I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York – Season Four

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York – Season Four

Please enjoy our continuing story of our version of the new season of The Real Housewives of New York…based on a true story…

The Best Laid Plans  by Quincy and LynnNChicago

Jill Zarin felt that she is the center of a fabulous group of people.  As the leader and focus of the “Real Housewives of New York City,” Jill planned to have a big party celebrating the new season at her rented mansion in the Hamptons.  All of “the Real Housewives of New York City” were invited.  Alex and Simon would attend because Jill’s attempts at getting them fired were unsuccessful, this time.  Ramona and Mario who had recently renewed their wedding vows had agreed to attend.  Luann would be bringing her new French boyfriend and Kelly would arrive solo.  Jill assumed both Sonja and the new girl Cindy would also come without dates but Cindy’s RSVP included a guest.  Jill didn’t like surprises.

Bethenny Frankel, received a beautiful invitation designed by Jill Zarin and a commercial artist who was hired for this specific task.  Jill was anxious to see not only Bethenny but she had to make things right with Jason.  Jill learned at last year’s reunion that Jason didn’t like her.  Jill could not live with that.  Most important Jill desperately needed to post on her Facebook page that she had finally met little Bryn Hoppy, she would Tweet it while holding the little baby.  Jill would make sure the photographer got a picture of her with baby Bryn.  It would be splashed all over the internet within minutes.  Bethenny just had to come with her new family!

Everyone would be there! It would be the Hamptons bash of the year but Bethenny Frankel’s assistant sent an email and the news was not good.  Jill’s tantrum was one of the worst that her husband Bobby had seen in a long time.  She had a lot of these tantrums during last seasons’ filming but he hadn’t seen her break down this way in several months.  Bobby was at a loss so he tried to comfort her, he told her to focus on the people who will be coming and forget about Bethenny Frankel.  Jill just sobbed harder.

Jill Zarin was visibly upset at the party, she tried to be a good hostess but she could see that photo of her holding baby Bryn and each time her dream was shattered.  She could talk of nothing else but Bethenny Frankel, she knew that he fellow housewives would understand how devastating it is to lose this very popular housewife.

Jill couldn’t understand why they all seemed to be unaffected by the news.  Bethenny was leaving the show!  They didn’t seem to care, in fact they were laughing and drinking and enjoying all the food and wine that Bobby paid for.  Jill made a mental note to send the bill for this party to The Employer.

Jill knew that Ramona would understand, they had both been Housewives for three years now and Bethenny had always been with them.  Jill approached Ramona but Ramona had already had several glasses of Pinot by this time.  Jill explained to Ramona that she had apologized three times just like Lisa wrote in their book, Secrets Of a Jewish Mother, now available in both hardcover and paperback.

Ramona told Jill to relax, Bethenny was busy with her own show and is done with The Housewives, Ramona told Jill to be happy, this will give us all more air time.  “Relax?  RELAX!?!?”  Jill was furious.  “How dare you tell me to relax Ramona Singer?”

Nobody treats Jill Zarin like this, particularly at her own party!   Jill would get Ramona and her damn face cream!  It is time to spread the rumor that Ramona’s face cream is manufactured using dead animals at a factory in Mexico using children in a sweat shop being paid peanuts.

Normally Ramona would walk away from Jill when she was being unreasonable but the Pinot made her stay, she argued with Jill and told her that everyone on the cast agreed that it was Jill’s fault that Bethenny left the show.

“What did you expect, Jill?”  Ramona yelled, “you treated Bethenny like crap, of course she didn’t renew her contract!”

Jill became enraged, the tears of sorrow became tears of extreme anger.  “Get Out Ramona, LEAVE!”  At those words Ramona smirked.

“Oh just like with Bethenny at the Creaky Joints fundraiser, and Alex at Jen’s house, ‘leave!’?  haha, sure Jill” Ramona said.  “Sure I’ll leave”.  Ramona’s laugh became high pitched as she collected another glass of Pinot and continued to mingle among the guests.

Jill stood without being able to move for several minutes.  She watched as her guests laughed and talked not knowing her black heart had hardened even more.

Over at the bar, Cindy introduced Luann and her French boyfriend to her latest conquest, Cindy only wished they could see him with his shirt off, they would be so jealous.  He couldn’t make conversation but he could make love like no man she’d ever known before.

Ramona had made her way over to Alex and Simon who were enjoying light conversation with her husband Mario and Sonja Morgan.  The blondes really did have more fun!

Alex asked the ladies if they would be attending the event next weekend back in New York in support of Gay/Lesbian marriage, they all agreed they would be there, after all The Employer would be filming there.

Jill wouldn’t be attending any more events with the blondes on the show.  Ramona was finished, Jill had given her every chance to be part of her fabulous circle of people but this was the last straw!  Ramona actually blamed Jill for Bethenny leaving the show?  How dare she!  From now on if a blonde housewife was anywhere in sight, Jill would refuse to film with them!

Alex was her enemy, there would never be a friendship there, there never WAS a friendship there.  If The Employer thinks he is going to force her to be friends with Alex by allowing her to continue to be a Housewife, he had another thing coming!

Sonja Morgan has gotten way too popular way too fast.  She had the nerve to do an interview with the writer of “THAT Blog” and Jill would never forgive Sonja for that indiscretion.  Even Alex knew better than to give “THAT Blog” an interview.

Sonja didn’t care what Jill thought, the writer of “THAT Blog” sent an email asking for an interview.  Sonja mulled it over for quite some time, she didn’t respond to the email right away.  She knew it would upset Jill but it was time someone taught Jill that she wasn’t The Employer, she was just another housewife on the show.  Sonja sent an email back to the writer of “THAT Blog” saying, “ok, let’s do this!”

SONJA MORGAN talks Gardens & Gals on REALITY BUZZ with LYNN HUDSON! http://j.mp/hJg7fA

Time was tight so Sonja scheduled the interview at the same time as her hair appointment.  She certainly couldn’t do it during her time with her daughter, that was when they cooked in the toaster oven together and laughed about all the things that Mommy was doing during filming.  Sonja’s time with her daughter was precious.

Jill couldn’t hide her fury, she knew one person who would understand.  Luann had drifted away from her French boyfriend and the new girl and was talking with one of the cameramen asking if his camera had one of those really cool, “Barbara Walters type” filters to make her look younger and more beautiful than she already was.  Jill pulled Luann away.

Jill was finally able to calm down a bit, Luann agreed with everything Jill said, “Ramona’s rude and she knows it” Luann agreed.  “Jill, we’re going to be better than ever without Bethenny, we don’t need her”  Jill knew Luann was right.

Luann looked around the party and spotted her French boyfriend talking with Sonja Morgan, that could only me trouble.  Luann immediately ran to his side.

Jill looked around at the six other housewives, Alex talked easily with Ramona and Sonja.  Luann was her bestie and would always be by her side, she knew she would be able to easily get the new girl Cindy into her spider web.  Kelly was doing cartwheels over by the beach all by herself.  sigh…

The following weekend The Employer had the cameras ready at the parade to support Gay and Lesbian Marriage.  Alex, Sonja, Kelly and Luann were decked out in second hand wedding gowns they purchased at Second Time Around, a company that Alex did a lot of work with.  Ramona couldn’t make it, she had horrible nausea and couldn’t possibly walk in a parade that day, let alone put a wedding gown on, again.

Jill knew that The Employer would be there filming but she remembers her mother telling her not to wear a wedding gown made of …..what was it?  What day was she not to wear a wedding gown?  Jill couldn’t remember, she kept forgetting to get those vitamins that are supposed to improve your memory.  In any case, she wasn’t going to don a wedding gown for anyone!

Putting aside their differences for a good cause, Luann and Kelly joined Alex and Sonja to support Gay and Lesbian marriage in New York.

Back at Jill’s apartment, Bobby asks Jill if she wasn’t supposed to be filming today.  Bobby recently learned how to check the electronic filming schedule on his laptop.  Jill told Bobby that she refused to attend the event, not because she didn’t support Gay Marriage but because the “Blondes” would be there.  “Besides, Mommy said something about not wearing a wedding gown and I would look silly to go against mummy’s wishes”.

Jill and Bobby had just returned from an exhausting trip to Australia.  Last season’s episodes were just airing down under and people were so mean to her there.  It was like reliving the nightmare with Bethenny all over again.  When the reunion aired in Australia, Jill stayed in her hotel room the entire following day.

Luckily at a book signing through the sea of haters, she found a few young impressionable girls to support her.

To add insult to injury, while Jill was away the dog sitter allowed an incident at the park to cause a pregnancy scare with poor Ginger, Jill’s beloved pup.  A cameraman stepped on the poor dog shortly after a negative pregnancy test result arrived and Ginger needed a procedure to take care of internal bleeding.  It had been a hellish week for Jill and Bobby.

Having just arrived home from Australia, with all the problems and frustration, attending a rally in the streets of NY was the last thing Jill wanted to do.

“But Jill, isn’t the whole point of being part of the cast to attend these things, otherwise you’ll miss out on air time, don’t forget the St. John shoot, you weren’t on an entire episode last season because of your stubbornness”.   Bobby reminded her.

“Damnit Bobby, I hate it when you’re right!”  Jill yelled, “put a cute outfit on Ginger, and call the car service, I’m going!”

Jill still refused to wear a wedding gown, just jeans will have to do today.  She let her stylist go for the day so she would have to do her own hair and make up but she refused to miss out on being on film again!  Jill collects her dog, a bottle of Diet Coke and her purse and runs out to the car to join the Housewives at the rally.

Back at Ramona’s, she’s just returned from the corner drug store.  She locks herself in her 400 sq foot bathroom.  Tears are quietly streaming down her face as she slowly removes her purchase from the brown paper bag.  How can this be happening to her now?  She is 50-something years old!

Thank you to Quincy for your never ending support and assistance with this blog, without you I don’t know what I would do!

Until Next time…


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84 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York – Season Four

  1. Sha2000 says:

    OppS! Posted as min after Lynn so I’m moving this over:

    As I’ve said many times I don’t follow JZ at all…no offense to anyone but, when I see posts on her I usually scroll by & don’t read it at all (maybe that’s why I don’t get why people are so fired-up over her). All that said, I did read that she’s claiming there was no friendship w/Bethenney; okay then why is she wearing a “team Jill ” shirt in that pic? Lol! I’m surprised her Jewish mother’s wisdom didn’t teach her that denial rarely works for anything, especially in the age of video tape:


    Maybe it’s time she takes this off her web site, Lol?

    • Rhetorica says:

      I’ve never been to her site but I must be blocked by association. I can’t open anything on it.
      More films today from Japan & west coast. Hope our bloggers are fine and I send my prayers.

      • Sha2000 says:

        It’s a video of her on an entertainment show saying she’s hurt that she wasn’t invited to Bethenny’s wedding. Why does she link that at all if she claims they were never real friends? Seems like a big contradiction & on her own site no less.

  2. Powell says:

    You should be a writer for a show on Bravo. You have some imagination. When the show does come on I don’t want to see one one shoulder dress!!!!

  3. Trucella says:

    Excellent….J. Zarin is a pig….

  4. Amber...RealWife says:

    Thanks for the great story Q! I do think the scene with Sonia and Ramona was meant as a jab at Bethenny. Sonja asks would she be willing to pee on a stick on camera, was B’s infamous move. While it is definitely something to do with Ramona, I doubt it would be a midlife/change pregnancy. Just saying. But I could be wrong, though I’m often right! LOL 😉

    • quincyil says:

      I think that despite Ramona’s protests, she is going through menopause and she thought she was pregnant.

      Warning to all women of that age, you should always use birth control. The older you get, the more likely that the baby would have problems. Having a baby that late in life is harder on the mom too.

    • HD says:

      “I could be wrong but I am often right” LOVE IT!

  5. tootsie says:

    The depth of Jills jealousy and stupidity is unbelieveable. Yes, time for the remarks to be removed from Jill’s website. I HATE JILL ZARIN.

  6. Mimisfbay says:

    I hadn’t seen that clip Shaa and what a perfect time to share it. She has this on her own website and that in itself speaks volumes.

    I love these faux episodes and know in my heart that they are funnier than what we will see this season. Thanks.

  7. California35 says:

    Good morning and happy Saturday… I missed yesterday and was having withdrawals 😛

    I am cut up with last blog and I want to say Lynn – GREAT ONE!!! It is nice to have that reminder or to revisit JZ behavior. I still have no doubt why I don’t like her, but sometimes I do wonder if maybe she is not as bad as we have seen, or that maybe she has realized how bad she has behaved. Then she does or says something again. Why then, does she complain or cry for not having what she wants (love, support and envy from everyone around her)?? She not only has the past behavior but the current behavior making her look really bad.

    Quincy said something I really liked also…
    “Jill Zarin says that we don’t know who she is. I beg to differ. I know Jill Zarn bettter than people that I have worked with for years because Jill Zarin shares her thoughts in the show, in blogs, in twitter, in articles leaked to the press, and in interviews.

    I actually know Jill Zarin better than I did my husband when I married him as both my husband and I were on our best behaviors during that courtship. rotfl…”

    I also just saw the new previous of NYHW – what is up with the swearing? One swore on camera once, so now others will swear too? I am not against it, I just wondered, I thought this is one of the “classier” Housewives. I agree with HD about Sonjia, she can express what she wants and good for her if she gets it and good for her for not being embarrassed by it. I did however, expected a little more discretion from her. In the first season, she talked about it and it was clear that she wants fun and likes man, etc, but she didn’t have to specify for us to understand. Alex seem to be more outspoken and I hope it doesn’t get to be too much. She will have to do it so much in that group.

    Okay, I said enough already…might share more of my thoughts later. I have Quincy’s version of NYHW to read now 🙂

    Wish you all a happy Saturday….

    • quincyil says:

      People around here don’t swear, but the sophisticated Manhattan women on “The Real Housewives of New York” swear like men who work on loading docks. They look nice in designer clothes, but they have no class. That’s probably why Ramona could not explain what class meant at the dinner party where Simon was asked by the producers to attend at Jill’s home first season.

      Bethenny tuned us in the what was really going on with Sonja in the quiet dinner of Scary Island after Kelly and Jill were sent away. At that table, Bethenny got Sonja to tell us of some of her adventures with men and Sonja was glad to share.

      The producers wanted Sonja to on the level of John Morgan in society. In reality, she was an exeptional hostess at a Manhattan restaurant who lured men into the establishment with her many charms. This season, we will see the real Sonja.

      There is no problem with bad language or discussing this with the viewers of a reality show. The viewers, however, will figure out who these people are rather quickly. You are not at the top of society if you use those words. You man have money, but that doesn’t give you class.

      • HD says:

        @ Quincy-Actually I never got that the producers wanted her to be on that Morgan level at all.

        I always got (I know I can’t be the only one thinking this) that she is like Samantha on Sex in the City.

    • Powell says:

      That is very surprising that she is that outspoken. I know she is an individual with her own personality but being a part of an iconic family like the Morgans I would think she would be really classy, use that upper class etiquette.

      • Amber...RealWife says:

        Yes, but she wasn’t born in to it, she married in to it. Countless men of social standing are known to marry women of questionable repute. LOL Some have the exteme makeover a la pretty woman, take etiquette corses, pay dues and blend in. Others remain bimbo-ish, keeping the tartiness that lured the old man in the first place.

  8. quincyil says:

    We had links to the photos of the gay pride march on the board in real time. No member of the board could figure out why Jill Zarin did not dress the part like the other women.

    You know she loves dressing up in customes. Wouldn’t you love to ask her why did came in street clothes?

    • Sha2000 says:

      I guess the point was on marriage equality, but I don’t blame her the other women looked stupid marching around as brides, parade or not. Who knows though, what her reason was.

      • quincyil says:

        I don’t think dresses up to make the point they want to make was wrong. It seems like Jill made a last minute decision to be a part of the reality show. Lynn must have noticed this as that is how she potrayed Jill’s appearance.

        This was all going on a time that Jill was rejected by Bethenny and she could not let go. I think Jill really didn’t know if she should be on this season or not.

        I wonder why Jill Zarin for leave for Australia knowing her show was to begin filming Sept. 28th. Bobby seems to have semi retired and his son has taken over the day to day work at Zarin Fabrics. They had months after the reunion to take that trip. Jill’s book was not published in Australia at the time of her trip. I remember reading that she was disappointed that they could not have booksignings.

        There is a video of Jill discussing their Las Vegas land dealings and what a great business woman she is. I shared it with Lynn. She says on this video that the season is a return to season one.
        I think she wanted to return to season one and was miserable throughout the 4th season when Bethenny refused to film.

        In Oct. 2010, there were reports that the producers wanted Bethenny in six episodes. One report said that she had a contract with Bravo. Bethenny said she would not return after some meetings with Bravo and the producers. One online article mentioned payment issues.

        They were filming Bethenny’s show at the time, so I am sure that Jason Hoppy probably rolled his eyes and said, “Enough is Enough.” LOL.

        There is a season long fight with Ramona, Alex and Sonja on one side. Jill, the Countess, and Cindy end up on team two.

        It looks like the fight is over Bethenny, but Alex has a history and that history involves the coctail party after the booksigning last summer in Chicago. It also involves Jill’s feeling about the name of this blog.

        Remember what Bethenny said over and over in the last 4 years, “It’s never about what it’s about.”

        Here is the information on the first show of Season 4 from Wikipedia

        .1″New Kid on the Block”April 7, 2011 (2011-04-07)
        The New York housewives return for a fourth season filled with drama. Bethenny Frankel gets replaced by Cindy Barshop. It starts off with Sonja when she throws her end of the summer party and invites all of the girls but Bethenny says no. Then later on, things heat up between Alex and Simon. Jill can’t get over Bethenny’s departure. Kelly and Ramona go for a little walk and discuss about Bethenny and starts up this whole fight.

        • quincyil says:

          Adgirl noticed this at Wikipedia..

          On August 31, 2010, Frankel officially announced that she would not be returning to the series for a fourth season. However, because of contractual obligations, Bethenny will make a few appearances.[citation needed]

          At the beginning of the season, the housewives expected Bethenny to return at some point. Bethenny was up in the air for a long time. I think she went back and forth with Bravo for months.

          I think Bethenny was the lynch pin of this show from day one. Bethenny’s comments in interviews talked to us like none of the other women spoke to us.

          I think there are small skirmishes thoughout this season and there is the underlying war over Bethenny lurking in the back ground.

          We have been seeing Lisa Wexler in interviews with Jill a lot giving her support on the issue of Bethenny. Lisa was at the ice rink when Jill made the call to Bethenny.

          I believe that Season Four is about the relationship of Jill and Bethenny even though Bethenny is gone.

    • Nancy says:

      I think it was because she was fat.

    • Adgirl says:

      She did not wear white because she didn’t want to upstage the other brides.

  9. WindyCityWondering says:

    After reviewing the clips for S4 I got to thinking about the BH factor and it’s influence on the other franchises. BH hit it out of the park and the only other franchise that is supposed to be “classy” is NY. Bravo has been promoting violent behavior since the table flip…language has been getting more colorful too. After seeing the preview for the NY Morocco trip – we are all thinking in the back of our minds “Sex in the City”. So now sex is being thrown in (OC has it amped up this season) with the slutty side of Sonja. Teams/taking sides is another element that Bravo likes – so Team Jill is coming back and this season it looks like a dog pile on Alex is in order. This is the season that NY has to prove it self, without Bethenny, and show these women can play it like the other franchises. For some it may be a stretch, while for others it is their emancipation from being “ladylike”. Will viewers accept RHNY with all the new elements?

    • quincyil says:

      I used the Sex in the City ideas for the next few episodes while the ladies are in Morocco.

      • VAgirl says:

        NYH/Sex and the City Casting

        Alex is Carrie (married lady about town)
        Sonia is Samantha (bring on the men!)
        Luann is Charlotte (miz proper manners)
        Jillzilla is Miranda (the grouchy mood killer)

    • Powell says:

      Hum. That’s an interesting take on it. NY Housewives have to prove that they can carry the show. I guess all of us that are fans of Lynn and Quincy will put in our 2 cents on that this season. Thanks for pointing that out.

      • quincyil says:

        I match your two cents and throw in a nickel. rotfl…. I think we all will have great fun watching the show and then coming her to discuss what we observed. I was happy to see the bravotv.com video.

  10. Adgirl says:

    The Status is “No.” I wish that was my handle. LOL.

    I know Bethenny would never give Jill the satisfaction of wearing a Tshirt that said that, but I would love to see JZ face is she ever saw anyone on the street wearing a Status is “No.” Tshirt.

    May I suggest something that Bravo may spring on us during season 4?
    Bethenny is the 800 lb gorilla who is absent, therefore she has left a gaping hole during the season. Perhaps Bravo has convinced her to do talking heads that can be woven into the show. Maybe even one or two coffees with Alex or Ramona?
    That would tie up her storyline & give her a voice on the show while not forcing her to be “on” the show.

    I’m off to walk the steep hills for 4 hours because I gained 5 lbs in one week. However it will take me 3 months to lose it. See you in June. Byyyyeeee.

    • Nancy says:

      The “Team Jill” T-shirt has NOTHING to do with Behenny. It was born out of a tennis match she had with Romona during season 1 (or2).

  11. ilovelynn says:

    I was in downtown bethlehem pa. today for lunch with mr. ilove lynn between doing errands and saw something going on in one of the semi expensive womens clothing stores. turns out lynn from rhoc was in there hawking her stupid jewelery. I went inside where there was a woman sitting at a card table and I acted oh so surprised,”what’s going on”. she informed me about lynn (admission necessary) and I told her I was there to check out the sale for my (thin) daughter. obviously not for me, all 2-4-6 etc. sizes, that ship sailed a long time ago. anyway, walked in, pretended I was looking at the sale rack and then saw lynn talking to people with a table of her ugly stuff in front of her. she looks like she does on tv, stupid hair, stupid dress and btw, on another table someone was mixing some kind of drinks. I’m sorry I didn’t pay attention, because it looked similar to the skinnygirl bottle of bethenny’s.(maybe she has to have booze where ever she goes?) she also advertised her self as being a castmate of rhoc this year??

    speaking of bethenny, my hair stylist who WAS another bethenny lover told me she can’t stand to watch the show and she even “unfriended” (is that right? I don’t know anything about facebook, thank god!)her on her facebook because all she does is complain and whine. she watched the show with her mother who is in her late 70″s and her mom said, “that marriage is not going to last”. hmmmm.

    • error404 says:

      a shame about your stylist and her mum.

      IIRC, Ann Marie (Marlo Thomas as “That Girl”) was very whinny too. Apparently whinny is ok for single gals, but once the finger has a ring, they are suppose to shut up I suppose. Bethenny is still the same adoringly-annoying sarcastic big-mouth she was back in the Martha Stewart Apprentice days. She’s like the reality TV version of the wise-cracking side-kick Eve Arden played in so many movies. I’ll never understand why everyone expects her to have a complete personality transplant just because she signed a legal document and popped out a kid. Just because fans yearned for her to succeed, doesn’t mean she owes it to them to transform.

      As for the marriage, it seems to me to stand as good a chance as any. Yeah, there are obstacles, like it being a whirlwind shotgun wedding, her being famous and him being somewhat of a deadbeat by comparison, his stubbornness, her neurotic nature, his lack of sophistication, her snobbishness, his unhealthy fixation on being the perfect son to make up for his brother’s death, her damaged relationship with her kin, etc…

      IMHO it’s not lack of challenges that make a marriage, but how we react to the challenges. Marriages fail when one or both of the partners fail to meet a challenge successfully. It’s not addiction or adultery, loss of a child or whatever, it’s always how the couple handles these things.

      • HD says:

        So you saw Lynn. I wish you could have talked to her. How much do those cuffs run?

        As for Bethanny, Error, I don’t remember her being so whiny on RH. Was she and I overlooked it? It seems that is all she does now. I just don’t remember that on RH. I remember her going on and on about marrying or moving in with Jason 1.0 but other than that I don’t recall the connnnnnnnnnnnstant whining about this, that and the other thing.

        • error404 says:

          her humor has always involved a lot of whining IMO. She’s always had a lot going for her, but she’s always adopted this sarcastic sad-sack Rhoda Morgenstein persona.. “Only a loser like me would have such luck!” etc… When she went to a beautiful party in the Hamptons for some gay magazine or something in s2, the first words out of her mouth we’re something like “Only me! All these gorgeous guys and none of them are interested in me!”. I really don’t see any change at all.

          • ilovelynn says:

            error, love your comments, but whereas bethenny always had more of a self-depreciating whine when she was on rhony, this time she is more “woe is me” I’m working so hard, I’m so busy, I only want time with my baby, blah, blah, blah. someone should tell her she can’t”have it all”. something is going to suffer, whether that will be missing milestones with bryn, or not spending enough time with jason, or alienating her in laws. she said she “loves the time alone with just her and her baby”(in one of the weekly mags). what does that mean? don’t get me wrong, I always loved bethenny, hated jill, but I am not alone in feeling that this season she is very self centered and you know what? lots of people have had parents like hers and alot worst. get over it! for someone who always wanted a family, she sure pushes away her loving in-laws alot!

            also, what was that remark about my hair stylist and her mother. sorry, I didn’t get it.

        • ilovelynn says:

          I was afraid to go near her for fear they would make me pay something!

      • tootsie says:

        Love you Error. Good reasoning. Most marriages follow get to know in-laws to be, marriage, baby all in good time. Everything happened to B and J so fast and under such pressure. No reason why this marriage can’t survive as long as communication is open.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Thanks for sharing the sighting. Who would pay admission to see Lynn Curtin?

      • HD says:

        Girl I just caught that! You have to pay to see her sit in a store and you buy a cuff. Honey they done made that up!

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          These people must really believe their own hype-I’m guessing Kelly and Camile aren’t the only ones who can be accused of being delusional.

    • Sparkles says:

      Just curious – how big of a crowd did Lynn draw?
      I would never buy one of those overpriced cuffs.

      • ilovelynn says:

        sparkles: when I was in the store around 1pm there was about 10 people milling around the store and maybe 4 people around her. I didn’t get close enough to see how much her stuff was, but it looked like there was more than those dumb cuffs!

  12. WindyCityWondering says:

    It will be sad if S4 revolves around Jill’s unresolved feelings for Bethenny. Bravo would definately go there and unfortunately Jill would as well. It makes Ramona’s snappish remark that they don’t need Bethenny more telling, as does Jill’s recent memory loss regarding her friendship with Bethenny. If this is the basis for the prerequisite “fight” this season then it will likely not resonate well with viewers.

  13. Terry says:

    This was hilarious.

    Sonja is very beautiful, I think. Still can’t stand Alex and Kelly is way too mentally ill to be on television. Jill and Rsmona are still hot messes I love to watch. Luann got her new guy way too soon.

  14. quincyil says:

    ROTFL Simon van Kempen signed off twitter for a week. They went to St. Barths for a vacation and he said “in season.” Remember Jill Zarin in the interview letting un know that going to St. Barths in Aug. was out of season and cheaper than when Jill went with her fabulous circle of friends. I think she said how much she pays too, but it’s been a while.

    I wasn’t kidding when I said that Simon keeps a list in his head of transgressions by Jill Zarin. He reminds all of us in his twitter that he still remembers Jill’s digs.

    • lillybee says:

      Good, Jill should realize that she is not the only one who takes notes.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      He should keep notes – JZ tried to destroy his career and is going after his wife! He will remember and she will forget.

  15. JKW says:

    This is totally OT but I am so pissed off. The father of the marine that was killed (from York, PA ) took the Westboro Baptist Church to court. They protested at his sons funeral. He went to the supreme court but unfortunately lost due to freedom of speech. This was last wk or so. People are chipping in for his court costs since he has to pay theirs too. A few days ago there was a fire in a home in PA. They lived on a farm, the dad was working (sitting in a truck apparently waiting for a delivery ) the mom was milking cows at 10pm. There were 7 kids that died…one little 3 yr old ran to the barn and told her mom about the fire. The mom tried to get back in the house and couldn’t due to the smoke. Now they are threatening to protest at these little kids funeral. According to them, PA is a very bad, sinful state so that’s why the kids died….guess because the guy took them to court. Needless to say everyone is really upset and another protest is being formed to block them from the sight of the funeral. They don’t always show up…they threaten. I believe in freedom of speech but this is just fucking crazy that these people can do this when there are 7 innocent little kids dead.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      JKW- You are absolutely right and agree with you 100%.

      Our Supreme Court has ruled these protests legal and constitutional. IMHO we have to accept the Supreme Court’s ruling.

      But if the Westboro Church’s protests are legal, then a protest protesting THEM is also legal- I predict an outpouring of support for these children’s funeral. It’s the only legal way we have to express out outrage over this unnecessary and uncalled-for cruelty.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      I am outraged too that this lunatic church (Westboro Baptist) is allowed to protest at a soldier’s funeral, or ANY funeral. I’ve been wondering, can’t the town where the funeral is being held require a permit for Westboro Baptist to obtain in order for them to protest? Then the town could deny the permit. Perhaps it might also be required for the town to pass an ordinance stating that protesting a soldiers’s (or anyone’s) funeral is prohibited. Could this be a solution? So far, the only thing that can be done is for other good people to block the lunatics, physically with their bodies. They should get a huge outpouring of support to block Westboro Baptist at this tragic upcoming funeral in PA for the children.

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        Perhaps if the town could force Westboro Baptist to protest the funeral in a specific area, far from the funeral, and get a permit, that would work. There has to be a way to get these lunatics to stop disgracing the funerals of our service men & women. These brave people died in service to their country, for God’s sake, they die upholding everything this country is great for. And this is the thanks the family gets? Just disgraceful. As stated above, they shouldn’t be allowed near anyone’s funeral.

        I have been to the Vietnam Memorial wall (with all the names of the soldiers that died in that hideous war, over 50,000). There is such an aura of respect and mourning there.

        Has anyone been to see the changing of the guard at JFK’s grave in Arlington Cemetery? The soldiers there rebuke anyone that is talking, asking for “complete silence.” The eternal flame burns & the guard changes. It is something to witness.

        I do uphold the freedom of speech in this country. I do think the Supreme Court could have come up with a better solution. Yes allow the lunatics their freedom of speech. Just let them protest 1 mile or more away.

  16. Oh, so exciting! Your blog is full of suspense and has made this season even more anticipated. Can’t want to get in on all the cat fights. Thank you,

  17. JKW says:

    This is OT but I am so pissed off. That asshole Westboro baptist church is at it again. The father of a Marine that died in York, PA is the one that took them to court when they protested at his sons funeral. He won in the PA courts but it went the whole way to the Supreme Court where they won due to free speech. (In fact he even has to pay their court costs (100K ) and people and vet orgs. are donating money for them ) Now I am all for free speech BUT ….there was a house fire in PA the other day. They lived on a farm and the mom was out in the barn doing the milking. One of the kids came out to tell her and she couldn’t get back into the house due to the smoke. There were 7 kids that died. Westboro has threatened to protest the funeral. They don’t always show up. Everyone is pissed. There are people from all over coming to do a protest between them and the funeral so the parents don’t have to see or hear them. This is some damn church that does something like this…they say the 7 kids died because PA is such a bad state. This is just disgusting…7 innocent little kids. This is a fairly rural area…and I wouldn’t be surprised if they turned up that someone doesn’t take a shot at them. I hope the PA courts would let them off.

  18. Terry says:

    Dear JKW,

    Thanks for taking this off topic for a bit. I enjoy disliking the housewives but they are mostly harmless — well, except to their families and friends.

    Oh my god, those Westboro Baptists are vile. Does anyone understand the logic behind using the kids’ funeral for a protest? Is it just about making the news?

    Another thing has bothered me these past couple of weeks, and that is the number of “intelligent” and “liberal” and “sophisticated” people who are riding Charlie Sheen’s coattails of mania by blogging in places like the Huffington Post (supposedly liberal and sophisticated). They’re using a sick man to get some silly piece published, and don’t seem to have any compunction about taking advantage of a mentally ill person. Alec Baldwin had a piece in today and it just drove me crazy; Baldwin is supposed to be a thinking man.


    My rant is over. Thank you for reading and indulging me.

  19. JKW says:

    Hi Terry, Apparently the kids are from PA and that is enough since we are a “bad” state. So it’s one of those it’s good the kids dies things. I wouldn’t blame anyone for taking a shot at them. It’s totally crazy. If people would ignore Sheen and not have him on every talk show…he may go away. I agree there are many people getting publicity from him. Get him off the talk shows, stop airing his rants and he and the Goddesses can do whatever they want. Hey, I ranted …so no problem with yours ! Thanks for reading….thought maybe no one was up but I just get more pissed off.

    • Terry says:

      Hi JKW,

      No, I get you. Those Westboro people are vile and I’m incensed as well. Tell me, why is PA a bad state? (I live in New York, so I know that makes me evil and a minion of Satan what with our gays and our people with green hair and so forth. Not to mention our mosques.) If PA is a bad state in Westboro’s eyes, then good for you!

      As to Mr. Sheen, I agree. It’s just as bad as filming a schizophrenic under a bridge. But then, I think Sheen is manic. If he is not bipolar and all he wants to do is blow and have Goddesses, well, leave him alone then. (Gosh I feel bad for those young porn girls. Imagine what they lived through if they ended up in porn.)

  20. JKW says:

    Terry…only thing I can figure out is because the father of the PA Marine sued him. I guess that’s what makes us bad. Who can figure them out ? I mean they are happy that the Marines died and now the little kids. I think they are as crazy as Sheen. Maybe he should join their crazy cult.
    I agree that Sheen may be bipolar. If so he is in his manic stage right now for sure. I wouldn’t want to be there when he crashes. That boy seems to have no sense of reality. It’s a pity the family doesn’t just commit him or at least have him evaluated.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      Another question I have is why did the Supreme Ct. rule that the soldier’s family had to pay the court costs of the lunatic Westoro Baptist church? They could have ruled that the soldier’s family pay just 1 penney to them…hasn’t this family suffered enough with the loss of their son? It was very courageous of this family to take their cause all the way to the supreme court. Yes, freedom of speech is important to us in the USA but the Westboro Baptist lunatics could still exercise their right of free speech…just in a location far from the funeral. What about the family’s right to have a meaningful funeral to memorialize the loss of their loved one?

  21. JKW says:

    Here is a link. They are doing face book and asking people to show up. Apparently the response was excellent. I bet they don’t show up.


  22. Chattycat says:


    Hi Lynn – I’m sorry to post this as a comment, but I don’t know how to email you. You probably have already seen it, but just in case….Realitytv.com has an ad up for a part-time writer for their website. The job description fits you perfectly. I hope you don’t mind but I sent he/she an email about you and I have pasted it below. I don’t know if you’re interested, but I think you would be perfect, and I’ll bet everyone agrees. I hope you’ll think about it. You would be great!!!
    The email:

    Hi. I just saw your ad on your website for a writer. I am not applying for myself, but just wanted to run something by you. I think Lynn-n-Chicago would be absolutely perfect for the position. She is everything you are asking for. She loves reality tv, she is a great writer, and is funny. She already recaps most of the shows you are listing in your column. I think it would be a win-win position for you both, and I know there are hundreds of housewives fans out there who would wholeheartedly agree.

    I don’t know if Lynn has applied, but if she has, she definitely gets my vote. If not, you would do yourself a huge favor by contacting her for the position. I honestly can’t think of anyone better.

    Good luck to you in your search….no luck necessary if you hire Lynn, though.

  23. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Hi everyone~
    I loved the story Q ~ needed it too.
    Thank you..
    I slipped on bathroom floor yesterday so I could be more like you Q. lol
    Perfect time to go to dr. & medicine but I did not. I landed on my ass instead of my head which shows you how vain I am. I am sore as hell on left side & it hurts to sit at computer but just wanted to let you know I am ok. After finished laughing first thing I thought about was telling you all.
    Peace love hugs
    Will be on & off today as pain allows.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      stay strong, my BaaBee Luvs Kitties- thinking of you today.

    • twoile says:

      @Patty, SOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY 4 ur fall & subsequent “pain” gr8 response though & looks like u r in recovery FANTASTIC, keep on keep’n on. Take care & blessings Jeanne

    • quincyil says:

      So sorry to hear about this. Bathrooms are dangerous places. I hope you have less pain.

  24. housewifeaddict says:

    Love the story Quincy and Lynn. It’ll be like reading the book first then watching the movie!!
    LuAnn – I know she’s not a favorite – but I liked her the best season 1, and I really am neutral to positive on her still – even with season 3. The main reason is she copped to a lot of stuff at the reunion, and she wasn’t buying any of Kelly’s stories, and she did tell Jill when she was being unreasonable. Yes – I wish she wasn’t a shit stirrer who didn’t let Jill forget her grudges – but she was looking to be Jill’s BFF (and now is – be careful what you wish for). But at the same time Bethanny was awful to her Season 3. AWFUL! But LuAnn just kept trying to figure it out. And even though she clearly finds SiLex disgusting, she does film with them, and does talk to them at least. And she had enough sense to stay away from Scary island – and tell Jill not to go!!

    It’ll be interesting to see what is said about Victoria’s behavior this season.

    • Nancy says:

      Are you kidding me? LuAnn is a SNAKE. Go back and see how she treats Alex.
      A lot of the time she is doing Jill’s dirty work. From what we saw she never wanted to be with her children. Look how fast she got into a serious relationship after her husband left. There are a lot of “issues” re: LuAnn.

  25. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    good morning all~
    feel much better today~
    so many people in far worse shape than me.
    feel so very blessed to have you all & allan..
    peace love & hugs..

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