I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York

I Hate Jill Zarin  Real Housewives of New York April 14, 2011

If you read nothing else in this blog, please read “Conspiracy Against Alex” and let me know what you think.  
Bravoooo you sneaky little devils you… I did not see that coming, obviously. Watching previews for months on end didn’t give it away. Even though we saw previews of Sonja throwing Alex out of her house and we heard over and over “Thug in a cocktail dress”, we gave Sonja the benefit of the doubt.

When they introduced Sonja last year she sounded like she was very full of herself, her opening montage should have made us all hate her right off the bat but it didn’t. “The straw that stirs the drink” was beloved, we admired her patience with Crazy Kelly Bensimon, we overlooked her indiscriminate behavior with men we even somewhat overlooked her arrest for driving while intoxicated, we wanted to love her. She arrived during a season that couldn’t have been better for her, Jill was the devil and that had to be the focus. We seemed to give Sonja a pass from the beginning.

As the show opens with the four ladies getting dressed for the Marriage Equality March Sonja doesn’t seem like herself, we’ve never seen this side of her before. Is this the real Sonja or is this Housewives Season Two disease? We’ve seen it before, that little touch of fame after being on a reality show for one season, these women turn into reality nightmares, Atlanta’s was most obvious, I think every one of them were victims of Season Two disease.

Sonja claims that she was asked to participate in this Marriage Equality March but there was a bit of a contradiction, a lie if you will, told by Sonja about this first step, but we’ll get back to that during the Watch What Happens Live recap. The fact is Sonja did not want to be just another housewife to give a speech, she wanted to be the ONLY housewife to give a speech and that is a definite symptom of Season Two disease.

Sonja insisted Alex McCord not speak at this event and refused to give in even while both Alex and Simon were creating a scene, had she just given in and said, “Fine, go ahead” this would have all been over and she would have been a hero instead of a villain.

What got into this woman? There were dozens of speeches, what was one more? The worst part is Sonja clearly hadn’t prepared anything to say. Her speech was ridiculous, inappropriate and certainly not inspirational.

Alex and Simon were clearly shaken by the entire thing, they had worked on this event for months and weren’t going to go away quietly. Alex has spent the first two episodes in a constant state of attack or defense mode and it is not a good look on her. I think they had every right to be upset and certainly try to talk some sense into Sonja but Kell was right, they were embarrassing “us”. Kell managed to embarrass the group even more by yelling “You’re embarrassing us!” and Luann shushing her several times didn’t stop her.

Jill’s arrival only brought more tension, Alex for a brief moment seemed to think Jill would be her savior and when Alex asked Jill if she had been asked to make a speech, Jill took it the wrong way and barked at Alex as well. This event that Alex and Simon had obviously been looking forward to for months was turning into a nightmare. Disappointed by defeated the march went on as scheduled. Five crazy housewives can’t stop a group of thousands of gay and lesbian advocates.

I don’t think for one minute that Sonja Tremont Morgan is a “Gay advocate”, she is heavily involved in many charities but gay rights isn’t one of them. This was a made for TV event and Sonja wanted the spotlight.

That was last season...

Things go from bad to worse as Alex arrives at Sonja’s home for an art exhibit. Sonja’s younger boyfriend sees her as a saggy boobed 60-year old woman and he’s not hiding it. He makes it clear that he didn’t want to paint Sonja, he didn’t enjoy this assignment but obviously Sonja gets what Sonja wants. Sonja wanted a portrait of herself painted by the guy she was sleeping with and so she got it. Be careful what you wish for Sonja, it wasn’t pretty.

You should have stuck with this one Sonja!

Alex seemed to arrive ready to go at it with Sonja, her attitude and demeanor said, “bring it on” but if Sonja really is the “hostess with the mostest” she would know that scheduling a lunch with Alex would have been more appropriate. Worse than bringing it up at all was Sonja saying, “Simon, is that your husband’s name?” was passive-aggressive, rude and uncalled for. I’ve never in my life been thrown out of anywhere either, as Alex confesses but I can tell you that I doubt I would have to be told more than once to “get out”.

Who is the crazy one?

Alex continuing to try to get in Sonja’s face was beyond ridiculous, it should have been obvious to Alex that there would be no resolution after Sonja’s ridiculous opening monologue. Alex stood silently with her chin on the floor having a hard time believing what she was hearing coming from the usually lovely Sonja Morgan. I think we all had a bit of a shock that Sonja would be so completely inappropriate in her own home especially after hearing her constantly bragging about her outstanding hostess skills.

Those cameras during season two bring out the worst in a Housewife, don’t they? Sonja was going to have her say and then she was going to shut her down, she had no intension of listening to anything that Alex had to say.

I would love to know what voice inside Alex’s head told her it was a good idea to stay after being thrown out and continue to follow Sonja attempting to reason with her. Alex’s thirteen thousand “Excuse me” didn’t win her a place in our hearts either, I get that she refuses to be a doormat and she is sick of being dismissed as unimportant but she doesn’t have the skills or experience to go up against any of these women, probably even Kell could out-argue Alex McCord. She just doesn’t have it in her.

This was a fiasco of the highest proportions, the arrival of Luann and Cindy only fueled the fire as they walked into a shit-storm and naturally took Sonja’s side. Luann’s comment about Alex’s dress being reason enough to throw her out of the house was just vicious, but that is Luann, she’s always been a raging bitch.

The good news is for Ramona as she gets to be in the middle again, she wanted to pretend to be the middle man for Bethenny and Jill last season, Ramona the voice of reason, the poor put-upon friend to everyone won’t take sides but will try to be the peacemaker. I would have given anything if Ramona had been at that Marriage Equality March to see how she would have handled that situation. What would Ramona do? WWRD?

The reveal of the portrait of Sonja was priceless. Ramona’s face and Cindy’s comment told the story of an artist who was forced to paint a portrait that he simply did not want to paint. The preview that Sonja got to see before it was completed was actually comical, I thought it was supposed to be a caricature of Sonja, the boobs hanging down to her belly button and the old look to her face made her look like she’s been painted by someone who despises her. Surrounded by guests and slurring like a drunken fool Sonja makes another speech, this time about how utterly amazing she is having been painted by her boy toy, then goes on to blame Alex for forgetting to thank the artist. Apparently Alex got Sonja so worked up, she had to consume large amounts of alochol and it caused Sonja to deliver a poor speech, that’s twice in one episode. Sonja’s day just keeps getting worse and worse.

Sneaky Jill Zarin came out smelling like a rose tonight, didn’t she? Crying, “don’t pick on me Alex” ever the victim Jill clearly misunderstood a simple question about whether or not she was asked to speak at the Marriage Equality March. Alex was looking for some support from Jill but instead another diva flips out at her.

The group returned to Alex and Simon’s house after the march and Jill outsmarted Alex again as she attempted to make peace, scheduled a time for the two ladies to talk this out as Jill simply asks Alex for a chance to apologize. I was waiting for the lightening to strike but alas Jill’s acting abilities were evident as she even warmly greeted Alex’s two son’s who she clearly has nothing but disdain for. When Alex told the boys, “don’t crawl up her leg!” Jill responded three times “You can crawl up my leg” “Its ok to crawl up my leg” “Go ahead crawl up my leg”. I’m sure Jill was hoping the cameras would catch the VanKempen boys actually attempting to crawl up Jill’s leg.

Jill has set the scene here folks, this is her attempts to prove that she has changed. This is her way of winning back fans and Alex is simply a means to an end. No one will ever convince me that Jill Zarin, who has always looked down on Alex, who made those horrible comments about Alex at last year’s reunion and who has tried so hard to get Alex fired from this show has suddenly decided that Alex isn’t so bad after all, Jill wants to be friends. Jill doesn’t care about Alex, she hates her, she said she will never forgive Alex and that is the one truth to come out of Jill’s mouth in four seasons. I believe that Jill hates Alex and that won’t ever change. Any attempts that Jill makes to convince viewers that she suddenly now likes Alex and wants to be friends are fake and completely self-serving.

Here in his home, Simon was finally able to give the speech that he had prepared to give in front of thousands at the March. Sonja mocked Simon’s speech but I thought it perfectly fit the theme of the day while Sonja’s speech was lame and wouldn’t have inspired a starving person to eat.

A very brief scene of Cindy Barshop and her brother Howie talking about the wedding as Howie explains to his sister how he and his girlfriend caught Ramona gossiping came next. No one will convince me that Cindy hasn’t watched three seasons of this show and already knows these women so I don’t really understand Cindy’s shock at Ramona’s behavior. Cindy decided that Ramona was “off” and you have to wonder if Cindy’s as smart as she originally appeared to be. Then again after watching three seasons, why would Cindy jump onto the “Brunette” bandwagon with Jill, Kelly and Luann? That gives us some insight into Cindy, doesn’t it?

Ramona bought a table at a charity event, place cards in hand she prepares her table seating her guests as Alex whispers in her ear all of the events as they played out with Sonja and the Marriage Equality March. Ramona tells us that she doesn’t believe that Sonja would behave that way, welcome to the club Ramona, neither did we! It did happen and Ramona gets to be the peacemaker yet again. Word spread like wildfire from the curb to Ramona’s table the moment Sonja Morgan stepped out of the car that she had a guest with her, Kelly had arrived with Sonja and Ramona set up panic stations. Ramona hadn’t invited Kelly, had no place card for her and really didn’t want her there to create drama.

Quickly, Ramona scribbled Kelly’s name on a place card and welcomed Kelly inviting her to dine at her table. Has Ramona learned nothing in the past two years? Kelly doesn’t dine with the peasants, she doesn’t hang around where she’s not wanted, she is a hit and run guest. She wants to be photographed attending events but doesn’t have time to linger. There are Tweets to send, toilet seats to change and chairs to cover with stuffed animals, Kelly is a busy lady!

Sonja apparently has no better skills at being a guest than she does being a hostess. Sonja is seated next to Ramona and she fills her ear all night with her traumatic experience being accosted by Simon VanKempen and Alex McCord at the March. She goes on for what seems like hours with both Alex and Simon sitting at the same table but apparently out of earshot yet they clearly know what is being said.

Luann spent the episode slamming Alex, this is the way that she will be relevant this season. Her new boyfriend, Ross Geller, er…David Schwimmer, er Jacques, yes that’s it, Jacques isn’t enough to hold our attention or allow Luann to have screen time so she studied and took notes during the off-season and came back with whoppers to throw at Alex McCord in her talking head interviews. It was almost like someone paid Luann to slam Alex, or like someone talked her into taking over the responsibility of making Alex look bad or maybe even trying to get Alex booted off the show? This has Jill Zarin written all over it.

The battle lines are drawn

Luann never did really like Alex and Simon but she didn’t have an axe to grind with them either, they hadn’t done anything directly to Luann to justify Luann’s constant barrage of attacks against Alex. Luann gets credit for one comment, she did admit that Sonja should have let Simon speak at the March but Luann’s interview comments all had the same theme, attack Alex McCord.

Sonja isn’t going to get any support for her ridiculous behavior on tonight’s episode, she was wrong to insist she be the only Housewife allowed to speak, she was wrong to try to make this entire event about her and her comments were at times even offensive to the Gay Community. One in particular made Twitter members go ballistic, “I love my gays” sounded as if she owned a few and kept them in her back pocket. This caused Sonja’s name to begin to trend on Twitter but not in a good way.

Sonja and Luann have lunch together and the topic of conversation, Alex McCord was just frustrating to watch. Where in these two women’s minds are they better than everyone else? Luann goes so far as to tell viewers that Alex will never be up to their standards and doesn’t have the confidence to make it in New York High Society. If Luann and Sonja represent New York High Society, who the hell would want to be part of that group? These two are wanna-be’s at best, both divorced from the men who introduced them to New York society and have both been unceremoniously booted from the club!

Conspiracy Against Alex

My heart actually is breaking for Alex, I can see where this season is going and it isn’t going to be pretty for our Silex. Alex says she found her voice but what she hasn’t done is tamed her voice, edited her voice or use her voice wisely. Alex needs to pick her battles, be sure the time and place are appropriate and learn what to say and what not to say. She needs to learn when it is not only ok to back down but advantageous to back down.

Worse than Alex’s debating skills is what the rest of the cast are doing to her. I can see it from here after only two episodes and a handful of previews. Jill had to try to make peace with Alex, it was her only hope at a little bit of redemption but she’s recruited her cast mates to continue to attack Alex. Jill has already proven that she has a strategy for filming this show, she said it on last year’s reunion. Jill also admitted to asking certain cast mates not to film with another. She couldn’t use that trick this season, Jill needed to film with Alex. Jill doesn’t let a little drawback get in her way, she went to plan B, she used her loyal cohorts, Luann and Kelly and had them pick up the baton and finish the race for her.

Last week many of us found it interesting that Kelly went out of her way to slam Alex and Simon, she seemed to be targeting them from out of the blue with her “opening of an envelope” comment, it was recycled but it didn’t matter, as long as it was clear Bensimon had no respect for Silex, she had done her job. Kelly who claims to be sweet and kind and only attacks as a mode of defense. What had Alex done to her? Nothing that we could see other than Alex’s beef with none other than Jill Zarin.

Kelly drinking the Jillade

The constant vicious attacks from Luann directed at Alex coupled with Kelly’s pathetic attempts to belittle Alex are proof enough for me that Jill Zarin is behind it all. It is so obvious that I’m ashamed I didn’t realize it earlier.

This even falls into step with what we’ve been seeing and speculating on for months. Had Alex and Simon sold out and folded to Jill Zarin’s fake attempts at making friends? Simon was ostracized on Twitter and even posted right here on this blog in defense of his actions that appeared to viewers as if he and Alex had caved to Jill Zarin pressure.

Simon and Alex have been played by the master, the trouble is while we can see it as quickly as episode two, this couple have an entire season of it to tolerate and because we have the benefit of seeing talking head interviews and the bigger picture, we see it much faster. Alex and Simon had to live it not knowing about all the secret interviews, gossiping, scheming and plotting against them that was going on.

It seems as though even Bravo is in on the plot against Alex, watching previews for next week as Alex explains that she can eat anything she likes and doesn’t have to watch her weight then inserting scenes showing Alex trying on clothing that is too tight on her makes her look as though she’s a bit unrealistic to be kind.

This is going to be a really, really long season for Alex and Simon. Say a little prayer for this couple, they’re going to need it.

A few questions remained unanswered –

  • Luann’s wedding gown is in a museum?
  • Kelly had to remind viewers that the March wasn’t about Alex or Sonja?
  • Why don’t these women wear brars?
  • Why would Sonja wear that feather dress in public, not once but three times?
  • Who robbed Alex of her common sense?

Episode three previews:


Real Housewives of New York blogs:

Watch What Happens Live Andy Cohen

Guests: David Arquette – Sonja Morgan

Save us from the damn one shoulder dress, there are few women who can carry off this look, Sonja isn’t one of them. It is old and tired even in black it doesn’t work for Sonja.

While Twitter ripped this woman apart, literally thousands of tweets telling her they’ve lost all respect for her, she is no longer their favorite and she was completely out of line, Sonja sat calmly defending herself to Andy Cohen and David Arquette who clearly had no idea what was going on.

Arquette didn’t even know where he was, let’s face it, he could have been sitting with Regus and Kelly for all he knew. Toke up dude!

Sonja claimed to be misunderstood, she didn’t mean that then entire event was all about her damnit, she meant that being Grand Marshall of the event she needed her friends to support her day. That clears it up, huh?

Andy asks David about Alex’s dress and Sonja’s painting, he supports the arts, who should he write the check to? Toke up dude!

Sonja makes a few blunders here, showing her inexperience at being a talk show guest, first she talks about the Marriage Equality March being a “Charity”. It is more of a “Cause” than a “Charity” but worse than that she wasn’t able to walk back from her “It’s all about me” comments that filled the episode. Clearly Andy wasn’t buying it what she was selling. (she should have sold that dress)

David Arquette spent the last three days on Howard Stern so he’s drunk with vulgarity and asks Sonja if she has ever swum in the lady pond, little did he know that Cohen asks every female guest the same question. Sonja refused to respond, take from that what you will.

Bravo posted two video’s of the Watch What Happens Live after show, enjoy Sonja continue to make a fool of herself:


Tonight’s poll and another easily predictable landslide asks which side you’re on, Alex or Sonja? Alex won handily with 79% of the vote. Sonja asks if she should ask for a recount “Like Zarin”. I love that Sonja confirms that the recount was Jill’s request but even more that Sonja called her “Zarin”.

Andy confirms that his polls have “Scientifically verified results”. Andy asks why everyone is laughing? Funny stuff!

Andy’s three obsessions tonight:

1. The Gay Marriage Rights March. Andy wonders like the rest of us why it is Bensimon, of all people, who reminds everyone why they are there. Andy vows to work on a bill to remove Alex and Sonja from any future Gay Rights events.

2. Andy wonders aloud why Page 6 reported that Sonja Morgan announced that Andy has had work done on his eyes. He appreciates that Sonja thinks he looks younger, but insists he‘s done nothing. Sonja defending Jill Zarin rumors of plastic surgery notes that she was with Jill during her visit to Dr. Wexler who is not a plastic surgeon but is an injector. Andy points out that it certainly doesn‘t mean Jill didn‘t visit a plastic surgeon without Sonja’s company.

3. Andy notes that David Arquette makes bold fashion statements and shows a series of photos of David in jackets that Andy describes as “badass“. Then throws a slam out to Simon VanKempen showing a photo of Simon’s rainbow sequined jacket he wore tonight

Sonja was caught in a lie or two leaving viewers questioning her integrity. First she tells Andy that she was invited to be Grand Marshall and speak at the march long before she agreed to film another season of The Real Housewives of New York.

Later she responds to a question by telling us that when they called her to invite her to this event she asked them if it was due to her being a Real Housewife and the benefit of having the event filmed for the show.

Which is it Sonja?

Sonja was asked, “why wouldn’t you let Simon speak?” Sonja responded “He wasn’t asked to speak. “ Well we know that isn’t true, Alex’s name is on the web site as a speaker (although she allowed Simon to take her place) regardless due to Sonja’s insistence that she be the only Housewife to speak, Alex was taken off the list. Sonja could have given the green light right there at the event but she refused and never gave an explanation.

Another lie as Sonja was told numerous times that Alex was in fact scheduled to speak.

Cohen never called Sonja out on any of her lies, he wasn’t really paying attention to her responses, as usual.

David Arquette, even through his drug induced (allegedly) haze noted that Sonja was trying to make the event all about her, she completely missed David’s slam and laughed like a fool when he hit her with the sarcastic line, “Why would they ask you to speak at a parade in your honor? Wasn’t that YOUR parade?”

David talked about his relationship with his ex-wife Courtney Cox, the impressive way that this couple have split yet remained friendly and are putting their child first is to be commended.

During the after show a few questions came up about Allison Dubios who appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Allison claims that the cancelled show, “Medium” is based on her life, David’s sister Patricia was the star of that series. David wasn’t able to answer any questions as he’d never met Allison.

Sonja was asked why she fancied herself a “Gay icon” and went into a tail spin about living with three gay guys in college, I doubt that the organizers of this march knew about Sonja’s living arrangement in college… Sonja should be a politician. She spins bullshit better than most housewives.

Cohen asked Sonja how she felt about being called, “Thug in a cocktail dress” but David laughing hysterically and loving the line caused Sonja to agree that it’s a great line. David Arquette put his stamp of approval on the tag line, get your “Thug In A Cocktail Dress” t-shirt from Alex and Simon before they sell out!

Tonight’s game was as lame as the rest, obviously Sonja will sleep with any guy who’ll have her, marry any man with enough money and makes no apologies for being sexually promiscuous. (Allegedly)

Sonjas friend looks familiar, right Ramona?

David was asked if he would ever consider getting together with Jennifer Aniston, obviously his answer was NO, adding it was “against the bro code”. Love it!

Sonja’s appearance tonight did absolutely nothing to improve her disastrous episode, she could have saved herself by apologizing for her error, claiming that she didn’t know that Silex was scheduled to speak and humble herself a bit by admitting she was over the top ridiculous in her constant “its all about me” attitude.

Andy’s Mazel tonight honored the Soap Opera All My Chidren as it was officially cancelled yesterday, with a nod to One Life To Live that also fell into the end of an era pile. Andy added that Pine Valley sacred place. Rest In Peace All My Children.

Tonight’s Jack hole -no surprise there, Kobe Bryant – for using the “F” word and not the four letter one, his $100k fine didn’t seem to appease Andy, or anyone else for that matter, Andy’s wish is that soon the word Gay will not have a negative connotation. Well said Cohen!

Sunday Andy welcomes Tamra Barney and her boy toy Eddie Judge.

Next Thursday it is Alex’s turn in the hot seat.  No word on whether or not Simon will join her.

Jill Zarin Update:

This is Jill’s latest blog on Bravotv.com:

Hi Everyone!

I want to share some great news. This is been one of the most exciting weeks of my life. I am sitting in my trailer in Long Island City waiting for a PA to get me on set of USA’s hit showWhite Collar. Season 3 will be premiering June 7 and of course I will let you all know which episode I am on. I never in a million years thought I would hear the words “Hollywood called!” Which is exactly what happened. Luann was the first housewife to have a cameo in a TV show and she told me it was one of the most thrilling days — long but fun. I wonder who will be next?

Last year, when I was thinking about what I will do after Ally goes away to college, I remembered how happy I was when I worked in the hosiery business. If you would like more information about my background, you can read it here. I have always found working to be the best outlet for me to express myself. Last year I went back to work. I designed my first bedding line, Jill Zarin Bedding (available at Bed Bath & Beyond) and Skweez CoutureShapewear. I wore a corset from my new line on Watch What Happens Live. So many of you emailed me asking where you could buy it. I can finally tell you that Macy’s and Lord and Taylor will be carrying the line this fall.

I really enjoyed filming Season 4. I met Cindy and my relationships grew stronger with most of the girls. I don’t think it is productive to go back in time and say I wish I said this or that. I also don’t want to bash and nitpick every word any of the ladies said. Why bother? The show is fun to watch and if I think something big needs to be said, I will say it. But I think I will leave all the drama on the show. Maybe I will change my mind, but that’s how I feel right now.

I will say I think there is a lot of hypocrisy going on. Let’s see what you find. I love reading the fan blogs and will recommend them on Twitter and Facebook. Yours are even better than anything I could come up with, so please tweet me or leave me a message on jillzarin.com, and I will check it out!

It feels good to be so happy that no matter how hard they try to push my buttons…my button is on permanent HAPPY! Stay in the light!

Love and Kisses XOXO


This is Jill’s 2nd blog, she posted then deleted a blog that unfortunately no one that I was able to find got a chance to read.

Until Next Time…


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  1. error404 says:

    OK, the photo on the table below the painting is hysterical! It’s like “Sonja as her lover sees her” vs. “Sonja as she sees herself” LOL!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I was shocked by both the unfinished and the finished painting – Brian definately sees Sonja very differently than she sees herself!

      • lori024 says:

        I wonder why Sonja seems to have no problem with the obvious being shown obviously! She is bankrolling this “artist” and sex with her is the interest he must pay! He cannot even pretend to be interested in or attractred to her in the slightest!

      • Mary Jane says:

        I actually burst out laughing at the unfinished painting, it was great. Sonja sees herself very differently then her boy toys do. I guess that’s what happens when you pay for sex.

        • lori024 says:

          Did anyone notice the grotesquely large, death ashen grey hands painted of Sonja on the finished portrait? A message there possibly?

        • TLM says:

          I’m sure Max was much the same way. I wonder if she promised she’d make him a star, or bought him expensive presents. Sad.

      • ramonacoaster says:

        I wonder if Sonja will “bankroll” this artist anymore after watching this episode.

  2. Christine says:

    God Morning Lynn,
    Brilliant recap. I also care about Alex and Simon and really do cringe when the nest of vipers bare their fangs at them. Luann is so 5 minutes ago with her claims of social status. I agree that she and Sonja managed to marry rich old guys and then get kicked to the curb. The Count has a whole pasture full of ex-Countesses and Sonja, well there are no words to describe her way of getting what she wants – oh yes, there is a word – whore! Morgan money, paintings, anything you want after you service them.
    I’m glad that Alex is speaking up, but she has to be careful because the vipers don’t hear you. As Bethenney put it “it’s like talking to Bozo the clown”. They will lie, cover each others’ lies and then lie again.
    As a very dear friend of mine once said – if they’ll gossip to you, they’ll gossip about you.

    • MK Valle says:

      well said Christine!!

    • cusi77 says:

      So true…

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      notice everytime Alex tried to say look at the website i was a speaker Sonja would say in a much louder voice you have the worst manners get out of my house
      It was to cover up her Lie
      that may have worked at the party but the audience at home all know the truth now so why would she keep insisting it was the truth on wwhl an why didnt Andy correct her

  3. aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

    Ugh RHNY is jumping the shark. I wish it was more like Seasons 1 and 2 – more about the NY/Hamptons lifestyle instead of showing up at parties and full out fighting. It’s a turnoff. The Housewives’ behavior now makes Ramona look like a church mouse in Season 1 when she freaked out at Jill’s dinner party that Simon crashed.

    According to LuAnn’s book (yes, I have read it lol), she was married at City Hall in NY in jeans and a blazer. Not sure why her wedding dress would be in a museum?

    • lori024 says:

      Whenever a scene is shown of Luanne kissing a man, I get the same feeling I got when Michael Jackson kissed Lisa Marie at the MTV awards. In the words of the articulate Kelly Bensimoron….CREEPY! Why is that?

    • Maite says:

      I think that because the Countess thinks she is all that she calls her closet a Museum LOL … this show should be called the real wanna-bees of NYC

    • kitkat says:

      no way is it jumping, last night was AWESOME. What a bunch of sharks, they blow the OC bags away with their machinations. I was afraid to breathe and miss something, my house could have been on fire and I would have stayed glued to the tv

    • MK Valle says:

      I thought they said it was Kelly’s dress that was in a museum. Granted, it maybe something a museum in Kelly’s mind but I think that is what was said

    • Az says:

      I understood that Kelly’s dress was in a museum and that Luann was the one who got married in jeans. It makes more sense that way because Kelly married Gilles
      Bensimon and I bet that he scored her a dress by some amazing designer and that is why the dress is in a museum.

  4. housewifeaddict says:

    I agree with all you’ve written Lynn – except that I think we’ll see a lot of twists and turns on screen. Sonja and Alex will ultimately make up; they are clearly friends – and Ramona will always defend Alex against Jill. But with Jill in Australia for a few episodes, they’ll focus on other drama for a while I suppose.

    Alex is a smart woman, and I think she’ll begin to figure things out pretty quickly. We’ll see. What I don’t get is why Sonja was still defending herself on WWHL. Didn’t she see herself?

    Gosh if Kelly and Lulu will only get screen time beating up on Alex, that will destroy the series. Yuck.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Alex knows what is going on – it is IMO – Simon who is giving her faulty advice/instructions! Jill threw the gauntlet down at Alex’s feet not Simon’s. Alex knows Jill will manipulate anyone and any situation, while Simon believes that a truce is really a truce.

      • lori024 says:

        I think it is fun to see how low (In Jill Zarin’s caste system) Jill has fallen. She made it clear last season that Alex could not be in her fabulous circle of friends; she said on the Reunion that she probably would not be back if Alex was once again on the cast (I think in JZ’s arrogant mind, that was a threat to Bravo & SURELY Bravo wld fire Alex and not risk losing Jill!). It was sweet for me to see that Jill had to swallow her pride and extend a fake olive branch to ALEX of all people! Alex’s response made the grovel all the sweeter!

        • ramonacoaster says:

          Yeah Jill must cringe watching this episode. “I can’t believe I effin’ sucked up to that effin’ bitch Alex. But I did it to look good and to tell those effin’ bitches on THAT BLOG to go suck it!”
          We see through you, Jill Zarin!

  5. Noreen says:

    I am so disappointed in Sonja. I hope she improves. And I hope Alex’s debating skills improve. Sometimes saying nothing is best. You can’t win every argument.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      i dont think i could keep quiet if my husband had been dragged into it
      and then Sonja does it yet again next week
      I really wish that Alex would just bitch slap her but she has too much class to so such a thing
      now a year later Sonja said in a interveiws that se loves BOTH alex and simon so that made em think they made up
      but then after that sonja was still telling that liek as if it was true

      and on another note i dont think i like this new housewive one bit

  6. aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

    p.s. I also feel sorry for Alex and Simon, just getting raked through the coals — but good for them for taking a stand against the b*tches and standing up for what they believe in. There’s a reason why Alex won that poll last night. People see through BS.

    And as for Sonja…….she is an old Paris Hilton. End of story. Not that I am advocating Tree Guidice as a moral saint, but she was right when she called out Sonja last year for marrying a way older man and sleeping with him (and others)…..ugh. And that portrait was awful. Simply awful. I couldn’t stop cringing at it.

    • Noreen says:

      “An old Paris Hilton.” That is so perfect.

    • lori024 says:

      It seems that we really do WANT to like the HW; hence the pass Sonja got last season despite all the red flags. We should hve guessed there was a reason why she seems to have to pay men to be with her.

  7. Sg says:

    Oh please there is no “conspiracy”! LOL Not everything is so dramatic. And you’re misplacing your own obsession with Jill Zarin as the scapegoat for this.

    No, I think the answer is obvious. Like you’ve even said, Alex doesnt know how to debate well, and she’s comes across extremely annoying and unlikeable these past two episodes. If anything she’s very lucky that Kelly has been really demure, Luanns digs are more subtle, and that Jill is trying to make peace. Only Sonja so far has really called her out dramatically. And if Ramona still hated her and if Bethenny was still here (and ran out of use for her) you know they would be so quick to call out Alex on her bullshit.

    • Noreen says:

      Kelly is “demure” and LuMan is “subtle.” I don’t think you’ve exactly hit the nail on the head here.

      • Sg says:

        What has Kelly done this far that’s been wild this season? And Luann has always been more passive aggressive instead of combative so yes I think the nail on the head here.

        • Noreen says:

          Saying you would throw someone out of your house for wearing a hideous dress is not subtle. Saying someone has finally found their voice and now they should shut up is not subtle. Saying someone is a social climber is not subtle. It all sounds arrogant and classless to me. As for Kelly, she is just the original mean girl. Ain’t nothing demure about her. And why was she so embarrased about Sonja’s picture possibly being nude. Ah, Playboy spread? That doesn’t seem so demure to me.

          • error404 says:

            LuAnn thinks she is subtle. Like when she so subtly confronted Alex head on upon arrival at Sonja’s last season to dress her down for delivering ‘the message’ to Jill. LuAnn thinks she’s subtle, like she thinks she’s polite and classy. LuAnn’s always be comic gold as she truly believes she has all of these virtues she so clearly lacks.

            • lori024 says:

              Luanne was also subtle when she told the “fat girl” at her inspirational speech that she could be a model if she lost weight. How about when she laughed in the teenager’s face when asked an etiquette question?

            • DJ Loops Fruit says:

              right on

          • Sg says:

            That dress comment was actually pretty funny. It’s obvious that she wouldn’t really do that, and Alex did look goofy.

            And I thought this was a disussion about how they react drama, so Kellys prudeness is neither here or there with regards to being drama

            • HD says:

              Sg, I thought that comment was funny as well. I laughed so hard when she said that. Luann’s digs normally bother but for some reason I have found them funny this season-at least that one and the Herman Munster shoes line. Hilarious!

              • DJ Loops Fruit says:

                you still found then funny after seeing the whole episode?
                maybe i would have too if she hadnt been so obnoxious so often for no other reason then to “get Alex”
                the social climbing thing omg doesnt she know that fits her just as much as anyone else on the show

                ps regarding Krazy
                did you notice her calling Ramonas friend at that dinner for Gucci,Pocahontas ???

            • PJ says:

              I don’ for one second think Kelly is a real prude, it’s an act.

            • Maggie says:

              I think the dress was pretty cool. Punkish is getting popular and she looked good in it.

          • Cheri says:

            Figured out Luann’s dislike fir alex. In alex she she a younger version of herself. Luann did not come from money, she was a nurse who worked fir a living. Married an older man with a title and money. She climber that ladder of hers this way even though she tries to pretend she has class but she can’t change the true facts. Along comes Alex who us also trying to climb that same social ladder but the only difference is Alex did nit marry money or a title she married a man who loves her and she loves back and together they are happily climbing that ladder together while Luann is fastly falling back down it with nothing left. Alex reminds her of where she came from and where she is on her way back to. She is jealous of Alex. The one thing I don’t understand us why any if these housewives think they are better than Alex as each one started in exactly the same place. The only 2 I have respect for are Ramona and betheny because they worked for what they have received but Jill, Sonja, Luann and the crazy one did not, they married their money, then along comes Alex following Ramona and bethany’s lead.

            • MK Valle says:

              Yes Cheri, you hit the nail on the head. It’s so obvious! They married for money.

            • Karen says:


            • TLM says:

              Huh? Why would she be jealous of Alex if Alex’s life and social standing are what she fears being? She isn’t jealous of Alex. She feels she is better-looking, which, I’m afraid is true, and I think she looks at Alex with pity. She initially liked Alex because they both spoke foreign languages, and Alex said she lived in Italy. But then she saw that Alex was completely out of her depth. I have issues with Luann herself, but I am probably as irritated with Alex as she is, and for the same reasons.

              • TLM says:

                I will also add that you’re putting Luann down for marrying up, when that’s all Alex and Simon are trying to do with their social climbing. Alex agreed to be part of Jill’s charity and didn’t make one phone call, and make a lame excuse. Even in her charity work, Bethenny brought thousands of dollars of donated liquor. Alex did nothing. They have tried to piggyback onto others and name-drop wherever possible, hoping they will eventually hang around rich people enough that they’ll be considered in the same class. They aren’t far behind the Salahis; I’m not saying they would fake an invitation, but the social climbing is a bit much. I’m reminded of Michela saying she was thinking of being a model because she is tall and thin, too. The only reason people started to like these two last year is because Jill and Ramona put them in the middle of their tug-of-war power play, and just wanted Alex and Simon to take a side. They were happy to be pawns in the game, because it placed them where they wanted to be, as the invited guests of rich people. All of a sudden it seemed everyone wanted them as friends, but really, they were just being used by both Jill and Ramona. Alex made the mistake of thinking people will still think she’s great if she mouths off to everyone, and she’s about to find out that people only liked her because she was nice to Bethenny when Jill, Kelly and Ramona weren’t. Oh well.

                • PJ says:

                  Oh please. Why are Alex and Simon social climbers? What on earth do you think Countless is, and Jill, Kelly and Sonja? So it’s ok for the others because they have some money? That’s the problem with snobbery.

                  • TLM says:

                    I didn’t say the others didn’t look to marry up when they were single. I was just talking about Silex here. The thing is, also, that Silex have SAID that’s what they aimed to do. They were clear about that from Season 1, and that’s what turned so many people off. I think they are still the same people, but last year the Bethenny-Jill feud momentarily cast them in a different light. Now that B is gone, I kind of think things are back to the way they were in Season 1.

                • DJ Loops Fruit says:

                  the excuse was that she had too much work tthat is hardly a lame excuse as none of the other women have to work for a living And Alex did

              • Maggie says:

                Lu is an intolerable snob and she has a rough road ahead because it will not ride.
                She seems to criticize everything and is such a “know it all”. She’s constantly putting her nose where it doesn’t belong and siding with the mean ones. Insufferable, if anyone could use a bitch slap it’s Lulu. That would be hilarious

            • DJ Loops Fruit says:

              except that Alex did come from money and DIDNT marry a rich man but rather a man she loved and maybe THATS the real reason they resent her

            • Anne says:

              I doubt it. Alex and Simon do remind me of the Salahis. I think it is a perfect example by another poster.

              Luanne has a nice settlement. She is the one with the Count’s children and will always be a Countless according to title. Plus she wasn’t married for a few years.

              Why did Alex care so much about having Simon speak? So, what if Sonja said she wanted to be the only one. Simon is not a housewife. He is no one really. The event promoters felt that Sonja’s request was adequate, so Alex and Simon should have sucked it up. There will be other events where they could support Gay Marriage. They can work on the next election and there is a bill in the NY legislature they could be garnering support to pass. This is all about media and nothing else.

        • error404 says:

          LuAnn has always gotten right up in people’s faces, confronted them directly with her grievances, and never backed down from a good bar brawl. Ramona at the Cancer cookoff, Ramona at Sacks boobgate, Bethenny at just about each and very meeting, etc…

          don’t quit your day job for a career in carpentry, you missed that nail head by a mile bud.

          • Sg says:

            I think my job in carpentry is just fine 😉

            You might find Luann to he aggressive but I think it’s obvious that she tries to be subtle with how she reacts to the drama, and usually what people call her out is for her talking head interviews anyway

            And everything you mentioned isn’t bad at all compared to the other housewives. I mean would you really say Jill, Alex, Bethenny, Ramona were mote subtle than Luann?

            Even Kelly has had her huge freakouts and Sonja had one yesterday. Luann has never had anything close to that. Even if you think she is the most subtle she is undeniably on the more subtle end compared to most of these women.

            • Sg says:

              Even if you think she isn’t I mean..

            • Mum says:

              Luann wants to appear above the low-life behavior, but she isn’t any better than the others, she as my Mum would say likes to throw rocks and hide her hand.

            • error404 says:

              OH, so now it’s only by comparison! LOL Like how Kelly is a blonde. Yes she is! When you compare her to LuAnn who’s hair is much darker, Kelly is a blonde by comparison.

              Thanks for the laugh!

              • Sg says:

                No it’s not by comparison only. What
                I’m saying is on her own shes not that bad. And when you compare her to the others she even looks better. So there’s not a strong case against her either way
                And your blond analogy fell flat. Nice try trying to make a comeback that made no sense. LOL

              • Anne says:

                Everything in life is by comparison. Behavior is built on mores and therefore there must be a set standard to say someone has deviated from one.

            • MK Valle says:

              Luanne isn’t emotional and doesn’t break down because she is a cold person. A lot of her comments (like Jill’s) and cold and cruel. So no, she’s not subtle, she’s cold

              • nathania says:

                very true.

                she has ice in her veins.

                her statement that began ‘once you climb that social ladder…’ was chilling because it showed her true colors. ‘Once you…’ like of course, this is what everyone does, because every one wants to be just like she wants to be. Just like the last scene in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Alex wants those things, but she also wants truth and integrity and true love. Of course Luann is going to absolutely DESPISE Alex, because those are the very things she gave up. There is nothing that someone who whores themselves out despises more than someone who gets the things that the part of the first part whored themselves out to get, but gets them without any of the whoring they themselves did.

        • PJ says:

          All I can say is wow! Little demure Kelly and subtle Countless Luann, interesting spin.

          • Sg says:

            Keep wowing yourself. Kelly may blow up later but she’s under control for now.

            And yes you people are acting like you never saw the show before lol. The countess’s calling card has always been her subtle passive aggressive comment. Don’t act like those little zingers are so powerful.

        • kitkat says:

          Kelly was revolting pulling on Sonja’s hand and trying to drown Alex’s protests out by babbling about what Sonja was going to say. I’ve seen that “creepy” move many a time in high school and so has Bravo as they zeroed in on it a couple times. Kelly doesn’t need another massive meltdown like last season for everyone to see that she is still the same immature idiot she always was…Oh, and nice try for Kelly trying to play off that she wasn’t invited to Gucci’s event by Ramona but WAS invited by Gucci himself. LIE. She crashed that party and it would have been apparent when everyone would have sat down to eat had Ramona not scrambled for a makeshift place marker. If she was invited by Gucci himself, where was she sitting? HIS table? Then isn’t it quite rude to leave early to go change a toilet seat?

          • Noreen says:

            I posted last evening that I think the Gucci’s are dead and buried (the last one was murdered in the 90’s by thugs hired by his soon to be ex-wife) so who exactly invited her? Gucci is a brand. Do you think Kelley knows that Louis Vitton is dead? Don’t tell her, it will only send her into a tail spin!

            • kitkat says:

              Didn’t they show him for a split second when she said that Gucci invited her personally? They cut to some old guy in a tux.

              • Noreen says:

                Perhaps there is family left. Why didn’t she with them for dinner. I just find it odd, but everything about Kelly is odd.

            • Christine says:

              Kelly’s ex may know those members of the Gucci family, but the Gucci family is no longer involved in the house of Gucci. A company called PPR bought them out in the 90’s after the last Gucci heir to the duesign house was murdered. PPR has sued the Guccis numerous times and have had them barred from using the name to market any merchandise using the Gucci brand. Given that, it is doubtful that”Mr. Gucci” invited Gilles or Kelly Beensomeone. If there was any invitation extended to Kelly it was through her ex’s relationship with PPR.
              As for the old guy shown at the party, given Bravo’s out of sync editing, he could have been the ghost of Richard Nixon for all we know.

          • kitkat says:

            it would have been apparent when everyone sat down to eat so she made up some stupid excuse for having to leave early…she didn’t know Ramona was going to allow her to sit.

          • DJ Loops Fruit says:

            great call

          • Anne says:

            Kelly didn’t crash her ex and Gucci are really good friends. If you read the IHT during the summer he going to Gucci’s house in Sardegna.

            Kelly knows the Gucci family. Ramona had to pay for a table. Very different levels of relationships.

            • kitkat says:

              her EX is good friends. I don’t believe foe a second she was invited by Gucci himself. She would be announcing it to Ramona the second she saw her that she was sitting with the Great Gucci Himself, so she doesn’t need Ramona’s invite! If she was invited, why did she leave before dinner was served, a la Salahi. Phoney.

              • nathania says:

                is this the ex she beat the crap out of, who had her arrested?

                Kelly and Luann are posting here. Jesus what a drag.

        • Shar says:

          Kelly has a whole lot of crazy from last season to disprove, so she is going to try to act reasonably. The question is, will she succeed? B was right: LuAnn IS a snake. Didn’t she lecture B about nasty comments behind others’ backs? Did she make the gauche remarks about Alex’s dress and shoes to Alex’s face? We have heard remarks from both Jill we-know-your-game-and-we-don’t-believe-your-BS Zarin and the Countess about Alex not belonging. As the classless Countess said to Alex last season: Who made you God?!? Jill, Kelly, and LuAnn all represent “how not to behave” to me. Sadly, I think Sonja has joined their ranks.

      • PJ says:

        Countless is subtle when compared to a serial killer.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      oh it’s @sg!

      Usually when @sg shows up there is a Troll attack about 5 posts later.

      Grab some popcorn!

      • Sg says:

        If you mean someone who speaks their mind and doesnt fall into the hive mentality of worshipping alex and bethenny and hating eveyone else just because everyone else is doing It here then yes I’ve arrived 😉

        • Noreen says:

          At least you know the program now. Now please let us continue our mindless worship.

        • PJ says:

          Maybe you haven’t read this blog before but there are people here with all different opinions. No mass worshiping going on.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          sg don’t pat yourself on the back- I meant every time you show up- trolls follow right behind you.

          It has nothing to do with your speaking your mind, and *perhaps* it’s coincidence- just a statement of observation.

          Please resume your usual contrary diatribe.

          • Anne says:

            If all other opinions are welcome then it is not consistent to say, ” continue with your contrary diatribe…” Just saying…

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              I stand by my comment.

              I’m fine with other’s opinions but not fine with nasty or rude presentation of said opinions. Just saying.

        • Christine says:

          BZZZZZZZ – h’ive done my bee impersonation.

    • Alicia says:

      Totally agree with you!!! There is no conspiracy….
      Why isnt anyone calling Alex/Simon out for their BS?

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        There are plenty of folks here who don’t think the sun rises and falls on Alex and Simon.

        There are also people who find Bethany annoying.

        Maybe you haven’t been reading all the comments and just came to complain?

        • Alicia says:

          I have been reading all of the comments. I also have the right to my opinion, even if it is different from others. But the majority of comments have been pro Alex/Simon. I am just calling Alex/Simon out for what they do. They are not little angels

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Who said you didn’t have a right to an opinion?

            But when you make an an observation that NO ONE calls Alex and Simon out- and that is incorrect- then I am going to enlighten you.

            • Alicia says:

              When I said no one was calling Simon/Alex out on there BS, there were not many comments on here yet doing just that! Now there are!

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        because in THIS cas the b/s has already ben proven to be coming from Sonja

    • Yaya says:

      To what bullshit are you referring, Sg? Alex is pretty straightforward. She may be too defensive but I don’t blame her . . . because there is a conspiracy and it did start with Jill.

      Last season.

      It was the night of the party at faux housewife Jen’s. The night Bethenny’s father died, the night Jill and Kelly confabbed in a pantry and Alex claimed Brooklyn residence and accused Jill of being a mean girl. Jill responded by telling Alex “well we shouldn’t socialize in the same circles, then.” Since that night, whenever Jill refers to Alex, it is always in the light that Alex is the “other” who does not belong. Jill socially blackballed Alex and I’m disappointed that the Countess of Class doesn’t realize it and plays into Zarin’s hand. I’m disappointed in Sonja. I wish that Alex could handle herself with more humor and less defensiveness.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I don’t think there is a ‘conspiracy’ against them.

        I think like most of the shows the plot line is probably amp-ed up and manipulated by the producers but at the end of the day they all need to be responsible for their own behavior.

        I think anyone who is on one of these shows is a glutton for punishment- and they get what they get.

        • nathania says:

          that’s VERY true and worth remembering from time to time.

          But it’s apparent (and insulting) that Bravo, i.e. Andy Cohen, likes to pick a queen and a scapegoat each season on each franchise and he seems to not understand when people don’t go along. And at this point it’s clear that viewers are almost rebelling at his feeble attempts at ‘mind control’ of a sort, the ridiculous hype and editing that says ‘like this one/not that one’. We ARE going to think for ourselves.

          Judging from the comments on here I am starting to think Bravo might have a few interns sipping Starbucks and assigned to drum up support/dissent for the favored and favorless in the kingdoms of Cohen. Because nothing else makes sense. All of a sudden out of the blue, there is a ‘poof’ and out of the haze leap myriad defenders of Sonja/Countess/Kelly? Since when? Unless this is some kind of prison work program, or they are letting the asylum inmates go online for an hour a day or something.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Also, Alex wasn’t in the same circle as the other HW.
        The fact is no one knew her and wouldn’t have known her if she wasn’t placed on the show. The other HW either knew each other or there was one degree of separation between them.

        IMO, that doesn’t make one any better than the other…but it seems like bothers Alex and Simon they didn’t move in the same circle. Alex and Simon are CLEARLY social climbers, I don’t see how that can be denied.

        • MK Valle says:

          They are all social climbers to one degree or another, right?

          • Monkey says:

            Exactly, they all came from the same type of background as Alex, and they all worked their way up the social ladder through work and/or marriage. What makes Alex different from Jill Zarin in that regard?

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              Sure, they all are.

              But other than the notoriety from the show, when were were first introduced to them we could see that Luann and Jill and Ramona weren’t going to get any higher up the rung than they all ready were at point. In their minds, they already ‘arrived’ where as Alex and Simon seemed to be pining away.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          heres the difference with this one thing
          the March
          Simon & Alex worked thier butts off for because they believe in it
          the others really seemed like they could care less and did it for the screen time
          Alex may be the only one that originally came from money
          the others except for Ramona married into it
          so it would appear that Shrill The Cuntess & Sonja all are the real social climbers

      • Anne says:

        Last season in general people said there was no “Conspiracy on RHONY” now that has changed. Very strange…when we don’t like what we see we try to make a different outcome.

        Sonja could have been nice and let Simon speak, but she didn’t have to do that. MENY agreed to Sonja’s request, so Simon was not thought to be very important. There will be other events and Alex should have let it go. Really it is about the event.

        When someone is anyone else’s house they should NEVER confront them in the manner, that Alex did. Alex should have let it go. She should have said let us do lunch and not the other way around. Alex was in someone else’s house. It was on Alex to control herself. Most people would have told Alex to leave.

        If Alex wants to be above that she should know the manner and place to confront someone.

        • nathania says:

          Sonya confronted Alex, not the other way around. Alex was put on the defensive and she could either respond, or not.

          Plus if someone threw an event and then acted like this to a guest, I would be very disinclined to ever want to be a guest of theirs again. Sonya is getting trashier and trashier.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Jill? Is that you?

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      your as delusional As Kelly Sonja & Shrill
      anyone watching these episodes caught on quickly as to exactly what is going on
      its also why Sonja couldnt figure out why she lost on that poll

      what bullshit are you talking about
      Alex had every reason the be angry
      she had worked on that march for months and was a speaker
      Sonja messed it all up and lied about it

      when LULU said at sonjas house about Alex going on and on about what the march was about and said somrthing on the order of she sounds liek a commercial for gay wedding i immeditadly heard Bethennys voice in my head saying Because thats what it is for you dumb drag queen

      • Caitlin says:

        I absolutely agree with you, DJ! Sonja was just as delusional in the current episode as Jill was all last season. And don’t we love Jill and Sonja’s knee-jerk reaction to the vote results on WWHL? It never occurs to them that they must just be wrong!

  8. Kellita says:

    Great recap as usual, Lynn!

    No longer a Sonya fan! Her narcissistic diva behavior was nauseating. If I heard , “Im the Grand Marshall…” one more time…..UGH. And that ridiculous speech or whatever you call it was so dumb. Her rude, passive-aggressive “What’s your husband’s name? Simon?” was obnoxious and patronizing, and I don’t blame Alex a bit for getting defensive. Sonya started the whole thing with her at her own party, kept cutting her off, talking over her, then called her rude and sent her home. What?? And then reframing the truth to the other housewives…..I am sooo over being a Sonya fan!!

    I’m not going to enjoy this season if it continues to be an Attack Fest on Alex & Simon. I hope it gets better for them. I think they are genuinely nice people.

    • krone says:

      What I didn’t get what Sonja’s assertion that she was Tapped for Grand Marshall before “all this HW business”, then turns around as says,” I asked who else was speaking because I didn’t want to be picked just because of this HW stuff”. It was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet seeing her get slammed on WWHL!!

      • MK Valle says:

        But she still denied everything because they (editing) didn’t show the whole store. Kinda scary, she was Kelly-like, into denial.

    • Nancy says:

      I think (except for Ramona) they resent Alex because she has a great marriage
      and “they” don’t. For the record I do NOT think Jill and Bobby have a healthy marriage on so many levels.

      • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

        I totally agree.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        you know i never thought of that but it sure does make sense
        they all used to make fun of Alex because Simon was always at her side
        i bet they would all give thier eye teeth to have a man that devoted (not counting Ramona cause she seems really happy too)

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      i agree 100 per cent with everything you said
      and im a little annoyed with Andy too for his comments on wwhl and when he showed LULU trashing alex over her outfit
      Really LULU YOU are trashing anyone about clothes when you still havent figured out its no longer 1980

  9. Night Light says:

    Sonja’s behavior was really tacky. Do you think she maybe was playing up for the cameras? Sleeping around is more her thing not shouting like she did. Seemed very phony. Poor Alex lost her common sense when she found her voice but she seems like she is in so much pain from season 3. I am kind of curious to see what brings the blonde team together.

    • neroes says:

      Seemed phony to me also. A complete turnaround from last season. She was the voice of calm last season during scary island.

      • Night Light says:

        I don’t know if you saw RHOM reunion where Adriana shouted that if the other ladies had been more outrageous (?) they would of beaten RHOB in ratings. Sonja’s behavior screamed for attention. She started off speaking so nicely to Alex and then BAM! They both looked like idiots.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          yes BUT this season was taped before the miami reunion live aired
          BUT here Is something to ponder

          blondes vs brunettes and THEN Jill dyes her hair Brunette ???

    • krone says:

      Yeah, where did all the pain from her divorce come from? She seemed fine with it last season. I actually liked the portrait. I saw an attractive woman who was aging, yes, but appeared to be doing so naturally and comfortably; wishful thinking on Brian’s part as it clearly isn’t part of Sonja’s emotional make up.

  10. error404 says:

    Ok, there is one reason why I hope your ‘season 2 syndrome’ theory is wrong, even though I know you’re right: Phaedra Parks. Good gosh almighty, she was insufferable in s1, can you imagine how off the hook horrible she will be in s2?!? Shades of Kiki and her “breakthrough”.

    • lori024 says:

      I actually enjoy Pheadra. To me, she is a cartoon character! No one could seriously act like that in real life! She’s very funny!

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      Phadra seems so different on other things like when she did wwhl
      maybe all the bad stuff from season 1 was hormonal due to the pregnancy

  11. BustedJILLZARIN says:

    So everyone knows, I was on Bravotv.com and loaded Jill’s blog, and the title had something like hypocrisy in the title. When I went to click an read it said “blog not available or something like the blog you were looking for is now available at this time.” Now it’s this one. http://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-new-york-city/season-4/blogs/jill-zarin/permanent-happy
    Busted Jill! hope someone saved the original one.

    • ^"Kotagirl29 says:

      I think the reasons for the removal of Jillousy’s blog are two-fold. First, Jillousy had to re-write because her PR team didn’t approve. Second, she wanted to make sure she was at the top of the list of blogs. I would bet a lot money that Jillousy will be at the top of the HW’s blog page every week throughout the season. Jillousy is all about top-billing. I am sure that it chaps her ass that her last name begins with the last letter of the alphabet too. She is just that type of person.

  12. spikeyweed says:

    Thanks for all the great blogging Lynn.

    While Sonja’s earlier society portrait is more flattering to her, and of course that’s what they paid for, that artist quite noticeably portrayed her dog as the focal point and put Sonja in the background. Artists will always find a way to express their true sentiments.

    • viki55 says:

      Excellent point! I had not thought of that!

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Well, this artist Brian, also expressed his opinion quite eloquently when Sonja spied the picture that he painted of the gorgeous woman on the wall.

      He said I painted her for me- I am painting you for you. wow.

      If I was interested in and/or sleeping with this guy and he said that to me? I would of died on the inside! And told him to take his painting and shove it up his ass!

      But then later, she said it’s been 3 years? Wasn’t she still married 3 years ago? Oh never mind…I really don’t care if she was or not. I’m over her.

      • chismosa says:

        There are beyond beyond lots of financial stuff going on with her in the news lately, i’m sure Lynn or someone else may have put up links on recent blogs (before i started re-reading, so sorry if i missed)- so she is so worried about talking about her current dating situation bc she is still settling her spousal/ alimony, etc. She’s in the NY post like every week!

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Sonja should be more worried about her whorish behavior on the show. Whatever Morgan events she had been allowed to attend out of pity are off the table now!

        • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

          and also on the NY Social Diary website.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        when i saw that other pic the first thing i thought was thats Janice Dickerson

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Wow, good catch! All I looked for was if he made her look younger and if her boobs was where she wanted them to be.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I always wondered why someone with a child/children would rather be painted/photographed with their dog.

  13. sadtwat says:

    I was completely taken aback by Luann’s dismissive remark about Alex’s social standing in society. That’s pretty much in line with Jill’s snide comment regarding her attendance at the wedding in last week’s episode. You remember Jill, the faux upper east sider whose high rise sits so elegantly at the foot of the Queensboro bridge. Someone should remind these two of their humble origins.

    • error404 says:

      Why? It will never change the fact that Alex didn’t marry a rich man for money. When you buy your way into faux society, it’s easy to hate on the self-made social climber. LuAnn’s and Jill’s classlessness will never translate into rational thought. Until Alex outearns them like Ramona and Bethenny did, she’ll always be the stupid bitch who couldn’t snag a sugar daddy to them.

    • chismosa says:

      yup that’s what i wrote in the last blog comments: all the women in the NY franchise do not come from wealth, minus perhaps (and i’m not sure) – Bethenny. Ramona is most admirable as well as B of course, because of the wonderful ways they’ve made money THEMSELVES. (Alex is in this category too) They are great role models for their daughters. As opposed to just simply marrying UP…. and how up is really debatable in manhattan circles

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        And I answered you in the last blog that Alex comes from a good deal of money. Which is probably why she is so ill equipped to fight in the gutter.

        • chismosa says:

          sorry may not have re-read blogs, these come up so fast i’m always playing catch up. Yes i do believe Alex comes from money. I’m telling you, Jill, Lulu, and Sonja probably look at her with envy in lots of ways. Well, Jill looks at everyone with envy. (I should say maybe Kiki came from money? don’t know but maybe)

  14. WindyCityWondering says:

    There is a lot to the theory that Sonja has second season syndrome. First season, only half a season really – she was mysterious, she was sexy and playful and she enjoyed the “lifestyle” with her hostess role. She kept her cool on Scary Island.
    This season she is self absorbed, sex obsesssed and truly trying to establish her place in the pecking order.
    Bravo likely gave both Sonja and Alex conflict causing instructions for the March filmings. Jill coming in with her “stop picking on me!” was tossed in for good measure. Right now everyone is scrambling (except Ramona) to get a position on a side for the season.

    • Sammysmom says:

      I don’t like to throw out the “drug use” too often but I feel like Sonya may just be one of the women she spoke of last season, that take adderall and drink. She said they are snippy and quick to get aggressive with someone. On another side note, it was Kells dress that is in a museum. I have no idea why. Maybe because it was Gille’s wedding and we already know it was catered by a world famous chef so maybe the dress was made by some fancy designer and/or cost a fortune. (Hell, it may be in Ripleys believe it or not for it being worn by the elephant man that is Kelly)

  15. PJ says:

    How does Bravo manage to find the most passive aggressive, delusional, haughty, pretentious, self absorbed, selfish, poseurs in NY to be on this show? Alex doesn’t fit in because she is the only normal person on this show. How does a normal person stand up to a passive aggressive person? You expect to deal with logic and you get a person who has their own head up their own rear end so far that they are unable to see anything but their own excrement, which apparently has no smell or so they will spin it. These women are all losers except for Alex. I feel bad for Alex that she is forced to be on this show for the sake of supporting her family. The rest of the women are a waste of our time. If you are the real deal you don’t have to go around lecturing people on how fabulous you are, if you are the real deal people see that without being told.

    • Noreen says:

      I know what you mean. I have great family and friends who live in or are from NY. Can they please cast some of these terrific ladies!

    • ^"Kotagirl29 says:

      I am sure that Alex would like to see things from Sonja’s point of view but she can’t get her head that far up her own ass.

      • PJ says:

        No, it takes practice that’s why Kelly, Jill, Countless and Kelly Beenseemoan are all so good at it.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      i agree except for Ramona who i dont see that way at all
      she will not put up with any of thier b/s and speaks her mind

  16. VAgirl says:

    My take on the housewives:
    Alex: Very intelligent and basically a kind and good-hearted person. Way out of her league with these vipers.
    Sonia: Very insecure and covering it up by being the Sex in the City Samantha Jones. She has self-esteem issues big time.
    Luann: A snob through and through who apparently doesn’t remember where she came from. The worst kind of friend to have, in my opinion. The clique queen. Has to weigh in with her opinion on everything.
    Kelly: Acts all sunshine and rainbows, but has a real mean streak. Obviously has a handler or handlers this season who is feeding her the talking head lines. Also is on some very good meds. Good for her.
    Ramona: Straightforward and uncomplicated. Not intentionally mean.
    Jill: A true narscissist (sp). A control freak with an unrealistig sense of entitlement. Mean-spirited and uber competitive.
    Cindy: Probably wonders why she ever signed up for this because she really doesn’t care about fashion, parties, status. Will be acting her way through this season and may not be back for more (if there is more)

  17. kbinldo says:

    Shameless plug: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/7968949/its_all_alexs_fault.html?cat=39#comments

    Wow, Lynn, you remembered a lot more from the show than I did. 🙂 I’m just focusing on the stuff that jumps out at me at the time I write.

  18. chismosa says:

    @aquamarinecandy-o83 :
    Teresa Jewdice called out Sonja for sleeping with an older man? Do you know when this happened? I’m just so intrigued….

    Excellent blog Lynn, you really NAILED IT. I hope Silex reads this and i hope they communicate with you because you clearly see it all.

    • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

      Tree blogged about the RHNY last season and dissed Sonja after her first appearance on the show. I’ll try to find the link.

      • chismosa says:

        oh don’t worry, that’s enough. Thanks!
        She had enough diction skills to actually blog on Bravo? Bravo to her. Wonder if the screen was tilted for her to look at it straight-on

        • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

          Sorry too late! hahahahhahaha Yes, Tree’s blogs. Always an enjoyable read (complete with constant Danielle disses. She’ll probably do that in the new season as well!) lol

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Theresa had a guest blog on Bravo after Sonja was introduced and called her an old whore.

      But don’t get too excited, I think Theresa would call any unmarried woman who is sexually active, a whore.

      • nathania says:

        that kills me.

        Terrorista can only call herself married because she is in the shrew or fishwife role and she has to overlook the strippers and hookers. That marriage is about money and offspring, period. These women always condemn what they envy the most (just so it’s not misconstrued to be a defense of Sonya but rather just pointing out that that is how they all roll, in general.)

    • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

      Hopefully this works:


      I hate to say it, but Tree was right. We all gave Sonja a pass since she tried to get along with everyone and didn’t cause ripples then.

      • chismosa says:

        thanks so much xo

        god i really can’t wait for NJ now because it looks like someone can finally put Teresa in her place! Yes it looks like i’m watching Mob Wives or Jersey Shore: The Later Years, but it looks good. Hate Caroline though. and Ashley

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        in one of those links in a past blog – Sonja’s ex claims that she ran a whorehouse in her townhouse in his divorce papers. Guess that was right on the money! Sonja isn’t doing herself any favors by the way she is acting on RHONY. More fodder for her ex to use.

  19. chismosa says:

    i dont get the hoopla over Alex’s dress at Sonja’s- it just looked like vintage 1980’s Versace or something… big woop!? LuMann just doesn’t care for things when they’re double-shouldered or strapless

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I didn’t care for it either

      • chismosa says:

        yeah i mean personally i dont love Alex’s fashion choices like 80% of the time but it was fashion-y and i dont feel, nearly as reprehensible as the recycled 1-shouldered mature labels drag queen uses.

        • Noreen says:

          Alex looks her best when the Bravo stylists do her up. She obviously wears a lot of extensions for the big events. Did you notice Sona’s makeup throughout last night’s show: one minute she looked liked she was going to the oscars and the next, she didn’t have any on at all. It was odd.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          i dont know a single drag queen that would dress like the Cuntess

          maybe they did way back in the 80’s but not now
          they would dress more like Alex because she is fashion foward not fashon backward

          it wasnt my fave outfit either BUT i loved the shoes

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        ditto – it was club wear!

        • mimi0210 says:

          Even if it is the ugliest dress in the world LuAnn was wrong to say it during the show and repeat it on her blog. That is just mean.

          • PJ says:

            Especially given Countless Luann’s fashion choices. The one shoulder number that she wears all the time and the ugly, tacky jewelry that never goes with what she is wearing. The countless is no one to put down other people’s fashion choices.

    • Sammysmom says:

      It was the same dress that she wore to Bethennys birthday party.

      • DiaBLa says:

        I Liked the dress! it was Kinda of Retro. She would have looked better if she would have stood up straight and thrown her shoulders back.

        • Louisadelmar says:

          Her posture was bizarre when she was talking with Sonja. Has it always been that bad?

          • TLM says:

            She has always had horrible posture and sagging breasts and butt. You’ll notice this every time you see her on side view. This is why I said it’s not enough to be tall and thin to model. And her refusal to wear a bra is ridiculous. Just because you’re an A or B cup doesn’t mean it’s pretty to go braless.

      • TLM says:

        I wonder if both B’s party and Sonja’s were taped the same day. Wow, no wonder Alex wanted a bottle of champagne. Or maybe she went to B’s party first, and was already tanked when she got to Sonja’s. LOL.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          They were a few months apart I think. I believe she answered a question on that on twitter to a fan after the previews came out after last week’s episode.

          • TLM says:

            Wow. I guess times are tough in NY this season with all the reappearing dresses. I thought they all got designer loans so that we didn’t have to see the same dresses over and over.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I think a lot of Lu’s garb is slutty looking. Who made her the fashion police?

  20. Alicia says:

    Go back and watch season 1 again. Funny how so many forget so fast that Alex and Simon ARE social climbers and Jill DID try and help them get their boys into the best pre-schools in NYC. Jill was nice to Alex. She has NOT always hated her.
    I dont blame Sonja at all for asking to be the only speaker at the even when she knew Alex/Simon were on the committee they are such fame-whores and will do anything for camera time. I am over them.

    • chismosa says:

      rent the dvd ‘Nursery University’ and then you’ll feel for Alex & Simon and what they had/have to go through in the ny school systems; i think they were new to the cast, did not know Jill and were simply trying to befriend her. JILL was the one who told them to meet her friend, A & S did not push it from her. Re-watch it.

      • viki55 says:

        And Jill did what she did in keeping with her sense of superiority. Jill was the “connector” and knew everything and everyone. She didn’t do what she did from her heart to help Alex, she did it to prove how powerful she was.

      • Alicia says:

        I didnt say that Alex and Simon pushed for it. I said that Jill was nice to them in season 1.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          you’re entitled to your opinion.

          In MY opinion, Jill befriends anyone she can do a favor for , not out of the spirit of friendship, but as a way to have leverage.

          So who cares if she was “nice” if she had an ulterior motive?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          While you are right, Jill did introduce them to her connection at that school and on the surface, it seems ‘nice’ the problem is that Jill is one of those people who runs around with a measuring stick and ‘notes’.

          She keeps a list of everything she does for someone- along with every perceived transgression that she feels was done to her; then uses it to launch off of.

          I have come to the conclusion that accepting ‘favors’ from JZ, is like asking the Godfather for something. While it might help you in the moment, in the long run it’s just way to costly.

          • Nancy says:

            Jill always has a hidden reason.

          • TLM says:

            I tend to think it was a wash with Jill and the school introduction for the VanKempens. They were looking to climb the social ladder, and they certainly said “Yes! Yes!” to whatever introductions Jill offered. But their kids didn’t get in there anyway.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          I agree with Alicia – Jill was trying to be nice at the beginning of season 1, and Alex and Simon were trying too hard to fit in. There was also a ton of information coming out about Alex and the nude modeling and internet photos that seemed to bug Ramona much more than Jill. Bethenny also ripped Alex and Simon a ton in one blog – I think in season 1 but maybe season 2.

          HOWEVER – everyone has grown and changed since season 1 – some for the better, and some worse. I think Alex has now shown to be thoughtful, and one of the only women not to snipe behind the others’ backs. This is why I like her so much. Ramona’s delivery lacks finesse, but her heart is in the right place. Bethenny’s delivery is very direct and she makes snarky comments in her head shots, but she’s not vindictive. If she dislikes someone she lets them know, then moves on.

          Luanne didn’t seem too bad at first, but the more we got to know her, the less likable she became. Jill’s fall from popular to despised has been the hardest.

      • jillz68 says:

        That doc was super creepy. I watched it on HBO or something and was baffled, horrified, and thankful I never have to worry about that stuff (no kids for me thankyouverymuch!). I think I turned out just dandy going to nursey school at the local church. I got to make a macaroni jesus! How cool was that!

    • PJ says:

      Don’t you remember how horrible everyone was to Alex during the s1 reunion? Wasn’t it during s1 that Jill planted stories about Simon with the press? I don’t think Jill was all that nice to Alex even during s1. I think Jill tolerated her for filming, but has always been very dismissive of Alex.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        I think Jill planted the stories between seasons – and we got to hear about it in the first episode of S2. I think I read Alex refused to film again with Jill unless Jill made that call to apologize. Back then Jill had Bethenny to talk some sense into her and make her play nice. Without Bethenny, Jill became much more toxic.

        • PJ says:

          You’re right, thanks for refreshing my menory. But I still don’t buy Jill as being nice to Alex in s1.

      • TLM says:

        Yes, and Bethenny made fun of Simon’s accent in the S1 reunion, which I thought was below the belt. That is his accent from his native country, not a put-on, and she was acting as though it were an affectation. I think Alex’s way of speaking is affected since she has a “Thurston Howell the 3rd” thing going on, but not Simon’s.

        Bethenny also posted a video making fun of Simon at the end of S1 that went on for so long, and seemed so mean-spirited that I just couldn’t watch the whole thing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dT_FdzWEAjE

        I can’t believe they were willing to be friends with her after that, and I feel the fact that they still were was because they saw she was popular and they wanted to hitch their wagon to a rising star.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      S1 – Alex and Simon were steadily hand fed the social structure of NY scenes and they took their job of educating the viewers seriously. They are both about social contacts and networking, so Bravo tweaked it to appear that they were obsessively trying to break into high society. It is no different than the countess continually pointing out countess stuff – and I doubt she had any of those skills when she bagged the count.

      • TLM says:

        They have been re-running Season 1 on Bravo. If you listen to what both Alex & Simon said on camera, they both sounded like obnoxious, pretentious people who no one would want to be around. Watching it a couple of years later, it comes across just as bad, especially Alex’s trying so hard to sound casual when she spots her photo in the paper the night after the opera and says, “Well, it’s always nice to be photographed.” I just cringe every time I see that scene. I am embarrassed FOR them.

        I watched the old seasons of Jill and I see both where she was nicer than what she ultimately became, and also how she was the same (the whole Mario tennis match idiocy and revenge on Ramona for not inviting her to a dinner party and gossiping to find out who was there). But I feel the same about Silex in Season 1 now as I did watching it the first time. Alex was no better in the reunion that year, spouting obscure quotes that were supposed to wow everyone and only made her sound like more of a pretentious twit, and baiting people to ask her if she had any regrets, only to say, “I regret nothing.” I wanted to gag.

    • Shirleyb says:

      Thanks for bringing up what everyone seems to have forgotten. Jill was great with Alex before. Ramona was mean to her. Remember how they all, including Bethany talked about how Alex and Simon lived in Brooklyn?? Bethany did visit them as well as Jill I think, but Ramona hated them. Remember how Ramona acted at Jill’s dinner party when Alex brought Simon? Does Luann remind anyone besides me of actress Paula Prentiss???

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      read the website for the march sonja was listed as a speaker not grand marshall
      Alex was listed as a speaker as well
      does that ake Sonja a fame whore too

  21. @tweatcyn says:

    Sonja Sonja Sonja. How far you have fallen in my esteem.

    • Caitlin says:

      Amen! She used to make me laugh, and she lightened up a lot of tense scenes last season. But last night, both on the episode itself and on WWHL, I kept cringing for her, praying that “the ugly” and “the sleazy” stuff would end and that the old Sonja would reappear. Perhaps there are substance abuse issues here.

  22. OneMoreInBoston says:


    Hilarious! Courtney Cox when on Howard Stern yesterday and said that David Arquette is obsessed with sex. Good fit for Sonja!

  23. WindyCityWondering says:

    Why does Kelly cringe when the other women talk about sex or dress sexily? She continues to prance around in ill fitting bikinis, posed for Playboy (that objectifys the female body) and wears dresses that barely clear the danger zone? ITA – she has handlers this season, likely on meds, being fed talking head and in scene lines and will eventually go all thar she blows sometime in this season. She was embarrassed by their bickering before the march? Really? Sounded like a spoonfed line to me.

    • Sammysmom says:

      I agree with you about Kelly. Just another day in hypocrisy

    • PJ says:

      Don’t forget the bathing suit that showed half of Kelly’s lady part. I still don’t believe for one second that Kelly didn’t know what was going on. Kelly is as fake as they come and I actually mean that literally.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Ah yes the beef curtains! I remember them well…flailing in the wind, blowing out with each movement on the step and repeat. She was proudly defiant, fellow posters were shell shocked and disgusted, while I was heavily medicated.

  24. Sus says:

    This is probably going to be an unpopular comment. I think Silex is getting exactly what they deserve. The two of them rubbed me the wrong way the first time I saw them on the show. I think they are climbers and will do anything to appear like they are part of NYC Society. It seems like they thought their time may be up on the show and are doing everything possible to create drama. If I had the talent Lynn has with her blog, I’d have one named I hate Alex McCord.

    Alex’s dress at Sonja’s party was very unflattering. When she was out on the street, she looked like she might be pregnant because her tummy was pooching out so much. She needs Jill’s spanx!

    Sonja was completely obnoxious about Simon speaking. She looked terrible. To top it off, David Arquette thought the parade was about Sonja. It was hysterical when he said that on WWHL.

    I’m loving the show. They all are so ridiculous! It’s so much fun to watch. Kelly being the voice of reason was hysterical too.

    • chismosa says:

      i see how Alex came off badly last night but i still HATE JILL ZARIN forever and ever and ever and ever. It was a rough night for Alex and Sonja

    • Noreen says:

      I hated Silex season 1 as well; the were strange, very strange season . But they have grown on me. If I worked on an event for months that was a meaningful cause near and dear to my my heart, I too would be pissed that someone said I couldn’t speak because they made midnight calls and took a princess hissy fit because the day was all about them. Sonja acted like one of those wackadoodle brides on bridezilla. IMO, Sonja created the drama.

      Alex does need to work on her personal style. I noticed in recent photos she looked a little more in shape. She defintely needs to start wearing a bra. I hope it helps with her modelling career. She photographs beautifully.

    • kitkat says:

      Yeah I agree with you about Alex. Sonja imploded last night both on the show and later with Andy. She doesn’t give straight answers to anything, her interview recently in the Daily News had a lot of convoluted double talk that didn’t answer any questions. Her really nasty side came out HARD! But I have a question, why did the Gay Marriage March cater to her demands? Why did they side with her over Alex? They are just as much to blame for the ugliness and Sonja for not giving in to Simon.

      • Noreen says:

        I wonder if Bravo got involved on this one to mix things up.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Ever notice how anyone who befriends Paris Hilton soon goes down hill? Brit, LL, Nicole, etc. Jill is a lot like Paris imo. She drags people down so she herself looks better. And yes the people are allowing themselves to be dragged. But still.

      • nathania says:

        my guess is they assumed Alex knew and was going along with it or she outright lied and told them Alex said it was okay.

        • kitkat says:

          no, Alex pleaded to Sonja “the director (of the march) said Simon could give his speech if you say it’s ok, will you say it’s ok?” And Sonja just. would. NOT. I was blown away watching this! Does she have NO clue how this will play out on camera? I understand in the media game, everyone and Jill Zarin’s mother are out for exclusivity, but come ON, you can NOT be that obvious about it. It looks SO bad. I thought Sonja was smarter than that, but she’s not, she looked GREEDY, and now I know why she got divorced. It was a sliver of the true Sonja and it was ugly.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a social climber. They are all social climbers! I don’t see what’s wrong with trying to improve your station in life. Alex & Simon during Season 1 were just not tactful about it as the others. What always bothered me was not knowing their “endgame.” To what purpose are they trying to make it into a certain society? I mean it’s obvious Sonja, Jill, Luann & Kelly felt that they were made for this Manhattan society world because of they’re so full of themselves. I think Alex & Simon want to just have a good time together and see what other opportunities arise from it.

      • kitkat says:

        when you want something that bad it reeks of desperation and that is a turn off. Something about Silex really irks me. They would not look at me twice at a party because I’m a nobody. I know they are all like that, but I object Alex getting cloaked in this noble and pure essence. Everyone wants a hero to stand up to these Uber Bitches but I don’t think Alex is the one.

    • PJ says:

      Why are Alex and Simon labeled social climbers? What about Countless Luann, Jill, Kelly Beenseemoan and Sonja? How did any of them get their so called social status? Alex and Simon are just trying to earn a living in a bad economy, the rest of these women are social mountaineers. None of these women would have ever been heard of had they not married the men they married. At least Alex married for love. Since when does a person become better than another person just because they have some money? If you want to get rid of backward thinking that is the place to start.

  25. chismosa says:

    oh and will we ever get to the bottom of the wedding being the day before the march or NOT?? they claimed it was on the show but didn’t online detective work show otherwise? So lame

  26. killzarin says:

    Did anyone happen to get Jill’s 0RIGINAL blog? On Bravo earlier the title was called “a little bit of hypocrysy” now its called “permanet Happy” when I went to rad it it said no longer available. Jill, why do that lol? We caught you again! original take down ur

  27. leighmarker says:

    Thanks for the re-cap, I fell asleep right after the white parade, sounds like Alex is getting dumped on alot this season.

    • Maggie says:

      Amen, I wish Bravo would put a stop to that. They have to have someone to chew on. Ego is like a fat pig, it never gets enough to eat and they keep trying to satisfy it by pushing her down. They’ll just find another victim without her.
      I hope Alex & Simon stay, they’ve become like family to those who watch all the time.

  28. Casey says:

    I was shocked watching this episode. I am trying to figure out how to share how I felt and all I came up with is that is was very uncomfortable to watch. I almost could not watch that last part with Sonya kicking Alex out. You could just see how blind sided Alex was. It almost felt like we were invading someones life. I just can’t explain it. If this is what the season is going to be about I don’t think I can watch it anymore.. Just like my old favorite show ER. After awhile I could not watch it because emotionally it was just too much.

    One observation- In my opinion I think there is something wrong with Sonya, like
    psychologically. Even on WWHL she just seemed not all there.

    Lastly, has anyone been following Tamra Barney’s Facebook? A few weeks ago she had like 80,000 fans or so. Now that page seems to be gone and a new one up that appears to have been started a little over a week ago. Any one know what is going on?

    • leighmarker says:

      Casey, is this the one you were looking for?

      • Casey says:

        That is it. I don’t know why I can know longer search for it. I only get that other one. I bookmarked this time.
        Thanks again.

    • Sammysmom says:

      I agree. That is how I felt last night. I tweeted that the show was too much drama too late at night. Thank you for saying what I was feeling and thank you for letting, at least me, know that I was not alone in my feelings.

    • PJ says:

      All the fun has been drained out of this show, now it’s all just drama and mean spiritedness. It is no longer fun to watch. Kelly took all the fun out of the show last season and made it stressful to watch. No one brought the fun back this season.

      I agree with Lynn that Jill is manipulating the show behind the scenes. She tried that before and it backfired on her. Now Jill isn’t saying don’t film with others she is saying attack Alex till she blows and becomes unpopular with the viewers.

      This show has lost something, more than just Bethenny. The show is no longer worth watching. It’s sad that one person is hijacking an entire show and making it unwatchable. If JZ were to be successful and get rid of Alex what would be left?

      • Sam says:

        I agree that the show is no longer fun to watch.

        Bravo is making a mistake by allowing Jill to turn it into a representation of herself. She’s mean, so the show’s mean — and if it keeps on featuring catty women belittling their “inferiors” then I’m going to give up on it.

      • Nancy says:

        A F*&$# B**%#!!

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        ITA & might stop watching if this bunch of bitchy women can’t stop fighting. Jillzilla is at her worst again. If Jill is aiming to ruin Alex this season, then it just might make Alex very popular, like what happened to B last season.

      • nathania says:

        What irks me is that Bravo seemed surprised enough by this that they yanked the show and reworked it for a couple of months, and yet NOTHING has changed.

        We still like who we like. We still can’t stand Jill. We still love Ramona and Alex. We still think Kelly is crazy and Luann could be marketed as a euthanasia solution she’s so boring. We held out judgement on Sonya, but now most of us have seen enough.

        That’s painting with a broad brush and of course there is disagreement in the ranks here and there but the poll results don’t really contradict it.

        I will sound Olivia-esque by saying that this literally IS how stupid Bravo thinks we are. I am sure Bravo will be equally surprised when New Jersey starts and people still loathe the Guidices. There is an article in Bloomberg business this week called ‘the new queen of late night’ about Andy Cohen and the Housewives, it’s short, but it belies any claims by him or others that he isn’t the puppet master behind this show and that his views and attitudes toward the women don’t color what makes it onto the screen. I remember him being equally surprised when Kim Richards won the poll over her sister with about the same percentage of people that voted for Alex over Sonya (just who are these Jill/Kyle/Sonya fans, anyway?)

        It creeps me out that Cohen/Bravo doesn’t get that people like or dislike these women *for a reason*, and it’s not about who is the bitchiest or the richest. He must stay a lot drunker than previously suspected.

  29. LynnNChicago says:

    I have added the WWHL blog to the post. thanks for your patience 🙂

  30. ramonacoaster says:

    Last night’s show was definitely uncomfortable to watch. I felt for Alex being smack dab in the of a bunch of middle-aged barracudas. It’s like their constantly trying to push her head underwater and I can’t understand why. They are all climbing the social ladder and have fallen down a few rungs. Who cares if Alex is climbing along with them? It’s not a contest, dahling. Alex is definitely a fish out water cause she seems genuinely nice and not trying to undercut someone and being treated like a doormat. I’d be mad too if I were Alex with Sonja trying to make it all about her and how it’s her day when Alex & Simon have been working the Marriage Equality event for several months. What were the other organizers thinking? Sonja started that argument at her party and Alex was only defending herself. The only good thing about this episode is that Jill wasn’t in most of the scenes. Which means she can easily leave this show and the drama would continue without her.

    • Nancy says:

      Why didn’t Jill only have few mins of air time?
      Don’t get me wrong, I was happy like a clam. Just wondering.

  31. Adgirl says:

    “Toke up dude”?? Eeek, Lynn.
    Didn’t David recently complete rehab? He’s not high, he’s just a “roll with it” easy guy.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I said “allegedly” 🙂

    • VAgirl says:

      Are you saying he successfully completed rehab, cuz he sure acted high to me and not just a laid back dude.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        David was doing the “circuit” for Scream 4 and WWHL was just one more place he had to be. He clearly doesn’t care about RHNY and from his lack of interest in Sonja’s charms he came off rather funny.

  32. firepainter says:

    Sonya’s screeching over and over “get out of my house” gave me nightmares. MY EARS, MY EARS! What a harpy.

    Also, that crappy painting that Brian did of her she totally deserved. He’s only using her to advance himself. I loved it when that girl ran past Sonya and jumped on him.

  33. RitaFarb says:

    I might be wrong, but I think Sonja said that Kelly’ s wedding gown was in a museum, and that LuAnn got married in jeans.

  34. mbDEa says:

    I have a theory that, for the most part and thus far all of the RH franchise characters have proven correct; the less formal education these women with money have, the worst their behavior.

    Now, it’s just MY theory and perhaps a generalization but hear me out.

    While there is an idealistic belief that there are no classes in America (not really), these reality shows have proven otherwise. I mean, yes, of course we’ve all heard the lower, middle and upper class strata especially in political rhetoric BUT these days the general trend has been to believe that EVERYONE is middle-class or upper-middle class. Somehow it’s a most comforting place to identify with than saying you are poor, the working poor, indigent and likewise boast confidently saying you are upper- class. Seriously, face-to-face, IRL, how many people ever actually verbalize their status, “Why, yes, I am upper-class…yes, I do have wealth at my disposal and of course that makes me upper-class” ? No one really EXCEPT these women…not using these exact words but in so many, many Braggadician ways.

    There is an expert (and I am sorry I forget his name) but he has identified the current class system in the U.S. and he’s written many articles and books on the subject. Anyway, he states that you cannot be past middle-class WITHOUT a formal college (not the JCs, community or trade variety) education. You can have all the money in the world, but if you lack this education, you are not even upper-middle class.

    A formal college education gives you not just an academic education but life lessons in behavior. It forces you into social situations where you observe, learn and mature to maneuver social situations and inter-personal relationships in real life. REGARDLESS of what anyone who has not attended college might defensively try to counter.

    Without the benefit of such an education, people use the only tools they own; high school behavior; OC, NY, NJ, BH, MIA, DC

    It would be interesting to see the education PEDIGREE of these women. Seriously, has the C-YOU-NEXT-TUE –LESS ever attended a university? Her boring proclamations of “breeding and manners” not withstanding, she also stated often that she used to be a model. So that does make me wonder, did she bypass a formal education on her way to a “modeling” career? It happens and it explains so much.

    I don’t believe for a second that Jill has a formal college education or that she finished one.

    Sonjia herself stated she went to a trade school then married-up.

    Ramona clearly has no formal education (maybe, maybe a community college or trade school) but it’s obvious she has not benefitted from a formal education where she would have learned to censor her mouth.

    Kelly, well, I doubt she even finished high school since her behavior and communications are more in-line with a 12-year-old girl.

    Ironically, Alex’s communication style, behavior, intelligence and demeanor is more of what you might expect from someone who has a formal education. I state IRONICALLY because these women have ALL tried to demean her, constantly stating she is “beneath” THEM(?)!

    Perhaps that’s why she rubs them the wrong way. They sense she is actually better than them and it drives them PSYCHOTIC because they perceive her finances to be less than theirs and “how dare she act more poised, more intelligent, more coherent and behaves better?” Theirs is exactly the thinking of someone who is insecure about that which they criticize most –their own failings and fears about longing to be upper-class (WANNABES)

    I believe the same can be applied to MOST of the other wives of all the HW franchises. They are Jerry Springer characters with money.

    There is a saying in Spanish that is very similar to one in English, “Even if the chimp dresses in silks, she is still a chimp.” LuAnne, Sonja, Ramona, Kelly…banana daiquiris?

    • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

      Good post. Alex and Simon are both very well spoken and I much prefer hearing them write and speak to Kiki’s “Hi-eeeeeeeee!” and “like, like”.

      Alex does rub the others the wrong way, they can’t stand it.

      Both Sonja and Ramona went to FIT. LuAnn went to school for nursing, then became a model.

      • mbDEa says:

        All trades schools that doubtfully offer any western heritage, world culture, liberal arts, theology, literature, communication or social sciences. Many (again generalizing of course) of the schools that ofer degrees in nursing or fashion schools only focus on TRAINING for a job that they package and re-label as “careers.”

        Kim Zolciak also has a nursing degree. Enough said.

        • mbDEa says:

          “offer” ; P

        • Christine says:

          Kim does not have a nursing degree. She claims she went to UCONN but she has only a certification as an LPN, something that UCONN doesn’t offer. They only offer Bachelor’s of Nursing and Masters’ in Nursing. To become and LPN in Connecticut (and her license is from there) you can take a 8-10 week course or get an Associate’s from a community college.

          • mbDEa says:

            Either way, I believe she still proves the same point. LuAnn might also just have an LPN but rather that getting mired in the minutia of their trade-school degrees, it’s obvious non of these women have an ivy-league education (not just academic).

          • neroes says:

            I think that course is for a nurses aide. My schooling in Fl. was 2years at night and every other weekend clinical s in the hospital. Also all practical nurses have to take and pass state boards before they can work and have licensed put before the pn. Each year after we have to have so many hours added to keep our license.

            • PJ says:

              I have several friends that are nurses, or their daughter’s are nurses, and you are correct it is no 8 to 10 week course, even for an LPN. They all have at least a four year degree and some have six year degrees. A couple of them teach at a local college. I have no idea where the poster would get the idea that it’s an 8 to 10 week course.

              • Kellita says:

                That’s correct. I’m an RN, and I have my Bachelor’s Degree. Maybe the poster is thinking of a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). That’s a quick program that can be done in up to 4 wks. I thought Lou Ann was an RN, so she must have a college degree.

          • kmuellfa says:

            Usually, an associates degree (from a CC) in nursing enables you to sit for the NCLEX, which is the RN licensing exam. In Illinois, the LPN program is one year long and they have a different licensing exam.
            I am in a nursing program at a community college. FYI, it is the #2 program in the state behind Rush University, and they have a record of 100% NCLEX pass rate. A fellow student who was in the honors program at DePaul is failing out of the class.
            On top of all that, I applied to this program so I could graduate with no debt (in the way of student loans). I do plan to get my BSN, the healthcare system I work for now will give RN’s $8K a year to do just that.

            • Maggie says:

              LPN takes 1 year
              Registered Nurse 2 years AA degree in school with nursing program.

              Or has that changed in the last years!

        • Nancy says:

          You are wrong. To get a degree in nursing you first have to get your AA then your RN and finally your BS. It takes 4 years if you go full time. They are the same classes MD’s take that are called “pre-med”.
          Kim from Atlanta does NOT have a nursing degree. She has a LVN license that takes around 2 years to get.
          They (the LVN’s) don’t need an AA degree first.

      • Christine says:

        Kelly’ s father is an attorney and her mother is an interior designer. Her father said in the Rockford, Illinois Register that Kelly graduated from Columbia with, are you ready for this, a degree in Journalism. They must be so proud of her representing them on RHoNY.

        • mbDEa says:

          I seriously doubt the legitimacy of Kelly’s degree. She can barely string two sentences together. I wonder what Columbia might have to say about her, though, IF they would even bother?

          • Noreen says:

            Kelly went to Columbia General Studies which is for non-traditional students and people who just want to take a course at Columbia. There is nothing wrong with the GS program, but it is not the same as going to Columbia. I have searched high and low for proof of Kelly’s degree on line. She is not listed as an alumni. Has anyone found anything else. The woman gives of tours of her house, her purses, her plastic horse, her pink sofas, but no degree yet has been shown on the tours.

            • PJ says:

              You’re right if Kelly had a degree from Columbia she would copy her diploma and paper her house with it. Her degree is probably as real as the bullying she experienced last year when she had her breakthrough.

    • TLM says:

      Until recently I kept reading that Alex went to Northwestern. She did go there, but just briefly, and dropped out.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Alas, both Sonja and LuAnn want to believe that even though they weren’t to the manor born they somehow still belong there. Putting socio economics aside – neither understand the true nature of the group they aspire to belong to – money can’t buy you class, especially if you always act like an ass. Or as Jill would say – just because you say it doesn’t make it so!

    • leighmarker says:

      very interesting and thought provoking I wonder if there is anyway we can find out about their education?

    • kitkat says:

      Good post. Class: A Guide Through the American Status System by Paul Fussell is the book you’re thinking of I think. I think they go after Alex because she is awkward. She is not smooth. Say what you want about Luann, she is cool, I’ve never seen her get really riled up or embarrassed, the only one that could get close was Bethenny. Luann is great with a snide aside but not that great with direct, unexpected confrontation (last year’s fashion show. Ramona can navigate socially. Jill is as low class as it gets, that’s why she is really the most vicious out of all of them, but also the most transparent so somewhat neutered, you can see her intentions. Something about Alex bugs me and I can’t put my finger on it. She DOES act above it all, she IS pretentious, but her negatives get lost next to these sharks. I DESPISE the rest of them with the heat of a million burning suns!

    • error404 says:

      This is my main problem with your theory: you compare the women, and that IMO is not the issue.

      The whole idea of “society” as in upperclass elite is sexist, and little to do with the wives.

      Sexed up golddigger or not, there is no friggin way Sonja would be allowed on this show if she was still married. Joining it cost her society friends as it is, and it is only her post divorce pariah status that has her reuniting with fellow cast out LuAnn, and wild girlfriend dumped once she married into society Ramona.

      The “count” was always D-List society anyway, but Countless, LuAnn is a washed up nobody and she knows it. She needs RHNY $ just to buy her next meal.

      Bawby is a tacky low class new money grease ball in DISCOUNT RETAIL!!!, with a LI Lolita trophy 2nd wife to match. He’s not society, and certainly wouldn’t even be faux society in any other city but $ worshiping NY.

      Mario and Ramona: Italian/Irish Catholic/Jews society? BWabhahahahaha But they are honest hard working people who married for love.

      Gilles Bensimon is a bored playboy who would sell his own grandmother for 15 minutes on a talk show. Kiki is society in that rainbow strewn fantasy world that exists only in her head.

      Bethenny was the only cast member who actually grew up with the fame/money they all crave so desperately, which is why they all kissed her ass. But having had it, she dismissed it as bullshit and they will never forgive her rejecting their god.

      Alex is actually closer to society than her husband, having grown up semi-posh, and it is THIS that is at the crux of their hatred for her. She not only failed to bag a sugar daddy, but “gasp* married a rung lower on the ladder. She is to be pitted and scorned.

      • Karen says:

        Error you rock, your my Bethenny, my Greek chorus

      • kitkat says:

        error, you’re pretty great and you had me ’till the end…am I wrong to feel that they hate Alex because she’s just a dork and dorks aren’t allowed to mouth off to the “cool girls”.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        Actually the divorce got Sonja dumped from high society circles. She was only there by marriage anyway.

        I’m really disappointed in her change from last season. Sonja, you’ve become an ugly Jill-type.

    • ImaJillHater2 says:

      I get your point & I do agree with you.

      As an aside, I was shocked at last season’s footage of Luann in the recording studio when the producer made a remark about Itzhak Perlman and clearly Luann didn’t know who he was. She then remarked he was a great SINGER.

      I was pretty dumbfounded at her ignorance, especially since she likes to remnind everyone she so “up here”.

      • kitkat says:

        that’s RIGHT! I missed that until you just pointed that out now!! Wow. Money Can’t Buy You Class….indeed.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      I’m sure Steve Jobs will be pleased to know he can NEVER pass middle class.

      meanwhile I know Harvard PHd’s that can barely pay their rent.

      What a load of crap!

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      Most of the posters on this board have more education than ALL of the RHONY housewives combined…I’m judging by what you are writing in your posts. Alex stands out because she is intelligent. Ramona stands out IMO because she overcame her dysfunctional family & made it all on her own. Bethenny got the heck out of RHONY & will never miss this bunch. B doesn’t give a $%&## about “social climbing.” She’s more interested in making $.

      There really isn’t a class system per se in the US. You can live in a mansion because you are good at business or maybe crime. People live in their own circles that they create. FWIW, I don’t base my friendships on money, education, or “class.” It matters to me more what kind of person you are & whether or not you have honesty, integrity, a moral compass and a kind heart.

      Would you really want to be friends with any of the ladies on RHONY? I watch them, but would never befriend any of them.

    • Crimson Rain says:

      Alex dropped out of school. She never finished university. She was a theatre major, got a temp gig, took off a quarter and never went back. http://www.dailynorthwestern.com/15-minutes-with-alex-mccord-real-housewife-of-nyc-and-northwestern-dropout-1.2216086

      If you are talking about intellectualism, IMO they all fall short. I have yet to see anyone that has participated in reality shows other than some of the competition type shows that could be intellectuals.

      I also know and have known many people through my life that have either never finished university or never went that have more intellectual prowess than those that struggled through their undergraduate making it by the skin of their teeth, and more prowess than those that were at the top of their class.

      Heck, my first chimney sweep here was one of the most well read, naturally smart people I had come across in a while. Perhaps real success and class resides in people truly being happy in their chosen field and happy in their communities, families and world.

      Money can’t buy you class, but neither can a university degree.

  35. WindyCityWondering says:

    Sonja may be having an identity crisis – clearly she wants to be seen as sex on a stick hot, yet she wants to be the society hostess with class, wit, charm, grace and elegance. After the beatdown she served on Alex it was so much fun to see the painting by Brian – she looked like an old, over used party hag that just woke up from her alcohol induced haze.

  36. Adgirl says:

    I’m so disappointed in everyone on this show. Can’t any of these ladies handle conflict in a constructive manner? They are all acting so ugly and mean spirited. Shame on them.

    I don’t even know if I can watch a full season of this show. It stresses me out to listen to real fighting on tv. It’s like the last 2 minutes of a tied football game. Sometimes I have to leave the room because I’m so hyped up by the tension.

    • LoriOkie says:

      I hear you Adgirl. I just don’t have the stomach to watch these women behave like middle school mean girls gleefully stabbing each other in the back The only person I can even remotely relate to is Alex, but her lack of killer instinct impedes her efforts to defend herself against “The Real Harridans of New York.” Those scenes with Alex and Sonja made my stomach hurt. I had to leave the room too. My husband suggested I change the channel. What a novel idea! I won’t be watching anymore. Frankly, I think the entire Housewives franchise has run its course. I don’t know if I am just getting soft in my old age, but I don’t enjoy watching any of the housewive’s drama anymore. I think I will stick with “Bethenny Ever After.” Bethenny’s show is funny and touching and much more enjoyable to watch.

  37. Rabble Rouser says:

    Great blog and comments so far…

    Here is my take on it..

    I think from the get go, Alex came across as a little hurt and disappointed that Sonja was asked to be the “Grand Marshall”. I think was an event that she worked long and hard on and felt that at the last moment Sonja was sweeping in and getting all the accolades.

    Sonja’s ego is just out of control and it seems like her narcissism has far surpassed ANY housewife on ANY show.

    As far as Sonja being the only person from the HW franchise being allowed to speak, I have to blame the organizers for pandering to such an outrageous demand.

    But what it evolved into was such an outrageous clash of egos, it didn’t make any of the women look good. The fact that it was Alx who was scheduled to speak, but they decided that Simon would do it started to refresh my initial feelings of Simon trying way to hard to integrate himself on a HOUSEWIFE show.

    Alex’s comment to Jill asking her if she was asked to speak probably wasn’t a dig at Jill but an opportunity for Alex to pit Jill and Sonja against each other…but given that Jill already told her that she wasn’t even planning on being there it was taken as an attack about her commitment to the event.

    Alex’s comment to her boys about “Don’t climb up her leg” was childish and inappropriate. It smacked of the same type of idiotic behavior that some divorced parents resort to when they use their children to convey passive aggressive remarks about each other. Alex gets a big BOO for that one, especially when she protests that her offense is that her children should be off limits.

    The painting of Sonja was UGLY. I can only imagine she now knows how Picasso’s wife felt.

    Kelly totally pulled a Sahali at the Gucci dinner.

    LuAnn is a bore- and it seems like her niche this season is critiquing people’s wardrobes and telling them to shut up. Ever so classy.

    • MickeyMouth says:

      I see things similarly. NY has always been my favorite franchise and acting like NJ will not endear me.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      Kelly totally pulled a Sahali at the Gucci dinner. That is not only hysterical but accurate.

    • Mum says:

      I have disagree about the grand marshall, remember it was Alex’ idea to wear the wedding dresses. Typically the grand marshall would be someone with name recognition. What I don’t understand is why the asked Sonja? All she can bring is the Morgan name, maybe that is impressive to some people, but it is not her family name, it’s her ex’s. Where you have these passionate two people who believe in the cause, why would you ruin by asking Sonja to be the grand marshall when she is clueless about your organization. Effort put into having a march, advocating legal recognition in marriage made the MENY organization come off like some unorganized beginners. I really, really want MENY to come to the defense of Alex and Simon.

    • Mum says:

      I read somewhere that Kelly was invited by Gucci, it maybe that when Ramona saw Kelly with Sonja, she presumed that Kelly was to sit at her table. However, this is not anything to hold against Ramona, actually Ramona under the circumstances wanted to make a place for Kelly and for that she gets my mazel of the week and Kelly is the jackhole for commenting about Ramona’s age difference, can you say insulting.

      • error404 says:

        last year Kelly asked to rearrange the seating chart at Ramona birthday and R had a similar dither. R is a self-confessed control freak. Kiki is one of those people that has to make absolutely everything somehow all about them. Even her penchant for arriving late and leaving early is stealing the focus away and on to herself.

        • PJ says:

          People who are always late have a hidden agenda. They are egotistical and have no regard for others. Do we see any of these traits in Kelly?

        • indy anna says:

          didn’t Ramona have specific gifts for each woman at that luncheon? She gave each one a piece of her jewelry and picked what she thought that person would want. That was why she was upset when Kelly and Jill began switching places.

          • LynnNChicago says:

            Thats right Indy, she said that she hand picked one of her pieces for each guest and that is why she didn’t want them changing seats. I suppose it would have been fairly simple to switch the two gift bags but we’ve seen Ramona do seating charts a lot, I think she likes them and she likes people to stick to them

            • PJ says:

              Ramona is right, it’s rude to switch seats when there is a seating chart. If Jill and Kelly had any class they would understand that.

    • Nancy says:

      Could you imagine what would have happened if Alex and Jill switched places?
      Jill would insist the parade be shut down. I can hear her now.
      Sonia telling Jill she wouldn’t have the spot light this time.

  38. Adgirl says:

    So, Sonja lost the WWHL vote in a landslide. Will she be calling Jill’s attorney to demand an adjustment??

  39. WindyCityWondering says:

    Someone needs to tell both LuAnn and Sonja that their society standings were taken away from them when their husbands dumped them as neither come from one of “those” families. They can continue to act like they are up the ladder but they are not – filming RHNY only furthers their fall and likely will bar them from future events…. They are correct that Alex should be quiet, but then so should they!

  40. Mookies1mom says:

    Last season I thought let’s see what Sonja does. (I did the same when Alex and Simon joined the cast.) I was somewhat impressed when she realized the deal with Kelly on Scary Island. My opinion of Sonja dropped when she got her DUI. Last night it dropped even further, much, much further. Any good hostess would have said let’s get together another time to discuss what happened. Instead she goes off on Alex and then tells her that she has no manners. Pot I like to introduce you to the kettle.

    Alex and Simon had every right to be angry that she would not give the ok for them to speak. It was not her day. It was not a charity. So, clearly Sonja was out of her element. She couldn’t even get her story straight on WWHL.

    These “ladies” think they are so high in the social register. Please. I’ve seen people that make less in a year than these women spend on a purse have more class and social grace then Luann, Kelly, Jill and Sonja.

    • error404 says:

      The drama needs some levity to balance it out. s2 we had B’s humor to lighten the tedious Jill vs Ramona squabling. s3 we had Sonja’s bawdy humor to lighten the tedious Bethenny bullying. s4 there is NO levity, no humor, no lightness. Monday’s BEA episode was such a “feel good” elixir from the hangover that is the tedious petty drama that is RHOC and RHNY, and even last week’s ep of BEA 4oth bd meltdown. Not to be a broken record but…. Jill has donned her leather coat, revved up her motorcycle and RHNY has well and truly jumped the snark.

    • Mum says:

      Yeah, apparently money can’t buy class. Cause there is nothing classy about these ladies. Hey maybe that is the problem Alex is the one with all the class and knows how to be a lady.

  41. Sammysmom says:

    This is my comment to Jill (which we will probably never see on Bravos website but she asked for good blogs…”You should read the I hate Jill Zarin blog. The name sounds bad but it is full of good information, facts, interviews, clips, photos and is actually a really positive place that we all discuss, break down the show and talk about everyday housewive stuff. We have become a close knot family and share good and bad things that happen to us. It really is more of a love blog than hate. The name just stuck so people could find it easier.”

  42. TLM says:

    I just laughed my ass off… Rosie Pope is on in the background, and I could have SWORN she asked this mom-to-be, “Do you plan to sacrifice the baby?” Thank God it was on my computer, so I could rewind. She asked her if she planned to circumcise the baby. My stomach was still hurting when she said something else to this woman that I didn’t even have a clue what it was. I was too lazy to rewind.

    Who, or what, is that freak with the cartoon sheepdog hair working with Rosie?

    What pregnant woman wants to work with someone like that? It’s like Patty Stankass with her two freaks at the front office who are deciding which women to pick and telling them whether they’re appropriately dressed or not. Umm, what??

    • Adgirl says:

      Her lispy impediment or whatnot cracks me up. She sounds like a 7 year old missing her front teeth.

  43. aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

    I haven’t been keeping my notes with this blog but what happened to the commentor Olivia? She had great posts, especially about RHNY!

    • error404 says:

      As funny as her posts were, her whole thesis seemed to be that Bravo insults our intelligence, so I assume she just got fed up with being played and stopped watching.

  44. error404 says:

    “she could have saved herself by apologizing for her error”

    Ok Lynn, 1. I am not “Sonja’s error”! I am my own error damn it. and 2. I never apologize and certainly don’t have other people apologize for me. Get it right next time!


  45. Mum says:

    If anyone comes up with a way to support Silex I want to be apart of that movement. The way the battle axes talk about Alex and Simon makes me sick. Sonja and Luanne, are literally tramps and floozy’s.

    • error404 says:

      I know that Andy said there will be no more spin offs, but I haven’t thrown the towel in yet. If Dina and Danielle can get their own shows, Silex seems like a shoe in.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I can’t tweet so I’d like to be a part too. They should know they do have support and that we think Jill, Lu, and Sonja are off base.

  46. Dani says:

    Ok, I just finished watching last nights episode and have not read the comments. However, I do have one question. Why did Sonja have a handbag hanging off of her arm at her own party in her home???? Wow, I have to say I never carry a handbag around when I am having a party.

    • Noreen says:

      I noticed that too. It was a little odd. What do you think she had in the purse?

      • Mookies1mom says:

        She also made some comments that made me think “Is she still living there full time?” Maybe she is renting the place out and only uses it during filming?

        I couldn’t help but laugh watch the people outside thinking back to last season with her dogs using it as their bathroom.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          hmmm…interesting…she did seem like she was just visiting didn’t she?
          When she was checking how the party planners/caterers (who knows/who cares) set up the party she did seem like she as only just arriving.

          maybe she was kicked out? But I thought the townhouse was part of her settlement?

          • Caitlin says:

            You mean her divorce settlement? Did she not file Chapter 7, listing 19 million in debts after that settlement? And I have to wonder if they will cover her financial woes on this season of RHNYC? Perhaps that is why we are seeing so much evidence of substance abuse with her.

            • PJ says:

              Someone posted that she filed the bankruptcy before she got the settlement so she could clear her debts before the settlement. I have no idea if this is true or not.

              • Caitlin says:

                What is it financially with so many of the Housewives — they seem to have a sense of entitlement money-wise and lifestyle-wise? No matter how much debt they have, the luxe lifestyle goes on and on. This “trick” doesn’t work in my world!

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          IIRC – the first floor was the entertaining floor for the various events she holds there. She was filmed to inspect how the art installation and refreshments were being done. Probably she still lives there but I thought it was mentioned that she was thinking of selling it when the bankruptsy stuff hit the news.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            well, how do you know any of this? because Sonja said so.
            yeah- I get it.
            but the way it looked was like she just rolled up to her own house and was carrying her purse LIKE A VISITOR.

      • katlg says:

        Her speech.

      • Dani says:

        Maybe it was Mace lol.

      • TLM says:

        An evening’s supply of condoms?

        Just a wild guess.

      • Nancy says:

        KY jelly.

  47. Mum says:

    The funniest moment for me came when Kelly was trying to explain that she couldn’t get along with Ramona because of the differences in their ages. I was like Ramona looks better that your leathery sun exposed skin. Hillarious.

    • PJ says:

      Kelly Beenseemoan is no spring chicken, and she looks every bit her age. BTW how old does Kelly think Jill is?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It also helps explain Jill’s new youthful look – she doesn’t want to be Kelly’s mother – she wants to be Kelly’s sister.

      • DiaBLa says:

        “She is 8 whole years older than me” …….I just about spit out my PinotGrigio on that comment!!!!!

    • nathania says:

      did anyone see Sonya’s blog with her question ‘what do you think about Ramona being so much older?’

      it was phrased very strangely. A few people here suggested last season that Sonya was ‘holding back’ and those folks hit the nail on the head; Sonya was getting the lay of the land and casing the joint to get her schemes and moves in line, now she is relaxed and her true colors are shining through, less like a rainbow and more like a pit viper.

  48. HD says:

    Haven’t seen the show yet but it appears either Alex needs to learn to run with the big dogs or stay on the porch.

    Bethanny was near and dear to my heart. Alex not so much. I think this is all a contrived argument that all started last season. She had no REAL reason to be mad at Jill. A comment about your kids crawling up someone’s leg caused that much rage within you?

    Now it’s Alex and Jill’s season to argue. Argue over what? Alex did have on a spike studded dress (it looked like spikes) that does resemble S&M wear with those crisscrosses. Don’t ask me why I know just TRUST that I know. Luann’s comment was funny. It just was. Even though I can’t stand Jill I am now not all of a sudden going to think that something isn’t funny. When Bethanny is getting in her little one liners it’s all good. Luann got in a good one.

    I am not feeling Alex this season. Stop arguing with everyone because it appears she is trying to look relavent. So what Sonia made it about her and not gay pride. Was she wrong? Yes of course. Do people do that all the time? Of course they do! Is that a reason to flip out, no. Calm down. She looked infuriated when they were trying on dresses. So what Sonia wants to feel important. Who cares. Your job is to march. Do you.

    Was Alex on the schedule to say anything? If not, let it go. Simon didn’t get to give his speech in his rainbow sit jacket. Who was this really about, you or the march event. If Alex is mad about Sonia making it about her she needs to take a look at herself but she and Simon seem to be making about them and a speech and who got to say what and who didn’t. I question their reasons for even wanting to speak so desperately if they were not slated to. Hmmm

    Alex is a trip this season. She gets no love from me on this end. I need to watch her some more this season but as for right now, she looks like the unpopular girl in the lunchroom trying to hang with the cheerleaders. And she is failing miserably. Alex doesn’t have the personality and basically the balls to hang with these women. They will eat her alive every time which is why she looks so damn lost and hurt this season. If I was Alex I would say eff em all and get off that damn show. But of course she wouldn’t do that. She still has 8 minutes of her 15.

    • Alicia says:

      Very well said HD!!!!! You hit the nail on the head perfectly!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Here, Here

    • Noreen says:

      I don’t think Alex can afford to leave the show, but if she could afford it, it is time.

      • HD says:

        I’m going to call it like I see it, Alex and Simon wouldn’t know what to do without that show. They love the attention, they love the cameras, they love the perks (which is fine). But I will never forget Simon and Alex scouring the social pages to see if they made it in the press. This is what they do. It is what it is and that is just the truth. We all saw it on season one so I am confused why everyone has gotten amnesia. If I am making this up, someone call me on it.

        If Simon wasn’t so damn concerned with fitting in, he wouldn’t keep shoving Jill down Alex’s throat. I wish I had problems with someone that I don’t like and who clearly doesn’t like me and my husband keeps saying make up. Give me a break. Your wife doesn’t like the woman why does she have to go stand next to them at the party? I would ride or die for my SPOUSE eff Jill and her clique. Simon always does that because he wants to fit in with that crowd. I cannot be the only one that sees this illusion they have painted. I can run down a whole list of stuff.

        • HD says:

          *When I said which is fine, I meant just own it. Like Kim K’s mom that woman parlayed her daughter’s sex tape into millions upon millions. She owned it and makes no apologies for it.

          Simon and Alex know just what they are doing.

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            I can see you are not feeling Silex, but do you think the others don’t scour the the society pages too? Of course they do. Difference is they weren’t filmed doing so. They have google alerts for there names and the other castmembers too. It is a competition on RHONY as to who get the most press. Jill wins hands down!

            This season i’m angry at Alex because she’s a newjack to chick fights and is losing badly. She argues with the passion of someone trying to correct a wrong vs. Jill, Sonja, Luann and Kelly who agrue with the venom and scorn of practiced mean girls who’ve tortured and ostracized their victims since the days in the school yard. Ramona, on the other hand argues with guns blazing, a neurotic tornado that even uses the kitchen sink, thereby throwing the meangirls into a tizzy. She’s their true kryptonite. As long as Alex remains a novice in the genre of cat fighting, she’ll just be a juicy morsel to be devoured by JKL and S. She needs to toughen up, get her one liners together, scoop in and get out quick!

            Yo Silex! Feel free to take all of our insults @IHJZ and hurl them at the mean girls during the reunion. Trust me, you’ll get a spin off yet! LOL 🙂

            • Amber...Real Wife says:

              Oops sorry. They check for “their names” in the press with google alerts yada yada yada! Saw that S3.

              • HD says:

                @ Amber…yes, we did see that at Season 3 but out the gate we saw that with Alex and Simon. I am certain all of them do it now but Season 1 I am gonna step out on a limb and say no one was really checking for Google alerts. We didn’t even know who these women were. And quite honestly the fight b/w Jill and B is what launched this show into another zone and that just happened last season.

                I agree about Alex which is why I think she needs to just leave it alone. She will never win. Even that line you are a mean girl and while you’re being (whatever she said) I am in Brooklyn making a living. What? Okay…Alex needs to come to my school of telling someone off. 🙂

          • lovemamaearth says:

            I get your points, but pimping out your daughter will always get an “ewwww” from me, owning it or not.

            There’s something likeable about Alex & Simon, whether it was Lynn’s stories of them here & recaps of their book or whatever. I don’t think there’s enough “to them” to carry their own show otherwise I’d bet they’d love to leave the den of vipers they’re currently mingling with.

        • Alicia says:

          Could not have said it better HD! A lot of people have a serious case of amnesia about Simon/Alex. I dont. Just like you I remember very well them looking to see if they made the society page. Uggghhh….
          Good to know I am not the only one who thinks this way.

    • nathania says:

      re: Alex.

      Simon may or may not have lost his job thanks to Jill so Alex is even more motivated to ‘stay on’ at RHONY because she is their only income apparently at this point. It might be painful for her to do this but she knows that she is assuring herself and her family an income, which is pretty honorable.

    • kitkat says:

      brava! agree 100%!

    • sadtwat says:

      Not really…

  49. kitkat says:

    Cindy is a mouth-breather and it drives me crazy. I keep wanting her to blow her nose. She reminds me of the Lilly Tomlin toddler character that sat in a giant rocking chair and ended every skit with “and that’s the truth” raspberry. Ewww.

    • Noreen says:

      “mouth breather” – LOL!

    • Adgirl says:

      Edith Ann. LOL.

      Cindy’s two part face makes me crazy. Upstairs (nose up) is completely smooth and filled/botoxed. Downstairs (mouth & chin) is really saggy and dimpled.

      • OneMoreInBoston says:

        she does look like Lily Tomlin!

        Cindy has “pebble chin” some women get it as they age, and you can use fillers, Botox and/or laser to get rid of it.

        I just don’t understand why she’s such a hot mess, and she does this for a living? I avail myself of any and everything because I get it for FREE! What’s this chick’s excuse?

    • error404 says:

      My name is Edith Ann and that’s the truth Pttttthhhhh!

  50. Zoey says:

    I wish Alex and Simon would win a huge lottery, then we’d see who would come sniffing around to be their friend! I bet they all would!

  51. Mum says:

    my last & final comment, if I were on this show, I would do everything I could to destroy any existence of the show and my involvement.

  52. lillybee says:

    It appeared to me that Kelly wore the same dress to the Pucci event and then to Sonja’s party.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      It seems like they all are recycling dresses this season.

      I think it’s a purposeful act on their part to act like they also in the grips of a recession. I am sure that they are and someone of them probably have more debit than all of us combined but at the same time, we all know they could have ‘borrowed’ some gowns.

      • HD says:

        I noticed lots of recycled dresses as well. I honestly got the impression that just perhaps popularity is waning. If I was a designer I would give B an outfit, who has her own show, lots of apprearances on TV, hip, trendy, fashionable versus continuing to give up my designs to Jill or Luann. These shows have run their course and with that goes the freebies.

  53. Kelly_Has_Big_Shoulders says:

    I guess Sonja is taking a page out Jill’s play book, she has deleted my comment on her FB page four times. So I will post my comment here instead. I’m very sad the Sonja has turned out this way I really liked her last season.

    Sorry Sonja I liked you last season but last night you acted like a REAL BITCH!!! You kick someone out of your own home and accuse them of having no manners, when you were the one who started the conversation yet when Alex was trying to explain her side you wouldn’t listen. You were the RUDE one with NO MANNERS!! I hope this was a glitch and that this is not the real you.

    • kbinldo says:

      Dunno, but if someone called me a “bitch” on my FB page, I’d delete it too. Why not try again & leave that word out of the mix?

  54. WindyCityWondering says:

    For all of Ramona’s marriage equality statements – she was not at the parade. Nor was she at Sonja’s painting party. She is smart – Bravo is throwing her in the middle of kitten fights and she is staying out of them the best she can.

  55. WindyCityWondering says:

    Oddly enough there are NO comments on Bravo’s Jill Blog – have the interns finally given up? Has Bravo given up? Or is it simply a case of “if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all????

    • Noreen says:

      I have not been able to pull up any of the comments to the blogs. It says there are comments, but they don’t show up. Am I the only one with this problem? I will try again.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Most of us are here because we stopped trying there!

        • Noreen says:

          They probably can’t find any positive comments to post. When you read the comments under Bethenny’s blog, it is like this one: people talking to each other. I bet Bethenny, being a producer, told them to let it roll and not police it.

          • quincyil says:

            I think that Bethenny reads this blog too. She probably can’t real all of the comments everynight, but I bet she looks sometimes.

        • twoile says:

          @WCW I don’t even bother to visit Bravo site at all, 2 contrived. I get more from Lynn’s blog than ever received from Bravo =)

    • VAgirl says:

      Look again, WCW!

  56. FlowerPower says:

    People.com has a poll for Alex vs Sonja. When I looked, Alex was ahead.


    • Caitlin says:

      Another landslide in Alex’s favor!

    • twoile says:

      @FP, I think people (we) r voting 4 the underdog vs bitch rather than the best performer. IMHO TLM from prior blog pg assessed the situation with Alex on point, & with constructive suggestions that if Alex is as unaware as she seems 2 b, she will have little 2 no possibilities after this “show”. Simon’s best attribute towards his career in hospitality may have been his skill in “overlooking” insults & schmooozing etc, hence his ability in “friending”, the onerous Zill, but in pissing off Alex. Don’t think thier sharing office space works well 4 Alex, her modeling career will last as long as her hw show. As likable as the Van’s r they need more introspection 2 redo themselves, & there is a reason ETOH is called courage in a bottle…..even champagne.Peace 😉

  57. ILoveB says:

    They ALL Suck! Just in different ways. This show is missing it’s Star – Ms Bethenny and I feel like ALL of these weirdos to a certain degree are trying to fill her shoes and they just can’t. They are not funny and are all so boring. I would take Bethenny’s sharp, emotional mood swings over this snooze-fest and petty arguments any day.

    The first mistake Alex made is entering this season with that big ugly chip on her shoulder and the second mistake is still allowing her big ugly lump of a husband to be front and center on her HW show. Simon is so up her ass all the time they have become one person/entity. All the comments about “I feel so bad for Simon and Alex” HELLO it’s her show. When was the last time you said I feel bad for Mario and Ramona, Bobby and Jill, Luann and Ugly Wine Dude, Kelly and her Horse????? Simon needs to get off the HW show, go get a job you loser.

    Sonja didn’t handle the situation well, no one involved or in the HW cast did. Standard HW stuff no one has enough class or sense to take the high road. Alex, Simon, and Sonja were all way too caught up in getting attention for their “Charitable” contribution for this event. Lime light won. But the argument should have been between Alex and Sonja. Why should Sonja put up with Simon yelling in her ear? I wouldn’t and I would expect my “friend” to tell her husband to “STFU, I’ll handle it”. Perhaps Alex can direct some of that aggression towards her husband.

    I never liked Alex and Simon when they are together and I will never like Simon.
    I think Alex is great solo. Simon has always given me the creeps. When I think he should have his wife’s back he does not and when he should be quiet and let Alex deal he sticks his nose in. He is a very self serving kind of person, has been since S1. He talks over Alex and doesn’t let people get to know her, it’s like they come as a package deal and I do believe he is VERY controlling. Frankly, I think he would be very embarrassing to have as a mate. The guy is an Ass. And while I don’t doubt he loves her, his actions scream of how self centered he is. Let her be. But now that I know that Alex can scream and fight with the best of them, it’s up to her to keep her hubby in-check. He is her problem to deal with and this show has turned him into a monster.

    Jill – has not changed – still a vile person and always will be

    Luann – is- was- and will always be a bitch who married into money, was shoved into society, given a title and thinks she is better than everyone else. She’s just a big old mean drag queen. By the way, her BF is so very ugly, not fair to compare him to Ross. I’m sure there is a hidden green card agenda at the core of his love for her.

    Kelly – the biggest waste of space and so very fake, what a sad person. I can’t wait to see her demise, I just hope the cameras are rolling while it happens.

    Sonja – just an old bitter whore, that picture told the real story. Like Luann another person who married into it and now think they are above everyone else.

    Ramona – I still love to watch her, she is good TV and I hope she shreds the rest of this cast apart.

    Alex – there’s still hope, just get rid of the husband when the cameras are rolling and chill out.

    The New Girl – very boring I don’t even care enough to learn your name. Plus you claim to be BFF’s with Jill so you must be pretty messed up. Yes it is Guilt by association, if you like Jill and/or Kelly you are not worth my time. But just wait New Girl, the day will come when you wax the vagina of some really famous person and you don’t invite Jill to watch. You’ll see, you’ll learn.

    • Adgirl says:

      Seriously great.

      I can’t understand why Cindy VagWax and her dinky brother are on this show. Seriously. This is the best additional cast member NY had to offer?? What about out of work broadway actresses, models and lounge singers?

    • Monkey says:

      ROFL about the “new girl” comments. Thanks for that.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      So how do you really feel?

      I like Simon- everyone here knows that- but I think he would be wicked exhausting to be around and to have as a partner.

      I have seen him act like an ass too. But somehow I have a high tolerance for ass acting?

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        I had to stop following him on twitter. He tweets way too much & it was beyond boring.

        • TLM says:

          Ditto … stopped following Simon on Twitter months ago. It seemed like it was his full-time job, and came across as childish and sniping many times. I was surprised he was going that route, but none of it was interesting and I didn’t care to read it anymore.

          • BlueSky_Forever says:

            Poor Alex, she has a husband who tweets all day and makes no money. I’d have more respect for Simon if he would take care of his family before indulging in his twitter (& fame!) addiction.

    • kitkat says:

      great. just great. THIS is why I’m here, every freakin’ day!

    • twoile says:

      @ILB, gr8 review, ITA=)

  58. Adgirl says:

    So what’s the real deal with Sonja and Brian?? She says dating is too strng a word. She also said they after 3 years (of not dating?) he finally was going to paint her. At the gallery everyone acted like Sonja was trying to pick him up (LuAnn: you just asked him out on a date!).
    Sonja says “it’s complicated”. Hmm.

    So is Sonja patronizing him as an artist in exchange for booty calls and occassional arm candy? And Brian doesn’t want a “relationship” or even to be known as “dating” because it interferes with his actual life of picking up young hot chicks??

    Sonja!!! Please pick a story and stick with it……..
    I’ll pick the story for you. Brian is good looking, talented, hungry and willing to sleep with you and attend an occassional social event. That’s it. End of story. He does not want to be your husband. He does not want to raise your daughter. He doesn’t even want to be your boyfriend. He “sees” you as aging party girl with a great last name.

    It’s called friends with benefits. Period.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Booty call Mistress of the arts – Sonja Treemont Morgan.

    • HD says:

      BAM! Adgirl you said it. You hit the nail on the head. I love when people call it like it is!

      • Nancy says:

        Why aren’t we talking about Jill being offered her own show?
        They want it to be about Zarin Fabric’s and the only reason it’s not going to happen (per Jill) is the employee’s didn’t want to come on board. Are you F-ing kidding me?
        This “woman” is loosing touch with reality folks!!!

    • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

      Nailed it on the head! Great post.

    • VAgirl says:

      Just look at it this way, Brian is getting his name out there just being on this show. If it takes the weekly booty call, I’m sure it’s worth it to him. There are probably a lot of artists out there who wishes they had someone host his art showings and get them some recognition. It’s called quid pro quo.

    • twoile says:

      @AG, ouch but on point! ITA=)

  59. c3l3st3 says:


    Hey guys…can you tell where to look at the portrait of Sonja with saggy tits? I need a laugh today and missed last night’s episode.

  60. Casey says:

    Jill tweeted a utube video about her “trailer” at her acting premiere. She is so proud of it, it is half a trailer and she points to a chair, toilet, sink etc, and a roll of Bounty paper towels. HAHA. I would post the video but I still do not know how to do this on my Apple. You can get by going to Jill s twitter and it is the fourth or fifth post. Or if someone can post it for me.

  61. boston02127 says:

    Thanks for the great recap Lynn & yesterday’s. I’m just catching up. I missed WWHL but saw NY.

    Sonja—Total b****ch
    Jill—–The new victim….”stop picking on me”…..boo hoo…..ugh!
    Alex —–Bulldog
    Luann—Secret slut

    I want to see Luann’s new place in the city.

    And what’s with Kelly making fun of someone’s language? In her headshot she keeps saying “me no speak Ring-lish” Is this another “lesson” for her daughters?

    And I hate Jill Zarin.
    Now…got that off my chest….I’m going to take a nap before I fall over.

  62. Jill thinks that Sarah Silverman was referring to her in this tweet:

    SarahKSilverman: There exists women who are willing to fight each other over make-believe folly. #Realhousewivesofurballz

    Jill’s tweet to Sarah:

    Jillzarin @SarahKSilverman Thank you for the tweet!( I think it was about me?) You are hysterical. Xo

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      oh Jillsy- get over yourself. IF it was about the housewives, ther’es more than one.

  63. sadtwat says:

    I know Kelly would like to believe that she is some A-list celebrity much like her ‘friend’ Gwyneth and Mr. Gucci had personally invited her. However, considering the NJ tribe were in attendance including Teresa Giudice’s ginormous forehead does not make it an exclusive venue.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      really??? if true- too funny!

      maybe she read Guidice as Gucci?

      bwah hahahah!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I’m wondering if Gilles threw her the invitation as a bone or that she went through his mailbox – they do share a building…..

    • TLM says:

      She probably met Gwyneth Paltrow once at a party for 3 minutes and has been telling everyone they are best friends ever since. LOL.

  64. boston02127 says:

    Kelly always looks like a grub. Her hair always looks dirty and ratty and her face always looks like it needs a good scrubbing. She needs to buy an iron too. Lol, giving Kelly an iron would be like giving her a loaded gun. She probably has no clue how to use an iron.

  65. boston02127 says:

    going for a power nap…bbl. 😉

  66. aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

    I just thought of something — wasn’t this episode’s charity dinner the one that the producer’s van got broken into during the filming? I remember reading that story last fall and it happened shortly after filming began? Or is it a different event?

  67. OneMoreInBoston says:

    Great blog Lynn.

    And THANK YOU for pointing out Sonja’s comments “we love our gays” What patronizing, dehumanizing nonsense. Because that’s all a homosexual is right? Just his/her sexuality- got nothing else going on – that’s what defines him/her. Whatevs.

    Honestly! How are you going to take an event that could have generated so much goodwill for yourself and F*ck it up so royally? This March should’ve been a slam dunk for Ms. Sonya- all she had to do was keep her mouth shut and smile, while riding on the tide of affection from last season. But oh no….

    • twoile says:

      @OMIB sounds like Kathy Griffin “all my gays” stand up schtic! Sonia is not talented……or classy……or bright .but she can fight with gang balls.=0)

  68. OneMoreInBoston says:

    GAWKER RECAP HERE! (said in my best Paulie from NJ Shore bellow)


  69. Sonja,You're not Samantha says:

    Here is what happened last night:

    Producers: Sonja, be more interesting. You’re not attractive enough to pull off being a vamp anymore. Viewers are bored. You will be kicked off if you don’t start doing something besides winking.

    Sonja: But I really, really, really, need money. DUIs and bankruptcy suits don’t pay for themselves and I’m too old to pull another rich husband.

    Producers: We don’t care. Remember Jennifer Gilbert? No one else does either.

    Sonja: Well, I’m too weak to take on someone stronger, so I’ll go after Simon and hopefully please Jill. I’ll act totally unnaturally and desperately, but at least it will get people talking! I’m not bright enough to parlay this show into other projects like Bethenny so I will do anything at all to stay on this show.

  70. OneMoreInBoston says:

    hey Lynn did you know Jill said this on her UrineStream?

    from http://www.realitycrackhouse.com/2011/04/sonja-vs-alex-plus-whhl-and-jill-zarins-ustream/

    “Jill also said that she is going to be promoting Housewife blogs that are fair and unbiased and that tell the whole story. She said that they don’t have to be pro Jill blogs, they just have to be honest. So I fully expect to see my blog promoted on Jill Zarin’s twitter this week.”

    m’kay so we know lisanewengland’s blog will be promoted- and who else??

  71. Amber...Real Wife says:

    This season i’m angry at Alex because she’s a newjack to chick fights and is losing badly. She argues with the passion of someone trying to correct a wrong vs. Jill, Sonja, Luann and Kelly who agrue with the venom and scorn of practiced mean girls who’ve tortured and ostracized their victims since the days in the school yard. Ramona, on the other hand argues with guns blazing, a neurotic tornado that even uses the kitchen sink, thereby throwing the meangirls into a tizzy. She’s their true kryptonite. As long as Alex remains a novice in the genre of cat fighting, she’ll just be a juicy morsel to be devoured by JKL and S. She needs to toughen up, get her one liners together, scoop in and get out quick, or stay and hit em where it hurts!

    Luann is a digusting pig thinking she’s the upper crust of society. Give it up, you old gold digging skank! After countless ( 😉 I mad a funny!) romps with dudes from the UES, LES and the Bowery (LOL) her husband left her and the continent! Talk about getting away from an ex! She’s the lintball on the ass of the society she thinks she married into. The bitch was laughed at with her southwestern jewelry and 9West boots at every occasion! Honestly have we ever seen her wear “real” diamonds, rubies or emeralds? Nope, Not, Near Never! She’s a poser and a social climber with a piss poor wardrobe and abundant turqoise jewelry collection. She’s got a hell of alot of nerve commenting on other’s fashion choices. Alex could eat her up just by insulting her style no matter what the topic.

    Luann: “Darling no one wants to hear you talk”
    Alex: “Sorry I couldn’t hear you over your jewelry. My mother had a necklace like that 30 years ago. She wore it one Halloween when she dressed as Sacajaweya. She won first prize then gave it to our maid. I’m sure our maid gave it to the Goodwill, as she was quite the clotheshorse and wouldn’t be caught dead in that costume jewelry. You were saying?”

    • VAgirl says:


    • Adgirl says:

      I lurv this post!!!! You are dead on about Alex. She is not hard wired for snappy controlled takedowns so she needs to STFU.
      With her education and IQ she should be much better at reaming the bitches but she let’s her emotions drive the situation.

    • Zoey says:

      That is too dang funny! So Alex needs some coaching. Maybe she should come to this site for her weekly tips on how to tackle the beotches.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      Amber, someone needs to tweet that to Alex so she can use sometime re Sacajawa comment! too funny

  72. OneMoreInBoston says:

    p.s.- Oh btw- what the hell was the scene where that chick *literally* pushed Sonja out of the way to run up on her Mr. and JUMPED on him?

    pure comedic gold!

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      Seems like she was a “Brian fan” and didn’t care about Sonja at all right? LOL She did practically jump on him. Maybe his real friends don’t know he’s banging GrannyMorgan for financial support.

  73. skogsstig says:

    Maybe THIS is the Mr. Gucci who invited Kelly Beensomeone to the Gucci event?

  74. ramonacoaster says:

    I know why their dresses are being recycled. Or at least I have an assumption. There was some deal I read about a while back that Ramona made with some designer where he wouldn’t lend his dresses to the other housewives. I wonder how many of those deals she made. That would be so hysterical if that was the reason why they’re wearing the same dresses. It worked!

  75. WindyCityWondering says:

    Sonja sure pissed off alot of viewers with her new and improved “image”. Figured LuAnn would be recruiting her for Jill….the convo over pink champaign was very interesting – two has beens trashing someone they both have to hate for Jill’s sake.
    Sonja’s newly sprouting duck lips are very annoying and her injectables seem to be giving her the sexy shimmy as a side effect – kinda reminds me of my dogs when they know I am going to give them a treat…..

  76. Elle says:

    Cannot stand Jill, and Sonja isn’t far behind. What pigs. What absolute pigs. And Kelly looks like a transvestite now more than ever. And Sonja isn’t a social climber? This restaurant hostess (yes, that’s all documented) that married a millionaire? I’m going to have to stop watching the show. I will stick with Bethenny ever after, thank you very much Bravo. Anyone joining me?

  77. cabbie413 says:

    Am I the only one here who thinks that it’s REALLY CREEPY that Howie is dating a woman that looks EXACTLY like his own sister? Last week I thought it was Cindy behind Ramona but obviously it was his date. It’s all so clear now but still disturbing lol

  78. boston02127 says:

    Does anyone know the artist name that painted the pic of Sonja. I know his first name is Bryan. Did anyone notice her legs in the picture? She has one little leg and one big leg. It reminded me of the episode of the King of Queens when Doug & Carrie’s friends gave them the painted pic and Carrie had the hugh arm.

  79. boston02127 says:

    Jill’s tweet~~~~ only 33 on ustream? Where is everyone???

    Psst…Jill, We’re all over here hatin’ on ya!

  80. Mookies1mom says:

    This is copied and pasted directly from the site (unfortunately the formatting didn’t):


    NYC SPEAKERS *subject to change

    Tony Avella
    Candidate, NYS Senate

    Lisa & Laura Boerum-Ruhl
    LGBT Family

    Claire Buffie
    Miss New York 2010

    Rev. Pat Bumgardner
    Senior Pastor, MCCNY

    Daniel Dromm
    NYC Council Member

    Letitia James
    NYC Council Member

    Cathy Marino-Thomas
    Board President, MENY

    Alex McCord
    Reality TV Star

    Rosie Mendez
    NYC Council Member

    Sonja Morgan
    Reality TV Star

    Jerrold Nadler
    Rep, US Congress

    Jenn Newman

    Christine Quinn
    Speaker, NYC Council

    Diane Savino
    Senator, NYS Senate
    Brian Silva
    Chair, NYC Wedding March

    Tom Smith
    Board Pres, Bk Pride Ctr

    Daniel Squadron
    Senator, NYS Senate

    Scott Stringer
    Manhattan Borough Pres

    Jimmy Van Bramer
    NYC Council Member

    Nydia Vazquez
    Rep, US Congress

    Anthony Weiner
    Rep, US Congress

    • Christine says:

      I see that Alex is listed but not Simon. Simon insisted that he was a scheduled speaker and even had a speech prepared. What’s up with that?

      • LynnNChicago says:

        They explained that, Alex was scheduled to speak but she and Simon discussed it and decided Simon would be better to speak. They said that the organizers were fine with that…until Sonja called…..

  81. mamecastle says:

    Simon’s blog is AWESOME! He really nails it, and he seems to see things just as I see them. I feel badly for Alex, she should have just left when it became clear that Soniac was not gonna drop it but in life you don’t always behave just as you shouldhttp://mccordvankempen.com/wordpress/?p=214
    My favorite line in his blog is:
    And while she didn’t get to wear a wedding gown, she certainly blended in with many other women marching that day! :p
    Nicely done, Simon!

    • Mookies1mom says:

      I enjoyed Simon’s blog as well. It was well written and explained some things that we didn’t see.

      • PJ says:

        Yes it really exposed Sonja as a liar. The calls were made the night before the event and Alex and Simon were deliberately cut out by Sonja. Which explains Sonja being so unprepared for her shining moment, her speech, on her day.

        It does makes you wonder why the people organizing this event would allow Sonja to do that, basically hijack the event? It makes no sense at all.

        On Alex’s blog she says that she and Sonja are friends. Maybe Alex has been a friend to Sonja but is Sonja a real friend to Alex? I don’t think so.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Except parts of it were unfinished – like he didn’t proof read it. I love that they accept comments – good and bad. Big shout out for that.

    • ILoveB says:

      Yeah well, I think Simon at the most should help Alex write her blog and the rest of the time STFU! For once puleaseeee

  82. ElleintheCity says:

    Could you please start an I Hate Sonja blog? The Real Housewives of New Jersey have class compared to those beasts, Jill, Kelly and Sonja. Love the GrannyMorgan reference. Sonja’s ex, Mr. Morgan must be turning over in his grave and probably so glad that he dumped her. BTW, the Sonja pic was horrible. Thanks, Bryan for showing us what Sonja looks like without all the plastic surgery.

    • BambiBaby22 says:

      I stil like sonja, i think she just got too full of herself. I wonder if this episode was filmed prior to her having to file BK for a bad business deal. All these ladies with the bad attitudes are due to money, IMO.
      Now that we know some are having financial problems, I wonder if their attitudes will shift.
      How is LuAnn supporting herself? Child support? Alimony? How much alimony does a 4th wife from a “count” receive? Even if Count Alex was ever eligible for social secrity (which I don’t know if he is a US citizen), LuAnn wouldn’t get the non-working spouse benefit, becuase THAT goes to wife #1 as long as he and wife #1 were married for 10 years or more. I see ALPO in LuAnn’s future.

      • Amber...Real Wife says:

        Really? I see Alpo in Luann’s present! LOL

      • floridagirl88 says:

        FYI if social security is involved, any wife with 10 years is eligible for a spouse’s benefit, no matter how many there are. Wife #1 is not the only one who can receive benefits.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      This one’s too much fun and Sonja isn’t worth the typing.

  83. Mookies1mom says:

    Also, on the honorary committee (I won’t post the whole thing):

    Kandi Burruss , Sonja Tremont-Morgan, Simon Van Kempen (directly under Sonja’s name I might add), Alex McCord, Jill Zarin and (two lines later) Kim Zolciak

  84. BambiBaby22 says:

    I was totally disgusted when LuAnn said to sonja regarding alex, “She doesn’t belong …here”. She emphasized “here” in a lower than usual smoker’s raspy voice as if “here” was a little slice of rich person heaven. I have never in my life heard such disdain for someone as what L had for A.
    And this is the same LuAnn who insists on being called MRS deLesseps and calls her housekeeper/children’s real mother figure “girl”. I think LuAnn had more respect for Jason 1.0’s driver than she does for Alex.

    • Nancy says:

      I totally agree. I wanted to climb inside my TV set and put my hands around her neck when she said that. She makes me sick! The entire 3 yrs we’ve known her she was “sleeping” around town, chain smokes, passing her motherly duties to Rosie, pretending she owned the house she was living in and insisting everyone treat her like the F#&^@! Queen of England.
      She is TRASH!! End of story.

    • PJ says:

      Countless is a snob and the sad thing, for her, is that she has no idea that is a bad thing. Sonja is just as bad though, pretending she didn’t know Simon’s name. Both are snobs and with so little justification for being snobs.

  85. WindyCityWondering says:

    Why did Jill scream out “Don’t pick on me!” Alex has been calling her on her games but she asked a simple question without any rancor. Was that like a secret code to her pitbulls to start ramping up another attack on Alex? Jill just didn’t make sense in that scene, but at least Ginger got the opportunity to pick Jill’s nose.

    • PJ says:

      Jill thinks all of the viewers are so stupid that if she says it we will believe it. Because we’re like too dumb to see for ourselves what’s going on.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Because Jill had decided before she got to the event that the second Alex said anything to her she’d scream out “don’t pick on me” and act like a victim. She probably didn’t even realize what Alex said until later.

  86. Sam says:

    In the comments section of the Gawker blog cited above, someone says that Caroline and Teresa of RHNJ can be seen in the background of the Gucci event. So maybe all the Housewives were invited, and Kelly just assumed that “Gucci himself” invited her.

  87. anna says:

    Alex has no shame. I agree, if someone told me to get the f**k out their house I wouldn’t have to be told twice. It was borderline trespassing after she was continuously told to leave, but refused to, as if it were her own house. Getting in Sonja’s face again and again to argue with her, in sonja’s own house? VERY disrespectful. I agree with Luann, what she wore was extremely hookerish. Im surprised no one tried to pick her up when she was standing in the street. After Alex missed her chance to speak at the march, I could understand her being upset, but its NOT about you Alex. I was shocked to see her throw a borderline tantrum because she couldn’t speak. Again, its NOT about you Alex! This is my first episode of watching RHONY, and alex just rubbed me the wrong way.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      Alex was at Sonja’s house at her invitation- filming a reality TV show, with cameras running, that they’re both on- with equal billing.
      So Sonja starts an argument, can’t defend herself so she shouts over Alex to leave- and now Alex is borderline trespassing? puh-leeze

      That’s a stretch, at beast.

      p.s- I didn’t see any temper tantrums or even a borderline temper tantrum.

      • Anne says:

        Alex should not confront someone at an event she is invited to at the hostess’s house. It really is as simple as that. Just call another time and ask her to lunch.

        Sonja’s statement that Simon was being aggressive is true. He is not a Housewife and he really is a no one. Sonja could have let him speak, but she didn’t want to for whatever really. Sonja wanted the spotlight, but Alex and Simon should have been calm. They weren’t and it demonstrated poor form.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          Alex didn’t confront Sonja, Sonja confronted Alex.

          Maybe Alex and Simon could have handled the speech thing a bit better BUT, they had been planning for months that Simon would speak. They were told that one word from Sonja and Simon would be allowed to speak. I doubt for one minute that Alex and Simon dreamed that Sonja would have refused Simon the right to speak, they assumed they would ask her and she would say “yes”. That’s what I would have thought about Sonja before this episode. Why did she care that Simon was going to speak?

          Sonja was caught lying about that anyway, that takes all credibility away from her.

    • PJ says:

      Sure Alex is disrespectful any time she defends herself. What is disrespectful is to invite someone to be a guest in your home and then attack them without giving them any chance to make a defense of their actions. It’s low class behavior. All of these women (except Alex) are low class with Sonja leading the B pack with her horrible manners. It’s clear that Alex was blindsided by Sonja’s attack.

    • ElleintheCity says:

      Alex looked like a hooker and Sonja was in a paining with a sheet around her all but showing her breasts with her boy toy in the house? I don’t think so, sweetie.

  88. Veronique says:

    A few odd things…

    TWOP reopened it’s RHNY thread after what? A year and a half? There are a LOT of newbies that seem like Jill-plants to me.
    Oh, and on http://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-new-york-city/season-4/blogs The BRAVO blogs, apparently negative comments ARE being allowed, just not to Jillsy.

    Did BRAVO really take down a previous Jill blog AGAIN and replace it? If so, if someone can remember the title, it might be in that google-archives thing and come up anyway in order to copy, save, and print that thing. Even a specific line or two from it would work.

    Seriously nice job on this week’s blog Lynn.

  89. BambiBaby22 says:

    Since I am not in the upper echelon, well-heeled, upper crust group, can someone explain something to me?
    What the heck were LuAnn and Sonja talking about at their lunch date and ice being in their champagne? Is that what I heard?

    • ann little says:

      They want to get the fizzy out of the champagne ’cause only peeons burp and we all know they both ain’t peeons.

  90. Kelly Anne says:

    Is Ramona the NEW Bethenny of the show?? Think about it- she’s the only funny one who provides comic relief and entertainment and has seperated herself from all controversy going on. While she’s busy working, they are fighting. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ramona get her own show next year….

    • California35 says:

      I noticed that also. I think she is in the show ONLY to promote her business like her also.

    • If it weren’t for Ramona, I wouldn’t have been able to get through the first two episodes of this awful show. She has provided comic relief. I think the rest of the cast is trying too hard to amp up the drama and it’s not entertaining to me.

  91. California35 says:

    Great recap Lynn,

    I couldn’t wait any longer and I finally read it all…no comments yet. I will read them when I get home tonight. Deep breath — it is FRIDAY!!!
    Okay – just a few things real quick.

    POOR ALEX!!! 😦 I really feel for her also. She either shuts up taking all the abuse quiet (NOT FAIR), or she keeps trying to explain and defend herself from those horrible woman constantly because they will just not quit bothering her.

    Sonjia – I am very disappointed in her. I felt bad for Alex and I wished she had left Sonjia’s house a lot earlier. I didn’t like how she kept trying to get Sonjia to listen. Sonjia, everything is about you and about sex with you.

    These wives think they are UP in some imaginary social latter. What is wrong with those women? The real socialites or rich people from NY are laughing at you guys IF they even know who you are.

    Jill, Luanne, Sonjia, Kelly – the four have money (or had money) and status thanks to the husbands, and three of them are not even married to them anymore.
    Lynn, I read the conspiracy theory regarding Alex, and I am with you. The things you described make sense. Jill is being mean to Alex and is having her friends be mean to her (not like they need encouragement). Didn’t that happen last season? Except that it was to Bethenny. Jill be careful, you saw what happened last season. You were hated!!! And so were your friends. In the mean time Bethenny had much success without you. I hope Alex finds a balance when using her “voice”. I don’t want to see her suffer that way.

    I am still on Ramona and Alex teams. They have their own team and their own priorities, I hope we get to see that more and less confrontations with the other wives. The confrontations just seem as if they will not go well any ways, and it is painful to see it.

    I think Ramona is there ONLY to promote her businesses. I can see that she gets annoyed with the other drama. She still needs to contribute to the show, so I am sure we will see her involved in some drama.

    Opps, it turned into a long few things 😛

    I hope everyone is having a good evening.

    • twoile says:

      Social ladder …………more like a step stool at best…who in their right minds could ever expect any member of NY society to particepate in such an abomination as hws…………big joke!….Countless it is………Mario is correct, now delete the o from the word…which came first? …proverbial puzzle……..NOT!

  92. Veronique says:


    Sonja has deleted hundreds of comments from her Facebook page, and it looks like she has brought in the Jill-squad to write fake ones.

    I thought she had a brain. Or a heart. Or some common sense.


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Sonja fell hard in the last episode. She did nothing to redeem herself on WWHL, which was well after the fact and she could have publically apologized, made fun of herself and retained some fan loyalty.
      So Jill got spanked in the first episode and Sonja got spanked in the second episode – Bravo is kicking butt and taking names! Can’t wait until it is LuAnn’s turn…….

    • error404 says:

      tons more negative stuff posted lately. LOL

      OT, but I laughed at the CKCS on the “doggy treadmill”. Um… maybe if you walked the damn thing, neither of you would need overpriced “pooch” surgery. What an idiot!

  93. ann little says:

    Hi everyone! long time reader, first time poster – Lynn, LOVE the blog, read it whenever I can, NYC housewives are my fave but like the other topics, too (am a NY-er myself so am kinda’ biased towards the NYC ladies LOL:) Ladies and gents, LOVE the comments and weekly insight!

    Last nights episode got me so friggin’ riled up that I just have to say something finally. Last year I too was one to love Sonja. She came in like a breath of fresh air after the stink that Jill and Kookoo left in their wake. Last night I was appalled and shocked at her behaviour! Seriously, it was like seeing Jill’s blond twin – to quote her attitude: ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!
    I also believe in her talking head (which is filmed after the season is done filming) she backtracked when she said she “graciously extended the invitation to Alex” to come to the party for the unveiling (I could have gone happily had they not shown the actual painting…)
    Her lines were so rehearsed and the minute Alex started explaining her POV she shut her down *immediately*. She invited Alex for one reason and one reason only being TO KICK HER OUT! In front of the cameras and in front of the guests!
    I’d never thought I’d see the day when I thought she’s a shameless 2faced hussy but there you have it….

  94. lillybee says:

    Ramona is the only thing that will keep me tuning in.

  95. Veronique says:

    If that didn’t work, try this:

  96. lori024 says:

    Love your blog Lynn, & while the David Arquette “toke up” remarks where meant in humor, I have to admit that I’ve listened and watched him on the Stern Show for quite a while. I absolutely believe he is 100 percent sober, including marijuana and/or any other mind altering substance. He is crazily fearless about being honest.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I hope that’s true for his child’s sake, it was just a joke – not meant to offend anyone 🙂

    • ILoveB says:

      Yeah but he’s still weird and as an adult made the decision to choose substance over his BEYOND BEAUTIFUL wife and daughter. I get and support your point but don’t for a minute cut him any slack. There was a reason he caused a separation in his marriage, and he shared way too much with Howard IMHO.

    • ElleintheCity says:

      LOVE him. Love the way he is fearlessly honest and giggles. Do we really think that Courtney Cox is an angel? Um ahhh, I don’t think so. I’d smoke pot to if I was married to her. Just sayin’.

  97. boston02127 says:

    Did anyone else notice when Sonja and Luann and their b/f’s were at dinner, when Luann leaned in towards Sonja’s b/f, Sonja immediately said “I think Brian should be sitting next to me” and the men changed seats.

  98. boston02127 says:

    The friendship between Luman, Kelly, Sonja and Jill is a train wreck waiting to happen.

  99. ILoveB says:

    Watched again can some random follow up comments:

    Alex is hitting the hooch pretty hard this season. Watch it, while I get why you drink it does not look good and we all know the real reason why Simon is again bloated.

    Luann talking about Alex zipping it, I wished all last season Luann would STFU, so I hope Alex talks Luann into an early death. Practice what you preach countess bitch.

    Ramona is the ultimate idiot! Anyone with Consumer Products (you know crap that you’re hoping the public will buy) would do the interviews that way. Sorry Ramona is as smart as she is stupid. I still love watching her on TV, but feel Ramona and Mario are going to try to be the next Bethenny and Jason. . . . I can see a trip to the bottling plant coming up soon for Ramona. So sad. . .

    That Gucci party was a joke. Sorry but when you have the MAFIA (Manzo’s) and CHAPTER 11 (Teresa) at the same event, it’s hard to take the whole thing seriously.
    Everyone and Anyone was invited, KELLY you are and always will be a total loser. But maybe you knew what a joke the event was and that’s why you left early, could you be the genius of your franchise? Anything’s possible.

    • boston02127 says:

      I think Kelly always leaves early because she’s so socially awkward. She can’t put 8 words together that make a bit of sense. Ever.

    • ramonacoaster says:

      Poor Alex! These women are driving her to drink.

    • Nancy says:

      I am very worried about Simon’s (& maybe Alex’s) drinking “problem”. I have no doubt that Simon has a problem. Thanks to our lovely Shrill both Alex and Simon are so stressed out now. IMO Simon should get a job (that’s out of the house) ASAP. It’s just too damn easy to start drinking in the afternoon if you don’t have a very structured life. If I were rich I’d sent Alex some money. I really would. I feel for her.

  100. Furalis says:

    It amazes me how these women think that if they have money they can just treat people like crap. It really is all about them. I was watching last season (one of the days this week) LuMann and her son got a new dog named Astin and her son was saying how Rosy would have a hard time as the other dog that had passed away was not fully house trained and then in a previous season she wrote her book about etiquette and she is having lunch with her daughters friends and her daughter chews with her mouth open. Are you kidding me? Table manners are so important to learn as a child. Yet her daughter was a teenager. The talk about Alex and Simons kids yet they never look at their own. I would love one hour with these women just to throw all their crap in their faces. I am so sick of these women that live in glass houses.

    • Nancy says:

      Remember Jill is picking up stones now so we all better watch it.

    • cusi77 says:

      I do know about the countless but Sonja is bankrupt (inside and out! Oooops)

    • error404 says:

      It would only be an hour of your time wasted. THE main reason these women want to go on TV is because they think they are God’s gift. And the only reason why TV let’s them on, is because they are trash, and Andy thinks nothing is funnier than a pig who thinks she’s a swan. “demure” Kelly would only tell you you were jealous of her, and “subtle” LuAnn would tell you you’re low class and “a viper”. LOL

  101. Nancy says:

    Somebody needs to tell Kelly that strapless dresses don’t look got on her. You are just waiting for it to fall down and NO ONE wants that to happen! Maybe LuMan could let her borrow one of her 3,765 off the shoulder ones.

  102. Adgirl says:

    I liked Alex’s dress. I don’t think it was hookerish. It was edgy and in keeping with her desire to wear unusual clothes & unknown designers. But I live in the SF Bay Area so what do I know?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I liked it too, I just wish Alex would wear a Brar

      It didn’t look like a hooker dress or an S&M dress, it just had the design at the top with the silver rings, had Luann the leech not made a comment about it, I doubt it would have been noticed as anything unusual.

      The dress Alex wore to the Gotham party last season was MUCH worse, with her butt cheeks hanging out.

      • boston02127 says:

        I couldn’t figure where her boobies where in that dress. It didn’t look comforable.

        • vilzvet says:

          Well she doesn’t really have boobies, does she? She has that slim model’s body, they used to call models Clothes Hangers I think. They were really strapped into the dress, whatever she has.

      • quincyil says:

        The dress from the Gotham Partyl reminded me of Lilly Tomlin climbing in the big chair on “Laugh In.” The little girl dress. Alex takes fashion risks. You get hits and misses when you are trying to be fashion forward.

    • cusi77 says:

      I live in Las Vegas… whatever girls wear here would be illegal anywhere else! Or arrested! Alex was edgy wearing that dress, but not dominatrice!

      • ElleintheCity says:

        ITA!!!! And Jill didn’t look like a HOOKER on the after show with Andy last week? Talk about underarm cleavage and sparkles all over her face! Have we all forgotten that?

  103. Nancy says:

    I’m watching the end of RHONY and this just hit me. Whenever Ramona says hello to LuAnn, LuAnn always has this pissed off look because in her eyes Ramona’s “hello” isn’t as exciting as it should have been. I hope that makes sense. She did it at Ramona’s skin care party. She really does think she’s royalty. Does she know that most of the people in this country (and others) thinks she’s a joke? It makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.

    • cusi77 says:

      Nancy_ Remember Caroline Manzo said in WWH that the only HW who did not make her feel comfortable was the classless countless… she said that she looked at her like she was second class person, did not acknowledged her, something like that, like her nose went up; then when Loose Ann came to WWH Andy called her out on this and she said to the camera “Next time I will say hello”… pluffffff

      • Nancy says:

        “Doctor’s wives” do that sort of things all the time. We all just crack-up behind their backs. I too am “one of them” but very few people at work know that. My life would become a living hell if the word got out.

    • boston02127 says:

      I’m dying to see Luann’s new apartment. She talked about her old place like it was a palace, I thought looked like she was living in a trap.

  104. LynnNChicago says:


    You can own the dress Bethenny wore to last season’s reunion…IF you have $800 bucks or so to bid on it, possibly more. With Bethenny’s auctions ALL the money goes to charity, unlike Jill who claims she will give “a portion” to charity after she collects her money. Yet Jill’s EBay listings do not mention charity at all.

  105. boston02127 says:

    I just watched NYagain. I lost count of how many times Sonja said the words “me” “mine” and “I”.

  106. Amber...Real Wife says:

    To think that Luman’s daughter is one of them, the elite uppercrust. She drinks, smokes pot and uses racial slurs. Yup she can marry into the Davis family or others like it and be right at home.

  107. PJ says:

    I wonder why her husband dumped her.

  108. jeang says:

    Good times!!! Krazy has tweeted another dyi for a great deal at kmart to buy sheets, comforters etc…..No Bed Bath and Beyond? Wonder what jillous will have to say about that!!!

  109. housewifeaddict says:

    I’m beginning to wonder what the story is behind Sonja and the “pecking order” lecture to Cindy. It seems like Sonja is really going to be the diva of the season, at least in this story arc.

  110. sadtwat says:

    Considering Luann is a Countess by marriage to someone of the French aristocracy is not saying very much in European terms. Say for instance in Britain or Spain, she would likely never be invited to court. The title in that family is post French Revolution which further dilutes its relevance and importance. If she were to say a princess of the blood then I might sit up and take notice. But alas, she is a divorced wife of a count (Bernie Maddoff’s double) whose devotion to gaudy jewelry is unparalleled. Her modest beginning in Connecticut as nurse doesn’t make her a blue blood by any means. I am still trying to wrap my mind around that gong hanging from her neck during Sonja Morgan’s party.

    • twoile says:

      @S…… ITA…..love ur name…..2.b even more fresh….just delete the o from countless ….& u have it in one word.=0)

  111. lillybee says:

    Lynn, your blog just got a shout out at TWOP by a LadyV.

  112. housewifeaddict says:

    “When you fight with a pig you both get dirty – but the pig likes it”

    Poor Alex.

  113. causticbroad says:

    Lynn, I have to be honest I’m really angry with you right now. I’ve been a fan of your blog for almost a year, but you said something as insulting as Sonja AND Kobe Bryant! Why do you consider David Arqette asking Sonja if she has ever had lesbian sex vulgar? I am a lesbian and yes I have had sex with other lesbians, but that doesn’t make me vulgar. I also think asking someone if they’ve had lesbian sex seems a lot less idiotic than asking someone if they have “swam in the lady pool/pond” or what the stupid BRAVO phrase is. I am not usually a PC hall monitor believe me, but since the episode was about (supposed to be about ) LGBT rights (NOT Sonja), I thought I would tell you how I feel, and because I think you ae always FAIR and allow EVERYONE to post without censorship (unlike BravoTV.com blogs, I’ve yet to have a post that I wrote to Zarin actually posted, and believe me, they were NOT really vulgar). In addition, I know you are not a fan of Howard Stern’s, because if you were, you would know his show is not just about vulgarity (sometimes it is, and if I don’t like a particular bit, I turn it down or off till it’s over) but it is also very, very entertaining. Howard Stern is a genius really. He has held an audience of 20 plus million listeners, including doctors, lawyers, celebrities and senators and of course a lot of vulgar men in the 18-35 age demographic. More so then anything, it is smart, fun and most of all witty and entertaining. Yes David Arquette played intern all week for fun, and he has also shared that he went to rehab and is around 90 days sober, so he is definately not toking it up. I know he still sounds like Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High, but I think that is from being born and raised in L.A. and on a communne with his family. Sorry I am also in recovery, so I have to stick up for someone who is trying. I know your blog is all in fun, so I am sorry if I piss anyone off by getting on my soap box, if so my apologies, I just love readling this blog so much, it makes me feel in touch with what is happing with all of the RH shows! I just need to say my piece. Thanks!


    • VAgirl says:

      Maryann, I’m sure Lynn will address your post as she is always responsive when anyone has a problem with her.
      As for me, I am definitely not pissed at you for your thoughts and opinions. That’s what’s so great about this blog, you can sincerely get your feelings out without anyone disrespecting you. They may not agree, but will usually tell you why. I am not gay nor am I recovering from any addictions (if you don’t count food), so I cannot presume to know what you are personally feeling. I can only say that I have learned so much from the diverse group of people who post on this blog. I hope you will be a regular poster, because I’d like to hear your point of view on a regular basis. If I ever say anything to offend you or that you disagree with, please call me on it. Good night and hope to hear from you soon.

      • causticbroad says:

        Thank you Lynn, Susan, Shannon, Error & all. Sorry for appearing to be so sensitive, I am usually NOT! I think I was so tired last night and had an emotional day at work on Friday. I love reading the commentsand posts by everone here. I had a good night sleep and am feeing much better. I have to say, in hindsight, I wasn’t offended by you Lynn, I guess just watching for a second time, Sonja lie on the episode and then on WWHL, really mad me angry! I really felt so bad for Alex & Simon because I know they were really doing it for the right reasons and it wasn’t about “getting down and dirty with their gays” as Sonja stated. When Alex said “I think Sonja confused Gay Pride with Marriage Equality” no truer words had been spoken! I read Alex and also Simon’s blog and they are very much in touch with the cause of marriage equality. I have been with my partner for 8 years and can’t marry in Florida. We were considering going to to MA, CT or Iowa or somewhere it is legal, but what is the point? If we still live in Florida and can’t even make rights to life decisions at a hospital for each other, if God forbid the time came, well I just think it is so unfair. OK back on my soap box, let me get off it now. I love you Lynn. Thanks for responding. as well as every one else. Please don’t ever censor yourself for me, because I know I can say anything here and will be heard, and like everyone has said, we’ll continue to learn from each other!

    • Shannon says:

      Maryann, I agree with VAgirl I appreciate your thoughts also. I’m also sure Lynn with comment to you tomorrow. I’m sure she didn’t mean to offend you, but I won’t try to answer for her. I don’t post a lot but I read everyday and I do like to read other points of view. (Unless it’s a troll just trying to start trouble) It’s a big ole world and I like getting glimpses from all kinds of people. Hope you get this resolved with Lynn because I’d hate to see you go.

    • LynnNChicago says:


      Thank you for your post and let me first apologize for offending you, that was not my intention. I have said in my blogs before that I thought that Andy asking his guests if they had “Swam in the lady pond” was ridiculous!

      It is not an appropriate question and it is no one’s business. Vulgar was the wrong word to use, when I think of Howard Stern I think “Vulgar” but I agree his success cannot be questioned, he is doing something right. I think asking someone about their sexual activity is inappropriate at best.

      So, what I was trying to say and probably didn’t get across very well was David having spent a lot of time with Stern felt like it was ok to ask Sonja that question, I didn’t think that it was ok. I don’t think it is ok when Andy does it either.

      Sonja looked very uncomfortable with the question, she even turned the same question onto Andy to deflect, of course he said, “No, I’ve never had sex with a lesbian woman”. No shock there! But still he didn’t realize that Sonja was uncomfortable.

      David seemed to think his question was unique and he mentioned that having come off of three days with Howard Stern he recognized that it might be a shocking question but Andy was quick to announce that he asks that question of all of his female guests. (notice he doesn’t ask the men if they’ve slept with other men?)

      So I think what I’m saying is that I agree with you and I just used the wrong wording, I didn’t mean to offend anyone and I apologize that you were offended.


      • Anne says:

        FYI, Dr. Patricia Wexler is one of the most famed dermatologists in the US. She has been board certified for over 28 years. Not merely an injector. She does laser surgery and she does brow lifts through injections. Dr. Giese does brow lifting in the same manner. Wexler is very respected in the community. She is still an adjunct professor at Mt. Sinai Medical Center for both Internal Medicine and Dermatology. Please do not say she is simply an injector because that is baseless and defames her medical practice and her experience.

        • LynnNChicago says:

          I repeated what Andy Cohen said, I wasn’t giving my opinion of this doctor.

          I think that the point Andy was making is that she doesn’t do face lifts, that doesn’t mean that Jill didn’t see another doctor that DID do a facelift.

      • causticbroad says:

        Thank you sooo much Lynn. See my reply to you on Susan post! XOXO

    • error404 says:

      1. Lacking sophistication or good taste; unrefined: “the vulgar trappings of wealth”.
      2. Making explicit and offensive reference to sex or bodily functions; coarse and rude

      In what parallel universe is as a stranger asking another stranger about their sexual habits in a clearly derisive manner on tv or radio NOT “vulgar”?

      JMHO but if there is anything to be angry about it’s the openly proud misogyny of the RH franchise. These women may all be setting feminism back 100 years, but Andy opening each interview with first asking them what plastic surgery they’ve had, and then following it up with the, yes “vulgar”, question if they’ve ever been b-curious, is pure sexist.

      But this blog is wonderful for my self-education. Had someone told me the other day that an out lesbian who get angry at a female blogger for insinuating that “shock jock” Howard Stern wasn’t a sophisticated genius, I’d have told them they were crazy. LOL

      • causticbroad says:

        LOL You are too funny! Yes that statment sounds completely unbelievable! This IS a great place to be! Free to be me! LOL!

      • twoile says:

        @E, …..ITA……..VULGAR….shock j hs ….VULGAR…..genius NOT………was Portnoy genius work….no in the same vien as hs..=)

    • ramonacoaster says:

      I think it’s vulgar in general to ask anyone who they are sleeping with. Unless someone shares that info with you, it’s none of your business.

  114. skogsstig says:

    Hmmm… It does not appear that any Guccis are involved in the Gucci company anymore. The last Gucci, Maurizio, sold the last shares of the company in 1993. It is now owned by PPR – check this web site http://www.ask.com/wiki/PPR_%28company%29
    No Gucci to be found anywhere. Or read about the company here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gucci

    So – what Mr. Gucci was Kelly talking about?

    • chismosa says:

      i said this on yesterday’s blog and i’m still catching up with the above comments, but maybe Kell said ‘Mr. Grucci’? Because there is a GRucci family that puts on the Macy’s fireworks and other events in nyc. just an idea.

    • lillybee says:

      Could Kelly be having a Salami moment?

  115. SkewedHalo says:

    This is Alex having espresso thinking about Sonya, Jill, LuAnn, KooKoo and Andy. (Notice the bumpit before it was “hot”)

  116. chismosa says:

    to Error- above you said something about the classes and society, and said: Mario and Ramona: Italian/Irish Catholic/Jews society? BWabhahahahaha But they are honest hard working people who married for love.

    I have been trying to figure out that Mario’s last name is Singer? So is he Italian or Jewish or both? But they seem so Christian-minded and Mario’s father’s business in the religious jewelry/tchotchky field- ?? It is so confusing to me.
    Someone here said that Ramona was Italian so i guess that, never heard her maiden name before. I realize they are all Christian, but Singer? the name sounds Jewish to me

    Do you know? Or can you direct me to where in past blogs this was discussed (don’t take time out, just a general idea)
    thanks so much!

    • Anne says:

      Name change at Ellis Island it happened all the time.

      • Kukulet says:

        I was thinking the same thing-Ellis Island.

        I don’t know about Ramona’s heritage, but Mario strikes me as definitely Italian. I don’t think he’s also Jewish, though. His company also sells miraculous and saint medals, and since it is an old family company, that definitely suggests an Italian Catholic background.

  117. codystl says:

    Lynn – there should be a drinking game for everytime one of these gals wears a one arm dress/outfit. Maybe buy a skinny girl margarita every time one is worn?

    I have a bottle in the frig and taking it with me to a trivia night fund raiser. Not sure if I’ll share…

  118. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    Lynn believe it or not i agree with everything you said
    this episode had me so mad the first time around and then i watched it again last night and got even madder
    Poor Alex how she managed to leave Sonjas house without her head exploding is anyone’s guess and Sonja must be hanging out with Krazy too much as she is picking up some of her bad habits like NOT seeing reality as everyone else around her see’s it
    first she DEF lied about Alex not being a speaker as it was on the website and the invitations
    SHE herself told the committee she would only appear if she could be grand marshall and make the sole speach from her “group” they never asked her she demanded
    who would have thought she would have that kind of gall
    and then she was the one that brought it up at her Party to Alex but later told her guest that Alex just stormed in and was screeching all that at her
    Sonja the video doesnt lie maybe you been hitting that bar too many times
    and does she really think attacking Alexs Hubby is gonna endear her to Alex
    Say what you will about Simon he had a speach prepared
    according to Sonja they approcherd her 7 months before and she WINGED IT

    HD do you see now why i wasnt laughing so much at what LuLu said yeah it was funny in a snarky way but its all liek Lynn said they are all out to get Alex,i hate when people gang up on one person

  119. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Good morning peepers~
    Have not had a chance to see episode yet but will try again today.
    Hope everyone is having a marvelous day. 😉

    • FlowerPower says:

      Good morning, BaaBee! I’m behind too. I’m hoping to see the episode today, but I’m not sure I’ll get to it.

      Just checking in this morning while I drink my coffee, trying to catch up on the posts. They’re so fun to read even if I missed the show!

      Hope you have a great day. (I need to prune my roses today and get some yard work done.)

      • vilzvet says:

        I have no desire to see it again! It really was the worst episode of all time, on a par with the NJ finale last year where Dina had the big fake sitdown with Danielle. It will make you very uncomfortable at the least, but give it a go.

  120. VAgirl says:

    Happy Saturday, all.

  121. Nancy says:

    Good morning, it’s 5am here and my cat (kitten) won’t stop playing with my ponytail
    so I’m up and awake. I’ll get her later. ha ha. My husband buys them Salmon so I’ll give hers to her sister. My house is a zoo and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Switching gears now…I wonder if CPS did come knocking on Kelly’s door. I do think Kelly is on some kind of medication and I wonder if Bravo had a hand in this?
    (Like we will sign you for another season IF you get some documented help.) I don’t think Kelly is going to get a lot of air time this season and I think Bravo finely “got it”!
    Do you think LuAnn watches herself every week? If she doesn’t she should start. I can’t stand her. I wish she would leave the show and spend time with her children.
    You know the children that her house keeper (slave) Rosie raised? When her children turn 18 I wonder how she is going to make a living? I think she’s going to be in for some hard times. I don’t see the Count supporting her for long. I for one would LOVE to see LuAnn empty some bed pans.
    Hopefully I’m off to get some more sleep as my kitty is NOW asleep right next to me.
    Happy Saturday to all.

    • ann little says:

      hi Nancy!!

      I totally agree, LuLu’s in for some financial hardship, the smart little gold-digger in her sees this so she’s trying, with all her might, to rope another moneybag (ie, Jacques the wine man) in. I have no doubt that Kelly, LuLu, Jill and Sonja watch themselves obsessively every week. Ramona works for a living so she only catches up later, Alex the same – work and kids, but she’s channeling her RHONY fame into work so she has to watch.

      I don’t think Bravo gives a flying whoop about Kelly and her mental stability. What I think happened is her husband saw last years blowup and ordered their kids off the show. I think we’re in for another blowout simlilar to last years later down the line…why with Jill’s “Kelly is fine” comment in the preview and the editors cutting to KooKoo making snow angels in the sand…hmmm:)

  122. housewifeaddict says:

    IMO none of the ladies are jealous of Alex. The jealousy is of Bethenny and her success. If they are targeting Alex because they really don’t like her that’s one thing, but it appears as though it is a combination of
    A) them not liking her much,
    B) trying to stir up drama to get themselves air time, and stirring it up with Alex is safe because none of the others care or will defend her (except Ramona)
    C) Being snobs and feeling that they can accept her only if she remains “in her place” which is at the bottom of the pecking order, willing to accept them as higher in status (like the movie mean girls).

    Alex and Simon may end up being in every scene this season and getting tons of exposure – good and bad. I’m not going to feel sorry for them, because very few viewers are going to support the “mean girls” in the end.

    Obviously they aren’t as good at dealing with people like this as Bethenny was. I think she just had a lot more experience with the society types that thought they were better than her, and was able to humorously dismiss them. Alex is trying to take a reasonable and thoughtful approach with a bunch of airheads.

    • VAgirl says:

      Agree with you.

    • Caitlin says:

      I agree with you, too, and want to add that I have compassion for Alex. I think she’s angry at herself for letting so much slide with the other women in the past. She’s trying to grow and change by asserting herself more, and watching someone trying to grow in real time is painful – sort of like watching your toddler learning to walk. I don’t think there is a mean bone in her body. Cannot say the same for LuAnn, Jill, and now, sadly, Sonja. Sonja seems to be “coping” with her financial problems by drowning herself in booze and sex and attacking others. And that is really not fun to watch!

  123. butterisafruit says:

    Morning everyone. I’m watching the tornado damages. It’s horrifying.

    Nancy I have an inside seething over LuAnn. There is nothing nice to say about her. What gets me through all this… is the time she ordered a pizza and went into a tizzy because she didn’t use her title. When the kid came with the pizza she was still beside herself. These are the things that get me through the day LOL.

  124. VAgirl says:

    Nancy and Butterisafruit – I, too, have a special disdain for Luann and have not liked her from the very beginning. Snob Queen of them all. Talk about thinking she’s “up there” and everyone else is “down there.” I think she really and truly believes that crappola.

  125. Nancy says:

    OMG I just saw Sonia’s painting. It looks like her left nipple is completely out of her dress! Please look at it again so I don’t think I’m seeing things that aren’t there.
    How can these “women” act like this when they have children at home? Kid’s can be so mean at that age. I can only imagine what they are going through. I don’t see Sonja being involved with the PTA.

  126. Nancy says:

    I’m sorry I didn’t ask you about the tornados. Is your home ok? It’s funny how we “Californions” worry about earthquakes and fires when other states worry about their
    natural disasters. It breaks my heart when I think about Japan. It sure went off our radar in a short amount of time. All the animals that were left alone. I can’t even think about it or I’ll go insane. I wish I could go there and help them.

    • butterisafruit says:

      Nancy, I’m no where near the tornadoes so don’t beat yourself up over that. It was just seeing all the horrible damage that I mentioned that. I’m up near Boston, we get nor easters, blizzards, and ice storms.
      I know what you mean about Japan. I’ve been trying to get updated views on the Google Earth app on my cell phone.
      I don’t think I could take earthquakes or tornadoes. I’m too controlling.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      Nancy, Anderson Cooper had a report on his show (Thursday night) about the abandoned animals in Japan. It’s a heartwarming story, there’s a wonderful woman saving the animals from the nuclear disaster area.


      here is Isabella’s website for helping the abandoned pets in Japan:


      This story brought me to tears. It hurts to see those dogs abandoned, bless this woman for helping them.

      • Nancy says:

        Thank-you. I did see Anderson’s special and it’s been on my mind ever since. I cried when they said that their pets could join them in the shelter. Not so in America! If I ever had to choose I’d stay with my pet. A no brainer.

  127. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    I missed 10 minutes of it but march madness NYC HW’s is on bravo now. 😛

  128. floridagirl88 says:

    I just watched the entire episode last night.
    – No wonder Bethenny wanted out of this cesspool of egos. Without her, this show seems pointless.
    -No matter how many time Jill says she has changed, we see the hate in her twisted face.
    – How desperate for money/validation/fame these women must be to carry on like the high school bitches they must have been
    – Would this show even be watchable without Silex? The remaining women’s lives just aren’t that interesting. They need someone to hate to keep a conversation going.
    – I am so disappointed in Sonja. This classless bitch married money and now thinks she earned it all. Well maybe sleeping her way into millions was hard work. It will be even harder now that she has so much mileage on her.
    – Poor Luann. In trying to relevant she has gone in the wrong direction. Here is another one who married money and has confused that with being a self-made woman. Is the haughty, condescending Luann now appearing on screen the real one? Pure delusion.
    – Did Jill show up at the march because Alex called her out on it at the wedding? Wasn’t she supposed to be out of town for the entire weekend? ha ha

  129. ann little says:

    to preserve Sonja in her own words, before she backtracks and deletes it from her facebook page, this is what she answered to fans negative comments:

    Wow you guys are harsh. Its cut for TV drama! I was with my friends, at my home getting ready to speak from my heart and didn’t want to disappoint. BTW my notecards mysteriously disappeared before my speech? You don’t know the behind the scenes guys. I agreed to speak before I agreed to do a 2nd season of RHONY. Meaning I didn’t plan on having it taped or have my costars with me on camera. My producers wanted to tape it, and I knew it would be good for MENY to have the viewership. I didn’t expect 7 hrs of shooting to turn into just ME and MY SPECIAL DAY sharing my feelings with the GLBT community. (yes it was a special day for me!) It’s obvious we were all there for the cause. MENY had a slated mix of speakers that they revealed to me very early on it wasnt about “The Housewives”. It was not a RHONY event where all of us were speaking, it was a March for MENY.

    This still doesn’t answer why she wouldn’t let Simon speak or the fact she lied about Alex storming in and starting the argument in her house.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      it also doesn’t explain that she told the organizers if they wanted her to speak they HAD to make her grand marshal and no one else from her group would be allowed to speak

  130. fort lauderdale gay says:

    Hi All! Long time reader, first time commenter. Considering this week’s show theme, what I found interesting was who wasn’t in attendance…..Jill’s “gay husband” Brad. Last year or the year before, there were rumors that they had a falling out. There was the story floating around that he had accepted some work in Dubai, and that he and Jill were still quite close. I would have thought he would have at least gotten a mention…
    As a gay man, I did find one of Sonja’s comments especially offensive. She referred to us as either “our gays” or “the gays”. There is a tendency among straight people to treat us as either pets, toys, or fashion accessories, to be taken down from the shelf, enjoyed and when finished with us for the day, put us back on the shelf, not to be utilized until the next time it benefits the player.
    Marriage equality for me is a civil rights issue. There are many legal advantages that automatically come with marriage that are unavailable to gay couples, even in the states where gay marriage is legal. Social Security and insurance benefits being the most obvious. Immigration for international couples is another important benefit that I would like to see the USA embrace.
    I especially appreciate Alex and Simon’s support because it is obvious that they truly understand the civil rights issues that gay citizens of the USA face and they are genuine supporters, unlike Jill, who uses her support for her own benefit. Jill talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk. Several years ago, she hosted a fund raiser at her former Hamptons home for a political candidate who was no friend to the gay community. Under this candidate’s term, the state constitution was amended limiting marriage to straight couples only. Our “friend” Jill monetarily and politically armed the gay community’s enemies. All the while, she was lending her name to gay causes and gave the public appearance of being a gay rights supporter. Jill is about appearances not substance. She talked the talk, but didn’t walk the walk.
    I think Sonja is a smart gal and will figure this out. I am pretty sure she will redeem herself and do what she can to make amends.
    The Countess owes much to the gay community for the little bit of success the song she barked out last season received, but I doubt that debt will ever be properly repaid. Her single release launch party was after all, held at a gay club. She is one of those who thinks of us as fashion accessories. I would like to know what Andy Cohen really thinks of her. I get the feeling that scratching the back of her ears with her hind legs comes quite naturally to her….

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      loved your post, thank you for your viewpoint

    • Nancy says:

      Did you see the reunion when the subject of her boyfriend being Jewish came up. The look on Andy’s face was priceless. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in LuAnn’s house. Her daughter is following suit. Sad.

    • Caitlin says:

      FLG, what do you think of Sonya constantly referencing Marriage Equality as a “charity”? Something tells me that charity is the last thing you want, You want the same civil rights the rest of us enjoy, no? And what did you think of Sonja’s speech at the March? All that hoopla about “her day,” and nothing prepared ahead of time (my opinion).

      • fort lauderdale gay says:

        Marriage Equality is a civil rights issue, not a charity. There is a HUGE difference.

  131. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    FLG Welcome aboard

    They Havent even mentioned Brad on the show in ages
    I agree 100 per cent with everything you said and esp about Simon & Alex and their commitment to the cause

  132. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    ann doesnt it speak volumes that Sonja is still making excuses instead of JUST Apologizing

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      I’ll give Sonja the benefit of the doubt for now. I do think she’ll figure it out. She was pretty shocked with the poll results. Unlike Jill, I think Sonja accepts wake up calls…..

      • Mookies1mom says:

        Welcome to the board! I enjoyed reading your post and agreed with you. I think that was why Alex and Simon were so upset about not being able to have one of them speak. Unfortunately, for Sonja she did and she was not prepared! Despite saying she had a speech prepared but didn’t have it with her you would think she could of done a better job!

        Keep coming back!

        • Nancy says:

          In a round about way she seemed to infer that “someone” stole her notes.

          Brad the “gay husband” of Jill’s was fired or quit Zarin fabrics a while back. There were a lot of rummors one being that Jill had an affair on Bobby and Brad & Bethenny knew about it and were really upset. Not sure how it all played out but the reason Jill is giving re: their relationship is another one of her lies.

  133. Mookies1mom says:

    Here is something that has been stewing in the back of my head that really pisses me off about these so called ladies. I grew up in a small town. Our neighbors across the street had A LOT of money, seriously Jill could only dream! (Side note. My family did not. My Father had a Ph.d in Linguistics and taught at the state college. My mom worked briefly when I was a kid.) Anyway, this family had an actual title that he earned, he was the former Ambassador to Australia and she is the daughter of the man who started and owned a huge grocery store chain in multiple states. Photos with Kennedy, LBJ and the likes hung on his walls in his study. You get the point. My reason for stating all of this is simply that they had a boat loads of money. This couple and their children were the nicest people you could ever meet. Never put on airs like countless and never thought any less of anyone when it came to their so-called station in life. If you saw them out in town they dressed and acted like anyone else. You would have never known. They treated everyone equally well no matter who they were or how much money they had or not. I guess my ramblings are just to say that not everyone with money, umm that marries money in the hw case acts like such horrible human beings. Stepping off my soap box now and putting it back in storage.

    • Christine says:

      You’re point is very well made. REALLY RICH people do not go on and on about their status. I am a Connecticut native, my parents worked for the phone company and an insurance company (not exactly monied people). For a while my husband and I had a boat. On weekends we would dock along the CT or Long Island coastline. I have seen people like Paul Newman and Katherine Hepburn shopping in hardware and grocery store dressed like the rest of us. In fact, Miss Hepburn was pulling out an envelope of coupons for her groceries wearing her usual baggy chinos, work shirt and sun hat. I also did volunteer work with a group that trained guide dogs. The founder of the group was a woman whose husband was the owner and founder of a large airline company. No one put on airs, no one cared about their hair, nails or attire. We all just got into the work. Now that I live in South Carolina, I volunteer for STAR which is a therapeutic horse riding program for those with all types of diabilities – mental, physical and emotional. I have yet to see any of these housewives do anything but attend fundraisers in their borrowed designer dresses. How about banging some nails for Habitat for Humanity or helping in rehabilitation programs for challenged children or wounded soldiers? These women can’t walk the walk and barely talk the talk because of their lies and complete phoniness.
      I will now join you Mookie in removing myself from our shared soapbox.
      P.S. I cannot express the utter joy you can feel watching kids who either can’t walk or can barely walk sit astride a horse and tell you that they think they are flying.

      • Mookies1mom says:

        I used to work in mental health care. I can only imagine the feelings watching those you work with enjoying the horse back riding. It’s such an awesome feeling watching someone do something that makes them feel awesome!

        I think that most of the hw’s that think they have money, married it. They didn’t see the hard work that went into making it. Seems everyone else knows how hard it is to make a buck rather than lie on her back to get it.

      • twoile says:

        Those that have $ would never think it OK to discuss same ….usually ignore any ref 2 same as vulgar…..same as one with class never needs to announce it……no PR necessary…self evident=0)…having the latest/most expensive/”item” is a waste of $ & vulgar /2 showy >True class spans the whole spectrum of $/education/careers……the ability 2 b present/kind & generous in a way that elevates the one u r with.=0)

  134. ann little says:

    DJ, were she her gracious self as projected last season she would have simply apologized.
    She knows she’s in the wrong but I guess LuLu and Jill’s influence to not admit and backtrack is rubbing off on her.
    She’s turning into a blond Jill.

  135. Kiyoshigirl says:

    Seriously…a “conspiracy”? Your disdain for Kelly and Jill is messing with your common sense on this one. Alex is being exposed for what she is…an out of control, inexperienced, social climber. She’s messing with the wrong crowd. She and Simon would be much better off socializing with a more bohemian NY crowd. They don’t belong with the faux social elite. They think they need to belong, but they don’t realize what it takes to fit in. After awhile you have to wonder if Alex comes off looking ridiculous because she acts ridiculous? If there’s a wave of anti-Alex sentiment amongst the NY ladies it’s because they don’t want a gnat buzzing in their ears making judgments about their behaviors. They want to behave ANY way they want, ANY time they want to.

    • ElleintheCity says:

      Sonja Bankrupt Morgan is NOT in the “in crowd” nor is LuAnn LaCreep. Please. Stick to what what you know about….. They are doing the show for the $$$ because they are hard up for cash. That’s a well known fact, and none of New York society attends their events. Really, trust me on this. Been there, done that.

  136. Kokuanani says:

    As I just “tuned in” to today’s blog, there were “666” messages!!!!!!!

  137. janetalvarez144 says:

    I’m trying to post here…testing… testing!

  138. You Amercians take yourselves very seriously. You don’t seem to have any sense of humility. Just a load of self congratulatory back slapping. It makes me cringe.

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