IHJZ The Real Housewives of New York – Season Four

I Hate Jill Zarin   The Real Housewives of New York – Season Four

The story of our predictions for the RHONY new upcoming season continues, when last we left the Housewives, Ramona was upset and crying in her bathroom…

The Real Housewives of New York – Desperate Measures by LynnNChicago and QuincyIL

Ramona sits alone in her large well appointed bathroom.  The brown paper bag lies on the floor at her feet, she is in shock and tears are streaming down her face.  She peed on a stick for the first time in 15-years, but the cameras were rolling just outside the door.  Bethenny did it, after all, but what will she say to Mario.  Maybe she should talk to the Housewives first, Jill acts like she’s angry with her all the time but she knows deep down they are true friends.  Ramona picks up the phone…

Jill’s long suffering assistant Darren, named after the Bewitched character that his mother loved so much, picked up the phone as it rang for the 15th time today.  “Sorry Mrs. Singer, Jill isn’t available right now” Darren rattles off for the 15ht time today.  In the background Ramona can hear Jill screaming, “Is that Ramona?  Let me talk to her!”  Darren turns red and hands his boss the phone.

Ramona prepared to spill her guts to Jill but didn’t get a chance, “Ramona, have you heard?  They want us all to go on a trip together!   I insisted we all go to Israel but they want us to go to Morocco, don’t they know we’ll look ridiculous trying to copy Sex In The City?”

Ramona begins to respond but Jill continues, “What the hell are they thinking?  The Employer would be so much better sending us to Israel, I could teach Ally so much about our roots and we could all have so much fun with Gloria and Sol, you know my parents have been there several times, they know everything about the country.  We would have built in tour guides”

Ramona can’t think about some trip, she’s silently sobbing about her own problems, Jill continues again, “Ramona, are you listening to me?  I’m booking a trip to Israel right now, they’re not going to get away with this, listen, I have to go”  Jill hangs up the phone and barks at Darren to get her travel advisor on the phone.

Darren had recently found it even more impossible to come to work every day.  At least he had Twitter and some Twitter friends he could chat with during the day but his boss, Jill Zarin has now taken that away from him.  She told him to Tweet that photo of her filming a few months back, she told him too to ensure he didn’t release what she was filming.  Jill Zarin wanted people to think she was filming The Real Housewives without Alex McCord.  In fact Jill had been filming a show for Animal Planet with her dog Ginger.  Darren had done exactly as Jill told him to do but The Employer was angry and Jill needed a scapegoat.  Now Darren was forced to leave Twitter and all of his cyber friends behind.   Darren needed this job otherwise he would have quit months ago.

In Brooklyn Alex and Simon have checked several books out of the library and are sitting at their large kitchen counter with their two boys.  The books are all about Morocco and the couple are teaching their children all about this new country that Mommy will be visiting soon.  The VanKempen children are well traveled although never to Morocco, someday Alex vows to bring the boys there.

Sonja is having lunch with Kelly, Sonja is wondering for the 5th time this hour how she ended up here, with Kelly Bensimon.  Sonja likes to look out for Kelly, it seems as though Kelly gets defensive and only Sonja knows how to defuse the craziness.

The ladies are discussing their upcoming trip to Morocco, it sounds like fun!  Kelly tells Sonja she loves her dress but reminds her not to wear it again as they were photographed coming into the restaurant.  Sonja wonders why Kelly worries about such silly things.  Several months later, Sonja will wear this same dress on Rachel Ray’s Show.  Kelly is mortified for her.

Cindy Barshop spent the morning playing with her twins on the floor of their playroom.  She’s in a cab on her way to her salon to make sure things are running smoothly with some of her best customers scheduled to come in today, she likes to provide personal service.  The cab driver honks his horn again as Cindy’s phone alerts her to a text message.  Cindy met the author of the text two nights ago and is asking if they can get together tonight.  Cindy smiles and begins to text back ….

Jill sends a text message too, to her boss, The Employer is going to get a huge surprise when he finds out she will be in Israel at the same time as The Employer has planned a trip to Morocco for all of the Housewives.  They won’t dare go ahead with the Morocco plans without Jill Zarin!

30 Rockefeller Plaza is buzzing with activity, the white board is overflowing with names, dates and details of a trip planned for the New York Housewives.  They all seemed excited about the trip, all except one.  The decision now has to be made, The Employer has three choices.  Cancel the trip altogether, give in and send all the NY Housewives to Israel instead of Morocco or Postpone the trip and send them to Morocco later in the season.  Jill Zarin is a pain in the ass!

Who is going to go into the grubby little unorganized office overlooking the beautiful Rockefeller plaza and tell Mr. Employer that their plans had just all been shot to hell?

Mr. Employer rarely gets angry, he never raises his voice in fact he tends to get quiet and mumble when he’s angry.  Not today, the entire floor heard Mr. Employer threatening to move forward with the trip without Jill Zarin.  Deep down he knew that couldn’t happen, not since Bethenny refused to do the show, unfortunately they can’t disrupt the cast anymore.  Only Jill could get The Employer this angry, he remembers the last time she got him this angry.

Jill simply had to go to Morocco with the other ladies.  Jill did the same thing last season with the trip to St. John, refusing to go and threatening to take the Housewives on a trip of her own.  Mr. Employer had lost that small battle but he would win the war, he knew this time he was going to have to give in a bit.

There was no way he was sending all these women to Israel, he was going to have to postpone the trip to Morocco.  Damn that Jill Zarin!  “Change the date of the trip to Morocco!”  he ordered.

News of the date change spread among the Housewives like wildfire, their families made phone calls and adjusted plans as the Employer tried to decide what else he could film in the meantime, not only was he adjusting hundreds of schedules for the date change on the Morocco trip but he was going to have to either film the remaining housewives as Jill vacationed in Israel or simply put a halt to filming until Jill returned home.  This could delay the release of the show even further, as it was they began filming months later than usual.

Luckily they were almost finished editing the Miami Housewives series, it was garbage but it was something that they could air if absolutely necessary.  The public eat up any Housewives series we air, he snickered a bit.

The Employer just had to suck it up and let Jill have a partial win on this one.  But he would never inflict the New York Housewives on his people in Israel, the plan will remain Morocco, he made a mental note to ensure each housewife have a copy of the protocol including the attire expected so they don’t offend an entire nation.

While Jill Zarin and her family are in Israel, the rest of the Real Housewives attend many functions without incident.  There is no fighting, no arguing and no backstabbing.  Where is The Employer going to get footage to include in this season?  Things are looking dismal.

The Employer noted on Ramona’s calendar that she would be attending a charity function, this typically wouldn’t be something exciting to film but with Jill in Israel and the film crew available, they decided to send the cameras.  Ramona was in no mood for any event but cancelling wasn’t an option, this was a commitment she had made months ago and she just learned The Employer would be sending cameras.  The stylists arrived on time and began to prepare Ramona for the event, she snapped at them all and drank several glasses of her own Pinot that she would be releasing soon.  Mario told Ramona to calm down and stop drinking so much.  Menopause wasn’t the end of the world but Ramona ignored him and downed the rest of her glass of wine.

Arriving at the function, the cameras flashed and Ramona looked fantastic on the step and repeat, no one would know she was well over 50 years old.  As The Employer’s producer approached her to get another angle on her entrance to the event, Ramona snapped, she told him to back off and just let her enjoy her night out.  The producer apologized and told Ramona he simply needed one shot of her near the step and repeat so they could easily identify the event and its sponsors.  Ramona was sick of filming, she could not deal with all of this extra stress, she slapped the producer right across the face as hard as she could, turned her back on him and walked away with her head held high.  The producer made a mental note to talk to The Employer about making this Ramona’s final season on the show.  He also noted that several other news outlets were present and busily texting and calling their editors.

Report: NYC Housewives’ Ramona Singer Slaps A Producer! http://t.co/9854N4x

Finally an email to the Employer and things are looking up in Brooklyn, Alex’s email includes details, she’s contractually required to notify them of any other contracts she signs, Alex is about to embark on a modeling career, she has signed with New York Model Management and has already been scheduled to do several photo shoots, runway walks and product endorsements.  Finally, The Employer has something to film and probably no reports of producers getting slapped!

Jill has made up her mind, her trip to Israel and reliving the final episodes of Season Three for the third and hopefully final time was very stressful.  She refuses to make this season about Bethenny Frankel.  Fine Bethenny’s first season of her new show did well, Jill can be happy for other people, even her ex-friend who refused to invite her to the media circus of a wedding.  Jason doesn’t like Jill?  That is tough to live with, Jill doesn’t like it knowing that people don’t like her.  Why did she have to mention the new Ferrari and expensive boots she got the first time she met Jason Hoppy?  If only Jill could spend some time with Jason Hoppy, she knows she could turn him around and make him love her just like everyone else does.

Jill’s trip to Israel was a success, she was able to Tweet many photos of her and her family having fun on vacation, but now it’s back to filming.  Jill knows she can’t talk about Bethenny on camera during Season Four, The Employer wouldn’t like to remind people that Bethenny has left and Jill doesn’t want this whole season to be about Bethenny, but how else can Jill remain relevant?  Jill’s daughter Ally is going away to school, she knows her beautiful Ally shopping, packing and moving to a college dorm is easily three or four episodes.  The Zarin’s are such a fascinating family, people will love to see Ally getting ready to go to college.  Everyone has been routing for Ally.

Jill posted a college shopping spree with Ally scheduled for the following week on The Employer’s calendar ensuring they are given enough time to schedule a film crew to follow her and Ally as they collected clothes and supplies for College.  Expecting The Employer to have film crews at their doorstep the next day, Jill had her stylists scheduled to arrive at 7am.  Jill sent a text message to their regular sound guy asking him to pick up coffee on his way over, Jill was shocked when the reply text said he would be going to Brooklyn this morning, not to Jill’s place.  This can’t be happening!  The Employer is filming Alex McCord instead of her shopping trip with Ally?

Now what?  Jill will have to make some use of this shopping spree, her fans will want to see it, know about it, and tell her what a great mom she is.  Darren will just have to come along and photograph Jill and Ally shopping, then she can tweet them to her fans.  Even better, Jill decided she would send the photos to her “contacts” in the media.  Surely they would be anxious for any news of Jill Zarin, she sent the photos to several internet sites and media outlets, this is Jill’s email:

Jill wrote:
Hey!  I wanted to shoot over a possible item/sighting that my office has for your site regarding Jill Zarin and her daughter Ally at Century 21 in NYC from yesterday.  I’m attaching several different photos as I wasn’t sure which one’s best for your site.  Let me know your thoughts as she looks super cute and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Jill attached several photos to this email along with three different “blurbs” that could go along with the photos, making it as easy as possible for them to post these in their newspapers and on their web sites.  Jill was furious the next day when one of her trusted sources posted the entire email with all three of the verbiage choices she sent:

Look How Desperate Jill Zarin Is For Press… http://thedirty.com/?p=450158 (Via @NikRichie)

That bastard even titled his piece “Look How Desperate Jill Zarin Is For Press”.  How dare he?  She was only trying to make his life easier and give him an interesting press item, one Jill knew would get them lots of hits.  That site is done, he will never get another interview or any cooperation from Jill, in fact, Jill told Darren to find this guy’s boss, and get him on the phone.  He won’t have a job tomorrow morning.

None of the other sites posted Jill’s item, Jill was seething with fury.  Jill got a text message from The Employer, “Jill, please don’t send story suggestions about yourself to media outlets per your contract.  Thank you”.

Jill had to put that out of her mind, she had shopping and packing to do, she was off to Morocco with the rest of the Housewives. Still a bit annoyed that she was told she couldn’t bring along her husband, daughter and beloved Ginger, Jill went shopping!

In Brooklyn Alex McCord was shopping as well, she had the protocol list of appropriate attire and since little in her closet would do, she called some of her favorite Brooklyn designers to help her find just the right wardrobe items to take to Morocco.  A text from Ramona was disturbing but would have to wait until later, it said, “Alex I need your help, no period for 3 months, what should I do?”  Alex thought briefly that Ramona was trying to say she was pregnant but realized that Ramona may just needs to come to terms with menopause.  Alex will call Ramona later.

The ladies would be traveling to Morocco in two shifts, the brunettes leave JFK first but with The Employer trying to keep this trip quiet Jill’s Google alert on herself had been eerily quiet for many days.  A quick text to a contact letting them know it would be worth their while to camp out at JFK early the next morning.  News of the Housewives trip to Morocco leaked the next day.  Jill smiled as her Google alert chimed on the plane, content Jill drifted off to sleep, she will awake refreshed and ready to take on Morocco.

To Be Continued….

Don’t forget to “Spring Forward” today, the clocks are to be turned one hour ahead so we lose an hour of our Sunday…bummer!

Until Next Time…


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150 Responses to IHJZ The Real Housewives of New York – Season Four

  1. Olivia says:

    It is fascinating to note that as they all elbow one another aside, and I mean ALL of them, that in order to impress us with who is on “top of the pecking order” they care so much about, their audience consists of around 1 million or so viewers. Outside of a few blogs that cover their antics, the majority of Americans, 350 million and counting, have no idea who these people are! Nor much care.

    They will sacrifice integrity, business, relationships, marriages and children for the sake of about 1 million viewers whose percentage of the population is too infintisimal to measure.

    Delusion meet the Housewives!

    • Powell says:

      Well said. I couldn’t agree more!!@

    • quincyil says:

      Sometimes, I wonder what I would do in their situations. Then, I realize that I would never be in at situation because I would not sign my life away like the did.

      I watch “Selling NY.” There is a never ending drive to make money in NYC that I don’t see here.

  2. Adgirl says:

    Thanks Lynn & Quincy!
    I almost feel like I needn’t bother actually watching the RHNY S4 show – if it ever really airs.

  3. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thank you Quincy and Lynn – the story continues and by the time the real housewives take to the airwaves we will have notions in our heads as to how they will interact with each other this season.
    Olivia is right – their universe is insignificant and tiny in the scale of things but when we take it down to the housewives universe they have alot to prove to the viewers this season. Can Jill redeem herself and be the center star? Can Alex’s new speak her mind attitude protect her from Jill’s attacks? Will LuAnn in love make her any more watchable/tolerable? Will Sonja be edited to be the carefree slut? Will Ramon remain renewed and positive? Will Kelly come across as something more than dismissively crazy? And will Cindy even get an opportunity to make an impression on us?

  4. Nancy says:

    Love, love, love the pictures. I couldn’t believe that Jill was pushing her own luggage
    Cart at the airport. Why isn’t one of her faaaaabulous circle of friends doing this for her? I’m sure heads are going to roll when she finds out that this picture is out there for all to see. What are “her people” going to think? I’m glad I live on the west coast and strongly advise you east coast people to be careful.
    I sure hope Ramona is going through menopause and not pregnant because if it’s the latter the kid is going to have fetal alcohol syndrome. Note to Ramona…
    Pregnancy & alcohol don’t mix!

    • twoile says:

      TX Lynn & Q 4 gr8 blogs,ur creativity outshines the actual prog episodes. I hope all r well on the NW coast esp, as I understand the alarm is that more can happen due 2 so many aftershocks in Japan. be safe & Take care ;0)

  5. quincyil says:

    Ramona insulted Bethenny again.


    Ramona who had issues with her own parents is now the expert on how to embrace your inlaws. I would love to ask Mario’s family about Ramona.

    • Nancy says:

      I love Bethenny but I think a lot of people had issues with the way she treated her in laws. She has a good point but the way she went about it was downright

      • quincyil says:

        Bethenny would be the first one to say that her reactions to people are not perfect.

        A while ago, someone said that the classy thing to say would be, “I wish Betheny well. We have a great show for you!”

        • BambiBaby22 says:

          Why? Bethenny expresses her opinion about others all the time. I think Ramona was asked an opinion and that is what she gave.
          I think MOST people find B’s treatment of her in-laws “shocking”.

          • quincyil says:

            I actually am not shocked. The inlaws are used to undivided attention from their son. When there is a tragedy, the remaining child sometimes become inseparable. I have a friend who lost her old son when he was in college. The younger son calls several times a day to check on her and her husband.

            I think they will work it out, but Bethenny is correct. Normally, half of the holidays would go to her parents.

            Jason has his normal, but that is not everyone’s normal. I agree with that too.

          • error404 says:

            I couldn’t agree with you less!

    • Error404 says:

      Any bets going on how long the desperate real housewives will be milking cash cow Frankel, even though she wandered off the farm long ago?
      For anyone who can’t access the link, here’s my synopsis: “jonsing for attention, Ramona singer, costar of the recently cancelled due to dullness RHoNY, offered her negative opinion of former cashmere and breakout star of her own popular show bethenny Frankel. Singer, 39, started the interview by asking ‘ok, tell me how negative have to get in order to get printed’ before extracting a promise that we’d also mention one of her failing business ventures.”

      • Olivia says:

        Operative word here: “cancelled”.

        Couldn’t happen fast enough if it means pulling the plug on these “make believe stars”.

  6. quincyil says:

    Sonja’s boyfriend is an artist. At least he’s her boy friend in the first two episode. He knew some bankers and helped Sonja hang some art. It was love at first site of his jeans.


  7. Nancy says:

    OMG! Look at picture of Jill and Ally at the airport in Israel…She is wearing a T-shirt
    that says ‘SECRETS OF A JEWISH MOTHER”. The gift that keeps on giving. You have to love her for that.

  8. BlueSky_Forever says:

    thank you Quincy & Lynn for these entertaining episodes….enjoyed them!

  9. twoile says:

    Just wanted 2 mention that the UK Daily Mail has a pic of K Bensomeone w/caption….I didn’t even try 2 link as the only time I did from that site was a disaster…copied the whole blody newspaper if I remember correctly. ;0)

  10. quincyil says:

    Information about the first two episodes is out. I guess NYC will actually return. LOL

    Jill asks Alex to bury the hatchet. Alex is not ready.

  11. HD says:

    Ramona looks beautiful. Does anyone know how much her wine costs? I looked around online and couldn’t find anything.

  12. Olivia says:

    Ramona, who has never stopped to censor herself, is now giving Bethenny advice! You can’t write this stuff.

    I wonder what LuAnn’s reaction would be had she been asked to comment on Ramona’s childish and unnecessary “tweet” regarding Victoria’s misbehavior that most of us would probably never have been made aware of had it not been for Ramona?

    Ramona’s “renewal” lasted a fast NY minute and apparently is on display again as she ridicules the young girls who interview for a job as one of her assistants. For someone who whines about her own “sensitivity” I have yet to see that side of her on display. Unless of course it pertains to her “horrible father” and the waterworks are squeezed out for effect.

    Ramona is and always has been a royal P.I. T.A.! She and Bethenny were never friends. That was strictly done for the purpose of the show and ended the minute Bethenny handed in her resignation.

    As Bethenny pointed out, “diarrhea of the mouth” is not a disease and Ramona is the gift that keeps on giving.

    • HD says:

      I really like Ramona but that clip of her interviewing the young girls was just so mean. Didn’t she offer one of them face cream? Who does that?! I can’t believe she did that.

  13. quincyil says:

    For our NYC board members

    I was looking at Bethenny’s site to see if I could find Nic’s food blog and I found Bethenny’s description of restaurants in your area. The comment section is interesting also.

  14. FlowerPower says:

    What’s with Ramona’s “I gotta pee” pose at (on?) the step and repeat??? Maybe that’s why she slugged a producer. You don’t mess with an over-active bladder.

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      That was a real popular pose for a while. I recall even A list celebrities posing with crossed feet like that. I agree with you, “I gotta pee….hurry up and take the damn picture before I flood you out!”

  15. HD says:

    Don’t forget to like the Real Housewives of Orange County if you have Facebook. The comments as the show is on are hilarious. I post on the wall all the time and I am cracking up! I know we don’t really discuss the show here in real time for those who have to wait to see it, etc so that is a good place for me to post my comments during the show.

    • Adgirl says:

      I did go there last week but it was so hard to get through the comments to each cast member that I gave up. Is there someone in particular I should look at? I love a good laugh.

      • HD says:

        I am lost when you say the comments to the cast members. When I see it, it is a page like a face book page and people just comment on the wall.

        • Adgirl says:

          on my browser there are links for every cast member and hundreds of comments within in the links. I will go bak to the wall.


          • Adgirl says:

            A sample of today’s FB comments on OC page:

            Omg peggy is a bore!! get her off the show..eww

            ‎”She” meaning PEGGY. Fake boobs (of course)and a face only her plastic surgeon loves.

            did i just watch briana brush her teeth with her finger?!

            • HD says:

              LOL! I was wondering why Brianna was brushing her teeth like that but I was trying to hope and pray maybe she had to add something special to her gums or something. LOL!

              • Mimisfbay says:

                I know! Call the front desk and they send up a toothbrush. They are staying in a Hyatt for goodness sake.

  16. NMhousewife says:

    I am just watching the OC, and what I got from Gretchen and her assistant’s talk is Gretchen says “you work for me, and you have to agree with what ever I say.” She was basically scolding her assistant for agreeing with Alexis at the party regarding Princess comment.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Did you see the look on that girls face? She looked like she wanted to speak up but needs her job so she shut up.

  17. VAgirl says:

    OMG! I am watching HWOC -So boring watching Icky trying to convince herself what a good time she’s having in Seattle. I can’t stand any of them right now, not even the new one. So fake – all of them trying waaaay too hard to be relevant. Ugh – such shallow lives they live if what they are portraying on TV is any indication. So over it. Thanks for letting me vent on “that Blog.”

    • Sha2000 says:

      How many times must we watch her at an insurance conference? It maybe be fascinating to her, but it’s boring for the rest of us.

  18. HD says:

    Was it just me or did this episode seem to drag on and on and on…

  19. jeang says:

    Yes this of the original housewives is boring and trashy. I believe ny will be more of the same as they are all trying to one up each other and be the “star”, of which none is in fact anything more than a vicious famewhore addict.They will spout bethenys name as often as they can, to get airtime, much like the boring Racheal Zoes cast that repeatedly blast Taylor and all but accusing her of stealing that missing dress.

    • quincyil says:

      I think you are absolutely right about this. The underlying theme seems to be Bethenny was wrong to leave the show. That is why Ramona and Alex are upset too. They don’t see why she couldn’t show up to add viewers at least in meeting with Ramona and Alex. I think Bethenny saw that the line in the sand would shift so she simply said, “No.”

  20. cusi77 says:

    Thanks Lynn! Great photos!

    Ok… this is official: I STOP watching RKOC for good!
    I have never watched before and I can live without. I regret to have wasted the best hour of my life on this morons!

    End of the rant!

    • HD says:

      I wish I could stop watching too. I really do. It seems like all I am doing is complaining about someone on these shows and I always think to myself, “why are you watching it?” I just can’t stop. I feel like the one time I don’t watch it something will happen. What is wrong with me? I don’t feel bad about Miami because I didn’t get sucked in. Once they suck you in there is no turning back. I wish I could just stop watching!

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Agreed. Yawn on story lines and non stop shrill voices (how many whoo hooo’s can a person take). Plus ick Gretchen talking about bedroom ick with Slimy. Double ick. This is the first season I’ve even bothered to watch OC, and I’m already annoyed out of my mind.

  21. jeang says:

    YES obviously this blog is only going to be about ny, nj, bh, atl, dc, and top chefs,millionaire matchmaker, tabitha and nothing else. Us other viewers of bravo tv need to find another blog to comment on.

    • HD says:

      Shoot I don’t think Bravo airs any other shows. LOL! And if you don’t watch it they rerun it to death all week long.

  22. Rabble Rouser says:

    Andy is still talking about Ben Wienner?

    I’m out…I can’t watch his show anymore. I will just read the blog about it.

    • HD says:

      LOL! I know right? I mean damn. Let it go already!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Hopefully the older Ben gets, his appeal with some of these oddballs who think it’s cool that a child participates in the show will die off.

  23. Rabble Rouser says:

    I know there will be a blog, but I had to say this episode was unbelievably boring. If it doesn’t get better soon, I will wait till the end when Jenna and Tamra get into it.

    Also, is it just me or is Tamra and Gretchen looking older and a bit more ragged this year. Their skin looks horrible, it looks like Tamra can only afford to botox her forehead- and everywhere else is showing it’s age. Gretchen’s face also seems different- and not in a good way.

    • Adgirl says:

      This is why I think most women who get injections (filler/botox) really need to think about what they are doing. How many of these women look embalmed, ducky or have grinchy eyebrows? Boob implants make mature women look fatter and older.
      They need a real friend to tell them to stop! You can not inject or freeze every square inch of your aging face and neck. If they won’t stop fiddling with their faces maybe they should consider a discreet mini face lift instead of stuffing blobs of crap under their skin.
      At least they won’t look so waxy.

  24. HD says:

    That song Gretchen had sounded a boiling hot mess. That sounded like some song that would be on the Disney channel or something.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      She should stick to the karaoke circuit, at least she might get a free drink for her efforts which is more than she will see from Itunes.

  25. VAgirl says:

    I’m with some of you above. I think I’ll wait to see what Lynn blogs about the HW shows and if it sounds the least bit interesting, I’ll watch a rerun. The Season 4 for NY that Quincy and Lynn have come up with is much more entertaining than any of the actual HW shows. Thanks Lynn and Quincy! Goodnight all!

  26. jeang says:

    Sorry but I cannot buy into the faux housewifes of nyc, nor the recaps of top chefs, millionair matchmakerer, tabitha etc. but i scan past that and dont comment. But calling for a ban, a boycott, and ultimately calling an entire franchise as trash. Who thinks bravo will answer to that? They dont have to because they have the numbers of watchers?I do not represent approximately at most the 250 posters on this blog, which recently due to blog policy are only contributing to the tune of 50-75 posters a day and some posting 20-30 post each per day to pad the numbers. The recently banished housewife franchise is being watched by 1.2 to 1.4 million the same as previous first time franchises. .Our blog thinks that our numbers warrant a response, in fact, an advance preview of bravos episodes and without that a specific and particular bravo franchise is banished. This doesnt sound like the blog I signed onto nearly a year ago, this sound more like something Jill would do. I bet she is laughing her ass off right now seeing the demise of something she has worked on for nearly a year to deem irrelevant. Can you spell Hari Kari?

    • Adgirl says:

      Wow Jeang, is this really you making all of these cranky posts?

      Speaking for myself I view this blog as LynnNChicago’s personal channel. Whether she chooses to cover a program is completely up to her. There is a sense of community here that is typically friendly so I visit frequently during y web travels.
      My reading and posting is compltetly voluntary. If I want to participate I do. Sometimes I don’t. I don’t watch NJ, Tabitha, Matchmaker, or other several programs that Lynn likes to cover. If there are OT posts that amuse me I will jump in to the running conversations.

      The only person who has “signed on” here is Lynn. And she has no obligation to continue to devote her unpaid personal time to keep me entertained. There are other blogs that cover Miami and other Bravo shows so maybe you’d like to check them out. http://www.TelevisionWithoutPity.com is owned by Bravo and has forums for nearly every show on tv right now.

      Take care.

      • jeang says:

        Yes I am aware this Is Lynns blog, and good for her. It just doesnt have the same appeal that it had nearly a year ago. I have never had a problem skipping over the shows I dont watch, but honestly, I never expected to have a particular show on bravo attacked as has been lately. With their past and present behavior, I would have expected that on NJ or OC, but Miami, I dont get that. Best of luck to all.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Respectfully jeang, this silly. Not every recap is going to interest us all here, that’s why sometimes we comment sometimes we just read & sometimes we go & stop back here a few weeks later. I see no benefit in being so critical, it’s not like we are paying a subscription fee.

          • vilzvet says:

            ITA Sha. I for one am anxiously looking forward to the NJ trainwreck with the new members and of course NY and what will undoubtedly be some more hilarity here. There are some shows I do try to get into like the Millionaire Listing show but as you say we can always scroll past. No worries. And I don’t think the blog thinks it’s all “up here”, it’s just for entertainment!

            • quincyil says:

              I think there will be more interest when NYC starts.

              It’s really normal for people to come and go from web sites. Board members do try to bring in links that keep the board lively, but without an interesting show to discuss, the numbers of posts drop.

              I recap some shows that I don’t like for the board because it is a jumping off point for some members of board to discuss. I took the bullet on Patti Stanger and wrote about meat when I am a vegetarian.

              I respect everyone’s opinions. I read the posts from board members on Miami. Because of Lynn’s position, I haven’t joined in that discussion, but I am enjoying board member’s input on this topic. There is freedom here.

              Only a couple of weeks until NYC and then lots of missing in action posters will drop by to share. I think it will be a very lively place even on weekends as they have time to post then.

              • Sha2000 says:

                Something for everyone, but not all at once. I for one prefer OC over NY, and OC is just getting warmed up so it will be interesting for me to stop by here for those recaps. It can’t be easy for you & Lynn blogging on nearly every show Quincy, but know that it’s appreciated by most of us here. One of the great things about the internet is if you are bored in one place, you can move along & come back later when a topic is more interesting to you.

    • skogsstig says:

      Sorry you feel this way, Jeang. Why don’t you just enjoy what you can of this blog, and skip the rest? While Lynn might be “boycotting” the Miami show, she certainly hasn’t “banished” anyone for posting, here, about that show. Your tone here surprised me…
      Therefore: You wrote: “Can you spell Hari Kari?” Lynn might. You apparently can not. It’s harakiri, or sometimes written hara-kiri.

  27. jeang says:

    Personally since this ban of miami, I have been subjected to watching jersey shore, etc and basketball wives and although I am 61 and not 20 something, I have learned alot from the perscpective of the younger generation which includes my son, my nephews and nieces and potentially my grandson. Not a bad thing to know and while I wouldnt approve, it is what it is in the culture nowdays. I would rather know about this than be shocked by it.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I washed Season one of the Jersey Shore but I can’t do it. I can’t not fathom how these kids have capitulated to celebrity like status or how much they are getting paid per episode to act like drunken, violent idiot- who have sex with strangers.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        *watched season one

        • Sha2000 says:

          Wouldn’t watch JS if you paid me. I’d like to think the cast is the exception (obviously not in a good way) than the rule for their generation. It would be nice to see a reality show that features smart kids, who are in school & working…the anti-JS.

          • LavaLady says:

            I agree Sha, kids who are working, in school, volunteering, kinda like the kids in my house, and probably alot of houses of posters on this board. Most likely your house too.

            • vilzvet says:

              Not watching Jersey Shore. I for one will never put a dime into the pockets of Snooki, etc., and she certainly doesn’t deserve to be on the cover of Rolling Stone saying she is “building her empire”! Yikes.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Washing after watching is recommended Rabble ; )

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            I’d rather not watch it all all, than have to scrub myself afterwards

            It would be like going to the VD clinic to get a shot-instead not getting a nasty infection in the first place.

    • quincyil says:

      There is no ban on the board.

      One difference between this board and many others is we actually read your posts and listen to your concerns. Look at how many people cared about what you wrote, jeang, and respected your opinion enough to address your feelings.

      I care about your opinions.


    • housewifeaddict says:

      What ban? Lynn is choosing not to recap. Everyone is free to watch and we are always allowed to go off topic. This line of reasoning is very strange – – –

  28. Suebhoney says:

    Hello all! I have been lurking and not commenting for some time but had to share…did anyone else see this?


    omg! Are you kidding? Her vag is practically hanging out…who goes out in public like this? Season 4 ought to be a kicker…

    Still loving the blog, Lynn!

  29. lillybee says:

    Free Briana, and I hope that Donn gets a ton in spousal support.

  30. Sha2000 says:

    That new hw had the ugliest shirt on I’ve ever seen; tacky! Hopefully it won’t be “fashion” she’s selling!

  31. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    good morning~

    • VAgirl says:

      Good morning to you too. How are you doing?

      • Sha2000 says:

        Hi Patty! Hope you had a good weekend, you too VA.

      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        Still hurting pretty bad~but lot’s better thank you all~
        Just cannot believe all the suffering in the rest of the world.
        Hope today is as great as it can be for you all.
        Love & hugs

        • quincyil says:

          I have a hard time with the news. I used to watch CNN all of the time, but I just can’t turn it on.

          • Sha2000 says:

            Q, good thing there is HW news, lol:


            • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

              Thanks Susan~need as much laughter today as possible.
              I missed OC wives last night did you?

              • Sha2000 says:

                I watched. There’s a new HW, who seems…well, yucky. And we are treated to an opening scene of SS’s ass…also yucky, lol! You know what gets me is it’s obviously it is so set up. The scene starts with Slade in the shower & Gretchen sleeping…who are we to believe let the cameras in the house? Gretchen’s dogs? So basically they decided, let me strip so you can get the shower shot & let me put on full make-up & lingerie so you can get the sleeping shot. And whatever happened to Slade’s house???? The first season all we heard from him was how “rich” he was & now he’s living in Jeff’s house.
                Then we have Gretchen talking about how her business booming (take a look):

                And Alexis on how great her dress biz is:


                It would be nicer if they just admitted that times are tough & they are doing the best they can instead of trying to look like moguls.

                • quincyil says:

                  In one shot of Gretchen in her home, the garage door was open and you could see racks of clothes in the garage.

                • HD says:

                  lol @ acting like moguls. Okay! I thought I heard Alexis say she had a dress line. A what? Okay…I have to admit her body is sick!

                  • Sha2000 says:

                    A dress line that’s not even up on her web site…she talked about how she’s found this new career as a clothing designer & yet there’s nothing more on her site than a few ads that probably pay her per click. And where do theyes women get the money to start a co. when they can’t even pay they mortgage & have to foreclose? I;m sorry but if I was the bank I’d say hey wheres that Bravo paycheck, your rent is due.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Hang in there Patty, you’ve come so far already, before you know it you’ll be feeling well again!

  32. Olivia says:

    Good grief! What was Kelly thinking when she donned that outfit and agreed to appear in public? Gross!

    She has just confirmed that there is absolutely nothing going on in her head! Unless you consider the bats that are swarming around in there because that’s the only answer I can arrive at.

    Nothing says “pride” as much as those two kids must be feeling after viewing their mother in that get up. Put some clothes on, Kelly, I’m begging here.

  33. boston02127 says:

    Good morning…
    ♫♫♪♪♫♫♪ Spring Vacation ♫♫♪♪♫♫♫♪♪♪♫♫

  34. Olivia says:

    After watching the OC last night it has become pretty obvious of the desperation of these women to appear relevant.

    Vicki is pathetic in her attempts to appear “sexy and desirable”at any cost. The woman is pushing 50 and is scrambling to compete with women half her age. It also appears to me that the people around her find her insufferable as she “Woo hoo’s” all over the place trying to control every situation and being labeld a “fun Mom”. Psychotic indeed!

    This series, after 6 seasons, is crawling to the finish line when all they have left is the Tamra/Gretchen “feud” that leans heavily on which one can deliver the most vulgar lines in discussing their sex lives. Who cares???

    Tamra is outperforming Teresa in the vulgarity department and seems to have little awareness of her three young kids who must live with this bimbo and her choice of outfits.

    Peggy is just another “bore” that has been invited to round out a cast of wannabes. When she first appeared onscreen I thought it was Taylor since her face seems as carved and pumped up beyond recognition. Nothing to see here.

    Slade emerging from a shower as Gretchen “slept”? Come on! We are to assume that this was accomplished as the cameras were set up in the bedroom and neither one noticed the invasion?

    Since the dialogue contains the word “bitch” in just about every episode it is safe to assume that they have run out of steam. And it also appears that this season’s “feud” is being built around who can call whom an “evil bitch” and come out the winner.

    The only “positive” is Brianna making a “run for the hills” to escape that overbearing mother and Donn extricating himself from living with a woman who does not appreciate him. Go Donn!

    • boston02127 says:

      I agree about Tamra. She’s very ugly on the inside, which makes her ugly on the outside in my eyes. Now she’s a “free bitch” as she refers to herself, I can only imagine she’ll just more and more sickening.

      Vicki is loud and obnoxious. I think that once her divorce is final she’s going to realize that Don wasn’t such a bad husband after all. I don’t think many men will be knocking at her door for a date with her.

  35. Olivia says:

    Isn’t that Tamra in the opening credits wearing an “outfit” that consists of nothing but straps covering strategic places? Move over, Kelly!

    At least Gretchen is single and younger and can almost get away with those outfits that leave little to the imagination. But Tamra is in her 40s with 3 young children which makes her behavior more despicable.

    The upcoming scenes in the hot tub with Eddie appear to be borderline porn.

    • boston02127 says:

      O—I’m 19 and wouldn’t wear an outfit that consisits of nothing but straps covering strategic places. I think it looks slutty.

      • quincyil says:

        I think that is Tamra’s plan…”I want to look slutty.”

        • HD says:

          Okay…I have to watch it again. I just do not see the slutty clothes. Maybe I am overlooking it or thinking that all women in OC dress this way but I just do not recall slutty clothes.

          Tamara has a better body than most women half her age. I am sure she has worked very hard for it (minus the breasts). I do not think she needs to dress like a nun.

          I will have to watch again. I must have missed it.

        • Olivia says:

          She has always considered herself to be “the hottest” Housewife. As if that in itself was an honor and a goal.

          The “fangs” came out when Gretchen was added to the cast and interrupted her fantasy. They both seem to be fighting over who can be the “skankiest” and so far are head to head in that match up.

          • HD says:

            Tamara was the hottest one until Gretchen came along looking all young and fresh. But I do not know why Tamara is insecure about that. Her body is amazing especially for her age and she is a pretty woman. This society will always bend to youth but most men will do anything if your body is amazing.

            I think this will be part of Tamara’s story line because she keeps mentioning it.

  36. boston02127 says:

    I just read Jill’s tweets. Last night during WWHL, Jill sent 5 twitter messages to Andy & Gretchen.

    • Olivia says:

      Andy read one of Jill’s tweets on WWHL. She was congratulating Gretchen about how beautiful she looked.

      Anything to get her unwanted 2 cents into any event.

    • Jill is desperate for attention. She tweeted that she was going to call WWHL and say hello to Gretchen. A lot of people tweeted Andy asked him to block Jill’s call. LOL! When Jill couldn’t get through on the phone, she started tweeting Gretchen. Unfortunately, Andy read a couple of her tweets on the air, which is what Jill wanted. She is not just a Real Housewife, she is a Desperate Real Housewife.

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