I Hate Jill Zarin And Taylor Armstrong Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part Two

I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – Reunion Part Two

Now we’re getting somewhere, some new information.

I admit that I was a bit surprised that two such smart business people like Lisa and Ken were taken by a con man. I honestly would have thought that they would have checked out his story over the course of 15 years especially prior to letting him live in their home. I was completely shocked that Lisa said that Cedric was in her will, and happy to hear that she’s changed that.

It sounds like everyone in their lives have been warning them, why would Lisa not have made a few simple phone calls to check on some information just to confirm, I’m sure she would have found out fairly easily that this man was lying about his history.

It is surprising that Cedric would have blown his meal ticket so quickly and easily, he probably could have carried this on indefinitely had he just played along. I would bet Lisa and Ken would even have hooked this guy up with a job or even his own little business. Cedric still could have spent weekends and holidays with this couple and mooched off of them for many years to come.

I hope that no tabloid pays him a dime for his story, particularly since it is clearly all bullshit. I really like Lisa and Kim so while I’d love to shake them just like Cedric would but for completely different reasons. I can see that they both feel like completely idiots for being taken to the cleaners like they were.

Lisa is a class act and she really did not deserve to be treated this way, they’re a great couple with amazing humor and love for each other. It’s sad that they were crushed by that piece of garbage.

Someone tweeted that Cedric was out in West Hollywood while the show aired trying to get people to believe him. He may find one or two fools but his work will be in vain.

Taylor Armstrong has to be the least likable and probably the most hated housewife of the moment. I felt absolutely no sympathy for this woman as they rolled footage of her issues in her marriage. Her opening line of “It looks like I’ve got it all, but I want more” is so accurate. She wants Camille’s money, Kyle’s husband and Kim completely out of the picture.

This woman isn’t satisfied with the husband she married, she is trying to change him yet she remains the same. Taylor wants to take and take but never give anything back. It seems as though Taylor married Russell because he could take her away from it all and give her the Beverly Hills lifestyle. Unfortunately that came with a workaholic, unromantic, robot-like husband, you get what you pay for Taylor!

By the time a women reaches the age of 39 years old, she should know better than to ever try to come between two sisters. Taylor is trying to do just that and she’s never going to win and has managed to look like a complete snake for trying.

Taylor wants to be besties with Kyle Richards but she clashes with Kyle’s sister Kim and with Kyle’s good friend Lisa. Taylor is attempting the divide and conquer, Lisa sees right through Taylor and calls her out on all of her nonsense.

Adrienne was, once again, a non-entity in tonight’s show. It is unfortunate because I really like Adrienne, she seems like a good person with a happy marriage. Bravo just wasn’t able to make enough of a show out of a couple lovingly bickering.

We did learn that Adrienne’s brothers are single and available, you single ladies should book the next flight to Las Vegas and try to snag one of those guys! I was surprised that Adrienne wasn’t a bit more diplomatic when refusing to set one of them up with Kim Richards, she said that Kim was a bit “stand-offish”. I’m not sure that was the appropriate word to use, how about “neurotic” or “high-maintenance”?

Kim was asked outright if she was an alcoholic and she didn’t really answer the question, she did say “no” but she added that she didn’t want to talk about the night of the fight with her sister. Andy wasn’t able to get either sister to talk about the fight, most likely a pact that they made prior to filming. I have to say I’m really glad they both refused to discuss the details of that evening. It was dark and dismal enough to watch the first time, I don’t think I could have watched the two sisters going at it on the reunion as well.

Andy did call Taylor out for starting the battle between the two sisters, of course Taylor denied it and continues to blame it on the fact that Kim stood up. Is anyone buying this woman’s bullshit? Taylor Armstrong confronted Kim with aggression and anger, and the entire night blew into oblivion simply because Kim stood up? Taylor went after Kim with guns blazing. I am not a fan.

Kyle has to share part of the blame here as well, she didn’t wait for any explanation or want to hear what Kim had to say, she immediately thought that Kim created a scene at Taylor’s birthday party. Actually Taylor created a scene at her own birthday party and Kyle added to the drama. Kim felt ganged up on and that is exactly what happened.

In the end the sisters hugged and Kim told Kyle that she loves her, Kyle remained silent and it was a loud silence that was obvious as Kyle continued to hold a grudge with not only Camille but with her sister as well.

Taylor chimed in with her two cents saying that it was difficult to watch the sister’s with their long history fighting the way that they did. Taylor loved every minute of it, the longer she could keep Kyle to herself, the better. Taylor’s face just dropped (and not from her Botox failing) when Kyle switched seats with Camille.

I have to give Camille a lot of credit, she took everything she’d done and everything she said and she owned it. Camille apologized when appropriate and really seemed sincere. She said some really nice things about Kyle that she didn’t have to say and that Kyle certainly didn’t deserve. Kyle continued to beat up on Camille even after the apologies. I am not a fan!

Camille Grammer, I sincerely apologize.

I certainly misjudged Camille, I called her many of the names that Andy Cohen rattled off during part one of the reunion, in fact Cohen could have gotten every one of those adjective right here on this blog. Yes, she said some hurtful, awful things but Camille was sincere in her apologies and has even hired Maricio back to handle all of her real estate needs. Maricio is going to be an even richer man working for Camille Grammer once that divorce is final.

Kyle continued to be ungracious and actually seemed to enjoy the bickering with Camille, she didn’t want to see it all ending. I don’t recall hearing Kyle apologize to Camille for all of the awful things she said about Camille.

I wasn’t exactly sure why the husband’s were brought on, with the exception of Ken talking about Cedric they didn’t add a whole lot to the reunion. This seems to be the new thing to do, I am going to go out on a limb and guess that they’re not going to do that in Atlanta. (Have you seen Peter’s comments about the Housewives and Bravo? Wow!)

The ladies relived the dinner party at Camille’s house with the mentally insane Allison Dubois. This woman’s facial expressions just reek of the devil, if that was simply the result of alcohol, this woman should never drink again as long as she lives. Even Camille admitted that she was uncomfortable and that things went a bit too far after the ladies left and Allison started talking about the ladies dying and their children going missing.

I have to give Camille credit here once again, as Lisa explained that Camille had begun to slide the drinks away from Allison. Clearly it didn’t help a whole lot but it did confirm that Camille knew that Allison had too much to drink and was trying to stop the madness.

While we all agree that Allison was a wackadoodle, she is Camille’s friend and she drank too much, I am once again giving Camille kudos for refusing to speak against her friend at the reunion.

Camille completely turned this season around for herself during the reunion and I believe that she was sincere. She probably has top of the line PR People, unlike Zarin who got those bargain basement guys from E! Network.

Now for the first IHJZ Housewives Award – to be awarded at every Housewives season end and will be named after our beloved New York Housewives.

The Jill Zarin Award for the most Hated housewife – Taylor Armstrong
The Bethenny Frankel Award for the Funniest Housewife – Lisa Vanderpump
The Sonja Morgan Award for most Neutral Housewife – Adrienne Maloof
The Kelly Bensimon Award for most Zoned Out Housewife – Kim Richards
The Ramona Singer Award for most Insulting Housewife – Kyle Richards
The Countess Luann Award for most Rotten Husband Housewife – Camille Grammer

Some of the ladies Tweets tonight, with Bravo’s Talk Bubble running, there were a whole lot of Housewives commenting, including Lisa Vanderpump:

@LisaVanderpump: And for the record Cedric was paid the same as any body else that worked for us……

Taylor didn’t have much to say after her first few Tweets she basically got ripped apart by Twitter ville:

@TaylorATweets: I regret my conflict with Kim, deeply.

Taylor clearly didn’t take any responsibility for the huge battle between Kim and Kyle, when it was evident that Taylor was not going to apologize, I tweeted this:

@LynnNChicago to: @TaylorATweets You REGRET your conflict with Kim? Why not apologize for creating the huge fight between sisters?

My tweet above was re-tweeted so many times that it became a “Top Tweet” and so I’m fairly sure Taylor saw it. No, I’m positive that Taylor saw it because she has blocked me from following her on Twitter. (she joins a long and distinguished list of Housewives who block me) It was either that tweet or the article “Portrait of a Housewife” on Taylor.

That article can be found here:

Finally after so many people telling Taylor that she’s a snake and some other creative adjectives, she tweeted this:

@TaylorATweets: Regrets…we need an entire hour for this topic. Sorry Kim.

Really Taylor? That’s the best you’ve got? Keep it!

Kyle was also in Bravo’s Talk Bubble, here are some of the things that she had to say:

@KyleRichards18: Just saw the trailer for the lost footage…thinking I just may move out of the country for now.

Kyle retweeted a post from a fan of the show:

TweeterX TO @KyleRichards18 Ur sister said she loved you 10 times tonight and hugged u and said so, but you NEVER told her u loved her back! Nasty!

Kyle then explained that her 3-year old daughter re-tweeted it while playing with her phone:

@KyleRichards18: My baby Portia retweeted some rude tweets. haha! Oops

@KyleRichards18: I DID tell Kim I love her…not everything makes the cut b/c of time. I guess they figured its obvious…?
@KyleRichards18: Portia was on my lap and hit the retweet button. NO clue how. At least it was bad about me or nobody would believe SHE did it

Kyle claims that she did tell Kim that she loved her as they hugged but Bravo edited it out? Wow Kyle, she really is a lot like Jill Zarin, she expects us to believe that? As the two women hugged clearly Kim said, “I love you” and Kyle said nothing. You can’t spin that.

Adrienne Maloof was asked by a fan on Twitter if the Palms Hotel gives discounts to military families as her husband just got back from Afghanistan and she wants to take him there. Adrienne offered this couple two free nights at the Palms. This woman really is the definition of class, grace and style!

Joining Adrienne, Kyle, Camille, Taylor and Lisa on Twitter in Bravo’s Talk Bubble were Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer of The Real Housewives of New York and Gretchen Rossi from The Real Housewives of Orange County. Bravo had their usual PR person and producer joining in.

If you can’t get enough of the Beverly Hills Housewives you’re in luck, a lost footage episode is coming up and Bravo’s web site is loaded down with follow-up’s and videos of the ladies. Here is a tidbit from Lisa Vanderpump:


The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion part one will air February 13, in the meantime you can read about Cynthia’s husband Peter and his thoughts on the other Atlanta ladies here:


I can’t figure out why he is publicly slamming the other Atlanta housewives, maybe he doesn’t want his wife to appear on the show again next season. Possibly he won’t be around next season if Cynthia does come back? Peter even gives it to NeNe who clearly adored him, the only one who got a bit of a break from the angry, inarticulate and vulgar Peter Thomas is Kandi, but he called her naïve. Does anyone else believe that Peter had been drinking shortly before giving this interview? I’m guessing that Cynthia is mortified.

Tonight marks the return of Top Chef All Stars after last week’s unexplained no show, complete recap tomorrow right here at IHJZ Web Site.

Don’t forget to look for the sub-blog within a blog, the “I love Jill Zarin” posts by QuincyIL, remember that she did fall down and hit her head so go easy on her. LOL

Until Next Time…..

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586 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin And Taylor Armstrong Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part Two

  1. Noreen says:

    Great recap (as usual) Lynn. Thanks so much. But may I disagree with you about Camille. I think some of the things she said and did are unforgivable and inexplicable. I give Kyle some points for at least being real. Camille is so phony, she doesn’t even know where the BS ends and truth starts. I love Lisa too. I just read that Kim may not return next season because she is so embarrased. She needs to get on line and read all the support she is getting. I think people have really connected with her.

    Thanks again. Good luck with all that snow. I’m in Florida and promise not to complain anymore about our cold weather.

    • ms molly says:

      I also saw Camille straight sticking to her PR instructions on damage control.
      And at first she almost messed that up because she accepted blame for nothing—- until Andy asked if she would ever accept responsibility for all the damage she attempted to cause. You could actually see it in her face when it occurred to her that “Oh sh*t, wait- ah well, ah OK, well yeah – of course I’m sorry for all the things that I said – I was going through a very difficult time and my judgement was clouded with all the awful things that Kelsey was doing to ruin my life – so I felt set up. But, I’m not a liar!!!!!! I do not lie!!!!! I think that Camille is a victim of her own schemes – she says what she thinks everyone wants to hear in order to paint herself a victim, and continues with her own self centered agenda. She even commented on the fact that nobody talked about her for her philanthropy (her need to compare herself to Jesus), which I will agree with Kyle – once she saw that bull fall apart, she of course declared that, well, OK, that was stupid. She also included the fact that no one said anything about ALL the wonderful motherly things that she did with her children as apparently everyone missed that episode. I did.

      • error404 says:

        I can’t wait for s2!

        Will Camille pull a Danielle and just seal her deal as a manipulative self-apointed victim. Or will she go from hated to loved like Silex.

        Will Kyle continue Bethennyesque poularity, or will she pull a Jill and let all of her faults we were willing to gloss over, take over and consume her.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Will Kyle, after the backlash with Kim, continually insult Camille, never letting the NYFight die? For Sure! Will Taylor befriend Camille and tell her of all of Kyle’s vicious rumors and plants in the rags? Uh-huh! Will Camille while working with Mauricio enjoy their business ventures and greet with a kiss? On the lips? Methinks so! I also thinks MauricioTurturro ™ would enjoy it! LOL

          • Brigid A. says:

            Amber, LOL! Mauricio Turturro! I hesitated to even hint at anything negative about Mauricio. Not a big Mauricio fan from the little I’ve seen and consider this…he married Kyle!!!! And, please, I know Kyle thinks she’s all that with the 1,000 hair flips/hair pawings per episode, but I don’t find her attractive anymore at all, inside or out.

        • dsc60 says:

          i don’t think kyle has bethennyesque popularity. maybe for the first one or two episodes, but she fell pretty fast and far off that pedestal. i don’t believe you are categorizing kyle with bethany because you think they have like-personalities, just popularity, correct? because i don’t believe kyle has, among other traits, the quick wit or the wit at all for that matter that bethany is known for.

      • TT in OC says:

        I agree with Noreen and ms molly about Camille. At the same time, I think Lynn is right about Camille, who is much wealthier than Jill (and smarter?), hiring top of the line PR People. I don’t believe Camille’s apologies were sincere. She is just a better actress. She is still at the top of my list of most disliked housewives, right next to Jill, Taylor and Kelly.

      • TLM says:

        Exactly Molly. When she brought in philanthropy, I thought, Seriously?? Isn’t that what happens when someone commits a white-collar crime, and they start talking about all the donations to churches they’ve made? LOL. And everything she did and said was blamed on the divorce. She insulted people because of her divorce. Huh? I was glad when Andy said, “You’re going to put that in the ‘divorce bucket’ also?”

        Re: her wonderful parenting skills, I couldn’t believe the voiceover when she said she tells her kids re: the divorce that “no matter what, Mommy’s here.” Did anyone besides me think she was going to say, “No matter what, Mommy and Daddy both love you very much?” No, she had to passive-aggressively put down their father. “He may not be here, but I, Camille, the best mother of all time, will be here for you. Because I really care. Your father could care less about you. In fact, he hates you.” The most interaction they showed between her and her kids was the very end of the series where she tried to get them off the couch to go to sleep, and left the two of them on the living room floor. Enough said.

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I still cannot stand Camille. Yes, she owned up to a lot of things, but mostly because she is smarter than Jill Zarin and listened to her PR people. The only time I really believed she was telling the truth was when she agreed that what Allison said about people dying and their kids being missing was pretty awful. I honestly do not believe that she is truly sorry for a lot of this.

      Also, Kim FINALLY talked about what she heard between Camille and Kyle and low and behold Kyle didn’t say those things. So yes, Kyle looked like a crazy person while Camille stayed calm while Kim could have just said what she said. Amazing thing is that Kim has a pretty terrific memory all things considered.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      i agree i dont buy Camilles fake ass attempts at apologies as she was still taking pot shots at Kyle
      but at least one good thing came out of it Camille said herself that the veiwing of the pixs was AFTER the dinner party from hell
      which would mean she is indeed lying about why she trashed Faye AT the party
      Lynn we havent lived with the richards to know just how many things led up to that huge blow out
      maybe its gonna take Kyle some time to really feel good about her sister
      or maybe they already have after the reunion
      i do know this
      Kyle loves Kim
      Lynn if you ask Andy right out if they edited it out he will tell you and that it was only for time not to make Kyle look bad
      some times editing CAN be blamed for how things appear
      and i am not the countess biggest fan but she never did anything as bad as Camille

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        “i do know this
        Kyle loves Kim”

        She’s got a funny way of showing it! In the immortal words of Anonymous…


  2. ritgrad says:

    Great recap, but I still think you are being too easy on Camille and too hard on Kyle. They both say inappropriate things, but Kyle owns up to them, and Camille just gives that same little smirky smile that she claims she hates from others. I think Camille and Jill had a side bet on who could dole out more insincere apologies during their respective reunions. Taylor needs a reality check – she is truly the most delusional (even more than Kim) of any of the housewives, even when the evidence of her behavior is presented to her on tape.
    Btw – great uses for Jill’s book yesterday. Just shows you how bad that book is – someone actually came up for 101 uses for a dead cat once! Again, Jill’s book pales in comparison.

    • Nancy says:

      Why did they even put out the paperback version of this piece of %#$@!?

    • Kristy says:

      i agree on being too easy on Camille and too hard on kyle(not that she’s a saint) but the way i see it is Kyle and Kim have a fight or flight response to conflict While kyle doesn’t go and seek conflict(which in my mind means she is NOT a bully) when it arrives she gets very defensive and lashes out sometimes in catty cruel ways but i think lots of us are guilty of that like you said and Kim ofcorse has a flight response where even if she has something relevant to say she would rather not and just take herself out of the situation these are instincts and not pre meditated and Camille thinks(not everyone sits at home reading the art of war and strategizing) so i don’t think its a good enough reason to condemn someone.

  3. HWlover says:

    Lynne I feel like Kyle has 2 puppets in Lisa and Taylor. My vote is for kyle to be most hated housewife, I cannot forgive her for the limo scene. And Lisa and Taylor made sure alcoholism on Kim’s part was discussed, but nobody including Andy addressed Kim’s comment of Kyle drinking all day, every day. If Kyle really didn’t wanna discuss the limo scene, than she would have told Lisa and Taylor to not address it either, or anything unfavorable about her sister. If she was truly in repair my relationship with my sister mode, her puppets would have been supportive of that. And Lisa looks a little ignorant or naive about Kyle’s bad behavior. I’m hoping this sharp woman is having a “come to Jesus talk” with Kyle, cause she needs one!

    • error404 says:

      It’s just a shame Andy refused Kyle’s request to have Faye Resnick come on and do her arguing for her, again. LOL

      I wonder if the finale party was a set-up?

      1. Kyle tell Lisa Kim is drunk.
      2. Lisa tell Taylor now is a good time to confront Kim.
      3. Taylor starts a fight with Kim
      3. Taylor and Lisa rush over and start fighting with Kim too.

      Was it possible that “Kim is drunk” whispered in Lisa’s ear was code for “let’s set operation expose Kim into action”?

      • Agatha Cranky says:

        Brilliant analysis! You really have to think how these people think at the time. You’ve got a good mind error!
        What I don’t understand is WHY the Hilton/Richards Families are dragging Kim through the mud like this. I mean Alcoholic, geez, give me a break! In that family? Is that the worse thing that family has experienced? Why are they now shaming her? Why Now?

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Probably because Kim is alone, the “weak” one and wont fight back. They are using her alcaholism to appear as if the family is distraught for her health and also ashamed for the family name. Her image of a child actress turned sad lonely alcoholic is an embarassment, as they are used to a chic drunken heiress giving beaver shots to TMZ as she’s getting arrested for DUI’s and drug possession!

          Kyle deciding to out her in a fit of anger, has been accepted and condoned by the family! Anonymous sources (Kyle, Faye, Lisa, and Taylor) have confirmed the accusation and the family’s resentment. Poor Kim is being accused of having a disease, which is totally legal and not mugshot worthy while Paris continues to rule as the uncontested outlaw alcholic, drug user of the clan! Somehow you just know Kyle will never yell to Paris “we’re all tired of you’re shit! You’re a cokehead!”. Not happening!

          • Brigid A. says:

            Amber, well said!!

          • DMandW says:

            What I find sad and disgusting is that these people, Kim’s family and Kyle’s friends, know the reasons why Kim may have a drinking problem. If you google Kim, you’ll find out that this woman has experienced a lot of ugly stuff in her life. I don’t think there is ever a reason to hurt yourself with abusing alcohol or drugs but family should always protect each other and not use a sickness to get simpathy or your name in the papers. Shame on Kyle.

            Do you guys remember when Paris Hilton’s sex tape came out in the media? Wasn’t it Kyle who gave interviews talking about her niece? I believe she is worst than Cedric, (whom she commented was standing behing Paris to get in the tabloid pictures. He isn’t family.) Kyle will use anything to be on TV or the in the pictures.
            I’m not a fan. (Thank you Lynn, that is my new favorite line.)

      • nathania says:


        that is soooooooooooo possible. I wouldn’t have believed it before but I certainly do now.

        All these years Kyle has been filling Lisa full of b.s. I’m sure, about Kim, and has Lisa been talking to Kim and getting her side of the story? Why no, I don’t think so. Yet Lisa still defends Kyle by saying that she ‘worries about Kim’ and ‘isn’t a bully’.

        Newsflash to Lisa:

        Perhaps, given your recent experience with Cedric, you need to re-evaluate your ability to be a good judge of character AND to be able to detect a pile of baloney whenever you are hearing a ‘poor pitiful me, what I have been through’ story. Just sayin’….

    • Nancy says:

      I wonder if “Taylor” has seen the YouTube video of her being so frigging drunk/high that she couldn’t even stand up or talk? If not “Taylor” we have. You have some nerve bringing up Kim’s “drinking problem” when you obviously have one of your own.

  4. Debbie says:

    Great recap!! I am even blocked by Nene!! But, I am working on getting Jill for a secret mission I am planning. Shhh. I’m probably saying too much already.LOL

  5. error404 says:

    I like Lisa a lot, but she’s no saint. She just seems like one compared to some of the others! lol

    ex: Kyle told her Kim was drunk. Then Lisa prompted Taylor to go and try to patch things up with Kim? Seriously Lisa? “Oh look Taylor, Kim is shit faced. Perhaps now is the best time for her worst enemy to try and call a truce. Surely a drunk alcoholic won’t behave unpredictably when offered a passive-agressive fake apology. Off you go then like a good girl.” Really? No, Lisa isn’t responsible for how awful Taylor was to Kim, but she’s no Adrienne Maloof either.

    • BChick says:

      I also wondered who Lisa thought she was bringing up Kim’s “issues” when both Kim and Kyle said they didn’t want to discuss it. So she’s heard Kyle’s side of the story. There is 2 sides to every story and somewhere in the middle is the truth. She needs to learn that and to mind her own business.

      • I thought it was interesting that towards the end of Reunion2 Lisa did admit that her view of Kim was filtered through Kyle. Also did Lisa tell Taylor to go up to Kim during the party? I must have missed it because I thought the only time she told Taylor to fix things up with Kim was during their lunch together.

      • DMandW says:

        The crazy thing is I think Taylor is an alcoholic.

        Also, if Kyle knew her sister had a problem why would she put her sister in a situation that would expose her to alcohol? Why would she treat her sister so badly to drive her to drink?

        Clearly this is a disfunctional family with envy issues… Kyle and her sister, the Hilton one, probably envied Kim’s celebrity when they were all younger and now that they have their lives together (well maybe in the public eye -who knows what is really going on with the “f… phony” one’s life) they attack her.

        Shame on Kyle.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Yeah I know she’s no saint already! LOL

      Kyle tells Lisa that Kim is drunk. Lisa immediately parades Kim over to Martin forcing an exchange between them. Why? To laugh at Kim and giggle over Martin’s discomfort.

      • Brigid A. says:

        That whole setup got me SO angry! Kyle was obsessed as usual waiting for Kim’s arrival…Kim was late, Kim does this all the time because it really is somehow Kyle’s business somehow? Kyle whispers to her bff Lisa that Kim is acting drunk and they’re off and running. Lisa pulls the all-innocent presentation of Kim to Martin AGAIN and follows up by butting into the Taylor/Kim argument. Lisa was such a bitch that night.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          Brigid im not saying that Kim is a alcoholic
          BUT and this is a big but if she were your sister and she really had a problem like that and late for a party you might get agitated too thinking all sorts of horriable things happening

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            Horrible things like….TRAFFIC! It is California after all. Notorious for traffic jams and delays. It’s not how far, it’s how long it will take to get there. Also she’s in a limo, so it’s not like she could be drunk driving, endangering her life and others. Nope. I’m going to say drama queen Kyle, just wants to be in control, working herself up into a tizzy and taking it out on Kim.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      klye never said kim WAS drunk
      she said she was acting as if she were
      Lisa didnt ask Talor at the party that now was a good time to talk to kim
      she told her that at a lunch

      Kyle seemed more drunk to me then Kim
      but i bet neither was

    • DMandW says:

      I don’t think Kim was the only one drinking in New York or at Taylor’s LAME birthday / networking party. Also, if Kim has abused alcohol before her kidneys are damaged and she probably would get drunk easily. I think it was a set up to end the season with a bang. The party wasn’t anything worth an ending. They knew this was the last day/night of shooting and they need something significant to end the season and Kyle threw her sister “under the bus”. I hate that term.

  6. Obsessed with RH says:

    Great blog as usual! I might be in the minority here but I don’t quite think Camille has fully redeemed herself. She admitted she brought her friends to the dinner to back her up/since it was set up which was frustrating to me and also while Kyle was clearly not without fault she kept blaming the fact that she called Faye morally corrupt because of her spread in playboy and the pictures in the limo but glossed over the fact that it was Kyle who showed the photos. Camille definitely did a better job of owning up to her crap, unlike Taylor who makes me seethe when she opens her mouth. However, I personally don’t feel that Camille is all that wonderful now. For her to say to Kim that kyle bullies Kim is very Taylor-esque in that she’s inserting herself into their conflict. For me, Camille has definitely grown but I can’t excuse Her behavior 100percent.

    Shana, I mean Taylor, I mean the devil in a black dress… deserves to never gain another cent from fame and I can only pray she never comes back to the RHBH franchise. SHE is the despicable one

    • error404 says:

      Kyle defended her friend like a rabid pitbull. Really? Who cares if Camille doesn’t like Faye. Next! Yet Taylor and Lisa attack Kim on a regular basis and Kyle is always “la la la. Doesn’t that cloud remind you of a model T ford?” The public will have to remain int he dark about all these ways Kyle supposedly has her sisters back. Camille didn’t trash her friend Allison, but admitted Allison had behaved poorly. The other women said really horrible things about Camille’s friend, but Camille just took it. I doubt Kyle would have been that gracious. Then again, Camille is in damage control mode, and Kyle is riding high on her poularity.

      • Obsessed with RH says:

        I do agree that Kyle really did a number in her image this season with her behavior and she was definitely in attack mode on the reunion (for the most part). I was just saying that although Camille did apologize for a lot, in my eyes she didnt fully redeem herself. Kyle needs to use this as a serious learning experience to see exactly what her behavior looks like to everyone else including her sister.

      • I agree. Why can’t these women just shrug and say “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Why (with the exception of Adrienne and Lisa to some extent) does everything have to be a battle to the death?

        You mean the popularity Kyle thought she had when they were filming the Reunion?

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        Who cares about Faye, period?

      • DMandW says:

        Kyle is all about her. Even at her daughter’s graduation party it’s all about her. Kyle wanted to steal every scene and she did using the High School argument. “You didn’t have my back” for the THREE MONTHS of shooting! Take note, they don’t shoot on consecutive days. That means Kyle brought up this subject everytime they were shooting.

    • Nancy says:

      I’m working on it!

  7. VincenzoNewYork says:

    Thanks Lynn for the recap!! My brain is incoherent from last night and watching season 1 of RHONYC! I hope everyone in the midwest is safe and sound from your colassal storm. Here on LI and probably NYC there is a huge ice sheet to contend with….I would rather have snow…then ICE!

    {BH} – What a somber reunion… 😦 …..not the drama I crave…lol

    1) I have happy that the Richards Sisters did not discuss any alcoholism and had decided to keep this a private family discussion, and it should be. Someone mentioned this last night and it is sums up my theorey regarding Kim…I think that she has PTSD and her alcoholism is just comorbid with it(I know, I use this world alot!!! lol…sorry If I keep repeating myself here.) I hope that Kim seeks thereapy for her depression and perhaps she can untangle the negative webs that had developed into a possible drinking problem…if she even has one. I extend kindness and compassion to both sisters, and yes, dynamics between sisters is more complex then between two friends. It is a shame and a disgrace that Kim was subjected to this all season and during the reunion. I feel that the ladies could be more understanding Kim’s emotional health and well being. I also felt that Kim’s concession that Kyle was just like Big Kathy pretty much sums it up fpr us….poor Kim 😦 ….

    2) Lisa – I really love her..there is something about her that has been evoking mixed reactions about her…I wonder if whatever Cedric stated might have some accuracy? I feel that there is more to that story. I really do love her and I wished that she could be more understanding of Kim, because she has a son who has substance abuse problems, and these issues are ubiquitous in their region..BH..Hollywood…many celebrities past and present have had substance abuse problems..compassion please Lisa.

    3)Camille- I think she and Lisa both share my number 1 spot. I really love her too, and I hope that she can show us a better side. I do like that he has tried to take responsibility for her actions..it shows that she is the “bigger” person. I wish her the best.

    4)Taylor-Taylor is one pernicious, and feckless disgrace of a human being. I really loathe her….she deserves whatever she gets from her husband(I loved Kim’s advice-she is very wise here). Taylor beguiled the audience when she conceded to the fact that she was raised in a home troubled by domestic violence. I fell for her antics and I am glad that we were able to see the real Taylor exposed towards the end. Taylor wins the tiara for the most hated housewives in RH History!! She is absolutely revolting! I hope that Taylor does some self reflection about her behavior and maybe she can change and become a better Taylor.

    I really enjoyed watching the series…Ciao!!

    • Brigid A. says:

      Vincenzo, agree 100% about your assessment of Kim. We really don’t know the whole story, but it seems so fitting considering that she surely must suffer from PTSD. I thought she held her own at both reunions, showing poise and dignity and she did a LOT better than I ever would in her circumstances.

      Would like to hear more about your thoughts on Kyle. I cannot stand her. And Taylor truly is a revolting human being.

      Not feeling the Lisa love anymore. She showed no common sense about Cedric for how many years? Not a single red flag? It really seems Ken was fed up a long time ago but loved his wife too much to kim him out. Lisa consistently disregarded Ken’s feelings and stuck up for her playmate Cedric.

      And she butts into people’s business, especially the relationship between Kim and Kyle. She got Taylor all fired up to “talk” to Kim. I’m thinking she’s on a downward spiral in popularity with viewers.

      • VincenzoNewYork says:

        @Brigid A: I really feel that Kyle has so much held in resentments from the past, and yes she is can catty and quite mean. When people have had damaged childhoods they tend to act that way as adults. A child who was loved, praised, encouraged in a positve manner, and valued for being an individual will tend to be more loving and compassionate to others as adults. Her issues with kim clearly stem from childhood.
        Her anxiety panic attacks support my theory of her. All of her energy channels(meridians)- are clogged from repressed anger, resentment, guilt, and fear. At that point she has to learn to see people differently, because in the end, she is only hurting herself and her emotional well being.
        It brought tears to my eyes when they were hugging, and I think it is despicable that Bravo has exploited these people for ratings and profits; it is a form of emotional slavery in my opinion. These two ladies were emotionally wounded and that limo scene has changed their relationship forever…it probably has caused kim to feel shameful and worthless..and it has caused Kyle heartache to see herself behave that way…and the cameras should have stopped filming before it escalated into that awful scene! I do not care if it was their choice to go on camera and expose their lives to us…some things are best to keep hidden from the public eye..Bravo may end up in some predicament one day….

        • VincenzoNewYork says:

          @Brigid A: I agree with what you said about Lisa…I really think that there is more to her and her story with Cedric…I still love her, but I need to see more…she does seem to be obsessed with Kim and her issues…and her opinion if Kim is one-sided-which is Kyle’s viewpoint only.

        • Brigid A. says:

          Vincenzo, if you read the Bravo editor’s blog on their site, he tried to justify Kyle’s anger and treatment of her sister because Kyle had put up with so much from Kim. Bravo did a lousy job of editing then. And many viewers wrote in angry responses to him about that comment, which was very unprofessional at best and definitely biased.

          Seeing the long-standing problems between the sisters esaclate all season and result in that explosive limo scene was heartwrenching. And they both admit they didn’t even speak to each other for a long time.

          But….I’m still seeing Kyle use weasel words and explain away her aggressiveness and out of control temper. We all do things we regret, but I feel Kyle still feels somehow justified in her treatment of Kim.

          On a personal note, I am one of three sisters so I get the complexity here. One sister died 2 years ago only 4 months after being diagnosed with Stage IV cancer. I was blindsided and a day doesn’t go by without her in my heart. I’d give anything just to hear her voice again and hug her.

          So seeing Kim humble herself and reach out first to Kyle last night, expressing her love, hugging her sister was very emotional. Kyle still seems so haughty, so caught up in being competitive and being right. Just sad overall.

      • Brigid A. says:

        Ooops, meant to say “kick” him out.

        • VincenzoNewYork says:

          @BrigidA: awww I am so sorry for you loss :'(.
          In the end we are all doing our best here. I am going to use the ball of string analogy…sometimes there is so much past conditioning in our lives that we have to learn to gently unwind the knots in the ball of string. Our present reactions are what we learned from childhood by observing our parents. Kyle’s weasling out of the situation is defensive(it is learned behavior from her childhood)…some people are not open hearted yet…kyle does not live through her heart..she lives through her ego. To rise above the ego takes alot of courage and strength and Kyle needs to look within and start unwinding that ball of string…and it is a daily process. I do it every day…so I [try] my best to live from a place of love and understanding..and we have all have lessons to learn here. We are all victims of victims..and the best way to heal ourselves is to forgive ourselves..our parents..and others..to always love and approve of ourselves..and to release the past with ease. I do not condone Kyle’s behavior…but she also came from a place of pain. Her behavior is neither right nor wrong…it has happened and the best she can do is learn from it.
          I know I may sound like some wackoo physco with all of this mushy stuff..but we can choose to live in pain, or live in joy. I choose a positve outlook..I choose to see things out of love and understanding…from experience I used to have anxiety attacks as well and I went to see a chiropractor..he is into wholistic and natural medicine..so I am aware of what negative thinking emotions do to our bodies…so I had to change and become more positive because at 21 I was in a place of pain, and I learned to push through and I am becomming a better person because of it.

          • Brigid A. says:

            Vincenzo, your observations and opinions do not at all sound mushy or psycho. I admire your willingness to reflect so deeply on your own situation and make positive changes. Especially considering you are in your early 20’s when it takes a lifetime for others to reach that place, and some just never do.

            I think so many of us started loving Bethenny, for example, but she rose above so much early childhood drama/trauma and neglect, and decided at some point to change the pattern and move ahead in a positive way. Then when her friendship with Jill went south, we saw Jill try do discredit her and actually try to take her down in every way she could.

            After trying to make things right with Jill to no avail, she’s moved on to a new life with lots of positive changes. And I LOVE the title of her new book, A Place of Yes. That ties in well with your comments.

            Thank you for sharing!

          • Kellita says:

            Good for you, @Vincenzo! You’re going to make a really good therapist.

  8. boston02127 says:

    Lynn, Great recap. Thanks.

  9. boston02127 says:

    I wonder how many housewives would do the shows if they weren’t allowed to drink alcohol.

  10. Kellita says:

    Not a fan of Taylor’s either!! She goes down as one of my three least favorites. I wanted to smack that pretentious look from her face as she owned NOTHING. Everything was Kim’s fault. I was gleeful reading all the negative tweets she got. A big UGH from me towards Taylor. I won’t miss her over the months.

    I was really disappointed in Kyle last night! Kim went out of her way last night to be gracious, forgiving, and have her sister’s back. Even when asked if she felt bullied, she didn’t want to say anything bad about Kyle. Kyle, though, acted all superior towards Kim. I love how she threw in, “Well, Kim and I BOTH were child actors…..” I also agree with you that, while that I really believed Camille was sorry and trying to make things good with Kyle, Kyle dug her heels in and wanted to continue with the Hate Fest towards Camille. I am seeing an attention-seeking insecure woman who wants to continue to be Top Dog. Kyle lost me as a fan.

    • error404 says:

      They really were smart to decide Limo-gate was off limits. I suspect it was Kim’s decision that Kyle honored. The little Kyle did say came off horribly. Claiming that they were both child stars is like Dwight claiming he’s a Real Housewife too, and therefor as important as Nene. And the part about their dad was BS too. Their parents divorced right after Kim did her first TV sitcom and was becoming a big star. Kyle was only 2 when her parents split up, so what does she know about who paid for what.

      • kbinldo says:

        Kim was a child star. Kyle was a child actor. Big difference.

        • buffywood says:

          like between Chef and Cook? Ha, I do agree with you.

        • TLM says:

          Honestly I grew up in the 70s and never heard of Kim until now. Seriously, if you held a gun to my head I wouldn’t have known that name. Scott Baio, Erin Moran, Kristy McNichol, Leif Garrett, Shaun Cassidy, John Travolta, Doug Henning… I remember an awful lot of names from the Seventies, but not Kim’s. Her face did not even ring a bell. I wasn’t a big Disney watcher, and the tv shows she was in, it looks like she was just in one or 2 episodes each, with the exception of “Hello, Larry,” a show that did really poorly and became a running joke for that reason. Because I kind of remember obscure things, when they said she was on there, I thought, “Ohhh, the blond girl with the bangs on that show no one watched.” I kind of thought of her in a category with Danielle Brisbois, the girl they brought on a later incarnation of All in the Family after Sally Struthers and Rob Reiner were off the show. That was my memory of Hello, Larry, but I went to Wikipedia to verify and found the following:
          The Larry Sanders Show pilot makes reference that people who work in television don’t like to hear the words “Hello, Larry.”

          In Mystery Science Theater 3000, Crow remarks as a man whistles a tuneless song, “He’s whistling the Hello, Larry theme song!”

          In the episode of Murphy Brown entitled “It’s How You Play the Game,” Murphy Brown (Candice Bergen) makes reference to “Stick[ing] it in the file with Hello, Larry and Pam Ewing’s Dream.”

          In the fourth season of Saturday Night Live, there are constant references to the show. The February 24, 1979 episode hosted by Kate Jackson features a running gag that Jackson and John Belushi (appearing in skits as Fred Silverman, then head of NBC programming) are spies sent from ABC to ruin the network. This was making fun of the perception that it seemed like NBC was trying to fail by putting shows like Hello, Larry on the air.

        • DMandW says:

          Thank you, I agree.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        And by the time her parents split up, her dad had lost his job and was going through a series of lesser-paying jobs. The money was running out. They were very likely living on Kim’s income.

    • PJ says:

      I noticed that too. I never heard of Kyle till this show. How famous was Kyle as a child “actor”? Kim was a child star, there is a BIG, BIG difference. Even in this Kyle seeks to diminish Kim. Then Kyle in effect called Kim a liar when she said it really wasn’t entirely true that Kim supported the family as a child.

  11. MichellefromNY says:

    Did anyone else get creeped out when Taylor said she would kiss Kyle on the lips? It reminds me of the new movie “the roomate” where the girl is obsessed with her roomate to the point of killing al her friends so she can have her all alone to herself. CRREEEEEEPY!

  12. Night Light says:

    I thought it was pretty shitty of Andy at the end when the ladies stood up to toast he said Everyone have champagne or seltzer (I don’t remember if it was seltzer or cider)? So Kim is the one EVERYONE has to kick around? I am in love with Ken; his wonderful sense of humor. I think he’s the older version of Bethenny’s husband Jason. They allow their wives to be kites and they hold the ground. Taylor, very disappointed. Andy never takes sides and he even said You started the fight. Own it, apologize and move on! Kyle, is used to wobbling her head and looking down at people. Careful Kyle, nobody like cocky know-it-alls that don’t know when to call it a day. Camielle, I really hope she is sincere and if so I hope she comes back next season. I like Kim, she is my pretty fragil bird. I cried and cried for her watching that limo fight. I would be shocked if she comes back but I hope she does. She was just barely getting her mojo back in that last episode and Taylor squashed it. Adrienne, I love her relationship with her husband. They kind of remind me of the Honeymooners. 🙂 But I will not be watching reruns of this one either. Too dark and sad. Not fun.

    • error404 says:

      Sparkling cider, and I actually think it was nice that he said it, for all the haterz who would have been “See! See! She left rehab after only a week and now she’s swilling champagne. You all have no idea what Kyle has to put up with from that evil bitch drunk.” etc…

      • Yes – I think that was a can’t win situation for both Andy and Kim.

      • TLM says:

        I cracked up with the cider remark, because it was like, “Oh, and we have sparkling cider for YOU, Kim.” It was funny even though it wasn’t funny. Supposedly they weren’t going to address alcoholism, but they totally did. Can’t wait to see what KCS Cougar does with this season’s Reunion on YouTube.

    • TLM says:

      “And now everyone, let’s gather round for a toast. Oh wait. Can the producers come over and make sure that stinking drunk Kim only gets sparkling cider? Thank you so much. Kim, do you need help getting up from the couch? This champagne isn’t going to bother you, is it? Are you sure? Because we can all do water. No? Ok. Allright, let’s all toast a great season, everybody!!!”

  13. SillyMe says:

    Great recap again as usual Lynn thank you!! I haven’t seen the reunion part 2 yet but am content with having your recap for now before I can catch up. And yay for changing the blog to “I hate Jill Zarin and Taylor Armstrong”!!! It is soooo fitting!!! I cannot STAND that fake woman! Have a great day!! 🙂

    • Nancy says:

      Oh don’t be so hard on “Taylor” after all it was Kim that “jumped up” and “attacked” her.

  14. boston02127 says:

    。☆。★。\|/。 Happy Birthday JustAnotherVirgil ★ 。/*|*\ 。 ☆。*。

  15. boston02127 says:

    When Bravo showed the clip of the Unseen Footage does anyone know who Kyle was
    yelling at when she said “stay away from my husband”?

    • Cusi77 says:

      I have two women in my mind: Lips and Camille! Both looked veeeeery interested in the hot Jewish-Mexican who prefers to be happy than right!

  16. MickeyMouth says:

    “Her opening line of “It looks like I’ve got it all, but I want more” is so accurate. She wants Camille’s money, Kyle’s husband and Kim completely out of the picture. ”


    • HD says:

      We were just talking about you yesterday and your photos!

      And you are so right, she wants what everyone else has. She is so unhappy. You can look at her and see it. She tries to put up this facade but we all can see right through it.

      • Nancy says:

        I bet you the couple that they screwed over in Florida (and tried to get their money for one of their scams) are cracking up right now. Yes “Taylor” sometimes ones past comes up to bite you. And it couldn’t have happened to a “nicer” couple!

      • MickeyMouth says:

        You were? My ears weren’t ringing, lol. I hope it was all good 🙂

  17. FlowerPower (no longer StillaWallflower) says:

    Great blog, Lynn! Thank you. I recorded the reunion, but haven’t been able to bring myself to watch it yet.

    Sometimes I feel that the Kyle/Kim stuff is a bit too real to watch as entertainment, and Taylor raises my blood pressure to dangerous levels–not good with all the snow shoveling I’ve got to do.

    I’m curious now about Camille, though. I’ve despised her all season. Could she really redeem herself? I’m not so sure.

    • FlowerPower (no longer StillaWallflower) says:

      And giving her the Rotten Husband award lets her off the hook too easily, I think. (Granted I haven’t watched the reunion yet, but she shouldn’t get a pass for her vile behavior all season just because her husband was a jerk.)

      Maybe the Countess Luann award could be more along the lines of the housewife with the most money/least class.

  18. Katie says:

    I agree with Lynn’s great recap with a couple exceptions or comments –

    -Do we have to give that award to Kim, can we make up a new one? Comparing anyone to Crazy just seems so unfair, which should speak volumes of what I think of Crazy.

    -I agree about Camille turning things around for the better and Kyle’s turn for the worst, Taylor is a total red flag. So for now, I can live with the categories you have them in until I see more proof. The proof I want to see is if they are back how they behave during S2. I don’t think the editing played that big of a role, I think what you see is what you get. For me actions speak louder than words, so they can do all the nice tweets and PR damage control they want, but we’ll see if they learned their lessons and are truly sorry if and when they are back for S2.

    -With the exception of Kim and Adrienne. Lisa, Taylor, Kyle and Camille are all on my suspect shit list.

    -This was discussed on the other blog, I agree and also predict Lisa is going to pull “a Zarin” in the future. “A Zarin” is when you go from being liked to disliked very quickly. Like Jill, Lisa talks way too much, tries too hard to be funny, sticks her nose into family matters, is acting like she is the Oracle of the franchise, has an elitist attitude and is a very bad judge of character. We saw glimpses of of all of this in S1, I’m still not buying Lisa’s excuses for how she acted at the DMV (that is how she honestly felt). I think she said it herself “he camera does not lie”.

    -I cringe when I watch that scene of Kyle physically going after Kim in the limo. I can’t even imagine how embarrassed this family must be, but then I remember this is the family that produced Paris Hilton. I agree and respect their decision to keep this private and work it out as a family. I would have more respect (some) for Kyle if she told Lisa and Taylor to but out and STFU. They need to learn their place. They can and should support Kyle but like all of you have said they were trying to get in-between the sisters and go against their wishes of not discussing it – that was just unacceptable of Taylor and Lisa, shame on them.

    -The cynical me thinks that the decision to not discuss the details and the past was for the following two main reasons:

    A. Kim is still in the process of getting help and they are still working things out.

    B. (This is where the cynical part comes in when I put my Hollywood agent hat on) They have a big story to tell, like Book big and Lifetime movie big. I can see them saving the details and their side of the story for some BIG network TV interview. Some of you already read the Hilton book and from what you shared the Richards didn’t come off well, why wouldn’t they want to leverage this opportunity to get their story out there – something bigger. There wasn’t a chance in hell they were going to waste the details filling in the blanks and spilling all to Andy on cable. I think we will get details in the near future, it will be their version and they will cut a very lucrative deal to tell it.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Good observations. Agree with your comments about Lisa. Have gone from really liking her to being very suspect. She showed zero common sense about Cedric. Puhleeeze, all those years and no red flags, no inquiries about his past? She got as much out of Cedric’s companionship as Cedric did as moocher. Also, who knows how long Ken wanted to kick Cedric out and Lisa protested. Just something way off here, so why would I trust Lisa’s assessment of the Kyle/Kim relationship or who has an alcohol problem? Listen up, Lisa, butt OUT of their relationship and quit being an instigator. Not liking Lisa too much right now.

      My opinion of Taylor and Kyle has not changed post-reunion. Can’t stand either of them.

      Kim retained her dignity and poise. I doubt I would have done as well. And, wow, I fought tears as she even told her sister she loved her while Kyle remained aloof with the couch pillow as buffer. Her emotions seemed so fake. Oh, and Kyle, honey, you were NEVER as famous as Kim as a child star. Get over yourself.

  19. PJ says:

    It was sad that Taylor still refuses to take any responsibility for anything. She blames the BD party fight on Kim standing up. It was clear that Taylor never had any intention of sitting down and having a civil chat with Kim. Taylor must take the viewers as complete idiots if she thinks anyone believes what she is saying.
    Kim says Kyle is like their Mother. From what I’ve read here about Big Kathy that was not a compliment to Kyle. Kyle did not seem to me to be warm and fuzzy with her sister. I don’t know if she said she loved Kim and it was cut out but I thought Camille was kinder to Kim than Kyle was. I just don’t get the dynamic between Kim and Kyle. Kyle continues to be ungracious with Camille, Kyle just can’t let it go. It’s funny that Kyle said that Camille made a fool of herself by saying Kyle was jealous, because the same could be said of Kyle because of her treatment of both Kim and Camille. It looks like Kyle did set up Camille the evening of the horrible dinner party. Faye came to Camille’s not to try and make things right but ready to cause problems, no doubt fueled by Kyle’s nasty gossiping about Camille. So everything Camille has been accused of all season Kyle actually did. This is where editing comes in. I don’t know if Bravo did it on purpose or not. But they did manage to get the gossip at Camille’s house after the dinner party but not the gossip and looking at naked pictures in the Limo on the way home. In my opinion Kyle is a pretty nasty piece of work. I didn’t hear an apology coming from Kyle, she doesn’t seem to take any responsibility. Someone needs to tell Kyle that talking over people does not make you right.
    I thought Camille came off really well. She took responsibility, made apologies where she felt they were due. I think Camille is actually a nice person. I think she doesn’t think about what she says in advance; she just does this sort of stream of consciousness talking which gets her in trouble. She needs to think before she speaks and to edit herself a little. For the first time when someone has blamed editing I have to agree with Camille. I think the show was edited to make Camille look like a villain, and I think this because some of the nasty things Kyle did were left out. Had viewers seen the entire picture I think Camille would not have been judged so harshly. I mean what was with that fake greeting Faye gave Camille at the beginning of the dinner party. After seeing that I dislike Faye even more than I did. Does Faye think she is some kind of royalty or something? Who goes to a person’s house and acts like that? It was disgusting.
    Lisa is wrong if she thinks Kyle isn’t a bully. I felt that way about Kyle all season watching her with Kim and the way she went after Camille. I appreciate that Lisa is a good friend to Kyle, but she didn’t watch the same show I did if she thinks Kyle is not a bully.
    Over all the BH cast does have a lot more class than any of the other of the franchises. Although Kyle would be my pick for the exception.

    • error404 says:

      I think the “Kyle is more like Mom” bit was just about being more tough love and less of a cuddler/enabler. If Kyle really were like Big Kathy, Farah would have been whored out as an MTV dancer or something years ago, not sent to college. Kim and Kyle both seem to at least spend time at home with their kids, as opposed to Little Kathy and Rick who were portrayed as neglectful parents who would drop baby Paris off at a bus stop if they couldn’t bring her into Studio 54 with them.

      • Brigid A. says:

        I’m not feeling the love and support for Kyle’s mothering skills. Farrah seems to be a mature young woman who is on a solid path, unlike some of her cousins like Paris. But lots of kids from dysfunctional homes manage to do well, maturing at a young age, others act out. Farrah seems sensible and lets her mother fight her own battles (note she did not jump in to the b-day gang-up on Kim). Kyle has no filter on her speech and has blown her fuse on camera reapeatedly.

        Also, it’s interesting that Kyle confides in Farrah, almost a role reversal, with Farrah appearing much more mature than her mother.

        I found Kim’s comment that Kyle is like their mother (Big Kathy) very revealing. Not to say Kyle is abusive to her kids. I just don’t see her as a positive role model for her young daughters. Kyle’s kids are still young, with the exception of Farrah, so time will tell.

        • Kellita says:

          I agree; Farrah might be very level-headed in spite of her upbringing, not because of it. I’ve known moms who were extremely young when they gave birth as having almost a sister-like relationship to those daughters. And often the daughter is the more mature one, kind of “parenting” the mom. I wonder if that’s the case here.

          • Brigid A. says:

            Recall Kyle’s extreme emotional state at Farrah’s college graduation. Kyle’s talking head interviews were much more about Kyle than Farrah. Kyle did not graduate from college because she was “working” and starting having kids young. Please. I, along with a million other working women, worked full-time and managed to take some college classes at night. And a bit part in ER? I watched the show and had not a clue who Kyle Richards was.

            Farrah had little to say, letting her mother steal the spotlight, crying, shushing the guests for the VIP Hilton phone call, more crying, more me, me, me from Kyle.

            That is not a shining example of healthy mothering for Farrah or for the younger kids.

    • ms molly says:

      I also think that editing caused a bit of the bad look for Camille, but I feel that she is indeed calculating in spite of herself. She managed to invite just the right “insane/moronic/ psychic/medium/very good friend” who just by coincidence is an uncontollable alcoholic and god knows what else she was on, serve up “soup bowl size glasses” of an inordinate amount of several different types of alcohol, when she clearly said that Allison gets a “li’l out there when she drinks” and managed to look all innocent when the situation went completely out of control and promptly declare herself the victim of a setup. (who does that?) I think that it was a tit-for-tat that had the famous bravo editing for effect and it captured Camille for what she is – an “I will win at any cost kind of woman.”
      Don’t get me wrong, Kyles is almost as calculating as Camille, but I don’t think she is as eviscerating.

      • PJ says:

        I have to disagree about Kyle. When Camille mentioned a set up at the dinner party the look on Kyles face said it all. The sly smile and the answer, I’m glad Faye was with me. The pictures that just happened to be on Kyle’s phone. Kyle has gotten a pass, but she isn’t one bit better than you think Camille is. I think it’s a shame that Bravo didn’t show more of Kyle in action.

        • ms molly says:

          While I did not in any way intend to imply that I thought that Kyle was or is better than Camille, I really don’t think that Kyle is as “let me go for the juglar right off the bat” kind of person and I happen to think that Camille is. Kyle said on camera while getting ready to go, that Camille had twice since apologizing to her about the New York conversation (even though she had not said those things), kept catching her off guard by bringing them up as if the previous conversations had not taken place and that she would be prepared next time (so she thought she would take Faye along for support and Faye confirmed this in the limo on the way by saying that she would not just sit there and let Camille continually berate her without coming to her defense, but I don’t think either one of them expected Camille to in any way to show up with the Special Ops Force to fight this war that she was determined to wage. I think that Kyle can fight her own battles, but I don’t believe that she looked at this like a battle. She really appeared to try to acquiese to Camille’s odd behavior, but that was just not to be. So, as I forestated, I just don’t think Kyle is as vicious in her actions as Camille. (Calculating, but not vicious.)

          • PJ says:

            I still don’t agree about Kyle and I doubt I ever will. I guess if Kyle had treated Kim better I would think better of her. But I have no respect for anyone that would treat their own sister the way Kyle treats Kim. If that’s the way she treats her sister then what can I say about the way she treats other people? I don’t think Camille is truly vicious, but I think Kyle is. Camille could do a better job picking friends, but so could Kyle.

            • ms molly says:

              Hey PJ, I have really enjoyed our back and forth today. I rarely, if ever do this, but this was a good day and good conversation. Thanks! Do me a favor when you get a moment – scroll down to DuchessofDryerLint and read her post.
              It’s really good.

              • PJ says:

                BTW I totally agree with you about Allison. There is absolutely no defesnse for Camille inviting that crazy to her house, and putting other people in a situation where they had to interact with her. You’re a good sport.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Kyle had previous plans with Faye. Camille did not expect her to defend Kyle or the reaction she would get for the where have I seen Faye before hostess from hell remark. They both had wing women – Kyle’s won that battle.

          • PJ says:

            Well if you invite Allison to a dinner party then you can probably expect some problems because she is truly horrible. It will be interesting to see the hour long episode featuring the dinner party. I feel that there were things done to provoke Camille, by Faye especially. I don’t think Faye came with peaceful intentions. But it will be interesting to see what happened in more depth. Although I don’t really ever want to see another second of Allison doing anything. The way the episode that aired has been edited you really don’t see much of Faye and company in action. Still I feel that there is much more than meets the eye here. I don’t think Faye or Kyle are innocent victims of Camille.

    • katlg says:

      If I recall correcely, when Camille asked Kyle to the dinner party, Kyle said she already had plans but asked if she could bring her friend.
      I don’t think it was a set up but a reaction on Fay’s part to Allison’s attitude toward Kyle.

      • Zee says:

        My thoughts exactly! I kept going back to that and Kyle had said that she already had plans with a friend. I don’t see a big ‘setup’ here, but more of a having a buddy along for support. On that note however, when Kyle was saying that Faye was a dear friend and considered her more of a sister, I felt for Kim.

        • DMandW says:

          My impression of the scene where Kyle said he had other plans were that she didn’t want to go alone so she said she had other plans that evening. I believe she then contact Faye and asked her to join her to the dinner.

      • PJ says:

        I thought I detected an attitude on Faye’s part before crazy Allison even got going, so I don’t think it was just in defense of Kyle. Then when they showed the meeting between Camille and Faye that confirmed it. Camille was friendly and genuine with Faye; Faye was as fake as the plastic she’s full of. I think Allison is horrible but I feel the same way about Faye. BTW since when does Kyle need anyone to defend her. Kyle is a pit bull of a person.

    • Kellita says:

      I think Camille is just a verbal processor, like I am. You kind of work things in your mind out as you dialogue out loud, and you might end up with a different conclusion than where you started. A lot of women process that way.

      • PJ says:

        I agree. I think Camille just needs to learn to process silently and be careful of what comes out of her mouth. I actually think Camille looks like she could be a lot of fun, but she isn’t in your face like Kyle.

  20. Katie says:

    Tweet from Andy – so I guess the fun continues

    We’re airing A “Producer’s Cut” of “The Dinner Party From Hell” w/ all new footage in a cpl weeks! It is awesomely nuts.
    about 12 hours ago via Who Say

  21. Cusi77 says:

    Great Blog Lynn! Thank you so much!

    Lets think in a new award for Kim… The Kelly K’s is well deserved by Allison Dubois, domage she is not a HW!

    Be warm and safe!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    • error404 says:

      was it Mary? The tipsy DC HW who always seemed to be surprised to find cameras in her living room, and usually lived in a Blanche DuBois fantasy world of the good old days as a Kennedy love interest.

  22. MichellefromNY says:

    I hated how Taylor completely dismissed Andy’s comment saying that she started the fight. She was all like, “what? me?”. Guess what taylor, we’re not buying your innocence.

    And as she was explaining herself, she was just rambling and not exactly making sense. She was tottally deflecting it was so obvious.

    And whenever she spoke up about someone else’s issues or fights, she sounded like she was trying to get a dig at someone and deflect off of herself or make herself look better even if no one was attacking her. She’s trying to cover her bases. VILE WOMAN!!!!!

    • Brigid A. says:

      The look on Taylor’s face was priceless when Andy told her she started the fight! He handed her a golden opportunity to pull a Camille and laugh at herself, acknowledge what she did, and just STFU. She’s such a moron and she insults my intelligence.

      • Nancy says:

        But remember…”Taylor” comes from “The Ford” family so
        (in her mind) she NEVER has to own any of her behaviors.

    • mbdea says:


      ROFL, “Sad Taylor montage. Quivering lips result in structural damage to several buildings in San Francisco. ”

      Too funny. Love this recap approach to the reunion. OMG (wiping tears from eyes and LOL). Thanks for this.

  23. mbdea says:

    Not sure if this has already posted but just heard on the radio that RHBH will be back for two more seasons.

    • error404 says:

      WooHoo! Any news on who’s returning and who’s not? I hope they all come back!

      • mbdea says:

        Not yet. Kyle was on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show yesterday to promoted the Reunion Part 2. They alluded to more seasons but no mention of who would return.

        This morning Ryan announced that it’s official –there would be two more seasons but still no mention of who would be returning.

  24. If You Had It Like This says:

    Wow. Taylor’s tweet. “Sorry Kim.” Not even an I or am or, god forbid, a so? It’s like she accidentally bumped into her or spilled something on her. She really is a malicious piece of work. It probably took everything she had just to type those insincere words.

    And another thing. I told my husband last night if Taylor kept slowly, dramatically and condescendingly closing those overly made up eyes I was shoot that tv like I was Elvis and she was Robert Goulet!

  25. WindyCityWondering says:

    Unfortunately, this season has been colored with a hugh amount of hate and denial by fans. Rookie seasons are just that – BH may be more saavy than other franchises and they do monitor blogs, have images to protect, etc. A real life disease played a major part in it – and that will never end well for all involved – family, friends or castmates.

    Frankly, I enjoyed RHBH rookie season because it did show me the money and the priviledged lifestyle (and the shoes)! Bravo picks those intro lines and viewers choose to buy into them and then view the HWs with that in mind. I didn’t expect the depth or seriousness of the drama (imploding marriages and alcoholism). Just color me surprised and sign me up for season two!

    • error404 says:

      I’m confused. Are we talking about Danielle, Joe G, Greg, Peter, Nene, Kelly, Simon, Ramona, Taylor, Kyle, Mary, Michaella, Kim R, Kim Z, Kim G, Kim D??? Who’s drinking were we unprepared for?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Sorry if I confused you. I was referring to RHBH Kim Richards – the signs were all there (viewed through my eyes which have very personal experience with an in denial family member abuser of substances) and it was disturbing for me to watch her. There is a big difference between those who can/do drink socially and those who it affects in a more profound physical/mental and emotional way. Society calls alcoholism a disease – but to be cured there is no magic pill or vaccinations – it takes courage in admitting it, hard work to overcome it, vigilance to avoid it happening again and support of those closest to the person. I won’t bash Kim. I won’t bash Kyle. What I will do is continue to hope that they find a way to healthy lives and a mending of their relationship.

      • Brigid A. says:

        Error. LOL!

  26. Pantry viewer says:

    Well, sadly, it looks like the alex and sonja fight was real after seeing the second, extended clip of sonja throwing alex out 😦 booo.

    P.s. Still hate taylor trash.

    • mbdea says:

      Yeah, I was disappointed, too. However I am thinking Sonja has shown her true colors this 2nd season. Did you see her reaction to an artist’s rendering of her? I mean it could have gone either way (e.g. she was joking but I think she was seriously offended and believing she is waaaaay better looking than she is). Quite self-involved…even in the clip with Alex, “This is MY night…”

      Hm and tsk, tsk.

      • Nancy says:

        How did she become 11 million dollars in debt?

        • Dwight Schrute says:

          I believe she sunk a bunch of money into a movie that either went nowhere or tanked.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I think she had a ‘production’ company- the bailed out of the movie and they were sued for it- she didn’t show up to court and so she got a judgment against her.

            • Dwight Schrute says:

              Thanks for correcting me. I was hazy on the details and probably shouldn’t have commented without more definite info.

    • error404 says:

      There’s no point in getting too attached to any housewife, the whole franchise is set up to show them at their very worst, and everybody gets a turn at playing the villain.

      Often it’s about degrees of awfulness. Jill was so OTT evil last season that it was easy to overlook Alex’s bad behavior. Both “the message” and the “high school” attacks on Jill were low, but forgiven because they were just the type of thing Jill would have done herself.

      Kinda like Kyle. Her attacks on Camille are softened only by Camille’s own vileness.

  27. HD says:

    Do we believe Peter was drinking BEFORE the interview?! I believe he drinks before, during and after. LOL!

  28. mbdea says:

    Had not bothered to read the cast blogs on the Bravo site for months but just had to take a peek and was pleasantly surprised to read that they’re actually posting the negative comments (maybe that’s all they got). By what I read, Taylor was skewerd and should be about done.

    Well, that saves me from having to get all South-C on her ass if I ran into her on the west side. Taylor, I don’t need to hide behind my computer to call you out.

  29. Peony says:

    Lynn, I think you are giving Camille too much credit here. Way too much. She was blaming most of her behavior on others last night and did not take as much ownership as you stated above.

    Kyle did say she regretted her fight with Camille and wishes it didn’t happen. Camille was scathingly horrid to her throughout the season. Divorce is difficult, but to take swipes at one husband’s profession is bottom of the barrel behavior if you ask me while being filmed…she knew it would be nationally shown. Camille taking a swipe at Kyle when she told Kim that’s she’s seen Kyle bully her was cheap AND calculating.

    As for Kyle and Kim’s relationship, I’m sure Kim knows Kyle loves her..I even believe she said it. Kim’s alcoholism weighs clearly heavily on her family’s heart. If you’ve dealt with someone who makes bad decisions and all you want for them is to get better with a disease or without it…it is the most difficult thing to watch. I don’t think anyone should judge their relationship too harshly.

    • TLM says:

      I agree. I don’t know where the hatred for Kyle is coming from, at all. And I was stunned that anyone feels they owe Camille an apology. I lost count of all the vicious things she said… laughing at Kyle that she was making her mad and saying she was “winning”… implying Kyle was a dog because of her “big bark” and no bite… saying she’s higher in the pecking order than Kyle because her husband is “just” a realtor… and how about saying 100 times how “jealous” Kyle must be of her…even saying Kyle’s husband was sleeping with their nannies and other women and giggling about it? And letting a guest of hers attack Kyle in the most vicious way? Sending her a text at the moment she knew Kyle would be at a charity event saying they weren’t going to use her husband anymore? Seriously, you want to apologize to Camille? The only thing I think she didn’t do was boil a rabbit on Kyle’s stove and leave Portia to find it. This wasn’t just an isolated “oopsie.” Camille went on a rampage against this woman and continued to make nasty comments despite the fact that Kyle kept trying to make up with her several times. I don’t know what more she could have done to Kyle I don’t think Kyle made one derogatory comment about her, just kept saying how she was trying to make up with her and she didn’t understand why Camille kept raising the argument again.

      • katlg says:

        I too agree, I have three grown daughters and being an only child, my head used to spin watching them argue and make up, from the most petty misunderstandings to the very serious.
        The relationships of siblings should not (IMO) be compared to that of a friend.
        The family dynamics that often come into play can never be fully understood by someone looking in and judging by their own standards of family,trust, loyalty and friendship.
        I like both Kim and Kyle for different reasons but I have seen first hand the relationship between sisters.
        So definatly zero judgement here with regard to family matters.

      • spunkymonkey says:

        I agree…I don’t think Camille redeemed herself and I don’t think that’s possible. At the end when she said she thought her and Kyle could be friends I laughed. Why on earth would Kyle want to be friends with her? I could see from the look on Kyle’s face she was thinking the same thing. I sure wouldn’t! I’ve known people like her, in fact I had a friend like her once and I was stupid enough to forgive her for all the BS and take her back in as a friend, only to have her do it all over again. Camille wants to use Mauricio as her realtor…right I’m sure that’s just to stir up s**t. She’s the epitomy of bored, rich, b***h who doesn’t have enough to do with her time and creates drama to amuse herself.

        • Katie says:

          For Camille and all of them – words are easy, they prep and get coached for the reunion (I’m sure of it). Let’s see action to know if they are redeemed.

        • TLM says:

          I would not at all be surprised if Camille throws herself at Mauricio. If I were Kyle, I would watch my back like never before. If she’ll kiss Nick on the lips in front of his wife, what else will she do? What a shock that Camille happily said she’ll do business with Mauricio. I’m sure she’ll be calling him for “business lunches” and more of those friendly tennis matches at her house, one on one of course. I really hope Kyle doesn’t get complacent and keeps a close watch on her.

      • Nancy says:

        I agree but I’m still wondering why Kyle had TWO nannies walk out on her in the middle of the night? Strange.

    • Nancy says:

      Why in GOD’s name did this family think it was a good idea for Kim to do this show?

    • Austin says:

      I totally agree. Usually I agree with Lynn’s assessments, but Ithink a lot of people are drinking the “camille-kool-aid”. Camille wasn’t sorry or reformed, nor was she “rising above” or “taking the high road”; she was doing PR and saying exactly what her PR people told her to in order to resurrect her image even a tiny bit.

      Whenever Kyle said something totally true and on point with the discussion about Camille, Camille would respond, “Wow. . . that was harsh”. Uh, yeah, it was harsh because Camille’s behavior was hateful and never-ending. Camille was totally the aggressor in that relationship and I don’t blame Kyle for the majority of it. She says what’s on her mind, she’s not passive-aggressive in nature which so many people expect of women, and she’s going to take heat for that, but like Bethenny, that’s who she is. She doesn’t need to cowtow to Camille just because Camille is singing a different tune composed by her PR folks. It doesn’t change any of Camille’s horrible behavior during the season. The two remarks that are nearly unforgiveable were that Mauricio was “liking more than just his nannies” and that her husband was an “A-list celebrity” and Mauricio is just the local Beverly Hills realtor”. I defy any of Kyle’s detractors to say that they would not consider those remarks extremely nasty and unbelievably mean, and that they would be able to get right over that. Yeah, right.

      And then we find out from “I’m-always-the-victim” Kim that she did know the truth all along and could have averted this whole trainwreck, but apparently could not ever cough up the words, “Camille, my sister did not say those things. I was there and she was only asking about your spring break trip in a normal way and you ‘heard’ things nobody said”. No, what we heard was, “I get nervous!” Really? Didn’t Kim think it would cause more problems and she would find herself more “nervous” if she allowed Camille’s delusions to continue unchecked by the only person in a position to check them, namely Kim? She let Kyle down big-time, and I don’t blame Kyle for having trouble putting the whole thing behind her, although I think both sisters are trying to move on.

      Hopefully, Kim will get treatment, but I believe I read that she left another rehab about the wrap-up of the show taping, so I kind of doubt that she’s ready. Either way, Kyle needs to go to alanon and change her thinking about it being her job to prop up Kim and be her savior. Things may have been different when they were kids, but now the tables have turned, and the women are adults. You can’t blame Kyle for what happened when they were kids and if Kim was bringing home the larger piece of the bacon – that’s on the parents if Kim felt too much pressure as a child.

      After being around addicts in my own family, I know they are masters of making themselves look sympathetic and saintly to others while they trash non-addicted family members who are trying to set limits. That was textbook with Kim on the reunion.

      I’m still a Lisa fan. She’s another woman who doesn’t take the passive-aggressive road and will take heat for it, especially from insecure women. I don’t fault her (too much) for believing in Cedric for too long. She obviously cared for him, and no matter what your friends tell you about a person, if you love them, sometimes it’s hard to see. Erring on the side of too much care and compassion is not something she should be faulted for. Hindsight is always 20/20.

      I am disappointed that Taylor did not take more responsibility for her behavior this season. My impression is that she is shallow and self-absorbed beyond redemption. I have never cared much for her and it’s pretty much stayed the same. I actually ended up feeling a little sorry for Russell.

      Adrienne seems like a genuinely nice person who has a pretty “normal” life (as normal as life can be if you’re a zillionaire and live in BH). She was often a voice of reason and calm, but I wonder if Bravo will think she adds enough to the drama and end up not renewing her (like Lisa in RHWoA).

      Camille is just a snake – a cheap opportunist who really has the nerve to confront other people for posing for Playboy when she has done far more morally bankrupt things. She wants to equivocate with all of her own bad actions and pounce on people for theirs. If anyone lives in a glass house, it’s Camille. I loved when Andy asked her, “Do you take responsbility for anything?” And while Kelsey Grammer is a snake, too, it’s not like she’s the first woman to be cheated on by her husband and most women do not get a $50M golden parachute, so she really just needs to stop blaming all of her horrible conduct on “what she was going through with Kelsey”. Puhleeze! And have all her “fans” forgotten about how she treated her own mother when the poor woman was trying to get a word in edgewise about her cancer treatment? No, she didn’t want to hear about that – she just wanted to get her nails done and expound upon her own health non-issues.

      She is an oinker.

  30. HD says:

    I wish the covered the dinner a little more. You are sooooooooo right Lynn that medium looked like the devil. I mean really. I love to watch that episode just so I can look at her freakish face.

    • mbdea says:

      Euwww! That woman’s face makes violent. She and her demonically angular mug are the venomous definition of VILE.

      Wonder how her manager and publicist will ever control the damage she’s clearly done to herself. What a DUMBASS!

    • Katie says:

      I posted above a tweet from Andy saying that they are going to show a producer cut of the dinner, I think you’re going to get your wish.

      • HD says:

        Ohhhhh, Katie that is interesting news. I guess he got tired of her saying she was edited poorly. What gets me with that is you can’t be editted saying things you didn’t say.

        • vilzvet says:

          Oh this will be awesome, Allison has the next 2 weeks to have that pit in her stomach get bigger and bigger!

  31. NYCer says:

    Taylor is the worst! She started the fight! I think she intimidates Andy Cohen because he blurted that out but then immediately softened it when Taylor stared him down. I thought Andy was too hard on Camille last night, and went too easy on Kyle (there should have been a montage with how many times she lost her temper through the season- although I think she had Botox before the reunion because she wasn’t making the same mean face with furrowed brow).
    Taylor was so coy and almost coquettish about Kim’s drinking. It was disgusting to watch. She approached Kim so aggressively at that final party and her defense is that Kim stood up? Bitch, you were standing- did you expect Kim to
    stay seated?
    There was something phony to me about Kyle’s crying. She was enjoying all the publicity of RHOBH when it first premiered, and that would have been during the time she and Kim weren’t speaking. I think she is enabled by her friends including Lisa in thinking that she is the long suffering sister of an alcoholic, and she thinks that allows her to treat Kim horribly and call it “tough love.”

    • Brigid A. says:

      By the end of the BH season, Kyle seemed a total fake to me. I wanted to like her, liked seeing her as a seemingly loving with and mother. Felt sympathetic after the Camille dinner fiasco, although even then, Kyle could NOT shut up! Provoking, head/neck rolling, finger-wagging, rude language, behavior just as juvenile as the grammar school age comment Kyle threw out. She ended the evening screaming at her sister again and sending her home alone. Then she proceeded to melt down emotionally in almost every episode, cursing and screaming. Can-not-stand-her.

      And regarding the limo scenes replayed last night…did Andy ever address the Kyle “drinking all god-damn day” accusation by Kim? It seemed edited out of the scenes last night. Did I miss it? Andy was way too easy on Kyle.

      • error404 says:

        It was edited out and not mentioned at all. Kyle was too busy making up lies about being a big child star and her father’s finances to bother denying being a functioning alcoholic.

        • Brigid A. says:

          LOL! And I think you pointed out above that Kyle would have been about age 2 when her father left, thus having a keen recollection of her father supporting the family? Her smug dismissal of Kim’s financial contributions to the family was so telling. And Kim sat there keeping her cool and letting her silence speak volumes.

          Anyone think Kim spent some of that time after the fight with Kyle getting some solid PR advice?

    • Nancy says:

      If Kim were to remain seated “Taylor” would have accused Kim of being rude.

      • klmh says:

        She was bending down to sit. Please review the tape. There was a break in the scene as well during that short interval.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Taylor’s jack in the box remark rang true for me. And there was alot of editing/camera angles on that whole exchange.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Who knows with all the camera tricks- but if Taylor just wanted to have a peaceful talk- then she should have just sat down- even if Kim stood up-then invited her to sit too.

            Taylor had no business telling Kim- not to DRAG her into it- when Taylor is the one who put herself in the middle of it.

            Taylor had no business lying about what was said and expecting Kim to relent.

            Taylor said ‘insignificant’ and Taylor also said she thought Camille was insecure. The tape has been played zillions of times-yet in her blogs she still acts the idiot and says she is confused.

            Maybe it’s not Camille who is the delusional housewife.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            You know what rang true about the Jack in the box comment- was the fact that she just winds and winds Kim (up) then acts surprised when she finally pops.

    • Wasn’t that the same time she and a drunken Taylor nominated Kim as the “Drama Queen” of the season?

  32. missmi says:

    I have to disagree with Lynn on Camille. I do think she owned some of her behavior, she clearly still tries to act like a victim. On the other hand, Kyle needs to let it go for Gods sake. Her anger and resentment with Camille explains alot as to her relationship with Kim. Clearly, you cannot offend Kyle and then dare to move on. She is the type that may forgive but will never, ever, ever, ever, let you forget what you did to her. When Kim tried to say that Kyle can be a bully, you could see Kyle already yelling at her in her mind. She admits she can be harsh, but its just the way she is. So, wth, you can just have a personality trait that is flawed and possibly affects others in a negative way and we should just accept it. Got news for you Kyle, if your sister is emotionally unstable, you may have to tweak your approach with her.

    On to Taylor and the disgusting, insecure, shallow mess that she is. Right on Lynn with your thoughts. Taylor needs to find her own friends and quit trying to infringe on other friendships to feel included. It does’nt really matter if you become besties with Kyle. Realize boundries with sisters and if Kyle bitches about her sister nod your head and offer an ear. You don’t go and gang up on the sister too. What an f*%#ing fool she is. I find it ironic that Kyle had warned Lisa about Cedric and yet once again we see that when Kyle is offered the same consideration she blows off Lisas concerns. Why do I not feel surprised that Kyle would choose to accuse Lisa of being “jelly” rather than sincere and right. Kyles ego is as big as Camilles and that is why they cannot get along. IMO, not because of hurt feelings and words, but the simple fact that the ego bubble got poked and almost deflated on both of them. That is what they can’t let go of.

    • error404 says:

      Kyle must have converted when she married, because all of her “I am who I am” and “I’m only tough on her because I care so much” bs was straight out of “Secretes of a Jewish Mother”. Perhaps she bought 10 copies and got a phone call just before the reunion.

      • Brigid A. says:

        Wonder if Kyle attended that luncheon with Lisa and Jill in LA? Perhaps Jill gifted them with some autographed copies.

  33. mbdea says:

    Maybe Taylor, Kyle and Camille are mean cause they’re hungry.

    • Noreen says:

      LOL – I saw a recent picture of Kyle and she is very thing – lost the pregnancy weight finally or had a visit to the lipo doctor. Yes, I am jealous; I want to go to the lipo doctor.

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        Or maybe they had a visit from their drug dealer!

        • vilzvet says:

          Adrienne is another one who doesn’t eat, remember at the birthday party Paul could not get her to eat ONE thing! Very telling.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            And what’s up with all the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and frozen food for their kids? Can’t they afford BH food for kids?

  34. what a great blog, Lynn.
    i don’t know what i would do without this place- i know it’s just a stupid TV
    show, but it makes me so crazy sometimes.
    Being able to read the blog and everyones thoughts about the show is
    actually like therapy for me.

  35. has anyone heard from @klmh or @Quincy?
    I’m wondering how they made out during the storm?

    how did everyone else in the mid-west do?

    • Kellita says:

      We got almost two feet of snow here in the NW Chicago ‘burbs. It was bad last night, howling winds shaking the house and white-out conditions. Fortunately, we have buried power lines in my neighborhood, so our power stayed on. Finally the sun is out now, and my husband is snow-blowing the driveway. We have a Travel Ban, though, and have to stay off the roads so they can clean up and take care of stranded cars. Thanks for asking about us Midwesterners. 🙂

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Kellita, I didn’t know we were neighbors! yeah! Rt 53 is completely closed down along with quite a few other highways. I can’t see this all being cleared by tomorrow either. Probably another snow day for the kids.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        We are north and east of you and have been digging out since 8am. The drifts are a bitch. No one is on the roads except emergency vehicles and plows. At least it is sunny and I will have Sheree’s arms soon!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Quincy is fine, she’s home safe and sound. I’m afraid I haven’t heard from klmh

      • quincyil says:

        We had a 20ft high drift in front of the barn and had to take tractors and push the snow in the paddocks for the first time in 34 years. The horses couldn’t go out of their stalls.

        They are using road graders and following up with snow plow trucks because of the drifts. The wind on the plains is problem.

        Our rural electric cooperative does not allow trees near power lines so our electricity was on.

        Our city is closed except for Walmart and a few gas stations.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          So all in all it’d be a good day to take a drive down to visit you??? LOL

        • klmh says:

          Those employees at Walmart are troopers!
          My husband is being swooped by hungry birds this morning as he is feeding them. They are flying over his head demanding grub. We have at least 50 cardinals and several species of sparrow besides juncos and others, chowing down.Pond is doing well, with a tiny bit of running water showing so the birds have water. Were also putting a 10 pound bag of cat food in the barn for the feral kittehs.
          Tomorrow morning will be -11 here. I think thats a record.
          Glad all your horses are well Q.

          • quincyil says:

            I don’t normally feed the birds because they have the corn fields. Deer and birds feast on that. I put out bird food because with all of this snow, they can’t get down to the ground and find seeds. My flowers which I let stand in winter are buried.

            I cut open a few round bales near the forest and I know the deer will find them.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Despite snowing all day, we only got about 10 inches. It was over by 8 pm. Sun is out today and people are shoveling. Major roads are plowed and they’ll get to residential streets this afternoon. (Or so they say — they have a lot to do!) My sidewalks are cleared a shovel-width, so meet the city clearing requirement. (They ticket us!) I’m working on the drive. It’s darned cold out there!

      • klmh says:

        Gadzooks! It pays to live in the big cities after all. We saw a snow plow from afar this morning and its already up to 10 degrees. 🙂

    • klmh says:

      Hi Bev. We are sitting by the fire eating fritos and cheez whiz. Haven’t had that in a while. Doing well. Thanks for thinking of me.

      • vilzvet says:

        NY got an ICE day, no school again. Not really any snow but that’s okay, there is already so much. We lost power for about 8 hours. Fortunately I have a gas stove and a gas fireplace, so the only thing missing was of course the sound of the TV and no computers. I was able to get into the Streisand book I got for Christmas, all about her magnificent Malibu country home.

      • I’m glad you made the best of it.
        but i don’t know how you deal
        with those temperatures. 10 degrees.
        -11 degrees. that’s freakin cold.

  36. LynnNChicago says:

    Everyone’s favorite Kookachoo, Kelly Bensimon (Thanks to ..you know who you are for passing this along)

    book #4 in the works. my girls think i should write a parenting book, but ive always wanted to tell my real story. thoughts?

    Real story: I am a delusional, stupid, drunk/stoned idiot who goes out to restaurants and clubs every night. I spend about 20 minutes a day with my kids and they are otherwise handed off to 24/7 nannies. However, I do shove them in front of cameras every chance I get so I can fool the world into pretending I am a good mom who actually takes care of them.

    Watch me as I drive home from a store with my kids in the jeep! No one is wearing seatbelts and I am talking on the cell phone! It is on my Plum TV video.

    Watch me as I explain to my daughters that I am going to be in Playboy, and pretend to care about their reaction. Watch as my daughter tells me that I am going to entertain people with my weirdness.

    Watch me as I teach my kids that violence is always an option by whacking my boyfriend. Bullying – no. Physical violence – feel free.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      So does she get a slot on Real Housewives of Infamy or Real Housewives of Crazyville?

    • and make sure you are seen every day in a bikini. clothing optional

      • NormaJean says:

        Wasn’t Kelly tweeting all summer about the new book she was writing? I forget what it was supposed to be about, but wouldn’t that have been book #4?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          She forgot it on the beach in the Hamptons while she was proudly frolicking around in her bikini! Weeeeeee look at meeeeee! If we are lucky the tide took it away.

    • error404 says:

      If I were those kids I’d push Mommy Dearest to write a book about parenting too. How else are they going to get new guardians. All of their phone calls to social services were dismissed as pranks.

  37. Katie says:

    So happy Top Chef is on tonight! Something interesting with a little drama (the good kind) added to the mix. No tears or emotional outburst. This HW stuff can be
    depressing. Top Chef and Bethenny’s show is what I need while I wait for the snow to melt.

  38. spunkymonkey says:

    I honestly don’t feel that Camille redeemed herself. Maybe I was watching something else. She seemed to blame all her behavior on Kelsey and the divorce…but I thought she said she was blindsided by the divorce? How could it be the divorce and Kelsey when all these things happened prior to him telling her he wants a divorce. Maybe she suspected…but if she did then she couldn’t be blindsided by it. And I really don’t think marriage problems would make someone behave the way she did. I’ve had marriage problems, and I certainly didn’t have the energy to go around stirring up s**** with people. In fact, it was quite the opposite and I retreated.

    When Andy asked Kim if thought Kyle bullied her Camille had to jump into that, when really it had nothing to do with her. This was a question regarding a relationship between sisters and had nothing to do with Camille. She has to make everything about her; she’s the victim, she was set-up, she was used as a target for Kyle, wah, wah, wah. She sickens me.

    Camille does not understand bullying if she thinks she was bullied. If anyone was a bully it was Camille. She kept bringing up the stupid comment about Hawaii over and over again, practically everytime she saw Kyle. She’d make peace with her only to go at her again. Then she dragged Kyle’s husband and children into it with her medium Allison, and threatened Kyle’s livelihood (cancelling business relationship with Maurocio) because she didn’t kiss her scrawny behind.

    • PJ says:

      I think Kyle is a bully and I completely agreed with Camille for calling Kyle out on that. I think part of Kyle’s problem is that she gets away with these things because no one ever challenges her. That’s probably why she was so mad at Camille. Camille was probably the first person to stand up to Kyle in a long time. I watched all season thinking that Kyle was bulling Kim and the only one with the nerve to bring it up was Camille. It isn’t fair for Camille to be criticized for telling the truth.

      • spunkymonkey says:

        Camille said that Kyle bullied her and I never saw that on the show. Just because someone argues with you or disagrees with you does not mean they are bullying you, as Camille seems to think.

        I don’t think Kyle was always nice to her sister…but that’s a whole other story.

        • Zee says:

          I’ve thought about it and I cant say that I saw Kyle bully Camille either – she stood up for herselft when Camille accused Kyle of saying something that she never said. Its just ridiculous that anyone would say that (why would they be interested in you without Kelsey there..) to Camille; what could possibly be gained by saying that?

    • error404 says:

      Camille is very insecure and to top it off, her troubled marriage was crumbling in front of her very eyes. Gossip runs rampant in BH, and Camille knows this because she’s one of them. When miss head cheerleader suddenly starts grilling you about your vacation and why your husband isn’t joining you, and you’re already getting stressed because he’s not calling like he used to, it’s not hard to see why she flipped out.

      Two wrongs never make a right, and both Kyle and Camille have acted like total ass hats.

      • PJ says:

        I’ve always thought that Kyle said something that was offensive to Camille. It may not have been exactly what Kyle said but the way she said it that hurt Camille but I don’t think Camille made it up. I agree that the situation Camille found herself in had to have an impact on her actions this season.

  39. Katie says:

    Random after thought – What was with the Mauricio air kissing, he did it last night to Camille and he also did it during that scene where is he having lunch with Kyle.
    It’s very Rico Suave – I don’t like it.

  40. If You Had It Like This says:

    Richard L’s take is up.

  41. codystl says:

    Great recap. I do think you are being a little tough on Kyle. Camille made some pretty tough accusations re: setting her up for the entire season. I still like Kyle. I think she just needs to learn a little diplomacy. She says whatever pops into her head and sometimes those thoughts just shouldn’t be said aloud.

    I didn’t think Camille apologized much without being pushed and 100% agree with you about Taylor. She was a condescending wench and did not own up to anything. I’m sorry, Kim did not “pop up” at the party. Her excuse is just BS.

  42. Adgirl says:

    Being on RH actually saved Lisa and Ken from a worse fate by accelerating Cedric’s demanding behavior.
    Cedric treated his houseguest year as “performance art”. He “acted” the role of an attentive, grateful orphan.
    Haha, he’s not a very good actor and could only keep it up for a few months before he resorted to his base self of a spoiled resentful famewhore.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I think he had to get out while the getting was good. Once the show aired, someone would be bound to recognize him and so he stayed as long as he could to get his face on the show. Of course he’d have to make a little scene on leaving.

  43. If You Had It Like This says:

    I appreciate Andy trying to hold Taylor’s feet to the fire, although he failed miserably, but I really wish he had more questions for Kyle. Why did Kim say you stole her house? You drink all day Kyle? WTH? It’s like the lawyers and pr people told Andy those questions were off limits or something. It was obvious and has already been mentioned here that they were going to keep Kim’s issue private but seems like Andy could have pressed a little more with Kyle.

    • error404 says:

      Considering that he two things she did say (“I was a child star too” and “We didn’t rely on Kim, my father had money and bought our house”) were somewhere between bs exageration and bold faced lie, both said solely to discredit Kim, I’m glad he didn’t press for more. Like Kyle is really going to say “well, my booze-fueled rages did send the nanny packing in the middle of the night, but I was so sick of my lecherous husband trying to walk in on her every time she showered.”

  44. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Hey Gang! Still trying to get through this school work and other personal stuff, so I have not been able to get here as much as I have wanted to! Great blogs, Lynn and Quincy.
    Here is my two cents (worth about half that I am sure!)
    When Bravo decided to do a Beverly Hills show, Bethenny stepped in and reminded them her good friend Kyle Richards (of the Hilton family, no less) lived there. She provided the initial contact and Kyle helped with the casting by giving them names of women she knew that she thought might want to participate. She gave them Lisa, a good friend of hers, Camille, her husbands famous actor client’s wife, and Bravo probably pushed for Kim to join as well (after all look how successful Jersey was with the whole sisters concept.)
    I think Kyle probably did NOT want Kim on the show. Kim wanted to do the show because she thought it might remind everyone who she was, and help jump start her on some new roles (the interview with Disney holds this thought pattern, she stated several times that she was interested in working again, now that her kids were older).

    Kyle was afraid the substance abuse problems Kim suffers from would come to be visible. Kim acts like a recovering substance abuser. She goes along, not using for a while, and then falls off the wagon and gets drunk or uses whatever the drug of choice is (maybe both!) and Kyle was afraid something would be filmed during one of her “slips”. She may have even insisted that the contract included a guarantee from Bravo that editing would remove footage of Kim if/when she was exhibiting obvious signs of behavior that would indicate the severity of her problem. I think this is an on going and chronic problem, probably from Kim’s young adulthood. It is “treated” and a period of non-drinking ensues, then stress or whatever triggers “episodes” and then another treatment, in a pattern that has frustrated the family for years. We have seen strange behavior from Kim, and then she just disappears from whatever the occasion is—filming edited to cut her out of the party or wherever. Like it got bad and they did not show that part of the filming. It raised questions in all our minds, it has been commented on several times by many of us, but the actual “proof” seems to be laying on an editing room floor. We know Bravo does not care what it airs as long as the drama gets ratings, so I really think the contract had a clause in it regarding Kim. It explains the strange editing.

    Kyle watched Kim closely the entire season. The conversations we see between them at lunches etc. seem to me to almost be attempts from Kyle to make Kim “remember” what had happened. Or to see it from a viewer point of view. Her “bullying” seems to be frustration coming to the forefront regarding the constant need to watch for signs that it is time to get Kim out of there, or at least try to minimize damage. She is wary of Kim being on camera and keeps trying to control what Kim says or does in an effort to make sure Kim will not embarrass herself or her family (Kyle herself and Kim’s kids) by going too far on film, in a scene that CAN’T be edited. She reacts strongly, in a controlling manner, to try and “nip it in the bud” before the secret can be fully revealed. And enlists her friends “in the know” to help her. Like when she alerts Lisa and then Kim’s manager at the party. She needs to contain Kim, isolate her and then get her out of public viewing. She also has to be careful that Kim goes HOME when she is in that state and does not end up in another public place (thus the “don’t let her leave” comment). When that fails, she gets very angry (thinking “Not this crap AGAIN!”) and falls into that thought pattern and her behavior follows. Just shut her up one way or another before Kim can blab something on camera that would damage the family image. I would bet Kyle had it drilled into her every day, by her mother and then by Kathy Hilton, that the family image must be protected at all costs and it became her job to “sit on Kim” and keep her under control.
    A lifetime of having to worry, and “fix” issues that the substance abuse has created have finally resulted in a frustration and anger she can’t control any longer, and the camera’s caught it. Because she was in the scene with Kim, they did not have to edit that part of the filming (Kyle is filmed so it can stay) and we get these bits and pieces rather than the whole story.

    • klmh says:


    • But the abusive treatment that Big Kathy handed out apparently started when Kim was a child.It can’t be conducive to mental heath growing up with the “stage mother from Hell.” I suspect Kyle believes she’s being protective but I think a lot of her behavior is just a continuation of what she saw her mother do. They both need therapy.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      On the money! I thought of you this morning when I had to wade through snow drifts to clear my dryer vent!

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        We caught the edge of the ice storm. Apparently we sat on the 1 mile “divider” below us got rain, above us got hammered and we got the ice/sleet mix.

    • spunkymonkey says:

      I think I have more sympathy for Kyle than others might because I have grown up with substance abusers in my family and I was always the responsible one who got to take care of them and clean up their messes. It is an absolutely exhausting, thankless job. With Kyle and Kim I see my own relationships with my family members. An outsider would probably think I was being mean, when really I was just trying to keep them in line from screwing up everyone’s lives again. It never ends. I don’t think anyone can understand it until they have lived it….you pay the price for someone else’s problem when you haven’t done anything wrong. You have to lie for them, give off this image that everything is perfect, all the while there is this very dark secret you are covering…but you can’t tell anyone and get some of it off your chest because then you’ve betrayed your family.

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:


      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Very well said – for those who have this in their families it is easy to see, for those who don’t I can only say you are blessed.

        • From reading the comments over the last couple of weeks it sounds like many of us have had to deal with this in our own families. I don’t think verbal abuse is helpful to the situation and Kyle refused to get professional help so she could deal with her sister without causing further damage to either herself or Kim.

    • TT in OC says:

      Wow, you read my mind!!!! I am so glad you are more articulate and write so much better than me.

    • ms molly says:

      Duchess, this is coming from a place of having dealt with family members including my mother and a child (correction my ONLY child) that had alcohol and substance issues – I have never heard or read the situation articulated as beautifully or with as much sensitivity as I just read from you. Very well said

    • twoile says:

      @ DDL, ITA, & would offer that it is a multi generational denial/control/parentified/boundry challenged individuals who coexist 2 protect the “Family image” 4 the delusional “STARS” or aspiring stars of tomorrow! Kim is the only lgit STAR of the Richards, Kyle is a supporting actress at best & as 4 the next generation, Paris H is pathetic, famous 4 being famous yuck! It is gr8 that the Hiltons have $ b/c they do not appear 2 have anything else.

    • Austin says:

      I totally agree with your assessment.

    • Margo says:

      That just seems wildly improbable and all in accordance with favoring Kyle’s point to view in the extreme. She let Bravo make her sister look pretty bad, but she’ll stop just short of letting them show anything too incriminating or anything like that video of her and Taylor, where Taylor is falling down drunk? Right, that had nothing to do with Bravo, but Kyle isn’t controlling what Bravo does. There’s no way they’d let her have that kind of control.
      The limo could have been ordered (Kim’s) home. Not to sit so she could go dress her sister down in front of the cameras. You saw how satisfied she was revealing this about Kim, and now you think she went to all that trouble to “hide” Kim’s “antics”? The mocking, berating and domination of her sister is so pervasive that I don’t see her as protecting her or even helping her, though, I’ll grant that Kyle believes she is doing all of this for her sister out of love.

      It’s about shame. She is thoroughly ashamed because Kim isn’t socially adept.
      She can’t pronounce salsa! She uses margarine! She can’t put in her own eyelashes! She can’t keep a man! She can’t choose a good man! Hahahha! how ’bout we set her up with Lisa’s friend, no, wait, let’s give her the tiny party favor, it’ll fit Kim! Kyle is despicable when it comes to Kim. And I’ve had alcoholism in my family and am so sick of people saying, “well, if only you knew, Kyle wouldn’t seem so inappropriate.” Kyle’s treatment of Kim is inappropriate. Period. Separate from whether Kim has issues and isn’t an angel and has her own things to own up to.

  45. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Add to this the jealousy that Kim was more successful and that fact is constantly thrown in her face by her mom and that she grew up being introduced as “Kim Richard’s sister”. She broke out, made a life of her own and still has to look out for the sister whose shadow she tried to break out of her whole life and you have a really volatile situation.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kyle said she didn’t really like acting and took a different life path.

      • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

        that’s what I mean. She did not want to act, and was tired of going to auditions where she was known as “Kim Richard’s sister” and she tried to escape the whole craziness, and keeps getting sucked back in. Kathy got out, but Kyle can’t seem to fully escape.

      • error404 says:

        Kyle also said that every time she gets sick of acting, she quits and has a baby. That woman has her head so far up her own ass, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she was born a blonde.

        • PJ says:

          Where is this acting career Kyle claims? I watched the shows that I’ve read she was on and still don’t remember her–at all. It’s not that I don’t believe she was on these shows but I apparently didn’t find her to be very memorable. I didn’t watch most of the things that Kim was in. But as soon as I saw her face I remembered her and I remembered the parts she played that I did watch.

  46. klmh says:

    Just to release some of the tension and drama from last night:

    Southern Medical Dictionary

    Southerners have the lowest stress rate because they do not take medical terminology seriously.

    Artery………………………… The study of paintings
    Bacteria…………………….. Back door to cafeteria
    Barium………………………. What doctors do when patients die
    Benign………………………. What you be, after you be eight
    Caesarean Section…… A neighborhood in Rome
    Cat scan…………………… Searching for Kitty
    Cauterize………………….. Made eye contact with her
    Colic………………………….A sheep dog
    Coma………………………. A punctuation mark
    Dilate……………………….. To live long
    Enema……………………….Not a friend
    Fester………………………. Quicker than someone else
    Fibula………………………. A small lie
    Impotent……………………Distinguished, well known
    Labour Pain…………….. Getting hurt at work
    Medical Staff…………… A Doctor’s cane
    Morbid……………………… A higher offer
    Nitrates…………………….. Cheaper than day rates
    Node………………………….. I knew it
    Outpatient………………… A person who has fainted
    Pelvis…………….. ………. Second cousin to Elvis
    Post Operative………… A letter carrier
    Recovery Room………. Place to do upholstery
    Rectum…………………….. ****** near killed him
    Secretion………………….. Hiding something
    Seizure…………………… Roman emperor
    Tablet……………………… A small table
    Terminal Illness………. Getting sick at the airport
    Tumor……………………… One plus one more
    Urine……………………….. Opposite of you’re out


  47. ramonacoaster says:

    I thought Kim handled her situation with Kyle very graciously. Kyle had to of course bring up Kim’s statement that she supported her family as a child actress as inaccurate. Kyle’s huge ego would never let that go by. I really wondered what stories Kyle told Lisa & Taylor that would make both of them treat Kim with such indifference. It’s no wonder Kim can’t fit in and looks uncomfortable. I hope she does come back but I think she’s too shell-shocked with how these women are so fake – with the exception of Adrienne, of course.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO they saw a lot of Kim’s behavior themselves. While many want to see them ganging up on Kim or siding with Kyle, it could be they were supporting both of them.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Adrienne is awesome! I went from tolerating the boring husband/wife bickering scene in every episode to seeing her in a whole new light. Adrienne has made it clear she hates the drama these ladies can’t avoid. She did her best to stay out of it even at Camille’s dinner from hell.

      Fast forward to Taylor’s b-day party. Adrienne stepped in, tried to de-escalate the Taylor/Kim fight, left the party and spent time listening to Kim’s side of the story in the limo along with Martin. Things were going fine until VileKyle finally tracked her sister down after sending all her underlings to keep her from leaving. Adrienne doesn’t leave, she tries to get Kim and Kyle to communicate but it was too late. Adrienne and Martin both intervened to keep the sisters’ fight from getting physical. Or more physical, since Kyle’s arms had to be restrained. After the limo fiasco, she returns to the party and suggests therapy to Kyle but Kyle was having none of it.

      At the reunion, Adrienne, perhaps the woman with the most money/status apart from Lisa, sits by Kim’s side and we see them touching hands a few times. Love Adrienne.

    • Nancy says:

      Did you catch the fact that Kyle made it know to all that Kim was late (to “Taylor’s” party but didn’t say a word of the fact that the party girl herself arrived 8 SECONDS before Kim arrived?

      • Brigid A. says:

        YES, forgot to mention that. Kim arrived before Taylor to Taylor’s own b-day party!!! But Kyle the stalker was indulging her favorite passtime, speculating/fretting about Kim’s ETA. Then Kim arrived looking bombshell beautiful! Don’t underestimate Kyle’s competitive nature and desire to be center stage!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Scenes are edited! None of this is real time or in sequence.

  48. lillybee says:

    Did they address Camille’s saying over and over that the women were jealous of her?

    • error404 says:

      Andy asked her point blank if she really thought Kyle was jealous of her and Camille said no. Then Kyle spat back “Oh sure, you’re just saying that now because you see how poorly you come off saying it!” Once these two go off on one of their cat fights, it’s hard to continue a civil discussion. I think they just cut to a commercial instead.

      • Nancy says:

        I can’t blame Kyle for saying that though…it did get rather old.

        • Sure it did. People talked about it here and elsewhere but why can’t Kyle for one second act like a civilized adult and not have to get the last word in?

          • hbgirl says:

            Spot on with Kyle always wanting to have the last say. When Andy asked Camille the question of jealousy why did Kyle have to come back with a snide remark and therefore having the last say. She should have just accepted it with a smile, or in Kyle’s case a smug look on her face, as always.

            In the near future, Lisa will get bitten by Vile Kyle like she did with Cedric. I don’t get why Lisa wants to buddy up with that bully Kyle. Notice that Lisa and Taylor are always coming to Kyle’s defense. There is no excuse for bullying, ever.

            The impression I got of the reunion was that Andy did give Camille the hardest time and in my opinion does not like her. Kyle meanwhile got away with not answering her questions completely. What was unfair was when grilled by Andy about the b-day/limo fiasco was Kyle saying that she did not want to talk about it and that it was a private matter. Yes, I can respect that, I get it. But what Kyle shouldn’t have done then was say all those mean, hated and nasty things to Kim in the limo. Kyle opened up the can of worms, but then now she does not want to discuss it. She should have thought of that then. She couldn’t worm her way out of this one so the best she could do was cry her fake cry…I don’t buy her regrets, I still think she resents her sister Kim.

  49. TLM says:

    Guys, I just saw Paul Nassif on Headline News and I swear to God, I think he’s had work done!!! I was shocked. I think he’s supposed to be on Showbiz tonight this evening. Someone tell me if I’m crazy or not!!! I’m sending Lynn the screenshot.

    • klmh says:

      I thought he looked different last night too. Looked less stressed and might be attributed to different lighting, but he looked better to me, jmo.

      • TLM says:

        NOT last night. I’m talking about between the taping of the reunion and TODAY. Lynn has the photo.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      He appears to have lost some weight – changed up his hair and maybe alittle work to go along with getting his nose fixed. He looked relaxed and having fun with the guys.

      • twoile says:

        @WCW, I never believed the stories of #2 broken noses via his playing w/4yo son. Good 4 him 2 have a refresher, but wouldn’t he b wise to advertise;0)

    • California35 says:

      He did look diferent, maybe he joined the “loosers” blog 🙂 and added some facial hair. I tried to pay attention to his nose, but I don’t really remember how it was before so I couldn’t compare.

  50. Exclusive: Real Housewife Lisa: How Cedric “Absolutely Betrayed” Us

    On Tuesday’s part-two of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, Lisa VanderPump burst into tears — and her husband Ken Todd spoke angrily — alluding to their bitter falling out with Cedric Martinez.

    The couple opens up exclusively in the new Us Weekly (out now) about just what happened with their former “permanent housemate” Martinez.

    After living at the family’s sprawling Beverly Hills mansion rent-free for over a year and a half, Martinez snapped when VanderPump and Todd confronted him about his laziness.

    Explains Todd: “[Cedric] said, ‘I’m not asking for money, but I haven’t got any, and I’ve been offered to sell my story to magazines. I can say anything I want.”

    Even worse? Todd tells Us that Martinez chillingly suggested during the spat that he could get violent. “He said, ‘The last time I was this angry, I stabbed my father,'” says Todd, who says he filed a police report after the scary chat.

    “I will sue if he sells any stories about me,” a heartbroken VanderPump tells Us. “I feel absolutely betrayed.”

    (Denying the couple’s claims, Martinez tells Us, “This is what they do when they get bored.”)

    For much more of our exclusive sit-down — how Martinez “wanted to be the seventh housewife” and more of his rebuttal — pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands now!


    • Well if Cedric is right it should be easy enough to find other instances where they had huge public spats with people with whom they were once close. I will wait for Cedric to produce something to back up his words.

    • quincyil says:

      She will sue if he goes to a magazine, but I don’t think he has any money to pay a settlement.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Wait a minute? Cedric stabbed his father? The father he didn’t know? What an opportunistic tool!

    • TLM says:

      That is brilliant. The next time I go to a store and they won’t take back a return, I’ll say, “The last time I was this angry, I stabbed my father.”

      Then again, at Target, they’ll probably say, “So?”

  51. California35 says:

    Like and dislike

    I like that Kim and Kyle didn’t bring up their real problems on air, but I dislike that Kyle used those real problems as an excuse for her behavior (once again).

    I liked that Kim told Kyle that she loves her, and disliked Kyle not saying it back.

    I liked the way Kim behaved herself and how she expressed herself, and disliked how Kyle kept quite but giving looks like she is telling Kim she better be nice.

    I liked that Kyle sit next to Kim to show her support, and disliked when they let go of their hands like they were done with their pretending.

    I also disliked how Kyle behaved tours Camille (not letting things go), and acting tours Kim like she is right.

    I am hoping Kim stays away from things that triger her and get some help (if in fact she has the drinking/drug problem. I hope Kyle is supportive of Kim, but walk away when she can’t stand Kim (or Kim’s problem, or whatever). This way they don’t hurt each other with their actions or their words.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Hi California!!! Agree with you. Would even go so far as to say I hope Kim keeps a loving distance from Kyle for as long as she needs to get herself together and get a positive plan for her life. Kyle’s aggressive personality is overpowering. Even if she’s well-meaning (I’m giving her a LOT of undeserved credit here), Kyle is too bossy and seems to think she knows what is best for Kim.

      I keep saying this but I hope Kim is surrounding herself with people who will give her the emotional support she needs in a healthy way. And then I want her to kick butt and re-start her acting career! I SO want this for Kim, but only if that is the right path for her.

    • Nancy says:

      Kyle should have remained next to her sister Kim the rest of the reunion taping.
      To me that said a lot!

  52. Katie says:

    Kyle’s hair or really that long of hair on anyone drives me crazy, I have long hair but not that long. Do people admire/like Kyle’s hair? Don’t you think she would look amazing if it was shorter (like 5-6 inches)?

    • California35 says:

      I keep thinking the same thing about her (and me, I need a haircut), but she seems to be proud of it. I can see that becasue in the environment she lives in where woman use wigs, weves, extensions, she is proud to have hers long.

      On my hair – I like long hair, and always had. Some times shorter than others, when I wish I didn’t cut too much of it. But I am used to it and don’t think much of it. It isn’t a big deal to me (like it is to her), I don’t constantly play with it.

      Any ways, talking about this is reminding me that I need a trim 😛

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      ITA – I have a feeling Kyle’s hair is her security blanket. But I would love to see it a couple of inches shorted and styled!

      • California35 says:

        I totaly agree. I kept trying to picture her with some layers or soemthing.

        It looked diferent on the reunion.

    • klmh says:

      Im not sure, but I think I would kill for her hair. I do agree, her hair is her, its her best feature and her security blanket.

    • Kellita says:

      She has pretty hair, but I think it’s way too long and drags down her face. Six inches shorter would look a lot better, IMHO.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Exactly – plus she has a very square jawline and it would soften that too! Lol – at my salon we have discussed everyone’s hair on the housewives (after we discuss Tabitha’s Takeover of course).

  53. California35 says:

    Camille vz Kyle.

    I liked that Camille apologize even if it was to be polite or to win fans. It doesn’t matter, at least she apologized. I see it as a way to close that chapter to move on. I can see Kyle’s point of view that she is real and that she didn’t believe Camille’s apologies, but there is a point on some situations (specially this stupid fight :-P) when people need to let it go. I like that at least someone apologized; the other should take the apology and apologize for her part also. Because no matter how many times Camille did, Kyle would bring something else (maybe true, but why again?).

    • error404 says:

      Yeah. Camille’s apologies may be insincere, but it’s rude to throw one back in someone’s face.

      Kyle blog has been one long “I know a lot of you are upset by what I said. Let me explain what I really meant.” all seasons, so it’s rich that’s she’s the first to throw “you only say that now because you’ve gotten bad fan reaction” in someone’s face. Hypocrite much.

  54. WindyCityWondering says:

    I get the feeling that RHBH cast is very concerned with their images – it is apparent they visit blogs/internet articles, etc. They know what fans are talking about and know what they have to do to keep them interested. Seriously, they would never act like NJ or ATL and they didn’t want to be a dud franchise like DC. They don’t hang with OC (like NJ/NY).

  55. mariareads says:

    Taylor is getting hammered by people on the Bravo message boards. One post after another shames either Taylor or Kyle. People are really angry that Andy didn’t put them on the spot last night. Seems the people here aren’t the only ones who know a vulture when they see one!

    • PJ says:

      Did anyone notice how Taylor cut Camille off when Camille started to explain that it was Taylor’s gossiping that made the fight with Kyle worse?

  56. lillybee says:

    I am still wondering why Kath Hilton called Kim to say that she wasn’t attending Farrah’s graduation party instead of Kyle. Is there bad blood there? If the family thinks that Kim is such a drunk, why would she be trusted to pass the message on?

    • klmh says:

      Kyle mentioned to Kim she had been playing phone tag with her, but my feeling was she knew, and set this up to have Kim call when they were filming her exercising with her daughter. Just too convenient, imo.

    • Noreen says:

      Perhaps its because Kyle is such a biatch that no likes to upset her for fear she will go off on them. But I don’t hate Kyle, but she is not my favorite. She is to much all the time.

  57. WindyCityWondering says:

    Well there is no justice! Just got notification that both of my sons’ schools will be closed tomorow too. Has anyone else noticed that like one lawnmower is always joined by more in the summer it also holds true for snow blowers? We practically had a street party this morning!

    • Katie says:

      So kids home = snow day for them but not for you?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        So you caught me – I am jealous! I figured this would be a two day event and I loved seeing their faces when I told them they had tomorrow off. lol

  58. kmuellfa says:

    Taylor has a blog up, the weird thing is it’s on the main blog page, not on the RHBH blog page. In case it disappears, I’ll copy and paste here:

    Taylor Armstrong
    Wake Up Call
    As she closes the book on this season, Taylor reflects on the good times, the less-than-good times, and the good that came from it all.

    Our season has come to an end. We have had so much fun together and yet we have hurt one another too. Watching the reunion was very emotional. Seeing us all together revisiting the struggles made me sad. I wish there had been a montage of all the funny times and the laughter so you could see how much we enjoy one another as well.

    Kim and I got off on the wrong foot from the beginning. I wish I could turn back time, reach out to her, and take the time to understand her better. I am sorry for arguing with her and for allowing myself to get so frustrated that I said things I didn’t mean. When she and I spent time one on one, I enjoyed her company, and it was obvious that we could be friends. In a group setting, things just seemed to go wrong. If I could take back my part in that, I would. I can’t, so, I just have to live with that regret. I am sorry, Kim. I wish you happiness and I look forward to putting the past behind us and building our friendship.

    Thankfully, Russell and I are working on our communication and spending more time together… without our Blackberrys. This experience allowed us to see that we needed to refocus our attention on our marriage and work on being there for one another. We are spending more quality time together having just returned from two weekend getaways and we will be heading to the Superbowl this weekend. The show gave us a wakeup call and for that, we are thankful.

    I made wonderful memories with each of the ladies while filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And, although the cameras have stopped rolling, our friendships and our lives continue to grow and develop. I look forward to more laughs and more moments with five women who will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Thank you for watching. I hope you have enjoyed it.

    All my best to you.


    • error404 says:

      Anyone who watched that awkward scene where they go to a spa together knows that Kim and Taylor will never be friends, and also suspects that Taylor has no desire to even try.

    • Brigid A. says:

      This woman is unbearable. So she and Russell are spending more time together…without their Blackberrys. It must have taken a lot of tequila shots on their Mexican getaway for him to get anywhere near his wife who whined endlessly about their marriage on national television.

      Did I miss all those scenes of Taylor’s busy professional life and need for her Blackberry? Probably the only thing on Taylor’s Blackberry is the e-mail from Kyle with Camille’s “porno” pics. Oh, and probably some pics of her girl crush Kyle.

      • hbgirl says:

        Eww..Yuck…it was gross hearing that Kyle had those nude pictures of Camille on her blackberry. I was beyond shocked hearing this at the reunion. And why was it not shown on TV, yet they showed Camille with her friends at home after the women left. That bulls*** editing by Bravo. Even if someone sent them to her, she still kept them (for about two weeks, isn’t that what Kyle said). Then she had the audacity to show them to the girls in the limo after leaving Camille’s dinner. How disrespectful is that? She puts down Camille and her day’s of Playboy/soft porn movies but her friend Faye is no better. At least Camille admitted to her struggling days (not unusual in Hollywood). But her friend Faye made money off of her murdered friend and why would you consider this a close family friend. Great example for the kids. I bet sleazy Mauricio got a handle on Kyle’s blackberry and took a peek…Yuck

        • Ellie0815 says:

          If someone was snotty and rude to my friend about posing in Playboy when you know that person has done porn?…Yea, I’m pulling those pictures out too to show everyone what a hypocritical asshole she is.

          It’s funny that suddenly everyone is conveniently forgetting how obnoxious and elitist Camille has been all season long. Her interviews/talking heads were the WORST. At the reunion she fluctuated from full on insincere apology with a coy smile and head not to raging delusional, “You needed a target” nonsense. Apparently people are buying her brand of crazy. I’m still not.

  59. BambiBaby22 says:

    Did anyone else notice (I haven’t read all the comments here today) when Kyle said it was not totally true that Kim supported the family growing up, that their dad was very successful, Kim looked down, like she WANTED to interject but didn’t dare? Kyle is passive agressive toward Kim and this is a prime example.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kim likely didn’t remember making that statement – the stories in her head don’t always translate into reality (like she got her sister out of the NYC dinner).

      • error404 says:

        Make up your mind.

        You insist that the finale party was all edited out of sequence and manipulated to make, despite no one actually being involved saying anything of the sort.

        Yet the NYC dinner, which Bravo and the producers all say went on for hours and hours that they filmed and cut most of from the show, plus all the other parts that they didn’t film because it popped off before they were se tup, this is the scene you know exactly every word and action of Kim Richards from.

        I know, I know, this horrible winter storm gripping the nation is all the fault of Kim Richards and her drinking. LOL

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          It has always been my opinion that editing has been used to create these episode. We are told that filming can go on for many hours, yet we see minutes of it. We were shown Lisa attending to Kyle in NYC. I truly believe the finale limo was an unexpected Bravo goldmine and totally out of sequence.
          And IMO, it was likely Kyle and Taylor who were responsible for this horrible weather that gripped the nation. lol

        • TLM says:

          Isn’t it? ;)~

  60. klmh says:

    I am looking for Dina Manzo’s charity “Project Ladybug” recent information. There is supposed to be a report filed by the end of 2010, but I can’t find it. Does someone know where to find it or is


    around for her excellent summary of the situation?

  61. MommyFrazzled says:

    Spot on recap. I agree with those observations. The RHOBH reunion, It still confuses me why, after seeing the actual footage of Taylor admitting to talking to Camille in NYC and then antagonizing Kim at her own party why Kyle did not apologize to her sister.

    Drinking or no drinking, Kim was not making a scene at the party. She was dressed up after getting makeup tips, she was quietly sitting talking to her friend just enjoying the party. She got up because Taylor said can I talk to you. How Taylor came to putting the issues to bed meant antagonizing Kim by blaming her for not speaking up on the spot as a safe bet boggles my mind. Kim said she was done and saw no reason to keep bringing it up. She was right. Kyle came over stating she heard her name, but she never once asked or listened to Kim. She didn’t listen to Lisa either who told her days before Taylor is the one who got Camille riled back up again in NYC. Did it matter who asked the questions in the airport, it was irrelevant, because had Taylor said nothing it would have ended. Andy did take his balls in hand when he said to Taylor you started the fight. She did. She just tried to deflect by stating Kim didn’t defend her sister and there is the issue of her drinking. Worse was the fact that Kyle was all into supporting Taylor holding her hand calling her a friend, and she showed who she blames for things. It was a mistake and unfair of her to never apologize to her sister. For all Kim’s meekness when she did speak up it was always to defend her sister. Kyle never did the same for Kim. Andrienne and Martin (who showed character by talking to kim in the limo) saw an unfair situation happening.

    I hope Kim has a happy life and if she needs help with drinking she should do it for herself and her children. Kyle can stop blaming Kim for everything from their mothers death to saying she is a burden. Kim was her sister from the first episode to the last, and Kim deserved a sister back.

    RHOATL – I cannot even comment on that. I cried for Cynthia because I think she made a mistake. Her sister and mom made a decision that was the right one, by giving her the license. If she was going to marry him she would, just be there for her. I would love to see Peter’s reaction when he saw what they did. He is scary with those damn red eyes, Visine!

    Keep up the good work Lynne love your blogs!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      That is some scary stuff going on in Egypt. But hey we all know Kyle and Taylor made those people punch Anderson. Just glad he is safe.

    • Katie says:

      Ah yes there is that whole revolution going on over there. All those poor people in Egypt who didn’t get to watch BH HW Reunion Part 2.

  62. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    One thing that struck me in the first reunion show last Thursday is how Taylor immediately started deflecting regarding Kim i.e. “Should we talk about the state that she was in?” Ok, Taylor, let’s talk about that because at least Kim would have some kind of excuse for her behavior. On the flip side, Taylor cannot use being drunk as an excuse for her behavior it’s just terrible, as always.

    Taylor seems to weasel her way into these ladies lives. Her daughter happens to go to school with Adrienne’s kids. Then they become friends. Kyle, who is aunt to the famous Paris Hilton, becomes the newest sidekick for Taylor. Taylor then likes to stir the pot with Camille being the ultimate gossip. Kim, in all her Taylor obsessed drunkenness, does not fall for Taylor and neither does Lisa. I just wish Lisa had radar like that concerning Cedric. Taylor, unlike the icky Salahi’s, is very smart in who she tries to be friends with.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Other people here have commented on similarities to Taylor and the stalker character in “Single White Female.” I hope Adrienne reconsiders her relationship with Taylor. Kyle’s ego is so inflated by Taylor’s kissing up, handholding, seeking marital advice, acting as her henchman with Kim. Taylor staring all night at Kyle and Mauricio at that White Party was soooo creepy.

  63. WSL says:

    Hi Smartie Stoopid HW
    U r as mean as me,making calls so evil people will b prevented from doing more evil !

    I contacted Taylor’s consulting company via her webb site,which has no tel. # ,which is fishy. I left all necessary information required, in addition to a company web site that displays via email and tel. # of the potential client, which is an international co. that only a fraud would not respond to immediately !!
    That was 2 weeks ago.
    Go Figure !

    • AZ Girl says:

      Probably has a P.O. Box for their correspondence. Not like we would be surprised.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I’m guessing this ‘company’ was funded by ‘investors’ Russel got money from- and it’s nothing more than a front.

      Taylor always seems to get jobs- in placed where ‘Russel’ invests (with other people’s money) with.

  64. WSL says:

    I want to point out that the Armstrong s made an investment in the rehab, which is very different from a donation. A donation is a generous gift. An investment is a loan seeking a profit & expecting to b paid back. I is not a gift. On the other hand, an investment indicates some ownership and control. Ownership allows Shana to make demands. She seems to have demanded to b the “face” of the charity. In the many charities I have served,all the ladies were volunteers. A large donor over years, might get to chair an event but quite frankly, it’s more of a popularity contest w/in a private club. U can’t just call up the Heart Ball in PB and say I want to b on the committee. Mayb if u asked for lunch w/the staff coordinator for the ball you could make a $50 000 gift
    & say u would like to b on the committee. U would then b invited to the (free) preparty at a private home or even Saks or another Worth Ave store. U would b introduced to committee members, with the nudging of the staff person,that some committee member would b friend u and mayb propose u next year IF u stay in touch. Now u buy tickets for the event. If u r smart u buy a whole table, to fill w/the most attractive people u know for
    $10 000. Otherwise u buy 2 tickets, and expect to sit near the kitchen w/a table of other unknowns. I hope u have fun. U could meet other new couples & build a little circle. If u r tacky,dull or obnoxious go volunteer at the charity & eventually u probably will get on the ball committee.
    My point. If u want to bring attention to yourself as a (rich)generous donor (ur donations r listed in the ball program & u a usually cited in the society pages) It would be much easier
    To make an investment like Russel did ! The Armstrong s also got a press release about their investment and were in the papers. The press release was designed to make the word investment confused with donation

    Press Release
    The Real ‘Caring’ Housewife of Beverly Hills: Taylor Armstrong

    (CNS) Posted Tuesday November 9, 2010 – 9am

    Couple Taylor and Russell Armstrong featured on the Bravo television series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” purchased a stake in a Malibu substance-abuse treatment center, the couple announced today.

    Investment banker Russell Armstrong and his wife Taylor said their involvement with Malibu Beach Recovery Center reflects their desire to help people battling addictions.

    “Taylor and I are dedicated to using our business experience and personal relationships to support organizations we know are truly making a difference,” said Russell Armstrong, who referred a relative to the center in 2009.

    Taylor Armstrong, co-founder and president of the implement management-consulting firm, said her past work with domestic-violence victims showed her the devastating effects of substance abuse.

  65. buffywood says:

    First I have to admit one of my flaws is that I am not very forgiving. I can hold a grudge with the best of them. I even have some rules for apologies. I do not consider it a true apology if:
    1) You have to ask for it.
    2) It is said with a raised voice
    3) Contains the word “but” in it.
    4) Turns the conversation back to you… for example “You misunderstood what I said” where it should be “I wasn’t clear in what I was saying”.

    So my opinion on the subject is not un-biased if you will. I honestly didn’t see anything wrong in how Kyle addressed Camille. After months and months of being treaded the way she was, suddenly she is supposed to be like “OK all is well”. Hell NO; after the amount of time “Jesus” Camille put down Kyle, blamed Kyle for everything Camille said and did? Camille would cease to exist to me in my mind if she had behaved that way towards me. You can chose your friends.

    Question: Those that feel Kyle should have accepted to apology and moved on, what makes Camille’s apology different/better than Jill’s? I see similar situations and I am not sure what I am missing.

    Now, when it comes to family, all rules above go out the window. Family is different and Kyle’s treatment of Kim makes me very sad. Seeing Kim saying “I love you” and Kyle saying nothing in return broke my heart. You can’t choose your family.

    • Katie says:

      I’m not a Kyle fan and I hate myself for knowing this but Kyle received many angry tweets from people saying how mean it was that Kyle did not respond to Kim’s I love you with an I love you back. Kyle on twitter claims she did tell Kim that she loves her, but it was edited out. Who knows! This next part is where Kyle gets a little delusional – she went on to tweet that perhaps Bravo didn’t think it was needed to hear her say it (you know that her love for her sister is crystal clear) Whatever, but it is not Crystal Clear too bad Bravo edited it out or Kyle didn’t say it.

      • buffywood says:

        When watching it there was no instant cut away after what Kim said. I was watching pretty close for her reply. Anyone else? If it was cut out she waiting “forever” to say it and it was then clearly not a natural response but more of a force one. While “we” didn’t near to hear it, her sister certainly did.

      • Brigid A. says:

        This reconfirms why I don’t want to be on Twitter. I get upset enough just watching the program and reading their fake, nicey-nice blogs justifying all their BS.

    • error404 says:

      When Kyle talked to Camille at the hotel, she never said anything like “I was unclear” or “I was misunderstood”. No, she told Camille she heard things in her head that were never said.

      I have my own rules, and when I apologize, even if I’m only doing it to make peace, I never tell the other person that they have voices in their head telling them things no other human can hear.

      If Kyle wants to never trust Camille ever again, or go other death bed thinking Camille was never sincere in her apology, that’s fine. She’s probably right.

      But I’m sorry, telling someone who is apologizing to you that you won’t accept it unless it’s said exactly how you want it to be said is the ultimate in control freak psychosis. We all operate on a code of civility that makes society tolerable. Throwing a diva fit because you don’t like the tone of voice of an apology does nothing to broker the peace or create a tolerable atmosphere. Anyone who publicly refuses an apology because they suspect the true feeling behind it, are putting their own ego above community wellbeing IMO.

      • California35 says:

        I agree!

      • buffywood says:

        I am not saying it has to be “exactly how I want it” and I don’t think it is being diva to not accept an apology when someone scream in your face “I’m fuc#ing sorry, alright?” (past personal experience). I don’t think it is too much to ask for an apology to come with in civil tone and without an excuse attached to it. Typically just 2 words are all that should be needed: “I’m sorry”. Your example above is a perfectly good example of what I mean about not turning it around on the other person. What Kyle said was not an apology.

      • Brigid A. says:

        Good point. I recall hearing some good advice about business and personal communications. Make a lot of “I” vs. “you” comments in a disagreement.

        There’s a big difference between “You didn’t hear what I said” (you moron!) vs. “Maybe I didn’t explain myself very well. I’m sorry, I was trying to say…”

        Camille never faultered in her certainty about what Kyle said. But Kyle fumbled every chance at reconciling because of her arrogant way of communicating and fake apologies.

      • PJ says:

        I agree. An apology is a step in the right direction. When receiving an apology you should accept it and try to move on. Even if you don’t think it’s real accept it and try to work with it. It takes two to fight and it takes two to make up. I don’t think it’s fair to judge Camille’s apologies, at least she did apologize which is more than Kyle did. Kyle rubbed it in her face every time. I think Kyle didn’t realize at the time that her popularity had tanked, so she thought she could rub things in Camille’s face and it would be OK with viewers. But it shows a real lack of humility on the part of Kyle.

    • California35 says:

      I wrote you to say I agree with you, because I do….then I realized I put a but after it and thought to better not say anything 😛

      I will try again..

      I agree that Camille’s apologies didn’t seem sincere and that she probably had help from PR. At some moments it even felt like she was being coached even while sitting there. When she heard the question or comment, take a few seconds and then respond. I thought maybe she had one of those ear things 😛

      I also agree that Kyle was okay to question the apology.

      At one point thouth, Kyle could have just leave it.

      JZ did apologize and we didn’t think she was sincere either, at least I didn’t. She would apologize, but with a mean look on her face, or with her “ok ok”, also she will then jump on someone else, like Alex. Bethenny did bring up the things that bothered her about JZ after the apoligy, but eventually just acepted the apology and even asepted the hugh (no one wanted to see), and moved on.

      • buffywood says:

        Oh absolutely, Kyle kept beating that dead horse. There comes a time (and their time had long past) when you realize what your relationship is and you decide to simply move on.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It’s ironic that in the BH land of fakery – these women have not mastered the art of making or accepting the fake apology.

    • NormaJean says:

      Buffywood, I agree with you about what constitues an insincere apology. That being said, Kyle’s ‘apology’ to Camille in NY was not sincere since it included #s 2, 3, & 4. Her entire apology was about how Camille heard it wrong, took it the wrong way, etc in a tone load enough to drown Camille out.

  66. California35 says:

    Taylor was on my local news this morning – well her voice was.

    I turn the news while I am getting ready in the morning so I can see the weather report. I heard something about the housewives, so I paid attention.

    They showed part of the reunion, the one when Taylor was talking and crying about her relationship with her husband. Taylor was on the phone line and talked with the news lady. She said that Taylor has been getting a lot of good comments about putting herself out there regarding her problems, and that many people relate to her, yada yada yada. It turns out that they know each other; the news lady was so sympathetic and nice to her. The lady also said that Taylor got a lot of bad comments about her $60k party to her daughter, but that SHE (the news lady) enjoyed the party. In other words, she is friends with Taylor?? ugh I don’t like that lady now 😛 She isn’t the main or co-host of the main news person (at least for the mornings). Why was Taylor on this? I guess the story was about couples with problems.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Ugh. Glad I missed it. Can’t stand the sound of her voice anyway.

      • California35 says:

        I know, I wish I missed it too, but you know I heard the word “housewives” 😛

        She just said the same thing we keep hearing. Work, children, bla bla …

    • Nancy says:

      Get some HELP “Taylor”, PLEASE!!!

  67. Katie says:

    My two cents on the whole Kyle vs. Camille thing – They are the Nene and Kim of BH.

    I don’t expect them to ever be real friends and they will bring the drama each season. While I don’t think they planned it, I think they are both savvy enough to know how to deliver drama and that equals fame. Cynical perhaps, but Kyle started off being VERY catty about Camille before any of the NY nonsense happened. Kyle made snide comments in her talking head interviews about Camille that I thought were uncalled for at the time. Again all prior to NY and I remember thinking this is odd since Kyle is the one who asked her to be on the show and Camille has a professional relationship with Kyle’s husband. I knew something was off. Kyle thought Camille was showing off at the game because she got up and danced with the mascot. Some comment on the plane about surrogates and very catty looks made behind her veil of hair while Camille was talking about it (Kyle assumed Camille did the surrogate birth option to keep her figure). There was plenty of nasty stuff Kyle said and did prior to NY. Perhaps the Bravo producers were feeding the information to Camille – there you have it.

    I agree Kyle could have done a better job on the apology and blowfish should have kept her mouth shut. But Kyle never should have fed Camille with her anger and swearing – this is where Kyle lost it and Kim had nothing to do with how Kyle responded. How I wish Kyle just sat back and smiled and just said “we will have to agree to disagree”.

    The whole NY fight and related fights that followed are all so childish, name calling and hurt feelings, my 5 year old nieces have arguments with more substance.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Kyle’s flashpoint temper vs Camille’s I’m the victim – they will never be friends or find a style of communication that is not offensive to each other. I wonder if Camille felt that Kyle, being the wife of her realtor, and lower in the BH pecking order should have been more subserviant and not entitled to be treated as a peer. Together they are a catfight waiting to happen.

    • PJ says:

      Some people here have apparently not considered this subject with as much depth as you have. Some are saying that Kyle isn’t a bully and they didn’t see her bully Kim or Camille.

      The dictionary definition of a bully is: aggressive person: an aggressive person who intimidates or mistreats weaker people.

      Since many have agreed that Kim is a weaker person than Kyle and has been both belittled and mistreated by Kyle then Kyle is by definition a bully. What happened in that Limo was classic bulling.

      As you so astutely observed Kyle came out of the gate going after Camille. That didn’t happen with Camille, she was nice to Kyle until the NY incident. I feel Kyle tried to intimidate Camille by being aggressive with her and this also fits the definition of a bully.

      I too felt things were off when Kyle said so many things that were negative about Camille right from the start. How mean to insinuate that Camille had no good reason to have her children by surrogate. How on earth would Kyle know why Camille used a surrogate and why would it be Kyle’s place to talk about such a personal subject. My own dear sister couldn’t have children and it broke her heart. She adopted and she has told me of mean things people have said to her. Of course real friends don’t say mean things especially about such sensitive subjects. But the fact is that it was Kyle who started saying unkind things about Camille not the other way around. If that alone doesn’t classify Kyle as vicious I don’t know what does.

      It kind of amazes me that Kyle gets a pass by some for all of that she did and said regarding both Kim and Camille. I think Camille was shocked by Kyle’s behavior and perhaps Camille didn’t handle it very well but I don’t think that makes Camille a bad person. As I’ve said before Camille really needs to learn how to edit herself before she speaks. But for that matter so does Kyle.

      • NormaJean says:

        Thank you PJ, I so agree with you. I’ve been thinking the same thing all season. Also, I’ll point out that it was KYle who brought up NY at Camille’s dinner and Kyle brought up NY again at Camille’s tennis party but Adrienne and Camille wouldn’t go there.

      • ms molly says:

        Well, if Kyle started by saying unkind things about Camille and Camille’s reaction was shock and not handling it very well, and all she needs to do is learn to edit herself before she speaks, then I’m sure that’s what she’s done and Kyle, by definition is vicious bully.

      • Austin says:

        Well, it looks like you got the Kelly-BeenSomeone memo on bullying and are buying it, hook, line & sinker.

        And I guess with that definition, no “strong” indivdual should ever even address a “weak” individual, for fear that they intimidate them and become a “bully”.

        You can’t always help whatever the other person’s insecurities are or even know about them. When someone’s husband is working in NYC and they mention that they are taking the children to Hawaii, why would “Is Kelsey meeting you in Hawaii” an unusual question? Even Kim said that was the tenor of the conversation (finally – better late than never, I guess), NOT what Camille delusionally, through the lens of her own massive insecurities, heard.

    • hbgirl says:

      In all of the episodes of this season, I noticed that Kyle was the one with the dirty foul mouth. Four letter words when ever she is angry and always on the defensive. She talks above others to drown them out. She’s definitely a bully. I don’t believe for one second that she doesn’t like to fight, she’s damn good at it.

  68. Dani says:

    Sorry if this has already been posted, however, I just logged on and have not had time to read all the comments. On Inside Edition they are discussing Camille and her life before she married Kelsey. I think she has just been outed.

    • lillybee says:

      How bad was it?

      • Dani says:

        They showed clips of the movie that she was in and said that she did soft porn before she married Kelsey. The movie came out the same year that they were married so they said Kelsey knew. I was a little dissapointed as I still think Camille is vile and she is delusional. I might add I came up with that on my own and not because Kyl said so lol.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      The lady doth protest too much…

      Kyle always sends us a clear signal when she may not be telling the whole truth. She gets extremely defensive.

      I find it interesting that she manages to include Kim in her protestations/denials, speaking for her to deflect the total blame from herself.

      That creative little Portia! Doing re-tweets for her Mom. How thoughtful. Maybe she is also being creative and helpful by “styling” her mother’s sleeves with her little preschool scissors. Could happen… 🙂

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Kids do the darnest things! I recall a time my three year old got out of his bed, crept down to our bedroom and dialed 911 at 10pm! I brought him downstairs to talk to the policemen and he said he was glad 911 really worked. They were sweet and told him to only call if there was an emergency because I would be charged for 911 calls that were not. Brings back memories! lol

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          That’s a funny story-and as you already said false 911 calls aren’t to be taken lightly-but it’s is one of stories that you would tell at his wedding someday.

          I actually believed Kyle, my kids do all kinds of stuff on our computers like moving files and all kinds of things.

  69. LynnNChicago says:


    OOPS Bravo made a bit of a mistake here and released Tamra Barney in the tub but forgot to edit out her boobs…..lmao Don’t look if you don’t want to see Tamra’s boob.

    • ches says:

      Oh gross! I hit into that the other day. Why would she even allow Bravo to tape somthing like that? I can hear Simon’s head exploding as we speak.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      So Bravo is this soft core porn?

    • TLM says:

      Haven’t we basically seen them for like 3 years now? The only thing we didn’t see was a pink dot in the middle, big deal. Although I guess these are the third set of implants perhaps, so surgeons might be interested.

  70. quincyil says:

    The following is a subset blog of the IHJZ blog and board. The purpose of this subset blog is to entertain the members of the IHJZ board and make Jill Zarin happy. Thank you for visiting.

    The “I Love Jill Zarin” blog on the prairie by quincyil

    Today we are going to look at the differences between the Costa Rica and the Illinois prairies in February. Why? Well, Jill Zarin is in Costa Rica and quincyil is in Illinois. Jill is sitting on the edge of an infinity pool with temperatures in the 90s. quincyil just came in from a paradise that Dr, Shivago would recognize as his ice palace called, Varykino. Jill reminds us that nature is beautiful. quincyil reminds you that nature is very heavy when you spend hours shoveling it. The sun is shining in both locations, but the sun feels a lot closer to the beaches in Costa Rica than it does to the snow covered prairies in Illinois.

    Jill wanted to tell us that there were monkeys in the trees near her fabulous rental home, but she typed, “money.” She later corrected that and laughed. I saw some monkeys in the Chicago Aquarium with Lynn Hudson and a taller and younger friend who is also a member of this blog last Saturday. The monkeys were tiny, shiny and black. I wonder if they were the same monkeys that Jill was watching. Ours were hanging from trees also. Our monkeys have pools of water with fish in them. It was also very warm in that area and very much like Costa Rica. There was no sun in that part of the Aquarium, but it was warm in there. Jill Zarin is correct. Nature is beautiful even if it is artificial nature inside a very large building.

    Jill Zarin was worried about Ginger, her dog in her NYC apartment. I was worried about my horses and cats in the barn during the blizzard. Ginger went to a water therapy class. My horses and cats watched a historic storm from their stalls and little caves in the hay bales. When I got home, I pushed huge snow drifts away from the stall openings with my farm tractor’s blade so the horses could come out of the barn. The kitties used my foot prints to jump through the snow to where I was shoveling. Ginger had cookies for a treat. I gave my horses cut up apples from our orchard as a treat today and the cats had some leftover turkey.

    Jill Zarin has not been sharing her concerns about the amount of food she is eating on this trip. I believe that she may still be having problems with her teeth and she does not want to bother us. That is a problem for her fans and friends. Last year, Jill did not share with Bethenny that Bobby was very ill. Bethenny was not a good friend to Jill even though she did not know that anything was happening. I want Jill to know that I remember that she had pain on Sat. and I do care. I want to send a flower arrangement to her home, but I think she would call the police if I did that as I am a member of this IHJZ board and we are not supposed to know her address which was listed in every article about her apartment which went on sale shortly after she redecorated it with the help of her gay husband, Brad. So all I can do is say how much I care.

    The end.


    Thank you for reading this subset blog of the IHJZ board. Thank you for saying nice things about Jill Zarin in the reply section of this subset blog. If you want to send imaginary flowers and a get well note, you should do it here because sending them to Jill will place you “in Jail.” Monopoly money will not help you if Jill calls the authorities again.

    • Adgirl says:

      Say Something Nice about Jill Zarin: She frequently leaves our country.

      • Dani says:

        Say something nice about Jill Zarin: I hope that she loves it so much there that she stays forever and ever.

        • quincyil says:

          You get a weekend with one more in Boston and error in South Beach at the house of horrors. Bring sun screen and a bottle of Skinny Girl Margaritas.

      • quincyil says:

        You are going to receive a pair of socks sold by Jill Zarin 15 years ago to a woman who forgot they were in her sock drawer and never used them. They were on Ebay.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Say something nice about Jill Zarin…

      it’s almost like I have constipation of the mind…
      wait for it….wait for it…almost here….ok…and we’re done:

      Jill Zarin is not complaining about her dental problems and the horrible debilitating pain she must be enduring!!!

      Jill Zarin is FIGHTING through the pain, determined not to give in and whine and cry about it!!! Jill Zarin is a TROUPER!!!


      Because if there was no Jill Zarin there wouldn’t be so many wonderful people on this blog posting our hatred of her daily.


      (sorry Quincy…still rusty at this love thing)

    • LynnNChicago says:

      You forgot thinner, our friend was taller, younger and THINNER lmao

      • quincyil says:

        Oh, my… that was the important adjective. It’s like dropping a “k” from “monkey” and getting “money.”

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Say something nice about Jill Zarin: She’s probably “getting some sun” while she’s in the infinity pool, and I hope she gets a nice bit of suntan to boost her through the rest of winter. I hope she doesn’t get sunburned. No one, not even Jill Zarin, deserves to be sunburned.

      • quincyil says:

        For this lovely comment, you too will receive an invitation to the weekend at Kramers in South Beach. There will be dinner and a pool party with floating colored balls in blues and purples.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It is very thoughtful of Jill to stimulate the travel industry in these trying economic times.

    • lillybee says:

      You could sent the flowers to Zarin Fabrics. I am sure that Jill would be happy to receive them especially if they are very nice.

      • quincyil says:

        Everyone on the ILJZ subset board should go to South Beach. There is a ILJZ pool party/weekend being planned for anyone who can say anything nice about Jill Zarin. Lots of food and Skinny Girl Margaritas.

  71. Pantry Viewer says:

    Gahhhh! Just watching the housewives on Ellen. So freaking Charlie Sheen and his out-of-control disgusting antics gets treated with respect and sympathy while Adrienne is telling their role in the phone call from his house after yet another bender of coke and hookers, while Kim got nothing but vile shame and disgust from these vipers? UGH!

    And didn’t Kim just beebop out onto the stage all happy and full of herself. She makes me ill. She really does think she is all that and more.

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      Ugh again! So after I watched them on Ellen, I went and read a link above to Bravo’s statement that Kim and Kyle are fine (because Kyle told Ryan Seacrest, so it must be so!). The PR spin was out in full force in that odd statement that the sisters are fine and “in a good place”. And we were also admonished by Bravo to stop hating on Kyle because things are better because she says so (or should I say her PR people say so).

      Then why did Kyle AGAIN seem unrepentant on the Ellen show when asked if Kim is coming back? She was so flip and laughing in her attitude. She makes me ill.

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      Oops, sorry, I meant didn’t Kyle beebop out on the stage all full of herself 🙂

    • klmh says:

      Vile shame and disgust? I don’t remember Adrienne being this way to Kim or any of the other women on BH, but I also realize that if you are personally affected by someone who is abusing a substance you have a bigger stake in their wellbeing and emotions come into play.

      • BChick says:

        What about her niece Paris then? She’s been arrested for Dui and Drug possesion….does that not weigh heavily on the family? I doubt we’ll ever see that $ cow verbally attacked by Kyle.

        • Miss Anthrope says:

          THANK YOU!

          The laundry list of shameful stuff that Paris has done over and over and over again because she can’t seem to keep her legs closed or learn a lesson is insane. Yet, I distinctly remember Kyle going on E! True Hollywood Story and defending Paris and saying she’s “just misunderstood”. So basically, her spoiled little skank of a niece is just misunderstood when she gets caught with cocaine possession, but her obviously wounded sister gets dragged over the coals for alleged alcoholism? Fuck Kyle. Seriously. That’s some bullshit.

          And tell me I am not the only one who noticed that Kyle didn’t say shit to Kathy Hilton when she missed Kyles daughters graduation, but she bitched Kim out all over the place for (GASP!) moving herself into a new house instead of helping her put together her daughters party.

        • klmh says:

          Pantry Viewer didn’t single out the BH, she said these vipers.
          Kyle feels the need to take care of Kim because of a promise she made to her mother. It has nothing to do with her other sister or her children.

  72. WSL says:

    Q I used to like monkeys.
    I am surprised at Jill,on the food report. Mayb she is going to roll out a NEW tweet program.
    Jill thinks her fans care about hearing the details of her $hit$

  73. missmi says:

    I think your right Katie and I have always felt that Kyle knew that Camille and Kelsey were on the outs. This imo explains the cattiness. Kyle def wants to be top dog and expected that.

    • dsc60 says:

      this is one fight Bravo producers must be really happy they missed. where would all the drama have come from? funny how things turn out.

      i was sure that once kyle actually saw that taylor was the one that instigated that scene at her party, she would have got smart, forgiven kim and given taylor a taste of her own oklahoma. hey i can dream anyway… i was hoping for at least the first part. at the end of the finale, kyle made a comment that as much as she loved her girlfriends, they couldn’t match a sister. can’t believe kyle did not respond to kim’s “i love yous” at the reunion… for that alone she is on my $h!t list. lisa loves playing practical jokes on people at their own expense, hence what she did to kim with martin. it was just cruel IMO. she runs hot and cold with me. camille IS a liar, and a very rich one at that… she can afford the best to help her turn image around. will she succeed? master manipulator i think. i won’t even say the horrible things i think about taylor. i do like adrienne but didn’t like her comment to kim last night. i really like flawed kim – i believe overall she’s the most liked and routed for… the sad part being she doesn’t even know it. as much as i enjoyed this franchise, it was also the most difficult to watch at times. i’ve never wanted to hug a housewife so much.

    • Austin says:

      I disagree. The look of shock on Kyle’s face at the table scene in NYC when Kim couldn’t untie her tongue enough to tell what she knew to be the truth was geniune, IMO. I think it’s one reason that she got so angry during that scene, because not only is she being accused of something she never said by “I’m-so-victimized” Camille, her own sister, who could easily dispute Camille’s claims, sat there with her tongue in a big knot except to fuss with Taylor.

      I think Kyle was honestly asking about Camille’s upcoming vacation in a normal, typical way. If I had a friend or acquaintance whose spouse was working on the opposite coast and that person said, “Oh, I’m taking the kids to Hawaii for spring break”, a very natural question would be, “Oh, is your husband joining you?” Camille admits to massive insecurities with regard to her relationship with Kelsey (apparently with good reason) and I have no problem that she heard everything said to her through that lens (in other words, delusional).

  74. WSL says:

    Just got my Today’s Ellen show & saw the BHWs blindfolded,putting on make up, filling a bag w/$$ then putting on a dress,race contest.
    This task, while Ellen & the audience laughed in tears, made the BH ho wives LOOK REDICULOUS !
    WTF !

    • Adgirl says:

      WSL? Was that game suppose to represent a day in the BH ladies life but they do it with blindfolds???

  75. WindyCityWondering says:

    OT – the other day I saw on AOL entertainment a clip of Rob Shuter/Popeater dishing about upcoming RHNY season and now I can’t find it. He said that LuAnn and Ramona will have dueling Sweet Sixteen parties for their daughters that causes problems for the housewives. I have a problem with his accent but I swear he said that LuAnn is the thug in the cocktail dress. Can anyone find this and bring it here?

  76. Dwight Schrute says:

    Have a feeling this is going to be a long one so apologies in advance for droning on and on. Most of my reactions to different cast members of the Real Housewives during the reunion last night were in relation to other cast(s) so I’m going to talk about them in that context:

    CAMILLE vs. JILL ZARIN – For me, Jill is irredeemable. Camille hasn’t really redeemed herself in my opinion but I AM willing to entertain the idea should she could redeem herself in the future should she continue to progress. Camille owned much of her bad behavior but still had more to do. Jill only copped to things on issues in which she was caught in the lie on the air, would immediately apologize and whine that her apology wasn’t accepted while still continuing to attack and lie on other matters (“spread eagle in your husband’s hotel”) and play the full victim. Camille, no so much. I’m still disappointed in Camille. Her biggest regret? Not her own actions but the medium’s comments. Nothing on thinking she’s better than Kyle because Kyle’s husband is only the Realtor. I think she owed an apology to Mauricio for firing him via a text to his wife and not contacting him directly. She sent that text during an event she skipped so she knew cameras would be rolling and Kim was in public when it was received.

    KYLE vs. KIM – What I found interesting here was that as much as Kyle talks about having to be an adult and being in charge of Kim. Kyle really wasn’t used to being called on the carpet (other than by Camille) and I think she was shocked just how much she was on the defensive. When she looked at Kim, for me it was almost as if she was silently pleading for help, for Kim to let her off the hook and throw her a lifeline. I think Kim did do that and it added a new dimension to their relationship for me that despite the possibility of alcohol addiction perhaps Kim isn’t as weak and childlike in her relationship with Kyle as Kyle likes to think and say.

    CAMILLE vs. KYLE – Okay this is from last week but it really related to my thoughts on Kyle and Kim. Camille admitted a lot of guilt, poor behavior and really fell on the knife the last two episodes. Through it all, the look on Kyle’s face showed no small amount of glee at the predicament Camille created for herself. She really couldn’t, or wouldn’t, give Camille an inch. I found it in stark contrast to the help she needed from her sister just a short time later while the reunion was being filmed.

    Finally BRAVO vs. THE HOUSEWIVES – I really wonder how much of a role Bravo has in stirring up this drama. It seems to happen with every franchise and the common denominator is Bravo and I am starting to wonder if some of these people ARE victims (although it doesn’t excuse poor behavior). I primarily look at Camille, at NeNe, at Teresa, at Danielle, at Sheree, and at Jill and see some possibly insecure people with an inflated sense of self worth. The Bravo people are there all the time. I think it may be very easy for the producers to talk to these highly suggestible cast members, get them riled up that some great injustice has been done them, and send them out to film with the others and set off the fireworks they set in motion. They’re setting up the drama. Watch what happens indeed!

    • Adgirl says:

      Sharp thought on the Bravo vs the Housewives. Add Tamra OC to your list of hotheads. Producer’s opinions of the individuals certainly shows through the screen.
      I don’t buy for a minute the BH producers blog which claims that the film crew really liked Camille.

      I think the producers steer the cast to situations where alcohol is present to catapult the cast into confrontations.
      Except JZ doesn’t drink so her behavior is purely expressed.

      • Miss Anthrope says:

        I don’t think Andy likes Camille. When she was a guest on WWHL you certainly could tell that he wasn’t a big fan. He did to her what he used to do to Danielle Staub. Ask her the tough questions and then laugh and mock her answers. You don’t see him doing the same thing to Teresa Giudice or even Jill. That’s because he personally likes them.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I’m sure he doesn’t like the fact that she was playing hardball with her contract and using lawyers to try and get her out of it unless they gave into her demands,

  77. floridagirl88 says:

    Once again, thanks Lynn for the blog. Here is where I stand on the BH housewives:

    Camille: OK so I still don’t like her, but I think she did well on part 2 of the reunion. She finally owned up to some of her BS, didn’t break down or back down, just owned it when the mirror was put close to her face. I believe she successfully turned her image around so that instead of the most hated HW she is just one of the hated HWs.

    Lisa: we are never too old to be taken in by someone. Most of us can appreciate how used Lisa and Ken feel. Just think back to the time someone did you in and how you felt. Awkward. Cedric may win an award for the stupidest con man in history. He blew his chance to have his own career/business underwritten by Lisa and Ken. Boy is he stupid.

    Adrienne: the only memorable moment was in the limo where she nearly took a body blow by getting between Kyle and Kim. Note to Maloof: you don’t need this show.

    Kim: my favorite HW to date despite her flaws. She has a good memory, undoubtedly from all her years of acting as a child. People underestimate her and she doesn’t know how to stand up for herself or at least against her sister. Maybe she has a problem, maybe she doesn’t. I still like her.

    Kyle: what a disappointment. She turned out to be just another bully with an ego problem. By the time the reunion rolled around, I was disgusted with her. I am glad she and Kim decided not to air more dirty laundry on the reunion Pt 2.

    Taylor: everyone else has already called it: SNAKE. Perhaps she is the most pathetic of them all because the rest of them have a talent or some accomplishments in life. What does she have? Name change documents. Fake friendships. Scheming and dreaming. She is doing well by Oklahoma standards, but by Beverly Hills standards? I don’t think so. She and Russell deserve each other and I expect we will hear more about them when their long con goes awry. I think maybe I will twaddle over to Twitter so she can block me.

  78. firepainter says:

    While reading some of the opinions given on this blog and on other blogs about the RHBH, I’ve noticed that Kim keeps getting labeled with being “socially awkward”. There is a big difference between being socially awkward and being an introvert. I believe Kim is an introvert, as opposed to Kyle who is obviously an extrovert. Introverts like to take their time before responding in order to give a well thought out reply. You can see Kim doing this. She only gets flustered when she is being talked over and not listened to with respect. During the whole season, except a couple of times when she responded to Taylor’s digs at her, I only saw her being kind to the other women. I thought her responses during the reunion also demonstrated what a kind, thoughtful and gracious person she is, unlike those other hyenas. And if she does indeed have a substance abuse, it is none of Queen Lisa’s damn business!

    • quincyil says:

      I am very fond of Kim Richards. I think she is intelligent and funny. Of all of the ladies of Bravo, I would like to be friends with Kim Richards. I did not watch her in televisions shows as I am older than she is and was studying and working when she was acting.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Same here. When she comes to visit and ride horses with you, let me know. I can be there in 4 hours. I’ll bring coffee and scones.

    • sweet pea says:


      I absolutely agree!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think the awkwardness comes some of her ramblings and the way she absolutely crumbles when in tense situations not from the fact that she is the quiet one or prefers familiar company.

      • nathania says:

        sadly I think a lot of this has to do with being undercut and intimidated by first her mother and then kyle. she doesn’t expect any support at all. and she should have it, should have had it. she needs to distance herself from kyle to understand what it’s like to be around people who support her.

  79. lillybee says:

    I think that Kyle is a thug in a cocktail dress.

  80. Adgirl says:

    Say Something Nice about Jill Zarin: No peculiar posts on this board originating from Costa Rica this week.

  81. Windy City Wondering, here is the Rob Shuter video about season 4 of RHONY.


  82. WSL says:

    Isn’t the world a better place since one Mo Bo got back from Paris !

  83. Miss Anthrope says:

    Where do I start? There is so much bullshit swirling around Kyle and Taylor that it’s easy to get lost in it all.

    Firstly, does anyone recall the WWHL episode with Kyle and Issac Mizrahi? Paris Hilton called in and Issac said, “Try not to get arrested again!” and Kyle gave him this look like, “Don’t even go there…that’s my niece!”.

    Paris has been caught doing the following things:
    – Snorting cocaine with that girls gone wild douche (on tape).
    – Driving drunk (arrested, sent to jail because of)
    – Talking on her cell phone while her boyfriend bangs her (on tape)
    – Owning prescriptions for herpes medication and the abortion pill (photos of said prescriptions released to the media)
    – Possession of cocaine (arrested)
    – Possession of marijuana in a foreign country because she’s just that smart. (detained)
    – Dancing in her underwear in clubs 7 nights a week (photos, videos…)
    – Being an all around mean-spirited piece of over indulged trash (photos, videos, interviews)

    Kyle has continuously defended Paris in the press, saying that she is misunderstood. Yet, she “outs” Kim and bullies her at every opportunity. Sorry, but there is NO way you will ever get me to believe that Kim is a bigger trainwreck or burden on the family than Paris Hilton. I’d love to hear Kyles rationalization for this obvious hypocrisy.

    Taylor is only now apologizing because she knows she has to. If she truly felt bad about how things between her and Kim had played out, then she would have said so at the reunion, not weeks later when a bunch of fans call her out for being a bitch. I’d actually respect her move if she had stuck to her guns and resisted giving a phony apology strictly for PR purposes.

    I don’t like how Lisa treated Kim at the reunion either. The only 2 women on that stage who did not make reference to Kim’s alleged alcoholism as a way to deflect from Kyles poor behavior were Camille and Adrienne. I too have a bit more respect for Camille after seeing this reunion, and Adrienne by far the most likable woman on the show. Hate her plastic surgery, but absolutely love her ability to put herself in others’ shoes and walk away from unnecessary conflict. She’s truly the voice of reason.

    I really hope that if Kim comes back for season 2 that she is able to defend herself better. People like Taylor only go after those who they see as weak. She proved this by allowing Lisa to scold her over and over again. Why not go after Lisa too? Because she knows she would lose. I also hope that Kyle has learned a big lesson in all of this.

    • Fairweather Viewer says:

      I think it would have been funny if when Andy asked Camille if she was going to throw everything in the divorce bucket, she would have retorted “no Andy, I’m going to put some of it in the “Kim drunk bucket” too because you seem to find that acceptable enough for Kyle and Taylor and even Lisa.”

      • kbinldo says:

        I actually give Camille props for not throwing Kim under the bus as a diversionary tactic a la Taylor.

  84. Kansas Girl says:

    Taylor’s house made the Realestalker yesterday. (It’s the second story, so scroll down.) Yes, you (whoever you were) were right — she leases.

  85. WSL says:

    Quincy since u shovel $hit daily.
    I think u should offer Jill,
    one shovel full of mamure,
    to b sent for free
    (+small postage charge)
    to every one who buys under 10 Jewish mom advice books.
    What do u think ?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      WSL honey?

      I think that perhaps you may have made just a teensy little mistake and it really should be the other way around?

      For every 10 shovels of sh*t, Jill should send Quincy her book in tribute and recognition that her tireless I LOVE JILL ZARIN blog mistress is as adept at shoveling the sh*t as she is.

      • quincyil says:

        I never read Jill’s book. I am not looking for a rich man. I am happy with the old fellow that I have even though he put my car in a ditch this morning even after I asked him to wait until we see the road grader and plows go by.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        And yet another use for JZ’s moldy book – composting!

  86. lillybee says:

    Should we all chip in a little and send Kyle to anger management classes?

  87. TLM says:


    Bethenny exorcised a few demons today… she auctioned off three Ginny H dresses for charity, and in the bargain, she got rid of 2 dresses with bad memories: The striped strapless one from the hate boat in St. John she wore when Psycho Kelly called her a “ho bag,” and the 2-piece red dress she wore in the famous conversation standing on the street where Jill told her, “We’re done.”

    B did these as buy-it-now auctions on Ebay for $250 each. Personally, I think they could have gone much higher as an open auction. It’s nice that she kept them a reasonable price for those who wanted a famous dress!

    • lillybee says:

      I loved that red outfit but alas red is not my color.

      • TLM says:

        I loved the 2 strapless dresses. I still remember the pink one she wore to a Hamptons thing where Brad was being an idiot and she had to keep motioning, “Police line, do not cross!” to keep him away and give her space. Brad was always annoying to me.

    • California35 says:

      She did??! Neither I or anyone around me would fit in them 😛 but I agree that with all her fans, she could have make more $.

    • nathania says:

      wow, I agree that they could have gone for much much more money. Everyone, it seems, is a housewives fan. When I think of the people that have been on the bravo show like Kelly Ripa and Patti Labelle…it makes me wonder why Bethenny didn’t just put them up for charity and raise a huge amount of money, expecially the red dress.

  88. overaggression says:

    I don’t know if anyone has already posted this, but there is a video on bravo entitled “Resigned to a Loveless Marriage?” where Adrienne explains that she is not the godmother.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Ah, so the long con is beginning to unravel…

    • Kansas Girl says:

      This is a LOVELY find! The first few seconds were so good, I rewound and watched again. The looks between Adrienne and Taylor while Adrienne draws out a long “Well”. LOL! Taylor goes from frantically nodding with a huge grin, to an “oh shit” look. And Kim’s clearly been clued in by Adrienne. Oh my, Taylor has not captivated her audience like she intended. I may go watch this again, I love it so much.

      • overaggression says:

        Glad someone besides me enjoyed it. Why is it buried there on the site? I almost missed Taylor squirming while she was outed as a a delusional liar.

        • Kansas Girl says:

          From the title, I would never have guessed the wonderful content!

          @WSL, watch this one. It will do your heart good!

          • RubyNewbie says:

            Perhaps next season we’ll hear Kyle scream, “You’re such a f*cking liar Taylor!”. LOL

            I’m enjoying this.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              EYE ROLL
              There is also a clip of Kim at the psychic with Kyle- and she mentions a “John” who was there one day then poof gone the next.

              I think I am going to take a little card table and set up shop and call myself a medium- I’ll be rich.

        • nathania says:

          Holy Sh*t.

          That completely kills me. That video sums up perfectly how and why the viewers feel the way they do about Taylor. WE can see it.

          I love Taylor’s stupid grin slowly fading as Adrienne explains, ‘um, nope, that is a post that someone who is actually close to you is supposed to hold, not someone who just has like a hundred million dollars’. Sigh…poor Taylor. Bravo should have definitely veered off script and let Taylor sit there and grin on national tv and not just on the website. Adrienne crushes her, and Lisa’s expressions while it is going on are priceless, too, her feelings about it are written all over her face.

          But I think Bravo is motivated by $$$ in terms of they select whom they think is going to be the villain and they plan the filming around that, around who is going to be in what roles. And when something outrageous happens, they don’t seem to ‘get it’, they just continue on with their filming schedule and build one person up over another, or continue to vilify one cast member when another obviously is getting negative press. Case in point with Kim, whom Kyle and Bravo set out to vilify and then it ended up that Taylor came out as reprehensible. Or with Danielle Staub, whom the public was not as willing to crucify as Bravo was. I think they don’t know jack-sh*t about their viewing audience, and even worse, they don’t care. Andy seemed shocked both when Kim was sided with over Kyle on WWHL, by a 77% margin, and when Kandi Burress was chosen as the favorite RHOA housewife. They also seemed to have been willing on RHONY to let Alex be vilified for a while until the public came out in support of her. Why don’t they have a better grasp on their viewers?

        • Thank you for that clip. One of my BIG lingering questions about Adrienne was how she allowed herself to be roped into being Kennedy’s godmother. I was pretty she wouldn’t take on such a role lightly and I’d never seen anything to suggest she and Taylor had a close relationship. Looks like Taylor will have to shop around for a new mark – maybe she should look for one who doesn’t watch television.

      • nathania says:

        This always happens when ho’s like Taylor/Michaele Salahi/ Camille, etc, try to move from manipulating men, which is a purely physical exercise, to manipulating women. Most of them just can’t do it, and they come of looking like the witches they are in no time flat.

    • Katie says:

      Where is it I can’t find it??? Can someone please post the link?

    • Katie says:

      Well, well, well, the plot thickens. Why the hell that didn’t make the reunion cut is beyond me, it was a lot more interesting then some of the other stuff.
      Very telling look Adrienne gave to Taylor. I knew something was up with that whole God Mother deal, Adrienne not knowing about Taylor’s past.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Taylor asked Adrianne to be the Godmother when? Kennedy is 4!

        My Spidy sense says she asked her because she though it would me that Aidrianne would have to be committed to her

    • California35 says:

      Really? Lol

    • MichellefromNY says:

      OMG. This should be re-posted EVERYWHERE! That look is priceless!!! I watched it like five times lol!!!!

      Btw, for those who have been criticizing kyle on her sister, I noticed her look as taylor was explaining away andy’s question on how she prefers the beverly hills lifestyle to happiness. She was tottally smirking as if to say, “you tottally married him for the lifestyle bitch”. It still makes me think that kyle doesn’t stand up for her sister because taylor has completely blackmailed her to be against her sister. Sounds like a conspiracy theory I know, but knowing taylor it actually makes sense.

      • vilzvet says:

        A bit confused…has Taylor actually publicly stated that Adrienne is Kennedy’s godmother? Why would she make an a$$ out of herself like that? Not that I don’t LOVE it! What a great clip! That definitely should have been on a Part III. But at least we have the Dinner Party Unrated Director’s Cut to look forward to!

        • HD says:

          I am cracking up!! I keep watching it. Taylor was shaking her head yes with that goofy grin! Why would she even ask Adrienne. They never seemed real close. She was just trying to have someone with a lot of money be involved so she could milk it. She ain’t slick!

  89. lillybee says:

    Jill Z has posted her blog on the reunion show. Funny thing is that the most responses come from Lisa in New England.

  90. klmh says:

    Couple Taylor and Russell Armstrong featured on the Bravo television series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” purchased a stake in a Malibu substance-abuse treatment center, the couple announced today.

    That says it all. They purchased a stake in a treatment program. Just wondering why you would compare it with anything other than an investment. The way the U.S. is going, especially in their area, they will probably make tons money on this venture! Sad, but true.

  91. klmh says:


    Here is the telephone number and additional information about Taylor’s consulting firm:

    Let us know how it goes!

    • Nancy says:

      It’s called hiding your assets!
      My best friend’s husband is a lawyer for the IRS. He’s looking into all of this because he agree’s…Sure sounds fishy.

  92. klmh says:

    Wow, that took a long time to do!

  93. Cusi77 says:

    Nancy? Lol!

  94. Zee says:

    Cant wait to see Gnomio and Juliet, looks super cute and the best part, no Trolls!!

  95. lillybee says:

    Maybe this is why Taylor is pushing the Kim is drunk thing.

  96. TrillianAlice says:

    I have been sick for a few days so I do not know if you have seen this you tube video
    of Kyle, Taylor Faye

    • klmh says:

      I wish I could pull that whole clip up, but Taylor sure seems wasted in the first few minutes.

      • MichellefromNY says:

        She’s beyond wasted. With that huge fake-ass smile and hanging onto everyone….uggghhhhhh.

        Btw, notice how she says “and we’re besties” about kyle but kyle talks over her and ignores her. Speaks volumes on their relationship

  97. dsc60 says:

    i think WWHL should redo the polls at the end of the season after EVERYTHING airs. would be interesting to see the contrast.

  98. WSL says:

    That’s the site I used 2 weeks ago & got no responsE.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      I love that you’re doing this and am so anxious to hear the outcome.

    • klmh says:

      Did you see the phone number? You had mentioned there wasn’t one before, but on this particular website, on the top right hand side, there is one.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      That undiagnosed itching that Giggy is suffering from…is called chafing…try putting him down sometime.

  99. Andy says:

    I hate Jill Zarrin . Jill sucks and has tuna breath. Everybody hates Jill,
    No body loves you, go eat worms!
    I hate Jill Zarrin . Jill sucks and has tuna breath. Everybody hates Jill,
    No body loves you, go eat worms!
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    No body loves you, go eat worms!
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    No body loves you, go eat worms!
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    No body loves you, go eat worms!
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    No body loves you, go eat worms!
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    No body loves you, go eat worms!
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    No body loves you, go eat worms!
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    No body loves you, go eat worms!
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    No body loves you, go eat worms!
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    I hate Jill Zarrin . Jill sucks and has tuna breath. Everybody hates Jill,
    No body loves you, go eat worms!
    I hate Jill Zarrin . Jill sucks and has tuna breath. Everybody hates Jill,
    No body loves you, go eat worms!
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    No body loves you, go eat worms!
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    No body loves you, go eat worms!
    I hate Jill Zarrin . Jill sucks and has tuna breath. Everybody hates Jill,
    No body loves you, go eat worms!
    I hate Jill Zarrin . Jill sucks and has tuna breath. Everybody hates Jill,
    No body loves you, go eat worms!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      There ya go. But you spelled her name wrong. I think that’s like crossing your fingers behind your back — negates everything you say.

  100. RubyNewbie says:

    Haven’t read all the comments, but have any of our resident detectives checked on the alleged police report Lisa supposedly filed against Cedric? My gut is telling me something ain’t right here. Cedric says Lisa asked him to move back in when she got a slot on RHBH. He claims he had previously moved out. Is it possible dear Lisa helped Cedric concoct this life story for tv drama purposes? Aside from Adrienne and Kim, all those ladies have left me drained and angry. Taylor is awful, Kyle is mean, Camille is cuckoo and Lisa may just be a too clever by half fame whore. Stay tuned!

    • Nancy says:

      No way!

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      I wouldn’t believe a word that came out of Cedric’s mouth. The desperation oozing from Cedric when Ken was pushing him to move out was palpable. He didn’t want to lose his meal ticket. Now he’s peddling a tell all book. Yeah, he’s scum.

    • Marina says:

      Exactly. Lisa wasn’t born at night, I mean c’mon…. I don’t buy what she’s selling, but looks like Lynn does.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I don’ believe anything Cedric says- and even if it is true- so what.

      “Hey Cedric, move back in so you can help launch your career by being my companion and the house guest from hell”

      So why once the camera stopped rolling would he think he would be welcome.

      How was he paying rent in the real work if Lisa wasn’t paying him?

    • nathania says:

      I looked on the smoking gun but they don’t have anything on there, I don’t know of anywhere else to look.

      I agree with you about being drained. It is very draining. And the two white knights of the show, Kim and Adrienne, are no relief, what with Kim’s pain that was really hard to watch, bless her heart, and Adrienne’s strange answers that seemed a bit off and weird.

      • vilzvet says:

        Heheh, that was pretty funny when Kyle revealed the police report being filed and Lisa said, “Yes well we have not ever made that public yet”…

  101. RubyNewbie says:

    Taylor’s having a meltdown! LOL

  102. WSL says:

    Oooooop s

  103. Mbdea says:

    Totally off topic but quick question…anyone ever see a show called Top Chef Masters? I know if Top Chef but is there a “Masters?”

    Friend is competing but not sure if I hear correctly.

  104. lillybee says:

    There have been two seasons of Top Chef masters and I believe that they are doing another.

    • Mbdea says:

      So there is a Top Chef Masters? Ok, then that’s the one my friend will be in..3rd season 🙂

      • Katie says:

        Who is your friend, if you don’t mind sharing? Top Chef Masters are usually very well known Chefs (the best of the best). Either way good to your friend!

    • Scorpiosue1102 says:

      They are doing another and word has it that Chef Curtis Stone is the new host.

      • Mbdea says:

        You’re right. I can’t say his name but I can tell you he is referred to as the “father of modern Southwest cuisine.”

        You get glimpses of his restaurant on many car commercials. He is sequestered for filming now. He was also on Food Network’s Iron Chef America; his episode airs this month.

        I can’t say anymore due to confidentiality issues…but I am super PROUD and you’ll hear more of him as a major brand.

        • Katie says:

          That’s great, please come back and share the stuff you can. I love that show and I think Lynn does a blog on it too.
          Good luck!

          • Mbdea says:

            You bet I will 😀

            • quincyil says:

              That is the second celebrity news for board members is the last few days. I love having this on the board. It makes the shows more fascinating to know that one of our board members is their friend.



            • Rabble Rouser says:

              That’s so cool and thanks for sharing, you have us curious 🙂

              I think I know who it is tho- I guess we will see down the line if my hunch is correct.

          • Golden Girl says:

            Lynn does do a blog on Top Chef so it will be great if you could give us any info that wont go against your friends confidentiality agreement of coarse. Unless you don’t mind spilling it lol we will listen.

        • SoutheastVA says:

          Sounds like Chef John Sedlar to me.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I love Curtis Stone- he is cute and charming but I just don’t see him in position to ‘judge’ some of the caliber of chefs that are on that show.

  105. justanothermary says:

    Poor Jill – snowed in?

  106. MichellefromNY says:

    If you are going to insult the blog, you might as well do so with proper grammar. Writing “your blog it sucks” does not make sense at all. It would have been better to have put at least a comma in that sentence. Or, changed the sentence to say “your blog sucks”. Just saying.

  107. MichellefromNY says:

    Off topic, but I was watching 30 rock, and they were spooking reality shows. And basically the producer kept trying to get “liz lemon” and “tracy” to go at it. Reminded me how real housewives are very possibly pseudo-scripted in that they are encouraged to be bad?

    She also made a comment how the camera purposefully focuses on silences and supposed meaningful looks to give the viewer a false sense of what they should think. Maybe that’s why housewives often blame editing? Because editing helps predict who will turn out the “bad” one and who we the audience will sympathize with. Yes the housewives do say things that make them look bad, but maybe the “good” side of them gets edited out to make them more evil or more obnoxious etc. Just a thought.

    • Mbdea says:

      Bravo and NBC are owned by NBC Universal so makes sense they would have “insights.” Sorry I missed it. I was looking forward to it.

  108. Nancy says:

    I just read “Taylor’s” new posts from us “cowards” and it looks like she has hired some of Jill Zarin’s trolls. Just how stupid does she think we are?
    “Taylor” you are the most transparent person I’ve ever seen!

  109. California35 says:

    Did someone post this already? I have kind of off today, reading the wall out of sequence and have not read everything.
    …any ways, here it is…


    Lynn-thanks for the blog, great job!

    • klmh says:

      I am so sad for those sisters. What a mess. I am happy though they cut Andy off at the knees when he tried to get more information about the limo fight. I am also proud of Andy for pursuing it a bit though.

  110. Rabble Rouser says:

    Thanks for the blog Lynn

    Here is my take:

    Kyle, while she might be fun to have lunch with I wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side of her. We’ve seen her lash out at her sister and Camille and she definitely low blows. I go back and forth between her being completely cederic-ed by Taylor or thinking that Taylor has the goods on her. It’s always going to bother me that she just let Taylor threaten her sister in that manner. That she blamed her sister for the argument at the BD party.

    Per the reunion, Lisa is right, her and Taylor’s OTT pawing at each other is annoying on so many levels. I agree with the choice for the sisters not to discuss the argument, it’s too recent and fresh and I think there are too many issues that they will never agree on and that they probably need to learn to accept that about each other.


    I’m not completely sold on her just yet. I think her bad actions are now paled by the fury over Taylor and Kyle’s treatment of Kim. I think she prepared herself well for the reunion and that talking about Kelsey’s cheating and how it hurt her would garner some sympathy and understanding. I think she knew if she sat their like a wounded dove while she and Kyle played psychological battleship with one another- that Kyle would blow a gasket . I think Camille is almost like Danielle, she might be low down and dirty but she does it on the down low. Even at the dinner, she set the stage for Kyle to go banana’s and had her friend take the role of most offensive part.


    A lovely and classy lady- you can tell she comes from the business world and uses her head in discussions instead of raw emotion. I adore her husband.

    I must admit I do have some concerns with their close relationship with Charlie Sheen- amidst the rumors of a skinny housewife partaking in a ‘weekend bump’ and them being friends with raging coke head (amongst other things). But I hope that I am fretting over nothing and that is not the case.


    I really do like Lisa and think she is witty but she does throw in a dig here and there- I saw something on twitter about her setting Martin up that unless I misunderstood, smacked of a little cruelty. I also don’t know why she felt to bring up Kim’s issues.


    I really like her. I think she is way more intelligent and perceptive than what the other housewife’s give her credit for. I think if she is battling addiction then she needs an intervention and not an angry confrontation especially by a snake like Taylor.


    Is a snake- and a liar. I think she is the worst of the worst.
    I don’ buy her BS new blog that was obviously just damage control because she was getting slammed on twitter and the blogs. There is nothing that Kim could have done to her that would make the way she treated her okay. Everything about her is a lie, she couldn’t even decipher the truth if she had a Little Orphan Annie decoder ring. She is oil and the truth is water- and never shall the two mix.

  111. Kristy says:

    Kyle and Kim have a fight or flight response to conflict While kyle doesn’t go and seek conflict(which in my mind means she is NOT a bully) when it arrives she gets very defensive and lashes out sometimes in catty cruel ways but i think lots of us are guilty of that like you said and Kim ofcorse has a flight response where even if she has something relevant to say she would rather not and just take herself out of the situation these are instincts and not pre meditated and Camille thinks(not everyone sits at home reading the art of war and strategizing) so i don’t think its a good enough reason to condemn someone.

  112. pinda says:

    I haven’t read through all the opinions to this yet but I can’t help but add my two cents. I have a question. Is it possible thar Cedric knew he said to much at that dinner to Kyle. Maybe some family member of his wanted to set the record straight about his tragic childhood. Then they spill the beans to lisa. So the freeloader went on the defensive to save face. That would explain his nasty exit from lisas house. What do ya’ll think?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I don’t know.
      Lisa said she heard something about a sister, but I figured she found out the same way we did- on the net.

      I think whatever suspicions they had about him were confirmed when he demanded money from them.

      • quincyil says:

        It’s so tricky when someone is living with you. She asked him to do a lot of things with her like exercise, go to the flower vendors and help with arrangements at the restaurant. He even brought her tea. Yes, he lived there free and used their credit cards and cars, but he probably thought they should be paying him as a man servant or woman servant.

    • error404 says:

      Liars can usually talk their way around things. From “they’re lying, com’on you know me”etc… to “I didn’t want to tell you I had a sister because she’s no good and I wanted to protect you” etc… there’s a million ways he could have talked his way out of being caught in a lie. Something else happened IMO.

      Also, Lisa is kinda dumb. We all know she’s catty, even if she cloaks it well in humor. He was her confidant for years, and I’m sure she said many a bitchy thing BH elite, all of whom she claims to know. I doubt Camille is atypical BH. I think most of them would freak out and start WWIII over a remark like “Why would anyone be interested in you without Kelsey?” even if it a total bastardization of what was actually said. Does Lisa really want to have to explain herself to all those people? And believe me, if Camille wasn’t getting kicked to the curb by her meal ticket, there’s no way Kyle ever would have dared to call her delusional and a F*&^ing liar. No way. Hollywood is all about pecking order. Kelsey still knows the right people and if he was actually still in love with Camille instead of trying to ignore that she exists, Kyle would be experiencing some major payback. Or not, because she never would have dared to kick Camille unless she was already down.

      • val says:

        Yeah, but that is probably why Kyle kept trying to make up with Camille after every fight. She kept trying to make things right because of Kelsy. She was worried about how Kelsy would treat her after his play and terrified that Kelsy would cut ties w/ Mauricio.

        • val says:

          And also now that Kelsy is out of the picture she has no problem going off on Camille at the reunion.

  113. WSL says:

    Pina hummmmm
    Makes sense.

  114. lillybee says:

    Re Top Chef, I am annoyed that Mike I. stayed and Tre went home.

    • Katie says:

      Me too! I like Tre and love he left on such a high note and went out with class.

      I’m getting sick of the attitude of Mike and Fabio, if they were so perfect they’d be one of the judges. I would never go to their restaurants.

      I’m rooting for all the remaining females, Richard and Angelo

  115. Katie says:

    Ditto, me too.

    Taylor – That video someone pointed out above of Adrienne coming clean about the fact that SHE IS NOT the Godmother to Taylor’s daughter confirms a lot for me.

  116. Katie says:

    This video below and the whole Godmother conversation blows my mind! I have watched it a couple times. Just watch the faces and awkwardness. When Andy says, “Adrienne you are Kennedy’s Godmother” Taylor keeps nodding her head YES and Adrienne looks at Taylor and is pissed. Taylor was hoping Adrienne would go along with her lie, the fake smile and Adrienne struggles to tell the truth. I don’t get why THIS did not make the cut for the reunion. Taylor is a liar.


    • error404 says:

      My guess:

      1. It’s not relevant to the central story lines. Having dwelled on Taylor’s troubled marriage and Taylor’s involvement in all of the major drama, I think they need to spread it around a bit and not focus too much on one or two housewives.


      2. Andy was already kinda hard on Taylor saying point bank several times that she started all of the fights. I don’t think they want to totally gang up on any of their stars.

    • Noreen says:

      Thanks for posting. I forget to go on Bravo and watch the “extras.” Taylor has obviously spent the season trying to ingratiate herself into these women’s lives. I think it is funny that early on she decided that Kim was the weakling and she pounced on her to get her of the mix. I can’t get a take on what Lisa thinks of Kim. It seems that she doesn’t care for her but then she sets her up with one of her best friends (Martin). I think Kyle has been complaining about Kim to everyone and has ruined her sister’s reputation amongst the group.
      I also thought Kim looked beautiful at the reunion. And Kyle is gorgeous.

      • error404 says:

        Kim is beautiful. Kyle is 5 years younger, but looks 10 years younger because she’d had so much work done. No woman in her 40s has skin that tight, not even Asians. lol Kyle does look good though, because she hangs around with women who have paid surgeons to make them look just like Julia Roberts and Jaclyn Smith, but now look like female impersonators.

        • Noreen says:

          God, I wish I had money!

        • Brigid A. says:

          Have to disagree about Kyle’s “beauty.” All her plastic surgery doesn’t compensate for her unattractive lower jaw area. It is most noticeable when she’s angry, doing that lower jaw/teeth thrust. Scary! She needs a Beverly Hills celebrity orthodontist.

          IMO, Kim is really beautiful but she’s spent too much time in the California sun. Nevertheless, she’s far more attractive without surgical alteration.

        • hbgirl says:

          Agree that Kim is naturally beautiful despite her age and spending too much time out in the sun. I also noticed that at certain angles and facial expressions you can see wrinkles in Kyle’s face. Also her hands when shown up close are wrinkled, ughh…Cut the hair too long.

          • Brigid A. says:

            I really hate sounding superficial and mean, but since this is Kyle we’re talking about, agree that Kyle’s hands are awful. Who can miss them…they’re always in her freakin hair! And I may be in the minority but I wouldn’t pay a plastic surgeon for Kyle’s nose. She did.

            Doubtful she’ll age gracefully compared to Kim who has left her face alone and looks beautiful.

        • Maite says:

          Don’t say no woman … I have no surgery and my skin is tight as a peach and wrinkle free … its called good genes 🙂

    • klmh says:

      Great find Katie. Disturbing too. What an awkward situation for Adrienne to be in, but Im glad she set the record straight.
      Taylor is the neediest, saddest woman I have seen on the housewives show. She is one lonely lady, grabbing anyone around her for support. I wonder if she is that way with just wealthy people or if she is dependent on everyone who gives her the time of day.
      I hope she can work things out to become a happier person, in her own right. She has a precious daughter and I hope she can become a positive strong role model for her. Just my opinion, oh course.

    • Brigid A. says:

      In watching this video, it seems Taylor whatever-her-real-name is wasn’t prepared for Adrienne to set the record straight about the godmother situation. Taylor’s plastic face actually registered a shocked, awkward expression when her lie was exposed by Adrienne.

    • Nancy says:

      Let’s play a game. If you can come up with one statement that has come out of “Taylor’s” mouth that was the truth…YOU WIN!

  117. nancy says:

    Oh brother. What a troll and a waste of space.

  118. Lorma Zicca says:

    Great Blog once again….I agree totally!!!!! Kyle really needs to get over herself, and Taylor is such a wanna be!!!

    Can’t wait for the lost footage!!!

  119. Maite says:

    Lynn great blog, love reading it but today, I totally disagree with you. I think Taylor while needy and emotionally immature is not a snake. First of all, to be a snake you need to be smart, cleaver and evil and I don’t think she is any of that. I will agree that not being a snake doesn’t make her harmless but she is just another dumb blonde with great needs and emotionally immature. Camile on the other side, she is manipulative and insecure but has tons of class, or is at least more convincing than Jill when apologizing. Did she showed a better side at the reunion that during all the season, absolutely …but do you really buy the excuse that all the awful things she said and did where all to blame on her divorce situation ??? The comments she made and not stepping up to stop her weird friend are to blame on that too? While apologizing is the right thing to do, it does not erase the real reasons for saying all those vile things. Regarding Kyle, she wears her feelings on her sleeve, I am sure she will learn from this experience and will learn to control her feelings in front of the cameras. But I certainly find incredible that anybody will judge not only a relationship between sisters but a family that is dealing with an addict in denial. You guys have spend the entire season saying how weird Kim was, not even knowing the women had a drinking problem … then to judge what is going among the sisters without really knowing what else is in the background? Does Kyle need to control her outbursts and learn to be emotionally polite, absolutely. But I think that if Camile deserves kudos for apologizing you also need to express some understanding on how draining, frustrating, complicated and upsetting a situation like this is, especially when it’s been going on for a while. I’m just saying 🙂

  120. eve says:

    After watching both reunions, i have started to like Camille. HATE Taylor and Kyle.

  121. MidwestMom says:

    Great blog Lynn! I’m snowed in here for the third day and spent some time catching up on your site.
    I agree.with you. I think I could like Camille. I can totally see how the demise of her marriage could color her relationships with everyone else around her. I believe Kyle did make some type of comment to her and given the fact that she had to know that something wasn’t going well in her marriage — she took it harder than she may have in earlier years.
    I think Taylor is dispicable. Totally fake and cruel and selfish. Haven’t liked her since day one. What a wannabee. I think she should be called on the carpet for spending 60K on a 4-year-olds birthday party. In this economy with families who don’t earn that in a year to be taken so lightly by her is outrageous. Call it like it is. The party was for HER. Not for her daughter. What child of 4 needs a diamond necklace? Outrageous and ridiculous. Thank you to Lisa for pointing that out.
    I think bully is the wrong word for Kyle. Mean, manipulative, and self-important–absolutely. On camera she would sneak in digs about Kim and what Kyle thought Kim needed to do. She thinks she knows what everyone else should do and isn’t shy about telling them so. If someone dares to disagree with her she goes for the take down. She would be the type to kick a man when he’s down. She did so to Kim and to Camille. Her snide smirk and hateful comments toward Camille about the jealousy thing were captured on camera for all to see. I think on some levels she was jealous of Camille and LOVED the fact that Camille’s marriage fell apart. Can’t stand her.
    I like Kim. Nothing wrong with wanted to spend time at home. In fact, more of these women need to spend more quiet nights at home.
    Thanks for letting me vent here. Guess I’ve got a bit of cabin fever due to blizzard and hoping to get out this evening or tomorrow to see actual people!

  122. bdonahueweedman says:

    Holy Mother Lynn…I can see your blog is on fire as always. I wish I had 33 hours to read all of the comments in case I repeat, but for the first time in history I absolutely disagree with you. I saw *none* of this aggression from Taylor you speak of. It is your beloved Lisa who kept after the New York argument. Every single time it was over, Lisa would say to Taylor, “Well it WAS your fault, YOU need to say something. OWN it.” etc. This happened three times, the last one being at Taylor’s birthday party? You’re all Okay with Lisa practically shoving Taylor over to Kim to confront her about New York? My husband even said “God leave her alone it’s her Birthday for God’s sake!” Lisa is jealous of Kyle’s new friendship with Taylor and is orchestrating all of this garbage to make Taylor look bad. Mark my words. You’re all in love with Lisa….just like everybody was in love with Jill the first season. I just want it said that Lisa is going to end up causing a LOT more trouble than Taylor. Taylor is too meek. She’s not wired for evil. And Lynn as we spoke about last night I’m also going to put it down here so I get credit (or not): I guarantee you there is something to do with sex, whether it’s a tape or pictures, of “poor little Cedric” and his Blackmail scheme. I dont know if he was pleasuring both of them, or just her, but it is very very common for the very very rich in Hollywood to have very very unusual sexual appetites, because they can have whatever they want and after a while normal gets boring. Camille even said Kelsey Grammar is a cross-dresser, which I have no problem believing. Lets see, insanely wealthy couple, still decent looking in their late 50’s, with an insanely gorgeous guy living with them who basically does…nothing? They start to get some fame because of this show, decide they’d better get rid of him, he threatens to blow the whistle, they call his bluff and that’s where we stand. But Cedric, was servicing SOMEBODY in that house, don’t be naive. Why do you think ken was so livid? What else do you think Cedric had to Blackmail them with? You just mark my words. Lisa will be the nasty one when this all shakes out. Not Taylor. Keep up the good work Lynn….Love you!!
    Follow me on Twitter @bdonahueweedman

  123. missmi says:

    Lisa never forced Taylor to do anything at the b-day party! As far as I remember she asked Taylor at lunch to work it out with Kim. Taylor gave a “come on, its Kim eye roll” to Lisa and left it at that. She then proceeded to “talk with Kim” at the party, but quickly launched into an attack of how Kim dragged her into this whole mess. Once again Taylor not taking any responsibility for her part in NY feud. She is only upset that the meeger Kim called her out at the table.

    I havent been on for a couple of days and just saw that video about the godmother issue. So here we go. Lots of us thought that Taylor had tried to befriend Camille in NY, but learned quickly that she was bat shit crazy and moved on. Now its quite obvious that she was wanting to hitch her wagon to Adrienne before cameras rolled and possibly have a baptism for the show. She called Adrienne while in NY and had visited Adriennes husband for botox, but their on screen friendship dies quickly after that.

    One more thing. If you ask someone to be a godparent to your child, why would you never divulge your past to them? ie: ABUSE! If you cannnot confide in her about your past, then why would you ask her to be a godmother to your child! Unless its status orientated. So Kyle needs to remember that according to which way Taylor blows, she was third on the list of convenient friends.

  124. Totally agree about Taylor. Hate her! Still hate Camille too. I think she IS delusional and like Kyle said, is only apologizing to save face and not because she really means it.
    I know I’m in the minority, but I still don’t hate Kyle. I don’t agree with the way she treats Kim, but I don’t think it makes her a bad person. I think there are a lot of issues between those two women and I think there are a lot of reasons for Kyle’s anger that we may not understand.
    Personally, I think that maybe things wouldn’t have gotten so out of control between Kim and Kyle if Kim would have just opened her mouth and taken Kyle’s side with the whole Camille thing. I think that situation created a big problem between Kyle and Kim, and I don’t blame Kyle for being angry with her over that. And I don’t buy Kim’s excuses that she gets nervous, she had no problem confronting and arguing with Taylor, she just couldn’t speak up when it came to defending her sister.

  125. jane says:

    I wonder when we will see kyle’s true color, she is a mean jelous vidictive piece of …. for a sister, c’mon she outed her sister as an alcholic, now how cute is that? she has two attack dogs (taylor and lisa) feels she owns her sister ,she is embaressed by her(what is kim to kyle anyways her puppy, like we get embaressed when the dog shits on a carpet or try to snap the neck of our guests) ,I am so happy i dont have a kyle in my life thank you GOD

  126. emdee says:

    I read somewhere Bravo not sure they want Taylor back or not. Believe me, I do not like her at all, however that will let Kyle off the hook too easy if she doesn’t come back. Now that everyone sees “whose not a fan”, it will be fun to watch everyone squirm away from Taylor. Also, Kyle will have to kiss up to Kim cuz she’s the new favorite, and that will kill her. She was so quick to say at the reunion how untrue it was that Kim supported all of them. She goes out of her way to discredit Kim. Kim , I am a fan . Please stay on the show and be true to yourself. I am also a little surprised by Lisa butting into everything. She should stay out of it. I still like her, but she’s bringing herself down a few notches in my book thinking her opinion on everybody’s business is right. They all treat Kim so disrespectfully. Shine in your moment Kim!!! I also liked Kyle at first – but when she was getting ready for Taylor’s party, it was all about how she looked, nothing about her beautiful 21 year old daughter standing in front of her I think she’s the insecure one, and if you have to tell someone to keep your hands off my husband, or whatever that lost footage clip says, after all those years of being with him, it should not matter if there was trust there. Can’t wait to see how everyone behaves in Season 2.

  127. NolaGal says:

    This is the funniest clip of Trailor Trash Hughes Armstrong!! Its a clip of her lies.

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