I Hate Jill Zarin Bethenny Ever After March 29, 2011

I Hate Jill Zarin  Bethenny Ever After March 29, 2011

Every week I watch Bethenny Ever After and I really, truly enjoy watching this show!  I can’t think of another Bravo show that I can say that about.  Obviously I love me some Housewives but inevitably one of them pisses me off every time.  Bethenny’s show doesn’t do that.  She has surrounded herself with really good people.  They may not always be perfect but they’re a fun, sincere group of people.

The show opens with Girls Night Out, Bethenny hosts six or seven of her best friends, (see Ramoner she does have friends) who gather at a hotel, enjoy some room service designed to soak up all of the alcohol they’re going to consume later at the Plunge Lounge.  The ladies all seemed to enjoy themselves, drinking and dancing the night away.  The manager of the club stops by their table to make sure that Bethenny and her guests are having a good time.  He introduces himself as “Jason”.  New York City must have a whole lot of Jason’s!

Watching Bethenny’s assistant, Julie let loose was hysterical, I don’t think we’ve seen Julie drunk before but I vote she does it every week, drunk Julie is so funny!  Her version of a “Metro Card Dance” is absolutely something that she needs to teach her Goddaughter, Bryn someday.  Where did she come up with that?

So far Bethenny turning 40 years old doesn’t seem to be affecting her too badly, she just had the best year of her life, she got married, had a beautiful baby and her business is thriving, so what’s to be upset about, right?

Julie is there too as Bethenny gets the call from her agent about appearing on “Skating With The Stars”.  As Julie’s head is spinning trying to figure out how this will fit into Bethenny’s already over-taxed schedule, Bethenny is excited about the offer and will discuss it with Jason.

Remember when word hit like a ton of bricks that Bethenny would be part of the cast of Skating With The Stars?  *Someone* put the rumor out there that Jill Zarin was offered the spot but turned it down, only then did they offer it to Bethenny.  This rumor was reported by some of those “media contacts” that Jill is always bragging about having, but the casting director for ABC’s Skating With The Stars seemed infuriated by the rumors so she came out publicly with a statement assuring fans that only one offer was made to any Housewife and it was Bethenny!

Here is Reality Tea’s reporting of the incident:


I’m sure that Jill never thought in a million years that the casting director would make a public statement like that, most of the time that just wouldn’t happen.  Rumors are rarely addressed by television executives but I’m glad that in this case, Jill was outed for yet another stunt to try to hurt Bethenny.  So many people heard the rumor that it continues to this day.

So the cute family meeting takes place including roll call and Cookie barking her presence, it is clear that Bethenny wants to do this Skating With The Stars show and there’s no stopping Bethenny when she sets her mind to something.  Jason is understandably apprehensive because it is going to be a very demanding schedule but in the end he supports his wife, as always.  Is Jason real?  He’s amazing!

I thought it was funny as they were discussing whether or not Bethenny should be on Skating With The Stars that Jason asked if she’d prefer to do Dancing With The Stars, was that an option?  Best we can tell, she wasn’t invited to do Dancing, only Skating.

Bethenny and cute baby Bryn meet with Shawn, the wedding planner for lunch.  They discuss whether or not Bethenny should have a 40th Birthday party.  Of course the party planner wants to have the party, that’s like asking a used car salesman if you should buy a car or take the bus.  The best part of this lunch was little Bryn’s big smile as Shawn was talking to her.  Adorable!

The most ridiculous part is Bethenny wondering if she can afford Shawn’s services to plan the party.  Huh?  Shawn agrees to plan the party as his gift to Bethenny.  Don’t worry about Shawn’s services, I’m sure he’ll get a check from Shed Media that more than covers it.

Bethenny’s plus one to the Gladd Awards, where she is presenting an award, is her gay friend Jake.  She decides this would be a good place to find Jake a date and they both scope the room.  Jake isn’t as good at this guy-hunting thing as Bethenny thought he was, but he meets a few prospects.  One lives out west so he’s immediately rejected but Jake meets a guy he likes and they go on a double date with Bethenny and Jason.

Bethenny and Jason disagreed about the guest list for Bethenny’s 40th Birthday party, once they agree to keep the guests between 35 – 40 people, Jason announces that he has five couples that he’d like to include.  Bethenny realizes that this means she may have to omit some of her friends and isn’t comfortable with that.  Typically Jason is the voice of reason in this relationship but in this case Bethenny had a good point.  I just didn’t understand why they couldn’t have just expanded the guest list by 8 or 10 people.  Jason tried to make it seem as though Bethenny was being selfish but personally, I think she was right.  Why should she have to omit her friends for Jason’s friends?  It was her birthday party after all.  Jason forced Bethenny to have to remind him of that.  I think if the tables were turned, Jason would insist on prioritizing the guest list to include his friends over Bethenny’s friends.

Bethenny’s session with her therapist tonight focused on her birthday as she admitted it was typically not something that she looked forward to.  Her father never called on her birthday, he would just have his secretary send a card with a check.  There is no denying that Bobby Frankel was an asshole, Bethenny said it, but it was widely reported by those who knew him, in fact reports are that he said it himself.  He was not one to be affectionate or loving toward anyone, his horses maybe, but not his daughter.

Tonight we watched as six weeks before Skating With The Stars aired, Bethenny preparing by getting sized for skates and advice from a 10-year old boy, that was cute!  We met her skating partner Ethan and watched their first practice.  Bethenny told Ethan that she had reviewed his skating career on the internet and thought maybe that he fell and missed out on going to the Olympics because his girlfriend was “in his head”.  Probably not the best way to greet someone but as soon as she said it, she realized it was a mistake and apologized.  She then smoothed it over by making it seem that being on Skating With The Stars is far better for his career than being an Olympian.  Nice try Bethenny!

Finally Bethenny and Jason lay in bed discussing her birthday party, she doesn’t want a gift but will kill him if he doesn’t get her a gift.  She tells Jason that the party will be incredible and they will have fun but she doesn’t want all of the “Birthday girl” stuff all day.  Low key is the key.

The previews for next week show everyone doing exactly what Bethenny didn’t want, yelling to her “Birthday Girl!”  Jason’s parents, then Alex McCord and then Ramona Singer all sing out loud, “Birthday Girl“.  Do none of these people know Bethenny at all?

Bethenny is taking a lot of heat this season for many different reasons, some feel that she is coming off as mean and self-centered.  I don’t see her being vicious or cruel to anyone.  Bethenny is who she is and millions of people love her for who she is, not the least of which are the people around her that so many critics seem to want to protect from Bethenny.  It is simply ridiculous!

Bethenny’s critics say that she’s mean to Jason, Julie, Gina and Shawn.  Would Jason have married her? Would Julie and Gina continue to work for her? Would Shawn continue to be devoted to her?  None of these people asked for or need sympathy for being close to Bethenny, they love her for who she is.  Bethenny freely admits that she isn’t perfect, she makes mistakes but she owns her mistakes, apologizes and improves herself.  She has put herself out there to be judged and she doesn’t hide the rough parts.  I give her a lot of credit for that.  Sure she pokes fun at the people around her, that is and always has been the Bethenny we know and love.

Bethenny as Jill Zarin

When she appeared on The Real Housewives of New York she poked fun at Jill, Alex, Simon, Ramona and many others.  These people laughed right along with the rest of us, they knew and understood that this is Bethenny’s sense of humor, why is it suddenly wrong for Bethenny to be Bethenny?

Keep being yourself Bethenny!

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299 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Bethenny Ever After March 29, 2011

  1. JenFromCincy says:

    Happy Tuesday, everyone!

    Thanks for the update, Lynn. I fell asleep and missed it.

  2. melodye says:

    I love Bethanny!! Right now her show is the only one I enjoy watching. I am so tired of the other hw shows. I’m tired of the cat fighting, back stabbing, soft porn that they have become. When I watch Bethanny, I feel relaxed and enjoy her comedy, her family life and her friends. What a refreshing show.

  3. Dani says:

    Thank you Lynn, great blog. I too love Bethenny and enjoy watching her show. Baby Bryn is so cute when she smiled at Shawn my heart melted. I wish the best for Bethenny and just don’t want her to take on to much as I am concerned that it will take a toll on her marriage.

  4. HD says:

    I missed the show but I am not understanding what was was the big deal with the list. Why not just have as many people as they wanted?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I was thinking the same – up the list total! Why make this an issue/lecture? Jason wants his friends there and Bethenny saying she would feel bad to cut some of her friends from her birthday party to accommodate his friends – he should have backed off and agreed! Where in the “normal according to Jason rule book” is all my friends must be your friends too???

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      thats just it though she didnt want it to be more then 40 and didnt want to cut anyone from her list
      its her birthday not Jasons

  5. plainviewsue says:

    I am a huge fan of Bethenny, but I gotta tell you, I am no where close to enjoying this season as much as last season.

    I find she just carries on so much and just seems to come off as a whiny complainer. Truly her therapy sessions aren’t helping too much.

    I understand that her early years were awful, but right now, she is in the best place of her life, and still seems to complain about everything.

    My favorite part of the show is seeing Brynn’s adorable face and seeing Shawn. Otherwise, I find it to be a bit of a snooze fest. Kind of hoping there won’t be another season, so she can focus on her family, her businesses and her self-growth.

    Still love her, tho!

    • justanothermary says:

      Not a fan of Bethenny’s show. She always has to get those cuts in to people she barely knows. This week she said something about Jason’s friends not walking upright. At least as far as her personal interaction, Bethenny doesn’t seem terribly evolved to me. Would it be so very hard to be nice? I have a rather biting “wit” as well, but I know when to stfu and I understand that words can hurt.

      • HD says:

        Did JustAnotherMary say STFU? LOL! My word. Let me clutch my pearls. LOL!

        What do you mean about his friends not walking upright? Like they were animals or acted like cavemen or something?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Ah they lack some social skills – like at the wedding – jumping in the cement pond….

          • BlueSky_Forever says:

            I totally missed that comment & I watched the show lol. Maybe these are Jason’s friends from his hayseed hick hometown…she really doesn’t like his hometown of Hazleton, PA. I really got mad at B for dissing Jason’s hometown btw. Does anyone else see that the drama is a bit contrived at times? Like over the guest list for her party, should she or shouldn’t she do SWTS, etc.? The part I do find very interesting is her therapy sessions. So…the real reason B doesn’t like celebrating her bd is because her father was so absent; then relate that to Bryn & Jason. It’s also her chance to let fans know she is trying to change. I admire that about B. Imagine Jizz or omg even better Kelly in therapy, letting us watch? Kelly should wake up – that would be a show all in itself **Kellade in therapy** lol.

    • TLM says:

      Sorry to be the bearer of this news, Plainviewsue, but Bethenny Ever After was picked up for a 3rd season!

      I’m kind of surprised she agreed to it. I did read an article where she said Bryn is now aware of the boom microphone and she doesn’t know how much further she wants to go with TV since she’s old enough to be aware of it. I would guess that Season 3 would be the last one.

      I didn’t get the argument over the number of party guests either. That was a difficult conversation for me to follow for many reasons. I didn’t get why Bethenny bent over with her mouth open like that — what the hell was that?? — or why she did it when she did it. She looked like the white creature in Poltergeist. http://ow.ly/4rms4 Was that a reference to Jason’s friends being “cavemen,” like someone said below? If that’s the case, it really was terrible to do. I was glad when Jason called her on it. It wasn’t funny and it was totally dismissive of him and childish. It is aggravating to see him repeatedly have to fight for a right to voice an opinion.

      The argument over the number of people to be invited to the party seemed completely contrived. Although they’ll never say it on the show, Bravo most likely was footing the bill for the party. It’s one of the season’s most dramatic moments, and Ramona and Alex are there. Even if she was given a budget limit from Bravo, would adding 10 people have made much of a difference? And there’s a good possibility that not all of those 5 couples could even make it. I expected her to say, “Ok, we’ll cap it at 50 people,” and instead she snapped back at him that she didn’t want anyone off “her” list. I just didn’t understand why she went there, or how 40 became this firm number for the limit of guests.

  6. justanothermary says:

    Please don’t mistake me for a Slade Slimey fan cuz that would make me throw up in my mouth, but Gretchen is just plain mean to him. Tubba Wubba? Talking in front of others about how he eats too much and totally degrading him in front of their friend over the bike falling off, it’s all too much. I think Gretch is going to find herself in a shit storm over her new, nastier self and she’s not prepared for the comments and cruel backlash from her “fans”. I really do believe that by the end of this season she’s going to be in line for MOST HATED and she’s not going to have anyone to blame but herself. She will turn on everyone on the show for one thing or the other and find herself in Jill Zarin land.

    • justanothermary says:

      Sorry – I know that was off topic, but I just saw OC last night and am digusted. Did you notice?

    • Adgirl says:

      I can’t stand Gretchen or Slade so I really didn’t care that she called him names. I noticed she only cares about cosmetic issues with him, not if he pays child support or has a job or anything.

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        The “real” Gretchen is coming thru loud & clear & it ain’t pretty. I think she keeps Slade around for the obvious (blech) reason, but maybe she thinks he’s “helping” her with her “business options” gag. Now maybe since her “business options” aren’t all that, she’s starting to weigh dumping him or keeping him. yuck, watching Gretchen & Slade on tv is too much for me…another reason I am not watching RHOC but getting the down low from you guys instead lol. Jeesh, she almost makes Vicki look lovable….not.

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        you must have not seen the newest eppy
        she cares and voices her concerns as well as ask her dads advice

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      as long as the Icky & Trampolina show is on Gretchen neednt fear becoming the most hated
      OMG Icky was making me cringe asking Trampolina to write Vows
      i keep waiting for her to confess she has “special” feelings for the tramp soon
      Trampolina has already said regarding the lady pool thing that she is a equal opp offender

      theres an image that would make me up chuck those two together

    • TLM says:

      I used to be Gretchen’s biggest fan (although my sister just started watching the older show broadcasts on NBC middays and her impression from Day One was that “Gretchen is an idiot” and “is there anything that girl doesn’t laugh at?”). Anyhow, I haven’t liked Gretchen or found her behavior cute or funny or likeable this season. She was liked because she took the high road no matter how mean the others were. I really think that she and Alex on NYC got Jill Zarin Syndrome. They had a season where fans liked them, and decided they were going to come out swinging the following season. Slade isn’t my favorite person, but Jeez, the fat comments and then basically calling him lazy in bed? I don’t know which made me cringe more, her comments that Slade has to stop using the excuse that he’s tired, or that it’s Slades’s job to pleasure her in bed. (And by the way, that conversation about Slade saying he’s tired was about Gretchen getting pregnant. What difference does it make if he’s tired or not if he still hasn’t reversed his vasectomy??!? Does Gretchen know how women get pregnant? Maybe she’s been snorting her GC Beaute eyeshadow.)

      Overall I just find this season sad. Watching Tamra make out with her new dude on camera makes me cringe. Enough already – we get that your junk still works. Vicki’s busy having Tamra write a friend contract and selling the house out from under Donn, Donn’s calling her a F**khead for moving furniture in heels, Gretchen’s mean, I can’t take another episode of “This Week in Christianity with Alexis”, and then there’s some new chick with a gun. I just can’t get interested.

  7. VAgirl says:

    Great blog, Lynn. I agree with everything you wrote. I posted in the previous blog that it really wasn’t fair of Jason to want to bring 5 couples who were his friends if there was a number limit on the party goers. It’s HER birthday. When his birthday comes, I’m sure B won’t have a problem with him inviting anyone he wants. As she says and the previews play out, she knew her birthday was going to get blown way out of proportion, which is why she was reluctant to have the party in the first place. What’s wrong with abiding by her wishes? IMO its what she wants and how could that be abnormal? What’s wrong with a nice dinner and cake with a few friends and family (Jason’s family, of course)? And I agree with you that Bethenny hasn’t changed at all from her housewives days. If she has, it’s for the better. Don’t know why people who liked her biting sense of humor are all of a sudden calling her a meany. Bethenny is still the Bethenny I’ve always liked.

    • indy anna says:

      VAgirl, I quite agree. Her wit and sarcasm has been her way of protecting herself from hurt and it’s tough to break the habit. It’s been survival of the fittest for her all her life. We can’t expect her to soften and become Mrs. Clever, that’s not her style. Those who love her understand her and are able to work with it.

  8. HD says:

    Can someone please tell me so I can have a better understanding:

    Did Jason say, “Hey baby I’m throwing you a birthday party.” And she said, “I don’t really like birthday parties but okay.” How did the party even happen if she doesn’t like b-day parties? Did she just kind of agree to it?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bethenny hasn’t had pleasant experiences with her birthdays.
      She isn’t into a party but one is being thrown so she is rolling with it but still doesn’t want a dog and pony show. IMO, this party is a Bravo event, gets Shawn involved, is the reason for Ramona/Alex to be on her show and she is being herself! The get together with her girlfriends seemed more what she wanted but the show must go on!

      • HD says:

        I can see it being a Bravo thing as well. I would have just done what she wanted. If she didn’t want a party I would have left it alone. I don’t like all that stuff myself.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          ITA – not a birthday party girl either. Rather hang with family and friends and not have a big deal made – but I do like presents! lol

  9. Olivia says:

    I don’t know Bethenny any better than I know her mother but it is becoming rather disturbing that she has chosen to hold this woman up for such hateful scrutiny week after week and through the pages of her latest book.

    I am a parent. I am not perfect and I am pretty sure most parents harbor those same feelings. It is also a fact that there are women who are not cut out for the maternal role and should never have children. Even Bethenny herself has admitted that her mother came from a rather dysfunctional background and was only 20 yrs of age when Bethenny was born and more than likely living with a man who seem emotionally remote from the description she herself has provided.

    Was Bethenny abused, molested, mistreated, beaten, burned, denied food, clothing and shelter? None of those particulars are mentioned along the way but a constant “harping” of how bad she had it as a child which is probably a whole lot less than what many kids have endured on their way to maturity. What is most disturbing is that she constantly uses this to “out” this woman as some sort of “monster” while declaring that she was raised by “animals” but neglecting that in many instances she had it a whole lot better than many and a great deal better than some.

    As a parent I would absolutely die inside if my child was using me as a format for the “sympathy vote” at every opportunity by way of the public airwaves. For someone who is selling herself as coming from a “place of yes” she has managed to turn her mother into a wholesale litany of the worst characterics ever visited on her child. What is the point with those filmed segments with a therapist but to bash and bash this woman who has few means to fight back? To me it is a testament to the “real Bethenny” who would choose this forum to “get even” with a mother who may not have been the June Cleaver type of parent most of us would have desired. It borders on sheer meanness and less of someone willing to expose herself for a national audience at the sake of another human being that must have feelings of her own.

    It is Bethenny’s decision to hold this against her mother but it says more to me about her as a person that she chooses to “share” this information so liberally. She needs to get over it and spare the audience by pushing the meme that she is so “open and truthful” when most of this stuff should remain private. She appears to be on a vendetta instead and by no means does this spell “maturity” nor should she be dispensing advice to others in how to arrive at a “place of yes” when she is constantly referring to this woman’s failures in so public a manner.

    Wisdom and understanding, if not all out forgiveness, is what creates a mature human being. Bethenny has yet to reach that level of awareness and her maturation is still in the creative stage. No matter how “successful” she becomes it is difficult to digest just what she is doing to the woman who gave her life regardless of how good or bad she tackled the job.

    As a parent I find these revelations toward her mother more than a little disturbing and my interest in Bethenny has completely evaporated as a result. There is little need of it outside of a mean spirited attempt to make this woman a target of an immature child with a handy microphone and a powerful need to “get even”.

    With a daughter of her own you would think that this is the time to at least move on from whatever it is that lurks in her psyche but she does not seem to recognize that those therapy sessions are nothing more than a total one sided character assassination toward someone none of us know. The fangs of a child dripping with venom must be the most horrible and mortifying event to ever emerge in a person’s life.

    My hope for her is that she finds peace someday but I am no longer able to countenance this unnecessary lunge into past events that are unknown to the viewer beyond what Bethenny is so eager to reveal. Totally unbalanced and unfair.

    If she does not love her mother than so be it but at least be kind enough in the process to keep it to herself.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bethenny’s therapist sessions can sometimes be uncomfortable for viewers but IMO, she is trying to get the past ugliness that had a negative impact on her out of her life so that she doesn’t damage Bryn. It seems both of her parents used her to get back at each other or just plain ignored her as they pursued their own lives. Her damage is emotional, which can cripple more than physical abuse and she wants to be normal – whatever that is.

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      WoW Olivia~almost brought me to tears~have to agree though..I have been through much more than we see but have just said to myself that they didn’t know any better. Otherwise could not even talk to mama. Have to forgive and move on at some point. What exactly was so horrible we don’t see?

      • Olivia says:

        Sorry, but those “therapy sessions” do not belong on t.v. Would you feel the same way if she were openly discussing issues with her marriage or her bashing her in laws? Do other people not deserve some right to privacy?

        We get that she did not have whatever in her mind constitutes a “happy childhood”. But her mother is flesh and blood as well and simply because she is not a celebrity with a camera going full time does not mean that what Bethenny is revealing is not hurtful to this woman.

        And asking ourselves why this portion of her show is necessary escapes me. This appears to be her open season on “Mommy Dearest” with a woman who apparently has not played a large role in her life to date. But she still has to get up each day mindful of the fact that her child has chosen to parade her deficiencies for the sake of ratings.

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          If that person who hurt you is trying to change as my mama has you have to let them in. If not like my sister I still love her but would not let her back in my life ever. I don’t know the extent of what happened to Bethenny but the beatings were far worse than being neglected to me. I wish she would stop bashing her mama & let us at least see what she is talking about & give her a chance?

          • DJ Fruit Loops says:

            she has ssaid she doesnt want to let that back into her l;ife and she isnt going to unleash it on her hubby and child

        • TLM says:

          This is a great example of how each of us can see things so differently.

          I am deeply grateful to Bethenny for letting us in to her own personal experience. I think it was a very unselfish thing to do and hearing her therapy is helpful to others who went through an unstable and profoundly damaging home. Bethenny is the one who stands to be embarrassed by opening up the painful parts of her life. It cannot be easy to lay your life bare on national tv.

          I appreciate her and others who openly talk about abuse and release the shame of it. It really does help. People might say, “Why has Oprah had people on talking all these years about their personal abuse?” But many more say they are grateful and have been helped. She just had a man on saying if it weren’t for Greg Louganis talking about his abuse (much at the hands of his father), he would have been in very bad shape, and it was Greg’s appearance that gave him the courage to come out and claim a life for himself. When parents are abusive, I believe they forfeit a right to privacy. They don’t deserve to have people protect them from exposure, least of all their young victims. That is victimizing them twice.

          If you are lucky enough never to have experienced abuse in you life, I am very happy for you. But most people who have find that keeping the secrets and hiding their past only allows abusers to have more power over them. Talking about it not only helps them, but helps others. You seem only to see the side of the parents here. If you find it offensive or uncomfortable, it’s probably best that you skip her show.

      • Rhetorica says:

        BaaBee, I agree we have to forgive & move on, but for your own health you have to separate sometimes. You can’t sacrifice yourself for someone even if it is the woman who had sex with your dad. That’s not a mother.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      I somewhat agree…but then isn’t her constant regurgitating of her bad childhood the reason she has her own show, and the reason I as well as millions others love the show? Don’t imagine there would be any Housewives show of any kind if there wasn’t something morally wrong and corrupt somewhere in these ladies lives. Bethenny is real, I love that about her, and sometimes I relate to her. She chose this path in her life, and chooses to televise it, she saw her childhood and the way her parents were in a different way than most of us would have had we been raised by the Frankel’s…she’s making what she wants to make of it as her way of dealing with it. Hopefully somewhere down the road after much more therapy, she’ll come to realize, for Bryn’s sake, there is always someone somewhere that’s had a much “tougher” childhood than she had. :stepping off my soapbox:

    • Rhetorica says:

      Olivia, the point that Bethenny’s mother came from a dysfunctional family is more evidencethat Bethenny suffered also. Being “mature” is different than aging. She needs to work thru this with someone qualified and since her show is “real” as she says, this comes with the show.

      • HD says:

        @ cdnfillie58: I don’t think her constant regurgitating of her childhood is why she has a show. She has a show because she was charming, witty and funny and was marketable. I didn’t fall in love with Bethanny because she had a bad childhood (in relation to mine where my dad hit my knee with a 2 x4 and my kneecap popped out of place and instead of anyone taking me to the hospital I was forced to ride my bike for a week until it popped back into place, her’s is a walk in the park). If bad childhoods make you get a show, well I need to be in primetime!

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          Sorry HD~looks like we are birds of a feather too..

          • HD says:

            Thank you Baabee. And since we are birds of a feather (Sorry for you too) I am sure you can attest to the fact that bad, horrible, inhumane things happen to children every day of the week. That same dad I mentioned just called me the other day and we talked and laughed about something or other. I forgave him years ago. I cannot live as a scared frightened little girl anymore and at some point I was tired of my past affecting my future. Perhaps with this therapy (which appears to be new) Bethanny can get to that point and will grow from there. Maybe right now she is in the rehashing phase instead of the growing phase.

            • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

              Yes I forgave my papa & we spoke often before he died in a nursing home 3 yrs ago and I am glad I did. People often do what was done to them so they don’t know any better especially back when we were kids I wish there was Dr. Phil & someone to call to stop them. If her mama is trying to mend her whatever she did, Bethenny should at least give her a chance. From what I see it’s a walk in the park compared to what we went through.

              • TLM says:

                I think the best thing she could do is exactly what she’s doing. Going to therapy, talking about her past, and not letting her mother anywhere near her daughter or her life. She has to do what is right for her, and while some people feel better forgiving and resuming contact, I do not for one minute fault those who choose to break away. No one should keep forcing themselves to have contact with a hateful or hurtful person just because they are blood relatives. And she is now a Mom and protecting her daughter, as she should.

        • cdnfillie58 says:

          Guess I should rephrase that. I don’t think that’s the “only” reason she has a show but it does make it “watchable” and “enjoyable”. BTW I know alot of people that are a hell of alot more “charming, witty, and funny” but I guess they don’t have that certain “marketable” quality to have their own primetime show

    • Larke says:

      Well said! I actually completely agree. I think when signing onto a reality show she inherently is putting her life out there and Bethenny says she’s out in the open so she chooses to put more personal/private matters in public view than other reality stars. However, Bethenny is the one that signed up for the show and to a lesser degree Jason and even his parents. Children would be the only potential concern looking at other HW’s antics, but certainly not with Bryn. I don’t see Bryn being harmed by any of this, at all! She is just sooo loved!

      So, Bethenny can certainly address issues of her past as they are still very much present in her life, but if she is going to do it for the cameras then she should focus on HER and how she has been affected and the impact it has on HER life. That can be done without focusing or tearing apart others. In fact, some therapists, psychologists will say it is actually more unhealthy to focus on others because it’s not about them, it’s about healing herself and making a better life for her and her family. Those people are forever out of her life so it can be unhealthy to stay in that place.

      She may need more intense therapy where her past and her parents should be talked about, but that therapy should NOT be on TV.

      The one thing I don’t like about some stars and B may fit into that category is that they don’t realize that some things aren’t worth fame or money. Putting that on TV is not making her money, she doesn’t have a hit show BECAUSE she put that out there, people don’t buy her SG products because they relate to her childhood. That’s simply not true! The only place that may be relevant is when it comes to book sales if a specific book addresses that, but again, I don’t really believe most people would buy a book solely for that reason. We are all buying into a brand. Bethenny is a personality that we love, but she is becoming a brand. I think it’s a slippery slope and I can imagine it’s really difficult to see it while you’re in it, so hopefully her true friends will support her and help her to see that some things do come at a cost. And those things aren’t necessarily good things. She’s already a multi-millionaire, she doesn’t have to do everything that comes at her. She has the luxury to be selective with what she does, represents, says, tapes and I think she (and her family) could benefit from being a little more filtered.

    • PJ says:

      Emotional abuse is an issue as serious as sexual abuse or physical abuse and just as difficult to get over, but so difficult to prove because it doesn’t leave physical scars. I think Bethenny is brave to go through this with a therapist and she is honest in pouring her feelings out. To a person not involved in the issues it may be difficult to understand exactly what she went through, but it is real and it has nothing to do with being properly clothed and fed. There are people that simply should never have become parents because they can’t put their own needs second to nurture a child so the child grows up with no nurturing. It’s being abandoned but not physically, abandoned emotionally. Some parts of your life may be good and others looking in may not see exactly what you see. That’s what makes this kind of abuse so insidious.

      • TLM says:

        Agreed, and verbal abuse as well is extremely damaging. For people to say, “Well, you had nice clothes and you weren’t beaten or molested, what’s the big deal?” just reflects no knowledge of what this abuse does to a child and affects their relationships for the rest of their life.

    • twoile says:

      @O, So very well said, ITA…

    • floridagirl88 says:

      I was appalled while watching BEA that she not only threw her mother under the bus, but backed it up a few times and ran over her again. I could have lived without her tearing into her mother again, her father, too. Those therapy sessions seem tailor made for the show and I don’t believe they are for real.
      As much as I like Bethenny, I think it’s time she grew up, forgave her parents for their stupidity and then hope like hell her daughter doesn’t blame her for something when she gets grown. And she needs to put a filter on that mouth. She was just rude to her skating partner. The more I watch this show, the more I hear that phrase “…jumping the shark.” I like Bethenny, but she seems just about to spin out of control. Pull it back Beth while we still love you.

      • PJ says:

        Her Mother threw her under the bus. What people don’t understand is that you can’t just get over emotional abuse. First you have to come to terms with the fact that it was abuse, and that takes some time to figure out. Bethenny was probably better before her life changed but now that she has a husband and baby she has to work this out to make her life functional for her sake but for them as well. Feel sorry for the victim not the victimizer. I don’t understand why people have such a difficult time understanding this; abuse of all kinds is rampant in this day and age.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      ===Was Bethenny abused, molested, mistreated, beaten, burned, denied food, clothing and shelter?

      We don’t know what she went through. It could have been most the above. Maybe she’s giving her mom a pass on just how bad it was. It sounds like the mom needed a man to support her so sexual abuse is a real possibility.

      And the Gina-baptism-blessing thing went on way too long. I feel bad for Gina. But no one is perfect.

      I agree that the party list should have included J’s friends rather than cut B’s friends. That just didn’t make sense. I love them as a couple & as a family. I hope we see more of Nick & Sean.

      They could do B one week, Alex one week, Sean one week & Nick one week. & intermingle them in events. JMHWish.

      & I really love Beekman Boys & Amazing Wedding Cakes. Teen Mom 2 is really hard to watch. (sorry for the off topics)

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      being neglected can be almost as bad as being abused

  10. Rhetorica says:

    I’ve heard several posts before about Bethenny’s whining about her childhood. You just can’t fugidaboutit. I was physically abused by my mother, estranged, ran away @ 14, yada..yada..yada.. I began therapy @ 40 & didn’t realize the anger I had stored up for her. Bethenny is still working thru this.

    Thanks for the blog & Congrats on your readership!

    • LavaLady says:

      I agree with you Rhetorica. Bethenny is very much in the “working through” process in her relationship with her mother. I think she still has alot of issues to explore. Also, the fact that Bethenny is a mother now too is also affecting the process. I’m sure she wonders if her mother ever held her and looked at her the way she looks at Bryn. With so much love and adoration. Maybe, maybe not. I think Bethenny will get there and make peace with all of her past, she is just not there yet.

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        I’m really glad she is in therapy, because if not then maybe what was done to her would be done to Bryn (not as bad, but in some form). It would be hard for Bethenny to keep Jason, have a happy marriage, and raise Bryn without therapy! She comes from an emotionally barren place, so imagine how she would treat Jason, Bryn, Julie & others in her life without therapy healing her own inner darkness. Maybe that’s what I find so fascinating about her, that she is letting us watch. Her latest book is really a how to book on how she stopped that crazy in her head, found success, etc. Bethenny is giving back. Her show, her books, her products are all coming from her desire to help us. Okay, she’s making big $ too, but honestly I see in her a desire to help us all get back up when we’re knocked down, keep trying & find success in our lives just as she has in hers.

        At some point maybe she will forgive her mother, father, step-father, JZ et al but it is a process. Perhaps some day she will even be able to thank them, because without them she wouldn’t be what she is. When you have been to hell & back, and then can realize that the hard times are exactly what helped make you successful, then that is something. For HD, Baabee, & others being able to forgive the very person who hurt you, then move on & even have a relationship with them well that really moves me. Thank you for sharing.

  11. LavaLady says:

    Did anyone hear what I thought I heard last night. In the therapy session, did Bethenny say she and her mother have the same birthday. Bethenny is turning 40 and her mother 60. Could that be why she doesn’t like birthdays? Because she shares one with her mother, and maybe that was difficult for her in her childhood?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Makes you wonder who’s birthday was actually celebrated when she was little….

      • LavaLady says:

        yea, that’s kind of what I was getting at. Also in the therapy session Bethenny mentioned there was competition between her and her mother. Maybe their birthdays were more about the mother than the daughter, not such good memories for Bethenny?

        • Rhetorica says:

          Lavalady, I can see competition coming from a mother who is young & has issues. She may not like to share her “day”. Fortunately, I took the opposite role of my mother & my kids are my best friends. I think B will also become best friends withBryn.

          • LavaLady says:

            I think Bethenny is a wonderful mother to Bryn. Her childhood was unhappy, but she is doing a great job with Bryn.

            • indy anna says:

              My husband had horrible issues with his mother, 3 breakdowns and all. His Psychiatrist eventually told him his mother was toxic to him and he should sever his relationship with her. He continued to try with this woman but finally, in the end, he gave up. She passed away and he would not even go to her wake. Some parents don’t deserve more than this.

              • Rhetorica says:

                Indy, I’m sorry for your husband. As I said above, just because two people have sex doesn’t mean they’re parents!

        • TLM says:

          It appears her mother made almost everything about her, or at least, about her getting a man. She converted to Judaism for Bethenny’s father, and then when she married a Catholic man, Bethenny was put in Catholic school. It sounded like her mother only cared about finding wealthy men and Bethenny was supposed to just go along with it. Having little or no stability really messes children up.

    • Olivia says:

      I have read her book. Nothing more than another series of “self help” tips that have been written time and again.

      But her theme is “a place of yes” yet the birthday party showed how little of her own tips went unheard. Jason wanted to celebrate her 40th birthday. All she had to do was suggest what SHE preferred by way of celebration yet she allows him to make plans. Then she argues about the number of guests and who they should be. She was obviously involved as they showed her visiting the venue for approval. Time then to perhaps call a halt if it was proving “too much”?

      Next week we see her fleeing to the bathroom in tears because of whatever triggers this meltdown all done with good intentions as the guests stand around with their thumbs up their rear ends wondering what went wrong.

      And if memory serves, there were pictures submitted by her mother that showed Bethenny blowing out candles on a number of cakes marking her birthdays so to suggest that she was never feted or remembered is rather “cheesy”. Even “hated Jill “had a little bash during Season 1 or 2 in a restaurant with Jason 1 presenting a gift of earrings. And that guy at the track who knew her father offered the inappropriate gift of lingerie which leads me to believe he learned of the date from her father himself.

      A card each year with a check enclosed from a man she barely knew? I’d take it and be content he even made that much of an attempt.

      • LavaLady says:

        Olivia, I disagree with your last paragraph. Bethenny said the check each year was sent by her father’s assistant. It was not an attempt by her father to contact her or wish her a happy birthday. He didn’t even sign the cards, according to what Bethenny said last night. It was probably put on the assistant’s calendar each year as a to-do item. If we have never been in Bethenny’s position of having both parents pretty much ignore our birthdays, I don’t think telling her to just be content with a check is the right thing to say. For all we know that check each year could have been a painful reminder for Bethenny of how dysfunctional her relationship with her parents really was.

        • HD says:

          My dad never remembered my birthday and sure as heck didn’t send a card let alone a check! I would have liked for him to call at least. Sometimes money can’t fix everything.

          I think, it regards to the meltdown, Bethanny must have said something really mean to Jason in front of the guest because she said something like, “I just made my husband look bad in front of everyone” or something like that so she must have clean went off and then felt bad. She was really having a breakdown. I’m like damn, blow out the candles, eat the cake, accept your gifts and go home. I don’t like all that crap either and I have not had a party for my brithday ever, give me a good drink, good food, good sex and I am satisified. 🙂 But I do know how to play it off and pretend like I am having the time of my life.

          • LavaLady says:

            I didn’t catch that HD. Maybe I will see it in the previews for next week. I’m not big on birthdays either. I had maybe 3 parties my whole life. Although I have to say it is always fun to share my birthday with my twin sister.

            • HD says:

              Its on the Bravo Videos. I watched it this morning and she is TRULY having a meltdown. They don’t show what led up to it but she is really losing it. It reminded me of Kelly flipping out over the giftbag. I am like it’s just a party. It’s not that big of a deal. (Also Bravo is acting like she is so loud and going off but I think they just upped the mic output so what they are saying can be heard because if you look the party people are all acting normal. If Bethanny was really screaming like that no one would be acting normal)

          • DJ Fruit Loops says:

            well thats great that you do but evidently there is a lot more going on here with Bethenny and her birthday then any of us really know
            some people are stronger then others its kind of unfair to judge how someone should react just because it isnt the way we would

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        “A card each year with a check enclosed from a man she barely knew? I’d take it and be content he even made that much of an attempt.”

        would you really ? even if the one you didnt know was your dad ?
        Im pretty sure most young girls would be hurt by it
        you might take it but would you really be content
        wouldnt you rather he show up and suprise you on your birthday
        maybe take you out for a special meal

        personally id tear the check in half and send it back

  12. WindyCityWondering says:

    I had forgotten about Jill’s claim that she turned down Skating with the Stars! Jill getting called out on her “lie” was not enough for her to stop with the Bethenny bashing – she had to get Johnny Weir to go after her on the show! Just another reason why we hate her.

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      and now i hate him when i had previously liked him
      hate him enough now that i CANT and WONT watch his show

  13. Mimisfbay says:

    Phew, Olivia, not sure what the show triggered for you. Maybe not the show for you? I think she is working through some stuff that is difficult. There are many types of abuse and she is discussing what happened to her in a safe place…but with cameras.

    I, on the other hand, love the show and agree with you Lynn, that it is just a fun ride. Also, I didn’t remember that whole JZ skating article but now it all makes sense. Looking back, do I think that JZ’s skating birthday party had something to do with all of this? Hmmmmm, oh silly me.

    You know when it comes to your birthday party the guests are usually the chosen by the person having the big birthday. Jason wants to include his friends because he is that kinda guy. The guests may include people she really doesn’t know so why include them? I have been in that spot and can identify with her. She wants close personal friends and family. She doesn’t really know his friends that well.

    It is hard to believe that they are still working through the challenges of the first year of marriage in front of viewers. They need to be cut some slack for the pressure and besides I just love her no matta what.

    • Olivia says:

      What “triggers” me is the fact that the people she chooses as “targets” of her humor or putdowns do not have the same ability to argue back.

      When she was on the Housewives show the others had as much opportunity to “push back” against her if they so chose. But this show, with the exception of Jason, do not afford the others enjoying the same benefit.

      Her mother, Gina, Max, Jason’s friends, his parents, are all subjected to the same type of comments but none are able to appear on camera and explain their actions unlike the Housewives themselves.

      This kind of makes it rather one sided.

      • quincyillinois says:

        I just finished her book and she mentions that her mom and step dad always had a room for her even when they were short of money. I think bad things happened, but Bethenny’s childhood had more highs and I had to deal with six siblings in my care while my parents worked for our survival. Bethenny doesn’t really have any idea that her life was what she made of it.
        She’s busy blaming her mom, dad, step dad, and karma.

        I told Harvey that Bethenny left a wake of destruction in her relationships and Harvey disagreed.

        The other days, we had a discussion about Bethenny, her business and her feelings about Jason’s input. I have three pages in the book marked that really seem to back up my feeling that Bethenny is really dependent on Jason at this point.

        After reading the book, she had a lot of setbacks in businesses and it seems to me that she finally lucked out with the Skinny Girl line. She has a very small sum of money in the bank before the start of RHNYC. She had the start of her books, but season one really helped. During the mid point of filming season two it seems she meet Jason Hoppy. After that he had input.

        I like Bethenny. I can also see what Jill Zarin and Luann are saying about her take no prisoners approach to dealing with others. Bethenny was there for her future and it was all business. She probably aggressive while looking for press coverage just like Ramona said she was.

        Bethenny is all about truth. So are a lot of comedians. It doesn’t mean they are nice people at all. In fact, other than Bob Hope, I can’t think of a nice comedian.

  14. Larke says:

    I LOVE Bethenny’s humor and that is what made her a powerhouse and fan favorite on NY hands down.

    And we adore Bethenny because she is Bethenny, however, that does not mean that just because someone ‘is the way they are’ that it is always appropriate. For example, yes we love B cause she’s B and she is sharp and funny, but that doesn’t mean everything she says is funny or appropriate or that she should get away with it just because she’s BETHENNY! Just because her castmates (and others in her life) laughed along with her for three seasons doesn’t mean that she does not say things that are very hurtful and should stop saying them. So, I disagree with the sentiment that people shouldn’t have a problem with Bethenny because she’s always been that way- that’s not how it works. She shouldn’t be rewarded for being funny at the expense of others.

    Same thing with Ramona. I personally like Ramona, especially compared to the others. I think she is honest and funny as well, but she also has no filter and says a lot of hurtful/rude things. And even though fans and castmates all know that’s just Ramona, that doesn’t make it acceptable!

    Excusing a person’s behavior, like many do for B, because that is their personality really gets to me. It is not acceptable to treat people poorly, be rude, be mean, etc. just because that person is funny and has a sharp tongue. Sometimes you just need to know when to shut up! I have a very similar sense of humor and making general jokes about a situation can be totally fine, but not when you get so personal, in my opinion. I laugh often when I watch B’s shows because there is plenty of appropriate, generally funny stuff so I don’t see the need for the biting comments.

    And what about becoming a better person? She has elected to go to therapy to evolve as a person so Bethenny being the way she always has been is not necessarily a good thing.

    “These people laughed right along with the rest of us, they knew and understood that this is Bethenny’s sense of humor, why is it suddenly wrong for Bethenny to be Bethenny?”

    • Rhetorica says:

      Hi Larke, I, too, like her sense of humor & wit. Sometimes teasing can turn mean, but it’s the intent of the person speaking. I see Bethenny & Ramona apologizing often when they realize what was said, so I don’t think their intent is always mean spirited.

      • Larke says:

        That is true and some housewives do genuinely feel bad for their tasteless/thoughtless/inappropriate actions at times. There are times though that people feel like they can say mean things and then laugh it off (or in Gretchen’s case say anything and laugh it off- SO annoying!) And then there are people that say mean things, but then apologize not because they feel bad for unintended or unexpected hurt feelings, but feel that adding an apology at the end of a rude comment takes the edge off what they said. And I personally feel that using one of those methods to soften the blow or escape blame does not make it okay to offend others.

        I am not saying that Bethenny’s apologies are insincere, but I do feel that she will use others or make jokes at other people’s expense so she can be the witty, funny, no BS Bethenny Frankel. And that rubs me the wrong way.

        • Larke says:

          I also forgot to add that a person’s behavior (regardless of the type of behavior) once you are an adult, once you become a parent, etc. can no longer legitimately be blamed on someone’s past. Not that it is not true, it is very true, there are reasons why we act the way we do. However, that doesn’t make it okay and that doesn’t excuse one’s behavior. Abuse of any kind is just a common example, being abused as a child does not make it okay to continue the cycle whether it be with a child, spouse, or other family member. So when people say that B can be hurtful to others because that’s what she knows and she was trying to survive- to me that does not fly. She is 40 years old, beyond successful both personally and financially, married, has a beautiful baby and she alone has put herself in that position so I find it hard to believe that she has been able to come out of her past and get to where she is despite her upbringing, but still people blame her thoughtless actions because of her childhood. I just feel that at this point in her life, she is solely responsible for how she treats others in her life and if she hurts people in her life (friends, Jason’s parents) then she should actively try to change that. But, I think that’s the problem…she doesn’t see it as a problem.

          Okay, I’m done with that!!! It really is so insignificant at the end of the day, but when it was implied that Bethenny is Bethenny so why do people have a problem with it, well, I had a problem with it! However, treating people whether it be about humor, wit or otherwise is sometimes all we have to redeem ourselves.

  15. Noreen says:

    Great blog Lynn and I agree with your sentiments about Bethenny. I think she is terrific and I enjoy all the interaction on her show. I think some of her critics take this way to seriously. I watch a lot of reality t.v. (more than I want to admit) but BEA is the only show that brings tears to my eyes and most of the time it is for a positive reason.

  16. Maryla says:

    Did anyone see Bethenny on Ellen yesterday? She usually dresses in bright (snug) outfits, but she was instead wearing dark, loose-fitting clothing. Having struggled with infertility myself, hate to put that out there, but it did make me wonder if Jason won the battle on having a second bambino.

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      I saw & thought she looked great as usual but too thin..lol Did not look pregnant in the least to me. I still love Bethenny, just don’t understand everything & I guess we won’t until we hear from her or her mama.

    • LavaLady says:

      I saw it, Maryla, and you are right. She was dressed in a loose top and stretchy pants, not her usual style at all.

    • TLM says:

      She’s already said several times they are trying for a second child (no more battles with Jason), but I saw her on Ellen also and I don’t think she’s pregnant yet. She looked very thin to me. I’ve also seen her on Wendy Williams and George Lopez on the day of her anniversary, which was a day or two later, and she was back in her form-fitting dresses.

  17. WindyCityWondering says:

    Bethenny was the reason I got into RHNY! IMO, she was real and wasn’t trying to get the audience to believe she was something else or get us to like her best! Her quick wit, her ability to snark and throw funny one liners are her personality. Her life is a work in progress and she shows us more than what some are comfortable seeing – if it was all sugar and lightness it would get boring.
    Bravo was smart to pull her into her own show, which she has proven she can carry. The Network saw her potential as well and crossed her over to Skating with the Stars. Now we will find out if the void left by her departure is one the other HWNY can fill….

    • error404 says:


      I guess they all put themselves out there, and we are all free to judge. B seems the most thick skinned of the “bravolebrities” but still, the amount of whining about how whinny she is that goes on still cracks me up.

  18. sss says:

    I noticed you deleted my post about Celebrity Apprentice. i was not offensive, Lynne. It was just my opinion.

  19. AZ Girl says:

    Love the blog Lynn! Bethenny is great, not perfect mind you. But Bethenny is still making it real and not being a big phoney like ummmmmm……. yup like JILL.
    Bryn is too cute!!!!!!!! Loved it when Shawn was talking baby talk to her.

  20. AZ Girl says:

    Any news on Juicy Joe’s hearing yesterday? Someone on the east coast? Boston? OMIB?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      He is due back in superior court on April 19th with a lawyer…..

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      Reality Tea had more info on Joe’s latest abuse of the law


      Joe’s brother got stopped by a police officer. When the cop looked up his license on his police computer in the cop car, the picture on the brother’s license in his hand did not match the photo in the computer…so b.u.s.t.e.d! When Joe got his license in his brother’s name (using bro’s documents) he probably said something like “I am replacing my *lost* license” to the DMV. That’s why the photos didn’t match on the 2 licenses….now I’m thinking just how did Joe go to the Dominican Republic? Does he have a valid passport, or did it expire & he had to have a driver’s license to get a new one? Did Joe really think that his little scheme of getting a driver’s license with his brother’s documents would really work….or was he just such a criminal that he believed he would get away with it? Lock up the jerk & throw away the key. Joe is never going to be a law-abiding citizen. His wife is just as crooked as he is.

  21. Adgirl says:

    I adore Bethenny too but I thought she was very harsh towards Jason’ parents. And it upsets me to listen to Bethenny discuss her mother on tv, it feels like “payback”.

    • Rhetorica says:

      Klingon proverb: Revenge is a dish best served cold.

      • Noreen says:

        Klingons have proverbs?

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Revenge can bite the Klingon in the butt. I don’t see B’s talk as revenge as much as trying to work things out emotionally. I bet she’ll have put it all behind her when she’s 45-50 (my experience anyway).

        I’d love it if fashions started going back to more comfortable clothes & leave something to the imagination. I wish I’d seen her on Ellen.

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        i always thought Living Well was the best Revenge

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bethenny chose not to have her mother in her life. Whatever her mother did or didn’t do, Bethenny does not want Jason or Bryn to be subjected to her. A hard choice but not payback. Bethenny is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

      • Adgirl says:

        I can understand cutting her mother out, what bugs me is the constantly talking about her on tv.

        • twoile says:

          @AG, Me too.

        • quincyillinois says:

          I am getting tired of the complaining too. Bethenny made choices that affected her life. No one forced her to illegally take a car and cause an accident. I’m sure that her mom did not want her to do that. I think Bethenny was a wild child and refused to listen to anyone in her youth. She is the same today. I really think she has a screw loose after listening to her show and reading her book. Being honest is good, but being a constant complainer is ugly.

  22. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Thank you Lynn for a great blog! Heading towards 3M views!

    Well, Olivia has made me stop and think again. Damn you Olivia! Why must you make me think?

    I regretfully agree with almost all of you said. I really like Bethenny, but her mother didn’t sign on for this public humiliation. It seems like a very unfair , one-sided “fight”

    Although in thinking things through- I wonder if maybe we all haven’t missed a big humongous neon sign flashing in our face?

    Bethenny’s mother , IMHO, seems like she’s an alcoholic. And her father, again IMHO, seems like a gambler. (yeah, yeah he raised race horses- sorry I think it’s a smokescreen for a gambling addition)

    So in risking my over- identifying with Bethenny – (again IMHO) she is the adult child of an alcoholic and a gambler. This would explain her intense feelings of abandonment and feeling like she was raised by wolves. And also explain her rigid control tendencancies.

    She would probably benefit to attending some Al-Anon sessions:

    “Al-Anon acknowledges that members begin with low self-esteem, but teaches that this is largely a side-effect of unrealistically overestimating their personal agency and control. ”

    some characteristics of adult children of alcoholics:

    …guess at what normal is.

    …judge themselves without mercy.

    …have difficulty having fun.

    …take themselves very seriously.

    …have difficulty with intimate relationships.

    …overreact to changes over which they have no control.

    …constantly seek approval and affirmation.

    …feel that they are different from other people.

    …are either super responsible or super irresponsible.

    …are extremely loyal, even in the face of evidence that loyalty is undeserved.

    I recognize B. in alot of these- but it’s not a one size fits all type of an issue. Just my thoughts 🙂

    • error404 says:

      ITA! I think B’s whole friendship with Jill was an example of her being trapped in a pattern. If slagging her mother off on tv helps her get past the cycle of abuse, I say go for it. From the little than came out of the mom’s mouth that we’ve seen so far, I’d say B’s go this one right. What a horror show!

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        Thanks error- I was almost afraid to say anything.

        Now. (Taking a deep breath here. )

        Doesn’t it seem like a lot of Jason’s life prior to Bethenny seem to have revolved around booze? Maybe the “frat boy” you see in Jason extends to the frat house alcohol abuse too?

        (ducking!!!) Just thinking aloud people!

        • BlueSky_Forever says:

          Could explain why B doesn’t want the boozy frat boys at her birthday party too. I laughed at the frat boy behavior at her wedding (can’t remember who jumped in the little pond, or what B’s reaction was) but really if that was my wedding? I would have been furious!

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          IMO, Jason has not grown up nor has he put his wife and daughter first in his life. Bethenny told Jill at the reunion that Jason doesn’t like her and therefore there really wasn’t a place for her in her life. Would Jason do the same for Bethenny???

      • lovemamaearth says:

        And that B isn’t badmouthing Jill is a sign that it’s not just her MO, it’s working through her childhood stuff. I love that B just cleanly dropped Jill from her horizon. Jill is just the opposite of that.

  23. error404 says:

    ok, I FINALLY got around to posting my Fabulous Beekman Boys recap vlog!


    hope you enjoy!

  24. justanothermary says:

    I’m not sure where I read it but, a while back there was and article by B about Bravo having “cast” her doctor for the show since he’s well known, an author, etc. She was thrilled about it because she felt she needed therapy and this gave show was giving it to her. What I get from that is that the doctor is as much a fame whore as any of the housewives and that B is getting free therapy, albiet on tv. I’m not sure why, but for me that makes her sessions more of cruel mom bash than if she was truly seeing a doctor and sincerely trying to work through issues.

    I was raised by two alcoholic parents, lived through all the abuse, yadda yadda yadda. By the time I was 40 I had long ago pulled up my big girl panties and made sure that the abuse I endured would never happen to my boys. I had to get help to get my head straight, but I did so in private and did not/do not blame all my issues on my childhood. It’s my choice each and everyday to drag that crap with me or leave it in the trash before I start my day. My mother is now in the last stage of her life and I am so grateful that we’ve found a relationship and that I will be with her when she passes. At least me, and it is just mho, but letting go is imperative for healing, but in order to let go you have to stop blaming others, accept “it” for what it is and move on.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      ITA with you Mary. Until B forgives her mother, she can’t really move past her childhood. It is time for her to “get over it” already, so hopefully she will do that this season. What I see in B’s behavior is someone who needs therapy, serious therapy to overcome her inability to have close relationships with others. If she does not get that much needed therapy, I see divorce & perhaps even a difficult relationship with her grown-up daughter. For her sake I hope this is the last season on reality tv for B. Really haven’t we had enough already of her life? Seeing her on Ellen yesterday was interesting. Her it is:


    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      justanothermary-words of wisdom

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      I am so sorry for you Mary~totally agree. That Dr. just seems to tell her what she wants to hear.

    • kbinldo says:

      My theory is that we only see what the doc & Bethenny want us to see of her therapy sessions. The sessions are probably a lot longer AND way more intensive than what we’re seeing.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I agree.

        And we all heal in our own time & own ways. I wonder if B would be seeing a counselor if she wasn’t with J or had Baby Brynn.

    • Rhetorica says:

      Mary, same boat here except physical abuse. I, too, had therapy & put it behind me BUT, I never saw my mother again. We have to weigh the costs & benefits if each relationship. If we receive more pain than pleasure, we need to disengage. I did not want my children around such toxic behavior. Fortunately for me, I had a wonderful step mother who saved me.

      • quincyillinois says:

        I had no money, so I read a lot of books and helped myself overcome issues. Yes, things happened. I don’t allow that to affect my life today.

        Bethenny talks about breaking the cycle in her book. I think she drinks too much when under stress, has issues about money (why complain about a few extra people at a party, get a bigger cake) and the needs to tell the truth even if it hurts someone else. It’s quite possible to life your life without these issues if you are really from a “Place of Yes.” I think Bethenny is really from a “Place of No.”

  25. Miss Katherine says:

    whether it’s right or wrong for bethenny to continue to condemn her mother and father, it’s clear that she had an unstable and often unhappy childhood. as she said, it seemed normal then, and only in adulthood has she been able to see just how depraved it all was. possible drug and alcohol abuse from her mother… who tries to take a 13 year old to a club? it reminded me of how drew barrymore used to go party with her mom. i can definitely understand how a mother can be jealous of a child who has still has youth and a relative amount of innocence, as well as the opportunity to still make something of their self. and as someone who is very close to my parents, i can’t imagine how painful it would be to be merely an after-thought to my father, even on my own birthday.

    the amount of pain she has suffered gives her a right to work through it, even if it’s on tv. i can see the other side of things though.

    i thought it was great to see her light up and talk about little bryn’s birthday. while bethenny is sometimes coarse and harsh, she is completely soft when she’s around or talking about her baby. you can see how much she truly loves her baby! i think she’s a great mom. i like bethenny because she is witty; sometimes her comments can be hurtful (i also have a dry sense of humor and can come off unintentionally meaner than i intended sometimes), but she’s quick to apologize. that’s the difference between her and a lot of the other housewives–bethenny knows how to apologize and it’s sincere. No PR team had to coach her (hey jill!)

    • justanothermary says:

      My main concern is for Bryn. I pulled my head out of my butt cuz my kids deserved that from me. B needs to come to terms with her issues before they effect her daughter. I thought everyone’s father drove them to school in the morning with a beer in their pocket. That was my reality. That doesn’t mean I had the right to make it a reality for my sons. I got the help I needed BEFORE we got custody of justanothervirgil’s boys. They deserved that from me and we have very stable relationships now that they are adults. The one thing I have never tolerated is them bashing their mother for her shortcomings. Maybe that’s why all this has struck me so deeply.

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        I see Bethenny as a “poor little rich girl” growing up.
        Many of us had abusive childhoods with near poverty added in, now THAT is a combination I wouldn’t wish on ANYBODY.

    • Zoey says:

      Good points!

  26. Butters'Mom says:

    Wow the mother issue seems to have struck a cord with many. My mom died when I was 12 so my issues are completely different. That said I think B has every right to say to whomever she wants her truth about her childhood. She has said time and again that part of the reason she does so is to help other people and shared experiences can help.She is working on her issues. One’s personal demons are a constant battle and just when you think you’ve won they can rear their head again.

    I actually like her therapist. Or at least he hasn’t said anything stupid and he gently points her in the right direction. Well that is my two cents.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Seeing it the same way – Bethenny is doing this for Bryn and Jason because they are important to her.

  27. LavaLady says:

    Did anyone see Bethenny on George Lopez last night? She said ( I think ) that Gina is no longer with them due to a medical issue.

  28. Adgirl says:

    Glad we are talking about this.
    I wasn’t abused or neglected in the standard way. I was raised by a couple of emotionally constipated intellectuals who behaved like computers rather than parents.
    Naturally, I ended up “looking for love in all the wrong places” and my stupid choices as a teenager set me on a course that framed my entire life.

    When I had my children I started to grow up and forgive. My parents did the best they could do. Their childhoods probably weren’t all that great either.

    I hope Bethenny does forgive her mother. She doesn’t have to have a “relationship” with her. It is best for Bethenny to put all the hate away so it stops polluting her emotions and her home.

  29. Larke says:

    People are right when they say it is Bethenny’s choice to put it on TV and yes, it is her choice, but many others can see it is not a wise choice. And definitely not a fair choice, but I don’t really think anyone is ready to go to bat for her mother.

    I would like to point out though that everything Bethenny has ever said about her mother (or father) and there is plenty of it in print and on tape I 100% believe is HER reality. I know she believes that everything she says is true and is the reality that happened in her life because of course it’s coming from her perspective. But, her reality does not necessarily translate into THE reality. A child, especially from a broken/crazy home, will understand, interpret, and present things in such a way that they are able to cope, but that does not mean that everything they remember or ‘know’ is in fact how it all went down.

    So, my issue with her confronting all this and demonizing her mother is that Bethenny’s reality may very well not be what actually happened. Maybe Bethenny saying her mother didn’t care that Bethenny was sick and wouldn’t take her to the doctor wasn’t EXACTLY like that. Maybe Bethenny felt more comfortable at that age (18?) with her best friend’s mother and felt more supported so that was the best choice for Bethenny to seek refuge and assistance. Or maybe by then Bethenny had already turned her back on her family and her mother didn’t really have the oppportunity at that moment to step in as caregiver. Just maybe…but, it is at least something to think about. Bethenny says her mother probably didn’t love her as a baby because a babysitter (or someone) said that her mother didn’t love her. But maybe her mother did love her as a baby and was there! B doesn’t remember if she was there or not and who is to say if that other person was correct. That’s all I’m saying, but if someone accused you of not loving your baby (not even on national TV) you would probably be crushed as a mother…even if you weren’t the best mother as every single mother makes mistakes and has faults even those who truly, truly want nothing but the best for the child! It can’t feel very good and I think there are no winners when B says that.

    And I’m not faulting Bethenny at all. We all perceive things from our childhood to be a certain way, but I guarantee that if we all were so lucky to talk to our grandparents, parents, relatives, teachers, etc. today our ‘reality’ would be a little skewed on some things. And not even in a negative way or regarding negative situations…even just normal family or normal growing up things.

    And that’s where I personally feel putting it on TV is wrong because that may not be the entire truth and the other party will never have the same platform to defend themselves and even if they did, B is sooo popular and beloved that nobody would even listen nor believe the other party…so it really is unfair. More than that though it’s a PRIVATE issue for all involved and a reality show is not the place for it. I think in general some fans may take Bethenny’s side on this because we all know her mother wasn’t deserving of any ‘Mother of the Year’ award and she shouldn’t have had kids because she was selfish so because her mother is an unlikeable character it is a lot easier for people to just side with B and say that she can put it on TV if she wants because none of us care about her mother’s feelings. If you put yourself in that position though where in twenty years your child put you on blast unfairly and you couldn’t defend yourself we would all probably be more understanding of the other side.

    And finally, I don’t think much of this is even about Bethenny and her mother. From the posts today and in the past, I think some of us have had less than perfect childhoods and/or have dealt with tough things in life and we can relate in discussing it with each other. I know I am opinionated on the subject because of my experience and I want so badly for her to be able to move on and EMBRACE the life she has now and the amazing family she has including her in-laws. And just relax a little and let Bryn have as many wonderful, loving, genuinely good people in Bryn’s life as possible. (That’s probably the most frustrating because Bryn is the only one that is going to miss out on all that love.) Because honestly, from someone’s perspective who has been in a similar situation I see her not taking advantage of the fact that everything is in her favor and yet, she continues to put up her walls. I know it’s all a process and nobody can tell you at what pace you should be moving and maybe by now, Bethenny has improved. But, it is a TV show and she put her life out there so people are going to comment. And inevitably, as a viewer, it’s hard to be empathetic because she has every resource at her hands like for example, she could have very needed therapy sessions with a good doctor in private to really work on herself, but she chooses to ‘hire’ a doctor for her TV show so she can have 30 minute conversations revolving around the show’s content. I hope it is understandable how that can be very disheartening. Especially after we have watched her cry and be emotional and distraught over her family and cried with her and felt her pain, it seems like she does not address it properly and seriously and yet, addresses it for her TV show which is at the basis, a financial gain for her.

    • Rhetorica says:

      Larke, this post & your post above are so logical! No arguments. Thought of running for office & setting the world straight:)

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      So how about her mother selling her side of the story to the tabloids instead of talking to Bethenny privately? Bethenny is questioning what was real and her mother sold a different version that basically called B a liar….

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      if it wasnt true why is it her mom has never sued ?

  30. vilzvet says:

    Ugh, a possible significant snowstorm is forecast for April Fool’s Day, this Friday, when Bethenny is scheduled to do a book signing here. All depending on the track, could be 6″! That is crazy. It’s targeting NY, Philly, and Boston, the I-95 corridor.

  31. More info about the brawl in the Dominican Republic involving RHONJ.

    The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice is known for causing a scene, and that’s just what she did while vacationing with the cast in the Dominican Republic last month – leading the star to be punched in the face and several of her cast mates in police custody!

    RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned Teresa was the reason behind the February 23 bar brawl at the Hard Rock in Punta Cana and it was her playful antics that didn’t sit well with at least one bar patron in particular.

    “It was late, they were on vacation, and she was just having fun,” said a show insider.

    “She opened the champagne and just started spraying it everywhere and it went all over this woman near her.”

    According to the source, the drenched woman’s husband did not take kindly to the rowdy group and physically attacked Teresa.

    “It was crazy, he got really angry and punched Teresa in the face!”

    RadarOnline.com previously reported that all the cast members partied at their hotel bar at about 1 am on February 23, including Caroline and her husband Albert, Jacqueline and Chris Laurita, Teresa and Joe Giudice, newcomers Kathy and Richy Wakile, Joey and Melissa Gorga, the Manzo children (Chris, Albie, and Lauren) and roommate Gregory Bennett.

    “Joe, Albie and Chris were trying to protect Teresa and they just grabbed the guy and started fighting, and then people joined in.

    “Bravo helped to break up the fight,“ added the source.

    “Everyone was involved. It became a massive scene,” another source previously explained.

    But it turned physical with about eight people involved, police told RadarOnline.com.

    “Usually when there’s a fight we take one guy, but this time we took everybody,” the police representative said.

    According to our source, Joe was “beating on the guy” and struck a male patron with a glass.

    Police said the injured patrons made the complaint to police.

    According to police in the Dominican Republic, the two injured “victims” were Americans Adolfo Arriolla, who had a fracture in his arm, and Jason Gomez, who had a fracture in his leg and scratches on his face.

    attorneys came in to smooth over the situation.

    Others involved had bruises.

    When authorities arrived, Arriolla and Gomez, along with Joe, Albie, Christopher and Gregory were detained and taken to the police station where their passports were seized, said our source. Local attorneys came in to smooth over the situation.

    According to our source, the fight will not air on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

    When contacted by RadarOnline.com for comment, Bravo declined.

    • Sha2000 says:

      IF she was punched in the face, then why wasn’t she listed as a victim?
      Wonder if they will air it as “lost footage”.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Oh that silly Theresa and her boisterous hijinks! My goodness! That foreigner from that other country sure took it personal when all Theresa was doing was having a little fun by spraying champagne! Because that’s the ONLY reason that a guy would flip out in a bar and punch a woman in the face!

      Of course Joe had to defend her with a broken glass! And of course Albie and Chris had to protect poor little Theresa! It makes perfect sense that the police arrested everyone, no matter who was doing what!

      And of course Bravo was involved! How else could they report what will NOT be aired-otherwise we would never know what REALLY happened and might mistakenly believe that our beloved reality stars were at fault! I’m so glad they set us all straight!

    • Noreen says:

      I cannot imagine going out with my family in a large group and ending up in a brawl. Yet it is business as usual with this group of crazies. And now they can’t blame it on Danielle.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Teresa is a mother and supposedly an adult. Why is it cool to spray champagne all over a bar? I guess if you are 15 years old it’s funny. These people have no filter and do not know how to act in public. Wonder how Caroline feels about this. At a minimum she should be pissed that her boys now have a police record thanks to Joe and Teresa.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        ‘nother country tho? no record here from the arrest-right?

        • AZ Girl says:

          If the article is correct and they were hauled in to the station then they could be on record for having been involved in the altercation. Whether charges were pressed depends on the authorities of the Dominican Republic.

          • BlueSky_Forever says:

            It would have been very very good if the whole bunch had spent time in jail in the Dominican Republic. The 2 men they were fighting had broken bones. The report from radaronline said local attorneys were called in to “settle” it so it sounds like to me $ exchanged hands, charges (if any) were dropped etc. These criminals just can’t behave any better than what they are, criminals.

        • quincyillinois says:

          I love it that Teresa is tweeting about how much she loves her husband right after he is arrested for having a fake id.
          These people are truly grifters.

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      OMG! Will this be shown next season? Why in Heaven’s name would ANYBODY spray champagne on complete strangers? Teammates after winning the world series? Yes, but complete strangers? gads.

      • BambiBaby22 says:

        I am adding…..I would have been PISSED if I were there and she got my Louis Vuitton speedy bag wet!
        I probably would have been punching her in the face, tee-hee.

  32. twoile says:

    Thank you Lynn esp 4 the links 2 the other sites very funny…Mickey M is exceptional!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Something had to have happened between the spraying of the bubbly and the face punch – maybe, just maybe Teresa said something really offensive??? And where was the Clown Queen – has she lost control of her two jester sons? Oh those Guidices have to go away!

      • Sha2000 says:

        I’m not buying that she was punched in the face, sorry. We’ve heard this report for months and now suddenly new details “she was punched”. Also she’s in the new’s all the time & has looked the same. Plus! What are the chances that you’d get a man who punches women AND a loser who breaks bottles over someones face, in the same room???? I’m betting the truth lies somewhere in between.

    • error404 says:

      anyone who saw the country club “is bitch better?” scene with Danielle knows for a fact that this bs article is all lies. Funny, but what makes me saddest about the article is that she probably didn’t get punched in the face. Seriously, had it actually happened and Bravo filmed it, I’d willing sit thru RHoNJ just to see T get her face smashed in! lol

  33. HD says:

    Total OT but I have been nominated for the Best Poet in The Nieghborhood in my city. If you could stop by and vote for me (if you’ve heard my poetry for the other link a while back) I would appreciate it. Thanks everyone! (You have to scroll down almost to the bottom and it will say Best Poet just look for Hannah. 🙂 Thanks!


  34. LavaLady says:

    I have story to share… it’s really kind of silly that I feel so bad about this, but….

    My daughter and her college roommate bought a turtle 2 1/2 years ago for their dorm room. I know it is not legal, they went to Chinatown in NYC. When she went abroad to study this past semester, she gave the turtle to her boyfriend to watch over. Her boyfriend went overseas to visit her two weeks ago, and left the turtle with me. Me, my husband and son grew so attached to him. He was really a cute little guy, swimming around in his little tank.

    Today was the day the boyfriend was coming to take the turtle back. When I got up this AM I went to feed the turtle, and couldn’t find him in the tank. I yelled to my son to come, and we spotted him. He had gotten stuck between a rock and the filter, and couldn’t swim up to the surface for air. Think of being stuck under a waterfall between two rocks, and you will get the idea. Obviously, the turtle died.

    So I e mailed my daughter in Germany, and told her tell her boyfriend. She understood completely and doesn’t blame us. Neither does the boyfriend. But I still feel awlful about it. My husband is out of town all week, so I had to call him and tell him the whole story as well.

    Anyway, I know it is ridiculous; it’s just a turtle. But we are still a little sad around here. RIP Arnold.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      oh, poor Arnold!

      I got 4 of those for a Valentine’s Day present (what a sucky present huh?) They were all about the size of a quarter- sooooo cute. I named them Lucy and Desi and Fred and Ethel.

      Desi died. I had a turtle funeral- it was very sad and I cried.

      That was 6 years ago. Fred, Ethel, and Lucy are HUGE-like almost 10 inches long and about 7 inches wide. they live for like 60 years too.

      ***I am happy for them to go to your daughter’s home. ****

      • LavaLady says:

        OMIB Are there different breeds of turtles? Why did yours grow so big? I will respectively decline the offer of your turtles on my daughters behalf. Most likely she will dorm in NYC again. No room for huge turtles there.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          red eared sliders

          • Lava, i felt so bad when I read your story.
            I would have freaked out, so,please don’t think
            that you’re being ridiculous . I’m sorry it
            had to happen on your watch.
            (I guess there will be no “turtletime” jokes
            for Lavalady)

            I’m sorry for that last sentence–

            ((OMIB)) where do you keep these huge

    • VAgirl says:

      Sorry to hear about poor Arnold. I know it’s only a turtle, but still one of God’s creations.

    • twoile says:

      @LL, so sorry 4 Arnolds demise…it is a sad story..feel better soon.;0

      • Sha2000 says:

        It not ridiculous; whats ridiculous are people who discount the value of the small creatures! Last year, I slammed my lanai door and didn’t see a little lizard/gecko there…poor guy was smashed! If I had a time machine, I seriously would have gone back saved him!

        RIP sweet Arnold!

      • vilzvet says:

        Aw, the poor thing. I forgot that they need to come up for air. Here is another turtle story: My friend was out of town on a cruise a few years ago, and had a large turtle inside her home in a little pool with a heat lamp attached. The heat lamp must have been knocked down by the turtle or fell, and it put the house on fire! She had a person staying in the house thankfully to take care of her two horses and dogs, and this girl arrived home soon after the fire began. The dogs were barking when she came inside and she followed their lead to the upstairs room. My friend lost all her clothes and many possessions due to the fire and smoke damage and had to move out for several months. All because of a turtle! I was called during the fire by a mutual friend and raced over there because I was thinking of the horses. I’ll never forget the huge line of firetrucks in front of the house. And how the firemen could not give a straight answer of what they thought the damage was, from the street the house was not smoldering and never burned down but all the damage had been done inside anyway. Fire is one of my biggest fears.

        • Sha2000 says:

          Awful! Glad everyone was okay, vilzvet!

          • LavaLady says:

            V – That is some turtle story. My son had geckos that need a heat lamp. I never felt comfortable leaving the house with it on.

        • BlueSky_Forever says:

          wow, that’s really awful about the turtle’s heat lamp burning down the house. Sorry about Arnold LavaLady but am really glad Arnold didn’t burn down the house!

    • Noreen says:

      So sorry – turtles are special!

    • Rhetorica says:

      It’s not ridiculous; it’s natural to mourn for something you lost. I’m sorry.

      • HD says:

        Hey LavaLady, pets are just like members of the family so I completely understand. I am sorry. Maybe you will think about buying them another one at some point. Just a thought.

        • LavaLady says:

          I probably will get them one when she gets back in May. Funny thing is, the BF was way more attached to the turtle than my daughter was. He lives alone, so it was a little companion for him.

          Thanks everyone for all the comments on my turtle saga. I knew I would feel better after posting. You guys are the best. And this is the Best. Blog. Ever.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Aww that’s not ridiculous or silly at all, sorry about poor Arnold. xoxo

    • lillybee says:

      I had a pet turtle when I was a little girl. He died and we buried him in the yard. A few weeks later he was crawling around the yard. I think that he or she was hibernating. He lived for about 4 more years.

  35. Mookies1mom says:

    I had a difficult childhood but for other reasons. My very first memory is of pain and my father trying to comfort me. I distinctly remember my mother asking me to stop screaming because “I don’t want the neighbors to think we are abusing you”. A lot of my childhood memories are of pain and doctor visits. My mother always told me, when I was older, that I had a perfect childhood. When I was about 20 my soon to be mother-in-law asked me if my mother always drank that much. Something I saw growing up that I thought was “normal”. After my mother-in-law asked me that I looked back over the years and realized that my mother was an alcoholic. It’s all about the perception of each person in the situation.

    My husband had a very abusive childhood. His father is an alcoholic and was abusive when he was drunk. About 5 years ago they had a HUGE falling out. A couple of years later my husband put it aside so he could continue to have a relationship with his mother without hiding it from his dad. Things aren’t rosey between them but they can be in the same room together now.

    We went through some difficult times together but we all worked at it. Those conversations were not easy to say the least but given time we were able to work it out. Everybody’s situations are different and some relationships are past mending. Sometimes you have to deal with the past in order to have a better future.

    That’s my 2 cents worth.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      mookiesmom, HD, justanothermary, and anyone I’m missing-you are all survivors-resilient in the face of adversity.

      • Rhetorica says:

        And the best part…broke the cycle of the behavior!

      • HD says:

        Thanks OMIB! HUGS! Sometimes you just have to keep moving. The rearview mirror and the windshield are the sizes that they are for a reason. 🙂

      • Mookies1mom says:

        Thanks OMIB! We all just do what it takes to get through the day!

        HD I absolutely love that saying: The rearview mirror and the windshield are the sizes that they are for a reason. I’ve never heard that before but I’m going to steal it from you, but I’ll give you the credit! 😉

        Rhetorica, yep, broke that mold and threw it away.

    • justanothermary says:

      Mookies – I TOTALLY relate. After I had moved out and was about 20 years old, I ran into an old school mate. We decided to go for coffee and at one point she asked me if my parents still drank a lot. I was floored. I never realized that anyone else saw beyond the pefect little family in the 7th row at St. Leo’s Church every Sunday. She told me there were a lot of people concerned for me and that she was amazed at how well I seemed to be doing. I’ll never forget that day or the free feeling I had knowing I no longer had to hide, cuz the cat was outta the bag.

  36. boston02127 says:

    Lynn–Thanks for the great blog. I heart B & her baby. I luv seeing Bryn laugh.

  37. Zoey says:

    Great blog! One of my favorite things about the show is watching Bethenny say something snarky or sarcastic, and Jason just cracking up! He GETS her. That’s what makes them so cute, in my opinion. I’m sure everyone doesn’t get her humor, but that’s fine. I don’t get a lot of shows on TV! To each his/her own.

    Uh-oh, electricity is about to go out here in Nola. Storms abrewin’! Later all!

  38. California35 says:

    I am so late today…and I HAVE to comment at least once on the BEA recaps 🙂

    GREAT blog Lynn, as usual, and as usual I agree with you about Bethenny.

    The only thing that was kind of odd for me was when Jason brought up the “we” vs “I” on the wrong time. It was HER birthday, and “I” event not a “we” event. If that was about the baby’s baptism or their anniversary, his comment would have been understandable. It was not a horrible fight and Bethenny didn’t make it a bigger deal…so I was glad it didn’t get ugly.

    Bethenny talking about her birthday and sad memories, oh how I related. I am 35 and my dad called me ONCE to wish me a happy B-day. As much as I understand the reasons, and I learned to not be bothered by his absence, I still get sad about things like that. Granted he was never mean to me, in fact he was always nice to me when ever we spoke or saw each other, but there is always a part of me that wishes things had been different. Any waaaays going back to B…lol…if I still get sad or confused about my feeling regarding my dad, I can only imagine how she feels about hers.

    I love to see Bryn smiling 🙂 I enjoyed the girls night out and Julie’s dace. Also the gay event picking up a guy for B’s friend, and the double date.

    I had been looking forward to see what was going on on B’s life around the time she was on skating with the stars. It all started with this episode. I had a wooo moment when she told Ethan the thing about missing the Olympics. I was like, no no, you just meet this guy…don’t lol

    • California35 says:

      I just read that others were able to see Ellen yesterday…I didn’t 😦 there was an interruption because the President had something to say. I thought everyone missed it too.

      I saw her on George Lopez from last night. She was funny, she told a story about one of her engagement rings. George set her up for that story by asking her what happens to the engagement rings when the couple breaks up. I found it interesting because she has said that she was the runaway bride, but I don’t remember hearing more details.

  39. Mimisfbay says:

    Voted for you HD!!! Good luck, I really hope you win. Don’t forget to let us know the results.

    • butterisafruit says:

      That Teresa is one selfish bitch. Whenever there is controversy she’s
      smacked, dabbed in the middle. She had no reason to spray other
      patrons with that wine. She’s always the cause of other peoples’ trouble.
      She knew when she was doing that she was setting her family up to
      defend her. She knew that she was wrong. Yeah she got a punch in the
      face. She egged people on, and that’s what happens.
      Growing up there was always a child who was a lot of fun, you wanted
      to be around them BUT they were always in trouble. Elementary straight
      through high school their name was always being brought up. And
      that was also the kid that your parents told you to stay away from.
      They never wanted your name brought up too. Instead of being known
      for good accomplishments they’re known for all the trouble they start.
      That’s Teresa, and she doesn’t give a damn about her family.

  40. Hey Lynn, don’t read my BEA recap. You’re gonna hate me. Lol.

    I have a question, does anyone know exactly what the purpose of “tags” are on the blogs? I always fill them out, I’m not sure I know what the purpose is.

    • HD says:

      Soooooooooooooooo RCH, how did you REALLY feel about the episode? LOL!

    • error404 says:

      to help people find your blog. If they google “Bethenny Frankel” and that’s one of your tags, your blog should appear on the results pages. If they google “Whinny 40 year old with abusive childhood who needs to just get over it already because I’m bored with that storyline” and those were your tags, then strangers should find their way to your blog, etc…

  41. MickeyMouth says:

    Another great blog Lynn. Thanks for the shout out 🙂

    I think I remarked that Bethenny’s firing of Max was ambiguous. Apparently cause he wasn’t fired. She gave him to Shawn, lol.


  42. HD says:

    I know I am late asking this but why do ya’ll think Bethanny was concerned about affording Shawn to plan the party? Did she say that in a ha ha funny way or was she really serious?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I thought it was a sarcastic I can’t afford you. IMO – Shawn was a hit last season and Bravo has him blogging her show this season – so he is being worked into the mix. He is fun and it is obvious that they like each other. Maybe he can fix Jake up with one of his friends!

      • HD says:

        Oh I didn’t know he was blogging the show. I was tardy for that party. Guess it would help if I took the time to read the BEA blogs. He’ll probably get a party planner show or something. Why would she pawn Max off on Shawn? That just didn’t make any sense to me. I thought Max was fired. If he was fired why have him work with Shawn?

        • BlueSky_Forever says:

          I watched the videos…Julie’s idea to pawn off Max on Shawn (she didn’t want him to totally get fired lol). The video with Shawn telling Max what he’s going to do is hilarious. Max is headed for more trouble planning the b.d. party! IMO Max is being used to provide storyline material. JMO – these reality shows have to have some sort of “script” or ideas to film. Max is a ditz.

          Seems like an inside “joke” about Bethenny not being able to afford Shawn as a party planner. Of course Bravo is paying all the bills!!!

        • error404 says:

          This is just my hunch, but as soon as she hired Max I knew it wasn’t her decision but that Bravo hired him for the show. It was painfully obvious that she wanted the ugly guy who knew his shit, but instead she “hired” a complete idiot who’s pretty. Please. Eye candy for Andy more like it! He’s IMO obviously a ‘bravolebrity’ and that’s why he’s also been hired to be on Shawn’s spin off show.

  43. VAgirl says:

    Hey. I just watched a new show – Body of Proof on ABC. It was pretty good!

    • error404 says:

      What’s it about? I was surfing the channels and when I saw the name I thought it was that Madonna movie, so I couldn’t change the station fast enough! lol

      • VAgirl says:

        LOL – not about Madonna! It stars Dana Delaney. Her character used to be a neurosurgeon, but she lost the full use of her hands, so now she’s a medical examiner with a snarky attitude. I’m kind of getting reality show overload so thought I’d watch something new – fantasy, not reality.

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        that would be Body Of Evidence

    • lillybee says:

      I missed it, was watching the good wife, hope it will be available on NBC.com

  44. Sha2000 says:

    Any one watching Miami’s physic dinner? I want a reading from that lady, lol, she seems to have some interesting insights…

  45. Boston02127 says:

    Did anyone watch the Fab Beekman’s?

    • boston02127 says:

      test~~? my shamrock

    • error404 says:

      I loved the cake! lol

      • boston02127 says:

        I heart Josh. Bret can get on my nerves, he’s so picky about everything. Then something always happens that makes my heart go out to him.

        I’d luv to spend a summer on that farm. When I’m watching the show sometimes it’s like going back in time. Also, did u notice Farmer John looks a lot more healther & happier this season.

        • vilzvet says:

          I forgot to DVR it, but I am going to find the rerun today. Hopefully they do the Bravo thing of repeating shows 18 times per day. It’s not on Bravo, right?

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Was there any kind of explanation why Farmer John can afford to quit his day job?

          I thought it was nasty of Brent the brat to waste money on the new fence. Does he think Spot is happy wth no other Spots around him?

          • Nancy says:

            Farmer John could quit his day job because his goats produced enough milk (which he sells to Brent & Josh) It’s a little twisted.

  46. VAgirl says:

    OK. I’ll bite. Somebody tell me what the Fabulous Beekman’s are all about.

    • error404 says:

      a drag-queen-turned-advertising-exec and a doctor-turned-martha-steward-slave buy an historic farm in upstate ny and try to live self-sustainingly.

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        and raise goats, with a seriously funny llama causing havoc everywhere….I love those Beekman boys! Bret is too too much. Remember when he was wrapping a million bars of the goat milk soap bars, & complained that 2 bars didn’t match exactly (in the 4 seasons collection or whatever…each batch turns out a little differently, but Bret couldn’t handle that lol). I love Josh more, he’s so good at putting up with Bret. Together they make a great team.

        • DJ Fruit Loops says:

          dont watch it But Jimmy says the one thing they fail to mention is just how rich they are

  47. chismosa says:

    Hey everyone- i used to comment last year- hello Lynn- still love you to pieces- not sure if anyone will see this & if not, i’ll re-post on next blog- but Lynn, or whoever- HOW are you getting this juicy info on the new season of NY HWs in Morocco?? It’s like I’m watching frame-by-frame of episodes!?! Did someone in production leak this out? How does Dandy stand it ? (I call him that because mi amor Elsa did; I assume he is ‘Employer’)- ps did you see the page 6 thing saying Bravo execs are so annoyed by his heavy advertising of Watch What Happens Live all over Manhattan? Love love love.
    Just wondering HOW you got all this info, it’s like i dont even have to watch the new season? I already read the guide info on the premiere episode next week and it’s Ramona hosting a party and Alex and Jill cannot stand eachother.
    This blog, I believe (though may be wrong) was founded based entirely on the disgusting entity that is Jill Zarin and I hope the focus is entirely on her when the new season starts, which heinously still has her on the roster. Hope ratings fall because i can’t stand her so much.
    Ok hope someone can just tell me if all this scoop is true!? How is this not on Dandy’s radar? Keep it up, love it
    love to Lynn LTL

    • quincyillinois says:

      It’s all on the net. We have previews from Bravo, twitters from the reality stars, photos from photographers on the streets, gossip online articles and the ability to put all of those ideas together.

      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        Hi Q ~
        glad you are back~missed you..
        mama’s dog is sick & she is taking him to vet this morning~his is a 13 yr old shyshu not sure how to spell it. She is going to be more heart broken over him than anything even Aunt Margaret..

  48. DJ Fruit Loops says:

    ” I just didn’t understand why they couldn’t have just expanded the guest list by 8 or 10 people. ”

    as it was Bethennys allready having anxiety about having the party and wanted it to be a small low key affair
    as you can see from nexts weeks episode she kind of has a meltdown

  49. DJ Fruit Loops says:

    “Bethenny is taking a lot of heat this season for many different reasons, some feel that she is coming off as mean and self-centered. I don’t see her being vicious or cruel to anyone. ”
    i dont see it either and neither does my Jimmy
    as a rule her hates most reality shows and he refers to the housewives franchise as those sluts but he LOVES Bethenny and he LOVES NeNE same as me and trust we dont always agree on things but this we do he always says that those 2 are the only ones he would love to hang out with

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      lol re “sluts!” Me thinks we are all slutty for watching the ho’wives. That’s why I cannot watch trashy RHOC – it’s just too disgusting. The highlight was the sock on Slade’s schlong. Really, that scene from last season was the tipping point for me. This season just got more down & dirty in the gutter. It’s way more fun reading Lynn’s blog than actually barfing thru an episode in front of the tv.

      • error404 says:

        I prefer the term “bravotution-whores”. Pay attention puhlease! lol

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        LOL keep in mind Jimmy Calls them that i dont (well a few i do like Trampolina aka Tamra
        Personly i kiked the sock thing just wonder what size he REALLY needed LOL

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      Honestly I think Nene is a gay man trapped in her body & that’s why she looks so much like a drag queen to me!

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I agree. I think Nene backstabs more than any drag queen I’ve seen.

        • DJ Fruit Loops says:

          ive known many drag queens in my life
          only known a few backstabbers
          Im sorry no one will ever make me dislike Miss NeNe

    • error404 says:

      IMO B has wandered into the snake pit territory of “mommy blogs”. Hell hath no furry like a self righteous mommy! lol

      Apparently, being a whinny complainer was great as long as she was single. Now that she has a guy and a spawn, she’s suppose to suck it up. God forbid anyone claim that it’s hard to be a newlywed, new mom, AND juggle a multi-million $ career. Oh, and having a mother form hell was fine when she was childless, but now she’s apparently ruining her kid’s childhood by being honest about her own.

      No, being a wife and mother are the two greatest gifts any woman could hope for and bitch needs to stop making it look hard or girls might think they have other options or something. lol

  50. boston02127 says:

    Good morning ☼

  51. boston02127 says:

    Morning Quincy—Welcome back. 🙂

  52. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Good morning~

  53. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet~~~

    New survey! Would love for you all to participate! Thanks! http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22C5DUK6VHE/

    Thank you for participating in this survey. I am using the data gained from this survey for an upcoming speaking engagement at Brown University for a Reality TV Symposium. I wanted to learn about the buying habits of reality tv watchers as part of my research.This survey is NOT meant to be any type of Housewives popularity contest. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

    The questions on the survey:
    * What type of store do you shop at the most?

    * Do you shop on-line?

    * Do you shop via home shopping networks?

    * If your answer was Yes to question 3, which channel do you purchase from the most?

    * What type of products do you purchase the most frequently?

    * Who from the Real Housewives of New York would you most likely be influenced to buy from?

    * Who from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills would you most likely be influenced to buy from?

    * Who from the Real Housewives of OC would you most likely be influenced to buy from?

    * Who from the Real Housewives of Miami would you most likely be influenced to buy from?

    * Who from the Real Housewives of Atlanta would you most likely be influenced to buy from?

    * Who from the Real Housewives of New Jersey would you trust to recommend a product or service to you?

    * What type of product would you be most likely to purchase sold by a Real Housewife?

    She’s so transparent.
    Jill~~~You’ll never catch up with Bethenny. Give it up.

    • cdnfillie58 says:

      LOL…someone should respond “Bethenny” to all the poll questions.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        hilarious! I’m totally doing it right now!

      • TLM says:

        I admit, that would be funny. And http://www.skinnygirlshapers.com for “what type of store do you shop at?”

        I would have more respect for her if she just asked people what they would like, instead of trying to couch it in some faux-academic BS. Does she really think we believe Brown U expects or wants her to present research at a “Reality TV Symposium”?

    • TLM says:

      Here’s the symposium, April 22. If we are who we watch, I’m definitely skipping NYC this year. LOL.

  54. vilzvet says:

    Yikes, caught up on realcityhw’s board (awesome stuff) but who is that OC troll? Holy hell does she need spellcheck, grammar check, brain check, or what??? That was some nice entertainment. She keeps saying she’s leaving but just, can’t.

  55. boston02127 says:

    GTG~ have a good day everyone.

  56. NeilHan says:

    Its funny how during RHBH everyone harped on Camilled only having paid friend (DeeDee) why doesn’t anyone put Julie in that bucket for Bethenny.
    I used to be a huge Bethenny fan – but no more. (I used to be a huge Jill fan too for that matter)
    Enough with Bethenny just being herself. You can be honest, yourself, funny, self depricting and still not put people down at every turn.
    Bethenney is not finding herself — she is finding a “self” she can become famous with

    • dsc60 says:

      it seemed as though camille’s ONLY friends were paid friends. obviously bethenny has other friends other than julie. bethenny is no different than david letterman, jay leno, joan rivers, i could go on and on. bethenny has always said she’s interested in building a brand i.e. being famous. i fail to find anything wrong with that.

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      but your putting HER down

  57. NeilHan says:

    I actually did not put her down, but you can seeit that way if you would like
    There is nothing wrong with being famous – there is something hugely wrong when you develop your whole self and self-worth around being famous. That is why you see so many stars crash and burn. I wish her no ill will but I see her heading down this path because she is making her life around being famous and not making the success part of her life.
    My main point is that noone seems to see her faults as anything other than her endearing self. When in reality if you take her actions and apply them to a true life situation she would be able to keep very few friends. I realize this is a Bethenney Fan blog and most comments will be positive – nothing wrong with that. I for one though wish she would think a little more before she spoke. (This is a little of the pot calling the kettle black since my mind to mouth filter is not always the best).

  58. melissa says:

    I agree with every thing u say. jill and bethennys mother are just mad that they could ride on her shirt tells.jason is good for her

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