IHJZ The Celebrity Apprentice / The Real Housewives of Orange County

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Celebrity Apprentice / The Real Housewives of Orange County

Starting off today with the women of Orange County:

Bravotv.com has posted the Orange County ladies blogs discussing last week’s episode.

Gretchen’s is typically long and always boring, as she discusses her “Gretchen Christine Beauty” line of makeup and handbags.  More whining that the other ladies put her down, particularly Vicki who talked about slapping a name on a handbag.  Thanks a lot Vicki, now we have to listen to Gretchen not only complaining about your nasty comments but we have to hear her version of how a piece of leather becomes a handbag.  sigh…

I’m really surprised by Gretchen’s blog, I’m not sure what she’s trying to do dragging up all of the past situations with Vicki and Tamra.  These two ladies were without question, vicious to Gretchen the past few seasons, but the reason that Gretchen has the fans that she does is because she didn’t let it get to her, she continued to move forward that way that she wanted to with her head held high.

Gretchen’s handling of the continuous slams from Vicki and Tamra was to be commended in the past, she rose above (as Kandi would say) and ignored the haters.  This season apparently Gretchen has decided to change her stragedy, demand apologies and try to get back at the ladies who attacked her in the past.   It is making Gretchen look petty and small, she continues to drag up the past with  Vicki and Tamra as well as telling us she is still grieving for Jeff.

I’m sorry Gretchen but based on your behavior last season, partying and your relationship with Slade Smiley, you’re no longer grieving and your life has gone on.  Please don’t try to play the sympathy card.  I really liked Gretchen the past few seasons, her positive attitude and the way she never let anyone get her down was impressive.

It sure does appear as though Gretchen has changed.

Vicki used her blog to sell insurance, no surprise there.  Welcome back to Vicki’s world.

Tamra’s blog was a “poor me” telling us how she tried to reach out to Gretchen and make it all better but mean old Gretchen wouldn’t let it go.  Tamra confirmed her children will not be on the show this season, a joint decision between Simon and Tamra, probably a really good decision.

Alexis seems to want to continue the battle with Vicki, that’s ok since there is really no real reason these two ladies would be friends.  Alexis told us she agrees with Gretchen holding a grudge too against Tamra and added that Gretchen’s legal woes are completely Tamra’s fault.  I’d love to hear the reasoning behind that statement.

One of the new girls, Peggy had this to say, “I’m sure you all are just as disappointed as I am that you didn’t get to meet me tonight! But hey, it keeps you guessing. I promise I’m worth the wait!”

Yeah, not so much, particularly now Peggy!

The “other” new OC Housewife is feeling to me a whole lot like Jennifer Gilbert of The Real Housewives of New York.  There was a blog, but Bravotv.com has removed it.  It was short and sweet and really just talked about the short scene between Fernanda and Tamra.  The fact that Bravo removed the blog speaks volumes.

According to Fernanda’s bio, she gets to know the other girls and decides to go with Gretchen, Alexis and Peggy on a girl trip to San Antonio.  Bravo’s first bi-sexual housewife hits the screen!  Let’s watch what happens.

The producer’s blog didn’t add much to the show, the Beverly Hill’s producer’s blog was really great and added to the enjoyment of the show by providing some back ground and behind the scenes information.  Let’s hope The Orange County producers bring more to the table.

The Orange County Ladies open episode two introducing Slade Smiley as he and Gretchen get up and ready to start their day.   This bright and early bedroom/bathroom scene was brought to you by the letter B kids….BULL!  The couple talk about their relationship, her job, his job and it was clearly all a set up to bring viewers up to speed and to outline their relationship for new viewers.  Gretchen tells the same joke we’ve heard at least twenty times before, Slade’s job is to service her in the bedroom.  Gretchen stop, please stop!

The only other scenes we see Gretchen in tonight are both with her assistant, one in which she reprimands the poor girl for not having her back at Tamra’s party, how ridiculous!  Then we see Gretchen and her assistant working hard putting ear drops into her dogs’ ears.   Tamra asks why Gretchen needs an assistant.  Didn’t Tamra see the dog scene?

I think we’re going to hear a whole lot during this OC season about having each other’s back.  Two episodes in and we’ve already heard more about having backs than I care to hear in an entire season.

Tamra has a short visit with her lesbian friend and part-time housewife Fernanda, they flirt, they talk about Tamra’s marriage and they drink wine.

Tamra is also seen house hunting, she took the first apartment she could find that New Year’s day that she left Simon Barney and now it is time to rent a real house.  The first house her realtor took her to see was previously owned by her current boyfriend, Eddie but since he “boned his wife” in the master suite, it would never do for Tamra.  She’s such a class act, her vocabulary is straight out of Shakespeare.

Tamra also had a workout and lunch with her friend Alexis.  I use the word “friend” sparingly as Tamra criticized Alexis for her workout attire, make up and hair while Tamra showed up to workout with a face full of make up as well.

Tamara then gave Alexis the ultimate compliment, she told Alexis that her husband Jim was just like Tamra’s soon to be ex-husband Simon, controlling and unyielding.  That’s just what you tell a friend, I’m sure Alexis felt the love.  Tamra was sure to add in her talking head interview that she was confident the Bellino’s marriage would not last.  Good thing Tamra has her lesbian girlfriend.

Alexis was also seen having a playdate and picnic lunch with new housewife, Peggy.  The two ladies packed up some food and their children and their egos and headed over to the park.  I thought my head was going to explode as these two proud mom’s each tried to one up the other one with their children’s accomplishments.  Is this a competition?  Alexis’ son James was potty trained in 2-weeks, are you all jealous?  Her daughter’s can scribble and pay attention better than any two kids in the class.  Don’t hate!

Peggy’s child speaks clearly and can articulate her thoughts while even Alexis can’t understand her own daughter.  Peggy’s child will be soon signed on as a model in Los Angeles and can count to 30 while Alexis tells us that her James could have been a model as well but she didn’t want to drive him so far.  Don’t forget Alexis’s twins can count to 6 in Spanish.  I know, you’re all so jealous!

Peggy introduced us to her metro-sexual husband, he can shoot a gun, wear Armani as well as sew and cook for his family.  She didn’t marry him for his money, she marred for money AND love, take notes ladies.  Peggy used the unique “smell him” technique to pick him up, but she walked away and let him chase her.

Peggy and her husband Micah pack up their artillery ensuring it is safe to travel with and head off to the shooting range.  A new baby Barretta was just sitting on the shelf waiting for them as Micah gifts his wife with the cute little gun.  It’s so small and cute it just might fit between her cleavage for formal evening’s out.

Is Bravo’s only criteria for a new housewife that she has money?  If going to the shooting range is supposed to make this couple interesting and unique, sorry Andy Cohen, #Fail.

Finally, Bravo’s oldest and longest standing housewife, Vicki had a whole lot of face time on this episode as she prepared for a trip to Seattle, the exciting city in the Northwest where she takes her staff and her daughter on an annual get away every year.  The trip is part business part “fun”?

At some sort of seminar, Vicki is presented with a “Psycho of the year award”.  Apparently out of the two dozen or so people in that room, Vicki is the most psychotic about selling insurance.  Vicki is quick to tell us that is a compliment, proven by the plastic award she was given.  The insurance business is confusing.

Vicki checks into the hotel and gets five keys to her suite, best we could tell the ladies all stayed in one suite while the men/boys all stayed in another.  We watch as Vicki tries to pull the covers off of young men as they sleep in their underwear, how do they work together after such behavior?  This guy works for Vicki?

Vicki hosts a cocktail party in her suite, then the group goes bowling.  More cocktails and young men groping Vicki as her daughter Briana looks on in horror.  This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Vicki being inappropriate with men on her “business trips”.  Vicki craves attention and particularly attention from young men to make her feel beautiful and attractive to men.

Unorganized and late, Vicki’s entourage orders breakfast from room service and realizing they were not going to have time to enjoy a relaxing breakfast in their suite, Vicki says someone should cancel room service.

As the group file out of the hotel room, room service arrives.  Was Vicki trying to sneak out before room service got there?  I guess no one followed Vicki’s instruction to cancel the food.  She is running late and going to miss the bus to their exciting day of insurance fun so she asks them to wrap the food so that they can take it on the bus with them.

The group go out on a yacht for an early morning cruise and meet up with other boats out on the water.  Vicki doesn’t speak a word but she “woohoo’s” and screams like a teenager in an attempt to make viewers think they’re having the time of their lives, in fact Vicki seemed to ruin the trip for the rest of the group.  They all roll their eyes and refuse to join in with Vicki as she makes a complete fool of herself.

Vicki spends a lot of her time trying to hook up her daughter Briana with any man with a pulse and a job.  Briana explains that this is typical behavior for her mother, at the grocery store, the gas station anywhere Vicki comes across a young man, she tries to make a love connection for her daughter.

Typically young people will find each other if put within 20-yards of each other, if they’re attracted to one another they certainly don’t need Vicki acting like a fool.  Briana is actually forced to tell her mother to “STOP!”.

Later we see Briana sitting alone with Danielle who plays double duty as Briana’s girlfriend and Vicki’s office manager.  The two discuss Briana moving away from her mother in order to have a chance to live her life without her mother’s constant hovering.  I hope this poor, lovely girl has a chance to get away from her overbearing mother.

It never ceases to amaze me that Vicki never learns.  She’s like a dog with a bone and even after watching her ridiculous behavior for six years on-screen, she still tries to trick viewers into thinking she’s having the time of her life, her “woo-hoo” and screaming at the top of her lungs fools no one, as the rest of her group are mortified by her behavior.  Vicki continues to embarrass her children and act like a complete fool around young men.

This episode included a lot of backstabbing, embarrassing behavior and women acting like children.  The OC Housewives are back baby!

The Celebrity Apprentice by Quincy IL

Celebrity Apprentice Week 2

Star Jones met with her cardiologist to present a check for $169,372 to the American Heart Association from ASAP’s win in week one.

The competitors met in from of Madison Square Garden Arena to discuss their next project.  They were asked to create a children’s book based on one member of their team.  The book should have originality. They will present the book to children. Their story must be age appropriate for 3 to 6 year old children.  Holly Robinson and Marjorie Tyler will be the judges of the book competition.

Backbone/men’s team chose Meatloaf as project manager.  Their original concept was to create animal characters, but after discussion a boy, Little John, became the main focus of their story.  He would have trouble fitting in and eventually become a super hero.

ASAP/women’s team chose Lisa Rinna, who did not want to take the position, but finally accepted.  The women had greater difficulty in coming up with a theme for their story.  The concept of diversity was discussed.  Marlee suggested that the main character be deaf.  Dione felt that this was sad and that the book should make children happy.  Marlee took offence as she is deaf and there is nothing sad about this condition. She was visibly angry at Dione and stated her opinions in an interview.

The women’s group attacked each other. LaToya felt that Lisa was not taking charge. Nene said that they didn’t want to be led by Lisa and that they didn’t want anything good to happen to Lisa. Taylor said, “The concept of tolerance and being shy was too difficult for a 2, 3, 4, or 5 year old to understand.”

The men used rhyme in sentences as if the story was a country song.  They were advised by a judge not to do this as it was difficult, but they had several writers and they decided to write in this manner.

The women met with the judge and they discussed their story: “Why Can’t I Roar? The judged asked them to think about originality and the age of the children.

The men proceeded with acquiring props and costumes as their story was quickly written. There was a problem getting the props to the stage area and the woman in charge of the performance area screamed at the men on the phone. There seemed to be a problem in NYC with cellphone connectivity.  That led to frustration from several members of the men’s team.

Lisa left Star and Nene to write the book and work with the graphic artist as they went for props and costumes. Star worked on the project and later wanted credit, but she refused to make the final decisions and demanded that Lisa return so that Star would not be blamed if the book did not take first place. Dione wanted credit for creating the story also.

During rehearsal time, Dion worked with the pianist and sang a song she created. Don Trump Jr. felt this story was similar to “The Wizard of Oz.”  Two posters and a box of flyers were also designed for the production by the women.  Lisa thought the team was working well, but behind her back several people were critical of her leadership skills. Lisa had issues with Dione who responded that she/Dione was not a two year old.  Star and Nene were also very negative towards Lisa who was called, “condescending.”

The women performed before the children with the ladies playing the roles, of a dog, a chicken, a mother lion, and a young female lion (la Toya.)  Dione’s song was called, “She Can Do It.”  The children participated in the story.  Nene played a giant chicken. Lisa held up the book and read it to the children telling the story.

The men had dressed up like children and were sitting on small chairs.  Jose was their female teacher.  Little John defeated the bullies with a rap song, sun glasses and a large gold chain around his neck.  Meatloaf read the book from his lap.

The judges and children liked both books and both performances.

Back in the board room, both teams reflected on their book and performances.  The men’s team had some issues, but they did support each other in the end. Everyone thought that Meatloaf had done well as team leader and he put his soul into the performance and at one time had tears.  Gary Busey acted naturally like a 6 year old, but some felt that he had a lack of focus often.   Mr. Trump took the time to compliment Lisa on her lips and to wonder why women inject stuff into their lips in the first place. Lisa was shocked that her team mates did not have her back.  The women looked at the men’s book and described it as cute.  The men thought the type in the women’s book was too small.

The Judges liked the idea that the Jackson Family was a part of the women’s book, but print was small and the concept was too difficult for a 5 year old.  Taylor stepped forward to remind them she had said this in the beginning. The men’s story was age appropriate, but the confetti could scare children and Meatloaf should have held up the book while he read.

The men were awarded first place and $20,000 was given to Meathloaf’s charity, “The Painted Turtle.” This charity helps chronically ill children. The men were asked to leave and watch the proceeding on a television in their conference room.

The women proceeded to attack each other.  Lisa, Dione, and Star were asked to come back.  Mr. Trump had to defend Lisa and give her reasons that the other two women should be sent home.  Lisa was then fired; as she left she thanked everyone for the opportunity. Star and Dione walk down a hallway together, but not speaking.

Thanks Quincy, great job!

Celebrity Apprentice contestant Richard Hatch has apparently been returned to his jail cell, read about it here:


An article posted by The UK site, “Mail Online” is pretty funny, so behind the times they actually linked Kelly Bensimon of the Real Housewives of New York with A-Rod.

They also got her ex-husband’s name wrong, calling him Teddy Bensimon (her daughter’s name) but the comments are the best!  Enjoy!


Remember Kelly was going to start her very own on line show, with cameras following her all day she was going to have a 24/7 webcast of her life?  I wonder what happened to that brilliant idea?  I was really looking forward to it.

Bethenny’s foodie friend Nick has a web site!  Thanks Quincy for sharing it with us!


Until Next Time…


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276 Responses to IHJZ The Celebrity Apprentice / The Real Housewives of Orange County

  1. HD says:

    I thought it was hilarious to watch Peggy and Alexis compete with their children. I mean really? Who gives a damn? They are kids. Trust me at some point both kids will be able to count to a 100. Just go to the park and have a good time.

    • Sha2000 says:

      I’m kind of glad actually when we have scenes without the kids. The only kids worth watching on the entire franchise was Kara (she was funny) and Brianna. I do agree though that that little girl did speak very clearly, lol it was like watching the Etrade baby.

      • HD says:

        I couldn’t believe that little girl could talk like that either. That was pretty amazing.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Her verbal skills were great;

          I think that Alexis kids typical are typical two year olds. I get her need to find something to brag about (my kid can scribble the best, ect) but I really think she has deluded herself into thinking they are some sort of child prodigies.

    • Olivia says:

      One kid has been “modeling” from the time she was 3 months old!

      London and Capri? Who names their kids after a city and a pair of pants?

      • quincyil says:

        I think she got pregnant in London and on the Isle of Capri. I was made in Mexico on my parents’ honeymoon.


        Acapulco Q

        • Olivia says:

          Jennifer Gilbert had a kid named Blaize.

          Assuming he was conceived during a fire you may have a point regarding name selection.

      • cusi77 says:

        Lol. Capri is an Italian Island in the south of Naples. It seems like the new wife likes the names of cities in the world.

        Thank you Lynn, you are a GREAT writer. You saved the hour I lost last night watching this women, making so funny to read today! Thanks Quincy… I forgot to watch “The apprentice” very well put!

        • HD says:

          I forgot to watch the Apprentice too. So many of these shows you need a guide to keep up. MDL, BEA, RHOC, The Apprentice, Miami (or not), Top Chef…is that all of them?

          • LavaLady says:

            I know, HD, I am consumed with my tv shows lately. I watch Amazing Race, American Idol, House, Glee, BEA and RHOC, and Celebrity Apprentice. Every night at dinner I annouce to my husband and son what I will be watching that evening. I always wind up watching alone. Except for house, they don’t watch what I watch.

  2. Terry says:

    I’m pleased to report that I finally found RHOC boring last night. The behavior no longer shocked me into trying to figure out the women, and what I did watch was depressingly repetitious.

    1. Vicki leading her band of teenage insurance minions on a “Let’s have fun like Vicki” excursion. She sexually harassed a couple of people, mortified her long-suffering daughter, and abused various wait staff. She also got in a number of digs about her husband, who she considers boring.
    Vicki has OCPD, her development was arrested, and everything has to be about Vicki. Check.

    2. Tamra continues to be her classy self and wears too much make-up and has way-too-blond hair. Floozy! She’s as mean-spirited as ever.

    3. Gretchen is silly. We know.

    I can’t even remember the other ones. Oh! Jesus Barbie! Boring lectures about life according to the Scripture, but with implants that are surely a reflection of what Jesus would do.

    Once upon a time I watched, riveted by these strange creatures. The novelty has worn off though,

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      I dont find Gretchen silly in the least
      i did find her to be quite witty and charming later on wwhl
      im also so sock of people believing the lies regarding Slade and his supposed not paying child support which is not true
      and Lynn as for why Gretchen might be changing tactics regarding Icky & Trampmora it might be with how those two try to interupt every aspect of Gretchen & Slades life like Icky trying to call in to wwhl and ask slade what he is doing in NYC when his son is going to be operated on again
      failing to mention that it isnt till wednesday and there is somthing called an airplane that will get him there in plenty of time
      And then you have that other trampmora making all those disgusting comments on the show like she is so high and mighty please everytime i hear her speak i wanna get chopsticks and shove them in my ears repeatedly to make it stop
      watching Icky flirt with her young male employees is enough to give anyone the dry heaves
      but when she told that queen how he should cross his legs had i been there i would have to slap her H A R D

      mind you thats the bitch that says every year she isnt coming back giving me false hope that the show will become fun
      if Gretchen leaves the show so will I
      as she is the only one besides Slade that i like
      which brings me back to my other pet peeve how people ask him over and over if he is a housewives serial dater
      Uh hello these are /were thhe woman that are in his social group of friends
      why wouldnt he have dated them
      and last i checked they all had free will

  3. Olivia says:

    I have repeatedly asked myself why I watch this stuff. The only answer seems to be that I too suffer from a form of “braindead” syndrome that attacks during the time these shows appear on air.

    The fact that most of what it presented has been shown on a “continuous loop” of repetition is an example of how deep this syndrome has infested my brain.

    Essentially it is the “same old, same old” stuff we have seen throughout these series. The same themes repeated ad infinitum but delivered by separate casts of overbleached women trying to appear like “wealthy, classy femme fatales”. The “humor” is in their weak attempts to impress.

    Who’s sexier, wealthier, happier, classier. They all fall short in every department. Yet I find myself drawn to most of these outpourings of nonsense while judging their behavior from a distance. The “comedy” rests in the fact that they take themselves so seriously. The “humor” attached to their outrageous behavior and comments escapes them entirely. Dressed in their designer clothes, they appear more often than not like the stuffing shoved into a sausage.

    Alex appears to be the one closest to “normal” out of a cast of nutjobs which only begs the question of why she would stoop to appear with these women who are as fake as the boobs they sport.

    These shows are “trainwrecks” which probably says more about me in that I watch them from a different perspective. The exact opposite of “feminism” regardless of what Bravo intends.

    • HD says:

      I am getting the “get them before they get me vibe” from Gretchen. I think Vicki and Tamra were so mean to her on the past seasons that she doesn’t want to give them that opportunity again.

      I also am curious on how the sales are going for various items. The only one I think is making any real money is Bethanny.

      • HD says:

        Sorry. I meant to post this on Q’s comment below.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Well G selling her used sneakers & Target shoes are an indication that times are tight…it’s okay too I just wish they’d own up to it and say hey things aren’t as good as they once are but thank goodness I’m on this show & get a paycheck.

        • HD says:

          Who is G? What sneakers? Someone is selling sneakers?

            • Sha2000 says:

              Don’t get me wrong. if it pays the bills good! Just don’t try to sell us, that you are some mogul when your trying to make ends meet like everyone else.

              • 2Stupid says:

                Sha, oh my gosh you are right she is selling running shoes and Target brand shoes! What the heck? I have really seen it all now. I hear you about whatever you need to do to pay the bills, but these guys are like Atlanta, none of these HW’s have any money. I really don’t think Vicki makes as much as she says.

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                I’m actually speechless.

                It would be one thing to sell them at garage sale- but doesn’t she really think her old smelly runners are going to attract some kind of bidding war?

                What’s next? Soiled panties?

                • Intensity38 says:

                  She would probably make more money selling her used panties. LOL
                  I heard that certain designers use the HW’s to wear and show their lines then let them have the clothes. Last year, I saw Gretchen selling the clothes she wore on the show which made me wince.
                  Not sure why people would spend a boatload of money just to say. ‘this dress I have on was WORN by Gretchen Rossi from the OC housewives. (“who”)
                  I think they all believe they are way more famous than they really are. I cringed last night when Gretchen referred to herself as the “White Oprah”
                  If I were Oprah, I’d sue her ass. LOL
                  The song, ugh, All the songs from these HW’s are autotuned or Synthasized and none have ever hit the top 40 never mind any other music platform
                  I think that Jacqueline from NJ is the ONLY housewife who is not peddling something. Other HW’s should take notice. I think I am not the only fan who is tired of always trying to be ‘sold’ to.
                  Jill Zarin is still trying to sell her damn book! That in itself is a complete Joke!

    • error404 says:

      HA! You’re a better zombie than I! lol The only Bravo crack I’m currently smoking is BEA and even then it’s half-heatedly. Mr404 makes us watch the rerun on Tues. So far, both times I’ve resisted and then been pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed it. It boggles my mind how many people complain about it, although all the whining about her being too whiny is rather funny.

      • Brigid A. says:

        Interesting. Sort of boggles my mind to think of Mr. Brigid being remotely interested enough in any HW program to “make” us watch.

  4. quincyil says:

    I love Nick…and I am going to read his blog!

    Plus, now that bravo took the blog away, I am dying to know what she wrote in the blog about the Tamra kiss with the new girl. Does anyone know what was in that?

    I am used to the housewives selling wares, but what I really want to know is how are sales really going. The economy is a total wreck. Do people have the money for their products of the reality stars? Dear Gretchen, I am the equivalent of Wanda in Witchita. In fact, Witchita is a larger city than Quincy. I am not buying your purse because I thought the woman teaching you how to sell was rude to all of the Wandas living in Flyover Country. Plus, I’d rather buy something on sale in our one nice department store.

    When Gretchen came on the show, I liked her and fell for her nice girl routine. I now feel used by Gretchen.

    Believe it or not, there are moments of Alexis Bellino that I like. When she was in the car telling Gretchen she was off base last week, I connected with Alexis for a moment. I understand wanting a tight family when you have small children too. I also understand wanting your own life. I’m not “into” her statements about God, but I never have problems with people being religious or non-religious. I think that is a personal choice and none of my business.

    Tamra is aging and it must be frightening for a woman who feels that the only thing she has had in her life is her beauty. The day will come when she no longer commands attention from men and she really suffers as she knows that day is coming.

    Vicki is psychotic and that is not a compliment. I was as shocked as the entire audience that the presenter used that word. rotfl.

    Nene was mean to Lissa Rinna in the interviews and stabbed her in the back in the board room discussion. Last week, I liked Star Jones and Dion Warwick, but I did not like them this week. Marlee Matelin is my hero. Taylor, the model is beautiful and smart. I hope one of these two women wins the challenge in “Celebrity Apprentice.”

    Only $20,000 for charity this week? That’s a lot of star power. Donald Trump needs to cough up more of the profits, in my opinion.

    Lissa Rinna took a blow over her lip reduction. I think we need to have an intervention over Mr. Trumps hair style and embarass him on national tv.

    Tonight… I will watch “The Artist’s Studio” for the board and “Stargate Universe” for my lonely blog in the darkness of cyberspace.

    “Bethenny Ever After” will be the hit of Lynn’s blog tomorrow.


    • viki55 says:

      opps, sorry, posted the link and THEN went to read the blog.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Sometimes skinny is not good.

        • Intensity38 says:

          Bethenny has always looked ‘little’ but I think that she is getting too skinny.
          Her face looks very ‘skeletal’ and her eyes are sunken in.
          The only reason she doesn’t look worse is because of her 34F’s.
          Someone needs to tell her to put on a little weight. I think she is using so much energy with everything she is doing and she is still eating lightly, that she is just dropping pounds.
          If she really wants to have another baby, she may want to put on a few pounds.
          Too much weight is bad and too little is also bad.
          I hope someone she trusts will let her know.
          If TV adds ten pounds on you, she must look horrifying in person.

    • VAgirl says:

      She doesn’t have a waistline. The trunk of her body is kind of straight like a man’s.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        There is nothing feminine about Kelly’s body – showing sagging skin is never pretty and bikinis are not her friend either. Kelly sees herself differently than we (or the camera) see her!

        • quincyil says:

          We all get older. She was in the sun alot.

          • HD says:

            It is the way her body is shaped. It’s shaped kind of like a man.

            • Intensity38 says:

              Maybe Kelly had an operation at a young age? LMAO! J/K
              She is starting to pay for all her hours in the sun and tanning beds.
              Her skin looks leatherish.
              Someone should tell her to get to a dermatologist ASAP!

    • Noreen says:

      She should keep her clothes on in public. I don’t know whose body they used for her payboy shots.

  5. twoile says:

    Thanks 4 the gr8 blog Lynn, just wanted 2 let ppl know that the Boston Herald newspaper has an interview w/ Beth in the “Inside Tracks” section of the paper today, not very enthusiastic but thought some might want 2 c. OT I’ve tried 2 right click to post the link but only come up w/select all & I made that mistake once…….never again, any suggestions? 😉

  6. NYCer says:

    Did anyone see WWHL? I like Gretchen but she never answers a question with a straight answer. She is really good at using her laugh and saying something goofy to get off subject. It’s clear she got something done to her face–I just like it better when people on tv admit it–it would be rude to ask in real life but if you are on tv and your appearance changes between seasons, own it. Or say, it’s none of your business, instead of denying. The one thing that surprised me on the show was Slade–I never paid much attention to him before–but last night was surprised by the huge gay vibe from him last night. How many times can a man use the word fabulous in a 30-min show and not set off some alarms? They make a good couple–he is not funny at all but Gretchen giggles at everything.

    • Olivia says:

      I watched it and found it to be one of the most annoying “interviews” ever presented by Andy.

      Gretchen and Slade made some of the dumbest comments in an attempt to be “funny” but just showed them as two clueless morons basking in the attention.

      Gretchen then went on to say again that Slade’s job is to “bone her in the bedroom” and then went on to apologize to her parents. Her father then tweeted that he was “interested” in getting fixed up with Andy. After which Slade went on to declare that indeed he “does work” but as a “consultant”. Whatever that entails.

      Another half hour of my life that I will not get back. What is wrong with me?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Gretchen and Slade both make me sick.

        I can’t believe all the lies that come out of their mouths.
        The fact that Gretchen still believes that Tamra owes her because she revealed the fact that she was involved with another man while with Jeff is laughable. It was proven in court Gretchen. OWN IT

        The fact that Slade is lying about not being arrears in his child support when he is- over 130K and running. He tried to play the shell and nut game by saying he was paying Grey’ medical bills. LIE!!! You don’t get a choice to pay medical OR CS- usually it’s CS and 50% or more of out of pocket medical expenses.

        And while we are on that subject- wasn’t he maintaining health insurance for his son? Most plans have a maximum out of pocket of 5k per year.

        Not to mention, when the whole Gretchen fiasco was happening, it came out in court (according to ROL) that he had his income put in Gretchen’s name so that the IRS and California Dept of Child Support services couldn’t go after him.

        And Andy just sits there and doesn’t bat an eye lash.

        Next week, we see Slade driving yet again to Palm Springs while having a suspended drivers license. I wonder if he got into a wreck if Bravo could be sued for helping to facilitate criminal activity.

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        she didnt say bone she said bang
        it was a joke

        everything seems to either bore or annoy you with these shows
        why are you even watching

      • Noreen says:

        You are so correct about those two people!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Yes! WWHL Blog tomorrow along with BEA blog 🙂

      I didn’t get a gay vibe from Slade, I got a Slime vibe! He thinks that he’s funny but his attitude just makes him come off as an idiot.

      I think Gretchen can do so much better!

      • Olivia says:

        Or maybe not.

        I mean, imagine bringing her home “to meet the family” after watching her for a couple of seasons on this series.

        As a mother I would need smelling salts to get back off the floor.

        Or introducing her to the family as the girl “boning my son”.

        Good God in Heaven!

        • Anon says:

          Scum + Scum = A lot of Scum
          Gretchen and Slade are the perfect match!
          And Gretchen’s father still gives me a weird vibe, something off about this family.

      • quincyil says:

        I think Slade dyed his hair.

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        Thats your opinion Lynn But Gretchen deepley loves him and he loves her too
        they make each other happy
        he isnt abusing her like tamara claims her hubby did
        funny on the reunion show she never said anything aalong the lines except that thier marriage was over but that he was a decent guy
        wonder when decent went to abusive

    • Intensity38 says:

      Maybe Slade is trying to get Andy.
      Hey, He bagged the HW’s now he must bed Andy otherwise no conquest.

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        i only hope your joking if not this is the dumbest thing i have ever read in here

  7. WindyCityWondering says:

    Thanks Lynn and Quincy for your hard work!

    While OC is the longest running in the franchise, it has never held my interest an entire season. None of these women are interesting! None of their “problems and dramas” are interesting! They are too self absorbed to have careers or relationships and it is about how hot you look and whether or not anyone wants to sleep with them. Can’t like them and can’t hate them and can’t find anything to care about with any of them. This is like an album that got the needle stuck on a very boring part and no one cares enough to fix the skip…..and when Bravo finally pulls the plug on this franchise, I will say woohoo!

    • Nancy says:

      You better hope that Vicki doesn’t read this. “To self absorbed to have careers”

    • tvtwaddle says:

      I totally agree. It’s sad when you hate the franchise of your own town.
      (btw, this is @tweatcyn. I’m logged in under my wordpress blog name at the moment)

  8. Olivia says:

    I realize that we are not watching Masterpiece Theater when tuning into these broadcasts but the level that this series has sunk to is amazing.

    Gretchen is shown in an upcoming scene discussing what gets Slade “hard” or “soft” as Tamra gallivants in a hot tub with Eddie. Factor in Vicki hitting on college aged students to fill up her “love tank” and Sonja looking for a guy to “f#ck” her and a whole new low is being reached.

    Who needs fashion shows when the Playboy Channel is being challenged?

  9. quincyil says:

    I think Bravo is really doing a number on the Bellinos this year. That was a lot of old footage to show the Jim is controlling. There were rumors that Jim had issues with Bravo over filming. I bet Bravo is going to show us a lot more of Jim than either of the Bellinos want.

  10. WindyCityWondering says:

    CA – the celebrities this season don’t mesh well – the guys are being “guys” and the women seem too eager to cull the herd. Glad that Lisa is gone – she looked excluded, unhappy and disgusted from the first boardroom to her elimination. Trump’s comments about Lisa’s lips was rude as was Dionne’s comment about deafness being too sad for children (especially with a deaf member of their team).
    Teamwork seems to be a concept lost on the women’s team more so than for the men. Maybe it’s too many big personalities or that many of these celebrities are used to getting things done their way and see this as a way to showcase their talents more so than a way to support many great charities.

    • quincyil says:

      This is the first time I watched one of these shows. Are they told to be aggressive with each other or is that what naturally takes place when you place celebrities together?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Trump seems to be on board the drama train now and it will be reflected in his show. I imagine they are told to bring their big personalities. And I can see that some are wrapped up in their own greatness more so than for the reason for being on the show. IMO, the aggressiveness seems out of place in the business world (as in wouldn’t you get fired if you acted like that with your coworkers?) and ironic as this show is about raising funds for charity.

  11. NYCer says:

    Oh Lynn, please write about the aftershow in tomorrow’s blog! I just watched online. Slade is super slimey for sure–it’s like Jo, take 2. He’s putting Gretchen in some sort of song and dance show. She has no idea where it is or what it is about–had to turn to Slade when Andy asked the question. I think Slade thinks he is creating some sort of Suzanne Somers. And what didn’t work with Jo will work with Gretchen. Gosh, I really hope she is not supporting him financially.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO – she is supporting him (place to live, sex and the opportunity to be on tv)! The question about child support was not asked seriously and his explanation of wanting to put his money towards medical bills vs child support was…..well very slimy! Gretchen doesn’t see what she doesn’t want to see but I bet she isn’t giving him money for his son.

      • NYCer says:

        and I bet he set up this show for her and is taking a “management” fee.

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        god how is it that grown adulst hear something and twist it to make it seem bad
        the medical cost for his son are very costly he would rather the money he is giving now for schild support be changed so that more of it goes to the medical cost
        how on earth is that slimmy
        his son is very ill wouldnt that be your first concern if your chil was ill

        • Intensity38 says:

          You cannot CHOOSE what your going to pay in child support,
          Slade was supposed to keep his son covered with medical insurance.
          Now the state of CA and the county Grayson lives in is paying it.
          If Slade is paying, why isn’t his arrears going down?
          He lost his license AGAIN after he stopped paying.
          AND, he paid just enough to get his license back and then stopped his payments.
          No states ALLOW the supporting parent to choose what they want to pay.
          He also said he is the one that files for the court hearings.
          This is a very smart tactic that a lot of lawyers tell their clients to do to keep them from being served by the other side.
          Then they postpone, postpone, postpone.

          • Intensity38 says:

            Also, The court papers do not lie. If you insist on having Slade’s back, then you need to read the court records and transcripts (you need to go to the courthouse for this)
            Then, and only then will you see what is going on.
            Slade is NOT paying his son’s medical bills and NO state gives ANY person the right to CHOOSE where their payments go to.
            Grayson’s is on a state paid medical program and you cannot just pay those bills yourself because the child, the parent or the support payer are not billed for services.
            I think you may want to check this all out before you are made a fool by believing him.
            I know the laws and have seen the court orders, and the transcripts.
            Slade is a ‘run-away’ parent.
            Yes, I bet he does love his son, but he cannot seem to put Grayson before him as every good parent would do.
            Sorry, DJ, but your believing a man who is lying.
            Grayson’s mother has been caring for him since birth and Slade has been an absentee parent.
            His drivers license was again suspended due to him not paying,
            Jail is not an option in most states because the jails are overcrowded and they would need to build a hell of a lot of jails in order to jail deadbeat parents.

            • PJ says:

              Have you actually read the court documents and if so why?

            • DJ Fruit Loops says:

              how do you lose a drivers license over not paying child support what does one have to do with the other other
              as for jails being overcrowded that is true however people with the tiniest drug infractions get thrown into jail every day
              if he were really doing what your saying he would be there too

              • Intensity38 says:

                California law, If a parent does not pay their child support they lose their license.
                It’s strange because most people do need a car and a license to drive to work to pay their support BUT the courts say that this punishment has made a lot of men and women step up and start paying their support.
                And I read the court documents on a blog what’s left of your head and on the courts web site.
                Hope that answers your questions and yes I was joking about Slade and Andy. Slade is the one who made the gay joke. I just followed.
                Anyway. Slade lost his license last year and got it back after paying 2 monts of support and then the courts took it away because he stopped paying again.
                Slade does not and had not paid any of Graysons hospital bills. So dont you let him fool you.
                Graysons medical bills are paid for by the state of CA’s taxpayers.
                Does this seem fair when Slade says he is working?
                Does this seem fair, when Slade is out partying with Gretchen and jetsetting all over the US?
                Not Fair.
                Pretty soon Ca may be one of the first states to make the deadbeat parents work picking up trash and cleaning rest rooms. I hope they do this.

              • Intensity38 says:

                Nope. No room in jail for deadbeat parents.
                But Slade may end up in Jail sooner or later if he keeps doing what the court tells him not to.
                Check out this site which has the court informatin on it and if you have any questions, I am sure The web host will answer them for you.

        • twoile says:

          @JP, I could b incorrect but it would make sense, I read long x ago on his xwives blog re youngest child that the child is rec’g Medicade as they had exhausted all their resources. IMHO Slade wouldn’t b jailed no matter how much he owes in support as the Cal system is so badly overcrowded (Many early releases) Judges don’t sent them 2 jail. If U
          r really interested look up the newspaper articles & court docs. I don’t believe Slade.

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      her song sounded fine from what you could hear she actually can sing unlike WIG
      Andy thought the song was auto tunned Gretchen said it wasnt Andy didnt look like he believed her and instead of having her sing some live to prove it he started to ask slade what had been done slade also said it wasnt enhanced or auto tuned

      • HD says:

        I thought she said they used a synthesizer. Anyone that can hear knows that was not Gretchen’s true singing voice.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Oh god, I didn’t watch the entire episode of wwhl yet…are they treating us to another housewife one hit wonder? Ugh, they are always awful! So far Khandi is the only one who can sing & actually does it for a living.

        • DJ Fruit Loops says:

          they only played 20 secs
          dont see how you could tell that wasnt her voice from that
          last week i heard for the first time Barbara Eden sing
          it didnt sound anything like her speaking voice but it was her singing live
          all i know is she insisted it wasnt autotuned

  12. shamrockblonde says:

    ack – where to start – Gretchen has changed – and not for the better – Slimey is wearing off on her I fear – Tamara – scared silly of growing older and not at all handing aging very well, is she? This is what happens when all you count on is your looks – yes, they will open doors for you, and it does make your life a bit easier, but that is ALL it will do – you need more than that to survive in the world –

    as for Celebritity Apprentice – I want Dionne and Star gone – especially Dionne – from her disturbing behavior toward the deaf, to her wish to be listed as the author of the book instead of sharing credit with her team was something I found astonishing – and shameful – I’ve never liked Star – last night all she did was solidify that feeling – what a witch –

    The OC is just not doing it for me – I pray for Brianna –

  13. PJ says:

    While last week I really liked Star this week I’m not so sure. I can see why Star and Nene eventually fall out. Although I think Star will be a contender to win, she is one tough cookie. Last week I thought Dionne was the weak link on the women’s team and this week confirmed it. Dionne just is not a team player. I think whenever she becomes the team leader she will bomb terribly. I always liked Dionne for her music but after watching CA I’m not sure I like her as a person.

    Why oh why can’t women work together? That is the big question. They just can’t support one another. Last week I didn’t like Lisa that much. This week I thought she needed to learn who to assign to certain tasks, and then to take responsibility by checking what was done. For instance why assign Star to write a children’s book when Star has no children? Wouldn’t someone with children have done a better job? Since Lisa does have children why didn’t she realize that the font was too small? Why didn’t they listen to Nicki, she was right about the concept being too difficult for children in that age group? Still even with all the mistakes Lisa made I would have sent Dionne home because the concept was hers and it failed, also because Dionne does not work well with others.

    • LavaLady says:

      I agree with all you have written, PJ. And I think next week DW is the project Manager. Should be interesting to see how she handles it.

    • JKW says:

      PJ ….”You took the words right out of my mouth ! The women were like “Bats of Hell”. Yea, I love Meatloaf….at least his singing anyway. I was wondering during the pizza competition why he wasn’t out there singing. I would have run up to see him….but run from Busey. Charlie Sheen should pay attention….that will be him in a few yrs. IF that doesn’t scare you then nothing will.

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      the men dont really support each other all that well either

      • kbinldo says:

        I wanna see Jose deck Richard. 🙂

      • PJ says:

        Better than the women do though. If you can’t support your team you don’t have a very good chance of winning. It’s like the women can’t see the forest for the trees. Just suck it up and support your team and win for crying out loud. There is being a strong woman and then is just being a B. Some of these women fall into the second category and being a B is not real strength, its pretend strength. Working through your issues and supporting the team that is genuine strength. For goodness sake two of them demanded to have their names put on that book…..and it was the loosing book! It would have been so funny if Lisa had given in to that demand and they went before Trump with the loosing book with their names plastered on it. Lisa just didn’t know who to put on which task. The men (Meatloaf) put the right people on the right tasks; except for Jose he wasn’t that good as the teacher, the rest were great. As soon as I saw what the men did I knew they were the winners.

    • tvtwaddle says:

      I don’t know why Marlee didn’t volunteer to be the PM of ASAP since she has already published three books, and one of them at least was a children’s book.

  14. HD says:

    Okay…I might be lost but is that used stuff Gretchen is selling on her site? Like an ebay type of set up? Where are the fancy handbags?

    • Intensity38 says:

      She is selling her handbags on ShopNBC. She did one show last year
      Most are on clearance now.
      Make sure to check the reviews if your going to buy one. ;o)

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I was wondering the same thing. She’s running her own personal consignment shop?

      • vilzvet says:

        She is apparently selling her own either “never worn” or “gently used” items from her own wardrobe, believe it or not. The word “auction” is used in at least one of the descriptions. Unreal.

        • Sha2000 says:

          I posted it not to criticize, but to point out that once again we are being sold a story of wealthy career women, when in actual reality they just trying to make ends meet like a lot of other people.

  15. Realminkey says:

    OMG what a serious Kellamity! And judging from the overseas coverage, that beef jerky bod is an international phenomenon!

    I had heard that Dionne Warwick was diva-like, but didn’t realize how just mean she is. She’s a cold, egotistical bitch. I googled her to verify that she’s really 70, and she is, but I think she looks older and very worn out. She also dressed kinda frumpy-dumpy for someone who obviously considers herself to be such an icon/star in everyone’s eyes. Get ridda her!

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      Dionne is a icon though isnt she
      not saying that gives her right to be amean spirited bitch but she is a icon

      • Realminkey says:

        It’s fine for us to consider her an icon (which she is to a certain generation), but she takes her own self-image as one too far… Maybe that’s why she’s such a bitch. Anyway, my point was that her dress doesn’t match her own icon self-image. I think she pretty much looks like most of the women in my mom’s senior facility. And actually, my 83 year old retired-deacon Episcopalian church lady mother dresses with much more flair.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Haven’t watched yet, but I remember my mom playing her music when I was growing up, she has a beautiful voice but no where the range or as beautiful as her niece Whitney Houston.

        • DJ Fruit Loops says:

          once your an Icon your always a icon
          there are certain women that you just cant touch in that
          clothing doesnt make the Icon
          talent does
          once again im not saying she isnt a bitch just that she has achieved living legend status

      • Intensity38 says:

        Your right! A lot of these so called “Icons” think they have the right to be bitchy and mean to those around them,
        I believe that is why they are usually done. History. I bet nobody would have heard from Dionne (without a reality show) until her passing.

  16. PJ says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Kelly looks terrible in a bikni? I just don’t see the fabulous body she thinks she has.

    • PJ says:


      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Bikinis are not Kelly’s friend! They belong on her coffee table not on her body.

      • viki55 says:

        Read the comments on the UK link….you are not alone!

        • quincyil says:

          Andy Cohen compliments Kelly on her body. The other women on the show do too. She could look better in real life.

          • Zoey says:

            These pictures of Kelly in a bikini are just not flattering. What I’m confused about is how she can have such flat pancake-y, flabby buttocks when she works out so much and appears to be rock hard everywhere else? Nothing about her makes sense!

            On Scary Island they showed her on a stair climber-type machine. With that type of workout I would think she would have a firmer bum.

          • boston02127 says:

            maybe she looks better in real life….with a snow suit on.

            • Tracy without an E says:

              Really and truly there comes a time for most women when a bikini no longer works (save for Helen Mirren cuz that dame is delish). Something about the tanning and the loose skin maybe? Her body shape is a bit too boxy, I think. In all fairness though, my bikini days are also far behind me as well. 😦

          • Sha2000 says:

            I think she’s one of those people who look better clothed.

    • Noreen says:

      It is frightening! But she has great body image – I gotta give her that.

  17. quincyil says:

    If someone read the blog taken off of bravo, I would like to know what it said.

    • LavaLady says:

      IDK, I can’t figure out what everyone means by a missing blog. Gretchen has two up so far, March 6 and 11. Was there another one or was it another housewife’s. I re read today’s blog and posts but I guessed I missed something?

      • HD says:

        The Brazilian woman wrote a blog but it is gone now. (At least that is what I got.)

        • LavaLady says:

          Wait, the Brazilian woman from Miami Housewives??

          • HD says:

            Yes, unless I understood Lynn wrong which is possible.

            • LavaLady says:

              I went back again and found the part in Lynn’s blog. It was the blog of the faux housewife, Fernanda, that was removed. IDK why. Look under her picture and you can read what Lynn says about it. Sorry for confusing you!!!

              • HD says:

                Oh, girl! I meant the Brazilain woman for OC. I’m sorry. I wonder why they would remove it. I guess she is not an official housewive yet.

                • LavaLady says:

                  IDK why they would remove it. Lynn said it was short and sweet. I don’t think we really need another OC housewife though. Too many already. With Peggy it’s 6, enough already.

                  • HD says:

                    Peggy and Alexis look a lot alike to me. It seems like they all look alike lately. Except for Vicki, who I do like but she just looks a little too old to be with this group. You know how the old man looks in the club with his shirt unbutton and hair on his chest sipping some old timey drink trying to pick up young girls? LOL!

                    • LavaLady says:

                      I agree, time for Vicki to move on. Gotta love Brianna though. What a great young woman.

                    • Intensity38 says:

                      Maybe they should think about retiring Vicki and letting Briana take her place if she is able to get out of her mother’s grasp. I think Vicki is having a mid life crisis and we have had the front row seats.
                      Fell sorry for Donn. He seems like a great guy. I hope he finds someone worthy of him.

          • DJ Fruit Loops says:

            i would think they mean the brazilian lesbian who is friends with Tamaratrampoline

  18. LynnNChicago says:

    Please check the blog again, I just inserted a new POLL 🙂 Finally learned how to do it! Vote!

  19. Intensity38 says:

    The opening scene of the RHOC made my stomach turn.
    Which ONE of the producers thought that ANY of the viewers would want to see Slade Smiley coming out of the shower?
    Turned my stomach. Good thing I wasn’t eating. I would have upchucked!
    The “my kid is better than your kid, nah naa naaa naaa nah” was a disgusting attempt of Bravo’s to pit the two housewives against each other. Just wait a few weeks and Im sure there will be some sort of fighting about this off camera.
    Vicki is just Vicki. She lives to sell insurance and that is why her ‘love tank’ cannot be filled. She doesn’t have one.
    Gretchen is falling into the bad girl this season and I know she is going to lose more fans because of this. I am so tired of hearing about her makeup and her purses. Her purses are now available for a deep clearance price. Not sure why she is calling it a success when ShopNBC has not had her return since her premier.
    One note about last weeks episode. If I had purchased a Gretchen Rossi handbag I would be packing it up and sending it back ASAP.
    I think that both Gretchen and the woman who was working with her to sell her handbags were rude and they made fun of the veiwers of the show by indicating that all viewers were ‘Wanda from Witicha’ (in the voice of a back wood southern redneckeed woman) If this is what these people think of the viewers of the Real Housewives of Orange County then they do not deserve any sales from their fans. I was very offended and I didn’t even purchase a purse. If I am going to spend over 300 dollars for a purse, it certainly is not going to be a Gretchen Christine handbag (Plus the reviews on the site are not that great anyway)
    Tamra is sticking her toes in the water, now finally able to enjoy her wild ways without her prison guard in the background telling her what she is doing wrong.
    I think she really may be trying to move on, but who knows? We will have to see.
    And Alexis. Ahhhh. What can I say about this woman? the fact that she takes care of her kids three days a week and complains how tough it is, shows me that maybe her and Jim are trying to save their home frome foreclosure
    Peggy? I dont have a opinion about her yet although the gun scene made me a little uncomfortable seeing she seems to really like the feeling of that gun in her hand. I hope this doesn’t end up with a party at the shooting range! One of them may shoot themselves!
    WWHL really stunk with Slade being there.
    I turned Andy off and will not comment on the lies he is always telling about his child and his ex-wife who is raising that child. 3 phone calls a day does not a father make.
    Gretchen? If the rumors are true and you are with child. Run! Run fast, run far. Why? remember Alien? LOL
    Great recap Lynn!
    Look forward to many more.

    • LavaLady says:

      Gretchen’s pregnant?????

      • HD says:

        Please tell me Gretchen is not pregnant. Please!

        • quincyil says:

          I googled that and there were rumors in Aug 2010. She didn’t look pregnant in WWHL last night.

          • Zoey says:

            A guy on one of the gossip sites said to watch her belly ‘closely’, or something to that effect. She sure didn’t appear to have a pooch last night on WWHL. I can’t believe I actually watched some of that since both Slimy and Gretchen make me sick!

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      This is how you know that most of the stuff about slade are lies is the fact that he would have been in jail by now for not paying the child support
      its not like they dont know where he is
      if you can prove that he doesnt pay post the proof but if you cant stop spreading lies

      • Intensity38 says:

        DJ see my reply above.
        Slade Smiley is NOT paying his child support and paid just enough one month to get his license back.
        His license was once again suspended and the reason he isn’t in jail is because he has a smart lawyer who tells him to keep filing for hearings.
        That way the case is ALWAYS on the courts docket and the other side doesn’t serve b/c of that.
        And they postpone, postpone and postpone.
        If they put every parent that owes child support in jail, there would have to be another 3-4 jails opened in every state!
        I understand you like Gretchen and Slade but nothing excuses his not paying his own childs insurance and support,
        Also, he speaks about having children with Gretchen and he can’t even take care of the ones he has already.
        I wouldn’t want Gretchen to be going through this same situation in 5-6 years, would you?

        • DJ Fruit Loops says:

          unless your living with him you cant possiably know this to be a fact and yes i read your post above

          • Di says:

            Then the same logic goes for your argument, unless you’re living with him you can’t possibly know that “most of the stuff about Slade are lies.” Btw, in general legal & court proceedings are public record, that’s where the media & public have gotten the facts about slade’s delinquent child

          • Intensity38 says:

            Sorry DJ but I do know.
            No, thank goodness I am not living with him but I do know that the above is true.
            I feel sorry for Gretchen. I really believe if she had not hooked up with Slade she would have been a lot more popular.
            There are so many people out there who can’t stand Slade and will not see through their relationship to give her a chance.
            IMO he is bringing her down, fast and that is very sad.

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      I dont know which one did but i was happy to see that slab of beef

  20. Intensity38 says:

    Just a rumor so far. I don’t know if she is or not. A lot of specualtion but no verification as far as I can tell.

    Lynn, Great Poll! I think that Cat or Lisa would be great on Dancing with the Stars.
    Both are elegant and have class unlike others on the poll. LOL

  21. Vesper says:

    Can’t stand the new housewife Peggy. Ugh. I don’t think she’s hot in the least. That gun shooting scene was so sickening and self indulgent. Anyone know what her husband does for a living? We still don’t even know what Jim Bellino does! Peggy’s 2 year old was more articulate and interesting than her!!

    • Zoey says:

      And at the gun range, didn’t she say that she was hot? Who says that about themselves?!

      • LavaLady says:

        And who wears a shirt like that to target practice!

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        Trashy Tamra, wretchen Gretchen, remember Quinn (ughh trying to bleach that memory, so sad I even know her name!), Kim from RHOAtlanta, the list is endless. These trashy famewhores are totally in love with their “hotness.” The one who thinks she’s hot but is soooo not? Kelly the delusional!! Please, my eyes, can’t take another view of Kelly’s disgusting lady parts. Ugghhhh!!!! No more housewives, no more please….Lord have mercy but I think my addiction to the ho’wives may be over. Hmmm until RHOBH returns that is ; D

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        Wig does all the time LOL
        its no more true there either

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      She is the perfect friend for Alexis until she realizes that Peggy’s kids are smarter, cuter and makes more money than her motley crew.

      • HD says:

        Amen about the clothes. Really? All that to shoot a gun? She actually asked her husband what shoes should she wear. Okay.

    • Sha2000 says:

      Agree vesper & her blouse was awful!

  22. @tweatcyn says:

    Acapulco Q,
    I see a LOT of these fauxlebrity lines of crap quickly hit the clearance racks on QVC and HSN playing at midnight California time (It’s my sleeping pill-puts me right into dream land where I count cheap purses jumping over fences in the light of the moon).

    • quincyil says:

      rotfl….I will have to find that channel on the satellite.

      I loved that you noticed my new name. rotfl.

  23. WindyCityWondering says:

    How about Jill chiming in on WWHL about Gretchen’s make up – I wanna do smokey eyes just like yours!

  24. Zoey says:

    Here are pictures of Kelly in a ONE piece, walking some red carpet. I agree with a lot of the comments, she does looks- gulp – ‘better’ than in a bikini, but this human still looks strange.
    The comments after are pretty funny.


    • viki55 says:

      “saggy camel wad”

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      “But I think the way Kelly taped the man-junk up in order to wear that is truly impressive. …He sure has a pretty face.”

    • boston02127 says:

      ugg-ga-ga-ga~~~ Kelly has beef curtains.

      • HD says:

        Do you all think that maybe Kelly thought that was sexy. Like she was being coy like “Oh is my vagina showing?” knowing that is what she wanted all along for publicity?

        • Zoey says:

          That’s a good question. Like one commenter said, how do you NOT know! When a woman is wearing a swimsuit you can usually feel what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’. She had to know. I think she’s an exhibitionist. Poor us!

          Do you guys think she does self tanner or is it all from the sun? It would take a lot of time to lay out in the sun that much. I use self tanner but that crap takes time also. She obviously devotes a lot to Kelly time.

          • LavaLady says:

            Zoey, she could be getting a spray tan in a salon. They don’t take too long, and sometimes have that unnatural color.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        just a random question: why must I constantly ward of pictures of Kelly’s vagina?

        Walking the red carpet with your labia showing? yeah. no. just no.

      • Imseasquared says:

        Still hilarious Boston!

      • Intensity38 says:

        Oh Lordie! Ugh!
        Leave it up to Kelly!

    • PJ says:

      Wow!!! Oh my goodness! Yes she does look better than in a bikini, but how inappropriate. This woman just embarrasses herself all the time and seems so completely oblivious. Someone needs to tell her to put some clothes on, clothes that cover all her lady parts and her unattractive parts. Does she do this on purpose?

    • alicia says:

      I live in South Fla and the girls on south beach are truly beautiful with really
      well-proportioned bodies. Hips that curve out nicely, tight up- lifted butts.
      small breasts that are natural but nice or some augmentation. Kelly has a man-body and to display it on south beach is like taking a kia to a ferrari rally!

    • lillybee says:

      If I were Kelly, I would be so embarassed.

    • Crisanna says:

      OMB. Th

    • Crisanna says:

      OMB. I literally had tears streaming down my face at the comments!

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      I don’t know….maybe I’m in the minority but I actually think that Kelly is pretty. She’s not a classic beauty (ie Natalie Portman), but she definitely has that strong look that is typical of models. She’s not unattractive.

      I think Kellys body does not photograph well at all, which is strange since she was a model. I say this because imo, her body was looking really nice in Scary Island. She appeared to have some good lean muscle tone going on and did not look a fraction as masculine as she does in a lot of the pictures we see online. But I guess it’s possible that she upped the weight lifting and cardio too ;P

      She should have tucked her labia in though….

      • Sha2000 says:

        MissA I agree, but I won’t say she’s pretty…attractive yes. Attractive in swimwear no.

    • Noreen says:

      And she called Bethenny gross? Kreepy!

  25. boston02127 says:

    Lynn & Quincy -Great blogs, thanks.

  26. HD says:

    Did anyone else catch Alexis say she wanted to be like “Bev Cleaver”.

    Bev Cleaver? Okay…June Cleaver is a fictional icon. How can she not know one of the most famous TV mom’s in the world?

    • 2Stupid says:

      Maybe she was mixing up the children author Beverly Cleary with Leave it to Beaver June Cleaver. None of these women are the sharpest tool in the shed. Has anyone ever noticed how often Gretchen will misuse a “$5” word as my dad used to say? She is the OC’s Camille.

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      maybe she is under 50 LOL

      • HD says:

        I’m far under 50 and I know June Cleaver.

        • Intensity38 says:

          Me too, I mean Im both.
          Mid 30’s and I have heard of her, June Clever and have even seen her.
          Leave it to Beaver reruns have been shown so many times, I doubt there are many that haven’t heard of her. The whole cast is referred to all the time.

          • quincyil says:

            She often gets quotes from the Bible wrong too. I wonder if she has problems with her memory.

          • DJ Fruit Loops says:

            there is also the chance that unlike most of us here she isnt addicted to the boob tube
            i do have friends in thier 20s that had no idea who Lucy Ricardo was LOL

            • DJ Fruit Loops says:

              oh and ever worse i have some Gay Friends that have no idea who Dorothy Gale is
              to them i say hand in your badge

    • Noreen says:

      Cuz she’s stupid. Who says my daughter scribbles way better than the other kids?

  27. BlueSky_Forever says:

    Don’t you feel the need to shower with extra strength soap after viewing RHOC? lol. That’s why I don’t watch sleezy RHOC. Really Andy, Gretchen & that craptastic slimeball Slade on WWHL? Ewww. Don’t be jealous, but I had a whole 90 minutes of my life to savor doing other things.

    Like speed watching Celebrity Apprentice on dvr. Without the commercials, it takes half as long to watch! This season is not as good as previous ones. Imagine Cindy Lauper, Sharon Ozborne, that gorgeous chef (the pizza taster from last week, what’s his name?- sigh), and the eventual winner of last season, the rocker Bret Michaels. Maybe this season will get better. It’s going to be fun seeing Dionne Warwick fired. At first Star seemed nice, but not anymore. The winner of CA is not going to be the nasty person. It’s the “celeb” that is creative, tough, the best at getting people to work together & charming at the same time. That dude in the cowboy hat – he’s good. As for the women, I haven’t seen anyone that is CA winner material yet….we shall see.

    Donald Trump is not my favorite person. He is crude and annoying at best, however his business acumen is flawless. The board room is the best part of the show. The weak are quickly sent packing…because to succeed as a real project manager you have to be confidant & strong. Lisa could have gotten rid of Dionne easily. She just did not have the strength to do it even after Trump & sons gave her the opportunity.

    • Miss Anthrope says:

      I could see Mark McGrath winning. He’s pretty creative and he has a good energy and charm about him. I agree that neither Star nor Dionne are going to win. Dionne brings nothing to the table in terms of business sense, and Star is just way too egomaniacal. She has worked with many people over the years, and I don’t think a single one has anything kind to say about her. TBH, I’m only watching this season to see her and Nene go at it 🙂

  28. HD says:

    Did ya’ll see Laurie Ann from Dancing with the Stars and previously from Making the Band is getting her own Dance Show called Dance Scene on the E Channel? They sure know how to just keep recycling these shows.

  29. OneMoreInBoston says:

    um…for your viewing pleasure? boston02127 don’t look! Unless you have your eye bleach handy…

  30. MickeyMouth says:

    My first OC Photoshop – The Orange County Stepford Wife http://wp.me/pWaBw-sU

    Thanks for the blog Lynn. I haven’t read Quincy’s Apprentice blog yet because I haven’t watched it, although I know who got the boot. The dangers of twitter – spoilers.

  31. cusi77 says:

    HD- You’ve got an email girl!


  32. kbinldo says:

    I’m not all the way done reading about Celebrity Apprentice, but I just have to stop here & say a big WTF, a rhyming story is ***TOO DIFFICULT*** for little kids???? Have these judges ever heard of DR. SEUSS????? :bangs head on table: And confetti could “scare” children? WHAT? :shakes head & goes back to reading Quincy’s stellar recap:

  33. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s News Letter:

    As I sat down to write this newsletter I do so with a very heavy heart in light of the recent disasters in Japan. My deepest sympathies and condolences go out to all affected. The past few days of the nearly constant newswatching of these tragedies have made me ever grateful for all the good in my life. I value my family and friends even more. I do not take anything for granted as you never know what tomorrow may bring. With that said I think we should all make sure we have a “disaster kit” ready. Mom’s always say “better safe than sorry.” I went to FEMA’s website and wanted to share with you what I learned.

    On a lighter note, the past couple of weeks have been busy as busy can get. Our book Secrets Of A Jewish Mother was released in paperback. Mommy, Lisa and I have done several book signings and a lot of press. We are also thrilled to announce that our book has won a Connecticut Press Award. We will be honored at their ceremony on May 10th. Lisa also recently filled in for Dottie Herman on WOR in NYC. She did a fabulous job! You can watch her own show daily on Ustream from 4-6PM.

    As most of you probably know by now, The Real Housewives Of New York’s season will start on Thursday, April 7th. I’m so excited and just counting the days. The night of the premier I will be hanging out with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens so don’t go anywhere after the episode airs. Once the season starts my newsletters will be sent out on Friday’s with my blog exclusive to this newsletter. I will also soon be setting up a Ustream channel so I can do live chats. I’ll keep you all posted on the details.

    Until next time, be well.
    Love, Jill

    PS–Kel, tuck in those beef curtains, you’re making people sick.
    (ok…I added the PS)

    • OneMoreInBoston says:


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Guess what Jill – won’t be watching WWHL with you on it! Guessing Andy is getting your squeezer mess out of the way before the season gets good so he won’t have to listen to your nonstop foghorn whining about wanting to be on WWHL. And as for your HW blog being exclusively on your website – won’t be going there either. Guessing Andy’s interns are cheering that they don’t have to read the garbage that gets dog piled your way anymore!

      PS – why not put your money where your mouth is and give the profits from your award buying book to the people of Japan?

      • Zoey says:

        Yeah, funny she didn’t say anything about giving to the cause or mention any charity associated with the disaster in Japan. Guess those purse strings are still tight.

        Maybe someone should suggest that to her, maybe on Twitter? To donate some or all of her book proceeds! Let’s see how she declines that one.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Haha she’s doing a “private” blog so that Bravo can’t control the comments. She’s so transparent

      • quincyil says:

        I actually think it’s a brilliant PR move. She can control everything. Why don’t we blog on her blog and let the followers of this site freely make comments?

        Acapulco Q

  34. BambiBaby22 says:

    The theme of the women’s book was stupid and I think Dionne should have been fired.
    They had their concept (which they didn’t use) right in front of them, Marly Matlin (is that her name)?
    In 10 mins I thought the book should be about a deaf first grader whose birthday was in a few days and she thought everyone in her class was being mean to her and ignoring her, but in actuality the whol class was learning the birthday song in sign language so they could “sing” it to the deaf girl.
    There is NO WAY the women would have lost with my story…lol
    On a side note, Donald Trump’s young granddaughter is a beauty, she has those Trump lips.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Excellent book idea!

      • Zoey says:

        I love that book idea too!

        I also agree about Dionne War-witch! Man, why do these celebrities do this to themselves?? To go on national TV and act like a spoiled diva/street thug does what for someone?
        She is such a piece of work!
        I just loved how Lisa and I think Marly just couldn’t find the words (ha) to describe Dionne. And Star, for that matter. I think they’re bullies and I have to watch now to see their butts get sent home.

        I don’t like the principle of the show though, that nice and honest gets sent home and is considered weak, while bullies and lying is admired. Trump even told Lisa she should be lying. I woulda never made it in that cut throat business world!
        I’d be going home crying with my tail between my legs, ha.

  35. tvtwaddle says:

    OMG, I love NickFeitel’s blog. He’s a great writer. Fantastic find Quincy.

    My guest blog recap of Celebrity Apprentice is now up at tvtime101’s blog:

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Nice recap! Dionne is definately a diva and maybe next week she will be gone!

  36. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    I have officially broken up with RHOOC. I find nothing likable or redeemable about any of these ladies.

    Tamra – Absolutely do NOT need to see her naked, getting it on with her boyfriend. This isn’t Cinemax Bravo!
    Alexis – Very Stepford wife like. Her husband has to get her back in line??? WTF?
    Vicki – Embarrassing.
    Peggy – Plastic Barbie who is living beyond her means and has a bad case of one up-manship.
    Gretchen – I liked Gretchen at first, but now ick. Slade is just slimy, gross and a liar. I have to say I may have to catch any episodes on her court case. I’m sure she does hate Tamra since Tamra let people know about her boyfriend while “engaged” to Jeff.
    Fernanda – Don’t know enough about her, but really don’t care.

    Instead of watching RHOOC I’ll look forward to Monday nights with the Hoppy’s because Bethenny and Jason make me smile.

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      ITA about Gretchen, my stomach actually feels sick when she is on the screen. I don’t know what it is about her, I can’t put my finger on it. I also think she looks weird…..especially her make up. Does she put it on with a trowel?

    • karenne says:

      I have also ” broken up” with OC!! They are imitating themselves, and struggling through it, to get a paycheck. The HWOC is Too boring to watch, and I’m also boycotting Miami….and from what I’ve seen on commercials or the Soup…I’m so glad I’m not wasting time with Miami. not a sacrifice, like I thought it might be….lol

      Gretchen creeped me out from the very first season she was on, while she was “engaged to Jeff”. She should never play poker, lets just put it that way. You can see right through her!!!

      But I’m enjoying (in a weird way) “Celeb Apprentice”. Uggghhhh, Star Jones and Dionne Warwick are Mean Girls who will eat each other when the chance comes, that should be fun to watch one of them get stomped on by the other.

      the thought of having to Hear, JZ again…is making me a little sick. But, I hope NYC is fun again, but I dont see how it can be. But, my fingers are crossed!


  37. vilzvet says:

    Bradley Cooper was so cute and charming on Inside the Actors Studio. He had to control his tears many times, because his parents were in the audience, plus his acting coach. I did not know he is a graduate of that school so James Lipton goes way back with him. It was sad at the end to see that his dad must have just passed away, they had it on the screen. This is the type of programming that Bravo USED to be known for, and sadly it has gotten away from them.

    • quincyil says:

      I just emailed the blog to Lynn.

      • NYCer says:

        Can’t wait to read it. Loved his raw emotion.

        • quincyil says:

          When you are aware of how much effort the movie, television and theater stars put into their craft, you can understand why they take issue with Bravo placing stars on the heads of their housewives.

          • HD says:

            I didn’t watch it but I wanted to throw in that I think he is so fine! That’s all.

            • vilzvet says:

              There will surely be repeats, I remember Colin Firth’s did right away. Looking forward to your blog, Q!

  38. WindyCityWondering says:

    Everything the OC crew does is boring – I don’t want to watch people get dressed, put their makeup on, work or pretend to work, make out, ride in limos to other people’s houses to get drunk and bitchy, shoot guns in club wear or take their kids to the park! It is doubtful these women know how to spell charity much less be involved in doing anything for anyone other than themselves. I would love for Andy to announce at their reunion that it was their final season – that would be fun to watch.

  39. Miss Anthrope says:

    Between this weeks episode and the following WWHL, I think i’ve renewed my “most hated housewife”. Gretchen now holds the title.

    Was she serious when she was telling her “employee” that she needs to have her back in the future and that “as her employee” she should have stood up and put Alexis in her place for calling Gretchen a princess? LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Stop taking yourself so seriously Gretchen. Cause guess what? NOBODY does.

    Her and Slade were by far the most annoying WWHL guests ever. I’m not sure if Gretchen actually is an airhead or if that’s just part of her bullshit “I’m so sweet tee-hee” act she’s got going. In either case, she makes my ears bleed every time she opens her mouth.

    Gretchens problems, legal and otherwise, are nobodys fault but her own. Nobody held a gun to her head and forced her to dig for gold in a dying old mans pockets and have it filmed for a television show. Nobody forced her to sleep with another man at the same. Same goes for the many skanky and tasteless pictures she’s taken of herself that have made their way onto the internet. Own your bullshit, Gretchen. Enough with the Jessica Simpson act.

    If she weren’t such a pathetic human being, I might actually feel sorry for how badly Slade has got her wrapped around his scummy fingers. But truthfully, they’re made for each other.

    Alexis also makes me sick with her constant anti feminist drivel. It’s not the 1950’s anymore. Grow a backbone.

    Any mother who uses the bible as an excuse to put her husband before her children should have never opened her legs in the first place. That’s the kind of attitude that those scumbag moms who sit back and allow their husbands to molest their kids have. What an epic disgrace she is.

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      The only thing I don’t agree with you in your above post is about putting your husband before your children.
      I have always put my husband before my kids and he has put me before the kids as well.
      This does not mean that when my kids were little they did not have all their needs met, it just means that I remembered that I was a wife before I was a mother and in order to be the best mom possible, I nurture my relationship with my husband. It also teaches the children what marriage is all about.

      Where Alexis and I disagrees is that I don’t “wait” on my husband, we both have mutual respect for each other and our relationship is totally even.

      I don’t want to have to get to know my husband all over again in 5 years when our youngest goes away to college.

      I see nothing wrong with putting your husband before your children.

      • Di says:

        Love your post Bambi! You put exactly what I was thinking into words. I think the best thing you can do for kids is to nuture the parental relationship. Imho this is important to avoid the growing apart/divorce senario.

        That said I would never let anyone harm my kid–placing importance on a marriage does not translate into letting my kid be molested.

  40. Zoey says:

    Question for you wise women (and men?) folk – On Jill Zarin’s Twitter page, the intro at the top where she describes herself, she includes ‘step-grandmother’. Maybe it’s just me but I find it odd to specify ‘step’. Not that being step is a bad thing, but you know? What do y’all think?

    • DarkSonnet says:

      Jill had been referring to Bawby’s grandchildren as “our grandchildren” and I heard it had caused some conflict.

      Bawby’s first wife, the actual grandmother, is alive and well and very involved in the children’s lives.

  41. julientexas says:

    Hey everyone – it’s been a while since i’ve commented but still reading the blog!
    I just had a question – WHAT the hell did Tamara do to her face? Good lord – is
    she starting to get that Kenny Rogers look? (Love Kenny) Can’t stand Terrible
    Tamera – she will always be evil along with her pyscho friend IcKy Vicki! No way
    if I was Gretchen I would fall for any of T’s BS! Love the blog Lynn!

  42. DarkSonnet says:

    Another side to Nick The Foodie… http://vimeo.com/8957878

    There is much information available on the internet if you search under “Nicholas Feitel”. He is an actively aspiring actor/stand-up comic/film production, etc.

    • HD says:

      The more I see him on the show and the more I read about him here, maybe this is just me, but I think he is in some type of character on the show.

      His writing on his blog does not appear to be of some lowly person that walks around eating food from trucks all day.

      Am I crazy here?

      • FlowerPower says:

        Hmm…it didn’t strike me that way (loved his blog)–but then, I do know several people who express themselves fantastically when writing, but are so awkward socially (in person) it’s painful. That said, you never know. This IS Bravo.

        I think I’m so worn out by the Ho’wives that I really really want to believe he’s genuine. Could be wrong. Sigh.

        • HD says:

          I could be wrong too but I have a good feeling about this.

          Listen to his voice in this video.

          To me, and this is just my personal opinion, his voice doesn’t sound all slow like and lowly like it does when he talks to Bethanny or Jason. Of course the tone of his voice is the same but the character for lack of a better word seems so different. This again is just me thinking…

          • DarkSonnet says:

            He has the ability to sound many different ways. He is an actor. He has appeared in ads for Dell and Crazy Glue.

            He has appeared on Letterman.

          • DJ Fruit Loops says:

            some of those clips are scripted
            he is very much into film and im guessing would love to be an actor
            also when he is with Beth i think he has a lil crush on here which would explain the shyness
            and then when you add jason to the mix he maybe feels guilty which would explain the holding his head down
            ive tweeted to him a few times
            sweet guy

      • Adgirl says:

        Food trucks in NY and all around LA aren’t your old roach coaches any more. Many fine chefs love the freedom of having a mobile kitchen (low overhead costs). There is a huge craze in LA where the best trucks announce on twitter where they will be for a few hours and their fans converge on them.

        • HD says:

          I know that. This was not an indictment on food trucks. I watched the great food truck race on the Food Network and watched them serve lobster and cavier out of a food truck. Not only that but while I was in NYC my friend and I made a day where we were going to eat off of food trucks and stands all day. I tried everything and loved every bite. My comment in its totality was not about food trucks, it was about Nick.

          • NYCer says:

            We ate at Angelo’s (Top Chef) new restaurant this weekend and it was fantastic. Small, with communal benches at some tables and a lot of servers for the size of the place, but the food was OOC. Absolutely delish. The food truck discussion reminded me of it, because we were thinking how smart to open a small place–lower overhead.

          • Adgirl says:

            Hi HD. I think I understand. He writes smart but comes off as shlub in person? He does present as antisocial.
            I do love geeks, nerds and shlubs as long as they are clean and have a sense of humor. Most non-meat eaters have a ready answer such as “I don’t eat things with faces” but he could only spit out he needed a rule to follow.
            Let’s see if Bethenny can break him in.

            • DJ Fruit Loops says:

              and it was only red meat he didnt eat
              which of course for what she wants from him isnt too great
              but much better for his health

  43. Adgirl says:

    HAHA. I saw a rerun of America’s Next Top Model (ok … I know. I need to get a job.). The season was the petite models, all 5’7″ and under.
    Guess who taking photos of the models? Gilles Bensimon. And he was SHORTER than the petite models!!
    So Sasquatch really loomed over him. LOL.

  44. HD says:

    Well I must say I enjoyed BEA this week. No complaints at all.

    • cusi77 says:

      I agree HD! I laugh, I teared up, I smiled… This our Bethenny I like so much! It is the way she relates towards others that pull her apart from the other HW’s.. She is funny and natural. I am liking her more in this episode, I did not felt uncomfortable at all.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      ITA – she’s back!

    • Zoey says:

      I totally cracked up at her expression when Foodie guy said he doesn’t eat red meat because he just likes to set rules to live by! That was a good belly laugh for me. I like this guy. I kinda feel sorry for him but I don’t know why….

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I love Nick. I love B & J & Gina & Julie. Max was fun & I wish he’d been all that he promised. To be fair, B has stepped over boundaries too like with her sex talk, buying undies & nude photo in her office.

        & back to OC, Gretchen was awful to Slade so I don’t see it lasting much longer. Someone mentioned they were a perfect match, & I kind of agree.

  45. Adgirl says:

    I am NOT sticking up for Alexis. However I have noted in my own personal experience and those close to me, something about men & women that surprised me. Remember, I grew in Berkeley not the South or Midwest. I am not anti-feminist.

    My observation:
    When the husband is weak (wishy-washy, timid or unable to take the lead in important matters) the wife will automatically step into the power void. Inevitably, the man feels emasculated and the woman loses respect for her spouse. I have seen this over and over. Never have I seen the woman be the dominant figure and the marriage to be harmonious.

    This leads me to believe this is hardwired into people. In that respect, I believe a couple is happier when the male feels strong and he is protecting his family. That is not to say he has 2 votes and she has 1 vote or she is owned by him. It just seems to work better. That has zero to do with religious beliefs.

    (ok I am sneaking off the internet before I get beat up here….)

    • VAgirl says:

      Adgirl. You are not alone in your observations. It has nothing to do with religion. Women and Men are different, not unequal, just different.
      I loved BEA tonight, but will wait until tomorrow to comment.

      • HD says:

        I’m going to beat you up Adgirl. Just kidding.

        I agree to some extent. I think some of these “rules” are hardwired within us as women and men and even as independent and strong as I am, I still like for a man to be a man. However, I cannot say relationships like this never work because never is a strong word but I get what you are saying, i.e. Vicki and Don. Don is like an afterthought to Vicki because she truly does not need him. She is the breadwinner so she pretty much can call the shots on what she wants in her life and she can decide if it involves her husband or not. There is nothing like the feeling that you have outgrown your spouse. Pretty soon and trust me, it gets to the point you start thinking, what do I need them for if I am doing everything on my own? It takes the right type of man to be with a strong woman.

        • quincyil says:

          I wouldn’t want my husband to be weak. I hate it when he puts is foot down, but a marriage is a two way street.

          • Kukulet says:

            I agree with you, Quincy.

            My husband and I have been married for several decades, and I can say that the overall strength in our marriage comes from both of us, and we both rely on each other. He’s not a wimp, I’m not a doormat. We each have our particular strengths. I think that’s probably true in most good marriages.

            I also don’t think any woman can say that she puts her husband first 100% of the time. In reality, kids and husbands jockey for that position, especially when the kids are small, because that’s the nature of parenting-little ones have needs that HAVE to be met ahead of all else.

            Alexis’ doesn’t have the wrong idea, but the wrong context.

  46. California35 says:

    Long day today….am now very sleepy.

    I did get to see one show tonight, and that was the Apprentice (2hrs?? Too long) – Quincy Great recap about it, Star, Doan and Nene against Lisa… I like how the others are staying out of it, Nene, did make a few coments against Lisa, but not too rough…and she is still behaving. I wish she continue that way.

    I just wanted to make a quick stop before going to sleep. Tomorrow might be busier day.

    I cant believe I misse BEA, but I didn’t think I would be able to enjoy it. I did record it and plan to watch it when i have more time. I will come back in the morning to read the recap though because I want to know what happened.

    Also, I don’t know if anyone mentioned this but it appears that Bethenny will be in California tomorrow for a signing. It will be in a place far from me (1- 2 hrs drive). I am nor able to go 😦

    Good night everyone, hope to meet you guys tomorrow.

  47. Kelly-Has Big_Shoulders says:

    @Scorpiosue1102 , I have to say I agree with you 100% on your feelings toward the OC ladies and most importantly The Hoppy’s they make me laugh the make me cry and then they make me laugh again I LOVE THEM!!!!

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