IHJZ Top Chef All Stars February 24, 2011

I Hate Jill Zarin Top Chef All Stars    February 24, 2011

Bravo meets The Food Network, Paula Deen was last night’s guest judge, bless her heart!  She is hysterical.

The very controversial Quick Fire Challenge tonight had the chef’s preparing a deep fried dish.  Sounds simple right?  Unfortunately Antonia, who has done maybe a thousand Quick Fire Challenges in the past, forgot she had to plate two of her creations as there are two judges.

Her fried shrimp over salad greens apparently would have won the challenge had Antonia followed the rules, oops!

Instead Antonia joined Dale and Carla in the bottom three.  Dale prepared oysters wrapped in beef, an interesting combination and Carla’s dish of Catfish and Hush Puppies were apparently bland and heavy.
Carla does seem to struggle with the Quick Fire Challenges, she is much better when given more time, but she also felt stressed because Southern cooking is her “thing” and she was expected to do well.

Mike’s dish added to the controversy as he prepared a dish identical to one that Richard had described to him.  This dish was Richard’s creation and he had jotted this down in a little black notebook.  His mistake was sharing it with Mike Isabella.

A chicken dish served in an oyster shell with oyster gravy was the brainchild of Richard’s but ended up on Mike’s plate and put him in the top two along with Richard.  I don’t know what on earth Richard prepared but it included mayonnaise frozen in liquid nitrogen.  I don’t think Richard can prepare food anymore without freezing something with dry ice or otherwise using some high tech preparation method.

Paula Deen announced that Antonia would have been the winner had she only followed the rules and plated one portion for each judge.  Mikey refused to even look at Richard while Richard turned to the camera and said, “that is my dish”.  It wasn’t clear whether Richard was talking to the camera so that viewers would hear or if he was talking to a member of the production team but he wanted to be sure that someone knew.

It would have been even more interesting had Richard prepared the exact same dish but while Mike only admitted to being “Inspired” by Richard’s recipe it was clear to Richard, and the other chef’s who were gossiping about it, that Mike shamelessly stole that dish.

Mike not only stole the dish but he won with the dish including the $5,000 that came along with the win, that infuriated Richard even more as he came in second place.  (Third if you count Antonia)

Twitter blew up as Mike’s smirk angered viewers almost as much as Richard, Chef Tom Colicchio tweeted to fans as many asked him how he felt about what we’d just seen on Top Chef, here’s what he had to say about it:

@Tom_colicchio:  It happens every day you would be amazed if to find out how many chefs steal or borrow from other chefs.

@Tom_colicchio:  Not cool but menu items cannot be protected under copyright or IP laws

@Tom_colicchio:  yes recipes in a book are protected so far as re printing in a book. I specifically said menu items

@Tom_colicchio:  Menu items cannot be under copyright

Mike Voltaggio chimed in, although admittedly hadn’t watched the episode:

@Mvoltaggio:  would be like saying nobody can make meatloaf, chefs should be happy to inspire

@Tom_colicchio:  Agreed but if you borrow you should give credit.

I think that Mike stole the dish from Richard and knowing Richard the way he did, never for a moment thought that Richard would say a word about it.  I think Mike was hoping to get away with this and nothing about plagiarism would appear on screen.  Mike’s attitude about the entire thing infuriated viewers and Richard even more.

Footage shown of the chef’s back at their Frat House reflected the tension right through the screen as Mike wouldn’t even look at Richard.  I’m sure the tension continued for several days.  The three remaining ladies were shown in one of the bedrooms as Antonia told the story to Carla and Tiffany.  What little respect these chefs had for Mikey is gone.

Paula Deen was joined by well-respected Southern Chef, John Besh for the Elimination Challenge.  Instructions to the contestants were to prepare Gulf Seafood, Southern Style for a fundraiser.  They were given $200 to shop at Restaurant Depot and another $500 at Whole Foods.  Each Chef was also given a helper chef in the form of the eliminated contestants.

Antonia tells viewers that she’s not interested in help from chef’s who have been cut from the competition claiming that they can sometimes be bitter and therefore could hinder the contestants.  I didn’t think that was a fair statement, these are professional chef’s, right?  With the exception of Mike Isabella.

I’m not a fan of the team up, whether it is contestants being forced to work together or in this case, eliminated chef’s being forced on the contestants, there is always at least one issue.  We can never tell if one chef affected the outcome of the other.  As the eliminated chefs stood with platters of seafood, each chef chose who they wanted to work with but also had to take into consideration which type of food they would be working with.

I think Top Chef purposely handed Marcel the beautiful white shrimp to entice the contestants to pick Marcel.  Tiffany took the bait and announced she would work with the white shrimp.  Unfortunately Marcel came along with the white shrimp, or Marcel IS the white shrimp, either way Tiffany drew the short straw.

Someone needs to get Carla some new glasses, she didn’t appreciate working with Tre at all.  She announced that she chose him in hopes he would have some experience with southern cooking, but Tre immediately announced that he was a city boy.  Note to Carla, you don’t choose Tre for his mad cooking skills, just look at him!! Wow!  Moving on….

Mike chose Tiffany and prepared another shrimp dish that the judges and guests really enjoyed.  Antonia also hit a home run with Spike by her side she prepared crab cakes that turned out to be one of the judges favorites as well.  Dale was left with Angelo as none of the chef’s chose him, Angelo clearly was spent and didn’t want to be there.  Dale seemed to be working in slow motion, as we’ve seen before.  This doesn’t work well at a busy fundraiser with hundreds of guests.  As Dale and Angelo had their backs to the guests begin to discuss that the judges haven’t arrived yet, so they have time, along come the judges who hear the entire conversation.

Dale’s dish was some sort of stew with uncooked potatoes but that wasn’t the only problem, Chef Tom indicated that the overwhelming taste of mustard that drowned out the other flavors.

Carla told the judges that she felt the pressure, once again, of a time crunch but Chef Tom couldn’t understand why she covered her fish in a hot sauce and heavy mustard.  Carla has been inconsistent but I think she’s a very talented chef, she just doesn’t handle the time constraints very well.

Richard teamed up with Fabio and prepared a Snapper and Grits that was the winning dish of the night and you could almost see Richard gloating in Mike’s direction.

As Tiffany, Carla and Dale stood in front of the judges, I thought surely with Tiffany’s many appearances in the bottom of challenges, it would be her time to go home but it was not to be.  Dale was sent to pack his knives leaving less talented chef’s in the competition.

I understand the concept of Top Chef and I understand that the rules dictate that the worst dish of the night sends a chef home.  I also understand that this formula has been followed for eight seasons and the ratings are good.  That is the bottom line for Top Chef.  However, when consistently season after season mediocre chef’s remain in the competition and more talented chefs are sent packing, maybe it is time to revamp the rules.  We watch one chef win challenge after challenge (ie:  Dale) and another chef is in the bottom three week after week (ie:  Tiffany) but not quite poor enough to go home.  The talented chef makes one mistake and he’s gone while the less talented chef remains in the competition.

Maybe they need a point system that carries over week to week, or a “freebee” week that they can use after earning a specific amount of wins over the course of the competition.  Like an immunity idol on Survivor, they get a pass for preparing one lousy dish because they’ve earned it from doing well in previous competitions.

I don’t know the answer, but this is really frustrating.  Some of the most talented chefs have already been eliminated and with Carla, Antonia, Tiffany and Mike being left with Richard, I no longer care who wins because I think at least four more talented chefs are already gone.
A new system of elimination could have saved Jennifer, Angelo Casey or my beloved Tre.  (ok Tre may be pushing it, but he’s hot)

During Season Six (The Voltaggio Season) something clicked and it really did work out that the final four were the most talented chef’s in the competition but in most other seasons, I’m not sure that was the case.  I certainly think Sam Talbot easily had more talent than Marcel or even the winner Ilan during his season but that one small mistake allowed him to be sent home while less talented chefs remained in the competition.

Chef Tom Colicchio is forever defending his decision but I no longer question it.  For obvious reasons, we didn’t taste the food and I don’t doubt they are sending home the worst dish.  It isn’t Tom and the other judges who should be questioned but the entire process of how they choose who to send home, that is what should be questioned.

Until Next Time..

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  1. Maite says:

    Mike Isabella is good TV for Bravo, not only he stole Richard’s recipe but he burped Antonia on national TV… that for me, reads trashy all over!!! I have no respect for that man. He should of gone home after the Italian challenged.
    My money is still on Carla!!!

  2. VincenzoNewYork says:

    Thank you Lynn or Quincy for writing the recapitulation; it was very informative with all the details.

  3. WindyCityWondering says:

    Great recap Lynn! Wondering now how much guest judges affect the decisions – John Besh (should have been an Iron Chef) has mad skills and obviously comes from a different place than Paula, the Butter Queen, Dean.
    And it always seems that they keep one very odious chef long past his/her due date for the “drama” ingredient. And I expected a female to go home this week……

    OT – there is a promo on SyFy channel for Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen! Guess his star quality caught someone’s eye……

    • Adgirl says:

      SyFy? That’s where he belongs. Isn’t that the show ehere “Marcel creates a special meal ” for someone’s big occassion? He rudely never listens to anyone’s input so I can only imagine what he’s going to do to hijack someone’s special occassion. LOL.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Promo had a lot of Richard’s – technology cooking! It might be fun because Marcel is a trainwreck.

  4. Jeepers1941 says:

    Dear Lynn,
    I have been thinking about this move of boycotting a show, any show for that matter, not just a BRAVO show and have come to a conclusion, but first I want to say I think you are a very smart lady, kinda like FOX NEWS, “FAIR AND BALANCED.” LOL
    I myself will not be watching any of the shows on BRAVO except for Bethennys’ new show and that is it. Neither will I be posting on any blogs about the show(s).
    I just ask you to keep in mind why you started this blog site. I think somewhere along the line you have maybe lost sight of that. Also that not everyone who visits and post here is doing so because they care about you, they have their own agendas. When you give someone free rien so to speak, you start to lose control. And this is what I fear has and is happening on your site. To many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the entire meal for everyone.
    I know I have a sharp tongue and can sometimes say things that piss a lot of people off. But I have never said anything to anyone, just to be rude or make people think I am a know it all, as some do. So with that I shall say good-bye and wish you well in whatever you do………………………………Jeepers1941

    • Noreen says:

      I disagree, I think the more posters and readers, the better. That is like saying too much freedom of speech causes problems. It is worth all the problems that come with letting people voice their opinions. Yes, some people have their agendas or favorite causes, but the whole purpose of a blog is to share ideas. I have learned a lot reading this blog, especially about the issue of alcholism. It is an area I have little experience with and I have been elightened by a lot of good people who were brave enough to share their stories with others. I feel sorry for you that too much information overwhelms you and forces you to shut down. I like the back and forth and being ticked off everyone once in while. I think it’s good for my circulation. Good luck to you!

  5. FlowerPower (no longer StillaWallflower) says:

    Ugh. Mike Isabella is a thug in a cocktail sauce.

  6. girlygirlnyc says:

    I really liked Dale this season. In his exit interview, I think he wanted to get the point across that he knew he was an ass on his original season and he has changed for the better. He has calmed down a lot, maybe there is something to Bourdain’s stoner food theory 🙂

    • dsc60 says:

      i agree. i liked dale too and was routing for him to be in the finals. i have to agree with lynn in that the current system doesn’t seem quite fair. i’m not sure what the answer is, but i certainly don’t think the best chef’s of the season are left standing… since the name of the show is “Top Chef” i think they should be.

  7. Mimisfbay says:

    I was just heartbroken by Dale’s elimination because all of this season his dishes seem to shine above most of the competitors. Three hundred diners must be beyond terrifying at this stage of the game and he seemed exhausted, they all do. Dale is just a great chef, oh, and I liked him so much this season.

    Like you, I just accept Tom C’s blog as fact because he sure doesn’t like being questioned. I do find it appalling that Mike Isa uttered the words “I was inspired by…” what? Inspired? Badly done Mike, badly done.

    I love the show and from here on out the herd thins and the strong survive. Must admit that the “one little mistake” rule is clearer than ever this season. For me, Isabella should have been sent packing weeks ago. Okay, we judge by what we see and the judges taste the food…I get it. Kinda.

    I really loved the exchange between Carla and Tre. Ah assumptions…what a kicker. When I was young I thought everyone ate sourdough bread and Crab Louie. Well, someone in Chico may not be familiar with the same food but who knew? I remember one of my friends went to visit family in the south. She ordered Chitterlings and no one knew what she was talking about. She was reading the word and pronouncing all syllables because she was from the city. Finally her Aunt told her how to say Chitlins. When she got back she told us and we all howled but for her the food in the south was completely unfamiliar. Memories…

    Great blog Lynn. I will really miss this show. I am hoping that Bravo does an All Star again.

  8. MSU Chicago says:

    I was very surprised to see Dale go. Wow, first Angelo and then Dale. Not that I am a fan of Angelo, but he sure can cook. I also thought that it would be Tiffany as well. Dale has been consistently in the top, even sweeping last week. I recall Tom stating sometime back, that they are strictly judged for what they did that day, barring what was done previously. I never really believed it, but that sure happened last night.

    I didn’t think Carla would be sent home, because in their blogs, some of the judges (I recall Bourdain, the other may have been Gail) have stated that a lot of the chefs don’t see Carla as a threat, but they should. I took that to mean that she more than likely will make it to the top 3. I guess I will see if my theory is correct soon enough.

    Oh Mikey, you were cold stone busted.

  9. HD says:

    Thanks for the recap, Lynn.

    In these types of shows I am always baffled why people tend to forget they are competing with the people on the show. You can be friendly and what not but the ultimate goal is just cook amazing food and win. This is not Top Friend it’s Top Chef. Keep your drawings, your ideas, your secret recipes to yourself.

    You don’t see Coke CEO’s reading the recipe in front of Pepsi CEO’s.

    • Adgirl says:

      Top Friend. LOL.
      Remember Top Designer?

      There was a woman who got in a big fight with her carpenter Carl and screamed at him “this show is called Top Designer not Top CARL!”.
      Still cracks me up. (I know, I know.) LOL.

  10. @tweatcyn says:

    Good Morning Gang,
    Here’s my new blog post on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
    Have a great day!

    • FlowerPower (no longer StillaWallflower) says:

      I tried to leave you a comment on your blog, but it didn’t go through (probably because my name isn’t registered here and I didn’t create a user name over there). Anyway…thanks for the reminder about this show. I had wanted to check it out, but had forgotten it was on!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Nice read – I meant to watch too!

    • Adgirl says:

      Criminal minds? Doesn’t RCH have a huge blog all about that this week?

    • Kellita says:

      Great blog! I didn’t know they had a spin-off. I liked Criminal Minds, so I’ll have to try that, too.

  11. Bobbi says:

    Great recap, Lynn and I share your frustration on the methodology used to pick the chef that leaves each week.

    BTW, Dale did a blog at EW.com this week and had a lot to say about his handling of his anger issues. He also had an interesting take on the Richard/Mike recipe issue.

  12. Adgirl says:

    Dale said last night that he has matured. He seems very happy in his personal life. I love to see that.

    • dsc60 says:

      refreshing isn’t it? the fact that he took a look at himself and really worked to be a better person. he really did succeed at that. now if only some of the housewives would follow suit and learn to be better people… 😉

  13. PhoneRN says:

    Great recap Lynn. I agree with you that they really need a better scoring system on this show. I was actually surprised that Mike I was invited to be a part of this All-Star season; he pretty much always makes the same things. Plus he is always a brown-noser at the judges table, apologizing, giggling; just annoying. I wish Brian Voltaggio and Kevin ? from that season was on this season; maybe they were asked and refused. I think Antonia is doing really well and would like to see her win. I like Carla as well, but she gets rattled pretty fast, whereas Antonia may get emotional at Judge’s Table but she seems to dig her heels in and gets the tasks done.

    • mamecastle says:

      I would love to see Sam come back! Yummy! Although, he is apparently friends with Koo-Koo Gumbear Bensimon. Nobody is perfect, I guess.
      Dale really did own what an ass he was on his season, so I guess I have to get over my distaste for him. Too bad Mike couldn’t have been sent home.

  14. @tweatcyn says:

    Thanks FlowerPower. I just fixed my comment settings so anyone can comment. Let me know if that works. I appreciate the visit, and welcome your feedback.

  15. terry aley says:

    What have I done? I placed an order late last night for Ramona Singer Pinot grigio. http://terryaley.com/2011/02/24/i-cant-believe-i-did-this/

  16. lillybee says:

    Slightly off topic. This week Rush Limbaugh said that Michelle O ate out in Vail, Co. and had ribs. He claimed that she had 1500 calories and 161 grams of fat. He went on the say that she will not be asked to be a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. Now quoting Paul Harvey here is the rest of the story. Michelle ate at Casey’s restaurant. She had the short ribs. According to an article in the Vail newspaper. The dish is only 600 calories and was served with kale. a very healthy veg. I just bought it up because it was Casey’s restaurant.

    • Adgirl says:

      I lurv Casey! I didn’t know she was in Vail. I was bummed she was eliminated so early in All Stars. She did so well in that Cookin with Love style that Antonia and Carla are great in.

      I don’t know about the Rush/Obama rib thing. I saw a few newspaper headlines quoting the 1500 calories. So what if she has a big ole meal. She works out and is healthy. If they had a calorie counter on Top Chef we’d pass out just from watching.
      I come here to get away from problems I can’t fix.

    • Amber...RealWife says:

      No words. Oh yes I do. RushLimbaugh is a dirty pill popping asshole! MichelleO will not be a swimsuit model on SportsIllustrated and neither will 99.9998% of the women in America. I always thought people on vacation were able to order freely as they traveling, away from home, sampling different cuisines, or wanting comfort food. Imagine if she would have ordered
      coq au vin, he’d have said she had the “Chicken”! chuckle chuckle laugh laugh Since it pains him she’s the first lady he should just go into his sock draw and get a Lortab. I know he’s gotta have like 500 of them. LOL

      JMO like he is entitled to his.

      • HD says:

        Who cares? People get on my nerves. Every other President’s wife has had some sort of “cause” that quite honestly and let’s just call a spade a spade is kinda like busy work you give your kids when you are busy doing something really important. No one really gets involved. Its a general rule of thumb or an unwritten rule that the President’s wife will take up some cause could be reading, planting flowers on the highway to beautify the country, etc.

        Noowwwwwwwwwwww all of a sudden its a BIG FREAKING DEAL what the President’s wife is doing. I wonder why?! EYE ROLLAGE!!

        The First Lady is NOT saying don’t enjoy ribs or any other desserts or fast food or whatever. She is saying once in a while your fat ass should eat a damn apple and go walk around the damn block! SHEESH!!!

        • HD says “Who Cares? People get on my nerves”
          that is so funny and so cute and SO TRUE!!!!
          I have, like, one last nerve left and I will not lose
          it on Rush Lortab.
          ITA with every last word you said here HD.
          well done.
          (kinda how i like my ribs!)

        • Noreen says:

          Not that I completely disagree with you about the Presidents’ Wives Cause Club, but some have made a real difference. Lady Bird Johnson cleaned up the highways of our beautiful country, literally. When I was little, people just threw their trash out the windows of their cars. Because of her and her campaign to make America beautiful, we are. Martha Washington organized the filthy camps during the revolutionary war and helped to make the hospitals more sanitary. I really know what you mean, but women are great and do great things; lets know give all the credit to the guys. Oh, God, I sound like my mother!

      • jillz68 says:

        Not only is he a pill popping asshat, he was stopped at Customs on the way back from an all boys trip to the Dominican Republic for having mislabeled Viagra. Makes ya wonder what he needed 29 doses of Viagra for on a boys trip…

    • AZ Girl says:

      Casey is great. Very classy. As for Rush… I don’t think he has any business commenting on anyones diet.

    • RubyNewbie says:

      When oh when oh when will America reject the hateful, fact-less f*ckery of Rush Limbaugh? What does what Michelle O eats have to do with the price of chitlins in Chattanooga? This coming from a chunkster like Rush…it makes no sense! SMH

      Good for Casey getting some high profile diners in the door.

      • Adgirl says:

        Actually I don’t hate Rush either.
        He is an entertainer/commentator and he has a place in the food chain echo-chamber of the political eco system. If he wants to snark on what he believes is hypocrisy then fine with me.

        Just leave my Casey and Top Chef out of it!

        • HD says:

          What was hypocritical about what the First Lady is doing? Did she ever say NEVER eat ribs or anything fattening or sweets EVER again or did she say practice moderation? How is that hypocritical? Most trainers, etc allow you a little cheat or even a BIG cheat as long as you are doing right MOST of the time. We all cheat a little bit and I advise it on a healthy diet. If you are so strict sometimes you end up just giving up altogether.

          The First Lady is encouraging people, especially kids who admittedly are fatter than generations ago and this is the only generation they claim that will NOT outlive their parents, to eat healthy and go outside an hour a day. No where did she say and NEVER eat sweets again kids. So where is the hypocrisy? I’m lost…

          • Adgirl says:

            I said “… what he believes…”. You’d have to ask him or listen to his show for details. I’m just saying I don’t give a damn about what pundits, public figures and politicians say about each other.
            Just like Omar Little says: It’s all part of The Game.

            Just leave Top Chef out of it. LOL.

            • Rhetorica says:

              But the problem is that his audience doesn’t know it’s a game; they think his ratings are reality!

        • spikeyweed says:

          Entertainment? He’s lower than scum and has no place among intelligent people of -any- political stripe. This country has a huge market in the opposite so he’s a very wealthy man. And it has little to do with to do with his chosen political positions, but how he chooses to express them. He is not a comedian or satirist. Please. That would be John Stewart (liberal), Dennis Miller (conservative), Ben Stine (Conservative), George Carlin (just the greatest), etc.

          Rush is just a hateful blowhard like akin Michael Savage and Ann Coulter.

          • spikeyweed says:

            Sorry about the rant, lol, I hate the total crap he spews about people and this one is perfect example. 😉

    • Mimisfbay says:

      wow, I loved Casey too and this was a fun read…except for the reference to he who must not be named.

  17. CathyOP says:

    I think they choose the way they send people home for the specific ending drama of each episode. Who will it be? If there were carry over points for accumulation of good dishes over the competition, viewers would know these people were not going anywhere. It would be too predictable.

    I’ve come to accept “worst dish goes home” and think they were right from the beginning.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Agree that worst dish goes home – where my problem lies is that one week someone is told too much salt but stays and then the next week it is again a too much salt issue and that person goes home! Also as the weeks go by the judges have to be thinking about the individual chefs in more than just worst dish terms. Human nature has to kick in – who wears an asshat to judging has to play into the equation.

      • HD says:

        I think they keep some people around for the drama build up as well, like those two brothers who admittedly could really cook but from day one I assumed they would be neck and neck and go to the end together to build up some major drama. Didn’t hurt they weren’t bad on the eyes either.

  18. PJ says:

    I agree something needs to change with the way Top Chef eliminates the chefs. Because of the way Top Chef handles the eliminations I’m loosing interest in the show. I had hoped to see Dale, Angelo and Richard as the final three. It just isn’t as interesting now that Angelo is gone and now Dale is gone too! With mediocre chefs competing for the win it isn’t a real challenge anymore. Richard will probably win but there really is no competition left. Boring!

    Seeing what Mike did last night with Richards’s recipe, I really have to wonder if he purposely sabotaged Angelo. Is Mike Machiavellian? Sure it isn’t against the law but it’s really not cool. Makes you wonder about Mike, doesn’t it?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Mikey is a tool….IMO he is there not because of his ability as a chef but because of how well he pisses the other contestants off.

      • Adgirl says:

        Yeap. Now that Marcel was ejected, and Dale turned out to be a pussycat, so Mike is the producers only hope to start a fight. He yammers constantly during prep and emits caustic gases in the stew room. Yech.

  19. AZ Girl says:

    Anthony Bourdain noted when Angelo was sent home that Top Chef was like the NCAA. BRUTAL. All the contestants are talented. Some more than others. One bad day and you are out. It is like watching the #1 ranked college basketball team go against the lowest ranked team in round 1 and lose. I cry more during NCAA then a sad movie. You can tell they are exhausted. Antonia forgetting to plate two dishes in the QF. LOVED DALE and sad he is gone. Carla and Antonia are still in the race so I will keep watching.

    • Adgirl says:

      OMG AZ I love you. I cry like a baby during NFL games.

      • AZ Girl says:

        I married an Indiana Hoosier and actually gave birth in the month of March, 22 years ago with the TV on in the delivery room. I am glad someone was paying attention to me and all went well.

        • Adgirl says:

          LOL. I nearly had an emergency insta-baby this year just so I could have the Pittsburgh hospital cover it in Terrible Towels. I covered my cat in one instead.

          It’s stupid because I’m not from there. I married into my obsession.

  20. Jane says:

    I said last night before the decision that if they are picking Dale to go over Tiffany then I am done with the show this season – looks like I’m done with the show. This is the first Top Chef season to date that I could care less who wins. If they get rid of Angelo and Dale and keep Mike and Tiffany – obviously the judging process isn’t fair.

  21. RubyNewbie says:

    I’ve been frustrated with Top Chefs too. Maybe they need random, regular folks to vote on best and worst and let the majority rule. Or at least they could do it that way for one challenge a season. That might shake things up. Chefs who cook regular food (Tiffany & Carla) would stand out while the chefs who top everything with foam (Marcel) or dip everything in liquid nitrogen (Richard) would bottom out.

  22. Suzanne-FL says:

    Longtime lurker. First post. Love this site!!!!!!
    Jill Zarin of the “Real Housewives of New York City,” at Tao (Venetian) Wednesday with husband Bobby, who sent her 500 roses for Valentine’s Day. And that was just the first bouquet.
    Scroll down to sightings- She has her PR team at it again.

    • boston02127 says:

      500 roses……she makes me sick. I’m sure it was her idea.

      Hey Jill ~ Guess how many homeless are right outside your door.


    • Shannon says:

      I would kick my husband ass if he wasted money on 500 roses. Just like Boston said, she could have used that money helping the homeless, or donating it for school supplies for low income children. Which is what I would have done. But then again, I have a conscience.

      • California35 says:

        It is just a lot and then brag about it also. When I get flowers delivered I almost feel like hiding them to not get attention. When I get flowers not delivered, at least I feel better because there were no delivery charges 😛

      • quincyil says:

        I was looking at some Hamptons sites and the house rentals are over one hundred thousand dollars for the month of Aug. I think they live and spend so differently than the rest of America that we just can’t understand. The Four Seasons Restaurant that Bethenny had her wedding is expensive to me. My daughter went with a family and for eight people it was over one thousand dollars for a dinner. Jill goes there for lunch and thinks nothing of it.

        The five thousand dollars that she donated to creeky joints is less than she spends on some of the one of a kind desiger gowns that she wears.

        It’s all relative. I never knew I was poor growing up until I was an adult and realized how much money some people have. LOL. My parents never told us.

        • AZ Girl says:

          There is something really wrong about that kind of extravagance. There are many people who are much more well off than Jill and would never consider spending the money on ridiculous wasteful crap. Beside she expect all of it to be free anyway.

    • AZ Girl says:

      That is a lot of money for a bj. Sorry. I am bad but just could not resist.

  23. twoile says:

    Hi Lynn, Posted on prior blog to support all your efforts, no problem it’s the least I could do for all your work..lead on!;D

  24. quincyil says:

    I really liked the Jacqueline Laurita profile on AC. It made me see her in another light also. Good job, Lynn.


  25. boston02127 says:

    I just started a new blog. I’m still collecting recipes on one blog. The new blog is for books. If you have any book suggestions please feel free to post about them. I luv reading memoirs, true crime and history books. Everyone is welcome. Thanks.

    • Adgirl says:

      OMG me too. I will be adding to your list. If the book is a little old do you care?

    • Boston-I just went back and re-visited your recipe site.
      awesome-i can’t wait to try some of them! i was
      psyched to see JustAnotherMarys ” day before”
      Mashed potatoes! i have been looking for
      something like that for ages! thanks for
      providing a useful service–Bev

      • justanothermary says:

        Wow – just catching up with the blogs and was psyched to see that someone liked my recipe. It really is a time saver on the holidays and the whole family loves it. Thanks for the mention – made my day.

        This is justanothervirgil – Mary is a GREAT cook and when she’s better she’s told me she’s going to share some of her recipes with you all. This is amazing because she NEVER gives recipes to her daughters-in-law cuz she wants the boys to keep coming home for the food!

    • klmh says:

      Yes, thanks Boston. I added another easy fish recipe this evening, and will post some good books soon.
      Hope to get an e-reader soon, so your book list will come in handy.

    • California35 says:

      Great idea!!!
      I will go check it out….funny that I just checked your recipe blog today.

    • Kellita says:

      Oooh, I love books! I’ll give some suggestions.

  26. HD says:

    Does Padma cook at all? The way she acts sometimes is like she is the owner of like five James Beard awards or something.

    • Mimisfbay says:

      She has written cookbooks and is a model. I have always liked her, sorry, I know most of you don’t. I admire that she refused to have plastic surgery on her arm or wear long sleeved tops. What model does that? Padma. She speaks about 5 languages.

  27. HD says:

    Lynn, you might already know this but reading around on the net I read about a blogger (it seemed like a blogger) that shadowed Andy and went to WWHL.

    At any rate, he said it is taped at Embassy Row. Here is there website:

    You contact them about wanting to be on the show. It is here where you contact them:



    • Cusi77 says:

      Great Job HD!

    • California35 says:

      this is great info for Lynn

    • Kansas Girl says:

      Interesting find! When WWHL first started, I remember Andy saying the show was filmed in the “basement” of 30 Rock, so I assumed there were studios in lower levels. He also said the set was a reproduction of his office, and some early guest commented on how like his office it was. Now we see in his “moving to another floor” video, his office is nothing like that set. Surely Andy wouldn’t lie! 😀

  28. This was a great blog, Lynn and I have to say that I completely agree with you
    in regards to the elimination process. there really is something wrong when
    people who consistently land in the bottom 3 remain longer than someone
    who has won several elimination challenges. I feel as though the shows’
    credibility is waning…..(it is at least with me)
    I wanted Dale to win so badly , he has grown so much personally and his Mojo
    just seemed right on the money. When Padma said his name, I think I blacked
    out!! I know I screamed(hubby asked me what happened!)
    I have no interest in watching the show anymore-which might be a good
    thing. Now i have at least 2 nights to watch TV with the family!

  29. California35 says:

    ugg, when I finally can come here to post, I keep getting a blank page telline me I posted coments to quickly….then I get one saying that I posted that coment already

  30. quincyil says:


    I was researching for Season Four of RHNYC and found these photos of Ramona’s and Kelly’s mansions in the Hamptons.

    Kelly has animal skins and a fish over the mantle. Honestly, it looks like cow hides on the floors of several rooms.

  31. Adgirl says:

    Breaking News:
    Jennifer Aniston’s new haircut is to avoid her being confused with a Real Housewife.

    From The Scoop:
    Chris McMillan, the man behind so many of Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyles — including her new bob — is speaking out about what inspired him to shear Aniston’s locks.

    “I’m loving bobs again. I love the girl in the YSL ads. It’s a sexy look,” McMillan told Allure magazine. “The reason that I’m loving a bob at the moment … There are so many long, layered hairstyles and — don’t get me wrong, I love that. But ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ all have that. You know what I mean? And what’s the opposite direction you can go in?”

    It’s not that McMillan is trying to make Aniston the anti-Housewife; he is a fan of the show. “They all have that natural, piecey hair. It’s nice to take the extensions out of the hair and do something more natural. It’s gotten out of hand. But I can’t stop watching it,” he told Allure.


    • California35 says:

      Saw that 🙂 I didn’t think of the HW’s when I saw it though,,,hmmm interesting. I do like her new haircut.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      That’s called a bob? I must be dreadfully out of date! I thought a bob was chin level. If it’s to the shoulders, it’s beginning to be long — long enough for a pony tail.

  32. Cusi77 says:

    A new Publix opened in Pinellas Park , Florida .

    It has an automatic water mister to keep the produce fresh.

    Just before it goes on, you hear the distant sound of thunder

    and the smell of fresh rain.

    When you pass the milk cases, you hear cows mooing and

    you experience the scent of fresh cut hay.

    In the meat department there is the aroma of charcoal
    grilled steaks and brats.

    In the liquor department, the fresh, clean, crisp smell of

    tapped Miller Lite.

    When you approach the egg case, you hear hens cluck and

    cackle and the air is filled with the pleasing aroma of bacon

    and eggs frying.

    The bread department features the tantalizing smell of fresh

    baked bread & cookies.

    I don’t buy toilet paper there anymore.

  33. California35 says:

    Read the new portrait – Nice!!!
    Great job as usual…and nice of you to share that story about her.

  34. lillybee says:

    Cusi, that was great.

  35. Rabble Rouser says:

    I think the situation with Mike and Richard is this seasons version of the pea puree caper.

    Serving “Chicken Oysters” isn’t new, if you google images of it, you can see several examples of how it.

    Since we don’t know how Mike prepared it, we don’t know if he used Richards recipe but he certainly took Richard’s presentation of using an oyster shell. I also don’t think it would have occurred to him to use that portion of the chicken (the ‘oyster’ ) had he Richard not have shown him the book and/or discussed the concept with him.

    I can’t say I was very sorry to see Dale leave but I like him more this season than his original one. Although, I really think it should have been Carla who went home.

    I’m still heartbroken over Fabio- and so sad for Angelo. I think he really got robbed in his original season although there have been bigger upset ins the finals. DH hates the show ever since Hose beat Stefan.

  36. Jen says:

    Just watched it and I thought it was very unfair if Tiffany to try and blame both her dishes failures in Marcel- yes he’s an ass but u didn’t think he dud anything to bad- that was a cope out on her part to the viewer and I want her to go home next

  37. Jen says:

    And once he won Mike did say thanks to rich for the inspiration- it was a dick move to steal it but he did admit it wasn’t his idea to both viewer and rich

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