor Armstrong needs 2 B let go by Bravo. wht an excuse she is 4 a human . I luv @KimRichards11 & wish her all the best

        @tayloratweets http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftoOjlrFqCw&feature=youtube_gdata_player TAYLOR DRUNK THE VIDEO IS DISGUSTING SHE IS SLOSHED

        @tayloratweets Not to be mean but after watching last night I have concluded that you were the one that started (cont) http://tl.gd/8escch

        • Miss Anthrope says:

          haha that’s awesome. I saw that drunk video of her this morning and it wasn’t so much that she seemed wasted that bugged me. It was the way she was whoring it up for the cameras like she was Lindsay Lohan or something.

  53. NYCer says:

    Thank you for this blog! I first found you when I was so outraged with Jill Zarin’s behavior the day she released the (inaccurate) announcement of Bethenny giving birth to a boy. I couldn’t believe Jill was getting away with her obnoxious, bullying behavior, as she seemed to be a darling of Bravo’s, was selling an advice book, and seemed to have a group of loyal fans. I thought I was the only one who saw the truth. Now I’m watching the same thing play out with Kyle and her sidekick Taylor—the mean girls of Beverly Hills. Somehow the whole cast seems to be on Kyle’s side, she’s a Bravo darling and a favorite of Andy’s, and she has a ton of people on twitter who are so in love with her hair that they can’t stop talking about it, overlooking the fact that she physically went after her sister in the limo, after berating her all season. It’s sickening to me.

    I just watched a clip of next week’s Reunion Part II and there Taylor sits (again), deflecting a question about her role in the fight at her birthday party by bringing up Kim’s drinking. And it looks like Andy lets her get away with it, by letting the question die and then asking Kim if she has a drinking problem. Taylor was the aggressor in that fight, and because Kyle had told Lisa earlier in the evening that Kim was drunk, even Lisa thought it was Kim who was the cause of the fight.

    The worst segment last night was Kyle and Taylor giggling and holding hands, minutes after Taylor had insulted Kim. It is one thing to let your sister fight her own battles and stay out of her arguments, but it is so LOW to kiss up to her tormentor. Really, it made me sick. And now Kyle’s PR rep is in overdrive (as Jill Zarin’s was), getting her stories in US Weekly and People and getting her booked on Live with Regis and Kelly. It’s the apology tour—once they realized her “asshat” was showing on the finale, she had to put out press about how much she loves her family and how people don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s never a real apology.

    I really wish they had filmed the reunion after showing the finale, so that Andy could have been more representative of the audience. It feels like he is going to be harshest on Camille and Kim, and will let Kyle and Taylor get away with everything.

    Like I thought with RHONY last year, I don’t know if I can watch this show anymore. Thank you again Lynn for your blog—it’s nice to know that I’m not alone in my dislike of Kyle and Taylor. And I would pay money to watch you face to face with either of them!

  54. buffywood says:

    There has been some discussion on the wealth of the “ladies” up above. I have to say I do not find Taylor’s house to be at all impressive. It is not very large and has barely any yard. While they have a pool, there doesn’t look to be anything else in the back yard. Do any of you want to do any digging on the property value/history?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Camille, Lisa and Adrienne have the type of homes/estates I envision for BH. Taylor, Kyle and Kim have what I considered upscale subdivision houses and are paying for the zip code/location.

    • Brigid A. says:

      To me, Taylor’s house looks like a zillion others in moderately upscale neighborhoods here in Southern California. I believe she and Lisa USED to be neighbors? If that’s the case, Russell isn’t doing a good job of supporting his anorexic little Princess.

      • twoile says:

        @B I remember Lisa saying, that Taylor is a former neighbor of hers & A’s,early on in the series. So it would appear that she has downsized hence the need 2 rent a facility 2 celebrate the 4yos Bday etc.;0)

    • Nancy says:

      It’s rented!

  55. California35 says:

    Great Blog Lynn!!!

    I need to go back to read the posts, but I wanted to wish you all a happy Friday!! Also,
    letting you know (if you don’t know already) that

    Bethenny Frankel will be in Chicago tomorrow.
    “……Then I need to decide where to eat in Chicago on Saturday. It’s been an awesome food crawl.”

  56. MichellefromNY says:

    Rabble Rouser, I like you to 🙂

    It’s nice that we can agree to disagree and not be mad at each other for thinking the “wrong” thing. That’s something these housewives have yet to learn lol

  57. WindyCityWondering says:

    While it was a boring first half of their reunion – I loved, loved, loved when they all got handsy and puppy piled to Andy’s chagrine.

  58. Adgirl says:

    “Kaylor” the Kyle-Taylor Death Star.

    Kyle: “”In a town full of phonies, I’m not afraid to be me”.
    So she picks the phoniest person ever as her new BFF??

    Taylor: It may look like I have it all, but I want more”.
    Taylor waits to see who will be popular and who isn’t. As soon as Kyle emerges as the “victor” of the NY feud Taylor wraps herself around her like a python.

    They make my ears bleed.

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      I noticed that as well. I definitely think Taylor was sucking up to Camille, tattling that there was “talk” about her to try to be her bestie. Then Camille derailed herself and Taylor jumped ship to Kyle. And, seriously, the analogy of Taylor wrapping herself around Kyle like a Python is spot on.

    • twoile says:

      @Agirl, Do u think it could b that Kyle is hopeing she will look much better next2 T?

  59. patrick says:

    All I can think when I watch Kyle Richards is… Brenda Walsh! Am i the only one who sees this? And she’s a lil unhinged like Brenda and has a close but difficult relationship with her siblings like Brenda. Not to mention the hot boyfriend (in this case, husband).

    The previews for OC look so much more exciting than NYC. Looks like these ladies finally learned they need to bring on the drama to get some ratings.

    Finally, I’ve been sick all day and have had Bravo on in the background. Every 15 minutes without fail i see crazy ass Kelly Killorin Bensimone with her stupid umbrella. I can’t take it.

  60. lillybee says:

    Great blog, Lynn.

  61. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Great recap Lynn.

    ADRIENNE was quiet and understated. Her loudest moment was her shoes! Stunning! Adrienne is a fierce protector with a kind heart. She became emotional in seeing Camille’s marriage fall apart in the montage. She is a class act. Eff off IsaacMizerable.

    KIM the much maligned sad lady, who seems to be a goldfish in a pool full of sharks. She must have been unaware how vicious these shows are, and thought her sister would protect her. How bad could it be after all, when the other HW’s were all her sister’s friends? IT’S BAD! She has been scolded, pranked and ridiculed by Lisa. She is insulted and threatened by Taylor and continually attacked by her own sister! Kim tried to stand up for herself in the beginning of the reunion but seems like she gave up once she saw her sister was allowing Taylor to go unchecked. When Taylor started making veiled threats she shut down. Kim has been isolated not because it is self-imposed, but because of her sisters disdain which is copied by her friends. The only two who treat her well are Adrienne and Camille.

    CAMILLE had continually tried to revamp her image by apologizing and explaining away her bad behaviour during filming. She openly discussed her divorce with Kelsey and didn’t brag about her future settlement. She told her story and didn’t bash Kelsey more than necessary. At times she looked emotionless, and I guess I could understand why she wasn’t as emotional as Adrienne. The expression all cried out comes to mind, mixed with a tranquilizer or two. While agitated at times with Kyle, she remained cool even when Kyle viciously responded to her apologies with catty retorts. She even managed to laugh at a joke about Kelsey’s infedility.

    LISA is not the innocent cheeky Brit she pretends to be. She is quite vicious with her insults, which she hides in her quips that are delivered with her haughty accent. She never meant for _______ to happen ATALL! This is the way she feigns innocence by sparking actions and not understanding reactions “ATALL”. ONE WORD! Lisa seemed upset she was seated at the end of the couch. On the webcam she said to Andy that she liked the middle and he said she’d be fine. She so thought she’d be in seat 1 or at least next to Kyle. This elder statesman has her hand in the cauldron quite a bit. She is jealous and demanding, wanting to control the group but her crew has another leader. Kyle!

    KYLE is a vicious, cruel, manipulating, dirty bitch! I SAID IT! LOL Anyone who would allow their sister, who they promised their mom they’d take care of- yada yada yada-, to be insulted, abused and threatened by their new bestie is of the lowest lifeform. Her encouragement of Taylor’s behaviour against Kim is unforgiveable. Instead of demanding a detante between the two, she enjoys Taylor mistreatment of Kim, and taunts Kim by holding hands and giggling like schoolgirls in order to torture her sister. She has parlayed a disagreement with Camille into WWBH’s by blowing her top everytime, cursing and questioning people’s sanity. She extends the battle by blaming her sister for not clearing her of the accusation repeatedly, and by refusing to see Taylor as the instigator of the “fight” and taking her side against Kim. SHE has the ball of a burglar, the shit of a bull and the hands of a man! WHORE-RIBBLE!

    TAYLOR what can be said about those gi-normous lips and warped head that hasn’t already been said? PLENTY!!! She is so hateful towards Kim, because Kim still has a chance at regaining Kyle’s favor. It’s called sisters. She refuses to stop reminding Kyle how Kim didn’t have her back and that Kim is an alcholic who is causing Kyle such distress. She has gone into the reunion, ready willing and able to accuse Kim of being an alcoholic who has caused dissention within the group! She will state it and back Kyle’s claims of exhaustion and embarassment over Kim’s alcoholism, in order to continue to be seated next to Kyle. If there were another top dog, Kyle would be kissing that ass too! That is why her lips are so damn big!

    • 2Stupid says:

      I have to concur about Kim. I really think she went into this blindly trusting Kyle. I really belive Kyle isn’t as vile as she seems in the little snippets we see, yet she really has some deep seeded resentment towards her sister. I don’t think she sees how utterly dismissive she has been of Kim. Trust me things have not always been peachy and rosey with my sister, and I have said things I have regretted, but it is NEVER about the argument at hand. It is over a grudge I’ve held for 20 years.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        I have 2 older sisters and they fight tooth and nail. It’s been that way all of my life. I try to be Switzerland but end up being Velveeta and melt! LOL The only good part about it is that it’s not caught on film!

        One sister once told me that although I wasn’t the cause of their mutual resentment, that like AlSharpton once said about whites and slavery, “Yeah but you enjoyed the setup!” LOL

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      @Amber: I love your viewpoints…especially your opinion of Lisa. She is my favorite, but it is becomming harder to favor her! At the end, I may hate them all, except for Kim and Adrienne.
      Also- Lisa has to watch herself-if she portrays herself in a negative light, it could affect Villa Blanca and Sur.

    • PJ says:

      I agree with you about Kyle. She goes for the kill like the pit bull she is. Camille tried admitting her errors and Kyle rather than be gracious just went for the kill. Kim sits there and is attacked by the condescending, nasty Taylor and Kyle says nothing. Even in the clip showing Kyle holding Kim’s hand it does not look warm and loving. It’s like Kyle has no fellow feeling or compassion, especially for her own sister. I think Kim and Taylor are a good match for each other, they are the same.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      ITA with everything you have said. Spot on.

      I’m hoping that next season shows Adrienne and Kim becoming good friends. Kim could use a friend like Adrienne who is not judgmental, petty, and untrustworthy. Adrienne may not have been particularly exciting on the show but she genuinely seems to have her head screwed on straight and is a very empathetic person. We don’t see many (if any….) women like that on RH shows.

      I will be honest and say that I really wish that she hadn’t gotten work done to her face and would get rid of those hair extensions. I think she looks worse than Taylor :/

    • twoile says:

      @Amber, You r right on target, Taylor is Kyles substitute used 2 punish Kim 4 being successful as a child when Kyle was semi-successful…..along with what treatment BIG Kathy gave 2 Kim (as the breadwinner) vs Kyle (second choice sibling) as proven by the alledged assignment 4 Kyle 2 take care of Kim. Double edge sword assignment…Kyle has appointed control of Kim as well as responsibility, which can certainly lead 2 abuse given both the role Big K gave 2 the girls as they grew up as well as the overwhelming resentment Kyle harbors 4 a lifetime, not just as a result of being given the responsibility of Kim upon Big Ks death.

  62. Butters'Mom says:

    You know what they say about blowfish…they can kill you!

  63. California35 says:

    I don’t see the point on having 2 part or 3 part reuninons when they only stresh it to make it long. I can see that they stresh it to keep viewers hooked and keep the ratings going, but it isn’t good as far as the substance. There were some good points on the first part, but they keep showing things “to come” that are the important parts. Then we get to the second part and there will be only a few minutes of what we want to see. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I rather have one really good one. Besides, I want the BH to be over with so that we get to the NY. Also, most of the time we get more information about wives from other place outside of Bravo…

  64. VincenzoNewYork says:

    I DEMAND THAT BRAVO AIRS US SOME FOOTAGE IN RESPECT TO KIM. There is way too much back story to understand what went on. These editors need to use their brains when creating an episode. Clearly, everyone on this blog has the intellect to decipher what they think happened, but I want actual facts and footage to support some of the statements made by Taylor, Kyle, and Lisa. Kim Richards deserves that. We need more of the story at this point.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      What happened in Vegas according to the producer’s blog was not filmed – the conversation between Camille, Kyle and Kim about the Kelsey who wants to see you without him. This set up the Camille vs Kyle season long fight. It escalated in NYC – IMO what really happened at that table was purposely not shown – we only saw the Camille/Kyle fight continue. Kim could have stopped this many times and chose not to do so. Taylor could fill in the blanks at the NYC table but it appears she may not be able to do so because she was asked not to. ITA with you that footage to back up claims/accusations are missing – be it an editor’s choice or that the footage was unusable….I doubt we will ever really know.

      • VincenzoNewYork says:

        @WcW: Thanks for your input. Hopefully the truth will come out…maybe next seasons’s reunion…remember NJ and Dina’s custody issue? Lol. Stuff is bound to come out…

      • twoile says:

        @W, lack of information creates tension which creates drama which creates viewers which creates increase in possible revenues re:commercials. The proof is in the BLOGS especially Lynns’ look at the numbers here, we complain they get rich, promote Andy, THE PETER principle run rampent. IMHO!

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      That’s an excellent point. I tend to think that if the editors had damaging footage of her like that then they would have shown it. If they were going to air the footage of Kyle outing her then theres no reason they wouldn’t have at least heavily implied that she was drunk during inappropriate times.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Remember at RHNY reunion when everyone said that Kelly’s behavior was way worse than what was shown – maybe it’s a similar situation. Bravo can go just so far before they surely will encounter legal issues.

  65. Amber...Real Wife says:


    Would anyone now think it would be horrible of Camille to fire or stop using Mauricio as her real-a-tor? With the actions of Kyle at the reunion, is it plausible for Camille to take her realestate needs elsewhere?

    Although two different animals Kyle/BRAVO and Mauricio/Hilton RE, they reside in the same domicile and share earnings. Would you want a six figure commision to go support a woman that has insulted and yelled at you on numerous occasions? Does Kyle not believe Camille will withdraw her business or does she nor Mauricio no longer care? I think her catty returns to Camille’s apologies look bad on her and reflect poorly on her husband. Camille badgered her about the “insecure” comment, but her unwillingness to accept an apology at the reunion and let it go, is surely proving to viewers/future clients that indeed, Mauricio’s wife is spiteful, rude and problematic.

    I would never give my business to someone’s husband/spouse, who looks at me with such contempt and resentment. That’s just me. If I’m insulted by the spouse of a drycleaner, grocer, florist or doctor…i’m out of there.

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      Good point. I would not blame Camille a bit for not using him anymore.

      • 2Stupid says:

        I have to disagree about making Mauricio pay for his wives actions. To be perfectly honest, I have never met any of my r/e agents spouces. Granted they weren’t making 6 figures on my transactions, but I based my decision on recommendations and there proven ability to sell property. Not trying to be disagreeable, but, yes would I work with Mauricia if I was Camille, No. If I was someone else, Yes. He is good at what he does, period.

        • 2Stupid says:

          Sorry for typos- wife’s; spouses.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          And there’s the rub! We don’t usually meet the spouses of our business contacts. When we do, however, they are usually very welcoming and well mannered. If they are not, we shy away and the contact has either lost business or apologizes profusely hoping to regain business while insisting it wont happen again.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I can see if Camille and Kyle truly had tumultuous relationship why she wouldn’t used her husband as her Realtor. I think that it could be seen as giving her a window into her world.

          The problem is, it seemed like before the dinner even began and the night unfolded, the plan was to fire Mauricio in a very public way to both cause her embarrassment and conflict in her marrage.

      • NormaJean says:

        I agree with you. Actually, I always did feel that Camille had every right to stop using Mauricio. There’s a big difference between not using someone’s services and trying to get them fired.

      • twoile says:

        @PV, I’m remembering the time Cameltoe was tellind DD(friend) how controlling Kelsey was with her IE didn’t want C to associate w/DD…did want C 2 stay in her castle etc…this leads me 2 believe Kelsey is the only determining factor in who will list the properties 4 sale…..depending on where they r located my guess is past success will b the only selection criteria 4 a RE Agent.

    • PJ says:

      This was a point I made a while ago while Kyle was still very popular with viewers and so I got blasted for making it. Funny how people see things differently now.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It appears that much of the Grammar’s wealth is tied up in real estate – if Kelsey has to sell property to get the amount he will owe Camille in the divorce I would think he would go with a proven realtor – Mauricio! Camille wants her money so if he can get it faster I doubt her tiffy poo with his wife means anything – maybe it will be addressed in part two.

      • 2Stupid says:

        My point exactly. I know many example of spouses being disasters (drunks, obnoxious, etc.) but is completely overlooked because their spouse is the best at what they do. I think business is business and friendship (or lack thereof) is friendship. If I needed fast cash, I would want to work with the person who has a proven track record of selling my properties.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I would agree IF Kyle had said those things. From last nights episode it looks like Kyle did not say them. Now, does Kyle go a little overboard with trying to defend herself? Yes, BUT if that was me and someone was saying on national tv that I said something that I did not I’d do whatever I could to clear my name.

      • Not to mention, people who are now angry at Kyle because of her fight with Kim, whom they adore even if she is an addict and regardless of what that may have done to others in her family, including Kyle, seem to forget that Camille said some unforgivably nasty things about Kyle’s husband–on camera. Things Camille later said she regretted and didn’t believe–too late, as that was malicious slander with intent to harm someone with lies.

        Camille obviously meant not only to hurt Kyle through damaging Mauricio’s business, but she also meant to hurt their marriage. They have four children. Of all the things Camille did this season, this was the lowest and worst, to me. That dinner party was Camille in full bloom. That is where the gossip about the disappearing nanny took root, after all. I’d be pretty upset if I were Kyle. And Mauricio.

        What surprises me is how people are willing to forgive even that now that they hate Kyle so much for…family issues that go deeper than any of us may know. This is one stone that I cannot cast. But obviously I am in the minority.

    • Ellie0815 says:

      While I agree that Kyle is not the nicest or calmest person in the world, no amount of money, cameras, or manners would allow me to accept an apology from a woman that made false claims on national television that my husband was cheating on me with multiple nannies.

      I respectfully disagree. Fuck Camille and her fake apologies. She is never sincere. She accuses Kyle of making her a “Target” one minute then the next we are supposed to believe she means some half-assed apology about calling Kyle jealous all season? Kyle makes tons of mistakes, but calling Camille out about her true reasons behind apologizing was spot on. And I would have done it too and never looked back. And we all know she only apologized to Kyle on WWHL because the news had already broke about her own philandering husband. She looked like a fool and tried to cover her ass. Her personality is as fake as her forehead.

      Wow, first post and I came out with guns blazing. My apologies. Camille’s lack of character makes me crazy.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        I’m glad I broke you in!!! LMAO

        So wonderful to know my nuttiness brought a lurker to post! 🙂 Don’t stop posting. It’s fun, and you get to say what you really feel and wont be judged…too harshly! LOL

  66. error404 says:

    I know that Kyle, like Jill, single handedly cast the show, but I still think there was pressure from Bravo to deliver a celebrity or two. Her famous child star sister, and the wife of her husband’s most famous client? Yeah, I’m so sure these were Kyle’s two top picks. Not.

    • error404 says:

      I also wonder how many times Kyle suggested Faye Resnick, and how many times it took for Bravo to tell her to just drop it already, it ain’t happening. LOL

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Totally agree with you. In order to even out they should cast another celebrity wife or a former actress, that isn’t in Kyle’s clique. An uberBitch for real! KandySpelling!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I read that there were two sets of BH housewives being considered. It sounded like Kim was thrown in because she was always with Kyle anyway. And that Camille and Taylor (friend of Adrienne) were the last two casted. Makes me wonder what kind of a franchise we would have had if Bravo picked the other set of wives.

  67. shamrockblonde says:

    thanks Lynn as always for the recap – when this franchise first started, I watched about 10 minutes of it and turned it off – there was something about these ladies that I simply could not watch for long periods of time, but after reading Lynn’s blogs I gave it another try and eventually was able to sit through an entire episode or two – I have always liked Lisa and Adrienne – love their husbands too – Kim seemed flaky to me and Camille appeared evil, whereas Kyle came off as almost too perfect and Taylor gave me the impression of someone who was broken and trying to mend – after a bit, I got sick of Kyle especially touching her hair all the time – enough!! – yes it is gorgeous but stop playing with it – we all know some other wacko lady who plays with hair too much as it is!! cough *Kelly* cough…

    I have not watched the reunion yet, but I still love Adrienne and Lisa and their husbands – as for the rest – Taylor and Kim both need therapy – badly – and Kyle needs to learn that family trumps all – no matter what is going on in your life family comes first and no matter how angry/hurt/embarrassed you may become because of a family member, NEVER let it show outside of the family – ever – every time she did that she came across as selfish and self-absorbed, whether she is or not that was the impression she left me with. Defend and protect your family and if you need to have words with them do so in absolute privacy – no discussion about it with others ever – in the beginning, I thought Kyle had it all – a wonderful life, grace, poise and a kind heart – little by little though she has dispelled that image – al by herself – yes Taylor was the imp that stirred it all, but Kyle is not a weak person – and yet she did not defend her sister – had she done that straight away, Taylor would have been unable to continue her attacks on Kim – at first I felt badly for Taylor having to deal with her husband – lately though, I am starting to feel badly for her husband having to deal with Taylor – that Birthday party for her daughter was appalling – and very telling – and Kyle, this wise, in touch sophisticated person – missed it entirely –

    thanks again Lynn, and thanks to all of you for making my lunch hour so much fun!!!

    • Night Light says:


    • boston02127 says:

      Error—Funny, funny link! It just kept getting better. lol

    • Rabble Rouser says:


    • TLM says:

      That was effing hilarious. Those articles are so good they make me jealous I didn’t write them.

      Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, today I was in the presence of greatness. I was at the market looking at an eggplant when it happened. This tiny woman walked in and I looked at her feet and saw: The Jimmy Choo Hunter Boots. For those who don’t know, these are the Holy Grail of inclement-weather footwear. Until today, I had only seen them in pictures like this: http://www.geekshoes.com/jimmy-choo/jimmy-choo-teams-up-with-hunter-for-the-rain-boots

      They are the Hunter Boot embossed with a croco texture and the coveted “Hunter by Jimmy Choo” label on the front, as well as long grommeted hanging straps. The reason you don’t see people running around in them – unless you’re in Beverly Hills, maybe – is that they retail for about $500. That’s right, $500 for rubber boots that aren’t even made in England anymore, but China, like all the $15 rubber boots out there.

      But I must say they looked fabulous.

      She wore them with dark leggings and if she was either a size 0 or 2. A grey blazer completed the ensemble. I wondered if they were a gift, or if it was just normal for this woman to make a purchase like this. She did act pretty nonchalant about it. I guess it is a world unknown to me, much like the world of the $60K child’s birthday party. (Sorry Taylor, but that was one of the only things we were told the value of. I’m sure the amount spent on clothes and shoes in Camille’s closet exceeds the GNP of some small countries).

      There was a knock-off version of this boot which I tried on, but it just wasn’t the same. Somehow, I’d rather be the girl who proudly shops at Payless than the wannabe with the bad knockoff boots. You know?

  68. missmi says:

    I thought I hated Camille, but I hate Taylor more now! She is the bully. Look at the way she talks to Kim, but actually sticks up for Camille. Kim could not be that horrible where she doesnt deserve an apology.

    • 2Stupid says:

      It is a good thing my “hatred” can be very fickle. As of now, Taylor has garnered more disdain from me than Jill. Even when Jill was messing with Bethenny she was able to be a decent advesary (although pregnant). Kim isn’t comfortable fighting. She isn’t nuts like Kiki, I think she just doesn’t have the capacity to deal with conflict. After what I read about her mother, maybe she internally shuts down during times of conflict.

  69. error404 says:

    OMG I can not wait for s2 of RHoBH! At the end of filming, Kyle says they all voted Kim as “Drama Queen” because she caused all of the drama. LOL But Bravo instead showed us an entire season where Kim caused no drama, went out of her way to avoid the drama the others were causing, and repeatedly cautioned her sister to back away from the drama. Gosh, maybe Bravo is the one with the drinking problem,because they left so much juicy footage on the cutting room floor! Instead they showed endless footage of Camille, Kyle and Taylor causing tons of unnecessary drama, making one mountain after another out of one tiny molehill, screaming, throwing tantrums, calling each other names. And to think little mousy Kim, all quiet in the corner forced them all to behave in such a way against their will. I can’t wait until s2 when Kim finally shows her true colors and we finally get to see a glimpse of all this drama the others keep insisting she causes. Bring it Kim, bring it! lol

  70. jeang says:

    Maybe Bravo will show us some more of the important discussions that caused all this bs in the lost footage they will probably show after reunions are done. sorry if someone has already mentioned this….I just came on and havent read everything yet.

  71. jeang says:

    Traylor trash is a bitch and I hope someone eventually shuts her big fat ugly face and lips/mouth up for once!!!

  72. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    “The difference here between Taylor and Camille is that Taylor won’t admit to any wrong doing yet Camille does seem to be apologetic and remorseful. ”
    the key word here is SEEMS
    I dont believe her for a second
    she loved saying all those catty bitch comments and if she was still Mrs Grammer she would have had a field day on the reunion

  73. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    “. I can see how the stress of the divorce could affect some things that we saw on the show but she did go a bit too far in blaming all of her bad behavior on Kelsey leaving,”

    mark my words she will eventually blame Kyle for the divorce because Kyle was the one that asked her to be on the show
    its funny they never mentioned this during the run of the show
    and it would have explained so much
    Camilles insecurities her lashing out so harshly
    they finally tell exactly what was said and why and Camille STILL hears it completely different

  74. lillybee says:

    My question is what could Kim possibly do to make Taylor hate her so much. Taylor disliked her even in the first episode.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      she was seen as weak and taylor knew she could bully her w/o too much resistence
      you know sometimes people that have been abused act out

    • boston02127 says:

      I don’t think Taylor is as confidant as she’d like people to believe. She’s a bully. I’d bet she’d never treat Kyle, Lisa or Adrianne like she treats Kim.

    • Kellita says:

      I know, right? Sweet, harmless Kim? Taylor showed disdain for her from the beginning. Maybe she’s jealous because Kim was a child movie star, and Taylor’s such a nothing. That’s all can come up with.

    • Nancy says:

      Kim didn’t treat her like a Queen.

    • kbinldo says:

      You don’t need a reason to dog on the most powerless person in a group, the one no one (including her own sister) will defend.

    • error404 says:

      like any grifter, Taylor can read a room. She knows that Kim-bashing is the quickest way to Kyle’s heart, and from there it’s on to her purse. Well, Mauricio’s wallet. Kyle would be sharing a 2 bedroom walk-up with Kim if her hunky hubby dumped her broke ass. I hear Camille is on the market.

  75. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    “Clearly the ladies had the photos prior to going to Camille’s home, before the blow up happened so they intended on viewing them regardless of what happened at that dinner party.”
    Lynn Logic says otherwise
    my guess is what happened when they left the party Kyle or someone else may have said to Faye “is that crazy bitch kidding she did soft core porn” and then they preceded to look up the pixs on google
    i seriously doubt they were driving around with them all night
    for what reason ?

  76. Rabble Rouser says:

    I know this blog is about the BH reunion…but I can’t believe this wasn’t mentioned..
    did anyone catch the clip of RHONY- and you can see Sonja and Alex at a party (looks like Sonjia’s house) and Alex is saying ‘I just don’t want to be in the middle’ and Sonja kept saying ‘Leave’.

    Oh no….

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      thats where the now classic line “Shes a thug in a cocktail dress” comes from

    • 2Stupid says:

      I did see that and was uspset as well. I really wanted Alex and Sonja to stay above the fray…. Oh well. Looks like we’re in for a bumpy ride!

  77. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    “I do see Camille’s point here when she says it was premeditated.”

    Lynn i have to disagree the only thing that was premeditated was Her knowing what a vicious bitch her “Medium” friend is when she drinks and then making sure EVERYONE gets drunk and then sitting back and taking in all the “fun”
    there are moments when you can almost read her mind when she is sitting back with that evil smirk
    she intended for Medium to do her dirty work for her

  78. WindyCityWondering says:

    I like Taylor – she is a vapid, vain, the Barbie like total package BH trophy wife – just like I envisioned! She even has a snapping turtle faced troll for a husband. Lisa validates my conclusions that we have a real live, authentic trophy wife on this franchise, because she said Taylor may just like the BH lifestyle more than she likes being happy.

  79. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    I have to disagree with Lynn on how some of Camille’s behavior could have been because of the divorce. My ex cheated on me with a friend and I never ever ever behaved the way that Camille did nor did I use my divorce as an excuse for anything. As I tell my son all the time, take responsibility for your actions.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      How horrible- what an ultimate betrayal.

      Are they still together?

    • PJ says:

      Everyone has a different emotional makeup so it really isn’t fair to compare what one person would do with what another person would do in a similar situation. It’s really kind of like saying I wouldn’t do that so anyone who would is wrong. I do think that Camille was devastated by what Kelsey did and the added pressure of being on a reality TV show while dealing with personal issues that she had to know would become public had to be a really difficult thing to do. I believe that Camille is sorry for things she said and did and I’m willing to give her a break.

  80. Adgirl says:

    I want someone to start a website featuring Kelly B, Kim Z and Kyle playing with and flipping their hair around. It is so “look at me! aren’t I gorgeous” that I want to tie their hands down.
    Truly, I have not watched one single scene with these ladies that they didn’t spend the entire time fondling their hair or adjusting their clothes.

    It is so high school it makes me nuts. It actually increases my dislike of them.

    Stawp! Stawp!

    • Brigid A. says:

      Even in that horrid limo scene where Kyle is screaming at Kim at tugging at her bandage dress, she’s aware of how her hair looks for the camera, constantly flipping it for her closeup.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      That video is pretty telling. You have to be really showing signs of inebriation for airline employees to try and pull you off a flight. I have a feeling it was many situations like this one that have caused the rift between the sisters.

      • TLM says:

        Man, between Kim being drunk and Kyle screaming at every little noise on a plane, flying with these two must be fabulous. I guess this explains why Kim was so relaxed on that flight to Sacramento and said she “loved turbulence.” Have you ever met a human being who loved turbulence? I haven’t. That was just disturbing.

        • kbinldo says:

          I was on a flight once that reminded me of being on a roller coaster. Some guy started making “whee!” noises & making fun of a white-knuckle flier sitting next to him. I finally had enough & yelled “Would you SHUT UP!”

          I always wondered what it would be like to be applauded on a flight….I found out. 🙂

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I love turbulence! It’s my version of a roller coaster. Yet I hate roller coasters — don’t like seeing where we’re going. I just like the sudden up and down and sideways motion. Exciting!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        it made me sad when Kim asked the counter staff if they recognized her name….she may just feel better living in her past than dealing with her present.

  81. missmi says:

    The fact that Camille brought up playboy could have made them look up Camilles soft porn on an iphone. They did not have to have anything tangible in the beginning of the evening. I also wanted to point out that Taylor may have tried to compete with Kyle in the beginnig with the b-day party. Same day, more lavish etc.. It probably showed her that she would not be favored by others. I also remember that Kyle was clear that there would be no drinking at the b-day party for a kid. IMO, It would maybe seem out of place, if you or the guests become consumed with that aspect and typically your group lose control. Just a thought, however I have friends with family that this has become an issue. I include Kyle in that “lose control” scenario.

  82. missmi says:

    aspect meaning the drinking.

  83. AZ Girl says:

    @Nancy post at 3:52 p.m. I believe you are absolutely right about Taylor’s motives and her friendship with Kyle and Camille. The Armstrongs now have 2 new ventures where Taylor has been named as a principal in the business. Russell is strapped due to his former bankruptcy and his felony securities conviction. So Taylor is now the “man”.

    Kyle, Mauricio and Camille have cash and that is what Taylor and Russell need for all their new business ventures. That is also why Taylor will not say ANYTHING bad to Camille and actually defended her last night against Andy’s comments. Camille is the other cash cow that the Russell’s need right now. $40 mil in a divorce settlement draws a lot of “investors”.

    Lisa and Ken are too smart for the Armstrongs. That is why they are so successful in an industry(restaurants) that is very difficult to compete in. Adrienne is struggling with Palms Casino and Kim has no cash.

    Love to have WSL in-put on this. What do you think WSL?

    • AZ Girl says:

      “Russell’s” I mean “Armstrong” in second paragraph. If that is not a Freudian slip I don’t know what is.

    • Nancy says:

      THANK-YOU! That is 100% spot on!

      • AZ Girl says:

        What has always bothered me was the fact that Taylor was never pissed at Camille but her hatred for Kim was evident. Why??? What did Kim ever do to Taylor to warrant such hate even in the beginning of the series?
        Kim was the weak link to Taylor’s friendship with Kyle. I think Taylor is very angry and may be broke financially. Russell sent out his “girl” to make friends with potential investors.

        • PJ says:

          People like Taylor often sense the people that can see right through them. They then react by treating them badly as a way of deflecting attention and discrediting the person who can see them for what they are. Kim seems to be the one that sees Taylor exactly for what she is. Kim seems to have really good instincts about people. Maybe because of her acting background, most actors study people to see what makes them tick. It makes Taylor uncomfortable and she attacks Kim.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Whatever Camille is, she isn’t stupid about money. I don’t think she would ever fall for any of the Armstrong’s scams. So if the can’t scam Camille, Kim, Lisa, Adrienne or their spouses, that leaves Kyle and she has likely miscalculated Kyle’s eventual allegiance to her sister. Never get in the middle of a family squabble. Better to stand on the sidelines until they finish. At the end of the day, family will keep family and throw out the interloper.

      • error404 says:

        Lisa seems to mistrust Taylor, but her instincts are questionably IMO by virtue of the whole Cedric fiasco. Ken and Lisa obviously aren’t above being scammed. Taylor just doesn’t know how to exploit Lisa’s empty nest syndrome.

  84. jeang says:

    I bet you Carrie Underwood and Reba Mcentire are pissed that Traylor Trash is sullying the state of Oklahoma. The state government should pass a bill to disown her as one of their own. Wicked, ugly faced, and gross lipped skank. I hate Traylor Trash!!.

  85. Brigid A. says:

    Is it possible that the BH women had not seen the last couple of episodes before taping the Part I of the Reunion, if not both reunions? I read/heard somewhere that Bravo editors give them a DVD of each episode about a week before it airs on TV throughout the season. Camille & her psychic apparently watched the Dinner episode together not long before it aired and they were horrified.

    Until they see the episodes, they would not know what is edited in or out. I’m wondering if Kyle was counting on the limo scenes being heavily edited in her favor and it backfired on her. Same with Taylor and the Kim confrontation at her b-day party.

    Kyle seemed more subdued last night concerning Kim, but she still let Taylor threaten her. And Taylor’s attempt to out Kim’s alcoholism as a big secret was ridiculous. We’ve already seen the episode.

    Sorry if this has already been addressed, but the timeline is really puzzling to me.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      @Brigid: This is a reply to your question from above!!

      Mauricio I really couldn’t read. He seems like a honorable man, unlike Rusell. Rusell has weasel bastard written on his face.
      I think that Mauricio/Kyle’s issues haven’t surfaced yet because they have all of these kids. Kyle, just like Kim are over-mothering and over-nurturing. I think they’ll display problems later on. I also think that he is also over-extended in his work and probably does not feel like dealing with Kyle. Another insight, this is sterotypical, but since Mauricio is Jewish, he probably treats her like a queen and he just allows her behave like that to appease her and save their marriage. Again, sterotypical, but I heard Jewish men make GREAT husbands. Please, anyone who is jewish please share any marriage dynamics that support or does not support this stereotype.

      • VincenzoNewYork says:

        @California35: I agreed to the reasons why she liked kyle yesterday, and I think it will balance Mauricio/Kyle.

        I remember Mauricio stating that he fell in Love with Kyle because of the way she took care of Farrah. I feel that he values his family, wife, and children. He is willing to look past his wife’s behavior to make his marriage work. He even sated that she never behaves that way with women after the Camille/Dubois/Dinner from hell incident. He is probably in denial regarding his wife’s antics or their love has blinded him. Sometimes people stay in relationships because it is confortable and does not want to uproot the status quo. Given the economy, he probably needs to work for the Hiltons to sustain his lifestyle. I also think that they make a good couple.
        Who knows, next season they can turn into Teresa and Giuseppe Giudice…lol.

        • Brigid A. says:

          Vincenzo, agree with your comments. However, I’m guessing she probably has anger issues at home, too, maybe more in the form of little temper tantrums. And as discussed above, she herself could be struggling with addiction issues. My hunch is she’s hiding something… closet drinker, diet pills, etc. She can turn on a dime from loving mother/wife to mega bitch.

          Maybe he is seeing a whole other aspect to her personality after this show. Really, I don’t wish bad things for anyone, but her world (read: status) would collapse without Maurico.

          • VincenzoNewYork says:

            I agree. Thanks for brining up possible addiction issues. She probably does have temper tantrums at home and major mood swings. I wish that she gets help and learns how to resolve her childhood issues. We all have life lessons, and she has a few to learn. If she learns to deal with her issues, she can be a sweetheart!
            Remember when she said to Adrienne that she does not need therapy. I think you’re hunch is on target!! She must be hiding something and deflecting everything towards Kim.

      • error404 says:

        Kim and Kyle do seem very alike in their life goals… rich guy, fame, tons of kids…

        The Umansky’s seem very happy, but the more people brag about how perfect they are, the more nervous I get. I think Paul and Adrienne and Lisa and Ken are also probably happy, but it didn’t come across so picture perfect on tv, and I wouldn’t drop over form shock if it came out that Kyle and Mauricio have issues. He used that same awful “happy wife, happy life” line that Joe G used on RHoNJ. To me, that basically says “Yeah, she’s a gold digger and a bossy nag, but anything just to shut the f-ing bitch up and give me peace.” And when the feud with Camille started to threaten his income, his expression said he was none too pleased with his wife. Defiantly didn’t jump to her defense or “have her back” on camera. Then she suddenly started to kiss Camille’s ass after that.

        • Brigid A. says:

          Kyle’s entire image and reason for existing are all tied into being Mauricio’s wife and living the luxurious BH lifestyle. She’s a has-been actress, mostly with TV work, nothing compared to Kim’s former status and success. I certainly don’t remember bit player Kyle Richards from the show ER. I didn’t recognize her name at all until this show.

          She was the Queen Bee who invited her sister and all her “friends” to appear on a reality show where she behaved like a lunatic most of the time. Aside from all the fighting, who would film a home bikini wax with her young daughter observing? Weird. Her daughter Farrah seems more mature than her own mother and stayed out of the drama, letting her mother make an ass of herself at Taylor’s party.

          Kyle had better stop being so smug and condescending to Kim. She might find herself sharing Kim’s rental house if Mauricio decides he’s had enough of Kyle’s “antics.”

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Error, per House of Hilton, those are exactly the goals the mother instilled in all 3 girls. And what she valued herself.

    • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

      I agree, Brigid. I have been wondering about this all day. Did the ladies see the finale episode before they taped the reunion? It seems to me that there was something that everyone was tiptoeing around last night. Was it the fact that maybe Kim, in their opinions, drinks too much. Or was it the fact that Kyle called her an alcholic on TV for all Bravo viewers to see. There were silences, awkward pauses and lots of guarded looks last night. Not sure what was going on. But it does look like Andy addresses it next week, with Lisa’s prompting.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        there was a clip shown of Taylor and Kim at the finale party so IMO they have seen the rough of the last episode prior to the reunion.

  86. VincenzoNewYork says:

    This is a reply to your question from way up above.
    “Mauricio I really couldn’t read. He seems like a honorable man, unlike Rusell. Rusell has weasel bastard written on his face.
    I think that Mauricio/Kyle’s issues haven’t surfaced yet because they have all of these kids. Kyle, just like Kim are over-mothering and over-nurturing. I think they’ll display problems later on. I also think that he is also over-extended in his work and probably does not feel like dealing with Kyle. Another insight, this is sterotypical, but since Mauricio is Jewish, he probably treats her like a queen and he just allows her behave like that to appease her and save their marriage. Again, sterotypical, but I heard Jewish men make GREAT husbands. Please, anyone who is jewish please share any marriage dynamics that supports or does not support this stereotype. ”

    This is in quotations because wordpress said that I already stated this! okay wp..lol

  87. jeang says:

    I just found Adriennes shoes on Gianmarco Lorenzi and as much as I tend to go overboard sometimes, $2795.00 for a pair of shoes I will never wear but long to possess and admire is a bit too much. Season before last I obsessed about that gorgeous sparkle necklace that designer “gave/sold” Jill with that black dress and they told me it was $3,000. I let that go too…..:-(…60 years old is way too old to be trying that hard and only one besides me to see them would be my dog Cooper and he would probably get dog hair on them.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Maybe Payless will do a version of them…

      • TNBelle2 says:

        Steve Madden has some equally nice gold shoes. I looked online at the ones that Adrienne wore too. They were fantastic.

    • TLM says:

      I thought Adrienne’s shoes were Gianfranco Ferre, and I was surprised because I never saw him do shoes that glitzy. This explains it!

      Sometimes I find a photo of things like that and use them as my desktop wallpaper. Because they’re on my desktop, in a strange way I feel I do “own” them and can look at them whenever. After several weeks I’m generally tired of looking at them and find I’ve gotten them out of my system. Just a tip!

    • Katie says:

      Check Ebay, you know someone who couldn’t afford them bought them and is now trying to sell them to pay the rent.

  88. AZ Girl says:

    OT kinda…..as to the hair twisting and twirling. I know how to fix this problem.
    When I was growing up I was the youngest of five children. Money was tight and my sister and I got our haircuts at the barber shop along with our brothers.
    When I got into middle school (catholic with nuns) I was able to finally grow out my hair and it was long. I constantly fiddle with it until one day Sister Patricia slammed by elbow on my desk and told me to stop. I stopped. Never again. HA!

  89. WSL says:

    I finally was able to load the
    “Kim Richards,drunk at airport” video. If the person who posted that isn’t sued for fraud, they should be imprisoned for stupidity. Stupidity that any rational person would buy that horse $hit. There is no picture what so ever of Kim. The head of “Kim” is cut off. There is NO voice of Kim, it’s all in sub titles. There is no police/airport intervention, only a distant view of the check in counter w/subtitles(made up). This is SCARY ! Scary that some one could be so falsely accused using a fake display . Watch out ! Next it will be a video of Jill accusing WSL of stealing a fabric roll in her store or Of accusing Boston2 of stalking ill’s bridge. This is blasphemy ! This is dangerous !

    • error404 says:

      Thank you!

      I said it on yesterday’s blog: you don’t need to have Phaedra’s law degree to know that this “proof” proves nothing.

    • HD says:

      Kim is in the video. She even says her name a few times.

      • Katie says:

        It looked like Kim to me but we already know she has a disease and needs some help.

      • HD says:

        As much as like Kim, its her. Her voice even sounds the same. She has a very distinctive raspy voice and when she is in the chair with her pills you can see it her. At least I did.

        I am not saying she is drunk but I have never been in the airport and they asked me if I was drinking.

        • Katie says:

          I like her too.

          I see it happen all the time, more so now. Flight crews/TSA are not putting up with any shit or taking any chances.

          • Katie says:

            But she had to give them some reason to believe something was up and question her.

          • HD says:

            They sure aren’t and it is clear she must have either smelled like she had been drinking or was acting drunk, perhaps slurring speech or something for them to even ask her. Just think how many times have you been in the airport and they asked if you were drunk-UNLESS YOU WERE DRUNK or on drugs or something.

            Look at Kim’s face. The proof is in the pudding!!

            She may not have been drunk at the party-I didn’t think she was but as I keep watching she is giving a lot of facial gestures and body gestures that do not go with her character. She doesn’t like confrontation but she didn’t seem to mind rolling her neck and finger pointing that night. She probably was drunk or at least drinking before she came. I don’t knock her but I am a realist. She probably was tipsy.

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              Kim came to the party in “character” and that is always a bad sign – she was already in her own world and we know what happens when world’s collide. Kyle saw it, others’ were surprised by her behavior – no good was to come from it.

              • error404 says:

                Yes, your hunch may very well be true. We will see. But it’s no recipe for life. When Bethenny showed up for the s3 reunion looking just as “dynasty”a s Kim did for the finale, was that indisputable proof that Bethenny is a drunk too? And does it excuse all of Jill’s horrible behavior?

                • jeang says:

                  Well that would be comparing apples with oranges wouldnt it?. Betheny was the victim of maybe bad taste, either her own or a stylist. i personally liked it and she acted as she always does and since she had just become a new mother breastfeeding, and healthy chef, i doubt anyone would ever have accused her of being a lush.

                • HD says:

                  I have no clue how you drew the correlation between Kim and Bethanny and Jill. Jill is a woman I very rarely see drink and Bethanny I would easily say is not an alcoholic.

                  I think it is written all over Kim’s face. Alcohol will destroy your face and her face says, I drink.

            • Brigid A. says:

              Sorry, HD, prior to the last episode where Kim is outed for a drinking problem, I thought she looked like she’d spent too much time in the California sun. I live here so I see a lot of women who age too rapidly but cannot stay out of the sun. I have very fair skin and use sunblock daily.

              She may have rosacea which gives a flushed appearance to the skin.

              Not saying Kim doesn’t have booze problems, but I would never conclude her appearance gives it away.

              I found Kim absolutely stunning in the finale with a professional makeup application. She is a beautiful woman without all the plastic.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I watched the video on TMZ and it looks and sounds like Kim to me. Also if you go to the TMZ site and see the still they have of the video I don’t think there is any doubt that it is Kim. She also gave her name as Kim Richards to the guys when she told them to google her. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck. . .
      and drinks like a fish. . . . . sorry I couldn’t help myself.

    • buffywood says:

      I have a friend Amy is this is just plain “odd”. I would have no doubt that anyone watching her would assume she was drinking. Another friend Heather is so afraid of flying her best friend when traveling is Zanax. The one thing I did notice in the video is that when Kim was standing still, she was steady. There was no sign of a stumble or even that slight sway that drunk people do when they are standing in one place. When it comes to Kim I just don’t know, but I am not willing to make the assumption that much of her behavior is becuase she is drunk.

      • kotagirl29 says:

        Well I’m an alcoholic (I don’t say recovering because I don’t think the term fits). I can tell you there were MANY times when I was blitzed an no one had a clue. You don’t always have to be stumbling and slurring to be drunk. In fact it takes a whole truck load of booze to make an alcoholic stumble and slur. But usually a pretty clear indicator for a lot of drunks is the slow precise speech and slow precise movements. We work really hard to appear completely normal.

        • buffywood says:

          I am sorry for your struggles. I guess I am just saying that I am not ready to lable her an alcoholic yet, and thus assume that is the case when looking at her behavior just because her cast members say so. I just feel bad for her. Others treat her like crap and behave so much worse than her (or at least what we have been shown), but then blame her drinking? Who knows. It’s like the video itself, does it really show much but now the whole world assumes she is drunk. Like you said, alcoholics hide it well. It is just sad for her. On a brighter note Charle Sheen checked himself into rehab.

          • kotagirl29 says:

            Thank you! I don’t bring it up because I am looking for sympathy, but the support is ALWAYS welcome. During the final episode, before Kyle whispered it to Lisa, I thought Kim was at the party with a little something extra on-board. There are things that tickle the my brain a bit in past episodes. Kim disappearing so many times the night she met Martin. The finale Martin asked her if she wanted a soda-water, when everyone else is shown drinking wine (or giant drinks at Camille’s) Kim is usually shown with soda. There are a lot of little things that come together to make me think it is true. Its also being reported that she was in rehab in the past. http://www.starmagazine.com/rhobh_kim_richards_rehab_before/news/17836

          • PJ says:

            I feel sorry for her too. If she does have a problem the way Kyle treats her won’t help her get better. I don’t have any substance abuse issues and have never dealt with anyone who does, but it would seem logical to me that the way Kyle treats Kim could send Kim over the edge. I think you can push a person to the point where they become overly sad and unable to overcome their issues.

      • PJ says:

        I have dyslexia and although I don’t drink I could see myself confused and in the wrong terminal. I could see people thinking I had been drinking because dyslexia can make you feel and even act disoriented in unfamiliar situations. I looked at this video and I don’t see a drunk person here, at least not conclusive proof. Kim isn’t staggering or being disruptive or acting drunk. The pills she was taking could have been anything. There is no close up of the label to see what they are. I would think that an addict would have gone to the bathroom to take pills in secret. The people taking the video are in the business of making money, all they want is to sell their video and they could care less what damage they do to the person they are stalking. I don’t think the video proves anything. These days they over react in airports and her being in the wrong terminal could have been enough for the airport personnel to think she had been drinking. I wouldn’t put too much importance on this video. I’m not saying that Kim doesn’t have a problem, just that this video doesn’t prove she has one.

    • Brigid A. says:

      WSL, I finally viewed the video last night and I agree with you. Yes, I saw a blonde woman who could or could not have been Kim because I never clearly saw her face. It sounded like Kim, but I know a woman who has a smoker’s voice and sounds exactly like Kim Richards.

      Not saying this is proof it is NOT Kim, but please, how could anyone view it as any kind of reliable evidence? Because it aired on TMZ?

      And I wonder who would have anything to gain by releasing it? Maybe a close family member who is on a campaign to discredit her sister and salvage her own reputation? Just maybe?

      The YouTube video of chemically-enhanced Taylor Trash clearly shows her face, voice, and a lot more of her body than I want to see.

  90. Pingback: Tweets that mention IHJZ The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part One | Lynnnchicago101's Blog -- Topsy.com

  91. Katie says:

    BTW doesn’t Alex have enough to handle with her own cast without getting involved with comments on BH HW’s? These HW’s and twitter I don’t trust any of them and the attention and followers they try to get by using it. Like Kyle last night tweeting to Kim and Faye tweeting about how great and supportive Kyle is to Kim. STFU already!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Remember party line telephones? My country grandmother had one and I used to giggle when she would get a call and have to tell someone else who shared the line to hang up and stop listening to her conversations. Tweeter reminds me of that.

      • error404 says:


        At 17 my farm boy Dad joined the navy. Stationed away from home, his roomie invited him to his family’s for Thanksgiving. My Dad had to call them form a pay phone to say he was coming. Only problem: my Dad had never before used a dial! His whole life he’d only picked up the phone and asked the operator to ring Sue Smith or whomever! LOL

        When I think that my parents grew up with out even airplanes, never mind moon landings, etc… but now they use computers and cell phones… it boggles the mind how much change happened in the 20th century!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Simon and Alex are selling phone calls now for ‘charity’. I thought I read they wanted to charge a buck per second…but I wasn’t really paying attention.

      • HD says:

        Are you serious Rabble Rouser?!

        This is going overboard. Why do these people think they are REALLY celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt or something?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I guess- the whole thing is just getting weird.

          It didn’t sit that well with me because it seemed to play of the JZ ‘buy 10 books and get a phone call from me’. It’s like taking a bad idea and making it worse

  92. Fairweather Viewer says:

    When Kim was calling out Lips McGee for saying she was “going to go Oklahoma” on her, I never once heard Kim mention Lips McGee’s charity or even say the word “charity” for that matter. All I heard was Kim state that she couldn’t believe that Lips McGee would threaten violence when she is against domestic violence and/or a spokesperson against violence. Did I miss something? Did anybody else notice that Lips McGee would never let Kim speak without loudly and aggressively interrupting?

    I consider Lips McGee’s sidebar to Kyle about revealing Kim’s “state of mind” to be very disgusting. Kyle had already very loudly announced to the world what Kim’s possible “state of mind” was (for the entire season) on the last episode so what was Lips McGee trying to accomplish? I can honestly say that if, at that moment, Kyle had looked directly at Lips McGee with that mean glare she wore all night on her face and told her to STFU, I would have believed that Kyle does genuinely care about Kim and Kim’s wellbeing. When she did nothing but look down, any hope of redemption for Kyle was lost forever in my eyes. The preview of her holding Kim’s hand in the next show is too little too late at this point. I might change my mind but for now I don’t believe I will ever see Kyle in a good light again.

    When Andy questioned Lips McGee about her sidebar comment to Kyle, I loved it when Kim said “we should talk about everyone’s state of mind at that moment”. Seriously, Kim has nothing left to lose if they discuss her problems at this point. But, why is Andy going to push this topic with Kim when he wouldn’t do it with Kelly? Plus, I think that the entire Richard’s family has some serious issues, not just Kim, so if Andy wants to go there with Kim, I think it is only fair to go there with Kyle. In fact, let’s go there with Lips McGee too because she definitely has serious issues. I would love it if Adrienne gets up and walks off set when the alcohol subject comes up in the next show.

    I felt Camille acknowledged her poor behavior and expressed adequate remorse for most of her actions. Considering some of the things we’ve learned since the airing of the early episodes, I don’t expect her to say she was wrong about everything because I don’t think she was wrong about everything. Her revelation as to what was going on in her personal life during the filming of the show didn’t justify her actions but it did explain a lot about why she was reacting to certain things so strongly. I’m willing to give her a chance to prove that she is a better person and she has learned a lesson from the experience. However, there are certain things about her that I am not expecting to change. For instance, her view on “pecking” order in society. I believe she may not be as obvious about it or voice it, but she is still going to perceive it that way. In fact, I think that is why she is so distraught over her divorce. In her world, as the “ex-wife” of Kelsey Gammer, she moves down on the status ladder. It is possible that, as time goes on, she will realize that her view about all of that is warped, but I think it will take a long time for that to happen.

    Did anybody notice that Kyle also never allows Camille to speak without loudly and aggressively interrupting? Kyle and Lips McGee must have attended the same elementary school.

    As far as the dinner with Allison DuBois, it was a train wreck but the only person who was innocent in that train wreck was Adrienne. I am still appalled by Allison’s comments. I realize that Kyle and Faye were definitely making little snide comments prior to Allison’s psychotic rant but Allison sunk below the line of evil. Plus, I thought it was actually Lisa who was doing the most pressing of Allison to do a reading, not Kyle. I do agree with Camille that Faye Resnick is “morally corrupt”. I think that term is actually being kind to Resnick. I can think of a lot of other words that could be used to describe someone who would seek profit from their best friend’s life/murder by blabbing everything they know (or think they know) about that person’s personal life in not only one but two books, including one that was written with a National Enquirer reporter. It is especially disgusting considering the fact that Nicole Brown Simpson can’t even defend herself against Faye’s betrayal. Kyle better hope she doesn’t die before Faye does because Faye will probably sell her out too. In fact, she probably has already done it. I’d say Allison and Faye = Draw. They are both nasty, horrible excuses for human beings.

    On to Lisa, I think she is overall a straight shooter but it really struck me that she allowed Kyle to use the word “jealous” when Kyle apparently dislikes being called “jealous” herself. I expected Lisa to reprimand her and say “Dahling, don’t label me with the same word that you find offensive when used against you. It is very hypocritical.” It seems Lisa wussed out.

    Finally, Andy said to Camille something about he heard that if someone is called insecure and has a strong reaction to it, that means they are insecure. Well, using that same logic, Kyle is a phoney.

    • error404 says:

      Lisa is a straight shooter… except when it comes to Kyle. I like Kyle, but girl seriously throws some bs around, and Lisa never calls her on any of it. As the mother of an addict, her constants digs at Kim are ingracious. Camille also knows what it’s like to live with an addict, but somehow s1 isn’t all about exposing Kelsey for the reason why poor long suffering Camille is the way she is. No, Kyle called firsties, and s1 is all about poor poor long suffering Kyle, such a saint, so put upon, and that evil witch of a sister of hers that is the only thing keeping Kyle’s life for being absolutely perfect in every way.

    • As someone who used to assume Camille ate baby mice for breakfast I must give her kadooz for being smart enough to recognize that a few mea culpas are in order if she wants to start reassembling the tatters of her reputation.

      Apparently neither Kyle nor Taylor are as intelligent.

      • error404 says:

        for all of her evilness, Camille was always smarter than Kyle. Kyle is nice, but a loose canon, and Camille has always played her like a cheap violin.

        Typical exchange:

        Camille: “Kyle, why are you so mean to me?”
        Kyle; “Listen you f*&%ing insane bitch from hell, I am NOT mean to you, you f$%^ing delusional retard!”
        Camille: “Wow!”
        Kyle:” F&*k off you f&*(ing pice of f*&^ing %^&# I’ll f$%^ing f*&& you up!”
        Camille: “Security!”
        Kyle: “#$%^&*#$%*&^%$(*@#$% I swear I’ll f*((&ing kill your f%^&ing children!”

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          LOL- that pretty much sums it up…followed by her having a go at Kim and saying “How come you didn’t have my back when Camille said I was mean to her”.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Thank You, I never heard Kim mention Taylor’s charity either. She only talked about Taylor words vs actions.

    • PJ says:

      I completely agree with you about Faye. Kyle’s friends are interesting to say the least. It is a major reflection of Kyle to see who she picks to be close with, Faye and Taylor. I also agree that Lisa didn’t seem jealous to me, she seemed annoyed and rightly so. I wish she would have called them out about the jealous comments too.

  93. Cusi77 says:

    Thank you Lynn for this great Blog, as always!

    Good evening everyone!

    Is this just me or someone agree Adrienne’s face looked changed? Something about her eyebrows… or her eyes… hair… I do not exactly what but changed and not for better. I like her very much. She accepted that what we saw is pretty much how is her life and her relationship with Paul. I personally prefer to live peacefully in harmony with my hubby of nine years.

    I agree with you Lynn how feelings change about the personalities of the HW’s from one week to another… Camille make ugly comments about Kyle during almost the entire season: I disliked her. She apologizes, I can give her a pass.
    I Felt sorry for Taylor because she had so many surgeries trying to feel better about herself… something about her very insecure… Now I dislike her so much for stirring the pot and conveniently friendly to the strongest girl of the group… Kyle. Wrong!
    I think the strongest one is Lisa that can see her true nature as instigator of the Camille-Kyle fiasco. While we can see that what Taylor wanted was to put Camille angry at Kim! Not Kyle!
    I disliked Kyle in the beginning of the season for mistreating her sister Kim, then I was with her against Camille’s antics… still didn’t like the way she treated her sister. She did not have her sister’s back during the entire season neither during the Reunion so far…
    I found Kim weak and insecure but not double faced. I hope she will find help to survive her addictions before her kids run away from her needy personality and find peace in her future.
    Bravo knows how to manipulate our feelings… I admit, they got me! I accept, this is my guilty pleasure! Ha!

  94. Katie says:

    The thing about Kim’s state of mind and this whole build up to the “Yes I have a drinking problem” which I get is a big reveal/confirmation but it doesn’t change a thing. It’s like Taylor is betting that once this is confirmed her name will be cleared or we will think that Taylor is right and that is just not the case. While I don’t doubt Kim has a problem and needs help. Everything she said about Taylor and the trouble Taylor caused is the truth based on what I watched.

    Same for Kyle I don’t like how she treated her sister, was there friction and history you bet, but it never needed to explode and play out the way it did.

    I just have this feeling that they are all sitting back thinking that the big reveal on part 2 is going to change opinions and I just don’t see that happening (especially for Taylor).

    • error404 says:


      I can almost understand Kyle’s frustration, but Taylor and Lisa acting like Kim is a secret baby-seal clubber and we’re all going to be shocked and disgusted, is a major PR blunder. Nothing short of footage showing Kim pissing on Lisa’s dinner table and then throwing up on Kennedy could possibly explain their attitude and behavior.

  95. WindyCityWondering says:

    AOL has been running Rob Shuter’s Popeater – RHNY spoiler alert. Ramona and LuAnn have dueling sweet sixteen parties….and I think he calls LuAnn the thug in the cocktail dress. He is so difficult to understand.

  96. WSL says:

    HD U & I r on the same team.
    I watched the video on my BB.
    Maybe there r several versions.
    Regardless, I don’t doubt that the incident could have occurred. I do wonder why Kim’s family would let her fly alone.

    • HD says:

      I am not sure if her family even knew she was going somewhere. She had to be drunk because she is at the WRONG terminal the whole time…God bless us all.

      I have nothing against people who drink. I have addicts in my own family and fight my own demons daily. I can recognize an addict. Kim does drink, she probably smokes. Her voice and face tell the tale.

      • Cusi77 says:

        HD_ Would you like to email me?

      • Brigid A. says:

        Rabble Rouser posted upthread the link to the YouTube video of a stumbling, drunken Taylor Armstrong. Looks like some brilliant fan tweeted it directly to Taylor. And this biotch has the nerve to trash Kim and talk about her “state of mind.”

        • error404 says:

          Oh I’m sure Taylor has a million circular excuses for it… she didn’t eat, it was a one off, she only had one drink and she’s a lightweight because she doesn’t usually drink, look over there, someone is stealing your car!, etc..

          s1 of RHoBH could easily be retitled “Kyle Richards: Her friends and enemies”. It seem painfully obvious to me that Lisa and Taylor “have Kyle’s back” and s1 is all about poor poor saint Kyle and that awful sister who ruins everything for her. I’m pretty sure this was all decided over white wine at Sur some months before filming began.

          • error404 says:

            Blame s3 of RHoNy. They let many cats out of the bag, including the pre-planned alliances, the lynch mob deals made over the phone prior to shooting, the planted stories in the press to discredit enemies, etc… The RH franchise is always about “which team are YOU on?” and from the calculated feud with Danielle to the ‘get Bethenny’ scheme, via ‘Nene and Sheree take down Kim’, there is always back room deals with these catty girl gangs.

            RHoBH is all about Kyle and her gang vs. Kim & Camille.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            That’s also when they voted Kim as the biggest “Drama Queen”.

          • PJ says:

            Taylor will probably say it was all Kim’s fault.

  97. error404 says:

    wait.. what? Samantha Fox is a lesbian. I had no idea!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I remember when she came out years ago…..it was still be big shock to have a lipstick lesbian.

  98. WSL says:

    Ad Girl
    As usual, u r spot on,
    about “Russel em up”, sending
    Trailer Trash out to lure the $$$
    in so the grift can close !

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I’m now wondering if Russell is who he says he is. We’ve not researched him.

      • buffywood says:

        I’ve tried a little. Mostly what I found related to his 2005 bankruptcy and it said the problem was an IRS problem and a palimony suit filed by his ex-finance. What a catch he is!

      • buffywood says:

        Here is a link for you on Russell. I am going to look at the legal documents now. The article says he is a convicted felon.


        Criminal Filing:

        Click to access fed_criminal_case.pdf

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Is this his original name? I think it’s possible he might shape shift as much as his wife.

        • buffywood says:

          Addition article regarding criminal charges. The links to the legal filings are within the article itself.

        • TLM says:

          Curiously, the document refers to “evasion of assessment” but never mentions the word “tax.” USC § 7201 is tax evasion (see below).

          Do we know that this is the same Russell Armstrong as Taylor’s husband, though? His name isn’t that unique that I’d feel safe assuming it’s the same person.

          TITLE 26 > Subtitle F > CHAPTER 75 > Subchapter A > PART I > § 7201
          Prev | Next § 7201. Attempt to evade or defeat tax
          How Current is This? Any person who willfully attempts in any manner to evade or defeat any tax imposed by this title or the payment thereof shall, in addition to other penalties provided by law, be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than $100,000 ($500,000 in the case of a corporation), or imprisoned not more than 5 years, or both, together with the costs of prosecution.

          • buffywood says:

            I am trying to tie it all together too. The LA Country Criminal Search page at the end of the first document says that date of birth was used in the search but I see a different case # there (I think). As to the civil suits; the charges relate to exactly what Russell does for a living and the office location is listed as Beverly Hills so I really don’t have a doubt. There is no information as to the end result of the civil suit. We need HadEnough! to pull up his bankruptcy filing.

      • Nancy says:

        Read the blog called Stoopid Husewives. It says A LOT about Russell.

      • Nancy says:

        Oh yes we have!

    • AZ Girl says:

      I think you mean me “AZ Girl” and am very cool being mistaken for “AD Girl”. HA! We are all family here.

    • Nancy says:

      I guess that’s how they do it in Beverly Hills?

  99. buffywood says:

    Tweet from Jill:

    Today was my official last day of filming. Will miss the crew and daily routine and of course seeing the girls all the time.

  100. TLM says:

    Pictures of Housewives from NYC & BH last week: http://www.realitytea.com/2011/01/15/photos-reality-stars%e2%80%99-week-in-photos-%e2%80%93-january-15/

    I swear Sonja Morgan looks pregnant in the silver dress. It’s bizarre since I recall her wanting to get lipo for almost nothing on her stomach…why does she now look pregnant??

    • error404 says:


      Is Taylor on s2 of “skating with the stars”? Because both of her outfits are total skating costumes.

      Isn’t Kyle a little young to be breaking out the mumus? Maybe she’s the preggers one.

      Looking preggers is the least of Sonja’s problems with that outfit! When Kiki looks better by comparison, you know it’s time to fire your stylist.

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        No ever mentions that Sonya is cross-eyed. Not that there’s anything wrong with it….

        • error404 says:

          OMG I hate you for making me take a second look! On second glance, I noticed two horrific images:

          1. A picture of Taylor ” I just threw up my lunch, which consisted of two ex-lax anyway” Armstrong at a Take Back Hollywood from the Fatties premier. The Horror!

          2. Jill at a burlesque event where Lulu stripped. The thought of JIll doing a Gypsy Rose Lee routine. ME getting hit int he face with her discarded spanks! OMG the brain bleach! Make the nightmare images end!

      • neroes says:

        Looks like Taylor is wearing one of her old cheerleader outfits.

      • TLM says:

        I actually liked the tulle skirt with the leather jacket. Reminded me of Bethenny’s tutu she wore when pregnant, which sounds like it would be ridiculous but I think actually worked well on her.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Does anyone else find it odd that it looks like Kyle has no problem with her niece Paris (with her obvious drug and alcohol issues) but Does have a problem with Kim’s? What’s the difference? Things that make you go hmmmm.

    • lillybee says:

      One thing I noticed is that I hardly ever see pics of Kim R. at events like those shown.

  101. ramona_coaster says:

    Taylor was stupid to comment how people are criticizing them hiding behind their computers. I’m sorry but would Taylor PREFER to be confronted face to face and told what crappy human being she is? This really shows how low class she is when she attacks people who watch the show. Once again these housewives need to be reminded that they put themselves out there and they have to take the good with the bad.
    Kyle and Taylor are too self-absorbed. They have to make a big deal and go overboard with defending themselves that they wind up looking like asses.
    I hope with reunion 2 Kim does out herself if she is indeed an alcoholic and gets help. I’m sure Kyle has her own issues with alcohol. Maybe it makes her nasty.

  102. Katie says:

    Well dam you watch clips like the following and you would never know they didn’t get along, all fun and laughter, so what’s all the fuss about from us cowards behind our computers?


  103. Adgirl says:

    @ Lillybee. Taylor picks on Kim because in every pack somebody has to be the Omega and godamnit it’s not gonna be Taylor.

    It was hard for Taylor to determine who was pack leader (Alpha) and who was pack goat (Omega). Camille had the upper hand with Kyle so Taylor is wondering – is Camille gonna be top dog? Camille is similar to Taylor in that she sensed Kyle was less important in BH/Malibu and Kyle is pretty – so Camille was very aggressive with her.

    Suddenly Camille seemed to lose the argument with Kyle (Lisa and Adrienne probably took Kyle’s side in private). Suddenly Kyle was the “it” girl and Taylor’s new hand holding bestie.
    Kim is the Omega and collateral damage in the race to the top dog position.

  104. WSL says:

    This is worth a Re peat !
    Pantry Viewer says:(about Kyle)

    January 28, 2011 at 9:54 am

    Yes, she totally has that evil look down.

    Her mouth drives me nuts. It’s gross. When she starts screaming at people, if you will notice her tongue comes out like a cow tongue and swats around the side of her mouth. It’s gross!

    Ok Pantry. U named Kyle :
    COW TONGUE or Cow dung !

    • lillybee says:

      I loved it. Didn’t Lulu do a cameo on Royal Pains last year.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Kelly Killoren-Bensimon on House
      She could play a patient who arrives at PPTH as a diagnostic puzzle. House will have to figure out how wild mood swings, delusions of grandeur, a constant desire to start fights, a lack of a filter, an aversion to gift baskets and an addiction to candy all piece together. He’ll probably decide it’s lupus.


    • error404 says:

      OMG i’m a tv illiterate!
      I’ve seen V and Glee. I’ve heard of House and Hot in Cleveland. Every thing else, I was lost.

    • lillybee says:

      We all need to think of a show for Caroline Manzo.

  105. error404 says:

    The saddest part of the Gabor, sorry I mean Richards, family problems is that it’s not about addiction or “having one’s back” at all. Its about men and $$$. Kim is not only taking Mauricio’s attention away, she is possibly taking his $$$. This “feud” is a lot more to do with Kim being the “second wife” than it is about her struggles with addiction. As we all know, anyone who would kiss Mauricio on the lips wouldn’t have lips left. Someone’s a little jelly belly jelly bean. Who’s eating pb and jelly for lunch? Kyle’s eating all the jelly!

  106. Katie says:

    OT = I’m really sick of seeing the Birkin Bag on these shows and with D list celebs. I get it, it’s really expensive and you think you’re special. But it was either sent to you or you’re stupid enough to spend that amount of money on a bag that is now everywhere. I don’t even really like the style. What at waste, get a style and be unique.

    Thanks for letting me vent!

  107. Zipit Zarin says:

    I still think it’s hilarious that Absolutely Fabulous parody’d Housewives before Andy did.

  108. Adgirl says:

    If anyone is up to it tonite, I’d like to elaborate on something twoile sparked in my mind upthread.

    Could it be possible that Kyle and Kim (the child actors) could have planned their storyline?

    The only issue I have with this supposition is Kyle would not agree to be the biotch. Kyle would need to be the savior.

  109. overaggression says:

    Wow, there is so much discussion. I appreciate getting other perspectives on the reunion. I have read through most of the comments and I have not seen anyone mention this.
    Kyle spent a lot of time telling us that caring for Kim is difficult burden. One would think that she would avoid taking on any new burdens. However, she seemed to insert herself rather willingly into the marital drama that Taylor went to great pains to expose to the group and to the audience. She held hands again with Taylor at the reunion explaining that she felt Taylor needed a friend.

    Kyle questioned Cedric’s story and expressed concern for Lisa, hoping that he wasn’t taking advantage of her friend. It seems to me that she enjoys playing the wise counselor role. It works well if her current projects admire and idolize her to the extent that Lisa and Kyle do. Her compassion is limited to those who feed her need to believe that she has the perfect life.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Kyle inserts herself into situations that enhance her reputation as having the perfect marriage and reinforce her image as martyr and savior of the world. In Kyle’s world, no one has it as bad as she does carrying around the burden of her sister.

      With Cediric, Kyle as usual selects inappropriate times/places to show off. Lisa’s daughter’s b-day party at Lisa’s restaurant was clearly not the time to quiz Cedric about his sob story childhood. She doesn’t give a rip about Cedric. Kyle loves the camera (hair flip, more lip gloss please!) and basks in the glory of having a “friend” like Lisa, who is very rich and has the social standing Kyle wants.

      Taylor is similar in her social-climbing quest and is making a pathetic attempt to be a Kyle-clone. She wants Kyle’s marriage (watch out, Mauricio!), $$$ and social standing.

  110. Zipit Zarin says:

    Tell me this isn’t the HW franchise before it happened. LOL

  111. error404 says:

    Late night ramblings, but I was thinking about “Desperate Housewives”, the aledged inspiration for the Real Housewives franchise.

    Yeah, they may have lived in McMAnsions, but the desperate housewives actually were housewives. They did housework, held jobs, parented their children…. tons of stuff we never see any real housewives do.

    Brie van der Kamp probably did more housework in one episode than Teresa did in 2 seasons of RHoNJ.

    Susan had a job. Real life divorcee’s Sonja and Kelly don’t do jack shit except spend their alimony.

    When Carlos went broke, Gabby worked the auto show. I suppose Cynthia did do that bogus Miami bathing suit runway show.

    Lynette held a job, raised 4 brats including her husband’s spawn, and had no help. Camille has 4 nannies.

    Even Edie Britt is a self-supporting real-a-tour. With nursing being so short staffed, maybe Kim Z and Countless Lulu should wash a few bed pans, and i don’t mean the ones belonging to their aged sugar daddies.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      I only watched the first episode of DH and the last episode of season 1. I kinda get your references and any slam at Countless works for me. I love hating her.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Ab Fab was before HW’s. Sure sure, anyone can riff off another idea, but to have the idea before the fact? I’m late night ruminating too and wonder if the reason Andy never takes anything seriously (it’s all shits and giggles and booze on WWHL..you know, his eyes a poppin like he actually enjoys Kim Z’s singing) is because it’s all an AB FAB episode to him. No one is real to him. Like with souls n shit.

  112. WSL says:

    Hi Zip it. I miss Olivia too. If she was disgusted w/HW when she left I am sure it’s only gotten worse. But we r holding up.

  113. WSL says:

    Don’t forget
    “We all live in a yellow submarine”

  114. WSL says:

    Zip it
    U did see the thing about Countless taking her clothes off, didn’t u ?

  115. Jules says:

    I agree completely – Taylor makes me sick. She claims Kim was baiting her at the airport to say things about Camille. The thing she fails completely to explain, and which no ones calls her on, is to what purpose would Kim have been baiting her. Kim is not close with any of the housewives – who was she going to pass Taylor’s comments on to – Kim is simply not a gossip. She was simply trying to make conversation. Furthermore, if Taylor’s singular reason in bringing up the conversation at the airport to Camille was to relate an unexpected exchange between herself and Kim, then why was it that Camille’s anger was directed at Kyle and Lisa when she got down to the restaurant, and not Kim. Camille did not seem to have any issue with Kim when she hit the table – even though Taylor insists that it was Kim that said that Camille was insecure. Kim’s feelings are hurt because in her own way she was trying to take up for Kyle at the dinner table in NY by telling Kyle that Taylor must have been stirring things up after they left. She was trying to warn Kyle that Taylor couldn’t be trusted. The way Kim is looking at it, is Kyle just jumps down her throat at every turn. She always thinks Kim is wrong, no matter what, and believes everyone else is right, no matter who – even if it is someone whose trust has not been earned. I am beginning to wonder if Kyle is just stupid. Lisa sees what Taylor is really like – I even think Adrienne is beginning to see Taylor for who she really is too. Kyle is either too stupid to see it, or just doesn’t care to give Kim a break. I can also tell that Lisa has made Taylor angry by implying she is not being honest, and stirred the pot, but she wouldn’t dare go up against Lisa. Lisa is too well like, but she has been given the green light to treat Kim anyway she wants to. It is despicable the way Kyle has thrown Kim to the wolves.

    Furthermore, Kyle was lying when she said she only joined the conversation between Kim and Taylor when she heard her name, because the episode clearly show that Kyle heard almost all of the conversation, but only intervened when Kim said that Kyle was faked out by Taylor. So, she intervened only to stick up for Taylor – if I were Kim, I would be hurt too, because it was Taylor that initiated the attack to start with. Also, if I were Lisa I would be upset about Kyle teasing her about being a jelly bean. I don’t think Lisa is a jealous person. I think she sees Taylor trying to undermine Kyle’s relationships with her other friends, and even her family, and she doesn’t trust Taylor. Lisa tried to warn Kyle at Villa Blanca and even at the restaurant in NY, and Kyle either is stupid or just doesn’t care. Then Lisa has to sit there and watch while Taylor breaks in on their lunch uninvited, and watch the idiotic behavior between Taylor and Kyle. I also noticed at the Reunion when the question was asked if the show had changed the relationship between Kyle and Lisa, it was Kyle who piped up and said no, but Lisa said nothing. I think Lisa might feel a little differently about it.

    With regard to Kim statement about Kyle stealing her house – there has been a story going around for awhile that when Kim and Kyle’s mom got sick, Kim moved to Arizona to take care of her. She gave Kyle and Mauricio power of attorney over her property in California so they could deal with maintaining it when she was in Arizona, and when Kim returned to California after her mother’s death she found that the title to her property had been transferred. Rumor has it that Kyle and Mauricio transferred title to their names. The claim was that it was done because Kim’s mother wanted it done because Kim doesn’t handle her finances well, but from what I can tell Kim does not have a very extravagant lifestyle, and prefers to live a much simplier life than any of the other housewives.

    I’m done venting.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      God bless venting 😀

    • Adgirl says:

      Wow, great write up thanks.

    • ramona_coaster says:

      That explains why Kyle launched herself at Kim and exploded in rage. It was more of an attempt to shut Kim up and revealing that she’s an alcoholic would be taking away Kim’s power. After all who would believe anything an addict says right? They’re notorious liars. The reason for Kyle’s out of place anger seems clear now.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Good morning all! Jules, excellent point you made about the NY dinner. Camille displayed zero hostility towards Kim, even though Taylor claims to have informed Camille that Kim (and the “ladies”secondarily) were talking about her at the airport and on the plane. Why even bring any of that up to Camille? Camile asks how was the flight? A normal person would have responded “fine, thanks for inviting us.” And later, Taylor even calls Adrienne to fill her in on the gossip despite the death in Adrienne’s family.

      Taylor’s intent was likely to persuade Camille to ostracize Kim as the other women were doing, and defuse the fight with Kyle. But all Taylor/Shana accomplished was to re-ignite Camille’s anger towards Kyle. Camille is not stupid and Taylor insulted her intelligence.

      Kim refused to be drawn into the fight at dinner and quietly advised Kyle to “know her place,” or something to that effect. I interpreted that as, shut up Kyle, you hothead, and think about the consequences of your actions, i.e., Mauricio’s relationship with Camille and Kelsey, not to mention her own dignity. Those were fighting words to Kyle, who has not an ounce of self-control. She was even willing to risk harming her husband’s income (on which her great lifestyle is dependent). Kim has displayed a lot of common sense but she is always dismissed as this crazy, deluded woman with no social standing.

      Ditto on the fact that Taylor would never attempt to cross Lisa for obvious reasons. Even at the reunion when Lisa called Taylor out for stirring the pot in NY, Taylor reacted very mildly to Lisa, but proceeded to threaten and blame Kim knowing there would be no consequences.

      I suspect more and more will be revealed about con artist Taylor and her husband, who never fills up poor Taylor/Shana’s love tank.

      • Jules says:

        I don’t even think Taylor was concerned about Camille ostracizing Kim – I think Taylor thinks that Kim is so insignificant that it isn’t worth the trouble – people will automatically toss Kim aside. I think Taylor’s intent was to provide Camille with enough information to put Kyle and Lisa in a bad light in Camille’s eyes, thereby putting a wedge between them and preventing them from developing a closer relationship. Taylor wants to be everyone’s best friend, and is willing to play dirty to achieve her goal. What Taylor didn’t count on is Camille’s unwillingness to keep quite about the information that Taylor related to her. Even when Taylor had to own up to saying what she did at the airport because it was on tape, she blamed it on Lisa by saying that she just related Lisa’s interpretation of the reason for Camille’s response to the conversation with Kyle.

        The thing that still bothers me is the way that Kyle goes after Kim in the limo, and then gets left alone in the limo to cry her eyes out. Kim left because she didn’t want to fight the battle, and the gets joined by Martin and Adrienne. Adrienne told Kyle to leave it only for now, and goes down to comfort Kim. Adrienne was listening to Kim and agreeing that she was ganged up on, and Kim was being consoled – Kyle couldn’t leave it alone and had to go down to the limo. So Kyle attacks Kim, and then everyone (including Martin and Adrienne) just leaves Kim alone, by herself, to cry in the limo. Kyle leaves Kim alone a lot, and seems to have a way of saying to Kim – you play it my way, or I will make things really painful for you.

      • PJ says:

        Maybe part of the reason Taylor goes after Kim is that Kyle trash talks about Kim to Taylor. I could see Kyle doing that and Taylor just eating it up.

  116. WSL says:

    Ad & Zip
    We need to do this more often.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      WSL, hugs! I’d love to meet you but I get claustrophobia in NY 😀

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        and I’m not kidding. I went there to bring a friend’s sister back home cuz she couldn’t afford anything there but rent so it lost it’s luster…went to a blues bar. It was tiny, like everything there, and smoky so I went outside to get some air. It was 1:30 in the morning and the streets were as crowded as noon so I looked up to see some stars for some space and the skycrapers made the sky as big as a postage stamp. I started freaking out “YOU CAN’T GET OUTSIDE HERE!” and my friends had to talk me down. LOL I need big sky and space. But I’d love to hang out with you on the prairie …or something. 😀

  117. Zipit Zarin says:

    Ok, I’m off to fall into the arms of morpheus. Nitol.

  118. WSL says:

    Just do it well !

  119. Adgirl says:

    Exerpts from comments on TMZ.com Kim Richards at airport (July 2010) possibly drunk seen taking pills of some sort. Airport police question her sobriety (“one drink!”) and discover she is in wrong terminal ….

    All from “nancy”:

    Jonathan, you are wrong. The house that Kim thinks Kyle stole from her is their vacation home. Not the house that Kyle lives in. Get your facts straight. Oh, and that vacation home was indeed bought by Kim but she could not keep up with the payments. Kyle bought her out or else it was to go into forecloseure. Kim and her children still vacation there.She Kim has never been denied the acess to the place.
    Posted at 12:00 PM on Jan 28, 2011 by nancy
    Who do you think helped Kim get her rental? Who said anything about Kyle making Kim sign over her rights to the house? Kim needed cash and Kyle and hubby gave it to her. Just like they support her every month. Kyle tried hard to hide Kim’s drinking and pill use. In fact the whole crew did. Was in the contract with Brovo. Do not show Kim drunk. You must not live in their area. This is widely known. Bless Kim. She needs help but won’t get it. Leaving rehab after 1 week says it all. We all hope the best for her. I have said too much. I am done.
    Posted at 12:30 PM on Jan 28, 2011 by nancy
    Jonathan. Lawyer my as# The reason Kyle did not want Kim to live was because drunks will say anything to a driver. ” Take me to so and so bar I will be right out” Why was Andeane (spelling) and Kim’s one time date were in the limo first? Kyle was concerned , asked anyone to get to the limo and not let Kim leave. Notice that in the end Kim was alone in the limo. Drive told to take her home and no place else.God jonathan think. We all care for Kim. She refuses any rehab help. I feel so bad for her,but she has to hit rock bottom. I believe Kyle won’t let this happen as she loves her sister.
    Posted at 2:55 PM on Jan 28, 2011 by nancy

    • error404 says:

      Oh dear. Is “Nancy” Kyle’s Susan Saunders? LOL

      Kyle, Lisa and Taylor have been hinting about Kim’s problems since episode 1. Even at the reunion they couldn’t wait to expose her, acting like somehow her abuses issue were going to magically explain away all of their horrid behavior. At the end of the day, had Kim not even been on the show, Kyle and Taylor still would have been shown up as bitches and Lisa would have lost at least half of her “humorous” quips.

      Think about it. Camille started all this “Kyle said _______” nonsense. Lisa pushed them to discuss it openly and patch things up. Taylor told Camille about the plane and got her all riled up again. Camille got pissed. Kyle reacted to Camille being pissed by throwing a super huge diva hissy fit and calling her all sorts of horrible names, none of which she has ever apologized for. I can’t wait to see how they explain that all of this is somehow the fault of Kim’s drinking. Really, I’m listening…. go ahead.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        You said it…

        Not to mention Taylor’s rage at despite of Kim’s ‘state of mind’ she is still able to correctly recollect all the events that occurred in sequence and verbatim- and the ugly truth exposes Taylor for what she is, a shirt stirrer and deviant.

        I’d take a ‘drunken’ Kim any day over Taylor.

        Taylor threatens violence-cute. Taylor throws her husband under the bus every chance she gets-cute. Taylor pretends to spend 60k on a birthday party for a 4 year old-cute. Taylor gets on a table looking like the mad hatter cute. Taylor gets drunk and acts like a whore-cute. Taylor almost falls on her ass because she is drunk-cute. Taylor changes her name several times-cute.

        Kim gets ‘drunk’ and says hello to someone before quietly going off and sitting down-not cute. Kim gets drunk and politely tells someone to stop recording her-not cute. Kim gets drunk and says exactly what Lisa said-not cute.

        Ya..screw Taylor. Kim hands down.

        • nathania says:

          People with skeletons in their closets always have to find someone to make a target so no one notices or thinks to question what the themselves have to hide. Oldest trick in the book.

          It’s so weird to me that she and Russell adopted another dog for her daughter. It makes me wonder if her daughter was inconsolable after they gave her dog away and this was the only way to fix it.

        • Nancy says:

          I’d take ANYONE over “Taylor”.

      • nathania says:

        I’m kind of curious why this is such a big effing deal. Sonja Morgan and Joe Giudice have both gotten DUI’s and it was brushed off like a bad stroke of luck (by the other cast members). Wtf?

        And remember how Danielle Staub made the comparsion between her behavior and Joe Guidice’s by saying driving drunk was a whole lot more immoral than sex work or sex tapes or what have you (I’m interpreting liberally because I can’t remember the exact words).

        Typical of Bravo, something is a *big deal* only if the other cast members think it is a big deal. And if it is a very big deal (like Teresa Guidice’s violent behavior), but no one on the cast thinks it is, then, well, it just isn’t. That’s one thing about this series I find incredibly annoying. The producers seem to follow the whims of whomever is dominating the group at the moment. Sometimes the viewing public has to skew them back in the right direction because the alpha cast members get so carried away…which is what is happening now in the case of Kim. A lot of the public was upset about the treatment of Danielle when the other cast members were so far out in left field but they would not budge on their treatment and portrayal of Danielle, probably because she pissed them off. Where is she, anyway, did Bravo execs have her killed or something?

        Whatever Kim’s use or abuse of substances is it is a private matter between her and her doctor and it has no business being speculated on by the other housewives. I would estimate if you got rid of all the housewives that have substance abuse issues and all the housewives that have eating disorders and all the housewives that are sociopaths, you probably wouldn’t even have enough housewives left to have even one full cast for the Real Housewives of America. The more this speculation about Kim’s drinking/using goes on, the more it seems like a witch-hunt…which at the end of the day is just boring, because only Kim knows.

  120. ches says:

    For anyone who is interested, Shana Hughes Taylor Ford Armstrong definitely changed her name…legally…twice.
    She was born Shana Lynette Hughes. The first name change came in Delaware County, Oklahoma on 8/9/1993. She changed it to Shana Lynette Taylor.
    The second change happened in Palm Beach County, Florida on 4/5/2005. Her new name was Taylor Ford.
    For anyone who wants to look at the document on line you can find it here.
    I hope that link works. If not I’ll fix it when I wake up.
    I’ve also found, in multiple places on line, that the name “Shana Lynette Sipe” was also a very possible alias. But no hard proof. I don’t tweet, but anyone else who does is welcome to ask her about that.
    I’m sure she would love it. 😉
    The way I look at it, you have to be either desperately running away from something or someone or, you want to be someone else so badly you would do anything to make that happen.
    Either way she is one desperate, batshit crazy woman.
    I heard she was originally wanted to keep the name “Shana Hughes” and legally name her top lip “Shana Taylor” and her bottom lip “Taylor Ford” but the judge wouldn’t go for it.
    I need my beauty sleep.

    • Kukulet says:

      Well…if her story about her stepfather is true, then I get the “Shana Lynette Taylor”, although she’s lying when she says “everyone” called her Taylor in high school. There seem to be a lot of people who remember her as “Shana”, and a school district spokeswoman has said that she was never registered under “Taylor” to begin with.

      But something smells about the “Taylor Ford”, especially since daLips refuses to clarify that-and she’s been asked a bunch of times on Twitter. Added to that, she apparently tried to reinvent her past by claiming that she is from the “Ford” automotive family “of Oklahoma”, which is ridiculous. Henry Ford’s descendants don’t, and never have, lived in Oklahoma-according to CNN, which doesn’t get stuff like that wrong. I don’t know if she actually made that claim, but there’s a couple who wrote into FauxHousewives who say that she did-and they’ve got no reason to lie about it.

      More will be revealed…and it’s a safe bet that what comes out is that daLips is a grifter.

      I do like her initials, though – SHTFA: “SHut The F**kup Already”. If only she would.

      Where does Bravo find these people? They really scraped the bottom of the Housewives barrel with this chick.

    • boston02127 says:

      Kelly is tweeting about the “fishy” blog too. Her & Jill. Hmmm.
      Kelly’s tweet:

    • quincyillinois says:

      There is hope for my subset blog too. I hope Jill finds it in the pages of comments by the IHJZ posters and gives me a call out for writing a love blog dedicated to Jill Zarin. I know it’s only a subset blog, but I still have hope.

      • quincyillinois says:

        BTW… Lisa in New England. Jill’s sister lives in CT and her name is Lisa. She is a lawyer and can write. If there is anyone who would be able to write an “I Love Jill Zarin” blog better than my “I Love Jill Zarin” blog on the prairie by quincyil, an unofficial subset blog of the IHJZ board, it would be Lisa, sister of Jill Zarin. I don’t remember her name, but when it was lonely at the top, according to Jill Zarin in April 2010, she asked Lisa and Gloria to help her write a book and to rise to the top to keep Jill Zarin company. I don’t know Lisa’s last name, but we can call her Lisa, Jill Zarin’s sister.

        If you only write good things about Jill Zarin, you do have problems in providing content for your blogs. I’m sure there is an audience for these blogs and that I why I like Lisa in New England hopes to gain readers.

        Writing a blog that no one reads is very lonely. That’s why I have my subset blog here buried in the millions of IHJZ posts. Jill surely understands this as she was very alone last season.

        I know that Jill Zarin reads Lynn’s blogs and has people monitoring this board day and night. I want to say, “Good morning, only a few more weeks to lift off for the fourth season of NYC. I’m sure that the PR Department is ready to create the new image for Jill Zarin. If she follows your suggestions this should be a great season.

        Now, signing off and going to my true self, a long time member of the IHJZ board.


          • quincyillinois says:

            Thank you. I remember it now. Lisa’s son had the twitter war against anyone naysayers last year when so many writers of articles, bloggers, and viewers of RHNYC thought Jill Zarin was the most reviled of all Bravo stars. Andy Cohen gave us this information on WWHL and the reunion so it seems to be a fact.

            Sometimes, you forget names and what happened last year. It is good to remind ourselves just how bad it was for Jill and her family when we move into the new season. We forget, but Jill doesn’t. Surely, she is going to look for someone to blame for her troubles. Someone other than Jill Zarin, that is.

            As your board pretend soothsayer, I think I know.

            Jill will tell us soon so pay attention to her actions, twitter, blogs, and articles. Jill is a yenta which means she can’t keep secrets. I looked up yenta on wikipedia.

            You all are a part of this.


          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I suspected it was Lisa Wexler as soon as I read it too. I noticed they were very protective of their trademark word “bully” and didn’t like that Kyle was trying to dampen the flame since they are using it to try and beat their dead horse of a book some more.

  121. boston02127 says:

    I wonder if Jill is behind the above blog? Is she preparing a “love” (of herself) type blog before the RHONY starts airing?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It appears to be a marketing vehicle for that moldy piece of whatever book. It smells like a Jill brain fart – and since Kelly is involved it likely is!

  122. ilovelynn says:

    thanks for the great blog, lynn, you never disapoint. I HATE taylor and I am so sick of andy cohen and his wishy washy questions and NO real answers or follow ups. he constantly ignores the obvious both at the stupid wwhl and reunion shows.

    btw, go to realhousewives blog on the final episode and check out “susie” on 1/28 at 3:40pm, she has a great scoop from a couple that spent an evening with taylor and russell before they were married. maybe you all knew about this, but I didn’t and found it verrrry interesting! as usual, don’t know how to supply links, sorry, too stupid to live!

  123. California35 says:

    I kept thinking the reason Taylor kept talking to Kyle about her “problems” with Russell was to gain her (and the viewers’) sympathy. To be the victim, to gain a friend in Kyle. After all of this other stuff she has been doing and the stuff we have found out (her multiple names, the dinner with that couple to get money)… Now I think it is to .. Wait for it…. Get Kyle to confide in her!!! Maybe someone already mentioned this. Any ways, I think that kyle has told Taylor her “troubles” also, and those have probably been the stuff about Kim. I can imagine Kyle saying that she doesn’t have troubles with her husband, but she does with her sister Kim.

  124. Austin says:

    I still like Kyle and Lisa best. I don’t blame Kyle for not “standing up” for Kim at the reunion. Kim found out that turnabout was fair play (as did her fans). She didn’t stand up for Kyle (and no, I don’t for a second believe Camille’s version), when she could have stopped the whole trackwreck of a feud in its tracks by doing so. Now she knows what it feels like to be in that position.

    Clearly Kim has addiction problems and certainly has problems in expressing herself in even the most basic of ways. It would be nice if Kyle showed more compassion, but when you are dealing with a family member like Kim for years and years, patience wears thin. Kyle doesn’t brook fools, in the same way Bethenny doesn’t, and because she’s direct, now some are trying to paint her as the “meanie”.

    Kyle has a lovely family, seems to have a genuine, loving relationship with her husband, and obviously adores her children. I agree that she needs to probably attend alanon and discover that it is not her “job” to take care of her emotionally-stunted, addicted sister, no matter what she promised her mother on her deathbed.
    Then Kim would have a chance get better and grow up and their relationship would probably improve.

  125. PJ says:

    My picks for most hated housewives:

    NY: Jill, Kelly, LuLu. Ramona has from time to time been on this list but she changes personalities and sometimes I like her.

    OC: Vicki, Tamara, Lynne, Alexis could be on this list but I think she is mostly clueless and not actually mean. Lynne seems to be clueless too.

    BH: Kyle, Taylor.

  126. Jules says:

    Somewhere along the way someone said that Lisa had tried to get Kim to do something about her drinking – it was in the last couple of days. What confuses me is, if this is true, why would Lisa have set Kim up with a good friend of hers like Martin. I mean supposedly Kyle and Lisa have been friends for a really long time, so Lisa would have known about Kim’s drinking problem. I wouldn’t set my friend up with a train wreck.

    The other thing is, Kyle sounded so drunk in the limo after leaving Camille’s house after the fight with Allison DuBois. She was seriously slurring her words when she suggested they go to the Polo Lounge for a cocktail. Furthermore, alcoholism is largely a genetic issue, so if Kim has a problem, and Paris Hilton has a problem, likely it would be a problem for Kyle as well.

    Also, if what that Nancy claims in the comments from the TMZ article about Bravo being contractually obligated to not show Kim drunk or under the influence were true, then apparently somewhere along the way Kyle rescended this portion of the contract and gave them the green light to spill the beans on Kim. Great sister, hun?

    • PJ says:

      Kyle can’t rescind a contract regarding Kim. Kim is an adult of legal age and not under a guardianship. Kim signs her own contracts, only Kim could rescind anything in her contract.

  127. historykc says:

    I’d just like concur with about 600+ posters that I’d have no problem telling Taylor on the street what I think of her. I wonder if the state of Oklahoma is embarrassed that Taylor exists. This is a woman with ZERO self-awareness. A sure way to not win over any fans? Call viewers (that decide the ratings for the show) “cowards.” What utter bullshit! Taylor, honey, I work two jobs, have a master’s degree and don’t have a sugar daddy to cover my bills. I’d say 90 percent of your viewers have more balls than you: woman who decided to find a man with money to pay her bills and give her a lavish lifestyle. God, I didn’t think I could dislike anybody more than Camille.

    • Nancy says:

      I bet our sweet little “Taylor” has had diarreha all weekend knowing part 2 of the reunion is already “in the can” so she can’t hire Jill Zarin’s PR firm to get her out of all the mess she’s in. Here’s some free advise Taylor…start telling the truth!

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