I Hate Jill Zarin Million Dollar Listing

I Hate Jill Zarin   Million Dollar Listing  March 30, 2011

Quincy is still on vacation, I’m so jealous!  I know she’s upset about missing the finale of Million Dollar Listing but family comes first!   I offered to trade places with her but she didn’t go for it, surprising huh?

Josh and Josh and Madison on the season finale of Million Dollar Listing, this season went by so quickly but I do enjoy these guys.

Josh Flagg just recently came out (to the viewers) as gay and introduced us to his boyfriend Colton.  What little we’ve seen of these two together, I find it to be a bit of a strange relationship.  Flagg admits that they are polar opposites but it seems to be even more than that.  Josh is intelligent, well-traveled, cocky and very confident.  His partner Colton Thorn seems to have little confidence and even showed a bit of ignorance when it came to Josh’s business dealings.  Even someone outside of the industry knows that the first offer isn’t the end of the deal, Colton seemed to not understand how it works.  I hope Mr. Flagg knows what he’s doing and that no one gets hurt in that relationship.

I was impressed that Josh admitted he has had an easy life and that his family’s wealth has allowed him to do anything he wants to with his life.  He has committed to this business that he has built but also told viewers he wants to make more time for his relationship.  I think our little Josh Flagg (25 years old) may just be growing up.

Josh cut a pretty good deal tonight with an $80,000 commission, he was very creative selling a home that was still under construction yet priced over $4 Million.  Just because Josh isn’t interested in pretty girls doesn’t mean he doesn’t see the value in bringing in three beautiful skimpy dressed young girls at his broker’s open to hand out gift bags and cocktails.  And it worked!  At times Josh Flagg comes across as lazy and a bit of a bumbling idiot (Can’t work his own phone?  Starting a fire at his desk?) But I think if I were selling my home and had a choice of these three brokers, I might just choose Josh Flagg.

Josh Altman is also cocky, from what we’ve seen he doesn’t really have anything all that special to offer.  Josh Flagg goes all out with wild and unusual ideas to sell his homes.  Josh Altman could be any realtor anywhere, nothing special about him.  He admits that during Broker’s open tours these real estate agents view up to a dozen homes in one day so standing out is important, yet he did nothing to stand out.  Luckily his assistant sat down at the piano and created something fun so that the house stands out in their minds.  Josh did zip, zero, nada!

In the end he got the listing for the beautiful house on the famous Mulholland Drive and was able to sell it but there wasn’t anything impressive about his style or his ability to negotiate.  In fact the buyer’s broker that Josh was dealing with had to be a complete moron, she said no less than three times that her clients want that house, love that house and have to have that house.  Once the person you’re negotiating with knows this, you’ve lost all edge in the deal.  My 10-year old son could have closed that deal.

Josh is dating Madison’s assistant Heather who apparently wants to move forward with her career.  I certainly don’t blame Heather but Josh Altman’s influencing her to go behind Madison’s back makes him a snake in my book.  I think Josh should have encouraged Heather to be upfront and honest with Madison.

When Josh Flagg catches wind that Heather was interviewing for another position he contacts Madison to let him know what is going on.  Something that a good friend would do, I was actually a bit surprised Josh F cared enough to bother to make that call.  When Josh Altman confronted Flagg, I felt that he was completely out of line.  Madison and Josh F have known each other and worked together for several years, Altman had no business butting into Heather’s career and business relationship with Madison and he had no business butting into a phone call between Josh Flag and Madison.

I think it is great that Josh A is encouraging his girlfriend Heather to further her career but he should teach her how to do it ethically and honestly.  Josh Altman is dishonest and a snake.

Madison Hildebrandt doesn’t seem to belong in this dog eat dog world of cutthroat real estate brokers but he holds his own.  He closes some pretty impressive deals and I think his strength is in the way that he cares so deeply for his clients.

The exorcism or seance or Ghostbuster’s fiasco that took place in the little Malibu home was over the top yet Madison went with it because it made the client happy.  It was all a bit strange and unexpected seeing Madison reveal that someone recently died in the home (a California law apparently) prompted this prospective buyer to bring her psychic to the home to evict the ghost.  I guess the ghost wasn’t paying any rent?

Only in California would they create such a ridiculous law of having to reveal someone died in the home within the past 3-years.  Does this affect the home’s value?   Is the dead person going to haunt the new owners?  They didn’t bother to reveal that the stilts holding up the house are “toast”, don’t worry about the house falling into the Pacific Ocean just take care of the ghost of a dead guy living in the back bedroom.

In the end Madison made the deal on the golf course, sinking putt after putt, he then made the hole in one closing the deal on the spot.

Unfortunately the show left Madison’s situation with Heather up in the air, she left with Josh Altman on a vacation and she left Madison with an ultimatium.  She is determined to have the career move that she wants but it seems Madison is not ready to expand his business in this volatile economy.  Add to that the underhanded way that Heather handled this situation and inevitably Madison no longer trusts her, so why would he bring her on as a broker?

Well, she must have done something to earn his trust back, they have gone into partnership together, Heather tweeted her web site announcement after the show aired, here is her web site:


I don’t know if I agree that Madison did the right thing, it appears as though he is rewarding her for her bad decisions, while she did approach Madison first, I think she should have been honest with him when she was pursuing other avenues.  Good luck to Madison with this one.

Some Tweets from tonight

Starting with the always classy Josh Flagg: (12,830 followers)

@JoshFlagg1 F*ck you… no F*uck you… No F*uck you
@JoshFlagg1 evryone follow him my baby @ColtonThorndidnt he look so good tonight!!!
@JoshFlagg1 Everyone follow him my #milliondollarlovecoltonthorn
@JoshFlagg1 a million bucks for that beach house, i wish i knew about it! i would have bought it!

Heather’s tweets:  (2,780 followers)

@heatherbilyeu I agree! Tell @Bravotv they need a female agent and it should be me!
@heatherbilyeu @JoshFlagg1 even though he got me in trouble, ya gotta love him

Josh Altman Tweets: (8,200 followers)
@JoshAltman:  @heatherbilyeu is the coolest girl I know. I’m in a suit about to be on live TV and she saves the day

@thejoshaltman I want @JoshFlagg1 slippers in the scene at the end of the show.

Madison Hildebrandt:  (13,000 followers)

@MadisonMalibu Thank you #fans for watching this season of#MDL and making it our best yet!!#MuchSuccess2u2
@MadisonMalibu ha..and he doesn’t even open the car door for @heatherbilyeu !!!

Just when I thought I couldn’t dislike Josh Altman anymore than I already do, I read his blog, here is a part of it:
“I think at this point it’s evident that Heather is definitely making the right choice to stay with me, despite Madison’s insecurities about his inability to control her. Heather is too smart to let Madison hold her back, and he doesn’t give her the respect she deserves. Madison clearly cannot seem to draw the line between professionalism in a working relationship with Heather and his personal dislike for me. It’s too bad that he is still unsure about his future in realestate and what it holds for him. Heather deserves the best, and that’s why she left with me.”

His comments are ridiculous particularly in light of the fact that Heather not only continued to work with Madison, but she has announced a partnership of sorts with Madison.  Personally I would have preferred if Madison would have just let this one go and let Josh Altman have her!
Altman goes on in his blog:
“I am so very thankful for all the emails and phone calls full of love and support from my fans. With all this exposure I’m very excited about what this next year will bring for me and feel that I am more than ready for what’s to come. Maybe even a book…”

I always giggle just a little bit when these Bravolebrities talk about their “Fans”, many of them do it so I’m not pointing only to Josh Altman but he is probably the LEAST likely to actually have real “Fans”.  More likely he has people sucking up to him or people who want to get wealthy by associating with this guy.  Then there are the people who will be impressed simply because he’s on TV, are those “Fans”?  I guess it is all a matter of how you look at it.
So ends another season of Million Dollar Listing, it seemed short but it was it’s usual nine episodes, the same as the previous three seasons.  Good bye until next season.


If you missed Bethenny on George Lopez, you can watch it here:

Bethenny Frankel Challenges Mike Tyson | Lopez Tonight http://t.co/Nh9SFfG via @AddThis

Congratulations to Bethenny and Jason on their one year wedding anniversary!  I think she did a fantastic job on Lopez Tonight!

And Bethenny on Ellen:



For those of you who may have missed it yesterday, our very own HD is nominated for Poet of the Year, I hope you’ll all take a minute to do what I did and go vote for her!  She’s amazeballs!

Best Poet in The 2nd Annual neighborHOOD Awards – Vote for Hannah Drake-Carter


Thanks everyone!

Until Next Time….

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269 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Million Dollar Listing

  1. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    I don’t watch MDL~sorry..
    HD you rock!
    Thanks for being the best place to come for any reason all of you.
    Hope today is happy & peaceful.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      TvTime101 has Jill’s complete U-stream blog posted as well…OMG these just keep getting worse and worse… Jill is so pathetic:


      • spikeyweed says:

        BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! 1,000 thank you’s Lynne. Your blogs are my one stop shop for Bravo-related Insanity!

        Shill-streaming is priceless: her ‘candid’ expressions, mouth breathing, her stupid comments, that head board, even her scarf. Some ‘party’, LMAO. One thing that does disturb me is her poor dog. Somebody, PLEASE SAVE GINGER! I cry for that dog, especially after seeing Pill in action on “It’s me or the Dog.” It’s honestly terrible (and not in a funny way). The poor thing. It gives me a sad.

        But after just watching the videos of Bethenny on George Lopez and Ellen talking about her life, her new family, her book, and her huge Jim Beam deal…and then this…..again I’m LMAO!! 😀

      • Christine says:

        Jill’s u-stream is now showing her getting her eyebrows (drum roll please) shaved. She has rollers in her hair and some guy is shaving the top of her eyebrows – LMAO.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          OMG that is just scary! Who wants to see that? Jill is afraid people are going to forget she’s around so she’s trying to over expose herself. Bethenny was right, Jill, Get a Hobby! Or is U-Stream your new hobby? yuck!

    • AZ Girl says:

      Keep up the good work Jill. I really need the giggles

      • LynnNChicago says:

        OMG She is utterly insane! She keeps everyone waiting while she sends a text message, she talks about her dog not being invited to take part in the Bravo commercial they’re shooting, she’s lucky SHE was invited! Good to hear that Lisa and Giggy will be there, that means they’re already beginning to promote Beverly Hills!

        I think the best part has to be watching Jill as she is watching TV, how fascinating. You can watch Jill watching the show as you’re trying to watch the show. This woman is a complete MORON! The only thing that would have improved it would be if she dozed off while watching like the rest of the country does. Someone has to actually call her to tell her to actually tell her to say something rather than just watching the stupid show. OMG the Diet Coke must be killing brain cells.

        EVERY single time we see this woman with her dog, the dog lets out nasty gas, sickening!

        Oh Jill, I noticed that you asked whether or not you should record and post these videos for people to watch later? You were concerned maybe people wouldn’t tune in live because they could always watch it later. Jill, I beg of you, please continue to record and post these videos, they are priceless!

  2. I voted for you HD. Good Luck! 🙂

  3. Rhetorica says:

    Thanks for the recap Lynn. I LOVE this show. I think all the guys are so cute in their own way. Flagg acts like a bumbler but knows his stuff and I love his grandma. Altman acts tough but we see his sweet side with Heather. And Madison is just a good guy. I don’t think Altman is a snake necessarily. Heather went to him for advice; I don’t the had a hidden agenda. And I think Flagg called Madison because he’s nosey, not out of friendship. Is there a reunion show for MDL?
    Everyone have a good day. I have to take my daughter to the epilepsy center today for tests; then next week we stay there WITHOUT her meds to induce her seizures. We’re calling it “epilepsy camp” 🙂

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      Wishing you all the best with your daughter Rhetorica.

    • butterisafruit says:

      This must be very hard. I wish you the very best. I hope she’s okay.

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      I think that Madison & Gay Josh have a good friendship and have for a long time
      Straight Josh was way out of line saying anything to Gay Josh regarding teh situation
      Personally i dont like straight Josh at all and wish they broought Chad Back

  4. AZ Girl says:

    Thanks Lynn for the blog. I hope Quincy is enjoying her vacation time.
    As for MDL. Josh Flagg is so creative. I think his family fortune may allow him the freedom to do some imaginative stuff and does it well. Loved the girls and the hard hats.
    Josh A. comes across very arrogant in this episode. You are right about that closing. The Buyer’s agent really did “give it up”.
    I am surprised at Josh Altman’s residence. I don’t know if its a condo or an apartment but it is really modest for what he earns. The dinner scene with Heather shows the kitchen to be really small with a small patio adjacent to the kitchen. The bedroom is also really small. I know real estate/rent is higher in LA but it still seems very modest for his income. It is weird that he dresses as he does and drives a Range Rover and lives where he does. IMHO

    Madison is a sweetheart. He really does care for his clients. Hope all goes well with his partnership with Heather.

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      guys like Josh A only live to show off as im sure most dont get invited to his home he spends it al on his outward appearence as wella s his ride
      i too find him way too arrogant for his own good
      what i wouldnt give for that mullholland drive property
      simply beautiful

  5. HD says:

    Thank you, Lynn so much for posting the information! I really appreciate you all voting! Thank you!

    I did watch MDL and I have to admit I love Josh Altman’s swagger. He is so confident and arrogant and for some reason that does things to me. LMAO! I need intervention.

    Madison as you said doesn’t seem like he fits. He is so nice and kind. I am alwasy happy when he closes a deal. As for his assistant, she knew better but maybe that is the world of high end real estate. Madison is just too nice to really call her on her stuff and she knows that.

    These guys are young and the money seems to just be flowing. Must be nice.

    • ladyryb says:

      I like Josh A. as well! I don’t think he did anything but support Heather. I also don’t think it is realistic that when searching for a new job, we go to our current boss and say “I’m interviewing”. Please! So you’ve warned your boss you are looking and then it doesn’t work out, you are left with a bitter boss who will get rid of you at the first opportunity. Heather did what the average person does when interviewing…….under cover!

      • JKW says:

        Agreed…I like Altman and don’t think he was sneaky. We don’t really know the time line here and from what Heather said before going on vacation Madison never gave her an answer. She was totally honest with him and asked him first. If he blew her off and never answered then she was right to go for interviews. I doubt Altman would have set them up without her asking or consent.

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        but Heather was friends with Madison BEFORE they worked together
        i would have felt betrayed
        i also might have fired her
        I dont find anything good about Josh A and he barely knew Heather to get that involved i see deep trouble for her in that relationship he seems way too controlling

    • Sha2000 says:

      I think I’m the only one here that dosen’t love that show. Although I find Bethenny to be humorous, I think the storyline is just meh…it seriously puts me to sleep, I can’t make it through an episode. Maybe its the whole New York girl thing (why I don’t care much for RHONY either), my theory; lived there most of my life and just not that fascinated with a show that chronicles what I’ve seen first hand and some of which I’ve lived. If B moves to LA next season, maybe I’ll like her show more? IDK, love the CA HW’s shows so much more, even with the cheesy drama.

      • error404 says:

        Interesting. I don’t think the local influences me much. It’s more what they have to offer that determines if I watch or not:

        RHoNY: work
        RHoAt: humor
        RHoBH: celebrity

        RHoNJ: crime
        RHoOC: nothing
        RHoDC: mental illness
        RHoMi: tackiness

        • Sha2000 says:

          Hmmm, interesting 404, here’s my comparison :

          RHoNY: work…? Who’s? Most of these women seem to have their “careers” attached to their husbands businesses that pre-dates their “Bravolebrity”…unimpressed.

          RHoAt: You call it humor. I call it trashy.

          RHoBH: celebrity. Who??? Lol, Kim in 1970something? I like it for Adrianne & Lisa and wish they’d dump the rest.

          RHOM: Miami actually is far, far less tacky than Atlanta or of course NJ. Miami does have a few HW’s who’s attitudes are actually whats tacky…

          RHoNJ: Lol, I admit it because I guess I like watching a mess.

          RHoDC: I like it and think it’s the most interesting, but hope the Saliehi’s are defiantly off, don’t like them.

          RHOOC: I guess I like it because it’s the polar opposite of watching NY women, as crazy & as stupid as they (OC cast) are.

          Good formula but there’s an element of tackiness in all the HW’s shows, Bethnenny’s included w/it’s constant TMI. For me I guess it’s the relationships that are the most interesting. Growing up in NY I’ve know a million women that remind me of the NY cast good & bad, it leaves me indifferent…I’m still undecided if I will watch.

          • BlueSky_Forever says:

            BH insult: jellybean
            NY insult: mean girl who is in high school
            OC insult: evil bitch
            ATL insult: trashbox hookah
            NJ insult: PROSTITUTION WHORE!!!

            disclosure: copied this from another blog, thx Val!

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        well only 5 previous bravo shows are returning
        with bethenny being renewed that only leaves 4
        most of the housewives may be history

    • error404 says:

      Wow! Good for her. She really is Bravo’s golden child!

    • DJ Fruit Loops says:

      well thats one down wonder what the other 4 are

  6. indy anna says:

    Congratulations to you HD. What an honor. There are so many bright and talented bloggers here. It’s a priviledge to just lurk and learn. The list of talented women who follow Lynn blows my mind.

  7. cdnfillie58 says:

    Thanks Lynn…love the Bethenny links. That’s how I like seeing her, not so much her show. She’s a gem indeed

  8. VAgirl says:

    Thanks, Lynn for filling in for Quincy. I didn’t watch last night, but I like all three guys. Bravo couldn’t have picked three more different personalities for this show, which makes it more interesting. Hopefully they will all be back for Season 5. I think Colton looks a little anorexic in the pictures you posted, or maybe he just likes to wear his clothes way too big. I can’t watch Jill’s u-stream videos. I just can’t. I’m glad someone else is watching them so I can hear about them. Good luck HD. I voted for you and I hope you win as Best Poet!

  9. Sha2000 says:

    Whew!!! I was on the last blog & saw that link re:Laurie & her mess; it literally has left me exhausted. Read link, an d the tons of other links & comments & more links….I still don’t know what to make out of if, what a crazy mess! Can anyone explain whats happening in a nutshell, I’m a bit confused?

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      you owe me for this one (& I’m ashamed to even know this crap!) Okay, here goes. Gina is George’s (Laurie’s current hubby) ex. Gina & George have never stopped fighting over children, divorce, the universe etc. 199 court appearances & counting. Gina messed up the last house she lived in because George was getting the proceeds from the sale of the house (which she fought in court over…whatever). Laurie went with George the day that the cops showed up to evict Gina. Gina video’d Laurie videoing Gina. Another bad thing…Gina’s oldest daughter (looks like George was not the father) ran a meth lab out of one of George’s (or Gina’s ?) house years ago & got caught. Makes you think Gina not a very good parent. RCH thinks Gina is nuts (RCH went to Gina’s facebook, watched videos, etc. so RCH knows what of she speaks! Okay so these 2 fabulous parents keep fighting over kids. Youngest kid is missing according to Gina. Really the girl is not missing, just has no contact with mother. George is either a control freakazoid or just a concerned parent that keeps going to court to fight his ex Gina. Guess that’s why George & Laurie are no longer on RHOC ~ but RCH points out that this stuff is why they should be on RHOC because this drama is so much better than watching trashy Tamra, Icky, Wretchen, Jesus Barbie & Gun totin’ psycho whats-her-name the new girl. Lol, just saved you a whole day of reading!

      • LynnNChicago says:

        LMAO BlueSky nice summary, I started to read about this stuff the other day and I needed to take a shower, yuck! That’s why I couldn’t blog about it all, its dirty nasty stuff. The good news is that most of the children involved are older and can make their own decisions and can verbalize what, if anything, is happening to them.

      • Sha2000 says:

        LOL! Thanks Blue! I did read a lot but needed it pieced together. They should be on the show IF their story is kosher, why not document it & help their case?

        • vilzvet says:

          I do remember George’s eldest daughter on the show, she hung around with Ashley alot and they seemed to get along. The one Bria mentioned as being “missing” did not appear on OC, as I recall…maybe I am wrong. And we never saw George’s son. Lauri’s kids were featured the most, even on the wedding episodes. I do wonder how Josh is doing now, I believe there was a link I haven’t checked out yet.

  10. Obsessed with RH says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Sorry to have been MIA for awhile. I got some rather bad news about a very close friend of mine and then was away for a week. I was hoping that I could reach out to you all for some help/support with this situation. From what I’ve read over the past few months this blog and its members are so supportive and helpful to one another through our own struggles as well as giving everyone a place to discuss the crazy shenanigans on Bravo’s various tv shows. That being said, below is a summary of a very difficult situation that a friend of mine is suffering through. Thanks for all of the help/support.

    This February, my friend Elisa Delgado-Tomei Bond was diagnosed with diffusely metastatic breast cancer. It is terribly shocking to think that a young woman, we know, has metastatic breast cancer. To make matters worse, her husband, Nathan, was diagnosed with locally invasive rectal cancer 9 days before her diagnosis.

    They have both started chemotherapy, and will be under treatment for at least a year with Elisa needing suppressive therapy for the rest of her life.

    Not only is this obviously a challenging time for them physically and emotionally, but now they are both out of work.

    In these financial times, I know that people are struggling, but if you can find it in your hearts to donate to a fund that has been established in their names, it will make a huge impact on their lives.

    The Nathan and Elisa Bond Family Trust and its accompanying web site have been set-up and are able to take donations which will offset medical expenses, childcare, transportation, additional therapies and other basic needs. Please visit the site through the following link: http://www.FriendsofNathanandElisa.com to read their story, make a donation, and follow their progress. The fight is going to take a massive amount of energy, commitment and faith along with which comes monumental medical and related expenses.

    Please consider either donating what you can to the trust, or helping to spread the word to others you know who may be able to donate.

    Any amount is welcomed and humbly appreciated. Donate online by visiting http://www.FriendsofNathanandElisa.com and clicking the “Donate” link.

    Spreading the Word

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    Please also consider sending an email to those you know who might support Elisa and Nathan’s fund as well.

    Other Ways to Help

    Please use the inspireteambond@gmail.com email address to send Nathan and Elisa your stories of inspiration, well wishes, and love.

    Thank you for helping share their story and keep their spirits up throughout this incredible challenge.

    • Sha2000 says:

      You are a good friend! My heart goes out to you OWRH! I just lost a friend to cancer the first of this month…it was tough seeing her in her last days but I feel privileged that she and her husband allowed that intimacy, of opening their home 24/7 to friend during her last 10 days. Her husband is retired military and had the benefit of his veterans health care, even so, the cancer has ravaged their finances, I can only imagine how hard it can be for your two friends, physically, emotionally and financially. Someone here posted that there is a free cleaning service for cancer patients…can some one post the link? Or I’ll look for it…I found out after my friend was gone, but maybe it can be a small help your friends.

      • Sha2000 says:

        Here it is:

        For cleaning services for cancer patients:
        Cleaning For A Reason at http://www.cleaningforareason. org or call (877) 337- 3348

        Thanks to Cusi & klmh, for sharing that info on 3/2/11

      • Obsessed with RH says:

        Thank you so much! I forgot to add that they have an 18month old daughter so this is an even more heartbreaking story because her prognosis is very bad. She only has a 16% chance of survival in 5 years, and he 60%. It’s unimaginable to think that this little child will grow up without parents. I have to believe that a miracle will happen. MSNBC, CBS, and the Huffington Post have all written stories about Elisa and Nathan and I’m hoping that I can help spread the word. If anyone has any information that might be helpful for me to pass along to them i.e., the cleaning service, please let me know and I’ll send you my email address. Thanks!

  11. marcy says:

    is bethannys friend lauren the MOST obnoxious FAME WHORE EVER????
    a total azzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Sha2000 says:


      Lol, I literally can not keep my eyes open long enough to see an entire episode.

      • vilzvet says:

        Not a fan of Lauren, if that’s the blonde. She seems to be looking for a ton of screen time, and was laughing at Bethenny’s assistant Julie when they were out. I mean Bethenny was laughing too, but Lauren was just being a bitch. She was the one bra-shopping with B in the first episode. For a “new mom” she sure doesn’t act like one.

  12. BlueSky_Forever says:

    It is fun to watch these 3 young agents & their interactions. Josh Altman is very full of himself, but actually he is a good negotiator. It would be tough to choose which agent to work with. I would work with Madison if I were a buyer in Malibu. He seems truthful to me & would give good advice. If I were selling, it’s a toss between the 2 Joshies. Josh A is agressive but Josh F is more creative. Here is Josh A being interviewed out in LA (from his twitter)


  13. VAgirl says:

    I just watched the Bethenny on George Lopez video. I Love Bethenny! She rocks!

  14. PaganChick says:

    I don’t know. I don’t think Heather did anything wrong. She went to her boss and told him what she would like. She didn’t get that so she started looking around to see what else was out there. In any other industry that is completely the norm. What isn’t in the norm is having someone tattle on you to your boss because you showed up to interview. It also isn’t in the norm for your boss to throw in your face how much he dislikes your boyfriend. I thought Madison was being very manipulative in the way he did that and thought Heather did a good job of standing her ground and not turning her stance into a defense of her boyfriend.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      Heather went out interviewing, may have even received a job offer or 2. If she works for another agency, she would probably receive a 50 % split on her commissions. Keep in mind that she goes out there with sellers & buyers, pounds the pavement & then gets to keep a mere 50 % of her hard earned commission. Until she has a proven track record with her own client list, she will not get a very good split. It takes years of hard work to earn an 80 % split. Right now working for Madison she gets paid for the hours she works, not just when there is a closing. She could be making anywhere from $50,000 up per year. Coldwell Banker is paying her as Madison’s assistant btw. She may even be working for more than one agent, if Madison doesn’t keep her busy enough. Okay, so now she is a partner with Madison, working as a realtor that can list homes for sale & represent buyers. That means Madison is earning part of any future commissions she makes, or however they worked out the deal. Idk, it is not going to be easy for Heather. She will work 3 times harder now. It didn’t look like she has any listings in her own name yet. No way will she make enough $ just working with buyers. To win at the real estate game, you must list homes for sale as you sign a listing agreement with the seller which protects the time & money you invest selling the home. Working with buyers is crazy – they may want to look at 100 homes before buying. Who knows if your buyer is “cheating” on you & looking at homes with several agents? Real estate is a tough business. To sell homes you need to get people to list with you. The first thing the seller wants to know is “how many homes have you listed in the last year, & how many did you successfully sell?” Heather is starting fresh in LA so it is wise for her to partner up. However, how many homes has Madison sold in Hollywood/LA? He’s the Malibu expert.

      The best thing Heather did for herself was to get on this show. It’s giving her all kinds of exposure. Now she needs to find sellers to work with. That’s the really tough part! She needs to take workshops on how to get listings…Floyd Wickman Heather. His sales program really works!

      I’m wondering why Madison doesn’t just open his own RE office. He has lots of listings. Listings generate the calls to your office from buyers (and other sellers that see your advertising). At Coldwell Banker Madison will only receive the call if the caller asks specifically for him. IMO Madison could quadruple his business if he got ALL the calls. Then he could keep Heather & she would be starting up a real business with a much better future for both of them.

  15. LynnNChicago says:

    Bethenny confirmed on Facebook:

    Bethenny Frankel
    Rumors are TRUE! Bethenny Ever After was picked up for a third season!!! Thank you guys for supporting us! xoxoxo

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Bethenny’s latest Newsletter:

      Recently, it was announced that I had sold the rights to the Skinnygirl cocktails brand to Beam Global Spirits & Wine, one of the world’s largest spirits companies. You are the ones who made Skinnygirl as popular as it is, so I want to give you all the details about this decision.

      The Skinnygirl Margarita was a solution I came up with for a simple problem: We all want a delicious cocktail, but we don’t want the guilt or the hangover.

      I knew the product would be a hit, so I brought it to all of the major liquor companies, run by men—incidentally—and no one wanted it. I knew I had a good idea, and as I say in my new book, “A Place of Yes,” never assume that anyone is smarter than you. This was a great idea, and I wasn’t going rely on the opinions of men, when I knew women would be the ones buying and drinking it.

      So I decided to develop the product and the brand myself.

      Lo and behold: A craze began, an entirely new category in this industry was created, and I had demand for what became the Cabbage Patch Doll of cocktails. We were the Little Cocktail That Could, trying to keep up with unprecedented demand within an industry we were racing to gain an understanding of.

      When Beam came along, I was completely reluctant to share or give up my baby. This brand with so much potential was mine to grow. I was the first to come up with this concept, and I wanted to keep it that way—rolling out all of my new flavors, sizes, and marketing ideas. I wanted the ability to go global. I have a great international fan base, and they’re clamoring for Skinnygirl Margaritas as well. At the same time, all of the other liquor giants have been scrambling to try to copy this brand with cheap imitations. My job is to get you a wide variety of high-quality Skinnygirl cocktails as soon as possible.

      My decision to “partner” with Beam (and I use that word intentionally) was entered into and decided upon because I will remain integrally involved. I will remain creator, collaborator, marketer, flavor inventor, and idea person. Beam understood that if I wasn’t involved, we couldn’t do this.

      I also couldn’t do it to you: my fans who drink this product because you know I created it to be the cocktail you can trust. This will remain the case; I will still look to you for ideas and decisions about what you want next, and I will always put your opinions first.

      I think this was a great decision, and I can’t wait for you to try all of the new things I’ve been dying to bring to market for you!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Bravo is smart keeping Bethenny busy as her star continues to rise. Considering how poorly the new HW franchises are doing (one hit BH, two misses DC and Miami), it is time to change up the offerings because they have oversaturated the housewives to a point where viewers are tuning out. Last night I was thinking about A&E – now it is all lives messed up (people and animal horders, interventions and soon relapsed addicts, bounty hunters, criminal catchers, etc). Arts very little, and entertainment wondering about that.

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        they show the housewives on another channel now too
        cant remember which it was it might have been opra’s new channel

  16. patrick says:

    Josh Altman may not have a huge personality, but he’s moved more RE on this show than any of the other brokers. He may not be flashy like Josh F, but he has sold rings around the kid all season. I find Josh Flagg entertaining, but last night was the only time i’ve seen him sell anything!

    I also don’t think that Heather was out of line to interview at other firms. That’s what people do when they think they’ve plateaued at their current job. Also, this is one of the most staged of all the reality shows (see comments from curbed recaps), so i don’t believe this whole plot line was real in any way.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      Josh Altman should start his own real estate firm as well. His brother does real estate, he’s got the best assistant ever so he should just go for it. Once they realize how much business they lose working for someone else they often think “why didn’t I do this earlier?” He can hire buyer agents to handle all the calls his listings generate & still get 50 % of that. Of these 3, Altman has the brightest future because he is aggressive.

      The internet has leveled the playing field. Coldwell Banker, Keller Williams, etc. really don’t buy/sell a home for you. The agent you are working with makes all the difference in how successful the outcome will be.

      Johs Flagg is very entertaining. He does real estate because he enjoys it, not because he needs the money. Managing his family’s investment portfolio will be a very lucrative career for him. Lucky to be the only child!

  17. MK Valle says:

    California law – not so silly so don’t diss California

    Civil Code §1710.2 states that death on a property need not be disclosed if it occurred more than 3 years prior to a sale. [The statute does NOT say that a death within 3 years must be disclosed.]

    If a death occurs on a property within 3 years, and the circumstances of that death are material (it was a gruesome or offensive death, or affected the reputation of the property), it must be disclosed.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      The legal liability of not telling people about the death is a big factor. People sue for any reason so better off just admitting it from the get go. Some people look to buy the homes that murders have occurred in because they think they will get a “real steal.” Boggles my mind!

    • error404 says:

      Well, in NY if you buy a house you can’t afford that had a gruesome multi-murder in it, you just lie that the place is possessed by the killer’s evil spirit and then make $$$ selling a poorly written book with a bunch of made up stuff in it. LOL

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        lol, sounds like a good idea. I should write a book about all the crazy stuff that goes on here in my area of NJ! Only thing is might end up with cement boots in the Raritan.

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        dont forget the film rights and then the remake with a hotter sexier lead

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I’m not dissing California, all states have stupid laws on their books. You haven’t explained why the law is on the books. It still makes no sense to me. If a murder had occurred there I assume the mess would have been cleaned up prior to putting it on the market, right? Reputation of the property? Really? Sorry, I still don’t understand the law.

      • error404 says:

        I assume it’s for extreme cases.

        What if you transferred from Chicago to San Diego. After purchasing an apartment, you became aware that almost everyday people stop in front of your house and take pictures. Then they start ringing the door bell asking to come in an see where evil Andy lived. Someone even asked to be shown the spot where he based his BF’s head in, while another asked to see where you keep your hammer. You’re now furious because the seller never told you Andrew Cunanan used to live there.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          Ok I get that, if it was a notorious location then you’d want to be informed, but if an elderly person died of old age, that’s not exactly the same thing. I understood the law to read that “Any death within 3-years” would have to be disclosed. That doesn’t make sense to me. In Madison’s property it was apparently a strung out guy who died of an overdose, not exactly the business of anyone buying the house. Sounds like a medical privacy issue in this case.

          • BlueSky_Forever says:

            Lynn seriously some people would use anything to enable a lawsuit. Chinese people are terrified of graves. They will not touch a house close to a cemetery, or one where someone died. I’m just talking about my Chinese friends…may not apply to all Asians! Some people do not want to live in a house where a divorce occurred.

          • MK Valle says:

            Remember, the statute does NOT say that a death within 3 years must be disclosed, but advises those that are notorious in nature. So no, granny’s death wouldn’t be reported.

        • BlueSky_Forever says:

          omg you are funny Error! Here’s what, in my town there were 2 murders in the last few years. In one murder, the poor wife was strangled, placed in the rear of her sports utility Lexus & left parked in a lot off the GSP. The husband is in jail for her murder but pleaded not guilty. There really was no hard evidence but he had to have murdered her. Of course he’s appealing. The sale of the house where the murder occurred took many many years.

          Next up, a lunatic woman killed her boyfriend on a rental property. She kept the body in the house. The guy’s family came looking for him…she wouldn’t let them in. After they left, she started the house on fire & then killed herself. I guess the landlord is just keeping that property for awhile until things cool off.

          • error404 says:

            Well, it’s probably more about the market. When I first moved to NYC there was a big story about a man who killed his roommate to get her rent controlled apt. When the police raided, they found her head cooking in a pot on the stove. I don’t know the specifics of the apt since then, but I suspect it either still has a tenant thankful for low rent, or has been renovated and sold for $2million. lol

          • error404 says:

            Oh, I forgot to add, your first story remind me of the Medium episode where Allison Du Bis bought an SUV for cheap but the spooky car led her to solve the murder of it’s previous owner. LOL

            • mamecastle says:

              I live in a very small town in California, everyone knows everybody else. One couple on my street never spoke to anyone, we all called them Mr & Mrs. Grumpy. He called the police one day & said he THOUGHT maybe his wife had died. When the police got there the smell told them right away she’d been gone for days… (August heat in CA, ’nuff said) She had been dead on the couch next to the chair he sat in all day, every day, for 5 DAYS!! Her body had seeped into the couch. Not long after that, we all noticed he wasn’t coming outside. One of us called the grandson. Not surprisingly, the family was not happy that he’d left Grandma Grumpy rotting on a couch for near a week, so they weren’t speaking to him, nobody wanted to look for him. Turns out he had died in his bed 5 days earlier when they finally did a welfare check. That house just sold in a short sale for $45,000 more than originally listed. They had told all parties bidding on it the sad legend of Mr. & Mrs. Grumpy, but it sold anyway in a very bad housing market.

              • quincyillinois says:

                I got a discount on the land my house is built on because there is a 700 year old burial mound on the edge of the stream. I mow it with a riding lawnmower. People actually had a problem with this mound and would not buy the property. I will just take that acre off when I sell and donate it to the state.

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        most people dont wanna live in a house where someone died
        the chances of it being haunted alone would deter some
        our house apparently IS haunted but we love it
        (nothing bad happens something pulled me backwards and prevented me from falling down stairs) the lights in our bedroom come on by themselfs in the middle of the night
        we have seen shadows move by when there was no one else there stuff like that

  18. Mimisfbay says:

    Finally, an area I know something about, and it isn’t million dollar listings but job hunts. As a recruiter I can assure you that smart people do not go to the boss and tell them that they are interviewing elsewhere. Heather did the absolutely right thing by going to Madison first to negotiate an opportunity to open a new territory. He shot her down because it wasn’t going to help his business.

    Going to an interview with cameras and at JF’s office? First of all, when have you seen JF in anything but his high priced bunny slippers? The guy works from home and we know that he was encouraged by BRAVO to go to the office for a scene. Not so smart of Heather and smells like a set up, no? Following that scene was the time to go to Madison because then she knew the word was out. Anyone in that office could have and would have called Madison. The LA market seems huge but it is basically a small community of successful realtors and she knew the word was out that she was looking. Heather probably should have gone to Madison following the JF incident unless she really wanted him to find out and use the situation as leverage. All in all it was very entertaining.

    Josh A? I vascillate every week about this guy. Snake? Geez, I think that H was clearly asking for his advice and help. He wants to see her succeed and set her up with some interviews. After working for Madison she is tapped in enough to be able to find something on her own and to ask which brokers are the best in the area she wants to do business. Why would he not help her? I do wonder if she was a young man if anyone would blink but because she is a young woman we think she is being manipulated? She seems like an astute business woman to me and she is making sound business decisions. These decisions about her career seem to be driven by her desire to become a successful agent not because some guy is manipulating her.

    It sure seems like of the three agents JA has been the most financially successful this year. Heather is smart enough to ask the guy that has moved to CA and become very successful in a short time to mentor her. Hats off to Heather.

    I love this show because of all of these guys and Madison is my fav because he is hilarious. Who else would sit on the floor with a psychic? Oh, I lived in MD and they required that realtors disclose that someone died in the house prior to sale. This is a litigious world we live in and people will sue because of the Amityville factor. I am sad this season has ended and unlike RHOC, this season seems to have flown by. Josh F’s boyfriend seems really kind and accepting of JF’s nuttiness. I also loved when he observed that JF and his grandmother look alike! They do and clearly they adore each other. We all should be so lucky!!! They may be rich but if you ask his grandmother she will tell you that money can’t buy that kind of relationship. They have mutual respect and damn, I love this show.

    OMG, Lynn thanks for posting the link to JZ stream. I can’t watch it (gag)but the blogs are just hillarious.

    • error404 says:

      I didn’t see the show. However, I’m inclined to agree with whomever said up thread that it’s all made up nonsense for the sake of tv. Most people don’t date their boss’s business rival. Nor, when they are interviewing for a new one, go to their boss’s friend for a job. What people do often do is interview for jobs they don’t want as a scheme to help force their boss to give them a raise they normally wouldn’t get. This sounds like it’s what Heather did.

  19. Jill is doing another live chat right now. I guess this is going to be a daily show. I’m not going to watch it I will wait for the blogs. LOL


    • Adgirl says:

      I guess Jill finally got a hobby.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill truly believes she is a very interesting person! Sounds like she is also stepping on Bravo’s toes again (sharing RHoM not coming back, broadcasting during RHNY episodes, her blog on her site). LOL that stinky Ginger won’t be on the Bravo promo but Giggy will be! Jill is a loser and she just keeps proving it over and over again.

      • Nancy says:

        Why is Jill trying to piss off Bravo? Her entire life is the RHONY
        so it doesn’t make any sense to me. Could it be because of Bethenny’s show? Alex being brought back? I just don’t get it.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          well- maybe your answer is in the post right below me .

          Jill is PISSED and is being wicked passive agressive

          • Nancy says:

            So this will be RHONY’s last season? What is Jill going to do? No wonder she’s so desperate.

        • DJ Fruit Loops says:

          maybe it got the ax

        • mariareads says:

          Oh, I’ll bet she’s pissed over B’s book hitting #5 so quickly and the relationship with Beam for the Skinny Girl drinks as well as the show being picked up for a 3rd season. She must be seething! I have never experienced anything like this Jill person. She over exposes herself everywhere and doesn’t seem to get that most people are looking at her like a zoo animal. She’s delusional. She HAS to be.

    • katlg says:

      Seriously, it is like watching paint dry……..

      • Sha2000 says:

        Okay, I’m watching now…why would you live stream yourself in bed reading email w/you tv blasting & your husband loudly blowing his nose??? I will say Ginger is cute.

  20. Bravo has announced their new shows in a press release. In addtion to Bethenny’s show being renewed, they have announced the renewal of other shows and a list of new shows that will be coming in the near future.


    • error404 says:


      so….. no mention of RHoNY…. never mind Ginger, Jill must be pooping all over the rug herself!

      “Top Chef Just Desserts” – I liked it!

      “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills;” – no brainer. THis was a mash hit.

      “Bethenny Ever After” – good for her!

      “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” – they are funny if uncouth.

      “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.” – definitely the best of the make-over shows.

      “Rocco’s Dinner Party” – never saw it.

      “Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis” – oh dear God this has disaster written all over it! But it does help confirm what I’ve always suspected: Jeff just wants to be famous. He could give a shit about design. It was just a means to an end.

      “It’s a Brad Brad World” (working title) – he’s like B… right from the very first ep of TRZP it was obvious he was the best part of the show. Also got the “let me whine about how much he whines” treatment form many last season. LOL Definitely a bravo golden child, if you like him or not.

      “The Therapists” – ha! I thought it was an open secret that therapists are really f-ed individuals.

      “Mad Fashion” – another no brainer! I can’t believe it took them 3 long years to do.

      “Miss Advised” – sounds just like MM except Patti’s been fired!

      “Most Eligible: Dallas” – Zzzzz

      “Project Soulmate”

      “Ready to Wear”

      “Roble and Co.”

      “Tabatha Takes Over” – interesting. The concept is a no brainer. In fact I can’t belive it took them this long. I’m just surprised it’s always with TC.

      • error404 says:

        Oops, I really have to check things better… anyway my “mad fashion” comment was meant for “Million Dollar Listing NY” but somehow got all messed up. I like Chris March though.

      • DJ Fruit Loops says:

        i should have read the article better LOL
        “Most Eligible: Dallas” – Zzzzz is most likely a reworking of teh dallas housewives that didnt get picked up
        and the did mention at least 5 that are returning so i guess that means goodbye Jill and co

        • Sha2000 says:

          What happened to those decorators with a dozen or so kids? Guess there won’t be a season two.

  21. LynnNChicago says:

    I’ve got her Ustream going, someone typed the question asking if she watches Bethenny’s show and her moderator removed the question from the que…what a joke!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Jill was on for almost 90 minutes, her guy was doing her hair and make up, she threatened..er promised to come back as her and Bobby get ready to go to the Bravo Party tonight so that people could see them walking out all dressed and ready.

      Her internet person Maggie was on as moderator and removed any questions that she didn’t like, including one about Bethenny.

      Bravo is having a bash celebrating its cast members, I think they call it Up Front’s. (people in front of the camera?) someone correct me if I’m wrong.

      Jill is becoming addicted to this U-Stream and I’ll bet she does it almost every day…mark my words. lol

      • Nancy says:

        She was down 30 viewers today. Around 72.

      • mariareads says:

        OMG but that ustream thing is boring as hell! I watched the getting her makeup done for a little bit and then just had to bail. What the hell is this woman thinking? She said something about “I need to get my base..my base to the thousands instead of…” Then she didn’t mention a number.
        I’m fascinated by her inflated vision of herself! It’s almost vulgar. Just can’t believe it and can’t believe I went to the link and watched some of it. What kind of tool am I? Not having seen RHONY lately I had forgotten about that voice.
        I don’t know how I’m going to watch this season. Oh, I know I will because I can’t pass up any train wreck, but the snark attitude will be primed and ready. ~On another note, saw a tweet from Ms. Vanderpump that BH has been picked up for another season. Now that I might still enjoy.

    • Nancy says:

      You were brought up as well. The question went something like this…
      “Did you know that LynnNChicagao posted pictures of you? I think she really likes you and is a fan.” Of course it was deleted. I saw the Bethenny question about is Jill watching her show.=delete
      She didn’t delete this question (which I thought said millions)
      “Have you seen Bethenny’s baby?” She didn’t answer it but also didn’t delete it. When asked who her best friend was? She answered “Bobby, or my sister Lisa.” I really think she doesn’t have any real friends.
      I “loved” when she said…”The best part of being FAMOUS is getting your hair and makeup done and walking the red carpet. OMG! I wanted to throw up!
      Sorry to hear that your FAMOUS cousin (for real) is injured. In my 20’s I skated with Holiday On Ice and had to quit due to an injury. I hope your cousin will be able to return to what he loves doing. Skating is a great sport.

      • error404 says:

        Hey Nancy, OT but as a former skater what did you think about the recent situation with worlds: 1) cancel, 2) postpone but still in Japan, or 3) move to another country asap?

        • Nancy says:

          Bar none #3. Get it out of Japan asap. Soon after the earth quake I thought what is going to happen to World’s?
          Figure skating is different now. When I was skating we only had Nationals/ Worlds/Olympics. Now it’s 10 fold.
          The entire year is planned out ahead of time so the skater/coach knows how much training and what kind of training is needed so the skater doesn’t peek to early.
          It’s all very calculated. You can’t just train all out 365 days/yr because of stress fractures etc. Then there’s the mental part of it. The sooner 2011 World’s can happen the better. The US bid for it but obviously lost out to Russia. Most of the skaters have competed there before so I think it will be ok.

          • Error404 says:

            ITA. I was hoping for lake placid, but my more cynical side just knew Moscow was a given.

          • LavaLady says:

            Nancy/Error – just wanted to ask for a little background re: your conversation about Japan and skating. Was a big skating event supposed to be in Japan soon?

            • Nancy says:

              Yes, 2011 World Skating Championship’s.

            • Error404 says:

              The biggest of the year, the world championships was to be in Tokyo last week, but now it will be in Moscow the last week in April. The ISU had considered the 3 options I listed before settling on #3

              • Nancy says:

                I’m so excited I have a new skating fan! What did you think about the 2002 Salt Lake City pair skating nightmare?

                • vilzvet says:

                  I went and reread about that whole scandal; and now I remember the Canadian couple getting their gold medal, after the fact, later on. What a travesty that was. I also found out that they are divorcing but are remaining partners. They were such a gorgeous couple.

                • Error404 says:

                  Controversy! Don’t hate me if I give the “wrong” answer! Lol

                  I could write a book, but thecliff mates version is:
                  I was rooting for B&S but after the lp I thought S&P had won. Wasn’t surprised by results as I think the judges cheat all the time. After crazy blabed they had no choice but double gold. NJS is a snow job and ruining the sport. Cinquanta is a joke and if the ISU were a corporation he’d have been fired for incompetence years ago.

                  • Nancy says:

                    Error, Error, Error
                    You have disappointed me big time. Too tired to respond tonight.
                    Will in the AM.
                    Night, night.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        Oh wow, I missed that question, I came on at about 57 minutes (had already passed) so I missed the majority of it. I wonder what they mean that I posted pictures of her?

        Jill wasn’t doing the deleting, it was her internet guru Maggie – many people just tweeted that they were banned from the Ustream. (go on as a guest guys! lol)

        • Nancy says:

          Your sight had a link to the other Housewives blogs. It was very funny. Ginger farted during one of Jill’s UStream so Stoopid Housewives posted stills of her reaction. Needless to say they weren’t very flattering. I find her a very sad lonely woman. (don’t get me wrong I still “hate” her.) She now has face book, twitter, e-mail, news letter, her own blog, Bravo’s blog and now UStream. If this doesn’t scream desperate I don’t know what does.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          omg- I want to go on as Wall Street Lady.

          • LynnNChicago says:

            THAT is a fantastic idea, I wonder how fast you’d be blocked, banned, deleted and reprimanded haha Record time!

            I was thinking of going on as Bethenny, they wont know what to do, could be a real fan, could be someone pretending to be Bethenny…they’ll freak out!

            Or how about Ramona, or ChicagoLynn, could be me, could be another Lynn who lives in the 3rd largest city in the country, there has to me more of us…right?

            The control freak is going to have trouble controlling this crowd particularly once RHONY starts and the crowd gets bigger.

            • Nancy says:

              It’s not going to work because the questions from viewer’s come one after the other so very few question get answered. Then if she reads the question it even gets slower. The viewer can read the questions themselves but you have to be quick.
              It’s a train wreck.

              • quincyillinois says:

                I would not comment on Jill’s site. She will have the ability to make a mess of this without my input.

    • Nancy says:

      Now I’m being 100% honest with you. How would you feel about me sending Jill a copy of Bethenny’s book, The place of yes (to Zarin Fabric’s).
      We (Lynn’s family) will see it as a Thank-you gift because if it weren’t for her “We” wouldn’t be. Now that would be sad! Jill might not be so happy though as my card would read…”Jill, nobody needs this book more than you. Enjoy!
      Your “fans.”

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        oh gawd no!
        Poor Lynn will get arrested for harassement and bullying! If she went crazy about a few sympathy cards imagine what she would do with B’s book!

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        Nancy it’s a bad idea.

      • nancy says:

        from one nancy to another I would not want to see you do this. JMHO

        • Sha2000 says:

          I agree, it’s a bad idea, I hope it was said in jest. I’ve always said it’s one thing to post & joke on this blog, quite another to do anything beyond that.

    • quincyillinois says:

      I am so glad that you gave the link to Michael Cohen. I did not know that he had a celebrity gossip site and I really like him from Miami Social.

      I don’t like it when people have fights and punish each other. I hate when it happens online too.

  22. DJ Fruit Loops says:

    Before a read the blog i just wanted to post this link
    apparently only 5 previous series are returning
    Bethenny is almost a given but you never know
    any guesses which are going bye bye

    • dsc60 says:

      i seriously doubt only five are returning instead only five were announced during the upfront meeting.

      • Error404 says:

        Me too. As much as I’d love to see RHoNY cancelled, I doubt it will be. But a boy can hope! Lol Id also fall over fronshock if top chef was ditched

    • lillybee says:

      I think the only show that I will watch will be Chris March.

    • Mimisfbay says:

      This was a juicy read, when I saw it earlier I didn’t click on the link. Just did and you are so right it sure seems like they are dumping some of the shows that have become boring. I just loved Chris March during PR and some of the other shows look like fun.

      It sure looks like they are kicking PStinker to the old curb, right? Keeping NJ? Guess they have a great legal team.

  23. DJ Fruit Loops says:

    “Only in California would they create such a ridiculous law of having to reveal someone died in the home within the past 3-years.” Lynn not 100 per cent sure but i think this law apllies everywhere as they told my sis in law in Penn they told us in NJ and my friend in Chi Town was told as well

    • butterisafruit says:

      I’m a license realtor in Massachusetts. We have a similiar law. But that’s not the one that gets me.
      If someone asks if the house is haunted and the sellers think it is, it HAS to be disclosed prior to closing.
      Someone dying isn’t a big deal. Most towns were settled in the 1600’s so the chance someone died is pretty high. It’s the HAUNTING people get fussy about.
      But you have to ask, just like leaky roofs, water in the cellar…ghost in the attic?

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        That’s a tough one. Say you have a house to sell that’s been featured in a local newspaper as “haunted.” Or maybe while you lived there, you told several neighbors & other people in town about your ghost. Now you sell without disclosing that. The new buyers find out from the neighbors what you said about the ghost or even worse the newspaper article. There’s a potential lawsuit, especially if the new owner is now frightened about their future problem selling the house!

        • butterisafruit says:

          You can sell without disclosing. It’s the buyers that have to ask. When they ask you must disclose that there was a story of a ghost but you’ve never seen one.

      • Sha2000 says:

        what if my neighbor was a prime suspect in a criminal case but the case is cold (over 10 yrs)? Do I have to disclose as a seller?

        (yes I have a creepy neighbor story).

        • BlueSky_Forever says:

          best to consult a real estate attorney ~ and make sure if you don’t have to disclose it that you never mention it to anyone like your listing agent, other realtors, even friends & family.

        • butterisafruit says:

          That’s considered a psychological impaiment. Right now we have to disclose if there is a change in zoning and why a house is priced very low. Like if there is a sex offender. You can’t misrepresent the property or make a false statement. I’d recommend a real good agent. And don’t forget new buyers research all the time.

          • butterisafruit says:

            I do mostly rentals now. WEll I haven’t done any in over a year. Because of home stuff. It’s so much easier.

    • twoile says:

      Yes in MA 2.

  24. Brigid A. says:

    I watched Million $ Listing this season for the first time and I’m really enjoying it. Lynn, I found some of your commentary today perplexing. You believe Heather was underhanded by not informing her boss upfront that she was interviewing for other positions. Josh A is a “snake” for supporting and encouraging her ambitions to move beyond her role as Madison’s assistant? Seems to me his advice to her seems solid if she wants to advance her career and she asked for his help.

    As Mimisfbay, a professional recruiter, noted above, it is typically NOT a good idea to tell your boss you are job hunting! The consequences could lead to termination of the current position with the existing employer! Granted, it seems Josh & Heather have a personal/professional relationship, but apparently she had approached him previously and he had not responded with any concrete resolution for her. She then decides to explore other opportunities, and proceeds in a discreet, professional manner to do so. She’s demonstrating common sense!

    Another poster above comments that you are dissing California about civil code requirements regarding disclosure of death on a property. You respond with a denial. What I read in your blog states “Only in California would they create such a ridiculous law….” I would have done a little research before throwing out random comments like that, but this is your blog and you have the right to your subjective opinions. Why not just own your statement instead of denying? Isn’t that in fact a quality that so many admire about Bethenny, that she “owns” what she puts out there?

    • HD says:

      While I agree it is not a good idea to let your boss know you are job hunting I would imagine in the realm of high end property this is a small set of people. With her being on a TV show with Madison the circle just got smaller. People know who she is and it automatically would make me think, “hmmmm what’s going on over there?”, “maybe they’re having problems”, “Maybe they are not selling enough so she needs to seek out more employment”, etc. It just made Madison look bad. And what happened, lo and behold Josh F. saw her and called Madison. Yeah, that could have been a Bravo set up but I imagine that is how this arena is. I don’t think tons of realtors are selling million dollar homes. I think these people probably generally know each other personally or at least have heard of them. So on that end, it made Madison and his company look bad. All you need is one cut throat realtor to say, “well you know even his assistant is trying to leave” before people start looking at him with a raised eyebrow. JMO.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      see below… Maybe Josh A’s intent was to undermine Madison by encouraging super assistant Heather to leave him. I did find that underhanded. Josh A. has some brass ones. Calling out Josh F. about his personal phone call to Madison was really tacky. Josh A. is too controlling. It’s a given that he’s had plenty of fights with other realtors. The problem with being too aggressive is it pisses people off. I’ve seen top realtors engage in really dumb behavior because they hate each other. Every time, it never fails to actually lose business for them. Piss off one person (a client….) and they will tell everyone they know not to use “that realtor.” Imagine hiring the spitfire to sell your house, only what you will never know about is the 50 agents that hate your realtor & refuse to take their client to see your house, or find reasons why the house has problems when they show it, just because they do not want to do business with a jerk.

      Always google your realtor. The top agent in my county is a convicted felon. He used to be a financial manager & was convicted & spent time in jail for stealing millions of his client’s money. How does he manage to get a real estate license with his record? I see adds all over for him. But if I wrote a letter to the paper whatever, how long would it take for me to get sued. I have wondered if he’s paying back the people he stole from with the money he makes in real estate.

  25. Nancy says:

    I think Lynn was kidding. Tongue & cheek.

  26. boston02127 says:

    Great blog Lynn, Thanks. I missed MDL, I watched Teen Mom. (hanging head)
    I have to say I’m L-O-V-I-N-G Jill’s upstream. Ahh, gives me so many laughs. I hope she keeps doing them. I’m hoping & praying that one night her & Bobby forget to turn it off. Not to see them have sex….NOOOOOO, (I’d need eye bleach) just to listen to their conversation.

    Also, you’d think someone with a bedding line would have a beautiful bed. Her bed looks like in belongs in a haunted house.

  27. Bethenny tweeted that “A Place Of Yes” made the NY Times Bestsellers List.

    Bethenny: I’m so excited! I’m number 5 on the @nytimes bestseller list this week and it wasn’t even a full week. THANK YOU!!!

  28. LynnNChicago says:


    The Bravo Upfront party is underway…Andy is tweeting photos. Note the comments under this photo, many people think Jill’s had plastic surgery.

  29. Error404 says:

    OT but is anyone watching mildred pierce on HBO?

  30. Terry says:

    I’m always surprised that this show does well. I find the realtors unimpressive: they are not shown educating their clients on what to expect. Instead we see them caving into their clients’ demands, showing the properties, and — mostly– engaging in haggling.

    Altman is a tool.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      I know a lot of people like him but I think he’s a douchebag. I wrote that on one of the previous blogs. I’ll duck now.

  31. I think Bravo is having an Upfront event in Chicago. Bethenny is in Chicago with the Atlanta Housewives.

    This is a picture of Bethenny, Nene, Cynthia and another woman. I have no idea who the other woman is.


  32. Terry says:

    I love my Elsa

    • JKW says:

      Terry…isn’t she great ? Elsa could do her own show. She cracks me up.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      I really did not watch Miami but when the previews showed that Elsa was going to be on the finale & had things to say about Scottie Pippin’s wife well then…just had to watch that! Elsa is the best part of the show. Her psychic readings are spot on. What did she say about Andy? “He will never find love” or something. Andy is a gigolo & he loves it. Andy does know how to spot a fascinating personality. Did you see Elsa & Marisol on WWHL? She was hilarious.

  33. AZ Girl says:

    OT. Going to make my prediction for Top Chef All Stars. You all can give me heat tomorrow. WHOEVER HAS JAMIE AS A SOUS CHEF IS GOING TO LOSE.

    Ok. that is over with. Now I have a feeling our Quincy is on vacation for a reason. Visiting a daughter perhaps??? Just guessing I could be way off..

    • AZ Girl says:

      Thank you Mike I! Jamie is slow and you are screwed

      • JKW says:

        Poor Mike….I can’t believe he got Jamie. That was a crappy way to choose sous chefs. But I do think they should do blind tastings in the competitions. I wonder if that would make a difference. You know both of them would probably not have chosen the sous chefs they got..except Richard getting Angelo.

    • quincyillinois says:

      Yes, daughter and granddaughter and a bump that is growing larger each day.
      We are leaving Disney World today just at the storms hit. They are organized, but things still happen when storm fronts pass through.

      There was no BRAVO… so I had to depend on Lynn and the comments from the board for my fix.

      Why did Bravo have people in Chicago?

  34. butterisafruit says:

    Since Peggy on OC, said she wanted a Bently for her “push present”..I’ve been pricing them. I think the one she has cost $177,800.00 Can you imagine all that for a CAR?
    It makes my little 2002 Taurus look like one sad little pony.

    • VAgirl says:

      Bethenny is rooting for Kim Z from Atlanta HW to win Top Chef. LOL!

    • Mimisfbay says:

      Too bad they can’t sleep in it since their house is in forclosure. Dummies. These people sicken me.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      How ridic is it that she drives a Bentley (imagine the insurance & maintenance costs !) and their house is in foreclosure. Dumb dumb dumb & dumber Bravo h’wives. Plus Peggy is a gun totin’ untreated depression mess…ughh!

      Butter you are so better off in your Taurus with a roof over your head & and a good head on your shoulders! I’m putting $ on you that you are a real winner.

  35. Does anyone know when this Finale was filmed??

    On my way home from the Atlantis on Jan 31? Dale Taldi
    was on the flight- I said to him “you won the whole thing, didn’t you?!!”
    he looked “verklempt?” and said “watch what happens”
    i realize now they might have been filming the Finale at the Atlantis-
    (I really thought he won the whole thing?!)
    now I realize he was on Richards team……….

    maybe he “helped” win the whole thing……. i really hope so!
    ps. Cafe Martinique is an exquisite restaurant, grossly overpriced.
    Mike’s restaurant….Seafire Grill is just grossly overprice.

    Even if I’m wrong, it’s ok—–love Mike

  36. VAgirl says:

    Geez, Richard. Stopy whining and talking yourself down. I really, really hope Mike wins, even if you are probably more talented.

  37. chismosa says:

    hi to Quincy (do you co-write with Lynn, just so i am clear as to who i comment ‘to’)- thanks on clarifying before where all the good classified info came from on RH NY new season’s stuff!
    i have to still catch up on the Jill stuff up thread and what she has done lately. Anyone know if she has sold her apt on 59th st. yet or bought a new home in the Hamptons?

    I was going to go to Bethenny’s signing this upcoming Friday as it is somewhat near me but i just don’t know- it’s an oddly set up bookstore, i was there when a really famous person was signing and it is not a huge huge place so i’m not sure if i am going. I wish she had more signings set up but none so far on her calendar because i think she is focusing on taking that vaca with J and B for her anniversary (well, hopefully?)
    thanks again for helping me catch up….

    • error404 says:

      she has done neither. I think she took the 59th st apt off the market last year.

    • quincyillinois says:

      I am a Lynn fan and faithful follower. I sometimes write the notes of a show to help out because Lynn works day and night on this blog.

      About Jill’s upstream… even though I could get it here, I just couldn’t force myself to pay attention to her for that long. Thank you to all who wrote about their observations.

      I am fascinated by the five shows that got the green light for next year. I think Tabatha has great ratings. If Bethenny and BH were picked up, what shows are left. I wonder if Comcast said, profitable shows only.

  38. Mookies1mom says:

    I can’t believe it’s snowing, again and for the next several days! Glad I wen t grocery shopping last night!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the happenings but this girl’s eyes are wearing out! Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the evening and have a great morning!

  39. chismosa says:

    ughh just read the Bravo release why didn’t Taylor (agree to/ or /be offered to) do a show? I am so sick of Brad but kadooz to him for stealing Demi. Miss you Tay Tay xo

    did everyone see pictures of freshly-injected Rachel’s face with her new baby? Yikes her face looks SO tight. So nice about their baby news though. Amazing it was over 5lbs.

    • VAgirl says:

      I think Taylor’s a hard worker and talented, but she just doesn’t have the personality to carry a show IMHO. Rachel barely does. Brad definitely does.

  40. lillybee says:

    I am happy that Carla won fan favorite. Sorry for all the Tre fans though.
    I enjoyed Carla because she didn’t say anything nasty or snarky about the other chefs.

  41. boston02127 says:

    good morning…is it Friday yet?

  42. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Good morning~

  43. HD says:

    I looked at most of the pics. Damn, when did Patti become Black?! Tan much? My goodness. She needs to leave that alone for a minute.

    Maybe it as the light hitting Jill’s face but she looked a little tight around the eyes like she may have had some work done.

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      It’s too early to look at either of them for me Hannah~lol

      • HD says:

        lol! Girl Patti looks three shades away from being my sister.

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          Now you made me look~they all tan way too much~hides all the flaws they think. We all would love to have your skin because you age a lot better than we do if you don’t mind me saying sweetie.

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          HD? You know I meant that as a compliment?

          • HD says:

            Oh yes. No worries. I got in the shower. LOL! I may age well but I do get dirty. LOL! Black people have melanin in their skin which dissipates UV rays which is why we don’t age as quickly. It is like our God given sun screen.

            • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

              Yes I could use some..lol Seems like my skin has aged very quickly over the past year. Can’t imagine why.

              • HD says:

                Get you some shea butter and apply it at night and it will snap back. 🙂 I promise. Get the REAL kind not that watered down mess in Walgreens. If you can’t find it where you are, if you send me your address via email I will pick you up some (I am getting me some more today) and mail you the real thing. It is only five bucks so don’t worry about the cost.

                • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

                  You are too sweet. Do you prefer Hannah or HD?
                  my email is moviepuss@aol.com

                  • HD says:

                    Well I put my intials, intially (smile) because I work at a place that won’t take to kindly to me cussing out the housewives but at this point I guess it doesn’t matter so whatever you like. I will email you for your address after I pick it up.

                    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

                      Well I love your name so I will call you Hannah.;)
                      Love & Hugs~
                      Thank you~

            • HD says:

              Quite honestly…I may get blasted for this but I often find it funny that Black women since the beginning of time have had rich skin color, now tanning is the norm i.e. Jersey Shore, Black women typically have juicy lips, Angelina Jolie stepped on the scene and it became a phenomenon, Black women are typically curvy in the backside but J. Lo and Kim K made it popular…things that make you go hmmm…Just my early morning thoughts. Sorry.

              • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

                That’s ok honey. I was afraid I said something wrong. I haven’t had a black friend since NYC. There just aren’t any around where I am & I miss them. Cannot believe it’s been 10 yrs.

  44. Kindred says:

    I’m a business person and I’ll always hire a Josh Altman-type to handle my business. Creativity, gadgets, and friendships are great, but when it comes to moving my real estate properties, I need a business man (or woman) who looks the part, acts the part, and delivers the signed deal.

    Josh was right. Business is business and friendships are friendships. There are boundaries. Hence, the slight Madison felt when Heather decided (with or without Josh’s assistance) it was time to make her move. THAT is how it works in the REAL world.

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