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I Hate Jill Zarin Million Dollar Listing – by Quincy IL
Housewives News by LynnNChicago Feb 4, 2011

Last night marked the return of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing minus Chad Rodgers (no loss there) but they changed the time of the debut and buried the show among several airings of the rerun of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion so it was difficult to find. Luckily our very own QuincyIL was able to view it, here is her recap:

Million Dollar Listing Week One

Three young real estate agents introduce themselves. Josh Flagg talks about the market last year which was “bad” and “cutthroat.” He managed to stay on top because he is a “showman.” He knows the history of the homes in Beverly Hills and sells homes in the range of 3 to 20 million dollars. Madison is the Malibu agent. He develops relationships and sells properties using that gift. The new member of the cast is Josh Almond. He sold properties with the value of 38 million last years and he is the top agent under 30 years old. This is his dream job.

Tues. is “Broker’s Open Day.” The agents in the LA area go to homes to see the offerings and to meet other agents. Josh F meets Todd, a Valley Agent. He knows the Todd has listings in the Valley and has been successful. Josh F asks Todd to form and alliance and share advertising costs on a large mansion on a busy intersection. Todd knows the house and they look at each other knowingly. They don’t say more at this time. The house is a big Mediterranean which would be nice for someone. Again there is silence.

Madison and his assistant Heather are going over glamour shots of Madison for his marketing campaign. Madison markets Madison. The sign outside his office says Coldwell Banker so he is a member of a franchise. Heather describes a new prospect which she has investigated. The 24 year old owns several Internet businesses and ….a medical marijuana shop which is legitimate. Both laugh. Madison says this is a new phenomenon. Heather has set up an appointment and asks if Madison will bring back a brownie. He says, “No.”

It’s 7AM and Josh A is in bed. It looks like he is not alone in bed, but after the alarm we see that Josh A has two companions, two little dogs. He calls himself, “Daddy.” He kisses his dogs and rubs noses with them. Josh asks his dogs about his clothing choices for the day. The dogs approve a light blue, plaid suit with a very white shirt and black shoes.

Josh A drives to a very nice modern home with 5,265 ft to meet with the owner. There are 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, one five person bathtub, 40 ft wall of glass about 20 ft high, an L shaped pool, new floors, and new kitchen. The home is located in Beverly Hills and is two minutes from Rodeo Drive. The yard is a green oasis. The owner is extremely motivated to sell. The price will be $3,975,000. Josh has the client sign a contract because by law a contract is required, but he tells the client that they can fire him at any time and the client likes that.

Josh F and Todd, the Valley agent, go to the Mediterranean (which got “mansionized”) on the busy intersection in Encino to meet with Monet, an eccentric makeup artist who rebuilt the mansion as a spec home. Josh F describes eccentric in LA as weird with a lot of money and Monet seems to fit the description. He is from Israel. Monet put 6 million dollars into that “palace” in the last two years. His design and dreams are in that house. Josh F and Todd tell Monet that no house in Encino has ever sold for that amount. They set the price of $4,995,000 for a quick sale, but neither Josh F nor Todd thinks that is the final sale price.

Madison goes to the medical marijuana medicinal drug shop to meet Tim. The shop sells clothes with photos of weed on them. It is upscale with a lovely receptionist. 25 types of medical marijuana are in jars and each cures a specific diseases. Madison says that the smell makes him high. There is marijuana candy and bongs for sale also. Tim wants to lease a big house at least 4,000 sq. ft with a 4 car garage because he has 3 expensive cars and will get more soon. He wants the house to be in the Hollywood Hills so that he is close to the clubs. He is willing to pay $10,000 to $15,000 a month. Madison feels that Malibu would be a better price fit so he will take Tim to a house in the Hollywood Hills in his price range and then show him the homes in Malibu in that price range.

Josh A is in a car with his friend and assistant of 3 months, Mike. He is giving Mike instructions on what to do to get a property ready for sale. Mike is writing it down while driving. Mike cleans and straightens up the properties before showings. He also does cheers to raise Josh A’s spirit and make him more aggressive when selling. A Greek realtor arrives and is shown the modern home which was discussed above. He seems interested.

Josh A is on the phone with the owner of the modern house that he has just listed and that owner wants immediate action as Josh had promised him. Josh is on the phone calling the realtors who visited in his open house. He feels the Greek realtor is interested, but he calls everyone. Josh A tells us that he is “old school.” He motivates the realtors. He tells us that he only needs one buyer.

Josh F is in a Jewish deli with his grandmother who lives in a Penthouse in the same building as Josh. Josh’s grandmother is buying food for an open house in the Mediterranean mansion in Encino because there are “a lot of Jews in the Valley.” The menu includes many types of sausage, potato salad, cold slaw, cabbage, breads and pickles. It’s going to be a Jewish Shabbat. Josh’s grandmother tells us that food sells the home. You put food in the stomach of brokers/realtors and that goes to their heads and then to their pocketbooks.

Madison goes to a rental in the Hollywood Hills to meet Frank, a realtor that has joined Madison’s facebook page and seems very friendly. Frank has his dog with him. Frank flirts with Madison, but Madison is shy and wants to be friends. Tim rings the door bell and Madison says, “Saved by the ding dong.” Tim has a red sports car that had problems going up the narrow road the rental. The house is nice, but the location seems to be an issue with Tim. Madison saves Frank’s dog which fell into the pool. Madison, Frank, Tim and the wet dog take a house tour. The house is great with great views and great bathrooms, but it’s in the wrong location. Madison tells us that Tim would need $25,000 for a home in the Hollywood Hills with his list of demands so they will look in Malibu.

Josh F is in the Mediterranean Mansion with Jewish realtors who love the food, but say the price is too high. They did like the staircase from Israel. Josh A and Mike arrive and meet Josh F. Josh A thinks Jewish food will turn off some realtors. Josh A thinks buyers will want a refrigerator in the empty space for a refrigerator in the kitchen and that the master bedroom is very small. Josh A thinks a closed kitchen is good in a house with 10,000 sq ft as people with that size of house will have staff. Outside, Josh A tells Josh F that he showed this mansion last year to several buyers. One was a sports figure who was concerned about the lack of security as it is not surrounded by an expensive fence. Todd asks Josh F if he felt they just had “an Arnie Gold moment” after Josh A leaves. They laugh.

Josh and Todd meet with the eccentric owner and have a drink from a bottle that is immediately closed and put back in the box. Josh F doesn’t ask the owner to drop his price. Todd is surprised, but Josh F tells us that the owner has had 4 other realtors and if it doesn’t sell, he will blame the realtor, not the house. Josh will wait until he has an offer before discussing price with the eccentric owner. The house price needs to drop $1,000,000 and the owner is going to go ballistic.

Josh A meets with the Greek realtor in a Greek restaurant with Greek wine, food and music. Josh A seems to show signs of drinking, but the Greek realtor seems to be sober.
Both are on the phones with their clients negotiating deals. The Greek realtor says that his clients have carefully studied the property and he shows their calculations that the house is worth $3,200,000. Josh A calls his owner who is not happy, but quickly drops his price from $3,975,000 to $3,700,000. The owner does not want another call to drop his price. The Greek realtor tells his buyers that he is in control and Josh A is almost drunk. Josh A’s face shows that the Greek realtor is probably correct. He is flushed and his eyes are dropping more than unusual. The Greek realtor hold firm. They come to agreement at $3,375,000 but the owner throws in all of their furniture valued at $50,000.
The Greek realtor seems satisfied. The commission for the sale is $89,375.

Madison and Tim take the red sports car to Malibu to see a 5 bedroom, 4 bath compound with an infinity pool and stone deck. Tim is happy that he can throw parties with a DJ for 200 people in that house. He wants the home 2 days because his loft has mold. Madison calls the listing agent and the owner agrees to the demand. The current renter has to move immediately.

Thank you Quincy, great job as always! Quincy will be recapping MDL each week for us, and I really appreciate it!

As most of you have heard by now, the Real Housewives of New York season premier has been postponed until March or April, the New York Post reported it this way:

“Housewives of New York” postponed for lack of catfighting drama, sources say – NYPOST.com


Here’s Gatecrasher’s version:


Side note to Gatecrasher, try to use an updated photo, this is last season’s cast photo. Sheesh!

Lack of substance or last minute changes to the cast, we may never know the real reason for the delay but Bravo has announced that they will begin to air The Real Housewives of Miami in less than three weeks on February 22, a project that has gotten little to no hype until now. This clearly was not the plan or they would have been advertising it weeks ago. Bravo is an odd little network..isn’t it?

According to the New York Post, Jill Zarin has invited Camille Grammer to “hang out” with her and the New York crew, will this woman stop at nothing to get press? The last thing that Camille needs right now is a back stabbing, press monger who is simply trying to increase her “Fabulous circle of people”. Jill Zarin is not your friend Camille, run, run fast!

So Jill, Ramona, Luann, Alex, Kelly, Sonja and the newest cast member, Cindy will have to cool their heels and rearrange their schedules, cancel their premier parties and wait along with the rest of us to see what film will be aired as they continue to edit and cut the show’s footage. Possibly there is still some filming to be done, those talking head interviews don’t film themselves you know…

This will most likely also delay our beloved Simon VanKempen’s web show as it was set to run alongside The Real Housewives of New York so we can assume that’s put on hold as well.

Bravo is clearly unprepared for the Real Housewives of Miami to debut, they haven’t even made mention of them anywhere on their web site. Typically BravoTV.com will have photos, bios and preview clips well before the premier. This show is set to air in two weeks and still nothing. Its scramble time over at Bravo…you could see Cohen sweating just thinking about it on last night’s Watch What Happens Live.

That had to be the most boring episode of Watch What Happens Live since Danielle Staub sat in that chair across from Andy refusing to comment on anything. If you missed it, you really didn’t miss a thing, it isn’t even worth recapping. Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd were guests along with their dog Giggy, but nothing was revealed and no new information came out, just more of the same that we saw on the reunion.

A big Thank You to TLM for capturing two photos of Adrienne Maloof’s husband from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I think it is pretty obvious that this plastic surgeon went under the knife himself…take a look for yourself, I’ve posted both photos of Dr. Paul Nassif here:


Looks like some work on the chin or neck and possibly something around the eyes? What do you think?

Thanks again TLM for sending this over…nice catch!

More antics from our friends over in New Jersey, a certain wanna-be member of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is threatening to sue our friend Real Old Housewife if she doesn’t remove some things from her blog. Apparently any mention whatsoever of this idiotic woman is to be deleted within the next 10-days or ROH will be sued per this Cease and Desist letter. Real Old Housewife Tweeted about it yesterday, here are some of her tweets:


And oh how this will boost the popularity of a certain rh if it came out she was suing a retired senior citizen.

No, I really got a registered letter from lawyer representing a RH second string cast member

Probably because I’m a small hobby blogger, no lawyers on retainer, and would be easy to scare

Oh I think it’s all a bluff. do you think she really wants my 13 yr. old car and a triple wide in a FL retirement community?

I’m think I was singled out because of the comments left by her neighbors, old boyfriends and townspeople

A certain RH cast member may be suing a hobby blogger I want to tell my story on E! LOL

Bravo, Would you pay your real housewives cast better, please, so they won’t need to supplement their income w/lawsuits?

As of right now, all my entries are there and the comments left on them

And that’s not all, to read all of Real Old Housewive’s tweets:


Now I’m not saying who this wanna-be housewife is but you can read a whole lot about her if you click on this link. Do it quickly before the law catches up with ROH….



Finally, don’t forget to watch Bethenny on Ellen today!

Until Next Time….

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296 Responses to IHJZ Million Dollar Listing / Housewives News

  1. AZ Girl says:

    I love Million Dollar Listing!!! Love all the guys, Josh, Madison and Josh A. Not sure about Madison’s new hair style. This show moves along at such a quick pace and is never boring. Where they get these clients I will never know. That house in Encino is crazy. We have a few of those here in AZ. Huge mansions built in family neighborhoods and they stick out like a sore thumb. Most of the one’s here are now in foreclosure.

    Josh Flagg grandmother is a hoot. Need to see more of her. What is with people allowing their dogs to lick their noses? Josh A. and the dog in his bed was a re-run of Jill and Ginger. Gross.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I agree with you and I think that house looked so ostentatious, especially in that neighborhood.

      While I could care less that Chad isn’t back, I have to wonder why. I kind of felt bad for him last season watching him with his father, he obviously longed for even the smallest bit of recognition or even a few kind words. It looked like it was never going to happen. His mom seemed like a sweetheart tho,

      If they got rid of anyone, I hoped it would Josh Flagg. That whole ‘alleged’ theft from his clients didn’t sit well with me. It also looks like ever since his grandmother said she was going to leave her money to charity he has been cosying up to her. She is an interesting lady- I wish there was a way to get rid of him and keep her.

      • 2Stupid says:

        What allegations of client theft? Josh F. is my favorite. I thought it was really sweet the trip he took with his grandmother last year and revisiting things re Holocaust. He seems to be VERY involved in the Jewish Heritage Foundation. Also, typically when people that wealthy say they are leaving all their money to charity there is a seperate family trust, or the family is Trustees of the charitable foundation and are very well compensated. The family may not get the bulk, but I am sure they are not bein completely left out. I am not trying to be disagreeable, just curious about theft allegations. He has always seemed pretty ethical to me, and the realtor that puts in the most work for a sale. Just my opinion. Happy Friday!

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          There are two very serious allegations, one involving the theft of expensive paintings. They were stolen from a house he either had listed or had access to- then later photographs surfaced with him and the paintings.

          The local authorities dropped the case against him- and the FBI picked it up.

          The next involved stolen jade sculptures , they went missing from the home of a wealthy Jewish woman who had recently died.

          The stolen objects were reportedly photographed in his home.

          His lawyer didn’t deny he had them and according to the reports tried to dismiss it by saying ‘the statue of limitations had expired’. Although, even if that is true…it doesn’t mean he can keep the objects.



          While his family (on both sides) has a long and proud history of philanthropy and contributions to the arts, I don’t think he inherited that gene.

          • klmh says:

            Great find. It’s not on my watch list, but might be now. Thanks

          • 2Stupid says:

            Well that’s why I need you guys. I totally misread him! Maybe he is one of those rich kids that steals for the rush of it. Such a waste… I have completely changed my opinion of him. I might even stop watching the show as he was my favorite. Just goes to show you nothing is ever as it appears.

          • AZ Girl says:

            Wow I did not know about any of this! Good find.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              Your welcome friends.

              I knew about the Picasso but I didn’t know about the jade sculptures.

              Does anyone remember Chad’s client who was very insistent that Josh Flagg was never anywhere near his condo’s? He said he had dealings with him in the past and it left a sour note? I have to imagine with his reputation surrounding these charges , that guy can’t be the only one.

    • TLM says:

      I don’t know why these guys don’t market mansions like that to small boutique hoteliers. That is really what they are suited to. I kept thinking that Encino property could be a boutique hotel with a dayspa. Each room had its own bathroom, and there were 2 kitchens. They didn’t show the parking situation, but I would have to assume a home of that size would have multiple spaces for parking in the back. Many “McMansions” across the country are being sold to businesses because they are really built like a business or hotel more than a house for most people. Especially houses like the one DeShawn Snow had, with a screening room, beauty shop, tennis courts, etc.

      One of the MTV Cribs shows a couple of years ago showed Big Poppa’s (Lee Najjar’s) house in Atlanta. That sat on the market a long time, and I still don’t know if it sold or not, but I kept thinking the only way it would sell is as a hotel. http://blogs.ajc.com/radio-tv-talk/2009/10/12/lee-najjars-home-is-up-for-sale-for-25-million/

  2. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    I really dont like Josh Almond and this is after only one episode that whole bit with he and his asst. doing that pep talk thing just made me gag
    these guys are how old and they act like they are in high school
    Plus i dont care if im in the minority here but i missed Chad
    Madison finally came out last year as gay instead of BI (what a shock LOL)
    wonder how many times a season he will announce this
    and poor Josh Flagg still looks like he is gonna have a meltdown any second now
    always looks like he is on the verge of a nervous breakdown
    im sure this season will be the same as all the others
    people will get pissed thier property doesnt sell as high as they want
    the realators will have some angst against each other
    come to think of it if they had to replace Chad why dint brravo try to get Kyles Hubby from the rhobh that would have been an amazing tie in for both shows

    • AZ Girl says:

      I agree with you on Josh A’s assistant. What guy under 30 need’s a driver? Meanwhile the assistant is trying to drive and take notes at the same time.

    • error404 says:

      Maury is too old to be on this show, and the best part of past seasons’ conflicts were that the arguments between the 3 looked just like set-ups for gay porn scenes. 😛

      • TLM says:

        Now THAT’s a show I’d watch. “Come and look at this steam room. It’s all custom-tiled. My, you look like your shoulders are tense. Let me give you a massage.” ♪ Bow chick-a bow wow ♪….

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think Josh has some metal health or neurological issues, if I remember correctly last season he mentioned his mother used to give him Ritalin and he didn’t like it.

      It’s interesting that Josh’s orientation has never been mentioned- since he isn’t exactly closeted and is often photographed with Colton Thorne. I think his facebook even said they were in a relationship. Maybe he doesn’t want his personal life being in the story line, yes we see him with his grandmother but that’s lite and fluffy.

      I read on line that people think he is the “Bernie Maddoff” of real estate.

      I just found another art heist that he is ‘allegedly’ involved in,

    • klmh says:

      I think possibly that’s another reason Kyle is on BH. Mauricio is charismatic and he has been shown a lot on the BH series. Good publicity and good business to have this type of exposure for more listings and sales, jmo.

  3. nic says:

    Paul definitely looks ‘refreshed’. Definitely a brow lift- he’s got that ‘surprise!’ eyebrow thing going. I also think maybe Adrienne’s been kicking his butt in the ring. He looks much slimmer, less puffy. His jaw is more defined from the neck surgery. He looks quite handsome now. It’s amazing what seeing yourself on tv will make you do lol. I’m very disappointed NY was moved. But I kind of see one of Andy’s points- who wants to watch cold NYC when half the nation is snowed under? Also, it’s gonna be kind of hard to top scary island. When you’re up, there’s only one place to go. What’s probably happened too is JZ is trying to be the ‘nice’ one again. Interesting….

    • error404 says:

      Huh? NYC was filmed months ago and a big part of the show is a trip to Morroco. What’s all this nonsense about cold?

      • Bravo got a “cold” reception from RHONY viewers after the previews for season 4. 🙂

        • Katie says:

          Maybe the new HW didn’t work out as planned? I just don’t see how NYC will ever be as interesting as it was before.

          • twoile says:

            @K, ITA bravo has to many irons in the fire….stretches the staff to thin…newbies have to get experience under their belt & the formula is to old/used plots doing as expected etc. Spells boring predictable trash.

      • nic says:

        Simon and Alex said they just wrapped filming this week- so I’m sure they got some footage of the winter weather they’ve had over the last couple months. I was just saying Andy had a point. A weak one, but still…

        • 2Stupid says:

          The best thing about that news, is Bethenny’s show is still airing at scheduled time. Do you hear that JZ? Bethenny’s solo show is deemed stand alone material. You did need her more than she needed you…..

        • error404 says:

          but by the time the cold weather footage airs, it will have melted in real life. lol

          Andy’s “point” is stupid spin. If the point is to show warm weather to people who are snow bound, why would I rather watch women at home in Miami than women on a luxury vacation in Morocco?

          the truth will come out eventually.

          • nic says:

            Now, since when is bravo known for it’s chronological editing?? We could have snowy Manhattan scenes and end of summer Hamptons scenes all in one episode! All for the sake of the “storytelling” of course 😉

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I wonder if they are editing the show to start at the explosion( if there is any) as the hook….then go back in time so we can see how the tension built.

            • nathania says:

              I think it’s leading with the preview of Luann who is the most boring and mildly irritating in some undefinable way, to lukewarm reception during the BH reunion, and then having it appear that Alex is being ganged up on by her only real friend Sonja. (I don’t count Ramona because she’s either drunk or hopped up on pills all the time…that is I don’t count her as anyone’s ‘friend’). So if the newspaper articles are right, it makes sense that they might pull it because once again they didn’t listen to their !!@#$@ viewers and went ahead with their stupid formula about who and what viewers *should* like instead of whom we don’t want and can’t stand. I mean, if half the show is about Luann, Jill, and KKB, then about half the advertisers might as well spend their money elsehwhere because I personally will be hitting the button on the remote any time one of them pops up on camera.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                Twitter is all a buzz the the NY cast are mad that over rumor that RHONY was shelved because it was boring and needed to be reworked.

          • TLM says:

            Maybe Kelly had another krack-up and Bravo is tap dancing, since everyone thought they were krazy to let kuku on there in the first place.

  4. Kellita says:

    Oh my gosh- Kim G. Go away!!!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Seriously….she is a loon.

      Is this what menopause does to women or is there something else at play here?

      • klmh says:

        RR, I was writing a book to you about menopause, but thought you might like this better:

        One thing that has not changed since the beginning of time, is how women react sexually to menopause. It can be extremely beneficial for you to know when your wife is entering her Menopausal years. A guide has been put together for you to help understand all the terms associated with Menopause in order you may prepare and diagnose the condition.

        Hot Flashes ~ You come home from work one chilly day in December, and are greeted at the front door with your wife wearing nothing but a smile. You later find out that all the widows have been welded open and that she has sold your home heating system on e-bay.

        Mood Swings ~ You jokingly remark that it is OK, and that you do not need to worry about the windows or the heating system, as you will buy a small wood stove for when she is out, but that for the majority of the time, when home, you can use her body to heat the family room this winter. Rather than her just saying that she is not amused, she shoots you in the groin. She feels remorse as you come out of recovery.

        Memory Loss ~ You come home from work and find out that she has written post-it notes with your kids’ names on them and has stuck them to each kid’s forehead. Yours is on your dinner plate. The good news is that you do not need to worry about getting in shit this anniversary. Oh *****, that reminds me that I have a make up gift to make up for when I didn’t remember mine earlier this month. Why didn’t any of you remind me? Any chance at 38 she can get it…like tonight?

        Irritability ~ You come home from work after a great day, and cheerfully say, “Hi honey, I’m home.” and your wife’s reply is, “Well, if it isn’t Ozzie ***** Nelson.”. I’m so glad you could make it to dinner you useless piece of dogmeat. Speaking of which.. I made you a terrific supper. Menopause Surprise. Care to guess what is in it?

        Dryness: ~ You receive an unexpected invoice from Jiffy Lube in the amount of $427. When you call to inquire, they ask you how many in your fleet did you service last month as they never have sent out an invoice for that amount before. The delivery receipt was signed by “X”

        Night Sweats ~ Your son in the room below you complains of an annoying drip and it has not rained for 33 days.

        Antagonism ~ The drier has shrunk every last pair of your jeans, your golf balls have cut marks in them, your remote control has every buttoned programmed to the history channel, and she is encouraging you to find some 22 year old to have an affair with so that you leave her the ***** alone.

        Sleeplessness ~ The Phenobarbital dose that wiped out the Heaven’s Gate Cult gives her four hours of decent rest.

        Fatigue ~ You spend the better part of the time that used to be spent making passionate love, picking guacamole out of her hair after a Mexican dinner.

        Mild Incontinence ~ She changes her underwear after every sneeze.

        Sudden Weight Gain ~ You need Jaws Of Life to get her out of your Range Rover after returning home from an Italian restaurant.

        Female Hormone Deficiency ~ You take a sudden interest in “Wrestlemania.”, and shaving cream commercials.

        Hormone Therapy ~ You’re on so much estrogen that you take your Brownie troop on a field trip to see the Chippendales.

        And, by far the easiest way to tell if your wife is experiencing menopause…

        You find yourself uncontrollably agreeing with just about everything she says.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          LOL- brilliant…where do you find this stuff or do you think it up yourself 🙂

        • AZ Girl says:

          Having lived through all of this I appreciate the “Heads Up” for all you unsuspecting youthful, thin, beautiful skinned posters in Lynn Land. Trust me this post is NOT FAR FROM THE TRUTH!!!! I am now on hormones and the world in AZ Girl land is a much safer place.

  5. VincenzoNewYork says:

    Thank You Qunincy and Lynn for both the recap and HW news!

    I hope NYC and NJ are not shown concurrently. I will not watch Miami because I need a real housewife vacation from investing into new people, and also these ladies seem so trashy. However, if it is popular on this blog ,then perhaps I’ll watch a marathon midway through the season. (That’s what I with Atlanta).

    Are we getting 2 more weeks of BH? They should try to make an extended season of it-I would continue watching it.
    ttyl ciao


    • LynnNChicago says:

      Yes! We’re getting a “Lost footage” and an extended show focusing on the dinner party at Camille’s. This is what Bravo did with RHONJ their first season as well….drag out the ratings grabbers as long as possible.

    • Katie says:

      Vinnie (My I call you that?) I said it before and I’ll say it again I could watch the BH HW’s all the time, just doing the basic stuff but in the Dynasty setting they live in (Grocery shopping, cleaning out the closet, cooking, etc). BH HW’s have set the bar and compared to them, they make the NY HW’s look like middle class and forget Jersey, OC and Atlanta.

    • 2Stupid says:

      I agree about needing a break. I told my husband that I was not going to get invested in Miami, and that speaks volumes for me. I can usually watch those shows ad nauseum. I couldn’t even watch the BH reunion again last night. It was just too draining. Like JZ, Kim and Kyle, represent real life problems. JZ would go for the jugular off camera and didn’t care of what the repercussions might be. Kyle seems to not care how detrimental all these relevations.

      • VincenzoNewYork says:

        @2stupid: I agree, even scripted dramas have a hiatus-we really need it. I’ve been watching RH of {NJ,DC,BH and little of NY, Atl marathon to catch up and the last 5 episodes with the rest of the world} non stop, and BGM…I feel a little burned out…
        BH was emotionally draining. It is impossible to air similar shows all year long…and to air some of them concurrently is too much for the network…and too much for viewers to maintain their attentions spans.

        • mamecastle says:

          Maybe the whole too much of a good thing was why I couldn’t watch Atlanta this season. It is a lot of housewives coming at you! I tried in the beginning to like Atlanta & DC but I just couldn’t do it. Miami is not blowing my skirt up either, is it just me or do they all look kinda young?

          • 2Stupid says:

            I would be interested to see how Roy Black’s wife fits in with the rest of the women who seem quite young. I have always been intrigued by Roy Black. I have not always agreed with his client choices, but nonetheless find him interesting. Maybe because I am from the south.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      I think Jersey should be interesting…new cast mates….Teresa Vs. Melissa Gorga..Teresa’s financial problems…I think Jacqueline and Caroline may be taking a back seat though…but, who knows…

    • Kellita says:

      I’m with you all on Team “Not Wanting To Invest In More HW.” I’ll stick with the three that I watch, and take a little break from reality tv until NY comes back on. Maybe I’ll even read a book or two. 😉

      • Powell says:

        I should do the same. I have bought 6 new books in the past few months. I just get caught up in the storylines.

  6. plainviewsue says:

    I was stunned to read on twitter that RHONY is being delayed. They’ve been airing commercials on end, and we haven’t heard a thing about Miami before. I am really disappointed, but I think without Bethenny, it’s gonna be a bore.

    I actually enjoyed WWHL. Lisa and Ken were hysterical during that game. I just love her to death.

  7. nancy says:

    I find it funny that Jill wants to hang out with CamelToe. Didn’t CamelToe do the so called “soft Porn” Geez, if that video was soft porn I do not know what hard porn is. And then for Jill to rant about Alex ” spreading her legs in the lobby at Simon’s hotel” Once again, Jill the fame whore. She wants to ride on the coat tails of the “in” at the moment people. Get a hobby.

    • nancy says:

      guess no one has a comment. Maybe ……just maybe….my point is not important. WOOOEEE is me. lol

    • AZ Girl says:

      I guess it is o.k. to be spread eagle on a HVAC unit on the roof of a building.
      Jill’s a flame whore nut job.

    • Give us a chance, Nancy. You’re looking a bit…wait for it…insecure! ha ha Okay, cheap shot, just a joke, don’t go Camille on me! =D

      You’ve made an excellent point! I totally forgot that Jill used Alex’s “spread eagle” nude photos as a bludgeon on the Reunion show last year. Guess screwing someone for general viewing by the public (over 18, of course) is fine by Jill, though, because that’s ACTING! Ha. That Jill–still makes me think mean thoughts.

      I don’t know what’s going on with the NY bunch; don’t much care. Maybe Kelly got arrested for beating up a camel after she noticed it had knives on its tongue. Maybe she robbed a jellybean store. Or maybe Jill plugged so many products in every shoot even Bravo noticed it was boring: “Hellloooooo! So good to see you, LuAnn! Come in and look at what my new decorator, Blah Blah, did with my apartment! Let’s sit on the sofa covered with Zarin fabrics; this particular tacky brocade is on sale for $109.99 per sq. yd., which is an entire penny less than any other shop sells it. Now let’s read my book out loud, it’s so funny! I’ll even give you a 10 copies–for a reduced price–and call you personally! To tell you about my girdle line! Which as you can see, I’m now wearing, don’t I look fabulous? You can find where to buy these on my website, my Facebook, my Twitter, or from my door-to-door sales force, who will be hitting your neighborhood any moment now. Ding dong! We prefer cash!”

      Yeah, whatever. When Bravo said they still had Kelly AND Jill on board, that was a deal-breaker for me. We’re done!

      • Oh, lord! Let me make a correction to my comment before Jill has her lawyers send Lynn a “Cease and Desist” letter! That brocade is $109.99 a LINEAR yd! If customers show up expecting a sq. yd., Jill will go after our trailers, ’57 Chevys, and the family jewels–by K-Mart!

      • Powell says:

        You are funny. I’m in the eye doctor’s office holding back my laugh!!!

    • twoile says:

      @n, Even more important Cameltoe is very rich….maybe more $ that Bawwbee, all in her own name & under her own control (eventually) which is a better deal that bjs 4 diamonds etc……someone to kiss up to yes?

    • TLM says:

      It seemed a while back that Jill appointed herself the ambassador of the downtrodden. It started with Kelly and trying to parlay “bullying” into something. I thought JZ reached out to Danielle and someone else who was getting negative press, like she was some sort of crisis center for quasi-celebrities. I don’t know what she’s thinking – strength in numbers? But what does that mean when the people you’re aligned with are also despised?

  8. error404 says:

    OT but I got a LOL at this story
    just because of the “he was demoted at work” part. Gotta love the Euros! You could probably take a big stinky dump on your desk and still keep your job over there.

  9. Pantry viewer says:

    I have always fast forwarded through Luann. To me, she is boring and fake. I truly do not want to see Jill given any platform, and same for Kelly. I did appreciate Ramona changing herself and her kindness to Bethenny. Season before last that was one long infomercial for them was such a turn off. I do enjoy Alex and Simon and Sonja was a fun addition. But stepping back and really thinking about it, I just am uninterested in watching Jill, Kelly and Luanne in any capacity. I am afraid they have officially drug down the franchise with their incredibly boring self-importance.

    • error404 says:

      I think it’s dragged down, which is only fitting as Kiki and Lulu do seem like drag queens. lol

    • PJ says:

      I agree. I just have no interest in watching Jill, Kelly or Luann anymore. I like Alex, Sonja and Ramona. But I just can’t watch the other three. Without Bethenny this show just won’t be the same.

    • I agree with you about LuAnn, she has always been a bore. Why does RHONY need seven “housewives”? The other franchises have five or six “housewives”. I wonder if they are going to let one of them go. Kelly and LuAnn are useless and they should be fired. As much as I dislike Jill, I can understand why they keep her around. We need someone to “hate”. LOL

      • Kukulet says:

        ITA. Another season of watching Kelly crack up and LuAnn snuggling up to Jacques Schwimmer…no, thanks. (Kelly’s crackups might be more interesting if she was actually intelligent, but crazy AND stupid is just zzzzzzzzzzzzz.)

      • Pantry viewer says:

        I forgot to add my most burning thought: the thought (and previews) of Luanne and her boyfriend truly and really turns me off in a big way. I do NOT want to see any of that at.all. Not sure why I feel so strongly about my aversion to Luann and her behavior with men, but it give me hives.

        • The previews of LuAnn and her boyfriend kissing made me want to vomit.

        • Zee says:

          Agreed, her ‘romantic’ moments are cring worthy at best. Its as if I’m expecting her to unzip and peel off the Luann suit and expose her scaly sucubus self and eat the poor guy.

          • I’m afraid LuAnn programmed us to react with revulsion when we had to endure that awful sideways “kiss” from that strange amphibian with whom she drank absinthe or some such last season. It’s bad enough we had to listen to that other freak at the piano praising her vocal disabilities.

            Nevah again, Lulu!

  10. WindyCityWondering says:

    I am still disappointed that RHNY won’t air until mid/late March. Since Bravo is not satisfied with what they cobbled together, then maybe the franchise really is stinking and/or sinking. I also wonder if Jill knew about this before she took off on her well earned vacation….

  11. error404 says:

    OT again, but after 3 days of not leaving the house, I’m venturing out. Our drive is like an ice rink, a skating rink that’s long, steep, narrow and twists it’s way around many large trees. But our little VW made it down without even the tiniest of slips. Luv me some german cars. lol

  12. Kukulet says:

    Of course Jill is cozying up to Camille…we all know she tried first with Kelsey as soon as he hit New York and he kicked her to the curb. Jill’s so stupid, she probably thinks Camille is a way into Kelsey’s circle.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      JILL stay away from Camille Donatacci Grammer- she’s higher than you on the pecking order..stop your social climbing antics!!!

      • error404 says:

        Anyone remember the episode of D-List where Paris took Kathy shopping and Jill just walked in off the street and started hogging camera time? LOL

      • error404 says:

        Anyone remember the episode of D-List where Paris took Kathy shopping and Jill just walked in off the street and started hogging camera time? LOL

        It’s like:
        Producers of “The Real Housewives of New York City” suddenly scrapped the new season premiere because it lacked the explosive catfight-filled drama expected of the Bravo show, JILL ZARIN told Page Six…
        JILL ZARIN said that following good ratings for its brawl-filled Beverly Hills counterpart, the New York show didn’t have enough drama to satisfy producers, including new executive producer Omid Kahangi.
        “They wanted the ladies to fight like cats and dogs, but they got along,” said a source. “[But] I”M now freaking out that I’ll get fired for being boring and replaced by more fiery women.” JILL ZARIN IS also frustrated after planning splashy viewing parties at clubs for the premiere.
        JILL ZARIN said that one option to up the local drama might be to bring Beverly Hills housewife Camille Grammer to New York, the location of her divorce drama with Kelsey Grammer, who is soon to marry girlfriend Kayte Walsh. JILL ZARIN1 said Grammer hasn’t been approached by New York producers, but that Zarin has invited her to hang out with the Housewives.
        Bravo’s Cohen said in a statement: “No conspiracy here, folks. We have an embarrassment of riches with Miami and New York, and I assure you that ‘the Real Housewives of NYC’ will be well worth the wait.”

        Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/boring_housewives_delayed_qrkZqmo1OpUPxap0KJ0rDI#ixzz1D0vDaOdX

        • This is may favorite comment from the NY Post article:


          02/04/2011 6:12 AM


          Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/boring_housewives_delayed_qrkZqmo1OpUPxap0KJ0rDI#ixzz1D1HCoK25

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Yes Error. I remember her crashing Kathy’s shopping date with Paris. She hogged the register area asking Paris questions, sending greetings to Paris’s mom and tried to jump in on their date. Kathy couldn’t get a word in edgewise and was embarassed as the store clerk called her KathyLeeGriffith? Paris and Jill especially enjoyed the mistaken identity, laughing hard and further annoying Kathy. LOL

      • twoile says:

        @V, Actually ShillZs falling down a few rungs of the ladder might make the S4 more interesting.;0)

      • dancekrazy says:

        Hell, Vincenzo, Camille is a “higher” life form than Zarin. LOL

    • dancekrazy says:

      Plus, right now Camille is vulnerable and Zarin DOES like the underdog. Makes her feel better about herself. This is why she hangs out with Kelly (whom I’m convinced is still unwell……this disorder doesn’t get better without meds and therapy). Now she wants Camille. Good Heaven’s, does she really need two more Gingers (puppy dogs who adore her blindly)?????

  13. MichellefromNY says:

    So I was bored and flipping through channels and guess who I see? Our beloved Danielle Staub! She finally got her own show lol. It’s on wealth tv and its called “social with danielle staub”. It premiers i think feb 9th. The commercial for it actually makes it look like it might be a good show. we shall see…

    Just thought you’d all like to know whatever happened to her!

  14. quincyil says:

    The following is a subset blog located on the board of the “I Hate Jill Zarin” blog by Lynn Hudson. As the fellow blog members have noted, Jill Zarin read my guest blog on the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” almost two weeks ago and had a melt down on twitter. Jill’s petition into cyberspace for an “I Love Jill Zarin” blog touched my heart. Since one of my names is Jeanne, I am going to come out of my bottle and grant Jill Zarin her wish.

    The “I Love Jill Zarin” blog on the prairie by quincyil

    The Road to Morocco

    Jill Zarin and her friend Feather Kelly were two wild and crazy New York gals. They became stars of a Bravo reality show and were cast away to the desert in an effort to create a reality show based on “Sex and the City 2.” We have seen Jill and Feather Kelly in the bazaars, dressing in Hollywood’s version of women who dance the dance of the seven veils, and riding on camels. You can take the ladies to the desert, but they may not create a glorious tales that would please the King of Bravo each night. Jill and Kelly were very good. They had fun with their cast mates in Morocco. They enjoyed being filmed. Their hair and makeup were perfect. Yet, their show was postponed much to everyone’s surprise.

    Others were on the Road to Morocco with Jill Zarin and Feather Kelly. They also tried to tell their tales to the King of Bravo. They were beautiful. They had veils and danced to songs from the past. They too failed to please the King of Bravo.

    Jill Zarin and Feather Kelly formed a bond. The friendship came from a time when the world had enslaved Jill Zarin and she was all alone at the top. Jill reached out to Feather Kelly and made her the friend that Jill Zarin had lost, but something was missing. The friend Jill Zarin had lost was beautiful like all of the other women, but there was something wild and unpredictable that made the King’s people laugh. This raven haired beauty had the gifts of Scherazade. She could take a moment in time with the ladies in Bravo’s harem and weave a tale that could delight both old and young.

    The King knew that his people would not be pleased with the stories from Jill Zarin and Feather Kelly. The King decided that they should not be presented to his court and to his populace. He asked the raven haired beauty for help, but she had created a fairy tale for herself and would not return to the thousand nights with Jill Zarin and Feather Kelly.

    The story of the Real Housewives of NYC and “The Road to Morocco” is a tale untold.
    There was only one Scherazade. There is only one Jill Zarin. There is probably more than one Feather Kelly, but that is a story to be told in another blog.

    The end


    Whew… so the jest of the story is it’s not Jill Zarin’s fault that the season has been postponed. She was very nice to everyone. Everyone was very nice to Jill Zarin. So there was no conflict or drama. The drama and conflict is happening in the editing rooms of Bravo and the King is displeased that he wasted his advertising dollars promoting a show that does not exist.

    I will be blogging on the “Real Housewive of New York” even though the show has been postponed. I am going to make up my own show and blog that show once a week starting Feb 15. So… stay tuned fellow board members. We will have the show Bravo wished they had produce!

    Guess where board members who are nice below are going? rotfl.

    • Golden Girl says:

      I love how JZ reminds me to go buy kleenex every time I think of Ginger licking up JZ nose.

      • quincyil says:

        rotfl… You are the first to sign up for the trip to the desert. I think we should go before they have a revolution so we better leave tomorrow.

    • Katie says:

      I love idea of you writing your own NYC HW show and while I’m sure you have many ideas and tons of material any chance you can work in a trip for Jill, Crazy and Luann to meet the Beverly Hills HW’s. Great opportunity to exploit all the sucking up Jill is doing plus perhaps we can leverage the tempers of Kyle and Taylor to put Jill in her place. Have Adrienne show the Countless real class and manners. Perhaps Allison the sidekick can come back to take care of Crazy.
      So many ideas – dare to dream.

      • quincyil says:

        We can have the housewives from other shows show up. Tamara can attend a formal dinner party at Ramona’s house. rotfl.

        Everyone can submit ideas… Who needs Bravo, we can entertain ourselves.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      Bobby Zarin is lucky to have Jill Zarin as his wife.

      • quincyil says:

        and you should be packing for your adventure in the desert.

        I think you will need a Laurence of Arabia outfit. Do they sell those in NYC?

        • VincenzoNewYork says:

          I’m sure they have too. Jill Zarin’s book will be an enjoyable read on the plane!!

          • quincyil says:

            Yes, if you buy ten for the board, can Lynn have the phone call from Jill?

            • VincenzoNewYork says:

              absolutely, Jill is an A-list celebrity in the pecking order, only Lynn is qualified to speak to A list celebrities, she is our representative.

    • Zee says:

      By comparison, Jill has made me realize the true beauty of camels.

      • quincyil says:

        Is that one hump (Dromedary) or two hump camels (Bactrian)? rotfl..

        The two hump camel is in Eastern Iran and the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. I think those Mongols brought them to Eastern Iran. My husband would want you to know this….

        I think we will be riding one hump camels like Jill Zarin did so well on her trip.

    • FlowerPower (no longer StillaWallflower) says:

      I love how JZ, in a matter of seconds, makes me thankful for the wonderful friends and family in my life.

      I also love how she pointed me toward other fabulous people–if it hadn’t been for her, I would never have paid any attention to Bethenny nor watched her Getting Married. Thanks to JZ I got to enjoy an entire season of funny, uplifting reality tv (and have another season to look forward to).

      • quincyil says:

        That was so nice, that I am giving you a first class ticket on the airplane. Zarin Fabrics, our sponsor, would like you to know that they loved your post.

        • FlowerPower (no longer StillaWallflower) says:

          I’ve never flown first class before! Another reason to thank JZ!!!!

          • FlowerPower (no longer StillaWallflower) says:

            (I hope I don’t embarrass myself.)

            • quincyil says:

              Like I did on a flight. LOL. You will be fine. They will offer you drinks and special food. You will have room to lie down on the long flight. They will give you a littel pillow and a blanket.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill is not an ugly American in the sense of embarrassing America by her behavior when visiting abroad or down under.

      • quincyil says:

        That’s correct. She was so well behaved in the desert that they have no drama for the show. Even the dance of the seven veils featuring Jill Zarin turned out to be quite tame.

        You have a first class ticket too. Vince is providing reading material in the form of Jill’s book. I am bringing grape leaves, hummus, nan (bread,) and Skinny girl margaritas.

    • lillybee says:

      Camille should be very grateful that the kind Jill is reaching out to her in her time of distress. None of the other HW’s are doing that. Perhaps Jill can fix Camille up with Linsay Lohan’s father.

      • quincyil says:

        Jill Zarin is very nice to those in need. I’m sure Kyle will appreciate how kind Jill is to Camille.

        You are going to Africa and we are going to have a wonderful time together.

  15. HD says:

    Peter looks thinner (not in a bad way) and he looks rested. WOW! Do you think that is plastic surgery or good old fashion rest, relaxation and diet?

  16. vilzvet says:

    Just noticed that now NBC is rerunning early NJ HW episodes in the slot formerly occupied by the old OC ones. Today is the episode where Danielle invited the ladies over to her house for some spa treatments, back when they all got along, LOL!

  17. Noreen says:

    Cat from D.C. Housewives has a blog up about the BH ladies on Bravotv.com. At least she calls it like she sees it! That’s refreshing.

  18. Jill has been awfully quiet today. She tweeted about her appearance on the Nate Berkus Show earlier today but she didn’t mention anything about “her show” being postponed. Maybe she is embarrassed because most of the media is saying that “her show” is too boring without Bethenny. Hey Jill, if you are reading this, I’d like to hear your spin on why “your show” was postponed.

  19. shamrockblonde says:

    quincy – if I didn’t like Vinny so much I’d recommend using JZ fabrics to make his Lawrence of Arabia costume, but even with a discount, I’m not sure I could bring myself to do it!!

    • quincyil says:

      I’m sure they would have some fabric that he could use. We all have to make our seven veils out of sheer fabrics, but in honor of Jill’s book, we should use bright colors.

      I have some black covering from Iran, but they are so drab. I want to be one of Jill’s peacocks. Isn’t it fun to be on Team Jill if it is only a few minutes a day?

  20. ilovelynn says:

    all the tabloids are out and most of them have articles about kim and kyle. all with kyle and her “friends” commenting about kyle having to put up with kim’s problems for years. several of the magazines did talk about how kim probably was the bread winner of that family. no comments from kim in any of the mags. I smell kyle’s damage control at work. btw, got a kindle for christmas and just put “the house of hilton” in my archives. I’m so ashamed!

  21. Error404 says:

    I don’t know why people are saying Jill has been quiet today. The net has been flooded with articles quoting unidentified “inside sources”. Jill has been a total charter box all day! Lol

  22. Amber...Real Wife says:

    If the show is boring it’s BRAVO’s fault. Viewers were quite adamant about wanting Jillzilla, Kellidiot and LuMan gone! At best they needed to get rid of Kells and LuMan and left Jill alone without a posse. It would have been interesting to see Jill having to “be nice” to Ramona, Alex and Sonja, while trying to recruit the new housewives to her side. BRAVO missed the opportunity to infuse badly needed new blood into the series, especially with Bethenny gone. They needed a young, snarky rich housewife who would look down on Jill’s retail job of pushing fabric, and another wife who was in publishing to mock her poor book sales. LOL

    • DarkSonnet says:

      It’s hard to see how Bravo felt it could recycle this stereotypical unlikeable cast. Maybe that is why they felt the need to add new (apparently unskilled in CPR) producers for the NY series.

      It appears, with the negative remarks from fans to the sneak peeks, that this was not a winning combo

      I totally agree – Jill, Kelly and Luann are unwatchable for me and I will pass on the season if they do decide to air it later.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      completely agree with you Amber.

      Bravo is really digging themselves into a deep hole by not listening to their audience.

      Let’s face it, the majority of us are here on Lynn’s blog because Bravo didn’t think out voices were important enough to be heard. Bethenny got her own show because of her ratings- and if this new season can’t get the ratings then maybe finally Bravo will listen.

      Personally, I think it’s bad karma catching up with them- because they exploited an extremely mentally ill- albeit attractive- former model in order to get ratings. They gambled that maybe she’d commit suicide or something equally dramatic to grab viewers this season, but it looks as though instead Kelly/or another HW has lawyered up which is postponing airing the show.

      Know that.
      I have two legs.
      You’ll never see them.
      help me
      I can’t stop!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I think you are on to something – Kelly should have been cut from the cast for her antics and refusal to acknowledge her “issues”. Keeping her would not make the show better and fans didn’t want her back.

        • quincyil says:

          I wonder if I wouldn’t cut the entire cast and start over in New York. I think the drama comes when new people are meeting each other. The ladies of NY are camera savy now. They have changed. Even Kelly has changed. I love Sonja and Alex, but I just don’t want them partying with Jill Zarin anymore.

          • Nancy says:

            Bravo made a big mistake when they included
            Jill Zarin on s4 AFTER she threatened Bravo on NOT coming back if Alex was returning. It makes Bravo look really stupid.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Sounds like there’s not much to look forward to on the upcoming RHONY season, formerly my first and favorite HW program. Agree with so many here who think Bravo should have made some casting changes following Bethenny’s departure. I like Ramona but she can’t carry the show. We’ll see what the new HW brings.

      WWHL last night was a snooze. The last few episodes of BH and the reunions have changed my perception of Lisa, and not for the better. I’m so over the Cedric taking advantage of them for an entire lifetime storyline, too. Did admire Lisa’s quick, funny affirmative response to Andy when he asked if she found his compliments about her behind offensive! Really, Andy, what was that all about?

      Is it asking too much for Andy to find an occasional guest host or co-host? He could be suffering from HW burnout!

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Brigid R U off your rocker?! Andy give up hosting WWHL or getting a cohost is impossible! First off he would never get his wonky cockeyed keister off the stage for anyone. His show started as a webisode, and now that it’s on network he’s digging in! As for a cohost, due to viewer outrage, his pick of AllAboutAndy/unofficial intern, BEN WEINER, is not a suitable on air choice. Nope. We are stuck with the BRAVO exec who always wanted to be a star/talkshowhost/varietyhourhost or a young MervGriffin/DinahShore! LOL

        • Brigid A. says:

          Thanks for the reality check, Amber! Last night was just soooo much of the same ….the silly game thing, the mazel/mazel/however you spell it, jackhole, his lack of interviewing skills, not to mention the constant booze! And he failed so miserably IMO at both BH reunions. After the nonstop Bravo promotions, the reunions were a letdown and so predictable.

  23. Katie says:

    Regardless of when NYC HW’s will be on, I still like my idea of not watching it (at least not on first viewing) they rerun all episodes so much I’d rather catch a rerun of it and hurt the ratings.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I did that with RHNJ last season because they were getting great ratings and I didn’t want to be counted in that goat rodeo.

  24. Amber...Real Wife says:

    I guess if Jill was on her best behaviour i.e. undercover nice, then the show would indeed be boring. Think of it. All of the “fights” always had Jill grubby little hands deep in the mix. S1 started with her angry at Ramona for uninviting her to the Hamptons cooking dinner and gossiping about everyone. Then in S2 she leaked the Simon is a drunk story to Page6 and started the “TeamJill” drama with Ramona and Mario. S3 out the box she went after Bethenny with guns blazing and then later went after a no longer docile Alex. Throughout the last season she was attempting to do Bethenny’s greek chorus schtick and just looked mean, nasty and gross!

    No wonder S4 would be a drag, if she lobotomized herself after the backlash from fans and poor book sales. Also, hoping to salvage some brand endorsements she must have decided she had to be good. Ironically, she was never good, it was just that BRAVO edited her storyline better in the beginning. Later when she went apeshit wild, viewers were able to see she had those traits all along. Poor Jill, damned if she does and damned if she don’t. Ha Ha

    • Nancy says:

      I knew this was going to happened. I blogged a long time ago that all us “haters” were going to have to start taking insulin because Jill was going to be so filled with sugar.

  25. shamrockblonde says:
    • Brigid A. says:

      Jennifer Flavin (Stallone’s wife) has a skin care line (Serious Skin Care?) she’s promoted for some time on HSN. If she’s casted next season of BH, I’m guessing it would be as an opportunity to cross-promote.

      I’m super happy for Bethenny’s success with Skinny Girl and new ventures. However, enough already with so many of these HW’s grasping for any and every promotional opportunity. Jill with her book that tanked, now girdles, LuAnn’s book and song, Ramona’s endless line of products, Kandi and Kim in AT, Gretchen in OC, even Adrienne to a certain extent in BH, and on it goes.

      Despite my protests, I may give Miami a chance and skip the other shows altogether.

      • twoile says:

        @B, Imho Jennifer F would suffer from the Bravo hwseries association as a giant step down from her current acomplishments.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Oh Brigid, please do Miami! Give the latinas a chance to act crazy too! LOL I’m sure they are going to bring it. Especially with the in house seer. Aren’t you a little interested to see wealthy housewives with differing cultures? We’ve seen Caucasian, Jewish, Native American, African-American, Lebanese, British and Italian housewives. I think it’s going to be hysterical and drama filled.

        • Brigid A. says:

          OK, I’m sold! You reminded me of how much fun I have with my Latina friends. How could I resist?

      • Powell says:

        The Housewives have to find the opportunities now and go for it. These shows aren’t going to be on forever. They can’t look for these opportunities when the shows go off. For most of them it will be “Who are you? What show were you on?” One hit wonders have to strike while the iron is hot, I.e. Jill, LuAnn, Theresa, Danielle, Sheree, NeNe, Kim, maybe Gretchen. The rest of the ladies that have long standing careers will continue to. So even though I get where you are coming from, if they don’t do it now, they won’t be able to later.

    • quincyil says:

      LOL…. you get a trip with the ILJZ board within the IHJZ board for that one.

  26. Katie says:

    Crazy is spinning this into NYC is better in Spring crap on her Twitter

    There are two comments posted to Crazy’s attempt at spin (gosh she is so popular)
    I don’t know who Georgia Mull is but after reading the following comment she posted to Crazy – I think I love her.

    Georgia Mull “It has lost a lot of it’s luster after the crap that went on last season. People don’t want to see crqazy people any more!”
    57 minutes ago · 1 person

    • klmh says:

      Katie, I tried to click on to the link and it was unavailable. Is that because she is not a friend or has it been comment, that you wisely copied, been deleted? Im on facebook but I am the dumbest facebooker out there.

      • klmh says:

        Well, that was as clear as mud. Remove been comment and all will be well with the sentence, or thought anyway.

      • Katie says:

        No it’s still there might be my error, try the following. Plus check out the 3rd comment below loving Debbie too.


        I posted a new photo to Facebook http://fb.me/Slxx2fON

        New York City’s always better in spring!
        Added 2 hours ago · Like · Comment
        Maziar Mahboubi, Vicki Bolla and 2 others like this.

        Charlotte Curbow-Healey Kelly Rocks! and I agree NYC is always better in the Spring. Going to FREEZE leaving South Beach Miami for New England on Monday for a week!
        2 hours ago · 1 person

        Georgia Mull It has lost a lot of it’s luster after the crap that went on last season. People don’t want to see crqazy people any more!
        about an hour ago · 1 person

        Debbie Hulles I think it kind of makes a statement when you post something a couple of hours ago….and only 3 people make comments????
        13 minutes ago

  27. If You Had It Like This says:

    Lynn, I wanted to say thank you for the shout out to the newbies in your message to all of us! I hadn’t seen that until today. I have actually been lurking around and very occasionally posting since you first had a blog. Before, actually. I started follwing the NYHW’s tweets last season and saw your tweets to Jill Zarin. Then I followed you to your first blog! You guys look like you’re having so much fun and you’re all so awesome I decided to really join in! Just wanted to say that.

  28. boston02127 says:

    Great blog Quincy & Lynn. Thanks.

  29. boston02127 says:

    Quincy–Have you ever read about Tasha Tudor or seen her art work?

  30. amy says:

    If RHONY fails it’s because they needed a new Bethenny and cast a boring idiot instead. Jill , Kelly , and Luann are unwatchable period. Who was voted favorite Housewife on WWHL?

    • Pantry viewer says:

      No kidding. Out of all of ny, that is who they come up with? Could be so interesting, but we have these old posers.

  31. lillybee says:

    The terrible trio may want to rethink their happiness about not having Bethenny on their show.

  32. ann says:

    If RHNY disappears, Jill would still have her fame from IHJZ.

  33. Adgirl says:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave….

    So, Jill is trying to “improve her image” this season so everyone loves her again! Therefore there isn’t enough drama for the show to be broadcast on schedule.

    Why should Bravo keep her next season when she is stuck between her need to be liked by the public and Bravo’s need for on screen drama?

    Also, I am sure Jill and her lawyers are a huge pain in the ass!

    For all we know there has been PLENTY OF DRAMA in NY!!!
    However, Jill doesn’t want us to see it. So, her lawyers may have demanded it be edited out and Bravo had to film additional footage to fill the missing parts.

    If that did happen, then she is surely in deep doo doo with Bravo.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Once you sign a Bravo contract, there is literally no room for discussion.

      You basically sign your rights away.

      • Adgirl says:

        I understand and agree, but I see how the threat or filing of a lawsuit freezes everything.
        Remember how she (presumably) got the TWoP board to close the entire NY thread permanently because of Amazongate?

        OC was stalled this year because Gretchen’s ex-boyfriend threatened to sue Bravo so the producers had to re-edit the entire season.

        A lawsuit, even a ridiculous one, could stop the show from being broadcast until the suit is resolved.

  34. Katie says:

    Bravo posted previews of Atlanta Reunion, interesting stuff.

  35. AZ Girl says:

    Just finished reading Cat Ommaney’s blog on Bravo. Cat hit on a very valid point. Kim does NOT belong in Beverly Hills. She is just not that type of person. I agree with Cat completely.
    Kim is happy being just another individual in the grocery store check out line or fighting over chicken in the meat department with some sweaty bald dude.
    Kim would be so much happier if she were able to just be on her own away from Kyle. Kim’s financial situation may not allow this but if she could she should get out of BH.

    • Katie says:

      Camille just got a role on a sitcom I think there will be some major acting work for Kim once she’s ready.

      • NormaJean says:

        Thanks to Kyle announcing that Kim is an alcoholic that causes crap and drama to ensue, she may have a very hard time getting hired. If Kyle has been helping her financially, it was very stupid of her to out her sister.

  36. Rabble Rouser says:

    Hey look at what I found, it looks like they haven’t moved on the price. There are a few properties listed in Encino for over 5 million – the most expensive used to be the home of Kathy Segal (Married With Children- Futurerama)

  37. Rabble Rouser says:

    Hey look at what I found, it looks like they haven’t moved on the price. There are a few properties listed in Encino for over 5 million – the most expensive used to be the home of Kathy Segal (Married With Children- Futurerama)


  38. Katie says:

    Camille will be on a network sitcom:

    Camille Grammer may be in the midst of a messy divorce and coming off of a rough run on the first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she’s getting her $#*! together.

    According to TVGuide.com, Camille will guest-star on the season finale of CBS’ $#*! My Dad Says. She’ll play a divorced reality star searching for a new home with Bonnie (Nicole Sullivan) and Vince (Will Sasso), while her reality show cameras film the house-hunting process. Art imitating life much? Oh yeah, and her character’s name is… wait for it… Camille.

    Sounds like the perfect scenario for real-life real estate agent Mauricio to make a cameo, no? Camille’s comedy chops will air Thursday, February 17, but she’s not the only Housewife to spend time on a set recently. The Real Housewives of New York City’s LuAnn de Lesseps will appear on the February 23 episode of Law & Order: SVU.

    • TLM says:

      I could see Lu Man as a judge on one of those judge-y crime shows. She has the voice for it.

      Then again, I could also see her as a judge of peoples’ fashion. Does anyone remember that crazy show where they actually had people stand before a fake judge like they were in a courtroom, and the judge would “rule” on whether they needed a makeover or not? That’s where I could see Lu Man. She would probably put everyone in one-shouldered dresses.

  39. If You Had It Like This says:

    I think some of you might find this an interesting read. It’s tragic but fascinating. I was mildly obsessed with this story for awhile. It’s unrelated to Housewives.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Vanity Fair is my favorite magazine – got to read it every month cover to cover. That was a creepy story! VF makes the RH franchises look like cartoons.

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        Right. I know. That story is so bizarre. It just doesn’t make any sense. I love the Vanity Fair articles. They bring some pretty compelling stories.

    • klmh says:

      Im numb really. So sad. What was and if different, is your take on this since you have followed this case for awhile?

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        I think that there was so much paranoia with them that there must have been massive drug use combined with extreme narcissism and it seemed to me she probably had some mental illness. I think the coroner never revealed the other drugs in her system. He seemed just sort of weak and lost. I wanted to believe there was some bizarre Scientology involvement but I don’t think so. Just two lost souls that had everything going for them and gave in to their shadow sides.

        I think Bret Easton Ellis is going to write a script about their story. I read an interview with him a while back and he talked about it. There were blogs that were dedicated to this story for awhile. I don’t know if they’re still around but their story seemed to strike a chord with people.

        • klmh says:

          Thats what my thoughts were in reading this story, but I hadn’t heard about these people. I’ve heard some horrible things related to Scientology, but you just don’t know what to believe …
          Thanks for sharing.

          • If You Had It Like This says:

            That Scientology stuff is a little out there. I’ve read all kinds of things about John Travolta and Tom Cruise and their involvement. It’s bizarre.
            Did you ever see that video of Tom Cruise speaking at a Scientology conference or something like that? It was a little bit nutso bonkers. It was released and went viral for a little while.

            • klmh says:

              Its frightening to me, really. Its out there in my mind as well.
              To each his own, but to allow someone to control your life, hmmm, not for me.

  40. Error404 says:

    I dont buy the “there wasn’t any drama” excuse at all. Do they forget we’ve seen 3 seasons of these crazy divas already.

    Ramona: she couldn’t make it thru a day with some “misunderstanding” from her “telling it like it is”, nevermind months. I don’t know who told her to renu her filter, but considering the awful things she’s said to her friends thus far, I find it hard to belive she’s made all nice nice wittier enemies.

    Kiki: yes, towards the end every one but alex was talking to her like she was a slow child, but leatherface is addicted to negative attention. The woman has a breakdown if you give her a gift basket. Yet were suppose to belive it was 3 months of love.

    Alex: she found her voice and luckily for bravo, it was the voice of a raving bitch. She’s very Kyle. Camille and Jill ate so awful, weeasily forget that entering a party amdjust going off on someone for “having a lot of nerve to call me!” is not polite or nice behavior.

    Lulu: please. This self appointed royalty complains when people are nice to her. She’s introduced wrong, etc… No way did she make it thru months without giving a few dressing downs, I don’t care how often she’s getting laid.

    Sonja: the sharp talking boozy boytoyusing floozie with a heart of gold. Everyone just loves her “cat pee” digs? Sure they do. Sure.

    Jill: either every single other cast member had a labotomy and now kiss her self entitled ass 24/7, or she’s actually been murdered by her twin sister who’s stolen her identity like in an old Bette Davis movie.

    I’m not buying it.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      What about earlier reports of physicality dished out by Ramona during the filming of the latest yet unseen series?

      Possibly the combination of new producers and the existing cast was just a recipe for Turd Soup and no amount of added seasonings will be able to resurrect it.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Turd soup is turd soup. Even if Bravo took out half the turds it would still be turd soup. Enough said!

      • DarkSonnet says:

        We might also consider February Sweeps. NY too weak for garnering February Sweeps high ratings?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Part of the purchase by Comcast of NBC was to provide more diverse programming – Miami would be a new market.

          • quincyil says:

            I think Comcast is money hungry. They don’t provide good service and they don’t care about the people who they serve.

        • If You Had It Like This says:

          Good point about sweeps. However, don’t you think there will be early drama with Alex and Jill having to interact and the making up or not making up?

    • Brigid A. says:

      The Alex/Kyle comparison is interesting. Started to reluctantly like Alex following the disastrous first season of Silex. But seeing as she still breaks out in a nervous rash when she is confrontational is in major contrast to Kyle. Kyle came out of the gate picking fights with her sister and Camille. I thought Sonja must have somehow crossed paths with Kyle in that “thug in a cocktail dress” preview clip.

    • quincyil says:

      OK, maybe there were a few disagreements. but Alex made peace with Jill and the whole end was nice nice.

      The Bravo formula for conflict with the women only works if the women allow it to work. The second reuinion of Atlanata was an example of a boring event because Kim Z and Nene made an agreement to be nice to each other.

      I think it’s very possible that Jill was playing nice and they have nothing of interest to show the public.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Alex does not have rabies – she favors tact and diplomacy. I just don’t see her in a dogfight with Jill. If foghorn goes for nice this season then game over. Maybe too many drama bombs were duds….requiring Bravo to ratchet up with some manufactured fun.

        • quincyil says:

          I think she acted to defend herself in season 3. I think she may be going too far in season 4. You don’t want to become Jill Zarin.

  41. I don't have my notes says:

    I don’t buy the “there wasn’t any drama” excuse either. In the commercials for this new season we see small clips of Sonja yelling at Alex to leave, Alex saying that someone is a thug in a cocktail dress, Jill crying in a car saying “I don’t want this.” Seems like drama to me and there is the whole trip to Morocco that may not be drama filled but it can’t be boring just due to the exotic location.

    Does Bravo’s official line state that they needed extra time to edit the season’s story lines? How can they do that, everything has already happened. Will they go back and recreate scenes?

    The timing is also suspect to me. Pulling the plug just one week before the premiere after they spent so much time and money promoting the new season. I haven’t even heard of there even being a Miami cast before. I understand that it was filmed a good long while ago and the season was already “in the can” and ready to go but it doesn’t make sense to throw it on the air without any promotion.

    I suspect there is a lawsuit either filed or threatened that has put a stop to the new season airing. Perhaps the housewives themselves don’t even know about it.

    • Adgirl says:

      ITA!!!! Something stinks here!!

      I’m sticking to there was PLENTY of drama, but we won’t be able to see it on our tv.

      • Adgirl says:

        1. Didn’t Jill say something recently about her being pleased about the season?
        That to me sounds like she is confident there will be nothing negative about her on the show.

        2. Why on Earth would Bravo tell the world how boring the show is going to be???

        I don’t believe it at all.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Miami was mentioned around the same time as DC – so they might have been filmed together with DC being the choice to air.

      • Error404 says:

        Good god no! DC was the most boring show known to man, so if Miami is duller than DC, and s4 of NY us duller than Miami… Good god that is one mind numbingly dull show then. Lol

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Bravo was likely capitalizing on the Salahi incident. I’m thinking it was opportunity over quality.

        • Brigid A. says:

          ITA, Error. Did not find DC remotely interesting and would not watch another season unless it was totally re-cast.

  42. If You Had It Like This says:

    I’d love to know what everyone thinks about whether or not Camille is coming back for another season. I was leaning towards no but since the tide has turned a little for her and she’s picked up some sympathy and some fans, she might consider staying. I kind of still think that she’ll try to break off and do her own show and get more opportunities like the sitcom, though. I’m still on the fence. I need some tiebreakers!

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      She and Lisa are my favorites from BH. I really do feel that she was edited to portray the villain…yes she still said those things and did some questionable things, but she took some responsibility for some of her actions. At the reunion she seemed like she would be a fun person to hang out with.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Adrienne, Camille and Lisa are what I envision as BH – the others – not so much.

        • VincenzoNewYork says:

          I agree @WCW. The homes of Kyle, Taylor and Kim were nothing spectactular in comparison to the top 3. They are like the Beverly Hills Middle class. There was a huge disparity in wealth-and the lower 3 belong on a different show.

      • Brigid A. says:

        Never thought I’d say this, but wouldn’t mind seeing Camille return next season. Lisa has shown herself too much the meddler for my taste. She really needs to stay out of the Richards sisters’ relationship and do what she does well, be gracious and witty.

        Vincenzo, have a book recommendation considering your future career as mental health counselor. “Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life” by Judith Orloff, M.D. She’s a psychiatrist from UCLA , and she incorporates “neuroscience, intuitive medicine and psychology in work with her patients.” Can’t put it down.

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        I agree V, and I think that Camille actually had the best sense of humor about herself. Was actually able to laugh at herself which I always appreciate.

        • Brigid A. says:

          Taylor was so stupid to not follow Camille’s example and laugh at herself, acknowledge ridiculous behavior and even apologize. Everything backfired on Miss Smarty Pants Taylor/Shana/Ford who thought she and her girl crush Kyle would provide a united front in ganging up on Kim.

          • If You Had It Like This says:

            I know Brigid. It’s like she doesn’t understand human nature 101. Most humans have a great capacity and desire to forgive. Buuut…. we want a little remorse and groveling first! And “sorry Kim” on twitter ain’t gonna cut it.

            • VincenzoNewYork says:

              Also, Taylor felt like she had to do it to “please” the viewers to apologize…whereas Camille walked in knowing she was the most hated and without knowing that the tide was in the process of changing in her favor at the time of the reunion taping. I think Taylor needs more help then Kim and Kyle combined….

          • Nancy says:

            I think Kyle has a “Single White Female” on her hands.

      • Powell says:

        I new from the time the news broke that Kelsey had a girlfriend and wanted a divorce that that was the reason behind Camille’s fight with Kyle. Although Camille didn’t get the news from Kelsey yet, she had feelings that something was up with him. She was very sensitive to things that Kyle said and she interpreted them to what she wanted to hear. She was also jealous of Kyle’s relationship with Mauricio because Kelsey wasn’t there. That said, when Kelsey did tell her he wanted a divorce why in the hello did she let him use her by having her come be by his side at the Tony’s? He had no intention of looking at a reconciliation. He didn’t want to be embarrassed by not having her by his side while all along his girlfriend was in the apartment. Camille has to show the doorman at her and Kelsey’s apartment her ID because he doesn’t believe she is Mrs. Grammar. The poor doorman thought the girlfriend was Mrs. Grammar. I blame Camille for that part. She was so busy in Bev Hills trying to prove she’s a rich Hollywood wife and player that she didn’t go to NYC. After all she has 15 nannies and a house manager and can fly out a NYC interior designer to look at swatches. She should have had her behind on a plane to NYC all the time

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think she will definitely stay now that the worm turned.

      In her mind she ‘won’.

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      I also agree with you guys about the houses and the stereotype of the Beverly Hills woman. Only Adrienne, Lisa and Camille live like you would imagine. I did read that article with Allison Lunatic DuBois and she said Camille was definitely not coming back and she was looking to do a reality show about starting her life over and dating, single mom stuff.. blah blah.

  43. WindyCityWondering says:

    Oh who are we kidding?! If Bravo said RHNY was boring it must really, really be bad. Bethenny was the pearl in the Bravo oyster – they won’t be finding another one of those for a long time.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think NYC will turn into a drinking game…

      Every time Luanne says ‘darling’ -take a drink.
      Every time Ramona or Sonja takes a drink- take a drink.
      Every time Kelly says something crazy-take a drink.
      Every time Jill says something JZ like – take a drink.
      Every time Alex goes somewhere with Simon-take a drink.

    • NormaJean says:

      Bethenny was the soul of RHNY.

      • klmh says:

        Is Bethany the soul of NYHW, or was she the one that stirred the pot? She was at odds with every one of these ladies at one time or another. I am not saying she was boring, because she’s very smart, snarky and knows how to sell herself.
        If I remember correctly, the first year she disliked and demeaned both Alex and Simon, not that they didn’t need it, imo. She wasn’t particularly happy with Ramona either, if memory serves. Her pal was JZ, but I cant remember her disliking LuAnn too much.
        Then comes the 2nd season. She can’t stand LuAnn and JZ has dumped her, so her alliances are with, surprise, Alex, Simon and Ramona.
        She kept it interesting though trying to figure out which side she would take or put up with next.
        I can take her or leave her, but she did help the series move quickly and some of her one liners will be carved in stone. Priceless.

        • klmh says:

          Oops, forgot Kelly. Good.

        • error404 says:

          could disagree more.

          her dislike of Silex is urban myth IMHO. She didn’t snark on them anymore than anyone else she snarked on, B even snarks on her beloved Cookie. Yet she also went to their house for all sorts of parties, played with their kids, shared all sorts of personal stuff with them. She’s always bonded with Alex, even in s1 when she hardly knew her.

          she never had a fight with Ramona. Was friendly with her all 3 seasons, and also forgave R for any “telling it like it is misunderstandings”, probably because they are kinda alike.

          she’s always snarked on Jill for being crass, always, even when they were besties joined at the hip she’s openly make fun of her to her face.

          She’s also always snarked on Luann and her phoniness. But by s2 Lulu did way too many passive aggressive shit and she was getting bored with it. But it wasn’t until Lulu drove a wedge between her and Jill in s3 that she really cut with Lu for good.

          B had never stirred a pot that I can recall. I don’t even think she ever had a spoon. The closest she came was when she got Jill to invite Simon to play tennis against Ramona. And for a real housewife, that some pretty tame pot stirring.

          • ms molly says:

            Bravo error, 100% agree about Bethenny!!!!

          • quincyil says:

            I watch a number of television shows about New York. One is “Selling NY” on HGTV. Those shows have a purpose. What is the purpose of RHNYC? Do we really care if Ramona sells 45,000 tee shirt to an outlet store? Do we care about them shopping? Yes, it’s interesting once or twice, but not every week. We were intersted in their relationships. Bethenny looked at the women and told us her opinions which many of us thought were true. The other women didn’t like Bethenny’s descriptions and they ganged up on her. Who is Luann to be critical of anyone? She has put herself on a pedestal, but even from the barn, I can see that she had done nothing to deserve her position other than to be born beautiful. Jill was not born beautiful, but she used feminine wiles to lure a rich man into marriage. She has great the ability to manipulate.

            I know that many things happened with Jill off camera. We have witnessed her interacting with fans here. She did things in the press to cast mates off season and in filming. This year Jill hid her activities quite well. The producers don’t know what we know because they aren’t watching Jill all of the time. If they knew what we know, they’d have a show.

          • klmh says:

            It might be that I don’t understand snark from demean. I don’t see behavior like that in my neck of the woods, and I don’t mean that in a negative sense. We, as a whole, can be a backward state, but kindness and reserve account for a lot here. She makes me laugh, but she also cuts to the quick. Example: LuAnn remembers a demeaning remark made by B. in the first year and brings it to the 2nd, and mentions it throughout the 2nd season. I found LuAnn taking Bethenny to task for her remark funny. The bottom line is, snark stings if you are the recipient, and Bethenny is the queen of snark. jmo, of course.

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      Have y’all seen this bullshiz? Grab your barf bag and get ready for your Silkwood shower.


      • NormaJean says:

        She was playing that thing last summer, I already barfed, lol!

        • If You Had It Like This says:

          Ha! Why does she keep posting it?! Also, please quit trying to sell the ankle is the new cleavage. My husband disagrees!

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Alas Kelly is drawing attention to her ankles because her boobs will be down there shortly….

            • If You Had It Like This says:

              Ha! I don’t know. I’m pretty sure old, hard silicon defies gravity.

              • quincyil says:

                Actually, those implants are heavy and they stretch the skin and breast tissue. That is why the women keep having them redone to be “perky.” The women also fail to obey the Jill Zarin law of wearing a bra. Bras do help keep the breast young er looking.

  44. NormaJean says:

    Speaking of drinking, I just got home from Applebees. They have low calorie drinks on the menu like Mojitos, LI Iced Teas, and Margaritas. They’re called SKINNY Bees! Hmmm, I wonder where they got that idea?

  45. klmh says:

    This is amazing footage of San Francisco in April 1906, 1 week before a massive earthquake hit the area, killing thousands and destroying the city. It is fairly long (12 minutes) and was a 60 minutes piece. A camera was mounted on a trolley and allowed to role so you get a real feel for the people, the city and time period. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

  46. If You Had It Like This says:

    Celebrity Apprentice promo is out. Nene being Nene.

    • Sparkles says:

      She has permanently worn out her welcome on my TV. I’ll be watching Celebrity Apprentice despite her, not because of her.

  47. lillybee says:

    Camille on RHONY would give Jill a run for her money. Can you imagine Allison vs. Gloria.

  48. Katie says:

    Now this would be an interesting addition. Since Phil Jackson left the Bulls I don’t like him and his whole dumping his wife for this chick just adds to my fury. So someone I off the bat dislike. Bring it on.


    Los Angeles Lakers exec Jeanie Buss — arguably the most powerful woman in sports — is in talks to join the cast of “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” … TMZ has learned.

    • mbdea says:

      I saw an interview of her done by ABC and she was just pathetic. She kept talking and alluding to the fact that she would REALLY want to marry Phil but that he doesn’t want to discuss marriage and she sighed each time. She even showed a shot of them where they are toasting a win (or something) and she is wearing a white suit. Her comment: “I really LOVE this picture because it’s the closest I’m going to get to a wedding picture with Phil.” Bleh.

      The whole interview and everything she said had that pathetic tone. Shes powerful primarily because of her dad. Otherwise, she comes across as insecure and pathetic. Not going to be a fan.

  49. California35 says:

    It is so late, but I wanted to tell Quincy — I just saw MDListing and finish reading your recap. Thanks to you and other board members, I recorded the show. I had never watched it before. I like this episode and liked Madison the best. I also liked that my BF watched with me (wow he watched Bravo show :-P) he was interested after seeing the recorded title on the DVR. He was really onto it to, hopefully this will be a show we both watch together. (I won’t have to wait to watch when I’m alone, like the wives).

    Talking about the wives… What is going on with NY return date changed… It seemed too soon to show after recording, but I figured they edit as they go ( and that @ Bravo they know what they are doing). Oh well, I wasn’t as interested although it is my favorite HWs. I would watch (absolutely!!), hoping it would be a good season but with those three K, J, L I was doubting it. I’m glad B doesn’t have to deal with them!

    Ok, I better go to sleep, it has been a looooong week…hope to join in the board more this weakened.

    Good night!

    • California35 says:

      Sorry for all the mistakes, I hope you guys understood…

    • quincyil says:

      I thought the young men knew about real estate in that market. Yes, they seem odd at times, but they are young men in a culture different from the Midwest.

  50. dancekrazy says:

    Oh Boy, Lynn—
    Have I ever missed your blog, but I was too busy watching RHOBH. I can’t believe that you guys had Taylor pegged before I even thought of it. I was focusing on Camille. I didn’t like her at first, but I like her at last. She’s been through alot and now just needs to stay FAR AWAY from toxic people like Zarin, and Taylor.
    Can anyone answer me a couple of questions about Taylor, just in case I missed the answers?
    1. How on earth did Camille find out about the showing of her film in the “limo ride home”? Hmmmmm…….let’s see. We know it wasn’t Kyle, Lisa, or Adrienne, or Faye. Kim wasn’t in that limo, so she’s out. TAYLOR ARMSTRONG BY DEFAULT, AS I SEE IT. Has anyone heard otherwise?;

    2. Let’s assume that what Taylor told Camille in New York was only about her conversation with Kim. I wonder, then, why all of her anger was directed at Lisa and Kyle, and none at Kim. Also, remember, it was only when Kyle and Camille were privately discussing their issues that who would phone whom came up. Camille said to Kyle, “I don’t call people because I feel I’m imposing and I don’t want to bother you.” It was at that moment that Kyle said to her, “No don’t be insecure (referring to her calling Kyle)” Kyle wasn’t referring to the conversation in Vegas. And if I recall correctly, both Taylor and Lisa were listening outside the door.

    3. Remember who met with Camille the day before the “Allyson” dinner party? Yes, it was lunch with Taylor. Could she have put the bug in her ear about bringing “back up” like a psychic who’s a lush, and a “yes-girl”? I wouldn’t even be surprised if Taylor told Kyle about this dinner in advance and advised her the same, hence Faye. I say yes. Has anyone heard anything to the contrary?

    4. When Taylor “interrupted” Lisa and Kyle’s dinner plans at Villa Blanca, and Lisa was trying to talk to her seriously……..all she did was act and laugh like a 6 year old with a secret. Were I Lisa, I’d have been pissed off also. Anyone else think that whole scene was a bit much?

    5. When confronted on the Reunion show about her “Oklahoma on your ass…..” comment, she denied she’d EVER do such a thing, even became indignant with Kim about the charity, but when Andy pushed her further she said this, “Well, she HAS to learn some manners and we had to go outside.” Gee, I wonder if that’s where she holds her etiquette classes, in the alley. She’s not a very bright person it seems because she denies something, then merely repeats it in real time.

    6. On the roof at Taylor’s b’day party, it was she who was speaking so loudly (loud enough for Kyle to hear) and brought up how Kim didn’t protect her sister. First of all, why bring it up there? Smarter to have said, “Kim, I’ll call you for a lunch date when I get back from Mexico so we can clear up everything.” Seems like our little Taylor is becoming a camera-hound and very, very treacherous. Kim stood up, as I would have in the same circumstance, and even looked happy to me. She didn’t “get in her face” or in any way threaten her, and the only one who was yelling at that time was Taylor because she needed to have Kyle hear, as well as everyone else there. Seemed loud when Taylor said to Kim, “You had every chance to protect your sister and you didn’t” and, “We don’t need your drama.” And the first thing she told Kyle was “Kim said she was the one who rescued you…….” I didn’t hear Kim say rescue at all. Maybe it’s me, but what business is it of hers what the sisters’ troubles are?

    8. But the doozie was during the Reunion Show(s) when she inserted herself into the sisters’ lives again. She tried so hard to make Kim look bad when she said (Part 1), “Shall we discuss her state of mind at that table (speaking to Kyle) implying the drinking problem. Then, in Part 2, “There’s a long history of……”, which I think is when Andy cut her off and told her what we all feel, “WELL, YOU STARTED THE FIGHT.”

    7. Lastly, think about it, in the short time she has filmed the show, she impacted three of Kyle’s relationships negatively…….Camille (her husband’s client), then Lisa, and finally her own sister. There seems to be tons of jealousy on the part of Taylor toward all of the ladies, hence she really is a snake in the grass. Shame Kyle doesn’t wake up to it.

    And poor Camille, all she needs is a Zarin around her. Well, Camille, you’d just better be prepared to have a “duty” for the rest of your life to take Jill everywhere, and include her in everything, and so on. I hope that Camille has the fortitude to stay far, far away from both Jill and Taylor.

    Thank you all for listening.

    • quincyil says:

      Hi, Susan. I think you have interesting thoughts on the show and hope that you have the time to share more often. I think Bethenny’s show is going to be interesting. She is honest and never claims to be perfect.

      • vilzvet says:

        Well done Susan! Whatever sympathy Taylor garnered during that charity episode was squashed like the bug she is.

        • HD says:

          Regarding question 1…Camille said someone in production told her. Which I am sure they did because I watched a show on the making of reality shows and they do that stuff all the time.

        • Nancy says:

          I wonder what member of the Ford family was abusive?
          She’s so FOS!

    • error404 says:

      1. I think Camille admitted on twitter that someone on the crew told her.
      2. I think it was Lisa and Kim listening in at the door, but I agree, it seems obvious that Taylor said a whole lot more than she’s coping to.
      3. ITA and don’t believe the “oh I already have plans with a friend, can I bring her” story. They both went into that party with back-up.
      4. The whole scene was fake. The only thing I change my mind about is how many of the 3 were in on it. Was it just Taylor worming her way in? Was it Taylor and Kyle trying to make Lisa jealous? Was it Taylor, Kyle and Lisa all trying to get more face time.
      5. Yes, she’s a rookie at “deny, deflect, distract”. She should have gone the Camille route and claimed stress over her failing marriage caused her to act out.
      6. As usual, the fights are never about what they are really about. Kim not supporting Kyle’s version of what happened in vegas is the stupidest most bogus reason to be soo soo angry at someone, yet Kyle Lisa and Taylor act like Kim did the horrible thing they’d ever seen int heir life. They really act like a gang, and Kim disrespected the code. Whatever happened to “what happens in vegas, stay in vegas”? Kylisor bring that argument up like every 5 minutes.
      8. Taylor and Lisa both have been trying to out KIm all season, and although Kyle took a pact not to mention it, Taylor and Kim brought up Kim’s “issues” every 5 minutes and Kyle just kept a studied neutrality. It was a scheme hatched by the 3 before the reunion IMO.
      7. Yes, but even if Kyle is innocent and Taylor is trying to sabatage her relationships, she must own her behavior. As frustrating as it is to have someone claim you said something you didn’t, Kyle OTT reaction in NY was weird. And I don’t care if Kim ran over her favorite cat while DUI, most people treat their bogs better than Kyle treats her sister. No one can control other people, but we can all control how we react to tother people. And Kyle is such a control freak, she goes ballistic whenever she can’t control the situation. Lady, get help.

      • error404 says:

        LOL! freudian slip?
        I meant to say most people treat their DOGS better than Kyle treats Kim.
        But BOGS works better. I spoil my dog rotten, and even though I work from home, I think I do shit on my bog (UK slang for toilet) less often than Kyle shits all over Kim. 😛
        Even if we take BOG to mean marshland, I do dump in bogs less often than Kyle dumps on Kim. OK I’ll stop.

    • California35 says:

      Hi Susan,

      I like your “recap”.

      One of the reasons I think we didn’t put as mush attention to Taylor was because of the Camille/Kyle explosions. I did notice her hand was all over it and that she wanted to get more camera time, but that is all up. I did notice some things about her I didn’t like, but they were not horrible yet. It was until later when those things kept coming up and adding up. I feel bit like that about Kyle also, that because of the fights with Camille we didn’t see the rest of her behavior as horrible. Of course now after seeing the rest of the season AND reunion we see both of those woman more clearly.

  51. Powell says:

    I was just on Yahoo and saw the article on RHOM. Like you said I had no idea Bravo decided to branch out to Miami. The cast seems to be verryy interesting. An ex wife of an NBA player, NBA retired Scottish Pippen’s wife, a tip criminal defense attorney’s wife, an executive of a top Miami magazine, a respected art curator, and the owner of a top PR firm. My mother read in the Washington Post that Bravo was thinking about bringing the show Miami Social back, but because it didn’t do that well they decided to do The Real Housewives of Miami. Well this could possibly be good. These are really wealthy ladies like Bev Hills. We shall have to see who Jill Zarin latches on to from this cast. After all “the Green, mighty dollar” and fame seeking are Jill’s favorite pastimes!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!

    • vilzvet says:

      This Miami is crazy fast. I am still watching the Season 1 NY that was broadcast last week (sooooo fascinating to look back) and it is constant advertising for Feb. 15th!! Maybe it is true that it is physically impossible to edit a show that just completed taping a week ago, but then it is their own damn fault to have made that decision in the schedule. Now they are backtracking and it looks dumb. Do we have any premiere dates for OC and NJ yet?

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