I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York / Watch What Happens Live

I Hate Jill Zarin  The Real Housewives of New York

Ok I know we have some New Yorkers who read this blog, I need some answers. 

Don’t they have little league baseball, soccer or any other team sports that these kids could play in Brooklyn?  How can a kid get excited about a piano?  Sure I know some kids love to play piano, I’ve never met any of them  but doesn’t every kid want a new mitt or a new bat for their birthday?  No lie, my son plays Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Hockey and Football, so maybe I’ve just got sports insanity but  I have just two words for Alex and Simon – team Sports! 

I know Alex said that seeing that piano in the dining room was a magical moment for her son, but to me a magical moment is when your son hits his first home run, scores a goal with his new lacrosse stick, hits that basket with nothing but net or joins his team on the ice to receive their 1st place trophies.  Hearing the National Anthem at your son’s All Star game will bring tears to your eyes.   Trust me Alex. 

New York is the largest city in the country, are we supposed to believe that Kelly and Cindy just accidentally ran into Jill Zarin walking her dog.  So question number two for you New Yorkers, doesn’t New York City have a doggy leash law?  What is that damn Ginger Zarin doing running around free like she thinks she’s  Cookie on Malibu beach?  Sorry Jill Zarin, you have to follow the rules too!

Another question for you New Yorkers, do you all have  a hot young latin dancer houseboys?  What exactly are his duties Ms. Morgan?  Apparently dancing with Cindy isn’t one of them, wow, Jealous much?

Although previously promised that Jill wouldn’t return until the end of the episode tonight, there she was scene one in her talking head interview saying that she had a realization while vacationing in Australia, she wasn’t going to gossip and be a mean girl.  Before her ass hit the chair she was gossiping and slamming Ramona along with Luann, Kelly and Sonja.  You remember Sonja folks, Ramona’s friend.  Sonja is completely two faced, as she sat there pretending to be Ramona while firing responses back to Kelly in her pretend fantasy play they’ve arranged here.  What the hell is wrong with these women?

Another question I’ve got to fire at New Yorkers, do they not know how filming works?  Cindy Barshop, are you a complete moron?  They filmed you telling Kelly that Sonja was going to invite Ramona to their little toaster oven party then you sat in Sonja’s home and swore that you never told Kelly that Sonja was inviting Ramona.  No you didn’t just swear you said that you NEVER NEVER NEVER said that…while Bravo rolled the video tape of you saying just that.  Another good rule of thumb Cindy when the video tape is rolling, don’t wear beige shorts, grey knee socks, black boots and a grey pashmina.  The guys with the big cameras following you around are filming you wearing that, did you not know that? 

 Then we’ve got Idiotic Luann, could she be a bigger hypocrite?  She goes to Ramona’s jewelry party, says she is there to support Ramona, but we know that she doesn’t like Ramona.  Luann makes a complete fool of herself by saying the party wasn’t what she expected, what did she expect?   Personally I really like Ramona’s jewelry but I find it a bit overpriced, for Luann’s purposes, she’d do well to give it a try and completely scrap her entire jewelry collection, particularly the big ugly gold bug she’s wearing on her chest as she’s dissing Ramona’s jewelry.  Seriously Luann?    

Don't quit your day job Luann, oops what day job?

Luann’s other brilliant comment, “you can drink all the wine in the world, it doesn’t make you a wine expert”.  We know that Luann, and you can abandon your kids in the Hamptons to go into the city to bang your wine distributor boyfriend, that doesn’t make you a wine expert either.

Sonja moves forward with her toaster oven class for Kelly but instead of inviting Ramona, she invites Luann who apparently makes Sonja nervous?   Since Luann is there Sonja actually washes the vegetables before cooking them, then tells us that she’s cooked in her toaster oven for the Churchill’s, I wonder if they warranted clean vegetables?

Finally are there no dictionaries in New York?  Kelly Bensimon has no idea what bullying means now we learn that she has no clue what a threat is.  Apparently she got a text from Ramona that said, “If you’re not going to support me, I’m not going to support you”.  Ok it’s not nice, it’s beyond childish but threatening?  No Kelly, you were not threatened.  Get a grip! 

For all you New Yorkers, it was all in fun, I know New York has kids sports, dictionaries and smart people, we just couldn’t find any of those things on the show tonight.  I love New York!

Sonja Morgan definitely has Second Season Disease!  She’s lost her mind, she’s trying too hard and she’s making a complete fool of herself while losing respect of viewers.  If any housewife could have avoided Second season disease I would have surely thought it would be Sonja but nope!  She’s fallen right into Bravo’s trap. 

Her speech to Cindy was almost as pathetic as her speech at the Marriage Equality March a few episodes back.  Sonja, after her whole half season as a housewife is now going to teach Cindy how to be a housewife.  Honor the pecking order and if Ramona Singer comes to your party you damn well better have her wine there, she is the one who brought the guests, after all.  Luann and Alex attended only because Ramona was attending?  Yeah, sorry, I’m not buying that!  I would think Luann would stay away if she knew Ramona was going to be there, I think the cameras dictate the Housewives schedule, not Ramona. 

Kelly and Ramona meet, discuss and seem to bury the hatchet.  Sonja is there as moral support for both Kelly and Ramona but I think Sonja only went so that she could slap Cindy later.  Not saying that’s a bad reason or anything….

Sonja was asked by the ASPCA to throw out the first pitch at a baseball game of New York City firemen who are on their annual calendar.  Sonja must have misunderstood and she thought they said she would be cheerleading at the event.  Her outfit was ridiculous!  Not surprising one of the firemen asked for Sonja’s phone number.  Sonja tells us she’s still got it, yes she does, but she forgot the rest of her outfit, something she apparently does several times this season.    

Seeing Jill walking down the road to Alex’s front door with her Bed, Bath & Beyond bag was a bit of a culture shock.  First I wondered if she was bringing Alex some of her bedding line but then she said it was a gift for the boys.   What would she buy for two young boys at Bed Bath & Beyond?  Do they sell band instruments there?  The discussion was interesting, it was honest and open and I think that Alex was obviously correct not to trust Jill, she said it in her talking head interview but she didn’t say it to Jill’s face.  To her face it seemed as though all was right between the two of them, so is it?  This is going to be the question going forward, is Alex naïve to even entertain the thought of being friends with Jill Zarin? 

Did anyone else catch Jill saying that she’d like to be friends “AGAIN”?  This is the same Jill who had said to Alex several times “we are not friends, we were NEVER friends”.  The same Jill that said Alex was mingling with guests at a wedding that were “way above her”.  But most important let’s not forget at last season’s reunion Jill Zarin gave Bravo an ultimatum, she said she couldn’t film with Alex McCord.  Bravo didn’t take the bait, they brought Alex back for another season and Jill lost that little battle.  Is this Jill’s way of winning back fans?  Her way of ensuring her own survival?   Watch What Happens….

Ramona and Cindy had dinner and it was just strange, it was like they were speaking two different languages and I truly think that Cindy is a really poor communicator.  She can’t seem to articulate her feelings or explain herself, as an outsider looking in we may have been able to understand to an extent but she really was very vague and wishy-washy.  I had to go with Ramona on this one, Cindy’s a strange bird. 

Watch What Happens Live

Andy Cohen welcomed his good friend Kelly Ripa on the show, I will say that I appreciate a guest who does watch the Housewives, unfortuantely Ms. Ripa needs to be schooled in pecking order for the New York Housewives. 

Kelly chose Luann as top of the NY pecking order, sorry but has she lost her mind?  Is this simply because she has a fake title? 

Kelly then chose Alex as the NY housewife on the bottom of the pecking order, clearly Kelly doesn’t pay much attention to what fans think.

The poll tonight was that very question asking viewers who was at the top of the pecking order, I was really surprised that Jill took that top spot, her PR people have done a job.  Not necessarily a good job but they’ve talked her into trying to make peace with Alex  and that has clearly swayed the viewers who forgot that just a few weeks ago Jill called Alex a F****n Bitch.  IHJZ Never forgets!

Kelly was ok as Andy’s only guest, I suppose it could have been worse but it wasn’t that great.  Andy showed a clip of last week’s after show of Cat Ommanney and Luann, if you haven’t watched it yet, go to Bravotv.com, it’s brilliant! 

I’m not sure what Andy felt about it, he obviously liked that he had some tension on the show, it makes it more interesting. 

Kelly really put me off with her NY Housewife picks so I sort of tuned out after the first few minutes. 

More on the NY Housewives this weekend, what do you think is the NY Housewives pecking order?  Sonja seems to think Ramona is at the top, what order would you put them in?

Until Next Time…..


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822 Responses to I Hate Jill Zarin The Real Housewives of New York / Watch What Happens Live

  1. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    am i first 🙂

    • What is up with the new girl? says:

      Why are blogs almost all positive about this Cindy person. I think she is awful. The teeth thing in the Hermes box? The fact that all her teeth have veneers? Gross and Phony! Canceling the lunch with Sonja but not before she got her camera time at Vivienne Tam?? Lies to Sonja telling her that they are for sure still going to lunch. Lies to Sonja that she did not mention Ramona’s name to Kelly concerning the cooking class. Dissing a simple ferry ride to Alex’s party and arriving 4 hours late? Thinking that no one important leaves Manhattan ,however, she pronounces it Manha’in. Possibly blows off having Pinot Grigio at her party on purpose and likely lies about that because she is passive aggressive. Hosts a pony party an hour out of the way, pretending that it’s for adults, when really it’s most likely to get business for the horse farm by having it featured on the show all the while continuing to insist it’s an adult party. Hating on the vegetable dip??? Ick!! go away!! Replace her with someone hairy! Her entire wardrobe looks phony as well.

      • kotagirl29 says:

        You are not alone! I can’t stand her. Although if there really is a season two syndrome one can only hope that she will get better instead of worse.

        • NYCer says:

          I didn’t get the teeth thing. I thought veneers were supposed to be permanent. ? Glueing them on in a store in front of Sonja whom you barely know?
          I find Cindy very distasteful. It’s so early in the season and she’s already been caught in multiple bold-faces lies.

  2. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    I found Kelly’s choice in the pecking order strange to say the least
    maybe she hasnt watched the show in a long time or maybe she is friends with Shrill
    no one that watches the show for real likes LuLU and almost all have started to love Alex
    its just a fact
    i did love her face when she saw the clip of Cat attacking lulu

    • @tweatcyn says:

      I believe Kelly R is friends with both Jill and KKB as fellow Hamptonites who run into each other. Kelly R and Mark are both huge NeNe fans too so I don’t get her choices sometimes. Also, I saw a tweet last night where Jill tweeted Kelly R that she was great on WWHL and Kelly R tweeted back “Thanks Gorgeous! XOXO” so I think that is established. Bums me out cuz I like Kelly R on LIVE.

      • Lavalady says:

        Kelly R. has also said on Live that she sees Kelly B. on the horse circut as Kelly R.’s daughter rides.

  3. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    cant really comment on the show as i actually was falling asleep waking up falling asleep over and over

  4. AmyKish says:

    Great job again! I cannot stand Count Von Countless – One, one insult thrown at Ramona. AH AH AH AH Yuuck! And Sonja? Really? I may have to go back to (gasp) network tv!

  5. lori024 says:

    After WWHL last week with the Cat/Luanne smack down, Andy kept tweeting how uncomfortable & traumatized he was. I tweeted asking him if he was simply uncomfortable because it was not a reunion show; therefore, he was not expecting a heated, honest exchange to occur. He tweeted back to me very quickly that “YOU MUST have a sense of humor to be welcomed into the clubhouse”…I understood it to mean he was NOT happy with Cat. I was very surprised because I was 1 of many who thought it was great HW television. Andy, at that time, appeared to be more angry that Cat ruined his game.

    • Kukulet says:

      That all started when Andy and LuAnn made fun of Cat’s age, which was really uncalled for. So you reap what you sow, Andy. And we all know that if the shoe had been on the other foot, and Cat had poked fun at LuAnn’s age, the Countless would have had a fit.

      • ihearttalavera says:

        I don’t think they were making fun of her age. I think they were laughing that Cat thought people would actually believe she’s only 32 (six years older than Harry). Andy was irritated with her because she was a rude guest. Whether you think the game is stupid or not, it was his show, and she was his guest. I’ve said it before. If she was so upset, she should have excused herself during the commercial break. That would have been better than being so rude.

        • Sus says:

          I don’t get Cat. It really does seem like she can dish it out but can’t take it when getting it back. It was rude of Luann to point out the age difference between Cat and Prince Harry. Especially after she raked Ramona over the coals at the cancer place when she said something about the age difference between Luann and the Count.

          Andy is just mad because he lost control of the show.

          • ihearttalavera says:

            It doesn’t appear to me that Andy really ever has control of the show.

            Dish it out but can’t take it… so true.

            • quincyil says:

              I wonder about Andy being the nice guy…. I think he is quick to anger.

              • ihearttalavera says:

                He deals with the horrible women 24/7. Can you blame him? Poor guy!

              • nathania says:

                yep. because HE is the Queen at the top of the pecking order, and for him not to have been in that poll last night was pretty disingenuous. The rest of the ladiers are marionettes.

          • annalise says:

            Are you kidding me?
            Andy is smiling all the way to the bank and was lovin’ every minute of that cat fight. The person who lost control her was the clue-less countess.
            If anything, Andy expressed things beautifully when he clarified Cat’s point of view by asking her if she meant that LuAnn is different in her RHNYC’s scenes as opposed to her interviews.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      A sense of humor? Like Danielle’s? Like NeNe’s? Like Teresa’s? Sorry BravoAndy – a sense of humor is not necessary to be a guest in the clubhouse. Viewers like honest reactions and opinions – a little bit of real helps us through the stupid games, what you are obsessed with rants and those guests who are vapid, boring twits.

      • Mimisfbay says:

        Well said!

      • quincyil says:

        Only Bethenny has a sense of humor.

      • nathania says:

        yeah, that’s not good.

        It makes me feel like Cat has fallen out of favor with Andy. And that’s sad because she is the only one who can really save RHONY at this point. Andy is soooooooo confused about what a sense of humor is. It is actually the ability to laugh at things that are humorous and point them out in an amusing way. It is NOT cleverly disguising nasty digs and barbs with a wink and a laugh, i.e. the Countess’ one note act that is getting so old now I feel like I need a shower after watching RHONY. It’s interesting to me the that Countess’ laugh is only rarely attached to anything humorous. She employs it mainly for put-downs and criticisms. That is NOT anything remotely resembling a “sense of humor”, Mr. Cohen.

        • kotagirl29 says:

          I concur. I seriously question Andy’s sense of humor especially after his Jackhole of the Week last night. I didn’t think it was funny, more sick than anything.

          • nathania says:

            oh god, he HAD to have been drunk when he thought that up. There are some things you just don’t share. He’s insane.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Cat was very sulky on the live show and didn’t play along. I could see Andy being irritated by that. She seemed very annoyed the entire time. In the after show when she let loose on LuAnn I liked her much better.

    • ihearttalavera says:

      I think it’s awesome that Andy answered your tweet. I love him!

  6. kbinldo says:

    Man, this show just dragged on. I thought it would never end. Yet, I still wrote a review. 🙂 Hope y’all like it. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/8035597/pecking_orders_pinot_grigio.html?image=1431406&cat=39

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Good one. I do think Sonja had a valid gripe about Cindy breaking her promise to keep a secret and so did Cindy when Kelly broke her promise.

      • firepainter says:

        Cindy doesn’t have a valid gripe. You reap what you sow. If you can’t keep a confidence, then you aren’t entitled to be outraged over your confidences not being kept. Double standard much?

    • NMhousewife says:

      Loved your thoughts on the show. Keep up the good writing!

    • @tweatcyn says:

      Good write up Kbinldo

    • boston02127 says:

      @ kbinldo—LOL…..keep your fingers crossed that we’ll finally get to Morocco & see a camel spit on someone.
      Good one!

  7. lori024 says:

    Regarding the WWHL poll, lump me in with ex-Govenor Jess Ventura as a conspiracy theorist. I don’t buy the poll results as legit for one second. I think Jill’s attorneys somehow made it clear to Bravo, that JZ best win any upcoming polls, or else.
    Gangstah! Maybe no discount at Zarin Fabrics? No tacky squeezewear for Bravo?

  8. Sus says:

    Did anyone else hear the “Staten Island” accent in Luann’s talking head about Ramona not being able to pronounce the town in Venice? When she says the words “Staten Island”, I heard it. What a piece of work Luann is. I love Ramona’s way of saying words. Remember, KADOOOZ. My husband and I give each other Kadoooz all the time because of her.

    Sonja, Sonja, Sonja !!! She’s making a total ass of herself. Most women her age have cellulite on their butts. However, most women don’t go out of their way to flash it. I felt so embarrassed for her at that baseball thing. What the hell is wrong with her? Second Season Disease indeed!

    Bed Bath and Beyond does have toys that Jill could have bought. I thought maybe she brought them something back from Australia and was using the BBB bag because they are a paid advertiser. I was disappointed we didn’t see what she brought.

    The piano scene was priceless. Who gives a 5-6 year old a piano, along with a pianist playing and expect him to react like Mozart would ???? Alex and Simon, that’s who!!!! There’s nothing wrong with piano lessons. I took them and regret quitting. I’m hoping the Silex boys do regular activities like Little League and we just don’t see it. As much as they get on my nerves, I do think they are normal parents mostly.

    • HD says:

      I also thought she just happen to “use” the bag (yeah right free advertising) but I thought she probably put something else like toys or something in that bag.

    • aquamarinecandy-o83 says:

      Actually, I’m thrilled that Francois is taking piano lessons. I’m a life long musician and was never into sports growing up, and some boys (and parents) aren’t either. I think Alex and Simon are more into the arts than sports, which is totally fine. They won’t do what is expected and enter them in sports if they aren’t really into it.

      • PJ says:

        I have to disagree about sports, coming from a very musical family. My husband’s Father gave our daughter a beautiful baby grand as a gift when she was about the same age as Alex’s son. It brought many years of joy to our family during all the years that my daughter took lessons and now that she is grown it still gives us joy as my husband plays for hours at a time. My husband was in to both music and sports growing up; he was the jock that was also in a band. Sports are good but music is a joy that lasts. Also music helps children build bridges in their brains that help them to excel in higher learning like math. Alex’s children may not have seemed all that excited on camera but children often act like that when their parents really want them to act another way. Children don’t always like to perform on command. I bet the minute the cameras were gone the kids were excited. Even if it is only what Alex and Simon want for their children, no one ever hurt their children by giving them music lessons.

        • @tweatcyn says:

          I agree with everything you just said PJ. Music is so important to brain development and both Alex and Simon were raised with strong emphasis in the arts and music. It’s so much easier to learn as a child also. I regret not sticking with my own lessons. I hated practicing though. I wanted to be perfect right away or I wasn’t having any of it. I couldn’t stand to hear my own mistakes over and over again.

        • quincyil says:

          I gave my granddaughter a baby used baby grand piano at 6 months old. Her mom and she have been playing ti since that time. It’s important to teach everything to a child. They have a lot to learn.

      • Sammysmom says:

        I only have one son and am a single mom. I think a good balance of both sports and the arts is really important. I may be weird but my son is busy. He has been in the wind ensemble for 6 years and went from playing sports to being the announcer of all sports while he plays BB in a league set up by he and his friend who happens to have a gym in their home. He is an honor student taking CP classes and works at Dairy Queen. I didn’t come here to brag ((yeah, maybe I did)) but my point is, he has stayed out of trouble while he has lost many friends because they are either involved in just sports or just music, got bored and now have drifted into drugs and/or alchohol. I really think a balance of both is good and my son loves what he does.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Sounds exactly like my two sons – they participate in both fine arts and sports and are always busy. From an early age they have tried various things before settling into what they love. Like you, I am proud and amazed at what they do!

        • @tweatcyn says:

          That’s terrific Sammy’s mom. You sound like a great mom. Happy mother’s day to you and all the other mom’s here. Hardest job in the world. That’s why I’m childless. Too lazy. : )

      • lovemamaearth says:

        ==They won’t do what is expected and enter them in sports if they aren’t really into it.==

        True. My ex played football in high school and had life long pain from injuries.

    • ihearttalavera says:

      I heard it. I also heard her say “alls I said was…” instead of “all I said was.” Or something to that effect. She used the word alls instead of all. Very classy for a Countess, right?

      • Christine says:

        I loved that too. I think we got our first real glimpse into the “Real” Countess – little LuAnn Nadeau, daughter of a concrete company owner from middle class Berlin Connecticut.
        Dahl-ling, your “roots” are showing.

        • AmyKish says:

          Two! Two poles in the hole! AH AH AH AH

        • @tweatcyn says:

          ROFL Christine.

        • Caitlin says:

          Ouch! Nothing is more revealing of a true pretentious wanna-be than the facts about her roots. There is nothing shameful at all about being from the family you describe, except if you expect to be treated like European royalty. I’ve seen little or no background info on the boyfriend/wine promoter, but would be most interested in hearing more about him.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      While music lessons are great, the whole “Francois’ piano teacher went to Julliard” reminded me of “Francois knows Twinkle Twinkle little star in latin”. It came across to me as a little pretentious and like they are putting on airs.

      If Alex and Simon’s kids were going to some stuffy prep school on the upper east side, names like Francois and Johan accompanied with piano lessons might be common place. But they are in public school and as much they try to dress it up, ‘it’s a very selective public’ school…it’s still a public school and what could be their kids only saving grace from schoolyard skirmishes is learning how to throw or catch a ball.

    • jillz68 says:

      I thought it she said Long (hard G) Island. Kinda how Simon said it when it irritated Jill since she considered it a slight.

    • Bloshka says:

      Yeah, Luann was an ass to point that out. Luann has changed quite a bit: her snark used to be more covert. One thing I HAD liked about Luann in previous seasons was her ability to avoid Alex without making a big deal out of it and that she wasn’t openly bitchy in her talking head segments.

      As to Ramona and her wine: I would expect a person who commissioned a wine in Veneto to be able to pronounce the word correctly. I’d also expect that person to know that Veneto is the administrative region that includes Venice. Ramona IS selling the wine, after all.

    • nathania says:

      I rolled my eyes when Luann claimed Ramona did not know how to ‘pronounce’ the stupid town.

      “Italian is a highly phonetic language. This means that each sound is (almost) always graphically represented by the same combination of letters (vowels and/or consonants.) Compare that with English where, as Bernard Shaw once famously said, the word “fish” could be written “ghoti”: F as in enough; I as in women; SH as in the ending -tion.”

      She put the accent on the wrong syllable, big freaking deal. If you are going to be all high-falutin language snob, do it about a language that is actually hard to learn to pronounce, like French. The reason Ramona got it so close is because the whole freaking language for the most part looks like it sounds. I mean if she had referred to Alex’s child as Francoys that would be a serious mispronunciaton but even then one would expect the Countless to refrain from being so ILL-MANNERED and CLASSLESS as to point out someone accented the wrong syllable, though technically Ramona got all the sounds right. I guarantee if Luann said the name of this rinky-dinky redneck town I live in she would put the accent on the wrong syllable, and English is her native tongue.

      LOL, I think I almost dislike this woman to an unhealthy extent.

    • Anne says:

      Luanne actually pronounced “VENETO” correctly. Ramona is one crack if Venice is where she is producing her wine, more like Vicenza or close to Verona. But, the region of Italy is VENET and Luanne was correct no SI accent that is relegated to Ramona.

      I remember Luanne on Italian TV when I would go over to our summer house in Forte dei Marmi and she was a presenter on something like Stricia La Notizia similar to Clooney’s Canalis. You usually don’t go around saying you were on that show because it is a little demeaning towards the female presenters, but Luanne was absolutely right about the pronouncation of Veneto.

      Ramona needs to find a brain.

      • nathania says:

        she also claims to be a ‘manners’ expert and yet got all snooty about someone accenting the wrong syllable in a three syllable word in what is probably the most phonetic language on the planet. She needs to be slapped, hard.

  9. Kukulet says:

    Great blog, Lynn – and Amen to the idea of sports for kids! Alex and Simon, it’s great that you want to encourage cultural skills in the chums, but please balance that with sports and less esoteric activities.

    There’s something else going on with Francois, I think. I said on the previous blog that I’ve worked with autistic kids for 17 years, because my son is severely autistic-I’m no expert, but I’ve got a pretty good layman’s knowledge. That scene with Francois in Alex’s lap sent up a red flag for me. The blankness in his face, the lack of eye contact, the way he was distractedly flipping her hair-the could all be signs of mild autism or another developmental disorder. I agree with Boston that he could have been shy and overwhelmed by all the people around at the time, but I just think there’s something else…and maybe the scene was a setup for a future revelation.

    LuAnn wears the ugliest jewelry imaginable. A gazillion jewelry stores in Manhattan alone, not to mention street vendors-why does she buy her jewelry at the penny booth at the flea market? And I really wish she’d quit with the damn turquoise/Native American stuff. She takes it too far, and she’s crossed the line from respecting her heritage to parodying it. I’m Native American, and I don’t see the need to constantly hang turquoise boulders around my neck. Nothing like stereotyping, LuAnn.

    Kelly is just inane.

    Cindy…I started out liking her a little. I did think she was right at her birthday party, when she diverted Ramona from her brother. Clearly, the guy didn’t want to discuss it then, and he was polite about that to Ramona, and she was pushing way too hard. And, geez, I wish these women would shut up about the non pinot grigio already. For once in her life, Ramona had to go a couple of hours without a glass of Pinot, boo hoo. She survived. It’s not like Cindy withheld insulin from someone in diabetic shock. But, now she’s just boring to watch. And the outfit in the park – ugh.

    On the bright side, Cindy’s unlikability now leaves room for improvement next year. Look how Alex grew on all of us after the first season.

    Kelly is just inane.

    I’m kinda sad about Sonja, because I really liked her last season. Now she’s just another Manhattan snob.

    Jill is still just Jill. Nasty, melodramatic, fake. Her “reconciliation” with Alex was just the joke we now know it is. She was probably thinking that Alex should be grateful that Jill “lowered” herself to reconcile with her.

    • Sus says:

      I had the red flag feeling too, when Francois was sitting in Alex’s lap. Hopefully, it was just the shock of seeing the piano instead of something fun for his birthday. No kid would get excited at that. He can’t take it to school and show everyone.

      • neroes says:

        I remember Francois being tested for gifted and he played the examiner. He did the puzzle backwards a couple of times and when the examiner went to put the puzzle away he laughed and did it perfectly. Last night he could have just been tired. We don’t know what the rest of the day was like for him. My son used to get so excited by his birthday that by the end of the day he was whipped. He also could have been getting sick. I thought his little brother was adorable rocking back and forth to the music.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I remember that episode and it didn’t seem like the examiner found Francois to be all that remarkable but I digress.
          Just because someone has autistic like behaviors or sensory processing issues, it does not mean they have any cognitive deficit. There are kids in my daughter’s special class who are 5 and have 7 year old math skills and/or reading skills.

          • nathania says:

            yes also just because a child is on the autism spectrum also does not mean that they are gifted with savant abilities, alot of people make this mistake when actually it’s a small percentage of people with autism that have those extroardinary abilities.

      • PJ says:

        I thought he was just being a little stinker, knowing what Alex wanted him to do and not doing it on purpose.

    • AZ Girl says:

      I agree 100% about that piano scene. I really think there is something going on with Francois. Remember S1 how rowdy and engaging he was. When Alex took him to have his IQ tested he was sharp and very outspoken.

      • ihearttalavera says:

        He was probably just bored out of his mind with the piano thing. Hope so.

        • bravofanfromday1 says:

          IA. If THAT was my “BIG” present when I was six….well my reaction would have been just about as non-plussed as Francois was. Some random dude playing a piano? Yeah. Wow.

          Some of the Imagination Movers playing a fun cool song on my new piano – could be cool. But that? Big whoop.

          What’s next from Alex and Simon for a birthday gift. A paintaing from an emerging new artist? A small canvas from one of the masters?

      • Mum says:

        could it be that he is superior intellectually? Not all kids are cut out for sports. I am disappointed that the blogger and some others don’t see small people as individuals with individual likes and dislikes. Why force sports on a child who is better suited for other activities. First the child should be happy. I am the first grandchild, until the last grandchild was born, I was the odd ball. We call ourselves the first and the last now, we are good friends in spite of our 20 year age difference. The other kids were normal, they did the normal things, various sports, they went to see movies, we went to see films, a great day for us meant we spent time in museums, and could never get enough of museums. Family vacations are planned taking in the everyones interest. You go with us to the museum and we will sit through your braves game. My point is what of our individual dreams?

        • Sus says:

          I think Silex’s kids are way too young to decide what their dreams are. As a parent, you expose your kids to all kinds of different activities and experiences. That’s how kids decide what their dreams are. I hope there is a balance between the “arts” and playing outside with other kids their age.

          I thought it was another pretentious move on Alex and Simon to present a piano, along with a pianist playing it, to a little boy. I should put this in my original post. It was pretentious but funny.

        • Lavalady says:

          I agree with you Mum, but as Alex and Simon are intent on exposing their kids to the arts, they should also give them the opportunity to explore sports as well. I’m sure their goal is to raise well rounded children.

    • MK Valle says:

      I think you’re way off about Francois being autistic. I think he was just being a little kid in front of the camera.

      • HD says:

        I think so too. I also have to say at this point if he was autistic don’t you think Alex and Simon would have said something, championed behind it, etc? They do not seem the type to shy away from issues and are pretty open about their lives and even wrote a book about being parents, right?

        What kid wants a piano?(for the most part) I thought he looked like who the eff cares? My daughter is good for that stuff. I remember one time I took her to a HUGE firework show when she was 5. I waited alllllllllllll day downtown with her to see the fireworks. The minute they started my daughter stared into space BEHIND her not even looking at the fireworks. (uhhhh)

        I gotta watch it again but I don’t think there was much too it other than a strange man in their home, a piano and cameras.

        • Kukulet says:

          Hey, I could easily be wrong. It was just a feeling I had.

          No, I don’t think that Alex and Simon shy away from causes. But it’s different when it’s your own kid and you’re trying to figure it all out and protect their privacy on the issue.

          Look at John Travolta. He never admitted his son was autistic until after Jett’s death-presumably to primarily protect the boy from media dissection and some of the public poking their unwanted noses in. I’m not saying Travolta was completely right-if he had thrown his weight behind the cause of autism, that would have been a significant boon to the various societies-but I also get his point of view. Protecting the child comes first, especially when you are a public figure.

          We all know the tabloid media can sometimes disregard decency for a story. I’d want to protect my kid from the nasty side of public exposure, too.

          • nathania says:

            I think that has to do with scientology’s views about autism more than anything else.

        • TLM says:

          I think it’s very hard, to say the least, when you thought you had kids who were exceptional and above-average, to come to terms with the fact that they might not be that, and might actually have serious problems — problems that might not have emerged until very recently. Only time will tell what happens with the kids.

          • Zoey says:

            That’s a good point. Just from what we’ve been shown, and this is a TV show, I’ve always thought Francois seemed a bit different. He could very well have a high IQ, but have other deficits. Many kids with ADD or ADHD are very intelligent.

            My concern is that both parents seem a bit out of touch with the child. If there is a problem, would they even see it?
            Having said that, I do think they are very loving and affectionate, just too worried about keeping up with the Jones. Oh, and they seem patient, I like that.

            The way they described F’s reaction to his gift was not even close to what we saw. Their words and actions seemed catered more to the adults listening rather than the child.

            I think learning music during the formative years is invaluable, as is learning social interaction with your peers, and team sports teaches kids a lot more than just how to throw a ball. I just think Silex is still being pretentious and that’s not good for a child or his/her individuality. Ok, I’m done rambling!

      • PJ says:

        I’ve watched as my friends grandchildren act just like that and they are not autistic they are just kids who don’t want to do what they are being asked to do right now. All kids do that from time to time, especially if they are bored. The look on François’ face was not blank he had a cheeky little smirk on his face; he knew what he was doing.

        I also don’t think Alex and Simon were being pretentious. They just want their children to have music lessons and if they can afford a nice piano and know someone who play well, why not. My daughter’s piano teacher also graduated from Julliard, so big deal if you can get someone like that for your kids what’s the problem. All parents want the best for their children that does not make them pretentious. I always got the idea that both Simon and Alex are very well educated, unlike some on this show.

        • Sus says:

          Alex and Simon have come across as pretentious from day 1. It isn’t just the piano. It is looking at Jill like she was a New York strip steak when she told them she was friends with someone at a private school. It is Alex saying she could picture her boys reading Dickens in their reading corner instead of Captain Underpants. It is the french speaking nannies. It is going to the opening of the opera to be seen instead of wanting to see the opera. It is looking at the papers after the opera and pretending like you don’t care that only Alex’s back was photographed. I know there are other indications of pretentiousness that I haven’t mentioned.

          • PJ says:

            I like Alex and Simon. They are far nicer and more fun and real than anyone else on this show. I don’t think they are pretentious. If you want to talk pretentious try the Countless and Kelly.

      • PJ says:

        I agree François is not autistic. He was just being a litter boy who didn’t want to do what his mother wanted him to do at that moment. If you call that autism then every child I know has it because they all act like that at one time or another. He could have been bored or overwhelmed or just a little stinker, take your pick but not autistic.
        I feel bad for Alex and Simon; they do a lovely thing for their son and get picked apart for it. They are pretentious, the piano is a bad gift, their kids don’t play sports they should play sports; their son didn’t react the way someone thinks he should so he has autism. Wow!

        • PJ says:

          I guess he could be a litter boy if they have a cat and he changes the cat litter, but I meant little.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Alex starts off her blog discussing that scene. I’m going to trust her that Francois was just not excited about the piano, and that was all that was going on. I agree that if there was more to it, she’d share it with the viewers and bring awareness to the issue. He must have just been acting out – which is okay. And as a mother she should have shut down the filming – which she regrets not doing.

      • AZ Girl says:

        I was thinking he was probably bored. Kid is very bright. Also if he had a cold and on medication some children get pretty spaced out on cold medications.

        • Love all things housewives says:

          Hey, I am all for Team Sports, but there are other things in life… and I do not think I have ever cried at the Nathioal Anthem- it is a rather ugly song- America the Beautiful is so much better… I thought it was nice that they got a piano- Music in a home is nice & to expand oneself as much as possible is a wonderful thing- I wish I could play piano… however, freaking a kid out with a stanger in the house was bizzaro, but we know that Silex are a strange pair…

          • @tweatcyn says:

            Oh I so agree. I really wish America the Beautiful was our anthem. It’s a much prettier song, and describes our country so well, and more importantly, Everyone can sing it. None of those Mariah Carey notes.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I don’t think anyone is concerned about the lack of enthusiasm with getting a piano for his birthday. It’s stemming from him acting like he was in his own little world when it was sitting in his mothers lap.

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      Oh dear, what will I do if Countess Squash Blossom High Horse abandons her turquoise? I put so much effort into coming up with that nickname. if miracle of miracles happens and she takes her serving of humble pie (thank you Cat) to heart and her nose falls back to earth, well, I just won’t know what to do…….

    • TLM says:

      I’m so glad someone brought up Francois and that scene in Alex’s lap. My thoughts were either autism or Asperger’s. I have had a couple of relatives with mental retardation in my family, and I found that scene very disturbing. He has a very strange look and blank affect, and it took Alex a long time to get him to respond, and it seemed like he still wasn’t quite “there”. I know how Alex wanted to think her kids were gifted from the second they were born, as do all parents I guess, but I wonder if she and Simon are in denial of the reality of what we all saw.

      Sonja is still full of herself, and I don’t know who is interested in a toaster oven cookbook other than students in dorm rooms, and I’m guessing they won’t be making Dover Sole with asparagus. Grilled cheese is more like it, and they don’t need a cookbook for that. Sonjas speech to Cindy was so obnoxious that I was hoping Cindy would put her hand out and hit the bottom of Sonja’s glass, so her drink went into her face. No such luck.

      Luann mocking Ramona’s jewelry while sitting there with a giant metal trivet on her chest in the shape of a butterfly was too funny for words. I thought she also came down a little hard on Ramona for putting emphasis on the wrong part of the Italian valley she mentioned. Who cares? And for someone who says she speaks French, Luann mispronounces French words all the damn time.

      I don’t know why Cindy didn’t tell Ramona how rude she was at her party. No guest should ever walk in demanding a certain drink or food. I’m vegan and I don’t demand that people change their menu, even if they ask me if they should make something different. I can always find bread or salad. I don’t care that they texted beforehand. If they didn’t have the wine, they didn’t have it and it was an oversight. Just shut up and drink iced tea if you don’t like Champagne. What is wrong with her?

      The other thing is, Ramona isn’t a very smart businesswoman. She should have told Cindy, “I’ll bring a case of my wine for your party,” and she could have had her stupid wine there, and also promoted it to all the guests while donating it. Instead she demanded the host buy a different brand for her to drink? Dumb.

      Finally, the way she went after Howie, shouting “I need to clear the air” was the next thing, and then going after Kelly. Does anyone think Ramona has a drinking problem at the very least? How she could watch that show and not be embarrassed is beyond me. She thought everyone was supposed to bow to her at this event, and she acted like a spoiled child.

      I didn’t think Jill’s being in Central Park was by accident, and it was silly for Bravo to even suggest it was happenstance. And I don’t want to hear ONE MORE REFERENCE TO ANIMAL DUNG for the rest of eternity on Bravo. It’s vile. Is the film editor at Shed Media a coprophiliac? Enough!!

      • TLM says:

        Oh, and I forgot – Sonja in that outfit on the baseball field completely reminded me of Samantha on Sex In the City — trying so hard to seduce men and succeeding in getting phone numbers, but for sex only. It just seemed sad to me.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Yup. And she was oblivious to the truth.

          And I agree about the kid comments. I wish Bravo had cut those scenes.

        • nathania says:

          but you know Samantha would never wear l’eggs with a seam up the back on the OUTSIDE of her underwear…I mean good lord. Samantha would have been all garters and thigh high hose…

          I seriously don’t know what Sonja is smoking.

      • susan says:

        Hello people; wake up! as the mother of a child with Asperger’s let me tell you: Youy cannot diagnose a chikd from one scene in a reality tv show. Having experienced something similar when I was a child, it seems to me that Francoise was being presured by Alex to be excited over a piano which did not thrill him as a birthday present. Sometimes kids will lie to a parent just to get that parent off his or her back I really sympathized with the kid while Alex kept insisting he telll her how in love he was with the upright.

        • Kukulet says:

          Oh, for crissake…TLM isn’t “diagnosing” anyone. She’s simply offering her opinion based on her impressions. She’s allowed to do that here. You are not the only person in the world with a child with a disorder within the autism spectrum. A lot of us are in the same boat. We’re allowed to form impressions based on that. Doesn’t mean we’re accurate, and we’re not claiming that we are.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Again, no one is talking about his lack of enthusiasm over the piano. It was the odd behavior while he was on his mothers lap, if it didn’t trigger any thing with you great. It doesn’t mean that anyone elses observations/opinions are invalid.

        • PJ says:

          I agree with you Susan you can’t diagnose someone, or if not diagnosing then recognize autism, from seeing them a few minutes on a TV show. You are a voice of reason.

      • Stella says:

        I don’t wanna start a debate or argue your valid points and viewpoint but Eric Ripert has cooking webisodes (if that is the right term) about cooking only in a toaster oven. He is recognized as one of the best chefs in the world (I’ve eaten at Le Bernardin and it is true). I’ve tried some of those recipes like butter garlic butterflied shrimp and dijon mustard crusted salmon and they were awesome. Plus my mom who was a chef and baker before her aneurysm was impressed when watching his series with me and wants to try some recipes. I realize that Sonja is not Eric Ripert but I’m just pointing out that if it is okay with Eric Ripert then it is okay with me. 🙂

      • Zoey says:

        TLM, I’m on board with your thoughts!

      • Nancy says:

        Finally someone is on the same page with me. Ramona acts like a junky when they need their next fix. Remember the first lunch on the boat at Scary Island when the “staff” didn’t serve Ramona’s wine fast enough? Trust me on this…Ramona has a drinking problem.

      • PJ says:

        BTW Aspergers is a mild form or high functioning form of autism for all you autism experts.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      The chums — I’m going to call them Frank and Joe– don’t look very athletic.

      • Sus says:

        Oh my, now I’m thinking of Frank and Joe in 15 years going on Jersey Shore! An entire show could be Alex and Simon reacting to their kids going the way of Snooki and The Situation.

    • @tweatcyn says:

      I saw the mild autism affects as well. When you compare side by side with Johan who seems alert and focused, Francois’ lack of engagement and manerisms are pronounced.

      • PJ says:

        I think even an expert would need to see a child in person and spend some time with him before coming to the conclusion that they displayed signs of autism. A few minutes of camera time is hardly enough to start calling a child autistic.

        We talk about the adults, who choose to put themselves on this show, and they are fair game, but when it comes to their minor children they should be off limits. You put something out there on the net and it’s there forever. How embarrassing could that be for a child to deal with at school? I’m sorry but I think this whole autism discussion is wrong and hurtful when it comes to a child. No one here is an expert or in a position to start diagnosing other people’s children on the internet. I don’t mean to be unkind but I find this to be very upsetting. Are we on this board becoming as bad as the women we are commenting about?

  10. Mary Jane says:

    “We know that Luann, and you can abandon your kids in the Hamptons to go into the city to bang your wine distributor boyfriend, that doesn’t make you a wine expert either.”

    I thought you were going to say “that doesn’t make you a good mother”.

    Glad I’m not the only one that was appalled by Cindy’s shorts and knee socks. She wore those same socks in the scene in her kitchen with her brother, she must like them alot.

    Sonja is embarrassing herself this season. She’s way past her prime, and now she’s starting to come off as desperate. Acting all cutesy in her short little outfit made me gag. That clip of her next week in that costume bending over and showing her ass to the camera is way too much. Hopefully she sees how she looks and gets a grip.

    The scene with Jill and Alex, meh, whatever Jill, we get it you’re all nice now. Yea sure.

    • ihearttalavera says:

      I thought she was going to say “good mother” too, that’s why it was so funny that she said “wine expert” instead. Lynn always makes me laugh, and I love her for it. 🙂

    • lori024 says:

      I firmly believe that Ramona thinks she is Samantha from Sex and the City.

    • TLM says:

      I thought she was going to say “banging your wine distributor boyfriend doesn’t make you a wine expert either.”


    • @tweatcyn says:

      Yes, I’m sure she’s making the Morgan family proud and think of all the embarassment in store for her daughter when she gets to watch the show eventually.

    • Louisadelmar says:

      When I first saw that bending over shot I thought it was Chris March in one of his drag outfits.

  11. Kellita says:

    Great recap!

    I have sooo many thoughts on the show. I feel a bit sorry for Cindy, who walked into a viper’s nest by doing the show, although I agree that she doesn’t communicate well. And she seems totally flaky.

    Sonja Sonja Sonja. What’s happened to her?? She calls herself the “fun peacemaker” but she’s delusional. She’s becoming a pot stirrer. And next week we are treated to seeing her unattractive middle-aged backside?? I think she’s having a mid-life crisis.

    I think Ramona is really trying hard to own her stuff and grow as a person. I wish they’d give her a break. Alex impresses me with her maturity and ability to communicate. I think she’s the most intelligent one on the show.

    But I miss Bethenny on the show. All we’ve seen so far is a bunch of backstabbing and catfights. Not a fun season.

    • ihearttalavera says:

      Alex’s ability to communicate is very impressive. She’d make a great family counselor.

      • VAgirl says:

        Or a mediator. She’s a pretty good listener and mediators must be good listeners. I should know. I was one.

        • nathania says:

          God love her. We all need to pitch in an buy Alex a medal for how she handled that. She was the epitomy of class, she gave Jill every shot in the book.

          I still feel suspicious Jill has been absent to let the others do her dirty work and her making up with Alex doesn’t mean they won’t continue, it just means that she will look innocent. I’m a cynic I guess.

  12. WindyCityWondering says:

    Episodes like this make a blogger’s work challenging!
    I found myself glancing at the clock wondering how much more of this crap would I be watching until WWHL came on. I found myself chatting here because I was bore with the show – not riveted to the screen because I didn’t want to miss a single word!
    Two things I am watching are Jill – in scene and talking head – she looks so different between the two! And Kelly, who appears to have someone just off camera feeding her lines. The first is funny, the second is sad.
    And Bravo is making a point of showing the viewers what lying, backstabbing bitches these women truly are – which isn’t drama or worth watching.

    • IndianaHousewife says:

      Hi, the difference between Jill being filmed and the talking head caught my attention also. There is a definite line, mark, crease or puffiness under her right eye when talking with Kelly before leaving for Australia that I do not see during the talking head interviews. I wonder when the liquid face lift was performed vs the filming?

      I was spending more time comparing the differences than actually enjoying watching the show:)

  13. Off Topic: Cat tweeted Jill’s personal blogger, Lisa, in response to Lisa’s tweets from yesterday.

    catommanney : Amazing how a blogger who wanted an interview @lisanewengland has so many nasty tweets to make about me?BORE OFF LISA..Didnt trust you!

    catommanney: I always trust my instincts and smelt a rat with you @lisanewengland tweet what you want about me…I will print it out for loo roll….mwa

    Lisa didn’t post her blog immediately after the show last night. Her boss, Jill, is not going to be very happy. LOL

    • MK Valle says:

      She hasn’t posted her blog yet because it’s taking her longer to think of all the wonderful things JZ did in this episode.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Cat sure has Lisa’s number.

      • vilzvet says:

        Didn’t this board tip her off to Lisa’s true identity? Her previous tweet to Lisa was agreeable to an interview as I recall…

        • cabbie413 says:

          i know that i tweeted Cat and several ppl retweeted that tweet – so it may have sent up a smoke signal to Cat lol

          I really got under “lisa’s” skin – she takes everything so seemingly personal so it’s obvious something is going on there.

          If you check her tweets, she tweeted some stuff last night but I never responded..she sent 3 tweets to which none of them I responded but I’m sure she was looking for a reaction.. I was asleep during her tweet fest lol

          • @tweatcyn says:

            LOL, Was just checking her TL and she sent a message to Cat that she’s blocking her and then another that she “blocked the EX housewife and anyone else bothers her she will put on ignore as life is too big for this nonsense”

        • quincyil says:

          I think Cat O reads the board and we had someone tell us about this when it first happened. There was a thread with our concerns. I hope it helped Cat O.

  14. boston02127 says:

    I was just logging off on the last blog and saw New Blog! Of course I had to read it.
    Great recap Lynn, thx. What exactly does pecking order mean? Who best, who’s boss, who’s tops? If it means who’s best, tops & boss that would of been Bethenny.

    I totally agree about the piano vs sports. Last night I was thinking that I hope they got it from Craig’sList in the free section. There’s 3 to 4 free piano’s listed free each week around here. It didn’t seem like a big hit to the boys.

    From last blog–
    Well….I hate to be a Jill Brag-insky but I’m off today and all weekend and I have my new fridge, cabinets and counter, sink, etc. The floors are done too. The stove is going in next week after the gas co comes to inspect it. It’s a small kitchen but it’s cute. I’m going to buy food then come back & clean. Sounds boring but I’ve been dying to get things done. I’ve been living in a dust bowl, it’s so nice not having workers here. It will be nice to get everything in order and clean. Be back later to check in.

    • AZ Girl says:

      Boston that is so cool. You are “nesting”

    • Kellita says:

      Enjoy your “new” refurbished home, Boston!

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      Congrats on the new kitchen! I hope you enjoy it for many years. Did you make sure there is space for a toaster oven? LOL

    • VAgirl says:

      Have fun setting up your new digs, Boston.

    • Christine says:

      We did our kitchen makeover 2 years ago. Even put in granite countertops (my forever dream). The dust, however, from all of the construction was a nightmare and all I wanted to do was be able to finally clean everything up. I feel your pain and your joy. Congrats.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      I’m sure you’ll enjoy your new kitchen! When you have people working in your home it is really nice when they leave. It’s like you have your privacy back.

    • boston02127 says:

      I like the “nesting” word. I’ve worked all day and things are looking up. It’s very weird living upstairs instead of having the whole house. My grandfather had a lot of nice idea’s, like closing in the front & back halls. They took out a wall and I thought it would be awful but it looks nice with a big living rm & kitchen area together. I still have so many boxes to go thru from everything in the house but things are cleaning up.

      • Zoey says:

        Sounds like it’s coming along. Good for you!

      • Bridgette Gubernatis says:

        I used to work in a Maid company and one thing you can do to clean up the dust is to mix vinegar with water and spray a lot into the air. The molecules in the vinegar will “weigh down” the dust to the floor and make it easier to clean.

  15. AZ Girl says:

    Last night just about made me swear off HWONY. It is just not the same without Bethenny. Jill’s “airport” gifts to the ladies at lunch was embarrassing. “Hey I back and look what I brought all the way back from Australia for you”. Jill was over acting in that scene. Working the camera.
    Piano scene was difficult. Cindy’s outfit with the shorts! HA! and Cindy does have a 5 o”clock shadow.

  16. bravofanfromday1 says:

    Cindy is WAY too sensitive and judgemental. Great – another cast member who is over sensitive and quick to judge. First Kelly and now Cindy.

    Also what is up w/ Cindy throwing (her supposedly long time friend) Ramona under the bus but immediately seeing the best in Jill and Kelly? No wonder Ramona needs Pinot to get through a lunch if she spends it w/ Cindy.

    Sonja may be a bit to over the top this season but I was glad to see her going to bat for her friend Ramona. Thank god someone has her back. She may be a lot to handle but I really respect that you know where you stand w/ Ramona, she WILL tell you to your face what she thinks.

  17. Golden Girl says:

    Can someone please tell me what Romona did to the other women besides Alex that has made them all turn on her? Besides just wanting her glass of Pino? They are all drinking their alcoholic beverage of choice at the same time she’s wanting her Pino.

    • bravofanfromday1 says:

      They need someone to mock? I would imagne it has a lot to do w/ the fact she:
      a. Likes and maintains friendship w/ Alex
      b. Likes and maintains friendship w/ Bethany
      c. Took the Alex and Bethany side during the prior season
      d. Need someone to gossip about w. Kelly and since Kelly “won’t gossip” only talk about people who “threaten” her
      e. Have a happy marraige – I would imagine everyone is a bit jealous

      • ihearttalavera says:

        Don’t forget that she’s a very successful business woman!

      • lovemamaearth says:

        And Kelly was pissed bec Ramona wouldn’t pretend Kelly was normal on the girls’ vacay last year. Kelly’s an idiot.

        • Stella says:

          I agree with all of those reasons. I think that another reason that the talking heads in particular have been worse than what is in the scenes against Ramona, is that is their way of getting revenge for Ramona posting that video of LuAnn’s daughter. Those talking head scenes are abviously filmed after taping is done and sometimes done only a little before the season airs.

    • MK Valle says:

      Haven’t you heard? This season is “Gang up against Ramona year”.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Ramona had an amazing season – trip to SJVI, renewal ceremony, etc. Jill was very jealous and with her goon and loon have plans to bring Ramona down this season. Jill has programmed the loon to believe Ramona caused all the suffering on scary island. Jill has LuAnn demeaning everything Ramona says or does. IMO, Sonja is playing both sides of the fence with the goal of ending up on the winning team, Cindy fell into rookie year mistakes and hopefull Alex will have Ramona’s back when the they go in for the kill.

    • Mum says:

      I think Ramona is a very decent woman within a group of morally contemptible vile disgusting dumb broads. Ramona is the only one not living off her physical assets, she works for a living, she dreams and I love her dreams. While everyone else is competing with each other for camera time opposed to building your brand. Jill can’t keep up with Bethenny, she is competing with Bethenny and that will never work for Jill because their is no sincerity of genuineness for herself, she has to out do Bethenny some how.

      • susan says:

        I agree with all you said. Ramona is the only redeeming cast member on this sorry show.

    • nathania says:

      She’s the big dog.

      They have to take out the mama bear.

      They will fail in the end.

      I think their life’s mission is just to stay focused on other people so as not to have to look at the fact that all of them are empty and hollow. Even their kids don’t fulfill them. That is weird.

  18. HD says:

    I can’t believe I am about to say this…I will get slammed, it is hurting to me say this…but the WWHL poll was correct in as far as picking Jill. Jill is the Queen Bee on that show. I’m sorry she just is.

    Everyone listens to and wants to connect to her and be her “friend”. Alex does, Kelly does, Luann does, Sonja does, Ramona and Jill are almost about equal but no one is clamoring to be Ramona’s friend. (The jury is still out on Cindy because she is new). When you look at it in those terms, Jill calls the shots and is at the top of the pecking order.

    Okay…about to go fall on my sword now. Good knowing you all!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      There were two distinct factions last year – Jill on top of one and Ramona on top of the other. I put Ramona higher than Jill because she tried to include Jill but Jill refused to be second to Ramona on the renewal trip. Jill did cave and showed up – Ramona was queen last season. IMO, we will have two pecking orders again.

      • Golden Girl says:

        I agree that Jill is the queen bee with this group of witches excluding Romona, and Alex.

      • Mum says:

        I think Mario hit it on the head when he called her Jillousy, I have never seen a woman so JEALOUS and acting it out makes her look so, so small, like an ant and I keep looking harder trying to get a good look but the ant is small and my eye sight is bad.

    • lori024 says:

      Don’t be silly! A smart, well-written different opinion! Makes 1 think about their original first response!

    • ihearttalavera says:

      Ha! You’re too funny. I think it’s a tie between Ramona and Jill, especially since they seem to be dividing into two distinct groups. I just don’t like giving Jill any additional reasons to act superior.

    • Love all things housewives says:

      I don’t think many people actually vote- and who cares… Jill is a beast & that and that is it, please…
      That is just the truth of it. She is a liar and a horrible “friend” – they all put up with her becaue they are on the same show. Everything Jill does or does not do is for her giantic Ego- if there is a pecking order, clearly Ramona is Queen! Self made woman-smart, funny, artciuate and not living off a man! She is drinking and talking Piont G because she is “selling” it!!! Branding! And Luann’s pronunciacion lesson was crap- she is a wanna be elitest- what does she do exactly… not mother, not work, just a man hunter- it was over with The Count and on to the next- not the role model make. I love me some Ramoner- Cindy, Jill and Lumann are just jillous. Sonja is just a character and Kelly in a mental case, but her new “coping skills” from therapy seem to be working quite nicely ~ Peace!

      • HD says:

        For some reason Ramona’s “branding” is making me never want to drink ANY brand of pinot again!

        I know Bethanny mentions SGM a lot but she doesn’t walk into a room demanding her SGM and where is it and why doesn’t anyone have it and I need it now, I can’t funtion without it, its the only thing I drink, why don’t you have it, you knew I was coming, you said it would be here….shesssssshhhhhhhhh

        I will NEVER buy Ramona’s wine just because she has pissed me off about it. Now, SGM, I will buy. Bethanny was smart about it, she has the damn logo and bottle everywhere, you can’t miss it but she is not so demanding about it.

        • Mt says:

          I find her desperate need for Pinot a bit funny. It’s one of the only lighthearted things about the show.

        • Stella says:

          I think I can see Ramona’s side only because Cindy texted her saying the Pinot would be there and so Ramona didn’t bring her own. I absolutely think everyone overreacted about it but I can see being a little put out since EVERYONE knows that is all she drinks. It is kinda like at my old job where my boss didn’t like me and after I mentioned that I hated hard pretzels and jelly beans everytime he went to Costco that is all he ever brought back for everyone in the office. On the other hand I was going to a party at a friend’s house and he knows I love Dr. Pepper but he doesn’t drink it. While he bought 12 oz cans of the typical stuff like Coke and Pepsi he had one 20 oz bottle of Dr. Pepper in his cooler just for me and I thought that was so supper nice of him. So anyway I can see how Ramona could be upset just not at that level.

        • Love all things housewives says:

          Bethenny is more subtle, but be asured she makes sure her stuff is where and when needed… her last couple of show have been 100% focus on the SGM product, hubby works for it now, distribution and next, the sale- girl sold it for $120,000,000- that some serious business!!! Ramona is just dealing with several things at once and plus she an editors dream- still love her 🙂

        • Bloshka says:

          I am aghast that I am beginning to see this from Ramona’s point of view.

          We’ve watched many instances of the housewives selling their products where their cast mates go along with the infomercial. We also saw how Silex got either free or discounted GE appliances and Jill played right along with promoting GE.

          So… Cindy’s not having the pinot grigio is quite unhelpful from an advertising viewpoint.

          I’m also coming around to Sonja’s point of view in lecturing Cindy. Sonja told Cindy “Ramona Singer is a star.” And she’s right. Ramona Singer IS a big star in the world of reality television. Ramona is consistently a character that people will watch. Cindy is new. She’s not yet a star.

          I think the pecking order might have had more to do with television popularity than with social standing. Also I think that, in the franchises where products are promoted, it is bad form to obstruct that.

          Sonja went to Cindy’s hair removal spa to do the infomercial. Then Sonja went to see Cindy expecting that there would be camera time when the two had lunch at Cipriani or wherever. So Sonja is miffed that Cindy is not playing along with the camera time and infomercials, but she is profiting from having her own establishment featured on television.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I remember teaser that suggested that is was the blonds vs the brunettes in Morocco.
      I think the Jill is the current queen bee of the dark hairs and Ramona is the leader of blonds. Is this the upper east sides version of The Jet’s and The Sharks?

      • IndianaHousewife says:

        Ok slightly off color but your comment about Jill being Queen bee of the dark hairs immediately made me think of the hair downtown that Cindy removes. Now we know why she was brought on!

    • nathania says:

      I think the dingbat ho brigade thinks of her that way.

      Alex and Ramona don’t they just go with the flow. Alex didn’t want to be her friend, Alex wanted to put her on a spit and let her slowly roast. But Jill apologized in order to bring that to an end.

      Ramona is just Ramona. She and Bethenny actually had a real friendship. Jill is revered by the ho brigade just because she can get so loud and nasty. None of them want to be targeted and in truth they (Kelly, Luann and sometimes Sonya) are so bankrupt they enjoy being around Jill, it’s a common energy I think.

  19. ihearttalavera says:

    I was wondering the EXACT same thing about the leash law in NY! Plus it seemed like she wasn’t even watching the poor little thing. I can’t believe she didn’t take the chance to run from Jill while she could. Poor thing has to listen to that super annoying voice all day, every day. So sad.

    Jill’s poor dog (whatever her name is) didn’t look anywhere near as cute as Cookie did running free on the beach. Bethenny “wins” over Jill in every possible way.

    • Nancy says:

      At last Ginger was out for a walk and some fresh air. That poor dog is either locked up or in Jill’s hands. Ginger needs to loose weight. Her little joints can’t handle that much weight. Jill is a horrible dog “owner”!

  20. HD says:

    As for Sonia, not sure what is going on with her but I have to say she had her Ramona imitation down to a T!

  21. ihearttalavera says:

    As for the ladies not understanding how filming works, I absolutely adore it when they lie and then Bravo shows a clip from the past proving that they are lying. It is one of the best things to happen on reality tv. EVER.

    • Golden Girl says:

      It gets my blood pressure up I hope they address it at the reunion.

    • @tweatcyn says:

      Me too. I wish they had done that with Jill calling Alex’s kids animals. I know there is footage of that. Jill saying “Did not!” so snotty pissed me off. LIAR!

    • Christine says:

      If Andy had any cajones he would use some of the Reunion show to air the lies on film and then their original statements caught on film. Not a one of them is innocent.

  22. housewifeaddict says:

    I interpreted the pecking order differently than most of you – not as a popularity questions with viewers, but as internally popular or with influence within their small group.

    I picked LuAnn as top because everyone will film with her and everyone went to her house for the little party last episode. When the others have parties or host events, they can only get 3 maybe 4 of the others there. Ramona doesn’t bother going to Alex’s b-day party, but invites Alex to all her events and Alex goes – therefore Ramona is higher than Alex.

    I also think Jill is pretty high up there, but she hasn’t had an event this season, so my little method doesn’t apply. I don’t know what to do with Cindy, because people are making an extra effort to be nice to her at this point.

    On the topic of piano I have to LOL. My sister was obsessed with pianos – and I still remember when my grandmom bought her a piano. She was ecstatic. They had to move it into a bedroom because all she did was practice, and it drove the rest of us nuts. My childhood was spend watching piano recitals. I signed my two kids up for team and individual sports. They seemed to enjoy those. We have a piano but it gathers dust.

  23. WindyCityWondering says:

    It’s official – I dislike Sonja and don’t think she was being really honest with viewers last year. She was only honest in making everyone aware that she led a very wealthy lifestyle – the best of the best of everything. She came off as inclusive, classy, fun loving and vulnerable. This season, we are seeing the real Sonja – men are the currency of her world – sex is her means of securing financial stability (how an artist and a dancer help there is mystery to me). Her need to be the center of attention is now painfully obvious. She still sees herself as the wife of a Morgan and not the tossed aside, good thing she popped out an income source, over the hill party doll. The pecking order is a perfect example of world’s colliding – her glory days vs the reality of people who need to and want to work as it is a measure of self worth, security and pride.
    Oh, I really wanted to like her, but now I can barely (no pun intended) watch or listen to her.

    • Zoey says:

      I’m on your boat, WCW. I think she was either edited quite nicely last season or she really held back her witchiness. ‘Barely’, lol! Not looking forward to seeing her backside again and again….She is an exhibitionist for sure.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      Jill was so vile last season Sonja easily got a pass. Now we are seeing the real Sonja and it’s not pretty. It’s kind of pathetic.

    • nathania says:

      that’s a brilliant summation, I think you hit everything right on the head.

      Amen about her getting her Morgan baby. Smartest thing she ever did.

      I have to say though, I feel dumb. Because I thought for some stupid reason those men who were uber wealthy wanted women with refinement and class. Sonya…well, not so much. Is THAT how she attracted that guy? Is THIS how women get them? Wow.

      • Zoey says:

        Don’t feel dumb. I think people like Sonja play whatever part gets them what they want. She probably has many sides. Lord knows we saw a very unflattering one! Bwahahahaha!

  24. ihearttalavera says:

    I think Kelly can’t understand the concept of a complete sentence and therefore confuses them with threats.

    • Golden Girl says:

      Lol! I thought it was funny when she said it was spelled wrong. No Kelly you just cant read right lol.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO, Kelly was told it was a threatening text. Just like she was told it was Ramona who failed her on scary island. Kelly wears paranoia very well.

    • lori024 says:

      I believe Kelly is completely unable to grasp the concept of abstract thinking. I think she also has a problem with concretism as well. In summary, thinking in general is not Kelly’s strong point.

  25. ihearttalavera says:

    I think FLG hit the nail on the head on the last blog. He said what motivates Jill to be nice is the dream of selling products and making money. That’s it. Unfortunately for us, she can’t just be happy spending Bawbay’s money. She now wants to make her own.

  26. Pantry Viewer says:

    I will not watch these disgusting, conniving, jealous cows sabotage Ramona this year the way they did Bethenny last year. Luann dogging her jewelry line, each of them getting in their preplanned insinuations that Ramona is an alcoholic and they all saying how awful she is is just too sickening to watch. They are pathological and gunning to ruin Ramona since she had a good season last year. It’s all so contrived and preplanned between them. Again going after someone having some success and trying to ruin their livelihood and reputation disgusts me completely. I’m done.

    Jill’s apologizing was contrived. She’s determined to look kind and sweet. She and Luann are behind masterminding Ramona’s downfall of her reputation and trying to hurt her business.

    Glad you guys see it too. Butters you are exactly right. Ramona did great changing herself last year, put Jill in her place, was a good and kind friend to Bethenny and Alex and has successful businesses. Jill and Luann are seething with jealousy and revenge. Jill desperately wants a kinder image so will faux make up with Alex, while we heard on tape her calling her a fucking bitch. That talk with Alex was totally fake and self-serving for Jill. She is pulling the strings behind the scenes to ruin Ramona and will behind the scenes for Alex as well. Their transparent alliance is sickening to me.

    Kelly desperately wants to look not crazy and they are attempting to humor her in that regard. Luann just desperately wants to look relevant and is taking the lead in the passive aggressive smack downs she keeps dishing out. They are so transparent in what they are trying to do, and watching it is dark and disturbing to me. Ugh!

    I actually turned it off after the first few minutes of the lunch where Jill came in and they were all so fake and dogging out Ramona, all preplanned. Had a wine cooler and turned it back on later and still feel the same. Done with this crapfest of a show.

    • Mum says:

      lady where are you going to see so called women of means and society act like utter fools..look at loser luanne? doesn’t he, he, that’s right, he look like a hater? that tranny luanne is criticizing Ramona, but when we look at Luanne I don’t see her doing anything at all, except drinking that mans wine, yeah, luanne is a real role model for being a loser.

      • quincyil says:

        I read a lot of books over the years and I think the idle rich need to get hobbies.

        • I'm in Florida says:

          Not rich and never idle. I paint, go to the beach, run, take care of my 89 year old mom, full time job with HS students, and READ. Don’t have time for lunching–(do play trivia) and just try to be nice.

          For all of you dog owners—BEST BOOK
          The Art of Racing in the Rain–by Garth Stein

          Narrated by the dog–one of the most amazing books–I think Garth was a dog in a prior life.

          Have a great weekend!

          • Christine says:

            From one dog lover to another, Have you seen “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”? All of the Housewives could learn huge lessons from the loyal, loving, dedicated dog in the (true) story.

  27. ihearttalavera says:

    I was just happy that Kelly didn’t say Jill was at the top. I don’t remember what I was watching a few weeks ago, when someone was asked who they think is “queen bee” and they said Jill. I cringed because I knew how happy JZ would be to hear that. Gag.

  28. JudyLou says:

    Cindy has the attention span of a retarded flea! She starts a conversation and then, before anyone can say anything, she’s off on something completely different. Aside from her being homely, she’s very boring and obviously a witch. Get her, Ramona!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      I couldn’t follow her “conversation” with Ramona! Who wants to hear about all the little things that annoy someone about yourself when the real issue to discuss was the creepy Howie and the dead guy’s cigar? Ramona played her just right – waited her out and then excused herself.

    • Love all things housewives says:

      please do not use the r word- thank you 🙂

      • cabbie413 says:

        what’s wrong with using the word retarded when it’s used in proper context?

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          it attracts a very vicious troll to the blog

        • lovemamaearth says:

          Same reason we don’t call Asians “Orientals” or a minority by words they don’t like. Or gays don’t like having a “lifestyle”.

          I had a downs syndrome relative. It is insulting and hurtful even when it’s no intended to be.

  29. quincyil says:

    For people on the run, a review of yesterday’s hot topics on the IHJZ board:

    “I Love Jill Zarin” blog on the prairie by QuincyIL

    The IHJZ board was popping yesterday. On three boards, I found almost 900 posts in less than 24 hours.

    We had some interesting posts from contributors:
    Jill’s latest tweet:
    Jillzarin: Leaving Oprah for airport. What a show. They even announced I was in audience and answered questions. Bye! Muah! http://twitpic.com/4tt6vc
    Jill had gone to our beautiful city, Chicago, to be in the audience for the filming of Oprah’s last show. Jill was pleased that she was given a behind the scenes tour. She told us that she and her Oprah friends would be doing projects this summer.
    It looks like Oprah would have loved Bethenny to come to Chicago. I wonder if Oprah was trying to get Bethenny and Jill together.

    icantstandthetoxicity says:

    May 5, 2011 at 2:44 pm
    I’m going to assume that Jill didn’t meet Oprah because if she did, we would never hear the end of it. I think Oprah’s staff is Real Housewives fans and they rolled out the red carpet for Jill, their second choice. Their first choice was Bethenny. Linday is one of Oprah’s producers and she tweeted Bethenny this back in March:
    lindsayfern @Bethenny we hear you will be in chicago this week. come visit us at harpo … you’ve got some big fans here!
    9:27 AM Mar 29th via web
    Bethenny @lindsayfern thank you!I’m meeting some of your girls!
    10:27 AM Mar 29th via ÜberSocial in reply to lindsayfern
    HD actually met Vick Gunvalson near Louisville, Kentucky.

    HD says:
    May 5, 2011 at 2:42 pm
    Thank you so much to VAGirl and Butterisfruit for giving me the head’s up about Vicki being in town for Derby. I missed her at the Barnes and Noble but I was about to catch her today at a very ritzy salon called 5th Avenue Salon & Spa. When I walked in you had to buy a gift certificate for the book which came with some spa products. There was a very pretty blond woman in the waiting area and the person working the desk. The blond woman was on her phone and I started talking to the worker telling her that I have watched OC since season one and I really liked Vicki, etc. I said, “is she over in the spa area.” The worker said, “she is getting her nails done now.” BUMMER! Lo and behold the blond lady overheard everything I said and she was Vicki’s friend, she said, “hold on, do you want to meet her?” I said, “YES!” They went and got my book and took me back to the manicure area. Vicki had her friends in there and she was the only one getting her nails done. Her friend must have told her how excited I was and how long I watched the show. When I walked in she said WHO-HOO! I said, “WHO-HOO!” We laughed. Then she said, “you are so sweet. You have watched for a long time.” I said, “I’ve watched since Laurie worked in your house. ” She was shocked I had watched so long. Her voice was VERY SOFT (unbelievable, right?!) and she looks at least 15 lbs LIGHTER than on TV. I promise. She had on a beautiful white dress and peach shoes.

    She asked my name to sign my book and spelled it out to make sure it was right. She wrote, “Happy Derby Week, Love, Vicki xoxoxo” I told her my daughter’s name was Brianna as well and that I went to the same college as her son. She said, “did you graduate? That’s what is important.” I said, “yes, I did.” She smiled. She said, “please read the book. I think you will find you and I have a lot in common.”

    She got up from her manicure and gave me a hug and said, “this Sunday’s episode is a tear jerker. Have your tissue ready. I don’t know how my life became such a mess.” I said, “keep your head up! It’s gonna be okay.” She smiled and said, “you are really sweet and thanks for coming.”

    That’s about it. It was crazy to see Vicki but I enjoyed it. I finally met a housewife. Never thought that would happen in a million years.
    Alex and Luann attended a fundraiser for ACE, a charity featured in the show in season three.

    I live on the prairie and I am not on the mailing list of billionaire, Henry Buhl, but someone sent me his hot off the presses photo from the May 4th fundraiser hosted by Luann and attended by Alex McCord. Alex donated the black dress that Luann had criticized to the fundraiser.

    Cat Ommanney asked why no one had investigated the title of Countess de Lesseps so our real peerage expert took up the gauntlet to tell us the truth about the title.

    Kukulet says:
    May 5, 2011 at 5:13 pm

    [i]Cat said: Why hasn’t anyone checked out to see that the ‘Countess’ isn’t a Countess btw?[/i]

    I don’t know if that was directed at me, after I checked out Rosie Pope’s claim of being a Baroness, but I’ll take the bait regardless.
    Cat’s right-LuAnn isn’t a Countess. It’s a courtesy title because she was married to a count, but it has no validity to it. Disregarding that the deLesseps title was purchased by an ancestor in the nineteenth century, when it comes right down to it, Alexandre is the member of the nobility, LuAnn was just a tagalong.
    And LuAnn certainly doesn’t act like either nobility or anyone else with real class, no matter how many “dah-lings” she throws out. She’s a beautiful woman, but her personality is markedly unappealing.

    Fort Lauderdale gay and Kukulet analyzed my husband’s Iranian and Afghan roots and awarded me a courtesy title yesterday. I am going to go to Home Depot for those sticky letters and put it on my rural mailbox out on the prairie so I can impress my mail man.

    Please help me out and add things to this thread that you found interesting over the past days. We have close to 10,000 hits and a lot of people can’t take the time to read hundreds of posts.

    Signing off,

    Empress Quincy
    The horses were so impressed when I was giving them their nutrients mixes this morning and I shared the new title. The cats just ignored my news.

    • LynnNChicago says:

      What a great idea Quincy, you’re spoiling us all! We’re going to begin to expect this every morning LOL Thanks Q! xoxo

    • AZ Girl says:

      @Empress Q: Nothing like cats to keep us all humble. FLG cracks me up.

    • Mum says:

      I didn’t need some peerage person for me to figure that out, luanne actions and deeds said and told everything we needed to know about her, I look at her as a beginner Danielle Staub. Everyone should be paying me attention but you’re just another nobody, so why?

      • quincyil says:

        I actually did know that some rich people bought peerages over the years. They also married into titles. Some of the barons of the US had daughter married to members of the European aristocracy over the years.

        I really don’t care about titles much. I am only going to use my courtesy title of Empress in my barn.

    • TLM says:

      Alex: that S&M dress is a “simple black dress”? Well, it’s nice she donated it to charity. It can go to a needy hooker.

  30. Pantry Viewer says:

    Bringing over my observations from last night:

    I will not watch these disgusting, conniving, jealous cows sabotage Ramona this year the way they Did bethanny last year. Luann dogging her jewelry line, each of them getting in their preplanned insinuations that Ramona is an alcoholic and they all saying how awful she is is just too sickening to watch. They are pathological. It’s all so contrived and preplanned between them. Again going after someone having some success and trying to ruin their livelihood and reputation disgusts me completely. I’m done.

    Glad you guys see it too. Butters you are exactly right. Ramona did great changing herself last year, put Jill in her place, was a good and kind friend to bethanny and Alex and has successful businesses. Jill and Luann are seething with jealousy and revenge. Jill desperately wants a kinder image, Kelly desperately wants to look not crazy and they are attempting to humor her in That regard. Luann just desperately wants to look relevant and is taking the lead in the passive aggressive smack Downs she keeps dishing out. They are so transparent and watching it is dark and disturbing to me.

    • Golden Girl says:

      I agree it bothers me too how they are trying to hurt her business. She has her own wine so now they call her an alcoholic, she has her own jewelry line and Luann compares it to Mary Kay. I have never heard Romona diss any of their books or Kellys pigeon jewelry.

      • Sus says:

        Out of all of the housewives, Ramona is the one with a successful business. I know Mario has his business but Ramona definitely contributes to their lifestyle. Their city home is incredible as is their house in the country. The skin stuff, jewelry and now wine are businesses she is doing to cash in on HWs.

        Her true business is buying lots of clothes and re-selling to TJMaxx and the like and has been successful at it long before HWs.

        Luann is jealous! Not classy!

        • nathania says:

          Luann the Lazy is beyond the pale.

          Good god, woman, get off your duff and do SOMETHING to raise your self esteem.

          What is up with Jacques..she finally got a boyfriend and she’s not one bit nicer, maybe Jacques needs some “instruction”. Or he may already be traumatized, I can’t imagine ‘dating’ someone that critical. “No dahling…that’s just not right, The Countess needs it done this way” etc etc etc…ick.

      • Mum says:

        From what I can see Ramona and her husband appear to really be wealthy, I don’t know how but I see them as wealthier than the other cast members, I really do. They do have a home in the hamptons, not rented for the season.

      • Sammysmom says:

        You are sooo right. She doesn’t bash their stuff. It bothers me that Ramona seems to be the only one who remembers Kellys breakdown. Why is no one else even mentioning it? Do they think us fans all forgot? I am glad Ramona is keeping everyone aware of what has really happened. Maybe it is why the rest of these idiot are being mean to her. She is the only one who is real and talking about and observing accountability.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        So true, GG. I still think Jill got Simon fired with her gossip $hit.

        • Bloshka says:

          I don’t know. That would make Jill just about the most powerful person in the universe, no? Maybe I should be worried: what if Jill said my cleaner drinks? Should I fire her? The woman has cleaned my house perfectly for 20 years, but I guess if Jill said the cleaner drinks, then I must obey the most powerful person in the universe.

          More likely is that Simon was not performing his duties in a way that the hotel owner would have expected from him. Or maybe the hotel owner just wanted to change the direction.

          Or maybe:
          — Simon spent more time on the book tour than was comfortable for the hotel owners.
          — The hotel owners noticed Simon was slacking because he was plotting stuff for the RHoNYC program.
          — Simon was drinking on the job. We know he likes to drink at lunch.

          — The hotel owners wanted to go with a new vision for the hotel.
          — The hotel owners were very impressed with a new person who was a viable manager and decided to replace Simon.

          • nathania says:

            It’s possible but when Jill says on national television to Alex, “You were spread eagle in your husband’s hotel” at least twice or maybe three times, as if it is the God’s truth, that hotel owner has to make a choice. To keep Simon, who is recognizable to at least a small part of the population, working there, is to say that he doesn’t mind that there might be (aren’t) photos of a staff members wife in full frontal glory taken in his establishment floating around.

            It was so sick and evil what Jill did. It’s not even the point whether she got him fired, it’s that it COULD HAVE and they have two small children.

    • Kats2 says:

      Totally agree with the above comment and Lynn’s blog.

      Ramona is my favorite this season and while she can be mean as long as she keeps being mean to the people I don’t like (Jill, Luann, Kelly and Cindy) I say keep it up Ramona, you have my attention and support.

      Have to say this season is VERY boring, thought this was a great season? New Girl was a very bad addition, I guess they thought the dark hair and blunt personality would be some sort of replacement for the Star of the show Bethenny.

      There is no relationship that will replace the Bethenny and Jill we enjoyed in S1, Jill messed up big time and there is no one in HW world who even comes close to what they had as hard as they all are trying (Lisa and Kyle might have a shot).

      Can’t stand that they are all letting Crazy Kelly off the hook for her drug problem and breakdown on scary island. This should be the GET REAL season and call her out, they can try to make up next year (if there is a next season).
      It was not Ramona’s fault, Ramona should not apologize for anything that happened.

      Alex and Simon with the piano scene and those poor kids, was a flashback to them forcing French on the kids in S1. I wish they would keep the kids off camera, these scenes feel forced, make them look like total posers and wannabes and I just don’t think it reflects the real situation. Seeing them out in the city or doing sports where the kids were not forced to be on stage and perform would be so much better. I think these kids are going to rebel big time.

      I really wish Ramona and Alex would have learned to save their energy for things that matter and stop wasting it on these losers. Go to events but don’t participate in the fake kiss/kiss BS, say hi, small talk and bye – don’t engage and walk away before they have a chance to get a jab in and when it gets ugly and feelings get hurt just smile or laugh it off. There is nothing more to prove at this point and use the talking heads to explain how crazy they are. Very similar to how Bethenny did it, talk to the fans, engage with the fans, have each others back, and laugh at the mean girls.

      • Sus says:

        LOL @ french from S1. I forgot about that. The thing is, there is nothing wrong with teaching languages to little kids. The younger you are when learning a language, the easier it is. Being bi-lingual can important and advantageous in later life. It’s just how Simon and Alex acted about it.

      • Nancy says:

        I bet the producers have instructed everyone to not engage Kelly’s crazy.

  31. HD says:

    As for Ramona and Cindy, I have to say, I was looking at Ramona thinking WTF? That whole conversation was weird. Out of the blue Ramona says, “I’ve been married 18 years.” I thought who cares? Then she went on to explain that meant she cherished her time with Mario. Okay. And she wanted to go to an adult party. I was looking just as confused as Cindy. I have to say the look on Cindy’s face is like, “am I really doing this?!” Like that Scooby Doo look. And I have to say I am looking like that too, thinking are these women REALLY having this conversation about pinot and that party? And then they stare at each others, Ramona’s eyes all big, it was just weird.

    Cindy to me seems like a laid back person and she is probably shocked at the level of drama that is really not drama at all but all of these women get sooooooooo up in arms about. Last night the entire episode was almost about that stupid wine.

    • Golden Girl says:

      I think it was edited poorly it seemed there was a lot to that conversation that was left out.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        agree that editing was choppy – maybe Cindy couldn’t articulate enough for a good conversation?

      • Crisanna says:

        I agree. It looked from their plates like they had lunch and were most likely finished by the time Ramona had to leave. There has to be a lot they left out of this scene.

    • quincyil says:

      I think Ramona knows that she is the target of that team consisting of Jill, Luanne, and Cindy. Ramona was very careful with her words last night.

      We know Ramona had a breakdown and hit a producer sometime in Oct. Sonja and Alex were at her apartment filming with her. I can hardly believe that either of them would cause that kind of reaction with Ramona.

      We should look at Ramona’s blog and tweets, she may explain all of this to us.

      • Golden Girl says:

        Do you really think she hit a producer? If so I wonder what was the cause of that. I need to get on Twitter I miss so much behind the scene stuff.

      • Sus says:

        When Ramona said she had been married for 18 years and was looking for a romantic day with her husband instead of a kiddy party, I thought that was a big DIG at Cindy because she is a single parent.

        Ramona may have great business sense but she is rude.

        The contracts must make these women show up because if I were looking for a romantic day with my husband, I would just not go to the party. I certainly wouldn’t show up and get pissy if there was no diet coke (my wine).

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          From what we saw of Cindy’s party – it was geared towards pony/atv rides and drinking/eating for adults. Everyone was standing around doing basically nothing. A boring day for all.

          • quincyil says:

            Yeah, but a guest needs to be pleasant and non complaining.

            • WindyCityWondering says:

              agree – Bravo cameras were present and scenes were to be shot. Ramona tried to create scenes with both Cindy and Kelly.

        • floridagirl88 says:

          The dig only works if its what the other person wants. I don’t think Cindy cares much about the man now that she has the children (and nannies).

        • nathania says:

          if it wasn’t a dig it was taken as one.

          That is a bit beyond the pale, I don’t know why she’d say that unless it’s just out of being spoiled to be married having zero empathy at all.

    • Nancy says:

      Thank-you for your post. I was beginning to think I was going crazy. I rather like Cindy. The “conversation” between Ramona and Cindy was bizzare.

    • @tweatcyn says:

      Nobody can get a straight answer out of Cindy. Asked point blank if it’s a children’s party and she says no, but it so obviously was. She tells Ramona she’ll have PG there and then acts offended when asked where it was. Lies point blank that she has it for her then in next breath says we’ll get some if we don’t. Why all the bullshit? Just be upfront with Ramona and she’ll accommodate herself and her own needs. Granted, RS was over the top with her reaction, but she relied on what Cindy told her and she doesn’t like surprises. Cindy is just ridiculous in her ADD and lying and kiss ass ways. Plus, she really needs to close her mouth or some flies are going to get in there.

  32. Toga says:

    Ramona made me cringe last night in her talking head segment when she told us that she and Mario came up with this great new idea to sell jewelry at in-home parties. Does Silpada not exist in NYC? I’ve been going to Silpada parties for maybe 10 years. And that necklace that LuMann was wearing – it looked like one of the bracelets Wonder Woman wore to deflect bullets!!!

    • Lavalady says:

      I’ve never heard of Silpada. I have heard of Sarah Coventry and Lia Sophia. Mary Kay is comestics, right?

    • HD says:

      LOL @ the Wonderwoman bracelet! LOL!

      I have to say, I don’t like Ramona’s jewelry. I am not five. I am not wearing a seashell around my neck and seashell earrings. Not gonna happen.

      • MK Valle says:

        I like some of her jewelry, the diamonds by the inch. But not into the matching necklace/earring thing!

    • @tweatcyn says:

      I love Silpada’s jewelry. Cookie Lee is also another in home jewelry line in the same party style as Avon and Tupperware. Individual sales reps.

  33. Lavalady says:

    Usually boys around the ages of Alex and Simon’s love team sports, because they love being with their friends along with the physical activity. There is also bicycle riding, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc. They are not “organized” and may be more appealing to them. My daughter was a part time nanny in Tribeca for an 8 yr. old boy who was not interested in team sports at all. The problem was, many of the other boys in his class were on sport teams and played those sports during recess and after school. The boy felt left out. His parents eventually enrolled him in a martial arts class, which he loves.

    I think the boys were just tired, not willing to fake excitement at the piano, wary of a strange man in their home, and very aware they were being filmed. I don’t think there is anything “wrong” with F. He probably does love his piano lessons. I think he was just overwhelmed, and maybe being a little stubborn by not showing the reaction his parents expected.

  34. Songbird80 says:

    I saw Jill zarin just now on oprah. It was before Julia Roberts favorite things. They cut to audience and you see Jill get up and cheer.

  35. PF says:

    You said:
    Another good rule of thumb Cindy when the video tape is rolling, don’t wear beige shorts, grey knee socks, black boots and a grey pashmina. The guys with the big cameras following you around are filming you wearing that, did you not know that?

    I say:
    That is hilarious. I was thinking the same thing watching last night.

    • Golden Girl says:

      I know I was thinking “Are those orthopedic stockings she wearing for spider veins?”

  36. PF says:

    You said:
    I was really surprised that Jill took that top spot, her PR people have done a job.

    I say: When Andy announced the winner, my mind saw Jill scrambling to get her friends, family, & employees to call in. Who can take a poll outcome seriously when Jill is the winner of it?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Jill stole Simon’s basement calling robots so she could win a poll that is basically asking who is the biggest bitch on RHNY. lol Jill wins fair and square and a poll is not necessary.

    • quincyil says:

      Maybe, Jill bought some of those robots she accused Simon of using.

    • You’re right, this is a tweet from Jill’s cyber assistant:

      MaggieRey7046: Vote for @Jillzarin on the Watch What Happens poll at 27286!
      about 12 hours ago via web


      I wonder how many of Jill’s employees campaigned for that “win”.

      • Golden Girl says:

        No kidding I don’t see it as a compliment being the queen bee of that group.

        • MK Valle says:

          Aren’t the vast majority of jz’s fans high school age or maybe they all just sound like it.

  37. Songbird80 says:

    If you blink you’ll miss it. 🙂

  38. Love all things housewives says:

    How could Kelly & Cindy (with high heel knee high boots :/) just bump into Jill while they are walking when Jill is all Microphoned up???? Can you say, scripted????

    • Christine says:

      JZ gave a wink, wink of her own on Twitter about just bumping into them. I guess she’s reminding us that this all an evil plot scripted by Bravo

  39. Noreen says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I have been working 18 hours a day for the last three weeks and I have my life back now! Sorry if my comments are repeats but I have not had time to catch up on the posts.

    Is it just me or does Ramona seem like the normal one this year? Yes, she does drink too much, but other than that, she seems like the stable member of the group.

    Luann is so two faced (although her Bravo blog was good this week – I wish she really was that nice in person).

    I still can’t help but like Sonja.

    Love Alex – although she should keep her kids off t.v. – they are way to young for this kind of attention.

    Kelly is doing a better job at hiding her dumb and crazy self. She is still a mean girl.

    Jill is a bitch.

    And Cindy is weird, mean and needs to put her blackberry down for a few mintues. Oh, and she lies.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all you terrific moms!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Glad to hear from you!

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I like Sonja too. Yeah she was a bit bridezilla at the MENY march but for the most part what you see is what you get. Yup she is a snob, but she owns her snobbishness. I cannot stand Doorstop. If she thinks going for a walk with Kelly is a Godsend, then she has some SERIOUS issues of her own. Shill is just trying to win back all fans she lost by bashing Bethenny and Alex. LuMann is a pretentious tool, hate her/him. Kookoo is crazy. Ramona is Ramona. Alex is a great communicator, but can be a little socially akward, maybe that is where Frank and Joe (stolen from above) get it.

    • boston02127 says:

      Noreen—welcome back!

  40. Polo says:

    Why would you be suprised by the Wwhl poll results? Newsflash – this little blog isn’t the world. Of course if you live in this little delusional coccon where all friends of Bethenny are heroes and everyone else is a villian by default, I can see where the confusion came from and why that would lead to an irrational hatred of Kelly Ripa now.

    • cusi77 says:

      Hi, Vinni!

    • Error404 says:

      So, are you transferring to brown or not? It’s a sime question.

    • Sammysmom says:


      • kotagirl29 says:

        Did I miss something? Who hate Kelly Ripa now? I think people disagreed with her, but I don’t think anyone has transferred hate to her. Talk about a rush to judgement or emotional transferance.

        • nathania says:

          I’m kind of offended by that suggestion, that people will suddenly begin hating Kelly Ripa because of her opinion about the poll.

          I personally have always hated Kelly Ripa, and was temporarily elated when I heard she got the job on Regis &whoever because I assumed it meant she was leaving AMC which was my soap. Needless to say I was disappointed to find out she was staying to do both. I thought she was a terrible actress (even for a soap, LOL) and just incredibly annoying in general. The way she used to say “Mataeo”, Mark Consuelos’ characters name, was like nails on a chalkboard every time.

          She’s more likeable as Kelly Ripa the hostesll, but she still annoys me.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Pippa seemed to want to look as good and as brown/bronzed as Denise Richards.

  41. Sus says:


  42. WindyCityWondering says:

    Has anyone grabbed Jill’s blog yet? She doesn’t have one up on Bravo yet.
    And oddly enough – I have posts pending on all blogs there! Bravo must really be scrambling to make it seem like this franchise is still relevent.

    • VAgirl says:

      I posted on all except Sonja’s and Alex’s. I’m sure you won’t see mine, I was pretty pissed last night but I made sure not to use any swear words.

    • IndianaHousewife says:

      Yes I have it from her newsletter. It’s kind of long, but I will post it if you would like.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        please, please, please post it – and thank you!

        • IndianaHousewife says:

          Here you go – remember I am NOT responsible for any barfing that occurs from reading this. HaHa.

          I want to begin by thanking all of Ginger’s fans for all of your get well wishes. I am pleased to say that Ginger (@realgingerzarin) is feeling much better after her knee surgery. I also want to thank @drcindybressler for taking such good care of her. This is her third surgery and I hope it’s her last. Special thanks to Peaceloveworld.com for all of the clothes you sent her. She was the fashion queen in the hospital!

          I just came back from seeing the filming of one of the last Oprah shows. Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks were the guests. Can it get better than that? A few of the producers invited me and I brought my sister Lisa and my niece Jena. We stayed at the Trump Hotel in a gorgeous two bedroom suite. Bobby and I belong to Exclusive Resorts and this is one of the properties we can stay at.

          One of the reasons I did the show was to use my fame to help people. I was able to do that this week. One of my fans shared with me that her mom was critically ill and in hospice care. She wanted to meet me in Chicago. I wanted to make that happen. I called Exclusive Resorts to ask if they had any suites available for one night. Without hesitation, they told me they did and would be happy to arrange a 2 bedroom suite for them. They drove 4 hours to Chicago and I checked them in myself. I took them to lunch, then took “mom” for a pedicure for Mother’s Day and tucked her into bed that night. I am so happy I was able to surprise her and make her “Queen For The Day.” I am so grateful I was able to put a smile on her face. “To those whom much is given, much is expected” and I have dedicated my life to giving back.

          Australia was the most amazing trip you could ever imagine. The people, the places, were all so wonderful. I have included pictures in this newsletter from our trip. Next time I need to go to Melbourne to meet some of my most loyal fans. You know who you are! We will be back! I promise!

          Coming back from Australia I felt incredibly refreshed, rejuvenated and truly ready to film this season. I already knew I did not want a repeat of last season, but what I realized while away was that I was the only one that could make sure that didn’t happen. I thought about how idle gossip is often taken the wrong way. I am often taken the wrong way, and I dedicated myself to working on being more careful with my words. When you are home or with close friends, people understand you, they “get you,” your personality, your sense of humor. They know you did not mean to say anything bad. But when you are dealing with a group of different personalities who are friends, but not your everyday friends, you have to be more courteous of their possible sensitivities. It took me two good seasons and a very difficult one to understand that, but now I do. I spent the rest of the season trying my best to be more sensitive to people’s feelings. Did I always succeed? Of course not, but I tried.

          I also have to remember when I watch the show and “cringe” at some of my scenes, that the show is not to make us “look good.” I try to laugh at myself rather than cry sometimes. We sit in the “interview” chair and answer questions for three hours at a time and it sometimes feels an inquisition. I forget that I don’t have to answer every question and often tell a story for five minutes to see only three lines on the show and sometimes not in the context in which I said it or meant it.

          The other thing that was on my mind when I came home was Alex. I very much wanted to make things right with her. I feel like Housewives is summer camp and we are all in a bunk. You have a few BFF’s and the rest of the girls “not so much”! You have to try to at least “get along” and that was my goal when I went to Alex’s house. We had our ups and downs, as everyone else does on the show, but Alex just wouldn’t let it go. She admitted to me that the “Bethenny situation” had spilled over onto her but of course that part was cut out of the show. I tried to listen. I have to say I was hurt when she said behind my back “I don’t trust Jill.” But I am letting it go since she said it before we made up just as I said “she is a F. B.” at the wedding, also before I went to her house.

          We need a clean slate. Apologies need to be accepted. Why is it everyone else says mean things, apologizes and gets a pass or is forgiven; but with me, my feet are held to the fire? Last season I was surprised that she hurt me the way she did. But in retrospect, I see now that she had a lot of unsettled issues with me. Alex and I are just different people at different places in our lives. We are both good mothers and love our families. I hope our talk meant something and we can all get along again.

          It was great seeing the other ladies and catching up on their gossip. It’s amazing how easily you can get caught up in the drama no matter how hard you try to steer clear. But I suppose that’s why Bravo chose this particular group of girls! Each of our scenes are filmed for a minimum of 2-3 hours yet you only see 2-3 minutes if the scene is even shown. I can’t tell you how many things we film that you don’t see. For example, Cindy and I both went to support Sonja at the softball game. It was a beautiful sunny day and I brought my father with me. I am so disappointed he was cut out of the show. My parents were only in one time this fall and this was one of the few scenes they filmed. We all had so much fun and I even tried to fix Cindy and Sonja up with the fire fighters just for fun. I guess we were all having too much fun and being nice to each other to make final edit. See what I mean? I say this to the viewers who think all we do is fight and gossip every time we get together. We only do that every “OTHER” time we see each other! Just kidding!

          It was nice that Kelly and Ramona seem to have found a good place with each other. But why did Ramona have to say something cruel about her, again, in her interview? My mother always says, “you become more of who you are when you get older.” Ramona has become very mean and bitter this season. I think I know why, but I will leave it up to you to figure out. She attacked Luann about being a “weekend mom.” She judged Cindy because Cindy is not married.Then there was the fiasco about the lack of Pinot at Cindy’s birthday party. As for me? I am used to it but getting very tired of it. Ramona likes to pick a fight and push people’s buttons just for sport. Who does that?

          I thought the Cindy and Ramona scene was very intense. I felt uncomfortable watching it. I certainly know what it feels like filming a scene like that and it’s not very fun. This is a storyline that is going to be big this season. Watch out for this one.

          I will be in Short Hills, New Jersey and Pittsburgh, PA over the next few weeks with mom and my sister, radio show host, Lisa Wexler with our book Secrets of a Jewish Mother. Last week we spoke to a sold out audience at the Sandra and Leon Levine Social Hall at Temple Israel in Charlotte, NC and they raised more money than any other year. If you are interested in us coming to your town for a personal appearance, contact us through jillzarin.com

          Our book Secrets of a Jewish Mother is now available in paperback and has an added chapter on bullying. (You will see why later in the season!) It’s a great Mother’s Day gift. You can buy it at barnesandnoble.com. If you want an autograph, please contact me through my website at jillzarin.com and I will be happy to send you a book plate. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from our book. “Finding a friend is finding the best part of yourself and setting it free.”

          Happy Mother’s Day,


          Jill XO

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            Pretty much the usual I am victim speech. As for apologies – they don’t need to be accepted, but they do need to be sincere and backed up with behavior to be truly accepted.

            • IndianaHousewife says:

              I agree.

              “To those whom much is given, much is expected” and I have dedicated my life to giving back. This is what she wrote above. I can’t even wrap my head around all of the ways it annoys me. How can that come out of the same person who calls someone a F..B.. on TV and then goes on to tell people she tries to be nice but does not always succeed? I just do not get it.

              • I'm in Florida says:

                And she worked very hard to throw Ramona under the bus! “I am used to it, but….” Hateful witch. Jill is so ugly, dirty inside and out, without one redeeming factor that she truly makes me sick to my stomach to even read her pathetic diatribe.

                Ask me how I REALLY feel. LOL

                Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

              • lovemamaearth says:

                I think it’s Jill who doesn’t get it.

            • lovemamaearth says:

              =backed up with behavior to be truly accepted.

              That’s the thing I’ll watch for. That’s what as missing at the reunion. Even at the lunch with B, she attacked Alex. If she’s truly sorry, she’l drop the attacks.

          • I am so glad that my HATE for Jill Zarin has been renewed again since season four of RHONY started. She is complaining about the editing AGAIN and she is claiming that Ramona has become bitter and angry. I have been watching RHONY since it began and Ramona seems the same to me. Pantry Viewer pointed it out earlier, they are setting up Ramona to make her look bad. They are trying to ruin her reputation and career. Jill and her puppets(LuAnn & Kelly) tried to do this to Bethenny last year and it backfired. They haven’t learned a damn thing, they will be mean girls forever. I wonder if Jill is still upset at Ramona for telling Bethenny that she tried to get the rest of the RHONY cast not to film with her last year. I bet you Ramona was the first person to tell Bethenny and Alex confirmed it. I think once Bethenny found out about that, she didn’t want anything to do with Jill. I have a feeling Jill blames Ramona for this. It’s just an observation but I can’t think of any other reason that Jill would be so angry at Ramona. They have always bickered but Jill has taken this to another level. I HATE JILL ZARIN.

          • TLM says:


            She’s still hawking that piece of garbage? Boy did her publisher take a bath on that one.

            Isn’t Jill talking about her trip with the woman in hospice more bragging about what she does for people? I feel that should be private. It’s like she’s constantly trying to rack up brownie points.

            • Nancy says:

              Can you imagine being on your death bed and have Jill walk into your life?
              I would be begging the nurse to overdose me on morphine to get me out of my misery. I’m surprise she didn’t bring that stupid book of hers and start reading it at the bed side. Take me know God PLEASE!

            • vilzvet says:

              Thank you TLM! I thought the same! Truly charitable people keep their big mouths SHUT and just DO. The hotel suite for the sick woman did not cost her a dime anyway. Wow, she sprung a whole 20 bucks for a pedi. Go away you stupid witch.

              • Suzieq says:

                Oh how I hat JZ!!! She only does nice things so she can tell others about it!! I have always felt that anonymous gifts or donations are the most sincere. I wonder if the suck lady properly thanked JZ….did she tell enough ppl about it, did she try to contact a news agency or newspaper to do an article on What a wonderful person JZ is…??? U can bet JZ is waiting for her re-payment!

  43. cusi77 says:

    Thank you Lynn for this 5 stars Blog! Always spot on!

    RHONY Pecking order:

    The rest of the insipid, backstabbing, morons HW’s

    I felt sorry for poor Francois. He was clearly intimidated by the cameras, he did not how to react. I agree, a piano is not exactly what a kid wants for his Birthday! C’mon Alex, let the kid be a kid and not a genius for the world to see.

    OT_ I am having my solo exhibition this afternoon… I am very nervous, butterflies in my stomach! Please think of me this afternoon, I will need it! I’ve lost so much weigh during the preparation of my pieces and drawings, watercolors, paper models, that I had to go last night to “Ross, dress for less” to find what to wear tonight! I am terrified to tell the truth!

    • VAgirl says:

      Cusi. Congratulations. I know all your hard work will pay off! I’m sure it will be a success. I’ll be thinking of you.

      • indy anna says:

        Cusi: Good luck tonight, we will be thinking of you. Your jewelry line intigues me very much. My kids call me a “jewelry whore”, it’s a sickness for me to acquire as much jewelry as I can before I die. Many of us would just love to see you selections. Do you have a website? Pictures? Inquiring readers want to know.

    • Error404 says:

      Kadiize cusi! Just be yourself and you will do great!

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      Best wishes for a smashing show!

    • Zoey says:

      BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!! And have fun; enjoy it!

    • California35 says:

      Congrats!!! You will be great!! 🙂

      Hey nothing wrong with shopping at Ross! 🙂 😛

      • Cusi77 says:

        Thank you so much for the good wishes to everyone!

        Nothing wrong buying in ROSS! It was great! I bought a pair of white linen pants “Calvin klein” (?) excellent quality for $24.99 and with my cream-yelow linen jacket looks soooo chic!

        Heading now to my exhibit. Calm, cool and collected!

        Catch with you later tonight or tomorrow morning.

        • Vavoline Jackson Johnson says:

          Lawd, I be lookin fo Miz Kelly jewry at Ross and Dollar General but it ain’t there. Was you able to find it?

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I wish we could be there to support you. Good luck.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I hope your exhibit goes great 🙂

  44. VAgirl says:

    Hey, everyone. Last night I got the best Mother’s Day present. My youngest daughter, who lives 7.5 hours away came in the door while I was eating dinner and surprised me for Mother’s Day. She will be here until Monday morning. Best present a mom could get.

    • quincyil says:

      Cool, have a wonderful weekend.

    • cusi77 says:

      Congratulations VA girl! Happy Mother’s day!

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      Wonderful. Reading this brings tears to my eyes. I lost my mom a few years back to cancer and still miss her dearly. I think of her daily and appreciate the time we had together. I was so lucky to have had a very lovely lady for a mother.

      • cusi77 says:

        Fort_ Your Mom was also lucky to have you as a son. She is watching over you… believe me!

        On mother’s day I use to congratulate my son for making me the happiest mother ever!

      • VAgirl says:


        • Golden Girl says:

          That is wonderful VAGirl!

        • fort lauderdale gay says:

          Thank you to all of you! Sunday is going to be challenging. I will do my best to fill it with fond, happy and funny memories. My mom, while always being very lady-like, had a wonderfully wicked sense of humor!

      • Christine says:

        I lost my Mom when she was hit by a car while crossing the street in front of her house. It happened between Thanksgiving and Christmas, 2002. I miss her like cray but I know she is my best angel and is sharing her time with our Beagle, Joe – eating her Polish food and watching “Wheel of Fortune” in their little part of Heaven.

        • Zoey says:

          Wow, so sorry Christine. So tragic, and during the holidays. At least it sounds like you have retained your sense of humor, and strength. Take care!

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I’m so sorry.

      • Queen Butter Bean says:


      • lovemamaearth says:

        What nice sentiments for your mom. She was lucky too.

      • boston02127 says:

        @fort lauderdale gay ♥ (((hugs)))
        Same here, I lost my mom six months ago. Sunday will be a hard day.

        • Okie Folkie says:

          I lost mine 15 years ago. Mothers Day is always such a difficult day for me. I dont have kids.
          No matter where you go on Mothers Day, and if you are of child bearing age, everyone in the world wishes you a “Happy Mothers Day”. I have just stayed inside by myself for many years now.

        • Zoey says:

          So sorry Boston. This will be your first Mother’s Day w/o her, so be around those you love. Take care.

    • HD says:

      What a nice surprise!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your daughter!

      • VAgirl says:

        Thanks everybody. The ironic thing is, she and my hubby and my other daughter (who took the day off) went on an outing and I volunteered to be dog sitter for my two dogs and her big black lab. Isn’t that poetic justice? They’ll be back soon and tomorrow and Sunday are my days exclusively along with my mom.

    • California35 says:

      Aww very nice surprise 🙂

    • Mookies1mom says:

      That is awesome! What a wonderful surprise for Mother’s Day!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Awesome !!
      It’s a good thing you were home:)

  45. VAgirl says:

    I love Kelly Ripa (that was for Polo).

  46. fort lauderdale gay says:

    OT, but I thought I’d let you know that charitybuzz was unable to auction the “peace” hat made by NeNe Leakes, that Jill bought from the Celebrity Apprentice auction. They did sell the gray and pink hat, but charitybuzz hasn’t listed what it sold for. The last I saw, there was one bid for $100.00. Jill bought them for $500.00 and suddenly they had an estimated value listed on charitybuzz of $750.00. This was discussed on an earlier IHJZ post.

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      These were the hats that were to benefit the Zarin Family Trust.

      • boston02127 says:

        “Zarin Family Trust” a.k.a. Keeping that poor half dead dog alive & paying the vet bills.

        • Suzieq says:

          I’m sorry, but I really can’t stand that ugly, mean little dog. Although now that I think of it….the description matches the owner!!

  47. Error404 says:

    Pecking order:
    1. Jill. We’ve impeached presidents for less than the crap zarin gets away with but bravo just adores her. Her ridiculous obsession with “teams” has dominated all 4 seasons of the show and she’s gotten to hand pick at least two cast members. For someone so awful she has an amazing ability to court favor with people who really should know better.

    2. Ramona. The show really revolves around Jill vs Ramona. Always has. She actively courts new faces trying hard to befriend both Sonja and Kelly. Her storylines dominate the show, only 2nd to Jill.

    3. Sonja. She’s know outside of the show and knows a lot of important people.

    4. Kelly. Like Sonja, she also the only thing the show has that’s even close to a celeb or real society.

    5. Lulu. She was married to a rich guy and the whole fake title is just thecamp stuff Andy digs. Without it shed have been fired long ago.

    6. Alex. She’s always been a fish out of water here. The others may be d list society, but Alexis actuallyjust Ana stage NYer. Bravo doesntseem to take her any moreseripusly than her cast mates do.

    7. Cindy. Like all of jill’s hand pucked HWs she’s a loser. She thinks she can pull a bethenny and use the show topromoteher biz but she made two huge mistakes. In-between all of the shameless plugs, b was entertaining. Cindy is not. B does busness like she’s trading junk bonds… Pickup something when it’s hot, builds it and then sells for a quick profit. Cindy is a one note with this long term
    Investment in hair removal, which could potentially bomb.

    • quincyil says:

      A new campaign launched at IHJZ:

      Impeach Jill Zarin from the top of the pecking order of RHNYC.

      America, use your computer robots to send texts and tweets or whatever they do on WWHL to give votes to…. anyone except Jill Zarin.

      This has been a public service announcement from


    • ramonacoaster says:

      I agree with you even though it pains me to see Jill at the top of the doggy doo. She’s no longer a fan fav but she does have some control over Kelly and Luann and it looks like Cindy will be part of her herd of attack dogs. Ramona does have Sonja but she’s looking two-faced right now because of her friendship with Luann and Alex, even though I like Alex, she doesn’t seem like the person who has the stomach for confrontation.
      But then again, does Ramona seem like a woman that needs an army to fight her battles for her? That’s more Jill’s style. Ramona is very formidable without a gang of cronies. I think that’s one of the things that people respect her for.

    • Anne says:

      Not really completely bare has been there for years. It was the first in NYC I remember it over 10 years ago when it just started. Cindy has money. It won’t bomb because it is not start-up, it is an established business and staple in NYC. How it is perceived outside of NYC? Well that is up for debate. Bliss did well and they both started at the same time.

      • Error404 says:

        That’s exactly what I meant. Not all businesses flourish once they go national. She’s already a success in NYC, but will this big expansion work?

  48. Error404 says:

    I’m lost as to why people think Jill wouldn’t win this poll. Her evillness dominates the show like an oppressive dictatorship. Who else is topdog but Jill. She rules the show like a disney villian!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Exactly – this isn’t the poll you want to win!

    • HD says:

      Gotta say Error, and I posted it upthread, I completely agree. Jill is top dog.

    • VAgirl says:

      Agree, Error. How else would this rather regular person get so much attention, negative attention, but attention nonetheless? That being said, I think her top dog days will come to a crashing end in the not too distant future. May be wrong, just a feeling I have. When you’re at the top of something, even if it’s a pile of doggy doo, everybody wants to see you come tumbling down.

  49. Sammysmom says:

    http://www.amny.com/urbanite-1.812039/at-home-with-kelly-bensimon-1.2857163 Look, it’s Kelly’s first article. She collects ashtrays and had JZ do her couch. Genius stuff. LOL

    • VAgirl says:

      Kelly, you are neither inspiring nor fabulous.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Wonder where she purchased those man hands and feet in the first picture! Loved her virginal white girl’s bedroom complete with teddy bears and equestrian ribbons – but the shark in the dining room doesn’t do anything for me.

      • Zoey says:

        And she has said in the past that one of her daughters is really afraid of sharks. Oh well….mommy wants the doofus shark head/body up there, so your silly nightmares are just too bad!

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      Kelly needs to hide the murano glass ashtrays, before Countess SBHH makes necklaces out of them……

    • Christine says:

      Read it and am now trying to figure out how to get those lost 4 minutes of my life back 😦

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I wonder if she has Edith Ann’s chair. She looks like she wants to look lke a kid.

    • nathania says:

      It’s not good.

      First off, a colon is not a period, it’s a colon, it doesn’t start a new sentence.

      Second, what does this mean:
      “My apartment, however, is far from laid back. While it does have an open loft-type feeling with sky-high ceilings, I work hard to bring the vibe of the space down to my level.”


  50. Whisper says:

    After last nights show, I think I am DONE with these “Ladies?”!!
    There is SOOO much back stabbing, talking behind backs, sh*t stirring, putting down, you would think you were watching “The Real Mean Girls Of New York High” (School).
    There were no less than 4 sit downs:
    trying to make up/ move on/ explain/ apologize??!!!!!

    Grow up!!!
    I think this show is soooo over. I mean they clearly don’t like each other & it’s time to move on with some new blood. How many times can you show them fight, make up, fight again? NEXT!!!!!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      So true – add new blood, thin the herd, do something because bored viewers change the channel.

      • Whisper says:

        WCW, I agree that they need to thin the herd. Too many housewives, only a few worthy of watching.

    • Whisper says:

      I forgot to add that i do like Ramona & Alex, but ater Bethenney left, so did the fun.

      • Sammysmom says:

        That’s how I feel. They should BEG Bethenny to make an appearance with just Alex and Ramona. Then they “Accidently” run into JZ in Central Park. Take her behind a bush and beat the shit out of her. Take Ginger to a family that will get it healthy and be good for it.

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      Whisper, can we use a mobile chopping block? It needs to travel to Orange County when you’re done with it in New York!

      • Whisper says:

        Who’s neck is first??!!!
        Then fast track to Jersey!!

        • Whisper says:

          BTW FLG, you are LOL funny! Your names & comments are priceless!!!!

        • fort lauderdale gay says:

          Hmmm, who’s neck first. That’s a hard question especially when there is so much fodder to choose from! There is more dead wood on these franchises than there is in the latest Tornado Belt……. No disrespect to the tornado victims and survivors. My heart goes out to all of you!

          • WindyCityWondering says:

            In NY, I would take out Kelly first, or in combo with LuAnn – the loon and the goon. Jill would have to really change or she would be next – and I would bring on her “replacement” at the same time.

            • Zoey says:

              Before we ‘off’ them, let’s have a little fun at their expense, like they have with US for so long. So, let’s tie/handcuff Kelly and Jill together for 24-48 hrs. You know, just for fun! Let’s see how long Jill can keep her fake smile on. She will go nuts.

              Next let’s tie Alex together with each beotch, one at a time, that she has patiently tried to intelligently get along with. I think as her patience runs out she will lose it, become covered in huge red splotches, and go bananas on their ass! She will feel sooo much better after, though, and we will love it.

              Let’s see, who bugs Lumann the most? Let’s force Lumann and Ramona to be together!

              • Zoey says:

                Oh, and Andy has to be cooped up in close quarters with Kelly for 48 hrs since he has NOT adequately satisfied our natural curiosity about Scary Island and left us hanging!

            • Whisper says:

              I agree with the loon and the goon first, just to see whose a** Jill will be trying to kiss up to.

            • fort lauderdale gay says:

              “loon and goon” love it!

    • nathania says:

      you are right about those sit downs that was exhausting, did Bravo force them to?

      you know what would be hysterical? if these sit-downs were filmed AFTER the show was done and Bravo shelved it for another two months so they could spice it up. Maybe this was one of the worser episodes and Bravo called the gals in and said, ‘okay here’s the plan, we are all having a bunch of dramatic sit-down confessional semi bitch-fests, everyone is assigned a partner, get your assignment, make plans to meet and go to work.’

  51. quincyil says:

    Simon van Kempen plays tennis with his sons. Before the infamous, Ramona/Mario vs Jill/Simon match of Season two, we were told this by Simon himself.

    The van Kempens also have mentioned playing games with the boys in the back yard on a Sunday twitter. Those games probably involved a ball.

    I bet the boys will be in organized sports as they grow older too.

    Both of my sons did Suzuki violin, played the piano, took up a tuba/saxophone, and were in football and soccer on the high school level.

  52. California35 says:


    I think Alex’s kids are fine, they were just shy.

    Alex and Jill – what can I say? I think Jill is really trying to leave the past behind, I wish she didn’t try to force Alex to “forgive her” and instead acknowledge and accept her bad behavior, instead of questioning Alex every time Alex said something. Alex explained what bothered her about Jill and Jill would not agree and apologize for it. She just wants everything to be forgotten. It was nice of Alex to cook for Jill and to have her at her home; it was also nice of Alex to just leave it, since Jill will always be Jill. Alex did say that she still didn’t trust her, so I feel good about it. They do have to work together because they are on the same show, and so she might just want to leave it alone. I still HATE JILL…because in this even if she “apologize” she didn’t own anything AND she still brought in excuses as if poor her.

    Ramona and Kelly’s meeting…it looked to me that Ramona just tried to keep Kelly from getting … uh… uh.. ko koo! lol

    Sonjia , Sonjia…pecking order talk. Wow is she writing a book on etiquette? Giving Cindy the rules or whatever it was. I got what she was saying, okay only a little bit. I just don’t get the way she went about it. Like Cindy said “what a b…”. She is no one to be telling Cindy how to behave. Yes we don’t like some Cindy yet…or how she dresses or (what is that again that we don’t like about her?) BUT who is Sonjia to tell Cindy off? What makes her more or better than Cindy? that this is her second season in the show and Cindy is new to the show? Sonjia needs a few classes herself about how to behave. Also, she is just jumping into Luann’s territory, talking down to people. So sad, I was having hopes for Sonjia…

    Cindy is new, and she keeps being treated like less than…and she is hanging out with kelly way too much. I can see why she rolls her eyes so much, everyone has their own believes that they push on her and others. She seems lay back who doesn’t care about that nonsense. I still don’t know if I will like her…so far she is more on defense mode. No on the other hand, she butts into Sonjia’s plans telling Kelly about her plans. Then she lied about it, and even swore on her kids. She was very late to Alex’s party only to leave early and criticize everything while she was there. She said that she sent invitations for her party and when the ladies insist that they didn’t get it, and then says that maybe she (or her assistant) didn’t send them. She invites Sonjia for lunch then at the end, she didn’t want to do lunch. She wears those long boots with long socks and shorts and cardigan (and want to dance with the help lol) lol.. Any ways, those are things that make me start not licking her…not that she doesn’t know the pecking order….

    I didn’t watch WWHL yet, but I am surprise what you said about Kelly. I wondered if she is being sarcastic or if she is saying things from the NY wives perspective not from hers. I will watcht that tonight…

    I hope everyone is having a nice Friday…

    • Zoey says:

      Happy Friday to you too! You are too funny. We’re not sure if or why we don’t like the Barstool chick, but you’re sure you don’t want to lick her, lol!
      I don’t want to lick her either, not with those big ole sweaty knee socks that she wears every day, ew!

      As everyone said, The Barstool did lie about telling Kelly about Ramona, but Kelly also swore she wouldn’t run back and tell, and she did! I think Alex would be the only one I would trust with anything, out of these hefers. No offense to cows…

      • California35 says:

        I used licking again!? LOL sorry — I don’t “speaky the englisshh!” I swear I am like Charo, I have been in in the states for years and I still speak and write terrible English .lol

      • California35 says:

        I, too, would trust only Alex. Ramona probably also, but I would be affraid she would burst it out on one of her Ramonacoasters lol

    • dsc60 says:

      and cindy didn’t say “boo” to kelly about betraying her confidence. why does everyone always give kelly a pass? although bethenny was the only one that called her out on her bs and look where it got her… assaulted on scary island. i guess there really is no way to try and reason with crazy.

      • Christine says:

        Cindy’s mistake was thinking that Kelly could keep something in confidence. Again, that thought process thing. I was actually yelling at Cindy “No, don’t tell Kelly!” She has the attention span of an amoeba.

  53. Bloshka says:

    Lynn, I live in New York, and I’m going to be literal and answer your questions.

    Don’t they have little league baseball, soccer or any other team sports that these kids could play in Brooklyn?
    Of course there are team sports in New York. Silex just want the kid to be oh-so-cultured, the way Silex pretend to be.

    Doesn’t New York City have a doggy leash law?
    Yes. The fine is stiff, I think. But I don’t have a dog. There are dog runs in many parks here. Ginger should not be on the street without a leash. But maybe the laws of man and physics do not apply to Ginger.

    Do you all have a hot young latin dancer houseboys?
    I wish. Serve at my beck and call and be eye candy?

    Another question I’ve got to fire at New Yorkers, do they not know how filming works?
    Cindy needs a publicist to monitor her while she’s filming because fails to understand that what she says is filmed and available for posterity.

    Finally are there no dictionaries in New York?
    Apparently none within reach of Kelly Bensimon.

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      Do you all have a hot young latin dancer houseboys?
      I wish. Serve at my beck and call and be eye candy?

      You’ll have to move to Florida for that…..and it will help if you choose a gay neighborhood!

      • quincyil says:

        I wouldn’t mind the houseboy, but I would have him doing housework.


        • fort lauderdale gay says:

          Empress Quincy:
          Well then you’ll have to specify: a hot young latin houseboy vs. a hot young latin DANCER houseboy.

          Just trying to be helpful……..

          • fort lauderdale gay says:

            The Emperor might not be happy with you if you get them confused….

            • quincyil says:

              The Emperor has no worries. LOL.

              We came from two different sides of the Earth, but in the last 38 years, we discovered that we are soulmates. It’s not common….but it does happen.

          • nathania says:

            you guys are making me think

            I wonder if the reason Sonya flipped out so much was not because she was so innately snotty but because she was jealous that Cindy was getting up close to her latest trick or something. Sonya acted ridiculous about that, I wonder if she is that insecure.

  54. Adgirl says:

    Watching NY last night was just …. Painful!! Destroying Ramona is very low even for Bravo. This episode made me sad.

    LuAnn seems like she is trying to wring the last ounce of glory before she sinks back into the swamp of irrelevancy from whence she came. There is something exceedingly desperate about her. I don’t think Jill sees that in LuAnn. Jill is still enthralled by the “title”, even though LuAnn probably knows full well she’s lost her shit. She’s racing the clock before the rest of us commoners start laughing at her “title” which will be around the same time RHNY is over and her children leave home for college and boarding school. You’ve got to know the little Count will be shipped off to a European school soon so he can be groomed for his future Count duties.
    I’m curious how LuAnn plans to support herself when RHNY is over. She obviously did not do well from the divorce. Her child support will run out. She probably can’t pay the taxes on the Hamptons house by herself so she will sell it. And stupidly she still hasn’t figured out how to capitalize on her time on RH.

    And, OMG it frustrates me that Ramona just lets LuAnn roll all over her. Maybe she doesn’t hear most of what LuAnn really thinks about her. After that bitchy remark about the jewelry designs Ramona should have looked LuAnn dead in the eyes and said “So, LuAnn. How much money did YOU earn from your business last year? Oh right. You don’t “earn” money or know how to run a business.” That would probably make LuAnn’s head spin off into space.

    Kelly Ripa and the voters of WWHL poll seem to think “top of the pecking order” & “Queen Bee are synonymous with “Ringleader”.

    Sonja- DO NOT show me your scrunchy bruised butt again! Someone must have told her that her ass is sexy. Obviously, she has never seen it herself.

    • VAgirl says:

      Agree, agree, agree, agree and agree.

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      “LuAnn seems like she is trying to wring the last ounce of glory before she sinks back into the swamp of irrelevancy from whence she came.”

      I don’t think her new song is going to help much with this problem……

      • Christine says:

        OH no, not a new song. My ears are bleeding.

      • nathania says:

        I was thinking about this last night.

        There wasn’t a woman like her in my LPN class. Well, maybe one, one of the girls who already had bought her size ‘D’ implants before the age of 22. These girls did the most unglamorous job. Most of them had kids and the ones that did were single moms except for a few. Most of them will probably stay in this town their whole lives.

        Luann got ridiculously far in life on an LPN degree. She became a model on the advice of others, went to Italy, became fluent in two languages, married a count, has a house in the Hamptons and is part of NY ‘society’ or wtf-ever. She has two beautiful children. She has COMPLETELY lost perspective on where she came from, and could still be. She has had an AMAZING life. And she’s only in her forties so there is more to come. And she will get to be a grandmother and enjoy her granchildren too. I know many people who would kill to experience just a fraction of what she has done in this life. And yet, she is completely negative and hateful. She has no gratitude for anything she has and can only undercut people and try to make them feel bad. She lives to make other people feel less than. I mean, what a complete waste of the luck that she was granted as a young woman, to be so blessed and fortunate and turn out to be such an evil, bitter hag.

  55. Bloshka says:

    1. I’m disappointed with the talking heads interviews this season. Luann used to be much more clever: her snark was more sub-rosa. Now she just criticizes in her interviews.

    2. I’m also disappointed with all the sit-downs. Are these ladies planning the Paris Peace Talks or are they planning to do fairly simple things like:
    a. Express their feelings when they’ve been hurt, in a proper environment and at a time that is designed to bring out the best outcome
    b. Apologize when it’s warranted

    3. I know this opinion is not going to be popular, but I wish Jill had not apologized to Alex. I enjoyed the superiority. I guess Jill is covering her bases.

    4. The pecking order (you’re not going to like it):
    Jill (has money, a husband)
    Ramona (has money, a husband)
    Luann and Sonja (very good former marriages)
    Kelly (good former marriage)
    Cindy (own a business)
    Alex (no money, gay husband)

    • Zoey says:

      It’s true that a couple are often seen as more powerful than singles, just in my opinion. As a single person I see that. Regardless of the healthiness of the relationship, two equals more….something. What’s the word I’m looking for? Or less vulnerable.
      Also I think sometimes a less confident woman feels more confident when in a relationship or out with her s.o. Look at how Alexis fell apart when Jivin’ Jim wasn’t at the dinner with them. I knew she was insecure, but damn!

      I think Jill would appear much more insecure if she did not have Bawby, even if we never saw him. I bet her ability to bully would be much weaker.
      Maybe Lumann and Sonja weren’t as mean and bitchy when they were in love. Remember, we’re seeing them post divorce/while being cheated on. Oh, scratch that on Lumann! If she really IS in love now, she’s still as mean as ever. Wow, this is as good as she gets?? Ok I give up….

      • California35 says:

        “Oh, scratch that on Lumann! If she really IS in love now, she’s still as mean as ever. Wow, this is as good as she gets?? Ok I give up….”

        This is how I feel, I start writing something and then I change my mind as I go lol

    • Queen Butter Bean says:

      BUT….as she often points out, Ramona has her own money – JZ doesn’t.

  56. Bloshka says:

    PS: The pecking order could be organized according to high school rules, level of celebrity, and so on. It depends on one’s point of view.

    • California35 says:

      I was going to say that since others are posting the pecking order, maybe I should think of what I think is the pecking order also…I agree with you on depends on “one’s point of view”.

  57. jeang says:

    I know it was a short clip, but I saw all kinds of squishy lumps and bumps on that hiney….Hot??? hell no.

  58. California35 says:

    Pecking order…
    As far as mean Jill is on top
    As far as manipulative Jill is on the top
    As far as being mean off camera Jill is on the top
    As far as
    Getting freebies
    Worst pet owner
    Being the most hated
    Ding Ding Ding!!
    Yes, Jill is on the top….

  59. Adgirl says:

    I took Kelly Ripa’s list to mean that in “social circles” the hierarchy say for invitations to a garden party or seating arrangements might look like this:

    1. Countess, even formerly by marriage & impoverished
    2. A Morgan, formerly by marriage and impoverished
    3 Kelly Bensimon, Fashion, entertainment & media connections.
    4. Singers & Zarins tied. Singer slight edge due to jewelry vs fabric and their religious affiliation.
    5. Barstop, Manhattan business owner, multi-location. Knows other “names”.
    3. McCord/Van Kempen self employed, not connected, worst of all Brooklyn.

    For an event for fashion design crowd Kelly would be #1. The Countess is interesting until you meet her.

    • California35 says:

      hhmm that list make sense… if you put it that way.

      …ones people really get to know them the list changes drastically lol

  60. Adgirl says:

    I just have to spew this out. If LuAnn had a sense of humor she could be fun. But she takes herself far too seriously and is the town scold in tandum with Jill’s record keeping skills.

    I for one who laugh my ass off in appreciation if LuAnn would get up and belt out
    Cher’s “Half Breed” at the next cotillian or debutant party.

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      I read about her doing just about that very thing a few years ago at a Hamptons gathering. There was a report of an argument between the Count and the Countess in the driveway after they finally pried the microphone out of her hands….

      • Okie Folkie says:

        Yeah, and wasnt that the same party where the Countess ‘grabbed’ some guys’ ahem….’package’?

        Yeah, she’s about as ‘klassy’ as Kelly is ‘crazy’.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      LuAnn is holding onto an image of herself that is no longer valid – she is not living the life. She is angry, insecure, afraid of the future and making others feel bad makes her feel better.

      • nathania says:

        so is Sonya.

        so is Kelly.

        They never realized that this is the other side of the coin, when you submit yourself into a marriage as chattel you have a shelf-life. They want to keep hanging on and all of that is over and done. Personally I have struggled so much in my adult life I think all of them deserve a good smack for not being incredibly grateful for what they DO have, instead of wistfully longing for better days.

    • Zoey says:

      LOLOL, “Half Breed’, wouldn’t that be fabulous?? Lol.

  61. Smompy says:

    “Another question for you New Yorkers, do you all have a hot young latin dancer houseboys?”

    Unfortunately, yes, that was signed into law back when David Dinkins was mayor. It sounded like a great idea at the time, but they don’t tell you that you have to provide those guys with food & water and a place to sleep too. Plus you gotta pony up the dough for all those sequinned G-Strings and other accoutrements as well, so in the end those hot latin houseboys ain’t cheap! That’s one of the reasons I left the city.

    I agree with Error and HD completely. Unfortunately Jill is still at the top of the pecking order, whether I like it or not. And of course I don’t. But she still controls the others much more than anyone else does. And look at the way these other dumb broads allow JZ to rewrite history right in front of them…and not just her own history, but THEIR history too! As much as I personally like her myself, I do think Alex is still at the bottom of that pecking order. I might have said she was tied with Cindy for the bottom rung of the ladder, but Cindy has already shown that she doesn’t care enough about the others to be bothered all that much by what they do and say, so technically speaking, she’s slightly above Alex from the get-go. Alex actually cares how she’s treated/perceived by those harpies and that’s always been her downfall. That and the fact that, when she’s upset, she doesn’t express herself well at all. She usually just ends up making herself look even weaker. For the record, though, again, I HATE Jill, LOVE ALex and couldn’t care less about Cindy.

    Francois is not autistic, and IMO that scene was designed by the producers or editors (or whoever runs things) to make Alex and Simon look stupid or pretentious. And their love for (and pride in) their kids apparently made them blind to the fact that they were being made fun of. Had they been more self-aware, I think they probably would have put an end to the whole shebang a lot earlier instead of continuing in vain to try to convince the cameras that their child is a perfect little gentleman who wanted a piano moe than anything in the world because he is the next Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. And whatnot. So he didn’t FLOVE the gift?!? Kids are stinkers like that sometimes. Let it go next time, Alex.

    Re: Ramona’s need for pinot grigio at Cindy’s party. Cindy and Ramona were both right and both wrong. True, (or should i say TRU) Ramona needs to stop being so damn demanding and learn to take it in stride when every litle thing doesn’t go her way. It’s also true that Cindy shouldn’t have promised Ramona that she’d have the one particular thing Ramona requested if she didn’t intend to follow through with that promise. If she had told Ramona there wouldn’t be any Pinot there, ramona could have brought her own. Problem avoided. We’ve already learned that Cindy is in the habit of lying right to people’s faces to get them to do whatever she wants, and we’ve known for tears that Ramona can start acting totally entitled and bitchy at the drop of a hat. So i feel like it wasn’t a huge deal anyway, but they both did make themselves look equally bad.

    • quincyil says:

      I think that Alex was speaking softly and they were taking the sound boom in to pick up her voice. He saw the boom moving and pushed it away symbolically with his hand. She knew he was looking at is and asked him to look in her eyes and not at the boom.

      We know those sound booms are there because we all watch Bryn Hoppy follow them around as her dad carries her.

      The boy is very bright.


      • Lavalady says:

        I agree with you Q. I think he was looking at the crew and Alex knows that is a no no. I really think the boys were just tired and not all that interested in the piano right then. Also, it may have freaked them out a bit to see a strange man playing it in their house. Maybe it would have been better to have their music teacher do that instead.

        • quincyil says:

          I really think that I am correct about this.

        • Mt says:

          For me, it wasn’t the piano scene. I thought him being shy with the stranger was perfectly normal. Alex probably should have had his piano teacher there instead. It was the scene where he was sitting in Alex’s lap and she kept saying his name over and over to get him to look at her. He seemed overly distracted but that’s just an observation and I’m not claiming to know anything.

      • TLM says:

        Maybe I’m the one who’s stupid, since I never noticed Bryn looking at something out of frame. I didn’t notice it this time, either.

        • Lavalady says:

          Yes, TLM I have seen Bryn do this. She looks up and smiles at something above her head.

      • Kukulet says:

        Ummm…autistic kids are bright, too. Autism doesn’t mean that they’re dumb. (Not that I’m insisting that Francois is autistic, just pointing that out.)

        • quincyil says:

          I know that they are often highly intelligent. I stated that Francois is intelligent. It never crossed my mind to imply that autistic kids weren’t bright.

          • kotagirl29 says:

            I was under the impression that more often than not people with autisism are off the charts intelligent in many areas. Temple Brandon is a real life example of that. It is more a problem with coping with the world outside of their minds that they have issues?

            • quincyil says:

              I read that too.

            • nathania says:

              Less often than not. Temple Grandin I think is how it is spelled.

              Above average intelligence but the savant cases are the exception and not the rule.

              • susan says:

                The fact of the matter is autism is a spectrum disorder. i.e., running a wide range of severity and intelligence. You cannot chracterize it if you don’t know enough about it, My son has Asperger’s and a genius IQ. it took 4 years to corectly diagnose him and psychological and neuroligical testing. etc. You cannot and should not make a surmise over a 2 minute scene on a reality TV show. That is why I am upset about these disagnosis by pseudopractitioners on this blog. Sorry but just saying…….

                • firepainter says:

                  No need to apologize. Maybe all this speculation over a kid on tv is something only mothers are sensitive to. I’m sure that your son having
                  Aspergers is very challenging for you, but you sound like a good mom.

      • AZ Girl says:

        I agree. Both boys looked tired. Who knows how long it took the crew to film this. Francois is very bright so the boom would catch his interest.

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      In Florida you are expected to provide the hot latin dancer houseboys with suitable transportation, too. They DON’T use public transportation…EVER. (unless it’s to get to the initial interview.) Remember Cedric?

  62. Lavalady says:

    Kelly’s new job this season seems to be reinventing drama for drama’s sake. First, she claims she was threatened by Ramona via text, when the truth is it was just a stupid text that Ramona wrote because she was annoyed at Kelly. Now Kelly tells anyone who will listen that Ramona threatened her. I hear echoes of Scary Island – “They bullied me” To take it one step further, now Kelly has to keep her children away from Ramona in case Ramona harms them. I hear echoes of “Bethenny harmed my children in the press” If Kelly is going to continue to invent drama, she need to be a little more creative and stop resurecting old storylines.

    • fort lauderdale gay says:


      • Mookies1mom says:

        I’ll second that amen! And you know she will repeat it non-stop at the reunion.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      It was very telling in Ramona’s blog about Kelly calling Jill from SJVI numerous times a day and how agitated Kelly would be after those phone calls. IMO – Jill is causing the Kelly vs Ramona scary island part 2 recycled drama. Jill doesn’t vary from her playbook so why would Kelly?

    • Bloshka says:

      I think you’re on to something there, Lava!

      I’m not giving Kelly a pass, but because she doesn’t seem to perceive things as most other people do, she may actually be convinced that Ramona’s pithy comeback was a full-fledged threat.

      Per my trusty iPod dictionary.com:
      1. a declaration of an intention or determination to inflict punishment, injury, etc., in retaliation for, or conditionally upon, some action or course; menace.
      2. an indication or warning of probable trouble.

      Wait a minute! In the broadest sense, Ramona’s declaration that she would not support Kelly is indeed”a declaration to inflict punishment in retaliation for” Kelly’s non-support of Ramona.

      Live and learn. Plus, saints above, Kelly actually used a term correctly.

      • Christine says:

        But Kelly did not perceive it as punishment. In fact, she said something like – oh yea, like she is one of my biggest supporters.
        I am beginning to think, thanks to fellow bloggers, that Jill really is stirring the Kelly cauldron.

      • nathania says:

        What are the chances Kelly spent a good ten years or so doing tons of coke?

        I have an ex whose dad was a coke dealer and got her hooked on it at age 12 (yes you read that right, he should be shot)

        and she has HUGE gaps in both her grammatical skills and knowlege about the meanings of words. She makes really bad spelling errors. I had encouraged her to get tested for dyslexia but she never would because she said it would just discourage her. She went on to get a BS in IT but still I don’t see any improvement in her spelling or grasp of basic grammar concepts sometimes. I wonder if it is some cokey kind of brain damage.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I didn’t see this so thanks for posting.

      I personally do not think kids belong on reality tv but I also don’t think they should be used as props for People magazine so that D-bag and his equally despicable new wife can BS the public into believing
      they are one big happy family.

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      From some of the stories I’m reading about Eddie’s ex, she just might take Kelly’s crazy crown away….

      • Mookies1mom says:

        Wow! That’s gotta be a whole lot of crazy then! I hadn’t heard that but then again I hadn’t really paid that much attention to these three. Alls I know is that he cheated, she (LR) cheated and then they both divorced their spouses and recently married each other.

        • fort lauderdale gay says:

          Eddie’s ex:
          DUI: check
          slashed his tires: check
          had a wreck while yelling at him on the phone: check
          getting sued by owner of other car: check
          Look out Kelly, wave your crazy crown byeeeee!

  63. Rabble Rouser says:

    I know we have talked about this before but I am getting sick of all the shrilling. Between that and some of the more one dementia l ones trying to find their niche be it “I’m the modern Miss Manners” or “I’m the titian of toaster ovens Cougar” it’s starting to do my head in.

  64. firepainter says:

    I’ll probably catch some heat from the Silex fans but IMO they are just as pretentious, fame whoring and superficial as the rest of the cast. They just aren’t as mean spirited and vindictive as Jill and Luann. Buying a piano for your child that “has to match the decor”, and they can’t touch because fingerprints will show? Oh please.

    I dislike the scene with Alex and her son. Uncomfortable. The kid shouldn’t be used in that way. Inappropriate. Also, I wish all the armchair analysts would just STOP. You can’t possibly know what is going on with a kid after seeing him on TV for 30 seconds. Leave the poor kid alone.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Isn’t the whole point of this blog to discuss the show?

      If they put the kid on camera then observations about him shouldn’t be off limits. It’s not like anyone here called them ‘animals’. No one said their kid was autistic..other than noticing he exhibited autistic behaviors (or sensory processing issues).

      But I agree with you on your opinion of Silex, so we can end on a good note 🙂

      • firepainter says:

        I see your point, but it’s his dumb parents who have put him on tv, he has no choice in the matter. Really, who would want their goofy 6 year old self put on national tv for all to comment on? I think it’s that he has had no choice that makes me uncomfortable with comments about him, especially speculations that have a negative aspect. And that goes for all the underage kids on these shows. The adults are fair game, not so the kids.

        • Kukulet says:

          Calling him “goofy” after watching him for 30 seconds has a positive aspect?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Again, no one called him a ‘brat’ or anything like that. Having an opinion that someone displayed autistic like behavior is no more ‘negative’ then wondering if someone having a seizure is an epileptic.

          • Bloshka says:

            Being talked about being autistic or epileptic, even when the comments are made out of concern, might be devastating to a child.

            I’m really not cool with any comments about the kids. But I’m not going to try to intervene again. Those of you who are mothers, just please think of how your own children might feel. Those of you who are childless, please try to remember how fragile you were as a child.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              Alex and Jill already made the children the subject of conversation in that episode. Wouldn’t it be more devastating to be called an animal?

              Most typical kids aren’t really aware of what ‘autism’ means anyway. There are tons of autistic kids in my daughters class along with kids who aren’t autistic but have other issues and one group of children doesn’t ‘devistate’ the other.

    • TLM says:

      I don’t think anyone was attacking her son – speaking for myself, there was just concern.

    • Kukulet says:

      None of us “armchair analysts” said we KNOW what is going on with the kid. We simply offered opinions based on an impression. None of us are insisting that we are correct, either.

      I have no idea if the kid is autistic. I simply noted that the blankness in his face, the lack of eye contact, etc are characteristics of autism. But I also conceded that the kid could have merely been tired, bored out of his mind, on medication or all three.

      Jaysus, it’s just opinions here, dude.

      • firepainter says:

        Exactly, and I’m entitled to mine, dude.

        • Kukulet says:

          Sorry, what was your opinion again?

          • firepainter says:

            That you are acting like a troll

            • fort lauderdale gay says:

              You haven’t really read many of Kukulet’s posts, have you?

            • Kukulet says:

              No, really, firepainter, what was your opinion? Other than you think autism is bad, “goofy” has a positive connotation to it, and an observation somehow counts as a diagnosis?

              (Thanks, FLG.)

            • quincyil says:

              Sorry, to drop in like this. I am watching the board for Lynn. Lynn only has one rule. That you not criticize another commenter, but rather discuss their opinion. For the most part, everyone is being careful to look at the opinion in this thread.

              Thanks for helping,


      • Bloshka says:

        I see your points. You weren’t offering diagnoses, but merely writing your observations.

        But let’s look at it from the point of view of the kids. Many of their classmates parents may watch the RHoNYC and many of them may read the various blogs.

        So then, an insensitive parent might make a comment overheard by one of Frankie or Johnny’s classmates about how the kid might be autistic. The poor kid would be crushed.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I don’t think an insensitive parent would need to look to us if they were intent on making making remarks about someone elses children that are meant to hurtful.

          If blow back from being on the show is so concerning, then the onus should really be on Alex and Simon for putting these kids front and center.

          But I don’t think they will do that because as I mentioned in another post, it seems like all these HW try to do is to carve a niche for themselves and work an angle; Alex and Simon made theirs about “Little Kids-Big City”. That would be like expecting Ramona not to demand Pinot grigrio, even if it is 9 in the morning.

        • Sus says:

          Silex put the boys on TV. It’s their responsibility. It isn’t ours.

          • Bloshka says:

            So anything negative people write about a couple of hapless kids is the fault of Silex?

            I’ll have to remember that, by that logic, the next time I do anything I regret I can just blame Silex if I can find even a tenuous connection.

            • Kukulet says:

              a) Autism affects 1 in 150 kids. It’s neither a negative nor derogatory term. It exists.

              b) You are presenting a strawman argument. The fact remains that Silex put the kids on television. Minus that, the comments about them would not exist.

              While a parent could read this blog, etc in the rather narrow scenario you described, those same parents could have just as easily seen Francois on television last night and had the same impression some of us did.

            • Sus says:

              Go ahead and blame everything on Silex. I blame everything bad in my life on another blogger who must not be named here whether it’s her fault or not.

              Seriously though, I don’t feel badly that kids are discussed here. Their parents put it all out here. Kukulet says it below much better than I can.

        • Zoey says:

          I think that’s a stretch. No one here has ordered the child to see a doctor, or prescribed medication, or anything remotely serious beyond concerned speculation. No one has said anything derogatory for that matter,except maybe ‘goofy’.

          I also think that it could possibly be good to share an opinion, just like we do for many other issues on this blog, and that has been helpful at times. Some here have experience in the matter, or medical professionals here might have insight. I think bottom line, have common sense and respect.

    • Bloshka says:

      FirePainter, I’m with you on this one. I thought the pretentious gift that may never, ever have fingerprints on it to be just horrible and Alex’s prompting the poor child to act like excited was just painful to watch.

      Poor kids: they come home and there’s a strange guy in their dining room. Kids are conservative and they don’t like change. They like to know that they can predict what will happen in their house. Plus, poor Frankie probably wanted a baseball mitt and some toy trucks for his birthday.

      Also, like you, I tend to stay away from commenting on any of the kids themselves. They are, after all, kids. It’s not their fault their parents have them appearing on reality TV.

    • nathania says:

      I have to say that many kids ‘go autistic’ when put in positions where they are the center of attention and are aware that they are supposed to act in a certain way. It’s called ‘being shy’.

  65. lillybee says:

    I think that Cindy is such a bitch that she doesn’t have to worry about suffering from second season itis. She has it already.

    • Error404 says:

      I don’t know about that. Kelt was a total bitch in her first season with all her “up here, down there” and “stawp! Stawp!” crap. Then look what she pulled out of her magic bag in her second season!

      • nathania says:

        Kelly was OBSESSED with Bethenny. Bethenny was the girl that Kelly felt she herself was supposed to be. Since she wasn’t capable, she was out to destroy Bethenny. She was too stupid to even realize how completely out of bounds her expectations of herself were, that she would be able to go head to head with a wit like Bethenny.

        Can someone tell me was there ever found to be any truth to Kelly’s claim that Bethenny ‘went after’ Kelly’s daughter somehow in the press? That seems like a loose end that never got tied up.

  66. WindyCityWondering says:

    This is bugging me – Sonja and the toaster oven! I have a toaster oven and I use it to make toast. I lust for her viking and I just don’t understand how anyone would choose to use a toaster oven. And in the time she has been talking about her toaster oven cookbook – Teresa has produced two books!

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      I use my toaster oven more than my large oven. There are a few tricks to it, but I really do prefer the little one. I have to agree with you about all the talk, talk, talk about the book and so far, no book. Maybe the bankruptcy has something to do with it?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Maybe she is holding off with the book because of her “complicated” situation. It seems like a lame reason if she is because IMO it won’t be on any best seller list or be making her Bethenny kind of money. lol

        • fort lauderdale gay says:

          ROFL, but it might be enough to get that horrid painting hauled off…..

        • Adgirl says:

          I don’t think she can find a publisher with all the big box booksellers going down the tubes.

      • quincyil says:

        If I was Sonja, the book would have come out on the day they showed my face on the screen. I don’t think she is very organized.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      What ratty looking toaster oven she had to. I think there were still crumbs in there. Really, all the BS around it (that was nothing more than pre-shrilling) , I would have thought she would have used something that didn’t look like she salvaged it from a dumpster outside a St.Vincent De Paul mission.

      I am also betting she is trying to shop around for a ‘toaster oven’ endorsement, just like the George Foreman grill.

    • Stella says:

      I do not want to be anal but this is what I posted earlier in the blog in response to TLM that might fit better under this discussion: I don’t wanna start a debate or argue your valid points and viewpoint but Eric Ripert has cooking webisodes (if that is the right term) about cooking only in a toaster oven. He is recognized as one of the best chefs in the world (I’ve eaten at Le Bernardin and it is true). I’ve tried some of those recipes like butter garlic butterflied shrimp and dijon mustard crusted salmon and they were awesome. Plus my mom who was a chef and baker before her aneurysm was impressed when watching his series with me and wants to try some recipes. I realize that Sonja is not Eric Ripert but I’m just pointing out that if it is okay with Eric Ripert then it is okay with me. You guys have a great day.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        I’m now intrigued – I will try to use my toaster oven for things other than toast. When my kitchen was remodeled, I had no oven (defective replaced twice) for almost a year and I really got into the crock pot cooking.

        • Stella says:

          Yeah I was amazed at the stuff he was making cause I would never have thought to do it. I thought the regular oven was all I’d ever use. His series is called AVEC ERIC: Get toasted and he does things like broiled snapper, carmelized mango, raspberry clafouti, and mission figs wrapped in bacon. I would totaly recommend it. 🙂

          • Zoey says:

            Wow, I might have to go and retrieve mine from storage! Here in the south I try not to use the oven very much in the summer since it heats up the house so much, so a little t.o. would be perfect.

  67. Caitlin says:

    I think an I Hate Sonja Morgan blog may be in order! She seems to be specializing in being as hateful, bitchy, deceptive and slutty as can be so far this season. That preview clip with the fire fighters made me ill. Don’t know that I want to look at any more of that – she’s pathetic!!!

    • California35 says:

      That made me think of Samantha….for Sex and the City. Not that she is like her, but that she wants to be like her. One thing I remember about Samantha was that for the most part, she didn’t wear clothes that show much skin dispite her sexy persona.She didn’t have to have her breast or her behind up to here. I liked Sonjia better on last season….there was probably more what we see now on last season, but that we didn’t get to see because of all the other crazyness going on. In her case, last season made her look good.

    • floridagirl88 says:

      She ain’t that special.

  68. vilzvet says:

    So Jill is supposed to be in this Oprah audience today? Pretty funny stuff so far with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Jill doesn’t look to be in the front row at least.

    • California35 says:

      Was that for today….I looked at the listings for Oprah and notice Tom Hanks would be on, so I set DVR to record it. I will pay attention to the audience also.

  69. Smompy says:

    LOL, JZ just managed to get her big honker shown, front and center, on Oprah!

    Ya gotta give her credit…as a media whore, sometimes she knows what she’s doing.

  70. TLM says:

    Why does everyone have to act like Bethenny? Now Alex is posting the recipes she made when Jill came to her house for lunch. Is she gearing up for a cookbook, too? Maybe it’ll come out at the same time as Sonja’s cookbook.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO – Alex is trying to communicate with fans – the designers worn on episodes and now recipes. She can’t change the way she is treated by the other women but she can interact with viewers in a civic way.

  71. Mookies1mom says:

    Bragging about your crib in the Hamptons when your house is in Quogue. TNO.

    I found this on a site called ThatsNotOkay.com. Couldn’t help but laugh. Just wanted to pass it along.

  72. WindyCityWondering says:

    Like Ramona, I find it annoying that they all have to keep Kelly in her comfort zone and avoid confrontations. She says something stupid, like Ramona sent her a threatening text, and they all give each other the eye and let it pass without correction. Kelly says she never talks about anyone but in her spoonfed talking heads she blasts away with all the enthusiasm of a child delivering lines memorized for a test. I didn’t like Kelly before her breakdown and I don’t like Kelly this season either. I like my HWs firing on all cylinders and think it was a big mistake on Bravo’s part to bring her back.

    • Mookies1mom says:

      ITA! They are all stepping on egg shells around her. Bravo should have never brought her back. I think it was irresponsible of them to do so. I wouldn’t want my cat around Kelly!

    • Stella says:

      I agree. I would probably lose my mind if I were Ramona having to be around Kelly while everyone acted like she didn’t go nuts on them. I noticed the looks on their faces when Kelly was talking about that text. I don’t know if you watch Survivor (I am not a regular viewer especially when they put Survivor on at the same time as Bones) but sometimes I would see alliances keep weak people on their side just for the votes and then get rid of them when they didn’t need them. That is what Jill and Luann are doing. Kelly is someone they can get to do their dirty work and that is total mean girl behavior. They need her as a number. I think that is why Jill is so excited to see Cindy go against Ramona. Cindy is just one more person to do what Jill doesn’t want the blame for.

  73. Adgirl says:

    NASA should study Jill Zarin’s ability to hone in on a camera and keep herself in the shots.
    Obama could learn something about leveraging PR opportunities and igniting grassroots Love Blogs.

    Jill must have taken a master class from her buddy Trump.

  74. Okie Folkie says:

    While reading posts & stuff, it just hit me….this time last week we were all in FULL Royal Wedding mode. I’m in withdrawl, Royal withdrawl…close to ‘jonesing-out’.

    That was sure a fun way to spend a Friday. (not that this is a shabby to spend a Friday….) I hope the happy couple have a long, happy, healthy life together.

  75. Lavalady says:

    My comment on Kelly’s Bravo Blog is posted. 201MaryF. It is not a nice comment

  76. TLM says:

    LOL that Gretchen doesn’t know how to use “eloquently,” and thinks “elegantly” isn’t a word. I guess that’s a twist on housewives who make up words that don’t exist.

  77. TLM says:

    Does anyone think the reason Jim Bellino didn’t come to Peggy’s party is that he and Peggy used to sleep together??? They just mentioned that on WWHL like it was no big deal. Like hell he had business to do, or didn’t want to be around the other housewives – it was being around Peggy that he didn’t want to do.

    • Okie Folkie says:

      I dunno….but, the way each of the ladies tell it, they WERE all four very good friends. I kinda think whatever tensions that may have gone on between Jimbo & Pegs have probably been put to rest a long time ago. Well, if in fact they were true friends.

    • Adgirl says:

      I think Jim Bellino’s refusal to film has to do with Simon & Tamra’s divorce. Jim doesn’t have an ally anymore so naturally the only outcome of group events is he will will be attacked.
      Or it could be his “Live to Ride, Ride to Live” belly tattoo didn’t turn out well.

    • Zoey says:

      Oooh, I missed that tidbit! Really? Now I’ll have to notice how Jesus Barbie acts around Peggy. Is there a link to a story/scoop? He certainly has a type.

  78. floridagirl88 says:

    I would like to label this the WTF? Episode. Why?

    WTF? was that thing around LuManns neck?

    Jill apologizing to Alex? WTF? Don’t trust it Alex. It’s a setup for sure.

    WTF? was Silex thinking giving a 7 year old a piano for his birthday while filming him and asking him to pretend the camera’s not there and telling him not to get fingerprints on it. I mean,WTF?

    Ramona, I respect you as a businesswoman and your valiant attempts to push your brand, but damn girl,WTF? Watch Bethenny’s show to see how it is done.

    Kelly. OK,WTF? Why are you always playing with your hair? And no, Kookoo for Cocopuffs, someone telling you they won’t support you is not a threat. She was trying to show you quid pro quo. Use the dictionary.

    WTF? Sonja, you are becoming the “butt” of everyone’s jokes. Did you have an upper lip injection because last night you looked like the aunt of Huey, Dewey and Louey. I think she used the toaster oven because she doesn’t know how to use that Viking. That’s what the help she no longer has used.

    I give Cindy the win on this episode because so many times when she was sitting with the various women, I saw that WTF? look on her face. Yes, Cindy, these women are serious about non-serious stuff. You signed on for this and this is what you get. I also applaud you for giving Ramona the brush off by tapping on your Blackberry. Ramona deserved that diss.

    I am now convinced S4 was delayed because what we saw last night represents much of what Bravo has for us: nothing. When I watch Bethenny’s show, I always smile or laugh out loud because it’s so funny and real. Think about it: Jason’s fart, the truck ride, Bryn saying Mama, trying to set up the Christmas tree. RHWNY just doesn’t have the same level of energy and sophistication.

  79. fort lauderdale gay says:

    I’ve been taking a look at some of the comments on the Bravo blogs and someone actually suggested that Countess Squash Blossom High Horse should design a line of…..now sit down for this…..JEWELRY. OMG I can just see it now…Volvos and Saabs hanging from her neck. (Volvos and Saabs are both european) Someone please pass me the cyanide.

    • Adgirl says:

      LuAnn should host a sleepover in the Hamptons (darling)where Kelly shows her how to hot glue feathers and beach refuse onto hubcaps in Native American designs. Maybe Lynn Curtin can help out.

      • fort lauderdale gay says:

        Now that’s the spirit! Team building at its finest! I imagine Lynn will be nominated treasurer. I do feel a little sorry for the hubcap supplier…you know he’s gonna get screwed…

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I had a Saab and I am pretty sure that LuMann has managed to copy one of the rims on a necklace.

    • boston02127 says:

      I don’t think I weigh enough for my body to hold up LuAnn’s jewelry.

    • Zoey says:

      Somehow I knew that was coming.

      • Zoey says:

        The ‘jewelry’ line, that is. You’d have to be a certain weight in order to wear it so you don’t topple over forward. Oh, I bet Kelly the jewelry designer will be jealous!

  80. Error404 says:

    OMG Jill’s story about helping the dying woman didn’t sound real at all… It sounded just like a paid blog to advertise the hotel and all it’s amenities!

    • Nancy says:

      When I was reading it I was thinking there is no way Jill wrote this.

      • Zoey says:

        Nancy I was thinking there is no way Jill DID this! I’d bet money, or my bag of fresh cracklins I just got (and that’s serious) that she didn’t actually ‘do’ any of that. There’s more to the real story.

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      Nice find! So Pegs and Hubby agreed to pay interest only for ten years….Now I’m no financial whiz kid, but isn’t that called RENTING? or maybe long term lease?

      • Okie Folkie says:

        Thats sorta what I was thinkin’, too, FLG

      • quincyil says:

        You aren’t going to get ahead paying all of that money and having nothing at the end to show for it. This is ” living large” at its worst.

        • Okie Folkie says:

          Why do these people live so far beyond their means? And then believe they are not to be blamed for livin’ large?

      • boston02127 says:

        If they pay interest only for ten yrs, that wouldn’t give them any equity. Am I right?

        • AZ Girl says:

          You are right. They tack on the principle to the end of the loan. Even with interest only they obviously were not making their payments or the bank would not foreclose. Banks are doing everything they can NOT to foreclose. B

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      We all knew this was coming…and while I am at it I am going to guess that those earnings she got for getting her boobs done where fakes.

      • boston02127 says:

        @RR–I’m betting her “push” present (the Bentley) was leased too. I would think a push present would be your own baby to love, not a car.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          Loving the baby would be maternal – the OC is materialistic and therefore requires a present.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I am sure it too.
          I think the only reason why the majority of women agree to do the show is that they need the money…not to mention inflate their egos.

      • fort lauderdale gay says:

        They didn’t look like diamonds to me. They looked like either white sapphires or white topaz. They didn’t look like cubic zirconia either. Remember Teresa’s ring last year?

  81. TLM says:

    Trampra Barnyard is apparently promoting some random skin care with no explanation: http://www.octamra.com/category/skin-care

    • Adgirl says:

      Will it fix those strange wrinkles on the side of her nose. Is that from filler or botox?

      • Mt says:

        Oh, I’ve noticed those wrinkles on her nose. For some reason, it looks painful when she smiles.

  82. AZ Girl says:

    That whole blog of Jill’s is ridiculous. Jill “tucked in” a total stranger suffering from cancer. If I had cancer I would not invite some stranger into my hotel room and have them “tuck”me in. The fact that she wants to do “good” because of her fame is BS. Some of us do “good” (a/k/a Jill it is call volunteering) because it is the right thing to do. I personally invite her to leave the Hamptons and serve meals with me here in AZ in August when it is 110 out and there is no air conditioning. Yup hot kitchen cooking food in AZ in August that should do the trick.

    I can’t wait for the backlash of this “Harpo” deal that Jill seems to have in the can.

    • Okie Folkie says:

      Wouldnt it be so great if Miss Andy would ask her about having a ‘gig’ w/HARPO, on the Reunion and make her answer it with “Its in THE BOOK”!

    • Smompy says:

      What???? Surely you’re not suggesting that JZ’s charitable work isn’t done sincerely, or that she isn’t being totally honest when she says she only wants to use her “fame” to help those less fortunate than herself? Perish the though!

      But, seriously, can you even imagine having that awful woman come into your bedroom at night to tuck you in…especially when you’re sick and going through chemo? Why would ANYONE want to be tucked in by Shrill?? Personally I’d rather repeatedly hit myself in the head with a ball peen hammer until I was unconscious.

  83. Adgirl says:

    The story about Peggy and Michah reminded me that Bravo didn’t show us during last week’s episode that Gretchen was served court papers at Peggy’s party for Jay Photoglu’s lawsuit against her (yes that is still going on).
    That probably added to the mirth on Tamra’s side of the table.

    • Mt says:

      The person went to Peggy’s to track Gretchen down? Well, that had to suck with the evil bitches smirking and basking in delight.

    • Zoey says:

      That’s true, I forgot about that!

  84. Betfan2 says:


    Hey All, love the blog, great job Lynn. Look what I just found.

    • Okie Folkie says:

      Good find! I’m a bit surprised. I would’ve thought Ramona would be happy for Beth. In this interview it sounds like, yeah, not so much.

      • quincyil says:

        Ramona is a strange person. She never seems to be supportive of the other women’s projects, but demands everyone support hers.

        • California35 says:

          that’s too bad 😦
          I would have understand her explanation for what she thinks is usual to make for selling the drink…but not say that Bethenny exagerates or questioning it. Ay Ramonaaaaa! lol

    • California35 says:

      hhmm her eyebrows are pretty high up there lol

      That guy was just hoping she would say something negative, wasn’t he?

      • Rob Shuter can’t do an interview with someone from RHONY without bringing up Bethenny’s name and he always hopes that they will say something negative about her. He lives for that.

    • T-Rex says:

      I was just about to post this, glad someone did. Geez Ramona, jealous much! I think the fact ratings are down, the cast looks like a bunch of Junior High school cliques this season and everyone loving Bethenny’s show has gotten the best of some of the RHNY gals. Uhm Ramona, do some homework, these niche brands of liquor are HUGE business, paging Sam Adams Beer! To have your brand in 40 states, being able to sell in the volume containers, the “Jugs” as they refer to them, is a feat. It’s quite difficult to get into production lines at reputable companies many different size containers of product as you have to compete with existing brands. She may even make more than 120mil, of course which is probably a structured payout, but if she adds even more products to the line, and they sell well and she becomes integral into the promotion, she may even become more valuable to them! Just because Ramona got probably 100K to lend her “name” to a line of wine, she didn’t create the recipe, market that recipe to many companies, to be finally picked up and have an entire production sequence for your product. She just slapped her name to something already produced and in the bottle, she had nothing to do with picking the grape line or heritage, picking the particular wine casks that are “seasoned” for each particular type of wine, the integral extra ingredients added to that grape to make a wine, etc. She can barely pickout shoes!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Ramona has no clue what Bethenny is getting because Bethenny created a product, Ramona slapped a label on and is distributing someone else’s wine. Hugh difference!

    • Nancy says:

      Ramona, Ramona, Ramona…

    • Mimisfbay says:


    • kotagirl29 says:

      I’m thinking Rameana is po-ed because she is no longer the most successful business woman in the bunch. Bethenny strikes me as a lot more business savy than to sell low. I would think that the $120 million is probably right on the money (pardon the pun). Especially since Bethenny tweeted links to articles.

      • Smompy says:

        I’m not surprised that Ramona has an opinion about this, and she’s entitled to think whatever she wants, but I’m a little surprised that she says Bethenny is exaggerating the numbers. Did Bethenny even mention any numbers publicly? I would think it might be a good idea to try to make yourself sound as successful as possible, in general, but I don’t know that Bethenny actually did pad any numbers, so Ramona’s statements there are a little odd.

        Apropos of nothing, am I the only one who misreads the name of that website every time I see it? I know what it is, and I read it fairly often, but still, every single time I run across a link to something on that site, I read it as “POOPeater.” It’s turned into some kind of psychological block at this point, apparently. Either that or I’m just an eternal third grader at heart.

        • kotagirl29 says:

          I “see” the name the same way. I do something similar to VAgirl. My mind reads it with two g’s.

        • Mookies1mom says:

          I swear, I thought I heard something about 14 states. Like, maybe this was taped back when SG was only available in 14 states. Maybe I heard wrong.

          Not excusing Ramona.

        • Christine says:

          Bethenny would not have to give any numbers at all. Several business websites and periodicals commented that it was the largest celebrity payout for a brand of alcohol. Sean Combs received just about $100 mill for his partnership with whatever that Vodka was that did commercials for.

          • nathania says:

            I can understand this. The potential here is absolutely unlimited. It’s not like with vodka, vodka is vodka. This is potentially marketable for every cocktail there ever was and every cocktail there ever will be. I mean, jeebus, these execs have to be peeing themselves (in between smacking themselves upside the head going why didn’t we think of this before).

            • Christine says:

              Business Weekly also wrote that besides the $120 mil (figure was given by insiders on the deal) for the product, B was also appropriately “incentivized” for her continued promotion of SGM. I think that that is corporate speak for she is getting a huge amount of $$$ to keep making appearances and branding all over the place.

        • Zoey says:

          Lol, thanks for a good laugh!

      • Adgirl says:

        Ramona may be technically correct in the owners split (between Bethenny and her partner) and the long payout. That is pretty standard in these deals, especially when the “brand” is the seller. It was how Ramona said it that was negative.

        • kotagirl29 says:

          I got that part. But she also said that Bethenny exaggerates and she figured it was $30 million split w/partner(s).

    • TLM says:

      In many ways, I find Ramona as erratic as Kelly. She said HORRIBLE things to Bethenny during the last season that I would not have forgiven if I were Bethenny. 5 minutes later she would act like Bethenny’s best friend. I really thought it was pretty low that, before this season of RH aired, she was going around to the press saying how great it was that Bethenny wasn’t part of the show this year, because she felt it was “too dark” the previous season. To blame Bethenny rather than Jill’s craziness and Kelly’s breakdown for the show being dark, I thought was rather pathetic.

      • TLM says:

        I left out Alex and her angry vendetta against Jill. Gee, I can certainly see why Bethenny was the dark spot in the show, what with her falling in love, preparing to have a baby and get married, and her career taking off. That was really DARK. Ramona is a nutcase.

      • Christine says:

        I almost cried for Bethenny when Ramona told her that she would probably screw it up with Jason (Hoppy) too on their walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. You could almost see Ramona’s handprint on B’ s cheek after that horrible B*&@h-slap.

  85. boston02127 says:

    Jill first in the pecking order! HA!
    It’s not like she made Valedictorian. Secrets of a Jewish Mother a.k.a. “Half Off” never made to NYT best sellers. A blind deaf monkey could take Kelly’s place. Two hookers could take Sonja & LuMan’s place. A wet towel could take Cindy’s place. Ramona & Alex aren’t even in this catagory. They’re business woman who work.

    Yeah….let Jill keep that important title. More for us to laugh about.

    • T-Rex says:

      This is exactly the reason that I am not watching the show this season, just getting the recaps here as they are pretty accurate as to what is occurring on the show!

  86. prof addicted to reality tv says:

    Last night, I could not chat on the blog! Upto the first 20 minutes of the show, I could post comments….but after that about 5 of mine did not show up at all!

    Can anyone help me and let me know what happened? Was I a bad girl? 😛

    • Okie Folkie says:

      That same thing happened to me last night, too. Someone in a response to me began with “Bish, please”.
      I wrote a very long reply but it never posted. Finally, I was just fed up and got a short reply posted. I didnt like bein called a “Bish”. But, y’know thats just me…..once I get to know someone they can call me “Bish” but not like it was last night.

      • kotagirl29 says:

        I think there was a lot of traffic on the site last night because I had a hard time getting it to load more than once.

    • quincyil says:

      Software glitch followed by pilot error. I was the pilot.

      • Okie Folkie says:

        You’re so adorable, Empress Quincy! BTW, I was wonderin’ do the horses now curtsy? Now, that will be a fine day indeed!

        Yer a great ‘pilot’!

        • quincyil says:

          When Lynn told me you guys were in jail, I immediately paid bail and freed you, but I guess you noticed being locked up for hours.

        • quincyil says:

          The horses are happy when I come because they love their senior mix. I think they like knowing that I am going to feed them.

          • Okie Folkie says:

            Thanks so much for posting bail! I was worried what I’d do in the slammer all night. WHEW!

            I can see your horses doin a curtsy to you in exchange for some feed!

  87. HD says:

    fort lauderdale gay-Where did you come from? How did you find the blog? You are so damn funny!

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      I really, really don’t like Jill Zarin or Countess SBHH and happened upon this blog from a link I found on another one. I began to read the recaps (which I really enjoy Lynn. Thank you so much for this forum) and began to read all of your comments. You all drew me in like a magnet. I rarely ever post comments on anything I read (newspapers, etc.), but as I said, you all drew me in like a magnet! You all do your homework and are such a wealth of information on the Bravo shows. I’m really happy to have found you all.

      • kotagirl29 says:

        This is the only place I comment. I love the snark, the fights, the humor and the love. And believe me when I say you fit right in FLG.

      • fort lauderdale gay says:

        There is a feeling of community here. You share with each other personal challenges, celebrations, milestones, humor…..
        There is freedom of expression. Freedom to be. Freedom to disagree. There is a wonderful and interesting tapestry being woven here daily. Many of you seem to enjoy my humor. I enjoy sharing it with you. That is what brought me here and what has kept me coming back.

  88. WindyCityWondering says:

    OT – just sent my son off to his first prom.
    The rental tux didn’t fit (someone else’s pants – three inches too short), so he used his tux from Wind Ensemble (fine arts with benefits!). When I asked to take his picture outside he mentioned that there was a cadillac parked in front of the house – I tossed him the keys and the look was priceless (I rented it because limos are way expensive). His date’s father just texted a photo and they look so cute. It will be an early evening as both of them have SATs tomorrow morning!

    • quincyil says:

      We still have the photos of our kids going.

      The test tomorrow should make them come home early.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        When he asked her (her bf video taped it) then it was on the HS tv all week as “best ask”. Her favorite song is Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel – so he learned the intro on his clarinet and played it and then sang the rest of the song in front of about 200 kids! He amazes me and I love how he isn’t afraid to use his talents.

        • vilzvet says:

          Well, well! That is kind of a risque song, from before she was born, she has good taste. But I’m sure the lyrics went over their heads, it was typical Peter Gabriel. Brings back great memories when MTV was at its peak.

    • kotagirl29 says:


      My son is at a school dance-a-thon with his girlfriend. He’s only 13, I die!

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Know that feeling – I have a 13 year old chick magnet too!

        • kotagirl29 says:

          I can’t say TOO much since I was 14 when I met his father, but still he’s my BABY!!!

          • kotagirl29 says:

            Just in case anyone wonders. I married his Dad when I was 18 and had my son when I was 21. I am not trying to advocate teen sex or pregnancy, just worrying because I know what I was like.

    • boston02127 says:

      @WSW—-Awww….. I bet he loved that. Lucky him! That was so nice of you to do.

    • Zoey says:

      How cool, WCW!

  89. WindyCityWondering says:

    Now back to our regularly scheduled snark – been wondering about the Kelly/Cindy friendship. I just don’t see it. Did Cindy derail the Kelly/Ramona make up because she was mad at Ramona (cigar incident) or at Sonja (who treated her like crap at LuAnn’s party)… in the back of my mind I think this is Jill’s doing (yes she was in Australia but she texts and tweets and e mails).

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I think she got mad at Sonja during LuAnn’s party (when Sonja was rude to her about her party and her business, etc), and struck back through Kelly. You could see how mad she was when they were talking by the kitchen counter.

  90. The RHONJ previews didn’t help RHONY’s ratings. Jill’s return must have caused the ratings to go down again. LOL

    Real Housewives of NYC (BRAVO, 10pm)
    – 1.828 million viewers
    – 1.4/2 HH
    – 0.9/2 A18-49


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      So throwing in the NJ crew sneak peaks and Jillious’ return didn’t help the sinking ship. Maybe Bravo ignored all the feedback from last season wasn’t a smart idea afterall.

      • I don’t think the ratings are going to get any better as the season goes on. I wonder what Bravo is going to do with this mess of a show next season, if there is going to be a next season.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          I think viewers might be saturated with the franchise. Last year there was only one going at a time, and now we’ve got 3 if you include Bethenny ever after. And it’s been non-stop. Same with top chef/deserts/masters.

          Here’s the other shows for comparison:

          Real Housewives of Orange County last Sunday (BRAVO, 10pm)
          – 2.039 million viewers
          – 1.5/2 HH
          – 1.1/3 A18-49

          Bethenney Ever After

          Bethenny Ever After (BRAVO) – 1.35 million viewers – 0.7 (18-49) rating

          • nathania says:

            Personally I think they are in a bit of a mess.

            Because Andy doesn’t like the fans. He doesn’t listen to feedback, and he seems to resent the suggestion that it might help. I mean hell, even movies’ endings are sometimes changed after pre-screenings when audiences don’t react well.

            Andy and Bravo don’t know where the line of decency is (Teresa Guidice, Kelly’s breakdown), don’t care when an audience can’t stand or can’t stomach something (The New Jersey Gang Bang, Kelly’s Breakdown, Slade Slimey serially sliming OC housewives) or whatever.

            So even if they were going to make changes they wouldn’t even know where to begin because they are all apparently so drunk that they don’t have an instinct about the audience, and haven’t made any effort to establish any kind of rapport with the people who are devoted to these shows.

            On the contrary it feels like Bravo goes out of their way to almost abuse the fans and thumb their noses our way. Like ‘you are all a bunch of stupid hags who will eat up anything we throw at you. Suckers!’ or something.

            For instance, Miami had real potential. It was more interesting than OC and NY combined, this season. But they have axed it. And DC should have NEVER, EVER used the Salahis. They have pages and pages of hits on google about lawsuits, etc. I just don’t get Bravo at all when it comes to these shows.

  91. lillybee says:

    I think Cindy tried to derail it but Sonja had the lunch where they kinda made up. Cindy is the shit stirrer in my mind.

    • SweetValley says:

      Cindy is really trying to come off as the non shit stirrer. She’s trying to be the “normal” one; like she can’t even believe that these women could be so vicious. I’m sorry, I don’t buy it. And she’s already showing her horns.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        I don’t buy it either. She’s supposed to be actual friends with Ramona, so she knows Ramona doesn’t know how to edit. Maybe the cigar thing really got to her and was a bigger deal than she shows.

        I will give her a pass with Sonja – because I can’t believe Sonja is acting the way she’s acting. Although I have no idea why Cindy thought it was okay to start dancing with a person who *cough* works for Sonja.

  92. TLM says:

    I confess I will be watching NJ this season. Melissa looks beautiful, and I hope she’s a nicer person than Duhresa, although that wouldn’t be hard to do. Apparently the show opens at the christening of Melissa’s son. I’m assuming that was the event Duhresa boycotted, prompting Danielle to say, “You didn’t acknowledge your nephew.” I get the sense Duhresa is very jealous of Melissa, and perhaps that her Joe isn’t in as good shape as Melissa’s Joe. I am freaked out by how much Duhresa and her brother look alike facially.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I think the christening was the event where the brawl broke out with Teresa in the middle. I think the “didn’t acknowledge” was when Melissa gave birth (although there is still some question whether it was her nephew or a love child of Joe’s that wasn’t acknowledged – or is Melissa’s son the love child of Joe – many many many rumors are swirling)

  93. Dwight Schrute says:

    I’m not surprised she KKB thought Ramona’s text was a threat. Remember how Betheny leaving gift bags for everyone on Scary Island frightened her?

  94. aintinice says:

    I just got this:
    So why is it JZ keeps coming back, she is such a “B.”
    Her face now looks like hell, whatever it is she had done
    apparently didn’t work out, yuck..oh well, to bad as she
    to be pretty, but not no more………ha ha!

    ain’t i nice 🙂

  95. quincyil says:

    There is a video of Luann meeting with Alex for a cookie and coffee where Luann wants to stop the bickering between Jill and Alex. Luann states in an interview that she is sick of it and wants it to end.

    Alex wonders, “What is her agenda?”

    Decades ago, a school principal told me how he survives the many upset parents that he had to deal with. He told me that “everyone has an agenda.” If you can separate you emotions from confrontation, you can see the other person’s purpose. It helped me at work, raising my children and with my social life.

    Alex had it in a nutshell. I am impressed.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Because it is never about what it is about! Being able to see the real issue makes Alex interesting.

    • Error404 says:

      I am so sick of Jill sending her flying monkeys to do her bidding. Really lulu? The bickering between two people you barely know is bothering you? Pull the other one why don’t you! Go back and tell your boss Jill that the plan backfired. Let her fight her own battles for a change and

    • boston02127 says:

      “everyone has an agenda.” If you can separate your emotions from confrontation, you can see the other person’s purpose.

      Good advice, thx Q.

  96. housewifeaddict says:

    I’ve been stewing about this at work all day. I BLAME THE EDITING!

    I think everyone is in agreement that watching the scene with Francois and Alex was awful. The question is, why would Bravo want to imply that Francois had a disability – because the edit certainly did imply that. I see two reasons:

    a) If Francois does have a disability, then it could be shown to us now to set up a story arc where Alex and Simon talk about whatever the issue is, and use it an a opportunity to educate and raise funds – HOWEVER – Alex’s blog clearly ends any thought of this being the case.


    b) The editors are just trying to show everyone in their worst light – and a 6 year old boy is as much a target of this as the adults.

    If so – YUCK. They’ve sunk to new lows. Obviously some people can get an easier edit than others – but to systematically show only the very worst in everyone is going to backfire on Bravo. That episode was almost unwatchable, and there are too many choices out there for this crud to hold our interest for long.

    Rant over.

    • quincyil says:

      I agree. They are making everyone look awful.

      • Adgirl says:

        There is a new producer for NY this season. Kelly talked about how kind he was to her. I guess that also translates into ruining Alex, Simon & Ramona.

        I don;t think there is anything wrong with that boy. My kids refused to “perform” for the elderly relatives they didn’t know at Thanksgiving. They shutdown or were unusually bratty.

        My guess is that Alex or Simon told the producers how well their child played the piano so we’re getting him one for his brithday etc. Next thing you know there is a scene showing how unexcited he was with his gift.

        • Vavoline Jackson Johnson says:

          well them kids should have gotten legos or sumpthin dat they wanted.
          Anyways, I be thinkin Miz Kelly be given out her fancy jewry to every-body sos they would like her, don’t you think?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO – Bravo is going to give them all a turn in the barrel – Alex drinking too much, now Ramona is a lush. Sonja is looking to take over Jill’s spot at the top and is now the resident slut. LuAnn seems bothered by all of them because she is in love. Kelly is still crazy but it is now crazy on a leash. Cindy is setting herself up for an epic takedown. NY is not a nice place…cause the new sheriff in town is bringing the pain.

    • vilzvet says:

      Good rant. Unwatchable it was. I completely despise Luann now, she’s as fake as they come. Hate her. I also can no longer stand to look at Cindy’s face, mouth especially. Ever since someone called her a mouth breather I end up looking for that and voila, there it is. Which means I am not listening to her, just scrutinizing her face. Now that we know the knives are out for Ramona and Alex, what will that leave for us? You got it, Jill and Kelly, the new edit!! Kelly is sane, Jill is renewed. I don’t think so!!!!! We ALL know better. I’m pretty much done with this show, and am looking ahead to NJ next week. Lynn is going to have a field day with Teresa vs. Melissa, and the cousin Kathy looks like she is nobody’s fool.

  97. over says:

    Is Miami getting another season?

    • housewifeaddict says:

      I haven’t seen any announcements. It would benefit from dropping Larisa and Christy IMO.

      • nathania says:


        Woohoo! the two I can’t stand as well. I love the mom, Marisol’s mom who has had all the surgery. Marisol is the Alex of that show. I did not see her have one bad or petty moment the whole time, she is as humble as they come, to be on tv. Leah, Adrianna, and the other one who runs the magazine, the blond whose name escapes me, they are all so interesting to me. I would watch another season of Miami because it is the most multicultural Housewives so far I think. Larsa can stay if necessary but Christy MUST go, she is the biggest nothing who thinks she is something, ick.

  98. Adgirl says:

    I’m not buying LuAnn’s relationship as very serious. More like when Jennifer Aniston dated Vince Vaughan for the year after she was dumped by Brad. Security blanket.

  99. housewifeaddict says:

    Did anyone see the NJ preview with Caroline sobbing about her boys moving out. What a joke – they are in their mid-20s and moving across town. If that’s all she has to go on about, she must have a pretty boring life.

    And please don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about – I have a freshman in college, and my “baby” is graduating in a few weeks – and heading off to college in the fall – so my nest is getting empty quickly. Sure it’s tough to adjust at first – but you have to trust them — and let them take the first steps at becoming independent adults.

    • boston02127 says:

      @housewifeaddict—Caroline is probably just worried about Albie getting his period and not being there for him.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I live in a Marine town where mothers and wife’s have sent their children off to war and she is crying about her boys moving out? Bitch please.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        And they are just moving across town!!!!!!!

        • Zoey says:

          I simply cannot watch that horrible woman. I will have to get any NJ juice from this blog. I can barely tolerate her on the promos. I don’t know why I dislike her so much. Her smug, gruff arrogance I think. I always want her to trip and fall or somehow… sorta get hit in the face. There, I said it. Sorry, I know that’s not nice at all!!!

          • nathania says:

            she is like 180 degrees from her ‘tough as balls’ speech at the first reunion.

            Talk about a makeover.

    • Christine says:

      Then there’s her dear husband Albert who lied about his place of residence to get a State Commisioner’s position. He said that he considered his primary residence to be The Brownstone because he often falls asleep at his desk. Huh? Can Don Caroline spin that one at the Reunion?

  100. Zoey says:

    pecking – present participle of peck (Verb)
    1. (of a bird) Strike or bite something with its beak.
    2. Make (a hole) by striking with the beak.

    To strike (hit) or bite. Being top of a ‘pecking’ order ain’t nothing to brag about!

    • California35 says:

      Lol – specially since all the “pecking” is based on their own definition lol

  101. housewifeaddict says:

    More tweet wars from LisaNewEngland.

    Oh oh oh -she blocked Cat. Cat must be crying.

    lisanewengland Lisa New England
    I have blocked the EX Housewife. Anyone else bothers me I will put on ignore as well Life is too big for this nonsense.
    6 hours ago

    lisanewengland Lisa New England
    @catommanney Blocking you

    • kotagirl29 says:

      I am sure that Cat will wither and die over the fact that twit has blocked her.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      And Cat doesn’t care – game over Lisa Loser!

    • Error404 says:

      I love crazy people who threaten to blocko n twitter! It’s like the social media version of screaming “you all better stay away or else!” out your front window. LOL “who does that?”

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      In Kellyland, isn’t what LisaNE just did a threat?

    • Lisa’s blog isn’t up yet. Jill isn’t cracking the whip this week.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        Lisa’s obsessed with the Bruins right now. It’s funny that she/he uses the fake twitter for real stuff too – even though he/she only follows a few real people. Maybe not smart enough to remember two accounts and passwords. Quincy should be able to find his/her brother through a tweet around 20 hours ago – maybe another fake account – could provide a hint to who he/she is.

    • Nancy says:

      Hi Jill’s troll’s. Have a nice weekend. See you next Thursday.

    • cabbie413 says:

      i love that she announces she’s blocking you — that’s like calling someone to tell them “i’m not calling you ever again” .. nobody even cares lol

  102. Adgirl says:

    NYMagazine Recap
    About Kelly (remember they actually know her):

    “… she got away with saying a classic meaningless Kellyism that wasn’t even remotely true, despite its meaninglessness. “I’m not interested in acquaintances,” she said. In the real world and on the show, Kelly’s entire social life in New York City is based on people she refers to as friends but whom she barely knows at all”


  103. Zoey says:

    I decided to go check out the Twitterworld and read this LisaNE person’s page. I’m not sure if the Lynn-fam has determined who this is, or if it’s still being speculated on, but I find it mighty curious that she does NOT (could be mistaken but I don’t see it) follow Jill Z (would that be too obvious?) but she DID retweet something about Zarin Fabrics. Now who in their right mind would do that besides JZ or her sister/relative?

    Zarinfabrics Zarin Fabrics retweeted by lisanewengland
    Lets go for 900 followers!! Can we?

    • cabbie413 says:

      lisa deleted her nasty tweets to me that she made last night

      i didnt copy/paste here like the others, but i should’ve — i seem to really get under her skin ..she asked if i was Cat’s publicist or something lol being snarky of course.. i didnt respond

      • Zoey says:

        Do you think it’s her or her sister? Who would follow Zarin Fabrics or retweet that?

      • housewifeaddict says:

        She sent you nasty tweets? She has a little bit of a temper for someone who writes the “nice” blog LOL

        • cabbie413 says:

          she’s totally passive aggressive .. I was going to tweet her and tweet her that “she looks like the man she is” lol but I figured I’d save that juicy bit for some other time lol

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      The whole lisanewengland thing reeks. She blocks Cat? Very, very Zarin. Jill will even block twitter followers for her daughter. Remember last year when Jill put her twitter into suspended animation? I’m sure we have a bloggate going on here. It passes the “judge judy” test. If it doesn’t make sense it isn’t true. If it’s the only thing that does make sense, it’s just about has to be true.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Lisa’s blog has an Advice Column featuring Gloria. On her first blog one of the posts is from Jill and it simply says Hi sis…..this is a family affair and when someone finally cracks this rotten nut open we will have another Amazongate. Lisa may hate the word hate but she sure isn’t a spewing fountain of love!

      • housewifeaddict says:

        I think her sister did the first blog and got bored, and now it’s done by an assistant or friend. Someone who loves the Boston Bruins.

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          It has Jill’s greasy little paw prints all over it!

          • Zoey says:

            AHA, so she is pretty much busted! What a flipping phony she is. Can’t she let anything be up to the public? Geez. What a control freak, emphasis on freeeaaakk.

    • lillybee says:

      Lol, so far from the 50k Beth has.

      • lillybee says:

        oops 500k

        • Zoey says:

          And you have to subtract maybe 10-20 from Jill because she has her dog, her fake blogger Lisa, her fake Team Jill, and all those other fake accounts following her, that are all really her.

  104. Zoey says:

    Cabbie, what is your Twitter name if you don’t mind me asking? I see some ugly tweets to LisaNE, and from her to Cat.

    • cabbie413 says:

      cabbie413 🙂

    • Zoey says:

      I see you on there Cabbie. Good post. Too bad LisaNE deleted the posts to you.

      Looking at a Google twitter history of LisaNE’s tweets, it looks like this unknown blogger has several housewives lined up to be interviewed.

      • fort lauderdale gay says:

        She said she had Cat line up for an interview. That worked out really well for Lisa!

  105. Adgirl says:

    Kelly has a new job, writing for amNewYork.

    “Hey New York City!
    You have no idea how proud I am to be a part of amNewYork. I’m going back to my writing roots and doing what I love: Sharing the inspiring, fabulous things that I’m exposed to each day. So, whether it’s a new pair of shoes, a cool bar, the inside scoop on an up and coming designer or any #IMUSTHAVENOW item, my job is to clue you in.
    First stop: My apartment. I’ve lived in SoHo since I came to NYC when I was 19. I love the area for its artistic feeling and laid-back community. My apartment, however, is far from laid back. While it does have an open loft-type feeling with sky-high ceilings, I work hard to bring the vibe of the space down to my level.
    I decorate with what I love: my shoes, handbags, lots of artwork my two kids painted, huge white pillows on my bed and enormous DIY scarf pillows on my purple velvet couch. My colorful space is proof that style is defined by what YOU love.
    I’ll see you here every Thursday. Don’t forget to read — there always will be something cool I’m eager to share. In the meantime, if you see me on the street say “hi,” pet one of my three dogs and give me your spin on things.”

    Down the page by the photo collage of Kelly’s apartment:

    SOFA: O got it at Restoration Hardware at the outlet mall in Riverhead for $600. And then I called Jill Zarin and I was like, “Listen, I want to redo my couch, but I want it to be in a color that pops.”

    “My colorful space is proof that style is defined by what YOU love.”
    Thanks Kelly, for keeping what I love in mind when you decorated YOUR apartment.

    • Zoey says:

      She decorates with shoes……oookkk. I’m all for eclectic, I don’t even hate the big plastic horse she has. Or is it fiberglass? wood? I dunno. But shoes?

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        They aren’t just shoes – they are Kelly’s friends.

      • kotagirl29 says:

        I yell at my kid for leaving his shoes around the house. I am sure him, and every other kid, would love that little decorating idea. “No I don’t need to pick them up Mom they are here for the ambiance.”

      • Nancy says:

        One of my favorite memories is Jill sitting on the horse in Kelly’s apt. Good thing Jill is a size 0 or maybe she would of killed the horse.

      • Adgirl says:

        I remember Jill visited Kelly’s home in season 2. Kelly had all of her designer bags decorating her bedroom. It actually looked nice, as if she was were camping in the Hermes retail store.

    • VAgirl says:

      Yes, Kelly. How did you know I LOVE sharks hanging on my wall?

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      Gee, she must use Barstool’s assistant. I didn’t get my email asking what I like when redecorating…..

      • fort lauderdale gay says:

        Who wrote her long post? We’ve seen her typing skills on camera…..roll tape!

        • Zoey says:

          Very good pernt! Plus, KrayKray uses the word ‘like’ about a million times. Someone seriously edited that nonstory.

          • Kukulet says:

            I don’t think her decorating sense is bad-her apartment is mostly attractive, although I’m guessing a decorator is responsible for most of it, not Kelly-I just wish she’d quit pretending to be a writer and to have a degree in journalism from Columbia. Columbia is one of the top rated journalism schools in the country-and there’s no way that they graduated this dumb broad.

            “My apartment, however, is far from laid back. While it does have an open loft-type feeling with sky-high ceilings, I work hard to bring the vibe of the space down to my level.”

            She considers that writing…seriously? It’s like reading a third grade essay on How I Decorated My Room Over Summer Vacation.

    • Christine says:

      I also have a MUSTHAVENOW list:
      good bales of timothy/alfalfa hay
      new muck boots
      10 gallons of fence paint
      new power drill (for repairing fence)
      tires for my manure spreader

      Hey Kelly, can you give me tips on where to find deal on these items?
      Love, your fellow equestrian

  106. HD says:

    This just flowed off the top of my head…if your name is not here trust me I can and will do many more! Love everyone! These names just flowed with the “poem”.

    A Housewife Addict
    That resided in the Windy City spent time Wondering
    If living in Fort Lauderdale would make her Gay-she sought after happiness
    Residing in Quincy, she longed for something more, beyond Lynn-n pj’s and sheets
    Perhaps she had made an Error 404 in judgment
    When she sought after Blue Skies, an Ad Girl, that lived life on the go
    Some called her a Rabble Rouser; perhaps she had adHD,
    Perhaps she should resided in AZ, Boston or maybe California was better at 35
    In her life,
    She was always looking to live beyond Jillousy,
    Seems like being a VAgirl maybe would have been right for her
    There she could listen to records played spun by a DJ -almost just a Whisper in her ear
    Reminding her that she would never be a desperate housewife
    There, were, Butter Was Fruit and she could dip her sweet bread into Butterbeans
    And just relax and enjoy the day
    As the sun shone on her face, there, she was a Golden Girl
    Because as she said,.”I Cannot Stand the Toxicity
    And if I had just one friend to Cusi, I mean, cozy up to me
    It would make this life all better”
    There she searched for happiness
    Beyond an OC gated fence and the pretentious of Beverly Hills
    Where her spirit could flow like she was a Lava Lady
    T-Totally, L –Living…for M-Myself
    Finally free
    A housewife, yet still, so much more…a woman whole and complete

  107. cabbie413 says:

    I just posted this on bravo message boards.. but we touched on this earlier in a previous blog .. someone on the bravo msg boards posted floor plans of Sonja’s townhome (when it was listed for sale, then taken off the market) .. here’s my response..

    not to mention there is an elevator in Sonja’s apt.

    — now speaking of Sonja’s place – do you guys remember when she had poop all over the backyard last season when Luann arrived? Then another time she was having some gathering and a guy said he moved all of the furniture out to make the floor more “gallery style” so the artist could display his paintings and Sonja seemed suprised/shocked that he did.

    Well it seems to me that with the poop everywhere, the backyard was unkempt and her surprise at not noticing that someone moved her furniture around to accomodate her artists and paintings, I’ve come to the conclusion that Sonja only “lives” there for the purpose of filming of the show.

    She has a young daughter and it’s just her and her daughter (maybe light staff) but I think she and her daughter live in one of their other properties, not the one that’s shown on tv. It’s too easy for any whackadoo to find. Not to mention, it’s very close to the street and adjacent to a parking garage. As protective as Sonja is of her daughter, it just seems off to me. She’s having her house shown on tv (with floorplans and all). Her daughter is heir to a fortune and I don’t think she’d want to risk any harm that could come to her.. I dunno..

    What do you guys think?

    • Nancy says:

      I bet you are right. Thank God she doesn’t expose her daughter to this filth.

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      I agree, too. And I’ll bet she leases it to her production company (for filming) to move around some income and get some write offs.

    • fort lauderdale gay says:

      Very insightful thinking cabbie.

    • California35 says:

      I remember when she had an event at her place and Luanne asked for something for her hair. Sonjia said that it was the only one she had, and she was going to use it. Also, the elevator was full of clothes as a very messy small closet.

  108. fort lauderdale gay says:

    Well Blog Buddies, it’s time for me to say good night. I wish you all a safe, healthy and happy evening.

  109. cabbie413 says:

    ok so since Cindy and Howie own a hair removal spa business.. do you think Howie is bare..down THERE ??

    Howie the hairless ape.

  110. Zoey says:

    I may still be up for a while since I have a dang head cold (hope you all don’t catch it!) and looks like I’ll have to sit up to bweathe…So here is LisaNE’s interview with VickiG. Don’t know if anyone has already posted it, and I didn’t see a date on it.


    • California35 says:

      😦 you are sick? no good…I hope you don’t stay up too late then so you get better.

      • Zoey says:

        Aw thanks. Yeah, we had guests last week that unfortunately brought a cold with them that has made its rounds! I’m having my turn, very congested and coughy. Waiting to nod off….it just ain’t happening. Are you usually a night owl Cal?

  111. Nancy says:

    Good night everyone. Pray I have a quiet night.

  112. cabbie413 says:

    with regard to Ally changing her name from Shapiro to Zarin..

    Ally probably changed her name at Jill’s behest. Jill thinks she’s the STAR of the show and that she has celebrity star power. Ally is starting college and will be looking for work/career soon, So she’s probably trying to give Ally a “leg up” hoping that people will associate Ally Zarin with CELEBRITYSUPERSTARPOWER Jill Zarin <– that was sarcasm

  113. California35 says:

    Ugh – I just cut a glimse at Cindy’s picture up on the beginning of this page. It reminded me that she looks like one of my aunts.MiNUS the mouth/teeth/jaw lol. The long face and from the nose up I guess. Any ways. I like my aunt and she is pretty… I don’t want to have Cindy on mind when I see my au t again lol

  114. Zoey says:

    Since it’s almost Mother’s Day here’s a bit of wisdom, cough, I read in one of Lisa from New England’s ‘interviews’. She asked Gloria, JZ’s mother, to answer questions. (Basically she asked her own mother questions).

    Q: What is the most important thing you have taught your children?

    Gloria: A sense of morality and sensitivity towards people and values such as money, friendship and expectations.

    My question- since when is ‘money’ a value? Money is not a value. She asked what are the most important things you’ve taught your children!! I don’t get that answer.

  115. lillybee says:

    I hope that you all have a great mother’s day weekend.

  116. boston02127 says:

    Good morning, I can’t get on the new blog??? Why can’t I sleep in when I don’t have to get up? Lynn? Hello, I’m left here to talk to myself…..and I’m not that entertaining.

    _____from Q…thanks for the heads up. The link has been corrected.

  117. PF says:

    I don’t know if someone has already posted this. Jill’s blog is up at Bravotv.com and there are two things:

    One, she says that she was disappointed they didn’t show her and Cindy at Sonja’s game thingy and two, she has added a chapter in her book called “Bullying”.

  118. Molly says:

    I can’t stop looking at Jill’s new nose – it got cut off at the end and straightened for a profile. And she lies on Wendy Williams’ . It is plastic surgery and she is so dishonest.

  119. Kashma says:

    While I agree it would be a good thing to get the boys involved in a sport…if anything for team buliding and exercise….Not every kid is necessarily interested in sports either.
    Also too, if they (Simon and Alex) weren’t raised to be sports oriented, it’s not going to be second nature for them to think of that for their kids. Also if you remember from season one, they have always seemed more geared towards academics and the arts in the rearing of their kids.
    I think at their kids age though, it’s important for kids to have the opportunity to try different things, music art, sports. I know a lot of summer day camps that last a week or two, why not do a sampler. It will give variety and the opportunity to find what they like and dislike.

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