I Hate Jill Zarin Sunday Updates – Lets Chat!

I Hate Jill Zarin  Real Housewives of New York Aftershock / Real Housewives of Orange County Preview  Lets Chat!

Feel free to chat about The Real Housewives of Orange County in real time, or discuss anything you like…

Tonight another new episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County airs on Bravo. Tamra Barney has made a complete fool of herself in just a few episodes without her ex-husband Simon Barney.  He warned us, how many times did this man say that we should imagine how Tammy Sue would behave if he wasn’t controlling her?  Be careful of what you wish for, huh?  You ain’t kidding Simon Barney!

I get it, she found a new man, finally has a bit of freedom and she’s sewing her wild oats (wow did that age me!) but damn woman, how about just a little restraint while the camera’s are rolling?  Did she think all this disgusting sex on screen would appeal to viewers?

Tamra Barney has no idea who her audience is, and this is one of my complaints about Jill Zarin, (I know, back to Jill) she underestimates the intelligence of her audience.  If Jill Zarin thinks she can fool the viewers into believing her lies and she thinks she can get away with scams like Amazongate, she’s fooling herself.  She has intelligent viewers, in fact more intelligent than she is, clearly.

Back to Orange County and the nasty behavior of one Tamra Barney.  Tonight the previews show her new boyfriend Eddie brings up the subject of a baby, luckily Tamra knows it is a bad idea but you have to wonder if these two thought out this relationship very well.  I bet you can’t wait for this scene:
Vicki tweeted this today:

vgunvalson Vicki Gunvalson
Goodbye Vegas, heading to Richmond, VA to film “Messiest House”!
I’m not sure why Vicki would be filming an episode of “Messiest House” in Virginia for another network, but go for it Vicki.  I can just see the most judgmental housewife on that show!  Should be a treat, especially for the homeowners.

Tonight’s episode finds Vicki reprimanding one of her employees for going to lunch and never returning.  Rather than talking to this girl and explaining how this negatively affects the office and sends a bad message to the others, she literally spanks this girl.  Yes, literally!  This is the same girl we saw talking with Vicki’s daughter Briana in Seattle and apparently has been Briana’s friend for many years but this is extremely inappropriate, unprofessional and oh yeah… illegal.
Vicki’s behavior makes Ramona look like Employer of the year.  When these women start up their own business, don’t they take HR courses?  Don’t they learn the HR laws?  Unbelievable!

BravoTV.com posted it’s two video’s of the AfterShow featuring Ramona Singer and Jill Zarin on Watch What Happens Live.  You can view them here:


I just want to point out a few things in the Part II video, there is one point when Andy invites the audience to come up and ask questions, Ramona rolls her eyes and looks at her watch, hysterical!  Housewives scratch and claw to get on this show and Ramona just can’t wait to get out of there.  The other thing is at the end as Andy’s thanking everyone for being there, Jill picks up her dog Ginger and it starts licking her nose again…ewwww…YUCK!

Please Andy, change the poll results, PLEASE!

Bravo re-ran the 100th Episode with Jill and Ramona, but they’ve changed the final poll results so that it is much closer than was originally aired with the real results.  Apparently they adjusted the final percentage to give Jill 44% rather than the original 22% that she really got on the live broadcast.  Earlier yesterday Jill posted something on Facebook about the results being inaccurate, but later deleted the post.

Jill really does think viewers are stupid, it is so obvious that she complained, Bravo told her that they would change it, she posted on Facebook to look for an adjustment in the final results, Bravo told her to shut up about the change before they get a chance to air the change, she deletes her Facebook post….omg I’m getting a headache.

The fact is that it was a typical WWHL landslide poll result and Jill lost 22% to Ramona’s 78%, that’s the bottom line, any change after the fact is a joke and an insult to viewers.  Why should viewers vote in the future if they’re only going to change the results later on? Andy Cohen, I suggest you get your balls back from Jill Zarin, she’s letting Ginger play with them.

Twitter had gone mad yesterday!!!  Simon VanKempen clearly had some time on his hands, not judgment but he was on for a long while yesterday, he answered fan questions and took some heat for his honest answers.  I think the best thing about Simon is that he always answers honestly when he can.  If he doesn’t answer, I believe that it typically means that he contractually can’t answer, yet.

Clearly still upset about hearing Jill call his wife an “F’ing bitch” and saying she was socializing at a party that was “above her”, Simon let it rip!

A viewer asked Simon:  Was that wedding held at Jill’s former home?
@SimonVanKempen: Yes, it’s the one she sold prior to #RHoNY & rented back for S1&2

Next Question to Simon:  did she try to keep it secret she no longer owned the home? She certainly made it seem she did on the show

@SimonVanKempen:  Yes

Another fan responds to Simon:  she cleared that up last season when she was staying at LuAnn’s.I’m not a fan but don’t make things up!
@SimonVanKempen:  She did but season 1 & 2 she pretended that they owned it when they had already sold it

Then Jill Zarin Chimed in: @JillZarin TO @SimonvanKempen”>SimonvanKempen Why don’t you call Bobby is you want to know the details of our real estate business. He is a RE genius!

A viewer remarked TO @SimonvanKempen on WWHL Jill blamed the producer for her remarks about Alex, she never owns her trash mouth, blames others

Simon responded:  The fact is @JillZarin said that ” @McCordAlex is a fucking bitch & was socializing at a party that is so above her”, whether it was said to a show’s producer is irrelevant. JZ needs to own it.

TO: @SimonvanKempen do u think in ur own opinion that Jill Zarin is obbessed with possessions as well as money?
@SimonvanKempen Fame & adulation
From a viewer TO:  @Simonvankempen:  Truth is Jill didn’t learn crap from last year & is behaving exactly the same! She’s the f..g bitch!

@SimonvanKempen:  She ‘learned’ not to say it in front of the camera which is why she said it to a producer. She’ll learn not to do that Season 5 LOL

But Simon wasn’t finished…
If she thinks that about her co-star just WHAT does she think of her fans?
Simon’s blog is up on his web site:
Alex and Simon held a RHONY Viewing party on Thursday night, some photos from that bash…

It looks like Jill’s “new look” surprised Alex, Sonja and Simon just as much as the rest of us.

All seven of the Real Housewives of New York will be attending the TVLand Awards tonight, the show is filming tonight but will air next Sunday.  Apparently the housewives are giving out an award.

At TV Awards - The Blondes

This is another photo where Alex looks like Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched.  I’m not all that fond of what I can see of the dress though, the one shoulder number, sigh!  Lovin Ramona’s bling!

Simon’s webcast will begin to air on April 21, look for Quincy’s blog on his show right here at IHJZ!

Kelly still throws out the whopper Tweets

kellybensimon Kelly K. Bensimon
My hair is so dirty is going to start swearing.
1 reason im not tired is bc i compartmentalize responsibility. I do 1 thing, than another. Eat well, sleep well, smile#kellyfit
Tvland rehears. This is going to be amazing. What real person gets to present?I cant believe my life http://yfrog.com/h0eiugzj

What did folks think of Jill Zarin’s Real Housewives of New York debut and her groovin’ new look she was sporting on Watch What Happens Live?

Here are a few comments from TMZ’s site:  Jill looked absolutely ridiculous like that last night. I was embarrassed for her. Tragic.

Gather.Entertainment:  Following the premiere, Jill Zarin and Ramona Singer sat side by side on “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen.  But Zarin didn’t look like herself at all.  Likely determined to self promote her new line Skweeze, she was dressed in a Madonna-esque corset with a pulled back eighties pony tail. Though the look was great for Madonna, it did nothing for Jill. Instead of the housewife looking her normal self, she appeared to be closer to someone headed for a midlife crisis.

Some of Jill’s Quotes: “I was ganged up on by Alex [McCord], Bethenny [Frankel], and Ramona [Singer],” said Jill. “It’s so last year and it’s so over that I don’t want to talk about it anymore… But let me tell you, it’s hard to fight three against one,” she added. “One-on-one is one thing. Three on one, not so even.”

Is she kidding?  Three on one?  What about Jill and Luann ganging up on Bethenny?  Then Jill was pulling the Kelly strings all the way from New York while Kelly abused Bethenny on scary island.  Jill the victim?  Hardly!

Tonight’s Watch What Happens Live features Jay Mohr and Orange County Housewife Peggy.

This is a photo of Jill Zarin from 2006 and of course her most recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live.  I was a bit shocked at how much she looks like her sister Lisa in this older photo:

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281 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Sunday Updates – Lets Chat!

  1. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Alex laughing and looking at her phone (at a text message?), while a huge Jill torso looms in the background, is without a doubt ,THE funniest thing I have seen on the RHONY to date.
    You couldn’t even make that up!
    Yes, looks like Jill’s had a lil work done to shorten her nose.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I read somewhere that they were looking at twitter – ’cause twitter lit up over that outfit LOL

  2. Adgirl says:

    Jill calling the bride about having the wedding at Jill’s old house. I just thought that was so very strange of Jill. Can you imagine being the bride? Having a wedding is so stressful without having a guest complain about other guests and the venue.
    That is why I hate JZ.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      And was the bride expected to change the venue at the last minute? That doesn’t even make sense – a wedding is a huge event to plan. I hope Ramona tells us more about it in her next blog.

  3. boston02127 says:

    When, when, when is Bobby going to get sick of her?

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      you know, maybe, just maybe, Bobby is as bad as she is. He seems to condone her behavior. I think he lives vicarioulsy through her.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        I agree OR “It’s cheaper to keep her!” LOL

        Coming soon as a new T-shirt on the Fabulicious Giudice site! Along with “I hate my _ife!” ,”Hands Off! He’s all mine!” and “Juicey Knows Best!”

      • housewifeaddict says:

        I doubt he even realizes what she does. He doesn’t seem like he’s as into the “housewives” like she is (or Simon is). I think she does all her manipulating and emails on the side, and if he bothers to ask she just lies.

      • error404 says:

        He’s a classic enabler.

        The way he approached Alex at Sonja’s party to scold her for daring to make Jill upset was so uncalled for, I would have told him to go f himself and the horse he rode in on too!

        He had absolutely no problem with taking her to Ramona’s house in St John and then even had the nerve to try and reprimand Bethenny there for making Jill upset.

        Either he’s an idiot who has no idea what’s going on, or he’s just like her.

        • Terry says:

          God, I don’t know. I love the Broseph! (That’s what they called him in New York Magazine.) Really I think he behaves exactly as a husband should: he protects his wife first.

          What Bobby sees in Jill we may never know, but I do think he loves her.

        • quincyil says:

          It’s all about sex, Error404. I have seen “bi*****” control men for decades. The women are terrible to the men, but control them with feminine wiles. Jill said some of this in in her books and we see it in the jewelry store with her public offers.

          Bobby had a collection of Playboy magazines in his mother’s basement and he was enthusiastically looking forward to Kelly’ appearance in the magazine. He’s a breast man. Jill said large breasts really worked for her in her 30s. She hit the jackpot with Bobby.

  4. Adgirl says:

    I see that ABC is passing on the Tori Spelling/Jeff Lewis talk show. I don’t know if it can be sold to another network.

    • lillybee says:

      Thank you, baby Jesus.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      when would he have had the time to do it when he is doing the new show for Bravo
      ABC wouldnt be a good fit for it
      i call that network
      already been canceled
      thats how loyal they are LOL
      anyone else care that they are planing to ax both all my children and one life to live to make way for yet another talk show and yet another reality show
      i finally gave up on amc after watching it for 30 plus years but it still makes me sad that they wanna give it the heave ho after making all the actors relocate from NYC to La La Land

  5. Jezzibel says:

    I will say that what ever work Jill has had done on her face…its very good and very subtle….pity she can’t find a stylist to do the same.

  6. Kotagirl29 says:

    What can I say? Simon seemed to hit the nail on the head. Jill has “changed” her front-of-camera persona, but the REAL Jill is still bubbling right under the surface. As for Tamra, I like her. Sorry, but I do. Yeah, she can be rude, crude, and socially unacceptable, but so can I so maybe that’s why I like her. I was in an abusive relationship with a very controlling man and when I finally got out of it I was like a new woman. I tested a lot of boundaries and attempted to redefine who I was. What she is doing is not abnormal, it just so happens she is also being filmed while doing it. So all the craziness and mistakes she makes are put out for the world to see. Yes I know she has done some crappy stuff in the past, but who among us hasn’t. I guess I like her because I can identify with where she was, where she wants to go, and who she is.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      She is having fun – and she was actually a really good sport in Cabo with Vicki – smiling through all of Vicki’s crud – but that bathtub scene – yuck!!

      • Kotagirl29 says:

        Oh don’t get me wrong, that bathtub seen was too much for TV. BUT. . . I have also made some intimate mistakes, I’m just glad there was no one around to film them, ’cause if there was I think I would still be hiding in the house. I have done some things when I was drinking that make me shake my head and wonder what was I thinking? Then I remember I was drunk and I was thinking. Mistakes happen, but at least she doesn’t blame it on editing or the producers.

        • katiecoo says:

          I love Tamra is a similar way that I love Bethenny–they both say with humor what everyone’s thinking and although Tamra looks sorta plastic (!) I find her personality one of the most *real* on these shows. Same with Bethenny.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          how can she
          she knew they were all there filming
          who does that knowing its being filmed
          none of us needed to see thata nd im sure most of wish we hadnt

    • Waslurking says:


    • error404 says:

      That’s because you believe her accusation that she was controlled.

      I think Tamra was in a controlling relationship like Kelly was systematically bullied on St John. IOW, it’s an insult to people like yourself who really were in a bad relationship.

      • Kotagirl29 says:

        Well I disagree. Because Simon caused me to have flashbacks of my abuser. Sorry, but its true. Just the fact the he said “can you imagine what she would be like if I wasn’t around to rope her in” (close enough) was enough to send off HUGE red flags, never mind all of the things he “allowed” or “didn’t allow”. He has the classic abusers mentality. Not saying he beat her, but he was so much like my ex its not funny.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        I think Tamara’s husband was controlling. There’s a reason Tamara was attracted to him too though.

        Wow at Vicki spanking that gal.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          i dont believe her on any of that
          if he was abusing her so much why was she crying over throwing out the wedding glasses
          i think she is a sociopath and that all the stuff about her ex is a lie

          • Kotagirl29 says:

            You are lucky enough to have never been in an abusive relationship. Battery is a twisted little cycle. I know. My ex could smack me around and then if he tried to leave I would beg him not to. Even today, five years later, a part of me still loves him. You may not understand it, but please don’t belittle it just because you don’t.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      sorry you went thru that no one should have to

      Regarding Trampolina i can never like her after the crap she pulled with Gretchen
      trying to get her drunk
      foisting her own son on her
      that was really as low as i have seen a housewive go and Icky was there for the ride

  7. @tweatcyn says:

    Thanks for sharing those tweets Lynn. I missed some of them. Simon’s blog is excellent and to me, shows the relationships have not changed for the better, despite what Jill said in her bullshit blog.

  8. PJ says:

    Lynne do you still think Alex and Simon have gone to the dark side after reading Simon’s blog?

  9. aliand says:

    i have to call bullshit on the decision to change the poll results. not only am i insulted, i’m disgusted!

    okay bravo, you think so very little of your viewers, i got it.

    but what i don’t get is who’s got info on whom?

    is it sex?
    all of the above?

    why throw shade on sprint, (i think it’s sprint) that’s responsible for tallying the results? if they can’t get a stupid poll tabulated accurately, maybe i should play the handy dandy jillzarin card to dispute my bill.

    a good relationship w/sprint A MAJOR ADVERTISER vs the feelings of that shrew jillzarin.

    hard to decide, what to do?

    the trust of your viewers and your integrity vs the superficial needs of a delusional strumpet aka jillzarin.

    decisions, decisions…

    note to jillzarin, if you’re going to pout, lie and cheat, it does no good if you lose and lose bigger than you did a couple of nights ago. dumb jillzarin. idiodic and dumb.

    • sue says:

      I agree. I would also like my charges wiped out cause, if they want to switch it just to make Jill Zarin feel better then I can only assume she pays BRAVO off to!!!…Look at all the comments on her and Kellys blog, do you notice they are all positive, and we all know that is not the case for Jill and def. not for Kelly!!!

  10. boston02127 says:

    Does anyone else feel that Alex & Simon’s marriage is a little shaky this season? I hope it’s not & I hope I’m wrong.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      money troubles always put added stress on a marriage. And drinking your way through the stress does nothing but exacerbate it.
      I think they”ll be ok.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      It looks like Alex is stressed over finances and her “job”. Couple that with Simon behaving like a “fan” of Jill’s each time he sees her and she is clearly annoyed. We women know women. Men think they do, but we know the inner workings of evil women and what they do. Alex knows Jill will not change, as she will not be defeated. Simon thinks she’ll play nice and wants Alex to drop her guard. Her wingman’s got a problem. Either Simon’s an idealist using a rose colored wine glass or he’s a traitor with a crush! LOL Only after he’s burned will he listen to the tried and true…”I told you so!” and go to battle for his wife.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I think Alex is also shown with her most stressed out expression to make it look like she’s uncomfortable around Jill. Simon specifically mentioned in his blog that at the painting party the editing made it look like they weren’t talking to anyone – when obviously they were socializing.

      Hopefully they are okay – they seem to have an easy going relationship.

    • error404 says:

      No. They are so obviously one of those co-dependant couples who can barely be in separate rooms, never mind in a trial separation. They’ll be one of those old couples where when one dies, the other will die a week later.

    • NJ Bev says:

      I think what we’re seeing is the stress that they’re under-Alex takes things
      too seriously and Simon, perhaps, not enough? Right now, I think they are experiencing the”fear of the unknown”-
      Major life shifts, both lost their jobs and are working on new ones and there’s
      no promise it’ll all “work out”. stress, stress and more stress- Being together
      all day is no picnic for any relationship.
      Then there’s life in the eye of the public.

      I guess my point is -I’m surprised Alex hasn’t stabbed Simon with a screw-driver yet. I think their life is shaky, the marriage seems pretty stable.
      But what do I know? I’ve made bigger mistakes picking out ice cream flavors
      than predicting how someone’s relationship is working out!! 🙂

      • Zoey says:

        I’m not sure why but it did bother me when Alex said they’re both responsible for their own incomes. Or did she say ‘both now responsible’. Not sure why but that just seemed to have a lot more meaning behind it.

      • Terry says:

        I agree. I’d be pretty darned upset if my husband decided to tweet for a living. He’s a father of two, for crying out loud.

      • quincyil says:

        I think Simon is freaking out on twitter. He may have been playful for the camera, but there seems to be real problems in the dungeon. Having to find income is scary, but they have to have a lot of money for their lifestyle. In that economy is will be hard.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          but don’t they have an income stream from their book?

          Ir wasn’t a blockbuster but they held their own with it.

  11. ramonacoaster says:

    I started hearing a helicopter fly overhead in my house on Long Island so I went out to check and I see the lights from the helicopter in my yard. I’m thinking maybe I should go inside and lock the doors, right? There’s still a serial killer on the loose on Long Island so maybe that’s who they’re looking for but I won’t know til tomorrow. So I’m sitting here typing this message and my dog is barking at the front door. It’s freaking me out but she always barks when she looks outside.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      crap- that is scary!!!
      GO INSIDE AND LOCK THE DOORS-better safe than sorry.
      be careful!

    • Adgirl says:

      Lock the doors and pour a huge pinot. Give doggie a busy bone. Whatever you do, don’t stop posting on this blog. LOL.

    • boston02127 says:

      CALL 911! Hurry!!!

    • Mia Kulpa says:

      And load your rifle!

      • ramonacoaster says:

        I have an old antique rifle that has no bullets (that are being manufactured anymore) that I’m keeping by my side just in case.

        • Mia Kulpa says:

          If someone knocks on your door, cock it so they can hear it. They don’t know there’s no bullets 😀

        • Jezzibel says:

          if you can’t get bullets to go out one end…you use that s**T like a baseball bat..tactical weapon of opportunity

          • Terry says:

            Yeah, I saw that in the papers. That can’t be fun.

            • DJ Loops Fruit says:

              that serial killer only seems to target hookers and i havent heard of them having any leads or clues
              but better safe then sorry
              stay put and dont open the doors for anyone and please update tommorow so we dont all panic

  12. ramonacoaster says:

    Well, a policeman just checked my backyard and I see his flashlight in my window. As long as there’s lawmen around I’m feeling safe. But who the heck are they looking for? It’s the Long Island suburbs.

    • boston02127 says:

      ramonacoaster–Pull your shades down and if you have to get up carry your phone with you.

      • ramonacoaster says:

        Thanks Boston but I think I’m okay. The sound of the helicopter is fading so maybe they caught whoever it was or they ran out of helicopter budget money. I’m scouring the internet to see what’s going on.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      wow. This is why I hate the ‘burbs. I always look over my shoulder whenever I’m in a nice manicured, upscale suburb-and I grew up in them!
      So easy to get lulled in a false sense of security…because it looks so nice, but that attracts a whole ‘nother type of criminal. is the door locked?

      • ramonacoaster says:

        Yup! locked the door and the windows. My neighbors are outside asking what’s going on but I’m staying inside. I’m sure I’ll get a full report from them tomorrow morning.

      • butterisafruit says:

        Romona, it’s okay to call your local police and ask them, what is going on. Just to soothe your own nerves.

        When my husband got sick I got a baby cam. Now that he’s not here I purchased three more cameras that are compatable to the original monitor. I have them on my drive way, back yard and the front door entry. Best thing I ever did.
        And it’s cheap.

    • FlowerPower says:

      Jill and Kelly are at the TV Land awards. You’re safe.

    • error404 says:

      Ugh, I hate being home alone. Why not call one of the neighbors and ask if they know what’s going on? I couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

      FWIW, isn’t the serial killer killing escorts he hires off craigslist?

      • ramonacoaster says:

        One of my neighbors spoke to a cop but didn’t get much info. The serial killer is killing escorts from Craigs List but that’s because they are an easier target. It may not be the serial killer. But it’s gotta be something big like that or a child going missing to warrant having a helicopter and police walking from door to door checking backyards. All my years of living in the ‘burbs this is the first time it’s happened.
        According to reports I’ve read, serial killer Joel Rifkin was stopped by the police on a road down the street from me when they found a dead body in the back of his truck. He actually lived in Merrick which is about 20 min away from me.
        I’m sure I’ll find out what happened soon enough.

        • NJ Bev says:

          seriously, call the police and politely ask them
          to explain what is going on? it’s your right to
          tell them they are creating a panic situation-

        • ramonacoaster says:

          Oops! Got that mixed up. Joel Rifkin was chased by cops until he crashed into a pole down the street from where I live in Mineola and he lived in East Meadow which is 20 min away. Anyway going to bed. Goodnight all!

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        some maybe from craighslist but i dont think they all have been
        its funny you would think they could find out who he is from who responded to those ads

  13. Hmm…Rob Shuter is at the TV Land awards and he must have spoken to Jill about the WWHL poll results. *shakes head*

    Tweet from Rob:

    NaughtyNiceRob: Saw #RHONY tonight and found out vote was changed after it was clear no one using sprint vote counted and voting was cut off after 14 mins

    • It gets better, according to Rob Shuter, lawyers got involved. This is over a stupid TV poll. I have no words.

      From Twitter:

      (name deleted) @NaughtyNiceRob so your saying Ramona didn’t win by a landslide

      NaughtyNiceRob @(name deleted) still won but not by as many. Apparently lawyers got involved

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Lawyers? Wow. I’m actually pleased she cares so much – and Ramona still won by a HUGE margin.

        • Waslurking says:

          How pathetic!

        • Adgirl says:

          Again? Isn’t that how Jill got TWOP to shut down the NY pages during Amazongate??

          Did Jill threaten the bride with a lawsuit for holding her wedding at Jill’s old house??

          I hate JZ.

          • DJ Loops Fruit says:

            NaughtyNiceRob is the one dubbed the low rent Perez Hilton and he never checks his facts before printing a false story LOL

      • error404 says:


        OMG Jill Zarin, you are off the hook crazy!!! Like Kelly on Scary Island crazy! Lawyers? Seriously? For a fluff poll? LMAO!

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Jill only wants the truth to come out! lol

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            As if we didn’t already know that Bravo slants it’s polls along with their stupid blog comments.

            I wonder if this also why all the real comments to Jill disappeared and the the BS ones replaced them.

      • Scorpiosue1102 says:

        That is absolutely pathetic. Lawyers were involved because Jill doesn’t like that people don’t like her. .

        You know I don’t hate Jill. No, I pity her. What a sad existence.

      • Bea says:

        Jill is the most pathetic excuse for a human being ever!!!

    • quincyil says:

      So… Jill’s supporters only use sprint. Good to know.

  14. FlowerPower says:

    I was thinking the same about money/stress issues being a strain this season. Adjusting to working together all the time could be tricky too (even if they are very much in love and like being together). There can be moments of annoyance that might seem bigger on TV than they end up in real life.

  15. boston02127 says:

    I have some news. Good news. On Wednesday the sale of my house is closing. It’s been on the market for 2 months. My grandparents bought out my father. They are turning the house in to a 2 family. I’ll be living in shambles for a while but it’s ok, I’ll be living on the 2nd floor and things will be messy for a while. They are putting in a kitchenette and closing the halls in the front and back for private entrances. They are going to rent out the first floor. I’ve been packing up the first floor and moving what I’m keeping upstairs. The past couple of months have been beyond hard and confusing & scary. So this is good news. I’m embarrassed to say what my grandparents will be charging me for rent. ($50.00) a week, as long as I’m in school. So things are looking up a little bit.

    • butterisafruit says:

      You deserve some good news, Boston. I’m happy for you.

      • boston02127 says:

        Thank you butterisafruit. I’ve been so worried about so many things and this just takes so much of me. And I can keep my dog.

        • boston02127 says:

          correction—takes so much “off” me

          • NJ Bev says:

            this is a great event for you, you can move forward
            and Wow! what wonderful grandparents! this is
            fantastic news, and I am thrilled that you are able
            to finish your education and not be so overwhelmed by financial burden. God knows you’ve
            been through enough.

            ps. living through construction stinks

        • ramonacoaster says:

          Good for you! Especially that you can keep your dog.

        • Noreen says:

          That is great news! It is nice to have things settled! Good luck!

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I’m happy that everything has worked out Boston!

    • FlowerPower says:

      That’s great news, Boston! Hang in there during the transition/move. Be extra nice to yourself.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      that’s a great rent-and you can stay your house!!! congratulations!!!
      and keep an eye on new tenants

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Great news! Now you can concentrate on your education and knowing you have a “home” will help too. Glad you are upstairs – then you don’t have to hear your neighbors walking, clopping, galloping around.

    • Zoey says:

      Sounds like things have been really stressful for you. I hope all is calmer soon!

    • California35 says:

      Boston, I am so glad thingscare looking up for you. You have brought up memories when you talk about your struggles to be at school. It is so good to read that you are not giving up, and that you got some goo news.

    • Terry says:

      How nice! It’s nice to see family pull together. I’m very pleased for you.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      YAY, I am glad you are happy 🙂

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      thats awesome news
      and that rent is dirt cheap

  16. error404 says:

    “she’s sewing her wild oats ” LOL!

    What’s hysterical about this typo, is that Tamra probably would sew some Quaker Oats to some T-Shirts and try to sell them on E-bay!

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      LOL thats too funny
      and im the queen of typos but even lil old me knows its sow not sew

  17. Waslurking says:

    There has been lots of opinions as to why NY was postponed. I’m beginning to wonder if it had to do with all Jill’s BS smack talk behind the cameras that she didn’t expect to be heard? Not that I’ll believe the kissy-uppie crap she attempts ‘on’ camera about having ‘changed’……….. would be so awesome if the ‘producers’ aren’t letting her get away with it either! heee heee
    Whatever…………..she’s STILL doing the ‘why is Alex mad at me’ ?.. “B left me! ..fake sob” shit! Such a liar! PLZ It’s filmed and saved for the world to see.. toots!
    How about you and the countless look up the word class….B has it.
    She finally said she was DONE and she’s done………. no speaky about you. Bet that boils your ass, Jill aye?

    Wish I could be ‘live’ about OC chat tonight……..but damn my TV is in a different room. I’ll have something to look forward to with my coffee tomorrow tho!

    Oh…random thought here about Tamara…….. go ahead get your freak on! I sure did after a ‘controlled’ relationship. But might to keep in mind the cameras? Maybe?

    Oh and just a shout out…….. can peeps stop throwing out the BPD diagnosis hither and there please? There are many hallmarks of that disorder…
    One of which is being very sensitive and intense empathy for others. So much so that we lose ourselves trying to please. It usually takes many months if not years to be diagnosed.
    carry on…

    Ps… LOVE your blog Lynn!

    • error404 says:

      What’s the point though. Yeah, the f-ing bitch comment was really bad, but it’s not like she was actually nice for the other 59 minutes of the episode. She was OTT rude to Cindy asking all sorts of questions that none of her business, or ours for that matter! She said all sorts of weird and untruthful stuff about Bethenny while packing for her trip. She acted like a petulant child at the wedding, making petty comments about Alex’s dress, social status, etc… Sure, the f-ing bitch comment was the cherry on the sunday of evil, but there still was two scoops of ice cream, sauce, whipped cream and sprinkles of evil thru the whole show.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      maybe they took that time to PUT those remarks in just to spice it up a bit or to get back at Shrill for being such a pain in the rump

  18. FlowerPower says:

    Maybe it is time to change the name of the blog, Lynn.

    How about: I STILL Hate Jill Zarin
    or: I Hate Jill Zarin Even More
    or maybe: I Hate Jill Zarin Ever After

  19. firepainter says:

    “I do 1 thing, than another.”
    I think my head is going to explode.

  20. Waslurking says:

    West coaster (AZreally)…… off to watch Amazing Race!
    Go cowboys!

  21. boston02127 says:

    At the beginning of the show does Alex say: My husband is king and my body is “simple” or my body is “his temple”?

  22. boston02127 says:

    OMG, Vicky thinks Don is obnoxious to her? Poor Don.

    Oh here comes Tamera. Wouldn’t it be funny if Bravo played porn music each time Tamera was on.

    • HD says:

      I like Vicki. I really do but my goodness she needs to know that she is working so that she can enjoy life. All that money is great but at the expense of yourself and family? I think not.

      • Terry says:

        I can’t figure out what insurance emergency keeps her at the office until 1AM. It’s absurd.

        Also, her employees seem to be very young; why is that? Does she pay wages that only kids will accept?

        Finally, did she really spank that girl? Unbelievable!

        I feel just terrible for the long-suffering Donn. He seems like a nice-enough guy. He seems to love his wife despite the incredible neglect and he gets on great with the kids. Everyone should be so lucky. Vicki doesn’t know what she has.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          I think Vicky only hires people she would have sex with if she could
          sooner or later a scandal will come out that she has been cheating on her hubby for years

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      omg that would be too funny i wish they would do it

  23. HD says:

    Alexis needs to get a life. Who cares about the Mace? Sheesh.

  24. Kukulet says:

    Why don’t you call Bobby is you want to know the details of our real estate business. He is a RE genius!

    Jill and Bobby have a house in the Hamptons.
    Jill and Bobby sell said house in the Hamptons, but reserve the right to summer there for two years after the sale. Which they do.
    Some filming of RHoNY is done at the house they sold but are using for the summer.
    A few years later, Jill has a hissy fit because the new owners of the house allowed a bride to hold her reception there.

    What does Bobby being a real estate genius have to do with any of it? Please, Jill, try actually read other Tweets besides your own so you can actually come off looking like you know what you are talking about.

    Oh, wait a second…never mind, Jill. It’s better entertainment when you act as stupid as you are.

    • error404 says:

      I hate to stick up for Jill, because well, I hate Jill Zarin, but she has a point…

      As it was not part of the show, her calls to the bride were none of Simon’s business, but only brought up to make her look bad in front of fans. Her tweet is translated as “mind you own f-ing business”. Which is her right, as he was tweeting smack about her, stooping to her level.

      Beachhousegate just boggles my mind. No one cares! No one! Well, except Simon and Jill. LOL

      • housewifeaddict says:

        I think someone else brought it up in a blog or on WWHL, and then someone asked Simon a question and he responded. It wasn’t like Jill and Simon got in a twitter war – it looked like she only sent on tweet. I would expect Simon to tweet a lot during and after the show – why not?? It’ll build up his fan base.

        As for who cares, I kind of do. I’m wondering what the big deal is – and why she didn’t want the bride to have her reception there. There must be something behind the story.

        • Adgirl says:

          Ramona brought it up during WWHL, as in Jill was hounding the bride Jennifer about 1) will Alex & Simon be attending her wedding and 2) Jill was bothering Jennifer about using her former home.
          Aa guest, neither are Jill’s business. (But they are ours now.)

      • Terry says:

        Agree. None of his business.

    • Terry says:

      They reserve the right to summer in the house for two years? That’s incredible! I don’t mean I don’t believe it, I mean it’s astonishing. Who buys a house in the Hamptons and then doesn’t want to use it in the summer?

  25. katiecoo says:

    Was it Jill and Kelly or just Kelly who said they are all just “playing a role” on this show? If JZ chimed in on this, I have a comment related to that. 🙂

  26. boston02127 says:

    Did you see that thing next to Gretchen’s door where they hang up their sunglasses when they come in. I’m guessing they don’t buy their sunglasses at the dollar store.

    • Zoey says:

      I saw that too, and wondered what type of holder thingy that was. I could use something like that, although my shades are waaaay less expensive than hers I’m sure! It looked super useful, just not too attractive I thought.

  27. HD says:

    Did Peggy say her new boobs would helps her get through her postpartum depression? God help me.

    • katiecoo says:

      ok put your own life at risk in order to alleviate the depression after having your kids. That is just sad.

    • katiecoo says:

      Jill should have just let that poll stand….she’s getting identified as the “Housewife who rewrites reality”. And she’s beat Kelly out of that role which is really saying something.

    • Zoey says:

      Yes, she did. That struck me as really odd as well. Also, is she going to blame everything she does morning, noon, and night on PPD? It’s a very real and very serious thing, but I fear she’s going overboard with seeing every issue/problem/etc she has as related to that.

      I kind of liked her on WWHL, more so that on the show so far. The day she freaked out about her child’s cut finger was ridiculous I thought. Last thought on Peggy-I hope she stops with the facial alterations. She is venturing into Michael Jackson territory.

      • Terry says:

        If she has depression and it’s not clearing up, why is she on holistic stuff? That’s what psychiatrists are for? Would she treat a broken leg with holistic unguents and have a shaman pray over it?

        Also, woman, if you want to get your boobs done, this is a completely elective surgery, so you don’t get to complain about fearing death. Just don’t get your boobs done for crying out loud! Stay home and take care of Calexico and Mogadishu.

        • Kotagirl29 says:

          Stay home and take care of Calexico and Mogadishu. Holy f**k balls, I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time. THANK YOU!

  28. boston02127 says:

    Is that gift for Peggy for her ears or her new taa taa’s? 🙂

  29. HD says:

    Where do they find these men? Peggy gets diamond earrings because she made it through breast enhancement surgery? Tamara is on a 10 day trip to Spain. I need to move to Orange County! 🙂

  30. boston02127 says:

    ramonacoaster r u still here with us?

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I’m still alive. Thanks for asking. Still trying to find out what the police were looking for.

  31. HD says:

    Free Don is back in full effect!

  32. Zoey says:

    Before I even finish reading the blog or comments I just have to say (before I choke on it) that I don’t see how Simon has anything to do with Tamra acting so slutty. Simon was controlling and aggressive, and this is probably the Tamra he met and then tried to change. I cannot give him any credit at all and I’m glad he’s out of the picture.
    On the one hand I think she’s just going wild since she’s free, and that’s fine. She just happens to be doing it on TV. Do I admire her? No way. But the fact that he’s not there to ‘control’ her is very dysfunctional thinking to me.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I didn’t mean to offend, it was more of a joke since Simon kept saying that “Imagine how she would act if I wasn’t controlling her”. His whole thing was that he never controlled her, I think its been proven that he did control her.

      • Zoey says:

        Oh no, you didn’t offend! You’re the best, Lynn. I’ve had a few margarita’s and a lil wine today, or I wouldn’t have even commented! I would have male-bashed Simon in my head…lesson to self…
        Also, it was over my head that you were joking, ha! I just really don’t like him. Keep up the good work.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      if he was so controlling how on earth did she get away with half the things she did on the show before

    • alicia says:

      I really don’t think (gasp!) that Tamra is acting that slutty, she’s having a really good time with one man only. Lori warner also did a bathroom scene.. agree she should not have flashed a breast but luckily they didn’t show that on camera. Also, they need one sexy girl to have fun- the other two girls are married and I doubt they would go to this extent, but who knows considering their finances what they will be willing to do to “up the ante”. Gretchen and Slade don’t count as most of us are repulsed by Slade.

  33. Cusi77 says:

    My memories of Sevilla, Spain, in front of “La Giralda” are not exactly a dream, but a nightmare! My hubby in that other life and my son were admiring the building and I crossed the little street trying to get a photo of them… a gypsy came to tell me that she would tell me the name of the woman my hubby was cheating on me if I give her my bracelet… I kindly declined the offer… she started to shout to me, more gypsies came a started beating me! My hubby, who was waiting to smile for the photo was looking with horror those women beating me! OMG! voila my memories of La Giralda!

  34. Scorpiosue1102 says:

    ROFLMAO. Slade looks at the camera while wiping away one of his fake tears.

    • Zoey says:

      Is it just me or did Slade look greasier this episode? And Gretchen’s dad looks so young to me! Wow. He has to be at least close to sixty, maybe over!

  35. Noreen says:

    I am confused on the wedding location thing with Jill. Was she upset that the reception was held or was not held at a house she used to own, then summered at two years in a row (while pretending that she still owned it)? And in either case, what was she upset about?

    • HD says:

      I’m confused too.

    • error404 says:

      Ugh, tempest in a pot of tea! I wonder if we’ll ever find out what happened and why Simon is spreading rumors.

      Anyway, she only filmed in it s1, s2 was a different house. She never claimed to still own it that I remember. It was her house and being able to spend two more summers in it was part of the deal, so even if she did call it “my house” it really is getting petty to call her on it. It was her house, so it’s not like she was pretend to own something she could never afford.

      • Noreen says:

        So there was no issue over the location of the wedding?

        • If you had it like this says:

          I think Ramona said there was an issue. She said she called the bride and was mad that she was having her wedding there. Who knows? I would guess that Jill’s ego didn’t like the idea of her show filming at her old house which isn’t her house anymore.

        • error404 says:

          Who knows. Simon speculated that perhaps there was. Everyone actually involved has remained silent as far as I know.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        well maybe she was pretending to own it to others
        Alex & Simon arent going to let her get away with any b/s any longer
        or so it seems

  36. boston02127 says:

    LOL, after Slade explains how Gretchen feels, they shoot to Gretchen’s head show….she says…mmmm…not at all.

  37. Noreen says:

    Ok, Tamara finally had a good line with the grouchy deli owner. Maybe he didn’t like the cameras.

  38. error404 says:

    I can’t wait for next week. The other 3 guys are gonna go bollistic when Gary walks back into the room.

    • boston02127 says:

      error—I was flicking back & forth. I’m very surprised with LaToya. For some reason I didn’t think I’d be able to stand her.

      • error404 says:

        this was the 4th creative challenge. Every time the men do something more off center and the women go more safe. Every time except one it is announced very very close. 3 times the clients all picked the more daring men, but this is the first time they picked the safer women. It’s all really luck. LaToya was a terrible PM and there were much better ones on the losing challenges, so she kinda dodged a bullet. All the women pick on her because she doesn’t seem to typically pull her weight. Nene’s just the only one rude enough to say those things to her face, but of course LaToya is correct that Nene is a bully.

      • Zoey says:

        I thought that too, LaToya seemed kinda cool.

  39. HD says:

    Another boring show…next week looks pretty good.

  40. housewifeaddict says:

    Did anyone notice Tamra’s tramp stamp was still there in the beach scene with Eddie when he swung her around. I guess the visit to remove it in episode one was shot later, and used as filler.

    • Terry says:

      Yeah, I noticed the tramp stamp. Also the body. It’s a very curious, odd-looking body. The breasts are way, way too big. She looks like a caricature. I’d be afraid of that.

      I don’t know about all the making out. I don’t want to watch that and I wish Bravo would stop torturing me.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I think it takes several visits to completely remove the tattoo.

      Tamra should know by now that a lasting relationship won’t happen if it’s based on fakeness — regarding her reeling him in comment.

  41. error404 says:

    Well, the 10:00 news is all about the search for the serial killer along the beach, so maybe that is what romonacoaster is going thru. Apparently they found more bodies.

  42. Noreen says:

    Peggy’s new breasts are pulling a Kelly. The look askew.

  43. boston02127 says:

    Good night all.

    Lynn—Thx for this blog, it’s nice to chat while the show is on.

  44. WindyCityWondering says:

    Someone should call, tweet, facebook Andy about the Zarin Pollgate! Why should we vote if the results can be changed?

    • If you had it like this says:

      I did. I also tried to vote for Jill Zarin as the housewife who most needs a spanking but they didn’t accept it. 😦

  45. Kotagirl29 says:

    Okay, I have to say this because its bugging me now that I have watched it in full. Does anyone else find it odd that Gretchen went to all this trouble to have a renewal ceremony for her parents and the only ones present were her, Slimey Slade, and a camera crew? If it was such a big event why not invite her siblings? Seems kind of selfish on her part. IF, my parents were still married and I was putting together a renewal ceremony my sisters would KILL me if they weren’t at least invited.

    • HD says:

      The way she made such a big deal out of it I thought there were going to be more people there as well-at least close friends and siblings (I don’t know if Gretchen has any.).

      • housewifeaddict says:

        I was expecting her parents friends to be there too. It made it seem like it was just staged for the bravo cameras, and not a real part of their life.

    • Adgirl says:

      That totally bugged!! I was waiting for Gretchen’s other siblings. How can this be just like a wedding if it’s a secret?
      So you renew your vows in front of your adoring daughter and … Slade????

      Personally I think it was filmed midweek and maybe Gretchen’s family lives and works away. But it was really odd.

  46. Kotagirl29 says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but I seem to recall her brother and sister being on the show when she went to the lake for 4th of July during her first season. Like I said, I could be wrong, but I remember that episode because Tamra gave her crap for going while Jeff was at home sick.

    • Zoey says:

      I think you’re right, she had a brother there at the lake outing. It is odd that no other friends or family were at the renewal ceremony. Looks like it was just vows, no cake or reception or anything, which is a little odd.
      I just can’t get over how young Gretchen’s dad looks. Guesses to how old her parents are?

  47. lillybee says:

    I am not a religious person, but I hate that trampy Tamara wears bejeweled crosses on her hats and tee-shirts.

  48. Terry says:

    The clothing worn by all of these women is odd. I don’t understand it. Everything is too tight and the boobs are all out. These are mothers for crying out loud.

    I’m very appreciative that my own mother was always demure in the way she dressed. I don’t think I’d have appreciated seeing my mother’s breasts front and center. Nor would I have appreciated her having humongous implants. Ugh. The whole idea just makes me uncomfortable for the poor kids on the show.

  49. Dawn says:

    According to TMZ, Gretchen is ordered to pay Jay Photolou’s lawyer fees. I think they amounted to over 14 grand. He says he’s giving her a week to pay up.

  50. HD says:

    Has anyone ever watched the documentary Homeless Motel Kids in Orange County? It follows families with the main focus on the kids that live in motels due to their families homelessness. It is such a contrast from the Orange County we see on Real Housewives.

    • Zoey says:

      Good morning…I think. I could never get to sleep so I’ve been on this here contraption all dang night, ugh! Still seems like night but I see Monday is just about here.
      I’ve never seen that program but wow, what a different lifestyle right up the road. That’s really sad. Look at all the waste, or just non-essentials the OC women blow money on.

      • HD says:

        Good morning. A few of us around here are always on early so you are in good company. 🙂

        I cannot believe the contrast. It is so drastic. That is a part of Orange County I imagine they just don’t let people see. What was also amazing was how close these motels were to Disneyland. I wish I had money and could do something for those kids. It was so sad that most of them said they had nothing to look forward to. I hate seeing people suffer but I especially hate seeing kids suffer.

        • Zoey says:

          I can relate, seeing a child in need is painful. What a strange world we live in where some people have so much ‘stuff’, more than they could ever need, and others go to sleep cold or with hunger pangs all too often.

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Good morning Hannah & Zoey~
      I haven’t seen that yet but will if we get it here. Finished your book yesterday & started reading poetry. I Love Them Both Hannah. You are a Super Star Sweetie.
      I hope there is a 2nd book?
      Peace Love & Hugs

      • HD says:

        Thank you Baabee! There certainly will be a part two and I promise to let you know as soon as it is done. I am glad you enjoyed it. Thanks!

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          You are welcome. I keep missing everything here. lol
          What happened last night. Wish I could stay up & hang out & talk at night but I can’t hold me eyes open so late.

          • HD says:

            Girl you didn’t miss one thing.

            Vicki working. Dissing Don.

            Peggy getting her boobs done again.

            Tamara with her hot boyfriend in Spain.

            Alexis-I got nothing.

            Gretchen-Having her parents vowal renewal.

            Overall boring show.

            • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

              You always make me feel better Hannah.lol
              How are you today?

              • HD says:

                I am good. Enjoying my last day off from work. Law and Order marathon is on (one of my favorite shows) my daughter is at school and I can just lounge all day! Loving it! How are you? Are you using the shea butter still?

                • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

                  Yes I love it too. lol & I need it. I was outside yesterday & it was so wonderful to be able to sit in the sun for a little while. Still trying to cover my imperfections. 🙂 I feel better every day. We have led such similar lives sweetie.

                  • HD says:

                    Then you have had a hard life and managed to come out on the other side and that takes strength! Hugs!

  51. HD says:

    In regards to Simon being controlling. I want to say:

    1. We saw a snapshot of their lives.
    2. Their marriage wasn’t filmed the entire marriage. Tamara wasn’t even an original housewife so she was not filmed the entire span of the show like how we can get a pretty good read on Don and Vicki and the demise of their marriage.
    3. I have been in an abusive relationship and once you have you can recognize that in someone.

    I think Simon was very controlling of Tamara. I could give a list of his behaviors that signaled red flags for me. It may have appeared that Tamara was getting away with a lot while she was married but I get the sneaking suspicion that at that point she truly started coming into her own and decided to break away. Any time you are fearful of wearing an outfit because of your husband versus not wearing something out of respect for your husband, Houston we have a problem. No one is supposed to live their lives in fear. I could go on and on but I am certain that Simon was just as Tamara said.

  52. jeang says:

    Betheny assistant lagg32 who is tweeting in bethenys absence, is causing problems sending insulting tweets and another tweet person officialzena is tweeting celebs spreading the word via connections about her. I found connection via alex mccords tweet. I hope someone alerts Betheny asap so she can put a stop to this.

  53. jeang says:

    Its the new assistant jackie.

    • HD says:

      Do you have any of the tweets to share or a link? Not that I don’t believe you, I am just nosy. 🙂

  54. jeang says:

    I started with Alex Mccord and saw she was tweeted by this officialzena person. That tweeterperson was tweeting to other dlist celebs about bethenys assistant tweet to her and she had a copy of that tweet that she was forwarding them.That tweet came from lagg32. Before betheny left on vacation she said tweets in her absence would be coming them that tweet name. I was originally just looking to see what Alex had to say about the TVLand awards that the housewives went to last night. Alex was questioning if that tweet came from Bethenys office, so that is when I started tracking around. I hope that helps, because I really dont know that much about tweets. I am learning. I hope Julie or Betheny nip this in the bud, it kind of reminds me of that assist that Kell on earth hired, only to see her tweeting about getting hired with minutes of leaving her office.

  55. skogsstig says:

    The assistant, Jackie, uses the handle laggy32. Bethenny provided a link on her twitter page. Here’s laggy32:

    • HD says:

      Goodness gracious how many times did she say she was B’s assistant? We get it. I didn’t see anything rude though. I am not good at Twitter though and who sent what and what was responded to but it all looked tame to me.

    • Kukulet says:

      I don’t see any tweets on her page that would be considered “offensive”.

    • skogsstig says:

      Here’s the blog where Zena Rose complains about B’s assistant:
      Zena has been sending twitter messages with a link to her blog to a bunch of people. The blog does not have a screencap of laggy32’s tweet, but what she purports is a copy. No link included.

      laggy32 does not appear to have sent any twitter messages to Zena – at least I couldn’t find any on her twitter.

      Here’s Alex McCord twitter response to Zena:
      @OfficialZena not nice at all, but the link in the tweet is a spam website – are u sure it was from B’s ofc? 4 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone in reply to OfficialZena

      Oh, well…..

    • lovemamaearth says:

      It says the twit acct was hacked into.

  56. jeang says:

    Sorry I meant to type laggy32. I didnt know what was going on or if someone was trying to cause trouble for Betheny.

    • skogsstig says:

      I don’t think it’s very likely that B’s assistant would have sent that tweet – but we’ve also learned from our favorites that tweets can be erased…
      So, I don’t think we’ll know for sure what happened. But it smells funky to me.

  57. jeang says:

    I think now it is officialzena that is trying to stir up trouble…..she seems to be trying to tweet nearly every single real housewife with this.

    • skogsstig says:

      That’s my hunch, too.

      • quincyil says:

        I just looked and Luann’s male assistant chimed in with her would never do that.

        The link is to a CNN work at home article to earn 8,000 a month, not how to join Craig’s list.

        Zena is going all over Missouri to look for missing Skinny Girl bottles and then probably sending one million email to Bethenny’s office so this young girl got mad.

        I am sure there are millions of people who bother the celebrities with their foolishness.

        • Kukulet says:

          Well…I don’t want to say that B’s assistant was in the right-if she did send that Tweet, then she was wrong. But B. did sell the Skinny Girl brand, so her assistants would have nothing to do with distribution. They would refer issues and requests to the manufacturer, which, since Julie seems more than competent at her job, I’m sure they did. Beyond that, it’s out of their hands.

          And Bethenny IS on vacation. Her assistants are there to deal with the day to day stuff of keeping her business running smoothly, not make marketing decisions without her input. There’s only so much they can do.

          Getting a bunch of repetitive messages to “stock the product!” when they have no control over stocking the product would be irritating.

          • error404 says:

            True. But am I the only one who thinks it sounds exactly like the kind of spam people send out by accident? This tweeterosie or whatever, is certainly making a big deal out of nothing! IDK, I suddenly feel the desire to send her a tweet claiming to be a African price who has 1mill pounds in a London bank, and need her help to get access to it. LOL

            • Kukulet says:

              Yeah, it does seem unlikely that an assistant would tweet something like that.

              (Don’t forget to include that you are “dying” of an incurable illness and have only a few months to live and she must help you save your fortune from the mercenary forces that are out to get you before you die.)

        • error404 says:

          “I just looked and Luann’s male assistant chimed in with her would never do that.”



          1. LuAnn has an assistant? To assist her doing nothing all damn day? How many times a day can the poor guy run out for chunky jewelry and Wilma dresses? LOL

          2. “her would never do that” was his tweet? LuAnn’s assistant is Tarzan Greystoke? Such grammar from and assistant countess!

          3. That too must be a false tweet by tweetmaxine or someone. Had it been a real tweet from Lulu’s office, it would have contained at least one condescending reprimand and then ended in “darling”. LOL

  58. WindyCityWondering says:

    The OC – I don’t understand why these women need to constantly prove they look hot and. Someone needs to inform them that their expiration date for snagging a monied sugar daddy has past. Vicki works because she has nothing else in her life – yes she had a family but it was not as important as having a healthy bank account. They are so boring that the Weather Channel was more interesting last night!

    • error404 says:

      OMG do you not watch RHoNY. If a 30 something single mom from LI working behind the register at Macy’s, who looks like THAT, can snag a sugar daddy, then anybody can. Jill’s the Joan Crawford of reality tv. Shopgirl from wrong side of tracks makes good in big city. Anybody can do it, apparently.


    Jill looked absolutely ridiculous on WWHL! Getting attorney’s involved in a poll, what is up with that. Jill is an absolute loser and I cannot wait until Bobby gets sick of her and kicks her out.

  60. DiaBLa says:

    Too Funny!! Bethany has a dress on EBay that she wore on a show but she is giving the proceeds to Charity………..
    JZ has all that stuff on Ebay right now but without any Charity…..if she is so rich – why would she not donate those clothes for a good cause? it still would a tax right off…..sigh

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