I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York Season Four

I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York Season 4

I know what you’re thinking…Season four? But Season four has been postponed, no one knows what happens yet because mean old Andy Cohen stopped the airing and continues to edit it, tweak it, dare I say…FIX IT?

Never fear, our very own Quincy has written her version of what will happen on Season Four of The Real Housewives of New York…enjoy!

The Real Housewives of New York City Season 4

Someone is Missing

The Countess is waiting at a table on the very windy outdoor patio of a famous Hamptons’ restaurant, Applebees. Everyone is late and the Countess is not pleased. KellyKilloren*, once known as KellyKillorenBensimon, has arranged this luncheon. The Countess was ten minutes later than the email invitation indicated. Ten minutes is the acceptable amount of time to arrive late for a small luncheon according to the rule books of etiquette written in the 1950s. It’s now twenty minutes after that time and the Countess is looking at her very expensive diamond watch. Sonja Morgan arrives and she smiles when the Countess tells her that Kelly, the hostess, has not arrived. Sonja orders a cocktail. The Countess and Sonja have a lot in common. They have always clicked. From the distance, they hear, “Hiiiiiii!” KellyKilloren has arrived. KellyKilloren’s skin is very shiny as she uses baby oil in the shower and her hair is perfumed with a fragrance. The Countess and Sonja suggest moving inside as they are beginning to feel the cold wind, but KellyKilloren ignores them and starts to talk about her neon yellow slacks that barely cover her feminine assets, her endangered leopard vest, and riding boots.

The waitress arrives in a winter coat to ask the ladies if they would like to order something to drink. KellyKilloren says, “It is too early to drink!” The waitress asks if they would like water or a soft drink. The Countess asks for “a Manhattan on the Rocks.” Sonja requests “a glass of Chardonnay.” KellyKilloren wants a diet Pepsi with a shot of Patron.

Sonja mentions that our friend has gone to Australia for a week with her husband Bobby. KellyKilloren says, “It is not nice to gossip!” Kelly quickly adds, “Jill is authentic and real.” KellyKilloren shares, “I am so happy to be with friends who really understand how difficult is to be famous.” There is silence. Kelly then cheerfully chirps, “Our friendships are real and authentic.” The Countess looks at Sonja and says, “Yes, Jill is in Australia for a week with Bobby, but when she comes back….” Kelly interrupts, “We should not gossip for it is not nice.” Sonja smiles. The Countess smiles. Sonja attempts to start a new line of thought that Kelly might allow. Sonja states that she was fortunate to see Alex walk during Fashion Week, but Kelly stops Sonja from finishing her thought with the comment, “Alex shouldn’t do that!” Again, there is silence. The food arrives. Sonja and the Countess begin to eat, but Kelly is playing with her hair and her feather bandanna. The bandanna is the newest fad in NYC started by KellyKilloren. It is a bright yellow cloth covered with the feathers of pigeons. People are stunned when she wears it in the streets of Manhattan. KellyKilloren is a fashion trend setter.

Sonja asks KellyKilloren if she would like to attend a fundraiser at her expensive, but empty town house in the most exclusive part of Manhattan. KellyKilloren says, “When I was 16, I was named the most charitable person in Illinois.” The Countess and Sonja smile and their eyes meet. Sonja begins to describe photographs of African children that will be shown to the guests. KellyKilloren interjects, “I take photos of my closet and put them on the internet to share with my fans.” The Countess smiles and says, “We know you do, Darling.” Sonja is feeling the chardonnay and she mentions that she has found another lover. KellyKilloren shouts, “I don’t want to hear that!” There is silence. The rain pours down on the threesome. Then, Countess and Sonja thank KellyKilloren for the lunch and walk quickly to their expensive cars while KellyKilloren fumbles in her purse trying to find her credit card. After paying for the lunch and having difficulty in calculating the tip, KellyKilloren walks to her pick-up truck with her yellow bandanna and very wet feathers on the top of her head.

Alex and Simon are riding in a black limousine on their way to a club in Manhattan to meet Ramona and Mario. Simon and Mario have become friends and they enjoy spending time together. Ramona now tolerates Alex. Alex does not mind spending time with Ramona. Alex tells Simon that she is not sure about Ramona as she knows Ramona has been speaking to Jill Zarin on the phone. It seems the relationship between Jill and Ramona is good at the moment so Alex is concerned. She tells Simon to be very careful if the conversation about Jill comes up. Simon says, “Darling, I will always be your wing man.” Alex knows that might not be the case. She also tells him that there is an agreement among the ladies that there will be no mention of a friend who has moved forward in a very positive way. Simon says, “Darling, I am at your beck and call.” Alex looks out of the window.

Alex and Simon greet Ramona and Mario at the fashionable club, Tony’s Bar and Grill, for drinks. Ramona is already happy. Mario seems happy too. Alex and Simon order drinks. Before Alex can say a word, Ramona chastises her for her treatment of Jill Zarin. Alex is taken by surprise as she feels she is the person being shunned and attempts to defend herself. Ramona describes Jill as a new person who was victimized last year and doesn’t deserve such treatment. Alex turns beet red and can not get a word in edgewise. Simon sees his darling wife’s distress. Simon says, “Ramona, you look incredibly youthful, do you have a painting of Dorian Grey locked in your closet?” The question goes over Ramona’s head. She takes this comment as a compliment and describes her skin care routine followed by a description of how she squats 250 times per day. Mario laughs as he watches a very attractive waitress walk away from their table. Simon has saved the moment if not the day. Maybe, Simon is a good wingman after all.

Ramona spies a raven haired beauty with a great sense of humor in the distance. Ramona tells Alex that this friend owns a Laser Hair Removal Emporium that Ramona and Jill Zarin love to frequent. Ramona tells Alex that she is planning a spa day for friends at the Emporium the day after Jill Zarin returns from Australia. Ramona invites Alex. Simon says, “I find hair removal fascinating, do they have male clients?” Mario laughs. Ramona is shocked to say the least. She tells Simon that he is not invited to her spa day. Simon says, “I am so gutted, Ramona.” Mario asks Ramona to dance. She immediately gets up and yells, “It’s turtle time!” Everyone laughs.

On a continent far, far away, Jill Zarin is alone with Bobby Zarin. She misses Ginger, her pet dog. She looks forward to her return to New York City and the Laser Hair Removal at her new best friend’s Emporium. She does not know that Alex has been invited. That is information that no one wants to share with Jill Zarin. Ramona will cross that bridge when the time comes. Alex crosses that bridge to Manhattan from Brooklyn almost every day.

To Be Continued…

LynnNChicago –

Nice work Quincy! I look forward to episode two…

In other RHONY News, Alex McCord’s husband Simon Vankempen had a bit of a Twitter battle with a few fans.

As I’ve been reporting a Twitter friend named Chris (yes, she is a female) took over Kelly’s abandoned Twitter name, @Kikilet. Reports are now that Simon sent a private DM to Chris asking her to please not Tweet with Kelly’s old @Kikilet name. Simon allegedly asked Chris to just “park” the name so that no one else can use it and to stop Tweeting with that name.

Some RHONY fans were a bit insulted by that request and felt that maybe Simon was joining the other team (The Jill / Kelly team) and that all of their support of Alex against this duo had been in vain.

Take a look at one Twitter members take on the situation:

On Sunday 13th February 2011, @Damnert said:

You have had the support of fans for one reason. You and Alex have been real.

You have been personally attacked for that quality by Jill and Kelly and had become our favorites, so to speak.

Everyone stepped up to the plate with Bravo, Andy, in the blogs, in the Celeb Rags

You even encouraged us to speak up on your behalf if we felt what was happening to you was wrong.

Now all of us are “haters” according to you since you’ve kissed and made up with the “BitchesOfBravo”.

Jill, ignore the “haters” Kelly, I’ll protect you and DM the big baaaddddd person that took
over the @kikilet name and tell her to stop picking on poor lil youuuuuu.

YOU, sir, are a poser. You are not real, your life is not real, and most of all your HONESTY is not real.

I am not the only one who thinks this, nor am I the only one who would like to see a few of these fake housewife shows go away.

BTW @kikilet is most probably the most talented parody on twitter.

So go kiss Jill and KooKoos ass and here’s wishing you the last season on #RHONY you’re all fakes.

@SimonVanKempen: Assumptions can be dangerous!

@SimonVankepen: To that all I can say is you definitely need to #WatchWhatHappens come #RHoNY S4 & as I tweeted earlier it’s so dangerous to assume! 😉

@Damnert:TO: @SimonvanKempen Yes, I noticed that too late. That’s sad as you missed all the tweets of how my respect for you has depleted considerably.

@SimonVanKempen: Should I be upset?

TO: @SimonvanKempen Bethenny plugs products, you keep plugging your own webshow and S4. I get occasionally doing it but it’s like Jill on WWHL with Andy “It’s in the book” “read the book” “you’ll have to buy the book” UGH.

@SimonVanKempen: 95% of my tweets are in response to questions from my Twitter followers who follow me because I’m on #RHoNY so sorry if that’s what we talk about. But I rarely plug anything other than that. #UnFollowingIsFree

@Damnert: TO: @SimonVanKempen OHhhh wait, so season 4, when I watch is gonna cover your DMing Chris wanting her to give Kelly her name back ? #NOt

@SimonVankempen: I own that, but honestly don’t see the disconnect. As a gentleman I believe that there are right ways & wrong ways & what Chris did, while fair game, was wrong. If that DM is what’s pissed you off then you really are a “one note”. #LifeIsWayMoreComplicatedThanThat

Damnert TO @SimonvanKempen No problem Simon, I mean, a lot of our issues this year was the way your wife was treated in not such a “lady like fashion” by Jill and Krazy Kelly.
We’ll just laugh and chalk it up to the fun of bravo if they ever demand not filming with ya, or calling your wife names. That cool with you?
THAT the gentlemanly thing to do? We’ll just bounce right up on that bravo train of sitting back and see what happens to ya, instead of absolutely hating that Alex was a victim of Jill and Kelly.
What ever makes you happy.
Damn me and my single note song…

@SimonVankempen: TO: @Damnert You’ve heard about 1 DM & yet you condemn me outright. Oh so fickle. Genuinely you know not of what you speak. Thankfully in the USA we have a jury of 12 & not 1.

I was interested to note that Simon did own sending that private tweet to Chris asking her to “park” Kelly’s old name. The conversation goes on and it isn’t pretty, you can read all of Simon and Damnert’s Tweets here:


Other Twitter members got involved and it got pretty heated, some took up Simon’s cause, others backed Damnert. For my part, I’m glad I wasn’t home! 🙂

I know there are those of you Twitter genius’ out there that can pull up the entire conversations between two Twitter accounts easily, maybe someone can post that for us?

Don’t forget tonight on Bravo, The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 1…and stop back tomorrow for my recap on the Atlanta ladies as they talk with Andy.

Until Next Time….

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538 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York Season Four

  1. Go To Sleep says:

    Grown adults upset because other grown adults might have squashed their ‘beef’ and behave friendly to one another? People are so pathetic! If people are only Alex’s fan because she hates Jill, then everyone needs to go back to 4th grade and start the growing up process once again! This is a SHOW people. They are here to entertain. They are not really your friends.

    • HD says:

      Love the name. Love the last sentence. However some people are delusional.

      • quincyil says:

        So true. It’s a show. This is not their real lives. In their real lives, they have very little to nothing to do with each other.

        I sometimes google twitter for my “I Love Jill Zarin” blog. Jill uses it to sell stuff and promote stuff. It’s free so she should take advantage of the technology.

        I like the name “go to sleep” too. LOL.

      • Go To Sleep says:

        Thanks! This whole thing is equivalent to the idiotic behavior on Jersey Shore:

        Damnert as Sammi: “Is she your friend now? Tell me right now, is she your friend now”
        Simon as Ronnie: *mumbles yes*
        Damnert as Sammi: *Punches Simon/Ronnie in face*

        • quincyil says:

          LOL…. I have been writing season four for our board member’s entertainment. Their characters are almost like cartoons thanks to Bravo. Yes, they did say the things that they said, but what were the questions posed in the interviews that they answered? They are being manipulated. I think Lisa and Adrienne of BH are the most adept at controlling the situation. Cat Ommanney is the real deal too.

          I am so glad that you are posting and I hope you often visit and share.

        • Damnert says:

          I would write a response to the whole “twitter war” which, btw I didn’t see as a twitter war – cos it really is not my intention to create hate for the guy.

          But, I gotta do this later, because after reading “Go to sleep” and the whole Jersey Shore take on things, I am laughing soooo hard I can barely type.

          You’re hysterical gurl !! “Doin the fist pump” :o)

          • LynnNChicago says:

            Damnert you have a great sense of humor!

            I believe that many people feel the same way as Damnert did but were afraid to say anything.

            We only know what we saw at the end of last season, we don’t know what happened since then. Simon’s tweeting to Jill and trying to help Kelly leaves those of us who’ve supported Alex after being bashed by these two women a bit confused, to say the least.

            Damnert was looking for answers and got a bit of a battle, Simon was a bit defensive but then he knows more about what is going on during filming than we do. I think he understands where fans are coming from, at least I hope that he does.

            Personally, I’m going to wait and see what happens hoping that we get an answer when the season starts to roll.

            • Sparkles says:

              Simon shouldn’t fight with fans.

              • PJ says:

                I agree as he’s bound to get burned by Jill and/or Kelly. But maybe Simon, who is no doubt a real gentleman, just dosen’t consider a crazy person (Kelly) to be fair game. I think Alex and Simon are genuine people trying to be nice. It’s kind of refreshing to see that some people who appear on RHNY are actually nice people. I’m just not sure you can be nice to people like Kelly without getting burned. I do think this whole twitter exchange went a bit too far though.

    • Sparkles says:

      ITA, Go To Sleep.

  2. skogsstig says:

    Bethenny interview at Style List: http://www.stylelist.com/2011/02/07/bethenny-frankel-i-dont-want-any-part-of-housewives/
    StyleList: Was there a final straw that made you turn your back on the “Real Housewives” series?
    B.F.: I’m kinda tired of women being rewarded for bad behavior. And I don’t want to be part of it. I’m not saying I don’t understand why it’s entertaining. Are they encouraged to not behave? No. Truthfully, they do cast interesting characters, but I really think you could take any five women from any mall in America and there’d be issues. Under a microscope, women are different animals than men.

    StyleList: Do you keep in touch with any of your “friends”?
    B.F.: Alex and Ramona were at my birthday.

    • error404 says:

      love the bobble head photo!

    • Sg says:

      Bethennys “bad behavior” statement hypocritical as usual. Why does she think she got her own show? Because she was never involved in drama and always played nice? This is a woman who was known was always insulting her casmates behind their back in her interviews for the show and making jokes at their expense

      Of course the audience liked it because they adore this snarky drama, but Bethenny shouldnt forget where she came from.

      • kbinldo says:

        Oh, Jill.

        • Sg says:

          You can check my info if you like lol. Unlike some of you people, I have a mind of my own and don’t need to kiss Jill or Bethenny’s ass or follow any other hive mentality.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            you know what? I have to agree with @sg- to a point.

            It is a little disingenuous of Bethenny to get all preachy and high and mighty about not being rewarded for bad behavior when she was as snarky as the rest of them- and got her own show out of the oneliners and her own likability.

            But- for all of the quips and snark, did she really DO anything horrible? Did she tell cast mates not to film with the others? and so on and so forth…well, no as HW goes- she was pretty mild mannered. She just held her own- and did it very well.

            • HD says:

              I thought she owned up to the not filming with others on the reunion. She said it. I heard it. She tried to gloss over it real quick and say, “We all did but the reality of that situation is blah blah blah” but she did say they all did it.

            • Go To Sleep says:

              Yes, they all said they did it, especially to Alex and Simon after season 1. She was hurt by Jill because Jill was her friend.

          • HD says:

            Now let’s slow down this rodeo here when it comes to ass kissing…everyone on this board can quickly say I am always one to call B on the carpet. B isn’t paying my bills. I’m gonna say what I want to say. This is not the I love B blog this is the I hate Jill Zarin blog. As long as I am not cussing anyone one I am free to speak about what I want. I don’t have to be the popular girl at the lunch table. I don’t care. It would be unlike me not to speak my mind.

            • LynnNChicago says:

              I agree HD, While many of us are Bethenny fans, just as many are not. Even her fans are willing to call her out when she screws up, and she will even admit she screws up.

              Just because we “Hate Jill Zarin” doesn’t mean we Love Bethenny….ok well I do, but not everyone does and that’s ok!

  3. error404 says:

    ah, Bravolebrities, so good at causing tempests in pots of tea.

    He said: Simon has always stuck his nose in where it didn’t belong, so no surprise there. But he is entitled to his opinion, and if there’s a person on the planet that doesn’t at least occasionally contradict themselves, I’ve never met them. It is a free country, so tweet away ya big metrosexual yuppie poser!

    She said: I didn’t realize that support came with strings. So, what? I thought Jill treated Silex poorly last year, so now they owe me something? Should I ask them to pay my mortgage? Having a hard time seeing this side of it. Why are fans trying to control the objects of their fandome? Now they’re not allowed to express opinions we don’t like?

  4. boston02127 says:

    Why does it bother Simon? Why doesn’t he mind his own business?

    • error404 says:

      because like most Bravolebrities, he’s a fame whore and this insertion of himself into one of the hot topics gives him 15 more minutes of faux fame.

      • nancy says:

        Lynn, true story here. The other day I clicked onto your talk with Cat O. OMG my computer crashed. That is really true. So, I called my yougest who is in collage and told him I have a crisis going on. What’s wrong, he asks. My computer crashed and I need you to come right now. Mom I’m in a middle of Lab which is 75% of my total grade. ” Hey, this is more important, get over here now. But mom, I broke my leg when I fell. They put a splint on and said get to the ER after your class. ” Hey still need you now. But mom How am I suppose to drive I broke my right leg? OK get in the car, cross your left leg over your right and drive here now. Yes, mommy dearest. Oldest son: Called and tole him to get over her now as computer has crashed. Butmom my son is in the middle of a life saving issue. ” Your wife is there so I need you now.” But mom, I have to give him blood. ” NOW” Yes, mommy dearest. Husband: Called and talked to his assis. Need to talk to my husband now. But he is in an multi billion talk with people all over the world. ” Hey, if you want another 2.99 gift for Christmas get him for me now” Honeym kinda busy here. ” Don’t care get home now computer has crashed. Bank called and sid all out accounts were wiped clean. Ya know the 75 dollars in checking, 50 dollars in savings and well that’s all our money” Well, he said why did’t you say son. On my way.All three are gathered as I am crying, pounding my fist, saying Why Me Way me? All three look at each other and ole Mr. smart ass does a 2 second thing a oh she purrs and comes back up. Then I look at them and ask them Don’t you all have something to do? Yes Mommy Dearest.

      • Katie says:

        I had the same question Boston and the only answer I could come up with is the same one Error posted above. I totally agree.

        I think Chris tweeting as Krazy Kelly is hysterical and very entertaining. Probably better than S4 which is being edited to death.

        Simon but out none of it is your business and Krazy get over yourself.

  5. Olivia says:

    Haven’t been around in awhile but I just had to comment on the “twitter wars” and Simon.

    Interesting that Simon, in resigning a well paying job, is now able to spend most of his time “twittering” back and forth with others with lots of time on their hands as well. Since when did Simon become a “Housewife”?

    Something tells me that Season 4 is one long big bore and Bravo knows it. Hence the postponement to heighten the drama which cancels out the “spontaneity” of those episodes they insist are “real”.

    I expect to get “flogged” for this but since when did Simon become the spokesman for NYC Housewives?

    • HD says:

      I ain’t gonna flog you! I AGREE! You don’t see any other husband doing this stuff. I don’t even think that Salihi guy tweets about the show that much and he is nuts!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      OMG OMG OMG OLIVIA!!! Welcome Back!!! We missed you!!!

    • nancy says:

      Oh my gosh it is so good to have you back. Have missed your wisdom..Please keep posting. Again, you have been missed, Olivia

    • quincyil says:

      I agree with you Olivia. I think they watched several weeks of the show and felt that it was not good enough to be on Bravo. They may cancel the season if they fail to make it interesting.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Bite your tongue! They can’t cancel the whole season! lol

        I don’t think they’ll throw away all of the footage they have. Look at New Jersey…they had nothing but aired it anyway.

        The trips the Housewives took had to cost Bravo a pretty penny, they’re not going to scrap all that. Don’t ya think?

        • quincyil says:

          If the ladies pulled what Nene and Kim Z did in the season two union of Atalanta, Bravo might not put it on TV. They were very unhappy with “Miami Social” had dumped that show. While it was airing, Andy Cohen was telling the public that he hated it.

          I tried to be true to the stories out there when I submitted my first episodes to Harvey for review. He wrote back to me and called it a snooze fest. I had to rewrite and create drama out of the blue.

      • nancy says:

        Oh Brother

    • boston02127 says:

      Hello Olivia! Nice to see you back here.

    • Sparkles says:

      The whole Twitter fight was so silly.
      BTW did Simon really quit his job to be full-time “celeb”?

    • Cusi77 says:

      Olivia is back!!!!!! We were so missed!!!! Love your comments!

    • error404 says:

      Welcome back!

      I will answer your question: “since when did Simon become the spokesman for NYC Housewives?”

      He self appointed himself as spokesmodel for RHONY at the start of s1. He’s hardly the only RH who inserts himself, but he is probably the most obvious.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      We think about you often and what your take on a situation would be! Thanks for weighing in – I also think the S4 will be a big bore. Simon is a business person first and a friend to the other houseweirds second. He is following the Bravo party line – keep fans interested and engaged while causing “tawk”!

      • vilzvet says:

        Well hello there Olivia! As you can see, many have missed you and your take on things. It looks like the earliest we will see Season 4, by the way, is MAY, which makes sense since we will have Miami and OC in full swing before then.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Olivia!!! No flogging coming from me, I absolutely agree!

      I was quite surprised when I read about his request to Chris. I thought he was more media savvy than that.

      Guess not….

    • OneMoreInBoston says:



      missed you so much! I haven’t taken out the unicorn to look for rainbows since you left.

      Finally all is right in the world.

    • TEB says:

      Olivia- I have truly missed your posts!!

      • 2Stupid says:

        Welcome Back Olivia! I can’t read your name w/out singing the theme song to the cartoon based on the books OLIVIA. We need your take on all things HW. You are always spot on!

  6. HD says:

    Everyone is saying what I want to say. LOL! Amen and Amen!

    Kelly was the idiot that gave up the name which was just dumb and shows the world how dumb she really is. Now someone has it and is using it in a wonderful manner. Sh*t happens. Simon should mind his own damn business and overall this is not that deep. If Alex likes Jill now or Kelly or whoever who cares. People DO make up. It happens. Who cares. Simon is not even a housewife so I am not sure why he is even that involved. My husband asks about my work day but he is not that intricately invovled nor does he want to be. Let alone tweeting about it…oh yeah my husband doesn’t even have a Twitter account or Facebook because he thinks that stuff is silly.

    • quincyil says:

      I don’t have twitter. No one in my family has the time to share their every thought.

      It’s great form of free advertising for websites and businesses.

    • klmh says:

      I agree, but could he have some guilt because he helped with her new twitter acct.? Maybe he feels he should have known to transfer instead of making a new one. Just a guess… and I bet Kidiot is loosing it, again.

      • Katie says:

        Simon didn’t help or make the mistake, he just pointed out to Crazy that her tech people messed up and didn’t have to create a whole new account.

      • quincyil says:

        I haven’t looked at it yet. I have been busy.

        People might criticize me because I am writing season four and making fun of the show. I’m sure Jill won’t like it. It’s called parody. Hyperbole and sarcasm are often disliked when someone feels they are the targets of the works of fiction. The truth is we take hits for belonging to this board in that we are called, “Haters,” by Jill and her family members all of the time. I’m sure it is a defensive move on their part. We tried to explain it to Jill several times, but she doesn’t understand.

  7. Olivia says:

    Thanks, Lynn! Life has intruded for awhile but I did manage to keep up with the blog every now and then.

    But I may not be too welcome since in viewing those clips that Bravo has put out there regarding Bethenny’s second season I can see a lot of unnecessary conflict brewing.

    Listening to her “kvetch” about everything and everyone she comes into contact with is grating. She complained about the ride to PA to visit Jason’s lovely parents. She manages to insert “boundaries” around these two grandparents wanting to spend more time with their only granddaughter, even suggesting that family holidays may be out of the question since they want to start their own traditions. These two people deserve much more than how Bethenny treats them from my point of view.

    Jason is their only living child and Bryn their only grandchild. What’s Bethenny’s problem? They live over 2 hours away so it is not as though they would be dropping in unexpectedly. For someone who has whined her way through the seasons bitching and moaning about a lack of family she sure aims to put a lot of distance between Jason and his folks. For what? So she can run all over the US plugging her products, making personal appearances, and getting booked on any tv show that will have her?

    The outtakes were kind of puzzling. Are we to assume that the dialogue from Bethenny’s show will revolve around “penis, fart, poop, dogsh*t”? Listening to Bethenny bitch, moan, and complain I found myself being reminded of the same attitude and sense of entitlement so evident in Jill Zarin.

    Her behavior in just those few outtakes alone makes me wonder just how long this “ideal marriage” will last. Jason will be torn between loving parents and Bethenny’s need to control. Not a pretty picture. He may be put in the position of “marry in haste, repent in leisure” if she continues to create a division that pushes his parents to the sidelines since he appears to be a pretty nice guy that seems to enjoy having them around.

    It may very well be that we are about to see the “real Bethenny” this season.

    Flog away!

    • quincyil says:

      I love you Olivia. I haven’t watched the previews as downloading video is iffy with Hughes Network Satellite. Bethenny will succeed or not. I hope she has good luck.

    • Katie says:

      Hi Olivia! I responded the same way to the B clips, hoping those random clips are not setting the tone for the whole season, not enjoyable at all and I’m sick of the same miserable dark tone throughout all of these HW shows. B’s show was enjoyable and light IF it’s not in S2 I don’t need it.

      Regardless of all the spin about NY HW S4 (never can believe anything they say) that there are real problems and fear among the cast. I think between Bethenny leaving and the success of the BH HW’s (Dynasty lifestyle) they are very nervous. I also don’t doubt that Bravo Andy has made it clear and has actually shown them how easy they can be replaced. Who knows how many HW shows are being filmed that we don’t know about (Miami popped up from now where).

    • nancy says:

      No flogging here, Olivia. I love your input. I see your point and value it. We may agree to disagree. I think we were all so over RHNY and the crap that went on that it was a relief to find some humor in Bethany’s show. Just my take. Still luv ya. And please don’t leave again. We need you here.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Olivia, you know better! Everyone’s entitled to their opinions 🙂 Say what you think!

    • Sparkles says:

      The preview clip of Bethenny in the car yelling at her husband about his flatulence and the dog poop smell did not make me want to Watch What Happens.

    • vilzvet says:

      Oh boy, good perspective and let’s hope there will be some fun and frolic. I myself could do without the word “balls” every other sentence, but hey, I can dream. I do look forward to seeing Bryn get bigger.

      • HD says:

        Well, well, well…I been saying it and saying it and saying it. That’s all I’m gonna say. 🙂 Welcome back, Olivia!

        • babelony says:

          HD, you are so funny. I didn’t catch your comments on Bethenny during SWTS, but gathered from later comments that they were’nt..ahem..supportive? I thought she came off very whinny, a little Kate Goelin-ish. I hope she checks herself before she wrecks herself.

    • twoile says:

      @Olivia…..ITA with every concern expressed……doesn’t look good so far
      & it may B, the straw that broke the camels back, a sad outcome for the franchise. If this “whinney me first tone” continues through this season, it may prove 2 b the last. IMHO

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      Olivia, I’m tending to agree with you. I kind of had the same reaction. The Hoppys are a very close knit family and although Bethenny professed to want that, she’s not used to it and she’s a bit of a control freak in my opinion so she’s going to run the show. She’s the boss.
      I really hope she doesn’t turn into a nightmare this season!

    • 2Stupid says:

      Olivia, I totally agree. A family is a gift. Bethenny should realize that she is taking family memories from Bryn. Why would you want to isolate your child into only spending time with you and not an extended family. If Jason doesn’t put his foot down and tell her she is SELFISH, I will have doubts about this marriage as well. Jason’s parents deserve to be a part of Bryn’s life. Children learn so much from other generations. I know my husband mourns everyday that his mother is not here to be a part of our children’s lives. Shoot, I am sad that they didn’t meet their great grandparents! Suck it up Bethenny, you are now part of a Family that is bigger than Jason and Bryn!

  8. Katie says:

    Quincy – I loved it! I hope you keep writing these episodes. I don’t think I will be watching S4.

    • quincyil says:

      We have eight episodes started so far. Several people helped with background information and rewrites. We collected everything we could find out about season four from twitters, articles, and blogs. Of course, we have to have a lot of action to keep hardened board members interested so all of the stars will have their moments. It’s going to be a telenovella. rotfl.

      • skogsstig says:

        That’s fabulous, Quincy! ♥
        I have a feeling your telenovela might turn out to be a WHOLE lot more entertaining than the poked-and-prodded-and-cut-and-pasted Season 4.

        • quincyil says:

          Well, Harvey has contributed a lot of information. I have to tone him down as I am a grandmother and I can’t write everything he suggests. We have conflict, drama, slaps, tossed tables….and sex…possibly a pregnancy… she’s gaining a lot of weight quickly…

          Everything that you read about is going to be in our show plus things that only a 7ft white rabbit could come up with are there. I wonder what Kelly could do to a rabbit? Hmmmm…

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        I can’t wait for your version of the Morocco episode! According to Kelly the friendships are “authentic” without Bethenny so the fights are more real and painful but they get over them quicker or some bs. Huh? Go to sleep….

        • quincyil says:

          Shhhhh… They went to Marakeesh… I know this.. I actually know the company with the camel rides….. The lead camel is a friend of Harvey. His name was Draa. We have an inside scoop from the lead camel himself. BTW.. Kelly’s camel had issues with her ability to ride.

  9. I follow Simon and Damnert on Twitter and I watched this go down last night. I don’t agree with either one of them. I don’t think Simon should have asked Chris to stop tweeting under the name @kikilet. Chris didn’t do anything wrong, once Kelly changed her Twitter name, her old Twitter name was up for grabs.

    Even though I don’t agree with what Simon did, I don’t think that there is any reason to turn on him. I think he was showing some compassion for Kelly because she was having a meltdown on Twitter after the name change. There is clearly something wrong with Kelly and I think Simon felt sorry for her. I don’t think he was trying to suck up to “Team Jill”.

    • quincyil says:

      Well, I think Simon pretended to be friends with the common folk. Then, he forgot and posted what he posted. Now, the common folk realize that Simon might have been pretending.

      Just my soothsayer skills in action here……

      • Olivia says:

        Aside from Jill Zarin, I can’t think of another cast member who loves the spotlight as much as Simon. Interesting that he quit his job with the Chandler Hotel which must afford him more time to “film”.

        Though Alex was ripped to shreds by the 3 members of the “witches coven” last season, why now does he insert himself into the mix by chastising someone on Twitter for poking fun at Krazy Kelly? With Kelly having spent the last year making a total ass of herself, why was it necessary for him to call out someone for having a little fun at her expense? She asks for it!

        Where was Simon’s “concern” when those on Twitter were calling her a nutjob and urging her to get psychiatric help? Ironic that he chooses such an innocuous use of Twitter to insert his two cents.

        • Nat Yerba says:

          #1: Damnert was addressing the injury of a fellow fan (Chris aka kikilet) It should also be pointed out that Chris came in near the end of this and stated that Simon did NOT offend her, after all. I felt bad for Damnert bc she fought the good fight.

          #2: Simon, in typical “show spokesman rhetoric” answers her long, heartfelt tweet with an empty pat phrase, “WWH’s in S4”??? How is that an answer for personal injury? He plugs the show? Bad move, empty and shows shallow manipulation on his part. (you’re JUST a fan,

          #3: (Dear God, do I sound like Danielle right now? “Arrest, name change! Pay Attention!”)
          Imagine writing all of that and having your celebrity ask “Should I be upset?” when you state your disappointment. Not so nice, and YES, as a public figure, you SHOULD be upset if you’ve caused even ONE fan to feel you’ve been unfair!

          #3: Simon’s next unwise move is to type #UnFollowingIsFree Again, bad business practice and he’s made Damnert feel as if he couldn’t care less. He’s adding insult to injury, at this point.

          #4: He then makes the supreme mistake by stating Damnert is “one note” and typing #LifeIsWayMoreComplicatedThanThat This is the one that tipped me over the edge. How arrogant, mean and insulting! My blood pressure goes up again, simply typing it.

          At this point I could not longer see straight, and I left, shortly thereafter. I’ve actually been ridiculed for defending Silex. I’m sure many of us have, including Damnert. Whatever the cause, this was definitely NOT one of Simon’s finer moments. I believe my parting tweet was that I was flabbergasted and sickened. The mishandling of a fan can be forgiven, but repeatedly insulting her when she tried to make a polite and concise point that she felt offended over believing he’d offended a friend, was reprehensible and will cost him more than 1 or 2 fans. Word of mouth is important when your relevance is dependent on complete strangers. Ask Jill Zarin.

          • Katie says:

            I’m now following you and Damnert on twitter. thank you for the recap.

            • Nat Yerba says:

              My pleasure.

            • quincyil says:

              I am just putting this here so people going into the following thread will take a moment and reflect. The conflict happened because Simon wanted to help Kelly. We know Kelly and her reactions at times. I can imagine that Kelly was pulling a Scary Island and was running up and down hallways with no shoes on eating gummy bears. I think everyone in Bravo tip toes around Kelly. It would be natural for someone to be concerned and out of that concern act to help Kelly.

              I might help her if I saw her in the distress I suspect she is in also.


          • Simon van Kempen says:

            1. By Chris’s own admission there was no injury so what started & followed was all based in Damnert’s initial misconception.

            2. While you see me saying “watch what happens” as a plug I see it as shorthand for me saying that I can’t divulge what happens between Kelly, Jill & Alex and me on the 4th season.

            3. how have I caused one fan to feel that I’ve been unfair when they felt my original affront was an injury to Chris – given Chris came in later and said it wasn’t.  I am not and can not be responsible for other’s misconceptions.

            4.but life IS more complicated & harping on about the DM (which was not begging or demanding) as some evidence that I had crossed to the other side seems one note.

            There is no way that I can please everyone all the time, I own everything I did & with good conscience.   There seems to be many misconceptions out there & when you watch the 4th season many will be cleared up.

            Lastly if I didn’t care what one fan wrote I wouldn’t have entered into a dialogue with them.  

            • vilzvet says:

              Welcome, Simon! It was excellent of you to respond here.

            • Nat Yerba says:

              What a pity. I was hoping for understanding with the new dawn, but you’re still in defense of self. Uncle “meh” is all I can come up with, at this point. You’re only human, after all. Perhaps Alex would understand from her heart, as opposed to your intellect. Mars vs. Venus

            • Sparkles says:

              I’ve got to hand it to you Simon, you took the time to come here and respond under your own name.
              I respect that.

            • Grace says:

              Simon, a little humor goes a long way. Perhaps you should acknowledge Chris for her spot on Kelly parody, and admit that it is funny and brilliant that Chris jumped on the kikilet name. This is Twitter, if Kelly doesn’t like it, let her fight her own battles. Of course, that would mean Kelly would have to grow a brain or you would feel sorry for her and ask Chris to park the kikilet name….oh wait…

            • If You Had It Like This says:

              Meh. I think it’s fine. You obviously have to interact with the castmates and I actually think hating and bashing and shit talking each other all the time gets boring.

              Perhaps you felt sorry for KKB considering she is a little “challenged”.

            • Bobbi says:

              It makes sense to me that the fans and you will not react the same way to any event since we don’t know what has taken place over the past year. I’m also not surprised that you would request someone not parody one of your cast members, no matter which one, even without becoming BFFs. It is hard for me to imagine that you have become that close to Kelly.

              Your contract with Bravo obviously prevents you from explaining in detail what went into your decision. With the restrictions you have, I appreciate you coming here and attempting to explain, even though you know it is incomplete.

              Thanks, Simon. I’m still looking forward to the season although I’m not happy with the postponement. Bravo is supposed to be a professional entity but from everything to the editing on their site to the decision to postpone airing Season 4, they sure aren’t acting much like one.

              • quincyil says:

                Bobbi, I am writing season four for the board and the it’s parody like fiction. We are taking the things we know from articles and twitter and creating the show. I don’t think parody of celebrities is wrong. I can understand Kelly not understanding because she does have some issues. Andy Cohen put that internet cartoon parody of the real housewives on Bravo and everyone liked it.

                • Bobbi says:

                  Quincy, I don’t think parody is wrong either! I quite enjoyed what you wrote. I’m just saying that I’m not surprised one castmate might request that another not be parodied on twitter. That’s all.

                  • quincyil says:

                    I don’t think Kelly is mentally able to understand the literary devices so I bet she freaked out like Scary Island and Simon was trying to help her because of that. We have watcher her in the reunions and in the show so we know that she can be affected by little things.

                    Welcome to the board. I hope we become friends.

                    • Kat says:

                      I agree.
                      Kelly is rigid and seems to lack a sense of humor.
                      TV almost demands that you be able to jaugh at yourself.

                    • Bobbi says:

                      I’ll try to be worthy! 🙂

                    • Sha2000 says:

                      Think you may be right Quincy. The mistake was Kelly’s for giving up the twitter moniker, not Simon’s for trying to protect her. It might have gotten ugly but his initial request was well intended…at least my take.

                  • the sane anonomous says:

                    i agree , i understand in some basic play fair way that they are castmates, foes, friends or frenemys, castmates first. I saw it on the BH reunion when Lisa sat really close to taylor and completely backed down . Even closing ranks . I felt it was because we were outing shana, and there was that whole thing with cedric, and above all, no matter who hates whom, its CYA.
                    For some strange reason, i didnt get that Simon had defected lol… but… hello? i do think of him as a HW! their silex!

            • Kat says:

              Simon, Welcome!
              Your point of view is welcome.

              Personally, I hope Kelly gets a sense of humor. Twitter is sticky.
              Kikilet was funny…but now has new found wit.

            • Damnert says:

              I had no misconception that you had somehow attacked Chris. Chris shared the fact that you had asked her to “park” the name kikilet and not use it as a favor to you, Chris was confounded by your request given the way your wife was treated on the show. Many – MANY of us wondered why you would care if a parody existed, and why you would concern yourself with it.

              You, Simon are apparently stuck on the single “note” of the DM, considering I explained clearly over and over that the DM was just one, of a few concerns about the way you have responded to your fan base.

              We’ve watched as your wife was attacked over and over again, I normally do not invest what little sensitivty I have stored in my hot little body in a Bravo Reality show, but I was gobmacked and rooting for Alex, Your family won me over big time by how your wife represented herself,

              You encouraged a campaign of hate against Jill and Kelly. You encouraged people to write Bravo, Andy, the production company, to keep you and your wife on the show when Jill threatened and flat out said she wouldn’t film with Alex.

              The “celebreties” own their own reason for why people dislike them, but you encouraged it.

              Once you got what you wanted – support. You have, for the last few months told Jill and Kelly to “ignore the haters” of fans who wish to put them down. You are calling your very own fans haters and ingorant.

              Do I care that you all have kissed and made up? Nope. Do I care, when you proded and instigated attacks on Jill and Kelly, that you turn it around in a public forum as it being “those crazy fans being all mean to Jill and Kelly: Yep.


              Your gracing me with your dialogue? Puhhleaseee. You couldn’t answer a straight up question that had nothing to do with possibly wiki-leaking certain top secret, life changing, season 4 suspense stories.

              While I admit, I have gotten emotionally stricken by a few star related events. Like still having my “Team Aniston” Kitson t-shirt I bought in high school – and I STILL hate Angelina Jolie.

              You, well – your just not that important to me, but Jennifer ROCKS ! 🙂

              • quincyil says:

                Sometimes people get in a jam and don’t know how to get themselves out of it. I have been there. Everyone has made a mistakes. I think that Simon’s orignal request was made because he knows a lot about twitter and didn’t tell Kelly this might happen. They have had a lot of contact with the filming of the show and he probably knew her intent to change the name an never thought that he should mention locking up the old name. “Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda.” That is so true with this mess. Living in the bubble of a reality show must be an incredible experience. Your every word, every tweet shared with the occupants of Planet Earth, oh my. If Chris is ok now and tweeting…… If Simon tried to explain…. If the rest of the fans who were shocked or took offense reflect…. We could call this a draw and move forward in a positive way…..

                or not…

                I think feelings may have been hurt, but people bounce back.

                I know I have hurt people feelings and I know I want them for understand and forgive.


              • Sparkles says:

                Hmmm, now I see Damnert’s side too.

              • Anthroboi says:

                I agree. My beef with Simon was NOT the DM issue (although it surprised me and kind of disappointed me, I never read the original DM and wasn’t that invested in it). HOWEVER, what made me “turn on him” was his snotty and condescending responses to Damnert, myself, and others.

                As I tweeted to Simon, he sounds like Jill on that Godawful WWHL appearance where all she did was plug her book. Every question Andy asked her was responded with “it’s in the book”, “read the book”, “buy the book”. Even Andy was getting exasperated, and that’s how I felt with Simon last night.

                It may sound stupid, but I kind of felt like I had been duped by Simon. It was like how I felt about Jill (whom I loved until S3 when her true colours showed)–I felt like we were getting a glimpse of the real Simon, who has gotten waaay too invested and involved in the #RHONY franchise in my opinion. And he really shouldn’t have gotten involved in the whole @kikilet issue, it wasn’t his place. If he was trying to be nice to Krazy Kelly, he should have just helped calm her down and told her to roll with it.

                I’ve ended up unfollowing all the housewives. I’m so sick of the self-promotion, book plugging, product shilling, and the whole “watch what happens”. I know it’s part of the whole deal, but it’s getting to be a bit much (especially since they’re just filling time now until the season starts, if it ever does…).

                • quincyil says:

                  I loved Jill all the way through season one. I think I had questions about the Post stuff in season two… I liked her with Bethenny that summer, but at the end when Jill got so upset during the charity event , I thought someone was wrong with her.

            • Katie says:

              Simon – the big question is why you asked Chris to stop it? That’s what started all of this and no one is doubting you asked nicely, but the motives behind it is what no one knows. Are you just being a nice guy, felt bad for Kelly? etc. Can you explain that without giving away the plot for S4?

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                ( I think I am going to jump off your post, since I missed a lot today- and it’s hard to know where to start)

                I’m sorry to see a fire storm brewing from what on the surface appears to be a misunderstanding.

                Conversations on the internet can sometimes take wrong turns because it’s so easy to read something and interject a tone into it- and that can completely change the message at hand.

                I also think twitter is even more channeling since you have to keep it under a certain amount of characters.

                I think it’s probably not the best format to help clear the air.

                I hope that with the people involved posting here-and being able to say what they want- with as many words as they need- that this will get sorted out.

                It’s anyone’s guess why Simon felt the need to get involved with the Kilket account.

                I can imagine though, it might have a lot to do with Kelly being a head case. Little miss “I don’t lend my name to anything” was probably in a frenzy over this and rocking in a corner. Maybe he felt ‘pity’ for her? Maybe he thought if he could help her in this matter, the good karma from it would help him/Alex in the end.

                But I don’t feel that Simon or Alex encouraged anyone to ‘hate’ their cast mates- to ‘tweet’ them or rise up against them.

                I think that gives Jill and Kelly a sense of vindication. In their minds, it’s not that they did something horrible or unappealing and we are reacting to it. It will translate into, “It’s all Simon’s fault”- he siced his fans on them like rabid dogs.

                I’ve seen tweets from JZ’s gingerette’s and their BS anti-bullying accounts blaming Simon for everything under the sun- and making wild accusations.

                It actually makes me want to vomit. Not because I feel the need to defend Simon but because it’s so repulsive to me. They keep confusing ‘bullying’ with criticism. More so, they don’t hold their VILE behavior to the same standard they have set for others.

                I’m not even BIG fans of Silex- I couldn’t stand them the first two seasons- my contempt for crazy Kelly and for JZ has nothing to do with them gaining some favor from me.

                My best to all those involved and I hope you get the answers you need to put this behind you.

                For the record- ‘Chris’ and the kiket account are hilarious. Even when she is ‘drunk kelly’ -it’s still way more intelligent than anything Kelly tweeted or said.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              Well, I for one, am still mulling over this twitter “situation”. (twittergate?)

              I see both sides, Simon’s and also Damnert’s.

              But I have come to the conclusion that Simon is pretty badass (and I mean that in the most complimentry of ways) to come here- not as a troll- or under an assumed name but as himself- to address this issue.

              Sir. You have balls. And I WILL clap for that.

              • Sparkles says:

                Agree. I wish more HWs would own their views directly, regardless whether we always agree with them, rather than using aliases and fake fan sites.

              • Kat says:

                There are always atleast 4 sides to a situation. What you see, what I see, What others see, What no one sees.

              • justanothermary says:

                OMIB claps for Simon’s balls, hmmmm.

                • Kat says:

                  They jiggle when you clap.

                • OneMoreInBoston says:

                  omg- where have you been? What happened with the cataract surgery?

                  What, Mary, you don’t like when Simon’s balls jiggle? I clapped just to make them jump and down for you.

                  oh gawd. I hope this isn’t Virgil reading this to Mary. I would be really embarassed.

              • PJ says:

                Absolutely agree! We post about these people, we judge everything we see or read about them. Which of the people we post about has ever had the nerve to post here, using their real name and directly addressing what is being discussed? I give Simon credit for that. It took guts. I doubt if Simon pretended to care about the little people and now his true personality is coming out. If Simon didn’t care why would he bother to post here? He could just post under an assumed name and criticize people here. But he didn’t do that. I think that elevates Simon above any of the other personalities on these HW shows. I think Simon deserves credit for this.

                • Sha2000 says:

                  Agree PJ, and if we are free to speak our minds here & on other blogs, Twitter etc, why isn’t Simon? No matter if we agree or not or if we find it hypocritical or factual, kind or nasty, it’s our right to speak our minds, all of us .

            • Kellita says:

              Welcome, Simon! Thanks for responding. 🙂

            • Golden Girl says:

              Welcome Simon!

              • Amber...RealWife says:

                I love you Simon! Hope you stick to defending Alex and let the others defend themselves! Kelly is a big goofy girl who can take care of herself.

                BTW my name is Amber and I find you hysterical! LOL

            • PJ says:

              I think it’s great that you came here to post and used your own name. It’s never possible to please everyone no matter what you do, and you can see that reflected in the comments here. I happen to think you are funny with a quick wit and fun to watch. I’m not sure why you would want to help Kelly as she seems to be genuinely and disturbingly crazy; but then again maybe that’s the reason you tried to help her. But I love you and Alex and wish you success. As for the person using Kelly’s old name……….well………you must admit Chris is hysterical. Kelly needs to get over it.

            • housewifeaddict says:

              Twitter is an awkward medium to for fully expressing oneself.

              I respect that Simon has come here to explain the situation, and fully understand that Damnert is still streamed by the twitter war. However I think we need to all remember what Kim Richards said at the reunion. There’s no real use taking sides, because the 2 folks having a fight may eventually make up, and you’ll end up out in the cold. The situation between Jill – Simon – Alex – and Kelly is just that – between them. The situation between Simon and Damnert is between them. If we’ve learned anything from these shows – friendships come and go (and come and go and come and go – ummm Kim and NeNe). I’m just planning on watching, and enjoying.

            • Pantry Viewer says:

              Love you Simon!! ❤

    • Katie says:

      I never liked or trusted Simon. I think he is a major wimp. He is still the awkward outsider trying to get in good with the self proclaimed cool kids. There were a couple situations last season where his own wife asked him to have her back and he went right up to the Jill and hugged her, right? Wasn’t he also the one who invited someone to their house party when Alex was not understanding why they should be invited. IF I thought for a second that he was just trying to be a peace maker I wouldn’t care, but this still has everything to do with Simon’s social status and climbing. IMHO

      • skogsstig says:

        I suspect Simon, and the rest of the NYC crew, have hit the glass ceiling in terms of social status climbing… And twitter wars and relentless self-promotion won’t help.

        • quincyil says:

          Harvey did some research and Jill Zarin was in the Social Register of New York City long before the show started. She was also doing some charity events. She was the real deal for her level in NYC society. I think that society has stratas/layers and Jill was at the top of one of the lower levels. I imagine the Morgans were up there, but when Sonja was removed from the family, she fell into Jill’s level. I think the Countess knew for a long time that her days were numbered and she fell into Jill’s circle of friends.

          I am at the top of the strata in my barn. I have the food. Queen of the Stable…so to speak… Of course, I also shovel stalls so that would make the animals servant. LOL….

        • twoile says:

          @S ITA…..it will b a rude awakening when they realize where there is a beginning there is also an end…….& it may b soon.

      • TrillianAlice says:

        Totally with you.

    • Has the question of WHY Simon stood up for Kelly ever been answered?

      There is one very important aspect to this situation, and it’s that NO ONE makes Kelly look worse than Kelly does. The tweets from her real acct make her look just as bad/shallow/stupid/crazy as the fake ones do. The parody acct really can’t hurt her anymore than her real acct does, so no harm no fowl in my opinion.

      • Katie says:

        I agree, I thought it was Kelly who said any press is good press?

      • quincyil says:

        I think Kelly is freaking out in real life as well as twitter. I think that cast mates heard and are concerned for her. They have lived with her break throughs before. Who could help her with this other than Simon? I think he might have gotten a call with the request.

        Sometimes, you help others that are mean to you.

        • Kat says:

          Yes, but Kelly’s lack of humor isn’t Simon’s cross to bear. Protecting Kelly prevents the breakthrough she needs. If she is having a breakdown maybe Twitter isn’t for Kelly afterall.
          Like Simon I would probably try to help…

      • Jeana (@LuvToLoveU) says:

        Do you remember when Kelly (before I got blocked) begged everyone to demand her name back on Twitter? The @KellyBensimon! Like she had all the rights to that name and how dare someone’s mother name them Kelly Bensimon and how dare her use it on Twitter. I laughed until my sides hurt at the responses Krazy Kelly got….HILArious!! Wait, I mean bless her pointed little head!

  10. Olivia says:

    Another “confession” I have to make is that though I had sworn not to watch the Beverly Hills crowd I did “break down” and recorded it on my DVR. This one had me rolling in the aisles!

    With the exception of poor Kim who sort of began to grow on me over time, and possibly Adrienne as well, the others were just the most hideous, laugh producing divas that Bravo has ever featured. The worst of the lot for me is “Kontemptuous Kyle” who took any and every opportunity to make her own sister look like a horse’s ass and for me that is unforgivable. In my world, she even surpasses Camille and that horrible Taylor which is saying a lot as those two are seriously warped.

    These pretentious bores were laugh out loud funny in their attempts to show us how wonderful, wealthy, and weaselly they all are with the exception of poor Kim who looked like a “lamb to the slaughter” most of the time. Anyone willing to “out” their own kin as an alcoholic on tv, and please, she knew those cameras were rolling since they were crammed into the back of that limo with little leg room, far surpasses Jill Zarin for the title of “most hated”. That was the most unforgivable piece of film ever shown and that includes the table tipping episode from NJ!

    So I did go back on my word and tivo’d this latest franchise and found it more than amusing. Carrying a dog around in a handbag is the ultimate in pretentious behavior. They are all nuts!

    • quincyil says:

      Oh, I wish you had been here when the show was on. I missed you very much.

      • Katie says:

        I know you need to stop in more often. 4 paragraphs beautifully summed up the whole season and cast.

        • quincyil says:

          Olivia is the most gifted of all of the writers on this site.

          • Katie says:

            Oh I know, I used to post under a different name when Olivia was around more often. I spent way too much time here and had to take a break, but now I’m obviously back commenting just under a new name.

          • If You Had It Like This says:

            Don’t sell yourself short Lady Q! You’re not so bad yourself!

    • error404 says:

      it’s probably good you didn’t watch with us. All of the “poor poor innocent Kyle, it’s so tough having an evil drunk for a family member, she had no choice but to act as she did. Kim forced her to!” posts would have probably raised your blood pressure to unhealthy levels. LOL

      • vilzvet says:

        Oh don’t go anywhere, O! You didn’t mention Alison the Psycho er Psychic. Do you feel Taylor was the instigator in New York?

        • Olivia says:

          In Bravo’s world of repeated narratives, Allison was to BH what Teresa was to NJ (table tipping), the Salahi’s were to DC (the “outing” of Mary’s daughter as a thief), and Kelly’s adventures on Scary Island (satchels of gold).

      • Olivia says:

        I felt sorry for Kim. I think Kyle dragged her into this to help her earn some money. I can’t remember too many scenes that Kyle ever treated Kim as an equal or one deserving of any respect. Too busy kissing Lisa’s butt and clinging to the likes of Taylor who would just as easily slip a knife into Kyle’s back as she would “airkissing” her.

        She seemed to delight in making her look and appear like a fool which made me feel sorry for Kim as I doubt she expected this to happen. Kyle used every opportunity, no matter how trivial, to expose Kim as some sort of moron who should never be given the keys to the car. Kim’s scenes alone were painful to watch. What came through most clearly was her fragility and vulnerability and pitting her against some of these “monsters” was unfair. They used her emotions to make her look like a forlorn idiot and that is unforgivable.

        “Poor Kyle” my @ss! If she derives any sense of achievement for what she subjected her own sister too, than she is by far even more egregious than Jill Zarin. At least most of Jill’s victims had the capacity to fight back.

        I hope that Kim declines any invitation to return to this nest of vipers. They made her appear pathetic which is not the look Kim set out to achieve.

        • error404 says:

          I think Kyle’s whole attitude toward Kim is one of “Oh, if I had your luck, what I wouldn’t have done with it!” The acting career, the marriage to a billionaire, they all are fodder for Kyle’s ridicule, who gets more gigs out of less talent and more milage out of being married to a “nobody”.

          I still can’t wrap my head around how the “local real-a-tour” ended up supporting the wife and baby momma of one of the countries richest men. Just makes no kind of sense.

      • California35 says:


    • twoile says:

      @ Olivia U R on a roll & sooooooooo right..

    • Hype Aversion says:


  11. Savannah001 says:

    Hello ladies, I havent had a chance to read all the blogs I do manage to read the recaps, my little baby grandson has been keeping me alittle busy lately my first grandchild and he is just so precious there are no words. While I have a chance and before I start reading I have something thats bugging me and I’m sure you ladies can help me out…

    Remember on the Beverly Hills reunion show when Camille said that the reason she brought up Faye’s playboy spread at dinner is because of the e-mail she heard faye was showing the other ladies in the limo? Ok so lets rewind the ladies arrived in different limo’s on the way to Camille’s dinner party, they were not all together in the same limo on the way there. When I saw the clip of Faye being the one that pulled the e-mail up from her phone and passed it around it had to be after the dinner that it happened so how would Camille have known about it? NOW, it may be that an e-mail was sent prior to that dinner to someone and that person told Camille about it, my guess of course would be Taylor because she is beyond a trouble maker, whats so strange to me though is the look of surprise on everyone’s face including Kyle’s. If an e-mail was sent prior to the dinner why would everyone look so surprised? It seems that Kyle is the one that Faye has the real friendship with but yet she looked surprised. I’m trying to figure it out and I can’t. Somebody please help me out here ….

    Thanks you guys.. BTW although I havent had a lot of time to post lately I do manage to atleast read the recaps of the shows and Lynn as always you do a wonderful job and Quincey you’ve done a great job also.. This is by far the best place to get the best details as well as feedback thats available online on all the shows I love it..

    • Olivia says:

      And for some reason Kyle took the blame when confronted by Camille.

      From what I remember of Faye Resnick is that she was supposed to be a close friend of Nicole Simpson and wrote a book where she “hinted” at a lesbian encounter along with the fact that they did drugs together. Wonderful friend that Faye! She made money on the book and posed for Playboy then mercifully disappeared off the stage. Until Kyle dragged her back in as her “good friend” which makes Kyle even more of a skank than she is given credit for.

      We have come to also understand that many of these scenes are filmed out of sequence so that famous dinner party may have taken place AFTER the limo ride. Who knows?

    • quincyil says:

      I have a granddaughter and on my birthday this week, I will find out if I have a new grandson or granddaughter on the way. The ultrasound in on the morning of my birthday.

      • Savannah001 says:

        Quincey, congrad’s be sure to post if it’s a boy or girl.

        Hi Olivia I had forgotten that some of the cast from the various housewifes shows said that somethings are shot out of sequence, which could be the reason Camille’s statement didn’t make sense in trying to defend her reasoning for bring up Faye’s playboy spread up at her dinner party. I suppose we will learn alot more on Tuesday when they show more of the drama that unfolded at the dinner party. I remember Faye from the past too and when her name was mentioned on the show I automatically think OJ Simpson trial and her having been friends with Nichole and about her having written a book.

        The other thing about the reunion was Andy asking both Camille and Kyle if they purposely brought other people that would support them so to speak and they both did admit that they did, what surprised me alittle was Kyle saying that she wasnt going to lie she was glad she did bring Faye because when Camille called to invite everyone Kyle said she had plans to have dinner with a friend on the same night Camille was planning her dinner for and then she asked if she could bring her friend with her. I know that Bravo shoots many hours and they have to edit but it bugs me when ever the castmates are making such a big deal out of something I think is petty to begin with but running with the argument through the entire season makes me crazy because sometimes the little details that get left out needs to be there in order for it to make sense. Not having the footage of what was actually said between Kyle and Camile that sparked the argument all season was plenty bad enough but atleast they could give us alittle more details surrounding the other moments so some of it makes sense.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        What a wonderful present you will have 🙂

        I hope you share the news with us !

    • Katie says:

      I thought (but I might not be remembering this correctly) that the missing link is that the producers were stirring the pot with the whole pictures being shown in the limo and planting seeds to start the friction. So the producers told Camille before the other HW’s arrived. Can anyone confirm?

      • HD says:

        Camille said someone in production told her.

      • kbinldo says:

        It had to have happened afterwards. Kim was not in the car, but she arrived with her sister & Faye. Lisa & Adrienne (& maybe Taylor) arrived first, then Kim, Kyle, & Faye. When they left, everyone but Kim went in one car, while Kim rode home alone.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Which makes sense or Camille soft corn and mulitple playboy issues would have come up at the dinner. And because of editing and not knowing which phone is Kyle’s – who really cares who takes responsibility for it?

    • kbinldo says:

      Looking the photos happened afterwards, as Kim was not in the car. Remember that Kyle made her ride home alone (on the claim that Kim lived 2 hours out of the way), while she & the others went to a bar & apparently, drank loads while looking at Camille’s Playboy pics.

      • error404 says:

        even things you see with your own eyes aren’t always “proof”.

        Yes, we saw them looking at them after dinner, on Faye’s phone.

        That does not prove that they didn’t look at them on the way to dinner on Kyle’s phone.

        They could have looked at them both times.

        Kyle could have showed Faye and Kim on the way there, and then Faye could have shared them with Lisa, TayTay and Adrienne on the way to the bar.

        • Bea from NJ (sweeetbea on twitter) says:

          what?? I must have missed this! when did they show the girls all looking at the pics of Camille? I only heard about it at the reunion & on twitter before that.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Kyle lied….that’s the only explanation. Kyle told us at the reunion that SHE was the one with the naked photos on her Blackberry, when she filmed the reunion she knew that the scene in the limo had been cut from the show. She thought she was safe saying that because fans would never see those scenes. Bravo releases all episodes (except lost footage and anything else they want to hold back) to the Housewives before they film the reunion so that they can watch the entire season and discuss.

      When the “lost footage” and the “dinner from hell” clips started to surface, we all saw the truth. Kyle took the heat, who knows why, but it was Faye who brought the photos out in that limo and clearly Kyle had never seen them before.

  12. boston02127 says:

    ☮ & have a good afternoon everyone.

  13. Olivia says:

    I loved the “drama” surrounding a conversation that took place off camera that was the basis for the entire series. Unbelievable! And convenient since no one to this day knows if it were true or not. Kyle v Camille and we are supposed to take either one of their entreaties as “fact”.

    Kim’s silence said it all for me. She refused to take the bait and held out right to the end. And “fish lipped” Taylor is one sorry piece of trash! She ranks right up there with the Salahi’s for wanting to ingratiate herself into that coven by playing one against the other then denying any involvement for her own disgusting behavior.

    Imagine wanting so badly to be “friends” with that horrible Kyle that she would even go on the attack against Kyle’s sister? These ladies are the incarnation of older “Mean Girls”.

    And I have to admit that I am looking forward to another season of Vicki Whoo Hoo weeping her way through the series because “nobody understands her”. Bring it on!

    • error404 says:

      deja vu all over again right? Jill did play “the voice mail” but only a fraction of it so we never got the whole story, and anyway, the message probably never even mentioned the real fight i.e B’s spin off, just as Kyle & Camille’s “innocent conversation about spring break” never mentioned the elephant in the room they were really talking about: rumors of Camille’s imploding marriage and raison d’etre.

      Oh O, we’ve missed you so!

    • vilzvet says:

      Ooh, should have read ahead, now I know what you think about Taylor! Good synopsis, and I agree that Kim should not be put up against a firing squad for trying to stay out of the pointless drama.

    • Ada says:

      Olivia needs her own blog… IMHO

  14. Amber...RealWife says:

    I thought it extremely presumptuous on Simon’s part to believe he had that much “pull” with HW fans, that someone would stop tweeting after a DM from him. Although I don’t twitter, I understand that this gal is the hottest HW sensation on twitter, causing Kelly distress and fans bouts of hysterical laughter.

    It seems like he was asked to intervene by Jill and Kelly as they seem to believe that if Silex forgives them or asks for leniency on their part, fans will automatically forgive them and do as Silex says. WRONGO! Silex can befriend anyone they wish, that will not necessarily change fan’s minds because fans weren’t angry with JKL only because of Silex. They were but a side dish, as the main victim was BETHENNY!! Yes that old chestnut! Sorry Simon… you can be a gentleman befriending Kelly and Jill but fans will still remember the horrible things these two did to Bethenny and encouraged others to do to her as well. Good luck turning this around.

  15. Amber...RealWife says:


    What did you think of the RHOBH Husbands? Paul, Russell, Ken, Kelsey and Mauricio?

  16. Olivia says:

    On the “husbands””

    Mauricio = Showboater (totally in love with himself!)

    Ken= Tony Soprano (how else to account for all that money and that luxurious lifestyle just from running restaurants alone?)

    Russell – P. Whipped (dragged into this series by his insufferable wife and wanted no part of it which may account for his abscences most of the time.)

    Paul – Secure (apparently having a business of his own allows him the freedom to be himself. I kind of liked the interplay between the two of them.)

    Kelsey Grammer = Old Fool (nothing says this as much as a man eager to run off with a woman almost 30 yrs younger leaving a wife (no matter how dull she may be) and two kids in his wake.)

    • Amber...RealWife says:

      As a viewer what impression did you get of Kyle and Mauricio’s marriage and the jealous rage/streak of Kyle?

      • Olivia says:

        Kyle wanting to have another baby at her age says a lot. How better to keep a husband close by then insisting on bringing another child into the world and appearing like a “madonna” in the process.

        It cements her “maternal” longings while underscoring her “sexuality” along the way.

        Camille made some half hearted jokes about Mauricio at that dinner party, suggesting he may have a roving eye. Their ever present referrals to their “lovey dovey” lifestyle may be just a cover up for what goes on offscreen.

        It may very well be that Adrienne and Paul have the better marriage even though they “snipe” at one another a lot. Kyle may just want us to see something that may not be there.

        • quincyil says:

          Kyle thinks a baby tethers a man to you, but that is not true in modern America. The way Kyle and her sisters think remind me of my grandmother’s generation and Jill Zarin’s book. Kyle seems afraid that the medium’s words may be true.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I agree- and it just makes me reel about what a snake and a fake that Allison Dubois is.

            I’m sure she googled Kyle or even heard from Camille about her having 4 kids spread out in age with the youngest being 2, accompanied with Kyle converting so the children could be Jewish.

            I think it doesn’t take an extra sense- common sense would be enough to conclude that CHILDREN are a central part of the fabric of the marriage.

            IMO, when you have kids it’s kind of a natural thing to happen. I remember once hearing Hedi Klum and Seal say the secret to their marrage is that they put each other first-even before the children. I remember wondering ‘How do they do that?’, not in a judgmental way but I don’t understand how that translates into actuality.

            Does it mean when he has a week off from touring- he goes on a vacation with his wife and the kids are left with the nannies?
            Does it mean that if she wants to go to Mr.Chow for dinner and the kids want to go to Chucky Cheese then Mr.Chow it is?
            Does it mean on a stormy night when the kids come their bedroom crying and wanting to be comforted they find a locked door and no answer?

            While it might be great to be that kind of spouse- I don’t want to be that kind of parent.
            When I think of my DH and how are girls adore their Daddy- I get overwhelmed with love for him.

        • If You Had It Like This says:

          I totally agree with you on Kyle! She was well taught by Big Mama Kathy.

    • error404 says:

      Maury, Ken and Kelsey = ITA

      Paul = sometimes i feel bad for him, even if he is a bit of a putz. Any other wife (Kyle for ex) would worship at his altar. But he picked the richest girl in town, who barely tolerates his exista\ence. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching a sequel to Weird Science, Kelley le Brock and Anthony Michael Hall after 10 years of marriage. lol

      Russel = sometimes I agree, but other times I think TayTay is the helpless pawn in her hubby’s cons.

      • Olivia says:

        I just don’t see Taylor as a “helpless pawn” in any situtation.

        She appears more calculated than anything else and her attempts to paint Russell as some sort of cold and distant husband for the entire nation to see is just that.

        She is making a bid for sympathy from the audience while at the same time spending his money as if the “turn off” spigot was out for repair.

        She strikes me as one who if she could find another willing victim to support her “I want more” philosophy, he would be kicked to the curb along with that dog she resented so much.

        Taylor is not to be underestimated.

        • quincyil says:

          I think something is wrong with Taylor and it may have something to do with her childhood. She wants to be more than she thinks she is so she creates an identity. She doesn’t think before she makes comments also. That is going to be a problem for a reality star.

        • DarkSonnet says:


      • Rabble Rouser says:

        About Paul and Adrianne, it reminds me of something Dr. Rey from the show said about his own wife. His wife came from a very privileged upbringing and I remember a lot of the fights on the show seemed to be based on a couple of things, she wanted him to spend more time at home at the same time as her wanting more of everything (bigger house ect).

        He said all his friends warned him against marrying her saying that successful man should never marry a rich girl because their is nothing that he could do for her that her daddy can’t- and she would then never truly appreciate him.

        I wonder if for Paul if it’s a trade off, while Adrianne doesn’t seem to brag or beam about her husband the plastic surgeon at least he knows she isn’t in it for the money.

  17. kbinldo says:

    Okay, so just what is wrong with Simon stepping up to the gentleman plate & asking Chris (nicely) to not use the kikilet name on Twitter?

    • Katie says:

      For me and IMHO he is sticking his nose in to protect or help someone who deserves what Chris is delivery via Twitter and I don’t trust his motives.

      • kbinldo says:

        Perhaps he stepped in because, unlike us, he actually has to deal with KKB & this Twitter nonsense only adds to the crap he & Alex (& others) have to deal with.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Nothing wrong with asking someone to stop using KKB’s old handle. The majority of followers know it’s a parody and it likely hurt’s KKB’s non feelings. Tweeter, at times, isn’t for the faint of heart or the thinned skinned.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      just sort of thinking out loud here…Maybe what we saw on Scary island is the REAL Kelly.

      Maybe Kelly belongs in a psych ward. Maybe Kelly’s castmates know she is a few cards short of a deck and try very hard to walk on eggshells around her, because if they don’t she’ll have another meltdown.

      Except these aren’t “meltdowns” like I have in the throes of PMS -these are full on breaks with reality.

      Maybe they’re afraid for her children, and for herself and for themselves.

      We all know Kelly doesn’t exactly have a sense of humor about herself and takes everything just a little too seriously.

      Maybe this old twitter account now being used by Chris is actually causing her to have another”breathrough”.

      Could you sit by and watch someone you work with go berserk and not try and “fix” it? I know I couldn’t.

      Maybe Simon didn’t go about “fixing” in the right way, and maybe he shouldn’t be trying to “fix” anything at all, but to give him the benefit of doubt- maybe this action came from a good place (a place of yes?) not a self promoting one.

      I dunno- I don’t really see him as a villian here. BUT he should be able to handle the fallout of this action like a man and not insult, trivialize or demean those that disagree with his actions.

      Damnert didn’t say anything inappropriate to him, they seemed like legit questions.

  18. California35 says:

    Quincy – love love love your version on season 4 of NYHW – very funny 🙂

    Olivia – I always enjoyr your take and your writing skills – I agree with it and wish I write my thoughts like you do (and many other’s here).

    Lynn thanks for more details on Simon/Kiklet tweets. I wonder is Kelly went “crazy island” about her old name being taken.

  19. WSL says:

    I certainly agree Simon seems miss understood. He is a hunk in person & his accent is very sexy to me. So I may be bias. BUT
    I like hearing Simon’s perspective. He may reveal the truest perspective of the
    Ho Wives. Truthfully he is the 1st Ho Husband and an in my opinion takes his situation seriously as a potentially VERY lucrative job
    a La Miss B & Ramona. I think it’s good business sense to have both partners focus on branding their “celebrity” status. The multi millions possible annually, made for, God knows, how many years,is a lot more eventually, than the say $800 00, he made running the hotel. In addition he gets to take & pick up his boys to & from school every day.
    My husband joined a very successful company I founded (fell into) & his talent brought an additional skill set that caused our co. to grow like wild fire. He also freed me, to do more of what I really enjoy & excel at .
    I think Simon has Alex’s back big time. When my husband came along,I hoped everyone who had cheated me,unbeknownst to me, was scared that hubs was a “connected” Italian & their legs would be broken (Ha Ha).
    I thank God for our business partnership every day.
    On a 2nd point; The Today & other shows, have focused on what causes, the most successful long term relationships, to last . The common denominator is being best friends. My hubs, is my best friend. Our kind of relationship is at the expense of having lots of girlfriend relationships, not in depth one but few in number. I don’t like leaving my best friend out. I am fortunate my friends adore my husband . Are we joined at the hip? Yes. Although at times we seem very possessive of each other; I would rather have a hub who ALWAYs wants me very close than a hubs that ignores me. I see suggested couples have a 4hr “date” once a week. Mine is the opposite; a date w/ a friend. Now that is just what works in my marriage. I believe to some degree A & S have a similar relationship.
    I promise I didn’t mean this to b
    about me but after 20 years we ADORE each other & my hubs thinks every man who meets me is immediately in love w/me &
    I blush, it is sweet delusion . (he’s the Cary Grant, Italian version & I know all the gals swoon at him but I would never tell him that).
    I know that Mary & my hubs would type to us, on the blog, if we couldn’t. My hubs knows many of u & asks how u are. Sadly he watches his news programs while I watch the Ho Wives but
    I bet Simon watches.
    Simon is a smart businessman and he is going to monetize the Ho Wife job. I think ALL the other Ho wives who have Ho Hubs would be VERY fortunate if their hubs could check their EGO’s at the door like Mario,Jason & Simon have, & help their wives monetize while the monetizing is hot !
    I have lectured on “Secrets to business success” MANY times & my favorite motto is : What U want to do, is create a business that
    “makes $$$ while you sleep !”
    Like Dolly Parton or Lady Ga Ga,
    which are both major extremes, the Ho folks are characters created naturally or on purpose.
    All want to be liked & attract fans.
    Some characters, like Jill take themselves very seriously & actually believe they are
    celebrities & feed their pathetic egos. Sadly figures, who are not admired like Danielle & Jill ; their products will end up at TJ Max. Then there are those like Ramona & Alex, who enjoy the fun of the fame but appreciate the fluke of their good fortune. They then monetize that fame. Ramona quietly, Miss B with 1st a “Skinny Girl ” embossed car & now a giant bus w/her logo all over it. The bus in my opinion is in line w/Miss B who pee pees on camera to draw attention to herself.
    Ramona is quietly & elegantly on HS showing beautiful, estate type jewlery that I have bought. Plus skin care & soon wine. All are a positive reflection of the Ramona character. I loved the way she said her skin care name several times so subtly I had to b told on this blog. Smart subtle lady !
    Simon has his own show now so he is the most important Ho Hub. I believe A& S r coming out w/ kids stuff. How brilliant to showcase them on the show. Good kid stuff is a great idea in my mind. I hope they figure a creative & needed product. Regardless the new
    show/platform is genius. I must also say their children r as cute,charming & smart as Shirley Temple was.
    I don’t mean to be mean about Miss B but to me, she has made it clear she is a loner & has no interest in loving/embracing her fans past the cash register. As she said she is a lone wolf. That’s OK , that is her act.
    I don’t get that feeling about Ramona. She seems thrilled w/ every fan that takes a part of her, home with them. I believe
    Alex & S will b the same.
    I haven’t mention the pigeon jewlery or the countless manners book cuz they r both just funny & seem to have no professional marketing.
    Jill is so disliked no one wants to sleep on her or have her spandex hugging their private parts.
    I did a survey in BBB under you know who. I stood near the IHJZ stuff & I asked “Do you know who JZ is ?” 90% said something besides a Ho Wife. Nuff said.
    I am sorry I rambled so but these Ho Wives, like the Snookie group, are “Culture Changes”. Some will monetize big time. Some will be on the “Where are they now ?” show as working a TJ Max. Some may b living in the burbs overweight & norman. Some bankrupt.
    For all IHJZ/LynnFam, we will boast “I knew them when”.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bravo gives all the howives a platform that they can use to launch their own business/brands – some will succeed and some will fail. Bethenny and Simon are business saavy individuals and are using the platform. Unfortunately, other howives think that being on Bravo will make them successful in ventures that are not by their very nature something the general buying public wants! I give Simon props for working towards Jill proof ventures that will insure his family’s financial security.

      • Katie says:

        “Something the general buying public wants!”

        I assume jewelry made from feathers does not fall into this category.

        “I give Simon props for working towards Jill proof ventures that will insure his family’s financial security”

        This remains to be seen, but I wish them luck.

      • Olivia says:

        Point taken. But outside of employing the Housewives franchise as a launching pad to greater rewards, what else do these people have to offer?

        The products they manage to sell are closely associated with their being on one of these shows. Eliminate the show and how many will be rushing to buy their products or books?

        Simon and Alex had to go from city to city to publicize their book as it was not handled by larger book publishers. Jill had to do the same with her book.

        After these franchises finally meet the death knell, there is little beyond the association to maintain any long term interest in people who do not possess “talent” outside of filming a reality series.

        Without the Bravo camera as part of their lives there is nothing much of interest surrounding any one of them. Does anyone actually miss Danielle Staub, Laurie Peterson, or Lynn Curtin? Or any one of the DC crew? Kim Z, Kim G, Danny Pro?

        Without Bravo and this one franchise there is little reason to believe that their names will be remembered in 5 years.

      • HD says:

        What is Simon’s show about? What is the new gig that he quit his job for?

        • Olivia says:

          I have no idea. Anybody?

          • Katie says:

            Not at all, something on-line recapping or blogging all things NY HW’s – just a guess.

            • HD says:

              I wonder why he would quit his job to do web episodes? I think Simon might be shooting himself in the foot on this. It seems a little odd to me for a husband to be so overly involved in a show that focuses on women and their lives. Now with this tweeting thing he just seems kind of silly. He needs to get a hobby. If the bulk of your day is spent getting into an internet fight with someone you don’t know about an issue that has nothing to do with you, you need help. I love how he says there is more to life or something like that yet he is the one tweeting back and forth. He could have ended all that before it even begun. Epic Fail for Simon.

              • Katie says:

                I’m sure this has something to do with the success of the Bravo Blogs he did last season. But not sure how to turn that into a full time gig that replaces his day job at the hotel.

        • Simon has a new web show/spinoff and it was due to premiere on February 15. Since it was tied to RHONY, it has been postponed. I assume that it will air when season 4 of RHONY premieres, if RHONY hasn’t been cancelled.


          • Katie says:

            Thank you for the link! In addition to stating he will be on S4 a lot it also includes the description of his “web” show –

            “The impeccably dressed hotel manager tells me that fans will get to see him “shopping, cooking, accidentally injuring myself and attempting to overcome one of life’s toughest afflictions.”

            No thanks! I can hardly stand watching him on HIS WIFES show, won’t be tuning into some random web based show to see him make an ass of himself.

            What I liked most about Alex last season is Simon was not around that much, she found her voice and he was in the background being supportive as he should be.

        • lillybee says:

          I thought that he started a consulting business.

        • Nancy says:

          You mean one day I won’t have I Hate Jill Zarin in my head? I don’t know how I feel about that?

    • Sparkles says:

      I respect celebs who monetize their fame by selectively putting out a good quality product.

      I do not respect celebs who try to cash in on their fame by any means available. That is taking advantage of their fans. Example: The Kardashian sisters endorsing a predatory debit card aimed at young people. They seem to endorse anything, including diet pills, marketed to their fan base, which is largely teen girls.

      • Katie says:

        I agree. Like releasing sex tapes and leaking nude photographs and sex tapes to get attention. Paris Hilton started the famewhore industry and the Kardashian’s followed. Some people want fame at any cost and will sell their soul to get it.

    • Golden Girl says:

      Well said WSL.

  20. HD says:

    Oliva is kicking butt and taking names later! Let it all out girl!

  21. WSL says:

    Windy !
    Great minds think alike !
    How r u Windy lady. Can you see the lake ?
    Nice to have the chance to talk to. Hope all is well in your life.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Hi WSL hope things are well with you and yours! The lake is it’s usual shade of February grayish blue, but the sun is shining and the temps are above 40 degrees – no complaints as days like this mean spring will be here sooner rather than later.

  22. Olivia says:

    Having watched all the Housewife series with the exception of Atlanta, these women by and large are competing with one another in many of the same markets. Markets, I might add, that are saturated to begin with!

    How many of them have had skin care products, crap jewelry, ghost written books, fashion design, “singing careers”, kidswear, and now bedsheets! (I’ll leave out the sex tapes for now since that seems to belong so far to Danielle Staub but who knows when one of them may fasten onto to this as their “careers” begin to fade.)

    Leaving a well paying job which must have included benefits to pursue a career in “social media” is a huge risk for the future. And it looks as if Jason has done the same in order to accommodate Bethenny’s never ending schedule as well.

    Let’s hope that some form of “pre nup” agreement has been signed in advance. Otherwise these two may find themselves on the sidelines mixing up batches of skin care cream in order to pay the rent.

    • HD says:

      Well since you brought it up LOL…what did/does? Jason do for a living? He does appear now to just be with Bethanny full time. I will give him some grace because of the new baby. Maybe he is the stay at home dad which there is nothing wrong with that at all so I will bend a little on that. Maybe she thought that would be easier and didn’t want to hire someone to watch the baby when she is a multimillonaire and he could just quit his job and Bryn could be with him since she travels so much and whatnot.

      • Olivia says:

        Wasn’t Jason involved in real estate? I remember him being out of town on business during a snow storm when Bethenny was throwing a party for his friends.

        I have no problem with the concept of a “stay at home Dad” but Bethenny treats most of the people around her like “serfs” and no doubt will treat Jason the same way. Giving up his own identity in order to please her may be a huge mistake for him.

        I have no clue to the workings of their relationship but from what I have seen of how she mistreats those around her, I can’t see him escaping the same if she feels he is not pulling his own weight in her eyes.

        • Katie says:

          Last I heard he worked as a sales rep for Abbott Labs. pretty amazing that the real details have been kept such a secret about his real job. We get so much detail on all things HW related but this is still unknown.

          • Olivia says:

            Then it was the “first Jason” who was in real estate but lost his job as a result of appearing on the show.

            Getting my Jasons mixed up.

            • HD says:

              My daughter is making me leave to watch a movie. She says I’m a bad movie watcher. LOL! So I gotta go. Sheesh. I feel like I am 15 and she is the grown up. I’m going to my room ya’ll. LOL! I will return to comment on this when I’m allowed. 🙂

            • Katie says:

              But wasn’t there something about Jason the now husband being a professional trainer too? I think he had a couple gigs. Or at least that was the rumor. Jason 1 was in real estate or finance, but yes was fired over the show.

          • quincyil says:

            You are correct. I believe he was a pharm rep for Abbot Labs. The conference in Florida when he missed their first open house, was at the same time as a big medical conference and doctors that I knew were stuck in Florida for the same period of time. They also go to Chicago and it’s not for her work. Abbot is in Chicago.

          • 2Stupid says:

            Maybe it has something to do with the first Jason got fired due to his associaiton with the Housewives show and he sued his former firm. If I was Jason, I would tell her I wanted to keep my stuff private. I have had the feeling he doesn’t really work anymore. Who can hold a jobe and be on a tour bus with your wife at the same time, especially a sales job!

      • Nancy says:

        I think Jason is in the Rx field. Does anybody know if Jason #1 won his lawsuit re: loosing his job? Also does anyone know why Betheny fired Max?

        • LynnNChicago says:

          I heard that Jason is in Rx sales…not sure. There is a short preview on Bravo showing Bethenny having a “talk” with Max saying that he’d been with her for months but that he’s not getting the job done. He tweeted months ago that his internship was over but that he wasn’t fired.

  23. WSL says:

    Have u seen the add w/the married one, for their unisex fragrance. They r nude & w/Cloie wrapping her legs around his waist. It is extremely suggestive and I am sure turns many people on. I thought it was disgusting.
    They r also marketing those rubber band bracelets that are shapes of them. Like a body with a big butt.
    All I can say is, God bless they do have a fan base.
    A friend of mine is the TRUE God Mother of one of them. She said when their dad was alive they were precious girls who,were raised to be good Christian girls.

    • Sparkles says:


      I hadn’t seen the Khloe/Lamar ad but looked it up. Ugh. It does not make me want to smell like them. I didn’t know about the rubber band bracelets, but that’s ridiculous.

      From what I’ve seen, the mother (Kris Jenner) encourages this behavior. She encouraged Kim to pose naked in order to become more famous. Like (Little) Kathy Hilton (Paris’ mom), Jenner probably didn’t mind her daughter being in a sex tape because it helped her get rich and famous.

      • Nancy says:

        I’m surprised Bruce hasn’t left Kris because of all their trashy behavior. Now the 2 little ones are following suit! Mr K would DIE all over again if he knew what was going on. Sad.

  24. WSL says:

    I am pretty sure the 1st Jason was an investment banker. He may have done an investment banking deal that included real estate.
    I remember because out side of Russel (the felon),Jason has been the only Ho person in the securities biz like me.
    I am so so so so so so so
    HAPPY you & ur so important voice are back.
    LynnFam is so fortunate to have you back. I really missed your perspective.
    PS no one fuss es about my spelling & run on sentences any more. I have actually gotten better & learned some BB tricks that have given me more confidence in my posting capabilities.
    Hugs !

  25. MommyFrazzled says:

    Whew reading all the comments was a chore and a delight. Spot on. The whole season of RHOBH was so odd to me because it revolved around Camille trying to put Kyle in her place by feeling her life put her 3 levels above Kyle. She didn’t try this with Adrienne or Lisa, two strong women who are comfortable in their own skin. Neither every tried to justify how they run their lives or homes. Camille started out stating she wanted to get out of the shadow of Kelsey then she said his name every third word all season.

    Kim was Kim. Her first appearance on camera she said herself she is not very good with being in social situations with a lot of people and worse when there is conflict she freezes up. She didn’t have to say that, she looked like a frightened kitten anytime all eyes were on her at the same time. I think she was a part of the show because her sister asked her to be. I doubt that she would have chosen to do something like this on her own. I am shocked she didn’t quit and decide to remove herself from the scrutiny. Kim came on the show with a sister, once there she was alone. Her sister left her out and treated her worse than even Camille. By that, Kyle wanted to smooth things out and talked to Camille to apologize and move past the drama. Not once, to this day, has Kyle ever apologized to Kim. And she owed her an apology on several things. After the show aired we saw that Taylor is the one who got the whole business restarted by talking to Camille. Who cares what was said in the airport between Kim and Taylor, the point was had Taylor shut her mouth it would have been over. Kim actually was spot on when she said what Taylor said, she nailed it verbatim.

    At Camilles’ dinner party, all of the conversation and arguing instigated by Camilles’ crackpot fake physic was between 4 people. Kyle, Faye, Fake physic, and Camille. A few others started to get annoyed with the crackpot and tempers were flaring but when Kim and Taylor started it was because Kim was making a point in defending Kyle, which she had done on previous occasions. So what once she did not pipe up like a trained pony for Kyle, every time she did speak up it was in defense of her sister.

    I felt so bad for Kim when they left that dinner party, Kyle had the gall to start with her about fighting! Excuse me?! Your guest you brought was arguing with the host too and you saw no problem with that. Kyle made it appear Kim was the reason the whole dinner party was bust. When she left with all the other women and ignored Kims call I lost respect for her. I didn’t have much before that. I think Kyle acting like she had to baby Kim all season was sickening. Issues they have in the family never needed to come out on the show. If Kim is drinker, so what, there were a few times I needed a drink just watching.

    The finale when Kyle stated Kim was late, saying she felt embarrassed whenever Kim was late sounded silly to me. Why would anyone feel she is responsible for her sister who is a grown woman coming from her own home to a party. Kyle likes to act like she is a martyr who has to shoulder the burden of Kim because their mother died. Wrong, Kyle is responsible for herself and her children, period. From what I saw Kim dressed herself, drove herself, knew how to speak, and could have a conversation with others. She was human just like Kyle so there was no reason to keep harping on things she felt obligated to do for Kim. Kim didn’t ask her to do anything and never asked her for help.

    When Kim arrived to Taylor’s party, Kyle did not have to say to Lisa Kim was drunk. It was unnecessary. Drunk or not, Kim was sitting quietly with her friend when approached by Taylor to talk, and for Taylor to start the same BS argument thinking it would go any other way was insane. The one thing Taylor got right was knowing Kyle would back her over her sister and that is exactly what happened. After seeing the footage I thought at the reunion Kyle would apologize to Kim then, but she didn’t though Lisa and Andy both said it flat out that Taylor started the whole thing. One thing that impressed me was how Adrienne and Marshall saw that Kim was being bullied and came to her defense to give her time to talk and calm down. I think it was this fact Kyle resented so she had to humiliate Kim in the limo, and it was uncalled for. Kyle surpassed Camille on my dislike meter at that point.

    Kim should not return again, and if she did she needs a friend who will be there for her. The other ladies are in Kyles circle and are way more confident than Kim is. She needs a buddy. Drinking should not be the only thing that is the focus of Kim. Hell, Kim Z drinks non stop and she is an idiot whose only claim to fame is dating a rich married man.

  26. LynnNChicago says:

    I’d like to personally thank Simon for posting his views on the topic and thanks to all of you for respecting opinions whether or not you agree with them.

    Respectful responses without name calling is much appreciated, Simon deserves at least the same courtesy we provide to anyone posting here.

    Thanks everyone!

  27. @Bravolebrity says:

    It was “Not Cool” for Simon to contact Chris and ask that he park Kelly’s old name. Myself and a few others joked that we would take it when Kelly started announcing a new name change. Nobody, other than “Chris” could have done the @kikilet name justice. I am officially not blocked by @kikilet and I’m laughing my ass off and getting the biggest kick out it. If Chris didn’t take the name someone else would have. So KUDOS to Chris! Laugh and enjoy!

    Bethenny: I totally agree with Olivia on this one (Sorry, I have no clue who you are as I rarely post on blog comments). From the clips I have seen about ‘Bethenny Ever After’, Bethenny is going to become the most “Hated EX-Real Housewife” there is in a heart beat!

    Jason is such a loving, kind and caring husband. His parents only want to be close to Jason (their only living son) and their grandchild and all Bethenny seems to want to do is drive a wedge between them. B needs to stop treating Bryn as an object that she owns and share Bryn and be happy & realize by marrying Jason she gained a loving and supportive family that she didn’t have growing up.

    Bethenny has already eliminated her ‘toxic’ friends’ and by her recent comments you can tell she really doesn’t give a fig about Alex or Ramona either. She has moved on with her life and has got a show of her own and thriving businesses.
    It seems to me that Bethenny has reached the top of her game but even that is not good enough for Bethenny. She is going to have to bring everyone down with her as she doesn’t know how to stop herself from self destruction! Jason needs to step it up and put Bethenny in her place! The world does not revolve around B and she needs to start to be more respectful of Jason, his parents and others to be a real success in her life. Without a loving family your nothing! IMHO
    Now that Bethenny has Bryn and has reached success in her life, I hope her next move isn’t thinking that she can raise Bryn on her own as it seems ‘what Bethenny wants, she gets’.

  28. @chris106243AKAkikilet says:

    Ooof. Like honestly? This is just sooo much bantr and…gotta be honest, I honestly like I just turnt oyu down to 2….*GLITCH*….bzzzzzzzzzzt….
    Hey, it’s Kim, kikilets asst. Um, she “stepped out” so I’ll take it from here. (This bitch is gonna have to cough up some overtime$)
    As BravoAndy says, heres what: A follower of Chris, who at this point prob doesnt want 2 B outed, sent her a DM on the day that kikilet abandoned “kikilet” that said “You should take that name b4 some1 else does. That wd b a hoot.” (nutshell) Chris’s rsvp to that person was…..”Coup de gras” Chris, in real life, is a very respectful, mannerly, do-right gal (FYI Simon) She doesn’t feel that what she did was “wrong” at all. Kikilet (wait, thats me) I mean, KKB has never taken ANY responsibility 4 her horrendous behavior which has always galled the shit out of Chris. BravoAndy throws powderpuffs at the reunions and she gets off scottfree. Chris h8s BS. So she took kikilets name bf any1 else did. Kikilet is just a snarky, pokey, ok I’ll admit it-comeupancey. Simon closed his DM w….”C,mon fair is fair” Well, Chris thinks it is fair. And she’s not mad at anybody. She’s the anti-drama (in real life)
    Now, I’ve gotta go get this bitch some lunch….and I’m still on the clock. -Kim, kikilets asst.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      well sh*t- the assistant is as funny as her boss.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Get yourself that raise! Nice work!

    • Katie says:

      You are too funny and very talented, I don’t know how you’re keeping all the personalities straight but please keep doing it, it’s funny and like I told you already icing on the cake is that it’s bothering Crazy.

    • Kellita says:

      Chris! You are extremely talented and have made me laugh all week at a time when I’ve needed the laughs. Go you!!

    • DarkSonnet says:

      HUGE vote for Chris (and her assorted minions)!!

      • HD says:

        You are too funny! I am so glad you got that name and it is obvious you know what to do with it. Please don’t stop! IT IS HILARIOUS!

    • Anthroboi says:

      Love, love, love. That is all ❤

      • vilzvet says:

        Great to see you here! We already knew JILL was here, now we have Simon and kikilet-squared. Love today! By the way, I also won $250 on a scratch off today so I’m in a REAL good mood, yay!

    • babelony says:

      Aren’t you sweet! I’m the one that told Chris that she should grab kookoo’s name. She’s always cracked me up with her snarky comments to Kelly and I knew that no one else could do justice to kikilets name. Was I right, or was I right? Love ya, kikigirl!

      I’ve been busy and haven’t been around for a few days. I see I have a ton of catching up to do–glad I caught this blog–I usually do try to read here at least.

      Olivia, I couldn’t agree more with eveything you said. It’s so good to see you back.

    • Undermywheels says:

      You’ve rock! Keep it up!

    • quincyil says:

      Wow, KellyKillorenBensimon’s long last twin. Welcome. We hope you come often and bring Chief your dog. I looked at twitter yesterday and you are funny. Congrats.

  29. jeang says:

    I believe in the lyrics, “When you’re hot, you’re hot and when you’re not, your’re not. ” I believe that is why there is such an urgency for Betheny and Silex, etc to strike and make as much money as you can, while you can. Eventually these Bravo ships will sail away and popularity will tank.

  30. AZ Girl says:

    I am surprised that Simon is getting involved in this twitter dispute with Chris. As Chris noted above, Kelly has never taken ownership of all the crazy, horrible things she has done on HW to Bethenney, Sonja, Romona etc. Maybe Kelly is going bonkers over the tweets but what is the big deal? They are tweets. Funny tweets that are reflective of what Kelly has put out there in twitterland on her own. If Kelly is reacting to this situation as nothing more than a joke then maybe she does need some “help”.
    Simon I find Kelly’s behavior much more malicious last season than Chris’ tweets.
    Move on.

  31. lillybee says:

    Quincy, thank you for the first epi of the NY housewives. It was funny.

  32. DarkSonnet says:

    I also found the preview clips of Bethenny’s new series to be disappointingly disconcerting.

    Bethenny has exhibited an abrasive personality in the past and many of her fans had hoped marriage and Bryn would have a softening effect for her.

    There is no way that I am watching an hour of “Harridan On Parade” each week. I have been a fan of Bethenny in the past but I will not support this destructive negative behavior.

    In her defense, I can see the reality of wanting to set some boundaries before they become an issue that results in family firestorms. Hurt feelings in family relationships can endure for years and sometimes are never completely healed. Bethenny, above all, should certainly be sensitive/aware to this possibility.

    However, the manner in which she approached the subject to Jason’s parents could be viewed as demeaning, abrasive and dismissive. She appeared not to have a clue that she was inflicting pain on these people, specifically Jason’s mother.

    Bethenny might be due for a reality check concerning the disconnect of her stated priorities in life and her actions. as indicated by her proclamations
    Hauling an infant around on all your adventures proclaiming that you can’t bear to be away from her is not necessarily healthy love. Part of parenting is thinking of others rather than yourself all the time.

    Is Bethenny capable of balancing her passion for fame and fortune with her new family?

    Time will tell.

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      Good points. Fame is a drug and I worry about Bethenny hittin’ the pipe a little too hard. Hopefully she keeps both feet on the ground.

    • HD says:

      This blog has been on fire today! And I love it! I am especially loving the comments which perhaps go against the grain. AMEN AND AMEN! I have been saying all of this. I have a good sense for people and I just know that I know that this is not going to go down in magarita heaven for B. After I saw that clip I thought oh sh*t.

  33. HD says:

    I missed a lot. I see Simon stopped by and posted which was more than I ever expected however in his answer I still don’t see why was it his business about the name?

    • Katie (aka kats2) says:

      I’m still trying to find that out too.

      • vilzvet says:

        There was a good idea upthread that perhaps Kelly is truly going bonkers in real life (no surprise there) and that Simon is just trying to protect her. In which case Kelly should never have gone on twitter in the first place, she doesn’t have the backbone or sense of humor to put herself out there.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Well, that makes 3 of us… I’ve put this incident in my “what the H possessed him to do that?” category.

  34. jeang says:

    The real kkb has been busy tweeting again today, numerous pics including another bikini shot on palm beach. It’s so dark all you can see is her cereal box shape. She is always alone, except for the poor slob that has to tweet her fabulous/not pics. She is probably trying to set a record for most bikini shots of the year. Like someone is gonna jump on that for a paying modeling job or pleasure…..ewwww

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      (head smack!) wow – KKB is taking pictures in the vain hope of someone seeing them and offering her a job…..like as a SI swimsuit model…..she just wants to be discovered all over again!

      • vilzvet says:

        “All over again”? Hell, I knew every supermodel by name and face back in the day, and I honestly NEVER heard of Kelly, has anyone else? I got every issue of Cosmo, too. By the way, I bet the models of today are super-POd that the only people on fashion mag covers these days are actresses! It’s unbelievable. I loved getting Cosmo back in the 70s and 80s and looking forward to seeing the new “it” girl. Guess it will never happen again.

  35. jeang says:

    Hopefully Betheny will stop and think about what made her famous. Sure it was part snark but also a ton of her vunerability. She will lose more than she gains if she treats Jason and his family wrong. She shouldnt deprive Bryn of her grandparents time and love. It should be all about what is best for Bryn. She needs to show to Jason and to Bryn that unselfish love she claims to have. She doesnt have far to look to see what can become of her if she ticks fans off/JILLOUS/

  36. Katie says:

    Damnert if you are still here can you please answer the following or anyone else who knows for sure?

    I missed something – how/when did the following happen? How do we know they all kissed and made up?

    “Once you got what you wanted – support. You have, for the last few months told Jill and Kelly to “ignore the haters” of fans who wish to put them down. You are calling your very own fans haters and ingorant.”

    “Do I care that you all have kissed and made up? Nope. Do I care, when you proded and instigated attacks on Jill and Kelly, that you turn it around in a public forum as it being “those crazy fans being all mean to Jill and Kelly: Yep.”

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I know you asked Damnert but I can answer part of that question. (not taking sides here)

      When Kelly decided to change her name she started a whole new account and lost all of her followers, then Simon Tweeted this to Kelly:

      @KKBensimon Ur web guy is giving u poor advice.Better 2 chng user name on @Kikilet & keep ur 48k+ followers http://bit.ly/TwitterNameChange

      So Kelly did what Simon suggested, on her Kikilet account, she simply changed the name and kept all of her followers, BUT, when she did that, she failed to protect the @Kikilet name and Chris swiped it … I think that Simon assumed Kelly would know to protect the Kikilet name, or maybe Kelly never thought it would be an issue.

      THAT is why Simon felt that he should DM Chris and ask her to “park” the @Kikilet name, he felt partially responsible for the whole thing. It doesn’t explain WHY he helped her in the first place, but there ya have it


      And I just realized that doesn’t really answer your question, maybe it could expain why Damnert thought that they all kissed and made up. Simon also tweeted this recently when Jill said she was nervous about walking the runway…

      From Simon to Jill: Just ignore all those “know-it-all” Front Row experts (as until they’ve walked a runway what do they know?) & you’ll be fine

      • Kat says:

        Ah crap. Maybe Simon drank Jill’s Kool-aid afterall.
        Jill isn’t the devil incarnate but she is a royal b!tch.
        I hope the money is worth it.

      • Katie (aka kats2) says:

        Thank you Lynn! I knew about that tweet Simon sent Kelly and thought it was nice but odd because of the history. Same with the DM Simon sent Chris asking her to stop the Kelly twitter stuff (nice but odd).

        But now this tweet Simon sent Jill? Good lord maybe Damnert knows something more and they all have kissed and made up?

        • Need a Hobby says:

          The tweet Simon sent Jill had some intended irony IMO. Recall J’s hypercritical front row behavior when Alex was walking the runway at the Brooklyn fashion show. Telling Simon how Alex should walk, etc.

          Bascially Simon’s tweet was kindly
          telling J to ignore the “Jills” in the audience, IMO.

        • PJ says:

          Maybe but also maybe Simon was reminding Jill of her own behavior when Alex walked the runway. Because Jill acted horribly when Alex walked the runway.

      • vilzvet says:

        My God, just the thought of Jill walking down a runway gives me the heebiejeebies. I mean, really?! Someone certainly doesn’t have the face!

      • DarkSonnet says:

        But hadn’t she already “abandoned” the Kikilet name before Simon intervened?

        The name was out there floating in cyberspace before he “helped”.
        I don’t think he should feel responsible for any part of the misfortune of Kelly.

      • AZ Girl says:

        That explains a lot. Thanks Lynn.

      • If You Had It Like This says:

        I was thinking that he might be making a point to Jill herself. Remember how she was trashing Alex when she walked the runway? She might have been the “know it all front row experts” he was referring to.

    • klmh says:

      Did you see Lynn’s response to your question? It does seem Simon helped KKB with her twitter acct.

  37. Olivia says:

    The thing is that when you choose to put yourself out there, whether as an artist, a politician, or a “reality star” you are as open to the criticism coming your way as the production of “Spider Man”. Even Christine Aguielara was subjected to quite a few body blows from last week’s Super Bowl and she is one powerful singer!

    Blogs like this offer the opportunity for those of us follwing these shows to include our own active like/dislike into the conversation and if these “stars” choose to log in they may find that the “lovebombs” included on the Bravo blogs are often missing. Some like Dina and Jill have proven they simply cannot live with any form of adverse criticism and strike back. A very dumb move, IMHO. Kelly exists on her own planet and her daily blatherings are more than likely to produce belly laughs. But Lord love that girl, she persists!

    I admit to approaching these shows with a jaded and cynical view. It really amuses me to find these “fame seekers” to be so far less than the image they hope to convey. We have sat here watching their antics offscreen provide more in the way of conversation and entertainment than whatever it is they do in front of the camera itself.

    DUIs, fraud, tax cheats, dysfunctional marriages, pretend “fiances”, bankruptcy, tattered reputations, name changes, home foreclosures, theft, messed up kids, porn tapes, drug users, all hidden from the public until it isn’t.

    If some of these people can sit before us with a straight face, commenting on the behavior of their cast members, then we too have the right to step to the plate and call them out on the bullsh*t. One of my rare moments of glee is watching Vicki Gunvlason fleeing the room in tears because somebody had the nerve to stand up to her. Another one who can “dish it out” but can’t take it.

    What these “stars” fail to recognize is that in a nation of 300 million people there is a mere 1 million or so of us who have ever heard of them!

    • Kat says:

      If you are going to play football don’t cry when you get tackled.
      Kelly forgot her helmet.

      It’s all a game. Know it or get played. I’m jaded too.

    • quincyil says:

      What’s the chance of getting hit by lighting? I think it’s one in 700,000 plus…

      I think what Simon and the other reality stars are saying is they are real people with real feelings and they feel pain as well as joy. You can’t argue with that. Bravo wants us to discuss the show, but this twitter business and sharing every thought from a reality star’s mind gives a whole new dimension to the universe.

      I think it is a mistake for the stars to share. However, I really miss Jill Zarin’s food tweets as I was using them in my subset blog which I forgot to write in all of the excitement of this day. Ooops…See you soon.

  38. vilzvet says:

    Not a biggie but I put “ER” in my Blockbuster list, the episodes that Kyle appeared in from 2005. It came yesterday and I watched them quickly. She played a nurse and had a very few short lines. I never watched the show before. In a nutshell, if she thinks she can just “get back into” acting with no problem she’s gonna still have the TONS of competition out there for the tiny parts she’s had. Also, I just rewatched the episode where she threw out the drunken barracuda and I could swear she got mixed up after repeating over and over the same things (get off my husband/get out of my house) and said, “Get out of my husband!” LOLOL!

  39. jezzibel says:

    In no way am I defending Kelly or her actions, but after following her on twitter during the middle of the last season and so on, at some point I had a sudden insight into some of her crazy
    *disclaimer I’m not a psychologist or any such, just got a flash of insight thats all*
    Kelly as others have noticed and said lives in her own reality, in fact she waers it like armor and we’ve seen both on the show and in the news what Kelly is like when she gets a chink in her reality armor, she gets very angry because there is a hole in her reality and it showes her that its not all gummi bears and unicorns. I think the name change on twitter is the latest hole in her reality armor:
    1) losing the twitter name she’s had for a while made her look rather stupid(and in her reality she’s brilliant)
    2) Chris’s parody of her is funny and people are laughing at that parody(in her reality people are laughing at her , not with her)
    3) Bethenny is a substantial hole when it comes to Kelly’s reality armor, Bethenny has everything Kelly wants, but can never seem to really get or hang on too.(in her reality if Bethenny can do it so can I)
    There is a lot to Kelly that we can mock and make fun of…hell I do..and she makes it easy to do, but Kelly has developed her reailty and had it in place for a very long time, and she’r reacted violently everytime someone has made a whole in the fabric of her reality, her ex-fiancee, scary Island, Chris(not violent yet but I imagine her outbursts against @kikilet will get worse if they actually show S4).
    Since I wasn”t on twitter and did’nt see the squabble go down, it occured to me that maybe Simon may have been taking a proactive approach toward the whole @kikilet persona, because I’m sure after what happened on and off camera during last season when Kelly had her mental break, he may have a better idea what Kelly is capable of. Or I could be completely wrong, but he did stop by to defend himself which is a hell of a lot more then anyother HW accused of being in the wrong has done before.

  40. Brandi says:

    I don’t think anyone cares, but I happened to turn a simple comment into a novel. Sorry ’bout that

    Aw, I love Bethenny. I agree she can be too “witty” sometimes, but that is what made her famous and people usually hang onto their “shtick” to keep the fans happy and keep the money rolling in. People might think that Bethenny is above human impulses, like wanting a shit ton of money, but she is just human after all.
    Not to compare her to Nene but Nene obviously has gotten quite the following and is making more money from her big attitude (BAM!….are you Emeril? No? Shut up) and now her attitude is engulfing her entire person and she is a huge bitch – just to be famous and make bank.

    As for B wanting to make her own family traditions, I can sort of see that. I see both sides of the coin. On one hand she should be happy that she has a family that is embracing her and her child…she does finally have a “family”. On the other hand she is starting her own little family with her child and husband and she might want to make their own traditions because, be honest, a lot of new families do that! I don’t think she is being totally evil and I really doubt she doesn’t want the grandparents to see the baby or anything like that. A lot of the one sided opinions I read don’t seem to be based totally on fact. Rather it is a small clip or quote – sliced and diced to concoct a way more radical version…sort of like what Bravo does to make the Housewives interesting when they are being boring old ladies….am I close?

    I am obviously a Bethenny fan. I would hate to see her get TOO mean just to keep up with her sassier than thou reputation. I know she can get snappy with Jason but you can tell they are in love. Are we being serious about relationships here? In a perfect world, relationships would be perfect and nobody would bicker. In reality – that is not always the case. My Great Aunt and her late husband were one of those “Pleasantville” perfect couples. “Hey hun, you want some tea babe?” “Oh I’d love some, hun. Thanks, sugar :)” hugs and cuddles forever and ever. It was sweet and it was genuine but it bewildered a lot of people. I, on the other hand, am in a happy relationship. I am engaged – have been with the same man for about 7 1/2 years now and aside from the trials and tribulations of life in general we are happy together. Other people say we bicker constantly, though..and we probably do, but its not in anger and we don’t get mad at each other. Its honestly how we communicate sometimes, we’re so used to it we just don’t even realize it anymore. So, for me (I haven’t seen the clips but I’m sure they aren’t TERRIBLE) I think it isn’t that crazy for couples to bicker or be sarcastic to one another. Everyone has a personality and people fall in love with people for who they are, not who they want them to be..or at least that is how it should be.
    So, an imperfect marriage for an imperfect world is kind of how I see it. They aren’t at each other’s throats around the clock or anything like that so…what is the big deal actually? Reality on reality TV? I know its not all that common but hey, it happens!

    • Katie (aka kats2) says:

      I hear ya, but it’s the delivery and attitude that bothered me the most. It was uncomfortable to watch that clip and see the interaction between Bethenny and her mother-in-law. I felt like Bethenny was ready to snap.

      • DarkSonnet says:

        For me it was one of the most uncomfortable scenes that I have witnessed on the Housewives series.

        Respect is not a word that should ever be underestimated in the world of life. JMHO

      • Cusi77 says:

        Kat you are back! OMG! I missed you so much! As well as I’ve missed Olivia… where is MAMAZ? and Laura? Dumberries? TrueLifeDiva?

    • error404 says:

      Holidays are for happy families. For some people, holidays are a reminder of how f-ed up their awful childhood was. So…. any indication from these clips on how sensitive mr perfect and his Beaver Cleaver family are to B’s issues?

    • California35 says:

      I have not seen the preview you guys are talking about either. I want able to open it, and didn’t try again. I am her fan, and am hoping it is part of her lessening experience that she will overcome. The previews some times show one thing only to get our attention, but then when we watch the episode they show the next part. They show the problem on the preview and then they show it again along with the solution on the episode. Remember when she was crying to her friends on how everything was too much for her, then they showed her laughing at herself for crying. I agree with people here regarding relationships, her interest to build her business and that hopefully her family wont be affected, and that the inlaws deserve respect…and I hope nothing gets out of control. Her show is about “having it all” and the challenge to “balance” it all. She is human, she is new at the family/husband/child thing and thinking about others not inky herself, so I am sure there will be times when she doesn’t react the way she should. PLUS she is Bethenny lol we know how she is lol

      Any ways, I am looking forward to her show. Like many here, I hope I don’t change my mind about her, but I still am a fan 🙂

      • California35 says:

        Ugh – the typos and automatic correction!! Sorry
        Leaning experience not Lessining..
        Not only herself instead of inky herself.

        • Golden Girl says:

          I agree I’m still a fan as of now, but who knows what will happen when the season airs. I really, really hope she doesn’t disappoint.

  41. jeang says:

    I am with you Brandi on Bravos editing of the clips they are releasing. How many times have we seen them show something explosive only to have the scene played out that was nothing as dramatic as the preview clips.? I hope Betheny is smarter than Bravo cause I do love me some Betheny and I hope she knows how to play them at their game. If not, I will have to find me a different brand of margaritas because I am only buying them to help support her and her little family. They are good with a splash of Cointreau but I like miller lite beer, spumante, whiskey,jeff lewis dirty martinis(no Vicki G you dont own them) etc and if she turns it around as in JILLOUS, I will drop Skinny Girl Margaritas in a heartbeat. I dont support bad behaviour.

    • California35 says:

      Hi Jeang, I was just saying that about the preview clips…I am also a fan and also buying her products….I soooo hopeshe doesn’t change my mind lol

  42. Olivia says:

    Brandi, I think you offer a fine assessment. And I can only speak for myself here, no one else.

    Many of us here have been fans and supporters of Bethenny, primarily from last season when it seemed as if Jill was instigating anything within her power to damage her. This blog was created in large part to that mistreatment.

    Having said that, we also continued to follow Bethenny and took a great deal of pleasure in watching her make her dreams come true. Husband, baby, business, all coming together and after listening to her sorrow of not having a family of her own,and spending many holidays by herself (these are things she has said herself) we all wanted a “happy ending” to take place for her sake.

    I will admit to being a little put off during the BGM? show by her sitting on a toilet seat and announcing her pregnancy. Or when she peed in a bucket in full dress. Or when she jumped into the swimming pool bare@ssed naked on her honeymoon. Also, the constant referrals to penis and sexual encounters were rather offputting since I saw no need to include this in an othewise “fun” little show. Not being a prude, but for me it was gratuitous at best.

    When she appeared on “Skating With the Stars” it became a never ending whine about how stressed out she was, how busy her schedule became, how tired she was running from coast to coast, and I had to question just who it was that was holding the gun to her head forcing her to perform?

    The few clips of the new season show more of the same. Perhaps I am being a little unfair here since these were brief clips at best but it did seemed to me that she appeared resentful for having to make a visit to Jason’s parents and brushed aside their desire to spend time with them as she announced rather strongly that perhaps celebrating the holidays together was not in the cards. These people have always appeared to be very kind and decent and the fact that they are probably up there in age you would think that a request for holiday time would be a given. Jason did not appear to be very happy with her response but again, it was a small clip and maybe they got it straightened out. His Mom appeared to be very conciliatory toward what was being said but all in all it struck me that this was perhaps a rather selfish outlook to exhibit considering the fact that he is the only child and Bryn their only grandchild. It just seems to me that the holidays are exactly the right time to be together and it looked to me as if Bethenny has every intention on excluding them.

    This presents, to me at least, a very different picture of someone who only a few months ago was whining and crying over her lack of family ties. Jason seems to be a very nice person who goes the distance to make those he loves feel secure. It would just seem to me that she would make every effort to make sure that his family feels a part of their lives because the truth of the matter is that no one lives forever.

    I’m hoping to be proven wrong as this second season unfolds. If so, I will be the first to amend my rather slanted views. But I happen to like and respect Jason’s parents and from what I have seen they appear to be the kind of in laws most people would want. Loving their son and grandchild should not be held against them. But Bethenny seems to be calling the shots here and it will be interesting to see how she plays her hand.

    • Katie (aka kats2) says:

      I hope I’m too but I just get the feeling Jill and Bethenny have some ugly messed up priorities.

    • TEB says:

      I respect your point of view and agree- however, I can also see where Bethenny wants to have her own memories with her family. I love my in-laws but there are times when I just want to be with my family by myself. My in-laws are always trying to be a part of EVERYTHING and it gets kinda old. Especially since MILs like to give their opinion on how everything should work (which may differ from you and your husbands opinion).

      • Nancy says:

        Bethenny doesn’t even want them to sleep in their home when they are visiting them. Not the warmest feelings.

        • TEB says:

          You don’t know the full dynamics of the relationship. It’s not fair to judge. My MIL comes off ‘on the surface’ as a lovely lady. Everyone thinks she is great. There is A-LOT that goes on behind the scenes. I don’t want my MIL in my house overnight either.

    • error404 says:

      “I had to question just who it was that was holding the gun to her head forcing her to perform?”

      I often question this too.

      I know that B is trying to cram an entire life’s worth of $ into 15 minutes of fame, but she’d be well served to try and tone down the whine some. Lot’s of people are complaining.

      But I think we know the answer with regard to SWTS and RHONY is: the network.

      I really do think they all but pulled a real gun out when “persuading” her to consider staying on RHONY, and considering that she was the nearest thing to a celebrity that the ill-concieved SWTS had, I suspect there was a lot of “persuading” going on to get her to sign.

      She seems to have finally said “No” to something, s4 of RHONY, and not only is that venture now in the trash can, but fans are dissing her for it anyway *cough*Sg*cough*

  43. jeang says:

    One thing I believe and hope is true about Betheny is that if she did start getting people twitter to her to stop it already with mistreating her inlaws and jason, I dont think she would block…I could be wrong…..I was so wrong about JILLOUS back in season one. I am just glad I didnt buy one of her ridiculous team jill overpriced tshirts. I would be letting the dog groomers wash my dog with it now if I had.

  44. jeang says:

    Off Topic, I think my quiet weekends are coming to an end. Two boats on the lake across the street of my front yard just now when I let my dog outside. Fishing, but it wont be long before the party boats and seadoos are out Sat and Sun.

    • Kat says:

      I really am hoping for spring to happen sooner than later. I want to open the windows, turn up the music and clean. Where did the sunlight go? I need stonehenge to find it.

    • klmh says:

      Sounds beautiful. I love being around water, although just a pool and a koi pond. Hope to move oceanfront or view in a few years.

    • quincyil says:

      Well, something happened to my pool today and the water is missing and the cover fell in. The cover is not torn and I am putting water in it. I’m hoping the baffle valve released the water because of the heavy snow, but we will see.
      Swimming pools in Illinois are difficult with the freeze thaw.

      My husband told me about it, but guess who dragged the hose and dealt with the issues?

  45. jeang says:

    I hope when JIllous walks the runway she falls as flat on her skeezy a#s as she did when she was “skating”. I am now drinking my first Skinny Girl Margarita tonight. Havent had any for two weeks, but my sister gave me two bottles and a large bottle on Cointreau for my birthday last month and its time to get started waiting on RHWatl .

  46. lillybee says:

    I hope that this hasn’t been posted earlier. Heidi Montag has stated that she is going to be on RHOBH next season. Andy Cohen said that she was delusional and shut her down.

  47. Katie (aka kats2) says:

    Who will be watching the Atlanta Reunion Part 1 tonight and WWHL with Cindy and Peter?

  48. Crisanna says:

    I love Adrienne and Paul:

    AdrienneMaloof RT @DrPaulNassif yo adrienne!!! > Calm down there, Rocky.
    about 7 hours ago via Twitterrific in reply to DrPaulNassif

  49. quincyil says:

    The “I Love Jill Zarin” blog on the prairie by quincyil

    Jill Zarin is worried about being a Debbie Downer in her Valentine’s newsletter. I won’t be receiving it, but she was being honest and that means someone is not happy. I can’t imagine why Jill would be unhappy as she is wearing a $30,000 dress in a few minutes and walking the runway at the Feb. Fashion Shows in NYC. I’m sure she will look great and we will see photos of her in the news tomorrow night.

    I have given up on the remote possibility that Jill Zarin will tweet her food choices. I think we will never hear about her dessert options again as she just does not wish to give me material for my “I Love Jill Zarin” blog.

    Jill Zarin has been celebrating Valentines Day since Feb. 11. You won’t believe me if I tell you so I’m giving the link and the quote.

    Jill Zarin: “Jill plans on spending a romantic evening at home with her husband Bobby and modeling the new lace design of her Skweez Couture shapewear,” Jill’s rep tells us. “Bobby always starts Valentine’s early by sending flowers a few days prior. The first bouquet of 500 imported french red roses arrived on Feb. 11.”
    What can I add to this?
    The end

  50. error404 says:

    not buying the Prince Valiant scenario.

    bat shit crazy is a 24/7 job.

    so… what if Simon was successful in ending “twittergate” and preventing another Kiki “breakthrough”. So what? And what happens 5 minutes later when a “threatening” gift basket of mini-muffins arrives and she goes off the rails again? Or 5 minutes after that when one of the “broken toys” she dates is malfunctioning? Will Simon wear a cape and come swooping in to save her every time?

    It makes no kind of sense no how.

  51. Where did everyone see these clips from B’s new show? On tv? Bc I couldn’t find anything online.

    • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

      Lynn posted the link yesterday in the comments section of the blog.

    • Katie (aka kats2) says:

      Hey RCH! They are very hard to find on the Bravo site here’s the link


      Would love to hear what you have to say about the whole MIL discussion. So come back and comment.

      • Thanks for the link. I couldn’t even find the Bethenny Ever After page. What is going on over at Bravotv.com? They don’t even have a page for Miami yet.

        So I watched the clips and completely, entirely, fail to see what everyone is talking about. Did I miss a clip? I saw 3.

        When B is at the parents house they were talking about them coming to visit every weekend and they wanted to start planning for Halloween and that’s when she was like “Hold on…”
        Of course she doesn’t want to drive 2 hours to see the grandparents on Halloween. I’m sure she was planning on tick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Halloween is not a holiday grandparents need to be involved in. So I don’t understand what the big deal is here.
        People were leaving comments about Christmas. I didn’t see her say anything about not spending Christmas or any of the important holidays with them. From the clip, it looked like they see the grandparents a lot.

        • Katie (aka kats2) says:

          Just speaking for myself, I don’t think there is anything wrong with setting boundaries but I think it could have been handled in a nicer way by Bethenny. I thought she was going to snap while talking about it over dinner. It looked like there was tension, it was uncomfortable for me to watch.

          • To me it just looked like a normal conversation. The grandparents were joking about seeing the baby every weekend. Of course they want to, but they know it’s not realistic. They were teasing her by bringing up Thanksgiving then took it a step further with the Halloween comment trying to get a reaction out of her. It just looked like friendly teasing/joking to me.
            Bethenny goes a little over board in her reaction to thing, but that’s her personality and the parents know that.
            I didn’t see the problem or uncomfortable-ness that some people are talking about.

        • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

          I rewatched, RCH, and I agree with you. Thanksgiving was mentioned, as in “What are your plans for Thanksgiving” and then came, “well first we have to get through Halloween” Bethenny looked alarmed, probably because she did not realize Halloween was a holiday to be shared with grandparents. Like any other working mom, she was probably calculating in her head… work, costumes, 2 hr. drive, what will we eat, when will we eat, when will the baby nap, etc.

          I have a feeling that there is more to this storyline. Jason refers to a discussion they all had “last night”.

          • Me too. She looked shocked like “Huh? I have to come all the way out here for Halloween too?”
            B is an over reactor. It’s her personality.
            I think the parents were teasing her.

            Idk… that’s what it looked like to me.

      • error404 says:

        Oh my Lord. THATS the teapot that everyone’s made a tempest in?!? All I saw was a clip of 4 adults having a civil conversation and all seem to agree in the end. THIS is what everyone seems to think is evil B showing her true devil colors? WTH?!?!

        • I agree with you error. I watched the three preview clips and I don’t know what everyone is getting all worked up about. I’m still shaking my head over the comment about Bethenny becoming the “most hated ex-housewife”. WTH?

        • I know. From the comments I read I was expecting to see B telling the parents that they wouldn’t be spending Christmas eve with them because she had plans to attend a fab VIP party in LA and the baby would be at the hotel room with the nanny or something like that.

          The clips looked pretty harmless to me.

  52. LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

    Lynn posted the link on yesterday’s blog. In the comments section.

  53. boston02127 says:

    Anyone watching the Grammy Awards?

    • Katie (aka kats2) says:

      Yep, but will switch to Atlanta reunion.

    • error404 says:

      gag arrive sin an egg… very appropo as her new song laid an egg. lol

      • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

        Her new song sounded (to me) very similar to an old Madonna song?

        • error404 says:

          express yourself

          • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

            Don’t go for second best baby, put yourself to the test – Exactly right Error, just didn’t know the name of the Madonna song. Anyway, weird that they sound so much alike. Was it you who posted the Madonna/LadyGaGa montage the other day? Very apropo.

      • Crisanna says:

        what is wrong wiht her? she just got her grammy and sounded so stilted and “fake” humble. just come off it! you think you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread because of you super secret stunt. i think she is full of herself at this point. the stunts and gag outfits are a turn off for me. she should win grammys on her own merit..singing ability…not stunts.

  54. LynnNChicago says:

    Aretha has some serious skinny going on… I hope it’s a bypass and not illness. She’s entirely too badass to whither away.

    WOW Manzo! I guess just because you and your husband had gastric bypass you think everyone loses weight that way…maybe she’s eating right and active? Never thought of that ..did ya?

    • Katie (aka kats2) says:

      Aretha must be wearing SPANX

      • I believe Aretha has Cancer

        • Katie (aka kats2) says:

          I know I was throwing a dig to Zarin and Manzo

          • LynnNChicago says:

            I didn’t know she was ill… apparently Caroline didn’t know either. I’m sure she’s getting nailed on Twitter as we speak…

            Another Housewife opens mouth and inserts foot

            • Katie (aka kats2) says:

              She is or was very sick, she looked great of course thinner but not dying which is what people thought.

        • DarkSonnet says:

          I’m not sure what the true story is, but Aretha has strongly denied that she has cancer.

          “I don’t know where ‘pancreatic cancer’ came from,” the Queen of Soul tells “Access Hollywood.” “I was sitting there reading the newspaper and it was saying someone in my family said that. No one in my family ever said that to anybody.”

          The 68-year-old singing legend underwent surgery for her undisclosed health problem in December and now says things couldn’t be better.

          “[My doctor] said, ‘The surgery that you just had is going to add 15 to 20 more years to your life,'” she reveals. Another perk? “I’m down to a rockin’ [size] 16 – 18… It’s getting better every day. I plan on keeping this weight that I have now — I’m so happy with it.”


          • Katie (aka kats2) says:

            There were/still are tons of rumors, but I don’t think it was a weight loss surgery that was just the outcome of what she went through.

        • nancy says:

          yes, she does. Has had surgery. Canceled all tour dates. Very sad.

  55. Katie (aka kats2) says:

    And the love-fest continues – from Alex to Jill

    On Monday 14th February 2011, @mccordalex said:

    Jill, put 1ft in front of the other & ignore those who criticize from the front row! Can’t be there as at @MarcBouwer Good Luck RT @ramonasinger: Off with @averysinger to lincoln center it see Zang Toi @Jillzarin s walking and hope does better than me at my brooklyn fashion walk LOL

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Yes, Jill… Hope and pray that people will not treat you as you treated Alex when she was on the runway.

      You know…Karma

    • Katie (aka kats2) says:

      So what are all the Alex and Simon lovers going to do when they watch them kiss and make up with the person they hate the most – Jill Zarin?

      I think in the world of Bravo HW’s it’s best to tread lightly, proceed with caution with all of them.

  56. WSL says:

    Ad Girl
    Excuse me. That grape must have class.
    The countless says u are born with class. I guess everyone from her reservation was born with class NOT. Ramona said class is proper behavior. Then someone said it’s making people feel comfortable.Maybe Alex said that. Remember this occured S1 at the dinner at Jill’s, cooked by Miss B, where Ramona got smart & went dancing just b4 it got boring (or did it get boring cuz she left. Bethanny arrogantly said “People spend a $1000 to hire me to eat my food”(diet muffins & margaritas)!

    Jill is wearing/ modeling girdles for Boooob bee for VD. Yuck !
    I don’t care if it’s Elizabeth Taylor at the height of her beauty, she wore a slip, cuz NO BODY wanted to see her perfect body in a girdle ! In “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, she was beautiful,in a slip.
    I hope to baby Jesus that
    Mr & Mrs Schmatta r not warming us up for FogHorn’s body in a girdle to b the face/body of her girdle line. On the other hand maybe we should encourage her so she fails quicker. Oh s#*t I forgot even when she fails
    Boooob bee let’s her have book parties for another couple of years so she can say the fans still love the book & beg for book signings and her other crap. I bet they closed the ground floor of Zarin cuz the books were getting musty in the bastement & they know rats are attracted to the rubber smell on girdles.
    Sorry, I am not sure where that rant came from.
    Oh, this was about eating a grape with class while wearing girdles by iLL.

    • Adgirl says:

      LOL!WSL you crack me up every time!!
      I’ve been wondering when ace bandage undies became foreplay. Isn’t that bait and switch? I mean aren’t guys going to errr, notice the 2″ expansion?

      It’s a good thing Bobby likes his drinks because most men may not be turned on by a Skweez stiptease,

  57. jeang says:

    I think I will be back later, cause I want to want to watch a real celebrity, the queen of england, a really classy lady, which is not a faux contess. and is coming on now. I will catch up later with the screaming and cursing HWof alt later.

  58. WSL says:

    I noticed a clip where Miss B is scolding Jason cuz he touched Brin while Miss B apparently
    DID NOT appreciate his doing that. She gave him a look of anger you give to an enemy not some one you adore.
    Wow it gave me a chill.
    That look would keep from betting on the kind of respect
    friends/lovers have for each other.

    • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

      WSL, do you mean the clip where Beth and Bryn are sleeping in a chair and Jason comes in and wakes them up?

  59. quincyil says:

    Well, I am done for the day. I have been in Marachech this afternoon and it has been an adventure. If something could go wrong for Jill Zarin and Kelly, it went wrong. Oh, my. Fortunately, my knowledge of Sharia Law is going to come in handy. Let’s just say that it looks like Paradise, but it is a little different. You are probably wondering what Ramona meant by there were some tears in Morocco, right? rotfl…

    Jill Zarin might wish she had been a little nicer to Lynn when she reads this episode in her life. She never did find that luggage. rotfl

  60. Katie (aka kats2) says:

    Lynn retweeted this it’s so funny –

    BobbyDrakeTheDJ DJ BobbyDrake
    by LynnNChicago
    Lady Gaga was @ the VMAs covered in meat. She was @ the Grammys dressed as an egg. Two more red carpets & She will be a Denny’s Grand Slam.

  61. boston02127 says:

    Lol…..Kim leaves her house & says to her kids “don’t do anything I wouldn’t do”.

  62. boston02127 says:

    I’m watching the wedding for the first time. Cynthia’s dress….hmm, the bow is bigger than her head. No rings?

  63. boston02127 says:

    Phaedra looks pretty. She looks pretty when she’s happy.

  64. WSL says:

    Hi Dark Sonnet
    Ur ink that said Bethany can b:
    ” demeaning, abrasive and
    dismissive. She appeared not to have a clue that she was inflicting pain on these people”
    I am gonna keep that copy & past. & bet I will use it again in the future. I couldn’t have said it as well.
    I love song lyrics/poetry. Every time I see ur name I want to Google Shakespeare & dark sonnet. If I hadn’t written a VD poem myself I had planed to find one at the inspiration of u.
    What inspired ur name.
    Happy Valentines Day.

  65. New York Housewife Alex McCord on New Season: “We Go to the Brink of Insanity and Back!”
    The Real Housewives are about to get real ugly.

    Real Housewives of New York City star Alex McCord says this season viewers will see some extreme craziness go down—even with Bethenny Frankel and Jill Zarin’s fighting done—because all is not rosy between the seasoned Housewives and new castmember Cindy Barshop.

    “Oh, it’s not one epic fight, it is 100 fights,” McCord told us. “We’re comfortable enough with each other now that it’s no holds barred. I did not know Cindy before. You’ll have to see what happens with her and everyone.”

    And where does her husband, Simon, fit in to all of this?

    Simon says he’s still pressing buttons, annoying the other wives—including Barshop—and, as usual, tagging along with his wife for this season.

    “On Cindy all I can say it’s really hard to come into a mature cast that has been around each other for four years,” he told us today at the Cynthia Steffe show at Lincoln Center. “It takes a while to work out how to avoid the drama.”

    Alex says one incident reaches such madness that “you can’t make up what happens.”

    “People go all the way to the brink of insanity and back and there and back again,” she told us.

    Bravo honcho and Watch What Happens host Andy Cohen also weighed in on the Housewives rumors from the front row at the Diane Von Fürstenberg show today. He assures us rumors of the show being pushed back because of problems with a boring plot are not true.

    “It’s great, it’s an amazing season, we just wrapped three weeks ago, we really wanted to get it perfect and we had Miami sitting on the shelf,” he told E! News. “It’s great, we all love it. Bethenny and Jill had their own drama. What’s interesting about the premiere is the dust is still settling on that feud so it’s interesting to see how these women are picking it back up.”

    Cohen promised we’ll be seeing it all “very soon” and as for him refereeing the post season chats, he tells us the theme of any future reunion shows.

    “The buzz word for 2011 is keep your hands off Andy,” he laughed.

    Also at the DVF show Fergie sat front row next to Molly Sims, who told E! News she was looking forward to wearing some of the collection.

    “I loved it,” she told us. “The greens, the aquamarines, it was insane.”

    The Black Eyes Peas frontwoman wasn’t the only performer missing tonights Grammys—Kanye West was in New York for the Tory Burch presentation at the tents this morning. The rapper caused such a stir strolling into the tent that staffers had to be instructed to stop taking his picture.

    “So many people were just running right up to him and snapping away,” said an eyewitness. “He got bum rushed, but got out of there just fine.”

    Meanwhile, last night saw the afterparty for the Charlotte Ronson show and a bash at the Standard Hotel’s Boom Boom room, where Chloë Sevigny and Michelle Trachtenberg danced until the wee hours while DJ Leigh Lezark (of the Misshapes) kept the tunes spinning.


  66. WSL says:

    Hi Katie
    I didn’t know u were Kat2 ! I thought u were relatively new. I noticed u jumped in w/both feet & except for Cal35(not a troll) & trolls, jumping in so quickly, doesn’t usually happen. (I was told that & several people thought I was a troll).
    Ok I am getting off the topic:U.
    That’s why I didn’t welcome u back. I came on in July & I remember I confused u & Kat,Quincy & Olivia. Then u suddenly disappeared. There have been lots of new people in the last month I thought u were 2.
    I really like that u r feisty.
    U keep me on my toes.
    Now that I know it’s our beloved Kat2 come home :
    Welcome Kat2 WELCOME Kat2 🙂 🙂
    Welcome Kat2 WELCOME Kat2 🙂 🙂
    Welcome Kat2 WELCOME Kat2 🙂 🙂
    Welcome Kat2 WELCOME Kat2 🙂 🙂
    Welcome Kat2 WELCOME Kat2 🙂 🙂
    Welcome Kat2 WELCOME Kat2 🙂 🙂
    Welcome Kat2 WELCOME Kat2 🙂 🙂
    Welcome Kat2 WELCOME Kat2 🙂 🙂
    Welcome Kat2 WELCOME Kat2 🙂 🙂
    Welcome Kat2 WELCOME Kat2 🙂 🙂
    Welcome Kat2 WELCOME Kat2 🙂 🙂
    Welcome Kat2 WELCOME Kat2 🙂 🙂

    Now, Where the heck were u ?

    • Katie (aka kats2) says:

      Thank you WSL! I missed everyone here. Work and life just took over and I took a break and dove back in. Happy to be back.

    • Kat says:

      WSL… trolls? You a troll? LMAO 8)
      Your mind keeps detail like a steal trap.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        My darling WSL, I thought we agreed to forget about that ugly incident when we got off on the wrong foot and I wondered which mental institution on Wall Street you were residing in?

  67. Amber...RealWife says:

    A mess! i.e. the ATL Reunion!

    “A hit dog will holler! LOL Terrible but true.

    • error404 says:


      i loved when Andy pointed out that each and every costar said things about Phae, but she only singled Nene out as having a problem with her. Kinda gives Nene’s allegations some Hmmmmm

  68. error404 says:

    pull it over!

    a book about how to land your own big pappa??!?!?!?! Oh helllll no! lol

    • Amber...RealWife says:

      Wait a second Error, she’s had 3 wealthy lovers…Brianna’s dad, BigPoppa and now the NFLBaller. She’s the kind of woman that attracts wealthy men like LindaThompson, ChrisJenner, EddieMurphy’sEx etc.

      Some women, be it proximity or sexuality, keep finding wealthy men, that want to committ.

    • justanothermary says:

      The book will wind up in the same trash heap as her alleged Playboy shoot, songs called Tight Rope and The Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing. The bottom line is Kim is a liar, has been season 1 and will continue to be one. Her biggest lies are the ones she tells herself. BTW what ever happened to her “Google Me” song? Is that on Itunes or anything?

  69. boston02127 says:

    I don’t even care how Atlanta ends. So long…..
    G’night all.

  70. WSL says:

    1) I bet Fog Horn was not on the front row of any of the top designers.
    2)ILL was a runway model? What ?
    what designer is so desperate they need a 50 year old model ?

    3)I always tried to remember who Sonya reminded me of. It’s
    Barbara Streisand ! The crossed eyes & crooked nose aren’t pretty but some how with the great blond hair & flawless skin Sonya is great looking.

  71. Amber...RealWife says:

    Re: Kim and Sweetie

    Sweetie is grown and can make her own decisions. What she accepts is her business, if she allows abusive treatment that is her choice. However, when anyone with any decency hears the language and demeaning insults, that’s when it crosses the line. No one should be made a witness to such dirty filth. That Kim refuses to admit that it is unacceptable treatment is more nefarious that just being a dolt who doesn’t get it. To hear the BigPoppa called Sweetie a “black bitch” and Kim defended herself by saying “he said it, I didn’t say it!” suggested she allowed her married lover to mistreat her assistant with racial insults. If he yelled that at Sweetie in front of the other HW’s, you can only imagine what he said and Kim allowed when no one was within hearing.

    • Kat says:

      WIG is insensitive, dense, and likely a bigot. Call my friend a black B and I’m in your fecking face… gawd it pisses me off so much I could not watch it.
      I just want to shake her.

      • error404 says:

        this was the one really smart thing Phae said the entire season.

        Kim is clueless.

        • Amber...RealWife says:

          No Error, I disagree. She’s not clueless, she just refuses to behave appropriately. She knows many are uncomfortable with her actions yet she continues. She admitted she’d been talked to by Kandi and Derek and lastly Nene. 1, 2, 3 times she’s told and still she doesn’t see a problem. Bullshit! She sees it, but gets off on annoying people, and Sweetie also allows it to continue for a paycheck. There is no way Sweetie could be totally comfortable with Kim cursing at her in front of friends and strangers.

          I once worked as a receptionist for an int’l company. The young vice president, called and i’d answered as if it were an incoming call, due to the high volume of calls at that moment. He laughingly said “Do you know who the fuck this is?” to which myself and neighboring secretary were shocked as he was on speakerphone, I said “Yes I know who the fuck this is, may I help you?” He said “Hey don’t cuss at me” and I responded with “Don’t curse at me either, may I help you?”. He never ever jokingly “cussed” at me again. Had I allowed him to curse at me, like he did another assistant, it would’ve continued in front of other secretaries and executives.

  72. Satchels of Jelly Beans says:

    Someone posted this link on bravogossip.com. It’s called “Watch Taylor Lie”. It’s priceless.

  73. Katie (aka kats2) says:

    Good night everyone, good to be back look forward to chatting with you later!!!!!

  74. MichellefromNY says:

    I just wanted to let you all know that I met Ramona from the real housewives tonight!!!! I got tickets to fashion week because my hubby works for one of the sponsors. So anyway I was there for this show called Custo Barcelona. I had standing tickets but apparently people didn’t show up so they needed people to be “fillers” and sit in the seats. So I had a third row seat! The fashion show was really amazing. Wyclef Jean was there but I honestly had no idea it was him until after the show. He was like two rows away from me! Anyway, back to Ramona. So I left the show and my husband texted me “I just saw ramona from real housewives!”. Lol, love that my hubby knows the housewives. Anyway, so he said she walked into a different show so I was disappointed that I missed her. But then I was standing in the lounge area of the fashion show, waiting for some free starbucks lattes, and my husband says to me, “there she is!”. So I turn around, and she was there with avery. I was so excited I walked right up to her and said “hi ramona! I’m michelle, I love your show!” She’s like “oh thank you!” I told her how I was upset the show got pushed off and she assured me that it will begin in april for sure. I asked about morrocco and she said it was amazing. And avery was so cute! she’s so grownup! Ramona was soo ditzy and was just like the way she is on T.V and so was avery. Avery had the cutest leather dress on and ramona had a grey dress that was typically age-Inappropriate for her. But that’s why we love her!

    Anyway, they really are still filming because a bravo camera woman was following her around. I took a pic with her that I might post if I’m not too chicken. It was so funny that no one noticed her until I walked up to them. And as I was taking a pic with them everyone was staring. A woman even came over to me afterward and was like, “who is she?”
    This was my first celebrity encounter so I was super psyched! Best pre-valentines date EVER!

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Cool! What a treat!

    • Sparkles says:

      How fun! 🙂

    • lillybee says:

      Good for you.

    • California35 says:

      Thanks for sharing Michelle! Everything sounds like was fun and exciting – glad u were able to sit for the show – GLAD you meet and talked to Ramona!! 🙂

      • quincyil says:

        Congrats Michele. I think we will have fodder for the “I Love Jill Zarin” subset blog because Jill walked a runway last night.

        What did you wear Michele, if you see this could you write about this on today’s new blog? Also, if you saw any other celebrities.

        • vilzvet says:

          Cool, Michelle! I would enjoy meeting Ramona. So far I have met Alex and have seen Luann at her booksigning and Kelly at a horse show (ugh). Glad you had a night out too from babycare! How is the little guy?

        • MichellefromNY says:

          Sure. Definitely. I would love to guest write about my experience! Maybe then ill feel confident enough to post a pic!

          I only saw her and wyclef jean. But dont worry i was looking around! I would have stayed just to see if anyone famous would go to the calvin klein show, but we had a reservation for dinner so we had to leave.

          I wore a jean paul gaultier for target top and a grey zara skirt. I actually bought red lipstick for the first time that day so i wore it to the show and it looked amazing! I never thought i could pull off red lips but i think i did a good job lol

    • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

      That’s awesome Michelle! I would love to meet Ramona! I met LuAnn last April at a denim drive event (and saw Kelly and Jill at the same event). That’s great about the show, too!

  75. WSL says:

    What’s with Cynthia’s outfit. She looks the Wicked Witch from the Wizzard of Oz w/some jewlery borrowed from Elizabeth Taylor.

    Gyneth Paltrow had on great looking, hot pink, 2″ feather earings.
    Now this is a look keKe should study & throw the he** out those pigeon feathers.

  76. ches says:

    I know this has been asked 1000 times but does Lynn have an email address?

  77. WSL says:

    How fun !
    How come Romana & Avery weren’t sticking out like
    “A sore thumb” with the Bravo camers on them ?

    • MichellefromNY says:

      It was only one camera lady. And there were a TON of cameras mulling around. There were so many people and cameras that one lady following one person wouldn’t stand out unless someone made it into a scene like I did lol

  78. MichellefromNY says:

    Lynn, I know andy said they stopped filming, but then why was a camera lady following ramona around? Just a thought.

    • vilzvet says:

      Looking for some more drama!? This is truly puzzling…oh no, does this mean that Jill will have a Bravo camera on her when she does that fashion walk? I wonder if it is today…

  79. WSL says:

    I have only been to Bryant Park not Lincoln Center.
    Did u drive in ? If so where did u park.
    Was it cold inside. Did u check your coat ?
    Did u see anything u would like to own.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      My hubby drove me in. We live on long island near where jill zarin grew up ( blechh) so either we could take the train or drive and it was just easier to drive. We only had one ticket so it was his present to me. He parked like two blocks away while i walked in alone. Once you walk in, youre inside so it was actually very warm. There was no coat check as far as im aware. The shows were really crowded this year and the line to check in was really long if you didnt have an assigned seat. Even though i didnt have an assigned seat i still got a seat because they needed “fillers” because apparently custo barcelona is a populr show

  80. If You Had It Like This says:

    I said this upstream but I’m wondering if perhaps Simon and Alex telling JZ to ignore the “know it all front row experts” is actually a slam to JZ. She was the worst front row expert Alex had to deal with. For some reason I’m not buying this kumbaya my lord….

    • vilzvet says:

      I think you have something there…the only front row “expert” we have seen has been Jill, and she was sitting right next to Simon. How he kept his mouth shut is a wonder…

    • Anthroboi says:

      That’s what I originally tweeted to Simon and cc’d JZ. I thought it was a total slam at Jill but I think Simon is too chickenshit to actually admit to it (he can be very very passive aggressive at times, ref. his tweets).

  81. WSL says:

    ! Happy Valentines Day LynnFam !

    I am sending you a
    Cyber Teddy Bear
    Sung by the Greatest Lover Ever!

    “(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear”

    Baby let me be,
    your lovin’ Teddy Bear
    Put a chain around my neck,
    and lead me anywhere
    Oh let me be
    Your teddy bear.

    I don’t wanna be a tiger
    Cause tigers play too rough
    I don’t wanna be a lion
    ‘Cause lions ain’t the kind
    you love enough.
    Just wanna be, your Teddy Bear
    Put a chain around my neck
    and lead me anywhere
    Oh let me be
    Your teddy bear.

    Your cyber friendship is a
    Cyber Valentine and it
    Blesses my life & makes it better


  82. WSL says:

    If u forgot to buy a Valentine,
    the Love scripture.
    1Corentians 13th chapter,
    neatly displayed on pretty
    paper, works every time.

    Love is patient,
    love is kind.
    It does not envy,
    it does not boast,
    it is not proud.
    5 It does not dishonor others,
    it is not self-seeking,
    it is not easily angered,
    it keeps no record of wrongs.
    6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
    7 It always protects,
    always trusts,
    always hopes,
    always perseveres.

    8 Love never fails.
    But where there are prophecies, they will cease;
    where there are tongues,
    they will be stilled;
    where there is knowledge,
    it will pass away.
    9 For we know in part
    and we prophesy in part,
    10 but when completeness comes, what is in part disappears.
    11 When I was a child,
    I talked like a child,
    I thought like a child,
    I reasoned like a child.
    When I became a man,
    I put the ways of childhood behind me.
    12 For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror;
    then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part;
    then I shall know fully,
    even as I am fully known.

     13 And now these three remain: faith,
    and love.
    But the greatest of these is love.

    For Christians the love above is Jesus and His love is perfect. His example shows imperfect humans the standard of love.
    1Cor:13 is a valentine
    A love letter
    of how God promises
    He will love His chIldren.

    • California35 says:

      That is very sweet WSL 🙂

      I am hoping tomorrow doesn’t turn into one of those happy holidays that will become an anniversary for something sad for me 😦 I have been getting updates on grandma an things are not looking good 😦

      • error404 says:

        😦 sorry to hear that.

      • klmh says:

        I am sorry to hear about your grandmother CA35. My father passed away 24 years ago today, and for me it is a date I will always remember. I will remember the dates of all of those I have lost in my life though.
        Thinking of you.

  83. lillybee says:

    Jill has a picture of herself walking for fashion week on her facebook. I am not impressed. She only looked ok.

    • California35 says:

      Liked the dress, not the hair.

    • error404 says:

      I refuse to “like” Jill, especially since I “hate” her. LOL so I can’t see the pic. But I did unfortunately see her intro page… a hideous picture of her with the phrase “real housewife, real wife, real friend” and then I threw up a little in my mouth.

  84. boston02127 says:

    Good morning.

    ✰*•˛❤˛•*✰ Happy VaLYNNtine’s Day ✰*•˛❤˛•*✰

  85. HD says:

    Good morning, Everyone!

    How wonderful for you Michelle to meet Ramona! YAY!

    Atlanta Reunion was a snoozefest and so was WWHL. Peter was calm, Cynthia while beautiful looked like she had on a witch costume. The reunion was blah. They hardly brought up anything that people (at least me) really wanted to hear about. These women are so damn fake. They talk about each other like dogs the entire season and once they are all in the same room it’s roses and sunshine.

  86. LynnNChicago says:


    Jill in Yesterday’s fashion show

    • AZ Girl says:

      Dress is nice but I am not sure about the hair.

    • Amber...RealWife says:


      She looks ridiculous! LOL You can see the lady in the leopard print pants smiling and enjoying the walk and also the men in the pic are trying to gage Ramona’s reaction on her HW buddy!

      Jill looks like she’s starved for weeks and has a honeycomb on her head! LOL

      • HD says:

        I don’t like it and it is not because I don’t like her. Also her hair looks a hot mess but I understand fashion is sometimes over the top.

    • Cusi77 says:

      The dress is OK… but not the face and the hairdo… And she commented on Alex’es face? She should give a GREAT look at her face in this photo!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      wow you guys- I think she looks really pretty!

      Her make up is again flawless, and her skin looks amazing- they styled her well, as she has nice shoulders and upper arms-okay the hair is way OTT but it’s runway- not real life.

      I can’t stand Jill’s BEHAVIOR- but I will give credit where credit is due-bitch looked good.

      I don’t want to get all preachy and crap- but I hate tearing women down for their looks.

      Jill and I are the exact same age, and I’m not so sure I could pull off a walk on the runway as well as her. Mazel Tov Jill Zarin!

      Now. If we could just get to work on the inner beauty? You know like Squeez for the Soul or something like that…

      • Anthroboi says:

        I agree. I’ve always said the same thing. Give credit where it’s due, separate my dislike for someone from the facts. I don’t like JZ any more but I do think she is a beautiful woman and she seems to have gotten in great shape and is taking care of herself, so I have to give her that (doesn’t mean I’m not going to snark on her spanx and airbrushing though LOL).

        I wish she could just go back to the Jill from S1 but then I would never believe that it is really her after the end of S2 and all of S3, plus all her book promotion and Amazongate shenanigans.

  87. Cusi77 says:

    Good morning Lynn! Happy Valentines Day to you! Your friendship means THE WORLD to me! Thanks for being so generous!

    Happy Valentines Day to Everyone in this panel!

    Thank you so much Quincy for writing this great parody on RHONY S4! Thanks for the laughs!

  88. Pingback: I LOVE Jill Zarin Happy Valentine’s Day The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part One | Lynnnchicago101's Blog

  89. MichellefromNY says:

    Jill walked in zang toi. Hes not such a big designer that he gets written up by major fashion mags and blogs like behnaz sarafpour or tommy hilfiger, so it makes sense that he would bring jill zarin to attract a crowd to his show.

    Last night all the shows were running a half hour later than they should have. My show was at 7 pm and it started 7:30 maybe even 7:40. I didnt get out till 8 something. Ramona must have come early to make the zang toi show at 9 pm to watch jill walk down. That was why she probably left when we did to wait for it to start so that she could either bring drama or just didnt want to wait in the lounge/pavilion with other regular folks. Maybe she wasnt allowed into the vip section? Who knows. But they were definitely filming. They will probably use the footage for the show. Im guessing especially if jill was walking.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Hmmm, maybe not that big yet. Zang Toi does create some beautiful dresses, in fact Jordin Sparks said she was wearing his design at the Grammys last night. I did like the ones he showed on RHONY.

      • debbie says:

        I dont remember what season it was, but I remember Jill hosting a party at a designers studio for the ladies that lunch. I am inclined to thinkl that the designer was Zang Toi.. I cant remember all the details..but if it’s the same guy I’m sure she “hocked” (yiddish-pestered) him to death to get her runway walk. Wouldn’t be surprised if she paid for the dress she wore.. I put nothing past her.

        • Darrell says:

          Yes, you are correct. We have already “met” Zang Toi from when Jill had that luncheon/fashion show and she was bragging about what he was going to make for her. (Also, she was giving digs at Bethenny while they were still friends about how she wouldn’t have invited her because she couldn’t afford to buy his dresses except that she was going to wear something of his at a shoot or something? IIRC).

    • Anthroboi says:

      So I guess that sort of backs up the rumour that they don’t have enough drama or interesting footage for the show. If they supposedly finished filming 2 weeks ago and just want to take time to get the editing down pat, why are they still filming? Interesting. I bet we’re going to see a lot of manufactured drama at the end of this season…

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