I Hate Jill Zarin Top Chef Masters / Housewives News

I Hate Jill Zarin  Top Chef Masters / Housewives News

Top Chef Masters – by Harvey

Top Chef Masters by Harvey

Top Chef Masters, Season 2, Episodes 1&2

First, let us establish the credentials of Harvey, who feasted yesterday on carrots and timothy hay at an eatery owned by a former TC runner-up, and who can thus attest to the fact that said chef is a genius. And yes, there was foam. Or, in culinary terms: “air.”Harvey has also enjoyed the culinary stylings of one of Jose Andres’ proteges, another TC alum, and stuffed his face on what seemed like half the menu at Rick Bayless’ Frontera Grill.

It really is a different world, this TCM. Though most of the regular TC contestants have worked in or owned restaurants, most still have a tinge of amateur about them. Some reek of it. Talented amateurs, but certainly not mature in their craft, and basically clueless about how to actually run a restaurant. The Bryan Voltaggios and Stephanie Izards are really the exception. Others like Carla Hall flounder (she’s now making tiny little overpriced cookies and selling them via online order; you have to go pick them up). I wonder how many of these people will succeed as chefs.

Then you have the masters. Were they ever as raw and unseasoned as the regular TC contestants? Harvey has read stories about Rick Bayless down in Mexico, annoying the living daylights out of Diana Kennedy who actually kicked him out of her car, forcing him to walk back to town. Eric Ripert admits to having been a nasty boss at one time. But hard to imagine a time when Hubert Keller didn’t have basic knife skills or John Besh couldn’t make a perfect roux. With the TC crew, there is often a sense that a successful dish is a lucky shot, but watching masters is a real joy. They cook with grace; they create. Remember Colicchio creating a great dish in 8.5 minutes on this past season of TC? That’s what Harvey’s talking about. How hot was that? Harvey would jump into Tom’s pot anytime….

As an aside, Harvey marvel at this gem in the sea of Bravo crap. This show has cred. Look at the people who have been at judge’s table: Joel Robuchon, Ruth Reichl, Eric Ripert, Hubert Keller, and Daniel Boulud, among others. Look at the competitors on masters: Bayless, Susur Lee, Art Smith, John Besh, Marcus Samuelsson, Rick Moonen, Jonathan Waxman, Ludo Lefebvre.

So Season 3. New host. Curtis Stone. He’s an Aussie who left the kitchen to star in cooking shows in 2003. So far, he seems a bit bland. Oddly enough, his Aussie accent is doing nothing for Harvey. Has Simon Van Kempen ruined the sex appeal of Aussie accents for Harvey? He’s just not getting the Hugh Jackman buzz off Curtis. The amazing Ruth Reichl, the long-time editor of the now-defunct Gourmet Magazine (WTF were they thinking) serves as a judge, alongside James Oseland, the editor-in-chief of Saveur. This years contestants are not, as a group, nationally known, except maybe John Sedlar and Floyd Cardoz, whose cooking at Tabla (a Danny Meyer restaurant in NYC) filled 280 seats each night for years before the economy killed it in 2008.

Now this season starts off with a strange challenge: restaurant wars! Yes, you read that right. The first episode was restaurant wars, something that usually happens much later in the season. Why? Who knows? What we do know is that this TCM is going to be structured like non-TCM. Everyone competes each week and one person is eliminated each week. In past seasons, they had heats and cooked in several challenges before anyone was sent home. In any one episode, only some of the chefs were cooking and at the end, one person would advance to the next round. Personally Harvey found that structure confusing. He could never keep track of what was going on or where we were in the overall competition. And it bugged that they didn’t all have the same challenges.

Harvey missed the quickfire – twice. So let’s just go right to the elimination challenge. Naomi Pomeroy who has opened and closed two quirky places in Portland (there’s a law in Portland – must be quirky) and an underground supper club that was just slightly illegal (there’s a law in Portland – all laws suck; Portland is the left-wing version of Lyndon LaRouche and the Tea Partiers out there but way cooler) runs a 24-seat joint where she has only one seating and she decides unilaterally that she should be the team leader and that everyone should be served at a single setting. It creates a communal spirit. Everyone else thinks it sucks. But they do it anyway. They name themselves Leela which apparently means a moment of enlightenment.  Someone notify Google cuz Google doesn’t know that. Cool Portland lady likes it because it denotes (to her) elevated and calm. They are still unhappy about Naomi’s fiat and they think they are making too many dishes. Naomi thinks that the other team will win because they are organized and working together.

The red team spends a huge amount of time moving tables; they give FOH to Traci DeJardins, who has immunity because she won the Quickfire. They shop. They use an iPhone app. They are doing modern American and call it Mosaic. One dish is an homage to the TC tradition known as “top scallop” but with an updated twist: “big freaking top scallop.” Basically we don’t see them cooking too much.

Harvey wishes they’d make them wear name tags in the first few episodes. No way can I learn much less remember all these names. For the first few weeks, Naomi is “carries-dead-pig-lady” and  Suvir is “sous-vide guy.” Unlike the regular TC folks, they do not have weird personality traits, bizarre body piercings and tatts, or stupid headwear that make it easy to give them memorable nicknames. Sous-vide Guy has a touch of arrogance. He’s a master so he has no problem with desserts. Younger chefs tend to over-accessorize. Not him. He knows less is more.

Guests arrive. Over in Leela, carries-dead-pig-lady is also FOH. Because she connects with people. At least she thinks she does. The judges hate the idea of one seating. They know that will do to the kitchen team. Her team is still worried about the single seating and sure enough, it causes problems in the kitchen. No one knows where dishes are still needed. But “carries-dead-pits-lady” who is elevated and calm says it is OK, she’s fine with it

There is a very long wait between courses. The judges have a word with Naomi, who says she is perfecting it and making sure that everything is exactly as needed. She runs back to the kitchen and says the judges want their entrees. Yeah, like it is the kitchen’s fault. Overall, say the judges, the food is like hotel food. The lamb is raw and the apples under the lamb came complete with the fruit stickers. To her credit, carries-dead-pig-lady’s chocolate torte is amazing and she thanks her team for making her dish look so good.

In Mosaic, Tracy is FOH but she still does her own salad. Everyone seems calm and under control. They love her salad, they hate monster scallop. Way too salty, undercooked. They loved the salmon, the shortribs with oat risotto. Not really happy with Mary Sue’s chocolate cupcakes, which looked like haut Hostess cupcakes, which were too dense and leaden. They loved Suvir’s cobbler.

The guests like Leela a lot. Since the diners choose the winning restaurant, Leela wins. A chef on the losing team will go home. The judges loved Mosaic and didn’t like Leela much. The judges make a point of telling this to the Leela team. Carries-dead-pig-lady turns to her team for a high-five. They look like they’d rather strangle her. The wining dish was Alex’s fricassee. His charity is Faster Cures. Alex chose this charity because he is a cancer survivor and he wants everyone to have the kind of care he had.

Since there was a dish from Mosaic that they really didn’t like, it wasn’t really a problem that Mosaic lost. Hugh goes home for his huge scallop.

Episode 2 starts with the announcement that John Sedlar has had to leave due to an emergency. He’s out of the competition. To replace him, they bring back Hugh Acheson who was auffed last week. As aside – Harvey does not dig Padma, but somehow, unless you hear PPYKAG, the show is simply missing a key ingredient.

The quickfire: make a meatball in 30 minutes and they’ve got to grind the meat themselves using a hand grinder. That somehow doesn’t strike me as much of a challenge but they seem to think it is a tall order. Everyone grabs slabs of various kinds of meat, breaks it down. They all seem to have a huge amount of trouble attaching the grinders to the table. It is a simple vise, people. With only five minutes to spare, most haven’t started cooking yet. Harvey’s wondering what’s the point? When will these people ever need to use a hand grinder? Anyway, lots of frenetic saucing and plating goes on. Some pop singer named Kelis who also happens to be a trained chef is the judge. She doesn’t seem to know much about the cuisine and has little to say other than I like, I don’t like.  Her favorite was the Vietnamese meatball made by John Currance. Sorry, but we are still at the stage where I can’t remember who is who without the Bravo bio cribsheet.

Now the elimination challenge. We are making classic 60s dishes like Veal Oscar (veal scallopine with crab meat), bread pudding, ambrosia (not cooking IHHO; Harvey would never eat this disgusting crap), beef stroganoff, deviled eggs, coq au vin. The guest of honor is some actor named Christina Hendrick from Madmen and her husband Geoffrey Arend from Body of Proof. Good lord, Harvey needs to change the channel once in a while. Well, Harvey was watching White Collar, but now that Zarin is going to make an appearance, Harvey has an hour time block free. Harvey can’t stomach the idea of having a good show ruined all season by the prospect that the Evil One and her stomach-churning voice might make an appearance.

Now they shop. One guy already knows how to make his dish – Oysters Rockefeller. Another made her dish – duck a l’orange – when she was a kid. Really? OK sure. Whatever. Of course, we have some dishes that are so simple you KNOW they are going to screw them up. Like deviled eggs. It will be interesting to see someone try to make ambrosia edible.

Now they cook. Suvir says that Veal Oscar is flavorless, and he is more or less right. The sauce is a lemony Bernaise. It was one of Harvey’s first “sophisticated eating” dishes when Harvey was in college.

The ultra-cool chick from Oregon (where they read nursery rhymes to their happy free-range animals until they voluntarily cease to breathe when the time comes) says she is cursed with the dessert beat. She has no idea what grasshopper pie is. And yet she somehow makes them. Chocolate cookie crusts & butter, gelatin, whipping cream, crème de menthe, crème de cacao, sugar…how did she figure that out if she didn’t know what it was? Though I admit that baking without a recipe is daunting. Baking – even a cream-based pie – is much more dependent on the ratio of ingredients than is regular cooking. Plating is a problem because there isn’t enough space. Same with stove burners. So Suvir decides to deep-fry the veal. Then he helps other people so they will get out of the kitchen. Which he spins as generosity of spirit.

Here come the guests, ready to pig out. They are drinking classic two-olive martinis. Christina has an annoying squeaky voice. The lady doing deviled eggs has no place to plate, so she sits on the floor and plates under the prep table. The plates head out. The deviled eggs are done Japanese style with umeboshi (pickled sour plums) and miso mustard on top. How you taste the eggs is a mystery. The oysters are a hit even though they aren’t really Oysters Rockefeller (parsley and bread crumbs). They have collard greens and horseradish crème fraiche and bacon. And the oysters are pickled. So far, this is a lot more like Iron Chef – we give you the ingredient, you cook whatever you want with it. Not that they shouldn’t update. They should. But at some point it loses all connection to the ingredient and the original dish. And in fact, they say the deviled egg – you wouldn’t even think it is an egg. Well, not going to go through every dish. Too darned many of them. And Harvey can’t taste any of them. This is the fundamental flaw of cooking shows. Let’s stick with disasters and stupid stuff said. Plus Harvey has to save some space for this effing ambrosia. Before that, one chick sends some plates out unfinished. But surely she gave the chefs finished plates? Suvir covers for her, says she spent too much time helping others. It is a competition, toots. Pay attention, pulleeeeez. So the two guests seem to know nothing about food. She is on a program that is set in the 60s, so that’s why they chose her.

Yay. Here is the effing ambrosia. He peppered the pineapple and made a custard of orange, mango, and coconut. The marshmallow is dipped into the custard like a fondue. Not bad. Ubercool earth mama’s grasshopper pie is minted warm chocolate souffle with a toasted Kirsch marshmallow. The ambrosia is a hit; the grasshopper pie gets a good word from one of the judges.

Judge’s table brings Mary Sue (Milliken; she did the deviled eggs), Floyd (Cardoz; ambrosia), and John (Currance; Oysters Rockefeller) in as the top three. Effusive praise for all. And the winner is Mary Sue for the deviled eggs. Her charity is Share Our Strength. Very cool org – http://strength.org/ that fights hunger.

The losers are called to the guillotine: Sue (Zemanick, the lady whose plates were incomplete), Alex (Stratta; bread pudding), and Suvir (Saran; the fried Veal Oscar). They felt bad for Sue but they didn’t like what she did put out. It wasn’t an updated dish. And they say that even with all the components, the dish wouldn’t have been much. It wasn’t well-conceived. The veal was too large for an appetizer, tough, and overcooked. He explains why – he couldn’t find a burner to cook on. But the sweet version of the story is gone. Now there were divas in the kitchen who wouldn’t move aside. Jerk. They also needed to cook their food and they got to the burners first. What did you want them to do? Stop cooking their own food? The bread pudding…best they can say is that is wasn’t as bad as the veal; Suvir’s dish just didn’t work. They didn’t talk about his ridiculous bitching.

Sue gets the cleaver. She’s toast. Stick a fork in her. She’s done.

Standard parting drivel – great friendships, learned a lot, great experience. They should let me edit these damned shows. Next week they cook insects. Yum. Oddly, Andrew Zimern is not one of the guests.

Thanks Harvey!  Great recap!  Lynn~

I have to throw in my two cents on the show.

One chef had to leave for a personal family emergency so they brought back last week’s eliminated chef. I liked that because I didn’t think he should have gone home anyway.

The elimination challenge, once again, had uncontrollable aspects that seemed unfair to some of the chef’s. The bottom three all explained that the kitchen couldn’t accommodate all of the chef’s and were forced to either make changes to their dish or weren’t able to complete their dish. This is irritating to viewers, the least they could do is to ensure that wherever they have these great chef’s working, there is enough room for them all to prepare their dishes properly.

Last night they eliminated Sue Zeminick because she wasn’t able to get her dish plated in time. We watch as she helps some of the other chef’s plate their dishes in an attempt to have enough room to plate her own. Would she have been eliminated had she gotten her dish finished on time? No way of knowing but this happens frequently on Top Chef and it is really annoying! At the least they should ensure the playing field is equal.


Real Housewives News!  New York

You absolutely have to check out this web site, Ryan Casey is a very talented artist who does some amazing drawings, the Housewives stuff is Amazeballs as Bethenny would say…Look at this great one he did of the New York Housewives:


Andy Cohen put one of Ryan’s drawings into a blog:


Click around Ryan’s site for New Jersey, DC and Beverly Hills Housewives art, there’s a great one on page 2 of his site, it’s Lisa Vanderpump and he included a short video of Lisa receiving her picture, it is so great!  I don’t know how this guy hid from me all these months!  I’m so glad I found him!  He’s very talented!  Follow Ryan on Twitter:  @GoRyanGo

Jill Zarn saw Ryan’s drawing yesterday, I’m glad she acknowledged Ryan, but instead of telling him how talented he is, well, here was her comment to him on Twitter:

Jill Zarin to:  @GoRyanGo I look miserable! Can you make me look happy? I’m always happy!

I think Ryan captured her perfectly!  Don’t change a thing!

Jill also found an article about reality stars running for local government offices, she had this to say:

Jillzarin Do you think I should run??? -Will Reality Stars Run the Government? huff.to/fcr7auvia @huffingtonpost

Definitely Jill I think you should run, run very far away, run to Siberia or Iceland, somewhere that has a very small population so as to annoy the least amount of people.

Her ridiculous comment prompted me to write my take on Jill Zarin as a politician:

Jill Zarin:  “Bawwwby!  Bawwwby!  I can’t work like this, these people dress like my sister Lisa, they’re all idiots Bawwby, they look like they’re wearing clothes from Kohls or Marshalls or something.  I’ve never seen so much polyester in my life!  How do they expect me to work when they’re carrying no name Handbags and wearing flats, do they think they’re fashionable?  All they do is talk talk talk, they talk about schools, Bawby I don’t care about that stuff, my Ally is in college, do they think I care about these public schools, besides my Ally went to private school in a private jet everyday thanks to you , I adore you Bawwby, remind me sweetie, I owe you in the bedroom later for those diamond earrings.  I know they were expensive but I had to have them, did you see those earrings that Jason got for Bethenny?  No way is she going to have bigger diamond earrings than me, but don’t worry Bawby, I’ll earn them you sexy man you!

We both know those reports are all BS, there’s no way that Bethenny could have more money than me…er us.  I wish I was still friends with her when her father died, I am just dying to know if she got all of his money, you know Bawby, I’ll bet she did.   I’ll bet Bobby Frankel left her every dime, but he didn’t have as much money as you my Bawwby!  They’re all saying on the internet that Bethenny has more money than me…er us Bawby they’re saying that, it’s not true, is it Bawby? No, it can’t be true, we put a roof over her head and food in her mouth.  We are richer than her, ain’t we Bawby?  Ain’t we?  If she has more money it isn’t because of her stupid margaritas, she got money from her father Bawby, didn’t she?

That last council meeting was so booooring Bawby, I don’t know why they make me sit through that stuff, I don’t care about the parks and if they are safe or not, I don’t have any kids playing in the parks, what the Fudge!  Bethenny’s kid will be playing in those parks soon, let her with all her money pay for new parks,  haha, I’m funny, ain’t I Bawby?  Ain’t I funny?  I told those idiots that too, people with little kids should be paying for that stuff, not me…er us.  I told them they should move that big huge bridge in front of our building Bawby, wasn’t that a great idea?  I am tired of people on the internet saying that I live under a bridge, that isn’t funny but the city could move that bridge instead of wasting money on schools and parks,  they couldn’t say I live under a bridge anymore, I loved my idea, isn’t it a great idea Bawby?  How nice would that look if that ugly bridge was gone?

You know Bawby that one lady who sits two seats away from me on the City Council, I told her she could really use my Sqweeze undergarments, I gave her the web site to go to buy herself some, she really needs to wear them, don’t you think so Bawby?   Oh and Bawby, you would be so proud of me, when they were talking about the fundraiser for something or another, I told them that I would host it at Zarin fabrics, ain’t I smart Bawby?  Ain’t I?  Did you see those awful chairs in the council room?  They need to be covered with new fabric and I told them I would give them a discount at Zarin Fabrics, those chairs are hideous Bawby, I can’t sit on those hideous chairs anymore.  Next week Bawby, you know what I’m gonna do?  I told my assistant Darren to bring a case of my books to the Council room, he’s going to set up a table for me to sell and sign my books after the meeting is over, wasn’t that smart Bawby?  Yes, Bawby, I know there are too many cases of books in the basement of Zarin Fabrics that’s why I am going to bring a few cases to the council meeting, those people could use my advice, they need my book.  I’m even going to autograph them for a few dollars more, but I’m giving council members a discount, if they buy 5 of my books, I will sign one of them for free.  Ain’t I a genius Bawby?  The basement will be empty before you know it.  This politics stuff is so easy Bawby, I don’t know why they’re always complaining, I’m going to run for Mayor of New York next, who knows someday I may take Obama’s seat, he’s President, right?  Yeah, I could do that job, I’m going to send Michelle Obama some of my Sqweeze wear Bawby, she needs it, don’t you think?  I think she needs it Bawby.   I gotta go Bawby, I gotta take Ginger to get fitted for that diamond dog collar you promised to pay for…I’ll see ya lata Bawby!”

Yes, Jill should definitely get into politics!

Kelly Bensimon attended Charlie Sheen’s crazy stage show in New York, the two of them deserve each other:

The proceedings managed to perturb even “Real Housewives of New York” star Kelly Bensimon, no stranger to melodramatic antics herself.

“I was confused,” Bensimon, seated near the front, told the Daily News. “I kind of feel unsettled.”

I would think that “unsettled” is a constant state of mind for Kelly Bensimon, and anyone who comes into contact with her.

Read more: http://www.dnainfo.com/20110409/midtown/cheer-turn-jeers-as-charlie-sheen-show-comes-new-york#ixzz1JV9l1gaT

Cant wait for my big interview on @ryanseacrest. The truth about Housewives , my real life, and @charliesheen . Listen in.
KellyBensimon:  @jillzarin congrats on filming “Whitecollar.” How cool is your life? Revel in the fun, mama!! Wooohoooo
Today is so pretty @simonhuck. Lets go and have a picnic in the park!!!!
Just cycled next to a good friend and gr8 write @marshallheyman. Read his #wsj articles. Hes very inner circle. HOT

Yes, it’s true, Jill Zarin will be in “White Collar” she tells us that she has “a few lines”, I really don’t understand why these producers continue to think it is a good idea to put these Housewives, who have no acting abilities or experience in their shows.  Maybe if we’re lucky her scenes will end up on the cutting room floor where they belong.

Real Housewife of NYC Brings Completely Natural Face to Prime Time http://t.co/N3PgTG7 via @eonline

Real Housewives of New Jersey News

Bravo has released its first preview of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the addition of Teresa’s sister-in-law and cousin seems to have brought out the best in Teresa Giudice and her husband Juicy Joe.  (yes, that is sarcasm)  T’s cousin Kathy says she doesn’t understand the “Juicy” part, she added that he’s more “dried up than juicy”.  Funny stuff!

I’m completely convinced that Teresa’s head is on a hinge and she can’t hold it up straight anymore.

It looks as though we’re going to meet Ashley Holmes’ father this season as he surprises her in a bar and she is overwhelmed seeing him again.  But there is trouble in paradise as Jacqueline tells Ashley that she doesn’t appreciate anything that is done for her.  This isn’t news Jac, it’s a pattern with Ashley.

Rumors were spreading at the end of last season that Ashley would not be returning for Season Three of New Jersey but I was told by an excellent source that, like all of the Housewives, Ashley continued to be under contract for 3-years.  Although her mom didn’t want her to continue on the show, she wasn’t able to stop it.  As long as Bravo wanted her, they could have her.  Apparently Bravo wanted Ashley, I can’t imagine why.

Watch Bravo’s New Jersey preview here:


Ex-New Jersey Housewife Dina Manzo will be hosting her own show on HGTV, a party planner by trade Dina will be followed by cameras as she attempts to cater to their ever whim.  I’m assuming Tommy and Lexi won’t be on this show either…

Dina’s style speaks for itself, would you want this woman planning your next event?

Dina’s new show should put to rest any validity that she quit her job as an event planner to spend more time with her daughter.

I recently had a bit of a change of heart about Dina’s charity, after reading about her Chicago branch of Project Ladybug I was impressed with some of the work she was doing.  Unfortunately it all got blown out of the water during, of all things, Jill Zarin’s U-stream video.  Jill announced that Dina invited her to attend the Chicago fundraiser for Project Ladybug ALL EXPENSES PAID.  Jill turned down the invitation because it was happening on the same night as the Real Housewives of New York was premiering.  Who would have been paying all of Jill’s expenses?  Would Dina be paying for Jill from The Brownstone profits?  or from Project Ladybug funds?  Sort of makes ya go hmmmm? If PLB was offering to pay for Jill, who would want to donate funds to this organization knowing that a portion may go to Jill’s flight to or hotel room in Chicago?

Jill made a mistake, how good would it have looked for Jill Zarin if she took a pass on Andy Cohen’s invitation to appear on Watch What Happens Live that night (looking ridiculous by the way) and attending a charity event in Chicago instead?  It would have appeared as though Jill put the kids of Project Ladybug ahead of her own promotion, saved herself from that embarrassing outfit and she would have certainly gained a few brownie points.  I would have given her props for that, but would still have to question Dina on who was funding Jill’s trip.  Jill made a big mistake passing on Dina’s invitation.

Jill needs a new publicist, stat!

Exclusive! ‘Jersey’ Housewife Dina Manzo’s New Reality Show | Extra http://t.co/nErgcFz via @AddThis

The other ex-New Jersey Housewife, Danielle…something what’s her name again?  Seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth and that’s ok too!

Ok, still a hot topic, did Jill Zarin have plastic surgery?

When I first saw this photo in the pink dress I thought she probably had a bit too much Botox but if you look at the nose in relation to her top lip in these two photos, I now believe she may have had a nose job.  What do you think?

Nice find by our very own IndianaHousewife, Simon Barney and Orange County Housewife text argument that Tamra refers to on an upcoming episode:


Nice work IndianaHousewife!  Thanks!

Until Next Time…

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  1. Melinda says:

    LORD HELP US…..Jill Zarin run for anything other than the opening of an envelope would be more “unsettling” (thanks Kelly Bensimone) than what we already have in our government. Frankly, I think it would be a riot for her to spend Bawbies money on a campaign only to lose! 😉

  2. Liz27 says:

    Love your blog Lisa! Oops wrong blog. This is a HATE blog. It’s amazing how Lisa is able to get interviews with the HWs and you 0. Oh, wait. You did get some from DC, right? lol

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Yes Liz, that’s right, I love that you know so much about me! Oh and I got a POPULAR New York Housewife, Sonja Morgan as well, I interview Housewives that people want to hear from, not the morons with the books that tanked! hahaha Thanks for the shout out. Say Hi to Lisa for me.

      • HD says:

        Who is Lisa? Sorry if this is someone I should know.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          HD Lisa writes an “I love Jill Zarin” blog disguised as an “I love The Housewives” blog. Jill Zarin promoted this blog and it is VERY obvious that Jill is supporting this writer, she is either a friend of Jill’s or a relative/friend of Jill’s sister Lisa.

          She started the blog conveniently right before RHONY was supposed to premier in Feb. She has interviewed Jill, Jill’s mom and will be interviewing Kelly, God bless her…lol A new unknown blogger doesn’t just get interviews unless they know someone. It is transparent and obvious that Jill Zarin is behind this web site.

          You couldn’t pay me to interview any of these women anyway.

          Oh, and NO, this isn’t someone you should know, no one else does…LOL

          • HD says:

            Oh no wonder I didn’t know. Honey, I am never going to read anything with the words I, Love, Jill, Zarin in the title. You can forget it! Disguised or not I can read through that b.s. IMO, anyone that loves Jill either acts just like her or has been smoking what Kelly smokes. LOL!

            • Kukulet says:

              Can you imagine interviewing Kelly?

              Hi, Kelly…

              KKB: “Don’t talk like that. Why are you talking like that?”

              So, Kelly, would you like to tell our readers about the new season of…

              KKB: “You’re demented. It’s just sick.”

              Kelly, could you at least tell us…

              KKB: “Bethenny is not a cook. She’s a chef.”

              We know.

              KKB: “I know what you’re doing. You’re systematically bullying me.”

              We haven’t asked you a full question yet.

              KKB: “Bravo forced me to wear my hair like this.”

              We don’t believe that.

              KKB: “That’s because you’re up there and I’m down here. Do you like my new perfume? ”


              KKB: “It’s hot. Hot is very in right now. A-mazing. In-credible. It was created just for me by Hartz.”

              Doesn’t Hartz make pet shampoo?

              KKB: “Have you visited your local pet shelter lately?”


              KKB: “PETA isn’t saying you can’t visit your local pet shelter. They’re saying don’t abuse animals. I don’t abuse animals. I just liking having them skinned alive so I can wear their fur. That’s not abuse.”


              KKB: “You’re in a place of right and I’m in a place of wrong.”

              We know.

              KKB: “I don’t appreciate you saying you ‘know’. You’re not a doctor. No one should ever tell anyone they ‘know’.”

              Look, Kelly, a butterfly!

              KKB: “Oh, I have to catch it! I’m starting an a-mazing new jewelry line made of butterfly wings. It’s in-credible. Very hot. Hot is in right now. I must catch it and pull its little wings off. PETA doesn’t say you can’t pull the wings off butterflies. They’re saying don’t abuse animals. I graduated from Columbia. Byyyeeee….”

            • Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

              I agree with HD!!!

          • lovemamaearth says:

            Good to know, Lynn. Jill just doesn’t learn and she’s so darned transparent.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Lisa gets interview because her sister twists other wives arms – yes, the stimulating LuAnn, the crazy rambling Kelly, the clown queen of NJ…..scrappings off the bottom of the HW barrel! Liz – Easter is coming and maybe you should donate your very evident and abundent supply of jellybeans.

        • quincyil says:

          I have come to believe that lisanewengland is not Lisa Wexler, Jill’s sister. lisanewengland does not write like Lisa Wexler, who is a well known attorney, author and writes blogs and twitter with perfect English.

          When @therealgingerzarin was born on twitter. Jill announced on her twitter that a friend wanted to help her. So the @realgingerzarin is a friend of Jill’s. lisanewengland denied being @realgingerzarin, but someone came into Lynn’s tweet line during the confrontation and that person had a DM from lisanewengland that said she was @therealgingerzarin.

          Since there was evidence published on twitter from this person on Lynn’s tweet line, it seem that lisanewengland is indeed @realgingerzarin. (lisanewengland did not comment on this DM.) Since Jill said on her twitter that @therealgingerzarin is her friend, using logic we can conclude that lisanewengland is Jill’s friend.

          Why lisanewengland denied this during the confrontation is unclear. Right after the tweeter evidence about lisanewengland and @therealgingerzarin was on Lynn’s twitter line, lisanewengland decided that a truce was an excellent idea and started to say things about someone else to change the subject and get everyone on a new thought tract.

          The blogs on the reality stars written by lisanewengland are OK. I have read them.

          I’m sure lisanewengland has something to do with the Jill Zarin team and that’s OK with me. I think everyone should enjoy watching the show and everyone should discuss it because that is the intention of Bravo when they create these shows.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            Q- I’m confused.

            Is Lynn going over and trolling Lisa’s site?

            I’m pretty sure she has more class that that right?
            So why would you say that lisanewngland and her ties to Jill Zarin are OK with you?

            They’re not OK by me.

            JZ wants the name of the IHJZ site changed, so she launches or supports the launch of another blogger and then Lynn’s site has to deal with trolls.
            Not very live and let live is it?

            • LynnNChicago says:

              This is a patient troll as well, notice “Liz” was the 2nd person to post literally seconds after I posted the blog, that means she waited until the new blog went up and tried to ensure she got that first comment spot, well she got the 2nd spot. I posted the blog about 2 hours later than I usually post it (Thanks Harvey!) so this is really a patient troll.

              I admit I haven’t read all of this Lisa person’s blogs but the ones that I have read are not great, she doesn’t cover everything that happened on the shows. She glosses over or completely ignores Jill’s bad behavior, I get that she is a fan of Jill’s (or a friend/relative) so make excuses if you must but when you are writing a blog about a show doesn’t it usually contain what actually happened on the show? Maybe its just me…

          • DJ Loops Fruit says:

            Lynn is that the one you had the truce with on twitter ???

          • @tweatcyn says:

            I believe LisaNewEngland is really Orange County makeup artist Lori Gattuso, who has done makeup for Andy Cohen, Peggy Tanous, and Vicki Gunvalson. (thus the access to these Bravolebrities) Her writing is not terribly intelligent or insightful and she has comments turned off. She is one of three facebook friends of Lisa New England and the only female. And, Lori’s facebook friends boast one Liz Erwin. Could this be our friend Liz?

  3. Liz27 says:

    How come you can’t get an interview with Bethany? I’ll say hi to Lisa for ya!

  4. nic says:

    I know you’ve probably discussed this to death in other comments sections, but…WTF happened to Jill’s face???? Did she get a nose job too? Blech..

    • alicia says:

      Trust, I see his in Fla ALL the time- really good fillers, probably “Radiesse”.

      • T-REX says:

        Radiesse cannot lift your nose at least a 1/4 inch at the tip, nor can it decrease the size of your nostrils. It’s clear that she has had a nose job.

        • alicia says:

          Agree, but don’t you think her head is tilted down in the first shot? It looks as if they used darker makeup on either side of her nose to narrow it. Maybe she is using the stem cells from an apple!!
          Sigh- I’ve got the sads today- my only son is turning 13 today and I’m alittle weepy. Looked over his baby book today and indulged in some nostalgia. Kiss your kids today!!!

  5. HD says:

    Thanks for the blog, Lynn. I love that guys picture. Leave it to Jill to take something as simple as a drawing and make it about her being happy. She made that face he drew a million times last season. Very cute pic.

    For some reason Top Chef Masters is not sitting well with me. It seems rather boring and the food doesn’t seem that great. I have seen regular Top Chefs make better food than that. Is it just me?

    Ashley’s dad-Why come on the show now? Just asking.

    I like the addition of the new people. Maybe that will revive the show because I thought NJ was sooooooooooooo boring.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Also having a hard time with TC this season – it takes awhile, we don’t know the chefs from other shows and ITA – the food doesn’t make me hungry!

    • error404 says:

      Why still on show? I think Ashley would club a baby seal on camera if it got her attention.

      Why reconnect with Dad? I’m surprised she hasn’t gone to live with him by now. Jaq is such a drag. It’s all “Don’t shot yourself in the foot Ashley! Don’t jump off the roof Ashley? Don’y drink and drive with no license Ashly! Don’t mix bleach and ammonia Ashley!” blah blah blah Some Moms just hold their kids back!

      • vilzvet says:

        Looks like Daddy is looking for a little fame himself. From the pics we saw he is a goodlooking guy. How many times will Ashley smirk this season?

        • HD says:

          I thought he was good looking too. At first I thought that was going to be some guy trying to hit on Ashley until I saw them hug like that. He was pretty nice looking. I think he is looking for a little fame too.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          There is something about that smirk that makes me want to smack the smugness right off of it. Not that it’s okay to hit people, nor would I…..because unlike her I can keep a lid on my ID.

  6. @tweatcyn says:

    I love how in that RHNY artwork, Ramona’s ass is right in Jill’s face and Jill is making a face like Ramona farted. Too funny.

  7. AZ Girl says:

    I am so disappointed in this season’s Top Chef Masters. I am sure it is because I don’t know ANY of these chefs (with the exception of the one from AZ). The quick fire and the meat grinder’s not working was ridiculous. Then the lack of space for the chefs to plate was just unfair. I want to show to be about cooking not SNAFU’s.
    Be back later after I go read Lisa’s lame blog.

    • HD says:

      Right. Lack of space. Come on. Don’t set them up to fail. Why would Kelis judge the competition. She brings what relevance to the show. I can gurantee you she will probably be on that Platinum Show and you know how Bravo likes to cross promote. I am trying to like this show as I consider myself a foodie but I am not feeling it. You would think being Masters this food would be amazing. One woman made a damn chocolate cupcake. Okay.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        WTF is with Hugh’s unibrow?

        Seriously, pluck that shit…it makes him look like he is in a constant state of constipation.

  8. WindyCityWondering says:

    Ryan Casey is very talented – love how he captured each housewife! Sorry Jill but that is how the public sees you – and Ryan was nice because you are definately thicker through the middle.

  9. IndianaHousewife says:

    Ok – I have to confess I was reading above and went looking for the other blog mentioned. I was not able to find it, however I did find this and found it interesting. This was supposedly on Simon Barney’s Facebook page, here is the link: http://www.housewivesblog.tv/2011_04_10_archive.html

    • quincyil says:

      I hate divorce. The game playing affects the kids. This is sad.

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        Me too. Reading this took me right back to my divorce many years ago. My children are now grown and out of the house and still have issues because my ex and I could not communicate. We would both be trying to say the same thing but neither would listen to the other. Just a shame.

        • quincyil says:

          It must be so painful to be in love and then have that lost. For decades, they can say and do things that pierce your heart.

          Public divorces are the worst.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Simon appears to want to be more than a visitation father – why Tamra chose to leave the kids with sitters and not their father was selfishly short sighted. He is likely worried as her first son didn’t fair well growing up.

        • quincyil says:

          He was driving them to school and helping with breakfast. The children will suffer without input from two parents. For them to fight where people can see is ridiculous too.

        • Noreen says:

          I agree. I am not a Simon fan, but why not make those arrangements with the other parent? It seems like it would have been better for the kids. Technically, it’s not his business what she does, but come on, grow up.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Nice find HD, I posted it in the blog, I hope you don’t mind. I agree with you Quincy, I hate to see the kids being dragged in, but Tamra mentioned it on screen and it is news.

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        Hi, I am not HD, but very glad to contribute, after all I have been reading for almost a year and given nothing back. Thanks!

        • SkewedHalo says:

          I’ll never figure out why people want to communicate on twitter where everyone can eavesdrop instead of picking up the phone where everyone can’t. Having cameras follow you around isn’t enough? Having medical procedures filmed for public consumption isn’t enough? What black holes of needy these people are.

          • quincyil says:

            I don’t understand either. I think it has something to with with being famous and then being able to sell products. I talk to my family over dinner.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          OMG I’m so sorry IndianaHousewife!!! I totally got the name wrong!!! I’ll fix it in the blog, I apologize..duh!

          • vilzvet says:

            Why did Tamra and Simon refer to the trip as being 5 days, when on the eppy it was stated as being TEN days? That is a big difference, especially with the child care issues being mentioned in their FB war.

    • butterisafruit says:

      I think when you leave the country it is only wise to let the other parent know.
      They can squabble back and forth on who should have them. In this instance I would think Tamara would want her children to be with their father, especially where they have a good relationship. When we leave the US or Canada all the rules change. You should want your babies with their dad in case of some unforeseen problem.

      • HD says:

        I agree, butterasfruit. She could have told him. What’s the big deal. You don’t go on that type of a trip and not inform the other parent. Anything could go wrong. What did she think Simon was going to do? Try to stop her from going?

        Divorce is difficult and I am sure being on TV and dating and dealing with the kids makes it even harder when you are truly officially divorced. They need to act more mature than this. Who post a text conversation on facebook? Get it together if not for them for the kids sake.

        • butterisafruit says:


          I whole heartily agree. This was her chance to be an adult.
          ..Simon I’m going to Spain, I think the children should be with
          you.. People usually put down their weapons when the childrens’
          welfare is on the line.
          Dueling on facebook or emails is so high school.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Interesting. I had to laugh that half the [sic]s weren’t [sic]’d.

      Simon Barney was controlling. Tamra was no angel.

  10. kbinldo says:

    There is something wrong with the world if a someone as boring as Dina gets a TV show before Sean does.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      you know- I really didn’t think Sean was such a great party planner. It seemed like all of the good ideas- that were used- were from Bethenny, and he just executed her ideas with nothing really original of his own.

      Dina- who knows. I’ll watch the first episode and judge from there.

      • quincyil says:

        Me too. I would watch Dina’s show. Boston02 and I love HGTV.
        I think others here do too.

        • VAgirl says:

          I love HGTV too, but judging from Dina’s fashion sense, I can’t see it being successful unless she has a whole lotta help from someone with actual taste.

          • quincyil says:

            Then it will be more fun. LOL…

          • Noreen says:

            I think Dina is tacky. Her house was a hot mess. And there was a scene in NJ1 I think where she is doing a centerpiece for a wedding with crystals hanging from it. It was over the top and awful. Now, everyone has their own taste, but she is a supposed professional and it did not appear that way to me at all. But I like the Martha Stewart style; Simple and elegant. Dina would need to look both those words up. BUT, I will watch with an open mind. Maybe she will surprise me.

      • error404 says:

        how Dina has even 1 fan is one of life’s great mysteries.

        I thought Sean had lots of ideas, but the tended to lean toward showy and B is super simple when it comes to this stuff, so they didn’t seem like an obvious match but one Bravo forced on them.

        IRL she probably wouldn’t have hired him, nor Max, nor shopped at Scoop, etc…

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          um…I am one of her fans. For her decorating at least- not for her strange personality enabled by her sisters.

          • error404 says:

            the Novogratz are getting a show on HGTV too, please come into the light with us! LOL

            the only way I would watch Dina’s show is if it was immediately followed by a show where David Tuterra redid all the stuff Dina just did so the event actually looked nice! LOL

            • quincyil says:

              I am going to ask Lynn if the Novogratz show can be blogged here.

              A lot of us love that family.

          • DJ Loops Fruit says:

            Im one of Dinas fans
            she and i twit from time to time
            she has always been sweet to me
            i think it was refreshing for her as i never once brought up the show

          • alicia says:

            I like Dina !

  11. WindyCityWondering says:

    Watching the Meet the Housewives NY first season. I just don’t understand how people actually liked Jill….I couldn’t stand her then and am so happy to not be in the minority now. IHJZ!

  12. DarkSonnet says:

    “Flea Frolic News”
    April 14, 2011, page 1

    “BULLETIN: Ginger Zarin’s Fleas regretfully announced the cancellation of their annual X Games that were formerly held on Jill Zarin’s nose.

    Cancellation became necessary after major environmental changes in the topography to said site.

    Selection of new site(s) pending, dependent on possible application of Sqweez, Squish & Spillover Couture.

    Thank you for your understanding”

  13. TLM says:

    OMG my memory for the housewives is sick. I can’t remember where I put my keys 3 times a day, but I remembered that Ally went with Jill to SCOOP NYC, the same store Jason went to for new jeans. They just re-ran the Ally & Jill episode on Bravo.

  14. VAgirl says:

    Lynn. I read somewhere that Danielle Staub is working on a new reality show with, wait for it, Heidi Montag and Jake Pavelka.

  15. error404 says:

    Ha ha! SL now tops the charts as the USA’s most expensive college. Better put some more old shoes up on e-bay Jill! LOL

  16. Luvbeading says:

    New face, old face, new personality, old personality – it’s just the old saying that Jillzarin proves each time she opens her mouth: “ugly to the bone.” Her new “look” emphasizes her plain face and her personality is unappealingly, crass, hurtful, judgmental and cruel. I really don’t like this woman.

    Regarding Top Chef Masters: If TPTB expect outstanding food from these topnotch chefs, they should provide the appropriate space and equipment to make that happen. As it was the chefs were at a disadvantage from the start. I was disappointed in last night’s challenge think they should repeat it.

  17. viki55 says:

    Way off topic but these videos are scarey. There is a city in Japan built on reclaimed land (filled in a bay) and the earth is literally appears to be turning into water….Liquefaction. Look at the size of the buildings! The whole city could be destroyed!


    • Noreen says:

      I’d be moving. I live it Florida and can barely stand the thought of sink holes and now liquification.

      • @tweatcyn says:

        I believe Manhattan is built on crushed oyster shells. Maybe Jill will fall into a sink hole and disappear forever. I can only hope. ByEEEEEEEE!

        • error404 says:

          LOL! Most of manhattan is solid bedrock, which is why there aren’t multi-level parking garages under the high rises, it would cost too much to blast thru all that solid rock. A lot of the perimeter is landfill to fill in marshy shore, so maybe that’s where the clam shells are, although I’d never heard that before. The biggest reclaimed sealand is Battery Park City, formed by dumping the excavated dirt for the Twin Towers into the Hudson river.

    • Kansas Girl says:

      These are interesting. and when they finish playing, there are links to more across the bottom. Fascinating! Someone said a while back that the disasters happened in a country where every other person is a photographer or videographer and that the Japanese tv has been full of home vids of the tragedy. Which we never get to see. I think these may be some of them.

      So thanks for posting this! I plan to watch all the links!

  18. Liz27 says:

    Oh, you poor thing. 😦 Lisa has also interviewed: OC’ Peggy and Vicky, and NY’ Kelly and Cindy. But you certainly got a super popular HW….Sonja. Ha!

    Great idea boycotting Miami! Bravo was so scared you wouldn’t blog!

    • viki55 says:


    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      how’re those hits coming?
      Doesn’t look too good. I know…
      Instead of coming her smack talking Lynn maybe you can work on some original content?
      You know the kind that makes people want to go to Lisa’s site, not the kind that spews from Jill’s mouth.
      So we’ll be hearing from you just as soon as Lisa’s blog gets as many as Lynn’s, m’kay?
      So I’m marking my calender for 2025…see you then!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      yes of course…you have single handedly revealed the huge conspiracy plot that Jill and Lynn have going on.

      See, Jill PAYS Lynn to create a blog named I Hate Jill Zarin because Jill wants publicity. Boy, no one can get anything by you!’

      But let’s just keep this between us OK? We wouldn’t want this getting out to Lisa because then she might get the same hits as Lynn!

      So why don’t you just quietly leave the blog…ssshhhh…and I’ll never tell anyone 😉

    • Noreen says:

      Ok, that’s just silly to make fun of Sonja as not popular enough compared to Lisa’s list. Cindy and Peggy are brand new; I mean Cindy has been on 1 episode for goodness sake, how popular can she be. Kelly would let a tourist asking for directions interview her with a hairbrush and pretend camera, but the real point is: who gives a rat’s ass. Go read your Jill blog and stop acting like a baby. Lynn runs her blog, we love her blog, we hate Jill Zarin and you need a nap to improve your mood.

    • mariareads says:

      Troll be gone. (Don’t let the door hit you on the way out tool.)

    • error404 says:

      and I have no doubt future interviews by “Lisa” will be Teressa, Caroline, Patty Stanger, maybe even Kyle and Lisa VdP.

      “Lisa” loves housewives, and the day she interviews Alex is the day I will take my hat off to her!

  19. Liz27 says:

    Wow, Lynn. Why does Lisa have to be a relative or a friend of Jill Zarin? Because she doesn’t use hate like you do in your blogs? Why can’t you just credit her for being a good blogger. I hope she reads this so she can make sure to cease contact with you! Also, it’s funny how you rip apart Luann from the previews while you clearly know that Sonja throws Alex out of her house, but it doesn’t matter to you. Anyone who hates Jill, you’re in that same boat. Honestly, is Jill paying you a little something? You’ve kept her relevant for too long. Oh, and thanks for letting us know she’ll be in an upcoming show…. Gotta catch her new face. Later, Hater! Ha

  20. OneMoreInBoston says:

    oopsies- one more time:

    yes of course…you have single handedly revealed the huge conspiracy plot that Jill and Lynn have going on.

    See, Jill PAYS Lynn to create a blog named I Hate Jill Zarin because Jill wants publicity. Boy, no one can get anything by you!’

    But let’s just keep this between us OK? We wouldn’t want this getting out to Lisa because then she might get the same hits as Lynn!

    So why don’t you just quietly leave the blog…ssshhhh…and I’ll never tell anyone 😉

  21. VAgirl says:

    Lynn, you must really be getting on Jillsy’s nerves. All her minions are coming out from under their rocks! Must be Liz27’s shift!

  22. justanothermary says:

    There is no way Jill did not have plastic surgery. Her nose is thinner and higher. I think it’s such a common thing in her family (see Gloria) that just thinks it’s expected. She’ll probably be looking like her mother before you know it. That woman has had way way way too much surgery.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      Gloria is pretty scary looking. Then she opens her mouth and all doubt is removed about where JZ got her attitude.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      just caught some of RHONY season 1 (?) Jill has definately had some work done to her teeth too.
      Her, Lisa, and Gloria all have slightly buck teeth, Jill does in season 1 too, it looks like she’s either had them filed down, and had veneer put on, or had caps. I *think* they’re veneers though and they are very, very good ones, although just a tad too white.

    • Nancy says:

      Jill has had a nose job. She had the tip raised and her nostril’s made smaller. I think her neck has been tightened, she’s had a lower bluff on her eyes, and
      a lot of fillers to her laugh lines around her mouth and lots of botox to her forehead. I do this for a living.

  23. Liz27 says:

    lisanewengland on twitter

  24. SkewedHalo says:

    I just watched LuAnn lie to her son saying “I’ll be home early” 3 times after telling her daughter and nanny she’d be home by midnight and then “Don’t wait up for me” with a laugh meaning she’ll be home way after midnight. She knows he has a problem with her going out all the time so she saves it for the last minute to let him know she’s going so she doesn’t have to deal with him. Then lies 3 times to his face. WHO DOES THIS? A selfish low-class immature wannabe 23 again loser, that’s who. I can totally believe she cheated on her husband when he was out of town all the time with that ability to lie right to her son’s face. Besides, Jill and Ramona both said everyone knew she had affairs all the time. What a skanky snake.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      What was that coat she wore downtown – downtown chic or more like I stole the drapes from the Chinese restaurant wide load sign??? LuAnn is not sophisticated, chic or interesting.

      • SkewedHalo says:

        I know! Did she think that was Bohemian or what? Clueless twit.

        • HD says:

          I think she was trying to look hip since she was going out with her young neice or whoever that was. That time was the time my eyebrow went up about Luann and I got a feeling she was not as innocent as she would like us to believe.

    • California35 says:

      Someone had said that she and the Count had an “open” relationship? I think I read it here a while back. Either that or they had cheated on each other, but neither of one would bring it up lol.

      I don’t imagine that being a good thing….if that was true…because either way they ended up geting a divorse, so it must have not worked for them after all.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        some people can have a good open relationship
        it doesnt work for everyone
        you cant have any type of jealousy issues and you have to have set rules that you never break
        if they did have a open relationship that might explain why Luann was getting so upset when Bethenny was mentioning that she wasnt going to pretend that luann wasnt getting phone numbers from guys ect and why Luann was getting flustered when B was saying all this on cam

  25. California35 says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have been missing for a day. I got home so late last night; I barely read a few posts before I went to sleep. Today is another busy day, but hopefully not as bad.

    I got lots to catch up on, but I wanted to comment on Jill’s “new, new” look.
    She looks different in the video then how she looks like in that picture. It is from the same day and the same look, yet I saw that she looked more “normal” in the video. Like her eyes back to what I am used to, maybe a bit puffier. Maybe the picture makes her look much more different because it adds “touchup? I don’t know, she definitely did something…whether fillers, surgery or new makeup style (or all of the above :-P).

    I am looking forward to tonight’s NYHW and chatting here, if I get to watch it on time.

    I hope everyone is doing well….

  26. AZ Girl says:

    @lynn & Q: did you see Jill’s endorsement of lisainewengland blog on hub pages? Posted 1/25?

    • I guess Jill’s endorsement didn’t help Lisa get too many hits on her blog. A couple of months ago, Jill bragged that she helped Lisa’s blog get over 10,000 hits . I wonder where Jill got that figure from…….Hmm.

      • AZ Girl says:

        The endorsement talks about “hater” blogs (IHJZ) and how poster here that don’t agree with us have their personal info revealed. Which is flat out lie. It actually happened the other way around. A few postrs who DID NOT agree with lynn disclosed info about regulars who post here. That is why I was wondering if lynn had seen what Jill wrote. At work so I can’t post the link.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Yes, I saw that. That site was created just a bit before the New York Housewives were originally scheduled to air. They did a few Beverly Hills housewives blogs just to throw everyone off track but it was inconsistent and weeks went by with no blogs at all, I will bet there will be one every single week now that Jill is back on the air.

      The intent of the blog is to show love for Jill Zarin nothing more. If Jill didn’t know this person, how would she know that it was a good blog to support? There are dozens of them out there. How would Jill know that this blog wouldn’t condemn her like all the others? Jill was confident enough to endorse it before it even got underway or got any readers.

      Jill is so transparent and so easy to figure out, this is just another example of Jill thinking that viewers are stupid and that she can outwit them. Sigh…Jill give it up!~

  27. California35 says:


    I love that drawing from Ryan Casey. I will go to his site when I get a chance, I am curious to see more of his work.

  28. I forgot to mention this last night, LuAnn only had 12 people join her during her live chat on Ustream. Her video only got 34 views. I think that if one of us did a Ustream chat, we could get more people to join us and we would get more views.

    • California35 says:

      lol – I agree 🙂

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I wondered if that happened, I went there after it was apparently over and I saw one recording but it was Luann for only a few seconds, there was no sound at all then it was the face of what looked like her IT guy for the remaining 30 minutes or so. I thought it didn’t actually happen because they couldn’t get any sound on it.

  29. @tweatcyn says:

    Is Liz so desperate for blog hits that she’s coming here to stir up some feeds from Lynn’s blog? P.A.T.H.E.T.I.C! IHJZ blog has over 2 million hits in less than a year in business. Woo Hoo!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Was thinking Lizzy was trolling for hits to the very boring lisanewengland site and twitter following….oddly enough, oddly enough….

    • Noreen says:

      I’m not biting! It’s just too much fun on Lynn’s blog.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        just googled twitter and lisanewengland – and the next line showed Jill Zarin twitter….oddly enough?!

  30. error404 says:

    OK, is Ally home on spring break, or did she have to leave SL because Bawby’s too broke to pay for it anymore? Her daily visits have been entertaining though.

    • California35 says:

      I hope that Liz whatever is not Ally, I don’t want to change my impresion of her.
      It sounds like a) she comes her for more material, b)she wants to start fights, c)wants us to go check her blog. Too bad we don’t care and we already have a home here, thank you.

      Lynn, I love you and I hate Jill.

      • @tweatcyn says:

        P.S. Did y’all notice that Jillousy took down her personal blog from her website of the premiere RHNY episode? This after being exposed for bashing Alex and Ramona on her personal blog and removing those sections from her BravoTv version of the same blog. LMAO!

  31. DJ Loops Fruit says:


    ABC gives both AMC AND OLTL the AX

    i watched AMC for over 30 years actually since the very first eppy till sometime last year
    so its almost like a death in the family to me
    and before that i watched OLTL way back when both shows were in black and white when i started
    I hate that all the things from my childhood are going away one by one
    they are replacing AMC with a reality food show with Mario Batali whom gets on my nerves & Carla Hall whom i love
    I only hope that they let amc go out with a farwell that the fans want and not just fizzle out

    • justanothermary says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I never watched either, but I remember being in high school, anytime someone was out sick they were required to return with a full report on AMC.

    • error404 says:

      I just heard this on NPR of all places! I could never get into daytime soaps, but you know it’s big when something like that makes the news!

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        BUT that was part of its charm
        it was over the top
        the writing WAS over the top But also high camp
        and how much better does it get with Grayson Hall as Dr Julia Hoffman
        my fave goof up they did was having her reading her stage direction as if they were actual lines on live tv

        “entering Julia Hoffman Bearing Flowers”
        even as a child i got what had happened and laughed my ass off
        I dont know about you but i cant wait for the big screen adaptation by Tim Burton with Johnny Depp as Barnabas

        • error404 says:

          Oh, I hadn’t heard of the remake!

          The house is a stunning Richard Morris Hunt design that gets little attention because it’s owned by Salve Regina College and not part of the Newport Historical Society tours.

          Despite the low production value, the show was compelling. I remember being all caught up in the Angelique vs. Victoria story.

  32. justanothermary says:

    What ever happened to the young Vincenzo? Did he finally get outed as a troll or did something else happen. I’ve been away some so I may have missed something. I NEED GOSSIPPPPP!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      One day Vinnie came full of Bethenny hate (after saying he didn’t watch her) and @Boston called him on it. Many others expressed their concern regarding his unhealthy Jill Love – he said he would be back after RHNY started but he has not made an appearance….. he is likely trolling somewhere else now.

      • justanothermary says:

        Thanks for the info. You gotta admit, he was one of Jill’s more clever disguises. That’s not a real tough thing to be, but he was fun.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          IMO – it was creepy. You come here because Jill blocked you, when all you wanted to do was fawn at her feet?

        • Kansas Girl says:

          I don’t think he’s a troll or Jill. I’m Facebook friends with him and he seems to be a genuine person. He seems to prescribe to a life philosophy of giving everyone a fair chance. Louise Hay’s writing is some of it. As hard as it is for me to understand, he seems to believe that if he believes the best in Jill, she will come up to that standard. I do wish he’d come back and tell us his opinion of the new season so far. I find him interesting — he has a very different viewpoint.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            I wonder why his life philosophy of giving everyone a chance doesn’t extend to Bethenny?

            oh wellsies, maybe the young Vincenzio is still evolving

          • error404 says:

            Interesting. But doesn’t that only work if you know the person? I could see a spouse or a child being inspired to live up to your high opinion of them, like an inverse of how people with bad reps often think “f it! They all think the worst of me anyway, might as well just do it”. But how does that work with complete strangers? It’s not like kharma. At any rate, B thinking Jill was a true friend certainly didn’t inspire her to be one, so….

          • dickens says:

            Kansas girl, I feel the same as you. He is a fb friend of mine, too, and he’s been nothing but sweet and funny to me. I don’t look for him to come back here, though.

          • twoile says:

            @KG, I’m among the skeptical re V & have been in the alt spiritual/psyc healing 4 over 25yrs, Louise Hay provides a lovely discourse, but like individuals who are devoted to Bible/Koran/etc we can certainly see that this devotion does not necessarily mean honesty/fairness etc. Just a thought to ponder;0)

  33. jeang says:

    I believe if Lynn did an upstream she would get tons more viewers and hits that Luann got. Is someone here going to be looking for Ills upstream tonight and give us here a heads up? I havent watched any episodes of OC or NYC and have no desire to watch women argue. I come here to catch up and if I see someone like Ramona or Alex jumps on Jill or Kelly or Luann, then I might look for that. Otherwise I am done giving Bravo support for these screaming ignorant fame whores.

  34. HD says:

    Watching the first season of NYC. I still can’t believe Alex has the nerve to be upset with someone calling her out about her kids. Do you see how they were acting at the dinner and Alex and Simon just sat there in la la land? I wish my daughter would have done some mess like that but my daughter knew not to do that at that age or any age for that matter. Smashing that man’s food. Ummmmmmmm hello! Get control of your children!

    • California35 says:

      I couldn’t believe they were acting like that. I was surprised, and I thought maybe Alex and Simon didn’t do anything because the kids would act up even more if they did. I wondered. I know that the kids are much better now and that they were probably just so tired that night. I think that because they acted like that back then, now everyone keepts telling them things about the kids.

      • LynnNChicago says:

        OK I know it seems like I keep defending Alex but I have to say it one more time.

        Alex explained what happened that evening. It was late at night, she did not want to bring her kids to that dinner and told producers it was well past their bed time, producers told them it was a family dinner and they had to bring them as every housewife was bringing her entire family. Keep in mind it was their first time on a reality show and thought they had to do as they were told.

        Simon was in a corner being filmed and Alex was called away to take a photograph so the kids were unsupervised, when the child started acting up, the adults around him (Bethenny’s Jason #1, Luann’s kids, Ramona’s daughter and Jill’s daughter) were all laughing at what the child was doing so he started to look for other things that would make the adults laugh. He started to stab the burger and the cameras zoomed in knowing it would make for good TV. The adults were filmed making unapproving faces but Alex said that they were all laughing which made him do it all the more.

        Keep in mind he was 2 1/2 years old at the time and exhausted. Jason wasn’t going to eat the burger anyway, according to Alex it had been sitting there for hours.

        It was bad behavior but there were also circumstances that weren’t shown on TV.

        Ok, I’m finished defending Alex and Simon…for today 🙂 lol

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          lol i should have read your post first as per usual LOL

        • Kukulet says:

          I also distinctly remember that, when Alex’s son started stabbing Jason’s burger, Jason did NOT look at all upset about it.

          Of course he wasn’t. Obviously, he wasn’t eating the burger, since he had pushed the plate away, and Jason had kids of his own. He too must have known that the kids were just tired.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        didnt Alex explain all this ages ago
        it was late for the kids(maybe 10 pm) and they were acting out
        most kids that age are in bed by then
        who knows what exactly set them off maybe too mucgh sugar earlier
        but they seem pretty sweet now

        • HD says:

          Late or not, my daughter would not have done it. Everyone is different though. I don’t let sit still while my daughter smashes someone’s food. At that point it might be time to exit stage left or choice to remain at the dinner and get TV time. What a toss up.

          • error404 says:

            Alex doesn’t have girls.

            I know a lot of people had a fit when Noel visited Lulu in her hotel in s3, but he just seemed like a typical 13yo boy to me.

            It’s one thing for viewers to snark on these kids, but it seems to me that the cast is all snarking on Alex’s kids, just as they all snark on her, her husband, her career, her life, etc… It’s just one more poison arrow to sling at the Booger among the Heathers.

            • HD says:

              Girls or not if your kids are that tired that they are misbehaving that much and you make it a point to make that statement here’s a thought….GO HOME! Take your kids and put them in the bed and let them rest. Why drag them through the lights and the cameras until they supposedly are so tired they misbehave? The season had already taped, you had enough camera time, go home. I am sure many parents can relate to leaving an event because their kids were acting up and needed to rest. I guess it is about what is important at that moment. And that is the reality of the situation.

              Alex does seem to be the girl to be made fun off like she never really fit with the clique. I can see that. Perhaps it is because she is pretty normal. However having said that, I think that is why this issue with Jill is persisting. I have sat and tried to think what did Jill do to Alex (that was dealt with on another blog). To me, I think it is to give Alex a story line because to me Alex doesn’t have a dog in this fight. I can see why B was mad but Alex and Jill fighting is a little silly to me.

              • error404 says:

                I agree that storyline is probably a motivator for Alex, beyond just the obvious: she’s worn down by the constant criticism and Jill is the Heather’s pack leader. She can’t even wear shoes without Lulu having a go! LOL

                But what boggles my mind is why Jill is having a complete nervous breakdown over it. So the lowly unpopular girl hates you, BFD! But Jill is acting a woman on the verge, like Alex has nudie pics of her with a donkey and is threatening to publish them. So weird.

        • HD says:

          Yes this was years ago but that season is on now and we tend to comment on what we are watching or we have in the past. Also this seems to still be a bone of contention with Alex with how Jill made comments about her kids and that comment stemmed from Luann who noted thier behavior at the dinner and apparently they commenced to do something with some man-climbing up his leg so I guess they were trying to say her kids are not well behaved period. I think it is a silly argument. I am from the school of who gives a eff but apparently it matters to Alex.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      ITA. I understand that kids do stuff like that- and they are at an age where table manners are still developing ;but SILEX seemed to think it was acceptable and tolerable behavior when they should have been mortified or at minimum put a stop to it.

      • quincyil says:

        I read in their book that when the boys misbehave, they sometimes mention the flack from the hamburger stabbing incident and the boys reflect on their actions.

        My kids have done stuff. I did stuff when young. I think it’s there and you move on.

  35. butterisafruit says:

    Jennifer Gray!! Jill looks like JENNIFER GRAY!

    • butterisafruit says:

      sorry I’ve been banging my head wondering who she looked like.

      I’m home with a bad cold, this is a huge break through for me. LOL

    • error404 says:

      LOL yeah, I can see that

      • quincyil says:

        Oh, she did have something done to her nose. My husband always looks at the nostrils to see if there has been surgery. Look at the two photos. In the old one, you can’t see the nostrils; but in the new one, you can. That is the dead give away. She had something done to the bottom of her nose.

        Iranians are experts in knowing who had rhinoplasties because is it the surgery that so many Iranians have.

  36. viki55 says:

    Oh my Gawd! I just got home, turned on TV and caught an old RHNY. It’s the final of second 2, I think. Anyway, it’s the last dinner they all have where Ramona is real late and Alex’s son starts stabbing Jason (1st Jason)’s burger! And Bethenny does the stabbing motion from Psycho. It is exactly what Kelly did on Scarey Island when she was talking to Jill on the phone. She was imitating Bethenny!!

    • California35 says:

      I can’t beleive I missed that 😦 I would LOVE to watch the first season again. Its been a while and would like to see the pre-Kelly era lol.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      During S1 – Ramona did a talking head about her lack of a verbal filter and that Mario has told her to “Zip IT”! ……now I’m thinking Kelly has watched the past seasons many, many times…..and got to hit Ramona with a zip it on Scary Island!

    • @tweatcyn says:

      That was season 1. I own the DVD

  37. LynnNChicago says:

    Harvey’s Top Chef Masters blog has been posted above. Thanks Harvey!

  38. Zena57 says:

    Lynn is the nicest person! She just went and responded so nicely on twitter to Lisanewengland

  39. indy anna says:

    See, unbelievers, Fox News does have good stuff online. There is an article abour Jill’s face lift, Botox, whatever. The title is “What happened to Jill”. Love it.

  40. Zena57 says:

    You may be, Indy, but Lisa is attacking Lynn on twitter.

    • Rabble Rouser says:


      I know it must be painful that JZ endorce your friend Lisa’s blog, it’s like the kiss of death.

  41. Lynnisamazing says:

    Just saw Lynn with bethenny –what a great photo, thanks for sharing that with us

  42. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    oh Brother
    someone needs to be in a rubber room

  43. butterisafruit says:

    I get it. It’s spring break, and this is their vacation destination.

    I’m getting these scathingly brilliant brain attacks!

  44. chismosa says:

    to ERROR: i’m just reading these comments now but i have to give a huge shout out to you for quoting Muriel’s Wedding on the older comments! Have to acknowledge when my fave line is thrown out there….. best movie ever

  45. error404 says:

    I didn’t even vote in that stupid Team Jill vs. Team Ramona poll! How long do you suppose we’ll all have to be paying for it’s outcome? Jebus woman, get a frickin grip! LOL

  46. chismosa says:

    just wanted to say i can’t believe Lynn and Quincy you guys have to put up with these inane comments from first timers coming on to defend Zilla. So obvious and just lame.
    I have been very on-and-off on here so when i witness it it’s just so crazy! How do people think we all don’t see right through it all? But i love that Jillz must be shakin’ in her pink Choos!

    Good catch above the comment noticing that Kelly really just copies anything she’s seen Bethenny say or do on the show, just episodes later (Alex in the white makeup looking like death, psycho, going to an opening of an envelope, etc.)

    • California35 says:

      Hi Chismosa,
      I like your name 😛
      I agree with you….and annoying!!
      I some times can’t come here as much as I would like, and then to find those kind of posts. I just try to scroll pass them, but now I am even commenting on them .. ugh. They got me.
      I preffer to talk about Bethenny, Jill, etc

  47. VAgirl says:

    Dear Trolls, I would agree with you, but then we’d ALL be wrong!

  48. WindyCityWondering says:

    Seems like every time Jill starts messing up – lying about what she did or didn’t say about Alex, losing by a landslide in every poll out there, what work wasn’t done to her curiously different looking puss, etc….Jill’s trolls just come spilling out of her nose faster than Ginger can clean them out! Some free advice JILL – when you turn toxic then the best thing to do is disappear for awhile. That means staff off social media, don’t give interviews and if you must speak – say something nice!

    • quincyil says:

      Wow… she must not have allowed to lick her nose when she was healing from surgery. The germs from the dog’s tongue could cause a major infection.

      I would like to have a photo of Jill’s nose from the side. She likes head on so whenever a camera is pointed in her direction, she poises that way.

  49. Cusi77 says:

    Lynn, I Love your take of JZ as a politician, it is hysterical! I laugh so hard! My hubby looked at me like “have you lost your mind?” I wanted to explain but… It was too fun for words! Thank you!

    What about JZ receiving politicians lying in bed? That image came to mind while with her horn voice says “Bawwwby bring the Governor to our bedroom, here the audience will be more comfortable!”

    • error404 says:


      I wonder if Jill does job interviews in bed?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I was starting to think that no one read it…or no one liked it. As long as YOU liked it, and Harvey said he liked it it was worth while! 🙂 lol Thanks Cusi!

      • Debbie says:

        I’m catching up Lynn. trying to read blog and 248 comments before RhoNY begins tonight.. The read here has been interesting as usual and is reminding me how much fun I had last season when I first found this blog. It makes watching all the more fun. I haven’t watched OC, Miami or BEA. I am so ready for RhoNY , your blog, posters and trolls alike.
        Btw, I don’t know who Harvey is but I totally enjoyed his TCM recap. Hope he keeps them coming.
        No time left now.. Epi 2 is about to begin..

  50. Kotagirl29 says:

    I’m watching the rerun of the reunion and loving the Kookoo contradictions. God she is a mess!

    • LynnNChicago says:

      HOT mess! And we get more of this tonight..sigh

      I’m going to create a new blog for chatting throughout the show tonight, I’ll post the link here in a minute.

  51. Veronique says:


    Has anyone checked the Bravo comments on Jill’s blog? (It’s BACK!)

    I’d say it’s 99% positive Jill and probably 70% attacking Ramona and Alex. Did Jill finally cut a deal with Bravo to only allow positive, flattering replies to her blog? It’s really disgustingly unbelievable, even for Bravo.

    NONE of mine were published, although a few negative comments by me on other blogs, (Tom Collichio) WERE. WTH?


  52. gypsygirl says:

    can’t wait for HWNJ to see Teresa get called out like the liar she is.

  53. BrandiRay says:

    In regards to the Dina thing, I have read stuff from the past with people attacking her charity. I wonder if people know that BIG charities only have to give 1% of profit to still be a charity. Even trusted charities are not giving away all the money they make – all in all, it is still a lucrative business but at least they choose a business that is very much helping people!
    Dinners and events are very expensive to put on. They could cut back on the perks in these things but the perks is how they get *big name* people to show up, and with those people – it brings more and more people. Hardly anyone would show up if they stuck to a meager budget and didn’t try to get “celebs” there.
    I hate Jill as much as everyone but she is a popular figure none the less – it isn’t that crazy for Dina to pay her way for her to be at an event since her being there might draw a lot of her fans (aka crazy ass people) to want to attend.
    Its not perfect but if you think about the whole picture, its probably hard to put on nice events that people will attend (aka donors) without making them “worth the money” they spend on a table or auction yada yada.

    I am not a huge expert on the subject but I know a fair amount, and without bias (I do not love or hate Dina) I think she is doing alright – and doing a lot of the things that big name charities do all the time.

  54. Kashma says:

    I think Top Chef Master has jumped the shark and it’s a shame…To go from the caliber of chefs the first two seasons to what we are watching now is a shame….Also dissappointed that they took away the format of having the heats and the champions rounds as well as the scoring of stars…It just looks more like Top Chef Seniors then All Stars. Lets have a wild card round and bring back some from the first two seasons so they can school these chefs and show them how it’s done.

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