I Hate Jill Zarin Top Chef All Stars Feb 10, 2011

I Hate Jill Zarin Top Chef All Stars Feb 9, 2011

I really used to like Richard, I thought he was a nice, humble guy with talent and innovative skills that made him unique and a really talented chef. Tonight he was just ridiculous with his comments, confidence is one thing but he has turned into an arrogant ass.

He thinks that the other chef’s are afraid of him and his talent, he thinks they’re all intimidated by his skills and his dry ice. Sorry Richard, no one is afraid and no one is intimidated. You haven’t won a challenge since Restaurant Wars and prior to that, how many did you win?

Angelo is a strong chef and could easily beat you but don’t count Carla out, she’s won more challenges than you have yet you don’t even show her an ounce of respect, I hope she kicks your butt!

What happened to our sweet, humble Richard Blais? This Georgia Gentleman has turned into a New York Bitch! Richard has a tendency to help his fellow chef’s, it is ingrained in him as he owns a consulting company and makes a living out of giving out cooking advice. During Restaurant Wars, Richard was given all the credit for improving everyone’s dish and leading this team to a win, although Dale was the assigned leader, Richard took control and brought his team together with great success.

Does Richard’s fellow contestants know as they film that Richard is making these ridiculous comments? He’s one way to their faces and a whole other Richard in those revealing talking head interviews.

The Quick Fire Challenge was a throwback from the 70’s and proves that the show is running out of ideas for Quick Fire Challenges. The contestants are told they will be making a fondue and are also clearly running out of guest judges for the Quick Fire as they will be judging and voting on each other’s dishes. Padma is going to eat but apparently isn’t going to provide any input into choosing the winning fondue.

Richard does exactly what Padma tells the chefs not to do, her example of bananas dipped in chocolate was exactly what Richard prepares and then he can’t understand why he lost. He explains that it has to be due to the other chef’s being intimidated and not wanting to give him the win because they’re scared of him. Wow, what an ego!

Angelo takes on too much in the short time given to cook, is disappointed with his fondue offering of goat cheese and a beet juice chaser yet is still in the top three after the votes are counted.

Tiffany’s dish was described as donuts dipped in a chocolate sauce by none other than the guy who prepared bananas dipped in a chocolate sauce, landing Tiffany in the bottom three as well.

Rounding out the bottom three are Fabio and Mike, Fabio had me at “Caviar” but apparently his dish wasn’t appetizing at all. Mike had a lamb dish that really didn’t even look good, I don’t think fondue was Mikey’s “thing”.

Joining Angelo in the top three were Antonia and the winner of the challenge, Dale. Richard kisses Padma’s ass and announces that she has a much harder job than he ever thought having to taste all of these dishes. Personally, I don’t feel sorry for her. Antonia spends another talking head interview bashing Mike who she insists on calling “Mikey” and says that he’s not happy unless he’s working with lamb. I don’t know why Antonia feels the need to constantly criticize Mike in her interviews but it is getting pretty annoying.

The chefs are then told to head over to Rockefeller Center where they will learn about their next challenge. Without warning they parade into Jimmy Fallon’s studio complete with an audience and camera’s rolling. Fabio’s excited and Antonia is looking for her chef’s jacket and they all look like deer in the headlights.

The chefs are told they will be preparing a dish for Jimmy Fallon’s birthday, they will snap a photograph of a random dish as they flash quickly on a large screen. They will then serve Fallon’s family and co-workers along with the judges at Tom Colicchio’s restaurant in Manhattan.

Antonia snaps the beef tongue and immediately panics as she’s never worked with this ingredient before but Carla is ecstatic to have gotten chicken pot pie. The chef’s go shopping and then get down to cooking.

The winning chef will be given a guest spot on a future Jimmy Fallon episode. Fabio seems more excited than any of his peers, this guy has the most positive attitude I’ve ever seen. With a seemingly easy dish, Fabio draws the standard burger that he pronounces as booger and seems to have decided to not only prepare his version of a hamburger, but even changes the main ingredient. Typically made of ground beef, Fabio uses a combination of brisket and who knows what else then proceeds to prepare meatloaf on a bun with curdled cheese on the side. Ouch!

Richard’s noodle dish was a hit but fell short of making it into the top three, joining Richard in the middle of the pack is Mike with his version of a sausage and peppers sandwich.

The top three chef’s called into judges table first, Angelo, Antonia and the winner, Carla who not only won an appearance on Fallon’s show but a trip to Tokyo and $5,000 in cash. (Keep talking Richard!) Carla’s chicken pot pie was the favorite and Jimmy Fallon announced the win.

Angelo’s BBQ pulled pork sandwich had some strange ingredients that according to Chef Tom shouldn’t have been successful together but apparently it worked and Antonia’s beef tongue, cooked as Richard advised her to cook it, was a great success. I think Antonia got credit for working with an unusual ingredient.

Sad faces at Judges Table included Tiffany, Dale and Fabio. Tiffany’s Chicken and Dumplings was apparently more like limp flavorless chicken noodle soup and Dale’s Philly cheese steak sandwich was too salty. Dale overcompensating for last week’s bland dish simply over-seasoned his meat. Dale did admit to buying pre-seasoned packaged meat and in trying to make it his own flavors seemed to just go overboard.

Fabio oh Fabio, another hot guy goes home this week, Fabio’s “booger” while it was flavorful and a few diners said that they enjoyed it, simply wasn’t the juicy burger that Mr. Fallon was expecting. Most critical of Fabio was Gail Simmons who, as a woman, should know better than to send a hot guy packing. But packing his knives, he did and with the most positive attitude and outstanding demeanor Fabio tells viewers to always shoot for the stars and follow their dreams as he has done.

And so with seven chef’s left, Tiffany has simply been in the bottom a few too many times to be a favorite to win, leaving the final two women, Antonia and Carla to carry the torch for the ladies. Both are strong contestants and have taken several wins between them. In the women’s arena, I’m hoping Carla beats out Antonia.

Strongest on the men’s side would probably be Angelo and Richard who’ve both taken their share of wins but don’t count out Dale, he’s struggled the past few weeks but had a strong showing early on in the season. I think its great the way Dale has changed, his horrible temper we saw during his original appearance really made him a villain but his temper seems to have disappeared and he is actually pretty funny this season.

While Mike has grown and matured a lot since his past appearance on Top Chef, I still think that he’s simply not ready to wear the Top Chef crown.

More disappointing than Fabio’s exit is Chef Anthony Bourdain’s missing blog this week, he is apparently out of the country and won’t be submitting one this week. We’ll miss your quick wit and fascinating take on the evenings events Tony!

This is an interesting article from Huffington Post about Top Chef and the genders, Thanks to my younger, thinner friend for sharing it with me…


The Grammer’s divorce is scheduled to be finalized today. Camille Grammer is officially a rich bitch with a reported $40 – $50 million dollar settlement coming her way. We’re told she rejected the first offer of $30 Million but agrees with her soon to be ex-husband Kelsey Grammer that they should not drag out the legal proceedings and just get it over with. Wedding bells are ringing for Kelsey later this month, with no pre-nuptial agreement once again, this guy has no brains! Read about the divorce here:


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207 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Top Chef All Stars Feb 10, 2011

  1. error404 says:

    “The former ‘Frasier’ star and ex-Playboy model Camille Grammer…”

    Oh gee, look whose gone from “ex-MTV dancer” to “ex-Playboy model”. Thanks Kyle, I’m sure Camille really appreciates it.

    Kim’s drinking, Camille’s porn… whose closet skeleton will you expose next season?

  2. Brigid A. says:

    Morning everyone! Thanks for the recap, Lynn! I have a lot of catching up to do on Top Chef reruns, but I did watch last night. Tiffany was assigned easy dish, chicken & dumplings, yet it was unrecognizable with those flat noodles. I thought she’d get sent home for sure.

    Didn’t Fabio say he lived in Los Angeles? I need to find out where his restaurant is. Anyway, a simple challenge of preparing burgers (boogers!) and fries had him struggling. Loved his graceful exit, joking about how Jimmy had a lot of nerve came on HIS show, Top Chef, and sending him home!

    • RubyNewbie says:

      Fabio is smart. Keeping it classy ensures he’ll probably turn up in some capacity on Bravo again. I’m sure he has an agent and I’ve seen some Top Chef contestants pop up on the Food Network too. I also saw Fabio on Good Morning America a while ago. He had a cookbook out. Bitching and moaning will not protect the brand. Smart!

      I wouldn’t mind Carla, Tiffany or Angelo winning. Dale is sulky, Richard is snarky and Mike is just…I dunno what! LOL

    • California35 says:

      I am also behind on Top Chef, but hope to watch this particual episode tonight – even if it is out of order.

      Fabio’s restaurant is in Moorpark (unless he has another one I don’t know about). I had read somewhere (maybe here) that he was going to open a new restaurant somewhere in LA, maybe Universal Walk…but I had also read that he would have his own show that has not happened…so who knows.

      • Adgirl says:

        I read that it was shelved after Chef Academy failed. Bravo stated their viewers were confused about the concept.

        Is Fabio still married? No wedding ring.

      • Brigid A. says:

        Ohhh, I’ll have to do some research. Fabio’s extremely easy on the eyes and I love Italian food! But I’ve got to wonder why he couldn’t produce something as easy as a tasty burger. It wasn’t even juicy enough for the judges.

  3. tweatcyn says:

    I still love Kyle and think you all are way too hard on her. So she has a quick temper and says what she’s thinking. Big deal. She also is kind, funny, sentimental and remorseful. She knows she has personality defects and she owns up to them. She’s human and her good points far outweigh her faults. At least she’s not conniving and mannipulative like Camille and Taylor. I say, let’s cut Kyle some slack.
    As for TCAS last night, I really enjoyed the elimination challenge. It was a lot of fun. More upbeat than recent epis. Carla was hilarious. I liked Dale’s Fuuuun-Do joke also. Will miss my love’s blog also.(Bourdain).

    • Sg says:

      I agree. Of all the women who are put in the so called “I speak my mind/I keep it real” group of the Tamara, Nene, Bethenny, etc group, I think Kyle is the most real and genuine. And unlike the three of them, she seems to actually be apolegtic and not hold bitchy grudges or refuse any acknowledgment of wrong doing on her end.

    • Katie says:

      I hear you and appreciate the comments, but for me I just can’t get over how she treated her sister Kim. It was disgusting and Kyle has temper and control issues that are going to be her demise on this show if she doesn’t get some help (and talking to a psychic doesn’t count). S2 is a chance she can redeem herself.

      • Sg says:

        I think the problem with Kyle’s perception compared to the other women like her from the other shows that I mentioned in my other post, is that she fought with family, as opposed to a friend or frenemy. And It probably resonates a lot differently with many people.

        • Noreen says:

          I think that is a very good point. I have been fortunate in my family not to have alcoholism or addiction (other than mine to food!) as a factor and I have been reading the comments of those who have lived with a family member who is an alcoholic and realized that they often the view the Kyle/Kim saga differently. Kyle has also suffered from Kim’s alcoholism (if she is indeed an alocholic – I guess we don’t know for certain) and while I don’t agree with her treatement of Kim, I am willing to give Kyle the benefit of the doubt. I am not saying Kyle is a saint, but I don’t think she is evil either. Nor am I willing to judge her on that one moment. I am looking foward to next season and see what happens. But really, I hope both sisters get the help they need. I would be miserable without my sister. I feel so blessed in my family.

          • twoile says:

            OT, I’m currently watching the re-runs of Mill$Listings 1st season….Rick & Kathy Hilton showed up to view 1 of the listings by “Chad” who works 4 their RE firm………interesting 4 several reasons 1 of which is why didn’t they put in the minimal effort 2 sho 4 the grad? Do they get paid just 4 being on screen? Does everyone who is on camera paid? IE waiters/sales staff etc?

        • Katie says:

          No actually it was not the Kim situation, even if I leave that part out. I still feel the same way about Kyle.

          I didn’t like how Kyle handled the whole Camille situation (specifically the rage and name calling that just took it to a lower level). Not supporting Lisa regarding the trouble Taylor caused with Camille after Kyle apologized. If I just got done apologizing to someone and trying to move and a Taylor came along to blew the whole situation up, I would have a very serious conversation with Taylor.

          • error404 says:

            None of Kyle’s apologies to Camille where anywhere near to sincere. Each time, she mentioned that Camille was Maury’s client just before giving a half assed “let’s agree that we were both wrong” apology. If Maury “had her back” on the feud, he sure didn’t show it, often glaring at her whenever it came up. We never saw him once take her side or tell her he was sorry Camille was being that way towards her. No, it was all dirty angry looks and “you better fix this”.

    • RubyNewbie says:

      Weeeellllll, I didn’t see her owning up to reducing her sister’s alleged drinking problem to idle gossip. Remember her whispering to Lisa at the party? Not cool. The fact that she shames Kim about her drinking may actually cause Kim to hit the bottle even more! Kyle treats it like a dirty little secret when she should encourage Kim to think of it as a disease that needs to be treated.

      Subconsciously, perhaps Kyle doesn’t want Kim to get better. It’s one thing she can point to that tarnishes the image of the former golden child.

      • twoile says:

        @RN, If Kim became well who would Kyle scapegoat? This illness has more than one particepant…….& the obvious may not b the actual reality. When Kim gets the chance to speak she sounds more self aware than Kyle.imho

      • jillz68 says:

        I am starting to wonder if Kyle is really worried about her sisters alleged drinking problem or if that is just a convenient story. As a true obsessed watcher would, I rewatched the older BH eps and saw Kyle and Kim toasting on the airplane to the Sac Kings and it LOOKED like they were both drinking the bubbly. Wouldn’t THAT have caused some sort of issue if Kim’s supposed drinking were that big of a problem?

        On to my other obsession. I love the stuff that is being found on Taylor. I was watching the episode where Russell talks about her little business and he let loose of some info relating to his investments and I wonder if they were BSing the camera or if he really did it. I figure the super sleuths in this forum could find out. He and Taylor are talking about his 10million investment in Heathers (who she is I don’t know) film business and Taylor only found out about it via the Wall St Journal press release. I have a hard time believing Old Texan Russ is investing 10 million in anything since we know he is a bankrupt felon and that the Wall St. Journal would have written about him. So did anyone else notice this? Has anyone with those super sleuthing powers looked into it?

    • HD says:

      I don’t have many issues with Kyle. I would like for her to be nicer to her sister but I understand sisters and family dynamics so that’s not too bif of an issue for me because you just never know about family. We saw a snapshot of a lifelong relationship that seems to have a lot of issues within in.

    • error404 says:

      the jury is still out for me on Kyle. I don’t share your assumptions taken as facts. Either as proof of innocence or guilt.

      I don’t see her owning anything. She actually seems very proud and stubborn to me.

      She’s insistent that Camille is a liar. If it really was a misunderstanding, then let it go. But if she apologized to Camille for calling her delusional and a f&*ing liar, I missed it. None of her behavior seems contrite. Her attitude comes off to me as “I’m willing bury the hatchet once you admit I was right and you were wrong”. Most compromise usually entails meeting half way.

      “Kind” is subjective I guess. Was she kind when she conspired with Kim’s kids behind Kim’s back? Was she kind when said she’d help Kim find a house, but got pissed off that kIm’s wouldn’t take the house Kyle wanted Kim to have. Was she kind when she promised to help Kim pack, but instead stormed off in a huff after causing another fight? Was she kind when she not only didn’t help Kim move, but yelled at Kim for not helping her AND HER STAFF! set up for a kid’s birthday party on the day Kim moved? And we’re only at like episode 3! This could go on all night. lol

      • twoile says:

        @E, ITA!

        • Me too! I don’t buy it when people try and excuse their rudeness but saying they “just speak their mind.” Part of being an adult is you learn to edit yourself and don’t blurt out whatever random thought passes through your brain. And that includes talking to family members and siblings.

          Also, saying “I’m sorry” isn’t a get out of jail free card. IF you’re actually sorry you’ll change the behavior that brought about your having to say “I’m sorry” in the first place. Otherwise all you are is ‘sorry’ you got in trouble – not sorry you hurt someone. Based on what I’ve seen and read recently Kyle is only sorry her popularity dropped when the public found out what she was really like.

      • dsc60 says:

        Kyle’s constant reminders that she told her mother she would take care of Kim are getting really old. and unless the comment Kyle made in the limo about Mauricio taking care of Kim as if she’s another wife was referring to some type of financial assistance, i’d like to know just what Kyle is actually doing to take care of Kim. i surely haven’t seen it. there are very few scenes with the two of them where Kyle isn’t criticizing Kim or otherwise maligning her. Kyle also threw it up to Kim that she so kindly introduced Kim to all of her friends. would she have done that if not for the show? i doubt it. in the first few episodes, Kim had just met a few of the others, including Taylor whose relationship with Kyle is another instance of Kyle’s lack of allegiance towards Kim, her SISTER! and if Kim is indeed an alcoholic, that doesn’t excuse Kyle’s behavior towards Kim, IMO it makes it that much worse.

    • nathania says:

      I think it’s cunning, conniving, and manipulative to ask your sister to be on a reality show for the sole purpose of publicly accusing her of having a substance abuse problem in front of the camera. That’s sick. Sicker than Camille, I think. I think Kyle has found a soul-mate in Taylor. I think in essence this was the real reason that Kyle had Kim’s limo held so Kim couldn’t leave. It was the finale, she had to get that accusation out in the open, ruin her sister for good, it was her last chance.

      The request from Kim that Kyle keep her distance was incredibly alarming. And it proved to be in earnest, since Kim was later attacked. Kim knew what was coming, though none of the rest of us were prepared for it. This is why public sentiment shifted so quickly on Kyle. Let’s not cut her some slack, lets encourage her to seek professional help in dealing with her rage at being “Kim Richards little sister” forever. It’s so interesting to me that Bravo edited her white party to seem so mundane and boring, when in reality Kyle came within a hair of attacking some drunk chic that wasn’t even worth spitting on. For some reason Bravo held this clip out til the end; my guess would be because they wanted it to appear that Kyle doesn’t have the anger management problem she so clearly does have, i.e. ‘she doesn’t attack everyone and anyone, just her sister, who deserves it’. Yeah, right, Bravo.

      Kyle is better at hiding her true colors than most people who have been on the RHO shows, but as is always the case, the true colors always come out in the end. I have zero respect left for her, and she makes me sick. She actually has baited Taylor to harass Kim, but then when Taylor does it she doesn’t validate Taylor. That was clear at the reunion, that she is playing both sides of the fence.

      It is also clear from the “Taylor Armstrong drunk…” video that is circulating right now, that Kyle had ZERO regrets about attacking Kim in the limo and calling her an alcoholic publicly, UNTIL the backlash from viewers came. During the time this video was taken, the filming apparently had been completed, and hadn’t yet been shown. She almost smirks when she talks about it on that video, in the midst of keeping an extremely drunk and/or coked up Taylor Armstrong from crashing to the sidewalk twice.

      • dsc60 says:

        it made me sooo angry when i read the producer’s blog about the final episode. i forget the exact words but it alluded to the fact that Kim being an alcoholic explained all of Kyle’s vile behavior towards her. i wrote a comment stating that i felt quite the opposite. it didn’t get posted of course, but i was happy to see that the comments confirmed most people felt the same way as i did about it.

  4. Golden Girl says:

    Great recap Lynn thank you. I really enjoyed last nights show Jimmy F was so charming I thought he did a great job. I was sad to see Fabio go, I thought it should have been Tiffany that got sent packing but at least my Carla is still in.

  5. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thanks Lynn, another excellent recap! Last night’s show was fun – Fallon was a great guest judge. It seems that classic dishes are judged the hardest as there are always the individual judges’ expectations involved. What bothers me the most is how ungraceous the chefs are to each other – congratulating the winner doesn’t take anything away from your abilities but it does show how rotten some folks manners truly are! Carla’s personality and enthusiasm were a big part of her win!

  6. VincenzoNewYork says:

    Thank You Lynn for the summary!

    ttyl all!

  7. Katie says:

    I’m not sad to see Fabio gone, like Tom states in his blog you can’t be a one trick pony and Fabio stated way too many times “It’s not his thing” when cooking almost anything but Italian.

    I’d like to see it come down to Carla, Antonia, Richard and Angelo for the final 4

    For some reason I feel like it will be Carla and Richard as the final 2.
    I suspect something soon will happen with Richard that will change things, I feel it building.

    But my heart is in it for Carla and Angelo, when I watched their seasons again and how close they got and the circumstances they were in at the end – I really want them to have another shot. They are also the awkward ones with no attitude who just want to fit in and seem so grateful for the opportunity.

    The ones that are always talking smack (Mike, Fabio, Richard, Dale) they act so cocky, but the way they talk about the other chefs is very telling – total fear and doubt.

    WCW – I totally agree with this comments you made
    “What bothers me the most is how ungraceous the chefs are to each other – congratulating the winner doesn’t take anything away from your abilities but it does show how rotten some folks manners truly are!”

  8. tweatcyn says:

    I agree Kyle is hard on Kim at times but I have 2 sisters close to my age. I know how critical we can be with each other and we don’t hold back when arguing, often hitting below the belt. When arguing with friends you hold back a lot more. Sisters are privvy to deep psychological weapons to use against each other. We also have mother issues where the qualities we resent about our mothers are often found in our sisters and ourselves. We get angry at them and sometimes hate those qualities we ourselves have. Long term grudges are also held and rehashed over and over. I think the Richards girls are exhibiting these dynamics, but on TV is seems far worse and only the bad is being shown.

    • Katie says:

      As I posted above even if I take the whole Kim vs. Kyle stuff out of it, I don’t like Kyle she exhibits the same anger and control issues – didn’t like how she handled the Camille situation at all, the Taylor situation with messing things up after she apologized to Camille and she was making snide/rude comments about Camille even before they got into their petty dispute.

    • error404 says:

      I have sibling both close in age and not close in age and it’s a totally different dynamic. They try to pretend they are all close close, but the sisters aren’t 2 years apart, they are 5 years apart, and Kim was working the whole time. When Kyle was 6, Kim was 11 and working full time, and was Kathy 16. These are not women who had typical sibling squables over who rode the bike last or who gets to watch what show they like on tv. They hardly grew up together.

      • Sg says:

        I wonder if the claims of being so close despite a 5 year difference is telling of something more. Kim was probably a bit behind in terms of the development of her social maturity due to always working. Kyle seems like a very street smart person and seems like those traits were present in her childhood and that she would have no problem talking to those in her age group and above

        Bottom line, with Kim socially immature as a child and Kyle socially advanced, the lines were probably blurred and they become more as equals

        And speaking of Kathy, Im dying to knowwhat the dynamic between her and Kyle is. Does she clash with Kyle too and does Kyle put that in the “sister bucket” too? Or is the age difference so big that there isn’t much of a relationship?

      • kotagirl29 says:

        Well I have six sisters and one lonely brother. The sisters (twins) closest to me in age are five years older than me and let me tell you, you have NEVER seen fights like the ones we had. When we got along it was great, but when we fought it was like someone had released the hounds of hell. The next closest sister was five years older than the twins. I got along great with her and she fought more with the twins than anyone else. My siblings are all half, both my parents were married before they married each other and had me. So those of us that grew up together were closer, but we fought a lot more than I did with those that lived with their mother (2 sisters and brother). The oldest sister living with me was 10 years older than me. I don’t think the fact that these kids were working actresses has anything to do with anything. Yeah they worked, but they still lived together and grew up together. And I’m sure they fought over petty issues just like everyone else.

  9. HD says:

    Perhaps I am missing it…I just do not see Richard being arrogant. Did I miss him saying something? I think most of those chefs minus Carla have a certian air about them. What did I miss?

    • Katie says:

      The arrogance for me with Richard, Dale and Mike is when someone else wins, like WCW stated they can’t even bring themselves to congratulate the person “What were the judges thinking” attitude.

      He helps people and complains about it and insinuates that their dishes were only good because of the help he gave them. Richard doesn’t talk as much as Dale or Mike but he still gets his digs in.

      • HD says:

        I honestly don’t even expect them to congratulate the others. While it is nice to show good sportsmanship, this is a competition and I expect people will act like this. It doesn’t bother me at all.

        I did not know Richard was complaining about helping others. If he feels that way, just don’t help them. I mention this time and time again about Jhuang. He had a goal…to win. He did not come to make bestfriends he came to win the Top Chef. And he did.

        • Katie says:

          It’s done in almost every professional sport or competition I can think of. Even in competitions where they knock the crap out of each other. This is cooking – it’s odd. I’m not saying they should jump up or down but just a simple acknowledgment. Not doing it seems like a character flaw more than anything else.

        • dsc60 says:

          IMO, Richard’s comments about everyone being so afraid of how great he is is just as bad as Camille or Kelly’s claims of everyone being jealous of them. Richard has made quite a few comments like that and it definitely turned me off to him.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Richard is more well rounded than some of the other chefs – he has natural leadership qualities and is willing to help the others with their dishes, which IMHO is what a top chef needs to have. The talking head segments really don’t add anything for me and I wonder if some of their “answers” are to different questions…..and while I am not a fan of the fondue – I would have tried his offering!

  10. HD says:

    Fabio, Fabio, Fabio…how do you not know how to make a hamburger? It sounded delicious and I wish it tasted delicious. I really liked Fabio. I’m rooting for Carla. I think she would have won her season if she would have cooked her own food.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think he should have used some round fillet minion or something if he wanted to make a pretentious hamburger.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Oh yeah – good cuts of beef would have made it a much different “booger”.

      • Brigid A. says:

        RR, I thought the same thing….ground filet mignon or some similar cut. Fabio said he blended 3 different cuts of meat which I can’t recall and I thought he must know what he’s doing. Wrong! He even lucked out with a challenge that seemed fairly simple compared to Antonia’s, for example. She had never prepared tongue, it took a long time to cook, but she got it right.

    • dsc60 says:

      i’m routing for Carla also. she’s taken quite a few wins and i just love her personality. the reason she lost her season was because she was being too nice… at least it added to it anyway. she is so upbeat, genuine and gracious. hope she goes all the way! Hooty hoo!

  11. I can relate says:

    I like Kyle she is one of my favorites. I like her sister too but she seems VERY needy and as someone who has a sister who went through years like that after her divorce all I can say is it wears you out. You want to be supportive but as the years go by you just get tired. Very, very, tired, it does not mean you love your sister any less but you do get wore down and after awhile angry. Now there is a difference, my sister went from very independent and confident, to unsure, bitter and needy. To me it seems that Kim may have been so isolated as a child star that she never truly got to develop self-esteem as a person, notice it is hello I am Kim Richards, child star? That is the fault of the adults around her and she is paying the price now. She seems like a genuinely nice person but she seems so isolated and protected that she has no clue how to deal with a dog eat dog world so she just avoids any conflict and confrontation and stays home. How realistic is that? I wish we lived in a world were it was possible to avoid conflict and confrontation but it just doesn’t work that way. JMHO.

  12. Rabble Rouser says:

    I’m heart broken to see Fabio leave, not only is he a great chef he has a natural charm that can not be taught or duplicated.

    My support know waivers between Richard and Angelo, I also like Mike even though many people people think he is a dink.

    For some reason, I find it hard to cheer for Carla. I don’t know why- I think she is a lovely woman, a fair and gracious competitor and a capable chef- I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s just that I think she got lucky in her original season and that she is a little bit of an odd ball. As far the women chefs go, I really like Tiffany.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Didn’t Carla say she’s been to Tokyo 3 times? I’m guessing from prior contests? I was kind of rooting for Tiffany, too, but I couldn’t disagree with the judges. Those sure didn’t look like dumplings to me.

  13. quincyil says:

    The “I Love Jill Zarin” blog on the prairie by quincyil

    Bobby Zarin is generous. He appointed his son David to the Presidency of Zarin Fabrics. David is selling his home for $1,395.000. I can’t tell you the address because it bother Jill Zarin for us to print addresses that are all over the internet so I will give the Post article’s address and you can read what they published.


    When we watched the show and saw Jill Zarin helping customers or telling people about her store on television, I never realized that David was helping Jill with management. Jill and Bobby are really nice to allow David to manage the store when they are on their vacations. I did wonder about the store when Jill spent every summer in the Hamptons. David is probably in his 40s like Jill Zarin. I bet it was his store before it was Jill’s store. David is very generous to share his store with Jill Zarin.

    Jill returned to her roots in several ways in the last few days. She went to her high school job to see what the grocery store looked like some twenty plus years later and Jill had her hair dyed as her roots were really bad. Jill does not have any gray. The roots were all auburn with a touch of gold. Jill had them dyed red to help her resemble Lucille Ball. Bobby Zarin had his hair dyed black to help him resemble Desi Arnaz. Ginger Zarin has her hair dyed brown to help her resemble Bambi.

    No word on the transfer of fans from Jill’s twitter account to the Kelly Bensimon new twitter account. Jill asked her fans to join Kelly’s account because Kelly lost her fans to someone named Chris. Jill will find other newer and better fans for her account.

    Jill Zarin absolutely refuses to tell me what she is eating through twitter. She told us every day for over a year. I announce that her food intake and calorie count would be included in this “I Love Jill Zarin” blog on the prairie and Jill stopped tweeting about food. It’s a tweet embargo. I am an honest person so I will not make up false information in this blog. I do have the menu from her birthday party last December. The man menu included filet mignon and I believe there was cake. The Restaurant was Chez Josephine. Jill probably drank a diet soda. The cake and diet soda are educated guesses.

    I apologized to the new and better fans who will be joining Jill Zarin’s twitter now that she gave her old fans to Kelly Bensimon’s twitter. You will not know what Jill eats every day and that is my fault. Jill does not want to reward me with her food twitters as I am a follower of Lynn Hudson. Lynn Hudson followers wear black robes and meet in the woods under a full moon.

    The end


    • error404 says:

      interesting. Other apartments for sale in the same building are all under $1mil. Other 2 bedrooms are asking +/- $800k. Is the extra $500k because Jill once visited?

      • twoile says:

        @E, just b/c she used the pooper:0)

      • quincyil says:

        Perhaps, Brad decorated the apartment. That would account for the differences in pricing.

        I think David is the father of the grandchildren so they probably need another bedroom. Jill’s apartment is tiny compared to the homes in the Hamptons. When they go back to NYC, it must feel like moving into a shoe box.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Bobby and Jill have been very generous to David. He lives steps from Central Park, so he must work very hard managing the store.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        And David gets props for doing the hard work and letting Jill do the taking the credit for it.

    • Adgirl says:

      Let’s ask RH what Jill is eating today.

      Kelly: Jill should have rabbit stew. Rabbits are really cute and delicious. They make great jackets and vests.
      PETA doesn’t say don’t eat rabbits. PETA says don’t be mean to them.

  14. vilzvet says:

    Today on NBC 2 p.m.EST is “The Last Supper” NJ if anyone wants to catch it again, followed by Jill working at a Waldbaums for the day on Nate Berkus.

  15. Kelly_Has_ Big_ Shoulders says:

    So excited because Chef Bourdain is going to be close to my city next Tuesday!!! We are going to go see him this is my Valentine’s gift. YAY!!

  16. Adgirl says:

    Antonia is probably sick to death of listening night and day to Mike lecturing her on preparing real Italian food.

    Poor Richard. He is just waiting for his inevitable win. Such a burden.

    Fabio’s charm lets him skate through many weeks. He didn’t score well during his own season. He doesn’t even win italian challenges, but he sure is fun.

    Carla rules. Hootie Who!

    • lillybee says:

      Fabio did say last night that even if he didn’t win any EC’s on his season, he made it to the finale. Funny thing is that I don’t remember him in the finale.

      • TLM says:

        Is it wrong that I just want to hear Fabio talk softly to me without his shirt on, and I don’t care about the cooking? Ok, I sort of care about the cooking, but even if he were a bad cook I wouldn’t care. We could order in.

        I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

  17. AZ Girl says:

    Camille and Kelsey are officially divorced as of this a.m

  18. Wendy says:

    I’ll miss you, Fabio! sniff sniff..

  19. shamrockblonde says:

    when I got up this morning, I checked my mailbox expecting to see Fabio jammed in there as I expressly requested that he be shipped directly to me….very disappointing – he wasn’t – disappointed that Antonia did not go home instead – I am still rooting for Richard to win it, and if not then Carla – both were robbed and both are extraordinary chefs with personality and leadership skills and charm – its not just the preparation of food that makes you a top chef – both Mike and Dale are great chefs but not professional enough, and Angelo – I still don’t trust him – and I would never want someone I do not trust fixing me food –

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      If you don’t worship NeNe you will regret it! She is way past her 15 minutes of fame.

    • Adgirl says:

      My favorite excerpt:
      “Star is a real celebrity, not some cheap reality star who is enjoying 15 minute of fame,” .

      NeNe wanted to go All Georgia on Star’s ass.

    • error404 says:

      ” “She’s a lawyer and a lady. NeNe can say what she wants about Star, but she doesn’t care now that she knows she’s safe.””

      Oh thank God! Now that RHoAt is over and I can no longer play the “take a drink every time Phaedra reminds us she’s a lawyer” game, I’ve been downright sober. Now that Star is back on TV, I’ll be drunker than Kim Z every time I watch the show. Girl can’t tell you if it’s raining out without working “well, as a lawyer…” into the conversation!

  20. VincenzoNewYork says:

    This is a blog commercial for Catherine Ommanney – Cat -From the Real Housewives of DC.

    Cat’s book,INBOX FULL, is available for purchase right now at the following website:

    She has recieved some very good reviews on Amazon.com.
    She and Lynda were my favorite real housewives from DC.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      Inbox Full is also available on Amazon.com in a kindle format. I am not sure if the hardcover will be available on Amazon.com…but the createspace is a subset of Amazon.com for self-publishing purposes.
      Thanks again.

      • California35 says:

        $19.99 for the book, but $9.99 for kindle edition…hhmm maybe I should look into getting a kindle 😛
        Amazon still doesn’t have the hard copy..I will wait a little longer. Thanks Vince

        • VincenzoNewYork says:

          @ Cali: 19.99 + 8 and change for shipping + tax…30.34 all together! I chose the 8 dollar shipping in order for it to come to me quickly! I was not going to spend $22 for shipping.
          I hope I enjoy it. lol.

          • RubyNewbie says:

            I’ve read some terrible things about Cat. And, the fact that her marriage absolutely imploded at warp speed makes me think many of those terrible things are likely true.

            • VincenzoNewYork says:

              awww. I really don’t know much about her then what I saw on the show. lol.
              I guess I’ll find out about some of her past in the book.

              • Amber...RealWife says:

                Vinny, you are going to cause my aneurysm to pop! LOL I cannot keep playing with you! First Jill now ugghh CAT? I give up! My beautiful snarky mind can’t take this any longer. Like my love, JudgeMathis says “If you like it , I love it!”.

                I just hope CAT doesn’t insult you after your review. BUT if she does, please know that i’ll be here to say…”A blind man could’ve seen that shit coming!” LOL Hope you enjoy it. 🙂

                • VincenzoNewYork says:

                  haha. The book has recieved very good reviews on Amazon.com though.(I think.) lol.
                  Thank you for the warning. lol.

  21. Adgirl says:

    Today’s twitter announcement from @kikilet (formerly Kelly Bensimon’s handle, now a parody twitter)

    “Woohoooo!!! Just completed an enema/colonblow cleanse. Now I’m less full of shit than I was 20 mins ago. Be healthful.”

    • Amber...RealWife says:

      Love Glee, but must say, as I cover my head, I am so OVER LeaMichele. Is it just me. Could it be her character was so well written as a limelight hogging pain that I now consider her over exposed. She is great at Pop and Broadway but I really enjoy hearing the OTHERS sing too! Mercedes, Britney and Santana can wail and have differing sounds. Let her play the backgound more please. Agree or disagree?

      • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

        I agree 100% Amber. What I like about this season is that they are featuring the other gleeks more and more. I just saw a preview that next week, the new blonde guy will be doing a Bieber song. IMHO, Lea M was taking up too much of the spotlight. So tired of her, but enjoying the others.

      • lillybee says:

        I hate her. She has a lovely voice but I yell at my tv when ever she is on. She reminds me of a low rent Barbra Striesland.

        • error404 says:

          I saw Leah in Spring Awakening on Bway a few years back. She was great.

          Anywho, I think Rachel Barry is almost a villain at times. Although I agree that Leah gets too much singing time on the show, at least she can sing, as opposed to the guy who plays Finn, who they also feature way too much even though the kid is one step above Kim Z with the required autotune etc…

  22. LynnNChicago says:

    Portrait of a Housewife – Kim Richards @ http://look.ac/gCwWvW

    My latest in the Portrait of a Housewives series, Kim’s turn! 🙂

    • quincyil says:

      I like the portrait and I think Kim would like it too. I hope she decides to be on the show next year. Perhaps, one of her friend could come on and take Taylor out for a little Okalahoma.

    • Brigid A. says:

      Good work, Lynn. Let’s hope Kim is in a good place and gets the support she needs regardless of her decision to return for another season. Kim has acknowledged that she is not friends with any of her castmates, but perhaps she has become closer to Adrienne. I hope so. Her relationship with Kyle was strained to the max and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Lisa meddles in the sisters’ relationship and clearly favors Kyle. If Camille returns, perhaps she and Kim could strike up a friendship?

      If anyone should be dropped for S2, Taylor seems the appropriate choice. She has been exposed as a liar, her past is questionable (multiple name changes), she tried to sabotage Kim/Kyle’s relationship, and her sad lonely little wifey tears are as fake as she is. The viewer responses to her blog have been largely negative. She offers nothing. Does Bravo really need the BH version of Michaele/Tareq?

    • Shannon says:

      Another great Portrait of a Housewife article Lynn. I’m one of the many that hope Kim returns. Or better yet get her own show with her trying to make a comeback.

    • Amber...RealWife says:

      Lynn thanks for the great portrait of KimRichards. Funy how in order to speak of Kim and her season, Kyle is in practically every sentence just like she was on HW’s every frame when Kim was on. Kyle does manipulate and monopolize Kim’s life. Kim needs to take charge and choose her own path. I still hope she writes a tell-all, and STILL comes back to RHOBH.

      Kim needs to be encouraged to come back and take her place in the show. It’s obvious Kyle never wanted her there and would love nothing better than for her not to return. It’s not due to alcoholism either, as that is minimal in a family known for criminal possesion of marijuana and cocaine, DUI’s, beaver shots and sex tapes etc. I believe that Kyle doesn’t like to SHARE, the spotlight or her friends! Kim is a reminder that Kyle was never the top draw in the family. She has done her best to try and diminish Kim’s career and cruelly stamped her as an alcoholic, not for her health but to humiliate and punish Kim. Without Kim as a castmate Kyle would have cruised along as a strong wife not to be messed with who could be a formidable opponent. But her actions towards Kim just showed how mean and horrible Kyle could be to anyone who she deems weaker. Kyle wanted to be the STAR in the family. Now many know her as the abusive sister to a former child actress. Kyle is BabyJane.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      If Kim feels she doesn’t fit the BH mold, maybe she should have her own break-out show. It would be interesting to see what her life is like and I think we might be surprised at how “normal” she is.

      • Katie says:

        Kansas I love this idea. Think of Bethenny’s format as she was moving to the next phase of her life, but the weekly discussion with her shrink to help her deal with the ugly stuff.

        Kim for me was naturally funning, her commentary throughout the dinner from hell was very funny. She’s not perfect, but watching her get help for a problem many can relate to while she tries to get her career back, I think would be very interesting to watch.

  23. HD says:

    OT-What in the hell is Mubarak talking about? Is he leaving or not?

  24. shamrockblonde says:

    he has given power to his vice president and is not leaving until September elections – wants to make sure that the transition is a smooth one with less chance of the Muslim Brotherhood getting a foothold in government over there – it will take at least 2 years or more before we actually see what these changes will mean – the military over there is very highly respected, and really with all this time of protests, there has been very little violence – everyone has conducted themselves very well – his speech was really a message to the US – to the world – that he will not bend to the will of others –

    • quincyil says:

      Hmmm. I think the first time the Shah of Iran spoke to his people he said something like that.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        prediction: massive riots tomorrow.

        He’s absolutely delusional to think this action will end anything.

        Protestors are surrounding the TV station refusing to leave.

        Robert Springborg, from the US Naval Postgraduate School told Reuters:

        “The speeches tonight are not intended to bring an end to the crisis in a peaceful way but to inflame the situation so there is justification for the imposition of direct military rule. They are risking not only the coherence of the military, but even indeed – and I use this term with advisement here – civil war.”

  25. skogsstig says:

    Just a quick return to Top Chef…
    Thanks, Lynn! Great recap! I too, will miss Fabio – even if he doesn’t know how to make a “hambooger.” 😉
    He has his own web site, for those who want to find out more about him and his endeavors. He also recaps Top Chef – just check his blog at this site: http://fabioviviani.com/
    I really enjoy Carla – she really is a hootie-hoooo! Minx, a Baltimore food blogger, thought she was a bit like “Big Bird on meth” in this episode. Minx’s recaps of Top Chef are pretty great. You can check them out here, if you’re so inclined: http://www.minxeats.com/
    Hope ya’ll will have great dinners tonight – but stay away from the hamboogers.

  26. AZ Girl says:

    Well the divorce settlement has been finalized and the numbers are all over the place. I really think Camille probably got a lot of real estate out of this. Maybe lump sum cash and monthly support payments. Real estate is expensive to keep up and luckily she has HW and the new sitcom to bring in income. She is going to need it.
    The fact that Kelsey refuses to get another pre-nup makes him a moron.

    • quincyil says:

      Being rejected is hard. Being rejected for a younger woman is harder.

      I hope that she and the children have good lives. Every one should find love and happiness.

      • AZ Girl says:

        Actually she might do quite well for herself. She vain and money hungry but she does take ownership of her behavior (even the porn) and that smart. Kind of just went away after it was discussed. This is what Jill does not get. Just take ownership of your fuck ups and move on. Taylor and Jill don’t get this. Lying just digs the hole deeper.

    • I can relate says:

      They say she is a smart business woman and he did not have the amount of money he has now when she married him. Of course my source was Harvey Levin on TMZ live ;).

      • error404 says:

        it’s possible. I don’t know who’s idea it was, but the production co. started shortly after they married, and his voice over work increased in earnest after then too. Plus he was in the middle of Frasier and had won a few emmys etc… so even that salary probably went up by a lot after 97. And last but not least, he was sober after 97 so not only was there more income, but a lot less outcome as well.

  27. skogsstig says:

    Here’s an “exit interview” of Fabio with the “All Top Chef’s” Laura Kluvo. It’s a 7 min. pod cast. http://bloggingbravo.mypodcast.com/2011/02/All_Top_Chef_Interview_with_Fabio_Viviani-341419.html

  28. klmh says:

    If you want to bring a smile to your face this evening, watch this:

  29. ilovelynn says:

    tabloid update: taylor’s husband has no cash flow. as woody allen once said,”something isn’t flowing”! the article said taylor just signed a branding deal for 6.5 million. for what? supposedly, she is taking up the slack and” just wants russell to be happy with her but instead he resents her”. who knows if this is true, but what I really want to know is what she is getting 6.5 million for. cotton candy franchaises with her name on it? before pictures of horrible plastic surgery mistakes? tips on how to lie with a straight face? someone please let me know.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Let’s have a bake sale for poor ol’ Russell. LOL

    • Shannon says:

      Hi IloveLynn. I would love to read the article if you could point me in the right direction. I’m like you, who in their right mind would pay Taylor 6.5 million for anything?

  30. error404 says:

    OT, but I thought this was a funny take on “originality” i.e. “skinny” lol

  31. quincyil says:

    Million Dollar listing had a commercial and there is a deal with a millionaire who demands an expensive car be included in the deal. He looks familiar. I think he is one Patti Stanger’s millionaires. He is probably from LA so not from this season. I know that guy and I don’t know anyone millionaires in LA.

  32. MAMAZ says:

    Re Fabio’s “booger”
    Nothing wrog with Fabio’s meat choices. Last months Food Network magazine had the recipe for Michael Symon’s Fat Doug Burger. It is made with ground sirloin, ground brisket and ground boneless short ribs. He won the Peoples Choice award with the burger in last years Rachael Ray burger cook off. If Fabio’s “booger” tasted like meatloaf he must have used a filler of some sort.

  33. mamecastle says:

    Completely OT but YUMMY! Allison DuBois is the devil….

  34. klmh says:

    Bravo is sending us a message and that is that Real Housewives of OC are broke, even the new one:

  35. RubyNewbie says:

    Lisa was in a car accident and who should swoop in to her rescue but Kyle. Really Lisa? Another “incident” to get keep your name in he press with Kyle too? My spidey sense tells me something is a bit off. This reminds me of those widely believed to be staged “accidents” where Tom Cruise would come to the rescue. We are dealing with two actresses here. Won’t call anyone a liar just yet, but I’m keeping tabs. LOL

  36. CRH216 says:

    I really like Richard. Sure he is coming off a bit cocky, but I think he is valid in his reasoning to a degree. He is constantly helping his teammates out, giving advice. Had he not helped Antonia, she would been up a creek last night. Same with RW. That was entirely Richards concept. He is right too. Why be bitter about not winning a trip?

    I really can’t stand Antonia. I think she should have give Richard some credit for executing that dish, as she had no clue what to do. She is picking on Mike the same way she picked on Dale.

    Tiffany is way overrated! She’s been on the bottom so many times I am wondering why she is still there.

    For the finales I hope it’s Richard Angelo and it’s a toss up between Dale and Carla.

    They are saying it’s a shock next week so who know what’s going to happen. My shock it probably different from theirs!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It was interesting that Antonia didn’t even mention any advice she got for cooking something she has never cooked or eaten before….yes it is a competition but personality does come into play with the judges!

  37. LynnNChicago says:


    WOW, Vicki from RHOOC ex husband’s site?

    • quincyil says:

      Incredible… you all have to read this!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      That is some really low down dirty laundry airing going on!

      • quincyil says:

        Ex husbands maligned in the reality shows sometimes get ticked off. I wonder who Ellen is. I don’t know if it’s true either, but here is what I remember about Vicki’s story. Vicky was a young wife of about 6 months when she met Donn. He was her boss at a lumber yard. They seem to work together well. Vicki got pregnant and had two kids right off the bat. She continued working for Donn. Donn moved away for a better job. I think he went to work for Home Depot. He called it his Depot Days in the TV show. Vicki divorced her husband. Donn came back during the divorce and they moved to California together with the kids. She has been married to Donn for 15 years. The kids are 24 and 25. So they would be 9 or 10 when this happened.

        This blog claims (I don’t know this is true) that her first husband made good money and that they had a house in Barrington. My mom was the Postmaster of Barrington at that time. Homes were so expensive there that the US Postal Service gave my mom permission to live in another town. The police and fire don’t live there either. They can’t afford homes there.

        If she lived there he was a good provider. I know he would have to be to qualify for a house in Barrington, IL.

    • Shannon says:

      Wow is right. How did we all miss this until now? lol Great find Lynn.

    • Mimisfbay says:

      Wow, who knew? Aren’t you the detective? Geez, she is getting child support for adults? Where did I go wrong? She is another beast that I can’t stand.

      I hope that Donn has moved on…

      • DarkSonnet says:

        I hope he has gone into a Witness Protection Program. That is his only salvation from this predatory female.

        Great find Lynn!!

    • butterisafruit says:

      Remember the time she and Jeana were talking about her first husband. Jeana said he was a nice guy she should have given him more of a chance. Vickie was close to losing it, she was very upset with Jeana for even thinking that.
      I wonder how Jeana even knew him.

    • boston02127 says:

      I’m a little confused following who’s who thou.

      • kmuellfa says:

        OK, I just read the whole blog from beginning to end. BTW, fan-freaking-tastic find! I don’t know how you found it.

        I think Wolfie is Vicky’s ex- husband and NK is his wife Ellen.

        • HD says:

          I couldn’t believe it. I got the impression NK is a friend of the ex. I know Vicki has got to be furious.

          I was always a Vicki cheerleader but quite honestly I believe this blog. It just seems to basic like two regular people talking about her. I don’t even know what to say.

    • ches says:

      That’s so funny. She comes off so controlling she probably thinks she can still control her ex, and his wife, and will stop at nothing to do so.
      I bet she is totally pissed.

      • vilzvet says:

        Whew! I read the whole thing also. It does seem to be the real Vicky, unfortunately. What an eye-opener. You can’t make that stuff up! I believe it all. I feel for the ex, Briana and Michael seem to hate him with a passion. Very sad…

  38. TLM says:

    Camille is the narcissist that just keeps on giving. To herself.

    She bitched at Andy that the show never showed “the beautiful scene on the beach between me and Deidre. And SHE came to ME. I didn’t even prompt her!”

    So here’s how that went.

    Deidre: Camille, I don’t know what we would have done without you. It was such a bad year. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

    Camille: I know. I told you, I am just like Jesus. Helping others feeds my soul. I can’t believe I haven’t already been nominated for sainthood. I mean, what does the Pope do all day? Doesn’t he get how amazing I am? But of course, I was glad to help since it’s no skin off my nose anyway. I’m filthy rich, for God’s sake!

    Deidre: And I will forever be your lap-dog. I mean it. Any time you need your hair ironed or for someone to tell you everyone else is pathetic, I’m there. Oh Camille, you are a goddess!

    Camille: I know. Aren’t I?

    Deidre: Come on, let’s get stoned and share a Snuggie together.

    Camille: Well, I was going to invite Nick over for tennis and some consensual soft kissing, but I’ll postpone it till tomorrow.

    • vilzvet says:

      Fake, fake, phony scene. And I hate looking at Deedee’s ugly mug, I really do. I keep picturing those scenes where she spoon fed Camille’s all the “jealousy” talk. She’s a good bookend to Alison, two great “friends”, yah!

  39. TLM says:

    Camille’s Erica Courtney black diamond ring: http://www.ericacourtney.com/Collections/DropDeadGorgeous/Rings/Lola/

    For a mere $110,000, you can have one too. Personally, all the rings on that website look like colored CZs to me.

  40. boston02127 says:

    Could someone pass me a large pepperoni pizza thru the computer.

  41. SillyMe says:

    Trashy Taylor trying to justify her actions toward Kim: http://www.realitytea.com/2011/02/10/bh-housewife-taylor-armstrong-feels-judged-plus-camille-wishes-kelsey-kayte-happiness/
    I like the video RCH made about all the lies Taylor told at the bottom of the article. 🙂

  42. WSL says:

    Can I just have a bite ?

  43. California35 says:

    Bethenny on Wendy Williams tomorrow!

    • vilzvet says:

      She is really getting around! Did anyone catch Jill on Nate Berkus? I don’t think the audience really warmed to her. She was sure trying to be on her best behavior, sweet as pie.

      • TLM says:

        Are there clips from Berkus online? I need a laugh. Jennifer Miller Jewelry posted a photo of Jill wearing their hoops on Facebook. I think it has gotten 2 comments, and one of them asked if Jill is going to be nice or mean this year. She said she didn’t like Mean Jill. LOL. I hope Jennifer Miller takes the hint and doesn’t use her for further promotions.

  44. ches says:

    I now realize why Taylor Trash was so pissed at Kim during the reunion when Kim kept talking about the whole “take her out and show her some Oklahoma”. It seems her mother-in-law is very involved in the “Montgomery County Women’s Center” in Texas. It is for women and children who have been abused. She was a former president years ago, was part of the groundbreaking for new housing in 2007, and was honored by The Montgomery County Women’s Council of Organizations as one of its Women of Distinction for her work with this charity. It seems like a fairly large, reputable charity in the town where she lives and she works very hard at building it up and keeping it going.
    http://tinyurl.com/4pkz4b6 (scroll down to the middle)
    But now her shady daughter-in-law gets called out on national tv for physically threating another woman because she didn’t like what the other woman was saying. Taylor probably pooped her pants when Kim kept bringing it up. What Taylor failed to realize is that her weeks of emotional and mental abuse, along with all the veiled threats towards Kim were just as abusive as the physical part.

  45. Adgirl says:

    I just read the Vicki Gulvesan blog by her ex and his wife.
    I don’t know … maybe he owes a bunch of support money from over the years and they are PO’d at Vicki. It just sounds like they are trying to smear her because (horrors!) she works and has made more money than him. He is in construction right? Pretty easy to hide you earnings from the court when you “change employers” on every job.
    I had a similar experience with my ex’s wife. She lead the charge on why I shouldn’t expect money any for our children and she and their children should get it all.
    Just another dirty little war that is waged post divorce.

    The part about who Vicki reps at her insurance brokerage is stupid and none of their business.

    I’m sure Vicki has a copy of every single payment and promise he was suppose to fulfill.

    • HD says:

      From his post it appeared Vicki was saying all of their kids together should get the insurance money and his “new” kids shouldn’t even be on the policy. He said he didn’t sign it.

      I received child support payments twice. My daughter is 15. After a while you just say eff it. Unless he is some super rich person it was not worth the headache to me to get 100 a month. At this point her dad could keep it. Hell I haven’t had it since she was 2 months old. Now if he was really well off I would go after him. 🙂 Vicki’s kids are grown. She should let it go. She has money, her kids are doing well, you didn’t get the money, let it go. JMO

      • vilzvet says:

        100 a month?? That was a really low award, I can see why you said eff it, sheesh! 100 a week would certainly be more like it. Wow.

        • HD says:

          Right! What the heck was I gonna do with 100 dollars a month in regards to taking care of a child? Yes you could buy a few things but in reality it was nothing. He couldn’t even manage to scrounge that up. And it was just a headache. My daugther has 3 more years until she is 18. I have carried 100% of the responsibility. If he offered me money now I would tell him to kiss my a$$ unless he won the lottery or something.

          Whatever money Vicki felt she was awarded and didn’t get according to her, I would just leave it alone. Who cares? You raised your kids, yes it was hard, but they are grown now and seem well adjusted, toot your horn, pat yourself on the back and get ready for a new phase of your life being newly divorced with grown kids out of the house. It’s her time and I would not spend it worrying about any of my ex husbands. Life it too short to spend it chasing a dollar in the wind.

          • TLM says:

            Slightly off-topic but the Anna Nicole-J. Howard Marshall suit is STILL in the courts. It was argued before the Supreme Court (yes, THAT Supreme Court) for the SECOND time January 18, 2011.

            Both J. Howard Marshall, his son Pierce, and Anna Nicole and her son Daniel are dead. The case is now Stern v. Marshall as Anna’s friend Howard was named executor of the will, so his name represents the Plaintiff. I guess I am reminded of this case since Anna and Pierce literally went to their graves fighting over this money. Pierce didn’t need the money, and he could have offered a settlement. I wonder how much money has been spent on attorney fees in the years this has been litigated, and it’s still not over.


  46. ches says:

    I forgot this part in my previous post.
    I really had a hard time believing her story about being abused. Adrienne didn’t know and Russell actually looked surprised (or as surprised as Russell could look). It seems to me she got the idea from her M-I-L and added the whole “abused when I was a kid” story so it wouldn’t look like she was kissing up to her M-I-L.
    I remember reading that she took her stepfather’s name because of the abuse she went through growing up. But I hit into this. It was published on a small forum, of mainly women and had nothing to do with the RH’s. I didn’t post the link here because the members post alot of their children’s pics there. If anyone wants it you can email me.
    The thread is “High School Popularity”.
    This one woman writes how she keeps in touch with a few people on FB…etc., and then this:
    “Kinda Funny though–there was a popular cheerleader in my graduating class who was kinda outcasted because of some things that she did–anyway, I did not know what happened to her. Then on 12/31, I was at the grocery store looking through In Touch Weekly, and I saw a picture of the girl from high school–her name was Shana Hughes. She had changed her name and got married, and she had some plastic surgery. Her name is now Taylor Armstrong, and she is on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I have found it entertaining to watch some of the episodes from Bravo.”
    “She was outcasted because of some of the things that she did”, not some of the things that were done to her. I also have a feeling that whatever she did in that last year of high school might have been the reason for her first name change months later.

    • Sparkles says:

      As always, I am in awe of your detective work.

      • HD says:

        LOL @ “or as surprised as Russell could look”

        I am assuming that MIL stands for mother in law? Yes/No? How would she get the idea from her and how would that be kissing up?

        • ches says:

          HD – Yes, MIL stands for mother-in-law. And if you look at my last post, before this one @1:18am, it goes into my theory involving her mother-in-law. Apparently, the M-I-L has been very heavily involved in a charity that deals with abuse and violence against women. Taylor is such a scam artist she probably figured working the same type of charity would help her get tight with the mother. I guess Taylor is blind to the fact she, herself, is an abuser.

    • Kellita says:

      Interesting. I wish more people from her past would come forward and talk and give us the full picture.

  47. Adgirl says:

    From the real Kelly Bensimon twitter:

    “Taking girls to a lecture about parenting. Let’s see what they get out of it. ”

    That’s nice. They are learning how to care for their mother.

  48. Sparkles says:

    Taylor is so full of it. Even her attempt at damage control is a lie. How can she claim that she didn’t know that Kim had problems? We all saw Taylor during the reunion refer repeatedly to Kim’s problems. And we saw Taylor essentially threaten that if Kim didn’t “tread lightly” Taylor would reveal those problems.

    I’m also sure Taylor also knew of Kim’s troubled background. It’s no secret that Kim’s fiancee was murdered while she was talking to him on the phone. That could traumatize a person for life. You’d think that Taylor, being so sensitive to family violence, wouldn’t threaten to “go Oklahoma” on someone whose loved one was murdered.

    • Jeepers says:

      I think Taylor knows everything about Kim, thank you very much to little sister Kyle blabbing away all Kim’s woes, to anyone listening. That is a sister I can do without.
      Kim just needs to walk away from Kyle and tell her to put a lid on her “friends big mouth” lips and all.
      I would love to hear from Kim herself, when she is ready to talk about things, via in book form or however she wants the world to know. It is decision to make, not Kyle, Taylor or anyone else for that matter. I must say I half agree with many of the comments from Lynn’s “Portrait” page.
      I feel there is a lot of resentment that built up pver the years from both Kim and Kyle, their mother has more to do with that than anyone else. However, they are both grown women now and mother is still in control from the grave. So they both need to tell her goodbye and get on with the living.
      If and I say if, Kim has an addiction, only she can work at that. Kyle was very much in the wrong to out her on national TV, I hope that turns into a blessing for Kim and her children. I pray for her in her recovery and support her now more than ever before.
      Kyle and Taylor can go swim with the sharks……………..Jeepers

      • firepainter says:

        You are so right Jeepers! I agree that Kyle bad mouths her sister, and that if Kim has an addiction problem, outing her on national tv is really screwed up.

        • error404 says:

          isn’t it interesting that the “slip” came during the big finale party. What a funny coincidence that after months of filming, and hints being dropped, the Kyle just happened to come right out and say it, by accident, during the final moments of the big finale episode. Life is funny that way, so random.

          • Brigid A. says:

            But I think Kyle’s golden opportunity to “out” Kim backfired. Everything was aligning perfectly that night…the whispered “I think she’s been drinking” confided to Lisa, Taylor’s convenient confrontation, Kyle preventing Kim from leaving the party, etc.

            Kyle was so ready for those limo cameras. Hair flips, dress tugging, finger wagging, screaming, and final lunge to expose Kim for the drunk she is. To the entire world. On the finale of Kyle’s first season as the “real thing in a town full of phonies.”

            When she made that quick exit from the limo, the waiting Mauricio was not smiling.

      • ann says:

        Agree totally!

      • Kellita says:

        Agree! I’m so appalled at Taylor’s hypocritical behavior. She’s so two-faced. And I cannot, for the life of me, understand what Kyle sees in her. Unless it’s because Kyle loves the adoration Taylor gives her.

      • Brigid A. says:

        Jeepers, Kyle still totes Mother’s “remains” to her storefront psychic. Was disappointed to see Kim hanging out there, too, with the photograph. Both sisters are over age 40, but it seems unlikely either one is ready to “tell Mom goodbye and get on with the living.”

        Would like to see Kim keep a loving distance from Kyle, even if it means not returning to the show next season. I’d stay far away from Kyle’s sidekicks, Lisa and Taylor, too. If Kim is financially dependent on Mauricio, now is the perfect time to focus on becoming independent again, emotionally and financially. I hope she does write the memoirs or re-start her career.

    • error404 says:

      I didn’t read it that way.

      Her carefully worded hints that Kim has big problems continue. Taylor, Lisa and even Kyle have been dropping such hints all season, and none have stopped.

      I don’t think she’s saying “I had no idea Kim was a drunk”. I think she’s saying “Boy, I just thought she was a drunk, I had no idea she was this f&*ing messed up! There is so much more going on here people, you have no idea.”

      Taylor and Lisa both are just Kyle’s messengers, and the message of “Kim is so unbelievably f&*ked up, you have no idea what poor poor Kyle has had to put up with all these years!” has never changed since the first camera started rolling.

  49. WSL says:

    G Dat Mate !

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