IHJZ The Real Housewives of Orange County Chat!

The Housewives of Orange County travel to Texas and share more details of their lives with each other and the public.  Alexis Bellino shares secrets. 

lynnnchicago will post her blog on OC and WWHL tomorrow.

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  1. butterisafruit says:

    Holy Cow I’m all alone.

  2. quincyil says:

    We have hit a very small iceberg. Your pilot, Q, does not know how two blog titles got in the black box with permanent links. She knows she did that, but does not know how, when, or where. The good news is Q is not going into that black box to fix it.

    Dear Lynn…. oops.. rotfl.

    I am sure Lynn will have the boat patched tomorrow.

    In the mean time, every start chewing gum. rotfl.


    • quincyil says:

      every one start chewing gum… I was laughing so hard that I missed “one.”

    • butterisafruit says:

      Looks good to me.

      • quincyil says:

        There is a Bethenny chat and a pregnant in heels blog that should not be there. I must have touched a button.

        This is a shocking article:


        People who lost loved ones to murder by the family members of the Mob wives are upset that these women are making money off the show.

        One mentions Karen’s book. It seems she was given 3 years probation for dealing meth for her family.

        Not nice people….

        • Smompy says:

          Thanks for posting that, Q! I can’t say I’m shocked because this is the way I’ve always felt about those women making money off the crimes their family members have committed. I friend of mine had a father who owed money to one of these very individuals (he had borrowed it to re-open his restaurant after a fire destroyed it) but was having trouble paying them back, and one day he just “mysteriously disappeared”. Of course everyone pretty much knew what happened to him, but losing a father and husband that way without even being able to bury his body has torn that family apart. When it comes to trying to make “entertainment” out of these types of criminals and (IMO) their equally criminal wives, I feel like it just ain’t right!

        • nathania says:

          That’s why i am not watching it.

          And Caroline Manzo is a step removed from these folks, being the daughter-in-law of a mafioso. It grosses me out to no end that she is trying to portray herself as a June Cleaver/Dear Abby/mother of the year type. It’s disgusting. Their whole lifestyle is financed from the same ‘blood money’ these women are talking about in this article. And she has the nerve to sit there and call Danielle Staub ‘garbage’. Unreal.

  3. butterisafruit says:

    I have a real problem tonight. Survivor final, Desperate Housewives final, and the OC.

    I’m not supposed to have this much stress!!

    (I’m feeling so Jill)

    • quincyil says:

      I have Mafia Wives and The Celebrity Apprentice. Lynn has OC and WWHL.

      I don’t feel stress. I just take notes and write the blogs. Lynn has the harder job because she puts a lot of humor and one liners in.

      I love Lynn’s blogs.

    • lillybee says:

      Please kick Rob off.

      • Sus says:

        Awww, I love Boston Rob. I think he deserves to win. Most of the game was his schemes.

        • Whisper says:

          Me too!!

          • butterisafruit says:

            yeah I want a gamer to win. And Rob is a gamer.
            He’s from the town next to mine.

            • Whisper says:

              I agree. Natalie rode Robs coattails, but Philip kind of scares me. He could of played up the crazy to fool us. But he won’t win ( I hope!!!)

              • ihearttalavera says:

                What about Matt? I think it would be great if he came back from Redemption Island and won. He would really deserve it.

                • Whisper says:

                  Yeah, I would of liked him to come back. but unfortunately he didn’t. He could of gone up against Rob & probably would of won, with all the duals he won on Redemption Island.
                  Hopefully he’ll come back again as an All Star!

                  • ihearttalavera says:

                    Darn it. I was really hoping! Fingers crossed for All Stars. Such a nice guy.

                    • Whisper says:

                      Hope so too!!!! Don’t know if you’re watching now, but Rob just won!!! YEAH!!!

  4. Nancy says:

    Has Simon “said” anything about the nasty twitter to Alex and Ramona yet?

    • quincyil says:

      Nasty Twitter? From Jill? I haven’t looked at his twitter line, but I will.

      • quincyil says:

        I don’t see a mention of Jill’s comments, but there is a link to his facebook with the video:


        I think Jill was retweeting someone else’s comment about glass houses.

        Why are they fighting over this again? They were kissing in hallways a couple of weeks ago and everything was fine. All was forgiven and now Jill goes to battle again.

        • Happymouth says:

          Heres a tidbit for u …….someone asked Sonja how she affords her expensive parties, she replied:
          @brittany3786 Brittany
          why does @SonjatMorgan throw parties but complain about having financial difficulties?
          2 hours ago via Echofon

          SonjatMorgan Sonja Morgan
          @brittany3786 they comp me. did restaraunt consulting for years….brought in celebs, powerset. bought wnes, did decor, menue.

        • Nancy says:

          Thats what I don’t get.

  5. floridagirl88 says:

    Vote for the best song:
    Simon is barely beating out Kim Z.

  6. Not That Crazy says:

    Totally off the subject BUT Jill Zarin’s bedding collection is on clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond. I didn’t see a new collection so I have to assume it sold as well as the book. http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/Search/Search.aspx/jill-zarin/_/N-1z13zoz?AggBy=0&grid=20

    • Sus says:

      I’m looking for bedding for our guest room. I looked online at BBandB to see Jill’s line. I thought it was U-G-L-Y !! She has access to millions of fabrics and was surprised at what she picked for her line.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      You know what’s funny? That first bedding collection she has, the zoe, looks JUST like the drapes she wore to the wedding!

    • Cusi77 says:

      Hee,hee! Did you see the “Simona” ensemble? It is half Simon and half Ramona? either way is flugly. IMO is doing better than the smelly moldy book.

    • snarkarella says:

      I’m surprised they didn’t all have 20 5-star reviews. Team Zarin must be slacking off.

  7. kotagirl29 says:

    Hi All,

    Leo is still doing well. There have been people in and out of the room all day, trying to get all of his consults done before he leaves tomorrow. Probably won’t make it out until the afternoon, but now that he knows home is getting closer he is driving us all insane. He is counting down the hours. I think if he was feeling like crap he wouldn’t tell anyone because he wants to go home so badly.

    • quincyil says:

      I understand that. Everyone like to be home.

    • butterisafruit says:

      I’m glad he’s anxious to get home. It’s good he has a goal. He has such a big fight ahead of him. It’s still hard, I know, but he has a good outlook. You take care of yourself too Kotagirl. You’ll need your strength.
      Mary Ellen

    • Cusi77 says:

      Great news, Kota! My best wishes for you and Leo! Home will do the rest of the recovery! xoxo.

    • ihearttalavera says:

      Yay kotagirl! I’m so happy to hear good news. Nothing like being home and sleeping in your own bed – especially when you’re not feeling well. I keep you and your family in my thoughts every day. Thanks for the Leo update. 🙂

    • FLG says:


    • AZ Girl says:

      There is no place like home….:)

  8. SweetValley says:

    OC seems to have the most appearances by ex housewives.

  9. Arya Stark says:

    Yeah, I am not buying all of Sonja’s BS as simply a charming European sense of humor.

    More like an entitled, aging, former restaurant hostess, former wife of someone rich, important, and connected, and currently delusional, aging tart wanna-be Samatha, slightly pathetic, very pretentious and self-centered NOBODY who is not only bankrupt but uses “friends” kids as “staff” (or boytoys) to try to maintain a lifestyle she married.

    That painter captured her real self. Saggy, alone, wrinkled, with a bleak landscape stretching out for miles, since the group she wants to belong to seriously wants nothing to do with her now that hubby and his money split.

    Oh, and the kid isn’t on the show because MR. Morgan said no, and I believe, a court ruling on that, not because Sonja is smart.

    • lillybee says:

      I think that Sonja no matter what she is, has a wry sense of humor about herself.

    • FLG says:

      IMO There is a major difference in Sonja’s bankruptcy and the bankruptcies of many of the other Bravolebrities. Sonja’s was a business deal gone bad, not that she was out spending money like a drunken sailor. That is a huge difference to me and far more forgivable.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I’m leaning in agreement, A. I want to like Sonja but she’s not very likeable this season. I hope she settles back to the way she was last year.

      And I agree with FLG about her bankuptcy being different than overspending. Someone said it was a deal connected with John Travolta so I probably would have thought it was a good idea too.

    • nathania says:

      I agree.

      It’s sad. Only because she can’t let go and live in today.

      Because her ‘today’ is pretty spectacular by most standards. I am sorry it’s not good enough for her (or Lou ann, or Kelly). She has so much. I am sure she got enough money in her settlement to live comfortably on, plus she doesn’t have to worry about her daughters future or education, which is more than most parents could say.

      I think she’s lost this season in particular because of the dynamic on the show. She is kind of flapping in the wind between the two camps, trying to have fun when the other girls are clearly making allegiances *against* each other, which is something she probably doesn’t want to participate in. So she’s trying to find a way to ‘exist happily’ in the trenches of that crap.

  10. Nancy says:

    I’m watching last weeks OC, who is Vicki to be pissed off at Don for drinking too much at Peggy’s party and embarrassing HER. Are you kidding me? Vicki gets drunk all the time and makes an ass out of herself (and her family). At least Jill is nice to Bobby.
    I have to give her that much. But Vicki is down right mean to Don. It’s rather hard to watch.

    • ihearttalavera says:

      Bawby is the one with the money, so Jill has to be nice to him.

      I wonder if Vicki would be nicer to Don if he were the one with more money. Something to ponder.

      • Cusi77 says:

        Another thing to ponder is that Bawby is a father figure and Ron is a son figure… perhaps?

        • ihearttalavera says:

          Ewwww, good. I think you’re on to something. Once the respect goes, so does the s-e-x. Don does act very immature.

          • SweetValley says:

            Still no reason for her to treat him like the bottom of her shoe. She’s absolutely disgusting towards him. If the spark is gone, and you don’t want it back, end the relationship.

            • ihearttalavera says:


            • Cusi77 says:

              SweetValley_ The way that Vicky treats almost everyone is like you describe… the bottom of her shoe, she does not have any respect for her husband or kids or employees, friends, she is uuuuuup, up there… is hard to like her!

  11. lillybee says:

    BTW, on the best song thread, I accidentally discovered that I could vote more than once.

  12. Nancy says:

    Why is Gretchen wearing the same sweater/hair/make-up/ear rings in EVERY talking head interview since the beginning of the season?

    • Adgirl says:

      I think it’s hysterical that she doesn’t carry her own brand handbag. I only saw her do it the episode she did the shopping channel pitch.
      Maybe she has used it more, but I don’t recall seeing it.

      • ihearttalavera says:

        Or as Jill would put it, “See if you can figure out who wears their own clothing line and uses their own handbags! Subscribe to my newsletter to find out the truth.”

        You would think Gretchen would be smart enough to use her own bags while filming. You know she wouldn’t be caught dead with that crap in “real” life.

        • Adgirl says:

          I did just see that she was holding it when she brought Slade’s mom home. Maybe I dislike her so much I don’t see them. LOL.

          • ihearttalavera says:

            Ha! Maybe. Plus it’s hard to notice anything but her huge hair and big, freakishly-white teeth.

  13. cabbie413 says:

    who’s going to be on WWHL tonight? I’ve already missed 30 minutes of apprentice..gah! I got caught up watching Survivor

  14. Smompy says:


    “This is new to Jim and I’s relationship.”

    Effing moron.

  15. SweetValley says:

    ROTFLMAO @ the picture frame falling off the wall as John Rich tells the camera Star Jones would want to date him if he weren’t married.

  16. FLG says:

    Gotta catch up on some things around the house. Will try to check in later. If not, sweet dreams to everyone. It’s been a fun filled day spending it with you all. Kota, I am very happy that Leo is doing better!

    • kotagirl29 says:

      Thanks FLG!

      I should tell you all that he thinks we are nuts for investing so much time on these shows (and I’m not supposed to tell you he has been watching reruns with me on Bravo all day). He got pretty involved himself, of course if I tried to type his comments, I would end up in WordPress Death Row! It got COLORFUL earlier.

      • ihearttalavera says:

        My husband thinks I’m nuts too. I think he’s thrilled I’ve found IHJZ so he doesn’t have to listen to me go on about it anymore!

        It’s just a nice break from reality and great to chat with everyone.

      • AZ Girl says:

        As part of Leo’s therapy he needs to comment here. He will feel so much better. IHJZ is good for the heart. Let him know I said so. 🙂

        • ihearttalavera says:

          Yes, I l-o-v-e COLORFUL!

          • kotagirl29 says:

            We got in trouble. The nurse ratted us out for being loud and making his monitor beep, my sister (Terry) yelled at both of us. Although I think she was secretly happy because he was acting more like himself.

            • ihearttalavera says:

              That is so great to hear, kota. I agree your sister had to have been secretly happy.

              Do you guys ever watch Daniel Tosh (Tosh.0) on Comedy Central? He has an hour comedy special that he filmed in Orange County airing on CC now. My husband and I watched it today. Very inappropriate, colorful humor. I think you and Leo might love it.

              • kotagirl29 says:

                No I haven’t watched it but I will be sure to catch it. I think Daniel Tosh is freakin hilarious! Leo isn’t allowed to stay home alone while Terry goes to work so we will have plenty of time to watch lots of inappropriate TV together.

        • kotagirl29 says:

          I will tell him AZ. I know this place is great for my sanity, or is it insanity?!?! Ha ha.

  17. lillybee says:

    Who are the finalists on Survivor?

  18. boston02127 says:

    I had to log on and see if I heard this right. Alexis had a list of 150 requirements for a husband and ended up with Jim?

  19. Adgirl says:

    Ummm Peggy, Just because it’s not a competition for you doesn’t mean it isn’t a competition for Alexis.

  20. Smompy says:

    lol Joel McHale described the O.C. gals as barbie dolls that are melting.

  21. housewifeaddict says:

    It’s nice to see the four ladies get along without drama.

  22. Adgirl says:

    When the women are walking on the “cobblestoned” Gretchen has a teeney handbag when she slips. At the restaurant it’s huge.

  23. housewifeaddict says:

    Zamboni !!

  24. AZ Girl says:

    Someone needs to tell Alexis to STFU! She is just amazingly stupid and a bigot.
    “Oh all those lesbians/gays who marry are going to have to answer to god”. Alexis god has not left you in charge here on earth to judge. Stop worrying about the gay marriage and pay your bills.

    If I see Peggy’s boob veins one more time I am going to vomit.

    • ihearttalavera says:

      I can’t handle the veins. Cover that crap UP.

      “Stop worrying about the gay marriage and pay your bills.” Amen, sister!

    • boston02127 says:

      She’s a such a self rightous bit*h.

      • ihearttalavera says:

        Amen and hallelujah.

        When she calls herself Jesus Barbie or Christian Barbie or whatever she says, I want to throw the remote at the tv.

    • lillybee says:

      I don’t think that God cares about teh gay, Alexis.

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Yes she is. Deep sigh. I wonder if this is the way she was before Jim – or is it his influence.

    • FLG says:

      I apologize in advance, but reading this post it appears that Alexis Bellino has pushed my button that is clearly labeled DO NOT PUSH!

      Alexis, let me tell you something. It’s non of your damn business who I am sleeping with. I am not on television. My hubs and I have been together for 17 years now. We have faced many challenges together along the way. In this country we ARE second class citizens, and lucky to even rate second class status due MAINLY to BIGOTS like you! Do you know how many rights are denied us that you take for granted? Do you and Jim have to carry and pay for TWO separate individual health insurance policies? Do you realize that we don’t have a right to each other’s Social Security benefits? Do you know that if one of us gets sick that the other one may not AUTOMATICALLY be able to visit the other in the hospital? Do you CARE? Do you know that we were born gay, we are gay and that we will die gay? It IS the way our brains are WIRED. We cannot change that. YOUR BIGOTRY and HYPOCRISY on the other hand CAN be changed. Are you loving your neighbor as you love yourself? Are you making sure that your clothing is not woven of more than one material? Are you making sure to not eat SHRIMP? Listen here MISSY you have just thrown a HUGE BOULDER in your soon to be repoed GLASS HOUSE.

      A MESSAGE TO ALL GAY HAIRDRESSERS, MANICURISTS, MAKE UP ARTISTS, and PLASTIC SURGEONS IN ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: Alexis Bellino is an anti-gay BIGOT. Do not perform any work on her or for her. This has been a public service announcement from FORT LAUDERDALE GAY!

      • nathania says:

        I know….

        people do not realize how much and in how many ways there is discrimination. I am reading a book called “Real Estate Advantages” where it says ” if you are single your capital gains exclusion (on the sale of a house) is limited to $250,000, if you are married, it’s $500,000″ which could be said to discriminate against singles but the more I delve into it the more it’s clear to me how many myriad ways that not being able to be legally married sets gay people up for discrimination.

        Tamra backpedaled on WWHL. I don’t know which one to believe, because she sounded definitive on the show, it sounded like a conviction. So I’m confused why she had such a huge change of heart.

    • nathania says:

      It’s so odd to me, that attitude.

      I mean, it’s such a bizarre sign of this ‘progress’ we have made, that back in the day it was the flamboyant hypersexual ‘gay lifestyle’ and all that hype that the bigots were fighting against, and the livers of said lifestyle along with it.

      Now it’s marriage. I mean, wtf? How does that make sense. Suddenly we are a threat not because we are dancing in the streets in assless chaps but because we want to get hitched and buy the same ugly ranch house Bob and Ted and Carol and Alice want. I don’t get it.

      • FLG says:

        It beats the hell out of me, too. Hubs and I have had serious discussions about leaving the USA and going elsewhere. I have lived in several other countries and am multi-lingual. Hubs is English speaking only. The gay rights movement was eviscerated by the HIV epidemic. We lost so many of our champions. It has taken nearly 30 years and several generations of young gays to just get back to where we were. Our own government blamed the afflicted. Shameful. Just Shameful.

        • FLG says:

          I only came back to the USA because my grandparents and parents were growing older and I dearly love(d) them and wanted to spend time with them and make their lives a bit easier for them when I could. I think I’ve been able to accomplish that.

  25. Smompy says:

    If we offered Donn a hundred bucks to do it, do you think he’d be willing to throw a retractable dog leash at Vicki’s head?

  26. Austin says:

    Methinks Eddie may be getting really fed up with Trampra and all her Simon drama!

    • AZ Girl says:

      I agree and I am getting weird vibes from Eddie

      • nathania says:

        me too…his facial expressions seem weird.

        okay, about the scene in the kitchen. Eddies’ feedback to Tamra was so perfect it almost seemed rehearsed. and then when Tamra held up the printed remark from Jeanna, that was definitely not off the cuff. That was probably the most contrived scene on any of these shows that I have seen yet.

  27. boston02127 says:

    I’m giving Alexis & Jim’s marriage till October.

    • ihearttalavera says:

      If they’re lucky. Taliban Jim is really puffing up. Anorexic Alexis cannot be happy about this.

  28. boston02127 says:

    I wonder if Gretchen is bring leftovers to the hotel for Slade. Maybe she has a little note in her purse that says “feed the monkey at midnight”.

  29. MichellefromNY says:

    How is saying your lips are bigger an insult? shouldn’t that be a complement? doesn’t everyone want big lips aka angelina jolie? Peggy, why are you picking on alexis?? Enough peggy! we get it you hate alexis. Get over yourself and stop thinking everything coming out of alexis’s mouth is against you. jeeeezzz

    • housewifeaddict says:

      It seems hard to believe that Alexis has suddenly changed – so why the sour faces from Peggy. Not that I’d be friends with either of them. Fernanda maybe. She seems interesting.

    • Austin says:

      Don’t they pay lots of $$ for these big lips? How is that an insult in their world?

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Did she say quack quack when she said it? lol I hate that look.

  30. housewifeaddict says:

    Jeana you need to stay out of Tamra’s business. Case closed.

    • Austin says:

      I know that you’re right, but I can’t stand Trampra, I’m gonna give Jeanna a pass. Like she cares – lol

  31. MichellefromNY says:

    And Tamra, you are SUCH a drama queen. Why are you saying I didn’t want to call the police but then you go ahead an do so, thus putting your ex in jail?? you’re so full of it. Go Jeana! Right on in calling out tamra’s crap. I miss you!!

    • housewifeaddict says:

      Jeana can call her out on her crap as much as she likes – but she shouldn’t go getting into the situation in the press. That’s their business – and series stuff.

      • MichellefromNY says:

        Agreed. But I guess cuz I always liked Jeana and hated trashy tamra, I’m kinda happy she busted her in the press. But you’re right, she didn’t have a right to be in tamra’s business. But then again, you have to admit, tamra is being uber overdramatic about the whole thing.

        • housewifeaddict says:

          Agreed. (and oops serious). I also hate that she gets to rip him apart on national TV, and he has to sit there and watch this.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Jenna is probably on the call list because she is an ex-housewife.

        The difference between Jenna and the other HW’s is when Jenna talks about you in the press- she allows them to ‘quote’ her.

    • nathania says:

      There is something wrong with Jeanna.

      It was obvious on her appearance on the Jackie Warner show. She comes across as completely miserable inside and on the verge of breaking into tears or imploding. She said something to that effect on the Jackie Warner show, that she wanted to die when she spent time alone. She seems like an untreated severe codependent. And it seems Tamra is trying desperately not to be this way. If the story happened like Tamra said it did at all then she did the right thing. It sounds like she wanted an incident report and unfortunately with domestic violence an arrest must be made, in some states. The encounter last season where Simon was holding Tamara close and essentially dictating, in a whisper, how she was going to act and what she was going to say, was chilling to me. There is no doubt in my mind he is an abuser and probably a closet rageaholic, just from what was shown on television. I mean, zero doubt.

      I think Jeanna is full of rationalizations, denial, minimizations about her own relationship and that’s why she is so male-identified and projects her issues onto other people and can’t mind her own business.

  32. AZ Girl says:

    Go Jeana! After everything Jeana went through with her ex-husband and that was ABUSE she is letting Tamra know she is full of BS.

    I have a feeling there is going to be a Peggy/Alexis smack down and I hope Peggy wins.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      Eh. I’m really hating on peggy. She’s just super obnoxious and such a backstabber. Alexis may be high and mighty and on her little pedestal, but she doesn’t talk smack. So while I like neither of them, Alexis is kinda growing on me.

      • housewifeaddict says:

        I can forgive stupid, but mean is just mean.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          True. It would be between Jesus Barbie and Jealous Barbie. And like the previous comment, Alex doesn’t talk bad about others for the most part.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I can’t stand Peggy either.

        I think one thing that Ramona and Alexis have taught us, is not to bring friends on the show…they will stab you in the back.

  33. Cusi77 says:

    I am late on OC ex-housewives, but Jeanna (?) is inserting herself too much in Tamra divorce?

  34. boston02127 says:

    Ohh silly Gretchen. You have a sign outside your bedroom that reads…Please wait here to be mounted. Ya slut.

  35. lillybee says:

    I think that both Peggy, OC, and Cindy, NY, should be bffs. They are both nasty pieces of work.

  36. boston02127 says:

    Tamara should of insisted on leaving her divorce off of TV.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      But then tamra wouldn’t be able to advertise her drama to the world–a narcissist’s dream.

    • Austin says:

      I agree, but unfortunately she just can’t help herself, publicity whore that she is.

  37. MichellefromNY says:

    Shut up Tamra!! WTF do you mean you want simon to have a good life, yet you have him arrested. I call BS

  38. boston02127 says:

    LOL—-Alexis said…”move over Cavalli, it’s Alexis Couture” She’s pretty confident for someone who can’t wipe her own butt without her husband.

  39. SweetValley says:

    Laurie & Jeanna look great.

  40. Cusi77 says:

    bravo for Laurie!

  41. boston02127 says:

    I want to like Jeana but when I think of her son (the oldest) and how ignorant he is, it makes me not like her.

    • SweetValley says:

      Oh I know, but I can’t pin his behavior all on her parenting.

    • Austin says:

      Jeanna makes some good points, but when the public’s frame of reference is the way she allowed both her husband to talk to her when they were married and the way we saw the oldest son speak to her, it does make one wonder what she would consider abuse.

      I hardly think Trampra was abused in this episode, although there is no excuse for a grown man to throw things in fits of temper. I just think she was uber dramatic about the whole thing and was over the top in her reaction.

      I do think Jeanna’s daughter Kara seems like a very lovely young woman.

    • Adgirl says:

      I use to like Jeana but I have come to realize that she is all talk. There is no excuse for her raising her children in a home where their father has a very serious drinking problem, nasty tempered and I expect physically aggressive.. I have seen all of her children mock and back talk her.
      She is just a door mat.
      She isn’t any less of a famewhore than any of the other cast members. I think her butting in publically is an effort to get back on the program.

      What is this “I gave them all advice..” why?? Are you a lawyer or marriage counselor.


      • nathania says:

        yeah, that was really strange.

        the part about ruining his life, too.
        there is truth to what she said about what a felony can do but it sounds like Jeanna is screamingly codependent and is projecting her over responsibility onto Tamara.

  42. boston02127 says:

    Did you see when Tamara went in the court house, she said “I made Eddie wait in the car”. When she walked out at the bottom of the screen it said 3 hours later.

    If my boyfriend had me wait in a car for 3 hours he had better be fighting a fire & saving children and kittens.

  43. boston02127 says:

    Alexis is on the phone doing damage control after her bigoted words of wisdom.

  44. Austin says:

    Laurie looks less plastic facially. Her face still doesn’t move at all, but she looks a little more real than she used to look.

    • Mt says:

      Her face doesn’t move AT ALL. It’s a little weird.

      • NMhousewife says:

        Does Laurie have a scar above her lip? It almost looks like a corrected cleft palate. Anyone know?

        I really like Laurie and both she and Jeanna come across very intelligent in their answers. At first I thought Jeanna was meddling where she should not have, but after hearing what she said, I am not as annoyed about it. Though overall she should have stayed out of it as Tamara is hardly a close friend to give advice to.

        • Nancy says:

          I’m pretty sure she has (had) a “hair lip”.
          Can’t tell with the cleft palate from the outside but they usually have both.

      • Austin says:

        It’s always freaked me out. I’ve never had any, but I’m 46 and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a little botox or whatever, but these women just overdue it. So much of peoples’ personalities are evident in their facial expressions and it’s like some of these women are just walking, talking plastic dolls. My husband and sons, who all appreciate pretty women, think this plastic, frozen face thing is very unattractive.

  45. MichellefromNY says:

    I like this game! so happy to know what happened to past cast members

  46. boston02127 says:

    Since I moved upstairs I can’t get it right. I’ve change the living room around so many times and I’m so uncomfortable. Esp being on the computer. My b/f was here helping….WITH HIS MEASURING TAPE that I wanted to throw out the window.
    He was driving me nuts. I’d say lets just try this and out would come the measuring tape! He left a little while ago to his condo and he’s working 3rd this week. I’m going to move furniture around. Without a measuring tape! Good night everyone.

  47. Adgirl says:

    Living in Arizona? Is that what we are calling it these days?

    • AZ Girl says:

      Yes I know. The last thing you want to be a drunk and driving is AZ. First offense will cost you about 10K or more after legal fees and counseling.

      Second offense is jail. Amazingly there are so many volunteer driving groups that will pick you up from anywhere and drive you home if you are drunk for For FREE! No excuse.

      • Nancy says:

        AZ Girl,
        Thats interesting. I wonder if the DUI/accident/ER “stats” are different because of that law? Sure wish Calif would sign on.

  48. SweetValley says:

    I like Fernanda but she had a thing for Tamra and that turns me off. lol

  49. chismosa says:

    hi everyone- did someone post the link to the NY post article today saying they are going to (possibly) replace the ENTIRE cast of RHNY?
    sorry i’m catching up on like 4 blogs’ comments but wanted to quickly see if this was discussed! Breaking new!

    • chismosa says:

      Breaking News is what i meant

    • SweetValley says:

      Yes, I believe someone posted it earlier.

    • We discussed it on the previous blog. What do you think? I think they will definitely make cast changes if RHONY is renewed but I don’t think they will replace the entire cast. That’s too drastic.

      • chismosa says:

        i can’t believe it– wow. i have so much catching up to do here re: NY- (i dont watch OC) but i honestly think if they kept Sonja and dropped everyone else and added people who Sonja really used to hang out with, we’re talking true billionaires here- then that would be interesting.
        Alex – i wish her a new show with Simon & family.
        Ramona – to new ventures, a business how-to show? something.. fashion business? she has been in that field for decades
        I just think it could be a great new show with new cast. I honestly would miss Ramoner though. Alex and Ramona and Sonja are the only ones i care for.

        • lovemamaearth says:

          I enjoy Simon and Alex but I don’t see them having enough action to have a show on their own.

      • Adgirl says:

        Jill will certainly still be around – the one every loves to hate.

        • chismosa says:

          i don’t love hating her anymore. I used to, now i am just so incredibly emotionally spent over hating her. I want her out. I want her to suffer. The best way for her to suffer is to be let go of the show and for NOBODY in the world to care about her anymore . I don’t want to enjoy watching her on the show every week, even if she is evil and malicious and is called out on it. I want her gone. I need a divorce.
          i want other fresh meat on and i want peace for team S.A.R. or the ‘Blondes’

        • Jill makes great TV because she is a troublemaker and a drama queen but I wonder if Bravo has finally had it with her. She has accused them of ruining her image last season, she allegedly shopped around a reality show while she is still under contract with Bravo and she threatened to hire lawyers over poll results on WWHL. I’m sure there are more things that she has done behind the scenes. It will be interesting to see what they do with Jill.

  50. Adgirl says:

    Alexis was wearing Kelly Bensimon’s shorts bullriding.

  51. Nancy says:

    If only dreams came true…
    If I was Andy I’d fire Jill And KooKoo and hire Bethenny back!
    Could you even imagine?

    • Adgirl says:

      Great idea for us but we like Bethenny because she is sane. Too sane to agree to that.
      I love BEA. I think next year will be her final season of reality tv. She doesn’t need it anymore.

  52. lillybee says:

    During their dinner with Tamara and Eddie, I loved it when Donn told Vicki not to be rude.

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