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I Hate Jill Zarin An Editorial Blog by Quincy IL

The following blog is an editorial by Quincy, followed by my thoughts on the subject.

Jill Zarin should not read blogs. Bravo told Kandi Buress that she should not read the blogs and she mentioned it on screen. Yet, we have evidence that the ladies of Bravo do in fact follow “I Hate Jill Zarin” blog. We found a the secret twitter account that allow the stars to watch tweets from Lynn and themselves. There is an automatic banning system in place for any twitter that joins Lynn and Jill Zarin, Lynn and Kelly Bensimon or Lynn and Dinah. Yet, we have found a twitter account with the name of a Bravo star which allows access without a ban. We have copied everything in the site and saved it as evidence. Jill, Kelly and Dina gave their permission for the account to belong to their twitters and Lynn’s twitter. Members of our board will attest that they have been banned for joining Lynn’s twitter even if they did not know that the threat of a ban existed. They were punished by Jill and Dina when they had done nothing wrong.

There are articles on the net that tell us that Bravo itself follows the blogs and their decision to give Bethenny Frankel her own show came from this information. Bethenny became the first successful breakout star with her own series last summer and her second season in less than a year begins Feb. 28, 2011. This is “The Brave New World.” We watch a group of women in their daily lives through the magic of television. They give permission to be filmed. They give permission for their children to be filmed. Then they are upset when the shows are placed on national TV and are angry with us when we discuss their shows.

Bravo wanted the people who watch the “Real Housewives” to discuss their shows. They gave us blogs on Bravotv.com. and asked us to reply. They gave forums and asked us to reply and discuss the “Real Housewives.” They wanted to control our thoughts and for us to only say nice things. Many of us did.

Sunday’s “I love Jill Zarin” subset blog was a summary of the first season of “Real Housewives of New York City.” Jill loved her first season. That’s because Alex was the intended target and Alex took the hits. Jill hated season three because her intended target, Bethenny, managed to survive a difficult pregnancy and the death of her father with grace. Jill Zarin was the mean girl and she took the hits.

There is a problem with time. Jill Zarin has filmed what she hoped would become season four. Jill is at a different place from the people who watch the show. We watch season three reruns and we are seeing the mean girl, Jill. Jill thinks we should be at the same place that she is, but she is not being logical.

Jill tries to use public relations to her advantage, but Bravo shows reruns and takes all of the viewers back to the places where Jill is seeking revenge on Ramona for a slight or supporting Kelly’s Playboy spread while saying that Alex’s photos which were published with out her permission or financial gain were “spread eagle.”

If this was the SyFy Channel, I would describe what is happening as a time loop. A time loop is a common plot in SyFy productions where time runs normally for a while and then the subject is sent back in time to relive the experiences that they have already experienced.

We see Jill Zarin interacting with fans as the travels the globe. She thanks her many fans in Australia, Aruba and Chicago on twitter. Yet, Jill Zarin comes home from Costa Rica to read this blog and freaks out to the point that she disturbs her daughter in college. Why did Jill look at this blog?

She can not help herself. Jill Zarin is unable to take rejection. She was rejected by her friends on Scary Island, cried for three days and ruined another expensive vacation for Bobby Zarin. It is no fun being with a crying Jill Zarin. Jill feels rejected by Lynn and the board of “I Hate Jill Zarin” blog. For this rejection of Jill, Lynn is called a “Hater,” and we are called names by Allison Shapiro Zarin. No one has called Jill Zarin a bad name here to my knowledge. People here hate Jill Zarin’s behavior and the way she treats her friends on the television show. We expected Jill Zarin to come home from Costa Rica and freak out over the “Letter to Jill Zarin.” We expected her to tweet about good blogs. We were corrected in our prediction that she would do exactly that. Bothering Allison who should be studying is something that I as a parent would not have done, but we should have expected Jill Zarin to do that too as she only thinks about Jill Zarin.

Jill says that we don’t really know her. I dispute that statement. We know her very well because she chose to give her life to us for discussion. That is what reality television is all about. Bravo should take these words and make every person thinking about becoming a Bravo star memorize them. Sell your life to Bravo and people will discuss your behavior and your life.

Thank you Quincy, great insight into reality television and what reality stars should expect. Jill is so predictable and transparent that it still amazes me. After three years of being on television and having completed filming another season she still doesn’t get it. She still insists on responding and confirming that she’s read the blog although she’d love nothing more than for everyone to believe that she would never read this blog.

She arrived home from Costa Rica and tweeted something about the Super Bowl then later tweeted that she’s looking for some “good” blogs to read and even offered to re-tweet them if they’re “good”.

Remember, Jill told us that when she re-tweets a blog it gets 10,000 hits, she later upped that number to 15,000 hits.

Moments later her daughter posted on the blog that we’re all pathetic and we should “get a life”. It’s a shame that Jill had to drag her daughter into her drama, as Quincy said, she should be focusing on school and studying. I think Ally is a good kid and deserves to just enjoy these years of her life without the Bravo drama. Jill chose fame and fortune over allowing her family to live their lives without the cameras. Only time will tell if any damage has been done.

But Jill isn’t the only Real Housewife to behave this way. Taylor Armstrong is still new to this Bravolebrity role yet she’s quickly learned to block a whole lot of people on Twitter and she is already bashing bloggers, tweeters, Facebook fans and internet commenters. On the reunion she said that it is easy for us to say these things while “hiding behind a computer”, she was referring to Camille Grammer and some of the negative press that Camille had been receiving. Yet it is Taylor who has emerged as the mean girl, she got the Jill Zarin award for bad behavior and personally, I would have no problem telling Taylor to her face anything that I’ve said while “hiding behind my computer.”

In one fell swoop, Taylor alienated and angered millions of people who utilize the internet to comment about Housewives shows, probably not the smartest move she’s ever made.

Taylor was caught in a lie, not a huge lie and it didn’t hurt anyone, she told viewers that Adrienne Maloof was her daughter Kennedy’s Godmother, yet Adrienne said she wasn’t. It isn’t about the content of the lie here, the fact is that Taylor lied and so it is difficult to believe anything that she says.

In Taylor’s case we watched as Andy Cohen asked Adrienne about being Kennedy’s Godmother, we watched Taylor’s face, the fake smile, the fast and furious nodding in Adrienne’s direction, you could almost see Taylor begging Adrienne to go along with the lie and then you could see the anger on Adrienne’s face toward Taylor for putting her in that awkward position. It was truly embarrassing for Taylor. I only wish Andy would have returned to Taylor and asked her why she lied. Such a stupid lie, what was the point?

Taylor changed her name in her past, a little bit of research into her background finds some shady dealings and along with her husband Russell we’re hearing some interesting stories from people who’ve known this couple in the past. Obviously we can’t believe everything that’s written about everyone but there is definitely more to Taylor Armstrong than what we see on TV.

Taylor is another Housewife who doesn’t understand how this all works, but she’s new at this and so you almost don’t blame her for the way that she’s responding to all the negativity. Let’s see if she learns her lesson or if she’s one of those angry housewives who can dish it out but not take it (Dina Manzo).

Jill’s been at this for four years, she watched the way Bethenny handles the social networks, how Bethenny remains quiet, says nothing negative and comes out on top. The more Jill feeds into it, the more problems Jill will have. As Quincy noted, Jill is in a whole other place right now. She’s filmed an entire season of shows that we have yet to see. Maybe she saves a litter of puppies from drowning and singlehandedly puts out a fire in a school saving thousands of children. Maybe Jill spends all of her free time doing charity work, avoids red carpet appearances and spends quality time with her family. Ok it’s unlikely, but this is what it would take to turn herself around.

Jill responds negatively to any negative press that she gets, she responds to blogs written about her, to people who tweet about her behavior. Rather than focusing on the negative, and threatening to get people fired from their jobs, blocking everyone on Twitter for simply reading this blog, why doesn’t Jill go out there and prove us wrong?

After some tweets that had gone back and forth between Jill and Alex McCord, many suspected that these two ladies have buried the hatchet. Maybe in this upcoming season Jill and Alex are best buddies, maybe they lunch together and shop together, attend fashion shows and talk for hours on the phone together. Maybe Jill subscribed to the Ramona Singer method and has made peace with Alex McCord. Would this change your impression of Jill Zarin? I think that is the answer that Jill wants to know.

Many people warmed up to Ramona when she actually gave Alex a chance, got to know her and the two ladies became friends. Jill simply wants to know if the same would hold true for her. I have no doubt that Jill would make that effort to be friendly with Alex if it would change public perception of her. I don’t believe it would be “authentic” or ring true because it was clear when Jill just looked at Alex, the hatred was so evident.

One thing that I can’t figure out was where the hate came from, clearly during season three, Jill was upset that Alex didn’t take Jill’s “side” and refuse to film with Bethenny. Not only that but Alex became closer friends with Bethenny. But why did Jill have such a negative reaction to Alex almost from the very beginning? Did Jill just need one housewife to pick on? Did she have to choose someone to be the “outsider” and chose the youngest, prettiest and smartest one who lived in Brooklyn? That certainly seems to be the way that Jill operates.

Now thanks to Bravo, we will have to wait until April to find out whether Jill can begin to try to improve her image, if she can redeem herself, if she’ll allow fans to find any positive qualities that we can point to about Jill Zarin. Based on her behavior on Twitter and the other social networks, I’m not all that optimistic that Jill has changed at all.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion obviously was delayed by one week due to the Super Bowl. Congratulations to the Green Bay Packers (wow, that hurt!)

Tonight on Bravo, a new Tabatha’s Salon Takeover. Tabatha takes on a children’s salon, it looks like it is going to be a good one. Seeming glimpses of Tabatha with children in previous episodes always brings a chuckle. Quincy will have her recap of the show tomorrow for us all.

Tomorrow Bravo will air The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills from the beginning starting at 7am and finally the new “Lost Footage” episode will air at 10pm and again at 11pm. Bravo has previews of the lost footage on Bravotv.com. This is where the world will see Taylor’s fib and I can foresee her blocking a whole lot more people over on Twitter.

Until Next Time….

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303 Responses to IHJZ Real Housewives and Reality Television

  1. Kukulet says:

    Great blog, Quincy and Lynn!

    Wait…Ally posted on Lynn’s blog or on Twitter? (Wow, that’s low either way, Jill, even for you-coercing your daughter into getting involved. You just love to wallow in muck, I guess.)

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I’m out of the loop and a little lost on the twitter blog thing too. But I’ll wave to Jill and Ally anyway! 🙂

      • quincyil says:

        There was a post on Sat.’s board with a name that was used on a secret twitter account. That twitter had Bravo stars and Lynn. There was one name which belonged to Lynn’s account and to Waxdiva’s twitter. The twitter account was not banned for linking to Lynn and to Dina, Kelly, Teresa, Jill, Nene, Tamara and others.

        Sat. night I researched the comments on that twitter, went into Lynn’s old blogs to read what the person and had said on Lynn’s Teresa documents page. The twitter remarks said a couple of things that I found to be true about the person who had a name there.

        So.. there was a twitter allowed by Jill and Dina to link to Lynn without banning.

        The name at the top of the twitter was so obvious that I didn’t trust it at first.

        That person had come to the board in Sept. to ask questions about the penalties of Teresa’s bankruptcy mistakes.
        She returned to give her input on the Hampton bookfaire admission that Jill’s account made the comments on Amazon.
        What made me think this was someone that knew Jill is that she spoke with authority, but was incorrect.

        If she had not used that name, I would never had been able to figure it out.

        I just googled the name of that person and lynnnchicago. That is how I was taken to the Teresa documents and her comments.

        I believe Lynn tweeted the “Letter to Jill Zarin” all weekend so that person got the tweet in her “secret” twitter and decided to share what Jill told her.

        It seems the reality stars of Bravo have many many twitter accounts. Why on earth would you use the same name over and over to visit a blog?

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I see. But who owns the Twitter account? the person named at the top? Now there seems to be no posts since last fall. It has possibly been sanitized?

          • quincyil says:

            The name at the top is the name of the person.

            The name of the twitter was on our board yesterday. I googled it with our site to get comments from the old blogs.

            There are a number on the Teresa document pages.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              Maybe it’s the fact that my girls have me on my last thread of sanity today because I am having a hard time following this thing.

              Maybe I need a glass of pinot and will have to come back to it.

              I’m not sure how the auto twitter ban thing works because I am able to follow Jill, Kelly (her old account-I haven’t signed up for her new one) and the Gorilla. Danielle and NeNe blocked me. I don’t follow Dina (at least I think I don’t- I don’t get tweets from her but it’s possible I did and she blocked me because I follow Lynn and I just haven’t noticed) .

              But I digress, the whole auto banning thing is sad and lame. Looked at our sweet Vinny who was banned for it- and little did Jill know the fan she had in him..oh well her lose our gain.

    • twoile says:

      Wow fantastic blog Quincy & Lynn there is only one thing I would offer & that is Taylors’ lie is more significant, as it involves her dtr & spirituality. These significant areas of ones life are core values & imho speak 2 how corrupt Taylors’ moral compus is. I think Taylor will prove 2 b the ultimate “shillz” of BHs.

  2. tootsie says:

    Thank you Quincy and Lynn. Well done. Great blog.

  3. skogsstig says:

    Thanks, Quincy and Lynn! That’s one of the most concise, clear and thoughtful analysis I’ve seen – and that makes it a “good blog” (to quote JZ) in my eyes.
    I think her definition of a “good blog” means it’s flattering to her, regardless of writing, reasoning and observational skills in evidence.
    Keep up the good work, ladies! ♥

  4. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thanks Quincy and Lynn – you always fill in the puzzling blanks. It is very sad that Jill continues to read blogs (and it has to be difficult to read nasty stuff about yourself) and then instead of thinking about what she could do to change the viewers’ perception of her – she just gets her daughter involved! Is it better to have your daughter spew your vile Jill – coward much?

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  6. VincenzoNewYork says:

    I have to say that it is cowardly when you block people on twitter just because they choose to follow an important blogger just to see someone else’s opinion and then make your own conjectures about a show. I thought the name of the blog was funny and I have been reading the blog since the middle of the summer? I suppose I started reading during the DC housewives and I did some back-tracking to season 3 of NY. I have been caught up on most of the Jill Zarin criticisms..because I watched maybe half of season 3 plus the 3 reunion episdoes. Regardless, I still do like Jill Zarin…and I choose to respect other people’s viewpoint. This blog is not a HATE/BULLY blog..and if it was..I would not have been inclined to follow it or comment on it.
    I will point out that Jill does not handle criticism well…and I am sure most people do not either. That’s why I choose to be more supportive of people and accept them for who they are…because in the end..we are responsible for all of our actions. In the end we are all doing our best and that is it.

    However, I did notice some dynamics between Gloria and Jill. First of all, I saw something in Gloria that explains alot about Jill’s behavior. Gloria is one super-critical, fastidious woman..and that just came from her dialogue and body language. She must have been a tryant of a mother….her stiff body..and lack of joy in her face explains it all. I can see that the criticism has been passed down from Jill to Ally Shapiro/Zarin as well…I noticed that Jill was way too happy that Ally lost 11 pounds and started to love her. Was she constantly berated for her weight and food choices? The clothes she has worn? Any choices she has made? Also, mind body medicine states that people with arthritis are actually very critical people and they have been criticized all of ther lives. That explains alot to me right there…. Loving your child regardless of what they look like and what they do is more important and it comes from a place of wholeness…criticism affects children greatly…and criticsim often leads to self-loathing.
    Most adults are unaware of the constant self-criticism and the criticism that they recieved as children. It does not come from a place of love and compassion.
    This is what Jill has been dealing with all her life. Hopefully, I sound more compassionate here then critical..but to me it makes sense that she has to constantly defend herself and block people who appear to criticize her.

    I do sincerely wish Jill a successful season 4 and in the end..she is doing her best from her state of consciousness. I am doing my best from my state of consciouness..and everyone else as well..only awareness and a willingness to change helps us grow as people.

    • HD says:

      I am glad you touched on Ally and her weight loss. That episode killed me! I hated Jill sending her to that camp. If Jill who is sooooooooooooo rich and whatnot and would do things PROPERLY for her daughter then this would not be an issue. HELLO! She was best friends with a natural health food chef. DUH! Get her to show you some recipes that would help your daughter and not just a two week stay at some camp drinking juice and then come home and gain it all back and then some.

      Remember Bethanny took her on a bike ride something Jill NEVER did?

      Also, similiar to you, I felt that Jill always wanted that thin, gorgeous, look at my daughter and watch how I live vicariously through her, type of daughter. Jill admitted that she was not popular as a child and I think she always wanted Ally to be the “it” girl and her losing weight would help with that image.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        Personally i think Ally looks beautiful at any weight

        • HD says:

          @ DJ, I thought she did too. I also thought kids especially teen girls go through changes. You are still learning your body. My daughter is thin as a rail. She gets it from her dad. Trust me. Certainly is not on my side of the family. He is very tall and skinny. His sister delivered her baby and came home wearing her regular clothes. None of his family is fat. I hate it. LOL!

          At any rate, my daughter hates that she does not have that “sista girl” booty. She said people at school call her anorexic. She constantly eats but never gains weight. (She is healthy) She is just real skinny. I tell her she is BEAUTIFUL and when she gets older those same people making fun of her for being skinny will be wishing they could have her body. Just this weekend she told me she is going to eat more calories. That hurt me. I told her to focus on eating healthy NOT calories. She thinks if she eats something fattening she will wake up with this video vixen body.

          It works on both ways…fat or skinny or in between. Teenage girls go through changes and I wish Jill would have focused more on the in home eating and not sending that girl to some camp on national TV. Uhhhhh.

          • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

            My daughter (21) was always very thin, until about age 15 when she stopped growing. Then she did put on some weight. But she asked to join a gym, started to run a little with the track team, and gradually lost the weight. Through it all I was supportive but not critical. When she went off to college she did gain some weight, but as soon as she went off the meal plan and started making her own meals she lost about 15 lbs. She has a beautiful shape now, but she works out almost every day and has a very healthy diet. I think Ally is a beautiful girl, and since she is getting older now, her decisions about her weight and working out, etc. will be her own, and hopefully not in response to someone’s criticism. I hope being exposed to a whole new world, with going away to school, will help her see that.

          • Nancy says:

            But remember…Jill said at the reunion ‘It was NOT weight camp!” Sure Jill.

        • Nancy says:

          Me too.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Allison did not go to lose weight – that was a side effect of the camp that was to teach better diet/detox for her disease. Showing that on tv had to have been a horrible hit to Ally’s self esteem but Jill thought it would make her look like a great mother. ITA that Gloria instilled in Jill some very bad virtues and that Jill has always struggled in her relationship with her mother. Sadly, these dynamics don’t make for good tv but give us some insight into what motivates Jill.

        • VincenzoNewYork says:

          @WCW: Thank you for clarifying that. Hopefully she learned better eating habits for her experience there.

        • quincyil says:

          Windy, I recently saw that episode. Jill is on the deck of the Hampton’s house with Allison. Jill asks her why she wants to go to the detox camp. Allison states that she want to lose weight right then. I have it on the TV dvr right now. They also told us how much weight she lost at the camp. I’m sure they want to change the perception now, but Bethenny said something about it in the season three reunion and Jill said it was not for weight loss. Bethenny’s memory was better than Jill’s.
          Bravo may have edited the many other reasons for the that de tox camp, but they left the weight loss information in their television episode.

          • vilzvet says:

            Yes that episode was just rerun last week. The first thing Jill said to Ally was what a flat stomach she had, not how do you feel?

          • twoile says:

            @Q, ITA, shill tried to cover her a$$ after the audience response 2 the weight loss note. Shill kept highlighting the nutritional benefits a’la camp, however she had complimented Ally on wgt loss upon Allys return not nutritional benes.

      • floridagirl88 says:

        Jill wanted the daughter that Ramona got, poised, articulate, confident. What Jill got was a reflection of who she is inside. How sad for them all.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      actually- the mind body explanation of arthritis is: Feeling unloved, criticism, resentment. It is not my intention to offend anyone..this is another viewpoint from part of a book that explains the mind-body connection with a list of diseases and disorders. It is a book that very much resonates with me.
      Last year I went through something and I had arthritic fingers- that was a desire to punish..and feeling victimized…I stated an affirmation that is next to the disease to heal it..and it gradually went away. I also did yoga which reduced the inflammation..and I have forgiven the people who were involved in last year’s situation..which eventuated in a career change for me. Again…my goal is not to offend anyone with arthritis..and it just was a vehicle for me to explain the Jill/Ally dynamics.

      • HD says:

        @ Vincenzo…you are so right. A lot of disease-notice the word dis-ease-can be attributed to things going on in our lives. Of course disease happens and often times randomly so this is not to say that doesn’t happen but some things are a direct result of something internal that manifests externally i.e stress and ulcers or whatnot. (When my mom was with my abusive dad all her hair fell out. Got a divorce-her hair is now down her back)

        I once heard someone say, it is not what you are eating, its what’s eating you.

        • VincenzoNewYork says:

          @HD: I’m sorry about your mother. I am glad that she is in a better situation.

          • HD says:

            Thank you. She is much better. Its so funny what a life change can do for you. One day it would be amazing if we all just woke up and decided to truly live.

            I always say, “life is not a dress rehearsal but there can be a lot of scene changes.” 🙂

    • I think it was Season 1 where we first met Gloria. At the time Jill had some rather negative things to say about her mother coming to visit as well as the long term (negative) effects having Gloria as a mother had had on Jill. So I suffered slightly from whip-lash when we suddenly got ‘Saint Gloria’ who could answer all our questions wisely and set our lives straight. I also noticed in the recent reruns Jill says “Not Happy” as a general comment to other people. Like mother, like daughter.

  7. HD says:

    I sooooooooo do not understand Twitter. Not at all! There is a secret account that allows someone to watch what Lynn tweets? What secret account? Who is it registered to? Has Lynn become that infamous in the Twitter world that you can’t join Lynn and a housewife twitters?

    What is the stuff that you copied and saved? Can we see it? Oh goodness. I hate that I am sooooooo nosy. I just can’t help it. Are these thing confidential? I hope not. Goodness I can’t take it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I’m sitting next to you HD – twitter adds an element that I don’t understand either. While it has been explained – I feel lost!

      • HD says:

        LOL! I am so lost. And once all those @ symbols start I don’t know who said what or who it is being said to and so on and so forth.

        I don’t understand automatic bans. Is that possible? Obviously so. Can you go in and set that up yourself like if I wanted to personally block A if A follows B? How did that happen with Lynn?

        Also, Lynn I need to know, how popular are you now? This is not being funny. You know I celebrate you! But I just want to know are you really getting popular and getting a name for youself in the blogsphere? (Is that what they call it?) Do you think you can parlay this into something else like a Perez Hilton type of status? Do you even want that or will you always stick to this format, etc? You must be getting popular to get these automatic bans set up. You go girl.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          Yes, as Twitter becomes more popular new programs are always being written and released that will allow you to do almost anything on Twitter. For example, Alex and Simon have a program that will immediately follow anyone who follows them.

          In Dina Manzo’s case, she actually threatened to block anyone who followed TweetMaxine, a Twitter member who claims to be a Bravo insider and comes away with the most far out, unbelievable things that never turn out to be true. Tweetmaxine is actually the one who announced that Bethenny had a baby boy and Jill took that information and tweeted it, of course it wasn’t true.

          Jill told her followers that she would block anyone who follows me and I believe that somewhere she found an add on program to Twitter that allows her to do that automatically. The reason I believe that is that it is some sort of automated program is because in order to do what Jill does manually, she would need 2-3 people watching Twitter round the clock blocking people who happen to follow me. She announced that she was doing this many months ago and hadn’t mentioned it since so some people are still surprised when they find themselves blocked by Jill for what they feel is no reason.

          HD, I’m not sure how to answer your question, I think I am making a name for myself, I believe that most if not all of the housewives and other Bravo cast members have heard of me. Andy Cohen has tweeted to me and read some of my questions on air so he’s heard of me…I don’t know where this will go, I hope that it gets some support from Bravo, Lord knows we certainly support Bravo around here!

        • lola says:

          Lynn is absolutely awesome!! To the point that people on other websites argue about her an her followers. They even attempted to take down a website because of Lynn and her followers. Those same people are now posting Lynn’s stories on their blogs and singing her praises.

          • LynnNChicago says:

            Thank you Lola! I appreciate your post very much! Just to let you know, the majority of the posts are happening on the most recent blog, feel free to join the conversation there. You’ll find it on the main page right side 🙂

      • floridagirl88 says:

        I don’t get Twitter either. I have an account, but the hell if I know what to do with it. I check it every now and then, but I don’t know what else to do with it.

    • quincyil says:

      I did not look to see if that twitter is still alive today. Something on it may hurt someone we care about, so I won’t post. Lynn and others have received my research. The Bravo stars have some issues with Lynn and other people here.

      The name at the top of the twitter is Kandi. That is public as twitter is public.
      The name that I searched is the non regular poster from the Hamptons bookfaire discussion on Sat.’s board.

      I am not on twitter. Bravo stars use it all of the time. Dina creates a mean twitter to attack people then deletes. Jill uses twitter to promote good blogs and her anti bullying campaign. He mentions “hate” blogger all of the time.

      I think that the Bravo stars can do what ever they wish, but twitter is public and the public can read your tweets and see who you are linked to because the links are published. Every thing I found was found by googling.

      I dispute that we are bad people. We are discussing a television show. We discuss people on a television show who have become stars and who are interacting with the public. There is no reason to call us names when they are not happy with us discussing the television show.

      The “Real Housewives” of Bravo have issues with this blog. Their leader is Jill Zarin. We are exposing Jill Zarin here. She contacted Lynn, called Lynn a name when Lynn wanted to listen to Jill’s concerns, and Jill’s daughter called went on line at her college with a college edu address to call us names.

      No one was mean to Rachel/student at Sarah Lawrence last night. We have learned to take the hits from Jill in stride. Jill is the tweeting for good blogs and sharing with her daughter. That appears to be in reaction to “The Letter to Jill Zarin” blog on Sat.

  8. After Ally posted her comment on the previous blog, Quincy predicted that Jill would start tweeting about “good blogs”.

    quincyil says:
    February 6, 2011 at 6:29 pm
    Let’s watch twitter. If Jill is home she will start tweeting the good blogs.

    About an hour later Jill tweeted this:

    Jillzarin: Any good new housewife blogs for me to read? I missed reunion and finale last week. I like to read your perspectives. I will RT if good!

    • HD says:

      Jill kills me with the I will RT line. Like she is sooooo popular. Girl, please! You are popular because no one likes you. If I could go to Google, one of the most popular search engines in the world and type, I hate Jill Zarin and pages pop up all over the net, she needs to sit down somewhere. Obviously I was not the only person thinking it. No one cares what she re-tweets.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Like she doesn’t have an air card! She is likely hunched over her computer/blackberry etc catching everything! Jill doesn’t do innocent very well….

      • quincyil says:

        I find it interesting that she tweets her many fans in Aruba and Chicago. It reminds me of the royal wave that Princess Diana had to learn in her how to be a royal classes.

      • Nancy says:

        Jill and “Taylor” need to befriend each other. It’s a match made in heaven.

  9. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    Ive never been banned from Dina and she knows i follow Lynn but she does know i adore both of them and would never post anything negative about either one

    • Kellita says:

      I follow both Dina and Lynn, but oddly enough, Dina hasn’t blocked me.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        and Now the countess just started following me
        well im one of few people that have posted before that i love her singing i really wish she would put out a full club album 🙂

  10. jeang says:

    She will not even fight her own battles, she has to have a team. Well you know Luann is preoccupied with her boytoy, so she is not going to do it. Kelly is mentally and emotionally unable to effectively do it, so I guess the monkey is on poor Allys back now. What a piece of work our Jillous is…really, your daughter??? Talk about abuse and bullying!!!.

  11. jezzibel says:

    *ahem* I follow Lynn and Kelly Bensomeone..on twitter…..for some weird reason she’s just never got around to blocking me(might be because I don’t respond to crazy lady tweets) I don’t follow Dina, Jill or Taylor..so being blocked or banned by them has no impact on me whatsoever.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      I follow Kelly B..I have nothing negative to say about her..and I respond to her tweets here and there, she has never blocked me.. Dina I unfollowed..she does nothing for me.

    • quincyil says:

      I think Dina started the ban system. Jill followed suit. She tweeted that she would purge her lists of people that linked to Lynn and to herself when she came home from Aruba. She tweeted that for days.

      I don’t tweet. I just google her name and twitter so I read whatever is the public is allowed to see.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I don’t follow Dina or Jill either. I figured if they have anything interesting to tweet, I’ll find out about it on this blog. Whatever they’re promoting, I’m not buying.

      • twoile says:

        @RC, ITA……I don’t twit! needless 2 say the tech need 2 post here is challenging enough, & I still make plenty of mistakes;0)

    • quincyil says:

      Lynn? This is so unfair. This “I Love Jill Zarin” blog is not buried in the bowels of the “I Hate Jill Zarin” board. This “I Love Jill Zarin” blog has colored photos of Jill and Bethenny. I don’t have the ability to put photos in my post/subset blog which is on the board of the “I Hate Jill Zarin” blog every single day. How is it that Canada has great technology and we do not? We are from Illinois. I can’t believe how polished the “I Love Jill Zarin” blogs coming out of the Great White North are.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      I liked your viewpoint. Is it meant to be sincere or sarcastic? Either way..I kind of agree more on that viewpoint you presented.

    • quincyil says:

      I wish Jill would give a retweet to this “I Love Jill Zarin” blog from real city. Maybe, someone in cyberspace who does not link to Lynn could sent the http to Jill. It’s a wonderful blog and it deserves 15,000 hits.

      • quincyil says:

        and… I feel sad that Jill isn’t reading my “I Love Jill Zarin” subset blog on the prairie because I am always very nice and very truthful. I just don’t have the technology that is found in Canada here on the prairie.

        • HD says:

          LOL! I loved it. When I clicked the link I didn’t know where I was going. I saw the name of the blog and I thought whatever but I read it and it was good! Quite witty!

        • I’m sure Jill is reading it! I have an image of her sitting in bed every night with Bobby asleep on one side and her assistant sitting on her other side reading every comment and plotting their revenge while Ginger lays at the foot of the bed farting.

          • But it doesn’t matter what good things you say about Jill. If you are friends with Lynn you are the enemy. Sorry Quincy. 😦

            • quincyil says:

              Real city? I am a friend to all Canadians. I pretend to be Canadian when I travel out of the country. I even have plans to go to the Canadian Embassy in Tehran which is down the street from my brother in laws house should something happen when I am in Iran. During the American hostage crisis, the Canadian Embassy gave Americans Canadian passports and helped them leave Iran safely. I speak Canadian and look Canadian. I can’t hide like my Iranian husband so my plan is to seek refuge with my beloved brothers and sisters in the Canadian Embassy. I even have a Xeroxed photo of an orange maple leave taped on the side of my suitcase.

              • I’ve heard that Americans sometimes pretend to be Canadian when traveling and even put Canadian flag stickers on suit cases and back packs. But I was never sure if it was really true or not. Now I know! Lol.

                • WindyCityWondering says:

                  We also hum the Canadian National Anthem in airports!

                  • quincyil says:

                    My sister’s husband is Canadian and many Iranian relatives are immigrating to Canada. We talked about buying a home in Van Couver for family vacations.

                    It’s going to get really crowded in Canada any day. The invasion has already begun.

                • Adgirl says:

                  I have a University of British Columbia hoodie I wear when traveling. I was busted by a group of New Foundland travelers in Austria. LOL.

  12. boston02127 says:

    Great blog Lynn & Quincy. Thanks.

  13. boston02127 says:

    There isn’t much Jill could do to make me like her. In my eyes…..once a nasty B always a nasty B. Jill’s shown her true colors too many times. Maybe if she gave me a million dollars I’d pretend to like her. (until the check cleared)

  14. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet— Don’t you love twitter for these kind of questions? Who else could I complain to except my tweeties? I love you! Bobby hates when I complain.


    • sweet pea says:

      Oops. Wasn’t fast enough! Great blog Quincy, Lynn and RCH.

    • quincyil says:

      It was a great “I Love Jill Zarin” blog. I know because I was the first person to use that name in my subset blog. I knew that others would follow my lead. I wish my blog had bells and whistles like that blog. I wish I was young and Canadian. I wish I had a cool name like sweet pea.

      • sweet pea says:

        You don’t need bells and whistles for your blogs. They stand on their own!

        I too wish I was young again…Canadian…happy where I’m at.

        As for the name Sweet Pea? When I was first called by that name it was sarcastic. I moved to the North from the South and mean girls made fun of my accent. However…I love the South so I have taken the nickname with pride!

  15. AZ Girl says:

    Jill needs to get a hobby.

  16. Brigid A. says:

    Morning all! Thanks, Quincy and Lynn. Lots of catching up here after too much Super Bowl yesterday! No surprises about Jill. Some people just don’t want to believe or accept that maybe it’s time to re-assess behavior and be personally accountable. Jill seems to be one of those people, yet she continues to put herself and her family out there on reality television. She cruised through the first season or two flying high on her popularity, and it sure seems she still can’t understand what went wrong.

    Her relationship with her daughter always bothered me. Ally is a beautiful young woman, yet Jill can’t seem to just let her be. The weight camp wasn’t as troubling to me as the time she put her on display in some fashion show where Ally was totally out of her element. Anyone remember what that function was? Ally was forced into clothing totally inappropriate for her body type on national TV. Then there’s Jill once again center of attention by clanking around in the kitchen “cooking” for Ally when the poor girl and her tutor couldn’t even focus for all the kitchen noise. Jill speaking for Ally with the college counselor and so on. It’s always about Jill!!!!

    Her vindictive behavior towards Bethenny speaks for itself, as does the falling out with Alex, especially around the time Bethenny’s father died. That vindictiveness extends to bloggers, anyone who offends her on social networking sites, even Amazon book reviewers! She cannot accept any form of criticism yet she’s going to put it all out there AGAIN on the upcoming NY season. She gets no sympathy from me.

    • California35 says:

      About Alli, All those you mentioned plus two more that come to my mind. One when she took her to take pictures and brough Kelly along. She kept telling Alli how to pose and kept saying how happy she was to bring Kelly along. Second, when she tried to have the “talk” with her… I was like, what? on TV? Even though it is a reality show, that topic its dificult for mother and the daughter to talk about as it is.

      • Brigid A. says:

        And Ally had the good sense to laugh at her mother’s ridiculous staging of such a private “talk.” She seems like such a level-headed young woman that I hate to see her get drawn into blog and Twitter wars, fighting her mother’s battles.

  17. Mimisfbay says:

    Great recap. Twitter? Do I need another distraction? Nooooo
    Quincy, how do I get to the sub blog? More than one reason I don’t Twit.

    • quincyil says:

      The subset blog is on the board of “I Hate Jill Zarin.” It doesn’t have an http address so it can’t be tweeted. I know it seems odd, but it was free so I just blop it down with the posts of my fellow board members every day. I did hope that Jill would find it, but I think she half reads Lynn’s blog, tweets for good blog hits and calls it a day. I was told that many people just read the blog at the top and that 300-700 posts are a bit much for the average visitor.

      For those hardy souls who brave reading the entire IHJZ board, the subset blog is filled with parting gifts. It is a reward for being a member of the IHJZ board. LOL.

      This place is very balanced. People can post whatever they wish as long as they do not attack someone else. I was shocked that Rachel/a student from Sarah Lawrence would bother to come on to the board and scream like that. She was totally out of control. Rachel must have gotten that temper from Jill Zarin.

    • quincyil says:

      The following is a very ordinary subset blog without fancy photos of Bethenny and Jill Zarin. This was the first “I Love Jill Zarin” blog. It was cloned recently and bells and whistles were added. Those slick Canadian productions are something to behold.

      The “I Love Jill Zarin” blog on the prairie by quincyil

      Jill Zarin is a great friend. In season two of the “Real Housewives of New York City” Jill Zarin had taken her homeless friend, Bethenny, under her roof and was providing food for her during her time of need. Bethenny had just ended a relationship so Jill felt the need to protect Bethenny from the world. It was a time of sharing pillows and pillow talk. Jill felt like they were sisters and described the relationship in terms of falling in love. So deep was that love, that Bethenny was allowed to make fun of Jill in front of the cameras as well as in interviews with Jill smiling and seeming to accept the playful antics of the raven beauty with long, long hair that Jill kept in Castle Zarin. Bethenny was allowed to make fun of Jill calling Page Six to give a scoop about Simon while Jill just smiled.

      One day a tall handsome stranger who could do cartwheels came to the castle door and asked for an audience with Jill. Bethenny had met this tall stranger and she told Jill that this was the real deal, a true socialite, someone who went to the best parties and knew the most important citizens of the Kingdom of Manhattan. Jill wanted to meet this person as she is a person who loves to make connections. So they went to the Hamptons Equestrians events and met the tall handsome stranger who rode a horse and only was dumped on camera once. Jill was open to a friendship with this tall handsome stranger, but Bethenny tried to tell Jill that all was not right in the kingdom.

      Jill is charitable. She organized a fundraiser. She invited her friends to help her. She invited Bethenny. She invited the handsome stranger. The handsome stranger half listened to the description of the charity and said, “No. I don’t give my name to anything.” Someone asked, “Who is that handsome stranger?” Bethenny said, “It’s Madonna.” The handsome stranger took offense and Bethenny said that she is from a place of yes and the handsome stranger was from a place of no.

      The handsome stranger ordered Bethenny to meet her at a very nice Manhattan pub. The handsome stranger was 30 minutes late for the meeting. The handsome stranger said that she was “Up Here.” Then she said that Bethenny was “Down there.” The battle lines had been drawn and soon the forces would engage. Jill loved Bethenny and wanted to love the handsome stranger so she forced them into Rachel’s room and locked the door. After some furniture was tossed out of the high rise window, Bethenny went to Jill for support, but that support was not the love they had shared in the Hampton’s bed. Jill was willing to bring the handsome stranger into the relationship that had been perfect when Bethenny and Jill were alone with Bobby in the other room talking on the phone all day long.

      In the mean time, Ramona played tennis with Simon. There was a
      Halloween Party, but the handsome stranger showed up long after the other wives had gone. Simon and Alex rebuilt their entire Brooklyn Brownstone themselves with no help from contractors, architects, lighting sales people, Brad from Zarin Fabrics, or Mother Nature (as it rained the entire time.)

      Finally, the Palace was readied for the event of the season. Jill had a spectacular red designer skirt on. She was gorgeous. Bethenny had not arrived when the trouble was started by a woman who had a painting in the closet of Dorian Grey. Jill felt that her friend, Bethenny, had not considered Jill’s need to be the most important advertiser at the charitable event. They clashed. Bethenny’s blood vessels bulged. Jill Zarin banished Bethenny from the Kingdom. For the sake of charity, a temporary truce was called. The season ended, but the war raged on. As always, Jill was the victim and she was beautiful.

      The end


      Please note: After Allison Shapiro Zarin went to Sarah Lawrence College, she changed her name to Rachel. She informed us of this yesterday in a post from the college after her mom called her to complain about this web site.

      Even thought Jill Zarin is furious with us, we must follow the rules of this subset blog and be kind in our posts. This is an important post as it is buried in a member’s post as well as the Jill Zarin blog. This is a shared subset blog with two moms today.

      • Kansas Girl says:

        Many young college students take on a new name and new persona just to spread their wings and try life on their own. More power to Rachel, who has seemed to be a fine young woman even in difficult circumstances.

        • quincyil says:

          Welcome to Mimisfbay’s first hosting of the subset blog.
          We have a weekend in NYC on Feb 15th. A lot of hotel rooms went on sale when the NYC premier was cancelled. There is a hall filled with great food that has been purchased by Bravo for the event. We are going to sneak over there and celebrate Bethenny’s new season.

          • Mimisfbay says:

            Oh goody gumdrops! I just can’t wait to leave my 70 degree weather and head for NYC. Oh, wait, is this a virtual launch party? Let’s divvy up the loot and drink SGMargaritas. WaHoo.

            • quincyil says:

              I am even giving you the key to the snap bar in the hotel room. Thanks for being a mom to my blog. It was fun being your guest.

      • California35 says:

        Even though Bethenny had made her cry multiple times with the way she treated her, Jill was always there for Bethenny. Jill not only took notes of all that Bethenny did to her, but also of Bethenny’s cooking tips.

        • quincyil says:

          That’s correct and you too are invited to a Bravo event on Feb. 15 with food ordered for the cancelled premier of THe Real Housewives of New York.

          Jill will be in the side room trying to sell girdles. She will be taking measurements herself.

      • error404 says:

        Kiki just tweeted that she was working on a book titled “A Place of No” all about the architecture and style of the North Hamptons, but then her crackberry fell into the pool and the whole thing was lost. Caroline Manzo tweeted to burry the phone in a bowl of rice to absorb all of the moisture, so we’re all waiting with baited breath to see if Kiki’s next great coffee table book is lost. Dina Manzo had tweeted “That’s f&*(ing hillarious you clutzy c&*t!” but then later deleted the tweet.

  18. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Well, I think I am falling in love with the handsome Vincenzio. I like everything that you have posted up thread about the Jill/Gloria/Ally triangle.

    I am particularly impressed with the holistic approach you’re adopting. Rather than just looking at Jill’s behavior and judging, you are trying to understand her and to see what has happened to her that is causing her to act like this.

    Personally, I think Jill is in a world of pain and hurt. I think shopping and non-stop manipulation takes away some of the pain and hurt just for a moment but then it comes back twice as hard. She lashes out at others when her emotional hot button of rejection gets pushed.

    Crying for 3 days straight is not a normal or healthy thing unless it is response to a death. Why is rejection like a death to Jill? Is it Kill the Dream, Kill the Dreamer? If her dream is to be loved and accepted- why is she incapable of being lovable and acceptable?

    I believe everything happens for one’s higher good. Maybe, just maybe, the IHJZ blog will bring Jill Z. face to face with herself. And then she will see how much she COULD contribute to the world, instead of looking at what the world is contributing to her.

    ps. big shout out of love to justanothermary and justanothervirgil- I love you guys! Hope Mary’s doing OK after her spill, feel better soon, girl. Ur both in my heart.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      @OneMoreInBoston: Thank you so much!
      I really believe that Jill has the potential to change her behavior…she deserves to treat herself better and she needs to look within. The IHJZ blog is like a huge mirror..and sometimes it is challenging to look at this mirror. I also think Lynn is more observant than critical..and the same for many people here. I don’t think anyone here has a malicious intention to hurt Jill. That’s why I have no problem reading these observations and That’s why I continue to read the blog.

      • Brigid A. says:

        Vinny, looking forward to your thoughts on the Judith Orloff book! Here’s a thought…if Jill would stop blocking kindhearted and sympathetic fans like you, it could be lifechanging for her. And Baaawby would appreciate it so much…saving money on therapy and all.

        Not sure about watching the BH lost footage tomorrow night. Still recovering from last week. But I’m definitely all in for Tabatha’s Salon Takeover tonight and tomorrow’s recap!!

        • VincenzoNewYork says:

          @ BrigidL Jill Blocking me has nothing to do with me..It is her reaction..her issue. So I try my best to take it with a grain of salt..and accept her for who she is. I am excited to read the book.

          • Brigid A. says:

            Yes, I recall you got blocked merely by following Lynn’s blog? Or maybe for no reason at all. Her loss.

    • quincyil says:

      Why would Jill be unhappy? She seems to be in a good relationship with Bobby. They have material goods and the financial means to enjoy life. It seems they are in good health. She is famous and get invited to a lot of events.

      If the only negative in Jill Zarin’s life is this web site, she could have spoken to Lynn and found a resolution. Jill seems to need to be a victim. She should stop wallowing in the mud and get on with her life.

      • VincenzoNewYork says:

        @QuincyIL: On the surface she appears to be happy..but deep down she may not be at all. She is not the only person who behaves that way. Some people are too busy with life that they are unable to look within and realize that they deserve better. There is a difference between sincere, pure joy, and happiness on the surface.

        • VincenzoNewYork says:

          @Quincy: I agree with the victim role. All she has to do is take full responsibility in her life and be willing to change and clear the wounds from the past.
          Bethenny/Jill dynamics are akin to the Jill/Lisa Wexler dynamics.
          Lisa appears to be more successful, and all that she possesses seems to have come from her own merits. She is the academic..she was most likely praised by Gloria a child. Jill’s merits came from marrying into a wealthy family and she climbed her way into the social strata of NYC. She became the society girl.
          Lisa probably worked hard for all of her achievements..just like Bethenny. Jill may resent or have felt unworthy when compared to her sister. That is my theory on why Jill had a reaction to Bethenny’s achievements. The public favors Bethenny over Jill and that really hurts her because it is an emotinal wound from childhood that has manifested in adulthood. The people who critizize Jill are essentially replaying Gloria’s role in Jill’s childhood.

          • VincenzoNewYork says:

            Like I said…I don’t think Gloria was a compassionate and supportive mother…that really impacts someone’s self-concept and self-worth. When we are constantly criticizied for the way we look, our grades, the way we do things..it eventually translates to I am not good enough. I am not blaming Gloria for it.. I am sure Gloria must have head similar experiences to what Jill has had. Bottom line..we have to forgive our parents and move foward in life. Criticism is quite toxic to the person that does it and to the person that recieves it. A parent can tell I child..Good job! I know how we can make this better..or let’s try this to inprove it..or you did this wrong..you did that wrong..you can never do anything right.

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              Gloria’s parents disapproved of her marriage. She has passed a strange and mixed message to her daughters. Jill does not seem to have a purpose for her life – superficial is easy and the rewards are immediate. Jill miscalculated the price of fame.

  19. kbinldo says:

    I’d tell Jill to get a hobby, but that advice didn’t turn out so well the first time she got it….

  20. klmh says:

    Q, I am really puzzled by this sentence:

    “No one has called Jill Zarin a bad name here to my knowledge.”

    I called JZ a sad sack, and that’s tame, compared to others comments here in the past.

    Sorry all, but if I was constantly being examined and prodded, questioned and criticized, I wouldn’t want to see if in any form either. But it would be in my best interest to lurk and see how much information is being leaked or found by others. It is their protective mechanism and I don’t blame them at all!

    • quincyil says:

      Well, I can’t remember then. I see people say, “I Hate Jill Zarin.” Are there awful names being used? Nothing like some of the comment Jill has used on camera that I can remember. If you want to do the search on your fellow board members and call them on the carpet, go ahead. I never say anything. I don’t even hate her.

      • klmh says:

        I know you don’t and sad sack is the furthest I’ve gone, and that was yesterday. Its been done here a lot and I will get back with you about this later. Im out the door for the afternoon.

        • klmh says:

          Oh, another 10 inches coming our way tomorrow evening and wedn. I’ll have a lot of time to look then. Bet you will be getting this as well. Ugh…

          • NormaJean says:

            Foghorn immediately comes to mind.

            • quincyil says:

              Yes, after you said it I remember that name. I think that is how she sounded going into Scary Island before she was kicked off by her friends. Is that such a horrible name? My kids make fun of me sometimes.

              I read an article about this site by someone who was looking into the issue of hate blogging raised by Jill Zarin. He found the board here quite tame and was suprised. He said it was Midwestern. We typically are not as quick to use words as New Yorkers like Jill and Bethenny.

              I wouldn’t bother to do the research to find bad words on this site. I read the boards and honestly, the people here are reasonable compared to what is in the comments of other well known sites. Compared to Jill’s comments to Alana, everyone here is a saint.

              I am very fond of the people on this board and I am very respectful of the people here. I honestly think that this is a place filled with kind, loving people. They have issues with the behavior of some of the reality stars of Bravo. They have a right to those opinions as Bravo has created the shows for us to write and discuss.

              If the issue is Jill reading this particular site, I think she should never read it. She is not coming her for advice and she is not in the market for constructive criticism. She should put a block on this http and never ever look at it again. She has a great life. Just live it and enjoy your days on Earth.

              • Brigid A. says:

                Very well stated, Quincy.

              • Kansas Girl says:

                Wasn’t it Bethenny who first called her that? Or compared her name to that? I find that much of what is said here is simply repeating what is said on the shows. Maybe we repeat a lot, perhaps too much.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Stay safe and sane!

            • klmh says:

              Just getting thru the blogs from yesterday! Thanks WCW, we’ll see what happens, but I hope its not another 10 inches.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I don’t want to speak for Quincy or anyone else. But of course, I will 🙂 hehe I think the point is we don’t sit on this web site calling Jill Zarin horrible names, making fun of her or just being vicious and mean. We criticize her and even “sad sack” could be more of a criticism than calling her a name.

      I’ll bet we could find somewhere on this blog Jill being called a “bitch”, that is a criticism of how Jill acts, she is a bitch, she called herself a “New York Bitch” at the reunion. She was describing her behavior, thats what we do too.

      I could be wrong, but I think that is the point Quincy was making.

      • quincyil says:

        I can’t remember every comment on this board since May 8th. The general tone of the board is positive and friendly. We each come to the discussion of the real housewives with out own perspectives on life. We share. We look at what happens between them and reflect on our own lives.

        Lynn does purge posts, but those are usually trolls and rarely if ever from a regular board member. The board has effectively managed trolls itself in the last few months. I see someone post something and board members have usually contained it with their replies. I see this as a strong and healthy community.

        Jill gets alerts on this blog because she has an google alert on her own name. I see in the running in time twitter that Jill’s twitter is there and when Lynn tweets, they tweets are together on the running scroll on the google search page so I am quite positive that Jill is notified. I’m sure that Jill has gone to real city’s blog by now because Lynn is tweeting it all day long.

        Jill looked really great in a lot of those photographs. She does well in front of a camera.

        • nathania says:

          I think it’s a lot more honorable to toss out the occasional epithet than to practice Jill’s rules for life, ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer/the enemy of my enemy is my friend, etc etc’, living as if life is all about power, dominating people, and vanquishing your enemies. Give peace a chance, Jill.

          It’s actually becoming hysterical to me to watch these ‘mean girls’ like Jill, Taylor Armstrong, (and Kyle Richards now, apparently). They have always had some sort of power to wield, probably since they were teenagers. If you pissed them off, they would find a way to make you hurt. They could influence enough people, to cause you pain in some way. Then they get out of their sphere of power, and expose themselves to national television, and to people who want nothing from them and aren’t impressed by their size ‘z’ breasts or flowing locks or sparkly white teeth (i.e. they expose themselves and their behavior to other females outside the group they dominate) and it all falls apart. The world can see through them. They don’t know how to handle people who are not afraid of them (women, that is). In fact, this is about the worst possible demographic for a woman like this to put herself in. They just manipulate men up one side and down the other, and intimidate women in their social strata. Then they get on this show and get exposed for the @holes they are. And I mean that sincerely. Someone should have called Jill Zarin an @hole to her face twenty years ago, it might have saved her from the mess she is in now. I actually feel more sorry for Bawby than her because he probably has to hear about it all the time. Jill Zarin probably thinks all these years people liked her, when in reality, people were afraid of her and tried to stay out of her range. Now she’s having to face that fact in middle age, and absorb lessons she should have learned years ago.

          P.S. The reason women like Jill pick on women like Alex, or someone like Taylor picks on Kim, is for the effect (and probably the high of dominating someone). I read once that there was an African queen years ago who was visiting with another ruler and without warning told one of her servants to kill one of the others, and upon her command the poor servant was hacked to death with a machete. She just wanted to show everyone what she could do and how much power she had. Women like Jill and Taylor pick out women that they instinctively know are not mean or trashy enough to fight them on their own level, and attempt to publicly dominate them, as a means of sending out a signal to other women that they are to be feared and would be best being befriended or at least respected.

          • Amber...RealWife says:

            WOW! Great post.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              Complete agreement- nathania you hit it out of the park-wonderful insights.

              • RubyNewbie says:

                Ditto. Excellent points. My pastor calls what you described the “spirit of Jezebel”. Women can really tear it down when they want to. We can be catty, jealous, domineering, calculating and just plain evil and it does a world of damage–personally and professionally. I think it’s natural for women to be supportive and nuturing so when you’re around a woman or women who have turned that natural instinct on it’s head, you’re left with a hot mess. I’ve known some women who fit this description. One in particular is relentlessly grasping, manipulative, dishonest, greedy and egocentric. My friends and I just marvel at her antics. Horrible! A Jezebel for sure!

          • Zipit Zarin says:

            I want to frame this post! It would be good for a discussion with middle schoolers on the topic of bullying and manipulation etc. FANTASTIC! And I call Jill all kinds of names that characterize her behavior. No one is forcing her to be on a reality show or read a blog about her behavior. If she can’t take the heat….tough chit.
            Stop giving us fodder!

      • kbinldo says:

        I’ve been here since almost the beginning, Lynn, when you were changing websites so fast my head was starting to spin. LOL. Anyway, what I recall being posted here were people reacting to the god-awful behavior of Jill & her minions that was being shown on RHONY. I said before that Bethenny was *not* my favorite housewife, but Jill’s treatment of her really made me mad (hence the night I typed “I Hate Jill Zarin” in a google search & ended up here). If all she wanted to hear was “OMG, you’re so wonderful!” why did she treat her best friend like garbage ON FILM?

        If she can’t hack the criticism of her behavior, then perhaps she needs to put herself in time-out, *or* be more conscious of what’s being filmed & acting nicer instead.

        After all, Rule #1 of reality tv is “If you don’t do it or say it, they can’t film it.”

    • Mimisfbay says:

      I’ve called her a beast…is that not accurate?

    • klmh says:

      Just read all the comments. I have nothing to say about anyone’s description of Jill or anyone else. I called her a name as well, and my favorite of all the names is Kidiot. Love that one. My point was that there are lots of bad names given to these characters and I was surprised by Q’s comment. It is not my decision if the name fits the person place or thing, so to speak.

  21. WSL says:

    Tell me what ur name stands for.
    I really don’t know much about u. Rather than go back to ur posts,tell me what u have posted about yourself. U have certainly contributed a lot to the LynnFam but are relatively new. I am planning to throw a party for u tomorrow and I don’t even know ur age,what music u like,where u live or what u do.
    Share what u r comfortable with.

    • Brigid A. says:

      WSL, if there’s a party planned for tomorrow, I’ll be here! Thank you so much and let me know what time we’re toasting!!!

      The name Brigid, or Bridget, was considered probably the main female deity of the ancient Celts. Going forward into the Christian era of Ireland, there was St. Brigid (Bridget) of Kildare. My mother loved the name. If I ever get to Ireland, would love to visit the gravesite which she is believed to share with St. Patrick.

      Native Californian here living in SoCal. The NY HW’s were my favorite because I’ve always had this curiosity about NY, a city and state I would love to visit.

      Speaking of NY housewives, I’ve been doing my best to turn lemonade into lemons (thanks Kelly!) post spinal surgery and a long, difficult recovery. The intelligence and humor here on Lynn’s site have brightened many difficult days. I heart all of you!

      • VincenzoNewYork says:

        @Brigid: aww I wish you a speedy and healthy recovery.

        • Brigid A. says:

          V, every good wish sent my way is most welcome! Don’t want to see my future travel dreams go poof (NYC, our IHJZ group trip to Roma with you as tour guide!)!

          • VincenzoNewYork says:

            aww I sincerely hope that you heal and all of your pain melts away. I’ll dedicate a candle for you on my menorah. I bought like 6 boxes of Hanukkah candles! They were on sale like after the first night of it, so I took advantage of it. I like to light my menorah once in a while to continue to acknowledge the miracles that happen every day in life. I am also a Catholic! I just love everything Jewish!
            Zarin Fabrics can donate the money for all the board people to go to all over Italia! We have to see Teresa’s mountain village too!!
            Have a Happy Birthday if I am not present tomorrow!!

            • Brigid A. says:

              V, how about an early sparkling cider toast? LOL! And thank you for the candle in my honor…I can feel the healing light already!

              • VincenzoNewYork says:

                nah, this occasion calls for a nice glass of perseco! Italian sparkling wine! When we send each other positive thoughts it enables the process of healing to occur and love heals all wounds and it melts away pain.

                • Brigid A. says:

                  Prosecco is so delicious! Wish I had some right now. I gifted an Italian friend of mine with a birthday bottle …and that’s what we used for all the b-day toasts!

      • California35 says:

        Brigit, sorry about your surgery. This place is a good one to bome to ignore things and have some fun, without living your home 🙂

        I also had NY HW as my favorite and for the same reasons as you 🙂

        • Brigid A. says:

          Thank you, California! Don’t forget to plan your OC day trip or weekend!

          • California35 says:

            I should try to 🙂
            Since I can’t go to NY, I should try to go to those places near me. The OC and Beverly Hills.
            By the way, I looked at the Villa Blanca restaurant and saw that they have a “special” Valentine menu. Too bad my BF doesn’t find this “fu fu” stuff interesting, otherwise I would try to get a reservation for any time not for Valentines.

            • Brigid A. says:

              And keep in mind Villa Blanca’s “special” menu is probably extra pricey like most restaurants on Valentine’s Day. I agree it would be fun to go sometime and don’t forget about Sur, Lisa’s other restaurant!

      • lillybee says:

        Hope you recover quickly.

      • twoile says:

        Hail Brigid from (in spirit) Kildare…..a.beautiful port of call with gr8 restaurants….called the cuilinary capitol of Erie…..May you visit someday & enjoy the stories. Have a fantastic “party”:0)

        • Brigid A. says:

          Hail, Twoile! You taught me something new today about Kildare…the culinary capital! And thank you for the kind words!

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Ouch! Speedy recovery to you Brigid A. {{{{cyber hug}}}} a real one would hurt I bet 😀

  22. kmuellfa says:

    Is it just me, or is anyone else annoyed that Lisa, Kyle, Kim, or Camille hasn’t posted a blog about the reunion?

    • Pantry Viewer says:

      I am annoyed at Kyle in general. The various PR blitzes she has done she looked so smug and gleeful. Gleeful to be getting attention, Kim be damned. It has really turned my stomach in ways only Jill and Teresa have managed to do. Kyle will not be redeemed in my eyes.

      • NormaJean says:

        Agreed! I find Kyle’s behavior infinately worse than any of the other HWs. She goes after her sister publically even now.

        • RubyNewbie says:

          As Maya Angelou said, “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

          I forgive, but I don’t forget and going forward I would act accordingly. If I had to deal with Kyle, that’s how I’d approach it. As for Jill, Teresa and Taylor, I would have to part company completely. Too much shadiness and drama. I’d say “hi” if I saw them out and about and that’s it!

    • Katie says:

      Yes, but I’m assuming they are waiting for the lost footage and in the case of Kyle what the hell else can she say. The apologies on the blog are not helping Taylor at all. Also, Kyle tweeted that she might have to leave the country after the lost footage airs, so I’m assuming it gets worst.

      Kim I hope is secluded and unplugged getting the help she needs.

      Camille I’m thinking has her hands full with the divorce but also maybe waiting until the divorce is final so she can really get some closure.

      This is all my assumptions and in some cases hope, nothing concrete to base it on.

    • nathania says:

      I have read the comments on Kim’s blog from a while back and people have been overwhelmingly supportive of her, honestly it is the first time I have read page after page of nothing but positive comments. If she is not coming back for the second season there would be no use for her to blog again. I think Camille has shell-shock and Kyle probably is afraid to because she knows people have seen through her. She can dish it out but she can’t take it, and she knows she went too far.

  23. NormaJean says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I found Lynn’s blog back when she was on hub pages. I was so disgusted by Jill’s behavior on the show that I googled “I hate jill zarin” and there it was. For the most part this blog and the posters are funny, intelligent, caring, and inciteful. However, I don’t think it’s necessary to stoop to calling these women names like Foghorn, Tuna Breath, Rat Face, Gorilla, Ape, Trashly, etc. I think it’s beneath this blog and it’s posters.

    • quincyil says:

      Now, I remember those names. I must be getting old.

      Every one has different standards. I never say those names. There are people from all over the country here and in some parts of the nation these are fighting words and in other parts of the nation, like NYC they are quite mild. I only know this from tv and movies as when I was in NYC no one said these things to me.

      In general, the tone of the board is postitive. Yes, some people have used those names for star after the the reality stars did things on the show and in real life. I’m sure Strega would ban people for those names. I’m sure Jill’s facebook would ban them. The atmosphere here is more lenient as the people who have come here were exciled from those other places. There seems to one one hard fast rule that you can not insult a fellow board member and this rule has been effective over time. If you want a board as pure as the driven snow you have to go to Bravo or Jill’s web page. I guess you won’t find it here.

      I guess I don’t memorized the posts and comments here. I’m not Strega

      • NormaJean says:

        Wow, ok Quincy, I get it. I’ve commented that this blog and it’s posters are too good, too intelligent, and too smart to have to resort to calling HWs names. Your response is to passive-aggressively ask me to leave. You’ve got your wish.

        Bye everyone and Lynn, I enjoyed my time here, but it’s obviously time to leave.

        • quincyil says:

          I didn’t mean to be unkind to you. I talk about Strega in my subset blog all of the time. It has nothing to do with you. I was referring to myself and no one else.

          • quincyil says:

            Fellow board members, this place is experiencing a number of interesting posts. I think we all need to take everything with a grain of salt when reading. Some people in cyberspace are upset.

            • viki55 says:

              The beauty of menopause is you don’t have all these hormones flowing making your skin thinner;) Q, some people are just looking to have their feeling hurt, you didn’t say anything wrong. I would never take the time to memorize all the names used on this blog let alone be able to type out a list!! Ya gotta wonder sometimes. Stay strong:)

            • AZ Girl says:

              Its all good.

        • AZ Girl says:

          NormaJean I don’t think that was Q’s intent. I believe the point is that Lynn’s blog is a venue that is more open than Bravo.com and her only request is that we be respectful to each other. She does not censor the postings like Bravo and alas there will be things posted here that not everyone agrees upon. Don’t leave..your views are respected

          • twoile says:

            @NJ, ITA w/AZ girl…;0)

          • HD says:

            I know people come and go in forums. I just don’t want to lose any more people. NormaJean has been here for a while.

            Enough people who were good people have left. sigh…

          • sweet pea says:

            “Your response is to passive-aggressively ask me to leave. You’ve got your wish.”

            @Norma Jean – I didn’t get that from Quincy at all. I really think you misunderstood.

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              ditto! don’t go!!

              • @NormaJean. take a few days if
                you need, comeback and re-read.
                I’m sure you will find that you were reading something that
                wasn’t really there-I’ve done it,
                we’ve ALL done it. Your posts
                ARE appreciated. you are
                appreciated. but, seriously,
                there was no ill will there at
                all. hope to read ya soon!

            • kotagirl29 says:

              I have to agree with the rest. It wasn’t a suggestion that you leave, it was a descriptive comment about what happens and can be found on other sites. Not everyone has to agree! The purpose of a place like this is to state your opinion. Some will agree, some will not. There are much more important issues in the world that one should get worked up about and Bravo TV’s programming isn’t one of them.

    • klmh says:

      Norma Jean,

      Q is the dearest of us all, and I know from her past blogs and posts she didn’t mean anything by it.
      Sometimes when you get so upset by one of these characters, you just have to add your own little phrase to describe what you simply can’t understand in their behavior. Some of it is funny, to me anyway. Just gets a little feisty here.
      Please come back when you can.

  24. tootsie says:

    I’m so excited and felt a need to share. SKINNY GIRL HAS FOUND IT’S WAY TO INDIANA. Found it in the grocery store with the help of two young, handsome and darling men. (I may be 75 but I’m not dead.) Can’t wait until the bewitching cocktail hour to taste it. I’ve heard everything from awful to good. I will drink the entire bottle tonight and report back tomorrow, after I get rid of my hangover. Wait……. it’s 5:00 somewhere in this world. I think it’s time to start. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Oh…. will eagerly await your report tomorrow, hungover or not! I love margaritas but I’m also very picky about how they’re made. Have heard the same mixed opinions about Skinny Girl.

    • California35 says:

      Happy for you 🙂 I was very happy when I found it here in California and bought a few bottles. I only had one so far, I had no one to share it or no event for it, but I really wanted to try it. I think the taste is just normal, the hip is becasue it has less calories AND because it is Bethenny’s 🙂

      • Brigid A. says:

        Sounds like a win/win to me…fewer calories and how bad could it possibly be? Bethenny is a perfectionist and she loves margaritas, too! LOL!

    • lillybee says:

      I can’t wait for your reaction.

      • @tootsie, we eagerly await your reaction!!!!!!!!
        I love the stuff, I am curious as to how much it costs
        in Indiana?! in N.J. it goes for 14.99-15.99 a bottle.

        • Golden Girl says:

          Where I live its $9.99 bottle. I like it because its not sweet like the rest. I have always made mine with tequila, and fresh squeezed lime juice so Skinny Girl is perfect.

  25. jeang says:

    For my taste and per the lady in the abc liquour store I added a small splash of Cointreau and that made it more to my liking.

  26. Amber...RealWife says:

    To think that Jill went from being unpopular to getting power by gossiping and ruining people’s reputations. As a plain girl it must have been painful to be ignored. Revenge was the weapon, making everyone pay. Those who were popular were maligned, and those who were weaker were destroyed. She continued this behaviour while climbing up the NY society ladder. The retail girl from Lawwng Island, married into the wealthy lower east side fabric dynasty (sarcasm). Jill is like a modern day MiriamKnight without the murders! LOL

    Although a shitty actress to us, Jill portrays herself as the caring, devoted friend to her underdog buddies. Meanwhile, she is keeping lists of all her good deeds like an accountant. She has a financial and emotional log for favors done without the recipients knowledge. While everyone knows that some favors are priceless and could never be repayed, Jill feels everything has a price and there will be hell to pay if you refuse the charges! Like Bethenny said, Jill never met a fight she didn’t like and the battle will start. When she wins it’s grand, when she loses it’s depression and mourning, until she gears up for another battle. Poor Bawwby and Allliee!

    BTW I’ve come to the conclusion, that Jill was probably furious when Bethenny got her own Plus 1, and stopped taking Jill along for the all important events and freebies. We all know that Bawwby is a doll, but he isn’t the cutest accessory. So maybe like Nene in Atlanta, leaving the older, fuddy duddy hubby home was the opportunity for them to shine and hang with the young crowd. Bawwby and Greg were the reminders of where these women once were and now just don’t vibe with the lifestye they are leading and aren’t quite red carpet lovely. While Nene has gone a step farther and looking to end her union due to Greg’s lies and finances, Jill will keep Bawwby as he is still richer than she could ever be and is extremely pliable.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Amber, as I recall, Jill openly shared about being the unpopular high school girl. And indirectly it makes sense she’d be comparing herself to her popular, successful lawyer sister, Lisa. Bethenny’s success and the end of their friendship seems to have been the source of a huge emotional meltdown for Jill. But keep in mind Jill is now approaching 50! Intead of moving in a forward direction emotionally, she remains stuck in high school!!

      Also, keeping track of favors and expecting payback is just an awful trait in anyone. Who wants to hang out with someone who is constantly keeping score and can’t forget “her notes”???

      • Amber...RealWife says:

        Someone who doesn’t know they are running a tab! LOL They are bellying up to the bar and don’t know the drinks and snacks are overpriced and they have entered into a contract as an indentured servant who will never work off the bill!

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      Another awesome post summing up the Biotch. Very insightful!

  27. vilzvet says:

    Looks like Kelsey got his divorce, and wedding invitations have been sent out for Feb. 25th!


  28. Katie says:

    Ok I’m going to need that twitter account please! At least help me find it!!

    I think the name calling does get out of control at times, I’m totally guilty of it. I think Camille took the worst hit. HOWEVER I have never observed anyone here act as rude, ugly or use hurtful names like the HW’s do all the time.

    So should we watch it, sure but there’s just no comparison or contest. IMHO

    • Amber...RealWife says:

      I agree Katie. Yet I am guilty of calling HW’s names. ALOT! LMAO But if you recall, Jill, Taylor, Kyle and Caroline etc, have all called or laughed when others have called HW’s Horseface, Crazy, Ugly, CabookiVampire, Insane, Nuts, Delusional, Drunk, Alcoholic, Prostitute, Whore, Clown, Garbage etc.! And that is just a tip of the iceberg as they’ve criticized the others from dress, childrearing, conception of children, I mean the list doesn’t stop.

      I sit behind my computer, they do it on tv, to be replayed for millions for years. They don’t care, that they’ve had people’s livelihood taken from them, that they’ve ruined lives with their actions but they are bothered by comments on blogs. Puh-leeze EffOff! We know you’re all control freaks and hate that you can’t control the net.

      • Katie says:


        And I’d like to add that these HW’s have acted like garbage and have said things in front of other HW’s kids or even about other HW’s kids that me cringe. I may not know all of you, but I know you well enough from posting and lurking that kids are off limits with the HW’s and in real life.

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      Katie you can look at twitter feeds without even having an account. For instance,
      twitter.com/jillzarin will get you Jill’s. You can search google for their twitter accounts too.

  29. OneMoreInBoston says:

    This is to NormaJean and someone else (KLMH? sorry if it’s not you) that said that Jill DOES get called names on this board.

    Sure she does.

    Jill Zarin hits a raw nerve with a lot of people.

    Everyone knows “a” Jill Zarin. Everyone has been the victim of some type of a bully at one point or another.

    I can think of about 20 Jill Zarins in my life, including Jill Zarin’s in my family.

    The aunt that gave me a roll of toilet paper wrapped up in box and carefully covered with pretty xmas paper for “being a shit” when I was 14. Imagine getting that under the tree. Do you know how many times Jill has reminded me of her?

    I still cry at night about the Jill Zarins that have hurt me, and been really mean to me- but the worse were the Jill Zarins that were mean to my mother. Boston 02127 may be able to identify with me, that after your mother has passed on, every vicious, nasty, rude, or even the slightest of social snubs is magnified in a way that only death can magnify pain.

    So yes I HAVE called Jill Zarin horrible awful names, here, and in my living room when I throw pretzels at the screen when she comes on and on other blog sites too.

    All I know is in our day to day, straight, laced up, goody two shoes life when we have to smile in the faces of people like Jill Zarin every day- it feels soooo good to be able to come here and vent and call her something stupid like Tuna Breath (or lower-ahem)

    Is it beneath me? Is it beneath others here who have posted mean nicknames? Well, that’s a judgement call I’ll leave up to you.

    • quincyil says:

      but someday… when you have no hormones like some of us on this board….. you will forget what you are saying half way through your post and ….not finish what you meant to say. rotfl…

      • AZ Girl says:

        That reminds me….I need to take my hormones tonight…putting a reminder post it note on my bathroom mirror…

    • AZ Girl says:

      The amazing thing about Jill is that she thinks WE ARE MEAN…not her and that is why we love the IHJZ blog.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Is it possible to be mean to a mean person? Somehow I don’t feel it has the same effect…..

    • Amber...RealWife says:

      Jill has struck a nerve with many because of her vicious acts towards people whose only crime was to not do as she wanted or that they were prettier, younger, smarter and free to be themselves. Jealous that they didn’t need her. Your aunt, a horrible person, like JillZarin, who either jokingly or knowingly humiliated you with that gift as a young girl. They don’t care, meanwhile they cut deeply. Your best revenge is that you are a success and you know that she’s the biggest piece of shit on the ShitOMeter Scale!

    • Brigid A. says:

      OMIB, sending you giant virtual hugs!!! We all remember being 14 and I can’t imagine anyone inflicting that level of hurt on an innocent young girl.

    • Katie says:

      OMG! I’m an Auntie and can’t even imagine that, no more sad stories like that. and no disrespect to you and your family but I want to kill your Aunt for what she did to you.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      AMEN and AMEN! This whole forum is to blow off the steam that builds up from watching FOGHORN and her ilk. People are free to judge me for what I post. Of course! But I don’t have to and won’t let that change my behavior because I’m not ashamed of it. Lectures at my age? pffft

    • klmh says:

      This is out of control. Q wrote an article, and the sentence I put in italics. My point is that yes, we do call people bad names here, including myself! We are not saints here and we express our feelings. Sometimes we feel the need to vent and that’s what this place is about, feelings and venting.

      My last paragraph was a much more important part for me, but there ya go, no one else read it. Funny 🙂

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Ditto that.

  30. twoile says:

    @OMIB, SOOOOOOOOOOOO mean of Ur aunt….hope her sibling gave her a tongue lashing I don’t care what u may have done (@14 I qualified2)…there is NO excuse 4 an adult 2 b ABUSIVE 2 a child…….chances r she was worse when she was 14! that b!)

  31. Noreen says:

    I call her names – enjoy, don’t plan on changing my ways. Heck people in parliament call each other worse names. I think we can handle the multiple personality types on this board without getting overly offended by a little cattiness. Is that how you spell “cattiness”? Is there such a word? I mean really people, we are blogging about a t.v. show on Bravo. At least they are getting a paycheck for it.

    Have a nice night everyone; well everyone but the Shrew Jill Zarin.

  32. VincenzoNewYork says:

    @OneMoreInBoston:awww….what a feckless aunt! I would consider that to be cruelty and child abuse……your own family? I send you a big hug!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      thanks you guys! Amber, twoile, vincenzo- it was a really long time ago and I really think it was meant more for my mother- the beauty queen who married the successful handsome military officer, and had her 2.5 children, was a stay at home mother, with a Martha Stewart house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, while her sisters were sleeping their way through CA- doing drugs and popping out babies with no daddies.

      It really upset her more than me- but helped cement me into the stone cold bi-atch I am today. LOL

      p.s. When my mother died, my father dis-invited them to her funeral. Which I didn’t even know you could do. But he did.

      He wrote them each a letter and had it FedExed that they had caused quite enough damage to his family when his wife was alive and they would not be allowed to do it when she was dead. And this would their last contact with him or his children ever.

      They were too scared of him (or their consciences were too quilty) to show up. But my father had detail cops at the chapel just in case. He is no joke.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        u too BrigidA- just saw your comment! thank you

      • VincenzoNewYork says:

        @MoreInBoston: I am glad that you had an honorable mother and father.

      • AZ Girl says:

        Obviously your father adored your mother and he was protecting her to the very end. That is beautiful.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          thanks @Az Girl- he was very protective of her in life and almost doubly so in death. They met and got married in 10 days, and my mother used to say it was the longest they were ever apart. Which was so not true! But I think she meant in their hearts.

          • AZ Girl says:

            I lost my Mom and Dad 3 weeks apart. Mom to cancer and Dad to a bad car accident. They were married for 52 years and only dated for a few months. We had a real Irish wake for my dad and everyone’s joke was “I bet your Mom was pissed she didn’t have any time to herself”. Love when real is obvious.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              awww… so sad and tragic but so sweetly funny too.

              You never get over it- do you? The pain ebbs and flows but it never leaves you.

              Shitty club to belong to, but I’ll belong to it with you, my friend.

            • quincyil says:

              That wake reminds me of our family.

              It’s hard to lose a parent and two so close was so much more painful. I’m glad you told us.


            • Rabble Rouser says:

              I don’t know if I should laugh or cry…or laugh till I cry, it must be the Irish in me.


              But I am sorry that you barely had time to recover from your loss before you had to suddenly grieve again.

          • twoile says:

            @OMIB, What a grand family you come from….might have already guessed. Love the 10day courtship.<3

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        WOW OMIB! Your dad so RULES! So sorry about your aunt and what she did. I have one. I know the drill. Mines just more passive-aggressive. You know, when you feel like you’ve just been punched in the stomach but not sure where it came from. It’s like boxing with shadows.

  33. KookADoodleDo says:

    Forgive me if this has already been posted:

    “Taylor Armstrong Talks Good, Bad and Ugly of Reality TV”

    • Katie says:

      First time I’m seeing it and I’m pissed. Watch out for all those who cannot handle name calling Taylor is an Evil Bitch and Karma will catch up to her very soon.

      It’s the following little lie and quote from Taylor that sets me off –

      “I feel pretty good about everything – except my conflict with Kim,” Armstrong said. “I wasn’t really aware that she was going through as many personal challenges as she was, because I wasn’t really privy to that. So I feel bad about our conflicts. I wish I’d known then what I know now. But it’s life. So I wish her the best and I’m absolutely here if she needs anything.”

      She knew and we have all stated in the past regardless of Kim’s “personal challenges” let’s put that off to the sided for now. If Taylor treated anyone like she treated Kim, I would feel the same way about Taylor. She is a very mean person.

    • jillz68 says:

      Bad picture of Taylor. I am a couple of years older than she is and she has a look that reminds me of partying in the 80’s if you get my drift. I now have the song White Lines running through my head.

  34. jeang says:

    I love this blog….my new word for the day I just looked up and will try to figure how to use it…..feckless……who knew? I am 61 years old too, but it just never came up for me to know that word. Got to work this into my retiree vocabulary now.

  35. jeang says:

    OMIB…Where do these aunts come from? We had an aunt like that who similarly hurt my sister that way at Christmas when we also were young. I never forgot or had any fuzzy feelings for her anyway. She died alone with no children and only her nieces that were waiting on her to die to get her land and money.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I think they come from “a Place of No” LOL

      How r u Jean? How’s your doggie doing? How’s the house repairs coming?

    • Kansas Girl says:

      It’s not just the aunts. The uncles do it too. My uncle stood in front of my mother’s open casket at her funeral and told me that since I had inherited many heirlooms, since I was single, and since I would never have children to pass those items to, I should let him have them. I was speechless, but fantasized my mother raising out of the casket and slapping him silly.

      • Holy Crap! were do these people get this?
        your uncle sounds like a selfish a$$hole. was he
        always this big of a $hit??!!
        i hope you didn’t give him anything-

        • Kansas Girl says:

          Nope, I’ve given him nothing. His daughter’s name is on a few items in my will.

          Oh, there’s a whole back story about my mother’s family. We had “rum-runners” during Prohibition, at least one alcoholic, and the kicker is that my grandfather stabbed some people at a “shivary” (I don’t know how to spell it) and spent time in jail. (He seems to have had post traumatic stress from the death of his son in WW2 and thought the people at the party were Germans attacking his son, the groom.) Suffice it to say my mother’s siblings didn’t get along and there were constant jabs and insults. (I learned to snark from a master.) But, demanding heirlooms at the casket was above and beyond. My generation is not part of their battle. (Lest you think Kansans are rubes, this was in rural SE Kansas and they were basically very poor farmers. All of them moved and bettered themselves to where people who know me would never guess I have such “interesting” ancestors!)

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            Babydoll- I am so sorry to hear about this bullshit happening right over your dead mother’s body no less.

            My mother used to say- Death brings out the “real” person. I would have to agree.

            (((Kansas Girl)))

  36. jeang says:

    Hi OMIB, my dog Cooper is great, such a joy to me. I talk to him all day long. The floors are finished as are the cabinets and nearly all the rooms repainted. Sometime this year or next I need to start purging out 3 sheds full of tools and fishing stuff etc that my deceased husband had collected and stored. They are not totally full and he had them neat, but I want to try to purge as much as I can so as not to leave it for my son to have to do someday. I plan on calling one of those Got Junk trucks over from Tampa when I have it sorted out.

  37. Eve says:

    I just got back from flying on American Airlines. Bethenny Getting Married was the on flight “movie” ! Great flight for me! (Sorry so random….couldn’t wait to post and sorry if someone else has already noted this.)

  38. Thelittlewife says:

    Excellent from both of you. So well put.

  39. California35 says:

    Hi everyone — switching from one belove it to another….


  40. suzyqtip says:

    Hi Lynn & Lynn Fam!,
    This is the first time I’ve “officially posted”, besides a “so and so is on Ellen” for fear that I would be considered a troll; also I am not as “articulet?”as most of you are here. I have been lurking here for a few months, & have been quite fond of this site; actually daily addicted is more like it!!
    I, as many of you, had found this site after many attempts to post on Bravo’s site with my “honest opinions”, to no avail unless you are “kissing &ss!”.
    I have, in my opinion, concluded that this is NOT a hate blog. I have read many posts which have made me sit back and rethink my ” heat of the moment ” anger responses, such as “F@ck this crazy B*tch”, and try to understand where this person is coming from.
    I enjoy everybody’s opinions, whether kind and sympathetic, or plain out outrage over someone’s dispicable? (sp) behavoir.
    I think this blog has helped me to learn how to tolerate some people in my life; try to understand & have some sympathy and compassion. As the saying goes, “there are 3 sides to every story; mine, yours, & the truth”.
    I like that you, Lynn, have a forum to express our “uncensored opinions”, where we can say what we feel, and not what one wants to hear, for fear of being blocked or not published.

    I will continue to support and follow you. Just wanted you to know that all you wonderful people have made me step back & think about alot of things, and it has changed my behavior, for the better. But one thing will NOT change for who knows how long- ( per her OWN actions!) I H*** Jill Zarin!!
    Thanks for the great blogs!
    Love you & fam!

  41. Mimisfbay says:

    Good grief …I am saddened by Boston’s story. How could anyone do that to a teenage girl, much less a relative? On so many level that is just wrong and I am sickened by that story.

    Well, I am here to fess up to the fact that I have called JZ The Beast. Oh, and I stand by that comment she is just that and so much more. I mean that in the nicest non-bullying way.

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      LOLOLOL “Non-bullying way” lol

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      When we were kids, me and my brother used to call our aunts, the Mean Beans. As in- oh no the Mean Beans are coming over!

      What doesn’t kill you makes you strong-right? And I had amazing wonderful loving parents who more than made up for my aunts horribleness.

      the nice thing about the military- you never stay in one place too long- so they never really could track us down to visit because we were oops- moving again! LOL!

      • Zipit Zarin says:

        Army brat here. When we lived in Germany and traveled around Europe in the summers, we ran into my aunt in Amsterdam. She lived in Ethopia. I was 6 and thought “Wow! What a small world!” LOL She and my parents had made arrangements to meet. Anyway, when my dad called up to her room later to say we (parents and 6 kids) were there to go have lunch somewhere, her husband answered and said she had a headache and wouldn’t be able to join us. WELL! My dad marched up to the room and gave her what for, saying “ARE YOU KIDDING ME, YOU SELF-ABSORBED, SPOILED BRAT!?” She and her husband had lunch with us that day. LOL We kids didn’t have any idea this happened until we were grown and Dad told us.

        • quincyil says:

          I had lost weight in college. My aunt said that this was the weight that I should stay at and went on to say horrible things about me as a child and teen. Unfortunately, I was with my new boyfriend and current husband. He thought that she was a monster. No one wants a new boyfriend to know that they slammed a door when they were in junior high.

          • error404 says:

            wait, there’s a woman alive who DIDN’T slam a door in junior high? lol I love when people think they have the goods on you but all they come up with is nonsense.

  42. lurker315 says:

    TMZ is reporting that our favorite DC grifters watched the Super Bowl from the owners’ box with Jerry Jones. THEY’RE BACK!!!!


  43. Kelly has a new Twitter account. She wanted to certain Twitter name but she didn’t realize that she could just change the name on her current account. LOL

    kikilet: This is the last tweet from @kikilet. I have my official twitter real name @kkbensimon. Please follow me! I’ll miss u if you don’t.

  44. Tami says:

    After reading the comments on the subject of Jill Zarin and Twitter, I was being nosey and googled her and look on her twitter account and I was wondering if anyone else had seen the picture of Jill on that page. Doesn’t it look like it either looks as though she is starving herself or it’s photoshopped! By the way, you ROCK Lynn!

  45. Zipit Zarin says:

    The Government has issued a travel warning due to cold weather. They suggest anyone traveling in the current icy conditions should make sure to have the following: Shovel, blankets/sleeping bag, extra clothing, hat & gloves, 24 hours worth of food, De-Icer, rock salt, flashlight, spare batteries, road flares or reflective triangles, Gas Can, First Aid Kit, cables…I looked like an idiot on the bus this morning! (rim shot lol)

  46. WSL says:

    Norma Jean
    you certainly have a strong opinion kind lady.
    I do too.
    The way u said, name calling on IHJZ should stop, made me feel as if u were reprimanding me.
    I love IHJZ snarkie nick names.
    I don’t hate any HW. I don’t like FogHorn’s behavior. Instead of being angry, the nicknames make me laugh & the anger turns to laughter. So for me it is comic relief.
    My personality with people very close to me is a bit silly. On IHJZ the child in me comes out and I have fun. On IHJZ , I can right HS injustices and express some of my current frustrations,like believing bankruptcy laws need to be revised.
    My brothers called me: Piggy Lee, Big Foot, mosquito chest, Stinky Pinky, Fat so, Fake Bake , fat fanny, motor mouth, green teeth, just to name a few.
    Today I love it when they remember to bring up those names. As a child, sometimes those nick names stopped me in my tracks, embarrassed me or brought me to tears. But I survived. Sometimes they even caused some bad behavior to stop & sometimes I even examined the behavior I was being teased about and found a better path. There was a hint of the truth in all those names my brothers called me.
    I don’t like curse words and don’t use them in my posting style. If I say $hit or b*#9h, I shadow it.
    But I would never say I don’t like curse words & suggest all who do it on IHJZ should stop !
    When I started on this blog last July, there was a tradition at IHJZ, of making up clever, snarkie names for all the housewives. These names were reinforced & rewarded, when other posters adopted, the invented names, in their own posts.
    Do you think Ramona coaster is mean ? It relates to her very fast , up & down personality. Some speculated she uses uppers. Yet it’s now a posters moniker/name.
    Bethany 1st called jill, FogHorn, on camera. Bethany also said tuna breath on tv.
    I made up iLL and Nose Lick.
    I don’t remember who said rat face 1st. It’s funny compared to the hateful things ill does like trying to destroy cast mates livelihood. That’s mean. If an employer did that ,it’s criminal. I prefer funny to hateful or criminal.
    When I herd Teresa’s names(tree trunk, Ape & gorilla) I split my pants. I honor the inventor of each by keeping the nick name alive. I think it may be the least mean thing that ultimately happens to some one who
    spent/stole $12mil at the expense of many needy families. My anger gets & NEEDs a little comic relief.
    U may not know it but ur request to stop the “name calling” is kinda an insult to those of us who invented those names and to all the people who adopt them into our writing style and LOL.
    So unfortunately for your request Norma Jean, nick names are a part of the core of this boards origins. You are asking at least half of the posters to change, to suit your value system. That judgment of me does not sit well. I hope my words have helped u to understand why I don’t feel “name calling” is bad & should be stopped. I do care about your feelings and hope u now see mine.
    Fortunately, since, nick names are an ingrained “tradition”on IHJZ , I doubt u can suggest them away.

    • lillybee says:

      Rock on, WSL.

    • Adgirl says:

      What she said. 🙂
      (except the green teeth part.)

    • Zipit Zarin says:

      WSL, you really should be a paid Diplomat. Seriously. I just say “Lecture me at my age? pfft” lol I’m lazy and yer not. I love your spirit. I was thinking about you during this whole thread. You are the classiest ever and yet use “creative” terms to express, so, eventho I don’t need permission from anyone, it’s nice to have a standard to look up to.

    • quincyil says:

      I think Norma Jean has only been here a few days and she hadn’t adapted to the free board yet. She was used to Jill Zarin’s moderation. It does take time to learn to accept others for who they are especially in cyberspace. The one rule is not to attack another board member. I know Norma Jean said she had been here since the beginning and I believe her, but the name Norma Jean is newish. I remember because that is the real name of Marilyn Monroe and I have always liked that name.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Very well done.

      I WILL clap for you.

    • twoile says:

      @WSL, I TA & remember Shill, I was not the creator but certainly see how it fits & i will continue 2 use it……….;0)

  47. Zipit Zarin says:

    I say KMA a lot under my breath. Does it count that I whisper?

  48. WSL says:

    Zip it
    U so sweet !

    Ad Girl
    I used to love green pixie sticks 2 got 2 for a penny. They made my mouth green ! But I ate them any way. I didn’t mention the nick names I had for the bro s. Each bro has some kinda scar that I inflicted on them and 2 were a lot bigger than me 🙂

    • Adgirl says:

      OMG Pixie stix!!! loved them. We use to have Fizzies. Giant sweet flavored thingys you out into water and they fizzed into the drink. We used to suck the on the flavored disc. Out whole mouth turned purple. LOL.

      Good times. WSL!

    • error404 says:

      yuck. you probably scarred them because you were high on sugar. lol

  49. WSL says:

    suzyqtip says:
    February 7, 2011 at 8:28 pm
    That was beautiful,wise & generous.The blog is what is is,due to posters like you !

  50. viki55 says:

    Good Morning everyone. I don’t even know where to start here. I have a good friend & neighbor who is very ill and seems close to ending her 11 year battle with breast cancer. I thought I would mention it because some of you might have been her fans back in the day. Her name is Christopher Templeton and she was on “The Young & the Restless” for many years. She played Carol Robbins and was among, if not the 1st person, with a disability to be showcased on TV(Chris had polio as an infant). Chris lives alone but is so blessed to have a sister close by and her other siblings have been flying in to spend time with her. She is much loved in our small community and there has been a constant flow of visitors. It has been so busy that this weekend we had to put up a sign in the driveway to let people know if it was a good time to visit or to come back later. It is a balancing act with no real right or wrong answers I guess. I am starting to ramble and get emotional. I guess I just wanted people to know and ask for your prayers for Chris. Thanks friends.

    • justanothermary says:

      My prayers are certainly with you and your friend. I too am suffering from end stage cancer and was very impressed with your ability to know that sometimes she’s not up to having visitors. I am often exhausted by the flow of people trying to be there for me when, in fact, I really don’t want anyone around. I’ve even kicked my husband out of the house a time or two. You’re a perceptive person and, I’m sure, a blessing to your friend.

      • mimi0210 says:

        Dear Mary,

        I am so sorry for what you are going through. Although I rarely post I have been reading this blog since the beginning. I enjoy the snarks but I also enjoy the posters. I have been following your plight and always look for your posts to see how you are doing. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you.

      • viki55 says:

        I am so sorry Mary. May God bless you and your family.

        John 14:1-3 Do not let your hearts be troubled. You believe in God; believe also in me. My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.

        • twoile says:

          @V55, So very kind & understanding……..sorry 4 your pain & sorrow……..ur friend Chris & justanotherMary certainly have gr8 days & not so good ones it is essential that supporters understand how exhausting it is 2 have visitors……sadly many don’t……..gladly you do & r a blessing. Blessings 2 all who need them.

    • error404 says:

      shoot viki, it’s too early for tears. Thanks for being a good neighbor and friend. Sometimes it’s the simple things people forget.

      • vilzvet says:

        Oh, I remember her character well, I have watched Y&R for over 20 years. She was a sweetheart. Many prayers going Christopher’s way…

    • klmh says:

      How wonderful you can be there with your friend to help her. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

    • Adgirl says:

      Oh no that is too sad. I remember her well. Wasn’t she Paul’s secretary? I still watch that show.
      I will pray for her. Today my husband and I are going into the city (San Francisco). I will light a candle in my favorite cathedral for Chris & justanothermary. I always light one from my exhusband, God rest his soul.

      Thanks for telling us Viki.

    • BChick says:

      I loved watching her on the Y&R when I was a teenager. I’m deeply saddened to hear of her failing health. Sending good thoughts and prayers.
      @JustanotherMary……thoughts and prayers to you. I’m usually just a lurker on this board but I know that the members will send you all the love and support that they have. I hope you find strength in the prayers that will be sent your way.

  51. viki55 says:

    Dang, post are out of order:(

  52. justanothermary says:

    I just rewatched an early epi of RHoBH. Knowing what I know now, I believe Kim is suffering from addiction, probably alcohol. I grew up with to alcoholic parents and behaviors are there. She was asking Kyle to have her back regarding no letting her daughter take a trip to see her father, even though Kyle could not see problem. Kim was afraid she would not come back. She is the parent, yet she is dependent upon her children. I also recall the daughter telling Kim that she couldn’t come right out and tell her how long she planned on being away, that she had to say it was a shorter time at first. Doing the tiptoe around an addict is something I’m very familiar with. If Kyle has truly been dealing with these behaviors for years, Kyle needs help as much as Kim does.

    • error404 says:

      Kyle seems like a alanon “don’t”. Way too involved, way too controlling, way too angry. I hope this break they are on helps, because they are way too codependent. Paying someone’s rent and then throwing it back up in their face during a fight isn’t “healthy”. She mothers Kim in all the worst ways.

      And beyond the addiction, there are still issues. Co-conspiring with your sister’s kids against her is not healthy.

      It often becomes a chicken or egg issue. Kyle seems to claim she’s a judgemental interfering control freak because of Kim’s addiction. But I think she just responds to her sister’s addiction like the judgemental interfering control freak she is.

    • klmh says:

      I agree. Kyle is in a lose lose situation here with the viewers. She is not going to enable Kim anymore, or that’s what it looks like to me, and viewers feel don’t understand the dynamics of drug abuse in their victims.
      Wish and hope Kim gets the help she needs to live life again but not out of a bottle.

      • Pantry Viewer says:

        I agree, Error, completely. klmh, I don’t feel Kyle is in a lose/lose. She just needs to stop being such a raging bitch. Many, many viewers and board members have experience with those with addiction in family members, myself included, and that doesn’t make me behave like Kyle or excuse or in the least.

  53. Robin says:

    I am not too clear about it right now, it’s been awhile, but I recall when Jill mistakenly tweeted about Bethany’s baby and when she was informed that she was wrong, she immediately blamed Ally for providing her with misinformation. I have no doubt in my mind that Jill is capable of tweeting “dressed” as her daughter. On the other hand, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ally does indeed tweet rude comment’s to folks. Look who raised her.

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