I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Atlanta Finale

I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Atlanta – Finale

I thought it was great that all of the ladies came out in support of Miss Lawrence singing Kandi’s song “Closet Freak”. They all seemed sincerely happy for him, even Kim. Kandi was like a proud mom who prepared her little one and then sent him off to do his thing, and he really performed well. Nice work Ms. Kandi Burress!

In another amazing example of a housewife turning her reputation upside down, I am now kind of liking Phaedra Parks. At the beginning of the season some of her comments were, as Mary Amons says, “Cringe-worthy”. Her canned foods comment and her generalizing about white people vs. black people put her in one of the “hated” Housewives categories and while she hasn’t clawed her way completely out of the dog house, she has definitely improved with the last few episodes.

Phaedra really does have a great sense of humor, she looks at life with a positive attitude and even though last week she kept calling her son “Him” with a bit of resentment in her voice, this week she cried as she left him to go off to work for the first time. Her motherly instinct has kicked in and she’s softened quite a bit. I certainly don’t see her whipping that baby as she threatened to do before he was born.

There is a whole lot more to the story of the song “The Ring Didn’t Mean A Thing”. As we watched Kandi and Kim talk it out, everything seemed to be alright. Kandi suggested that they let Kim’s attorney and Kandi’s business manager work out any details concerning the release of the song. As of today, the song has not been released, in fact Kim has released another awful song called, “Google Me” that Kandi had nothing to do with producing. This is a question I would have asked Kim last night on WWHL, maybe they’ll explain more at the reunion.

Kim has some really backward ideas of what goes into putting out a song. Kim thinks that the producer works a day or two on a song and the artist has the most difficult part of the process. Yoohoo Kim?!?! Who wrote the song? Kandi wrote that song for Kim and as we all learned from The Beatles, Michael Jackson and other top artists, the performer means very little, it is the writer who gets all the credit for the success of a song and it is the writer who gets paid for the song. If Kim had a brain in her head she would have stuck with Kandi because her first song, while I hated it, was successful and as they toured and Kim sang The Ring song, fans were loving it. This new song has tanked. Way to go Kim!

Sheree’s audition was a bit strange, wasn’t it? I have never been on an audition for a movie because I’m not an actor but does the person who is casting the movie typically perform a little bit of what they’re looking for? I suppose it’s possible but it’s also possible that the casting person knew Bravo’s cameras were rolling and has dreams of being an actor herself. My untrained casting eye thought Sheree did ok and I really didn’t get what they were trying to force her to do, as she said, she was doing what she felt the character would do. Isn’t that was she’s supposed to do? Then casting decides if that’s the right person for the part. Ah well, alls well that ends well, Sheree got the role. Good for her! Congratulations Sheree!

Bravo released an extra clip showing Sheree’s family and the reaction to her getting the part and her hair is amazing in this clip:


Kim got a boob job? There wasn’t any build up to this or any mention that Kim planned on doing this all season, we saw only the whining and whaling Kim yelling for “Sweetieeeee”. If that isn’t the most annoying thing ever on Housewives, it even beats Vicki from Orange County and her “whoo hoo”.

So I’m assuming she got a breast reduction, it was odd that they never really talked about it but I think that her new guy, Kroy is really a good influence on her. I have no idea what he sees in her at all but apparently he is the low-key dumb blonde jock that Kim needed. Well done Zolciak, you got a much better guy than you deserve.

As is pre-determined in Housewives land, a season end event must occur, in this case we have Cynthia’s wedding for your enjoyment. If ever a wedding should not have moved forward, this would be the one. With so many signs sent down from the Heavens to Cynthia Bailey telling her not to marry this man, you would think she’d have been struck by lightening for angering the wedding Gods.

The discussion between Peter and Cynthia about the closing of Uptown Supper Club would have been the end of it for me. Not because the restaurant failed and not because of the money issue but because of the way Peter spoke to Cynthia. He turned things around trying to make her seem unreasonable and over-dramatic. Peter was condescending and refused to communicate with his fiance.

So many of Cynthia’s comments all season long threw up red flags but last night when she actually said that if things didn’t work out she could always get a divorce, that was the final straw. Apparently she’s always had this in the back of her mind.

When Peter failed to pick up a couple of wedding bands I would have ran for the hills, this was a simple assignment that could have been taken care of with little effort and little money. He did nothing else for this wedding, Cynthia seemed to carry all of the burden for planning the festivities. She also carried all of the stress of not being able to pay for the wedding. Where was Peter as she struggled to figure out how they were going to come up with the final $3,000 for the bar? What would they have done had her mother not offered the money or not been able to come up with the money?

This couple didn’t have fans routing for them to make it or to have a happy ending, I think most people thought the wedding should have been postponed or even called off altogether. I think Cynthia was a lovable character, she won the hearts of Atlanta fans and people want her to have a happy ending but Peter wasn’t her knight in shining armor, he was inconsiderate and even mean to our heroine.

The build up to the appearance of the bride was a bit over-dramatic particularly since we all know that the wedding went on as planned. If we saw the entire ceremony, it had to have been the shortest wedding in Housewives history. Of course it didn’t include any rings, and their vows didn’t include the carat count of the diamonds ala Vicki from OC. I really liked the venue, I thought it was beautiful and I didn’t see what Sheree saw, she noted that it was evident that they cut corners but viewers certainly couldn’t see that. While all the ladies seemed to be happy for Cynthia and NeNe noted that she hoped they’d be happy together forever, I tend to think Kim had a point predicting that their marriage lasts a year or so.

As I said in an earlier blog, I wasn’t a fan of the dress, I didn’t think the color was a good one for Cynthia and the big bow on her throat did nothing for her, it took focus away from her beautiful face, although she seemed to have way too much eye makeup. I don’t understand why Peter changed his suit from the ceremony to the reception. He was wearing an off-white suit while he drunkenly said his vows but was later shown at the reception in a dark suit.

Peter definitely got the better end of the deal with this union. I think Cynthia’s sister may have had a pretty good idea hiding the marriage certificate but it would have only delayed the process, not stopped it. They could have simply gone through with the wedding and then later gone to City Hall to legalize everything. Cynthia’s mother was just too reasonable and after their tearful conversation in the park, she would never have allowed Cynthia’s sister to withhold the marriage license.

This season really seemed like two different shows. When the season started, we watched as Kim and NeNe made peace and after their nerve wracking first meeting in episode one, everything seemed fine. The two women seemed as though they were going to put the past behind them and start fresh. NeNe listened while Kim complained about her situation with Big Poppa and Kim only half listened as NeNe talked about her marriage but all seemed well in Atlanta.

It was as if there was some sort of chemical that had been released on that tour bus that made NeNe completely unreasonable. Her unprovoked attacks on Kim were fueled by jealousy because NeNe struggled to find a career while Kim was handed this musical career on a silver platter with absolutely no effort and no talent. Had Kim not been a member of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, she would never have released a single and never been on that tour with Kandi.

NeNe was in a bad place, her frustration at Kim’s unearned success and her marriage falling apart, concern for her son Bryson’s future all seemed to add to the blow up that made no sense to viewers. NeNe arrived in Florida with a bit of an attitude and seemed to be looking for a fight. I think that NeNe was expecting the crowd to be more critical of Kim’s singing and when she found that they supported and even adored Kim, NeNe completely lost it.

I can certainly see why NeNe is frustrated with Kim, everything seems to come so easily for Kim, she is handed things that she doesn’t deserve and doesn’t work for. She didn’t work hard to prepare for this tour, yet was successful. After being told to take vocal lessons, she didn’t work hard to record Tardy For The Party yet it soared on the charts. Kim has a great guy that she doesn’t deserve. Kim has a horseshoe up her ass and NeNe is jealous.

I can understand NeNe’s frustration but the way that she lashes out is not appropriate and so NeNe’s popularity that seemed to rise all season long was shot to hell with just one episode of the show.

NeNe had public sympathy after Gregg’s idiotic statements made on a radio show, she was funny and had gotten a break with the segments on a local Atlanta news program. She was handling the issues with her son very well and earned a lot of respect for her excellent parenting skills. It really is a shame that she let Kim get to her the way that she did. Kim really isn’t worth it. Maybe if NeNe had never gone to Florida at all, just avoided Kim Zolciak, things would have worked out very differently for NeNe.

On the final episode the two ladies completely avoided each other which was clearly the only way to go. There will be no reconciliation and that is probably for the best. The fight between these two women on screen carried over onto Watch What Happens Live last night and onto Twitter.

Andy Cohen read one of NeNe’s tweets on the air last night but there were a whole lot more. Some of NeNe’s Tweets included:

“She’s a monster with lip gloss on”
“What about that fake degree, I’ll call the school”
“She is most definitely a trash box”
“Talking trash and having a baby by the 3rd man. Now that’s real classy”
“Kick rocks trashy whore”
“3 kids by 3 different daddy’s and no husband is nothing to be all happy about”
“Please stop stalking my timeline trash box!”
“She wanna be me trash”
“She’s not even a high school graduate. Ha ha ha”
“I’ve had a wonderful day! Moving on with my life & moving fake friends out has been refreshing I miss u n Hawaii. Hurry back! Wink”

I wonder if her “boo” is at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii? Hmmmm

Kim had to get her two cents in on Twitter after her appearance on Watch What Happens Live:

“Love my tweethearts! As far as the moose she needs to take care of her warrants under all her alias before she worries abt me!”
“Why she always talking abt me!!!! Geez!! #whyyousoobsessedwithme”

I’m sure had she not been on Andy’s show, she would have gotten more digs in on Twitter but she did manage to tweet that she’s taping Wendy Williams show today, I’m not sure if it will air today but if you’re interested in seeing Kim again, look for that to air soon. Personally, I have no interest in what this woman has to say and if I never hear her sing again it will be too soon.

I still don’t quite understand why NeNe stands alone, Sheree, Phaedra and Kandi are all on NeNe’s list as “haters” along with Kim. Cynthia seems to be the only Atlanta Housewife that NeNe stills speaks to at this point.

Thanks to Super Bowl Sunday, an unofficial national holiday, The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion will not be shown this week, we’ll have to wait two weeks to hear Kim and NeNe screaming at each other again. The previews, similar to the scenes on the tour bus, show the two women going at it again and since they’re both yelling at the same time it is difficult to decipher what they’re actually saying, but I’m sure it is just more of the same.

I love Kandi’s hair at the reunion, Bravo has released a few preview video’s, you can view them here:


These are Andy’s “behind the scenes” clips and his new thing choosing his favorite pair of shoes that he started with Beverly Hills continues in Atlanta, I won’t reveal his winner, you’ll have to watch the crazy guy for yourself.

This finale had no end of season photo of all of the ladies together, their final send off verbiage revealed that NeNe is still in the process of getting a divorce and would love to move to Los Angeles. I think NeNe is interested in acting, her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice is certainly going to give her more national exposure and I truly hope that NeNe does find her “happy” again. The anger doesn’t look good on her, we’ve seen the happy, fun NeNe and she’s who I hope to see again. I don’t think we’re going to see her as an Atlanta Housewife again.

Kim and NeNe’s tweets are eluding to lots of lies going on, Kim is insinuating that NeNe has other alias names and has outstanding warrants under other names, NeNe is saying that Kim’s nursing degree is fake and that she never even graduated from High School. This gives all the Housewives investigators lots to work with, I’m sure we’ll hear more about these accusations in the near future.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta brought in the biggest numbers yet for any Housewives series at 3.43 million viewers last Sunday.

NeNe’s appearance on Celebrity Apprentice will begin to air March 6 on NBC, with only very short glimpses we’ve gotten so far it’s clear that NeNe has issues with Star Jones, it will be interesting to see if NeNe is correct in stating that Star had issues with a lot of people on the show or if NeNe instigates this conflict. Could be a little bit of both?

Sorry I have to add this: Congratulations to my cousin Patrick Sharp Chicago Blackhawks #10 The National Hockey League All Star Most Valuable Player! I’m so proud of you! Love you cuz!

Until Next Time….

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  1. tootsie says:

    Another great blog, Lynn. You must be very proud of your cuz, as you should be.

    • Savannah001 says:

      Hey ladies, I’m back after alittle time away from the blogs, not the shows, however, I’ve been watching. My first grandchild was born on 12/11/10 and he is so perfect of course, I love him so so much he’s really a joy and I spend alot of Quality time with him on Saturdays. Work keeps me busy as well and I’ve just not had a lot of time to check the blogs. I did stay up and of course watched the Atlanta ladies. I live in Atlanta, But New York housewives are still my favorite group and I have enjoyed the B.Hills ladies too.

      Starting with Atlanta finale. Wow, I have to say that I didnt think I would like Nene this year based on last years season, but she did start out like the Nene of season 1 and I was really glad to see that, HOWEVER it didnt take long for me to see her start to act like a crazy woman all over again. Nene just has turned me off completely I can’t stand her, I read her blog today and I can totally understand the other women standing against her IF they infact are, I wouldnt want people I know to see me in her company.. She did say that Cynthia was different and wasnt included in the group that is standing against her.. She said that Cynthia does have a brain after all and of course I agree she does have one, but one could debate on whether she;s using it wisely, Nene influences her and just about had her leaving South Beach before they could even do her party, I believe that if Sheree had not gone to her room she would have left with Nene just like Nene was so hoping she would, that would not have been a smart move for her to take because the ladies did go for her. I’m sure they could have all done other things besides having to make arrangements for their children etc.. But thats nothing even to compare with her going through with that Wedding. That Peter is NO GOOD I can’t believe that she would just accept being in the dark as he keeps her in I dont know that I’ve ever seen someone so controling and yet she lets it happen so YEAH Cynthia has a brain but I have to question the way she is using it, her I don’t understand it, he has NOTHING to even offer to her, she was successful and I think he’ll hold her back from her own career.

      Phadrea I never thought I would say it but she’s grown on me a lot she started out not liked at all, but as the season played out she really changed and I actually liked her in the recent espisodes.

      Kim is Kim and she’s not changed seems she’s still much of the same. Nene glows green when she’s around Kim.. If theres anyone Jealous of Kim for what ever reason its Nene and it makes Nene look pathetic, love kim hate kim Nene attacks her like I;ve never ever seen and it’s clear to me Nene has shown the world how nasty she can get shes so good at it its scary. Those two women need to stay away from each other before Nene does possibly follow through on one of those threats of hers, not only does she say she’ll snap her neck etc the way she shows her anger is too scary.

      I havent read all the blogs so I’ll have to catch up but I do have a couple of QUESTIONS, Lynn, someone please help me out here. On the upcoming new season of the NYC ladies it is appearing now in a couple of clips I;ve seen that Sonja kicks Alex out of her house PLEASE tell me that its a teaser and maybe shes just telling Alex what she did and I’ll take a guess that the thug in a cocktail dress is Jill or Kelly.. I so want Alex, Sonja, and Ramona to be a close circle this year… Also on The Beverly Hills reunion who do you think Lisa is talking to when she says everything that comes out of their mouth was a lie My guess is Taylor.. I’ll save my thoughts on Taylor until after the 2nd half of the reunion, what a snake she is, and how can Kyle not see through her bullshit I dont understand it.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      Patrick Sharp is one of the most underrated hockey players out there. He truly deserved that MVP.

  2. Barry Glibb says:

    You’re right about this season being two shows, I was thinking the same thing, and I always really liked NeNe, so it’s hard seeing her act out so intensely. I wonder if she has written of Kandi, Sheree and Phaedra because they were all manufactured relationships for the show, more so than the friendships with Kim and Cynthia which seemed to have originated off screen first.

    Having known people like Kim (i.e. pathological liars), I can see how NeNe just reached a breaking point, it had little to do with jealousy or any specific events, but the way she has been acting is still inexcusable, even if the reason is just!

    Here’s my recap: http://popmorsels.com/2011/01/31/the-rhoa-recap-season-3-ep-16-%E2%80%9Cthe-bride-and-the-doom%E2%80%9D-finale/

  3. error404 says:

    Great blog!

    Fakedra is doing some serious image retooling. I was shocked she had only nice things to say about the wedding, as just last week she was getting in all sort of hypocritical jealous digs about he fashion show. She still annoys the hell out of me and I hold HW grudges, so she’s gonna have to do a whole lot better than one teary eyed leaving the baby behind scene to win me over.

    The wedding! The whole thing was an awful flash back to my own sister’s wedding. Believe me, Cyn and Peter are NOT going to live happily ever after. I wonder how many of the wedding presents were self-help books with titles like “Smart women, stupid choices”?

    There’s a whole “Dream Girls” undercurrent going on here that Bravo failed to exploit. Khandi knows all about girl groups, sleeping with other women’s men, one member feeling they got the shaft, etc… If Nene were smart, she’s broker a truce with Fakedra (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) and have her do whatever it is that the faux-lawyer is doing for that girl who got shafted by Byonce. I suspect there a lot more to the story than just “Nene dropped out, Kim got lucky and Khandi is powerless”. A whole lot more.

  4. VincenzoNewYork says:

    Thank you Lynn For the recap!

    I wish the best for Cythina and that she has a joyful marriage. I thought she looked beautiful in that dress. It was strange to see somone choose to wear that color for a wedding dress. I also thought her mom was soo cute!! I adore her sister as well. I can see that Cynthia came from a good background, and I also felt bad for her mother as well. I guess choosing awful men seems to run in the family. {Run Cynthia!!!}
    I also believe that divorce is acceptable and sometimes things do not work out for the best. I hope she has a pre-nup! Relationships begin and end but we always have the relationship with ourselves and our hearts; and that last forever.

    NeNe- No comment.

    Sheree’ – I adore her! She so beautiful and I hope she finds true love again.
    Phaedra- I also really like Phaedra and wish her happiness as well.
    Kim Z- It is completely rude to bring your own wine to a wedding reception and discuss someone’s financial reasons in a condescending manner! That was absolutely unacceptable and quite base. If she wants the world to consider to be a lady with class and social standing, then she needs to adapt to those mores. She hasn’t any sense of propriety and I think Taylor from BH needs to teach her some etiquette. I think that her behavior is due to lack of education , lack of self-reflection, and lack of a propper upbringing. I hope her daughters learn how to be proper ladies… I like her more than NeNe…
    Kroy seems like quite the good catch…I agree with what Sheree’ said in her confessional- (MTV real world!)
    Kandi- I really like her, but there isn’t enough for me to comment on. I do hope she finds Mr. Right….she deserves it, and I am sure that she’ll be a good wife.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      oh yea there is something about NeNe!! I hope she never decides to relocate herself in NY!! NY and NeNe do not mix!!! We have JZ here already, and Countless LuLu!!! I do like Kelly B(she’s a unique soul…..) so for other bloggers you guys can that her to your list if you wish….

    • error404 says:

      Kim Z has no desire to learn anything, her whole MO is “accept me as I f$%^ing am bitch, or eat shit and die”. Like a certain other reality tv woman who quit her job as governor to make some quick $$$, Kim holds on to her ignorance with a death grip, as it’s suppose to be the key to her “charm”.

      • VincenzoNewYork says:

        she has no “charm.” eeekkkkk…she’s alright…but not a classy lady..

      • floridagirl88 says:

        So far it’s working for Kim. She is irrelevant, trashy, gross, ill-mannered, rude, devious and untalented, yet it’s working for her for whatever time she has in the spotlight. It is beyond belief, but Kim is working it. No wonder Nene has gone ballistic. All her antics on HWs and Celebrity Apprentice and Kim is the one that gets the attention for being a floozy. Defies explanation.

  5. WindyCityWondering says:

    Congrats to your cousin! Don’t apologize just be proud – he deserved MVP.
    We are hockey freaks and we were texting like fiends – my youngest was over the moon happy when Patrick won.

    Thanks to you as well – you bring us without fail blogs that recap and cause questions. While I have never been an AToL fan, I actually watched the entire season and you are my MVB (Most Valuable Blogger).

    • error404 says:

      Yeah, this blog does inspire me to watch. This was the first time I sat thru an entire season of RHoAt. I tried to watch both RHoNJ and RHoDC, but couldn’t even make it through a single episode.

  6. MickeyMouth says:

    Thanks for the blog. I watched very little of RHOA last night. They bore me. Bring on New York 🙂

    • Totally agree. I kept trying to watch, but got irritated every 30 seconds I wasted. If not for wanting to see Cynthia in her dress, I’d have bailed completely. As it was, I watched a few mintues, channel surfed, watched a few, channel surfed…and then there was Cynthia…in a dark gray gown that was completely ominous. It looked more like a funeral: bones everywhere, people crying in grief. Afraid I’m over the AtlHW.

  7. quincyil says:

    Wow. Your cousin is an all star. That is wonderful for him and your family.

    I didn ‘t watch all of Atlanta yet. What I did watch was sad. I think Cynthia thought that the show must go on even if her leg was broken. I can’t imagine who Peter is going to say to his mother in law and sister in law about their play within the play over the marriage license. They should have been honest with Cynthia and told her that she doesn’t have to marry him to please Bravo.

    There was no flowers and no music at the wedding. The dress looked like it was made by Eduardo of “The Fashion Show.” Kandi’s dress must have come from the same desinger because it looked like she could be in the bridal party.

    I have to give Cynthia a lot of credit for not spending money that she did not have. Other reality stars are millions in debt. Cynthia wants to work and earn money.

    • Katie says:

      She did spend money she didn’t have. That wedding even with all the cutting back was more than what they could ever afford. They should have waited or eloped with a small family celebration. I hope Bravo picked up the tab!
      But when you need to ask your Mom and Dad the day before the wedding to give you $3,000 to cover the bar bill, you are having a wedding you can’t afford.

      • HD says:

        Cynthia certainly did spend money that she did not have. I heard from Cadillac Kimberly who does vlogs on Youtube and that is in the know on everything Atlanta that allegedly, Bravo had to step in to pay for something. I think it was the final payment to rent that building and also, the bar turned into a cash bar as the night went on. That is just her two cents but she seems to know everything about Atlanta and she talked about the wedding before it was even shown on TV.

        • quincyil says:

          Interesting. Bravo should do more for the Atlanta ladies than they do. I believe that franchise makes the most money for Bravo. The Atlanta women got a vacation in Miami at Kim’s friend’s house where the New Jersey girls went to Italy and NY girls went to Scary Island. It’s not fair.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I thought that Kandi’s dress looked like the one Bethenny wore at the New York Reunion:


  8. tnbelle2 says:

    Lynn, I agree with you once again except on one subject. Terri Vaughn( the one that went off on Sheree) Is already an accomplished actress. Just Google her and you will see her accomplishments. So your statement about her wanting to become an actress is way off base. She has numerous Television and Film Credits. Just a few credits include the Steve Harvey Show as Lavita- Movies- Daddy’s Girls, Three Can Play that Game, and others. Just as FYI.

    • error404 says:

      Andy Cohen also commented on this, insinuating that Terri was auditioning to be on RHoAt.

      • error404 says:

        Sheree was playing the role as aloof sarcastic, which is also how she is playing her HW role in s3. They wanted more angry black woman, which Sheree of s2 would have had no problem doing. “who gonna check ya boo?”. Terri’s OTT reaction came off as “unprofessional” IMHO.

        • tnbelle2 says:

          I don’t disagree with she came off as unprofessional. Just correcting the comment of about wanting to become an actress. She is already an actress. She also has producer to her credits. In this scene besides being a producer she is acting as a director. In some arena’s it is known that actors and actresses have resentments towards reality personalities. “It cheapens their craft” I read in an article by a female actress.

          • quincyil says:

            Members of the board have given SAG (Screen Actors Guild) links to issues that actors have with the networks pay scale for reality stars.
            I noticed that “30 Rock” mentioned scripted vs reality shows in their show last Thurs. Jack/Alec said that the reality shows make the money to pay for the scripted shows. Don’t tell Jill and Nene this though.

          • LynnNChicago says:

            Thanks for correcting that, I honestly didn’t even pay attention to her name as she appeared on the show, I just assumed she was a casting director. My mistake. thanks for clearing that up

            • twoile says:

              @Lynn, Many congrats 2 you & your family 4 #2 MVPs both your cousin & yourself, how wonderful 4 all of you keep on beaming with delight, you deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy<3

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      She was Lavita!!??!!! awww, she has changed!

  9. Brigid A. says:

    Thank you, Lynn! Haven’t really followed the Atlanta HW’s, relying on your excellent summaries. I caught the last 20-30 minutes or so and it was sad to see Cynthia proceed with this wedding despite her apprehensions. She is lovely and seems sweet and genuine. Cannot understand her attraction to Peter, but I hope they are happy.

    Wish Cyn had another wedding consultant/stylist because I did not like that silver/gray shade on her. That billowy gown did nothing to showcase her fabulous model’s figure. And I love the smokey eye look, but Cynthia’s was so 0ver-applied it gave her a black, sunken-eyed appearance. Nevertheless, Cynthia is a beautiful woman and she carried it off.

    As for Peter, I thought his first suit was light gray to match the gray/silver theme? Did nothing for him with his grizzled gray hair. Ugh. He looked better in the dark suit he wore later at the reception. And I hope those tears he shed during the ceremony were not the crocodile variety.

    All the other ladies’ storylines hold no interest for me, including the Kim/Kandi drama. NeNe’s voice has become so shrill and grating I need to use the remote mute (but nothing tops Taylor’s irritating voice and fake laugh).

    At the risk of repeating myself, why is it ok for Kim Z to guzzle booze at all hours of the morning/night, even being so tacky as to bring her own wine (over ice?) to the reception, yet Kim Richards has had her reputation and dignity trashed by her sister and castmates. ALL the HW’s drink, at least one receiving a DUI (Sonja). Oh, forgot about Jill Zaaaarin with her Diet Cokes.

    • error404 says:

      I’ve always been suspicious of Jill’s diet cokes. Does her fabulous circle of friends include on called Bill?

      As for Kim R, I think there has always been resentment of “sloppy drunks” by alcoholics who can “hold their liquor”. I know plenty of addicts who think it’s ok just as long as they still make it to work in the am. I can’t wait till Tuesday to see if Andy asks about “Guess who drink al damn day long!”

      • Brigid A. says:

        Not counting on Andy to address Kim R’s curious accusation that VileKyle “drinks all god-damn day.” When I heard that, my ears perked up and I thought FINALLY Kyle’s issues (possible addiction) may finally be addressed. Maybe few viewers every heard it with Kyle’s fists flying and screaming over Kim like a banshee.

        • vilzvet says:

          Oh come on, you never saw the wretched Italy episodes?! Would love your take on them!

          • vilzvet says:

            LOL, this ended up in the wrong place! It was addressed to dear error about his admission to never seeing an eppy of NJ.

            This is my response here: That is was VERY telling that Kyle did an immediate and I mean immediate exit from the limo, the moment that remark came out of Kim’s mouth. She wanted the scene to end only because the attention was thrown back on her. She did not want all of America to hear that comment.

            • Brigid A. says:

              Talk about a hasty exit! Wasn’t too graceful, either, still yelling, hunched over in the limo, tugging at her bandage dress which barely covered her butt. Don’t forget the numerous hair flips. She’s a multi-tasker.

              • error404 says:

                I swear someone was yelling “Shut up!” or “Stop! Stop!” but i couldn’t tell if it was Kyle or Adrienne. It was bedlam in that limo.

                • Brigid A. says:

                  It really seems that Kim and Kyle “outed” each other as alcoholics that night!

                  They both made the same accusation, Kim’s was just more indirect and hard to hear because they were both yelling. Kyle shut down the conversation and made an immediate exit, telling Kim it was over, or whatever her exact words were.

                • babelony says:

                  Kyle was yelling “Shut up!” and Adrienne “Stop! Stop!”

      • Zee says:

        Agreed about all the HWs having cocktails, nips and then excessive drinking. The biggest thing that has rung in my mind concerning Camille and her declaration “I’m always honest!!” is that very early in the season she made such a big to-do about “oh, I don’t drink” yada yada yada, but yet in every episode, she’s seen drinking and even taking tequila shooters with the guys poolside in Vegas. Kim R needs help and support. Kim Z needs a swift kick.

        • Brigid A. says:

          Add Kelly to the HW’s who make fools of themselves by announcing time and again they don’t drink when the camera captures them doing shots, drinking liberally, even blaming the other HW’s for persuading them to drink. Or is it the Bravo editing? I lost track.

          Kelly was blitzed out of her mind throughout Ramona’s cruise and even introduced the ladies to her favorite shots!

          • NormaJean says:

            I don’t think Camille was saying she NEVER drinks. If I remember correctly, what she was saying was that she rarely drinks ( which is very likely to be true considering Kelsey’s addictions).

            I’ve often said myself that I don’t really drink. That doesn’t mean that I never drink, it means that I’m not a frequent drinker and that I’m a light weight.

            • error404 says:

              I don’t remember the exact words, but I agree. I think when Kelly or Camille say “Oh I never drink” they mean they don’t drink a lot. I don’t see Camille as a big drinker, especially with her IBS. Kiki is either a closet drunk, or has alcohol allergies, or is just plain crazy.

              • TLM says:

                I just remember that whole obnoxious thing poolside where Camille was all giggly with the men and saying everyone was trying to MAKE her drink when she CLEARLY said, “I’ll have a shot!” Lisa was like, either drink it or STFU, and I didn’t blame her.

              • Brigid A. says:

                Agree that Camille doesn’t seem to be a big drinker, but maybe prescription tranquilizers? She often has a heavy-lidded, glazed look in her eyes, and slow speech as if she could doze off at any second.

                Anyway, I immediately suspect anyone who repeatedly announces they don’t drink. A polite no thank you is sufficient when offered an alcoholic drink. It’s not that hard!

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I knew a gal like Jillzilla. She was a friend’s friend who only drank DC while everyone was drinking and partying their hearts out. She wasn’t the designated driver as we were cabbing it, but she had a great time and was laughing her ass off as hard as we did. Funny that everything that happened was leaked behind our backs and she’d also bring up embarassing moments at other events. She was sober and taking notes, but only telling tales of the others! She was dropped.

      • NormaJean says:

        So was she dropped as a friend because she didn’t do stupid drunken things or because she recounted the stupid drunken things the rest of you did?

        • error404 says:

          Ouch! That was harsh.

          Just curious, do your friends talk ill of you behind your back, or often bring up your embarrassing moments to make you look a fool in front of others, but you love them like sisters because everyone is sober? Yeah, I thought not.

          • Brigid A. says:

            “Ouch” is my favorite word lately, thanks to Camille, or thanks to her PR rep.

          • quincyil says:

            Would you be my best friend, error404? I think I love you.

          • NormaJean says:

            I wasn’t trying to be a bitch, sorry if it came off that way. I was actually curious as to why the sober girl was dropped. Was it because of the story telling she was doing or because she wasn’t doing the dumb things that people do when drinking. But heck, if I do something embarrassing I own it drunk or sober.

            • quincyil says:

              I never drink as alcohol causes me to have migraines, but I never would carry tales about friends. I think it was the behavior of the friend going behind their backs that bothered them. This is the cause of all of the drama on the real housewives series. When the women discuss each other in little get togethers or in the interviews and the person that is being discussed hears what they said, the fights begin.

              Andy really knew how to create conflict between this stars. He is a genius to have recognized the formula and applied it to the different cities.

              • Dawn says:

                Ahh..someone else that suffers from migraines if she drinks. I start getting a headache with one and it progresses from there. I’d have to work very hard in order to develop a drinking problem. Seeing the issues that others have, I guess it’s a blessing in disguise.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          She was dropped because she told of our sneaky goofy and stupid drunken antics, but kept her sober calculated antics quiet! There are just some women (and men as StarJones ex on BasketballWives showed) that love to “tell” what others do. How many shots you had, what we wore, who we met, where we went and who paid for what. Imagine you go out dancing and dance with a good looking guy. Should your boyfriend, friends, enemies and neighbors know before you even wake up? That’s the kind of eagle-eyed horrible bitch she was. We dropped my friend and the rat. BTW she was defended when she was running other people’s business, but once she crossed her friend she was dropped immediately.

          • Brigid A. says:

            Amber, thanks for sharing! I think we can all relate to having “friends” like that!

            • Amber...Real Wife says:

              LOL Brigid you’re a great gal and real understanding. I wonder what it’ll take to see you blow you top and hope we never find out! 🙂

              • Brigid A. says:

                Amber, how did you guess? LOL! My family & friends always say they never see it coming! In future, I”m going to steal Trashy Taylor’s line and scream ENOUGH, ENOUGH and storm out of the room like a diva!

  10. Golden Girl says:

    Thanks Lynn for another amazing blog you have some great skills!

    What I don’t understand is how Cynthia, and Peter were prepared to pay up to $1,000,000.00 for the wedding when they couldn’t pay a $3,000.00 bar tab? Did they already reach the million dollar limit and couldn’t go over by $3,000.00?

    • Katie says:

      I had called Cynthia a poser before and this is an example of what I meant/mean by it. That whole meeting with wedding planner IMHO was for show. There was not a million dollars to spend even on Peter’s best day. There is no way that wedding cost a lot of money and if Bravo didn’t pay for some of it, Cynthia got ripped off. The bar I can see Bravo not paying for I bet they paid for the venue.

      • quincyil says:

        Maybe, Cynthia did not know Peter was so poor. He probably dresses well and has a fancy car which is probably leased. He lives with her in her house.

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        I agree Katie. That was totally for show. I live in Atlanta and the Fernbank, which is a natural history museum, is probably not that outrageous to rent for events. I would think they probably gave it to her gratis for the amount of publicity they got. They didn’t spend a million dollars. If all they spent was 3k for the bar then they got off easy. I had a big wedding and the bar and the flowers were the most expensive things. And the catering but they didn’t do a sit down dinner did they? Now I can’t remember because I was kind of bored with the episode.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          They did a dinner. After the ceremony, the video sped up showing chairs removed, tables being set, and then people were sitting and being served plate. I remember this because I wondered where they crowd went while the tables were set up. But I was not paying very close attention.

          • error404 says:

            I assume they went back to that lobby/reception area they were in when people were arriving. That way Kim could have some more of her own wine! LOL

        • error404 says:

          I think she said she had 200 people. $3,000 for 200 people is only $15 a head. In NY that would only get you wine and beer only, no liquor, and not top shelf. I think we paid $25 a head for non top shelf liquor during cocktail hour only, and beer and wine only during dinner, the plus champagne toast.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I was really lucky when it came to my bar- at our second ceremony (we had one in Cali and one in Toronto). We rented a local modern Casa Loma. You have to get the license and supply the alcohol (although there is still at $16 pp charge for bar tending related fees) . My sister was a GM at a bar and one of her beer reps gave us $900 worth of beer (some of them premium for free) I also spent about $1000 for champagne, wine and liquor plus what we need for our 3 signature drinks.

            The flowers we got an insider price on because we used the florist/floral department at my work even thou we still ended up spending over $2000.

    • error404 says:

      Cyn said several times that the money was suppose to come FROM the restaurant, but instead the restaurant ended up TAKING all their other money. She seemed to blame this all on Peter, and considering how many times he was filmed telling her not to worry and that he would handle everything, I think she’s probably right. He said he’d handle everything. She trusted him. In the end, he could even be relied upon to bring his own ring, nor to show up sober. I don’t blame her sister for trying to hide the license.

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        I don’t blame her for trying to hide it either. It would have backfired on her, though which it may still since Peter has now seen the episode and was none too happy about it! Kim said on WWHL that someone took her wine! Ha! Serves her right. Reminds me of the time my roommate hid her girlscout cookies under her bed and my dog found them and ate the whole box!

    • floridagirl88 says:

      They were just fronting for the cameras. Cut them slack as newbies to the reality game. Most likely that was Peter exaggerating and dumb Cynthia going along because she didn’t know what was really going on.

  11. WSL says:

    haven’t seen krone in a very long time. We had lots of fun together this summer. Krone turned 29 for the __th time yesterday.
    Happy Birthday Krone & please come home.

    I haven’t seen Free Ginger in a long time either. Her birthday is Thursday.

    The next 2 birthdays
    R MAJOR !

    Ad Girl turns 29 on the 14 and Quincy who is my age,turns 39,
    on the 16th.

    I think we should have a party
    All week. But let’s celebrate on the 15th. OK ?
    We have plenty of time to plan.
    So everybody has ample time to get an outfit organized and to pick the perfect gift. The party will be byol. Sorry no spouses or BF, only LynnFam.
    Like I said we have time to get it perfect !
    This party is gonna b a blowout !
    (And I don’t mean hair)

  12. kbinldo says:

    I just about bust a gut laughing last night when Kim whined about having to sleep in a bunk on the bus & how the next time she tours, it will be 5 star hotels all the way. LOL! In your dreams, lady! Gene Simmons of KISS still sleeps on the bus, fer cryin’ out loud.

  13. WSL says:

    I am a media whore so I brought this over from the last blog.
    I laughed when I wrote so it’s funny or I have a worped sense of humor. (SD Greenspan is the 1st to post to the new ILove HW blog)

    Sex Pig ! ?
    SD (Jill’s employee)
    Calls Giggy a
    SEX Pig.

    http://twitter.com/SDGreenspan is the

    sounds like Dog molestation !
    Even if SD is just fantasizing,
    It’s sick, & gross at best.
    I am sure, Lisa doesn’t know, that her precious Giggy is
    Scott Greenspan’s Sex Pig.
    He is disgusting.
    Particularly when his bosses Ginger,
    is known for licking
    Long, ugly body appendages.
    Get a life SD.
    As a friend of JZ, I bet she would only charge $5 for Ginger to lick you.
    U lech,
    Leave sweet,precious Giggy alone,
    He is not a Sex Pig !

  14. WindyCityWondering says:

    Cynthia’s wedding was too sad to watch with any interest or joy. She called her dress platinum but it looked like gun metal gray to me – yes it was fabulous and she can wear anything – just didn’t feel like wedding attire to me. I got the impression that she may have called it off if it wasn’t being covered in RHoA/Bravo. And I totally agree that the inlaws are now outlaws and Peter will distance Cynthia from them. Those front rows of no shows didn’t look like he was supported by his family/children either. What’s up with he couldn’t afford wedding bands but he is now opening a new smaller club? I really wanted to like Cynthia too!

  15. Adgirl says:

    Lynn – Great news about your cousin!!! Hockey is such a hard sport to play and look at what a terrific player he has become – Patrick Sharp the NH League MVP!.

  16. Adgirl says:

    I was expecting to see NeNe demanding a make up job at Cynthia’s wedding. What happened to the story of NeNe holding up the ceremony for an hour?

  17. Adgirl says:

    NeNe didn’t prepare for her interview with Jermaine Dupree. So what’s her point about Kim not preparing for her song?

    • klmh says:

      I think Lynn hit the nail on the head by equating NeNe’s lack of composure and frustration to her jealousy of Kim. Kim has been handed a free ride, and NeNe could have been, and in her mind, should have been involved in the TardyFTP. benefits that came Kim’s way. Her money woes could have been taken care of easily, and a singing career could have been in her future. She does have a better voice than Kim. jmo.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I am sure she does have a better voice than Kim, but that isn’t saying much. I don’t think that NeNe’s voice could get her a finished performance on The Gong Show.

        • klmh says:

          No, but with Kandi’s help, she could do very well. This song went from doodoo, to fun to listen to and Kandi’s artistry made this a winner.

  18. Katie says:

    Well I love your site Lynn but don’t agree with your blog on last nights finale (well not all of it)

    I just don’t get all the Nene Love and all the Kim Bashing!

    Yes Nene is the greatest ever, everything that is wrong in Nene’s miserable life is all because of Kim! Nene should strangle her and get away with it! 🙂
    I feel like there are many excuses made for the way Nene acts out and even a cheating husband and bad marriage doesn’t give you a pass in life and allow you to act like Nene has all season.

    Nene is NEVER happy for anyone else and when she shows any support or positive signs for another HW it’s because she is using it to rip someone else apart – For example, showing her support for Lawrence, to shred Kim.

    Nene is the Jill Zarin of this franchise!

    Kim is at fault for everything! 🙂
    She wears a wig, cannot sing, smokes and had an affair with a man who was separated from his wife and knew about the relationship. Would I ever want to be friends with Kim – NO! Do I think someone should take her kids away? NO!

    When she was friends with Nene, she had Nene’s back vs. Nene who talked bad about Kim the whole time.

    I would give Nene credit if I thought for one second that the real problem Nene had with Kim was some moral or ethical issue having to do with the relationship with a married man. BUT IT’S NOT! Nene is jealous of the financial setup and Kim not struggling like Nene is financially. Plus, now that we know Greg cheated on Nene of course she is going to use this against Kim. And the cherry on top is that Kim without skills had a hit record and continues to get attention and money for it – this is way too much for Nene to handle. But I say good for Kim!

    It all comes down to jealousy with Nene, mixed with a bad marriage and anger issues that she has always had. But all of this is still no excuse for Nene. She needs help! Taking her rage to network TV on the Apprentice with back stabbing Donald – I’m really afraid of how ugly this might get. When Trump had one of the Kardashians on the Apprentice he totally trashed her over a DUI. I’m not fans of the Kardashians but even I thought it was very harsh and uncalled for. Trump is an asshole and won’t be shy about making anyone on that show look like a fool.

    Why I will give some credit to Kim, she seemed to be so very supportive of Lawrence and thrilled for his success, it seemed legit and I think this speaks volumes to something about her character. I also respect her for not backing down to Nene. As we have watched (Nene vs. Dwight) Nene is a bully and when she fights she tries to intimidate. How she got in Dwight’s face and how she is ready to physically throw down speaks volumes of her lack of character and is disgusting.

    As far as Cynthia being friends (or forcing a friendship) with Nene?
    Cynthia needs this gig and this income from the show. Nene is the most popular one on the show, so Cynthia wanted and needed to be on “team popular”. If I was Cynthia I would do the same thing. But I think Cynthia is smart enough to know that none of these HW’s are her friends, just people she works with and I hope she is back next season (Hopefully without Peter).

    Totally agree about Phaedra turning into a like-able character on the show. And even Sheree who usually annoys me was tolerable this season.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Here’s something to blow your hair off: According to House of Hilton book, Kim Richards dated Donald Trump for a while.

      • Katie says:

        HA! No way. For how long give me some details, please!!!

      • quincyil says:

        ok, how does she do it? She should be writing a book on how to capture rich men.

        • RubyNewbie says:

          Apparently big Kathy schooled them well. I wouldn’t recommend her methods, though!

          • Kansas Girl says:

            Yes, if I remember, Big Kathy set this up. The book is at home and I’m not. I’m working on a list of interesting bits I’ve gleaned from it. I seem to be very slow in reading it!

          • VincenzoNewYork says:

            awww….the Richards Sisters are pretty much damaged goods….Big Kathy seemed to be a wicked mother! No wonder Paris behaves the way she does….Hopefully Kyle and Kim did not instill those questionable values in their children.

            • Brigid A. says:

              Haven’t read House of Hilton, but anyone know how Kyle met/married Mauricio? Her first marriage was brief and she seems to have clearly upgraded with Mauricio.

              Poor Mauricio seems destined to never escape even if he wanted to. Remember Kyle announcing her intention to “leave with him” if he ever left her? After seeing her all season, I believe it!!

              • Kansas Girl says:

                I haven’t found details yet, but will watch for this.

              • quincyil says:

                Actually the first husband had billions of dollars according to
                “big” Kathy. He doesn’t speak a lot of English. When the daughter graduated, I caught some twitter interactions with her dad. I think he lives in Bali, Indonesia. His name seems to be from that part of the planet.
                Whenever I search for his identity, I get interior design and architecture web sites. Kyle calls her pool area, “Balinese.”

                I suspect the first husband came from a very wealthy family.

                • Kansas Girl says:

                  That might explain the decor of her current house. I’ve wondered about him and who he is. The book says he’s the son of a wealthy foreigner.

            • Katie says:

              When I see the beautiful younger kids of both Kim and Kyle I just hope they stay away from Paris but I think they are all pretty close and it’s too late.

              • Kansas Girl says:

                Somewhere in the Bravo videos (extra bits), there is one where one of Kim’s girls tells about her intent to travel with Paris that summer. But Paris is 30 or thereabouts, so there’s a great age difference now.

              • lillybee says:

                Kyle’s oldest may have escaped the mold. She is the first of them to graduate college.

                • Katie says:

                  I hope so HOWEVER, somewhere there is a site that has pics of the Hilton/Richards kids doing some stuff that doesn’t look like they should be. I ran across it a month ago and I’m trying to find it again.

            • klmh says:

              Kyle was so proud of her daughter’s college graduation, mentioning she was the first in the family to do so. She has a lot to be proud of imo. Hopefully the chain has been broken.

      • Fairweather Viewer says:

        Would that have been before the combover?

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      I agree with you! Kim is just a clown and I can understand why people find her annoying but hateable is questionable to me. I reserve my hate for truly deserved! Like Taylor. Nene’s behavior is getting her close to that level. Her hate for Kim is getting pathological. A 4o+ woman tweeting all that trash talk about another grown woman is absurd at best.

      Read Sheree’s bravo blog. It’s pretty good. She talks about how Nene wasn’t happy when she couldn’t get the other girls pissed off at Kim and she and Cynthia stayed away from Kim, Kandi, Sheree’ and Phaedra for the majority of the weekend.

      • Katie says:

        Yes I read it and thought it was very telling on what was going on with Nene. I think Nene is going to implode very soon.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I think NeNe’s problem is she is more focus on what she thinks other people can’t do ‘Kim can’t sing’, “Sheree can’t act’ and ‘Phaedra can’t think or know when her last period was’…instead of focusing on what she can do.

          Maybe it means she can’t do anything.

    • katlg says:

      Katie, Totaly agree with you on this………

  19. RubyNewbie says:

    Re: Kim Is it just me or do jocks seem to have dubious taste in women?? If you’ve ever watched the horror shows known as ‘Football Wives’ and ‘Basketball Wives’, you know what I mean. Kroy is no exception. He should read a book and use condoms. These jocks are just sitting ducks! Easy marks, apparently.

    • Colibrimoon says:

      Good point! Did you read Peter’s nasty tweet this morning? I unfollowed him. He’s an arrogant ass. My momma would say, High Mind and Poor Behind!

      • Night Light says:

        If the wedding was held at a museum that is a big no. You have to pay for EVERYTHING. The only thing that might have been waived is “rental” fees if she is a trustee.

      • Katie says:

        I just read it, he is pissed! Had to hurt the watching last night, no one had anything good to say about them on the show or the viewers they took a lot of jabs last night. It’s all very sad.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Non tweeter here – details please!

        • Katie says:

          I can’t copy and paste because of the bad words he uses. But he’s not a happy camper. The following is some of it edited

          the way i live my life,i dont hate on no one.i wish i could help everone in th world,if i have it, you got it,i am a king and i love life.
          about 1 hour ago via web

          some of you guys that on this twitter **** have no ******* sense,what is your life about? some of you think that the show is my real life.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Colibrimoon! So great to see you, hope you stop by more often! Miss you xoxo

      • babelony says:

        Colibrimoon! Great to see you! Hope you got my dm before…

  20. Imseasquared says:

    Am I the only one that thought of this: if Peter owns a restaurant that recently closed…couldn’t they just use the alcohol inventory from the restaurant at the wedding? Just wondering.

  21. Colibrimoon says:

    I am not in any way, shape or form supporting Nene’s outrageous and angry behavior the last few episodes; however, Kim’s latest Bravo blog refers to Nene as a “gorilla”. I just read the blog this morning and I am still fuming. I can only imagine to what degree Kim’s insensitive remarks pissed off Nene. All of Nene’s cheap shots at Kim is probably a reaction to Kim’s blog. Again, I am not condoning Nene’s tweets just trying to shed some light on why Nene was so angry at Kim last night.

    Once again Lynn you were able to get to the crux of a situation. I think your explanation of Kim’s seemingly easy lifestyle is what irritates me also. When I read your opinion, I said, “Aha”! That is why Kim chaps my hide!

    Good blog today and Saturday. You’re on a roll!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      NeNe is a gorilla says the monkey in a wig……they both belong in a zoo!

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      I think Nene has had some zingers for Kim too. Lowdown dirty monkey with a wig on is pretty harsh. Trashbox and trashy whore, just to name a few others.
      They both sling mud. What bothers me most is that Nene wants to call everybody haters and apparently can’t see the venom that comes out of her won mouth constantly.

      • Katie says:

        I think they should both be voted off the show and get some new people with real money in the South. Where is all the real money in the South??? Come on I know it’s there!!!!

        • If You Had It Like This says:

          There is a ton of real money here in Atlanta! They need to be in Buckhead not Alpharetta. That’s where all the ladies shop and hang out and where there is some serious money. It drives all of us Atlantans crazy that these ladies don’t actually live in Atlanta. They live outside the perimeter. We call it OTP. Actually, I think Cynthia lives in intown Atlanta but I can’t quite tell where.

      • Colibrimoon says:

        Well if that is the case, and I have no reason not to believe you, Nene ought to quit. I just hate this lowbrow mudslinging. I seldom read the blogs, I have no idea why I went to bravotv this morning. I should just stick to the recaps.

        • If You Had It Like This says:

          Ha! Yeah, I get a little too deep with these ladies. I look at their twitter pages and their blogs. They can get pretty highschool on twitter. Nene was just taking it a little too far on twitter last night. It was almost like she couldn’t stand it because Kim was on WWHL.

  22. Katie says:

    The following are tweets from Pete (save you the time and energy) It must have been very difficult watching the show last night. I hope he doesn’t take it out on Cynthia.

    the way i live my life,i dont hate on no one.i wish i could help everone in th world,if i have it, you got it,i am a king and i love life.
    16 minutes ago via web
    some of you guys that on this twitter shit have no fucking sense,what is your life about? some of you think that the show is my real life.
    about 2 hours ago via web
    about 15 hours ago via web
    about 15 hours ago via web
    @SimiShaker 2ND
    about 16 hours ago via web in reply to SimiShaker
    about 16 hours ago via web
    ten min before it over.
    about 16 hours ago via web
    its hard for me to watch it,i will turn to it tem before it over
    about 16 hours ago via web
    about 20 hours ago via web

  23. WindyCityWondering says:

    Kim can laugh at herself, she also knows how to say thank you and I give her props for not going tit for tat with NeNe. I love the faces she make when NeNe is going off – which we all know that when you don’t react the way NeNe wants she just gets louder and more obnoxious. It is never cool to put your hands on anybody and that is what it comes down to with NeNe – she isn’t above physical violence.

    NeNe is Mr Hyde to Jill’s Dr Jekyll (abet a really evil one) – they both belong in my RH of Imfamy show.

  24. Katie says:

    Peter Tweets from watching the show:

    the way i live my life,i dont hate on no one.i wish i could help everone in th world,if i have it, you got it,i am a king and i love life.
    16 minutes ago via web
    some of you guys that on this twitter shit have no fucking sense,what is your life about? some of you think that the show is my real life.
    about 2 hours ago via web
    about 15 hours ago via web
    about 15 hours ago via web
    @SimiShaker 2ND
    about 16 hours ago via web in reply to SimiShaker
    about 16 hours ago via web
    ten min before it over.
    about 16 hours ago via web
    its hard for me to watch it,i will turn to it tem before it over
    about 16 hours ago via web
    about 20 hours ago via web

  25. Katie says:

    Peter posted some interesting tweets, no doubt watching last night was not easy to him or Cynthia. I hope he doesn’t take it out on her. I tried to copy here but wouldn’t work (some bad words are used, so maybe it gets blocked)

    • Peter’s tweets from this morning are below. I censored one of his words so it wouldn’t offend anyone.

      PeterThomasRHOA : some of you guys that on this twitter shit have no (bleeping) sense,what is your life about? some of you think that the show is my real life.

      PeterThomasRHOA: the way i live my life,i dont hate on no one.i wish i could help everone in th world,if i have it, you got it,i am a king and i love life.

      • RubyNewbie says:

        I dunno what to make of Peter. He’s a hothead for sure. But is he a dead broke hothead? Essence lists him as Vice President of Business for Uptown magazine. But that could be a fancy made up title a la Taylor/Shana. I need to google that mag. Atlanta, I’m told, is alot like L.A. where people tend to live beyond their means to gain access to those who really can afford to live how they’re pretending to live. LOL, if that made any sense.

  26. spunkymonkey says:

    Maybe someone mentioned this and I missed it…but wasn’t anyone annoyed by Sheree parking in the handicap spot for her audition? I had to rewind that scene just to be sure….she sure doesn’t seem handicap to me.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Sometimes there are no words for Sheree – it must be that weird DNA she is always talking about.

    • Buffywood says:

      Me Me! I posted about that last night. It ticked me off!

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Nice catch Buffywood and Spunky – I completely missed that. I wonder if the cameramen asked her to do that just so that they could catch her walking in on film?

        I guess I’m trying to find the good in Sheree 🙂 I’m liking her more and more.

    • klmh says:

      Me too! And I mentioned it under buffywood’s comment. That was so offensive to me. She feels she is better and above everyone else, and it shows me who she really is, without a script or manipulated timeline.

    • jillz68 says:

      Haven’t seen it yet but will be looking for it. I actually have a handicapped thingy for my car and I get SOOOO pissed when a car without it parks in those spots. I also think the fine should be huge.

      • Buffywood says:

        My mom had severe COPD and used oxygen. She had a handicap plates and one day her and I went out together. As we got out of the car and started to walk away a woman started yelling at my mother about hte nerve of her parking there (she was pulling up behind us). When my mother turned around and she saw the Oxygen attached to her face and her little carry bag for it she nearly died. She totally expected us to be pissed. After the initial shock of getting yelled at like that we all had a little laugh about it as we all felt the same.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          My sons have gotten into the habit of yelling “it’s a miracle” when we pass someone getting into or out of a car in a handicapped space when there is no apparent handicap – yes I am trying to break them of it but sometimes I have to smile.

          • klmh says:

            Oh, I love that so much!

          • Brigid A. says:

            There are hidden disabilities that don’t require crutches, walkers or wheelchairs…. but I’m sure your sons are aware of that, of course. Many people with major heart problems, perhaps having multiple bypasses, come to mind.

            What Sheree did was so wrong. At least in my state, the penalties are pretty steep for that violation.

            • buffywood says:

              While it is not nearly the same issue, I also get a little annoyed at those people that park in the “Reserved for Mother’s with Infants” spaces too. I usually peek into the cars to see if they have a car seat.

  27. WindyCityWondering says:

    While I really find Phaedra annoying she has been the easiest to watch this season. She made me laugh, she didn’t jump into the crazy end of the pool. I can see her developing friendships with Kandi and being pleasant to both Kim and Sheree. She isn’t into Cynthia very much and I wonder if that is because of NeNe, who she is wisely giving a wide berth to. She likes her life and she does have her happy. I just wish she would lay off the sparkly eye shadows, the over glossed lips and that humming while eating thing! That baby is precious and that husband is gorgeous.

    • Katie says:

      I agree, she brought her own brand of crazy and actually made me laugh the most with some of the stuff she did and said. I know some people were insulted but I have to say coming from her it was very funny. The whole southern bell thing is so entertaining and trying to get away with how she got pregnant before she got married, the baby shower, her diamond eyelashes, her relationship with Dwight, her client roster of male strippers, the new mom baby stuff, the list goes on and on. C’mon you can’t make up the stuff she did and said. It was unique and very entertaining.

    • RubyNewbie says:

      I just can’t get past all the lie telling! It bothers me. If you’ve got a lot to hide, stay off tv!!! It’s not that hard.

    • error404 says:

      Phae and Khandi knew each other before Phae was on the show, that’s why Khadi is the only one was will even talk to her for more than 5 minutes.

      Its always hard to defend any of these women as they all seem to be just as bad as the next, but Phae said some really nasty uncalled for things about Kim and I don’t buy Kim’s fake “Oh, I like her” routine one bit. Kim always pretends to like Nene for a few more moments of camera time, and then it’s off to the races.

      Phae is so jealous of Cynthia I’m surprised she hasn’t turned green.

      But like Survivor, these women are all about alliances, and it seems like it’s Nene and Cyn on one side, and the other 4 on the other. Until something else happens. Remember when Jill and Bethenny were bffs forever.

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        The shifting alliances are so interesting. The women on these shows get so envious of and competitive with each other after the first season. They get a taste of fame and then it’s like they all want more and more camera time and more fame and money and they start eating their own.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Bravo promotes alliances and taking sides – it is part of the RH formula. Rookie seasons are tricky because until they actually see how they act/talk/comment they are in a vacuum. Add fan feedback and they either have choices to make and modify their image or they chose to think they are misunderstood/victims and continue to be “real” and everyone else is to blame for their performances.

  28. eve says:

    Well, Peter is contradicting himself now. Now he says that we think this is his real life, but in a recent interview he said that supported cynthia being part of the show and that this is his real life.

  29. lillybee says:

    Her baby has to be one of the prettiest HW kids on all shows.

    • quincyil says:

      Her baby is gorgeous. Mommy and Daddy look very good too. I think Phaedra has found her voice on the show and she is going to be fine. She had some racial comments about White people which we laughed at, but she sure did a great job in the interviews in the finale. I think I like Phaedra a lot.

    • klmh says:

      I just wish she would support his head! Geez, its all over the place and she’s been handling him that way since birth. Yikes! He’s only 8 weeks old there.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I know! I wanted to go through the tv and correct that too!

      • error404 says:

        oh it drives me nuts!

      • quincyil says:

        I was shocked when my anesthesiologist daughter did not support my granddaughter’s head for months like we were taught to do many years ago. After her baby was six weeks old, she began to let her hold her own head for short periods of time and amazingly the baby was stronger faster than any of my three babies. Her pediatrician who is on staff at UCon told her to do that. How old was Phaedra’s baby in that recording?

        I thought that Bethenny and Jason weren’t holding their baby as we were taught to years ago too.

        I looked at the net and it still says you should support the head. I did not read the current baby books on this, but I think there have been changes in the care of new borns. They all sleep on their backs now.

        • klmh says:

          She has been holding him that way since day 1.

        • Fairweather Viewer says:

          My 3rd child came out not only holding up his own head but also turning it and looking around. He was just a big strong boy and still is to this day. (He’s 10 now)

      • floridagirl88 says:

        I was cringing every time I saw that. Even her friend didn’t support the baby’s head. That’s Mom 101.

  30. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    Re:The Ring Didnt Mean a Thing
    Kim didnt pay anything for it and Kandi didnt release it
    and as we all saw Google Me was a disaster that DIDNT get the sales as Tardy For The Party did
    because w/o Kandi there would be be no Tardy
    just like NeNe Said
    Wig is 2nd rate at best but w/o a helper of Kandis Stature she is nothing

  31. I find it interesting that NeNe didn’t deny Kim’s accusations about warrants and aliases. I wonder what is going on.

    • quincyil says:

      I wonder too. Kim would spill the dirt. Nene would do it to Kim is she knew something too.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kim isn’t all that stupid – she stopped NeNe in her tracks with the warrants and alias tweet – lol. And I agree that you don’t go after the kids!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        NeNe is so stupid calling Kim’s license fake when it’s been pulled up and verified, while she isn’t an RN she does have a license.

  32. California35 says:



    This just made me wonder if Kim’s “problem” would be such a big problem and a burden to Kyle (and others) if she was still making big $$$…

    • error404 says:

      Kyle resentment she showed in every single episode of the show had a lot more to do with Mauricio’s “like a f&*(ing second wife” and anything else IMHO. What flavor of jelly bean do you suppose Kyle is? Sour apple maybe?

      • Brigid A. says:

        LOL! I’m really hoping Kim re-starts her career and pulls off a fabulous comeback. Mrs. Jelly Bean would still be jealous becaue then Kim would have a “career” and more attention than Kyle.

      • klmh says:

        Resentment or jealousy, the sour apple jelly bean comment was great!

      • California35 says:

        lol I had to read twice lol … a bit slow today… sour apple sounds about right 😛

    • California35 says:

      instead of avoiding her on every scene, she would be trying to be by her in every shot and every picture. also, she would cry because she didn’t attend one of her events instead of screaming at her on the phone for not coming to help her set up for the event.

      • Brigid A. says:

        Kyle cries a lot. Said it before, she shed a lot of tears the entire season, happy tears/sad tears/angry tears. Even in the finest restaurants, she only uses the napkins to dab the tears away. Can’t stand to watch her fake tears in her interviews.

        If I were Kim, I’d keep my distance from Kyle as much as possible, and start calling up agents asap. Or start on her memoirs. Now is the time, Kim!!!

        • California35 says:

          I agree Brigid…I hope Kim writes the book, and I hope Kyle doesn’t take that idea and use it herself. I am more interested to read about Kim from Kim’s point of view.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Interesting – Kim hasn’t worked steadly for a very, very long time – Charlie Sheen has worked since he was a kid – warts and all.

      • Brigid A. says:

        Charlie Sheen was a child actor? I wasn’t aware of that. Thought he started his career around the time he filmed Wall Street or maybe a little earlier. He was in his 20’s but not a kid.

        • error404 says:

          He wasn’t. He and his brother made a bunch of home movies with heir now famous friends, but he didn’t act professionally until he was 18 or 19.

          • Brigid A. says:

            No comparison to Kim Richards then who was working before age 7. Saw a clip of her in that TV program with Juliet Mills and she was really young! I cannot even comprehend what that would be like, but there’s no question she worked hard for a lot of years.

            • error404 says:

              from IMDB:

              She made her TV commercial debut at four months in a diaper ad. By age four and a half Kim had already appeared in 20 TV commercials. Richards made her television series debut in 1970 on the show “Nanny and the Professor”

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I don’t think his work was all that steady either. He was a hot shot for a minute after Platoon and did okay in Wall Street but after that he just make movies that may aswell went straight to rental.

            If it wasn’t for Micheal J Fox getting to ill to work, he would have never got Spin City- which probably helped him land 2.5 Men…and like Error said..I think it sucks but that might have something to do with my disdain for Charlie Sheen. I used to LOVE him when I was a kid until he turned into a pig. I also think the booze and the drugs destroyed his looks.

  33. Katie says:

    Nene just posted her blog it’s short so I will copy it below:

    Nene is her own worst enemy and wish what she wrote was true and her actions reflected the following.

    “So Season 3 has come to an end! I’m happy to have it behind me. I’ve been hard at work, but I’ve obviously been on these ladies’ mind. There are so many issues I could address over the past few weeks with these ladies, but I choose not to because it’s easy to attack and judge! Those of you who have formed an opinion, nothing I say will change that! For those of you who love me, you will continue to do so. These ladies have apparently formed an alliance except for Cynthia who happens to have a brain of her own. I don’t have the energy nor do I have the time to stoop to their level of ignorance. I understand that everything about me is under attack. From the color of my polish to the style of my shoes because I’m a threat! I refuse to follow the leader. I am the leader! I have a take charge attitude so that makes me fierce competition. Life is about changing for the better, becoming the very best, learning from your mistakes and doing it better the next time around. So if I attack back that would make me appear low. I’m a star in the sky so I’ll just stay up high because through it all, I’m still standing! Thanks for all the comments, the good and the bad. FYI: Check me out on the new season of Celebrity Apprentice March 6th.”

    • Buffywood says:

      Wow, she really is a nasty piece of work. If she is a star in the sky maybe she will become a sopernova – simply explode and fade away.

      • error404 says:

        I think that’s exactly what we just witnessed.

        I know she has no one to blame but herself, but I do feel a little bad for her. I love when Phaedra accuses her of only being famous for being on RHoNJ! LOL Umm.. unlike all those other famous for other things housewives. LOL Oh yeah, Kelly’s a “style icon”. It’s like excuse me Miss “i’ve been whoring myself all over reality tv for any show that would have me so I hardly have any time left to attend to my drug dealer, stripper and washed-up has-been celebrity clients” lawyer, not everyone can be so fabulous. She certainly gets a lot of bragging mileage out of that degree from an “also ran” school.

      • Golden Girl says:

        @buffywood Lol! Perfectly said.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Now here is the picture that goes next to the word delusional in the dictionary! I give her credit for believing her own personal brand of bs. And she is right about the nail polish – my secret summer happy is blue nail polish (an icy blue) – alas she has ruined that for me!

    • lillybee says:

      Delusional much, NeNe.

  34. California35 says:

    By the way – I meant to bring this up before but forgot. On the BH reunion, Andy mentioned the “Valley” and “Westlake Village” when talking to or regarding Kim. Does it mean that she lives in Westlake Village? 🙂 Maybe I will run into her when I go to Costco 🙂

    • Katie says:

      I do believe that is where she lives or was living while the show was being filmed.

      That would be cool if you ran into her, and hopefully she is not wondering around Costco not sure where she is or wondering when her flight is going to depart.
      (Sorry I love Kim but couldn’t resist, my bad sometimes you have to laugh)

      • California35 says:

        I was thinking something along those lines too. I hope she is doing well…it would be nice to run into her. When I think of Kim, think of that time she was walking her dog up a street. She was saying that that is what she likes to do instead of going to some event (I rememember the event she was talking about).

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I hope you run into her and go have coffee with her. I think she’d be lots of fun. She’s the one I’d most like to know, I think.

    • Brigid A. says:

      California, there was discussion about exactly where the women lived, with few actually living in BH. I’m pretty certain Kim lives in Westlake Village. Remember when Kyle sent her home alone after Camille’s dinner? Later, Kyle explained that was solely to Kim living WAY far away, like in another state from where she and the other women lived.

      • NormaJean says:

        Didn’t Kyle say Kim lived near Camille? Is West Village near Malibu?

        • California35 says:

          Not really, but BH its south ( I think ) and WLV is north in land. From Malibu, you can take the mountain rouds into WLV. I took that roud this weekend, by the way, it was a beautiful day for it 🙂

          • error404 says:

            Don’t Kyle and Taylor live in Bel Air?

            • Brigid A. says:

              Yes, I believe Kyle lives in Bel Air but not so sure about Taylor. I think Lisa’s mansion is in Beverly Glen.

              • Kansas Girl says:

                Me and my Bing map addiction. Yes, Kim was in West Lake Village — they zoom in on a marker that says that. I’m not sure where she lives there, as nothing looks right but I’m still looking.

                Lisa lives in Beverly Park and I think it’s Beverly Court or Circle. Her house is clear when you finally locate it and Adrienne is right across the street.

                Kyle is just above the 405 highway, south of Mulholland Drive. Perhaps Casiano Court.

                Taylor I’ve not found yet. Ideas?

                Oh and we also found Camille’s house, if you want to know.

                We’re having an ice storm, so I am taking several home on my way. Now that most people have left, the sidewalks are icing over. Got to go as soon as the one person shows up. Will search when I get home.

                • California35 says:

                  hhmm thanks Kansas G,
                  I hope you are safe and you have a heater 🙂

                  • Kansas Girl says:

                    Home safely. Everyone delivered. Streets are fine, to our surprise, but weather service now predicts 10-14″ snow tomorrow. I’ve got a cup of coffee and a blog to read, so life is good! Thanks for the good wishes!

                • Rabble Rouser says:

                  I need to make sure I read further down before posting. I am getting redundant.

                • If You Had It Like This says:

                  Am I wrong? Why am I thinking Taylor lives near Adrienne?

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                Adrianne and Lisa live in Beverly Park.

                Kyle is in BH

                Taylor is in Bel Air

            • Kansas Girl says:

              At some point someone (who knows where they live) said that none of them actually live in BH. So were does Taylor live? Bel Air?

      • California35 says:

        Oh yeah I remember, I just didn’t get the exact location until Andy said that. I was like, well maybe I will run into her some time 🙂 although I am inside an office all day, I don’t see how I will run into her 😛

        • Brigid A. says:

          During the filming, I believe Kim moved to Westlake Village (the day Kyle blasted her for not “helping” with Portia’s party). Not sure where she is living now because maybe Mauricio had to “help” his 2nd wife find something more affordable.

          • California35 says:

            True, WLV is cheap…I don’t live here, I work here.

            • California35 says:


              • Brigid A. says:

                California, to address some questions above about the exact locations, you probably know the area better than I do. Isn’t Westlake Village directly north of Malibu off the 101 Fwy?

                The other ladies were going southeast from Malibu (Mrs. Not Kelsy Grammer’s house) towards Bel Air and Beverly Hills. So, yes, I’m guessing Kim lives or lived closer to Camille in Malibu.

                • California35 says:

                  yes…sorry when I said exact location, I should have said exact city. Then Andy said WLV and that is when I was surprised how close she is to me. I don’t wnat to give her the impression that I want to stalk (Spelling?) her 😛 but it would be nice to run into her 🙂

                  It probably is closer to Malibu than Beverly Hills. WLV is not cheap, but it is cheaper than BH. I work near a Costco in WLV and so that added more to my posibilities to be near her 🙂

                • California35 says:

                  WLV is off the 101, but Mailbu is off the 1 by the ocean. You can go acrross the mountains from the 1 to the 101.

                  • Brigid A. says:

                    Yes, I am familiar with it. I think the women arrived late to Camille’s because of road construction on that highway.

                    They must have picked up Kim, but they sent her home alone.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                Tori Spelling used to live there- and even though there home was rather modest compared to the manner; the price they got for it they were able to buy a mini mansion in Encino.

  35. NeNe’s Bravo blog is up. She thinks the rest of the cast( except for Cynthia) formed an alliance against her. WTH?


    • error404 says:

      OMG I said this very same thing above before I read her blog

      “But like Survivor, these women are all about alliances, and it seems like it’s Nene and Cyn on one side, and the other 4 on the other. Until something else happens. Remember when Jill and Bethenny were bffs forever.”


      • HD says:

        Nene has officially lost her mind. I don’t think the other women truly cared one way or the other, the all were doing their own thing. The only one that might care was Kim. Which who really cares, Kim is pregnant and probably figuring out a way she can bled Kroy dry.

        • Katie says:

          I don’t think the other women are jealous of her at all and actually think they want her to get her life back on-track so she won’t be so miserable.

          I also have a feeling Nene is the ring leader on this franchise and like Jill is trying to be the boss/thinks she is the boss. (this was previously discussed)

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            ITA – NeNe thinks this is her show, just like Jill thinks RHNY is her show. IF NeNe thinks the others are forming an alliance against her then I guess they checked her boo!

            • error404 says:

              and don’t forget, the bully of the show is never at fault. B and Alex forced Jill to say and do those things. Kim and Camille force Kyle and Taylor to attack them. The Manzos had no choice but to beat up Danielle. No naturally this is all about the other women forcing Nene to behave as she does. It’s classic Bravo. Hey, did Olivia get a job with them as script writer or something?

              • If You Had It Like This says:

                I don’t think the other girls formed an alliance against her I think she tried to form an alliance against Kim and it didn’t work. So she has Cynthia. Nene and Peter both have stong, aggressive outspoken personalities. Cynthia must be attracted to that.

  36. Katie says:

    Peter’s Twitter Bio states the following:

    Bio – Entrepreneur. Restaurateur. Convention Planner. Designer. Husband. Real Housewives of Atlanta.

    Convention Planner? Designer? any clue what he’s talking about?

    • mariareads says:

      Designer = find self sufficient woman/use her/move in on her/get her money/marry her.

      Designing a free loading life!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I think that is almost the same thing as Apollo being in ‘turn key’ operations.

        You put put a few tables and chairs and make sure the pencils are sharpened.

  37. mariareads says:

    Atlanta last night was BORING and I basically was stamping and inking while it was on. I might watch it at another time when we’re snowed in and there’s nothing else to do. Cynthia will be separated and divorced really fast. That is not a match made in heaven. The rest of them? meh! I’m done with it, I think. That and Atlanta are just too slow and characters are not interesting enough. Both have done their time and I think Bravo has to move on to some others. I like the RH series but they need to change it up a bit. NY and OC ad BH keep my attention because the lifestyles are so outrageous. That’s the kind of thing they need to keep bringing IMHO

    • error404 says:

      I hope you’re right, but experience tells me the opposite. Cynthia and Peter will fight, break up, reconcile, fight, break up, reconcile, fight, break up, reconcile, fight, break up, reconcile, fight, break up, reconcile, fight, break up, reconcile, fight, break up, reconcile, fight, break up, reconcile, for at least a decade.

      • Katie says:

        I’m hoping she gets back together with her daughters Dad. He is so adorable and they look hot together. Love him!!!

      • mariareads says:

        I’m not sure it will go on that long. Her family doesn’t like him and they seem to have a large place in her life. I agree that he will keep reeling her back in with some kind of low down charm or something (I don’t see it and can’t imagine what she sees in this creep) but in the end I think her family will intervene.

        I don’t understand this at all. This is a charming woman who has looks and elegance. She could have had anyone and she ends up with him? Must be some daddy trouble going on there for her.

        • Katie says:

          She held out for a long time. Maybe it’s love, because on paper and on TV it doesn’t make sense at all.

        • error404 says:

          I hope you’re right. Both in my family and with my in-laws, family is who these women always run to when they can’t take it anymore, but then they always go back for more. 8-10 years seems to be the average until finally they have had enough.

        • Brigid A. says:

          The father of Cynthia’s daughter appeared once on the show, didn’t he? He was lots younger than Peter, attractive, and they seem to have a good relationship as parents. Is he another pro athlete maybe?

          I really can’t understand Cynthia’s attraction to Peter, and why she would relocate from NY to Atlanta for him. Why wouldn’t he relocate for her? Ultimately, his club failed anyway.

  38. HD says:

    A few things I noticed that I don’t think I saw mentioned…

    1. Did ya’ll hear Kim’s daughter (the younger one) give Kroy a hug and say I love you. Ummmmmmmmm okay. How long have you been with him? You were with Big Papa. You were with the woman and now with Kroy and your daughter loves him. Kim reminds me of one of those women that introduce men to their kids all early and say oh that’s your Uncle Kroy go on and give him a hug and kiss.

    2. Did ya’ll see Cynthia’s shirt that said You Big Dummy on it? LOL! I was like NEWSFLASH!

    Other than that…I loved Cynthia’s dress. She is so pretty.

    I understand having a drink before you get married but damn Peter! He was twisted! You get drunk AFTER the wedding. He looked a hot mess!

    Cynthia…I don’t know what to say…all the signs were there. The worst kind of liar is one that lies to themselves. All signs pointed to no, the stop sign panned in on the camera, the money issue, the dress not being done, no wedding bands, the constant crying, the counseling session with Hil Harper, the closing of the restruant without your knowledge….red flags all day. Sometimes the best lesson is a bought lesson and it appears she will pay for this one.

    • Katie says:


      I think one of Kim’s kids even said something about not having a father figure so those girls might be dying for that and Kim might be pushing it – sad

      Cynthia wearing that t-shirt was unfortunate timing but very funny.

    • Buffywood says:

      I LOVED the Fred Sanford T-Shirt.

    • klmh says:

      I loved her dress and bouquet of phalaenopsis too, along with the bridesmaids dresses, and I loved her choice of the museum as the site for their wedding. It was so interesting to see the staircase from the angle of the dinosaurs legs and torsos. To me, flowers would have been superfluous.
      Sorry it couldn’t have been for a more joyful wedding.

      • Katie says:

        The flowers with the dress made a big difference for me. I also thought/think it could be one of those colors that looks better in person (not that I didn’t like it) but might have been softer in person.

        • klmh says:

          Thats interesting, because the color seemed to change in different scenes to me. She mentioned silver platinum, and the color when the dress first appeared on her was breathtaking.

    • nathania says:

      Kim’s daughters behave in a very strange way on camera, they act more like her loyal subjects than children sometimes. It seems they are very ‘in awe’ of her or something. Weird.

  39. klmh says:

    Thought for the Day: RETIRE WHERE?
    Here are your choices:

    You can retire to Phoenix, Arizona where…
    1. You are willing to park 3 blocks away because you found shade.
    2. You’ve experienced condensation on your bottom from the hot water in the toilet bowl.
    3. You can drive for 4 hours in one direction and never leave town.
    4. You have over 100 recipes for Mexican food.
    5. You know that “dry heat” is comparable to what hits you in the face when you open your oven door.
    6. The 4 seasons are: tolerable, hot, really hot, and ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!

    OR, You can retire to California where…
    1. You make over $250,000 and you still can’t afford to buy a house.
    2. The fastest part of your commute is going down your driveway.
    3. You know how to eat an artichoke.
    4. You drive your rented Mercedes to your neighborhood block party.
    5. When someone asks you how far something is, you tell them how long it will take to get there rather than how many miles away it is.
    6. The 4 seasons are: Fire, Flood, Mud and Drought.

    OR, You can retire to New York City where…
    1. You say “the city” and expect everyone to know you mean Manhattan.
    2. You can get into a four-hour argument about how to get from Columbus Circle to Battery Park, but can’t find Wisconsin on a map.
    3. You think Central Park is “nature.”
    4. You believe that being able to swear at people in their own language makes you multi-lingual.
    5. You’ve worn out a car horn. (ed. note: if you have a car).
    6. You think eye contact is an act of aggression.

    OR, You can retire to New Hampshire where…
    1. You only have four spices: salt, pepper, ketchup and Tabasco.
    2. Halloween costumes fit over parkas.
    3. You have more than one recipe for moose.
    4. Sexy lingerie is anything flannel with less than eight buttons.
    5. The four seasons are: winter, still winter, almost winter, and road construction.

    OR, You can retire to the Deep South where…
    1. You can rent a movie and buy bait in the same store.
    2. “Y’all” is singular and “all y’all” is plural.
    3. “He needed killin'” is a valid defense.
    4. Everyone has 2 first names: Billy Bob, Stevie Ray, Mary Sue, Betty Jean, Jo Beth, etc.
    5. Everything is either “in yonder,” “over yonder” or “out yonder.” It’s important to know the difference, too.

    OR, You can retire to Colorado where…
    1. You carry your $3,000 mountain bike atop your $500 car.
    2. You tell your husband to pick up Granola on his way home and so he stops at the day care center.
    3. A pass does not involve a football or dating.
    4. The top of your head is bald, but you still have a pony tail.

    OR, You can retire to the Midwest where…
    1. You’ve never met any celebrities, but the mayor knows your name.
    2. Your idea of a traffic jam is ten cars waiting to pass a tractor.
    3. You have had to switch from “heat” to “A/C” on the same day.
    4. You end sentences with a preposition: “Where’s my coat at?”
    5. When asked how your trip was to any exotic place, you say, “It was different!”

    OR FINALLY, You can retire to Florida where…
    1. You eat dinner at 3:15 in the afternoon.
    2. All purchases include a coupon of some kind — even houses and cars.
    3. Everyone can recommend an excellent dermatologist.
    4. Road construction never ends anywhere in the state.
    5. Cars in front of you often appear to be driven by headless people.

  40. quincyil says:

    Nene is locking for a house in California and slamming Kim Z. She is really angry over this season.

    RT @MissCymone: Whats trashy is having an affair with a cop when she was 17 n he was married<She is mos def a trash box
    about 16 hours ago via Echofon

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Glass houses Nene, glass houses….

    • nathania says:

      they are behaving like jilted lovers. We know Kim is bi, I wonder if NeNe has ever jumped the fence in the past…their feelings are just a bit too strong, kind of makes me wonder. Not saying they ever were involved just that there might be feelings there that neither are acknowledging.

      I think the divorce stuff is really killing NeNe inside. We saw what it did to Camille on BH this season, although Camille has always been underhanded, it can really aggravate insecurities and make people’s bad behavior even worse. NeNe needs some hoochie coochie all quick-like, before she ends up murdering someone with her bare hands, out of frustration.

  41. floridagirl88 says:

    Kim Z was just on Wendy Williams and did a decent job. Showing her baby bump. Says she is 5 1/2 months pregnant. When asked about Nene wanting to leave the show, she said point blank they all have a contract. I got the impression that Nene may want to walk, but her contract won’t let her. Kroy is 25 years old, poor baby. Wendy pretty much said everything we’ve said here about Cynthia getting married instead of waiting (or running).

    • error404 says:

      so for 3 years we saw both Kim and Nene fight with just about everyone who said “hello” to them. I think each has had a big dust-up with every single cast mate. But what I missed was exactly how TFTP went from “Kim and Nene are doing a song together” to “Khandi is helping Kim make a song”. How exactly did Nene get cut out of the picture on the future surprise hit?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        NeNe made fun of Kim’s singing in the back of the limo, made remarks that it wouldn’t sell unless NeNe was on it – Kim wasn’t to happy about that and it was Kim and Kandi that decided to go in a different direction. NeNe couldn’t badger Kandi into changing her mind, everyone was pleasantly surprised at the rough cut played at NeNe’s portrait party and NeNe just couldn’t say anything nice since then……

      • babelony says:

        As I recall, Nene was mad at Kim and said she didn’t want to do it. Wish I could remember exactly what was said, but it seems like Nene thought the song was stupid (of course this was before Kandi reworked it).

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        And also you gotta remember the hard feelings started in Season 1 when Nene was making fun of Kim and her singing and pretty much trashing her in that limo when she and Kim were still supposedly friends. Nene has a bizarre sense of ownership about it just because she liked that song the best when Kim played it for her. It’s not like she co-wrote it or anything. Brielle and that little music teacher guy wrote it together but Kandi totally turned it into an unrecognizable song anyway. It was ridiculous to think Nene and Kim could ever work together in this way.

    • nathania says:

      Since I saw WWHL I have had “Golddigger” by Kanye West in my head nonstop. I don’t think Kim’s pregnancy was any kind of accident, I wonder if she is claiming they planned it or if ‘it was one of those things that just happens’. I had no idea he was 25, that explains the vacant looks and cluelessness. Kim is pretty consistent, DJ Tracy was the same person with a different chromosome…poor naive little people. I don’t think Kim is a villain she is just oriented by things outside of love, love is probably more of a business transaction to her. Someone should have played this for Kroy before it was too late:

      18 years, 18 years
      She got one of yo’ kids, got you for 18 years
      I know somebody payin’ child support for one of his kids
      His baby momma’s car crib is bigger than his

      ***You will see him on TV, any given Sunday
      Win the Superbowl and drive off in a Hyundai***

      She was supposed to buy ya shorty Tyco with ya money
      She went to the doctor got lipo with ya money
      She walkin’ around lookin’ like Michael with ya money
      Shoulda’ got that insured, GEICO for ya moneeey(your money)
      If you ain’t no punk holla’ we want pre-nup
      WE WANT PRE-NUP!, yeah
      It’s something that you need to have
      ‘Cause when she leave yo’ ass she gon’ leave with half
      18 years, 18 years
      And on her 18th birthday, he found out it wasn’t his

  42. klmh says:

    Kim had had a tiff with Nene about something and when the song had been revised by Kandi, and Kim realized the song didn’t need Nene, she decided she would do it herself. She dumped Nene. Kandi was surprised with Kim’s decision not to include Nene as well.
    That’s how I remember it anyway.

    • klmh says:

      To Error’s post above…

    • babelony says:

      Hmmm, sort of, but Nene said she was out first if I remember correctly. Not gonna swear to that though.

      • klmh says:

        I surely could have missed something but I don’t understand what you mean by saying she was out first. You mean she decided not to be on in the song? If so, I don’t remember it that way, because as the party I think for Sheree she came up to Kim and asked her about it and was angry she wasn’t included and made a big stink. Again.

  43. quincyil says:

    The following subset blog is meant to bring balance to the Universe. It is written by one of those people behind a computer. I believe that it should be one of those people in front of a computer but Taylor Armstrong made the original statement and Jill Zarin followed suit.

    The “I Love Jill Zarin” blog on the prairie by quincyil

    Jill Zarin is in Costa Rica with Bobby. She left Ginger home in the apartment in NYC. There are cookies next to Ginger’s water dish.

    It was 90 degrees in Costa Rica last night and after dinner Jill Zarin and Bobby retired for the evening. She hasn’t tweeted since. I’m sure she is taking a needed rest and hopefully her pain from the dental emergency on Sat. is less.

    There were no new publications of the blogs set up to admire the real housewives and Jill Zarin in the last week. I checked and the comments were days old. I’m sure thousands of Jill’s fans are visiting the blogs that she tweeted a week ago Sunday and early last week, but none of the visitors stopped by to converse about the housewives.

    This subset blog did have a couple of nice visitors last night. One more in Boston found nice things to say about Jill Zarin and she is an example for all of us to follow.

    Last week on twitter, many people felt that Nene Leaks was going to be known as the Jill Zarin of Atlanta. I don’t think that Nene and Jill are close, but they share some nice characteristics that we could note here. Nene and Jill both dress well. They have style. Their hairdressers and make up artists are on site before filming so they are always ready for their close-ups. Nene and Jill are strong women who speak their minds. Nene and Jill have long memories when it comes to their friends on the shows. They both believe in teams. They both twitter whatever thoughts pass through their frontal lobes. They both claim to have a sense of humor when others ask if their intentions were good or bad. They both believe that their shows revolve around them. They both have issues with new people because Bravo did not ask their permission to bring new stars into the mix. They both feel Bravo should pay them more. They both have husbands who don’t interfere with their actions and words. They both like clothes and nice vacations.

    I hope the last paragraph comes off as nice. It is meant to be. Strong women are great. Having supportive friends in the form of teams is nice. I played volley ball in college and loved the team spirit. I am supportive of women being in positions of authority too. Some of my close friends are CEOs and CFOs. Jill and Nene are the CEOs of the RH NYC and RH Atlanta in their own minds.

    I hope Jill turns her twitter back on tomorrow as I really like telling you all what she ate. I’m sure the food in Costa Rica is fantastic.

    The end.

    Thank you for reading this oasis of St. Jill in the middle of the IHJZ board. Since there is no http for this subset blog there can be no twitter to share these good tidings. Perhaps, the Jill Zarin team member assigned to read the IHJZ blog and board today would like to stop by and post about their good experiences with Jill Zarin. We would like to hear from you. Thank you for kindly reading this subset blog, Q.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Quincy- just one teensy little addition. Doesn’t Nene also have a tiny, lil doggie with a pooping problem?

      So both Jill and Nene have adopted tiny, lil doggies who evidently have bowel problems, but love them nonetheless.

      Can someone be ALL bad if they love tiny, lil pooping doggies? Well, of course not! Loving tiny, lil pooping doggies is NICE. Jill and Nene are NICE.

      (Sweet Jesus, I have to go lie down, this I LOVE JILL ZARIN blog is killing me already. I’m literally sweating and out of breath- this much exertion can’t be healthy)

      • quincyil says:

        This subset blog is worth 250 calories of exercise so the sweat is to be expected. I believe both women have dogs that are small and poop. You are correct. Like the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution, this issue is added to the subset blog through the comments section. Thank you. You do have a gift for the positive, one more in Boston.

    • California35 says:

      I admire that you are still doing this Q…

      CEO’s of the HW’s 😛

      • quincyil says:

        Thank you. Like any good real housewive’s charity event, we have parting gift in very nice pink bags. You will receive an http allowing you to visit the Kodak site promoted by Jill Zarin last year before Ramona got her fired. You will also get $500 in monopoly money to get out of jail in case you ever say something here that Jill wouldn’t like. Make that $1,000 dollars in monopoloy money. I am feeling very generous tonight.

        • Adgirl says:

          Are those pink bags custom monogrammed?

          • quincyil says:

            I hand painted them with the following

            The “I Love Jill Zarin” blog on the prairie by quincyil, located deep in the bowels of the “I Hate Jill Zarin” board of the “I Hate Jill Zarin” blog by LynnnChicago.

            I use the small letters that we say on some of my very large recent blogs.

        • lillybee says:

          Can you throw in some yarn so that I can start knitting hats? Or since I can’t knit, can I crochet them.

          • quincyil says:

            I can give an amazon gift certificate for yarn. You may pick your own colors. We do ask that you make one of the items for Jill’s Charity as this is the “I Love Jill Zarin” subset blog. Jill, of course will slap a Zarin’s Fabrics sign on that item and take credit for the donation. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to remind everyone of how a Jill Zarin charity works.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I’m keeping my monopoly money and not saying anything. Except – NeNe’s dog is named Player and I think that is cute.

      • quincyil says:

        You are awarded a second $500 and should you be in the finale you can choose one piece of linen from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It need not be a Jill Zarin design, but we will show you her designs before you make your final decision. You can use sunglasses with ultraviolet protection when you look.

    • firepainter says:

      First paragraph – Hahahahahahaha!

      • quincyil says:

        Welcome to the subset blog. A blog within a blog dedicated to making the Planet Earth a better place for Jill Zarin. We hope that you will return and bring friends.

    • skogsstig says:

      Jill Zarin has a membership on flickr, called Team Jill. You can fiind it here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jillzarin/
      She has been nice enough to share photos from “Season 3 Behind the scenes” and “Secrets of a Jewish Mother.” It is so lovely of her to share those photos.

      That’s the best I can do. 😉

      • quincyil says:

        Excellent contribution to the subset blog. I feel this subset blog is an intellectual challenge that, in time, every member of the IHJZ board will embrace.

  44. TLM says:

    I haven’t seen the finale of ATL yet. Fell asleep.

    Here’s a linen line I’m actually looking forward to, as opposed to JZ’s mediocre line. http://www.hometextilestoday.com/article/535420-Welspun_Thom_Filicia_to_launch_bedding_line_on_QVC_in_mid_February.php

    • Katie says:

      You know that would be an interesting twist to this blog and all our comments. We should advertise and promote competing products to anything the HW’s (we don’t care for) are pushing. It would drive Jill, Kelly, etc crazy. So I will look into this linen line thanks for the link!

    • klmh says:

      I found a website that showed some pictures. It was related to the site you posted. What do you think? Most look monochromatic to me, except for the top one. You really cant see much detail though I was able to enlarge it a bit.

  45. Adgirl says:

    Nene and Jill believe know the only way to raise themselves up is to cut people down.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It’s their nature – they are jealous, self centered, insecure and their humor is based in tearing someone else to shreds. Their plans backfire but they deflect, project and can’t manage a sincere apology. They may make a good first impression but they are rotten to the core.

    • quincyil says:

      Excellent comment. If you have found a way to put that on the ILJZ subset blog, you could have won a car.

      • Adgirl says:

        I have a cartoon image in my mind of NeNe and Jill standing on top of mountain created from all of the people they abuse.

        I disagree with my own image in that NeNe and Jill are not, and never will be at the top of anything, except a certain list of mine.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        Quincy- WTH?
        You’re giving out monopoly money and cars to post on the I LOVE JILL ZARIN blog and all I got was 250 burned off calories?
        I could have had some sex to burn that off- and wouldn’t have been so nauseous afterward! 😉

  46. California35 says:

    I am hungry — opps wrong blog 😛

  47. vilzvet says:

    Wow, on weather.com they’re giving state by state totals of snow tomorrow. Quincy, you’re going to get hammered, the Midwest especially. This storm system is going to affect lots of us. The ice may be quite dangerous too.

    • Katie says:

      I’m in Chicago and they are saying it might get dangerous.
      I hope everyone stays safe and warm.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        We are stocked up and ready. I’m north of the city and in the 18″ band….stay safe!

    • quincyil says:

      I am staying up and writing the blog on Tabatha right after the show because I have to send off those carrier pigeons to fly to Chicago in this storm. They are looking out at the window right now and seem anxious to start on their journey to Lynn.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      We’ve had freezing fog and drizzle all day. Messy, yet everyone is out, so streets have been ok. Tonight it will get bad. Now they’re saying 10-14″ of snow tomorrow, blowing wind, blizzard conditions, drifting. And then the temps drop. I plan to work from home tomorrow. Or just nap if the electricity goes off.

      • Katie says:

        Good plan. Snow day for everyone! We all can use it.

      • quincyil says:

        In some animal species, that is called hibernation.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          My hibernation includes coffee and knitting. I’m a sub-species.

          • quincyil says:


          • WindyCityWondering says:

            guess I am lower sub species cause it’s coffee and the laptop – nothing productive like knitting.

            • TLM says:

              I have knitting but no coffee. Ran out yesterday and as we’re getting an ice storm and snow over the next couple of days, I won’t have access to any more. Probably just as well since I’m over-caffeinated. Was wide awake for 33 hours over the weekend, and I decided I needed to quit the coffee for a while. I do have lots of tea, though. 😉

      • Fairweather Viewer says:

        Where are you located? Or rather what major city are you closest to? I’m closest to Kansas City.

    • klmh says:

      We are supposed to have 18 inches of ice and snow. I think we have 2 trucks for the county. Should be interesting. I just want my electricity to stay on. We are total electric, including heat, and its supposed to be -7 to 13 on Wedn. Ugh…

  48. Zipit Zarin says:

    Lynn, Congrats to your MVP cousin! You are just surrounded by talent 😀 And thanx for the blog again. I can’t watch the baffoons. I tried but could feel brain cells dying. lol

    Oh, and did you hear? Youtube, twitter and facebook are planning a merge to become the largest social network. they’re gonna call it “youtwitface”

  49. Sparkles says:

    In response to posts upthread: I too am intrigued by Kim’s tweet about NeNe having aliases/warrants.

    If someone publicly accused me of that, I’d make darn clear it’s a lie. Wouldn’t any innocent person? Especially if people were forwarding the claim to you and asking you to respond? Yet NeNe replied to the tweet by changing the subject (claiming Kim’s degree is fake) soon went silent for the night. No denial!

    I’m hoping the IHJZ Detective Agency can get to the bottom of this. I know that our PIs are busy with the ShanaHughesTaylorFordArmstrong case, and one never knows when the Juicys investigation or a JZ incident will flare up, but this could be interesting.

    Possible lead from an old article: “all of Nene’s life she thought her legal name was Linnethia Monique Johnson, and it wasn’t until her 30s that she found out her name is actually Lenithia Bonita Smith.”

    • quincyil says:

      We might not have to do any research. I think wiki leaks from Kim Zolciak will have an information dump any minute.

    • ches says:

      Did a little poking around and here is what I found so far.
      Gregg’s court records
      He goes by Gregg, Gregory L, Gregory Leon and Gregory. Not sure about the Greg one.
      Nene’s court records
      Nene goes by Linnethia, Lynnethia, and Nene…Lorreli is Greggs first wife.
      I find it odd that Gregg’s divorce from wife #1 was final in July 1997. If I remember correctly Nene and Gregg were married for 14 years. Adding on a little dating time maybe should have told Nene, “DON’T SPREAD YOUR LEGS FOR MARRIED MEN!”

      • Sparkles says:

        Ches is on the case! Yay!

        Wow, the Leakes have had a lot of court action. If I’m inferring correctly, NeNe’s cases involve creditors while Greg’s are all over the map — it says bad checks, nonpayment of child support, theft by receiving stolen property… (assuming it’s the same Greg). I know this doesn’t mean they were found guilty/liable for anything (not sure how you can find that out), but sheesh, once again Bravo either doesn’t do background checks or just doesn’t care.

        A few days ago I read an Essence interview with NeNe on StoopidHousewives. The article was from the RHOA Season One timeframe. It was so funny in retrospect because it says that Greg is a “successful real estate investor” and NeNe is a former model who is opening up a boutique hotel. LOL

        • Golden Girl says:

          Wow great find @ches

        • BessiB says:

          I would say that Bravo does not do background checks and does not care: I recall Bethenny saying that at one time. She was talking about how she had to go though checks, psychological testing, etc, for Apprentice, and that she was very surpised that Bravo did none of that.

  50. quincyil says:

    I wonder if Andy Cohen is up tonight sitting behind a computer watching his Atlanta cast self destruct.

  51. TLM says:

    My God, I’m watching the finale episode now and it’s the morning of Cynthia’s wedding day. She looks like she’s going to a funeral and is drinking as soon as she woke up. I don’t think she smiled once.

  52. TLM says:

    Why is Cynthia walking around looking like a homeless person on her wedding day??? WTF?

    I’ve heard her mother and sister and some dude in her kitchen caution her, and she’s still marrying Peter? She says she’s in love with him but I just don’t see that from her. For the life of me I don’t get these two as a couple.

    • nathania says:

      I worked with a girl who was cheating on her fiance’ with a coworker (all three worked together) and was aware how it might end up but said she looked at it like it was cheaper to get a divorce (which she actually ended up doing) than it was to cancel the wedding.

      Cynthia’s dress looked like haute couture to me, it didn’t look like a wedding gown. So it kind of made me suspect she was using this wedding as more of a runway, a commercial for what she can do. I’m sorry, when your husband shows up drunker than a coot to the wedding, that is not a good sign. But maybe she figured she was going to get her investment back by making the wedding a commericial for her modeling abilities. I suspect that being pragmatic as she is she will probably file for divorce shortly after the one year mark.

      • TLM says:

        It definitely was couture, but I think with couples who get married when they’re older and have grown children, many women feel odd in a traditional white wedding dress. I did love the dress on her and the color, and I liked the cake with the grey ribbon. I thought it looked very elegant.

        I thought maybe Kim brought a bottle of sparkling cider because she was pregnant, but she said she brought her own wine because she thought Cynthia’s wouldn’t be good enough??? I can’t believe that. Maybe it was sparkling cider but she didn’t want to say so at the time?

        Phaedra’s glitter eyeshadow gave me a headache.

        • neroes says:

          I think the wedding was in July. Kim said on WWHL that the baby is due in June so she wasn’t pregnant until late Aug. or Sept.

      • Brigid A. says:

        As mentioned above, Cynthia was drinking champagne early that morning, all stressed out. Missed most of that episode, so did not see Peter boozing it up pre-ceremony. Is that why his eyes were so red? Drunken tears from the bridegroom?

  53. Katie says:

    Nene is on twitter talking about her move to California. I thought she was in big financial trouble or was that last year? What about the family is she taking them with her? Very interesting. Greg is not going to let her go, if she is the paycheck coming in, she will have to pay. No idea how she will be able to afford the crazy prices of California. This should be interesting.

    RT @StarTakiHair: @NeNeLeakes I love LA too, I will be visiting<U sure will because I need my hair done! LOL
    about 4 hours ago via Echofon
    RT @JaMaalBuster: @NeNeLeakes move 2 Beverly Hills…so we can b neighbors girl….that would be a show on its own hahaha<Let's do it hunni
    about 4 hours ago via Echofon
    I gotta find a nice area n LA! I like the Hollywood hills but I love water 2!
    about 4 hours ago via Echofon
    RT @tocabear: @NeNeLeakes Ur moving 2 LA & I want 2 move 2 ATL! Why do u want 2 move<Atl will always b my home
    about 4 hours ago via Echofon
    RT @FashionLee: @NeNeLeakes @cliftonbrowniii R u really moving 2 LA<That's the plan
    about 4 hours ago via Echofon

  54. Adgirl says:

    Glad you brought that up TLM.
    The finale for Atlanta was nearly as sad as the finale for Beverly Hills. I don’t watch these shows to be bummed out by reluctant brides preparing for their death sentence or by siblings indulging in disturbingly hateful behavior towards each other.

    Help! Where is the escapist entertainment?

    • TLM says:

      Yes, can’t believe her mother and sister were contemplating hiding her wedding license. I’m sure she wasn’t happy to find out they put her through that deliberately.

  55. Katie says:

    Kim on Wendy for anyone who cares and missed it – enjoy?

  56. jeang says:

    KLMH-how can I get a copy of your “retiring but where” comments. You could get my email address from Lynn, or I could ask Lynn to email to me? I was born and have always lived in Florida and that is sooooo true and hilarious. Thanks for the smiles.

  57. Zipit Zarin says:

    Can you believe this was only 17 years ago? Dang

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        I know, right? ROFL

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I recall (I think it was a hotmail commercial) where a guy meets a girl at a party and says how he would like to keep in touch with her- so she takes a piece of paper and writes something down- like it would be her phone number but it was an email address.

          I remember thinking- what in the heck kind of outer space dating is that.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      WOW, its almost like they were just kidding, they didn’t know what the @symbol stood for, what the internet was or how it worked…and they aren’t wearing poodle skirts or culottes.

  58. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the recap Lynn—I missed it last night. Congrats to your cousin Patrick too. You’re family must be so proud.

  59. LynnNChicago says:

    Portrait of a Housewife – Taylor Armstrong @ http://look.ac/hRITdu

    My newest Portrait – Taylor’s turn! 🙂

    • Adgirl says:

      I can’t open this link.

    • California35 says:

      Yay! Thanks

    • Sparkles says:

      Good article, Lynn. I also enjoyed your RHOA finale blog. 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Lynn,
      Again a GREAT post. Thank-you. I have a lot more to say re: “Taylor” but I’m going to wait until part 2 of the reunion is over and then I’m going to e-mail you. Maybe she should have hired Jill Zarin’s PR firm? Ha Ha.
      I hate to admit this but after seeing “Taylor” all season Jill Zarin is looking better and better. I’ll make an appointment with my Doctor in the morning.
      I promise.

    • Fairweather Viewer says:

      Great write up. But, was it really Taylor that used the term “insecure”? I thought Taylor said “insignificant” and then Kim said “insecure” and then Taylor repeated to Kim something like “yeah insecure”. Regardless, Taylor repeated the conversation without acknowledging her part in it to Camille and it was for that reason that Camille got upset again. I sort of suspect that the only reason why Taylor is still with Russell is because he has so much dirt on her that she knows if she tries to leave him, her little fantasy “image” she has created for herself will shatter into millions of pieces.

      • Adgirl says:

        That was my recollection of the convo also. I found the entire argument(s) so silly that I declared a pox on them all. Who has fights like that?

        • Brigid A. says:

          Kyle and Camille are responsible for keeping that stupid fight alive, primarily Kyle. She kissed up to Camille, they both made nice, and then Kyle started her typical yelling and finger-wagging at the re-union. She simply cannot shut up.

          Taylor is diverting attention from her part as an instigator by attacking Kim.

      • Nancy says:

        And her on him.

  60. Fairweather Viewer says:

    I think Nene might have caught Mad Cow Disease like Tamra accused Jeana of having on RHOC. I think she really would benefit from some Xanax. She needs to calm down.

  61. Adgirl says:

    Will Kim Richards Return to RHBH Season 2?
    from absurdtosublime

    From the Ellen DeGeneres Website:
    Wednesday, February 2
    The Cast of ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’
    In the past few months, Ellen has been following all the drama on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Today, she’s getting down to the details when Taylor Armstrong, Camille Grammer, Adrienne Maloof, , Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump all stop by. If there’s one thing Ellen has learned, it’s that when all the housewives are here — anything goes!
    No mention of Kim Richards. There are rumors going around about a new cast member for next season. What’s going on?

    • Katie says:

      If the new cast member is Faye I’m not watching. It’s sad if Kim doesn’t return.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Gawd, I hope Kim doesn’t go back into that pit of vipers again. It seemed like she went on that show to have a good time and maybe remind people of her roles back in the day. Maybe I’m being played and I don’t care. I love the spirit of hers that’s come across. Vulnerable, willing to risk, …those two things together show courage. I’m shell-shocked by Kyle’s willingness to attack her on every front AND get her “friends” to join in with her so I can only imagine how Kim feels about it. If anyone should feel ashamed it’s Kyle but sociopaths don’t feel shame, duh…that’s what makes them sociopaths. I seriously pray for Kim.

      • Katie says:

        I agree it just feels like they win if she leaves. I’m really concerned that Kim is feeling embarrassed and not getting help. I hope that is not the case.

      • Adgirl says:

        BH finale was incredibly sad wasn’t it. I can’t stand watching the Richards family implosion.

        I wish that Kim could find her voice and defend herself. Reminded me a teensy bit of Alex NY getting tongue tied and turning red whenever Jill laid it on her.

    • California35 says:

      She is clearly not having fun hanging out with them. There is always something, and she feel uncomfortable around them. Either they are not including her or she just decided to stay away from the “toxicity”. I hope it is later one, and I really really hope it isn’t because she is a bad “state of mind”.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      While I get many like Kim – I really don’t think she should have been on the show this year. And I really don’t think she should be back next season. Beyond her health issues/dreams of restarting her career, she just can’t run with the big dogs and I don’t want to see her try.

  62. kotagirl29 says:

    Well Cynthia has an out. I don’t care where you live, if you enter into an agreement while intoxicated you can’t be held to that agreement. She didn’t run because she couldn’t. Her sister should have put her in the car and driven the other way.

    • Adgirl says:

      That was the saddest wedding.

      • kotagirl29 says:

        You could just tell she felt backed into a corner. The fact that her Mom and sister were trying so hard to get her to stop and then hold themselves together was heartbreaking!!! I hope she gets out soon.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I wonder if the wedding wasn’t a big part of the show – would Cynthia have called it off?

  63. Adgirl says:

    I want to say something nice about NeNe. In spite of her nuclear jealousy of Kim Z, I really think NeNe could be a nice person under it all.
    Someone wise told me Big Ego = Low Self Esteem and that seems to fit NeNe.

    This site reminded me about NeNe’s struggles. http://www.martiniandscotch.com/2009/08/nenes-book-never-make-same-mistake.html

    She has tried to be a very good mother to Brice. I think in genereal NeNe does not trust men. Although she is a former stripper she seems to find no pleasure from sex, it is a chore like washing dishes. I think she trusted Gregg very much and he has deeply & repeatedly dissappointed her. Here she is, a minor celebrity so close to “making it” but long term success still eludes her. She has a young son to raise. Gregg is broke but he is involved with their son.
    I hate how NeNe acts and what she says to & about people. She is a bully. However, I admire her survivor instincts and her devotion to her children.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I disagree with you about Greg, I think NeNe is disappointed by fact that Greg wasn’t bringing in the green the way he used to.

      Rumors of NeNe and Charles Grant were brought up WAY before the suggestion that Greg was cheating- and on that note- it’s just something NeNe keeps saying. No woman has come forth-no one else is saying but NeNe. And NeNe has a way of throwing her dirt in people’s faces.

      She shit talked Greg in every episode in front of the cameras- she gets drunk and waves her finger in his face. But when she heared Greg talked about her- she acts betrayed? No way…I’m not buying it.

      NeNe seems to think that a few quick one liners gives her the right to run her mouth up and down anyone without a word in edge wise.

      • Adgirl says:

        I can’t argue about anything you said! She is a very, very difficult person. She is full of herself. Her rage scares me.

        I try to find something nice to say about JZ every once in awhile. Thought I should try it with NeNe. LOL.

  64. lillybee says:

    I was watching the Duggars, (I have no life, I know) and there was a promo for what not to wear. They said that they were doing a make-down not a make -over on a woman who so reminded me of Kim Z. I really for a sec. thought it was Kim.

    • Adgirl says:

      Kim Z belongs in Las Vegas.

      She would never agree to a “make down”. Whaa? Where are my shiny jewels and 7 inch heels? Don’t cover my boobies!

  65. butterisafruit says:

    Morning All, I hope everyone has their snow shovel and boots.

  66. boston02127 says:

    Ggggood Mooorning. (that’s me shivering) Lots of snow coming!

  67. boston02127 says:

    OT/ So sad about the mother in Tampa who shot her teenage kids. She shot them cuz she was tired of their back talk. She looks like she’s in shock.

  68. boston02127 says:

    Kyle’s tweet:
    #RHOBH Reunion tomorrow. @KyleRichards18 staying strong for sister @KimRichards11 XOXO http://plixi.com/p/73935120

  69. LynnNChicago says:


    New Blog – sorry about the font and the links, I’m working on getting them corrected then I’m going to have a “word” with WordPress 🙂

  70. Thelittlewife says:

    I am not sure if anyone else said this but great blog Lynn on what I found to be a terribly boring finale. The music they were playing was trying to get me on the edge of my seat but I found I really didn’t care. The Atlanta series has always been my least favorite. NYC is number one but I have been totally enthralled by BH. My husband and I DVR all the series and usually end up watching them separately and discussing them later. We fast forwarded through most of this episode.

  71. Maite says:

    Thanks Lynn for another great blog.
    BTW, I’d been watching RZ’s clients at the award shows so I can guest blog next season. I hope this time the show focus more on fashion and styling than on her boring domestic life.

  72. WSL says:

    iLL Zarrin

    The Bitch NEVER left

    Re watching old NYC HW is fun, particularly when u know the true character (or lack there of) of individual Ho wives.
    Jill & Bethany visit Bethany’s friend Tommy Hill finger & his sister’s trunk show.
    A photo opt is staged w/ the Hill fingers, a model & Miss B w/Jill clearly excluded.
    The picture is flashed and Jill’s face has dropped. When B asks Jill a question she is so disturbed/mad that she was excluded from the celebrity photo, that she had a hard time asking.
    Today she would have pushed in & reminded all of her celebrity status. Plus she would have told the photographer she charges $1000 for the picture & explained her % requirements. She would have also given a wink to let the photographer she wanted a $20 wink tip !
    Boy was she fat season one !

    Then we see the : if I am not on the front row, I am leaving. I am representing the designer & if not front row, I leave (don’t care & I insult the designer) ! WTF is Jill Zarrin !

  73. twoile says:

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry I don’t know what happened 2 have the whole page printed out 😦

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