I Hate Jill Zarin Million Dollar Listing / Housewives News

I Hate Jill Zarin  Million Dollar Listing & Housewives News

Million Dollar Listing Week Four  By:  Quincy

Josh Altman is getting dressed for his day in a dark blue suit, white shirt and purple paisley tie. He sends his mother a camera shot of his tie and she approves.  Josh tells us that he is not a serial clubber but he is going to clubs to look for buyers and sellers. He meets an agent from the Santa Monica Mountains area at the club and agrees to share a listing for a house that Jimmy Hendricks wanted to purchase before he died. The Agent is Jimmy Quill and he represents older Hollywood and older rock stars.  Josh A represents younger Hollywood and younger rocks Stars so it is a good match.

Madison is in Dr. Shaw’s Malibu beach home waiting for a bus load of Beverly Hills brokers to come to an open house with food and champagne.  The house was originally listed for $5,695,000 and it is now listed for $5,555,000.  Josh drops two watermelons and they break as he tries to prepare for the open house. His helper is late.  Madison feels that sex and booze will sell the Malibu beach house.

Josh Flagg is on the bus heading to Malibu with his twin interns and the agent from the Encino house that they could not sell for Monet.  Josh tells us that the bus is cramped, the people are drinking,  there is motion and the brokers smell. Josh feels sick.

Josh A has traveled 45 minutes to Topania in the Santa Monica Mountains. Josh A has lost his cell phone service so he wants to quickly see the house and get back to civilization.  The house has circular rooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 2 acres, a permit to have horses on the property, a sunken kitchen, but it is a time capsule stuck in the 1960s. The house has a round bed in the master and the closet doors have mirrors. No one has lived in the home for years. The agent with the listing thinks the house is worth $2,000,000. The owner fells the house is worth $2,200,000. Josh A thinks they will be lucky to find a buyer at $1,995,000.  “It’s a fixer.” He suggests that “we get rid of it.” Josh’s assistant Mickey is acting goofy.  Mickey knows the other agent, but Josh A remembers that they are being filmed.

The bus arrives from Beverly Hills and the agents attend the opening of Madison’s beach house.  Madison is shocked that Josh Flagg can afford two assistants. Josh F allows the twins to do all of the work that he would normally do.  Josh F learns the price of the beach house as he might have a client who wants a second home.

Josh F and the twins visit a home and he allows the twins to do all of the work while he sits in a chair, eats candy and reads a magazine.  The twins do a great job. Josh feels this is a party house so he will invite the right people and have a party at night which is rare.Josh compliments his unpaid interns and says that they will one day be at his level.

Josh A is negotiating with the owner of the house with circular rooms. He is the bad cop. The house will sit for over 120 days with the price the owner would like, so Josh tried to make him agree to the lower price. The owner is unhappy, but he agrees and complains.The commission will be $49,875.

Madison is showing the Malibu beach house to a couple with a baby. The beach house will be their second home.  There is some concern about a bathroom window, the safety of the deck for a baby, and the price of the house. The husband has cash for the house if the price is right and he shares that there is a tough market in Malibu.

Josh F throws an open house at night.  He has been an agent in this market for 7 years. The twins set up the food and it looks great but Josh F notices that they put soy sauce in a caviar dish.   The owners are Elizabeth and Farshid.  They come to the open house after the guests have arrived. The twins are showing the house. Josh F has on a smoking jacket and he meets with guests.  The view at night is great and the house shows well.  Josh F arrives with his assistant Heather. Josh A arrives with his assistant, Mikey. Josh A notices that the other two agents have hot girls as assistants and he has Mickey. Heather and Josh A flirt. The other agents notice and tease the couple.

Josh A wants to sell the house with circular rooms in the Santa Monica Mountains, but he feels it will be difficult. He has an aging band member and his wife for a showing. The husband loves that Jimmy Hendricks wanted the house, but the wife says that it would cost $500,000 to bring it up to date. There is an avocado colored dishwasher and the sink is mustard yellow. The wife wishes the agents good luck in finding a buyer.

Madison has hired a masseur to give him a back rub at home on a table in his living room. He receives an offer on Dr. Shaw’s beach house from the couple with the baby, but it is very low. He calls the doctor and they will discuss it in the doctor’s office the next day.

The next day, Madison is in his office with Heather.  He is teasing her, but she has a date with Josh A.

Josh F has a couple visiting a house for the second time at the party house.  Elizabeth, the owner, wants to be there.  The buyers have a property in Hawaii that they need to sell so they wish to lease. Elizabeth calls her husband who states that he needs $12,000 a month. The potential renters try to negotiate but then agree to the $12,000 and the owner has the right to show to a potential buyer.  The commission on the lease is $14,400.

Josh A meets the Santa Monica Mountain agent at a cowboy bar. The agent is unhappy that Josh A is giving him a hard time about the house which is out of date. Josh A feels this house will be difficult to sell and that his time is valuable.  They change their tactics and decide to look for people who want to have horses on their property rather than Hollywood stars or rock band members.

Madison is at Dr. Shaw’s office and he discovers that the doctor hasto get $5,300,000 or he won’t sell the home to the couple with the baby. Their offer is $5,100,000.  Madison tries a creative ploy and tells them that $5,300,000 is the lowest his owner will go, but he will change a window that the couple doesn’t like in the master bath.  They agree. The house was sold.

Thank you Quincy!  Great job as always!  L~

If you missed Luann from The Real Housewives of New York on Law and Order earlier this week, you weren’t alone.  I didn’t see it but our friend Harvey did, here’s Harvey’s review:

So I see the red light on the DVR. Great – something taped. That’s rare these days – few shows worth watching, endless re-runs. What is it? A Law and Order. OK, L&O is usually my Ambien. I hear the doink doink and I’m asleep. And then…the horror. Within seconds, LuAnn is on my screen. Why, Lord, why have you sent me these plagues? She’s apparently a patron of the arts. She is at a showing of a supposedly edgy artist, and she runs into the room yelling Andreas, Andreas, where are you? It is a truly out-of-character role for LuAnn! – she is not wearing a one-shouldered dress – she’s really got to stretch as an actress in this gig. She drags the artist into another room to marvel at what she says is his best work. He tells her he doesn’t have any paintings other than those on display. She points to a white wall streaked with vertical red lines and says “this is it – this symbolizes the death of light, of hope, of white privilege – the red paint, it’s a primal scream of agony warning society to WAKE UP.” Can’t blame her for the inane dialogue, but oh darling…don’t quit that singing gig. Yes, her acting sucks more than her singing.  Believe it or not.

Too bad there isn’t an autotune for acting.

As an aside, I would love to know how the blood from a gash to the throat – victim lying on her back in an apartment above manages to run down the wall below in a series of narrow lines across what looks like a five-foot expanse).

And warning – this episode is totally disgusting. And they managed to work in a totally irrelevant recent headline – an a-hole in NY who actually manipulated his google results by deliberately provoking complaints, harassing his customers, and even stalking them:http://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/28/business/28borker.html?pagewanted=all).

As if that isn’t enough, LuAnn appears again a few scenes later. She’s now modeling for the artist, lying on a table, back to the camera, clutching a sheet to her apparently nude body. She sits up and delivers a few more lines of inane dialogue in a flat, wooden performance: “That’s what he told them. He’s all about the truth you know.” When asked to leave she says, “Sure. But don’t upset him and screw up his mojo.”

Thanks Harvey, so you didn’t like Luann in Law and Order, huh?

A few links for you today:

My latest Portrait of a Housewife with some surprising information about Ms. Jacqueline Laurita:

Portrait of a Housewife  Jacqueline Laurita @ http://look.ac/hB0mzR

The Real reason Lisa Wu Hartwell was dumped from The Real Housewives of Atlanta?

For those of you still skeptical about a second season of the DC Housewives, Cat Ommanney once again has confirmed Bravo will take another chance on Cat and the DC ladies:

From the article:

And what about a second season? “Housewives” series set in other cities have typically rushed a second season onto the air within a year of the first. But Bravo has remained officially mum on the subject of the D.C. show, and there’s been no sign of any new episodes shooting yet.Ommanney believes she’ll be returning to your TV screen. “The long gap has made people think there won’t be one, but I’m quite confident that there will be a second season,”

Thanks to Quincy for this link about Ramona Singer and Kelly Bensimon’s homes in the Hamptons:


Details about Kelsey Grammer’s wedding:


Random Tweets from Jill Zarin:

@JillZarin to @bravoandy I am a little jealous that you rubbed Sharon’s feet today! I am really looking forward to reunion now. I will get good pedi for u

@JillZarin  Can I be in LOVE with a website? Seriously? I am in love with new jillzarin.com. Please leave comments on blog there! I read them all!

Can I just say  ewww and ewww!  Anyone want to rub Jill’s feet?

As most of you know, Kelly spent a few hours in Haiti recently, in direct relation to the amount of time Kelly spent in Haiti, here is a 27 second You-Tube video.  She’s very difficult to hear and the quality is poor.  Don’t they know who she is?  I don’t understand why they didn’t quiet down and stop walking in front of her so she could make her video.

Kelly Killoren Bensimon in Haiti for Generosity Water http://youtu.be/Z9IXCYQeo-I?a

Random Tweets from Kelly Bensimon:

@KellyBensimon:  Wake up its time to go to Aspennnnnn

@KellyBesimon:  Yuck. In london, you can buy breastmilk icecream. Really?? YUCK.

(Insert your own comment here.)

Simon VanKempen tweeted:

@SimonVanKempen:  So @BravoAndy @McCordAlex & I auctioned off a date w/you @ the BaileyHouse live auction & by adding a Mazel Tshirt & Shot glasses raised $7k

Asked when The Real Housewives of New York will air, Simon responded:

@SimonVankempen:  As soon as #RHMIA finishes.

Simon clearly wasn’t all that impressed with The Real Housewives of Miami:

@SimonVanKempen:  #RHMIA‘s debut episode shud put paid 2 the lie that #RHoNY was delayed as it’s boring. 30 mins of Johan finger painting is more exciting!LOL

It’s official, Camille Grammer will not be around when Bravo’s cameras roll on Season Two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Who will replace her?  Rumors are recent guest on Watch What Happens Live, Denise Richards is interested.  Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife and their two daughters could make an interesting addition to the show, or is that one too many Richards on the show?  (Denise is NOT related to Kim and Kyle Richards)

Until Next Time….

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100 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Million Dollar Listing / Housewives News

  1. AZ Girl says:

    Thanks Quincy. Loved MDL last night. Josh Flagg was so funny. That broker’s party was amazing. Smart move to have it at night and accent the views. Interns were great sports.

    The couple who looked at Madison’s Malibu listing were really strange. Especially the wife. She was paranoid. If you don’t feel safe in a beach house with a baby don’t buy a beach house.

    The “Hendrix” house was really a time capsule. Every time they showed that mustard yellow oven I just cracked up. The woman was right about $500K to bring it current but they do have 2 acres of land which is very valuable. To me 1.9 mil would be a good investment but you would have to gut it and taking out all that spanish tile is a huge job.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Was that woman Danny Bonaduce’s ex-wife?

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      If i had a young child i would never even consider buying that beach house
      and just think they only thing that chaged thier minds was the bathroom window ???
      guess the kids safety issues didnt matter after all

  2. Adgirl says:

    When is Kelly uploading her step & repeat pix from Haiti?

    Waiiit. Haitit is a country not a nightclub?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      snort – did Kelly just find out about Haiti? Did she bring her hot glue gun to help put houses together with stuffed animals for the people? Kidding aside – we are collecting flashlights and batteries and unbrellas – these items are being requested by our local relief group.

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  4. HD says:

    I loved the twins on MDL. They were approachable and knew what they were talking about. Josh is a smart man. Beautiful women can sale just about anything.

    I love Law and Order. It is one of my favorite shows. I watch it in syndication all the time. I missed this episode with Luann and I am glad I did. It may have turned me from the show forever. 🙂

    Lynn-Did you see my message on the last blog about getting tickets to be in the audience for WWHL? I think you should check out these sites. I just wanted to make sure you saw them.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Thank you HD, I did see your post, I apologize for not responding. I appreciate you posting that and I absolutely will look into it. Thanks again hon! xoxo

  5. LynnNChicago says:

    OT – Diana Ross on Oprah today (with her family) be prepared to sob. She sings a beautiful song to Oprah saying goodbye (for Oprah’s last season)

    Love love love Diana Ross!!!

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      in the tri state area we didnt get to hear the first song or anything else for that matter as the sound went out right after gen hospital but thankfully the power of the big O prevailed and sound was restored
      Diana Looked beautiful and proved once and for all she is not a demanding diva bitch
      she was super gracious explained the whole Miss Ross thing so it actually made sense
      and O suprised Diana bu reuniting her with Billy Dee Williams her co star for 2 films
      and they even played in tthe background a very rare and hard to find remix of the last single she released (I LOVE YOU)
      If she ever performs near you go go go as she puts on an amazing show
      oh and it was so refreshing to hear a celeb embrace growing old gracefully as well as loving that she is a grandmother

  6. Maite says:

    As usual, great blog Lynn.
    Harvey you are hilarious! Luv it!!!

  7. Brigid A. says:

    Morning all! Thank you Quincy and Lynn for the M$L & HW updates! Hard to believe the “Jimi Hendrix” circular house in Topanga Canyon has the original interiors! Jimi died while the house was in escrow, but that can’t be the original 60’s furniture? Even the circular bed? Josh A needs a new assistant. Can’t believe he tolerated him jumping all over that bed and acting more like his 3-year old.

    As for Josh F’s “party house,” I think that couple got a great deal at a $12,000 per month lease. Heck, a small apartment in parts of Los Angeles and Orange Counties can rent upwards of $2,500. Josh F was hilarious in that bus suffering from motion sickness, omplaining about the “smell” of the brokers! This can’t be his first time traveling by caravan to a brokers’ open house.

    Won’t be watching LuAnn’s acting debut in Law & Order SVU, but someone please explain HOW did she manage to get even a relatively minor part in such an established series? Is her new, young French beau an actor? At least her “singing” career seems to have been derailed, thank gawwwd! LOL!

    • California35 says:

      I like the outside of the house, the property and the view….but the inside was a bit interesting (as Josh would say :-P). Still, I could see it being fixed up to be a very nice house. It will cost a lot to fix it up.

      • quincyil says:

        I can see what they mean about being lost in the 60s though. I had an mustard yellow bathroom suit in a house for 25 years. I hated that color. The floor tiles and the counter tops were dated too. I think that you either embrace the 60s or you rip everything apart and put in modern.

        I know people that live in Victorian homes and they have Victorian furniture. You could embrace mid century modern and have a winner there.

  8. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thanks Quincy – with only three realtors to concentrate on it is easier to “see” who they think they are. I love Josh F’s assistants but he it totally posing for the camera and the most annoying of the trio.
    That whole Jimmy Hendrix “house” was wacky – Jimmy never lived there! How would that be a selling feature – to me it would only bring out “lookers”. So was that Danny Bonaduce’s ex wife for the walk through? It needed major updating – comparing it to the other houses we are shown – it wouldn’t cost $500k to update kitchen appliances and bath fixtures.
    IDK but some of these prospective buyers are pretty creepy with suspect finances. I understand the attraction of cash buyers but then it is quibbling over a small portion of the negotiated prices!

    • quincyil says:

      I asked my husband how much you have to earn a year to pay 12,000 dollars a month rent and he told me if I have to ask, it is too much for me.

      I once calculated the estimated money that Jill Zarin spent in one year and the number that I guessed was over one million dollars.

      Our investment/retirement advisor told us the if you spend 4% of your savings a year, you would never run out of money. No wonder some of the wealthiest stars go bankrupt.

      • California35 says:

        $12K rent didn’t seem as much comparing to last week’s rent…$60K? I might be wrong. Any ways, comparing to that it isn’t, but it is still a lot for me. So I guess it is again back to depends who it is and how much he/she has.

        I learned that first- we should not spend more than what we make. Then don’t get into CC debt that will posible make you end up with a balance that will require more money than what we make. I run into $$ issues for a long time because I got sucker into cc…I learned the hard way 😛

      • Brigid A. says:

        Q, didn’t this couple say they could pay on a cash basis? Maybe I’m getting them confused. Too many potential buyers/lessees last night!

    • quincyil says:

      BTW Josh Flagg is a SHOWMAN…. rotfl.

    • KookADoodleDo says:

      Sounds like the BH girls have kissed & made up…….

      “Camille, 42, spent Thursday night — the eve of her ex-hubby’s wedding with fellow RHOBH cast mates Lisa Vanderpump, Adrienne Maloof, Kyle Richards and friends Rick and Kathy Hilton. The group celebrated a friend’s birthday at the hottest restaurant in Beverly Hills, Villa Blanca, which Vanderpump owns.”

    • California35 says:

      So he got married…congratulations and good luck to both…I hope we don’t hear anything about their personal life any more. I hope to hear about his future shows and project though 🙂

  9. California35 says:

    Thanks Quincy! I watched MDL last night. By the way I kept calling it MM…why? I don’t know but no one corrected me lol.

    I like the two girls Josh Flagg has on his team. They are doing all the work for FREE!!! As he said, he only shows up to chritic lol. He is a character, that one. He seems like he has no interest what-so-ever, but he seems to be doing alright. The girls have a good attitude, they follow directions and go beyond. They did say that they wanted to do this to learn from another realtor. Did they mention that they come from a family business?
    I like Madison – I think he is still my favorite. The wife buying the house, kept mentioning the baby and how the house is not for a baby, blaa blaa blaaa. I didn’t like her, but I get that she wants to live in a safe house.

    Both Joshes keep bringing up the family (grandma, mom). How they respect their advice. That is nice of them, but, uhmm sending a picture of your tie to your mom to ask her opinion on it? and grandma sugested you need an assistant so you go and get one? hhmm

    My BF kept asking me or himself…where do this people get so much money?!!? how did this people make so much money!?? I don’t know, I think he is getting how I used to get when seeing rishes….it is nice to see others spend since I can, but it can be a bit sad sometimes…lol

    • Brigid A. says:

      Ca35, I was thinking the same thing about Josh A revealing that he talks to his mom several times a day, then sending the pic of his tie for her approval? TMI, Josh! Wondering if we’ll get find out more about his date with Madison’s assistant. Maybe he had to get Mom’s approval before asking her out? LOL!

      I like Josh F’s twin assistants, too! He calls them 1 and 2 and they just smile and get the job done!

      Looks like rain predicted for the Red Carpet arrivals on Sunday!

    • quincyil says:

      Where do they get all of that money?

      • alicia says:

        In Palm Beach alot of it is inherited. We also get many people moving down for our weather and they have sold their NE businesses for alot of money. The excess of gorgeous luxury cars down here is truly amazing!
        Speaking of the weather, I did a 25 mile ride today with three of my friends. The weather was a perfect 75 w/no humidity! That is why the wealthy gravitate here.
        My husband is picking up dinner- love you babe !

        • quincyil says:

          I shoveled the snow when I got home from work. It was wet and heavy. I think the calorie burn was equal to your 25 mile ride.

          • hahaha. Quincy, you’re on a roll today with
            your comments!! “I asked my husband how much
            you’d have to make to cover a 12,ooo lease and he said if i have to ask…..” too funny.
            I missed MDL yest, but your blog was so good
            that i literally “saw” the entire episode in 5 min!
            I’m looking forward to seeing it, will have to check and see when the next airing is. No DVR here, yet.

          • alicia says:

            Just remember me during hurricane season- the fun of boarding up my horses stall! The heat, humidity and mosquitoes. Taking care of my senior relatives at my house because they live on the water. Doing all this while running everything off a generator and eating the entire contents of my refrigerator because it will all go bad anyway.
            If the hurricanes don’t kill us, taking care of tired fussy relatives will! Good times….

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      i may be wrong here but i could swear Josh’s grandmother was in the biz for a loooooooooooong time and has given him advice before
      now dont quote me as im not 100 per cent sure here

  10. AZ Girl says:

    Josh Flaggs interns are such great sports. They recognize a once in a lifetime opportunity in working with Josh. Once the market bounces back they will readyb to take it on. Smart girls. Josh A’s assistent Mikey is not taking the learning part as seriously which is unfortunate for him. Sorry for typos. Sending from phone

    • quincyil says:

      They are smart girls. Not only are they learning the BH housing market and making contacts, they are on national tv.

    • California35 says:

      Yeah, they are smart. They don’t take ofence, they do what it takes, they are learning…and they are on tv. Exposure!

  11. Brigid A. says:

    I may be in the minority here, but I’m disappointed Camille isn’t returning for next RHOBH season. Hard to know what really transpired with Bravo negotiations and whether it was ultimately her decision or theirs. I kind of wanted to see her back living her single life, maybe forming an alliance to kick Taylor’s butt to the curb. After all, Camille made it known Taylor was her informant all along about the other women. Maybe Taylor won’t be invited back, but I want to see her ostracized. If Kim doesn’t return, Taylor won’t have a target AND her placement in the pecking order won’t be favorable.

    • quincyil says:

      I think she should look out for herself and those two kids. There is not way to deal with the dynamics of that group. These people can’t forget slights. I have take a boat loat of slights and can still function in any environment because I know who I am. Camille thought of herself as Mrs. Kelsey Grammer. When that identity was taken from her, she floundered.

      I was thinking about all of the mediums, witches, and pyschics that the Bravo stars go to in their “real” lives. I think they have these women on the payroll because they all are insecure. Many of them had jobs at one time and gave them up to become the trophy wife.

      I think Kim and Camille have better things to do than be filmed for Bravo TV.

      • Brigid A. says:

        Well, she was out last night celebrating with all the HW’s except Taylor at Lisa’s restaurant. She’s moving ahead with her TV sitcom appearances and will be interviewing on the Red Carpet. These seem to be positive steps to rebuild her self-esteem, and REALLY get out of Kelsey’s shadow. But your points are valid. She spent an entire season brooding about remarks Kyle did or did not say. And the divorce has impacted her elevated spot in the pecking order. It would probably not have been emotionally healthy for her or her children to do another season.

      • AZ Girl says:

        Good for Camille and Good for Kim. Camille is really taking some well thought out steps to make her own career and personally I am hoping she does well.

      • Adgirl says:

        Did you hear that Beavis? Heh. Heh. She said “insecure”.

  12. RubyNewbie says:

    I think Camille made a mature choice, which surprised me! Maybe Kim will do the same and focus on her acting. Taylor will surely return and step right into Bravo’s trap. She will be next season’s villainess.

    I don’t for one minute believe Lisa Wu Hartwell is having an affair with her ex-husband! They went through a very acrimonious divorce and he fought her for custody of their kids and won. Would that make you horny?? LOL

    Jacqueline Laurita is basically a nice person. Her in-laws are not. They’re a bad influence for sure.

    Geez, what could be the narrative for season 2 of RHoDC? Expose Cat’s shady past with the other housewives gossiping and judging? No, Dunno that I care… And the Salahis?? They’re too smarmy even for Bravo.

    As always, I really enjoy your blog, Lynn. Keep up the good work, chick!

  13. quincyil says:

    I have been doing research for our version of the 4th Season of RHNYC. Jill says that they have returned to season one. In season one, Jill and Bethenny were a twosome. Bethenny would make jokes and Jill would laugh even if the joke was on Jill.

    Jill has improved greatly in interviews also. You have to give her credit for coming out of the mess of season three and still trying. Some people would fold their cards.

  14. AZ Girl says:

    I saw the tweet about the new website jillzarin.com and I went to Jill’s new website just to take a peek. She mentions that it is Bobby’s Birthday and as a “tradition” Bobby buy’s HER something so he can “look” at it and she ends the post “Aren’t I nice”

    Please…..Jill WTF! Why not post that you have something special in mind for Bobby’s birthday? A planned dinner? Maybe a trinket that YOU took time out your schedule to buy for him? This is why I can’t stand you. You are spoiled, vapid and self-centered.
    BTW adding that chapter in your worthless book about being “cyber” bullied..well as far as I am concerned you can “cry me a river”.

  15. floridagirl88 says:

    I agree, RubyNewbie. Lisa Wu was married to Keith Sweat and has I think two boys with him. I think Nene is just trying to stay relevant by stirring up some nonsense. Be quiet Nene, we love it when you don’t yell.

  16. Mimisfbay says:

    What a self absorbed twit that JZ is and completely unable to understand what is wrong with telling people about this. She is just warped. I am glad you posted this and nauseated at the same time. Quincy, please, you think she may have changed? Darling Q, please don’t drink the kool aid. Have a long chat with Harvey and you will soon come to your senses. Her PR goons prep her for interviews but she still can’t control posting that Bobby gave her a gift for his birthday. Color her unchanged dearest.

    I really enjoy the ML guys they make me laugh and that Malibu beach house is just amazing. Right on the beach…in Malibu? Ohhhhhhhh. Now that is a dream property.

    The Jimi H property was just sad and astonishing that it hasn’t been changed since the 60’s. Geez, it is a tear down. Horse people will want to put the horses in the house.

    • justanothermary says:

      No self-respecting horse would sleep in that round bed.

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        if im not mistaken John Holmes did
        well i guess it wasnt exactly sleeping and he was at one time compared to a horse
        does that count ???

    • Adgirl says:

      When I lived in So California I could never get over how dumpy Malibu, Santa Monica and Sunset Blvd were. In general the entire westside is seedy except a few isolated businesses and the homes up in the hills. Malibu by the beach & hwy was the worst.

    • Sha2000 says:

      The Jimi H property in Malibu reminds me of an open house my friend and I went to there in the 90’s. We thought it’s Malibu on the beach so it would be fun to take a look at, it would have to be fantastic right? Drove all the way out from BH & the interior was the ugliest thing, stuck in a 1970’s tacky half Spanish half faux Graceland time warp, totally tear down special for several million. I still worked for the airline at the time so I flew in for the day just to have fun with with my friends, we did LA, Beverly Hills, Malibu and Venice, lol even saw Richard Simmons in his shorts and tank greeting someone at the gate next to ours…fun crazy day!

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        The Jimi Hendrix property isnt in Malibu its in the Santa Monica Mountains

      • Brigid A. says:

        I believe the Jimi Hendrix house location is Topanga Canyon. That area typically attracts an artistic, more bohemian community.

        The same can probably be said of Malibu (home to many high profile celebrities) and Santa Monica, but labeling those cities and the entire westside in general being as “dumpy and seedy” is perplexing to say the least. Both are places of astounding natural beauty.

        Demographics, crime statistics and property values may offer up some more objective information. I went out with friends in Santa Monica last year. It is a very popular tourist destination, offering up the Pier, 3rd Street Promenade, Farmers Markets, newer upscale hotels and tons of diverse restaurants.

        • DJ Fruit Loops says:

          i was only in LA once we managed to get to pier and all the hollywood touristy things like manns theater the brown derby Ma Maison which at that time was a hotbed of celebs for a meal
          that one lunch we saw Jack Nilcolson Lisa Hartman at the height of her Knots Landing Fame Sammy Davis Jrs wife
          venice beach was very hippy dippy i dont think we went to malibu
          but in b/h i walked up to Lucille Balls house and rang the doorbell No one was home 😦
          everywhere we went and everyone we met was super happy and fun there is / was a place in the downtown area called the pantry that never closed and they had the best breakfast i ever ate
          sorry i tend to go on and on and on i already orgot what i was replying to LOL

  17. Brigid A. says:

    Lynn, I’m with you as a big Diana Ross fan. Caught the last 15 minutes or so of Oprah and Diana looked radiant and sounded fabulous! I got misty-eyed hearing her sing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”!

  18. WindyCityWondering says:

    Popeater’s Rob ” Housewives of Miami – a Mistake”! Boring but should get better…. sounds like some damage control from Bravo.

  19. error404 says:

    “Too bad there isn’t an autotune for acting.”

    Oh Harvey! You slay me!

  20. justanothermary says:

    Lynn: Justanothervirgil has been quite busy lately so we’re just catching up with your blogs this evening. I want you to know that we fully support your boycott of Miami. I am unable to “watch” any of the shows but I do listen to them when I know the players enough to catch what’s going on by their voices. Since Miami is new, I don’t know them and will not be watching. I, for one, watch the Bravo shows because of you. If it were not for your blogs filling in the blanks for me they often would make no sense. I do believe Bravo should make some sort of gesture to acknowledge what you and the other bloggers do for their shows. Thank you for what you do.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Your support (and Virgil’s) means the world to me Mary, thank you so much! xoxo

      • hi mary. i wanted to tell you that i got your recipe for
        “day before” mashed potatoes yest. from Bostons’ recipe
        blog. Well, i made it today and it’s a good thing it calls for 5lbs.
        ’cause we ate 1/2 of it today!!
        mashed potatoes is a big deal to me on holidays (on all days,
        who am i kidding?) but it IS stressful to make a big
        batch on the holiday!! You have saved me so much
        time and aggravation and I am so thankful!
        thanks again xo Bev
        ps thanks Boston, but i think i thanked you yest!

  21. Sha2000 says:

    Good recap as usual Quincy! Lol, Harvey’s brief recap was hilarious 🙂

  22. California35 says:

    BGM? And NYHW Reunions:
    I just noticed!! 3 of BGM? Tomorrow and many reruns of NYHW on Monday.
    Thought I shared 🙂

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