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I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of Orange County/The Celebrity Apprentice

The Real Housewives of Orange County

The California blondes are back!  I have some news for Gretchen Rossi, she’s been called a whole lot worse things than “Princess”! Seriously Gretchen, imagine how Kelly Bensimon felt about being called, “Madonna”.

Gretchen’s new opening, “Happiness means never having to apologize for being me”, I’m not sure what that means, I don’t recall her apologizing in the past, did I miss something?    Gretchen is selling handbags, she is preparing for her big moment on TV to demonstrate how great her purse is, it has the newest thing!  You can wear it on your shoulder when you put it on your arm and it actually has pockets inside for your “stuff”!  No more digging around for your stuff ladies.  Don’t pass this up!  The best part is apparently the stitches won’t come out and the hardware won’t break off.  Good to know.

We didn’t see Gretchen’s boyfriend, Slade Slimy…er Smiley tonight.  Maybe he was working….hahaha

Gretchen explains that she doesn’t want to have to rely on a man to support her, looking back to her relationship with Jeff who allowed her to have some financial freedom as he was ill her only job was to take care of her man.  Its a good thing Gretchen’s ready to work hard to support herself as she’s certainly not going to be supported by her current boyfriend.

Tamra opened the new season by calling all the other housewives to invite them to her boyfriend’s house for a party.  It seems she didn’t take her argument with Gretchen as seriously as Gretchen did, I have to give Tamra credit for trying to put it behind them and move on.  Tamra even made a funny, funny joke about Gretchen missing her but it was lost on Gretchen.

As Vicki tells us in her talking head interviews that she and Donn have a closer, more gentler marriage since their tropical vow renewal ceremony last season, we watch Donn criticize everything Vicki does.  As the couple moves furniture to have carpet removed in their home, Bravo’s cameras contradict Vicki’s statement, Donn is clearly not feeling the love.  Bravo should put a “Love Tank” meter on the screen, if they had we would watch it steadily decreasing.

Back at Gretchen’s she is sharing her innermost thoughts with her hair stylist.  Unusual for a housewife, Gretchen tells him that she isn’t thrilled about this invitation to Tamra’s, maybe the plan is to get Gretchen “naked wasted” again?

Meanwhile Tamra’s mommy takes her to have those nasty tattoo’s removed and Big Brother contestant Dr. Will supervises the procedure.  I didn’t realize it was pink when we originally saw it last season, I guess I just didn’t pay attention but a series of very painful laser treatments begin to lighten the tattoo, more will be needed.  Tamra’s tattoo on her ring finger, the name “Simon” looked exactly the same to me after the treatment but I was impressed by how well the procedure worked on her lower back tattoo.

Alexis took a lot of criticism during her debut season last year for having four nannies, you’ll be happy to hear she’s down to just one.  Three days a week Alexis has to care for her three children on her own.  This is a task most mother’s do every day but I suppose if you have the money and can afford to have help, why not.  The Bellino’s home is in a short sale situation right now… Oops, maybe if they didn’t have all those nannies, they’d have the money to pay their mortgage?  Just sayin…

Alexis burns the toast, goes to the bathroom for just a minute while one of her 3-year old twin daughters takes a bite out of the other twin and her 4-year old son taunts the girls.  We don’t see Alexis’ husband Jim in this episode, maybe he was working…hahaha

We met one of the two new housewives, Bravo introduced us briefly to Fernanda Rocha as a friend of Tamra’s and a guest at her party.  A Brazilian lesbian fitness instructor, Fernanda didn’t receive the typical Housewives greeting, we didn’t get a tour of her home or hear her bio.  Perhaps next week we’ll learn more about Orange County’s newest victim.

Orange County’s sixth Housewife, Peggy Tanous has yet to be introduced but from her Bravo Bio we learn Peggy is a new age woman and a wealthy Orange County party girl. She believes in clean, natural living, but loves her bling, Bentley, and plastic surgery.  Reports of Peggy’s home being in foreclosure circulated the internet just a few weeks ago.  Maybe we’ll see her next week, I’m guessing we are waiting for Vicki to approve the appearance of the new Housewife.

Why does Bravo have such a hard time finding Housewives who live within their means?  Maybe Vicki should teach a class or something.  Vicki could ensure they have jobs and a solid income, that they’re living within their means and their children have no criminal backgrounds.

Everybody knows…Vicki wants final approval on each Orange County Housewife appointment.

Ready to party, Alexis arrives in a black stretch limo at Gretchen’s house to pick her up and take her to Tamra’s boyfriend’s house.  Tamra’s apartment isn’t big enough for her party plans so she borrows her boyfriend’s place.  Eddie Judge wasn’t seen on tonight’s episode, maybe he was working..hahaha

Gretchen’s assistant joins the ladies in the limo and they begin to discuss last season’s arguments.  Gretchen feels that Tamra owes her an apology and Alexis would like an apology from Vicki.  Don’t hold your breath ladies.

Tamra seems to just want to put it all behind them and let it go but she notices that as the ladies arrive, they’ve already had a few cocktails in the limo.  Tamra doesn’t need to get Gretchen naked wasted, Gretchen can do that all on her own.

Gretchen manages to annoy Tamra after only a few moments by basically calling her an evil bitch but Tamra remains silent.  When Vicki arrives she and Tamra talk privately allowing Tamra to unload her feelings about Gretchen.  Vicki is less than sympathetic, after all Tamra didn’t have Vicki’s back last season.

The ladies eat and drink as Tamra gives Gretchen the evil eye and Alexis gives Vicki the evil eye, the hats for sale at the party were supposed to keep the evil away.  I wouldn’t buy one, they clearly don’t work.

Tamra confronts Gretchen just to confirm that Gretchen did really call her an “evil bitch”.  You heard her right Tamra, that is exactly what she called you but Gretchen thinks you should be happy that she’s calling you out right to your face rather than behind your back.  Nevermind that it was a party and you are the hostess, or that Gretchen is a guest at your boyfriend’s home, just be happy Gretchen said it to your face, ok?

Gretchen simply shouldn’t drink, it really isn’t a good look on her.  The loud cackling laugh and the slurring her words was really embarrassing.

Alexis calls Gretchen “Princess” and apparently the offensive word upset Gretchen to the point where she just wouldn’t let it go.  All the way home in the limo, Alexis tries to calm Gretchen but she just kept on and on about it.  Drama Drama Drama!  Honestly not impressed with the first episode.

Watch What Happens Live

As Tamra pointed out on Watch What Happens Live after the RHOOC aired Gretchen was probably more upset that it happened to be Alexis who called her a “Princess” rather than the name itself.  Alexis who doesn’t work, Gretchen feels as though she’s handed everything to her on a silver platter while Gretchen admits her man has no money.

Andy Cohen welcomed Orange County’s two most senior housewives, Vicki the final original OC Housewife and Tamra in her fourth season.

The ladies were asked about Lynne Curtain, ousted OC Housewife and Tamra admitted to having kept in touch with Lynne.  According to Tamra, she’s doing well and her accessories line is also doing well.  Vicki even noted that she now “likes” Lynne, maybe because she’s not on the show any longer.

Andy asked Tamra and Vicki about Jeana, Vicki told us that she continues to live just a few doors down from Jeana but that they rarely talk and certainly don’t “hang out” anymore.  Tamra had a bit stronger opinions about Jeana admitting she will never speak to her again as long as she lives and may lightening strike her down as her home floods and the wheels fall off her cat…. ok she didn’t say all that but it was clear she wanted to.

Tonight’s poll question asked simply “Which side are you on?”  Your choices were Tamra or Gretchen.  Personally I was waiting for more choices before I voted.

Andy continues to be obsessed, this week the three obsessions that he shares with us are:

1.  Gretchen had a few too many cocktails before, during and after Tamra’s party and Andy kindly put together a montage of Gretchen’s embarrassing moments.

2.  Digging up New Year’s Eve footage, Andy played a clip of his New Year’s kiss with Tamra and slowed it down substantially as they argued over who gave who the tongue first.  Who cares?  It is gross either way!  There should be a rule, no tongue on TV.

3.  Andy tells us he moved is office location (hopefully he got a bigger office) and he dug up Vicki’s audition video.  I must say, Vicki looks just the same now as she did back then.

Tamra was asked about any plastic surgery or any Botox or fillers.  As she claimed to have had nothing done, Andy asked her to frown or wrinkle her brow.  Lets just say Tamra lied.

Tonight’s game, another clunker included quotes about past and present OC cast members, Vicki and Tamra’s job was to identify which one of the two of them said it.  One quote was Vicki saying that Alexis was “totally classless trash”.  Vicki was clearly embarrassed and said, “I didn’t mean that”. I think Vicki said a lot of things last season that she didn’t mean.  Honestly very dull game.  Andy gave the ladies each a Mazel t-shirt and as he held it up to show the audience the new style, Vicki ripped it out of his hand.  That was rude!

Tamra was kind enough to tell Andy he looked like crap…er he looked tired.  Apparently he had returned just hours before from New Orleans where he attended Mardi Gras.  Everybody Knows … Telling someone they look tired is code for “you look like hell!”

Just in case the show wasn’t far enough down the toilet, Patti Stanger sent in a message offering to find Vicki a man.  Run Vicki, Run like the wind!!!

Poll results couldn’t have been closer – Gretchen 51% and Tamra 49%

Tamra briefly talked about being drugged in a bar, her and the new housewife Peggy apparently were slipped a Roofie in their drinks.  This is NOT funny and I know Andy tries to keep the show light but this was serious and not something he should have joked about.  Just my opinion.

Next week on Watch What Happens Live Andy will host Bethenny Frankel on Tuesday and Gretchen Rossi on Sunday.

Also debuting last night was Celebrity Apprentice featuring Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes, Quincy has written a great recap of the show, Enjoy!

Celebrity Apprentice with Donald Trump  by Quincy IL

There were two teams of eight members.  Donald Trump decided that the men would be against the women.  Last year, over one million dollars was given to charity.  The contestants meet at Radio City Music Hall which is familiar to performers like Dion Warwick and Meat Loaf. Donald is with several Rockettes.   Nene Leakes tells us in an interview that there are writers, lawyers, and Granny winners, but that means nothing to her as she is NeNe Leakes.

The contestants are: “Dionne Warwick – singer, Hope Dworaczyk – Girls Next Door star, La Toya Jackson – singer/songwriter/musician, Lisa Rinna – actress, Marlee Matlin – Oscar Award winning actress, NeNe Leakes – from Real Housewives of Atlanta, Niki Taylor – supermodel, Star Jones – The View co-host, David Cassidy – singer/songwriter, Gary Busey – Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew star, John Rich – Gone Country host, Jose Canseco – former MLB star, Lil Jon – rapper, Mark McGrath – Sugar Ray singer, Meatloaf – singer, and Richard Hatch – original Survivor winner.” (List taken from whogoteliminated.com)

We are told that Star Jones is working for the American Heart Association; La Toya is working for AIDS in LA; John rich is working for St. Jude and Marlee Matlin is working for hearing aids for children in foreign lands.

The two teams go to separate conference rooms to pick a name and a leader for the challenge. Star Jones (a prosecutor and a television star on “The View” for nine years) is chosen by the women.  Their name will be ASAP.  Richard Hatch (Survivor and convicted felon) will lead the men. Their name will be backbone. (The women have difficulties giving the words for ASAP and change it several times.)

The teams return to the Board Room and learn that the challenge will be to sell pizzas.  The women will sell at 50th and Broadway.  The men will sell at 8th St. near NYU.

Both teams are on the phone calling friends for donations in their conference rooms. They make plans and go to the pizzerias to learn how to run the restaurants.  Star Jones gives instructions and then spends the prep time with a graphic artist who will make a poster of the ladies and flyers.  The women learn the tasks in preparation for creating the pizzas.  Nene and Nikki Taylor work very hard.  They make one pizza and have 149 to go.  The dough is made in a large mixer, divided and placed in pans to rise. The men cut vegetables and prepare their pizzas.  They are making calls as Richard has several members who have not found donors.  Jose Canseco is from LA and he can’t call his friends in the Yankee club house.  David Cassidy calls people, but gets few positive responses.

The men plan to send Gary Busey outside in a red suit to become “a snake oil salesman.”  John Rich plays his guitar.  La Toya Jackson attracts a crowd in front of her team’s restaurant.  Star Jones knows a lot of people and gets very large donations. Star Jones said that the First Lady donated $5,000.  She had a$40,000 donation for 40 pizzas and because of time the donation became $40,000 for one pizza.   We see that the men have sold some pizzas slices for $500 and one man gave them $15,000 for one slice of pizza.  The women deliver with a van; the men limit deliveries to large donations and seem to walk their pizzas to their destination as we don’t see them in a vehicle.

Nene works very hard and she is respectful of her fellow contestants.

Curtis Stone, a celebrity chef likes both pizzas, but gives a potential prize to the ladies if they can take 8 pizzas to a firehouse in a specific amount of time.  Star Jones closes her restaurant in order to fulfill the pizza order for the two large donations and take care of people already in the pizzeria.

The women have problems delivering their orders because of traffic congestion.   Star Jones blames Lisa Rinna for her failure to delivery and get donations in a timely fashion.

The men have conflict when David Cassidy annoys Richard Hatch. David is dismissed and pushed away. David did not help in raising large amounts of money, but his daughter, Katie, did come from the set of “Gossip Girl” to donate and help him.  He also took numerous smoking breaks.

Time is up and they return to the Boardroom.  Lisa Rinna said that they could have been more cohesive. Star Jones called Lisa, “a little girl.”  Nene said Lisa was in charge of deliveries so she should be responsible for the failure to take the pizzas to the fire station and the loss of $35,000.  The women won and $170,000 went to the American Heart Association.   Donald gave $35,000 from the fire station to Nikki Taylor’s American Red Cross as she worked so hard without complaint.   The women leave and watch part of the discussion with the men from their conference room.

The men blame each other for the loss.  Jose seems angry at Richard, the leader, because he pushed David Cassidy and dismissed David when he tried to talk to the leader.   Richard Hatch said Jose showed “a lack of intelligence.” Jose was silent. David tried to stand up to Richard, but was intimidated. The Trump children, Don and Ivanka noted this. The women are shocked by the treatment of David Cassidy. Richard says that David is one of “the little people.”  David says that he is not little and that he weighs 140 lbs.  Donald said that David was a bigger star than the other men and David agreed.

Three men remain: David, Richard and Jose.  The women’s TV is turned off.  In a private room, David tells Jose that Jose is strong and intelligent.  Jose said, “Thank you.” Jose did not raise a lot of money , but he was the hardest worker during pizza production.   David calls Richard an egomaniac, but Donald fires David Cassidy then sends David home in a black car.  David states that he is not a physical person and that he has integrity.

Thanks Quincy!  Great job as always!

Until Next Time….

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291 Responses to IHJZ Real Housewives of Orange County / The Celebrity Apprentice

  1. HD says:

    Regarding the Apprentice-I flipped so I could watch Housewives-how much money did the men raise overall?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I can’t remember exactly but it was less than half of what the women raised, in the $50-60k range

    • quincyil says:

      Men $54,104
      Women $115,368

      Mr. Trump then said that Star’s charity would get $170,000.
      Nikki Taylor’s charity received $35,000 from the fire dept. even though they could not deliver the 8 pizzas due to a traffic jam.

    • debbie says:

      If I remember correctly,the men raised $54,000.00.
      I was looking forward to reading the blog this morning as I watched for 1hr 45 mins and fell asleep during commercial before firing.
      Obviously, I missed Orange County too. My life is now complete as I’m all caught up…Thanks, Quincy & Lynn. 🙂

      • HD says:

        The men lost and lost pretty bad. I think maybe the women had a little bit more star power and could call in the big spenders.

        • quincyil says:

          I think Star Jones lives in NYC and has a lot of friends there. Jose Canseca has few friends because of his book. David Cassidy is a fading star so he had to depend on his daughter and her star power to brighten the event.

          I wonder if Nene got a lot of donations from her fellow Bravo stars. Do you think Andy Cohen got a call?

          Nene really worked hard and so did Nikki Taylor. Lisa Rinna seems to be a trouble maker. She was in our RHNYC sitting in the front row of a fashion show. She was in a soap opera at one time too.

          Gary Busey may have an Academy Award nomination, but he doesn’t seem that bright to me. I love Mary Matlin. I love Dion Warwick. I don’t think Dion will win, but she will be on the show for awhile out of respect.

          Lynn mentioned that we might end our reviews when Nene gets the boot. We will have to take a poll of the board members to see if we should continue after that.

  2. boston02127 says:

    Lynn & Quincy, Great blogs. Thank you.

    I watched both shows. I feel asleep before WWHL ended. Does Gretchen’s face look different to anyone? I can’t stand her and I didn’t feel that way towards her when she first appeared on the show. I hate when a grown woman does the cute act. It just makes them look dumb. I’ve come to the conclusion that the housewives of OC are pretty immature for their ages.

    On The Apprentice, I think Richard should have been fired. He seems very rude. I think he’s going to be trouble. The women’s team really surprised me, I thought for sure the men won.

    • yeah, I was surprised too, that the women won. I couldn’t believe they made so much more than the men. that just shows me that they really can do alot
      with the editing-we didn’t see the girls make that much, except for the 40k
      order and they lost the 35k- Dionne looked pathetic at the register, so i thought
      they lost money there, too.
      It just seemed like the guys raked in so much more than the girls, and i think
      that’s what they wanted us to think!! that’s what made the entire episode
      dramatic. IMHO

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I’m not surprised the women won.

        Starr Jones knows so many people- people with power, influence and deep pockets.

        When the First Lady gives you a donation-even if it’s just a $1, it sends the message of how far your reach it.

        I wish Richard went home because I can’t stand him but I think that David was the weaker of the two. “Speaking Softy” is only an asset when you carry a big stick, unfortunately David tried to fight the Goliath ego with a tooth pick.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Good points, RR. Star was interviewed on Rosie radio & she’s back to her pre-Al days & even more confident & balanced. Richard Hatch should have been tossed from the show for laying a hand on someone. What a pig.

          On the Bachelor tonight, mean spirited Michelle didn’t have any tears during her sobbing. I think she was trying to interview to do the next bachelorette.

          Tamara & Gretchen both need to apologize to each other & move forward. Vicki is still on the show because of $$, not because she was refreshed from the break. What a con.

    • HD says:

      It looked to me that Gretchen just seriously needed her make up on. It looked like her lips had completely disappeared.

      I thought Vicki looked a little refreshed about the eyes.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Good recaps ladies!
      It was a channel flipping night here (Apprentice vs Iron Chef) but after WWHL, I watched RHOC.
      Apprentice – what a crew of bizarre celebrities – so NeNe was behaving but that won’t last very long and it seemed like the other women were a little leery of her – with good reason if they watched RHoA! At least the show is for charity, which is a concept that IMO, NeNe truly doesn’t understand.
      Maybe its because RHOC has been on for six years, maybe because they look too much alike, maybe because they are boringly vapid and continue to fight/feud or maybe because they pretend their lives are so busy – these women just are not that interesting!
      WWHL – this one was a miss! When you have to continue the Plastic Surgery questions and what shoes you have on then it is time to get more interesting guests! However, I loved Vicki’s shoes – I remember seeing them in Vanity Fair last fall and they are fierce!

    • girlygirlnyc says:

      Gretchen’s face does look different! At first I thought it was my TV, but then I realized that no one else’s face looked strange (or, stranger than it always has). I couldn’t tell if it was her eyes or if her cheeks were fuller and higher. Maybe she’ll answer on WWHL next week.

      • Nancy says:

        To me it looked like she had (very) blue contacts on. But she has had some work done, no ? about it.

  3. Great Blog, Lynn and Quincy!!
    when on earth do you get the time to do all this?
    I am in awe of you both-

  4. VincenzoNewYork says:

    Great Blog Lynn @ Quincy!
    I didn’t watch RHOC;however, I will watch the show when they repeat it on off days.

  5. Olivia says:

    The differences between Tamra and Gretchen may be slight but Gretchen is a single woman and her antics affect no one but herself. Tamra, on the other hand, is a mother of 3 young kids who does not seem to have a clue that her behavior and dress could cause her kids some untold misery. An upcoming scene showing her in a hot tub with the new boyfriend is unsettling from any perspective but those poor kids must live with the knowledge that their mother acts like the sluttiest member of the whole bunch. At least so far. Who knows yet what the “newest member” of this cast has in store.

    Vicki is still her loathesome, judgmental self. Someone needs to point out to her that her clothing choices are not only age inappropriate but her breasts look like udders at times when the camera angle moves in for a close up. She might consider a total makeover where her hair is shaped to frame her face and a more modest attire would better suit her body shape and age. Trying to dress like someone 20 years younger merely highlights her insecurities and does not flatter her in the least. For one who appears to take pleasure in criticizing everyone else, Vicki needs to take a closer look at her own image since it is not one that invites envy.

    Poor Alexis having to make do with one nanny is downright laughable since it means that she has less time to devote to Alexis. Give me a break!

    I kind of miss Loopy Lynn. At least her issues were the mothering of those two girls and less involved with the “drama” of finding fault with the other cast members. How much interest is there in never ending catfights that don’t add up to very much in the first place?

    Perhaps Bravo will begin to understand the replaying the same repeated formula over and over again is beginning to wear thin. At least from my own perspective.

    • quincyil says:

      I didn’t watch OC yet. I did catch littel of WWHL as I was falling to sleep. I am not fond of Tamara or Vicki.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Gretchen will be the one bringing all her fabulous garbage to sell this season as this is her vehicle to the masses. Make up and handbags in the land of brand conscious women – while putting down the women of America who might be silly enough to buy her crap? Her claim that she is working so hard makes me laugh! Wonder if she is sticking with Slade to get rid of her golddigger label?

      • HD says:

        That handbag looked so beat down.

        • quincyil says:

          The housewives must be selling all of these products. What I can’t believe is Lynn Curtain making those cuffs in her house and selling them for over 300 bucks. Who has that kind of money for a piece of leather with glued on fake crystals?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          It looks like the “free gift” you get when you buy $50 bucks worth of Avon or something.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      ITA with everything you said but I feel that the style make over shouldn’t be just limited to Vickie.

    • TEB says:

      I love your perspective O!

  6. HD says:

    Thanks for the blog Lynn and Quincy. With so many shows on ya’ll have your hands full!

    I loved the OC episode. Then again I am a sucker for screaming, yelling, eye rolling, gossiping, etc. LOL! It had all the elements I liked. A few thoughts that ran through my head:

    Can someone tell me why Gretchen has an assistant?

    Why was her assistant pretending like she was not trying to network with Tamara?

    Doesn’t Vicki look a little too old to be with this group?

    Why did Tamara want to “keep it classy” while a half naked man was pouring drinks and they were trying on jeans and yoga wear?

    Did Vicki announce that she was working again?

    Don’t you all feel bad for Alexis that she only has one nanny and actually has to raise her kids?

    Isn’t it always smart to get the tattoo of your husband’s name right in the midst of your marriage falling apart?

    I am sure I have more thoughts…

    • quincyil says:

      I try to have tatoos of all my old boyfriends names so I won’t forget them.

      • justanothermary says:

        They should all have their old boyfriend’s names tattooed backward across their botoxed foreheads so they can read them every morning in the mirror and be reminded of just how stupid they are.

      • CathyOP says:


        I remember an old joke from an old show, Designing Women. If any of you remember it, I think the target was the Delta Burke character about her and all her men. It was suggested that as she disposed of one and replaced with another that there should be an Etch-A-Sketch for your butt, you just shake the name off and etch up the new one.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      All good questions! lol with no good answers….. I still wonder why they dress so trampy – they have great bodies and yet they have no fashion sense.

  7. Kim Grandmatell says:

    I wonder how Alexis feels about having a lesbian housewife in the mix. Is she homophobic? She seems like a right-winger with all the G-d chatter….and this is coming from a religious person. To me, she just seems into religion for all the wrong reasons, the exclusions rather than the inclusions…

    • justanothermary says:

      She mentioned that God doesn’t like divorce but that she is still ok with Tamra. Ummmm, aren’t she and Jim both divorced? For some reason I cringe and switch the channel everytime she gets preachy. It just seems so very wrong coming out of her mouth.

      • quincyil says:

        Yes, both Alexis and Jim are divorced.

      • CathyOP says:

        She also doesn’t understand that adultery is sex without benefit of marriage, period. It’s not limited to cheating on your spouse. She should know what it means if she’s going to be preachy and make judgments about it.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Alexis seems to wear her religion so she can judge other people without looking to closely at her own life. Considering her husband is somewhat shady and she has been divorced herself – glass houses come to mind.

  8. Amber...RealWife says:

    I watched the finale of BBWives, The Apprentice and OC in a rerun. Must say I enjoyed The Apprentice more than the others. I found Nene to be respectful of others but from the clips shown, that wont be lasting long! StarJones is indeed a strong player and was able to get the donations in without doing any manual labor. While someone needs to be the boss, they are all celebrities and I think her rolling up her sleeves and helping would have showed she had great character also. She only wanted to take the register when Dionne was going too slow, but instead of replacing her, she allowed Dionne to continue at her snail’s pace in deference of her wishes. RichardHatch behaved deplorably towards David, pushing him at work and then belittling and humiliating him in the boardroom. How small of him, but obviously it was enough to keep him in and send the mild mannered, overly polite David home. To his credit however, Richard did insult JoseCanseco without fear and obviously doesn’t mind confrontation with a bigger man. It’ll be interesting to see the relationship between these two in the future.

    The OC was more of the same with Tamra “acting” as if she is a changed woman because she is in love! Puh-leeze Bitch! She is blaming her unhappiness with Simon for her whore-rrible behaviour last season when we know she’s a leopard who will never change her spots. Just her man! LOL Her divorce couldn’t happen at a greater time for the attention whore, as she is now a “free bitch” and can act as skanky and slutty without Simon reigning her in. It seems Tamra will be the HBIC in the OC this year. Oy vey!

    • VAgirl says:

      ITA. The fact that Tamra twice referred to herself as a “free bitch” was pretty telling. She seems to revel in the fact that she’s skanky and slutty. It’s not pretty. I was only half watching WWHL, but didn’t she even get kind of mad at Vicki at one point when Andy asked them a question about this season? I can’t remember what it was about but as they went to commercial, she clearly did not look happy with Vicki. I don’t think it takes much to set her off. Looks like this season is more of the same. Hope it gets better.

      • 2Stupid says:

        The question was about if Tamra was a mean girl this season ank Vicki answered yes, and Tamra got mad. Vickie tried back pedalling and saying only when Tamra was forced to behave in a “bitchy” way. I wasn’t buying it and Tamra knew Vicki’s first resonse was righ on. I am not a fan of Gretchen, but I do think her age and immaturity are the root cause of most of her problems. Tamra just lacks morals!

        • mamecastle says:

          That was the very best part of WWHL! Icky said she was still a mean girl & Trampy Tamra said something like “Really, Oh, it is ON now.” and turned her chair a little away from Icky. Icky then tried to backpedal a little and tried to hold Trampy Tamra’s hand, but she was having none of it, because (in the words of a gifted soothsayer) she is an icy bitch. These two are so loathsome, I hope they drag each other down & no body else. I did enjoy the show, thought the new housewife was so beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing Jeana, re-runs reminded me how much I liked her & her daughter.

          • Austin says:

            I love Jeana’s daughter. . . seeing in reruns the great advice she was giving Lynn’s drunk younger daughter during last season’s finale reminded me how mature she is. Both Icky and Jeanna have nice daughters.

  9. Rhetorica says:

    I watched the reruns last week; my first time seeing the OCHW. The brunette is gone & all the rest look alike. It looks a LOT like NY & BH so l don’t know if I’ll invest the time. Although those were certainly entertaining!

  10. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    I was sorry I missed them but after reading everything I can wait till the repeats lol
    Feeling a bit better. Have been cleaning a little & looking after kitties & Allan is taking such great care of me. As I told you all I will be 52 on the 16th & as I sit hurting I cannot think of a greater present to myself. I called Health dept. where I get yearly stuff for women done because of our income & they basically said they could only answer questions. That’s ok.
    They have all my info about medical conditions that’s why I called them instead of St. Luke’s who knows nothing about me.
    Thank you all for your wonderful thoughts & prayers. I appreciate everyone of you~
    And Our New Stars Lynn & Q 🙂

    • klmh says:

      Glad you are doing better. Keep in touch!

    • twoile says:

      @BBLK, Gr8 u r keeping busy & lovely that Allan is so helpful….hope the pain is under control & u can manage it well. Keep on keep’n on. Take care Jeanne

    • quincyil says:

      I am glad you are sharing.

      BTW.. 52 is young…


      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        I feel pretty old today sweet Q~
        Have flu symptoms & been up have the night. But they said to expect that. Tomorrow should be better.

        • klmh says:

          It sounds like you are accepting these periods and are looking forward to more productive healthy times. Congrats BBLK, you are on your way!

  11. terry aley says:

    I interviewed Peggy Tanous for my website! (The new Real Housewife of OC that starts showing up next week on the series.) I didn’t know anything about her, but she actually sounds like she might be an interesting addition to the show. http://tinyurl.com/4lta8dv

    • quincyil says:

      I think she was joshing you, Terry, when she said she was a natural blond. She has inches of dark roots in her photos.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It appears Peggy gives good interview – the season will show as we all see them differently than they see themselves. Glad you did the interview!

  12. HD says:

    Has anyone watched the clip with Vicki flirting with that young guy? It appears to be her daughter’s friend. LOL! Now ya’ll know I love my girl Vicki but she needs to leave that young guy alone. I think we will see Vicki go through a mid life crisis this year.

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Vicky makes me sicky~that’s all I have to say. So do most of the rest of them these days. How are you today HD. Another rising star amongst are midst.

      • HD says:

        I am feeling good today, Baabee.

        I am glad to see that you are up and about moving along on your journey to wholeness. Often times that is a question we have to ask ourselves, do we want to be whole? Sadly although many people say they do, they never take the steps to make it so and they remain broken. I am proud of you for taking the steps. I always feel so good when I see people change their lives. It just really does something good in my spirit!

        One day you will look back on this time and smile and say, “I did it!”

  13. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Just saw that Charlie Sheen’s wife that took 2 boys is also fighting addiction. I am in very special company. I really feel bad for Sheen. I am so afraid he’s going to end up like Anna Nicole. Wish someone would stop him before it’s too late.

    • Sha2000 says:

      He’s got the unfortunate (in this case) circumstance of having too much money. Those around him now (for example the “goddesses” aka gold-diggers) will tell him he’s just fine because they are bankrolled & want to continue to be. They won’t admit he has a problem until they have to call 911. Sad in every which way for him & his family, I wonder where there is a friend for him that really cares & is truthful?

      You are in much better hands I’m sure than he is & apparently you are a lot smarter too; self admission of a problem is everything in getting it back together.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        His current ex wife probably started out as a goddess who partied as hard as Charlie – neither should have custody of the boys as cleaning themselves up appears to be a full time job for both of them.

    • twoile says:

      bblk, the proverbial “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”….only he can, but 4 now it looks like his disease is deciding, so sad 4 everyone.

      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        I watched dr. drew last night.
        He had a special on vh1 trying to reach out to Charlie.
        Actually stayed awake & watched. It helped me too.
        I was trying to explain to mama like some people in my own family their comes a point when the drugs & booze don’t allow you to make the right decision no matter what.
        Thank you for all your support everyone.
        Am trying to read & answer everyone but still very weak.
        Love & hugs to you all 🙂

  14. quincyil says:


    This is an article by Jill Zarin’s older sister about out of wedlock babies and celebrity moms. There is no mention of Bethenny, but she wonders if doing this is a problem for society and hopes that she won’t have the reaction that people did when Dan Quayle talked about Murphy Brown, a television character. I think giving people advice on how they lives is something the Kamen (Jill and Lisa) sisters grew up with so they think it is ok.

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      I am not well enough to think about those people. lol

      • Sha2000 says:

        Hey Patty, I hope you have a better day. If the sun is shining by you, step outside and take a deep breath & try to relax…sometimes a moment can do wonders.

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          Thank you Sweet Susan~
          I was already outside. We get spring here a lot sooner than we did in nyc. We have buttercups blooming & lilacs leaves out & our weeping willow has leaves.
          Still cloudy here in ky but very pretty.

          • Sha2000 says:

            Cold & cloudy her in FL too…tomorrows another day.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            If you are up for walking – do it! Exercise is important in your life change and gives you something else to focus on. Remember you can do this and that while it isn’t easy it is the greatest gift you can give yourself and those you love. We are here for you!

          • Nancy says:

            Hi BaaBee,
            How are you doing today? You’ve been in my thoughts. Hang in there. You are one day closer!

    • Sha2000 says:

      Hi Quincy, kind of like Mike Huckabee who mentions Natalie Portman but not Bristol Palin 🙂 ? Lol. That said I do believe it is a good question & it’s part of the national conversation this week, maybe that’s why she is discussing it. She dose have a radio show so there’s got to be topics, right??? Portman, Palin & Bethenney can afford to provide good lives for their children not every single mom can especially the younger they are. Some young girls just want to be like their idol, and think hey, if she can do it so can I ! They don’t realize that a child takes up all of your time & much of your resources even with a husband or a partner. The mom is the person who usually carries much of the responsibility of child rearing…glamorous it is not, it’s the polar opposite and young girls should be taught that. Think that you must afford to give them a proper chance at life; this doesn’t mean you need to be rich, but you need to be able to provide financially and emotionally, both equaling security. Love alone isn’t enough. Don’t get me wrong I’m a proud liberal, I just think if you can plan in advance & wait you should & the message of what a ****huge**** responsibility child rearing (with & without means) is, should be laid out for our younger generation, in place of just the argument of abstinence, which is unrealistic in many cases. If think parents or lack of money cramps their style, try having an infant without a sufficient support system.

      Whew! Didn’t mean to go on & on….but you know what I mean.

      • Sha2000 says:

        OH! PS: DISCLAIMER!!!!! I love single moms & was raised by my mom who divorced my dad when I was just 10…I’m talking about the glamorization of the difficult process of raising a child.

    • HD says:

      If someone is looking at a celebrity to judge if they should have a baby or not they have much bigger problems. Much bigger.

      This is an old argument and one that holds no weight me and it is not because I was a single mother. (Still feel like I am 99.9 percent of the time anyway.) Even if you are married anything can happen to your spouse, you can get divorced, whatever. Lisa please be quiet. I don’t “know” you like I know Jill. Please stay off the radar.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Amen! Lisa really needs to go back to her life and stop with the book pitching – it wasn’t nor will it ever be a best seller! Ironic that Lisa feared that fame would not be good for Jill….Lisa seems to be ignoring her own excellent advice.

        • twoile says:

          ITA!!!!!!! Since the Kamen women have a dubious distinction of authorship of one of the least liked advice books…I won’t be looking to receive any more of it. My advice (no one asked 4) is that the Kamen women may actually do better if they took some…

      • Sha2000 says:

        “If someone is looking at a celebrity to judge if they should have a baby or not they have much bigger problems. Much bigger. ”

        Well said HD I agree… I guess what I meant above is, motherhood should not be glamorized or romanticized, because some young girls do not get that a baby requires everything you’ve got. The love I have for & receive from my children is great, but it’s hard work being a mom under the best of circumstances and that is often glazed over in our society. Just wanted to clarify… sometimes context can be lost at the keyboard and it is not my intent to insult anyone here or single moms in general, particularly as woman and a mom myself.

        • HD says:

          Oh I totally understood you. I was referring to Lisa-needs-to-be-the-quiet-sister-that-is-tolerable-Wexler’s viewpoint.

          If she REALLY wanted to focus on something don’t pinpoint celebrities. She needs to talk about that silly show Teen Mom. I read about girls trying to get pregnant just to be on that show. They take these girls and make them celebrities all because they had a baby at 16. I knew that was going to happen when that show came on. You have that one girl Amber buying Prada handbags and stuff all because she got pregnant, had a baby and beat her boyfriend up on TV and MTV wanted to pay for it.

          But I completely understood you.

      • 2Stupid says:

        HD, you could not be more correct. Even if nothing ever happens to your spouse, you can still feel like a single mother. I think being a MOTHER is hard. If you asked my husband, he would tell you how we share things equally. Is this facutal no! I’m reading a book called the Superior wife, which explores the phenomenom of how men view their roles as husband and father. Slightly OT, but wanted to throw that out there.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:


      I am basically going to quote a passage from Secrets of a Jewish Mother. This will explain it all.

      “But a Jewish mother’s wisdom is not reserved for her children-it is spread around to anyone who will listen. She likes sharing her ideas. To be blunt, she loves telling people what to do. She urges them to listen and she speaks with the voice of true expertise.”
      I am paraphrasing here
      They love to share their ideas, and tell people what to do in a world full of grey. Gloria views the world as white or black,right or wrong; there is very little grey in her mind. She will tell people the truth, regardless if they want to hear it or not. These qualities have been passed on to her daughters, Jill and Lisa. And now, they can share these pears of wisdom with the world. It is a type of a ‘right of passage’ for Jewish women. It is their duty and responsibility to guide their children, srenghten their characters, and share the wisdom that have gleaned over the years.

      My Opinion

      I do feel that older people to posses certain qualities, such as widsom, and this quality can be certainly bestowed upon people. Other people do view ideas differently, and their advice is always appreciated. However, sometimes truth is for the seeker to develop. They must muster the courage inside to follow a path; it may not be a richeous path for one, but they have a duty to follow a path, without appeasing others. Advice is certainly important; however, to inflict a viewpoint and categorize it as the ‘right’ way is not always the best approach for an individual. Each individual most discern what choices they would like to make. The person dispensing the advice needs to clearly see both viewpoints, otherwise I would describe them as myopic because they need to forsee long range consequences and problems.

      • Olivia says:

        Personally I fail to see “the wisdom” present when one of the authors of the book goes on Amazon and disses the book reviewer while her nephew makes veiled threats via Facebook and Twitter to follow her point.

        The wisdom you speak of is holding one’s tongue at the right moment and not attempting to excuse their own behavior by screaming that they “tell it like it is” in a bid for “honesty”.

        These women, particularly Jill and aided and abetted by both Gloria and Lisa, feel that they have the unalienable right to say and do anything that would suit their own purposes. Keeping in mind this “wisdom” is shrouded in the ability to sell a book to an unsuspecting public while holding themselves out as the arbitrator of right and wrong is what makes it so amusing.

        The bottom line to their achievements, if one can readily call it that, is their quest for fame and fortune at any price regardless of the vapidity of their comments or whose ox they choose to gore in the process.

        It places their “wisdom” in a whole new different light.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        Hi honey…
        You know you can substitute the word jewish for just about any ethnicity. IMHO it is just a justification for being rude.

        “Well, I speak my mind because that’s what my (insert ethnicity) mother taught me. I’m sorry that it hurts your feelings or that I am steamrolling over your opinion, this is just how I was raised.”

        My German/Nowegian grandmother, my Irish grandmother, my Scilian godmother all said the exact same things. It was rude then ,and it’s rude now. The only difference is they had the good sense not to write a book about it.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          ITA – don’t blame your mom or ethnic background because you are RUDE! lol

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Not you OMiB – it was a general statement to the authors of the moldy book.

            • Amber...Real Wife says:

              They keep pushing the book, and will jump on any topic, and refer listeners or fans back to the book. “It’s in the book, Buy the book, A new chapter in the book… Yeah alright!

              • floridagirl88 says:

                Those books are collecting dust in somebody’s garage and that’s why they keep pushing it. They need somebody to take those things off their hands. Ha Ha

  15. Sha2000 says:

    A few observations:

    Dr. Will, didn’t recognize him at all. Good, now I know these reality “stars” will one day dissipate from my memory.

    Tamara. I think that whats stranger than Gretchen calling Tamara a bitch, was Tamra calling herself that very same word. Didn’t she say now she’s a “happy bitch who’s free”? Slang or not that’s awful. Great botox forehead pic btw, reminds me of this pic I saw online:

    She needs to stop the botox, she dosen’t really need it, lol couldn’t move her head on wwhl!

    Alexis & the nannies…I thought the very same thing about her home. Plus she works for a plastic surgeon & is paid by Bravo, plus her husbands income, couldn’t they have modified their loan with the bank & fired the help? The kids must be in preschool anyway. Also I found it interesting that she spell her daughters name with a C, I know a McKenna & I thought it was always spelled that way…the little boy pronounced it McKenna not MACKenna, so maybe Bravo spelled it wrong? Cute little ones, very sweet. As for her upsetting Gretchen, I don’t think she meant it as an insult
    & why is Gretchen okay with the name bitch & not princess?

    Gretchen: Lol! Where did you ever find that photo above? Do we really believe that a girl in that shape eats fried cheese & corn dogs? Total food porn pic.

    New HW whats her name: So far annoying, but time will tell. I’m sorry Jena is off, liked her & Kara.

    Viki: She wanted a new carpet right there & then…totally me, I can relate : )

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Getting a new floor and trying out the diningroom rug was a hoot – they both bitch and bicker too much! I was waiting for Vicki to blame Don’s new puppy for using the carpet as it’s potty area…kinder? gentler? I think not!

      • Nancy says:

        I’m going to miss Don’s little Pug puppy after he gets the ax. I have a 17yr Pug myself and she is the love of my life. (hope my husband doesn’t read this) ha ha

  16. Adgirl says:

    I have no idea why I wasted time watching OC. I don;t like those women at all. They don’t do anything, say anything or go anywhere interesting.

    Vicki looked terrible. Flat out. If she can’t keep tabs on her weight then she shouldn’t wear tight, white sleeveless blouses on tv. She is cranky all of the time. Maybe she’s who Andy was referrring to as the Cranky Old Housewife? I thought she was nasty to Donn in the furniture moving clip with her “I’ve changed” voice over.

    OMG WTF WWHL? Vicki appeared to have 2 gallons of fillers in her face.
    LADIES – get a face lift instead of blowing up you face like a Macy’s parade balloon!

    • quincyil says:

      Vicki did look “refreshed” on WWHL.

      • Adgirl says:

        I thought Vicki looked swollen.

        Tamra looked like a wax replica of herself.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Neither looked natural….that said, at least Vicky looked animated. Why Tamra lied about botox/fillers is beyond me. IMO – it is Andy not fans that is fixated on the plastic surgery/fillers!

  17. lillybee says:

    The OC women are completely vapid but what else is new. I hate the fact that I recognized Dr. Will. He was the reason that I stopped watching Big Brother. I disliked him so much.

  18. Mimisfbay says:

    Was able to watch all three shows…kinda. Actually was flipping channels to watch a cake competition during one of them. The OC is just boring. WWHL, yawn but I did like Apprentice. Nene’s arrogance is astonishing. She is with Dionne Warwick and still thinks she is all that and a bag of chips? I guess that is why they call psychiatrists shrinks. Richard Hatch is just obnoxious, David needs the patch and Jose C trying to control his anger was diverting. I will watch the show even when Nene is gone. They need to put the right players in jobs where they have some skills. Surely someone stronger could have been put on the register or behind the wheel. I don’t know which was more frustrating. Do you mean to tell me Dionne Warwick wouldn’t have been fabulous schmoozing and selling? Come on the woman is a legend. Behind the register…not so great. Lisa R? Geez, she is in NYC you need to be an agressive city driver. She seemed to be just sitting and waiting politely. I would have jumped outta the damn car and hopped in the subway. Sheez. Clearly NOT a city girl among them. They won anyway thank goodness. I was sad about David C he just wasn’t aggressive enough for the Trump family.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      I was wondering the same thing! Yelling @ the tv, “just get out of the car & run to the fire station.” Ditzy dames couldn’t figure out the subway system…lol. Plus, why on earth did they deliver $300 worth of pizzas? Lisa R. was questioning Star’s judgement on that. So if the ladies had lost, there would have been a bigger fight between Lisa R. & Star. Notice Lisa R & Nene questioning Star’s decision to close up the pizza parlor? Oh yeah, they were sharpening their knives in anticipation of the boardroom. Lisa even mentioned the “knife in her back pocket.” Wow, she skeers me.

      Thanks for your recaps Lynn & Q. Enjoyed them!

      BaaBee Loves Kitties – pulling for you girlfriend. Hold on you can do it!

  19. WindyCityWondering says:

    After having BH added to the housewives stable – OC just looks like it is anyplace suburbia to me now. These women have too much history and the cattiness is not humorous – Gretchen vs Trampra? Again? Seriously? After six years of the same type of wife (exception was Lynn and to an extent Jenna) Bravo needs to really change this franchise up or just retire it completely.

    • Mimisfbay says:

      Truly a snooze fest. They are all just boring. Vicki is still delusional and I hope Donn has moved on because her treatment of him was appalling.

  20. PJ says:

    I didn’t watch OC last night and won’t be watching. I can’t stand any of the “ladies” on OC. I think Tamara and Vicki are horrible, horrible people. I thought about it and asked myself if I met Tamara would I associate with her, would I ask her to be a guest in my home? The answer was no, never. So why would I invite her into my home every week by way of a television show? I came to the conclusion that you are what you watch on TV and the last thing I want to be is to be like Tamara, Vicki or any of these women. This is just how I feel for myself. No real person I know acts like these women do, so is this real or are we being manipulated? I don’t know the answer but I know I’m done with these particular women.

    As for Celebrity Apprentice. I’m sure David Cassidy was not going to be on the show for long but I think Richard should have been fired this challenge. Richard is calculating and in my opinion he did what he did to David on purpose. He knew exactly what he was doing. He decided who was the weakest and went after him. He knew just what to do to make David uncomfortable and to look weaker than he really is. I don’t like Richard and would never root for him. I hope he goes soon. It should be interesting to see what happens when Richard goes after someone who is perfectly able to stand up to him. I think John Rich may do really well in this, he is confident and not in the least crazy.

    Star Jones on the other hand was great. I was prepared not to like her but I loved her, she rocks. Lisa is a backstabbing whiner, but does she really have the goods to back up her attitude? It probably won’t be long before Nene brings the crazy out to play, we all know she is pretty crazy. But I doubt Nene brings anything special to the table besides her own special kind of drama. Interesting.

    • Adgirl says:

      As soon as NeNe’s business & leadership ignorance is exposed that’s when she’s gonna go into attack mode.
      It’s deflective insecurity performed by a pit bull.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Richard wanted to be project manager because then he can openly eliminate his competition! David was an easy target and likely his treatment gave NeNe the green light to start her physical bullying. Starr knows what needs to be done and the diva undermining has already begun….she doesn’t like to get her hands dirty was the first in the catty salvos to come but she is more saavy than the others give her credit for!

      • Adgirl says:

        NeNe and Richard Hatch are on CA to ramp up the drama by playing psychological warfare games on their own team.

        • PJ says:

          I agree and it’s kind of a shame that Trump went there, putting people on just for the drama they bring. It’s like CA Housewives.

        • BlueSky_Forever says:

          So true. The spectacle of their fighting with the others will attract bigger ratings. Hatch will go, no way is he going to win this. Nene won’t win either…Wendy Williams mentioned weeks ago that she left NYC before the show was done taping. No big surprise there, eh? It will be fun to see Moose Nene stomp over the other caste members, especially her arch rival Star. Did anyone see what Nene had to say about Star on Wendy Williams? Lol she said “if Star was on fire, I wouldn’t spit on her.”

          I like Little John, Cowboy hat, and gotta say it, Star really impressed me so far. Lisa Renna is a snake. Marlee Matlin is very smart, she might go pretty far.

  21. Kelly_Has_ Big _Shoulders says:

    Hi Lynn sorry I wrote this on your previous blog before you posted this one and it’s the last comment on there so I just wanted to bring it over. If you could respond I would appreciate it. Thank you.

    Congratulations Lynn it was nice seeing the pics and reliving the special time you had with you. I have been a fan of your since your first blogs. I usually pipe in here and there but mostly read. I have a quick question I may have missed your explanation but why are you not blogging about the Miami Housewives? Just wondering since I’m Cuban and live in Miami. I was wondering because all the shows get blogged even the horrible New Jersey.

  22. quincyil says:

    This is so off topic that it is coming from the other side of the Universe. Stargate Universe is returning to the Syfy channel for the final 10 episodes. Even though, the show is ending, I am going to review the episodes and share my thoughts as it is my blog.

    I opened a blog with no bells and whistles, but I will put content there.

    I didn’t see word press sci fi blogs when I googled. I gave up on the Syfy boards years ago as there were thousands of posts and it was impossible to follow threads.

    We won’t have Lynn’s audience, but I promise to be faithful and provide content and humor every Tues.

    The show is on tonight in case you want to watch it at 9 Central. Lynn’s show Bethenny Ever After is on at 8 Central.

    I do have experience with sci fi discussions as I was on the Farscape board for over 4 years. That was before Syfy took control and made sure everyone stayed on topic with a set of rules Strega would love.

    Even if no one drops by, I will post as when I make a committment, I always follow through.

    Q…. or Microdoc… lol… those old names are always there in the archives.

    • Adgirl says:

      Good for you!
      I have no interest in Sci Fi unless James Tiberius Kirk and Tribbles are involved. Iwill peek at your blog anyway.

      • Noreen says:

        OMG – I am laughing my a$$ off right now. That is too funny!

      • quincyil says:

        I was in love with James T. Kirk when I was 16. My siblings knew that this show was going to be on our only TV set every week and no one dared to change that channel.

        I loved the new Star Trek movie and loved the timeline/character changes.

        I wish I was in charge at Syfy.

        • Adgirl says:

          I know! You should have your own station, “Q tv”.

          We just lurved the new Star Trek. It was very respectful of the original while being smart,fresh and fun. I heard Shatner was really upset because he wasn’t brought in for a cameo or anything.

    • PJ says:

      I’ve waited for Stargate Universe to get really interesting and now that it got a bit interesting it’s almost over. I’ll check out your blog though.

      Now if you could only blog about American Idol! I hate it that they didn’t put Chris Medina through.

  23. Miss Katherine says:

    Why was Lynne fired anyway? She had a much better storyline than Alexis. What’s the back story there? anyone?

    I thought it was a good premier; it was noble of Tamra to try to be peaceful, if only for one day. Of course I doubt her new attitude will last. I used to be Team Gretchen but her behavior at that party was uncalled for. I’m sure Bravo made her go, but she was so out of line! Alexis came across as more likable than she ever used to. I may be in the minority but I like Vicki. She’s not a fake. Sure she can be mean, but she is a good friend. She never talked shit about Tamra, even after all their difficulties last season. Good or bad, you always know where you stand with Vicki.

    • Adgirl says:

      I agree down the line with you. I like Vicki too. Mostly because of her work ethic (did you know she works?).

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IIRC there was no reason given for Lynn not being asked back for this season and she seemed as shocked as the fans.

  24. Adgirl says:

    OMG Captain Kirk woke up the Shuttles astronauts !!

    The crew of the space shuttle Discovery got a wake-up call from a familiar voice Monday urging them to boldly go where no man has gone before.
    “Space, the final frontier,” actor William Shatner began in his 3:23 a.m. call to the snoozing astronauts.
    Reprising his role as James Kirk, caption of the fictional Starship Enterprise from the original “Star Trek” TV series, Shatner milked the melodrama of the moment.
    “These have been the voyages of the space shuttle Discovery,” the 79-year-old actor intoned. “Her 30-year mission: To seek out new science. To build new outposts. To bring nations together on the final frontier. To boldly go, and do, what no spacecraft has done before,”
    As Shatner spoke, the “Theme from Star Trek” played in the background.
    Alas, the Discovery won’t be boldly going anywhere after this, it’s final scheduled mission.
    It has made 39 flights and 13 journeys to the International Space Station. But it’s going to be mothballed after it lands at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center at noon Wednesday.
    And the nearly three-decade shuttle program is scheduled to end later this year.


    • Mimisfbay says:

      This news really saddens me. Sigh. The end of our space program is just sad. Hey Q what is the name of the blog? It may be here somewhere?

      • quincyil says:

        A hit on my name should lead you there. I will start writing tonight and try to have something there in the morning.

        Most blogs on sci fi don’t have a discussion underneath like Lynn’s blog on Bravo shows. The first Farscape board was very much like this board.

    • Adgirl says:

      I used to wonder if our space program was just to keep the super smart scientists busy working for the US so they wouldn’t become evil Dr No’s.

      The space program has been a good investment for the US because the technology that was invented to make space travel possible we use in our own homes.

    • lillybee says:

      How cool is that?

  25. @tweatcyn says:


    Hi folks. Didn’t think the Apprentice was also going to be covered on IHJZ since it’s not a BRAVO show. Great Job Q. I did one as well under my new guest author gig on ImaJustSayin’s TVTime101 Blog. I hope you’ll all visit to read mine.

    Babee, glad to hear you are mobile and able to get some stuff done, and breathe the fresh air.

    • quincyil says:

      We followed it because of Nene Leakes. Lynn hasn’t decided if we will follow after she is fired yet.

      • @tweatcyn says:

        Well, I’ll continue to blog it even after NeNe goes, if anyone is interested.

        PS, I am a Science Fiction gal too and my favorite Enterprise captain is Jean Luc Picard. I adore the character Q from Next Generation. I’ll will try to catch your show (never seen it before) and read your blog so be sure to repost the link please.

        • quincyil says:

          I love Picard too. I read about another Star Trek show a while back, but nothing recently. The movie was a hit so perhaps the will make more movies.

  26. Adgirl says:

    Super OT but I think this murder case has been discussed on this board.
    FYI- I read the book The Monster of Florence. The strange laws and court system in Italy will really shock you. It will impact your opinion of the Knox case, BTW her parents can’t even be at her appeal because the same prosecutor has accused them of libel or slander – a very serious offense in Italy,

    Attention: About Amanda Knox Case in Italy
    Douglas Preston the best-selling author of “The Monster of Florence,” about Italy’s answer to Jack the Ripper, has asked us all to watch this program. He was harassed by the same prosecutor of Amanda Knox.
    “Saturday night, April 11, CBS’ “48 Hours” will air an hour-long segment on the Amanda Knox murder trial, in which Giuliano Mignini is also the chief prosecutor. The show tells a truly horrifying story of how Mignini and the police have railroaded a charge of murder against a 20-year-old American exchange student, claiming she cut her roommate’s throat in a Satanic rite or sex game.
    This is not your usual network television. Be sure to tune in.”

    Here is background on his case:

    • PJ says:

      This case was shocking and after watching a show where the facts of the case were discussed I think there is a strong possibility that Amanda Knox is not guilty and has been railroaded.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It is a strange case and it make Italian justice look petty and ineffectual to the rest of the world – now Amanda’s parents are in trouble because they are there to defend their daughter!

    • @tweatcyn says:

      Cool. I’ll be sure to watch. I recently blogged about the lifetime tv movie about the knox case on http://www.tweattwaddle.blogspot.com. They made it seem like the Itialians were quite competent and accurate in their forensics and case. I’d be very interested in seeing a more balanced presentation on 48 hours.

      • Sha2000 says:

        I remember being in Florence & my boy friend at the time (who lived there) would joke with me “watch out for the monster” when he left for work.

        • BlueSky_Forever says:

          shivers! I read the book too & guess what…the Monster was never caught. Although in the book, the author does finger the most likely suspect. It was very scary that the author was even considered a suspect, because his investigation brought unwanted attention to the Italian police’s bungling, and the wacked out judge. This is indeed the same judge in charge of Amanda Knox’s case. I believe she & her boyfriend are innocent. They did some dumb things, like making out while waiting outside her apt. when the police were investigating the scene. Charging the parents with slander & libel because they critisized the Italian police & judge is sad. The Knox family must be going bankrupt from this, and it never should have happened.

          • Adgirl says:

            The Italians are using the libel suit to keep Amanda’s parents away during her appeal. Disgraceful.

  27. Kelly_Has_ Big _Shoulders says:

    Thank you OneMoreInBoston for the link with the explanation. I wish it was being blogged but I understand.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      No worries! I think there are others that feel like you do, but I respect Lynn for taking a stand, even if that stand proves to be an unpopular one.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      There are some sites, like Reality Tea that have lively commentators discussing the show, after the recap. You can also go to the Bravotv.com site, go to Real Housewives of Miami and you will see on the left side a list – caste blogs, videos, & “message boards.” You do have to take the time to set up your message identity page, with a name for yourself, etc. Once you do that, you can read & write comments with the other folks there after each episode. I found that there are just too many trolls on there to make it worthwhile. The format is confusing too. So many people are leaving comments, it gets overwhelming – 100’s of pages. This could be one reason Andy Cohen disdains the other bloggers, because maybe Bravo feels they get enough feedback there. The message boards are not where people are leaving comments to the cast members, fyi.

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        As you can see from “susu” down thread, some of the posters at Reality Tea are major a$$ wipe$.

  28. Lighthouse says:

    Great Blogs, thank you ladies!! I haven’t read any comments yet but found this and had to share. Good afternoon chuckles!


  29. LuAnn wants to be on Glee. Who wants to help her live her dream? LOL

    LuAnn’s tweet:

    CountessLuAnn: Daydreaming about being on #glee ! Any1 out there think they can help make my dream a reality?

    • HD says:

      I soooooooooooooooooooooo dislike when these housewives post stuff like this really trying to basically get in a plug for them to really be on the show. She is so full of it!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        shades of Teresa and DWTS….get a good agent and then listen to their advice! Does LuAnn really think that her massive fan base is going to tweet her onto Glee????

    • Nancy says:

      I sure hope this is a joke!

  30. ramonacoaster says:

    Radaronline.com posted all of the original cast of RHOBH will be on season 2. I thought Camille and Kim didn’t want to be on. Kim wanted more money because her reputation was damaged more than the others. Makes sense. Haven’t seen her getting any acting offers.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Why do these women think they can rewrite their contracts or make demands? Damaged reputations? The delusional perception of self? Next season will be a treat for us as it continues to be a trainwreck for some of them. Let the games begin!

    • klmh says:

      Well, hmmm, that about does it for me. Maybe Kim, oh to hell with it.

      This is one messed up family (K+K) and they get what they deserve. No more being upset, empathetic, sympathetic, trying to understand, to these two women who have destroyed their sister relationship. I will probably watch but this go around, I will cheer when they once again destroy each other, because that’s what they deserve. Rubbish is the word that describes them. They are just trash to treat each other like this again!

      Can you tell Im angry?

  31. quincyil says:

    I just finished watching RHOC. Gretchen is not acting like a pious little girl anymore. She’s the bad girl and she is angry. Why? It was obvious that few of the women had seen each other since the last reuinion. They are still carrying the same grudges. Jill Zarin would be proud of them.

    Tamra Barney would like to start with a fresh slate, but she hasn’t forgotten the past either. I think the clothing company must have paid for that party.

    The lady with the accent was impossible to understand. We need subtitles, Bravo.

    So.. product placement and branding housewives are on the agenda. Is there anyone here that actully pays for their stuff?

    • If You Had It Like This says:

      I know! I think Gretchen’s facade is crumbling a bit. I’m no fan of Tamra’s but I have never bought G’s sweet girl act. I read all the stuff about her and Jay Photoglou who is the guy she was dating while she was supposedly with Jeff while she was on the show and he was dying. She has been in court with Jay, the ex, who she denies dating but it has been proven that they were a couple and she even had to pay him quite a bit of money in a defamation case. I don’t know why she doesn’t just own up to the relationship with the Jay guy. I guess she wants to keep her clean, nice girl reputation and I think that is what drove Tamra crazy when she got that information. Of course Tamra handled it in a very ugly way. It’s bizarre to me that they all behave as if that guy she dated didn’t exist. Doesn’t support the storyline she has I guess.

  32. klmh says:

    Thanks Lynn and Q. These shows are not on my radar, but enjoyed your take on them. Will follow these shows thru your blogs.

    • quincyil says:

      This was my first time with The Donald too. It seems to be a formula show.
      It’s good that the money goes to charities. I’ll watch OC because Lynn is blogging it, but watching women get wasted and fight is getting boring.

      I was shocked that someone drugged Tamara and someone else in a bar. They accepted a drink and passed out in the bathroom. If that can happen to celebrities, I would think twice before accepting a drink from anyone when out.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        Never accept a drink ever! Unless you see the bartender make it and s/he hands to to you- Never! Same for beer!

        people think I’m tacky- but I only drink beer from a bottle when I go out with my friends. there’s a smaller opening for a pill/powder to get into.

        Had it happen to me 2tx- that was 2tx too many.

      • klmh says:

        That is terrible. Im one of the few here that like Vicki and Im glad she was there to help them.
        And I agree Q. with your assessment of some of these shows. Wasted and fighting gets old pretty fast.

      • Adgirl says:

        My daughter was roofied at a very nice club. She did not accept a drink from anyone either. When it’s cowded it’s easy for someone to reach over and drop something into you glass. She was terribly ill and passed out. Her friends took care of her. The police won’t do anything if you’ve had any alcohol.
        The “fun” for the person giving the drugs is watching their victim being overcome by the drug.
        We were lucky my daughter wasn’t driving her car when she became ill.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          The”fun” is also in getting a completely incapacitated woman into your car to have sex with her.
          It’s not called the Date Rape drug for nothing

  33. terry aley says:

    I asked Peggy about the “roofie” incident involving her and Tamra (Vicki was also there, but not drinking from the glass). http://terryaley.com/2011/03/07/real-housewives-of-oc-peggy-tanous-talks-about-the-roofie-incident/

    • quincyil says:

      That was awful. I wonder if the guy picked them out because they were Bravo stars or just attractive women.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Can’t believe that Andy tried to make a joke out of it! That is scary stuff and it is a good thing that Vicky was being watchful of them and took it seriously.

      • quincyil says:

        People die from drugs like this. I’m glad they are ok and I think it would be a great idea for these women to alert other women that this could happen.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          I am glad that I have no “fans”! It is a lesson for everyone regarding accepting anything from a stranger.

          • quincyil says:

            Andy Cohen should make public announcement and use this to help people become aware.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              I thought it was really awful that he made a joke about it too. But then again, I think about their “Hair Cut by Bravo” ad and release that there is nothing off limits with them- even when it suggests that assaulting people or poisoning them is a great head line.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Could this have been a warped attempt to get Tamra “naked wasted”? Peggy is virtually unknown, so Tamra was the obvious target. How weird that someone who plotted to get an acquaintance filthy drunk, was drugged by a stranger to the point of blacking out! KARMA is a bitch indeed!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I wonder, was it just a random attack or were they being followed? I can’t see the average housewife fan who just happened to run into them having a bunch of drugs on them, especially that drug.

        Was a police report filed? They already said they didn’t go to the hospital (which is the first place I would have went) . If you think someone was drugged, why would you bring them back to their hotel room- where they would be alone and helpless?

        I wonder if it was possible that they were just really drunk?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Agree you go to the hospital and notify the police! Are these women that stupid?

  34. Rabble Rouser says:

    The Real Housewife’s of OC-where do I begin?

    These women are started to become as loathsome as the NJ bunch right down to their language.

    *This season we know Tamra will assault Jenna while trying to serve her with legal papers.

    *Her boyfriend (and supposedly Tamra) will use the anti gay slur f***** repeatedly towards a friend of Jenna’s. That angers and disgusts me on so many levels, especially since Eddie and Tamra both participated in the No H8 campaign. I guess it was more about putting their mugs out there than the cause.

    *There are plenty of thieves and liars in the bunch-husbands included.

    Really- the only difference between the two camps is hair colour and better weather.

    We will be treated to Tarma ‘exposing’ herself in front of the cameras, the fact that she is still a married woman and the mother of young children doesn’t deter her from the sexual antics that might be expected from a co-ed on spring break.

    I find the way most of these women dress at their age ridiculous. Granted, they are slim and seemly fit and should be proud of their bodies but they are wearing the same fashions worn by 20 somethings- who would blow them out of the water on a split screen/side by side comparison.

    I think they should take style pointers from Lisa Vanderpump, who is slightly older than most of them but much sexier than all of them put together. Lisa has found the perfect balance of a woman showing off her figure without trying to look like a hot young thing, but not so conservative that she looks matronly.

    So far, I’m not very interested in the new housewives.

    I don’t even remember there names. While having a gay housewife might bring a new and interesting dynamic to the show, it had the feeling of being exploitative of her sexuality and gimmicky. Maybe if that tart Tamra’s talking head commentary wasn’t added, I would have got a different vibe because my disdain for her overshadowed it all.

    The other one, is just another faker who clawed her way on the show because she needed the money. I don’t buy “I joined the show to cure me of my postpartum depression” reasoning any more than I believe that Alex Bellino and her fat smelly husband are really holly rollers.

    I think I would tolerate Vickie if she could take it was well as she gives it out. She says the most horrible things about people, challenges them then acts like the wounded dove if anyone gives her a taste of her own medicine. She reminds me of that shrew JZ in that regard.

  35. Susu says:

    I always prefered your HW-recaps over any others but i have to say that realitytea ones became better..2days one is way more witty and better written than this one…

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Great, I hope you also honor those blogs with your stellar comments and contributions.

      • Susu says:

        I do :))

        • Susu says:

          All in all i have to say that IHJZ started to lack quality compared to old glory days….

          • Sha2000 says:

            Well you know we all come here because we enjoy it, as well as to chit chat with many of the regulars that post. I like it here, when I’m in the mood for writing that’s earned a Pulitzer I pick up a book off my bookshelves.

            • Susan says:

              ???? I am not comparing this blog to any award winning book..i compare this blog and these recaps to the way they were written till a couple of months ago..they truly lost quality as they are not as witty, sharp and clever anymore as the used to be…and strangly, as IHJZ used to be the best blog, even the realitytea-recaps started to be more witty, fun and better written as u can see when u read 2day about the OC girls.

              • Susan says:

                I am writing under Susan now as it seems Lynne blocked me from writing anything else..JUST because for the FIRST time in a year i wrote sth negaitve about this blog??? Wasn’t this the sense of this blog compared to Bravo…that here is no cencorship?? I haven’t used any bad words, nor anything.. i SIMPLY expressed what i (and even lot’s of other ppl i know) think at the moment…that this blog is lacking quality compared to the way THESE recaps were stll half a year ago.

                • lovemamaearth says:

                  Jill, is that you? lol

                  • Susan says:

                    Lol..no i am not..i am writing here from time to time since this page started and as u can see… my comments are never in favour of Jill or Teresa. I simply wrote what i and my friends at university cureently think..and i don’t see why we should not be able to express our concerns about this page. It used to be great..but sth changed…

                • LynnNChicago says:

                  No SUSAN, I blocked you because you wrote the same thing 5 times, now it is 6 times. You don’t like the blog, we get it. Changing your name and pulling a new IP address is what a TROLL does when they want to create problems.

                  Why are you so determined to make sure everyone knows that you don’t like the blog? I am open to criticism, constructive criticism or opposing opinions, you are a TROLL.

                  And my name is LYNN not LynnE

  36. Olivia says:

    I kind of think I am done with the Housewives. After today’s announcement that Kim Richards will be returning after the exposure of her personal life by her very own sister just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    First up is that this particular franchise bent over backward to create a “storyline” around a comment that was or was not made and covered for 9 torturous weeks never made sense. Kyle was vicious, a social climbing has been who “attacked” her own sister and made many of us so uncomfortable that it was almost unforgivable. Yet here they are once again joining forces for what purpose exactly? What stupid “storyline” is Bravo cooking up for this season?

    Switching over to NYC, the same applies. While most of us cringed at the antics of both Jill Zarin and Kelly Bensimon, the producers went ahead and signed them to another season of “make believe fights” that again make little sense to the viewer. The same can be said of NJ when they continue to support the likes of foul mouthed Teresa who has shown her true colors by running up millions of dollars in debt and lying about it in the process.

    BH just proved that the “reality” is nothing but a ruse. These women are more than happy to oblige Bravo in behaving like gun molls and stooges in order to pawn off their sorry wares and claim “stardom” in place of their own integrity. Camille “I’m in, I’m out” Grammar and “Poor Kim Richards” are nothing but famewhores who will stoop to any level presented to them for the sake of celebrity and their return to a series that cast them in the most unflattering of light just underscores this theory.

    I doubted that it couldn’t get much worse than the current crapola that is presently on display in Miami but I was wrong. The BH crowd is shameless. We seem to have wasted our sympathy on Kim Richards and were largely played by a network that has lost any sense of a moral compass and by the obliging women who agree to this charade.

    Ridiculous people.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Got to agree – I may not be watching them either because their reality is a Bravo creation and the housewife formula has lost it’s fascination. Kim wants to be the highest paid RHBH because of the hits she took at the reunion show (Reality Tea) – from where I was sitting Camille and Taylor got it much worse! Delusional meet reality….wasted sympathy you bet.
      Camille doesn’t want her personal life dragged through it again – yet she’s back (out of Kelsey’s shadow and free to be herself)! And Taylor doesn’t like the way her marriage came off because her marriage is really happy and Russell is a great guy? The three of them will be surprised this season because they don’t see themselves the way the viewers do!

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      I have to say that I surprised that Kim would return to the show, especially since everything about her was unearthed. I find that in poor taste to demand more money in order to return to a series that exploited her familial and personal issues and portrayed her to be a weak and frail individual. I would prefer to see Kim as a leading actress is an award winning movie then to ever see her abused and continue to tarnish whatever decent reputation she may have.
      As for Camille, I feel that the affects of the divorce should remain a personal matter to handle, without showcasing the situation on National Television;it is a delicate situation! This show is based on the commodification of drama, which garners high ratings for the network. Why would she trust such a network, that villified her, to depict your life in a benevolent manner?
      I feel that both Kim and Camille should refrain from this series in order to salvage whatever that is positve remains remembered. I do like them both, and I wish them the best.

      I wonder how Taylor will be portrayed to be? Hopefully she will depicted as a sneaky and decietful little plastic witch!

      • VincenzoNewYork says:

        Oh, and if someone has the penchant for drinking and are also prone to stress, why would someone continue to place themselves in such disaterous situations? Kim needs to heal her condition; whether it be substance or alcohol abuse, or PTSD, she needs to heal and develop some resiliency toward these situations. A Jewish mother would dissuade her from this commintment!

        • quincyil says:

          Vince they all want more money. It’s very expensive to live they way they live. There are perks like travel, hotels, and fancy dinners. They love fame too.

          To allow the cameramen such access is time consuming and their time is worth a lot of money.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Priorities! The fame and the money involved – good mental health, emotional well being and a solid marriage seem to take second chair. It is their choice.

          • VincenzoNewYork says:

            They should be compensated, but at a certain value. They are not using their innate talents on these shows.

  37. STOK WATCH says:


    • Rabble Rouser says:

      OMG- are you the roofie slipper?

    • Sha2000 says:

      I don’t know who you are or what ax you have to grind, or if it’s legitimate or not and I don’t care, but I do think that it’s pretty cowardly to come here and make vague accusations and call names when you won’t even name yourself.
      If you have an issue with Ms. Hudson you should contact her directly, but obviously your intent is to insult & insinuate, not to discuss intelligently.
      Pretty pitiful.

    • mamecastle says:

      I really hate when you scream like that.

    • VincenzoNewYork says:

      “It only takes one good smack to the head to never make a person walk again.” Danielle Staub

    • Nancy says:

      It’s time to take your Thorazine.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      lol and I bet he didn’t see that coming!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      About time, especially after his last rant about slighting the throats of children.

      Watching him and the frenzy around him makes me glad that the all the forms of mass media Sheen is using to spread his ‘message’ weren’t around when another Charlie (Manson) was a cult leader on the loose.

    • Sha2000 says:


    • quincyil says:

      He has always had issues, but his brain seems to have been friend. His mother and father are good people so this must break their hearts. Look at his talent and potential. He just threw all of his gifts in the garbage. You would think that he would care about his kids and try to get his life in order. The drugs that he has taken must have destroyed his brain.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Well being fired and not hired for other projects (except the silly interviews he gives) will hopefully be his wake-up call. I wish him well but I have to say even sober I never saw the appeal, I think Wall St. was the only thing I’ve seen him in…his now former show I never watched; I saw a short scene in one of his interviews & I’m so glad I never tubed in, shows with canned laughter are a big turn off for me. The Office & 30 Rock are the only sitcoms I watch, no fake laughter on either.

      • Nancy says:

        There is a fine line between recreational drug use and brain damage which is not always reversible. We all saw this coming.
        Very very very sad.

      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        As I said further up~the drugs available today are so different & so much stronger & make it almost impossible to make a good decision even if you want to. They eat at the part of the brain that allows you to help yourself anymore. I had a sister that was the same way from all the meth she did. She is in TN & haven’t heard from her in over 2 ys. She completely destroyed our family for a while.
        VH1 had dr. drew on last night & I hope him & everyone with addiction watched it.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          Meth is a whole ‘nother animal- and you’re right it makes you extra special crazy.

    • klmh says:

      Im just glad they didn’t reward him with his own tv show on Bravo. Any names for a suggested title for his show?

      Dope’n Dudes of BH?

  38. BambiBaby22 says:

    I could not believe what a little pansy arse David was! He really seems to think he is still a heart throb….umm no, u a losa!

  39. boston02127 says:

    Pssst….Ask Gloria (nobody is screening the comments) (devil smile)
    Jill is twitting about this:

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Those questions – sounds like they were made up and splashed up on the blog that Jill is directing people to – more transparent than Casper the Ghost!

    • klmh says:

      Oh Boston! I loved your comments and that question! Too funny! Thanks for the laugh of the night.

      • boston02127 says:

        @klmh —It’s a free for all over there 🙂

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        Did you guys write comments on the “ask Gloria” column? Just went there, it says “0 comments.” I’m so disappointed, wanted to see what Boston & Nancy said…next time, put them over here ’cause looks like “mother’s not happay” *snicker

    • Nancy says:

      I told Gloria that she needs to get her money back for Jills skating lessons.

  40. klmh says:

    Peggy Tanous, the new OC housewife news: house is in foreclosure. Bravo did it again.


  41. klmh says:


    Another stoopid article. “Happy life, happy wife”

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Shame on NBC for not doing a patent search on the phrase prior to marketing! Since the Guidices don’t got no money it looks like NBC will be on the hook. Way to go Teresa!

      • klmh says:

        What are your thoughts on patenting a phrase? My opinion of Teresa is horrible, but does someone have the right to patent a phrase? Kind of like Palin’s daughter trying to patent her name. I don’t know, but words should be free, but I’d love to hear others view on this. Maybe Im wrong.

        • quincyil says:

          I think I heard that rhyme decades ago. I’m surprised he could patent those four works.

          I want a patent on “housewives.” Everytime Bravo uses that word, they should pay me. LOL.

          • klmh says:

            I agree. These phrases have been around for a long time, and why does someone have the right to patent words and phrases that have been in use forever? I understand if its the name of a company or business, but if someone wants to put it on a t-shirt, shouldn’t they be able to do so? Its a catchy phrase and Im sure they have done well with it.
            A few years ago the wife of a victim of the plane crash of 9-11, tried to patent a phrase, “let’s roll” from the plane crash. I don’t think she was successful.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          It is part of that comedian’s body of work (words, music, lyrics) – you can say it til the cows come home but you can’t steal it and pass it off as your own – he did patent it. Teresa probably said it was hers. I am confused by throwing NBC in the mix because it was on her Fabullshitous website, which is hers not NBC’s.

          • klmh says:

            I imagine they receive a portion of the sales from anything that developed from the series. Just a guess.

          • klmh says:

            This phrase has been around as long as I have, and thats at least 60 years. I has been a popular phrase for a long time.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Words should be free. I bought a domain years ago it was an English word and I got a letter from a lawyer claiming me that their corporate client owns that word because the use it to describe one of the services the offer. I did not feel like the fight or the expense so I released the domain. My husband & I now feel we should have called their bluff…No I do not feel that one can own words & phrases unless you can prove that you coined it. Charlie Sheen for instance is using the word “winning” and people may profit by creating a t-shirt with that word that he made in fashion now, but he does not own that word.

    • lillybee says:

      I don’t think anyone can own words. It reminds me of the time Rosie O’Donnell sued a Portland radio station for being know as KROSE. She lost by the way. Portland is known as the city of Roses.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Fifth times a charm…

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Not much of a surprise there – the new Mrs Kelsey will likely have a very hard time fitting into the BH lifestyle. This doesn’t bode well for them as Kelsey has a new show on the horizon and his kids should be his priority.

  42. HD says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh here we go!!!! Where is the world’s smallest violin so I can play a sad song……….

  43. Nancy says:

    OMG!! Get this. On the “Ask Gloria” site all the “friendly” comments have been taken down. Too Funny for words! I can’t stop laughing. I’m sure it was Jill or Lisa that got to them but don’t worry I’ll list the ones I can remember.

    Ask Gloria…Questions/Comments
    1. Why is Jill so mean?
    2. Was Jill mean when she was a little girl?
    3. How big is Jill without her “Squeeze” on?
    4. You need to get your money back for Jill’s skating lessons.

  44. HD says:

    Well…I will be looking forward to the blog tomorrow and of course I will be my usual honest self. I have a lot to say about this here. I’m trying to hold my peace since I know others have not seen in yet.

    • HD says:

      I meant seen “it” yet meaning B’s show.

      I’m going to watch Dr. Drew dissect Charlie Sheen.

  45. cdnfillie58 says:

    Ok..this is what I feel. This second episode isn’t doing it for me… I am starting to get tired of the poor me I never had a “normal family” therefore you can’t force me to belong to one now because they don’t exist because I never had one !!!!!!! Really Jason is a saint … I want one of him.
    In all honesty, I would really like her to get over herself, and her insecurity. She seems to want to hang onto it like a security blanket. I hope to high heaven Bethenny gets that wakeup call before she crashes. Hope I don’t PO any diehard Bethenny fans here either but there it is IMO…btw hi everybody, long time no post 🙂

  46. HD says:

    This is what B just tweeted:

    “JEEZ!I hope there is no crying next week! was I emotional bc of new baby!holy tear balls!”

    YA THINK?!!! My goodness I can’t wait until everyone has seen the show so I can speak freely!!!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I noticed her emotions on her sleeve too! Wished someone had told me about getting hit with the hormonal stick after giving birth – I cried when I saw Hallmark Card commericals and thought I was losing my mind. lol

  47. Mimisfbay says:

    HD…thanks for the tweet info! She’s not alone there. Geez, can she just not stop being the whiner? I do love what she did for Julie and seeing her with baby Brynn. I also liked the scene with the cute producer guy. Gina was hilarious too! Okay, I love her and, yes, the fact is that she is flawed and when it comes to the whole family thing she is annoying as hell. Get over your damn controlling BS. Jason wants to share Brynn with his family so get over yourself. Invite them to your place for dinner or whatever. Get them a hotel room if you don’t want them to stay over. There are solutions you need to respect Bob and Carol (Ted and Alice, ha ha) Do love the show and think that Jason is the best. I’m sorry but the bathroom scene was hilarious. The joys of motherhood.

    • NormaJean says:

      Maybe it’s just me, but I agree with Bethenny about the family visits. Jason is visiting his parents every other week without Bethenny (and wants to take Bryn with him) and they get together with his parents as a family every 3 weeks for 2-3 days at a time! I would not want to be a guest or have guests every 3 weeks of my life, especially when I’m still trying to adjust to being a wife, a mother, and trying to get control of a whirlwind career that suddenly erupted.

      I think it’s perfectly reasonable for her to say why can’t we ever just visit for the day instead? I think Jason needs to get over himself and focus on spending time with his family (Bethenny and Bryn).

      • Dani says:

        NormaJean I agree with everything you said in your post.

        • HD says:

          I hear you Norma Jean but why wouldn’t she let Jason and Bryn just go? What was the big deal about that? It can’t be I don’t want to be away from my daughter because she sure in the heck is away from her when it comes to promoting stuff, walking a red carpet, going to an event, etc.

          • LavaLady says:

            I didn’t see BEA this week, yet, but I was wondering the same thing, HD. I married an only child who was very close to his parents. When he wanted to see them, and I didn’t, he would just go alone. No problem for me. When the kids were born, he would take them along as well. I enjoyed the free time, and they always enjoyed having the babies around without the “mommy” there.

      • Terry says:

        Respectfully, I disagree.

        I would never, ever tell my husband when or how often he could see his parents. However, I do see that Bethenny may not want to go all the time and, if that’s the case, they should negotiate that but calmly and not in front of the parents.

        Since Bethenny is so torn and busy and tortured, why not let Jason and the nurse go to Pennsylvania for the day or even overnight? She could then attend to her businesses.

        I’m not feeling Bethenny’s pain. Jason is an adult and shouldn’t be bossed around.

  48. cdnfillie58 says:

    Ok so she doesn’t want to see his family as often as Jason wants to…I get that. But is it fair for her to get upset cause Jason suggested he take bryn along on a few day trips? I mean really she doesn’t want to see his family so often and she doesn’t want to be without bryn for 10 hrs in one day…so it’s her way or no way…like I said earlier Jason is a saint…and I still want one of him. :p.

    Am I losing my rose colored Bethenny glasses? Probably not… And is it colored or coloured? I never know and my auto correct didn’t tell me otherwise .. Nite all

    • Eve says:

      I am having a hard time watching Bethenny this season. Her doctor is wrong in my opinion. It IS normal for Jason to want to see his parents more often and to want his daughter to have a relationship with his parents. I think Bethenny should think about how she would feel if Bryn’s husband treated Bethenny the same way.
      Bethenny is just not a very nice wife or daughter in law. I feel for the Hoppys.
      She is going to lose her husband if she keeps it up and then the Hoppys will get lots of visitation with Bryn and Jason without having to feel bad about it.

    • Nancy says:

      Coloured is the English/Canadian way to spell it.

  49. lillybee says:

    I have always been so-so about Bethenny but I still hate the way she was treated by Jill Z. I don’t know if I will continue to watch her show this season.

  50. HD says:

    I get everyone saying things about boundaries but what about when Jason wanted to take Bryn by himself and go? Bethanny didn’t even have to go. She was all talking about how WONDERFUL it was that her and Bryn went to the beach or wherever a lone just last week. What does she think Jason is going to do, never return home? He asked to take HIS daughter with him to go see his parents and she wasn’t even satisified with that. If you claim to be soooooooooooooo busy (which she is) and never getting a break, I would be like SURE! A nice weekend where Bethnany can be at home doing more neurotic shit instead of resting her mind body and soul.

  51. HD says:

    On another happier note regarding the show…I LOVE NICK!!

    Did Bethanny refer to him in a round about way as the “dirty guy” or did my ears play tricks on me? I knew from day one and I think I may have put it on the board she should have picked him. He knew what he was talking about and although he may not “look” the suave part that she was going for, he understood her world.

    Once again…character, character, character. All that glitters is not gold and that is why spend more time yelling at Max. Bet that wouldn’t have happened with Nick!

    • Olivia says:

      The thing that stood out for me was when Bethenny was conversing with Julie and mentions that she has 12 to 15 other interests going for her. When is enough just enough for her?

      No wonder she feels stressed and out of sorts trying to keep up with all those business ventures. Face cream, jewelry, booze line, books, etc. No wonder her time is stretched to the limit.

      She has what most of us would give our right arm for: a supportive husband, a lovely baby, loving in laws, a nice apartment, money in the bank, and a host of servants who tend to her needs. It is almost like even this isn’t enough to keep her from crying or appearing on the verge of tears in every episode.

      I am beginning to question just what Bethenny wants out of life if her business ventures override the simplicity of home and hearth if her attention is taken by juggling a number of outside interests. Bethenny, skin care products and a jewelry line have been done to death!

      • HD says:

        I am not trying to be funny at all but to me Bethanny does not have the best skin. Exactly what cream will she be using?

        I would have stuck to my strengths which was the Skinny Margarita line and her health food. You don’t have to do everything. It is okay to do one thing or even two with excellence. She should take her own advice from BGM when she told the wedding planner not to put all that little crap on the tables at the wedding. She said, “it’s like giving someone a bunch of cheap gifts instead of one great gift that cost the same amount as all the cheap gifts put together.”

        Bethanny got a hit with that Skinny line, just freaking leave it alone! After a while people will get sick of her and then she will ruin everything!

      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        I was just thinking the same thing Olivia~
        She seems to have a mental disorder as well. How much money & fame will be enough. She always says how much Jason & Bryn mean to her & she just keeps finding more ways to be away from them.

        • Olivia says:

          I understand people wanting to strike “while the iron is hot” but 12 to 15 other projects? Come on!

          This show is built around Bethenny’s family life, business, and therapy. The constant referral to her miserable childhood is beginning to get kind of old. If what she was looking for was the security of a family she could not have chosen better than Jason. But even that seems to be an “intrusion” since so much of her time is devoted to public appearances, numerous business ventures, and the series itself.

          Of course it is necessary to find “balance” in your life but if she is pursuing multiple ventures that naturally are going to eat up your time than it may be time to step back and reassess.

          It also appears that she conducts most of her business out of her home. I would go nuts with that many people crowded into a small apartment all day long. Baby nurse, two assistants, possibly a housekeeper, the dog, and a myriad of people showing up for hair and make up sessions.

          No wonder she is “exhausted”. Yet finding time for Jason’s parents seems to be the least of her priorities.
          Jason probably flees to PA every two weeks just to avoid the maddening crowd.

          • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

            It’s very sad to watch. I hope she gets some mental help from that dr. she sees. He should really be saying you have to stop now.

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        ITA Olivia, you nailed it again. Loved the way B treated Julie. She’s been working for B for a long time now, they have a major bond. Can’t stop falling in love with Jason! Every episode we see a new side to him, his good heart, loving ways, fair & honest. Will he be loyal to B? She’d better realize that all the $ in the world is not worth losing Jason. Was there a therapy session in this episode (did I miss it…fell asleep a couple of times). Jason did mention her therapy, & asked her to go over her problem with not allowing Jason & Brwyn to go to PA with the Dr. Yes! Maybe B will start realizing what is important in life. Enough business, Skating with the (not so much) Stars. Just have enough $ to live on, and a happy little family Bethenny.

        The cynical side of me thinks she totally used Nick in that scene. Okay, maybe they run into each other….but how many times? I like Nick too, but it broke my heart when he looked down, while shaking Jason’s hand. Then Jason said, “no, look at me” and Nick looked up. Okay Bethenny you just better hire Nick already, and I don’t even care if he works, just pay him. Please.

        You know what, this BEA is a soap opera, & I’m starting to fall for it hook, line & sinker! Damn you Bravo…sigh. Can’t wait until next week when B fires the preppie boy assisstant.

        • Olivia says:

          I may be “going off the reservation” here, but this is how I see it:

          Bethenny is torn between Jason’s needs and those of her “career”. Including his parents into the equation is just not on her radar. Lovely as they are, they are not her cup of tea. Nothing wrong with them, just not people she chooses to “hang out” with.

          Her time is scheduled for “step and repeats”, mag covers, tv appearances, public appearances in front of adoring audiences, and as we saw last night, the possibility of hosting a show along the same lines as Rachel Ray. Or perhaps Chelsea Handler?

          Either way, the time to schedule visits with Jason’s parents makes her feel “guilty”. They are not significant to her goals. She knows he has a point and a vested interest in them and she is unable to approach her reluctance to admit to the actual reason for her hesitation. They just don’t fit the mold. The goal. The longrange plan that is the key to her “success”.

          This is what torments her. Not his unreasonableness about scheduling the time with them but her aversion to play the “family game” if it does not include Julie or Gina or whoever is deemed “family” this week.

          She is driven to be a “star” and the Hoppy’s are just not capable of making that happen. Whether Jason was able to see that upfront is a different story. I kind of think that he bought into this constant refrain about her wanting a “family” as much as the rest of us but could not have envisioned the response that we are witnessing now.

          She has nothing against his parents they just don’t fit into her plans.

          • Terry says:

            Amen. You figured her out to perfection!

          • Terry says:

            I’m going to second what a lot of you wrote.

            The OC housewives are just not very interesting any longer. Once upon a time, when we didn’t know that there was a pocket in America where women aspired to look like strippers and were overly materialistic. It was interesting for a bit to try to see what made the women tick. A bazillion years later, we know. They have no moral compasses and conform to a standard of beauty that is pretty awful, but popular in that part of California. They are not very bright. And many of them are just downright mean. The HWOC no longer interest me and I am more and more disturbed by their reprehensible behavior and lack of values.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      HD, I almost want to go over to the places Nick talks about to eat! Love this guy. Bethenny better dump Max & hire Nick.

      • HD says:

        I don’t buy for a minute that Nick and Bethanny just happen to be bumping into each other in New York City. I smell set up, fire Max and hire Nick and probably try to improve his self esteem on the show, give him a make over, etc. He is a really neat person. He is the type of people that I like just different and interesting. I don’t do cookie cutter personalities very well. A guy like Max is on everywhere. Nick has depth and I can appreciate that.

  52. boston02127 says:

    Kelly’s tweet— the new season is awesome if you like beautiful/amazing, kids, hot guys, travel, sick clothes, good friends

    Jill’s tweet— Watching American Idol from last few weeks to catch up. They have some sick talent. I need to get caught up and VOTE!

    Sick….must be their new word. Funny, Jill tried so hard to act like Bethenny and it backfired. Now she’s acting like Kelly. Good luck with that.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      lol reminds me of 20 plus years ago when my nieces said “wicked” to mean good. Now it’s “sick.” If Jill starts listening to Little Wayne…& gets a tat…

      Speaking of tattoos. It would be so much easier if Tamra had her tats embellished over, so they would look totally different. Hmm….Simon could be changed to diamonds….and that tramp stamp (the one on her lower back)? Put a bigger tat on it, work it girl. Don’t ask how I know about fixing old tattoos…please. There is a reality show LA Ink. Go on that show Tamra!

  53. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    I of course missed Bethenny lol
    I did catch vh1 with a special about reaching out to Charlie Sheen. I hope he watched I know it helped me.
    Am feeling worse today because of flu symptoms & they said this is what happens & tommorrow should be better.
    Love & hugs to you all
    Thanks to everyone again for all the comforting words. They help so much.

    • boston02127 says:

      BaaBee Loves Kitties—Do know the Serenity Prayer? My mother always told me to say the prayer everyday and God will help me get thru the day.
      God grant me the serenity
      to accept the things I cannot change;
      courage to change the things I can;
      and wisdom to know the difference.

      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        Yes sweetie~have it on the wall right behind me. Thank you Boston.
        I have known that for a long, long time.

        • BlueSky_Forever says:

          My grandma had it on the kitchen wall…I need to put it up in my kitchen. The best advice is ages old.

          BaaBee, how are you? Sending you courage, and strength today.

          • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

            Feel like I have flu today BlueSky~but they say it will pass soon. Thanks so much for asking.
            I appreciate every word from everyone.

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