I LOVE Jill Zarin Happy Valentine’s Day The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part One

I Love Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion

Our Valentine to Jill Zarin / More Housewives News

Typing that was actually painful…but it is Valentines Day so stand by after the Atlanta recap for some Valentine’s Day Love to Jill Zarin. I’ll try to maintain a straight face.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Part One

If you love those reunion shows where you learn nothing new, the housewives revamp the same arguments and Andy misses all the relevant questions, then this is the reunion show for you!

NeNe is still blaming Kim for the argument on the tour bus, you know the one that NeNe started by attacking Kim….that argument. The one that NeNe is justifying by using Kim’s relationship with Sweetie as her reason for getting in Kim’s face and screaming at the top of her lungs. Andy missed the underlying reason for the fight and therefore missed asking the right questions. We all know Nene’s anger had little to do with Sweetie, but they explored it anyway.

Phaedra was able to shed some light on how the ladies feel about Kim’s behavior and the way that Kim talks to Sweetie. On one hand I see what Phaedra is saying, as an attorney it is good to know that she can make a decent argument. These issues are very sensitive and it is important to take care to keep people’s feelings in mind. On the other hand, as much as I hate to give Kim any credit whatsoever, I do have to give her credit for treating her African American assistant the same way she would treat any assistant, without regard to her color. That said, Kim treats Sweetie poorly and that is not right regardless of the color of Sweetie’s skin. If I had a third hand it would be Sweetie’s point of view, a very important point of view and Sweetie seems to adore Kim and her daughters so who are we to judge a relationship that works.

NeNe sort of changed her story a bit, as the other ladies seemed to try to back NeNe up on this one, she decided to announce that it had nothing to do with the fact that Sweetie is African American, it is simply verbal abuse in NeNe’s mind. That sort of negates Phaedra’s argument as well as Kandi’s and Sheree’s.

I don’t think any of the other Housewives agreed that Nene’s behavior on that tour bus was justified, she acted like a crazed mental patient who completely lost her temper. For this woman to sit on the couch and spout off about “verbal abuse” after the things that she screeched on the tour bus was laughable. Even Bravo’s editors aren’t that good, it was clear who wanted this fight and it was clear who escalated it to a ridiculous level.

Bravo also showed NeNe’s freak out at the shoe sample sale that aired at the beginning of the season. NeNe went completely off the deep end screaming in Dwight’s face about a lie that he told. We learned that NeNe hasn’t spoken to Dwight since filming ended, I know you were all on the edge of your seats waiting for that information.

Atlanta dispelled Kyle Richard’s theory that Beverly Hills is the only Housewives series that has or discusses plastic surgery. I think Andy Cohen is the only one who cares to hear the answers about liposuction, nose jobs and boob lifts. I don’t know why he continues to spend so much time on the subject during every reunion. I couldn’t care less about plastic surgery.

For those of you who do care, NeNe had a nose job, Kim changed the content of her boobs while Cynthia and Kandi both had liposuction. Moving on.

I did find it mildly interesting as Cohen introduced the clips of all of the housewives criticizing Phaedra because Phaedra told viewers that she had no problems with any of the housewives except NeNe. I think that was the general consensus around the room as NeNe has ensured she battled with them all at one time or another. I think NeNe feels Sheree and Kandi are guilty by association, they didn’t take NeNe’s side against Kim so they became enemies. Cynthia alone came through the season with her friendship contract to NeNe intact.

Phaedra talked about her comments regarding her husband’s less than refined pallet due to being brought up in a white household. She claimed that it was simply a joke between husband and wife but it certainly didn’t come off that way on screen. I think Phaedra did somewhat redeem herself from her idiotic comments at the beginning of the season so I think we can move on knowing that Phaedra will choose her words more carefully in the future. It was fascinating watching Phaedra this season, she went from a hated housewife to comic relief to someone we actually liked. That is quite a feat!

The pain in Cynthia’s voice was evident as Andy covered her wedding day and her swimsuit modeling gig. The ladies really did have some hurtful things to say but none of them were given an opportunity to explain themselves or apologize, Cynthia simply said she would probably be able to find a few flaws in all of them had they walked the runway in a swimsuit.

Cynthia revealed that she wasn’t aware that her mother and sister conspired to keep the marriage license away from her on her wedding day, she understood that they were coming from a place of concern and love but her new husband was understandably hurt.

Kim’s love life montage was more than a little twisted. From Big Poppa to her lesbian relationship with DJ Tracy Young and finally to her current beau and baby daddy Kroy, Kim really got around this season. She had little to say about any of it except to roll her eyes and rudely answer fan questions about her relationships.

You would think that Kim would be glad to have the opportunity to talk about these things as this is when she would be able to quiet critics or dispel rumors, instead she’s too stupid to recognize this chance to set records straight and just wants to move on.

Andy asked NeNe who she was referring to when she called one of her cast mates a “Transvestite” on Twitter. NeNe refused to answer but I think we all know she was talking about Kim Zolciak. NeNe’s temper comes through even on Twitter.

Cohen spent a stupid amount of time trying to decipher whether or not Phaedra and NeNe knew each other as kids back in Athens Georgia. Phaedra never said the two women were “friends” she simply said that she knew NeNe. I can see how NeNe would be a character that her classmates wouldn’t soon forget. Phaedra’s older brother was in school with NeNe and so Phaedra knew of NeNe. End of story. Right? Wrong, apparently there is more to it, NeNe admitted to calling Phaedra even before meeting on Bravo’s dime. Phaedra the entertainment attorney got a call from NeNe who wanted to be on TV. Yes, NeNe knew Phaedra, they weren’t friends but there is no denying they knew each other.
That is all that Phaedra was saying, NeNe really does enjoy arguing.

To follow up on some things that weren’t tied up at the season end episodes, NeNe is moving forward with her divorce and Gregg is moving out of their home. Cynthia is not financially backing her new husbands’ club/restaurant, he is apparently manufacturing cash in the basement and funding it himself. Ok, I made that last part up.

A few other notes on the first part of the reunion, Kim calling herself a “pop star” never gets old, I laugh every single time. Kim was 4 months pregnant while filming the reunion and when Andy asked NeNe what she thought of her relationship with Kroy, NeNe responded with a simple, “I don’t care”. Good answer NeNe, me either!

Kim claims she is no longer smoking like a chimney and weaned herself off as soon as she found out she was pregnant. I continue to believe that she hides in the bathroom like she’s in high school puffing away.

Kim also announced to even Andy’s surprise that she’s releasing a book, this had to be the most hysterical reveal of the night, a book on, wait for it…relationships. A relationship book from a chain-smoking wig wearing mistress, lesbian and pregnant after 4 months of dating, classless moron. Ready to buy?

It was really sort of pathetic that Andy’s questions to Sheree were so lame but she was basically very dull this season. Andy wasn’t able to find anything interesting to discuss with Sheree except her workout routine.

Next week we will see Kandi confront Kim about the proceeds from the song, “Tardy For The Party” and I can’t see how Kim is going to get out of this one. If she continues to think that the songwriter/producer isn’t entitled to a good portion of the profits from a song, she really is delusional.

There simply isn’t enough material from this season to fill two full hours of reunion fun, but Bravo found a way. Be there next week as Andy asks Sheree what brand of toothpaste she uses.

A Valentine to Jill Zarin by Anonymous

On this day of love, we have decided to honor the woman who inspires us all by re-naming this board and expressing our undying love for Jill Zarin.

We realize this will come as a surprise to some of you, and
indeed, some may be a bisel shroyft (a little upset). Our dear Quincy has tried to ease into this gently and slowly with her recent I Love Jill Zarin subset blogs. As no one has become farshtarben (keeled over dead) we are taking the next step. We will have emergency response teams standing by in case of fainting or heart palpitations.

Now, we had very very long conversations about this so we would be sure to explain ourselves clearly. The bottom line is that if you look past Season 3, you will have to admit that Jill Zarin is a warm, friendly woman. We have seen how she kvells over her Allie, who is a very pretty, very talented young woman. Her photographs are really incredible. And Sarah Lawrence! She is very loving to her family and her pet chihuahua, Ginger. Now Ginger is no looker and she’s not exactly a happy little dog, so it takes a great heart to love this dog. Jill will do anything for this dog and we admire her for that. She is also nice to her mother, even though her mother is not an easy person to please.

Over the summer, when she stayed out in the Hamptons and spent most of her time with her family, out of the public eye, she was obviously happy and having a great time.

Basically, Jill is what her people call a balaboosteh. Now technically, this means the mistress of the house and was a compliment to the way someone kept the house. But in modern times, it has come to mean the person who keeps the family together and takes care of everything. And Jill does this with flair and makes it look easy. At the same time, she is a very hard worker. She doesn’t have to help out at Zarin Fabrics.
She could just shop all day. But she goes in to the store and helps customers. And she hustles. Again, she could just be a lady of leisure and live off Bobby’s money, but she goes out a hustles with a bedding line, a line of foundation garments…let’s be honest, ladies. We all admire her former friend Bethenny in part because Bethenny hustles. So this is obviously a trait we admire in Jill Zarin, too. And she does charity work, raising money for Creaky Joints because Allie has arthritis.

Jill is also quite attractive, especially when she takes it easy on the make-up. She has a beautiful smile when she is smiling because she is happy, like when she is holding her grandson. We admit that her taste is a bit much for us, but to each her own. Your house and your clothes should make you happy and you shouldn’t worry what someone else thinks.

Most of the time, she wears very attractive clothes that look good on her. A few clunkers, to be sure, but don’t we all miss the mark every now and again?

Sometimes I think we don’t give Jill enough credit for her sense of humor. You know, it is entirely possible that she was just joking, playing it up for the cameras when she said that the new Mercedes Bobby gave her for her birthday had to go back because it had the wrong phone jack.

Now, there are some things that really were problematic and we hope that Jill will learn from experience that some things are just wrong. The Susan Saunders Amazon-gate episode was horrifying and this new blog by her sister is more of the same. Please, please, please Jill. We beg you. Be the warm, genuine woman we know you really are and we will write the nice blogs for you. No one wants to see a new Jill more than we do….

The End

I’m glad that’s over…

Simon VanKempen visit’s the blog:

On Saturday night there was a bit of a Twitter battle going on that was discussed in detail on yesterday’s blog and comment section.

It all started with Kelly Bensimon. No surprise there, right? Kelly changed her name on Twitter from @Kikilet to @KKBensimon. When Kelly originally did this, she just started a whole new account with Twitter and lost all of her followers in the process.

In an effort to help, Simon tweeted to Kelly that she could simply change her name from @Kikilet to @KKBensimon without losing her followers. Kelly took Simon’s advice.

What Simon forgot to mention to Kelly, or maybe he thought Kelly would figure it out herself was that if she took his advice, it would leave her old @Kikilet name available for anyone to take and utilize on Twitter. Needless to say, Kelly’s worst nightmare came true. A Twitter member named Chris swiped Kelly’s old name @Kikilet and began to tweet with that name. Admittedly funny to most of us, but of course not to Kelly.

At some point Simon VanKempen sent a private DM to Chris asking her to please “park” the name @Kikilet and not tweet with it anymore as it was clearly upsetting Kelly. Chris didn’t keep Simon’s request private, she told me and a few other Twitter members about Simon’s message.

The entire thing blew up into a battle with complete details on yesterday’s blog including a comment post on this blog from Simon himself explaining his point of view. For the complete story, read through yesterday’s comments and blog post…. http://wp.me/pVOhN-nZ

It really is much more complex and fascinating than I can possibly describe in this blog, it is a must read!

In other news:

Our very own MichelleFromNY met New York Real Housewife Ramona Singer yesterday, you can read about her encounter here:


Very exciting! Michelle noted that Bravo’s cameras continued to follow Ramona, I too found that interesting since we’ve been told over and over that filming is complete, they are simply taking the time to edit it right. We know that Bravo could never resist airing Fashion Week, and that Jill Zarin walked in a show yesterday, and Alex McCord attended Fashion Week festivities, were those filmed for Bravo as well?

The photo of Jill’s runway walk.

You can follow me on Twitter @LynnNChicago

Until Next Time….

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  1. LynnNChicago says:

    The blog is SO loaded and I was running so late, I apologize that I forgot to include:


  2. WSL says:

    ! Happy Valentines Day LynnFam !

    I am sending you a
    Cyber Teddy Bear
    Sung by the Greatest Lover Ever!

    “(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear”

    Baby let me be,
    your lovin’ Teddy Bear
    Put a chain around my neck,
    and lead me anywhere
    Oh let me be
    Your teddy bear.

    I don’t wanna be a tiger
    Cause tigers play too rough
    I don’t wanna be a lion
    ‘Cause lions ain’t the kind
    you love enough.
    Just wanna be, your Teddy Bear
    Put a chain around my neck
    and lead me anywhere
    Oh let me be
    Your teddy bear.

    Your cyber friendship is a
    Cyber Valentine and it
    Blesses my life & makes it better


  3. Cusi77 says:

    I dragged this from the previous page…

    Good morning Lynn! Happy Valentines Day to you! Your friendship means THE WORLD to me! Thanks for being so generous!

    Happy Valentines Day to Everyone in this panel!

  4. LynnNChicago says:

    A Valentine to Jill Zarin By: Harvey

    On this day of love, we have decided to honor the woman who brought us all here by re-naming this board and expressing our undying love for Jill Zarin. Or what we wish could be our undying love. This is the Valentine we’d love to write next year. This season is already in the can (pun intended) and so obviously, she can’t change what we will see on the screen in a few short weeks. But Jill shares her real life on twitter, Facebook, a blog, a newsletter, and pretty much every bus shelter ad, so even between seasons, we can follow what she is doing.nd we can only hope and pray that she really does change and becomes the woman we can send this Valentine to. Come on, Jill. We know you are here. You want the name of this blog changed? You and you alone have the power to make that happen! Not Simon. Not Lisainnewengland. Not Scott Greenspan. You.

    Frankly, we have nothing more to say about you. It’s been said and said and said to death. You keep doing the same things over and over. The lisainnewengland blog is a perfect example. Another Susan Saunders blunder. This is a perfect time to return to the person we think you were before reality TV went to your head. We will be falling all over ourselves writing about how Season 3 was obviously just an aberration. It worked for Alex and Simon. They were absolutely loathed in Season 1 and then they read the reviews and re-wrote their lines and voila! everyone loves them. And we’ve seen glimmers of who the real Jill Zarin was before RHoNYC and we think we would have liked her a lot. So please please please make it possible for us to send this Valentine to you next year!

    So without further ado, here is what we would love to say to you next Valentine’s day.


    Oh, we know. We know. We’ve squandered many entire lifetimes detailing Jill Zarin’s bad behavior. In the words of Bethenny, we have crucified this woman. She deserved it. Still..the bottom line is that if you look past Season 3, you will have to admit that Jill Zarin is a warm, friendly woman. We have seen how she kvells over her Allie, who is a very pretty, very talented young woman. Her photographs are really incredible. And Sarah Lawrence! You don’t get a totally great kid like that without being a great mom. Jill is very loving to her family and her pet Chihuahua, Ginger. Now Ginger is no looker and she’s not exactly a happy little dog, so it takes a great heart to love this dog. Jill will do anything for this dog and we admire her for that. She is also nice to her mother, even though her mother is not an easy person to please. Over the summer, when she stayed out in the Hamptons and spent most of her time with her family, out of the public eye, she was obviously happy and having a great time. Some of her tweets were really a pleasure to read. Like when she and her nieces had a party on the beach. Just normal happy family stuff. Once, she tweeted a photo of herself holding her newest grandchild. Jill looked beautiful and happy. We were happy for her. So we know that what we saw on Season 3 couldn’t possibly be the real Jill Zarin.

    Basically, Jill is what her people call a balaboosteh. Now technically, this means the mistress of the house and was a compliment to the way someone kept the house. But in modern times, it has come to mean the person who keeps the family together and takes care of everything. And Jill does this with flair and makes it look easy. At the same time, she is a very hard worker. She doesn’t have to help out at Zarin Fabrics. She could just shop all day. But she goes in to the store and helps customers. And she hustles. Again, she could just be a lady of leisure and live off Bobby’s money, but she goes out a hustles with a bedding line, a line of foundation garments…let’s be honest, ladies. We all admire her former friend Bethenny in part because Bethenny hustles. So this is obviously a trait we admire in Jill Zarin, too. And she does charity work, raising money for Creaky Joints because Allie has arthritis.

    Jill is also quite attractive, especially when she takes it easy on the make-up. She has a beautiful smile when she is smiling because she is happy, like when she is holding her granddaughter. We admit that her taste is a bit much for us, but to each her own. Your house and your clothes should make you happy and you shouldn’t worry what someone else thinks. Most of the time, she wears very attractive clothes that look good on her. A few clunkers, to be sure, but don’t we all miss the mark every now and again?

    Sometimes I think we don’t give Jill enough credit for her sense of humor. You know, it is entirely possible that she was just joking, playing it up for the cameras when she said that the new Mercedes Bobby gave her for her birthday had to go back because it had the wrong phone jack. Everyone makes jokes that fall flat, even Bethenny.

    Now, there are some things that really were problematic and we hope that Jill will learn from experience that some things are just wrong. The Susan Saunders Amazon-gate episode was horrifying and this new blog by her sister is more of the same. Please, please, please Jill. We beg you. Be the warm, genuine woman we know you really are and we will write the nice blogs for you. No one wants to see a new Jill more than we do….

  5. Olivia says:

    You guys are in luck today since I don’t follow the Atlanta crew! However, I do love reading the recaps here which just reinforces my decision to let this one go.

    As for Jill: This publicity seeking non entity will “fade to black” as soon as the plug is officially pulled from the NY franchise. And she won’t be missed!

    Can’t wait for the OC and Miami crowd to start so I can join you once again for gobs of snark and insults aimed at these pitiful women!

  6. Katie (aka kats2) says:

    Happy V Day Everyone!

    Atlanta HW’s is so boring and O.V.E.R
    (If Kim was smart her book would include pics of her and big papa and pics of her without her wig on) It would sell like crazy.

    “In an effort to help, Simon tweeted to Kelly that she could simply change her name from @Kikilet to @KKBensimon without losing her followers. Kelly took Simon’s advice.” – I didn’t know that this tweet from Simon is what fixed the situation, so now I get he was helping Crazy and sending that DM to brilliant Chris was really trying to help her.

    BIG HOWEVER – I still don’t get why the whole NYC cast is being all icky nice to each other? This crap with Simon and well wishes from Alex to Jill about her runway walk last night. WTF!

    Until I understand what’s going on I’m very suspect of this whole NY cast.

    • Olivia says:

      It makes no sense does it?

      We spend months last year decrying the behavior of Jill who seemed to go after both Alex and Bethenny, yet just a few months later we see Simon acting in the role of “the good uncle” in sending out “best wishes” and “chunks of love” to these two idiots!

      Wasn’t it Jill who called Silex “creepy”? Wasn’t it Jill who accused Simon of being a “lush”? Wasn’t it Jill who made fun of their two boys? Wasn’t it Jill who “dissed” their house? Wasn’t it Jill who said that Alex “did not have the face to model”?

      Or was I watching another show altogether? According to some blog I read, Simon (and I predicted this!) would be appearing in more scenes this year.

      Redemption and forgiveness. A combination that is hard to beat.


      • quincyil says:

        Despite the casts telling us that they had 1.000 fights and made up, it sounds boring. Bickering is not fun to watch. Ramona and Alex sending Jill good wishes for her first runway walk at 47 years old is nice. I think the show is going to be a snooze fest.

  7. WSL says:

    Go down to the last picture to see Jill.
    Boston2 said Ginger is on her head wrapped in hair !
    Remember when Alex walked and FogHorn said ButterFace !
    “What goes around comes around”

    My Grandma said
    “Pretty is as pretty does”.
    I say:
    Ugly is as Ugly Does!

    To me her head looks like the new style of toilet brush that uses a battery & turns around to clean nasty out of all nooks & crannies !(ILL could use it on her nose)

  8. quincyil says:

    Valentine’s Day! “I Really Do Love Jill Zarin!” blog on the Prairie by quincyil

    Jill Zarin walked the runway in the finale dress of Designer Zang Tois. Zang is a personal friend of Jill Zarin and he designs fashions specifically designers for her body. He told us that she was size one in Season Two of “The Real Housewives of NYC” just during the filming of the second season when Jill invited many of her fabulously rich female friends and Bethenny Frankel, who borrows the designer fashions, to a private luncheon and showing in the lower level of Zang’s Manhattan shop. The dress from the finale was beautiful with hand sewn crystals. Jill felt like Cinderella and shared with her constant twitter companions just before her walk at 9PM. Jill also missed her dog, Ginger. Jill had a giant arrangement of hair on the top of her head that was 22.46 inches tall and reminiscent of the hair worn in balls by Marie Antoinette a few months before the French Revolution. Please look at Marie Antoinette’s bridal hair in this small painting:
    http://www.pbs.org/marieantoinette/life/chamber_hair.html This year Jill Zarin’s Valentine Week has a French theme with a French bee hive for the walk on Fashion Week and 500 French roses delivered on Feb. 11 to start the week of lavish gifts. It’s great that Jill Zarin and Bobby Zarin are honoring a Catholic saint, St. Valentine, the patron of marriage. St. Valentine is the patron said of beekeepers and epileptic children too. Jill honored St. Valentine with her hair for the event. The hair plus Jill Zarin’s height of 66 inches plus 5 inch heels made her total height 93.46 inches tall which is 7ft 7.8in and is officially the height of super models. Congratulations to Jill Zarin on reaching that height.

    Jill was nervous so her fellow cast mate Simon van Kempen sent her a twitter telling her to ignore certain people and to break a leg. Jill did not listen to Simon.

    Did I mention that Jill missed Ginger?

    To honor the charitable nature of Jill Zarin and St. Valentine, the patron said of beekeepers and couples like Bobby and Jill Zarin, I have asked my husband to give my Valentine’s Day gift and birthday gift money to the Salvation Army. Jill inspired this gift and she deserves all of the credit.

    The end


    • Kat says:

      Jill is taller than Harvey. Good for her. Nice ain’t I?
      I hate Jill Zarin and I’m on the prairie. 7’8″ is stacking it (crap) high.

  9. WSL says:

    R u in touch w/all ur sisters today ? Did u see my 1Cor 13,
    love Valentine ? I made it for my blast. Most friends,including Lynn,had it for their wedding.
    Love to u pretty Cussi !

    • Cusi77 says:

      Love you back WSL! Yes. I am in touch with my 5 sisters. 4 older than me and one younger. I went to Mexico City for Christmas and we had a very nice Christmas day together with our children (their spouses), grandchildren and my aunt (my father’s sister, 85 and still working!) We were 44! Very intimate lunch!

  10. okeydoekey says:

    I don’t think reunion shows are necessary anymore now that WWHL has each guest with a significant story on after each episode on. WWHL has already addressed Kroy, can foods, the Athens GA association etc. We only learned about Cynthia’s wedding form missing which WWHL would have addressed. Also with blogs and twitter let’s us know what’s really going on. That’s why RHOBH reunion was also a bore.

  11. WSL says:

    I have a funny.
    My dad gave my mom a red bra & under ware for their 1st Valentines Day. Mom said he was so proud of himself ! He had gone in her drawer & they actually fit !
    So what’s the punch line ?
    He gave her red under ware every Valentines Day for their entire marriage & mom hates red under ware (who doesn’t). She had a special box she put them in. Now at 80, on Valentines day she takes out the box & unfolds the carefully folded paper and basks in the memories.

  12. Katie (aka kats2) says:

    Jill’s hair at the fashion show is the designers thing in this case Zang Toi who had all the models style their hair that way. So while I hate Jill can’t fault her for the hair.

    If you can stomach it the following is a video of the fashion show.

    IF Bravo is still filming and I assume they filmed Jill in this runway show, how can they say the season is not boring? If it was so great, why wouldn’t they be editing all the great footage they already shot VS. attending fashion shows and Filming more footage to use?

    • Olivia says:

      Exactly! And what makes Bravo think that there is an audience out there willing to sit through scenes like this without barfing into the nearest receptacle? Not very interesting.

      Jill walking the runway? Jaybus!

    • Cusi77 says:

      Recognition where recognition is due… IMO It was beautiful! JZ did great despite she was in the middle of girls more than half her age…

      • Katie (aka kats2) says:

        I agree, I just don’t like her.

        • HD says:

          Good find. Dang, you all can find ANYTHING!

          I figured her hair was like that for a reason.

          You are so right about the filming and if this is what they are filming its boring. Also if New York is sooooooooooo exciting they would not have to keep saying that. It is like they want us to believe that so they keep saying it.

      • Anthroboi says:

        She looks fierce but she stuck out like a sore thumb. Kind of reminds me of Luann and her singing career where that producer always complimented her. They are both patrons, they sponsor “artists” and in exchange they get some asskissing in response (she can pretend that she’s Zang Toi’s muse instead of his bankroll). This isn’t new, this kind of stuff happened before Michaelangelo’s day,when people would commission famous artists and support them financially but would expect to be inserted into their art work or have a sculpture made of themselves or whatever.

  13. kotagirl29 says:

    I have been following kikilet since the whole “Scary Island” adventures of season 3 of RHWNY and was surprised about the new account name change. Well I am here to tell you that Kelly has not lost her followers. For the first time in a few weeks I logged into twitter and when I searched for the @kkbensimone I was astonished to find that I was already a follower. So I guess kookoo hasn’t lost that many followers!

    • Anthroboi says:

      No, she was able to somehow keep the @kikilet user name attached to her account, which is incredibly confusing because I can see tweets to (the awesome and hilarous) fake @kikilet and yet if I click on that user name, it still brings me to the real Kelly. Some kind of twitter glitch, I think…

  14. Cusi77 says:

    Have a nice day!

  15. MichellefromNY says:

    Im bringing this over from last nights blog just in case you didnt see

    I just wanted to let you all know that I met Ramona from the real housewives tonight!!!! I got tickets to fashion week because my hubby works for one of the sponsors. So anyway I was there for this show called Custo Barcelona. I had standing tickets but apparently people didn’t show up so they needed people to be “fillers” and sit in the seats. So I had a third row seat! The fashion show was really amazing. Wyclef Jean was there but I honestly had no idea it was him until after the show. He was like two rows away from me! Anyway, back to Ramona. So I left the show and my husband texted me “I just saw ramona from real housewives!”. Lol, love that my hubby knows the hyousewives. Anyway, so he said she walked into a different show so I was disappointed that I missed her. But then I was standing in the lounge area of the fashiony show, waiting for some free starbucks lattes, and my husband says to me, “there she is!”. So I turn around, and she was there with avery. I was so excited I walked right up to her and said “hi ramona! I’m michelle, I love your show!” She’s like “oh thank you!” I told her how I was upset the show got pushed off and she assured me that it will begin in april for sure. I asked about morrocco and she said it was amazing. And avery was so cute! she’s so grownup! Ramona was soo ditzy and was just like the way she is on T.V and so was avery. Avery had the cutest leather dress on and ramona had a grey dress that was typically age-Inappropriate for her. But that’s why we love her!
    Anyway, they really are still filming because a bravo camera woman was following her around. I took a pic with her that I might post if I’m not too chicken. It was so funny that no one noticed her until I walked up to them. And as I was taking a pic with them everyone was staring. A woman even came over to me afterward and was like, “who is she?”
    This was my first celebrity encounter so I was super psyched! Best pre-valentines date EVER!

    • MichellefromNY says:

      Jill walked in zang toi. Hes not such a big designer that he gets written up by major fashion mags and blogs like behnaz sarafpour or tommy hilfiger, so it makes sense that he would bring jill zarin to attract a crowd to his show.

      Last night all the shows were running a half hour later than they should have. My show was at 7 pm and it started 7:30 maybe even 7:40. I didnt get out till 8 something. Ramona must have come early to make the zang toi show at 9 pm to watch jill walk down. That was why she probably left when we did to wait for it to start so that she could either bring drama or just didnt want to wait in the lounge/pavilion with other regular folks. Maybe she wasnt allowed into the vip section? Who knows. But they were definitely filming. They will probably use the footage for the show. Im guessing especially if jill was walking.

    • Zoey says:

      Cool! Thanks for sharing.

  16. WindyCityWondering says:

    Everyday we make each other laugh and express our love – so to everyone here – those who post and those who lurk – Happy Valentine’s Day!

  17. VincenzoNewYork says:

    Hello Everyone! Happy Valentine’s day! May love and joy fill our hearts!

    I did not watch Atl last night…I think I am over it at this point. Thanks for the recap Lynn!
    As for Jill; that was really kind of you to mention the good qualities of Jill Zarin. We are all doing our best.
    On Feb 16 my copy of Inbox full will be delivered! I shall cavort through this blog with my book in hand! I have been reading Winesburg, Ohio non-stop! I suddenly realized that I needed to finish it before Cat’s book, and I really liked the book!

  18. justanothermary says:

    HAPPY V.D. ONE AND ALL. I’m trying out a new device that is supposed to help me be able to read my computer while my eye heals and we contemplate surgery on the other eye. Not sure if it works or not but what the Hell, it’s Valentines Day, the sun is shining (finally) and the dogs are basking in the sunlight streaming in through the dirty livingroom windows. The seem pleased and all is well sooooo, HAPPY VD!!!

  19. Susu says:

    Jill walking last night was filmed by Bravo… Ramona went there with Avery and posted a pic of fb where u see she is waering a microphone

    • quincyil says:

      It’s a big event. I’m glad they are filming. It might be the highlight of the entire season.

      • Susu says:

        YES!! But it shows that the gossip is true.. Bravo thought the show is too boring… otherwise tehy would do as tehy said and just edit and not film anymore…
        I guess they thought it could bring some fighting filming Ramona watching Jill walk..cuz last year Jill made all this snarky comments when Ramona walked at Brooklyn fashion show..so maybe Bravo thought Ramona would take revenge… but seems she didn’t..she actually laughed on fb yesterday about her apperance lasty ear and stated that she hopes Jill will do better….

        • Katie (aka kats2) says:

          That’s right Susu! They (Andy and the whole NY cast) is full of shit and spinning the truth.

        • MichellefromNY says:

          Susu, i saw and met them both and there was a camera following them the whole time. They are definitely filming for real housewives no question. Bravo just has to protect themselves from making ny seem like a boring franchise. They have so much to live up to in terms of drama from beverly hills

          • quincyil says:

            Michele in doing research for the IHJZ season four of “RHNYC,” I noticed that Alex walked in 5 shows before the Sept.28 start of filming. They usually catch those Sept. shows. Because they had two trips planned, Morocco and Atlantic City, they probably thought they wouldn’t need the fashion show. There was another event with a fashion show were they asked the NJ girls to move their table so the two shows wouldn’t affect each other. That was in Oct. also and that was for charity.

            Alex says that there were 1,000 smal confrontations, but as Harvey says, “It’s a snooze fest.” Alex is at war with Jill and Jill is at war with Alex, but it’s not that interesting compared to the Bethenny/Jill conflict.

            The truth is Jill’s real enemy and the person that bother her the most has a Happy Valentine Blog on her site today. Jill tolerates Alex. She might rip Alex’s throat open at times, but long term, Jill would like to start the second Great Chicago Fire. I really believe this.

          • Susu says:

            Ramona got asked on FB, why she was filmed last night still…
            She answered:

            “We stopped filming a few weeks ago. Our show rhonyc will be on soon I believe in April and I can not wait to watch so excited to see”

  20. AZ Girl says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!! Have a wonderful day with your special someone.

  21. boston02127 says:

    “A Valentine to Jill Zarin by Anonymous” “We love Jill Zarin” Jill Zarin love blog???
    Jill’s good qualities??? Am I missing the joke? Did it go over my head? Is the blog slowly moving towards liking Jill? I don’t care if it’s Christmas, Easter and Valentine’s day all squished to one day, I still hate Jill Zarin.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      ditto @Boston ditto!

    • Mimisfbay says:

      Me too!

      • HD says:


        I know this is some kind of joke or something and I understand Quincy’s subset blog in theory but I can’t even get with it. I just skip right over it (not a dig at Quincy) but that is how much I can’t stand Jill. I know…I need to get a hobby.

        • quincyil says:

          There is a ton of information in those blogs. There was a link to a WSJ article in which Bobby Zarin wanted to be sent to Egypt to bring world peace. OMG, Jill is in photgraphs with the Isralie soldiers and Bobby wants to go into a Revolution and tell the Muslim Brotherhood that they need to all get along. The things that Jill and Bobby do make them look like lunatics. You have a sixty something year old guy telling the press that his wife is giving him a girdle strip show for Valentine’s Day. You can’t make that up.


        • twoile says:

          @HD, I too skip over & feel guilty b/c “Q” contributes so much to the blog, but I just don’t care anymore about the who, what , when or where of shill, don’t wish her ill & really don’t hate her, just don’t care at all.

    • quincyil says:

      rotfl… Jill probably will not appreciate this kindness either, but it makes it a little harder to call us “haters” and the
      ” bad blog” when “I love Jill Zarin” is all over the board today.

      Someone has been unfaithful to me. I visited Real City Housewife and saw my name. I hadn’t been over there in ages. Just for the record, I am not Harvey. I am not a 7 ft rabbit with white shiny fur and red eyes. I am telling the truth when I say that I have actually seen Harvey. He emails me every day too. Lynn is publishings Harvey’s words and Lynn will tell you that I am not Harvey. I do understand how this can be confusing as I have published for Harvey on the board here. I’m sure Harvey will have lots to say after he researches today. I am hoping that his new position as Head of the IHJZ Reseach Dept. includes a special gravitar with a large white bunny so you can see that he in fact is real and the head injury did not cause me to see him or read his email.

      To Harvey: I see you were unfaithful. I still love you as it is St. Valentine’s Day, the day that honors the love of Bobby Zarin is which a little more than the love that Jill has for Bobby according to the rules of Gloria as written by the Sister Lisa.

      Boston, you might get a visit from Harvey on Easter. He dedicates a lot of Kelly information posts to you. He is very fond of carrots and loves to eat carnation flowers. That is all that I am allowed to share with you now. If you see any giant rabbit footprints outside your Boston window. Fear not, Harvey is keeping you safe. He loves you.

      Q….who absolutely never pretends to be someone other than Q.

      • boston02127 says:

        Quincy—–I certainly hope you don’t think it was me that was being unfaithful. Anything posted from me should have my shamrock.

        • quincyil says:

          No.. Harvey was unfaithful.

          Harvey went to another blog. Someone said it was Quincy, but it was not. Nine people had given it a thumbs up. I’ve completely stopped posting on other blogs. I read other blogs though. I actually rarely ever comment here.

      • Kat says:

        I know who ya are Q. 😉 Harvey is a rabbit… must be that time year when they sew oats. He’ll come back.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Uh huh, still hate.

    • Di says:

      This is Valentine’s Day, not April Fool’s Day, right?!?! I couldn’t disagree with the “We love Jill Zarin” sentiment any more.

      I’m not sure who the “we” is, maybe Lynn and Quincy have converted? I love both Lynn and Quincy, I faithfully read both of their blogs and postings (except Q’s I love JZ sub-blogs–not on board with the sentiment and fictional stories, sorry no offense). Lynn, those qualities you list of JZ which you say “we” admire, well I don’t recognize those in her, let alone admire them.

      This blog was built and cultivated on a common sentiment, our disgust of all that JZ stands for. These were the words we all typed into a search engine one day to find you and your well-written blogs. Now I know this isn’t positive and lovely to hate something or someone. However, imho JZ is the opposite of positive, therefore, I believe hating something/someone so negative (all that is the opposite of positive) is actually positive and lovely. Make sense? It does to me.

      Unfortunately, as much as I do love you Lynn, and I don’t always have to agree with you (i.e., I love Top Chef contestant Richard Blaze and don’t find him conceited at all; rather imho he is clearly the most talented and collaborative chef on any T.C. season–I’ve seen them all ). I cannot get on board with “We love JZ.” With all due respect “we” definitely do not love JZ, that is why “we” all found you and followed you. I can respect if you’ve had a change of heart, but I have not, and I think I am far from alone. Was this a joke blog? I’m so confused.

      • Kat says:

        You’re in the right place.
        I took it as tongue in cheek.

        • Di says:

          Thx Kat! I thought I was in the twilight zone.

          Thank god my IHJZ blog isn’t broken lol! Love you all–except Mrs. JZ, who I obviously still hate with a burning passion if I can write that many paragraphs trying to make sense of it all. Phew!

    • Bea from NJ (sweeetbea on twitter) says:

      not buying the ‘love’ …. prefer original title, it’s eye catching! Go back to ‘I HATE Jill Zarin’

  22. WindyCityWondering says:

    Just wanted to see what they were all wearing and left the reunion show on – too boring even with NeNe, Mistress of Verbal Abuse, trying to start something with Kim yet again (I wish Kim would just not comment so we can get through the tantrums faster). Don’t think I can watch Reunion part two, don’t want any lost footage and like others here – won’t likely invest my time in the next season unless NeNe is gone.

  23. HD says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

    As most have said ATL was boring. My goodness. The only thing that made my pulse start again because I had certainly flatlined, was Big Poppa calling Sweetie a Black you know what and Kim just glossing over that. No one would ever be in my presence and say that especially if I am “down” with Black people or White people or whatever. That was shady and once again I see Kim for what she is and nothing she can say or who she hangs out will ever make me see her differently.

    • quincyil says:

      Big Poppa is in her book? You know, when it comes to making money, Kim Z isn’t stupid.

      • HD says:

        She could talk about him in her book and anything else, I would never buy it. She strikes me as the type that will be very evasive in the book anyway.

        She is not a stranger to selling herself to the top bidder no doubt. I guess she feels it has worked for her thus far. She keeps talking about a wig line but I don’t see where you can buy them.

        • floridagirl88 says:

          I would never spend money on any book KimZ would write….but I would see if the library had it. LOL. I checked out Nene’s book one day and returned it the next. Drivel, all of it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      While Kim is not responsible for what BP said – which was wrong on every level, I am still cheesed that none of the other housewives checked NeNe for what she called Sweetie! Don’t care that NeNe was trying to get Kim to fight – she was out of bounds and owed Sweetie an apology!

      • HD says:

        Kim in not responsible for Big Poppa and what he says but what type of person are you that claims to have worked with Sweetie for 11 years, your daughter cries when Sweetie is leaving and you let your “man” call her a Black b. That says A LOT about her character and I am highly convinced that, that is not the extent of the names that he called her. And I am even more convinced that birds of a feather flock together which is why he could say that around Kim and other Black women and think nothing of it. He didn’t just start doing that, that day. He has BEEN doing it and Kim allows it and that is why he felt comfortable doing it. You can only wear a mask for so long before it slips off.

    • ms molly says:

      And, and if my memory serves, Kim, I believe on the first season had a white employee/babysitter that did something and instead of going all Sweetie on the woman to fire her, she called her friend to go and get rid of the woman before she got home, so I don’t think she treats all her employees the same. BUT now Sweetie must really, really, really want to be on TV to contract herself out for NOT a gazillion dollars (as Kim said). And that is one set of sad circumstances, in fact, on both parts, because it is so clear that Kim could care less. She also had an assistant/housekeeper or something on the second season who she clearly didn’t treat anything like she treats Sweetie.

      Happy Valentine’s Day to each of you and your families.

  24. boston02127 says:

    For Jill Zarin: For Valentine’s Day

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    If I was a big ugly liar
    I’d be just like you.

  25. MichellefromNY says:

    I suspect that jill walked only because bravo was filming. Even if youre a great customer, you dont get asked to walk. Its just not done. Zang toi probablt saw this as an opportunity to promote his fashion line and so wanted to be on real housewives for more exposure. Hes not as big as some other designers and i have yet to see him featured on big publications like style.com or womens wear daily. So he sees realitytv as his big break. Having celebrities at your fashion show is definitely a way to get people to buy your stuff.

    Anyway, im not impressed by her walk. She just did a few twirls, nothing special. Alex was waaaaaay better. She did do better than ramona ill give her that lol

    • HD says:

      I loved his clothes. They seemed wearable for women and not some of those over the top designs.

      • MichellefromNY says:

        He is a good designer but he isnt so well known like say carolina herrera. Being on a reality show helps introduce your line to the masses.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Yeah but Carolina Herrera has a few more decades under her belt. I thought those dresses he showed on RHONY were lovely…only time will tell how well he eventually does. I didn’t see Jill walk but I thought the dress she wore looked good on her; Alex did say modeled for some time in Milan so I’m sure she walked better, plus she seems to have the height to carry off a runway look. Most of these HW”s with their little spins, dances & runway walks (Camille’s dance on her intro, Kim’s too & Ramona’s spin on season 1 intro) are hilarious but I don’t think they realize it. But hey I bet I wouldn’t look any better doing a shimmy either lol!

    • quincyil says:

      It’s been 4 years and Alex and Bethenny were asked several times. I think Jill might have mentioned to her friend the designer that she would like to walk. I think they are friends and Jill might have said that she was sad that no one had ever asked her.

  26. Thelittlewife says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!! I hope your day is full of love!!

  27. boston02127 says:

    For Jill Zarin: For Valentine’s Day

    Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    When thinking of you
    I have to run to the loo.

  28. jeang says:

    Happy Valentines day to all!!! I still hate Jill Zarin.

  29. boston02127 says:

    For Jill Zarin: For Valentine’s Day

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Get off my TV
    Make my dreams come true.

  30. @Tweatcyn says:

    Hey all! Happy V-Day!
    I just started my own blog and I hope you’ll all visit and provide feedback either to my twitter or on the comments. Today’s entry, “Ain’t Love Grand” is sure to make those of you currently in loving committed relationships value them even more.
    Sorry for the shameless self promotion. I learned it from the Bravo-lebrities.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Great job with the new Blog! Love it!

    • quincyil says:

      The stoning topic is an issue right now in the Street of Tehran. We have not seen the movie yet, but we will. They didn’t have stoning for a long time, but the Islamics are trying to impose laws from 1300 years ago. Thank you for writing about this.


  31. quincyil says:

    Well, we did not get a tweet from Jill for being a good blog today, so I think we will all have to return to “I Hate Jill Zarin” tomorrow. I think the subset blog will just become a Jill Zarin update and we will drop any love from that too. Obviously, Jill Zarin is an unforgiving person. You have to give someone a chance. I think that lack of compassion from Jill’s stone cold heart has affected my desire to be nice to her.
    She’s going to be sorry because I hold her character in season four in the palm of my hand like Atlas holds the world. She is never ever going to get her luggage back.

    • Kat says:

      Seriously dropping the love? LOL I coulda told ya, you shoulda asked.
      Snakes don’t change. Jill throws grenades and nutures grudges.

  32. shamrockblonde says:

    I’m guessing that whoever was in charge of hair, is definitely not a fan of JZ, and when hearing that she would be walking, designed that particular hair style theme just for her –

  33. justanothermary says:

    You all gotta help me out here. Justanothervirg says that the chick who actually can sing (I’m assuming this is Kandi) was wearing a Wilma Flintstone costume at the reunion last night. He knows I can’t see so I don’t know if he’s yanking my chain to get a few yucks or if Kandi really did resemble Wilma. He said she had on a yellow loin cloth and rocks around her neck. What’s the real scoop?

    • Kat says:

      She had an animal print dress on. Come to think about it Kandi did look a little Betty Rubble or Wilma. It is not my taste in clothes.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I would agree with him! Her hair/make up was fantastic but not so much the dress/jewelry – she was my least favorite fashion wise.

  34. boston02127 says:

    For Jill Zarin: For Valentine’s Day

    Dimes are silver
    Pennies are brass
    Why does your face
    Look like your a**

  35. error404 says:

    “On the other hand, as much as I hate to give Kim any credit whatsoever, I do have to give her credit for treating her African American assistant the same way she would treat any assistant, without regard to her color. ”

    Yes, Kim is an equal opportunity abuser, treating all races like they are worthless servants serving no other purpose but to make her lazy entitled ass rich and famous while she sits and eats bon bons.

    • DarkSonnet says:

      How many tears do you think have been shed by Kroy’s mother? She probably needs a life preserver at this point. She may be black and blue from pinching herself, hoping to wake up from this nightmare that has been thrust upon her.

      Kim is less than a dream come true DIL, isn’t she?

      Lazy, entitled and infamous not in a good way…

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Exactly what I meant to say…thanks Error! 🙂

  36. boston02127 says:

    G2G, Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. I’ll be thinking of more luv poems for Jill as I’m tapping away.
    One more for Jill Zarin before I leave:

    If roses were black and violets were brown
    My love for you would never be found.
    But roses are red and violets are blue.
    All I want to say is that I still hate you.

  37. WSL says:

    Hey wait gals !
    Jill was VERY offended when her fat a$$ was not included to walk in the Brooklyn show. Her delusional size 2 was furious. Furious like when Miss B was on The Today Show & she called Today & demanded to know why she was not asked. Who does that ! Guess Today didn’t realize her celebrity status. Remember the fool asked to b on The Actors Studio ? Next she will want to compete for the crown of Miss NY (she’s a virgin). She is a complete wacko. Boooob bee could buy it.
    Now we all know the short ugly man who asks 100 models to dinner & the 100th says yes (she is hungry). Any way, the ugly guy,finally has his time of glory and is seen at his favorite restaurante with a beautiful model on his arm that it took 99 nos to achieve.
    Jill is the ugly man who is ALWAYS blowing her FOG HORN at people with a request/demand ,
    after 100 tries ,(that’s a poor odds basis)some fool concedes !
    I bet iLL asked Zang Toi 10xs. She probably promised to buy 10 dresses and he said : Jill the girls r 20. Jill says I am a 0 & most people think I am 24. Give me a break.Don’t u know I have a ILJZ blog w/100000 hits a day. After 9 more NOs, Jill get Bravo to film cuz she begged them 100xs too. Bravo figures ratface will act like a fool back stage.Remember Jill says she freaks b4 a dinner party ; Bravo sees a nervous Jill falling on her a$$ like she did skating in her tutu (when others were in pants). The woman is a fool. Her mind is a freak of nature. To re confirm my point; I bet she asks DWTS every week.She is obcessed over Miss B cuz she is the skater. They made a mistake & iLL knows it ! So Via Chinese water torcher tactics, sometimes she is successful. The woman has NO Shame.
    Ginger was on her head & she may have looked nice according to some reports but walking with women 1/2 her age is Ridiculous.
    She doesn’t need a hobby, she needs to move to an emerging market country where she can create the title of Queen for herself. Then she could order people to give her, her way and make them bow down.
    Get her outta here ! I mean the USA.
    Pass the trash can please !

  38. WSL says:

    Hi Shaw2000
    Where have u been girl ?
    I hope all is well !
    U have been missed.
    I am glad we weren’t dissed !
    (THat was to compete w/all the Valentine poems)

  39. FlowerPower (no longer StillaWallflower) says:

    Inspired by Boston….

    Roses are red
    Amoebas are blobby
    Like Jill when she finally
    Strips down for Bobby

  40. Adgirl says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

    In the spirit of the day I want to say I actually enjoy and appreciate every single cast member of RH. Thank you for providing escapist fun for me. I feel bad that social media bloomed while you’ve been on tv bringing a level of scrutiny and contact that you were unprepared for.
    I hope you know that most of us don’t “hate” you at all. I do say unkind things on boards from time to time. I was not trying to hurt you.

  41. Error404 says:

    The novogratz have a new show on HGTV starting in June.

    Anyone know if and when s2 of 9 by Design will be on bravo?

    • quincyil says:

      Ha… I thought it was, but maybe it’s on HGTV.

    • Katie (aka kats2) says:

      That’s great news but they suck about advertising it. I’m twitter friends with them and never see anything about it. And just to compare I follow Style.com (yes I need help) and they send me pictures of the food the models don’t eat so WTF with 9 by Design? Good rant/vent thanks!

  42. tweatcyn says:

    Jill was channeling the devil on that runway. Know that!

    Hey Q, you should include Kyle in your I love JZ on the prairie blogs, since she made regular appearances on Little House on the Prairie. Might jumpstart her acting career.

    • quincyil says:

      This was the last day on the prairie for Real Housewives. They are just not prairie folk. Prairie folk don’t wear a lot of makeup or use botox. We just sit around wrinkling together. Prairie folk don’t wear fancy colored girdles with lace either. Our girldles come in white and they are in boxes in Walmart. Prairie women cook dinners for their families. Peanut butter sandwiches are reserved for lunch bags on the days that the school cafeteria serves fish sticks. Prairie wives don’t drink alcohol except on special ocassions like a sip at mass on Christmas Eve. Prairie women have hemp, but we make ropes out of it, we don’t smoke it for medicinal purposes. Prairie women never wear high heeled shoes. The heels get stuck in the limestone driveways. No, the housewives on the prairies really don’t have much in common with a Jill Zarin or a Kyle Richards. When we think of catty, we are actually thinking about the behaviors of our barn cats. I think the blog on the pairie is tied to the Old West and those fancy women just don’t fit in here.

  43. klmh says:

    To all the poets in the group:

    Thank you! Great fun and laughs.

  44. AZ Girl says:

    @Boston Did you get the day off today? Poems are too funny and I am looking at the blog on my phone and laughing at work. My husband is like “honey, please get off that blog”

    • LynnNChicago says:

      AZ Girl, please remind your husband that it’s Valentines day and you want to stay on the blog 🙂 Please give him a message from me personally….

      Thank you Mr. AZ for allowing us time with your amazing, funny, incredible and wonderful wife, we love her so much and we appreciate the time you give up and let her be with us!!!

      • AZ Girl says:

        Thanks Lynn. That is very nice of you. Funny thing is every night I sleep with my boss so he can’t stay angry for long. 🙂

    • boston02127 says:

      @AZ Girl—Not off all day, Monday’s, I’m in and out. It’s a little after 6 PM now and I’m home for the night (yeah). I’m waiting for my b/f’s shift to end so we can give each other V-day gifts. I got him binoculars. I don’t know why he’s wanted them. Maybe he’s a peeper!!!! LOL I’m kidding, he’s a good guy.

  45. quincyil says:

    Wow… Jill’s been talking about her new web site for a while. It’s her. It’s dedicated to Ginger Zarin with photos and links to all of the Zarin Family and Zarin Fabrics. It’s very pink like Jill Zarin’s website which also is dedicated to all that is Zarin.

    So now you can get stuff about Jill Zarin from two web sites.


  46. AZ Girl says:

    @justanothermary You are the “bomb” today. Too funny. Let Virgil know that I insist that you get flowers today.

  47. Andy says:

    Sorry Jill and Bravoites,
    walked/waddled like a drunk duck
    down the runway. Her shoulders & arms should have been covered,the waddling made them giggle.Her posture was so bad that her double chin was very obvious. I never realized her arms and shoulders were so thick.If Bobby trades Jill in for KiKi she could be a bouncer should have never opened the cape over the straight way too tight dress; couldn’t they ease the seams?
    I don’t know who told Jill to put her hands on her already to wide hips & pleated cape; not a good look when you are already too wide. When Jill postured, I honestly, was afraid she might fall over.
    Disaster me of when you fell on your ass at your skating party.
    Jill,we are having a Bravo fashion show for a Bravoleberity and you don’t make the cut. Please do not have Bobby call.He cannot finance the entire collection or buy all the collection to have you included . Jill do not call me 50 times. Jill do not start 5 blogs titled :I will never watch Bravo again unless Jill walks or I love Jill walking the runway or I can’t live if Jill doesn’t walk; You know what you have done in the past.I know you get my meaning,I don’t care if you get 100 000 hits on each of your blogs.No No No No.
    I know you don’t understand and think Bobby can buy you any thing.
    When you blew kisses I felt sick and subsequently learned you spread hoof and mouth disease to all on the front row.
    I mean it Jill; do not stalk me or I will tell every single housewife that Bobby wants them along with giving them his cell phone number.
    Yep, the kisses sent me over the roof. You are one sick,mean, ugly arrogant,stupid,
    presumtuious, annoying,hated Bravoleberity and your “star” is sinking fast.
    I swear I will FIRE you if you ever call me again with any self promoting scheme in any way shape or form. I mean it Jill, just one request. Come on Jill , Make my Day!

  48. AZ Girl says:

    I really liked the dress that Jill wore on the runway but the hair is just weird. The model’s hair do’s actually takes away from their garments and that not good.

  49. AZ Girl says:

    @Quincy. I finally caught up with Million Dollar Listing yesterday. I remember Imir from Patty’s show. Am I correct that he walked out on her in the initial interview? If the Seller (owner of the car) is a serious antique car dealer he is not going to hand over that car to Imir. Not for any price. Serious dealers only sell to those who will take care of the car and keep it nice not to people who will drive it around to pick up chicks.

    I really thought that Josh A. came across so much better this week and he does know is stuff concerning the broker’s open house on the condo and his assistant Mike. Mike is NOT allowed to say ANYTHING regarding the listing because he is not licensed.
    Josh Flagg always being filmed like he just getting out of bed but he is so sweet with his grandmother. His partner is sharp.
    Monet is probably still trying to sell that white elephant of a house in Encino.

    • quincyil says:

      Yes, Imir turned out to be a Russian businessman. A fellow board member found an article on Patti’s show that mentioned him. He refused to answer Patti’s questions and showed anger during the interview. He seems to have gone from NYC to LA and found another Bravo TV show. Seems odd, but that is what happened.

      Josh A still has some interesting quirks. His mom lives in Denver, but he has family in the East with an Aunt in Boston.

      I look forward to blogging two shows this evening. “The Actor’s Studio which is incredible and Tabatha’s show.

  50. WSL says:

    Time To Par Teeeeeee !

    !!Happy Birthday Kind Ad Girl!!

    Your birthday cup cakes are from the famous Magnolia bakery in NYC. There are 25 and each one is a different flavor. Yum Yum !

    Hit the play button on your music system and ……………..
    Frank Sinatra
    will sing Happy Birthday to you
    And your birthday buddies :
    Jimmy Hoffa
    Florence Henderson
    Gregory Hines
    Hugh Downs
    Drew Bledsoe &
    Meg Tilly

    Now Hit play again and
    Old Blue has a very special song
    Just for you dear Ad girl.

    My funny valentine
    Sweet, comic valentine
    You make me smile with my heart
    Your looks are laughable, unphotographable
    yet your my favorite work of art

    Is your figure less than Greek?
    Is your mouth a little weak?
    When you open it to speak,
    are you smart?
    don’t change a hair for me
    Not if you care for me
    Stay little valentine
    Each day is valentine’s day

    Is your figure less than Greek?
    Is your mouth a little weak?
    When you open it to speak,
    Are you smart?
    don’t change a hair for me
    Not if you care for me
    Stay little valentine
    Each day is Valentine’s Day

    Now Ad Girl you shine in friendships & romance & we know why ; u shine on our board too !

    February 14 Birthday Astrology :

    Aquarians born on February 14 are high-strung, interesting people who possess analytical intelligence that allows them to tackle complex problems without losing sight of the practical side issues. Their verbal skills are considerable. They have an edgy charm that makes them irresistible.

    Friends and Lovers

    People born on February 14 attract the spotlight. Friendship is easy for them, and so they may not work at it diligently. Romance is another area of life where they shine. They are more likely to fall passionately in love than others of their sign.

    Children and Family

    February 14 natives often grow up in an unconventional family. As parents, they encourage their children to take chances and follow their own path. Drawing on the best of their upbringing, they provide a creative environment for their youngsters.


    Mental stress and strain will have a negative impact on the health of most February 14 people. When relaxed and worry-free, they feel great. But when they experience pressure, they are likely to experience nightmares or sleeplessness, headaches, nausea, or simple fatigue. They aren’t devotees of exercise but do enjoy sports.

    Career and Finances

    People born on February 14 are interested in careers that don’t demand too much time and effort. Money is another matter. Even those who don’t have financial resources behave as though they were born to the silk. Credit card bills can be a problem if they aren’t careful.

    Dreams and Goals

    February 14 natives are not especially goal-oriented but do have a passion for pursuing their dreams. Their optimism makes them believe that anything worthwhile can — and eventually will — happen. If a cherished wish is not fulfilled, they refuse to look at it as a failure or setback; they find another dream to chase.

    You should embrace: Imagination, romance, sophistication

    You should avoid: Mental exhaustion, prejudice, false hope

    Ok our Funny Valentine, you must tell us what statement about u was so true it sent chills up your spine.
    And last what was said that DOES NOT ring true to our Ad Girl.

    Many, many happy returns from LynnFam !

    • Adgirl says:

      WSL – almost all of them are true!!! LOL.
      When I get stressed I want to be quiet and read a book, watch stupid TV or play online. I do not want to chit chat (which annoys my hubby).
      My husband would also ask where is that part about my being a huge pain in the a$$. LOL. He’s wonderful to put up with me. He is a Gemini.

      I don’t believe I was born to silk but I do occassionally purchase and finance things I probably shouldn’t – like my recent laser treatments (however my skin looks great). I rationalize it by saying it will help me get a job, which I need to pay for the laser which I got to help me get a job…. you see the issue here?
      I adore Frank! When I was a kid as a gift I took my mother to a Frank Sinatra concert in San Francisco. He wasn’t in good voice but it was loads of fun. “Funny Valentine” is my very favorite song. Especially Chet Baker’s version. That’s why I love the movie Pal Joey inspite of the fact that Kim Novak was 2x Frank’s size and Rita Hayworth looked awful. At least San Francisco looked fantastic.

      My best attribute is I am very loyal. Sometimes I am misguided in that endeavor, but so bet it.

      I really appreciate you putting that together for me WSL. I enjoyed every word of it!

      Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  51. boston02127 says:


    •** • . ¸ ♥ Happy Birthday ♥. ¸ ¸ . • **•

  52. boston02127 says:

    To Jill Zarin: For Valentine’s Day

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    There’s no other housewife
    more rotten than you.

    • boston02127 says:

      @klmh —I agree.! And shame on her for even dating someone like him. Does she they’ll marry & have kids and he’ll be any diffrent? She’s a fool. They’re both scummy people.

    • Cusi77 says:

      Goodness Gracious! Nice guy! Let’s call Gretchen “Robina Hood”, who took from the rich (poor good man) to give to the poor (trash, good for nothing poor excuse of a man)… gosh! make my blood presure go high to unhealthy levels (quoting our Error404)

    • lillybee says:

      Slade truly is a piece of slime. Why does he refuse to take care of his kid?

  53. LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

    Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. I was a little sad this morning. I miss my daughter (20). She is studying abroad this semester (Berlin), and I miss her. But that’s life right, you raise them up so they can spread their wings. Anyway, just got a little teary, but I am fine now. I have my son and husband here. I have enjoyed all the different topics today and over the weekend.

    • boston02127 says:

      Happy Valentine’s Day LavaLady ♥

    • Kat says:

      Wishing you and your daughter the best. 😉

    • Hey Lava! I am sorry to hear that that you’re missing your “little” girl-
      hell, she is half a planet away!! I assume she’s a junior. very interesting
      choice, Berlin. I have family there- I wonder why she chose Berlin?
      My daughter is a freshman and I never thought about her doing her
      study abroad in Berlin.
      How does your daughter like the city? How long has she been gone?
      I can only imagine how you feel-
      look at it this way, couple more weeks and the weather will break,
      a few more after that and we’ll be back down the shore, you’ll
      be gettin the house ready and your daughter will be slopping it
      up with all her friends like she never left. ahhhhhhh good times!
      xoxo bev

      • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

        Hi Bev, thanks so much for your response. She choose Berlin, because she is studying Art History at NYU, and Berlin is known for their modern art, which is her main interest. Also, my husband is 100% German, and she speaks a little German, so it was a good choice for her. My daughter loves it, she is doing well in her classes so far, and has met some nice people. Yes, she is a junior, so only one year left. My husband and I will go over to see her at Easter. Can’t wait for the summer, like you I live for the beach.

        • She sounds like such a smart girl, I’m sure you are very
          proud of her-I think it’s great that she is spending time
          in a city that not only educates her in Art history, but also
          gives her a sense of her heritage.
          I can’t wait to hear about your trip there! Now, that’s at least 2 things to look forward to- a trip to Europe and

    • Golden Girl says:

      LavaLady, I’m so sorry about your sadness but I totally get it. My son still has a year left in school before he leaves and there are times I catch myself tearing up about it.

    • Katie (aka kats2) says:

      Good lord.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Kats2 lol!

        $11m in the hole, yet they can still open a place. Cash on hand or credit to do it? Did she sell 11 million books or even half & things are better???? Bravo paying her millions? We ALL got hit with the recession in 08′ and the economy is getting better but come on, a rebound like that after all their financial problems? Hmmmm. It should be a seafood place because it seems fishy. Just my opinion.

    • LavaLady (formerly known as American Idiot) says:

      How many times does Teresa say “like” in this 2 minute video. I counted 15. On another NJ note, I read in our local paper that the NJ Housewives filmed over the weekend at a charity run. They showed up late, didn’t actually do the run, just stood around being filmed. Teresa, Melissa, Jacqueline and Caroline were there.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Gotta think of the write offs, tax deductions, losses suffered, “linens” laundered…they just don’t give up! And there just aren’t enough Italian joints in New Jersey.

    • Cusi77 says:

      I am not kidding… Teresa’s IQ must be less than 80…

      The normal range for an IQ is between 90-109. Most of the people in the world would fall in this range. A genius is anyone with an IQ score over 130.
      Answer found on answers.ask.com http://answers.ask.com/Science/Psychology/what_is_the_n

  54. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet~~~ At betsey Johnston show with Bobby.he said I can have anything for v day! I just want him. That’s the truth.

    If you have to add “that’s the truth” 10 to one it’s not.

    • Rabble Rouser says:


      Kind of like how “Know that” means ‘I don’t know what the %^#$#% it is I am talking about’.

    • Nancy says:

      Good try Jill!

    • Sha2000 says:

      Betsey Johnson isn’t exactly her look to say the least, I think Bobby was making a joke.

      • Golden Girl says:

        No kidding it looks good on 2o somethings but and old lady I think not.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Yeah, Betsey herself can’t even pull it off anymore.

          • Sha2000 says:

            Lol, I just flashed on the 1980’s being in her store a size 4 and leaving with out buying anything. My best friend at the time what gaga over Betsy Johnson & Norma Kamali; I could only get away with the swimsuits, big poofy & padded shoulders never worked well for me at 5’3″….

  55. boston02127 says:

    To Jill Zarin: For Valentine’s Day

    Roses are red
    Dog turds are brown
    Your mama is the crypt keeper
    And your sister’s a clown.

  56. AZ Girl says:

    @Quincy. Watching the national news. Hope all is well with family members in Tehran. Praying that things start to settle down over there.

    • quincyil says:

      Tehran? I didn’t know that they had problems. I will check the news.

      • AZ Girl says:


        • quincyil says:

          I thought something might happen last summer, but they beat them, inprisoned them, and killed them.

          I heard that 80% of the Egyptians would be ok with Sharia Law. Their idea of democracy and our idea of democracy seem to be very different.

          Thanks for the heads up. Slowly, many family members are coming to North America. No one want to live under theocratic dictators.

          • Sha2000 says:

            Hi, I think that 80% is high…apparently the brotherhood is polling low as apotential political party there, plus my husband is Egyptian and doesn’t think that will happen. That said he is concerned that other military guys will run & they’ll elect another Mubarak…I have more faith that the Egyptian people won’t make the mistake & go for either, why fight for liberty and then elect the opposite ? Hope I’m right, I really think that the younger population is looking for someone who is more focused on the people rather than religion & I think that’s what most in Iran want too. Anyway, in-laws in Cairo are happy that they made it through safely and to the outcome most Egyptians wanted, hopping the same for your in-laws too.

          • AZ Girl says:

            This is big and the outcome may not be what they want. Hopefully it will all come to peace and prosperity for all.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Reports all day…NPR had some interviews w/Iranians in the Tehran protests today on the radio. Check their web site maybe they have it there too.

  57. error404 says:

    your rages were red
    your jealousy, green
    you banished Snow White
    but now you’re one boring Queen

  58. error404 says:

    the roses were red
    at the marriage of the Hoppys
    Bravo films them in bed
    and you still need some hobbies

  59. WSL says:

    AD Girl
    I am so happy you like your party. I was a little nervous to invite Frank to sing. I was afraid you are too young & might feel I was a fuddy duddy !
    There are lots of songs w/Valentine in the lyrics.
    I usually research the birthday girls name but I don’t think u have ever mentioned it ! Any way Valentine was easy. U came on the board this afternoon. Is that your normal pattern ?
    I had been waiting for you all day & then I started one of my many marathon posts, I guess,right when u came on.
    I am going to a very exclusive club called Doubles. It is fun for dancing & dinner. There is usually some one famous there. Hubs is in Black Tie & I hit the vault.
    I wish TLD was around as I had a fashion ? About my shoe choice.
    What r u doing ?
    I should b back by 12.
    Hugs !

    • Adgirl says:

      There was a time when my handle was my birthday but I became tired of men thinking that was my stripper name. LOL.

      True story: my old Valentine handle is how I met my husband. 🙂

      We’d be celebrating my birthday but he is sick in bed right now. Poor guy. It’s a good thing we go out on Feb 13th every year to celebrate.

  60. boston02127 says:

    For Jill Zarin: For Valentine’s Day

    Roses are Red
    And so are the Sox
    Whaddawe want here?
    Your head in a box.

  61. TEB says:

    Boston- you are CRACKING me up. Well done! You too Error!

  62. OneMoreInBoston says:

    From Perez Hilton:

    “Is Real Housewife Taylor Armstrong Mentally Unstable?

    To be a on Real Housewifes you have to have an element of crazy – but recent news about Beverly Hill’s Taylor Armstrong makes us worry about her mental health.

    Turns out, Taylor lied about her name, her past, and her relationships.

    Taylor has changed her name to Taylor Ford before taking her husbands last name. According to a source, Taylor used to tell people she was from the Ford family – as in Ford Motors and Automobiles.

    When asked about the name change Taylor claimed her birth name was “Shana Taylor,” and she wanted to go by her last name. But her last name was never Taylor, she was born “Shana Hughes!”

    It appears that Taylor was also lying when she said, several times, on the show that Adrienne Maloof was the godmother of her daughter Kennedy. This left many viewers puzzled as Taylor and Adrienne did not appear to be close on the show, at all.

    When asked about the confusion Adrienne (visibly weirded-out) a denied being Kennedy’s godmother.

    As we hear more and more the state of Taylor’s mental Health gets less and less clear.”

    Read more: Is Real Housewife Taylor Armstrong Mentally Unstable? | FitPerez.com http://fitperez.com/2011-02-14-is-the-real-housewife-actually-out-of-her-mind/?from=PH#ixzz1DzGxe8Qk

    • quincyil says:

      No doubt Perez Hilton wrote this from behind his computer.

    • Cusi77 says:

      No kidding! You don’t need credentials to know something is wrong with Taylor… Just to see what she did to her face is enough to figure out how much she would like to be another person than herself!

    • quincyil says:

      Well, I bet Taylor did ask Adrienne and didn’t read Adrienne’s response correctly. Addriene does not answer questions all of the time. I bet she didn’t give a firm no, so Taylor took it as a yes. Taylow wants to be in with the in crowd so badly. She’s the girl in high school that would do anything to sit at the table with the really cool girls.

      I have read the sites from Waxdiva and other women who are researching. I researched Taylor myself. So far I haven’t seen any really bad thing she had done. She changed her name. I did too when I got married. She has her name on a bunch of internet companies. I do too as my son has internet companies as well as a very good job in the industry. Mom is on the corporation papers. You have to have more than one person in IL. She is a pleaser. I tend to be a pleaser.

      There was an email about an incident in South Beach. The writer had a photo that she could easily have shown without her face or her husband’s face, but she did not.

      I and Harvey looked at her charity connections and things didn’t seem perfect all of the time, but Harvey is smarter than me about these things so I believe him when he says, “not enough evidence.”

      I dont like Taylor, but she probably wouldn’t like me either so I’m calling that a draw too. It’s not a crime to not like Q. Not in the United States that is …rotfl… I think I have inlaws who could make that a law in the border regions of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan. rotfl

      • Nancy says:

        I couldn’t disagree with you more. I’m waiting until the dinner from hell is over then I’m blogging.

        • quincyil says:

          I look forward to your blog. I am always open to information. Thanks.

          • klmh says:

            You made some good points.
            Im looking forward to Nancy’s blog as well. Many times I have asked her for additional information to Taylor, many people here have, and she has not supplied it. Hope its not more innuendos and postings from other websites that are not substantiated. I know she hates her with a passion though.
            The one truth that we can count on is that Adrienne is not her daughters godmother, concluding it was a lie or misunderstanding, and Russell has a past with the law in his financial dealings.

  63. AZ Girl says:

    @Boston….I can’t wait for freaking St. Patricks Day!!!! I will forgive the typos as the day commences and as 2nd generation Irish you will understand if I do not respond to posts past 10 a.m. on St. Paddy’s day.

  64. boston02127 says:

    For Jill Zarin: For Valentine’s Day

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Can’t wait for Bravo to tell you…
    you’re pretty much through.

  65. quincyil says:

    I grew up in and near Chicago. The way people act and think in Chicago seems to be very different from New Yorkers like Bobby and Jill Zarin. Where I grew up it was very bad manners to show off material wealth. You would never tell some the price of your ring or that your husband rented the most expensive villa in Aruba. You would not boast that your husband told you that you could choose any item from a designer’s show. Boasting and showing off were looked down upon. Generally people learn not to do this when they are young. Their peers teach them lessons and so do their parents. Somehow neither Jill Zarin nor Bobby Zarin have learned this. You don’t see the Countess or Sonja doing this. Alex and Simon did this in season one and they quickly learned not to share the costs with the public. I don’t know why the Zarins as old as they are don’t understand this. Jill likes free stuff and we know she will tweet for just about anything. I used to think this was all Jill Zarin, but as I research I find the oddest comments by Bobby Zarin also.

    • Error404 says:

      Moving to ny, it’s always a little shocking to find the ny openly talk about money. Most of us were raised not to speak openly of such things. But in ny, things like “what a nice apartment! How much do you pay?” from a complete stranger who’s been brought to your party by a mutual friend is the norm.

    • firepainter says:

      Quincy, it’s just not considered bad manners in Chicago, but here in Virginia as well, and I would venture to say the rest of the world. The Zarins just do not have any class.

    • Katie (aka kats2) says:

      This is a Jill thing has nothing to do with NY or any other place on earth.
      Jill has money but lacks class and manners. That combination doesn’t play well anywhere.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Very true. Showing off your wealth is o.k. on the North Shore but it is frowned upon to speak publicly of how much you are worth. Not cool. Off to bed. Early 4 a.m rise and shine.

  66. @tweatcyn says:

    I don’t know Quincy, if ever there was a catty character on Little House on the Prairie, it was Nellie Olson, and I think she and Mrs Olson wore those snazzy Victorian heals.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


    • quincyil says:

      They probably did wear fancy heels from Chicago stores. Yes there are a few fancy women here. I have seen about 4 designer dresses in the 34 years I have been here. One was a Halston. I remember because a new wife from the South had her husband buy it because she thought she would need it for parties. She wore it and was hopelessly out of place because every one else was so casual.

      Honestly, none of the NYC housewives could fit in here. I had a hard time and I am from IL. Jill Zarin would be loud one time and she would be done.

    • LOL says:

      Don’t forget Nancy she was the demon seed 🙂

  67. boston02127 says:

    For Jill Zarin: For Valentine’s Day
    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Sweet Lynn writes this great blog
    Because of idiots like you.

    To my LynnFam:
    Roses are red
    Coins make a clink
    It’s possible these poems
    Could drive one to drink.

  68. LynnNChicago says:


    Real Housewives of New York on Rachel Ray tomorrow

    • vilzvet says:

      I guess they were already booked before the show was postponed. Soooo looking forward to Luann giving etiquette manners to Rachael (eye roll)…but hey, the grilled chicken mac and cheese combo sounds like yummy! I WILL tune for that!

  69. kbinldo says:

    Is that Snooki’s bumpit on Jill’s head????

    Anyways, Happy Valentine’s Day, Lynne & everyone! 🙂

  70. Susu says:

    Ramona got asked on fb, why she was filmed last night and if rumours r true then that the material is too boring..
    She wrote back:
    “We stopped filming a few weeks ago. Our show rhonyc will be on soon I believe in April and I can not wait to watch so excited to see”

    • HD says:


      We have an eye witness that saw a camera following her unless Ramona is in the habit of just having camera people follow her around even when she is not filming a show. I know I always call up a film crew when I go out. *eye rollage*

      I am betting the show is boring. It didn’t even get *that* much attention before the fight with Jill and Bethanny. I mean minus that fight, I venture to say, we all wouldn’t have even been here. There is nothing to really write about. This just in: “The Countess will be doing a follow up to another lam song” Breaking News “Jill got another expensive handbag.” Newsflash: “Ramona is designing more cross necklaces.”

      Bethanny made that show (at least to me she did).

    • lillybee says:

      Could the cameras be following Ramona for something else besides RHONY>

      • LynnNChicago says:

        I wondered that too, could “other” cameras be following Ramona? Michelle, if you see this, can you let us know if there is anyway they could be cameras from elsewhere?

        Did they have “Shed Media” anywhere? or identify themselves as Bravo production team members? (not to question you, just curious)

        • MichellefromNY says:

          My husband said it wasnt branded so its very possible ramona just hired someone to film her. It was also a small dslr camera, it wasnt like those huge production cameras which indicates even more that it might not have been bravo.

          But then again, bravo could be covering their tracks and filming secretly because they dont want people to know that they have no material. Using a camera that doesnt attract notice following you around would be a grrat coverup. And i doubt jill would let bravo miss filming her big debut on the runway.

          The reason i really thought it was bravo is because even though there were a lot of those kind of cameras milling about at fashion week, this one specifically was tailing ramona. And the camera woman and ramona were talking like they knew each other. As we were walking out and ramona was walking out at the same time, the camera lady walked with her around the corner. And while wyclef jean had a swarm of paparazzi surrounding him as he left, she only had one camera and no paparazzi.

          I really dont know, i forgot to ask. I was too excited to meet her to ask the tough questions lol. I guess we’llfind out once the season starts.

    • quincyil says:

      Jill have camera people follow her to shoes stores to buy shoes for Bobby. Maybe, Ramona has a camera person following her 24/7 now too. roffl

      I think Bravo didn’t want to miss a good fight. Someone might have said something nasty about Jill on the runway, that they could use. Jill certainly did say nasty things at the Brooklyn show.

      Simon writes like I do in my “I Love Jill Zarin” blog. I say things and there is always a hidden meaning. Simon tells Jill to ignore the people in the front row and those people are Ramona and probably the Countess and Sonja.
      Simon knows what Jill did to Alex.

      You can know what the people that you work with are like and be cordial to them. It makes life easier and there is less drama. It’s not a great idea to do that on a reality show.

      I think Bravo paid for the ladies to go to Morocco hoping for Scary Island two and they got zip. Kelly probably took her meds every day.

  71. Pingback: Tweets that mention I LOVE Jill Zarin Happy Valentine’s Day The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part One | Lynnnchicago101's Blog -- Topsy.com

  72. HD says:

    Quincy I will personally have issues with you if you do not rip this red head a new one in your blog tomorrow about Tabatha’s show.

  73. ches says:

    Isn’t it funny what you can hit into on the internet these days?

    An Aruban restaurant guestbook from 2001 signed by everybody’s favorite valentine.

    Our family enjoyed our best meal in your classic presentation of the best beef we have had in America..by far! We are in the hospitaliy business and would like speak to about some oppotunities in America,
    Jill Shapiro Zarin
    23 Nov 2001

    Could somebody please let Jill know that Aruba is not actually in America?
    And teach her to spell while your at it.

  74. WSL says:

    I guess everybody is
    Making Woopie !

  75. WSL says:

    No my hanky panky was hours ago.
    This is such a good find. How in the world did u find it ?
    I didn’t know they were married that far back (2001).

  76. WSL says:

    Oh we finished Hanky Panky hours ago !
    Ches your Aruba find is awsome !
    How did u do it ?
    I didn’t know they were married in 2001.

  77. WSL says:

    That’s so cool Ches.

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