I Hate Jill Zarin Pregnant In Heels / Housewives News and more!

Pregnant in Heels by Quincy IL

Rosie Pope, maternity concierge, arrives at her store to find her two assistants dancing and in skirts.  LT, her male assistant explains that he is giving Hannah, a dancing lesson as there are no customers. Rosie joins in the fun and dances too, and then it’s back to work.

While riding in her limo, Rosie speaks to Hannah about the next couple who have issues about the religion of their baby daughter which is due to arrive in 3 weeks.  Michelle is Catholic and Gary is Jewish. They have tried to discuss the issue, but it always ended in a fight and now at the end of the pregnancy they have to find a solution.

Gary greets Rosie and asks her to teach his wife to cook and clean.  Michelle does not want to cook or clean.  She plans on having a full time nanny.  Michelle takes the Mommy IQ test and recognizes what a breast pump is, but is surprised that you pump both breasts at the same time.  During the home inspection, Rosie discovered 4 strollers each with a different purpose.  Michelle can’t fold any of them up so she is never going to get in a taxi to go anywhere with her baby.
Michelle never thought that her daughter would be anything other than Catholic as she is.  She always got her way in life and expects that she will get her way now.   Rosie feels that besides the religion problem, Michelle and Gary have control issues.

Mina is having her first baby, a boy.  Her husband Herman is in finance and he give her everything she wants.  She does not work and she loves to shop. Herman tells us that he did not know that she would be like this before he married her.  Their baby is due to be born in less than a week by a scheduled C-section.  Usually, mothers call Rosie before the beginning of the third trimester so she tells Rosie that she has to prepare immediately. 
Mina is hiring a nanny and she thinks the nanny will do all of the child care.  Rosie thinks Mina has to know the basic of caring for a baby.  Rosie has Mina practice changing a diaper on a doll and Mina says it’s dirty. Rosie said, “You should have used Purell on her hands.”  Mina said, “No, the baby/doll is dirty, not me.”  Rosie gives a crash course in projectile vomiting and mucous plugs. 
The inspection of the home leads to an office/nursery that is a wreck.  Nothing is ready and the baby will be here in days. The changing table is not anchored and is dangerous.  Mina said that someone is coming to take care of all of this on the weekend, but Rosie is not one to put off the preparation to the last moment.
Mina has a little dog trained to a wee wee pad.  She does not understand that the dog should be walked outside and that the pad is unsanitary in an apartment. She tells Rosie that she needs a dog trainer too.

 The hand embroidered bedding is stuck in customs, but Rosie explains that the baby only needs a fitted sheet and everything else is a choking hazard.  Mina has purchase a “take me home” outfit in a special garment bag. She was planning on sleeping for 5 days after the surgery and letting the nurses take care of her son. 

Gary lets Rosie and LT into his apartment to surprise his wife, Michelle. They throw toys all over the floor and have dirty baby clothes on the living room couch.  Michelle looks angry when she comes home to find LT has destroyed  her apartment.  Rosie has Michelle pick up the toys and she does it in heels that she refuses to take off.  A pretend baby who can cry keeps interrupting Michelle’s cleaning and Michelle is upset.  Rosie tells us that things are going to get worse when the baby comes. Michelle tells us this is a messed up nightmare.

In Mina’s apartment, there are 3 days to the delivery of the baby and still nothing is ready.  Mina and Rosie argue about the nursery preparation.  Rosie says, “We are going to do it now.” 
Rosie brings another mother and her 3 month old son to Mina’s apartment.  Mina says the baby is heavy and hands the baby to her husband.  The real mother of the baby is not happy.  Mina changes the diaper with difficulty.  The real mother is not happy.  Mina says that she doesn’t want poop on her. The real mother is not happy.  The baby starts to vocalize, smile and laugh.  Mina begins to like the baby.  The real mother smiles.

Rosie discusses her pregnancy issue. She became pregnant, but it was an ectopic pregnancy.  The embryo was growing in the Fallopian Tube.   Rosie was undergoing IVF and the implanted egg attached in a place that threatened her own life and would not allow for the survival of the embryo. She had emergency surgery, lost her baby and lost one of her Fallopian tubes.  Rosie and Darren are sad, but they will figure it out.

Rosie brings a therapist, Liza Oz, to the home of Michelle and Gary.  Both parents stand their ground when it comes to religion and their baby.  Michelle explains that this will probably be her only child and she wants the baby to be a mini Michelle.   Gary reminds her that she agreed to share his life when she said, “I do.”  He is not religious, but he feels that he cannot attend a Baptism in a Catholic Church.  Michelle says she cannot enter a temple.   The therapist explains that the baby is half Michelle and half Gary.  Their daughter will be her own person, not an extension of Michelle. Lisa suggests a Baptism and a Jewish Naming Ceremony on the same day with a large party to celebrate both events.  The couple sees this as an excellent solution and they agree.

Rosie and Mina go to a jewelry store where Mina picks out a bracelet for herself with 75 diamonds.  In NYC, you get jewelry when you have a baby. 
It is delivery day for Mina. Rosie is there with her limo at 4 AM to take Mina and Herman to the hospital.  Mina tells Herman that she wants him to stay with her and not go with the baby if something goes wrong. He gives Mina a dirty look, but says nothing.  Rosie always leaves the mothers at the door of the hospital as delivering a baby is personal.
Rosie picks up Michelle and Gary when Michelle is having pains 6 minutes apart.  Rosie and Gary remind Michelle that she will have an epidural and there will be no pain after that, but her face is really red and she is suffering during the travel to the hospital.  Again, the traffic in NYC is a problem.   Gary asks what having a baby might be like if Eve hadn’t taken a bite of the apple and Michelle asks him if he is making a joke at this time.
Rosie visits Michelle, Gary and their daughter, Sophia, at the hospital.  The parents are happy. Michelle is holding her daughter in her arms.  Rosie brings a gift of a baby food processor and that make Gary happy because his wife will cook something.  Michelle likes the gift too.
Mina’s son Tyler is a big baby.  Mina says that she is bonding, but Rosie reminds us that Mina needed tough love.  Mina hands the baby to Herman who seems to know a lot about being a father.  Rosie is not worried about Tyler as Herman is there.

Thanks Quincy, great job as always!

If you all remember a few weeks back, Jill Zarin insulted Bravo’s Rosie Pope on Twitter, not to mention thousands of deaf people, Jill is very slow and it takes her some time to realize that she’s a vile human being, she finally apologized to Pope on Twitter:

@Jill Zarin:  Never meant to insult u. So sorry. Good luck with show!

Another insincere, too little too late apology from Jill Zarin.

Tonight on Bravo Top Chef Masters with hunky host Curtis Stone.   I guess the folks at Bravo figured they gave the guys Padma, the least they could do is give the women something to watch on TCM.  Come back tomorrow for Harvey’s Top Chef Masters blog, Harvey can really bring the snark!

The Voice

This is “off Bravo” but I watched a new show called The Voice last night, obviously a knock off of American Idol but the four celebrities judging have their back turned to the singers and can only hear them.   The judges are actually building teams of singers who will go up against each other.  During the performance the four judges have a button to push if they like what they hear.  Pushing the button will turn their chair allowing them to see the contestant.  If more than one judge pushes that button and turns to see the performer, they have to argue their point to the contestant to get them to choose which celebrity’s team they would like to join.

But the downside, if none of the four celebrities push that button and turn to look at the contestant, they’re out, the must pack their microphone and go.  They’re fired, the tribe has spoken, you get the idea.  The thing that I really enjoyed about this show is that the singers were amazing!  One after the other of really talented singers took the stage and most found that the celebrity judges were fighting over them. 

Once all the auditions are complete each of the four judges will have eight singers on their team, going forward they will have to cut their team to four each.  America will then vote on their favorites each week until they are down to a winner.  I really enjoyed the show because the judges are fun and likable, they don’t take themselves too seriously but most important the talent of the singers was outstanding. 

The show doesn’t call the four celebrities, “Judges” they are “Coaches” and they are Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.  They seem to have covered as many different music genre’s as they could from Country to Hip Hop.


I highly recommend this show if you’re looking for something to watch while you’re waiting for your favorite hockey team to get their butts kicked by Vancouver.   (yes my Blackhawks are done!) 

Thursday night we can look forward to another Jill-free Real Housewives of New York, and apparently next week Jill is only in the episode for a few minutes at the end so that’s a plus!  I really don’t understand why anyone finds Jill interesting to watch.  Last season she was just mean and we were shocked by how cruel she was to Bethenny but this season her fake sucking up to Alex is just unbearable. 

Until Next Time….

*I’m sorry for not including photos today, for some reason WordPress is acting up again this morning.

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491 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin Pregnant In Heels / Housewives News and more!

  1. housewifeaddict says:

    Good morning. I’m glad Jill apologized to Rosie, however I haven’t been able to get through an entire show. Rosie seems fine, as well as her co-workers – but the women and the setups seem too over the top. Asking a lord to be your godfather, but having to hire someone to learn how to do it??? (last week). Godparents should be people who are in your lives – if you don’t know what the answer will be, you probably shouldn’t ask the question.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Money apparently can’t buy you class, common sense or brains! These women are difficult to watch and somehow Rosie who is there for the baby is selling her services as something else because not one woman to date has even mentioned that she wants to be ready to take care of the baby!

      • quincyil says:

        How do these women snag those husbands? You can buy bracelets with 75 diamonds when you deliver. If only I had known!

        I can’t believe these marriages are going to survive.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Since my kids are teenagers – I will demand a push present for when I actually push them out of the nest! Not! But seriously – none of the husbands seem to thrilled about the baby coming either.

          • HD says:

            LOL @ WindyCity, okay! I didn’t know about push presents at all. I had never heard of this. I feel like I missed out on something. Oh nevermind…I thought bringing a life into the world was the gift. My bad.

            • error404 says:

              oh, you probably married for love too! LOL When marriage is a business, each milestone is a transaction or deal. Most people do expect a bonus when they do well at work. These poor women willingly sold themselves into a business deal, and have no idea how soulless and empty they are.

        • error404 says:

          my friend’s friend is marrying a woman who DEMANDED this very particular super expensive handbag as a gift from him to her for her engagement (in addition to he huge rock of a ring), and it was opened publicly at a party with much fan fair. I’m sorry to say, but there is an entire sub-culture of LI women who live just like Lisa and Jill. Remember when Apollo brought the $$ present Phaedra’s stylist told him to buy for her to open on camera at the mother’s day party even though she hadn’t even given birth yet and no body else got a present. Some people are all about show.

          • lovemamaearth says:

            ==marrying a woman who DEMANDED ==

            Danger Will Robinson is written on that wall.

            I agree, HD, that the baby IS the gift.

        • NJ Bev says:

          I hope Herman has a pre-nup. that Mina was almost
          vile. where do they find these people? Does she not
          realize how awful she comes off? Do you think that she
          thinks she’s cute?
          I’m really curious how people become this self-absorbed?
          Herman says he didn’t know she was like this-so did she
          put on an act to get him to marry her? How can someone
          act so well that they can hide a personality that bad?
          I know, I’m asking a lot of questions, but I am truly
          dumbfounded at how ridiculous this woman was-
          worse than a housewife. (maybe she was
          sorry for the rant-

          • fort lauderdale gay says:

            After seeing and reading about these women, I now know why my friend (very nice straight Jewish man) refers to his wife as “the parasite”. He works ALL the time. He gave his now wife a mercedes as an engagement gift (plus the ring rock) and she referred to it as her “starter” car. That made me quite happy to be gay, not that my people don’t have our own issues……

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Herman seems alittle slow – Mina likely told him what a catch she would be for a guy like him….and I doubt he came up with the 75 diamond push bracelet idea either.

          • Kellita says:

            People like that make me wish it took a license to have a child. I feel so sorry for their kids!

            • quincyil says:

              My gift for the successful delivery was a baby. I gave that gift to my husband too. LOL. It was a multimillion dollar gift…..

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          having just finnished watching the entire series The Tudors some of these women really have it easy
          they dont have to produce a son and they get to keep their heads lol

  2. Bobbi says:

    Am watching The Voice now and loving it! The quality of singers seems much better than Idol. I think a lot of them are older and more experienced. That adds important layers to a voice! Will you be recapping this regularly?

    • LynnNChicago says:

      Hi Bobby! I’m not sure to be honest, I’ll certainly be watching, if it continues to be good enough to write about, I sure will recap! I’m glad you like it too!

      • If you had it like this says:

        Lynn, I loved the Voice! It surprised me how much I liked it.
        Almost better than Idol. And the concept of the blind audition is so genius. So interesting to see them turn around and put the face with the voice and the surprise they sometimes experience.

    • PJ says:

      I watched The Voice too, and I loved it. The talent was so much better than Idol has ever had, these people can sing and perform, often people on idol are stiff. With the exception of Frenchie who I didn’t think was that good. I actually felt that this show blows Idol out of the water.

  3. VAgirl says:

    Thanks for the recap on PIH so I don’t have to waste an hour of my time watching self-indulgent idiots. Those poor babies! I did not watch The Voice last night, but it sounds interesting. I don’t watch American Idol, but loved the Sing-Off (the a capella group competition). I saw a rerun of Sunday night’s mob wives. What a fascinating show. I’m hooked on it. It is such a beautiful day here. We’ve not had any of the damaging storms that those to the west have been enduring. I hope everyone in the path of the storms stay safe.

  4. error404 says:

    well, if The Voice offers a better version of kerioke night than AI, than good for it, but the whole “hook” just “gets on my nervous”. LOL Really? People in the music business have to be blindfolded in order to judge a singer by their voice and not their look? Really? Umm, haven’t entire careers been made via faceless demo tapes for decades now? Whatever. Reality Tv seems to be banking on viewership stupidity more and more.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      I think that’s the point, it USED to be just about the voice and the singing ability, it has turned into the Brady Bunch “who fits into the suit” and Johnny whatever his name was that Greg Brady became.

      This is simply these four people listening to the music, the voice without having any preconceived notions …look at Susan whatshername from Britian’s Got Talent. When they saw her they all laughed, until the voice ….

      • Toga says:

        Johnny Bravo!!!!

      • error404 says:

        OMG wasn’t it “Johnny Bravo”! LOL

        Well, MTV did ruin the music industry…. let’s not even get started on auto-tuning!

        but I also think the whole Susan Boyle thing is exaggerated. She’s B’way not pop, B’way has never been looks over voice. She got famous singing Patti LuPone, not Britney Spears. Even the fat opera singing guy before her was singing opera, not in a boy band. Hello? Since when is a fat guy singing opera “shocking”? LOL

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          because his teeth were horrible- and his eyebrows looked like he shaved half of them off- BUT left the unibrow.
          I was mesmerized by that guy- he was something I could not look away from.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          well actually she has sung the rolling stones and lou reed as well
          and her album did sell as a pop album
          i understand what you are saying but she kind of beat the odds and seems to be able to cross different genres
          dont think we will get a disco album out of her though LOL
          i was one of those that saw the you tube vid of that first time she sang on that show and i was crying by the end

          told you im a big weepie

      • PJ says:

        Susan Boyle. Based on her looks alone who would ever have given her a chance? People were rolling their eyes and laughing at her and then she started to sing. I loved that she knew she would blow them away though. But look how many years it took for her to become famous. Perhaps if she had been beautiful she would have achieved that years ago; so these reality shows do serve a good purpose in that way.

        How many marginal singers are big stars today? I can think of several. But they are attractive. I love that The Voice is giving people a chance based on singing ability alone. Today the industry only wants people who are marketable and a lot of that is based on looks. It seems they forget that people want to be entertained by real talent.

        • error404 says:

          Susan Boyle has serious issues that are still plaguing her today. People want to believe she’s living this Cinderella life and it was all our faults for being shallow, but it’s simply not true. With all of her $$$ and album sales, she’s still so fragile and routinely can’t follow thru on her obligations.

          • DJ Loops Fruit says:

            yes i know she had a huge meltdown and they say a nervous breakdown but she must be getting a little better she is still recording

            she isnt a novelty act like Mrs Miller who was just as frumpy but w/o any real talent

          • PJ says:

            I have no idea what you’re talking about. The things she couldn’t follow through, that I am aware of, had nothing to do with her being fragile. Although I do agree that she may be a bit fragile but she is also very talented and successful.

      • kbinldo says:

        I still love to watch that video of Susan, especially the gobsmacked expression on Simon’s face. 🙂

    • JKW says:

      The singers have already gone a prelimary judgement. The ones that are chosen all have talent so you won’t see a William Hung ! (not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing since everyone seems to know the dope ) Since they are all decent I think that looks may play a part. This way there is nothing to judge but the voice. I thought it was very good. Christina A was kind of a twit.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        there was an interveiw with her a few years back when Lady Gaga
        first broke big
        she pretended at first that she never heard of her and then minutes later said she thought lady g was a drag queen but said it in a very nasty Jillousy way
        then xtins next album came out and it was almost a complete rip off of gagas and failed
        karma is a bitch

  5. WindyCityWondering says:

    Jill is a moron! Her apology to Rosie was not heartfelt – more like a reaction to a backlash from the public. We teach our children not to stare, make fun of or call people with disabilities names – guess Gloria didn’t cover that in her secrets.

    • error404 says:

      Has anyone read the moldy book? It sounds as if Lisa was trying to cash in on version of “the rules”, except it’s hopelessly outdated by now. I wonder if she wrote it 10 years ago and couldn’t find a publisher until Jill’s “fame” got her foot in the door. Do they actually explain why Gloria’s parents disapproved of Sol? Was it because he wasn’t good enough, or just the opposite? Considering the book’s pro-golddigging slant, it seems odd that Gloria married a poor dude in a borrowed out-of-season dress.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I have never found the desire to read a book that produced a specimen like Jill. Maybe it was Gloria who started the golddigging secrets….it worked with Jill but Lisa maybe not so much.

        • fort lauderdale gay says:

          After seeing the photo shoot for the moldy book, with the “mother’s not happy” theme, I can’t imagine Gloria ever being much of a catch. It’s healthy to have a good self-image, but geeezzzz, like another poster stated “it’s not like they’re curing cancer”.

        • quincyil says:

          I can’t read it either.

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Ironically – Jill continues to push the moldy book and she is the biggest reason no one wants to buy, much less read it!

      • VAgirl says:

        I have a Nook and just went online to B&N NookBooks to see how much it would cost me. $9.99. I think it’s not worth it to download it. Most reviewers gave it one star. Reading the reviews was definitely worth going the site though. Seems the main theme of the book, according to the reviews, is how to marry for money and cheat your husband out of everything you can get (even stealing money from his pants while he’s asleep). One reviewer also said it was full of trite sayings that you could find if you googled looking for them (something like that). Think I’ll spend my $10 on something better.

        • fort lauderdale gay says:

          I found several good used copies on Amazon for $0.25 plus $3.99 shipping. At $4.24 total, still overpriced, and if rated one star, over rated, too.

          • floridagirl88 says:

            Not only am I not buying it or taking it if were a giveaway, I’m not checking it out of the library either.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Sorry Jewish gals, but stealing from the pants is a practice that doesn’t know socio-economic status, nationalities, color or creed. It’s been done since the begining of time.

          Don’t judge me or RealMom, but here it goes. I was fifteen and wanted a new pair of sandals I saw at Bakers. Real Mom gave me $20 but I needed $25. On payday I asked RealDad for money for the sandals and he said he was broke. I pled my case but he said he paid the bills and had no money. Later I go to the bathroom and see his pants are on the floor. I decide to “check” if he was being truthful and imagine my shock and anger when I see he has over 100 bucks in his wallet. I take a ten dollar bill and drop the pants back on the floor and exit. In the hallway I pass by my mom who is on her way to the bathroom.

          I’m in my room the next morning when I hear my dad yelling claiming he was robbed. I’m scared but go downstairs. He asks all of us, the wife and three daughters who took his money? My sisters are innocent, yet I respond “I thought you didn’t have any money…” He shot daggers at me. He bellows “Someone took $30 from my wallet” at which RealMom and I look at each other with a look of surprise. My mom tells him he couldn’t have over $100 because he said she wiped him out. Dad growls and leaves the house and RealMom has a little talk with me. Ignoring my denials, she says I can’t ever take money from my dad again, it is never justified to steal etc. I finally confess but say “I took 10 but you took 20” to which RealMom says “Yeah but he’s my husband and if anyone is going to get even it’s me!”

          Many months ago I tell her I double dipped RealHusband’s paycheck debit card and she scolds me. I tell her times have changed and folks just don’t carry as much cash as they use to and remind her of the “pants story”. She laughed hysterically even though she couldn’t remember the occasion but says”I still do it.” LOL

          • NJ Bev says:

            I totally love this story.
            thanks for sharing……..

          • error404 says:

            Over Easter I told my parents of a piece of bad luck we had that was gonna cost us $200. Mom made a big show the next morning of whipping out the check book and making sure Dad agreed before she wrote me a check for $100. Then when he went to the bathroom she slipped me a $100 bill and said “Shh, don’t tell your father.” LOL

          • klmh says:

            Oh, I love that story too. I remember getting 25 cents or something from my mother’s purse, but never from my father! Yikes, no kidding, that put a rubber band around my sphincter when I read that part. I would be terrified if I did something like that to my father, but he had, along with my mother, our utmost respect, My parents were the best.
            I was so very fortunate…
            Thanks for the great story!

          • Sammysmom says:

            When I was 12, I was a became a candyholic. I knew how to open my dads filing cabinet and did so. It’s where he kept important stuff but I had also seen him toss change in it. I grabbed some quarters and dimes and rode my bike to Haag drug store and got a full bag of candy. Two days later my dad asks all four of us kids if any of us had gotten anything out of his filing cabinet. I caved, because if one got in trouble, we all got in trouble when it came to stuff like fessing up to. He informed me that when my other siblings turned 21 they were gonna get their very valuble coins that he had been collecting for years but I just spent mine on candy. We still laugh about it but they were really valuble quarters and dimes.

            • klmh says:

              Ouch! Funny story though. Tx for sharing.

            • DJ Loops Fruit says:

              when i was really young my parents used to bag bingo chips for extra money
              they refered to do as home work and they got all of us involved
              you would put 25 of those chips in a small bag and staple it shut
              i guess this is before people used those markers to play bingo
              anyhow teh really funny thing we discovered about those bingo chips was they could go into any penny candy vending machines remember those ?
              so of course we would take handfulls go to teh vending machine and Viloa we had enough candy to take to the movies and such

              i know i know it was stealing but what 6 year old kid is gonna think about that
              we never got caught either

          • lovemamaearth says:

            That sounds like the first couple who were on Dr Phil yesterday.

            Someone posted something on Obama and Trump and I thought I’d share this tweet:
            Rubinville Dave Rubin
            Trump to shift strategy: Will now focus on whether Wolf Blitzer is, in fact, a wolf.

          • ImaJillHater2 says:

            Funny, funny story! Thanks for sharing!

    • TLM says:

      What did I miss about Jill apologizing to Rosie? Jill Zarin and Rosie Pope? I’m all confused!!!!

  6. TEB2350 says:

    I never saw the original email from Jill that insulted Rosie. Can anyone fill me in on the details?? I’m definitely not surprised to hear she insulted her and I am thrilled she will not be seen on RHNY this week. She drives me bananas (though its possible I detest Teresa G more….)

    • quincyil says:

      It is on Lynn’s blog a while back. I will try to find in in this giant blog. LOL.

      • TEB2350 says:

        Thanks Q!

        • quincyil says:

          Jill Zarin
          Watching Preg in Heels. Is she deaf or have speech impediment? I can’t understand her. Does anyone else notice that? Or is it just me?
          9 Apr via web



          • cabbie413 says:

            It’s not just you!! i was wondering the same thing, quincyil.

            she sounds like she was deaf at some point by the way she sounds. It’s a speech impediment but i’m guessing its also due to a hearing problem of hers (that was probably later rectified as a teen). I find the show difficult to watch so after 10 min or so I gave up on it. It’s not my cup of tea. I always bypass the blogs on PIH.

            • quincyil says:

              This was Jill Zarin’s comment, not mine. I found it for the posters as they wanted Jill’s original comment.

              • TLM says:

                Thanks for clearing up what people were talking about. Although TONS of people on Twitter said the same thing as Jill, it wasn’t good form for Jill to be saying that about another Bravo-lebrity. And I would think she could just contact Andy C. and ask, if she had a question.

                Unless he no longer takes her calls. LOL.

  7. Denise says:

    What exactly did Jill say about Rosie in the first place? I missed it, I saw the apology and tried to backtrack and came up empty.

    • mbdea says:


    • quincyil says:

      Jill Zarin
      Watching Preg in Heels. Is she deaf or have speech impediment? I can’t understand her. Does anyone else notice that? Or is it just me?
      9 Apr via web

      • Denise says:

        thank you muchly;-)
        To be fair…. a lot of people were asking that (even in the comments of the first review on Lynn’s blog)…BUT….you would think she would know a little about a “bravolebrity”….or just be polite and not say anything.

        I saw a bit of the show, and I actually like Rosie….can’t stand her clients though ….so I won’t continue to watch lol.

        • quincyil says:

          Well, if you google this topic, Jill took flack on twitter and in blogs for saying that. It may be an issue for Rosie, but it is impolite of Jill to tweet it to her fans.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          i said the same thing i still dont watch the show because i cant understand a thing she says

      • klmh says:

        Really? That’s all she said? I agree with her 100%. She is asking a question. Have we become so politically correct that we can’t even do that anymore? I call bull sh*t to those who criticized her for this one. jmo,oc.

        • OneMoreInBoston says:

          agreed- I asked the same question here. Except? I am not a housewife in the public eye, and on the same network as the show in question.
          so yet again with Jill- open mouth- insert foot.

          • quincyil says:

            I think Jill read your question here, then tweeted it to her over 100,000 devoted fans.

            • OneMoreInBoston says:

              really Q?

              Ok let’s try more questions!

              What else should we get JZ to ask her twitter fans?

              “why do you losers follow me?”

          • klmh says:

            No, but if you were a hw, you would and do have the right to ask a question about another Bravolebrity or anyone or anything else, imo. She didn’t make fun of her, simply asked a question and I don’t see that as being demeaning to Rosie in any way, but I am not as offended by JZ as most here. She is surely classless at times, but in this instance, as difficult as it is to understand Rosie at times, I believe its relevant. jmo

            • quincyil says:

              Jill Zarin and her mother took offence when Simon van Kempen said that it sounds like she came from Long Island in a New York Magazine article. Jill called Page Six and said he was falling down drunk as a punishment. Gloria also thought it was outrageous when she was told of the comment.

              This was from the first episode of Season two. I don’t know why Jill would take offence and then make this comment about the way Rosie sounds.

              • klmh says:

                I don’t know why you are equating these two sentences. One is a statement, one is a question.
                Who is to say what anyone will take offense to and Im sure it depends upon the way it is said, which we aren’t privy to, but apparently Jill was pissed at Simon. Was Rosie pissed at Jill? Is it not a valid question? Yep. Her show is about communicating with us, the viewer, and her clients and staff. Is she difficult to understand? To me she most certainly is, and its not time for me to get a hearing aid. Just had my ears checked.

                • OneMoreInBoston says:

                  what I meant to say was: if I was Jill Zarin I wouldn’t ask a question about another Bravo celebrity’s speech pattern. Because I would be in the public eye and anything I said could be taken the wrong way.
                  Obviously it was or she wouldn’t be apologizing.

                  I really don’t think there was anything wrong with what she asked- but seems a little

                  • OneMoreInBoston says:

                    oops…lost my train of thought!
                    it just seemed a little tactless.

                  • klmh says:

                    Sorry, couldn’t find another place to post from your last comment. I was thinking of Lisa as well, but didn’t care for her confrontation with Taylor F. She can bring the cruel to her snark at times. Kim though seems very kind.

                    • OneMoreInBoston says:

                      yes- I had forgotten about that…

                      can there really be no one?

                      wow. so I guess you’re right then…

          • TLM says:

            There is kind of an irony here that Jill would be critiqueing the way ANYONE talks, with her own pronunciation of things. I didn’t realize that until now, but I think it’s hilarious.

            • DJ Loops Fruit says:

              as bad as Jill talks you still know what she is saying
              i cant say the same for rosie her talking just seems so affected

              • quincyil says:

                Yes, people with hearing issues lile Marlee Matelin have speach issues, but it is not necessary to tell 120,000 fans that you can’t understand a coworker.

                I think celebrities should ignore minor issues like stuttering and try to support the people who have struggled. It’s not their fault, it’s a disability. It’s like Jill pointing out that a person with braces on their legs walks with a limp. We can see that Jill.

        • Sammysmom says:

          I actually agree with this after some thought. I am guilty of disliking something just beacause Jill likes it and praises it. ((whatever “it” is)). Not everytime but I think I do it a lot. It may be me or that she is so ignorant most of the time that I just have a automatic reflex action.

  8. cusi77 says:

    WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – In a stunning announcement that took even political insiders by surprise, President Barack Obama revealed today that he ran for President of Kenya in 2005 but was disqualified when a birth certificate surfaced showing he was born in the United States.

    At a press conference at the White House, Mr. Obama spoke for the first time about his little-known unsuccessful foray into Kenyan politics: “Like every American boy or girl, I grew up with the dream of someday becoming President of Kenya.”

    But soon after he entered the race, political opponents began spreading rumors that he was not “a real Kenyan,” the President said, and foiled his bid by disseminating copies of his authentic American birth certificate.

    “I guess I didn’t look into the rules closely enough before I ran,” the President

    • cusi77 says:

      continuation of the above…

      “I guess I didn’t look into the rules closely enough before I ran,” the President admitted. “I got caught up in the excitement of being President of Kenya and I guess I just got carried away.”

      Lisimba Ogongo, a Nairobi talk radio host who spearheaded the effort to unearth Mr. Obama’s U.S. birth certificate, confirmed Mr. Obama’s version of events today.

      “I felt strongly that the people of Kenya deserved the truth,” Mr. Ogongo said. “We were not about to elect a President of Kenya who was really a secret Hawaiian.”

      Elsewhere, Donald Trump found himself under renewed pressure to produce all of his authentic marriage certificates, believed to number in the thousands.

    • floridagirl88 says:


    • klmh says:

      Loved it!

    • klmh says:

      I sent this to all on my friends list. It is a total success! Loved this so much and my husband came home with the biggest smile on his face. Im saving it in my favs file too.

  9. Mimisfbay says:

    Congrats Lynn on your anniversary!! Wow, a year? I remember that when I found the blog you were somewhere other than wordpress. Oh well, I have been loving this blog and the comments ever since. Thanks so much for providing such a great place for us to vent/snark and laugh.

    Bethenny’s show is such fun. Friends were here for a few days and one didn’t know the show at all. He was laughing along with us and really enjoyed that it was nothing like HW shows. It was good to see how someone who didn’t know who BF is react to the show. Her appeal has little or nothing to do with her previous shows. Loved the recap!

    PIH is just not my cup of worms. I tried to watch it again and just can’t connect to anything or anyone. I don’t dislike her at all but the self absorbed pregnant women are not interesting to me. The Catholic woman made me crazy. Who did she think she was marrying? Wouldn’t you have a conversation prior to marriage about children? The husband was certainly trying to please her…god help him.

    Thanks again Lynn!

    • dsc60 says:

      my boyfriend lol at bethenny in the background while i’m watching it. he doesn’t watch, but he listens. he’s constantly saying “now that was funny.”

  10. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Hi ~thanks for the kinds words about storms. Just went through the first round of thunderstorms & rain. Flooding across the street finally went down. Have one more round later & that’s it for today I hope everyone is safe.
    Don’t watch PIH but thanks for blog.;)

  11. floridagirl88 says:

    I watched PIH last night all the way through for the first time. Like some of you here, I kept wondering where these women came from to be so clueless about babies. That parasite Mina is out of her mind. She couldn’t secure the changing pad to the table in her junky office/nursery, but she could buy a designer coming home outfit in its own zipper bag ?!?!?! It was obvious that the father will be the nurturing one. And Mina can expect to be replaced by wife #2 if that baby is lucky. Mina needs more than a wakeup call; she needs a whoop upside the head.

    The older couple also seemed delusional. Isn’t having children and religious issues around children a deal breaker? I also see a divorce in their future because the mother seemed hell bent of creating a mini version of herself, her husband be-damned. Once those cameras have left, I get the feeling she will proceed with her agenda.

    I used to wonder how some children of privilege became self-destructive or clueless. Now I get it.

  12. Mimisfbay says:

    Was also struck by the fact that she really thinks she is having a mini me. Anyone who has had a daughter and watched must have been rolling on the floor laughing. She is in for one big shocker! Rosie should do follow up shows…I would love to see that charming woman with a 15 year old. “Ah, reality, what a concept”.

  13. California35 says:

    Good morning (my time).

    I am glad you posted about The Voice. I enjoyed watching it last night, the singers are talented and the coaches make it fun. I like the way they talk to each other, joking and making it fun. I felt bad for those who didn’t get in, because they were not terrible (you know like some of the first American Idol contestants). By the way, I recognized the coaches execpt the country singer. I do like him though, and I will be looking out for his music 🙂

  14. PJ says:

    I finally had time to watch BEA last night. It was great; my husband even watched it with me and loved it. The more I see Jason the more I like him. He can hold his own with Bethenny, I love it. It cracked me up when he said if he had to go he was going to go on the tour bus. BEA is everything the Housewives should be and unfortunately they just aren’t. Bravo finally got it right. I’m sick of Bravo pushing these passive aggressive women off on the public. More fun entertainment less catfights between stupid people no one cares about! I love that Bethenny is a real business woman unlike the Housewives who just want us to think they are the real deal.

    • alicia says:

      I’m really enjoying Bethenney’s success, I feel like this is happening to one of my good friends. Is this weird ?

      • PJ says:

        Although I don’t feel like she is a real friend, I just enjoy watching her show. I do think she has that effect on many people so I don’t think you are alone in that. Bethenny is very engaging.

      • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

        I am thrilled for Bethenny’s success, especially if you have followed her since the beginning of RHONY (and MS Apprentice) – it is great to see how far she has come and has persevered through many obstacles and dealing with all the b*tches along the way!

      • kotagirl29 says:

        I don’t think it’s weird that Bethenny “feels” like a friend. Throughout her time on HWs and now her own show she has been relatable and likable. We have gotten to see her struggles and successes so we feel like we know her. I think it also helps that she shows us her own faults and flaws and doesn’t try to hide behind a manufactured image.

  15. cabbie413 says:

    did you guys see this article about Jill ?http://www.realitytea.com/2011/04/26/nyc-housewife-jill-zarin-feels-fans-like-her-again-says-they-have-a-short-memory/

    She said her fans love her again because “they have a short memory” .. really? really Jill? lol

    • quincyil says:

      Who is Jill Zarin?

    • AZ Girl says:

      There are 100 comments on that article and all (with the exception of one which is posted by Kyle and everyone thinks its Jill) are really negative. Many complain that they have posted on Bravo.com and there negative posts are not put up by Bravo.
      This one is especially funny about Jill’s comparison on filming HW as summer camp:

      “Trust me, I’d be the first one to shortsheet your bunk, and if it were possible to find a bloody horse’s head, I would put it under your sheets. No one wants to be in the same galaxy as you, Jill, much less be your bunkmate.”

    • TLM says:

      What? There was someone named Jill on the show?

  16. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    Not for nothing, but regarding PIH blog and the mixed religion couple.
    When I was a young girl, my Uncle married “outside the religion” to a wonderful Jewish woman from New York. I was fascinated by her family and just fell in love with her mother and father and spent a lot of time with them during visits. I distinctly remember her father saying that any argument over the religion of any children born to them was not necessary because in the Jewish religion it is the mother who determines the status of the child. If the mother is Jewish, the child is Jewish. If the mother is not Jewish then the child will not be considered a “true” member of the “tribes”. (his words, not mine, but this is an old memory, so no insult intended) Something about the history in the Tora? Is there anyone here who can comment on this? I may be remembering it incorrectly, or have something mixed up, but I have a strong memory of this conversation and what was said.

    • quincyil says:

      I am not Jewish, but in Islam the same rules were in effect. You always knew that the child belonged to the mother, but before DNA testing, it was almost impossible to prove the father.

    • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

      My husband and I went on a tour of Brooklyn last year (a pizza tour). Our guide was half Italian, half Jewish. She joked that she wasn’t a “true” Italian or Jew because her Mom was Italian and her Dad was Jewish.

    • Veronique says:

      Jews have been subject to all manner of persecution over the ages, including lots of rape by oppressors.

      Originally it was to accept any child born of a Jewish mother.

      /very shorthand version of part of the reason

      • quincyil says:

        That happened to all conquered people and a lot of women who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • OneMoreInBoston says:

      “Who is a Jew?
      Main article: Who is a Jew?

      According to traditional Jewish Law, a Jew is anyone born of a Jewish mother or converted to Judaism in accordance with Jewish Law. American Reform Judaism and British Liberal Judaism accept the child of one Jewish parent (father or mother) as Jewish if the parents raise the child with a Jewish identity. All mainstream forms of Judaism today are open to sincere converts, although conversion has traditionally been discouraged since the time of the Talmud. The conversion process is evaluated by an authority, and the convert is examined on his or her sincerity and knowledge.[65] Converts are given the name “ben Abraham” or “bat Abraham”, (son or daughter of Abraham).

      Traditional Judaism maintains that a Jew, whether by birth or conversion, is a Jew forever. Thus a Jew who claims to be an atheist or converts to another religion is still considered by traditional Judaism to be Jewish. However, the Reform movement maintains that a Jew who has converted to another religion is no longer a Jew,[66][67] and the Israeli Government has also taken that stance after Supreme Court cases and statutes.[68]

      The question of what determines Jewish identity in the State of Israel was given new impetus when, in the 1950s, David Ben-Gurion requested opinions on mihu Yehudi (“who is a Jew”) from Jewish religious authorities and intellectuals worldwide in order to settle citizenship questions. This is still not settled, and occasionally resurfaces in Israeli politics.”

    • MichellefromNY says:

      I’m Jewish and quite religious and it definitely goes by the mother. The reason for this is because traditionally, the woman’s role was to instill the deep rooted values of life and religion. A man was always too busy making money (I’m talking historically over here. This is obviously not the case necessarily in this day and age when both parents are working to support the family. But even then, I believe a woman’s values is the basis for how the family functions and sees things. Like when the mother isnt happy and stressed, everyone else is also stressed) to establish the values in the home.

    • TLM says:

      I am Jewish, and according to Jewish Law, you’re correct. But that rule just serves to settle the matter for the synagogue; the personal feelings and interaction of the couple are another matter entirely. IMO a Jewish mom who would say “no argument is necessary” is being as obnoxious as the Catholic woman on the program. She was IMO acting like a single parent, not someone who was part of a couple, and basically was acting like her husband didn’t exist as a human being. He was good enough to date, sleep with and marry, but he shouldn’t have a say in his own child’s religious upbringing? Both of them were at fault for not having settled this while they were dating. I suspect they never really discussed it, since he never said anything like, “But you told me you would be ok with our child being raised Jewish, or raising the child with both religions,” etc. I think they just never talked about it. Bad move.

  17. Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

    And completely off topic, but is anyone watching “Game of Thrones”? Sean Bean. sigh.

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      I actually had to order HBO specifically for this show LOL! When I heard Sean Bean was in it I knew this was a must see. For me, anyway.

      • Veronique says:

        I’m loving it.

        Stay out of ALL forums (especially TWOP) though if you plan on remaining unspoiled and just watch the show.

        • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

          Yeah, I don’t get that far into it. I just like medivial style movies and I love me some Sean Bean!

      • California35 says:

        I was thinking that he might be only on the first few episodes. I was assuming that the story would be about those children grown up, and that the first episodes would be to give us the background on their characters. I was off 😛

      • JKW says:

        I have always liked Sean Bean. I am not a real sci fi fan but I do enjoy Game of Thrones. The Borgias are also on Sun which is really good but somewhat bloody.

    • California35 says:

      I watch 🙂

      I have to prepare for a lot of injustice though…although at the same time, whenever there is so much of that…it is so much better when there is finally some justice punishing all those bad guys.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      which one is he
      I loved the first episode i fell asleep during the snd not because of the show i was just exhausted

    • quincyil says:

      I am on a mission, Duchess of Dryer Link. Harvey told me to ask you for the magic word that will release him from the basement prison that he has been trapped in for ages. I hope you know what he is talking about because I don’t understand this request.

      For some reason, he started hopping up and down when he read your post over my shoulder.

      Are you his fairy godmother?


    • lovemamaearth says:

      I wonder if Chevy Chase is Sean Bean’s dad. (nope I’m not watching)

    • MichellefromNY says:

      I want to!! I read all the books. Fabulous series. I’m a huge fantasy novel nerd. Robert Jordan is my fave. I have been DYING for a The Wheel Of Time movie. DYING

  18. aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

    @vilzvet – did you see/meet Ramona at her wine signing? I was away over the Easter weekend and hadn’t had time to read all the comments! thx!

    • vilzvet says:

      Yes I did, I wrote about it on one of the previous blogs (Friday’s?). Here is a recap: She arrived right on time, there was already a small line. But I was in and out in like 20 minutes, it was certainly not a Bethenny-type extravaganza that I bypassed last month. She was beautiful and on the wall were flat screens showing the HWs marathon of Season 2. When I was just about next her cell rang and she took a funny call from Avery. She was having a disagreement with her about proper manners when staying over a friend’s house; Ramona wanted to talk to the mom personally and Avery didn’t want to give out the number, LOL. When I went up she introduced herself and asked my name, very polite lady. I still have the photos in my camera; when I transfer it I will post (can’t find the cord). I gather she will be doing more wine signings in the future.

      • Lavalady says:

        Vilzvet – Thanks so much for reposting this. I was away for about 10 days and I had no idea you actually met Ramona. I haven’t had time to go back and read all the old blogs – still so tired from the 6 hr. time difference. So thanks again. I love to read about anyone who actually gets to meet a real housewife.

        Does she have a website like Bethenny does listing all her appearances. Maybe she will be near me sometime soon. Pinot is actually my favorite wine, so I would definitely go and make a purchase.

        • Lavalady says:

          Oh btw, for whoever is interested, when I was in Venice I found the Channel store and took picture of me in front of it. My daughter and I spent awhile looking for “Channels of Venice” and we were so happy when we found it. Don’t know how Teresa made it there with her entourage, it was not easy to find, even with a map.

          • OneMoreInBoston says:

            the woman is like a heat seeking missile

          • MichellefromNY says:

            She didn’t. That’s why she bought that godawful ring just so she could feed her shopaholicism. Sad, just sad.

          • MichellefromNY says:

            I don’t see her wearing chanel. Chanel is for the understated classy lady or the glamour puss. She is neither. She’s one of those girls who buy chanel with the logo emblazoned as large and bling bling as possible (which, ironically, makes the item much cheaper to purchase) to show off that she has a “channelsss”. So sad.

      • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

        That’s awesome!! Thanks again for reposting your story, I’d love to see the pics when you get a chance to post them! 🙂

        • vilzvet says:

          You’re welcome! And lavalady, I just remembered you were going away, lucky duck to have gone to Venice! Did you pick up a green ring, LOLOL! Seriously, that must have been a trip of a lifetime, the one and only place I must visit before I depart this earth is Italy.

          • Lavalady says:

            It was a great trip, V. We picked my daughter up in Berlin, where she is studying for a semester. Then traveled thru S. Germany, then Verona and Venice, Munich and back to Berlin.

            Venice was crowded due to Easter, but it is a unique city. Great churches and museums. I actually liked Verona better, more manageable.

            And no, I didn’t purchase anything “Channels”
            No green ring for me. Had to be careful with the purchases, due to the Euro rate.

  19. Jennifer says:

    OMG…I am watching Game of Thrones. I absolutely love this show. So many interesting characters and story lines. Is Sean–the character Ned? Love his accent. I think he was in Lord of the Rings too. Another piece of eye candy is the guy who plays Jon Snow…..yummy. What do you think of Bran waking up after Lady was killed? What is the connection with dire wolves and Stark children?

    • Duchess of Dryer Lint says:

      The Direwolves are the symbol for the Stark family. The fact that there were 5 wolves and 5 children was wierd, but then when the sixth was found (1 for Jon Snow—and did you notice it was all white?) I think there will be some signifcant reason for this. I have not read the books, so I am going into this one blind.
      Yes, Sean Bean plays Ned. And he was Boromir in LOTR, and has been in many other movies too. The younger guys are really cute (Jon Snow etc.) but I am a woman who likes my men to look MANLY–and he just fits that to a T.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        is Ned the one that pushed the boy down ?

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          never mind i found out from google
          its hard for me to be attracted to someone that would kill a lil kid
          i know its just acting and part of the s/l he is handsome
          but i prefer the”bastard”

          the older i get the younger they get LOL
          must be a typical male thing

        • JKW says:

          Ned (Sean Bean ) is the boys father. He didn’t push him off the wall. The brother of the Kings wife pushed him down. If you haven’t seen it, I won’t spoil the reason why he pushed him.

          • DJ Loops Fruit says:

            thanks for clearing that up when i did image search on google the pixs that were there were looking more like the one that threw him to the ground
            the pixs were all clean shaven to add to teh confussion
            yes ned is quite the hottie

    • California35 says:

      I noticed that the both episode ended with that boy. First when he “fell” and the other one he woke up. Interesting. I love this kind of stories with symbolisms (is that the word?). There is always something connecting to something else. Like the wolves. It is nice how the “busterd” got a wolf also. I am liking the small guy (miget?) also, he acts all irresponsible but he is very smart.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      is it crazy that i was excited about the show because Peter Dinklage is in it

      • California35 says:

        ah! that is who I was talking about 🙂 … He seems to be a very smart man. I have seen him in other things, I can’t think of where.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          he was on nip / tuck for awhile and he was in that film the station agent
          He was born in england but most of his roles he has played american
          he has such a deep sexy voice
          in real life he is poker buddys with Paul Rudd & Jon Hamm (now thats a pair i wouldnt mind sharing LOL)

          Paul & Jon are best friends from college days

          • California35 says:

            He was? Okay I never saw that…
            I saw him on a silly movie once, Elf. I have seen previews of other movies with him in it, but that I didn’t watch. One of them was with a more serious role. I will have to check that one out now.

            • California35 says:

              oh and Narnia (Prince Capian)

            • DJ Loops Fruit says:

              he wasnt on nip tuck too long if i recall correctly
              oh if you watch Glee Wills wife who he sepreated from when he found out she was prretending to be knocked up was also on nip tuck
              she fell to her death while having sex on a roof top

  20. klmh says:

    Questions and Answers from the AARP Forum:

    Q: Where can men over the age of 60 find younger, sexy women who are interested in them?
    A: Try a bookstore, under fiction.

    Q: What can a man do while his wife is going through menopause?
    A: Keep busy. If you’re handy with tools, you can finish the basement. When you’re done you’ll have a place to live.

    Q: Someone has told me that menopause is mentioned in the bible. Is that true? Where can it be found?
    A: Yes. Matthew 14:92:
    “And Mary rode Joseph’s ass all the way to Egypt .”

    Q:I How can you increase the heart rate of your 60-plus year old husband?
    A: Tell him you’re pregnant.

    Q: How can you avoid that terrible curse of the elderly wrinkles?
    A: Take off your glasses.

    Q: Seriously! What can I do for these Crow’s feet and all those wrinkles on my face?
    A: Go braless. It will usually pull them out.

    Q: Why should 60-plus year old people use valet parking?
    A: Valets don’t forget where they park your car.

    Q: Is it common for 60-plus year olds to have problems with short term memory storage?
    A: Storing memory is not a problem.
    Retrieving it is the problem.

    Q: As people age, do they sleep more soundly?
    A: Yes, but usually in the afternoon.

    Q: Where should 60-plus year olds look for eye glasses?
    A: On their foreheads.

    Q: What is the most common remark made by 60-plus year olds when they enter antique stores?
    A: “Gosh, I remember these!”

    • klmh says:

      I love the third one about men0pause…

      • kotagirl29 says:

        Mary rode Joseph’s ass. . . .funny!

      • California35 says:

        OMG, my BF asked me if I was close to that time two nights ago. What a way to ask how come I was so touchy LOL…in the momen, I was like “how dare you!!!”, but it actually made me check myself lol

    • California35 says:

      …thanks for the laugh….

    • Mookies1mom says:

      I don’t know where you come up with all of these but they always make me laugh! Thanks I needed that today.

    • klmh says:

      Glad you all enjoyed this. I have a few people that send me great stuff, and just can’t keep them for myself. A good joke can help the day along I think.

    • cusi77 says:

      klmh_ Love it! I will copy and send to 60’s y/o with great sense of humor! I am not quite 60 (56) but the last one fits me like a glove!

  21. quincyil says:

    A place of yes….

    Why not enter this contest offered by Bethenny’s publisher? The price is a trip to NYC and a chance to meet Bethenny.

    Someone has to win…..

  22. BlueSky_Forever says:

    I was over on RCH’s blog catching up, & found these gems….

    Tuzentswurth Says:
    April 26, 2011 at 9:05 pm
    Seriously, this is a quote from Gilles Bensimon’s wikipedia page. Someone must have put this in and it hasn’t been edited out yet. I’m still ROTFLMAO…..”As a child, Bensimone, was engulfed in huge poverty and was actually born with only one arm. When he became a widely known photographer, he had someone else’s surgically sown on.”


    Someone’s been messing with Jill’s info….


    In 2010, Zarin published the advice book Secrets of a Butt, which was written by her sister Lisa Wexler and mother Gloria Kamen. Jill put her name on the book after it was written in order to boost sales. Unfortunately, she ruined her reputation before the book debuted and sales suffered despite the fact that she had her husband to buy and store thousands of copies in the Zarin Fabrics warehouse.

    In 2010, Zarin was caught red handed leaving positive reviews for her book on Amazon and threatening people who gave her book a bad review using the alias Susan Saunders.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      omg someone’s been messing with Kelly’s wikipedia….

      Kelly Jean Killoren was born as a transgendered child in Rockford, Illinois. Her parents decided to raise her as a female, and she is technically a woman as long as she takes her medication. Thanks to the strong presence of male genes in her body, she grew unnaturally tall and began working as a model at the age of 15. Killoren was the third wife of French fashion photographer Gilles Bensimon. The couple has two daughters: Sea Louise Bensimon (born 1998) and Thaddeus Ann “Teddy” Bensimon (born 2000). The couple divorced in July 2007. The former Mrs. Bensimon now resides in New York City and East Hampton in homes owned by her former husband, according to the NYC ACRIS property record database. Bensimon claims that her children are important to her and that she would rather spend time with them than do anything else, but her own blog and tweets reveal that she is actually out on the town several times each week and that she frequently travels to Miami and Las Vegas. She plans to spend her 43d birthday in Las Vegas rather than with her children. Her children, when informed of their mother’s intent to appear in Playboy, characterized this as Kelly “entertaining us with her weirdness.”

      there’s more, check it out

      • quincyil says:

        Sounds like someone has been busy.

        It makes you wonder who would do such a thing.

        • Sammysmom says:

          I think it’s funny as hell. I hope nothing offensive is there but I am lmao, for real

      • klmh says:

        Here is KBB educational achievements on Wikipedia:
        Killoren Bensimon initially attended Trinity College, Connecticut as a member of the Class of 1990, but left after a year.[1] She graduated in 1998 from Columbia University’s School of General Studies with a degree in Literature and Writing.[1][2][3] There is wide speculation as to how she achieved that degree after she demonstrated multiple times on her reality show that she is in fact illiterate.

        • klmh says:

          oops, are not is

        • cusi77 says:

          klmh_ if someone was messing with that information on wikipedia… I’ve just went to read and it is not that inf. there anymore… but I am still laughing with your post!

      • klmh says:

        Thanks for posting this. LOL

      • housewifeaddict says:

        This is so funny. Great find.

      • fort lauderdale gay says:

        Oh what I’d do to be a fly on the wall in several homes….

      • TLM says:

        Clever. But no one explained about the kids’ adoption in this little yarn.

      • Austin says:

        OMG – this is hilarious. Somebody hit that nail on the head!

    • klmh says:

      Too funny. Tx

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      omg i laughed so hard at the arm thing

    • floridagirl88 says:

      OK, it’s all funny, but people shouldn’t do this kind of stuff. All right, I laughed, and hard when I read Kelly’s information. I wonder how long that’s been up and how long before somebody gives the housewives a heads up and it gets removed.

      I’m trying to stop laughing.

      • NJ Bev says:

        Great Find Blue Sky!!
        I was just talking to my friend the other day about the reliability
        of info found on Wikipedia.
        Thanks so much!

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        I know its wrong but i havent laughed so hard in so long

        • BlueSky_Forever says:

          me too! check out RCH’s blog (link above)

          • NJ Bev says:

            I read the whole thing, Blue Sky!! thanks for the
            link, i have had so much trouble finding her
            since she changed formats. I was able to sign up for her site by e-mail, so now I don’t have to search her out. thanks again

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      here’s RCH’s hubs telling her about gold diggers:

      On Ramona’s feelings about being an independent women: “Why would she want to work when she could just let her husband pay for everything? Why… what’s wrong with that? If I were a hot woman I would be such a gold digger. Unfortunately, no one wants to buy me houses and expensive things to sleep with them, so I’m stuck with you. What? I didn’t say that. You’re hearing things. I wouldn’t trade you for anything… except maybe a yacht. Ouch! That hurt! It’s not like I would trade for any old yacht, only like a 5 bedroom multi million dollar yacht. Don’t worry, I’ll let you visit. I’m not a total asshole.”

      from RCH’s blog:

  23. jeepers1941 says:

    OT..but I have been having a hellva morning. Lost my AOL connection and have been on the phone with them for hrs. Now I am using a “NO-CHARGE” connection my puter man set up for me a while back………Damn good thing he did that, cause I was starting to have withdrawls from no connection to the blog.

    Where is KOOKOO? haven’t heard from her for awhile…………..hmmm

    • California35 says:

      I have had AOL for everrrr…probably since I got my first computer. I still pay for an email address, although there are so many free ones. I keep saying I will cancel, but I haven’t. You are worrying me, maybe now is the time.

      • jeepers1941 says:

        my entire puter system is old, (was windows98) in 1999 or 2000. I up-graded to windowsXP finally last year. I am on dial-up and pay 8.95 a month for 24/7 connection. This is the first time I ever have had this problem, and it sucks. But this “NO-CHARGE” connection is FREE! I don’t like the screen set up tho.

      • Sammysmom says:

        I thought I was th only one left that has an aol email address. Is something going wrong with it? I have comcast but my homepage and email is aol.

        • jeepers1941 says:

          not that I know of, I have aol and yahoo e-mail, don’t pay anything for either one of them, never have either.

      • MichellefromNY says:

        oy california pleaseeee don’t!!!! It’s soooooo easy to cancel and it’s even easier to sign up for a new email account! And please, please please get a gmail. Trust me, you’ll thank me

    • MichellefromNY says:

      you know you don’t have to go to the aol browser on your computer. You can access the aol homepage from internet explorer. Btw, AOL sucks. They may have been the first email system, but they really haven’t updated much since early 2000’s.
      Get Gmail. I’m dead serious. I got sick of AOL when I stopped receiving email because I hadn’t checked my mail in a wek and I went over their 1,000 mail limit. They may have changed since, but it’s awful.
      And if you don’t want to because your life is on your AOL account, with gmail you can sync all your accounts so you can receive your email from AOL in your gmail account.
      Trust me, do it now.

      • California35 says:

        I thought you were telling me not to cancel lol

        Yes, I should cancel you sold me. I do plan to get gmail… And I might have one already.
        Years ago when I was so broke, I tried to cancel on two occasions, and I got three free moths both times.
        I need to find out if I do have the gmail, then change or sync my aol stuff.

        Thanks for the advice, another place I will be able to save some $$. 🙂

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          People still use aol


          oh what am i saying i use AIM to send my mixshows to the radiostation
          but other then that no
          i have email with Optonline and g mail
          g mail is free and easy i highly rec it to anyone

  24. klmh says:

    Boston 02127,
    Im looking at the Wiki pages of Jill and Kelly, and picturing your face, which I picture as really fun and darling, by the way. You keep popping into my head as the probable author in revising these pages. Its just a feeling… 🙂

  25. Mookies1mom says:

    Just now getting caught up. My boy, Mookie, did finally come out from the couch, but only to cause more drama. He is a big boy at 20 lb.s but he is built like a Maine Coon. He is twice as long as my girl,who weighs 8 lb.s. He just had a full check-up in Dec. and is very healthy. He’s just a big boy. He is a little neurotic but he will put up with just about anything from my hubby and myself. This includes walking around the house holding him upside down. The drama he caused involved a mouse he found. This is the second one in less than a week. But he does not want it taken away from him, he just wants to play with it not eat it. Who knew that when this city cat moved to a rural town he would become a mouser! I guess that’s what we get for having a mountain in our backyard. Love the other wildlife we get though.

    • Sammysmom says:

      That is s cute. Can we post pictures here? My baby Mags weighs 28 pounds but he’s healthy. When he was 1 1/2 he had to have surgery and the vet had warned me he was gonna get fat. He was already heavy after he was neutered. He also thinks he is a dog. He lays on his back and never stops purring. He has only meowed 2 times, that we are aware of. I want to post a picture and I would love to see your baby. My friends all take his picture when they meet him because he is so big. He is so cute too. He would never kill a mouse either. He would probably adopt it. Our other cat is a rescue and Mags loves him and they sleep together. It is so cute because the new cat, that has no name yet, only weighs 8 pds. Sorry to ramble. It is not very often I see someone else who also has a giant kitty.

      • Mookies1mom says:

        He’s a huge chatter box but we like it. We have conversations with him. He doesn’t want to kill the mouse, he just wants to play with it. He wants to play with our girl kitty but she wants nothing to do with him. She’s about 12 and so over it. She is runs around but only when she knows the boy is sleeping. I have had other cats that slept together and even cleaned each other. I sent in a pic. of Mookie but I never looked to see if Lynn had a chance to post it. I’ll check.

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        this ones for the cat lovers…do dogs chase cats?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Sadly, my husband and sons have had discussions on who (cat vs dog) have the faster, cooler cars in this commercial. And they laugh at me watching Bravo???

        • NJ Bev says:

          of all the stupid Geico commercials that have been shown
          thru the years, this is one I miss? too funny

          • DJ Loops Fruit says:

            for some reason i have never seen this one either but i love all thier commercials and think that guy in the suit is a hottie

  26. Smompy says:

    Messing with someone’s Wiki pages that way is just wrong. It’s also funny as hell! Somebody used to do that with Bethenny’s page all the time…I mean ALL the time, saying her real father was Skeletor and stuff like that…so I thought I’d check her wiki page too. It seems to be back to normal today (damnit), and I even learned something new about Bethenny. She worked as a production assistant on the show Saved By The Bell? I wonder if she’d consider introducing me to Mario Lopez or Mark Paul Goesslar. Please, Bethenny, Please!

    Not too interested in meeting Screech, though. I watched him on Celebrity Fat Club not too long ago, and unfortunately he grew up to be a total douchebag.

    • Sammysmom says:

      I saw him, Screech, on that CFC too. He was such a creepy loser and a douche bag. Remember when he was selling tshirts to save his house? I wonder if he still has the house.

    • TLM says:

      If tampering occurs enough, Wikipedia will lock the page to the public.

  27. AZ Girl says:

    Thanks for the re-cap Quincy. I don’t think I would ever say this but I feel really sorry for the husbands on this show. Their wives are beasts that are going to give birth and spawn themselves. If I had a daughter that behaved like these girls I would be mortified. I would equally be mortified if one of my son’s put up with girls like these. Man it is sad. There is no chance that these marriages will last.

  28. AZ Girl says:

    The Wikipedia stuff is too funny.

  29. BlueSky_Forever says:

    Did anyone watch Glee last night? It was the best yet. Loved it – the nasty cheerleader is now my favorite on the show! When she gets the t-shirt with “Lebanese” on it I almost fell down on the ground laughing. “you make me feel like I’m living a teenage dream”

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      i was so hoping at the end when they were sitting watching the performance of born this way that they were gonna open thier jackets and revel the t shirts and that the bully closet cases was gonna read gay
      that would have been so awesome that he finally came out

      • BlueSky_Forever says:

        Can’t wait to see what happens now that Kurt is back. The “Lebanese” cheerleader is going to have to keep a tight hold on her new fake boyfriend so Kurt doesn’t get hurt. Glee is such a good show! Sometimes I fastforward thru some scenes (the OCD guidance counselor…) but really enjoy the songs they do.

    • FlowerPower says:

      I’ve rewatched it twice already! I was soooo happy to have Kurt back at McKinley and Santana was amazing!!!! I love what they’re doing with her. (And I loved Britney’s tee.)

      I’m kinda glad they didn’t have Karofsky come out right away. The scene with him and Kurt in the principal’s office was great.

      Gonna watch it again tonight…..

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        yeah but at least 3 people already know
        and its been long enough now
        what i dont get is he see’s how accepted Kurt is by almost the entire school except for some of the jocks
        he seems to have a loving dad
        why is he so afraid
        Myself i came out in Jr High didnt have an issue with anyone
        THEN we moved to Kearny and in high school things got ugly

        to the point the police were called in and i dropped out went to night school and got my ged 2 years b4 i would have graduated

        • BlueSky_Forever says:

          wow DJ you’ve been thru a lot. I think for a lot of gays, high school is not the place to come out. Too many idiots that could hurt you. I’ve wondered if it’s changed at all. I have a lot of talks with my 17 year old son about gays & how we should treat them just like everyone else. He has quite of sense of humor, so for Halloween he wore a pink tutu. I also love it when his friends are over & they say “I love you man.” Really, the bromance is big among the straight guys!

  30. Mimisfbay says:

    Agree about the marriages but they are all grown up people and can put on their pullups any time. My heart goes out to the babies…geez. I think I would rather the children be raised by wolves than by these crack pots. Oh, I am just old and cranky.

  31. justanothermary says:

    Totally off topic but . . . I was watching reruns of OC yesterday and it looks to me like the dress that Alexis is wearing in her opening shot, where she is coming down the stairs, is strikingly like the one she cut up, except it still has the sleeves on. You don’t think Alexis is just ripping off other designers or anything like that do you???

  32. BlueSky_Forever says:
    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Gretchen really got a ton of work done!

      • kotagirl29 says:

        I think she looks like she has had a nose job and veneers. Not sure what else, but I’m pretty sure about those two.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          It looks like her chin and cheeks had some work done as well.

        • Smompy says:

          As much as I enjoy seeing pics of the younger versions of our Reality tv peeps, I also find it frustrating. I’m always a little bit baffled by the number of people who are so certain that plastic surgery was done on some of these people. Because, for insatnce, when I looked at Gretchen’s before pictures, I got the impression that she didn’t change that much at all, apart from experiencing the normal aging process we all go through, that is. Fixing one’s teeth doesn’t count as plastic surgery IMO. Yeah, it’s possible she did indeed have some work done, but eve if she did, I’d say it was probably very minor work…perhaps her nose is now a bit thinner? For some unknown reason, I never seem
          to see what the majority of others are seeing. And not only are the realitytea commenters isisting that Gretchen did have a whole lot of surgery, a lot of them are also saying she was ugly before the alleged surgery. If the younger Gretchen in those pics can be considered ugly, then I must
          have been a hideous she-beast in high school. Her personality might suck, but she was not an ugly teen. I mean, c’mon! The one
          pic even shows Gretchen as a homecoming princess. Where I
          come from, the ugly girls never got to wear the crown and sash. Never.

          It’s funny to see that Tamra’s mullet had several different incarnations over the years, though. Always the epitome of class & elegance, that one:)

          Oh, and is chinless Jim nursing those babies or what?

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Thanks and good find!! Did Vicki get a nose job? She looks more MissPiggyish now.

      I get such a kick out of Simon:
      SimonvanKempen Simon van Kempen
      I’ve 6 songs 2b released posthumously 😀 RT @SPENCERW76: @simonvankempen my wife played your stupid song for me.looking forward 2 your death

  33. BlueSky_Forever says:

    Mob Wives on Wendy Williams tomorrow – that should be a good show.

  34. Mookies1mom says:

    Well, got a call from the breast imaging center today. They want me back for an enhanced view on my right breast, then directly to a sonogram and then meet with the breast surgeon. Here I was all worried about the stuff in my left one and no changes in it at my appointment last Monday. But for some reason my last mammo. films were sent back to the hospital that had sent me to the surgeon in the first place! So, they finally had something to compare my right one to now. I’m pretty worried right now and my hubby is is trying to keep me from worrying more (SOOOO not working). He is really supportive but I don’t think he gets the whole fear thing. When things were looking scary last time I asked him “What are we going to do if it is cancer?” He replied simply “We’ll deal with it.”

    So, for those of you that have been there how worried should I be?

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I’m so sorry that you are facing a situation like this. I have never been through anything like this myself, but family members have. No matter what anyone says you are going to worry. My advice is to spend an hour crying, screaming, fretting, and swearing and then try and put it from your mind (at least for a little bit). Then have a couple drinks, cuddle with the hubs, laugh at your cats and just keep on keepin on.

    • klmh says:

      You have been thru so much, I hate that you are still waiting. It really sounds like the change was caught early so that should help. You are doing all that you can do to get this taken care of Mookies1mom. Please keep us posted.

    • VAgirl says:

      Something similar happened to me a long while back when I first got a mammogram. My ob-gyn referred me to a breast surgeon. His office called me for an appointment for the next week and I told them I did not want to wait the weekend and I would come into the office and wait until I would be fit in, I was that upset about it. They were very understanding and fit me in for the very next day. Well, after all that the sonogram did not show what they saw on the film and I didn’t have to go any further. No biopsy or anything. I have actually had to do this twice as my breasts are very dense. I also have have several friends who have had biopsies that have turned out to be nothing. Hope this makes you feel a little calmer, but I know you are going to be anxious about it until you know something more definitive one way or the other. The only thing I can say is you have just as good a chance of it being nothing than it being something. If it is something, there are alot of options available to you due to the great medical advances that have been made in treating breast cancer.

    • quincyil says:

      Your husband sounds like my husband. Use his strength.



    • OneMoreInBoston says:


    • Lavalady says:

      Mookie – It’s a positive thing that the breast center is being so thorough. My mother and aunt were both told that lumps they felt were suspicious were nothing, only to find out much later that they weren’t. I think that with all the technology we have available, doctors can now be extra viligent. So maybe that is what they are doing, erring on the side of caution.

    • California35 says:

      😦 take care.

    • boston02127 says:

      @Mookies1mom — I’m sorry you’re going thru a tough & scary time, you’re in my prayers. ♥

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      Mookiemom, sending you prayers & I would be drinking right now while watching funny movies. My uncle got breast cancer in his 70’s. He had a masectomy & claims he played tennis the same day…he is that crazy. Imagine yourself floating in the clouds, comforting you & surrounding you with good thoughts.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      While it is very difficult not to be worried, try to tell yourself that worrying doesn’t make anything better. Take things one step at a time, because every case is different. Big hugs.

  35. jeepers1941 says:

    No doubt about it, fear of the unknown is a natural and normal feeling. Feel what you must and know you are not alone in this. I wish you well and I am glad you are here to share with us. Will keep you in my prayer always……………..Jeepers1941

    • Mimisfbay says:

      Oh, Mookie, I am so sorry you are going through this. I hope it all turns out fine. Sounds like your hubby is very supportive.

    • NJ Bev says:

      Mookiesmom, I feel Jeepers1941 says it well, Fear of the unknown is very
      overwhelming, and IMO probably one of the greatest fears.-
      but you’re not alone, one step at a time and don’t get to caught up in
      things you can’t control until you know what you’re dealing with-

  36. Mookies1mom says:

    I’m lucky that my hubby is so supportive. I think right now he is dealing with it by cleaning and he wants me to help. All I want right now is a drink! I think that because my sis-in-law, my mother-in-law and my father-in-laws sister have all had breast cancer I keep thinking, well, why not me? I’m adopted so I don’t know about my genetics. Hell, my last cat had breast cancer! Many of you have had to deal with it as well.

    I didn’t mean to take over the board discussion. If anyone wants to chat Lynn can give you my email address. Just let me know that you sent a message because it’s an account I don’t check everyday.

    • justanothermary says:

      Mook – I’m adopted as well and that does add to the anxiety. I have been exactly where you are and I found some relief in knowing that very few “lumps” are anything to worry about. I’m glad your doctors sound as though they are being very thorough, that’s important. Also, whatever it is, you’ve caught it early and breast cancer is very cureable when caught early. Don’t let anyone tell you how you should feel. No one knows the things going through your mind. DO remember that the chances are very good that all will be well. Also, please promise me that if your uncomfortable with anything that is or is not being done – get a second opinion.

      My prayers are with you.

      • Mookies1mom says:

        Mary, After everything you have been through and still live with…you are just the sweetest! Your encouragement and my mother-in-laws is what got me to go in the first place. She was dx as stage 2 this time last year and is now, thankfully doing well. But I made a promise to her to have the first one done. I promised you that I would go for the follow-up. So, I will promise to you again that I will go to this appointment and if I feel uncomfortable I will get a second opinion. Thank you for everything you said. It means more to me than you’ll ever know! That also go to everyone for your words of encouragement and prayer’s as well. It really does mean a lot to me.

  37. Mookies1mom says:

    Thank you all for well everything! You guys are the best!

    • justanothermary says:

      One more thing Mook – continue to reach out. The support you get here and elsewhere can be fantastic and I know for a fact that this little “hate” blog is the best. If you want to email me it’s mnewborg@yahoo.com.

      • Mookies1mom says:

        I know everyone (as in not one of us) says this is a “hate” blog but I always felt like it was more of a “freedom of speech, as long as your aren’t disrespectful blog” even when people have differing view points.

        I sent you an email. Thank you for that.

  38. boston02127 says:

    Quincy — Great recap, thanks.

  39. boston02127 says:

    I can’t believe Jill’s tweet about Rosie Pope. She’s so classless & ignorant.

    Also, I can’t believe she thinks people forget. Is she that gone?
    Jillie Poo, this blog alone, 2,229,789 hits.

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      ITA She could’ve easily asked her assistant, stylist or girlfriends in private. There was no need to tweet her followers, who number in the tens of thousands, to ask about a speech impediment of a fellow Bravolebrity. Rude and ignorant. She needs a good cuffing to move that restylane out of her brain.

  40. boston02127 says:

    butterisafruit—I don’t know if you’re reading posts tonight, I know you must be so busy. Just know you’re in my thoughts today.

  41. AddictedtoBravo says:

    2mins in on The Voice and I have to change tnr channel cause Christina’s strangled vocals drive me crazy

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      if you really wanna have your head explode just try watching Burlesque
      mind numbingly bad

      then watch this instead

  42. Jill’s flying monkeys are spamming blogs with links to her website and promoting her girdles. Check out the comment by Christine on Real Old Housewife’s blog. It’s the fourth comment. I read the exact same comment on another site.


    • AZ Girl says:

      Shill Jill…

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Guess she has a short memory because to put her squeezer ad on more than one blog is stupid. You fail Jill and we know you don’t have the stones to do that here. LOL

  43. Mookies1mom says:

    Well, more thunderstorms and guess where the big boy is….that’s right, under the couch! He is my big baby but he needs to man up a little! I think it’s because he is just not used to hearing thunder very often. We used to live in the south and we hardly ever got rain. But he also doesn’t like loud people either. It’s usually just my hubby and myself and as far as vocal noise we are pretty quiet. But that doesn’t apply when my hubby is trying to play the guitar or I should say when he is trying to teach himself. But Mookie runs then too. I lost a bunch of my e-mail contacts when I upgraded my system. How do I get in touch with Lynn so I can send a pic. of the guy. He’s really pretty cute.

    • justanothermary says:

      I’m always amazed at my Jake. He hunts with justanothervirgil all the time and is great, but the minute I drop a pan or thunder booms, he’s under my desk. I’m pretty sure guns could hurt him a lot worse than thunder. Meanwhile, my little Tucker just sleeps through it all.

      • Mookies1mom says:

        Oh, Mookie would probably have a panic attack if he heard a gun shot. I think a lot of animals are like people, they have their own set of neurotic and crazy thinking. They just happened to be covered in fur and can’t tell us about it.

        • NJ Bev says:

          I think I’m in love with that Darn cat!!
          and I am a dog person-just one question,
          how does the “play” mouse feel about all
          the attention it gets from Mookie?
          ps, i had a pet parrot named “Mookie”
          many years ago.

          • Mookies1mom says:

            Oh they don’t like it at all. We try to get them away from him before it’s too late so we can let them go outside. Needless to say he is very unhappy when they are taken away! The one from last night is probably yucking it up thinking he got away. But if we hadn’t been there he would have gone to the mass grave near the shed.

            Oh, I love parrots! They are such cool birds.

    • AZ Girl says:

      My dog Ruby was like this and I was told by my vet to get Melatonin for the fright of thunderstorms. It actually is safe and works! With dogs you have to give it to them before they sense the storm coming which is tricky. You can get it at health food places and it is cheap.

      • kotagirl29 says:

        My dogs are all HUGE chickens. We haven’t had any thunder today, just really high winds and they won’t even go outside. And when its raining forget it. Can’t get them off the porch. And when the thunder and lightening starts, they jump into the nearest lap (even the 126 lb. Golden Retriever). They are PATHETIC!!! But they make me smile and I love ’em.

      • justanothermary says:

        I work at a place that has high-end dog shows about 4x per year. These people are nuts. One of the things they sell is a “comfort vest” that is supposed to calm a dog during times of stress, i.e. storms. I have no idea if they work, but if I thought they did, I’d get one for Jake. There’s also a woman who does dog massages. She charges $90.00 for an initial consultation and $60 for 1/2 hour thereafter. It’s amazing, she is busy 12 hours per day! I love my dog, but I give great tummy rubs and they’re free.

      • Mookies1mom says:

        I actually take Melatonin to help get to sleep on those nights when nothing seems to work. I had not heard of giving it to dogs to help with fear of thunderstorms. I wonder if you can give it to cats? I’ll check with my vet.

      • neroes says:

        The email is for mookies1mom

        • Mookies1mom says:

          Thank you! I knew it was @aol I just couldn’t remember the rest! Must be the wine. LOL

          • Mookies1mom says:

            Lynn, I just sent you an email with photos of my boy kitty. Oh, man I just realized I sent it from a different email account than what you have. If that’s a problem let me know.

    • boston02127 says:

      My dog is so afraid of thunder. All I have to say to her is “the boom boom’s are coming” and she runs to me. I don’t do it often, just when she thinks she’s funny and running from me outside.

  44. Adgirl says:

    PIH. I’ve just watched my 3rd and final episode. I like Rosie Pope, but I can’t stand the Pregnancy Concierge think. Why did Bravo think we’d be fascinated by talk about projectile vomit and green runny poo? Isn’t Bravo “aspirational” tv? Yuck.

    I would be more interested in watching Rosie develop her business.

    Maybe she could start a line of “Pregnant Girl” cocktails and wine coolers?

    • VAgirl says:

      I’m with you. Not entertaining or even interesting to watch self-absorbed people. Rosie’s OK, her clients are insufferable. I hope they are paying Rosie well because she’s not going to be able to depend on revenue from PIH for long, I’m afraid.

    • California35 says:

      I have not watched the show, it is fun to read about it though. I am thinking that I will watch them at some point, since Bravo has the habit of refining the shows.

    • TLM says:

      It stopped being aspirational TV a long time ago. It’s drive-by accident TV. (And I think even Bethenny would agree.) LOL.

  45. California35 says:

    Ok ladies and gentelmen, I am having skinny margarita 😀

    How’s everyone’s evening? Mine is relaxing lol. The BF worked late and won’t be home until an hour from now. I love my guy, but a girl needs the home to her self from time to time, so I am not bothered by him working late tonight 🙂

    • boston02127 says:

      Mine goes to work tonight for 10:30, I kind of like my own time too. No SGM for me thou. 😦 I have tried it and I think it tastes good.

      • California35 says:

        Sorry, I would share 🙂

        • boston02127 says:

          I’m eating scrambled hamburger mixed with Bush beans and molasses. I don’t think anyone would like this. It’s good thou.

          • VAgirl says:

            Actually is doesn’t sound that bad. The hubs and I had canned vegetable beef soup over rice the other night and it was delish. LOL while I’m sitting here watching Top Chef Masters! I have such a well-developed palate – NOT!

            • boston02127 says:

              VAgirl–That sounds good, I like Dinty Moore Beef Stew over rice. Lol, now I’m eating a roll of Rolo’s candy.

              • DJ Loops Fruit says:

                i used to LOVE rollos

                here is my sickest concotion and i know it sounds awful BUT it actually taste really good
                toast with pb and Jelly topped with Bacon

                trust me it is good

            • Mookies1mom says:

              I made semi-homemade chicken pot pie tonight. Not as fancy as Carla’s but it makes my hubby so happy. It’s so easy to make! I make mine in a deep dish so it’s really thick. Does anyone want to know how? ‘Cause I’ll post if you want.

  46. boston02127 says:

    From Jill’s tweets:
    (name)—-I’m doing a project about you in which I make you a candidate for US president! I think you’ll totally win!

    Jill tweeted back to her—Omg! High school? College? Tell me more!
    LOL–What the hell kind of school does this poor girl go to? Crackhead College?

    • VAgirl says:

      Is this woman deliberately trying to alienate everyone on the entire planet? If not, then she is the dumbest person on TV bar none. That poor unfortunate tweeter just got slammed and she’s probably only one of the five fans Jill has left!

  47. Mookies1mom says:

    Are you freakin’ kidding me?

  48. boston02127 says:

    Juggling act! Multi-tasking Bethenny Frankel takes care of business and plays the doting mother:


    Bryn looks so much like Jason side of the family.

    • California35 says:

      She does look like them, thanks for sharing … She is older there, she has long hair also 🙂

  49. boston02127 says:

    Real Housewife of NY Jill Zarin was seen eating dinner at Rue de L’Espoir in Providence on Friday night, following her talk at Brown’s Reality TV Symposium (and afternoon book signing at the Brown Bookstore). She broke Passover law by indulging in some of the restaurant’s famously delicious fresh-baked bread, and made sure to take home a loaf, plus a doggie bag for pooch Ginger. She stayed with her husband on Thursday and Friday at the Renaissance Hotel, and she was so enthralled by Providence that she mentioned getting a place here and pursuing an Executive MBA at Harvard (like Tyra Banks). And considering that her daughter Ally has applied to transfer to Brown from Sarah Lawrence College, maybe she’ll have one more reason to stick around. Real Housewives of Newport, anyone?


    • boston02127 says:

      Paa-lee-zzeee…… someone be awake and read the above post. I don’t even know where to begin with the snark with this one.

      • Mookies1mom says:

        Ok. I’ll try. But I must say one thing first… I can’t remember ever seeing Jill cook for anyone but Ginger but I could be wrong!

        Oh CRAP! Too much wine and I just don’t know where to start.

        • boston02127 says:

          I’ll start with this:

          She mentioned getting a place here and pursuing an Executive MBA at Harvard.

          Bwhahahahaha, Jill’s never followed thru with anything except being mean. Harvard, Hahahahaha!

          • California35 says:

            Lol, correct. We will see where she goes from here. You know it would give her something to do…she will be busy…

        • lovemamaearth says:

          She made matzah balls (or something) for B when they met to discuss their “divorce”.

          • Mookies1mom says:

            But we didn’t see her actually cook them if I remember correctly.

          • lillybee says:

            She made latkes (potato pancakes) for Bethenny.
            I always thought that latkes should be served as soon as they were cooked.

    • California35 says:

      Did I read this right? She is going back to school?

      Snark away, I’m here 😛

    • error404 says:

      Rue de L’espoir is very good.

    • lillybee says:

      Can that idiot even get into Harvard? Maybe she should show her transcripts to The Donald.

      • error404 says:

        the real question is can the other idiot actually get into Brown. All the Jill bs is just her usual nonsense, this was really about trying to get her kid into a better school. I went to see how much lower SL was on the ranking, only to find SL is no longer ranked since they dropped SAT requirements for admission. WOW. Even after all of those tutors and retakes, Ally still couldn’t get a decent SAT grade?

        • quincyil says:

          Brown takes high profile kids. My daughter was a PlME which is Brown’s 8 year med program. She tutored the sister of the King of Jordan in math and had a history class with his brother. Brown also has a program for the children of alumis which means daddy can get their offspring in and pay the tuition.

          Most of the kids have to be the top of the top. I’m sure Jill can pull strings and donate to get Ally in though.

          I don’t know if Jill could get into the MBA program at Harvard. I am sure she would have to take the GRE and from what I see, I don’t think she will do well on the exam.

          There was a video with Kelly thate describes how she got into Columbia. She was a model and went to see the Dean of Admissions. He explained the process and she proceded to flirt her way into the school. Kelly was young and beautiful.

          • error404 says:

            Brown has always been the the Ivy that shameless took in celeb kids… but I don’t remember them being so D-List-celeb kids. We’ll see, but transferring has long been know as plan B when you can’t get in the college of your choice for reals the first time.

            Don’t even get me started on Kelly. I took a ton of painting classes in Cooper Union’s Adult Ed div. NEver once did I claim to have gone there, but then again, having actually worked hard and achieved things, I’m more sensitive to false claims that Kiki who’s never done jack shyte in her life.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        The Mc Donald s.

        Hey look Jill, you’re trending here on IHJZ. lol

  50. boston02127 says:

    I just tweeted Jill and asked her about Harvard. Over the past year she hasn’t put it together yet with my email addy and my twitter name and my s/n here. She even sends me her newsletters lol. I tweet to her in a nice but slightly insulting way and she doesn’t get it.

    Harvard….my ass. She can’t even put 2 and 2 together.

    • cusi77 says:

      Wait… Jill Zarin went to Harvard to be able to work in Macy’s? Haaaa!

    • NJ Bev says:

      Well Boston, don’t forget she’s also a very serious actor and
      expected James Lipton to invite her “Inside the Actors Studio”

      “Anything you can do, she can do better, she can do anything better
      than you.”

      • cusi77 says:

        lol! I got it! I started reading from the bottom and I though that JZ had already studied in Harvard… all mixed up… I agree with the porcupine in a balloon store! Hilarious!

    • quincyil says:

      She might look at this board and then look for the tweet. If you get banned, it’s evidence that she read your note here, but I hope you still get information.

      • boston02127 says:

        @Q–I leave my tweets to her up for about 10 minutes, just long enough for her to read them. Then I delete.

        • quincyil says:

          I follow Simon’s tweets as I write the blog on his video and I hope to have something of value to write about every other week after watching the 3 minute plus videos. LOL.

          He has great comebacks. Alex too is very quick. They have to be spending a lot of time on those computers.

  51. RHofCanadaToopolitetoExist says:

    I wonder how much it’s killing Jill that Bethenny is worth 3 times what she is now – and now literally, as well as abstractly. (B was always 3 times the person that Jill was, but now she is worth three times as much in the only terms that Jill understands: money.)

  52. jeepers1941 says:

    The next time jz is on screen look for this sign! She is talking with a couple of people and of course she is talking about someone behind they’re back. Now picture her in the pink frock, sipping on her diet pepsi. Notice how she is standing/sitting there with the straw to her mouth and doing a little swaying from side to side. BINGO, she is portraying the catty teenager girl, we all knew back in high school, I swear. She is a very sick puppy………………

  53. Mookies1mom says:

    Easy to make Chicken Pot Pie

    Preheat oven to 350.
    Here’s what I do for the chicken part. I cook one chicken for dinner. My husband has one breast and I have a leg and thigh. I strip the chicken of any meat that is left over. (This is much easier to do that night, rather than putting it in the fridge and trying to do it the next day when it’s cold.) This is enough chicken to mix with other ingredients and fill up a 2 1/2 inch deep round pan. You could also use a cooked chicken from the store. Or if you are feeding more people bake an extra chicken when you have time, like the weekend.

    Just so you all know I never measure when I make this. It’s all about what you want to add and what you like to eat.

    Use one pie crust to line the bottom. Reserve the other crust for the top. These can be the store bought or home made. I used the store bought tonight.

    In a separate microwaveable bowl put in the chicken. I then add one large can of potatoes. You can use the pre-sliced or whole ones and cut them up.

    I hate mushy carrots. So, if I’m in the mood for them I use baby carrots and toss them in. Frozen peas that have been cooked in water for a few minutes. Just make sure you drain them well. I usually through some in a 2 cup microwaveable measuring cup with water, zap them for a couple of minutes and drain well.

    If you like onion and celery, just sweat them in a pan and drain.

    My hubby and I like asparagus. So, I steam the asparagus, cut it up and through in the bowl with the chicken, potatoes and whatever else you like.

    Add 1 can of cream of chicken soup and mix well. Add another can and mix well. You want everything to be coated and have enough of the soup so that when you pat everything down with a spoon there are no air pockets. (The soup will become somewhat thinner when cooked so I don’t add any milk. If it seems dry add more cream of chicken soup.) Put this whole mixture in the microwave for about 5 minutes or until it’s hot. This helps cut down on the cooking in the oven time.

    Add the heated mixture to your already pie crust lined dish. Put the top crust on, fold over the crust to seal and cut some slits in it to let the steam escape. Cook for about 30 minutes or until you see the soup bubbling and the top is brown. Let it sit for 10 minutes prior to cutting.

    I know this looks long but it’s actually a pretty quick process. My go to dish that I make this in is actually a ceramic tortilla warmer. I’ve also used a 3 quart casserole dish. But this pot pie is pretty forgiving and you can add whatever you like just drain it!

    • boston02127 says:

      It sounds so good and easy. I luv recipes like this. When I get my stove installed I’m going to make it. I copied it. Thank you!

      • Mookies1mom says:

        Oh, no problem at all. It really is easy when you know what you like to put in it. That’s why I like this recipe so much because it’s really flexible.

        • Mookies1mom says:

          I added it to your site. I thought of a few additional things but otherwise it’s pretty much what I wrote above.

    • lillybee says:

      I make something like that but instead of using canned soup, if I have it, I used gravy made from the chicken drippings and if I don’t I make a quick white sauce.

  54. boston02127 says:

    I’m so coffee-ed out. I have so much energy I feel like I could paint a house. Going to go study, that ought to help with the zzzzz’s.
    Good night all.

  55. Mookies1mom says:

    I think I’m at the point of eye strain I’ve been on the computer for so long today! Plus, I gotta go watch TCM! Night all!

  56. chismosa says:

    Don’t think anyone may see this so i may repost tomorrow but Lumann was doing an event at a Daffy’s store near where i was staying this week and i wanted to go visit her! She was the ambassador for their grand re-opening. i really should have gone.

    I wanted to share with everyone that i was analyzing Teresa’s new cookbook at the bookstore today- it is crazy. There are some interesting recipes, but the way she writes is so juvenile- i think her editors must have wanted her to sound authentic to the way she really speaks and talks. She DOES diss Caroline and say that Caroline is only 1/16th italian and the way that Caroline fries the meatballs (i’m not Italian and that sounds crazy to me). She kind of- imo- puts a dig to the Manzo’s by naming a recipe Manzo Meat and then clarifying that it is not named for the Manzo family that she knows, even though lots of recipes are named for people- but because the name Manzo means ‘meat’ in Italian. haha ha!
    There are TONS of pictures of her and her family and early shots of her and Joe and the kids. Those girls of hers had sequins leggings on and leopard shoes on every picture- Teresa does not let us down. And i’m happy to report Ter’s head is in fact tilted in about 98% of the pictures. The cover, i really must admit is a great shot of her, her forehead looks normal and her hair comes out great and she is not at FULL TILT.
    Anyhoo just in case anyone is wondering. It’s paperback so not a big splurge from the publishers. I was looking at Gwyneth “I -am-so-beyond-awesome-and-cool-and-you-all-want-to-be-like-me-right?” Paltrow’s cookbook and it’s quite a difference, if you can believe that!

    • error404 says:

      carne = meat. Manzo is more like “beef”.

      I don’t get the part about the meatballs. Was she saying Caro doesn’t do her meatballs right?

      • Lavalady says:

        I think there are two theories on the making of Italian meatballs. You can make them, fry them in olive oil, then cook them in red gravy for a few hours. Or you can make them and just drop them right into the red gravy and slow cook them for hours. I make them only one way, slow cooking them in red gravy for hours.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      =Gwyneth “I -am-so-beyond-awesome-and-cool-and-you-all-want-to-be-like-me-right?” Paltrow’s=

      Don’t forget GP is a good friend of kuku Kelly too.

      Interesting review.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        oh i love me some Gwenyth

        • error404 says:

          I’ve always loved Blyth, but I’m not sure I’ve ever forgiven her for Gwenyth. LOL I actually did enjoy Miss Thang on Glee, so I guess I’m not pure evil, but Gwenny used to be one of those stars who just made me want to stick a fork in their eye.

          • chismosa says:

            Error you took the words from me- i love Blythe – To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar is like my fave movie.

    • California35 says:

      Thanks for sharing. I would never buy that book, but curious as always 🙂

  57. terry aley says:

    Jill Zarin hired a “Media Trainer” — http://tinyurl.com/3n3rvg3

    • lovemamaearth says:

      OMG!!!! What cow compost comes out of JZ’s mouth.

      Thanks for posting that, Terry.

    • lillybee says:

      She must be kidding.

      • HD says:

        Thanks, Terry for this post.

        1. Jill is stupid.

        2. She didn’t know if she was coming back to RH? Yeah right. This is her claim to fame and the only reason why she is now one of the “popular girls”.

        3. “Men and adults shouldn’t be on Twitter” said Bobby. Isn’t she on Twitter? When her and Bobby were on that show about the store wasn’t she going on and on about someone twittering it? She hired a media person but is too silly to realize that Twitter is a great media outlet for people that are “famous” and I use that term VERY lightly with this fool.

        4. She’s working on her brand? What brand? Being a royal a-hole?

        I just do not like this woman. I don’t think I ever will. Sorry.

        • SkewedHalo says:

          First she said the trip to Australia was booked before she signed on for season four. Then she says she went to Australia to miss the drama going down to prove she’s not an instigator. The lies just flow like sewage out of a storm drain. Fast and furious. She keeps saying this season proves she’s changed when the whole interview she proves she hasn’t. What a maroooooon!
          The sound of her voice, that accent, the nasal “quality” is seriously nauseating. Oh, and rich people don’t want to do reality shows because of the IRS and they want to keep what they have. Are you kidding me? So, the rich people she knows are criminals hiding assets like Theresa who she so adores? wtf?? If she has a media trainer I’m Betty Davis.

          • error404 says:

            Hello Ms Davis. I loved you in The Letter!

            I only read the article. No way am I subjecting myself to the sound of her voice! Watching Jill in 2011 is like being some sort of self-harmer. LOL

          • fort lauderdale gay says:

            I’ll bet Jill is planning on going to Harvard’s OPM program. You attend three weeks per year for 3 years. No degree or tests required. Currently the full program runs about $93,000.00 for all three years (9 weeks total). So, show ’em your checkbook and bingo, you went to Harvard! I’m sure if you really applied yourself, you would learn a lot, but I’d wager the real value is in who you meet. As the old saying goes “it’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know”.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      She is still delusional. Agree that she should never reveal the name of her “media trainer” so that the poor person can get hired elsewhere in the future.

  58. Mookies1mom says:

    I think I’m going to toss my cookies! That was a little over 9 minutes and they had to cut some of it out. Wow! She really does like the sound of her own voice. “I always do the right thing”. Seriously?!? Only in Jill-land!

  59. VAgirl says:

    Good morning Mookies1mom and everyone!

  60. HD says:

    Good morning, everyone. Real Housewives Reunion is on if anyone wants to see Jill and those great green shoes. 🙂

    • boston02127 says:

      HD–I’m watching. Notice how Jill looks at Bethenny with such creepy envy.

      • HD says:

        I know! Did you catch when B was talking about her baby weight and Jill kept saying, “Bethanny, Bethanny…it’s all in your boobs”. She just looked pathetic like she was trying to suck up to Bethanny or something.

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Thanks Hannah~need some comic relief~how are you today? She actually looked good in that black dress.

      • HD says:

        Hey Baabee, I am doing good! How are you?

        It is so funny, everytime Jill thinks she is making headway, Bravo reruns these shows. LOL!

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          I am so much better~will never get used to these storms but like I said we were very lucky.
          JZ will never get it cause she is so self centered it isn’t funny.

          • HD says:

            I am so glad that we are getting a break from the rain! I hope it’s over for a while.

            What was so funny to me is that when Jill walked off everyone kept talking and no one ran after her. LOL! Too funny!

    • Sammysmom says:

      I really wish that Bravo would somehow release the rest of that reunion taping. They taped ,what ,about 7-9 hours. We saw 3. There has to be a ton of stuff that Bravo knows we want to see. At least I do but I am really nosy.

  61. VAgirl says:

    One of my doggies is acting very weird this morning. It’s cloudy and windy this morning and we’re expecting bad weather. He must sense it. His little nubbin tail is trying to go between his legs (it’s too short) and he’s behind the couch. He’s never done that. The other one is oblivious to anything.

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Hi VAgirl~stay safe honey. It is finally over here. Sunny & cool this morning. So sorry to people who are suffering here & Alabama. What is going on by you today?

      • Lavalady says:

        Hi BBLK – Glad you finally have good weather. Getting ready to storm here in NJ, but not as bad as in the South. Feel so sorry for the people that suffered through those tornadoes.

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          Thank you LL~have been a wreck for about a week straight but we were very lucky. Still water everywhere but nothing like AL. I cannot believe the size of that last tornado.

          • 2Stupid says:

            I am from Alabama, and my little boy was speding spring break with my sister about 40 miles west of where the store pummelled Tuscaloosa. My sister has debris all over her yard from it. My niece actually goes to U of A, but had come home to go to her sister’s graduation from Fl St. today. I am glad everyone I know is safe, but there is a lot of damage!

          • kotagirl29 says:

            We had SEVERE storms roll through Northwestern Georgia last night. Living in the Appalachians we don’t really see tornados, but we did last night. One touched down about 6 miles from where I live. It took out the fire department (building), a few businesses and did some real damage to some homes. No deaths have been reported and injuries were minimal considering. It was pretty scary. I’ve never been through anything like that before. I grew up in Vermont and there aren’t many tornados there either.

  62. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Good morning~

  63. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    off topic

    its no suprise that im somewhat of a ditz but LOL i just realized i have amc on demand and could have been wattching the killing all along
    watched the pilot yesterday and im hooked
    anyone else see the many simularities between this and Twin Peaks
    who killed Rosie Larson
    who killed Laura Palmer

    The father finds out first that his daughte is dead BOTH SHOWS
    The Mother Finds Out Over The Phone as dad is realizing it BOTH SHOWS
    Almost Everyone in town is a suspect BOTH SHOWS

    regardless im loving it

  64. boston02127 says:

    Good morning peeps. Watching the news, so much devastation because of the weather.

  65. boston02127 says:

    This is how I feel today:

  66. FlowerPower says:

    My heart goes out to the people who have been devastated by the horrific weather/tornados. Hope all here (and all friends/family) are safe.

    • quincyil says:

      Hundreds….. This is been a very violent year and the storm belt is moving north. I wish it would stop, but I think it’s going to get worse.

  67. HD says:

    Why does Luann butt in like she really has something deep to say?! Uhhhhhhhhhh!

  68. boston02127 says:

    GTG, Have a good day everyone.

  69. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Sonja~didn’t know exotic was Chinese & Irish~remember when she was nice?

  70. BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

    Full size
    What Will America’s Most Popular Racist Do Next?

    John Cook — Donald Trump is not going to run for president. But let’s pretend we don’t know that, and are wondering what’s next for him after emerging victorious from his pitched battle with Barack Obama, birth certificate hoisted triumphantly above his tri-corner hairhat. How do you top that?

    Trump announced this morning at a press conference that he is “very proud” and “honored”—but not quite humbled—by his role in prodding Obama to make him look like a hapless lying buffoon. It’s natural to wonder whether Trump can possibly recover from having the rug yanked so brutally from underneath him, but remember—he’s always been a hapless lying buffoon, and he’s done OK for himself.

    Here are his options for moving forward.
    1. Find Another Racist Thing to Talk About

    Trump’s birtherism wasn’t organic or heartfelt. It was simply a line he stumbled on that resonated with two key constituencies—the racist base of the Republican Party and the outrage-courting, Drudge-baiting cable news establishment. The two audiences formed a positive feedback loop—as racist conservatives heard more racist comments from this racist reality TV presenter, his poll numbers edged up. And as his poll numbers edged up, cable news producers saw more opportunities to air more stories about his racist comments, which were seen by more racist conservatives, etc. The result was a firestorm of publicity for Trump and his reality TV show, culminating in the bizarre spectacle this morning of a Trump press conference sharing a split screen with the White House briefing room as reporters awaited Obama. All it took was a few weeks of quoting from random chain emails, and Trump was elevated to just short of presidential status.

    What Will America’s Most Popular Racist Do Next?By that measure, today’s humiliation was a wild success. He just has to keep the spotlight going through May 22, the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice. So Trump would do well to search for another outrageous accusation that gives voice to the white rage boiling within the GOP base that he could ride for another month or so. He’s already begun questioning Obama’s academic record based largely on the notion that black people are too stupid and lazy to get into Columbia University, so how did Obama? But that one may not have wheels, since a little academic fraud thirty years doesn’t seem really disqualifying. Don’t be surprised if Trump starts talking about Obama’s deep roots in the Islamic world or the fact that Bill Ayers admitted writing his memoir.

    And if you think that, in the wake of Trump’s latest humiliation, cable news producers won’t let him creep back into the news cycle on the wings of a new lie, you’re wrong.
    2. Say the Birth Certificate’s a Fake

    That’s what a lot of other birthers are doing. But the media probably wouldn’t play along with that one.
    3. Claim Victory and Gracefully Bow Out

    Trump went to great lengths to take credit for the release, saying he’s “accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish.” Others on the right, including Sarah Palin, seem equally eager, for some reason, to make sure Trump gets credit. So he could be setting the stage for a statesmanlike speech after the Apprentice finale announcing that his work here is done and that, with the long-form certificate of live birth as a parting gift, he will leave the race to others. Some variant of this is what will actually happen, since Donald Trump will not actually run for president.

    • HD says:

      I have always felt and known this was racist. If they had asked this from ANY other President, I wouldn’t think a thing so it begs the question what makes President Barack Obama any different than any other President?

      He is a man like all the others.

      He met the age requirement like all the others.

      He won fair and square like all the others (minus Bush 2.0 🙂 ).

      Soooooooooo hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what is sooooooooooooo different about this particular President that people need to see his birth cetificate, want to know his grades in school, need to know his blood type, etc. ?

      There is only ONE thing different and it is the fact that this is a Black man. Period. Anyone with a fistful of common sense can see that and for Trump or anyone else to paint it as something else is laughable. They didn’t do this mess with ANYONE else and now alllllllllllllllll of a sudden it’s a huge deal! This is covert racism although to those that do not wear rose colored glass we can clearly see it for what it is.

      *Off my soapbox for the day*

      • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

        I told you I had to hide all my Obama stuff here. I did phone calls & everything I could to help get Pres. Obama elected but was afraid to tell anyone. I feel so bad that he has to put up with crap that no one else as you said would. He is a great man IMO & doing the best he can with the people he has to deal with & you know who I mean Hannah~
        Peace & Love to all please..

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          my sister in law did all that for Obama too
          she went door to door looking for support in Penn
          she had people spit in her face
          SPIT IN HER FACE
          was told she was a race traitor
          in 2010 ???
          i wish i coud say i was in shock but then i live in Nutley
          HUGE italian American Cummunity that still uses the N word
          we had neighbours that we had to stop speaking to because of this
          its bad enough that they use it but what compounds it is the think because Jimmy & I Are white we condone this
          its just sad

          • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

            I agree~they of course still use that word here too in my own family. Disgusting & stupid in great quantity here.
            I could not believe it when I moved here from NYC it was like being in a nightmare that you cannot wake up from.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        When I get discouraged about the latent racism, I remind myself that the county voted a black man to be president, and that means we’re making progress.

        Trump may be surprised by the backlash. His viewing audience is now acutely aware of his politics, and like Mel Gibson – I don’t think I could stomach watching any shows with him in it any longer. Life is about choices – and I choose to say no way to Trump.

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          You are right~but it is very bad here still. Don’t know why people are so mean for no reason. Scared & stupid I hate to say but it is true. Where are you HWA?

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Trump has proven over and over what kind of person he is. That’s why I quit watching his apprentice joke since Omarosa got fame and money from it.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          sadly his ca went up in ratings instead of down

      • chismosa says:

        HD – just reading this now not sure if you’ll see but i think the issue also is that Obama’s father was foreign-born and never really naturalized (i don’t think?, not sure)- i think if another candidate had any parents from foreign countries and then they were hanging out in the outer states- i.e. Alaska, Hawaii- people would question. Just my opinion. Yes, i do think there are racist overtones too though. i think it’s a big mix

  71. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    HD you hit the nail right on the head i have been saying that on twitter since the first time the republicans would say anything he proposed was wrong but when another proposed teh same exact thing they would fall all over themselfs to say how right it was
    Never has a president been so disrespected by so many Even Nixon who left in disgrace was treated this badly the people that swear race doesnt play a part in this have thier heads in the sand
    now some of them may just be really good people that have never had a racist thought in thier lives it is possiable but in general i do believe its racist

    and Donald Trump is the worst
    saying things like “im in good with the blacks” in 2010 is he for real
    im suprised he didnt use the word “coloreds”
    HD you stay on that soapbox all you want
    people need a wake up call

  72. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    once again sorry for my many many many typos and for getting so heavy and serious

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Sometimes things need to be said or we will explode.
      Now were you talking about All My Children before?

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        Yes i watched all my children up till recently since the first day it started as a 30 min b&w show
        im so upset that its gotten the ax

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          Me too~have been watching for about 30 yrs? OLTL too.
          I saw it from about 1980 or so. Cannot believe it either.
          Maybe Oprah will take them with her to OWN. I heard a rumor but don’t know if it’s true or not.

  73. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    GLAAD has launched the “Tune Out Trump” campaign, calling on the LGBT community and its allies to boycott his his television shows, hotels, resorts, and golf courses.

    “Trump is sending the message to the 1 million gay couples who are raising approximately 2 million kids in the United States that they shouldn’t be treated equally,” said GLAAD.

    “He wants their viewership for his shows and their money at his properties — gay and lesbian travelers spend an estimated $17 billion a year for tourism — but Trump doesn’t want to allow them the same dignity and respect as all loving couples and families. This is both an unfair and unwise business practice.”

    In an interview with the the Des Moines Register in March, Trump was asked his position on marriage and civil benefits for gays. “As of this moment, I would say no and no,” he replied.

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      Trump is an a@@hole & I hate him too. When will these people wake up & start treating EVERYONE with the respect & dignity we ALL deserve?

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        i agree BaaBee lets just hope its in our lifetime

        • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

          I do too DJ~love & hugs to you 🙂

        • BlueSky_Forever says:

          It is time to boycott Trump. He’s always brought out disgust from me, but now Trump has gone too far. Not sure I’ll watch CA. Maybe the re-run of it on CNBC instead, because it’s time to boycott the show & wreck the ratings. Trump is an idiot – his CA show & businesses are sure to be affected by his attack on Obama. I hope people throw rotten tomatoes at him in NYC. Just say NO to everything Trump.

    • error404 says:

      oh no! A boycott? Just days before Nene meltdown? I feel like Sophie Zawistowska! LOL

  74. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    RNC Chairman is actually on tv saying that they didnt care about Obamas birth cer LOL
    yeah ok and im straight

  75. quincyil says:

    How many birthdays does Kelly Bensimon have? She tweeted that she is going to Vegas this weekend to celebrate and I recently saw photos of her on Miami’s beach celebrating her birthday.

    Her twin brother also looks like Prince William, he is balding and blond.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Apparently Kelly can celebrate her birthday at will – it’s like the phrase its cocktail time somewhere in the world! Oh you missed my actual birthday so we can celebrate now…..Kelly is having her Birthday Tour 2011.

  76. WindyCityWondering says:

    Good Morning, hope everyone is safe and sound – the storms just don’t seem to end! Watching the NY reunion – I can clearly see that between Jill and LuAnn that Kelly has been programmed to go after Ramona. Jill should just superglue her spread eagle mouth shut – no amount of PR will help her!

    • quincyil says:

      I was worried that Jill would used her advisors and make this site irrelevant, but thankfully, she is not listening to them.

      My favorite Zarin tweet is for us to sign up for Zarin fabrics newsletters. I love getting news about shipments of fabric in my email.

  77. WindyCityWondering says:

    Kelly is a nutbag. Her “I appreciate that, thank you very much” is her way of saying – FU.

    • quincyil says:

      It seems they are “handling” her this season, but the real Kelly keeps popping out. If these housewives were actually trained actresses they could pull off what they want to accomplish. The actually react to each other and that is why there is not hope of redemption for any of them.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Kim and Kyle are trained actresses – but unless someone is feeding them lines…

        Lisa did much better – maybe she’s more of an improv type actress.

        • quincyil says:

          Lisa seems to know what the camera will show. Kim and Kyle do too, but they get defensive, then attact when they need to laugh the jibes off.

          The best moment was on the boat near St. John’s when Kelly called Bethenny a name and Bethenny laughed with Sonja about it.

          I want Jill Zarin to hire me as her advisor/soothsayer/hair dresser/dog walker. I could turn this whole thing around for her.

          • BlueSky_Forever says:

            Q even you with all your mystical powers cannot help Jill Zarin. Jill is Jill – and proud of it.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Agree that Kelly is being handled. Also think she is being fed lines and kept away from those who trigger her loony behavior. Eventually she is going to go after Ramona and no amount of handling will work – ah the magic of editing.

        • error404 says:

          Kiki is an unstable compound, you never know when she’s gonna blow. If you look at the first half of s3, there is no clue that Scary Island is coming. I don’t care if she’s got meds or minders or a Hanibel Lecter mask, I still refuse to condone Bravo’s bringing her back and still refuse to watch a single episode of s4 RHoNY.

  78. jeepers1941 says:

    My comment(s) is for HD right now.
    As I am sure you will remember, last year we had a run in with regard to my post about meeting a black man from the Craiglist. Yes, it was for sex, but I am sure I was not explaining it in words what really took place. I want to apologize to you if I offended you in any manner, it was not my intent, believe me when I say that. What I was going to try and convey in the post was the following, before you cut me off at the pass. Needless to say, I was pretty shocked and since I was new here, I decided that maybe I should just shut up and leave. I did leave, but I lurked for some time. As I got to read the postings you had written, I was very impressed by you. So here goes the end of my encounter with this man I met from the Craiglist.
    When Darren came to my house, of course I invited him in. He is very tall and very nice looking I will add. He is very well dressed and carries himself extremely classic. As we came into my living room, I offered him something to drink, if I recall we had split a soda. As the evening went on, as it was getting rather late by then, I had the TV turned on and we started to watch what was taking place on TV.
    I remember this very well, as it was election night returns. The polls had all closed and they said, Mr. Obama had won the election. Darren and I looked at each other and we were both in tears. You could see the pride on Darren’s face, I went to his chair to comfort him, he was trembling. I felt so privilaged to be with him at that moment, that day, that hour. We both knew we had just witness history in the making. A black man and a white woman, setting in a living room holding each other and crying like babies. It was the best night you can only ask for.
    Since that night Darren and I have been BFF and I love him to death. I am sorry I never got back to you about this before now, but I really do care about you. Please forgive me.

    (PS): no we never had sex that night or any other night, but we are still friends!

    • HD says:

      Jeepers…let me be the first to say who you sleep with is truly none of my business. Let me be clear on that. What goes on behind my four walls are just that my business as it is your personal business what happens in your bedroom.

      I remember that conversation quite well because when you start with “meeting Black men for sex on Craigslist” and then want to set into a conversation about it, that makes my eyebrow go up. Although you may not know, Black people, for years and to this day have been objectified as sexual beings and not people. Although I am sure we like sex just like the next person, we have been portrayed as sex driven maniacs. Most people do not know this but cocaine was banned because they thought it made Black men want to rape White women. This is a historical thing and goes back much further than you and I so it was offensive to me. Black men are so much more than the “race that is deemed to have big you know whats” (Hey I call it like I see it and that’s what it is and we all know it to be so, so I just said it.)

      Having said that, your apology is accepted although honestly I had not thought anymore about it. I am glad that although you met someone for sex, what you experienced was much more than that. I am sure you appreciate that and I am sure Darren does as well. You have gained a friend in him it appears. Now if you have a friend and have great sex, hey more power to ya! 🙂

      This is a place where we all learn and grow, that is what life is about.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Wonderful story, Jeep. Sonja would be disappointed on the PS though. 🙂

  79. jeepers1941 says:

    To Lynn and posters:
    I did not mean to offend anyone else here with my post to HD, but felt I needed to do it now before time slipped away from me. Making amends for things left undone or unsaid is something I try to stay on top of…………………..This was one was well overdo.

    • HD says:

      I know, right? That got all deep with the sex talk and the you know what’s. LOL!

      Thanks for making amends and please believe me, unlike Jill Zarin, I don’t savor stuff and hold on it. Be assured as long as we reside in this world, offenses WILL come. That is the nature of the beast. However, I feel good that growth came out of it.

      Now unless I am bangin’, no more sex talk! My hormones can’t take it! LOL!

  80. jeepers1941 says:

    ITA, enough said……………….

    • BaaBee Loves Kitties says:

      I am 52 & have no more hormones right now thank you. LOL
      Hopefully they will come back some day…:P

      • jeepers1941 says:

        Hormones are like cybespace, you know it went somewhere but where? Believe me at my age, they do come back at some point in time. You are still young, you’ll see…….LOL

  81. AZ Girl says:

    Hope all is well for those of you living in the south and battling the storms. The pictures on the news this morning are frightening. Hang in there.
    Off to work. I will be lurking on my phone so don’t post anything that will crack me up NOT!. Husband is out of the office today he, he, he,

  82. justanothermary says:

    Christine over at the Real(ly) Old site is offering a case wine for anyone who can figure out why Jill was REALLY in Australia. This gave my over-tired, extremely stressed mind something new to ponder. The following is my take.

    IMHO Jill was in Australia because she’s overrun with a huge stack of moldy books. Ginger is sneezing and she pees and farts when she sneezes. This is annoying even to Jill, especially when Ginger does the sneeze/pee/fart thing on the beautiful bedding Jill herself designed with such talent and flare that just the thought of the bedding being soiled sends JZ into and spin. And oh what a spin, what to do? What to do? The only answer was to go to the other side of the earth with the moldy books in hopes of finding and English-speaking continent that has not heard of her who may actually buy what she’s shilling. Jill the Shill, alas was so disappointed by yet another round of unattended book signings (apparently there IS tv there) that suddenly her hair turned an awful color. Dismayed, she yanked it back with a tug so hard her eyes popped and her nose shrank! Defeated and ugly she returns to us, having had a very long ride in a big tin can, giving her time to twist the events into a glorious and fruitful adventure that we should all envy.

    Here’s the link if you have an alternative theory. Perhaps she was just over there trying to dig up some dirt on Simon to be thrown in his face at a later date? Hmmmm

    Here’s the link: http://thereallyoldhousewivesofmanateecounty.blogspot.com/2011/04/bravo-rhonyc-season-4-episode-3.html#comments

    • error404 says:

      Jill is a bad combo of ambitious and stupid. I think she was trying to pull a sort of David Hasslehoff “But I’m big in Germany” sort of thing. Aussie may have seemed easy due to Kylie and ABBA, but it was a much harder nut to crack than she thought, and our girl is lllaaazzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy.

      Jill will forever be the loser little sister to over achiever Lisa. Jill’s fame was suppose to make Lisa’s regurgitated crap on paper fly off the shelves, but instead it only made it stink worse… like covering up fish with spray: Now you have two bad smells that don’t mix well. THIS IMO is the real reason Jill won’t stop shilling the moldy manifesto. She’ll prove her worth to Lisa, even it it kills her. Do you have any idea what Passover must have been like? “So then miss famous for doing nothing over here says she can make the book a best seller if I let her put her name on it. Trust me she says. I can do this she says. We’ll be rich she says. Do we look rich? What did I do that god should give me such a sister.”

    • jeepers1941 says:

      Very funny justanothermary, but I’ll stick to my theory I posted the other day.

    • BlueSky_Forever says:

      Jill had to go to Australia before they see all of season 3 & hate her for what she did in S 3…..by now they have seen it & probably hate Jill just as much as we do. She will have to find somewhere in the world that doesn’t have a clue about RHWONY so she can sell the moldy book, her crappy squeeze wear & ugly bedding.

  83. FlowerPower says:

    Caught some of the RHNY reruns this morning. What a contrast to last week’s Jill-free episode (a gift for the fans). I’m starting to think that Jill is kind of like a pebble in your shoe–you notice when it’s there because it’s so irritating, but when it’s not there, you’re not thinking about having a pebble in your shoe at all.

    If I hadn’t read here first that she wasn’t in last week’s episode, I’m not sure I would have noticed while watching. She doesn’t add anything positive to the show so you really don’t miss her when she’s gone. And the only thing I think when she is there is that I wish she’d go away!

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