IHJZ Real Housewives of Orange County / Watch What Happens Live

The Real Housewives of Orange County/Watch What Happens Live

Vicki Gunvalson should have left the show before it jumped the shark!   Make no mistakes, this show has lost all of its appeal.  Seeing Jeana and Laurie on Watch What Happens actually reminds me of what it used to be.  It continues to open with the line, “7  Million families live in gated communities”.  What the hell does that have to do with this show?   These women are not wealthy by the standards that the show originally started with.  Vicki lives in Cota de Casa but she works her tail off to maintain the lifestyle. She’s not refined, she’s not worldly, she has no class, her talking head interviews bring her class level to a zero.  She calls Jim Bellino a “smelly dork”, doesn’t know how to appreciate fine dining and is completely inappropriate with young men. 

Vicki apparently needs to spank herself, she was surfing the web at work, a crime that I’m sure would result in a spanking for any one of her employees.  Vicki learns on line that Simon was arrested and she immediately calls Tamra. 

Tamra’s story is that Simon brought the dog back after walking it, he knocked on the door and his son answered the door.  Simon walked in and threw the dog’s leash (with the dog still attached) at Tamra, it hit her in the arm.  She called the police simply to file a report and didn’t want him arrested but the cops arrested him anyway.   For the record, Simon denies throwing anything and says he simply brought the dog home to Tamra.  It is interesting how the police were never called and there were no incidents before filming began.  In the end there was no evidence that Simon did anything wrong and all charges were dropped.

I’m obviously not an advocate for men abusing women but I simply don’t believe Tamra’s story.  Something or someone angered Simon enough to get him to throw the leash, there is no mark on Tamra’s arm and the lease was a little plastic thing.  Was Tamra truly afraid for her safety? Or was she just angry at Simon?  I have to guess that they had an argument and they were both angry resulting in Simon throwing the leash and Tamra calling police.  They were both immature and irresponsible to act the way that they did in front of their children. 

Eddie Judge, the big guy with the big muscles says that the dog leash was “heavy”.  Really Eddie?  It was plastic folks!  Apparently Tamra can’t drive to the courthouse by herself, yet she’s a strong independent woman.  Eddie drives her but then is asked to stay in the car, naturally there are no cameras in the courtroom but on screen as Tamra emerges unsuccessful  we read, “Three Hours Later”.  Tamra says she’s worried that Eddie is  going to bail on this relationship because of all the divorce drama but its clear Eddie isn’t going anywhere as long as those cameras are rolling.

Jeana is right, if Tamra was successful in getting Simon indicted for assault he may have lost his job and his ability to support his children, it may have made it difficult for him to find other employment.  Jeana is also right that Tamra loves drama and she knew that her naked sex scene with her new boyfriend would only take her so far in the season, if she doesn’t continue to create drama she’ll lose her place on the show. 

Jeana meets with Tamra.  Jeana tries to reason with the crazy woman.  Jeana had a great point, Simon was gone there was no immediate danger, she admits she isn’t physically afraid of him yet she called the police.  Tamra also admitted that just like Jeana said, it wasn’t Jeana who spoke to the press, Simon talked to the press and quoted Jeana.  Besides that the press doesn’t always print the truth, we all know that.  I have to agree with Jeana’s Facebook post that the tape on Tamra’s mouth should be permanent. 

Tamra’s dramatics later at home with Eddie was more acting for the cameras even Eddie’s responses seemed rehearsed and staged.  For those of you who miss All My Children, just watch Tamra and Eddie in that scene. 

The always classless Vicki is sitting in a fine dining restaurant and suggests that Eddie must have had diarrhea because he leaves the table for so long when in fact he was just sick of hearing Tamra talk about her ex-husband.   As soon as Eddie returns Tamra proceeds to talk about Simon again and Jeana Keough’s text message.   Vicki is quick to jump on Jeana, the same one she turned to when the other ladies called Vicki out on her bullshit last season, including Tamra.  Vicki has absolutely no loyalty to anyone. 

For the record at hockey games they use a Zamboni and there is no way in hell they’d ever let Vicki DRIVE it, she may have been offered a chance to ride on it but never drive it.  If any of you ever have the chance to ride on the Zamboni, I’d recommend you pass, it is cool for about 30-seconds then it is really boring, a little bit awkward and very cold! 

Four of the housewives travel to San Antonio Texas, they shop, they drink, they take a walk, they eat, they drink, they ride a mechanical bull, they drink, they dance in a club that has live real bulls and they drink some more.  Gretchen falls on her ass because her heels are too high.

Peggy was hanging on Alexis’ every word in a desperate attempt to try to find something to criticize Alexis about or be angry at her about.  Peggy is offended that Alexis says Peggy has bigger lips, says that Alexis is eating more than she’s ever seen her eat, makes fun of Alexis riding a horse and the bull, Peggy said that Alexis was making everything into a competition.  In fact it seems to be Peggy who is turning everything into a competition.   Peggy also insinuated that Alexis could be tempted to cheat on her husband.  Its official, Peggy is a bitch!

Gretchen asks the married ladies how they knew that  their husband was the right guy.  Peggy goes on to list money, money, money.   Peggy wouldn’t have married her fantastic husband who she loves with all her heart if he had no money.   Peggy says he not only has to have money, he has to have his own business, own his own home and have no roommates.  I wonder how her wonderful husband feels about what his wife announced on national television.

Gretchen admits she didn’t invite Tamra or Vicki because she just wanted to have fun and no arguing.  I have to agree with Gretchen, there is no doubt in my mind that had Vicki and Tamra joined the women in Texas there would have been fighting, drama and arguing.   The Texas scenes were pretty boring, maybe next time she should invite the rest of the mean girls. 

Watch What Happens Live 

Guests, former Orange County Housewives, Laurie Peterson and Jeana Keough

Jeana and Laurie both need professional stylists, I wasn’t a fan of Jeana’s dress, along with the cross she was wearing it looked like she was attempting to come off as a nun. 

Laurie needs some support for her girls so the tube top look isn’t working for her, even Andy thought she had a breast reduction because they were just sort of stuffed into that top and flattened. 

Andy talked about Alexis’ comment about gay marriage.  Alexis actually made three comments total, the one that was most offensive basically said that her religion doesn’t approve of Fernanda’s lifestyle or acknowledge her marriage.  Later she said that Jesus wouldn’t be angry with her for dancing with Fernanda and that Fernanda would have to answer to God in Heaven because of her lifestyle.

Alexis called into the show and did a bit of double talking but in the end she did admit she was wrong and completely embarrassed about her comments.  I have to give her credit for that, we’ve seen so many housewives trying to lie about what they said or what they meant, they will try to cover their tracks or backpeddle.  Alexis did a bit of that but in the end she did the right thing in calling the show and owning up to her comments.    

Tonight’s poll question:  Whose side are you on?  Tamra or Jeana? 

Laurie told us that she thought Jeana should mind her own business and that she personally had the same problem with Jeana, I would have liked Andy to ask her to expand on that but Laurie’s comments were obviously upsetting to Jeana and it seemed awkward between the two women after that.

I used to like Laurie but I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled the way she threw Jeana under the bus, or that she said her life was still a fairytale when in fact we know from the internet reports that there is trouble in paradise with Laurie’s step daughter.  Finally the shoes, ok fine if you have that much money to spend on shoes go for it but don’t pretend like you don’t want to reveal the price but then admit that they’re between $3,000 and $4,000.     

The Poll results were  74% in favor of Tamra – obviously I’m in the 26%, I was really surprised that more people didn’t see through Tamra’s bad acting job. 

Coming up Thursday on Watch What Happens Live Andy welcomes Gail King and next Sunday, Gretchen will perform live.  I’m guessing they’ll add another guest to sit alongside Gretchen. 

Andy showed a preview of tonight’s Real Housewives of New York, it wasn’t anything we hadn’t seen before, a portion of this scene was already released but it certainly makes you want to watch, doesn’t it?  Remember it is a full 90 minutes to make sure to tune in 30-minutes early!

IHJZ/ The Celebrity Apprentice/Mob Wives May 15, 2011

The Celebrity Apprentice by Quincy IL

Three previous winners of “The Celebrity Apprentice”: Joan Rivers. Brent Michaels and Pierce Morgan will interview the four candidates and two of the four will be fired after the recommendations are reviewed by Mr. Trump.

John Rich is the first to be interviewed. He is asked who he would chuck under the bus and his answer is Meat Loaf.  John stated that Marlee Matlin raised over a million dollars and she is the strongest candidate for that reason. John believes that his greatest strength is his writing skills, but that does not impress the judges.  He is asked if he could compete with his friend Lil John and he adamantly says, “Yes.”

Lil John is interviewed. He makes an error and says that Marlee is a stronger candidate than he is. He notes the amount of money Marlee raised and says that he is being honest. The judges feel he is too laid back. 

Marlee feels that she is a strong candidate and that she believes John Rich should be the other person that leads a team in the final competition. Pierce Morgan feels her hearing disability is actually strength.

Meat Loaf is asked to explain why he has been so emotional and he says that is who he is. He tries not to show emotion, but fails.

Mr. Trump accepts the judges’ recommendations and he fires Lil John and then Meatloaf after giving them both compliments.  Marlee and John Rich have competed against each other twice before and each one had one of the competitions. They are very happy and celebrate, but both know that tomorrow they will be adversaries.

The next morning Mr. Trump meets with John Rich and Marlee Matlin if the lobby of Trump Towers to explain the final challenge. An executive from 7 up is there to ask both team leaders to design a retro campaign for a 7 up which has sugar like the drink from the 70s and 80s.  The Harlem Globe Trotters (a traveling basketball team) and Def Leppard (a band) will help with the task. Marlee chose The Harlem Globe Trotters.

They will use creativity to design a can and a package for in store display; design and produce a retro commercial; launch a live retro event; and include their charity in the project. 

7up gives each of the two charities $50,000 before any competition begins.  A group of team mates who were fired came back to help and the team leaders pick people they feel will help them most.  Marlee picks Meat Loaf, Richard Hatch and La Toya Jackson.  John Rich picks Lil John, Star Jones and Mark McGraff.

Marlee’s team will incorporate the 70s clothes and  ask Jeffry Holder, a representative of the 7up company who made commercials for the company in the 70s, to sell the product for a retro feel.  Marlee will dress in period cloths and help make a commercial.  Meat Loaf, an icon from the 70s, will have a wig on and become himself again.  La Toya is transformed into a super hero and she is filmed.  They talk about disco balls and a boom box.

John Rich’s team will work with items and people from the 80’s and they decide to ask Dee Snider who was Twisted Sister to be in their commercial. Dee has to get permission to cut off his mustache as he has a contract to keep it when he is on Broadway in a play. He gets permission for this charity fundraiser and will transform himself into a 80s icon for the challenge.  They will use icons like Madonna in their 80s retro scenes.

Both teams work on the 7 up cans and packaging.  John Rich’s can had zebra stripes in black and white but the label is small.  Marlee uses green and white and there are drawings of people in her graphics.   She rejects the boom box after Meat Loaf leaves to get props and costumes, but when he returns, he gives her a hard time over her decision.

Both teams go to their sound stage, but the men’s team is better organized.  Star has created a schedule and taken care of graphics.  John Rich has problems with the stage manager of Death Leopard. John Rich wants a drummer to use a drum, but the manager says, “No.”  John Rich tells him it’s for charity and if he has to, he will play that drum himself.

Marlee’s concept may not be possible.  Jeffrey Holder’s lawyer won’t let him sign a release for the commercial.  He has been the employee of 7 up in the past so if the commercial were to be used, there would be financial issues that might arise. The script for Jeffrey Holder is missing and Meat Loaf is angry about the contract issues. He threatens to throw a phone across the room while Marlee tells the camera that they will have to come up with another idea.

Next week is the finale.

Mob Wives by Quincy IL

Renee Graziano, Drita Davanze, Karen Gravono and Carla Facciolo are in Manhattan for a girls’ night out at Juliet Supper Club.  The club has candles and the ladies describe the room as beautiful.  They sit at a table waiting for the waiter to attend to them.  Renee is peeved.  Finally Salvadore, the waiter, takes their order of Patron and Vodka.

They describe their body issues. Renee believes in plastic surgery and liposuction. The other women believe in eating correctly and exercise. 

Renee goes to another table and addresses the men.  She tells them that her father is Sammy the Bull and they are shocked. She dances with a man shorter than herself and he seems interested in her, but her mind is on her ex-husband and what he would think of her dancing with this man in this way. Drita is annoyed with Renee.

The next day on Staten Island, we see snow on the ground.   Karen has come to Drita’s home and they are reminiscing.  They discuss their meeting and their friendship.  Driata is married to Karen’s ex-boyfriend of 7 years, Lee. Karen started dating lee at 15 years of age. They broke up and within the year, Drita began dating Lee, married him and eventually had two little girls. Drita thinks it will be good therapy for Karen to write a book about her life.  On the surface, they are friends.

Renee and Nikole, her friend, go to a plastic surgeon where Renee is to have laser skin rejuvenation.  She lies on her back and he proceeds to remove her skin to the point that gauze covers her face to absorb all of the blood that is seeping out.  Renee smells her flesh burning. The plastic surgeon confirms that he smells it too.

Carla goes to Renee’s house to find her face horribly red and scabbed.  Renee’s son is mad at her for doing that and he won’t look at her.  Carla has trouble looking at her, but Renee is on national TV to share what she looks like with us.

At Karen’s apartment, Karen is on the phone with the father of her daughter in Arizona.  This man, Karen’s mother and Karen’s brother are watching her daughter, Karina.  Karen misses her daughter and she tells her ex-boyfriend that she is going to start dating. He is unhappy with that.  Karen does not want to alienate the father of her daughter, but he is not the man that she wants to spend the rest of her life with because he has gone to prison and might go again. That is not the life she wants for herself or her daughter.

At Carla’s House, Drita discusses Carla’s happiness with a man she has dated for over one year while her husband is in prison.  Carla says that her husband is OK with this and they are not going to be together when he gets out. Last week, she wanted his help with the children and blamed him for the misbehavior of their son. Carla knows that her boyfriend is the love of her life. The children love him, but we also know the children think their father is away at work. Drita’s husband Lee would not be happy if Drita started dating someone else.

Karen’s cousin, Rena, visits her at her apartment.  She is helping Karen with the time line of her book. In 1986, Karen’s father, Sammy the Bull, became an underboss (the second in command) in the Gambino Crime Family. He handled the business end and was arrested 1990.  In 1992, he became a rat. Karen was 19 when this happened and she wanted street respect so she started dealing meth and dated Lee, a criminal.  

Drita tells us that Lee says bad things about Karen and calls Karen’s family, a rat family.  When Karen brings up Lee, Drita says it bothers her.

It is Drita’s birthday and her cousin is doing her hair and makeup. This female cousin will also babysit so Drita can go to Giselle, a club, in a black limousine with friends.  She drinks so much tequila and vodka that she blacks out and has no memory of her party. She says she drank to forget that Lee is not with her. When he was home, he would buy her gifts and always did special things for her on her birthday.

The next day, Drita is hung over and in her bed. She tells Carla that she did not remember how she got home. Carla helped her to her door. Drita will go back to sleep. She mentions that she is a mother.

Karen and Carla are at the gym and Carla is coaching Karen on exercise and diet. They also discuss a “loaf of bread” and why that is important in the man Karen will date.

Karen, in an interview, again discusses the issue of Lee and Drita dating.  We have heard this over and over.  Karen thinks it is not loyal of Drita to date her ex.

Drita is home doing her nails when Lee calls. Drita now misses Lee and regrets their fight. She tells him Karen is writing a book and he will be in it. He goes off on Karen and there is a lot of bleeping. Drita ends the call with “I love you.”

Karen goes to Renee’s home to discuss the Drita and Lee situation. Renee, of course, agrees that loyalty is the most important thing on the planet Earth. If a friend of 20 years ago dated Renee’s ex, she would be angry. Karen is going to address the issue with Drita.

Karen and Drita meet at Drita’s home that evening and they discuss the issue. Drita is annoyed and says that Karen must trust her, not to beat her up. Drita is holding it together and she tells Karen that Lee does not want to be in Karen’s book. Drita will not apologize for dating Lee.  Karen calls Lee, a scumbag. Drita reminds Karen that this is the home of Lee’s children. The issue was on the table, but was not resolved. 

Next week the four women get in a cat fight and try to scratch each other’s eyes out.

The following link describes the suffering of people who had loved one murdered by the families of the Mob wives.  It describes how they feel about the women making money off the death of their family members.


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307 Responses to IHJZ Real Housewives of Orange County / Watch What Happens Live

  1. error404 says:

    I’m disturbed. Caro is just a bully, like Jill with less tears. And like Jill and her flying monkeys, Caro and her flying monkeys were deathly dull when not bullying.

    Bethenny and Teressa were the breakout stars, but they couldn’t be more different. Ter isn’t funny, she’s violent. She’s just marginally better than an animal. Most normal people would be ashamed had they lost their rag and flipped a table in a restaurant. But Bravo made Ter a hero, even making up little promo ads with her flipping a table.

    So what has Bravo decided to focus it’s 3rd season on? Ter’s violent family, the only people in NJ animal enough to take on animal Ter. So now we have a family breaking out into a brawl at a baby christening offered to us as “entertainment”.

    I don’t get it. Are we suppose to feel superior to them because we’ve civilized and know how to eat with a fork, or are we suppose to admire them because we too punch our in-laws in the face at family events?

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Animals can be trained, Teresa can not be trained. But I am going to give it a chance because family pushes buttons like nobody’s business and maybe we will see Teresa’s head explode. Caroline can say whatever she wants but her vision of family isn’t one I admire either.

    • lovemamaearth says:

      Teresa is a breakout criminal.

      I’m not sure how much Vicki really works.

      Sad if Simon is abusive especially for the kids. And Horrible if he isn’t abusive and she called the cops. I do understand her wanting it on record. Simon throwing things at her in front of the kids is teaching them how to treat her. Hard call imo.

      I’m still digesting the positive review of Sonja. I’ll try to keep an open mind in future episodes, but right now it seems like a stretch. Not a personal attack, jmho. And I’m not sure we can lump the French together, not liking themselves. And Sonja isn’t French. I am on the blond team, so maybe I’ll be converted.

      Thanks for all the good reviews, Q and L.

    • Kellita says:

      I guess they learned that the NJ fighting episodes were the highest rated, so we’ll get much of that this season with Teresa’s highly dysfunctional family. You’ve got to wonder how she and her bro were raised. Her parents seem so meek & mild in their scenes- but they must have been pieces of work to raise such physical kids. What a bunch of wackos.

      I’m not looking forward to watching Caro cry as her two twenty-something sons move into an apartment down the road. For Pete’s sake!!

    • kbinldo says:

      To make matters worse, this year, they give her a f’n GUN!

  2. AZ Girl says:

    Lynn, I agree with you 100% about Jeana. I really thought she had a great point about Simon and his arrest and how it will effect his ability to keep his job. I was shocked at Laurie saying that Jeana should mind her own business on WWHL. Jeana has been through an abusive marriage and has made mistakes with her first husband but she has learned some valuable lessons along the way. Tamara is a moron. After last night I am more convinced that Eddie is just in this relationship for the camera. That kitchen scene was really forced.

    Andy was PISSED at Alexis for the anti-gay marriage comment. Alexis blog is up and it is one long apology to the gay community. She really came through as a bigot last night.

    Finally, as I commented last night if I see Peggy boob veins one more time I will vomit. So gross.

    • error404 says:

      I assume Jenna is helping defend Simon because no one will listen to him since he’s not a housewife.

      I think the poll results are just about americans being obsessed with “keep out of my business”. Especially when it comes to a marriage. Nobody likes a buttinski. Believe me, if Simon really were abusing Tamra and she was hiding it and Jenna exposed Simon as the villain, people would still be telling Jenna to shut up and mind her own beeswax. Look at Peggy and Alexis. Every time Peggy criticizes Jim, no one is like “poor Alexis”, most people are like “Shut up Peggy”.

      • HD says:

        “Nobody likes a buttinski”.

        I agree. Especially when it comes to marriage because you never truly know what is going on unless you are in that household. I stay out of people’s marriages. My sister is married to someone that I do not particularly like but she loves him. They have been married 15 years. You know what I do? I stay out of it. It is not my business to insert myself into my sister’s marriage. If she wants to put up with foolishness, go right ahead. It has nothing to do with me. Short of her life being in danger or something like that (which it hasn’t been), I will mind my own business.

        • nathania says:


          and in your case, it would just be talking, not going to the press and getting things published here and there.

    • Sus says:

      Opps, I forgot about Tamara, the abused wife. I remember when this happened and Simon, Tamara and Jeana were posting about it on Facebook. Claims like Tamara take away from real abuse situations. I’m glad the charges were dropped against Simon.

      I never thought Simon was that bad. He didn’t want his wife dressing like a hooker on TV. He got embarrassed when Tamara acted ridiculous on TV. Can’t say that Mr. Sus wouldn’t be the same way. I can’t help but wonder if Tamara dumped him because of financial troubles instead of his “controlling ways”. She did say on the reunion show that they were having troubles before their youngest was conceived so maybe I’m wrong about this.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        Tamara can choose to act and dress anyway she wants. Simon is not in the picture, except where the children are involved. She has enough rope to hang herself and eventually she will and won’t understand what happened when and if he decides to go for full custody.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        The problem with Simon is that he picked Tamra when she was dressing like that. Then he belittled her into a mold of his choice. If he’d been successful and if they’d stayed together, he would have tired of her and gone looking for another 30something to put starch in his sock.

      • boston02127 says:

        @Sus–I agree and I’ve always thought the same thing about Simon. He had his hands full with Tamara.

        • Powell says:

          And remember, Simon could control Tamra until she met Vicki who told her she needed to be strong, independent and not let Simon hold her back.
          Truthfully I do believe that Simon had been verbally abusive to Tamra for many years before the Housewives. The show and other influences made Tamra see that she didn’t have to live like that. I believe that she has always dressed the way she does and talked the way she does but that she pushed it to a different level to be rebellious to Simon, asserting herself.

          • Dwight Schrute says:

            My guess is they’ve been verbally abusive to each other, not just Simon towards Tamara.

            • Sus says:

              That’s how I see it too Dwight. To involve the police was absurd. Tamra just wanted to make sure she had drama to televise.

              • Powell says:

                I’m not particularly fond of Tamra and we did see how she spoke to Simon, so I agree that she was also probably abusive towards him before the Housewives, but if that man hit her in any way she did the right thing by calling the police. Abusers take things to a different level when they feel they are being pushed. Like someone said on here we saw what was done to Nicole Simpson Brown and we heard the frantic police calls she made. Parents can’t take care of their kids if they are dead or in jail.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I miss Jeana on the show.

      Obviously everyone in real life- so to that extent on these shows as well has their qualities and bad. Some of them are much more extreme and obvious and there are only a handful of housewife’s IMO seem more tolerable than the rest.

      Jeana in someways reminds me of a military wife and suffers under this sense of duty. For many years she subjected herself and her children to a husband who’s personality was effected by a traumatic brain injury, alcoholism and ego.
      It’s hard to leave someone when they are sick.

      I also think she is one of those people who see’s two steps ahead, my husband Aunt through marriage (and still by love) was married to his Uncle who was a COL in the U.S. Army. He was suspected of having an affair with one of his subordinates (and they were right) but DH’s Aunt refused to admit that she was thought it true even though she was going to end the marriage because in the end, they would have busted him down in rank- and perhaps discharged him which in the end would effect her alimony. They also had two sons she also wanted to protect from the scrutiny.

      I have a hard time believing Tamra for many reasons but the most offensive of all is her instance that she wanted to protect her children.

      If it wasn’t for Simon’s refusal those kids would still be on that show – and I don’t believe children should be on reality tv for numerous reasons. (Kinda OT- which is one of the reasons why I hope that Alex and Simon don’t get a Little Kids-Big City spin off-*ducks and hides*).

      Tamra wasn’t interested in protecting them when she appeared naked and chained in a No H8 campaign with a woman that she was later revealed to have cheated on her husband with. Or with a man (Eddie) who despite being in the campaign openly uses gay slurs.

      She wasn’t interested in protecting them when she was naked in a tub and having foreplay with her lover.

      She wasn’t interested in protecting them when she was a human shooter glass.

      She protests that she wanted something on record because people shouldn’t argue and throw things. Yet, we know she will yell at Jeana- throw a letter in her face- and shove her in a pool.

      I know I have rambled here…and the conclusion is..Tamra is either a liar or a hypocrite…or most likely both. I can’t stand her.

      • kitkat says:

        I agree with everything you wrote. Tamra is the worst, but Simon picked her to be his wife and the mother of his children way-back-when. He knew what she was like, he sat quietly by and allowed her to get a guest at his party so drunk that she would barely be able to throw her disgusting son off of her. She intentionally set out to hurt an unsuspecting human being in HER OWN HOME, and Simon let her. SHe is scum, but he picked scum to marry. You reap what you sow.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Oh, I agree. He picked her and now he is paying for it.
          But every time Simon tried to keep a lid on her vileness, he got accused of trying to control her.

          I don’t think women like her and Teresa need husbands, they need corrections officers.

  3. Sus says:

    Alexis is a piece of work. It always cracks me up when “Christians” are so judgmental.

    I don’t care that she called into WWHL to say she was embarrassed by her gay comments. I thought it was damage control not that she changed her mind about gays. So gross, especially with her opening lines “My body is sinful”.

    I do believe Alexis is now my most hated housewife. I’ll take Silex’s pretentiousness over this woman’s idiotic mouth. She is coming across as pathetic and ridiculous this season. Cutting the dress up and saying all that crap about how she is the boss. Crying because she is at a dinner party by herself. Attacking gay marriage. Alexis, you suck!

    • quincyil says:

      Alexis has a lot of issues. I think her husband wants her off the show.

      • klmh says:

        I agree. She isn’t the brightest star in the firmament, and she believes what someone else tells her. I don’t think she thinks for herself. She is not a malignant soul to me, just a little naive.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        And I think he is right for a change!

      • glammedupthug says:

        I think Jim is having second thoughts about having Alexis on the show because not only is she starting to show her true colors but his too. He has some very questionable money-making practices and they seem to have dueling reputations in OC. Google them and you’ll find more than the perfect Christian couple. Jim’s photo shoot direction of Alexis was gross, yet not surprising.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          The way he kept trying to direct the photo shoot and was smacking her ass, not to mention being a greasy turd. I looked he should have been in the Valley making pornos.

          • Christine says:

            Oh, RR, ITA. When Jim smacked her ass during her photo shoot, I wanted to smack him back. She is supposed to be the head of this design company and all I could think of was did Meg Whitman’s or Carly Fiorina’s husbands ever slap their butts in front of their employees. LOL

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              ITA- That wasn’t a playful love tap- it was a message and it said ‘remember who’s really in charge here toots’

    • lovemamaearth says:

      I’m not sure Alexis meant it as judgment. I grew up with a religion that said dancing was sinful and movie theatres were dens of inequity. If she’d been saying that about either of those activities, would it have been judgmental? I just thought she was passing the buck on judging—as she should.

    • FLG says:

      ding, ding, ding…..we have a winner! Call out Bingo!

  4. HD says:

    I am not sure what happened with Simon and Tamara. After the OJ case, you sneeze on your partner and you were going to jail. In Colorado they have 0 tolerence. If the police are called in regards to domestic violence, someone is going to jail. This time it happened to be Simon. Those leashes are pretty heavy and it slung with force, it can hurt. I am not saying he did sling it hard or not but it can hurt. I can see that. Tamara in all honesty could have been wanting to make a report but after the OJ case and how it was reported the police kept overlooking her calls, etc, most places have a zero tolerance policy.

    Jeanna needs to mind her own business. It is none of her business what is going on in a 12 year marriage and now seperation/divorce. She needs to worry about her husband (ex?) and how he treated her like crap for years. That should be her focus. She has enough issues to worry about in regards to marriage (divorce?) then to be meddling in Tamara’s. She has NO CLUE what went on behind those 4 walls for 12 years so her best bet is to stay out of it! What kind of woman is Jeanna to tell her to call the police and say she was lying? If someone was kicking her daughter’s a$$ would she want her daughter to retract her statements? What a woman! I could not believe she even suggested that.

    Laurie-I was glad that Laurie told Jeanna to her face how she felt. Jeanna gets in busy that has nothing to do with her. Just because she was (is?) willing to be a doormat for her husband doesn’t mean everyone else wants to. Mind your beeswax Jeanna.

    Peggy-I do think Alexis is always competing with her that I don’t even think she realizes that she is doing it. Peggy says she has a list and Alexis has to interject that she has one with 150 things on it. As for the lip comment, I think it was a dig in as far as maybe it is not cool to have the fish lip look and she was trying to get a dig in. I don’t like or dislike Peggy but I can clearly see Alexis making it a competion about damn near everything.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Peggy and Alexis look too much alike to be making comments about their artifical body parts!

      • HD says:

        They do look a lot a like which is why I think they might have some competion towards each other. I always wonder do all the women in OC look like this?

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I live in the OC- and I don’t really know anyone who does.

          I once met a mom in the park with big fake boobs and who was all dolled up (hair- makeup), even though she was dressed causally but she was pretty young and you could still see all her natural beauty. She also seemed quite nice and easy going (although I am basing this on our limited interaction).

          • HD says:

            Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Rabble Rouser!! Girl I have been wanting someone to be from the OC here sooooooooooo badly just so I can ask that question. So most of the women do not walk around looking like this? I have this picture of the OC in my mind like it is the Stepford Wives City or something. Everyone has this great shape, big boobs, blond hair, perfect face, etc.

            • Rabble Rouser says:

              Not in my world, I live in a beach city that is has a lot of wealth in it and I haven’t come across the parody I see in these women on the HW of OC.

              Mind you all the women I know have young kids, so feeling pampered to us is actually having a shower before we get up to take the kids to school.

              And some of the women I know live in homes every bit as expensive as some of the OC wifes- but they aren’t shallow or superficial.

      • lovemamaearth says:

        True. But Peggy looks like she could be Alexis’ mom. And Peggy wanted to date Jim apparently.

        Wasn’t it Peggy who mentioned the older husband being worried about the loyalty of the younger woman. Was that about Gretchen or Alexis? I thought she related to those feelings of insecurity.

        • HeyAll says:

          Peggy was directing the comment to Alexis, I’m pretty sure. I agree that she looks like she could be Alexis’ mom.

          • Whisper says:

            Or Father.
            I’m sorry, she looks like a tranny to me! Sorry to all you tranny’s out there- NO offense!!

    • Golden Girl says:

      HD ITA!

    • if you had it like this says:

      HD, I totally agree with everything you said! I am no fan of Tamra but Jeana has a very skewed way of dealing with men and dysfunction. Her husband was an alcoholic who verbally abused her for years and yet she still takes him in. Her son obviously was raised around that and now speaks to his mother like she was a dog.

      I never liked Simon. Always felt he was dark and controlling. I’m sure he’s been extremely hurt and angry about his relationship with Tamra falling apart and the new man and he probably does come over and act like an ass and she probably wanted to put a stop to it. Whether or not he hit her or not is irrelevant. I’m not gonna trash Tamra because she doesn’t have bruises. Whether you like Tamra or not she should be given a little bit of the benefit of doubt in this case. When I broke up with a boyfriend he felt he could just show up at my house anytime he wanted and it was an agressive act. He wasn’t violent but it was still agressive and made me extremely uncomfortable in my own home. It’s not right. I’m sure Simon was doing a lot of that.

      • Powell says:

        I agree. I believe Simon did commit some kind of act that was abusive to Tamra. It may not seem abusive to some, but it was to her, and that’s what counts. She did need to have it on the record even though the charges were dropped. Hopefully nothing will happen in the future but it it does there is a record.
        Jeanna needs to take a step back and recognize the signs of abuse because like someone else pointed out, her husband and son did a pretty good job of verbally abusing her.

    • glammedupthug says:

      Very well put! I agree with you. Just because Tamra is an in-your-face vixen, I’m going to have side with her putting a restraining order again Simon. I think a jail cell for him is perhaps excessive, but I wasn’t there. And I’m still not sure how it got from A to B either. Jeanna STILL lets her abusive ex live with her when he’s in town. She is the LAST person to talk.

  5. cabbie413 says:

    Is this Kelly’s “wonderful” jewelry that Cindy talked about on #wwhl ??? This is 4th grade craft jewelry and it’s ugly!


    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Maybe she designed it to go with her leather like skin tone and greasy hair?

    • La Dolce Vita says:

      Did you see the prices on this stuff!!! Way over the top for the junk jewelry.

    • error404 says:

      that’s not nice! Sea and Teddy stayed up all night making those as Mother’s day presents at summer camp, and I see no need to dis them. Although I do suspect the “suede” in the braided bracelet is really Kiki’s stingy hair they pulled from the shower drain.

    • Andizi says:

      OMG are they seriously selling that crap for that much money?? I swear I made a bracelet just like that in Girl Souts when I was little! I can get the materials for the Necklace at Joans or Michaels and make three for about 20 bucks!

      • Indy Anna says:

        You are absolutely right, we made those in girl scouts (and that was 60 some years ago). We used plastic “gymp”, wooden beads, and feathers found on the ground. I don’t think KooKoo will get wealthy on these.

    • Nancy says:

      I hope that Kelly gives Jill one of these “necklaces” for her b-day.

    • alicia says:

      Oh my lord that one necklace reminds me of a pygmy rattler ! Not cool !!

    • Powell says:

      I bet the Countess loves it and gives her all kind of support, whereas Ramona’s jewelry line which is quite pretty and shows true craftsmanship.

  6. WindyCityWondering says:

    The problems of the RHOC are not even dramas or problems worthy of a show anymore! This franchise is so over (I wonder how they are reacting to that casting call for a Malibu Wives show)! Vicki is an embarassment – maybe she is just too comfortable with the show and feels she can do or say anything she wants – appropriate or not! She makes me cringe every time she has a scene.

    • Powell says:

      Malibu? I hadn’t heard about that. I read somewhere that they where going to start casting for Dallas, mixed it and that they weren’t going to do any new franchises. Interesting….

  7. coocoopuffs78 says:

    I haven’t posted in a long time but last night’s episode was such a hot mess. Tamra please give it a rest and spare us the bad acting job. Next time try some Visene to make the crying scenes more realistic. I’ve seen better acting in my son’s second grade school play. My sister was in a abusive marriage that both emotionally and physically abusive and this woman is a liar and a disgrace. I believe Simon may have tried too hard to control her but he probably because he saw what a fame whore she was turning into. Tamra should be ahamed of her self for allowing her children’s father to be dragged through the mud for the sake of a tv show. Alexis has her was and her mouth almost got her in troble with Andy but I respect the fact that she called in and owned up to it. Peggy is a man….seriously has anyone not noticed that she has a more chisled jawline then the husbands on the show? I like the fact that Jeana remained calm cooled and collected when dealing with Tamra. Vickie… Vickie…Vickie… please call a therapist and get help. Thanks for another great blog Lynn!!!!!

  8. error404 says:

    OK, why do I do this to myself! LOL

    I went to Bravo.com to look for Andy’s blog about gay marriage/Alexis and couldn’t find it. So instead I watched two video. Why? Why?

    1. Ter setting up her side of the “my SIL is a bitch who drove a wedge between me and my brother” storyline. Total BS and as per usual for a HW, makes no sense. Ter’s question “Do you have to invite someone to a book signing?” A: yes. Most normal people invite friends and family to at least pad the numbers. If one is close with a sibling, usually texts or calls like “You’re coming tonight, right?” are normal.

    2. WWHL after show. The whole Andy vatoo thing is just creepy. I’m sorry, Ewwwwww. Kelly runs in the street with traffic because the sidewalk is too crowded. Shut up! Can someone post a scene of Miranda and Charlotte running in Central Park on the Jackie O running track on her FB page or something? But it was worth it to see Andy annoy the muff mogul one more time by calling her Cynthia and to refer to Howie as “hitting the motherload of jewishness” LOL And why was Howie there? Billy and Brenda are sooooooo creeeeepy!!!! I bet Cynthia would invite him to her booksigning. Oh, who am I kidding. They’d co-author the book, duh!

  9. ramonacoaster says:

    Monday morning joke. This made me giggle a lot…

    A woman went to see her doctor and told her doctor:

    “Doctor, in the morning when I wake up, I’ve been making a very long silent fart. Then after lunch, I also make a very long silent fart. Then in the afternoon, I make another very long silent fart. And then at night, I do another very long silent fart. And oops! Just now I made a very long silent fart. What could be wrong with me, Doctor?”

    The doctor says, “Well, we’ll check that out but I think the first thing we should check is your hearing.”

  10. Vesper says:

    Don’t forget Micah’s qualifications for a soul mate, the fact she doesn’t have to pee every 5 minutes. Good Lord…could Peggy and Micah be the most shallow couple on television?? I hate them more every week.

    I bet Lynn was screaming at her tv…”It’s ZAMBONI you idiots!!” 🙂 Did you see that deer in headlights look that Eddie gave when they asked him what the word was? Um…sports is a little out of his league I think! 😉

    Donn surprised me big time when he too threw Jeana under that constant moving bus, especially when she has always been a champion of his. Why does he spell his name with two “n”s anyway??

  11. HD says:

    Alexis-Alexis meant what she said about gays and marriage. She is only now trying to back track because she is in an industry that is known to have a lot of gay people in it, in a state that is fighting for gay marriage and she was on TV and looked horrible. She meant what she said and anything on her blog is only meant to diffuse the situation and make her look better.

    If gay people knew what I knew they wouldn’t want to get married. SO KIDDING! I am a Christian, I love the Lord but honestly, I don’t care what people do. I got my own issues to deal with.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      She is a Christian when it is convenient – IMO the whole “christian thing” is part of her husband’s business scams. Sorry but that is just the bitch in me passing judgement.

      • cabbie413 says:

        i agree

      • FLG says:

        I actually managed to get a comment posted on Alexis’ Bravo blog. It has my moniker Fort Lauderdale Gay. I was so angry with her, I haven’t slept. If you are interested it is there to read. I’m going to try to get some sleep. I do feel better having vented to Bravo. I also posted pretty much the same thing on her website. Hope you all have a great day!

        • Sus says:

          Great comment on Bravo’s site FLG. Sweet dreams.

          • FLG says:

            Thank you. This is what I had to say before she issued her apology:

            I apologize in advance, but reading this post it appears that Alexis Bellino has pushed my button that is clearly labeled DO NOT PUSH!

            Alexis, let me tell you something. It’s non of your damn business who I am sleeping with. I am not on television. My hubs and I have been together for 17 years now. We have faced many challenges together along the way. In this country we ARE second class citizens, and lucky to even rate second class status due MAINLY to BIGOTS like you! Do you know how many rights are denied us that you take for granted? Do you and Jim have to carry and pay for TWO separate individual health insurance policies? Do you realize that we don’t have a right to each other’s Social Security benefits? Do you know that if one of us gets sick that the other one may not AUTOMATICALLY be able to visit the other in the hospital? Do you CARE? Do you know that we were born gay, we are gay and that we will die gay? It IS the way our brains are WIRED. We cannot change that. YOUR BIGOTRY and HYPOCRISY on the other hand CAN be changed. Are you loving your neighbor as you love yourself? Are you making sure that your clothing is not woven of more than one material? Are you making sure to not eat SHRIMP? Listen here MISSY you have just thrown a HUGE BOULDER in your soon to be repoed GLASS HOUSE.

            A MESSAGE TO ALL GAY HAIRDRESSERS, MANICURISTS, MAKE UP ARTISTS, and PLASTIC SURGEONS IN ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA: Alexis Bellino is an anti-gay BIGOT. Do not perform any work on her or for her. This has been a public service announcement from FORT LAUDERDALE GAY!

            • FLG says:

              I lightened up after reading her “mia culpa”. I gave her some credit for that.

              • HD says:

                I do not give her credit for that. She only said that because of the impending backlash. Trust me, she still feels the very same way.

                • Rabble Rouser says:

                  I’m not sure that is how she *really* feels. Not that I don’t think she is incapable of being a bigot or intolerant but I feel that when she is talking about gay marriage- she is just taking a page from the ‘script’ she is suppose to read in her role as ‘the good Christian’.

              • kmuellfa says:

                FLG, what was posted is different that what you said here. I’m just clarifying that Bravo didn’t change your post.

                Personally, I like what you wrote here better. 🙂

            • Christine says:

              Ok, I have to disagree with the Akexis comments. I think she should have owned and stood by her anti-gay, religious crap. Her apology only serves to demonstrate what a two-faced hypocite she really is. She has not changed her opinion of gay marriage. She still harbors her anti-gay stance. The only epiphany she had was that she realized the damage it would do to her’ and Jim’s “businesses” and to learn to keep her over-plumped mouth shut if her opinion will be perceived as unpopular. She threw her “religious beliefs” under the bus because she got caught.
              This show is filmed months before it is shown to us. Why didn’t she wake up the next morning and say “OH shit. What the hell did I say last night when I was very, very drunk and acting like a fool.” IMO, however, in vino veritas.

              • FLG says:

                To HD and Christine: I know the leopard hasn’t changed her spots. I also know that in it’s original format I could have never gotten it posted onto Bravo. My dear hubs met me very shortly after I had spinal cord surgery. I still had many months of physical therapy ahead of me with a very uncertain outcome. That dear man chose to love me and morally support me anyway. We’ve had our ups and downs but our relationship has outlasted many straight marriages. I think we as American tax payers deserve to participate and benefit fully in our rights as citizens. We have contributed to our community and not just the gay community, but our community as a whole. Rant over. Thank you for listening.

                • HD says:

                  FLG, it sounds like you are in a loving relationship, which is what all people seek after. I totally get it. Who you love and who loves you is your choice. I just never understood why people cared so much. I have my own stuff that I keep to myself just because I know judgment would be right around the corner from the very holy rollers that are watching beastility porn or something. Eye rollage!

                • Christine says:

                  FLF – Did you read something into my comment that wasn’t there? I believe people love each other in very different ways and have a right to do so in this country and any other country. My entire post was meant only to call out Alexis on her on-again, off-again version of being what she calls a Christian. I know too many people who believe that if they start or end a sentence with “Jesus” the rest of the sentence is perfectly appropriate.

                  • Christine says:

                    Sry, – FLG – I seem to have fat fingers today.

                    • FLG says:

                      I understood that I had your full support and that you were calling out Alexis. I’m tired and can’t seem to get my posts where they belong…LOL I’m having “fingers don’t fail me now” moment.

                • Nancy says:

                  How are you now?
                  You know what bugs me.
                  Why is it that whenever the “gay” issue is brought up the first thing people think of is the bedroom?
                  What about all the other things you mentioned that goes on in a loving relationship? When a “straight” relationship is brought up do we go to the bedroom right away? no. I hope this made sense.

            • quincyil says:

              I haven’t watched the show as I watched Mob Wive and CA for the blog.

              How did this subject come up?

              • HD says:

                At dinner, Fernanda said she was married and considered her marriage to her long time girfriend (now ex) a marriage. In a talking segment, Alexis did not agree with that because she does not support gay marriage.

                • quincyil says:

                  Well, she was sober in the talking segments as those are done at a different time from the filming so what ever she said is what she feels.

                  • AZ Girl says:

                    Alexis said that as a christian she believes marriage is between a man and a woman only. Then she went on to say something to the effect that they will someday have to answer to god. That part was really uncalled for. I posted what she said more precisely on chat board right after she said it. I was mad

        • WindyCityWondering says:

          FLG – post, or better yet, e mail Andy. That was a very offensive scene and should never been in any episode! Glad you got your thoughts posted!

        • Okie Folkie says:

          FLG, I noticed your comment on Alexis blog at bravo. I was sooo happy your thoughts actually got posted. I was grinning while I read it.
          It was a great post. I am sorry you were up all night & didnt get any sleep. I hope you’ll have sweet dreams, since you got to ‘vent’ & it was seen!

          YAY! FLG!!

      • cabbie413 says:

        dang, i hit the button by accident – anyway i was saying

        I agree. I don’t need to know your religion or faith if you’re going to give me an estimate to fill a pool. I had my pool filled last fall and one of the contractors who gave me the highest estimate and the most inflated amount to obtain the permit (said $350 for permit, it was only $40) was Mr. Christian. All he kept harping on was Yes, the good lordd blah blah.. I will do a good job, God as my witness. I believe in the Lord, yadda yadda.

        Long story short, i didn’t hire this guy because he rubbed me the wrong way. I am more spiritual than religious, but I was raised Baptist. That being said, I don’t appreciate when others push their religion on me or talk like they are Jesus’ cousin when they are out making the most judgments and reveling in the most “sin”.

        The whole Jesus “schtick” is definitely an angle.. for business? ..to excuse/justify bad behavior? ..to be closer to “God” so you’re allowed to be the most judgmental? .. who knows, but it’s uncool.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          Jim and Alexis are full of crapp-ola.
          I think the only reason they go to church is to poach the pews for people to fleece.

          Frigging onward Christian solider being followed by the FBI…GTFO.

        • Mookies1mom says:

          I know people that are exactly like this. They seem to think that they can rip people off because they only have to answer to God. They have a horrible reputation in their town because of this. He has some rental properties and the constables absolutely hate him because they are constantly having to deal with the fall out from their poor and unethical business practices.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        I don’t buy it either.

        • Whisper says:

          She said what she said, then back peddled when she realized her ” Couture” was at stake. She’s had 6 months to apologize; She’s full of Sh*t!!!
          Know that many people here support you & your husband. Screw that fake b*tch!

      • Nancy says:

        I wonder what her 1st marriage was like?

    • RandomCommenter says:

      Totally agree, she knew what she was saying, she makes it her business to pass judgement on others she meant it. But the dress design biz will suffer so we got the fake apology. Can’t stand her.

      I also agreed with comments about Jeanna, what a piece of crap, she is so lame I can’t stand it and she has always wanted Don and I’m sure Simon too. She is such a doormat.

    • susan says:

      Actually I think Alexis is so dumb and lacking in brain power that she had a knee jerk, right wing Christian opinion without thinking about it at all.
      she just blurted it out. I think she goes for the Christian crap when her mind is not in gear.

    • if you had it like this says:

      Right on, HD.

  12. Janet says:

    Oh Lynn…..I truly hope the housewives read this blog..you are so right on point with everything and I couldn’t agree more!! I hope Andy reads this blog too and puts you on his show. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blogs..!!

  13. WindyCityWondering says:

    Andy needs to put more time and effort into selecting his guests for WWHL – it is either really good or really bad! While I get we have to see the OC ladies while their show is airing – Gretchen is always a horrible guest and now we have to hear her sing??? And Gale King? Really? She better have Oprah with her!! Come on Andy – get your act together and put on people viewers want to see!

  14. lola says:

    Jeana needs to keep her nose out of Tamra’s situation, as she obviously has a soft spot for men with behavioral issues. In past seasons, Jeana has allowed her ex to treat her like a doormat on national tv and her older son showed a lack of respect during various scenes at baseball games, etc. Jeana may be willing to put up with disrespectful comments and behavior from the men in her life but that doesn’t mean others should. I will agree that Tamra is no saint and some of the things she does are cringe-worthy but watching their relationship unfold on national tv, it seemed obvious that Simon WAS attempting to control her and keep her down. Making excuses for men behaving badly is not okay, Jeana. Mind your business.

    • Golden Girl says:

      I know I was so happy Laurie called her out to her face about how she was also butting into her business.

      • HD says:

        Amen and Amen!

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Blah…Laurie is horrible and so is her husband.

        The things her and George have been accused of doing didn’t begin and end with anything that would have come out of Jeana’s mouth.

        • Sever says:

          What have they been accused of? I was never a fan of Lauries tbh.

          • Rabble Rouser says:

            Some of the things I have heard through the grapevine is that Laurie would frequently take off on the weekends for getaways with whatever lover/sugar daddy she had at the time and leave the oldest kid to watch the two younger ones.

            One time the oldest girl threw a wild out of control party and the police were called and they couldn’t get a hold of Laurie.

            She allowed the kids to watch her ex-husbands dog but didn’t actually make sure they did- and the poor dog starved to death.

            Her son came home once and found her giving oral sex to a wealth restaurateur in the living room.

            She spent all the CS money she received from her ex- on herself.

            Her son believes she exploited his struggles for her own gain on the show and was too busy trying to close the deal on with George to help him and notice he was in trouble.

            Lauri (who just bragged about spending +3k on shoes) claims to only make $450 per month and is in need of 12k per month in support from her ex husband.

            George sold the house his ex-wife and children were living in- leaving them virtually homeless.

            Lauri and George also entered the home and pillaged it for valuables.

            George hated by his son and his son says that the only thing Lauri is interested in is her own reflection.

            George has been accused of being an abusive husband and father

            There was writer for the OC Register- who used to show up at their family court cases and write seething articles about them.

            • Adgirl says:

              That same writer was taken off the stories because he was trying to bang Gina. You should watch her youtube channel. All glammed up telling heartbreaking stories about her children with zero emotion. Zero. Odd. Like on a dozen videos that look like the TH on Bravo. Check out this thread.


              • Rabble Rouser says:

                Oh- I don’t think Gina is a saint. I don’t trust the judgment of any woman who would date Dennis Rodman.

                But a lot of the stories come from neighbors or people who claim to be friends with Lauri’s ex.

                George’s son also posted on TMZ about them.

                But thanks for the links 🙂

              • Rabble Rouser says:

                Wow- that link is like the never ending story with sub links to read that also have what looks like endless back and forths.

                I didn’t even know about Brie being ‘missing’.

                I feel so bad for all the kids involved…

                • Adgirl says:

                  Bria is at a boarding school. There are many comments on sites from everyone – both sides. I side with social services and the courts who know more than we do. I cannot believe George Peterson is paying off literally dozens of people every month. I also found it intersting that Gina apparently couldn’t get Gloria Allred involved. That tells us all something. LOL.

            • Sus says:

              I feel badly for Gina Peterson, as I do for their kids. It must be awful when your parents are at war. Gina is a nutcase though. At some point, she let Josh (Lauri’s son) move in with her when Josh was having issues with Lauri. Gina says that she didn’t know that Josh was Lauri’s son at the time. I remember Lauri crying about it when she was on the sow.

    • WindyCityWondering says:

      Sadly, Jeana has very low self esteem and on top of that is a man pleaser. IMO, she has a good heart and never fit in with the blonde barbies. Ironic that Bravo has to bring her back because the season is really unwatchable.

  15. kitkat says:

    Does Andy understand that his glasses are crooked? Isn’t there anybody around him to tell him???? They drive me crazy, and all they need is a minor adjustment of the arms. Please, somebody, tell Andy his glasses are crooked!

    • Whisper says:

      I agree! I also can’t stop staring at his nose, it looks so white compared to the rest of his face, like he put zinc oxide(sp) on it!!1

      • kitkat says:

        I have the same problem so I am aware of it…one of his ears are higher than the other…he is on TV, he should know better!

  16. Mimisfbay says:

    Okay, not feeling the whole hypocritical apology. Both of my sisters have joined a religion like Alexis’ and it sickens me that they tiptoe around me and my friends. I can’t believe that they were born and raised in SF have joined one of these churches. Like AB they somehow rationalize and downplay the FACT that these religions are fighting same sex marriage. It infuriates me; especially since they fawn over my gay friends of over 30 years. Oh, and call homosexuality a “lifestyle”. How can you justify being such a damn hypocrite? How can you say this crap one minute and then apologize? If AB had supported her “faith” I would have more respect for her. Oops, no I wouldn’t because she is also profoundly shallow and stupid. How dare she say that California has approved gay marriage. No, her religion and others have fought the passage of same sex marriage and fortunately for a few couples it was passed for a short time before repeal. The Mormon Church and other right wing religions have fought here and we still have Prop Hate.

    I am a lot of things old, straight, liberal and not at all religious but this behavior infuriates me. If you are going to join, support and become part of these religions – do it damn it. Who the hell does she thinks she is kidding?

    Oh, sorry for the rant. Sensitive subject for me obviously. Judgemental much? Back to work for me.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      I agree with you that if she really believes what she believes she should stick with it and not apologize. But she does think its wrong and to me thats not a reason to hate her. Those are her views, but put that aside, she’s one of the few housewives who dont backstab. You may not agree with her views on her pedestal, but she’s not a bitch like these other women *ahem* trashy tammy.

      • Sever says:

        She has a right to an opinion on gay marriage, even if I don’t agree with it. IA that she isn’t malicious. I bet she doesn’t even have a solid opinion on the matter, and I don’t doubt she felt bad after watching the episode. Whereas Tamra would trash talk and then sleep like a baby, I bet Alexis has had many a sleepless night.

  17. Eve says:

    I think Tamra has balls saying that Jeanna in her business. Tamra meddles in everyone’s business. I really believe that Jeanna was there because Tamra is on every week bashing Simon and he has no recourse. So Jeanna was there being a friend to Simon giving him some national tv time. She knows Simon isn’t perfect but has seen how Tamra behaves. I was part of the 26%.

    • kitkat says:

      True wealthy people in positions of society would never be in this 3 ring circus. It only works in Beverly Hills because it’s Beverly Hills. Their class system is based around the movie business. To this day being in “Show Business” is looked down upon by real old money everywhere else. So we’re stuck with Jill, Alex, Ramoner, Sonja, Luann, and Krazy Kelly. Not quite worthy of an Edith Wwarton novel, right?

      • quincyil says:

        Are the truly rich more interesting than Bethenny or Alex?

        I bet they are the same. The really rich people that I see here are the same as everyone else.

        • kitkat says:

          I know, I just don’t think they will get anything better than this mess for the NY team.

    • HD says:

      Do you know how much I would love this just so some of those that think they are REAL celebrities could get knocked down off their high horse! I am all for it!

    • Noreen says:

      That would be wonderful! Bethenny would now qualify if they are looking for super rich housewives!

      • kitkat says:

        And ironically, will now never do it again! 🙂 See how that works!!!! Bottom feeders sign on for this. Beverly Hills plays with completely different rules.

  18. AmyKish says:

    Tamara is the Queen AssHat! Yuck!

    • kitkat says:

      I actually think she may be a tiny bit worse than Jill. At least Jill never openly tried to get a dinner guest raped. So Jill gets a point for that!

      • MAMAZ says:

        I think Jill’s actions stem from major insecurity. I think Tamra is just rotten to the core.

  19. lillybee says:

    My favorite moment of OC was when at dinner with Tamra and Eddie, Donn told Vicki not to be rude. It looks like he may have found his balls.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Yeah but by the look on his and her face afterward- it looked like also found his and put the squeeze on them

  20. patrick says:

    lynn your blog has become so negative and toxic.. much like the housewives themselves. jeana creeps me out and i think she was only defending simon to get back in the spotlight. also, why would tamra make up a story about simon attacking her? the reasons given by jeana are completely non-sensical (that she was jealous of simons new GF when she has hot eddie)

    • MAMAZ says:

      ‘Cause nobody in the middle of a divorce or custody suit EVER makes stuff up or exaggerates, right? lol
      I believe they were arguing and I believe Simon threw the leash in Tamra’s direction. I don’t believe he threw it at Tamra with any intention of harming her. I don’t believe Tamra thinks so either.

      IMO Lynn’s blog reflects what is going on in the HW’s franchise. They have become 60 minutes of ugly evry time they are on. How should one blog or comment postively to that?

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      Maybe you don’t understand women or people in general, especially those in the mists of a divorce. People often cry wolf or foul in situations where they think it will give them some leverage in court. Just look at Nicolette Sharridon allegations well after the fact- that are stemming from her getting fired from the show Desperate Housewives.

      Maybe she knows Eddie isn’t in it for the long haul.
      Maybe Simon’s girlfriend is younger and hotter than her.

      How is any more nonsensical that you posting here to complain about the blogs being full negativity and “toxic”. If we need gas masks to post here, it isn’t for the reasons you gave- but to mask the stench of your bullshit.

      • FLG says:

        If we need gas masks to post here, it isn’t for the reasons you gave- but to mask the stench of your bullshit.

        I’ve gotten a nap, am over my rant and ready to laugh!

    • quincyil says:

      My observation is Tamra likes to start trouble and put people in the headlights.

      I bet he did toss that leash, but that is probably because she told him not to step foot in her abode. They are at war. There were be battles.

    • Sever says:

      I don’t like Tamra and don’t trust a thing she is, but same goes for Simon. I wouldn’t have gotten in the middle either. I suppose Simon could be pleading to Jeana to intervene for the sake of the kids, but who knows. I never really liked Jeana, or Laurie.

    • error404 says:

      hehehe… that was funny Patrick! Thanks!

      it’s like “Lynn, you’re so toxic and hateful, just like that uglyl useless bitch Jenna. I hope she dies!” LOL

      oh well, I’m sure someone somewhere is writing a love blog to saint Tamra, so have some hope.

  21. kbinldo says:

    I really would have loved seeing a John Rich/Little John finale, but in the end, they gave the final 2 slots to the ones who’ve busted their asses & raised the most $ for charity EVER. Puts whatever the other 3 did to absolute shame, especially Joan Rivers who only won because Trump wanted her to win, not because she did the best job & raised the most money.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      The whole Joan Rivers thing was awful. It’s a wonder I ever I ever turned on the show again- and probably wouldn’t have other than my morbid like curiosity in regards to NeNe Leaks.

      • lillybee says:

        Since the Donald is using this show as a starting place for his running for President, I refuse to watch it.

        • MAMAZ says:

          I think it’s the other way around. He was hinting at a possible run to gain attention for himself and the show. He now says he isn’t running and I don’t think he ever intended to run.
          I started watching because I love Marlee Matlin. But I couldn’t stomach it for long. Donald Trump is too pompous and obnoxious. And his fixation on Gary Busey was strange as hell.

          • MichellefromNY says:

            And why the hell would you bring richard hatch as one of the people asked to help in the finale?? Wouldn’t you bring nikki taylor? That woman is a class act and would have been very helpful

        • quincyil says:

          I liked the contestants and though they raised huge sums of money for important charities. We blogged it because of the Nene link.

          • Sever says:

            I’d be happy with either John or Marlee winning. I always watch because I find the challenges interesting.

        • Rabble Rouser says:

          I don’t like to talk about politics here but I think this is one thing we can all agree on. He would be a horrible President.

          • Sever says:

            Without a doubt! Thankfully he will never get the opportunity.

          • MichellefromNY says:

            Omg 100%! He may be a good businessman (which is sketchy in of itself as he makes claims that he is wealthier than he truly is), but a good businessman DOES not make a good politician. I mean, look at bloomberg. He screwed the nyc’s school system because he ran it like a business, instead of realizing that education is vastly different than basic management issues. You have to deal with kids and their future, not just managing the books.
            I told my husband who is a republican that he better not vote for trump or else! Im a democrat who married a republican…oy the debates we have lol. And going to his parents house during election season is not fun…

    • error404 says:

      I too only tuned in because of Nene. I found last night’s show intolerable. At first I thought it was because Nene was gone, but she’s not that great. I just think it’s hard to watch a fake staged show for an entire season and not eventually get fed up with all of the fake drama and obviously staged situations.

      John Rich has always kinda got on my nerves, but it was less noticeable when he was one of many has-been celebs. Now that he’s all front a center, it’s hard for me to watch.

      The show has far more creative challenges than fund raising ones, and it’s interesting that Trump picked John and Marlee who only won one fund raising challenge. Lil John has barely put a foot wrong once all season and won more than anyone else, but he was the first to be fired and for such a stupid reason. Likewise, Meatloaf many be cheesy, but he at least has ideas which is a lot more than you can say for Marlee. It’s a good thing they let old contestants back, because it’s all the fired people who are coming up with all of the ideas for each team, while John and Marlee sit around looking at themselves think. It’s kinda pathetic.

      and trust, none of these people are doing any of this for charity. you know what rich people do for charity? they write checks. each and everyone of these celebs in on this show to help revive a stalled career, and if a few orphans get a bike along the way, so be it.

      • Eve;; says:

        I had to agree with Trump’s choice for the final two. imo Lil John has been coasting. He did come off as lazy a lot of the time and it seemed like he didn’t want to be one of the last two. Meat Loaf may come up with lots of ideas, but most of them are ridiculous enough that they should go in one ear and out the other. Marlee & John aren’t that creative but they work well as leaders. I give John props for getting Dee Snider to join his effort. And I give both him and Marlee props for the money they raised. Maybe they do want to revive their careers, but that money is still going to the charities, and I think it’ll cover the needs of more than a few orphans. All celebs/reality tv stars, can be fake behind the scenes, but on screen, these two have been class acts.

        • Adgirl says:

          I like all of the final four. Lil Jon just cracked me up during the hairdressing show planning. They were discusing a slogan.
          Something about “America feeling Good” but Meatloaf was in the potty nextdoor and Lil Jon called out “America takes a @$%”. Just struck me funny that they showed that on tv.

  22. Sever says:

    I know a lot of people here don’t like Teresa, and I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan, but I do find her amusing. Better than some of the dull personalities on reality tv.

    • MichellefromNY says:

      Yes and no. She’s entertaining as we watch her screw up her daughters, spend money she doesnt have, screw up the people who do work for her by not paying them, and flipping tables because someone dared to say, ” pay attention, puh-leaze!” . But then you realize what a rotten person she is by doing all those things and get frustrated when noone is willing to call her out on her bs. That’s when teresa loses all her entertainment value.

    • Rabble Rouser says:


      In some ways Charles Manson is fascinating but the world isn’t a better or most interesting place because he is in it.

  23. Betfan2 says:

    I have to agree with some of the posters here. Hey Lynn I love you and I love this blog, but I have to disagree with you on Sonja and Jeanna. I’m no fan of Tamara, but Jeanna needs to mind her business when it comes to a 12yr marriage. JMHO. Sonja is broke and trying really hard to hang on the the Morgan name, she’s an embarrassment to herself. It’s really sad. Also, lol, I will always hate Jill Zarin. She’s also a pathetic embarrassment. love you all cheers!

    • quincyil says:

      I think you have confused Lynn’s blog and the one I wrote which was positive about Sonja Morgan stating that she is creating a French Farce for our entertainment.

      The following is Lynn’s opinion of Sonja from her last blog on RHNYC:

      “Sonja Morgan calls herself the hostess with the mostess, she prides herself on her elaborate and well-attended parties. Tonight proved none of that is true, at least not anymore. Apparently it is true about New York Society, once the couple divorces the wife is dumped from all the true social circles.

      Sonja threw a party at the right restaurant but best we could tell there was no food, only cocktails and it took place in the small wine vault rather than in the dining room. Jill was appropriately impressed to be invited but completely disappointed once she arrived. We can see Sonja desperately trying to hang onto her Morgan title just as closely as Luann struggled to maintain her Countess status. Sonja is stuck in the past, she’s forever describing her past life as the wife of a Morgan. We get it Sonja, you had many homes, traveled the world and lived an opulent lifestyle. Those days are over Sonja Tremont, you’re back to cooking in a toaster oven and let’s face it, you’ve sort of bottomed out, you’re a Bravo Housewife.

      I cringe when Sonja goes on about her former life, she would have done much better to just show us that she has maintained some class from her former life but alas, that ship has sailed. Her behavior is so over the top and desperate that it really seems just sad. She explains that her “houseboy” is a friend’s son from Europe who simply wanted to spend a few months in New York City. Sonja was kind to let him live there while visiting but she’s made him her servant rather than a houseguest. I wonder if there are any young guys who’d like to visit Chicago for a few months, I could use a free servant too. It’s just sad! ”

      Your opinion and Lynn’s opinion of Sonja seem the same to me.

      Pollyanna Q

      • Betfan2 says:

        So sorry for the misunderstanding. Yes I do agree that Sonja is looking really deseparate. love you all cheers!

  24. Stella says:

    Ok last week Peggy took a dig at Jim saying she’s never known him to have a real job and then this week she says one of her requirements for a husband was that they own their own company cause she didn’t want someone with a real job. Uh hello how stupid is that. I guess we know why she dated Jim though.

    Also when Gretchen asked Peggy if she would still be with her husband if he had the good qualities without the business and home would she be with him and Peggy said no, Gretchen got this look on her face like What? and I yelled at the tv “hello she’s telling you she’s a gold digger you shouldn’t be surprised she said no.” Sorry but Peggy gets on my nerves and I don’t even know her.

    • error404 says:

      I’m confused. Isn’t Peggy in foreclosure on her house because her hubby is broke? I expect radaronline or some such webzine to post their divorce filing any day now.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Maybe they could save their house if they rented out rooms the way Jeana did. Oh wait…the ‘no roommates clause’…damn it.

  25. 2Stupid says:

    OT, but don’t any of these women have one original thoght in their brains.
    I hope with all my heart, that this sells as many books as Jill’s did/does. She has the nerve to give Bethenny absolutely no credit, but then is going to basically steal her healthy living, and attitude lifestyle books. What makes her any type of expert on healthy recipes, that she’s banged a couple of chefs (or cooks!)
    Geeze, this woman REALLY gets on my nerves. I think I hate her as much as Shill. I don’t care if her elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top, she is very mean and jealous. She’s just not smart enough to go after someone the way Shill does, but she is just as passive agressive as Lumann!

    • Tappp says:

      Agreed on Luann, but Bethenny isn’t the first to write a healthy living and lifestyle book and she certainly won’t be the last.

      • 2Stupid says:

        I know, but at least Bethenny has a little bit of street cred as a natural food chef, to many celebrities and spokesperson for Peperidge Farm before starting show. It just irks me that Kelly seems to steal every idea that she does. Accessory editor to Elle, thank you Giles. A book of photos of bikinis, wander where that idea came! If she wasn’t so condescending and lived in such an alternate reality it wouldn’t bother me so much.

        You are right though, Bethenny did not corner the market on healthy living, and she is not the first person to limit calories in a cocktail. That said, she has been able to capitalize on these things very well, and I don’t think Kelly will be able to duplicate that!

        • quincyil says:

          Who is buying their products? I just can’t see people spending hard earned dollars on that stuff.

    • cabbie413 says:

      I really hope by the time Kelly’s book comes out that she’ll be kicked off #RHONY and she won’t be talked about anymore, nor will she have Bravo to give her extra press/advertisement regarding the book. It will sure flop, as I’m sure even Gilles Bensimon won’t be buying a copy lol.

      • WindyCityWondering says:

        She doesn’t have a Bawby to bankroll her “book”. Maybe Jill can give her some pointers on how to write/market and sell a best selling book….lol

    • MichellefromNY says:

      Kelly is vile and her jealousy for all bethanny is is soooo transparent. She makes me sick.

    • FLG says:

      40 recipes? This from the woman who can’t make pancakes?

  26. lillybee says:

    I don’t like her either

  27. error404 says:

    Didn’t Ramoner also say she was against gay marriage on the show, and then back peddle on it afterward? I think she was the only HW that didn’t show up to the MENY march.

    • Adgirl says:

      I don’t remember her actually saying that, however I did have the impression she was being careful in her wording, I thought because Mario was with her. He seems to be by the book Catholic so maybe they agree to disagree.

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I think she said something like “You don’t have to support gay marriage to support equal rights”.

      I would like to think she was trying to say something like “Just because you might not see gay marriage as covenant between two people and God- it doesn’t mean that it’s okay or should be legal that whole civil rights aspect (and benefits that come with ‘a bonifide relationship’ ) should be dismissed and ignored.

    • cabbie413 says:

      no – Ramona’s sister is gay

      she did make a comment like “even if you dont agree w/ the gay lifestyle..blah blah” ..but she wasnt saying she didn’t agree with the “gay lifestyle” <– what the hell is that anyway? i really hate when ppl say that lol

      • Adgirl says:

        I grew up & live in the SF Bay Area. My brother is gay (and HIV+).
        To many people the “gay lifestyle” refers to those few people who still advocate indiscriminant casual sex, public sex & unprotected sex. Yes, they are still around, few but highly visible. You know, the guys running around with chaps on with pants underneath in the middle of a work day.

        I think a lot of straight people still think all gays are the equivalent of swingers.

        • Adgirl says:

          I meant no pants underneath. And let me clarify, that’s not my brother or his friends althought there was a time it might have included them.

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          straight people created the term the gay lifestyle to feel superior somehow

          during the 70’s when hiv reared its ugly head just as many straight people were indulging in free love and open marriage ect and just as many got hiv
          the press just didnt publicise it that way at all

          sorry about your brothers status
          all it takes is one time with someone unprotected
          it doesnt just happen to promiscuis people

    • DJ Loops Fruit says:

      what she said was that even if you dont agree on the gay lifestyle that shouldnt be a reason to not support gay men and women for being able to get married that its a civil rights thing
      and with Mario owning a born again christian buisness most likely that was the real reason she mentioned it at all
      Ramona is not a homophobe

  28. Adgirl says:

    Former Jeana fan here. I even watched some Thinnervention just to see her. During that it dawned on me what a whiney, stubborn, sneaky, judgemental nosey-nelly she is.

    I thought about how she screwed Vicki during the Olive Garden real estate deal (that never happened) due to Jeana’s incompetance and need to please other people (M.E.N.) at the expense of her “friend” and client Vicki. Didn’t Jeana allow Slade to park all of his stuff in the Olive Garden garage w/o Vicki’s approval? Then she parked her friend Frankie (the stager) in the house rent free while he ever. so. slowly. decorated the house while he simultanously trashed it was quite shocking to me.

    Jeana is trying to get back on tv. I wish I still liked her but it’s impossible.

    BTW- I HAVE been hit in the face (where Simon aimed) by one of the retractable leashes and it hurt like hell. That said, Tamra should have just called him later and told him next time that happens the police will be called.
    And Jeana publically scolding Tamra to the media – how was that “helping”?

    • if you had it like this says:

      OMG, I agree on that Jeana, Vicki, Frankie situation! That was awful. I cannot stand Vicki but I thought what Jeana did was truly disrespectful and unprofessional. I don’t like Jeana either. I have at times but she does seem sneaky and nosey and judgemental. She also can throw out some zingers to people. She’s no shrinking violet.

      • Adgirl says:

        In this People article they discuss the renters Jeana put into the house that Vicki had to go to court for eviction because they didn’t pay rent. Nice.
        After all that Jeana asked Vicki for a loan. I wonder why Vicki declined. Ugh. Personally, I would have given Jeana the money (not a loan) so we wouldn’t have the arguing about not being paid back. But I understand Vicki being fed up with Jeana’s flip attitude towards Vicki’s money.

      • HD says:

        I agree totally!!! I will never forget Tamara at that end of the season party when Simon was whispering in her ear basically telling her not to tell anyone about the argument. That is abusive and controlling. The fact that your wife will not wear a mini dress not because she respects the relationship but because she fears you. Something is wrong with that. I can see it all over Simon and it could be because I was in an abusive relationship and grew up watching my mom in one. My dad did not hit my mom but he was so controlling my mother never even learned how to drive until she was divorced and they were married almost 25 years (they met when she was 16). He will admit now he made her life hell. People can’t live like that. I am glad Tamara is free. Simon can kick rocks! I wish he would throw something at me! Child please!

        • DJ Loops Fruit says:

          i think you may be bringing some of your own experience into this
          i dont believe for a second he ever was abusive to her embarrased by her would be more like it

          • kitkat says:

            I agree, her screaming “F U F U I WANT A DIVORCE” In the back of a limo is not a scared, abused woman. Her talking trash about him to Vicky while he is at the same party also doesn’t feel like an abused woman. The worst I saw him do is give an opinion on some slutty clothes she wanted to wear. He didn’t like them. He can’t say he doesn’t like them? Then why ask? She was making out with another person in a public bathroom while they were still married! FEH.

        • Adgirl says:

          I was hit in the eye socket by a 1/2 full baby bottle my husband launched at me. Ruined my eyesite in my left eye. He wasn’t an awful guy – just emotional and inarticulate when upset. And I was mouthy.

          I get both Tamra and Simon. At the time that epi was filmed they are jockeying for the victim position because they are both guily of ruining their relationship.

          Jeana was exploiting them (IMHO).

        • if you had it like this says:

          Yep, when you have experience with abusive or controlling people your radar goes off more than people who haven’t experienced much of that. Simon set my radar off before this incident ever happened. And as far as Tamra being trashy and behaving and talking the way she does, he got what he paid for. I’m sure she wasn’t exactly demure when he met her. She was probably a little rougher around the edges back then.

          • HD says:

            Thank you! When you have been involved in something typcially you can recognize it in someone else. That is just common sense.

  29. quincyil says:

    Jill Zarin banned me from following her on twitter. Today is the first time that I mentioned her in a tweet:


    “Jill Zarin is in Operation Titanic. She is leaking to gossip sites. She is sinking and trying to take Ramona down too!”

    I bet there is a robot that triggers when “Jill Zarin” is in a tweet. Then Darren/Lisa looks at it.

    I can’t imagine that Jill would have a problem with me, a grandmother living on the prairie.

    • Adgirl says:

      If you buy a girdle from her and mail her the receipt maybe she’ll reinstate you.

      • quincyil says:

        I was suprised when her face wasn’t all over my twitter line and I was going to call 911 to rescue her from a Manhattan bathroom.

      • FLG says:

        Think Empress could get reinstated by buying her $2.19 book from amazon? Would be a lot more comfortable than one of Jill’s reversible girdles….

    • quincyil says:

      rotfl… I can imagine Darren telling Jill that he banned me and Jill jumping up and down yelling, “Off with her head Off with her head!” just like the Red Queen in “Alice in Wonderland.”

      • lillybee says:


        • quincyil says:

          If you look at some of the blogs that I wrote about Jill Zarin, you’d think she would have my name on a post it note on her computer screen with a target over my name.

    • quincyil says:

      It’s exciting… This is the first time anyone has banned me in my life. I’m glad that Jill had that honor.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Oh- just to let you know, I requested to follow you on twitter. My avatar is picture of me with my 2 girls when the youngest was new born.

    • Nancy says:

      Now what are we going to do?
      I would sell my cello and my skates if we could get Pg 6 and Perez Hilton to write an article saying
      “Jill Zarin & Kelly Bensimon are being replaced next season and
      Bethenny Frankel is coming back.”

      I bet within 48hrs Jill would be on the GW Bridge threatening to jump off.

      • quincyil says:

        I think she leaked that article. She probably said all of them so we wouldn’t think she did it.

        The give away that it was Jill is she was going on and on about buying a penthouse when her apartment was on sale. She actually looked at a few.

        This is one of my very profound tweets. There are nine of them now in the last month. It takes a lot out of me to come up with zingers like Jill being the Titanic and hitting an iceberg.

        Whew… I will have to rest from tweeting for days after that one.


        • quincyil says:

          rotfl… I think Jill Zarin is a hoot.

          • Happymouth says:

            Someone tweeted to Jill about possibly being relaced next season . Jill responded:
            ← @danigirl949’s profile close ×

            Jillzarin Jill Zarin
            I was sleeping!RT @lisawexler “See @Jillzarin getting beautiful while we are at “the Terminal” in Pitt. http://yfrog.com/hsq1gmdj
            1 hour ago in reply to ↑

            Danielle Elizabeth
            @Jillzarin what’s this I hear that bravo is restructuring and you might not be back next season? : (
            1 hour ago via Mobile Web
            Jillzarin Jill Zarin
            Need to ask @bravoandy. Bobby wants to go to china for 3 weeks so as he says “it’s all good!”RT @danigirl949 @Jillz… http://tl.gd/agikpl

          • FLG says:

            Who gets to re-arrange the deck chairs?

    • quincyil says:

      If you were banned by Jill Zarin and know why… Leave your story here. This is officially “A Pity Party.”

      • quincyil says:

        Lynnnchicago got banned for creating a web site called: “I Hate Jill Zarin.” Apparently, Jill didn’t like the name.

      • Jezzibel says:

        I don’t follow her on twitter so she can’t ban me from following her….SUCK IT ZARIN!!!! AND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO!!!!

    • Rabble Rouser says:

      I would like to know why I am impervious to a Jill Zarin ban.

      I’ve said things directly to her that she replied to- that were not flattering or supportive and I didn’t get a ban. It’s weird.

      • Sus says:

        I feel left out. I follow Lynn and Jill and have not been banned. I think I may have a little tweeting to do to see if I can get banned. I will report back.

        • HD says:

          I am not on Twitter so I have not been banned but I was banned from commenting on Kelly’s videos on youtube. Score one for me! 🙂

        • quincyil says:

          I suspect the IHJZ on the QuincyIL had something to do with the ban. I tried one thousands ways of using quincyil….but my city has all of these tied up.

          I have been trying to follow everyone that follows me and if I did not, let me know.

          Coming up with profound twitter is a lot like laying an egg. No wonder they use that symbol for those us us who don’t know how to put a photo on.

      • quincyil says:

        Lynn is followed by Sonja, Bethenny and some other well known people.

        When I made my twitter, Lynn asked to follow me right away. I thought that was so nice of her.

    • Christine says:

      Don’t buy any of her bedding Qunicy. JZ will break into your bedroom and take that damn comforter right of you bed.
      I’ve been banned by her on both Twitter and FB. It is an honor, sort of like being on Richard Nixon’s blacklist (how’s that for dating myself).

      • quincyil says:

        Normally, I would feel badly being banned, but somehow Jill doing it doesn’t bother me one bit.

  30. Kukulet says:

    So Lauri took Jeana to task for butting her nose into Tamra’s business? Well…that one I have to hand to Lauri, because when she was on the show, she really didn’t get that involved in everyone else’s affairs. Otherwise, who cares? Every single other HW pokes their noses where they don’t belong, so why expect Jeana to be any different? Tamra is the pot calling the kettle black.

    Alexis is a hypocrite. I think we all knew that would emerge as soon as she started spouting about Jesus. I’m sorry, maybe I look at this the wrong way, but I’ve known some devout Christians in my life-and by Christian, I mean people who live according to true Christian principles. They don’t ramble on about how Christian they are. They simply live their lives with humanity and serenity. I’ve always found the ones who talk about “being Christian” the most usually turn out to be incredibly hypocritical.

    Just my two cents.

    • Adgirl says:

      Amen sista.

    • Nancy says:

      I totally agree. Just as the “women” who have to tell everyone how many things a day they have sex are in reality having none. Teressa!

      • Lavalady says:

        And just like the people who claim to be so charitable – they usually aren’t.

      • twoile says:

        @Nancy…proves the adage that those who toot their own horn …….it is b/c no one else would!:0)

  31. Amber...Real Wife says:

    Long ago I thought Tamra was a slut who was exaggerating her claims to get revenge on Simon, for publicity and also to further her storyline on the show. I don’t know if the “abuse” actually happened but I KNOW she is so a SLUT! My gushness this woman is despicable. Her pda’s, actions and speech forces fans to be unwilling particpants in her voyages of voyeurism! The wench knows we are watching and she’s writing her own reality! The soap-inspired acting by Tamra and EddieMunster was embarrassing to watch. Did they really go there? OH YES! The nominee for the worst acting in a low budget smut film….

    BTW Not encouraging violence BUT what the hell good is EddieMunster’s molars and his MUSK-CALS if he can’t even speak to Simon about “attacking” his girlfriend. I am sure Trampra would’ve loved a fistfight between those guys, but Mr.Teefs probably had a playdate at the mall.

    I agree with posters who say Jeanna should mind her business. I also see her point of view re: Simon retaining employment with an arrest record/danger over etc. But notice how Jeanna knew what EVERYONE was upto post filming? 227 anyone?

    Vicki continues to be ever so common. Her obsession with ruining dinners by talking bathroom humor is disgusting. For a successful business woman she has the manners of a SunsetStrip hooker! Dresses like one too.

    The TexasVaca looked like fun for the girls except for GrandmaPeg. She really has a boner for Alexis bordering on obsession. She is so much older than Alexis, yet is in direct competition with her, using any comment from Alexis as ammunition for her hate. I think the rivalry is all for TalibooJim’s affection. Yucka! Good call on Gretch not inviting the Grinch and Thing1 because GranniePeg would’ve been Thing2 and ruined the outing.

    • Betfan2 says:

      Love it, GrannyPeg! hahaha, my thoughts exactly. love you all cheers!

    • Adgirl says:

      I think the competition is over looks. Who is the hottest, sexiest, skinniest, busiest etc.
      It’s no different than the Gretchen / Tamra rivalry. Speaking of, Gretchen could pretty much claim she won that feud now that Tamra has aged & faded. Except Gretchen really blew it by having Slade as her boyfriend! LOL.

      • Tappp says:

        Yup she did. I would have preferred a single Gretchen, dating to find her Mr. Right instead of trying to sell Slimey as that guy… ew, no.

    • FLG says:

      I’ll be Vicki and Sunset Hookers both list “entertainer” as their occupation on their tax returns…..

  32. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    didnt watch the show so i cant comment too much but Lynn ive always said that Trampoline is LYING about Simon
    she was never abused by him
    most likely it was the other way around
    out of the two whom seems the most likely to be abusive
    She just like her partner in crime Icky are the reason this jumped the sharl these women are low class gutter trash that got lucky

  33. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    Amber i dont see why Jeanna who was a friend with both these people earlier should mind her own buisness for all we know that couple may have dragged her into some of thier mess

    • Amber...Real Wife says:

      I agree they probably dragged her in, BUT one should be careful when speaking to the press. Be it politically correct or just using common sense, you can’t/shouldn’t comment on a event that happened between a couple, that you didn’t witness to the media if you want to continue a friendship with the condemned party. WHEW!

      She took Simon’s side and shouldn’t be surprised that Trampra is angry.

      • Adgirl says:

        It’s one thing for Jeana to offer unsolicted/unwanted advice privately but she decided it was her job to opinionate to the press.

        • HD says:

          And for all we know they didn’t invite her in. Who comments on a 12 year marriage? How long did Tamara know Jeanna? The entire time they were married? She must have lived in the house with them and witnessed everything for 12 long years. She was probably right there when they started dating.

  34. This is an interesting interview with Melissa Gorga, Teresa’s sister-in-law. She is pretty open about her relationship with Teresa.


    • Kellita says:

      This should be interesting. I’m so glad somebody’s going to call Teresa out on her b.s.

  35. DJ Loops Fruit says:

    im glad i missed Alexis homophobic born again christian bull shit
    If Jesus were alive he would have gay friends and followers

    im just so happy to be athiest and not have to worry about such b/s

    • boston02127 says:

      I’m a Catholic and I don’t worry about people like Alexis. Unlike Alexis, I also know I’m not anyone’s judge or jury.

      • Rabble Rouser says:

        Exactly, let God figure us out.

        I know that a lot of times
        Leviticusis used when talking about God’s view on homosexuality but this is the same book that says if some maniac breaks into my house and tried to kill my family- and I grab him by the nuts to fend him off- that my hand should be cut off. I also have tattoo’s ..as do a lot of people…does it mean I should burn in hell for it?

        If a Phelps type of God is who God really is…then we are all pretty much F***ed.

        But that is not who I believe God is or have know him to be.

        Jesus washed the feet of prostitutes, it makes me pretty confident you can dance with a lesbian and come under his ‘wrath’ for it.

        • boston02127 says:

          The thing that I can’t stand about her is her holier than thou words yet she can justify anything she does that seems off color. She’s a bigot. She thinks everyone should be like her. My mother use to say “if we were all alike it would be a boring world”.

  36. quincyil says:


    I just followed Michael Cohen on twitter. He was in Miami Social on Bravo and I loved him in that show. I also follow him at Huffington Post. He is so cleaver and very NY even though he lives in Miami.

  37. boston02127 says:

    I just looked at the online TV guide and NJ comes on at 9:00 tonight. They usually air @ 10.

    • La Dolce Vita says:

      Being from Bergen County, NJ, I’ll watch this; however, I’ll probably want to throw up. I bet the good people of Fanklin Lakes would like to evict this bunch of jerks.

      This town is a high end housing market, and most work in NYC. They also lost many on 9/11. I don’t know if that bit of tragic info in known. I have a cousin who works in this school district, and for weeks she attended many funerals.

      • Lavalady says:

        I live in Bergen County, and truthfully, I know no one like these ladies. All my neighbors are nice, friendly, calm people. The two new housewives are not from Franklin Lakes, but Montville and Wayne, I think.

        • La Dolce Vita says:

          Oh dear….. Montvale. That’s too close to my home in Hillsdale. Went to h.s. with people from Montvale.
          I have a good friend from 4th grade til today who lives in Wayne. This is all coming too close for me.

          • Lavalady says:

            Think how I feel, I’m in Mahwah. So close to Franklin Lakes, but oh so different.

    • Betfan2 says:

      Luman has now insulted every waitress working really hard to become a model.

    • Lavalady says:

      I never thought I would be embarrassed that my daughter attends NYU, but I am (sort of ) now. Not to mention the scads of tuition I have to pay – and this is what they come up with?

    • Nancy says:

      LuMan doesn’t have a degree in nursing she’s a LPN. A BIG difference!

    • VAgirl says:

      Imagine all these students who have worked so hard to get their nursing degree and having her for a keynote speaker. Huh? What was NYU Nursing School thinking?

    • jables says:

      No words. Well actually…here it goes: No, Luann. Just No! People do not become nurses so they can get modeling jobs or be good mommies or whatever (no offense to all the great mommies out there!). It is difficult, demanding, emotionally draining and let’s be honest….frequently disgusting work. It also happens to be one of the most uplifting, rewarding and fulfilling careers I can think of. Personally I don’t care if people “would rather be on a plane with a nurse instead of a waitress”. I would rather hang out with a waitress then a stupid, self centered piece of crap like you. Thank God you got out of the nursing field! We are all the better for it! Rant over.

    • Christine says:

      I said this another one of Lynn’s blogs, but I can hear JZ complaining that she isn’t a commencement speaker at Harvard Medical School because her family is just like doctors.

      • quincyil says:

        That’s … funny.. My family is filled with MDs, engineers, lawyers, Ph.Ds, MSs….. We are really like real doctors…

      • klmh says:

        That was an eyeopening sentence, wasn’t it? Jill is delusional. Wonder what else she and her family are qualified to do without a license? Wonder how many lawsuits she has been involved in, and what her malpractice insurance runs?

        • Sus says:

          I have to laugh at Dr. Jill because my whole family calls me “Dr. Sus” because I research medical conditions if someone has something. If there is a medical category on Jeopardy, I usually ace the entire category.

          I don’t let doctors know about my knowledge because I know that I only know about 30 seconds of what a person who went to medical school knows.

  38. La Dolce Vita says:

    I can’t believe I read this! I don’t even watch the stupid show. I love Italy so, I guess I’ll click on anything related.

    Jersey Shore in Florence, Italy


    How do they even begin to think that they look good?

    • boston02127 says:

      They’re a mess. Snookie looks worse everytime I see a pic of her. She’s so washed up looking. Like Lynn said in her blog when NJHW went to Italy, we’re sorry Italy!

  39. jables says:

    Posting this out of order so I hope you see it Kotagirl29…I am so glad to hear that your husband is doing well. I am pretty sure the program in Houston you referred to is at the same hospital where I was treated for heart trouble a few years ago. I just wanted to let you know that it is a beautiful facility and they are just the best in the business (I should know…I work for the competition. Oops, did I just say that?) Anyway your Leo will be in very good hands : )

    I usually just skim but I am guessing you are not from the Houston area? If you need any “insider” advice to help you navigate around the Med Center don’t hesitate to ask! I am sure Lynn could provide you with my email.

    Best of Luck!

  40. nathania says:

    I own at least three retractable dog leashes, two for large dogs and one for a small dog. If anyone is willing or curious I will come over and throw them at you and then you can talk about how ‘small’ they are, how ‘plastic’ they are, and how it couldn’t have possibly hurt. Because you know what? Those little effers HURT when you are on the receiving end of the hard plastic casing, I have had one come back and snap me when I had to grab the leash part after I had dropped it. This is not something you throw in anyone’s direction, for any reason, unless they are standing there with arms outstretched to catch it.

    I’m kind of appalled that people are so quick to declare Simon innocent. This is no laughing matter. I have filed an incident report the day after an altercation, when the danger was over, because I wanted something “on record” just like Tamra said, when she said that I knew what she meant, she wanted the report on file without them swearing out a warrant. I guess in some cases like domestic assault, it is not possible to have just the report. I took action because of having been in abusive situations in the past and having made the promise to myself that I wasn’t ever going to have something like that happen and look the other way again, and not involve the police. Because that is what people DO in the case of assault.

    I recognized Simon’s ‘problem’ before it was even being discussed on the show by Tamra. It was when he started demanding that Tamra’s son apologize to him publicly on facebook. He would not accept a face to face apology. This is something that someone with the mentality of a child does. This is someone with an ego the size of Texas, who is willing to put his wife through hell from being in the middle of two people she loves, because he ‘won’t back down’ to a very young, immature man. Simon SHOULD have been big enough to get over it. He SHOULD have just accepted the face to face apology, and let it go. But no, he demanded an apology on facebook, and he didn’t care how uncomfortable it was making Tamra to be caught in the middle.

    I don’t really have an opinion on Tamra this season, she’s a typical Bravo housewife. But I think just because a person has this or that bad trait doesn’t automatically mean their spouse is a saint. Like attracts like, in most cases. Simon’s control issues constantly jumped out at me watching that show, and the nasty comments he made to Tamra on almost every episode were psychologically abusive. There is no doubt in my mind that he is a nasty, controlling man who keeps his anger just below the surface. Divorce has pushed it to the breaking point and it is coming out. What kind of @sshole throws a dog leash at someone with a dog still attached to it, anyway. A RETRACTABLE leash, with a dog attached to it, is going to retract to the end and hit the damn dog when released. This is okay somehow???

    I mean, do people dislike Tamra’s dog as much as they dislike Tamra, to justify him abusing the dog?

    • Pe says:

      He’s nasty. She’s nasty. They were a perfect match. I’m not condoning abuse tho.

    • Adgirl says:

      Great post.

    • alicia says:

      The hairs used to stand up on the back of my neck when listening to him. There wasn’t much to redeem in his personality. Seriously, I object to labeling Tamra a whore. She may have a wild and free personality but I’m sure her husband is sleeping w/ his new GF.

  41. Cusi77 says:

    I have a “Mob Wives” real story.

    I have a town house in my country of origin. There are 11 houses. My next door neighbor, an Astronomer living in Germany, had his house to use it for two moths every two years… so he decided to rent it. He chose my brother in law as a manager for this lease. I asked my brother of law to let me know who was renting since my son and I were living next door. When he rented he told me they were very nice people.

    It happens that this nice woman with two kids came to live there.
    Every day she went out with clean clothes and food and came back with clothes to wash. Then a couple move with her and the boys. They came and go with huge black garbage bags and one day one of the bags broke and 100 Dollars bills were flying all around! The door woman came to help to chase the bills and this lady took a bunch of bills and gave to the door woman as a thanks. My son told me that he was invited in the house by the kids and there were machines to count money, like in the banks.

    We went to live to France for several years and what the neghbors saw was incredible, the couple who move with the nice lady use to walk around the gardens with heavy arms. Always sneeky, not using home phone, always using the door woman’s.

    Who the heck was renting this house? A mob wife. They left my neighborhood many years ago. But the wife looked so normal! She was really nice to tell the truth. She used to take to prison food for her husband and clean clothes every day.

    this is her husband. Lynn or Quincy if you do not want this post, please take it down, thanks. This is because of the mob housewives program.

    “Rafael Caro Quintero – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaRafael Caro Quintero (born October 24, 1954) is an incarcerated Mexican drug lord born in La Noria, Badiraguato, Sinaloa. Quintero was a co-founder, …

    Early life – Criminal career – See also – References
    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rafael_Caro_Quintero – Cached – Similar

  42. Christine says:

    BravoAndy is a guest on David Letterman tonight. Might be interesting.

  43. Kats2 says:

    OMG is anyone watching the Jersey losers?

    I’m cracking up, no one to blame this year! Ashley still a spoiled mess, Albie no law school no surprise, Manzo still be the baby mama, and of course Teresa is still trash.

    Can’t wait to see how Caroline makes up excuses this year.

    I think Andy might be brilliant for bringing Teresa’s family on to show us the truth

  44. NAmerican says:

    Check our our amateur cooking competition – CHOPPED TOP IRON CHEF – OAKRIDGE….


  45. sally says:

    I find it strange that Tamra who claims Simon was “abusive” is always saying, I hope we can be friends and do family stuff together…and other things about being friends again. Ive never seen a woman who was abused by a man act this way. She is acting more of the type that got caught cheating on her husband and feels guilty that she broke up her family and is hoping Simon someday forgives her. Cant stand the bitch and cant wait for karma to smack her in her plastic forehead…

  46. whatever says:

    Tamra is still A trashy old bitter beeoch..peggy is a shit starter boring ..vicki ur old leave the show and gretchen and alexis hotties they should stay the other 3 losers should go play bingo or knit isn’t that what old ladies do anyway…lol

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