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Real Housewives of New York          May 12, 2011

Great news!  Alex McCord does own a brar and she looks amazing when she keeps her girls supported!  She wore a black wig and a Cleopatra outfit to Sonja’s Masquerade Ball, even the other housewives noted that Alex looked great with a little cleavage.  Alex, please keep supporting your girls!

Jill made up for lost time after being gone for a few weeks she got back into the swing of things pretty quickly by focusing on the new girl.  Cindy Barshop was apparently friends with Ramona before joining the housewives but those days are over and Jill relentlessly pursued Cindy like a schoolboy with a crush!  Best we could tell Jill met Cindy just the one time at the art gallery and tonight Jill stopped by Cindy’s for no apparent reason on her way to work.   Insert snicker here.  Jill pretending to have a job was as transparent as her pursuit of Cindy’s friendship.

Sure Jill’s got her Luann and her Kelly but LuLu isn’t crying in her Post Toasties anymore over her 16 year marriage, she found new love and doesn’t need Jill Zarin anymore.  Kelly is all over the place and Jill can’t control the wild card.  Jill needed to ensure that Cindy was firmly on Team Jill and she made good strides toward that goal tonight.

Jill gives us her stamp of approval on Cindy’s house, she has two babies so it is ok that the place is a bit of a mess and all about the kids, once they go off to school Jill tells us that Cindy will fix up her home.  Jill’s kid is off to college, when do you think she’ll fix up her home?

Jill talks for the first time about her extended family telling Cindy that she’s a grandmother, Bobby’s son has two children making Jill a step-grandmother and Jill admits that she would have liked to have more children but doesn’t really explain why she didn’t have anymore.  Sometimes the universe takes over and does the right thing.  

Cindy’s teeth seem to fascinate producers and editors alike, we’ve seen more of Cindy Barshop’s teeth this season than we’ve seen of any of the other housewives put together.  Jill joined Cindy at a cosmetic dentist appointment and made the typical fool of herself by talking over the dentist and Cindy.  Jill’s fabulous circle of friends have to have the right teeth.  Jill actually announced that she and her family are like real doctors.  That’s like saying Kelly is a real journalist. 

Jill and Cindy are the same age but their lives couldn’t be more different.  Jill’s daughter just went off to college and she’s dealing with empty nest syndrome while Cindy is raising 18-month old twin babies with her brother and her irresponsible ex-boyfriend who doesn’t seem to know how to hold a child.  Did anyone else cringe when Cindy’s ex flipped that baby upside down then put her down head first?  

Did Cindy lie about her “situation”?  She seemed to change her story after just 3 episodes when we first met her she made it sound as if she made a conscience choice to have children on her own, she didn’t mention that the baby’s daddy was around in the beginning and she gave him the boot until the kids were a few months old. 

I have to point out one small thing that continues to bother me about the New York Housewives, as Cindy was bathing her children someone off camera handed her a washcloth, she accepted it without any acknowledgement or saying “Thank you”.  She didn’t even look at the woman who handed it to her.  This is like a disease in New York, we’ve seen most of the New York housewives behave this way.  What is it about these New York Housewives, they don’t have the courtesy to say “thank you”, ever? 

Cindy tells Jill about her Four Seasons visit with Ramona and Jill is practically jumping up and down as Cindy reveals her opinion of Ramona.  Jill is grinning from ear to ear as Cindy reveals her opinion, “her core is not good”.  These are five words that really could sum up Jill Zarin over the past three years that we’ve known her.  Cindy’s got the right sentiment but the wrong Housewife. 

Sonja Morgan calls herself the hostess with the mostess, she prides herself on her elaborate and well-attended parties.  Tonight proved none of that is true, at least not anymore.  Apparently it is true about New York Society, once the couple divorces the wife is dumped from all the true social circles. 

Sonja threw a party at the right restaurant but best we could tell there was no food, only cocktails and it took place in the small wine vault rather than in the dining room.  Jill was appropriately impressed to be invited but completely disappointed once she arrived.   We can see Sonja desperately trying to hang onto her Morgan title just as closely as Luann struggled to maintain her Countess status.  Sonja is stuck in the past, she’s forever describing her past life as the wife of a Morgan.  We get it Sonja, you had many homes, traveled the world and lived an opulent lifestyle.  Those days are over Sonja Tremont, you’re back to cooking in a toaster oven and let’s face it, you’ve sort of bottomed out, you’re a Bravo Housewife. 

I cringe when Sonja goes on about her former life, she would have done much better to just show us that she has maintained some class from her former life but alas, that ship has sailed.  Her behavior is so over the top and desperate that it really seems just sad.  She explains that her “houseboy” is a friend’s son from Europe who simply wanted to spend a few months in New York City.  Sonja was kind to let him live there while visiting but she’s made him her servant rather than a houseguest.  I wonder if there are any young guys who’d like to visit Chicago for a few months, I could use a free servant too.  It’s just sad! 

It was great to see Chris March from Project Runway on the show tonight, I adored him on Project Runway, he was one of the few who didn’t get into the drama on Project Runway, he is very talented specializing in over the top dramatic clothing and he did an incredible job with Sonja’s costume.  Unfortunately Sonja decided she didn’t need any bottom portion of her costume and walked around her posh Masquerade Ball with her ass cheeks hanging out. 

Luann and Jill go shopping at the costume store, Jill announces that she doesn’t feel well and only for Sonja would she drag her ass to the costume store. The mean girls tell the store sales lady that they want to look sexy and confuse the poor woman by making fun of Ramona while shopping. 

Luann tells Jill that Sonja has great parties and both women admit to never having been to a masquerade ball?  Luann, the world traveler, the social butterfly, the Countess has never been invited to a Mascqarade Ball?

Luann calls off as too ill to attend Sonja’s party although she sounds perfectly fine and upbeat as she explains she’s simply too weak to join in the festivities.  I’m sure after watching the small group jammed into a wine vault she’s secretly thrilled she skipped the party.  Sonja tries to make us believe that it was her choice to make it a small intimate group when the truth is she wasn’t going to spend the money to have a real “Ball” which is typically made up of several hundred people. 

Jill was clearly expecting a large group and is disappointed that this turns out to be more of a costume party than a masquerade ball.  As I said, Alex looked incredible and Kelly looked ridiculous … oh did I fail to mention that, Kelly looked ridiculous.  Jill tells us that she really likes Sonja but she wishes she would stop throwing these embarrassing parties, they’re not what Sonja tries to make them.  For once, I agree with Jill.  Sonja’s credibility is slowly going down the drain. 

Sonja should definitely get her money back for the half costume, unfortunately she owns it so she’s out of luck but I thought it was classic Kelly to give her advice about Sonja’s attire.  Ignoring the fact that Kelly did Playboy, Kelly dresses like a boy crazy 13-year old with her cooch hanging out at every event.  Who is she to tell Sonja how to dress? 

The New York Housewives just seem to be about cocktail party after cocktail party, tonight Ramona’s wine launch party dominated the second half of the episode.  Ramona’s friend Jennifer who was the bride from episode two was there to support Ramona but she also couldn’t help but gossip a little bit.  If she’s vying to be a housewife, she would have been a better choice than Cindy.  Jennifer chose this moment to tell Ramona that Jill was talking about her behind her back and that Jill questioned Jennifer about why she invited Alex and Simon to her wedding. 

Ramona is upset and immediately snatches Jill away from Luann to discuss the situation and typical Jill denies everything and demands to confront Jennifer.  This is Jill on auto-pilot, this is what she does, first deny, she will automatically without thought say, “I didn’t do it”.  Oddly enough Jennifer wasn’t available to drag into the drama at the moment but Jill found her outside on the street.  That was a bit strange but Jennifer, the perfect Bravo housewife, backed down to Jill’s face and ended the conversation with a truce and a hug.  This Jennifer is a good backstabber, they really should consider hiring her. 

Jill returns to face Ramona with the confidence of having just called a truce with Jennifer, unfortunately for Ramona’s purposes that isn’t going to resolve the problem.  Ramona may look like the drunk, over-emotional crazy person but everything that she says is the truth.  Ramona is upset because Jill is constantly talking badly behind Ramona’s back and to her face, she’s supportive and kind.  Ramona explains that she’s sick of it, she’s been going through this exact same thing with Jill for four years now on this show. 

I have to take Ramona’s side here and not because I Hate Jill Zarin, although I do we’ve watched Jill do this from the beginning and Ramona has watched the backstabbing going on too.  She can’t see Jill’s talking head interviews until she sees the episode but in this instance, she heard from the bride that Jill made a big deal about it at the wedding even asking the bride how she can be friends with Ramona.

The show seems to be trying to paint Ramona as someone with a drinking problem, both Jill and Luann have talked about Ramona’s excessive drinking, but this didn’t seem to be a problem in the past.  Sure Ramona is the originator of “Turtle Time” and we did see her intoxicated a few times but they seem to be implying much worse than a social drinker.  Kelly did talk about Ramona’s drinking on the Season Three reunion show as well which seemed to be the catalyst for this season’s continuation of Ramona as an excessive drinker. 

We’ve watched as Ramona has forgiven Jill time after time for her nasty comments, beginning in season one Jill threatened to take her down for simply not inviting her to a party.  Ramona hasn’t really said anything bad about Jill, in fact just two weeks ago Ramona said how nice it was that Jill sent her a text.  Ramona has always said that she and Jill are good friends who just have disagreements now and then but Ramona’s stance has been pretty loyal to Jill. 

Ramona was one of the people who tried to get Jill and Bethenny back together, I think she was genuine in her attempts but instead of being grateful, Jill slammed Ramona yet again.  I’m honestly glad that Ramona is finally seeing the real Jill Zarin, she seems a bit slow on the uptake.  I think this season is going to be a final showdown between Ramona and Jill, the other housewives will take sides and result in the blondes vs brunettes feud we’ve been hearing about. 

Imagine with me for a moment Jill’s face as she denies, then screams at Ramona during this argument, then picture Jill moments later in the car with Luann as she cries, “She did it to me again”.  Ramona made Jill cry?   How exactly did she do that?  Jill was wrong, she was called out for her bad behavior and Jill crying in the car is supposed to make us all forget what Jill did and feel sympathy for Jill?  This is another example of Jill acting and assuming that viewers are stupid.  Jill watched last season as Bethenny got sympathy as she cried by the car after Jill beat her down verbally.   Jill is simply trying to cash in on this hoping viewers will see her as the victim.  In reality Ramona simply caught Jill’s bad behavior and caught her in a lie, called her out on it and that is why Jill is crying!   Just for another quick hope of getting some sympathy, Jill holds out her 5 for a dollar Koala gift she brought back from Australia for all the housewives and asks Luann to give it to Ramona since she can’t talk to her anymore,  just pulls at your heartstrings, doesn’t it? 

Luann seemed to make it her job in life to make a fool out of Ramona, she was like Barbara Walters interviewing the President of the United States as she questioned Ramona about her wine making process.  Luann thinks that because she’s sleeping with a wine distributor and apparently spends all their time talking about his business, since she has none, she’s an expert on wine making.  Luann has no expertise in wine making and simply listens when her boyfriend speaks, that doesn’t make you an expert LuLu!  Oh and that ugly ghetto gold butterfly necklace also doesn’t make you a jewelry expert either, leave that to Ramona as well. 

I’m glad that Bravo took those extra three months to edit the show or we may have missed out on Kelly shoe shopping and telling us when her daddy bought her the first pair of Manolo Blahnik’s and that her girls love shoes as much as she does.  That scene was priceless.  (yes, that is sarcasm)

Previews for next week show the Housewives discussing a trip to Morocco, it seems LuLu will be the hostess for the trip, although viewers are smart enough to know that this is a Bravo sponsored trip.  Kelly says she cannot go if Ramona is going, personally I’d leave her ass behind but it seems they do talk her into going along.  Maybe she’ll flip out again like she did in St. John. 

Watch What Happens Live

Andy Cohen hosts two New York City Housewives, Cindy Barshop and Kelly Bensimon.  This really looked like amateur hour as Cindy answered questions inappropriately that were meant for Kelly then Kelly reacted very strangely to some things that Andy said.

First Andy introduced tonight’s poll question, which New York Housewife needs therapy? 

As is always at the beginning of the show, Andy tells viewers how they can get involved in the conversation by sending questions to him via Facebook, Twitter or email.  Kelly seemed to think that this was strange and said, “Andy,  I think you need therapy”  A confused Andy looked at her for a moment and said, “um, no”.  We know that Kelly watches the show, we know that Andy makes the same 30 second speech at the beginning of every episode so what was her deal? 

Kelly hasn’t been on Watch What Happens Live since before her trip to St. John last season, if you recall she demanded to be on the show the night the Scary Island episode aired so that she could tell her side of things.  This was really her first chance to discuss it live and what she said was that it was a great season and Bravo took her life and put it on TV, this is her job to entertain and she was very thankful.  Honestly, none of it made any sense but that’s Kelly!

Kelly did it again as Andy did what he always does, he barely listens to a guest’s response but jumps into the next question or a new caller, in this case Kelly jumped in surprise as Andy welcomed a caller.  She really is a nutcase! 

Andy’s three obsessions tonight

  1. Sonja’s costume with the missing panties were shown along with Sonja’s bruise on her bottom.  Kelly was asked if she laughed when Sonja fell,  Kelly said no, she was not happy when Sonja fell, Kelly was very serious about this. 
  2. Ramona Singer was very emotional tonight on this episode and Andy showed a clip of some of Ramona’s scenes.  The strange part about this is that Kelly was laughing hysterically, uncontrollably and it was completely without merit.  Kelly must have a laugh track in her head. 
  3. Promising us a sneak peek of the New York Housewives trip to Morocco, all we saw was Cindy crying about her coat hangers that she claims were stolen.  This scene could have happened in New York or anywhere, how about a REAL sneak peek Cohen?

Cindy was asked about what seemed like a contradiction about her children and being a single parent.  Cindy’s first response, “What do you consider a single parent?” was a bit odd.  Andy brought up the NY Post article that said they were together when the babies were born.  Cindy says she wasn’t hiding that, it was shown on tonight’s episode and that she never planned on handling the kids on her own.  Cindy has learned how to answer without answering, she said she’s lucky to have her children and the children are healthy, happy and well cared for.  Sob and stuff..

Cindy, Alex and Simon in New York

Kelly was asked about her comment about Sonja covering up, the Playboy thing wasn’t what I had in mind, how about all the outfits she wears with her vajayjay hanging out?  The Gotham party last season, for example, apparently it is ok for a 41 year old to dress that way but not a 42 year old?   Kelly didn’t get to respond however, she had her trained monkey next to her Cindy, she responded for Kelly saying that you really can’t compare Sonja dressing inappropriately to Kelly posing nude in Playboy.  Thanks for that pearl of wisdom Barshop!

Cindy really is trying to be Bethenny, it is so obvious.  Typically a new Housewife will make subtle digs or refrain from slamming their fellow housewives but we’ve always had Bethenny who never held back.  Cindy was asked about Sonja and immediately said that she felt bad for Sonja because she judges people based on their social and financial status.  Kelly actually defended Sonja, saying that she was just trying to protect Ramona. 

Kelly goes on to tell us how very impressed she is because Cindy worked at IBM, Andy is looking at Kelly as he’s waiting for more information before he’s ready to be impressed but really, that’s it.  Andy is supposed to be impressed because Cindy worked at IBM.  Kelly brought up her disastrous conversation with Bethenny during Season Two at the Brass Monkey, “ I’m up here and you’re down here.”   The entire conversation goes right over Kelly’s head.

Probably the best question of the night, a caller asks Kelly if she’s jealous of Bethenny’s Skinnygirl success and fortune.  Of course Kelly says no but she goes on to say that it is a testament to Bravo and their ability to make stars out of real people, Kelly says that due to Bethenny’s success, there is hope for all of us.  Kelly really is delusional if she thinks they all have the same shot at Bethenny’s success.  Kelly’s You-tube video’s copying Bethenny all make sense now.  She’s hoping that her half-assed way of doing things will bring her the same success as Bethenny.  Keep plugging away Kelly-bird, someday it’ll happen for you too!  

Kelly was asked if she thought of herself as a cougar and what was the youngest guy she would date, her response was as strange as the entire evening, “Wow, is he asking me out?”  NO Kelly belly, he’s just asking a question, he doesn’t want to date you.  In fact I think it’s pretty obvious that no one does. 

The game was stupid, no need to discuss.  I don’t doubt that Cindy is intelligent, I think she tried too hard to be shocking and slam her fellow cast mates so that she would be viewed as a “tell it like it is” Housewife just like Bethenny.  Kelly is just a complete idiot. 

Simon performed his new song that we heard for the first time a few weeks ago, it sounds a bit different live than it does on the recorded track but as Alex reminded us, all songs these days use Auto-Tune….yes they do! 

The poll results prove that people haven’t forgotten Kelly’s scary island stunt, she took 44% of the vote, Ramona took second at 29% proving that Bravo is trying to paint Ramona much differently this season.  Finally Jill Zarin took third with 16% of the vote.

I don’t think that Ramona would have taken second place if they had asked this question last season, she is a businesswoman and has been pretty successful, she was always a bit of a joke but from season one she’s never really  been viewed as unstable.

Next week Gail King, Oprah’s bestie joins Andy.  Sunday two former OC Housewives, Jeana and Laurie are in the hot seats. 

Until Next Time


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129 Responses to IHJZ RHNYC WWHL (second page)

  1. cerealeater says:

    Brand spankin new. Thanks

  2. leighmarker says:

    anyone else think they are trying to make Ramona look like a drunk (how obvious) this season? I think she always drank as much as she does now, they are just making a bigger deal than need be this season.
    Still cant figure out why cindy even speaks to Kelly after what kelly did (telling her about Sonja’s plan to get Ramona and kelly together) what a bytch I would really be pissy at kelly and now cindy is kissing Kelly’s butt. Makes me sick

    • okeydoekey says:

      I agree. Ramona is the same as ever.

      Everyone is nice to Kelly because it’s PC to be nice to crazy people. Kelly and Gary Busey speak the same language. And I bet Kelly will reveal next week she had a brain injury like Gary too.

      Also Vicki Icky got a new man. I wouldn’t be surprised if she overlapped men like the last time.

      Cindy is no single mom. She definitely believes it takes a village.

      Alex is the one who should be at the dentist with Cindy.

    • PF says:

      I think they are. It was obvious to me when Kelly kept saying Ramona’s text was a drunk text. They do seem to be after Ramona.

  3. kotagirl29 says:

    I think Ramona’s next business venture should be a fashion line with designs to represent tire tread and knives in the back.

    I am also beginning to think I just MUST read Shill’s moldy book because apparently it contains the answers to EVERY life situation. It is just amazing how much information that book contains. Whew! She has a whole section of dental medicine now. I don’t know why this book isn’t FLYING off the shelves?!?!

    • PF says:

      Jill said that it’s now out in paperback and she added a chapter called, “Bullying”…..LOL!

  4. kbinldo says:

    Ok, am I in a time warp? I swear I read this earlier & there were loads of comments…..

    Thank God we’re finally going to Morocco!

    • HD says:

      It’s the same blog by Lynn but she just gave us more space to comment. The writing up top is the same.

    • quincyil says:

      this is the second page. I will change the title to let people know.

  5. Dixie says:

    My take from Jill asking the bride at the wedding why she invited Alex really has nothing to do with Alex. I think Jill saw the cameras and thought that Bravo had chosen the bride as the new HW without consulting Jill! By asking the bride why Alex was there, she was really asking whether the wedding was a Bravo event.

  6. Imseasquared says:

    I am generally just a stalker here and very rarely post, but I have a theory and this is the only forum where I feel it will be given proper scrutiny. So I hope someone here will be able to tell me if this is too far fetched of a theory:

    The producers of this show pushed back the initial airing date because it was not interesting enough or rather not enough drama. So along the lines with what everyone has been saying about them pigeon holing Ramona as an alcoholic to create drama…is it possible that they re-edited all of these scenes to better frame that story line. This would mean including having the TH’s of Jill and Luan and Kelly discussing Ramona’s excessive drinking filmed AFTER the original taping once it was decided that Alcoholic Ramona was going to be a story line, like during the time when the airing date was delayed.

    I don’t pay close enough attention to the show (its getting harder and harder to watch without needing to look away!!!) to discern if the faces and appearances in the THs match up, but maybe someone who has a more scrutinizing eye could confirm or refute this theory? I welcome all thoughts on this notion!

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      IMO – the talking heads are the only place to increase interest in this snoozefest – everything else was already filmed. No matter how Bravo repackaged it – this dog just won’t hunt! Morocco is around the corner so at least Bravo can give us an exotic location to make up for this crapfest. This has to be the last season so Bravo is having some fun at the ladies’ expense.

      • error404 says:

        don’t get your hopes too up. Seeing Cindy freak out over hangers in a hotel is probably as exciting as this trip will get. Seriously, knowing what we know about the women, would you wish a vacation with any of them on your worst enemy?

        • FLG says:

          Error, let’s remember that she has had her gigs at USF and Brown University, so she now thinks she’s a college professor, too! I guess she’ll be teaching the gals how to bully Ramona into believing that Ramona is a hopeless, falling down drunk who’s never accomplished anything in life. Jill will take full advantage of the remote location and show us how pissed she still is about the reception she and Bawby received upon their arrival at Scary Island. We know she has a special score card ready to pull out on that one!

        • lillybee says:

          Please excuse her, she was just having a Joan Crawford moment.

      • I am surprised that the Morocco trip is coming up so soon. The “Real Housewives” vacations are usually toward the end of the season. Does this mean it is going to be a short season of RHONY? LOL

        • quincyil says:

          Yes, it is fast. The date of the trip was Nov. 16. They must not have had a lot going on in Oct.

    • error404 says:

      Personally, I think that the “Ramona is an old drunk and the cause of all the world’s problem’s” storyline was hatched between the brunettes over a boozy lunch last year before the first camera showed up. I think filming went more like: Luann hands Ramoner a drink. Then in a TH she says “I’m so concerned about Ramoner. Did you ever notice she’s never without a drink in her hand?”

      • quincyil says:

        Ramona contribute to this by having a drink in her hand a lot. LOL

        She was drunk in St. John’s, but she doesn’t seem intoxcated all of the time to me.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Cute name.

  7. Nancy says:

    What is THs?

  8. Nancy says:

    I’m watching Piers Morgan (CNN) interview Jesse James right now so Piers says
    “We have to take a break right now but when come back I want to ask you about the scandal that broke about you and Sandra (Bollocks). Jesse assumed he was off the air
    answered with “Awesome”.
    Needless to say I thought of Jason’s father.
    And of course, Sandra.

    • cerealeater says:

      Is there a real reason this guy is still being talked about? I’m grossed out.

    • cabbie413 says:

      I didn’t know much about him before Celebrity Apprentice, but on that show he was really wonderful and fun/funny and down to earth. The things he’s saying about Sandra and their marriage now is like woah..if it was so bad why didn’t he just effing leave the marriage?? He really looks like a dirtbag goon these days.

      and next..the OVEREXPOSED Donnie and Marie Osmand.. oh please.. go away already!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      He is so gross…he must be broke because he is hitting up every talk show there is trying to garner interest in his book that isn’t even written yet.

      • Sammysmom says:

        I watched that interview and in my opinion, he’s an ass. There is no way he wrote that book, unless it’s filled with uhs, likes, and you knows. Reminded me of Kelly talk but even worse.

  9. HeyAll says:

    Anyone know which HW show comes on after this Jersey season is over?

    • kotagirl29 says:

      Atlanta I would imagine.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Isn’t it BH?

        • kotagirl29 says:

          Not sure. They ran at the same time in October. Atlanta premiered two weeks before Beverly Hills so who knows which one is coming next. Who knows what they will throw at us next. We might get a break from both because Bravo has a whole mess of new shows starting soon.

      • HeyAll says:

        After watching Nene on CA, I don’t think I can handle her again. I needed a break.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          she wasnt bad on CA
          i cant believe how trump was telling the press that she was worse then omarosa

          what a tool he is

  10. error404 says:

    oops. didn’t realize we’d moved.

    since my name was mentioned specifically, here’s my reply:

    “I am now convinced that all three women are at fault.”

    Sorry, I’m not.

    It’s a show with a regular cast of 7 stars. They all signed a contract to appear on the show with the 6 other stars. Anyone, Jill, Ramona, anyone of the 7 who acts surprised and upset when one of the 7 stars of the show appears in a party scene is an idiot.

    Now, if your argument had been that one of the 7 stars, let’s say Ramoner for example, was understandably upset because a non cast member, like say cigar smoking Howie, was at the wedding, then I’d maybe see your point. But Alex being livid that Ramoner was invited, Ramoner being shocked and upset that Jill was invited, etc… It’s all just nonsense as they each regularly film together because, hello, they are co-stars on a how together. Ya gotta be pretty dim to be surprised to see a coworker at work.

    Seriously, a true moron. Could you imagine if Betty White had suddenly just started screaming “What the hell is that f-ing bitch Bea Arthur doing in this scene?!?!” while filming the Golden Girls?!

    Now, while I will be the first to admit that Jill Zarin is no Rhodes Scholar, I give her some credit. She threw a scene at the wedding so she could have a storyline and keep her apple. In Jill’s case, her chosen storyline is that she’s a misunderstood mench, and if it wasn’t for those horrible bitches Alex and Ramoner who are always out to get her, she’d be shown to the american public as the wonderful fun loving society MILF she is.

    • Kukulet says:

      Jill as a MILF…gawd, if my son or any of his friends called her that, I’d throw them in front of a bus. (Well, okay, not really, but I would wonder if they’d been drinking the Kellade.)

    • Bloshka says:

      You’re right in that Bravo’s policy seems to be that the seven cast mates will appear. I am going to try to explain the thing the way I see it again, since perhaps the way I wrote it seemed defensive of Jill.

      So… I read this article in the NYT about the filming of “Bethenny Ever After.” In it, there was a description of Bethenny showing up to film a scene with some person or other. Bethenny redid her entrance to the restaurant and then sat down with the person with whom she was filming to discuss whatever it is they had decided to discuss in front of cameras, PR people and a reporter from the NYT.

      This tells me that the scene was pre-planned and had been thought out, and that Bethenny had come prepared to do her job. Knowing who was going to be in the scene was necessary for Bethenny to do her job.

      Now let’s go to the wedding.

      Before I do, though, let me say that I absolutely agree that if Jill snapped at the bride, whatever the circumstances, it was wrong to snap at the bride on her wedding day. W-R-O-N-G.

      First, Ramona invites Alex and Simon to stay at her house with the express intention of surprising (and annoying) Jill with Silex’s being at the wedding. Ramona said so.

      Then, Jill arrives at the wedding. I don’t have to like or dislike her to think that she has probably asked how the filming will go, what scenes they plan to capture, and so on. Jill has probably discussed this with the production company and with the bride, since the bride is the person who is allowing the most important day of her life to be filmed for a reality show. (Does the irony of this surprise anyone? It does me.) Jill has probably asked the bride what the deal will be. She would be rude not to, and she would not be prepared.

      So Jill is mentally prepared for one thing. Then, BAM! Ramona shows up with Silex. It turns around Jill’s plans for the scenes and so forth.

      Now Jill seriously screwed up. There is no excuse for what she called Alex. Plus Jill should have waited until after the wedding to bring up the surprise to the bride, or perhaps she should not have done it at all. What for? The deed had been done. But I do not contest for a second that it was wrong to complain to the bride in the middle of her wedding.

      The next we know about this, the bride, Jennifer, says to Ramona that Jill had made the rude comments during her wedding. Jennifer further says that Jill questioned her about the Silex friendship and so forth.

      Now here’s where Jill was set up. 1) Ramona brought Silex to the wedding to annoy Jill and Ramona was so excited about it that she was practically salivating. 2) Jennifer complains about the comments Jill made. IN THE MIDDLE OF HER WEDDING. Yes, that part was wrong. But I imagine that the bride and Jill and Ramona (and now Silex), as well as the producers, had talked about how the wedding shoot would go beforehand. And they did leave out the part about Silex, whom Jill hates. This was bound to wind Jill up.

      Now who is the bad guy here? Jill, obviously, for even thinking Silex are beneath her. Jill, obviously, for bringing up her complaints at the most inopportune time. Jill, for saying Alex was a f* b*.

      But it isn’t as though Ramona wasn’t positively excited that she was going to surprise Jill. And it isn’t as though the filming wasn’t discussed beforehand.

      Sorry this is repetitive. I’m trying to explain that while I think Jill acted badly (again), she was surprised and the story arc she had envisioned was ruined.

      You guys don’t have to agree with me. However, this is a theory based on what I imagine is a process whereby the housewives prepare what they are going to do on camera, at least in part.

      Adrienne and Lisa planned their scenes so well that they were basically entertaining infommercials. On the other side of the spectrum, KKB seems unable to edit herself, and I doubt her planning is very thorough.

      I hope my repetitions have convinced you guys that I am not defending Jill. It’s more than I’m trying to figure out why there is a melt-down and then a talking-to when Cindy doesn’t provide Ramona pinot grigio at her party, and also how the housewives might think about the scenes.

      • codystl says:

        Perhaps your theory is true that there is some pre-planning before shooting with castmates. But, what I see as a character flaw is how over the top Jill’s reaction is when things don’t go as SHE planned. I’ll admit, I’ve done some mild plotting with friends to get a reaction from someone, but calling someone names and being a snob about their social status isn’t a reasonable reaction.
        When Jill decided to show up at the MENY march at the last minute, she was welcomed and not called an effing bitch or criticized for not wearing a white dress.

        Overall, yes, I believe there is some planning ahead of time. Product placement on shows and in movies is just the way things are (if you watch Survivor, how many times do we have to hear about Sprint phones?). Jill has a control issue and needs to learn to go with the flow and adjust. That’s just a fact of life.

        • Bloshka says:

          Yes, I agree with what you wrote. Often, Jill does not seem to have self-control or the ability to deal with things if they don’t go her way. That’s a problem.

      • error404 says:

        Yes. I watched s2 of RHoNY. Jill and Ramoner had a tennis rematch. Jill taunted Ramoner for weeks over who her partner would be. Bethenny said it was her idea to use Simon since it would wind Ramoner up and throw her off her game. Hahaha right?

        So Jill shows up to tennis with Simon and apparently, Ramona hasn’t gotten your secret Bravo memo where all HWs must be told of the cast before filming or else they won’t be able to prep for their scenes of rehearse their lines. Ramoner is just a reality tv star, and other than basic things like “Now you’re going to film a scene where you and Mario play tennis against Jill and a mystery guest”, she’s clueless. Perhaps she didn’t have Jill’s secret “I must be told every detail in advance or else I will act like a total nut job bitch and it will be everyone else’s fault but my own” clause in her contract. Not everyone is as smart as Jill.

        So Ramona freaks out a bit, but then collects herself and plays tennis. I must have missed a week, as I never saw the episode where Ramoner calls Jill a drunk, a liar, and a two faced “bad actor” before running to her car in a flood of fake tears, followed by accusations of Jill plotting a diabolical plot to get her.

        In short, they all film by a loose set of parameters where after 3 entire seasons they are very experiences with off the cuff situations and being prepared for anything happening. If Jill’s pre-planned in her head story arc was disrupted (which I don’t buy for a second) and she melted down as a result, it just makes her unfit for most social situations and probably too unstable to be on tv.

        Personally, I am convinced that pretending to be shocked by Alex’s presence and then flipping out over it WAS Jill’s pre-planned story arc for the wedding scene. She ended s3 by saying Alex was evil and out to get her, and that Ramoner was a bitch who said mean things. She began s4 with a well planned “ambush” (god, people do love ambushing this woman. I think the mailman “ambushes” her everyday at 3:00 when he drops off the mail. LOL ) by Alex at the wedding, all orchestrated by bitchy Ramoner who says mean things. It’s a broken record with Jill.

        • Bloshka says:

          Oh, I’d forgotten about that tennis ambush. Yeah, I was expecting Ramona to flip a gasket.

          You might be right about Jill’s pre-planning to be surprised about Silex. Who knows? I have a theory but no way of knowing for sure.

          404, is it necessary to mock me with phrases like “your secret Bravo memo”? Have I disrespected you in some way? I don’t understand your anger at me over a theory, so if I have failed to respect you, I’d appreciate knowing and will certainly apologize if warranted.

      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        dont forget even when the bride told Jill that she DID say all that at her wedding
        Jill said she didnt
        and kept talking over her
        Jill needs mental help
        no wonder she doesnt realize that Koo Koo is well Koo Koo

  11. Happymouth says:

    This so O/T but funny……………..found these tweets from a few months ago from Jen ( former housewife ,she tweeted Sonja about the champagne) The tweets are from Feb: Jen went to a Spanxs party and then Jills sleeze wear premiere :
    JenGilbertNYC Jennifer Gilbert
    Miss you jill! And congrads on skweez its amazing #jillzarin
    15 Feb »
    JenGilbertNYC Jennifer Gilbert
    Aww. Just went to jill zarins skweez launch, saw all the girls, sorta missed filming, But happier viewing
    15 Feb »
    JenGilbertNYC Jennifer Gilbert
    Me and one of my besties- Dr. Laura Berman!!- in the spanx suite! @spanxinc @drlauraberman http://fb.me/HUKzWWxY
    14 Feb » JenGilbertNYC Jennifer Gilbert
    Ok, obsessed with new spanx line, I’m with my bestie, dr laura berman in the suite #spanxinc
    14 Feb »

    • Kukulet says:

      How much did Jill pay her to Tweet all that, I wonder?

      • Happymouth says:


      • DJ Loops Fruit says:

        maybe she took iy t out in trade LOL
        as funny as it would be for Jill to turn out to be Bi or a closet KING
        the idea of those two would make anyone projectile vomit

    • lovemamaearth says:

      ==Dr. Laura Berman!!- ==

      A connection between Jill and Oprah. Wasn’t it Dr Laura who did the therapy segments with the woman who did a 3way with her husband and the laundry basket? Who would put that stuff on tv?

  12. plainviewsue says:

    Just finished watching a day later. I find this show to be a snooze fest, esp with Cindy. Watching her and Jill at the dentist did crack me up. Jill is just the smartest person out there, isn’t she????? Ugh.

    WWHL was terrible. Kelly was an embarrassment, esp with what she said about Bethenny. You could see that Andy was dumbstruck. I cannot stand Cindy. She is not funny at all.

    • error404 says:

      Jill’s not a doctor, she just plays one on tv.

      She is rumored to currently be the on-call consultant for hirsutism at Cindy’s vagazles-r-us salon, as she and her family have extensive experience with insulin levels among obese relatives.

      I’m just glad Andy offered to have Cynthia put the gifted vatoo on his “ass”, and not call it his “mangina” Ewwwww

      • FLG says:

        Sorry, posted this above, in the wrong place:

        Error, let’s remember that she has had her gigs at USF and Brown University, so she now thinks she’s a college professor, too! I guess she’ll be teaching the gals how to bully Ramona into believing that Ramona is a hopeless, falling down drunk who’s never accomplished anything in life. Jill will take full advantage of the remote location and show us how pissed she still is about the reception she and Bawby received upon their arrival at Scary Island. We know she has a special score card ready to pull out on that one!

        • error404 says:

          and an Interior Designer! LOL When’s HGTV gonna give her that show?

          • Amber...Real Wife says:

            Jill’s gig at Cinderfella’s salon… insane!

            Error You my dear are a killer because you slay me! I’m also calling Bellevue because you’re nuts! 🙂

      • quincyil says:

        Jill is not a rocket scientist either.

  13. Adgirl says:

    So next week the head dude of 3 Men & a Baby organizes a trip to Morrocco so they can terrorize the blondes. zzzz.

  14. Mookies1mom says:

    Apparently Kelly lets everyone in on some secret/trauma that is supposed to explain the way she behaves. Unless it’s a note from her therapist that tells us what med.s she is taking and why I have some huge doubts. I don’t think I know a single person that made it through life without some type of trauma. Some worse than others.

    • cabbie413 says:

      WAIT WAIT WAIT – remember Kelly (like Jill) tries to copy everything Bethenny does – have you seen Kelly on youtube, trying to make her own signature drinks, etc..

      I’m thinking that Kelly is going to pull something out of her ass from her past that is like a poor me i had a rough childhood (a la Bethenny) so now you all should feel sorry for me and voila “BRAVO – make me a STAR!” ..

      UNFORTUNATELY for her, that dog is dead so it certainly won’t hunt lol

      Kelly..Jill.. give it up! you are NOT bethenny! you will never BE bethenny!

  15. housewifeaddict says:

    Just got home from work and haven’t had a chance to read all the comments – but about that blog of Jills. WTF?? Has she fired all her PR people. It was like a LONG vent and barely made any sense. I would have expected some better lies or coverup from her – but really she had nothing.

    Ramona didn’t haul the bride into their argument – well okay one point for Ramona
    Bobby had to get off work early to go to the party – well okay – except she called him from the car so he wasn’t there so that may not be true
    The Bride should have checked with her – well not really – and didn’t she already hang out with Alex a few days earlier at some party at Ramoners? Or did Bravo mix up the editing – hard to say on that one – but Jill you saw the cameras and you know Alex was your castmate so get over yourself.

    Anyway -Jill is clearly short circuiting in that small brain of hers and is on her way to Kellyland. What fun we have in store for us in Morocco.

    • lillybee says:

      I have a feeling Morocco has the potential to be worse than Scary Island.

      • cabbie413 says:

        the potential, maybe, however I think that’s why they had to film more, because that trip was actually a dud. I’m speculating of course.

        You would think they would’ve had enough juicy bits from that 7-10 day Morroco trip that they wouldn’t have had to film anything more for the season, but apparently not so, so I’m guessing nothing really juicy happened and it was probably rather boring due to self imposed segregation (blondes vs brunettes..and kelly, who thinks she’s blonde lol)

      • leighmarker says:

        we can only hope it will be as good as scarey island –might be a bad to say but I would luv to see kookoo go nuts again.

  16. FLG says:

    This whole season of RHONY is starting to make Charlie Sheen look sane.

    • kotagirl29 says:

      Make Charlie look sane, that’s pretty hard to do, but I think you have pounded the pin on the pate.

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      close but no cigar

      I am so happy they decided to replace him with someone younger and cuter
      and Charlie is screaming to anyone that will listen that its gonna fail

      LOL yes Charlie and oneday you will be the Queen of England
      instead of just the loathesome drama queen you are now LOL

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I never liked 2.5 Men because I have found Charlie Sheen repulsive for so long but I think they went the wrong way with Aston Kusher. It’s barely older than the 1/2 man. I don’t find Aston that funny either, he’s got this Adama Sandler schtick going on- which is annoying, grating and adolescent. It’s part of the reason why I can barely stomach and Adam Sandler movie any more because he just looks so ridiculous.

        They should have cast John Stamos or Rob Lowe, not that I would have felt compelled to watch it this late in the game..but maybe I would still put it on just to stick it to CS

        • floridagirl88 says:

          In the beginning Charlie was very good in that role. As the show matured, it became just a bit creepy (thanks Kellade) to see a man his age wearing knee shorts and those short socks with loafers.

        • leighmarker says:

          I like Ashton, now sure how he will work out, as 2.5 men was wrote for CS. However, I agree that Rob Lower would of done a good job (he a a little shady past).

  17. Bloshka says:

    Anyway, that’s my theory. I’m thinking it’s not a bad one.

    • Nancy says:

      This is how I see the problem now. Because of Jill’s past no one and I mean
      no one will ever give her the benefit of the doubt.
      Short and sweet. I could go on and on but it’s not necessary.
      Everything I feel has already been said.

      • Bloshka says:

        You’re right. Jill Zarin is hated epically. I sort of understand it too. She was pretty vile, particularly over the Bethenny thing. She seemed to cross some line and now people will never forgive her. Somehow, the other housewives either have not crossed that line or else they have redeemed themselves with proper apologies or PR spin. Jill can’t seem to get the spin right. Plus Jill sucks at apologizing, because she did it a few times on the reunion last year and no one forgave her.

        I find it curious that another housewife in the NYC franchise crossed another line a while ago and I’ve never been able to forgive her, yet most people seem to have forgotten the entire thing.

        Jill seems to inspire absolute loathing. I have fun reading about it but — and, please, again, I am not defending Jill nor do I have an agenda or a PR paycheck — but I find Jill tragic rather than loathsome. I don’t want to change anyone’s mind here; the site’s name says it all and I get that.

        • Amber...Real Wife says:

          Jill told Bethenny “I can’t change”. Was she hardballing B to accept her warts and all or was she really telling the truth? She claims to have changed yet we’ve only seen the same bad behaviour and constant contradiction thanks to those cameras following her around. She is bad and wants to win at any cost. She plays by her own rules where she makes herself the victim while ruining people’s reputations and livelihoods, It is her MO.

          Finally, she’s bitter, ugly and her mother dresses her funny! 😛

          • lovemamaearth says:

            Yes. And at the reunion, if Jill had really changed, she would have been humble and introspective. Instead she lashed out at Alex with pure hatered and to a lesser degree lashed out at Ramona. So we all saw that Jill hadn’t changed, she just wanted to ride on B’s petticoat of fun.

            And regarding the other’s theory, if things were set up, Jill would insist on looking better in the situations.

            • Bloshka says:

              Thanks for disagreeing with me while showing respect. I appreciate it very much. You have a point: Jill would want to make herself look better. I’m not sure why she doesn’t pull it off.

              For example, in Cindy’s kitchen, the dialogue was going just as Jill would have wished. The problem was that it showed Jill and Cindy as mean-spirited gossips.

              Maybe Jill does not listen to any PR people because she seems to do a lot of things that make people hate her more.

        • Adgirl says:

          Well, you are defending Jill. Nothing wrong with that. We all have our favorites. I like Kim Z of ATL for no discernable reason except she cracks me up and she doesn’t take digs to hurt people.
          I find the posters really want to like Jill again. It’s just that …. why is she so mean?

          Why haven’t I forgiven Jill? Because although on occasion she has request forgiveness from Alex and Bethenny, she A) refused to accept responsibility for her actions, B) she immediately returned to the behavior that she swore she was done with.

          If she was my boyfriend I would have already dumped her 2 years ago. I don’t accept “Sorry. we’re done talking about it” as an apology.

          • DJ Loops Fruit says:

            calling NeNe a moose and ugly isnt taking a dig to hurt someone
            actually has she ever NOT taken a dig at someone else expense
            Loathe Wig almost as much as Jill And LULU

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              WIG isn’t nearly on the same level as NeNe. Nene is moose in a cocktail dress. The level of violence and rage I feel she is willing to resort to is on the same level as Theresa G . Someone needs to stop these women before they really hurt someone.

          • Bloshka says:

            The thing is I really am not defending Jill. I don’t see myself doing that. I was trying to make a point about a theory.

            Personally, I would not be friends with Jill. I’d be afraid of her temper.

            I’m trying to think if I’d be friends with any of the housewives. Without being on a reality show with them, let me see….

            Jill: scary; Ramona: unpredictable; Bethenny: exhausting; Kelly: she doesn’t do friends; Luann: no, I would not like her; Alex: no; Cindy: no; Sonja: I would not be friends with her but I might enjoy seeing her as an acquaintance once in a while because she cracks me up and knows how to rock a hat. Actually, she seems self-involved but she was kind about the Kelly melt-down and I admired that.

            Taylor: no way; Lisa: no; Kyle: god no; Camille: god no; Adrienne: perhaps as an acquaintance; Kim: perhaps, I’d have to see her one-on-one.

            OC: None of them.

            NJ: None of them.

        • Smompy says:

          In some ways I find Jill tragic as well. She’s also loathsome, though. I guess I see her as tragically loathsome.

          Was Sonja who you were referring to when you mentioned another housewife crossing the line recently? If so, I don’t think her behavior has been completely forgotten. I certainly haven’t forgotten it. In fact
          her horrible treatment of Alex has permanently changed the way I look at her. But I am willing to give Sonja a second chance because that was the first horrible behavior (really the ONLY horrible behavior) I’ve seen from Sonja. Jill’s behavior, on the other hand, is pretty much ALWAYS horrible. Unlike Sonja, Jill never gives people a chance (or reason) to forgive her…before we’re ready to consider forgiving one of her horrible actions, she’s aleady committed sixteen other horrible actions.

          For me, the funny thing is that even though I probably won’t ever forgive and forget about Jill’s past malice, I am definitely open to enjoying her again. If she would only cop to her own bad behavior and embrace her own true personality while the cameras are rolling, I think I’d actually get a kick out of watching her again. There have been a number of terribly bitchy individuals on other reality shows who managed to be popular and sometimes even admired. That’s because they don’t spend every moment trying to rewrite their on-camera histories, and they don’t pretend to be sweet, kind, loving generous people who got a bad edit. Jill’s narcicism prevents her from ever being honest about herself in that way. She stubbornly insists on portraying herself as a virtual saint or misunderstoof martyr…but we all know that ship has sailed. Also, her ginormous ego causes her to believe that everyone else in the world is too stupid to see through her goody-two-shoes act. Of course, demonstrating this blatant contempt for the intelligence of her audience only makes that audience hate her even more.

          Still, having all of one’s actions determined by a tyrannical,
          superinflated ego is indeed tragic in its own way.

          • Bloshka says:

            Yeah, I see that. There is something odd about the way Jill sees the world and her ego is a problem.

            Also, Jill doesn’t apologize correctly and that puts her at a disadvantage where the other HW do get a pass. For example, Ramona says all kinds of crazy and hurtful things, but she apologizes and means it and people forgive her even if she doesn’t change.

            Among the housewives I think are problematic:
            — Kyle Richards. She really, really treats her sister very badly.
            — Camille Grammer. Wasn’t she the most hated housewife ever? She did pretty well on the reunion shows though; she had good PR.
            — Danielle Staub. Oy! I don’t need to say more, I think. Danielle is not tragic; she’s dangerous in a thuggish way.

            Maybe the distinction is that Jill is the one who claims people are attacking her and who plays the victim card. I’m trying to make this out since I’m not really sure why Jill is worse than the HW I listed above, but she seems to be hated more than other housewives.

        • Nancy says:

          “Jill can’t seem to get the spin right.”
          “Plus Jill sucks at apologizing , because she did it a few times at the on the reunion last year and no one forgave her.”

          Do you not see the problems with those two statements?

          • Bloshka says:

            I do see that: one is about perception and the other is about a moral stance.

            Again, I’m not defending Jill. I really am not.

            My point is that other housewives have done loathsome things and they a) apologize or b) spin and things blow over.

            Now I’m reading where Jill is saying the wedding thing was an attack — and that’s a problem. At best, and only if my theory is correct, the wedding thing was an attempt to annoy Jill and throw off her filming plans rather than an attack.

            I’m not sure how to get along with you ladies. I feel that if I don’t loathe and despise Jill and say that at every opportunity, you guys are not going to like what I have to say.

            • lovemamaearth says:

              Jill has shown us how she is.

              The jury is still out on Camille since she’s only been on one season and she was contrite on the reunion.

            • kotagirl29 says:

              Loathing and despising Shill is not a requirement. You are encouraged to have a different opinion; however, that opinion will most likely be vigorously challenged when Shill is involved. Then there is the fact that Shill has provided so much fodder for dislike and discussion that the one situation you keep discussing is completely overshadowed. Even if I were to agree with your entire theory, it does not mitigate everything else she has done in the past. As for not forgiving Shill, she has not done anything to warrant forgiveness.

            • kitkat says:

              I think I loathe and despise all of them. They are all horrible in their own special ways…Luann, arrogant and hipocritical, Kelly, crazy and mean, Sonja, what the hell was that at the Marriage Equality March?, Alex, desperate AND pretentious, and Cindy, off in many, many ways. Please excuse any spelling errors. I’m drunk.

              • kitkat says:

                Oops! Forgot Ramoner! I know everyone is feeling love for her now that the 3 Macbeth Witches have her in their crosshairs, but come on! She has said some really nasty things to people…Bethany on the bridge, Jill at Kodak (I know it’s Jill, but still, be polite, there was no need for that at that time.) Freaking when Simon showed of for Girl’s Night, and the tennis match…she was Over. The. Top. Oh yeah, when she got into it for no reason with Luann at that charity lunch thing, saying Luann married an old geezer.

  18. Nancy says:

    Does Ramona read this site every Friday morning to see what Lynn/Q’s “family” has to
    say? I sure hope so. What am I thinking? This has been filmed 6 months ago. Never mind. I just wanted to give her the “heads up” re: Ramona’s “alcoholism”.
    Sorry Ramona that we weren’t there for you:(

    • Bloshka says:

      I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the housewives followed blogs like this one. Bravo certainly does.

      • Nancy says:

        Well we know that Jill does.
        Hi Jill.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Hey Jill…

          You suck. Happy Saturday.

        • kitkat says:

          Listen, if WE follow this site so regularly and it’s not even about us, OF COURSE she is glued to this thing 24/7! It’s about HER! I know if hundreds of people were discussing my antics on a daily basis on blog I would have my laptop tied around my neck like a feedbag!

      • Rabble Rouser says:


        just to be clear, no one thinks you are Jill- at least I don’t…the Jill comments were actually and really directed at Jill.

        • Bloshka says:

          Thanks Rabble! Very nice of you to say.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Isn’t it funny and interesting that telling someone “I don’t think you are Jill Zarin” is a compliment.

            I think her name will be a synonym for all kinds of unmentionable things like…

            “I got to go to the bathroom and take the biggest Jill Zarin”

  19. lillybee says:

    There are more than a few negative comments on Kelly’s blog, but still not a one on Jill’s and Cindy’s.

  20. Furalis says:

    Hey has anyone seen this link and read about there mission statement there are typo’s and it just doesn’t flow.


    These are the people suing Bethenny.

    • FLG says:

      None of the “buttons” work. It looks like a fifth grader made that website. I can’t believe Bethenny would have every hired them for anything, for even a minute judging by that website.

    • nathania says:

      holy crap that is horrible. ‘consultanting’?

      there are so many grammatical errors it is not even funny.

      it almost looks like a dummy site because all the links are broken.

  21. FLG says:

    Good night all! Sweet Dreams. Very Tired.

  22. kotagirl29 says:

    Totally off-topic, but Billy Graham is in the same hospital in Asheville, NC as my brother Leo. Apparently he gets his own very private suite of rooms. According to one of the CNA’s today only a handful of hospital staff know where the rooms are located. Pretty exciting stuff at Mission Hospital. News vans have been all over the place for a couple days now. We had NO CLUE he was there until we saw it on the news! And the worst part is it was BREAKING news. I had to laugh, breaking news – literally.

  23. Sammysmom says:

    Look You Guys!! My comment got posted to Ramona!!! “Submitted by Midwesternmom on May 13, 2011..Ramona, do you want to really know why you are our favorite HW? It’s because you are honest, a great business woman, real friend to people and a great wife and mother. You have mastered a balance of all the things that make for a great HW. Jill is not happy and tries to bring others down. She doesn’t build anyone up but herself. She truly is self absorbed and if she likes the “underdog” it is only because she feels the are inferior to her. Peace and love to you. It’s Turtle Time!!”

    • Sammysmom says:

      I think in getting your comment posted.. Make any grammer mistake and you’re in. LOL. “The is supposed to be They”

  24. DiaBLa says:

    Jill fake crying and screaming “she did it to me again” was just sickening….Jill is not fooling anyone with that crap. The bullying did not work for Kelly and it def. will not work for you.

    Kelly saying that it was Bravo who made Bethanny a Star just made me so mad. I was offended for Bethany. Has Bethany responded at all to that comment? Kelly is really delusional and needs meds immediately.

  25. Debbie says:

    we’ve been saying that Bravo should recast RHoNY.. Maybe they’ve been listening!
    This was in this Morning’s (Sunday) NY Post. I think we can be certain that this was not leaked by Jill Zarin. 🙂 I’d love to see the looks on the HW’s faces when they read this. It seems that Bravo “no longer wants to fake it” (money, class and glamor). They want the real deal or as real as you can get with one of these shows. I guess we’ll have to wait and Watch What Happens. And we all know #ItsJillZarinsFault.

    Wholesale ‘Housewives’ blitz

    Last Updated: 3:35 AM, May 15, 2011

    Bravo’s New York Housewives are set to be replaced by richer, glossier versions. “Real Housewives of New York” producers are quietly seeking new cast members, and sources say the network is considering replacing all the women. “They want an entirely new cast,” says a source, “to replicate Beverly Hills. They want rich, rich women, like Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer, dripping in glamour and $10 million penthouses. And they don’t want to fake it. They are discreetly reaching out to women who fit the bill.” Earlier this year, the first-season finale of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” was the highest rated finale of any in the franchise’s history. A Bravo rep said, “We are always casting for new housewives in every city.” Asked if the network would swap out the entire cast, she said, “We’ve never done it before.”

    Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/wholesale_housewives_blitz_PsYvblGL2IUWT0b7DIWwEM#ixzz1MQz0dVsk

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